J her employers and fellow workers.By .
I in mu 4*> her pleasant manners she has
aW4*- iltaff ftetanta* to t,'splendid visit. in the metropolis. Mr. F. M. Long of Holder was in IB the high school defrartmeutUev. mg of the new lodge which takes I
made friends of everyone in the store
apalid n. Nti'.inth Pt. h "t. family I Ocala Thursday lIe had just come R. V. Atkinson, pastor of tb Meth- place Monday evening. I
and they are loth to lose her valuable
I I I Tie Manatee Record says that lIon. up from Crystal River where he attended odist church gave an interesting talk The new lodge starts off with a i services.Prof..

II I I. N. C. Stockton is the man of membership of over twenty, and it I
brother-in- which
Ibatrt t atprnan: .H ala has ar the funeral of his to the pupils, they enjoyed '

rtvwt tft 'hf <*!" H.. i* acr..ah' of 'i i, the hour. A week or two ago it said law, Mr. Thomas Hoy, and while very much. He gave them some was a very enthusiastic crowd. A McBeath Leaves Florida

J tits tira.* Ut.h *'h.ulhlt'l '' U UK* that Hoa R. Hudson Durr was the there received a telegram from Red- most excellent advice and after his number of the "Phosphate City's" ''I

1 1 <.f ta, *. I* d in 'h- .tall. and came hereto 1 Oita of the hour. la a week or two dick stating that his uncle, Mr. Geo. talk Mr. C. L. Bittinger entertained best citizens who were not in the Prof. Tom F. McBeath, for the past

ptwi th, I iiitrrtt "al..vllioI hence we do not know who will be M. Long, had died at that place Wed the pupils for a few moments. charter organization have signified I two years principal. of the Gainesville-

1 the man of the hour. But what we nesday nigbt. Mr. Long went up to The: Ocala Banner hopes that when their intention of applying for membership i graded and high school, and one of

wwu la the man for four ions years Reddick on the afternoon train to attend next May shall have rolled around we and it is confidently believed the most capable and most widely

|*nif J, "..I..ra til HratlentowB and a man of that length of time his uncle's funeral which was can publish it that this year has been that in a short time the Odd II known educators in the state, and

I I .' t* 0. *.,. t'\a11tfda) Y r Tarn need to be a man of poise. held Thursday afternoon. Mr. George the greatest of all ia the school work Fellows' lodge in Dunnellon will be who was re-appointed to the principal-

i ...* hWM> i'i'i,flHi>.l of the Long was 46 years of age, and leavesa and we hope every pupil in the Insti- one of the largest in the city. I I ship of tbe Gainesville school several

th&4 nigh tvh..d t gad his friends I The Ocala Junior baseball team wife and six children. He win be tution will do their share towards this The Ocala delegation were very weeks ago, has resigned that position,

I" i I" *4v: .)! ,], ItKhir4 tn *rr him I vest through the country Anthony greatly missed at Reddick, and his end. much pleased with the splendid recep- I' having been appointed dean of the

tkai, fat I Saturday to play the Anthony team. death is very greatly deplored. His tion they received at the hands of pedagogic department 'of the Mississippi

---- The game was very exciting from mother is still living, and is hale and Mr. Thomas E. Harris of Valdosta the Dunnellon boys. state college for girls at Columbus

t i', 'II' 14ft>t.. '.." of our worthy I gtart to finish, but the home boys hearty ar the age of 9S She lives at a former citizen of Ocala, was hereon Miss. lIe left Wednesday for

i ..1 L,. soles t ? roho has chart ,,. *W defeated by a score of 3- to 2. Newberry, S. C. a visit Friday afternoon. Mr. Harris Hon. John N. C. Stockton has writ- Columbus and will immediately as-

" .f \I, Iahta \ Htrrt* *caulks trove; A large number witnessed die game has been living at Valdosta several ten a letter in which he says he is I sume his new duties.

.'''II.$ 1'a aik'r at the and thoroughly enjoyed It. The Mr. A. T. Gunter, a former residentof years, and was there during the "almost persuaded"' to enter the gubernatorial Florida regrets very much to lose

itapht a1*i F ''li\ lit! >..*t'I! that I I Ocala Juniors reutrned to Ocala at Fort McCoy but more recently of great prohibition fight, which was race and if the primary is1 I Prof. McBeath.

tor' 'lull '. -i\ t't i art.u hriiilredh night about 6:30, tired but glad they Micanopy, is on a visit to Ocala. He waged with such intensity that it be- put off until next July that it may be I j

,.\. ,t t I K">4r 'hi* sea I weat.I bas recently disposed of his livery came of national importance. He says possible for him to get his business' The Herald of the Fessenden Academy

., I business at Micanopy to Messrs. R. the ladies took up the fight and real affairs into such shape as to permit and Industrial School

-.- -. I Mr. C E. Herrick of Crystal River D. Ford and S. G. Gsty.' He has also ly won the battle. That a great manyof him to become a candidate: The Live We are in receipt of an hundred

"I. Ml. I i 'KIWI an little on. was In Ocala Monday returning from sold his stock of cattle and other the business men of Valdosta Oak Democrat says that Mr. Stockton
'I and twenty page book, printed at the
', "'4\4 Naga it the part business visit to Tampa. lIe was property, and may possibly become I conscientiously believed that if the may as well accept it as a fact that

tit i'' !'&atu'I.1Ir Tal I'I'a ..i ht're by Mrs. Herrcik and their acitizen of our city. He says town were voted dry it would seriously there will be no loud, insistent nor I Star office, which gives the history of
\i ".1"\ wi I \l .it MnM : daughter, Eunice Amy, who left on that he has worked very strenuouslyall cripple the business interests, but enthusiastic call from the people of the Fessenden Academy, located at
.-- l,ff, t-,,n H Ittli.t t the north bound train for Atlanta, his life, and having passed the that their fears have not been real- I Florida for any particular man to become Martin Fla. The book is well printed -

,'j"'ni Hun and I _ht'1'they will join Mrs. Herrick's meridian he now proposes to take at I ized. That every business house for a candidate. That the people, I and is a credit to the office where 1

\ I atst4'r Miss Eunice Williams, for a least a temporary rest We hope merly occupied by a saloon is now occupied I as a mass, care very little for politicsand the work was done. Besides girls- '

f .._ -- j f.,\\' .!'a\ >-' \ibit. Miss Williams has that be will conclude to reside in 1 I by some other business and the man who gets the goods II a lot of information about the FesF:; >;u-

'" 'tll ''I''ll'i.'" 'n I, b II -ii'-ndiui; the summer in tae Ocala and in advance we extend to I the business of the city in stead of must go for them. We hope :Mr. Stockton den Industrial School it contain:

oioith Carolina. and cordial welcome.Mr. 1 going backward has steadily will make his mind at once,
> t"'a amii jn'" i I. t.N: him a warm gone I I up many advertisements of th: IJU-.nt- -

"II! :t t4ut i forward, and measured simply as a I I and if he determines to become a'candidate and professional men of Ocala ail

,. I "' '. h. the 1 of dollars and the I I that he will attend too Ocala
i P'*' .- all :' '! 'dr 11, J Trap: ef- George G. Mathews is treatingus matter cents town I suburban towns. I

4'tt I 14 -. tW, tlcieut and affable! bookkeeper for the to some very strange logic. He could not again be voted wet, and I "coming-out" convention. We shall

JVt 1 ttr &lit r !f'lIIudlou Phosphate Company, was I says that to be goveronr of Piurida : from a moral standpoint the) moral see that he geL a good place on the Notice to Correspondents

..' IS* IK hoair I "i',' .-r The pl"a-.ant callers at our w.1'.M} '>e the culmination of the most ,! improve'nt has; Von iro:'t, marked, programme. .

; 4..iV* .t '. t' ,'11' 4 ,t.'r+tay.. Ilthottgh hl'in pit'asant l and ambitious dream of his I and rbar n: '->cna !noop'e: need haveno I Our weekly edition goes to i)r" ,- !
sr 't\ t' ,. ;'lrtt'! \i-iMr ttt0 JioKsonNc : 1 Eft' 1)1Jt i V' cannot: enter the wimary u ii- ii! rue'iu3: i-nes.: Mr. Mr. Herbert Counts, the oldest son I Thursdays, and in order to %( t tli"i;

I I.. .' b. ;:: '",..h..1a, X'tui ik. and other I because he is not possessed of the I i Mid ltlr:.. iioiiia anti lieu handsome of Mr. J. H. J. Counts, left Saturdayfor letters published our correspondi: : nt

t "I attndl.! ('I'h''Ir.. Titoomb never happened I means: In the next breath he tells little, son. Thomas Lindner Harris, Nashville where he will enter the must have their copy in by W"'I11"--:

If ,.. ",\ 1'I. -;, r.+. 1,1"n, a linotype machine in us that the primary does not elimi- han b.-en pending; a week mostpleaanrly University of Tennessee to take a day night, or not later than Ttr-ir-u i '

I. i i t ; ar \mhony with Mrs. Har- medical He is a bright young morning, or we will be c', "I" 1.1 : ''i IY1.i took this opportunity of nare the man who dots not ncssesshe ; : course. .

\r.. i I.i ,. :- e..u-hhie! : aul.r 1 greatly : moan-. The prhnar\ h-- *a-, ri--' tV:tr. Dr W C. Lindne* They man and his friends wish him sell in leave them or until tlui: ',<:'.> .; r'week. 1" r;;

> ,....1tJI ', ''t ttmh, 'rink m'd.IDism. "ix T>:I' por map's hope." ;'--I-:,'!,.,l! ." vul'Jsta: > Sunday. his cbosea profession. .


.01- -
...... -

_,A. ..- \ :,.... -,,-' .:. .,,_,......0 ... ... _. .. '
'.. ,
-" .
... ..( ,-; 'Z9 .. --y-- <.)-; ',. .!1:1. ?1. 't :' ; < : .; .. ,c.. "
,. .
.. .. ._,- _, :;, ,-' C; y ". r.w' Y r .- ; ::: 11' ', ,, ,, ,:,': ,.--< ",' ,--; >
.' .. r -- .
,' ';': P > ;; .., 1d
= -
-. ,'- {

y4 F'

--1- .
-- -- --- ;::::
.. -
.. ==--- -- "
E -- t- -
-- --

1- -- It ia said by those who have madea I i
FRANK) HARRIS, Editor. I The Omaha World-Herald! has put I >
study of the subject that to die from ThOSe H. tl
P. V. Ltavengood, Business Manager. i the brilliant Waitemm In a hole" and
,. ,.1 .. -. the effects of laughter is the worst I ,
---- he is struggling manfully to extricarcl .
CURSalti form of all deaths. It was the manner !

4e -, himself, but in doing :so: does not present -j
$ .f selected by Old Bluebeard for the punishment /
.. t .. j ':\t pleasing nor gratifying :
;. -. 1.t '' of his wives. 1t is the mode
.. >' '' I
E .t '
-,HtYIIi 'I, -.', I, Editor L'Engle has selected: for the figure. 1' & Company
that the brilliant Kentuek'
% .. .. :ft }. terrible punishment of hip enemies.
for being
ian has been lecturing Bryan
I.4'AWHAT ." .1'f ... Something ought to be done to sup :

ACKE 1iIft'I'I'- It, ., .... J'\. ", _, .. -'.... press Claude's wild hilarity. His wit I so frank when there was absolute-j l! to Strauss & Co
I"f' ". C' 't; :; necessity for it, and he said it lI I
., .- .-1", "'J, _;" "" is like so many thunderbolts that kill. ly no I i ;

'ii't.. .t 1f, 'tj',.1'; ,.r....).',i..";. .".; You fellows who enjoy funny things, behooved him to be shrewd rather i

ter;., ilrH._.n"-. r' than honest-that he should be a politician '
your attention to the subjoined articles -
to be ai i
-'-- rather than attempt
------ ----
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1907. "Once more the Crimes-Onion statesman. ;I WHOLESALE LIQUOR I

vtt --- tuankfc the nest-egg of the Florida When Mr. Taft made his; >pet I -ch! in

a'i Major Alrxauiier St. Clair-Abrams press in behalf of Mr. Hagler, who, Kentucky it seemed to have aftneai .: -

Vows more dramatic and spectacular with Co!. Pat Murphy, has done so with great force to Mr. Watr.-r.-on } 1OcaaFonda
and he commended the secretary or i,
1t M he grows older. much to develop our fair state. The -

., heart of Frank Harris is on the right'Ii war in the most fulsome and flatter-j:, _
for being a &tatrMuan ? S
side. ing language '
Twenty million dollars is the esti- I

mated value of the debris left by the "What is a chattel? Is it a thing rather than a politician for beingfrank -
1 1Per
rapdr11t than shrewd. S i
Ban Francisco disaster. of ownership? Why should not a I RYE WHISKEY. I CASE WHISKEY.

p. thing be owned? The Crimes-Onion The World-Herald wanted to know' _, u SPECIAL fOURStar
t 1.11'Jn '
pauses for a reply from the nest-egg j: why it was that Co!. Watursoii had'! . '. -I Per Q 1. Bottle. ;
Bryan will make an itinerary of Rye t tI
'Th.I I f into bad faith the ot ,, Red RockKeystone Rye :. ::. ::. : : : i: ,, +
Kentucky. He will speak from the of the Florida press. Will the Ocala tortued on part QUART OfFER Belle Isle . .. . .S .7a j
I . .. ::.UII /
rear of a coach in many of theta..r Banner tell us if it is sinful for the I Mr. Bryan, a political friend, what ,: Belle Isle . . . '. ." . 2.50 .._. .. _...--- King of Kentucky . ... .. .75

,w s A Crimes-Onion to be owned? Is it j he had considered a won H'iIl! e\ii-i :, Log Cabin . . . . 3.00.; FOR 52.90, Uncle Joe .. . . 1.00)
(Nrat cries!: of the state. big and I Heating's Pride . . . 3.00 : atrauss Royal Reserve . l.uO+ )
campaign is on in the "Blue Grass wicked for the Florida East Coast j bition of statesmanship courage Monogram . . . . 3.30 !! We will semi, Old Maryland Rye . .. i.ou' I
State." Railway, the Seaboard Air Line and |I''on the part of Jude Taft. a political; 1 i, Uncle: Joe. . . . . 3.50 e
the Atlantic Coast Line ? 'foe. i I Pilgrimage . ". . 4.001 I prepauiSTRAUSS! 4 quarts of Pilgrimage .. . . 1.::;:, j
frMFbMb to own us I ) Fern Hill .. . . . 5.001 i I L : Cascade . . . . 1.-:: ,
If Kill1: \ ,>r Harris wrote knowinglyin Riper (and rotten) judgment will give I The World-Herald, :'say that Watterson I! Strauss' 76 . .. . . 5.00 ; I X I White Oak .. . . 1.:::; "
r.5lre+aSts : is of the ablest living controversialists .-. n . . . i.in; 1
us the answer-can we doubt what it one r. CORN WHISKEY. ,. "
$t'1 dei'aim! i !; that itizens of 'dry' will be?" I. and there i i" no apparent .! Tennessee Corn . . . .$1.50 !! FOR3. O IStrauss'1& . . . . l.io 1
count"iqrht! to be prohibited from i North Carolina Corn . 1.i5'' i Old Oscar Pepper (not in bond). i..i I
., failing of his intellectual, tires: W .il end express !: . . . . .
tml. vUUli'4 ,:..t' ones," he did not speak: Judgment please! Ought an editor ; i Statesville Corn . . 2.00 i e:1: Planters' 1.30
who dolioerately palms off stuff like :yet it said he meanders and goes nowhere ; Mountain Corn . . . 2.50 : prepaid} 4 full quarts of': Black and White Scotch . . 2..no' -
MIli! bJublj ( f nIt :strength: of character of Old Harvest Corn . . . 3.00 Mt. Vernon . . . . 1.... -j
HId '... ., ,'alt'.l l gt utlomen.-Tampa i ii i the above for wit be allowed to live: ? in his attempt at harmonizing ;; ST8AUSS ROYAL! '
fete u i 4' C1N. ,
the two statements, simply! because'lie : I GIN.'l
iMaMan.at Trib u' i I -,., Swan Gin . . . . .$1.50''! RESERVE i j
---- -- THE Mr'oN OF THE HOUR I is up against a hard prop sirion. !i .. T OlD Gin . . .. . . 1.1-;-) ___ I Per Qt. Bottle. -;

--- The following i is the brilliant! Kentuckfans 48 Holland Gin . . . . .2.001 I ... '" I! London Dock Gin . . .J ."i .,
Thf (Kala Banner that ,
II., asserts co I i . . _..0"\; 0 '
Crown Gin . i I Tom Gin . . r viH)
them lardstill in hsli;! favor in Georgia. ,I It has of ttu been said, and truly i i 1 1I excuse for complimenting i i Perfection Gin . . . 3.00 Wefciil, send full i!; Holland Gin' . .' "' . ". {\6 :1

Ita '1'L! .' Times: an.-ms! too Banners I so, that there is a man raised up for +; 'Taft for what he condemned Bryan i } RUM. I 4 qts. i j I Phosphate Gin . . . 1.0 'r

mutlt II i >i the atMnion! of "Florida" i every eribis. I j for doing: I New England Rum . . .$2.50 OLD 1|Booth Tom Gin%. . 1.50 1 .

"Jude Taft is the s,cretarj of war. Jamaica Hum. . . 3.00 I MALT WHISKEY.
That tbere is crisis in the ; .
when |I'"> 'icker. com dumplings and a now on HARVEST CORN i |I ,
]He the original of the it BRANDY i Per Qt Bottle. .
,' ; was governor
state of Florida, especially within the
IB < Ned" add a flavor that is i
Ike. is is live ,4 Blackberry Brandy . . .$1.50 i The best goods to be !'Duffrs Pure Malt . .. .$1.00 )
]Philippines. He it true, a ,
eon, not "onn< lorgotten.-Apalaehieola democratic ranks, no one who has F; Apple Brandy . . . 3.00' ;; had for the money Bowman's . . . 1.00 t _
Tiff given public affairs a single thought I l professed[ and undefeated candidate i Peach Brandy . . . 3.00 I i 1
j for president. But the proclaimed object California Cognac I I "
.-- --- will deny I P 1 a.ooiFOR $6.00 I I Per Gal. ,

All ,' '' 1'\i citizl.'nfur the Inked | In oth'-r v.ords, if :you please, the ,, : of his speech-man.ing is to enlighten WINE.' I ; Peach and Honey "a" grade .$1.50 -
We will et.d
1"In Catawaba Wine .. . .$1.50 I express Peach and Honey "aa" grade 2.00 '
+ilIf States States are huins| ; that the en- demands of the state are such that i j the country touching policies ) Port Wine . . . . 1.50 prepaid} full quarts of i, Rock and Rye "a" grade . 1.50 /
af which he is official The . . . l. I .
ure .1.! r.i +cratie ticket will pull the next governor of Florida must be I" an part. s Blackberry Wine O.STtAUSSAUOUS Rock and Rye "aa" grade 2.0u
: to him show-i Sherry me . . . I. :' Orange Brandy . . ?."0
Inilnt through :iul; that the reign of the car- | a man big enough from every; stand-1 people[ go hear not as a I Imported Port: Wine . . 4.00 l i: Banana Brandy . . . 3.')FiIfni,1rted ;

petbagr: and the nnmh rider may i point to fill! the gubernatorial chair. 'man but as a representative. They; ;Sherry: Wine . 4.' 0':'! 76" RYE Apricot Brandy 3.U"
.:..: ___ : t'
'have than curiosity to see I
more right a.c -
cad forThe territory has been i j In the lint" place he must be close: }

11tHT sadly :iiamltcapped l jy camp follower to the hearts of the people, yet big ''and: hear him. He has. therefore.]! ;

in our.ii with S1,an.-Kansas City I enough to see that justice is done to 1 >j great drawing power-though not a< ::1iJ: ,t

alAtr Post. .' others, or corporate interests, as 1 particularly brilliant platform orator'!I : .S 11\J H I( eatIngs : & G(j.

1 well. In fact his knowledge of affairs ;is Bryan. He comes clothed with Ii ;
t. It loiKlike "t t:1e Cassawa Da- must be: such as to put him in position 'the[ importance and the majesty of

11.1 vih," !h J ni the democrats nominated to know the real interests of the f i 11'the[ government of too United State. I -

for tie: !president ]&<{t time, is just going state. And coupled with this he must 'the: hand of the president in apostolic i;I b Ocala Wl*" i lJi**! :

Th to !1t.: on forever, and we hope j be possessed; of sufficient backbone !succession: upon his head. This! ( It

that h, v.>U. The democrats now propose to dare and do those things which he 'makes a world of difference between ;

u to, iii>ulne: him for governor of knows to be the best interest of. the VIr. Bryan and Judge Taft and yet kJ

Westi'4ma.t : He is perhaps: the masses.: : He must be a man of brains 'n,-e think it will prove fatal to Judge : .. 1; r.A A "I'. \ ;. VVVVA :
tit uldet "urtive politician living. and affairs, with a progressiveness| 'raft." .-. -- -

._ that will phtce Florida in the front'ranks :' The World-Herald says that Mr.'anerson's t I
----- -- A Few Corrections .
; i r04 D.. 1i'H b 8 t 04s .. \
1 I i0 i a1 t ..........
It d"'.- :look like the poor fool man of true stateb.() ?. He must be \ conclusions are erroneous -, To the Editor Ocala Banner: i, 4 :

or woman so anxioous to shuffle off a man that represents no special in- and sums them up as follows: t WANT Ti[ NJSE if
BIG ) !
1 d! : CflP5 IDEAL *
find In an article recently publish" in i FERTILIZE!}
this UH.Kiil coil" as to jump into the : terest other than that of the whole 'We Colonel! Watterson lauding: .I ;

p St. John river to be mutilated by the I[ people, jet with a fixed principle to' 'rankness in Taft and condemning it your paper entitled, "Great Spread of I +

s crabs and crawfish ought to be permitted see that justice is done every interest ', i n Bryan for these reasons: ;;the Prohibition Movement: :' 1 notice J GUS BOOKS! WILL TELL! YOU : j jt

d to die. But sometimes they in the state. "Taft is a public official and Bryan several: inaccuracies. Instead of Florida i FLORIDA VEGETABLES"-A comt ["IRISH POT.\TOES"-Book "

art flslH'iI out. Let us hope they may Yes, we repeat it. the crisis is on. *)uf a private citizen. I I i having only thirty dry counties plete manual on Florida crops. "Soil, Seed, Planting and Cultiva on. t
Florida demands today just such "Taft's duty: is to enlighten the people :
do bettei. They can't do any worse. : a '' tion
'out of forty-five, the fact is that thir- I of Fertilizers, Digging. ;
her for ;, and we are left to infer that Bry-..
Jacksonville Floridian.We governor to serve the next "FLORIDA OR.AKGES"-Book of and F
ty-three out of forty-six are now dry. Shipping. :
I four years. :Never before in the history m's duty lies elsewhere if not directy I Ii special interest i
4t i i In regard to Tennessee, there are |! orange grow"PINEAPPLE FERTILIZING" .
I of the state has the demand been I opposite. i: :
don t blame Secretary Taft for i : ers.
I i :still: four counties instead of three in special interest to pineapple
i taking that world-tour. After Bryan:| so urgent as now, and it is up to the'' "Taft has been chosen by Roose- I' :
\hat state in which liquor is sold, growers.
I tore his Oklahoma speech into shreds people to see that just such a man is 'relt for his successor, while there is' : "FLORIDA STRA WBERRIES"- IDEAL '
ninety-two being dry. I FERTILIZERS Bo!;'k <
I and he did he needed nominated and elected governor of 10 'apostolic hand' on Mr. Bryan'slead. :
tatters as a' : Dwoklet on "Soil Varieties
The situation in Cultivation all
Kentucky of
Florida. 1 I II i| present isI i our different brands, analyses ;
world-tour or something better. People ; I': shown the i and Fertilization-"
correctly by followingping clip.I + prices, etc. :
Florida has one man, and he "Therefore candor in Taft is a virtue I -
after such treatment, wno cannot was '
from the Mt Sterling Advocate' :
ford world-tours heretofore have raised within the state, big enough to :. in Bryan a weakness. F i I''of' September 25: ; New and revised edition ot the above just published: free tor asking. *

meet the crisis. His "All of which is purest nonsense, of i i :
the training for the
been ip habit of crawling into a "
11 ithin the fifteen months since
hole and pulling the hole in after past twenty years peculiarly fits him course and as such exposes how des- ,' the passage of the County Unit Bill ]i : 'HfllSOH & TOOHER I FEBILTIZER COMPANY :\

tfcwn. for the governorship. The mere perate is the plight of the editor of. I
thirty-four counties have driven the' :
mention of this man's name is sufficient the Courier-Journal..' i ii I I I I JACKSONVILLE. FLA.McMillan .
saloon from their borders. The last
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat for every man, woman and i I.r I ; ++................ ...
says i 'counties we have heard from are I Il *. +.....................++.+
"The fate of toe whole country may child in the state of Florida to know What Constitutes a Gentleman and a '
;l Green, whose vote stood 265 wet'
hinge upon the city election in Cleve where he stands without the asking. I I Scholar t i! against 1079 dry; and Lyon, that I -- -

land." If Burton is elected the Globe- This man is none other than Jno. |I Some of the Dade county papers I
marches up with a majority of nearly i
Democrat will claim that it means republican X. C. Stockton of Jacksonville.He I I say that Mr. W. I. Metcalf entered iI r I
Gth) dry. We have one hundred and
success in the nation in 1908. is the man of the hour and into a written agreement tbat if he :' I
nineteen counties in
our common
If Johnson wins the Globe-Democrat i the people of the state should make did not receive a majority of the Eros.Southern "
wealth. In ninety-two of these counties -
Mill dUmitis.it as a purely local election -! it so plain to him that he is the man I votes of the democratic electors oft .
today no liquor can be lawfully
that has no bearing on the national j for the place that he will be forced to I Dade county that he would not accept Isold.: I
In old
Kentucky there are only
I l'ampaign.-Commoner. listen to them and lay aside his private -i j the office of judge of the criminal Copper Works
I j twenty-seven counties with licensed
------ : business and make the race. 1{I I court which office he was a candidate
I !| saloons in them; twenty-three of
For lurve, audacity and brazen affrontery. Tbe Record does not know whether j I; for at the democratic primaries. He I :

the average republican is in John Stockton could be induced toj i ii J: failed to receive a majority vote at ;I and these only are four largely are prohibition thoroughly territory infested Manufacturers of Turpentine Skills

a class: to hnunelf. For instance, the make the race or not, but knowing, the primaries; indeed he was third I
i J with the and General
liquor pest. Today there Metal
ri-iniblifans. in Oklahoma actually i the man as we do we believe in the, in the race, which eliminated him I Workers.
{are not quite" fifty towns and cities
calmed'! tha! the election in that state ,i interests of the people, he could be i: from the second primary altogether, I -- -----.--..
I 1 Jin our state where a saloon can beI
i, M all in douln They were in hopes : induced to make the race. We beliexe 1|i but notwithstanding which he was ap- Old Still taken in
I I found. These months of conflict .and exchange for new ones. Patching
that the WhiHuuse would formulate i if sufficient pressure is brought to pointed to the office by Governor through the
i| of victory have country a specialty. Orders
: seen an area of twelve by mail or
some \\t\jiu\: to set the election I bear by the people that John Stockton : Broward, and now the Miami Metropolis wire will receive
4i taousaad square miles, with prompt attention at either of the
aside. But tl:..> sovereign voice of the I would listen to their voice and : says of him: 'I population folUMVing works .
of more than half a million, .. .
pt'uple! was too strong and the re- I make the sacrifice in order that he "The appointee, :Mr. W. I. Metcalf, I II
freed. from the I
grog shop-the
uun'dlll TXoil.ne: though willing, I might serve his state. is well fitted for the office. He has: greatest FAY
enemy of the home the TTE lllE N. C.
"as i"r!:--, Already the demand for him to .: been for many years and is now a regularly state and i iI SAVANNAH, GA
j tbs church of God." W. T. GARY. I
I make the race is heard in every part practicing attorney at the bars I JACKSONVILLE FLA MOBILE ALA

lit a lett-r! to the editor of the lof the state. Even his political enemies t| of the state and federal courts. He i !i
i i When the leading apologist and rie-i I
(j ireeuulle (Fla.) Sews Mr. John N. I have nothing but words of praise i,; is a gentleman and a scholar, and it.1 i
fender of the Standard Oil in Florida!'
t' Stockton says; : I for him, and; some have even jumped ,'is sincerely hoped and believed that
i appeals to .....,.,
us we are
I ad-I i
compelled to =
"I if I can arrange my business matters I! too fence and come out flat-footed for ; he will lend dignity and honor to the r&-- !'Ir :J ."

sati-tauorily. and in such a way him for governor. i j important position to which he has.I mit that for infantile innocence and i i iI "lI.lll'
'I affectionate regard for the 1 1I K.'A. Spencer
a* not to violate the trusts that have The Record sincerely hopes that;!, been appointed; that he will be fair:I people and I L. E. Lance J. A, Bou terAnnouncement
!1.i-a committed to me by those who I Mr. Stockton will stop and listen tOj i i iI and honest in the discharge of his du-'I out interests, the Standard is with

have evidenced their faith in me," I the voice of the people and decide ], ties asi that he will temper justice'', a peer. The persecution of this .! I

That i* all right, and we know what I to make the race, and as sure as he ;;, with mercy at all times." 'I celestial little angel should be discon- j
tinned and the
he mean, but really we did not think I does he will be the next governor of!1I I I persecutors boiled in i ii I

t that John a ould have used that word. I.I Florida, and will prove one that ev-j I Ii i Son-in-Law Longworth is ,i! crude petroleum.-Tampa Times. !i We have
I reported I The purchased the
| above is only
I ery citizen of the state will be proud i to have said that President Roosevelt a specimen. It, I splendidly equipped

Congressman Lamar says that this i'I of.-Manatee Record. I would stand for a third term if the however measures the height and the ': g machinery plant of the Yonge and Cline Company, I

winter he will introduce a bill in the : Just a few weeks ago the Record j| whole country demanded it. If Mr. dept C"he diameter and the circum-l I and solicit a share of the repair work of Marion

home of representatives providing'I i talked the same way about the Hon. j:! Longworth thinks that Mr. John Temple j' Terence of the arguments defending !i adjoining counties. We make a specialty repairing andy(
the '
tht "no federal license to sell liquors I R. Hudson Burr and said that the I; Graves speaks for this section l.anUs decision. It is the only steam pumps, gas engines etc. %

s halt be issued in a county where the!I r newspapers that did not support him I I'I I want to gently disabuse his mind.we, tice way that judicial outrage and injus- Let us quote you rives, I

leopte of that county have: voted for belonged to the corporations, and j: The South bas can be defended. !
nothing in
local prohibition," and further, "pro- 'I were enemies of the people. !II with Mr. Roosevelt. common i F .
It i
\iding that liquor shall not be ship- I Mr. Burr is still a candidate for'governor 'I I on the tariff, on "agin" him | E. T. Bowman, the young negro Ocala Gas
ped from state I I colonialism, and on lawyer of Jacksonville Engine .1
permitting liquor and has done nothing so centralization. who was con- I

waling or manufacture into a state far as we know to forfeit the supportof =- victed of obtaining money under false >! I

T where liquor selling or manufacture such newspapers as the Manatee Mrs. Cassie Chadwick pretenses, was sentenced by Judge'j Company
has been continues In
prohibited. Maxwell to
Record. a critical! condition. eight years in the Florida I L-

.. prison ..
camps. I ... -- ... uJ
F .' ___


.. ..t. "' ,. .

Y ;:;:t.l:.: .: _
S -,
--' -_..

a' .....
';;! : .:.. :',' ;

i .. ....J : _'__" .......-.......... .- :

.r f TIiiF4 J O-- CALIiI A lu j' l'.i T \ FJR I '.



-- -- --


-- -- ---- -- -' -
-- .
__ _h_ ----- --- ----- - :: -- -
Local and Personal Mrs. L. M. Graham of Connor returned ANTHONY ITEMS

home Wednesday from a visit A STRIKING PARALLELIn i

to her daughter, Mrs. Howard, at Ar Special Cor. Ocala Banner:

.. Sr CiiMfett Harris, Local Editor.
cadia. Her Mr. Albert Anson
son, The picnic last Saturday at this:
down to Arcadia and .
Graham' went place was a decided success from every the Day! Bann-r of S*';ji'tc/: "r Ir. .-' iJalY: ELmuf! 2--; :enht'r' T. E. B.jMs; attorney at law. i
Mr and Mr S. A. Lamb of Anthon accompanied his mother to this city.
< standpoint. There was a large : 7, the names of the following citizen .:T, nname" of the ollo viIn ci:izt"n;:; P. W Whitesi.les, clerk Southern
2a a
> war. amok; the Wednesday shopfr ppeared as opposing the calling of .appeared as favoring the calling of avet : Express Company.W. .
inrata I Miss Byrd Wanmaan returned to : attendance and excellent addresses on
a wet and dry election! : :Marion ant .!lr. : fur Marion
L tor ; t- "ctlln II C. Dunn, clerk H. B. Masters Co.
I Ocala Wednesday afternoon from temperance were made by Reverends (
I (c:ounty: ounty: ; R. O. Connor, clerk Marion Hard
Mr H. c' Pat'kham returned Citra and will begin her music class J
has ,
Carroll and Atkisson of Ocala in the Edward Holder, phosphates.Z. R. .S. Hall turpentine operator andnaval ware Co. :
front br old home: in Philadelphia, I next week. She will be with Mrs. ;
C. Chambliss .
Methodist church. The ladies realized banker. stores.S.
wheel b the with] Walter Hood this winter. Miss Wart E. L. Parr, clerk Mclver & Mac- :
spent summer
from cream and other things sold the T. Munroe banker. A. Rawls, turpentine operator :
nhV has spent a very pleasant va I
David S. Woodrow Kay.Geo.
J real estate.M. and naval stores. ,
/ cation in Boston, Mass., and at the i sum of $25. They appreciate very Feltham, architect, Hclyer &
J. Roess, mill man. E. P. Thagard, turpentine operator.
Is a very general wish that Jamestown Exposition.Mr. much the substantial aid received MacKay.
G. T. Maughs, Agt. So. Ex. Co. E. P. Rentz, sawmill interests. -
J.... ....'f.athy will reconsider his Barney Spencer clerk Mclver & :
from the Ocala visitors.
Wm. Anderson, druggist Walter Ray, sawmill interests. i
.........."uD to resign from the and Mrs. F. W. Ellison of Anthony MacKay.E. .
The ball game in the afternoon was Chas. Peyser, cigar manufacturer. Clarence Camp, Camp Phos. Co. I
cmu.HIMr .. were in Ocala Wednesday en Van Hood, M D.
a source of great attraction, and soona Abe Brown, merchant. i Jack Camp Camp Phos. Co. I
route for Crystal River, where they A. L. Izlar, M. D. '
I large crowd was on the grounds, Chas. Rheinauer, merchant. ; Thomas Sexton phosphate inter !
*. Tom Hairy! of Clark has spent will spend several days fishing and : | I D. M. Smith, M D.
where the Ocala Juniors and Anthony Louis R. Chazal, phosphates. ests.J. .
.fteral day tbia week in Ocala with] otherwise enjoying the delights of H. C. Dozier M. D.
Juniors were engaged in one of the J. D. Robertson turpentine opera- W. Pearson oil interests.J. .
her hu_t*iiit' parents, Mr. and Mrs. that coast city. While there they will : W. V. Newsom.: D.
I most spirited and hotly contested t:or I M. Meffert, sawmill interests r
J K BaHt.) be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. i : J. E. Chace, ilentist}
. games ever played on the Anthony B. A. Weathers merchant : Pres. Ocala Ice & Fuel Co. :
-.- Falana. Mr. Ellison is a prosperous L. F. Blalock. dentist.
diamond. Both teams were in good Bernard Seligman, merchant. I .Jno. H. Taylor sawmill interests.J. i
Dr sOd Mr*. E. Van hood are now trucker and a prominent citizen of I I R. D. Fuller dentist.A. .
I'trim, and played with great energy. Fred G. B. Weibe, jeweler. R. Martin, turpentine operator. :
\IIU", in the mountains of North Anthony. J. Beck, pharmacist.B. <
Up to the sixth inning neither side J. M. Martin, merchant. Lee Miller turpentine operator.T. i
('......1... They apent several days re- I F. Condon, electrical
had scored a run; in fact few men on D. W. Davis, insurance. | E. Williams, turpentine operator. supplies
I..Ur ia Abbeville.Mr Mr. H. W. Nettles, a prosperousmill I
either side were allowed to reach the O. T. Green, lawyer. j I B. H. Seymour, sawmill interests. I etc.W.
man of Flemington, was in Ocala :
M. Lucius road builder.
: first base. At the end of the ninth R. 1.. Anderson, lawyer. i 1f O B. Howse capitalist. :
ampbell of Monticello, Ga., Wednesday and paid the Ocala Banner i I f
Chas. R. cierk; in GrtrI
I Ii i, inning the score stood 2 to 2 in favor H. Benjamin, ice manufacturer.E. Geo H. Ford. capitalist: I Teapot .
who ha l'n visiting her sister Mrs. office a friendly call and enrolled ( .
i i of Anthony. : M. Howard. Steam Laundry. i Mclver & MacKay, furniture dealers i. cery. :t;
J P W hh. in Ocala for several his name on its growing list of sub
W. Woods. Grocer
E. clerk in
Teapot -
Our temperance forces are greatly A. T. Swartz, merchant. and contractors.Hunter i i I.
.*.**.. ha it-turned home. scribers. lie was accompanied by; : 'I .
: encouraged and rejoice over the great Henry Gordon, sheriff. Drug Co., by R. S. Hall \
Mr. Fant of Fantville. Both these i I i J. T. Lancaster life insurance and
; victory won last Monday by Putnam R. R. Carroll, newspaper.J. president. :
Will:1 Marlow has as her guest that
gentlemen are ardently hopeful : real
Yr I county in the fight for sobriety and H. Benjamin, newspaper foreman. Martin & Carn Ocala Seed Store. i estate.'f
.... L.-r h--r young brother: Theo I the county will go dry, and are satisfied Ollie Mordis, merchant.. Clark Bros. O. K. Grocery Co. I| S. H. Blitch. M. D., and managerCommercial

..,. v*t.f!: of High Springs, who is, in the belief that the sentiment. morality. I : Bank.
Four two-horse teams containing J. F. Crawford, merchant. L. J. Knigbt. Knight-Marrin Co., |
at.** Dr. J. C. Boozer assistant
i twenty-five men passed through town W. J. Hogan, Jr., meat market.B. hardware.A. | manager:
more and more popular : !
I growing ': on Wednesday, bound for Indian river' J. Culverhouse, restaurant. I W. Bridges. Kni ht- !arrin Co. Commercial Bank.
Vr K I. Smith, our Fairfield cor- If left to the white
aud pronounced. Geo. teller. Commercial
:| J. Blifeh.
I : to gather oranges. E. C. Staley.agent.. i T. B. Snyder. Gents' Furnishing Co..
rfKNMt "'i1Yonday for Louis- ,.voters of the county outside the !!
; I The engine and machinery for Mr. George McGahaain. Bottling Works. I! Marcus Frank. Variety Store.
ftii KV where I* will take a course i towns these gentlemen say that the.. !1
W T. of Munroe
I I George Brown's sawmill which is to J. H. Spencer. Ocala! Gas Engine' W. P. Edwards, marker Gal'100hkeeper .
Hi tte* UmUnll Dental College.: [ proposition would carry by at least 1 II I & Chambliss.: bankers.
be erected one mile from Anthony is R'orks. W. W. Condon, Ocala M'isic: Co. I
i three to one. I I G. insurance. ,
| S. Scott.
M. Fisfcel. merchant. >
the side track. A. E. Bumf tt. jeweler.
Mr T t:. Blot" and family will now on I I '..
r>"''' n E. W. Agnew, ex banker.B
Mrs. Watari Kitashima 09.- & Malaver. merchants. W. A. Knight dealer in buggies
*$titftf ntt few months at Prinntw | Mrs. W. D. Condon Seriously Hurt tinot, bakery. etc. I H. Norris clerk in 0. K. Gro-
ton wagons.
r.' .% Maryland, and will prob- j About ten o'clock Tuesday night !
I a visit of lemmer[ bakery.e A. C.. Cobb. Marion Farms Stables.D. cery.
ah' r**st.l, thrre par manenty! !I Mrs. W. D. Condon happened to avery I! J. M. Bryan of Martel Lumber Co.
ant Sales
____ tives here.ma's proprietortontezuma. W. Tompkins, Livery
I I dreadful accident at her home !! P. A. Au le';, Martel. .
: obbs, proprietor Florida Stable.G. '
Mr T I. Matrhett.. one of our valued girlhoc "
in this city, and one that very nearly c. P. Pillans. Martel.
<>rati.*. BprtaKa subscribers, was i I i iI I pleasure to A. Xash. ,:n.- goods.T. 'I' ,
fatal. She was walking around
Hi C'INIe.t"CtDHltay and renewed: hisntMrftftthia ; 'I proved her with t' BT. merchantrig. W. Troxler! fruit oonft-ctionery 1..t. Tucker. Martel.
i in the dark up stairs and stepped into'I i L H. Pillans-. Martel.
to Marion county's popular day for Vii cashier Munroe' & and cold drinks.C. I
!I what she supposed was one of the : \\-. P. Johnson. Mane! .
avw.itwr I other relati tank. H. Shaw fruit. confectionery and! I II
bedrooms, but instead it was the back ;ton. cold : S A. Davis. Martel

I stairway, and the unfortunate lady : pan.Mr. dJinks ; L.01ln'1', Martel. i1
fir Pr<'lri< k who re,,id' fell headlong down the stairs to the i
il!,*h ..rna.i 'in th, swnHind ward, but 1 I 'here has sol oman. cold drink;: W L. Xorri Mattel. I
bottom. She struck her head on the : el. RHfndrc's.; ; M H. Outland pastor Methodist! t1I
C. groceries
\. 'Bfr- ,ii!, tiiKaged in business at I West Virginia '
I hinge of the door and cut it very severely. *. I I ii'Tch
: i & r Ferguson groc .
hgppri itt IU. b *rH \eMenlay and I ida with his son, L. ii I, .
and i
fai N also her arm, and she received many. i '
erts. H. H. Whitwortrstockihan.
: come one of our permaneu_ Drugstore. I

tl I I. >''+*ttnr who I is now en- I bad cuts and bruises. At first it was Mr. Price who has been in bu rhea-l .. j C. R. T\,hueTy.liug; fc Co. drugints. I E. C. M'LPo-l. ;.i::: and tin:,>,,r deal i
several of Mrs. Condon'sribs
thought that I
i eat. ,J '? > iii'-ri anti!.- business at at Bakersburs. Fla.. is now on an::" : ; 'I er.

