Title: Consumptive Use Permit
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Title: Consumptive Use Permit
Alternate Title: Consumptive Use Permit granted to West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority #200004 (Cosme Odessa) July 7, 1982 through July 7, 1992
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CUP NO. 200004
West Coast Regional Water Supply
Authority/City of St. Petersburg

Authorized Signature, SWFWMD

Applicants hereby certify that applicants legally control the property covered by
this application, that the information contained in this application is true and
accurate and, if applicant is a corporation or a partnership, that the undersigned
has the legal authority to execute this application and affidavit on behalf of said
corporation or partnership.

Signature of Applicant

Signature of Co-Applicant
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this day of

Notary Public

My Commission Expires:



CUP NO. 200004
West Coast Regional Water Supply
Authority/City of St. Petersburg

11. The total combined daily withdrawal on an average weekly basis from the Cosme-Odessa
(CUP 200004) and Section 21 (CUP 200003) Well Fields shall, as demonstrated during
previous operation, continue to be reasonably balanced between the two well fields.

12. The quantities set forth in paragraph 6 of this permit are authorized and intended
for the purpose first of meeting water supply requirements of the City of St.
Petersburg. Included in the total quantity set forth in paragraph 6 is one mil-
lion gallons per day (average annual) and 3 million gallons per day (maximum
daily) which is authorized for withdrawal and use by West Coast Regional Water
Supply Authority to supply supplemental water to the area supplied by the
Northwest Hillsborough Regional Well Field at times when water supply require-
ments for such water supply area are not met under Consumptive Use Permit 206676.

13. The District may, at a future date, establish a minimum water level in the aquifer
or aquifers hydrologically associated with these withdrawals which may require
the Permittee to limit withdrawal from these groundwater sources at times when
water levels fall below these minimums. (Sec. 373.042, F.S.)

14. The District reserves the right, at all reasonable times, to collect water samples
for analysis. The District may, upon prior notice, collect water samples from any
or all withdrawal points listed on this Permit, or may, at the option of the Dis-
trict, provide mailable containers to the Permittee, and require the Permittee to
forward samples from any or all withdrawal points within an reasonable period of
time prescribed.

15. Permittee shall continue existing water conservation practices and programs and
shall provide an annual report for the previous water year on conservation.
The report will include an update of accomplishments through existing programs
and a summary of new programs. The report shall be submitted to the District
by January 1 of each year.

16. Permittee shall continue its policy to investigate and document complaints related
to withdrawals at the Cosme-Odessa Well Field. A summary report of these investi-
gations and mitigation activities for the previous water year shall be submitted
by the first day of January of each year.

17. Within 36 months of issuance of this permit, the Permittee shall submit a plan
for review by the Director of Resource Regulation Department for the construction
of the interconnection of the Cypress Creek System and Morris Bridge supply.
This plan shall provide for a 30 month schedule of testing, design, financing
and construction activities such that the first phase of this project would be
available for beneficial use within the 30 month period. The plan will be
contingent upon the Authority's 1982-1995 Needs and Sources projections of
water supply needs and development of sources coming to pass. A confirmation
of those projections will be made by the Authority in 1985.


CUP NO. 200004
West Coast Regional Water Supply
Authority/City of St. Petersburg

d. The Permittee shall manage the pumping from Cosme-Odessa Well Field so as
not to cause the cumulative weekly average elevations of the potentiometric
surface of the Floridan Aquifer to be lower than the regulatory levels for
each of the wells listed below.

Well No. Regulatory Level in Feet Above Mean Sea Level

24. Grace 3 (Cosme 3) (280607823530) 20.0
25. James II (280703823417) 25.0
26. Calm 33A (280833823436) 24,0

The weekly average elevations shall be calculated by averaging the hourly
readings for the week; each weekly period shall commence at 12:01 A.M.
on Saturday of each week.

The weekly average elevations shall continue to be determined cumulatively.
The cumulative weekly average elevations shall be calculated by adding each
weekly average elevation to the preceding weekly average elevations and
dividing by the total number of weeks; the cumulative weekly average ele-
vations shall commence on October 1 each year. Cumulative weekly average
elevations shall not carry over from one production year to another. Pro-
duction causing cumulative weekly average elevations in the monitoring wells
to drop below the regulatory levels shall only be permitted during the first
eight weeks of each production year.

e. Permittee shall continue to manage the well field in a manner as to avoid
recurring weekly average elevations (non-cumulative) of the potentiometric
surface of the Floridan Aquifer that are more than 3 feet below the regulatory
levels for the monitor wells set forth in Condition 10d. The District will
continue to collect the water level recorder hydrographs from each regulatory
well on a regular basis, and verify weekly average elevations calculated for
each well (except as authorized below). At any time the weekly average ele-
vation (non-cumulative) for any regulatory well falls greater than 3 feet
below the regulatory level for that well, the District Staff may give notice
to the Permittee and require that Permittee investigate the causes for the
drawdowns and submit a report of such investigation to the District within
14 days of receipt of such notice. The report shall set forth any action
taken or proposed to be taken to avoid potential adverse impact to the
water resources or ecology. If such actions are deemed inadequate, the
District, after notice, may hold a hearing at which the Permittee will be
given an opportunity to show cause why the District should not reconsider
and modify the terms and conditions of this Permit so as to further avoid
lowering levels below regulatory levels.

The levels set forth herein may be exceeded on a recurring basis, but such
authorization is limited as follows: Recurrence shall not exceed six (6)
consecutive weeks or more than a total of eight (8) weeks during any
annual period commencing November 30 of the water year. This authorization
shall terminate after 30 months from the date of this permit unless the
Permittee has demonstrated to the Director of the Resource Regulation
Department in conjunction with its proposals in compliance with Condition
10e of Consumptive Use Permit 206676 that such recurrence frequency or
any recurrence frequency will continue to be appropriate.


