Title: Proposed boundary changes between SWFWMD and SJRWMD
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Title: Proposed boundary changes between SWFWMD and SJRWMD
Alternate Title: Proposed boundary changes between SWFWMD and SJRWMD extend through the levee to be constructed as part of the Four River Basins. Alternate boundary line proposed.
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Language: English
Publication Date: Nov. 25, 1975
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 1, Folder 3 ( BOUNDARY CHANGES - WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICTS, vol. II ), Item 21
Funding: Digitized by the Legal Technology Institute in the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.
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r t water e aager t rt rict

^ .S -.^ '.D^.. '.M \,'TEE2, Chairman, B-. ,' T;, .". -. DER '.F.E .,-,.- Yankectown R.';'.. i B. 1-: : .. ;. ;.a ,a
R. ,- Vice C hairma iata S C. BFi v, L., Land )L..k. ROBERT MAR!\rI cripa
J..r., E HILL, cau.er, 3.eebv-g ; BR X K S rlt' ,,s, lakelan R

S.o vember 25, 1975 ,-.:

Mr. D9nr. Auth, Executive Diector
St. Johins River Water Management District
Route 2, Sox 69-
Palatka, Florida 32077

tear Ceni1s:

ncl osed is a map which dceiineates the boundary change between SkF'OD and
SJR,D tha.t we ae pop ng T gr n ine rpresI-nts the bounr'ar as
cirr:nty stated in Cit 373, F 'orida Statte, to becoe efc Lv on

Through the proposed lv 11 (E) whIich is ".o e costruct, as ph"t, o the
Four Vi.r Sasins, Flor'ida project. As altrnaL bo!njry that i;d

preev. this portion of the project, .we suiit th- r lie as elineated
on the map.

pla: to pre,.:nt the proposal to o (vxring t r. t its ,TuI',r meet.-
.... ." "i,. ti n f rom
in.; cr ec:rt.r- 10., 19T7 and would appreciate ,o.e initial iriction from
.ou s soon as possible re-.rding .accept bili'y. If yo; have additicn.al
nJir..ents to suggest pleas let us kow in tie f s Lo ut it before
or c~~i :' ir har,: on Decevber 10 1397-
Dennis, time is tight so, you want to discuss th further, plesc call.,
..Vey trly youra
,,,,tas poz1,,s b..:j6

Execut.ve Di~rector


cc: Mr0'D. S. fMcAteer
I/r. L. P. Bia n

Si ?.encs k iJe> r" :1 ; h,-; lu Mt; Lu L- K uL.
inanc Y-o3 !t : log t < o C1 no t n
STc.Township 2- .Anth, ,,.r '* fast;

S;i}Th:c,..2 irt:o L,.e Co'unt., C.,-r h a ,onu t,. Sl,, ti:on lin.', t th, norUt.t
;orn1. o.- f S. 1t o n 30, L n 1;( ., Sout.4h l,,"!N .: ,

Thence lIest a lonI! the I',ction i in s lo th. i,,thdast L r.r oi
SSection 28, ToI4hip 24; Soth, RAi'. 2 Ist,

iTAence North ii :i thea Sec u 1i;' t o the A A st o-
r action 16, Toa'hip 24 S.ut, Rane 25 a.;t;

Thence West aiong thr Se;tioni iie to t-o t'o LwV.t cor-;cr oi
Section 16, Tov ship 24 So pth2 RIs 25 Esit

SThence thrth a lo the S'ection line to I he [liorP Ut (no..r of
SSection .., :w..si ip 24 Soo th, a e;, 25 EaA ;.

