Title: Rules of the Department of State
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Title: Rules of the Department of State
Alternate Title: Rules of the Department of State, Chapter 1-1 Rule Making. Repealed and Replaced with 1S-1.001
Physical Description: 5p.
Language: English
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 5, Folder 18 ( SF Rules, Standardization of Numbering ), Item 15
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Tkisb ehapter-shal- ea^Q^^i^o^unSet~ik -witk
hapte -l- e- F.8.- partict)iriy-Section s-105 4
an$-1 05

1-1.01 Numbering system ,l--Dapartme nt-of sth4--and- -RehabHative-
1-1.02 Style and form for filing rules -6ereiee
1-1.021 Florida Administrative Weekly -14 -Departnwetnt-e4- bw-Gno4eefrnnt
1-1.03 History notes .-1.2-Dopartm ntaoLRevenAe
1-1.04 Publication by reference 1 -DeFpart nt-e.Q GnraLSarivicea
1-1.05 Agency rule reprints _1A .Depatment..ofLTManspartati n
1-1.06 Uniform indexing procedures 1 --.Department-af wig .S-af.Safety and- Motor
1-1.07 Noncompliance -V-lhiCJes-
-1 4-- -Depatnt-oe Natural-Re6urcos5
-17 -Depa tme iRt .Fvirfnlfoeta R egakelcko
1-1.01 Numbering system. A--deeimal -18--BoaTet othenirterrtattfprovemeWt ront
tmmb erirg Tys"e m-s iAil-tr hat-a ed-4 in-te-F4lerid -1-9- -State-Bo-rd-AOf Aminwisrai o-
Stftttttes- is ttereby-ydapu(d Ifevl>me- $eeHtig otn'eef-aD _0D2epartmeU.=t.of Citrus
adnis6ative. u4es .Prefllgatd.6a-t_+ e-C=apt ...2 ..Departmen 1.of. tfess iD nal ..and.. OQccatip nal
1- F4,-e rida -StAu+te( g s-(F.-).-T4ie -primairy -differne mf eglctioa
-is te-a'e*t lic-lofn Ir-e--ue- eot4--rmefoer -essigned 2- -Defpaiten-not A-dministration-
to-.eb--sta.g a (-Exampe- *t--+8 .0-- f-more-t hatr -ene-major eety -24--Prdon- Board
-exists -withinr -a-du S-a0phebet- -sha -be -a4de& -t -the- eontreel-omM er-te -6 ^sse ssmenr i- mnisaetion -eview-G6mmissie
designate -rtle^s -apptiatze- fo-^ '9ucni -na0r -aeCtcvit 3_, Qff;icr.Qfhbil.yoverncr-
(Examptet- -A-3.B4--If mnore4than ^ne-fwnctirrexrists ^1 -^Adtminaitraiion-elwwmiasr-
i^hin- -a -major -tivSty-f-a- -ldepatmentr,- the- a -- -Regi)a .Plaking-Ager cy.
difee -hepteL- mbe- shtlE be- 9ed- to-deignate -3- Regftbra ranspmrteiorr Authorities-
ja tesapply-fcabte-tY *sutn TAmtttmbT .t:Eample TTA#i-n-^ (31- f o;riatl-rce RtveT Enmt6trnnletar -CufrtT
A dccimiial point- sditi foll ow "each claptcr tiu cr. District
T.he -igitg-f.le whig- .the-deeimal-pe Sim- ineltae- he 2- Sta4teair. Authority-
i dividual--l -seeierr-withirn-the. chaptte- (-BErp .pe- -- --- ffeder-Reh a-bitftien
l-A.1-tO.- sutsetion-irs irndi ate bsa- am" r-i -"34- enmmissin err "Bthics"
pfih~etef- -(- -- -Apergrapk -i- Metropeli a^-F lafir g- Oyganimation
winirt- "-( subsection is -inricated- 'y- -1 letter is

