Title: Proposed State Water Policy with a Suggested Approach
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Title: Proposed State Water Policy with a Suggested Approach
Alternate Title: Proposed State Water Policy with a Suggested Approach, Statutory Expressions of Policy for Water Management in Florida, Fla. Stat. 1979, Sections 373.016 - 373.229
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It is the policy of the State of Florida that, where appropriate:

1. All waters of the state should be managed to maximize reasonable-beneficial

2. Water necessary to support essential non-withdrawal demands such as
navigation, recreation and the maintenance of natural systems should be

3. Wetlands, floodplains, flood hazard areas, and lands significant to the
conservation and management of water should be protected. High priority
should be given to their acquisition.

4. Stormwater runoff should be managed to the extent practicable in conservation
of water and reduction of flooding.

5. All regions should utilize local water resources to the greatest degree
that is economically and environmentally feasible before considering the
transfer of more distant water resources.

6. The use and reuse of water of the lowest acceptable quality for the purpose
intended should be encouraged.

7. Water management and land use planning should be coordinated to the extent

8. Water resource projects of particular benefit to limited segments of the
population should be financed by those most directly benefited.

9. Encouragement and assistance should be provided in the assessment of non-
structural solutions to flooding, soil erosion and drainage problems.

10. The factors to be considered in determining "reasonable-beneficial use"
should be clearly articulated and adopted by separate rule.

11. Water uses to support new inappropriate development in wetland, floodplain,
and flood hazard areas should not be considered reasonable-beneficial uses.

12. Permits for consumptive use of water should be limited to reasonable-
beneficial uses and water conservation should be a condition of water use.

13. The constitutional rights of private ownership of land shall be fully

14. The implementation of this policy should be through delegation to the water
management districts so that water management decisions may be made as
closely as possible to the areas where they will be implemented.


1. Ihe intent of thy vironmental Reorganization AcV& 575 Wi, to merge
water quality ma emient with water quantity manaL ent by meshing the
Department of Environmental Regulation's responsibilities with those ot
the Water Management Districts.

2. We must develop and adopt a state water policy this year:

a. With the D.E.R.'s statewide overview and coordinating function;

b. With the various management districts' regional expertise; and thus

c. Have a flexible, workable structure to meet Florida's future water

3. I plan to Intergrate water resource management with land management through
the regional planning councils (appointments of water management board
members to the regional planning councils.)

4. A state water policy:

a. Should be definitive but flexible (definitive enough to provide for
statewide consistency in the interpretation of laws, but flexible
enough for the water management districts to adopt specific programs
tailored to their regional requirements).

b. Should be understandable, workable, and it should be practical.

c. Should have the following elements:

(1) It should protect "natural" water management systems, particularly
wetlands and floodplains.
(2) It should clarify the statutory meaning of "reasonable-beneficial
(3) It should require that permitted uses of water be limited to
reasonable-beneficial uses, and that water conservation be a
condition of water use.
(4) It should contain restrictions on flood hazard area development.
(5) It should require that beneficiaries pay for water management
works where appropriate.
(6) It should provide for the control and treatment of stormwater

5. I envision D.E.R. delegating more and more of its duties to its District
Offices OR to Water Management Districts:

a. So that decisions can be made as close as possible to the place where
those decisions will be implemented;

b. But decisions should be enlightened, not parochial.

6. Issues on the horizon now:

a. Providing an adequate water supply.

b. Providing for solid waterdisposal.


It is the policy of the State of Florida to assure an
adequate and affordable supply of water of needed quality to
meet all demands of reasonable(and beneficial uses.
It is the responsibility of the Florida Department of
Environmental Regulation to implement state water policy. This
responsibility shall be undertaken with maximum coordination
of the various water management districts.
It is essential to clearly articulate the factors to be
considered in determining "Reasonable and Beneficial Use".
The Department and water management districts shall determine
these factors and they shall be adopted by rule.
It is the policy of the state to protect natural water
systems, particularly wetlands and floodplains. High priority
should be given to the acquisition of wetlands, particularly
I/ / . ......... 1> c '
those adjacent to /sta--sovereign lands. In carrying out this
/ policy, the constitutional right of private ownership of land
shall be fully protected.
Permitted uses of water shall be limited to reasonable,
beneficial uses and water conservation shall be a condition of
water use.
Intracounty, intrabasin and intradistrict water supplies
should be developed to the maximum extent practicable prior to
consideration of intercounty, interbasin or interdistrict transfers.
Diversion of water from one basin to another shall be made
only upon approval of the Florida Cabinet acting upon recommendations
by the Department and the water management district, or districts,
involved. The supplying area's right to reasonable and beneficial
use of the water transferred shall not be violated.
It shall be required thri.t lnefici.irics pay for water
management works where appropriate.
A multiplicity of federal, state, district and local
regulatory programs now exist for the protection and control
of water and related lands. It shall be the policy of the state
to cooperate in these programs. However, regulatory authority shall
be retained within the state to the maximum extent possible.
Elimination of duplicate and overlapping regulations shall be
given high priority.


Numerous expressions of State Water Policy appear
throughout Chapter 373, Florida Statutes. The statements
listed below are some of the more explicit expressions
of such policy which have been excerpted or paraphrased
from the sections indicated.

