Title: Letter from SWFWMD to Dept. of Natural Resources re the proposed diversion of water from the Little Manatee River stating concerns about the request.
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Title: Letter from SWFWMD to Dept. of Natural Resources re the proposed diversion of water from the Little Manatee River stating concerns about the request.
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--.. :- A

Ar " :l f :- -

Ju!y i, 1972

Dr. Rc.br-t O. V mn ,

Divisio- ocf hiere i f' o.-. ,cs
D7), ir.-,i of Notu i sourcec:
i07 \ G .'.,s Sh t
Tai! : Fl.K': 32304

R ": h'i '- d Div.c-s, 0n o1f Water .from Ii k: Mr. c River
by Florida i'oer o.d Light Com ipn

D. :V" D Vernon:

T,"e A iv B Ein Boar c d 'of this District dir ecte: t.t V. write the Department
f Ni :r,_, .'i Uc rcr.ing i referenced |cpo' od odise the D"p rt.cnt
S i ,-ry of t i pc i c d t, po i of tlc .,ar i$ .-.d r thtir ou mio ht o
r f-1

c C) I :.p y.

i0 u s ; '-::.-sth;g p .", is *ic :0 "rt ,\at, r fsc'n hc L tti M ...*. "
po... ,o? pi::-r. ,.d fo / c! -. ..v.: Co ,-,y, In ... u ry, v.e wrote th, De ai n, tt
of N otu, :' i .e:jurc,-. and le-ucse. h- .e be funis .. i. i"e avc in-
""iri:i :: r-. -" and e 9urii. I i cquc. i Q :,i ; r ; tO > -tC, .n. o i:j CA C8) .' *:e i

.n M : ; \-,v r c- v :d r [:iy f ';. t:-, De L- .' ( p.f N, t si.t:i Resou. c c' {,ur'.ish-
i I... twhc T r incu c iic
ill V r c! c:, r T cA j -' r I S I !
ili; ir vo'jld appec. inck,---.s .t Manate1c C ounty one indu.h es ...
the'ein should becn fi ,,, ,. works, uc-u d mon... .nt o the wcaei rc .-' cs
in the di strict."

On IMt ch 1, 1972, v'c -, .e ,- -. it ,, co f.n Alof' Riv Bo-.n
Board foi its con-.'.(,.ic-ton (a cop[y i ..s t r.- '' is ec,:i' d). T1e
'. i [' : .d .c. d i c : ov h ; -:' o.. f the
5j: n, f,-r tl ': p ur .o, e c .,d a -:,' --. :v. 'A : ;-:.-.. ./ .c --^-: 't:: ;- h:: B .'->,n B-: r.
r cc^:;' :-; t t; Di:; ., .n c o b d .n d.
The F nid r.. .L;. c.p1 o o- the :..- v-. t rin :
TBo Fd F..-ndJ foi the A. i 5, 1?77 c-. .,1 ,-- i of the H d P ,wer,

:d .i it C r-n ", rr ::,-' .'! o t r o f 'on t th!:. rn- "in-."

D Rol.ti 0. Vernon
July 14, 1972 PuoqC Two

However on the day prior to the n,c.ting, officiulc of Florid. P-wer and Li!t
re quested o postponcn:?t (a coy of the June 7, 1972 Governing Board Miues
is enclosed). The Governing Bcr.d d ier red oany d'.' iion until Fnloida Power
and Light voud have he opp:o' tunit to fm:Ike an official pr,.Irtotin.

On May 3, 1972, rerr-:scnttives of FPi L Co-rp-ny come to this office and presented
to us a new ptoposo! fio diversion, B-.icacly the changes wewe this:

(1) The size of the proposed plant would be reduced considerably, therefot
requiring a reduction in water use.

(2) The size of the cooling waier reservoir vas reduced from 6,000 acres to
4,003 acres.

(3) The pint of di version was moved opprori'r:.:oely 7 1/2 miles upstream
wh,.e the river r: : a "dog l eg" c tof th- District info t..a'natce County
and the bock in i; District. By .i t -ove, it was reasoned that
a permit would no loti:er be rec.'ired from thiis District. FP&L representatives
were clear to point outhowever, that it was not their intent to completely
byp-ss the District. We were later furnished with a copy of their application
to you d-,ed May 4, 1972.

Our Ala ica River Basin Board is extremely concerned about this proposed divc sion
froi'i c rc, fresh water source from its DBein and i.vc ludgelcd funds for a
cc.mprchensive woter resources study of the Basin, including aerial rnmpping of
the flood pSain. Our District Governing Board is also concerned and we believe
that L!:for action is ire.: u.on i s : .-. it, ihot all environmental aspects of t h /
pro;o:a.i should be considered. We hove ao1 cncl..s.d a copy of a letter from
the Chai r.,un of ou0r CovnCing Boc: d to the Chaoi ,:cn of the Dc:,lrrment of
lPr1,iti-rn Control in which ji ett w e ,c ';-s our ,con ,rrr cr,'r tfis ,:pco rosrni nd
iihc stringent thermal stei-d"rds of the Dcp: tment of Pollution Control which scem
to be forcing power plA.s to Icc-: inland for a source of cooling voter. Con-
sideration should be given to having a discussion of possible envii ornental aspects
of power piont location at an early meeting of the Governor's Environmental
Coordination Council.

Very truly yours,

Director, Division of \Vc.tcr Resources


CC: Joel Ku'erhberg, :.:rcutive Direcio Truc-oes of the Int-.nol! improvenetil Trust Fu1:d
Vincent D. Patto -, Eecutivo Direct", D .-.- tr:.nt of Air & Water Pollution Co:.rol
District Gov-rn in- H :d; Alof: i R; v:- B.sin ocrd; Myron Gi'Lcns, Attor.,y for Di' ic-

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