<%BANNER%> have returned home. Mrs. Leaven- guilty was returned. The fri-nds o rt) twazons to bli ore a prr wht drs. county. He serv in two wars-the
.,. -- ., T r ,. rsl-'v w r T r1Id~an war in 1~o; and lS04 and in
good has as her guests r sister. Mrs.. Mr. c,,r'n ar. wrrvv c1--rrt.!a-- w ,' .. t' wore h ar E nP AR BALL , ,, M
Henry Schoeflin and children of Tam ;n. i'.. On, of his fr,-n.'s v -n ..' .. r LEAP YEAR BALL h cvi war frm ;) to Mr.
u" bh -.t- "" ,''""" '" rr,-rv av, I -t Fort was. tir.,t married to Miss Re-
pa, fiern-:*ifl h, aTpr au.l d t, covf- : ., t-o o ', a. !ad: ,r, pr' nn nho to c-a M, r. and to this union
aci.rc :- "a pr,' t ". .., a ; vxinr ,' Th.. ,d $ .. . ,, i r w -r born,. nine of *
Misses Emma and Edna Nol. m. ,-,..,,,-, ,, .f..
who have been spending the ho ',vs r' ** : ,m, :h..,"',,p.,,, ,f +b.,- nnr ,. "~' -nt wl.. '... h Mr. F rts tirr
with their par'ntls. MN r. and Mrs 1 r ':- ; '- '- <"'i - .. ... d 1 ' l' I h" m"u-
K .a.r :- -. N s-; , ," ,: KT L 'A j, ,
.....,, : :. .- .

Taylor. Val.ta P'otter. Louise Harris,
Esther Woeathers. Sarah McCreery.
*Meta Jewert. Susie Fort. Hattie Dye.
SMargaret Ealroton. Ethel Robinson,
- Mrs. C. S. Cullen. Mrs. D. S. Wood-
row. Mrs. M. J. Roess. Mrs. W. H.
SPowers. Mrs. C. H. Lloyd. Mrs. Ar-
Sthur Hardaker. Mrs. J. H. Taylor.,
and Mrs E. T. Helvenston. The lat-
Ster will bhe the hostess of the club
next week. Mrs. Cullen also had as
Usher guests, her sister. Miss Miriam
) Pasteur. and Mrs. Frey Dyar.
SThe prizes a beautiful handker-
r chief and a lovely belt. were won by
SMrs. Helvenston and Miss Robinson.
L After the games, ice cream, cake
- and candies were served.


I Whereas, Our Heavenly Father, In
His infinite power and wisdom, has
taken unto himself James, the dear
little son of Mrs. Bouvier, our faith-
ful co-worker: therefore, be It
S Resolved, That the Woman's For-
* eign Missionary Society of the Meth-
Sodist church extend to our sister an
expression of our tender sympathy
* ,and condolence.
Be it further resolved, That a copy
Sof these resolutions be sent to our
t bereaved sister, and that the same
* he published in our city papers.


The cr,-monies. att.ndiant on the
'finvilinti. of the Confederate monu-
-mont. which was t- have boen erect-
.* *.! i: 'h i- 'hi.- monrh, hav';' ha i to bh. postpon-

Ocala N w aN zi'fo'rn (Nn(on %!h--r 1,:!%
bact, to NW*auhiing-*n S 'minary.\ta

M~rs. C Vl-' '-a~ ~j'* i-'
her brothe~r. M~lr- r:- a-.
Johnson. w ife of Ili,, ek'o.'

*-----.-- .,--' - *- -
* ~a -.''
:1 '1 ~ -- --** -

- -. ~' I"

*'''- r-----
-, '-;.-I~-- 1,..~..

Mlessrs. &nii J, I0uwr's. ,,'V .' *~j.' j~ V-:~' :~! M-~
homne Sat i urda v .1'r' t'!-ni t. f -n-, ~-5 >>~. a ~ -,.-'
Oa'k. vliere I he C-,,~r~ -~O.m j ~~ ~ ~V-~~':'
and New Ye'ar ,,I ',,I ~ r ~----
tives. A

--; :--

; .' *. -:. ,, .


-- V

I' ~1''-

I-. ( 2''
-- 'II'' '' -.
-~ .~ :' -:


~"'' !'0 L -~-~n 1'- r thp se-r-
- - > ~ 11 vh-.'-. hnce
- -- r ': "Ir.- o rc F i*.-for those
C* 1wi!annouflc-

A~ -d1 ;.', .! ornvorsa-

- I.:- :jx:~. h :,:rr~a I -h''o -Ild


--wo 0 ---- -4 -- 0 4


lwlw -





\ r, ;- 1 T r -, I- r ,


ii :an n Vtarc )()- 'ta
a' i I v.a t- L, a.

I- r : -1;a1* in '.- -* ( .--
a, (.()I ,a a

-, a ..

a, ('.'-.
a' -----, .-
-. ~, - -~ a -. -
a -. a a' a ~' -
a a: ~~'- a. -
I a - a

ia: --
I. : -

.5' a -'
a -.. -

a a -

a - a~ ~. -. a''
*~' ~ ~ *a.* ~ a.
a,''-. \. : -
S-' --''' a

27. 'a -, ~ *~a 'a' a'- .2... V
--''- a,,, I-

-' a '' i a -

might be glad to join us.




a ~ ~ ~ ~ r 1i\ \ta'to1 lctn hI;
aL a: i. a va -i i'a I. is tU 41

-a.~~T~ll aor; r' ,,',a-..
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i t-. aa.aa lLS hI I -iY

.. ~ ~Ii ~- aa ~p nat :t llw'atiih ) r



TIE PARCELS POST THROUGH MAILS Ha,.ving triumphed over the vmi bo Limd Stel Rm
form appendix, which serves no use-
o- ,ful function, the surgeons now prom- 0 t
Express Trust Leads Kevohlt Among Country Storekeepers POSTMASTER GENERAL MYERS ise they will soon be abl t e orom $2 .9 t
SISSUES ORDERall neceeesary repairs on man's vital
and Congress Is Deluged With Protests. organs. You'd pay $50 for them some
Carriers In Many States, Including Dr. Simon Flexner talks as calmly
"Unless condiUoan change to an ex- were killed off the new scheme would Florida, Will be Prohibited Prom jof replacing a patient's stomach or i.
traordinary degree congress will nut go through congress with a whoop. Trnspotn Whiskey hearhtect would of withe recw onstruction
mke any serious attempt to estau- Just at the present time the parcels Washington, Jan. 6.- Postmaster of the recnterior of an old house. Ar-uction
lisah a parcels post or postal savings post has reached the same stage ah on Jan .-Postmaster.of the interior of an old house Ar
bank system at this session. Both which prevented the early enactment General Myers has issued an order i series have been transplanted from j ake Yourslf a Christmas
tbbee reforms have behind them the of the law providing for rural free !which has a direct bearing upon tl a dog to a cat and even from a man Present of the Difference.
Ito a dog, and with patience scienc-,
autwority of the postmaster general delivery. That great reform in the prohibition movement. The order is: to a dog and wlth patience science 0
ana of the president of the United postal service was first tried experi- as follows: the to accompflife from sound anOimal:
States, but sufficient opposition has mentally during the last administra- "It is hereby ordered that it shall orgnsof fro soun ania. ,
devvioped ineah asetocase heLa1-1 for1I( andanb#-nCt-,-
deveped ~in each case to cause the ion of President Cleveland. It was be a condition of any contract hr- e u:,saot; d bian bintz 0
leaders of congress, both republicans condemned by the posTofficpo depart -after ent,-red into for carrying sn t ntrancn'r phufj. ct for se.a rr.
aud aewocratt. to fight shy of all such Ieto h r-n't- rw~ n~e nolrerigr ...n .wnh-,no r p.-op5<, of cours.. ^ay ^riif nnr
a-h euocrats. to fight shy of all such ment on The ground, that wouldtif b mails upon star, screen wagon, mai. WVa: B'rbank has *iha-'v,,! tn pro Lon/ lOnir
legislation, says Raymond in the expeniv,- and iimpraetil, messenger or special series iroue. nas r Cbicago Tribune.'*-p~~.,mS~i~ r.pca ~vc Io-e ,i-_. ,, ,;, ^^ ,., ^
.cago Tribune.The r-al ao ,Ai ,h. %it wa- laid on that th, contractor or carrier sai "', ,,,r,," -,. -:h ,.,. ,, f ,- C.'B. T \ he better one,
Belore ho, pnr.pared his annual re- "he sh-i f y ,- ,l,.n,, rati I-r- ot tran -orint ,t ca in iq l r fru . -- ar ,-n t r av ;, 'l'i- a ..a
,. ~i " h i ty ;n-..-i r a T nC 11 'it; a Lo uan-port iiitijx ca'ing, Iq u rj. *,, , .,..,,..,,. ; ,.* \ 1
pori. i'usTnm az.-t-r General M .yt,-r 'a.- lay in ha- fa -t ha, a it \a ,; ,not I),"i ta a ot in- 1l)) -:i. i ::. t -. * ,'
a- in th.- ft(-t tlia-r it %%a.-z (p), -i in point: to anotit-r upon -*i i.. . ., ,,.."
assured by a great many rmhna-r. ot .o 'a a" -
I l i O '-T v : L r ;. .- y t '. i' i; : r r v :- : ( 7 ..r .- [ f ) rI' ; ,. \ \ !I i I ,-' i I n h ,, ) ,' ,;!': :r .:t '.c ( *: . [ . . . ... : _
thti congre-,:- that both t : postal a i v- r ' r i ) * X A N iU L rga a
-rs anal l,:)'Th a 'r, na .2 .r\ taa' A i L g . E
V* A 91 ..A t- i i r v r. L, 1- / ...* v I & f il

asv Arm Rocker w

" For only $2.25

^ tirs, sPurlLk f, h liuv F'r.nts. up to "-



. .: ., "
a' a: a, t .



- an --a-. .sfltflCS

- a' a


.......; .. .. ... .. .* ....... ........ ........ .....
1 ; -,I w.
SZ ....;. N. a S ,* : l : k" ' j
19 o c. I., 1..
.\ lan re,. he lailoir' ol a nd p 'M I) I"I. ,. .7* I

. dii nxicrat-.. but tfi*'a ?h.. 1fl .ti~Vv)S >A in t .' .^^ S*'* a..,. !'Thi [^ ^Ti' !.. h':^rs^ i). >~.iA r iu iK ..> ai(.^ r ', 'I' . ; a
\e dillin to ac'pt the re- i 0, rk..i r. 1oronss "nv " .. ..
e-pn.ibi A", either ofp passing or of (i.- d hav cII ongres on thj manrk,' *'" ; .
featiug the parcels post and postal hfrom t hes-' country n'trchants. awl *>pa. f, w ilOnhs. v ren;t' 1
saiui gs bank. thev have confe d t h ih*uation ti h e c, o f i ii;afl&''c litn "i. Iii "ali, f :' : 'a -! aa w
i hl republicans are in a similar dLo; such an extent that no ofle on oithrj third fr lw same aiiouti of f.'br. ''
k'.a Extraordinary opposition has Iside. dart-s to assume the re')oHsi- About anV-t:v difrent h:nia 2 ,, .ri' ',
br u de ve loped o n both of th ese b ilit, o f e- ta b lis b.in g th e p arce is p ost. \ l, ctrc h ea tii an d co o k in g (:v.irr- K ; j, a w .' 1 t i n
.. ,. ., ,, 2,. ... I' + .ir,', a,)w -.! ;rwIr ar.i'I Iali } n n.
he.... t';nd i "o,, ..

,t.Cl'nlls, and the leaders in the house There is every reason to believe the ar mariufactured today for orfinar,-. ,
....'u r";". ''.^* t'"L w '" ... '.L ;' Z , i

and senate have about comet to the express Companies the-nselv*s are b "- household use. r,,r ,._ a..
.-p n-i i. eihe o- iss n or f (t h usn.h ct~ :~) n., a ~. l, ,I ,n t e m k v *. '** :i p"w ?o r-"r : r "c .. ... ''

conclusion that public opinion has not hind the attitude of the country store- The latest ,and most important s ,, o, :
Yet sufficiently crystallized to make it keepers, who are being used to pull in electrical manufacture is the el- . ,
itl t of oner'.'. P-r a s afT.,"r ;t:l. vowi
wise to undertake such radical chang- from the fire the chesnut of one of trification of steam roads. This prom a ,-
.,0t to havp tlI~* allinchl )f wo:r ab ut ?om-'- L' ...

es in the financial and transportation the greatest corporate trust in the ises to be one of the largest branchese ', :a "a' ,', ', ..,. ,
systems at the present time. country of the industry. i ,
S, ours. Sen 1 him a he'pin han. an I
There will be debate over both- the In spite of ter new rate law. ou ts Semiv the iar taa.'r Ed ao n th wizr d
,er own wil.. bA.' ",ton' Th wiz pa-td
bkand sd e government expense busit- tariffs of the express comani s are Menlo Park, announces that h s vrf up
nss, but action will be deferred from generally extraordinarily high. In cease all hard work for a tm and'"Og ,
ncs h I cease allalv har wt-;.k for a~~r n pn
tinim to time and both bills will be the nature of things. i is not feasible devote s a moments to pla-a ..
n*s im o t n 'ei) rao yv:r ,,f': Vhin .l^ .,~p t.,:i*,n

hanging high and dry when congress for a railroad to permit rival express inge with electrician. The public can it.rf. e ap.. ,a- a .
reaches the time for its inid-suimaier companies to do business tr: its lhte Io.i forward to something new, brnev- yoro as n a. rS)aiI tl a ,
rec ss v u r s o i t. an It !ts o-; I~lb
recess at tpalthe same time. erthe ins y y s. ine whic a 1s han!,! 1 an
Senator illa of Newat Yorok. tfor The carriage of small ,ar nwa1a sT The new luminous arc gra isow of of a
Yearso n tin k arh ly T o p ::

many years president of the Iited necessarily be a monopoly. excep' to, 'rovs the> quality anad efficiency of m quality aa-v in h(
States Express compaiep has madu ctopetilg points. The country store ethoarc lamps. Lanipes tare nade wilv- .
11% ri y ys?'"., 'I,)<,"r wt, o we

1. .. P H-!:, ) !T,
toh kig the parceds dr st measure shsl of this extortioi t. Y it i is knexr? 0 if'" v as nt eich as T!-, in p ubn, i ca fhu:,. .at2
rt c achedsth t e sef naT ai-run n r p ihltiet t- d b i -t' expnr 's. lnea y i frwarac tiv ao, re Ie ressantaxies of e othtir e pree p.anies hav, s nt e.r-rters anl, c.rli-s 1h. w* r a s in h1'aT ..,;, t _
companies mt r, equal 1y 1% 'ua 'n in their agents t-v-ryh 'ma *mi: r n V-arethe ha "iik warm 'r (<':!i' 'i2 SO M E NATURE FAKES
their declarat ions that it h I1'it hce arl- bcounrv. I*aSreMtEnNAT 'E'.F:K to iroui .s h in q u: t a ndi Wvai' hnaa r(f_
for these E overn Ien t to o t i thn a e r'o lxoi aca1 1sr. th e r. s tl' Z 1 o t hi a rl Ik) f.a I f ; i i aar 1a Vl 0
~tra~nsjortal s --*.bn ,o s-h an U'siderat:fon of I factt that in ca't of ,Thte I ',w Bpea (f eHctrical :ani '., a a V.
extent. lh^, pa>-.a-ze of ->~ plarc.-Ks pts: pi:-:: hilO a''a'5 h()r *Iept'l up~oni a stura.:' t- It was as.umed. a- a nia.>r oTa thhth bio mail onrar hIuNss wA< r, r
.) t :,+ t t s itm :Nitta' I t11(]. for sflc a .t l asaOW 'r e raY+', e ;t t.:.. ,--,'. '2 ~ t t

course, tiat tehar !-ol, the!Y.- la r'i\ ThOn- -rach eoft or ti O.r ei"irs ''l, rral 'e':.;i q'a- g nerator., whicl i. g- a 1ta' a t a '-I;,. :''-*

was thought atier oxpf othe r compxante's aii pani h's now o( .t.'o t,,o IalnN c rVS 'i.r Ih.at, in a.ar np'in." ,i ta.,,k"..
Va) and itxipr)vs the serv,.-a' SOMN*'TUR h ., A KES
COMMISSION MERCHANTS TO EPIDEMIC OF GRIP AT THE CAP- arnt1 l'r .ilPa are o r.,-thaw ,,. a* a ^. .. r
X1 r 1'. l t

BE BANQUETED IN ITA itit II-t.''I *i] -S Li' a'' a:-.
JACKSONVILLE n i c o-nry i ;(''l A' -, f]; ieg :c clan 'r t'I "i rI'.
t,, cri,), cart'q i l h i 'T ic i n i i~o p 9'' +", . ,. ,,.

o ac I ) ovi tlr1e 1 ill lhaI V e as h er, V IashIt o ipar_ t, a at I. ., , f' a
,o.u I Y.-+ + :! + T ', : + + : " + "

f chan." a fre lt'o an str' a;i,,. '2...' s a N,< ' . .
guests 3 anuar' 11 7a m w r f *.aa ~ac~t ~ gv~aaein. Ia''> n:m' the N national I h.eaguit oftt Co -mission y ..> ., , f 1, ii cal b\s, '. (al ( i iA ,-fi ,-" 1v a. .l .. ,
r ah lth. i- co'i.roia nespal sa j '... .
,, iiCt i T EM O F G R IP, A T T H ErCA P .r ... .il a re n......... T',v k**, ,,. <, ,, : \. .!

Ierc ank s a.. o w ill t, a t asohernA .'." the tw..i ail T .r I"t'C al >,. ha, . "'" .. "
'' n<< *l' i n { n s .', tp .' l i :. I.' (' !^ '^ [ ah- +: lrnvns. *, "th, "1 s ;r i i',,>. T,, ) ,!' .. .. ; >^ < ,".
COM ISIO M~cANST TOEPDEICOFGRP T HECA- ro~q ~t,, i:I ae owrh', "", : ,' a' g,,

t 0r",h rv ,,j I I,.

~yKWGT LANG. OcGiQl.FRao"'
a~ ~ ttj. t c'(I s i n r'c r y e r. aaa n t t d e'j b Your
V' t~~ ~ll~ -~d 02 S~ F C0a,-' -2,3S. E3g g ."1.' H a r r. e~S
n,, z oie rI zi-i fl or' t '; a ricl t n -e i-a gaj:d -o-t' %Ie-rp w
d idii U es c~WA t e p ~'e 0f t a1a!v' 'aS 4 ~ ded to
i'- a r) ~f gc ~S :"t ~z c~irio o.T ae result
--tv -3"- 1 r :'i d Y. V~ra~re at ^ec c ud n t a" tr u !0o Pa d:c
3,' s.SS v2uck & Co'3. Or r;V.!H 0 11,!er1a1,ty Ggoods.
a rr-u3t dc ix'usiness wit"1 cur ;-2 9ghoos rs d --4"t ,vlnc-tomers a
t-.:>.san~d mi~es distant. .Our lines 'aic e, e-n carefu!!y sel'?cted. Cur

< '*W AG1NS
i-, -j;,t and sold on honor. We carry a full line of

We have HARNESS for the Florida mule as well as for the $1000
jrver. See us for anything in our lines and we assure you that we will
z-,ve to lease you and "make good." Yours very truly,







t, FL O.

We are constantly adding new ac-

counts, and our business is increasing at

ai very satisfactory rate. Possibly you also






f you have on hand to sell, or If ye
are thinking of coming to Flor
Ida to make it your ho-ne, or
if you desire to Invest
In any kind of Flor.

Ida property,


mmbmw ..Nmmmww-o - I


+ , L )',.



e of Japanese

ilO Mattiqg

s from $5,48 up

s are mouse and roach


-m mm- m m



Or Interemsting contemporary, the but a fool would have seriously pre- n d ta t p .
Shanot deny that there are persons will remain in the house.
Ock Baener, has been consuming dicted any other result.
co able space recently in protes- But if the party vote was smaller among us loving liberty too well for This decision makes Mr. Spark-
oo-tdrble pace recently in protee- But if the party vote was smaller .. ._., ,
So their personal good, in a selfish gener- man's promotion to the senate doubt-
o of friendship for Mr. Bryan on in 1900 than in 1896 when Mr. Bryan nation. Such there may be, and for ful. This was regarded by all as his
te one band., and in arguments as to was each time the leader, what are the sake of this example, would that best opportunity.
why be anmot be elected president we to say of it in 1904, when it slump- there were more! In calling them Senator Taliaferro's term expires in
-M the other. ed something like a million and a half "fanatics., you would cast contumely 1911, and, from all indications, he will
Tle Journal called upon the Baner votes, and represented the smallest upon the noble army of martyrs, from be a candidate to succeed himself.
vote the party had cast in twenty the earliest day down to this hour; It is obvious that Mr. Sparkman
with the question: "Who then do you years? upon the great tribunes of human would not oppose him.
believe is the strongest and why? If During that memorable campaign rights, by whom life, liberty, and The senator to be elected this year
there is a stronger man in the coun- when the enemies of democracy had happiness on earth, have been secur- will hold office until 1915.
try, let us know his name and resi- forced its greatest leader to the rear- ed; upon the long line of devoted pa- Death or resignation will furnish
dence and the reason for his strength. Just as the Banner would do now-: triots, who, through history, have tru- about the only opportunity Mr. Spark-
The question is up to the Banner." we had,. in the language of our con- ly loved th-ir country and upon all will will have (to go to the senate in
The Banner did not attempt to an- temporary- who, in noble aspirations for th,- gen- future.
xwer tie question at all. but proce.d- "'A candidate, who has made no ',.ral g-.od, and in forgetfulness of self. fi .-,fri'-nd-. wL'o ha d-i. sir--I l r, ..-
ed to again d-emonstrate what it con- -'r(ng antagonisms; a man ar.:;-nd h.av sr(),)d out before their age.-. and him a er;.r of h.- ':.;,'p h!us.. .',-
siders Mr. Br"an's weakness with t '*,* ,,"m all el'-m" n;s o:. ,.- partv :;a .t. ler into h,ir generous boM.ro) tr+e hr.e ,i -., i.'' "',. ,r m.ir. rea :....."
party and his unfine-s. in i j'., _- ,a,!',r a man who ',:r c--wo. -:' -he shaft- of vranny ail i thann
meant. as the par:y *, noriIne,. i ':'n.- h+'- all frin'o. i!.-. "! ; '. 2 ,r7, :o I :.ake a ;.ap hway- f,,r itruTh. {,. i' -.- r :I ,',, "-
WV e h a v e n ','', ~ir ,t ,, (;,',,.-,, ,,:, h- I ,i,' ,,; u .i, s 'r ,'. h ,l io t'; ...:\ .: ,- ,'i ,; ,- ',. ".'t* I.,.:l ....r * i.'-n t:ln n <- f i " .r - -'' L: ':'I- '. t '::* -'. ~
B anner's frien& -h.; l f ,- M !- lP: .. ,.- ,. *'* .". ,. ,. rh. s- i" u : ';"... a .. ....,'. .> n '<..; :.m r ;i ,.s o ",7'.I,- i ,-r ef t ,-.
less it lie that. u ;- f,. : .;. ... .. ::.' n > .- : . ... .. :, ," ..' :, a' W i ..t "" t a l th,. T) :, T H E W ORSST EV ER O N ED ITO R
peare use-, to, -a ,' ", ,' -", * i.. i u *.. ., .. ..". . ..... I : .i' ..- ... .I C LA U D E
..."b t I i a < ; r <-; a .. '.. * '. "* .. ; ;* : '. : "!:; .' . .. . . " !. ... ..... !*':, I .^ ',* ,-'... ,'. C L A U D E

th e B a n n e r u -. '.- a. :. '. ... '. . .. .. . I : -. ... ,. . .
L E A .r > i.' i' 'i T Tl r ,.4 , . . -. 4. r ' ""4* 1'.: .: i 4 ,*-'" ;, 1 .--* *.I ; .'. . ,* .' ',, 1
. . . ., ..,' ,., -(. ',., ; E-V.. .,0...N .

ty le-ader tha;! all of h ,.nm,'': .:-v'
used from I the b, .- i l:;, .\'t,'r ;,r,.-
testirn its frien -hip .r N'
kan. the. Pann, "'B i i the ra' tr, ;, i-. '' :;
get thlie ,parky It lt unit- il)n I:o l \V,.
cannot z t Tlhe ',,, er -.*tcv.- ,,'.
Supon him a t l.,.:-: i', it. I,'
sh cr('ail tti *rv:t :;'.2 r .
ta g(n i:.m s. t!, i ,.a ".*'. :,' '' .... '
n o m ian ,.. ,f h r, W);i;, ;,: ,! ,.,'* i'
has carri,-e, :' > .:. .. "-
stronzly ha ,ni rac ,. It i. unf, -r'' at ,': : .
The (dis(corlain' : f '
will not flock ( r:. at "- ',
ard. It h a- b n ir. 1 \v,6 . an '" '
times has rsult1'-l "in (1 -,.-; '
W e are pr'par.-d .' ; r.-e ,\'' ; t ','
Banner that t.he "t i--(,r'ti.i. ', ,* i:', -
will not support; Mr tl:'.a;. ':' '.\
deny emphatically t:at M'.1 l',ryan',-
leadership of thle par'y anm b!. c,'r-
rectly described as ha.i n b )th Time
"carried it to defeat."

