Title: Amendments to 357R - 1.01, 375R - 1.02, and 357R - 1.03 re Well Construction.
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Title: Amendments to 357R - 1.01, 375R - 1.02, and 357R - 1.03 re Well Construction.
Alternate Title: Amendments to 357R - 1.01, 375R - 1.02, and 357R - 1.03 re Well Construction. Purpose and Definitions, Summary of Rules, Registration of Well Drillers, and Permits Required
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Publication Date: Jul 15, 1970
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357R-1. 01 Purposes and Definitions. --

(2) Definitions -- The words and phrases defined in sections

373. 021 and 373. 081, Florida Statutes, shall have the

same meanings when used in these rules and regulations.

The following words and phrases, when used in these

rules and regulations shall have the following meanings,

except where the context clearly indicates a different


(a) Well --Any artificial hole in the ground penetrating

an aquifer on submerged or unsubmerged land,

having a diameter of not less than two (2) inches,

but.not more than one hundred twenty (120) inches,

and including, but not limited to, water-table wells,

artesian wells, core boring holes, seismic holes,

and stratigraphic test holes.

(b) Well Driller --Any person who constructs, alters

a or repairs wells.

'' \(g) Drilling Contractor --Any person, firm or corpora-

L-J ;tion engaged in the business of constructing, altering

-- o': or repairing wells.

CP LS (h) Aquifer --An aquifer is a hydrologic unit which

consists of a geologic formation, a related group

of formations, or only a part of a formation, which

is saturated with water and capable of transmitting

usable quantities of water to wells or springs.

General Authority: 373, F. S.

Law Implemented: 373.072, 373.081, 373.101, 373.141, 373.142, 373.144, ,
373.151, 373.171, F.S..


Rule 357R-1. 01

Purpose of Rule

The purposes of the rule are to clarify the definition of a well and well

driller and incorporate the two-inch well into the regulation. Also, to add

the definitions of a drilling contractor and an aquifer.


Summary of Rule

The rule merely defines the new words and phrases introduced into

the rules and regulations and broadens the regulatory powers to encompass

the two-inch wells.

S -U f*

',, ....


357R-1. 02 Registration of Well Drillers. --

(4) Qualifications of Applicants for General Certificate as

Well Drillers --

(b) Applications for general certificates shall be sub-

mitted in writing on forms provided by the

Regulatory Board.

(6) Special Certificates --Special certificates of registration

may be issued for limited periods of time of not more

than one (1) year as stated in. the certificate. Such

certificate shall only be valid for specific well con-

struction operations. The Regulatory Board may pre-

scribe such restrictions and shall require such

qualifications and bond as it deems proper for each

special certificate.

(a) Apprentice driller registration certifications may

be issued after October 1, 1970 upon the recom-

mendation of a drilling contractor and with the

concurrence of the Chief Hydrologist. Apprentice

-, driller registration enables persons to gain the

... experience and skills needed to qualify as a driller.

| L^ <(14) Ground for Refusal, Suspension or Revocation of

: "^ Certificate of Registration -- The Regulatory Board

may refuse to issue or renew or may suspend or re-
voke a certificate of registration on any one or more

of the following grounds:

(e) Gross incompetency in the performance of the

work of a well-driller or drilling contractor.

General Authority: 373, F. S.

Law Implemented: 373.072, 373. 081, 373. 101, 373.142, 373. 144, 373.151,

373. 171, F. S.

,- I


Rule 357R-.. 02

Purpo se of Rule

To simplify registration of drillers; to provide for apprentice driller

registration; and to include drilling contractors in the rules and regulations.

Summnnary of Rule

Requirements for registration of drillers are simplified; provision

is made for apprentice drillers as a new classification; and drilling con-

tractors are included in category of drillers covered by rules and

re g ul nations

r <-

'7 L?' '.. *' ^ '. ?

'c ; ; \ *'. : : ;. ; .
: '' ,* '. .

'''" *.:.**r ''. ..*'*1 1 "- }';.. .. ..*, .' ''**,''"*..'1;'; .--*''' *'*; i

,-~~~i ; 1^ 1' ^ ] : *. ; ^ ,; / .* '. ., ** !- \ 1 ; ,


357R-1. 03 Construiction of Wells. --

(3) Permit Required --A permit shall be obtained from the

Regulatory Board before any well shall be constructed,

repaired, modified or otherwise altered. Such permit

shall be prominently displayed at the site of the well

prior to beginning any work thereon and shall remain

so displayed until construction is completed.

(5) Application for Permit --A written application shall be

made to the Regulatory Board on forms provided by it

and shall be signed by the registered drilling contractor

who will perform the work. Such application shall in-

clude the name and address of the owner or other person

in possession of the property, the name and identification

number of the well driller, the location of the work and

the specifications for the well construction, for example

type of well construction proposed, the size of the well

and the method of construction to be employed.

(13) Exemptions --

(a) Exemnptions -- No provision of subsection i. 03(3)

shall apply to engineering bore holes, soil sampling

test holes, or mineral prospecting holes which do

not penetrate an aquifer.

(b) Exemptions --No provision of these rules shall

apply to individual users of water for domestic pur-

poses or ordinary livestock consumption; provided,

however, the owner of any well exempt herein shall

obtain a permit of exemption prior to drilling.

General Authority: 373, F.S.

Law Implemented: 373.072, 373.081, 373. 101, 373.142, 373. 144, .373. 151,

\ 373. 171, F.S.

} .:

Puro.cse of Ru..lec
. .. '" s .. ". 'a .. ,,: ,' *' '] ; ." ') -

.... .L .. '
r^ l^'f0^1-'~ i >;N''t l

T'o br oa den ^ho requiren'en^' ..'or ^(rm"nil".ing of waUls; t'r clarifyv ;^plicn-

^ion' cf rules and^: Tr,^!l^'.ion.s rTcU^Ing.; to .c pi.rs1ory sdn'lmin. wh~ic. ^oest not

pec itac1 :'*^<' a~q::ifer, to rrovuide roe i'.^'io^^n o{ ecx lusi-on ot; w"'ll.^ for privalte

U~o 3:\d/07i fcT cro\';^r^" }v-esltock ^ .i.crin,^.,

T'c rn^l; are r v c^''Gd. cc.T .\l w; 1 s ^ rile^ re rir or o f crskise

n'<'d-;1^ d; ct-ri.a^. : iconner!:in^, CN-C'OT.^ 'TV hS-o". s Suv-,b .:. t- l P.c beo-cd or

drTi1ll^^ bv and^ "'; cern: T :;c .^* ^ a e ,T c .\I'p'te ( o': :e<"" g u';la ^ion*.' a s are<' indic^vir.^a

*ser.7 0 1 w..'^ 'A '-o ''s donne '..i c T^". "po ?c. or 1OT .';, ce o< k w'ai o an.^.

1 i;
i"7 ^i ''

,. .. I ... .'

~~c~ r .

i. 1 i ''
<. '' ^ *

': '. ; :
'~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ i ': :~ *i ..* ' '

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