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College He Has Got the Com
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: 1 :mmwell 'libbons hannzn.u sing .sn ;r" "hr: : ...
v.st hl'a ..itane: city .iIlL 'he 51:ihut:; -to
from us four months star :n C"ba. :its 'aenhr, r .. The: :t.-

:tatt.d0 "he city ot !Lake .':ty by thtitate .
L for Cruetly to An- ; said with "i ;is bunch ,)i coin." trees a? ':_.: etAVa:: k;. *-
.1_ ,.; ,u Florida ana: for "he gift agretjaaintam :. .
nut one, and here care- aTa : t.i
arrtpc tats LaktZity i wp may now :look oat and "IirTen: for .
r o a Baptist allege at : '
tobertson. who. as lightning i : and rbuader .1 t.

: .. : perpetually. The Baptists han- poii'ical: :-um rings from ::is iirpction.:: .. ..
ir tric .i *- an.shatteered .
rho .nstead rom "be .r. :
n"r !ei!;nttnl 1m* n r' .'hairman of he council acted:
1 mderraken to raise Sr":: '.wy as an en" '. "j hozzin
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.iibbv" :has political ?
.. the tree anu 1\.1..... au" ..
.. ',''mll 'nlln :Iziar .it :aruraay morning's "
:t'- 11' "he 'I\'t'rtl. >>f Manor T ,
: C"'f 'hat ;:(
lPf1nl.dl ". Tie wii.je .
t ':ll \ 'r (lowment fund and rhe college 1
Ltlnrt'hit: .,i ).-Car :'nnsun. :.he' about Ms lead ail "beime and it :s .iumais.i: .
4D '1 .1.1 : : t :known Chaudom l" 1t'ge. MrV.
'mar >wner >f iam >f lac.-i A>r"e.<. Iftyi as ; 'a Wf>known :act "hat he "hints hewould .
: \> D. Cam of histy subscribed i.!
.. .: : ": .,'; ..)l'Se 3t very nicely: ;in "he araberaatonai '" ..
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I .. >i".Ars: iuia? .- -
fj> V ....fvf-n ;r.n.- :::. v.-.a: ; 4 Dr. 3. 1 F -
.1._ .::>' 51"i; ; :Mr. Carsons and 'R" .i'.r..3 A.:1lJ: r..L1 .
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ciiair. Whether or tot :a
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,wIlT 1)trtr acu n- .
: L'l"
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** will The Tavelers !>etween tit: *.'amp and some others $5t"' each; '
-n.L..4"( \\ .':J r for work. of P.orida roiers can V brought "o : o.4i tVED 1:1 Da.--.
err ''tan'(1['" .mat _
rtt/tt' remark to one nm
rtigntf viH and P-nacola: ';"Y.nnings.;; S:i>"'t. It is.1, 500Ci l 1 -
4 ia a "'I."1 .t11't. "he founh or Ifth! Face ->f think he same avs iitoeraer another
.tl..rRfl4ht This;; :s
... '.>-r ,'rop'he :"on? TTP :10r.ioa: for Lake City and ma r Nadinoia.uinntss'o
...... ,' .m. 'n: then 'llbbr'ia: : >
.."..... -inestion.
..rtrttnp .italc .1 \ .- 'he !hi !iiatur0 "hat: :"as; !if n 'ni a: i?
tar '"ntiv! >meti :?
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,ir ...t'! '.;r.T.: Hi'a ( ; : -:- r w1Tbout :lurting :Stetson.: -'noneb
fVv till! rwnatn mtil fail.rn "..,".,' "h-rt1 5 -..oimenvmng 'i :lIt-. ..Ul.11!'. .lotr'jin .ay.nuush .- ';." plenty of !11'Te.1nl : n + he C .:1Jr.noD3i.'ilanl
"dry't'oln1L:1 in.: \ .. of "he realm ;"innc ted *":hit l H
the coin
... -<-,..V .:-:\'::::": :'", : :r::: :- : :: :;:: _, !r .S .na -

\| 1. .' ; .rn .if (iVlaton.[ 'K' wetrr'V tie. :,l p d. .. t :',' .;0 ..:.:.: .J.. :::. Returned to Ocala rht-re's no "t-lllag rhat might ::av- :-. _. ..: ": rovaecst.

Hf 'iUnw1.\ hi- !tv vt) 'b<' 'wofaboard ,. TO make }io.. and :von :3e 'lJ:- :\di'. Jrorae :\lct aha TUl. who ha:s'pen.-Madison Xw Entemnse.i _., _rt.r_.. =-1
_","IUkdt' f
fo,,r "' "' ni ii'.r--: :'t.! r: Mm. t' I' Todd .! -.at ->- 'll rr.r :iextinrorunatf ( : ::: 1Q .
.t taucnh.r. roVir: t. M..rs.-! : t., 'Vevan. ., ... T.I '.- -.az'ic: : Coast L!:.& Rail f". Notice to Members of Farmers' Union: f ....",. to :::1! r= i4CoiQr-
'.* 'H-W IB i Malt \'-- -:'u "o. :i? II .. '':1.:':' :! ,, -
.im. 1m.- ".'rr. : v, I'U. '. "n-- '- .! .. '--' I.igman.: and :later hold 4_ ''P y'iJ' >- an .Jn5 rise restore: '"sbeaurv
..1It-ft' ,n :la":1 j ..". '.::a ::.. -: '* ,f yourL T*
itlitt1L "
t -sT .e
wppx old "U L Lake Ve.Mr. :.- -i. ..i most: responsible po- At lie 'Ir;; rl:ation jf '.r State c
111"n '. :::.: .. Off -or < i.v50c.. ,ri $1.I I Iit
tHlCt tfu! : .-. ii" r.c worn j=ses :n twenty
4 a ">''f-aant iiiiv -itjoss: ..nhe: operating irpartmeai;- Flrmers'lon at Tai'ara.-ssee: : ,1!!
"ime friends :n J.IldIg.. Robert ? :!ln. M:> ill a.ir.l i t. -r-. v -c_.._
If '\r )':' ., .1; '.'". in 1 .id '".:::.. "u ,)Paatcrt: a:." >n business'<,' July 13 :and !->. :he Tastier News; it -: '. ".:._' -..... -tc.
:... )("sia 'r.rnd' "o.,>!k :n "he "air.es- Mar'.on ;.-u'wa.li'5 :retina Sm:::. v >>
'im'.r.a.: i?
'.. .tad 'u '. <.. "ii .: -. iL.orr..? i> ra: ;- ::.i resignei j Jasper. ?"a.:13: adoptei is o.ir > -
ilantr !"miU1 ttt11 "1. ,-:: ':: :"" :t".' a'!''' ',li:, :\t--' '. :.:: : ::, : : ": ..::-' : ::
'r'ti. .' .\ ': ,: "' : ..- .;.'.: .1. i ; ios purciia.: cal tate paperIt
',I iy ... -
"Ihat .--fl It an \" .. ':--:: -." .I:: This
,E' tae "' !; : .:: :I1 ::: .L L';
r> rT :1\.1" : ._ -' 'ila BotTlin; is. 't rrpore.h? m-ii".ni: "'nrr-
ittleat It 'bdaf1"C' >e :: r. = :
ts : ... .. Y.
..I.... # 1 wMind ;'cr ) :.. c :,- :- :
U hr th* .. .:. : i. reside her?'- which TPoLrin: an:c: 'e. '.- S50
,' : 'rt..nf: .. ... _
'wt.n' : iiinrjan.te .ult:1Ltuu.l w.&u 71"" '"
\ 'hat was so "ei1it rna> '
(4 :
.. ; '.;'- ht' ,"1"n.mnT1" He has zany ::'Ionai in;*, ..t'csines"rirn Svith anothera .
lun,1" -f
pF i\f UlliliAl ,t' ) iunn.; +h:? ;1a St several lays;:; near :hrhor' s 'rift -
I.rr". :'P ,irP is .rre THU: "v.l:! \- rinc Var:7- :is 'he r-aper :in witch wf.l: IP- af3"i.i
\ ... ,'!: ':::J.t": .n,' 4oJ
: .. --10 < : '; : .:." :;,.- pear ill of 3ur offlcial 3'jtic-. rrr'h --

., rr "o 'ie made known : )': t. -h- pa ;
ufnomt tiu!li>rs m.Piin. \: .- -- -- "
alln \ : \ :
{ -' ... : 1-
... .,..:.:, : this :..
.4 1n" .! aid Port 1frh.rp .. ". .. .. ,. .. ., .... ..:-':.": .. per. and .t :is necessary 'hat paper -- .-..
... :: Farmers' Un- s =
.J ,'icai! Itlltnt't'B tutor '- Dnval Off ror Caioraoalr. oe read by every : .
'1t' event : fthexTTendRi The Tanestowni material for hard roads in -- --

_htlr 't''tr'1: It 4 i- v\:. '. T.:E-e-s -\ Hwrell of Anihonv y :ion man ::1 Florida.XJ .
,, ,._ ,.. 'be ". 1t'5tt 'he :H.'K' ,'o : TIlls "Go t) '") '"aI
: the Floral 19 mrr
... r, ." ." '. ,? i- -- Therefore. as president of
.. I for Coiorad*:
"aQAU' : v :; "- -z i :=w days .. : Je : L..ov'r .J'
... uxdrolonr tar-tna eo -
.. '.. '.1 '",n,,;:;:. -r. :::1 : :: : i- Fanners' Union I callrp: aa.es. '. ." -ere z..u.cr .
K1t I: v--r- :-r r.ji spend a few weeksthe i i Ida State a.ceaptnes .'
'ftlrht .' ., > .. -JT >-!' 'idleriiL: : Miss : and hoiatared eat ara ..ai.Toav" an"Brewster'ireen'.r 'I.aCJt: .ru
evpresident seennaryy feW y.'it' -mnt: lLi
Ford cantaloupsection. Kf'on rro.
''tV.. m's' ttdtgt / Harris. SInce; located excellent rock beds.. He will i famous Rocky 33IJ.l tk'st n iHfiijO.
\ -.. \ri: he with 'ion ie aizced sfiiits at
.. : ; local union In i
; of
treasurer every
begin mining and shipping; He expects during his stan > We carrra complete .ice of :Q1SY d.
that 'ime "he bas visited relatives at at once list of subscribers We would be pleased tD r.3-e vcn wnteusfr-r ui
re to a
ta''b. missiOJ
l1jat'K.1" he northwest to do some state get op ;
; mi.
t f'r detaJed r-
1I' t Jacksonville.Sit fail
....n. Aberdeen and ser' tins rock to free Must atea cato K. iriEir
...trw-t cur U'"t rar; ht" (t' !..t m naiHBh. Sanford, I Ir
... ',' MMI .. *ner places in North Ca.roliDa.I t arJTrembeg the lEportaaee of tskins: : our vni cake it to your interest.
-i < line. As he has made a phi:: postai card and esk for bna
.. tot rinfifrNI, pprai. father. She : and Mrs. Ernest :McLin: :ejoice') J use crap g a
t. names i ortni .. the former home of Her 1 enai success of the tracking bnsine sioifctai i paper cad send the !!si ia toe c:1
another daugbier toigjadosi j
'be of
$ *. '* 0 od is ea in the advent
time HanhvareCo.W
; .
Brhi; a very elegant the Jasper Sews. Jasper. Fla.r Anderson
M. to snit* r.- for I. tuw North their boree. This paper expresses himseit he can speak !roc erperien:

>to ro thnsiwtic tIf'R the delights of j fort* -!Cid a bettouii : a N. TRAWICK j story rjc&tsr at, Csc. lioors
adTastage3. <
rnfnv wishes of oinr mazy
'kmr.. _hid, 'tae she en' :all sons of good
.cod Ie-s Go.T
-mtlnui ramllna and 'he J.aI'Ti1yje f Ot1I.i. Stare President. Atlanta, .
)eala :!:lSc'.r.ar-
0\ .r>.-' n ? t-r mo ae sweet :tile 'ady.
% rg'- a.1'rflra.rl; :


J it

,... .
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.. <.- _. <. ."".... ..",,_>' .....:::. tiIC1' -;: : :ff: .-'.


..'-, <-- -.-- ,.. .-

I j jI ,

I 1

NA %# W.WwV4A

\\x ft :Santa; Rosa counTY to go dry HOW A COW BOY GOT TO BE <

It iiidlie. hard on some. it mzt>' bean \

{ H -x uriii'-ci-! a,.itr} step as regards thug Jim Dahman! Was a Democrat, and KeatingI
10D J
1CUtt in \MIOII teniperameiit and judgment Made No Attempt to ConcealHis 'Thos. Li.

'iii1-: happily on the drink this siiie Private Record

[ E ?! iht- one too many." but the spreadof Tall oaks from little acorns grow :1I
.r Ybrht sentiment, active :
SsIT StCN ( NM. rhprohibition and James C. Dahlman is one of tnem
.. awl paif, means that the day of
.. '.. .- 'Kt He went into the live stock commission ;::. i
1 h'larr! om sway in politics is pass-
.' '... business in Omaha few &
a year: Company
the ridicule :
'. and l provoked
.11: despite
,,,,,,..,,,, i iJ II '0" nO "(:r t
i \1.\ (Came Nation and other wild ex- !ago. He looked the town over and '

..4. -. 2SCEtiTSt''. .'l..' ,crAWERMAH&STEWARra D ey -!:' !iiii! >tx the people at large are ,I decided it was time the city had a i I )
: .
ruin and more to look onl: & Co .
I Strauss I
democratic mayor. They had noun Successors: to
the retail liquor traffic as one that I i 1'I
for seventeen years, and Dahhi.au ?
ran be easily dispensed with Whether i I

prohibition prohibits or not it lessens -: started out to break the spell. He announced '

"OUR BROTHER IN BLACK" I the extent of drunkenness puts I II himself a candidate. The .E

it into a greater disrepute in the I old-timers said: "Well he's got nei\'. 1 1I I WHOLESALE LIQUOfl DCALERS
Tbt rt"'t'llt and! "It'nt) expression; I
public sight. and lessens the opporru 1j II only lived here a few year" and

of hale toward 'he n"gro seen in dif i nities for young men to become ad- wants to be mayor! Nothing in it. I

ft-r ni pats: lit the country is the !I dieted to a curse which is so gentle I gentlemen; positively nothing m u.' _

tuo.; abject pagan, unholy, povertj in its inception so jovial and pleas- There was something in it, for ht

etckcn asset of our history. It isI ant in its development so damning' was nominated by the deiuuuaiae '. Ocala Florida

when )become a firm habit that few I' opposition put up a moat respectaoie ,
I "D tad unworthy of us as if dis
men have either the wisdom or the and high-minded person whu l '
< .u.' ut the last analysis of in!- free I I }
I will power to set used a giove when shaking hands I, I

,ii 'ihr liottamteM pit. Any max. when the clasp of the curse has closed with the \oters. "Cowboj: '' screatued RYE WHISKEY. I I CASE WHISKEY. ,

i .t I horn the !image of God is not on their souls.-Pensacola Jour the opposition. "Cowboy! \a-a-aii Per Gall,,n. SPECIAL fOUR Per Qt. Bottle.

i Star Rye . . . . .*l-r.O' '
It.lJn..., cau only think of it as nal. nothing but a cowboy! "Fine. tai.! : S Red Rock 'Rye . . 1-'J !I QUART OfFER Belle Isle . . .. .., .$ ..75FOR .j

> bit bead in burning shame Dahimau. "Cowboy is good enough I Keystone . . 2.Oni i iUelle I of Kentucky . .. ..i5 -
'rutiitti EMILE ZOLA ON WAR I . . . . 250 King II"\ '
I'll chips on that. Isle -
for me. put my I . .. 1.00 .
1I .
i ., hhalrous, and brave southern Log Cabin: . . . . :3.0uKeating's FOR $.)..90 !1 Uncle Joe .. .. 100 #(
alter the 'owbo\ reproach i Royal Reservei
A night or two ( Pride . . . 3.00 i Strauss .
!.ii'id! rise up to acorn it. and by; Emiie the French novelist declares i began to circulate Dahlman! i Monogram . . . . 3-0 \\'e will send, expressprepaid i 1 Old Maryland Rye '::. :: : ':. : : 1 1:00:.00 _
. 3.50 Old Harvest Corn
. .
M era iu his power run it back himself the enemy of war and whilehe went to a meeting and made a speech I Uncle Joe .. ... '. . . 4.00 4 fan quarts of I Pilgrimage . . . . 1,25 I

"I"'f, darkness, it* own birthplace deplores the fact that the purposes -Ii "They've"been out West l looking up i I I Strauss'Fern Rill.76 .. ... ...... ...... ...... ...... .. .. .. 5.00 SAO STRAUSS IX L I'I White Cascade Oak': '. .. ... .. .... .. .. ... ...... .. .. .. 1.1'25.25; i :

'1 ''wr;- I1t"E'r... in the history of and the energies of the nations are my record, he said "and thehiu! J ---- --- Fern HillStrauss'! . . . . 1.50 :
I CORN WHISKEY. . ,. . 1..0 'i'i
I have been a cowboy. No steer c\ er i 76
:,itale as stupid and iniquitous to a large extent directed toward preparations Tennessee Corn: . . .J1.50 I FOR $3.50 (not in bond). 1.50 1
i Oscar Pepper
the thata& too . .--I,.i I :
the came down pike I North Carolina Corn TO . !.,50 .
send .
and a thing as expression] We will express Planters' . T"
the for war he finds compensation big or too swift or too ugly for me to I Statesville Corn . . ". _.04 I prepaid 4 full quarts of I 1 Black and White S.rotch . . 2',00 J!
apt t inhuman madness against neKin . . 2.50
Mountain Corn
in the probability that were a i I Mt. Vernon . . . . !.75 ::1'
r that" found vent for itself in the< rope and tie. No horse ever Call1out r! Old Harvest Corn . . . :3.00 I STBAUSS ROYAL :;-
great conflict to occur, the exhausted of the corral that I couldn't ride until! : GIN. GIN.
te Atlanta. It"Ul be .
nut necessary; 1-
least from world would have to turn itself to the he was worn to a frazzle. No bron! > Swan Gin . . . . .51.50 I RESERVE I Per Qt. BottI :. i
i I" pt at ten years away pursuits of peace. As to his own and bron i Tom Gin . . . . 1.j a I __. I ..
rte lurid cyclone of unreasoning wild M. Zola would not counsel cho could buck me off no I > Holland Gin . 2.00 i I London Dock Gin'i

lieu to be able to find words to paint country cho can yet. And I want to :say to Crown Gin . . . .. 2.oO $3.50 i Tom Gin . . . . 1.00 i t
disarmament so long as neighboring of Omaha that I ant still Perfection Gin . T . . 3.00 Holland Gin . . . . 1.00Phosphate
people .
U te. the colors it deserves. We are you We Mill send 4 full qts.
peoples are armed to the teeth; but RUM. :; Gin . . . 1.50 .
I a cowboy, and if any of you grafter:: I I . . . .
loo Mar it now to get into the A B C's: i OLDHARVEST Booth Tom Gin 1.50 1
he longs for the time when France I New England Rum . $2.50
of a description of its unbridled un- and crooks come to me when 1 1 m ma\- I Jamaica Rum . . . 3.00 I MALT WHISKEY. I:
of by
shall live by her men learning I l COIN
ItA....... meanness. It would be ne- or-for I am going to be mayor-I [ BRANDY. Per Qt Bottle. ,
thinkers and when she shall re- .
...iry for one to have the vocabulary her rope and tog-tie 'em and brand 'em I Blackberry Brandy .. . .$1.30 The best goods to be i; Duffy's Pure Malt . . .$1.00

alize that it is by fostering labor, by quicker than I ever roped and tied a Apple Brandy . . . 3.00 had for the money I Bowman's . . . 1.00 '
and Milton and i
of Shakespeare hastening the advent of a state of society I Peach Brandy . . . 3.00California GOODS. I
Thomas Carlisle combined to depict steer, and that's going some. Cognac . . . 3.00 SWEET
in which justice will reign, that FOR $6.00 Per Gal.
tbe' blackness of tuat bad night. The nation France make Whereupon there were loud cries* i _. WINE. Peach and Honey "a" grade .$1.50 j.i j.

tine .has come when we should feel such a as can and the opposition took a new tack '! Cataa aba Wine . . ,$1.50 We will send express Peach and Honey "aa" grade 2.00

herself mistress of the future. M. they said. You i Port Wine . . . . 1.50 prepaid full quarts off I Rock and Rye "a" grade . 1.50 ai
...aiD toward the negroes as our fath- Zola thinks the growth of the military "He played poker, I Blackberry Wine . . . 1.50 I Rock and Rye "aa" grads . 2.00 L.

,-rand mothers did, when they: bet- I played poker" answered Dahl ;I Sherry Wine . . . . 1.50 STRAUSS FAMOUS Orange Brandy . . . 3.00 I'
spirit iu England is an ominous fact. man "and I play poker now and ifI; Imported Port Wine . . 4.f'0 Banana Brandy . . . 3.00
j i. i.iroVd: our homes and protected Referring to England's apparent desire I i } Iini 1>ortt.Ml Sherry Wine . . 4.00 76" DYE I Apricot Brandy . . . 3.00 :
this audience j
t !L. in while Southern soldiers were there is any man in :; .
to make herself mistress of the -- i
t tik-rtting! at the front. The time has: who ever sat in with me and diciIi't.know .
in the world
most important posts '
he had been in a poker game after
"w.- when the' politician should no

i. .ii., r l he able to find an audience i iIP if he says: he got through I want him to ,
"Such is England's dream and her
ha* no higher aim than to engen stand up so I can see the color ot Lis: : KeatingOcala
symptoms in this regard are indeed .
ill -'rife! and oppression on the part hair. More loud cries and tumult
alarming. Therefore is Rudyard I
lit r ih-, white against the negro. and miscellaneous noise. )Italltiuh'Dahlman
Kipling the most popular Englisn
''I'negro!, Is here among us, and had organized his cute buy '
novelist; it is no longer Dickens, the I Florida
u ha1 !I' more he is going to stay here. quartet, four young fellows who could j {
charming narrator, that the nation >
..' reads; no, Kipling is the author now I
,I ilonn without his labor if we straps and all, big pistols and bran !I .4t
winning loudest applause Kipling,
.' ', 01! 'u. Let us help him. Let Ui cups, and the cowboy quartet permeated i fl.AAAAAAAA.4V+.A. PtAAAAA,, J
who is almost a soldier a bugle I VVVVA ,
n 't. "t.irn. Let us preach to him and Omaha, singing and firing pistols ______ n I .j 1
He fans allEngland's
sounding the charge.
I I rn .1 i.... in our relations with him at every Dahlman meeting, and I .. ';j
warlike chooses
v i *>,. Irt'ach. The negro asks for bringing out great crowds. It looked prescribed by law, pending final decision -
his from the new generation. I
types i
I. ..J' i I": .-t our hands but justice. IU like a 'sweep' for Dahlman. The opposition on the legislative enactment, th.
and the-se types are those of men ready -
1 !t.. no po.iiinu to a white was nervous. "He couldn't popular temper would have \\wn
for war putting in war their only I
I ,. .ni :;\-rnnent. He wants a white I write a veto message grammaticallyor much more generous toward the
hope developing themselves morallyand
I !i u vfT.miit! for he well knows make a grammatical speech if he Southern.But ,
physically for war-in fact haying i I' I
t f" I'HuM| \Ii\',f in |>eace under no was elected," they said. these are methods with which II I
naught else in view but fighting]
To see one of our modern I "Now, here," replied Dahlman, "I the Southern seems totally unfamiliar. ----
and conquf! Until now England i EI-= _
-' gaup' orators crying, as If in the in the I was, born out on a frontier town and The opportunity for Pre*ideIl! 8 G.. II
has escaped the military spirit.
I'Mnence" of an invading foe for a 1 there were seven of us in the family. Finley to "make a speech," impugningthe i
sense that she has not had conscription. -i
ualte man's government, when not a II mere was a sod schoolhouse a few motives and denouncing the con
She has had no experience of I
t jingle negro in the whole United I miles away, and we didn't get much duct of toe state executive, all of
the blood tax for she always had and i iI j KNIGHT.MARTJN J
States asks for any other or would I schooling because we had to work which has brought out a clear-cut denial COAt
still has, paid troops. Dut the possibility -
+! have any other is a performance from I pretty hard to help out our dady and from the governor-was too
of establishing military conscripTion -i the T.V.. Smith &
which. a sense of humor should save I support the family. I'll admit I ain't tempting to be resisted, as it always Co. Old, Stan .
in PIngland as it now exist j 0
< bin. What we should<< concern our very strong on grammar, but I've got seems to be of late. OCALA FLORIDA
in France and Germany, has already riI
1 slv. about is the negro's moral and I horse sense. I suppose I can hire a The further utterances of Governor
been discussed in the House of Lords
tptritual welfare. If by our treatment man to write my veto message for Glenn just given out in explanationof I Come and see us when in need of .
and Commons. And this fact is sin- anything in
4 at him we can make of him a moral, me and my speeches and fix them up the situation tend to make it all
gularly significant. After the battle i the of
...,.lat. XxMeannj? man the race nice and grammatical-I suppose Ican the more clear that he is right in bis way
Waterloo and the defeat of Napoleon I .
WoMem will be solved. There would do that, and it wont cost me contention and the willingness of the
England was wise enough not i i 0,
to BO race problem now if there were much-but I want to tell you folks I I Iam federal court to parley and to compromise Farming Implements
> to be intoxicated with the glory of
mot a whole lot of mean negroes scattered not going to do Whenever a f serve to strengthen this con ,
victory, and was satisfied with an art wire
; about in the same communitywith t crooked ordinance comes up to me viction. Fencing
f my of hired soldiers, but today she ,
; a whole lot of mean white peat I'll take the biggest bottle of red ink !II Every state in the Union which is .
is prone to introduce a system of military I
,II'. The question before good ne- conscription. I II can find, and the stubbiest pen, and even measurably in the same positionas Stoves, Pumps '

t groes and good white people now is I '11 write across it: 'Nothing doing. North Carolina will watcb with ,

{ bow to get rid of what is wrong and A Tomato ParadiseA I Jim Dahlman,' and that will be grammatical the keenest interest the progress of Guns Ammunition .

(, had te both races. The only remedy planter in Delray raised 1300 I enough for you to under- events in this contest, and every rail- ,

Is aot a new one, it is the old andy crates of tomatoes this year on two !I stand" road which has'come under the operation Sash Doors

ever modern religion of our Lord and a half acres of ground. Tuyj" The noise and cheering with which of a new law might draw a ,

,.i Jesus Christ. This consists in loving! netted him $L5) per crate from the ;! this announcement was greeted was I profitable lesson from the manner in 0 Blinds Paint

God with all one's heart and one's patch. It is such facts as these that'' something scandalous. The Omaha which the Seaboard has conducted etc.

I neighbor as one's self."-Rev. J. W. .I give the northern farmer cold feet i!! people liked Dahlman's talk apparently itself on this and other occasions. "

:, !I..."* of Atlanta. in St. Louis Methodist and sooner or later he is sure to | for they gave him 3000 plurality That it would have been ao easy In fact, everything usually carried in

;i i \.1\! ..cate. I r come to this prolific yet undeveloped ;and the cowboy is in the mayors of- I matter for the Southern railroad to class Hardware a first-

1 I country where opportunities lay I :flee roping and tieing them just ashe put the new rate into effect, thereby Store. I ,
1i i THE PASSING OF THE BARROOM I broadcast. In regard to the fact stated said he would.-Denver Field and submitting to the authority of th. m--

I above it may be interesting: to I Farm I state, until the constitutionality of .Q- !: 11.Qff' .ft- in
t Ti'p' rapidity of evolution of publics I h.V_
| know that this was the fourth tomato the-law had been adjudicated is demonstrated
.. it :ni.ni i is curious to watch. THE SEABOARD'S WISE EXAMPLE
Hardly I by the conduct of the Seaboard
I crop from th e same piece of land but
i' t oil"' '. ..' recalls the
Jerry ,la I cabbage crop has been grown between which has done that ven
." s :-'u-M-n! r.i.j.rii.: I and ex-Senator, j In striking contrast with the policy I thing. Knight
them.-Tropical =
I'-rt-r i i i'o 'j i: ,'. .! .t" declaring that 'i, I! of the Southern railroad in North Carolina -I The contrast is very' striking.: -At- Martin CO.

