Title: SWFWMD (R) Minutes of Meeting of Board of Governors
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Title: SWFWMD (R) Minutes of Meeting of Board of Governors
Alternate Title: SWFWMD (R) Minutes of Meeting of Board of Governors, with list of those present.
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Publication Date: Oct. 14, 1970
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Brooksville, Florida .0Uctober .14, 1970

The Board of Governors of the Southwest Florida Water Management District
(Regulatory) met in the District !Headquarters building, Brooksville, Florida
at 9:40 A.M. on October 14, 1970. The following persons were present:

D. S. McAteer, Chairman Myron Gibbons, Attorney
Edward Medard, Secretary Richard Miller, Gee & Jenson
John Anderson, Treasurer Te:d Riter, Consulting Accountant
Herman Bevilie, Member Dale Twa;chtmann, Executive Director
S. C. Bexley, nMmber Donald Feaster, District Engineer
Paul Hubbard, M ember Robert Gates, Supt. of Maintenance
Garald Parker, Chief Hydrologist
Clint Schultz, Chief of Fiscal Division
Robert Watson, Chief-Land Acquisition

J. S. Rosenshein, U. S. Geological Survey, Tampa
James H-. West, ITampa
Dwighct Ha- art, Oklawaha
Jim Twitty, Tarnpa Tribune
Sharon Grabf elder, Tampa Times
Lucy Ware Morgan, St. Petersburg Times

and the following SWFWMD staff members: Stella Balek, Hildred Haight,
Melodie Oleson, PRobert Stephens, Melba Beaty and Carol Ezell.

Chairman McAteer called the meeting to order. The minutes of the August
12, 1970 m-eeting were considered by the members and a motion was made
by Mr. Medard that page two of the minutes be changed to read "After dis-
cussion Mr. Medard moved that the rules changes, as passed by the Board
at the meeting of July 8, 1970, be effective as of October 1, 1970". Motion
seconded by IMr. Beville and passed. It was then moved by Mr. Anderson
and seconded by Mr. Beville that the minutes, as corrected, be approved by
the BIoard. Motion carried.

Chairman McAteer called upon Mr. Twachtmnann for an explanation of the
proposed revisions to Chapter 357R-1. Mr. Twachtmann stated that this
preliminary draft was being furnished in compliance with the instruction
from the Board at the July meeting to prepare a new section to the rules
and regulations which would apply to the engineering and testing professions.
In attempting to write this new- section it referred so closely to the existing
rules and regulations that it was felt it would be more clearly understood to
rewrite the existing rules, adjusting and amending them to comply with the
Board's request. Therefore, the rules have been completely rewritten, how-
ever, as much as possible has been saved to be exactly as it was before.
The major ch'n;ge is that there arc now two definitions of a well, one defining
a water well and one defining a test hole, where originally the definition of a
well was so broad as to include not only water wells but all other kinds of
holes. This change now provides a differentiation between water well drillers
and test hole drillers. T'he rules as revised also define for the first time the
Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Professional Geologist, engineer-
ing testing laboratories and the American Institute of Professional Geologists.
These definitions help to differentiate between these professional people and
the water well drillers.

During the course of Mr. Twachtmnann' s explanation Mr. Anderson stated that
he would like to have these proposed revisions to the rules sent to the Engi-
neering Laboratories Forum for review. Mr. Twachtmann commented that
these revisions have already been reviewed and generally approved by Dr.
Arl;t-nan, who is the Chairmnan of the Engineering Laboratories Forum, and
it is planned to review them with the Will Drilling Advisory Coimmittee this
coming month. He reiterated that this draft is simply a staff presentation to
show thet Board how tlle problem of writ in:; a new section applying to the
engineering,. and testing profession ih;as ,been done. lMr. Anderson then moved
that the dr.l;ft be received for study and furtlher discussion and explanation
postponed p'ending receipt of commerrnts front the WellI Drilling Advisory Com-
mittee and the testing labs. Motion seconded by Mr. Bexley andt passed.

Minutes of the Meeting October 14, 1970
SWFWMD (R) Board Page Two

Chairman McAteer called upon Mr. Parker who introduced Mr. Robert Stephens,
who recently joined tie Hydrology staff as hydrogeologist. Mr. Stephens, a
graduate of Florida State University, has had ten years of experience with the
Corps of Engineers working mainly in Florida and Louisiana, and was in charge
of the ground-water section in Okinawa. He also mentioned the hiring of Mr.
Ralph Rickels as field inspector. Mr. Rickels was previously chief operator
of the City of Wauchula's sewage and water treatment plants. Mr. Parker then
displayed a map of the District outlining the areas of responsibility of the
Hydrology staff.

