Title: An Act creating a Fresh Water Conservation Board
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Title: An Act creating a Fresh Water Conservation Board
Alternate Title: Laws of Florida Ch. 23487 - (No. 972), Senate Bill No. 774, An Act creating a Fresh Water Conservation Board in and for Pinellas County, Florida
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Language: English
Publication Date: June 11, 1945
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 3, Folder 6A ( WEST COAST REGIONAL WATER SUPPLY AREA B3F6 ), Item 4
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A Petersburg, Florid
chap. 28487 conform as nearly as possible to the form now prescribed and to city, not otherwi a*
1945 be prescribed for the State census and sliall in addition thereto ida or the UJnited I f
------ contain space for such additional information as shall be deemed Act to confer on tai
expedient by the Board of County Commissioners. as will be consistent
Section 6. It it the intent and purpose of the Legislature that pay exist over sch
if. as, and when it becomes necessary to construe this Act, that
it be so done upon the broadest principles of construction. operation of pump p
in diameter and not
S ;- Section 7. This Act shall take effect immediately upon its
becoming a law.
County. Florida, shlE
B Became a law without the Governor's approval. Conservation Board
Filed in Office Secretary of State May 9, 1945. theorized and empow
necessary and alviy
of any body or boli
:1 CHAPTER 23487-(No. 972) right to cap or plug
their authorized an!
SENATE BILL NO. 774 bulkheads and uc
AN ACT Creating a Fresh Water Conservation Board in and for change, dam, alter o
Pinellas County, Florida; Describing and Defining the Rights, of water covered by
Powers and Duties of Such Board; Providing for the Board of their authorized and
County Commissioners of Said County to be the Governing Body water wells or fill in
Thereof; Giving to Said Governing Body Jurisdiction Over Cer- and all other acts an
tain Bodies of Waters Within the Said County and Authorizing any of the objects a
Said Board to Change, Alter or Control the Water Level of Said Section 3. That i
Bodies of Waters, and Further Authorizing Said Board to Act ellas County in its e
Separately or Together with the Governing Bodies of Other Po- ers are further auth
litical Entities or Agencies in Accomplishing the Above Pur- not to exceed one-ei
poses; Providing for the Levying of Millage to Accomplish the aid County in ordec
Object and Purposes of This Act, and Providing for a Penalty
for Violation Hereof; and Repealing All Laws or Parts of Laws Section 4. That:
in Conflict Herewith. conjunction, or join
entity in order to ca
Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida: and receive benefits
Section 1. There is hereby created a Fresh Water Conservation Section 5. All of
Board in and for Pinellas County, Florida, whichshall have as its tes in Pinellas Co
main rose to conserve the fresh water sunl in to be acquired by s
y county, Florida. Such Board shall be a public corporation and can of this Act
sue and be sued. Such Board shall have jurisdiction over all lakes,
rivers, canals, certain wells, and other bodies of water within the Section 6. The I
boundaries of Pinellas County, Florida except Lake Maggoire, abandoned well, and
Crescent Lake, Mirror Lake and Round Lake in the City of St.

.4^" ^OIIB *'' ;" ,w^'l. ,:^K^

- '4.

.... :'~" 1~~: g : ~ i~I~~I

':.: . ..: :; .o

....' .. ... ..
-*.. ~ ~ ~ P ,' ':" .. ...: o.- 2
..,...~-, i. . . ... .. .. .t: .. :



