.. Miss Andersonin
Anderson helping
; of that city'wasin.Ocala Tues-', from her husband's friends, both: In Mary Burford, Jule Wiley, Annie Ocala Wednesday. Cemmenting on a

-t R t I Ocala and McIntosh. We have not giving the children a very happy Atkinson, Lucile ,Standley Alta Pear- certain article which recently appeared Mr. Newt J, Wicker, a prominent

\' :l\ .' I heard in which place Mr. and Mrs. time. son, Jean Teague, Elizabeth Newsom, in the Crystal River News, citizen of Coleman, has contributed an

..', Peyton'" Bailey is at home from White will make their home. Games were played on the lawn, Margaret Anderson, Mary Juhan Sara Captain Baker said that, he will use article to the Star severely condemnIng -
refreshments served and it was a rare }
:,.jflvberry* where he has been work- This paper joins with the host of Davis Robert Anderson, Ralph and every effort in his power at the' next the conduct of Policeman] Homer .
treat to the with whom Miss
: j.. i(:a'. of the 'phosphate mines friends of the bridegroom-elect in extendIng Phil Robinson, Marion Pelot, Ben session of the legislature to have Marion Dean. A great many people in Ocala \
Anderson is a popular teacher.
.:::fir' swe:time. n heartiest best wishes and con- very Todd Bruce Meffert, Frank,.Harris, county made a separate senatorial are doing the same, thing outside the
.'"- A I ," gratulations to the young couple, and Judge W S. Bullock returned home Jr., Dempsey Mayo, James Taylor, district. The captain said that newspapers It seems that Policeman

KM:Laura,Hodge has gone toGo- hopes that their life together will al Tuesday afternoon from his hotel at Brantley Weathers W. V Newsome, he promised this in all his speeches Dean is very quick with his billy.

jpc oa'tie coast to visit friends and ways be as bright and happy as are Wekiwa Springs, where he spent ten- Jr.. and George Reddick. both in this county and In Sumter If what Mr. Wicker and others !say is
'iiw teiferf. 'Miss' Hattie. Hodge, has their days now. days with his family who are sum- and that he has never yet made a true, it is the duty of the police com-

=...:'to'<,MiamL mering there.' The party, of Ocala Mr. S. A. Fackler formerly editorof promise that he did not abide by. mittee to have an investigation. To

: :r... t.: _; Miss Annie Sharpe has gone to young people who went down over a the Crystal River News, is spending I use the language of a correspondent

J,::W. Bow, of Jacksonville art Harrodsburg Tenn., to visit her old week ago are continuing to have a a few days in Ocala. Mr. Facklerhas Saturday night, Mr. A. D. Mitchellwas in a recent issue of the New York

:'did.. on :the 'morning train Wednes- est married sister until the first of delightful time and all are charmed purchased the old outfit of the shot at by a negro man at the I Times ,no policeman should use his ;

., and! ,flsivisiting her, son anddI1ter'Dr.,8Ild September. Miss Sharpe will then go with'the springs and the surrounding Wildwood News, and will shortly be- station at' Summerfield. The negro, it club except in cases of the direst

:. Mrs.,W. H. Powers. to Atlanta, where she will be connected country. Wekiwa Springs Is rapidly gin the publication of a weekly paperat seems was too boisterous and Mr. peril Ocala does not want her good

t with the Washington S emi- becoming a most popular resort that place. We wish him successin Mitchell spoke to the man and told name ruined by the conduct of over-

If tea r ,Caroline Pasteur who has nary in that city. Miss Sharpe, who Twenty Winter Haven people were his new venture. As a poet and him that he must behave himself. zealous end indiscreet officials.

.= rtT'aV' ;Gainesville for the past six has had- a very fine kindergartenschool guests at the hotel last Saturday, and humorous writer there is none betterin Without any further ado the negro ,

TNa&attending the normal school In Ocala for several years,will besides there were about a hundredand the state. fired at Mr. Mitchell several shots A hard received at this office yes-

:;,fry thtfclty'retumechome'. ; Tuesday be keenly missed here, and it will be fifty picnicers, and 'the springswere entering his leg, but not injuring him terday afternoon from Mr. and Mrs.S. s

,f: D.. : hard to findjOne to fill her place. She alive with bathers. Wekiwa Miss Etta Hood and her little neice seriously., The trouble created quite a T. Sistrunfi said that they had just I

:'J 'Miss' ':Sophie' -Howard-,:of Graham- was exceedingly popular with the Springs never overflow and the bathing Miss, Alice Sexton, of this city, who good deal of excitement in the village. returned to Denver from a trip over -

-tllie: children and her leaving this city is is always good. are on a visit to relatives at Fellowship The negro made good his escape. the famous "Rollin's Pass,"'said to be
;:ind her guest, Miss Edith Cup-
; deeply regretted. Several of Miss came in Wednesday morningand the highest point in the world reachedby

:jsrbsh.. T ;' yomig;of, Palatka, both very at- Shade's older pupils will join her in Little Lacey Dees, the -two-year-old spent the day in the city shop- Miss Gertrude Pereda, :Miss Eloyse train. They said they stepped'from -

ladies, spent .Tuesday Atlanta in September to become stu- son of Mrs. L. D. Dees, of Jackson- ping. Izlar Mr. C. H. Lloyd and Mr. C. L. the cars into ten feet of snow and
-Ocala: friends.
'' dents at Washington Seminary viz: Sistrunk formed, a congenial, party
t. : ville, says Tuesday's Atlanta Journal, that the snow balling was greatly en-
Mr."''and Misses Emma Nelson, Beth Liddell is the of his Mr. and Mrs.' J. W. Freeman, of spending the day at Heather Islandon the "Florida crackers." :
.. Mrs._ :_P..E. Weatherbee. who cowering against pillow joyed by ?
i ter the c, past'two weeks' been vis- Bessie MacKay and Jean A stin., bed his mind racked by delirious, unreasoning Belleview, and Mr. and Mrs: R. L. Tuesday. At noon they enjoyed a They spent Monday at Manitou, and

;'.fittt'fttfBlack__;. ,Point, on the Gulf of fears, and his body shakenby Turner, of Inverness, were prominent big fish fry, and picnic dinner.'In.. tbe expected to see the sun rise on Pike's

: o,. have,returned ,home., They retailing Miss Carrie B. Gardner, of Palestine the incessant twitchings of his visitors to the city on Tuesday. They evening the young .men complimentedthe Peak yesterday.

<,.,f ,had a most excellent Texas, who has been in Boston, nerves. Lacey Dees, the twoyearoldson were guests at the Montezuma hotel young ladies with a delightful --

..' Lici Mass., for several months, was expected of Mrs. L. D. Dees, of Jacksonville during their visit supper at the Elk cafe. The Orlando Star has devoted a two- =
_i!., ..- column article to the Ocala Star. If
In Ocala :Tuesday afternoonto Fla., ,Is slowly dying of hydrophobia
""...... Sistrunk who :
Mr. Harry Leavengood :was tried Mr. and Mrs. S. T. ,'
,}I' fV.,- Leavengood, business visit her uncle and aunt Mr and at the Pasteur Institute in ? one celestial star differeth from an-
'-' before Mayor McConathy Wednesday attended the Elks meeting in Denver earth
; other In glory it is natural that
Mrs. W. H., Clark. In Jacksonville she that city. The little fellow was bitten
ir of this ,paper, has gone, to
of Peak and
the Pike's
will to
morning for using profane languageand go top
from each otherin
should differ
,}'GtL, where he will spend met her cousin, Mr. Harvey Clark, by a dog In Jacksonville on July 4th, was acquitted. He was arrestedby will also take in the beauties of the ly stars

:*" '8 vacation with his wife and who.was on' his way to Miami and and'he.. was immediately sent to Atlanta -' Policeman Rayburn during the national Yellowstone Park this week. other things. I

''eet'. ho'are; in that' city, the guests she decided to accompany him to that by the citizens of ;Jacksonville. I
trouble on Saturday night. They will return home in about ten, The Ocala fire boys and their
lit Mrs.::Leavengood's! mother, Mrs. city to spend this week enjoying the days. friends had a big supper last night at
"DeVsne. anniversary festivities there. She Master George Reddick, of Reddick
Edwards of Irvine Mr. -- their gymnasium on Exposition street. _
Mr. L K. .
,,1:, will return to Ocala with Mr. "Clark who 'served, so acceptably as page in If you have a grapnophone you will
W. H. Tate. of Fairfield, Dr. L. F. The supper was a very fine one, and
,Carter<.H. 'Dame, district organizer the latter part of this week or the the lower house of the legislature at want new records. We have just received -
all had general good time.
Blalock and Mr. E. C Smith are the they a
_, !!f:tt.Woodmen ()f,the ;World,Js .in first of next. the last session, was a visitor to 500 of the very latest records.
newest Ocala Elks. They were initiated -
tee': ityon'; :official Business., Mr. Ocala Tuesday. He Is a polite and Don't wait until they are all gone, but Mr. John T. Lewis, of Moss Bluff,
: the last of the lodge
at meeting
Aei ,makes !his' .headquarters: inHels Judge J. 'B. Gaines, a prominent 'attorney popular young boy and makes friends .make your selection now. Ocala Fur and Mr. Clarence Smith of Ockla-

;\o t_ #one of the. most .wid'e- of Leesburg, was here on legal wherever he, goes. He is the son of in this city. niture Co. x waha, were in the city Wednesday

' lJ.oo'11anl! most popular Woodmen business Tuesday. The judge says the late Capt. Sam Reddick, who is and made a pleasant call at our sanc
Mr and Mrs. W D. Graham, of Ashe-
StorIdL-, :! Gainesville Sun. that the people of his section are remembered pleasantly by all the Mr. R. B. Campbell is now in Chi tum.
ville, N. C., formerly residents of this
older citizens of this city and county.I friends will
:' 5 .rflaees filled with! greater encouragementthan cago, 111. His Ocala regretto '
'. : S elly,Soutert of Sparr, :and at any time since our great dis I city have been spending several days learn that he has been quite ill for If Miami keeps on growing, when

,.".Mfguest; 'Miss Lucy Newsome of aster. A canal is being dug from Lake E. L. Wartmann, memberelectof this week at Lake Toxaway, one of several weeks, but will be glad to she gets as old as Live Oak, she may

,.Lkeland,.spent the past several days Griffin right up to the city, and in a the Florida legislature, was shak- the most beautiful places in the moun know that, he is almost entirely re- may hope to be almost as large. Fora
-: hands with his Ocala friends tains. town :Miami
ing covered. ten-year-old Florida oc-
-tfOcala.the; guests of Miss Victoria little while launches and steamers
Bajsor,;' -;Miss Newsome returned to will land their passengers in the Tues'day. Mr. Wartmann was very Ocala another automooile. cupies a front seat. t
: ter"home heart of the city, which will makeit conspicuous in the last legislature, Mrs., E. T. Helvenston, Mrs. Arthur .
... at. Lakeland Tuesday after- of Mr. Louis Lang, :
It is the property
and is in a position now to be even Clark and Miss Grace Hatchell leave Miss Bobbie Harrison, of Leesburg, :
(hbOU ,.:and. Miss Souter went back to exceedingly convenient and willadd .'
and he and Mr. Spencer were busy:
at the of this through Ocala Wednesday: aft. .,
: 8prr.] Leesburg's commercial more so meeting body today for Raburn Gap, in the mountains passed
.,,. .' to pros. next April. It promises to be an inter- all day yesterday putting it together.It of north Georgia, to spend two ernoon pn her way to York to visit .s

>:' perity. .... esting session, and Marion feels that is one of the handsomest in the months.Mr. her sister Mrs. Vance Weathers. :-,;
tir/ E.. Herrick manager of the hands. city. S
Miss Ella Mendenhall who- will: her interests are in safe .
':: den. .Crucible Company and Mr.rreDert -
teach in the primary department of M. E. Robinson of Tampa, bet- Mrs. Reuben Smith has returned to
: ;Bishop- manager of the Cry the Ocala public school next term, Mr. John B. Floyd, the popular Insurance Mrs. W. W. Clyatt came up from ter known'as "Sunny Jim," is in the her home at Oxford, after a visit in ,
talJUver and
' ;{ Ice Company were. among through Ocala Tuesday after agent was in Ocala Tuesday Lake Weir Wednesday afternoon city, and is a guest at the Montezuma Ocala with' her,daughters Mrs. A. P.
t passed to Cotton.Plant to visit
city's in Ocala went on out
-,- noon from Eustis, on her way north and will make us another visit nexl hotel. He will, be here for several Gilmore and Mrs. Ben Borden.
lTnesday:: Mr. Herrick was accom- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Miss Mendenhall :Monday. He says that the insurance days selling Hub shoes.
..Jll eir"by his son, Clifford E. He'rT for the summer. business is prospering along with all Brooks. Among its other things the south
a In the Eustis school last
.JiM. taught year
: :Y '
>".--, and was one of the most popular and other businesses and that the agentsare Mrs. G. M. :Lee, of Inverness,, spent has an epidemic of marriages sure"

'" best liked teachers that ever taughtin all busy. Mrs. J. L. Lummus, of Ocala, who Monday and Tuesday in Ocala on sign of -progress and prosperity.

": ): 'Lon K Edwards was in from has been quite ill at the home of her business and pleasure combined.
that city. She will spend the next Mrs. E. H. Mote, of Jacksonville, is
.' (. ; lesday night and said there few months In the Adirondak moun- Lieut. John M. Graham went downto daughter, Mrs. George Douglas, in While here Mrs. Lee was a guest at in the city the guest of her sister '

.; bald be a big picnic at Fairfield tains. Dunnellon Tuesday afternoon to .this city, is convalescing-Miami the Montezuma hotel. Mrs. William Hocker.

,-"fctfaesday, A large number will at- drill tke members of the, Ocala Rifles News. ,

iI d it,'The dinner was the chief 'fea- Mr. W. L. Martin, editor sf the who live there, to get them in good Mrs. Charles Blackman has returned Mr. H. S. Chambers has closed his ;

'. ?as' the housewives of the Fair- Crystal River News, was in Ocala shape for the Tampa encampmentnext Mrs. W. W. Stripling and little to her home in Savannah,aftera restauratn and is now day clerk at

<.JiN I'.neighborhood have achieved ,a Tuesday on a business trip. Besides month. daughter, Ellen and Mrs. H. M. pleasant visit to the Montezuma, the Montezuma hotel.

cent success in the prepara- editing this interesting paper, Mr Hampton left Wednesday for Hender- the guest of Mrs. LucyBonifield.