.....',..' 4,1' ii. c .Mrrdav. Mr : were broken and that she was i to h4s children at this place. I D. B. :Mayo. Marion Shot Cj, j L. F. Ballar.i l ':..r>>enter.

IS. t i'I I !"aM-d with his burt internally but the latest reports T. H. Harris; One Price S', :re. !i L >. Li.! t. -',). k raiser t
"per \ p
I"> '* 'u"+ 1,1 hoI: iro.prts.j < i from her bedside are that she is resting THE NEWS FROM CITRA John Sa nr.ia. groceries.' I II I .! t ; Sp'iriir.. 1: .tnmer. -:
and that the I .
: very comfortably, R. B. Zachry Th"U: -Za. hn Furni- J. S: Leach. < arrt' .ater

M. I, III -t.p! nf Sutherland I ist1 ; physicians think that he condition i't'ry Special 'or. < 'cau Banner: ure Co. I F B Tarafr.'a.er! and .- Ionian. N'
much better! than was aT firsT
l.< ,l'It. ,' 4 i ",!) Mr .J W. Bishop \ The Citraites: are returning and it J. O Drk.e H.; h Ftrs'-tiu: &: Usher : .T H. Wurki'U"!! prmeipa.I' 'ala

,,, ; r..,. I ..11 s.: tilth Third treat I supposed.Mrs. will not be long before they are all at 1P.. (!ddm.he: Bazaar. !i Hi.:'' 1chooLI: M

'ft. ,, ; ut.. I- K-lr guest :MisHid :> I Condon's friends are very home asain. i J. W. At"xanr.! ; % Xew Racket; Store.B. I r \ Clr\'in.i!I. city n\ir-U-! I

yes> i t'I stuthrrland.Sl !! much distressed over her accident, I. Mr. J. B. Borland and family arriv- E. Rajnr. ,'irnniisMOu" IM,rchant. :i H. I." Sistrun: ; ,'".,- clerkIn -tJ.-

.. I I, and hope that her recover will be as I ed home last Saturday after a delightful -: Get. W ,ia! :in. Ocala: :NVuCo.: I M drah.'iri i : 'ir\ M\ ,', 'tor
--- -- --
\l- '. L"t' I'arlhh', who was rapid as possible under the circum.' I two months spent in Ohio and H. B. Cark! "e'u, :Marion Hirdwar-: "I a::''. a'-strai! t-._

: stances. : Cn. S..l. BuVt!: '-'lrFf '', -I.. ice. ."
Jj." h 1",1- 'h' Ocala Hit Penns>Ivania. They visited1Vashing- "

S--rlt...p ,. hntHHn appointed'! !, ton City and the Jamestown Exposition I II I, R. D. MathfA -, Supt. 0'a:a Steam I h B. Fo\, J'! I. :my (-::nrIIK \ t:

'e' h'M.rht! *.! at Ceni I Statement From Mr. Carn on their way home. I II I Laundry. I I.. EMwa: : icnari.I : : : ..Its .nty

., !! ":"' \I.u-ta" j Ocala, Fla.. Oct. :II, 1917.I \ Miss Louise and Miss Ethel Borland -, Ii i W. H. Do
-- -- : To the Voters and Citizens of Marion leave on Wednesday for Winter I,I Laundry. C \V. T".r!t m'\ ,''1 :' --on

I County: Park. to attend school at Rollins Cotleg.e ,I J. L. Emersuu. bookkeejitr, Ocala r.
,. -utti-rtption to the : : II
M. 11 : x I .
: Ii ?team Laun.!Irj S: R. P.---: '.: con--: ", *.
IM I"I, I. S I.ixht of Red I am informed by reliable sources : i
E. H. Mott.trala Coop ra-ie; Co. N.l., Fort ('< .r. con.n'i-- .. .. *.
4 Hi-- *" Ocala papersMnVr : that certain parties working for the i Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gremer have re- >:
: i I R. E. Yon>: plumbing: and bicycletore. T E. Patten' f. usurer Mar. Co.
I,. .'- ,- the most read, whiskey people are circulating the re turned from a pleasant visit with relatives -,I !i :1
i II i ii i-atc Steven.ainiian I P.-u: : i of
; k .r t i 1"11'' nf any IlalH"rI ben port that thedry" people are receivjug | in Virginia. .
I i II i i J. W. Aiken. plumber. P'c;: !! Iutrfl't;')!:
... ,h.. rt?tith' This i 11 a very: aid from the whiskey men of Jack- Mr. and Mrs. Driver and children
Glen. Va. M. J. Cannon. .If R. E. Yons1 & Co. T-I.I_ S. Grant'a":; mfr.:'" r I U; i-f! of
carrthe I from
home Singers
bonville and Tampa to help are I iI
I,i.!l- ii s.1\ iiu-n' W !>eHe\e. our [ I
1.. W. Gar-s. of R. E. lone & Co.Jem. Putir:: Instructn!:
...h! 'I.\f the rwu K\ila! papers i county dry. They are also telling that I[ Mrs. Jones of St. Petersburg was I
Burnetr. merchant ailor. B. R. Blitch. HIf; ber Boa-! i ,f Ptib-
C. R. Carter several i
of Mrs.
II:1': *.>.>.! 'turn--> '.. the sub- myself and others of the prohibition the guest I
W. C. Smoak, Smoak & Son Carriage !io Instruction.
*v rt? !-. !,,t the tnnat Invested in i workers are getting large sums of days last week.Postmaster I I I .
Tues Works. W. D. Cam, "' "; rinteh I wish H. M. Oyer spent .
ifc.'n fah' >Hifh MllM'lif possible; money for what we are doing. ;
I Geo. L. Taylor, Ocala Printing Co. Instruction. :,:
such statements are day and Wednesday of last week in ,
hit !absolutely false and any persons who I Gainesville, attending the Fourth I I Grover C. Spencer baker George Clor. Ij IjL.

I' tell them are lying. The prohibition Class Postmasters' League, which I N. I. Gottlieb, Ocala Photo Co. B. McKenzit electrician !

For Chapped Skin. I He W. W. Clyatt, abstracts.W. C C. Carroll!, pastor Baptist chch..
of its workers have convened at that place. repotrsa
I league nor any
I h..t .II'D, wtM-tLi-! meeting, and was much I ,
received cent from liquor good
h.a hl.<%' ...* cured In one night byrhumUrUia ever a '
Salve. It Is would with the cordial' reception F. C. 'Edwards, editor Southern Wit- church. "-
they receive
"i ",ME I dealers anywhere, nor pleased
> ut""quaint'<1 ftir HOTH nipples a cent if it was offered. I am given them by the citizens of Gaines- I ness. W H. Dodge [tastor Pr.-"v, :ian

.. I -. a' P,, T naif hy all F. E. Harris editor Ocala Banner.C. church.G. .
, I working for the cause without one .
R in ville.Mr. editor Ocala Star. H. Harrisrn E-c !
L. Bittinger, pasror pal
has been j ;
:cent of pay. Besides that, I amspending Alison Wartmann on I II .

my own money in behalf I the sick list, but we are glad to see I I R. A. Burford, attorney at law. church.

E. W. Davis, state's attorney. W. E. Smith. clrk in Teapot *,ro- j
convinced the streets again.
ot it, because I am fully him on

that it is for the best interest of this I Miss Byrd Wartmann, who has I I I L. W. Duval, attorney at law. cery.
at law. M. M. Li'tK clerk in Rh .er'3 :
R. McConathy, attorney :n 1
teary and state. These men are been summering in the north, has returned -

Fishel cared, and seem to be resorting to : and after spending a few days I L. N. Green attorney at law. store. t1

i: Says : the most: undermining methods. I!with relatives here, left for Ocala !jj :Maj. L. T. Izlar, attorney at law,t W. L. Jewett, bookkeeper T- pot 0

I Respectfully, j Our school is progressing nicely, I II' and mayor of Ocala. Grocery. f: ;

L. S. Beck attorney at law. I C. E. Thomas, assistant po W. D. CARN. I' and the attendance is increasing. i I

Ii "See My New It has been unusually healthful! ,. H. M. Hampton. attorney at law. I C. G. Fraser, manager !
I i ,i Mrs. Bessie Reddick Married I here this summer, but there are quite J R. B. Bullock, attorney at law.E. ness.J. .

A. McLin, bookkeeper for S. A. A. Pittman ex-furnitnre dealer I
( will learn with
1 Goods < The Florida friends a number sick at present j

interest of the recent marriage of I Rawls.Moody. T. H. Johnson, broker. 11

: Mrs. Bessie Reddick formerly of LAKE WEIR NEWS ITEMS I -

Brooksville. -
Ii thousand acres in all, which he will has been: suffering with stom- Alderman McConathy's Letter cf Resignation
I pr '}.tar to It'll \uil Mr;;. Reddick was married to a Mr. i Special Cor. Ocala Banner: j jI.
and box ach trouble.
cup as soon as possible.
: \\iiliamaon, a well known resident of Mrs. Walsmann returned to the Atlanta -

Shoes Cloth and ; Chester, S. C., the marriage being solemnized I. Baptist College a few days ago i j iI Miss Sara Agnew of Jacksonville Mrs. R. 1.. Martin is improving. She : Ocala, Fla., October 1, 1907.

: at the home of the bride at i I after spending two months here, ai I is spending a few weeks with her is able to be out again, after an ill- Hon. John D. Robertson, President of

Clothesf : Chester. guest at the Smith House. Mrs. Wals- :j father, Mr. E. W. Agnew, and her sister ness of six weeks.
i Mrs. Reddick is the widow of the mann is a charming lady and will be Mrs. J. Carstens, on the lake. I Mr. C. J. Smith spent -a few days l the City Council of Ocala:

.!... tuoitf than other* do but late Mr. John Reddick who was a greatly missed by the many friends Mrs. K. H. Clements is having an here with his family last week. Not wishing to bear any of responsibility -

I lM*>isti tv> gtte you only good : !|J prominent citizen of Brooksville for she made while here. She is music ;j I addition put to her storeroom, a porchin .I Smith has joined the firm of L B.I I growing out of tao ;.re:)-

luylii I want you to see what I many years. She has a number of teacher in the Baptist college. front of the store and a new roof. Turnley, furniture dealers, and will ent management of the: c-y: affairs,

UHiffttt iuf! I &11 North. Will 'relatives in Ocala and has visited Mr. L. W. Waldron of Grove Park !| When all is completed and painted it in indefinitely. I
I Tampa and feeling that I can be of r i service
>tn ioiurt we mew hers on many occasions, and her came in last evening with a force of j will greatly add to the beauty of our I

friends here will wish her every hap- men and two cars of lumber to put little village. Mr. J. M. Blain is the The friends of Mrs. Clarence Smith to the people, I respect;:: resign -

--- I are glad to see her improving in I councilman f' th>
piness. in operation a turpentine still about a contractor. the office of ;

M. FISi1FL I j half mile south of Lake Wer. Mr. Mr. Dell :Moody left today for White health and will be delighted when third warl Respectfully:
be, able to look:: after The com- ,
I, Fresh Kalaxazoo celery at the Waldron hRS leased" .r:. '> a rat of Springs, where he will spend a few she can j! R M O..XV. l'! : : f.

( Pure Food Market x :,rnf !leek f:'d:.: \ L M ::'.:: "" "t .':'1: \\ "'. :,s Tc re. 1r-r '3 !!::;; ::?aT': :'.f!. Icrr., u her :2':: :;*'-*- aga'a: ,

R '


'fIT -
""' aL

_. .---
-- -
cr. "
: ,

i : DIDN'T SAY IT. BROTHER (: jjjjjji( ; .cuiit"; ? '. S }


iE OCALA BANNER [ NOMINATION n"r lll tn> nd of the Live Oak is less deadly than it uCertdin ) I '
-'si-3v'r.: Consumption
.. .' ; I ,' :
I -- Mr. Inn** -, 1 t i .t ., i \ .>:; T:' when

'. ., I',, .. : .:. '. .' Nr..: ', ,,: ": ." "
1 IIi t \NK HARRIS. Editor. cO .. .1 .. t. 1ay : "i' n. tiUivt'i' t .',iXe\\ > aa.unr "iar relief and usually compet2! r .

t- L' 1. good Business Manager. NV-A.'. ,, nd icule and the 1H1hliro *"'""r as well n..t' declaration for rae; prohibition A
*J from the following treatment : '
---- - -- ''t ;j.Ii(1\' tit! t: 1,1:" : -. governor would be f.. will result /' .

t.II"l! to i/I.i.! ; .' ._ .! "claration on :, .J
.. ... .. : : : ? .1 :c Scolf
I' and
CUA'ui.ttc Jni.l' r .. .5. : .. ,' it. in- Hope rest fresh air, >
:\ 'i'.. -:. aft: '_:._ ..'' 5 .i '. ""..i i i I" -ps: .t ,
I I. (
I "
.. .. .. -1.
ill: '
\ .
l <
i to.- ;ir.iui-i. li'rpo ,
'\ tit the l..i r' ja i'l t' .tiott day. ani I with ;' n-i! I f 1'-\' ( ; ; Emti.Jion"LL
.. _.t, f I ti.ot ,-oii.toti.if! u.au. 5 he News has n.) recoll.cf.on: of .:

-. .. 1 ; }t..aily; in..re ought >. ,\thing of th- sort. Tiu- : \ DRUGGISTS: ; 50c. AND $ \I.OO.
If .. -
,.. .
--" .1.
tIMII1111f/ ..1.1 N not behe\e: any :such : Jt"t .
-,: .. .i. l 1-: < :' '1t 9"cOO-r,09
.. .- lA yt af
: ;
: > .
Seriously e- ; "'W \tY.. 'Ii"
: '.. .;. \ i 11ll! '; -f fIoue
.. .. J. .. I .._ '.. Ia : .. 1. ... .. .. :.,.. ; ,1 ',,.1: :' of state prohibition'a& .
.J t11,' ':\ )aiiti inn0Yt :ht' < wise ,
7 .. tt.0: ?' s>
T'IIi p
; 4c an
ttWN \ tP. /' ',- .. .. ... : .t-illUt: tIlL,: re"l'oll ;bi": it. What
<'! ." 'f# ,, : he may : oppose : -- -- -
..," : I :
.., .; |I F I connf'ction"ith. '
& said in
... I ; :." I' ll I' :N1 News has
_1J1I_ .....::; i Bu. ," of Jefferson B. Browner
:N. II\I'} 1 .:! 'h( claratiou l .
I.. ,.. '.., ., ., .., .. > :: '
1 I --- -- I .::,. I I" ;. h 1 111 i -;a"-. prohibition is that it doesn'tljvji
i t'a
,. \1. i Wine RooTfs.'I'f
: :
*'- ; : 1..1' i.' ; : .1.-; :.< ..- .. ". ': Ocaia House
OCTOBER 4, 1907. !I I ,"a' man who optnad! -
FRIDAY 'u' ''nt" }hi' -.1.1." .. ," I..1 ...11.1 .. i!:< I Ku t' .Hid \110-l! aU ,. ticket \i' any i ) ,
-- -- / .it u.- ". > ., .'...w .tut 1": this not lt-st? The ocatestate", prohibition can be electf :
)ii-iiin\:;;! of f I i
tr that
t : And it stickto'
.N )ut [ ed go\ernor:
I \ -T'
'lid; ';':' .::.i-< 'THIS good pnctr .\! there ar 1 i'i 1 1t[ ; l ----
'' ,. tU "it.n.Tampa! Evening X"WAnd -
': i n.. \' \l ; I : i 1. 'I pro 1c
Tat-ie k i H .. \ r: .
; '. .. .'. ., .; ,'r; no man: who openly opiio- >- :
N .* "; ,. : r trying 'I"t"n3 ;, ." :\ \t I a' '
\ -
"I' 1'
It : i.il1". Ij j i I LiiUlVILtl "!,rp .. .. ,. t .., .-.' ..' .', i .,i\. L! : .., 'i:!. :a'.v i Mil.r 1 ;; :" iir) < :l-i -u:(* prohitnuon can be elt-ctt-d. an.l OLD lLEGHANY:
iu1cthtrt' out inv r i i- always an unsafe proposition! tOjattemnt j ji ,
,f. -- u.-t-ntatues 'd; : \\at-iu; u D-t:le..ztch' .1 on a ti-i.iiu: :: i rip "
1" .. : I:' ., L.c : \>\ -. [ : -tradd'e! '! the fence or >\;;1.-
i '" also r t \.0'\1\ a iu.vni5!
I' 111, | i two hoi-es So there you are
: ,: J ; : -:, '. the women
I !l.-Jislatun: ,-!.' i -." aktrof tt. I. .
'*...... tii-u Dan ',:.. .' : ,;, .1' .1:, :r. it s'aU- j PURE RYE.

r ,. .., > t '... '1' :: :i ..icAi,1la qft:5t'r..'" 55 : ...' .., :':.): e e ;i'..,1 ,: > ': ';t !1. .rd i : .:at \1':. fiber I MANUFACTURED IN OCALA I!

.l nee -;. .11.d. I .. \I. : : sr*'att I
; 'ta
1 ..i : : "h. -jt arit I' 'I I. :;: ;1"1'; !" ''ll.1.4ho.il.l; u:
i I Do yon !-0'\' that we an* makunrcellent !
t :- l\il.I.c-. : ... ... ". and ,. t- ".' -.-f u1 1 .s u-iiaUT at the raia! < n.ln'a I. whirh -
'.w .... 'II brick; in < >caa anu
ran ." : :.1.: all pro) ., .> ,,. lvr- jrt 'O'.u'.HThe: i I1!;,"rinr in 'la-tia: ?: (ju.ility: ro another! j j'niaKy Put up 4 full Qts .

I" Ital' j : ': .l's trrc.Mou.1 I : :.. !' \\it'. .' t l'h!.Stai :- i .urpct suIl'l'\'I':1 I'. '! ; of briri :m th-1 nark, am'! !j jf f .

'.. ," .'\1 \\ .l.llt'j" ';':; .Jud.Jtft'!. .: .. :<. ,.'.\' : \' ., .;111. hull ; rh e ,' i. :1. i :. ; : le: shame" and hu- 1.\. can. *"\ll\ rv'! ''t1 ;acheat) a- .rn"'l'! ,, in CartoonsDelivered
;, [ ,. ;n !;n'aor small! o;?aiiTltuV I, Fancy
UC3 :>! uaL I. c :j:I\\ .. .. 1 : "\.;\ll'i'. ; ;. aid I' m ilL.: :: i I L' !'i tt- M. an.l itt I \\ alto! ."" ". "i.f'c'tirr'ind: have: ''I'! I

t. .rN ,u3t ,. ... .. trot .. .1 1! orvhoa i'i I c >a- ; .::.i' no ('II."> can blame 'I'I..J! 1 l.'...,.a-.,,.:,. lloiks! f.'r' ia\.n; : p'upo 1

: ,:1'(' :. ;.u:.: ,1'.: ,,. ir' ,.. i L.r 'i-:.iur: : ; '.! 'ir: ilfi'dlCt' for ini .---. I! at your

r.t... ::1 :Ihlt.! ..' \\0; T .. :a la. .1.t iu" thf' i! I : ".. ;t iti ter>' ci'Uei\able \\'" oil( ')" aiad to an-\\i all l I

I'l.iter.... .. VU'l! J Jti J-] !LlIi": : ci/ri"- atdhi't'' amplfVOODMAR -. ill''I'I
l 1i1'e 1 i't : ida! i i. : ..- 1-r Edit r: :. Express Office

: !,IlIl' '+ ,, :" L of i I. -: Jti : ail; .i an.'. COil ble--) the \ 8.SD STONE} COP I
d fn. l.: c : -
'f ltd t pal; ... < :. : <-> .. : .a ire uf i .t .s :..f Ii. ttui.WEAKENED. I i-l-wtf Oea'a F': ni-)A
nit -- I : I Fore 88.20
._- thrill ,,
I hH I 1. _..: .: u- : in; '
rut .t ': .: I II. ., : : 'unnt : Large Residence for RentTilt ,
\\h :. .uiu,' fr c : I PRIMARY SYSTEM '
t, : ,..tll t ':. ,, '::' 'I Allied! :! Hot:--p, near the S'-'a-I I
zltM .. ,ld .
I Ebiiro, .. ;, l'UlH d.: :
I Il
.. !oiri AiLn = d"po:. \:> for r"m Ha
: '
1' ; hi
:.' .....uio" :r =aie.: Ir inot a lonctr'tch of memory rooms and l lntha, an arr flalfL r
*1't .. u ar $1.00 a Quart Whiskey write
'aurn .
: ,
L .. :, i'c. .: .a! i: > -" i back ;o tin now famous primary: Rru. $'" p-r month. Apph T

.- ----, iu > iiii:! I :: :_ i.., M.U.: .' .. "i i i t rr.'p! \ ear- :tu, wben Brovvardiiu David; S WooroHod! B'ock.Otala. complete Price ist
MNfMate : : : : l,1 .
F1L l'M-rf-\\'
:0' :. ]:,..to. ..1..i'ei'hd-l r.', rh.1 .._' go\ err of Florida, matt. :
., .. !. i : .. :.i.iII
:12: i. : ..%.-t If .< ; i: tr; a-5 ts1 l" :. i- I'iaplln.; .
1 I' u'tlty' -, teat "( f' :. 11,1 1 :\ ...' a nan \> ho heal 1 him then HIGH PRAISE FOR THE FLORIDA
t '1 k- ::1k'Ilk LIFE. Dcaia HOLise Wine Rooms.
the :. at .Ict 't:;;ioch. :::. : .. :. -A il: fori.fi the warm prom: he,

: ., t':: Ite : what h--.1
.. --- -- -l't' y .;tlf i u th'- people a.to ;From the Highest Authority: in insurance

I' : ..11'1" : I' -'at! fie ..:: au l' :.' t .lo when! he became the execti Journalism.
\ C its \ FLORIDA .
i .late .. u tl .' ;: ,. am' _, '..' "'us aii'iividl : ." .' j \5- oL the stat .

\\1 i.:... u r tai .' : : i ..1L";: m3.(:, T"" t'if i among the l'rombwas:; thai tlNew: I York Insurance Journal Compliments

'. .'. ... i FILL! '..t'.n' .- the deiui Our Solendid Company -- -
d 1 uu '." \ a rld 1' t' I" : : .. \\ (hilt! forever :s-tand: ly 'I

:' a EI' i,i-i:: l it.t ..\i ...: -. : : _.. I:' t'J ., ": ::1 :. 1/ :'a' K- i iattorm and the! : democrutu<, and Points with Out that it is
Meeting Remark -THE-
AML .- --- :,,-r ;; ., .. -:d':' and .. '.. l.' ....'.'..",... n1a"-: : i 1 j Ii 1 1ary.: able Success.

\\ : >. :> 3 IM r an : ; ,'t.: > to ,' '.' '_ :\u'l-l\e ..J+ .r. ; HI''a:', he said always an arden: The tolltm.n! ; very complinifn'arLrtici1

iu . i\Htl I'-t-'i i- fh, \-tj;')\'' -ulJr :a: tL.! a'!tof 7J:: it' _porter of the primary and wont 1 : !-' concerning the Florida! Life [Innrance -

: tIlt:. > t'( 1 lollit ti in ft t. F..'rich' .' .. :: !imi-hmg, .':.'."> !'! .," governed entirely by the provis" ;::; in the Company Spectator of this a New city York appeared In- MoriOl i) Hardware ConpaiyHEADQUARTERS ) )

il. V : lit .. i'! J'il KiUvliy! e.' ',1 : the .
1 1 L II' i. in. > i :-u > -- ,arts; ; of the platform as to appoint "-ranee journal and will be read withnt'THbt

I. + :h, in\it.i'on\ : : so i.. ULIusly s.mn : uui. !kilt of officers which would be in hi::s by the hundreds of stockhold-

.. t tj\ his fellov\ 1'Ill'lii.; j I j,;ari!; during his administration. ;>rs and policy holders of the Florida ,

i Hi ::1"! fd: :. ('t tlitt.It :.,m'ernor(; 01'J ham no n.anj I Has he done: this Life"The Insurance Florida Company Life Insurance: Come

i ,, -.- \.1 i |lr,1ba. ?tc>, i Luh-r at i K-- tint: and tor' a1 I The answer is :so plain that no oni t rang of Jacksonville, Fla., is one of- American Wire Fencing

:. i i ti.: 'i.uues W iu he OL li' :..,' !in the i. i.itMis of his j par'y.1 I Can' misunderstand it. if::,< > southern companies that has met >

'. 11 .\ :'.1p"r : 'I !!lt" :'.- T\:: too, as t0 Mr Burr. His j Hillaboro county can answer, amier d with remarkable success without using Sash Doors and Blinds

itiII fri'H.per: :: in '1:O? statement that | v answer will be "No." Marioi n any schemes! for selling policies! ,
The Florida Life is a stock
111u ;of 'i.Urnvard; ia.: i h.'t'n the Moss. ;1 county( can answer it, Duval count;y with nearly CHI' stockholders company scatter- Paints. Oils and, Varnishes

I' i ala\ i .' .. P' '' t tc >t :: u-u.oorat.1 i arty in its later ;: (an answer it, many many othe r d throughout the state ,
; .. \\ ft l r ,Ii } rain -t!: ,: M". Burr LaV* n rs Aa'.j'i;! ''t or.nties, including Dade, can answet. r most prominent business and among profes- Mill and Mining Supplies.Turpentine -

.. I, t \1.:1 >lt fi .. ThiHi I IIall!:-', 10 mai l: yd! take th e rl": I'-j.' and the one answer of Hill&borl o -ional men. Sixty per cent of the

?, t !I't WllI ....:,1 dry.' T'! .1\,!a. noimiiati ti''t. onto his o\\u'': twill! do for them all.. banks! of the state are: interested in Snpplies,

I I..r, j'lt -h: '' .,i''!":- it-tins; !: ,no-.r.'! the ,: 'li.-f I E\erywhere people are asking whiSt at The he company wfo'ch! gives it prtige>. !
company is governed b> a hoard! !
Farming C
-- :h.* "'' ',.-, the t :.: llT'. capable t ot I I', is there for a primary'? ')f directors ('onsj.ting of th ;rry-uinp :;

u. ;,"!'lII.lt'd! Far'-.t-r in cat !rt I1.. :r" burd.-: i Cannot lesser officers violate tbei .prominent business men. who biH'll

.. ,.'a' t'UL'. < lu'jn: is "!Ti' i\' have 1 bet. t: L.any governor- (If :, ('liirations: as well as the \ orof I made a success in -th' it (V\" 1nn!; ,- : GET OUR PRICES
business!' and
,! J ,i.v in kit! u.-\t trial FI : ,:.. uu it l th-:r' ue tnends ami :; Hill place names on the ticket not aj)- hn..t are Jhororsihlv' c I Iri I E-f'nt; ro the compaT1n1nIl.; .'\
I \ !U .. ,' usto -'H: >\\ the i'.'1'- til a'l i" ." ':1. who ;'a'llj ; I proved, by the primary ; or may n of "The bucines; :" of thf F'rida, f.j it' i

'. .1' h -pei': ':.' "i >u> -St. in': !'r'Id' ; i\: .cat" > !' i'M.\iT-: : over t" eir hy;! refuse to nominate as be ha.'" is ('one on non-narticipar'nir' :: : !inia i-.

I f' t e I ;re 1:: < 'o; ','" Utluai 'dH': ;>:'noi1-" lone when even overwhelming majo;r- \ine: a plain. simple and easily: un1rtood I Marion Hardware

-'"; -- '. ". St.i;;! ,1t',11 ', '.-i: .j ri".1.t. h. I'-i-j I '; -it-b are given candidates, if it b e -o much contract ini-uranfi with for the inMirtii GompanI
i' a stipulate1irerm !
!lad tlio: ret IK .
t. at
MIr I' '1 ; .u !1'- 'no.l! and i \ slit! qtialiti."- !rht-ir r will to do so?
] :'e .: !'lliies: ? u: Mr H. U.I'i of good -'td:!. lnir he at.1! ...- 1 Sure enough. what is the use of triuarv he after condition; or cnntinu-inc: ... tinrat's I -- -- -

} : in tl!,. .L I i1 k-ou- r : ;a'- dec' ;n._ ;.n-mseh' if ) .:) under the: circumstances ms of COli<:(>. being!: much lower: I ----- ---- -

Tarn-a I K Uiii ; of did ban those charged bv companies/ ?i-;.
'I. : !li ti r tint .i' lI'a'h' 'r- j
: Hi 1 !' ought: about by Broward -uins! : partioinaHiiu; policies} It i i i" ................... .... ..... . . .+++. ... .
', ,, i-uer: t I 1. :; ; of other ;iioi! .
i- 'i t t. 1,1 r"llII: a : ::1',1' i The gournor's latest action has vi::s- tri rly, an o'd' line I InH pr.'niiui'i''f"Tserv 1 V

in *'-;'I. iv,a'ly: at wi.u '. tni, high 'fu-.'. i ., :
t :a"- art'e"; + !b'iakentd' the respect of the \pr'n- ('IHJIJ"H1Y.it< -t'r\f !h>?

ilu .' > .da i :\ M :htv i '! ,.dii.<-. hf. ;.1-. and flL"; ::11"')! tor the primary law and has ha ''", :,r c.Tiutte l r>n a 11)'r rent intfif-' Adding Accounts I
a iTin; > i- ew
r. I re : n I. Tied the day mhen it will be aba n '
\rraordinardevice! for '
--- i ]ii ned for the: old contention plan. iiii<' NBC. hut th. -tat5 i- well. !I SUM' i: :
o1' (1ldhllla\
tU rm'oitunatelj the governor cai"t n- !pl'ed' with/ auenrs: \\ \ : i 1bii: ':1. an! it .\ 1lttihg' of th'>: hoard of trad.h cNire much ind'ifcr asi'lie.' fr' ; |
IIr trek to succeed himelf, in his prtit e < \n are constantly adding new acWe i
", ..it t "i! i. i- in h F'uav! after: !l"H, to cousidt'i il h' 'I1P intiirJiai bankers :m"1'1! 1i ; *
office he would in all \ *
,fat "' ;, '''l' a 11 .: i-r.oL' of h ':: :.K.a: "roimiout:: or 'l-I i 'II"oJkr': r. lie fon, !!id, it! a1! tlt: i and
,' ;iittear that his \iolation of dfnv(1-( Itripf'pal! point?. i ii i : counts our business is increasing at \
.. :
:ii all tii"! a-'
'. ::1lIr i: : :1 noth ('j !" i n"u.: at v i i.uie
'ratic l'rimari.arE': utterly condeu'i 11"I'n t(> ill1" nri'nt tin1- t'n- f'urid1 l:! .
: iii .' :. ; fur thea.. .' i- politic:. or .
'lit : \\1: p. Lif h:1. coi'fi'i '
: >- d l i'-:
operatimi- flu i a satisfactory also
!: by all adherents of the primal rt. very rate. Possibly
1 tor 1 L, '' itin d, win; ., m\ : t i Ui>rt <':. I -'atid!' Florida! butt arnn, :::fjin'n1'! you i

tk '. :.1 Lou I',' \ Ok >: : lilt-iuauer.: \ a..' pre:;idi !\' b"'tGf inndto; cxri'iid its Itus #* be
might i
,ointee-.Miami Record.Why !, I !IWI": otln r xtiri's in (that "<>cnot I; glad to join us. + :
It .id; of trot i i'i-ided] ant! I : :
iof the ('?!II1\try. Its at\oww1
pnlii] !iMo j.i i- .
ted .
liiiiii- to atrt
\\ i- 'uu< : ": i be
i-ciisi'rvati'.elv aggressiv.' jiN'iulirc .
I \; ,
Colds Are Dangerous .
; ,.t hi ;r 'utly !." ; >.>,tt-t ot l h.: ;.iu;. I I ::: '!'s: useftilne-s-I ripidlv (
,il t ht!, \\' ..1 .. IMII.S. -t.. i .. .'.a.. tile Ill'. -. I Bfcau.eou have contracted on,I llV.\ise i ''iivinovs! jtlrl in...n' and i-xistim; 1
nary colds! arc! recnv '!'''>(l from the >
I inconditi'! :
.i- UK: "l'< '!: sonseji t:. :. v ..ll1Jtrom .t S: )''r li Florid lcti. ; >pwav dic'ato 10w| COMMERCIAL BANK
I .1 without treatment ot"au\ kind!. do n< !; | (1
;; i .
i i t'u'<. '! l'.1'q'a i :mir .: \\ :,.J :? tiiei .. \ iu Ocala I a : ne I Ii for a tpom"nf imagine: hat colds a![ -- ;, ,

a \ery Ib' ". .t-'i i 'hltt! .t reeling: \, ere not dalzeruus. E'-t'ry one knov'.J! NOTICE !

b : .:a attendeda hat I'H-'i'.nioma and chi.uuc caariliae ; rh: I i il I OCALA, FLl.PHOME .
!, \ 0: ,' ;- t'! :Uvl- I :i : t. : \\oii .
: !,1 1 In Circ"it Court, Filth! .IinIi.'iol .
their Cir
L:' .'. :Later. a. \\ :: i 1"' 01 t ; :.t' .ot unique j: in a commono 'I rust o'' Flop la in i .. ...++.. .. .+. ... ... ...... ..4+..... .
I ('Orisunption; ; i" not l'au"t'.l by a col }, ( : and! for Manot: ......0 e.11111..N
,. .' in i' .. ::l i. that I tt:1' : '' .c h1- i .> t.'L'ate. : be: tl' cold prepare i the syst"'i'i t'or !!; (01mry-n! ("ham-erv I!

