Title: Resolution Creating a Water Development
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Title: Resolution Creating a Water Development
Alternate Title: Resolution Creating a Water Development and Conservation District for Northwest Hillsborough County
Physical Description: 12p.
Language: English
Publication Date: Nov. 7, 1961
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 3, Folder 2 ( SWFWMD (R) HISTORY - LAWS, RULES FIRST ORDERS - B3F2 ), Item 61
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46 'k-w Ri ..

-A .A A:- -- ... -w : ,A La- C ..
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J : 7 -- .. .. .J '-A.-... .-. 4 -CV J ,. -.. -,c i r e
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3~~ ~~ ~ ?c > i~- e^t-rl ;',.' 9LS^~ ^^ l.^'j'tji~-r "ct?<;.o
y^ O^ I y \ y ^ t ,. ^ ,* A *' ~ .-- -* '-'*. 1" ^ -'- t / '.'*' *< ^- <* ^ *1 *-"

sl~ .-.. L~~ 'v i"" e: ^^*L; d l* t3;:: t'" *1 :L .r^ S) rj.^-^11-'3 C- r ) CC7 li r, to -p3z rf~

u~ <.,:.f~~aL; C ~Li ~ ,cC


'.7 ..- CCT3

Pnf2ernce i ,-m-" to Ct.:A",r 373, "" .t cn z;-"ta thereto.

"Aver"se .i.nti. clevntic" -."*i r-wtir:4 ftr fb pirpo.o of this co"C-

tt3 ditvbic^ stAll lctzrJ:^e :zi cAtXlcljsh tis aWEv^o zini&a> elevatica for

"gr&Az vvt..r .t a :giy oi'to 3 hLr?-2 Jlm1 e3l4-t3n as 'wS'A in tAhis:

lvl to ic pro of t

- .r-pr- 7ilr3 t+rt.tyA c 'o"cutv' .25ar *a2 dCt .rzi .r.tica z 3H1 t.:--d tAy.ca -

Sav2ilabi grc-A-,atbr tclvtica dttcz, sionl.ti ,.:n lv il4l .rc----^.r

e-bvation Cate flo .,I c3 Inc, bt _-e:: :ole ca .
.... '

%*.4. c. 1 .6 C

dii--icf shall &.terzmir n. ez -t:.1:'.li:h t v..r.. .l.: Z1c" fc"r a givDn !":"-

cor^e &-t a given point thrfct. rii -v r.J^ .jinizg7 fib, r uAL. i. t>&s cZN

tfiv.a o'.o:st c2c!2a-r ^::ira in thL ;ricd oZ tt? :::2t.ir: tw', ty cc'-,..tiv

thIn available flor d&tf cz iS'cc- rl1t3, ty r:'.Oz:lT clcZU^ticx.;.

L"Avr:; citis .. 13-2 1" ;-- .:'. r.... ilr' f. : 1. tur-c:. at t> 3. c:;,,, ti:-

diviizca hall C.tertin c7 2 ccat0li.; *thC cv2Zr:t.'; mit;L:' lovcl fo: a iv:n I;.:.

V'Tts ev-r--' nini-arz lezz l dA ^.-w1 In t1t3 cc> :t'1.I t" t'. ^v"r "- c" t.' ::in-
-c l -,, 'Un t-. r n l f % ^ ,-. C a a .'a -. (---" '..- -'-' '.- *- ''-- 3

iy r in tz p"rlz d s o tc ca^i2fl^ t .-ty c" -...utiv. l r 'tl;' r' ..<'.a..

'evel 3"2 :.tC..piz:2, 0- 7 I

""w a-d n3th Sll 1 2 .4 0 Cor 4r-4atic .

"Director" :sna tze Directcr of the rivkic^ o? W^r Thccurcx3 a:I

Cczzorwttioa, ?lozJJ3 CtarZ of CtJc^rvftion.

"Litsrlef .. r -^ V r r-^^.rce0 ---ulatory r'-t icf D.o'r fre.