Thence !!ust al, is the ,, Lion li,-, to the Ir^ o l j t.'r on:s
24 and 25;

3 A I N


east alor. Ihe ner of :he c nrthasw e of the nr.:wea / of.. Se- of the ;Wothwes8L of the northv'est of S-etion
S tion 6, Tow-;p 2 South. REange 25 Eas;; 1. Townriip 30 South, Fzn.:. 27 Efst; teiCe
thence ,outh to the southv.est corner of the e at to th; southeast cern:r of the northwest n
S north'ta of the crthwest '4 of Section 6, of the northwest of Sectorn 1 Townshiip 30)
TownsLi:. .:.:L-th, P,.ang 25 East; tenct .east South, RTange 27 East; the-: north to the north-
S to the -outia. comr of the n'.rthtc.:- a c.s.t ..c:r" a.f the north 'est o the nortaw'v:t
h i northwe- t a 0tof .c;in 6, Towih.ip 42 of S.,':n 1, Township .0 "th, sge 27
South,, ange 25 East, -ce nrrth to the north- East thence west .lo] %-: ctioAn liA. tho e
v west cn-ner of ti northea,.st of Sectioni 6, Town- u't t corner of Sc Li"rn. G, Towns phip 29
S ship 42 3ou'h, R..t 25 East; t e st; t t along South, Ra,e 27 Ebat; thence north along the
ie ein ine rIto ti- s.. uthve. cor.r of See- section line to the nritha 'rNcr of Sectio
tion 32, Townshn ,, So:, Rn""Y.e 25 Ea-.t; 35, Township 28 Sout, Kanrg 27 East; thence
I t flhence north a.ne: the section line to northwest west along the sIction line to the southwest cor-
c-naTown'er "c the souh. .. of SLion 32, Towa. ner o e southwest' ov h" suthasti 0' of Sc-
Ssh 41 Sou'.h, I ae 25 Fret; thence ea-t to the tion 27, Township 2b S uth. Ranged E tLA
Sn,'hc.ast ,ornr- of the sothca.t t of S:1..c hence north to the encrt.u esL corner cf th:
S32, Tovnri 41 South. .an. :5 East:; thence s outhwe'-t .. o fthe :oa, % of S .cn 27,

':er of Secion 32 Township 41 Sout', Ra:,;e 2 to the nrth.,st corn: r of the -A0 f.tit o*
East; .the icc: ast ulag the section hre to t the southwest of 27 To28
s outheas corner of Secti4 O 36, Townrship 41 South, kange .t, thence north along the
S Sou:h, .ns 25 Et; th north along t0 h sc tio. lne to .-rthws- cor:' of Sc:an
c 'ectic, lin to there nrrrwa.,e corner of S3c'ion 3, Township 23 South, Fange 27 E' 3t; thence
6, To'nhip 41 S h, R:.e a East; -thece west to the .outh'..' cor-:a f S"tion- 33, Town-
-.;t l.ng t.le ecti ]e .9 7..- th southlust cot- ship 27 Sou'h, Ru., 27 E-::s, thence north
Srcr :of Sectic' : 36, .v: : 0 '.., : a'ge ...6 alonl th- .Ctiot li, A. ..o n lrtl.--.a t corner ,o
St., thenc no ao e t ii tto th Sti T h, 271 "st:
atjh-vest c:. r of ;I.t.;i 30. To" aship 40 thence west alon, tou v n l',. ine to the n r.rh-
Lk n se-. 4)h ,, I P
t So t, R. r-t :7 as:t; he:,ce &:i,-.t 5Cn' th'e ',." w' .t conn.. ,f Scti'n 2,. T.-y n h!, 27 South,
Son line to .he southeast corner of th6e souuhwestt Roi..Tge 27 Ea.t; then..e scu.h alig the cLian
ot the so1thwes, of Section 30, TowInShip iane to the northeast cos.et o' tu i south A of
I'; 1 "'c outh, Ranr.e 27 E-t, thence north to th. SectiW 1., Twns.ip 27 S.uth, Rlane 27 Ea-, "' -'
%,A 4.-1, b. -' ,.w.o.. LNorTeI Sf1thedsZ,.,.,.U
Sr n'rwht-as. corner' *t coth.wc ,a u ti e cuh- thtec2 '.' to to tt.c nrt-hw't corner of the souh

