Title: Committee Substitute for SB 1164, Chap. 73-190
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Title: Committee Substitute for SB 1164, Chap. 73-190
Alternate Title: Committee Substitute for SB 1164, Chap. 73-190, relating to water management, approved by the Governor on June 13, 1973.
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Publication Date: June 13, 1973
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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4, 6, 10, 11
r i ,,

6 the mlor-i0da -at-. er Re 's ourc cs A C1t of 1Pi7 2, Chiapt':er r

72--299, Laws of Ylolrid(;- croa-l-ingz). a new' cion

8 29 in said P rt I*3;aI nding Scction-S 1, 2, 3,

S4, 5 and 8 of Prt of csaid act-; crea.ig a
10 new section 12 in.said 3Part IOIam; mendn. dj13 sc-ticons-

41 An2 anct relat of Part Ii t sai act; amel-nding
12 sections 1, 10, 7 and and rep7 of Partin I action

13 4 i ar IV ofPart I; afeendin~. .ction.s 1 of2, 3,

S5 andrt V 8 of art c I of said act; cdisric- s ,

10 interim dstriion 12 ctsin said cePart II; amn sections
17 .2, 9 baiand i of Ptarict II ofa said act; amending .

1 of sections r, 4, 5esoes; 7 and 8 anpoid reScing section

1 4 of Part IV of eritinsaid act; ameoviding section 1 of

20 i Part V idig f said act; establishing distablricts pro-

22 eliminterim istricts and certain ein basis; prescribing a

23 of basin and unding;strict boardsin apnd of the department I

21 of natural prior to le oi ad valor impe tnentations;

of permitting certain procedures; providing de..diniions;

2G ceduforers anld amounts; changed r ing penalty provisions

27 an effective date,.

29 e It Enacted by the Lcgislaturec of the Sta;te of 'Fl.orida:


, Section 1. Subsection (2) of section 4, Part .I,

2 of t]he Plcida Water Resources Act of 1972, Chapter 72- 299,

3 Laws of Florida, is amended to reiad:

4 -'ction-..4.. Scope and application.--

5 (2) No state or. local government agency mnay enforce c e,

6 except with respect to water quality, any special act, rule,

7 regulation or order affecting the waters in the state controlled

8 under the provisions of this.act, whether enacted or promul-

9 gated before or after the effective date of this act, until .

10 such special act, rule, regulation or order hlas been filed

11 with the department; provided that any agency empowered to

1-2 issue emergency orders affecting such waters may enfo rce such

13 emergency orders prior to filing such orders with the depart-

14 ment. Any rule or regulations in effect on the effective

15 date of this act which is not filed with the department within

20 d c to notify y. or0 or e st v, s_

18 called for shall have been received by.the state or local h

19 agency issuing such rule or regulation. The department is .

20 directed to notify by certified or registered mail every, state "

21 or local government agency ]known to be authorized to enforce

22 acny special act, rule, regulation or orrder- affecting tohe

23 waters of the state regarding the provisions of this subsection

24 v,;: <.h.i n- :y, {-y -. 6G. -)--d~ay s a e -- e 1 e- e -ee c.,ve-daete- o- s- :l s*- a e t,

25 TIhe department is directed to periodically review such special

26 acts, rules, regulations and orders,. and to recommend to the

27 appropriate agencies or the legislature tie amendmecnt, con-

28 solidation, or revocation of inconsistencies or duplicaltions

29 therein. "^ :) ^ /J




.2 of the Florida Water Resources Act of 1972, Chaptr 7a2-299,

3 Laws of Florida, is reigned as secio 29 of said Part I

4 and a bonded to read:

,..1- ..... 5 7 o 7 ..ev..

6 () Within each section or te water manager ent f

9 (a') Minimum flow for all surface water courses in the

10 area. The minimum flow for a given w\,.atercourse shall be the

11 limit at which further withdra.,wals would be significantly

12 harmful to the w water resources or ecology of the area.

13 (b) Minimum water level. The minimum water level shall.

14 be the l.evel. of ground water in an aquifer and tle level of

15 surface water at vqwhich further withdc ravals would be significant-

16 ly harmful to "the water resources of 0thle area.