I"L : I r:: _\. Hal'isal: .:', !"n;'O-tl01'! : 1 L. r. lotion and IIp\'l'llpenH-It of MrFr !"c.'.- llowse i Koonct! Com -

t. ,.., V. ith > .\ ., 1'"pI'L-.l !1.: :ut: '; >i-> that would! net otl:('rwi sit r'ainanr. r-. Mrs araI I':. A, I'.islini' )!I. : -- ---

,,'. -n: ; f i ".. j"\\.pa[> -'ite an :I. ,"d lo
',' .a1 !nf"('ii"l: t'-" ci-.t Dphl1!11.- ii''ian Y'IIIHorn) 'ro"It'rld .I '
: ai ;
I' I;'" :::n. I if'. .'. pI'! tilt ou"1o..1 Lillmi-: i (c'r.'nt. (;Jt 111'1"1': ind Ol-, No.
I 132
via scarf] >t tV'.vr r>i'aleand who '
III s'lin l- \ \ !'i : \u. .. .'.- p.r lC!: offices;. For ; !'t'p.- ;''ndall; Forer'oMiie' of Mori t
I !i.n fo.jh:: : art I-MK'i:: 1 1"net: likely to
: ';] '- I IM a i.'udi'au, : tor 1'i.iiei1! it'llrat'r'l: J \\ 1 h, ". IP, i-'v'ii: ;: xa cu"','I tax: : ,'. ..-- -- -----
I! "' ." .:y !.S -' 'h".u. '. ) ,. -t'i- -. at !'' t-a-1!! 'I'd'i tt '-1::1 -,.-., [ 1"1\i \ .' t'1Ithere i h'! Ir i. h"J\i o"
I ,', !I-.'.' .'!alt :r lnktj:; in a cot ''11'' \. Bi-hon.. :appear to ins\xir; 11")"<, !I.t i1:: U
l' ,II.\\' ii 1 .. ..i :'. ,t ci.; :: :l..T, t ,r LO1101 \ i1'1: ; ', of 'oninlauu! filt d! C E R K E
.. .n t :>!'. '. i r.'t n'' ',.' .1'iimon.! ail," : t .inn |I'' f \
I .111, ",'-v'tO' '-* -: .t i !K ; \\ > -* -i':\ : "" abtu.-1 -'a'-'d] c I II-.!' on
..' -: ,H.J (ijjicke: w::\y S J
I' t :. .1 \i"t': !i I. "Iat theoiltl be here with their i!| to cure:
N '1. .:, u(I.al! !! : :'.tadai.d a iu\u many candidates !J i,i Cough Renu'dThe main rninarl: v'a'\ the court house O. 1907.In tiT,1I.Ir>' 1 1.\ : : (,'T'I'\.. _'" L _\ ., ., ":. "" ,
Ocitl.i. ((11'1.1
!. effected bv this 'uu'da v :i )II
ble r: <
,' : :: ,, cures
\1 1'1"u: ii' OIKS: had
I Ill: r t : uiiiiui an- .l.j that '
,1 !> } nil. Henry ( Ilea and V n:AI'-''! it -taj'V! : :MP.c'f; .a ire,!" v OUIDA AND WESTERN
.,", : "f ,'I .l::': 'i.i.i.tt'i: : ti!:.it !t woi1 give; ti. iul" : i':. P'nnO'X'j11!
''a Ian>"- part v? tl::-' uord.: : F,':' vou. .loniihirinH'rn. II :
1 \ !" 'a-;:r- 'I.t. U,1! 1 13 l .. l'l\ 1.'lltiPll. and vou Frederick\ I
1 1I i I i Y all ar"i: :- -. :
j Mr. Cam. Mr, (11*u.Lo": : t'ap[ Grant, and > ou, C'orge! W, farr, .1) Beef f PorH Muttoi Lamb
'. 'wa legislature.! {1 Hugh \Viian.s:! and :Mr.: C. L. Bittin- 'I e.v-h or"M, 'I appear: to all The: long discredited: lightning; r()d. "\I.;! ,'> TI ;ai i : ; tut von in vnid' o'II II'H'
t' .' .iti m whkfctu i tr all' sat tired the proportion ands uA
Uo popular a generation ago. i tot I.)... Monday. the 2nd day of December; 1'I .
.; u. 'i :'it1 f'ection.' i :..i';' if\, i:oas;L u'liia.ksbearing on D. 1901. I .

,ii pond, an unique delegation I I, the !:>l.d..t.. : revived as a I>ro ,'ctioJn rl) !bouslasuu ) '1'.- ;t.. l ';, J' : .. Jefa rh of \ .i'ir KO .|dlit ARMOUR'S

1 > ; 1'pnt iV new state in the I Upon u i: I' .u to:' Mi r. 7. r. Chambh-s.! : ?'r r.'n::, :ii,;. The file :i.a'--h.: (Il.., ... ',; COnffsso Will h.t enliifes .I "St t r"' Ham and Breakfast

,\::U.uVOH. Bacon
I s1 -':tlt. One will bola! committee of me were appointed to I jof Ohio and Indiana have report ed1: It i iturfh.-r 01',11.,1, | lhaf R n i p"
win-iv i.. o.'"?as;. a Caoctaw or Chero i take the whole matter under consideration !that lightning rods properly con=tru ct- tM" ()I'o-r 1.. puI'ited: puce "U" h Sausages PigS Feet &c.

ktaium.* and the other is T. P. Core and make a formal report at !. for f" ,
I jed effectively protect houses :aJtani j> t.n.e i "! eon .1 c'I11I\(4| W'titka |111'1.rr

t Ire celebrated blind orator. WhOSE a special meeting of the board & i .'le.tiic 3 IH-char t'Tt'y; adeuiaiif' : ir.. to !,:. : "', ir. hi, 'O/ttuibat* "I1"1i' '

\ry thoroogh knowledge of publi c trade at four o'clock; Friday afternoon. ( ,' f, '- I' ii'! uJvt WI.I>KM toll,:'
'otit'aIi.! : [ to (lITe: tor'rtits \\ I', ; HUSH
affairs hat hew gained by the devot The chair appointed the followic : ,1 '" I ,tt II 1)nhrtnb.,'. 111'I I iandltl ORDERS OUR SPECIALTY.
; lUUa
ytuloi'ty'; ploiected, .> .
.. bAa Oca'a'' !UrUII1.r.! a wf -kl\ n<>\\ <>it:, ,
of wife
for years has beer
named gentlemen as said committee: with this inducement the farmers in' Per published !al t< Oi'ul.iin. '-4M Mite -

.,.. to him. They win naturally at Messrs. Z. C. Chambliss, Hugh Williams I;; tho e states are going back to t riii"! coniiM Floihl: : Ut u.I IiIl"'l' .Putt UvuuMulH-r,, t
tract a t.reat deal of attention.- W. Dulland id). -.nI fill' Hi v our l Lloue number i is &132
rz D. Cam, C. L. Bittinger and ;lightning rod habit fo r'heir! 110mj n" : 1ny' I Ir
: tee
"....l1uion.t .
Frank Harris. j land bara,;.-Li\e uak' Democrat. Ot-. ,' .. < T "I: I'j i l Il.ttlNI< I Pnn: Pooili& 'urr ct; '

I ll1 M.\i < "" I I. 1'1" lilt| ('mil I t Hugo Russell Prop.

.a ,

., ,...., _-- -- - ."..

j J.... 'H .. : :r

I .... } F \. --0 ...1..1A..t. _
!".: ,+ ? '-;": ,:;T"

II ;=


------ .____4__..__
-- ---
., ... .l..t i OF PROHIBITION .4ot..4414444444..+1444..t-40.. .444444.4.....4.Q+04-4+4Vi4+44el.4ee04p.eie+oe.oe y414 e e6tie.Wig,.rit 4014t..N-e+GN..+4p.4..

--- ----
't'I "* di 'o'a! .> S; ..a.,' .

tory ill i ih' 4.
Increasing Progress and Success i
ot i.t ?'tl *

\ ..: .- ,, ls >7, atMSI .
... ..,,u lUroUjjh- ,' I 13 THE STORY OFof .

11. -I"( ii'.. ::11 Live .
t tt $

+ >u SIK a. u.: we h "- I EJfjj nlf : L I Ii aJt' n i

a' i in ui d Ullde.: ; .i FL-FA U1FI I

1 H'h Hr! It lead'. d1! -d w'n.lI' J m, un 'u vU

l'o triumph uf *

+ta j 'ti.- lit| i<.f 'r.u.I.'I.. 4 4
--- Jacksonville I I Florida.The i 4
"' 1,1..1"! : h!''I I-.I\ .. 4
f. .
.' s.- I..-' d.i>' > l li r 4

,'. i t tug<.: In', CUUIl' I i iI 9Ua : l niuumficert; record m.ule in the last sixteen months is eratilvm-- -- t.; > ill true .. :4

.. ,- r" .;< d 'ill : f

I i I tit,' ti.uh! of < g Floritiians.: It i is due to ; 4
14 4 t
'Uts. .- Ji,"('i T' -llt> PJ 4

.. :.. : t \'"' t,,i n'. ha.e A: I {& 4

.I.......I.'A" 4. !t' ii, rot.l.ir i \411'1.,1'V' !hulll"! i1. 1 1'11I J 1d : onest Insurance at OlJ HOlJest Price"a.j; !I i il

"p a--! 'X t uil! I to

44 rt. !L .-'l'tll.1' d IT IS j

a '! .a lilaJtlrl" :" .;i I" :
.. 1A
.., .'. H T i
t. t .i-- :

.. .!i:i. i "J I" :I"'dtnf.'J!> f"i' *|I rnJ : he People's Gomnan\1 in Dixieland :.! VJ i

., t J.
J ,1.1 .t .itf -

i .' -'jL"II\ if l IIn ) : --- --.. _.._ : K*,..o

.. .i Ii, t 1:11: \d.Ue tj. ttl == i

\'. 1\: .. I"h a /i::; ...-.- I Q 4

.. ... ., ;.'',.". -u.i.u; ilar lit' 1 Cpita1Stoc II $1,000,000Organ'zed j *
IF :
,'- hI''t Lh'i *' W1'1I ; INTERESTED DROP A CARD i i"J :

,. .. 4il f1 UPON REQUEST. I
:" tin uOUl! 1 __ in ; t 11 i"M
I ; : 'Ji !. >U iiht May 1906
itii' -- ...... ....-.. -- --- .
< ,' i ad} lo 1 be a t. ra

I .' '..'11 ,: .-"---- r I 't)j 4I I .

i ..,i.t r u! vj.-w, andII l 1
t a

t" .,. .u.d i.'jl t',uiiih.tve iboral and ,I :i Men of integrity and ability can obtain excellent agency contracts and territory. I t

j ;.1 l u...,m t' luidt-r Bjs.nehs written I 4
.. : : being now at rate of $5,000,000 annualiyAsh 4
our tj
;. < ai. iiil> OIM rate agents 4

lf'. I I",.,.Pit'-/I! .r"UitH'.j wh"se i show you the T.P P. E. or T. \ O. B. Policy, or any of our unique plans,, and see 'I& --I I 4 4 4 4

** .I. I i i. fl: 'he UJiell a-

to ,; i ...t ht in l.ue Oak
6 4 Kminvp Deal In Life .
r.: I t !.' I "'a.l! > klHlWs ..L IIlsllrance.9 ;

I ,1 'i." t I..t''r be-
oi tw ,..iivears! ago 4

If.'t. > ',wn1n; their! 4
.*, t I .. i ,,'t Ltt bate uwn- _.--. .w--= .

.s! ,.' -.;h.tll.. 1.t...tl hel'ei ..43. O.b4 1.+.@4 4SSb $6"i@..O.t i0i+44'itre@.@i.+ .4i0@Oi407 6.Oit49+1d4....42+Q+04ZeQ10++404 .I .-
A+e4ve.4 4C.6..4. tHY.$94t3 ii....
', ) -
"f' 'at > 4k"- their .
-- --
hnt !I.d"1! If our 1'1'0.1 -
TURPENTINE AND ROSIN. .iuj.lito lo'Aer. the lf'iof[ T..r' -.1.'t' !

tie I ai lag" buffers.. : .., :* 44H41 t
W \\ "<.U u I' i. :ve Uil.->Mdn : centsRosinsDecline
Prices Stationary at 50 Tue downward trend asseiMin : r'lf! -:
... tier bluod.v work 6cht
t : .11
in Prices. the first part ut the week -et: 'meri'

.4) '. ', i ut.ii 'uti; rand the This has been another week in 'shed: on Tuesday attt'(rnoon, ''r
,'. I.. bani.hed'few !
fvcfcl" i'if at' \
wavered, discouraged there was:; a sudden upward Are
which spirits turpentine I e i
n I: ui4 i1hua! the brain and which showed itself: in i I : Increasing

.M. f'f.. u.urib' r in tb: heart of its friends, and then rallied
quotations.: These better: ;
"t .. ,f- tMtliob! influence is them to hope for
tual' '
and encouraged .
uiough, did not put the market;: : :

r-$4.. !t "'ifch his- \eins! Think of better things ahead. to its former base: nor were i '

1M I. )' tat i' not and bloody col- : I Our Stock t
Monday the market was weak and wholly retained Thursday a :
whites and .
H hM>- 1 negroes.U'd weakness that i
the price dropped down to 5\.1.'5 cents. veloping was
', ,. l" there t-
<' 'I e somewhat ily quotations.As
This made things look apparent ::
i, haut to "start the row!" f
it .1' and there was some fear a result of thee:: ; F"ri> : THE: WINTER}
squeamish : ; TRADE} )} Atilt> ( 'v'r IX DAILY sw
Tbit f that cents
it.f. < : \ a, a1 Hinds, while and cold -
When the: market gets to 5<.i cents comparison:: with those of i> t -_ __ + is
.] 'l ,'? atiHjud the salooai :! point of the season. thereis vious Friday showed net Io-:-t 'I VJrta
he lowest
.. '4 i i' 'rjntual I thirst loving the fear that it may weaken follows: W.Y... W G.. X. M ; ( r *

..tH'i.' i 'i t, tN! aiue intensity with always sufficiently to go below that. centI.. 15. H. :3:i. G. F.. H>, E ::i ; GDDDT fl ffeu IJ1 ,4, -

tl'.t tlrk. a reproach tot ,t s*
Fortunately whatever apprehensions Comparing th! r-ing! ,I"J t>|jrti ,
.. i i.>.rd+*a to the commnni-
butt iM have been on that FridaSt. >IJ!. _7. With [those of !;
thre may '
'.! -,. II> their families I. -----____ : _
4! were removed this week, for Aug. 16 six weeks aao.: it i> aI ; tt.1y1.IUH'tt1'I'YI: i : ; 1t> ;

tbUI; +t <.r .- foul gang of human par score with Tuesday came an improvementin that tlu-re ha 1 h''n qui'.. a (!! ;: .! i *,7..* ; ..

.. _. ffense lo decency :
t \' .r an the demand and in the tone: of the '/,,>JcJj i I ,
---- --- -- -
11.jl..! L. '-ut transformed into so- I'; CANWE :
1LAV .
although there was no I k
bat '." -,-nzi'iis except: such Oft market and I a ere. I f'J,1't.. .. ;
iuahu-- .
'tIf .. .-\ ed the saloons to re- only pronounced an advance betterment of a quarter 01 a i i SKIN T TORTURES[S SHlICT Balls in 25 cent cans Strawberry Beets, 20 cer ts. ; ...... =,

'. '!ih-ipitahle! Think ofiains an'icheered Rhubarb 15 cents.
.,.. the heart cent, still it was a hopeful augury i Mackerel in 20 cent cans. They I '
t. I ; in happy !
accordingly! Big Hominy 15 ,
up the factors I cents. :t" _
,r I I'.. 1.1>' :fit! wife in hundreds of Ad long as the market can be stimulated : CliLUR! [ ; a fine dish for breakfast. Apricots White Rose for t
t "II." :i.houi! this! county today degree just when it'I' : small fami- ,1:,
? .uiin.in knows that when to the danger point I' \ Brick, 15 cents. lies, 20 cents. qI
W eems to be aching __ 1

,. .I i 1 ":' a "returns,11'r.! decent from ,town self-re-he jus-: : that long dogs reached it appear the bottom a.-- ':]i Obstinate Case of Eczema I : 1 e Syrup, in pint and quart Mush Rooms, small caT: ?, 15 cents. -:,"":
I maudlin sot though it had finally Little Girl's Limos with :' French Peas, small can: ,10 cents. s vj
-j>". 'ii' .:: tll,. and not a and that the worst experience or' |i 35; and 60 cents
.. crazed with liquor, to Red Hot Chili Con Carn-3 :
d i i'i the season as to prices was over. i Sores- Poison Oak Made 10 and I5c i r--.I't t

ifH 1. art ant perhaps do Wednesday the market was \\ol/bl:> Hands and Arms a Mass of :i Marmalade, in crocks, 30 cts. Red Hot Tamales, 10 cits.. I :: !,

(. T' nk, i if: The glorious army at ;u 1-4 and 5t11.* cents and therHwas I turing Sores-Sufferers ; : Blackwell's Pickles and Chow Blue Label Deviled v,
l growing 15
.1} 1 I h.>n-j.-r IoIIYS doubt about \he sit- j cents. !
..' .''; in rit t> and county just enough lieved and CGmp'.et ly ; 25 Blue Label Potted tf't
.t+ ; ( nation tu n:ake: all? mierefted parti- \i cents. Toni. x10 cents. j '
useful Grateful! Mother ;: t : :
; .' i .11 i'! '\eioj! into situation. i! Says :
with not tit.nttrdeIlts:: of the Nichols & Co.'s Olives which Blue Lab! Boned:: Chicken: !;: 50 cents. "'i'"
-in.- ;; A abiding men. 'iulirdathough, there wag a decidedly !! --<1-

path-a 1 brisker air to the market, agreater ,I "CUTICURA REMEDIES nClOI&i' I r.J an'-l sell from 15 to 60c.White Rose Shrimp, 15 and 25 cents.White i ..1.... t l lI

: eagerness apparent to gatherlu |I I Rose Lobster, 25 cents. I.
runt !;.! r ire of a habit that supplies ev,'n at a trirU' better ] HOUSEHOLD : 4J

.1" fI' : utld: with woe and price, and that afternoon the hearts of ] -. -- :

'! fl the factors we.e cheered: by the po-t-i "Last year aftor havinpj Yr.! !? ; LINE OF CE1EfILS FOR THE WIff'
J .til tit. sr things we haed iug of ;5:;01:; and enquiry that boded girl treated by a v,'rv"'r'.rainert; l :t
have dan for an oKtina'MP! if ty
things :
} : a file? following day. I
something better I resorted:: to the O tn ma Ron
I,' : ,t ; $,.- u,' thank Clod for the I Their e\pectaiou> were in this: respect | and wa> M> well pl..ad with the ; : : ( 'u lPLErE"E: : NOW HAVE t'tl't
4 ', -itJ! !.' p.nn of twenty ir.-tantaiu-cus ivht-f! aff >rde f< h'd! ;: doomed to disappoint Iitnt i ]) Price's r
not dL-ardxl the }pln-icum'-} t'ft:> (' : : P. Celerv Wheat Flakes '
\ ; who drove the saloons Friday :saw: a further gain of :lIluartt'f and relit'dntireiv on the t'lincara; ;: ; t, :,

r,. t \ and aunty and banish-' of a tent in the official price Cutioura'Wht'np Ointment commenced, and with t'utk-iira the : Blanket .Toasted Corn Fla1i'f >:'. I

.1 : t''t\| liquor traffic forever. ;31 cents b 'mi; posted, and in the late ; cura Hf'Uk..ik.hpr; ft-et and Enl: ;' I Cream ol' \Tl1ea rTntTvj:

I' }),.u1N'iat. demand at 3" 1-2 covered with running: eoreIn II
trading there was a six weeks we had her completely! El'Q' Nooll &e'r &c. *f
sufficient to i iremove ,11
cents although! not quite and there has been no '. -
A Great Orator and a Great Speech all of the (3ferinss from the the trouble. :; -
r-I "In July of thi.: year a little t -
1! "- a!i of Seab Wright of Gt' market. our family poisoned his hands --- 5'. 1 i F

i I
tilt question.The
:a I' .1 Ttv! ,.,lay uisbt was such tamed is now : I I of torturing sores. We used sis
carrying: over of some of the Cutieura Remedies: wa.-hmg his +1
. s, i jt Io rh: the Pen: acola pa- but today and arms with the Cuticura &) 5*.
t!'" {. speech receipts was nor a good sign anointing them with the Cuticura and be convinced that we carry an up-to-date lin: cf It
,I" .; wa tLe greatest Saturday, may d-; velop a better: trade ment, and then gave him the : goods and have of T..J j
"r t L .I.. ::11t're, and not only stim- take it aid the current arrivals.In Resolvent. In about three! Wl't": one the pretties: and cleanest st.r.'s
but land hands and arms heated up. So in Ocala. cat-
a'- { johibitum} : any event the market has been: lots of cause for feehru! grateful r = .
the iau>e" who had of the Cuticura Remecbe-. We find
f ;r: :I'.en! -trenc'hened by the c nr-t' i
'.,' other side of the issue j and the feel- Cuticura Remedies are a va: 174 1 CLJRK BROS.cop.; c.::,J .
!1. a f I; I \a:::. 'v.'isr;: the week household! staulby.! living a< { .
K.ab'iUliJ' i. ''miruia.bigsot; ) : gun as arr ,....u ..;- .u: 'jolt friii'fixed: :. that twelve mile! fr(-m a do'ttJr.1'! ''. ri:,
t Vincent Ihomas, Fairmount. \ 1
been brouglu : I :
"1.1'.f and he has hel'lOr o :. : I' ;i.'e: put under Midge, Tenu., Ot-t. lo, 1 'U.)." V M.h. :J. 1 .k' .. J 2.. t..' J '.
into I h.- ;int'l.l.! [ prominentlyM < I i reached. -. ') ( -rs 4';) &.f '" 'J C.: r'T w
of making, _
he i thinking
!hu i :11 .
toi.ator I i -- -- -- ----------- ,
\ States senate has LET MOTHERS KNO '---
Ta"-1 that --
a nib, i s w i.uwnwarl: ftndency ,
The :; ,1 l '. 1"cl ,
Clay.-Live Oak I : : I.t"iu i .L i Z '.;: t ;' i.::" ( ack i-alf:- ill tie '.syiilb!:; inri.: th- demand 1 stm: I. : :i.'i! ii
'tiFff* S 1 I I10 ,1.,: r<:. .' t'li1' ro-I'i) iva'.ktt during the That a warm bath with (' he'.ow: thu-c-! :>'. Aa- : has been wdatid: ttl: are selI : ii i- ar.i1..:2'-' ",.r ISa 1.annah XavaiHAND
nnuAl|- its distin- Soap and a single; anointing .
St f.' u. : MI Store R
:: Cuticura, the great Skin Cuce : i I dom the gainers by tee process. The ;
.. .' .' the week eudIT ---
: :
:- : and sweetest of I
L purest
"Vice-Go\ : fact that commons show up so well, :
that W. G., 55 X.
(i. time afford instant relief and ; cents / flOTH! PAPER
N i-i:: i'- due to show up in H...:- : grade that for skin-tortured babies and :; K.1;) cents. I. I when they form so great a part of the ; t.A t.
hardly a !
j There has been tired and worn-out mothers. reoiris ) motfroy: an.l disinfectant
_' ..:,,! Manatee counties} GO\.1 from :'iei.l'n. I ;:; 'r.r-. (;. ::11 cutF.. ; ail unmisiakdijktribute: Placed ;
1.1'";v MiftVr in Hll.t" desioe: u. tirpfts or in the fold?
nor I'-! .w.-ii-d is going up Norrli! 1nmake i Jill n"t iS! ,' h: '. :. val- Every Complete Humor External of InUntt.and Children Internal, and I !)r : .-- D i.: l': i.-s. C-A. 'o :Ldir inherent strength. j of furs it', I t ithing.. It drives away i"
will bee()!!',' ,( I ,: : : i\: ';l' ': :t.\ a" : eats of Cuttcura Soap 2oc ) to CVaoae Saturday's PricesAt doth am.Tj". Twelve sheets in a l!
rh. What This CUtlrura OiDtrnent <( Heal the : I
ap > i' ;u ;.1'\:1: : : packet .image: prepaid.! 10 cents
i:: > : .n. i Cutieura Resolvent ,5k1' In the form ; f
: 1 12 o'clock
the sta" government with both '. : \ .,.t '.'.. ... it isierely late Coated Pills. iV. per vial of 60) to :L .... :.... '. :. spirits posted firm at. six packet :50 cents if dmjrgist does
,.:_ : : i: :-t > Blood. Sold Uirouebout the world.
then .t.t 51, 815, sales 278. not haIt..
them ** ,- Tallahassee at I : : ade- Cbem. Corp. Sole Props.. Boston Maas.a5 .. ..' '... "...:. receipts I Powder :
anti u Madigan Works,
," Evening ews.I I teiuiioi .. .. .!.,, Tampa I Clarksvil.'e}! Iowa. ;


... ,- K..j ,O 4 e ---- --
._ :-. 1 ;4_;? -- -

... _. .
-- --. "" --- '-- .-
r- -
T = -- -
<. .. ._ --- .- -
ub ------
-. It. ..- -- ---- .a.N ---- --

.... -
.. --
--- -
--- ---
--- -
--- --
-- -
A Bocm fcr Joe Folk
: ; }
r .. \ \ .* '. To All Democratic Voiu'a of :\Iari\Jl a1"2 .
i l fiJ I TOLD I o .t
.. ._... L" I ;
N _. *k'L'1 County:
'' rt. -

,". .:..' ,.. .\I I i'I < :01.0. <:::11! t'or. Ocala Banner: ,. Bt-iieviug: that the chances:: for i.i-:
1 '- .. of the policies: '
\ < 'ii.-; of the saddest events that has ; iriumph : j

;v' .: "' ,"E' 'f"'F ....t ei.nv.l:: n,.: iiiiii,,, :: .any I-jr a lung; oi U-mocracy at tho g
.. .
.*.:," J". ;". ;- i !otitS .. d ath ot Mr. George M. of 15W& are !/ l ; ;

: tf vas, I I.mi.' :. at t K. oil! I \\". E. Chamber That it is: the duly ot
ha. ., ; No democrat to contnbu'e t :
.1| uat 24.
n '! .d'I..ad! : : <"' September
." .,'.V'I+1.(10'-I' u y t ,a-i: in ibis K-ciion had more friends; IC':'ss to the full extent of : :

.-., in': t I ,t i, i'-wer t enemit -, in all the elements to iuitiate plans and to :
t. : y 21: t:; ,. 1907 i .::.u are included in the make-up ofa : execution of such plans
Sf'" /...:1141 fric o'. : 'I that success;
.. M. near A CU.. i it rt'ect gentleman. A generous I !>
.. t etratt. ft.I.; .- 161t n.'i;:hl>or and a true man in every That the first great
.. ,'t'" 'h- --''. MIIMof the word, George :M. Long I considered is tha choice ; i
leader ii i
ua> liberally endowed. He was one I That such ,
-- -
of the most successful farmers and whose democracy .

COMM! SIONER PRO EDINGS an all round business man. He was who has unfaltering

K d.-yoted to his wife and five little I the great evils which \

Special Meeting Held by the Board children, who have yet to learn the I republic, one who does

October 1, 1907 anfaction nor is
full meaning of their loss. May -

Hoard met pursuant to call. Pres- I,I Divine Ruler of our destinies sustain prejudice of party faction I

b cut: J. L. Edwards, chairu.an, N. A. them in this trial and prepare them: from a doubtful state in

Fort, J. M. Mathews, C. '.'.. Turner, for the final re-unnion in the great section of our country,
enough to carry victory
commissioners. The farmers had a tough lime" of it I that section and add new

ti Board was called to order by Chair- electoral college for I
last week trying to. harvest their pin- I

man Edwards and the following: proceedings dar on account of so much whom nd democrat

o had viz: crops I ed, could find fault; [) (; I r >

r The application for permit to sell rain.Sandy McGehee is the proudest! That the person most I ; II

liquors, wines and beer of Harry Pe- man in the township, and they do say the party to victory is th ,

ter, district No. 24, being in proper he doesn't stop to open gates anymore I Joseph [['. Folk of

t form and proper advertisement bay but steps so high he finds the Therefore we. the

t Jug been made, and no objections offered I| fences no obstacle. This is since thearrival hereby respectfully:

a permit was granted to the I of a little miss at his home cratic voters of Marion { '

t said Harry Peter to sell liquors wines i last Monday. meet at the court house at (t i Ii a (

t and beer in election district No. :24Dunnellon. I About all the land south of Reddick I at 12 o'clock noon on the

) j west of the Ocala road for seven: or I'' October, 1907, to (

t The application of Blutb nthal and eight miles is fenced up for pastures. the purpose of promoting

t liirkert for permit to sell liquors !which greatly incommodes some of ; ing to the sending of :

t w Ines and beer in election restrict No the people living west of these lands next national democratic

9 i 1, being in proper form and notice by closing up the old roads. who will cast their ip \ \\ '' ( '

1 having been given as required by law. Our people are rejoicing over the : Honorable Joseph W. ( ( ( I'

1 and no objections having been made \'irwQof the anti-saloon forces in crane nominee for !

1 to lie issuance: of said p.*nait, it was old Putnam. and hoped that Escam- United States: ,

1 ordered that a permit be granted to bia would follow suit, but nevertheless D. E. Mclver.

the sd Bv.hrSThil: : ar. i Biekert: as it will be tried again in two W. P. Chalker.Z. .

I aforesaid, C. Chambliss. {
: years. The Liquor Dealers' Association -
I Notary boai: M Cias Y. Miller was : have appropriated two million G. G. Mathews.S. .

& approved;, I I dollars to counteract the anti-saloon S. Savage.

The petitions asking for an electionto sentiment in the Southern states, so Geo. W. Martin.
establish sub-road district in Dun- I E. E. Robinson.
when you hear big lawyers
I uellon and lIt>idtville election districts -I j other eloquent speakers coming out I II W. D. Graham.F. .

boundaries as heretofore: published to talk for the "wets," you may know E. Harris. !

came up for consideration and I where their pay is coming from. As R. L. Anderson.

refused the gior.nd that no I William Hocker.
was upon
I much as we need money we would
list of registered ,'oters:1.S furnished John M. Graham.
I have to need it a great deal worse before
the board and could nub be furnished R. R. Carroll.J. .
we would do that kind of work I
before the time expir J from the I i E. Chace.XV. (
get it. If that isn't "tainted money -!
filing of the petition, upon which the Ito ," Rockefeller is safe. But let them A. Knight.H. .
fame could be considered. I' I D. Palmer.
spend it. If they were to spend a
Martel Special Tax Road District I Sam H. Martin.:
much could
I hundred times as they not
The petition asking for an electionto I Baxter Carn.
check the spread of the temperance I
be held to create and establish aspecial I
sentiment in the Southern states.
tax road district viz: Beginning f NOTICE.
I That is not a question to be settledby !
at the northeast corn.-r of sec 31, i -
argument and oratorical tricks. It
fli 15 s, r 21, e, thence n to ne cor In the Circuit Court of
whena I
is a matter of conscience, and
of sec :SO: thence e to so cor of sec dicial Circuit of Florida
man's conscience as well as his observation -
21, thence n to se cor. sec 4, tp 15, s, him I Marion county-In
settles the question for
r 21, e, thence to the s,r cor. sec 3, Henry L. Torian, ; I
i talk will not change him any more ,
tp 15. s, r 20, thence s t I sw cor ol Ida B. Torian, j
flow hill. True
tnan water up
sec 27, thence e to plati.i beginning,. I I Order for Constructive, I
water flows up hill sometimes when
composing the follow au ections, toI I' It is ordered that I '
the vis a tergo is sufficient to push it :
Kit : 7, S, 9, 16, 17 IS. 1.*, 20, 21 and I I herein named to-wit: ,
i up hill so once in a great while we
:0, all in township 15. s. r 21, e; also : be and she is hereby '
read of some fellow who has been a I
sections lo, 11, 1:. 13: 1;. 15, 22, 23'1 I Ii pear to the bill of
rank temperance fanatic stopping to
21 i, 25, 26 27, in tp 15.:) r 20, to be : thiS cause on or before
consider and then turning around and
Known as the Martel sptal: : tax road; 7th day of October, (
I taking up for the "wet" side and begins X'j
district with authority ti levy a max- ': It is further ordered
to talk about personal liberty individual -
imum tax of :3: mill?, be'-nuning i January ; this order be published ]
rights and the evils of sump-
1, 1908. : for four ((4) consecutive
tuary legislation. Well: it wasn't
It was therefore apon consideratIon i Ocala Banner, a
natural causes that caused such men
ordered" : that an election be held ; ed in said county and
to change-it was the vis a tergo. the
in the aforesaid district 'or the purpose : This fifth day of )
force from behind and that means
aforesaid, and tint the same beheld : S. T.
that's what
dollars- changed 'em.: I ]
November 4th, 1:1> 7, and the i Clerk Circuit Court,
A man's right to vote is a sacredone. I
t clerk was directed to strt- the required Florida.
and when he votes againts the : "
notice of such election and to have R. B. BULLOCK
interest of his family, his neighbor I '
prepared the necessary Lards of instruction I 9-Gw4
and society generally he assumes a
for electors, etc. :
I grave responsibility and one: he will !
4 4I 4L. 4f Cotton Plant Special Ta < Road DisTrict -
be called on to account for hereafter 'i f 1

4w 4i i The petition asking for an election ;I coffers If m'ote of Marion for license county would so full fill that the I t I FIsuII1's I: / ) 'I

to be held to create :II i establish aspecial
no taxes need be levied: if I kut-w'
tax road district viz: Com i
t that vote would cause one woman'-- .0/ t
niencing at the se cor of sec 4, tp 16, ;i :'
heart to break or one child to :":o'
s, r 20, e, thence running n to the se i
hungry and in rags:, I would IH'UT
1 t-or of sec 4. tp 15, s, r :20, e, thence ,
t I oat that vote. Then when hundred 5 I
b w to the sw cor of see :::. :p 15, s, r 19. : perhaps of such women and children aflEl Iic

1 vi, thence s to sw cor sec 2, tp 16, s, :
will suffer from such
votes rt \ iiutdoesn't -
) r 19, e, thence e to pont! of beginning ,
I count much in this: isMie. i
which territory Composes sections I
4, 5, 6. tp 16, s, r :2'u I, e, and sec-

lions 1 and 2, tp 16, s. r 19, e, and I II NOTICEOf -_ i Enamel Ware Dish : ::
sections 7, S, 9, 16, 17. IS, 19, 20, 21, j! I 1 Large Bread Pans, .

2S, !9. 30. 31 32 and T; : of tp 15. s of ; Application for Tax Deed Under Bowl and Pitcher, .
Section S of
4sSS Lawsof
r 20 e. and sections 11. 12, 13, 11, 23, I Florida Lamps, complete. .

21, 25, 2ti. 35 and 36 of tp15sr19: I II I Notice is hereby given that J. W. Post Cards . .

C, to be known as the Cotton Plant : Morrison, purchaser of tax certificateNo. i Plates . .

special tax road district, with authority I 194C dated the 7th day of August Cups and Saucers I I

to levy a maximum tax of 3- mills, ,. A. D. 1S99 and No. 565. dated Glasses . . i I !
June 5, 1905, has filed said certificatesin
beginning January i, 190$. I II I my office and has made application I Tin Buckets . !: I' I

It was thereupon upon motion ; for tax deed to issue in acronl'l Box Paper . I:, I .

considered and ordered that an elec-i ance with law. Said I I:
brace the described Everything need at : I
following property you I I i
tion be held in the aforesaid district '
situated in Marion county, Florida, I money than others :
for the purpose aforesaid and that the j to-wit: East half of southwest quarter I i I i

t same be held November 4th, 1907, and I! of southwest quarter of section 4, +II I

tI I the clerk was directed to give the required -::; township 16 range 21, and north half I M. FISH ,! :! I I

notice of such election and to i I I 1
s i of northeast. quarter of southwest !! I : ,

l have prepared the necessary cards of i quarter of section 6, township 15. : i I ; :
instructions for electors. 21. I IT T I
I rangs I Ii 1 ,
t Resolution of thanks by the Daughters i The said lands being assessed: at : I II .i I <

of the Confederacy an appropriation the date of the issuance of such certificates -i PAY I I I
of $500 made by the board in the name of Tony Fernandez I I

and for place to-erect the monument and Henry Reynolds. Vnless : I
j said: certificates shall be redeemed according I
on court house square, was recieved i tolaw tax deed will issue I II I Ilf you have on hand to I!

by the board and read before that thereon on the 2Sth day of October. are thinking of :

body. I I A. D. 1907.Witness. II'II'i 'I )
my official signature and ida to make it your i
.e chairman was appointed a I I!
seal this the 23rd day of September,
committee to act, with others, in accepting if you desire to i I I )
I A. D. 1907. S. T. SISTR XK. :

plans for monument, etc. Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co., Fla. in! any kind of ; I
Hoard then adjourned until regular 927. I !

meeting. S. T. SISTRUNK. ida property i
For Chronic Diarrhoea." I I
Clerk. While in the army in 1S63 I was I SEE OR WRITE i
taken with chronic diarrhoea," says I II I

Fifty Years a Blacksmith. George M. Felton, of South Gibson, I
Samuel R. Worley, of Ilixburg. Va., I Pa. "I have since tried many reme- J J. H. LIViNGSTON H Henl i :
has been shoeing horses for more dies but without permanent relief until .
than fifty years. He says: "Cl: m- Mr. A. ,Yo Miles of this place per- !

berlain's Pain Balm has given me suaded me too try Chamberlain's Colic Estate ,
great relief from lame back and rheumatlsnf. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, i
it is the best liniment I ever one bottle of which stopped it at I

1.ied", For sale by all druggists. m once." For sale by all druggists. m Ocala, I i

,. \


; _....: -... ,:_- -..< .- "" --- :.: -- --" --,,,:,
. : : ._ :.:;>- .. rJJ-q'iA;'MrJ-MiB nffjBy*at. *w_ iFV :
: .4
... _-=- __...._".:..._..:_.J.Z: :" :=. ---. '
t"- _. -. ,
.. _' :
-- U >'7" "<'>: ,, a.. **>
.J!i-. <--

arm?, Iii --.iort-----'_*t W- -*%-'"'5i..""i'---; -- u ..1---i:;#?-r,..,...... ,t f'Ji-l3L5f3s'A3.. -t l:: 3"ir,..,...F...,..,.:=-, .. ,,.. .;:.,_ "" ,: ;; : -d! .
1 -"'- ':.. ==-.c :iioC: -.- < --.G .F "' _
:.. -' ..".. : 'H F" 'T"14-:;. jr.. r- ,,_ _': :: "

"** p- -- 1t



-,-- .
- ,


(. STORY Now that Gene Mathews: of Stark I} I, V ED M I' f. i( !1 V

has built a "platform," why coul n't I The ideal position which woman ocjcupied To the Editor Ocala Banner: I M inC, P."d\r] i

"d.. ;-!'I..d the e.-oh bons of he get on it and run for governor?- i I in Jewish life found expressionin An honest, capable and earnest executive -I

(I'.,i' ;-.' democratic executive Lake City Index. A suggestion will many beautiful sayings. Space prevents has much to do with the shaping

,it: .1'izn: < the action of merit in it. Mathews is one of the a recital of more than one of of the policy of a state and the FURNITURE DEALERS
coming men of Florida-in fact he 'I
par. I 4''< A.I.".! i ui appointing ilr. the several rare historical accounts moulding of public opinion. ---- -- ---- ---
has already arrived and he conic I
t' a -" ..f the county criminal given of certain mothers in Israel. Governor Broward's administration ,
stand with ease and grace and firmness W E CARRY EVERYTHING IN THE 1. N EOF

M "I l '.I !" county, when he was upon that elegant platform be "Love thy wife like thyself. Honor has been such that all Florida joiiiam I

I. t hf primary race, true recently built for campaign purposes; her more than thyself." "If she be commending his efforts to be just;: House Furnishings i Parlor SuitsRugs

Ill .d tflvin! all sides a I II I -Lave Oak Democrat, And Mathew: small bend down to her." "For him and conservative, and this course ha.- : Art Squares and Mattings. : In Leath, :". Upholstered and Reed

.-.urn..! '><'tla Bauuer herewith is a newspaper editor and a good one who forsakes the love of his youth. resulted in tewer blunders, perhaps.;: :t

}? ;.! tat ,?..nwr' tide of the sto- ; at that. A newspaper man as govern, God's altar weeps." "It is through in the discharge of his executive fuiic- 1 Bed Room Suits Dining Room SuitsIn

1 or! That sounds too good to be true woman alone-that God's blessings are lions than that of many of his predei i it t Mahogany, Birch: Birdseye ': of all lords-Mohogany and Oak.