1 |;<>" t t.ii:: .t i"'j'i!:i l"t after his own i I I Manta
I j i According to reports given out by where the machinery of the Journal.
., .. I
.ri. I I i! the captains of vessels arriving here I federal court is being brought to I

.i. on .1 :' \ .
''.\I, !I."f I I' .!,'. ... "..>n. was to arouse !I;! labor market will in the future be i I: and to nulify the action of the state j jI !I| Miss., says if the profanity Governor I .'

til 1 : jj.oss.: interference !. well supplied. It is stated by them I courts, the Seaboard railroad has I II I jVardeman used at the hearing of the > )
\ : .. i pelt j i.L'! The cocktail, that the news of the of labor from the petition for for i! Institutions
I scarcity I very beginning expressed a I[ a pardon Mrs. Bird- for
., I Higher
juU-l : ;i..t queen of subtle I which was experienced here last : is of the Education'University a
I season j desire to obey the law and has put I song a sample governor's vocabulary
.' ilt .. '
tuft Virginia toddy note is just reaching the small islands into effect the two and a quarter: it is up to him to get rel .1 j J.t. ,
I "
i '" M t tI: lot' more recent "Mamiea and hundreds of laborers are waiting : cents passenger rate ordered by that : ion over again. He says he used: i i I

\ !oIr. aad the soothing "sea-guu,1 another vegetable growing season to state pending final decision as to the'. oaths both fast and furious. j i 1 of eState I Florida
,'. ,'t' i in their piesy against the I'' iI Female
a come here. In the islands the men : validity of the act of the legislature. I College '

..rrhnm of their traditions of the I; working on a farm seldom receive !' No generalizing statement as to I: Tears! Tnere is a sacredness in i of Florida -

>' u days of romance. more than 50 cents a day and the wa- :i the attitude of the "railroads" of I. tears. They are not the mark of

\ii.l \ I't. today we find the prohi1 ges paid on the farms in this countryare ': North Carolina as antagonizing\ the, weakness but of power! They are Tallahassee Fla.|

1 ". 1 I II Gainesville -
: iit ; sentiment strong widespread, a big attraction to them.-Miami i law would be accurate which did not I II the messengers of overwhelminggrief Fla. A COllege for
-Ir. njr'h.'tied.; : and growing wider andwider I Women witho'lt :1
Record. I make I this exception in favor of the : of deep contrition. and of un- A Parallel in the
l.. urta i* practically certainof high grade institution for South e mbracii,1 a
I Seaboard. speakable love.-Health Notes.A men cot ng COlege of
Alabama its I offering Literary Scientific Liberal Arts, a School for
prohibt .on. by
Speaking of riches, the rich Engineering
pro-I I This attitude on the part of the AgriCultural Teachers, a
posed tiois-shipment law which submerged wreck discovered fn I cal and Pedagog' School of Industrialruia
est man in the world is the man who I Seaboard is entitled to the highest J Courses. a school
pas.d both houses, and its early closing the sea and only a short distance Strong of fine arts, including
has little farm well Faculty
a tilled a little i i i commendation and clearly points out !1I Ii ; well equIpped lab. Piano pipe
te "wet" towns is all but on a I i wife well willed a cow and pigs and I i i a course which the Southern would I Ii J from land opposite Ojus, is supposed oratories theoretical; thorough InstrucUon. Loth elocution organ 'violin voice culture

prohibition basis. Louisiana is dot- i i to contain valuable ore.-Miami and practical; and Physical C
ducks and chickens and fruits careful
and i do well to follow. If, instead of precipitating t perm.0, and discipline, FiU. able Vail
.. ; I"tl Crow end to end with five mile flowers and music and friends:: and I this:: conflict between the News. tone. ; high moral departments.f Specialists

\ t .nl'B, with school houses as the health ---- Xo tuition TUition free.
and -
a heart of the right kind. I charges
authorities of the state and of the If to Florida Charges for special
: ,'h' ty. te which liquor cannot be X multimillionaire Broward were governor of Texas Other expenses Students. instruction in Fine Arts t
simply isn't in United States the Southern had reduced to a 4''
gone'what For very low. minimum.

\ I k well Informed( persons ex- it with such a man.-Miami News. [ahead and put .into effect the rates I I.Pi'w would a ha'e.liami fine show his News.insurance plan catalogue AX and DREW information SLEDD, address of construct New. bUildings Write for in Catalog.course

r President. A. A. MURPHREE,

t President..w .


.. ,. -- ." ..-- ..... ...:;, .
.. : "
< .
:: .. .
:' ..
7r; et4 ._ -< -:; .;;... ., .;...-i,
.. .. .
._ : : .. .. .iW"t."" "'''' -
..,,..'.. .....', '.t.' : ,. ...- "' .. : '. .- ,. ", ,.... i s: -tn :, { _
> t.t+hi ,""- aC "...;, a _. 0"J ..r'I< "- ; ", .. .trf" ;.. :r. ... WFI.:1W 4' ..:. ..:.;"',.. .-.. ",. z.
., ?, ,; ;: "';; 'J""''t ,, -.W{ -- ... r ."' '* _
: r
., '; f. "" $ ""V ;"JiIi ..
";.. ; "o \1' ( :-._ ,. '' 1.ir : ,. ... .. : .
)4 j jn jrC' i. 'r7- .
\. yft +_e,"' '''; _;1' -.. ... """ '" <; :.-.. -
"i;.+ / :. : ;" i'to. : c L .. < : .,, ,*-4L __ ...- ... ; "" --
_. 'l"h). .y. ..... ..'.T". n .nf.f ,. ';4 i \.h.".',",< .p." ..r.-<. .-JO...o.. "' ..;.. .(; :. t' -a' ; j;, :r --.J :t


I Iw .


"' aE
AoP at.on for Letters Patent. I ( .' : '1' I
N "' tit .bf gln that we, the r : II i I Of Application for Letters Patent.

uMr-iR- i fur ....** after th. firlit b j I Notice is hereby given that four

|the Htt.l.It.\. ..t rho t. ,-r.f of this the galley State will of apply Florida to GOVERN. ERSWARD IS FUSKINJ i THE WORK WITH ALL POSSIBLE SFEED.. Willi weeks after the first publication of

this notice \\e, the undersigned, will
f..r UM t- }> ,
tHtt t. i
%' un.K-r the
u- KE :, apply to the of the state of
.1\\\ :: II I r..J d\itrt..r mi WITH FUGLED MARINE RAILROAD governor

1."t'I K LA NO.A I Florida for letters patent to issue under

T \VAIITJ5 ; the following; proposed charter:

L. W. DUVAU Among the interesting plans for with muck on top of it ranging from j j2o EDWARD HOLDER
S. A. RA\\ .S.
Copy of the Pf.,*.e
Ocal Supply Company flowed areas in the south under the and as the capacity of this muck i ito | CAMP.
V ni.|.-ri "nd.. hereby &1111014. JACK CAMP.
absorb the
+ '. .. u..s t...,.thr fur the pur- plow is that for the reclamation of rainfall which averages |
b' JIIM .! i.. .>:utn. litcoriMtrauHi under about; Go' inches per annum, i.not i i'v.ry i t r > Copy of the Proposed Charter of the
the Everglades of Florida. The
I h. 1.\ ,r th- Bute of Florida *pI'5'1 congress I great it remains sloppy, and Ill. Ocala Athletic Association. ;
..1.1.' of the United
.r..ntt.on. for \ruftt. States SeptemberS
rainy seasons the lake o\erilo\\hj I W.t..:> undersigned hereby asso-
ARTICLE L : b! 5o, fnacteil what is known at I tiauourselves. together for the pur- .
through the Everglades and that
Name together
the swamp-land act which :'ranted to po:,,' of becoming incorporated under
Ti. i i .if thU corporation shall with
t..- 1 1 I.. Kuitply t'....nl&n'. and lul each of the eleven states all Of the rainfall causes the I : ne! taws: of the state of Florida, applicable -
hole territory of the Everglades at I to corporations for profit.
>rih. |i : |J..I' of bu.in'M shall be in and overflowed lands within
It _I.. \' .r. -n ,',untjr. Florida,; butit .wamjj imes to be covered with water from ;: ARTICLE I.
nirit -..i',!ii j..h offkwi and agencies heir burners! for the puraee o' aiding I Name
depth of two or three inches to i
In .11 \ r !pia.r! ur places in ur outof 'he state in draining and\ p c. iia.i.! : 1:1 The name of this corporation shall

tin & .r Florida the swamp and I overflowed-lan-ls. upon of two or three feet. I ---------__ I be Ocala Athletic .Association and its

I .\irri'1..: IL I There are about 3,000.OoO acres of principal place of business shall ben

Business ': this I Not the Same"how's Ocala, Marion county Florida.
-- -- land covered with dense saw NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE
Th. gvti.riil, nature of the buy;n. ARTICLE II.
to boo tr
ill of any kind, with only an occasional "We are sleeping under"Don't -" Under and by virtue of a final de- The general nature of the businessto
1 T.. hq ...H and drat In. b..'h >.v Y 5
"'h..I..I.l .UH! by ivtall Rood*. > 4 clump of trees upon what may be spring that old blanket yarnon cree entered by the Honorable W. S. : be transacted by this corporation

I and 'in r. lirtn.lt+J of every kinidwirrli'ti .0 P. called! islands which islands are few me." Bullock. Judge of the Circuit Courtof is: -.
1. To control and maintainan
n. in !number and embrace only a fewactv "Under difficulties, my boy" the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida own
2 T'i athletic field and to conduct
>, each. on the 13th: day of July 1907 in
sin a n.1 >n ifitm. i>t buainesJ thereon athletic games of all kinds;

T. manufacture and h ml). Un account of tb latitude in which The World's Way a certain cause pending in the Circuit 2. To do any and all things necessary -
manuf". >ur...] Rends, .
rhaiKli.f all kind. "'aJ'tand r ; n.. Kv rgades are and the richness ofn This pathetic stanza from the pen Court of Marion County. Florida, for the purpose of conductingathletic

4. T... 1'\1)\ M H. handle and d l. i' ,oniiujiiiH .. soil, they should be of very great of a rural singers tells the story, sasFrank in chancery, wherein the City of games ARTICLE of every III.description;

J .'. and machinery of all k n.l- a'' in when once reclaimed. This Stanton: Ocala is complainant and D D. Lo- Capital Stock
T" buy sell aDd deal In hugim: *
('arMa,. ", wagons. automoMl.-.. inc land is further south than any other zier et al are defendants whereinthe The amount of the capital stock of

\'..hii. |I. ..f Very description; per, ion of the United States, havingh 'Twas a weeping widow be: left behind undersigned was appointed as this corporation shall be one thous-
6 Too buy, sell and deal in harn.-ss and dollars ($1000.00)), divided into
<- Gulf of Mexico on one side and special master to execute the said decree -
all kill.l.t
"f leather goods and auto 100 shares at the par value of ten dollar -
m..t>il. "uiiplifK.T ; 1'b-: gulf stream running between the When in heaven he made his bow; ; therefore I will offer for sale ($10.00) each all of which said

garaav T..f..u1 r +n-ntlng.n. operate storing and and maintain rnpair-a Florida coast and the Bahama Islands He'd had his troubles-he died resigned and will sell for cash to the highest capital stock shall be payable in cash.

d ou the other. bidder ARTICLE IV.
trig 'aut .nt .btlrs; on ,

To buy aril. own, control' anti On ;.!!0.010. acres of this land couldh. And the widow ain't widow Monday, September 2nd A. D. 1907 Term
a now:
Improve r. al estate: I The term for which this corporation
> To tiny, sell and handmiles! i .' produced the 2,2:>o,000 tons of sugar at the court house door in Ocala, Florida stall exist is ninety-nine (99)

and hori., and live stock of evrv d.10 .'- annually imported from abroad; between the hours of eleven a. years.
.. Best Medicine in the World for Colic
atripti n
T, huy. own. control and maintain 01 h.-r portions can be made into great and Diarrhoea"I m. and two o'clock p. m., at public ARTICLE Officers V.

.yards and livery sal,- amfml : 1'1'i t. f:t'lds. Sugar cane will grow theer find Chamberlain's Colic Cholera auction, the following described prop-
business of this
#. The corporation
IIU s; !K:.\unantly+ and after planting once it and Diarrhoea Remedy to be the erty, in satisfaction of said decree shall be conducted by a President,
11 T" tHy. own and control war- best "
remedy in the
.1 h..u4.. ware-nioms and other build- 1! '."ill i continue to grow afterwards' C. L. Carter of world says Mr. to-wit: Commencing at southwest corner Vice-President Secretary and a Treasurer
Skirum "I
i lnu tten..ary for the purposes of th. --- -- --- ---- rom the stubble for from 7 to 20 subject to colic and diarrhoea. Last of block 32, Caldwell's addition to and a Board of Directors con
biivtni..*.** -rin authorized sisting of not less than three nor
e '. irs without replanting.The spring it seemed as though I would Ocala running thence east 200 feet
12.: T" acquire and dispose; oftrademarks the express condition! t tl.a; ':wands more than seven to be elected at the
copyrights and patents: reclaim the die, and I think I would if I had not north 83 feet west 200 feet, south 83 of stockholdersto
: : so framed, or proceeds of their: plan to Everglades taken Chamberlain's annual meeting the
Colic Cholera .
13 T.lnd and borrow money, to will be to lower Lake Okeechobee by I feet or so much thereof as 1'TI"V J-. be held on the fourth Tuesday in
sale should >e used: exclusively as and Diarrhoea Remedy. I haven't
Ar'lul proper securities and to ('xt>- necessary to satisfy the said decree March of each year; and the follow
cut.rrtd I deliver! proper securitiestherefor 'ar as necessary: in reclaiming the v'lins; ; canals into it leading from the. been troubled with it since until this

lands by means of levees and drains. rivers on the Atlantic! coast, and from week, when I had a very severe at and costs. JOSEPH BELL ing officers shall conduct the businessof

11 T" acquire, own control and tack and took half a bottle of the Special Master in Chancery.T. the corporation until those elect-
4I'l| ,<.. ,.f 4n kinds of real and person Florida accepted the ?;rant maj"by : the Caloosabatchee river to the gulf I twenty-five cent size Chamberlain'sColic ed at the first annual meeting shall
al J'r"l..rly. congress and crate-l tniste 's. :M Mexico then by running half a''' Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem- qualify: ,

r. T" do, any and all things necessirv composed of the governor, tmptroler : : !- dozen parallel canal north and south. Miy, and this morning I feel like a Complainant's Solicitor. President Edward Holder.
: ar I requisite for carrying on Vice-President, S A. Rawls.
manY For
new sale all .
'ral and with laterals :eal: :1g through them. by druggists.x. "
r tin' \I-1-: :u' "* herein treasurer attorney esn NOTICEIn Secretary, G. C. Crom.

ARTICLE III. commission'r of 2pr.cnl"T: : :,
Capital Stock stock of vested in the mall of tbt swan ana drainage law levying a drainage tax NOTICE Board of Directors, Edward Holder,
Ti.) .tint of the capital
i the Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial
be thousand the adjacent l"nds to the Ever- Clarence Camp S. A. Rawls G. C.
tin- < i';".rtttnn; shall fifty overflowed lan .. sptt'ncc: forth fopcificall Ulon
I t'1'.rfaonoO)' ) divided into ::,00'iar la .-. -.'- in the Circuit of Florida, in and for Crom and Jack Camp.ARTICLE.
should do vitfcMie gle! 'les, but the as fought ,
what they f
> Application Tax Deed Under VI.
. :- ..r tN par value of one hun- Marion County-In Chancery.
dr. d .!..''iri idea) each all of which lands s-o grant:d. Th t -rust e:i courts. The leg'-lature of the Ares Section 8 of Chapter 4SSS, Lawsof IndebtednessThe

I a'i .It. -il +t.x-k shall be payable inARTICLE '.\--re created :in "-", b'i" -;: ..-. -n par iv-. uact.1 the law with.a.i.en'nients. Florida Ethel Oldfield. Complainant vs. W. highest amount of indebtedness -

a-b. The work so far done Ernest Oldfield, DefendantOrderfor to which this corporation shallat
\- .
IV. drainage scheme was atiemp-e- Notice is hereby given that J. L. Constructive Service.It any time subject itself is one

Term I Parker purchaser of tax certificate .
---- ------ --- -- thousand ($1000.00))
T'u- t-r", for which this corporatlor is ordered that the defendant
shall ext: \N ninety-nine (M) years. NTo. 331, dated the 1st day of June A. ARTICLE VII. .
herein named to-wit: W. Ernest Old- SubscribersThe "i
\ ARTU'UE V. D. 1903, has filed said certificate in
I Officers field, be and he is hereby required to names and places of residenceof

TIlt" \.\u-i was of this corptiratior my office and has made application appear to the bill of complaint filed the subscribers, together with the

. ,.:h "I'!I I". -nducted by a Pr Ment.t for tax deed to issue in accordance I amount of capital stock subscribedfor
Vn ,. Pr"i i''-nt ani 'S8,-cretaryTreasu1 in this cause on or before Monday
with law. Said certificate embrace:? by each, is:
r..r at.) t Ioy a Bar pf Dr.! ctors cnntstng the 2nd day of September 1907. Name Residence Shares
than three (3) norm i : .he following described sit- I
less property
"f <
k !' rr than mot:<..,..-n (7). to b*. elected a' '. ::: .- jated in Marion county Florida, to- It is further ordered that a copy of Edward Holder Ocala, Florida. 10

. the annual nx-i-tinR!' of stockholders tl' this order be published once a week S. A. Rawls, Ocala. Florida..10
" b h.I.1 -n th.! -. c''nd Tuesday in January .- ,', Tit: South half of northeast quarter four weeks in Jack Camp. Ocala Florida..10
for ((4) consecutive
..' *a'h >'..ar: and the following \ )f northwest quarter and southeast Clarence Camp, Ocala, Florida. .10
name,! ..ffi, .>r* -hall conduct the lm>-ine the Ocala Banner, a newspaper published G. C. Crom. Ocala Florida..11State
luarter of northwest quarter section
until th <
.. oratl>n
n nf thi" < "n in said county and state. of Florida
rtectnl at tt...- first annual me*tins v .. 't\ ;0. township 14 south, range 22, of Marion. *-,}
This 25th day of July. 19<>7. County
shall qualify +5a- aast-56.43 acres. The said land being Before me on this day personallycame
Pr->i U.nt--!..)uls yi.A! P--| ?.-iit-.\. T. Swartz. assessed at the date of the issuance Edward Holder Clarence Camp,

R.- r. inrv-Treasurer-L. W. DuvaL of such certificate in the nameIf Clerk Circuit Court, Marion Co., Fla. S. A. Rawls, Jack Camp and G. C.

B' -.r' ,f D''...H-t r<--!.->uls E. LangA. H. L. AXDETISON.2G.; Crom. all to me well known to be the
unknown. Unless said certificatehall
T. Swartz L. W. Duval. Solicitor. individuals who signed the foregoing
ARTICLE1.. .- be redeemed according to law, Complainant's proposed charter of the Ocala .\theltic -

IndebtednessThe ax deed will issue thereon on the I Association, who severally acknowledged '
of indebtednesto : .
high" t amount ;..
"'hl.n tl.N corporation shall at anytime :6th day of August A. D. 1007. NOTICE to me that they subscrifc
thousand ed their to the said proposed
".Av. t Itself is fifty Witness my official signature and names

tI.lIdr-'...I.an.utl.. ARTICI.E. VII. seal this the 24th day of July, A. D. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned -, charter therein set for the forth uses and expressed.My and purposes.

SubscribersT' S. T. SISTRCXK. chairman of the board of commission does not expire until -

... na-r'-" and places of residenceof with the Clerk Circuit Court. Marion Co., Fla county commissioners will sell for the 10th day of October, 1910.

I the aul.ofapltal"trttiors stock. together subscribed forResidence 7-26 By H. B. Foy, Jr.. D. C. cash at public sale at the west door Witness my hand and official seal
amount this 17th day of July, A. D. 1907.
t by ..at'h. I is: of the court house in Ocala, Florida,
r Shares k. i 1 GEO. W. MARTIN,
\an" J NOTICEOf 5, 1907 at 12 o'clock noon
1411111.. r. Lans.ala.. FIorida..96 August Notary Public, State of Florida at

A. T Svartz. ()('ala. Florida. . .?'- x is the iron fence around the court house Large. 7-17-Of. *
LV ivi\al. kale Florida. . Application for Tax Deed Undei -. .,,-:.,-- --- .,
Section 8 of Chapter 4SS8, Lawsof square, and such chairs, tables, Iron
of Florida
State take
J Coi"rv of Marion.p..for rA Florida. safes, desks, cabinets and other PARTNER WANTED-To a

.- me the un..r.l lned authority A.- Notice is hereby given that T. E things which the board finds properto half interest in a patent; patent on

....1'- T.. "v came I.oui E. Lang Ab4 Drawing can be examined -
Pritchett and J. B. Martia. EDWARDS same
purchasers L.
T"S ..r-z and L. \\". Puval to me well sell. JNO.
known\\ t.. |>e the Individuals who Mgn- of tax certificate No. 2136, dated Chm. Board County Commissioners.Dlt797itf72t'7 by calling at the Montezuma

..., the f..r..trning charter of the 1st day of July A. D. 19 il, helve ; Hot..l. room 5. 7-4-St;
The Ocala Supply Company who ser- Sled! said certificate in m'office and r I :

have made application for deedTO II ....
Prally nfknowledjre.1 to me that they tax I __ __ ---- --
the said issue in accordance with law. .
.u".rlt...d their names i')
roiNs..d charter for the us and purM Said certificate embraces the following i

M- thor.In sat forth and espresseiI THE DREDGE BOAT AT WORK described property situated in

I .-.- that 1 am a duly commis- Marion county. Florida to-wit: West f IVER I aFURNITURE MAG Y
and for the
Tubllc' in c
I oiied N- tar) half of southeast quarter of south
_, 'ommls-- 1
lOr M 1 t.'rltfa. an.<. tVinf...... mV... -- --
t"/ll. 10th day east quarter of southeast quarter
lit"" n .t.l .. + nott crpln until the cept in two in-iaii.,'. ,---nu- : ls .:.l- <.."t ii hv the trMeeThe auIUI.M and east half of southwest quarterof DEALERSWE

,.f 'kt.o dr mvPhiT.nl official seal : ; .- will now levy a tax under southeast quarter of southeast
11':" with Hamilton Disston, an 1 another!
11,1. *'fc.3wr ..f Jnl\ *. D. 1907.uE :. : the recent lawand we expect to be quarter. and 6.3S: chains north and

< '. W. MARTIN. in 1898 with James E. Ingraham and able to push the work rapidly as soon south by 4.5'chains east and west CARRY EYEHYTIlIXG IN THE LIKE O P

1905. when two in southeast corner of southeast
4 NOTICE F MASTER'S SALE others until were year contracted for by as the taxes begin to come in. It is quarter of southeast quarter, section House Furnishings Parlor Suits
large the purpose of the trustees to have 25 township 1C south. range 23,

of final de" the trustees known as the trustees of :Ix larze dredges at work in the east-12.S7 acres. Th$ said land being : Rugs, Art Squares and Mattings. In Leather, Upholstered and Reed
t'Dlt-r an! ''r virtue a the internal improverniit fund of the December of assessed at the date of the issuance ,

eldr ent f.1 I 11\ thf Honorable W. S."UU..aL state of Florida. which dredges: w-r* course the present of two year years.they By expect to have of such certificate in the name Bed Room Suits Dining Room Suits
Court Unless said certificate :
Circuit of unknown.
l-.U-! : ul' the! in July, 1900, and the and Oak.
Circuit of FlorOB completed. one I several thousand acres ready for cultivation shall be redeemed according to law. Mahogony, Birch, Birdseye : of all kinds-Mohogany
crI the I' f'l h, t iM.H.-ial. other in March. 1907. The dredges will issue thereon on the
In and settlement.The tax deed Maple and, Oak. !
MIa, th- I 'Ib day of July Circuit were put to work digging two canals I II reclamation of tfie Evergladesis 29th day of July, A. D. 1907. China and CrockeryIn

a r. rtalu ,H.- 1 I-.ndlna In the" I into the Everglades in a northwesterly considered by its promoters as the Witness my official signature and 1VIIsslon rurntture Complete line-Dinner Sets and

('otlr' "f \1.1' lun r.nrnty. Florida incttslwar l direction through to Lake Glee j seal this the 25th day of June. A. D. Odd Pieces
of Ocala most important work for develop S. T. SISTRUNK. In all the different finishes
t.h* cm 1907.
I. r-m New
canals begin at
'! I. YonI. I chobee. These ment of agriculture undertaken in the Clerk Circuit Court, Marion Co., Fla.
t. f'ttl"htlll.i 'III ami i I River and are to extend to Lake Okee-I'' United States up to this time. The 6-28 By H. B. Foy Jr., D. C.
., .******.
.. a' .11' Ichobee. The first three miles be
r that could
I <1\ \. r- a ,,' i ai. appowtod special" i I dog is through rock; the remainder I one crop upon of sugar one-quarter of its area produced NOTICEIn All Kinds of Bed and Table Linens, Lace Curtains, Porticrs

.id i ii del'reeli ; ,
I "r 10 *? u'r the ''of will be through muck and Upholstering Goods
utaa for tale and the annually would amount, it is estimated the Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial -
,,11: If. r
J.....r. fUI' i s bid to Lake Okeechobee, the source of to 2.250.000 tons. At three and Circuit of Florida in and Heaters Ranges Cook Stoves

..r'.11! ..1.I to' -h!! u. the h..t i the overflow of the Everglades. one-half! cents per pound, that would for :Marion County-In ;. ,

I .1."r ap 5997.rI The Everglades are formed of two amount to about 150000000. The. Chancery. Full Line of L'p-t ->- lalH 1'i.-nu.*.. friiiii.'.1and l l ii tfrattlr,l. and l Pic
2M. A. D. i William S. Haselden, Complainant,
.In... .. Mote. ddnr ta Oea1L rock reefs running in parallel lines fact that the territory has upon it no, vs. Mary Haselden. Defendant :I tUft M..uldin4:: ... Full tuvk < >f

t t. I .if hu'iM elevens from north to south about 60 miles timber. hence no stumps, but is ready I Order for Constructive Saddles
of Harness and
thr hours Farm add Turpentine Wagons Buggies
fuI.\ ,I. 'Ot. the length of the ref help- for the plow when freed from water, Service ,
.. 1. ... W at public apart. I
al..t'w,. nrk | It is ordered that the defendant
I ? Situated betweenthe value to it. as the 3,00o.-
143: miles. adds studehaker
about l earth-the
f..II..I". M-.c-ribH propttf" I herein named. to-wit: Mary Hase!' Exclusive sale of the >etvajion; on
t 1 s,1r11'Mt tar 01 sold decree 1: northern ends of the rock reef is .VMI acres would cost at least SlOo.imO.- i den be and she is hereby required to And carry the very l--st lint- of High Grade BUgl; and < images.
.t..ttnD '
.Ji of south Lake Okeechobee. which is about 35milt's O')(i to clear if covered with timber.-]appear to the bill of complaint in this

..N ulh"t'.t! quarter to south. I'' before Monday, the 5th
,.. to :in length from north Manufacturers Record. cause on or

.. *>rs fib/ t'aldtrrA's} *** southern part of the lake I day of August, 19)';. l.im Cement Pla,.ter. !
County.t'iar'tda :From the :
Tnt '.la Mark It is further ordered that a copy and
I* Paints
i' .. Rltwlt that. U may the muck and silt hare been washed For an Impaired ;I of this order be published once a BuildingMaterial Hair, Lath, }hin.le,. IJ j
t'r 'IU the appetite and to
reef and packed improve weeks in
decree !iin between the rock week for four
... ruble said strengthen the digestion try a few Flintkote Roofing
w pr. been washed from the the Ocala Banner, a newspaper published Oils
has I
JMBPH BEI.1.. in as it doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and I I
and state.
J in said county :
fi .... t t. ldaater ta Chancery. hinter portions of the state down the Liver Tablets Mr. J. H. Seitz of Detroit This 2Cth day of June, IF//';'. White Lead, Yarni-he*. Etr.
I .rtp.'rlal ,'.6. Caloasahatchee valley and through Mich., says: They restored my I S. T. SISTRUNK. I Wall Paper. Alabattine and Ma nite Wall Paints.
r. HHKi*. ofIht" when impaired. relieved me I
center appetite Co. Fla.
until the Court Marion ,
( .t..r. c,,pcitar.I i' take Okeechobee of a bloated feeling and caused a Clerk Circuit D. C. tad give us a trial. t9,.\r E: will not be undersold and will please
;Cr t is slightly higher than C-2S By H. D. Palmer,
\\f pleasant and satisfactory movementof I
-- : the other portions of Southern Florida the bowels.' Price 23c. Samples EDWIN SPENCER Solicitor., Mclver & Mackay.

(.tl\ r.n Hum.VVYT07ktl8ale but as the foundation is of rock, I free. All druggists, x .i Complainant's l
rrttlOD .DUlloat

r -_ .
-- -

--.- !' .- ''''.. '' .
r-: .. '''.l
r ,..._'.._ ......! "" ;"'"!t.CARHA" .....", ._._, L-
sa" -
= -- -
-- -
-- -

-. -
-- -
--- I

-FROM-" BEACH'U \ \'\ \ Hn nn\\Hn\ \ ""n'' "'HUHH'' H'' H'' \ H'' HUtWWHEN : H'' n"" n"I i H'" ''H'' t !

(IJIr gnaw 4
LMr r w. aytaat: .a.rt- tiishe iur,. f
.... 1iII -e ,
...a+ tb4.. _ur tu.1utlD rMrEWM --. 4
.... 1
ML. (3af' II s+sarul pu ijei tht'Mjorl --
l.U' .... .1 Jd! I
.L:>Cb\ iJ.t'
..... !',,' "" truu. u.....-.it tll.1 !:.- t A. BROWN & BROTHER i

... .. ...*SM
t"" h' : d' f.t1 ..r ...." ISla, ".

