Title: Letter from DER attaching initial draft of the State Water Policy
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Title: Letter from DER attaching initial draft of the State Water Policy
Alternate Title: Letter from DER attaching initial draft of the State Water Policy for discussion purposes only
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Publication Date: Sept. 4, 1980
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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(b) ^]tcr resources shdll he reserved in quantities and (I^ll1^'v
I'^^^ I f sufficient to pnr-s'rvo or restore the fresh water ne',1 0 r
e- ^s tu rics.


(a) Providing for recreation in and on the water;
S(b) Providing for navigation;

(c) Providing for fish and wildlife habitats and the passage of
anadromous fish species;
[., (d) Maintenance of estuarine resources including the transfer ,

S. detrital material;
s:~(f) M s maintenance of fresh water storage and supply;
S') Providing aesthetic and scenic attributes;

p ^(h) Filtration and absorption of nutrients and other pollutants

(i) Reduction of sediment loads; and
^T ^Water quality protection of potable water supplies.
A A pe to re.isrv,,(charge into, or to dredge and fill or
B Ih (2) Therwise altery of wetlands and floodptllains shall not preserve granted

(a) Existing reasonable-beneficial uses are preserved or dis-
.:- i ncIud | ng :

^(i) preserved or enhanced;
S( ii) providing or recreation in another d on the tanner; or
(i) determined to be of a lesser social, economic, andn;
(c) Providing for fish and wildlife habitats and the passwhich thef

'^"|^ t anadromouit is souhtpecies;

L .. .~ ~~,.d .71 -= ir - , ,,, ,-ii-!. Plii aiip i ''- *'
':;.ya~r ,"" "+t.+'uw.".. .

(4) Water and related land roesur ce projects undertaken by government.
Agencies shall protect or restore the natural hydroperiod of
wetlands and floodplairts unless the achi,verpent of a more reason-
able-heneficial use precludes such action.. rJ ,

(5) The state shall acnitiro t etlandi, or flooilains where appropriate'
r aard where consistent with the aclievP"Cnt. of -edsonable-beneficii
'I rih t-' uses. ,C I

""I ";i: (6) Freshwater springs shall Ie idenli fied a:nd protected as integral
:parts of wetlands and floodpldirns and as unique hydrological
'sites. 1 l: cL

'it X X09 Jtcer Projects
--r"* .. -- :. (1) The achievement of reasonable-honeficial use shall be the ,,ver-
S '.riding consideration for funding water resources projects.
S (a) Structural and nonstructural alternatives shall be considered
and weighed for all water resources construction projects.
Sm (b) Df&isions shall be based upon which alternative offers the
i: ,',i |'. most reasonable-beneficial use of the waters and associated

F"i^ ; (2) Water resources projects shall he financed by those most directly

,," "benefitted.

17-l.O 10 Impleentation
". ", ." (1) Corrective action shall be required where conditions of develop-
,,/ ,1 ^ ment, or other alterations of land, prevent or threaten to prevent

' ^ the attainment of reasonable-beneficial uses of water or otherwise
'".: . "conflict with the public interest. s.373.016(2)(a).
S:i, % (a) The State Water Plan, which shall include the regional water

S,,:.:, 'i Iuse plans submitted to the department by each water manajer!ent
Ititi".,|^: i district, shall be consistent with the requirements of

i i|:|, , ," s.373.036, Florida Statutes, and the state water policy.
", s.373.016(3).

m ,, ','g- ... .. ^, *I. l

^^ tttlW ^ 'bi *v*?" '"'***-ttt *''" *'** >' "''**" *l*~-t-* "^ ** __________ ....,a usmll:l

i. (b) Tlie state Water' Plan shi!l lent i fy spec( ific ;jeoorphical
^ areas where water shortagics, flooding, over-draindce, water

-I: ;1 quality degradation or other e'viro'nepnta" problems have
.. reached, or will reach, critical lev% ls.

."' .!* Ii (i) A course uf ren.edial action whi;.h is consistent with
the provisions of thi olicnv t.sll t;e specific' for
?.,-. each critical problem.

(ii) Measures rPay include federal pul1lic works programs;
"4' 4 *^state ater resource( restoration Froiects; purchase c.f
lands ',)y the state; eonforcaenent of state laws and
"rules; anO local qovern'r:ent activities conducted pursuant

to a local government cLprehensivo plan, local ordin(nct,

or zoning regulation. s.373.016; 373.036.