17 *(e)- (2) The minimum flow and minimum water level shall

18 be calculated by the department and the governing board using 1

19 the best information available..- WHere' appropriate, minimum

20 flows and levels may b)e calculated to reflect seasonal

21 variations. Tlhe department and the governing board shall also

22 consider and at its discretion may provide for the protection

23 of nonconsumptive uses in the establishme-nt of minimum flows

24 and levels,

25 Section 3. Sulbsections (8), (9), (10) and (11)

26 of section 6, Part I, of .the Florida lWater Resources Act of

27 1972, Chapter 72-299, Law:.s of Florida, are renumbered as

28 paragraphs (7) (8) (9) and (10) respectively of said

30 .


ISection Section 10r, vr1t I of t(he Florida .

Water Resources /Act of 1.72, Chapter 72--299, Laws of Flor:ida,
3 is ae c,,ded to r.ad:

S-c-t-ioroJ.10. WVator resources. development account --

5 *There is hereby created in thic general revenue flund of the

6 state an account to be known as the water resources deve.lop-

7 Iment account. Subject to suc appropriation as the l.egis.l.a-

8 ture may make the-efo-rc from t.im:e to time, the purpose of

9 said account shall be to provide assistance to thle water

10 managemCent districts created unde-r this act--The-department

11 :shall--al- sleat. s-'-he- account -to- -othe-d is trits- e-o
12 assis*-in-f :in an eing -any author i1:ed-po jee.t for the protection,

13 conservation or development of the water resources of the state. |

14 Section 5 Section 11, Part I, of tho Florida Vater o

15 Hosources Act of 1972, Chaptor 72-299, L9aws of Florida, is j

16 amended to read:
,- ,^ .o .t *

17 ,ee-io-o-l-. Appropriation of..funds to water management

18 districts.--The department hl- may allocate to the water man-

19 agementc districts from funds alpprop]rited to the department

20 such sums as may be deemed adecqulae necessary to defray the

21 costs of the' administrative, and regulatory and other activities

22 of the districts. The governing boards shall submit annual

23 budgc-et-o budget requests for such purposes to the department, anc

24 the department shall consider such budgets in preparing its

25 budget request for the legislature.

26 Section .6. Section 12, Part I, of t]he Florida W'ater

27 Hoesourcos Act of 1972, C]haptor 72-299, Laws or Florida, in

2 amended to road:



l0 1 ..

7 oo Ch. .'72-209" ,"',' 1 o p.la. Ifrv t xt, )

..3 ".*,- : ......:.-.. Crj"ontion of' v/at r; ia" ) .g.'cnt n) diV.1to'ict I "-

4 (1s) On July 1 o. 97 D the ; ate shall be divided i nto

5 the .f.'o wino','/i,(; ,vator" .ran,t.a:en:ont distri'ctfs:

6. (a) Nortb',',est Floxrida ','atoar Manaee;ont District c

7 (b) SA.uwannoe River aot nageont Dis trict

8 (c) St ons River Water ngennt District

9 (d) Southw.'est Florida aator ],,na-gecment District '.

10 (e) Central and Southern Florida Pl.ood Control Dis'tr ict

11 (r) Ridge and Lov.,'r Gulf Coast Water 1'a.nagc-i ent Distnrict.

12 (2) The respective distrLicts naed in (1) .bove'shall
13 include the arc-.vs within the foll.o;ing" bou-da (3arie, : e




17 ,

S19 t

S20 o




26 .



30 ,
3,1 5 .

CoO(J!h;; : o I *l \\ tsuc ( L ouih t yi' .ri th let ion- f r c

*:al a*in 7h'ow1 :id di t i t n b c rJgo e a i n

to.i on appropc: t<^ t o of i0te p .Unc o. Igeo .1n} cover n
4 ]d".) D n t.!,.o. b ,,-..li p ter., d p io.o to :!, 1o 1 7

( It
(.2"a) of' ... ... I a I r 0 O ctol,, te ,i t ic t
5 .,

tobfil tran;>:11'e sod fro oiv1v ^.nle .( d'l s i ctr ^.to anot o ir ^ r:oo.t^0)t

4 l t- 2,
7 ~ O ( c); Th d p r"-.t sh l a .. .... obt ..... nr odf' t ir

r%.% /o ninr
1(b)mi re o }:'n^ t on (5;~ r ega*'n rdlina3 ancc)' tters affd ooted bnn-so

