Title: Chap. 16CB-1, Suppl. 54. Rules of SWFWMD. "Protection of the Works of the District
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Title: Chap. 16CB-1, Suppl. 54. Rules of SWFWMD. "Protection of the Works of the District
Alternate Title: Chap. 16CB-1, Suppl. 54. Rules of SWFWMD. "Protection of the Works of the District," relating to Permits. Sec. 1.01 - 1.05. (Feb. 20, 1964. 2p.
Physical Description: 2p.
Language: English
Publication Date: Feb. 20, 1964
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 2, Folder 1A ( SOUTHWEST FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT (Regulatory), Folder 1 ), Item 57
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,,. #.4 1PRi o i0;ION O(1' W`I:- CC]APlt',i ., (0B- |

1.01 Explanation of the cPermit System 1.04 Permit Application Procedure
1.02 Legal Basis for Issuance of Permits 1.05 Preparation of Drawing or Sketch
1.03 The Works of the District
'1.01 Explanation of the Permit Sys- mitted itself in writing to the Secretary of the
temr.- Army to perform the requirements of local co-
(1) The Southwest Florida Water Manage- operation under the project, "Four River Ba-
ment District owns, maintains, or has accepted sins, Florida" (H. D. 585, 87th Congress, 2nd
responsibility for certain canals, water control Session). Among these requirements is the fol-
structures, rights-of-way, lakes and streams; lowing:
as well as other works which are specifically "In the case of all canals, reservoir outlets,
named in this rule as "The Works of the Dis- floodways, and natural streams on which up-
trict". stream project works are provided, the neces-
(2) The protection of existing works from sary floodway should be preserved or the
actions which would impair their ability to ac- rights thereon secured to permit discharges
complish the purpose for which they were in- which would riot cause significant damages un-
tended, and the protection of other works for der present conditions of development."
which planning is under way is the responsibil- General Authority 378 FS Law Implemented 378.01(1); 378.07
ity of this District. Imstory.-New 2-20-64
(3) These regulations establish procedures 1.03 The Works of the District.-The
to be followed by those who find it necessary to following were declared to be "The Works of
connect to, withdraw water from, discharge the District" by the Governing Board of the
water into, place construction within or across, Southwest Florida Water Management District
or otherwise make use of the works of the in its Resolution No. 63, dated October 9, 1963;
Southwest Florida Water Management District. and subsequent motions of January 16, 1964;
(4) State Laws prohibit such work unless March 17, 1965, March 15, 1967 and March 13,
approved by the Governing Board of the Dis- 1968 and at a Public Hearing of May 8, 1968:
trict. This approval is usually granted in the (1) The Hillsborough River, its natural
form of a permit, floodway and tributaries, connecting channels,
(5) The Permit does not convey any prop- canals, and lakes.
erty rights or privileges other than those speci--- (2) The Oklawaha River its natural flood
fied in the Permit; it does not authorize any way and tributaries, connecting channels, ca-
injury to private property or invasion of pri- nails, and lakes.
vate rights nor does it waive the governing (3) The Withlacoochee ive, its natural
requirements of any other agency or authority, floodway and tributaries, connecting channels,
It simply expresses the assent of the Southwest canals, and lakes.
Florida Water Management District insofar as (4) The Peace River, its natural floodway
concerns the public's interest and protection and tributaries,connecting channels, canals,
under the Flood Control Law. and the lakes which are regulated by the Dis-
trict control structures, including their con-
General Authority 378 FS Law Implemented 378.01(1)(2)(3),
(4) 378.151; 378.16(1)(2); 378.17(1)(2) necting channels and canals.
lHistory.-New 2-20-64, Amended 5-25-67 (5) The authorized Green Swamp Basin
1.02 Legal Basis for the Issuance of Per- reservoirs, connecting channels, control struc-
mits.- tures, and discharge channels below reservoirs.
(1) Chapter 61-691, Laws of Florida, cre- (Note: The land areas required for the three
ated the Southwest Florida Water Management reservoirs must be protected against encroach-
District July 1, 1961, to effect the provisions ment by private or public works to insure
of Chapter 378, Florida Statutes. proper functioning of the "Four River Basins,
(2) Chapter 378, Florida Statutes, (Florida Florida" project.)
Flood Control), contains provisions in Chapter (6) The Anclote River, its natural floodway
378.01 (1) (2) (3) (4), Chapter 378.151, Chap- and tributaries, connecting channels, canals,
ter 378.16 (1) (2), and Chapter 378.17 (1) (2). and lakes.
General Authority 61-691 LF; 378 FS (7) Lake Tarpon, its connecting channels
(3) The Governing Board of the Southwest and canals including the Lake Tarpon Outfall
Florida Water Management District has corn- Canal.