't' .,,,,.t', Spt 2+i, 1907. I but i' the public would vote as the vouchsafed unto a house" "One dies ceasors. i Maple and Oak. i *"*

4S It, ,1t'an. .Miami Fla.: "fraternity" he could cinch the job.- but to his wife and a wife but to her Senator Neal, the latest acquisition I China and Crockery

t i'' II r-grn exceedingly to I I Miami Metropolis.Build husband." "There is an exchangefor to the corps of inspectors ot state ;!' Mission FurnitureIn I Compete' line-Dinner Sets and

,I it :Lair just received your j ji. everything except for the wife of prisons informed the writer that all the different finishes Odd Pieces:

::i. II r 'tt,x.tiu I notice it was dated I, Cotton Mills in FloridaIf one's youth." Governor Broward had instructed ;:

'.".o'n b r I 14 In rt'plwtll say that There is one story, which is so pa mat they inspect the jails and demand \
I cotton mills pay: handsome divi-
i b'f wit:1: en iow t. you copy of thetically beautiful that even though a reformation of the grave evils so I
dents in North Carolina, South Caro
Iwf"t- ,',atust the appointment of I well known, it will bear repetition. common in them.
lina. Georgia Alabama and Texas,
Div" s (!,"n au aI'M a letter written | Beruria the wife of the learned Rabbi This is a move characteristic of the I
whyshould they not do the same
1,' in* 'J tge attorney general and thing in Florida?Ocala Banner. Meir, was noted for her wisdom and governor. We believe it emanates I I All Kinds of Bed and Table Linens, L ::e Curtains, Poitiers

"h !'';<': ir. inq.ttry. also send I tact.The episode narrated is evidently trom his desire to construct such and
They would pay handsome dividends I Upholstering Goods
i "tt i i.',t f !. ",'r$ from the clerks of I historic. On a Sabbath after- buildings for the detention of those ,
in Florida, Brother Harris bu
-u''L' : Da \ it looks like the business men in our ,
I".., ft" d'1 \\ uf( the court of Orange I academy, teaching, his two sons died tramp hardened corrupting '! Line of .
state can't realize it. Our farmers I Up-to-date Pictures, framed a. :uramrd. and Picture -
rtut suddenly. The mother despite her criminal and professional burglar j
ought to get together on this cotton! I Moulding. Full '. of
"N -. r 'ph) ID ynir inquiry as affliction, concealed their death from from associating with many comparatively -

I 1 1. 'i"| i L''t, : :Mr. :\It(>calf in- mill, whynot proposition.the thr They ad and make the the cloth'A COtton ?- I| the father, so as not to cast a gloom innocent youths, often arrested l Farm and Turpentine Wagons/ Buggies, Harness and Saddles

-t. i' "! ...i't ".u'liu; Mr Saunders ; !| upon his Sabbath peace, and in re- I tor transgressing some minor statute;
few cotton mills would b<: a niuct I I
"I' ." s' '.:.1'i the !law the re-I I .-ponse to bis inquiry for his children, i tuat will prevent the jail from being a Exclusiveale! ot the bt'st wagon on cart! -- : ue Stu.:
.. I greater factor in solving the 'cottoi: I And carry the very best line of High Grade I i-:it;re* and Carriage-.
u-' '' .akiuu. apitointments j replied: : "They cannot be far away.: place furnishing idleness, bad associa-E i
problem" than the building of warehouses -
\ ...f,1\ \ t:1"Y: are to he filled i I As the evening meal of the rabbi drew tion and the wholesale dissemination jof j
to store away hundreds o1
,. '.' i i- -ultha! : ; I'! the: I I| to a close, his wife said to him: "Rabbi tuberculosis, venereal and other I
bales as it must be sold! to the consumer -
n ,:; I !i',.l'* \t' In the primary 1 I some time ago an acquaintancegave loathsome maladies. I i iuoever
sooner or later, and at his own
a;!.u''iv: :: tlomlnt:iom; as a me some jewels to keep for him \, has visited the jails of this.!
price-if Hor.d away. The storing oicoi
'..'- nm. rntl I will hayt I and now Lc' demands them back. or other states: must: conclude that the j i itt Cement Plas-r i',
I ton costs money and there an J
!lid) roni-tUutiona! or i-Shall I give them up?" The rabbi expressed .thy conuition observed is:: a cause j u11d1nBrtcHa )Lath Shingles PfilfitS
very few tar!.l"'r.> able to stand prrouiu' ,
',I'ait'in' to the man i I I an'azement that his wife fur reproach to civilization, to state
for better prices when they have u,
it*. .,. t+primary election or I !'i should have any doubt UN to the right and local authorities. Mntprinl I FIintkote Roofing, Oik
pay big storasit- rates, fire in-uranct' 1
tri shown that the I 1 of conduct and reproved her. In annual to Hon. B. :...t
I' i > course my reports E.IMcLiu WhitP Lead, Varnishes, :]1. ,
I and I living tvu; :-'* and( continuo t
(trot is.sw.: ,1! i is unfit for the poi- I| Tb"n she led him to the room where one of the best prison officials 'I Wail
farming.Virh the mills in the! Wall Paper. Alabastine and Magn P..itlffo.
:i.f( ,t '" .! 'i'clnt; the nominee, a-! i j lay the bodies: of their: children, and in Florida, attention has been direct- ,
I hands they could! easily manufacture" t nJ give us a trial. 8@We will! not be urn". Id and will pita
'J" in- comforted him with soothing words number of sick fur-
; :- t'! in some [ : t-d to the awful : {
the fleecy startle into tLrocrj! and clot! !01
.! .,.m.! '.. of a primaryviM"t i i "Didst thou not say that we should nbbed to the central hospital and different Mciver & flfackay
and sell it to tie: home merchants.
.' \ l selection that I return unto the own.-r without complaint prisons. I assert that from
making the handsoirf diudendthemselves : -;: I

: ', l i.t;:; I think that upon I instead of laboring: thr.tf't'n : ..'Ii what was entrusted to our tlum Uhj jails I are received many ".. ._ -...,- Ii --....,,._ '>
'A'; itou.ination made by 1 keeping The Lord gave and he has I'ri-oners whose condition is pitiable; I ----
month- tl'e ear fur a meagrsexistence
\' >u won! i !K* best: | taken; blessed be his name."-Rabbi sonic die, while others:: are permanently -
and adding nilior! <: to tr.ilrFadv -
M > -inun was ineligible David Mark in Atlanta Journal on the 1 disabled, unlit for manual labor, I /i '"
swollen! fortunes of others, a, 0 .
: S
i :,, u.i nominated in !Talmud. I in the main expensive 4. /3J
't. ? ,, aiu St'r'ntnct's I I t a& '
they are doins: at the present. Let':; I Q T3. -*. i .fe [
c dJ.! i !.,'.'" \\aa legally no nomi- I i and an injustice the man :"# 4, : *< .
I keep this thin, toing.-D'lnuelloi I I ''U L. I..
i. It I- !if illof judge of the Advocate. I \\iiu pays for his useless existence ; \ D.vP S \ <., fURl 1

( I....: .. :.f it-curl l iu bade coim-i I that is. from a monetary staudpu.nt..1 : )[ -IJ..j t.fi1. .
i #. u t- 1 't$1
Ii I Ii
i This is a disgrace and a blot to the V5: : 1I'i :
1 c
i 1' '. : that :Mr.: Saun.i He Knew Only One. i \Chc.n President Teddy 1 i fair name of any state. "ilti; t.- {",_ :,f I S'- I.XP F55I

'. \* -",11' \ i.toiM ,"otA s I A teacher had been filing b- r das::'I I For business: gets ready i We who are familiar with the honest ... :}' .t. 1'r. .. :- ".. _"' ,"r. '1,"' PI'\cp M'1'\oJ
of that worms had become s<{) ,.. 41", ; \ I' '.\. "'
boys j ).i \ ""
s't: ,-i ,..' ti!..ta't: in thr- first pria I : I iln Cuba, Manila, Japan, i determined character of Governor 'Q.Yi U : 1 1I

,! i' ii-! ivi'-re.. he wa the numerous that they destroyed: th<( J J He sends for his very Broward believe he will revoluMou- : QTS: i ,it{Ql r; $ 'O
and it to impor l I
was necessary
i 'wi ." !"-,q'ba voting. That 1 crops I I Stout War Secretary, iz the regime of our county jaii:. !!" { 50 :<
exterminati'hem. 'i I J.OJ $4 I/i\\
the English sparrow Jo /
i.' iii si.B"' '">, maintained, as it i> i Who's a regular big moving van, I The National Prison Congress la.-t! $9 .- 1 ,..,
I The sparrows multiplied ver; > '\ ... i- ,", ,:iflr1J:
( tact 'i' Mr: g.on<>man rest tvptl I i And tells him iO travel :. ear in Albany, N. Y., selected a coiuuJttee I l\''-' 1 ; JiI" (.i" .
fast and were driving away our naJnirds. < (.-- ?<>-, r: .. ..-1,. r :;. :
MM. in'o. .1'jan! diii Mr. Saunders in I ;;, To go "hit the gravel, to investigate the condition of #-_ 1:. '..+,8 ,

t, !.j.. ;i' :uary and recei\eu more I ) j! Protecting the U. S. of A., county jails in the United States and I -r- N 1.>;;>t-oQo-.t.. "!' ''j" :;/- \ 'I 1 1ozsus
;: .1 P'.Wi
inattentiveand i
Johnny was apparently 'I '. mrd "" t !.t J
9taa Saunders in the In lands o'er the ocean ,- '
,!t.' ii-1: \ Mr. report their findings at the Chicago b t,
,.'< i n4 (p' ,' r, *<) thai >t cannot: be the teacher thinking to catch, hie) Wherever commotion congress, just adjourned. "' if; t t..r. ..' 1 B\! 'J.:' DWvER fOq
napping, said: I := f4, !?:::' \' t1 ..\.. ; 5 .
.. .
,*; ?'>;--.I; i tr Mr. Saund-rs was the "Arise, and then he will say: Hear some of their u; eranc'-',;. .f :E'.H'l '0;?*ri"Jftl 'i1rtil *' iCHAS
"Johnny which is worse, to han k <} 'OO
"> !" !.. ( ruic"oters vot "Foices man into idleness and give? .., :
,., i n! ''''L''i!itur judge of the I worms or sparrows? ; Waltz me around again, Willie. him thieves and degenerates for com ': .-'" 1J "I" zsI

.. he I "Please I never had the sparrows: : Around, around, around! I-
't. (i i I !f 'i'i although panions. II

:,,', r. nt 1 to rr. Stoneman I Ladies' Hour Journals I Where trouble is brewing, "Underclothing and bedding permitted I BLUM & COMPANY

lout. when the elec- : Where anything's doing, and ,
/n i I':>.t: ui-1 : to remain in a Inathsome
Jefferson Browne of Ko;\' .
.i, 'ta- aimir.u.1 H aioueiuau was I I.1 Hon. oa, don let my feet touch tne I filthy state breeding vermin and bacterial Jacksonville F: -. ,
announced his candidacy -:
West who has ,
'" t.-I '1 'I" .1. <'iihle, the governor ground! disease.

t- I'j '. : .... j appoint whomever he for governor subject to the action You're surely the bully, unbeatable "The boast that disinfectants! are --- -
tbe'state -- -
of the democratic party of
..-,> ." : L,test qualified to make : boy. freely used betrays the 'ow staudan1!

>tt. h Itt J'.l tef.; I have appointed that in the spring primaries, was And I am de-lighted! You fill me with of judgment

-al.,. m.tii! for those particular rea- among the guests of the Hillsboro joy! "Secure, well adapted! too keep \v": 1 HA RDW1\ E
Colonel Browne, who was\;
-,>i i. ,,m' I do not say it with any last night. So waltz me around again Willie, beasts in and were this then ditt! !
route to New York on important; "
\ 10."d iug the sterling qual- en Around around around! purpose they would be good eno'iah
of his, I
business in speaking
11/.i ut v.! Saunders; but if two men legal I ; "Every healthy and moral] niai,
of election stated that he| "" IV* **. .- I'
,.Jj i.at 1 i-rt \ t'ndo.'ed'ita common I'I''I prospects assur-: Whenever the Kaiser I works at some useful occupatmr. !hI n' i. W I'& .._ .. (
had received many pleasing -
when Hears Taft, the adviser,
: a.i 11" equally equipped in jail unproductive defiling idU neis --
\ l hat.' tie school house door, for I ances of support from every section: Through Europe is racing to kill; the rule."Thousands.

'Ior| ;'' p f judge, but one of them I of the state and that .bis prospectswere : Whenever the czar isO'er of years of the r.an I
indeed. He further stat-;|
,t- I I-. :. t.t": practice of law ten : bright 'come by his sorrows time have been spent in the recr-a KNIGHT/MART'N

\ 4r" .,1.1 i ..e of thrum twenty years. ed that he would probably open his! Or Edward, the king. wants a thrill; tion of card playing which i is ona

dA11 Ilf '. that both had diligently campaign at a public barbecue, which :'; When that fox autocratic, little better than insanity. At the T. W. Smith & Co. 0 d.> ':. .

\\"rl" I ,'. :.t profession of law and is being arranged at Ocala. delivering Who rules Asiatic "Outside the jail the toiler la'- ".' OCALA FLORID;.. ,
occasion. ,
had I I..I \- inplary lives in the coun- his opening address on that i Affairs in tyrannical way to feed the horde of do-nothin.

1 II "I.!. .. they lived. I believe that "The people naturally do"not wish a Feels things coming rocky "Idleness is neither retributive n,'I' I Come and see us when in need of! anything in I
I. said Colonel
lIlt' ,,:.1' ',. .n. up to the time he be- long campaign, nor 1 Around Nagasaki, corrective-simply ruin of hearth: ar.: I-
will be a the of
Browne "and I hope it way
< onthe I uM would be the best I With others he hastens to say: hope.

..q'III'I'" '.+king into consideration I short one." The gentleman has many ,i it "The typical jail is a school of an o ((8-

!!"I :na'knowledge[ of men and of friends in this section who will sup- ;i "Waltz me around again Willie imalism." S. H. BLITCH Farming Implements j jI

t If 1 ,11 his longer experience I port him.-Tampa Tribune. j Around around, around! ,

_"', : I i him better material for I '.Your smile is so dreamy. Wire Fencing .
Should Leave It to the Lord. ,
a J:1: the other man with half i For Sale,-Dr, .Marean's Liver Pills i!I It's peaches-and-creamy; I I

PI" ,' !j,"''. I made from Dr. Marean's private formula I II i Your voice has a soft, soothing A gentleman residing in a ;.ll.all: Stoves Pumps

\\ Hb rut regards and best wish- ; have been 'ested for twenty- I I sound. town recently lost his wife and. i ii' 0 0

I' Yours verj" truly I five years: purely vegetable. Sent j Oh you're like a high-tension automobile deference to the last wishes of the ce'. Guns Ammunition,
ij of price. 25 cts. a ceased the remains were crema'l ,
'T "X. B. BUOWARD, onstpa "Governor." I'I box Address i The more I waltz with you, the better Bridget Flannigan. a former sen'an fin Sash Doors

I Mrs. Beatrice: Marean. I' I feel! the family, beard of her old ma ,

! II, Pri:
u,,;. to : the Middle West and I Pensacola. Fla. J Around, around. around-Willis! him."Oh. e ,
Leonard, in Cleveland Press. wirra wirra: he crieil., rork!
K,4ui" .i.ms: affect to see a c1e\-1-
Is Mallery Wet? 1 in? herself to and fro. An' y.r nu-i :] : : frs:
t r ;, \ :;,. part of the chief In fact, everything usually cat: < c r: a -

lit. ar himself funher exec-I Since the last issue of the Star wet 1 Anna A. Rogers discusses in the lady is dead! Sure an' its mitralil class Hardware Stc t e

)I" tl b: )-.. sections. have been informed that Senator Mal; Atlantic Monthly that marriage in we all are, for a more blesse1v! ; \ :

1-1 r > .".; hs. hands in the fight lory is allied with the whiskey interIest America is a failure. She says that nicer !lived. ., ..... I r

Mth-! .- 4. : .i.n: to mark the coming re- II in' the present local option campaign -! in England that there is only one "You are very ln: : 'oi) say -o F: 1g Q J!-iY-(j ttiii-!W -'i/! _...7GiC1V..a 67pIR'Mi-.JI e. .... '

I"!, i.uiial' : convention. Grow- |! in his own, Escambia. county j, court that can grant divorces; in ,:>t."

.i.n I ""!! i i" being given the I How's this? It is evidently a very unpopular Germany .28; in France, 79, and in ".\n'P had Vrt: !!rrtt her ,j"'"'

IK, 'j':.'>. tion of waterway de- alliance as things look now. the United States, 2921. She draws "Yes: she was crma*e.l." Martin Co.
"Oche, the paints! tir!''-ar. ',- v,-. Knight =
-( \.1 .- assuming too dignity of : -Santa Rosa Star. attention to the fact thaT we have too :
I .- ,", '. ,, -.. .. '
i a not :i-s-ur, The people of the I I11 too many laws and too many lawyersin lilhi't' > It--. The I < M.

\ +' \ ..Iiltfrom St. Paul to The Volusia County Record think this country. I -I.:r,!',::,1.", "

V w ,!.-, have awakened to the I' that if Judge Stewart makes the race ____ __ _____ ___h _____ _______ ----- ----------
!k U ,,j' ". II-f the national rivers and for governor 1e"ill carry ninetyfit"per u"t

r I.l rlol' :..;r"ss that such develop- cent of the voters of Volusia coun-

iuent will do more to regulate freightrat I ty. Well that's a pretty heavy vote Women's troubles very often occur regularly at a certain time every month. BeF' -

!. ant i develop business than all I But we are told that another candidate cause this may have been so all your life, is no reason why it should continue.

ttt' rate :.aws that can be devised. for governor. when running for Many thousands of women, who had previously suffered from troubles similar to yours,

'I 11 Li>s otanizaton has worked for I I another state in his office home received county because"the a"t.ry Or due to disorder of the womanly organs, have found welcome relief or cure in that
."e iaiar!- to arouse the American large vote
putrfe :: Mr ,4'ization! of this and it ; people wanted to get rid of him" wonderfully successful medicine for women,

bat .....1! 'hat not less than $;) ,& VIHHI : But "Ikie." yon are all right and we

iy' ..ar be e\i euded by -the federal !: had just as soon "cuss' you for governor WOnlan'S

,on'ronlon the work. Noting the :i of Florida as anyone we know I Wine of Cardui

derided Ur.tt of public opinion. President Jacksonville Floridian. :

RiM."" vek is believed to have I

decided ',-> take advantage of It. His I i If persisted in long enough, olive oil Mrs. Leta:: Forte, cf Tcle::), 111., writes: "I am well pleased with the results cf using! Cardui.: I have

I"-loa sill serve to lend a powerful taken after meals will cure stomach E taken three bottles asd am nov perfectly well, free from pain and have gained 25 pounds In veighl!

': 'Imuluj to the crusade.., I' trouble. Let the dose be small at firstgradually Ye Women. If ned Jle.IicalA3-
Book for you
rf valuable 6t-paseinustrated
Wnatoiay for a free copy (
tlC 1
Increasing it to a teaspoonful. WRITE/ I \ A LETTER I vJce.lescr.re'oursymptom5.statil': age.ni reply wul be sent fie Pa.n sealei envelope. Auras:
t !' for some weeks the J.18 U J t\ jjs Ai\isory Dept The Cfcattanooja Meiane Co. Chattanooga. Tenn.
I IT i i- i I" ;i' vpd that Murphy will win !. After taking

: -:vnMit"!. !l.m in New York. I unpleasant: taste will disappear. t



t .

$,f"4. <";,; ,1':;. '."!. ,.- ..- .... .. .. .
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'.v '" : -: : .< <-. } _> .:::;::;:::-...;::.;;:; oJ- '
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-- ----7-1' >::: : -,0 --
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__- -- < .. -- --, ,-- '_:; :
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'J ",, ""**"", _. .'-' -- ----- --4. -

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of the offensive, i if
that some :
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.. ...,.... Ju H.lt.\ .. 'CI"1' .' : ;'i C I OCALA ; could not be exchanged
: ,; n...... .,- We wonder if a more readable famn public square I
: ; ", .' He Scatters a Big Bouquet of Flowers to other :streets: wnere some of theI ,
? in
J anywhere
is published :
.c fl' \ weekly
1211 "J, I 1.9..&!.''..' '' the United States than the Ocala Among Our Young Men and I i prettiest, cleanest! and largest stores city I

; '.C:'" : Business Men I I are found. To a stranger your :
..t ..,"., D Banner. In looking over the paper the rule i
., "" tftO,Y'e 1I I isMied: the first week in September : As time races by. as future hopes would appear
CURE 'rw1 ESj' I 1 1of and business in this respect !,
.; ,'. ,_". f '-0. .. .. V we saw something in nearly every: fades into lat,; pleasures, sorro'tsuccesse t beauty the
1 I n P'. ..1. ': rpRovNEY1E:1 We home folks might be like j
1 CAT"i. column that was worthy of being: I I
.. "f Ocaa
4ixr ;, and failures grows
: au. : ;: in front
Of ........t VAS -0 f t. :, on fit clipped! out and passed on. Especial1 : farmer who kept a hog pen .
\ ARKET roRDSt 1'14,> -'-:.'- .Dcuta SaESTCLS9WILDflL1k J the I, steadily from pretty to prettier. On I of his dwelling for: forty year- A ,
were many
Ijr ".'.'-'t'if't TllcI1HAH'S; IS NOT A FOa, : ,' 'STOCK. 'EIS. > : good we articles i every street and avenue in every stranger in passing asked the (ant
t,. ICINE GIVE IT A TRIAL AhD V' right to the point temperance
MICE 25 CRKT, *, .;; "Sound Advice to Young Men," "Why I nook and corner is seen the work of er why he kept such an un>igHlthing > ,
fOAAIBUll: ItE1A1IiRuc.wsrs! house,
his dwelling |
...:lu..l PALATI&DRVING People Do Not Attend Church" and I' improvement-the stamp of pride in front of I Iwh. Red RocK
I.w _, :irIt : FLA. .:>n the good old stockman prompt!} I II
: -,-- i, the article written by Joel Chandler ; the foot prints of industry.On "

'!" --- .---- --- i i Harris. The beautiful tribute by Mr I the streets early Monday morning I replied: "It looks good STANLEY.to me. Ale

OUT THE SALOON Rogers was well worth being sent to | the first visit to the little prosperous I PETER Ginger

; some sorrowing friend, and who j city in several months but not I -- --

COMMISSIONER! I The Record heartily fo:::;ratulates among the Banner subscribers has no too early for Dr. S. H. mitch, the QUESTION OF PROHIBITION AND established -

the Pensacola Journal the Ocala friend who has not lost some loved genial manager of the CommercialBank ", ONE'S "PERSONAL RIGHTS"Commenting I is recognized as having I
Palatka News and the Miami ----
Special Meeting Banner, one? who met us with that "mdvidual" I standard i
the stand they the question of the highest everattained
OctobC Metropolis upon after its organization upon
In the first year handshake of his, and in less .

Hoard met pun i) are taking for God for hor..e, for the the Tampa Heights Presbyterian I time than it takes to tell it, he had prohibition and "personal rights" and in a highgradeginger
and of the people ,
J. 1.. Ed war peace happiness society gave $200.00 for the fund us behind that plendid buggy hors'Roanoke the argument advanced by some for
101: and for the 1 prosperity of their counties church edifice, and $ 5.00 and It is widely used by
laJ.. M. MauL respectively Escambfc Marion, of their new we were given an appreciated retaining the liquor business is that ale.
on the $100.00' gift promised for the spin over a portion of the with
\ Dade. in all of which a prohibition is an interference sanitor-
UIl1alldont'rs. Putnam and
,1J School piano. They: physicians In
t Sunday room city; then out to the Marion Farms of the
Editor Mayes ,
and dry campaign; is on. personal rights.
Hoard was call< warm wet have promised to continue generous: and hospital, where the sick and disabled
with the Pensacola Journal gives this: very and homes. If
together In
l.D Edwards alt These papers, towards their church and certainly: convicts of the S. A. Rawls & iums
1 1n'f.'ldlnls of their counties, are I truthful answer:
had \izi good people have something worth striving for. Co.: are carefully looked after. Thisis RED ROCK
stubborn and determined "The argument is a subtle one, try
The 8pj licatioi,: making a I One of the best things we have seen a wonderful institution and in my you
shouldbe it will deceive few. AU law is more
the devil. They
Ignore, wines anj fight against for a long time is the way the Jacksonville opinion should be either duplicated Ale will con-
with what
and encouraged by all the or less of an interference Ginger you
let, diuict0. r f are City Union is planning for I or purchased by the state and used
their some men call personal rights, but no
the state
form and prolerSng people throughout their "best ever" convention which i is: Ito for the same purpose that it is nowbeing tinue its use.
of all
been made. i ifered fight to drive this green-eyed monster be held Nov. 9-11, in the East Jacksonville used, and operated upon the one advocates the abolition ,i

a permit i from their counties a monster that Presbyterian church. The same; plans.Dr. law. -- Sold everywhere in large and small pottIes or 5c "
letert brings more misery, poverty, sin and "Many men think they have tin- a glass from original bottles
IIilM Harry program is nearly completed and BUtch is prison physician ana k.gR: : OC1.
in this world than any: personal right to carry a concealed %
Jacksonville Fla.
and ,beer in eleeDannellon. unhappiness promises a treat in store for northeast it is under his personal supervision The Red Rock Co.,
but the law steps in an l -
v other that the devil! has evesent weapon
district delegates. that the cleanliness of the entire institution
the people of tho earth. makes it an offense to carry a concealed '
The applicatioiJllckert among Miss Lillian Edmiston of Auburn- appeals to one almost above I .
The argument the whi:;Kty men put weapon. Yet there are plent:
for peri attending school in Lakeland, else. :
dale is everything ,z_., 1-fr
that the saloons buH,1! 1 : a town of men who would probably not al'iisc!
wines and beer ii up IP and will be: greatly missed in her Lest. in my haste, I should forget.I 2
is the rankest of rot, a the privilege of carrying concealed k
1, being in pruj,-' and county home society, of- which she was sec want to extend appreciations to Mr.
sinful deception to induce ome people I weapons if they had such privilege.
having been g1T-< retary. and Mrs. J. M. Smith for some splendid
to vote for the perpetuation of I "Some men think they have a pei- ;
and no objectiofto Ronald Muirhead, the well known ice cream Sunday night. )Ir.
[ this moral crime among the people.As soual right to keep a hog within the
the issuance { Endeavorer. of Pasaden'a, is now Smith; is connected with the planing
; to whether or not the; driving 10-1 corporate limits of Pensacola but the
ordered that a j\ cated in Sanford, to grow rich on mill there and is a clever nice man. .
out of saloons from a county! does an law (a city ordinance) steps in and
the said Blutho: :. ery we hope. In fact there is no town in the *
t injury to the business i:1:erests of: I' says that they shall not keep such
aforesaid. Putnam county is making a bravestand state with a citizenship marked above
o" that county, we point to tl'! '' dry coun hog in the corporate limits described. -
bonflapruved. Alcohol. Each
Notary .f> against "King I that of Ocala when it comes to genuine
which! the saloon The law does not that a man
ties of Florida, from say
I: town is being visited by temperance I human kindness brotherly love
was driven years ago. They are all! i shall not eat pork, but it does say
The petitions |r orators, and it is plainly evident that and sociability.
I that shall not live hobson BROWN & BRO., Wholesale Distributing Agents, Oca
suh prospering as they never did before;; a man keep ABE
to establish ; at least a majority of the white citizens Where is the man, in spite of high
find better 1 h happier his premises within a certain dis
there peo; "
nellon and 111- The InterlachenEndeavor kind and
: will vote "dry. position, who is always so .
viricts. -
better citizenship, better society trict. -_ '- -
a -
boundaritJUhpd. member
society every courteous-always the same geniality
schools and church The mon- "In the matter of prohibition of the
came tip!, at all-day temperance rally with is Postmaster
present an II, everybody, as I
was refitted upd t'y that went to the salooa man now held last week in their village. Rev. Crom. liquor business the law does not say John B Stetson University

.'' goes into the homes, to th- mothers that a man shall not drink whiskey,
Hit of reister&C41 < Francis Warren, of Gainesville was Z. C. Cham\>liss. jolly as an Irish F.ur C-lilies and Five Technical Schools
wives and children for better clothing II but it does say that he shall not sell
the board anced among those on the platform and ditcher, but solid gold when it comesto J JL.\N1) FLHIIA
better for more of the hiskey. ,
lwfot'the t t| made a splendid address. We recommend the banking business. It is said '
necessaries and comforts of life.As "Some people may not be particular Affiliated with the University of Chicago.
the ( for
tiling of vet. him to any one looking that he points with deserving prideto
could be an object lesson ta",e, for instance about what they eat. The law COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS-The standards are those of the II
same t the "right man" to speak in the present many marks of success in Marion
Martel Specia Volusia. It has been in the campaign.The county where certain failures would does not say that people shall not eat \ersity of Chicago. Stetson's graduates receive their degrees from t tf

The pttition I F dry column for over ten years, and Jacksonville Metropolis is the have resulted should assistance been impure food, but the law does say Stetson and Chicago. See the Chicago and Stetson catalogs.

be 1.to' what has been the lot of our people that no man shall sell impure food. COLLEGE OF LA Graduates of this College are admited to pftice :
to 1.ill'C'ial last newspaper to promise us space withheld. Good, solid banks are possibly
during this decade? D? ; ite the intervening "If a man tninks that he would law in Florida without examination. :
tax roa article. institutions.
; each week for a C.-E. news the most helpful '
the norrj freeze, ther hits been I' like to have the smallpox there is not COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCHOOL OF MECHANIC ART|
iilns at Who comes next. A section of country like Marion county
|p 15. s. r :21. t.' prosperity: throughout t.j!: county. "Father Endeavorer Clark" sends rich in agricultural mining and a letter in the law that forbids him Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Engineering and Manual Training courses 1 1i

cit we :3::11. then] There is a better citizen- hip, better the following message to the state natural productions. can have.. And from taking it, but the law does say i ing to degrees. Fine new building, costly equipment. df

:i. thence n to ,,,.: schools and more of th"ra, better society union and its secretary: "God bless Ocala has two that are safe and solid. emphatically that he must not scatter -, COLLEGE OF BUSINESS-Banking in all its branches. B-okk'4' 4(

r %1, t?. thence '.\ a happier people. 1, ter homes you all in your work and all the Florida Lots; of good old country boys inin the disease around his ue v', jrs by best methods. Shorthand and Typewriting Elective coasts:;, op'eother

lp 15 r 2( more cnurches. purer an'! weeter environments Endeavorers. I rejoice in all the : Ocala. Can't begin to name tb m. I "The law does not say that a man Departments. Large Faculty and commodious building.

we 27, thenceIomIiLt4 < for our cvtb rs, wives enterprise" in theIaser's, work which And they are generally found in prominent shall not have a well of impure wateron PREPARATORY ACADEMY-Graduates prepared to enter Han*

theft and daughters. We hv: :., less murders you show in your beautiful sunshine and responsible lOsitions-posi. his:! premises and drink all of ii Vale, Princeton, Cornell, Michigan, Chicago and all first class Colleges.: ]

\\ : 7.; !x. 9. 1C] ,.. and crimes of kinds less state. We all love the first Endeavor- tions which require many years of that he desires, but the law would NORMAL AND MODEL SCHOOLS. Kindergarten in its own b

2:< all in towniitIons ,,!- mortgages to battle with. r lore money (>1'. Dr. Clark and anticipate the time hard study and faithful service to very suddenly ptohibit the Pensacola ing. 2. Primary and Grammar School in separate building. These sch

111. 11, -among the people and j IH-?ce and con when we can have him with us againat I master. When a young man gets it Water Company troiu furnishing impure especially prepare Public School teachers.

"t.'1. 25!;:, '.u.'' 27, jjlwDu "< tentment. I a state convention as in former I.Jin I his head that he must go to town water to the people of the cay. MUSIC SCHOOL-A 10000.00 pipe organ, a dozen pianospa1:

.'n as the t.", .. When !ha saloons *>r 'riven from 'ears. I| to build himself up in the world he I. "The law prohibiting the bale!: oij 1-uilding, large faculty, thorough courses of study. ,

UUtrict, .itho a Volusia her total asse1: valuationwas I j I intoxicating liquor does not interfere ART SCHOOL
In tha Tampa Tribune we noticed generally; a "goner". Th' proper -New Studio. Costly casts, models etc.
h.um tax of :3 between two and foo million with any right whatever except the Stetson has of 48 T-: lJ ioLl!
that Rev. and Mrs. Groves, once so ; way is to build himself up in the country a faculty professors and instructors. ::/

ary 1. 194J. xloliars. This year the cc.;:aty tax as well known at Brad ntown, but now (: and then go to town if such be privilege to sell liquor. ,It does not grees from the University of Chicago Harvard' Yale Dartmoi.-: Columlj

It was there sessor's books show an s,.essed val king in Orlando are in their manse your choice. There's Mr. W. D. Cam interfere with, and prohibit, that i i Toronto Wake Forest Louisville, Bowdoin, Utrecht, Bucknel.:: t'mversj

1143 ordered t uation of over five million! lollars, and privilege because the :sale of intoxicating ,
after a summer furlough. Mrs. Groves i, for instance. Was a faithful and : of I Michigan, Dennison and other Universities. There are over "-"ilOO.O

in the afortaafortaiii ibis: increase too. Win freeze that is secretary of the society in their i competent school superintendent Butjthe liquors is regarded as injurious buildings and equipment; nearly a quarter million dollar endowment, : ;

10tit' swept for the tim bi i:"_' our' orange church in which no C. E. work was i foundation of his earthly taber- to the community itself, and in prohibiting endowed library of over 13,000 volumes; a beautiful chapel with: costly 1.