CUP NO. 200004 /
West Coast Regional Wate. Supply
Authority/City of St. Petersburg


18 13. 28 06 01 82 35 18 545,000 575,000
19 14. 28 06 08 82 35 03 985,000 1,000,000
20 15. 28 06 14 82 35 30 965,000 1,200,000
21 16. 28 06 22 82 35 33 1,000,000 1,150,000
23 17. 28 07 14 82 34 20 570,000 575,000
24 18. 28 07 21 82 34 21 725,000 850,000
25 19. 28 07 33 82 34 21 785,000 1,000,000
30 20. 28 07 44 82 34 29 545,000 575,000
31 21. 28 07 52 82 34 30 645,000 750,000
32 22. 29 07 58 82 34 33 785,000 850,000
34 23. 28 08 12 82 34 40 790,000 1,000,000
Combined Withdrawal 13,000,000 22,000,000

8. The use of said water is restricted to the use classification set forth above.
Any change in the use of said water will require a modification of this Permit.

9. In the event an emergency water shortage should be declared, the District may
alter, modify or declare to be inactive, all or parts of this Permit. An
authorized District Representative may, at any reasonable time, enter the
property to inspect the facilities and may require that this Permit be shown.

10. Permittee shall within the time limits hereinafter set forth, complete the fol-
lowing items, and if Permittee fails to complete them by the specified date,
then this Permit shall become null and void.

a. Total flow from each designated withdrawal point shall be calculated and
recorded on a monthly basis and reported, on forms furnished, to the
District by the tenth day of the following month.

Reports shall be addressed to: Processing and Records Section
Southwest Florida Water Management District
5060 U. S. Highway 41 South
Brooksville, FL 33512

b. Total flow from the well field shall be recorded on a daily basis. Reports
of daily flow for each weekly period shall be made by Permittee, in writing,
to the District on the following Monday; such weekly period shall commence
at 12:01 A.M. on Saturday of each week. Daily pumpage shall be made avail-
able upon reasonable verbal or telephone request by District Staff.

c. Water quality analysis for chloride, sulfate, conductivity and total dissolved
solids shall be done on a regular quarterly basis on samples from Wells No.
2 and 18 (User ID Nos. 2 and 24) and reports furnished to the District by the
10th day of the following month.

In addition, until such time as a Regional Monitor Plan is implemented under
CUP 206676, the Water Quality/Level Monitoring program currently being oper-
ated by the City will be continued and an Annual Report summarizing the
data collected by the City for that monitoring program will be submitted to
the District by March 1 of each year.


6/08/82 6/25/82

,SWFWMD) 6/15/82

PERMIT GRANTED TO: PERMIT NO.: 200004 (Cosme-Odessa)
West Coast Regional Water Supply DATE PERMIT GRANTED: July 7, 1982
Authority/City of St. Petersburg DATE PERMIT APPLICATION
FILED: December 30, 1981
2280 US Hwy 19 North, Suite 121 PERMIT EXPIRES ON: July 7, 1992
Clearwater, Florida 33515 USE CLASSIFICATION: Public Supply
(Legal Name and Address)
Sections 11,14,23,26,27,34, T27S, R17E


1. That all statements in the application and in supporting data are true and accurate and based
upon the best information available, and that all conditions set forth herein will be complied
with. If any of the statements in the application and in the supporting data are found to be
untrue and inaccurate, or if applicant fails to comply with all of the conditions set forth herein,
then this Permit shall become null and void.

2. This Permit is predicated upon the assertion by applicant that the use of water applied for and
granted is and continues to be a reasonable beneficial use as defined in Section 373.019(5),
Florida Statutes, is and continues to be consistent with the public interest, and will not interfere
with any legal use of water existing on the date this Permit is granted.

3. In granting this Permit, SWFWMD has, by regulation, reserved from use by applicant, water in
such locations and quantities, for such seasons of the year, as it determines may be required
for the protection of fish and wildlife and the public health and safety. Such reservations are
subject to periodic review and revision in light of changed conditions.

4. Based upon the application and supporting documents, SWFWMD finds that the applicant's
consumptive use of water of 9.000.000 gallons per day was in existence before
January 1, 1975 at the average annual withdrawal rate of 9.000.000 gallons per day.

5. Nothing in this Permit should be construed to limit the authority of Southwest Florida Water
Management District to declare water shortages and issue orders pursuant to Section 373.175,
Florida Statutes, or to formulate a plan for implementation during periods of water shortage
pursuant to Section 373.246, Florida Statutes.

6. This Permit authorizes the applicant named above to make a combined average annual with-
drawal of 13.000.000 gallons of water per day with a maximum combined
withdrawal rate not to exceed 22.000.000 during a single day. Withdrawals are
authorized as shown in the table below.

IC 1. 28 05 50 82 35 49 945,000 1,200,000
2 2. 28 05 50 82 35 43 565,000 575,000
3A 3. 28 06 06 82 35 29 445,000 500,000
4 4. 28 06 11 82 35 16 1,000,000 1,200,000
5 5. 28 06 22 82 35 14 1,000,000 1,200,000
6A 6. 28 06 01 82 35 08 965,000 1,200,000
7A 7. 28 06 43 82 34 26 945,000 1,000,000
8 8. 28 06 49 82 34 20 1,000,000 1,200,000
9A 9. 28 06 35 82 35 04 980,000 1,000,000
10 10. 28 06 52 82 34 17 995,000 1,200,000
12A 11. 28 07 13 82 34 13 995,000 1,200,000
16 12. 28 06 00 82 35 03 875,000 1,000,000

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