Title: Letter enclosing copies of types of permits
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Title: Letter enclosing copies of types of permits
Alternate Title: Letter enclosing copies of types of permits issued after approval of Governing Board
Physical Description: 2p.
Language: English
Publication Date: Jan. 7, 1975
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 3, Folder 1 ( SWF CONSUMPTIVE USE PERMIT APPLICATION (CUP) FORM ), Item 12
Funding: Digitized by the Legal Technology Institute in the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.
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' Jouthwrest Flt.rida
Water Managementt District


SAGEM DERRILL McATEER, Chairman, Brooksville THOMAS VAN DER VEER, Secretary, Yankeetown RONALD B. LAMBERT, Wauchula
J. R. GRAW, Vice Chairman, Ocala S.C. BEXLEY, JR., Land O'Lakes ROBERT MARTINEZ, Tampa
JOE E. HILL, Treasurer, Leesburg N. BROOKS JOHNS, Lakeland LEWIS H. HOMER, Clearwater
Donald R. Feaster, Executive Director
January 7, 1975

SJAN 9 197 '
L. M. Blain, Esquire JAN 9-
Post Office Box 1363
Tampa, Florida 33601

Re: Consumptive Use Permit

Dear Buddy:

This will confirm my recent telephone conversation with you on an
example of the actual permit issued by the staff.

Enclosed are xerox copies of the types of permit issued after the
Governing Board has approved the application for the permit.

Should you request anything further, please advise.

Very truly yours,

Staff Attorney




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I0l2 *n A. 29, 9,1976 ^

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