(2) administration of state water laws and policies shall be responsive
; "',. to the needs of the pCblic.

,i Cio.. ;"" (a) The state shall uniformly administer water laws to the
Greatest extent practicable, but state standards and regula-
i'iT " '- tions shall take into account differing regional water
i.. '.. y" resource characteristics, and needs. s.373.016(3).

.1. (b) Tie state water policy shall be reviewed periodically, but
irn no case less frequently thlan once every four years.

.' .. ." Revisicps, if any, shall be adopted by rule. s. 373.016(3).

'f- ;, (c) Each water management district may adopt regional water
S,-.'". :. policies based upon the policies set forth in this rule. In

"*h 'i';'' : the event that the state water policy is revised pursuant to
;,,.',: (b), each district policy shall he revised accordingly.

.,. (d) Departnent and water management district rules shall be

*? consistent with the state water policy. ,-

"1 / (r) [ach water management district shall, as soon as practicahbl,
^i^^ 1^ **8 "or at the direction of the department, i.ple(;ent all portions
!"..I .. of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, which have been deleqated.
s.. ....3)
e ,, .o


4cJr I% _t*-L.u ~ ~r~~.!
----~- '-.--,-- .,@! 1 iL I

!' i .

DY !:" 1 (3) Water equal i ty and lquantity'y mndna-e.a int shall be integrated to te

"." !Ir, attest extend t pracct i c. l)1

1 (a d) Water qluantitv hhdll be JI n'ri;r consideration in all witcer

Ai i to ual wity iTa l( .'c:l nLe ( Icic i l .

.P (, ^ ^^ W tor (P i- nti ,lil1 l , raijr i-ons doralion in al1 I ,ter

1 ;,, ca Ijality mana%,1nr nt. d( vision, .

1 ;-^ (c) [uplication of water quality dnd qu^itity pernitting functions
.. I,

...' ^ ^ shall he eliminated where approprit. through the use of.

.21^r. "> joint permitting forms, col location of offices and de-legatln

/.I,. or consolidation of agency responsibilities.

T ."i ^ ^ (4) The state shall assist state universities in the development of
' .(

,- i. -educational curricula and research programs which meet Florida's
!:T(- "^i pYesent and future water management needs.
I :,^\ c'! .W ,'

'l ^? :(5) Interstate agreements and cooperative programs with Alabama and

i 1Georgia shall be undertaken to provide for coordinated management
"!r ,u ; of interstate waters.
"' ( i '
: ', :

i' -.I ;
..:salh lmntdwel apor~l hog h s f
,. . ":4 1"tn ors oloair o fiesadd-lgtlr
!.$ t .I,"..
~ 'I conoltdt~o of genc rcp~nshilili.
14 R'O"

1~~. b...
-i ,/.'.' 'n ,'ewae angmntnes
". .,. "
? '" '
r', ',~ ,"r ,5 ,esae areet adcoedie poraswt lbm

,. '

"I .
-,., ,;
ii:, '1,

,.,,', ,, l Zl "i.

AL. I A 301

:'.: ..,"," "'. ,.' i s" c ETA.
,I i i

"Robert ark, Jr ,.

Chairman >t'
South Florida Water
t. Lauderdale, lorida 33316

" l SoN OA f prior to our SP temb.-' oting Th

SW !,.. $TOM

/ ,..'ep ebr 4, t980

be t Clark Jr | .

SCh mJacob L. arn
So Fl a r WaSecretary

,Attachment r
S r :B "' ate pa

;Sept Joe 4, 198lo

Rober Cla n- *.
the LtIurFlori d 33316ou s r r;.

..D ear Bobb;
.'t+'- r I; 1j

S* '- i -



. i: i** i" ^ "

PART I Declaration and Intent

',17X.01 Declaration and Intent
r:I (1) Article II, Section 7 of the Florida Constitution requires

abatement of water pollution, andl conservation and protection o4r
.40 . Florida's natural resources and scenic h(aiuty.