l j 27 East; thncce Wet to the northwest corner of Ea.t. tinie sout" al:u the s<.-...lon hC to the
jJ 'ith" iouthest 1 of .th so.lthwst i of Section 'uthw", c""n' r of SC.:i. f. .own .-'p 27
S, Township 40 S_.,uth hne 27 East; thenc, South, Rang 27 Ea,:.t; tihv., we" t \ long the .c-
... e C I L
ht'V- 4 LLJ -J U, r Qf4 At Ij r
^ nc'rth ar ... the section Une to t..e north,-,t tion line to the son.ho-..'. corner of Se.ct.n' 22.
Sonier cf S.ction 6, TowThip 40 South. Rang- 27 Township 27 South, Rant e 26 East; thnc nor.h
t;Ea.t;, tb.rce east alcno the C'harI.tt-DeS- to along the section line to the northwest corner '
County ixn&e to Whi I ,, Townai-p 39 .cit.h, Range 27 East; thence East; thi.n .'a ,t aio;.; the s.tion r'-ne to t--,
A & li:orth l-i, g the I -' o-S.Ua- g .tnds County iinet sot: east tor-netr c..f -: ,;:!-t of See-' 22,"
.. ..ts i7,; 1"' -1, L. .
S. ,t" the intersCti.n of the South boundary of To;vns'rn 't So th, Rang-' 6 Ft; thence, north
Sarn;. County; t'-'.:' norh along thei- Har-e, to t n'hea. rn,.- rof th west cf S:ctin"i
-, ivxland. Cr. l;.r ine to 'e south boundary of 22, Town.ship 26 jouti, iange 2G East; thence
: .IPoliK C.;uiny; thence x-:e', alZ::g the Hiardcc-iolk v.est to the soath,.t. corner of Secti on 15, Toi,,vn.
: C v ine to the so.'. : .t cc:rnr of Sec.ion ship 2. So :th, ige 2 East; thence no.th
S31, ,.,. Town hip 32 S,:t,', l ',: 27 East; th.n..e aong the <'..;ior '- ;, to th. -'onr east corner ;f

: Ir of S ct ;, T.:'.'.:.i S o uth R.:cn'g 27 th n-e L l.. O. tof a. ct n line to the s.u t h
F.:E :; thcnce ea.t aln th '.e action ,n.e to t7 west r>v,_i .f :ti.._ 9, T.'. ship 2,. So'tC ,.
c "..-t c rner of Scveon 2 6 Townsht;p 30 an n"i 2* East; th n'- nrtn along the section
vi e E'o

: 27 .E:.', thence ort"h ain .r he "i L .ake-i' i-' Co nty line theice west v' -
r.c....on li..,' the ,ou'-hw .t corr of the r.,:rtr- alrng th' c.'aunty i'e to" the south a.t corner -.f ,
S"e.t < S.ctin 'I.. Tonshi S-outh, IRan ? S. ..io 4, 'To n hlip 2- South. i ng'e .a':,
vi27 s:; tIr,, <:-i- "IP sS.oiothea.st -er of t nce r'.t alng the county line to, th orth-
S; the nort of S n ", Tow hip St coner o S:ti '' onship 24 South,
SSouth, Rane 27 Ert: thence nort-h to the south- Range 25 East: ten'e west a orng the county i1)ne 1t'
U. V -'n:A er ,'. the nAr'-th, st of the ori hw st t:o th so.. .thw "t n- r -f S l-tion 29, Towr:ah r'ip
/. ; -.._. S. vtion 24. T e'.. i 0 iS.i:.., "inl... 27 20. Se -. .. R .,ngfe .5 East.; th.' c ri'., .;h .! ng ,h"-
:7 "-'LA I'tt : of th f cvhwet / f- S'tkon 2S, V of Sec:ion :0, Towx.hi.9 24 So.:t, Range 25
ST'wnship 30 .out.I. 1':g 27 East; thence ncth E'ast; thee west the- no t corner of the
.Ai t- L .ofs ,
Fri~ f'-e9 ~W~ 2 IA~~~~~C?7~ t i I!Cir li.n aQdh lr ?idtC(lnTP Pt~PI~