17 oran or tnoy ^the 197o r):;<^1r Ionlora n 0cvh lrcc~ogilature.')-^

19 the di.strict; gover)n:li.:ng ~ c bo n as subdi..' tri cnd o n b-V si nn.. orthe
"t (. I (IO
1 LS tro v er i a r d by 5," re u .. c t'.."c bo'n It .- h. e 1 a tin. to boar"1 to; 5.0 :" ?

i 1 0
9 to b e ditain; ,'i('fo c-ng oo d:the oct [0oa oth uc-,
20 (c) 'Thou do]paen'1t, :>c)all a^ i.,t i n obtar nino ,todin. ica-

.. .i. .eor y Ec h., obli.. ;, s .. b dc .c t. and co ponro l to i ic;s i

32 J0{",r-"dsl-,:' or sho',v i nci,,clude o ('1) 'Cspel nt tive districts e c'h .cl :

13 a oe ).u:,ud,,d to ,n;-,io or.nd thy tb'):^i .'>.e or tcrritory r:oin on. -

d .Y>t .i t1o an o t .:-, -
] f.) ( d.) T l'i^c d p .a.r t ;'::^ : 7)t a n d t b; 1 .. r 'e s p e c t~i v ,e d J .'.t -_-i c t s s )) :?,l ?

3.7 t."' r- c'' r:') to -,i "1.'-l -of'-, .:, .." aoa "o or tb lo r~ t {, o? .
..--- j y ^ ^ .. .. ... -

].9 tlic: d~i:t-ric't c.ovo]-lnin^i ).:'(:jd as :;u].)cjd-;:tri.,cts or bas~i.ns. T]io ,

20 d f:.r.-icnatipon of :-:tcli basin:: s]izill. bc ir, act ))y t]ic d~is;trijct

2]. go \'c.:n :.j .)i < boa (]. ))y r.c ::o .1lu '-:' ons tlher oof .T:]e c.jov c'rninyg board] ,

22 of t:b:o c~i.:tr~ict i,''-, cl:a5!<], tlio. ).)ovn-:,.]:ries of .suc:] basins, i:
~ ',

23 o~ccipt {.]o l:a::. v.';-it]:ii) t:],r !id<;]o ai~d Lowe'r G;u.f Coa~st. Wa2ter.

2 4 !''la :
25 [ .-^ r )^cli l::.isii :],:].. 1)0e under tlbo control, of: a basin \

2 G b. o a:r, d \.; h i c h.] :s! ", .] 1.,. c:o :;ii K ): c d o f i -^o h l. o s s t.] a n. t b r o:: o ( 3 )

0 7 ),o... 1)',' !;tut ,-b a- i nc ].' -. o :,< (3.) r c '})rr,, c-t. tttiv o f r o(i: c a c t of2 |

? \ I ,: .i ", i n :.! i ,d c 'o : t j. < ^.( : .5 n t l .:.!K 1 a s i: n. .

:.c) '. /^? -(') ?:\;)r ^ c ) b ~ :o~.la;5 ^.a d / s~
-.,_ n. lj, f .
^ ). '/ 0

'' ,*-

-,~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~c nasn sol3 0e oiie notre()gop seu ya

4 osibe ih 'imrr i-n stuc cl toi^)' ob pone o n

5-) (I1 tvo 2 ,r-; nhro (3)-, aend to relpeci ve1 l3 C)~ f t If e

10 y e.)r c )i^l t ~ o :'< C! nic "Ii~i~ ofn 1 -1<"e.r L ce v. ro

tl IAE;I

S o -j~a of th end an ai or fna

o of t I (- 1 s it e toC con ir IanI al C) .I.tneI shall crcntc- ai va~cancyI

I-) t) ch of f.ice t o k.)I ch te -I ap o nUe t DID cI .s made0 *

f7 fOr s14 c h services C ut 0hl .f fci)aklly on orAZ f or I h~
1R district shall reeive thei actual tAelg pessad


4- '-
,',:> ,. l. b 'rtn e L by thj r, i,' s.har t the .:ia .ison

oert o of I .o d scti' t ei, ac.'.l a i v.,: j n t e ba"s: n and s]ha.l..

(a) cr of aLi s afar i l o
"--"^^ *--'- -"- 3" ... ... 'jr <.' A 2. ....^. I^; *\/ ^ /

>c ;,o:rrlr<'.. ."b.<'ill].. bo,5 rpf<;],c>n, '. ,,, ., b, for: d~i.<''c ',Tr<}:i:.]. t:c, f o.lov,;ir~cg

^ c:<.c]> : i 1-,^^ ]c j'1till(. ,.;ions i j *-' i : ^c^ ^ c i e .s..i.?^ : ;<

f- t5, .,atcr osourcs of t.he ba'.sin and conduct o)f public-

*c caringjs on sucli p>.an'..