1(2) Section 373.016(1)(2), Florida StJatites, decl.ires that trc writer ;

S;, thr state are aronq its basic r~esourcesr and that such warere

"" have not he retofore l been corlserved or ful lv control led as to

realize their full heneficial use. In ai'dition, this section

declares it to be the policy of the Legislature:
S i (a) to provide for the management of water and related land

S (b) to promote the conservation, development, and proper utili-

..\ : atlon of surface and ground water;
~ :! .(c) to develop and regulate dams, impoundments, reservoirs and

other works and to provide water storage for beneficial
S .purposes;

1. ~(d) to prevent damage from flood, soil erosion, and excessive

; drainagee;

1 ;(e) to preserve natural resources, fish ,ind wildlife;

| (f) to promote recreational developnrwnt, protect public lands,

^ and assist iln naintaining the navigablility of rivers and
1: ,r harbors; and

\ ...(g) otherwise, to promote the health, safety and general welfare
of the people of this state.

.T;!i ___ ^.'-"___ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ 9^ ^ ^ .iM^ ^ M

H^ (3) Furthernore, the T.loridai egis I turti, i:n actionn 373.016(3),
I oridi Statutes, vestdl in the Plp,,.rti,.ent of Environmental
Reijulation the plwer and responsibility t) accomplish the
conservation, protection, nmadinarenent ard control of the waters of
,,. the state and with sufficient flexibility and discretion to
accomplish these ends through delegation of appropriate powers t'
YM l ^ the various water management districts :o''--C
(4) Section 403.021, Florida Statutes, declares that the public
T : policy of the state is to conserve the waters of the state and t,

protect, maintain and irlprove the quality thereof for public
water supplies, for the propa,.atinri of wildlife, fish and ether
aquatic life, and for dcimestic, agricultural, industrial, recre-
ational, and other beneficial u,s. It also prohibits the ?di -
*^If :''.) clharjge of wastes into Fiorida waters without r,'eatpent necessary
"to pruoect those beneficial uses of the waters.

"i :J (5) Chepter 253, Florida Statutes, gives control of submerged lands
"M'l.- arnd associated water resources to the State by right of sovereignty
,.. .?. in navigable freshwater lakes, rivers and streams, and sets forth
I i.,t ^management statements for such areas; requires biological surveys,
'f ecological studies, and hydrologic surveys to be completed for
sovereignty areas before a permit may be issued for the removal
^' i%.^ or placement of sand, rock, earth or other solid naterials within

vl iiK^^ sovereignty areas to determine if such actions will interfere
S"" with the conservation of aquatic or terror strial wildlife resources
and habitat, and If such actions will obstruct orialter the,:i ;
S natural flow of navigable water to an extent contrary to the
public interest -,5:. .

i^^K^^^ (6) The Departnent finds that the aforementioned declaration oI
'"- ;', ".Jit policy direction from the Florida Constitution, the Florida waterr
1 Resources Act of 1972, the Land Acquisition Trust Fund, and the
,^" l Florida Air and Water Pollution Control Act provide a sound base
,ii k for the management of Florida's water resources.

,' .~t-

Swat r ,canaig(ier;cnt, vith the, inrhr ,. n i :, ?, titi n for u e ( f

^ ^ ^' ',ti ,". finite wator ,.,,'t,,,,, i;. li th, n*,,(,it y fn,

^f^ .'-^ rmore r fined, cate!or,ic: l set of ";,aqet','nt (]ide!ines. In

response to this substantial ,,ed, the Pe partif Cent has ,fevel'op ed

tle wa t r policy directives as set forth in this Chapter to
.u insure the conservation, protection, riananiement and reasonable-

beneficial use of the waters of the state.

: PART II Definitions

17-X.02 Transferability of Definitions

"Definitions contained in Chapters 253, 37.3 and 40(13, Florida

Statutes, and those definitions contained in other Chapters of

the Department's rules nmy be utilized to clarify the reaning of

tCi ls usepd herein unless such ton;s are dcfinr-l in this section,

or unlessP the trans for of such defi nation would defeat the purpose ,
or a itcr the intended effect of the provisions of this Cha pter.
" (Other specific definitions to be added, as they are needed.)

"PART III Policies

17-X.03 Water Use

^ (1) An adequate and affordable supply of water shall be sought for

t \^ '^ ^ ( reasonable-beneficial uses. S.373.016(2)(b) and (g),
'--' ~ (a) All waters of the state shall be managed to achieve reasonab e-

/ beneficial uses. s.373.016(2)(a)(b)(f).

C \ \(b) The use of water to support natural s'sters, inclulino surh
_ .uses which occur naturally is a reasonable-beneficial use.

f ~s.373.016(2)(b) and (e).
.1 k '(c) Noa person shall take water for other than a reasonable-

hbeneficial use. s.373.016(l)(?.)(h) and (e).