373.016 (1) The waters in the State are among its
basic resources. Such waters have not
heretofore been conserved or fully
controlled so as to realize their full
beneficial use.

(It is the policy of the state to:]

373.016 (2) (a) Provide for management of water and
related land resources.
373.016 (2) (b) Promote conservation, development and proper
utilization of surface and ground water.
373.016 (2) (c) Develop and regulate dams, improvements,
reservoirs, and others works and to provide
water storage for beneficial purposes.
373.016 (2) (d) Prevent damage from floods, soil erosion
and excessive drainage.
373.016 (2) (e) Preserve natural resources, fish and wildlife.
373.016 (2) (f) Protect public lands.
373.016 (2) (f) Promote recreational development.
373.016 (2) (f) Assist in maintaining navigability of
rivers and harbors.
373.016 (2) (g) Promote health, safety and general welfare
of the people of this State.
S373.016 (3) Accomplish conservation, protection, manage-
ment and control of the waters of this State.
"373.016 (3) Delegate appropriate powers to the various
water management districts to provide
sufficient flexibility and discretion.
373.019 (4) Use water in such quantity as is necessary
for economic and efficient utilization
for purposes and in manners which are both
reasonable and consistent with the public
373.036 (2) (a) Allow maximum reasonable beneficial use of
water for protection and procreation of
fish and wildlife.
373.036 (2) (b) Maximize economic development of the water
resources consistent with other uses.
373.036 (2) (c) Control waters for purposes of environmental
protection, drainage, flood control and
water storage.
373.036 (2) (e) Prevent wasteful, uneconomical, impractical
or unreasonable uses of water resources.
373.036 (2) (f) Protect presently exercised domestic use and
permit rights.
373.036 (2) (g) Preserve and enhance the water quality.

373.196. (2) MunIciCalitiies, counties and
regional water supply authorities have the
primary responsibility for water supply.
373.196 (2) Water management districts and their basins
are to engage only in those'[water supply)
functions that are incidental to the exercise
of their flood control and water management
373.219 (1) Permits for consumptive use of water may be
required which may impose such reasonable
conditions as are necessary to assure that
such use is consistent with the overall
objectives of the water management district
and is not harmful to the water resources
Sof the area.
373.219 (1) No permit shall be required for domestic
consumption of water by individual users.
373.223 (1) (a) Any proposed use of water must be a reasonable
373.223 (1) (b) beneficial use of water .which will not
373.223 (1) (c) interfere with presently existing legal use
of water and is consistent with the public
373.223 (3) Water may be reserved from use in such
locations and quantities, and for such
seasons of the year as may be required for
the protection of fish and wildlife or the
public health and safety. Such reservations
shall be subject to periodic review and
revision in the liqht of changed .conditions.
373.223 (3) All presently existing legal uses of water
shall be protected so long as such use is
not contrary to the public interest.

Ch. 373 _WAI E'11 IESOUtC:ES F.S.1979

Iiln prt ir)'t. itmeasiures authorized. .173.013 Short liftl'.-- This chaplfIt shall b
known as tl( "Florida Water Resources Act of
3173.012 Topographii mnapping.-- 1f)72. "
(I Inl O defr ( o ;f i < ('tf:11tr fopol t l ic l pp ii i in ItI or .. .1 po't I. ch 7;2J 99
(his state hiv the United St;tes (eological Sit vev,
t he I)rIrIr' ment of "t'r.port ation is hereby nti r- 373.016( Dclaratlioni of policy.--
i/ed and directedf o st side to jpld(ge, and toimake (1) Tlli( vtrs it lhe state nr nmong its ha.iic
nvOnilablea ntnnuallv ott of its Stf Trantsporltation resources .uch wl tris hlve not heretofore been con-
Tiust H nd rlfhe i sitni of Sil.l)f0; anid Ie lhord orf erv'l or htilly controlled so as to realize their lill
"Trustees of tliOe Intlni Im li ovpenmn T'rust ltl is hbenefici'l i .s r
jir'chy nithori7 iand to nmake ;iavnililtt .'iiutnllv out of Irhe Land Ar- L a I ,. i