"Divi;ca" rrwa. t 2? lsis3lca o0'! Fe-owrzc^ s mU Co.r/rrticn, Florida

Ecir'i of Corservation.
=1^c c. a 0?,

. tto dert rvA use &: allotttl tost rc ; eater.

"c Th"ZrC.-3 thZ r:aoa 'to 0Tt2aLA3 a licenses frca the Directot' ctuthor-

itiU3 such person to tvz3 porz:3nion cy didrsivon or oth"rwe And to uw3 en

c llottd .crount of xtW;r fhr 8a $sitc b d n eni vho rfco cctual vr of th>
'mr for rt to a

"Licczel Thtcr&' >:-z at.:r cnurA ty.ct:Ziz;1 LI .5 73

lrviidcn, ioth th^e (^Icl: :rt atA rn of tais t c br y is r l Wt-W .
7- --. r e

of 1:^4 or prc portion .:-: :b for c-ch fr-ctlcn f tl rcf,

i'or^ trt^, 1r^i^c^a, e.;oJtor, 2zinittrttor znJ fidci:ry of CJy kiud,

rCtlcl)C>t2y7 ccuz^y fd3 avy C12r0cy o0C t.U $tAt3 or fhCTrhl Z vJ2 t t.
"St"" rLa ct to^^ of Jlorids.

L4t d. riCt" rcz3 th r: ct of a rXCo ur:3dr a ct::t:z law or z ztu zny

clla to 'bccPtis the uzi of w2t>r havitz cctu:lly Thxn dlvzrtc1 D :: uz:2 c^ or

_r_ f__o, to tI e^rb.z of tJ3 r:.r:ru: ^u^ bity :iA rt of

vriXr ^;zr2 a BtrCTOZ t'3 ;> :x=: in *tSY ccc3tructic3 of 2OCJ for tzz $2;.-.

Clvziz: of .er c: ___cvi__ __h ,?or::

S11 e C t: r: V Z' ?c Z for 2 tn a

r A lc ti throartr by c r or hi ir :: r, or c

. ..ch a right &ets not incl.-., .v" .er, those cc:.cn l- cl-tm uzn'r Qhich a

bzlr 3c h3 not &irertel enra u'cd x:ter on orb te __ro __

L AsICI 2. Z0o p0rovion ( this Oce hZll .-I)ply to inclivic.eal usera of

vzt.r for dz,tic or oritz.y live-too-: c.. ..Ztion.

SWIC% 3. Perai3:ve u.e of vater:
(a) Fermisiv- '-,ter is granted by te BD.r: to t+se ct-rors of lad' in the:

|district, to b:. uaed or not for -zy ;u o "e 0 vit.'ut c-:briw.3 a lic^nz3. Peonid ive

ftor th1U zcunt to 651,720 U.S3. zallzrz :r ynr- y r Ztrs or proportionate

Sc .runt for each f action thrcof, r.ovidin4 t'At :. t e. of s-uch v-ter .o.*sr not

S0(1) rIduco t.h ovnr:"- :ini_.a flow of :cy wter.curia in tb. district, (2)

lower th- level of cfy 1:.i in the di&trirt, o.. r tl"n thoce co:plotely zarrouz:aa

:by the o^nrs' 1^n2, bclow t -- rverai r'i"-:.. lovIl, (3) lover the ground vat-r

le,'?1 below the aveor..:je *r m'-.:' elevaticn at t- A cur.ni.y of the property frc:i

hrich tbhe after is ti. t-; ':::n, (4) ib;air t r.zi.;v'bility of .ny nvisMble

-atL'rcours3 (5) L-:3air the ef.e .t of c..y ;oll.itiz cz.-rcl prcsg:': in thb district

.::wl (6) c:::3 cr ccvtri-:fc to t12 C:3tericrticn of tn q;2Lity of the zter.

