Title: Maps for Highlands County and Polk County
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Title: Maps for Highlands County and Polk County
Alternate Title: Letter and Memo dated Oct. 7, 1978, letter dated Sept. 28, 1977, and maps for Highlands County and Polk County re changes in Basin and District boundaries.
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Language: English
Publication Date: Oct. 7, 1978
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 2, Folder 2 ( RIDGE BASIN - Box 2, Folder No. 2 ), Item 47
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ouithvWest "Floridca-- ...-
s .. Water 1arnagement District
S1961 PHONE (904) 796-7211
EMn ."- DERRILL McATEER, Chairman. Brooksville N. BROOKS JOHNS. Lakeland HELEN THOMPSON. St. Petertarg
THOMAS VAN DEH VEER, Secretary. Yankeetown NICK PEN[ER. Tampa
& C. BEXLEY, Treasurer, Land O'Lakes GEORGE RUPPEL, Clearwater Donald R. Feaater. Executive Dircto,

October 7, 1977

Dr. J. T. Griffiths, Director
Special Projects
Florida Citrus Mutual
P.. 0. Box 89
Lakeland, FL 33802

Dear Dr. Griffiths:

At your request, we will have an item on the November 1 Governing
Board agenda to give Florida Citrus Mutual the opportunity to explain
why it believes the area you have outlined should be a separate basin.

Keep in mind that this will not be a hearing. If the Board finds it
appropriate, a hearing date could be established at that time.

I am advised by our staff attorney that it would require legislative
action to revise both the Green Swamp Basin and District boundaries.
As I indicated to you on August 22, at the present time we are not in
favor of any proposals to the legislature that would amend District
or basin boundaries established by existing law.


Executive Director


cc: Governing Board
Jack Maloy

October 7, 1977

TO: DONALD RFEASTER, Executive Director
FROM: E. D. VERGARA, Director, Department of Interagency Coordinaticn
RE: Attached letter to Florida Citrus Mutual
Here's J. T. Griffith's latest and my suggested reply. If you agree,
We should have someone on staff review both surface and groundwater
character of the area to answer Board questions.
I'm now having W. S. Conner draw up a large map of the district showing
current Basin and District boundaries relative to those proposed by
Florida Citrus Mutual.


\iv, )-)

G1 ^'/\L
C *1.i..

Florida Citrus Mutual
TELEPHONE '813 682-1111 P. 0. BOX 89 LAKELAND. FLORIDA 33802

September 28, 1977

Mr.Donald R. Feaster
Southwest Florida Water Management District
5060 U. S. Highway 41, South
Brooksville, Florida 33512 "0

Dear Don:

I am attaching a copy of a map and also legal descriptions
to cover the east boundary of what we would like to have
designated as the Ridge Basin.

South from the north Polk County line to the intersection
with Highway 600 (U.S. 17-92) in Haines City is, to the
best of my knowledge, identical with the present separation
from the St. Johns boundary. There is a very small area
south of that highway which is presently in the Green
Swamp Basin. I have removed it from there and put it in
the Ridge Basin. It may be that this cannot be done legally.
I am not sure how the Green Swamp Basin was established;
whether by law or by regulation. If by law, we would not
want to try to make that change, although it probably makes
good sense unless it came at the request of Southwest.

I think you can follow the line on south around Lake Hamilton
and south to the Polk County line, then east to the Hardee
County line and south along the Hardee County line to the
point where the present Southwest Florida Water Management
District south boundary on the Ridge occurs. This is shown
on the back side of the map for your information,

The map also includes those areas that we are proposing to
have anne x;d to Southwest Florida Water Management District.

I think this is proceeding satisfactorily. I have some good
topographic, geologic and potentiometric maps which I believe
indicate the rationality of expanding Southwest territory and
as well support the rationality for separate Ridge Basin.

Insofar as establishing the Ridge Basin is concerned, I think
it would be desirable if we could get a hearing set for
November to present our arguments for this. If you would

^^^ff^li~ C?~T~WLW^PB.Il.MJiriLpUr,7lfl^^^^ ^i.U.^JIeO-~~~e~r7~F.r ~CSBiW.^ TOW~sff.^.WIyjWW^^^

I 7

SMr. Donald R. Feaster
September 28, 1977
Page 2

like for me to come to Brooksville and discuss this with
some of your staff in the near future, I will be happy
so to do and I would very much like to have the opportunity
to talk about it personally with you and with Derrill

I do have to appear before the board on I believe November
2nd concerning a consumptive use permit from a lake in
Polk County so I will be in Brooksville on that day and if
you would like to agenda the Ridge Basin concept as a
discussion point for that meeting, it would certainly be
satisfactory from our standpoint.

Best personal regards.
Sincerely yours,

J. Griffiths
Special Projects

cc: Mr. Derrill McAteer
Mr. Ronald B. Lambert
Mr. N. Brooks Johns

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2__ i T w

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*-1 ,, .. "/ 0^ d-^ / -/ t1 ^ = r / ^ ^ k

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.40., I L U I L asICc

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47 a 411'11

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.t c -. __ __.L t .L~ -t- --
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I R z8E I R2P E I 3 I R 3
Po for trnserf uh F ato
P west Rg B



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+",r 9 . o+-- r~
P OLL 4b'i- c;


"+,- "^- +; .r 1+ "
-- f-- + -

r li~~C v,k j

I R 26 E I R 27 E I R 28 E I R 29 E I -

[ Proposal for transfer from South Florida to SWFWMD

Proposed west Ridge Basin boundary ,;'

r! ,
sill kos, 0 Ir-

"~ .. ... .- . .
Ira 14 1
rA-A O

E-4 0' If: 1
` el-L

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