Title: List of known drainage districts
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Title: List of known drainage districts
Alternate Title: List of known drainage districts as of March 12, 1976. To date 298 districts have been identified. Approximately 170 are active and approximately 82 are inactive
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To date, we have identified approximately 310 Chapter 298

districts. Of these, approximately 170 are active and

approximately 82 are inactive.

;ut l Brevard Drainage District Inactive

St. Aniey Draiinage Distric ct ?
.Centradfl Broward Drainage District Active

Coconut Creek dater Management District Active
Corantl Springs Improvement District Active
InDavie Farm Sub-Drainage District Inactive
Dixie Drane-Tinage-age District Active
East Marsh Drainage District Inactive
SaFern Crebast Improvement District Inactive

Hillsboro Inlet Improvement and
Sebaisntenance District Active
South Brevaroywood Reclamation aingeDistrict Active

Lauderdale Isles Water Management
District Active
Little Pine Island Sub-Drainage
District Inactive
SB ro va rd

Baiddle River Drainage District ?
New n ral Broward Drainage District Inactive

North Lauderdale W:ater Control
Coconut Creek ater anagent District Active
Coralth Springs Improvement District Active

Old Plantation Water Control District Active
Paradise Valley Sub-Drainage District Inactive
Pine TrxieeDr Water Management District Active
Plantation Orainage, Irstrigation, and Inactive
Fern Crest Improvement District Inactive
Hillsboro Inlet Improv,,,mnent and

MaSunshine Drainagnce District Active

Sunset Drainage District ?
HollyTatum Road Recland Drainage District Inactive
LaudTinerdale Haock Irrig ation andgement
Soil Conservation District Active

Twin Lakes Water Management District Active
W~est Lauderdale Water Control Dist. Active
LWestl Parkland Water Management Dist. cagive
Salinity Abatement District Active

Indian Trace Improvement District Active
water Rianagement District No. 1 Active
water management District # 2 Active
oater rangement Distroct # 3 Active
OTdl atto Wae Coto DsrctAtv

Parter Vanagement District n 4 Active

Plrtne-t Florida t aeer Management
Ip e iitrct. Active
Deal Lakes Water Management Distr. ?
Saintyo Abatentn District IActive
India T';o.:+ raci e Improvemens ri tDistrct Ac tiv e

Wat, r .ha rla,+jtt+ Cuntyt i n ; 3Active

C..... c^-

.S e--la t-e ." in,)r '-'st t ri,:ct Active
.l:,-.r,,..n l.^ rcvji."e. ri stri c t Active
Cr'^ :Zdzr AC1rci V 31v

J1-1 i'"L: Cm Vrn"!}j ~ r c n C;i

T -lei ." h Cy pr.ss Drain e district .active
Tro-ical Rider Groves Drainage District ?

D"'-1,'C `-e Act ve
.c:.3s:-ssa Spcial Water Oistrict Active

* Clay

Backwater River Drainag- District Inactive
Devils 1Garden ,a ter Control District Active
Jaudon Drainage and Improvement Dist. Inactive
Clales Drainage District Inactive
Pelican1 Bay Improvement District Active

Col umbia ._

Biscayne Drainage Dist.rict Inactive
Homestead Sub-Drainage District Inactive
Little River Valley Drainage District Inactive

Southern Drainage District Inactive
Sunny Isles Reclamation and Water
Water Control Board Inactive


Deer Run Improvement District Active
Joshua afterr Control District Active
Limestone Drainage District Inactive
Murdock Drainage District Inactive
Myrtle Creek Drainage District Inactive
Peace River Estates Drainage Dist. Active
Punta Gorda Special Drainage Dist. Inactive
Tiger Bay Drainage District Inactive

* Dixie
Dixie County Water Conservation
And.Recreation District Inactive

Duval -


Atlantis Drainage District Active
Bimini irainag- District Inactive
Bun,-ll Drainaj, ,Jistrict ?
Fjll"r and V'olusia County Drainage
i',"-, :., .. ] Li a ,i *) ^ ,i rn i s r i . r .*
l'-orL -. ',\,nd Draina;S Dist. consolidated into government of Volusia Co.
Or;!:c*.J Drain} Dist ?
Sh 'e 1 niuff Iarove".n Dist. Inactive
Six :,:. ',il, Cr. j< \l r Control Dist. Activ'e

" Gk aden
GJ a, Sjil c< l r Ca:,; Jva L io:) Dist. AcLive
,,," ..... ,st ,fK:. l ,^ i;^r '. '^k "j,,-.. ,ti [istrict, ;ctiV/.,

1 .. .. r a d ..