(b) A lonr ."r nay vitz'wo p-'r1i23iv5 at.r frtc any point on his l3id

.or fro tcoy strema or 1c-c on or tortrir; hbi 1::2.
S.(c) T.3 entire c. ct of r.rz:.iv3e water ty b with-n" fr,.:.a o02 0 oit

providing that the la:d to -hicl: it is g::nt z. i. ccZti.w s, th,,th r:t:1 ridht!

of vc.y, eaz.ments for rubiI: u:tilitite, fi.... ccztr. or nai:.:' zlh.l not -

cc:struzed to cntitut:J s tr-"."k in cc:ti'Jity.

(d) erni:'iv'e vater ;::.tzi to c- z_:e.. of PJ,1 ocy not t vItLrTn

.rc: ...oth.r :.Z..o-cti.3 T.Zrel t .t .sy b-. t:i c2 a r.cn-coOticO'.s prcel.

(e) Pzrzi::ives "ter -h-ll -.t a..... fr. -.:. to year.


to withlrr. wter in exco4s of pr- ire r, ntith^ni thct the

a6rlXic.tion pertain; to the u.. of vater by ;zot-r, or u.cn or in c.nction

with the lend3 of another.

.ZTCWT. 5. lo ..r.on uy c.;:'ire a t to Civ2rt vater of the diia ct in

e:xcess of the perijsiv.e zcwnt without rz-ing c.. :;plication to the director for

a licen-e to ;i:ae su & div-sion, T-he -licotiozc all set forth (a) the mrns

nd poost-office edire-s oZ the b.plicent, (b) the source from 4 which said cppro-

prition shall be nrt, (c) the f.atunt of v-ater to %- divrtAd and used, (d) t.h

location of th.e rks or pvc':o:d vor:- for the div-r.ico of the '2ter (-..o) t

esttiateid t f or the cclti on of any .pro..-d Vor.e, (f) the tite of the

first actual u-e of the Itter, (5) thr-- rc-oza ue of the watcr, (h) c:y

caditicnal factor ch ry quiry ri thb e diretor.

Such aspliczaticz CJul tb fil'A bfore the c.orence::ent of any tork in

covrecticn vfth the cc.tru.sticrn, enlsro-_ent or eft:-oicn of any ;orka for the

diversion of water .

SC'_.Ic 6. If a pro-r"ot dv r-.icn vill reit'.^r irair a diversion u'nr

en existin; Voter rU ht rzr pre--il~i lly and czo : :czly affect 2:. public

inte'--t, the director s ll :proe all -iplirc:ti^: f.r such div-rcic'_ rr.:

in zcod faith. .thri-c, the director shell 0-k- :. cr: r rejecti::3 5uch

coplicaticn or rqc'irilr. its ::&ciifiatin to c.nori to tte publicc inter.:.t to
tht end that tle h--.2t pu'llic .:, t cl :,i ec ical :: Ly

result frz: t.h daLverion of t:o. .t.r. In rt .:.thr a p-opo d

"diversion will "reo;icil2.y ,,z uuoez.'o^"ly ..-t t- public in-ter3, the.

director shall t-e intot 2 .:_id.rztio t.-- rca, :2 yield ,a_< r-ch,.r rt-

of the wetor o:ply, tc- priority of 3:0.-113 lic?^:^ ar. vzsted ri ht^ of Gll

;ersonu to dive:rt the. wtcr of the district -Stor upply, the c-U2t of eCZh

such cl-i. to dClrt V..t.r .-:: .. dit &ztr, :".-.t.r -. :1y end all oth.:r --tt.ers

-'P 1 0
r.rtSiniT: to such. czcticZ. With tr..,2 to---,'.tr proposed diversion n will

* izr- rc a -tivertion u 1d4r An e3i:ti; v.te riGt, iLair::ct 12.ll include the

uzrzz:oz2ble raisinS or bo'^rr, of tte static vatnr lYCl or the unrlc^ottble

increase or dacr-sh? of t>: 6trc'-:-"flo' or t-. .uPT:n.2ls rhteriorat4on of.