t ,r l iritiid InIlOf itre'r arid
Sont h V lndir \Wale nt Miii;tetipnw I districtt out of its 0-________ _"__ L__ .
fiuids toi he dcri nd t of th m 1o( oe rsof'special ami Jo ptohIllT r' tI n l IU:Ye tnn lou w.tr'i
-Icesstnnts rif it fioodl (ni rol Ixs. is nt horized iTo ilp i ind rulate dans.. impoun at
antrddi enrItoiset sid.to r -ndanto ruako (c To1 o dvvelop+ atp id regCulate darms,.. ill)oundM .
and dirtd isil. o pdge d ii mk .l- isrcs'rvoirs, and o her works ;arid to provide
abh,1 ai;innIuIll: such suiti ,;is mnv e I -e re(lired to m lert eeti r ,fr, i j )t fi.Ji jl jir)poes,
Sfii-nertds fhttilto ia hpmic nuippi ingriofa, rTeaa fht! i rig p\nti triTit( dinim from f1oo~d, ojj erosion
said district. S tuch sonti shi lll he (relix',rrd to tlhe a l c .x.. ..V.S ...
"T'reis.rr fof t h Initld St;it,!s or Ito othr prope('r i)To preserve natural resources, fish and wild-
ofl i(er., tor li pplire l)v li(t )Di:lit Imt of tihe Inleri- ljf; -: : -........
,r. U. S. biologicall Sirvev. a< to s;id Dopart nt of "'f n Topr ootie rIrc t riaonl development. protect
"Tranlspor allion aull toir i .('-irl (o, r I) Trutlst' es I of lie puOldic lh:in7s, anl ;i is t iln lmain taiin g tli t i naviga-
Inftern:' l liiprioveni ent Tri sf it i o rlt I .'id thr e pn biilty rf rivers andl h;ihors; and
niet( oIrf not rexcdinl ont ic-ilf lie oest of st: rd (l i ()f li'rwise to proim lte (h lrh ( I saft0v, and
topogrhict nimipplin if Ihin s st.fit conduicted hv thr glrl ,y le !nrawelfae rif I olcofop st atc:
United S lnt,s (;',oioic l SuJrev a d s to sa il l d i. 'li I Zi sl ittru r('tcoginize.s that lre .;itr re-
con tIoIl dist ic fito I 'ipp ied toward li wr e payment of of source problles of' t lie st ate vary (ion iegioin to
s(uch proportion or palrt of such cost :i said district egion lbothll in mvncitud ;land complexity It is
rnv def oeIrnine, I'Provided, however, Ihati said sumis thierclfore thlie' intent of the Lefislintri to vest in .tlie
at hoti7fed iin tIii sct iin i r ite I)|art rint of depart nit of 1nvironiment aI eguhlat ion or its suir-
Transporntitnnd i a r fIP Hot1omitd of T'irustees of'the c 1ssoi igieny (the pow\Icr indl responsibility o ticcom-
ilitinal rimiovrient T'itist Fund siaill not prev'eni plih1'e cinscral nio,. jilectioniai.inna.geni-nLndl
cit her of snid ;r 'nciv-I' fi r in) roviditng o liddiftion l t. JI L T hi'lrCsT i of il.Ve stat i nI witlIi s f tliieti
aiimruntis fr ftiop;rophnJic n:lrppini:tg of narais which jfl ilt l disctrtio lnl to, (:arrcmtch tlr:acic rn
citlher agI-ncv iiv consider of priority status in the ' ,iiu dii 'l(ti A,, l ,tu -riat, PiL.', is t & "i,,
intel rest ,of s id t :,- ri' s iou w, i( m n_: ,i,_,t dis hi-ri lts h d p irtni nt
(21 To fiurth r i nl c'elertte l (Inhi le tate a I hichl toripo- tiiY exi r xtcisre ai V po w er ,ll it n itthlcri7edl li lio x.-
gralphic rllnpin g mi ;iv I crl icdl n in Flon id n y e is r'c by a w it er manll ilg e lntI dist ict; )hoiw'ver,. to
stnte agency havini: iimi :i ail:le fr th purpose 1 gnateIt -xteit pit( ble such pow er should
sair' gmily ordrain I claation or flood con- i deri-leg td to lthe governing board olf a water man-
l, ; i ... l. i i l i i i t llr ( Il on, l Rdi rictil ,
I fi di rst cl it i lo izid i. ind r f Hi)' ws of, 1 is sttt e t"ionrY. % 2. r 1 W. i 2 2' I l. rh 7it91 i;
ant person, firm or corpmrnIlt on. ic nit hloriz.ed to con-
riute to o the cn'st of cuchli in;ippinig hy de-posit i ting 373.13.019 Defiiitions.--Whr-tn ni)i'ing in this
witb the I I-parttonint I('f TrntI portanitin such c1haitionrorr in ;inv rulei. Iiguthlt1ion. oi n.r( i ado(pIied
:muinttis is t-I, hle c mainintCr Ionatl toporrnphic mappiing in ithisstate as the cornt- ( icailv indimcates other wicer. -nin
set fortb itn shei ctio- n '1)IIi (I I I )p;ir(m niit ti-ans tIhe D pa Irtiilnt oIf Mn-
rI' Tl'li e 1)lmpai t clf Toiinspo i i ition, the viriontwntal Regulat ion or its successor agenncy or
H iilr cI ofl Ti ustrces of the Intl rnal t iIltlprov ile nti Iagnicies.
Trui t Fuind of tliis staIt. n;unl li' Souitth Iloridn; \Va- 12) '\V;tr e nit.itinigcn it district" niiiiris ;ainv
It'r Malin; em nt )itIrict are lin'rlv "ut hintize'd to flood ch nt l, rre'so i i ut n;in <'ttnge nt. or ,,t-r itii n-
miki- such anrr;ni'giminti or enter into such; ni-rr''- i;pii-en-t district o|)pertatinig under tlie authority of
tir'ti s wit f lh, Inlilrld St;ift'-s as itav hei necessary to this c(li;it|'r
carry out Ii liii t iposesi of Ihis sect ini. (:i "(rov niniig Ihoiri n iL rnnt Ithe gov lrniniig
iti Thlr lo:id oI f t'rusti 's of thle Interninal ini- bo;tril of n \v;waltr tii;in;(:f't -ntl ldi'trirt
) v<-tnn'(iit Trust F udl. :is ;i iind wlhen copies of l'opo.- i,) "l'R:ie onittblnl Iic-t fini'tl iuse'" ici;in thi c li
grniphic rnLii( ii nr rni:ildr ;iv;il;ithl tno it, sllll rile such l W t'r in -' liljjljt i til l' i r il t -.lr t (lilinlli:
nitpS in the snat uimtnntir as ol hrr nitps atdl gihits attnI lj'^''h -t ^f ltttn j i.^ J -ti.
of lind survivs hv thl ie nitpt-ld Stn -cs. di (il e Ir t;iIS n r T s >iso ableatilnd('()nsjt nt wi t lithe
shill ie available fobr xn a inm nation by anv interested itcl tt1 l'ii .. ._
Sii ci i. sott n nnd;iti m aunl ail ep'rsoins. niiturial
liht o. .- i t..h :i :7. h c t i m,. i. cih S I.s., 21.27. i or rt ifi'i.tl. iiecluditig niv iti livildu:il. tiri. nsoci:-
ih m. ini ,, 2. .tr 7:ii t57., ".1. ri, 7 r,.- tion, organiizal( ion, pa)rtneirship, business trust. cor-