S-S^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ h^ 1^^ da7 -fSSSS^ s 6- cCmrc~i -inter GImplemented
slame'-^s-^ n-t l-Fid--Sa't "-('Bxpm Specific Authority 120.55(1)(d) FS. Law Implemented
A1-A-U4C1-( ,-- 120.55(1)(d) FS. History-Revised 1-1-75. Re sealed
Tihe-awlang.^onunaa_^er-ha-el and replaced with 1S-'1. 001,
assi.ed. .by- he_.-Ipartmtnt-.o. St-ate. o- the
eer,.ripn.dg- state- agseiee<
1-1.02 Style and form for filing rules.
1- -&eparnett-n f -6te ( -)-A1 rdep-rtmernt-shai-fil -teheir- rues with
2--- epartment-offegal-Afrairs- the-3eiteenf--S4b ate- together with-a-eertifeatie-
S- --eartn t-(.Bank .anFkinae .rt ied--byeiker -Fer-m- FAG- 4 r- Form-FAG-
4._ Bparent..af Insurance. -Prnrm PA- shall- tre-sed"-f reearclie- to-be rdupted"
&* -DBepartment---f- -Agertta and -lonsumer "r amendedr yonrFIAC-2- srrtl- bg-usetff r acntul"
_SerYd.s Ipopos d -to-.b .- Ipeald.- The-. tla and form
6 -Depatme ef-Eduoaion -preseib -.i -tilis-seetie -for -f iiAgrrlos.lh4-u .sed.
9- -Departrenta of-Bfsiness-Regmteg ien -for--aHl-rues-frld. -Por, Ae -land- P Ae --shaH -be

9 --Bep trnenttef-CefmfnntlM<'Af -


; IACL- o- To..b ueed for. ili g. propased-- e -cr F-A' .- cr'-rusd orfrftingraf rgem-rt- es-prop asd
-miettdentc. to4 be repealed.
Te rtific tifor' rf-

-Adtmmiistralmt-ivefrks Fe-WithH-the -Deg4 Gmeet--fn .
State, -Ad ministrat ive- -Rls-PitedT -tith"t re--epmrmtre-n Of

MPuruatlnf -trt Gatter- h2pe- Fleri^-ffoeidest tSttatcS
k ( 'Pt r aa V m -E~ h 'pt c ~r "1 " ; "F t d 'z zt t n t r t ~
-I- -d, -hereby- -tcertify- that -the- attached -rates- -are-
6o0r*ot -Ge pies-a-filedi- eQf^- L = -putseH^W -te -a
(mgeetig.jluc.marmi^.ea-t )-held -- e-- "-d ere -hywel rtfy-that-ttre-(ard',-ComDTrt ntOr .r
-oeber3 -at- a -f floetrins -pttlsltlie -f arii'ig,-ar -atiet) las
-propoced-that heattached-ra-i r be rprei- -anr trat
-htey are corrept-cetypies sftie-tm----------
-Agey ^-te

-Bate- Agenrcy-

Rule~-No. -6pecifie aw-Bewg B^e-
-Rie-ekmg. pccmeted "Rrltr N. -pcii-- -La- Beirng
-AuthoriSr k prfetre r Rxe-Makitng hpemennce d-
,lade^ Specific -ihyt'ritry- Int rpetefd.-..nr
joa4L .SpG ^^ifi
(LA. -Tl-ISQ-&f(it 120-5(it( t) -
l I-A-1 ) ^ i^3d)-5ei ^ -isO-f)- W ed
Signatutrce-rBepartment-Head- 1- 1 ^- ^-- - -- ^
~Signatare- lDepaEtert-e ad he
I (esa ~"s^ -- -- -- -- -- ---,_ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ,,,^,.^ ^-
FfA- iti-e"
Ntmber-o 4oe-pageert- tfied-
Nu tbr...to l pages -c.triti ied

