Title: An act relating to the water management districts
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Title: An act relating to the water management districts
Alternate Title: CS for SB 1280. Regular 1975. By the Committee on Natural Resources and Conservation and Senator Lewis. A Bill to be entitled: An act relating to the water management districts, change of boundariesrelating to the transfer of territories, providing for a
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[it^ h .slaM ar .4' nA nss au t'ori z 2a^ns -.
I kzt tt ftn r.gi bohn r J4.stript but in no 0 avt ahlJ
s ttbiLt Lj921^.t -4rzdh43kztr.jr nd ja~ji4g

|ia Section 4. Section 373.224, Florida Statutesk is
8 aeened eto read:
9 373.224 !tistinq pormits.--.ny permits or permit

to atgreStlitSfor consuaptive use of water executed or issued by
ii al existing flood control, vater management, or vater
it regulatory district pursuantt to chapter 373 or chapter 378
13 prior to teebMj lJ, a1976 ba*y-4-49, shall remain in full
14 force and effect in accordance with its terms until otherwise
Q is spditied or revoked as authorized herein.
16 Section S. On July 1, 1975 the name of Central and
l7 SoiAthstrn Florida !oa Control District shall be changed to
rw South florila Watrr atnagaaent District. -
19 Section 6. ?his act shall take effect July 1, 1975.

SU MwMItmT r or WWi S aTAL cnwzEs (oaruwnD In
Srf I tiTiTMw ot sP BSwRTE BILL 1286

Dletes t0h iate for the traufery of tawritory from obne after managa-
fMSt dist*ttt to* otbat tf p I Previ4ea ftot ad valorem taxing
at&thrtty^ p3i t wth aPProval by the electors of a constitutional
1aS ttthi~tiW^ ts% taati.l ,Places a ullage limitation on
taxs to be Zevi4 for beian pwtrpmo
Reqtuires )sras S er Water Managiait District and Southwest Florida
W;atr ta MEttriftt, t deteraine e ost appropriate boundary

Provides tbtf ptt $ ism-e(or thel a:tew ptiwe use of waters issued
prior to DeErOSr ^, 76, nhail rI ain In effect until' otherwise
m- odififd or r e9i d a aauthBerized. .



Sread: -

-. ;. L
11 ArtZ v I ; ....... to

13 gov boar d :thh d0arietto
004 A .
14 within such bAsia. o"atxee ^ r^clptt e sa tax

s15 levy sho1l at> ra4.e by the govefoitit to 1

16 finance basin ractioisa aecla4meLt*i^ l kjfl


24 Section 3. Section 373.. rStattes, is

25 amended by adding a subsect*ion.' 4 tp q

26 3730&.3 Manor- tfta xatiok,-

30 the MSfactat sS 4A 4v o
31 ;ppnAime b y allsi -a get tatita &oA hIts
-b i m 4 r a 1 *' I *
'"' "*-.,