I.-W Xovembuj; groves from the face o' i1 e earth. done for several: years before Mr. '!'nacle was plumb-line, square and levjel. I such: sale it protects the community nishings, including stained glass windows, 7 oil paintings, a SI"100' pi;)

clerk was dirt .: The fact that there are: between This quiet country from the injuries:: which the organ; a Gymnasium with AT'n'.ei'C: FIE
Groves became the pastor. I. 'way back in some complete apparatus; an enclosed

14, notice' of sdiuwpannl .:'. 2l: and 3000 names -I'-positors on shows what an up-with-the-times min I home, where nature's sweet evening i sale of liquor results in As John B. inning track, tennis courts baseball diamond and gridiron, bts.des:, s'

t ibe ij the books of the Volnsia: County Bank. ister's family can accomplish if it I song echoed the welcome of sweet Finch said: ming, golf rowing and other sports; separate buildings for men an' wozten :

traction for E t: including the Merchant: Bank at It is saidthat 'This question of the prohibitionof large laboratories
tries. i rest to those that toiled. for Chemistry Physics, Bacteriology, :Mineralogy

Cotton PlantThe !;" Daytona, a branch of tae: Volusia i Pres. Winnard's wife has been i Prof. D. Brinson will possibly the alcoholic liquor traffic is in no Biology; several large museums and shops; electric lights, eectric: tej

County Bank: and th constant and very ill at their home No. 403 PalmA I succeed Mr. Cam Brinson. like Cam, ense a question of individual abstinence steam: heat, cement walks, shell roads, broad avenues, spacious: canijj

petitio remarkable! increase in deposits as I A ., Tampa ever since their home I certainly made sufficient proficiency any more than the prohibitionof shrubbery! and trees: social literary, musical and other students' clubs; E
to be held tot shown from the emi--"--'lual statements the sale of bad beef is
of a country a questionof lecture sectarian is Dtiful
-.# returning from Illinois a month ago. I in the honorable degree courses; Christian and not teaching. The location
pedal tax rCfittHtcing and the growth of :the savings the prohibition of eating it the
-' But she is recovering slowly and our I m In tn safplv' admit him into more and healthful, and the expenses are low.
at tbc (: departments, the fint c'al conditionof 1' prohibition of stale milk a questionof For .
faithful president is planning to attend responsible position.Don't catalogs, views, folders and information, address the President.LINCOLN
r 2t I. t'. the our people is better tUan: it everwas good friend drinking it. The one implies the
; nearly every district conventionheld 1 want to forget my '
cor of sec 4. I in the past. in Oct. and Xov. \Tathp\vs.. County Commissioner, from protection extended by the state to HULLEY, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., DeLandJiand
---- -
w to the sw 'J\: The saloon is the curse ()f any land; -- _--- Hadn't seen Brother society as a whole, the other impliesthe ....::;'f t
Intprlachen, Fla., Sept., 1911'7. I I"The third district.
o, thence s ;. it is the most degrading institutionwith I II I Mathews since the Pine picnic, just individual action based on a crime, and that wields an influ-

r 19, t', toonciJutnc. : whieb humanity i is :niflicted and I Spirit of Home" I before the election-a time, generallyspeaking man's judgment: ence for bad on everything with whichit Jerry Burnett, j

wllch r.UO'iI. .- our heart bounds with jiy over the I I II all candidates are at their i "The theory of the prohibitionist is I
4, 5. 6. tlf; I [ comes in contact. The owners of !
anti-saloon wave that s sweeping Joel Chandler Harris. in the current I best. But Mr. Mathews appeared to that it is the duty of the state to Merchant :
tiouslandoctLons the Southland today like a hurricane. make it as real estate, the value of which is depreciated
writes friendly the other day as easy as possible to do -
t Uncle Remus's Magazine, ofj I be just as I
{. 7, 8,1. cane. "Houses and Homesand what he j when a candidate. Firmness if prim : right, and just as difficult to do because of the existence of

:s, 29. :>. SIt I May Escambia Marion. Putnam and it is wrong; that it is the duty of the state a saloon near it, should have the rightto Tailoring)
i' has to say as he alone can say ciple is a
y Jrt, e, and se hands with Vol'isla and the make protection from the
Dade join I infused with the very spirit and beauty I Time and space wont permit all the to the road up to manhood and existence of a
:., %5. 2i. 35 | other counties in Flor- honor dive just as they do in
thirty-five dry of home. Hear the conclusion of i good words which are justly due kind as smooth as possible; to plant the case of Ocala, Florida.

o, to be knov ida in having driven this! death-deal- the whole matter: I friends in this attempt so we will along the side of the road its flowers any other nuisance. In other words, Finest Imported and:

special tax nt*;- lug monster from their midst.-De- "You may be sure that the spirit necessarily hurry through with a of hope, of promise, and of public ap when it comes to a question of per- Domestic Cloths. .

tty to levy a i Land Record. probation. Into the road sonal rights there is more to
of home is not to be found in ware short few minutes in the Commercial down to li- be said

_laDing Jaif ,. I II I houses, nor in the auction shops, nor Bank where one is always made to centeiousness, and vice, and crime, of "rights" on the latter side of the Cutting a Special

t It wasaeIdered ? Getting Acquain/d WithAlIigator ; in the market places of the world. It I feel comfortable by the people who and infamy, and death, roll the rocksof question than the former. Fits Guaranteed.BJRICI.

i an*!** Mr. William Ren>e. one day recent- is an external essence, with a fluency -I: do the business there. George Blitch law, hedge it with the brambles of "The main question at issue however ,

tkm be held \ ly had a lively encounur with a ten- which fills every corner from eel- is an exceptionally fine fellow and Dr. public opinion, the briars of public is not a question of personal I

t for the be purpoj held foot alligator. He found the saurian lar to garret, and gives out its perfume II I Booser is beyond comparison in his condemnation, and then place the citizen rights at all, but a question of morals -

came lying aleep on the bank of a tide i even to the stranger that enters at the two ways, and say to him: and economics. And from the

the clerk notIce was .;',: creek in the eastern part of town and the door. And if you have: ever had a I line.Mr.. Clarkson at the head of the 'Take your choice.: standpoint of either there is no argument -

quired 1.f ... slipping up softly dealt! him a blow whiff of this subtle perfume, count :Marion Hardware Company is holding "Where whiskey has been sold in in favor of the liquor business." .

t ban prepare '\ I of the business. a community as long as it has been I Sample and Price on request.
fortunatl end
instructionsResolution f.#, \ on the head with a boat oar. Fortu yourself among the childrenof I down a big !
how he does it. but we in Pensacola; it would be strange in- C
.: nately, Rense was standing very men. We all know PEERLESS BRICK
. .. i
1ft'S of thepriatton C|i' ,: close to the 'gator. a fact that prevented II I can't all do it that way. Just haven'tgot deed if there were not many who regard ,

of :, the latter from giving full The editor of the Key West Citizen | the business ability along with us. prohibition as an unwarranted( : MACON, GEORGIAMcIVER (

and for plac I| force to th.., swing of its taiL As it I: evidently is not versed in the law. In A. few improvements observed inpassing interference with their own personal I

.., in court holby I: was however the astonished reptile I the last issue of his paper he states Ii : rights, but when they stop to think ot Mp 1i !i --

the boon: : swung his tail in the osual manner. that a petition is being circulated in The new court house. now that we it every law on the statute book- constitutes J GUARAHTEJ H

;" body. striking his assailant on the legs and I that city asking the county commissioners -I have it, is as indispensable almost a prohibition of MIDI: km, I Against and AlA CL
{ holes. No
.,e chaiicommittee .2 sending him headlong into the palmetto to call a wet and dry election i i as the courts themselves. Taking the And no law is intended to prohi.iii: a d darning if you buyth1rproop more ...

t( bushes near by. Mr. Rense landed I! and adds: "Such an election cannot old iron fence from around the court thing unless that thing itnt-li' jii-.i; I II I : -- :.:- -..''.

cvptlng plan on all-fours in which position be I effect the issuing of licenses for the house square removed a nuisance and tutes an infringement 011 p ivhu, ) ; K ;''G "-- ., -..--.-. ,. I

Doard then*] scooted through the palmettoes until coming year, and in the event the added beauty to the square. i rights. IiQirye I I "j .,f1, ".9, ,. ';

: meeting. exhausted, and then he lay still' and II county goes dry the law would not I Glad to see that old negro shack I "When it comes to personal! iuLr- !, ( All FQa the u popular ii,, Ezyptjja colcrs.t' :I '. 1." \...;.....-t_ )

listened anl waited for the 'gator become operative until October 1, torn away from the corner lot northeast all citizens of Pensacola should lia\t- ..-f/) k Cotton (medium or
I I I lghtwefc'bt: ). FUNERALDIRBCTOB
whom he expected to trail him up. 190S." Brother, you had better look of the A. C. L. passenger depot the right to be free from the contaminating 1 m boxes cfaix pairs Sold !

But the animal had dived Into the the of the sheriff I in keeping with influences of the for SI OU.
Fifty Vj up the law. It is duty and improvements I liquor busi- FOR LADIF: EZYPtaDCrJIO. !
: Samuel It.r f creek and disappeared. This was Ir.Reuse's to immediately close up every saloon the location being erected. I nesss. The young men who are growing pairs with tack for par.J2.00. A gujrama. tike .L
been -
has shf first interview with a big "ga as soon as the official canvas is Mr. Hall's residence on Fort King up and those of generations yet -1-
than fifty ye
berlain's Pal tor on its native heath, and the way made. The law provides for the refunding now under ,the contractor's charge, unborn should have the right of pro- Have ft full otock of ('ottiu-. '&!

great relief ? he relates the story makes it very of all unearned license mon- will doubtless be a beauty, a creditto "teetion. from a business that breeds anj Burial Outfits. :S :'iai! given

-- I tiat in1.." For 111 s ijuseJ. laughable.-Punta Gorfia Herald. ey.-St. Lucie Trflrane. rom city. i i .lrunkt'nn pauperism imbecility Sold by M. FISHEL Burial Embalming services. to Order11 ,;

t: r ,


I ,

.'" .- ;' .,...:a.. .... I.
't.. : <- '. ', .. _
.-,: \- "
l'' 'S" ---"''i-i""I; .-.oo::' ._ -" '"" _..- _. ,.;...; ., ; .., ,"",":<"-"' -- 7r.! : <. -...*" ; ;-
;J cfi 1 r. ,, /<- -'' ,
,.. srfHJ1" ,' -L
; .' !o't ... '\ -
.r _
I .. ,
'if.'I' dt3
_"o--.JI. __ iit "iA
: .
4." 1 ..:;>< :" ',- "- 1 }- :- ...ii ...y.' : ? -. -.v-' r L,

... ,, .
: -' ? -
m- "

f'.n. .

t -I "

COUNTRY HOME? hour life's mysterious pathway 1
i.tl (
0" Ocala
5I 1"1'1 : ELECTION MARRIAGE NOT I and Iu another column will be found the
I unfolds and our minds, nior1
Tl'):. I.. avy equinoctial -
showers Tho Peter Stanley. I more interestingly charmingly, beautifully story of the action of Governor Brow
tia\"> Mil.si.leil:; and we are negro vote has decided the is- (By
having h1a1iv. *ue- Baltimore and like the silvery waters the of Dade coun-
VMMll.tT I the county will stay wet. The following from the There is a fever prevalent that ard toward people

Tl.tanners. are busy With over cut' ) negroes participating News will be of interest to the Catholics should be given some immediate attention | of some bubbling spring, go leaping ty. -
saving all
hay, m down its pebbled pathway strewnon
11.. 'IIIIIIU crop is tbout yesterday's prohibition election SO Its full significance will be learned
harvested and Per |, of this city: and if possible blotted out, either side with the sweetest fow -

i me inding 1 time will soon be here. the cent result of them voting the wet ticket I I II I The full text of the decree of Pope lest it proves fatal to much happiness ers, the forests banging with vinesof as time goes on. ,

Th.an.! .- crop in this section is short] A majority was inevitable Pius X., revising the declarations of and prosperity. It's generally called I delicious fruit, adding strength to Two things stand out most prominently :
.nd. the farmers are of the white voters of I .
expecting good the the Council of Trent concerning mar- strength, beauty to beauty-useful ; one, that Broward has broken
county are the -town fever. .
|I'! !i >'> tor their syrup. If opposed to the saloon "
Ischool!: at this place is : and on the basis of yesterday's ,vote : riage has been published in this country For instance: Here's Mr. Farmer ness to the world. ask the question his spoken and written word to the
progres.IK' Then I simply """"
-. ; \.ry nicely. The children if the white vote could have controlled taken from a translation of the over here. A good, honest, hard working Why abandon the good old democrats of this county. i

d-lishtt-d: with their teacher, Miss McCarley. are- the election the county would today English Catholic paper, Uw Tablet of man, who started out in life financially plainly countryhome: ? Why exchange a life The other is that he has dealt a

be dry by at least poor, shabbily attired and
majority. London. of ideal happiness, a real work of noblest staggering blow to the primary syslem j
Indescribable have fed, but with land, a horse, ,
Mr.: John Martin killed a Sights Certain portions of the decree scantily an honest calling, .
rattleMiake! while very large The city polling places presented excited some comment, although a couple or three cows, herd of purposes .. i .I&l2fOf
gathering corn j in girl, with a continued hope for a successful what use is it to hold primaries
some almost indescribable of Philadelphia has "shoats" and a little country I
his field this week. sights, particularly Archbishop Ryan final ending that when we come to I
in the nothing that with all the qualities necessary to if the officer who was elected on a
larger precincts.There stated that they contain ,
Mr. A. J. Holton : working
the our
was a visitor the parting of ways
1 to were in the new nerform the duties allotted the wife democratic platform which compels:
negroes galore, and almost is revolutionary A clause
Ocala Saturday. been, wisely used, for
will have
tools I"
I Farmer forgeshis him to abide by the decision of the
every nf'gro voter carried in his law ordains that from next Easter li a country home, Mr.
John T. tinsel
Mr. Lewis and pretense
convict ,_ .. the tissue-paper
inspector hand a new Doll tax rerplnt Catholics shall nol \Viy' forward into better circumstances primaries, will not carry out his owi t
uuwiug marriage among the
-- "IiJJL "foot" in
:spent several days here with hisf&tuiIy -----1 necessary to stand even
solemn ?
that he had been contracted before a .
especially unless
this week. qualifiedfor be valid class of townspeople?
the occasion- authorized priest in the pres As time passes by we find :Mr. Farmer advanced Why did not Broward make the appointments -
I). Sellers duly article, "Why Abandon
M r. is visiting her P. S.-This
panins While the best of order was maintained ence of two witnesses. Two excep in what: we might call too second Home?" will in the first place without
at Floral City. the Good Old Country
at all of are made: degree of home building. There'sa putting candidates and the people to
the polling places, tions to this, however, another- .l
followed by
:Mrs. II. E. Clifton has be immediately
returned to during the afternoon the lower elements First, when there is imminent danger i daughter, perhaps; a sweet, timid continuanceof too unnecessary expense of holding _
Town"-a '
her hom at Titusville, after spend- of the population began tomaniE of death and no duly authorized priestis girl, who plays hymns on the new organ "And Live in a primary, thus saving a shred of his

ins; M me I lime with her daughter, Mrs. I and teaches a this :subject. nonor? ...
>st themselves then obtainable sings ajThe
particularly obtainable, any _
II. IV Griu&s.Mix. ; those from the tenderloin.VhIte priest can perform the ceremony in I Sunday school class at the old Union j I Sparr, Fia., October 1. governor has taken a very

: (\. K. mount returned to her I and witnesses. Grove Sunday school. A son large strained interpretation of an ambiguous -
negro prostitutes paraded tbe the presence of two I Hands I
,In tin.' j in .Jaekon vile Saturday after streets and flaunted their red streamers The seceond exception is the one enough. to milk the cows, feed the New Law Ties Sheriffs law which section of the law as an excuse
the new
a JlI"I -:uIt visit of several weeks (the emblem of the saloons) in that has made the greatest stir. It horses, drive to market alone, or go I Acting under before not to nominate the successful candi-
be deposited
li.-n- with! her mother, Mrs. A. J. the faces of respectable men, women I declares that when no priest is obtainable duck hunting "by himself." lIe may I requires costs to Justice of the date to the judgeship. lie has appointed "-

WailMr: i --, and children everywhere. Even manyof in the district, the man and have a younger brother, who is big issuing warrants, the situation a man who in the first primary did

I George: Brant has been quite the saloon supporters were disgusted woman can contract a marriage that enough, if not old enough, to go to !'f.ace: :Mackey is making Sheriff Perry. The not receive one-fourth of the votes

sick for M veral days, but we are glad with the spectacle and no will be valid by merely announcin school. There is also:: a baby or two. I embarrassing for that he is immune cast, passing over the head of a man

in know that he is improving.r doubt the of two I Mr. Farmer has moved out of the latter believes who made a good showing in the second -
some votes were chan ecl to their consent in presence of the act and
r hunters seem to be enjoying I the dry side as a result of the -brazen witnesses. old rough cabin u it got too little. TInew ;:' from the conditions to warrants with- primary. lIe appointed a man

t ihr! t-port( of shooting ducks, judging effrontery which these walking advertisements Cardinal Gibbons was aske\ this house: is comfortable and up-to-I mat \be, has a the right costs, but JudgeMackey who made a solemn pledge not to accept

from 1 hf' number of guns we hear on of the tenderloin presented. morning concerning the decree, and date; front gables, green blinds, with out posting and won't issue the office unless he should secure
holds otherwise
Ih,' river each day. M. The situation finally became so bad he said that he bad not yet receivedthe bannisters aroound the piazzas. lie unless the sheriff the approval of the people at a pr!. ..

that Marshal Sanders had to order official text from Rome but evenif uses the old house to store hay in. the warrant wad for security. Tosatisfy wary. lIe has appointed a man who, '

We Are in the Fight to Stay the prostitutes off the street. he had he would not be interviewedon The children have a lot of peanutson hands out his in the premises Judge if he accepts the nomination, must '

vine-stored there, too, for : himself necessarily break that word.
tin1 Voters of Marion the :
To t County: Ladies and Children the subject. General
., .. that and Christmas par- Mackey) wrote to Attorney I The has dragged the ermine .
recently winter evenings governor
Hundreds of ladies and children of Archbishop Ryan
r \\ o understand that some of the Ellis and the latter replied that the
of the bench in the dust and has
would not affect marriages
the worked for the decree
city heroically the to officers
and applied
et"people have a petition or ties.Though law was mandatory
At present a mar he probably does not realizeit made the court as well as himself an
prohibitionists, doing everything in already made. else.
as to anyone
some kind of paper which they Protestant minister Mr. Farmer is now an ideal model the same object of contempt-Miami Record.In .
their power to enlist the voters with riage made by a has several blind
Sheriff Perry
an.sending around getting people valid by the Catholic for pure happiness. Millionaires the last gubernatorial election
their side. From early morning until is regarded as I but cannot arrest them
who I have signed our petition to there is no impediment would give their vast moneys for his tigers trapped, Editor Stoneman of the Record was
,a the close of the polls they remainedat i church provided warrant he cannot get the
without a ;
would of mind-his soft pillow of one of Governor Broward's most ar-
Mgn their paper, asking the county the polling places, singing temperance already existing which peace without planking down security -

- commissioners to take their names songs, displaying banners and render any marriage of the parties in- sweet rest, his blissful dreams, hk warrant, and if he gives security and dent and enthusiastic supporters.

for the elec- it is the Catholic health, his appetite and his pure food.
off th- petition calling serving refreshments: to those who desired valid. Nevertheless, not convicted then '
marriage by a When the golden sunlight has fad- the prisoners are Japan and the United States
tion.Ve understand that they aret&Iiiiig them. Many a vote was changed -, law that, although a the sheriff must pay the costs. Be-

\ anything to get the people to from tbp wet to the dry column by Protestant minister is valid-yet Cath-I ed 'neath the rose-tinted western ueving that it is the duty of the stateto Mr. William Randolph Hearst has

sian i!;; often making false statementsand the efforts of the ladies and children. olics are guilty of a moral sin in being clouds, calling each member of this take the chances on conviction, the a signed editorial in a late issue of

saying that the "dry" people They had prepared for the occasion, married outside the church. I happy little band from his or refreshments her individual officer is not inclined to put up the the New York American about Japan's -

the tight, and all manr After Easter, if the text of tbe decree daily pursuits to
1(1gin'n up having trained the children for several baffles costs.: As he remarks, it is hard attitude towards the United

nor of things. Will you please try to weeks, and they rendered the is taken literally, all marriagesof and rest, the picture to have to wait for his fees
of the the descriptive: powers of paint-brus enough States and says that the "little
before a
hi check (movement by notifying the parts assigned them in excellent Catholics without having to pay the costs in !
before a Protestantminister or pen Gathered around the family brown men" are hostile to this country E
false representations. or even
people of these taste. At many of the polling places peace such cases where the parties are not
and win are to be regarded by the board, the soft light of a pink-shaded ; that they have found wars profitable
stay the hot of
pr't. are in the fight to they were exposed to rays convicted. On the other hand, the
null and void. This lamp falling upon the rich stack of and have their directed
church as now I
and nothing can stop us. Our chances the sun, but this did not deter them Catholic and law requires the sheriff to arrest violators eyes ,
under the civil fresh-baked biscuits; butter, firm the United States
:ITS are better today than at any time and they continued vigorously at their would not have effect of the law, and if he fails to upon as offering
would consider sweet, just from the old dairy under them for
the law, but Catholics an opportunity profitable pi "
commenced fight. removal from
since work.
le we and the do so he is liable to
the big trees, pure cream
of vaue.
marriages as no racy.
An> tiling you can do will be great- Wets Hard W.orkers such office The sheriff has written thtgOVE'rnor
i throughoutthe In regard to the second exceptionto glasses filled to the brim-(go 'way,, lIe says that they object to this
hard and
worked he is in
The wets
I :tiiut(4atetd. of the quandary
, the clause, Archbishop Ryan said niggar, 'fo' I slaps you into de middle country changing the fleet from the
W. D. CAn:{, day, starting out in the morningat the asKed him to unravel the tangle, so
ea it obtains now, and has ever doneso ob nex' week! )-Pa "helps Atlantic to the Pacific ocean, but
p at the that
remaining will not
W. T. GARY, an early hour and of that a hard working officer
hacks in places where no priest is obtainable grits, and, with an expression ofprisoners says that it is no more concern of ,
GEORGE MacKAY. until they closed. Many on the conviction
polls old have to gamble
:u of the beaming from his fine :
the decree pleasure
vote and where theirs than would the sending of the
in evidence. and every he arrests.
3. Council of Treut concerning clandes- face, remarks upon the rapid growth United States fleet from the Pacific .-
Don't Let's Be Too Drastic.hc which they knew of was secured and "Ma The law was passed for the purposeof
bu ,
tinity has not been promulgated. For of "them new-ground peas. to the Atlantic ocean be to Englandor
offered at theSlate brought to the polls. the practice in some
A resolution was the party suppressing
in the hot coffee,
: instance, marriages by consent had stirring the sugar France.If .
Methodists ins managing the campaign for too justices issuing; war
conference of the Those tur counties of :
taken place among the Indians in the says they can't beat young Japan can embroil the United
',. at Frankfort opposing anycandidate the wets had mapped out a program, rants for trivial offenses, burdeningthe
; -iufl wishes her new roses
ar because there Mary
early missionary days, States into a war her statesmen have
who does not take a decided -i and proceeded to carry it out to the county with heavy costs for mileage
and turnips,
: would like peas
was no priest at hand. grow hopes that the Philippines will fall a
tmd in favor of temperance and letter, and it was partly due to their while John and 'his little brother debate and fees. It seems, however, thatit to Japan.

closing of saloons. efforts that such a heavy vote was I Fanny's"little is too sweeping and practically ties prey
j the' Sunday THE NEWSPAPER THE REFUGE the ownership of More and more it looks like we are
polled.-Pensacola Journal.Mariannas I the hands of the officers who must
,m colt. naval
compelled to measure strength
IN' THE before they dare to
of the case
er LABOR CONDITIONS A great many people are discussingthe ((Oh, how swiftly memory recalls judge Re- with the Japanese.The .
SOUTH AND ELSEWHERE. Leading Citizens Endorse of our childhood days as make an arrest.-St. Augustine
.00 question, "What Shall be Done the scenes

t; Prohibition With Mr. Roosevelt When He Retires we pen these lines, and how sincerelywe cord. Florida Phosphate Deposits
y 1. \\'(' printed a piece in yesterdaysPI Chairman of the Prohibition From the Presidential Office?" It is could repeat, "Turn backward, 0, These are of three kinds, hard rock, :}.

I J Banner copied from a California pair Pensacola, Fla.: cit- said that he will become the editor of time, in your flight; make me a child I INGRATITUDE soft phosphate and pebble, and tbe ff

FItY telling about the "little brown Dear Sir-We, the undersigned: the New York Tribune, and tnere again, just for tonight," that I might latter is again divided into land and
i :.a.n' of th. ** town A thief maybe
(IL -- -- :
-- says
resiueLiLs residence Texas
: : paper
amiMariauua continuous
stated desire in this plead for a happy river pebble.
ST" The item to be a general
men" in that state. leave to write you in in some things, a deadbeat
)IE there beg direction. in the good old country home.JSupper ) honest The hard rock district is at present
that the farmers and truckers .eierence to the great fight now on finished, "pa" sits upon the may have charity in his soul, but ingratitude
After his defeat for the presidencyIon. : really tbe most important phosphate
fbemp entirely dependent on the uaud in Jour city in the interest of smokes his royal old colpipe steals the nursing bottle
are almost William J. Bryan became the ed piazza and region in the world. It lies along the

labor of: the Japanese. When the O'ood government and the welfare of itor of the Commoner, and under his while "ma" gets the baby to from the lisping infant, it tramples west coast, extending from the headof

S Krai.ripened| ; this season in the San ,ual1>' happy homes in your city. direction this publication has been sleep. Mary clears away the dishes mother love under foot and sneaks out the Wacissa river, Jefferson county ,

be Juuiuiu valley the "little brown men" Our county was voted dry in 1$03 quite successful, and it wields a great and sets everything to rights in the in the night and destroys flowers : following the trend of the coast Ina

the price of a vote of nearly two to one in faor Sometimes when Mary bas growing on the departed.
gut toother, and fixed )v a Influence throughout all sections of kitchen. general southerly and southeasterly
the grape of the dry election. Since then of music-just a late little Ingratitude knocks at your door on
day's labor at 52.50 and ; the country. a new piece direction, to near Dade City Pasco
to pay this property taxation has increased Mr. Friend, of town, has bleak and cold days, comes in wrams
growers were compelled ur Mr.Vihiam Randolph Hearst: who song county, over a strip about 160 miles

F L. price or lose their crop of snipes alto ,n value, population increased in was recently elected mayor of New Dt-she might forget to wash the b) your fireside and grows strong long and 12: miles broad and distant

gether. This California paper said number and a number of nice resiteucob York, and gave Mr. Hughes such a hominy-pot, but she's such a sweet, again by partaking of your food and from the gulf from 20 to 40 miles.

that if they had tixed the price at $-oW and handsome business build- hot chase for the governorship ciNew good girl, nobody says anything about wearing your clothes.It The southern portion of this belt contains
been erected in the city;; might not live then repays the debt by lifting
thing- have of it. And then Mary all the
it would have been the same :ngs York that the whole power practically important ,
would have been [u lac, there has been wore prosper I. the federal administration had to be with "us" always. She told Cousin its head with a hiss and burying poi mines. .

the grape growers it. ,iy since the dry election in this town sent down from Washington City to Anna that "somebody else" wanted sonous fangs in your back. The hard rock belongs to the clas
compelled to pay of medicine and food
If the black men of the south were .ban has been known wr a number whip him off, is a successful editor of her to live "somewhere else. But Ingratitude begs it of amorphous nodular phosphateand
of the it is sick and when
the "little brown menor 'ruia' The taxable properly half a dozen or more newspapers. Cousin Anna promised not to tell- of you when the type is a hard, massive, clos

1 t superseded by men" of China the 'lown tax books for It o3, the time Governor Vardaman has been of- and she won't. grows well again it laughs at you be textured material, through many :
b the "yellow In
would find the* ,l1tn whiskey was sold in Marianna, fered a salary of ten thousand dollarsa John? Why, bless your life, John is cause you were so easily fleeced. bnades to a blue black.-America- :
1>.iihi.ru. farmers IMl flt ,- trusted with gold, steals it;
condition as are .vas $Joo.CW.S! >7, and for to become the editor of one of here, there and everywhere. Feeds gratitude, Fertilizer.The .
:shes in the same the year destroys it; trusted
before virtue,
carries with
a trusted
criminal cases "foot-water,
The the dogs
of California. ,1.uu.! the leading newspapers in Mississippi

I ,j le grape growers of labor in Florid .::iv court m the year UJU;;, when the after his retirement from office. bucket of clabber to the pigs, falls with honor, betrays it The thief the Tallahassee Sun is still as discontented .
The employers and for the and skins his reform, the sinner repent
were izti. the wheelbarrow can It
states are finding un \\as wei, lIon Thomas E. Watson, who was over as a fish out of water.

ciaJ and other southern of fruit with negro <--al I:..J i.. .t thus indicating an increase the candidate of the populist party for "shins," but he's right side up with prodigal return, but the soul of small the sees clouds where everything Is bright .

ed. a >;I'l'at deal in some instances of the value of the property president, is the editor of a monthlymagazine carelessness( ), and when Mary sits ingrate is dead and the still with sunshine, and sorrow where everything ,

labor and no doubt most instances, their and a decrease of crime in our com and a weekly newspaper, down to play the new song John sits voice will not penetrate it. is gladness. If the editor

:t1l.1 Ilt'rhaps in well founded. auuity. both of which are printed in Georgia. down in the middle of the parlor were living in ancient times be would

f/ I'flilplaints have been substitute other la \\' .' verily believe that those who and it is claimed that they exercise iloor-even at the cost of moving the Florida Phosphate Mines lie seen going up and down the landcrying

i-:,, if we were to the wet side side-and begins; New phosphate mines have been .
all proba- ardently supported: such a tremendous power in that: center table to one out: "Little and mean Is Diana ,-
1 in >0st
l : in
: 11411 iw-tt'ad conditions We would, f the cause in the electiou in this.uuntv I state that he is more absolutely in cobbling with a new bridle for the established by local companies of the Ephesians! lie looks on

hIiy! would be worse. () vigorously sup- thanif colt. Florida during too past year, and but at the growing pension list;
out of the frying ... would today control of the democratic party aghast
.hlJls., bo jumping dry side in fact a number member of it. Who that? Three frolicksome lasses for the difficulties of the labor situation benu-ana Flagler because be Is rich
the he were a .
into the fire.'I'll. 'kurt that if the. awkward but jolly good old the outturn would have been -
1.:111 and confiscated
contended an and wants his property ; j
soon as
the who It is also intimated that as .
in those .___
.. I'llluloyer of labor 1 ...._ ., itilil be crinAU tae uoor. ..Y..H< 1 ap'"' considerably larger. As it was, a and
complain went t.1ry L. uu,-.;.. --U'-* w-< Governor Broward retires from officeat lad, sweep in at 1Q:1 thinks it U all right for Broward

. .ni and eastern states"Canucks" and the iud now irankly concede that their Tallahassee he will begin the publication her hands with delighted surprise !ligut increase was made for the year Stockton to favor prohiimum, but it
(,.Iiy against the the complaint has: been greatly increasedtTSe of a newspaper at Jacksonville while John takes up the leather straps from these mines. is downright mean for Jt-ff Browne to

he Irish and In the west has been buckles and rings, and On account of the shortage of phosphate the
the Japan sale of whiskey and it is believed that it will at and strings, do it. The newspapers (except

is bitter against in the town. once exercise a tremendous influence tosses them close up behind the particular rock on the part of manufacturers Sun) are all wrong. So the editor continues -

4 I''f' and the Chinese. of negro prohibited verily believe that it will be to in shaping and directing the politics door. Just some of the neigh- : on this side of too water Florida and in rasping and whining and faultfinding

Tb. southern employer overthe emI Ve interest of all the people of of the state and the policy of parties. bor's children. That's all Europe, the increase from through twelve pages of .

.: laMr, ha* one advantage sections ofI ai bsl county if it should go dry The "fourth estate" is moving up a In due time the dear old songs of mines has been readily taken at prevailing of- flashy drivel.

IljuYtr:, of labor in other price scambia and earnestly hope your so and is fast getting to be home, sweet home, begin to roll out prices, the demand being Stockton Will Run.
the Tnd dry. notch or
I that they fix stay flower-scented air, the soft such proportions to warrant tbe belief that
IlIeountry to con- will succeed.The the "first estate." upon the We have a pretty straight tip
L they (10 not have ,\"ol'thY cause in the deep forest be- in a slight increase in values during be candi-
IIi lab r and other statement is signed: bynavor echoes dying Jno. N. C. Stockton will a

I tend with the laborMTtuma unions In the em- above chairman of the city coun- The editiQn of post cards and the yond the dew-decked fields. Each, in the coming year. Many minesare date for governor. We don't usually
and not I until all, for a year ahead, and the
melodies sold
the employee and cashiers of the two letter sheets have been exhausted. turn, join in the express our opinion on such mattersso
the scale of prices. and In- "pa" and "ma." sing out the manufacturers who have not thus provided this time we feel
hJl1y1tixes clerk, city marshal Within the past three months the even long ahead but at

,,1 J.)1. bankS, the city of Jack::;on county, clerk dependent sold over 10,000 postal very realities of their happy lives un for tfceir needs will be some- very favorably inclined to his candi

We unhand that lIon. his (ax. coBe.tOr court, eleven merchants, cards and 500 tablets, each one containing consciously. 0, how kindly the white what handicapped.-\merican Fertil'izer. dacy. The Times editor did not support

IU ,,m,> of Ocala has announced of agn- .' !b: circuit and physicians andl.lrge 24 views of St. Petersburg, a wings of peace so tenderly shield ,I him for United States senator

for (()1lflflISioI1er ,t'\<'ral alleys and a them! How handsomely the fruits of believe he would make a good
l\'tn candidacy Kniglit ditIt number of other prominent total of 12,000 different pieces, Mr. William Randolph Hearst will but we

('lIhin'; ? our own Joe see ,-I Marianna and Jackson combined total of 22,000iews of the their labors and productions of their launch his presidential boom Friday.! governor.Florida Times. .
.tJl1tt'stH' of
all the necessities-
( I with
this citiz.'IlS them
: farm
I ier (' ':-; not''l( 'nter shoulJ not citSt. Petersburg Independent. provides
Han'l) 'Ounl)'.
no u-aMtn; why Jl> ClirofliCliL. (>- I(
be oleclnL-Citru


-, -. -- -

".. >->. .....,.>-.......:..":-.L="'-"'- '' -

.. ; ;)..l.,... ,.. .. !;". -.i' : ...- '_"..' <'.""'" -'- .. -.."':-J1-i"' :-(--..;,.'..' r ,--JtI "
"" ""' """ "' oi.ff! -, > -",,'- '"" ", -00", -- r ._ '- .; $1i-
: ; ,'"
v ,,
-" =- --
T-- :: -- -
-- -- -- - -
'- r- : -== ;p -


/ =,


i the
I of
governor to dismiss tbs adjutant gen- I I! --- I i In the Pcala Banner

_- -- eral. the Florida senate in 1S93: the :\: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! for the feast of i Editor 1 1I News, Greenville:, Fla.: tnree-colurn editorial reply to thea

FRANK HARRIS, Editor.P. editor of this paper framed and introduced I I I I i blood, I Ii : P.,..aSir Please! permit: nw to criticism of the 12th on the

V. Leavengood, Business Manager.FRIDAY. The Tallahassee Sun's editorials "the valid policy bill." Every I i j I For, the carnival of gore. :'thank, you t. kind ,'ditorMl I in Lner's assertion that "the true and

.__. -- I are long-drawn out One's heart goes paid lobbyist and every employe of ;;|' U hens men shall! fight, by day and i i:;.;.ue or.'I I l-th! iii t. in relation enduring greatness A a nation comes
your :
out in pity to the proofreader.The the fire insurance companies in Florida night the silent and pulsating channels -
((2 II. I the governorship: through
i myself and
I 1I :- _, came at once to Tallahassee and to properly answeran
And slay on sea and "!.T" deeply'the of trade. To I
f Tampa News that the organized for the defeat of tnat bill. i v.i .a.ulappreciate would re-
4t 1a says "Kill, kr.l; : Ki,: k..r: "n.:y or.r: sentiments ex- editorial of such length

tourists are coming. We hope so. The more "glibtongued" in the business shrill, t I I hiliY feelmg! and article of a dozenguts :II
I magazine
to a
Such words, e a
.t % Ocala is making big preparations for came from Atlanta, and all that And the mind of man is mad: pn-i-u: tbereui recently defeated for na4s or more; consequently it is beyond !

them. money, whiskey cigars, prestige influence man who was I limits of tins f
w V And the angel of Grace doth bide her gratify- the scope and ,
office are more
f'/J ) and intimidation could possibly face, another high
; \ to the office paper.
The Indians collected no taxes and do for the defeat of the bill was ,- !i -.or.' the that a yr d
l"4 6X And : ilt' -on! of P ',ice i i" -.i.i: be remarked
+ .... -..OU'. --- built no railroads-how the Tallahassee t done and of course it was tldeatt'll. t! T "-0\; "tllll' of Florida, even were But it may of the Banner editorial -
unanimous. Aftermy careful reading
Sun would have reveled in that it is true that a subsequent [UKU nomination
; I The powers of hell will aid me wellAs senate to discover an answer to the
United States: fails :
t age had it not been born out of its introduced and became a law and I I fiercely rise from sleep ; I. tkleat,! ; for the not w'ithdraw'ingntirely : proposition laid down by the Herald.that I

r--_ ___ __ time. that these companies when insuring in U>:-4. while
once i Riches and skill eMl! ohpy my will, I and an activei the true greatness of a narmu
from politic
OCTOBER 4, 1907. a building, cannot deny: that I T"' hart ,-;c; of I>:tti: "< > r.'.1.1; i too degree which it ha.

i The telegraph companies promised II' it was worth the face of the polic ii, TL that P hundred! i, ..'. ". ,' everything that pertainst consists in and '
nO : jo\s < ;ic.in a i of thisst.t in the cultivation spiritual
an increase in wages but after in- the event of loss by fire. !' > !lL"' vv.luie! t'tho people. reached

Krauklm countyrcuiains liquid. creasing the tolls forgot all about the I i years t. 1 did not expect again to beon. charactics.The .
But when railroads excessive I
__ I. establishan | Has earned, in a day I'll take; and.herefore in opinion lies solely i
otfu difference '"
for public :
operators. Some corporations are rate for freight a
When -Urtt-k meets Gl't'tk"at Tar- passenger j I'll gladly scream as the cannons interpretations of t iu.>

ltOn Springs, there's something doing. woefully absentminded and forgetful. tariffs, immediately there is "hell to1 1 gleam. I : entered activtb into ousiie,5 in the different ,
t obligations; ; as applied to nation-
assumed certain ; word greatness
-Commoner.Hartje I and<< ::
pay, and the matter is at once I And a p-iiLon: !;: Marts .-ba1! i'r>'ak.Yet its position ,
'J becoming a Banner reasserts
.. Tampa has again extended her brought before the railroad commission -; 1\ : h make: 1'\ again The .
Jxr.mdartes. She grows imaginatively is now trying to get the cus- or the courts of the state. | what care I for the willow's cry. a:.':-i.iaie" li-r puLJic: office a.t'rlOU; while the Herald still maintains memorialand ', I

aa.l actually. today of his children. The court that The same "weeping and wailing I Or the orphan's feeble wail? "ou::-.iuMatioii .'ll-T at this time. If 1 most lasting and glorious

agrees to that would believe the nature and gnashing of teeth" goes up when I .'an arrange niv! I bn-incob 11'art.'f" sat.lavUuilv evidences of a nation's greatn." tare
When the ocean tide. with blood! is
Fairbanks' buttermilk campaign faking story about a wolfs lead- there is an agreed price for the sale dyed and 1 in.ich a way as not to be found, not in magnifies nt:

the children home. Atlanta Jour- ,\'itJlah'! ih-J/ tiu.-ts;: that have been temples and palaces, but in thus;."
ing j
aftf>ears to have soured on the Northern of any commodity by any two or more And the fire sue."IH hill and d.ie! ,
nal. outlined to me by those who have productions of the brain and hear
Methodist brethren.-Atlanta corporations or individuals.The And little I care for the mother's

JoernaLIf meat trust, steel trust, Stan -I! prayer ... need their faith in me. I aballu that endure through the disintegration J

Those Colorado growers who have ard Oil trust, and all the rest of them i| Whon her son lies cold and! stark. iruid! to oiTve til- people of myna- of nations and the wreck of empire J

the president wants to indulge been getting at the rate of nearly have come in for their full quota of : For deep is the death from the lJlas"I .ve ,ta.t:" in reai/ou ,.e to the many let The splendid temple of Sol- |

In some genuine nature "faking" he $1300 a car for pears probably are not I all the "cussing" that flesh is heir to I ing breath, ri > I r have rctiivtd troth all parts otis' omon has disappeared from th'

mltbt come to Florida and go on a really sorry that the country's fruit I but the following forcible paragraph i', When the war-dogs wftlly: ba k.i -iitj:' and tutorials like your face of the earth, but the literatureof

"Mint! tiger" hunt. crop was short: this season.-New I is the only protest we have yet seen 'i The primary election will not take its builder still remains and will
York Packer. from any other pen save our own. It i j And glassy eyes ,i-Lall! si/e at the .a ,' under allY circumstances before live till the end of time. The color, .-

That must have been a "nip and is from the Punta Gorda Herald, and J, skies, \I-rii or :May 01 next year, and :should sal temples of Thebes and Egypt the |I

tuck" 11ght in Franklin county, of Congratulations to Gov. EJjhxham it courageously tells the story in a : Mute lips to heaven aIp'lJ ; lot :take: puce :It'foJuly or Auuseor mighty edifices reared by the Ptolemies -

'wblchpalachicol:1 is the county i and all hail to his bride. Now comes few words: i : the reason i.u: : the people) tngag- and the Pharaohs, the glittering |
[ And the likeness of God !I. crushed!