Diut-:. Islia.'d Drcainage District Active
S-rr}n Wter i. na:; Gistfict Active
Flahio] urainage District Active
Hicp'j :Me Drainage District ?
Ista..,ge ConsS!i.fated Sub-Drainrga Dist. ?
L ble. Wter Control District ?
Pae. l--, Drainage District Inactive
?Palj.Jbie Drairna33 District Indctive
Par ise Valley Dra'in.ige District Inactive
Sugarland Dat-r na;iagene-t istrict Active
Su3=r-lancd Drainage Oistrict Active

Dea.. Lak.s ter Manag--,ent District Active
Ha1m" ton

Limestone Drainage District Inactive

* Hendry
Balles Drainage District Active
Earron Drainage District Active
Central County Grainage District Active..* .-. --
Clewiston Drainage District Active
Clewiston afterr rianage..nt dist. Active
Devil's Garden Water Control District Active
Diston Island Drainage District Active
East Connty Water Control District Active
Flag Hole Drainage DistDict Active
Gerber Groves Water Control District Active
Section one and two
Ritta Drainage District Active
SSouth Florida Conservancy Drainage Dist. Active
Sugarland Drainage District Active
Hicpochee Drainage dist. ?

* Hernando
&"; ,'.A -1


* Highlands
Lake Placid East Chain of Lakes Active
Istokpoga Harsh Watershed Active
Upper Fisheating Creek',arsh Watershed Active
Upper Josephine-Jackson Dreek Watershed Active
Spring Lake Drainage District Active
Istokpoga Sub-Drainage District Inactive
Venus DrainageDistrict Inactive
Ridge Drainage District ?
HiD 1 -boro'igh
Hiils. Cty. afterr Conservation District Inactive
Forsc. Hills Drain ;a. District Inactive
L-nk- l;rye Drainage District Inactive
P47r1a ; I oI rain.g ,strict Inactive

SInd :0 :iv\r

k [ (' *' ". f ',i v : *,,- !''"r -; c t i

'" '." .. ,

1 t: :' ."i
F ii r ;f irii n'' ii tri ct Active

Lafyt;: Soil and after r Conservation Active

io c..ir 11Drainage District Inactive
Oklaw.Ia Basin Recre action & Water
0 r ala- I, ,a ps n a o ,n.-t a
I"ater Control Autiority Acti.ve

County Li-ne Drainage District I Active
East o!:iita Drainage District Inactive
East County Water Control Dist. Active
East ;; 1i6och Drainrage District Active
Estero ,Water Management District Active
GrV"een :leadows Draina-ge Dist. ?
Naples3 Drainage District Inactive
San Carlos Estates Drainage Dist. Active
Twi. County Water Management Dist. ?

* Leon

Cedar -ey Special W-ater & Sewer Dist. Active.
Southwest Fla. .1Watenr ,Management Control
District Active
Su;'rannee River Authority Active
Suwllannee River Water fMlanagement
and Cdntrol District Active
Waccassas Flood Control District Active

* Liberty


H anatee
Bishop Harbor Drainage Dist. ?
Manatee Valley Drainage Dist. ?
Oneco Drainage Dist. Inactive.
Pomello Drainage District Active
Sugar Bowl Drainage Dist Inactive
Tampa Gap Drainage Dist. Inactive

Sout:.;-west. Fla. !10l Active
St. John's flNlD Active

-HoJ-,t. Lucie ConservancyD~iistrict Active
Ini':-,' t';.;n Orainre Di st. Active
'-Lo .t ivr Environ. Control
l ict Active
,Pa ... ..r ,- r ,,n ";, nt Dist. Active
Tr,-u1 i'inti .,n .r inage iist. ?

LOk- J.I

(:;:0 : : C ang- d : c t ,cquina ,,)
Or D;g seA
Z._ellc Draijnnge District Active
1Jchns Lake waterr & fivigtLion Active
"\Cntrol district
Lc"'ea Hill W'ater 4 Recamation -Dist. Active
rRo3y Crek Iprov ement District Active
Valencia Drainage- District Active
Ra-.,r Drainage District Active
Lake Cc.:ay Jater & Navigation
Control District Active
-inermere -ater & Nravigation
Coi itrEl District Active
L-a Killarney Spacial Taxing Dist. Active
lit:-.e Lake Fairview Special
Taxing District Active
Lk. Holden Special TAxing Dist. Active
Lk. Jess rine Special Taxing DisfI. Active
St. Johns River Water Management Dist. Active
South Fla. W after M4anagement Dist. Active
Orange Lake Drainage Dist. Inactive

* Osceola
Reedy Creek Improvement Dist. Active
Central & Southern Fla. Flood Control
District Active
Palm. Beach
Acme Drainage Distri ct Active
Big Mound Drainage District Inactive
East Beach Water Control Dist. Active
East Shore Drainage Dist. Active
Gladview Drainage Dist. Active
Greenfield Drainage Dist. ?
Highland Drainage Dist. ?
Highlan.d-Glades Drainage Dist. Active
Indian Trail Water Control Dist. SZZ2 ACtive
Intracoastal Drainage Dist. ?
Islands Flood Control Dist. ?
Jupiter Inlet District Active
Lake Ashley Drainage Dist. ?
Lake Worth Drainage Dist. Active
Loxahatchee River a Environmental
Control District Active
Loxahatchee Sub-drainage dist. Active
North Ne',, River Drainage Dist. Actin ?