} of 'basket dinners. Martin Is agent for the freight, claim Mr. and :Mrs. Charles K. Sage came sonville, N. C., for the summer.Mr Mr. Joe Mathews, of Flemington, =

.-. and shipping department and now has home Tuesday afternoon from, Jack Fire Chief Brigance and his familyare was interviewing his friends. in this

'; Joe. Thomas of Pine was In leased the Bennett house, which he sonville, where they spent several J. W. McAllister of R ddlck, now making their home over the city on Wednesday. -- -- -- -
'a : he days with Mrs. Sage's sister and was tried before Justice Bullock fire station, which has just been en-
"t Tuesday and was just back will soon assume charge of, and
.; brother, Mrs. Otto Mente, and :Mr. R. Wednesday and was found guilty. He improved.Mr. Major and Mrs. R. G. Wright of Oxford
% busiest larged greatly
Inverness where he purchasedMr bids fair to become one of the
E. Yonge, Jr. appealed for a new triaL Sumter county were visiting in
has .
\ ,.,George Turner .a very hand8 men in that bustling and growing ..
{; .,orange The consideration : J. R. Blackiston has returned Ocala Wednesday.The
grove. city. Col. T. P. Lloyd, of Inverness, was L., J. Brumby, who has been
.& :Mr. home from :Manatee county, where he
'Z--_ ,?S:ooo. The Is fine continues
a very
grove napkin grow
here on legal business Tuesday. :Mr. several weeks at. paper
the past in the
: aad.Mr. make Bullock spending has been for the past week -
._ .J Thomas expects to Monday afternoon. Harry in popular favor and millions are >
W. F. of Homosassa, was alsoa in Jack-
f Lowry, :Miami and Seabreeze,Js now .
fir'; of. the best ones in Citrus of this city who is catcher for the interest of his profession.Mrs. manufactured.
t x visitor to Ocala Tuesday. sonville on business. .
-.at}., Oak Halls at Gainesville, had his finger -.--
,,, f broken in a game with St. Au .Clifford; L. Anderson and son, It Is now claimed'that' the Atlanta o -
Capt. Frank Lytle and childrencame Miss Genevieve Smith returned the the guestsof
in city .
of Holder are
'e% z. gustine. In this the Gainesville wash their meat with
Ga. game
P. Hamilton of Macon slaughter pens
,' up Tuesday afternoon from home Wednesday! from a visit to Miss Mrs. Anderson's parents, Major f
1'mxOeala' Tuesday: In the interest team were victorious the score being their home at Stanton-on-Lake Weir Jessilu Martin at Lake Weir. and Mrs. L. T. Izlar. sewer water. _
) 4 to 3. Owing to his broken finger, --
b' tboys; prphaa asylum in that in the .
to 'spend a days city. -- of. Dunnellon = -
: "=,6f-whlch he Is' the industrial Harry Bullock, the catcher was not Mrs. M. L. Durand has gone to St. Mr. Harry.Stalberg
Vanilla extracts busi 3
Faultless Blue Ribboa of this city, is here on
1' to An- able to play In the game Tuesday'afternoon. short while formerly:
Hamilton has gone Mrs. Forney Lancaster left Tuesday Petersburg to spend a universally popular because -

,-kr: plater,, will return to Ocala evening for Dansville and Rochester ; with her son,- Mr. taut Durand. nothing lacking to the "Blue ness. --
,x:cam ___ th re is
r with our citizens' theAron N. Y, where she will spend ,two JJJ Flavor. Harry Feinberg of Dunnellon, is In -. _
Farris has returned Carl Schneider of Dunnellon, Ribbon _
: of. buildtag( a branch Miss Ruby months, with...,.friends and relatives.Mrs. llr. the city with friends for a few days. -:,
home from a visit to her'mother, whois spent Wednesday the ,city.
build aWmewaere
3 beet They .expect. to returned
% Dir and Mrs. F, 'W. Ditto -,
.. in the state and conducting a boardinghouse at' In- Pitt of St. Louis..Mo., is in Mr. Alfred Beck' is convalescing. ; g
.... Monday from a short visit to -
a an: admirable place. for glis. Mrs._ Farris is, succeeding well the city. visiting her sister Mrs... Wit Our city administration is getting home relatives at Fruitland Park.. : ',' after an illness'of several days.
:7tutit n. with her house.; ter,. its full share of adverse criticism:--- .
.. ;
&: .Lw. ,. .
\ .. C '
r -
-: ;, '" \,1} ,: : -;
..; .
:. .0( '
#' t .. a ? ..... .
J; .' '" :.. ';, ; 'p
... 5 j ';' "\> ,
'1 ,. -
"" }; ,,' ',;\. .. : ': 3i
: ; : : ': : : .< : ; i ::: ... .'t- rv -" "< -. s
;, : ': I
\t. :
: -
'_ .... .. r:
.. '''R_J...-.._,' ', ;+' '
:: 'f"a .
k : ;\
:- ;
's-- ;" "" << ;.. ;0' -
: S.i'< .j" ..
"iV sK
; -bkj- \ "" s- ,
; i.f"i <& "!;t'S;;. ; ? .: :-Of -""'" ?"'''
'"' -
: ." '' ';':; ::g.,.:: "" :
s. ;."' : '- : {-i;> ;'. '''7O'O' o .," 'f'r:
=: ; .. : :. ;
; '
:!: .:: ,!,, ,, : : : _. '. ...:, a,

'' :''; ':. : .' '': ,- ..' -.: ..:$'...... ._', ."= --.. '' ... !; ..'..-,'.'__ .. .,. ... ..: o:: .'.... "" ,,,.._.:-.i.., =....,,.; "' .:_'. ..:..:.',-"..... '' '' :'" .' :::",;,.
-' .::: -' : < ".". _. ',,' _{:' ; ' '' .. .. :. "" 1'J': ,
-t'.-' ,..-_..''. ; > ''' .:< ,'''',., ':1-5'i. "' *: '_ ,," _. '. ,' '.<.".'' 1" -'o ''' '- -.J- _:" -. '" .l... ...._.,Jo-_.._--it.';_ { ,
:.> : : ,, : :?::.J-..... -i,_",.,:.., -.:,::: ;. <"'- :: : .=-". .. ""' "." : :.; .":::':7' .:-':'':'" ; : ;J''o, :: .-3."" '', .,0. :", ';; ,0. 4jsj&zM; ",, "" ."' .< .:"" ->. >' .
> .
'i..' : \ ; :' i .ii .",.,r a ,",.. ';1-. .' [ :$-r. .'it. .-.;;; .tft.J lj1i l Ji". ... P.f" 0 =1iJ*&&*&v"***
c- > "to. :
.. >, .,'. -"."-."""'" ,"- ,. v-' -< 3i' 41"..''&s' ''::1! L;.,! '" $).....0. -,, <.. .- .\'d:lf.l ".... ., ."-Yi ,, 'ft ** '* >j
;f.i"'W. "' tJ;3. ii-
A. iiI > !
:' :; .. .. .. ':A.,. l"'l7T "- )>* $ : ;
i.!=' .,y." '" ,,',, -"C.M': .o4 ':;'i.t. .i,: ? -i t :: !K' ;jt i"i' -w-
: "y k : .;, ..'':=""; 'R-.'',>,>.;1. .l", ;.';. ,!{' >'.. i<\' ......,",, _"" _< ; i "" .
< ...' })r.'A-i'''':' ''''. $ -
> .- : : .
"-. .. *? 'J : 1<" U

,. i, :. ,, 'C.8IN. T. -A Benefactor' Dead. The "Plum Trw Shaker" Mistaken. Methodist
'- THUNDER: District
-q Mr. Alfred 'Belt, the partner.ot the One of::the state Confi.
newspapers' .
.. ,- a The Gainesville
; FRANK' HARRIS Editor. l ate Cecil 'Rhodest who recently died L district: -' ,>,
As "Talked .
an'illustra.tlon.'of the Correspondence. of for Governor. o f. the Methodist .
:r f : 1 :: !, 'V. LMvengbod, Business ,,!ani OI'. which a.man's. speculative Washington D. O, July 21. I in ,south" Afriefei, left .nearly twelve: .*' In it 'I: note a clipping to thE South convened for Episcopal its ";.

.:: :. ". :- : run ,I. regard "the suggestion is a far cry to the next demo millions 'to 'various benefactions. He effect that. "Florida newspaper men son at Anthony, JulrlL. '. ...

;,- "<. :-' Ocala Banner as. to the national convention, but all the left six millions to :be used in:,the development are generously endorsing 'Editor sermon was ably 'Tht __

I .. of Mr. 'William Sherman 1ans who come to the national .and construction of means Frank Harris' candidacy." W, White, of the d0liyerjf Starke T-:

ing a member of .Bryan's I are talking nothing else but of_ communication in .Rhodesia and This belongs to that species' of circuit. About thirty i .i'

case Bryan should elsewhere in Africa. He also left other 1 hoary-headed customs which law tad t
be fight that is \wo- years off and are followed five clerical members ',

,: dent,,as a live, energetic general concensus of opinion bequests for south Africa, demonstrating because people have gotten The conference werj- "

,..- .. '. ,. 'his interest the welfare of into the habit was pre id&_O -
i' ,, if of
q ceding the'election .of the convention were to be held following, them. At the able presiding
'I' -" the country which he made his.for four-year intervals elder, Rei"i -
probability gets lost in Willam J. Bryan would be during the past Bridges.
H tune. 'He gave one million, one bun. two decades '
of probabilities when Frank Harris'
by acclamation. Well why; dred probablecandidacy C. W. White, cf CUra
thousand dollars 1F '
the probable choice of he be?. He is the inventor to London for for governor has been dis secretary. A

net. In the first place it is that has been asked educational purposes. He gave Borst- cussed. The worthy Mr Harris is a Christian education powerful af ..,

'f;, 11 ble er's.Jager, his birthplace, near Hamburg member of the was Ulad
upon the horizon of Theodore Roosevelt of chain of perpetual ancient Mr. Carpenter .
; of
.. =" 3 that every to the ,city' of Hamburg, to bused e and honorable the lIrdi!
Florida will be ,
Motto cons that was pased everlasting and
The by the church
:. Banner, believing those last se 3. for Tampa; the needs '
1tths Will bestowal of these important of the congress that of a park and other purposes continual, candidates of which every land of :\.
top able to take care ofthe""etve't I was any with college, its efficient ,
but if one's imagination a sufficient amount to keep I it state and every county has its Yort.
interest to nun
9 the
has taken its stand in the people, and in growing patronage, and
him so far to perpetual repair. He left one million ber. I do not doubt that the Its :
!I barricades with the common, people as count should not the inventor of a Harris upon the Methodists of
and its fight running, It would -require, be acclaimed dollars to the University of J)- boom for governor in 1903 will suffer most Florid( ,
will be nads for the betterment by the people] hannesburg. I eloquently and :

of those at the bottom. ther stretch as would be t: as the man who uses it::7 One the same pleasant demise that has followed I sen too. forcibly.. _

.", break it, to conjure William that Roosevelt has adv million dollars is bequeathedfor other quadrennial Harris boomsto On Friday ,

FRIDAY JULY 1906. Jennings the proper .i in his message to congress thai ; educational. charitable purposes the contrary of which man's memory Pasco, D. Dtt morning editor of Ret Fred ;;
: : : 2J, in Rhodesia and other territories the
of Florida. In the first place: been worth shucks to the people, within runneth not. It would seem that Christian Advocate, fal"'
the :
field of the British preached "
I not a Floridian. His election doctrine. It was adv South Africa as nestor of Florida editors Mr. Harris scholarly and ,
The honest judge bas no fear o t office of governor was one of by either a democratic national Company. holds a place in Florida affairs nraver. senno.

honest criticism. litical accidents. One hundred and twenty-five thousand '. that effervescent
: that dream of
in the temporary
platform, or else The interests of tne
dollars home
the battle is fierce is given to the research omce holding couia r
and to democrat has inauce mm
blazed the board
Virginia's 2-cent fare has been declared between strong men. in way. bv. fund of London university, $125,000to to change for another title.-Edward were: represented by HI]. ( }
congress on the subject, White, who feelingly -'!
l' unconstitutional. not be properly represented time before the Rhodes University, Grahams. Fitzgerald,. "Shaking the Old PJum spoke o{
ever grand work of the
an's cabinet if William town, Cape Colony; $50,000to Rhodes Tree," In Tallahassee Sun. society ia| 'il

k .: In the recent fire in Yokohama one nings, whose of saying a word in favor of Memorial fund at Capetown, $50,000to The "Shaking the prepared an interesting nls$
very appellation that was pased by the Old Plum Tree" exhibit Mrs.
con S.
thousand houses the Union S. Harris
were destroyed. him as a man of Jack Club of London, have been most readable articles and and Mr 1
$100,000 to J. Bryant were present In
Mr. Beit's
firm in South bebfj
While Governor Broward affiliations objectionable to at any democratic national I Africa, for were never intended to be taken seri the woman's foreign mission. Botf
is educational
digging Floridians or charitable ously. So the
were selected since editor of this
mud his satellites are throwing 1896, or the Conges- purposes in the Transvaal paper livered addresses which were
: it. not ; $75,000for takes his 1
even now .represent a Record since 1898, will'prove medicine along with the balance ble and uplifting.
t ble following. His last attempt of same purposes to Kimberley, vid- of the procession with an effort i--I
my assertions. As Able
The long
as sermons
: cantaloupe .now office in this state was so : 000 to Dr. Jameson, now premier of to "look pleasant.." were'leJvere41|.
holds>the b ardg. and five months before Roose following ministers: T. ---
They are'said to be Cape Colony and Sir I J. 1On
failure Lewis MIchell As
a that it should'shut ,, a matter of
very fine. ; said a word about railroad L chairman fact however, the T. W., Moore, R. M. Williams
from the De Beers Company name of the L.j
t of editor of this
regulation a speech paper was Moore
made C.
and trustee A. Saunders.
a of
a the
are really careful as to the I ; floor of the Rhodes fund, forthe never mentioned, for governor until I .i
The by the Hon. Sunday
New morning
York Sun Rev. A.
will not find it 'same' purposes in M. Dsilf
; Cape
of Colony about '
things to consider.- ; four years ago; and then ...
; an'easy Sharp Williams, of Mississippi not ,seriously conducted .;
: matter to hedge off the Bryan L Sun. $100,000 to the King's Hospital, Lou He has an impressive love

;: : boom by its little prophesies: exactly as the message of I ion: and $iud,000 to Guy's not reached the age at which many bore witness to CSiHi
This Hospital,, of Methuselah
paper made the either. He ISyet
; on the subject and under and
.. nobody London. spoke feelingly of the hoped
,Uc Dr. J. Y. Porter will rid a bare ,possibility. Still, that from it Roosevelt got three score. He is nearly thirty years 4 .._ _____ ..... >
; Florida Jul 4L4A ,p ce tuel uau round
: fnJi.i
"J of the house' fly nuisance" things have happened. What : if tint all the Insniratiori when younger than the youthful Alabama. ing Him.
we will The '
un Tallahassee'
: ; constitute. to become. a i the Sun'says that the senator. ,, "
dertake to endure the message asking congress In the'afternoon
mosquitoes. twenty-nve information sent out by the Jacksonville of Sunday f
'- residence railroad, rate legislation. If dresses were
made to
News'Bureau the EpJortt
1 l' dent? If not, how long? about the drainage A satisfied customer is the best .
There ,, stuck to his text ad
is some consolation to know and insisted of : League and Sunday school
the br.Rei
vertisement .
why should a man be censured everglades was paid for and I and satisfaction is not .
,that the Georgia primary is to be name' his same policy advocated by Mr. to that extent was a debauchery of only our aim but our guarantee. Try; T. F. Roland, A. H. Cole and< othft
; with us' but' parents gave him? we would have had law the White House shoe; spring styles I The
one month longer. For a the 'conference adjourned
This sin
press. for
he should be censured if he paper printed a good men and women just arived. The *
,. fiapdoodleism. it Is entitled to all the ates his name. VicarIous have had teeth;. but he deal of the information sent out by Fair. x after passing the following resail!
: honors. back on all and
everything lutjons:
r said bureau, but received -1
not "payfor
appeal to the t ,
I had asked for The American Life.
and Insurance
Com To the
on every people of
; any of the articles Anthony the
: men., it printed The arti cc%
The Conover Drug Company, of l who had trusted him in the cles were printed because they were r pany.: feernce expressed its gra.teful.apP11

r Jacksonville, has been .. Judge H. C. Gordon elation for the ,
alleged and J. warm
bankrupt II I thought to be along correct lines and I S. C. hospitality
1 "After
and the stock of the company all, says the seem to think that should I the information they contained of Carpenter, of Tampa, were in the tended to, them. To the local .pas

is now in the hands Sun, "is not everybody about I be nominated'by the demo was city several Dr. M. D.
of U. S. Marshal I great value to the people of the state. days last week in Cunningham, an expm t2
f John F. Horr. as anybody!' Yes, providing he Teddy will be forced the interest of thanks
to run But suppose, on the other hand, they of the American Life for untiring efforts In if

;., : not wear the judicial ermine. party as the only man who had been paid for and valuableall Insurance Company, of which Judge half of. the comfort and conventesa

... :Jerome has failed ,to start a presidential place the judge on so high a .stand any chance to beat him the same, would the were money have. Gordon is secretary. They are very of all delegates. To. Mr. Hutto the to

boom by his, visit to Georgia. that according to Jerome, the who know Roosevelt at short; been tainted! We should like to see I enthusiastic over the success the cal agent of the Seaboard, for his tmJ.

: The Georgia legislature' dent of 'the United States know that if such a proposi this company has attained since form courtesy and to
..: did< some question settled. We want to it began the pa.sseugal
thing in that direction, but it has not criticise him. The judge may put up to him. Tedy will accept print the information because business, having written more, than a department of the road for many coai...'
.. ," :, been ,taken' seriously. the president and the what he has said to the think it is just such Information million of' insurance. This breaks all testes shown. Rev. M. D. Cannmghos

y the states, even so ordinary an and many people believe tne ought records of all companies for all pastor of the Anthony church is
people to nave, ana, as our years 8ert-
Editor Stovall, of vidual as an editor of a is working to that end right in volume of business for ing l his first "
the Tampa TriteUJ.CfcUl.U5 bank account is no bigger than it the given appointment. savIng ffl.
une, IS Inhaling the granted that privilege, but ne"F'.1 It would give the people of the time. carded his profession 01':
and'' in.vigoratlng ought to be, we should like to receive as M. D. top US

: 4 -.. air, of North' Carolina. .; and wears the ermine is country a chance to choose be-, pay for the articles if it is the proper Considering the high personnel of u' his present. vocation in answer t ta to,

: .. is oblivious of the "deadly parallel"on apart. He is infallible and above the genuine thing and the thing. But if It is wrong; we don't the official caste of this company ac
which,. he has been impaled by the cism. But Thomas Jefferson, For if ever .there was a want it. But how are the people to, of its stockholders, it is no wonder I his first experience of the kind, ,!