_-e. The "wets" won by only 21 may back to us glorying in second youthlet "Let's leave the railroads alone 1\ to the: :god: .a farming; and other businesses palaces of Palmyra, the impregnable '>

'1 r1t1. the candidates look to their laur- long enough to heave a few legal j i{ 'Neath the tramp of war-fi"11tr;; ,\'ill lui give at''iUtl5: consideration to walls and the aerials gardens of i

i els.. The real Richmond will be felt brice-bats at the fire insurance trust. Il. I'i heel. u ,.uc-5 until abut that time. From Babylon, the temple of Diana at Ephesus i ,

IJatlng at regular intervals is more in the field.-Times-Union. ... there is an uncurbed trust in the I] I1a! Ha! Ha Ha! for the feast of 1.. i-t of J..u.a' >- until the 1st of the Acropolis of Athens-all have -4 ;

Sftlf'Ortan' t for good digestion than theJMHB..t.r I United States, it is the well known :, blood. i i 'iae. 1.11..Ir.w'r-, Lave to actively at- crumbled into nothingness, but the

of times each day or the The Live Oak Democrat declares combination of the fire insurance j!i For the carnival of si ins >, i,rul i to th- ir roes[) and can ill afford physchological lessons taught by them

quantity( as these must be governed that Frank Mayes of the Pensacola companies; and wby nothing is said !s \\ hen men shall fitrhr. liy day and o '!t."t' their a.suble: time to attend are in the human mind and heart today

Iy the circumstances. Journal is a logical candidate for governor or done about it passes understand-1:i night. )o.i!; :< ai meeting: : nor can they be and are imperishable forever.Tbe
of Florida and no man will say ing." XI!/. e'ed 1 to iK'g.ect: their means of a of Egypt wht,.-t' Ij
--- -- ----- | And slay on s. a andhore! great Pyramid f. j
he is not fully capable" of filling the I .v' .itood to ra: uy the wishes: of t v''
} uderal Inspection of dairy farms 'an anyone deny that there is such I j! London Echo : builder is forgotten and unknown, ha.-

k now suggested by Secretary WiI1 office with credit to himself and pro a trust? And can it be deuiod that ;, Mn-i who d.-ire\ an early primary. stood through the ages as a monument '

Q. At this rate Uncle Sam willHtittly bono publico.-Tampa Tribune. I this trust arbitrarily fixes, makes and i j Farmers Getting Busy in Dade County :"(;j: my pin: I want the (people to be not to the beneficence of the N

] be too busy to sit on a fence controls the rate of insurance charg-i ;i i. '-ii tug opporunity; : to hear be iso man who employed thousands of
i TI:.* farmers in this section'
The barrooms at Palatka closed Sat- are now !.It di-asstd.! .- that when!
a-RoII ublttle.-World. ed by every fire insurance companyi i they j ja laborers in its constitution, not aa;

_. urday for quits. The next day was either foreign or domestic-doing business :, |MI>,y with their early v,'.!ll"r crops. r their: ballots! : they can do so con- memorial of the material greatin

Hulled States Senator Thomas C. Sunday and they could not open; they in Florida? !j antI a ride through the ("ro'iurrv! show ,C.' u .oi-lv I with a thorough knowl- of the nation that reared it, but as an .

I'llaU' In an Interview yesterday at could not open Monday because it was Nor can it be denied that such a'1! that the plants are wJl advanced. Theael''ago' 'd.-: of '.:.. .:,ui thij vote for. enduring testimony to the mind thai

election day; Tuesday was the day on trust has its "local habitation and a1 i' 1 h.i\t! that if the! primary could :
too larr devised and the skill that 'r'plt'd
New York declared he never felt bet seems than en'fOl't' !
j. which new licenses were to be issued, name." It i is Southeastern Tariff!1 ie called fur .-"me time in Julj"or :
t+r in LU life and would resume his b.- This is-due chaps to thefact such a wonderful structure. While
and as tbe county had voted "dry" renewal Association.This \i't;;: 1 would be able tso arrange
dwttes when congress meets. that in former \\ir-- there bas the land around it has lessons embo.l!:
licenses could not be issued trust has its offi.- .: -: '. u>' :\n.-;.> ai'a.is! : to be in a s) --- ---- -- no; b,'. n so much cKaud land available o't ed in it will remain throughout aneternity"
and so it turned out that Saturdaywas in Jacksonville. Its duly accredited 11't';" th:> vac > Kr gorn. but
The Swedish Yacht Club of Hockkrfwt as there is at pre-'nt L Ot course: .
farewell day for them. officers or representatives can daily or the PHMIH I feel that I would '
bal addressed an inquiry theN i i at this season, only tin pine lands or A thousand years from now thegreat
be IK.10: :,eia lit :It. farther into
found in these offices, and there i the fu-
; >w York Yacht Club as to whether the hammock and higher! prairie land works of Mr. Flagler and :Mr. ,
could l lit no possible trouble in serving :' inv and also a.-fi-rtain the general
The Tallahassee Sun of last week i : be :+
II:.} latter would accept a Swedish ; ian planted. Flan: nms can be Rockefeller, which excite the admiration -
rilalltonct for the America's cup. speaking of certain measures of Mr. a subpoena upon( this trust. But : made on the g-rt-at IH1l r;"-* only after 't-uiaeiit: of the people toward me in of the Banner and obscure its )

no such summons has to our knowledge -1 he different parts of the state. I 1'
Kilgore says that "in the scrambleone the heavy rains of October have ceas'ed. barter judgment, may have foil*--"?
i dO\\' that ii !
of the bills was lost. It was on ever been issued. !1. these rains masooienhat! hard
as usually thtprail'it
Itaring the from COOO keep the ships of Tyre and Venice into fb/1
past year
'0 "u lieve, but I
the way from the senate to the house, The annual report of the comptrol j jler I > flooded! until about November would much prefer mausoleum of history
Texas there great preserved
aere of land in wert1ifIfi
; of tlv! state of Florida shows the1' flat t ib I h( ni.r tf; nomination for t
: govIner -
but it never reached its destination. 1st. It is then that the farm
rs -
prepare the of th-1
+e4 to points outside the state to memory man only by ..
number of insurance .should tail ')n the -houider
companies ;
: authorized < oftome
About fell the
midway it among mer- to put in trie main The
t w,91 crates of onions bringing net ciop. kill and brains of the hiMo-i.m ,
,, cenaries. They jumped it choked to do business in Florida i]! !land which is otter man. The time is fast
fMfDII to the growers of $178,234. on being uulu] "d at the These men therefore, may not h! +,
t and we say again that the rate of insurance uipM.jchinv.htn] ; : the governor of
it, and trampled it under foot.- i proem time for the extraarly cropis justly credited with having com 'I!. ,
Very serious charges.-Lake In- charged and collected by'each i' '! small 'aciisate! will jiav v.' to be a man of
City only a percent of t the December
011' R II. Comer has sold his IS, uted anything to "the true and enti'ring !
and of these i rrjat firmness, bra*, and
dex. every companies and ry determination
4 nacre plantation in Alabama and itt January to supply! the demand greatness of the nation," as t'I"j.- 1
upon -every single piece of insured for and to enable! him to combat theirovviug
i to UtKlr>>tooJ that the purchase was I winter early spring \cgetaoles works are of a material and ephen< ,I
t The Tallahassee Sun that Flor- property in the whole state is fix- : For the tendencof the iederalourt
iwftJo for Cooker Washington who says extra early crop there has "ral character. 4
ed by this Southeastern Tariff ho.1 j :< to usurp:; the rights of the
ida has given 17,000,000 acres for the been planted quite of
a quantity -
t t** !e**>plates locating negro colonies elation. !I pepper ,tal- courts. It is the material which the Ratine
j jipholtls
building Of her railroads. These acres egg plant and tonuuoes, all now
i tlifOf.pJ whereas
We also that the I >-i.n; tbauivinaou ; the Herald contends
were almost valueless at the time and say tariff fixed by doing well in the open fields. In the : for your kind
this ojj'orial. I beg for that kind of greatness which!
association is
excessivethat to remain.
so very
occupied no place on the tax books. meantime the farmers anplanting ,
Now that the American government it is sometimes Very trliy! ; neither cataclysms of nature nor con!
; The state perhaps has received for a "prohibitivetariff. seed: beds:: for the later l"ropliami yours,
It** btn thanked for aiding the King- ." And yet the with J. X. C. vulsions of nations can take away or
companies STOCKTON.MR.
them in the shape of taxes more than News::
JtfN earthquake sufferers, President whom these contracts are made I destroy the greatness of the intellectual e;
1. they would sell for today had no rail- .
UtH_Yelt's apology to Judge Parker roads been built. Railroads are an while fully realizing and admitting Oklahoma Ours BROWNE HAS MADE NO MISTAKE and spiritual, which is co-eternal

I itMjr to looked for at any moment. the done i iL with God.-Punta Gorda Herald.
I expensive luxury, but to do without injustice are utterly power-1 J I The democrats :secured a magnificent i

afalngton; Herald. them in an age like this would be less 10 correct this wrong.-Jackson- i victory in Oklahoma. Ha kell. t .J..
ville Floridian. Two of the Tampa Carter for Attorney General.
papers. Tribune
I quite inconvenient. ,1 the democratic nominee, wa0 electedby
WiUi Governor Hoke Smith
twenty thousand majority, and the :and News, are openly opposed to pro- Judge Syd L. Carter, chairman of
Tetu Watson and John
Temple The Dear Little Brown MenIt prohibition clause! ::; to the constitution: :lilJir ion. The X-w.s, a few days the committee which is investigaf in r
Oravw throwing bouquets his way. it Unless reports reaching Washington ago,
: is announced that when the vine- was adopted by more than thirty the
jriunzing the doings of the ,
r' tly) looks as it Georgia politics are exaggerated, there is strong declaration of lion. Improv. .

iw.ht Uforne one grand l. sweet song. possibility of a naval civil war on the yardists of San Joaquin county got I thousand:: majority. The president Jeff B. Browne ot Key West: camii. ment Beard, would make the State of !", v."
I used all tbe of the federal administration
Nashville Tennesseean. Mississippi. Three powerful rival ready to employ grape-pickers they|j power late for governor, that he is unequiv- Florida an excellent attorney general.and .

___ u ____ followings have joint control of the found the little brown men all ready j to carry the :state republican -
for the
II and seeing that that was impossible jcally prohibition, says: : Record believes he could have
l "Napoleon" McXamee did not meet fleet that is to bear and escort President -
for them and were compelled to pay he then tried to thwart the election "Mr. Prownr will find, the XewsTgrl't the place for the asking. There is no
bte Waterloo at Pensacola as was pre- Roosevelt from Keokuk, Iowa, to
$2.50 per day or let their grapes rot I altogether. The democrats, besides to say, that he more able, fearless
)iet J. That fate has been reserved Memphis on his forthcoming trip has made a se- nor more patriotic -

It*(' him at calx A good many good down the river. The triumvirate and on the vines. What one Jap said all I I :: having another stale added unalterable nouh, mistake in his advocacy of state citizen in all Florida than Judge

\, umi have met that fate here and the: their merry, merry men have joint Japs said, and there was no other i:! to her column ;gains two prohibition He may gain the Syd L. Carter, of Alachua. For
j members of the senate, and.I the fact support yearshe
Tampa orator will meet in Ocala a control just now. Whether the bitter I I help to be had. And the of the fanatical was the state's attorney for the
grapc-grow-I that Oklahoma has: so over- element who
gone are
J :
"Hvo wire" Iron Duke. rivalry will lead to break and the
a fifth
1 ers took their medicine. If the weather -!1 whelmingly democratic will give an ''irgmg this idea, !but he will lose the judicial circuit, now the eighth.

decks of the steamers McKenzie and
----- --- -" -- and
is favorable the growers will probably ernest of democratic success next support! of thousands of voters made a record there which would! _
t Hearings will be resumed in New Mississippi and the sturdy little lighthouse serve him
hioughotit well he to' f
the were to
tite who consent
; Yurk today in the government's ac-: tender, Lily be cleared for action have a little money left after year. <)e swayed by the temporary decline to the use of his name for the office" of" .

thou to dissolve the Standard Oil Co. remains to be seen. If the feud paying their help. If rains come and ------ enthusi- attontf'Y.gent'ral.
i I Seems to be Going All in One Direction L-m resulting from the recent action The Record nominates f
Jasira A. :Moffett. president of the goes much further, there is talk of extra trimming is required they will >f the Georgia 1" giblature."The him for the position.-Fernan- V l

Standard oil Company in Indiana calling out the Missouri Horse Ma- lose Either Is dina Record. t
money. way perfectly News does not
Besides the Ocala Banner, another bf'lipthat
-UI appear before the federal grand rines to prevent the threatened upris-
satisfactory to the Japs. It will be Iorida wIll! :
I ever have
dailypaper, the Miami Metropolis, is state prohibition -

jury in Chicago on Tuesday to be ing.The $2.50 a day just the same. also exerting its efforts for prohibition and it doeri not believe that! Says Jeffs Platform is All Right
q payment re
We the I II
I I repeat warning which we man who openly advocates Hon. Jefferson
t..atN to other companies than his selection of the vessel that will car- have and the great majority of the state pro- B. Browne, the Kv-

>own.> ry the president. The lighthouse I frequently given that if Japanese weekly papers are in the same cate- aibirion can be elected governor of West candidate for gubernatorial hon;
coolies are allowed to get a monopoly !Florida.: )rs. has
board is burnishing the brassworkand : announced a platform upon
{ of the work the employers will gory.The Mr. Browne which
has he
whole of Florida made will
people arerapidly no stand
mistake. or fall
:) If they did lose, the "drys" made a otherwise scouring the Lily to a not be permitted to make a single ::ie has fallen into line doubtless he and which
forcing the liquor to with hopes
where the natives I popular will carry him to
point find it
.l"nilIJ. fight in Escambia county.
dollar. Tbj :
> Japs will take it aB!!
opinion I
and victory
:an i',siie! and jll.i, anon: a> t'n-:- get public sentiment Mr in the primaries of
] and it will be like good seed sown on necessary to wear smoked glasses And then they will take the land next yes,,
i '', > : entire Browne may not be elected The planks of
i ( ;am-" 10 en ; i r governor his platform
Kutltl soil. It will yield fruitful re- when the triumphal procession flashes are unquestionably -
When a vineyardist discovers ilia! : ,.. out his declaration
I for
; d :
I' tt : :
: prohibition good
>> lts. Revolutions always forward, past. General McKenzie declaresthe I as ones. The first on. V
go (I life at the mercy of the Japs i> i><>; he News will ]is for
I ,V: : "i-: .' : .1 i M I ,! : : Dadecounties will not injure his state prohibition of
never backward. "The fight once begun snag boat bearing his name will worth living he leases his the sale 01!
vmt.vaiu1 Candidacy! in !
1 the liquors.
beat least.
can it bv two It Another
will from be chosen, while river ( yearhe will also'c'an would limit
descend father to son. Mississippi to one of Them, and that is the beginning i' the
Toh! P jnuoiloll1' ] that Key West amount which,
> are going --o : and Tampa a
Two years from now the fight will be commission insists: that the honor of the end of that district are may spend! k.
as a the
whole "
i''. state .n a
must fall to them, and the !!: of Florida, and primary election. He
waged with more hopeful prospects ofruccess. presidentwill white man's country. In such caeas ; 1,;-t f'VI"-t they have state favor

sail the raging Father of Watersin that in San '' ,', a strong prohibi- uniformity of school books and
Joaquin county! it j 1-! >" : 'I i _'' "! !l' ri 1 ; > 'i, oil sentiment would
__ __ h _'__ the stanch craft. Mississippi. : : : : : prevailing in their leave the filling of vacancies in
not the fact that grape-growers u. *<,,! Vi.( ..1'. ,.' \\ :' ; )I !I'::. '. .1 .\ "' :ifines.-Miami
The oi enlns of the Pessenden ------ pay $2.50 a day that is alarming, but I J married in Salem. Vi.. on la.t, Thurs Metropolis. mittees offices to" the executive com

Academy and Industrial: School, Fes- No don't let Landis run for presi :: of the different counties.
the discovery of the fact that tht',\' ,1IY.: hi- bride belMg; firs. (trrud'; : Frank Harris these All
seiidcn, Fla.. has been postponed until dent. Keep: him on the bench to get editor of the Ocala are good, strong planks
must whatever and taken
pay the Japs decit'e' to \1': lit i D.t.lT''!'; VITin: 'I-! '!, iai.'i.'] "r, is! one of -
the 2l th of October. The building enough out of the trusts in fines to the fairest editors together form a
make them If the price had bun ,, '. ", platform; safe
pay. III' "
t::1',1' J I" : :| x | ) U ; fp :I n" land. He
operations have been delayed and run this glorious old government! ., republishes in his enough. for anyone to stand '" : \
set at $3.50 instead of $:!.50 it would 1 I", d ,'" >v : : >II' Paper all on.-"Jad.
there is not sufficient room to Atlanta Constitution.Yes criticisms of himself tson. New Enterprise.For r
open have had to be paid just the same. hi... ... --= \ :u-.:.. ...I,'|....- _-. U.i- made by his -
till the above date. The faculty will that's right; on the bench he journalistic breth-
Stockton CaL
( ) .1' h'.t t wishes of all attend h'm: and! r-n, whether a cough
number ten teachers from the best is playing autocrat and is fining and they be couched in re- take a table spoonful
I,'-, 'I-'P.-;, MJI-on l Nfv Kn: :' rii-e.; ctful terms of pine tar to
imprisoning for .. or not; and in one cupful of white
colored training schools. The colored contempt the persons a con- su-
The Real Garden Spot. ( \ ,I :!;.'IJ' ]' jU ::!': .: \':hy.htul troversy he gar and add
toys and girls \\1d are so fortunateas and the newspapers who criticized never abuses his opponent enough water to mate a
No use to wrangle over "The gan'1' n .- 'o,,': at u::; nor impugns has syrup; boil half
to be students at this institutionwill his findings. As president be could of The motives. His manly :an: hour and set away
spot Georgia. garden sp< to cool
----- -- and When .
have opportunity to learn the not do that. He would have to take courageous course, added to his cooled off. take :a stiek
is where a fellow rolls up his sleeves j The people may love Napoleon B., brilliancy and
things which will make th'm -uSE'fl1l his medicine like all other public ser- as a writer, are character. r''in the hardenet: i mass
and is
willing.-Frank Stanton in Atlanta hut not I $oO.OOO worth,-Tampa Trib- stic of real and
and thoughtful vants. _. Constitution. !' TTpr3M. t'rompanta! Gorda small syrup in .t oLUe. A .4,
; teaspoonful
of this
syrup l'ttH'D
I OCClsiontlly! relieves] ::1 cough .

r UII'0.

-"-- ,
.. .r.-. < -4 :'.
: ..
0.'l : --1L. =
: : :
.;V'. .... .. J -, --<, _. y4
1 --- .
l" ___ ..-y. i.-..--.'-,' =-- .r3r '- -"'": ,, -.. -- :?, -"--'L'. tj;
\. ,- ... ...... ,' .....' J w;'i : V r ---. .- ",;j! :f. _
""' .k- -- \- '- :"'::- '- ;.,:. -.:;.. "W :!: -Lt: 7""':" :\ -v ......- '-- !v .j."''' % ; !. }': ,

., ".'>" -" .., "" ...r'i-- ,, .,- ,_.. {'b' "';: ; : ""',"".. -. "" >'F....... .-'--, .. 4'tIp; ........- it
.. .
... ......A.=" .031.i''Vl':- {, T"t '"' :< ::: .. .-. ...= : '- '- [..: ._ lrff
-':.::: 2 -' ':.-' .... ..... '.. i- ffi>-..I' u-_&
';;.... ---- ti -'"'-. "..>;, _. .. B: r :' :! _



+ -

...... '- -- ,.. '._ .. -
::q ....-"" .'?!. s"

1 t 31J&9e ] '. Ii ] I

; i

I .

RY a----- -- ------sa. Y-- --a-rY_-_ ____s__________ __.______. -_mss..a ---Y, ._ .S a. ,.- ..at .

T ." The Globe's' 15-Pay! Jr ClealialiceStIedrawing l : f

Is to a close. MONDA V, October i, will mark the closing of a sale thai: will be a pleasant memory. tc III who 1.

attended So much for the end. But we want; to make a strong ending, one that will leave a pleasant taste. "" .e know

,I. you will appreciate it, as you have all shown that you were with t1S .from the start to help us make this sale a sucess, and

we have succeeded. Now help I us in this

I 1:1: q : A ItsTlD: Sml A 13 D 1 q' T is f TWe cztt.Po.at '

I :f'- .. .- :, "* t-. -I.::? Ir. Imo? -LL E ,

have for you a few Specials that wi i be a treat to z'of\ you. Remember until: Monday Night, Octobc 7.

I .?? ,?.! vw ,-j Then the Big'Show is over. t<: t
an'V"' --1I1T -- I .'I'J' --

MAYOR OF THE CITY OF GAINES- ment that even th" fcaloon! crowd Liaurial; as'lg as hi- spiritual hlr.- I JUDGE EMORY SPEER OF GEOR- ,,: ,: -, -- "---f.a,

VILLE AND PRESIDENT OF THE could not reply} ;o; tlat our merchants urr.KO with u as -riy and uafai'-: 1 GIA t

DUTTON BANK TELLS OF THE could hardly ,,.et; any poorer than! thi-y 'njlv :vvarunii and linur idiuw in I -

EFFECTS OF PROHIBITION IN were; thatt had no hiihinesd: to I i the wake of the rising stai. Scathes the Saloons cf Vaidosta and

THAT CITY. :speak of, to dme! away; and that the I Yours trllY.I I Encourages the City Council to oelI I
Otii' FtiU t amI \\iflU4' \\t I
town dead airt a lY.! could hardly be {I W. R. THOMAS, Put Them Out ( ) \

I".,". ti-!; Fla., S.-pt. lo, 1 )IJ7.1 killed! any deadt-r. I believe that : Mayor of the City of Gainesville, and! Judge Emory S'jeer of Georgia, in ,

111 r t: \\ \! lil"lItront.1'3Ia'hicola: many of our good citizens and husi- President of the Dirtou Bank. rlie federal court ;jately handed down I
!I.. 11 r i:'. in compliance with yourgiving ness nien who voted with us did so. a decision holding that the city oVal .

not with any distinct hope of improving Gilchrist and Prohibition iota: hail a perfect right; to pass IS DAILY ARRIVING
1.41'I 1. 1/pits pit: a.-uiv m you
things, but realizing that a change I A prominent Floridum who visited an ordinance prohibiting sale ut' ,
ill- iti:nvr, tart.-> with regard to thet 4
.. could not possibly: be worse from a site city yesterday: made,! an interesting whiskey within ito:; corporate limits. i
11! 'I 1 i-.tii.iltiiiuii: iu Alachua count And '
business standpoint; they were will- btattmeat regarding: : an announcement The opinion! i..; the result of an application we have many bargains to t ; r .\ 'U. For!
,tl! iiaitu-ularly' with regard to J
Lt! I" > III liamesville, in which 1 was ing to change it as a last resort. recently) made to him by Gener for injunction brought by E. : many years The Boston Store ha ..-t 11 kn.tu u

Thus more through despair than al-Albert Gilchrist of Punta Gorda, E."t:-st and others, of FlorHa. that iI I
i-Tii all r.I'd. and in which 1 have I through the entire State as the -at! t.J !save
hope perhaps: the county voted dry. who is among the candidates: for gov would restrain the council of Valdosta i i j.
',Uva\-= :.\i'i;. Speaking from obser-
The results, however, are now hereto from pa>-sin, ; such au niinance. i j money onDryGoods.Clot111n'ga11d
tii: II't. ,tL; 1 \perieace: I speak with ernor.'General' '
bear witness for themselves. Since ) aakd the Floridian men Judge Spttr's' opinion in part is as
aitMilu! i and certain knowledge of the :
the banishment of the saloon-and tinned, "are you, IiJ.tf: Browne, go- follows: !
Iftt t> I p't] "SVllt.Tht .
with it its kindred and inseparably ing to place a prohili'ion: plank in "The mayor and council of the city Shoes
1)1.) !nun of the effect of prohi-
associated dens: of vice and iniquityour your patform: ?" of Valdosta, having the right to regu- ,
l ln'ioii 1ii'I''I.!.. liiiMiiess interests of
town has in a few years grown to "Xo," replied the general.:: "I don't late and grant licenses: presupposesthe '
1& oe a beautiful city. modern and up- intend to lake advantage of aay spe- right to refuse them or to revoke you
ate, no )lt.ns.'r an open one. It has ::
to-date in all its appointments and j, cial reform movement for the purposeof them. I think it will be a most excellent goou/ article at a small price than -ver before.
he ii tIT.'t'lasdtlcd!!: aud for all
institutions. It has more than doubled boosting myself into office. I am thing for the property of these \Ve have received
tiuie Itv tli- irrefutable logic of facts. just a big lot of Beautiful
; in population and almost quadrupled going to run on my past record of adherence gentlemen, and for the property of 1 -
Tllt'l'o' i- 1 bit ab.iulutely no ground for 1I I Silks in all colors and i
in value. Every line of business to decent, honest and good everybody in Valdosta, and in grades pi- t <. and ourClothing
disc-U-"lttll11 n cold, hard, uncom- |
I every trade and every profes- government, and upon what I hope the Lowndes county, and for their moral: Department is complete .e' can fit
facts speak, continuous ar- I Iou
tirouiiMU sion has felt and responded to the people oft Florida believe I will do on status as well, if the city council of '
guns hi nri.-t needs hold its peace.' : '- no matter what size you v.-r. and I our -
reviving influence. Real estate has all O'casions-exactly what I think is Valdosta, (or any other city councils! :

The I \llI"ri"Ul't'| ; of every comiuunit more than doubled in value._ So greatis right." would prohibit the sale of intoxicating ,, Shoe; are the kind that always ;.. i e s
> -o i.n .1 j I have been able to as- : "ttisfat'I I .
the demand for common labor that. Although given on good authority drinks would stand steadfastly to tion in
<', ruin 'ha'r has trild> banishing the :j every
have the above be that prohibition and enforce it
though wages more than dou- reply may not exactly rigorously :
altntt hosts it borders, is the same. i
> : bled, the supply is still insufficient. what the doughty "gentleman from by due process of law. I believe i \ t' are always glad to see you ". Lt.therOil
They all rt.'t'd There does not ; -
are at There are in the city no empty resi- DeSoto" said but it is characteristicof it would do more to solve the ,
Mvn. tu \110 iu tats: case even that "sin-I are trading; or not. Don't f- _, t u..
I dences or business houses; and although him not to declare that he will doa urgent and vital problems which are '1i

1 ,'!'i- *-).t't'ILull"that: has been held to'mote every week sees one or more thing that he doesn't intend doing. i pressing on our Southern people, do .....'r. _
ntu.h -'staltlish this rule.. This --- -
new buildings begun, the demand is -Tampa Evening Xews. more to decrease the volume of vagrancy
ttt-ut. akiug the city of Gaines- '
iVKi still in excess of the supply, and it is 'I and crime, give the farmingand
\ lilt a, .1 lair' trample: may be summed -
a rare thing for a new building not Governor Hanly of Indiana on Liquor ,. manufacturing interests of the THE BOSTON :
: :,- !Billows: The banishment STORE
1(1! i
to be spoken for before the roof has Traffic country reliable and industrious labor.
nf the :dKMi has an immediate and
save: the unprotected women of 01" -
been put on. The ramshackle wooden :
The domain to be fought for is this
!ioiic 'al! :> -timulaiing effect upon ever buildings that once surrounded the : country from the horror of WIOL.-: ."II.. ._.____ II ;,
foiu. of legitimate/ business: it public square have given place to fine I I republic its manhood. its womanhood which shake the whole nrion, a't. -- _. ._ .

liifu.M> ui'u, the people a spirit of its childhood, its homes and its
brick blocks, the aggregate cost of I more to restore: us to the: vlmple; I hie: -
public and private improvement and ,' institutions.The .
which runs up into the hundreds of and genuine oldfashione,1mt'icm': :i i
*< .' !ievelopand fosters bus foe is the organized liquor FALL
l rosr thousands of dollars. Scores of new ism, safety. contentment and peacv J907Millinery 1907

inr nit : :i"-fs: ; it creates a spirit ]1: and prosperous businesss seuterprises traffic of America. It is an enemy than all other causes put together

III ili.-e'ij! ; hopefulness; it multiplies well worth while. It has great
have been established. The numberof And this will be the !last court that
it-, it elevates the social I wealth It is adroit and cunning. It
\a us ;
I 1'1"; ; : banks has increased from two to I am aware of. which will entertain I peniijgAS 1

u. ,11 I .in n'ligiuus tout of the com- !{ four, while the number of depositorsand is resourceful. It touches the finan- an application of this sort to interfere I :

nuTt-ases population by at- the amount of deposits have almost cial interests of many men. It is desperate with the city government in any I _

desirable class of It observes law, human
!H.o.t :: quadrupled. Numbers of handsome no measure which may stop the traffic'

> H,-,.. flagging indus- divine. It violates legislative en- .
I residences. ranging in cost or in intoxicating liquors. -American MY FALL GOODS HAVE ARRIVED AXI ARE NOXV BEING
n, \ :..:... about au increased actments and tramples upon the most Issue. ;'
-f! I from $2000! to $40,000 have been ) AXXOl'XCE TO
.t'i at heater wages. It solemn constitutional inhibitions. The '
erected. A large part of our laboring I THE LADIES OF Oc.LASD SURRC; XDIXG COUNTRY
.1 .!! trades avocations, !I: rul'; of civilized warfare are to it a MADE !! THAT IILL HOLD MY ANNUAL FALL
people now own their own homes, OPENING I ON s
I'! I'i. --tuts- ,' : \ .IIIII! :- having a le- i:1 and have money in their pockets and meaningless jingle of idle words.It UNDER PURE FOOD LAW ,

luual. .It the worir.1 ccouo- neither age nor sex. Its I
; ? spares
on deposit in the banks. The mone Tuesday and ( ct. 8 and 9
III) tnu I::intld.-st 1 day laborer that formerly went for whiskey to banner is a black flag. It is an outlaw Liquors in Ten Barrooms Heavily Wednesday, ,

> t'': I ..-.i.-s plent' of work atohott Its sod is Mammon. It has no Adulterated-Some of It Gradedas
deaden ambition, paralyze energy, incite AND MOST CORDIALLY INVITE THEM TO: CALL AT THESE
-: \ .t I til.' rich ', I religion but the greed: of gain, no Almost Poisonous-Seizures I
Iii tcalls to vice and immorality, stimulate DATES TO INSPECT MY STOCK. AssrmTHEI THAT .
.' ."- anil I nmd.- I love that the lust of gold does not Made in _
I the evil passions anti debauch manhood Augusta i REASONABLE PRICES WILL PREVAIL "THROUGHOUT!; THE
h.r I I.' .: .i' fair iuieiest.trs corrupt, no pity that avarice does nottransle. I -
I is now spent for wholesome food Augusta, June ?2. 19<>7.-Acting un- STORE. HAVING SPENT SEVERAL WELKS IN NEW YORK
11.., !I :. \. .\ -\ ago our twenty > li is marshaling its forces I
l I an.! good! clothes, in supporting in::ti- j tier the pure foods and drug act. the CITY STUDYING THE XEFALL STYLUS IN THE LARGEST
d.S 11:1'.t! : t lt.i .uthibition our citv j for a conflict, the impact of which
tutiiHifor social and moral uplift iu j WHOLESALE HOUSES THfS SEASON AXD; SELECTED THE
\ !lit i lipid a i.ur sued country town still! shake! the land. The Christian |I revenue authorities are making an in-
improvements on property, or else FINEST TO BE HAD, I FEEL THAT I C\': SAY WITHOUT 4
tt.- l't. .i-aHy! Industrially dead. i church America must meet it or i vestigation: of goods offered for sale
laid up in the bank for the possible j CONTRADICTION THAT I HAVE THE BJST LINE EVER EXHIBITED '
' 1 1-: ,\\11 kinds-except that of run away, and it cannot run away. j in the barrooms of the city, and have
"rainy day. IN OCALA.
,I fl.'-wa.at a staud-atill. or Extract from Governor Hanly's l < address i developed: The fact that a huge percentage -

there had been TikI'is absolutely uo question IT. I of the stuff is heavily adulterated -
tl.i : For years : I : at Columbus. 0., Sept. MRS. MINNIE A. BOSTICK
\, ..i l 'I i i it'ibhc! improvemenis; noM about it ; our people are immeasureal :some of it being graded as almost -' ,

I-Iiau- L I '. :I"'' "ii'erpiis-es! \ had been l>lv happier and better off every way ;i ifeiuce I The Palatka News on Prohibition :: poisonous.: Seizures have been Store facing Court House. Ocala House Millinery Parlors.

.1.-1. I 1:1: tart. a min..Kf' of the the banishment of the saloon, i iI>I "It is true; the election will cost I! made at ten barroofs and the good: :' .- ... -

l.iIa-: I, t eiitorpiises\ had pull- and the removal frond over us of the I money but if it be successful it will : turned over to United States Commi-- :=E Y.....

I'll "i' '. aui; none to .I.wlson- cur e of l Alnrtgbty that rests upon be the best paying investment the i sioner Goodwin. There have been no .._ ...-

\1!::, a:.'! :' ;..umwhile a mirn- any people who tolerate the traffic : people of Putnam county ever maJe.:: j arrests as >et. but further developments j John :M. < ;t\i.a; ; ;, ---- ---- W. L>. Graham I
stuff that debauches
in the vile : will be lower tax- j are expected upon the return
11\1! ..t! a. u e e kept hart oulv byLtt nIts direct returns : .
l'lIuhlll :: rU-t away. youth destroys manhood, incites to better men, happier women and I of the revenue offic rs.-Times-I'uioi:. i
IIII'! 1 t ii' "' \ > es j I GRAHAM BIO HERS
immorality and lawlessness, pauperizes I
It.,..! .1.1:1 drag rn ilu- mart children and improved business con ;|
and children, wood the fire
innocent women Temperance puts on
"t II'" :uiv pi ue. Labor ditions. !
turns lathers into fiends and turns' Florida meal in the barrel!, flour in the tub Marion County Abstrac Company.
\\.1 .' _.. : employment at wagII "That is the result in other
",, homes into hells. money in the purse, credit in the
: : to 75 (.'l1t., a day. towns. Why not in Palatka?

t i .:.1 I of. eaiiiy houses.i. While it is true that some of our | "It is true that in some of the north- country, contentment in the house. Fire Insurarceoa ::

and solid business men clothes on the children, vigor in the'
II I a more dilapidated good citizens ern communities, prohibition is not

', .... ..-, because their owu- i feared prohibition and voted againstit the perfect success that its friends :' body, intelligence in the brain and City Property. -* Farnjs end: r.!'; lends for Sole

....J ,1r! nl: ,,r J'ouud it unproflt- I I it is also true that these same men could hope. The reason is found in spirit in the whole tirution.-Ben.:: Igvestmerjts

J I It tv ," Ln.11,: in decent repair. are now numbered among its most ar- the fact that there are two political ,, jamin Franklin. NO. MAGNOLIA. tt''ALA.' -M.ORlDi

tl'" .tt: I tll.. .1 'a'ltv in all its forms dent advocates. I can assert without parties and neither dare enforce the: -- -- -- I _

\td, It., ;'au .t1.1' our boys were be- fear of contradiction, that there is not law for fear of losing the liquor vote. } _

,ug ai..! st adily debauched now in the city of Gainesville a sin- "But it is different in Florida ;i J. R. Mcorhead, D. S. Woodrow. ---- - ..__ __

dlt.1 l I''III I L'" idlers, drunkards gle solid substantial citizen, whether There is but one party here. That is'' President. Secretary.B. Administrator's Notice cf Final DiS- FRECKLES AND PSriFLEi

tlatul'", r .f.u rowdies. Open drunk.yboluteuess. i; a business, professional or laboring the democratic party. Fully 90 per i iI J. Potter, Gen Mgr. charge.
runt.- : street brawls'' man, that would not oppose with all cent. of the white democrats of Puti i WOODUAR SAND AND STONE COMPANY Notice is hereby given tha on the i) REMOVED In Ten! Days.Nadinola. _.

and o'ht I' \ornis( of rowdyism had beCome his might any attempt to bring back nam county are in favor of prohibi- Builders o! 19th day of August, A. D., 19'S, the '

.->,, tyamon as to have ceased the saloon. tion. They will constitute the senti- CEMENT SIDEWALKS undersigned Administrator of the es-

la pi... ...>*. niore than a passing no- These, my dear sir, are the plain ment that is to back Putnam county Dealers in .I tate of Henry T. Spooner, deceased, j The Complexion

tic*.. i iWI"1I I i simple facts against which the spe- prohibition. LAKE WEIR SANDManufacturers will present to the Hon. Joseph Bell, ; _. r ciurj Beautifier by thousands is en-

'!.e campaign for prohibition':' cious arguments of the saloon ele- "Officers of the law will pay heedto of County Judge of Marion county, Flor '' : j1 i of grateful ladies,and

"lit "'*iu we were confronted with ment break themselves in vain. Al- that sentiment. That insures the CONCRETE BLOCKS, ida my final account as administrator j -<_ -ill' -.. guaranteed to remove

r tld ..tlllt- ulil ('ryou' have heard it.I i though I have written at length, I feel : law enforcement." PAVING MATERIAL i of said estate. j ":t-"".......-"..--__ ." H'If l all facial displora-
ov t- <'. pt-rhaps-that U would s I| that I have but imperfectly told the FENCE POSTS, Et:. Stanton, Florida, September 5, 1307 s' :-'_ow' tiona and restore the

upoveiHi our merchants, drive 'j story. To sum it all up in a single Capt. R. D. Harrison of Leesburg. Estimates and plans furnished and j HENRY G. SPOOXER, -S I hautyofyouth. The

.4 lay. ''i.-mess and kill the town. To [ sentiment: Prohibition bas made us and his son Mr. Jack Harrison were contracts taken. As administrator of the estate of I worst casein twenty Jays 50c and $1.00at

till :J.- however, we: had an argu- 1a happy and prosperous: people. God's J., visitors to Ocala Wednesday. P. 0. Box 956 Ocala Florida. i Henry T. Spooner, deceased. 9-6-6ra I i all leading :-ug stores i. by rnaiL
l .
i fs I Prepared b. >TOML! TOILET 'aPars. Teu'P

I r

. .