... '+... ," -,, t dL .64. pain- i
1:1.: rl r WHOLESALE .
1 p u..i .' ,,... rt. .' u.r'W": Hw: ti
... i ...
it' ;n i th ,
.,..' I
-"'W s' : Airt-;: 'Ufc van4JrHH. -e
.'.1,14 aiuhflgll'-.jt H-m-U" Gut (\IU;tau \]

.. '.
,.., '&- ,W ttl prSlRsllt, u" the i Iaw t11' ./
.. :: : TN'T NEED OF ,1t" '-'
i twin .y. 'lIn ken: -- .., .., """ '
Tm v riii"- "Uall""' tntilkt 0'1{ -.
a: *urn. of fluid "Fur tY1.Ur. 1 -e
r >- *
4I --
Ttwi :ti u*dfr jujUano QUICK
*Ui.*-. i tJtt- iu.' approvmt uu.K .- 4 .wvvwvvvwvvvv*. .. .. .. ... ...... ...........vvv.. ....**- .............1 -----
4 .
t ,tH[ *' fur 'fiat cnili-i: u-" .. 1a
4 Di-
1 -
< Wan HmUlI1f it tntftrua' 4 -f.
;; h Ii'"w\JIf' iP GdLrIg artgtiI xi't I 4 *- 'I
f !*' Wiifif':'t. WI'L' d1..rt 4 *.
t ..... 4 .
('!* )k*
i TlH* lii'-.i'lla OUlP'iut! fur iUIJ ,ulrt Its--4 ... 11'ttltr
a ttI WC *I!'>'N: 4I ..

J -;::;- 4 :
liIm 1 rLt+wtl tt+w tntu : *
01f -
!.IN. 1ICan.'t' M unr tl.lt' 1ln'v IL': .*.
4 .
Aadaw! mow tu.agr jJr".uiu"j'

kr tut'.t ICaD ciuIwt.< if-r potittficui.Iw : J'I:' (I 4I -- OR? FEED

inturuwiug t
I :.
IdUNtruuts Uac&et" dud NunInda. ; / II I r .

A. tit-lulk.twd. + .nUL tk-\OU'of' ti,.1 41f 41t liSEND US YOUR ORDERS

Of tar )MMB* jOU'1l"Y, Tueudur'-,' t < ;'
t -
wl1 -...
,-.c DU hili> to\, f frawl :'Ollf \I' I op.- --

ttteake -Julia lJitl Tuutig ttf-4 4{E: ': We have just recei">red a car ofIn : -::


."iAV ewunt-'LtLE the-alieg IS:OIM(:OIU TOP Pl-alo't 4i 4 4 E I RED ROCK GINGER ALE I Io

i'.amMtr iuv.l!. the Juog ant ul l :i,'
tIICMn Bate Mud their ctupuat/t ba: 4 .
..... Awuod in wunfa of luagtiaaui.lS 4I
I : Pints and Quarts : ..:
tk '
tftatb ebaf'5Q 'i1HL edituL
...lt baIIde acaiae' then. 1' aaa > 4 4
iyuetad wtMeb bap n -tf...., 4 Lemo Lime and Root Beers
rtaida 11 aathtac else But tu. vetov 4 E- j N 4
MM bat tby wll MA- to r tua* t
L'M it pnd/e1, MUd persiM1f.tjaawctitbd 4= r
tas I trt- couru fur cruuua i Send orders. Price and cask. *
That iat wure UI tug putt'T 4I E us :your $<} .oo $1000 per .3 .
4 .
prupie of Fonda are eryti 10' 4 m- : j
J Z a.J 1 diaju*UUOIlIf the charge:: 4 .
... tiM <.vUM.t< ..r.tbt- Ptol"jl1 1I. :

II.."fvr iu or tuwIf dutptvve intan charger- alieg'1 d ar tut sn 4 4I< I FFraaco4ffloricallI Sous also Cambell's and Scliininiel'sCHAS !

........ inuuctwiov thet tLr\ 4
p1tYid u\t. tlit$cui!> iutbeir tJ:.atr -- .
..... .
muocencf! to tit fSa.t
vtSni of UMT public and. ".effi re i t-..:i I
s. iaI tint tlit-j should aid t? I & SAXBORX'STETLEY'S *
wklicti thttlr ulitsgwd cuhducr meri'ui tar -
aj; .... uwutienwc! if >ou a10 J
...... Ib&M8 <.COW catutr ut! !' ..
du Mb uo. whlU- Uif satin oia'ier: iru .
f.- UM uiUit Wiud. BAlt o' .. j
] tr.U't...i b .*. iingutk tnatk that fruit .. .j
tM ufe of tuiugj- Minor L'EligJ,+ F : : --
leak pt *ft1 d! tu VI'Qt"'t"r cha-,
: --
!i tile! 1r M tuaQt' Htflw crratitVf : .\ :. .
.Uwt of the .'Kuweut; tIU: -4
far MadiMw N-" Enterprise

FP.Ot--FERTILE---..- FLORIDA I TEAStin I packages and 10-b-! :addle". 1

e -
Sn Rat t0 Coutt en tfl the: Land of the i

Cnf virpit and Part < Jello and Jello Ice i ,
t tret are put'iug o1u 1e1 Cream Powder
Y1 Wuwu m must all buont of u.IIIIatN >>- .
lii the Gumei btl'Cuono Vl.Itt tppir: : !

a Urn* a for rusk-intBta.are kwkuig but. (: US.(l...! E I Hecker's 4 Oat Meal -

The rub of thf pii>eappi' S b'JL -4 '
a* Stuart i Ai o,nl ut kxauwiU shiVU1"ll :- : 36 2-Pound Packages to Case : ;
In- wade from tier for auu... .:' : -- ;
ti* tiara -- \

Hdbt.uge grow erg! are now' put gk&I .
., j Hunt Club and Florida
tb-ir' tvwi potato crop bwt:;.. : Emblem Cigps 1 -.
yo'.atif ba\* bet-c scarce rt-teIl !
CoBipiaiatf; Monte from Eau Gi.: .- Qf-- i .-4... .1.
bat rbceuQGF are destroying iL: \\<. 4> ...., t
t.t-ra.t'lo..IIlt Thy have duut a v.>:. -- : : -4 )

kfv.bk.umount of da oag r. i Orders filled promptly.1 Prices equal to any 4> 1 1i
i Tin. ';y $l>iMMt has set )jt IL ta' *
11. T 10 'Le: uetgbburuuud oi Hyui--
i ii .ltii$ tLd all crops art fw-liug t_- i We want your business. so let us have it 4>
4 i lIt-Lt'flt 8 Wt potatoes artdy.ng r.pttkLy :;. > -- 4. -
: III dl. --

,: 11;.. pa': apple grvwm at B-jr:;,'>>:. to>r-- i 4... ............. ...... ......................... KrWK.. ............ .... ... *.. -4-9,1
t (i rv tlr\.lrlllg o& put'iilg m a l:.1lI-\: :'- t-<>*+''4>+....6..ac'4.....i.......... : J
I rutrtab j acreage next seabuL ::.. .'
i j .Vt of 'I e fart titat the crop L- t om-- -4 ,
't I ,t., ..._:- Let b5ea very large. .....
f Tr.tfl&1.d Frul, Farm aL2 .
+ Truck ('<_> Li elwitid! : Uie fuiuw'; :.g -44 till4 -
ijr H-tyrt H. H. Dick&on, J. D. &-gg; -44
X P owvli, P. F. Yaubacb alltj E F

J H..?,Walker. Tbe capital suxk it::; Jl.Out 8 -44

{ 1 Little Hirer pineapple tu: II' \ 'J
tr''J t tI gruwt'1" made good inocytwaatoee ; Qt'Jf .
ti this year. He j;.. 1
v-'i !j.JtiIj etstee from a thraeft:-
1 s..4. vbieh broodit him a little on',; OCALA FLORIDA
t UO MI acre.Oetfe ,

f- will .. Ute bot-air center oft .-4..4"

t r Uif let Male to Oetofcer slMWt It September 12. It i. I:?1 6 6"66" " 'rll 6"" "

.F FL 11rib " "



!: !: '''7 ;i et!
, __ ; ; _

The Ocala banner
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Uniform Title: Ocala banner (Ocala, Fla. 1883)
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Banner Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Ocala Marion County Fla
Creation Date: August 2, 1907
Publication Date: 1883-
Frequency: weekly[]
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Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Ocala (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Marion -- Ocala
Coordinates: 29.187778 x -82.130556 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 17, no. 12 (Aug. 25, 1883)-
Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for 1884 later called new ser. vol. 2.
General Note: Editors: T.W. Harris, F.E. Harris, C.L. Bittinger.
General Note: Description based on: New ser., vol. 2, no. 14 (Dec. 1, 1883).
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Full Text
.... ,
A -

p '

,!I (' i :ipT OCALA BANNER




._ "
-- -
.......................................+....... Fanny Crosby Junior --- -- ,-- -- -- --- -- -- 1 I

A VaC ...............444444......44....4_44.4..4..444b above EveningThe J League Business Meeting. .
. entertainment given at { The Juniors held their regularmontnly ; f'I

.. .. .. .. the M. E. church last evening under business meeting ;yesterday WE ARE ALWAYS READY.i i I

the auspices of the Junior League was
: i XYAL-'S : afternoon at the home of Winona
: well attended. The program, as announced -I E
; \\' therbee. There were fourteen TO CO-OPERATE WITH THE MAN WHO THOROUGHLY
present -
was rendered with the
of Miss Martin's and tie reports were very satis- I I I
II ; who, on account of illness was detained factory. It may be of interest to the :
at home.
[ parents and friends of the Juniorsto I WITH SMALL BUSINESS.MUNROE :
Hv : j The tributes to Fanny Crosby were I know what they have been doing : I

I well chosen and the entire exercises since their organization on the 2d L
i iI
i 1t 50 Cents a Bottle : i I were very interesting indeed as day of June this year. Notwithstanding -I I ,
well as instructive, and doe Jniors the rain and heat and the absence i HANKERS i I Ii
4 I I
: are to be congratulated upon its success. of I
many members especially the officers OCALA FLORIDA

: AT THE a : they; have had nine devotional i k. j i iI

j o I The hymns by Fanny Crosby were meetings led by the members beginning _

sung, accompanied by Ethel Haycraft; with fifteen members:, the)' I n___ ,
Ii Postoffice Store. I on the organ. Fanny Crosby's life now number forty. They have had I ----- -- ---- --- -- -- -- --
Drug story, which she has written, is in three business meetings. The sec THE OCALA COLONY AT SEA To the Orange Growers of Florida ;

: the hands of the Juniors, who besides ond department have provided flow BREEZE The first meeting of the stockholders !

. i | 44 i + receiving a liberal commission, aid ers for the League sent twentyfotubouquets of the Florida Orange Growers'Company .

, he author, who will use the proceedsfor Seabreeze July 2S, 1911< ;. will be held in Plant City i
the Kick and made
: Prescriptions Prepared Proper'y : i to a number -
: the betterment of humanity; dur- of visits; have held a Chinese social A crowd of the Ocala ;young peopleat August 7th at 9 a. m., for the purposeof

Pf I ing her life time. Printed slips were and one picnic. The third de- this lovely resort enjoyed a very completing the organization, electing -

2........................4.1...N44....s4.N..N I distributed at the door for all those partment has had two reading circles:, delightful launch ride Thursday night I officers and perfecting all plans

.............44..........4.4....N4i.N4N who wished to purchase a copy a completing the book, "Dr. Robin." on the beautiful Halifax river. The for this year's work.

-- number of which have already been They have had one literary meeting. party; went nearly eighteen miles up Every grower who owns a grove in
I T --- sold in our city by the Juniors. the blind the river in a pretty little launch and Florida is vitally interested, and is
Kvei Honoring "Fanny Crosby
| > iHd\ says that Mr. Cruet is
did not get back until two o'clock in urged to be present and become a
have sold
poet. They twenty-five
.......................... making, a mighty good postmaster. The Junior League will hold its regular copies of Young J. Allen's book, "Lib- the morning. Every minute of the I stockholder. Those who cannot attend

I Mr Frank G. Moorhead of Charles- business meeting Tuesday; after erating China," also eight copies ol trip was thoroughly enjoyable. Mrs.G. may send their subscriptions for

BIGGEST LINE ton arrived in town noon at the residence of Wenona Thus K. Robinson and Mrs. F. T. Schrei- stock ($10 per share) to Mr. H S
yesterday for a Fanny Crosby's; life story. they
) I week's visit to his brothers, Jas. R. Wetherbee on Orange avenue. All aided a good cause and added to the ber chaperoned the picnic, and the Anderson; Secretary, Auburndale

I and W. A. Moorhead. Juniors are requested to be on hand.A League finances. They have orderedthe others in the crowd were Misses Annie Florida. JOSIAHR:\,

OF Atkinson Ethel President Pro Tem
I Junior Topic Quarterly, the mem- and Hope Robinson

1 Mr. James J. Pyles who has been Delightful PartyMr. bership cards and the pledge cards. Emma and Edna Nelson Sye An Dradentown.o'la..

at Inverness for some time has returned Jack Camp gave a very delightful They sent a report and a missionary derson Dorothy Schreiber :Messrs.

;:. t home. lie went to Tampa party to Silver Springs Satur exhibit to the State League Confer- Louis Chazal Bruce Meffert, Ralph The K. of P. installed their newly

IWATCHESJFOR I I Monday and took a position with the day night :MissI'illie Camp and Miss ence at Tallahassee and have reported Robinson, Phil Robinson. Charlie Cha elected officers at the mt'f'ting1I.mday

swift Packing Company. Ella Camp, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. to the local press the Florida zal and Donald Schreiber. night. The work of installation was
performed by Mr. J. G. Ferguson, D. '
I Clarence Camp being the honorees. Christian Advocate and the EpworthEra.
j Miss Jean Friday night Weathers G. M., and he did it well. Capt. I{. E.
I Teague and her little Those who participated in this de- Come to their meetings and ,

: "iMer, Louise left Thursday for .ightful function were Miss Mabel encourage them. Ralph and Phil Robinson on their bicycles Yonge is now the council commander .

j Salisbury, N. C., where they will Knight Miss Alta Pearson Miss Jule rode about twelve miles down and be showed his appreciation for

spend the remainder of the summer Wiley of Troy, Ala., Miss Mary Bar- General Rou, a colored farmer from the beach in the direction of Ormond. the honor conferred upon him by inviting
mi! [ m D GENTLEMAN[ [ 1
I the members
I with their cousin, Miss Willie Curd. ford, Mr. P. R. Camp Mr. William the Blitchton section, had a prelim- hunting for turtle eggs. They were to partake of a

Mr. Mala quite successful, finding three nests. splendid spread prepared in honorof
Adylotte, Haughton, Mr. inary hearing before Judge Bell on
I Mrs. Edward Badger and her l'lar..ncelefft>rt. Mr. Dick Dodge and Tuesday for an attempt to kill Norman One contained 151 eggs another 124 the occasion. All formalities wen* '

I daughter Mrs. S. Potts Eagleton, and Mr. Frank Harris, Jr.lrs.. Mary Brooks, also colored at that eggs and the other 120 eggs. They abandoned and the occasion was a

I I the latter's little daughter will leave Dodge Mattox chaperoned the party. place the early; part of last month. brought home with them 290 eggs and most enjoyable one. The new offi-

soon for Crab Orchard and Louisville, The ;young people went down to Rou was bound over to await the action the cottagers are now feasting on cersof the lodge are the following

I,)., to spend the remainder of the the springs in carriages and autos of the grand jury at the next turtle eggs. They were not fortunate named persons: II. E. Yonge C. C ;

summer. ? and the ride down there and back was term of the circuit court. His bond enough however, to see a turtle. R. Monroe V. C.; J. G. Ferguson P ,
J. A. Fort, M. of W. Chas. K.
; Sage
delightful, as the air was very pleas was fixed at $.00, but as he was unable *
} THE JEWELER. Col. and Mrs. Otis T. Green and K. of R. and S.; W. L. Jewett M. ofF
Mr. J. R. Wilder of Anthony having ant. : to furnish it, ho was remandedto

tickled Dame Fortune into propitious Arriving at tlc springs the party jail. their two sons, Edwin and Otis, 'arriv .; Jake Brown. M. at A.; V. A. C'hal-

.......................... smiles, will spend the balance of the embarked on steam launches ,- ed at Seabreeze Saturday; afternoon. her I. G.; C. L. Moore, O. G.

,l I f summer at Durham N. C. He is one went as far as Carmichael's landing. Miss Mattie Williams and her two and are guests at the Breakers. Mrs.
IJ This is the and
of Anthony's most successful truck- and returning enjoyed a lunch on the small nephews, Earl and Robert Hall, Green's friends are delighted to mango season

$ t r8. wharf.It have gone to Gainesville Ga., to join know that she has recovered from there are many in the market though

Local and Personal was voted a most delightful af- Mrs. R. S. Hall and the other two her recent attack of erysipelas. the finer varieties are scarce. The

r' Mr. John L. Carney; of Lake Weir fair. children for the summer. Major T. Morning News is under obligation to

Mr. C. Y. Miller of.Leroy.; Mr. Seaborn C. Hall accompanied them to Gaines- Mr. Raymond B. Bullock spent Friday Hickson Bros. for a Philippine mango,

I l ,IM ElM""**Ut Harris. Local Editor. Weathers of Leroy Mr. P. 1) Roberts Always on the Move ville. Mrs. Williams and Miss Co- at DeLand, Port Orange and New which we tested with a view to determining

of Le'on.lr.. Luffman of Anthony The Hunter Drug Company is always rinne Williams who have been spend- Smyrna, and drove over to Seabreezeand its quality. We have eaten

I were in Ocala Tuesday transacting ing several weeks in Ocala with the spent Friday nigbt at the beach. other fine varieties but the Philippine
the and loses
on move never an
Mr J P Phllltp of Lake City was business. Hall family, have returned to their beach. in our judgment is the best of any. It
opportunity to please its customers.
ta tfcta Saturday. home at Mayo. is fiberless, small-seeded and justsufficiently !
Within the past few days they have
There is a white man in the city; ; Mr. Jack Rentz came down Satur acid to give it a fine fla
musical their
concerts at
Mr Warn Mllllgaa of Eeddickam jail from Citrus who is acting very ,inaugurated Mr. John T. Lewis state inspectorof day to spend a few days; at the beach vor. It is not so handsome as some
store and the fact
r am.NiK the Saturday visitors. much like he is demented. He may, every prisons, after a month's visitationof with his mother. He was called home others but excels as a table fruit --

r however be only similating. He has that it seems to be appreciated i? the prison camps of the state is this afternoon by a telegram announcing Miami News.Chamberlain's.

i Jack Mi-Tally( repeated theMKfkiB been given fifteen dollars or fifteen proven by the increasing patronageat back in Ocala today. He reports a the death of one of the men at the .
their soda fountain. Besides these
days on the streets. very great improvement in the campsin mill and was .compelled to cm Efirt Colic Cholera and Di
Oasis Monday.FentMua
lrNtn in concerts they also receive daily base arrhoea Better Than
r lt Remedy
all parts of the state. whether stateof his visit.
of the South Atlantic Three Doctors
ball bulletins
I I i Mr. John Pelot has returned hom county camps. It is clearly; evident "Tbree W" bad'three
Mrw of oMtown spent a afternoon. years
League games every
from a visit to Miami. On his wa> that Mr. Lewis is the right man Miss Madge Simms who now makes! doctors with our little hmo, and everything
s r1kt* stf fart! wt.lt to Ocala withI A traveling man who comes to
- ( i home he stopped over at Seabre,'z, in the riglU place and Governor Brow- her home at Lexington Ky., with her that they could Jo Memeilin
: -** M"g-ir. .... Brantley A. \\VathMra Ocala about once a ;year was in the vain. At last when all hope hem-
ard made mistake in his selection.Rev.
and spent Sunday with the Ocala col no sister Mrs. Charles Rogers will arrive -
; .... city; a few days ago and said that he ed to be gone we began;: using: 'ham--
ony whom be reports as having a at Seabreeze Tuesday; night berlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
had heard of the Hunter Drug Com Mr. Crumpton of Berlin paid
' most delightful time. from Valdosta where she has beenon Remedy and in a few hours he I began
W. f. ftte joined the Ocala pany's excellently appointed store this office a pleasant call Tuesday to improve. Today he is as heal

I' MM at ...hr.in. teat week for a while in Georgia, and that the reports morning. He is very enthusiasticover : a visit to her sister Mrs. Staten thy a child as parent.itmM \\ it-h
The Tribuen Is little will several weeks herewith
Tampa just and
a spend
.a. ....... he heard were not one whit the purchase of the old university for.-'olr: 11..1. Johnston. Union,
" previous in giving Mr. John D. Robertson Miss Annie Atkinson. Miss. For sale ball tlruuuiUciVER *'.- >*
overdrawn. This certainly speaks buildings at Lake City for the
the title of mayor. He is not
Mr J. W. Crosby U la South! Flor- well for a comparatively new concern establishment of another Baptist college I
I yet mayor but is being generally spoken THE FITZGERALD COMPANY
l Ma. where heM a tone turpentine and Ocalians may well feel but says he would not lift the flt.1 'SA i 1
of as Ocala's next mayor. There have a crew of expert: cement work and ,
farm proud of their having it in their weight of his little finger against the
I will be something doing when he gets ers in the city for a short time on the I
midst. success of Stetson and honors the I
I Ik k the office. county court house work, and they
: Mn. J. A. Boavier Is visiting her name of its distinguished founder.Mr. I

par1*t.. Capt. tad Mrs. Richardson Messrs. W. L. Mcllvaine and J. W. would be pleased while here, to give I II I
Mr. John Stevens of Crystal River in work of
estimates on put any I
at ....... Witter returned Tuesday from Bron- Dan Curry of Coleman, a former
was in Ocala Tuesday. Followingthe this character, either cement or tile
son where they were called at witnesses citizen of Ocala, was visitor Tuesday I

I i ,>S* 0........ one of the young editors agreement entered into by the in the circuit court. The case and paid this office a pleasant visit sidewalk, copings, retaining walls orheavy : FUNERALDIRlLCTOIS.
mlllmen of Georgia and Florida the work.
of the Citrus County Chronicle was is one in which a passenger alleges and discoursed on "old times." He concrete I
Crystal River Lumber Company of have exceptional facilitiesfor
4 In oafs atsrday.M injury in a wreck near Dunnellon recalled many incidents some most They ? .
which he is will shut down I work
cement cheaply
and asks that faded
about a year ago, damages.Mr. pleasant ones had from i --

Mr. M L. Payne the -little giant" for a month. Mcllvaine was conductor and MrWitter i memory but which we were pleased i I ITo and satisfactorily, both in their equipment Have a full trek of
of rairfteM. was minding with his engineer on the train. I have recallH.\ '!i and their corps of expert work- and Burial O.itttti :"l.t i'ial given to

Ocala friends Saturday.Mr Mr. Watterson Tucker received yesterday I !I i men.Either Burial '..erviees.Embalming.

I I from the Conn Company at ,; call at their works at the to Order

Albert A.soa Graham has accepted t'South Bend Ind., a large tuba for use I "''V'V..._", -. '-""' .....=..... .I 1 county court house, or drop a line to

the department in the Metropolitan Band. It is a I f"L" 1'their representative, W. A. LeGate, in
a position in grocery '
ComMr beauty, and cost over $1G5. Mr. Waiter -i Ocala. who will cheerfully call and
Yonge will manipulate this instrument i\e: any informaion desired. tf.

***.r.1L and it is the envy of all theother !

band boys. i I 3INllI "Wet" or "Dry"A COUNTY :
|I. w 01.* and Mrs. Dewey L\
business meeting of the temperance -
' daughter, loft last Sunday for You're sure welcome at our
her The many friends of Mr. C. T. Howard ; advocates of the city was heldin
C'OU"Ib..1"l" they will visit Q store. In fact, we are
Uike be : fl ( office in the
.tt of Graharnville will pleased :( :C Superintendent Cam's
friends. anxious to have you come in
___ to learn that he is now convalescing ; 1'court house Monday evening. Plans

' r. the enlalI..inlmodor't' from a dangerous Beige of typhoid fever -j \ STYLE ;; for a "wet" or "dry" campaign were and inspect the finest drug
, Captain Allen Gibson, dsv store in the South.
lit the Silver Springs and in Key West. Miss Sophie How-i I II discussed, and though it has not been

Ok la*aha fleet was In the city Monday ant, his sister, went down a few: days \ DURABILITY, officially announced by those present'at S SOUR
ago to be with him, and write that \ ''' the meeting it is understood thatas

(*n bunlnes they will soon return home if he continues : ) PRICE ( soon as the registration list can PARCEL BUREAUWe

to improve as rapidly as hei I be properly revised work will be
f Mr and Mrs Wilbur Moore are in will be glad to ta.kcarp
has for the past week. j started on a petition asking the boardof
a white with Mrs. I DQI of while are
parcels you
Ofafc __ '
I I commissioners to call a spe-
)4t, '. moUM ,*.... D. A. Burnettr. in town. Bring them in andweill
Dmnellon The old ZeButt residence, long a!! tlU get three kinds of satisfaction in cial election for the purpose of voting
:, Moore will retnrn to I take care of them, and
landmark in Ocala is now being torn J one deal when buying Footwear atneMarionshoc on the "wet" or "dry" issue. won't lose them.
tomorrow. make room for business houses { you
down to j ,I
which tells the story of Ocala's ; ? Rev. R. S. Quarterman one of the
Mr T. M. Moor*, who Ia a been enjmtDR : OUR DRUGS ARE All FRESH AND PURE
written language :
vacation for a month ist..k growth better than any best known colored Methodist preach-

again.a Awoeg other places. t.:* can. The material of the old I I (J. M. Meffert D. B. Mayo.) .! ers in this section of Florida, died in and you make no mistake

Moore and building having been bought by lr.1 j i Ocala Tuesday morning. lIe was a when you buy your drugs of
atlyncbbunt. Louis Toffalettl will be moved to his 1 most excellent man and was an honor us.
Sue Pewter Moore are OCALA, FLORIDA.
sf remain thE'refor lot on Magnolia street and converted ) < ; to his race. At the time of bis death
-t Va and will
some time. into a new building. 4 -'- -A 1 }I; he was occupying a Tampa pulpit. Hunter Drug Company


.. -.'.. t
-7" -- -- -
---- -----

v .: : T ; : -UIUII

p ---- -'- -

? -

I i ... S -

-- rp

M* ?ttriri ffifr

a&: 8: :r Er & a: x 8: & S: E
-> -
b\J k. ,

V R Want to be Fair.S 2 ;. 03 ffi \


cq} W; ;' DURING the GREAT SALVAGE SALE a few of our new .elerks< __ ?. _' o.in. : &


/ri I adding up the sales tickets and while the greater part of sam:Jae: agamst, uswe

YVI find a few against our customers. Now we don't want a single customer to lose a cent ,

hQ in this manner, therefore we take this method of notifying; themthatif] they wl :|; I | 1, 1w{

H us the duplicate tickets we will gladly '_ : *i :: __ __ t,4 i


a Refund Full Amount --JLl .: &

ab&i: in cash for all errors. We are very sorry that this happened but during our Big Sales we i b

are forced to new help of which some are inexperienced. '
engage *
7 ,;} f.

b 9 We hope these will never occur again. I fc .

LI We wish to thank the public for their liberal patronage during this, the last sale to

& i
be conducted for the Newark . ,.
I I- us by Salvage Company. \1 I

.. PJ I I This has been the most successful sale ever held by us, which ]we 'certainly.y,apprei -

\J ciate, a? it goes to show that the people of this section know a good! thing when they see it.

IJ Please bear in mind that we always sell our goods for less than same is being_ sold by m"b "l

b other merchants. We can do it because we sell for cash only and have strictly One Price.'. r f J JJ

( I .
We want your trade because our methods deserve it. M ,

J i

a 4 Every purchase must be satisfactory or YOUR MONEY REFUNDED. Try us' D ...1

J and be convinced.

a 7'Et .' JY

t Salvage Sale Ends Saturday llQ! M

: "rini 'JJI.J1i ,. # i j. .. .- "

/ ) .....................+4NHNNO.4O4N4+INOON.64.....1.1.N..NN',... J II''ilt.'JL Yrt ;


: r,1':7RJR'::{ :{tl tltlltRt:7Clt7RC7R.O.qC7R.aR"7RzNC7: : t:7..Ncz #'..;' ;;. j

.._ \ \ \.\'- :. ... ...& \ u. 'iS'ruUa. U ({. t-{ f J 'd
.. - -------.a .
%w t
1i \1\
i .
+ t DOiNGS! AT DUNNELLON I : ir > I. i.it.> -. Tt'v.: r '1Jrr: I .:'j Fort Fieri ... j i::'a *.) :h 'iJ! own : :i'Lhar; arc nun;;'.. nrct'ry ,y rL..
i '!
I : and! heat noiiit-: to their friends: The captain; is always ready to talk expansion of the city.A JSl 11amQ Fine Brood Mares.