tL2 rater cuaJLity at thc ;:ter user's ;oiL.t of ?Pvertion beyond a reasonable

econcnic lizit. Any r*rscn cotsidcriz; hirLelf c-riev^A by any order or

decision by th' director r^latir; to that e-rcon's Nplication for a license

to divert voter rmy a.-2al to tih district court in .tha z.-e.r prescribed by

Chter 373. orida atut. '" "

.C... 7. It 3.ll '.? na e:'-rej ccnltion_ cZf each -rant- of lico-:-.d vao-r

cir u.r this co tht t right of th l shall relt9 to a s.pcifi.

c.u.tity of --atr e-nd Ztht such rilht rut llw or a rcaonble lo-eri of

the static "vter l l 0n: for t "h r -ea -ble d...c:.-': of the strezntflow at th-

liC -o20'1's 0oiltZ of &iv .ric n; aiA r.rovi' d A, t6It in t-' iin such
... h re-.ntleh

loc:rirg of the "ttic vat.r 17-1; in a r ticul> r a:s, the director shall cc:-

siK&r the ecor:hoicO3 of dClvr:tir> or -'P._"3 .atzr for th:e '*,t-r u-ses involv-ed

ar:i ;rcy aleo ccz-cr th effect of .ater u-w ca the ec.:z-y of the district in

gco:ral; and notiinZ hL:irz shill be ccn..tr...1 to rcv :--.t the sront of licr:es

to Lplic-.t.3 later in ti:: on the crcurnd that the d 'iversicn unlar such rcereld

Iater licez::ez3 ay caue: the -t:-r level to lo-'rl ast the point of d.-veriicn
of a :.ior 1i-.::-:^^ .o Icj 3 3- rights of l.: rs of exiti.3 wcAter ria4htA

can be satizfic2 rz.lar iuch e::-r.:"'3 cr.-liticz3.

"SCTVCII 5. -- &r-otc: chll noti>y the walic:zt lth.in a r::.-ccunble p-rio.

of tu- of th:- "-rovsl cr i:q.;. -rvUl of the :ySlatin. U^cn c:;ro'viz: the.

....licatic:, .t 3I director 9ll .athzri: te. a:liu:;c to pr..ei vith t-

ccnstrt'tion of the ?rc^Q^^i civeicn -cri:. r- to ?rcc; ^ifi all s'F. ^c^:^y

for '2 ca.-lic:tica of th. "a:t to the ac:. r:zi u' ": othzr-i: ;.:-rct

-5- .

mount of natr-th-n rec'zeted .r2 h- e .yapy v approve an Cplicaticn upon such

tcta, ccditic3s, and liitttio;.:s as the shll d-ee-- r..cca-ry, for the protection

tof the public iTterest. T.e approval of the application by the director subject

to the tercn art conditions thzrzof, uoa insuzzc, cczitutcs a licewae to

rprpriate vtter. An sAlic.nt Shall .ce Ontitled to proceed wita coCstflction

of divoroica or oltr authori:' \vorks arA 'ith t.- divorsica cf t--r in

accorLrWtcf pith t:he ter2- ani czrz.iticn3 of his lictezse andno person shell

preve-nt, r-train, or enjoin cA. r appl.ic.t fr:; prcce,i.. in accordance vith

the ter^z anl cozditicrs of bi3 lceis or fr)c ns 'ni-hl-- the r-.ter supply.

S. ,W : iCO' 9. Utcon the cc-rl-tiona of the ecstruetioa of the vorks and the
Of L oo. 4-

actual a.licKaLIQA of tr to the prca use tn the t l ed, t

rrplic.nt hall notify the director to that effect. T-h director or his duly

uthriLdI r:prc.ent.tiv ct.ll the. e:.-.J.nzi c... p.ct the licensed divCerion

vrr^'-s c:z if it is (ztaz:in.-d that the liczed tdir .icn vorks have en cr..
pleted C., td-: licen-cd right perf- ctt-t in confc-mity 'with the.- appro;':ei .rppli-

