Title: Consumptive Use Permit granted to West Coast Regional Water Supply authority
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Title: Consumptive Use Permit granted to West Coast Regional Water Supply authority
Alternate Title: Consumptive Use Permit granted to West Coast Regional Water Supply author., Permit No. 27704290,
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Publication Date: Oct. 3, 1978
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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West Coast Reaional Water Suooly Auth. DATE R APPLICATION ec. 23 1977
2280 U.S. 19 N. Suits 121 P8RM EXPIRS .ON: 0ct. 31 1983
Clearwater, Florfda 33515 SOURCE CLASSIFICATION: -- rmn1
(Usgx Nam and AddremU Ms) A- -


1. That alA 88aments in the mppiiktion =ad in rppardngt daG ae rut and maccat and
b-d upon the bet inafonanon arilabief, and that aa conditiOtn set foth harva wil
be complied wit If any of the stments in the application and in the supporin damt
are found to be untru and inaccrnt, or if applicit fails to compty with all of the
conditions set forth heain, thbn this Permit shall '":come m and void.
2. This Pe"it is predicated upon the assertion by applicant that the use of water applied
for and ,=ted is and continues to be a neasonable beneficial use as defined in Section
373.0195), Florida Statutes, is and contias to be consistent with the public interest,
and wil not interfere with any legal useof waetr exstia n on thedate this PPerit is ranted.
3. In santni this Punit SWFWMD has by regulation, reserved from use by appicant,
water in such locations and quantities, for such seasons of the ye, as it determmes may
be eiquoed for the protection of fish and wildlife and the public health and safety.
Such r 6serracons ar subject to periodic review and reriion in light of chinard conditions.
4. Based upon the application and suppornI docnamen, SWFWMD Snds that the
"piicnrT's use of water was in existenc before January 1, 1975 at the r ate of

5. Nothifn in this Parmit should be construed to limit the authority of Southwest Florida
Water ManaI ment District to declare water shorts and issue orders puzmant to
Section 373.175, Florida Stamtea or to formulate a oian for implementation during
periods of water shortage pursuant to Section 373.246, Flodda States.
6.. Thi Permit authorize the apcant named'above to make a combined
average annual withdrawal of 5 nnn nnn s I f Z fer." Y -- w
mirm combined withdrawal rat not to exceed uuu uu duin a singe day.
Withdrawals are authorized as shown in the table below.
Ground 1. 28 24 42 82 27 41 3,000,000

2. 28 24 13 82 27 11 3,000,000

3. 28 23 50 82 27 1t 3,000,000

4. 28 23 23 82 28 16 3,000,000

5. 28 22 40 82 28 16 3,000,000

6. 28 2T 40 82 28 34 3,000,000

7. 28 21 35 82 27 54 3,000,000

TOTAL AUTHORIZED: 20,000,000 15,000,000

Appendix 8
Exhibit 1 27704290/27804649
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EXHIBIT I Page l,-of 4

-- -- .. ..r -- ~

8. The use of said water is restricted to the use classification set forth
above. Any change In the use of said water will require a modification
of this Permit.

9. In the event an emergency water shortage should be declared, the
District may alter, modify or declare to be inactive, all or parts
of this Permit. An authorized District Representative may, at any
reasonable time, enter the property to inspect t.:a facil i ties and may
require that this Permit be shown.

10. Applicant shall, within the time limits hereinafter set forth, complete
the following items, and if applicant fails to complete then by the
specified date, then this Permit shall become nul l and

a. The permitted shall install flow meters in compliance
with District specifications on all withdrawal points listed
In "7" above. Said meters shall be installed orior to comencanent
of withdrawals as permitted herein.

b. The permitted shall submit to the District, on forms furnished, a
record of pumpage for each meter installed. Said pumoage shalT be
provided on a monthly basic s, and submitted by April 15, July 15,
October 15, and January 15 for each preceding calendar quarter.
Reports shall be sent to:

Chief, Technical Information Service, SWFWMO
5060 U.S. Highway 41 South
Brooksville, Florida 33512

c. Applicant shall maintain and operate the continuous water
level monitoring facilities at the locations indicated on Attachment "AW.
Hydrographs of water level data collected from these wells shall be
submitted to the District by April 15, July 15, October 15, and
January 15 for each preceding calendar quarter.

d. By June 1, 1979 applicant shall construct water table and artesian
water level monitor wells at the locations indicated on Attachment "A".
.The construction specifications for the wells shall be submitted to
the District Staff in writing for review. No construction shall
begin until permitted has received written approval of the District

e. Permiottee shall maintain and operate permanent rainfall stations
at the locations indicated on Attachment "A". Monthly rainfall
values shall be forwarded to the District by the fifth of each month
for each preceding month.

