appears^ suoh terra includes vrel3J'ieldB as horein-
before defined

^Se HI,,- "2,^
.- "te- Cj Sivat on Dis..,c,
st~sb s""::-n, f ,,I

entirety of tht iorthest Hillsborough Basin and that portion of

the Hillsborcush River Pas~in ly5ng within Hillsboroug` County

(such being vratershod fcasino created by the Southwest Florida

Vater Managcimont District)^ to be kncwa as "The Hillsborough

County Water Conse^/atlozi Districtqt accomplished by resolution

duly adopted by the Board of County Commi:s loners of Hillsborough
County^ Picrlda^ on January 19^ 1S7^ is hereby ratified and

.ffect.t e !Ots o"b J ...... thtc-", reulations
"hall apply to all editing waer wells within The Hillsorouh

County Water Conservation District having a puciping capacity in

excess of 700 gallons p.r minute subject h so ver i to the
.. ~s '--:b 'f e an

provisionD of Section 9 hereof^ aria to all ^ater walls thercaitcr
"drilled o repaired within G :: ... id "t4 that hav_ a pupin"

capacity in ecass cf 700 Callonr> p-r .inute.,-

J^d.A4 :"

On and after Octooer l. l95-^ a permit 1"

be 'equ of any ater well having a, capacity in excess- oef 700

oallcns po-r nlnuto<. Applications for permit^ should be filod
Migh the Cc::ty ..:nincr-ng -p-rt,:,-nt HillJborouh Co-'ity Cou. t "
House, Plorld^, on an application form. avajlab.oe t that
office^ A3,l applications *V711 b^ appro^-cd o^ disapproved vzitbini
thirty days from the date a-Z filing of tho applications Issuance

of Duoh permit shall not relieve the owncr or operator of
"responsibility for dabines resulting froi vell operation^
S-n 5. 4
C If nspe 4int- hl eise cu2- 'k beeofa r

^j^^du cnsdracted o te nitsCrtical fnr Jlsronogc^.
C "" Q ^ "^" w O T T"- q

%u a0 ,,t,, prl fort c construction or lt

,.pair of wate_ wellss having au-,pi. ca p aty in excess oi 700

gallons per minute all b.e i..,ud upeon the filing of a proper

appliction -herefo,- unless the Board ha p o .,e.lnd

afte du ration of the eo, a.-nd h oe, a"

conditicns in the rea- of the" ...r... cnsction r -'.repi

that excessiveloe-rin. of surface or ,on rate'" levels ni-,t
res-ult from the contet:plat'd use of the, proposed .ell or well-o,,

-Section 6 hereof, et seq,
"./',^ 7 ^ ,.c:... :-,^ ,^ p i^-..: C T ,: .,^ o .- -i'1'- : ^ r s 1 I I

-nr ,"trc-ted pcermit 3,h::-ll nc^.na-h~a"leszs o.-ec,.o-.-e ^rbj-ctc in all
r.p~t to the res _tricns s--t fo_'th in Sec',tidm Yb) hereo..
upon ~ Jh-curneo oeo o- fte olwn vns

produced .. ce. ... .. partJ per .. illlicn ::-asured in

the prodlucin^ ^^11 o^ in *an cbcervation ^ell located
within th. cone of ccdpreas-in or tho producin ^^11

(ii) yh n it c-., be demonstrated- based on

available gcologlca3. and hydrologicnl evidence^ *t!;c't

pujnping fro;:" saifi veil tes resulted ,in lanch-ard or

vertical i.^n
excels of 50 parts por mll-iofAV:

surface by such a ;ell ca.3w the failure of onUo

ntore previously operative Xwater vrell^ located within

tho ccie of depression of the tell in Question o
a C.7

(iv) hen ydroloic studies of the
relationship bo te cn rainfall pumping an- d lake levCl,

"indicate that pumping from the v;ell or els in

question is causing a measurable progressive decline in
the level of any publicly or privately o.-ned lake

located within the cone of depression of that well-

unless the lake is wholly c,^ned or- wholly -ithin land

owned or leased by the o;ner of the vel3.

(c) Written notice shall be given by the Board to the

owner of any such previously unrestricted "ell of the deterrina-

tion by the Board that. by ,eason of the oocurrenca of one or

more of the aforestated events, such uell has become subject to

restriction- The c.nerr if he desires to protest the deter'ina-

tion, shall file his written protest with the Board within thirty

days after the data of his receipt of th3 Board's notification^
failing *ihich the E-oardes determination shall 0-3 final. The
EQ-^rd shall hear eviclece on such protest at a data and tirne s-st

boy it^ which shall b^ ^o i.:r3 than thirty day^ ^ubsequcat to tha
filing of such protests and the Board shall its decision on

the protest within thirty days thereafter,


11tice V~:u~ CItei Lo

C-' V- Ci `E^y" a pj v t'^ ?';,^? l' -* *"T!'** **"