f.-. ^ .. -- -

F.S.1979 VWATE'R ItESOUK CEIS Clh. 373

apiplyinrg agency ;i lrisdict io f) "le c' ntrol onf ilrl w lei.s foir .suci plrles
bi li replire compliance with th11 provisions oPf ias en0it jiTal rolel1or1d1iainae, 1100Cod o6 1
S Ihis nlw by county or district fl)rces under thir con- 7al water lstLea
Irol; by Ihlose individuals o r rorpor:ntions filing plants (I)' Thein lant lit of wltr navilable for nppllicn-
for record :ind by individuals. corp o r i ,SMago1Pn- tion to a reasonable-renefcial use
cies seeking atiho)rityv to dischari:ie surface or sub- T) T heprevetin of wtefl, Innf
surface drainage into t idll waters. impiaiecal, orr unreasionaTte us.s of we, r e-
13) 'Ihe board of county comrmissioners of any soTlrll
county or the goverringll board oif any water rnililn- f) t Preserntly exercised dorlmeslic ue and permit
nient diltric, munlicipality or watfr dlistric:t esirinjg riglt. .
to s(,tsablish a snltwater b nrrpr tIo ia iuthiorized to o g)The ir, viil iI of.r'n '
reimbnluiirs ihe le depa mrt'nf fi r anv :xp'nse ent allied tvr l'lij f l1ytl' state nnd thie provisions of the sItate
in making an invecsticntiIon to 1,lr, minei tlie proper water quality plaii)
location of the sa;ilt wnter thairriv'r lin,. froM ;iny firndIs (hI The str.ite water resources policy as expressed
available to them for general adniinistrative pur- by Ihis chapter.
pose's. (3) Du rng there Iress of ftm-iiulat ing or rf'evisiing
(4) Thedopi'irtmont. nyv oardnl iofounty corn i tneis- thlie state water ure )lnn, tlie dcepiariment shill con.
sionri'., .iI!l the ;goverrinll' igth'ird of :liv wator rn:in- suit will. an ld ca nirflly eval iii e th rle ocormiileridn-
iierm enit di strict n ni iii 'iip lit y. r w;ia r dist rit lihav- t ions of, coni'c nod lff lraIl, stat ; and local agen cies,
in: (ronmpetenl jurisdiction over in l :ir;i in hlicl ai particularly hlie over nii lboa-rds of tilh wit or man-
,saltwnalr tha rrier is establdished shall l charged agerrent districts, and other intres, rd persons.
wit it hie' enfoirceriit'l, of fhlie provisions of thi is sec- (4') 'Each govfrninig boatl isdirected (o coo()perale
tion, ;ind nathorityv for h ii;i i rmintni nce of actions with t li departmerlint in conducting surveys and in-
set forth in s. :373 129 shall apply to Ihis section. vestigations iof water rvmouirces, to furnish the de-
(51 'lThe provisionsof's.373. 19i .1sh l;il)pplY. ica lly to the antothority ofth l')ioadl oftcouniity corlnmlis- l(iure, aindi to advi( and assist the depanrf enti in tlie
sioneits, or to tlie overninril boardlofn a water mannuie- formulationl aInd ra(linirg of' those portions of the
S menl dist rict, a rI nunicipalit y, orr a -waIor district hav- stale plan app;li'c;able to le dlist rict.
in(i, jurisdiction over ani are in which a saltwater (5) The depart ment shall not. adopt or modify the
harrier line is established, to xlorvrnd funds froim state water use pl0:i n or ian po rion thllereof without
w hatlevr source may e a available to ihern for il- e first holding a public hean rin on lte n 'r. At least
ipuirpose of cionstruting allwaltr harrier dams, 90 days i advance of such eliriig, (lie dleparIment
dikes, and splillways within exist inig cnals ;and shall noltily any nacd covering boards, and shall
st reams in ('conformity with the p pose and intent give' notice' of sli hearing publication witlhii lhe
(of the board in establishing the saltwater barrier afllited region pursuatl to I i provisions of chapter
lilne- 120, except such notice blYv lbilincaion shall be ex-
Iltinr.- 2. t h 6 2in 2 2 73. 73190 14. ch tended at least 90 days in advance of such bearings.
7A.'1,. 4 40. rh 79 F.r. ,P ch. 79- 14.1 -
Noi4.--nfrmer Q t7319 ( ) For Ile pullipses of this plan ihe depalt-men't
iimay, in consulate ion with l ihe alflcted ' ov eriing
373.06)i Sntate water use plai.-- board, divide each water management district into
(1I The depal':rtilent slall proceeds ;s rapidly as sections which shall confolm ;ias nearly as ptractic-
lpossible to study existinlr wa',r resources in t e l e lto )ydrologicanlly centrollableareas and describe
state: means and methods of conse-rving and iu- all water resource's within :i(ac area.
nientintil such waters; .existing andl contem'ii1plaited (7) 'I'lie dep't;u ri t shliall ive icr fll conside in-
lneeds ;and ulse<,s er w.il-er for protection ianlid lrocrnea- tioin to lie requir'ement'ic s iof inl' lic recreailtionl a;nd to
Iion of fish andi wildlife, irri'ulenion. mining. power tle protection anl procreation ofrfish and wildlifte.
deve'rlopllmnt, and dIomestic, imnicip'l. and indst ri- 'he department maii prohibit ori restrict other ftl-
al uise; nl nid l oit lir reloi;el sujlcts,. inrludineg ture uses on certain desiginat';ld bodies of water
drainage. re'lmiat lion.l floi-Iplinin o Ma ie 70nini. a nd selvctrfion lo re.servoisr ites O.Thoe de (8) T'lhe dellpartmeni t mtiv d'esignliIct certain 1.tiuses
lipart lent shiall coo(ierale with he t Executive Oflice in connect ii with a r:ticul;r' source of supply
of the governor, or its successor iency. prcgressive- which, because of' tlie na iire f Ithe' activity o(lr ti
vly to ifriulliate, as a funct ional e'le'iment of a comnprlre- amounniit of water reiquii ed, woldl ccnis itite an utind('-
lhiensiive atie pln, ain i intc'grailed. coorrrliniried )lan r sirablle use for whichli tIhe governing board imay deny
for tlie rise, and development of the wvatiers of the a p'ermnit
stlte, 'bsend on ihle alove, studies This plan., with (01) TIr"e deprartient mruiv yde'-iginate certain uses
such armendiiiuents, siupplemients, and addit ions as iin connect ioni with l pa rt icula(ir source of supiiply
imay be necessary from time ton time. slihall be known vwhichl, ben-ilrie of the nature of flie activity or tlie
a s the s:nta e witer u'in' lplla amountiri of wafer reqpiireld. woulId result iin rn en-
2? in ithe fiormni lntion of t he state' wlter iuse plan, hlncenen t or imroviemen of lie water n resourc s tof
ilhe depiartnnt shall give dae consideration to: lthe area Such ises shall Ibe preferred over ot er
I:n Thlie attaiinment of nairtm l easonable-ben- uses in t he event of comipeii; applicat ions under
c-li< i..l ., of witer for s puTipToses as I hose re- their permiiing syst ,ns a uthirii/eI by i ch apte liltr.
"Ter'ed T to rubse-rtiiri, i IP 10) 'TheI l de|tatment. in coieirtion wr c ith tlie Ex-
thli 'fliThe mri x ni inmr ecojnoi' ii' de\ ,lepent of thlie ecutive Oflice of tlie ( '(over'norr', er its successo'-r ai'n-
water resources consistent. witli oF'ir uses. cy, may add to thie state water use plan nny other