T Tallahassee, 'Sun. Franklin, John' Hancock, John pinchbeck in the shape of a know? Whether we, receive they have taken the state by storm. his devotion to the work and his autive :?
pay or
and a whole host of our in the whole range of hu The company has two ability -
: not we will be suspected of receiving hundred and were fully demonstrate

_ ;. 4 Sunday's Times-Union printed an ancestors held to an entirely ', it is .the man now in the I t. But brushing that part of the twenty-five stockholders scattered in his efforts and success in preparing

: :.. .' incomplete sermon written 'for it by ent doctrine. They critcised the House. And I speak advisedly question to one side, what we want throughout the state and they are and arranging 'for entertaining1 ho.

: the late Rev. T. H. Blenus. just before and his court, and if they- say politician. He is one of to know, is it wrong to receive composed of the leading business professional conference.

I ':. he was arrested in his efforts.by the: possessed that courage, would politicians who ever sat in I for printed matter of this description pay: and educational men. Tey ;

1- A ; 1 hand of.,de th. The sermon will have made very little difference ,House, and one of the luck ? are not only interested .In the com- Something new in the house 4
: I a melancholy Interest. to the friends whether: 'everybody is as bad as came as near being dragged L Claude L'Engle is pany's :welfare as stockholders but as : and then-a
grinding out ; bargain in china tur.
1 .gof body or not a I or -
the deceased gentleman." pedestal which policyholders
upon as well.
_ : ". \ pro- great deal of administration matter L niture, for example-and the house

j placed him when he tackled L since, he reached the 'state capital 1 We are informed that these ge 'tIt>- looks "cheered up." Watch the ads.HUMORCOVERED i

_ ".: ;, In commenting' upon the fate that No, Claude L'Engle's Sun is I out'of that predicament with his Sun. .Claude has bushels of men are here for the purpose of i I-

i: : "- recently befell young Bryan of Jack.Bonville. supporting Hon John M. r on the meat, packers, money to use to. tell the people that t ing the people of Ocala and vicinity "- -- ..

1 .- some one is heartless enough Manatee for speaker of the everybody hate a.d despis-. :Mr. Broward and his digging ditch their quota of special contracts which

to say that "'Tis true "'tis pity, pity representatives of .the Florida that fact and played on. .it L schemes are, all right. These ditches were put on July 1. It must have

k c.-. : ... 'Us 'tis\ true," but all the same nothing 1. ture, but the columns of the it was worth and the trick will cost the taxpayers a million dollars some very attractve\.. features, az therE 5

helps like success; nothing hurts I I devoting some very graphic tybod)' injnodiatcly forgot but not a cent will ever come are always more applicants for tbe&e ,

"' like failure. Why did not the ice trust to the busy life of this really rate incident and tht fact back their way. This drainage scheme contracts than the limit of the quota

,; respond heroically to the ambition of ing legislator. Some of the had played a double of the. governor's opens up a fine.field \will admit of. We will: In a few days HfAD AND SCALP'Bothered C l 1

M-r, i.' this young man? mingle the shadows and the shown bad faith and in the for the grafters, who will: prosper be able to give the readers of the
-- but generally the phases are surrendered to tho roads and i and grow rich at the expense of every Banner a detailed account of this spocial .

J; '-.. The Dred Scott decision was very ically shady. John's life hardly the broad court review'I tax payer of Florida. That constitu L contract and other interesMng

...t .-. freely: and severely criticised, before like he is a born "cracker." He began heaping praises on tional amendment should by all facts connected with this company.A With Itching for a Long j

the outbreak of ballooned away beyond the for hitting the hated
the civil meat
war by the means be killed at the polls in No- Time- Found No Relief Unti11
.- : abolitionists of His genius for finance is you ever thought of
the north, and the so great that? vember.-Volusia County Record. writer on the editorial: ,
."eight he disturbed the remember that page of Cuticura Was Used_ OJ
.y; ...to"seven". decision was as free- repose of old the two the Georgian, John Temple Graves' Kentucky 1

,; ..:. Iy Cr tlClsed by the in'dependent and county, in her sleepy days, before on each others heels? Whatever he may have once been, paper, wants to "see a sun-tanned Lady Now Completely Well. .:

; -. democratic press since the war In the turpentine boom struck us, and the way he played it on Tom Watson has got over being modest preacher with plow-handle corns in

north and in the south. Partisan decisions transactions there amounting and they swallowed the He prints numerous letters in his I his hands." Why Will this '5;
add to
will into the six figures. John's and sinker.C. magazine SUCCESS
always be> criticised as which read something like his effectiveness and eloquence WISHES TO
as a ::1
i. : they always should be. the."frenzied finance" line makes A. EDWARDS. this: "I believe Tom Watson Is the preacher? Is it not a "sane and S '
p i ( safe"proposition
Lawson's articles in Gorda greatest American."' "I believe Tom L for "every tub to stand i CUTICURA REMEDIES: ;

1"; ;_ District Attorney Jerome of New appear tame. He is suing the Sun Herald accuses Watson: strictly honest" "Long live, on its ,own bottom" and for : t
True. Democrat every: I
civil I
York, in an address before the Georgia damages and Editor L'Engle with Tom Watson!" "I believe Tom Watson man to "stick to his own last?" a : !

44 Bar: Association, said( public opin criminal libeL against the integrity of Gov. Is' one of the Lord's anointed!" "After using Cuticura Soap, Oo 1 '

; .' ion often does an injustice. He We have seen no in But perhaps Tom is like the' balanceof "My bimetalism ment, and Pills, I am very glad to 8fJ1.1 }
said L principles Tam
::' The of such assaults in the col are the entirely relieved of that itchii :
that "the recent spectacle of the na latest person named, as a that excellent us, he likes to have these little same as in 1896; but the question is I humor of the head and scalp which I .1:
: ,: tion's chief! executive, himself not a for qovprnor is tnat of and fearless bouquets thrown at him. We somehow. less important now in conequence I! was bothered with quite a length 01 :
On of
: :< lawyer criticising in a public docu' road Comnl ssioner-elE'ct Newtcu the contrary. Editor i or other all enjoy their beauty and L the increased gold time. I: did not use the Cuticura Remi

) 4ia ment a federal judge for his 'I Bitch. We saw a genleman always affirmed'that the I fragrance. We like "to see ourselvesas the rise of other production and I edies more than three times before I j
t :; decision board the train from is 'an honest man honestly questions. The cur began to get better, and now I am coi S.
on a point Fort Myers others see us" when
of law they rency question
has not I believe said when to his policies, but misad magnify will not play an impor pletely well. I suffered with that humor j
: questioned the our virtues.
: -- commended itself to our profession: on tant .part in the 1908 onmybeadandfoundnoreIiefuntIItook ;
his campaign.-w
face to face that the friends, concerning the J. Bryan. the Cuticura Remedies. I think1.

: .:., The Tallahassee gentleman did not deny the he is pursuing to accomplish L Editor Wilson, of the Calhoun Democrat I used several cakes of Cuticura Soa .
-. Sun has ceased to impeachment." ses.-St. Augustine Record. three boxes of Ointment and two vil3 ;
.... For fear
quoting' a that
; ,measure swords with recent commendation we
the Tallanassee auuiuuiig all this may forget it, and I ofPflls.'Lamdoingalllcanthpubbshthe
1 True Democrat 10 ue in the Live Oak Democrat of the that Hon. W. Hunt Harris Cuticura Remedies for they have
much -
'. ,... to.the regret of: Mrs. Mary Baker nave never been alble to es may not
-- 5L tnos wno delight combats Eddy, the good old Washington handpress as a remember it, ,we call your attention donemeooejgiidIicnowtheywilldO<
1U seml- Priestess of lively: suspicion that there otherS the for
Christian same. With best wishes
personal, Science, good substitute' for a gymnasium to to the-fact that Mr.
semi-political. If the wishes of madness- the Harris has prom' your success." Mrs. Mattie Jackson
t annually to
the govern
: ; of their state of New develop the'muscles adds with almost ised to do his June
constituents utmost 12
are their pleasure shine one and that "his friends" to.place Lee 1905. Mortonsvflle, E T'
,. they will "on with the combat." to be hundred thousand a workin' him. : pathetic force: "We heartily1 agree county in a separate senatorial dis.I
applied. to -Palatka '
; : The people, while! they cry peace, de She evidently the good roads with our wise brother as to the Washington trict-Fort Myers Press. '
light in war. Let the war that a handpress. We have had to 12 YEARS' SUFFERING
go on. The
road I
; ,. bigger the doses the better the leading in any. direction is a push one very regularly of late. We The: "crank" seems, to be recognized
people York
thing. It is the produce handlers
bad road I also find ". as one of
', .are pleased. broad the Georgia it a good appetizer. our permanent institutions. Cured Sound and Well By Cul -
_-- __ __ or narrow, that lead'sto peaches are Whether the
couutry Is
J bad prosperous or cura Soap and Cuticura Oint
-: struction iri shape and have been County Attorney W. J.
_ Editor Bryan of on the verge of
_ 1 too vigilant ought- not to keep the wet :weather. The ones Duval county is making: an enviable, vith pa. There bankruptcy is he abides ment aExpense of 15'"I. *
an no
eye onthe fellows shading
.':' k who Walter this market are altogether reputation as trust him : '
1 run a.dally Coachman has just had buster.-Zolfo 0!. had been suffering for tWeIyearswithaeoreonmyUmband \
_; newspaper in the "fly !
____ sea successful operation Advertiser. But the trust didn't"bust" had
___ son. Their lot Is, hard at performed
best. What New It physicians give me treatment, and ncgave
York for just wouldn't do it.
if they do slip In ,- _. appendicitis. It behaved It looks like K: S. .
Grill hold
- -. an occasional art ; -- Rockefeller is on his almost or J. W, me any relief until I got
-i: : menas in Florida indecently.. Its behavior
note Watson
cle with will the Cuticura
without be
- credit The harm Is and will arrive in the corporation Soap and Ointment, aw
In a day at candidate -
.., getting caught But. that the fears'concerning him least viewed from. the standpoint : for governor I was cured sound and well with Ofl
doesn't and
T .' one's seriously,to copy now over. seem frightened of politics, was not in good form. chances the latter's cake of Cutieura Soap and one box d
: article without credit Is the aa the newspapers say of.his appear the best just now.- Ointment I have confidence mCut1- '

j'c4_ highest. type of commenda o We Russell Sage died I > ,. Mr, Jim Burbridge, .of Jacksonville D Soto County Advertiser: and I would not take ten dollar fore !
much:prefer.to have our articles suddenly at the box if I knew that I could not get ant
k-4 Jed cop. country home on Long Island popular manager 'of the Duval more.'*
D. M. Robertson
without The'Tailabassee ,
credit is .
; t temporaries than for pur con Had he lived until August 4th building from Boca Theater,' has returned. to that city and that the' Sun says: "We believe Sep .,29, 1905. Newton, 1Lt'

to,say that an "exchange would have been'87 years old. He to Arcadia. Hon Peter.O. is still heart-whole and fancy tree., trustees should not sell Complete Extend u4 Interail Tiwdnest ***' ?
,ays. That's the : any more large Humor from Hmple to fenrfuli,front lattaey B.>
worst: ever. an.'eminent financier.. Tampa, is 'behind the That report of his, marriage was. only bodies of land." Is eooiurtag. ot Cotton Soap, 2ic. Ointment,**,*
r this a. criticism of the (ta fomt o1EbocoaZ.Cose4 I'Wa,f.>>,per will
L- : one,of his practical jokes.. board for ,the .o>.maybeha4.fallcInIgJIIU. A III.aftM!
recenVsale to ;roe Jennings Pott4qe: C em.Cop.,r&e l'r'llpa., M'"..i
? i-Mi1i
"Ho to Cut f0l81 zt..1ila1II1114!
iM"tor to C an Tartarian Fi
?*i_/ ; '
-- ..
S .
I '
.. -. < ,,
: '. : '
>; c :: ': E :! : ;:- .:{ S .; . .. '. ,. "' ., -

,\ .;-

.., ,. -
:,- --" 1it_ 1-
"'" <:-0. '''''''''''''' ... "
.".. "" ,. .,; 'i, .'J"i. ;'" '- $- ; rn'.4 .i .. ,_
; :-'f.: :. ..".;., ,.,, "' _" ." ; '
''' .. r : <" r. $ ii
::. f' .I:;" ; '.. ;:;..'.: ,-;;:..-",',!;"',"'I'f,: ;;.'.;..''J'..'} .'' '-.j-, ':,-- "", :.;: .-:;; "i'.r. --. '-.': {:.-4-. .. :;:'_/:; : ..-.- 5. .
-j '. '.. .;1'C"-::,>. _.. ;' ;!. '''".":... .: :, ,__.. _,._.,.. ,>.- ,-,,.,. ,,_...,"'f,1i.f.t. "_'..:.: .. ;,,\.c, .,.,..-_:


_.:!.f.'',,'.' '.';:.','i..:'.:." '.''. .:'- '.'. .'' .. '' .-""> .' :."" _'':;,;-i. ,':: "''".. .";'. :' :.....,z......-.-:;.:.,
,. .- :
:" : ,;,. -" ; :;; __ ", _:;: "- -.. ,......); ;.";(' "'. ": M- :: .'": ." ''''-.- : :; -"IS
; '
'r'r:::; ,* -;;, j.4 'fi -;"' .; "-r R tj; ; tF'c "' t ."": y y
." ': <.t' "1>'- ; >J..i1li.i: r't .,. ..! 1 '' t :' '" i1 \ "' Yi r q-- o, s: ,' ..... (,. -ff.-t _. SR ,
"" -
\-<- .. ...""'-...,:Jo"M.' .. ." '{. l.k" f: ; .r' .r ",' -
"'9" "" ,' < "" .. ioi' :< ;:::I ,
,, .. ,
,: .
n.:.. y'; ": .t .i'l;": < [j. 11
<< :
'" ,/. ;! .: 'to'4',
''.:''. #'; "'" .,. ..
/iI"i.:"' '''. .
: ,
: '. .'