From tar Ad>-ucat-.) I fB F Dukes' where they will of the old days.-Fort Pierce News. statement will be found in ano'i of We the finest have brood just gotten in a car load
mares ever brought
t. Hr \', -1. Griffith returned ; : : :: Iv i' a short time until arrange er ponion of this book showing -h- M r ONTHS to the state, and to see them is to admire t

; j iI tr\.I:: '.\ ek'i vt-u to Alabama. can be made to keep house. Harper's Journal cf Civilization number of gallons consumed d 1":' ; them. We will sell them at ; +

I t i i M'-! Susie Morris and Jeuie automobile recently purchased Harper's Weekly is a tbirty-HX column the last five years-Immigration E,' GUARANTEEr- look verreasonable prices. Come and and j''
l' them
I t curia came down from Ocala last A. B. Kibler and Dr. J. G. Bas newspaper. but as its columns tion Industrial Record. P MARION over FARMS at
and Sunday in town Tuesday. It was darning if you buytDIB c: T
++iay afternoon spent
I are about half the size of those of the aq Ocala. Fla. ;,
: '?Htlthe guest of Miss Flossie pulled out of the boxcar Ocala The present year has been the ''i, .- p. rDcF' -- ,:
f t -fired up," and my how it did Weekly Banner, this makes thetwo iest the United --
: States has f\Dsiery J. R.
seen fur: Moorhead,
I I :a D. S, WoOdrOw .
i'r.V G. Baskin spent Sunday It's a dandy, and with its konk! papers very nearly the same i half century in the matter of watei -. All the! popular colors. President.

Monday a: Largo looking after his and chug! chug! proved quite size. The price of Harper's is $I ayes.r. way development. All rs. FOE M EX.: Egyptian Secretary.
The over tu!! /r L Cotton (medium cr B J. Potter, Gen. Mgr. \ F't
price of the -1'
ati":" grove. excitement to our natives Weekly Banner country dredges are at work in dating lightweight: ). SOld

F J. Gallagher and son McCredie wants it to be sly is $1 a year. So there you are. channels, and gangs of men ar,. .. la for boxes 52.00.of six pairs WOODMAR SAND AND STONE COMPACT

through our city en route to away, so's it can take the odd There has been a constant retrograde toiling in the digging of canals. Thr pairs FOR LADIES{for 12!.00.: Egyptian A gturanlu Cotton ticketv.itk : six Builders of

MondayMr.. Gallagher remarked all right, and Ed Clements was movement on the part of Harper's anda development of the magnificent waterway tick pitr.Soid CEMENT SIDEWALKS tl

the Advocate man that things he just couldn't sit still, constant upward movement on the system of Florida according Dealers in >

l.eging along serenely at bis swung the hind end and told part of the Weekly Banner, and the to reports received by the government LAKE WEIR SANDManufacturers 1 l

hullo ton of Lebanon. to ler-er high-bar. Hoffman th? Ba nn er"journal does not pretend to be a I engineers, is being advanced

Mr*. H. Thalgott and children agent, the editor, John Gamble. of civilization" either. Bar rapidly. The cut that opened the by M. F1SKEL CONCRETE BLOCKS, of rF p

!II rnt'.( Wednesday from Leitner and a whole lot of the I t I ,per's..never. ". drew_ _an honest political. I East Coast canal from- u_ _S\r.. .1110'1"....,.....uu"';"','' I -- PAVING MATERIAL ;
I "ht'r,' th v had been visiting for of us still think we'll get to ride i i i oreato in its whole career. u nas to Biscayne Bay has been made and .
two tt'- 'ksv.pt.r yet. I been a sectional sore. It has kept the labors of i The no\\.,*pajJH.; of th.. I 1 FENCE POSTS Etc.
;j.at < thirty years have country generally Estimates
I and plans
I the chasm separating the North I ; approve the furnished and s
!: t i.imia came up from C and brought the canal that near to verdict in the Haywood contracts .
I! I com- ) taken.P.
ttl IWT MI!:!l'day and Spt"Dt a MEDAL FOR WAR VETERAN !j South always open and yawning. If i I pletion. Surveys are being made for i trial.! j 0. Box 956 Ocala, Florida.

,,- two inMI the guest of his I jit were not berating the South for: the furtherance of the scheme, which ,' .. -..

1110'ht'r. M'I I W. Johns. W. J. Tucker Received a ( some supposed sin of omission or!calls for an entrance on too Sr. John. --- .... .t

Mr, C.t' K'ih and little boy Handsame Birthday Present 1. commission, it were engaged in misrepresenting near Jacksonville. No one is tr.ur-

I iiu-d 1... ,iufrom Lake the South's material,, interested in the
W. J. Tucker returned'Wed. work in Florida an>:i.
I \\ !..re tbf'. !Ltd: !I'tvn for several { conditions and its political thought.; the Gulf States than Congressman .I Iseph I-._ I DIRECT FROM
y morning from Jacksonville, At the | OUR
I nIl dui 01'- i present moment it is engaged E. Randall, whose home i- ,u' DISTILLERY

I i \r.! Mav !!-,. '.! ra: left for he went last week to celebrate upon the latter business. So far as : Lake Providence. La. Mr. Randal: :

1 H"r'iu": V 'I'! *'!a> where he :' birthday last Satur its own business is concerned, it has : president of the National River all>-'. ,
I ,, 'I gone from bad to worse. When it ,
-;prl!; a T v Mr Feinberg has a'r The captain is delighted with Harbors, Congress and as such \\.1- WillOW
I t"! ", n will! ,- .!..- pas few weeks i I was prating most loudly of the coun- instrumental in securing the DALE-
I ; favors showered on him i pay-ac
i try's wholesale and
:>o!I't' t .i' t,) the springs will there and is I wholesome prosperity -i, Of the big rivers and harbors apj.ropriation f .
4I' exhibiting several j h (during Bryan's first '
'I w \'I campaign) bill
; i-u-h > \< !ti' 'i o 1.101.> birthday at the last session. T!:...
I' 1 Mr t 8 : ':.. t.: :> in the city presents given j it was four million dollars in debt It''!organization is marshalling its for, .
I admiring friends, -*
l. .,". r an i *,1.: 'r i'f :\eral is and among ]has long since passed out of the hands for a campaign with the sixtieth 1 \'! f1J
a beautiful gold medal. 5 f',1.- i f; aR
tI i t. \pt| it- ," juhere rmant> I > of the Harpers and is doing din to:gress, and to that end is main! dl \ 11 ., J1
:i by r
Greenleaf !
11 .,., i \i: ,1' K ;t!, tiffice at an j jj i medal contains his& name Cros-,! I Ii i the memory brothers.of these Harper's good old Methodist :: determined effort to increase :., f_ .' y q r' i J t1, Jig'''i rJIEY5
j was nevermore
a .11 i foUong __ membership .An 8.nnf'o.JIJ ;" t.-- 4'j rr.-1: n Ii
inscrimion- n : "Vf,, _>Tf__>.r. bankrupt -- -rr'ow ""II': .J i
\Ir Lutl. :': Ilf lkala {'am.- financially than i t made to the South to join the ,. tJ IJ' .! A
l Indian War 1856-5T-5S." niu- : K ;J
has been
Ia ., ..1 i t) t -. t nrnew( auto I in Jacksonville politically and morally. It t. ment, which means so much for ':.,. jv .
'.. Captain Tuck- now wants to pretend that the South fU l
1 t1! --r. Ki i Hikin started advancement of Southern ind--- 4 EXPRESS
; old ; .
many friends and com-i i i i is in arms against Bryan and is and : : 8J
::!h' HtM- 'q' rag it stays right. of commerce, i ,
army days, with whom he ; much in love with Roosevelt. I y -t
Mr H A. M i..-r of Crown Point his I It
stay tbereecording to QTS.t1 -
Ii tiM'rth I ': Anderson were I tI Governor Broward PREPAID I
pension j
act he is entitled to Ocala Water Works I! is going to *ic'mit /
.,' .1 lv Central Hotel Send! v* 5J.S5
I Wednesday from the state for services I i t -The Ocala the selection of a sheriff for Brd-i ci-e: .% _::1:i and we w.1:! sp: : :. -,rr: a I 1.: .:n
water ni
:3 o'clock the works was estabI + S mark* f st!him
rr on ( I ..
in the -jford county to mm: .
: f'l.r
I civil war, and this + a primary elect rt, : :
I I fished in 1SS8. The capital is lull,-IThe! \' u "C or WILLOW DALE RYE ... )
,1 a it 11\ friends and relatives. i be donated to the Old $ ) governor's action is Trs it aI"l 1 if :M r s ,1'1', : ..
I Sol-, u+i U. which is meeting w.-n: von dou't find it all:r i .,
owned principally i ru': arid the
ijpcouple left on the 3 o by all sons of -, **t x.u '
? I Home in Jacksonville, where it j New York and comments, esclama;.".r,* ever tiste I l. send it back to v.s at our
Philadelphia and! expen'e
train for Jacksonville, where parties. of
surprise. your J.Sill
more than be
by himself. amazement '
This j j The gratification IMI t that promptly rt.nldt'li. '
equipment of the a f .ir
IIt ofier
will make! their future home company is first etc. "What!" : ?
highly appreciated by the i say some of the .
trus- new- I Remember:
; j I class. The water is we are distillers:
i kl secured from ,
The many friends of Mr. S. C. that institution. an papers, "has the from us so whenu vu
With governor I jon
save the
his no favor-
; Thomas and Mina Bertha Crosby I money received from the j: artesian. which well bored to a depth of 1221feet. Sjites[i in Bradford, slid do all Bradford er.. and avoid ail chance enormous of aduheratirn profits of t'.c'Y,: ,L .'.-
places the sure of u
be.inti rested to learn of their States I source at county; < democrats setting our whiskey
government for Sem- alike I ,
point I to him t our disullen- :tra
,I absolutely beyond all surface without tamptrrJl 'm ,
ridge whh occurred here !I services the captain is pre- j contamination. The I .h; tilt 1E being .1 ill .,lIy ,
day. July :j. The wedding took capacity of the Big things wa'If
: to erect his own monument in I are doing these you prefer
days corn
well is aihoo(iii in t whiskey,
at the borne of Mrs. E. F. 13argat which place he has seen gallons per day. The.I DeSoto county. Our cattle kings .k four f' ll quarts of our ALLAN we will send: you 1
water is
with whom the bride had been palatable and healthy and i I so Fir? WHISKtVfor: S2.80.
hamlet of and !
a tbree
MISb'l stores to are so modest express prepa.l.i \
j is impregnated with sufficient I I that ,,- ,, buy a tatter corn ( l..u t
lag 'for the past several months. I of 5'>,00u people. to make it sulphur trades involving thousands go thro' .i any pnce. whiskey from an}'boJ)" else it ,
tar1 Rev. Outlind very pleasing to the taste. before other = i' Our
u o'clock Tucker has the people ,
unique dis The has know about the I I guarantee of perfect satisfaction __,
Tht hippy couple boarded the of owning the old 483 service taps negotiations. Hon.V.. H. refunded! goes with or 1JI 1ey '
parade Hooker
at l every shipment
and 330 our l we make.
;. run
regular ( no risk \U
amid showers of patrons; there are representative ,,, when "
iettAd train ; where fifty years ago he to the legislature, of you deal with us as the :
has our
SI fire OWtlet
hydrants, ;
I4. good wishes and rice as a private in the United and the nine miles of mains, bought of :Mr. James Hendry of Fort 6iI'IfY GtEEtl! ) .;"t, and will company do hayeresources of a million dollars j
rate for exactly
'WI fie4a' and went to ordinary residencesis :Myers several = MACON.6A I J as we say. ".
1 army something not often ac six dollars thousand beef cattle THE _
Fla. wheN tfc:'.y will spend by a soldier. This is at is per quarter. The company and a number of stock cattle. The MACON CREEK DISTILLINCS CO. J it'1
liberal in making any ester consideration -S GA. i
was $50Ct+idp of Registered
(j -:r- Distiller Na 29. 1 1
Swift Cr.ek. Ca.. ,I

.nlhvSte ...." : .__... .... .... C
: ,:.. ; ; .A* ** "- '">'?? 1 "'" .-" } ---"". ..- -"'> -.,. ... ,. ..-
< -
; ; :i--: w 4.. : ........_;: :: ? -j" - ). ..' zTTKT&iS&s .l; _> il. j-- -_ -' -- :_--A. : ...
._ : 4 ,
"' '. ?? .=." f; ->e. .;<- _' ..:! < '"-i.-. .... '- .
Ocf :- >, -.- v -":; -A! -. .d .4fi..
t '. .JIp.tr.
J1i. ..,,; ... : .. ,M! ?< cy---.'" --__ "- -- .4.. '
,___..""..., '! i"7 .'" 1 i' *_ _-;:.-.>& -.t4I-.; _.... i -


-- -- -- -- ._--_..
--- -- -
\.. -
t -- ---

I I -T&HJ-

W. H. POWERS, M. D.PHYSICIAN I'' In order to be with the crowd,'. We were ask'-d if we ever saw a Just a little bit o' tater.

some would forsake their best friend
1 bald headed woman. We answered. Just a little bit o' br..a 1 L ,
and ignore the sacredness of run
AND SURGEON. I any "No I Just a little bit o' piller! TIh
bond. we never did. nor did"e ever

I j Where to lay yer sloe." ::., a :
t -- see a woman walking around town in j
Office Yonge Block. I i When the workin' day i i.- ..IK:. .:

OCALA, FLORIDA I. The associated press reporter in her shirt sleeesth a cigar in her : Just a rooftree's shelu-:'. : > '.
the Ileywood case seems to be tremendously
-1p.1.ti" I : teeth and running into every saloon I Also just a little lovin'.

i T. E. BIGGS. biased against Heywood ,, she saw. We never saw a woman go When the clouds are crow :. ,
and his counsel.
i I fishing with a bottle in her pocket, sit j;
0, it's just the bit o' 10\
ATTORNEY: AT LAW. on the damp ground all day and come | : -
The Wauchula Telegram says that Makes the world seem :r: > "i. tins/
I home drunk at night. Nor have we i ocd
... Mr. Burr may do just as he pleases, s glad;
Law Library Building. I ever seen a woman hank off her coat !> r A
t but General Gilchrist is going to lick Just a little bit o' baby
OCALA, FLORIDA ;i and say she could lick any man in I 1
him anyway. With her arms held OM, r
-- i i town. God bless her. She's not built

E. W. DAVIS. I that way." I Just a little baby's mOl!:. i

I\ President Roosevelt is urged to Workin' 'round you wit!: .' 1PEI1TTH a
The above may be true. There is
stand for a "third term." He sas'nar. : I 0, the world is never ;irlo.. .;.
ATTORNEY AT LAW a lot of foolishness shy cuts out, but
So have others, and at the last I i And the day is never I, moment yielded. on the other hand, did you ever see a ;I I Your Physician

j Gary Block. man walking about town at night ; -J
I ; Just a little care free CI)! a.:

; KVLA, FLORIDA Governor Glenn of North Carolina I bareheaded. Did you ever see him out j With the vines about -iu- .." < Will Prescribe Red Rock

c\ Ion a cold day with nothing on his F Just a laughin', giggling !,a

R. D. refuses to tamely surrender to the I arms, shoulders and throat but cheese- i' You can tussle on th... :' .. : if he does as many others do who know its merits. rr-

j FULLER.DENTIST. federal authorities the dignity: of his It has been endorsed by hundreds of sanatoriums,
I cloth. Did ever see him out to
you go When the workin' dai i .
: '
i office and it now looks as if he is going I' thousands of physicians and myriads of homes
Over Munroe & Chambliss' Bank win 'a ball, bare below the shoulders and Just a roof to shelter > .. throughout the country as the Greatest of All

1 OCA LA. FLORIDA I to out. :i chest and dance with a half dozen '! Also just a little lovin. Temperance Beverages. It relieves indigestion

The most successful in the social different people until exhausted and I And a babe to holler "!I.j, .' ana dyspepsia: and never causes constipation. et.oI
J. E. CHACE, D. D, SDENTIST.. world rarely have tremendous talents.If : perspiration forced him to stop, then I -J. M. Lewis, Hou-'HI i. bay c C o
Sail everywhere tn large and small!' bottles or 5c a glass
jI j
1/ I go and sit in a window till chilled
they had, it is likely they would I from original Lottie OCK' r
I desert the social for either the artis- I through? Did you ever see a man
A Heavy Hitter!!
1 uC or the industrial world. crowd a thirty-inch waist into an The Red Rock Co., Jacksonville, Fla. )s

1 II' And it came to pass eye .;- ; "ised.
Holder Block. eighteen-inch pair of trousers? I II
Conspiracy, deep. Lark ants
OCALA, FLORIDA Two new phases of life loom into I I Did you ever see a man eat a quart I ,
liabolical. Editor L'Engle ': \
j I lof green plums with just a little saltadded pnnna
view in these latter
a sensation, and he made good H-
Leisure. i ? Did you ever see a man pull I
Waste and Conspicuous
puts it right up to Peter 0. Knight
built blood and i i the hair down from the back of his ABE BROWN & BRO., WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS, OCALA
are on are :
a aNOGBAFIIER & TYPEWRITER. Wallace Stovall and the county judgeof
i head and nial it down between his
the of souls.
bought price Manatee county, and furnishes doc-
-- -
-- --
eyes, or draw has pompadour into a

Commercial Dank.O'ALA I wad at the back of his neck? Did you I umentary evidence in support of bis
find '
FLORIDA You have to go a-slumming to I assertions. The game of politics is John B, Stetson University
tuat under-world whose creed is a i I ever see him crowd his No. 5 foot intoa I
a strange game and grows stranger
-- wail and whose life is hell. They are No. 2 shoe made on a K last and I with each recurring year. L'Engle I Four Colleges and Five Technical Schools

door. The shadowof with his heels so high that he had I DeLAXD, FLORIDA
just beyond your makes out a strong case, and it is

Jury' Burnett, the cburch spire overhangs them. to throw his head back to balance his now up to the alleged conspirators Affiliated with the University of Chicago.

? No, bless his soul, you II
body sorry standards
j to disprove the evidence. Failing in COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS-The are those of the University
John Graves now wants a did. He be as mean as
Temple never may
I I this every man of them ought to be t of Chicago. Stetson's graduates receive their degrees from both
MerchantTailoring. Southern man for the democratic old scratch and may be responsiblefor
drummed out of the state. If successful Stetson and Chicago. See the Chicago and Stetson catalogs.
presidential nominee. Editor Graves,, lots of sins that flesh is heir to
L'Engle should have a like COLLEGE OF LA Graduates of this College are admitted to practice
like Editor Watterson, is a little at but he is not the only fool that walks
t T) I fate meted out to him. If the political law in Florida without examination.
and down this earth.-The Elba
I sea. up
I t I game in Florida is as dirty as L'Engle COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCHOOL OF MECHANIC ARTS-

I Clipper. attempts to make it appear then in I Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Engineering and Manual Training courses leading -

If you ever get even with a fellow all conscience it is time for a revolu'tion. to degrees. Fine new building, Gstly equipment.

j I that does you wrong you will have to Woman Suffrage Endorsed '
We want to hear from the al COLLEGE OF BUSINESS-Banking in all its branches. Bookkeepingby
level. Revenge is sweet, That interest in suffrage is
Ocala, Florida drop to his woman
best methods. Shorthand
leged conspirators. They cannot afford and Typewriting. Elective courses open in
but if a fellow has to do that, re not declining in the United States,
Finest Imported and I to let the charges go unanswer other Departments. Large Faculty and commodious building.
much. if the old world countries seem
costs too even
venge I
Domestic Cloths. i ed.-Madison New Enterprise. PREPARATORY ACADEMY-Graduates prepared to enter Harvard,

i to be forging ahead of us in'extend- I Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Michigan, Chicago and all first class Colleges.

the of today in the the elective franchise to
Cutting o Specialty Meet problems "ing women I How the "Brother in Black" Fares in I NORMAL AND MODEL SCHOOLS. Kindergarten in its own build.

i Kits (IuaranwrE1 light of the present. You play a los is certainly proved by the long list
I Lincoln's Own State ing. 2. Primary and Grammar School in separate building. These schools

ing game when you try to unlock the of important association which hartofficially t especially prepare Public School teachers.
of the I
The grand lodge
--- -- -- future with a key, I endorsed it. Among these negro
door of the rusty
Knights of Pythias held its annual I MUSIC SCHOOL. 10000.00 pipe organ, a dozen pianos, separate
h. THALGOTT rubbish piles of the
sawed from the I are:
: building, large faculty, thorough courses of study.
meeting in Alton, Ill., and a Chicago

Proprietor of the past. National Grange. "The Negro Pythian I ART SCHOOL-New Studio. Costly casts, models, etc.
special says:
Woman's Tax Lea'
National Single Stetson has a faculty of 4S professors and instructors. They hold degrees
DUNNELLON BAKERY. The passage of the prohibition bill I Grand Lodge. before adjourning after .1
j i 19ue.I from the University of Chicago, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia
in Georgia will add another plank to a three days' session, adopted a
to Bread, Cakes, Letter Carriers' Asoscia
ship National
I \ Is nojj' prepared ,, Toronto, Wake Forest, Louisville, Bowdoin, Utrecht, Bucknell., University
inhospitality -
i Pies Etc., on short notice and guarantees the platform of the gubernatorial can resolution condemning
in all cases. tion.National of the difficultythe I Michigan, Dennison and other Universities. There are over $300,000.00 in
satisfaction didates in Florida. They will have to of the city because
W. C. T. V.
}1 I lace prohibition among other issues. World's W. C. T. U. delegates experienced in getting I buildings and equipment; nearly a quarter million dollar endowment; an

The Alton I endowed library of over 13,000 volumes; a beautiful chapel with costly furnishings
I food and places to sleep.
National Association of Spiritualists ..J
MH'n bouses and hotels refusedto I including stained glass windows, 7 oil paintings, a $10,000.00 pipe
I of U. S. and Canada.
unanimous agreement has beeni receive the and arrange- organ; a Gymnasium with complete apparatus; an enclosed Athletic Field,
Mail I Council of Women. negroes I
Education by i i adltin l Atlanta to vote on the National International Council of Women. ments had to be made to quarter them running track, tennis courts, baseball diamond and gridiron, besides swimming

it., kp is n m r. jiployiwnttopetaneJunn i pr..Idtiion bill next Tuesday. The in the homes of negroes in remote i golf, rowing and other sports; separate buildings for men and women;
I of Universal
e&:. .a-k, OJ 4nu.i i,.an'"'
Urtu...i .- r* Iio trm!*.. H .t..,r'.Uuuwtft. I i: liiMon. It will be signed by the govi. ists. meals and Biology; several large museums and shops; electric lights, electric bells,
Tk.r.hl T...ktbf M.IL Tekt.. ruaiKjI K...;...!.*- ,..'' not go so far to their went
> i. HIMKs.l'aUUa.U I >.r- '-u<''.'.. ''..Uh> u8 i. i nut and become a law. Supreme Commandery hungry. not being able to get evena steam heat cement walks, shell roads, broad avenues, spacious campus,

rf\ *.ir.fcl 1. Temperance.. of soda water in Alton. shrubbery and trees; social, literary, musical and other students' clubs; star
i I glass
Federation of Miners
I Western
I' : 'Ihv range of vision depends on the lecture courses; Christian and not sectarian teaching. The location is beautiful
Mine Workers of America.
hole through which you are peeping.; Economy and Reform Democratic and healthful, and the expenses are low.

The man with the small caliber International Typographical Union Slogan (I For catalogs, views, folders and information, address the President.
ne"-I International Brotherhood of Book

*-r gets the larger vision of this of the LINCOLN HULLEY Ph.D. Lilt. D. LL.D. Demand Fla
I binders. =* Under the provisions general I ,
world. To declare the one is to .
MannI old
The other. I International Brotherhood of Team appropriation bill, which goes into effect I ._ _
confess sters. July 1, the state chemist, tbe !

Hotel Ladies of the Modern Maccabees. state auditor. assistant state auditor I THE
I lunnrlltm'.1 H,M of advertising is still ,
The popularity
Ladies of the Maccabees of the and adjutant general, will receive the i

DUNNELLON. FLORIDAi marching on. The following recently World. same salaries as all the cabinet offs

i 1 f "I appeared shall be in available the Christian for pulpit Worker supply l l':: Missionary National Society.Free Baptist Woman's, uey cers. general's The chief office clerk, the in chief the attor clerk : Marioi) Hardware Conpqy'HEADQUARTERS )

and on September
during August,
office and the bookkeeper -
I $1.50: to $2.:O per ,day American Federation of Labor. in the treasurer's

will be ready to take a pastorate. in the comptroller's office will ,

l"'ml.rtw ManagementIMurnislunt Good for Madison County receive more than did the cabinet officers I
Mr. Jesse Burts, of the Gainesville ---- -
Throughout. I' ten years ago while a number
has Madison county now has two experimental
;. Sun, the "man who never sleeps other minor clerks will receive as
N tobacco farms and their lof
Porter Met'ts I .-II Trains gone to Daytona Beach for rest and much as did these cabinet officers at

recreation. He has suffered severely owners feel assured of success in the I that time.-Pensacola Journal. And American Wire Fencing,

culture of the plant-Washington<

r w,Solicit a share of the public from we hope inflammatory the surf bathing rheumatism and and salt I III I., Verdict.Assurance I the people pay the freight. Sash, Doors and Blinds

i 1Nllhipagr. I air will drive his troubles away. has passed into absolute I
sea Buckman Explains Paints. Oils and Varnishes
verification, brother. The culture of ,
II I Hon. H. H. Buckman. in a card I
Prop. The Northern newspapers are now tobacco has proven a tremendous sue Mill and
Mrs. Kilpatrick, l published in Wednesday's Times I Mining Supplies,
!! berating tlv South for peonage almost cess in this county, and next year you I .I '
Ililnnt'lhat. Fla. hear of hundreds of I Union in connection with other matters
the abolitionpapers may expect to
as mercilessly as Turpentine Snpplies,
I I he that the :
I states presumes
weed being produced in
of the
'- formerly did for slavery. We acres
"i of the committee appointed -
are not loved fondly nor too well by Madison county. If you want to proceedings Improved Farming Tools'Q!

PAPERt in the ground floor, better by the legislature to investigate -
MOTH contemporaries. come on
HANDY our "esteemed II the actions of the internal improvement .! -
land be
A I move now while suitable may
.li-infri tint. will be published -
i. T % 'rni.l low In fund trustees
the f.'Uls Gilchrist he will obey the.! had as a comparatively price. I
n> Gt-n. says
< t t"r
't. : r i all"| when the present commission: GET OUR PRICES
lands will have increased i
11 lrt\i'3 away Pensacola I another year our
i j.tlri'K-! The
tit r .-? .11.1 : orders of the courts.
nth ../1.1 tt .-rr> T,1\'" sheets in a if there is I in value to such an extent I appointed for the same purpose *
it cents;: Journal wants to know any ,
prepaid mait-
its labors
.k *' ciirrlJMI have finished
I.Inu, If druggist does I other candidates who would not.- that people of our-editor-class :
sin of
Pi' I We draw the attention
n't b tat rMadsN Index. be barred.Madison New Enterprise report.
P.w4tr Works. Selection 809 I Lake City such members of the state pr';;< a:'
Iowa.STOLENnu j Editor L'Engle were goy Marion Hardware
CI.rk viU I Suppose Wm. Ewin who raises all mannerof have been asking for that report M ( Company

.---.. 1 i ernor. has ; Mr. Buckman's statement.- lout:' -
i I the best kind of pineapples,

Monda. July 2:. out, left at this office a freak pineapple. : ,-Times-Union..
indeed be more -
These Japs must
t I. orate WHIJ lour blavk feet : me I 'disposed to I The pine started all right, but aftera "
than we are
wonderful One for Croom
'lTuii/"ii.. "A L L" ou let! undecided .
"Iandt'd was
a few days' growth
Seattle not
of Mchvr &< : give them credit I It was "the king's soldiers" that / '
tram hark develop into a table delicacy .
Fii .1.10'! > WH i of Episcopal whether to \4JULLQT8. Mt t
wife an .
t ftfrf, .14 Mtdi I ,>r*. LibTdl Yea artJ will: long ago, the with her Japanese I or a sunbonnet or a scoop shovel I I i "marched up the: hill and then march r tt..

i J the thiel minister eloped :''ed down again:' After the great but 1. FULL
M h.' ar"f sunflower. The freak weighs .
I or a
t !i"' |I"I servant. The strange part of it is oi
j the assessments
I'll hi ''Olu ict.I her offense nearly nine pounds. It looks very and cry against tRCPaiD
M condoned
If | her husband I railroad a legislature con
"' '' A. 8. HOOKER. much like a lady's poke bonnet in : property
his bosom.
; took her back to i administration created
trolled by the Exppf55i
l I $-2 4t Anthony Fla. i land shape and very much like a sunflower t i _

Every lady who has seen ,! a board of assessments for their hold aKr PQ pNLQTS9
; with a capital of $25.00" i in style /i l
I t 2HH 1 A company the result that the average
to iIUs.'ith
5w !
I WANTiO-To bu> from D. A. Dodge of it has been tempted to rest it on her
j organized by
i is being | of the roads is fixed b by '
bt'althyF valuation
It. '.,id ui FJurida. in for the purpose of preparing -i head and see the effects of the new :6 QT
J > raised and I New York I them at $:Otiu per mile, and the Jacksonville -
The edge of the
t-k ntll
.II) conceit.
N h. i't for the Northern mat : millinery SP x
1.Ii' crab meat $4
Uf ftlilh. Ad with countless Terminal Company $12. x9110 $
r,1.1"" t !idt' ill 1ldll will be known as pine is embellished j
The concern
r. vie E. Lee,, ket$ I shoots. which ;; (>00 per mile-just at what Mr. Crou:
,\r'l. ,* I t' h tt'fRlIl. pro : Packing Company and will hundreds of small z&t S .
Flake .
the I ill- 4+
j.26.wR1" has always fixed it-a tribute to J
effect to the countlesssmall ,
the :
itnr t \ It at Mayport at gives a pretty
its plant
opt rate of the pine itself.-St. J! sense of right.-Lake City Index.
1 river. I cones
-- killed a corn mouth of tOO St. Johns
li, ; \ tt\, I I. a h. I Petersburg Independent. i

"t.UIl W" time ago.1 -- --- i Great Day for the Cows DLs
rad' ,. H..fllt' well knownfirm I ERED foa.1f'
of the
I Tilford, !
wali; Frank
a a' n",1 t'1&\1.,1 and t'icapt'd New York. i Paternalism seems to have run wild i "The cows are in your crop. colonel
.1 Tilford. .
'etercaught of Park & 1) 0
,.. .P"II" 'r It Ulft't'f Hutson > : to celebrate tisbirthday. : since Rooseveltisin has become incorporated : !" i t.
the unique ,
in took a
day aU..nwu" H* w He invited 7CO "little mothers j into the warp and woof "Let 'em eat." said the colonel.
wrry h4 u..r w .Iair" tlw Blurdt'r'as who bear some of the ;of the republic-a young man, rejected "Two revenue men have collared my I
(.....IP'tI' : ,1 burdens: poor of their families to take a : in love, seeks federal aid. and caUs moonshine distillery and the legislature -I i CHAS BLUM & COMPANY

I where'tht'Y the president to order an inves is tryin' to run the whole state ,
Island, : upon
i Coney
Mr \ .!i. l/lar i- in .la<-ks.nCouijany trip to the wonders of tigation. Can the bones of Thomas dryFrank L. Stanton, in Atlanta Jacksonville Fla.
introduced to
1 the were
k II"! 1'id trw a 1M)"' .' IIU I the resort at Mr. Tilford's expense. I Jefferson: rest quietly in his grave'? I Constitution. ,

Cade I"atujoblp

.' ..