i -


s of clhalpter 120). isrufe roeigt'ncy or- efli,'t I pon lthe areas liom whence such water is
he ,xNist eIlce of cl i ) n efleerf gencyv allt with(i rawn.
s UttiC n fio it r ig, l l i i .I if ti i t rio t i lin hit'Ie d 'li( rnry.- 1 I. r h T7I i..r I.41. h ;!,fi
ig. rotatinv. limilin1 )or prohibiting
the us oftahe water re.sonurc s of he district, i e tak- .17:. 19 1 \ \Waer pro l- tiefn.-In the perfior. -
'i 1 xc i ,c r wi Cr of n d in rijoniun i n witt h. its other p Iowecrs
(n a1 th4 exIl cut ivv director with iher concurrence of* 1 r i I i I
Ow t .. ec y to te and dutis, t('he govf.rninll, bord rof watr rmiin.ragfe-
thl" g(overinlg board. deems necessary to meet the (mnt diric.t xilin ptursant to chapter 37
Cemigey. (I Mv engage il l pinning 10o assist cointij'.
'5ri) Th D-piirtm ont of N.-i ril Resoo rces shill ronicipaliti. s, 1nd region l wn(pr supply u (t hiri-
review', and mwry vescind. todifkv. or approve. ne, y n i<, in meeting t1he water supply needs of the vapidjl
vpli c rule. reculiition. or orltr ofl :water manage- urh ni7ingi nrns within ifs district iin slch maitnn er
111fin district :uttholriz'd by hs t is ect in. sSe will give tin ori t v to t, lvucinrig a 'verse eirc viirol niern-
listonr. 1I chi 72' 7c <,3 .r, "7,.1 ,1i I rh 7 :12'?."N I i t Rh ; n.5 tl efl, .ct of' n ll r i O jPi' eor excessive withdrawals of'
'Nntr. Sec Ii ti' Tr ,22 e1 17 t114. vI hit h v.' rhiiti'e v wtitn(I t t wi ter V 11 1 I d af s
rev,. pr-I.-. rulh, r,.cul h i :or uln. i ,l -, :.fi ,, w .., n. ,n w a r triirm ConCefnt rltt (' ar e IS
in he- ;Govrn, r annd ('.,'nrtot. ttling w tii i, nd nnrind W'tr Adjrdicaory (2) U|pon r'e(i st o f ;if rotiie n ,v. ilun icip: lift y., r
consn.nin c region l w:ter .e slpplv ;Ithoilt : tshall ansirt suci
t .--o rrnr a 1c2 cou nti"es andI r11 nit'ipalities a id water situppl y n1-
3731.191 ('ountvy weaver conserv'avlion l)'prje(cts. hoties i me'e'in th -v wte:r .rpply needs oft Ilhe
-The seveCl tacount i of tihe stl mna coopernfe r ply urban nig as it hil if s dist-rict in such
". rwe me- inner ;ns will give plrioit to re ducing ndverse 'in-
with tI division by l rnio i in colty w1 dcfl- vtl eflctsl of irm rope' or excessive with-
opmernt and nservation) ro.i(cts and may use co('in- dr;wals of water from concept rated ar
ty funds and equipment for Iis purpose nd ( r to do all tP Al ,e re elr t o.f contv.n r inici'i:lit v. or
of her things necessir y in connect ion with lie devl regifonr.i w ;ltp sipi(rly mt horit v.* niv es"t alish w n--
opmelon nnd conserv. tion of Vthe count y's w;iaer re- Iprioducti ion an1d irta lns ission fn(cilit ies fhr the
sources consistllnt wit hl le provis ons of'hs o i ti luawv nd 1 )( , r of sutpplvi i w7atr,' I- to iuch count iets. inunici-
thei rules and regulations adoptld pursuant thereto. palities. 1nld regionall vwalter supply lv atl cities.
Ilirory.- a13. ti A 5 c.7. 5 ?.2's. ci l ltV (1') St !;i n, rit e n .ig ge in lorn distril Itl ion.
(it Shalli not deplive, dire'ctflv or indirectly, any