?2'" CONGRESS IN Y THE 'TURPENTINE. MARKET. of moment ,occurring as'to these up- .' -

per grades. The of 'them: ; ; :
-' { Prices Still Dubious crop was LANDS. '
& k .. ... -Export Demands
probably as large"as last _
year, taking
/1'SESSION 0T RIO DE JANEIRO. Unsatisfactory.Excellent Shape.-Rosins in the entire territory into considers I; ', If'you have lands you wish to sell, lease or rent;

j:1pR.Ry' tion, but consumption has also doubtless or if you want to buy lands'for farming, grazing,

iJt f Spirits condition remain practicallrunchanged. been .well,up to the average; the turpentining or lumber purposes,
/ several periods of lower prices having
: 'The same -
large domestic
? brought in a large demand from Write to '
pBORATE CEREMONIES-FORMAL OPEN. buyer ,mentioned in our last issueshows'the ,
various directions. If all the local Ii

j :ING WAS A DIGNIFIED AFFAIR. the market same when willingness it developes to sustain new buyers keep the factors supplied with] BLOUNT BEAU ESTATE
,'o varied bids for CO. #
'E,:; weakness. rosins as they have .
'f After dropping to 57 cents
; done during this week It stands to OCALA FLORIDA.
led to Order
.. .. F"Cl by'nlte there was a one day's spurt to -
= Representative W. I. 8u- for.! President reason that prices must be well main ."_'
-'i. Castro's attitude is but then the price settled downto
tained. As
':esft' -:The Program Agreed merely his disappointment that Rio a 57-cent basis with ,theprop referred both domestic and export

< "')Washington Some Months de Jaaiero and hot Caracas was selected to keeping it there. When the demand was represented rosins are FINANCIAL FACTS.

h-: Ai. ."1r Be Carried Out. as- the place for holding the market showed signs of weakness this shown legs to whereas be standing two substantial .
; poor turps have but
'::. congress. buyer came in and bought, but when '
the domestic
; Ito the Ocala B-anner: The delegation.of the United States the other buyers wanted stuff there It rosins keep limb.on 'as to they brace are them doing up. Accurately, Completely, and Conveniently Presented.
consists of William I. Buchanan was no inclination to force
of values
T 'de Janeiro July 23.-The third. New upon :producers will come out all right despite Net York Times
lI ; York, formerly minister to Argentina them, but rather a disposition to Weekly Financial Quotation Re ics11s
the lower
rican Congress has been they have received -
and first American stand aside
minister and let them have the
_;. eaeilbere_ without flourish or elab- to Panama, who was also one; of the stuff. As it is the market cannot be for spirits than they expected.The EVERY MONDAY.
ceremonies but with simple American receipts of rosins at Savannahfor
delegates to the second regarded as in a promising state, depending
"'! t : 'aa becomes a gathering of. Pan-American the week were 17,246 barrels and
fia '! congress held in Mexico apparently on the ..
policy ,
tattves of a number of the sales included 1,871 barrels of the SALES OF STOCKS NEY YORK
_.. re- ia 1902 Edmund STOCK EXCHANGE.
i ; J. James, pre ii- one large buyer. If this buyer wereto ,
William I. Buchanan three top grades, 2,437 of the mediums Complete details of sales of
.._ of Newead dent of the University of Illinois withdraw it would be an stockn umberof shares sold,first jblgh, low and
; openquestion'
.Jk. p{ jhe United _States..tIOD" Leo S..MRowg,, professor: pf..,political as to whether the market and 10,681 of H and below. last price, high and low price during current year and range for pre
;;:-...... 'and, as such representing economy of the University ,of Pennsylvania would stay where it is or take a tum Saturday Morsing- value.year. Amount of each issue, of capital stock outstanding with par
-Spirits firm
: In Washington, at
(aetstitedepartnient ble. Weather
; Tuliq Larrinaga, civil 'engineer conditions are reported 57 cents
receipts 891 sales TIMELY
.:. ft .C, ,called the congress to order of Porto Rico; James S. Har getting down to a more normal stateover Rosins firm 175. QUOTATIONS ON 'INACTIVE STOCKS.
'!- Wirered a brief address in receipts 2,405, sales Stocks which have not been traded
lan in
of Illinois during the
son of Associate Justice a large part of the turpentine 1,795 at week are placed
tat a history of the first following quotations; WW in a table by; themselves, with date _
: iit gave
John upon
M. Harlan of the United sections in Georgia and Florida the wtych they were last dealt In
$5; WG, Jar N4,80 M, +$4.65-70 K and price of
_)American congresses and t ofr States woods ; ; 'sale, range for the year and dividend
a.' lti accomplished by them. supreme court; Charles Ray. are pretty soggy yet the receipts $U5;; I, $4.30; H, $4.25; G, $4.171-4- sUsties. and capitalization;_ _,-
of Illinois now chief of the bureau are 'coming in pretty well and 20; F, $4.121-2-15;;. E, $4.10 D, $4 BOND TRANSACTIONS
Nabuco ; ; ON THE
_, ", r 088 Joaquin ambassa- of appointments of the department after a few days more of'drying out C-A,- 63.7580.Savannah 1 NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. .

.' jar titfsOTJlinarj and plenipotentiary of state, is secretary of the delegation i: they should get to average figures Stores Review/ Naval' Total sales, high, low, closing and last bid and asked prices for both ac '

ll ia !, who heads the Brazilian and Frank L. Joannini, official for this, time of the year. It is to be OUTSIDE tive bonds and Inactive bonds.as well as government and state bonds.. _

.w tleslafso delivered an address translator of the regretted that SECURITIES. '
bureau of insular the market does not "Like
lITll.II' the foreign delegates from Kipling and the Dickens." Latest 'quotations, "withcapital and d'ivident
affairs take on rates of the
war more firmness
t department, Is' official and move up The proprietors New greatest _
of a Siamese newspaper York banks, trust and
..- rpobllcixto Rio de Janeiro. surety companies,
interpreter. a peg for the benefit of the producers, have gas companies, ferry
; fteipelUDc setioa was brief and distributed handbills con companies, insurance companies street ,
Among the delegates of the other but it now looks 'very much as thoughfor inhs the railways, and shares of many \
, MiaIf devoted to the I following notice: industrial and mining'concerns, and of
argument railroad Industrial
American republics are Senor Walk. some time to come the market "The and coJlater-
:-4 tb ,>f ti&ifiariea of the news, of English we tell the al trust notes, with dates of maturity interest
*; coagre a I. er-Martinez, the Chilean Minister to would be in a very dubious state. The lat st. Writ in perfect DECLARED and approximate yield.
6tka of the time of thetesM'tk style and most DIVIDENDS.
. the United States foreign demand 'remains
representing small
Chile buy earliest Do
a murder, git Standing"
:> commit w e
; order of busines and other and'continuous.recordaLdlvidends
at the era over there declaredn during.rsach
congress; Soldoro Baborano apparently feeling that
..".klslis. ttt op tor consideration tad tad Fouslo J>atUa, representing Hon, they have everything to gain by hold hear of and tell It. Do a mighty chiefdie week, with- date. of opening, and closing of books, date "of payment
we publish! |t and in borders of amount and date '
upon' which
<. .ftfm4 to committees, which durss; Manuel Delgado and Francis : ing off and the offers made for spir sombre. Staff has each one been col- to secure the diridend. stock must be held .in order }

.. lit to the congress! at the co Antonio Reyes, representing Sal. its from the other side,are not a basis leged, and write like the Kipling and OUT OF TOWN STOCK EXCHANGE ., -

.:' =.taL After the preliminaries vador; Dr. Casasus,representing Mex. that permits of sales at a profit. The the Dickens. We circle Reorts of : y
town transactions '1
every of ;
l.ltlMlf. Mtttal the stock exchanges of
program of lco. American Philadelphia Baltimore
Secretary of State consumers ,
Root will arrive are still toting and extortionate not for Chicago Boston .
advertise '
and .other cities. ".
'11\I1'" 19 be coftiWered
by the
here next Wednesday and will the market and it is a most fortunatething men s. Buy It. Buy It. Tell each. of RAILROAD EARNINGS. .

.,o RIlUI 1I'ttI be taken M. The con. remain here twelve days, before he for the ,turpentine producersthat you its. greatness for good. Ready on,' Monthly returns of all'the -
e1.ruha of the and limitation great railroads and industrial
aeepe will this
bas been companies
proceed on his south. He a year of -
way prosper, Friday, Number first Bangkok carefully tabulated. .
.. ....... will "? "
probably consume will attend Ity in the United .
some of the sessions of States or prices Times. BANK
to ttfet tkM of several WMtoo CLEARINGS-NEW YORK AND OUT OF TOWN..
the congress but would have suffered
not as
regular dele- considerablymore Table of,
clearings of
lstliee the UftH4 States all the fate of the United States. than they have done. There is Eaton Hurlburt.papers sold and satisfaction .I ment clearings of CUr banks. New York bankstate
; banks of
aN Cflrtftl American repub The no rift in principal cities of the country for the '
the ,
program of the which turpentine cloud guaranteed pro
congress, apparent by the Postofflce ceeding week .
-ISIS ......1 ; statement of banks of England,
fet the second Pan has been practically agreed upon at and nothing on which to base a'i drug store. x giving daily quotations for France Germany; table

.llJutJJit: eeaaeeu art represented at the preliminary meetiaz ia Washington hope that there will be any imporve- rates of sterling call and time money through the week; and
=.. !.tom "-Hl. eKt tlM 'en. la )March will Include sanitary mept la value or in general conditions 1. AND. THE COOK CHRONOLOGY OF THE
-.. .uI. treat 10 delegatTPi es. and in the WEEK. I
quarantine regulations near future. The
totW uniformity sag a- Records of r
events in the financial
lie.. live for the fall ( or patent laws, International recognition lion will probably continue doubtfulfor (TUn -' verybody Works But Fat who, owing to'the nature markets of special interest to those

YwMweta'. to, Mtt4 4klt'lllet. 1 of diplomas and of practitioners some time, and it would not be er.)' these markets. of their business, must follow the course of 6

toKlae4 eeo tasteteetst Prttdent I of the learned professions surprising at any time to see furtherweakness Ever since she heard about father :

to suet kletat s questions affecting commercial inter develop. It looks very much Cook ,comes late every day, Annual Sample Copy on Request.

h Ne*..4 the United course, and an International railroad.It as though it were pretty well up to I Except when she comes on Saturday Subscription $1.00; With Serviceable Binder, $2.00
n j "!R p U f[ was tlaA tedepeadlAis is also one large domestic To draw her weekly "
expected that the IO<< led buyer to sustain pay. THE NEW -
et the ..4r AIMflc.1 tepnblt1lbaeed law Dftgo doctrine, which Is opposed to values (or the time' being. YORK TIMES, 7"All : j

( tlet t.eesBrees badeereetdr bent the forcible collection of private debts The receipts of turpentine at Savannah She sits down to' the piano, .

IIf'\I t to Uw ifltrt of by ODe national! from another, will for the week ending yesterday While mother cooks the bread, the News That's Fit to Print." '. .. i

.11.. tl tike UtHe4 8ttw.. As come up far consideration In some were 5,900 'casks, and the posted And then she eats her breakfast Times Square s

118 to Uttt Ue real torsos form.Sttter. sales 4.524 casks, the market, how While mother makes the bed. New York City, N. .Y ,

ever, having been cleaned up at the
-_--. ,_. -
close yesterday. There ain't no use in talkin',
t* *a M a Prophet Have For that ain't
a Than an Imperial worth a cent ,
.- i i.".'-- esead, Tbosu A. 14. Palace. It looks like Cook only works on Saturday
ta impossibility to get .
.+d ke to wyr With tit her regrets tad grief common rosins down or bold them For money to pay her rent.

wM with all her weariness of the stiltedcareer Times- AThomasville .
>set lttpt
ie >xlra If sad learn aMtIMto aom- of Vicereine, there war many Consumers seem to want them so -
aa American girl to eary Lady Curtoo. much that MIAMI TO CELEBRATE 10TH AN.
rivalry at
er once
-settle ttte 30,04 el- Tmey earled her title her pres- shows itself among the buyers NIVERSARY.
se, -- 1ft tereetlatlU .11 tiffs her power tad her fame. They -
up go prices again, so that the
1 111ts it Ma erIeed the wrn tdtawt need Dot bare done so. Title and high level of values for them general is Special Rates Via Florida East (ToastRailway.

'.'. 1 '" prow+**, and power did not bring to her the happi- well maintained The past week was ea'y fli

..odiif t pfMd I revolution of sees which she herself found fa a aa evidence again of this fact the Jacksonville $7.50; Palatka, $6.25; ,
**.e. H can be diJD. it will 1 quiet nook of a home. Her moods closing prices of yesterday showing Orange City Junction, $5.50; Sanford, w, s.l .

Hb I tIftet to tea It before I poiat the lesson to the American lid advances for the week of 21-2 cents $5.25. with correspondingly law rates y
It is pletssater to have from other Florida
a comfortable East Coast
on H, 5 cents 0
oa F and E, 10 on D
:.- .A its wtU dltleorer a fact is oae tome than to have an Imperial palace. and 2$ on CBA. While the gains were tions. We have also asked the otherFlorida

we tk would tad that will set The title U t bauble which may dazzle Dot greater,they were accompanied by. lines to accept for basing purposes

IImui at work OQ aautber fact some eyes, but it does not bring a demand that cleaned up the offerings : our tender of these rates, and I :

a ..., part of the world ,aa d contentment to Us owner. With all every day and represented the to authorize the sale of tickets from I .

let of mn will be work her affection far Lord Curron and her desires of several buyers to get I all Florida points; tickets to be sold r -i-

"f et tin tAt path; and one day It interest In his ambitions how much plies. The market for all of these sup July 23d and 24th, limited to the 30th

h mouee4 to the world that greater Joy would she hare had if grades was accordingly In a healthful to return. ; .

|.*. MIa be produced direct he had been less of a dignitary and stsie. J. D. RAHNER A. G. P A.

bs. ..*.. Whea.that discovery more of a plaiD citizen.-Courier Pales, of course, should show some Florida East Coast Railway.
tt.t It., Journal II
eafine tad
i strength at this time when there is
.. WVHI oat of UM. It wilt then The Confederate veterans of Bradford
not much more of the crop to marketEvery FOUR SAILINGS
WP to bare tlrahips. I expect FOR SALE-Brood mare four years year there is always county have organized a campof .. EACH WEEK t
tie fijisf before old with young colt or will trade for some of forty-five members. _
my death. the top grades held They have BETWEENJacksonville
t ft good buggy horse. Apply to L. B. back In the woods .
teerery wtU make It possible McKenzie at Ocala Furniture Co. but not any great Quantity and so it named their camp for the late lamented .

eldpa across the sea by elec- is likely that the receipts will ,soon General J. J. Dickison, of this and New York; :

It-a: Tate of forty or fifty miles There seems to be nothing new- be merely scattering small lots. This city, and have elected Cot W T. <

Mm'-three days across the At. nothing original Plans for some time week brought some substantial advances Weeks of Starke, captain and com Calling at Charleston, S. C., both ways.

(>km Here to shore. past have been on foot for the establishment in the fine rosins, water-white mander of the camp. TBZ FINEST ST2AIISEIPS ft THE COASTWISE SE37ICS. "

b race may well look for of a municipal ice plant in closing yesterday .

*. hope to the day la which Demit What did Detroit do it fort over the previous Friday showing of 25 a centswindowglass gain, The Tampa Globe the only Tampa THE CLYDE NEW ENGLAND AND SOUTHERN JIVES a
"every will be announced for, paper supported. W. H. Freckerfor : .
' of 30, N and M of :0'and FREIGHT
the., the world will, be greatly The New York Sun mayor, is the only one that is BETWEEN
it lost its K of 10. There would seem to be openly Jacksonville.. Boston: and Providence
condemning his

I prestige as a prophet but little likelihood of any weakne
.lion-Zolfo Advertiser. and all Eastern Points. '

Calling;at Charleston Both Ways. "


l)Q South =Uta........................ ............ ............................. Frca Lewis', Warf, 8ostort'thrs3. .

1Q1 ...... '-
.,.-. froa foot of
Catherine Street, iba7ifl8; :

: HAMNiMGOCO Clyde St. Johns River Line. ."

Between Jacksonville and Sanford .

Stopping at FaUtka, Astor, Beresfard' ( leLiri) asi Interme1A '

Lacunas: oa St* Jsirs Eirer.

Red Rock Ginger Ale I7 Steamer City of Jacksonville -r :3
are appointed. to Sail u follows: Leave Jacksonville ,
daily except Saturdays,
Keuntia.leave Saaford.daily f-30 F.ut
except Sunday at q:3o a.m.

stands out among all other drinks as an SoIrtJl-BotID4 .

i1 Read Down SCHEDULE North-Boa"

exceptionally pure, high-class article.It Read up 3

has the active endorsement of the most; ethical medical r Lean 3 8 p P. m. --.-.- --- Ja.UoavlUe ?.,,".,.,,. .. Arrive m '
4S P. m. ----- f'alatb ___ .. ...
men and is widely a' i 00 t. m. ___ .t.--- Ieave.. a 00 Po III
prescribed as home drink for all. -- actor ----:0:__ '
.' ---___St. PraDciB__., ..,.,... 333 p.aa
people suffering from the various forms of indigestion Arrive' Jo 830 00 L m. --.,....-_. Sanford _. .,....,...-, .;:.._ : 933"11I I 00 p.1II
a.m. --:0--"";....-EnJerpnse..... __ 10 00 a.III
Look for Red Rock 'Crown
Stopper on-'Bottles i
- = General Passenger and Ticket Office, 122 West Bay St, Jacklonville.

seas e P, U. IRONMONGER.JK. Am'Genl Pas. Agent,iza Wast B3rStJackJonTilleF1a.
W.G.COOPER. .... '
J Freight Axent. C.LOVELL.. SapetiatenOeat,
Foot of Hogan Street.JaduoBTiMe, Fla.
AC.IlAGR TY.G a1 Rut'u PUJ.Ajt..New York. CLYDE '
I 4'a EGER Vice President andGen'I'al Manager. '

General Office Pier '36, North River. Branch 290 Broadway, ,New York., _

c .