0(b1) eo'a oy-,nc-tc and preparation of over-all basin

S1an of) s co y : da ry a; after c c) n t r o1 fac ili. tioe for thc g vuidanc of

,ub--drainace district, and private land oJ.nc3Is in 0the devlop-

3 .ont of their repective systern.- of water control which will
.e conncted to the primary \orks.: of3 the -s.in to comple.mento

}he .ng.ric.e.ring plan of primary .o.rk. for te basin.

S(c) preparat ion cf t I annual :- t for ie bsin and

7 !b'i.s:ion of such budget to t r- g-.%ToverniniI board o-f the district

L for inclusion in the ] district budget. "t.

(d) Conside.ration and prior approval of -final construc-

-ion plans of t]-he district for works to be constructed in the

(o) Adrministration of affairs of thle basin,

23 ^^<,-27)' 5asin l.board raon1-.; shall be utilized for:

2' (a) En.g .incorig studies of ,,orks of t.e b)asin.

(b) ]ayjm-ent of l:ne ),re],arn'tion of final plans and

2 pecifications for construction of ;asin \works executed by

2 he district.

(c) Payment of c-sts of construc-ion of .orks in the

3 0. .> ,. G ,<

3J ^o

r c) -I cl nd

AP :r
i [ d) P y:;.'nt for'iu~ijiienan:c nd o eration of/74;j

C' C t 1 )f 1

c nf t f i.y -n to -ea c)pe t vnoo^~ o v r r. in

)-)) ird o q Paf.cn o7t J_ ~s L c3 roid ))In 'qo C ar a C j

1\C-! I-^ I' I^ n pb -o cclr J a r Z}.; Tny ).o1 approv alo h

^0~~~~~~~~~~~~U chccor; il raibcsnpr-'tto09(b rtil 0 f li

17 (.11 c! tr~io o fr ti J i .11 It'i c c) j-slu~ o 0:qu s Clo o v r i

J" r A C

9 tbxe Lat by tho Na 01] 1 cppl0 to coI nth ax, .

10 t ae It xs ar od thot the 11 xe autho
..... ..t 0- t ; c,,
11 Ui zd b ti. ^ -ubsecto':n pr.e in. pS-ootion to t^hel:, bene tits

12 t.o be d-: i.ved by' t-o -ve l parcpel:. of ).real estc ato ,'ith-i
1 4 .e b ore us n i."m t:n l.o- }jaksr, autorizc dvon r n.

S, "o ,.i t" d L < ell.1c ut r ized) by th c, ctoro durit -

17 th, interi: of f eod pc.ior co Jul, 1.a 1975. ',y b Jclontud

]6 int.._ iub, u. uf r ,..d oate,, Io
17 tha^ satc a.ce ma, h.ve bn-n a transr:a'od to o-nothe district
1. SoCctio C7. S? ction 1.7, ]ar} t ]} o.j the Ilo-)L-. ater

1.9 Hon.-ources.' Act o.f 197, C]hap:tor. 72--o9, ', Law's of' F"orida ",s
I YlA to
16 V4 I, IC, I .

22 nin,:." boay d at t5..; .e 't",nt..' d.,i cp tion' --- t n ed-ition to

2 ov to othe, o',o. -nd dut3 -,llovd_ it by,, ...;o'l tae gtov. in.

24 bo a sid of a ',,ate. mn.'o, ,c ent a i.tri'ct ,a be .. eci i- 1.

2[ (utho,."edrT by the dlcc.o t:":: t to-

27 part s ch) a an':a- n: vo bo, c-'] t.tan o-., j c. to a ,other di. t r ct .