373.198 I.Leisltive findintgs.-- cuntv wlherein watlr is withdrawn of 1the prior
I(1 It is he finding ol f (thIe le'gvi nu'l t A that cooper- right l to tIf r);ison, i- le' rnd lh'nrificiail use of' watir
alive' efforts betweeri m11nllicipalhlit ,s. counirites. w:pr tevr w jch is r tirIne d to siipply pleqitelyV I le tic'a oi-:1
maniage-ment dis-tr its', n ri d, I )'rpmu nint l of E'nvi- ble' nnr i ti'nefician needs of thre county or any of thie
ronmeiintal Reguilntion are rmind;uory in order to inabitanits or ptope'rty owners therein
Meet the waner nneds of' rapidly vii lbaniizillg al'eas in IG 6 a) M nv video water ;ic nd fIilancinal :Isis.toince to
a rmannir r which will sL p(fpily Ndrletn;te' d d prl ndn- regional w;ilter v.i pily" ant hol it ies. in1t may n11t 1)pro-
tir applies of'wa ter whi nrl'd'd without re-sulltinlg 'ide' waterv to counties ainrd 111i.uniicipallif i s which nre
in adverse ef'r-ts l upon tl h 7 eas froiim tthirnrce such lircated within the area t'ofI i 'i ich n, t iihoritv withliouit
water is withdrawn. Such fiflrts should utilize ilj I Ire spefl' cific appllrovn Vl ioftll u it l rit v eyvor, ini Ilie ''v(nl
prnactical menns of obtnininri g w lat r, including uh t of t IIe enit ho iyv's di,-:tp)roval,1 t e aippriovil of t h
not liimit'cld to. withdrnaw;nis of Curt, cer w enf'r nd (.",, rvnI arid ( ';nhi11 sittiiI :s the ) 1 niid ;and Water
ground water, recycling ofwast w'ater.and denlini- Adjudicnatorv ( romnmision. 1he distTrict nry snitrlv
w~il"r n( intlcs.'< nnd]I un(.-o(1 11rv.- 1 ms 111(in1ally g.v i'cf-d to b,
zntioi, and .ill lne'cessitlt not only coo operationn hiut r' id I i t n r t
also w ll-coordinatd nactivil I'. I n putiose of this th ortie i cl rnd s('ciiicri llv approve d )- tIhe
act is to provide( nditionrl st:.ittorr y anmv thority for (.;rovrior lnd ( hin ifting as the Land nnd Water
such correrative rnrd coordinited eo(tIrts Adjcudicntor ( 'o-ission
f21 Muinicililities a dnd triutirs are tncorage.d (7) May ;,elire litle to surh interest as is nm'c''s-
to create' regional water supply nithoriit s as a u- sanry in rne'al )Or tyP t y ilircinhase, gift. de' is,. lease,
thorii, ed hiemein. It is f ith er tlhe intent thit niioici- eminnin t domiain.or othei t wisr.l or wnitr Irr-Ioduction
p;i(t is. toun Iie. r id w:1pi1 clxf' i lv, iii 0+ anrd I r'nsmission ronsistetnt witIi Ilhis sect' in Itow-
tI v;1 f o h v t' i>i pl mt r\ t ^ t' i'j l 't1' lot/^' Il t, le district sht-ll not ni c' n of (t ihe eMir2nt
"'IipT lV. mT,'r \ "7ir w ,rI: r tltl(l i, 1 1e trt jom in powi r-tr"' h'. 2in c iigr'ra td r te i uirir w-tlr :u d
tl l l,' f t'ti d, Iy in Ir 'n!'ti (' t ti fu n s "'-un wnirl ic hts .il ..niy dr : evo'' e to rc sonbeat rii l ;Inrt ho 'ne-
hnat be ido ijT tnth nntert wi'h refutsTir aIde eii fii6l, ii i ;rnr w;ithe r oltducition or transmission
''" U]fJU^' flt'ihitieprs~ owned by any t'uniiyrr, irunicijpality. or re-
(:1) Not hii n r l inr hailt Ie ont rued toi prcludi e tnil w'atr supj)ly naithont iy.