Petersburg, Florida, and any other body of water located in said Chap. 248T
rilwd and t,, city, not otherwise subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Flor- 1945 :
ition thret,, : ida or the United States, it being, the intention and urposes of this
ft IN, dcelnml Act to fonfer on said Board such urisdiction within said county
may exist over such wells and waters and not in conflict therewith
1l3uro thI --eprovided however, the board may not prohibit the installation or
,. ,'t,. t. vli operation of pump point wells not exceeding one and one-half inches !
soy, in diameter and not exceeding thirty-five feet in depth.
yv ol,,.n tl, Section 2. The Board of County Commissioners of Pinellas
County. Florida, shall be the governing body of such Fresh Water
Conservation Board, and in connection therewith, are hereby au-
thorized and empowered to take such actions, from time to time, not
inconsistent within the provisions of this Act, which it may deem
i necessary and advisable to change, alter or control the water level
f of any body or bodies of water covered by this Act, including the
right to cap or plug any abandoned water well. Such Board is fur-
ther authorized and empowered to construct locks, dams, dykes,
bulkheads and such other constructions as may be necessary to I '
I in and for change, dam, alter or control the water level of any body or bodies i i
the Righta, of water covered by the provisions of this Act; such Board is fur-
.he Board of ther authorized and empowered to dig and construct canals and
earning Bod. water wells or fill in and discontinue the use of canals and to do any j
m Over Ce.r and all other acts and things which may be necessary to accomplish
SAnthorizing any of the objects and purposes of this Act. ,
iCvcl of ASiid Section 3. That the territory embraced in this Act shall be Pin-
ta~rd to Acrt ellas County in its entirety, and the Board of County Commission-
of Other Po- ers are further authorized and empowered to levy an annual tax
Above Pur.-not to exceed one-eight (1/8) mill on all the taxable property in
h the said County in order to carry out the purposes of this Act.
r)r a Pennalty
artH of Ijaw& Section 4. That such Board may operate, independently, or in
conjunction, or jointly with any Federal, State or other political
entity in order to carry out the purposes of this Act and may give
,a: and receive benefits to and from such political entities. :
:onservation Section 5. All of the municipally owned or operated water sys-
ave a i teams in Pinellas County together with the property now owned or | 1 i
In Pinells to be acquired by such systems are exempted from the provisions
Stion and can of this Act. ;
ver all Inken
r within the Section 6. The Board shall have the right to plug or cap any ,
: MaggKoire. abandoned well, and shall have authority to confer with and assist
city of st.

a:Tp";i3. .. ..,. .. ,... /.. -...

:. t -


Chap.'234ss the owner of any private water well for the purpose of solving any any auxili
-1945 problem connected with main purpose of this Act. of Ameri(

turned fr<
4 4 J Section 7. The Board shall have authority to conduct research
r ... ! !work and employ technical experts for the purpose of formulating Section
,:^.^S '; a plan of Fresh Water Conservation, and making studies in con- County, "
nection therewith. to use fu
Section 8. All laws or parts of laws in conflict herewith are $5,000.00
Shereby expressly repealed. If any part of this Act shall be declared erans
to be unconstitutional, same shall not affect the remaining portion rehabilitat
hereof.plishing t
Section 9. Any violation of this Act shall constitute a misde- with any ;
meaner and any person, firm or corporation found guilty of such ment, situ;
violation shall be fined not more than Two Hundred ($200.00) Dol- such Boar<
lars or, if a person, imprisoned for not more than sixty (60) days, or political
1, or by both such fine and imprisonment. rehabilitate
i Section 10. This Act shall take effect immediately upon its be- such a pro
Ii: [ coming a law. statute an
Federal, S
i JBecame a law without the Governor's approval.

Filed in Office Secretary of State June 11, 1945. other than
,vice, or a,

United Sta
CHAPTER 23488--(No. 973) Act. The

SENATE BILL NO. 196 inducted t
AN ACT Authorizing Pinellas County, Florida, through its Gov- fide reside]
earning Body to Aid and Assist Veterans Who Have Been Hon-
S: Iorably Discharged From the 3Military, Naval and Marine Forces Section i
of the United States of America, or Any Auxiliary Branch if, as and
t |Thereof, to Rehabilitate Themselves in the Economy of Ameri- be so done
S. i can Life; Setting Forth the Rights, Powers and Duties of the Section
Board of County Commissioners in Relation Thereto and Settingoming a
Forth a Procedure In Connection Therewith.
ffe It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida: 'Becanie
i Section 1. That Pinellas County, Florida, by and through its Filed in
Board of County Commissioners, are hereby granted full and com-
IR B t plete power and authority to aid and assist wherever practical and
feasible, the veterans, male and female, of all wars of the United
H |States of America, who saw service in the Army, Marine, Naval, dr

t '- '

.''.J.~~~ ~~~~ .. .', ... ,-.. -
' ,.:.,,;: ;.. :.


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