~4*~.4?~* '4 '',, 4*'i'
~4'*!~ 1
4 4,.' 1. '.
* 41'.:I ~ '* ~- ':;t* -
'-.4. *1 'J .
I 4* 4 4
.. Si '

~ 'r.'

1' a-,, 4t.z


Fanaticism is found in an enthusi-
asm or an exaggeration of opinions,
particularly on religious subjects;
but there may be a fanaticism for
evil as well as for good. Now, I will

.', to4r.. Si

r T I I

"Vas si,.of mi lar, TV:a

)f~'' hi4o y- I i po
A-0 4.A*W Th ,4TWAWarps w,.

:: !,y iv (hat->-s .zStinter.


The departure for Washingtou of
Congressman Sparkman, without fur-
ther announcement, may be taken as
final assurance that he will not be a
candidate for the senate, but that he

.4' 4 4 ill. 74 in '

4.4 '1' '!v:

4 7, '

j. :14 -0 lap
Am 4v

;- \ K * .** 1. 4;, -~ ~
' ". "'' *' i"

;)'.i '; " - i 4 ""4 "
. '11
-,-, 1.4 "! 4-, 4*,. 4 ',. y. ,

'4',, t* .' ~ 44',4 ,


The fact is that in l19 it was Mr. t*l ,a h Tiime. (;rov-r (Clev,,iai. wa ; va
Bryan's leadership that saved the par- hrtr, timins a canliilate and w-a.~ 'lei- TOM WATSON ON LON LIVING- We give our n.w senator. Hon. Wil-
ty from absolute annihilation. UIp to i the, first and third times. S TON iiam James Bryan. credit for entirely
he time of his nomination there was ',u"r good contemporary refers to too much sagicity and good taste to
,T r In this week's issue of the Joffer- take the Hon. Jefferson Dvso r
hno ope anywhere for the success of Mr Clay. but it does not refer to) any|
S the party. Under Cleveland it had *-f these other cases. The tact is. i, ,ian wil be found the platform of kansas as his model. And so we have
r Alon. James L,. 'Mayson, candidate for no fear that Mr. Bryans roiv
been absolutely wrecked, and Bryan's There is no precedent, practice, or rca- Ion s ayson, andiate o fr that Mr. Bryan's precocity
leadership. far from carrying IP to d,,- ;on for the argument which the lan- congress. against the mal-odorous will tempt him to violate the trali-
Lon Lvntoso h oaoa(
.at. was the only thing tha* saved nr concocts against a "third time" Lion iingston. tions of the senate and offend the
Snor.inatton. Mayson is precisely the kind of man just prejudices of hTs senatorial col-
In further proof of what the Banner I These things, however, are appar- that Livingston would bh. if Living- leagues by rushing prematurely to
considers Mr. Bryan's weakness it .'it to all men What we want the, ston were the reverse of what he is. the tribune with a rip-snorting speech
says: B' anner to do is to answer our ques- Mayson is clean in his manner of tf he Ajax-defying-the-lightning type.
"Mr. Bryan polled more votes In his tion-who is the man who can unite |lire as in his public record, He is The universal testimony about Mr.
Irt nomination than he did in his he party? Tror him out. Let us size not a liar. He is not corrupt. HIe is Bryan is that he is able, shrewd and
firstI,) aoiato hypcane He is an genle an -hetued party because hit)i. L ssz
second one. wh4ch. of course, showed him up. Let us figure on the propo-i n a hypocrite. He is a gentleman, cultured, and because he is, we know,.
: ^that he had lost rather than gained zition as to whether or not he can i1e does P)OsseS talent and patriot- that he will not put himself in the Jef-
length. poll more votes than the one demo- isni. He would, if elected, be a cred- fers Davis class. In dui season we ex-
it is true that the party vote was crat who received in 1,9t a million i to the Atlanta district and to the pet to read that he has male his or-
smaller in 194,1 than it was in 1,9g. mior., votes than any previous canli- statt of (georgia. atorical debut with grace and forcD
bWt when we consider that the coun- da'-1 had ever received andl a million He would possess some real influ- and said something worth while in
ry was then not only passing through and a half more than the, "safe and once In congress, and would not make the right way and at the right time.
a period of great prosperity, but that san," harmony candidate go! eight a co'l, ete fall-down on such a matter A dozen apt lines in debate that will
qte candidate of the opposition party years later Don't hede now. but as the sub--reasury l)roposition, as find the joint in an adversary's armor
had as president just carried the na- come on with, your man -Pensaca Ln.n livlnfs!on did. will make him more reputation than a
tion through a successful war. no one .1ourna!. Mayson wol1d b, a real and con- dozn pag-,s in The Record, stuffed
L*.t friend nf the farmers of his dis- with gorgeouis pi at txes an'l tierv
i,", las, ao1 of ju.t-!iefore-the-elec- L+'a ii .- I v ( k ,cr .
MORE iton frien,! as 1.on Livingston is.
lite woul0 1iv to the city of Atlan- POLITICS IN GEORGIA
"Finally, and as alln .nd. lth lP'oLt
14ta a square tlal in all thin,-. and flr
lay. down this proposition, and it w, A laltintort after Now Y,. ar spt.- ureod, detal n all i. a for
v r l o y te~ ( f b in g. a n i ,r ,. I w -vw n ,,u r w y : a M i i l
will maintain: ka say' That the market on the en-l ro, i f
wil"l maintain a y* -e mar vmh ,,n- t,)ol of a f,-w patronage mongers and Sanders of Shaltv Da!, "wt,'rv, fooih
"That if this people should adop" tiret' ln' of Florida stc'k has lb'en t f p i an es o S l .1..
ithte S."uthern Railrowl-as L~on liv-,
an amendment to our federal constiti- quit(, satisfactor,. \Wax lbanu ant tten Railr Lon I ot politics. W, a;ik about it andt
i.t,,SOn has ever been.
tion demonetizing gold. taking from siring betans arc in fair demanl, an.! ,organs of the Atlanta distri(t am abolt it an i th sha
,.or-in of anhe Atlanw .dit- re, ,
it Its legal tender property and shu:- cukes arc in d,-n'an.l, as w,,l! as goo D, 't sbmit an er t the natioalof h- capai in
Uting the points to it. that law woulM l11oiia"it's, ftew of which, however, have. the sad. ,\V iiS)'I.' a rit:hir
di"grc( )f being represtented bvy suich
{ot impair the value of gold one iota been arr'iinti. Okra woulnl sell well s. ;riart: we den, the al!egation and
Men and women would be just as ho,,. itf an\ylhini like good stock was ,:a an,' as lrvi s an,! cec y The alligator an sonltimes
kn c (,,ot "vi!Ir"
foot in pursuit of it as thet, art' today. arrival. A lot of unfair sto,,k has oust oursvs ane a r knock down an! drag cut iht will
1001 in pur~un n i> a.ii. )p ctab~lo ^ent, ,1.an TO r','pr s nt', Viou. , ., ,.;
It would buy as much as it will buyl Ien in receip)t this week. I \%ill no!,: Tt ,. F .. Vac!. n 1 \Vo kiy soniwe on as utixpec. *'a as an AprL
now, and the Argonauts would .1o o bt'n, express charges. Potat.' are shower in une. at we wai
(A end of the world in search of it. quite, ac('ti\e, and prices arte m-"inzi know ahoitu is. who's a wini for to
... ...... ... n ,, rn w ', a f'air - - be the n \Xr nfsresilen l)' li':I s i's; a


New Zealand is the world's best ob-
ject lesson of the excellent results
of progressive politics. And now
comes the new state, Oklahoma, a
close second to New Zealand in her
rejection of antiquated ideas in gov-
ernment, says Erwin Markham. in
Success Magazine. New-born Okla-
homa seems to have no more respect

for obsolete statecraft in running
present-day politics than for ancient
stone hatchets in chopping present-
day wood piles. Indeed, Oklahoma
might be supposed to be of the order
of those who "speak disrespectfully

"All quiet along the PoteO,' tC"
"Except now and then a stray Nd
Is shot. as he walks on his beat tw
and fro,
By a rifleman bid in the thicket.

"'Tis nothing: a private or two, --
and then.
Will not count in the news of t2
Not an officer lost-only one of the
Moaning out. all alone, the deat

All quiet along the Por,,mac tonightL
WVhro the soltdiers i:- peacefully


I. .
^ ;;



I- '



4 I ..'4,4 ~ -, 444 ~ .\
4 '..........14, I
'-5. ''4
.4. .4 4 . .1.4

4 4 4.
4,' .~'

-- .. .v:.:st r- a '-a'' 4,

~i lii \VOeti 'a.- 2.-i' S 4l'1' 12.2.


* *. . 41

; h.andi sixe n "U'; *SF .1t..
.\ ,n i.k It;a lr a ,-re'i t ro t h;,,' cor- I. a;i'e, ,, ;- ', vT- .u
Si t'.> iin, -..i t11:1 ',h 1 ;th .i on a liv' ', s \v
:'i'. Th'hi.- is '4 spenr ihe- pr,),'s w ith: \ V'r.. ;ti, -:,'' rto ,, ', r
"'The ro)rdts. ,ooks ansl fiies of al
r'or'n, ra 'i,,n shaIl t e at all times lia- Then !ra ;ri.g his :.;lev ri
) io ant s, ii'ject to the full visitrorial his eyes
an,! inqi '--iorital powers of the start, t He ashe,,s off retoar, that at
* notwithstanding the immunities and And gatrhers his vun closer
privileoges in this bill of rights." place.
Here is a bright spe)ar of publicity As if to keep down the h
pushed! into the locked darkness Ing.
whAre the criminal corporations plot

their treason against the people. Hon-
oest men. of course, have nothing to
fear; but the criminalcids are howl-


Now Lying at St. Luke's Hospital Un-
conscious-Negro Fireman's
Deadly Work
By3" the, merest accident yesterday
afternoon Sheriff Bowden found a
white man ;iat St. Luke's hospital in a
serious condition, thb- result of a niur-
dlerou.-:s assault.
The sheriff stated today that he hail
invr esrigatedt th, case and learned
trha Sunday I.. M. Rayvsor. a condluct-
or on a Seaboalri Air Line freight
train, ha.ds,! .o')ne w 'ortls with Ed Loigan.
Sn(.gro fireman., at Baldlwin, twenty
?-:iis v.-f.-s of Ja.v s)nvIllP. b)ut no )tie
has v',r etei f)oulnd wlho could state'
what. th., f!is was about. \\Whe n the
;'ainl arrival in the western part of
'h ('i viy The ,negro fireman went uij)
o rlte c'nd'ti-tor an.l struck him on
"h' he'!a, wvith a spalo or shovel, fell-
ing hinm to the, ground. The injured
man was se t to the hospital, and it
was there fond that his skull was
I aItly fractt'rd and may result fatal-
! i The c ,ii-u('ctor is yet unable ?o
.'11 1;, in -'orniation, being uncon-
s' i,.- morist o.: 'he tinw'.
Int -int'l ifr iinto^n lo.- TTiryiin (i\f ^ ''

'In r "-

iuhly over

re wellinw.
lip to it

i'art -wptlT-

He pauses tho fountain, the blatr-d
pine tree-
The footstep is lagging and wparv:
Yet onward he goes. through the
broad belt of light.
Toward the shade of the forpet so

Hark! was it the night wind that
rustled the leaves!
Was it th- moonlight so wondrous-
ly flashing?
It looked like a rifle. "Ha' Mary.
And the life-blood ii ebbing and

All queot along the Potomac tonight-
No sound sav, the rushsb of the riv-
While so't falls the dew on the fare
of thet d(ad-
The picket's off duty forever.

Mr. Harry Wood of St. Petersburg
is in Ocala and may mak- this city
his future hamn. Flo has rented the
new brick building from Mr. Toffalet-
ti on Ma:-nolia street. and will open
a moving picture gallry in same at
once. an,! will pir on Pxhibitiion the
latest an, most iup to date scenes ,
such as the "Pas-ion Play'" and "Na-
pf.olon's \larch to Moscow." These
ar,, the exact rpro:luctions of the or-
iginals, andl have givwn immense sat-

Lof the equator," for she Implies that drearrm.ng
Jefferson and Hamilton didn't krow TLt'ir ten's in the r:a' a ,f tht- clear
all about. the drafting of constiturions. autumn moon.
and,1 she flings off their outworn polit- Or r. ;h 'i'. '.r. r.. are
i(-a! precedents as sh.e would their ga'aming.
a,, h'!"e-'1 perukes.
.' t., prvro si in her new A .i :''. .-:..;. '. n ht
: .i rii:cil (,n:',I ; :t;'i)1n :t e.' mu1c" win I
,2i-'"!r j" i h ,." <',< ': f' ): a !e n:: ,,l,>,s '" ... ... !- 1' *: ; .1 **' .. i
,,.'" i*< e ,l : ,; th ', ,.41. .:...
.. .i ' ;t* ,n ,,* : ' '" ."
..i ; .... ...... ..... .... "- .a: .',; 1 xn A ,- ..." ^-:

.. *i* ,' ; '. ,.* l ii '' I); :- n
,- :- f i :.
:.' . "., ja !:,,' I
': ". "" ,. L] "'. '"' ; .. t" ,, ,





I -


. ill


**- *.*

~II I -


I T the Editor Ocala Banner:
i D11tg the past few years the blue
g r tree, one of the Australian euca-
lypta, hes been planted in parts of
=mthern Florida and has thrived to
such a dec m as to assure good re-
mits from plantings of that species
*n the southern section of the penin-
gda. The successful plantings were
*a in low, sandy soils near Cape
Canveral. about Fort Myers. and
-Isewbere. The water level Is usually
BM than six feet below the surface,
a" the trees find no difficulty in oh-
tailning all the moisture needed.
T1 blue gum and other eucalyptus
were brought to California from Aus-
trall ay years ago, and have
owN remarkable growth in the
war cnats and friendly soils of
he Pacdic coat It becomes a trunk
t a fw years when conditions are fa-
able, mbut It cannot withstand se-
ve fossg and for that reason it can
be grown with profit only In limited
ma of the TUnited States. Mubch at-
oBtim a Isbetg given to it in Califor-
ot, and hundreds of thousands of
ees were planted the past year. Rail-
roads use it for ties and are planting
orge tracts for that purpose. It has
many uses-fuel, posts, poles and
lumber. No tree grows with greater
The success which has attended the
Introduction of this valuable tree in
southern Florida proves that it will
prosper there. Although much of th*
soil is stony, the underground water
lies near the surface and the roots of
the eucalyptus easily reach it. If they
can obtain sufficient anchorage to
hold the trunks against the force of
the wind. success is reasonably sure
even in the stony ground, while many
atuatlons are available where the
soil is deep and is free from stones.
and in such places the eucalypt finds
ideal conditions for rapid growth.
Lame Shoulder Cured
Lame shoulder is usually caused by
rheumatism of the muscles and quick-
ly yields to a few applications of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Mrs. F. H.
McElwee of Boistown. New Bruns-
wick, writes: "Having been troubled
for some time with a poin in my left
shoulder. I decided to give Chamber-
lain's Pain Balm a trial, with the re-
sult that I got prompt relief." For
ale by all druggists, m

It is said to vote dry does not stop
the rum business: hence we should
not vote for it. WelL "no-saloons"
may not absolutely stop every bit of
the rum selling, but it does stop the
bulk of It when properly enforced..
A man one day stepped into the
store of a prominent business man in
a wet town and said: "If we get no-li-
cense there will be more drinking
than there is now." The sensible
buaiess man replied: "Well, I notice
that I sell a great deal more of any

article when I display it in my front
1i t.Ows than I do when I keep it
kecked up in a back room in a closet."
Here Io s atrovg argument in favor of
,otlng dry. Every Improved store
front and every plate glas window in
the city is an argument in favor of a
dry town. These windows aie used
to display goods and tempt people to
come in and buy. Liquor displayed
in these same windows would attract
ti(e attention and arouse the appetite
of men passing by who would tN.s b'
drawn into the saloon, time and time
again. where they would not think of
drinking were not the temptation so
c-ntantly before them.
N Imatter what son..' n, i s t-,y,
kn .- tha. the blind tiger, back in a
dz-k hole. or a dirty cellar, or a musty
att:,. does not tempt decent young
m;,. like the open. attractive saloon.
- ;'ricanl Is.sue.

-- ABE -


m--- ,



,, --W ee mwed w ur ease tnoffice t our cs


dW-whereawe wdllbe pe a hsedtohaetter cus-

Ago--to er cll o

601.- all the necessaries as heretofore,.

Yours for more and better business








p 4













S tomackh Trohl|sIC t"iPro

/^C 'TI 'LPA1A MHe Gives $2,191,000 to Three Colleges.
O -V~lE I E J rD -He is the World's Greatest
SPhilanthropist Not Selli)g Out at Cost, but Selli)g ot
The Movement for Temperate Living Is About to Girdle Joh D. Roce n W c Should Avwos Bi S tsfctor to
gsi f t to the University of Chica- -
the Globe, go arrived today-one d(lay late. It,
anounted to $iltl,,'", and makes a
The year 114"7 was notable for the, planning dras:irc m-a.-.ur.s To cheek total of hr has given
progress made in tt-mperance, not drunkenne-. The n-w v ii.I r.-gulat- to oh, universiTy.
only in the United States. lbut the ing drink ,n that country n:.,akt th Mr. Rockefeller's donation places DI an
world around, sale of brandy anld it .- a sta-e Chicagt hired among the endowed un-
Thi was the year of the Chinese nionopoly. and gives nmuiniiciipalities ivertiries of th- country, only eIand W Baets
imperial edict against opium. Prohi- con*roi of saloons. Bark.eeprs be- Sranford and Harvard having larger a t he Bal e
bitionists made grr-at strides in the conm-e municipal employs. Bars ar- endownmnts. Wcl
south, reclaiming the states of Geor- limited ae to number an I I.nay not re- Word of tzh gift aas received by
gia and Alabama and winning a hun- mairn open on Sundays or saint's day. Martin A. Ryerson, chairman of the ja
red counties of Kentucky. It was or after at night. Intoxication is bijard of trusees' in alter from Joh- u l SS -
seriously proposed as a presid-nt.al vpu,-ished y fine for The first offense D. Rockefellr, Jr. The letter stated
issue for the democratic party. O> h oma entered the Union with a aw HaLituai drunkard, ade regi-ered. at th- disposal of rho university se-
forbidding the manufacture and -al- an i barkelpers s-lling ti .,m liquor curities to the amount of S2,,),t000, yi Eo P hn o

of intoxicants. The incident of the
sewers of Oklahoma City flushed with
2300 barrels of contraband beer wa-
su.iciently novel. Two (of the thr,-
coAnties of Delaware went "'dry" at
the November election. The bihop's
excise law was a leading issue in the
New Jersey campaign. Chicagoadid-
ed a square mile- to its prohibition ter-
ritory. Yesterday thousands, of en.-
playes of the Chicago and North-
western railroad "took the pledge."
The consumption of strong i:quors
diminished in Great Britain
The government of Roumania i:


ar- subject to heavy fines, which will give the annual income of
SAs incidental to his drift toward $,.,, The other parts of the do-
temperance,. interviews with Saint- nation were $155.,"",., to cover the defi-
Saens, Massenet, dlndy, Sardlou and 1 'it of I',. and a miscellaneous fund
Henri Lavtdan represen-t these of $3,.,,". to be divided as follows:
Frei.ch authors and comps-,-ers as de- $i,.', for books, S2-161: for a new
-recating the ue of a'c,'i'l as a men- greenhouse, $5l",' for equipment,
tal stimulant. Lav,,,eIan and Sardou $i5.',w' for campus improvements.
lde.nounce it a- a pois,>n. The pr'eee- $41,.,1 for repairs a. Yerkes Observa-
-.-n: of Bauidelaire druggLine him-nelf tory.
into d-eliriumn at forty-six and Musse T.)lday's gif" is the first large one
witL his "'brillian? fu"*ire .,'-hinl hipi" rmaioe by Mr Rockefell-'-r since Presi-
at fr:.v t e-ause of .ii)-inu'i an. al- >!ent Johnson succeedel President
(,( hl aIpi)ar.niT'. no <. -r honls in Harp:er ecease'l.
France.-N,-w York Word, For the Harper mmn, rial fund

"- -' ^-- $1 :"-..... has ;be,,n raised ly popular
THE MAN AND HIS JOB sucrip.on. Mr. Rockefeller has
---r ronisi rs rip'.# th, amount raised

The Squirrels and Snakes Give Evi- Ke.p your minil ,n yu:r job anj by p,. puar subscription, and efforts -- .... .. -- .
dence to This Effect ch th clock. Th ar ma. by Pre.,idenr Johnson thing really artistic tor a holiday gift for
Mildness will characterize the rest i:a 1 ".m, by subscription the special holiday line, we have one of
SMildness hopelesss kin,! of an -pv jewel
,of this winter, if any dependence is wir.hi,. the next three months. lines of staple welr in Florida in SOL]
, .an who goes, hornn- on t nime. lines: of star-, .,, 'v^ -
to be placed upon the little animals n who goes h n t. b LING SILVER Etc
who are supposed to know by instinct comes down to "he of.,.e t,.n or fiftenu THE HOME MERCHANT L e c attention t our bi
the intentions of the weather makers. mniutes lae. e wol
Take the squirrel, that knowing lit- Casey was once eating his lunch YI owe ii to your own community famous EDISON PHONOGRAPHS, wh
tie creature, what provision has h next to an open keg of d namite when to buy your gods from your home. from $12.50 to $55. Also over 2,000 record
made or is he making for the long Clancey. a fellow workman of the nmrchant and stand by her business popular musical selections of the day.
months of possible hard times ahead same nationality, knocked out his ni n. You can always find the an- ola tot msel cin e
of im? says the Richmon (Va. i e o t r nouncements of representative busi- splendid tone of these machines.
of Dim? rays the Richmonq (Va. ^pipe on the rim of the keg \When the i
Iysatc. * n-ess mien in these columns-men whio j
Dispatch. boss came out to ascertain the cause nss men in these columns-men who
In the country they say That ener- of the explosion, he found only one will stand back of every statement
getic creature has no: hoarded a Irishman where he had expected thy make.--Moulton 1Tex.) Eagle. Hlid
large supply of nuts for winter us. see two, and immediately asked where This is the way the newspapers all Yours for Holiday itS
Those lovers of nature who watch the Casey was and how long he would be over the country talk. They stand
ways of the squirrel say that witre gone. right up to the home merchant. They A
they have found nuts they have also If he comes back as fast as he discourage dealing witb mail order
found few nuts. The squirrel knows, went away." replied Clancey. "he houses, and show good reasons why A E *B
they insist, that the winter will be won't be gone long." i ;t should, be discou-raged. In return
mild. and there it is not necessary: This story was told without cornm-the merchants ought to stand right THE HIGH-CLASS JEW
l him to work hard gathering food. 0 'ent by a prominent manufacturer in up to the local newspapers. Not one
O he hard headed, hard hearted, mat- St. Louis to a number of empolves but all the merchants should adver- Postoffice Block
ter of fact fellow, however, who cares who were in the habit of not coming tise attractively and help keep trade
nothing for these pretty little prophe- back as fast as they went away. The at home.
des. declares that the squirrels are effect was phenomenal, as the next f vle
gathering few nuts because there are morning everybody was on the job at r.F P. Cahoonon of ou valued
ly a few nuts to gather. Th,, wet half past eight. subscribers residing at oak. was in
(9 ring rotted many of the nut blos- Paul Morton says: "Work overtime to see us Tuesday. and said that his
soms and stunted others, so that nut whenever you can." Working late in .fireside would be lonesome without; Moss Bluff, Dist. 10-A. M. Higgins, made December 30, 1901. for
tr"es brought forth finally only a very t eving and getting at your desk the visitations of the Ocala Banner, A. J. Snell, M. H. Morrison, and J. C. northeast quarter of southeast q
and! renewed for another year. Pillans, clerk. ter, section 3, township 14, soi
small proportion of the average crop. on time in the morning are both ex- rah i lp Duriy range 21. east anl that said proof
Passing from the squirrels to thtv cllent habits and they will mean se L. m. Graham, J. B. Gore, and be made before Clerk Circuit Cour
snakes,, the predictions made by money in your pocket.-Herbert J. PROFESSIONAL CARDS Robt. Holly. clerk. B Ocalao Fla., on January 11, 1908.
snakes must be given consideration Hapood. Salt Springs, Dist. 12--J. F. Falana. He ames the following witnet
bna~ouiuo i<-M v fiapgood. WH.POWERS. M. D. Sal Spri ^ngs,., Dit 1--J F.pri Fal rvehscninosrsd
SFarmers say they are doing their hi- W. H. POWERS. M. D. \W. p. \Williamson, N. W. McCray, and to prove his continuous reside
arnating only a short distance under Rank Foolishness H. T. Sleap, clerk. upn and cultivation of the l
the soil If the winter was to be a;' "When attacked by a cough or a PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Ft. McCoy. Dist. 13-J. S. Grantham. Anderson of Kendrck. F
the soil. If the winter was to be a ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ,^ ____ ^ --- ^ X. ^ j AlbttLon and~ R. Jacob r Anderson of KendricF
Sco, or when our throat is or..C. Martin A. J.Xlbritton, an Alexander Andrson f Kendr
"hard one it is declared that sna. rank foolishness to take any other Oce Yone Block. A. Hogan, clerk. Fa
would bury deep. far below a psitkOr medicine than Dr. Kin 's New Di-, ,- "' l Orange Springs. Di.sr. 14-1. I. Fla.
medrnicine than Dr. King's New 'Disnr-
frost line. instead of turning in jzs' ory' says C. 0 Eldri,!w of Empire. OCALA, - FLORIDA r. M WalSrong, L. T. Na1tche-I. nd \\. 11.W. Clyatt of Ocada Fla.
Sh o, Ga "I have used Now Discovory v- F. Jordan, clerk. HENRY S CHUBB
under the sod I ears and I know is the best T. E. BIGGS. Linadale. Dit. 1.-C. A. McCrany.
40 yn ears, and I 'know it is, the bestT. i 81 GGS
rTo ack up The oon arth f or coughs and cokls,. .J. B. Booth, J. A. McCraney, and R. B.
the snake, toads. and fnro, art follo-- ,.",""') ant, all throat ar! liti trtr, Tl-ORNY T W lrvin, clerk.
in suit. an, ,ar not riatin e o a l'.- My child !,en are- 1 j ('itra Di.t. ra Di ; -\V A. Rt'dlih'"e o. IO
great depth in the toi:s and kiarh,.s cro'Ip. but New Disco\.erv (I'Xi\ I. Townsend, V. 11. 11T rison, and Si
...... r.S e . att', aaeK.Icl,,rk T e
Flies. to ,) art, active They simply ct7- R e ,r attack.' Kuwn Liaw Librar- Buildin. .... c
Fe ro over as theo king of hroat and OcALA, FLORIDA An.hony, Dit. 17 -A. R. (.riftin. C.T, ,'o all persons that. an oh
r-,d Gv e r ah s t., ,n a ,1%ihe- ,. caled-fI
will not hide, away. T1 r.. t.a,\ h u. ,- II rome.!;e-. So, li., iter u.iaram -.', __ I t. 'r. Carl [:i an ,,i o. P h s .en an i hereby call. d for
wives dclart. is a sure sn of a nid at Tdins Cos. ru re. E. W. DAVIS. t' ur. clerk, will h'l ( Tsda. th 21st
it.ni.rt and $1 Tril botl arin, Is -\\. Kn-er.l c,,. 1. Oi .VJanVarv:. A. D. 1. winter. }llinti r!. in i,-i. tr a.' ,a a ,!$ ralb t ,, re .m3 .. .....
ir ra--PF.otn. TI M. KIobl(ock, and P. B. ','oy. Fntria, to deide whhar
many of them do. That he ine :OFFICERS OF EDUCATIONAL AS- ATTORNEY AT LAW\ liviton, clerk. .sa, of intoxating liqors, wile,
many of them do. thr theixi ind ir said
be mild, because The fur on "i'Jl raiab- SOCIATION -Santn. ) Dist. 19--R. A. Kelsey. T. r sha be prohibiTed in said c
bits is not a, thick as it is hn a. Gary Block.,B. Sioak. rW. C. Black, and Frank I tv ofMarion. s )r)'dd bAr
hard winter is in prospect ; .,.-r. W. II :... i0 !-A. . FLORIDA L tl ,lr. H. oafler BOARD Blitchtun. D)ist. _,2--.JiniBH.Fla RDS N 'OOFMAR
iStrke Robi. ,V. Ferguson, 'V. .J. WilIL, and MISS10NERS OF MAR
FLORIDA AS A RANGE STATE S rke,,,,, a, .D. FULLER. ,. I. ite, clerk. ('O' JNTY F.ORIDA.
.i...Pre ..dent-Mi. s Ila' ~ I DENTIST. BP'le%'iew. DisT. 21--D. E. SrobI By S. T. SISTR'NK, Clerk of
'e, iami.
Cannot see why Florida shuld not Q Over Munroe & Chambliss' Bank .no. Ashworth, .. \Vhina, ad Bar of Co;nt v ('omi
furnish the cornbelt calves as 1t'.l a;!. O MALlA,-,h.FLORIDAA T K Slaughter, lork--.. S. amn
S r0sh tis.22-.1.T.S. rameren
Mexico. The artich added Pa-i TrPar-M ; .. K, W, '.' .1. PreDt. Wileyn. J. S. lhonias. all! FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN
J. E. CHACE, D. D. S. W AlI,'n. cier,.
of the Territor. Ptas, 'ure in \or is- oxe,.x :v. 'e',, : ir. re- '. . C P, Cion n"-R..J Prr .
sue of Novemniber 1-;. a,-cr,. that "tei of S. P,,iersbtirk. chairan:a f.-- DENTIST. Clyburnt. R. L. [.Aai:. and P. A. Sn'.v My S,-acro farm, all undlr f-
-.,r .1 Ht \\'orki,,an, c,'a;a: .ruo;*-,.-- ____, cek. No. land" g,:,.',d _,_idi___q _,)od
years he~nce there' uill hev n.o aa"Dnn-l, ~~ 2tr-Wa- __,_____CF'd- c. i ad;,,i ui Wn : a o
.e.r1 B hL.,ctcv ot, t_.nac,,l: Miss 1,. Holder Block. -unnln Di --- trr ,,.t, ;,vWai,,n;d
... .... ......... ,., M, ...,, ^..i, ',,. ^w a:'.l (; eos. H r ij es .I 'is S \ ,I ,c v e