Hort.-rn Palm Beach County ,later
Control Dist. Active
Nirth P 1rm ea ch Heights Water
Control Dist. ?
Ocean Beach .ter Dist. ?
Oc Park Wter Dist. ?
edhC," Dri m in., Se Dist. Active
P'!l' B,:a h County L-ictte Lrainage District ?
P. i. .; ra in & Highway Dist. ?
P :, .- r c ,'.\j Active
',, *n h.t. ; Jh i t a 's Ai Acrcra tiv

CS i. La < t e 8','r S,',r District Active
S"..J^ Cy rj/'s ^:"dattag Dist. IActive

;or"h Ta:pa Draiag, Dist. Inactive
C._. P- ,, er ,S nag ,r ntr Dist rict ?iv

D.;ve port Drainage District Inactive

P-ai-1.s city Oin.e is. Asr ctive

Idvel F.rms Drainaga District Inactive
V-i~a j rt Kring Dilea DAc"tr -.ti

Lake Ha_,cock jrainag District Inactive
Lake Hancock Imoroverent;anxn.t dist. Inactive
Lake 'attie Conse-rvation District Inactive
Lake Parker Drainage District Inactive
---a agD i st ric t I na' i ve
Lake Parker Drainage District Inactive
Peace Creak Drainage District Inactive
Peach River Valley Water Conservation
& drainage District Inactive
Southwest Fla. Water
Conservation District Inactive
Winter Haven Lake Region Boat
Course District Active
Wahnetta Drainage district Active
Lact i ,%..
Langhnman Drainage Dist. INactive
Northeast Hillsborough Drainage Dist. Inactive
Southwest Fl a. Water H.D. Active
Alafia River, Hillsborough River,
Peace River Basi.s Active
Polk Soil & Vater Conservation Active
Central & Southern Fda. Flood
Control District Active
Wat-r Shed Improvement Dist. Inactive

* Putnam

St. Johns River '.iD Active
Florahome Drainage Dist. Active
Hastings Drainage Dist. ?
South Hastings Drainage Dist. ?

* Santa Rosa

* St. Lucie
Fort Pierce Farms WMD Active
North St. Lucia River WMD Active
Fellsmere Fanrs Orainace Dist. ?
Fort Pierce Farms Drainage Dist. Active

liabe-St. Lucie Conservancy Dist Active
n'.rth Beach Water Dist. Inactive
r;rh St. Luc'e River '&-0 Active
',hi te Ci ty W.:-10 ?

St. Joh,-s
Atl. tis Drainage Dist. Active
BD nn-' l] inac; Dis t. ?
C!cr-"on !;rainage .isL. ?
Cry, el U:.D ?
["ik i .r',i, 3 n ?
r k .. r' : -, r<3 i in s U t ?
S. ;>... : i e Cr.d: ,. le r Contr l
ct Ac tive

,^; H. -: o( c D'ai: g. ;isL. Ia c ivA

F--i 4r. :. ve ir'a.ni,,a,_ 's's n1 active
'U,. ;-;':l ll a er R-c atioU Dis t Active
S\v :,. 0rainT g Dis IActive
Sc....th S-eminole Dra.in :ge Dist

4 4 S -, -_', ,' D

Bi Fdra.Zrie Dai nage Dis,. Inactive
F.rper *Cr-eek D'aiage Dist Inactive
S'.;;ter County e R creationn as& Water
Con;servation and Control Authority Ac,1i.ve
SU :annee

T oyror Soil & 1 1ater Conservation
Dist. Active
Econfina Drainage District Inactive
Fenol .Iloway Drainage Dist Inactive
S1n Pedro Drainage Dist Inactive
warrior Drainage Dist Inactive

oI u s' i
St. Johns River WiD Active
Pollution control Bd of Vol. Co. Active
Vo!. Cou rty Hea1Lth2 Dept Active
St. Johns indian River Canal Dist Active
Vol. Cty Soil and Water Cons. Dist Active
E. Vol. Mosquito Control Dist Active
Fresh Water Conservation Board Active
Ponce DeLeon Inlet & Port Authority Active
East Vol. navigation District Anactive
Ha I i fax Drainage Dist Inactive
Ha!ifax River Waterways Improvement
District Active
Lake Ashby Drainage Dist Active
N;e;, Smyrna Inlet Dist Active
North Ormond Brainage Dist. Active
South County Drainage Dist. Active
Turnbull Haiock Drainage Dist Active
St.o, Dohn tie M Active

Vol. County Water Sert Active
vol. County Water District Active
F-er Conservation and Control Authority Active
BEus o Lake Drainage Dist. ?
Hainflx Drainage dist ?

District ?
* Wake "a
.,w Smyrnal Dist Active
furnbul, SHr-.m:i k D~rainagje Dist nActive

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