.. } P45 rV et. k .. sS. F qp ,....
;y. : { :.tC ,2.L'C' = .I ac.4f. r ( 'c; J -zY ctp ;
i .. i : ,
: ,.,y ,
y ; ,," .,? : .'?.. : : > .Cj ,; "r_t1 :. --1''. -- = '.' '. >.. "" ...,.. ... . :..1"'. .
: ,
A Z .J .,,-. .t.'i!f. ._._ ,?_'" : __;, : -' "c" :. :' '<- ; .;_. ,".,.-,. { -''' =,- ... :.' -
'ri : .o : : : '- :. .
; : : ,.. _. t'1 J' =.ot1.AMERICN _:- ;>-
; ;_., : .: :i ,) ;:' :;,,.::, .

,'-,'",;'"::,','.'>.--, :;...,,. :.'"-'":'';;" ,,,,':.,:,".;:' '.._4-: .-_<"!" '.,r?:. ,,'-_-..'.-.';;;;,-,',',''_-',_' ',-:-". ':-.-;',;,-," ,,'_'_,',.':'',,'','.'.'-,',P,,"'',-.< /',,,",,_;',",-,-,}..'',"-:',:',,''..'->c'',>,'1'-''
c''t '... _- :....o -' ''''' '. ;' '
; ': f -- .1
; t. {
:"<'" ;? ""-," ,. .fr. "" "---""' F {F-. >,,;i" ,{,1:!: .t.H: ":"''::'"'''' k1'j<" .-''> -'"" ""'!1.., -...).'.,8\.,.'t-Q
;C- : "' '
< ;i$ 7 :f[ .
... : ,
+. 1<

.,.. '

:,: ,; F'v xyf'Sev1* rU.' M"+kib.'h ,...i Y.- 4f+' & -- ''':'STRGGG .ING"FOR "Si1PaEAtT1CY:" 'b114a rneBur .3c-- .S -" --

-r : :;: THE WOBLESMNG5! 1MON6 Progress' of ,Inland.-River' and Canal. rected Printing by'has the' ; it1( MA ;EfhQ?$:Z : ; ;

;.,;: ; : : : PIEACI4ElS ANDCHAUTAUQUA TE CH RS. Traffic--Ex-Con.Soidfer'Subscribe" for" ..Monument First to, to' to'dollar prepare national. plat,,e' : > q ic NOWN ESSI

..."' ". ,3t ,. Mrs* Corporal Tanner- new arrangement %, ?
,,;;::::'-- : ... Some Startling Fig- all the tens' they J
1 .ures. ing compelled to .

-- Washington D, C..; July 24, 190C. From Consul <' ".

:. ,1.. : / S: NESSEE.tEACHERS'MEET.& .\", '."" i., .,' .' ;"I.... Special Washington Correspondence some interesting DELIVER WARM r .. ADDRESSES., ;
1 the total wine : '
One of the strangest features of the
,, ,
} -
4.i ? arid'Educators.. nest last session, of congress was. the trou- the past year: No Editors Will Visit Atlantic Beach
; Meeting .of Preachers r .! !to. _in CJt: tta 9-oga. 000 gallons of annual address. '
slumber the bill 'l)1ereVill be
bled subsidy
"."Preachers M et''' r'ChaBauquaTEducators' s and Other, Points of Interest During
.; Chattanooga, Teim.;, July 24.-The, which, as the more' modern exampleof the grape were session in, the afternoon, when '
: at -* Session.
4 .."., Chattanooga.' .. '" annual. -, ...meeting. -of the Tennessee Private John. Allen's perennial bill ous countries the ernor..J elks, and-Senator Morgan%

State Teachers' Association which for a public building at Tupelo, Miss., France, including deliver addresses.; The rest cf
'. Special to the. Ocala Banner:, Banner thee-AA
has been, regularly introduced, disturbed easily led the to the kOcala ; will be given up to recreation, '
Y 24.-The
Chautauqua, N July opened here today for a four days'
and debated, and finally shelved gallons, followed Ala., July 25.-The annu- business sessions will not berJ1l
Chautauqua Assembly ha opened session, promises to be unusually in :
'. f : .-: here for ,the season with the, ,most I terestingrom,' the fact that-.,a ;number : for Io; these many years. The question that quantity, meeting of the Alabama Press As- tomorrow. An interesting progralli'the
I uct equal to called to order ,here convention nas
TheI of subsidized .merchant marineis was peen prepared
-. a
_ rr ..::, flattering promise of success.: ; of distinguished southern educators !
is unusually interesting and a vexed one, which has'not been United States morning, and the visiting memo will include a discussion of ths.B1i,<
program .. are in attendance and will ad-
-. .attractive and includes I 'lectures, and dress the, meetings. According to the classified by the statistics of vessel' insignificant were welcomed by Mayor Smith ject of foreign advertising it f&,
construction just issued by the Department lons; less than the Rev. J. R. McCullen., Mr pected that after the adjournmeu :O F
/ sermons by a number of the most program only the mornings and evenings -
habitants. Of the Hamburger, of the Mobile the convention tomorrow many
of Commerce and Labor. : editor
clergymen the
,:." prominent of country. will be devoted to meetings, and
Y Dr, Newell Dwight Hillis, formerly of the transaction 'of business, while the From these it seems that the tonnageof gave over 95 responded and was followed members will go to Atlantic 13
vessels constructed America 4 per President Charles H. Greer, of ,the Fla. where they will
rigged during
4 f: -.J Chicago and now of, Brooklyn,. who afternoons will be given to recreation remain j
,"- largest importer, Association, who delivered his week.
.z opened his course of sermons and and sightseeing. A number of the past year was nearly 350,000atotal 'i'

"- -.t lectures' on Sunday last, .1s'oo theprogram' excursions, to points of Interest in equal to nearly two dozen of of wine in the ',3<.

for five afternoon lectures, the largest battleships in the world. cent.
the vicinity of Chattanooga have been
=: 1 : ; and will remain byre until next Sun arranged for the visiting teachers. The surprising part, of it all is that Mango Bombay. ||
practically the whole of this amount If it be true A few years ago Captain Hades rf
c.' day inclusive. ,In the following week
Among the prominent speakers at the
."' covered construction the causes madness, 250,000,000 Feet: of Lumber Cocoanut Grove, received from lij
; f /-< ,Dr. Wt J. Dawson, ; ',;:: .lectures, aroused. great deal of Hinemon, state superintendent of Great Lakes, which, while it does not the soft Agricultural Department at Wasi f
affect the situation does the last report ton a small mango tree which,'W
subsidy ,
: interest in the east and middle' west, public Instruction of Arkansas, the
C" 111'succeed 'in show in a startling manner the demand District of C & Gay July 23.-A deal been imported from Bombay Inds
1'r Dr. Hillis and he, Hon. F. A. Cotton, state superintendent -
feet of
--. which the fora. out of every 300,000, 250,000,000 was the Douglass Bennett A1P11riie
country making
turn, will be succeeded by. Dr. J. Wilbur of public Instruction of Indiana, and land
;' Chapman, the noted evangelist. chance to take advantage of cheap are reported as 40,000 acres of was variety, and upon arrival here 'by;
and several others. The sessions are
i' ",: During the same week President held water transportation. In Germany, for ures for the. Saturday by J. L. Philips & press the tree was found to be ei .
: in the auditorium, while the department -
This is the lum-
,- 120 hundred probably largest
Frank W Gunsaulus of Armour Institute example, the canals and rivers carrya per dead.
{ ':,
meetings will be held at
deal in the of this section
v : of the and while persons were history Captain Haden then sent for 1hj
,- will deliver' a series of lectures various smaller halls.. The principal great part freight,
the This land is located
and he"will be followed by subjects for discussion will be the this country is admirably equipped in entire District country. George B. 'Cellon, the well-knows &

Bishop John H. Vincent, chancellor normal schools, county high schools the rough by Nature for water transportation just ended. In Tallahassee, Flay and was pur chardist, who, upon examinfafg .iis

J of Chautauqua. and public school libraries. it is only of late that the to'the contrary, from Vereen & Smith of Moul- tree, said it would be impossiblefsave

= '" question has' been brought up in its er nor the and William Godfrey & Co., of it, but that he could take t lei

'' true light by the national rivers and enough to cause 'S. C. The largest portion of I buds from it and Insert them isj'; !
I- to lose his mind. timber is round virgin and is sub '
harbors jungle tree which he
organization mango did
,The Pan-American Congress. The Tampa State Fair. congress-an ir
which is to show the G to turpentine lease. The deal car cessfully. One of the trees $
Special to the Ocala.Bannei: Tampa, Flay July 25, 1906. striving futilityof _
I Rio\ de Janeiro July 24.The third ; Special: to the Ocala Banner: paying rail rates when a demandfor with it land, timber and all. A suited from this budding processor'

Pan-American congress which, was The Florida State Fair, which will the improvement of our water- Unveiling of portion of the deal is for timber now bearing fruit, which, In'the q$

formally opened here last week met be held at Tampa, November 14 to ways through increased federal ap- Special to the which has' been turpentined. ion of many, excels everyoth e t;

-. again today to conclude the prelimij 29, this year, will eclipse in every propriations would enable the shipperto Bowling' Green, is one of the, largest blocks riety of mango, not excepting.the.ctc

-, nariesbefore. the actual work of the department the fair of last yearwhich move his gqods at one-sixth of the eral hundred round timber not subject to tur ebrated Mulgoba or even the Sender-
r ,present rates. Facts like this Indicate others have lease in this section. shaw which is said to be eJ'o
v come
: : congress is taken 'up. Some of the proved superior to any state fair held par
', ; that the future for federal of this L.. Philips & Co. will begin im lence.
most important preliminaries have in ,the south. President Brown: In,order cry appropriations parts |
in connection with water veiling of the the erection of sawmills to Last ir. E. March bra
already been settled by the congress that ,all counties and sections may W.
transportation is to be not for sub- federate dead this timber. They will Into the Morning News office .. tt"
< and, the rest will undoubtedly be ar- be placed on an absolutely equal basis *
ranged this week. The proposition has decided on this excellent sidized fleets, for 'for inland improvements which took place about 25,000,000 feet per year, and specimen of the Alphonse from 'Ce|"

has been definitely adopted that the plan: The state will be divided into on highways open to all alike. program of in connection with their: mill in tam Haven's tree; and it was caj!

congress will close on September 1, four divisions-West Florida, East ner to the and other mills in west sampled. The flavor was excel

regardless of' unfinished business Florida,. Middle Florida, and South To an ex-Confederate, residing in wfth addresses will give an annual produc- and there was little, If any, foer;|
the south falls the honor of makingthe ers. The of about 50,000,000 feet per year The demand for these |
which may be en hand at that time. Florida. The counties in these sections mangoes
It 'is expected that a fiveminuterule will compete among themselvesfor first contribution which has been by D. S. Cash, their own mills. The wholesale 50 cents each cannot be suppliei.>|

_ will be adopted for the deliberations the honor of being the banner received here for the erection in the war in Company of this concern gives the is a valuable variety, and will *,S

:. ? of the congress, thus making county of their respective sections, Arlington cemetery of a monument to cavalry. a capacity. of about 100,000- greatly to the wealth of this Bectl

r it possible to prevent interminable I for which a handsome banner and a the memory of Mrs. James Tanner, present at the. feet yearly. -M'aml News. /- I t
Y debate on" the to be wife of the commander of the G. A. R. connection with this'deal a char ?
many questions cash prize of $500 will be given to
k considered, which will doubtless provoke the winner. The four winners will Writing from his Florida home, .Mr, $5.00 reward fort the Tallahassee Sawmill.' Com- Death His Ruling Passion. ;

a great variety of opinions. Delegates compete for the grand first prize of Bruce, the first contributor, begs as Farms for is now being applied for in the Determined to commit suidde.E .
who have an 'old soldier of the south to be allowed court of this county. The pe man at Bochum (Germany) seven!
__ propositions to lay $1,000, and the winner will be designated hound; color j
,I' before the congress will be granted as the banner county of the to, do his part, in appreciationof black. Strayed for the charter are J. L. Phil one of his veins, poured petroleum 1

thirty minutes for an opening address state. This plan is necessary by rea- expressions of kindly feeling 18. \' J. S. Gordon. and Charles Philips, over 'his clothes and set it alight pi

_ ',, l; but after. the ,subject, has been son of the fact that, the vast area which the commander has often then jumped from a window of tk
/, f6rmally presented-- '- -to the congress, of Florida makes'-the products' so. di- voiced for the old southern soldiers.It 1'f 1 third story of the factory where:)u.

the addresses are to be limited.to five versified at,a_ county in one, sectionof 'Is expected, that about $15,000 will Mr. and Mrs. .'. Sage is supposed-. to "have was employed.-London Express. Wi

minute*, ; '", the:state cannot. well be placed in be collected from the G. A.. R. posts children and an estate"valued" at $80,000,000. admire hian'man's method and deter-

In a number' of Important; detailsthe ', Competition'w1th a"cOunti\in" another y and various other sources for the I. daughter, who kinsmen are already beginning to mination. He believed in doing aio, \

; rules of. the. congress-Will -materially section.The: countiewiil' : be dividedas movement, insuring its{ worthiness of mar-on-Lake Weir over it. All want the family well.

differ' r from >those of the first follows:. her whom it will commemorate. home Tuesday to bear them apples of gold. ,t.a

two congreaseiC The purpose of the West Florida: Escambla, Santa '- at Mr. D. S. Mr. F. B. Coogler, Of Brooks .,
change: Is'merely to prevent entanglements Rosa, Walton, Holmes, JacksonWash- The time for singing is come, and enjoyed a most Webb Is visiting Willie spent Wednesday, in Ocala on leit

.. 1t which might result from prolonged ington Calhoun, Liberty, Franklin, the wail of the government clerk is at Lake' Weir. I business. i r ri
_ discussion' of subjects on Gadsden, Wakulla, Leon, Jefferson, heard in the land. Because he gets a =- ,
which ,there la great Division of sent Madison, Taylor, Hamilton, Suwan- half 'holiday on Saturdays during the --- i

ment.. nee, lAfayette, Columbia: Baker, Middle summer, while naturally drawing full 1. Barnes, FLORIDA FEMALE, COLLEGE, t
The UV8.. cruiser Charleston is ex: Florida: Nassau Duval, Clay, pay,' it is now ruled that he Is to be
2. Bonner
petted here tomorrow and everything Bradford, Alachua, Putnam, Levy, docked for twice the amount of time 3. Chairs, TALLAHASSEE, FLA. I,

ii In readiness for the reception of Marion Lake Sumter, Citrus. East he loses on those days. Naturally he 4. Davis,

Secretary Root and his wife and Florida; St.Johns! .Brevard'St. Lucie, is sore, and the government seems to f;
daughter who will remain here twelve Dade, Munroe. South Florida; Lee, De have put its foot into trouble again. 5. Duncan, ; POSSESSES IT EMBRACES t

: days and will be hospitably enter. Soto; 'Manatee, Polk, Hernando, Pasco Indeed, the fact often adduced against 6. Green, Ideal location. College of Lberal Arts. f:;
7. Grice
[ f
'Wned.ManY'loclal and state functions Hillsborough: ; Osceola, Orange.No federal and municipal ownershipthat 8. Hoston, Excellent equipment. School for Teachers. |

have been arranged in honor county in Florida should fail to a government is a less success- 9. Jackson, Standard curriculum. School of Music, vocal anij*; M'

_ Cf MrRoot's visit be represented In the departments of ful bargainer than an individual or Leach Well selected faculty; 'strum ental, Including if ,
10. S. pile
-JT. x. 1.i exhibition and the' county commissioners corporation, finds ample illustrationhere II, McCollum, ; Spacious gymnasium. gan/new instrument. <

War Maps of the United States should act at once. in Washington. The national 12. Mead, W. ; Heated swimming pool. School of Industrial Arts,. r

Special to the Ocala Banner government supplies half the businessof 13. Mead, W. Twenty-acre campus. ; eluding Domestic Science sd

Washington,' D. _Cs July 25.-The The Press To Be Honored. the city, and in many classes of 14. Moore, W. :! High moral environment. ;' Art. J

Geological survey baa a confidential Special to the Ocala Banner: supplies it buys far more than all the 15. Reden, Admirable college spirit. School .Expression.

arrangement with the War Depart Tampa, Fla, July' 24, 1906. city population combined. It is fre- 16. Rich, W. Steam heat, electric light. -..- J
ment by which the topographical I wish to state that it is the inten- quently pointed out, In explanation of
17. Rich, Lee. Young ladies contemplating entering the College this Fall sborj '
sheets made by the surveyors of the tion of the Fair 'Association to give, the oft repeated statement that '
18. Rich, Lee. at once for dormitory room. Session begins Wednesday, Septe |
: Geological survey are furnished to the in honor of the press, and the legislative Washington is one of the most expensive 26, and continues eight months.