a friend. Besides
the most comitlete

g collection of the
ich range in price
*ds of all the most
all and hear the



ar-Jerry Burnett,
tat Merchant
and, Tailoring.
rick, fcala, Florida.
Fla. Finest Imported and
a Domestic Cloths. .
Cutting a 6preci ii,,
r. Fits (Tiuarante.i

JolmWhift& Co.

io>. UMLE Bacof'Y. ut r
no- Catabsised1 i3
T it)f 11~ .. aretct prie
and Yel 5t raw
Lrorm -Afd Hides&
the WOW fm
s or "
Ia. 2,000 BUSHELS
LON Bancroft's mRust Proof
5t. Yield 50 to 100 per cent more
than Texas or Natives,
$1.00 a BUSHEL
: F.0. B. Sacked.
-v, Eden Gem Cantaloupe Seed,
saved from melons grown sP-_

a Legitimate Profit
i Derler ard Consun)er


hinted China




Going "Dry" Has Made Gainesville Property Values
Largely Increased and Population Nearly Doubled.

Gainesville. Fla.. Dec. 7. 1 7.
Mr. Lester S. Moody. Dunnellon. Fla.:
My Dear Sir-Your le:t-r of ho
ad Inst. received and read wzh con-
uldemble interest. I anm sinmpy as-
bmwded that any sane man woe:iil
make such false staternen:s as tho-e
mumerated as given tj you. in yo;r
rteent letter.
They are a complete perv,-rsion of
the acts. I should have answtr-K1
you sooner but have been securing
ome affidavits from the different
enty and city officers so tha- you
my see just what the truth is. In
the first place, you will note 'hat the
lerk makes an affidavit that thl- cou:n-
ty went dry June 6. 19v. You will
also notice from tte affidavit mad I v
WV. W. Colson. tax assessor of Alach-
ua county, that the county valuations
have increased since the county went
dry, $1.616.172. If you will examine
the affidavit from the treasurer you
will note the surplus that was in the
same on December ,). I....,. and eah
consecutive year since. An examina-
tlk of the affidavit made ty William
Bradford, the city tax assessor. you
will notice that since the cit; went
dry Its valuations have incr.-ased
37O0.2_3.14. When the county went.
dry our school board was in d-?t o
the amount of $77.253 and a: least
$3W accumulated interest. Th. -n.yV
obligation that the school boar' has
outside the current expenses since
July 1. is $S9S7.4A'. We have also
paid quite a considerable sum on the
CURTat expenses, and we are pos':ve-
Ie @re that by July 1, 1?,)S. the schll
oard of Alachua county wi'. not owe
a dollar, and we have more children!
In wbOQQl tau ever before. The coun- I
ty of Alachua was never so prosper-l
o as at this time. The county corn-
ml-omers in the last few years have
bult miles of hard road. and have
generally replaced wooden bridges
with Sne steel ones. The city of
Gieesville has been revolutionized
slo whiskey has been driven out.
Po of the principal corner stores.
oba whiskey was dealt put. arc now
Clied by drug and dry goods
awa. All wooden buildings have
beo removed from the square and
6 irceat brick structures have
be erectd. The volume of busi-
mo has about doubled. The city has
paved quite a number of the princi-
pal street, and put down miles of
gramolUtbic sidewalks. In 1903 the
popIlation was about 4400. The cen-

Ssus taken recently shows about 73.5.
I am. my dear -ir.
Yours Vt-ry -zsp' cfuly.
J. 1.. KEILY.
SU.,,. P. I. of A.c..a (C :T .

a' of Florida.
Alachua Count':
Before me. S H. W"ine-ng.s. clerk of
circuit court, personally came R. B
Peeler,. treasurer of Alach a co:ntv.
who. being duly sworn, say, tha:
there was in the courn' .-tr-as'urv on
December 31. 19'-'. the sum -f S, -
Z 1:'04 : Decemb--r 31. l':*" ": ,* :,.
December 31. 1''5. S:1.47.,,: Deoen-
ber 21, 19,','. $S:.7],4.-4: Dcemb,-r 1.
l^9",. $.33,55..1C.
Sworn to and sub:cribd ro efo-
me this December c. f',.
C.-rk C..'cu t Court.

Sta'e of Florida.
Alachua County
Before me. S H XX>nz-s. -
circuit court. psona',-y cam. Wi,:.!.
W Co'scn. 'bhe prison' :ncum:"*^T? 'K:
the ofce 0f tax a.sess,--r of A'ah4-ia
[cc.nty. whe. being duly sw..r, -ayv
.ha .he vau,,,aticn of said cOun-.. .
shown by the- tax ,o >,,"
iv~- years are as f--';>,.-
^-.. 3 ...... ...... ........ .. ....-$ 1 .-. -
'4 . . . . . . . . . 4 .5 4
~~4 A ~..',4 -
I... ... .. .... .... 47 -.7 .
'- i . . . .. .. . .. ... ^ ,2, 1. 2.'.^
t W . . . . . . . . . .. ), ') ,; :
Sworn ,t ant subscr:-e. befre :-.
th:s December Q. -19.7
Clerk Circuit Cour'.
By NM. S. Cheves. D C.

State of Florida.
County of Alachua.
Before me. S. H. Wienges. c'.erk
of the circuit court, personally came
William Bradford. city tax assessor cf
Gainesville. Florida. who. being duly
sworn, says that the valuations of
said city. as shown by the tax books
for past five years are as follows:



.S6 4 3, 97,13. S

1904 assessment.. ...... 650.315.0,)
1905 assessment.. .......730.787.00
1906 assessment ........ 985,754.00
1907 assessment .... ...1.014,.200.00
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 7th day of December. 1907.
Clerk Circuit Court.

THE TATLER attributed to invincible ignorance on
the part of both voters and lawmak-
Number IL of volume XII of the St. ers' Equally pernicious are the laws
Augstine Tatler is on our table. The passed increasing taxation and espe-
Tatler is edited by Mrs. Anna M. Mar- cially taxing occupations.
Is it not going back a century at
coft, a former citizen of this county., eas
least to tax a man because he produc-
mad is devoted to describing the so- es? Because he knows how' Are men.
elety events along the east coast dur- who labor with hands or head adding
Mg the tourist season., and is a very to the prosperity of the state, going
popular publication with the tourists. to remain where they have to pay for
n w Y the privilege? Does not the state need
In er New Year greetings Mrs. a campaign of education?. Voters
Karcott (not being a voters speaks should learn where their real inter-
right out in meeting. She says: ests and advantages are."
"Admittli that much of the pros.
_-_ -_ -----.-- & -- .- ,.- ...-^.-. A GREAT DAY

penty or nronia ta ue to me success-
fWl development and management of
the resorts in the state, should not
every eitisen encourage and foster
them and their owners and the rail-
frods that advertise them. that ex-
pend millions annually that visitors
may travel here in comfort and lux-
ury. that maintain offices in hundreds
of cities and towns in the state and
pl',,It Florida resorts and the re-
sou-ces of the state? Is it not a fact
that thousands of the fruit and vege-
table growers in this state were in-
duced to come here by agents of the

The temperance cause is growing
in strength and interest in Ocala and
Marion county. Banners and litera-
ture are being sent to every precinct.
in the county.
The Anti-Saloon League wi'l have
a great prohibition rally day in
Ocala on January l< Every vceer in
the county. "wet* or "dry." wii1 be
invited 1o hear t.he temperance cause
discussed by one of :h: most eloquen-
mien :n -he szate of Georgia an-,.- one
of the bra:niest men of oir wn sta'-
The 'ali'. ?--,of *-hi^ %V C' T T' w,"-' '


M oVi:::am T. Spencn-r. frher of
our Mr- J. H. Spencer. Il.'-1 a: 'he .Ma-
'r:.:.n o-'':;n:v nr'sp: a. Tu--:a.-:ia a> or-
no:'>n at 3 o'clock. after an i.ln.e s ,f
several weeks.
Mr. Spencer was abo:t sixty year-
-f. age. an- came sout immnldiatelyr
after the civil war, and in partnership
with Mr. Virgil Hilyer bought ,Ie
SBerne plantation. near Brunswick,
Ga.. and engaged in the planting of
cotton on an extensive scale, but un-
fortunately they struck an unfavora-
ble year when tbe staple was attack-
ed by the catterpi'lar and was almost
entirely destroyed, and most of the
planters of the south were made bank-4
Mr. Spencer afterwards removed to
South Carolina. where he has ever
.!'ce resided.
Mr. Spencer was a genial, compan-
ionable man. asd made friends by the
The announcement of his death
wil cause sorrow among his friends.
His remains were shipped to his
old home in South Carolina for inter-'


- A

ak "k, e - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -

This section was visited with a
most terrific wind storm Monday
SThe trees swayed, the leaves rust-
Sled. the blinds and windows bangel,
and the winds howled from m.dnigh:
until day.
It was a n'iht to be rmenimber--d.
The morning ,isccospd that fnces
had bpen l;vel an'l tree- 1proo,!.
an.! i,.: s '. ; anl v' aris w-r"- s,.:n-
*.*~ r-i vh .- ;;v-s an! rn)os?.
ir ( .ra-', r' a,. ;r e '< Waas )..,W
a2zair.st a h ~ii' b'-i n-rm:z 'o Mr. HEix-
a^ am. c s'is '- in a-,! -irj'r'nq
of ',, .n.ma s-.. a ar la ,. ai,, i

Th ir .es.ca e fr(:.. i-aU ;.r -.*. '.
:njir,- wa. a ?.;tle a--ss tha :u:ra(1i-
T. e hi r- .p C .--r .... w hi. h a ,
j*s" b,-n pitched' ,- 'h ,- .v-.rnmn-.v
*o". wa> ;,Iowr. !o'v. on- o*f rhe cln-
"^r ~ z 7oe M-? -l-;* 7*r^^ piano,
which was r-qar,!-!e aas prov'zpT:a
With:h- c PxcfptviO .t :0.e tern n^
blown lown no oh',r n':ir rv was .-
raine,!. I was no" torn. n, r .'-r

The ttn, was r,-erc.. ",*-.-
and will "-,. rflaV -o,"r o"p'' a. a.'n
C ;,):: ':cror Xvillia:-;y .-f -- :> A. \
say.s -ha- ,he '"Me ai Hi-n.r-sa.osa wa.
' hiuzh-s" r~~cor'e.1 f 'r *-.*., i -*-* ar
an.( n!ls of 'he 'on ws 'a n :-r -wa-
r-a a ar : s f-I' fnr : -.a'. n

Visi, ors fro. a srea: man- y reos w,-r. pI-'
n'ayfenc-s bl1own *oTn
I- was a 7 '-w ri.zh' /;" ri : V.f -i
\:r fin^.i a 1. v,:rv c ol. r'-p a., '.:-.'-





P ,'-. .i ,.' r

tx-':- '.
,'. -~''r
M A -

-A. ~.. =
.'~2'.4~ -~

i. un>i.n
,--.. A--


'I -.
4- V. -.
.4. - -
4 \W~~
'-4 .4;',.~4 4 -,
I -




4Cafawba W\nh3 -
Port W 'ne... ... .. .
Blackberrv Win - ...
Sherry Wine ......
Imported Porr Wine.....
Imported Sherry Wine..

* . '.4




* I
A -


. . 1.5"
5.. 0 5,
. . .. 1 .50

.... . 4 )00
. ..4.00

FOR $3.50
, ', i] sIeni express pre-
pa,.!, 4 full quart. of

FOR $3.50
We wiil ietnd 4- full quarts
The hest zoods to be had for
the money

FOR $6.00
We will send, express pre-
paid, -t full quarts of
"76" RYE

Thos. H. Keating




$ 75

* I '4~#
I '4'


1 25
I Th
~r. *
A -I
i ,.I A


1 )inrd.i )I Do' k 4n

Phospharo G a
l34~er'iTom n rn

P--n ~. ~1eF~.0
$ 7-;


DIffv" P'ur, lal
owan s. .........


Pr ;al.
P-ach and Hon-y. "a" grado .... .$1 3')
Peach ind Honvy ,"aa" gradt,. .. 2.0))
Rock anl Rye "a" grade.. .. .. 1.5)
Rock and Rye "aa" grade...... 200
Orange Brandy.. ....... ..... -.00
Banana Brandy............... 3.00
Apricot Brandy......... ..... 3.00

& Go.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- W W4


To a man up a tree. it would appear
hat the friends of Florida's present

T i. paper extends its condolence senator. Mr Tahiaferrm. w!l not lend
to tihe bereaved family. their aid, .niu-nce or support to any.
:Jacksonville candidate for t _e senate.
Winning Numbers at the Marion News
Company The reason for this is plain.
The Marion News Company. Mr. Mr. Tallaferro is from Jacksonville
"Tex" Martin the efficient manager, himself.
gave tickets to every purchaser at H realizes that, with another Jack-
his store during the Christmas holi- sonville man in the senate, he would
days for a chance of the present of a have to encounter the anti-Jackson-i
handsome doll and a large Teddy vl!le sentiment when he makes his
bear. race for re-election.
The holders of the following tick- Mr. Tahiaferro is wise in his day
ets are the winners of these presents and generation. and he hag wise,
respectively: friends.
For the doll-Ticket No. 33.,0,. Mr T,,af',-" friends wi" ,up-
For the Teddy bear-Ticket No. port some candidate who i.-i not of
41. )0 Jacksonville.
Go to the Ocaia News Companys This candidate will probably he
store, present your ticket and got Mr. Lamar.-Tampa Evening News.
your presents.



A".anut. Ga.. Jvan. I.-IThe first vio
.a -,, of -t- new nr)h-biri;on :aw h,-ro:-
Wa -s ve a 4f-el'9 Mf One Year's, m
7)risoflfiten, after a tr~al -,n -h.,, ci~v

Maybe 4 nraiGiih r! s :n his
PRO H 181- meonyey- a'ns fr + q r""'aks
-mo e y- (-u '0 t2- ani'a''-
:Tamnpa N,-w-s.

- r,,Ir P 3:>-Zv 7;rc
-1 1,,


Odd Fellows and Rebekah* Hold Pub-
lic Meeting-Splendid Supper
Served After Ceremonies
The public installation of officers
which was scheduled for Tuesday
--vening in the Odd Fellows and Re-
bekah lodges proved to be a most en-
joyable affair.
The ceremonies were In charge of
Acting Grand Master M. M. Little, as-
sisteid by Acting Grand Marshal J. S.
Pedrick. The beautiful ritualistic cer-
emonies were recited in an impres-
s:ive manner by the officers in charge,
and The officers installed in the Odd
Fellow, for the ,nsuing term were:
J. F Th)mpson, N. G.; P. V. Leaven-
good. V. G : M. M. Little. Sec.; J. H.
Benamtn. Treas The following were
appoint,-d to th 4iihordlnate offices
for the trm: W. Cfl nianchard. War.;
E. C. Benni-tt. mi.; M. Frank. R. S.
N. G, ; r;G I. llth. L. S. N. G.; R. 0.
Danit,., FR .. V. G.; C. F. Hayes, L.
S V : I. I*: Yong, C'hap.: T. L.
Ir'w ,,r. c) t ; L. F. Ballard, I. G.;
SM F,4n.rii, I. t .-4. ..: T. f. Harris,
L.. :-. :a
'Pi"" ,'"i,'k;ah offl'-.r3 installed were:
*. r- 1.. {II'ln ,-r. N G.: M M.
"' ' .',," % Mr: Jr',- Brrown Trow

supper was served in the hall, and to
the management of Mr. Jake Brown Is
due the clock-work smoothness with
which the affair was conducted.
The bill of fare consisted of raw
oysters, baked turkey with dressing,
cranberry sauce and jelly, pickles, ol-
ives, celery, cake of various kinds,
cheese and coffee.
Though the night was anything but
a pleasant one quite a few were pre.
ent on this occasion, and what was
lacking in numbers was made up by
the enthusiasm of those who did brave
the elements and come out.

The handsome home of Mr. C. K.
Connor on Lake Weir avenue Is now
being gotten ready for the arrival of
the Connor family, who are expected
to reach Ocala in a few weeks, and
Swill make this city their home again.

Mr. A. L. Ross of Gaiter. a veteran
Banner subscriber, was in to see us
Tuesday and renewed for 1908, some-
thing that he has done continuously
every year for the past forty years.

Messrs 0. W. Reagan. Frank Rea-
gan and W. C. Galbraith of the spoke
and rim factory now located at
Brooksville. came up Tuesday after-

Successors to Strauss & Co.


FOR $2.90
\,p wi" I senw i, expr -s. pre-
1aid. 4 5 il ,tuart.4 ,)f










- - - -- - - - - - I--

rt -- co


-~ =O


p 6





U, rr,

1 3.'

0 0,2




0 0






' *





("D 0 )N


C0 m~e

rmw w




I. .





















i~ ~E~ow~m

mmmmmmwmmmm I

93 =




L J.












A V & % a nd vegetables. I have liveId in this
their morals were corrupted: where
the law was daily violated, and where. -Way for sPventTV ,i yars. and dr
human life was unsafe, ing all that time I hlave been fr.e from
u,. . . .,, pains and ach'-, 0I keVery ot n
"It Is not Troy who is responsible pains and achs o r srt, and
,have been happy, too.
for the death of Geo. Newcomb, buthaebenhpy oo
Capt. Diamond gives out the follow-
the people of Dade county, for allow-.
i ng general rules for th,, attainment
Ing such conditions to exist as sur- of loneral inles a r ai attainment
rounded the tragedy." said Mr. Minter' .on ..l- and rmaini a th

H. Wimbrly of counsel for the de-
And this is another and greater
truth. Even after Newcomh had been
killed and the fair name of the coun-
ty besmirched in disgrace over the
fteact that a stranger could not come
In our midst without being assaulted
and abused, and two or more homes
cast in sorrow and gloom, the people
-certain ones of them in Dade coun-
ty. assisted by the nefzro-voted to
retain the saloon, to continue tragedy.
suffering and disgrace in our county.
to allow Zapf to follow his unlawful,
damnable and accursed business that
IF today sending souls to hell and

The situation is horrifying and dis-
graceful. We cannot picture it too)

strongly, or in .t true liiht. \e
do not have to draw upon conclut.imsns
or our imagination for oulr assertions.
They are in ,vitldnce before o.. Th,.y
have appear,'d in Trial in wit- of (,',1
courts of eqlluity ;:Ind( j'lis:c,. They
art, upn. our >.'ees an1 'e, y ; a'*
scaltere.l thro,.'hout the ci-,: "'v. l-,-
tr whe r, a.oil .: i .s (.V. ",. V ;:
t h e" s- a l o ot n s a 'i.5 ,in v ,,s ^s ;,, t *_,:' 1 !\ ; ,i

While youtilrul:
Eat right and live long.
Feed your organs with the right
EaT vegetal,!es: the l)!ood of no an-
'imal has ,,. :n shed for me for the
past seventy y-ears.
It takes verx I f', to f.',-d I!t., v boly
if we only select the' proper food.
SAt forty-two I was a nervous, feebleh
o'd man -but I atn mnat thn.
T ake a cold rub every morning.
I spend from eig-ht to i'n hours in
Sl)ed. Four and.1 a half hours o)f sleep
1has been nMy avoragt.
1 use no) t1oT acW('(o ( stiiti'laiT.s )of




Lost ior Thirteen Centuries, Found in



Conditions in the Phosphate Region-
Miners Generally Are Not Offer-
ing Their Production-
It was expected that the condition
of finances in the country for the past
few weeks would affect the price of
phosphate rock. but. so far, no re-
ports of contracts having been closed
below the stiff mark-et price which
has been prevailing for the past sev-
eral months have been announced. It
may be that the D)unnellon Phosphate
Co. have mad" a few -ales at a little
less than the high prices at which
others are holding *h,-ir productions.
as they have been offering s,-veral
carloads lat, y. lit( of this th,-r-' is
no authentic confirmation. No other
miners are offering any rock at This
Most of the minrs of Lard rock. it
Ui safe to say, have sold at tl-. higher
prices for a year or two ahead, and
would not be materially or immedi-
ately affected by a decline in the mar-
ket. This decilne, however, is not
expected, as produce ion would be cur-
tailed to meet such a niov,. A f-,w
plants have already. bh-en shut down.
perhaps anticipa ing a irov\, in this
direction, and others, whos, prodi;u,'-
tion might not hav boen sold in ad1-
vance, would hasten To follow :'ii"
The majority, if no: all. of tInh., nitn-
ers are firm in their d.-t.rnnnatiin
that present price's lulist I,,' niaini'iain-
ed,. because, on account of the. chanl-
ed conditions, they calnn it). prr.ic
rock at a profile sh,,u'.d they -h.1 a
the prices which )pr-.a'-tL,-d a y.-a: q-
two ago.
Shipments for the pai: evt ii
months are a lit It, ahe;a of Te re.
ords for lh.- sani pe'rio),! of la-t ,, ar.
Hard roc-k sTatisnics (-.hovw an1i ncrea-a
of about -P '( t -( : al'(! pehi-'),l' a!()IlT
3(0,.0> tons.-Ocala ('or. An,,rican


Concerning the recent trial in the
Dade county criminal court of Thos.
W. Troy for the murder of (Geo. New-
comb in a West Palm Beach saloon,
the Miami Metropolis of January 2.
comments as follows:
The evidence adduced proved Zapfs
place to be a disorderly place, a hang-
out for the idle young men of the
tnmn nf W,.t Palm Rpat'h wh,, rp


A ribald press stIff's it' lic,'ntions
T(,ng1 1 in its cheek ani l winks shanIe-
lessly at the announcerln It that o!,n.
Jfft.rson Davis, senator in the con.-
gress of the I'nitofl STates, "from th,-

sovereign stal, of Arkansas." has ta-
]ken unprcilent,,t d precaurition to khepI)
officials patronage within the cirel,, )of
a family that appr,)cia'es a sacred
trust and kioxws hiow ;o administe-r it.
As senator. the Arkansas Cato. is

any Rind. *,
ariy' 'inot. 'alioxw.-d by law to atpo,.tnt a pnivat,.
Capt. Dian,,-itl says tliat hli, se.sS
:-,crt,-atI'y at a salary t)f $!'m,'",ali
no imnpediminti in ,' ay x o a a 's a ar- at a sal rx of $ 1i akno
res'ching 10'," vy ars. tIlt n',-" 'r grow- i ( r at a salary 'o $u,,,, tih, IIEo!-

in', old


40! ti In! :ooouuo':~Ilu l'2 >'iho''tt :'- a

of An Old Bible.