(nf AI 1":!: fCA,--I O, l i''I N O W1i':,' ,, .II"

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(',.ijul)) !l ( : uid H1-1'"w y al dl 1 1 1iluL ry :-, I Ivrr<'I., ;: 1'i:l I 1n htt-,r, n d i ( l ;I,,d1 u1. ll v:l Iiri:'Ii:r1e
c(l)i11,i1 '1 ].( :111d (";. ) l;' ) li;-clII '. i tli erei. by flih<, ctt iijt'i 'I I d r iitiod, the I ha t iii w ill
( "T e A lili' i'iv v r, it;; withiral ,l,\'y, c 1 i) t!'Ilc the olliciJ.l" pt iit. (I)Ie, c py v iN" ,,
:in( tri I outIrie coI I tiI c I: tiIaIl)elS C I,; hlla i lutil ( li ') il -1)ldi;!ipp 1:i l, i d ( ))lIii ect.;1iii1( inl

(10) The Little Maiaitco River, its n:auril trict ()O-<. in 1urook:ville.
floodv.';iy and tlrilutarics, concliun(C chilniLnclOcs, (/1) T'J'hl e is iio fee clariged for the issuance
canals and lakes. of the ;uaplication or thle perrit.
(11) Thel Palm River and Six Mile Creek, cnet.l Authority 378 I-S Law. Implcientled 378.01(3); 378.151;
their natural floodway and tributaries, colinect- 378.17(1)
ing channel;, canals, and lakes.
(12) The Pithlachasco1tee River, its :a- 1.05 Preparation of the Draw'ing -or
tural floodway and tributaries, connecting Sketch.-
channels, canals and lakes. (1) Drawings are to he submitted on letter
(13) 'The Waccaassa River, its natural size (8/" x 1.1") paper, or a size that can be
floodway and tributaries, connecting channels, folded to 8" x 11", such as 11" x 17" or
canals, and lakes. 17" x 22". Three copies of the drawing must be
(14) MicKay ay north of 22nd Street provided. If 8o"x 11" size, one must be of
Causeway, all tributaries, channels and canals black line type capable of being photocopied.
discharging therein. If larger than 83".x 11" drawings are used,
(15) The Wccki Wachee River, its natural one must be the original drawing or a reproduc-
floodway, tributaries, connecting channels and ible.
canals. (2) Drawings should be to scale or prop-
General Authority 378.17 FS Law Implemented 378.01(1); early and adequately dimensioned. To be ac-
378.07; 378.16(1)(2) FS ceptabl, a din or sletc wil sho a lo-
iistory.--New 2-20-64, Amended 7-21-65, 8-20-65, 5-25-67, ceptable, a drawing or sketch will show a lo-
5-18-ca cation plan and a cross section or elevation.
1.04 Perait Application Procedure.- (3) The location plan should locate the in-
(1) If the construction or use planned con- stallation or construction by referencing it to
a section line, a road or some obvious and
nects to, draws water from, drains water into, a section line, a road or some obvious and
, or is to be placed in or across the works herein- permanent landmark.
before described, it will be necessary to obtain (4) The rlan and cross section or elevation
clearance from the Soutlhwest Florida Water should clearly portray the construction in its
Ma ment Distic before i start of con- relationship to the channel and/or right-of-way.
Mrarage, ment DisLnrict before .)jo start, o1 coi1- V .
struction, to insure that the construction is not CerLain elevations must be designated to facili..
detrimental to the operation or maintenance of tate processing of the application. These are:
Canal bottom- elevation, water surface eleva-
works existing or planned, and that the con- anal bottom elevation water suace eleva-
struction will not become a public liability in tion and ground elevation expressed in mean
the future sea level (m. s. 1.). The elevation of the low
(2) An "Application for Permit," can be member of a bridge span must be shown. For
obtained from the Southwest Florida Water overhead wire crossings and in the case of wa-
Management District, P. 0. Box 457, Brooks- ter or gas lines, low member elevation must also
be indicated on the drawing.
vile, Florida, 33512, by calling in person, by be indicated on the drawing.
General Authority 378 FS Law Implemented 378.151; 378.17(1)
letter, or by telephone. History.-New 2-20-64


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