ning toIor er at' exist ing watnr product inn and trnis- 37.3.1962 Regional water supply authori-
mistion t;icilitics or to cnt-r into cooperatiye nirr'e- ties.-
ments with oIii hir rniciri litirs ind counties fur Ihe ( ]v igrnirecm'nt hr'twrrn local toverimrental
purpose of mret i n Iieir respect ive needs for de- tnil cert rd or ex iit int |insuamrt to Itrc( provisions
rlndi ble 7nd ide' rcte supi )lic'sof wc water, providred of Art VIII of thIe State Constitution pursin;ar to
Ihe obtining of wIlenr through such operate ions shnll the I Ioridla tntmrlori (ofnerreri ion Art of I 9(;. s
not be done in a manner which results in adverse 163.01, and upon the approval of the 'Governor and


F .S.1979 __ATEIR RESOURCES _____. 373

this sect ion. IPa t II of Iihe Flrlin Wnter (esoiirces 373.226 Existing utses.--
Art of 1972. :rs nImended. prevmp s the regulation of, (1) All existing U',s of ,atr, unless otherwise
the consuumptive tuse of waelr as declined in this act. (xem'Ipted fr reotmtgIili t Ii,' loviions of t-his
irvtory.--% 9. rh 7fi241.; I. rh 77 171 chfptji r ma.Iy he Con( iU( ed :fr ;iadopt ro* oft his per-
irit systemn only with a permit issued as provided
373.219 Permits required. herein
(1) Thl rovcr ning boaIrd or thl'l department i n (2) 'l2 The rovernirt, hoild or thf departl ent shall
I lire rsc r, ic its (ir corn i liv i f w r r i tue n initial permit for lhe cmntinutai ion ro' all
;lT nii"y /inposp ii ,Wi;vp'l con( iton s Ig U (' uis'.s in (xiste'cr' efore th efdctivr date o1 i mp l-
nerc'.ss. v t i .o i.,L L.. st. c, h u:,e' Is ('(usn s I' lllt f fi I ietfalitnion of this pal I if (thel existing use is a rearsona-
tfe ,rml o iv;*e5 of t1 blt'ii... C 10 e benvificial use' as de'fincd in s. :173 01915) and is
7T17 niTir'1arn7 p% g()II:r4. :.allowable iindv'r the common nlaw of this state.
IlT\wver, no pi'r1q i shi i..ul t: (3 A)pplicntion for permit under the provisions
consumpion fi w'Tr intividtiil se of subsertion (2) must lie miade wit lin a period of 2
iOn h evint "ol-t n v.pTrso Or vr, a corn- yar"s from h1 ct cfltivr, dato of impilleiilmtaition of
Il.init witI thfe governing boanrdl or tho diepaIrtnent t lr's'.o rc'g( tionis i n nlaren rFailure to apply within
that an lv ot h r rsoni is ;mak i nig a diversion, with 1 Ii r rior 1 sll t c nat' a c oncl u iv priresrntll ion of
draavnl.impotuInden. or (on.)umptivp use of wnf or alandonmrl of Ie use. and lhre uer. if he desires
not rexplrsly ex- empted uvd r Id provisions of this toe revive tle tims', rnl apply for a permit under the
charptorn rind witbotf a penr nt oni,1 edso., Ihe gove'rnvin Ig I OVi ioSg ,of :173.2 2 9.
holrd or t dep r me t saestory. 4. t rh 72 '. 12. ch 7.1 In
to be rm ule. and if lihe ficts s altred in the comnpinint 373.229 Appli'ca;ion for pe'rmit.-
nre verified thf ligoverninvg 1omrd or lihe department () All p'rrmit npplicrtinns file-l with the oven-
sha;ll order the discontiinuan. ce f (th use. ji hrb arl d or flit d-epa'rt m nt IunI lr t Iis pl:It ain
Ililonrs. 2. prt If. rh 7229. 9. ch 7.1 inO not ice thereof required under s. 373.116 shall con-