Ezekiel Dodge Diamond is th. name
of a man living at Oakland, Cal.. who
claims to be 112 years old, and is still
in possession of his physical and men-
tal faculties-. Iiind-ee'l,. he claims to b'
more youthful than h,,e was at 45.
Hlie is today mnor,. ifinhl,.. active and
virile. At I4., h#i wa. suffering ig fro)i
the effects of rhiiiunal ism. dystwjpsia
and indig*-ioli. HIe is n,,w a stranlk-
.i !'o aches a ,id pir .-. <:. all d.-s'rip-
tions. He 1,)4) Lis cu.- of it; :z ly
clos,.l.\ ol,,servi anirnai., anl Imodlel-
ed his life lar1-, y upo: the_ arnin.r,
plan. He is a >'ric; v-.-tarian. Iet,
claims that animal fa' c"u'e rlh':,-
marism, in(di-.sti,)in anl' k, n'r,.l ,is-
orders. With bin; oliv'- oil takes the
place of aninimal far-. and ,l i.i lit.
rubs his joint-, daily with it.
Mr. Diamond was born while
(;eorg-, \Vas-hinL'on wa-s still living
Hie voted fr .lanws MMonroe and (.i ro-
ver Cleveland. I t- do- not .rt ,-xhy
he did not vot, f,)r Bryan and Parker.
He was in tht: Mexican war, though
he was passed fifty a thl- tini:e. lie
assisted in th-l huil-iing of he flrst
railroad., Capt. I iamonl says:
"I anm a strict ve. ,:,;al. N()o' a
drolp of blo,)d is litee ,!rawn to fee]d
ime for s.'venty v'.ars. Why. I cur",
niyself of rh 'lmt:, : ;i'.l ..':r. .., -
:{g.- (compi'laint.- a' I,- 'r'a ,* () 2 a.
in-z Of1 nII-a .'at i.. .'1 aT',l t,,:1,.-
ani using i pur., fl x ':,'y ;!i '! y
f-oils andl ruI!.i Wi ;!, l>di af"-
1,4r toiThini ..
"I attrilute !:iv !,,n liP' ini a a:r', *
rl,-iea- .re H I, ,a-; t,1 O'i I(oi!. liit I
Ii--v \ ( -, I'.) lilYV Il ,re IIlt'l l-
o),i of 1: i 1'.'t^ ',.* n o'. .'-' :iii'.l all '
any -%, 'F and it iZo:,' tt:, ,-,.r. I
,drink on y til r,. aat ,.:. : t w ..
fruit j'ii s ,n5.- r.iy i. I ais.1** *,..
(n1- T .l arii ) I 2; 1I %i ir 1 a -'
i ul T-i I s. e to tha 1,. ar' 11..
feci n fareI ,l. ar t. I ~ !,a-t nl I':i,: in!

white and Id ati e yIl, fi hrout,.I 1I
uis very litf 1. ) d ea-.Ix% an, i 1 anwt a s
uZ-o salt w yiTi tveI*t ( ti-i.() i
"It Takes- very little to fe''j ;}i.' hotly
if NN- only sI'lect the l oo'l. 1
have no ix.\el ril Is. 1 cihin-,,e mni oo'di( (
often. I do rot use' P olr, t [.an 1 wo
different foodIs at a meal. and. of
course. 1 always season ft it -iv with
olive oil, and when I fry footI I al-
ways us.e olive oil. Not a bit of ani-
mal fat do I ever use. I include in
my diet aHl the cereals, fruit, nuts


oI.'ttlt('FU'V the' ('7idt' (-hatijhcr-,

51T Iii.''ChI~t':- I)*%I ( tF -t mnnio]d1A 0

"Ah. M~r. 1'risih.Ioii, it x's -tiaob-

!Q t his- atilw-I to!"Al Kippanitly t iw--!
t'II"!",r''I haid lot-i11uuIto- Swam
nix t.'1h i'I nonit s m w ajum-'..s \%Ilihil

his N,- r a. 1:- trtifo- .nt lo t- (,


*~T t, If I .
~ *~ ..

(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Petam.lum.)

Phrsicia~ns Cndorge P. P. P. as a spl-,n-
d'A Ici~r.1b11ationz, and prew-nibt ;.t wu.:
rr~i satuifactian for th~e curee Jt&.I
f-)z.,r! and Atip of Primary. SecondarY
anIl Tertia-v y. yhilia, SyvihlnO1ti bP%-

ney Luh."s, AChruni c .cers t~bat


have resisted all treatment. Catarrk, Skin
Diseases. Eczprns. Chronic Femasle
Cornpla~ts, MeircurW F Piaon, Tetter,
Scaldhow". etc.,etc.
P. P. P.isa powerful tondc and an
excellent ar-itizer. bu~ll.ng up h
a-9tem rspidtv. If you rer weak anJ
f et-ble. and feel badly try P. P. P.. and


('hicaz.o. D,-c.- :1.-A. n-w saying f
Ch:'is-. IO-.T o the worll for rhir:,'e:,
d: ,- r. ,-- ,'.. : "'';:' .l I :, Ixyi,'. w ;a-
iven TO, ;he world for rht, fir" tim.'
by I'r()ft. -or eitIury A. Sa o,,r- f "'1..
l'ui\->r' n of Mihc1 ran% ad'ir..- ,I,- .
tli," nr ;,! :^.,'rs of Thel Arclha,.,o.o-;:..al,'
l1i.s u i e, l o,_,w in s,-s .ir a, t I l ,
varsity of ('iea' j,. Th"- "rani" ni is
part of an old iBible dating balck to
tfh, Moslem conquest of I'p0 1andr on
its. far.e is so aitLih-lt'.ir as to disari
hostile cri-iciim.
The long lost fragzient lelonx- t,
the six '..nth chapt.,r of thf ',,iol o(
St. Mark anl, f, tow.s the fourzeno'nii
vers,. It ria!res to the story ,of
Chrisr's appearan,',. following His
dea;h )!, .O-, elV n of I1's i l{)0.'tle u in J. -
With the New Year
With the ,i.-w ver-u-.- h lilit- reals
thu s:
Marl, xvi, 1.;
".ntl They anusw-erd, saviy1g; t .at
"'i- a-., of ;nri lth e.;isT,,-.s an i TIt'.-
I.i ," T is t :!n 'il'r T ..' p t\\ r,' i . )

I) \ r. F-'or 1:T ra ,,. ,i ,', ,.y
( i;'i i 2 ;l ,' ) I> i >: It ,Wi-;-- .- i ) ; *" ; .' t I, )
i i !; o ; ';* ,' i'- i:.~ 1 ) '! f
" ,a ~ i ,. Ii .; i. 2'. t I- -
SI :;i. v';

r.'t!irn !1 ") r ;i t1 sit, :.o t! n; "

r, .tIirn o t. ,.r;t-roi rtno anti hv t f: "
e -,v 11 i1 ); S i. t -"r, );n t! nIa.. i '." '. --

In ,li-(rsv ; Th.i- n w iin\u r- .. ',criptf

probablysr, th ,.orLh on Ina 'fortirno
of what part of i; hr, i, in !ae rwhich.-
alaiens. It lhas bp-,n Ilon, elairiir-' "'h:t"

utMark xvia -, was al aditin Mark. Th r:.
2;ospel tborr)vowed fromn sq)Ioe o;h+,r lll-

known fosrol ntear thi 'Id of the sapc-
ondl century. Th.'s ne+w manulseript.
probably Ipr,,s.nt~s the ,original forn,
of that part o)f the, lost ,ospe+l which.
mutilat 'd, was a'ld,,, ro Mark. The,
reason for the otnission is quite ap-
p)arent. as tlie new ve,,r-;+,e contains the
statemen. that the disi riction of sin
in the world Is near at lharnt. This
idea is found in the Epistles of Peter

x wa.-Ars.
Great Additions to Bib~e Lore

CZ1 .lo., T* l

rap'V a ~ (I a-!5L s

'Ibe. 5 rF' -f~i pr -I0 :

Bear Directly.On Christ's Lif

*c a 4I4'..

011'V a v p rtof Iwc, e t.
()f The 'oo. 1 'ro 1a;:i.i

vvli 1w -.ritq t fr~tho 's lt vo on


- 111.X K -



Put up 4 full Ots

in Fancy Cartoons

Delivered at your

Express Office
For S:3.2()

Regular $1.00 a Quart Whiskey; writ*
complete Price list.






Marion Hardware


American Wire Fencing,

Sash, Doors and Blinds

Paints. Oils and,


Marion Hardware Companj

**^*^*^*****o*** t tttt t ****e* e ******e*e **eee *>****


Hand S




Tor :.f an~- a


F. V. L I P WVk
Pro prieotor
Savannah,,- ca.




Cono :

tm-~t-ir-. of thu' Unit''d Sialt's. Sett-
tool' lmaxiz- has olez-ignato'i T"'u) (01 1..>
.-. ~ -: -- :~. II li. 2-' r.'s.'1'u .0. -A toot' Jo
:-'t 0:15- a'' ~ OIl A F Iito-..t o-a':.!i .:i-

LIl:-.a.~~ 11' P Az-i'!' tA'.,' S'iZ2o'-' I
ti' ItoIx I a We Of In -r'. lo-IlIP t ti'-

Mill and Mining Supplies,
Turpentine Snpp!ics,

Improved Farming Toos


creened. Selected Stnrlr


; A


s I


fl*(.)II*L th"
III f-ach ca. I




Na r


'S-- the Atlantic Coast Line R.
- L at Jamestown Exposition
Gold Medals
Atlantic Coast Line R. A.-Display
Stropical and semi-tropocal fruits
rAtlantic Coast Line R. R.-Fruit-
Svegetables in liquid.
A. Cohn & Co. Amsterdam. Ga.-
Wmatra tobacco.
W. B. Roddenberry. (;air(, (;a.-
Worgia cane syrup.
John K. Ch.nney. Tarpon Siprini.-
%..-Unbleached spionges.
The G. M. Bacon Pecan Co.. DtN\AI
B. V. Blackman. Miamnii. Fla.-Av)-

r,. Pollick. Miami. Fla-Av,)ei-

J. J. Blount. Alva. 1ec county. Fla..
melos grapefruitt.
WChase & Co., Sanford, Fla.- 'rani-
I^ nd grapefruit.
nta Gorda Pinery. Puna (;Gr.'a.
E. G. Egbert. Kissimninlee. Fia -
D. D. Swartley. Green C'ove Sjitni-,
1a.-Japan persinmmoIns.
Griffin Bros. Co.. .lack.-oi()i,,e.
]ia.-pecans. 17 varie.tios
Silver Medals
Atlantic Coast Line- R. I.-C,_tec-
tve tobacco exhibit.
Atlantic Coa.st line RI. R---c,:,.,c'
lte exhibit of woods crown on il inf
Melchers & ('o.. Charls-ton. S. c-
W. W. Gordon & Co.. Savannah.
01-Sea Island cotton.
A merican Naval Store-s Co.. Savan-
, Ga.-Rosin oil.
Mrs. C. W. Jacobs. Orlando. Fa.-
John L. Horlbeck. Charleston. S. C
F. W. Inman. Florence Villa. Fla-
Cold Storage Valencia oranges
E. H. Young. Lakeland. Fla--(Gua-

American Tea Growing Co.. Tea. S.
C.-American grown tea.
Bronze Medals
Atlantic Coast Line R. R.--C,)i,.'-
Ive exhibit cotton.
Atlantic Coast Line R. R.-Coll'c'-
tve exhibit of guava jelly.
W. D. Stark. Jacksonville, Fla.-


Orlando Man's Idea Will Revolution-
ize the Building of Roads
Today the county road gang will
start laving the D)ick-on block. and

The new method xvill be given a thor-

01,911'~t If foundl feassPule. and there
no'h rkeason to itIjic i 'a
l))lisit wIh rol.ably ,mark an. epoch
in ualbui liung nlut only Ain Florida
b'ut all ov,,r the V1 flto~l S :tes. The
'r!i~at roll tho idea. i- llion. Ii. H.
DIJ~c.-,wi o)f ThI~s V.c~abiIfi31 11 fte
Ifoavi o (f cowhinty u~lllsol'>.~~~
ik -N jA i'f l a (l%-,-r the --siate as h. It, 'd-
iflm ~~~ ill all ",)o I r''pads !111% *
fl7t lt.-. heTb'WN road is fnot conpiet-
ed( and 7h,,-ii in '1(,f thL-, a vn aI(n ca
irt atlilv -r aspth da at onel C4
111111pl C T ins Ist of concr i-t.e 1,tl ck -
a! 'A tii1 1Ioe I 1(, Ilaki~lur a d(oublel
ran \;h flange ege O .O!fi
kLthe iiwrt ~sandl egress (ofveil.
Th end,, of the- blocks are joine-d by

hati i very ingonIlIous, andI whten laid
h- lhiOc'r{s- wi~llforin a sli onad or
track that wxill urpas., any otht.r :iia-
#hrial *\rinzrodl'a41 U~ i~I
W ~ ~ ~ ~ wo t .siT.' ''' in thi 'I-,ut(Hl

hII~h 'n'r I-11 Tb 1 (TO t. .-.:T
ii ~ o I!,- n~aIalit 1. 1r 1('T i fc z

s r.~ i nafil:. tih lit \, b~ li a v>* ft'

Oirland, i. on h 'lit mf 1i '-i t i .of Ti' c1,u

city limits. Sevt-ral exp-rt i nia)~i
er~ from Woher S- 1' fIn- 4)f ii' -!:i7
~ ill iiit .%THtad xvii W it r

rnak-ing.-Oriaiido Reporter-Stair.


There seems to be trntuble ilrewin .

in the president's cabinet.

many causes, the principal one b'1,iog
,jealousy. nearly all having the pr,.si-

SMounted tarpon, dential bee' buzzing in their boinners.
SE. H. Daughtridge. Rocky Mount- But if we are to believe the Wa>hina-
ort cotton, ton (correspondent of thel Indianapoli.
L. VanDuzor. Kissimmee. Fla News. th-,ere will not bt a brtea tip
__e syrup. in the cabinet over politics if thie'
T. A. Collins. Miami. Fla.-Man- president can hel, it. Tlie corr's-
Soes-1. pondlent says the situatiTon is just
SR. B. Leak, F. t M r FortFla.-Gua -tilhis: S e (if tilhe friends of St.'ecre-
ttI tary Taft aret, convinced itha; if his
'icanditla('y is to gain I'fa-or ]e, i u,.s;
i Dyspepsia and General Debility i rtire from the cainet and run ind-
SAre cured by P. P. P.. Lippman's lp)edelt of the administration intlu-
Great Remedy, the superior of all sar- : Th, will iitf this viewon
saparillas. 'Ic'r,,tarT as soon ias hie gts lack
P. P. P. is the greatest tonic for the hot'. Th president holds TI) Ieht
stomach that was ever known. Indi- i hat til hin fur Mr. Ta! t l(i
gestion, Bad Dreams and Biliousness .-. ",. 'T icI I- ..s knittiin0..' S) it i
way rnpidly to the powerful ton- t for r.l !2 "( -) ('u %'i(' .: ,1
fel and blood cleansingz" properties zof, 'W-,,r ( ..
P ." P T '' S,'eiIl\' (P.'() .A ,-ou. iiw ['1 ,-
A prominent railroad sunrT m .n '- .
ent living at Savanna0". (;a. 12t .- a , ":.,'
city he was born, say- Te f.! '- 1
4.a";n:: Tit'( ,'; ,4,li i ,i )'
J r than he ever did. and h,, ha,! ,". a i (. ' T
iorst case of dyspepsia on reorli. .. .1 1,,
badno appetite, and the litle hoe la', a
disagreed with him, causing him to
,f M r. '' , : r i-. .' ,. .
vomit often: he had pains in the head. FJjn l:;,>;c,, t;- ; -:.
breast and s.,tnachh b,'1t after 1>-''.,
tbree bottlt of P. P P.. '- felt U '- ,! 7i,,, i,1 .
I "': I;t:1. "ii '71' 1 '' '. 7 .2';:i 'I ,, ,' -
a new man. l1e says that 1' f.'- ^. 1 h' ,',' 'H.' K'
that he could live for ver if 1-- : ( ,
always get P. P. P., ,- a :.
His name will 1)be given on apdica i ^ ( i
tion to us.
Sold by all druggists. you.


"Mrs. Herbert Ford] req1,-'1 Ili#
honor of your p-,.s,:ict- ati ib,' U--
riage of her danilT'>. -,m y li.::-, .
fLd Mr. R.llph Talinala,' l:r.,v ,a
Tuesday nuIrnin=. .lanaary ib.' \x ,i-

I F. k I1 I I ,k.IfI I II I.-

7:!:.a 1'r',t; r~-Ti a l.IT \1 :i 1

1 141,4 1 111


On Prohibition and Duty to Protect
Dry States
iFrom Corngressional Record Report
of Senate Debate on Tillman-Knox

It would not 1,- p)roper at his timrue.
if it wvre pra'tical)Iet. TO ,) i-- an

analysis of il,' deciSjions of the si-
prem, ouArt I uponi this question, biut
I vw:-h )to call at;tefioni 10 the fact
1t!r-,111 ,'i T t,-, d- 'he )I I ..I. re'co' n,, ,itp of tI 7 u propIo-
si'i, TTh, theo qlestio4n of ii t,.rstat-,
coirn' ,r, ,nd tlte p ow rs under the
interstate conltimere, clause are of
two I1inls First. t-,, qliOestionlS which
are fundamen.ital and essential to the
xet 'rie oS.' ,f itnr.-t,'r- con mTmetrce; and.
second. the qlt'SionIs which, in the S
laniuai-(e oIf 41 i .court. are incidental,.
Tht courT rc-- (Inizes .-andl announces
in no Iunc.-rtaii words that so far as:
tht- func(l()n- o(f iintersiare conmmnerce
art- f-inliamnntal' and, e.ss,'ntial. no act
(If vnizress ('an effect the anio. but i
Th:' so far a cThos, functions are in
('itItal leLislation 'a.n ho had. So
far ap 'h, lirr ,l (I<-td legislation is ('on-
',.*rni,,i. i; i" r,'ally rstri('c id to thie
fi, (o )f dtalinir with sirclih maters of
ili,'orsi:ITt Co.nnmerc-. in rz-ard to the
: i,..;. aldl s llin- and importation .
of a<1artr. t(- ar' if an incidi-nTal
(' laracl'i ."
I tm not sir ,-' tha' I am correct in
T,, illr-'?ra' i ,n-: pi w r ,,1-' :n if p,' .-pt iti ('I T I111" is 1
TnI, '.'rr. ( it n:ay -v ,rv, for ani ilI.ns-
7rat ,n ass t1 I ht' I''ff',ron c' et l wel'len
th'. ftn~,!ait,'ntal and in('idtt al ollI'. As
stat-,d !,' Th, ..-,,naTor from P,.nnn yl- I
vaivia. .!.' ar.-att fmultanI '',ntal pr n"i(
pit' in i rlt rsat. ~'.inl!ll-rc' k is tihe
riulit )f ai ni;,n T' i nalk' a contract.
an'Il tr d .t') ,- the conltraet 'xt'cnte(d, or;
ti IprJch.as,- If goods in one state to
lit. delivcr.'d lo him in another. U'n-
d,-r the' decision in Ihe original pack-
ae (-a-e lhe court held that the right
d id n o t T ,.r nlin a -.2-' si nl l y w ith th ,- d e-:
Hiv,,ry of the goo(,ls, lut that it extend-
,d To the further rihht to sell in the
ori,0zinal package tli.' goods thus do-
liveredt Th,' ".iplre,,1t court in con-
strfin I thte ,WilsVi. 7Iiaw r-cognizeil the
fac; that there (oid lbe a restriction
in that particular, and that while it ,
wa. ttis ith e fluntamental right of tlt'.
party to have Tht goods d(l'diverod to
him. the ri:ht ,_1 sell was an inciden-
;al riLTht whi li could be controlled
,y c-,r','s5. and was controllet(I by
coigr,.s in t1:, \Wilson act. There
arv fouIr or fi''v dt,1cision s upo the
subject, awnd that distinction is foundd
to rill tIlhrol lholit the whiolt of them.
Po th(-ert is a fi.ld (if logi.iatiai)n in
which tho matter can ho j,-a'-'ticatly
doall with.
.lr. Presidl.nt. it h.s ('..one to b e an
tx'ce',linl.tly itmportant and1 acute
question in th.e ipropoie).,d legislation
iy (', fnIlres'5.. 1 was V'ery l711t(.h sur-
,ri.e,,i tie, othlr day when I saw a
-Jatemen1 '1t (if the number of states in
\\ ,ich there w\-ns e rht'r Tota:l or partial

"'. 7 ; .,j' "r; \ f 'I" ' a;,"s, i.- h ,itlt j

?;':!'r.;'er i*'" 1it:': v- A v :b 'h llow l1iave lo-
***' nr i.':: i," t' i '. ,- '* reasin ',r and! is"
;, i: 2:9' "*("' "I ~'. !'.''V of ci '.T and i t

*- .*' '* 'T' ( ,* ('' r< :i1. ''- ". soi fa r a '- i
"* 'i, ' 1 ' 7 ; 1. 'i ':l 5 f" e(' 5t ' *s i'l
*1 -: ,, 4,; :,,\.

\~~~~~~~~ t." 4 11\ it I s a"H t i.. 1 i)

I't V ~a'''S *f1I' titT '1
7)' 7 'H ': Iie1. '~I ~' n ~each

(4 h-'q .7. 1. 17 117h

For fresh -
i.mo, ,-t.- ,q~irtvalell-S RG




We beg to announce to the public that

we are ready to cure meats.



I- I
II k-,. :- uT 'l (,,k (;f ( otli!- <'aw.kple

S. Embal., ning to Order-. ,<.l iv
Emboa ning to Order

~T' 1*

We solicit your

patronage and guarantee satisfaction.