general staff of the army. These members, a ,grand banquet,whichas cities in the country in which to .
Badgeley, For catalogue and detailed information write to '
'Sheets go into the details of the country was the case last year, will be heldon live that this is due to the high levelof 2. 1
Boyett, .
M over, which the surveyors travel the evening of November 14th, prices maintained by the presenceof 3. Dixson, A. A. MURPHREE, Prfs4]

every year, and show the locationof which will be known as Press,Day the federal government as a large 4. Felder, ;-.

places of. supply of water and. forage and for which special entertainmentwill purchaser. Even at that, the private 5. Josh n, "1 .:

_. the situation of blacksmith shops, be furnished press members. citizen fares better than the public 6. Lundy, A. KNIGHT.: L. E. LAN }
brtdgesthe places to ford streams and The fair this year will' be held November department, for it is a well-under 7. Nold, Mrs. <;.

the condition 'of' the roads. This in- 14 to 29, and will be on an stood fact that Washington dealers 8. Patterson '

'formation is of great value in connec- even grander scale than that of last maintain a double scale of prices- 9. Philips, ANNOUNCEMENT. !?I ;

tion with the accumulation of material year. We expect every county in the one for individual customers and another 10. Richardson
destined state to be exhibit at. a considerably higher level
... to be of value In time represented by an 'ii. Roass, Li1+ .aWe
of trouble, or on other occasions when and, in order .that all may be' on an where Uncle Sam foots his bills. The
12. Sweet, have just purchased the Wa gon and Harness business of Ye
the army must go. into a new sectionof absolutely equal basis, have decidedto only thing, apparently which the gov-
S 13. Sheppard, Stanley & Company and propose to add to the stock of goods ere
the country. offer four large cash prizes one ernment purchases more cheaply than
: that is ,
14. Sulna, I needful to make it aCOMPLETE LINE in every sense."
for the banner county of north Florida "ordinary business man is personal
15. Sifcqx, word. We are agents for several of the best Farm Wagons on the B
Long Branch Horse Show. another for the banner countyof service. It is so, well understood that 16. Taylor, ; also' several makes of Buggies. Besides these we handle a great

Special to the Ocala Banner: east Florida: another for the ban- those who work for the government: 17 Walls, of vehicles either of which we stand ready to fully guarantee. j
ner: county of middle Florida and still receive less than they could earn We Invite the puglic to call and see our display of t
r_ Long Branch, N. J, July 25.-The from ..employers that A charge'of
another for the banner county of private every I I
eleventh annual open air horse showof on delivery of
south Florida,, These four counties, on congressman, occupies a large part of Grade
the Monmouth County Horse Show ways giye Buggies; Serviceable Carriages,
terms that will be' absolutely equal his' time in advising young men and
.,' Association will open this afternoon will be expected, to compete for the women among his constituents not to calling for these Wagons, Harness, ;

on the horse show grounds, and everything grand prize. F. L. HUFFAKER, enter the federal service. 4- Lap Robes, Etc:, Etc. ;oe ?
indicates that It will be one
Sec'y and Press -
Mgr. Bureau.
-4k, of.- .the....... -,dust... brilliant" events- of that It sounds'a bit strange to state, that ORDERS, WILL ALWAYS. HAVE PROMPT, ATTENTION.I
t' kind ever held here.. Many important Last Chance for Papooses. anyone should perfer ,a ten dollar, bill 7

improvements have been made on the Special to the Ocala Banner tp a twenty provided both are. good Turpentine Wagons Specialty I

show'grounds; and an unusually large Muskogee, I. T.. July 25,-Today is t t-but nevertheless this .situation. exists t a

"'i number of' handsome prizes will be the last day on which Indian babiescan today on the part {)f the bankersof I auRa/NQ A WORD All I. ,"., are Always In Position to Meet the Prices of Legitimate Compete :.;

-. .,: ;,' -awarded. The, ,number of'entries in be enrolled so .as to secure for 'the.. .country, Up to' this time. the, MONTNI THAT :;

...., tl e.'numerous, clases is large beyond them their share in the ,allotment Al plates .for ten dollar notes (each plate I TIME.SCOTT'S Sole celebrated' 1l
,>. all expectations,. and :some ,of,the, fin though the number of Indian babies 'prints, a sheet of, four notes), have are Agents' for the White Hsckory

;, '',., est horses?owned in this, part ,of. the enrolled during,the, last few days has been made for three tens and one ,'.UK*'THe pentine and Farm \Vagon. -
; -
:". country 'wfll be shown! Fifty-six oeeri considerable, U Is believed NOUR/HMEHT M
,, that twenty, so that'banks,ne d rig the;former THI HEALTH 0/1
:, :: classes _haye'been .prodded .for.? The many Indians;in..the, remote districts were .nevertheless forced totakeonefourth :CHII.D. Seed for,

> / <;: ':$ :; : continue every' [;afternoon have: :neglected ,to :register their 'babies :;::of.:the number In twenties. SCOTT : J.J jiJ J

;; ,until Saturday" ,'and-wIU ddse_ .irith/art, thus forfeiting- 'their share In.theallotment' Thelstrasge part, to: the 'majority'-at ...4OHI5.. ..Pearl JOCo, &Del Street.,/ g ar a ngt 1 "s

_' t,, 't, :evening: show" on,.that :day.' least, is .thatnhey1 prefer' the:.smaller ; : ii'
,_ '',. w f' ? 1.i ''''':"*;".utl" """"' ...;t' < ", '... T -t" .", '' : f !,:;.,' -"(Successors' io.Staridley and;Co.) >t
:t. .. .i$ :!' _.!t\, :' ; 'F
: .
h p' %,. ,'>-,,'''.f",, "" .J\>, ;!i,1' -'; ",<';,,-";,"" .' ti
-,: -; i t : E s, ,: "
:" 7 :> i ; : : f t

- bee- ."" ,.-' ,-, ,' -,.
'>; "., <""'- '
';"' .
; ::
'-' :-.,:" ; '' '.- :: 'cF: :1'- :' ""'-'< <.. -, 40-'-'.. -"',, "
.<:' ," : : ; : :-i:;, -o'
; ;.:. ,
," -
: 'o.f'. ; : -
., ,
<, > 0. t "
: :"''; .' '' '''''''_'''.:,.,;,:=;-,.,.,,. .,_... ,,.,_"'; r. A ?c._


: '. ''', ,,-, ;'''' ''''''' .' : "'' :..' :. : ,...,,.. .,.' .-. -'. "'-.'. : .....-.. '-" ":' ''' ': : : ., '' ''" :. ,,
"' :' '; : '' ''' ':'.. : '. ::: ',.; : !: *: o' ;;' : .'c::; ;.:' : ; : '., .-.?. : : ,
r ''=> ''''' .. <' : : = "; t-. ..; .O.'i., ,_ ._ :-,. .,,_. "._ .;, ::- ', '- :;.: "': : ; <. ,
< ; ?: .', :; .
.l -
!? -
tY c. ." : _,, 't' : : "', : <{ :. ;.; ,:"' .: : ..._: .. :! .
'}::,' .' ., "=: ;: :.::: 'i'-'i' ;:;; ;: : -_ 'i'L',: ....... "' :''''' "".,,,"," ,-, "",.<.".; : _.:: ::'t' :.: : $',. "_; :,:: ::: ;. *; ..
: t -T
: tj ; '' ,, = ;
: > ? "" '' 1",7"f
: ;
: ";; "
l ";, : ."
: _... ,,.,, '. ... ;" '
> "" < .
}:: <. t '; 1 '> -" :,'''!fj:'-"f'r"P"'i" ... ,.i> ..- l-.;;!..=,;.', 'ittj. ,. "'"-. 'if:! .,: -- .". Ji. --t{<.. ." r #, r '4 ; :

: ..
L ..' 1ff H '!' -
: 5" ,
; '
$ .J.
...!-W Ji'..a.>, -; I ': S .R "..

.- .

-CIOFI HIS, __ beneatha giant{coffee bean tree the DIVIDENDS DECLARED.. OIL AND COAL .IN FLORIDA. -.... .
; .J. .. i-
-./, ft. body f'Jesse James, the outlaw; lies -
:.:> '< buried.: 'When young James and his i Traffic

_ .;:t"' tca,_JM_ .ls, Carving a Splen- family visit there. relatives from the; per cent, payable August company 1. Prominent Woman Makes Valuable <

J, Career-Obstacle* i impede, neighborhood gather 'in and great' Pittsburg and Lake Erie railroad, Discovery-Where.so, Much Smoke fl1ags sGo To TIIC B.8st.3napUICst

:; stories are told of the old days.during 5 per cent, semi-annual. payable Must be Some Fire.. '
r RoDo: .Not ,Stop
and after: the, civil war, when August 1.Columbus. .

",:;'. -!,.xr;)f;.{ progress.- Jesse and' Frank James were the'terrors Railway company preferred Highly interesting and sensattoial

of the. northwestern country. 11-4 per cent, quarterly, pay- :
-- v _, reports reach the Times today to the
Sometimes Plac !L
Jtyitch;(from: Kansas City, Mo, Frank James who lives C3le.August! 1. .
.g there effect that oil and coal have been discovered
quietly -
as a tanner takes
a State
:. tWt?;Jesse James, son of ;Jesse hand Michigan Telephone company .

,,-:tlje:'Missouri outlaw Is,now: a in the conversation. but he never f preferred, 1 1.2 per cent, quarterly on Anna Maria key, down the _
..lawyer., Last week he, talks of those days if strangers are payable August 1. bay, as well as oil on the mainland'at '

J ;.successful;, examination be- present : '' 't' Pacific Coast Company first preferred some point not clearly defined.A Our Edibles and Drinkables. _

1 tII t :board of examiners andewolled1 1 14, per cent; second prefer. letter from a property owner lu ,

._. In the courts of that MAN WORTHV$5,000,000( PLEADS red. 1 1.2 per cent; common, '1 1.% that section received by the.Time today are as Clean and :.Pure ; :

-j' i lI:4attorneyat-law, ON. KNEES TO. ,BE SENT TO PEN per cent,. quarterly, all payable August brings more definite informal: a as,

fUrted With a Handicap.tig Washington,'July- .-"Jailseeker"Gourdain LRailway regarding apparently this there important is matter and for Pure Food Laws could 1

'claw: of thlrty-seYen Jesse of. Cmcago Equipment corporation, good reasons any t
appeared at the
< food fiwk His average in alls office of 1 1-2 per cent regular, and 2 per cent I believing the story absolutely true, although .
the United .
', e,,'w: ; 91 per cent. Henry: A. court yesterday'with a States petition supreme for a extra, monthly, both payable next. it is not yet known what quan- imagine them to be. -

chairman of the board Of ex. Monday. tities of either will be developed.The .
jtfUffi writ of mandamus '
after the examinationi upon Judge Gro'ss.cUP. United States Cast Iron Pipe and discovery of -the oil and coal '
....aenaald_ of Chicago, to compel the latterto Ouf establishment has
'James had the brightest Foundry company preferred, 1 3-4 per was made by_:Miss Stella Teller, a sister -
; send him to. the Joliet, Ill., peni-
......t mind oft, .any young man who tentiary. 4 cent, common, 1 per cent quarterly, of Senator Teller, of Colorado, a s.
before the board. both payable September 1. lady who.has already made fame and been refitted according
".rp "I will not eat, sleep nor drink until .
fortune by her oil discoveries in Teas
and Broad "
.'lam is a self-made man. He Huntington Top Mountain
I get back to.Joliet. I did that once,
'as few boys Railroad and Coal 31.2 and .who has been quletly'prospet.ing Measures '
>-.itsidicapped are. and I can do it agan. Some men wor- company, Sanitary and the "-
ion of an outlaw, he was left an per cent, semi-annual, payable July in this section of Florida for some
"E_ti 'Of without ship money; some worship God, and 25.. This is a reduction of 1-2 cent time and she has announced that at
fQbuftt i (six ;years. age per :
some like in
myself worship honor. I only thing it reniained'-
: last her judgment has been verified
.: 'na&j and a bad name to live down.lBfltttifter promised the over the previous payment made in
and jury which ,
the discovery of oil on Anna Maria
rthe burial of his father January last.Huntingdon.
,' tried me that if, they found me guiltyI and .Broad key, this being located on the south "Old and Matured"are
,: Jit;"mother"went .to Kansas City and would not Top Mountain our
: : appeal the case. They side of the island while the coal deposit
'..rie i jiTlai.tot herself and'her two Railroad and Coal company 31-2 -
: found me guilty in about fifteen min-
__s bye sewing: Jesse went to per cen,' semi-annual, payable July 25. is on the other side
utes, and I went to Joliet and stayed
until he was 12 ;years old, This is a reduction of 1.2 per1cent Miss Teller has the very best of WhiskiesWines '
there for .just-one month less Beers.
TbIIk:..h$y--:;decided that he was oldjtto over the previous payment made in credentials and her work on locating
day, and if it had not been for the
oil in Texas is well known. She has
i ) ;: work. for his mother. One January lastChicago

.1I Oaf r.tn*.h&:saw"! .newspaper*the.following: adver- been treachery. behind He of,my the Has counsel bars,$5,000,000.today I would" have' cent, quarterly Edison,.payable company August, 2 1. per announced the key that.,.In the large coal quantities and oil,existon and Our way of doing, busi% .

"RP ated=an, office boy T. T. Grit-- Northern Pacific Railway company, also that she has discovered oil on

; 4 if.Jr"leeeeanswered This.was the beginning of an extra 13-4 per cent, quarterly, payable the mainland of Florida. The news ness is the same courteous: \
ordinary .statement
made at the
,: the advertisement Ral-- August 1.Electric.- of this discovery will be highly interesting _

tfce-wit.morning. Twenty other boys eigh'Gourdain hotel 'last night by Louisl A. Company of America, 31.2 to the people of this city,< as and appreciative mode \
of New Orleans. |
.... red it,. too and Jesse was thestot "I per cent, semi-annual,.payable July 31, many of them own property on the we
Mr. Crittenden, $5,000,000., he continued, Nashville, Chattanooga and St. key and they will no doubt hasten to
; ..
"and"today, I shall ask PostmasterGeneral I. have
see if they those fortunate employed foryears'a114any
Ma'desk;looked over the crowd of Louis Railway company, 21.2 per are-among
Idjfj1 and beckoned to the smallest of to require every cent, semi-annual, payable August 1. enough to possess land with oil wells

N* postmaster in the country to sets up Consolidation Coal company, ,11-2] upon it. favors bestowed -
in his office notice '
a declaring"that I uponus
h "Will do you wish, my boy?" her !per cent, quarterly, payable July 31. The people with whom Miss Teller
: ; am'ready to, pay back every: cent of has come in contact during her !
Distilling Company of America, prospecting
'.,. ; Invested in preferred will receive strict and
money my enterprises.,together
: t.to, be your office boy""iPhat' 1 per cent, payable July 1. tour are very much impressedwith -a
with 8 cent interest. .'.
per her and her ability to locate the -
-is.lour.namet' H. B. ClaSn company, common 2
'"The government has found me oil and coal properties, and they seem attention.< "
:. aJeus James., r-; per cent, quarterly, payable July 16. prompt "O .
guilty of fraud, and I to .
propose serve
to satisfied that. the discoveriesare
Domnlon Coal
f .uki.Father..Llke Son, Not So. company, preferred, '

fir(riti J den was surprised.' HeTtiwf out the sentence of four years and ahalf 31-2 per cent, semi-annual, payable genuine ones.-Tampa Timesj Our constant aim is "ToTi'y' =
to which I .was sentenced in just ,
:. ft son of T. T. Crittenden, Sr., August 2.Alliance.
for:of Missouri, who offered aiwia&ef' the same manner I would were I inside Realty company, 11-3 per Patriotism and Prohibition '
the walls of Joliet. I shall build Please ,
',,,450,000 for the capture, :cent, semi-annual, payable July 16. us 11.dpe: con-;; i
my own penitentiary. I shall turn all .
Merchants' Rev, W J. Carpenter, Tampa's great i sJ* tif' -
,Mad er, alive,: of. the outlaw, Jesse Assocated company, .
"' of my money back to the people whpm prohibition orator, the more than -<"' -
:) iTQce't this reward Charley first preferred, 11-4 per cent regularand vincedv : > ::
the court [said I defrauded! and after Jphn B. Gough of this section, delivered ,. v 1iI ,
i :;aa4.ob F.or.if killed Jesse James. And 14 per'cent extra; second preferred ;
that I shall leave: the United States at Williston on the Fourth of "
E rjbere ,was the son of the dead 11-2 per cent regular and 1-4