& S .-. J .
SI" .... ,te te t h

"4 G ...i.it.lb W At .9s -ai-,-- b.hi --991=..iL as l
5 l-etfbed with and ae eerlis _A1 voeL tallg pot .etr l j
6 C'st3lt 6slt n laLDatihE2itE. -neirable resultS vitog
7 Lilth trionlitial Bur a&.vi .signs has. 2revioSIYJ benU
gl azed,. it a thlapilslat it ifL- this tAxii9.
a9 g allnttiads stshai heQ ,x5asnalai ati3.fLtlsa
1o tn10 afpss5
1 L_ I _,1a thA Of-. of_the leqgilaturge that h
12 211-nssuf L-^^ _-iLa-er g inRixt^^ k .2 .*.o
13 CgSasitUiiQ&09.81 i tihe-e-l- Of2 j.A MremS t&ASlA21
14 Iatfel tflteaJnga nt "AL rL 2P S. t 4 ih iL4 y water L aaeaglat
S 's5 Aitri ct aCzS Es.aia? liiai.iAner tp wi
1 16 tral and aut!La Florida rl*d CWntrohta tLa.rs.
7 agatfhlnt Flotida gterSanAgDt ,JT tfJ2: gt are CprgZE ly
St afforA, n vell a 1s t ns9l, th ), t lgatn ^ ttafslrz
19 &rritri2sU.ad2 ASlian Ailskrctg ti2ouLt2 1 inf Prsafel
20 a U Brc ns aJ int ir 1eopgE 4?. Zh^tA if lt of territoigs
21 -aill g nSafnc^ fls.tltin- s a iaL.atft2r A
22 acoBtitj tioaljjjlaftlg l w a ath& .th& by l. Ug&M jhih
23 n.thneri snth 1A2lRt Ix2L jAL!Aa&.3SL5X s. c jhfilg.itas
24 vl4 t llatfB aiLU tast4 aseIEPQn
2a I2L.2PU OL2 ea^ f _lt 7tk tctrt, Stf IoAsniafia.ak & .,
26 the-Han T 2 T2 F l5lz.Ig te2 .atSg*jtp District.A. a.lfth
27 anth1flest L orid NwatloEr -ag wActrict shall tvie -jl
'r eflt lle 4aLt t 401let all ltatlttt U fi' r adstia
29 le 2 OgAL otaPk iaP t bouhvaty ;?to he eglabli^shs aAygfgl
3o th twofisttiot-. -.Scu hqkttaflhf hl LLa.Oint -.a pet l a
31 Deceuberg .2iafor thht pjiL^foltaaLS rftU q J2 ^AI

797 ---,.V.

2 added to said sectionzto rea4: .,,
3 373.069 Ct2atie of ate

with this section that the at
- 9 anagement districts, conisting
W; following boundaries .

S3 (a) The department aln
16 districts shall assist the cwl oinq

"7 ope;rational..-

9 where appropriate, the use of ANint p t i.g

S20 the duties, responsibilities, -
21 districts and their ri opecti veF ."

"22 to be transferred from one distrifl-t&

23 (c) The department shbafl ns%4
?4 modification of existing ,o- ig. :: .
s -5 responsibilities, rear-",s of
n6 respective districts wkich are seett Lnw'r. O niy
27 transfer of territory frost one 4dstrt^Pt)wbt s -
; ..# ^ j

....28_ (d) The de part ment and th 'e
21 submit recommendatirons reqardt v h
30 transfers to the r sro o-issc

CS for 8s8 /110

S -Regular 1975-
Sy the Ccrnittee on watural Rejoures and Conservation and
1* '. r .,o !wis

3 A b il to h itled

s di.nst icts, chanv- of b re airing ss.
4 31469.4C, Pio-rid.. Statt and th

S.. IttdCtty paraqgrfh of sObsOectiot () of
:g -
i t seaato n, t and ai:-'ag hbsetioBS 15) 6),
t 9 Aud (7),q to said sectioatelatinq to the
t w 10o transfer of territories& providing for ad
S0S O 1 valore, taxing authority to the districts

S2 pucsqant to con.stittitle aeBM"ent; ptoadlng
e 13i for recoaseniations vith respect to thea
t4 tranafor of territorifs; standing s.
3 is 373.6769 (4) PIorida 3tatutesQ at the

C. | 16 intro4dutory paaraqaph of said soctioN,
S Q ,1A7 relating to basin taxes; adding a. 373.503(),
- florida Statutes, prescrtibag marimum millage
Se 19f rat-ffm amending a. 373.224, Florida Statotas,

20 relating to existing piraits f6r consumptive
a us e of watort, t confoi to the change ?.n data
$'U 22, of the cr.tivon sf t-h sew .mater maargment
"I "3 districts: providing for the change of sare of
t t ..
*S^Si 0 M the central and Southertta loida Pood Control
4'0 25 n District; providinq an effective date,


'a 7e t Anact4 by thi .egislatur of the State of Florida:

S Sectio 1, Subsectioan l) aSha the itro4uctory
Sparagraph of Stbsecti'a (3) of S Ict An 373,049, oFlorida
31 "

COLUKG: ards in .Ihr m.t. etBWnWS%SaMhflal w os alafal arf additn..

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