373.223 (rcilitions for a pe'rmit.-- (ain) :i t n i I r
(I) 'lohinivn irmit pu.rsant to t rovisiO or. i I, Ci i' Caseof a; corlornlion, the address of its
of this chapter, t ie a pplicarnt must st blish that the principal ibusinvres orlic';
projscd ur ofi witiers. (i) The date cfi fily:
(a Is a reason) le n ficil S as (d'ftined in s. ('l The d;al. e .(i f; li ing. if avy;
373)01. -; ni fl (d) 'l'ie sric'rc of h( w iv r s ippilv:
(ih i 2t (intrtf- iri with lny preslently existing l) t quallltitv of iater ;l |litiidc fbr;
Ic-ald Urs ot 'ef val:: nld ( The use tCo be imande of the water and any
i(c F cctnsst ct f wtlj'i.j W4QIJLt.t.tZL limitation lih-reon;
2.? I e -overninirg ho.rd ror f t I depa'irt mentI miiii V I "'[le lI:e (.'of ruse
atlhoripe tlich holder ofn urse wc.permift fotfri spiortl nd h )l The location of the well or point of diver-
urse ground o r sur fioe \vwair-r bcvyornd ovcrlyini Inndla, siron; and
across court v hourly ries. or outside e (l watershed fi) Such ofi lher inrtlfhii m ioln f is hle governit ng
from which it is t:ken1 if 'lie' groivernrlung Ibard or board or blithe dle'irtntivt mtvy dlo'em ni'ce'ss-:ry,
depaIrtme) nt drletrnines h:t such fr;insport l ail use ) The' not ice sh l st; Ihot w( f ri lfen ,i((fict ions
is consistent ,wit h i ipublic inti-rrst. and no local to th proposed per'iit may e iled with tflhe 'ovc'rtl-
governmenvi sliall ai l opt or r'tfirce atny la;i w, irdi-. in lia rrd i th rl e l':rt menit l\v ; ai s(pe ifted dlite. 'li
nr1Ince, rule., re ulat inno, or order to h t contri ary. govern 'i v o; r md tor' lhe delp:r mi nl, nat its cli'-crnc liin.
(3) Th e cvrrining lio:iArd or t hi- depart rin l.)v by ma-y rejirest further in formrit ion from either aippli.
rrtc :lfion, i i i. j v-r fv tm r n sPh lL,' ujjUl utd i- c;l' t ofr o(j)Ictors, an, rl n reasonable time shaall be
(; lS. ,.:fr n sur 'iu-s tFir, nt it i-'.u rt i( r allci de. fo stuch e:-Ijix --s,
c--i'I- -- i. i. f" n'- n .. l it' :T f If li' 1 ,'Pci d nl Ili'c;i i n is f lor less ( tliii
rn' o1 (tOtIflo galci p' ci' bc- gheiv-riin ii lieu rlcr t lie
p sr.iTi. itert+ resetvato.tis. sI rlelIe dtIt rtirtr riiv cciiis. ehr-r flit' ;alii icat iri and rcvh n
suhibjc c to Ieri-o ic" rev jw nnd r.evcii,cu in the litiht of cilirf is thlre' t vitho t a h rn i 1f lh 'ropo 'd
chanruc-d conditions. lof evetr.n al iriesentl x- )-l nl n is fior 101).O)) g llons per ji ny or ior-e
l .l 'n, rf nl r sh ll aIri ,tTtirerti c- r Tn u n (! rni rel-cct ,on if riiv er. I v t-n v irrnin hitoird or
-icgTl n-' ; cit --iit i -T shLaliel' ltte .. thI (e dclparttmenii t. :flr'r iropet' invev- lifantf r Ion b its
l r :. i. r i 7 n. rh 7 .21 slIl, ;y. ; l 'it licrc t ion, a jrove thle applicnation
wiliout a hbnr ig^
37,3.221 Existing p rmit. ut An \ n rmitsc I, ci r r.-- .-r- l. t h 722 29. 1. .h 73e10e. II. ch 72413. I. ch
mit nat'eretien'ts bfoi ccn-eumrtlt i \c u' of water executl-
erl or issued hyv a;n exist intu flool cont roil. water manr- :173.232 ('iltation of rule.--In alddlitiron to atnv
ag; re nt. or v anter e'gul tor district purrs.ntf to other pcoviuioni,-i i its wnii l is pa t i or aniv rules pro-
cluaij)(er 173 or chclittrt 375 ()irr to fDecmiler 31, mulgated herriindcr. Ihe pjec ittinul nrgncy shall,
176,. shall remain in fi ll r frce aind flibct in accovd- when requrstinr: infb mrtrionr t loy ;t jipenriit a ppliccn-
anrce witlhi its If'rms until otherwise modified or re- tion pursuant tothiis pr t orT si.h ru-lr's priomtul.cted
voke'l as a utlhoriedl here 'i hi'undet'r, cite a sprii ic rl If : request flr infbr-
jitrory.--. rl. ch 73 190. ..h 7 2s r2s mention cannot lie accomilanied by a rule citation,



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