(-2 E P-,] E iat.--ao. -a ^gragh- a,544.3-1-) <)r (<--)-Wit ef- -staement -- the facts -and-r
JSLS-.Ff. jgetoy--shall- file -withk-tke- Depatentt -oe- eicfemstanees -justifying-the- ride-
-Staie^ 4ts- -pFpope&4- -isries,- eaetntte- an l-ropoI- te)- Smrrmary of-the-heari^g=-
.a d.th .f.iollo.ig tipportlix .materials" fS) -Rltes- 4-ite4 -wit-h-t-he- -Department -of -State-
_(.a. _T. hr ee..c rAttifiad-. apios- te f e-o Phf- -tl be 15- -e--typed rr--llegat- -size- -paper f^rxt-4 -
-uambe ed-i- aeou2anee-with-Se etionm--3-l1-herek- doubledspaced -with- a -2--marigi -at -the" "toytrp ffr"
-aetd- -weeded- excetSy- as- it -is- to- be- printed--in-the- tcttr-an tL rtha'" 'ragn-orr 3tlr si t.-
-^A^ pvided-4ikwever,- this pnr -alply- ..-t ..-les- -ropsed- 4o- -be -repeled-- -the- of- Stat-shal- -e -otted artoloWrb w.-oris'- sT-ru t-
^f active date -of. -the- lois- 46iffe'en^ -yoH- 4hatr- through -are- Ttetetiof r1 ftr f -xl ttiTr FuTes wvoras~ "
speeified-m-^i -asbecotie< 4 8<)r6461^-2; -F^.^^itmattt be- tlrnttmitredTre-aafdltTohn.
-specified- -Bac-h- rrte- must -be -actcompanielt" -by -tre- (S"EaT'" lag-si7y-s3'hir su5i R --'arcaT'ITinh"ne"Tor
4hieiHery-note-freqwred-by-Seetkmi -1-1-08-herein- eaclr section- whicirshaih-fobtTf thcr smtctt rermint r
Ctif icioiFrA-3-,-o--C-3- kweue,-bt-ss i -^cat^int s^a nt-be
Lsa -t^ie- ^for lach-rh)atpter-H^Imr tfar oe eonstruc^^Lpart~-^-iesa sta iretngxgrth
*p^ ^.rn ^ tQl~iO.- ar~#dSi ^^ e epeal- is fied^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ 6^
^section... -it-..pmmbe-tat io e frc,- oeaih -u -
.hater.. p mtiapf rt tt -ParagPrph-ai Q5(h;)lb--- -S-,- -strtt-b
th' rl-Bief-summary --fi'- wthe -hro'ose ch-rte-rittrer () -wi Eac-th Depdr t- ufe- State-i r -th- -forrd

cas.e.o.La.n-and>t-tht-p.r4 -edhe. eet.n-be,- pr.escrihed .b ctm. .-.1 2 .far-other.-.r.le s.except
"*amerrded-nmist-be-setaatrmr futri f^r ttre- rctr nmrtrer: *Smri~mlrer snran- btr mctirate a

| 2


-by -e- le wer-case-' -foltowing -tie- agcry -ccrnot- DEpIA4PT "M" - - Rtrl Na.----- -.
-nt mber antd- the-- dtvisitor fetterT. "f- "plPrfibTe. lTii:-- -- - - - -
-( Examples- 4x- 1-. 4 +x--1-.9+).- R-POSE-A-TD-BFFE ----- - -
(.8 -Emergeney- -rles- -adpted- -pmmuarrt- to - - - - - - -
,1-7 .. -Sbsci-" r20595f97,'FS.,ITaanubmiTtre Tn~t;-e"
ame- -for m- precrib d 1 -Sa t-s5CttSeIr T--T.t2( F),
S. -. -herein- for -oth-er ft- "- ----t -f- -- - - - -
-whi ,ha 4-b e- Indietede^--by- t-l tbs^4't'a ft-he ICUqMMA1:C:,... -.--..-.. --
lsttav. digits. f the.alenar -yea -w -te- -is- - -
4-fit- ef-ftettve.-Sth-iintdicatorsf at'frliow-t he-ageny -"
-corrrol- -nitrmber,- arrd -divtsi'n- better -if" "lb - - - - - --- ---
-Frthter,- -emergecy" Rlte7a'lr' n- 1-" -iu--'b r-'f ".
-e orrsentrivey -earh -year -b gt'n hg JNrru'ryf y-17 I97"5,
-a e-mmb ers- trod- se& l- tr'i rt t-o t-h -T f-ef- SP-EC-IG -LEoQA-L-AT4T1O -F T- -UNDER- WfCH
""-arrd- settm- Timn r5--fquTr acT --fr LruTes nnor AITPy -I AtN ORZID-" --t1 ? THED
-prom gitted- ffxampies -ffiEt &-- ,-1-A-ER 5 )-Sucr LAr -BE-NOS )hi-PEME N T^ -INT^ ^TEI OR
uleswill- ib-su marPized-it-he-FAW ft-wi- e- ArBifE - - - - -

