Title: The Operation by the County of Pinellas of the Eldridge-Wilde Well Field
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Title: The Operation by the County of Pinellas of the Eldridge-Wilde Well Field
Alternate Title: SWFWMD(R) Proposed Order in re: The Operation by the County of Pinellas of the Eldridge-Wilde Well Field in Pinellas County and in Hillsborough County, Florida.
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IN RE: )


The Southwest Florida Water Management District (Regulatory),

a public corporation of the State of Florida, finds as follows:

1. That the Southwest Florida Water Management District (Regu-

latory), hereinafter referred to as District, pursuant to Chapter 373,

F.S., its rules and regulations duly adopted thereunder and other app-

licable law, has the authority and responsibility within its juris-

diction to establish rules, regulations, and orders to obtain the most

beneficial use of the water of the state and to protect the public

health, safety, and welfare and the interests of the water users


2. That Pinellas County, a political subdivision of the State of

Florida, hereinafter referred to as County, operates a well field, known

as the Eldridge-Wilde Well Field, located in Section 1, 11 and 12,

Township 27 South, Range 16 East, and Section 6, Township 27 South,

Range 17 East, for the withdrawal of ground water.

3. That the lands described above, and the ground water with-

drawal therefrom, are within the boundaries of the District, and the

withdrawal therefrom is subject to the rules, regulations and authority

of the District.

4. That there now exists the necessity for regulating the with-

drawal of water from said well field, in order to obtain the most bone-

ficial use of the water resources of tihe State and to protect the public

health, safety anld welfare and the interests of the water users affected.

It is, Thereupon, Ordered as follows: i


1. That the withdrawal of water from such well field shall be

as follows:

a. Prior to October 1, 1973 the maximum weekly withdrawal

from such well field shall not exceed 256,000,000 gallons (256 MGW).

b. Commencing October 1, 1973 the well field shall be

operated so as not to draw down specified wells at any time below

the minimum levels set forth in Schedule A attached.

c. That at no time after the date of this Order, shall

the maximum daily withdrawal from such well field exceed 44,000,000

gallons (44 MGD).

2. That upon completion of additional monitor wells prescribed

by Regulatory Order No. 72-4, as amended, the District shall establish

a schedule of draw down levels for such monitor and production wells,

based upon results of pumping test and other available data, which

levels may be used to set maximum withdrawal rates. If such monitor

wells have not been constructed and pumping tests run prior to the

expiration of six months from date of this Order, the

District intends to establish withdrawal maximums of 28,000,000

gallons per day (28 MGD).

3. That weekly periods shall commence at 12:01 A.M. on Saturday

of each week.

4. That reports of withdrawals for each proceeding weekly period

shall be nade by Pinellas County to the District by telephone not later

than 4:00 P.M. on the following Monday and certified in writing by

letter posted not later than Monday midnight on forms to be provided

by the District.

5. That Pinellas County shall:

a. Immediately complete pumping tests of wells in the vicin-

ity of East Lake Road, keeping the District advised of progress on

a weekly basis.

b. Proceed immediately with installation and testing of

additional wells in the vicinity of East Lake Road in Pinellas County

completing construction of 2 such wells by January 1, 1974; of 2 such

-----~~~~~~nmumnnma nnmm----- -- ^-- m, ,--

wells by February i, 1974 and of the last 2 wells by March 1, 1974.

c. Proceed immediately with construction of weirs or

other necessary facilities to reduce runoff from the well field

property completing construction by November 1, 1973.

d. Immediately proceed with implementation of recharging

the shallow sands of Eldridge-Wilde Well Field with excess water,

making progress reports to the District on November 1, 1973 and

quarterly thereafter.

e. Enact a county ordinance to .apply throughout Pinellas

County prohibiting sprinkling of lawns and ornamentals during day-

light hours, effective prior to October 1, 1973.

f. Encourage and support Clearwater in its efforts to

install additional wells; limit water supplied to such city to re-

quire maximum utilization of new and existing wells.

g. Encourage and support municipalities and others, if

any, to safely tap the aquifers within their respective jurisdictions.

h. Effective prior to October I, 1973 require shallow

irrigation wells and distribution systems for new developments which

require irrigation.

i. Require low volume water closets for all future con-

struction throughout the county effective not later than January

1, 1974.

j. Require maximum use of retention ponding of storm runoff

water for irrigation purposes for all future developments effective

prior to October 1, 1973.

k. Force the abandonment of all special irrigation water

meters throughout the Pinellas County Water System (P.C.W.S.) prior

to January 1, 1974.