(a)~~~~~~~~~~~~~J Tn^Badsaldtrin rmtret Im'at

my bote -Ppl or -1 Lrt Y &ult rolm ^ Invie

instllaionand portion of n3 F roro ~atr vellchavn4-

pulpng cpacty I 0:00^^of 00 c1^^ P^^minteor,!h

AL 4C/; -" ? \ ^ <'* f ^ 1 ^r ^ c "r ^ '" ^ r ^ *'!**
JIt C,< \^'j v-^ U 1^ U ^ < i^ w ^ v '/ L ~ v < *? c4 \i 0 j ^ ^ tr ~
cluallty~~~~~~~~~~~~ pC1).m ihnsc ra^ sll etitdpr t

may~~~~~~~~~~~~~4' ;'1~~ o h cntut~no eai fvlshyn
be a-oing aaiyi xeso 0 lesprnnt

-s, aTh 0,-r, t o1 thvprino h ititt

1orp,e Jh Vthi~s Hilaor v 1,si 71 h'tb /3l edt

Le haae nviht~eeitprbe^o ~t^spl n

vmtr q ali C ol:ly .1-rite J, n~Bi.yb sue o

(b)~~~~~~~~~~~r Aetitdprisfrt-3c^tuto r^~
of ~ ~ L ILe CH ~ oti uh o 1)o h ol~n

-q Utr; ^prann 0^ecndton ndr^ic ao ~yt
P /\-; "'r-^ c*^ ^ ^ ^" '1'*r\ ^'T^ ^ p '1,'*' r^i! i"*' ^ ^ ^t ^^t ? **'' w -*->^^z 5 rz i

ll} C^ kob f. I or

A/i~o V^-s-V/t; i

41 a e 4, V

Ci A) Irhbto ol Ch pupC of Cat
rvma^l nsuhqatte litteclrd

contnt CCSCS S^ patD pr i~lllo^ a n~~izrd i

!h rD-cairl ri ohrvtrv~l oae

Oilii thve.o creso fteprdcn vel
I,-Apoiito fteplpn f\ae

from a &41. Jn VuhQatto st eutI h

n et, ierl aufae r- curcst inht cz.te ofe the"

nearest~~~~~f, eitnwar J-l wti h oeo

of ne r ioreofe the Devints dcscrib-cl in Sec:tio ()(i^(1)

(iii)naio or (iv hsroof^Ful tliato

(d) Ah person vha, under the p:;oviionD of tho::^ca

reg ulations^ is rvioentitled to th 3 issue ofrit othr than au

retritdpemtfr h oatnt or repair of el ai pmn cait an propose o^

ti glon ado tha ^pciicuune litaticons tijono In thsfte estrctede
issuanc tofe hleft of itsrca permit the o
Boar ehll ear vidnceon scn rotst a a ateand il.1so
bNo ,.rjihszllfen oetentit assusqett h

13iin n. vuhpoet n h or salxik t iino
'{*V ^a *^^ ^-^ r*^ *r ^ 'y^< %-l^^ ^ >' *^ ?'? 4b-'Y
t'i~^ p UU~b n^^-,.t.JXjL U->^<^v~j v'-^^ k^^ ^A


tio of. rep:ir ofn 94l hkAgaprpigcpct i xeso

7013ln-px ~ae ne h cniin frinat N espcfid

4b Beoedciin oiseVuhapmi^ h or

must have determined tha rv Ot fl tiiaio fth qifri

bein ^^ y oisti^ wel^ r tht te aqiferis ubjet t


4P 1.* '

Si ) .. -- , es ur e ec r

J..,<-. 1 ;1 t -- .- -*,

inial, 34, ne te urntwtrue odto
laniward or vertical novemncnt of saline ^jater: is

taking place

(c) Ulcn "king a prel-":-Ji'zy c.ter--ntion of full
utilization or deplefclon of i?^ aquifer in a npecifieci arac^ the

_L ^^ J :^ ^
preliminary I netor -lrtion should bec f% officials ;oficc of such
public hearing shall ba publiched ocice caca ^^^^ for two
.cse-utive ..eek" (^o publications bein sufficient) in a

ne.p-pe-r of general circulatx.n In th- county. At such public
hearings i nte' e d -. ." sv.'-* ? b. *^-^" "t'-, ,:? <",--: .... r i r-',ua_-,"-< to
,-- 44 ..... ,. {.i .. .. 4, J Z8 i
present evidence pertainin^ to tbo issues of full utilization or

depletion of the aquifer in the area specified^ The 'oard shall

make its official termination en the issue within 15 6ay,

subsequent to the public hearing and shall give written notice

thereof to all parties requesting th3 san^. Pirther^ notice of

the Board ^s dot^^minaticn shall b^ published one tima in a

newspaper of general circulation in the County of Hillsborough

within seven days following for--al Board action,

Section 9_
YILw Z.rra

ater Veils Pre-Elxisting the Effective Date
-ot A!es c-,ltogyAoiailt hr

-T.ese regulation shall apply to water wells that re
in existence prior to their effective date in the manner follo-


(a) ^-h o nera and operators of all vjater veils

prcr'ntly within tli District th"t have a pu".^ns capacity in

excess of 700 gallons per M.nute shall allcw freo access to each

such jell to au:," ;i-, e ...i," Lnc i -"- j. >;' ^ ^ u ^^
S.... .. ...o g the in :,...,e'a $."