-r I,',R 25 ast; th n.th Jor..g the range li'ie South. itanr ) East; thence south to nouthra
Sbvtween; Ranges 24 and Ea t to th northeast cornIr of Se ciun 25, TCowrship 15 South. Range
corner of Sect:on 1, Township 23 South, Range 19 East; thence west to n rthwest corn-r of Sec-
24 L A&, thence west alng the action jine to tion 36, Township 15 So"tfh, Range st
Sthe &;U.hwe:t corner of'"Sction 31, Tonmhip 22 thente south to Msutheat corner ?f Scutior
SSae. iu::.rge 24 E., tLhcce north a,.o the Townahip 15 South, Rnn.:e 1 Eat; th:.-ce west i
range line to the northeast corner of S&ction 1, to northwest corner of Secton 2, Township i
STowvnahip 18 Soth. Ranre 23 ast, t.he:ce wt South, Range 19 East: thence south to iotheat
to southeast corner of Section 36, To w:1hip 17 corner of Section 33, Township 15 South, Ran
South, PRsne 22 East; thence north to northeet 19 East; the.ncev west to northwest corner of Sc,
corner of dS.cltion 12, Tow nsh ip 17 South, arnge lion 5. Townsiip 16 South. iange 19 r ;.
S22 East; t.:.i:ice vrest to s.uthwtest c.ner c..S t-i;cn srehth to ,soireat co<:er of Stion .,
Sti-n 2, TunshipT 17 South, Range 22 LEast; Township b South, ILne 19 East: thnc t
th .ce nr rth to northeast corner of Section 34, t'o nrthwcat comer of Section 12, Ti.4i'n h:p 16
Township: 16 Souh, Ir.ne 22 East; thren;c west S.4 Ih,' "e 1. East; thence sou.'h to soth.at
i 1to suuthwcst corner of Section Town p 16 cCn-' of Section 11, Townshiu 16 South Ran
SSd-th, R ange 22 East; thence north to northeast 18 Ea0; th-nce west t, northweet ccn-r 'r So-.
cre of Rcaion 18, Township 16 Sou .h, Ran.? tion 14, TO nhip 16 SctIht nst .
i 2 Eat thrnce west to c uthwest corner of See- thence south to southeast corm" c.f S..-. cvr: i
Stin 7, T-.vn',hip 16 S'Uth, RanrWe 22 East; Tow Ship 16 South, Parxe ) Eu: il,-,. v,-.,
hi'"ne rcrt toi northeast corner of S.c.ion 12, to southwest corner of Section 17, To-r
STo"wr~hip 15 Soth. hrage 21 East: thce west h I 10 as; th nc north to :Ithe.
Sto C.:.hw..- c-irner S,.c1on 1, Towrhip 15 corner of "- "lio C, Tosn"hi8; l ..Sou a
> i~ j South, Rasci- 21 East, ther-c north to northeast 18 Ea-:.; then-e ,est to nornwstw. corner ot S-:-
.r of S, ci- 28 Tow-nship 156 Sout, Ranwe (ion 13, To1w'.,i. 16 Southr, n;:;e :7 E t,
S2 East thence wet-t toa southwest ornir of See- thne' so.:t to s.. uthead.t corner of tn 14r
tion 35, Township 14 South, ang 21 East, Township So.th-, Ra'ge 17 Eastr; th:- ::
Sthence north to northwest corner of Section 11, to iw '..w- s ."orner of Section 23. Tr7 .;h
STownship 10 S0%th, ange 21 East" thence east Sc,:, P'1nge 17 t,; .t .c: s'.tb to ,OJ,''.:
ito outhea~& corner of Section 2, Township 14 courn of section 22, T'rwn:1hip 16 Sou-. R.K :g
. ,' j ESouth, Range 21 East: thence north to northwest 17 Ee thence w.:es to nor,othw .t corner of Sec-
I' s. ^corner of Section 1, Township 14 South, Range tion 27, T<.wnhip 1^ Su.:t, Range 6 Edast
S21 Eat;, thence east to southeast co:ner of Sec thence south to moh.L ,-.o-ne. of S;:', -":,
