Title: Status of Land Management Programs. Published in Quarterly Review. July - September 1992. 6p.
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Title: Status of Land Management Programs. Published in Quarterly Review. July - September 1992. 6p.
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During the period of July through September 1992, the Right of Way
Permitting staff received4Q.iapplications, collected $34,220in application
processing fees and issued 97 new permits or permit modifications. (In the previous
quarter, $40,18D in processing fees were received and 122permits or modifications
were processed). In conjunction with the North New River enforcement sweep in the
City of Plantation, 50 Permit Notices were filed in the Official Records Books of
Broward County. As a result of Hurricane Andrew, the permitting staff assisted in
the development of Emergency Order 92-140 and dealt with four requests for
emergency services pursuant to the order.

Enforcement and Compliance
The Enforcement and Compliance Section initiated 73 new enforcement cases
and resolved 46 cases during the fourth quarter. There were $900 in civil penalties
collected during this period. Enforcement and Compliance utilized four employees
from West Palm Beach to assist in post Hurricane Andrew recovery activities in Dade
County. Also, the Division had two to four office employees providing support for
recovery activities during the month of September.

Project Works and District Lands Title Review
Notices of District easement affecting 33 parcels adjacent to Lake Istokpoga,
Highlands County, were filed in this quarter in compliance with the Marketable
Record Title Act. The conversion of land acquisition records from hard copy to
computer database continued with an additional 146 miles of District right of way
added during this quarter, bringing the total to approximately 500 miles that have
been converted. The remaining 50 miles of the primary study area (east coast of the
District) are scheduled for completion next quarter. The conversion effort includes a
review of District right of way titles for the purpose of identifying, prioritizing and
scheduling for acquisition any parcels requiring restoration of their District
functions. It is noteworthy that the computer database was utilized to research in a
very brief period of time the title to a number of District projects in Dade County that
were impacted by Hurricane Andrew. Many hours were saved because of the
availability of the database.


During the month of September, Survey and Mapping Division field survey
personnel were involved in hurricane recovery work. Tree clearing and other ;
activities required the surveying and marking of District rights of way. Crucial to .
the integrity of the District's infrastructure is unobstructed canal flow. To assess
post hurricane canal conditions, survey personnel began canal bottom profile surveys
of over 200 miles of canals in Dade County.

The District's acquisition program for the Kissimmee River Restoration
Project continues to be frustrated by the lack of a decision on how to value the state's
claim in the sovereign lands. Discussions have been held with the major participants
including representatives of the offices of the Governor, Attorney General,
Department of Natural Resources and Department of Environmental Regulation and
representatives of the major landowners. The Department of Natural Resources is
looking at the potential of identifying a rough Ordinary High Water Line that
probably would be waterward of the safe upland line. This could result in a reduction
in the number of acres in dispute. Nonetheless, a resolution of this issue appears to
be several months in the future.


SOR Lands Management
Major management activities during the fourth quarter focused on exotic
vegetation control, hydrologic restoration, pasture management and general
maintenance of roads and fences.
Exotic Vegetative Control
Both SOR field crews and District contractors conducted major exotic
vegetative control work on the KICCO Wildlife Management Area and several other
properties in the Kissimmee River Project. Minor exotic control work was conducted
on several other properties throughout the District.
Hydrologic Restoration
SOR field crew constructed three ditch plugs in the canal between DuPuis
Reserve State Forest and Corbett Wildlife Management Area. These plugs were
recommended by staff environmentalists concerned about the drainage effects of the
ditch which was constructed originally as a borrow pit for the adjoining FPL service
road. The plugs were designed by the LMD staff engineer. Additional work will be
forthcoming to hydrologically reconnect DuPuis and Corbett. The plugs have
withstood the above normal wet conditions this summer and are credited with
restoring a more natural hydroperiod to the southeastern edge of the DuPuis Reserve.
Pasture Management
SOR environmentalists have been working with SCS Range Management
Specialists to complete range management plans for 10 grazing leases in the
Kissimmee Valley. The pilot project to reestablish native grasses was continued at
KICCO and Yates Marsh properties in the Kissimmee Valley. Several acres of
several varieties of native grasses were planted on these sites. SCS and District
personnel will monitor the condition of these grasses through the next year.


General Maintenance
Minor road and culvert repair, fence mending and general clean up was
conducted on several properties in the Kissimmee Valley; Tiger Creek on Lake
Kissimmee, South Fork of the St. Lucie, Martin County and the Strazzulla property,
Palm Beach County.

SOR Lands -Assessments
Management need assessments were conducted for the following SOR
properties during this quarter.
Flint Pen Strand, CREW, Lee County
Mims Island (Prescott), Kissimmee River, Glades County
M-2 Marsh (Matthews), Kissimmee River, Glades County
Hamm, Kissimmee River, Highlands County

Work plans for FY '93 can now be developed for these parcels.

SOR Lands Inspections
The properties listed below were inspected during this quarter. The number in
parenthesis indicates the number of inspections above one. Written reports were
filed for all inspections. Many routine maintenance needs were determined, but no
major problems were discovered.