Guns, Cartridges and Shotgun Shells

|Guns, Gartridges and Shotgun Shells I





$10 Ladies' Cloaks


$5 Ladies' Cloaks


$1.50 36-inch Silk


$1.50 Ladies' Shirt Waists


Trimming at Cost


10 Yards CalicQ, all colors,


15 cent Outing


7 cent Outing



$10 Men's Suits


$4 Boys' Suits


L. .-I

At the


Pre In ventory










without anyone knowing it, especially Miss Gladys and Master Ray. with a
in a little village like this. !, -,.,r f frindq f m WqhinTttn ar-

Miss Rae Folks has returned from I Mrs. Clayton Massey's sister and
Ir home at Juliette, where she spent brother of Valdosta. Ga., visited her
risrtmas. several days during th- holidays.
Miss Bessie Porter, who was sales
Mr. Emanuel Martin is again at his m i
lady for Hammond Bros., in Haw-
at at the Berlin school. Mr. Martin thorn before the robbery and fire, is
-mkt Christmas at Largo. now at home visiting her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Dow Beck entertained We have been feasting on sweet,
vwth a pretty party In honor of their juicy venison steak for some time.
arming daughter, Mis Mabel Beck, Mr. C. A. Woods and Mr. M. Harper
-a New Year's evening.. Including killed three deer in one day. Mr.
h guests were a number from Cot- Jesse Hall killed a fine fat buck, and
Im Plant, Blltchton, Ocala and Mar- it weighed over 100 pounds. We were
UL All had a merry evening togeth- the recipients of a nice steak from
'er. Light refreshments were served Mr. Hall.
a those who visited Miss Beck Messrs. Lea and Will Wimberly of
wre Misses Altahula Beck, Fay Beck Jacksonville were here on a visit to
d Sue and Belle Haycraft. their mother and father on Christmas
Mr. M. P. rlnk", "Uncle" Mabe Car- day.

ter and several others of the Confed-
erate veterans went up to Ocala Mon-
day, expectng to attend the regular
i thly veterans' meet. The meet-

S. S. T.

tg have been changed, we learn, Special Cor. Ocala Banner:
fr Monday to Tuesday following The many friends and neighbors of
he first Monday in each month. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Washburn gath-
Our little bows of white ribbon ered at their home in a delightful sur-
look very pretty, and we don't want prise party on the evening of Janu-
Bob McNamee to trample on them. ary 1, to celebrate the twenty-third
Amosg the late visitors from this anniversary of their wedding. The
section to Ocala were Mr. and Mrs. house was crowded with friends wish-
lernmle BlItch, Mr. Edward Weathers. ing Mr. and Mrs. Washburn many
Mr. Joseph Hudgens and Mr. Stokes happy returns of the day, long life,
amd Mr. Turner from Stokes' F Perry. health, prosperity and every other
and Mr. Cordrey Sutherland of Hol- good thing that they could think of.
der. Refreshments were served, and a
Miss Ethel Turner and Abble very pleasant evening was passed.
Stoks, two charming belles of Stokes The reception and candy pulling giv-
Fer. passed through on the famous en by the Woman's Christian Tem-
Buckshot Limited" to Ocala last perance Union to its honorary mem-
Friday. These two young ladies are berm and the school teachers, had to
attending the Ocala High School and be postponed for a week owing to the
were returning to their studies after inclemency of the weather. If the
apenitng the Christmas holidays at weather is favorable it will be held
thelr homes. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wash-
The many friends of Mr. Ben BlItch burn next Monday night.
regret very much to hear of his con- The new library is well under way
timed Illness. and is going to be a fine building. It
Mr. Roland BlItch of Ocala is at his is built of rough stone, and it is plain
bome at Blltchton. visiting his sick to be seen that Mr. Colds understands
father. Mr. Ben Blitch. how to build it.
Mr. Valentine Seckinger went up to Several people here are suffering
Ocala Tuesday to do some trading, as with severe colds, among whom are
d i also Capt. Jack McCully. R.C. Ridge, Mrs. 0. M. Gale and Mrs.
Those little kumquat oranges were Adams and Mr. Frank Adams.
very cute. Many thanks. Mrs. Frink. The regular prayer meeting hour
The people over in the Grahamville at the church tonight is to be devoted
*vani Co.nnonr ntintrv are hihr p1afta - -

rived this week.
Mr. B. F. Dutton and party are lo-
cated in their winter home for the sea-
Mr. Harry Dutton. Mrs. Dutton and
family will arrive in a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Friedman are pleas-
antly situated in their new home. Mr.
and Mrs. Friedman will entertain a
number of friends during the season.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Udree have lo-
cated permanently at this place. Mr.
Udree has a very delightful place sit-
uated on the most prominent water
front on the river. Mr. Udree has a
launch this season, and it is said to
be the fastest boat on the river.
Mr. W. Pew will arrive in a few
days with his houseboat. Mr. Pew
will be a guest of the Rendezvous
during his stay here.
Mr. Addison C. Harris, former am-
bassador to Russia, with friends, will
make their regular visit to the Ren-
dezvous in February.
The Atlanta Fishing Club will ar-
rive Friday.
Several parties from Atlanta and
Savannah. will spend the month of
February at the Rendezvous.
Mr. Josephy and Mrs. Douvery will
spend their fifth season at the Ren-
Mr. Trundslon Husser. America's
greatest artist, will spend a few weeks
in Homosassa, guests of Capt. and
Mrs. W. L. Lowry.
Mr. J. W. Crosby made a trip to
Homosassa Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. Peusly of Boston are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dutton.
Mr. and Mrs. Brennen are guests of
the Rendezvous.
Mrs. Aynes Lonnicher is entertain-
ing guests this season.
Mr. B. F. Dutton has two handsome
launches on the river this season.
The fishing is said to be very fine
this season. Big catches are a daily



Special Cor. Ocala Banner:
Our farmers are beginning to get
busy, preparing their lands for var-
ious crops that are grown in this sec-
Mrs. M. C. Gray visited Dunnellon
Mrs. W. D. Mathews is Improving,
after a severe illness of several days.
Mrs. Allie Mathews, after spending
the holidays at home here, took up
her school duties at Summerfield Mon-
Mr. Heiner of South Carolina is
visiting the Messrs. Smoak.
Mr. F. E. Smoak is quite proud of
his pack of hounds, having caught
several foxes and one or more wild-
cats with them recently.
J. K. Mixson is still suffering severe
pain and quite a lot of inconvenience
from the hurt he received Christmas.
There will be services at the Bap-
tist church Sunday.
A rural free delivery route from
Mclntosh to Flemington did not meet
with much encouragement from the
patrons of the Flemington postoffice.
It would be an inconvenience to the
people of Flemington, rather than a

From the best Information the bar-
rooms in Ocala and Dunnellon take
in on an average of $150 per day each
for Ocala, and $100 per day each for
Some men who are in a position to
know, claim that they will average
$200 per day each, but not wishing to
over-estimate it, we have placed It at
the above figures. This means for the
seven barrooms for Ocala and six for
Dunnellon, $1650 per day is spent in
Marion county for whiskey, or $514,-
800 for the 312 work days in the year,
or $1.029.600 in two years.
What Else Could This $1.029,600 Do?

Special Cor. Ocala Banner: It could pay the entire in-
We are enjoying some very fine debtedness for the Court
weather now. House.................$
Messrs. L. W. and J. M. Sherouse It could build 5 hard roads in


the above counties.. ....
It could build fifty $1000
school houses in the coun-
ty. .. .. . ........ . .
It could build 100 more $500
school houses in the coun-
ty -. ........ o. .... .. ...
It could equip each of the
above houses with furni-
ture ... .. ....... ..
It could erect a Confederate
monument in Marion coun-
ty... .......... ... .
It could put up a shoe fac-
tory that would give 100
men employment... ....
It could start a buggy fac-
tory that would give 100
men employment... .....
It could put a cotton factory
in Marion county that
would give 200 men em-
ployment.... .. ........
It could fill Marion county
with farmers to raise pro-
ducts for these factories.
It could build and equip a
college plant in Marion
county that will accommo-
date 600 pupils from Ma-
rion. Lake, Sramter, Citrus,
Levy and other counties
of the state.............
It could pay tuition, board
and all expenses to this
college for 100 poor boys
or girls who could not pay
their own way... ... ..
We would then have a bal-
ance to help the poor of..












Total..... ... .... .....$1,029,600
If it could do all of the above in
two years, what could it do in ten

years? But, some will say that this
money is not spent for whiskey, will
not be spent as given above. We ad-
mit that it might not, but it will be
spent for more and better clothes, for
more groceries, for more books, for
more education, for more travel and
a hundred more things that are ne-
cessary for life and happiness.
Do you think it a business proposi-
tion to tax ourselves $514.900 per year
for whiskey that we might put in the
city treasury of Ocala $1750. and in
the treasury of Dunnellon, $1500, and
in the treasury of Marion county-

In a speech at the Bijou theater in
Atlanta, under the auspices of the
Anti-Saloon League, Sam Jones oncem
said: "I began life with as bright
prospects as any Georgia boy ever bad.
I went away and married a lovely
blue-eyed Kentucky girl, who trusted
me with herself, her future-her
earthly all. But whiskey soon tempt-
ed me, and I fell. For several years
I trampled on her loving, tender,
bleeding heart. The sparkle faded
from her eye and the rose faded
from her cheeks. I think of it all 3W
since God has redeemed me. I thMk_.m
of all the sorrow whiskey brought
poor wife and my poor life-and I
hate whiskey; I hate it! II bit as
long as I have a foot! IIl butt an long
as I have a head! I'llbite as lon aa
I have any teeth-and when I I
my teeth out. I'll GUM it to deth.'
We are in receipt of a postal card
from Mr. Robert L. Fosnot of East-
Lake Weir, giving an account of the
storm down there. He says that the
wind blew with great violence;
the steamer and barge were sunk
the launch was disabled. Many of
the oranges ungathered were whipped
off the trees.
Mr. Alex. McGregor McClain of Co-
nant. was a familiar figure am o"
streets Wednesday.

In the Circuit Court of the Fifth Ju-
dicial Circuit of Florida, in and for
Marion County-In Chancery.
Joseph Bell. Complainant, va. Tom
Burden, et als. Defendant-Order
for Constructive Service.
It is ordered that the defmadmt
herein named, to-wit: Tom Burd1
be and he is hereby required to ap
pear to the bill of complaint is thli
cause on or before Monday, the 22d
day of March, 1908.
It is further ordered that a copy f
this order be published once a week
for four consecutive weeks In the
Ocala Weekly Banner. a newspaper
published in said county and state.
This 7th day of January, 1908.
Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co.,

Don't Fail to Attend the









The Ocala banner
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Mr. J. S. Weathers of Leroy, ae of
the ploeers of that section. was a
Wednesday visitor.

'r Mmi. George Hayes and a young
lady friend of Leesburg are the guests
of the former's sister, Mrs. George


Mim Jessie A. Owens of Sparr was
In to see us Tuesday and made us!
tlad by a renewal of her suiAscription

to the Ocala Bauer.
Mr. Frank G. SampsR., the well O11f
kowa ormge grower of Boardman.
was numbered among the business
Ttstos ia Ocala Wednesday.
Mr. G. C. Cole of Savannah. Ga..
who is connected with the A. C. L.
Ry., Is is Ocala on a visit to the fam- 4.
Mly of his brother, the late W. T. Colea Il

Mrs. A. W. Goldberg of Shenandoah.
Iowa, Is oI Ocala on a visit to her sis- all
ter. Mrs. Jake Brown, and will spend,
Ite winter here. She was accompan-
led by her two children.
- la
Mr. W. T. Crutcher -arrived in Ocala
yesterday from Kentucky and will'

spend some weeks In Ocala. Mr.
Crutcher Is a well known livery man
who spent last winter In Ocala.
Mr. Lee Miller, a prominent turpen-
U tiae operator of Ocala. accompanied
by h Ids brother, Mr. Charles Miller,
Swags Itn Jacksonville yesterday, regis-
bug at the Aragon.-Times-Union
| Alderman Charles Rheinauer is
putting up a neat fence around his
Property in the second ward. He is
* amo repairing and enlarging the hous-
-o and tiug Gow -pavements. It
I will be maoe a very Wpretty property.
Mr. John W. Btevp- is serving on
1 "the jVUy bt wmek. ie lives in the
S c McCey nelgh ibood and says
he p oup1e tMt Tere we glad of the
S bet that the lentt rilroad Is push-
I Its way through that section of
SIke county.
Mr. Wlitam Edwards. ex-alderman
n d ex-mam of Ocala. -now of tbe
U awards Br.e. Naval Stores Company
vad the Irvine Crate and 'Basket Corn-
Imny, was a prominent VieStor yester-
4ay. He was the lessee df the coun-
S. von Icets st year. but did not sub-
-Bit a bid this year.

Mr. A. J. Leaveagood is up from
UOtaton. He mys that the norm rag-
e1 quite furiomsy at the lake. That
Capt. Fosnot's boat and barge were
*k and his laUmch disabled, and
was blown out In the lake. That the
plucked manges were Whipped
sot on the trees and badly thonged.
d some were wlpped off. A good
may pine trees were blown down.
Mr. .d Mrs. B. A Weathbers and
Mr. Neal Weathers came home Wed-
a-I morning from Tampa. where
they went to be present at the mar-
Ttage of Mr. Benjamin Seaborn
Wealthers and Miss Mildred Beckwitb.
which was a beautiful wedding taking
place at seven-thirty o'clock on Tues-
day evening at the home of the bride's
parts. Mr. Neal Weathers acted as
Nis brother's best man. After a week's
vloft the east coast Mr. and Mrs.
B. B. Weathers will come to Ocala for

a few days.

Kr. John Beard of Pensacola. can-
didate for United States senator, has.







voters of

Marion County on the subject

Prohibition in Ocala


11 o'clock.

will be served


A free dinner to

by the ladies


of Florida's most distinguished


Special Cor. Ocala Banner:
Our Sunday school is ,-n a boom
(once more. We have added .a number
of new scholars in the Bible class and
iope they will continue coming.
The pound party at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Myers was a success
Friday night. All present enjoyed
the occasion very. much
Mrs. Addle McCully mas in Gaiter
last week visiting friends. She was
our teacher here the past term. She
was the guest of Miss Inez Ross. We
are always glad to welmne our old
M- R IT. R wRdino nf this nlare is

attending court this
Vhe'F. E. and C. U.
ed meeting Saturday

At the girlhood home of the bride, !
Miss Nannie Louise Waters, and Mr. -
Patrick Henry Hill were married New
Year's morning iy Rev. P. W. Green,
the Baptist minister at Pedro, who in
a solemn and impressive manner
spoke the words that united this hap-
py couple for lie.
The porlor and reception hall were
most beautiful, decorated with the
Christmas colors of red and green.
The bride aaU groom were preced-
ed to the parlor by tbl? matron of
honor. Mrs. Doak, and the best man,
Mr. Dunovant-..
The bridal couple took their places

...... .. under a lovely -canopy of wide satin
week ha Ocala. ,, a loel .canopy,
wee tn Ocala. ribbon of red and green, held in place
of A. bad':a call- wedi. b~l. _
of A. d:a call- by red wedding bells. The bride was
night for the charming in a handsome traveling
charmine: in a handsome travelinp-

purpose of electing delegates to the
special meeting at Griner Farm on
January 11. The delegates are G. H.
Dorr of Heidtvllle and D. L. Morri-
son of th4s place.
Miss Lucy Irvine returned and be-
gan her school on the 6th. She re-
ports -a fine time on her vacation for
the holidays.
Oh, yes, boys. you must not get dis-
couraged because the girls are always
not at 'home. You must go till you
find them at home!
Mr. 3. A. Thomas of DunneTmn was
in Gaiter last week greeting friends.
le was he guest of Mr. C. M. Whid-
don and U. D. Stokes.
Misses Zthel Turner and Abbie
Stokes hawe returned to the Ocala
High School. We regret their depar-
ture but wish them much success.
Mr. J. E. Brooks of this place will
leave for THomosassa Monday next.
where he will accept a position with
the A. C. L. I'y. as operator and ticket
Mr. Va! Odrrm of Ocala was tbo'

guest of his brother, Mr. J. D. Odum.
of this place lasti week.


costume of brown, with hat and
gloves to match.. She carried a show-
er bouquet of bride's roses, tied with
The wedding was the most elite
and elaborate, social event that the
little town of Levon has ever witness-
Th#,re was quite a mingling of out
of town guests among the home
friends who united in showering rfee
and congratulation; upon Mr. and
Mrs. Hill. as they departed on their
wedding tour.
In the reception hall were display-
ed the wedding gifts received by Mr.
and Mrs. Hill. the great number show-
ing the popularity of the young cou-
Mr. and Mrs. Hit, after January 15.
1908. will be at home to their many
friends at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Waters hi Levon. where
they will reside for the present.

Thbt board of county commissioners
devoted several hours Wednesday af-
ternoon rt) discussing the advisability











We will put on sale our Entire Line of Winter Ready-to-Wear

Goods at prices that will Astonish the Most Skeptical.

Men's Suits that we sold for $11.48,

$11.98, $12.98 and $13.98, for $9.98

Ladies' Jackets and Coats that we sold

for $8.98 and $9.98, for $6.98

Men's Overcoats at less than cost,

Just think of what you can save on Winter Goods

at the


reductions in prices are prevailing in our store.


Ocala, Fla., Jan. 7. 1908.
The board of public instruction in
and for Marion county, Florida, met
this the 7th day of January, 1908, in
regular session with Isaac Stevens,
chairman, and J. S. Grantham pres-
ent. Mr. B. R. Blitch was absent on
account of sickness.
Minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.
The W. 0. W. lodge at Martel had
a communication before the board
asking the board to allow them to in-
crease the insurance on the Martel
school house for the benefit of the W.
0. WXV.. as they had built the upper sto-
ry and had lately made considerable
improvements to the same. On mo-

of accepting the bid of S. A. Rawls tion the request was granted. and an


Received from E. L. Carney, BELLEVIEW ITEMS
extra polls............... 1977.00 -
Special Cor. Ocala Banner:
Total receipts.. ...... $4588.97 Did someone say there Was golwg to
Disbursed during month..... 4565.39 be another dance th. week? Good!
be another dance thts week. Good;
Balance...... ...........$ 23.58 Mr. Washburn has begun a new ree
The treasurer's report for the dis- idence for Mr. Dudley. Thi looks
tricts was approved as follows, show- suspicious, Mr. Dudley.
ing the following balances: The candy pulling at Mrs. Waae-
Ocala, $39.83; Mclntosh, $84.01; burn's was not very largely attended
Belleview, $304.01; Fantville, $14.17; as the weather was so bad on Mom-
Dunnellon, $4.28; Reddick, $20.03; day night. We hear it is going to be
Pine Level, $67.29; Mayvllle, $5.85; held again some time next week, and
Weirsdale, $45.97; Citra, $575..98; if the weather is agreeable a large at-
Griner Farm, $269.76; Buck Pond, tendance will be present
$56.63; Sparr, $123.08; Candler, Those who attended the dance at
$95.6S; Fellowship, $89.4'7; Electra, Candler from the City of Oaks on
$2.83; Blitchton, $189.36; Martel, New Year's night was as follows:
$54.91; Fort King, $131.89; Cauplet, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Tyrrell, Mr. Tre-
.45; Linadale. $42.29; Cotton Plant, mere, Mr. Warren Smith, Mr. Arthur
$236.40; Orange Lake. $43.10; Oak; Millsom and Miss Edgar, Mr. John
Hill. 0. Moss Bluff, $3.99; Fairfield, i Lyles and Miss Lorena Freeman, Mr.
*V 09 orftn r in Tjill *O ') 9Z V.- 0-21'. 1-4*U -t__ o- --


Come and hear

beginning of the cold weather.






vWunteered his services to the Antl- .

S." -L



OC --LA04







Mr. J. S. Weathers of Leroy. cme of
the ploteers of that section, was a
Wednesday visitor.
SMrs. George Hayes and a young
lady friend of Leesburg are the guests
of the former's sister. Mrs. George
Willnma .

Miss Jessie A. Owens of Sparr was K
In to see us Tuesday and made us IVM
glad by a renewal of her subscription
to the Ocala Banner.
Mr. Prank G. Sampson(. the well Of
eown oroge grower of Boardman. 1
was numbered among the business
vistors in Ocala Wednesday.
Mr. G. C. Cole of Savannah. (a..
who is connected with the A. C. L,.
Ry., is In Ocala on a visit to the fam- at
lly of his brother, the lute W. T. Colo. Qt

Alderman Charles Rheinauer is
putting up a neat fence around his
property In the second ward. He is
also repakiing and enlarging the hous-
-f and tftug down -pavements. It
will be vade a very .pretty property.
Mr. John W. Stevy- is serving on
1e jury O fwek. He lives in the
I Vrt Mewey neighboiood and says
People out tere re -glad of the
bct that tbe Rentz railroad is push-
lt ts way Through that section of
Ike eoumwty-
SMr. Wita m Edwards. ex-alderman
*ad ex-mymr of Ocala, -now of tbe
awardss Bros. Naval Stores Company
*nd the Irvfte Crate and 'Basket Corn-
pany. was a prominent vlhtor yester-
.ay. He was the lessee df the coun-
* .7 von lets bast year. but did not sub-
-mit a bid this year.
Mr. A. J. Leavengood is up from
Wtaatoo. He says that the morm rag-
ed quite furihnWy at the lake. That
Capt. Fosnot's boat and barge were
uwk and his launch disabled, and
was blown out in the lake. Thai the
uplucked oranges were Whipped
ft on the trees and badly thonged.
-f some were whipped off. & good
many pine trees were blown down.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Weathers and
Mr. Neal Weathers came home Wed-
beshy morning from Tamva. where
they went to be present at the mar-
Tige of Mr. Benjamin Seaborn
Weathers and Miss Mildred Beckwitb.
wblich was a beautiful wedding taking
place at seven-thirty o'clock on Tues-
day evening at the home of the bride's
parents. Mr. Neal Weathers acted as
Us brother's best man. After a weeks







voters of

arion County on the subject

Prohibition in Ocala


A free dinner to

be served


by the ladies


idea's most distinguished


,Special Cor. Ocala Banner:
Our Sunday school is ann a boom
eonce more. We have added a number
of new scholars in the Bible class and
tIwope they will continue x'oming.
The pound party at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Myers was a success'
friday night. All present enjoyed
the occasion very much.
Mrs. Addle McCully was in Gaiter
last week visiting friends. Bhe was
our teacher here the past term. She
was the guest of Miss Inez Ross. We
are always glad to welcome our old
Mr. E I. RAddino nf this nlarce is

attending court this
T-he-F. E. and C. U.
ed meeting Saturday
purpose of electing d
special meeting at C
January 11. The dele
Dorr of Heidtvllle ai
son of th4s place.
MisAs Lucy Irvine r
gan her school on th
ports a fine time on b
the holidays.
Oh. yes, boys, you n
courage because the
not at 'home. You rn
find them at home!
Mr. 3. A. Thomas of
in Gaiter last week g
He was the guest of 3
don and R. D. Stokes.
Misses ?Ethel Turn
Stokes have returned
High School. We reg
ture but wish them m
Mr. J. E. Brooks of
leave for Homosassa
where he will accept
the A. C. L. R.'. as ope

vist On the east coast Mr. and Mrs. ; agentL
B. 8. Weathers will come to Ocala for Mr. Val Odrrn of
f w dWays. guest of his brother. N
of thts place latl wee

S Mr. John Beard of Pensacola. can-
dldate for United States senator, has
volunteered his services to the Anti-


At the girlhood home of the bridge,
Miss Nannie Ioi:ise Waters, and Mr.
Patrick Henry Hill were married New
Year's morning liy Rev. P. WV. Green.
the Baptist minister at Pedro, who in
a solemn and impressive manner
spoke the word& that united this hap-
py couple for li0.
The porlor said reception hall were
most beautifully\ decorated with the
Christmas colors of red and green.
The bride and groom were preced-
ed to the parelor by thx matron of
honor, Mrs. Doak. and the best man.
Mr. DunovanL-
The bridal couple took their places













We will put on sale our Entire Line of Winter Ready-to-Wear

Goods at prices that will Astonish the Most Skeptical.

Men's Suits that we sold for $11,48,

$11.98, $12,98 and $13.98, for $9.98

Ladies' Jackets and Coats that we sold

for $8.98 and $9,98, for $6.98

Men's Overcoats at less than cost,

Just think of what you can save on Winter Goods

at the


reductions in prices are prevailing in our store.

%F&... ... under a lovely -canopy of wide satin
week tn Ocala. ,. ..- _
wek m Ocala. ,ibbon of red aind green, held in place
of A.bihad a call- -. .JlsU
of A. haa call- by red wedding bells. The bride was
night for the -
h o t charming in a handsome traveling
leleales to the costume of brown, with hat and
.riner Farm on OCALA A
*gatne armG.n'.gloves to match. She carried a show-
gates are G. H.or bouquet of inide's roses, tied with O
id D. I.. Mornri- it
tulle. E
turned and be- The woddi!.g was the most elite ul
eturne~l and be- ,
and elaborate social event that the'
C)t 6 h 'Sh e r e I
Little town of Levon Aas ever witness-
her vacation for ed. -
Tho.re was quite a mingling of out PROCEEDINGS OF BOARD OF PUB.
nust not gIet dis- INSTRUCTION
nt gtdis- of town guesLs among the home L INSTUCTIN
girls are always i
friends who united in showering rfce J.
muet go tfll you and congratu'ation upon Mr. and Ocala, Fla., Jan. 7, 190S.
f w Mrs. Hill, as th-ey departed on their ThA board of public instruction in
SDunneln was i
reeingweddin, tour. and for Marion county, Florida, met
Mr. C. M. Whid- In the reception hall were display- this th_ 7th day of January, 1908, in
ed the wedding gifts received by Mr
Sthe weddin rec d by M. regular session with Isaac Stevens,
an and Mrs. Hill. the great number show- rela n wtSaa tes
er and Abbie ing the popularity of the young cou- chairman, and J. S. Grantham pres-
I to the Ocalepe.
t thei. ent. Mr. B. R. Blitch was absent on
ret their deprs Mr. and Mrs. Hillt after January 15. account of sickness.
uIb s ucess.
tius suces l190S. will be at home to their many Minutes of last meeting were read
this place win ,
s p friends at the residence of Mr. and and approved.
Monday next. Mrs. J. S. Waters mn Levon. where The W. 0. W. lodge at Martel had
a position with they will reside for the present. a communication before the board
,rator and tickir "
asking the board to allow them to in-
THE CONVICT QUESTION crease the insurance on th*e Martel
O cala w as th r?__ je^
Ocala was tn-? 1rZ s(h(,ol house for the benefit of the W.
Ir. J. ). Odum. The, board of county commissioners \. as they had built the upper sro-
.k 0.W.aste hdbit h ppr"o
ek. devoted several hours Wednesday af- ry and had lately made considerable
t',rmoon to discussingg the advisability improvements to the same. On mo-

of acceprtii the hid of S. A. Rawls tio the request was granted,
of ec'ptnath. ti, ofS.A.Rawls

and an
-A-- .


Received from E.
extra polls...
Total receipts..
Disbursed during
The treasurer's
tricts was approve

L. Carney,
...... ... 1977.00
.... .. ..$4588.97
month..... 4565.39
........... $ 23.58
report for the dis-
d as follows, show.

