Title: Letter to SWFWMD from WCRWSA re the FY 1976 and 1977 Budget
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Title: Letter to SWFWMD from WCRWSA re the FY 1976 and 1977 Budget
Alternate Title: Letter to SWFWMD from WCRWSA re the FY 1976 and 1977 Budget needs as impacted by Legislation providing for tax revenues available in FY 1978, with attachment: PROJECT: CYPRESS CREEK WELL FIELD - LONG-TERM ECOLOGICAL IMPACT MONITORING STUDY; PROJECT: STAR
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estimated for a "typical" project as follows:

(1) Test Well Construction and Pumping Test.


1 12-inch diameter test well
3 6-inch diameter observation wells w/recorders
6 2-inch shallow wells w/recorders
1 72-hour pumping test


12-inch diameter test well

100 feet 12-inch diameter
casing @ $25/foot $2,500
400 feet 12-inch diameter
open hole @ $10/foot 4,000
Set and remove test pump 1,000
Test pump for 72 hours @ $50/hour 3,600 $11,100

6-inch diameter observation wells

3 100 feet 6-inch diameter
casing @ $14/foot $4,200
3 400 feet 6-inch diameter
open hole @ $ 6/foot 7,200 $11,400
2-inch diameter wells
6 25' @ $84/each 500 500
Recorders borrowed from
St. Pete, SWFWMD or USGS No Charge

Mobilization and Contingency $2,000 2,000

(2) Observation and Hydrologic Analysis of One Pump Test.

Senior Hydrologist 32 hours @ $11/hr $ 352
Junior Hydrologist 120 hours @ 8.74/hr 1,050
Payroll burden @ 33.12% 464
Overhead @ 85.75% 1,600
Direct Non-Payroll costs
travel, printing, etc. 300
Profit & Contingencies @ 25% 941
$4,707 (Say)5,000

(3) Purchase Option on Real Estate $20,000

(4) Preliminary Engineering Plans and Cost Estimates $35,000

(5) Rate Studies and Feasibility Analysis $10,000

(6) Appraisal Fee $ 5,000


Of this total amount, $15,000 is estimated to be the staff level

in-house work (in (4) and (5)) and $85,000 to be Consulting, Con-

tracting and Option costs.

West eJonal Water St_>ply Authority
HARBOR OFFICE CENTER, SUITE 404 *-.1321,iU.S, i1 OUTH, CL FLORIDA 33516 813-531-5885

JaJ l. .... '" \ RICHARD J. HESSE

June 18, 1976

Donald R. Feaster, P. E.
Executive Director
Southwest Florida Water
Management District
P. 0. Box 457
Brooksville, Florida 33512

Dear Don:

This letter addresses oLr FY 1976 and 1977 Budget needs as
expressed in our letters of 16 and 23 April and in Chairman
Rainey's letter of 17 May to Chairman McAteer. I have
attempted to present desired detail supporting the 1976
Budget request at the various Basin Board meetings.

As you know, while this process was on-going, the Legislature
enacted into law a proposal to provide tax revenues of .05
mills in the region served by the Authority. The law requires
the submission of our budget "in the same manner as prescribed
for the preparation of basin budgets". I would interpret this
to mean a resolution by the Authority Board to request a cer-
tain level of taxes to support an approved budget. From the
information I have been able to accrue, I don't believe the
tax revenues could be available until FY 1978. Thus the
FY 1977 needs continue to exist.

It is my intention to submit for consideration by the Authority
Board, a tentative budget for FY 1977 in an amount of about
$800,000.00. Part of this would necessarily be funded by the
counties as they have done in the past. Chairman Rainey's
letter of 17 May indicated that we would not seek support by
SWFWMD for in-house expenditures. This brings about a down-
ward revision of our FY '77 request upon SWFWMD from the
original $572,000 to a total FY '77 request for assistance of
$503,320.00. The balance of the $800,000.00 budget would be
requested from the 3 counties. Details of the projects for
which SWFWMD assistance is asked are forwarded as enclosures.
I am prepared to discuss them with you and your staff and/or

Donald R. Feaster, P. E.
June 18, 1976
Page Two

at the Basin Board and SWFWMD Board meetings.


ichar He
Genera Manager





The purpose of this study is to identify, quantify, and

monitor the impacts of water withdrawal at*the Cypress Creek

Well Field on all significant environmental parameters within

and without the Well Field. Emphasis will be placed on detecting

and quantifying the response, if any, of lakes, wetlands, streams,

and the Cypress Creek Ecosystem to water well production.


The consultants shall evaluate the impact of pumping 30 MGD

on a regional scale, to answer all legitimate concerns about

possible environmental impact. It is anticipated that the bulk

of data acquisition, however, will occur in and near the Well Field

on those lands and waters overlying actual and projected depressions

in the water table and Floridan Aquifer. Biological impact of

pumping is of central importance in this study. Therefore,

consultants will emphasize techniques to assess effects on the

biota attributable to water production rather than short and long-

term drought.

Project hydrologists will simultaneously monitor levels of

the water table and Floridan Aquifer, rainfall, streamflow, and

pumpage. The environmental consultants must be sufficiently

knowledgeable in Florida geohydrology to maximize the integration

and meaningful interpretation of the hydrological and ecological


The West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority will encourage

the consultant to be creative in his study design and to

specifically recommend parameters and factors to be considered

in performing the study, including methodology, hardware, and

the evaluation of results. The ecological effects of well field

water withdrawals have not been quantified successfully to date

in the Tampa Bay Region. The creativity, practicality and probable

success of the consultants' approach will be as important a

consideration in the selection process as the projected budget.