"c.tion cr2. pl:s, Ctt dltor c:?ll i.:... a cert-ific- t of lica::ns in duplicate.
S3 cri of c certifit to tv .tpplicnt and shll t

recorded 'ith the r:-i"?r of dei in [ill:orc-- Cczty as other i nstru-.nts

*cfffltir.; rc1 %tte4 -. i th4 duplic t" hall ... a -mattr of record in tn r

c.ffce -tf .Qr: c. r.
c-.C- 10. Ay y ,:c y c"r--" th" p-int of _l_.rsicn prof'td:- h-

rt11 (1) :tly in itit to the rtor for r l of y pd che,

(2) h--1 tr. to the director t.ht :zy prc;:ozI ch:.z is ree onzbl: ad ill

.y-tf Lt ir e-:^etir; rM:hts, (3) d;ccc:;trate to the director that any prcp^zzd

Scha... r.l.te to tho c: .. .... of Ypply a3 that to vhich the license relates,
i () r-eciv th --:-2 orr t i-t. ". rct t3 cJ.. rc-o-:ccd ctn. ...
%o4%r A r

22 director shrlI a&prove or reo r.t-.hE' .plitaticn for chnz s in accordn:e

.th th d for pr0e3sing original eplic-tin

Lfor a liccc;? to w ithr v-t-er. Ary p:rzan ccrilceriy hizelf S critvr d L by ny.

cr-er or decision by the director relti to his clicaticn for chae ry

al to the district cct in t ::. r p rid by r 373.161, Florid

Statute m.
t t'Ut -S .i

Within cre n year of, the effective dt-. of thia ,coa cty rersen whose ri-ht is
.-. i irc 'oby any clai of v-t.i rijit ild pursuant to this coe or vhos ri-ht

is L:-;aired by ny lE-t rr :t icn r Ze by the director ;ur :-t to thi& sc-ctioa,

y,- fi e with the director v,"'if-cl notice of &is.,atincticn c.nd contest of

iuch cla-n or i-terinticn. Azy "rec1n ie fzil' to file tith t> director0-, 30
provided h.rin, a vrifLied cll-cn of v:-t- r- Itt or a v-rif.e ratir e of Ji--

rs-tif cticn acr contact a th' cane zy be, within o. year frcW tLe effhcttie

':I of. this codeC, chill cc.'lusivly pr':....'-. to h-ve ac-:r.usr, d such clt.-

of w t:a rilht, or uchu cl.in of d1cr.i ...ic 7 cl cox-tst.

czta centst, filed :rzu. to t'ii cc,, sl ct forth: (a) the r:-: r^J ^ct

rl (c) t) e t o r ci or i, () te loctc o

th diversion .or..s, (e) te C::.c of th.? C r-o.' l (f) J.y adeitiannl info-r:.ticta

that thn director :--y r-uire. C; ::: filii. of c:y YrtifI. clai:' or notice

of di".-' tii'f action :." ccnt^'t c" v^::a, r.-^^ F-^^'^ t^ 1^ c0^ v^ dir:c".r

:b11 fix; a tzmr cr. pl:c fr a i c iv rtic of &:.-h nc ri-. /

7 r v-i U c.. c9l 7^t 0 1 1 of3 ...

-7- .

t 0t )at thirty (of) L y- rrior to trz d

w for tl" 1 r.Wi, E J1 :- giro tlc3 of ^h ^r- by publication

inl r...,..r of .':n,:ral circul:'". in ^ill cr.\_; C-^" t7, c-e each we.v for

t,;o (2) cZ2.$2c:tiv ya::s prior to t. ".. .. ..; ..3 tw iat of th. notices s2:ll

t^ subli.C-."t t thirt y (-) c..yA3 prior to.-t'r ,t-t aCt for thO h_-rir..