21 Section S actionn 17, Part I", of the Floria'.,

21 ', 1. .."c, Act o'" 1. ,,. 177 C"apt- 7,,,,9,. o o ",,, : i -

3 ]1 7 7
20 aende bycroain;; a ov/ ubjctio (7 to edd
Ja i L


L-^ s-)l i -s in.-.' t-, ji> mp e e a t iov cf arg a no re u a

ca'-1 thce consmpt ve s fwtr.- T edp r tetmyauhrn-

3 0 r up. ("In 1' on X-0'l-i o^ 0L -it l r d of, mnr' -il;t call-ri ct l3- :LS p1cM- 0)t

J54 a pr. s- of for it~i ssac of allnj of itiriic ] coun-

ol^ *iri- '.i or pa t- Wl J f p 7~ ~ ~ ~ ~V ^

1 ~ ~ ~k3 t~ Ipo Le i n fCo Ih L-oaSrd of cct (,Is on rs o

17 r-,ty -~iv rec n (r)- I(^ ^) of Nh re i t7e C-o-ers oq n
18~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ terior prose r- resett, h euaiospoie

.. ..0 .. .7,.
SFlorida, is amended to rCead:

s; (,. ) ..
3i Sec Ch, '2-- 9 Laws ofC Florida for tCxt.)

o z Is.. -^a'- :" Per'-I-its required. ---

., I (3.) The governing board or the deo.art.:.. nt .may r.cuire

'such permits for consumptive use of water and miay im-pos.e such

7 reasonabe.1- conditions ,-s acre necessary to assure that such

8 use is consistent with the., overall objectives of the dist-rict

9 or department and is not harmful to the water resources

10 of .the a, rea. ), ioweve:r,, n o p er :n it ss a.ll be r equi rd fo: r

3.1 domestic consumption of water by individual users,

12 Section 10. Subsect1J ion (3) of Section 3, Part EI, of

13 Ti]e Florida Water Resources Act of 1972, Chapter 72-299, Laws

14 of Florida, is amended to read:

,15 --ec:I-I,-r 3 -, Conditions for a permit.--

16 (3) The governing. board or the department by. regulation,

17 mlay reserve from use by.permit applicants water in such loca-

.8 tionls and quns antics and for such seasons of the year as in

19 its judgment may be required fQo the protection of fish and

20 wildlife or the public health and safety. Such reservations

21. shall be subject to periodic review and revision in th]e light

22 of changed conditiorns; provided, however,'"t}.at all presently

23 existing legal uses of water shall be protected so long as

24 suc'] use is not contrary to the public interest.

25 Sectio:n 11. Part II, of the Florida W\ater Reso.urces

26 'hct of 1972, Chapter 72-29, Laws of Florida, is amended by

"2-. Stg-.:.,%-- 1.1,--x- Existing permits.r-Any permits or permit

30 by an' existing f.1ood co.itro",;i water management 0. water

Si reoCult.,. Cedi tri -c pursuan, t to C pt- ears 3"3 or 37a;0 1 o.r da

Statutes, prior to July 1, 1973, shall remain in full force .

3 and effect in accordance with its terms until otherwreo

Modified or revoked 'a authorized herein

5 Section 12 Subsection (3) of Se:.c i 4, Part II, of

6 the Florida Water Re..sources t of 1972, Chapt.r 72-299, Laws

7 of ,.orida, is amended to recad

8 f.-'e" --4. ]Exis tixn
9 (3) Application for permit under the provisions of

10 (2) above must be made wv.ithlin a peari:od of two (2) years from

11 the effective date of implementation of these regulations in

12 an'area this-pa-t. Failure to apply within tis period shall

13 create a conclusive presumption of abandonment of the use and

14 the user if he desires to revive the use must apply for a

15 permit under the provisions of I5 of this part.

16 Section 13. Sub seC ct-i .Con (3) of Section 5, Part 1I, of

17 th.e Florida Water Resources Act of 1972, Chapter 72-299, Laws

18 of Florida, is amended to read:
.19 tk.'r.en-- Application or a permit.--

20 (3) If the proposed application does not exceed one

21 hundred thousand (100,000) gallons per day o-e-hu>dmed-f.ft'y

22 thousand-..(15 87000)--e en --per-mo:nth the governing board or

23 thle department nmay consider the application and any objections

24 thereto without a hearing. If no objection to the application

25 is received, the governing board or: the department, after

26 properr investig-ation by jt.s staff, may at its discretion

27 approve the application without a hearing if the proposed

28" application does not exceod onep, -. on (1, on0,p000) qa.1 .ons

29 per day th-:'ee-mi..i: n ""O 7-00 ) ...- o0ns-p e."r": "th. Other-

31 80

C! c
1 wisec, the gmoerni ng board or the depar Unont shall set a 1.5me

2 for a hearing as provided in Part I: Sec.ion 23.
.3 Secton 14 Subsection (2) of Sect:ion 8, Part II, of