Alico Hamm (2) Mims Island (3)
Bluff Hammock (2) Hickory Hammock (3) Prescott North (2)
Bryan Johnson Island (2) Rivers Acres II
Otis Clemons KICCO (2) Rough Island (2)
Todd Clemons (2) M-2 Marsh (3) South Fork St. Lucie
DuPuis (2) Nicodemus (4) Spices
Doyle Loxahatchee (2) Starvation Slough (2)
Fitch Oak Creek (2) Strazzulla
Gache (3) MacNamara Tiger Creek
Touchton Meridith Yates Marsh (3)

SOR Lands Public Use
Recorded public use for SOR lands during this quarter was as follows:

Area Visits
DuPuis Reserve State Forest 412
Hickory Hammock, Kissimmee River 32
Six Mile Cypress Visitor Center, Lee County 3,911
Loxahatchee River No Report Available
TOTAL: 4,355


SOR Lands Management Planning
Prescribed Burns
The 1992-93 prescribed burn plans for SOR properties were drafted during this
quarter. The plans will be completed, reviewed, revised and implemented during the
first quarter of FY '93.
Management Evaluations
The planning and design of natural resources monitoring programs for all SOR
lands was initiated during this quarter. This plan will be reviewed, revised and
implemented in FY '93.


SOR Lands Planning
1993 Five Year Plan
The 1993 Five Year Plan was presented to the Governing Board as a Workshop
item in August. In September, following a public hearing, the 1993 Plan was adopted (
by the Board. Revisions include the addition of 652 acres to the CREW Project,
addition of 1,280 acres to Kissimmee Lakes Watershed and the revision of Land
Management Policy 5.001.

Policy Changes/Rulemaking
Land Management Department Policy 5.001, public use on SOR lands. Rules
regarding greater public access and general activities on SOR lands were drafted and
will be taken through the rulemaking process in the coming year.

Project Specific Activities
The Conceptual Management plan was discussed at a public meeting in
Naples. The plan was later approved by the CREW Trustees and the Governing
Board. An exotic vegetation mapping contract was executed, which will identify
location,size and density of Melaleuca and Brazilian Pepper stands in Flint Pen
DuPuis Reserve State Forest
Permits from COE and DER were issued for the L-8 restoration project. Final
design by CMD is proceeding. Discussions were held with FPL regarding connecting
Corbett Wildlife Management Area with DuPuis as partial mitigation for the Levee
Midway transmission line project.
Shingle Creek Swamp
Permanent photographic monitoring points were established to support
Planning Department's DER mitigation efforts.
Lake Forest Preserve
Construction of the entrance road, parking lot and nature center footprint have


Kissimmee River
A contract to access the public use potential and development of an overall
recreation plan for the river was executed. Permanent photographic monitoring
points were established at Rattlesnake Hammock to support the ongoing Vegetative
sampling program.
Southern Glades Wildlife and Environmental Area
The quarterly report from the GFC was reviewed and approved by the SOR
staff. The most significant problem encountered to date was the unauthorized entry
and clearing of approximately six acres of SGWEA land by an adjacent landowner.
The Office of Counsel is preparing the case against the land clearing company as well
as the adjoining property owner. Due to Hurricane Andrew, the scheduled hunting
season in the SGWEA was cancelled. No inspection of the SGWEA has been made
since the hurricane.
South Fork St. Lucie River
Hiking trail development is underway.
Nicodemus Slough
Permanent photographic monitoring points were established to support the
ongoing vegetative sampling program.

Summer Interns
Three summer interns worked on specific projects for the Save Our Rivers

1. A series of GIS maps were prepared which describe changes in the
vegetative community types at the DuPuis Reserve State Forest from 1940
to present day.
2. A library of environmentally sensitive building materials was compiled for
public use facilities on SOR projects.
3. Planning was started for an interpretative trail on the DuPuis Reserve
State Forest which describes the SOR hydrologic restoration efforts.
4. A series of fixed photo points at SOR monitoring sites were established,
which will enable us to visually document changes resulting from
hydrologic restoration, prescribed burning and exotic vegetation control.

Non-SOR Lands
WMD Miscellaneous Land Interests
Several right of way permits and agreements within the Everglades
Agricultural Area are being examined for impact of uses on District lands. The
preliminary results suggest that there were approximately twelve such permits or
agreements. The permits and agreements are for agricultural uses. These uses
include farming, grazing cattle, farm roads and growing sugar cane. Some of these
arrangements dated from the early 1960s. During the fourth quarter, research was
completed and alternative recommendations were discussed. Bill Malone was briefed
on the status of the project. Howard Nicholas and Tom MacVicar will be briefed in


Dairy Buy-Out
Eighteen dairies ultimately participated in the Dairy Buy-Out Program. All
eighteen dairies moved their herds and were paid. The last herd was moved August
3, 1992. The District mailed the final payment on September 30, 1992. A total of
14,039 dairy cows were relocated under this program. The total state cost was
$8,451,478. Of that total, the District expenditure was $4,139,468.

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