.makin..a..asernistis as--se -w sta r - -ided-iate- 4a ge e--t -the- -pi etr- - - -A E -PR- - - -$ -

-we; a^ to^ichLrthl nrie- is appiicable-des-in fat. IF-RftBQUE'STBD-A fftEARING-lYItt E -HIED AT!-
axit. TIE --
Specific Authority 120.55(l)(d) FS. Law Implemented PIlA-E----------------- --------
1 20.54(9)(11)(b)(12), 120.55(1)(d) FS. History-Revised
1-1-75, Amended 8-1-75, 7-2-78. Repealed andDATE ----
replaced with 1S-1.002, A-GGP-OF-zTHI-PR-posefD-RUirB-MAY
B-E -GBPAfNLD- -BY- WRI-N- TO- - -
1-1.021 Florida Administrative Weekly. f-1 -or-- rPy -4-4-shahit-be--suirmitted -t" tire
-($ ^-)-'he-Pid- A2mtinIstatr-te-Weefy- fFAW)- feHow44-fno-- -^iftag-iwieties- ef-pu-bhlc-meertings;
shae1- -be- prb+ishcd- Friay -eveTry-weE -of- tir -year in- hearinkg,- -woykshopy
whvie^ -Fri da-is -net- a -h-dede-y-oberud- -by -sft-te The- fname -of -agerrFy)-armramn ces -a- (pI blic
egeRcie4 -es -set- for h- mI- Rvie- -SA-6-109- rFtori chr nfeeten hearing- or- worttshoap-tr -wirirh- alt-perssr-
( .Administratie- Ol.-- When-Fritiay- is -bserv& as-a are-mvit-ei.
Iokjlday- ftida~irr Rwi41-be-ofl-thie-T wMkIg day- -- ---P-B-A-NB --------- -----
e,-that-wee- in-wh ie h the -Fri da' "hoidai observed. PL-A -- ----
Whienr-WWdnrresdav -ThTUrsday- Fri da -o----any week-is -PO-- -- ---- -
observm7-da a -?ttda 5 rt" rather to ta' t -" ti rdtTr Ar ________-
the -rri-da- -Admidtstrati-s e- -VWeeidy- Tr- be-pub ,Hsherd- __
thtef- week-mr t Ir be- recGived by ttrre-Bepacitr rerI of
St, ate-r-later-than--l,- t0 -m-r -Mkon dary-of tte -week A-copy -of- -the- ermda rrray--bo-ritatnrZtm -by
in-wrrich-cthe- Totdce- is-to- Tppear -At- tl-Dth1rttwre3, writing- o-(-namew o agerrcy)-at tageiei hyeauquarterst:
tire -deadine- -fr- -strimissiraor -f -miteral- to- -the (.).-tFm- -FAC -5- -shati- eontEa-sfiiient
Bepa t meKt -oT "StaTe-fr Fu 5uabTi'ariin m-tTie" FToriTa ifer-maii ae eise- 4tan4 tiat y-a te-pd esons-orf
A4 mirristatie- --Wee My tshaf "be- -2-. O-p- m. the- atr e- the -proc eed in g -FormrFAe -5-sai-be
Wiednesday- f- fhe -week- n-whieh- fhe -nntice -is- to slttwmicd-- inr- -Htre- fcraianirg- -form-for -Decisraliry
jp.e^ strernemt4-
'NOTfeB-IS-HgREB Y TGT:3VErrc2atTre- --- --
-(-)-T-he-F-AW -hai -c-ntain-the" "rrforrtattian- a(-eeRy
rse-qc-i -e-d.- clb^ J1P tg^r>ph- f0,5a(-l-(-e-)- -a-ryd reneived- tne -foltowtig" PFeilSioC 7"^5f"( P TTt yf
-20 -0(.3)( -1..),--F ri, a te4ee. Sfassementt:
(3-)-Form FAG- 3- throttirgh-&f; o-be-pmbMihetn m- -T a-tt -etft --
Uhwe GAW-sh^^be-typei^ 4wleet sie-pap~er( 8^fL-,
SB ^ hafiuchAma gi-o tthe.-iehtThe inmationiMen 7 ^FeFm-^A -^haH -be-s^tbrmittFedn- tl-
"thereon- hafl -be -ty ped -onm-a- piea- yewre-- 'he fl toT rthf oToT'iWff Tiinfg- bTE'mer'gencry'RuIes-
imount- of-sprace-provided- "-i- ttre-farn mdtr each- DE'PARTME'NT-OF - RULE-NOT -
heading- -,hs be- -the- -mt x-imt m- sptee- ,sed- -fer SPEI F4- -R-fE-ASNS -Pelt R-PINDNO- -A
eroesdi Q- che- irfokr atis w^e^Mied~ ewrr; ^Kcpt w IMMifiBPTE- ANGB -Td O -PtJtCt- -HE ALTH,
E orIRaFAC-r- ?Ce-i ed inLE es -Soris-fRACL3T O aAd6 Af EfY kNIj Y-Wg[FAIR`E -
are -t. -d.sig ate-e- asrc*t--of- pafi- taMt- may-be- ------------------
ese d- -. de,- -et-h-he ding- -De- Ro* -otdeIe -cepy "" "' hY ___"-
; ) when-Elwas-T-aee-s e dCte ed-fer-pu bl atio. --- I- -- -
S. (4)-Forrr-PAe -S-sratt- -bte -strbTritt-d-in-the ------------------------------
""ellewi g- -femrn -4o- the --fitng- -o -peopese d -r es. ---,-
.a4meisa-afd epea:

