Title: Renumbering of Chapters 16G, 16H, 16T, 16J and 16K
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Title: Renumbering of Chapters 16G, 16H, 16T, 16J and 16K
Alternate Title: Letter from Jacob D. Varn, Secretary of Department of Environmental Regulation to Honorable George Firestone, Secretary of State re: Renumbering of Chapters 16G, 16H, 16T, 16J and 16K
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Language: English
Publication Date: August 15, 1979
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 5, Folder 18 ( SF Rules, Standardization of Numbering ), Item 37
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Correspondence Action and Routing




Executive Director
County Liaison
Asst. Ex. Director_______ Asst.Ex.Dir
Attorney___ Attorney
Dir.Data Proc. Dir.D.Proc
Dir.Employee Rel.________ Dir.Emp.R.
Dir.Field Services Dir.Fd.Ser
Dir.Finance .. Dir. Finance
Dir.Gen.Ser. / Dir.Gen.S.
Di r. Regulatory_ / Dir.Reg.
Dir.Res.Dev. Dir.Res.D
I.A. Coord. I.A.Coord.
Ed Hoyt Hoyt
Exec. Asst. Ex. Asst.
Other Other
Public Information Public I.
M. Gibbons____
L.M. Blain__ SUSPENSE:
Chairman,Gov.Bd._ REMARKS:
District Board



August 15, 1979 da W$

Honorable George Firestone R
Secretary of State '1 1 \
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301 y

Dear Secretary Firestone: ', ForJa

Renumbering of Chapters 16G, 16H, 161,
16J and 16K, Florida Administrative Code

As you know, five water management districts were created
and exist under Chapter 373, Florida Water Resources Act of
1972. These water management districts and their corre-
sponding chapters designated in the Florida Administrative
Code, are as follows:

1. Northwest Florida Water Management District;
Chapter 16G-1, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

2. Suwannee River Water Management District;
Chapter 16H-1, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

3. St. Johns River Water Management District;
Chapters 161-1, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

4. Southwest Florida Water Management District;
Chapters 16J-0, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

5. Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District
(South Florida Water Management District);
Chapter 16K-1, et seq., Florida Administrative Code.

As indicated, these water management districts have con-
tinued to utilize the Chapter 16 assigned by the Department
of State to the Department of Natural Resources.

original tlpCd on 1()% rt c (14( paper

Honorable George Firestone
Page Two
August 15, 1979

The Environmental Reorganization Act of 1975 transferred the
power, duties and functions of the Department of Natural
Resources relating to water management as set forth in
Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, to the newly created Depart-
ment of Environmental Regulation (Section 20.261(7), Florida
Statutes). The Department of Environmental Regulation
exercises general supervisory authority over all water
management districts, and is responsible for the administra-
tion of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, at the state level
(Section 373.026, Florida Statutes). Each water management
district has its own rulemaking authority and its own set of
rules. These water management district rules should be
grouped together in a single chapter, devoted exclusively to
water management.

Accordingly, this is to request assignment of a new chapter
number for the described water management district rules.
It would be preferable to assign each district a letter of
the alphabet which should follow the chapter number. The
following numbers are suggested:

1. North ida Water Management District;
Chap er A-l-l, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

2. Suwa ne-Rt Water Management District;
Cha te B-1-1, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

3. St Johns River Water Management District;
Ch pter C-1-1 et seq., Florida Administrative Code

4. Southwest Florida Water Management District;
Chapters D-l-l, et seq., Florida Administrative Code

5. Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District
(Souti Florida Water Management District);
Chapters E-l-l, et seq., Florida Administrative Code.

This mbdi$ies a request made by my predecessor in office by
letter of!February 24, 1977 which was never implemented. I
am ple sea to advise you that all water management districts
concur in my current request.

\f,'iildI t I I I()' r, ^'( ii lIj ti.r
\~ ~ c-i r -f Bl ^'
\ ^4A^ -- PL l<^ 0~ 0^

Honorable George Firestone
Page Three
August 15, 1979

I appreciate your continued assistance to our Department.
Please call if you have any questions.


Jacob D. Varn


cc: John ,. Maloy
Fred Rouse
Donald R. Feaster -
Donald O. Morgan
J. William McCartney

MinIsI of the Met:'1 e 0 March 2, *-77
Board of Governors Page Sixteen

Department of Environmental Regulation
Mr. Banks Vest of the Department of Environmental Regulation requested
the Chairman's permission to make a statement at this time. Permission
was granted and he stated that first of all he would like the Board to
be aware that he has given notice to DER's present landlord in St.
Petersburg that they will be vacating their offices on May 1, 1977. He
then reported that the Secretary of DER has taken action to clarify the
role of the various segments of DER as far as the relationship with the
water management districts is concerned. He stated that the District
Manager in each water management district is designated as having the
primary responsibility for policy statements regarding the Department to
the water management districts. With regard to SWFIMD Mr. Vest said
that he is now the one who will relate the policy of the Department to
the District. He also introduced Mr. Scott Benyon as the coordinator
for the Southwest District with SWFWMD stating that his primary responsibility
would be to act in Mr. Vest's absence, to advise him regarding District
staff concerns, etc.

Basin Board_ Aopointlnents
At this time Chairman McAteer named Mrs. Thompson as Co-Chairman of the
Pinellas Anclote Basin Board and Mr. Pender as Chairman of the Hillsborough
Basin Board.

": Recommendation to Redefine "Works of the District"
7 chairman McAteer announced that unless there was an objection agenda
item 10P, recommendation to redefine "Works of the District" -- Green
Swamp Basin, would be postponed until the April meeting. There was no
S'L objection.
Administrative Matters -- District Rules Renumbering
\- 'A Mr. Blain reported that the staff has been working with the Department
of Environmental Regulation and the other water management districts in
San attempt to come up with a uniform numbering system for their rules.
SDER has recently suggested that the District's Rules be changed from 16J
to 17, however, Mr. Blain stated that in his opinion it would be more
appropriate, if the numbers are to be changed, that the water management
\ district rules all be placed in one section, similar to the regional
planning agencies. The Board was in agreement with Mr. Blain that a
N seParate section for all water management district rules would be
appro prate because of the niformity which could be establ ihed. At
is point, Mr. Vest commented that the Secretary of State has already
agreed to make the numbering changes as suggested by DER and the District's
Rules will appear as Chapter 17-1 A, B, C, D and E. Mr. Blain stated
that since the Board desires a separate section for all water management
districts rules, the staff will pursue that avenue regardless of what
has transpired to date. At this point Chairman McAteer left .the meeting
and Vice Chairman Martinez assumed the Chair.

Li tigati on/Legi s ati on
With regard to agenda item 10OR, pending litigation/legislation, Mr.
Blain reported that there has been no change in the status of litigation
since last month. With regard to legislation Senate Bill 312 has been
introduced by Senator Saylor which would amend the District Rules so
that the final budget adopted by the Governing Board would be submitted
to the Governor and Cabinet who would by majority vote approve or disapprove

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