-::-' !I'l' ..
; .:
> ._ -..tomFH. T

T "' _. __' '''-' -r r -_." _
.- .. -- "

lAt \

11 --
-- ---
k -, -- --,- -- -- --' --

........................ .....1................. 1\ t
el i

)apt ent t+nh[ao.rote ee pn'pcrcultt't t.pertu +tt.u c t t.aIi ;, Doings at the State Capital. *. I'Vrin:':: .IV: J. 1 WATCH THIS I SPACE IN I

ti att + icn cite no -- .
itittir nor dfiapr T ; jse t
4I *
tt t.arrt t Get I lilt1 t !I > r riplr 1 of 1 tilack Ieft llt'1;I''I'tl} .+tt .. J WEEK'S PAPER. \\
..+.f toe" tk.a! Bai.iurAvav \\ NEXT
,'t |.J,,\\vr Paths otE: e- talt> ( Hlk ab J

: ai.d Stunt U tur in. ;;-R,'- t l>> :Jtv YOU THE \\

in > nce of \"' &l.'lJa ti1Clla j M: .i.if'I .r: ft/; : \\ IT WILL TELL

_ . . . A
t, -tt .eft 4umiint t.rt crept over "........................9.. .......e............... REASON WHY \\ 1
geed Auuu&lM. REAL
IVO7 ur :,av.. Fla.. Jtily: :26.; -Rat!he.11 the legeiul! ol the Spanish I'nno.'-,> \\

u. FERRY L CO., .1.II': look-ills;; IB: the list Of :aft \\ !ho cal: :.' from Spain: to batho in IK
Detroit,Mich. waters \\'at\ulla; Spr.ngand: nuu
x- .n: tiif 'IIU1"-t' otUviy presonb
her white t-Iephant! into the: waterdeeehed -
,; .'\ the! supreme court of Florida in its depth on account ,': "i

\\ Itll the rules and regulations issued the remarkable clearness o'f the w.i
| by the coir.; for the examination and. ter "Ifou do not I\'i\\! < >.!..t'l: .

\ show the bones ot : Les >. shad:
,. in compliance : you : e :
admission| i>! tt.orne! : j
No uik to worry
that we" found at the b; : ; : ihi
The length o' yer days; ( with the !Jaw:. enacted by the legislature :
springs he insisted s.-i-::., :.at i
If t II! !> .:i<' ofThe ll p''T.
was skeptical. Mr. C.l..av\ oaof -

To In- hot j court sets apart the first three'' the nun w !.*> laptured! Lt': :. gets: m ,, wvcheers

..f' ot ever> ",-t'I1H.J.lInlal term if ne- arsenal: at i"'i.r: .-:loooiuv d'.' .:.z th:
!t let it *'!'n l
\1. .1'" t\ :e ..
the summation and admis nla: 1":. '}ll hil".t'! \\ ''lSI.. I'
i..rlh i- >*.arto
1 I' al. 1 'dlta' tw \\.I
for the: tat :.o-.ital; for Tl..t ::. .leearwatti! or phrase : sion. The t examinations will be in .
were: : used .ts .-.:1 ar>ena.: *':'. :'. t.:.. chewers more than any 1
Forget u. written from questions
open court. i days of .i. ckon. he e\pL-; ".: "\\"t

ADA 1.01 ItJul I I prepared by the <'Onr!. and may' be': '>\sre mus-tered! ::. one n:4!;:t. a.:. t1.> other sort of chewing tobacco. It ..I

Minplementeii by oral examination b> n:\t day we lurched 10 C:..i' :.hocl.t'e I.
r sf:i' h1.ll.] ..
the bench and '.ip; ;.:'ed the for I'fc-- < there are
from why / rl
of the justices show
Be .:. \ 1'\I'r. Ilm't .U1Y r will also you
will be admitted who w ts only a sergeant inert r.:: watethird ; -
So applicant
5' S : .t\ ; raise .
Tl ".: 11. I' has failed to answer seventy-five per : United' States flag u' ,'t f. e more chewers, and more pounds of ,-I
Qi !..mM. ''cent. of the written and oral ques- in the war: he concluded.

1lz.Frank tions. All applicants! mint file their I j JEFFERSON BELL. = to the population in -= .1
.,0; the wo: !'! : I .- tobacco chewed,
before the date 1
I. S': :. \I. ,\lal..1 l"o.iltl1l'U.! applications ten days 1
died for the examination and mu>t PROOFREADERS FINED "Schnapps" Tobac
"; where
I f ; those if
BREAK! BREAK! BREAK! furnish three reference:;. not related r : \ ;$
I The refuse i iI Government Printer Assessed Cost of in the
to the applicant. court may first sold than there are /
I II Error co was ,
/ e'"'Itb apologies to Tennyson.) I admission to any applicant Correcting an

is not satisfactory. 111 feeling has resulted; fro": t.-e at
Writ !\ for the Ocala Banner: I whose character States where "Schnapps" has not yet

j I The course of study prescribed i is ton: of Pubic Printer S'-.rin! ;:* ::. tin
Ache \. !4" Ache! '

Tfc .- :: : ho endless night. 0 tooth!! i 1 as follows: ingY.. F. Dt.\t' andY A rre.fftrtwo : been offered to the trade. a \.
Blackstone's Commentaries or Andrews -
The .:.1 l furore; will never come, : combined proofreader' ? of the ;:" \ ,':-ItU' f j
American Law.
So i :i.trewell to youth! i iI 1 Common priming office. J.4; 5 each for permit-- .
iI with Holmes' Lectures on

Oh. ,. .: }lt'n: for the sight of morn i iTtI I! Law.Broom's Legal Maxims or W. T lhc.'m'ht tins the re.word the COP'cemetery'.c read "seminary.pass R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY, Wlnston-Salo H. C

.- :. a night of a thousand : o
Hughes on Procedure.Bisphan's in a publication of the bureau of tv.ucation. :- t
.," :
0 I
Principles of Equity. .
I.*u4.>:. .-.'.' ,.f't'\'aiote, all galore. :: -,- .--. 11 i
Story Van Zile or Fletcher's Equity The error was detected before, many
Bu i., '..:na to banish mtears.. ; : !
i 0I [ Pleadings and Practice. of the books had been delivered, : so A Cn.nar -a" Sets an Example in Business :

: 1 1I i Stephen Gould Shipman or McKelvey ;: that the expense: : of replacing the detective :N'etnods! cala! House Wine Roons.TRY .1
tor moment.
I Ah! l K. .1: last a .
on Common Law Pleading. sheets amounted to only .. )
Wl I :, i .:r. am of the days of yore, Tha: :t. :::ahen v."h.r.ev! : -
molar I Morawotz. Clark or Cook on Cor- $t>:>.T". This: was divided as a nee" cuhar" was ad'.trstd by Br?t :-..-.:-'..
I lui a : :r.1'i m my aching i i ''I lK
Lad ....1 1i I walk the floor. j; porations. between: : : the two proofreaders by :MrStiHings uany yt-ars a,:o. B::: i: appear? :.i' \\

J 1 Mooror Hutchinson on Carriers. I as an object: lesson that i: :s no; a'.vgetier: : ia "way ':-..it

t IV.-hon. May or Clark's Criminal The of the OLD LLEGHANYPURE
t 1'---k! !'; .u_ Break! proofreaders printing are dark" tia: : the ivculiartiy: ::
O. tev f:1lrim; deiusr.With i..aw.'r Hughes" Criminal Law andProcedure. office: to the, number of l("\ held a sists. John Let Yans .i Cb.naaunwa : .

.I-* ,'f >lay I'll > :r-t':> find meeting afterwards: and sent a committee ; ? for a tong tiiie a iue,t? sfu t. b-z- :
Weeks on Attorneys at Law, or : to protest to the public prin but
me $ man Washington Ciy.
R ".r dentist i : ? vh..ir! >
MARTINEAVXANTTMER S';.-.r>\MX>d's Legal Ethics. ter. He dtre'ined: to revoke the order he met with reverses and ailed for'alout RYE.

l\l t'l on Negotiable Insn'11 j l'ntS. and tn.the..' stands. I
I : matter S"' ".j nore than he coj'.l: pay. j
I Ka-on and Gilbert on CommercialtV.vt : 1
I OPTIMISTIC VIEW OF : He: went bac-i; :o Cxina ten years aso. :

t THE EVERGLADES t ,-r. or Bigt'l ,,\ less the Law of Btils.: An Unusual Case and rectrmly dftd 3<. fore his death: j jI Put up 4 full. Qts 1 t

\ \\\:., :: and Chequesvv An 'annual case :s rrvrtei by sees: ::-:ines: ha I :mare i with :h.i: : :. -
I ):e\'s C0:; ::ua'nal 'l..in'.:3ti.'Us.l o
Stmt Holloway Predicts Will R \ 31 ,. Contract Times-l'nioa's Key: We' : lorrcti-on- =!'.': he diM T rn raonrnaugh< : : 'o-i in Fancy Cartoons
..1or B'.s-fcop on : 1. .. Ke '.-{'. v.'z '!s IeG-
: :: OUT.
i : : ."3K o m Sugar Product y1.. tens. Wt':1 .5rap':'!' :r.tL ::,Y'" ; ::y !
t t 1 .,,.. ',. ; ..,, :. ...ir on E\decie. or t;:\-s a '?:- njoraal-r.. <.t :... :..sirs ot '
i I A !h .t.t- t '. ;.ttu'-Af: ortv Reds" oit L\'iJ:. !ngVr.a: : :':-l>..>t' : to: t e a vt-ry ILtrres'r.c Ict",1 Delivered at
:' ..- o> -id. and hea: : : Mr-*, and j
I, dra :: ::w. :, .,: U..lc. :- ::\:1:i r : I\): :t' :il' ih. .l.t::;: C'iot' .:: *:.',- <. -:.-.::rial ceyirt1at :by rroti.r"seer' tie Y"r. .--...?- I'| your t j

I:.:1.:, .. ,-,.'. r1 Executors and A'muvI t J.
h' .1M U :: < u .
)\ r" tv (. nf :.' ar. r. -':; ; trrcxau trii J".T.i: :. theere: ,::-0-5. \\V Express Office .:
S I "'.. .'rL'oert.. :' ; \r.kr;,'. l; i.fllt
J. = .. ." ..I"t ... :-
'I .
tu .1 ,, -
1\ .. h-
: \:: tsrour. t:.e e::\-:-::: Ir .\ :-, rr,= y i ?; : -:1'.r: : :

i t : tort .. .1 I .. ....: ,'.. : .\ : :.::n' '11. .. W :- M--.. r.:. rt.rn-.:'.::: -ic: > "Iva-ttt: CL:: ':-.- -,"-C.-un-r J '_ni3!.
t : ..;'.1, I.. "it\;. T":: or- :. 3 tO
e ..uI \\ 1 :. '" :11't :'--:, :.:-:- 1 R. V.rr:: :: ,-.. II- :. V.;.- UOi3 .
::: ; f.J'
::, .,: 1-:3 : tn. .
.... :l-d: .1-t.J; ti.ltw: ; r-:ct.; : ;:;. Stranger Tings i Have Happened;:
., .
I ,' '
t II t..n : : I' ". :' Y. :. :-t,,:.
.. .,. ... I,' .1':::>::::': .. ,. ., .:' !t. Y\'f: ::: :!:- :::.... :!:.t:' E-T:'.l-: ;; ::a'.". :,' :?!l :::':',>,'
s' ata' ,.::. : :- i::, : ,'1 Regular $ .00 J
1. ; Iti. 1\ ... :.L.. .. \\ ,. :!",: :,:? ::: :-::- :' "!w: ;>' :- :'':-::'' : !,:):; :;.:! :':sr'.v'/ei: a- star susarif a Quart Whiskey; write foi ]

1M"t' \.. .. :: ., .i: \ ::,.. .:: : :'::.:i',: S..;:t':' b-' a cc: > ot: _e .:- Tte o: ;:r.1giW':. h-m C :::... worii: a-r r dramass.z: .: complete Price list. '.
;:- ::.';:: : : ..- :.u.- He s.. r-:'.t'- ."
4 eR L'\ l I :.,. ..: : : : ; : t.: :::tr: : i :7:Lt::::::1i ; :; -5 lavvr.;

I :\ I .' .. ..:: : .s ,. ;.,'.. Co:.?t.: y ..:.::rid .,':...:. ..:. : rti:: r.y: : tic ::- : :;;- :-:.' Ed-or: Harof O>..zl-:

\ .. .d''i.. ::-:> ,::;,.:,.". .' :-* i :::.1: r :----\1: : .' .'_- -
k "th. ::l ., ,. .., :: : } B::Ler: r-j''rc---- :!hf: :.1pt'e :'- : Ocala House Wine ..
:: the c;. rct v\.fit ". ar. i .a.! pno : ari : *. \ Soonft
.. ? f a nc : ;
I r)5al) : ; : .1 -: : :: ;, : -I.0:n::.rte : eye r : ; r --

tn. .. .. o' '. .! t'... .. c"t, :: f' :n. ,::"_:: ,: '.;3.l : V-a-e-: ::: f0U : a: :TIS'O';' W::'::.'
: :i0 i\:
k.:1::::;. !' ..:,, E' :t Ill!" C'JiJ.t' :" .,. ., .. < )( .
1 .t 1 le: .. ,.. t .,. ,:, Vo'-j: : tQ2r: ::-e : ca:: : !:<:!: : : --c; : 'ALA. FL-'IIIHA.

". ;it ':: ::. 1rir:5: :-a:.ni and lali ib e '.,:: ',--.1":. ''' '1'\: ;:,." ._;. 'f-1. ; ;".". 11 :
t alt t' : ., .,:.. :., it:: : ::: --- -'-- -" -
,. .. :: .t :- :- t'-t J: ':-t: Wall, w :Lo: ca>iche Ta Trur-= !z.1for ;-.. "
: = :a an >tr' ::
II"1 : :fie ) .., :: ::: : s'Id terf ::.,: : : : ::: :::

HI : .1.: <' \I u ;V tae 'M: ..,.; ,) '.; i te'eJ: kt.uV: tda.fe :,1 : : rr3 -':. w..sgi' .::1n ", Or TTOt'.l TO'. Ca.". a': & Vrliil # .S+4+++44++++.4#: : ......:.;..:.. .. .......4: r

: P :::\.Hl. .. ..:..: :,.,'.:<:. .. :-.1:P ::: :'.::c r: ::t--: :: h5: : : : o.tftV :n 'h- <:.\':-=';'' "",--d. c': ?;>'' ,.r-='i."l:: -art: 'soscc-a: Tin.=.; .:- '

..>.:., ,, : i_:: Mr: Xia'ce: a ftial ircree. Tt.s= We that '."' OCALA'S BIG MAIL i
i It .. .t.'I'. .:.' :',,'::: .: ,.: :,' .: :l !:{ ::O :?- hope Editor Barr: ::::& ; OrDER? HOUSE. :
.. .. .. if rroduee-f in :i-e; cr.2jnil cocrt any iat : ...
: i l'ai "l.n.\ :\ J Sth ; ;--x's an .' n.-.. ".: .r.e: oo'.t-s- j>srhe : ...e.. ,.._.. ,...,,., ., AT.': T.e tMiargt: of t-igsnj: was d:5- .- *
tA' 1
t \ \\ :\'" N"- '" .->: : b :.': .:"A': aftt l :iy. .a. :o pKtnearly: :o so :n :: :-

.. "- .......,.,..t. -. .-.'. .t ".. t' e\: '. :..t "x\ry: -. .'.:. ..: .'.' ::.;.a: >lit as "aita. nr.ssed. T ) see h:= :son r 'a.zL::- 0:

\, a t ...>.. .."IU': Att.ers ...., .- t: v U Ikm7 ra:. G. D. HOGAN !

i Uu. ., .': the ..i a ..""S: '....>..:' A Seven-Acre Orange GroveR :

f ;: '"! >, > .... \\ ; .'. tlt'\l'.t '.., ..: at'.tntlt':. '.>' Hon V \: E,' ....* i> sate supens'indtn F. Doraey of San Mateo is throwser :: H-Y.l. Jases E. Brc :?:rr of Gaij '--. .* .

i ca: .ustr.; : : :: :, .:II:o .r.tructios ancHv of a seven-acre orange grove is beag qseatly mertiosed: a; s f. : .. -

Ii \., >f *. : : :.i, draiuics .!." ..-\ >nV.. i:. E.: :':>. a:'. rnt>Y general.5rt $ayincr Purchased the saloon 4 '
t which paid him las: season ff"I*(' :n mat to occ-py the esalsa: : : .f.fgOTersor : : cr; property formerly 1
l bt :,. :.' :'> tho :..t' ...\d. beau.:: 1\ back t-:.:-.: /.t&Ssaat: trips MrllriJwa : operated byV'. J. McGrath .
t cash, or aNru; $S>5 per acre. Cora- of For a- W-: wait -? 7 and made many lID- :=
; hs .':. :e ands! ::! Nj ;.':\ \ :: ) *-.,- :--t>t'l attending tin' : proment5 .

j U. >: t Ivnefit t.'.'::: the iraj-vu-" .:wfng: : : :c \aa1 Edueabtass ; pare this w :h grow-jig wlieai, eons right here that Mr Biuon* Is a :trai.: mail l on same, I am now prepared to handle :

I'l ,: Ota .. ...:. :.he d*, :> not far j:>..,:..: \ +'csti..f: 1.C Angeles. CaL as; oats or other agnenlraral products, of prosocsecd opircrs! ari *,hc5opinioes orders with the greatest faulltThe law :&a. :

I w'| : '.., jvan a: : ''..' j-.ate.; hu': .:, :Mr Eats'\.i? j-'tiuv.ait tbe graix and the nc.hi> : ic the basisess: : are pretty generally OJ:. t:.r :* ritty of brands of Whiskies, Wines Beers, Etc', n r : 1

I I.J. no* 10 : .%: si'ld: n.a-..:;> wIv; a \, : :'v\.:'ct of : :.e ,K:::;:::< of Pjthias aM&t'r ; fur the money: li'rEi s in :t will: war side of right, irsth; azi: :jsstie: -:: Hwnes :- + carried enables me to fill 1 the order of everyone on 1

I or i : .v'i'l: ;..-,-' -..n ls'-lilX": ,. :::,'.:':11, to change his: base There are theu- : as close TO beig a trie T.-- : short notice.! The premises are now fitted 'especialilvS l. f J

.,' *. ., ands of groves in :Ms state at are up :
< \ > v r ;ciciK :.c r.t'er.ns : tree of tie people as any nin :. : lass of

'I' M l ... N .:. av.v...'I'.-'..!..>.e\J ;a K.vidi ...:.: M:-? .' A. l Pa?ray:: haveN !I yieaiic.: their:; owners as saaci as riss! wham: we hate any kccTl :::gc. ;-. -:'_ : the bm ine55. and your orders will |;

i ".'h h.h :\.. svnerall ..., '. on"ca.' .""' inteiligefit femlii i? : the ame day they are received h-oted
; l t \\ t eiu: spei : ': -v ::> : ne a: Harper'sPe ; piamacfe of F1Da.-Ya:5-0' Nr'' and : ion

\AI'i I: l:. -. i !'\ t.f.:. 5> she er: TV, %'.-. K. .:: '. : .::::ec :bs wee]!; careful gracns and good( packing :eEhe : Eaierprise.Pensacds's. .# the nrst train. In your next order include 1: ..

,.. IU\ ': .1 t' ,'ri :.\ .\< C\\$: :- :-.:. \: Fonre- '''..-..' :- \' -.;.::.i :o mee: : s-.orr. The $ ,;-sl>i. 't38.f-d o-:: :orS -

I ; !\. v \\ t"s; ":; :;;\ e>uiu.. ;.':::: l\, '. t.\;, n\'.. n: tel ':" 1$ tam:!.", !!.;>2 grower does aoSTJCC**'! wf-II.: Mayor Deaf : Hogan's XXXX Rye ;

h Ike. ..: s ol the Cie>5 feats of :.'..: but be i! te"::ins "ap-iiHae fr:;: Mr. Cisrles H. Bi=s z. :':' :- :' ?-:.- i

i, : .... : ..,'::'U .': tl.t: ,'':::1tn1 !'\. A..i. !:: tcrtra.- : .1. C rl F.>?:rrunn cr.er :Akf'Se naziey. asi lots olt S3r0 w:) 1:. :: ;;iek f-:: :... :. : : The Best Goods .

Ii I :,:srlg .,-.:.. :.rt'>: ';as !tyJ j-. :. \. ;,''' -:,'; ;;,::.: :-,;. Ftr.. !__ 'V .:' : uxx and car cresd cc. a scJ :ha: 5X1i'e E. ::-: .:.a= : W ::."':' on the Market : :

.' ii'o.Se- r : ,". r.v.k- : '. ,. ,: i ; c-:: .> each &l"-E.i C'. t 3, ::. .
tot ; vt : : \: ': : ::: : : 'Ii-e--: ::: j : day =:. :--r.g.: ::8:: -;;::..: a a:: :.. G.

,1 I!. '.'tN. ", 'l'tn: :*' S.: r.i.. is "fait I. : :i' ;.', ,.:: : \\ :. :::::' :'t-:::.!'::' :=-.t-t:: i..c: !', E Jgs..rn&ty; : : _as : ::-?: *+ D. HOGAN !

I 1" .. ,. *......:. a* ,, : \, .."" ..or. ,I.-.-...........'.;:. ? :ht r. 3e sbxViT. Mrs F'-i-r$ e3a :. : :.::. a E::;:. r? .ei. ="= :. == *. -4

t( i t':1 t : :. :'\ tnua : >x \\ .: .:: :::.res. i't"s I,' 1 ,: ::.t' !'t':1Ais't.o :-' ): ::': E-; a!9d Chang ; an. !.Ed t--.g:: :'.:::E'Y :-; : ;.. Ocala; Florida. ..

r.i.: :S- ar.a Tb ""'.:- :',':' : .:: ;:' : S: A:! ;:S.t'l :-: 3----i iSderftasis 'la.: tiessc :... TS : ?i: -: ax1) ::.::.-> : .

t ttr. -, .doe U :ht.nt ::-:z' ,': :;l ".1l1')1' oher$. uic-I; .ii g i'Suck -:: .
:; .s. : 5- :i'S -::;: :., ::.
M FX: : ::e resuktst of the V* .".. A;' :.h'J*,;:ng car at ties ,t S!' L'Eagl-e. left las weei IM: Jarsefiow he .vTell r.'E: {'7<""r'!.: :: : Oi est 1 W

1 la &utA<: RAr.uay 1 thnk t h11In.e. house : week Mr S'eS4)"e3: l-eea WljlsHey I House in 1
was Central
tb Soae hiTe sousfcri as to ia- ::.,:r.gl:: :':'T" -: Di :'E !a' :.::':: Florida 1et

tat ...t S'T't't has. TO V rt Cas i.Y of XVa-Au'la.: Mr f'i5.'S;:] :l-rste :r s: Claade west aiosig. for . fIt..11.1

kt .,t h. t.t"nt.i1h' : :::, :ht' n'tf thit is procioter .)f tie tams "" ::111 be fiidat know -what ticse f*Zs -..zcoarty Theocrst. 'Woc-d y-", a.ra :--.- .t. . .. . ...+.. . +. + .++.

aanise tkg corered in siosn*r that hare been held a: Realm]!- _
pk'nK* while
)(USi"t?' sigit do egooyerc.r Bit :: :-r: se: e'.eiaai : -;:.:. ==
mt ,.'r 'cola f1'MlW key to the aextRepuMican. :' a Spriags tNllt a break for thirty- was pase if h* r e '" ths Worli slstsst alrsSessoeraey -; _:,- :., a.. -

l't'I\Wf eight y ars, The first Saturday a be ooi his eoEar boi vacated
so : : && 1 a: liese t:::.":-;;. ,

May of The eta awd Fats these fottues. There Is al(\.Ut a.: ROLLINS
it wia a M its crib 5s tie ret::'..:4.:: COLLEGE
t "Talk abott Fate 'stepjvlas tn an!I macs p\tjes. at tense a:inas sat :t .. WkJI H:: Lcsi lr;: ttt sa&se.: Its dsssscrafy. a; le*-: f := .

r ha isv4tuc. all tour p' as.* aid tb"a e ?eoator Crews, Lake Baiki gaty, Site ws pretty lad tie drag derl a par stssdpeEEt, i! & :fa>e. WINTER PA RSt FL\.
n.-_ .. ,
_.. ;
Nip Cul%* 1, Mead of mine is Kectwk;! eriass? that hate become faraoes.t Wti g'tad to se her a sa9 __ 't._"" .- ""- .T.-....-.."..;:;-:: l'= ".'"" ." ,
... .....' '_ -.. ... -:0-: :::0..0' ";; ....'...}t"'t',_ 1v
t 4 lIN ,Mt **at me a Nurrt ol the beaatt ..t t Talk aK&t SSrsr S Wi! A ron her letter. : '1"\I\! P, Dr-r..,- cf :;o -- -, ; ,-;-sss: s:e:: .. il

vtb. y .tt aeade ta that ,kft.oN tat ::5 Mr, C ssttxx: ts> mtyoa conk! ALA to lick the stamp tag s3cx it '\ t, c1 m:>i.. 2. : co-n-es., r. eJ. .):::(':>ti s.ote.: :

staM. and rn blest it ayoamtes '\\it't put ftM2r Silt: 5 per mto Watt]- eaTeJopB."Pet '""- :=...:-. ......----...T-. R:-atsR...t ...," .. .
o-k Csl :
: toe rseriers cf the Arskas r. ... : 'i ", .-. .- .o .. ........ ... .
---..... ..- ...... ..., -.. ;.;........... l. .,... F- '"
Mia'tnttM lie t!um the seasharI 1 ,1& $priw s uti nt'WT know ft 'ratbere :s : it oa tsie dova p esss,* t.. =ir2.tic: Cc"rsaciea ::- :: ; UT: : ::: ... .", _-_ -.t-:' ;-: tl,.. :::. ............. <:: ---:0. '
fiat tf a &MB t to sib n
MIie i l" _' fur tat -Uio1... v. ti ,. Sad a3 dfc 1? aMr. 7snl. i t"iII c:3.rile.. ,' ggeibsriiiTe: rt''''aj tf .-_- >cala. Fia. or. w. R O'XE.\L. Pt"' r. YOrland

ptaAitatk4) NU "-}rs.nk $ut Ciss. ci: th
f i t

''l' j'I.; .: ..-----. ....,.. .._.h.. ...-- )fat .i.= iF ,
.. -.
.... h
.... ..... _. ......uu.- '
,__ ;'",,"l--''' :;: _=1fr... +aitF a e1 .. ;t

'''F ; ;

____ y.
i-, -

r' L THE 0 CA! J A EN.NER.t I t






1- .
--.n-- ---- -- .
------ ----- ---- -- -- -- -
-- -- -
-- -- -
-- -- - -- -

khP Local and Pcrscnal Mrs. Drayton and baby are in Jack, FOX-WILLIS I! Dainty hand-painted programs, the j, Married at ShadyA I! SPECIALSAT

son'ille'isitin Mrs. Drayton's parents work of Miss Kathleen Dean, in green very pretty but unostentatious'