j _--, -iir I~-rrIrr- r-. ----


S --FtASONS-WHY PROBtIERETSEDSFAIR Specific Authority 120.55(1)(d) FS. Law Implemented
I NDER T f E e m -TAS^ ........... 120.54(7), 120.55()(e) S. istory-Revised 1-1-75,
Amended 8-1-75. Repealed and Replaced
---- wit 1S-1.004,
.----- 1-1.04 Publication by reference. Any
or----erdianee-, -stadar-d- peeif4iation-or -simi4ar-ma-terial
--- --- --.- ---- -__- whieh-is -generaHy- avaimable-to- fffect& -persons- and
- -- -- - -- whiir is -pubtished -by -either a "Tvernmental "agency
or- -a- -generlly- -eee^gnieed- rgnzaa tion- -miay- -be
SUMMAWT 41Y-i -- -- imeor porated- by-6 -refeence -i -a- -rite- -a4depte- in
acewrdanee- wi4th- -Chapte -14^--,-F-leride -ateutAes- A
- --BA.TE5r ,-ANTI.IME.OF-F.F.E6T.IVE N BSS &- stte-age ncy-.shall-file- "ith- he -De pa*ment-of- tate
-- -- - - such--ordirarce, standard- "sperificati o- -or- "sinriar
mA4tBriatr -in its- -aOigira+ fofnr1 -and it smalt -be
A G4P-Y- OF --I---FAERFrE N6 -R-LB -MAY aceomp nied -by.- the -apprpr iat e-er t ia tion-of +he
-BE-OBTAE -W NG-O-- rerncedl -aieri,- --a- -brief- -sunnjr --f thm
e----------------------------- erial-an -a-wri4tetie -stemen- -of- 4he
------------------------- ---- ;ataete- -a&d- eiteem.atieea -jttstifym-ti -the- aido ption-by
refeencef- +4-the- re rencef -mrateri Thlm--age cy-
elando ri- -t_-r h ue -srbie-Sifit a7v1M itat"rfe la -Cpyytrf 7t'i
(| (- In-khe- eveft-an-aentiey-r emy-ert- i-nectt refereipeeee er-dimbene-,- &t-erdftre- -steeiiea4ion- -eor-
tjo- tscei a- natire- orcr m it-nrrs-b sTr r s d- trrthe Ai9iBt. -m-elri -te-th^^i bi -upa-i reqtest-at o
-DeraMnen. t-oi -State- for -pabiiratinrr -hr ttre V-f4tritr- LT_ ^^ esg -er sal 6eGif-vi-he Fue-where -rhe
-Ad mmistrtive 1^eiKy; "t-stgnF&itttl agencyy shtll mubu-ei4a4--obtgre -a-e "14- eG-4fe-pe-et-e-e4 ie-tterit -.
-eenid --4etter- to- he -Departtnwnt-of -Stnafe- cartcetiIng Ia Ni s-eeretie0n- 41hatM -r.et-apiy- to-atr agency i eperatirtis
"threaCtice .-rPh:F etterofr caneitiorr nmst be recei d ma -i- A.- -r ance;- strrdard,- spreTtic m-t:on-
-befrre --5-0-i.mr.- Wgnresd,%-of-tre- weet -r wicih miiar -nmtircria-t s hrcf-is- inrrorpra ted-by-re erence
4he-f-toie e- is-te -sapeerp-'e--tice--ri- ti^Tr- be4 mrnre-piTritbi ircd-t ^rmrerence-itrthe-FA:
eTOved-frftrithe'-Plorid-A' ris'ivc -^eeidy; -or Specific Authority 120.55(1)(d) FS. Law Implemented