Ing the following balances:
Ocala, $39.83; McIntosh, $84.01;
Belleview. $304.01; Fantville, $14.17;
Dunnellon, $4.28; Reddick, $20.03;
Pine Level, $67.29; Mayville, $5.85:
Weirsdale, $45.97; Citra. $575..98;
Griner Farm, $269.76; Buck Pond,
$56.63; Sparr, $123.08; Candler,
$95.68: Fellowship, $89.47; Electra,
$2.83; Blitchton, $189.36; Martel,
$54.91: Fort King, $131.89; Cauplet,
.45: Linadale. $42.29; Cotton Plant,
$236.40; Orange Lake. $43.10; Oak
Hill, o; Moss Bluff, $3.99: Fairfield.
$58.2- Crttazvo Mill t hartpr

Special Cor. Ocala Banner:
Did someone say there was going to
be another dance this week? Good!
Mr. Washburn has begun a new rew
idence for Mr. Dudley. This looks
auspicious, Mr. Dudley.
The candy pulling at Mrs. Wash-
burn's was not very largely attended
as the weather was so bad on Mon-
day night. We hear it is going to be
held again some time next week, and
if the weather is agreeable a large at-
tendance will be present
Those who attended the dance at
Candler from the City of Oaks on
New Year's night was as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Tyrrell, Mr. Tre-
mere, Mr. Warren Smith, Mr. Arthur
Millsom and Miss Edgar, Mr. Jobhn
i Lyles and Miss Lorena Freeman, Mr.
Gnttv <3mit> and Mjina Plaamm-^. >T<-rv-_--



11 o'clock

Mrs. A. W. Goldberg of Shenandoah.
Iowa, Is hi Ocala on a visit to her sis- all *X711
ter, Mrs. Jake Brown. and will spend 1, W It
the winter here. She was accompan-
led by her two children.
Mr. W. T. Crutcher arrived in Ocaln O cal
yesterday from Kentucky and will
spend some weeks in Ocala. Mr. -Ir
Crutches Is a well known livery man f of1or
who spent last winter in Ocala.
Mr. Lee Miller, a prominent turpen-
tine operator of Ocala. accompanied citiz fe s.
by is brother. Mr. Charles Miller,
was I Jacksonville yesterday regis-i -
tB ig at the Aragon.-Times-Union. GAITER G

Come and ihear



beginning of the cold weather.





1 .1 Xn f wnz (.:irnod Hat in P.-i ,4 p ( ) f .


/ P. V. Leevengood, Business Manager.

FRIl o, Y.. .. -NVARV D-. t. 1

Advice to Sparkman
- .9. ^ I ;

With a W. Bryan in t hit

Houst., and a V. .1. Bryan in the sq-n-
ate. the democratic lid w1:11 be prtiv
w.ell r .- l ^',^- ,
FSei ator r. .1 GovNrlor Browari's-

newvAdvice to Sparkmanta,
Say flu: or niuve to JacI-ikaonvillf.

WVt trust hat 1911S v.11 retduce ( *'ii-
eral Siriti^z'ncv to ranks.

of the .Jackson villc I)'VeS
With a W. J. Bryan in the Whiv*
House. and a W. .1 Bryan in th* e ll-
ate. the- democratic lid l WfrI lit' jt'
We'll -t-c~i1r* '.--ATliawa <'ui i.-i ;tionl.

Senator iBryan. Gove-rnor Bro'varil'r
nlew appointee. i.- visiting th-e haport
citi-es and .sluiying their cond(iitious
Isn't it uict to be a seaport city?

In C1inciuniali ther-, wtr# t w*eiltv-
six hundrt-d cases of wife it-.m-rtiou in
a year. Sovi'i.' onwxi just Wotsui)-
piort thtir .oviiig ii.jl.-\ar

The totlal output ()I Ih, United
States uiin; InIPh ilad,, 'iA. it for Ott-i
year 1!4,17 was I~.921;coins. ep
resdunting a value of ;.t,14..:.

The South iDakola Suliprt-le H Ci1r;


Nvt'opnment of th1;-(emaitry ha.- r* u' :-h
..d a point lV h 6r, Th']P ivr( I.t'r 8ij :
,;;8,ifl of right ha-: b. ( (ii~ th. l j *

~ ~~'r'.a%%- i aq I 1 *1 n rc i)' Tn

(Grtat corpora*;i(;i<. *-Ieil
e'xf-rc-tinifl, at Ia. at! le (I e
er- ofgonn'lt w q.
rt-al izat ion that Ih(-*y ar, a-a .
'to the law as i.- thoe jndjvH'iml c'T;"Z.:
The trust ;)roh'> mIn is rl,:T1:,to-,b,.>~
*iid bu) Nxhile st~arc` a f,' r h (.)!
jod,#ttero:n-f-dy. .wt. caniat 1a4W
drav Iwultheir gra r 1T". .# e~

It nuist Ihe appars-nt T1,11iI~;I
(-nt tariff. wl-jil~emain I r-un
for the E-x.,jrt:n,~y (. (-f the, T'~s 2 1
addition, a tax lHpiqPTI h. t ,
The beneilffit of sh'. f.,%%.


A',r, Iprint (11 iur fm tr iaze an ar-
t i('II frorrm1 he j)P#fl-ar.)o1 .Tornal wn
titlf''] "'Almo and Wh-rt-L ilie Hal'--

a.. 'n~zT.

'A 1'' h il c' T'.:.. A",.

cit i :91 or th- I l'. c .'F '. and '9' ''al
o a, r 5 i pear! W hull'':

11 tioibmd GoernorMin9...i

to) of ofth.a~l*~pe1'3.jw U

1: St(if thr Call9Iii..ld A

Tho faniiijinm if axe'- inFl Ia!,(. *t-Id n iii l~ j.
T Il('T I IrI i V W 1! 1'9\2o TLh- I .-ir
h- rte tid in x1, )' n r - 1i! : -
(Iu]TI)is than in i ('r Jr4.'s..9a tar~ff fat.i,
s~st'* !. 1fi''~ 19 iU 1~* a TI fli9,a 99'' 'T 11i i~ ~* 33

hli'~ j(i~. 1(' i~I*.. ,~5I I'9 '' Ie l -i,- ,ii wl s 'x (0r, i 9n(s10'r*A w 1,9
ypae inf or th ila'trugzh-if i-lual T1'', I .!i .t'29t.~I i'ait~ L' ep 10

(jovrno ofMinesoa (1:This f his m : tw n bm: t yI ifthe +u-~j
;in! A wri an d o ~ : h,. p er lvj ,LTire uiwiy~
140 NOTrif A CrmANDIDATEl in
W & I u d r i'y: w if p n w1r -9w o a tKi nir W tl i w ie l pf

Ut-i-iar.tU U k-lo l t p I.SIo UnJs 01 L The Tin s,, is fill n, (an c.,i .;i\,..lv. ''' *' I. i"' "" ,,3) ,<-t,-, ,, h,*-,
state )urt loodl law r-quiring l)atert (conlvii.','Tion, tiock 1, *he standard ()
convinced that Hlon. S. M. 1
medicine to belar the torniula tiellint. .ha (rav.
the compos-itio.n of the, niidicints. wl no lo a ca lil T j 1. | It should lot Ie fIirv uten t hat s'-1,
____ jfor the senate. He iz.a- not. so l';r ,_ 1 s',. -,'iild b. :h.> groat end in view.
One hundred and sixty-seven of lhe C4. 1iaw, n iai 'i..'ch a stat 'il' hi:i- 'o ,- C al:t Bann-ar also ir,-?'n.i
1M. nf,'imb.rs of the first Russian du- s lblicly anlll Vi,,.iL v--l iit th. 'p B .f ;tlv ,,r Folk (if Miss',' -
ma, whIo sign.ii th.eV \'irlurg iinanitif,-1- ri.
9 (i'11lIS ofs u l aii iiicliigin lI anld we'll hal- I .n a
to, wre convicted and senttncetd to an 11 tW- s f a a. I say ,,at a
three lLontl: inmprisonnitiit. Th. i alictil nali cati le I"' t1ic cii h "Flk C ,1-]h" had ,..n organ;iz4,,1 in
i~1 ortalilv. The tin 'I u
senten-t ca:rri,,s with it the loss ol al'l l ll lt i iti a nd TThis rmim e h ii o d of
political rights. I h, tcavilr davs *f th, iIt 'ti l ,x rn t ,n,'- n r t h, ,n,"n1i,.--of Mr
iellieli t. l:iat Mr. SI arki'llxn ool IIBryan.
-- j Bryan.
Now Cartoon(mist St rautb) wants toil 'eft.r ltiiiillg in llih tlse' tO t'- t membership of this cil con.
"shake pkolitis." "Ala-! Poor Yol.i- ( oniIlg a canulidait. lor ilih sea *a;"- a la.'l: TIll a .hn M rahan,
ickY'" Stranr'is ("*~iJ('11S ic d I1e electd 't r'-a'on lii- tiia ; i' ci: a i r~ I o cnntv 1-n)9rt
ick S tra i.;')%, ,rtdoITes lc., h chif ra.-,( wina' chairman of th,' eoi yv demoicmratic
Broward and all the lhoin(trs weore' iv- 10 o f I101oI .s -t''i t'. oI) his c( olsitit l- I ( tiv ('lllitt' R 1.. \ A nd.,rs'r .
en to oih. rs. in the distriluiion ,0 i1 in th,. o iosition. ori nal rva man th ior of
an ,*ig~ila! tiryan man, The ,ditrerof
the "'oare--< and fi.shes" 111i St. tI,- The retii',Inen-,t of Stliator Mal'irM N , paper-. ,lit also the namo of Hon.
mer.siurg cardol noit was 1l rni di IO ,l pa,,) h;a alsaffo ilh, nta prnf
,tersur cartoonist was not renei- (iI G.t i ar affet he prin;( ';. Ma'hews. now editor of tho
e~red, lI1al re-asons wlhiih ac:utai,.,' -Mr. Spa;rk .- ,,
bereu d. -t eoIs Whichac:1t'A -r. k'ar:ow Record. atnd a strong sijpport
lll_.i man. It 1)l'~probalv ol. d andl e.a< (! .
..... .....Y ,(r of ih:e ]Bruwar, -Srockn',n faction
The latest advices from .Jacks,,'n- thile wav to the upper house, but lhat nrof,, action o
iil arc n\ot o ld ot all factions follow
ville are not at all stirring nor <-xci- j would have 1no inllelnce iln i'ci'ti .h cuda o a, ll ioillo
:1 r starilard (if .10(9 Foil.:"
Ing. Notwithstanding lhat breI-t-ach. otf tlhe question of us.!uins>. \V I Victory is th, one dosir, of tli,,
les majeste it is understood that (Gov- lure to sav That it has lI..'n rai:. r O annr. an to atain whi.h it
ernor Broward has not yvt ordered unseemly. "his wtiooping and hiowln. is wdoantin icit
t e is w illino 1 T do 0 an thin ,. ,'nsistent
the execution of the Times-Union demand that Mr. Spairkmnian s !')i w 1xw, honr ans lofty pa ,rio isi.
staff by the troops of Adjutant Gen- declare his intentions so early, ati \ hoevr ma'y 1e the nomin eii of
eral Foster. such a stage in the calmpai-gn as tdih p a r w
the p1arty, This pape-r ,W\ill be flinlit
not p)ernit 1i, I'1to wetigih its chlanc., fighting in the 11 n s ant nli t sulkin
Out in ('alilornia they call th, carfunlly. Tha l (' have ,,ii the re ih th cld shivers.
"white flyi tnle "Florida vwh.ite Ie chosen to tht s'na -11 t94 <,u :-I t 1, n r
In Florida they call it the "California among his friends. ]ltItll' (lid l' THE INDIANA WAY
whiie fly." In reality w', goess it i wish to lWe.
just one iof th natural orana trt-e. andi l Iakcs ii < aIp.-'a- 1Spal-rti\ 1 ;o 1,a;, a91, i l:-ni; :,l \\' 8 .in T iis' ;i> a i-
an tA w'it'r.,-fo r I!h,'qe, Itr li..r '(ill. ,*'- ir.:ion o i :, :-.",, .'** i .! 4. - '1 9 9 .! ; ': -
antg. i U' lo r it (*1 Ia t uii ton. Ill 99993 ;t .1 j . 9 9. 1*. 9 .. 9, i.3 . 9 9 9 -

Tr 9111' *\ Ill 11!%. Ifri ion ~ I1

that it.:!!"4.,~

hdil 0 nV s I oanto .1I I I ~ iL

cy (i Tvto r k>it, s~et.:t

1,114 *'. ;.'. -m x il3 et, T r,
that iloTI'' ,al 1I:1~~'

in T., 3 -iV. R iot 111 :113 t I1.
111 1919 2' : 4 '* 1- \

c( I,, '9an ailts o, I'32 I

9'~999 I

11'' V
4 a'.
*1 1'9. a 1'
'9 1'.

"t c :u.ie i e n i: ,," ." -f "\ ".;':. :* .
T !. T,,. ,,' . : .
.. l C 1. L .' ,D' 9 1 I !. 9
: ' ' '" | :. i 99 ; ." -. "99 9
: 2 9

i ." : :" i ;-:'t ;, '', ,- -, -' 'a ;', ',i.e


; \V '' lr tn 1-,,; \ v h \ ; :, (. ' :) -:!,
1 -II'r '.l 'i\\' v < \ i'*.'* ',! 9, ;9 i' T'

'1: 142 ''1919 V r\ ;.91 1>1

ttv'1' >V *'U 11111
l.:l:. !' !'

999999.99 9 2
999.99 99 9'

i* \ : '1 '1 Vi \i' 1 *'

t ; i .i] i ; I
.I!:.. il ,1 :, 39999.

99 92~-9' 9 1- '12 9 9 39
999999.99 9 9. 9 9~ 9 999 9
9 1' 9999 999 ,.~ ~ 1
9 99 9 9 99 9 9 9 9~9 9 9 9
9 9 .999 999 99 9121 3:9'
9 993 999 9.9 9999 99999
'9 1 .1 3 A 99 99 999 9,..
.9 9 .2934'. j9( '9 2.2 .21 '2'.'
1.1 92 5,9: 14 L.' ill 3' 1.81:T9'"9. ~Vi\11'
.9- 9999999921 rI123 1- 0199 U:' 4'',
2. 12 4'5 91.99
a' I )~ '121 1 .1 ti 1-t *t. 'U.'. a 99 99 .11';-
2.. 1 993 Ii '9 215 3 V 19 \ It' '~' I:.-'

s'91'r' ii.1' 1-si tIll 1.l"I~~'ol4.. F TO Thi.' 13:411.
I I (19,
92 9 .'(1 lUn>19 IX' ~' a 1
9 9 99.999 1'9 9.' TI,.
9,2 221919919- .1: *I'I" 2 1l''9:. 992..: .1:1
9 t \\' .9 9599~9~ 9, 9 9 9-9
*~. .42 '~2 999 3:'':,'' '9
99' 1 1' 959 99 1~. 1 ~ ~ 9~9 9
9 9 999999994 999

If Sparkman Runs for the Senate
Judge Bullock May Enter the
Race for Congress

M. S;>;rk-

'..~ r 9

*. 9.3 i '''9.9 .9, ~ 7z

~'~'-~ra 9 (*'2 t i fn'~ fi

11 T~ 'II~ ~ 9

n. 2 *.9 99

9. 1' 99 7

I ..Z.~.. :

f '2 9

.A..'\" T

9 -.39 9'~ 99 9, r 1
r 1 T 9l'9(9. 399.
.!. St 999 1999.99 99f99I'
'99 9,-(9 99!n9 99r-9.9r
3 9 9 9 ,.4 x
9 ~ j~f


iir.9L :1' a VIl' h it T r!>4il )

\"lV-f. a th ''IiIP~t~~~iti 4. V L!' I no

Is ~ t I f Fi r I .M.1c, *"ant

1 Zs1's' II )f\I li X'e ~ I Ir veln

1 I ; 9I :1L, +111 11s t j iIs1')11 11v 1 '2
-! 2115241.( 42211119 -9'W '4'> 1al fl it v

W; r 43 '' 5 I 391 'l -1 tA i 1' z z Ia I
V 9- 2L T1. I.
a2II I2 99 '.2 11 19 9 9 V
19f :1\ '2 12. ';'1 f 'I''J 9'T

9 9 '9 9 9 9 9 '9,.
9 9 9 9 9 9 9
9 92.'.... .2
.9 9 9 .9 9
9 9 9 99 99


I '9*' .
9 9 9 *,9,9*
92,~ ~ t 9 *'4 .9 ~
A' \': ~''1 .*: *9*,9* -- i':
I ~::;'!''~~ :' **1149'* l~j~'
99 4~,. I
(3 ..9 S
99 9 9. ;i' 11

9 .9 S
9 *'*9. .1
* 9 9 9 '


W EP C A IE R Y 1 V E- 1Z Y T II

House Furnishings
Rugs. Art Squares and Mattings.

Bed Room Suits
In Mahogony. Birch. Birdseye
Maple and Oak.

Mission Furniture
In all the different finishes!




I N G IN T H E I N E 0Oj

Parlor Suits
In Leather. Upholstered and Re"

Dining Room Suits
of all kinds-Mohogany and Oak.

China and Crockery
Complete fine-Dinner Sets and
Odd Pieces

All Kinds of Bed and Table Linens, Lace Curtains, Portiers
and Upholstering Goods

Heaters, RanLes, Cook Stoves
J 1' . 4 1 1>-t> 1 o^ PiciH-. trifl .i l 'i!f-;tirnt-,t. ani Pic-
tu~r, M .,' :ii z ..i.-. tF ull .t-.r k ,,t

Farm and Turpentine Wagois, Buggies, Harness and Saddles

ar.'l h-ive -a; ,)t t..t, *.,-.. 'va. Ir; ,> i c 1:t' 1,- .t ..' S tdphakPer.
A i(arry *har v ,.- -v t -- V'ii r; o f (i,'aiev t ;tit'6 In- l .'arria^ .- .



It Ck. I '*tet. 93* r
I fair. h:i.Siu~'.

Points aod

luterial F~hifl-kote Roofing, oils

n Ir ,,' t-u di4 LIS a 11', i ) wu 'urder-d sd ar~ld will pilea~se

Mclver & Mackay.




Jacksonville, Fla.
---. ... ..... ....----







Come and see us when in need of anything in
the way of

Farming Implements,

Wire Fencing,

Stoves, Pumps,

Guns7 Ammunition,

Sash, Doors,

U. -


- V


Blinds. Paint- etr




Nw "

m ~ -~


''1' \'V .\-' N!) VAST S NV I I L." -~ ~1'R.



Local and Personal

1'drs. Ed P1:!,man :i. fr-n. XXr'.
(hula *.':nzhsrit .::dT'arn
LMr. an-' Mrs. .1.A. ~r

ter art- now w i Th;Mr ~r 1 a:4. aT'
pleasanly ]itcw-i a* "i.,U ta'

Rev. Lani,&ht-I. i"~f- t ',
Miss Laura T",.
Ocala. arnd h"av,~r ~ IW.1r.a

T h ( A. C 1. raaf' .

(if 7. ai.d .i' '*;: .

insrteai ') o" 7. ~

ra 1 1. *. ,.i-I I

V 4 .,: .
I ". ,

in 0( -al~a 7 :r f

Mr. 'R. NI. Cooh~r .!,.

Coo-wr NV I,,~ V
hunt. an.I "a- :. ~-. M
C ooh >a ( .are:*reid f 1. 1I
can ~~cs.ad 7 ;..:
deal. of. 1,.i1r W' ~ h : f

XV'hail a yt'rv 1)11 '>7 '
terday fromNI r T.1.(;. I(I;;~l d--
I rict patzenz--r a~z-T t (of Tbhc :t
Coas.t Lino Railvvay.~i~i wqa

1. .T:..r ~!~

S .iu~'n.va.. Saii:rdla.

\i~. J'sar N 1 To 'i- "
hon1i! Mr:- :i o!.r~: A.\r

?.lr ~V'* IV.::4>1V.F..V RI
V. 4~V *~.. V.,..
i4.:'4 44 .

*VV. 4VV -
4~V* .~* V*, 4~ 4V4,
. . V

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IV)' 7. VV4

ters at Tampa. H.- is a mnct t ponu-- fo'" U. r Tn',,,.', M. "- ".''.
lar official and esp(cialy st with th DFn: TI:.--:r fri .,l- at:'- ,, ..:
newspapers. Mr. Kirklanl wa- i '.-.r lw,-.r w, -h.- !i, ,1..:.' ::A': .-
company with Mr. Rol)#r: Tay',or.
W hVl ,n;1 o <' ;~ 'c'iii' :1. .

Miss Christine Richards. who !.a- not do -l 'aro ; i -....- a- ..v :.:
been the gliest of Miss LouI is-. IIarr.- anTir.i arTIT < ,(,rin' f.,l hboi-a;,n. .

Pca.~. -n T!!if,: U r t he a;'a-a

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an- '0p Wl-i1 l T:.Y fh :-s a' .'

MWrinfidIN,7:Au:'.ri 5.'tl wNhh-'\*ar

'IT C11-1~4111. 'N. C.. \7 his T'~h'

t'r-T I MP Iilmi.r'; mwy ) v--'r- t Qa*

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'" :. ..t :e- 7' :.: v .'" th i t+.--

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.* '* + .- * + ,^- ^ ., !'~ l i i ,- r .

"T .: ,-,* .. . l '*: :* ; i :+t i. ':!i i : iy' ''i," ] O } I i:, '-
r*1'1 ''' P. Th- honor ;'

,i" a "-,t. ,. ;;l~y I'^a aii
Irar! i .--".

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1!1 '~X a

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I '.7 . 4 ST. '~~'

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In %-' -r. a aa1, t ur x. nt I hot

l'~ a: 7' V ~S7 P, -a Ir- (i .

'i~. Ms:, Ti' "C.iiaC


V T-~

Mr-. A .~ 4" \ F .r
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Xl ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l r I1 '1 sMr- aiwNV?'ir

I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ : 'i:-84. XIx. (ah~IT
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< ," .4.1'." o -. ^ V* 4j* 4I '^ 44 *;,-*.** 1*;
N W:; : E 'A PL. O SO'-P-:H. Y F 1 r : ,* . : "


' V *. : *..

~> '1''' V. V

7" V,-"V' V ". V

4- V* 7 -

I ,


Your Druggist for Free Feruna Almanac for 1908.


T 4. 1 .iI~ 1:)\4~1U I a.r m.(-t a,'

7., 1 1 Trii V ::V XV 1)2-


7.~ 4 -17.4 4 7 j ~ V 7.~ %


.MIr-. F. P. Rentz gave a launch

;ar:"Vy ye.i+riay in honor of her nw
'".di tr-:n--lN.w. Mrs. Jack R'Iitz. anil

4 vT his neve-r 'I
j.IMr. Pat, Randail's

.a j (i a !Ilhltl-alSfiha

$ 7. T

of Th-,

% ,V it I


Mr. Thomas White o" Cleveland,

mnianufactir-rr of the famous White

automobiles anl machines. is at pre-
ent with Mr. I' .1. Whitp at Dupont.

where- Li, has a force of men at work

,uTtint up Mr. Trhomnas W'ite's late
-!: ,v!-ti, i)n in rt.- auiton,obil- industry,
wwh!ch will ,on lx'eonl,' famous a

T"iI, in('(n4~$ara!)l4'White motor Car
trt>'e.Thi'-. nf'w d.i of Mr.
\\.4j*.'is l.~7ru ~acrofS

A!72'<'r h:. wontho King's ro&L
fl' 4ir %I!-7 M Wt, tr' who to
.-nv:z 4< f[!V 41.riV~ !us %"It@
-7.,.~D. '*4 7 1 ,. 't 4*114 t ()0 1it)nn It






Ask any fair-minded doctor and he will tell you that golden seal, cubes nd oN of oApabg ( -tat
In Pe-ru-na) are valuable remedies in the treatment of catarrhal diseases. Ad every best d"ctOa W
concede that coflinsonia canadensis, corydalls formosa and cedron seed (contaUined t P-r-i-m) aWe
tonic remedies of high value. With this oonlon all the leading medical text books a1rec.

for *he past ton (days. roli:rnte11 to !)Or
borne at Gainef-ville Saunrtay. Mli-:;
Harris acconipani.;-1liher hont.. f,r
fortrirht': 1-is~it. iwd onn~e.av':
wert, joifle,! I,- Miss .\llc- Bi:!1ock.
who %-a,,prevon'Po t rim -r
(lay onl rectifl f (4 -

WVe ar. in recoip* a N-\*ry~hm
sonio calendar froni t,. ( aa M -in,
facturing Comipany. TIe : ;
of ih-is company art, Metssrs. .1. M.
Meffert and J. H. Taylo(-r. Wo:>
operate IN, COcala Ice an,' Pavh1inz
Conipany. They eveflil to) the pIi'-
rons the soa-or g- gr. ni~nL-sIn -
that thev aro in l1wt-r livw 1,* T
ever to iivt a fa tre h
more and viro t7p'rt'( I> ;-

'Mr. R. M C' )o1K. 111 X;1t':.
carpenter front .Tacer.-;,kr.,.i11t.. Iia-. thV
contract for 7 e rtlcie ,o f 1;4 ,1 1:-
Cil.'!epper tent. and wila>-1- l
vos~i-rdav in '2:A7 (Id rf

held 'M(H.::a\ a-: ax
quito in sitp- The '.A.

tions -ar. *8I)22U ;c 4
reu~frvw 7 '. 74\V4 ,

M, S W. 1 1 a:
41r, u ;ii 7.