!I II Pretty Church Wedding Solemnized; and white were distributed among the ;; ,
marriage was solemnized at ShadyWednesday
Sara Elizabeth Harris, Local' Editor. I I Wednesday Evening I guests, and the numbers on the programs I
by Squire H. W. Douglas
Mr. George McKean is on a bus contained interesting diversions
Little Cupid, connoisseur of love!
Mtaa Blanche& 1111 of Candler was ness trip to Tampa and other South! for everyone-such as moon the justice of the peace of that dis 5 and 10] Cent StoreTin
and romance and premier of its resultant -i ,
awJU tho bopping to Ocala Tuesday Florida points.Mr. I II II, i[ light strolls, flirting, love-making, trict. The contracting parties being ,I
I.i happiness, was again the I Ii confidential chats, refreshments and I Mr. J. N. Tiller and Miss Jennie Wish- j

M. M. Little, with Rheinauer I i smiling victor in blending the hearts i j jau, re\'oirs-the gallants seeking the art. Mr. Tiller is one of our largest ;
) I Pie Platters . .. .. .5c
)iira Hattie Dye spent test week aMil. & Co.. is down with an attack of m.a.1 I and consummating the union of l1r.I i! ladies and engaging a number of the turpentine operators and is a most j .
I and substantial citizen. Tin Buckets, .. ? .. .;. 5c
i. tie guest of her aunt Mrs lariat fever. i latter's choice. It was quite unique prosperous
Charles Oliver Fox and Miss Kathleen
I I | The bride is lovely and II Tin Spoons (six) . .. . 5c
IJuaaW r...... and immensely enjoyed. a accomplish.
I Willis on last Wednesday evening atj I Tin Quart Cups, . . 5c
i ed and the of the '?
Mr. Sam Barco of Sunny Slope I j An ice course was served and the woman news mar
six thirty o'clock. It was a pretty Tin Pint . . . 5c
I will to their "
Mrs W, 8. Pik wit Wednesday for Farm was in Ocala yesterday. He is i i punch bowl nestling cozily in a cor- riage give gratification
church wedding, solemnized by Dr. friends in this This Tin Cups,. . . . . 5c
UtytoM Beach where she will pass looking well. i tier of the spacious veranda was a retreat county. paper
I I W. C. Bledsoe, of LaFayette, who, extends its best wishes to the happycouple. Tin Graters . . .. .. 5c
tM balwcr of the summer. j for all. Music was rendered by j
|: twenty-seven years ago, performed ,| I Cake Turners . . .. . 5c
Mrs. James Hardy Pittman of Jack an orchestra on the front gallery. It I
I tbe wedding ceremony of the bride's I Ii I Cake Cutters, . . .. . 5c
Mr L U, Sulord of Plvay returned sonville is visiting Dr. Pittman's relatives was a delightful evening and was voted i
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Willis. : Biscuit Cutters . .. . 5c
ti that place Wednesday after spend for a few days. I one of the most pleasant of theweek's Sheriff Gordon made an imporatnt
I The First Methodist church was aj I I Egg Beaters, . .. . 5c
tat a few days In Oeala on business prenuptial affairs. arrest Wednesday at Port Inglis. He ?
scene of beauty in the simple decor I Can Openers, . . .. . .5c
Mr. Peter Durisoe one of the "land I II arrested a man by the name of Sum-
ative effect of greenery-ferns and Delightful Luncheon Bells . . .. . .5c
,.. Decatur W., Davln I "
II came up marks" of GrafcamviUe, represented merlin, who is wanted in Douglas
bone yesterday, palmsbanked in pretty profusion I Among the brilliant social events of Scrubbing Brushes, .. . 5c
trasx her stumer his section in Ocala Wednesday. county, Georgia, for murder. Thereis

tat her stay to Ocala will be only about the chancel, making a lovely last week was a four course lunch a reward of $325 for his capture Ink, . . . . .5c

Summerfield background for this happy nuptial eon in tonor of miss Kathleen Willison Kitchen Knives, . . '.' .5c
h.. llfary Mrs. C. L. Livers of which will swell our sheriff's bank
her event. Mrs. Malcolm E. Nolan ren Friday afternoon, given by: Mrs.T. Cork Pullers, . . .. .. .. 5c
was in Ocala Tuesday, visiting account to that amount His friends
dered a beautiful solo. "0. PromiseMe H. Street. The invitations were Paint Brushes. . .. . 5c
Mr Jack Heats has retarned to Seabrs.tr. mother, Mrs Nanacy Wallace Ocala'soldest are congratulating him for his good !

add will rMMla. there until citizen. ," as a prelude to the wedding ceremony limited to the lady attendants of the piece of detective work. : Lunch Boxes, . . ., . 5c

his mother,, I accompanied by Mrs. AndrewJ. Fox-Willis wedding, which was sol- Stove Keys . . .. . 5c
HM ...... of Auput with
Smith on the instrument. Then the emnized on the evening of July ?1. Lemon Squeezers. . .. .5c
bill in
dsi.rs aid brother. The passage of the prohibition Eczema ;;
with strains of Mendelssohn's wedding The color scheme was green and i Tea Strainers, . ? .. 5c
-- Atlanta was received in Ocala For the good of those suffering with i
Mr Wllt.M COL who has been \a good show of rejoicing by the temperance .!I march burst forth in pleasing melodies white, and was carried out both in |; eczema or other such trouble. I wish i iI i ito China Eggs, . . . ..5cOil

tosjtaMMNtfftl weeks la Ocala, as the ushers. Messrs. J. E. Shea- the decorations and menu. About I say that my wife had something Cans . . . _. . 5c

with ....'.th... ....1'IiIM' Wednesday, people. ly, T. H. Street, N. B. Dean, and T. S. the[ dining room were potted plants in of that kind, and after using the doc- | Petroleum Jelly, ? ... .. 5c

... at Key W.sLMr Christian Jr., entered opposite aisles green and white in profusion. The tors'remedies for some time concluded -i 3 I Boxes of Tacks . .. .5c
.his Miss Alice Bullock left Tuesdayto I to try Chamberlain's Salve and I
join the "Ocala colony" at Sea !I and led the way to the altar, followed table set for eleven was tastefully I it proved to be better than anything Bread Toasters, . '.' . . .5c

W W. fsBtth. the efficient breeze. She will be the guest of Miss !! by t the bridesmaids, Mrs. T. H. Street domed with sprigs of ferns and alternating -|I she had tried. For sale by all drug- Milk Skimmers . ... . ..5cPin

t t......, .f the Dwaaeiloa school was I Sue Anderson. I Misses Laura Dean, Lavinia Fuller. : streamers of green and j gists. x Trays, . . . 5c

.awn '*. vtattort Tuesday. He says Susie Houston, Iris Fayne Moreman. white ribbon. The ices consisted of I I I Money Banks . . .. 5c

the mthwh of the eoaaty is food. Miss Lucile Park of Anthony was a I Johnnie Douglass, Willie Barton. Sal- dainty heart-shaped blocks bearingout WANTED-Young men desiring to Garden Trowel, . ? . 5c

caller at the Ocala Banner: j! lie lc lullen. with the maids of honor the details of the color scheme. I take an expert shorthand or business Vegetable Dipper . .. 5c

< ..**. ..... to'" faring pretty office pleasant Wednesday. She is the laugh| Misses Kathryn Dean and Single The place cards, which were drawn I course will find it to their advantage Candle: Sticks, ? . .. ., .5c

well MI the board. of trustees of the of efficient foreman, Mr. R.I| Willis, forming a crescent about the for after the guests were seated, | to write or call on G. H. Coyle.:2 1-2 Pitchers, . . . . .5c

... siiflisi eon po Mr. Carroll Mr ter L. Park.our |altar. The bridesmaids were radiantin were beautiful handwork, each having j West Bay St., Jacksonville Fla. I ana Soap Cases, . .? .. 5c

costumes of lingerie in either a memento of the occasion attached i graduate of one of the leading . .
ears aad Ur BUich are all named as becoming '' Gate Fasteners .. .5c

trv...... Mr. Andrew Sledd, president of the: pure white with green gloves and or bearing a quotation making I' schools of the North and can give Salt and Pepper Shakers. . 5c

of Florida, will preach in'! girdles and carrying arm bouquets of known some fact concerning the person you valuable information. G. H. Lamp Burners . . 5c

Mrs. Crvla sad her daughter aadMto University Methodist church in Ocala next plumosa fern tied with streamers of drawing the same. These were I Coyle care the S. B. Hubbar Co. Seasoning Cups, . . 5c

rarttoa have it-turned from a the Sunday. While in Ocala he will be mousse lint', thus portraying the wed ph red in a bowl upon the center of II I Jacksonville, Fla. S-2wlt I I Drawer' Knobs, . . 5c

Jaatestown.Waehtatiua ding colors of green and white. Next tie table. Each drew in turn the result I Hammers, .. . .5c {
**ry ....III.. trip ta the guest of the editor of this paper. [[ follows Toj j -- -- ---- "
anal other places.Mt I entered the bride and groom from the of which was as : File Handles, ? . . . 5c

tip I left aisle, who in measured step tithe Miss Kathleen Dean the 1907 dime: 1 Mouse Traps, . . . 5e

Mallard. bavtai speat about Five dusky damsels occupied Wednesday inspiring music of the march followed Miss Barton, the 1907 penny;; Miss I BeechNutSliced Glass Cutters, . . . 5c
attention of mayor :
ia JarasoavUlt. has returnedfjj thetestimony the attendants to the altar Fuller, the thimble; Miss McMullen Shoe Brushes, . . . 5c
a fMath and after patiently listening to II "Your En- BaconTastes
Is wrfttMrlac .. of the alUM of witnesses and the argument where Dr. Bledsoe seloainized their the ring; Miss Douglass. Curry Combs . . . .5c
Announced Very
Llsnetag Mat T. C. Hall oa South imposed union with an impressive ceremony gagemetn Should be Hatchet Handles . . . .5c
of the mayor
"Your Sweetheart -
I which was concluded with prayer byRe Soon; Miss Moreman, |: Meat Choppers . . . .5cj
hjhth street.Th fine of $lo and costs againsteach "
a You :Miss
\. R. M. Archibald. In accompaniment Has Gone Back on : j; Varnish Brushes . . . .5c
I offender. '!! be Some Man'; 1 T yl
crasher was put la pnsiitaa to the ceremony was swettl Laura Dean, "You ,: Fish Sealers .| . . . .5c
I yenterday! been 'I' and softly rendered "Hearts and :Hiss Houston, "When Your Ship Y Pencil Boxes, . . . .5tf I
a the public saaare Mr. C. V. Adylotte who has
cntehiag tad' today 'I Flowers." Comes In"Those |i Tack Pullers, . . . 5c'Picture
will beata months past as
aad in Ocala fur some handsome Miss Kathleen
.. sidewalks that are to Mac- The queenly bride wore a present were '! Hangers . .. .5c
thee m Mr. George
far Fltsterald Compaay i( stenogrspehr for I going-away gown of tan rajah Willis, Miss Fuller of Atlanta. Miss |! Dust Pans, . . . .5c'Jar
he laid 4t.wa IttM Kay. left Thursday for Plant City embroi Miss Houston j, I .
silk with trimmings of hand Moreman of v Rubbers, . . . ..SeTin

where he has accepted a position. Mr.Adyiotte of dered bands with hat and gloves to ot Camp Hill, Misses Laura and Katb- I Pot Tops, . . ..5cDish

has returnedfMH I & has made quite a number match, carrying ferns and roses tied ryn Dean, Miss Barton. Miss McMul-j Mops, . . . . ..ScKnife
Mr Alert Mom-Head I friends among the young people who Miss Doug- !
C where he bars has also with streamers of white mousseline len, Miss Singie Sharpener, . . .5cScrew
g lIe '
Aadenm his departure. .
weeks. He says regret ball and was the cynosure of all eyes as lass and Mrs. Street. rr1ttU Driver, . . . ..5cMachine
for couple of work on the
few s done some good of the
has put oa she marched out upon the arm Misses Dean at Home Oil Can . . . 5c
that bt. old hasae towa this season. and
toft it and is be4MAM team man of her choice-her happy The Misses Dean, assisted by Ms-s- . . . . 5c
trills tare he :i 1tJ U '{Jltf" t tr eadsPans
war I life mate. the attendants !- . . .
ceater.VMr sheriff of Hills- lovely McMullen: entertained . 5c
aiaaafarturtat I Ur. R. A. Jackson,
:.... As the train on which tbey were to at the Fox-Willis wedding aii-i i I Hair Curlers . .. . .5cCoffee

of Crrstal River borough county is on a visit to Ocala depart for Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine other invited guests at a delight-il (elll let hl hl t1I Pot Stands . . ..5cLeather
R H in
visitor ta Ocala and wade us an unofficial call Wednesday. and other points included lawn! party Wednesday night. The it Straps . . . .5cWash
as good as looks.-.and it
was a pleasaat attee a pleataal In former years Mn Jackson was I. their bridal itinerary, was reported guests made merry in the melting : .. Pans. . . .. . ..SeTin
sad ssade our looks very good. A delicious breakfast
eeietday prohibitionM :,a member of the craft and entered late, Mr. and Mrs. Fox accompanied moonlight and fend pleasure in i Funnels, . .. .. ..5cPe"
dish, of food value,
raft He .. aa ardeat the great wholesome -
with |one of the Tampa printing offices by their attendants drove to moonlight strolls and in quiet tete- j Staffs . . . .5cCoffee
imaMMeety pleased all!) the year 'round. Try the
and was i when be was only fourteen years old home of the bride's parents. where an a-tetes, and when weary of this they | Pots . . . 5c
"Beech-Nut" different.
the aews haw hand saved enough of his earnings to informal reception was held. On the would march into the hallway of this '! Quilting Clamps, . . .5cScales

has issued 'last i j speed a year in college. He is a native approach of the belated train the par- hospitable home, where a flowing I . . . . . .5cHorse
Tasae I
j I
hasae" Friday. of Tampa, his forebears being ly: hurried to the station, where the punch bowl awaited them. An ice 0. K. GROCERYCLARK Brushes . . . 5c
....... for aa "at and the !
Mr. !
the pioneer settlers in that city. glad scene of congratulations was served later in the even-
..,.... at t a****. sad the yoaateren leave-taking were witnessed course I BRING THIS LIST, WITH, YOU
aatlrtaatlaf a wry 'Jackson is a most agreeable gentle- sad scene of ng. The Misses Dean entertain with ;I j iI BROS., Props., Ocala, Fla..

.arSMY are II iman and is a deservedly popular otlIcial. in quick succession. lavish hospitality, and their "at 'I Phone 174. i \I. FISHELf

.hlrr' sBlsk.M..t bride ever departed from our ___
i -Vr.-> homes are always enjoyable.
was more universally beloved ---- --- -- ---.
who EntertainedMiss
a> Oeala Is away from born". I and city all classes-a favorite Bachelors -.-- ._-
Mary of
about Mrs. Edw. Badger by the people Levis Coley entertained lat '
those ef as reanlalai old-a womanly
hat those who areaway lEagleton!: aDd daughter left Thursdayfor with young and Monday night for the young bachelor-
art of
fwafnrtaMe as temperament, :
as The tubs are cool sad the I the blue grass regions of Kentucky woman of sunny of the city in their third challenge
charming grace and accomplishment the ladies at domino whir
to young
has been ssodltltdJQM where they will spend several friends. At CLOTHIRGCLOTHING
fa* wave of her legion the
-the idol hours from 9 to 12. It was: one

weeks on a farm, and later on the shrine of her new estate she will enjoyable functions of the we k.
atfiwVv most
O T Os.... a proailaeat and loyal devotion
other places.Some constant
host t of will visit Louisville and worship with There were twenty couples in attendance
has a
of Oeabx who asnoac time in October there will be and prove an ideal companion including the Fox-Willis bridal

frteads .. Jaeksoavitle was I of the Leavel family at who won ber. was
yesterdav a gathering to the man party. A very interesting game
the arrivals at the. by his' Crab Apple Orchard Springs, which The groom is a popular traveling" played and the score was close between

Me was aermapaated : Mrs. Badger and Mrs. Eagleton will man in the "Land of Flowers, rep the maids and the bachelors

wife aad two Mrs Ttaws-raioa. attend. Mrs. Badger, before her mari resenting a wholesale drug house of However, the latter have long sine*'

of Lynae.the rime was a Miss Leavel and her Jacksonville, and making his home acknowledged defeat at the hands of Wake Up !
r $...1 Unht f Boers i wooed and won a
< celebrated
of the most Having The obliging
for father was one i in Ocala. their fair opponents.
take Ctty ladev's ate Wednesday.aa Methodist preachers in Mississippi.: charming Alabama bride, his score of and tactful hostess assisted by Mrs.I You have been sleeping long enough It's very
.. .., ... la Ocala i state
...* "" C. Leave his home
the wile that won' Her brother Rev. George friends throughout for Coley, looked closely after the pleas- true there are lots of people who prefer going to a
.1 was v artac confer with him in his good I
Florida ,
of the the sere
wa a member will rejoice I and comfort of guests
cosm> nB If'" eaters the primary ence. tune. lure ing. delicious ices during the progressof regular clothing store to buy their clothing, but ther

'__"r>* will\ He sofeethtaf defer ... conclusion of a delightful I I !
i tI At the the game-placing the young men suit you buy not look, fit or wear any better

k. J M I| )lr. Raymond Bullock made a motion wedding tour they will make Ocala I under lasting obligations for thus assisting
W W mterease of Beddk ; than one you could buy from us for at least one-
Mathew and before the mayor yesterday morning I their I in a delightful and brilliant
II .4. I id.t 'I*l "f ftMMtM J M home.Wedding ReceptionThe I third less
< City Ala( ])
H review the evi- Alexander money.
Mathews of "... ....08. K asking him to with a I entertainment.
1 C together
I bridal party
V.irrkw sad wtfe of Morrittoa las ant <"f deuce in the Oscar Johnson case and number of invited guests, were enter I Outlook. We have a big line of Clothing and the quality

auartw'r of our "t "ntrJ rot'- the fine. It will be remembered j I the home of
Ilr reduce night at
hustness in Ot'sla{ tamed Tuesday I The Limit cf Life cannot be excelled no matter what you pay.
..,. ,lsassrbtg that Mr. Robertson, acting mayor the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. The most eminent medical scientists f* .

S\ r .tra'Mtatlavs imposed a fine of ISO against Johnsonfor B. Willis where genuine Southern are unanimous in the conclusionthat We have a lot of beautiful light and dark gray
unmercifully. proverbial and where the generally accepted limitation

"rlna a young man *ho want driving a sick horse his client was hospitality is find cordial welcome al of human life is many years below worsted and plaid suits which we are selling for
Bullock held that people the advanced
become popular.N Mr I young attainment possible
tllPI'" has ran counsel and was home was brilliant in its I the the raceI 510,50 these suits sell for and
Herald "a\.t\: "As oth- ''unrepresented by rag 3. The knowledge of which ; everywhere $15.00
,A., .-w Yr rk I bearing the I critical -
rerved. the right to attack) : unable to secure' certain material nvpiial appointments I I now possessed. The period $13.00. We also have blue suits at $10.50,
handiwork its
strr tae held that he touch and tints a !I that determines
The mayor tasteful
b.. railroad sad the- trims. why not:. witnesses.have jurisdiction. That heM 'I' that distinguishes, our gentle-i; seems to be between apt and 60; this the worth 1500. Woolen crash suits from $3.50 to
Iced water- not during
noise like aa | proper care of the body
that making a .was for him to keep' I did not hear the case and had no more I w men of the South and bringingut of j'I decade cannot be too strongly urged; $3.50. Good values.
wfcThat tttr the action of the delicate effects the colors then being fatal to Ionigevity. -
Metropolis."S I right to review in j carelessness

I1.,l sad taletMiami I I mayor acting in his absence than one the[ lccasion.S the guests filed host in "' Electric. Nature's Bitters best the helper scientific after tonic 5o'is We are closing out all our summer dress .goodsat
to review received by a
iyyhaaStetoW Know" I circuit judge had tie right they were line of medicine that revitalizes every origan cost. Special in line.
judge. Mr. and a receiving Ty- every
business 1 circuit
bostess Guaranteed
of another of the body.
Po O ...... a prominent : { the acts ;
m urn"n of His. Mo., "(hat Bucklen's Arnus |. Bullock said if he would hold the case the: V-ridal party. In the parlors were I dings & Co., druggists. 50c. x

fta'tf' I* the quickest aad surestWalinc ,. until this morning he would disVved the many handsome: presents The Boston Store.
to a sore ;open
salve erer applied that would convince' from friends at home and abroad There is but one more summer
of pUe authorities
t. t.-iii ..r .<>...fttr TO s case 'cite The remembrance of true '; month. We shall soon be sighing for
talk jurisdiction. loving
what "m that he had I each a
hnpW him
and i
I I "ti
1 ? 'I-' ,
",in? \'...' (;usranVtH>v T'Jhllu"l Xr I case was held open. i friendship and esteem. the sunshine.; I'

,i..ti I eta;t I ;:: 't


-' .,...... ,-. _, -. '--. "' 'Y- .
< -': -r .
It.SJ .
"' ,- -
.:....;;. .' ._- i'L <<- ,
> ':
,.. J! .. .... : :?? :'" "- .---,,-' ,',
;. '. '_....."..t -J.'! ''III ::- "'; -- .. ;

f-c" .. -, ,-- >- -. .. _- ....... ., '.'

giW" 7.

"" _

... ooy= .

FRANK ADAMS DECLINES! I refer wi;. out frills to his attitude ;J I: THE HARNESSING; OF THE
in regard to the Knight-Stovall expos RIVER I
it used to be.tCs
He Wil!! Nst fce a Can I:!ats fat United ure. !
of tte Kern eo) :
FRANK HARRIS Editor., States Senator This Time The same that nobody could fatu- The harnessing I

P. V. Leave'\ oo>i. Bjsmess Manager.;; om. i 12: $ miles from Lo Angeles. Cal. ;*: ; recovery ofr i
To the PE: plt: of Florida: ,
He ridiculed! the story. and confessed the convening of the enormous oQo

t Some ume ago feeling uat I had he didn't see anything in it. ter power of the canyon :.n:: <. :.ectr: : f:! t i.)

"- oen-cd as senator iron:: tjis county Tuen from day >o day he has r! ,>printed '
I It ..: ... nearly 'Omp l"tt'\i. .i..>t =t' cott J'
...f that the ity is W
0' .. long enouet ana reasoning ever since all: the comment he !

'" '.. '' county 'VI tlu;Ia not Sine t,y "ofice rotatiot. could lay scissors to which could be ov.r: he u.iies: : : of cabUs. ::.i.ort; .

......... .. i tendered ;to Governor Brow- detrimental to ths journal and its ed- on :steel;; lowers, wil: tiasli} lUr ii@rl. i\ 1 J

E '! .' '. "' "''''f arc n..v re-Ignaiion i to take effect at ito Tallahassee Sun. highest long distanceorae.:: 75: ,, I.00. h \1'' ..J.

I a I.. i, cI tjc general election in l&vs! at which In trUth and in fact the Ocala Banner vous. This enormous po+ tr w.li : O'O'z:. J.1..i }'iI

I w'3' I.. .. r.--_ __ Ulu :l.Y ::UCb&lr0uld; be eht eIl. was the; only: paper! in F'or.da: aseii in and a.'ou: the citj of Los ,\
I r; iJ '4. tSa ;:! 1L
1 t tj. ... .:s This: acuon on mj pan seems to \that printed pro and con the car :;, t'.es. -'1-

I Y.: .t! (: .t1. nave ueen accepted: as evidence that ;Eents of the state press about thes 1: was m li"'i" that a bjdraiil'.c;

YL! aSna. i would be a candidate for the United wonderful concoction. It did: that which gineer inspected the Kern can:- on :

t crates Stna: :. Th-s was not so :- \the Sun failed to do. The Sun confined noted the marvelous water Turpentine?

I ; 'i i FRIDAY. AUGUST 2. '307.i tcndad.He of 'h-* itself tumbles-;
1t i its comments To cue side ; wasr.ng in noisy

", whose:: bosom would nut swell story. It was a "ernpest' in a teapot ,the steep grades. The Edison ;

i QL.c: ;. ': t. ..i 1 tljut Up I'dry witt pardonable pride at the reception j and a sn.all tempest at that. pany of Los Angeles! became mt..r --- MAY GET LOWER \

!. Bullion! of assurances of esteem and support If the Sin i is gj'.ng to b
I Ii 1 --- i': ] that have reached me from press i paper. why d.in't i it give us Its party invaded the canyon : :
=" Mr J, M liar-:'o .a still being urged : and people while associating ny something" start: .:.n";.r'.* Something w'hsome instruments and notebooks.

j to r.n for compuotIer.r :: i name with the United States senator- plot to it ? followed an army of workmen h ; j

t ship would have to be void of appre This thing fell fiat becausehe Sun wagons and tons of freight. judgment. Now there a

I 1 Th details of those who died from !I i ciation. and low in the scale of man.hood. ;failed to tell us what "Lite: Po;>ter" cry and building materials. The believe that 35 cents is
\ sunaton .n China is most shocking. ; : These letters, personal assur- had up his: sleeve or what Claude yon was practically inaccessible; basis for 19"7.! Still

I" I ;lances and newspaper kindnesses go thought he had up it. !! nl a road ten feet wide and two : refuse to accept B0, "

I I fs-sb: and Carmack. Carmack and ;:; !far toward making life worth liviag. Give us next time something thrill- ': long had been blasted from the view and anticipate furth: ...

I Iieither ticket would tickle usii! and will be remembered and cheris1r'ed ;ing! !'granite shouder of the eliS. declines that may be

i t f t--nth. : as long as "reason sits enthrone We thirst for meat that is strong. sprang up in a day with } : of late, but which may car if"

< I II I I I II :' I Taylor: the Tampa Times cartoon l hospitals, workshops etc. A !; down another dollar on a "

I : Fra EibtortUi of the Philistine gives ;( That man who says that he doesjnot ist. :s the only one that gave any life temporary power house ash :( the middle of August has .?

i'j I t :.e folio wing advice and says that i: want to go to the United States to the story. His cartoons were all ; horse-power was installed to run I such a sentiment pre %
I!! i' L.Jt..ody ever gave better. It is this: .i senate leaves room for doubt as to right and had some point to them. 'air compressors and hundreds i though not unanimously. -1

j 1 'Ilat nobody" 1; his sincerity. and yet there are reajscns : ; yards of piping carried the !) consumers sanguine that \

; why a man's ambition should be The Mississippi Campaign ed air to the drills and other |;, money by deferring '

t i Maj George! L Teat a member of .: voluntarily surrendered or forcibly re- The Mississippi pnmar.es will beheld ery. Fighting every inch of the |! stock purchases, it is a <

i iMl I h ui k raor'ardeman's staff. and one ; strained. I have two good and sum-- '! with dynamite twenty tunnels, !| for the market to dis-
j when offi1 -
Thursday state
t t of the best known men in Mississippt i. ) cleat why I next ; 9 miles in length I k
reasons cannot consent to ling nearly strength sufficient
t la under arrest for a most serious of.j 1 IaRt'nlpt cers. as well as the federal senator |I Ii
I( ambition's gratification. The !: :; cut through the rocky walls. It :| tide and give a boost

I (rnsc. first is my family. The most of my ship will be nominated. i i the longest tunnel system of its ;t i ; Indeed, it is a tribute 41
1 !!
!I children are now at that age the im- ;; The mends of John Sharp Williams '|'in the world. The shafts are : value of turps that 'i'
j It is BOW confidently stated that the I j portent formative period of character i j claim to be confident that iCi 1- ; formly lined with $ inches of 1! down so slowly, en

depositors ia the Fort Dallas National where a father's guiding hand and I:. crete. j jI been a steady downward ..
I Hams will win, while the friends of |{i ,
Bank win be paid in full Mr. Flag- re raining influence i is most need Id, 'i': X I It was with the greatest :
It-r will come to the relief of the unfortunate -! 'Governor: Vardeman are equally confident ;, | ..
1 and should be most freely given and that some of the heavy ; Rosins i

depositors. I most cart fully exercised.: The second that Vardeman will win ia the reached its destination at the i
|I i i; market everything that O';
reason is : My business associates,1! senatorial fight. One of the steepest trails was |, I' u
I ; | as to the popularity of ;
Richmond Pearson Hobson says and they number a good many, had aright ;; So far the senatorial campaign in. and very abrupt for nearly half a j :

that Japan has no toss than four bas I; to fey l when tiiey! linked their! that state has been conducted on a' and a huge r no pound sled was ': be repeated with an

i t"Ii That should enable her to make! future with mine that:: they Wo:.!i ;l high plane there has been indulged its runners shod with iron an : Everyone of the

\1 a home run when Uncle Sam starts !! have the benefit .)f such business a-: no personalities no bitterness: between ,; thick and six inches wide. Onto it ;i wants these grades.

after her.-Atlanta Journal sisiane<; as my presence would aforeTbes the candidates which is quite I! en and eight tons of machinery wants all he can lay
II Seldom has this mar-
i <- cower enter a Serious objectnafeelirg creditable to the two aspirants..:. ; placed and men with thick

i Doctors charge from five to five that if I were success" 1 The press of Mississippi, however;;ropes steadied its perillous descent : i i such keen rivalry for ,

; hundred dollars for the same service: I' wott'i be from business has thrown much and bit-i feet wide its : as it has seen during
t 45 :
away my : -? spice more i!, The dam is at:

tI 1 lawyers take all you have: preachers most: of each year Howev-r. if in i the tern-ess in the campaign than appear ;, fastened to the bed rock about IS : j I! ,; weeks with respect to

exist oa tips and therefore take what i year* to come lease of :life is given: at this distance to have been necessary below the level of the stream. |: The only wonder is

! t thy can get-The Philistine. !lani ill;; d'ruestic an.! jusiness a2a.rsjart : or demanded by the issues in : backs the water up for more than L 1: I to five buyers comt>st-

J I !; so shaped thaI can orit: i volved.It ; mile. From this lake the : !; ,; day after day the pri-

, I ('o!. Robert W, Davis while in.,Jan; .l a. ;uScient n-::....ucr of voters wi:]1 1comiiiission is hardly necessary to say that pour into the intake and glide al ', I gone even higher than

f Gainesville recently, had too gone rn' : me I "shall, gladly attempt!, : most of the larger dailies in Mississippi the canal about 12 miles to the i; (( are.-Savannah Naval

, onhip matter brought up to him. to represent in part. our beloved have been with John Sharp Wil-i i!nets where they are hurled down 1;i :'!j:, .