.....- _. -

; p .... ..... .._ ,&.
..... 1f'z, "' -'- -- -
.. :o. <;::t. :
--.-- .... =- -,.,......;. .-- !__ __. --- -- :i.'tUJ'" -- .rT It- s'..r;
""'" -- -
u _
- -

--.f L MAINE AND-PROH.BSTIONp. "-" -"---"--"---,-----"---"---" "- "-'---"-- -" " "1 i " " " ra ''V"f" ? ; '

t 01 -
..!. I Splendid Showing Made oJ the PiO- I-

........ '
I neer Prohibition Sate c -
.? General :\etllJow has -tf.. "\t th- c c'J'0
time, .,1'! thadoption! 'i. proli.lu! : f.i --
-f tor> la\, .Mainea> MI- )1 the HIO.Mdrur.ki'ii t : 6 --.
1 and poon-l :< it ,a the I"n- &
I ion. There wer; M-\-II ;Istillfcru i> C 3f
and two breweries m I i'mii.ad 1 i Mk' I r

The evidence of po\c: \ va.; seen eerywhere \'- 4 -- A.BRflI'HE B. R' O 'wr H' R i' --e

m neglected i 1.,1".is, dilap 0t 0s 0t ,. a -..
idated houses and n. :u.'! unthrift," \ ?- : ..r J. -4Di
: : i -Q
Witness the chaiu.n.dtr prohiU-j
Uon.o\>; ere are the Wit: ;dng peo !I, c

pie better housed. Maine ,s not an i| CROCERS _. .
I n.- '
agricultural state, 1I:1 no other :! WHOLESALE i

state can be seen such .e.l: kept an l : fiA fic
nicely painted farm pt of;>tny. The ; -
_t, census report for IJM-o; :;ilU,vs an in1 -|; ..-4.....
crease of :3? per cent. in ue manufaf :, .......

1 tiring output over isoit. !u these five -- -.-...-

years wage earners increa-- 12 per j ......

fI t is cent the and only wages state 30 with per more c.'nt. savings Maine I I e.C -- ..N................*..*.. ............... .............................................................................. ',
bank depositors than voters. It has 4 -
lip 00,000, more depositors and $22, ar, I'OO more deposits than the great manufacturing j 4
license state of Ohio, with
I Ii
i six times the population. I -- t
The people prosper and the Mate Patrons and
*!' To Our
f'ltl government; i ia prosperous \.ithout saloon -
Ju revenue. Maine answers; the 4 4 4

question, "What will a state do for 4 4 .
4 -
r revenue wittout the liquor traffic? 4

tit 1 and illustrates Gladstone's porposi- 4
Friends 4
J: lion "with a sober people not wastJ 4
ing their earnings, I shall Know whetv 4 8
to obtain revenue." New York proposes -
J I 4 +
: to abolish the state tax by levy- 0 4 t 1IJ
( fog on the saloons. Maine taxes corporations .-
and calls on the people for! r"1f1 4 4 -.
4 % I
less than $:+
JII and the state levy is only two c tom4 4 -e
and one-half mills.
c .
I Maine has tb largest per cent or' 4
total population in public -choolo} :' 4 the markets
nil 1m any North Atlantic state, including: i a9t Our buyer is now in eastern ;,i t

New York. With $::!O\JlHIIIOll; from 4 4
bl saloon revenueew York has greater I & .4 ..
adult illiteracy than in England\ 4

Franc or Scotland, tiiiruon t!iIiW--1- winter supply of
purchasing our groceries. !
Ii greater than in Switzerland- nttem} :I 4 4 His'0
sI times greater than in D.uuarlbut; 4
pry" Maine without saloon revenue, has]i iU'tK aG 4 '

:U'tK more population other school state and in teachers the pupils forty in t"u!proportion.fire.-Arl-an i has any to I i j I,I & 4 4 4 searchings for the best in the market does not i IE

gas Christian Advocate. ..
I'b :

t"1 Na. 'Special FLORIDA Cor. Ocala CAMP-Bamur MEZTING:: the I I!' tfe 4t 4 stop at just going to the city offices of the vaI f 4 4 .

thll. The general camp mug ot 4
Church of God, in Florida, will be on 4
1i i the grounds in Fort Meade. S 4
: new camp 4

tl;1 over beginning two Sundays.October: 11, and las tiug &EI"e nous concerns handling groceries, but he is 4 4+

c li Those coming by rail old will g t't t _. 4
r tickets to Fort Meade, and ask tlu 6e 4 4 __

nc sh!- I agent may for secure from certificate whom a reduction, they in ord-r purchase ra that their ticket that u- G I.. making a tour of the country and taking per- I.. 3

ud turn ticket. -
!to .
Board can be had m 'he p rouu'I!K 4

rtt. but ail wiut can, pK a- ring k; I (3si sonal observations of the large canneries and i
and iKdd'iu' ;, as \ve will n t be aide M 4
u'r' fun sIticient}; for' all ; is time, inr 4
I" ;will do '1: lJt'stt' < tii :or all \\hoIJ .

Ct 4'_ come.Bro 15 K. WamuO. Springlu'l idFu.st 1. -- establishments. with view obtaining
a to i
., and! Uto. .I/. K.Spriuj ut Ho.iv "- 4 -
.. '
tI"I ;-. Arli., will i lepreacliii' to do tb i! .
., ., r .
Let all \\l.! '- a conio an i -
h\. bear the sweet soiuUarresi ag blm! ) 'I tfc 4 4 :

H titi' books; .Echoes author: From of the! lau I-.iowiim:iy.! 8uugu' "on: ;; I it9E for our trade only such Goods as we can 1 v
anit *
the Evening[ Light, Hat est Hymu--. .. -
j .
batvatunt Kchoesm: ':Uul Praia --
\\1 and,his latest book 1': i in Sons;. +-- :
1 am ->.:ie that all v .) coml:11 I G I Ir i recommend. )
Q, appreciate this meeinu: :\'el'I. effm' 4G ;
/rt: possible is being put 1. h to make SSei- ... .. (
rrt h..:; the best camp meeting: ever held! : eia- 4
1U r in Florida. We extend a genera' in! : 4*
I f station to all. I II Shipments have already commenced to arrive 4 4 -tik

I- f r. ... tj \V. \ViI.LIAMS.. 4 4
) Fort Meade, Kia I +4 4 ---
J I I Idi 4
It.: 1*. S.-Those who have to pass 01'I j I 4 4 -
i t more than one railroad in coinniuj: ''I' aud that dealers 4 4
r lit I we request come in and 4
UI will have to purchase n>ire. than on.vi 0Ta 4 -
ticket, and will need to '"et a ceititi I 4 ---
I t .
"IEt cate with each. I, 4 --

F :.. Florida Grapefruit- Sell.-Well :i the lines and let I

till Yt\4;" quantity New York of ,Florida Sep. '29.-grapefruit Only a limiud hug, j,I a tsa i see new us quote prices. t I

reached the market this season and \iSt 4
t ;
this is sought by the trade and a- ': : 4 4 It

high as $? per box is paid for it i i 4 -
wit: 4
These shipments: come by e\i pl't's-: tt 4
ju'qu! and freight, and up' to this writing! '!, -.-- Prices right Quick deliveries, Fresh Goods, We need and 4 4
while a car is due it bid not arrnteuet i 4
Lat 4
J.tie quality of the fruit corningi, : 4
I. very fine and of good! Il\.or' Within < i i :
t- the next few weeks carloads! will b-!
slit I more plentiful. orders i

l alii The CK.ila Banner in Marion, the.suI -
gut Pensacola Journal in Escambia anl i TT...*A.1 <4Y ............. -
I the Mi.in.; Metropolis an Dade are:;>

doing good work in the effort to dnu- r1tl
i T\\ licensed liquor dealers from thute>-i 1
I. :I.wa: ritory. The sen'iment grows ,?tr.-iu-
: er each day. with prospects for \n.t-,;
t :
.. 1 1 i i SlI{;, ory fur teiniifuct all over the SoTh-1 I C3 A1 BF.-- -.fA
land.-Tallahass.ee True Demociat E -
I J CEG BO5ttifs --
\ Arr : ; ,
I ;
I str More than Enough is Too Much.
I tit!! To maintain health a mature uvi: ..
i or woman needs just enough toed t"I I
I -
i opt repair the waste and supply eiuriand *\ -..... 1
.. th e ; body heat. The habitual ion i i -
t tilt sumption of more food than is nece-- I r
" sary for these purposes; is the pinn.- : OCALA
col nut cause of 'oinach: troubles, rhouniatlsm 8E FLORIDA l
and disorders! of the kidnevs. 1f i ,
00\ troubled with indigestion revise yours i
let reason and not i -
_ diet. appetite control -
as t 42
. and take a few doses ot Chamberlains 1

'-' tht wt1' you will Stomach-(lon he and all Liver right Tablets again. an.For' !: 4a?1...,.. ... ..... 6..' ', ." :

_an f sale ball! draggle. m I I Ir. ... 6..' Er: ,.' ..6''!' .' ." .," '6'66'

r.ll r.


: ; >. .... ( .
''' .woA \ -

: ,.,;., ....-e',,..
'" _. ,. '
G \ ..
.. ..)..-... ...,. _--
&.... -- h >-" .r- ..

The Ocala banner
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Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for 1884 later called new ser. vol. 2.
General Note: Editors: T.W. Harris, F.E. Harris, C.L. Bittinger.
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,; (IFLItA: : OL- LJHlt1\' -sr, .N kJE01'III ,


- --- -- ..::


l la:- O-II-| | OCALA FLOK1DA FRIDAY < >< 'TOliKK 4 19u7.( ONE DOLLAR A YEAH

-- .
.r r '
-- -- -- -
-- -
---------- -
---- --- -- -- -- ---
............................................... T>u'ker and Mathews.:; the girl tnc\! !

.. .......................................w..++.. ..-
preHJt. They have just! COIllII t't-:
i : o In conducting the affairs of his bank the nuiumoni'iu has
f d 1 a telephone line to Hornets still.
: t X" YAL'S : 4 about nine! miles from Ocala. Tney REMAINS WET' always believed that men of good) !business judgnunt and 1 constnative -

4 ideas appreciate the progressive Bank conducted on strictly
4 have ai,;o finished quite a few resilience
business lines; that its growth and success is the community'sgain
jobs in the city, among them
From \\VdneMlajV Daiiy. : that such a bank best protects the interests of its depositors
hoe of T. E. Bridges and B. J. Cul-
H ECZEMA LOTION i and thus droves its greatest help to the commercial developmentand
; 4J rhonse. While returns from Escambia county -
credit of the community.MUNROE .
in the wet and dry election were not

.. .. : !,, The board of county commissioners all in at 1:30 o'clock the concen

held a special session Tuesday for sus of opinion is that the county had & CHAMBLISSBA1'KERS
50 Bottle
:1 Y' a i : the purpose of considering the making

4 ii of a !special sub-tax road district gone "wet" by an overwhelming ma-
4 ;
4 of :Martel and Cotton Plant and aftera jority. OCALA FLORIDA
: : AT THE 4 : :> .
: -- -- -- ---
very general discussion of the subject -- -
w ---- -- -- --

g these two neighborhoods were THE "COMING-OUT" CONVENTIONThe COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS I II V44+,..................+4>

4 | Post office Drug Store. j I': made a sub-tax road district and the I i

4 41 i ame will be submitted to the property committee appointed by the The regular bi-monthly meeting of j BIGGEST LINE

4 44i: holders of said district to ratify board of trade to make suggestionsfor I the city council was held Tuesday :j

,1: or reject the proposition.Mr. the holding of tbe "coming-out" I
night. Those Messrs. J.
4 present were ::; I OFIwATtJ
4 I
I 4 !I convention in this city held a meet- D. Robertson. A. G. Gates, R. Ii. Carroll I

i Prescriptions Prepared Properly : 4, I John O. Mathews:: of North ing in the office of Mr. W. D. Cam D. E. Mclver Charles Rheinauer'!'

t 0 4 4 1 I Brookfield, Mass., who has been in Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock, and George Carmichael. I!

'i .......................... 1.............44.!1'L .. j Ocala for a week, a guest at the Ocala and they will report to the board of! Minutes of previous meeting were1'

{ 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444Local :( louse, left Wednesday for his home. trade the following suggestions: Thatit read and approved. I

; He ha< bought the place in the north- be held on Friday, the fifteenth John II. Brown, Levi Alexander,
--- -- "'rn section of this county known as day November, on the property on George Giles, R. A. Hall vestrymenof I

1 and Personal I j .' Philadelphia orange grove, a part Fort King avenue known as the Gary St. James Episcopal church, sent FOR tI

P i, of th,' old Fort Drane plantation. Mr. grove; that a grand stand for the jin a written communication complaining i f fie

Editor. Co.e I :lail"\ \\''; also owns a beautiful: place speakers and a band stand for the about the done to meir I
Sara Eluabtth Harri. Local unam I l damage LADIES[ AND GENTLEMAN[
; Sin the Tomoko river near Ormoud. Metropolitan band be erected; also(property by the exhaust pipes of the

i He now owns enough property in that seats and tables be built; that a electric light plant. The matter will
Mi M \\ I ltut-r, a |irom>n' ii' \1"-i> i
Florida to warrant him in spending basket dinner be provided, and that I be looked into. :! /

!*>lUI 1Ull' in or at Largo \\aa .i-ii-n I \( Voted Dryh' ;he balance of his winters in this the railroads be asked to give reduced Upon a written application, from : ._ '

in 4|f in M'Hi i ;tatr.1.I! rates and that the necessary com-I Father Bottolaccio of the St. Peter's ; .. v
---- ---
mittees be appointed to carry out j Catholic church the taxes on the
1 K: Ifcltimtl "o -- -- B
aril 5 \i \
projected substantial improvements these suggestions, and that a general
said church relieved
) j propt'rtof was
... [
t l.av- -j" "i -.ini'M-r! .It K. i. -,al.lr
for Monticello are a $-11.1)1)0, invitation he extended to everybodyin
of taxation and the costs made: in a
Indt11IJ 1.1\ I. I 1111".1 h.I.. an.1 1 art ; Tremendous Change |
court house, $l4),111itcompartment/ the" county and state to attend as certain tax suit against the Mime was -
Mt t,1* hi 111. ,I i 10 .!'i' llol I hollif. HI I.,> I ."
\vaivhiw--f, $ >OiM) tobacco syndicate! it will be a mass meeting to which assumed by the city. THE JEWELER.

'HhhAU1'\ : i in Sentiment) at | a brick plant to cost between $OOO I everybody will be delegates. (I Mr. T. E. Biggs: who has been city

and $ltt Muni, an ice plant to cost $tn.111111 ,- i ......1..41....... ....4.44.GOVERNOR'S .
for the
attorney past years,
1'h* t.!.-|.l-.uif tall win i" I'M-i, PalatHa. a dozen modern cottages and a About Convicts I I in a nicely worded letter, tenderedhis -- -- -- -

d..hf KiN':!>'L''U truUl1111 a, i IM not a I model bakery, and whenV have -
( Ocala Fla. Sept. 30. resignation, as he expects to be
'' 1
talk 'I! (11" MOTHER A SUICIDE
h I,?IM it li-iaitiimx IhI I tin-in and we have reason to ,
every absent from the for
q II tJ M.".1| for :-\fral >.'.Ir.,, all.1 The following telegram, received iH'IMe that each and every one of To the Editor Ocala Banner: city the next sixty FATHER A VICTIM OF
1 or ninety days and perhaps perma-
tut i- i 'I!1I.d <>( ii \jmliu hit'ulaTJI 1$4 at 8 p. m., tells most for- I the: t-ntt'1'JJI'ises mentioned will materialize Dear Sir-I noticed in your last is- WHISKEYAt
nently. Resignation was accepted.
: *> s i iu I B in the near future-with theflectiic sue a piece entitled, "The Convict.
cibly how the Alderman Richard
sentiment of McConathy of
I prohibition f His Family, Law." Pensacola, Gov. Broward Makes a
light plant and water works
[the third ward tendered his resigna-
'h.llt..t \1.\",+.n. .hu II tion. He gave as his reason his re-
." Miii '.wl in 'N :N''l anal K.I-I: I Palatka Ion and short distance telephone : convict committed to its care and Address-Hitherto Unknown Tragedy -
has been the stronghold ;; systems uctance to share any of the -
r.tUftH"! h"'I/' Snitda\ 1)t11111i.\ < r two railroads, two banks, a : trust steadily at work of some kind. of His Youth Told to Large Audience
of the
,itl_-tn. .!(" vi .it\ .-d I 1stU Join',i')\\ II 3 of the "wets" for years, tart' stave factory, long and short treat them humanely and not a? The present management of
tue city.
resignation was noticcented
Eyl'Mitl: 'tit \\ .!.1itlittlull, So'" \ ..! \, and the count of the ballots just rot i on tannery: extensive turpentine brutes. but was laid over until the Governor Broward, in speaking for

..ai.iua '.+ "a!: ',wad.1 and t -I/t| nl k fiinside\\ the corporation with several 2. Where a convict has a wife and! It .. prohibition before a Pensacola audi
cast is a to next meeting. was stated
MJ8 o "' .1111 Irit'utt... Ill !I' mi II! surprise everybody: children left behind, one-half of his
stills and sawmills in the immediate
1'- was now too late to hold a special ence last nigh;:, made un nl>! r tn.:, ;1I1Oot
''' ." '!iiittu- U.i- IM--II .1 !.i.-f will have ; monthly earnings paid by the lessee
vicinity, we a town
election the election will
wi as regular dramatic speeches oi ui.' < oIlpalgn.
o'tl', ..h.o' Ub" : to the state, should go to the wife
(Special to Ocala Banner.) |; well np among the most progressivein be held early in December.A .
child children if for their in which he related a 'LUC !ucideiit
-- --- F'onda.' Monticello Cor. Times- and or any, ,
Mr l. 'HiVn'k.. f" a \UII'l 'in- Itfu Palatka Fla., Sept. 30.Thlr of big stack of bills was next attacked of his life
I'nion. support, and thereby lessen some own of hi":1: lew: if any
; of all sizes varieties and dimen-
ii 4). ..L! but Oho ha- 1.11. teen out of twenty-seven pre- ff the crimes that are being learned by sions. persons in his audience bad ever two

1rrttrt f ::19f.IIBU- ,ti, HIII.I1' :1.u .
of com'ict.their
)1 H. cincts 94 i r. prosperous The
.. give dry majbrity. registration books it was stated -
l'Ut'lui.H II1ha '
*. \I s1 > tin" t I
4 who is working out
protector "When I was a small bay>> my father -
tiiin of Walh)1..Xair, turpentine would also l he revised before ad-
= t"t! i. ',.II i !II.alli.!! t fur .t !' 'i.-' These include Palatka City the time for some crime committed ," said Governor Broward, "becamea

,. !Ii.. :1..1 '"J npt.r.tiurs, was among the visitor to journment.
u Ii In n i : ; : while in state of frenzy. Ft
a rage or victim
which gave dry majority of 15 as | of strong drink, and his
i.,it",< ( ,,* ,,> ...ffI a 1..1 ;,.. Ocala; Tuesday. Like a great many which would not have happened oth- t downfall finally caused mother to
"Jill! I Ii,,' t against 184 wet majority two J j Prohibition at Starke
If .iI! loJ.pr-! who are employers of labor. erwise. commit suicide by shooting .herself
f Capt. Eugene :\latheditor: of
'nI years ago.County I' Mr 1 Wade is; intmsely interested in Our law makers when they go to with a shotgun. My father died a year

-.- will 200. I th- prohibition contest in this counts Tallahassee again; should make a law he Starke Telegraph and speaker of later from pneumonia contracted dur
dry by
\ ,.1, \' t T J*dll..it I.' i ;4 ii'Mi \ go and is anxious for the prohibitionists that every wife and"child. or children me house of representatives, is mak- ing a period of excessive drinkin,"

> |t.. ., in .H. hr..UH'I. IV Suifl! d W. A. RUSSELL. to win the fight. He says that heCannot of a convict should receive from the ing Ocala a visit, and paid this office Like a Pail

Intl 1't.. i .' I. .(!tt!.'tiit tn IrUIIl.1 s t the have state one-half of all said convict's ,
.,,; n"'U.zll:1tI 'I see that wets any argument :t fraternal call :Monday. Speaking of The governor'b irt>' !m i e a
I.ijr, A ire' hair "JIII'lit| !ii I. to advance, but whether this earnings for their support.C. pall over the vast ami'.t; I i.-. I I' .1 i MI

t't I \\ tth Itt. r.'Junt of tin' he not that if there :M. HAWKINS. prohibition and its effect on business ..
true were
I Ih. McIntosh i is; back from New [ or no unexpected so tragici; :" >evi|
)4.111.\" i H>- ck'Ia i .uluu>', lucli lie says that before: Starke went dry
involved the ,
J.'rsi') i other issue except one meaning that for th-- !I." i j.. ;M! .cry

ij m.J .1 i d11I't( MitiiMwr af the I I of labor he desires to state that the STRAYED-One black cow and : there were quite a number of prominent I person in the house sat :i.,,,' :ml I silent -

at ii ,M I,u a m,'uit'> r. a" they ', Mr C. C. Priest of Anthony was I I I.lOU'lIg employers of labor find it imperativeto heifer, marked staple fork, under bit merchants who opposed the and there was n'tta i i. .m "tuM

t i t.ntii.!) to itatt*. th. Tuesday visitors in Ocala. drive out liquor for the reason that in one ear, under square, upper bit., measure under the sincere belief mat fail to understand tb''t' ;. t Iling

the negro as a rule, has becometerrihh which Governor Brow at >\ "t I'toridu
in the other branded "B." Has been I it would largely cripple the
\1. i \\ Ili.aa ul $uuiitT r nuit>
Mr J. 1:. Stevens is now manager ofa demoralized on account of it, experiences when the question of the
us I. .1' u 'tna r.-ta'ivi-!.. Hfi with my cattle about three years. i:and industrial interests' of the city.
in labor.
and turn greatly disorganizes
fish and oyster! company at Crystal abolition of the saloon is at issue.
"Ii II!; i I.. t1. <' 4>iHi Ira WiHrou and Itiu-r. He says that this is the concensus of Owner can have same by paying for ,| He says that one of these men the En Route ta Memphis
i .
tri ft t 0 It rt tail till H' *h. t ii 1'11t'utlin opinion of nine out of every ten who this advertisement and other expen.1 I morning after the election offered to
| Governor Broward was in Pensaco
ib. at'i! In AHttiitH \1and I Mrs. W. J. Overbey of Dartow is on are now carrying on large industrial ses. C. Milligan, Anthony sell all his interests, personal and
I yesterday, en route to Memphis
ttW\ r ,< i |I" li.t|>$ stake ih'-ir bnaie in a visit to her parents, CoL and Mrs.L. operations. Mr. Wades buisness in ses. C. MILLIGAN, I
real for fifty cents on the dollar. Mr. where he will deliver an address be-
tlru... l "( r.hVr mar- ,
Uralu1' J. Parr. Ocala was principally to ascertainthe 9-15-4tw Anthony Fla.

rttr I- UKih) .. Iht* i if this opinion of our people along this I I I fore the Waterways Convention next

Ity I j Mr. and Urs. Edd Clements and line and to urge those who favor the When those blushing maidens raakoj I leav-ing I I week.
the interest the
ed meet this and Knowing governorhas
to same gentleman
of those woo engagedin their debuts in Ocala and formally
little son of Dunnellon spent the day prosperity are |
Ttw \1.\1 r.iuaty HaiHtMi Sunday asked him about business aqd the always felt in the abolition of the
.fn Ocala Tuesday. big business enterprises to foster announce their candidacy for governor -:
Mt'uall! i .\-"" H'mU! >n mc-t 11ft Orate Sat the prohibition sentiment and makea of Florida we wonder if Hon. Den-i I,I| gentleman replied that his books will liquor business, he was Invited to sit

.. lila a'IM aid) *""I1n the Baphttr I show that his business during the upon the platform at the great anti-
elimination of will another
After a brief visit in Ocala :Mrs.: R. vigorous fight for the nette II. Hays give us ;
.-' < < b. and white not largely at. "the I past summer has been the largest in saloon meeting in Armory Hall last
P. Hyman and children have returned the whiskey traffic. rendition of roses blooming more i
II&V tras a very plcasaat .... Dr. to their home at Lakeland.Mr. sweetly in fair Florida," and if Sena-,I the history of his establishment and night and after Judge Covington bad

; i' ... fkTtt l invnidt-nt. for the Now it turns out that Editor Stone- tor Pasco would oblige us by cutting j' that he was entirely mistaken in supposing finished speaking, Governor Droward

I.'tlilac ft'a. H-v H. ,', Martin and Abe Ross a pioneer of the man, turned down by Governor Brow off another edition of "John's Pants?" .j that prohibition would kill a was requested to make a brief ad-

C vt I N Mardi vice prfdd ita, and Withlacoocbee river section was I ard is an attorney of record. Jacksonville Floridan. [ town. Not only he said was this not dress, which be did.

Mi auha' ) d' (HM-r-tary and tre *- I ; a fact, but so far as his own business Enthusiasm
shaking hands with Ocala friends on ______n_ Governor Broward
I'h" I!Ii-i concerned. prohibition has largely I was greeted witha

Tuesday.Mr. increased it. Mr. Mathews said that tremendous and prolonged outburstof

Mm k."IIt'h McHtu-rsou arrly >d' --n "'I'>="'r.-7l2\# ,...... Vh- :v\ :, Iv: thinks this will be the experienceof I applause as he rose for Ms talk.
Miller of
and ilrs. C. Y. Leroy
:MI tkra i M'''n.lav aft..rn the well known out of ,
were among I
her the Mr. Mathews the that those in the audience would not
"IWI\.I'f antler with parents city go dry. was

U_.< eastIt, .M. .H.. tact ittiitir__ .. _Mr.__ __- town people in Ocala on Monday and j I guest of his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. take his advent among them in the

"bf.ur who 'ha* b*.-u very sick ail Tuesday. i I I ''C. A. Liddon, and was in the city nature of an irresistable desire to
The the YearBrings
"Hum*! !t./,' i. '!>*' to !h'" old hum in Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Slaughter fall o 'tor a day or two.Skinning speak wherever there was a crowd,

!*. "'Un'i'"ml l H'v-ral I months giving a pleasing anecdote to illustrate -
in Ocala Tuesday driving -
the day
i I'. hi .f '.< in tl" !ii>ilt' tbat his spent j: < Some Editor this frequent failing in public
In early In the morning from their j
1 .... r.-ior-!151rs. McR eri the men. lIe explained that be was en
dUb\ I in
: ,0' changes styles
y home at Levon; If there's anything we do admire it
; II route to Memphis to attend the Waterways
i-'ian-i Sort
I 11
f' < i "I..' I i I of Footwear as well as in ;;; modesty, and equally strong is our Convention when prevailedupon
,- hiule.i\ for New
t h ft u Carloads of Greeks continue to pass I I' li.-crust: of the self-lauding fellow.
to occupy a seat on the plat
To be
s-d' iand. HI. clothing. up-to-date
1 "' 1 k .UI r. m' !
through Ocala en route to Tarpon i There is a certain Florida editor I form.-Pensacola
., that too will soon I Journal.
u ft 'i!1'0' ;
t Springs where they will be engaged 'who is always criticising his fellows,

.. ,11 ." In the sponge industry this season. j jH > You Owe it to Your Feet ,I H !Hlns: them what a wonderful bright Hard Times in Kansas.

"! H-l1ryt:1' >* of Martel, who -omeiiody he is, the only real persimmon The old days of grasshoppers and
Dr. S. H. Butch accompanied by his I on the editorial bush, and ue act- drouth are almost forgotten in thf

'iI rafaytftf a nitwt delightful daughter, Miss Legie, and son, :Master I to see us. We are ready to : wally works seven days a week, not prosperous Kansas:: of-today; althougha
''> her old home at Qoincy : I II citizen of Codell Earl SbamburR
it 'II S of J a" returned home Landis went up to Lake City Tuesday serve you to your satisfaction 1:' counting the way he hustles at night, has not yet forgotten a hard time h*

home the also where the two letter will enter j I 1 merely to-well, to turn out a sheet encountered. He says: "I was worn
1 I.*Glidl.O. her may
JwkaT. Columbia, the new Baptist college.sirs. : i ii ; ) t'' rhat one day's honest labor would out and discouraged by coughi
.. f. -
i it I HtR, >Mrs. Love and and could find no 1'1-
I night day,
_|, .> She Plays that Gadsden i j TheMation CO. : ('rea'e. Poor thing, you should take lief till I tried Dr. King's New Di---

t' \18dt'f'KOIIP *B ali o?t tom.t Hopkins who has been spending hoe : a re?t. Lord, we'll put up with the covery. It took less than one bottle

"-rniallon since bP lived the past few days in Ocala with j i I (J. M. Meftert D. B. : seven-year itch if you so decree, we'll to completely cure me." The saest !..-

not cotton. her son, Mr. John Hopkins, who has j; not kick at anything if you'll deliver and most reliable cough and cold
..t i That totMaff". and j j4i BETWEEN MUNROE &. CHAMBLISS AND POST OFFICE.
!'uoam boon quite sick, returned home Teesdav. ; !1 u? from this scribe, this self-lauding cure and lung and throat healer ever
i', t-1!! ti> -
nu the great f ::1' II OCALA, FLORIDA. Guaranteed by Tydiaes!
'' ',' ) We are glad to note that Mr. and conceited bit of humanity.-ilul1 discovered.
"\\i. ,. I' > J I & Co.'s drug store. 0c and $LOO. Tri
n 'hliltr depp f1! !"p'! .::, is now very much better. I -...ga Hr A = IA3-.r==< I 1 berry Times.. al bottle free. m

i .



I t" "H.c. rye; .' _

( .

I l'HE: :1 O iL1HAN.NElo tf :

-- --
--- -- -- -


_u_ ________ __ _


-- -" -- -- --- --
- ----- -

44)44.444... 1444444444.4.444 4444.44bwI Tui !k+ r and I Mathew.th eieunc.t''Kal'i : !
\ A BfJn 's Success the Entire
.t 4..4... ; '-, ar*- head over he-ls\ in wu:'Cat : ; ESCAMBIA CO.REMAINS I Community's Gail
present. They have jut coinpi-- of 'hi, bank the has
In L0' du tim the affairs man::; -m-nt
.' '1 a M.-phone line to Horne's still. !i
i i WET always believed! that men of good hnilhJu.lgmt'lit and conservative -
XYAL'SLOTION .(:nut tune miles from Ocala. Tnejainu i ihate I
II : ideas appreciate the progressive Bank conducted on strictly
: finished quite a few resid' -
: i business lines; that its growth and success is the community'sgain

> -nee jobs in the city, among them From \V'dm-du! Iai.ti. : that such a bank best protects the interests of its depu .tvr-. .
: "
I those of T. E. Bridges and B. J. Cul-
n and thus droves its greatest help to the commercial developmentand
H ECZEMA \.'rho\Js\ ('. While returns from Escambia coun
credit of the community
ty in the wet and dry election were not

1 .i The hoard of county commissionersheld all in at 1:30 o'clock the concen
a pecial session Tuesday forth MUNROE
sus of opinion is that the county had
50 Cents a Bottle i : ; purpose of considering the mak
"wet" by an overwhelming ma- BANKERSOCALA
i jug of a special sub-tax road districtof gone
Man el and Cotton Plant, and aftera jority.
t ; AT THE : ; -
-- ------ -- -- -- -- --
very general discussion of the sub-
4 4 I -- -- -- -- -- --

ject these two neighborhoods were THE "COMING-OUT" CONVENTION COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS !j 1++++.+.++*+.+++..+..+....
H 'made a sub-tax road district, and the i. I I

:L i I Post office Drug Store. II -ame will!! submitted to the prop- i The committee appointed by the I I I I The regular bi-monthly meeting ot '' BIGGEST LINE

fOrty holders\ of said district to ratify board of trade to make suggestionsfor the city council was held Tuesda ,

4i i
iiLocal convention in this city; held a meet- D. Robertson. A. G. Gates, R. R. Car-

: i : Prescriptions Prepared Properly : : i I Mr John) O. Mathews of North ing in the office of Mr. W. D. Cam roll, D. E. Mclver, Charles lineman

t 41 I, liiookncld Mass., who has been in 1, Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock and George Carmichael.

t ..44..4.4444..444.4.44................ i Ocala! for a week, a guest at the Ocala and they will report to the board of i Minutes of previous meeting w-r- ImICHEFOR

r ....44.4.44..4444.4.44444444444..4444.444444444 House )left Wednesday for his home.. trade the following suggestions: Thatit read and approved. j

. north-'nt'etiou! be held on Friday, the fifteenth John H. Brown, Levi Alexander : -

r. -- _. -- i of this county known as day of November, on the property on George Giles, R. A. Hall, vestrymen \]

. 1 and Personal 1 .l-U P' I .' Philadelphia orange grove, a part Fort King avenue known as the Gary of St. James Episcopal church, sent :

, : -- of thf old Fort Drane plantation. Mr. grove; that a grand stand for the I in a written communication complaining ,

f -- -- Putnam Go. \ M.i'hfWn! ; abu owns a beautiful place! speakers and a band stand for the' about the damage .done to i.aeir
y Sara Elizabeth Harris. Local I Editor. I, l LADIES[ SUB CIHILEMANR [ [ H
t .. --- "n' the Tomoko river near Ormond. Metropolitan band be erected; also,property by the exhau.-t \l\iplO\ \ of the I

!lit now owns Inough property in that seats and tables be built ; that a electric light plant. The matter: will'

I t \l \\ I lim-i., 4 IIrtlluII' ,,t 1,(inf : I-iuMila., to warrant him in spending! basket! dinner be provided and that I be looked into. I""i

I'Aujf, {ia'.i. >r at |l..arICH. way da d- ((10! V oted( Dry : 'lie balance ot his iuter.in this the railroads be ask..d to give reduced Upon a writ '' n application} : from ;- ; t .

if t* MoiniavM i -'.:tt.. rates and that the necessary committees I Fatht-r Boitolarcio of the St. Peter's .... 'A
t -- ----- i ,
be appointed to carry out ( Catholic church the taxes on the f4f.1"J d

ft \ ,J .i \ i E: [)...Itllh'. who if f r IThe projectt-d substantial nuprovemeets these suggestions, and that a general ''property of said churchas relievedf

4 .' lT.,u. !1' ,il It'u""al.I.1' i for Monticello are a $H.ltJ: *> invitation I It1 extended to everybodyin .> taxation and the costs made in a ,I

4 i' n-,.1 l hoUle! aiid ale Tremendous Change the and to attend- as -
\ I I' ; 'court house, $II ,IMHI compartment county sate (rrain tax suir against the same wasassumed T

: .1 i .lul Koine ill tu; ::1 j! \\.ir-houi-e. $:::(. uU tobacco: >>mi'cate!! it will be a mass meeting to whicheverybody by the city. THE JEWELER.

i I I in Sentinjent i) at \ \kind!lr f'k plant to cost: between $7ooil, will be delegates. I Mr. T. E. Biggs, who has ;been city
--- 4044444..4.444..4444.4404.
I SI"111"l an ice plant to cost $loi" ,- I luorney for the past several years,

1 ', \sell M'llt It) l I'll i :-I- PalatHa. I + .
t h. El : i a dozen modern cottages and a About Convicts in a nicely worded letter, tendered

'I, I, nun .Mn a. ir> not a .1 .1 I iiitnlel! bakery and when we havetillin he be
: Ocala, Fla., S-pt 30. 1 this resignation, as experts to GOVERNOR'S MOTHER A SUICIDE,
.. ..'., att.lift ''it1 talk, Th,-
i i' i t !, and we have every reason to absent from the city for the next six-
. The following telegram, received ) To the Editor Ocala Banner: FATHER A VICTIM OF
I ., t1l.1 .
I. \ .Ib : :
. :- \ t.ili-\e that each and every one of _I ty or ninety days and perhaps perma WHISKEYAt

. I'.t l ..I {it -.IH'lal'lIH'oiaI. ( I at 8 p. m., tells most forcibly I i I II the enterprises) mentioned will materialize Dear Sir-I noticed in your last is nently.. Resignation__ n ____ __ was__ accented.
. sue a piece entitled 'The Convict.
in the future with the
11a i I Alderman Richard McConathy of
how the sentiment of Pensacola Gov.
Broward Makes
. a
1I t-li'ctiic) light plant and water works His Family, Law. the third ward tendered his resignation. .
who hay I bition is growing in 1. The state should keep every Startling in a Prohibition
\1. \1.| \ on r1)I prOhi-I. which we now have together with He gave as his reason his reactance Address-Hitherto
.t.. North: and\ 1.1,1: t tninia'v convict committed to its care and Unknown Trag-
Ions and short distance telephone -
. ; systems
Palatka has been the J to share any of the responsibility edy cf His Youth Told
to Audience
ihuiiii In r mist steadily at work of some kind.
I >
HIi *; two railroads, two banks. a of the present management of
>. MI.-.I\ !!IH Jaiii'nvii ', hold of the "wets" for years, short treat them humanely and not a::
i large stave factory long
: : tee city. The resignation was not I
t iI'I'; ", X'"K\ and the count of extensive brutes. Governor Browari in speaking for
a I' the ballots just cotton tannery, turpentine: iccepted. but was laid over until the I

. t.,_. ..1 t .itiU'l.i Li UII'"I"'\ \ in $ .-til!! in-ide the corporation with several i ". Where a convict has a wife and next meeting. It was stated .. prohibition before a Pfi--: :ola audience -

... ", irifU.I.in l'< tin-) I I"i i cast is a surpris to everybody: in children left behind, one-half of his: last .
gt t.
in the mad
II. .. stills and sawmills was now too late to hold a special nigh, ozu' < : ri.' most
a ( h.lIW"1! ,. t monthly earnings paid by the lessee,*
.1 ii -
i iiiaTr vicinity we will have a town
election, as the regular election will dramatic speeches or tp.r i .iMjiaign.