f. An analysis for chlorides and sulfates shall be
done monthly on samples from all production wells.
Results shall be reported to the District quarterly,
on forms available from the District. In the event
the Board determines that significant water quality
changes are occurring or at such time as the
chlorides or sulfate content in the collected water
samples reaches the concentration set forth below,
the Board may reconsider the quantities permitted

Well No. Content in Water Sample -
as identified
in Paragraph 7: Of Chlorides: Of Sulfates:

Well No. 1 *
Well No. 2 50 ppm 50 ppm
Well No. 3 *
Well No. 4 *
Well No. 5 50 ppm 50 ppm
Well No. 6 50 ppm 50 ppm
Well No. 7 *

To be prescribed by District Staff after wells are
constructed and analyzed.

EXHIBIT I Page 2 of 4

g. Prior to the cor=encemenc of any withdrawals
authorized herein, Permittee shall conduct and
complete an inventory of existing wells and
water bodies within two miles of the boundary
of the Permittee's property. For surface water
bodies, the inventory shall include field
determinations of the existing water levels
and uses from the water body. For wells, the
inventory shall include construction details,
pump information, and the water level in the
well at the time of the field decenr.ination.

h. Prior to December 31, 1980, Permittee shall
carry out an exploratory drilling and testing
program designed to locate the highly
mineralized water at depth beneath the well
field property, and to investigate the
lithologic and hydrologic character of the
formations to a depth of at least 300 feet
below the fresh/mineralized water interface.
Testing of the mineralized zones shall be
carried out to specifically address the
hydraulic conductivity and the water quality
of this zone as a function of depth below the
fresh water zones of the aquifer. A report of
this program shall be submitted to the District.
After review and comment by the District, a
permanent monitor well, open to specific depth
intervals, selected by the District shall be

i. The Permittee shall carry out a groundwater testing
program to satisfactorily describe the hydrologic
properties of the aquifer in the northern one-third
of the Cross Bar Well Field property, including the
shallow surficial aquifer thickness, the presence
and thickness of clay confining beds, the trans-
missivity of the Floridan aquifer, and the water table
and potentiometric surfaces associated with the shallow
and deep aquifers, respectively. A report of this
testing shall be submitted to the District not later
than July 10, 1979. Permittee shall submit an analysis
to the District of the drawdowns of the water levels
to be expected for the proposed well field. Such
analysis shall be based upon the results of this testing
Upon receipt thereof the District staff may authorize
and/or direct changes in locations of proposed production
wells based upon such analysis so as to minimize
drawdown of water levels.

Authorized Signature, ^WFWMD

Applicant hereby certifies that applicant is the owner of rights to withdraw water from
the property covered by this application, that the information contained in this applica-
tion is true and accurate and, if applicant is a corporation or a partnership, that
the undersigned has the legal authority to execute this application and affidavit on
behalf of said corporation or partnership.

Sworn to and subscribed before me Signature of Applicant
this day of 1978. fBro, d

Notary Publ ic f !$...
My Commission Expires: "W
EXHIBIT I Page 3 of 4

1 "100 *
"IND \ l god / 0 % %

0,10 : i / ./- -41^ ,* ff --.
P-,-- Al~e "^0
.>' ~~ ~ ~ 3 0906100ft 1^ 1^S
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y- ^ M '"/^ '^dgd,<
1 ';- ^^ *'" *^T ~~a^ *^. ^ 3 r .- .d~S
; */ N^ < 7 ^ i.(fj?* *6-

glob 4i41^
tWr th ^ ^, 0 0. .":W/**^A .
dove' i^ ^ < ^ ^ ; < .,;.. *-!*- ,'^ .

Ire 0 / v 411'?- ^ *J/
0. 0 % 0-

*:^ a. X y i1- "'.-- -^ -^ ^ ^ ^~ ~s. 101 Ito
L- V.-r^; -^ ->)** ^ ^0&r ^ ?* *
''"'^^ ^^i ^^^ ^^ C.
.:.,^ ^f^ ? ^.?<<<*. j-^ ..' $** LSSM
^](^ -^ifil- X ^-C 1'^,,NL^* /is>1 ^ A E-t singMontorfigadl
~ -' \[ .': ^< 'J ^^ 8? ^^^ '^ ? i (Nt~rtab e & rtal13
J^ y *'^^ *l-^ *^ r^ '^S P ^1 Exitin Montnrng Wld
d' < ^ ^p .(ad*r iseo~y

,\-~~~d VON^T*^^^
.~~~T ..00.%..^ f S
.0 4401P A"r ^ dg *

EXI BIT di Pa e*Io %\

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