Title: SWFWMD Consumptive Use Permit
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Title: SWFWMD Consumptive Use Permit
Alternate Title: SWFWMD Consumptive Use Permit granted to West Coast Regional Water Supply Auth, Permit No. 203650
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Publication Date: Sept 5, 1979
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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West Coast Rpgional Water Snupply Auth. DATE PERMIT APPLICATION
FILED: ,linP 27_ 1977
2280 U.S. 19. North-Bld. "I ". Suite 121 PERIMIT EXPIRES ON: cPr _1_ 19 80
la~rwAtPr l rrI SOURCE CLASSIFICATION: nrm,,ndr ter
(Legal Name and Address) USE CLASSIFICATION: Pnlhlir Supply

Modification of 27703650

1. That all statements in the application and in supporting data are true and accurate and
based upon the best information available, and that all conditions set forth herein will
be complied with. If any of the statements in the application and in the supporting data
are found to be untrue and inaccurate, or if applicant fails to comply with all of the
conditions set forth herein, then this Permit shall automatically become null and void.
2. This Permit is predicated upon the assertion by applicant that the use of water applied
for and granted is and continues to be a reasonable beneficial use as defined in Section
373.019(5), Florida Statutes, is and continues to be consistent with the public interest,
and will not interfere with any legal use of water existing on the date this Permit is granted.
3. In granting this Permit, SWFWMD has, by regulation, reserved from use by applicant,
water in such locations and quantities, for such seasons of the year, as it determmes may
be required for the protection of fish and wildlife and the public health and safety.
Such reservations are subject to periodic review and revision in light of changed conditions.
4. Based upon the application and supporting documents, SWFWMD finds that the
applicant's use of water was in existence before Januar 1. 1975 at the rate of 0
gallons per day at a withdrawal rate of -u- d average annual.
5. Nothing in this Permit should be construed to limit the authority of Southwest Florida
Water Management District to declare water shortages and issue orders pursuant to
Section 373.175, Florida Statutes, or to formulate a plan for implementation during
periods of water shortage pursuant to Section 373.246, Florida Statutes.
6. This Permit authorizes the aplicant named above to make a combined
average annual withdrawal of 30,00.00(gallons of water per day with a
maximum.combined withdrawal rate not to exceed ^-n non Q nn during a single day.
Withdrawals are authorized as shown in the table below.

C-1 28 18 07 82 22 35
C-2 28 17 50 82 22 45
C-3 28 17 39 82 22 49
C-4 28 17 31 82 22 57
C-5 28 17 22 82 23 04
C-6 28 17 20 82 23 30
C-7 28 17 27 82 23 37
C-8 28 17 13 82 23 41
C-9 28 16 49 82 23 41
C-10 28 16 41 82 23 05
C-11 28 18 03 82 22 36
C-12 28 17 56 82 22 22
C-13 28 17 47 82 22 06

COMBINED TOTAL 30,000,000 30,000,000


, Page 2
i CUP No. 203650

8. The use of said water is restricted to the use classification set forth above.
Any change in the use of said water will require a modification of this Permit.
9. In the event an emergency water shortage should be declared, the District may
alter, modify or declare to be inactive, all or parts of this Permit. An
authorized District Representative may, at any reasonable time, enter the
property to inspect the facilities and may require that this Permit be shown.

10. Permittee shall within the time limits hereinafter set forth, complete the
following items within the specified times:

(a) (1) At no time shall the weekly average elevations of the potentiometric
surface of the Floridan aquifer as determined cumulatively be more than
5 feet (5') below the elevations set forth in the schedule below. Such
weekly average elevations shall be calculated by adding together the high
reading for each day and the low reading for each day, then dividing the
sum thereof by 14; each weekly period shall commence at 12:01 a.m. on
Saturday of each week.

(2) The weekly average elevations shall be determined cumulatively from
October 1, 1977, through September 30, 1978. A new production year
shall start on October 1, 1978, and each October 1, thereafter. Cumula-
tive weekly average elevations shall not carry over from one production
year to another, and production causing regulatory levels to drop below
the cumulative weekly average elevations shall only be permitted during
the first six weeks of each production year.

(3) Schedule of potentiometric surface elevations:

Elevation in feet above Mean
Observation Well Sea Level (MSL)

TMR-1 44 MSL
TMR-2 54 MSL
TMR-3 43 MSL
TMR-4 49 MSL
TMR-5 51 MSL

(b) Within six (6) months after any water table level falls below the elevations
prescribed herein or within six (6) months after visual evidence of water
deficit stress upon plants appears within any mixed hardwood-cypress (Swamp)
Forest subarea, West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority shall design,
and place into operation, a program for nourishment of the affected subarea
by irrigation or other means so as to maintain a minimum soil moisture to
prevent further water deficit stress upon plants within the subarea. The
applicable levels in certain water table observation wells are as follows: .

Elevation in feet above Mean
Observation Well Sea Level (MSL)

T2d 56 MSL
SR-2 58 MSL
SR-3 56 MSL
TB-21 56 MSL
SR-5 52 MSL
SR-4 52 MSL
TMR-5s 51 MSL
(c) Permittee shall have water samples taken quarterly by a qualified laboratory
from Well E-106d at the following intervals: 800 feet, 900 feet, 1000 feet,
1100 feet, and bottom of hole. Said samples will be analyzed for TDS, S04,
and C1. Results to be forwarded to the District.


Page 3
CUP No. 203650

(d) Permittee will supply a record of daily pumpage amounts from each production
well for each calendar month. Data to be forwarded to the District within
10 days of the end of each calendar month.

(e) (1) The Permittee shall also monitor water levels in the following shallow
wells weekly and submit the data to the District quarterly:

TB-9, 829s, SR-9, 804s

(2) The Permittee shall also monitor water levels in the following artesian
wells weekly and submit the data to the District quarterly:

E-106, 816d, 815, 826d, 829d, CC-3, 831d, 804d

11. That the head of the Regulatory Staff of the District be expressly authorized
to give written approval for minor changes in well construction, well location,
hydrologic testing requirements, or other minor changes necessitated by field

Authorized Signature, SWFWMD

Applicant hereby certifies that applicant is the owner of the property covered by
this application, that the information contained in this application is true and
accurate and, if applicant is a corporation or a partnership, that the undersigned
has the legal authority to execute this application and affidavit on behalf of
said corporation or partnership.

Signature of Applicant

Sworn to and subscribed before
me this day of

Notary Public

My Commission Expires:


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