,,taking work of the son of. that Would Destroy Family."In per cent extra, all payable July 16.. July speech on "Patrotism and Pro Respectfully yours, : '
closing to the .
my argument Bronx 'Savings bank, 4 percent annual hibition. We were, curious to know :

Crltteuden, ; hired the boy, and he jury I told them that the conduct of payable July 16. what connection "prohibition" has
Judge Landis met my approval; thatI with with STRAUSS.& Ci""
"patriotism, especially
i. ,, ;that. .he was faithful. Cuban ,Planters' company, 6 percent : :
knew Judge Landis "
I A'.few:".years later Jesse went to was absolutely semi-annual, payable July 16. "Fourth of Jfuly patriotism, when the I
honest, and that I was positive :the ordinary citizen is supposed to be.a. v 11. \> .. ...f ,}.,
tork:1D'.Armour'i Norfolk & Western
house Railway com-
packing as
I .; ,
twelve men who were sitting on. the little hilarious in his celebration and Wholesale and Retail 'Liquors : ':
c : -
I 1 clerk.' He studied. at home.. His uany, preferred, 2 per cent semiannual :: :
'" 'I. jury were of the highest intelligence, payable all the more as the mint beds are at "*# ", .
has 30. ,
qtr "aI' teacher. After few July
3 a as well as' absolutelyinonestfand.thatif : OCALA, FLORIDA, : .: .,.
their best. In the columns of the ) "
New York Ontario & Western railway
the house he
., packing opened (
1 .j .f store' In. the: county court. .they had the'faintest.7. suspicion of company, 2 per o cent, payable Tampa Times Mr. Carpenter writes .. h

.1Ieriote' a'i-book in defense of a doubt in their minds that.Vwas one July 30..This Is an increase of 1-2 percent more than a column article of his visit -,-- --

t -raaudit'was published. It whit less h nestthm'they'.were: them- over the previous payment. to Williston, and his Fourth of July .- '.- .-,.---. .'.: .: .':,'- -,::, -' '. ;.:.... \04'" .: - ':,' ,,' : : .. .<" '_.

aea" '.i When st..he; was 21 years of selves, I should demand ; that they which! was msde July 31. 1905. oration. We read the article throughand
find me guilty, and that I ;should demand We Never Our Palienis
New through, but-reluctantly confess Disappoint
-be4had-; : J700 In. the bank and York and New Jersey Tele- '-
at the hands'of the court to be "
that we failed to "catch,on. He tellsus
mt4 cottage in which his mother phone company, 11.2 per cent, quarterly
> sentenced to the full extent of the very enticingly of the cucumbersand We Fulfill Eviry Promise and Kevir Hold Out False '
ttier'' payable July 16.
lived. zcask.WE
Then he opened atip 8tlctnJ
without the knife or bougie and Va rt *!*
"itore: in thebuslness center of law and to be sent to the penitentiary Distillers Securities corporation, 1 the chickens, of the. beauty of lib mint pain or delation from basinete Contagion Blood >; '
.. .... immediately."I cured never to return, vithoat mercury or mineral Mixture Leu erf Ki
r 9it tl: per cent, quarterly payable July 27. Gainesville, how ugly some people be- Vigor POIIUnly,d| mo ittmnlaat bat Mrmui
gave them my sacred word as a and \ The Dr.IJn Medical Co.I.aa Luttcaticsorgantred qq .
have In the cars; beastly men = <
Ax this Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
period of'his life, when hefu'palthe laws of th Mete of Georgia for U. treatment .plt.-of

.. ';Y road. to prosperity and to gentleman that when I came out of railway, 2 1.2 per cent, quarterly, pay even pretty girls; how our newly rich I I liili IIlryou..chrOU1odl..uu.iniUtotloa.1*the chief consulting M. ts..ibg ipedalUt, u.1OUP..being.

k honored manhood, he was arrested prison I would deed all my fortune, able July 20.Tennessee.' sport their diamonds and good clothes, lby a iUflOtnJnenlpbT5lcl n lad IUfl800.

{ w i,the crime of train robbery, It consisting of cash, real estate, 'national Copper company, $1.25 a etc., etc., but what have all these \led Oat; v laeeeuia salwtkic6iUotlandeaotric&la2 Us trtttmeBt of cironio dlwaHl!setca 'b t ttiwpop"

;W /charged< that he, with accom- bank stocks, private banks, share, payable July 27. This is the things to do with "Fourth of July patriotism l1'a lea Onr'offieesara,Z-ny,violet wialpiwd Ill,and with rtoMarar ail the gait to fact anla rtrf fanulf aitralfl_ Jt

+ trust companies and bonds and secu- and prohibition?" The article Oontrtasoeknowntothemedlcalprefeaeloo..Ou. .. ni .
Waited held ,up a train on theUtowart first declaration since Decv 19, 1904, modern In every respect, and ve employ none. hat tbf fea*
Pacific railroad and robbed rities of every; civilized nation on the when $1.25 a share was paid. reads precisely like Hamlet with v-and trained UoOTi and pt/ildins cffictenl attendants being in cbargft. qutUied< .tmuMI

: file:aste:in.the of face of the globe, and then by unanimous United Copper Copper company, Hamlet left out.' We employ no aiisleidifl menu to 1t'C1Jt.. paGeau
express car $39,000. = &h'ODag&-UO 0.0. IX'i or .",ked for i!teratnn af*cnl; -_
(!aia?,dramatic train robbery, as consent of the entire Gourdain 11-4 per cent regular and 1-2 per \'\ \1'f\I tythli Initution. Our terms toy treatm ;t arerage ham
to(10JM per montt(medlotnes inolvded)tied we pro she eras
k. ':,::awet ao,as any of the robberies of a family we would wipe ourselves off cent extra, quarterly, both' payable A Hard Lot. ance of a cure within a cpeelfled timePIYBESTQrrERENcZI9
of troubles to contend with, spring
the' face of the of the United weenooesnfnflya srt
map 31.Texas. CHROMIC EASES .
D ture which made his fath- July from a torpid liver and blockaded neatly wre'& .
States so that this government would ',1\1\1 U n 1l: {neb u Kidney and Bladder trouble,
> : "'E'aisle .notorious throughout the Central Railroad company bowels, unless you awaken them to f\'f\t\\N lInLWi1'A Rapture, Uychoee1e. Dratu. Lose} etc. ;. east
never have any more trouble with 21.2 cent semi-annual their action with Dr. King'sNew w.J I""'" ,"fll' '" 'IIJJIJ Dlltuu. Tumora and malliroa&t tronbUa Catarr: 1"Ncu.
td proper
k : ; Ho was tried, was ably prose- per "ft.IIo"" Threat, Hess and Lungs. Dlseue ct lit
' :! ,:and. was, acquitted. But the us. common 5 per cent, annual, both payable Life Pills; the pleasantest and N. K. KING U. D. Chronic DUtajOi of Women. inch U Dtip ;
for Cnnataral DUob ,and each weakaeeies ( &
He Starves Himself."I most effective cure constipation. OWE* COaunatsnat PxreiaM. rge $
-ad&aal charge against him was a July ;16. They prevent appendicitis and tone W rite as\0-4&1.jdlBf you eonditloa! If JOB tie sick or afflicts.Qa rioottt' Vt,

: setback to his hopes and amIt'iad told the warden in my last appeal Central)'Railroad of New Jersey 2 up the system. 25 cents at Tydings .. CONSCLTATIOW lend yoaeultartawelnetadingsympumblanknforhoaietreetme, JtXAMINATION AND ADVICECFUKl .._mOR ___.

i. that I would neither ,eat, sleep cent quarterly payable August 1. & Company's drug store. m
taken all his savings per KING HEBIG1LGO.., ult aa..iirsicchteiesu&iianiL: u"
until I had filed this
drink man-
ia'ldre! lawyers to defend himself, nor Philadelphia, compayn, common, Allen Rodgers of Marion: county

.iai:tht.worry ixad damus proceeding before this honor- 11-2 per cent, payable August 1. .,
< caused his moth- has demonstrated the fact that mac- -------- ..,,..-... -
: able court and had it granted or re "
:*?* health Southern New England Telephone
'to 'fail. Soon afterwards adam toads can be built In Florida for
..8iid..; fused. company, 1 J.-2 per 'cent quarterly, mile. North Carolina pays '
"So for this reason, if for no other, $1,000 per
x .
issue worked harder than ever at payable July4. I $2,500 and Massachusetts $9,000. Put
I most humbly beg on.my knees that OcalaHouseW1ineRoons.
"'b'''""'1 eas.. ,,He had a chance to this honorable court immediatelyIssue convict labor on our roads and in ten :

_wit,_.and did so at a good profit. Bad Burn Quickly Healed."I years Florida will have some of the
a writ of mandamus directed( to
u,.. ,!;,opened a. pawnshop and am so delighted with what Cham best roads in the country. Convict.tabor 4.. .

: ,, But he wished to be a law and against Judge Grosscup of. the berlain's Salve has done for me thatI is .steady, other labor is not Let TRY OUR ...... ". _
: district court of '" 7
States q
United appeals feel bound to write and tell you so, ''
;.the'larf...*fid?Went ,to the night sessions at Chicago, to set aside 'the. su- says Mrs.. Robert Mytton, 457 John Florida set her convicts to road build .' .".. ; .... "- .
: school In Kansas City, and and good roads will attract we '
street, Hamilton, Onto "My little ing, .
11 persedeas which he granted on July '
day, long he sat in his pawnshop 5, 1906, and that he order the marshal daughter had a bad burn on her knee.I people within her borders than millions OLD LLEGHANY'PUREYE.: : : : .

'ftII8c' law. He graduated withionors applied Chamberlain's Salve and it of acres of everglades land will .. ,: .
to send me back immediately to Ii
> his preceptors com- healed it beautifully. This salve allays ever .-Eustls Lake Region. : -,. -
tn the Illinois state penitentiary"REFLECTIONS the pain of a burn almost in-
, )him. Then he passed the .
stantly. It is for sale by all drug. -
wt ;eninination referred to .in the gists. / m Capt. J. N. Strobhar Is personally

w ,y OF A BACHELOR. superintending the clearing up of the :

:V: !\had4 sold his pawnshop and The Signs in the Zodiac. Harris place on Panasoffkee lake, and .; # ru

r ._,4iaw. office, and won the first Girls ,would like bathing 5 a good will eventually make' it one of the .iI
:: !'which he appeared in court. deal more if It wasn't wet. No, we are not going to say any most attractive resorts n Florida. A .'

. ; ,has in'a.ease of a' man charged Preaching wouldn't be much of a more about the state administrationat club house will be erected on the ,,Put up 4 full Qts .... .: : .

.. tithe'-' crime' of burglary. Jesse business If there were_ no weddingsto Tallahassee. We are just quietly premises, and we have no doubt but

(this as a good omen. perform. awaiting' developments. There are what this Innovation will result In the in: Fancy Gartoons;;-:- t't: r

:,: i aae James is 31 years of age. He A good man has a much, harder several of the "twelve signs of the erection of a tourist hotel at or near *A' 1. :-1 .

": .110000,every dollar 'of which time living lip to his reputation thana zodiac" that invite the suspicion that the outlet,.and the .shores of the lake
Via''made by honest, hard work: bad one has down to his. there are some obstacles In the ecliptic dotted with cottages that will be occupied your ,. V I.;_ :

hie+:two chlldren.He'' lives in An easy way for a woman not to of Claude L'Engle's Sun path and by winter residents. There is :r

:ho se. In'all his life he has have her golden hair:. show dark at that there may be some revelationsof no better fishing in the, state than in Express Office ..' ,"; ', /:; ;" ,

: tilted whiskey or beer or any the. roots is not to have .it -golden.A ., an Interesting nature, and at no Panasoffkee lake and the Withlacoo- > '& .

ajof.;intoxicating drink. He nice thing about being baldhead- distant day, either. chee.riverSumtervUle. Times.,

:: use tobacco in any form. ed is you don't: have to waste any When this "sign Is right," we shall .- For $3.$() : 'f"
___' 1(, devoted husband and father. honey 'on things to keep it from get. gently point these gentlemen to a If you know' or hear of an inter- ; .

} no""J bad'\habits. He is scrupu- ting gray.-New York Press. legend that is.sure to' be written in esting item in the community, makeit '

'boi $ To men, with whom their political skies: "He who liveth a point to see that it finds place Regular $JOQaQuart Whiskey R; wHte;for I

:4a Rainess,.his word Is as good by the sword, shall die.by the sword." in your-local paper We should much r

:.1;'" Twenty Year Battle."I Jacksonville Floridian. appreciate ;your effort and .will send Complete Price list -

'- was a loser In twenty year battle verify any ; ,
.Junes': greatest pleasure isw1tfiis our reporter to ascertain or
with chronic. piles and malignantsores
.; wife and babies on until I tried Bucklen's Arnica We handle the famous White House lacking .points.. Anything which tendsto .

*. .visit Frank James, his ua- Salve, which turned the tide, by cur- Shoes for ladies ar.d. gemleraer,. and better' or brighten the news service :

:.l ... 'Mrs.':Zerelda Samuels, his lug path, till not a trace remains," the Buster Brown shoes for girls and of .a paper makes it of so much Ocala House: Wine Rooms.
'"' writes A., M. Bruce cf Farmville;'Va. :
and .
.. i, pn their' farm in Clay Best for old ulcers, cuts, bUrns: and toys. These lines cannot\e.surpassed more, value to the community, --\4. -, '. ., i'iRl i: '" tr'' ..' -
1 'the: for quality and price.. Com inv and subscribers are the ones ,mostly '
dooryards the .
: scorner of .
wounds., 25 cents at Tydings &:,Co., .1 '" '- ; : .
,r".,:(4'1tt lay"'county. farmhouse druggists. 'd. see*them The,Fair. x benefited thereby.. ... '-' .<', ; <.... .-' ." O'CA'L"A'"I1' "= ... ... J"') ,ORID'r ...."....,A.'" .;J ,>]1...". >.Ai, _-. .. -,."4.1r'.;(."',,. ..',\'>.

