Title: Letter from SWFWMD Chief, Real Estate Section to L. M. Blain enclosing a copy of the latest draft of the proposed land acquisition priorities with ma
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Title: Letter from SWFWMD Chief, Real Estate Section to L. M. Blain enclosing a copy of the latest draft of the proposed land acquisition priorities with ma
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F Souhwest Flo ida

1961 PHONE (904) 796-7211
BRUCE A. SAMSON, Chairman, Tampa B. T. LONGINO, Sarasota JIM KIMBROUGH, Brooksville
nWm. O. STUBBS, JR., Vice Chairman, Dade City CLIFF STEPHENS, Clearwater ARCH UPDIKE, JR., Lake Wales
4INGEMtS JAMES CAMPBELL, Secretary, Plant City DON CRANE, St. Petersburg
RONALD B. LAMBERT, Treasurer, Wauchula WILLIAM C. TATUM, Executive Director

July 8, 1981

L. M. Blain, Esquire
Attorney at Law
Post Office Box 399
Tampa, FL 33601


Dear Mr. Blain:

Enclosed for your information is a copy of thie latest draft of the proposed
land acquisition priorities.


i f, Real Estate Section

FHM: dt



The Southwest Florida Water Management District would acquire the
following types of lands under the "Save Our Rivers" Program pursuant to
Chapter 373.590 Florida Statutes.
a. Completion of the land acquisition necessary to the Four River
Basin, Florida Project. Examples include the Green Swamp,
Lower Hillsborough and Cypress Creek areas, providing environ-
mentally sound flood control as well as other benefits.

b. Riverine swamps and corridors especially floodways downstream
of flood detention areas and in areas of heavy development
pressure or adjacent to other District land holdings. These
lands are necessary to allow the proper functioning of existing
and proposed water management systems as well as conserving or
restoring natural water management functions such as water
quality and recharge maintenance.

c. Other lands having some unique water management function, such
as special recharge areas or water supply protection. An
example is Prairie Creek in Charlotte County a direct tributary
to the water supply for Punta Gorda.


Following is a preliminary proposed priority list and brief description
of lands which the District envisions acquiring under the "Save Our
Rivers" Program. The priority is described as "preliminary," since no
formal action has been taken by the District's Governing Board; and any
acquisition would also be affected by possible negotiations. The
District views the flexibility of a dynamic list as a key in providing
the most efficient use of funds for land acquisition.
1. Green Swamp Project

As part of the Four River Basin, Florida Project, the District has
acquired over 75,000 acres in the Green Swamp area. An additional
21,971 acres are needed to complete this project which would
provide flood control, preserve or restore wetlands, water quality,
flood plain, recharge areas, while providing a good potential for
recreational and water supply development.
2. Withlacoochee and Hillsborough Riverine Corridors
The acquisition of these lands in concert with completion of the
Green Swamp Project, would put the headwaters flood plains of the
Hillsborough and Withlacoochee Rivers entirely in public ownership.

These corridors cover over 15,000 acres and consist primarily of
hardwood forests and swamps. These lands function as a natural
conveyance for flood waters and have natural water storage capabilities.

3. Anclote Water Storage Lands (Starkey)

The District has acquired 5,400 acres in the flood plains of the
Anclote and Pithlachascotee Rivers, which also serves as a well
field for New Port Richey. Approximately 4,000 acres are currently
under discussion with Mr. Starkey for additional flood plain and
wetland preservation. This area is under considerable development

4. Sawgrass Lake Addition

The District has acquired 360 acres in Pinellas County as a water
retention area which protects the surrounding communities from
flood damage. The District operates the retention area in a manner
which preserves and restores the natural wetlands of the area. In
1977, the District built an environmental education center in
cooperation with the School Board and Parks Department of Pinellas
County. The complex contains 5,700 feet of boardwalk and 2,900
feet of footpaths which provide opportunities for a close examination
of the flora and fauna. The acquisition of 40 acres would provide
for expansion of the complex and its water management capability.

5. Cypress Creek

This area includes about 7,250 acres of cypress forest associated
with the downstream drainage of the Cypress Creek Flood Detention
Area. This part of the Hillsborough and Pasco Counties is under
intense development pressure. Acquisition would provide natural
flood control and water supply protection.

6. Lower Hillsborough Project

As part of the Four River Basins, Florida Project, the District has
acquired over 14,000 acres of riverine forest and adjoining water
storage areas along a ten (10) mile reach of the Hillsborough River
downstream of the Hillsborough River State Park. Approximately 160
acres additional land along Flint Creek, from the river upstream to
Lake Thonotosassa is needed for water management, water storage and
floodway purposes.

7. Mac Arthur Tract

This 30,000-acre site could provide various water management
functions, from water conservation, wetlands protection and water
supply. The site is in an area under heavy development pressure
with limited naturally available potable water.

8. Brooker Creek Riverine System

Brooker Creek originates in the marshes and swamps of Northwest
Hillsborough County and travels less than ten (10) miles into Lake
Tarpon in Pinellas County. This 1,015-acre wetland remains essentially
intact in an area of extremely rapid suburban development.

9. Medard Reservoir Floodway

The District owns approximately 1,250 acres in the upper reaches of
the Alafia River in Hillsborough County. A reservoir and park
exist on the site already owned. An additional 140 acres are
necessary along the river to allow maximum discharges to occur
safely without additional structural modifications.

10. Jack Creek

This 865-acre site in Highlands County represents the ten-year
flood plain of Jack Creek. The land is necessary to allow safe
discharges to occur from the structures regulating lake levels in
the area. This area is under residential development pressure on
its south and east boundaries.