Th p-blis.h1%dh rotic hall conTain the e zcnd ilace of hearing together vith a

'r.22zal3 d Qcription of the cr--e in t.hich v rt.td ri a to the Le of vzter ar,- to

tL eatcblicl'd or c ;nt'2"-: e^-2 ^--ul-1> &ir~ct^^ to dll persons interested r

cZc.Zri%2, vithtzt c.'ci ic:lly zrj e:v7 prt.: .. At the heartr..;, th.e dir.ctcr

:nl har t; evi^ of 7 prc i':rtd or co;:'Irrd" dnd l uch"

* -cvi.T.ne zll 'to co 3i2:d >.y %th2 S.3 L^ V...iVtion_ of v7st"d ri4ht. to t"..

um: of r t+r. 3 sco: 3- zil:; t"r f".r, t': director scll c..--.. etn oCrtc.r

d-:-r-.in. tl:. vet-.td ; of such cl. :.:s t. have rt-3 ue c-f ";t;r n ^tl

ripWt uZ-:, on or -fo. :e j. th c:cte-nt of their 1u3, arAd

:Lzll notify all vs:fh cl' ti;::t3 cr1 cc::t.. tents c; to the cczt.ont2 of vszh 0c::.

-' C. ~. -. .. .... .. .. ...-X A. ..2 ..

^^licatlcn of x CQ o. :Zh orCr crL c^ vk for two (2) c cutive

"A.-- in a n::0-7-r &i3r circi.. t t o in Uil--rt.h o Co utty. Ay -xrA

ca.i2-nt or ccAn...trz.t of v:..s ri hts C10:o c:;it:3 bhirtlf cgrieve- l by th3

or- o of t ....c.% C:13 s 1::`. to, or cor.at of, vet:ed riht r:y filI: a

^*rc:.^3 In v '-: f *-Y-r r:h C.^-^r:ir^-tic^ 13 r.^ if >u-h there t., .. t..e aisbrict

cz..rt of "" 11 ......(:: ., -.. :.y, 't. i,, r ..":-". (. c) r-ra of uti-" '3 of the r.t4_c- 0_
A" i a ..." t ,. .k, t :a -,--L r- .... of
Mo u Z c r 1::,- '** *. ."*'- -. \\ "*** *' ---. ^*'* -A < A ^ ^ ^ T-".^ ^ .*l < .?

S. .

4 1-4

4p W.V ... U ,
" i 4 .. ,T

"" -: .. "4.. 4 1 -1 "

AM .7 V .-* --

S- 4 *

.'* i 4.*. .*,"- .'-4444 ?

ow is .6 *

ya before th *.-t e t'rv l i'-i- c''ll s- to 92^ la t ^ GC i. <'d4 i:a ^

.of t.e hlr of to tr :.. drto: cll within siy (60) ds

I -

rze verified rc:t^^ of tbi iirecbor c: hli3 CutAr2iJ,2 reprr:<.^tttiva chLll

.. ?riz.a fciO c.v. .c2 of t fr6itur ed rror of ;:y v.t5r r 35t.

A:t7 tc.ciicn or cz.r of t director C1c0ar:Ic t4 forffit-r enA cr^dlltft$

of ty -.t.r ri.. ...11 be in f:ll forc-z cz1 eff,-ct fro. th: d..- of it' ty

ii t- r::cor.s3 of 1:1" office vnl3c3 cxi tztil it czrticr :t.iI'1 t. oZ:;y. d by

Sof ll:: C y. ; 12.3 Arct c:r.sr cr d..c3iZZ

"t ..cl ..r.; for..it.... dA c::ll::Z:'. :"y t.l:: b*y .t. holder of t .IA n

ri"-t Q' thr:! ::roh24 t9r c 7 1 .{fol-?...

i' .cy cuv.t of cc, ::. zi:icttin in ti Ctrict for Act rrinticn of?

S"". to :t::-ro tL: ct'-t :ty cr-:: a rz-:c..:. to t". dCiicA cr t" ire"tcor,

.^,' -f ....r.., fcr inv t, -tic. o. <:: r:;.-rt v.;;.c- c'ry or nil c:f ";-" ,"^1^ l f.:_t3

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