.. ,J Ja (Special to Ocala Banner.) \ well: up among! the most progressive to the state should go to the wife be held early in December.A in which he related- .' < ,,ident
!a :: !
11 .. and child or children, if any, for their
-- Monticello Tor. Times-
1 : bg! stack of bills was next :Inlrk-I
11t" \ i I. foil a IUII 1111" a Palatka, Fla., Sept. 30.Thir j support, and thereby lessen some of of his o\\!. !te, of W1111'.. i- :if any,
1 I'n.nn: ed of all sizes, \uv-'ie; and dimen-} i
9 ? t I.ui who ha- 1.111- teen out of twenty-seven precincts t J i the crimes that are being learned by sions. !behoard.; :

a I I', n.n- IK Ihu.u. !!.>!!' 1 i! the neglected children of the: convict ; !
r give 94 dry majbrity. \lr l H. (1. Wade of the prosperous The registration 1'o'k :' wa *:a'- :
. 'II rite 1'IIII) !.1\ ll.' i I their protector, who is working out "When I was a small bay, my father
i turn! of Wade & McXair, turpentine ed, would also tie roo\ t- ; efjr adI I:
a 1 .t I In alih fot ,i I.a I.i ,n-r, These include Palatka City, the time for some crime committed ," said Gove'nor Broward, "becamea

i ,1.1.-! \\ t ri I in- chub !It uTI "i 1 ojitiaiorwas! among the \i which gave dry majority of 15 as i
i/ )i c' r'l( M t of V'| ,| i n-il.i: : Tuesday.! Like a great many which would not have happened oth downfall finally caused my mother to
"i Prohibition at Sty neTaj.r. I :
: 1\\ lillll\ ll.' \ I against 184 wet majority two ;| 1 1r"r:: who! ar- employer labor. erwise. commit suicide by shooting .herself
Eugt.'nf'Ia'r: !: eilit'T d>d'! :
; Our law makers when they go to wr.h a shotgun. My father died a
s years ago.County J .11'h. is intt nsely! intere>''' i Tallahassee again should make a law ;'ii! *' Starke lt'grli'l:! .:',', ,ie\k-': .i later from pnev''i nia, contracted during -
. | tif! prohibition contest! in this county
: .K I T :*chreil l',, an will go dry by 200. tl I and l j anxious for the prohililtionit-'s; that every wife and child or children. ai :lOUol' of retr-: 'r : : .' '-. 1 U nuV- i :! a period of excsssive drinking"

H..L. I.i -M !''irnU-r n tmn ill .tI W. A. RUSSELL. i Ito win the fieht. He says that he of a convict should receive from the :tic:: Ocala! a \'i-iT.: an:, i; ;' .' : 'hi? otfii.i L k3 3 Pail

a" \I ,..; j'. :.'th."'u from Sa' ,.1 ...:.nIm Il. rMxifr..:11' I I cannot see that the wets have any ar- state one-half of all said C'on"ict"f'pafT1in frat''rna! ('allI"I: \,' ", -"' rah:'i,j nf e ,ov"r: h t'i: ,. e a

" 4 I. N have *|M'in II. i minient to adxanc". but whether thi; for their support.C. I l .1. )\-1' 'i.. -' td-J; :- .'. ..hI
prohibition and jT- :i t < : hn"IlP1.1" ; : --
tI ;. J'I, w t i u- return of the I>r. :Mi'Intoth is back fronte\,\( ;: lit, true or not. that if there were no :M. HAWKINS.STRAYED : .,:,. \lJo C'e.t. _it' -.. : I seep

. t I" It... r i'. ala I I otlou> a lucks Jersey. I 01!her issiuinvolved:, except the one rays tha h'fort. 'aYent sir.. ,: :I..' "aln.;. '.:...IIM -1 l!:,' :.,' : :.- .ery F

.k .', t uit.b' Miumier at theM : of labor he desires to state that the -One black cow and I, there were quite a i.1.'i' of prominent ;,! : m .n :'V! :, ; :-t' .' HI! i si-

a menHf r. a* they I'! I employers of labor find iT imperative heifer. marked staple fork, under bit mtfcbants11! i -i 1 ;..)vrt tin I ii LI, arm ti- ,5 l:' ''i.. \. .,.) i dull I
i '1 Mr. C. C. Priest of Anthony wai s I '
> i Nave.r to drive out liquor for the reason that under the sincere belief that'it Id,i tO un\h-r! -' .. tj'.1: I"ling
1 u1k :I among the Tuesday visitors in OcaU in one ear under square, upper .
the negro, as a rule, has become i iI wi1.i :, h (;U\', .'!.tI' ; owant! t F'urida'
la in the other branded "B. Has been would largely cripple the business :
\1; ,'II I"" Miinti county terribly demoralized on account of it. : '-\il..ri..nrt:1> : 'he ti'i,":f': .a!. of the
/ Mr. J. K. Stevens is now manager of
0 \11, 1 i- 'ui i\f". IltI' : a fish and oyster company at Crystal and in turn greatly disorganizes labor. with my cattle about three years. and industrial interests of the city. i motion!, }: of t'a.: ',I' ton i i'5 at issue.

_ .4111 i li \ii lituHu and : River. He says that this is the concensus of Owner can have same by paying for He says that one of these; men th i, En Route to Memphis
41 .' ., :..i bli '" i -Iieiiding, opinion ot nine out of every ten whore this advertisement, and other expenses. -i morning after the election offered to I Governor Broward was in Pensacola

II \il.r\ i .t rnand I Mrs. W. J. Overbey of Bartow is on now carrying on large industrial C. Milligan, Anthony, Fla. 4tw sell all his interests, personal and yesterday, en route to Memphis,

g m.. <' ih>'ir tame in Mr. Wade's buisness in ses/ C. MILLIGAN
tI' I. a visit to ber parents, Col. and Mrs.L. operations. I real for fifty cents on the dollar. Mr. where he will deliver an address before -
. I >, 4.& 'ttt"wB, !I" tut.! Her marK J. Parr. Ocala was principally to ascertainthe 9-15-4tw Anthony, Fla.
the Waterways Convention next
Mathews that just before leav-
: t A II't :\i 'ui I II"' of this tl opinion of our people along this says
ling Starke the other day he happened week.
; I f I Mr. and Mrs. Edd Clements and line and to urge those who favor the When those blushing maidens make I to meet this same gentleman and Knowing the interest the governorhas

; little son of Dunnellon, spent the day prosperity of those who are engagedin their debuts in Ocala and formally!asked him about business, and the always felt in the abolition of the
I I 11- N' ( '.Hiiitv H.i'ii| >t Sunday big business enterprises to foster announce their candidacy for governor -
(n Ocala Tuesday. I liquor business, he was invited to sit
that his books will
11 .....1 l \ *n"tu ni.I" i in (VaU SAt ; the prohibition sentiment and makea of Florida we wonder if Hon. Den-! gentleman replied
:show that his business during the upon the platform at the great anti-
: \I ? .( Suii.lain l the Sap-I After a brief visit in Ocala Mrs. R. vigorous fight for the elimination of nette H. Hays will give us another : has been the largest in saloon meeting in Armory Hall last
: huh tt. .11.1) Nhtl' ""' largely at-1! children have returnedto the whiskey traffic. rendition of "the roses blooming more past summer a
F. and after bad
Hyman I the of his establishment and night, Judge Covington
411 .,.t\: i,4. a 1''ry pi-a-ant 00.. Dr.fUrtui I their home at Lakeland. sweetly in fair Florida" and if Sena- finished speaking. Governor Broward

m ,' sea. I'| !'->iilent fur the Now it turns out that Editor Stone- tor Pasco would oblige us by cuttingoff i that he was entirely mistaken in sup- to make brief ad-

\(,'\ II C Martin and Governor Brow another edition of "John's Pants?" i posing that prohibition would kill a was requested a
: ( iuf year Mr. Abe Ross a pioneer of the i man, turned down by Not only he said was this not dress, which be did.
\t I N Jh I.h't pr.'MilenU, and Withlacoocbee river section, was ard. i is an attorney of record. Jacksonville Floridan. I Enthusiasm
_ i i t ; a fact, but so far as his own business
\1. a.f It.{ ..r< t.irand trcaoWn on'i' ..
shaking hands with Ocala friends Governor Broward was greeted witha
Ao concerned, prohibition has largely i
r. I Tuesday. said that tremendous and prolonged outburstof
., increased it. Mr. Mathews
i .. "'" ., ,. TJJ1'-T' I applause as he rose for his talk.
> ii Mol'iu'i-on: arrived'ik ----.V" .V-V..V 4A !N- thinks this will be the experience
: and Mrs. C. Y. Miller of Leroy
i Mr. fI. He began with the expression of hope
of Ocala should
"f the business men
'i \.I.tl t af. MINIM! and will "
< i were among the well known out of that those in the audience would not
da ''u' the city go dry. Mr. Mathews was the
i. n.i j.1 'I..r i'I !! r parents.
in Ocala on Monday and i has them the
town people take advent in
: among
I \I, a 'I i II.M ,.. mn'ir( Mr. Mes guest of his relatives, Mr. and Mrs.

,. b... sick all Tuesday.Dr. : C. A. Liddon, and was in the city nature of an irresistable desire to
: s +-' \ r h.t nuy I The o' the Year
fall speak wherever there was a crowd,
r 1118' i .11" t.' !=!- ol.l home{ inI K. 'tt'Ia day or two.Skinning
and Mrs. Thomas giving a pleasing anecdote to Illustrate -
-al months ,
411I I ," '11.1.| \ :
the day in Ocala Tuesday, driv- this frequent failing in public
f/II *, 1 In' >t.gte i that his from their I > : Some Editor
lug in early in the morning men. He explained that, he was en
4it .. I..tn- I Mrs MoPherf Brings changes in the styles it
if there's anything we do admire
d'.Y home at L von. route to Memphis to attend the Wa-
f i h." !' :-'1\:1,1, to No- : and equally strong is ourii.snst
of Footwear as well as in modesty terways Convention when prevailedupon
.. h IK i- t. -.nM for Newk I I of the self-lauding fellow. I
Carloads of Greeks continue to pass' clothing. To be up-to-date : to occupy a seat on the plaform. -
tt/II 'J >n re' S"I' l.iml. His through Ocala en route to Tarpon : There is a certain Florida editor I .-Pensacola Journal.

tI/1I rill -U! 'i'"> .i': !Itf will tour : Springs, where they will be engagedin vho 1= always criticising his fellows,

.r .. I I the sponge .industry this season. ) You Owe it to Your Feet
Iati mi!* body he is, the only real persimmon The old days of grasshoppers and
\I't : \\ "U' -I M.irtol.. whol
|" Dr. S. H. Blitch, accompanied By his !: on the editorial bush, and ue actually drouth are almost forgotten in tV)
tIII '.... UP\, \HK: I I. i ,,' t .k llgfctful : us.Ve prosperous Kansas of today; although
Legie and Master I to see are ready to week not
daughter, Miss son : works seven days a Earl Sbamburg
: tu h -r .1 i I h.inr Quincy since a citizen of Codell,
/ > l.tly 'Hint! .1! homeO. Landia. went up to Lake City Tuesday serve you to your satisfaction i counting: the way he hustles at night has not yet forgotten a hard time lie t
- where the two latter will enter'Columbia : : merely: to-well, to turn out a sheet encountered. He says: fal was worn
", I i r"l ,' -'i+' ado cat and discouraged by cough!::.:
'f' tbe new Baptist collegeMrs. > h, that one day's honest labor would
III ... M 'In lack: ; night and day, and could find no r>'-

: f D ".)( i.iNUn; I The Mai ion Shoe Go cr a'"''. Poor thing, you should takea I lief till I tried Dr. King's New DH-
Hopkins, who has been sr.--n 1- ret; Lord we'll put up with the' covery. It took less than one bottle .
','Y.(Mo ,t. I;?I"k- to. mivntIVU1
till ill '. tf ," '">n since .b*\ lived lug the past few days in Ocala with I (J. M. ile'ert D. B. Mayo) I --\ea-year itch if you so decree, we'llnot to completely cure me." The safest *-
h..rSOD., Mr. John Hopkins who has kick at anything if yon'U deliver and most reliable cough and coW
till r.> ,, 1'1Itn,' not t-ottonf,0f I BETWEEN MUNROE & CHAMBLISS AND POST OFFICE. and thmat healer ever
: 1 been quite sick, returned home Tues- : 'U5 from this scribe, h!.s elt-laudins cure and lung
l' '.' all I Ih.' t.l'Ul': OCALA FLORIDA.t discovered. G-.T-ar.f "' ,1 I, ; T"1in t
. I :.', .'!:n. \\> are glad to note that Mr. ) ,r :and conceite: ;* f v" ::11.'Y: Mulberry & C .'s.dr11:!' =" '-. -, I' ::_ : > '. Tri-

k Il' ii i ,:. v:: .-, !11 \\ .-'TTnieh better. I "' ", A uU s="= N, ;l Time al bottle ft-3 m



'.. '. I-

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.Acups __ .. --
__ -
I -
---- -
I u : : .1.1 :::.: ':... .r:: r :d:1\:1; .:c. :z rv -- (''n: "' TE.VS.l rl ;;: : = : -
f ;:; LEROY
... ",- -: .. .
".. : : : .I t : w -"
;; 'r -
Meal 'I: ---> .; .'-3 : : : : .. .:" ,<':: .1 ':: :' ::
d V :'1: .: .; .:: :.1.:1. ;:",:w..f ,. E. -'J-.l... .
Z "T
d. : : ;- .;:- '.j ,a-: ..'.'w:: 1f: ::; :
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.:: C'TMZ" J'.S'I'tl r.-.]. ii-'L"- !* J .
: 'a:: : t,.. '
: : : 'T1" 5, i,: JH; l:''; ::1k : 11 \
ACHEVMtl) :S1:: ; .
\tit' :
: : ':._ :. .. = l'o: :;:- 1:'" ..: ;:!: .'. .
I. :'..1'n.. -f; ai ',:r :i_.; .- }r--- '.= ..:- :
ter..... -., : ; ., ,, ". ..", :' ,, :.: 1 y.: i: .. .
; : ; .l' J.aa. : :"' : :: :: : :: : : ",' ot..Wl .:"'- ..>.. H: '
: ':: ::: "'r :
.... r-2 r :::..t- .: '.r' --::' ":' .1.::. i .. : -
WHIT ., ., :t :: : e-
: ::: ; -' ; :- :: .t'
1 F: !!l.l.1 .1 .
: :-.0.-'r : La-:: Tr.
0 7.t" f.. v::.::. : ., 1 ,
'7' .' : : ; !
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:: : 1- :.a !:;
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\ L :;t.vv .i;:.: .t id s OHtG -- 2'11-
s '
., .. "-. -. L'
: : .
t. 1 1- : : ;' ::'1:'" ;' .' ::. :- :
: .t.. -.l :.u .;- : ; ,. t'-: .:, ..-
\ ; -. 0
.._ : =
!Ilk! In ., '.:,," :a ., '7 1": .: S,, : f' . ar 1
l : .' \': :- ,< -1 ':;:: : .n---
,, L
< ': ,_. ,,.-. r::; :., : :::. -
.. : '
....., L ':. ;: "' '. ..
: --
: : 1: ;
: 1
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It .1i
.' ... ....,. '... :..-. .' v'5'S
c4'1nna :0

-- : -::,,': ..::1': ... ,- 71-' : --
.'.. ... :" ,: ...
: .=':: .::.- ::
Tit .-
< :\ .
: -
IwrMi .:: ." ..:.., .

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I. Ktill !.,.r -
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: ,i

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.a -
.. -- "
,..,. j
t '
. .
/MwTM 1

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M .. . .: : I

.. .... .
.. :: 'Sold by KNIGHT LANG Ocala. Flo.
Al' .:l :: T.a : .

1the .... .. -
;, fu ...ee "..',ac ..vcen leaf e'.aa. ."f M :: -.. -. :w ft .. .. .. ,
:. : : T- : ::." *. and ::'toe Jar's S3U.2 :e v.aQf C3 '- i;*s. 2...; # -is i" : "* i'; 'i

\ .... -,'...... : ? rn t:4t :e i r. son for :;-s-a a trs's i-i ji-is :;*. ? '* ier

:.. : .S-a.'" :':QI"S 3us..tess *'t:"i trte: aecsraie ::f t- i < -. .. t : *.,.:: :: : : :

1 t : : : i: : < 'in.2 '..fe! of gcccs trat *c-4 'e.'S 'e '" r
I- ia i
: :: : socar-rrt a: srt We -3sarec r.-at 3 < ,
wtn. Me : ;u ::: 3'e : tj a' :
11' -.. .. .... : :: : ::- Sf'e: rs Sawouck & Ca.'$. ci *rs :f" +sus: : ...a :' J---

1: .i .' ,:.1.' ; : : :: as *e muse do !susirteas *t" :Uf" -re 1":: : -! STIct; III : .-r: ::'- -, ,I

.'" : : : :"ta;MtTa 1'Ties; 2.'szsnt.: .Our rses Ta ;e: .iar?!' n ::' : : : .
II ; :: : I
: T
.. :: : :: HfjITc HIGKtM FAR? AND TURPESTifiEJ 1

", :
wtN'I -
: .
.: ; .:-, : WAGONS Ns I

.. .. ._. = ; : '
-- -? :ouiit: I sfs seta :n hcnor We Cary a fuii ,'e :* i
.1:' ':.. :: .'
: :: .

a 1 E iYnfMa! iff VEHICLES: AfIJ1We CC SOIIE5! j I

m .- : .., :. : ;
.. : ; fare HARNESS! for t. e F'sr .. ..
1- a ,'; ,-=. .:: :: : : a TIC asanver. _-. .. ; : j

1 'I : .::" 1., .. ,, ; : See as *ar arrytmng r? :ur res arse *estrve asse pi 'J' ... ...
-- : : to :::leaseC.L arc 'OT 0 .., I
1a :CC. .
11 : --- : _: L., : : : ; ; :\0" r 't" .

.i : v-. '.:", 1:': : ;; : i

1 : .:: L. :. ,' :< : : KNIGHT & LANG. ,

J ::: .: : ".:.-:. :. ,. :: : : 1 I

I' t .. ", .I : ;: : ': '- .:::" -- a' : :

1.:. ,. .. ,. : ; :
l.I -a :: : x. : ._ ;
n. ,.,, . :: : r i----
1 : < :-4 ::: :.:a= : ;':':": ::- ;

L .' I' .. : .. .'". :'i: .: : ._ :7- : -1
..f : I 1
: .q 1-" : y. !

.. .. .- .. ,. :
v :
I c' : : :" : :- : "' ::. !i I

..l l : -: .. :"" :!l ',i I

':a: : '.. >- ::. :::_::' ; :: ; ; : :: 'I .
1 .. ':-: ', ': .,:' : : : : .

.. ., .. -Ol...
d : ; -- : : : : ;: f E.: ..

(& .:.. -.. .. 1r -c5a : I .... r .
I -
::. .::. -- h 1 :': -- ; .:. ':, I ( "
t : : .
i :.1 :"':i c 'l' ,:: -.-:' : ; .................... "
I 1"-
.i.t .. ::: : .. .. ?. : r"' 7" __ : i "1'' ....... .
.... ; : L .;... ----- -" -
ct ,- :: 1 :; : !a :- t ; I,,.. .. \\t,.'"
:! : "
: :: ; + c.W SI
I 1" ::0- ; t V :.a : .. :: ; : ; tJ t
t .. .. --
l" :. :.1. :

L .: .: :.J '- 5-.i: : : : : : : ,

., .::; .:! : :' '' ....a: : : : : : : ; I! A t 1'" ASrwi. t e BestL

:.. :-: : : T: ? : i O
:; -L
'.- jJ
a'.t : ; OT ..:111I
'. :
-1 : '
.r -: :'=: :: : t I

1 ::- -- .. : : :: ..... ... .
: : .. ..
1 .l ::.:; .._::..", : : ; '- L '- I. r -- .. ,. ll AC .' j
1 ; t :11"m ') :: V, :
\' '... t -.- ,- ,-
: : ::. <'m ,s .. ; ..... .. >
c. !I" l: :n.l" .
: i i"
1,, ..' .' :. ? .. : :: : : ,I .W.M.AUU; .. .
:i -. : ..t"G. "
i : -t'9 .. :::e -x-'ase .; ; '-.,, .. .. ..
; -F 1. .
F ,.""' 0'. :.u \tie "r "- : -
J -- __izt ;' I : '.: ..'
j ,. _
: : :"' iU .
.,. ? ;:.j '' .
< :1 ; ::: : : .
a .ll': S ('ir' :icAtro n
it ; : : : ; : I

.. :: :
: : ; :
: : ; ; :
3. : -1 : .J .. : : : R
; .v*,? or Com is
-'. .' :. :.. : : ; Ett>r \.von l'rlo'ft.- .; : .; j

:. -.L:. .., 1.: : Southern
r Express I in.' '
.' : : J
;! T .:.. '. :
i ..' .
t, :_ : : (
:.1 .1... -: i! Four
.. 4 .. Full Quarts
-- i SJ.-lO

CA'1 : ; : : : : : f
: :: Sh
f pmeni

_.. '." .. : : : : osscrvd ol.S ., u caYwhiskey .
: .... '
} :::.:. : "
J 2. : --::, ''7 ".. I

'. .... ..::.' -- .:' : ; er55kte: F'.i -,...-. -S
:t .
i :-I S
.lo. i --.. ... .
: : ::: : .iti
: "" .
: : : 't ; ',
: :
: 1
: : : > 1: 14.'
J ; :: ;
L" .. ':;-'.i .1 ,.

.,. -:.

: -- ;.: :::1. ? :'.:' : :.:'3. a.- :.:: '. r--. : : : : "Ask the
.. ... ,. : 1 Ret. enue .
: -- Offi.
u L"- ': : to' r
:: ;" : --. ..
1S: .. r : .
55. .
: : : -_ r
; ; : .
: ;
-. .- ; '-4' _rl' 7' : j :.: : ; ,1--< .

'" 4 : -",' ;.: r:. : .. _..: _'.x _-="_ ::;> ".::a : : :; ; | a
: f
I .. .... ,;:::: 1: ::' .:" : : : .' ; i f i -.- .- 1
As -- .. . .. :
Sr'f -- 1'f. : !

...r : ; i|

.. ,,, ; i
.a \
'Hrs Dear O:
.. : a M<:rt"'et". : : R.VLRoseo
i.'T ..:. < .- i: : : """' ': "' *- TS : : :
.... ..
:::. '': -c.: : ; : .
i ia -' .. .
." -': :' ; :::. : -- -- --:-: ..
-- t. Jacksonville
I' I :. : FIa. r !t
} < > -- iTtr_*
::: : :. strong'
.. ,. "W-._ ; Atlcuta. Ga.
.. T- -
? .
t -c' !; :.n.r Fr. ag :: ": \ = =-" ,'- : : : : ; .
!I'J t '- '.-.'. : 5"i: !"_,- -_:; -.- _. ::.27': : ::. -: : : -4.- : : ; T-
:-if r .. i :. -- -... roo .
'. '. .. ..
L- -;::.-- 1: :" ::.
I I _. ..
u f i
.. 'K Wal&Cl! Crer :az i-ize- : Der f
:t lit : I. t1)! 'J Oca.:3.: : = = lI<<
\ ;: ?' : : :.:. ,; .:- : : :- T : :i : : utst ...
\d : a \f. : l.? f : \..
: :
: : :
1 c-i

IL..4 it t J

.- .. .. .-. d

:=r --L -...._ -.. .: :;:, "' :

-:-:: .r.r : .. ....:_ % .. ..
s -r -. ? :| 53T-n'i& 1. ***r- -
.. "-. ljL.. .. .. ;,, .,>.: '. ,..... _. .r :.c. .. ..: w Ltfcj tfiir. .......T. Fy:
"'-- 3'J,,, ,,.< .a'C... _... 'Y .. ..... .. '".'. .. M > ft.,, Jo.
-- "" :,i l;= .:.. ob--.. .,: ...-... ..... ... .: '< ?;c ;6'; > S"f
F 'G':1f *' E : "'.-. .. =*. 3fe-jt.sT.i. ... _- %
oc."....,. '.,.. .. J..- _,_..- .. :.. > r 7"- ks""""* > 9 -






-- """err T __ __ --


---- -- -- -
- --- --- 'I -

Mt"-r. I. H I). Sanders of Brookfe- Death of Mrs. Thomas J. OwenA OPENING OF THE OCALA HIGH HesterNorsworthyOn
Lot*! and Personal I
t I11 l.. and l Britt Sandt, of Hernando l letter received at this office :Monday SCHOOL
: ,! Wednesday evening, St'pem- SLUGGISH LIVERPROMPTLY
-- -
"1"11' Sunday in Oraa.: j morning from :Mr. Thomas J. Owi i her the twent>-fifths at the homeof
Jt 1pa 1":11": $'wvM. LeMS E44 r. From Friday's Daily. BENEFITED ;
W. Norsworthy at :\Mclntosb.-
en announced the death of :Mrs. Owen -
Mis Marie Richardson has return- i Promptly at 8:-15 o'clock the Ocala curred the marriage of his eldest

*j N H UNHurii slugs Hum- tex H borne from a visit to relatives at I at eigth o'clock Friday morning High School was opened Thursday i I daughter :Mary Ella, to Frank B. Hester

h"*'tarut 4 i.r.,.....H..l| visit tar''' High Springs and Hague., I at a hospital in Philadelphia where morning for the term of 1907-03, and i Jr., of Evinston.

J.. *...I|||. she had been for treatment for sev- The spacious home was tastefully
Mitt )IH.\a Ausley and Ruby Farris eral weeks. very auspiciously does the term be-I *1 1 1S s
-- -- -- I I : I Ii decorated with terns and cut flowers,

Mr It II Kr,t. U flow at iltaationr i i left Monday for Jacksonville to enter :Mrs. Owen has been a great sufferer gin. i and the lawn and t"erandasere pret-
i l
ia1ta N*. trb..... h* toIt t be Massey Business College. but Mr. Owen writes that her last i Mr. John H. Workman,of Southside, tily trimmed with Japanese lanterns'
I I .o....,
....... tit. W.. I days were sweet and peaceful and Tenn., is again the principal of this II and rustic seats. :

I Mlw IVntlla Griffin of Anthony, that she never had one word of com-
I institution. This is Mr. Workman's'fiftb At S:30 o'clock, to the strains
Mr H Q f.p n ra1 r .fM oils.- Iorarly. a teacher in the Ocala plaint throughout her illness. Mendelssohn's wedding march. skillfully -
and during his
year among
.. torso* rtojiplm la Ought tfsIui/ay aaiool. U now the principal of the For about twenty-five years Mrs. administration the Ocala High School executed by Mrs. John Simon-

t try 1 r...g IMttft* Jllelttw..h public fcchool. Owen was a resident of Ocala and ton Micanopy, the ribbon girls, lit- ,
has grown to be the leading public
------ her friends are grieved to learn of her Misses and
t Word reaches Ocala that )Ir. J. MMallHi school in the state. Besides being a tle Louiseorsworthy
... II .....'lilt, wag a tarsal death. She was a native of Pennsylvania I' Ida Hester entered the parlor form-
formerly of this city, but now ; very fine educator, Mr. Workman is
ktsra MXflhui*'*-*-**.<**'' of $k'1Ia Y and was about sixty years of ing the long ribbon aisle for the bridal :- w
of Jacksonville, is critically ill at one likewise a most pleasant gentleman,
<*.. i4ft : age. She was twice married her first party. Then the bridesmaid. .
,. .off the hospitals in that city. husband being Dr. Boothby of Phil- and is very greatly liked in Ocala.
-- --- --
and Lillian
All of the teachers in the school Misses Lemmie Hester : < ..
t 1'1'*, a H itttUi r trf O aka Mob' atIrp'4 adelphiia who lived in Ocala for some Norsworthy, and the groomsmen
}lr. WaUfrsoB Tucker will move this year, with the exception of its :
+ ,I ti? \Ii..MM) Nir.......... aa4r years. About fitteen years ago Mrs. Messrs. Walter Norsworthy :and Ramie -
his ekftriral supplies into the Fort principal are 'ladies, and it would cer-
.tX r,3. "" tl4.., aattgirt a .....t Boothby married Mr. Owen, and he I Hester proceeded down the
Kiwi block next door to the office of tainly be a very hard matter to finda
i I. 4'11 qq"1 + and one son, Mr. Orson Boothby, of aisle followed by the groom and his
efficient aad capable set of .
the Ut-ala Printing Company. more
survive her.
-- --- Philadelphia,
best man, Mr. Ralph Norsworth\
teacbers in any public school in the i -
\ I I.'t h i t I.I M !' ".t( M lr Will Mr. Owen was with his wife duringall The bride entered, leaning on the arm
Mr and Mrs John McCredie of Mic- country.
'" ,t< *>.. tot >p'tt "'".h&) of her days of suffering' : and did all of her father.
I aaopy will make Ocala their future Miss Margaret' Goode of Virginia,
.' i ..i hUI:<' t .ttll A tour that one could do for br relief, butit In front of the large bank of fern-.
; hottn- They have leased Mr Peterhtltla"l'o who i is associated with Miss Sarah
was impossible to save her life. where the bride and groom stood. th-
: and Professor Workmate in
; house on North Magnolia McCreery
Mrs. Owen was buried from ..er .
beautiful and cpr.I <-
.t the high school department is the impressive ring *
atrr' ;
t I', hr II' !. 4 :.'* mil'\! mother's home at Quakerstows. Pa. by Rev. Prisoc :
was performed
only new teacher in the school this
fry I ,:..tl t. Mi--t SutU.fdon, formerly of this i I term. She comes to our city with the :
a ""'t 1' .r' tn V Vtrk and Before returning to Ocala Mr. Ow- The bride was charmingly attire I
'It II leaching the second grade at I very highest recommendations and I
U' .. P'H* en will spend a few days in Boston in white
I a dainty organdie gown.
,1 It! LaVilla\ school in Jacksonville we have no doubt will prove to be a .
and New Hampshire.Mr. .
white taffeta. She wort'an
worn over
1 w \\r tHh ....t.... .*., of the 1111 wuittT. Th school opened onMoettay. very successful teacher fiy her R. F. SASS JR.
diamond brooch. a
exqnisite largp-
... .1 Ilya"1. tt..n rn th 4pWnt>' Mid Frank ReturnsMr. pleasant and agreeable manners she
family heirloom, and carried an immense -
,.. t I '.. Inca \1n 'hr c-ou.ty. -- Marcus Frank, senior mem'oe made many friends on the opening i ICIIARI' F. s.\s; ,IK. room 415, .ff.
; shower bouquet of brides roses '
Mr T. >ichmaa of Hamimrskrtiiany. diy of school. I Burlington; tiiiZ., :>hi < h\e street,
+arr.r 1 wta Knu>
( a large phosphate broker of the firm of Frank and Hams, proprietors There are fifty-four students in the I ft. Louts, Mo., writes :
-- ---'-
and who bays a large quantity of of the Variety aad O. P. C. high school department; and for the The bridesmaids wore dainty vlwe I "I do not believe -
I\ *
c. rtattt'r' togs of Mru.. I Pc-ru-na a Godsend there is a
Florida hard rock is among the prom- Stores, returned home Sunday night first time in the iiistory' of the school I frocks: md. carried large bouquets of
tiil and
hatrtkit VMHK t* vri i Working People. person who
tax arrivals at the Ocala House, and there are more boys than girls in this pink: roses.
ne ft" .t'9rttt.l n{ HrM..t wag t. from New York. where "he has been I take s Peruna

'rata r\IIt tta .."""."...... hua4.e& will h* here for several: days. for the past month buying goods. t department. This is one more step in After congratulations were served. dainty Everyone refreshments but must admit that he bas: been

;; the progress of 'Ocala. Her boys are II benefited."I .
--- -- Mr. Frank lias purchased this season
Mr Clifford Raysor came home comign more studious and realixing, wanted a piece of the bride's cake have met a large; number of men
Mr fl \\ t"m.,1y agttttst much finer line of goods,
a'4. Smdajr afternoon from Spartanbirrs,. a rery what a common school education which contained the conventionalring I and women who have used it, but I have
.'n.ui' Ruvr M who t* .... natl.ita for the Variety Store, and as in the
find the first who has not
dime etc.Throughout to one
9. C, where he accompanied his sis means to them are availing themselves I'I'yel
.. Mttttnf ton ,at.- .' I. wagMWwhaftl ter. MU Lola Raysor to ConversfCottage. ", past tile customers of this: store will of tt* excellent school opfJ; r- the evening the Mcln- been helped by it.

1'n ..d iMJf i"vI4ay htidattaaf have nothic of what: to complain. orchestra sweet music. "!t is of special benefit to poor working ;
tosh dispensed
Mr Raysor stopped tunities offered them at home.
;...... This season they will carry a beautiful immediateI ; men and women who often suffer
of the
wlta relatives at Allendale, S. C., for all Only members
Kiss Stevens arm 3Iss Mend
for the necessities of life, contract dua -
line of silks, lakes' dress goods,
and few intimat0
families relatives a
a few days are again in charge of the primary I >e and have no money to seek medical '
tMtare' 'd "at" ..14 w.. iota ht'rP4 ready made skirts coats (It(:., mcald- to witness the
classes, aDd have: quite a numi er ctf friends, were present 'i advice '
."" _, fits A*' '."tlt11""'" hi Oral ing trimmed hats and many otherthings I '
his and Mrs. J. TI. Strtmk and chilitr little ones this year. In the next department ,impressive ceremony. ; "To such Peruna comes as a!;godsend ,
IN ,IM r.-taltv ,-r Dr H. this line. will handle +s
a in They ,
valuable and handsome gif a.5 t brings health.
.. of Miami who have been etooyiMt Miss Clark and Miss Taylor Many II .
H MI i, .M ham ttttmtwr.f .....GI.t. tae best of everything The iew these I have u=ed it myself for a sluzgishjH' :
a visit to the Jamestown Crposi- have the second and 'third grades, the were bestowed upon young p f'O- I, ,-"rand for catarrhal troubleB, \vitis:

I c. "14 lion WashinRton aDd other interest goods are now arriving daily and former having forty and the latter pie. such as cut glass, silver china, I ....: best results."
will invite tVir friatids te call .
tilt point. reached, Ocala Saturday they forty-two pupils. furniture and other useful and appro --- -- -. i'I
H. I i l.'lnnr-U; dtu t.. i th"Ii I and inspect ibem. of l '
,afternoon and stopped over for a short t k Miss Susie Fort one: of the new priate articles. Some rare pieces
.i- if, ,>"'!h" *u>l |'T''JU'h."i| I silverware belonging to the bride's i I Miss Ruby Farris Complimented:
t r1it with Mrs. Stnmk's sister, Miss I. Teachers last year, and who gave such -
'" r t'ot' >tt errn14t1' Hf 'h.h''t'. I; Nellie Anderson. The Aiken Pltonbing: Company i; excellent satisfaction, is teaching the grandmother were very conspicuousamong I Miss Ruby Farris, who has been '>

) II' i. i '. 'h. llrtj M..! ,hnrrh hit ''I j The Aiken Plumbing Compac, of.1 I j fourth grade with fifty-t vo pupils: fbe number. I the accommodating cashier at f'r\t-'r
"' .' h 4'I 1. I Mr anil Mrs L L. Aiken, of Rock wbich :Mr. J. W. Aiken is the manager Miss iBiram Pasteur the fifth with After October 1, :Mr and Mrs. Hester !k MacKay's for he past ,";\'y-r:1I:

--- <|frtuuwlu> hate sIlent the past five are preparing to build an office,, forty-five i pupils; Miss Turnley, the Jr., will be at 'home to theiJI ,"! years, finished her duties at Ini! ....;

111! I ,'t I III'. t.Mf l"il'! I flhmHt Msiiing reiatives in the vicin- between the fire station and tie Star I j sixth with: forty-three: Miss Dye. the I friends at Orancp Lake. Fla.. where .
.. .. tabli&brnent on Saturday and! ill ::1 it "
"' .. fie4 n rs'co'sh Its of :1 Tanta, ties, churned 10i Ocala: office, fronting pn the railroad. eveuih.", with thirty-six; : Miss Borger. :Mr Hester is the Coast Line agent J|.days will leave for Jac-kiOll\'lJ: .
I :: "
ring'h.! rt Mt tI" fh .'Ir- IHX Tht\ are looking well. This is a new firm in Ocala, and I rhe eighth with t1i"ntysl'YE'1't.l1d as and telegrapher.
take a court- .1' :.Linsey I Hu-:i"" "
ltK hPMIt .- h' ., and rt port an eujo>able summer, but already they are doing an excellent stated t!)ove, the ninth ifntL.. eleventh College.In .

.', t .9t'N '"' '..u.- >-Msiitiii' w t't'k't'rt' warmer than business. twelfth trader I The Dunne!ten Odd Fellows. :
and grades are ,
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H.f .. 't, I w'r : if H it r., _h,. Miss Strums to Open Elocution Studio and Miss Goode. headed by District Deputy M. 1L U;- :i
presented h?iwrh I ierj hau'1tint'r:
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leather bag and t :;"' :iplojt tit h.
aI i, > < t'4. "' "idn+-4i hiiiiiMr ". ii'.iitlina' tit' 1 a..t ft'w weeks in Newt elocution studio this winter at tkj ,, ome four hundred pupils enrolled :day night an installed a lodge of this:; I .. '
I establishment maj.! :- a p'l'-'PI! titan
...t _'I 1 ." \, < 0., .hh"r III 'tc'ab ItartrlRt *' t.;? l'i'r, iche.l home Saturday home of Mrs. J. W. Crosby on Fort but as school is TxginniBg ten days excellent order. exceedingly jUIJ.J'II'le: : gall! 'l'ra'p->

,,,. tk,4.t UlIh; M'huut I I tuoi .HIIK While away Mr. Rheinauer kin? avenue She will begin her earlier tLi- year. tbvre are as yet still The officers of the new lodge are: I .
let. These two ,itTo came aa' I"t'at
purchased an exquisite stock ofi class Monday morning and will be- a great many of the scholars still Edgar F.. Smith, N. G.; A M. Power. ;
surprise to the recipient and! teediess;
1..11' T t 1"1"i e',.It, |>riMin ini I IJ i; : i.hU for the firm of Rheinauer and delighted to meet anyone who wishes away, and within: the next few weeksat V. G.; F. W. Johns, secretary; W. J. i to say she was: very deeply gratefulto

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