11. Anclote River Floodway

This 4,328-acre site, in concert with the Starkey lands in No. 3
above, would provide public ownership of the Anclote River from
Seven Springs to the headwater. The flood plain consists of
riverine forests and wetlands which are under considerable develop-
ment pressure.

12. Cypress Creek/Trout Creek

The 9,984 acres covered by these tributaries of the Hillsborough
River are primarily mixed swamp forests composed of cypress and
other hardwoods. At present, this area of Hillsborough County is
under development pressure.

Acquisition of these low-lying forested swamps would prevent future
flood problems while preserving the natural resources of the

13. Blackwater Creek

Blackwater Creek, as a tributary of the Hillsborough River, has
been subject to the same urban encroachment generally associated
with river forest areas of Hillsborough County. Purchase of
approximately 12,224 acres of Blackwater Creek's flood plain would
prevent further urban encroachment and alleviate the concurrent
flooding problems which have developed in this poorly drained area.

14. Squirrel Prairie

Squirrel Prairie is a limestone sink region in southern Hernando
County and northern Pasco County. The area's 1,728 acres channel
drainage to the subsurface through the numerous sinkholes, ponds
and sloughs. Acquisition of the Squirrel Prairie area would
preserve the area's recharge capabilities and limited flood abatement

15. Prairie Creek

As a potential source of potable water to the cities of Punta Gorda
and Port Charlotte, the 2,752 acres of hardwood flood plain forest
along Prairie Creek represent an important natural resource to the
area. Land acquisition would ensure the protection of water supply
sources in these traditionally water-poor areas of DeSoto and
Charlotte Counties, as well as the forest resources.

16. Gum Slough

The 4,416 acres designated for purchase along Gum Slough represent
the ten-year flood elevations in this portion of the Withlacoochee
River (Sumter County). The area is primarily extensive hardwood
swamps that extend to the northeastern shore of Lake Tsala Apopka.

Purchase of these lands would preserve large areas of relatively
undisturbed wetlands and swamp forests along with their wildlife
and water resources.

17. Tatum Sawgrass

Located in Sarasota County, the 4,300 acres proposed for acquisition
would include large areas of marshlands and peripheral hammocks
that may provide flood storage within the area, as well as ensuring
water conservation both in supply and quality. Additionally,
acquisition would prevent agricultural encroachment upon wetlands
and therefore preserve the wildlife resources of the area.



1. Green Swamp Project
A. Green Swamp FDA
3. Upper Hillsborough FDA
C. Little Withiacoochee FOA
2. Withleoochee & HilloroughRiverine Corridors
A. Corridor 'A' (Withiacoochee River)
& Corrdor '' (Withiacoochee River)
C Corridor 'C (Hillsborouh River)
3. Andote Water Storage Lands (Starkey)
4. Swgra.s Lake Addition B Z-A
5. Cyprm Cr 2
6. Lower Hillsborough Projct L. |
7. MacArthur
8. Brooker Creek Riverine System
9. Medard Reervoir Floodway
10. Jadck Cre
11. Andote River Floodway
12. Cypr Creek/Trout Creek
13. Bldtkwater Creek
14. Squirred Prairie
15. Prairie Creek
16, Gum Slough
17. Tatum Sawg ras

Revi J 7-6-81



The following land acquisition recommendations for next fixcal year are
based on the best information, estimates, etc., available as of
July 1, 1981.

Green Swamp F.D.A.

Hampton Parcel Approximately 6,744 acres to be negotiated with
(10-200-157) a long-term agreement specifying incremental
purchases (options) over a ten-year period.

First purchase FY 81-82 approximately one-tenth
of total parcel.

$665,000 estimated land acquisition cost
of land purchase if negotiable.

Kinsinger Parcel Approximately 1,144 acres to be negotiated by
(10-200-158) agreement (options) providing for two purchases.
First purchase FY 81-82 approximately one-half of
total parcel.

$565,000 estimated land acquisition cost of
first purchase if negotiable.

Anclote Storage Approximately 4,000 acres to be negotiated by
Lands (Starkey) agreement (options) providing for four purchases.
First purchase FY 81-82 approximately one-fourth
of total parcel.

$1,100,00 estimated land acquisition cost
if negotiable.

$220,000 Pinellas-Anclote Matching Funds


Sawgrass Lake Approximately 40 acres.
(16-560-133) $1,000,000 estimated land acquisition cost
if negotiable.

$200,000 Pinellas-Anclote Matching Funds


Lower Hillsborough FDA Approximately 30 parcels consisting of 160+
acres are needed due to modification of Lake
(The FY 81-82 Basin Thonotosassa project. (Some condemnation will
Budget could be reduced probably be required.)
by $464,000 using doc.
stamp tax funds pro- $1,000,000 estimated land acquisition cost
vided the Board includes if negotiable.
this in its five-year
plan to be submitted $200,000 Hillsborough Basin Matching Funds.
by January 15, 1982.)


It is anticipated that there will be a maximum revenue of $5,125,000
produced between July 1, 1981, and September 30, 1982.
$5,125,000 Total Anticipated Revenue
-3,710,000 Proposed Expenditures Outlined Above
$1,415,000 Balance to be used for continuation of
existing acquisition program within the
Green Swamp project.

Note: There is approximately $125,000 budgeted for FY 81-82
acquisition within the Green Swamp F.D.A. which could be
used as matching costs for District purchases.

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