Title: Memorandum to Gary W. Kuhl from Shirley S. White
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Title: Memorandum to Gary W. Kuhl from Shirley S. White
Alternate Title: Memorandum to Gary W. Kuhl from Shirley S. White re Emergency Basin Boards' Meeting - July 2, 1984.
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Publication Date: July 3, 1984
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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To I-t ... -


7-~r A2L
S :- S-. e.rd, i tn Ju 19 4 7:00 p..

I h e v ,: ... ". oins p eente at the a.ove re ee : eei as f :

LTTR SIr T S i ELav Cp

R.: E 4-.-. "Tr e July 2. 19- :0 p

Iv -.ve ofAtl : -," .--.e. the e ,_nt. to ab o ve,_ r.. er- ; :'j;:is :. .... .. :.-

5. Rpresen't -ve S .ith sto fce t ^-e \-sJ no -ous,- co..i ,ni,:,n bill o. ,th, s:L^ ct
les a:d said iVni, nb f L c e It Co0

-:- "e_%, cn t I"r faces."

w -:n ._- o-.T cre.t, a..at y t ., r. v--ie," .in-n, .e :-,,

o: : a'"; ::i ..~; 3 a o,",o. vin. a, i .vs tested a. ty n:" sz,.: t f .,: 5 ;e" a .75 adv' ',.:.?r'-.,.:',

.. : G, Kuh 1

10. ^'-. B. T. Lcngino, MAr .ota Ba>sr: Boird, stated that fYF W MD Ki the greatest
r'- -pect of .Jl the d stric.; and enjoys a c.d rap.ort with local cili"cr-r. He said
-; Dit.. ct xil. r'cq; even .r:tr cooperation at local le,-l a, the new
.r ..u. story proTr?- re i lie n cd. Mr. -Lo "io st:on ly f xco-- ti present
I:- .. : r co .. .tI'

" _.:. Don Feaste r -c. his letter dated June ZS, 19:4, addres-d 'r. Kuhi in
v;hich hle stated tiC,- June 20 world session ap e-arc 0 to be the firt step of a
"r.-.roid" attempt tc w\ipe out the Basin Boards. Mr, Festc 's lItto:er iso cited
i-,::eru,.ate cornrnnricatio: with involved parties re.-ardi: thi posl; the
.,.o'i'e c:rtribrticos Eaf:'in LBo^"s hava m.de ovr ti. years; o.*r nt.ed for fair
.r. oentstion of the sixteen-cou..ty area; a s-cnstion re:o" t chaSa C? in the
Ie5/75 il. ag ratio, a wel as l.. c in W that -st-ffs rA.coiv0 .: nationn to
iate B;-in Boas .s im rop i-c'ceivd, unti-ely, -and th"t it should
be reit' c. wn "

"". ",, N : ^it ccca c r r ....;:-....d, s cid he felt it unfortunate
f .t he to rttr. c ,.r'g c: y .. -t er t'. p .op --. a,"c h: felt all
C ,: h-:.- be v -v. lr ..:- a solutio-n to the problem.

13. :. A St1 o.-, Kcr ..'est Hill.bo ou.h P. in .cc:. c eres.ed CccCrI;:. that out of
ni.e-i n r Go.rni-i.g Board, rcurtevcn cou:i CA would be represented by only
f" nrtebers.

1. T sonic diccr.n regard Lr.; irproj-. notification of in:-etirgs and
jl.er.na:: g proc.X'res. Ms. Ga il Parsrns, Nortlv:est Hillsbc:o-.":h Basin Board,
s;,ested the. Di'str t is meeting trhe intent but not the spirit of the law.

15. Dr. Richard Povwell, Northwest Hillsborou-h ...sin Boar-, questioned whether
ccrier;t Basin Board members wcu]d be .illing cto serve in an advisory capacity.

15. Mr. Stone (Nort- v.cst) ask-ed when a t. ff firnt considered making a
rcconc-dction to abolish the Basin Boards.

17. :M. Patricia Pieper, Hillsborough River Basin Board, pointed out that Section 11
i, SB 1040 is the element to which everyone objects, with other aspects of the
bill being beneficial.

18. Mr. Wm. 0. Stubbs. Jr., Chairman Ex Officio, Withiacoochee River Basin Board,
assured the Easin Board members that when the Board authorized legal staff to
conform the District's SpecKi Act 61-691 with Chapter 373, it was not his intent
to abolish Easin E-ards. Hie said SB 1040 gives the Governing Board that
authority but doaes not in itself accomplish the fact

1.. Addressing Mr. Kuhl's statement that he vrould still stand by his recommendation
to establish a new Basin Board concept as a non-taxing local input mechanism,
Mr. Lee (Alafia) said he did not understand bow this could be a viable alternative
in lin ht of tonight's discussion.

"20. Ms. Margaret Sistrunk, a Northwest .ilsborough County resident, stated
SWF\\MD has lost a g oe.t deal of credibility due to the way this matter has been

\1,mo to: Ca-; NV Kuhl
From: Shirey C S. A it

21. Ms. M1rth-: Kjeer, Alafi- Tver Basin B ard, stated that at the end of the
June 20, 194, Govrn"in. Boara vw:rk session, she revneAst-4 Mr. VWlker pLovide

authorize" the prepo! inrr eardc to Lt. n Bords. She sai. Mr. Walker 3' old
have advised BIZ/l Bo.-'d member: :.. thatL time of the i.;-)ications of SB 10O.

22. Withlacoochee Rive r -v BoarJ Motion was made by Mr. Hunt seconded by
Mr. Craig, that action by the Cov -.ning Board on this ma tter h postponed for
one year. Unanimously approved.

.23. Aa. ,-. ,Rir ,. s. Board 11 -cn was m.ade by Mrs. Odi"rn., "-cNnd Ly
11 -: 1 v...a. Tln m r-mem 'f-'e--0 .C ,f
Ms. Ki'Lr, o concur with the aithc ccheo Bo:rd' mt :.:1 b r solic
urge the Gve-:-..n- EB ard to withhol-d chf. .. tle c- "t ccr'e-'t of 'the asi.
Board co:ncpt [fr FY 85 in the intert c f cities av: t : yers. Unanim';nudv

?-4. North .' }- N'l' roT siT" ^ : -- M ^: ^^ n ^ h" Db Pr ..V4, sAe-L.
L-r Cr. Ptbl.-, t t. rlju sL the Pod o"r. cfnc m't yr:aA it- cnr-.
oeya...statu. ir LA0r Lu. -: I.y V cza

Unanir-ov.sly app roved.
T C 1'.

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