. i/asurcments^ pumping data^ ^ater appless and such other data as

the District reasonably ^ay require in the perfcrr^Qce of its

authori-ed function, ^ "urth,- they chall r.aintain cuch pun"
records and cc--ile such, <2ata -s th, Si.rict r.a.onably
rav BO reouire and shall 2^1.0 the- ^ae available to the Dictrlcr^

(b) All watotr "eils presently "ithin th^ District th-t
have a puirpins cp-city in e":ce-s of 700 sillcc per ..inute h.ll
becc:.. .... .. suoj ct n a. Section 7 (b) h;'eo, upon %1; ",'.:-,d's "eemnto .. ._

occurrenc-e either prio- or subsequent to the effective dat- of
these regulations, of one or iore of th following ev-nts,

/^\ T^- oHC -->t^cc ' ,, = -.,--, p',, n fi!!i *f-:'-.^ s .- '^ f^....
producoci exceed^ 50 parts per million as zmeanurod in
Sthe producing 1.^11 or in nn observation vr33l located
within the co.o o- depression of the producing "ell^
(ii) hen it can 'e ntrated basd on

available g-ol-,ical and hydrological evidenc e that from said ^ell has resuiltod in ltncd.rd or
vertical imov3;:^nt of ^ater containing chloride in
txcs of .250 part per million:

(iil) -,en the dr;.dc-n of the piezorStric
surface by such a well causes the failure of cne or
nore previously operative water wells located within
the cone of depression of the well in question
(iv) ^--hen hydrologic studies of the
relationship bot-^on rainfall purpiz^ and lake level
indicate that puzr, jiS from the well or wells in
question is causing a .asura-ble pro-re-sivo decline in
the level of any publicly or privately o.ed lake

located within the cone of depression of that iwell^
unless the lake i wholly o-ned or wholly within land
c'-.'rned oi ^s-d b' t,'3 o^:t'-- of t-'- I ll"

(c) -ritt-n notice .hill b.e "i-- -- the B-ard to the

owner of any such ^ell^ or vells^ of the Bcard^s cetarminaticn
-that- by areas" of th^ occirronce of one or more of the afore-

stated events" the subject well or ,ells. has become subject to

0- 4 1 14

- ... _* G?i '"= ,' ..... -

das ... :"; She date of- ...... "f "oadsnowcai

"V y ' iti w ic, "^" ; ."* .... _, ,-, 'l t.,e

v-^L'ii .. .. ......:JJ ., i .^ :'>.... -v;i ,..k-. ut- i/ Ls L1^ .-. - El $.3 .Q -U i -" .
14)in -fsc rtcadteBadcalmk t ei- o 4n

s ^e .]P^ -."., o ' ,- ', -is .. ... -, O -

......... ,, siu t : !' t -. .,.:" $atb were ._
""x"ln vbxc" to Bcd ex n ec i-e t it. o0 ih.l' ..... '- ^'i

m.iteage - thr ,:.-- --of" er - s usdeteDsrc

cha scurmi ng px'iom %0e aectzee%ve dat o'these euain b
flingte of auhe proteot^ and ther Boar ^hal ml^id itse aoctioa e

Sre gulat %nfs.

(Il i) o ith respect to total monthly

e istence e p' !rior to the-efcAItot

of eac g suchIn n. 0--"l well opcrducin ..or .. itr
^hl^o idatrteeffective oato of these regulations' b

.hi .. cio ....l ,_- to a',, not :,clusive of

t.,- ,,,'' s ""',.--, .. !....ta ion;'_ '-ovided he .. ..rei o ta'.'-. ex-ct
lion ited inai o their p^^^^gonc of ^ate for usre outid the Distrit ^
10; .. .... w 47 L_ k; ,;

pus foag e^ tion the ) r^^xr )r no ily wellfield pivp geref

oc e uorrsicns hereof shact dave of the force and ,ct

of law and such iid b.l r,*, ",,'ocr"ring prd"'ior o the"
effecritie fciton of thee Coregulathios ^ae
set forth In "nctio 9()()Ii)jii)ad(v eef

CCorit actio0i in the-1- Coit of Ihi Stat r. $,-



Owner's Name: Address:

Driller's Name: Address:

Location of Well:

(State above merely the Section, Township and Range in which the
well is proposed to be located; also, attach to this sheet a
diagram showing the location of the well in relation to the road
network in the area.)