"Nothing doing.:' he replied, "and helaffrd. : state in the upper ranch of the Xarional liams and against Vanieman, but Var- j steel mains man hundred feet to \
just .''-Lake: City Index. !t --f
'I' ; CuLgr a. : deman seems to have anticipated this, : gigantic impulse wheels in the !' and Albert

1 I an Lot :m ict'lltly egotistical; as having had them against him in all i : house below. v"T j I j i j jI 1
\ man died from heat prostration n j that Roosevelt will: run If
I to fcthat: my li:z in tae! tae?. ,orou' his poU cal aspirations, and by anticipating The power house equipment v"c j|
i I assured of
::11 Satancah Fnday.Ce have heard breaking the:!
of .*. will: 'o any degree afectFlur : :: tl, m he sought to discredit silts of the impulse wheels '\\ !!' ;
--: i'vi deaths from this cause :.n anypdrt | That reminds us of T \
:la's n':'. :!eal :=::tiar.cn.::: Tfc.wr i:5 their public utterances and weaken: : he four mammoth 5tJIU kilowatt
'f Florida. Not only werr there i gs' heartrending ap-
: '-iolely: ?.a a "sense, of duy :opol t heir infiuence. : erarors. Five sets of step-up 16CT j ji is
!.u i-'hs: but there were no'sTa: thousand individuals!
::t.-.il: : : friends: tu free 'ieai for S'aCalto h The> whole country is interested transformers i are used. To take i "
t 11.1) Go way, Teddy and '
:. a< their! goo : 2..dgm-n: may::':- :h : fight the result involving. as i: j i,, of the 7G.VW; volts at the Los Ang.... i _
The way to find ov i is to
in' >- ':toes the future of the majority :leader end of the line thirteen 15;'+i : ,.
\ woman died the.1 'arAi rectWjtb : News.
i n.irrectatly.: : : who had nearljservj' :r.tn f'l!: a :i ?ranu>,:- to .s:: the house of representatives at: transformers are required The ? +,

rj ,,:..1't'. : years of lime when it': 1';!the pop:: ana press of Florida, a m Washington, where he has been quitea trie equipment is furnished by 'j I I j Mexico City is t.> '.> ;
i.u great respect, pic-uresque figure for many years.John < General Electric Company. built : : '
I s TV1J: havt .>- -n twenty months. Thesiiiir'j'Kf i ![ there will be a general
; wj.rude by the clerk of Yours truly. Sharp Williams is an ahman le i Schenectady. N. Y, and I j l i| America in The: nest -.1*

I the! !, FRANK ADAMS ,. one of the really able leaders oftbe ( across the continent to serve its : ':
: cojrt:
I j due to the ambiTion of
>: i :: democratic party in the house: : pose in the wild canyons of the | : 1
I i I Cabrera fr Predonsam! 'r
t lilt ,'ou',+!!. Carmack make ant APOSTROPHE FOLLOWS DISUSE, but we have not always agreed with: tjerra; mountalIlS.I !j -r

t t \, 1.t".1 presid-nt' Mr. Roosevelt, with '\ 1 i Williams: have often had cause I; The work is an experiment but i!;, 1

t hi? big stick.. wouldn't be in it a little I confess .to a keen disappointment doubt his judgment, and we fear I success is now assured. The

,, i I l>it. He would make a reputation the ; in the editor of the Ocala Banner. !j sometimes have questioned his sin--j'I Electric. Company is accustomed I''

like of which has not been felt in the! 1 I, Sorrowful. '! verity and high purposes, but w ha t-I' this son of work. In its time it [ [ C COVEREDk[ J

L t nation in the past generation i; From a somewhat constant perusal !1 j ever error of head or heart he may I installed the first multi-phase !I!

j have occasionally committed. Williams transmission, the loosest line,

J' Senator Pettus. the octogenarian of 'of his editorial columns I had begun!| is a man of strong character. {!' highest voltage and the highest I :
; to appraise him as truth seeker. I i Iof I A S 11 HARS
tbe senate, is dead. He followed 1 I deeply regret that I did him an!' undoubted ability as a leader. and I J draulic operating head in the ; i| i'i! r

'I lutely upon the heels of his distin-i I j'ia justice. |! has the respect not only of his own i the first synchronous motor and : !

; f# guished colleague Senator John T. party but the opposition in the | first induction motor ever turned !I! !i -I
The Banner is .
quick to forgive i
I i :I Morgan the ablest statesman the\j I've got him placed now. t That:, house. Unless he had been a man of f by the General Electric Company, !I !i! and Bleeding in Many .

1 I South had in that body. '' extraordinary attainments of tact[ : first oil break switches the first Bad that Nail
nice. \ He is written down on the list '! so i
,' and diplomacy, he would not have se1 voicing field generators; the 3 .
of figurehead editors who suffer from i Finger Tried Many
cured and held this and :''Id.OOv volt J
IV! Charles A Edwards secretary respect co n generators, the first i
4 ;the atrophied condition which follows' I : and Consulted Three .
of the democratic congressional com- fidence. potential measuring instruments, |I j j
'i disuse of the senses: I ilf Mr. L'En- -
t j nnttee. believes that Louisville has !( first steel towers and the first !i I j i iI but Got No Relief-Now! -i
glt' s opinion is to be accepted all:! the! w
-. { the bt-st ( I ante of landing the next : Florida Decline of Oratory : turbine generators west of Chicago. i I Is Very
editors i
1 are so afflicted, the ex.ception l :
1 tlt'UI'rittlha'I"W convention! Within the | .
IIiff i i exoc being Mr L'Engie hims", ;if. memory of even a young 1! I $
I i I 'l"tng ucago. ': who!: is lonesome. He stands clj.-r: !'.:'a4 the decline of the orator's power 1 OF MAN i OF HAVING TRIED( !

i to tie head of them
that haveand e. r t :nhe South may be traced and a
Th r jur> .t f set: not-because: : they dent v.a:.:: ,
: a.' I; (!av'!!,, Of coot? his aeQ : to correspond: : 1'% ir-uase in the power as stated elsewhere by the ;;j ; I

i .rut! 't .\ foregone conclusion; _'f ::.e wr.:':-!: ; ord. Joel Chandler we know nothing of the Tampa
A.I:: because ;.:e Banner _. :i. ". eczema on mv hand for '
i f 1 :fv i, \t.i' :\ a Jury it. :!:<"? I'nned have ejes enough to :hawot- .:. -eply to an invitation of the affair or whether Peter i years. The hands cracked ;'
; s 'at<-r th.t' At'.. ,i conJ.u> V>od>. ::-:: uTdehver Kight or Wallace Stovall made ; places and bled. One r
an address
: again.e: Sun ?edror> at a Southern i was bad
so that the nail
s <'II the te-',::, 'Lof sucb' a creature effort to control l the Manatee I
I didn' ;annersity : 1 would I had often heard of
t expect: a::':y ling: !bet'er: : nomake ac'och cure Yi
.t' t In'ha court by wire or otherwise. but i but had
i if Remedies
rr.a ihe pudgy sQalgy: :; toad who ,: for on* in::I'.un: do::lars.u ." /! in them f
did such never reached as I had tried -o
; ,\ tabu! ."!11 o! the re-' '.I"j" of the ruute Lake Cr> '.-...1 ir'r';* o; t.cs'' \ ::.>""va-ir..z< nr.-r I r.i ruec-men sight of the ears I i and they all had fair j i
hair if \ >- .. .. Judge Stewart, and had I! I had seen three doc t,>i>,
w,rw of n -. '.shows that of the :243'M ? j :\writ; s.nce :'.-> r:,- \.i.: "r- j"> a: :i ::;J. -,. -are not : relief.
bearing whatever on his actions 1 Finally mv !h-:::- 1
f i
'\ .. 1. tared gi'i-: ar.3--- : : n.a.-i :io: came conffssioc. we would the
i .I ou :" CM-iUib: U:2 -h* LEngle nt try l:at-
t Laic :tn-,-n >.trtt while 5 ro.eha't! :' Ta > ali.o: ';t personal ) says Prof. lim.. discussing: the i.d; .. matter Judge i i so we got a cane .f .i
.s'" iury as he saw it, a box of Cuticura Oint
H': 1 'ia i ,at rtain-'d: "Sou-bs Intellectua, Expre-s.on: "* ::: .:
. i t'u rett1 > : and >$ ii.ore: repor"a ;: sonie hope : .ne 'n' :a-:or from I \ bottles of Cuticura Rt'-'i- -
.- I :U>a! Oi! hi- entire: number: oi the for' :'i<.' uie'a'ioii! ot the eeirenar-: ..| World: 's Wor.Th: .:.,u--.n.e '.ra". anyone. II I Of course J keep Cutuura

ian \' !:'_. QWa -t: ter' ::5 hii'i "J '_>\''-r' >:'JrI"D.., Tio-e of us who know Judge St time for mv hand: i MU .
I lust" :* w. !-..a: 43 wv.ic :and ;5v :; c zej\\: :Mjn: :..'" 1 he of Soap and half a txx .
W t -a is one of
t ...Idn'u B4-: : r ,:: .:.,: : :':1. ::" 's :..;";.t -t-.i. .._ : the : Ointment cured them. It
_. .
personal ;
I tune D> oue we ::,saaa: ai: nave to ,irr uca io every one ana did twenty -' fnnd.know hi ;, blessing and I for me to hanmy' \ ; i t
) rr
a iaftrent am proudf
1 '' ,. make wafor Claude years :ago; hence we have typpof man l'J
*. !I.tl' < J' : of Jai a:. ,Ii':1t.: and :let hm becotue !lesseoiot'onal :: r'.,.' '. Cuticura Remedie. and
11 !f t to ntar!> i : oi. .lollar.-! '!! a part the whole: iunourger. : .=iL. and: a grta'er' pr'e.su : .." = on rte: bench them to all -uffenng with!
I ;- =way'J: ; Eliza A. Wiiev H F. D.
: --If-r ,
I :, ,' .. lit' !has betii dj 'tl ; .- and: :a '.'lacy .a sytak.ac: -P-J influence. A
W.: ; h rtN "r f in .--. :> a- \- j p--> :a2ii' t':r : .' r-,-- .' Iowa, Uct. IS, l JOo."'
n- ,
; 1 "hSuu r.dis. W'"hi. .. E.-.L: :M.L.S, Trinity cont. -. N.r' -. t .a; of the
I j.- 7 -,1 Tnt' v--.. ot= p< : ta' Ld.iir : ? .. .
I 1 .i.tll i ::a :* -- :.t-i: $.">"I..h.J' v_ u. } <..aa : -. a:, ,i I..: seeiL: :'; ::...\":. \\ .:. Ci.: c::::" .1- of rr.-ite.::.l .; _; :::1 his daily !
touched me in a tender on the bench or r
:. : la t' 't : i4'i; nrfnt: thatf.ttatr the p'.ace.his : G PIMPLES
f V
\ HAD AN stands a.way: for th*. i 1
Shill and touch AWFUL TIME{ r.jjh': !
< ;, :! : i' >'. a:, '. ho a.d try it agaill.po: i
tail ? r.rn.i j .
'"li'i.A": i i: >: not lost. II i v n.- OAL r: ,L-r .-r.f- Poisoning. Cured
.t il \ tat Ltun
? t lOll ... :
MI But La '
Chamberlain's Sets
Colic. Cho! era andOarrtloea r :;? of Cuticura
: lai !h !
I '. diagno.-f-a: 'err"
':.1Jtt'U! '" \ < w i :h- \\ a- .t''t'\ ..
Remedy Cured h m :: a:: "':-'. ; -.jil- .. Remedies.
} .1,1..: ah! OM'A": .':r-'''''s !-> 1 tixrbt r w .i, j'r-iNr-nji[ -.... :' ';I* with r'J..nty !! .
pleasu v.r : _.' -_ : --;; in. itca.i t
ai':- i it.a l j ai trite e>e and a honzoa- this unsolicited testimonial. } twelve y? got a blood diea"t' frnm
boat; agild i bs {>n underwear.
S E \' 1:1: i :.it-ivi.i ::.4> s that near!} tai! afQiction of a like nature :'n thelirhd' year ago when I had a severe: r-a-e vry: set has marked. !h'.m :! and he had al fir a\\fCll titan

at '' .' t-'u: !.-tr and ylficr fortvuf of n.eas.es I got caught ou'; in: :a n.rnra a n.ar.A f .iard---r ar.: .,'Jfl.r, ; !t I took a good many ",_
H and bra measles ::.": 'a-- ". i remedies
.,' : '- '. and nothln
i '. ::1 -' <. it work a'K'r Krtr'.itid > I IE''Il' ClaLdv's.rtUes: : : W..1::: :It.x'n.: setUean i.t jp{ :K.vn-3:':: : : 'Hi
;., Ipq ; 'o LJl '. n,1t'j -i >-ar Cuticura
: R>tutdt,- ill:11
:!E-: and<< bad it not been for the ...,, i ;
Kay ? 10. .': .. J... r ,'''!I r.\. : ...l.t.)7] \ ;;, ;;a... ji Chamberlain Colic. Cholera and I "" ;- "y :" r'-J'- -<> closely ; ; him after using in ail two

r ir.! \*d extension work Only two' that his case is hopeless and the'Diarrhoea j Remedy I could not have f with one voice they reflect them i I ', soap Ite wlvent Cuti\'um. and Omt-n. 'w

.. possibly lived but a few ho ire lon,! office Wi;i'HO'iT oppfjriif.on: BUT ; do without
ad 1' "t' the! office men are kept at sense" of is entirely gone. :r twit Cuticura: ti.'ap! .
sight but thanks to this remedy I am no* c-jri :.f Judge I 1050 Benners St.,
Siesiar Readlllg,
h, \\ nd !ih. e wi.l: rema.n there The Suns af
>' : ( ; illuinuuinUa! ra> s. w.rn ,i strong and welL I have written the : > 1906.:'

., i ..' v .s. n. ..i'','r the! : !su'er- C-iuUt-s: ", i i'lg Is taatafr so 1 LajyIli : i above i through simple gratitude and'jl;! judge was such that the peothapproved : ; md Interest 'lbatmrrt for 1

: I I..t. Nl.t L U.a\. ru UJi ';':- -""i :'a Lls edl'oria'.s: 11.A': restore I shall always speak a good word for his official acts: at the 1 1 i Infant.wp ,,25c.1, Cbudl'tDADd to l'lean.-e.dual. :"
I I nr 't..h.
'I this remedy.-Sam H. Gwin Concord election. | (.5Oe.) to Heal the ,.
.. .. 'I.n .11
18 tee .. 4-'J the: .i : I Ij i I taM Hlr .
Ga. For IQ the form ': '
sale by all .
druggists, xi: Judge Stewart as in all cas.s. :; 25- per Via .If WI Iv Pi.r'
r** I : Ie : WI world Pott,'f'r.... ok
i J'ropJ.. tiuton, 30 ISid i
1 Bookr 011 erva I and alp. 4

-' c __., .
:!r 1 __ 1tI- -."

-.--" ; t-"" ,., ... '-

h_ -- -" !I!!_. de,;"'; : y ,, {.a.' I-, \!, "; .--.tj-.;; !

1 .,




Sensational II 1 I A R R F A -Read a Frightful

Sac r i fie i n g of Breakdown in Fur-
Values. . M U P L I'I I --niture Prices. ..



JThe Entire Stock 01 Furnitur Rugs and Household Goods

Of Smith & Roberts'' of Ocala, Florida Has Been Placed in the Hands of The Furniture Sale Company, of Chicago,, Illinois

Appraisers and Adjusters and Must Be Sold To Pay Their Debts

The entire stock shall and will be sold during this sale. This means the greatest slaughtering ol prices ever heard of, No price slashing like this sale ever happened before. You
f c surely cannot afford 10 miss this grand opportunity to save big money on useful and desirable goods. Remember, this stock must be TURNED INTO CASH AT ONCE TO PAY CREDITORS,
and to do this in a short lime, herein stated, the prices have been torn to pieces. Costs are not eonsidered. The one and only aim is to sell this stock in 15 days time. This gigantic
closing out sale positively opens Aug 3d. and continues 15 days only. Don't delay be on hand early and get advantage of the best of the big bargains- Read it through-every word
means dollars to you. You cannot afford to miss this great sale. MONEY SAVED IS MONEY EARNED Remember for 15 days only, beginning Aug. 3d at 8.30 a.m. sharp. Never before has
such a Golden Opportunity knocked at your door. This sale means the best goods at an immense saving to you.


$6 oo value Iron Beds, wonderful Japan :Matting, Reversible Patterns, $I 8.50 value, Solid Oak, carved 700'J.lue .___. . . .$4.48 14.00.value, Air Spaced, saleprice
bargains 15 day sale price_ .$2.98 Clinched Edges Will Not Ravel headboard, 6x4 in beveled .____. .. ... __ ____8.45
this sale
$6.jo i t.? :e I Beds, all sizes, 15 35c value, du ing the 15 days plate glass, sale price. . 119 8 $15.00 price.value. ,. .during. .. . .$5.50 iS.oo value, Solid: Oak, brass
day .11emc.e. . : . .$3.48 sale, yard . . . . J9c4oc S20.oo\.a1ueOJ. ,. . . 4.30 Sawed trimmed, sale price . JJ.25
: Quarter
: $:q.oo'J.lue
$;7.So \ 1 : all sizes, 15 value, selected designs during asbestos
value, Solid Golden
Oak Refrigerators
25.00 Top, round 25.00
. . . polished top
day sale price : $4.48 this 15 days sale yard . 23c carved fronts, highly polished, pedestal support, sale price $J4.00 air chamber, quarter sawed
SS.oo\'aluc Beds, all sizes, 15 45c value, during this 15 days sale price \5.00 oak, sale price. . . 4.58
day sale price. . . . .$4.98 sale: . . . . . 28c "" " "
**Just a few, Iron Bed, complete 35.00 value I 1-4 Sawed Oak, a DRESSERSwith

spiral wire spring and FLOOR OILCLOTH perfect beauty, sale: prIce..2 J.00 Si.;0 value u. . . u. 5.40 CH RS.
cotton top mattress, regular .150.00 ISawed Golden Oak, doz. Kitchen Chairs,
while last .$6.48 Soc Scotch Linoleum, yard .850 -i-[ .00 value 1 Golden Oak Dresser 24
$11 50 they only. !piano. polished, hand rubbed, French beveled mirror, -r hand made, extra
French plate I tin beveled sale i .. .8 \ I :.I i' strongly made, 900
MATTRESSES COIS mirror, a model of perfection, price--'G d-- :: I value, sale price. _. ..56c
s-le price. . . .. J.85 $18.50 \.a 0 Quarter
$3.50 value I Mattresses, soft top, $>3n'lue I Woven Wire Cot,. Sawed OJ.k., construction fin- 32 doz. SolicTOak Framet
j day' sale price . . J.78 upholstered __$J.95 ish, sale 1 price_ . . .$J0.48 J. :: 11 Double Cane Seat

. 6.75 15 day value.sale price inJ.tion\llttress. :" .,3. JO $4.50\'alue.C.tl1\.as $2.25 $2.75: v .-lue..BED. .. SPRINGS. . . .u_. .60 $16.50 value. . . . $J2.00 f Chair this sale, 95c at value.. ..,.go. .at. 63c

$10.00 value.40 pound Cotton :Mattress $3-50 value, Coil Springs - .$2. JO 28 doz. High Back Solid
15 day !sale price . 6.50 WASH STANDS KITCHEN TABLES Oak Finished
\\\rlre.$2.50 Highly
${').,value .$(..95 $4. K)>
.*. II .oo value .$7.36 $6.0o value :Spring: . . . $3.55 ;..ao value, Large Size, Yellow Chair Cane, $1.25 Seat value DiningROCKERS saleprice

Pine, well finished, sale price $J.48 ____ -- . . 93c -
$[.15 vahfce, Golden Oak MOSQUITO CANOPIES $"".50 value 1 Georgia Pine, with
or Mf'Uogany. the MARSEILLES BED SPREADS : _ .. . .98c drawers, well constructed, 19 doz. High Back
:$2 50 value sale price . _ . $J.98 Cane Seat Hand
kind grandma likes t<* :-1 i sale 1. value, Full.Size, fit any bed,73c 'f"OOaue.' full size:: . $ ..38 'r-tOO\J.ue.1 the best built on themarket Polished Dining i i
rock in, during! tl'I,,,\\.\\ I It' price steel sale I price . .$2.20 Room Chair, a big
15 day sale !price .98c t. '.;.i.75 value, 5J.1"1 price. 98c >4 00 v.'lue trame extra - . .$1.3rb
,1.. e titling3PIECE . . . $2.48 snap -''
.$.$2.50 Rockers, sale rlsP$ Moo valueHxtra Fine, sale price 1.68.L.. I
prace. . $(. .35 .J' i -- HALL RACKS
$5 50 value: Golden Oak Cane BED ROOM SUITES $15.00'alue., Oak, bevel plate STOVES
beat Nurse Rocker, dm ing .$".,.20 $22 50 value Golden Oak 3 I mirror, sale price ____ $8.48 $12.50 value, Dixie Make, sale
this sale price------------ $2.JO $5.50 value., piece Bed Room Suite SI8.oo\'alueGoldenOJkbe\'el price __ .. .. ._ .. . .7.48
$650 value Cane Seat, reinforced $i o.oo 6.98 sale price . .. . .$J2.98 x French mirror, sale price. $J0.48 $[ Loo\.alue, Large O\.en,5J.le

day bottom sale price during. .this. .:. $3.60 ?32.00.alue Beautiful I Finish PI' $30.00'aue I Golden Oak, price . . . . J0.98
15 value, Porch j Rocker; KITCHEN SAFES Golden Oak 3 piece Bed highly polished, 1-4 sawed, $l0.0o Bessemer Steel Range
f3d.so : back ..n de"t' 1 .$2.50 Room Suite. sale price . 6.50 I beveled mirrors sale price $4.45 asbestos lined, the very best
uu e cane $4'1'J.ue. . . . 27.48 . .. .28.00
during this 15 day sale . .$1.706.,0 value 1 . . . $4.00 54(1.( (>0 value eo' 40.00 value to close out thiselaborate made, sale price
. . . . .$2.45 : piece .f Don't fail to look at these bargainsMISCELLANEOUS
$5.OO\u< $9.5o"ue. . . .$6 00 sale price. .. furmture'$2 (..80
value Solid Oak
$4 hSa value ten 1 pieces, over- $:'.oo value Axminster 27x83 .75c Polished 5-drawer Chiffonier, ICE any color any size the
glazed porcelain fini:>hed, the $3.00 value, body \eh et.xmm- sale price . . . . $7.50 I 2.00 value, 2 quart \\r hlteIoun.: greatest bargain ever offered.
r very be-t design, during this ster Rug 39x82 $1.85 $16.So.J.iue Chiffonier, Golden tarn, sJ.lepnce . : . J.35 75c\.alue. . . . . . 30c
I sale nnly. . . $2.29 $5.oo value, Smyrna reversible Oak French Mirror.sale price $9.20 300. value, 3 quart Arctic, saleprice I. \"J1ue..4 e
I Rug' to close only $.y,.98 value Chiffonier oak, : ,. . . . . J.45 # o0 ::
$5 25. twelve I piece sot, di.stmctde $20.00 I \lue: . ... .. .55c
( $1,25 "" "
$. 3oo'a lie, Smyrna Rug. $ .98" French mirror, sale 4.25: value 1 4 quart Arctic, sale
.ign, nothing bet lei IIllde large . ... . J.98 value 1 . . . .. .. 60c
during this sale: $.",.98 I Lot of 35.00 Art Squares 8x12$1998. . . . . $J4.00 price -- $[i.5o --


PHONOGRAPHS Phonograph, regular Couch Bargains S35.00'alue, Solid Oak Roll Top Office Desk, duringthis
sale. ._ .. ._ . .. .. ,. .. . .$21.48
( selling price ,
l \
t with nickel plated $4.00'alue, Roll Top Desk, typewriting attachments,
: \ horn, without rec- piano finished, a beauty to sacrifice. ... . .$29.98

ords, i-,,00, this rt
ti sale with one rec- ;1

ord only 4.00J -;'".f"K.s.I' -' 4 LACE CURTAINS
Irt' h\
with riower horn )\\'(;\.(",\\\"
I' \ I '1 rte >i.oo value, Nottingham Lace Curtains;: pretty designs,
f.. 4 ", .t i.' .;.h. regular time price 9 pair . .. ._.. ._. .' . . . . .. .58c
,... .. ,. -, ,\ Cl'h'{ n-'W only . J 6.90t.ar BUY NOW
,l* tu' .>t |11I'I'I"\l.j, i ( ,, .'ph..ph.mecomplete $I.SO value, fish net lace curtains, pair. _. .. ___ . ... .98e

with dowel t h .iu i an\ twelve recoidx, only. 35.20 $15.00'alue$ Yd"t'elctr: hatui; tatted, reinforced steel $2.50 value, Irish Point Lace Curains, pair.. . . _._ J.28WINDOW

CKOfKt'KYr : spring, sale pi ice_ - . . . . $8.00

_. _..._
'lcn China I Dinner Set $16.00.llIe: 1 sale $ J 2,00 ----- -
l I I'"i iS.oo Extra Fine Golden Oak Framecirve legs price
IOf\ ..., oI. I'oI'I.'t i.tfr.uk. . . . . 9.95 I $
( Velvet Corduroy, diamond tufted, spring,
loo l I.'t.! t' I l'inm1vt i I 11.1'"LUIlI" hlll.i, 3 tone color, reinforced throughout, our guarantee for ten years $ 4.48 SHADES40c
I III ,. '. t 1. 5,1li 1 enough for a
tk"Ill'11In.alfC',:',: 'It) joI. talue . . . 11.34 S3l 00 1'antigoat Leather Couch, uiamond hand tufted value: All Colors! Hartshorn: Rollers . . . --..285ccnle

: ,-t! I....,. 1'I1..t i .1 !rth l Iml|H'itCi d!;;i* \11'M.t(40'} t anti l .Saucer. . never. .4 3c :golden uH ell tor mahogany tea ears frame, the, tempered greate>t steel\alue: : sPrll16s.ld ever offered.sale !.- : h. . . ..___..33ec

i'I: \ \.tot\ Lrtr r.., I. her i iMiiiier\: l"jte. ... ,.oc. .tor. .set. _58C: : l'reef .- . - . . . $8.45 I-; value . . . . .40c

. -.. .-

That This Stock Must be Sold at Almost Your Own Price to Pay Oc Debts

\vffl b Closed Thursday and Friday. August Jst and 2nd, to Arrange and Remark in t Plain Red Figures on Every Article < and Institute Facilities for Handling of

Tier Ckwds S4e tilt* Opening Days. An Additional: Large Force of Help Engaged for this Great Sale Insures Good Service. No Matter How Big the Crowd-Let Nothing Keep

Big iwi Cannot Afford to Miss This Event. It will t Truly be a Great Sale, Great in Value-Giving, Great in Variety and Quantity and Quality of Merchandise
You V "'d\'. You -

You cm Afford to Lay Aside Your Household Duties to Attend this Great Sate as it Mans Dollars of Saving to Youieineniber

Hie Day} Dale and Place, Sale Positively Begins Saturday August 3, at 8.30 a. m. and Continues for 15 Days Only


., .,. ., ... ,, ..-, I. '... -. ,_. -: .-;' ; gf -' r'P -..;::: -
{!{} 0-... < } .:;. ,..;..:"... -_- y- .., :_- '-- -,->, r'<" < "- < -i -v. -C ,.
,, r- '. .. _
: .
.. ; -<< ,, _
_. - -- .. -- '." ". '.> '
-- - --------- --- -- -- -- I:P -r

.- --.- -- -
.. :: --- ---- -- --
"' --- -- ---- --- -


'I'I L f. t.
I t busy. He is a recent ;graduate W. A.