-wH-appear -wfitI the-word- Or-Y W'stanPd 120.55(l)(d) FS. History-Revised 1-1-75, Amended
"Over!it. 1k-25-75, 5-4-76e oRealed and Replaced
Specific Authority 120.55(l)(d) FS. Law Implemented with 1S-1.U ,_
120.54, 120.60()a) FS.,isory-New 8-1-75, Amended 1-1.05 Agency rule reprints.-Air- -encrt- ay-
4-13.-7, 7-2-7 8. eae and :Re placed "w se -rep ris f-itsriesthrfir tt e/parTfnt
W ^ 3 Ls ory et f^.a e-^y -sbyi-ctti-i -teilt
I(t AA t-pnpoDSd -rrries-shdi- ^e- aeotrr2ied reprin -fnr n-m pro!itVd-Mr- rhT? f-D rt7pmrreTTA. -PM
-b4y -the- imoraiie-- -ereQke-i iSeet -1-2 B-.-- ), iqu4ries "eeieer Mni-- tthe -teprinrt st^ l-be f-dir ted
-F4ori da- St2 e te ks to-t-he- -prirrnt-r-, wos -nmrre" pp ears-n-The ep-rlt
- --(- Hitor noteor- r or-t- res -atdopted-prior-to foum.
.Jatleary .,--l.-.5hlI-oenteif:- Specific Authority 120.55(1)(d) FS. Law Implemented
----(e- T-he tt-e ef-adranion,-wherravmai ile, 120.55(2) F'S. History--Revised 1-1-75. Repeated
(L^--^n- and Replaced with IS-I.Ub006,
(- Vhe-date-t-esa-retision. 1-1.06 Uniform indexing procedures.
( )=- Tkete e feaehEPnendment- ( 3-)-E-ic- ^rcy shat -estrabish-a d- mm-rnam -a
(d f A-st^tem r^^r^tittit^-5oint -AdministrattiTe sut^.e^u-manterinS^e ^ite-ral -Pros durns- 0 i tt ae-as- objeted-e- tOe-r l ,-i-whe 1,
^apphicafetbhr -The-f erwf-of -bech-Hieees-sehl-be -abr-
(-- The- date- -of -t-ht -isstc- -of -the- "Fiorid a- tr-r-at .-e f rn-tme-of-ribo 6 th-ei.. h- s-he a41os.-oi'.l t-
-Ad ministratrive- -Wey -irr whicn-a-noti -of-the ^eo-t^ -ed -fch-e- o--e h-a ht a -eaeppoa t -
- ommitteei bjection appears. -bui- tetterr rtr-he- eft-narirr in-aif abitca-hrde.
( l- H es H it mdpted fter ^pha -iit ing of ^- v r tnr n -mh st

-- e)-i- he-effective-date-e-t-he rvie. Example:

isdtory- rnotes-in -t-he -F-oiidla- dmmniswtive- 4ei-


-maitained-by -the-Detartr ef-o fe ftte-wi4-appear-in -fiai s-ter L'-nply-with-therequ itr m ts of'th f TITpttr,
-the- FAG-. -the- Depanrtment -of -+-tate- my- refise- to -raccpt the
Specific Authority 120.53 FS. Law Implemented 120.53(2) -prroposedrTute' fTr fithTg.
120.55(1)(b) FS. History-Revised 1-1-75, Repealed
and Replaced with 1S-1. 07 -- Specific Authority 120.55(1)(d) FS. Law Implemented
"1-.-U7 Noncompliance,J e-evo aR-acry 120.55(1)(d) FS. History--Revised 1-1-75., Repealed
and Replaced with 1S-1.008,


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