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ha ,a:-b r'6 :-b
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* V






- =





I %W f%










Economizes the use of flour, but-
ter and eggs; makes the biscuit,
cake and pastry more appetiz-
ing, nutritious and wholesome.




This is the only baking
powder made from Royal
Grape Cream of Tartar.

It Has No Substitute

TbM -m Am rnud Pospbate o Lime mixtures sc
a m price, but o bousekeepr regarding the boW
d oer fIm6 am w *. s thm.

Local and Personal

Dr. and Mrs W. EL Dodge returned
ame Saturday frm a visit to their
eoms la Jackanuvmfle
[ Mr. J. 0. Turner of Giaer was
a town TuMfday. He says %hat his

old at


Mr. Alfred Ayer came htm,, fru-:n
'cin:osb Tuesday afternma.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woot .are stop-
ping at the Spellman Houme
Xim Mary Briggs has return !
home from a visit to relaltwes at In-

r ecinct wil Send UP a "dry" major-
r. Henry Raysor has returned
home -from Jacksonville. -where hlo
The board oft county ceommiiaoners was called on account of the accident
"pl open the bids md lease the to Mns brother. Mr. Lee Rayor,. whom
iBO-ty cotnvicts toky. The b ghest he reports as very seriously burt.
bUer will nget them.
Tkb board of county commiagioners
Mr. Thoma s Hoopes of Westehest-' were in regular session Tnesd y A
.w. Pia.. president of the Spoke and1great many people were before -them.
I a Coampany at BrooksiIfe, Mt ia the; The waled bids for the leasing of thl,
dcity a guest of the Ocala House. He convicted were opened and examin-d
ShrBe on business before the cir- and the decision of the board 'will b,
t coust. I made Imown today.








*For the next two weeks we will

Mar:tin ( 't-. N, -,' hk.i i.- rz-:-
-ar c.- - cil
T '"?-. :a fl' r '" : ". " *'
In 7' *'.*i'- V* .:- c ~ n a 3-r
Con.ra ; .J. 1-. .n- -'r: was i.:'-.
'o th. c'hair.
Th,, ,ow'i. rcon rades answered
th,- roil call: J. M. Martin, H. WV.
L.ong. C C Pr:i st. D. A. Miller. 1. H.
,,"./.'. \Vijlianmi Haisock,. E. XV. Mc-
L ::Ii., V. M. S ck;n.,gr. F. W. Blitch,
D. D Br'ck. T. WViiams, R. A. Kel-
Sv. ,V E. MNlaha-in. R. A. Carlton.
F-ank A. :yl,. IH-nry Clay Gates.
.::.r'd- -H-nr, \V. Luag read a
.,a: L. "a i wri" .n to Col.
R.'b-t J. Mc'>ill of Jacksonville, Fla..
, -.er,,::lTir tLs contained in it
".v,.-r *.imnunsv: enudrsed by the
,n'- ;:i, an.i t'h l',uer was ordered
:.< : caaip", archives. The
f,.i" .t a ^ Lhe ltter:
Lette: to Cc1. R. J. McGill
r',*. *_I. .Jan. ,ac i c 'n .
: ,>:. k ...-r. \W "',tA ,1 1, JacK.onvilie,

,L*"- I :: ; 'i, ".-- i in r -ij. o
... -:" "i"-.. an,! of a
( : .' .. ,,, 'ral )rd :, No. 2. uf t''-
...* n ,-ral ,fi "'* d v'isoii I". C. V.
". 'F:ra :.. nd i_.-s he con% ents of
.. ':';.. :. atr. r o: unwor a.,y p,-n-
n t- 0 S1 v e
,,l *.:' :'* i;::;.,)r:. l);*: h:o: :o r .iie Iy
i i- A tj'i '..'<.,n to s'il;e.
A. :a:":-:.an <: r.. board of count;
,,,,'i.i :- :*..rs f( r a n iumter of years-
- ;.- ) :a-. I :.. : mis m matter c,',..,
-ttion. inn .. ,' nsilon law a a,
r" h n oxi. I lia.d 'eason to believe
.'a, a n:t:inler o'r a'pl.:cants strain','I
i'.,-r conscience a's o the value of
'eir prep -rty. and C mh'rs as to their
:-.r.bi':V t,, supp,-,ort themselves by
rranual labor. In these cases repu-
a'.al-1 men swor., t, the valuation of
appli'ant's prop.nry, or a reputable
physician to tho inability to make a
living by manual .abor. I have never
noticed an app'ieation for a pension
where the proof was not conclusive of
th- sFervices rendered as a Confeder-
ate Foldier
The late pension law having remov-
ed from ineligi:.llity to draw a pen-
s:crn both "pro,-ertv valuation." and
inablity to make a support by man-
ual labor," the only thing that is left.'
as I see it. is absolute proof of ser-
vices rendered, an 'honorable dis-
charge, and residence in Florida the I
requisite number of years. In Ma-
rion county at least fifty per cent. of
applicants d.d service the Confed-
erat-' army as citizens of other states.I
and in such cases where the proof is*
full and complete as to the service,
etc., I see no remedy to prevent the
i am disposed :o believe that there
is an undue apprehension of vast
j numbers of unworthy applicants get-
tming on the pension list by fraudu-
*let means. I would rather that a few
, unworthy applicants get on the pen-
sim lis'* than to see worthy applicants
barred ',y reason of undue proof re-
quired. Our members are constantly
growing '-ss. the remaining members
of companies and regiments are now
so scattered as. in some instances, to
ma';.: it almost impossible to locate a
comrade and secure his affidavit as

to -:,rvices rendered.
My opinion is th,.at our present pen-
sion law is a good one, and that we.
as vet-rans. hi:, stand by it and




-Wi t er


Ladies' Ready to Wear Suits in the leading fabrics of Dress
Goods and Sil s from $15.00 to $35.00.

Ladies' Ready to Wear Skirts in Panama, Chiffon Cloth
and Voile. Prices ranging from $1.75 to $15.50.

Ladies' fancy Silk Waists, Plain Silk Waists, Net Silk Waists.
S- Beautifully tailored from $3.75 to $7.50.

Our Dress Goods Department is by far the largest in town. We carry an exten-
sive line in all the leading weaves and colors at prices ranging from "-c to $3.00
per yard.

W AIST S KS Money Back Taffetta Silk and the famous Mexine
W AI~ SILK 1in all the leading colors frcm 69c to $1.25.

IN OUR CLOTHING DEPARTMENT, which is in our Annex, we carry
Suits from $10.04) to $25.00 for men. Youths' Suits from $7-50 to $15.00 Boys'
Suits from $1.50to $7.50. The best selections in up-to-date Merchandise and
well tailored.

IN OUR SHOE DEPARTMENT for Ladies, Men, Boys and Children are
represented the best



pointed to obtain as correct a list s
possible of the deceased members of

the camp.
Comrade Long offered a resolution
that each member of the camp be re-
quested to write a biographical sketch
of his military exploits and have the
same recorded in the record book of
thb camp as part of its history.
The adjutant then read the follow-
ing letter from the president of Dick-
ison Chapter U. D. C.:
Letter of U. D. C. President
Ocala. Fla.. Dec. 14, 1907.
Hons. H. W. Long. L. M. Graham, W.
L. Ditto. Committee U. C. V.:
Gentlemen-At a meeting of Dicki-
son Chapter U. D. C.. yesterday after-
noon, it was decided to invite an ora-
tor in behalf of the chapter, to pre-
sent the Confederate monument to
the veterans, and to notify them that
ithpy might have an orator prepared
'o accept rh, monument. It was d(-





Just before five o'clock yesterday
afternoon the Mack House, a large
colored boarding house on Exposition
street, caught on fire and was almost
destroyed. The entire top floor was
burned and the balance of the build-
ing was also badly damaged.
We did not ascertain how the fire
originated, but had it not been for the
rainy weather in all probability that
entire block would have been destroy-
ed by the flames, as the fire had gain-
ed good headway when the alarm was
sent in. As it was the roof and sides
of the colored Odd Fellows' hall,
which adjoins the Mack House on the
east and the building on the west side
both caught on fire. and were some-
what damaged, and the flames had to
be fought for at least an hour. About
an hour after the fire had been given
up as extinguished, the smoldering

Miss Ruby Gaffney is the attractive
guest of Mrs. Star of Augusta.
Mrs. Star entertained a few friends
Friday evening with a guessing party
in her honor. Those present were
Miss Marie Griffin, Miss Margaret
Heslen, Mis Ola Kerr. Miss Etna
Star of Mansfield, Ga., Miss Harbin,
Miss Hazel Hughes, Miss Readine,
Miss Julia Smith, Miss Pearcy Wat-
son, Messrs. Ewing, Cleveland Wat-
son, Sibley, Marion Dunham, Perrin
Smith, Herbert Griffin and Thomas
Perrin.-Augusta Herald.
Miss Gaffney is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. F. P. Gaffney, formerly of
th4s city.

How Prohibition Works in Georgia
Atlanta. Ga.. Jan. 7, 1908.
Special to the Ocala Banner.




41 -

Mercantile House......













Economizes the use of flour, but-
ter and eggs; makes the biscuit,
cake and pastry more appetiz-
ing, nutritious and wholesome.




This is the o
powder made
Grape Cream

It Has No S

Tbm a n Mm mo Pheaphate
6 IM- prie, but me heumekee
as saw sumtan @a

Local and Personal
-- !-
Dr. sad Mr vW. H. Dodge Teturned
bne Saturday fmra a vistt to their pi1
mum In Jacklamvifle.
SMr. J. 0. Turnaer of Oater was i h
In town Taemsday. He says fat his ve
^ y ict win send up a "dry" major-
The board of couty eommimioners w
" open the bids md lease 'the to
(#Wnty convicts today. The highest k<
bUdder win cet tem.

Mr. Thoma Hoopes of Westdhest-
r. Pa.. presldeat of the Spoke And
3 a Company at Brooksvlle, Is ia the
.city a guest of the Ocala House. He
hf hee nm business before the cir-
ot-l: Cowt


nly baking
fv^nt"I Drix *a I

Marion Ca'nip No. 5r hldd its r,.'u-
lar meeting at the c.tv council room,
Tuesday morping at I '' o'clock.
In the absence of the commander,
Comrade .1. IHi. Livingston was called
to the chair.
The following comrades answered
the roll call: J. M. Martin, H. W.
Long. C. C. Priest, D. A. Miller, J. H.
Brooks. William Hadsock, EK. W. Mc-
Doi(ald, V. M. S,:ckinger, F. W. Bitch,
IL. D. Beck, E. T. Wiliams,. R. A. Kel-
sov. W. E. McGahagin. R. A. Carlton,
Frank A. Lytle, Henry Clay Gates.
Comrade Henry W. Lncmg read a
hit',r that he had written to Col.
Rob,,rt J. McGill of Jacksonville, Fla.,
manl sentiments contained in it
were unanimously endtirsed by the
camp, and the letter was ordered
p1)ctl in the camp's archives. The
follovinig is a copy of the letter:
Letter to Col. R. J. McGill
Martel, Fla-.. Jan. 6. 1908.

IlUili i'Uyoll Col. Ro)iert W. ,Mctil. JacKsonviue,
of Tartar D a. ()lonel--I .ni in receipt of
Sy)i'r iavu'r o, ihe ,;rd" inst.. and of a
Substut co y); o' (Wt-noral Ord.:' No. 2, of the
,l ::,j^l ,;niioral of the division U. C. V.
f Lime mixtures sold at of Florida. and note the contents of
pr regarding t. hea bath -'A nwattcr of unworthy pen-
; )i.,;s ., "'in, on the pension roll is
of ',,rimus; imlpor,. hut how to remedy
____________________it is a (ju-.tiofl to solve.
4% As chiai:'man o' ,' board of county
()Ali.-omussion'rs for a number of years
in he :p)and I g c. tlhis matter close
Mr. Alfred Ayer came home from iat*'tion. Under e p ension law as
cintosh Tuesday afternou. it th-,n existed, I had reason to believe
that a number of applicants strained
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woom :are stop- th.-ir conscience as to the value of
ng at the Spellman Hou. I their property, and others as to their
inability to support themselves by
Nits Mary Briggs has returned manual labor. In these cases repu-
ome from a visit to relaVwes at In- table men swore t v the valuation of
erness. applicant's properly, or a reputable
Mr. enry Raysor has rtuedphysician to the inn-iility to make a
r. Henry Raysor has .eturned ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Living by manual labor. I have never
Dme from Jacksonville. where he noticed an application for a pension

as called on account of the accident
) his brother, Mr. Lee Rayaor. whom
e reportss as very seriously 'hturt.
Thb board of county commissioners
ere 'in regular session Tnuafay. A
*reat many people were bef -e them.
he swtled bids for the leasing of the

convict were opened and examined
and the decision of the board WIU -be
made known today.








Fvor the next two weeks we will
Es 44 191 % I I A

where the proof was not conclusive of
the services rendered :as a Confeder-
ate soldier.
Thoe late pension law having remov-
ed from ineligibility to draw a pen-
sion both "pro;,erty valuation," and
"inability to make a support by man-
ual labor," the only thing that is left,
as i see it, is absolute proof of ser-
vices rendered, an honorable dis-




Ladies' Ready to Wear Suits in the leading fabrics of Dress
Goods and Sil s from $15.00 to $35.00.

Ladies' Ready to Wear Skirts in Panama, Chiffon Cloth
and Voile. Prices ranging from $1.75 to $15.50.

Ladies' Fancy Silk Waists, Plain Silk Waists, Net Silk Waists.
F- -Beautifully tailored from $3.75 to $7.50.

Our Dress Goods Department is by far the largest in town. We carry an exten-
sive line in all the leading weaves and colors at prices ranging from 29c to $3.00
per yard.

W AIST SILKS: Money Back Taffetta Silk and the famous Mexine
in all the leading colors from 69c to $1.25.

IN OUR CLOTHING DEPARTMENT, which is in our Annex, we carry
Suits from $10.00 to $25.00 for men. Youths' Suits from $7,50 to $15.00 Boys'
Suits from $1.50 to $7.50. The best selections in up-to-date Merchandise and
well tailored.

IN OUR SHOE DEPARTMENT for Ladies, Men, Boys and Children are
represented the best



charge, anti residence in Florida the
requisite number of years. In Ma-
rion county at least fifty per cent. of c H
applicants did service in the Confed- pointed to obtai as correct a list s
crate army as citizens of other states, possible of the deceased members of
and in such cases where the proof is the camp.
full and complete as to the service, Comrade Long offered a resolution
etc,, I see no remedy to prevent the that each member of the camp be re-
approval. quested to write a biographical sketch
I am disposed to believe that there of his military exploits and have the
is an undue apprehension of vast same recorded in the record book of
Inunibers of unworthy applicants get-th camp as part of its history.
ting on the pension list fraud The adjutant then read the follow-
lent means. I would rather that a few redt ol -
unwoth eapplicantsge nther paen- ing letter from the president of Dick-
unworthy applicants get on the pen-
sies list than to see worthy applicants ison Chapter U. D. C.:Predent
barred by reason of undue proof re-. Letter of U. D. C. President
qnired. Our members are constantly Ocala, Fla., Dec. 14, 1907.
Hons. H. W. Long, L. M. Graham, W.
growing less, the remaining members L Dito Committee U. C. V.:
'Of ~ m~niesandregient arenow L. Ditto, Committee U. C. V.:
of companies and regiments are now Gentlemen-At a meeting of Dicki-
so scattered as, in some instances, to U.test a f -
son Chapter U. D. C., yesterday after-
make it ,almost impossible to locate a
comrade nd secure his affidavit as n i wa d t ni a oa
tor in behalf of the chapter, to pre-
to services rendered. sent the Confederate monument to
My opinion is that our present pen- the veterans, and to notify them that
slon law is a good one, and that we. they might have an orator prepared
as veterans, should stand by it and to accept the monument. It was de-
ciio" i" Ivq t 'I t t 'Vh / Qon ""\4 Tti /^V*i wthrnu mi* S 4r- V -% I" T V -4.

Just before five o'clock yesterday
afternoon the Mack House, a large
colored boarding house on Exposition
street, caught on fire and was almost
destroyed. The entire top floor was
burned and the balance of the build-
ing was also badly damaged.

We did not ascertain how the fire
originated, but had it not been for the
rainy weather in all probability that
entire block would have been destroy-
ed by the flames, as the fire had gain-
ed good headway when the alarm was
sent in. As it was the roof and sides
of the colored Odd Fellows' hall,
which adjoins the Mack House on the
east and the building on the west side
both caught on fire, and were some-
wbat damaged, and the flames had to
be fought for at least an hour. About
an hour after the fire had been given
up as extinguished, the smoldering
.& 2 -_ .- _A. __ 3 S. _.



Miss Ruby Gaffney is the attractive
guest of Mrs. Star of Augusta.
Mrs. Star entertained a few friends
Friday evening with a guessing party
in her honor. Those present were
Miss Marie Griffin, Miss Margaret
Heslen, Mis Ola Kerr, hMiss Etna
Star of Mansfield, Ga., Miss Harbin,
Miss Hazel Hughes, Miss Readine,
Miss Julia Smith, Miss Pearcy Wat-
son, Messrs. Ewing, Cleveland Wat-
son, Sibley, Marion Dunham, Perrin
Smith, Herbert Griffin and Thomas
Perrin.-Augusta Herald.
Miss Gaffney is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. F. P. Gaffney, formerly of
th4s city.
How Prohibition Works in Georgia
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 7, 1908.
Special to the Ocala Banner.
Numhor o-f ioaaa enqp A I' Dtr

* -.- f-.


Mercantile House......






--dtl D1UIA i.i . "And last nignt the (crowning event
of the week so far as charity is con-
Even Rockefeller, with his vast cerned, took place in the criminal di-
wealth cannot control this delightful vision of the city court, when the Sal-
Florida weather and put it int~ nation Army gave away three thous-
hands of a trust-Apalachicola Times. and useful articles to the deserving

.When Senator Platt endorsed him poor. The articles included suits of
W\hen Senator Platt endorsed him .
--. ... ..i1, clothes for men and boys, dress pat-
fiat-footed, Secretary Cartelyou broke clothes for men and boys, dress pat-
e .. terns for women and little girls,
silence. The poor man could not be .... ., & .
_ilc po no stockings galore for everyone need-
iiir~cted to stand everything. There __ .
i .rcted to stand everything. There ing them. some articles of adornment
is a limit.
i lfor the poor girls that would make

The Duncan Fletcher senatorial them have a better opinion of them-
platform s the right kind of demo- selves and the world, and baskets fill-
crplatfic ring to it-no connection with ght kin o emed with provisions, including every-
the "Jacksonville ring." however.- thing necessary to live on for a small
Pt k Jk ll. family for several days during the
Palatka Herald.
Christmas festival."
Suppose Vardaman had been elect- Abused as no other man perhaps
ed to the senate. He, Jeff Davis and has been, Mr. Rockefeller stands to-
Tillman would have made that au- day as the greatest philanthropist the

gust body a "three-ring" circus in-
deed.-Tampa Evening News.

Florida is a wonderful state, and
many poor men fare wonderfully well
in it if their grocers are good natured
and don't object too strongly to the
risk.-Apalachicola Times. .

world has ever known, and future
ages will do him the justice that is
now denied him and will mention his
name in praise.
Carnegie, and a whole lot of others,
have made this century known as the
benevolent age, and their donations
for the establishment of schools, li-
braries and hospitals are here to

It was all right for Mr. Roosevelt to brighten future ages in reality, and
turn on the light. The trouble was as an example to actuate others in
that in doing so he fell against the well doing.
burglar alarm and woke up the baby. In politics, too, we have the same
-Richmond Times-Dispatch. tendency towards higher ideals.
After quoting from Jefferson, Ran-
The Monday after prohibition went do.ph and others, who "despaired of
into effect in Atlanta Judge Broyle's the republic," the New York World,
court only had four cases on the quoted from the late Senator Hoar of
docket. Before that time 125 were Massachusetts, as follows:
not unusual. That tells a wonderful, I have seen in the state in the UIn-
story." on foremost in power and wealth four
judges of her courts impeached for
A .ulf coasi farmer speaks of ship- corruption and the 1)oliticai adminis-
pi", Florida sunshine to the -rouv.hy . .. = .
orida suns t e "y ration of her chief city become a dis-
Vl rinan'-. Come to thinil of it. the a throughout the
industry ought to prove )rofitable It rc n a .a. of
world. I hatve seen In chairman of
is n,.c}t c eap< r th 'ln "nloon.-hIIIt at .,;.*r
'is (apr an i moonshin atthe ('ornmittee on military affairs in
any rate --A\palachicola Times. ,te house now . distinguishedd nie-
i thm house, now a distinguished menm-
I her of this court, rise.- in his place and
H as it occurred to 'you that Florida d o I"h e e pllno nf o i
has had no bank or other failures d an the of his
from the so-called panic. If not. note. associates for making sale of their of-
it now. and take courag.-if you need ficial privileges of selecting the
bracing up. In six months there won't youth to be educated at our great
be a sign of trouble left in the state. military- schools.
-Tainpa Times. "When the greatest railroad of the
world, binding together the continent

They have been comparing Senator and uniting the two great seas that
Tillman to Davis of Arkansas. but wash our shores, was finished, I Nave
Tillman doesn't like it. He is the s(e our national triumph and exulta-
flame burni in the wind. and Davis tion turn to bitterness and shame by
the wind. vain"v ein n is the unanimous reports of three colin-
th wid. v .- ekingg to extinguish mittees of congress-two of the
it.-Atlania Constitution.-tw t
house and one here-that every step

loved ones attending. lie knew full
well the coarseness and the shallow
pretentions of the congressional fun-
erals. It is to be hoped that this dly-
ing protest will have its weight in
bringing about a reform. These ser-
vices no longer have any significance.
for they are given every man who
passes away while in congress.
Stephen Mallery left something
worth while in his dying protest
against a modern sham-a sham
cloaked beneath apparent reverence
for the majesty of death.-Atlanta


I read in today's Constitution what
Rabbi Fleischer says about the fight-
ing qualities of Hebrews, in comment-
Aig upon the advice of President Elli-
ot of Harvard to young Jews to join
the militia.
There is no question that when oc-
casion demands his services the good
Jewish citizen, like most good citi-
zens, whatever be creed or belief,
makes a splendid soldier. The writer,
a Confederate veteran, stood in the
ranks between two young Jews who
came south about the commencement
of the war, and there were no better,
no braver soldiers, that those two.
They promptly volunteered, though
they could have remained non-cambat-
ants, both being German citizens.
They were always ready for duty,
shirking no danger, and were gener-
al favorites with. their comrades.
They came through the war after
many battles, in which they won dis-
tinction for cool courage and soldierly
i:. many talks with comnrad(les in my
-( ttion and with men who wore the
blue I have learned of similar experi-
t i.es of thl, courage and )ravery of
Jewish soldiers.
There is no question that they will
go into battle when the occasion de-
mands it. and why shouldn't they?
Their inheritance of courage comes
down through the ages; it has never
disappeared from the blood. I don't
know who would make the best sol-
dier, Rabbi Fleischer or President El-
liot. but if age permitted we would
probably see them both prompt in re-
sponse to the call to arms in defense

l<-r l 1.S f 'l .V )' 1Ht'l V pJi ''i ll lt'l L
It does seem to us that it is high
time for the president of these United
States to hide away the "big stick"
and try some other remedy. His irni-
tators. too, in the different states.
would )be wise to follow the same ex-
ample and do something to restore
confidence, give employment to labor
and a clearer and more hopeful field
to all business enterprises.
"Let us have peace!"
Less agitation just now, we think.
would be helpful.
It seems to be the age of "special-
ists," without preparation, study or


Announcement comes from Tallahas-
see that Attorney General William H.
Ellis will be a candidate to succeed
himself in the next primaries. Mr.
Ellis has made a good record, carry-