1. Require municipalities being furnished wholesale water

from P.C.W.S. to prohibit installation of motors of a size that would t

-3- .'

provide for lawn sprinkling in conjunction with domestic use after

October 1, 1973. o ....

m. Continue the surcharge schedule previously adopted by

the county to promote water conservation; complete a water rate

study and implement recommendations by January 1, 1974.

n. Require that county and city public grounds use shallow

wells, recycled water or surface runoff for irrigation after January

1, 1974.

o. Conduct studies on the recycling of waste water, in-

cluding force main pumping of effluent to recharge areas, and require

development of recycling systems.

p. Conduct an aggressive public relations program encour-

aging the citizenry to practice water conservation.

q. Submit written progress reports on all items to the

District by the first of each month.

6. That this Order is not to be considered in any way

as allocation of water. Nothing contained herein shall estop

or in any way prevent the District from further regulation

of the withdrawal of water from the Cosme-Odessa Well Field,

from the Section 21 Well Field, and from the Pasco Well

Field, as the-District is authorized and directed to do under

and pursuant to the Laws of the State of Florida, and provided

further, that not withstanding any of the provisions contained

herein, the withdrawal of water from the wells herein referred

to shall, at all times be subject to the applicable Laws of

the State of Florida concerning consumption, appropriation,

allocation and regulation of water, as provided in Chapters

373 and 378, Florida Statutes, as amerded, and the applicable |

laws, rules and regulations of the District which are in


'-- -'- I -- --- -- .---- i

and regulations of the District which are in effect or as amended

by the State of Florida or the District under the Constitution and

the laws of the State of Florida.

DONE AND ORDERED this day of 1973.


Derrill S. McAteer, Chairman






Regulatory levels for each of six Floridan Aquifer monitor wells.
The Regulatory level at each of the following control wells is
to be determined by averaging the high and low water levels for
each dhy. Levels shall be the elevations of the potentiometric
surfaces above mean sea level.

Pinellas County
Water System
Well No.: Reg. Level Latitude Longitude

(North) (West)

2S 4.0 MSL 28o08'57" 82040'14"

5 4.5 2809'07" 82039'42"

11 6.0 28009'05" 82039'05"

113A 4.0 28009'45" 82 39'15"

N2 8.0 28010'10" 82039'05"

139G 14.0 28009'57" 82 38'21"



PART II Minimum pumping levels in relation to mean sea level

for each of 58 production water wells in the Eldridge-Wilde well

field in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, Florida. Levels

are shown in feet. Numbers refer to designations used by the

Pinellas County Water System:

Minimum Minimum
Well Pumping Well Pumping
No.: Level: No.: Level:

1 + 2.0 11A + 4.0
3 S + 2.0 122 + 5.0
2 + 2.0 121 + 5.0
2 A + 2.0 120 + 6.0
3 B + 2.0 12 + 6.0
1 S + 2.0 13 + 8.0
4 + 2.0 101 + 6.0
4 N + 3.0 102 + 4.0
4 S + 3.0 103 + 4.0
4 A + 2.0 104 + 1.0
S N + 3.0 105 + 3.0
5 A + 2.0 106 + 4.0
5 + 2.0 107 + 1.0
5 S + 3.0 109 + 1.0
5 B 0.0 110 + 1.0
6 N + 2.0 111 + 1.0
6 0.0 112 + 4.0
6 S + 5.0 113 + 4.0
7 S + 3.0 131 + 4.0
117 + 2.0 134 0.0
115 0.0 135 0.0
116 0.0 136 0.0
118 0.0 137 0.0
119 0.0 138 +10.0
7 + 2.0 139 +14.0
8 S + 5.0 140 +10.0
114 + 1.0 141 +10.0
8 + 3.0 142 +12.0
10A + 3.0
9 +3.0

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