: \ (d) A reasonrable-bopeficial use shall be preserved unless a

'V (:carp'eting reasonable-bleneficial use is determined to t, rer
reasonable-beneficial s. 373.01 h(2) (b.

I .TQ CUoL o C-l

i .
I *.- r l~- .- -- .-'...---L~~-i--I- r.-.--^--- .-.: ^--

""a t(e) I!hat rs shall Yt, r.vln<'a eil to achi4ev(, rultiple reasonable

-: beneficial uses wh! re i pprop,, rate. s.37 016 ()' b) (c

1 %(2) Thelc determination of t,.e rea (,rona,le-hcneficial uste 4cf water sha'l
> ^be baced upon:

; *J'* ( PI T(a) The ,Omonstratce, t i,'I,(',p pf aii rc't fr the us(.

.. iif ^A7 (b) The suitability of the use to the source of v.ater.

\ ; (c) The social, econetilic and envi\ronien a1I v; lue of tV'- ui,.

(d) The extent and aim:ounmt of social, ecvnoti.c or enviromnr"0ontal

harm caused.

(e) The practicality of avoidling the hi tly adjustin, the iJse

or rethod of use.

S/ (f) The efficiency of use..

(1q) The practicality of adjustinnq tle quantity to he used.
(h) The practicality of reuse, or the use of waters of trore

suitable quality.
(i) The protection of existing reasonable-heneficial uses.

: (j) The amount of land owned or legally controlled by the user.

"17-X.04 Water Supply Development

(1) The state shall assist local government in the development of

intercounty water supply and distribution systems.

(2) Intrabasin water supplies shall be developed to their ,iaxirum

reasonable-beneficial use prior to consideration "f interbasin


(3) The transfer of water supplies across water management district
"or basin boundaries which the state determines to have regional

significance shall be undertaken only if the transfer is deter-
mined to be a reasonable-beneficial use based upon the criteria

listed in 17X.03(2) and:

( (a) The transfer is in the overiding public interest._
S/(b) A comprehensive water conservation and reuse program is..

Simplemlnented and enforced in the area of_ need


(c) All costs and benefits are determined for both the supply
and the receiving. areas.
4fl s(d) The transfer is the most economical method to supply ,^f^
for the given purpose.
'l (e) The projected water needs of the supplying and the receivin!l
f ^ areas are reasonably determined and can be roet if the trans-
fer takes place.
y .... :i (f) The transfer plan incorporates a regional approach to water

,3^ .l1 : supply and distribution includin(l, where appropriate, plans
: : for eventual interconnection of all water sinply sources.

'1 s.373.016(l )(?)(b)(r).
?, i," (g) The supplying area is not deprived of the prior right to the
.] reasonable-beneficial use of the water transferred.

; 05 Water Conservation
"1 if i' (1) Conservation and efficient use of water shall be a requirement of
t r ureonable-beneficial use.s.373.016(2)(a) and (b).
(a) Water resources shall be managed such that the quantity of
i water used does not significantly reduce the available
supply. s.373.016(2)(a)(b) and (').
,P (b) Water conservation shall be a condition of consumptive use,
*^ .,^^ ls.373.016(2)(b) and (-).

'k ^ (c) Tl;e ure and reuse of non-potable Water supplies of the
re .^^~t' yloues.t acceptable quality for each intrended use shall be

*i~i;. required where appropriate. s.373.016(1 )(b) h(g).

:... !i v (2) A salt water barrier line shall be established and strictly

i : j v enforced throughout the state. s.373.016(2)(b). C.

." "(3) drainage or artificial recharge which adversely impacts reasonable-
4 ...beneficial uses of water shall be prevented or eliminated.
S:,^: :- s.373.016(2)(d).

J~I-~RII-` pr5"=1'~ ~ *~r ----~--~~---- C!I

".A.. (4) The n.tif ral a(ljifiee rc':ihJ ir c.,r.,ctr '' :s of land shall be

Pi pri'itet.edl to the (Jr'atest ,a.tc. nt la. ct i'ahl s.373.016)(2 )

(5) The natural water storage chara:cterisics o' land shall t.. pro-

tected to the greatest extend t tracticablea .