The direction of the ages is Up-
FRANK HARRIS, Editor. ward as well as Onward! There passed away in the sunny- And now the Seaboard Air Line
P. V Leevengood, Business Manager.
We think there is very little doubt land of Florida the other day a man Railway is in the hands of receivers'
.. ... .... . . ........ whose dying words, expressed in gen-buies ita on f
about it. As the world grows older, whose dying words PThesed in ion of the whole
-. _ tleness. were a protest against a mis-
aBI .it is growing better, better in every rble sm that has grow upon our country seems to be at "sixes an
- -rable sham that has grown upon our-
I way-more refined, more religious, national life-congressional funeral sevens.
Smore benevolent. junkets. Reform sounds well enough in the-
|2 aWe 'have a habit of running d1w Jsenator 5tephen R Mallory was. a or"-. but somehow in practice it doe.
,a ndll iscrvoditing thk2 ago, in w h,ich w e -enat r f. . ". ." "
nt h et, man, who hated the shams. the not seem to work out so well.
1/ l ',', -- live. and like th(. children of Israelprten I and theptty small.esst. r form mus u
-.'t S -- {,,-a-lar(e ever l oKing tak'ward for the | .. W ith reform measures triumphant
revrlokg-o the of life. s an orator or a profound
fl.sh-pots of plenty a-d happiness. 1 publicist he perhaps left no ind llible Ieverywhere-in the states and in th,
^H ^ I But we are leaving back of us n,1t ni.prezssion upon the gn-at s d.liber-,n ation- the country seems to be in
-"________________________________ at, im r ye ,1 ( h- i n the world a R est (el rve'
,( onel tho relics but the Ipirit of bar- a. ron un the grat deir- !,ad shape. Every business, even th.
oil ,u the. spirit.... b.. ative hq)-ly ill tile worlil. Rese v
_b..... ... ... ... tharism and intolTrauc', and in frovt and unpr.t..tious, h ade no at oldest and most legitimat,-. is feeling-
PH~l tY .l ,N anv o ,,. 'and unprltr,',ltious, rh, nlMade no -great'
..i ...A.n.. ...1 of us. the world holds out a picture of how in the senate the effects of the stringncy of the
- igorgt~otus beauty." ""I, times.
g But he was a square and honorable times
Messrs. Gonzalez and Sanchez con-, To realize our growth, toward what geontleman His service to his peo p1 X\ho would ever have thought the,
S.. I IIo d p r s nt co d ti n Nvs ."a o o lo e
template erecting an immense cigar is better compare the Christmas of was real and of permanent good present condition would have followed
factory in .Jacksonville. i.7 with the Christn.as of fflv years hen he came to lif's ho. rizon pals so quickly upon the hKeels of the lo-
iago or more. .hvleofth ha, quent utterances of president Theo
..... .r ,, n I ni' v t t }i S 1 t t e v a lle y o f t h e s h itti e n e
i-anng"cose vr the ore Roosevelt. Thomas E. W\atson
Thero are a few offices. yet to be Santa Claus had hardly crossed over ore Rooseveltv Thomas E. Watson
filled, and.Jacksonvilleoughtto onethsideaokedethatahistfuneralnservbcessbe
Lak Cit ol- this side of the ocean then, but se ,sim ad unpretentious-in keep- Thomas W. Lawson. Governor oke
busy.-LakeCty Indexhow.lavi hlv he now visits every n Smith, Governor Napoleon Browvar(.
Show lavishly he now visiting with the life he had liver here. it Gero ton
-home. Not only we re presents given Son. .. N. C. Stockton and a number
There were fewer vlynchings in 1907 hom Not oly Stephen R. Mallory know, had seen oado a number
."to the children of the rich last Christ- th.oh~ nw of others in all sections of the land.
than in 19D(. Lt us hope that there to the childrenn of the rich last Christ- the hollow mockery of the state con- othing in this worlt ever sounded
will be still fewer in 190S. mas but were universally distributed gressional funeral. He realized that Nothinrloq in this world ever sound
to the children of th poor, and the -the special trains made upl) for thes more el ent in thor or had a
Gov. Broward handed a lemon to poo were also r in other events wre sordid junketings for more captivating effect with the mass-
Mr. John N. C. Stockton in his ap- Iways people who cared no more for the (s, but carried Into practice these re-
pointment of a senator-Lake City S, the numbers of dinners that dt^d man than they would for a form measures are really becoming
Index. v*(-re dis-tributed to the destitute by tramp. That th. luxuries and prodi- alarming.
"" ,, ~ it~t, lla[IE2 lxures nt pr~ll W e really hopedt that "-hon relfornl
the Salvation Army in New York City, gal expenditures, winked at on such e ally hopd that whn form
Mr. DeArmniond doubted the fighting and in nearly every big city in the occasions and paid bv the govern- cat to us in its fuillness that -t
qualities of Mr. Williams. and. being I'nited States, and in the smaller cit -i" it prv t thr of the would wear a different aspect and he
from Missouri. he had to be shown.- ics the King's Daughters and other' grafts that has so insi(iuusl crept clothed in morte glittering garments;
Atlanta Journal benevolent socbetis were bs in th in i r t b how awful undoing is the reality.
Alta Junl. b vn societies were busy in the into ever- phase, apparently, of public
performance of the same mission life. Ba(l as p)r'sent conditions are the
When prosperity gets so numerous Alluding to charities of this kind With that knowledge in his har outlook sems vn worse. No man
,ith thalourwllde idhhdIn, lusinesseem- to hlve escaped it,
that the railroads can't haul it. it's the Montgomery Journal said the day Senator Mallory preferred to go tos it
about time to get back to canal boats. after Christmas: his last resting place with only his withering breath and a spirit of un
Q -i i A .,'r 1.% I ,,. . .-.1. 1 & - ..,-,. -- ,-.- .,, ., .r ,,C!.. -,.n ,- .- 1


The nativity of Christ the Lord
ushers into the world the Christian
religion, which proclaims among
many other things the law of univer-
sal brotherhood. I'nlike the sanguin-
ary faith of Mohammed, which sub-
sists only under despotic rule. and
which demands the surrender of one's
faith as the highwayman demands the
traveler's purse, at the point of the
sword, the Christian religion flourish-
es utinder every system of government
from an absolute monarchy to the l
freest republic. I'nlike the school of
the I)agan philosophers, which was re-
stricted to a narrow circle of disci-
ples. the gospel of Ch.rist is pro-
claimed to Jew and Gentile, Greek
and barbarian, to lbond and free. Like
the air of heaven, which ascends the
highest mountain and descends into
the (leepest valley. vivifying the face
of nature, so has the Christian relig-
iOn permeated every stratum of socie-
ty. purifying and invigorating the
moral world.
It has a message for the capitalist
and the laborer, for the master and
the servant, for the rich and for the
poor. In the words of St. James, it
warns the capitalist against the sin
of labor-oppression: "Behold the
hire of your laborers who have reap-
ed( down your fields, which by fraud
has been kept back byv you, crieth:
and the cry of them hath, entered into
:he ears of the Lord of Sabbath." St.
.Jamcs v... 4. It admonishes the labor-
er to perform his work with fidelity,
not serving to the eye, as it were!
pleasing men. but doing the will of
God from thve heart." The most en-
lightened political economist never
formulated a sentence so simple, so
comprehensive, so effectual, as is con-
tained in these words: "Thou shalt
love thy neighbor as thyself." This
principle, if properly applied, would
solve every labor problem that per-
plexes the minds of statesmen.-J.
Card. Gibbons, in New York World.

Major Sidney Herbert of Maitland,
Fla., the veteran journalist, says he
knows of but three enemies of his,
one each in Georgia, Florida and Ala-'
bama. Just bow any man (or woman)
..... n- -.. .- P. 1 r^ - V T L -1

DPD A kid


For a Bad Case of Eczema on C
-Suffered for Three Months-
Disease Reached a Fearful State
-Pain and Itching were Terrible.

"When I was small I was troubled
with e-zema fo(,r ab.ut three months. It
was all (ever my face and covered nearly
all of my head. It reached such a state
that it was just a large scab all over,
andi the pain and itching were terrible.
I doctored with an able physician for
some time and was then adJvised by him
to use the Cuticura Remedies which I
did and I was entirely cured. I have
n,,t ben bothered with it since. I used
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointrmwt
but do not know exactly how much m
used to complete the cure. I can safely
sav that Cuticura did a lot for me. Min
Anabel Wilson. North Branch, Mic
Oct. 20, 1907."

With Cuticura Remedies In
Three Days After Six
Months of Suffering.
"I suffered fully six months. Ti.
trouble began on my arms in little
red pimples and it %as not long before
it was. all ov-'r my body, limbs, face,
and hands. It was so bad that I could
n)t rn'-st night o'r day and during the
Fix month-, I did not get a good night's
sleep. I doctred fo,,r three or four
months and Tp'nt at least twenty do&.
lars trying to find a cure but none could
be found. Then I saw the Cuticwurs
Remnedies advertised, and the next day
I purchased some for seventy-five cent
at the druggist's. I used them and I
was relieved of the itching in three day,
and I have never had a sign of any skim
disease since. The t'uticura Remredi
are the only remedies to use for skim
diseases, thy have cured me and ty
will cure others in the same way. J. W.
Bloom. R. R. Telegrapher, Rtollowy,
Mich., Nov. 20 and Dec. 29, 1906."
Cuticura Remedies are guaranteed
absolutely pure under the United State
Food and Drugs Act.
Complete External and Internal Treatment 1
Every Humor of Infants. Children. and Aduil e-
9ists of Cutlcura Soap i25c ) to Cleanse lbt hss,
Cuticurs Ointment (50c.) to Heal the Skin. and Cu
curm Re.olvent (50c.). (or in the form of Choeoti
Coated Pills. 25c. per vial of 60) to Purifly the 8RIs
Sold throughout the world. Potter Drug A C
Corp ,o!e l'rops.. B-mton. Mam.
*4Maled Y ree. Cuticur Book on Skia Dwe

couifu e L an eiIt'my o01 .iajur rierbert;, r --CIKIN O.
is beyond our comprehension, as the--
world is made so much better by such In i letter to the Schenectady (N.
men as he.-Jacksonville Metropolis. 'Y.) Gazette, Mr. I. Y. Peck of Brook-
lyn, N. Y.. says: "May I kindly ask
While Jacksonville aspirants are you to print the following article,
scrambling for the offices let's move clipped from a Florida paper, showing
the capital to Ocala.-Tavares Her- the great advance that has been at-
ald. tained in the temperance cause since
Well. we tried that once. and Jack- the boyhood of the editor who wrote.

ing into the office indomitable ener- sonville prevented it Jacksonville
'"sonville p~revented it. Jck.sonvill
gy as well as a thorough knowledge has no love for the interior. Tallahas-
of the law. There should be no par- see is so far away that she thinks it
tisan politics in the office of attorney doesn't count.
general and Mr. Ellis has permitted _- ....
none during his term of office. He Has the I. I. board made a sale of
has been fair, impartial, yet active in land recently-say 60,000 acres about,
all the cases that have required his two secttions of which had been prom-
attention, and the interests of theised to another party? Was the dis-
state have been well protected by appointed party given to understand
him. that "something just as good" in an-
There is no talk of any oPl)Osition other place would go to him?-Lake
to Mr. Ellis' re-election and the Indi- City Index
cations are that the democrats of ___
Florida are so well pleased with the It has been unwritten law in Flor-
services he as rendered That they ida that one of its United States son-
are content to let him st-rve( another ators should live east and one west
term,( of the Siiwannee river. What are the
Mr. Ellis is a vom" man of people going To do about it? Will the
in personality. "is friends hro' i- primary sy.st,.m throw down an old

I commend its perusal to any temper- -I
ance workers inclined to be disco I
aged with present conditions." -;


Muddy Bottom. Fla.. Jan. G, 1908.
To the Editor Ocala Banner: ;
Yes, I certainly agree with you. It
appears to me that Editor Claude
I'Engle is one of the brirht,-.;t ,dltvr;-
in Florida. He calls upon his friends
to put money in the Sun to help him
lose it.
I call that a very bright idea, and If
I had a wallet and wanted to be a .
philanthropist. Editor L'Engle should
have it. OLD MAN MUD.


omt the state have already 'nu-i an : ,T om?.-- lak,, (itv Index.
active campaigngn in his behalf. idlspit'. .t he close of business in Savan-
HP" fact that h- has no opositi on, an'l] ,Litor Scott of the Sio,ix Falls I nah la- ;we price of turpentine
thoy are unriinu the voters to -h. w journal ,-as prosecuted by ..ayor <.'SP(1 at 12 1-2' c.nt-. an advance of
their appreciation of his officipnt 'Pillstury for criminal libel. l waItwo (' ,nts. This is decidedly encow-
work by giving him thoirl unit(l sUp)- acquitted(, and Is now suin, the mayor "i an"l we hope, that the prices
port.-Tirnes-Tnion. for d(lamages. He clainms that the v"ill continue to have an upward ten-
JUD -A- __A__ L- prosecution w-as hurtful to his good dlncv .This is one of our principal
JUDGE PARKHILL'S EXAMPLE Im i stripsis and an advance in price
-means a good deal to us.
The declination of Judgo Charles The, orange crop in this section this
B. Parkhill to enter thb race for con- reason was a surprisingly large one. The Dust Sprayer Manufacturb
gross in this district is thoroughly' The outlook is promising, and ere Company of Kansas City has brought
characteristic of tho man. Only ,ho O;!lng th(e orange industry will again suit against the Western Fruit Grow-
... a t sasuming enormouss proportions in er of St. Joseph. for damage because
who are most. intinmatc-h acqpaintd; i ,-
wih mos c tiatoy c, uatthis :4oction of the (ast coast of Flor- of an aldv.r-se criticism of its goods
with him can ap~pre.ciato thor gr-eat --n l 13 sx~ ,
w i apreie raia.-East Coast Advocate, written by a correspondent who said*
sacrifice that h, has made in rfsin tha t id the limbs of
. .... ... ,.1,, ... ....,.., .... t h di. had killed the lim bs of



-~ 'I.











maseaaeseeeeeseaoei5* ,***,******S~

..-.----------------------- ---


$2.70 Worth

for $1.00

Postoftice Drug

Prescriptions Prepored P

a..........p......******* *....,..*

kppp.pppper*13S U**


Mr. J. E. Bargannier of Dunnmioln.
formerly of this city. was in Ocala




Store. i

)rcper'y |

*****< *4** *


.-A. I. -l'. w a- ,.(,-iv,.d ;:1 ( 0 t.
A'iiay le izrah a, r-.- i \:n t'''l in:' :.::,a-

'ion, ;z'a Mir. L.- aysc. {aivr. ( Ine o) *f
son-, o)f Mr. an, Mrs. I.. M. Ra)s-(,r ;f


These eminent evangelists began
their revival services in this city reg-
ularly in the Methodist church Sun-
day, having preached an introductory
svrmcn the Friday night before.
in introducing the eider Culpepper
to th.-- congregation. Mr. Barnett took
occasion to say that since his work
In the ministry he had been assisted
by several evangelists, but none he
fo-,nd so helpful to him as Mr. Culpep-
pr-r. That wherever he s lone he
,a> !'-crded In working up a gener-
a.! -,r .'u,-stirrinz religious awaken-
n.g .-r. rng c..urch members and
Lrlt winnerss to repentance.
Th y .' .fr Cu.flpeper he said was
r. -. ': "- nn ind the two together
~hart '," rfu!!y snccessful wher-
-v.fT 1. '".1 "itcb,0' their tent. Mr.
a-n '' *-n to.-' t hbpsidps l)bpfi?

a~~~~~~ ~v-e h -'n~ r. (CulI-
7, av ?a p~rfach(-r of Pow-

Ibef ro- the elih e


'''.r* e' ~ t~e'Tf, fre te th



Capital, $50,000

One of the happiest social events of O THE MUNROE a CHAMBLISS BflNK
the week was the whist and domino

party given Friday afternoon by
Mrs. Thayer Maughs at her home on
Oklawaba avenue.
Mrs. Maughs' home was decorated
with unusually pretty sprays of barn-
boo and vases of beautiful pink and T.
white roses ornamented the mantels,

Is making loans, in moderate amounts,
to regular customers

T. MUNROE, President.
L C. CHAMBLISS, Vice President.

.. ..... , G -E ERIG, C.hlTll .
piano and cabinets. On the verandaL ERIGCashier.
the punch bowl was charmingly ar--
ranged amidst vines and flowers, and A DECEMBER WEDDING AN-: FIRST MEETING OF THE YOUNQ
capping the block of Ice In the punch, NOUNCED LADIES' CARD CLUB
bowl was a gorgeous bunchb of Malaga ____
grapes. The punch was served by A wedding that took place on the Saturdlay afternoon marked the first
Ocala's three winter brides, Mrs. C. H._ first day uf December has Just been !meeting of the Young Ladies' Card
ILloyd. Mrs. J. H. Taylor and Mrs. J. announced, ani is a very great sUit Club for 19oS, and the lovely home of
A. Rentz. pris, j the frins of th,_ groom in Mrs. Charles S. Cullpn was theb scene
Mrs. L!ovd wor- a handrnme violet thvs (Uy. o)f this meeting. This is out- of Ocala's
cot unio t Nv, ith har. ,to ) rr -a" .h z( a-th
-sti" ,.'- with ha, to math .oid;n. was s, lemnized at th, !,vlipst r.>ijlences ant an invitation
Tay': '- d \ ^ P :A'. -f W, I ,l ,.s l H-im)osas-a. thl- heori' :,, it is alwav,.s accc-prt.i wih a great
voil wi:h Pr-ian trir.nini .-. ;an i ,4 Ct, azln Ml.. \. I.. I.owr,-y. and ,i.a; ,t a re.
Mrs. Rtt,-ntz vas har!i.in. n vL ;.' "a. .,,n':ac;i ;,.r:i,-s wirn their T:'- ,i.-..,rinzs of rh Yo'ing Ladies'
S v. ., ~ ,, . .* .,-.l by an informal-
In 1'-, ;-tl,; an,! Vi.i:-: :-',.):n rhn r, ;:ml Dr. J. R. Blackiston, the well -,. h:a i.s v-rV -!ihtrfu. anl the af-
".v.:-. *' -*,'..,,- ,,; ',' -, ;, :{y-,r -. a 2 *;, '.n.i, v,-t,''rir.. r .'u-Lr .-)n uf this city' r,.r )i, s sl,,nt hy Vh,,', youn g ladies
Ci-' ri'i ,p anhef h voting lde

rt:,- ?.1. ;^' r,,oi x..i 'i.i.,< ,.n- .,,>Rv. A. L. 1trioc o fic:iating. tnjyVing the-, an.res of whist are ex-
j, v, a gar' ,f *niin,,"-. Th, Th, wd'liin- was a vtry quiet one,. cp,,_lingly pleasant.
-core.- v .,r- k'it on i:*,-' lii! Ja .Ia- on .- the aleninbers of th, families of Th,- menihrs of tho cluh this win-
n, I, fan'. h, conrtracr.in4- parties and a few t,*r are Mis..,s Margaret and Mamie

thi,., (:itv.'. ha(I ,- ::, toa,lly h ',,- .M I v -tt!- W 11.q.'a ---4atid .C .(h: fi~ m s toIr s n T e p r o
Mr George Blitch and his SiSt.r.. ciy ha l n: aly h '-- rt r larly on 1 t 1.A M-. 'hT- f'nds bing resent. The parlor
Mrs. Mazie Lyles, and the latter's lit1n *fici i a -o 1r-m t for h i iz. form- ,as. b aut.flly dfrcorated with the.
Tht,. v),ing in~aln is a c.......... a.... 1"Ja" "--""
tie daughter. Dorothy, spent Sunday Th"t C ng naiL is a in * m . -o Lnnn -l .Jaans r'- of ows. T bride was
Seat at Blit ,' ,t',ari fr1.ight train r4;nnhin. o2' .*. jr Mr. Dan .orzan Snmih wo)n th, charming in a wLite silk dress, with
writh relatives at Blitchtom. , ,. r t- ,.,
!*of .arksnvii'.. and had! r.,',rimnan,:- ." *. .-'- ",r m"-h fr ','n:!no [riz., w-h ,h was v ry fS rich old lace, and orange blossoms. Af-
Misses Ruby Farris. Edna Smith his ireman ,:uri, the day or >o :: ..-..... .. .. .r to Miss Wiliam' priz.-. The two ter the c remony a dainty collation
a indrned ~mi-,donanor. an! after arriving g .-y,, ,, OhiS were. ,xo-edtnl y cirninr. b,- was ser-'d. The bride was the recip-
iand Meeks Ausley have, returned tm ":" .. ,r,,,.'
Ausley Jacksonv ile.' whi'., Mr. Rav',,.".- ... .*rr: Japan--=,,zpuzzle (,rnamn:-ts. Thyv n (i hf many. handsome presents.
Jacksonville to continue their studio, v --. -a',.a ,'e ,,- :':
SBis olleee talking to his ongineer ,h.- fire-n .\ P(r,, awarded to Mi.-s Mana, Taylor among them being a bracelet made of
.st the M assey Business College. J I-"" "" .....o ayl
Sruck him ovor the ha with a c-Kii. .... ... .. r Camp. rare gems, the gift of a Philadelphia
Miss Mattle Williams. after spend- shovel and injure,! him quite seve-re.:. ,. ,,,- -- "- ". ,. --, ,ftor +b., amn+s a Ing the mid-winter vacation at home. The young man Is now in the bcs- *- *r- "".. .. < and ti 'rjye, by the go'1 Mrs Hocker. The bride is the only daughter ol
has retuned to Gaesvile. G pita! in that city. and his broth. M ,. ; ar-ev. Miss ;ilivan and Miss- Capt. and Mrs. Lowrey. who are sc
where she Is having ber voice cal- "Hlenry Raysor. went up to Jacksrn., .ri, -'- .v' follow- 's .zara Davis, Joan Austin and Eliza- well and favorably known in this city
Utvated at Brenau College. vlle Mon(ay to see how he is getvi:,z.. ,. -, a)qt1 beth Nowsom assisting Mrs. Maughs and i.s a beautiful young woman. For
along. ... ', ,* ..' v-r, th instrn- In varlos way. during the afternoon, the present Mrs. Blackiston will re
Mr. D. A. Clark of Martel was in -- .* .. t redeem the Thosn who spent such a delightful main at Homosassa. coming to Ocala
Deal Monday. returning from Jutik- CAD FTHNK -' Rn'- :,--.-
Ocala Monday. retnrnin from J CARD OF THANKS M,,n. *fMt-nrion with Mrs. Maughs were' at The conclusion of the winter sea
eOville. having accompanied his -" ho ,',- '-.,," +he church to- Mrs. Lcny'd. Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Rentz.;son at the Rendezvous.
damhbter that far on her way to col- The King's Daucht-'rs hereby ,. : ",, .. aton as theC ary. Mrs. Austin. Mrs. FIsh;l. Mrs. The Banner hopes that the wedded
peg In Atlanta press their thanks and appreciate, .. ',- -l ". ,an that vrv Mot yMrs. Hockr. Mrs. Duval,.Mr.life of Dr. and Mrs. Blackiston will b
lesI Abt..1 -.1z1Mtp s Hco, r.Dva,'r
to all who contributed, either w-t'. n , -. e bran Abe Brown. Mrs. Sidney Halle, Mrsla vry happy one.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bright iff, money, clothing. groceries, fruit -,,, k :" the t ut If t Mrs. Rawls, Mrs. Bittinger Mrs.,
to, maad, n~t,,r oemdtg t'n-toy,-rpeipts bilsbortn1ay It
Toronto. Canada, after pending sev-1 toys, -receipted bills, or In anyr man V r a hrren vne. Crn, Mrs. Horace Harrold. MrM. DEATH OF A PIONEER
eral weeks in Ocalh have gone to Bal- ner to bring comfort and chPeer to ib'" .r '- "' h-anches repre- R'mN*nauer, Mrs. McKean.. Mrs. C. V.
timore. Marylmnd. where Mr. Brigbt poor and needy of Ocala at Christrr. -, ^ ,r was ^ to In- MnlTr, Mrs. Holder. Mrs. LTe Miller. Mr. Robert Fort died at his home
will be under the care of a specialist -time. We also express our tha'nl,- 1', !n "- -. 'Brs andMrs." Burford, Mrs. Van Hond, Mrs.j near Kendrick a few days ago. H.
tr a few weeks, for the offering given at Thankszivir ,m -'. n d ()!n- the Mas-. G. K. Robinson. Mrs. A E. Gorig. Mrs.! was one ol the oldest residents of Ma
time at the union servio*es. "Iniz Lrp.Ms haaMs ulr
wtime at the union services. n k th, church of Lrney. Mrs. Chazal. Mrs. Bullock. ion county. He was born In 1830.
MiXm Beatrice Little of Jacksonville. muh as ye have done unto tl leas" I wt Mr Power r Nets
mu"h ye u .. ~ boeor"'.., a -.: 1 ,'me,- with lIving Mrs. -arris, Mrs. Power., Mrs. New- He moved to Florida wit.l his parents
a very charming young debutante of vi them, ye have- done it unto me." r.ligon w Isor, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. J iia Palmer. from Alabama in 1S43. He continu-
that city. after spending a week mi ", "' T Smith, Mrs. John Croft_ Mrs.
Oclawthhr ut.Ms.E P enz Tecicitcur asbsy~-' p- f,' "-- -,'nd 'mnd, and said Mrs. Smith, Mrs. John Croft. Mrs. H. ously resided in Marion county with
Ocala with her aunt. Mrs. E. P. Renu.tz. The circuit court was busy all 1. ,Xnderson. Mrs;. Clifton Camp. Miss to
has returned home, greatly to the re. Monday trying the Peterson murir ". w,,' x voinn preacher .. Anderson. M ris Caglfton Camp. Misss s- the xceton of four years he engFg
-rt of the young people, rIm. Th* prisoner was represr e" "-i r-'--C"'"- a rural direct. et ;amny. .Mis Eagleton. Mi s Mar- id in the Confederate war. Mr. Fort
b.7" C(' t yo M p'oung o! Inverness an'i ,",d '" .. r to co me o gaet and Mamie Taylor and Miss livedd at Moss Bluff for more than for-
Mrs. P. V. Leavengood and son. Mr. Raynienl B. ullock of this cit .. er -nl tv camp ot Marti Williams. y yars, and up to the disastrous
oe s dgan ,s en. ."~ -- + th ht was Mrs..Maughs reeiv, her nsfs tn fr-I ze of 1S95 he had one of the pret-
who have been spending ise-eral The jury in th- case were out onlv hadsnme hlack szown an'! 7 Miss S-
,<, :-:- p .... *'-.... ,->n into tranc, ; h-a~fds0rn !)ack own and .Miss SnI- tn-st farms and orange groves in the
weeks with relatives in St. Augustine. few minutes when a v-rdict of n-! .nto Tran c s
,. ',^ ., ? fn ', r,,.r ?nti wn~rr~n