A. Cypress Creek Ecosystem Within and Adjacent to the Well Fielc
1. Flora and Fauna (Aquatic and terrestrial)
2. Soils
3. Surface Waters
4. Human activity

B. Areas Within the Zones of Pumpage Influence on the Water
Table and Floridan Aquifer:
1. Natural Lakes and Wetlands
2. Man-made Lakes and Canals
3. Other Cultural Impacts and Land-uses
4. Over-lapping of Effects with Neighboring Well Fields

C. Watercourses Possibly Impacted Downstream from the Well

D. Climate and Weather Effects vs. Pumpage Effects.

E. Hydrology Integration.

F. Selection and Use of Controls.

G. Instrumentation Types, Locations, Costs, Data to be


The total study period will extend over a period of approxi-

mately 3 years. The initial phase will cover the first year.


The three year study will be accomplished in two phases:

Phase Period Estimated Cost

I 1 yr. (9/76 8/77) $50,000

II 2 yrs. (9/77 8/79) $40,000



The purpose of Phase I is to develop plans to establish:

Task 1 The desired degree of preservation of the
flora and fauna of the area.

Task 2 The methodology and facilities required to
maintain this degree of preservation.

Task 3 A continuing monitoring program in the area,
to observe and record the degree of stress
attributable to well field operation.




Budgetary Estimates Phase I (Burdened Costs)


1. Consultant (Contract) $30,500

a. Labor 26,500
b. Travel and Communication 1,000
c. Presentations and Consultation 1,000
d. Reports 1,000
e. Miscellaneous 1,000

2. Services (Outside) $ 5,000

a. Hydrologist (Consultation 1,500
b. Design, Construct, Install Observ.
Pits and Covers 700
c. Remote Sensing 2,800

3. Project Management $ 7,500

a. Engineering $ 3,500
b. Clerical 1,500
c. Travel and Communication 300
d. Contingencies 2,000
e. Misc. (Documents,etc.) 200

4. Other $ 7,000

a. Capital Equipment (gages, recorders,instr) 5,500
b. Camera, Film, Develop., Print, etc. 1,500

TOTALS $50,000



This project is requested for detailed engineering

interconnect studies, design, plans, specifications, financial

alternatives, right-of-way options and rate studies for the

development of a regional wellfield, treatment plant and

transmission facilities. The regional facility is to be located

in the J. B. Starkey Wilderness Park and is primarily justified

to serve the West Pasco County Water System and New Port Richey

Water System; and secondarily as "back-up" and relief facilities

for the Pinellas County and St. Petersburg Water Systems. For

this reason it is strongly recommended that the SWFWMD Water

Management Alternatives study for the J. B. Starkey Wilderness

Park be expedited; and also, because several decisions affecting

the water supply of member jurisdictions of the Authority hinge

upon the outcome of this study.

The project is a logical "follow-on" to the current

consultants' study on "Water Management Alternatives for the Anclote

River Water Storage Area (J. B. Starkey Wilderness Park)", and is

based on the assumption that the SWFWMD consultant will:

(1) Develop a favorable water budget analysis insofar as water

supply functions are concerned.

(2) Develop favorable alternatives for design of a wellfield.

(3) Define favorable hydrologic ground water characteristics

and surface water recharge capabilities.

(4) Define favorable locations of production wells, monitor

wells, well depths and permissible withdrawal rates based

on hydraulic, recreational, and environmental aspects of

the management plan.


The purpose of this project is to have readily available

plans, specifications and contractual documents for the actual

construction of facilities, and to expedite the development of

the Starkey area for water supply purposes. The WCRWSA will

develop financing for the construction, and own and operate the

production facilities under the regulation and management functions

of the District.

Funds in the amount of $150,000 are requested for this

project. This estimate is based on the following assumptions

and facts:

(1) New Port Richey developed the present Starkey wellfield and

other facilities for a total construction cost of $1,611,788

plus $154,967 expended for engineering and design.

(2) Because of the somewhat sensitive environmental restrictions

"placed on the Starkey property the wells will probably be

spaced relatively distant and will be of moderate capacity.

Considering a new well field yield estimated at 12 mgd from

widely spaced wells, about 7.5 miles of collector and

transmission mains will be required to connect approximately

12 wells of lmgd capacity each.

(3) At least one additional 2 mg storage reservoir will be required

and could probably be constructed on the present New Port Richey

owned pumping station site.

(4) The estimated total construction cost .for the above facilities


7.5 miles pipe line @ $105,600/mile $792,000

2 MG Reservoir 576,000

12 wells @ $15,000/well 180,000

Mechanical and Electrical 150,000


New Booster Pump & Treatment Facilities 200,000

Survey, Testing & Contingencies 70,000


(5) Based upon the estimated construction cost of $1,968,000,

Engineering and design fees should be:

$1,968,000 x 6.8% = $133,820

(6) Therefore, the total amount requested is:

Consultant Engineering and Design $133,820

In-House Engineering & Supervision 16,180



Funds in the amount of $172,355 are needed to complete this

Study during fiscal year 1977. Of the total, $3,000 is estimated

to be the staff level in-house work and $169,000 to be the cost

of the consultant.


From the Post 1980 Water Sources Study the consultants will

develop a plan for facilities to meet the 1980-85 period water

demands. This will include specific recommended facilities which

will require additional engineering design and other inter-disciplinary

studies. Funds for performing these investigations are estimated

at $100,000 per facility. It is envisioned that it will be

necessary to proceed at once on two such facilities. The project

request is therefore, $200,000. Since the location of these

facilities will be defined in the 1980 Water Sources Study, their

location at this time cannot be designated.

The projects regardless of their location, will require these

additional studies prior to proceeding with detailed engineering

plans and funding for construction. The costs of these studies are

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