\ 17-X.06 Water Quality
(1) Water quality standards shall protect the present and future most

reasonable-beneficial uses of all waters of the state s.403.021

(a) Present and future most reasonable-beneficial uses shall be

designated by the state.
S() Water quality standaYrds s;lall be e taO l ished lnd enforced to

Preserve the uses designated by thn state.

Sp a Sj or ecological significance, and waters which contain co nmer-

cially harvested shellfish shall be identified and protected

: from degradation.

1 (2) No water use which causes a violation of water quality standards

S.is a reasonable-beneficial use.

(3) Advanced waste treatment shall be required where necessary tc
L achieve or restore water quality standards or to prevent degra-

dation pursuant to 17X.06(I)(c).

S 17X.07 Flood Prevention and Control
(1) Flood hazard areas shall be managed to prevent loss of life anl


(a) Plans, projects and budget requests subject to state approval

shall reflect consideration of flood hazard management.

(b) The state shall designate or assist local government in the
designation of flood hazard areas.


t ; ,

(c) The state shall1 a ssit Ial lovIrnent in the development
Sand implementation of flodliPlain ordinance..
(d) Flood hazard information shall be provided to lending insr:l-
tutions where atIropria tr.
(e) Development, or o'her I;,jr const,',ction, in a designated
Sflood hldzard dara shall not be utndrtadnr unless:
(i) structures are tlesigne(l to withstand the dariaginQ
effects of flondinil;
$i r." (ii) the developloelt is it, the .ub lic interest;
,.|. (iii the devlop nent does not cause a significant increase
'i" n floo-in); and
i | (i') the developrenl is conssitent "ith the achievement of
reasonable-beneficial uses of waters. s.? 73 .16(2!j
and (d).
(f) State-financed facilities shall not he constructed in desire.
Snted flood hazard areas unless the criteria listed in
o : i17X.07(l)(e) are met and their purpose expressly requires
S' uch location.

"'l I (2) State and federal funding shall he sought for programs to proven.
+ and reduce flood damage.
'(a) Structural and npn-structural alternatives shall be given
^. .. "full and unbiased consideration.
i:r 1 (b) Flood control projects which encourae further development
in flood hazard areas shall be pursued only if a project is

S part of an overall managenmnt plan to achieve the most
,!. reasonable-beneficial uses of water. s.373.016(2)(a) and L.
.+ (c) Funding shall be sought w>)ere appropriate for the mitigation
i, .. of damage caused by the construction and operation of flood
S^. .. control projects.
"'I ^3 (d) lands shall be acquired by the state to provide flood storage
+i : where appropriate and where consistent with the achievement

of reasonable-beneficial uses of water.

I~ t 'i ,
/l" n~
:- i: ..~

S(3) Stormnwter runoff shall he controlled to rprvent increased flooding.
Ci s.373.016(2)(d); s.403.P02l and (6).
',':, (a) Retention, detention, or other control Mdeasnres Vhich prevent

an increase in foff-site flo( in ,hIll a he required in areas
,'r '. l A of new developvant.
+ : (h) Retention, detention, or other control pleasures shall .

required in areas of existing developr.:ent where such controls
.,, i r dare necessary to prevent or reduce flood damage and are
4-,., i (i) cost-effective; or

S(il) in the overriding public interest.

I .. ^(4) Floodplain vegetation arid natural landforms shall be protected
where appropriate to prevent or reduce flood damage, s.3 73.016 +-"
()_(d)(e) and (f).
(a) A permit to dredge, fill or otherwise alter floodplain
F? 7i( vcSe,+tation and landforms shall not he granted unless it can
he shown that the potential for flood damage is not increased.
"(b) Floodplain restoration shall he undertaken in
<, ^ areas where previous alteration has increased
t *: v the potential for flood damage and whr-e restora-
St -ion Is -
'!1^^ 1 (i) cost effective; or
(ii ) in the overriding public interest.

^;,- ,"-,, (5) The state shall develop and implement a program to insure the .
. ':ft,,, structural safety of dams and related works. CC-

-'I ,08 .. Wetlands Protection and Floodplain Management
(1) The water requirements of wetlands and floodplains are reasonable-
S;^ beneficial uses.
l:, (a) Water resources shall be reserved where appropriate in
..'.. quantities and quality sufficient to preserve or restore
| ..: ., wetlands and floodplains.

.A ---- J --- ~ -- "'- ^

I" ..t ... .t. .... ,, , . .

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