4 the Fl.orida Water- Reso..ces Act of 1972, Chapter 72-299, Lawc

5 of 3Floria, is amended to read:

.6' .ion-.-.. jModi.fication and rInenwal of permit terms:

7 (2) If t]he proposed modification, involves water use of

8 one. hundred thousand (100,000) gallons ner dIay one-h-ndled

9 "fif t-y-tho.s -and-- 7i-"O GeO '. -C.1n.pe0-m nth or more te a.ppli-

10 ca(i ton shall be treated under the provisions of section 5 of

11 this part in the same manner as the initial permit applica-

12 tion. Otherwise the governing board ,or the department may at

13 its 'discretion approve the proposed modification without a

14 hearing provided that the permittee establishes that (a)

15 change in conditions has resulted, in the water allowed under

16 the permit becoming inadequate J:or thI p]ermittee' s need, or

17 (b) the proposed modification would result in a more effi-

18 cient utilization of water than possible under the existing

19 permit.

20 Section 15. Section 2, Part III, of the Florida Water

21 Resources Act of 1972, Chapter 72-299, Laws of Florida, is

22 amended to read:

23 e,---,.. Scope.--No person shall construct, repair,

24 abandon, or cause to be constructed, repaired, or abandoned

25 anyy water well. contrary to the provisions of this part and

26 applicable rules and regulations, provided"that this part

27 shall not apply to equipmnt used temporarily for dewatering

20 purposes or to the process used in d-waterj ng.

29 Section 16. Section 9, Part III, of the Flori.a Wa'

3- 81.


.t,:n( d tCo ro" (_ d: ;.I.

3 T- '- Fees-The following fk.e ar, required:

4 (l-- -c e-of- .o--doll. -- -s a -aee ich

6 s C t -i_-I----4 t6 J-p' s --

7 -(1) 2-2.- A fee of- one hundred dollars ($100) shall

8 acco:mpany each new applicatSion for a license required under

*9 section 7" of this part.,

10 (2) -(-'--, A fee of tw'enty-fiv>e.. dollars ($.25) shall

1.1 accom,;pany. each applicati-on for a renewal of licensee under

12 section 7 of this part.

S13 Section 17. Section 1.., art III, of the Florida

1; '7ater Res source Act of 1972, Ch aptcr 72-299, Laws of Florida,

15' is amended to read:

16 S!ee- -..,- 7. Penalties. --Any person who violates any

17 provision of this part or regulations issued herelunder or

18 order pursuant hereto sha.ll]_, u}Xo cYonviction, be gTil.ty o

19 a mi..sde.:eanor of the-second deg.-ree, punishable Jas provi-ded in-

20 S.ec ti.on;-s 775.082 and 77"5 083. Co.ntinui.n vYolation after

21 notice tlhereof shall constitut-e a .sea;ate viola ion for ;ach

22 day so co-.ntinued, shal:-be-subject-to-a-penalty-of-' -to-five

23 hundred,-do3le-rs---(500- 00) -T

24 Section .18. Subsect.i.on (5) of Section 1, Pa:rt IV, of

25 the Florida Water Resourccs Act of 1972, Chapter 72-299, Laws

26 of Florida, is amended to read:

2" -Se.l..n" "--T Definitions -,'-hen appearing in t-is chap-

28 ter or: in any rule, regulation or ]. order adopted pursuant

,-- ith e, eto the i O.,,lowing teri

I .

C 1

con uc CJ,-.) h t 1. to a0: N.

C, -"o or ispardi our CsAcrsthe o itr j-.-i2n the r tt '72-299.

G~~~~0 01a Co,-cue-li~js^^^^J:

3-- tli tloid fae oeore 7ct c) 192 s-ru c hapticr 72-299 t c )'

C_ P(1 L~cp for) the exmto sc se- forth Ierein 311e

1.5 e."V~rk o 1 E"rl ^-e. y jid ato C-di Ae e o -,I m o n t7_- ^ce d

15~~~ C)jtn'lr^~o -nae -^tou -is -}^^}
ti G V17 0 L. 4L 0 -3 C) C*bc L~d o?*-~he deJ te '*-hE C" ?

