Title: Proposed New SWFWMD Boundary Line
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Title: Proposed New SWFWMD Boundary Line
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Publication Date: April 5, 1974
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3 A bill to be entitled

4 An act relating to the water management districts,

5 change of boundaries; amending s. 373.069(4),

6 Florida Statutes, and the introductory paragraph

.7 of subsection (3) of said section, and adding

8 subsections (5), (6), and (7), to said section,

9 relating to the transfer of territories; providing

10 for ad valorem taxing authority to the districts

1Y pursuant to constitutional amendment; providing

_12 for recommendations with respect to the transfer

13 of territories; amending s. 373.0697(4), Florida

14 -Statutes, and the introductory paragraph of said

15 section,relating to basin taxes; creating s. 373.503(5),

16 Florida Statutes, prescribing maximum millage rates;

17 amending s. 373.224, Florida Statutes, relating to
18 existing permits for consumptive use of water,

19 to conform to the change in date of the creation

20 of the new water management districts; providing for
21 the change of name of the Central and Southern Florida

22 Flood Control District; providing an effective date.


24 Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:


.26 Section 1. Subsection (4) and the introductory para-

27 graph of subsection (3) of section 373.069, Florida Statutes,

28 are amended, and subsections (5) (6), and (7) are added to




CODING: Words under 1 nod are additions; words in

3 .P

1 said section, to read:

2 373.069 Creation of water management districts.--

3 (Substantial rewording of introductory paragraph

4 to subsection (3). See s. 373.069(3), F.S., for

5 present text.)

6 (3) It is the intent of the Legislature, consistent

7 with this section, that the state be divided into five water

8 management districts, consisting of the areas within the fol-

9 lowing boundaries:

10 (4) During the interim period prior to the transfer.

11 of areas from the six district boundaries described in subsec-

12 tion (2) to the five districts described in subsection (3)

.13 J ti3-yy- -91-7 '95- .

14 (a) The -department and the previously existing district

15 shall assist the newly created districts in becoming operation-

16 al.

17 (b) The department shall encourage, and coordinate

18 where appropriate, the use of interagency agreements covering

19 the duties, responsibilities, assets, and liabilities of the

20 districts and their respective basins relating to territories

21 to be transferred from one district to another.

22 (c) The department shall assist in obtaining modifi-

23 cation of existing obligations, duties, and responsibilities,

24 regardless .of how incurred, of the respective districts which

25 are needed to insure orderly transfer of territory from one

26 district to another.

27 (d) The department and the respective districts shall

28 submit reco-mmendations regarding any matters affected by such
29 transfers to .the Speaker of the House of Representatives and


31 2

1 to the President of the Senate prior to each regular legislative

2 session until all transfers have.been made 1994-reguala-seuun n

3 of-fhe-3egisa3ture.

4 (5) The Legislature recognizes that the transfer of

5 areas both into and out of special districts, which currently

6 are vested with and are exercising ad valorem taxing power,

7 could result in unanticipated or undesirable results without

8 further transitional provisions. As has previously been stated,

9 it is the legislative intent that this taxing power shall con-

.10 tinue unchanged in the areas remaining after these transfers.

11 (6) It is the intent of the legislature that the electors

.12 be given the opportunity to vote to amend the constitution to
13 authorize the levy of ad valorem taxes for water management

14 purposes so that the new water management districts can secure

15 funding .in a manner similar to that which Central and Southern

16 Florida Flood Control District and Southwest Florida Water

17 Management District are presently afforded, as well-as to

18 enable the legislature to transfer territories and realign

19 districts without placing present sources of funding in

20 jeopardy. The transfer of territories shall occur on

21 December 31 in any year after any constitutional amendment is-

22 approved by the electors which authorizes the levy of ad

23 valorem taxes by special districts for water management purposes.

24 (7) Prior to December i, 1975, the governing boards

25 of the Suwannee River Water Management- District and of the

26 Southwest Florida Water Management District shall review all

27 available data and complete all relevant studies to determine

238 the most appropriate boundary', line to be established between

29) the t.o districts. Such boards shall hold a joint meeting in



CODING: W'cr's, uncderl inod c ar 'e .c! .- r n ..- .h r"r..J ."/ e "r0 ,-!,l,',*.: :'"s fr.r.* c-:xi ti:;j Ipw.v.

1 December, 1975, for the purpose of concurring in a recommenda-

2 tion of such boundary, to be submitted to the Legislature." Such

3 recommendation shall be made prior to February 1, 1976, If I

4 .the respective boards fail to concur, they shall each submit

5 written recommendations to the Legislature prior to February I,

6 1976.

7 Section 2. The introductory paragraph and subsection (4)

8 of section 373.0697, Florida Statues, are amended to read:

9 373.0697 Basin taxes.--The respective basins may, upon

10 approval of the electors.in such basin pursuant to s. 9(b),

11 Art. VII of the State Constitution, or as authorized by any

.12 constitutional amendment, may by resolution request the

13 governing board of the district to levy ad valorem taxes within

14 such basin. Upon receipt of such request, a basin tax levy

.15 shall be made by. the governing board of the district to -finance

16 basin functions enumerated in s. 373.0695, but not to exceed the i
17 maximum tax rate set by the governing board as authorized by

18 s. 373.503(5), Florida Statues.

19 (4) Tax villages authorized by the electors during the

.20 interim period prior to any transfer ?tlty-t-3-19?5i may be
-21 continued within such areas after said date, notwithstanding

..22 the fact that such area may have been transferred to another

Section 3. Section 373.503, Florida Statutes, is
amended by creating a subsection (5) to read
26 373.503 Manner of taxation.--

(5) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (2)

and (3) above, the governing boards of water managements districts

are authorized to levv ad valorem taxes throughout the district



4 4

*: ~ '""

1 for district purposes, and throughout any of the subdistricts

2 or basins for basin purposes, commencing with the tax year im-

3 mediately following the year in which any constitutional

4 amendment is passed authorizing such tax. The maximum tax rate

5 to be levied for basin purposes shall be set by the governing

6 board of the district but in no event shall the sum of the tax

7 rate for the district and the tax rate for any basin within

8 the district exceed one (1) mill.

9 Section 4. Section 373.224, Florida Statutes, is amended

10 to read:

Ii ~3731224 Existing permits.-- Any permits or permit agree-

12 ments for consumptive use of water executed or issued by an
13 existing flood control, water management, or water regulatory

14 district pursuant to Chapter 373 or Chapter 378 prior to Decem-

15 ber 31, 1976 Ey-i7-199,, shall remain in full force and.

effect in accordance with its terms until otherwise modified
or revoked as authorized herein.
Section 5. On July 1, 1975 the name of Central and

Southern Florida Flood Control District shall be changed to
20 South Florida Water Management District. I

Section 6. This act shall take effect July 1, 1975.











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