Mr. Parker reported to the Board on the status of driller registration and per-
mits. A total of 565 drillers are now registered with the District, as compared
with 511 in June. Many of these new registrations are a result of the implemen-
tation of the he two-ich drilling code.,. A totil of 431 permits were issued in July,
352 in August, and 352 in September. In answerr to a question posed by Mr.
Hubbard, Mr. Parker stated that some few permits have been denied because
of location but in most instances the staff was able to advise the driller on a
site relocation. lie stated that at the present time the Hydrology staff is work-
ing with the City of New Port Richey and their consulting engineers in an attempt
to ascertain that the location and development of their new well field will be
safe from salt-water encroachment.

Mr. Parker reported on the status of the City of Tampa's well field in the Lower
Hillsborough Reservoir. It has had to drill eleven wells in order to get eight
sites and to date have only been able to run one pumping test. These wells ex-
tend in a line almost directly across the center of the well field area. In three
wells at depths of 315 to 360 feet a lignite zone was penetrated, showing that at
one time a rather extensive swamp existed in this area. At the present time
they are attempting to set up another pumping test.

Chairman McAteer asked for a brief explanation of the Hernando County situa-
tion which has developed concerning the quality of the ground water supplies.
Mr. Parker explained the Hernando County Commission meeting he attended
at which the County Sanitarian, 1Hiarold Bolesta, had presented test information
showing B. coli. contamination to be present in a number of communities served
by package-type water and sewage facilities around the County, as well as in
some private wells. Mr. Bolesta had issued nearly 300 warning orders in-
structing residents to boil water before using it. He thought the entire aquifer
throughout the County to be contaminated. Mr. Parker stated he had raised a
question as to the validity of the sampling and suggested, instead of doing any
more of the same kind of testing, that the U. S. Geological Survey be asked to
make a study of the actual source and to relate the chemistry of the water from
the wells to the contamination. The County Commissioners agreed and asked
Mr. Parker to have the U. S. Geological Survey meet with them at the Court-
house to work out a program. Mr. Bolesta was to check with the Department
of Health officials. This meeting is set for October 16th to make this consid-

Mr. Parker reported on the status of the City of St. Petersburg's well field.
To date twelve wells have been drilled in order to develop ten wells, only one
of which is really considered to be satisfactory. Five wells yielded 2100 gpm
or more but more drawdown than they wanted was realized. He further stated
that in a meeting with Mr. Steytler and his staff last week the City agreed to
place money in an account for expenditure with the U. S. Geological Survey so
that they can operate on St. Petersburg's funds in order to make pumping tests
and put in as many recording devices as they need. They had previously been
operating on District funds. The City also agreed to put in three shallow
observation wells in order to provide a good permanent record of what takes

Mr. Parker reported on the existing situation at Tropical River Groves, Joshua
Division, DeSoto County. The U. S. Geological Survey is making a three-year
study and has one man working almost full-time in that area. The Hydrology
Division has assigned Mr. Rickels to Peace Rliver Basin and he will assist the
U. S. Geological Survey to get full and operational records from the drilling
and pumping of the wells in this area in addition to his other duties. Mr. Parker
said he is writing Mr. Jules Frecemnan, owner of the development, asking that a
mecetijng be set up to determine how much water they are going to require so that
the Hydrology staff and the U. S. Geological Survey will be in a position to learn

Minutes of the Meeting October 14, 1970
SWFWMD (R) Board Page Three

more about the plans Mr. Freeman has and how the resource can best be utilized
without overdevelopment. Mr. Twachtmann stated that when the data from up-
coming pumping tests is analyzed the District should be able to decide whether
or not to grant permits for any more wells in this area.

Mr. Anderson stated that he would like to have the staff get copies of the Tampa
Bay Regional Planning Council's water supply report and make the information
and predictions it contains available to the Board.

Mr. Twachtmann pointed out the pamphlet being furnished Board members in
their folders entitled "Large Springs of Florida's 'Sun Coast', Citrus and
Hernando Counties". He pointed out that the report indicates that the water
exiting from the four main coastal springs all recharges within the Withlacoo-
chee River Basin.

There being no further business to come before the Board at this time the meet-
ing adjourned at 10:25 A. M.


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