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1-6 cnh eii imos so 6esna cniton I^ areA e cessar1to


Fo da aerRsu es7ct c, I0;/Cat r f 229 C)wso

^ Flrida is mendd tor7ad

S u 1 cxep to the eIetpIioos otforny sut-l'i d -n,

b e 3'-- 11 ce ) uci r aso ae il cso ud &1.; ons- as cir d e e say

12 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ C t -1 (3 o J" S ac t t i c)' n) 7 Pa r Ie V .1lbjct-ve oftj^ds

I,, he slrd cate esurceDs- A ct of. .1972 Chapter -72--219,. 1,w

167 t 11^ c 1" .1 C) -r -I Z' )

19 said Sec~tion is created, .to read:

20 keben-L. a.nr taxat~iocn .
21 (2 Th a*t:., ori-, "

21 2) he uthrit of the Central and Sout~he.n -. F-lorid


22 Flo.od Contr-ol District and th~e ,So.ut:hwest Fflorida W~ater Manag,

v, r.

23 mPent D:1strict to :lex.. ad valorem taxes with-iJn thle terr~itoriec
24 specified in cha2t2r 252o70, Laws of Florida, 1949, and

2 che Fltor a a-691e, ws of l tian, o 1972, respective,,, s he22-

26 tofor daisded, rhll not, he-i.'aired by thi, act; prevadd,
27 however, that tC)5i orie tnd o

5 ( C. ... ..

70okmyshl is tereie byt^o^ri^o^^^

C) t-at scc sbnomn wtl r ol)~jnn5rtn^

-,>. e ti n 23 -^et- n :i/ of P3art 1\7 o-f- the Flc)rid!a
13 SJ e c .)

Y5 KaerRsour'cCs Act- Cof 1-9'72, Ca Pc:te-- 7 2 2909, Lavs Cof Foia

19 1ai 0eto iscetd,'orad7

(3) Un u 0D othe wise provided by general lar or spe-C

cial act the districts created by this act, or those terri-

'ories ,ne-j-xc d :i-)tc, the c>:jistin]g d5istr.i-ctc s recconstti uted under

Sthis at may upon approval of t lcors
S : 1.c':.i LL':c 15.L, i0 t c^^" ^L.:':d t9e,to pursuiajrt to s9 (]_ ) Article

9 VII of t-e constitution of this state, ley ad valorem taxes

]0 in the manner prescribed by ?j0i378.19, 378.20, 378.21, 378.22,

11 378.23, .378.24, 378.25, 378.26, 378 27, 378.28, 378. 29, 378.30,
12 378. 31, and 378. 32, .lori:a Statutes.

13 (4) t :i^ s }..byJ dete,.m-ed tht the taxes authorized

15 by this.., a.ct are in. ro, po -ti *on to t .... n to : be dtri.,d by
1 G h)e severall parcels of teal estatr wi t]in t-.e distrf.ors to

.I .. .
17 d t- -,i.'ed that the co..t of codu^ ctinrt er ctio:s' .ithin the

18 resp.ctiv, di.trcts or ',Jt]n t:, transferred or annexed

19 ter.i..tois, ic._uc., costs icidental thereto in preparing

% //
i(7. fy Z.,Section 25. In preparing the manuscript for the next

2 revision of tDe Florida Statutes the statutory revis:ion divi-
2G sion of the joint legislative manae:.ent cona.itt.o is directed
to reorganie Dte in.rl-)eri.g and arrange'nant of sections in

(a) Place all sections of Parts I, II, III, IV and V

3 1 "

.. .. .. .f

i -: j- :- .i!,} ] .i-.-; :,' .n ** : 'j ^ i. >**

3 (b) Renu:..ber all r .ain ng parts ox Chapter 378 as

4 now" sections- of Chapter 370 Florida Statutes., ins.rtn. g suchi

5 sections in appropriate sequence.

6 (c) Transfer all related sections now contained in

7 Chapter 373 and Chapter 370 and renumber, inserting in

9 (d) Chane the title of Chaptr 378 to read Water
10 ,Managemr-ent ;Districts. "t-

11 "(e) Chane;: thec, title of Ch1apter 373 to read "Geology

13 enid of each section showing source of section as woll as former

1A numerical designation in both the official statutes a.nd

16 J
c15 the supple 2as -" s I

16 ./.. Section 26. This act shall take effect July 1, 1973.

218 JL t o t







3 .. 8 7

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