Stion 36, Tcvwn.hip 13 South. Range 21 oEat; Tov.hin I Soth, LEagr1 lt: East; tvhence ,west
Sthence north to northeast corner of Sectn 25, to the of O Mxi.:c: .th' ce ut l, GN th
wni 13 South,. Range 21 East; th ,ce west Gulf of MAxicco, iecling the- v.ter of sai t ::ul:
Sto rrthwedt corner of Section 27, Township 13 within the juimdictior of the State of Frond"-
S e.ut, E.nge 21 East; thence scth; to soruthbenst 1 the pint cf brrinir.
corner of Section 28, Townzhip 13 South, Range (e) i-ta Florida Water Management Dis-
S21 Est; thence west to northwest corner of Sec- irict.-Begin' at ;he rm.-s. tio.n oi tnh north
tion 31, Twnishp 13 South, Range 21. East;' boundary Lee Cou.ityvth the Gulf ofMxict.
Sthence south to outhcst corner of Sect'o u t2, nce eastward along the I.r-Charlctte C-t.ty
STownship 13 S ,th, Range 20 East; n-'- e weh t thc so':fst cor"r of ite oul 't i
i^ S to roxtnhwc3t corr-r of SectLun 1, I.;w.s'p 14 o the southeast M of S.ctir, 5. Tnot.v.;"'i 2
SSouth, Range 20 East; thence south to -s'the,' South, Rone' 23 East: then"- north to the inrth'
Scorner of Section 2, Township 14 South, R cnge west corner of the southeast of the anouthi
S20 East; thence west to northwt corner of Se ,. of Section w :, T.vhip .' .uth, R ". '
tion 11, Townshipr 14 South, Range 20 East; East; there east to the nrertheast c'_.rn of the
|' thence south to southwest corner of Section 1.4, southwest of the southwest A of Section 3i,
Township 14 So.-h, Range 20 East, thence ,abd Township 42 Sou-, Ra tage 2 -,t; thence -otb
St northeast corner of Section 23, Township 14 to Chariotte-Le County line; th rce .astw. :
South, Range 20 East; thwenc south to southmst -;long hv Ch:rte-Lee C ty lie t th C.
corner of Section 26. Township 14 South, Rnge west corner of the southwest h of othe b.tha.t
S20 East; thence west to northwest cor.tr of Sec- of Secti, 3.', Township 42 South, u nge 24
Stion 35, Township 14 South, Range 20 East; Eato- thence norh to the northwest corner of th
!J ~ thence south i, southeast corner of S:ction 3, southwest -: the s.,t}-.(L.at u o f S.ection 2,
| Tvonship 15 South, Range 20 Eat. thence we4t Townshi 42 ,uth, Ra',: bas; th-ne e't
to rorthwct corner of Section 10, Twnhip 5 t. the nrheaat corner of the southeast of t.h
Soutb, Range 20 East; thence south tx southeast southeast A of Section 32, Township 42 South,
; i corner of Section 9, Township 15 South, Range Range 24 Eat; thence south a'ong tn h :x trOon
c20 E St; thence west to northwest -.rner of Se:'- lin to h. Chrlotte- e nty i,
I tica iu, Township 15 South, Range 20 East; eastward alug the Charlotte-Lee Counoty .ine to
S, thence .cuth to southeast corner of Section 20, the otheat corner of hSectiosn :3, Tiow:esh 42
STonsip 15 South, Eange 20 East;, ence west south, Rage 24 East; tRhen, north long the
To3, h!15 ,So=,1..".

z -I

S- n



L z

c ;o I "

-4 C

m>|i | \
m ;o


clt .l \ /.. L

o,| ':. -L
Ion 'IS
H *' 7 I ) '

l___I ,2 _\

-\^ mm

m z

. 1 _____J

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