Proposed Depth of Well: Proposed Depth of Casing:

Diameter of Casing: Pump Capacity:

Planned Use of Water:

(i.e. residential, industrial, commercial, or irrigational)


Date of Application

Application No.





Owner's Name: Address:

Driller's Name: Address:

Location of Well:

Proposed Depth of Well: Proposed Depth of Casing:

Diameter of Casing: Pump Capacity:

Planned Use of Water:

IMPORTANT: The water well proposed to be constructed or repaired under this
permit is subject to the following restrictions:

(1) Water may not be pumped from the well in such quantities
that the chloride content exceeds 250 parts per million
S.. ~as measured in the producing well or in other water wells
within the cone of the depression of the producing well.

(2) Water may not be pumped from the well in such quantities as
to result in the landward or vertical movement of water
containing chloride in excess of 250 parts per million.

(3) Water may not be pumped from the well in such quantities as
to cause a drawdown of the piezometric surface, measured
at the site of the nearest existing water well within its
cone of depression, in excess of 15 feet below static water
level conditions, unless the consent of the owners of all
water wells so affected is obtained.

(!) Water may not be pumped from the well in such quantities as
to cause a measurable progressive decline of the level of
any, publicly or privately owned lake located within its
cone- of depression, unless the lake is wholly owned or
wholly within land owned or leased by the owner of such well.



Application No. By_______ __ _--,





Owner's Name: Address:

Driller's Name: Address:

Location of Well:

Proposed Depth of Well-: I Proposed Depth of Casing:

Diameter of Casing: Pump Capacity:

Planned Use of Water:



S... By
"* County Engineering Department

Application No.

Title: Hillsborough County Water Conservation District Regulations
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Full Text
It \
C c.

(Adopted Auc';t "4, 1953)
.l J

Secti-1 2- .i p- To:t-

(a) Bo-=d Board of COc-i.nsicn.s. 6? uhe Hillboro"h "
Count,' -.atsr C"on-rva-ion Dist.,ict Board of Ccrun y

Ccmi^3io.- .J by standard chacal Vehod

.....- .pu.n

(d) _l... .. (o- we .ll^) ^10 process of drilling"
driving or bo..n. an op.nin, in the ground for th,
aquifer- to the groIknd surface including the

setting of casing. and installation of p-ps and

"trans "l-sion lines-

(e) pS "yt.iH- ^ electionon of ground water resources ccc.irs
when .,ate in an area is ...oved from the ground by

p .pi, at a greater rate than the natural replen.

(f) Distict 5e Hillsboroui County ater Conrvation

(s) ^11^Z9 (of a ^^11) c, railu^ of a ater oello for th
purpora,: of th"se ro ^l^i&n- n'ans the

(h) T'l; J l-- .. ..- ',! utilisatic, of ground -:at"-r in area reach hn ratr i :ovd by puia at

a rate ..pprox m-at-ly equal to -recharge i

(i?) Ml^SJEl^J^ w Tho Hillsborou(h Bivsr Bzain

be diff-rent.atd fro. fluctuations in response to

drought ffect. The present e ,of eaurable

pro-ressive declines in rater levels shall be

established through standard Graphical or statisti-

cal mztthods.

(k) Iirfh^^.M HillSborowi T^ Zor threat
Hillsborou.h Easin of the Southc.t Florida ^ater
Mana e".rnt Dis.,trict.
(1) iWE,-,io .l... Any ter well frorm which water

level or water quality data can be obtained,
Xl f

(C) Mo^is t.c" r pi.etri
surface is the theoretical level to which water will

rise in a tightly cased well (the artesian water
level) Da n of the piezoetric surface occurs

Shere pumping takes place and a hydraulic gradient
is established in the piezomtric surface.
'r *~ oprto o--f1 an r ex ing ", and priosl opertr ive
well ^l~ I


(p fo .. ." -" c.tio:a, o 4.,j. J:o ;,

( 1X1
lovely of the artesian Twator lovel yhon unaffected

,.foll:in, t Z c-ssation of p-mping,
(0) "l.^^J^^ -.^^ Jej -.^^ A v^11 0^ rater ^^3-1
for the purposes of *fcbse regulations^ ^hall be any

artificial opn" i^ %n the ground designed to convey
ater7. fron a source bed or aquifer to the ground

surface. A -ellfield c crises more than one vell

corneo or controlled by a cing3.e operator Gn^/or_1

connected to a corrcn. transmission line-a ^hcrove^
-in '(-^"-^ v^-^^^l*^" rnc ^'h^ 'y- ^^^
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