Correspondence ,! I of tbe Atlanta Dental College, j! ANNOUNCEMENT. E

Cor. Ocala Banner and his speak in high terms .
farmers were visited by a nice ; Special : i patrons I
{ work is extra .
His plate
t PICNIC rain last Sunday. I I Rev. Sirdefield filled the pulpit at of his work.
THE CARTER'S POND ..r '.t....',
I The excursionists have returned I Candelr Sunday morning, and at fine. t- .. :. ':. 411 Ha "tes: IIiJiIU"'"
We r-ave just yuua: ,, tk ot ... 'i I. -ter)
from South Carolina, and report having Weir Park Sunday afternoon. No ser- Mr. Marcus Endel, superintendentof StAndltl'ui+. ,..1. n' ,' .I'" "- r a" :1 'Ot' ; ..
"peelal' 1 Cur Ocala Itanmr.Tlir : S A. : NE Q en !lfo(" t
a nice time. 'vices were held here Sunday: only the insurance department of the thing that i is ne.'dtU: it+ '_ .L __ "II ;lPL.;;I.: |
'tit' La'I
** hundred persons found out I; Mr. J. K. Misson and Rev. A. L. Sunday school in the morning and Knights of Pythias was in Reddick I. the word. We art agents tur seer:". of the tsl>> Farra, tVkRom han'be "L I rat! eAt

Mislay that Carters loud is on tt<: week after the boys. Sev- ct li'.ajit" Beat'ies rbe+rt ee !
i Prisoc visited Lake City last ., Epworth League at night. this week looking ke ; also several makes ready to rllll' !turu'
dry I Just a few hours' ride from : and attended the State Baptist Con A surprise party was given Monday eral have already insured in this or- I rhty of vehicle ether of \vhich

lk M. .N*'t.r before were the play- i vention.Mr. night in honor of Mr. Shedd's niece, der and others took insurance this i Grade Serviceable:: Carriages,

surrounding I Troy Mayfield attended Sunday Miss Lizzie Wells who is visiting week. It is one of the strongest. High Buggies,
d. merrier. The Harness,
school here last Sunday.Mr. here for the summer. All report a most reliable orders in the country Unexcelled Wagons,

su fairly resounded with laughter. I T. H. Mills has purchased the I most enjoyable evening. We are all and insurance in the endowmetn rank : LapTurpentine Pcbes, Etc.. Etc.
Aj truly as daybreak buggies I
gar from the surroundinguJIqr :old "Dow" lots at Flemington and expects -! !glad to welcome Miss Wells among doesn't cost half as much as with the I Wagons a Specialty.

radius of to make his home with us in us, and trust she will enjoy her stay. old line companies. Every .man of I
aad cities within a C mret tIn
the I the future. Too farmers are busy pulling fodder family ought to have life insurance. -lie are Always in POSition. to Meet t* Pr-ces of Ueg.t.mate

vy bye y of main Mr began and Mrs to file J. M.towards Carter, at I Mr. James Robinson of Jacksonville -; and planting. cow peas. Rev Cunningham is on the sick We are Sole Agents for the celebrated White Hsck v T ur.

I i is the guest of Mr. M. J. Chitty Judge L. L. Hopkins is having an week.
Garter's' rood. At about 9 o'clock the i list this pentine and Farm Wagon.Knight .
for a few days. addition put to his barn. Mr. J. N.
firt carriage arrived. Following the I We learn that Mrs. L. J. Davidsonand
I A small crowd ofoung people Shedd is doing the work. We are al- I I \
Jim _Triale, tk>y began to arrive her daughter, who left some time
gathered at the home of Mr. H.V.. I ways glad to see building going on, &
10 o'clock j to visit Dr. .1. Lang
erwjr aaioute, and by every- ago for West Virginia
I Nettles last Sunday night and enjoyed I and trust that others will take pat- ,
ate wu there. All of Berlin and Fellowship I W. Davidson, and expected to go from
and talking.Mr. .
themselves singing
were there. tern.Mr. there to Illinois to spend the remain I Slit.(.....!oor.. to' ...r..nrll P\ and Douglass Fant expects to begin I Chas. A. Tremere is getting
Ocala sect lIon. and Mrs. E.V.. der of the summer, will return home I
work on his new house next I his foundations laid and lumber on ..
Davis and Interesting children Mrs. this week on account of both having ,, --. -
Thursday.Mr. I the ground to rebuild his store, which -- -- -- -
1'Sntoo and children, Mrs. W. D. ueen quite sick since leaving home i

Or Mte. Mr. John Sutherland, the ing business. H. W. Nettles at the mill is doing these a days.rush-I I, was We also destroyed learn by that fire Mr.some Tremere time ago.has The Misses Nettles of the Flemington ) ..................NN..N.....N.....................

.rtt_, sad four of as charming young I section, are visiting Mrs. C. M. '
There are from one to a dozen teamsa a large stock of goods on the road,
fetes as you will find in a day. They I I Cam this week.A i
for lumber. is to sell at reduced !
day which he going I Accounts
Smith ,
MlMten Genevieve New
vn prices. We wish him much success I little dog, lost from his little Adding
tf dc Rarhelder, Ernestine Brooks along the ma--I
FAIRFIELD FACTS in his growing business.Mr. I ter, was slinking
&M Ffcta Hood. the streets with his- tail between his o ''
C. II. Hilton, who has been I I
Mattel was represented by Miss Special Cor. Ocala Banner: managing the business for the Hilton legs as if he had already been in I :
Ausle Mr. and :
Mrs. ,
Claire Bryant The young people of this neighbor : Lumber Company, intends going trouble and desired above all thingsaot

M,.. Fate Miller and family, Mr. Joegckteger hood enjoyed a delightful dance in:II North about the 24th of August. Ii IiI to be seen. But just then thetrays' acCounts: :
and Master Robert Bryant. i I
$ the hall last Friday evening.Mr. I I Judge and Mrs. Hopkins will leave high school across the street .

Tboe from Geiger were Mrs. W. H. Gatrell, Mrs. Gatrell, Miss I on the lath for Danbury, Conn., to I was discissed for the afternoon. One I I rate. Possibly also !
Mrs. satisfactory
W. G lgr and children, Mr. and Edna Gatrell and Mr. W. B. Hammond i visit friends and relatives. mischievous boy espied tbe dag and : a very
Miss Leila I +
ten Waiitlogton.Neal and children I left for Jamestown last Tues- Mrs. Mary Fogg leaves today for threw: a stone at him. The dog started might be glade \ to join us.COMMERCIAL. i.-e i.** +*
wanted to
I Tennessee to visit relatives. to run, but other boys 1

Prow Hawtrorne: Miss Alice Thom- day.Mr.. Carlos Sistrunk of Ocala wasa Miss Maude Denser will leave for try:: their hand at throwing rocks, so .

a*. visitor to our little town last Mon- Oxford Thursday and will visit he:; poor brute received more than I : i

York: Mr. and Mrs. Vance Weath- day.' friends and attend the barbecue. She me hard pelting as be ran down the j, '

(ft tad Miss Hobble Harrison. Mr. W. L. Godwin made a business; will return Sunday. We wish her a street. Others gave chase until fi.1 BANK

lARD: Mr. and Mrs. Sebe WeatlI trip to Ocala last Tuesday.Mr. pleasant trip. tally quite a crowd was following the I I.

Davis of Irvine was in our lit The Epworth League social at the log. Someone put his head out of a I i
oUtown: Mr. and Mrs.: Ed WeatlCfS. the' OCALA, FLO,
tie town last Wednesday.Mr. I parsonage Tuesday nigbt was a success window and inquired what was '

That dinner! It was just sin- W. H. Leverett, the sectioi There was a large attendance natter. "Only a stray dog," was tht-'I' 4.N.NN.N...6..NN...O .......................... o
foreman here, happened to quite a serious ind everyone enjoyed-the games and' mswer. Further down the

t4jr Ute belt ever. accident while going out to ta:: singing and luscious lemonade and others joined in, not knowing what
Mr. J. 1.. Heck said grace and we.+
work Wednesday morning. His lever cake. Everyone was sorry when the started the dog to run. Another heat!
fill to." First, the table groaned: : 11I.4-. .H
car jumped the track and he received hour arrived to depart for their was thrust out of a window and in- [ -"" -- I
Ibeo we groaned. I tell you, E. W.me r.lIj
several painful bruises.Dr. I homes. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Sir quired: "What is all this noisfabout
loves pie. G. G. Randall went to Reddick and think. H. A. Spencer L. E. Lang J. A. BowlerAnnouncement
defield for the pleasures of the even ? "A stray dog, we I
were fit for I
Mrs. FrinK's sausages
Tuesday and expects to spend the I ing, and trust it will not be long be- maybe, he is! mad!" Further on. a-- I
so was Mrs. Beck's cake and<
a king:
rest of the week there. "Doc" says fore we may meet again at their the crowd grew, someone cried: "Mad
M Carter's chicken, and Miss Ic'uHf's -
he is getting an abundance of dental home. dog!" A little further on anotherperson
Iced cakes, and Mrs. Mills
( work to do there and he likes the lit Mrs. J. F. Pelot, who has been so looked out of a window and
edibles-and we
pies and e\eryone's : :
came mar "busting." so to speak. tIe town fine. sick for the past three weeks, is excitedly asked: "What in the world \re. have just: purc'ia-e l the
Mr. L. S. Light of Reddick was much better. The doctor advises a is the matter" lad dog! mad doff';!
Mr. Gc-orge Mills was the coo I machinery plant' of the 1'tnge; and dim- 'onipai.y.<< :
here last Saturday and joined theFarmers' change. and she will leave next week and he has just bitten four or five I l. .
drink and ice cream man. He did a cinil+l solicit' a share of the repair work of :Marion and
Union. for Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clear- boys ata the boys' high school!' A : :

land office business. Mr. Bert Montgomery of Irvine was water, where she will visit friends policeman heads off the little dog and adjoinjni, counties.vVe make a specially of repairing

The ladies. John men Sutherland were Messrs.and! Raleigh Joellotlgens. over in our section last Sunday even- and relatives. Her many friends trust I I ends the chase by putting a bullet I -tp-rn pumps. gas engines, etc. j j

Ht't'k. ing.Mr. that the change will greatly benefit through his body. L...t us ijuote: you prices. |

J. A. Thomas and family returned her. 1
"Callopean" Jack McCully and Mr. Late that night a heart-broken little
home last Tuesday from their
Kd Carter were the right hand men boy sat on the floor in his mother'shumble r
trip to Georgia. COW BOY. Buck Pond Picnic Ocala Gas Engine
cabin with his little dog's
I Tlvy were on the right and left 01
The people of Buck Pond announce I
f all sl+tes. f>\try here at all times, and head in his lap, wondering bow people CtWAHT
i EVINSTON, BOARDMAN AND McINTOSH thai they will hold their annual pic-
they made everyone feel at home on could be so cruel as to kill with- ; 1
nic on August 23rd: and extend a
the play ground.Mr. out cause the only pet he had ever
hearty invitation to all to be
James Hudgens was the musi Special Cor. Ocala Banner: I present. had, and one that had been his daily L ... ........-' .nfi "'m"""' .. 2, ......_ffi J jc
clan, and the way he picked the ban i companion all his life. But "it was
Mr. Johc S. Richardson who ban REDDICK RUMBLINGS
J.i was a caution. only thoughtlessness" the peoph'
.. been in this vicinity for six or eight
Lads and lassies danced all ,'. *' said. Who has not seen just as sail;
: I months, in the trucking business, returned Special Cor. Ocala Banner: ..4....................... ..........................
1 his music, and when night came they results proceed from idle remarks of :
last Monday to his home in Some of our friends who have been
danced some more, as there was a I good people? We wonder how many : THEN USE
; t dance at the home of Mr.I Ed Carter. away from home are returning.Mr. readers of the Banner recall. when
William Shuttleworth is having
I )Irs. 1'. B Potts was the chaperon. F. C. Mayo, who went to Georgia they say their prayers at night. i
.i a large windmill set up in his OUR BOOKS WILL TELL YOU
I \ The' oak and hickory foliage was yard. last week to look after his cotton whether or not they have said anything .

; a* as garlands of the Oregon that day to injure some man i S
green The truckers of this section have farm, returned Wednesday: also Mrs. : 'FLORIDA VEGETABLES"A com "IRISIIPOTATOES"Book ion

x : crape; the heavens were cloudless "laid down the shovel and the toe," I.[ A. Boyd and children and Master or woman who never did them harm. : "

and from the gulf the wind blew in and, while they have not taken up 21yde Fridy returned the same day We know a lot of people that talk Cult-a. I

delicious cool gusts, and there wt about others. Just think awhile and : "
i the "fiddle and the bow" they are !rom Columbia S. C. Master Clyde "FLORIDA ORAXGES"-Book of and Shipping.

t 'H're-ov..r 300 of us-gay and happy, taking a good rest until time to begin was quite sick while in Columbia, and see if you can remember ever doing : special interest to orange grow PINEAPPLE FERTILIZING" i t

down there by the pond, enjoying our such a thing If you have, get in line .
their preparations for fall trucking. lad a hard chill when he reached : ; : ers. special interest to pineapple

selves.We Mrs. C. H. Price and Mrs. J. A. lome. Mr. E. D. Rou also came home with those who helped destroy the growers. : (,

J i.. said goodbye to our host and Bouvier, with their children, are visiting a few days ago from South Carolina. harmless little dog and stay there : "FLORIDA STRA WBERRIES"- "'IDEAL FERTILIZERS" Book .. _
Mr. and Mrs. Carter, just as until reform. i .
hostess their parents, Dr. and Mrs. During a thunder storm last week you BARKIS. : Booklet+ on "Soil, Varieties, Cut all of our different brands, analyses : ;

I the son went down. A. A. fEV1NSTON Richardson, of Boardman. Mrs. Bou- ightning struck two horses belongingo tivation and Fertilization." prices, etc. : .<

II vier's friends will be glad to know : Mr. S. L. Fridy and both were instantly Endorsed by the County .
BOARDMAN AND Me- : New and revised edition of the above just published free for asking.
that she is improving and getting killed. Both were valuable "The most popular remedy in Otse- I i :

; INTOSH stronger since coming into the coun animals, and the loss will amount to go county and the best friend of my y
: try. $!400. family" writes Wm. M. Dietz editor: WILSON & TOOMER FERILTIZER COMPANY i
I Zpeccial 'or. ocala Banner: and publisehr of the Otsego Journal, ,
I' The hard road from Boardman to I It is said that more horses are killed Gilbertsville. N. _, "is Dr. King's JACKSONVILLE .

fl@v. Mr. Barr P. C. of Micanopysod the point" has been completed, or by lightning in Florida and more New Discovery. It bas proved to be I : FLA.McMillan .

i Evinston churches, held protract nearly so. It will greatly facilitate I people in Georgia than in any other an infallible cure for coughs and ; 4.4......+....4+4.4.4:4... .... ....................t
colds, making short work of the
ed services at Cunston last week. the of states.
t hauling the orange crop. worst of them. We always keep a _________
1 The meetings were good, and all who Miss Bessie McRae has returned I Miss Ruble Waite of Orange "Lake, bottle in the house. I believe.it to be

f attended spoke of the zeal and ear- home from a visit to friends and relatives he lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs the most valuable prescription known

tneatness with which they were con at Melrose. C. C. Waite, made a short visit in for Lung and Throat diseases." Guar-

t tacted. The new school house at McIntosh I leddick this week, the guest of Miss anteed to never disappoint the taker I Bros'Southern
by Tydings & Co. Price 50c. and $l.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wolfenden left is under way, and will be ready for Annie Wilson. Trial bottle free. xMr. I

I yesterday for a visit to their daugh occupancy in time for the next I We were in error last week as to Copper Works 4.

ter. Mrs. Will Blake of Spartanburg school term. he purchase of tbe Light residence J. P.
Phillips, of Lake
S. Cand their old home and friends n Reddick. Instead of Mr. R. N has I .
City, returned to Ocala and will
In Wisconsin. LAKE WEIR NOTES Johnson[ Mr. H. W. Bishop was the make it his future home. Manufacturers of Turpentine Sulls

Mrs. John Sauttleworth i visiting purchaser. I :

tier parents in Leesburg. I. Special Cor. Ocala Banner: !i An entertainment was- given the The fact that Dr. Long expected an and General Metal Workers.

t Mrs. C. II. Price is in Ocala visit- Mr. J. Carstens spent a few days;given folks on Tuesday evening at the I. apology from President Roosevelt is,I -
Met sister' Mrs. J. A. Bouvier. at his home on the lake the past I home of Dr. and Mrs. B. P. Wilson. I now put forth as a proof of the existence :; ---------------

Mr. John McCarley, agent at Board- week. I Quite a number gathered at an early i of insanity.-Atlanta Journal. i (011 Stilh taken in exchange for new ones Patching ..

Li Bum, has purchased the Boles home, Mrs. Douglass of Shady, with a par hour and a jolly good time they had I through the country a specialty. Orders bv mail or

tt aad has rented it to Mr. Ilutchinson ty of six others, are occupying Mr.I until 12 o'clock. when they dispersed, I The luscious grape is now puttingon I wire will receive prompt attention at either of the
i : touV"mg works .
1 i If' S of llclntosh. ileffert's cottage for a few weeks' ',! wondering if it really was so late. its purple hue. I .

I g Mr. Liasey of Mcintosh will soon outing. I Dr. Randall D. D. S.. originally from I IL Ievy I Ii i FAYETTE ILLE N. C.JACKSONVILLE. .
:4 }t move into Mrs. Annie Smith's home, I Mrs. John Driggers and interesting: county. i is dividms his time be-I" !! Miss Jule Whitfield of Dunedin isim2 SAVANNAH, GA

.' IK I near! the point, and take charge of I family have returned from Tampa. 'ween Fa.iiiell: ::: :and R,..,I MicK,! a'In is \" ? ; M-s: Pau:'ill-' S'".;'. \'al. FLA MOBILE, ALA

her property, as she wil soon move to I where they have been visiting Mrs ...: i '' .
------ h.
Qvincy. Mr. Llasey and his brother- Driggers' parents for the past month -- -- --- J"

13] in-law will make a- venture in the The many friends of J. L. Gran- .

at tracking business. tham and family will be sorry to KM> Great
suffering is the lot of all
let Mr. Will Gist and his sister, Mrs. them from the community.. Mr Oiat. women, neglect the health of their wof -

(fat Gaitukill. left today for Missouri and tham has proved to be a most cultured manly organs. No reason to do so. any more than to neglect a ,

W< will probably visit the Jamestown honest, upright but.iiit's's man 0 r colic, or any other disease that the right kind of medicine will jSS: throat Take,

exposition before returning home. who has the sincere respect of all h.?

Carlyle Bellah has gone to Ilernan- associates and their best w.1o:: : ::; KT

do where he will join his brother, his success in his new venture m

; : Waiter and both will clerk in Christian Tampa.Mr. ladies Wine of Cardu

\, caat hte aud Dickson's! store. S. L. Griggs, one of the prosperous -

melon of Oxford has
,o1111E .
'II I "Regular as the Sun" I just made a deal with )lr. J. L. Drig for all your womanly] ills. It can do t
old as the race. \ont never harm and is
i expression as ,
and. ) an to do
r gers for fifty head of hogs. Coming g00dteen
setting of them Mrs. Sallie H, Blair of .
l doubt the rising and I Johnson City Term "I
right off the range some of them will ,, III vritw: 1 had suffered
ia the most regular performance S months :and had four doctors, but they could not L from womanly troubles for six-
ia the universe I unless it is the action weigh 200 l pounds, which is an Indication help!; me. unlU 1 began false Wbe
bowels whenregulatt"ll At aU reliable '" ; t. CarduL t.
of the liter of a good range. Mr. Driggers'will wwiTusTLiTO 83'a1,00) bottles. Try _
Dr. Kings New Life write or
with have J-M! today for a free Copy of valuable
fifty to of
more dispose in i 64-pqe
Atvice, Wutrate-.1
& Co. describe Book ftJt .
Tydings your Women.
Pills Guaranteed by symptoms: If
two or three months. 4Jj KS tai 'a Aiv+ stating, qe, an.1 r ply"iiii"be" ni yq w1's 'aJ
I' : c.r x I IJ411 I vKV list TJ efh."].,,.,,, M..jirjl'SS! III., pin "velowCOUijty -
J Tenn.! .
r .


... ... .
... -
:e -- ------ .... _
.- _. ...--" --.-. -_: Co-..'_ _- _"-_;II'to -:!;--=- _. -.......,,''':r-'lcr----__. '-', ..' --....- ..-...:;-:..... ,. 't'f ,
.... ,. ; : _" .
a- -"
: { "" ,-tJti/i
; -.. '
> : 'a "! .t.'It
--- T +r KdP r .. ;; ;r;! .- ,; $ .,tr- r3 : 'f-. ..?'J""< > v.." --: ,;,__.



: 'I iOCAiA' BrTER'

: : : : _-

ni E \E\r-p.: .PEH-\\'lL\T LS IT BI-T.'t MAI* "l"> 3f >: v :LI/L- : T> : "L < vT"ArMx t > AM- VAST .\ ::= I _\ :- _1 1 ..i\"ilL( d

VOL. is, NO. .>, UCALA. 'FLORIDA, FRIDAY _\. Ct = (r ,T 1 '! IiuT.! t ONE DoLL_ H A YEAR

1 -
-- -
-- --- n ---- _
-- ---- -' -
-- -- -- -

\Ii!=s :Murirarf-r P'-;r S ui Qcaia ,and A Man Who Visits Ocala Gets His Qc n't: :Jot It. Says Postmaster Crom

Local and Perscnal :.lrsr i H. :-I. i Hoisttin of Hague arc''1'''' Expenses PaidA Postmaster:; Crom -ays hat 'n :ptaws -- WORKINGMEN l EVERYWHERE

iu 'he city yesterday visiting Mrs. H. Sfatesboro pl'f'lai io 't::- .\.i1.-: .. .iroLiL.: .-.;..., :iawntten me: =:-

P Ho:=, Uin.-tlamerviile; : ::)tln.
Sara .izaoth Ham, Local Editor. T a t.'oastitutionsays;: : ,tt:,:;en .!l icercnanciit' : .a ..i--j3 or ..errs USE PE-RU-NA.

:Messrs. Robert X al. J. J. Lufftnan' Deputy Sheriff KrfiuneK. ia.e'e, on which '.ea: ?; :':a ll "V,1 cents in

Mr. \Viiliaui! 'ox !lias rt'turncrl iroin and E. C. Sims, prosperous r.r.icK.ers.ru::rned from Ooaia. Fla.. where ae on nce aas been )aL..tn.r: :>:I"-. .=-

a !t"W "' ....kb visit 'u Atlanta. of Anthony wereihOPPID ; in Ooaia w t nt to :dtltifrndrPw WaEo: ''!:s of 'his stature o.u::"' i: of :1. '' ..- The Average Household Rods

Sat iirrlay. ':.-r 'i t'- nalt:: irov.vi-d.
Tn e negro who has been iifid hen
d F 'Txuii s nnvv -.vorKin.? it 'ht 1 itryai :: 7htoBna5ter; "avs ha: :. Pe-ru-na Mot Only a Friend

>> lbrdwa.r Stiiri-. ro:r .severaliaya awaiting the arnvaii
;II.;;e act;: iii-Li )o-L :fii'- :.
Mr. John R. :Martin who :is at present year <

operating one of the most sue- OIoessful an oMcer :rom tins county Wat- 'I-,:S 'Oil:-' 'eii yj.;: '><'.:', :o": ",'.C'. in Time; of Need, ButaSavng -
Mr I D '.V Dafamily: are at I alWrit
turpentine farms in the ,,tate so n is wanted for 'he ccurier )f Mr.lurew rk>n:; =n'"h-'Uaan'ii: .: .:::r.- .. of Doctor Bills
anti viil ind 'be next two
at. I.-tache'ta! :is home -a a tew iavAi Firnne: -lj'. a ;jroiiufn.t: : : i ::inJ re 11' ::-raL': ;rj :.:' :',..c _
visito :ala ramily. ze n uf this piace. :and for -jnoorin; 3l1.!to J. )ac.age: ,II ::
I uch! Tistacre "vas .: !:*- Ai
.L. f .
\1..1'td'r! aid Hat'hay !fart;\', Dt;puty Sheriff Frank Donausyn. > '

Nathan Hyman. a colored farmer' inne mile: ".t.t"e: !! ; _' i y ot sands of Homes t: 'ie
:fur I'-mrract tor Innkiini Mr. ilieuanlHml Y years ago.

', living Santos had the misfortune i iti t:.' it :if.--ssary: : "La: "-o -:/ .- .:. '
near Ocaia.rn'
1nto nsuienee.'A \Vhen "Le ipjiii'.y: arnve'i at Working; Men

ou:cce -:l.1an- --r. 3.11.Suiter .
Friday ',t having one of his
ac cumpaniefl '(>' auurher man :roms

, ** 'UiMt-rstajui that 'he Kibi: .r horses; ;; billed! ::iy a stroke .)f !Ii ihtnmg. ?h 1: place .vno rillt.'WVa.tson w-ii. : "rT. ]KHjrv', .--. :n ..... ii C: ... : -

i ""a.Iio :)ay $10 "n.i: ':u--.e "v .-.. -'. _ _ _
IJr01t.. art' loin{ :o put u> 4 $1G; ,'"" s at oncesaw that 'rie nan vas aut

heW. oeatson nts 'Tor.ia havefii -iiiStey ::--!." :
aundrin )t aLi t-onsequeutiy :le retarncU r r.

Tie Tlmea-t'nion rh had au" inv.i,-,: : -ttl'" :. .. II1 .-
that Mr .
says ? Bero _aYe been captured several times. ,. '
Mr. A I' ,Iht- the .tftcient of *T\Q ickage.FiEulng i : ,
-rr. t any Inglis Birmingham wno has >n: rach time it proved lot :o ;)e "L-{

ounn" ax ,iltt"'ur. is confined to I, been very :11 for if verai weeks, .s n,;;nt mau. Different efforts :o irn, "hat :n ira r.t.i: ,

hisi* m vnb j maianal attack. now "onvalecent. and :visiting her jji m to justice have cost )\'er.l thuui- '3 ies "he lifensE'l.: .le .: /

husbantt'.. parents. Capt. and :Mrs. iu] ioiiars.Deputy aiid ice Itt' :law inL..I: :: !Lin XI3L 'I I

Mr. KImfr E. '!inf' or' Vuburmlale.fomrn ,, ..ohn L. Inglis at their elegant homein Sheriff Kt-nunck carr:r-i t of 'h.ineisuailv: 'orns:: ._. r r :,

b "hr vi.. > ; : : :.... I 'i,
he Cine! Tampanv .1P'0 : ry -r ,
w;ith aim Rooertson naa: f
wi .. .. P,, J y ,
hisnv. busio "vntten m-rsa-? ire :: y t
il is uere on a -
:beMessr tin held .n Bulloch: (Bounty ;ail.aiting U'y y
re'tiirning ,'oupuns. -a::s: anur'..-. ?\
... MacK. -
TipJlr' ? Mtiver and iy ::area a"T; t h. of "he saenff o: l
03ike tes :orenuuEs.. ?o.s"Easr: ,..- .-.. 1-, r' .1I.
contract ro erect two phosphate r count,;. Fla. Rur, rtson broKt- ., .
...r al .Mt-yt-r: has tirefe-i "hai -. ;,1 ) '..r . \ ..SOltr.
.ilertierT |I..nd..TSon is uack plants for the Bradley
Phospnatea Chnstas
il at Tavares F ia.. on last -1rr
ronlcer.vr. '. __.. -, r-: ,'
ilaceti a
ne ticfs tr! : :n0: :: : : rii'
from fHiaiKa sari :says thai you may Works. They have also a :oig contract iiis effort
and in tos.-
nigfaL .
... i_._ _.
:he public; 'he -- :" !: J.1..l :: : : :" s :
put Pmnam in The ilst I.t cs ipe I..at'I; >. -: : -, ,

Litb.1jj River and are always kept busy with \\n ITS of his cell were riI tL He was:; "TWhY'" s--'-are !':" 1 ..'.1 iev-r attack c r
Bald Hold Up
outside worK. i1(ild on a charge i of selling whiskey ol La ;grippe ana I never reailv: li j 1 l%

)IS.r' t' ffiptvho !has t t>een i in Two aero '-oys !held 'ip an ',..: >. ., '
in; Lake county.: He was -aptured atooklet. 'O.-r'l' ::.y- .cd.iu ana stren :rn. :: ,/ ,

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r tarewt 'o her home at Gulf Ham- Margaret leave :in a day or two for el days ago. and lodged in jail here. \\J'mew Station ."esterday aitsmonn.e ananle to work. .:J I t

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mountains of Virginia where hey '
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tb. they want Ti 'oell him j. ;un.
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health. Later theH e said he did ao? '.van: *o buy :t. '; \
girl's on U] to come and :inasmuch as work atain.:'
and T'!ien 'hey proposes 'hat ':.--Jine: out.,
> joined by Mr. Gertg (j(?puty sheriff of this county was :;0l -
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business. They are '1' ;0. when ne uf "htrnii .::mi .
; sn=er. A stitch :n rime saves ni:e. A (use or two of Pea! preve.U:
alers in velvet !>eans ui '" :: :ur':lnately lid lot all: :::n.fe
Death of Mr. Rentz serious and extended illness many a :i-".
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e :'1r. B. H. Rentz. THUiiuirer: oi "he h.etiiz '< The "orkinjmea everywhere have corns to realize that Psrana is the
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ir H. :Lumber Compauv .it Silver:! -v .n :his 'wi'-'o ,,i- -xiT.t-re'i.;: TJ: :t wnrkin sans 'riend and saves ham not only sickness, but a great sasy

J I ii"Ml I :suddenly\ .!' apl'sy! |. dollars every year. fHer.
pria-j.: -
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hile! .Vi!,-V. v:;') r-
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