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'' :
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"--'i5"f- i-* -t *- *' .,t" ;:, ; } Z'"" ..;M5'JJ',, .... .' ,% ';."', -,, ,!* : %.. '!'-if.. 1? ">'f +.< ;yr #<;....1 J",, _..:':f. J'' ,,'t.t', t. Si'
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W 'f_ 33.; '" ", '5' "";;..1tff.-"- ." *, ..- .;.. ].!l** it. ;; n .=.:-.">- .' i''''' QC's: ?i "Yr.r r.; -C h'
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; .
ak Gi
.1 fM
fff. TO. JAMESTOWNBY. .. -MOTOR. -BOAT excursion, he. can sail 'up 'the;Cooper AN ELK. Blind Girl' Is a Lawyer 4
;_ ...:. t .. river to the Santee river, 'and down Miss Christine La Baraque now' 28

t Owners ,of_ Small Craft Plannnlng to again to the coast and through a ca- An Elk there was and he lived his years:bid, who has been' blind since

: -l.">.' Go 'to' the. Jamestown Exposition nal to Wlnyah ,bay,' fifty miles further life-even as you "or I. she was a baby Is. a lawyer. She was THE ANNEX SALOOl
.T Via the,Inland Water Routes.. up the coast From: Winyah bayto tie had played his' part in a world of graduated at the head of a law classin
Wilmington behind Cape Fear the strife; and his\time had come to a California 'law school, and has ,
& = They Claim It Feasible .
route is well protected., From Wilmington die: been admitted to the bar in that state
iui-1<;* East of ,the Missistlppi he will shape his course for His soul had gone to take its stand at Miss La Barraque is a remarkable GALA'S NEW WHISKEY HOUSE

River.. Bogue inlet, fifty miles away and the. port of the Pearly Gate, young woman.. She is a graduate of
o ,
II : i passing through Bogue, Back and For there to await St. Peter's word; the University of California, a finished -

,r Special to the Ocala:.Banner: Core' sounds, reach Paxnlico sound, In the judgment of his fate. linguist an accomplished equ<:s-

1 Norfolk; V..,fc July 20.-The practicability and passing through that body of trienne and a musician. She is now L At /.L.Depot, Ocala, Fla,

of the; various. inland water water reach Currituck sound in the The Recording Angel by his side,the in this' city completing her musIcal

-' route for.cruising to'the Jamestown last stage of his voyage. From Curri good Saint called his name. education. -

i exposition to be held next year at tuck and, through the West river;. and Just read to me his deeds of worth, Getting her degree, she ,announced We make a specialty of HIGH

: Hampton roads, ,near Norfolk, are the canals of the Dismal Swamp .be and also deeds. of blame. that her ambition was to become a 'i GRADE WHISKIES, WINES and
r being.;:much discussed just now by will reach the Elizabeth river just' below "He stole? What's that!" St. Peter !lawyer. The professors told her It was ,.' .
the",owners -of;' motor. boats all over Norfolk",and Hampton Roads. cried,. "That's wrong beyond I.absurd, but she insisted and becaui" BEERS, and no house in the stateis

a the' country. Motor' boat enthusiasts doubt. a night schoolteacher ,to earn enough better prepared to ship on short no
have found it entirely feasible to Bob Taylor on "Sweethearts." "He stole-to feed a hungry' child money to carry her through the law

'i cruise from any part of the country "Do you want me to tell you how Just 'rub that 'stole' part out. school. There was seventy-five men tice to any point. All out of town ors ',;

y1 ,cut of the Mississippi river to the you may know when a boy has been in the class, and at the end only I ders filled same day as received, securely _
;r exposition without/once venturing out hit with one of Cupid's arrows. He "He lied? Dear me! Now that's too thirty-nine'remained. In the' final examination ,'';1:

into the open sea. For those that pre begins to shave his pimpled face and bad-I'm sorry, friend, for you." Miss La Barraque'led them packed, in plain cases if desired. };

ferthe exhilaration that only the makes a.desperate effort to sprout ,a "He lied-for blankets for the poor. alLy .. .. Give us a trial order and we .-!
} open 'sea .Can give there are. other mustache; he begins to wear collars Well, scratch that 'lied' part, too." "Of course, I realize that a blind ,

routes following the coast which motorboats bigger' than his shirt and a necktie He swore-Ah, well, an awful sin-so woman could hardly practice law successfully feel confident that we will receive the ,?

can:take':with little .danger, like a morning glory, he has his trou- common in the land. so I decided to take up mu- :
; one, as we guarantee quality of
asjhere are landlocked harbors to sers creased every day, and his patent "He swore-at those who robbed the sic 'as my livelihood," she declared, ,.'

whch1 these little. boats.can fly.at the leathers polished, he has a dreamy weak. Goodby, lad! Here's my ;'and I know I shall succeed." goods .equal to any of .same .grade ;

first sign!'of storm.. It .he so desires, look and blushes whether he will or hand:' NO. MATTER where purchased. c"z
,alII motor boat owner can cruise from no; he feels like a culprit,' and dare "An Elk, you say? Well, well 'of How to Prevent Coughing. -. '

Boston to Baton' Rouge through the not look you straight in the eye lest course; I know your style of Coughing Is the worst thing for a

long sheltered bays .and sounds that you discover his secret thoughts; he breed. cough, and in most instances of cough Nicest Equipped Retail Store :<

__ lie along the .east m littoral of the cannot refrain from sending boxes of Just turn him in there with the herd there is .more coughing than is necessary In Town. .

United .States, and only along the caramels and French candies, and -it's all he'll ever need. to subserve the-purpose of the

i. east coast of Florida will he be fruits in season. The effect of the arrows No harps for them-just good front cough, i. e., to remove offending ma
to wound is blood seats-that tribe has never terial.
obliged strike out into the open poison, producing ?
:: ;- sea. temporary insanity followed by shirked. e The following directions will help

L: The routes maybe roughly classified !- softening of the brain. We'll make these others play the one minimize coughing in all inctances The Annex Saloon.

as the northern, inland route and I "Did you never see a fair young tunes-the ones who never while in the milder cases it may ;
the southern Inland route; the north- girl wed a' hog and pat him on the worked." stop the cough altogether after a liti i
ern proceeding through the great Jowl and call him 'Darling?' I have; -w... J. R. tie perseverance: When tempted to OCALA'S
_ _, lakes and the Erie Canal, the southern and she wasn't my wife either. Did cough take a deep breath, filling f NEW.WHISKEYLHOUSE. !

following the Mississippi to the you never read read, in Shakespeare's Four Hundred Years Old. possible every air cell, holding it until 0

_ r Gulf.of'Mexico ,and the CO&at.llne to Midsummer Nights' Dream,* .how the Enough tears were shed to water an the warming, soothing'effect comes

Hampton Roads. To those unlearned deluded Titania wove garlands of acre of onions in London when the or so long as is reasonable,:and mark AC.L.! Depot. Ocala/Fy

in the .loreof motor boats this,.may flowers for the brow of an ass? I have "elephant tortoise" 400 years old, the mollifying result on the cough,

s r seem u long ,and round-about l way of ,seen it done many a time in actual pased in hs checks, yielded up the which, even when the latter seems .

,: getting to the exposition: but cruisesof life."It ghost, skipped the tra-la-loo and a lot unavoidable, will often be found un I

;five ,thousand wiles! or more, are is common.for girls to link their of other things necessary when a 400-( der control. .
_ = common In the annals of motor boating precious ,lives with good looks and year-old tortoise dies in the London Repeat if necessary. The ,explana- E. C. Smith. C. V. R
r' and there is no doubt but that good clothes rather than with heart tion of this is that there is a liberation -

for many the enjoyment. the exooI I and brains. zoo.Those.. ponderous English newspa of nitrogen in the air cells which SMITH & ROBERTS, i

sltlon will be heightened,by thIs.novel "The world cannot do without you, pers which are used for paper has a quieting, sedative effect on the
y way}o ,;getting,'there- girls, but before it claims you let me weights gave this venerable, tortoisean irritated mucous membrane.-Dr. A. Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers'

j Taking the northern. route the motorboat whisper a word in your ears. Have eighth of a column obituary. There P Reed in National Magazine. LATEST METHODS. BEST GOODS.. WORK GUARANTEE 5

can reach. the -Mississippi all the fun you can..Giggle and laugh was almost a riot in the menageriewhen Telegraph orders receive prompt attention, and embalming done snylRtr
Tc: x through any one of. the hundreds o!, as much as you please. Dance ,and the surviving animals heard of Best Medicine In the World for Colic on short notice jOOAL
_i navigable tributaries on the' western skip, and romp, and bop until your It. They thought the tortoise worth and Diarrhoea. .
_ r-f or eastern' side in this manner the heart goes flippity flop and the blood about ten lines. The great journals ,"I find Chamberlain's Colic, Chol- {

_ motor boat could come from almost eddies in your cheeks like roses that called attenton to the fact that the; era and Diahrroea Remedy" to be' the FURNITURE COMP ANY
'Mrs. t.
best remedy in the world, says
I the very .8 mmlt,'of.; ,the, continental bloom in the spring tra la. Extract tortoise wasa boy in knickerbockers' .
divide,king up the Mississippi to a every drop of sweetness out of every when Sir Francs! Drake was trundling C. L. Carter, of Sklrum. Ala. "I am f

point Justt above. St Louis, the, motor passing hour, Sleep. and dream and a hoop and trying to be good, subject to colic and diahrroea.. Last :

y boatnum will enter the ...Illinois river wake and dream again. Be happy little dreaming he'was to become a springs it seemed, as though I would
... and proceed Up' .thft1oiwaterway. to now; for the clouds of sorrow will pirate on the great ocean. die and I think I would if I hadn'ttaken
Colic Cholera
Chamberlain's ,
the entrance of the Chicago canal, lower some day, and some day the As this wonderful tortoise approached I and Diahrroea Remedy J haven't
through the :canal reaching Lake troubles of.real.life,will come." death he assumed a 'dignified been troubled with it since until this

ir. M an.Here, he can send.htaboat -- solemn air, his circulation became week when I had a very severe attack ? iV40-i

__ around through the Straits of .Mackinac Southern Railway Changes. sluggish, his liver turned over and took half a bottle of the I ; I
cent 'sIze Chamberlain'sJollc
.Lake".Huronand LIke' ,St 'Clair On reliable authority it has been only once a fortnight and his pulse Cholera and Diahrroea Remedy, s

Detroitin .charge'of Us .helper, if learned that Brooks Morgan, assistant dropped to 21 beats a minute as timed and this morning I feel like a newman 1
Lt G Jb..houIcl..care to make this ltageuot'u general passenger agent of the Southern by the official bicycle clock. The tortoise ." For sale by all druggists. m

&: *.Journey by other means. This railway at Atlanta, will resign had little! to say, and although -
J trip through i- tile Straits of Macklnacis on.August 1 to become a member of sure cure remedies were administeredby Crullers:

'-; well ..vrorthi'whlle,. however. Proceeding the firm of Frank E. Block & Co., the zoo's doctor, 'the, patient grew Crullers make a good addition to

t : through Lake Erie ,to:Buffalo, manufacturers.' weaker, became flighty and with the picnic basket and, are not quiteas

&: 4 he will eater;'the Erie canal and jour. There is widespread public interest wings would have done a little 'flying. hard to bake as a soft loaf of layer

; ':ineY"' to -the Hudson river at: Albany, as to what changes will be made as At last the end came, and, rolling his cake, for instance. Beat two eggs light,

_ t f'or.If.he finds this. part not to .his Ilk; a consequence of Mr. Morgan's res: great pathetic eyes from friend to add one-third cup sugar, a saltspoonof Jtanrf it roaartaW l sr -aar"1 :
_ '--Ing,can go by train to that point. 'The ignation.. General belief is that he will friend around the menagerie with appealing salt, a few gratings of nutmeg and :

( trip through the:historic Mohawk valley be succeeded by either George B. Allen glances at the six-legged tiger four tablespoons of melted butter. -tarami

l '., can be',much more fully appreci l! now assistant general passenger and laughing hyena, the tortoise fastened Mid with flour enough to roll very $cAu A

ated'by' (taking the boat, and will agent. at St Louis Mo., or by C. A. his eyes on the figures '350 thin, cut in shapes and fry in deep a

__ y thoroughly repay any extra trouble Benscoter, now assistant general passenger painted on the shell 50 years ago. hot fat;*roll in powdered sugar when II j '-
_ -caused by .taking It. agent at Chattanooga, Tenn. Then, with a groan, reaching back partly cool. Ir ,

Once on tile Hudson river the crux Should Mr. Allen be transferred to to the discovery of the Galapagos .

_ t ter, ,will find plenty', 'of similar boats Atlanta it is probable that he will be Islands on the night it was born, the A Tragic Finish., f fA
r-J and her owner will be delighted with succeeded at St Louis by J. C. Beam, tortoise leaped three feet into the air A watchman's neglect permitted aleak v ,?

_ the scenery and life of the noble Jr., now district passenger agent in and died, with all the monkeys in the Great North Sea Dyke, I ilce r ? 'r aA
'. which could have
a.child's finger stop-
river. Leaving the HudSOJl'at ,
New Atlanta. and that Mr.- Beam will be screeching and the hippotamus bel.
,. ped, to become a ruinous break, devastating -
'. York, he.will go through Newark Bay succeeded by J. C. Lusk, district 'passenger lowing for dear life. There was hardlya an entire province of Hoi- to.t'I .
f to.the, Raritan river, and through thRaritan' e agent at Jacksonville Fla. The keeper 1n the building who was not land. In like manner Kenneth Me

m <- canal to the' Delaware river. vacancy left by Mr. Lusk, it is affected by the incident [ver, of Vanceboro, Me., permitted a I
i At Delaware City,:below 'Wilmington, thought will be supplied by James little cold to go unnoticed until a ( } ([ f J

_ a. he will leave the Delaware and p to- Freeman, at present traveling pas- Governor Folk Gives Excellent .Ad tragic 'finish was only averted by Dr.Sing's pBLUE J Jpa44 .w
New Discovery. He writes:
cetd through the Chesapeake and Delaware senger agent stationed at Macon.- vice.
"Three doctors to die
gave up IRf t
canal to Chesapeake. bay! From Atlanta Journal. Governor Joseph W. Folk, of Missouri of lung Inflammation, caused by a : :C
this point it will be RI
plain steaming Mr. Lusk Is one of the most popular in addressing the retail merchants neglected cold; but Dr. King's New :
down the famous waters of the Ches transportation men that has ever of Missouri on July 17th at Discovery saved my life." Guaranteedbest t ll5 ''

apeake to Hampton Roads. been in Florida, and while his friendsall their meeting at Jefferson City gave i cough and cold cure, at Tydings ntnotronR t EDI10RiSI
Taking the & Company's drug store. 50 cents and
,x southern.route.the master over the state would, regret to them the following very excellent ad- il.90.. Trial bottle free. m
of the cruiser will make it his have him leave Jacksonville, they will vice:

first object to reach the Mississippiriver all greatly rejoice in his promotion. "We are proud of our splendid cit Tomato Salad. CLAUDE Etfltir L'ENGLE A. K. TAYLOR t

I and proceed down this river: to ies and we want them to Increase in Pare ripe tomatoes and chill themIn Cartoonist

the North Pass at its embrouchure. Russia Rough on Her Fighters. wealth and population, and we also the ice chest. Cut each in halves AN ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY WITH A WILL OF ITS OWN {

: Thence through Chandeleur and Mississippi The Russian military commission want out country, towns to grow. We and set on' a bed of the heart leaves Brimful of Good tt
he will Things-Bristling With Catchy Cartes**]j
Y Sounds reach Mobile appointed to look into the circumstances wish the city merchants to build up of lettuce' Put a spoonful of the grat-

bay. Proceeding he'w111 have, to go attending the surrender of but we also desire the country mer- ed horseraddish dressing on each and Maybe you want to,know what's so? Perhaps would '
outinto the gulf for you i
a short,distance chants For the horseraddish dressingmix
to reach Santa Rosa Port Arthur to the Japanese have recommended to prosper. I do not believe In serve. like to see things as they are? Perchance the truth ,
Sound, which that Lieut. Gen. Stoessel, the ,mail order citizen. If a place is one tablespoon of freshly grated well told and cleverly pictpred appeals to ? Peradventure -
will again him. you
protect from stormy former commander of the fortress, ben good enough for a man to live in and not bottled, horseraddish with one tablespoon you have longed for that
will print
i: I.- .weather After this he can-pass i sentenced to death and that LIeut. to make his money in, it is good of vinegar a saltspoon of everything that should a be paper printed? 1
succession through Choctayhatcheebay. Gen. Fock, who commanded the enough for him to spend his moneyin. salt and a few dashes of paprika Now
St Vincent sound St. George'sbay add one-quarter cup of cream,' first
5# Fourth East Siberian division at Port ThAT'S THIS SUN
Apalachee bay and Deadman'sbay. "No beating it stiff and thick.
Arthur, be condemned to twenty years merchant can succeed without
After this, moving, by easy in the galleys. advertising in one way or another. A Paper -Without a Censor. A Paper Without
stages he will be in the gulf The Doctor Away From Home When I
open until
The commission also gives it its Patronize your town papers, build
__ L he reaches St. Joseph's bay, near opinion that general Reuss, another them up, and they will build the town Most Needed. Boss. A Paper Without a Financier. t tTIHIAT'S
Tampa, or if he'fears'.open. water, he .official and build People are often very much disappointed
high should be'expelled from up you up an increased
to find that their
a can avoid the open sea of the east family phy 1 1It
coast the ,army and that Admiral Alextetf.t trade and greater opportunities. Do sician is away from home when they THE SUN }
by sending his boat overland to not be afraid that business is most his services. Diseases like
former viceroy in the Far East,
irt Femandna,. or by his helper aroundto should be reprimanded. to be hurt by the recent exposures gcramp colic and cholera morbus re \Sanitary. Clean and Wholesome. It is Tropical;
the same point. From the,momenthe quire prompt treatment, and have in
h reaches St. Joseph's bar he wll It Is now believed that Russia will of wrong doing in the commercial many Instances proven fatal before Fascinating. It is Virile Live and Enterprising.
soon by in the throes of a civil conflict I world. No man who is doing an hon medicine could be procured or a phy-
protected from
the open gulf until est business can be injured by the sican summoned. The right way iso
r he reaches Biscayne bay on the : light. All business will be better for : keep at hand a bottle of Chamber. BETTER! GET THE SUN
t east coast From here to the mouthof Only 82 Years Old. the cleansing process It is going lain's Colic, Cholera and Diahrroea
St Johns river, near' Jacksonville, "I am only 82 years old and.don't. through and for the stamping out of Remedy. No physician can prescribe Most of your neighbors do. Get their opinion on it.ThE .
al he will have to travel in the Atlantic expect when I get to ,be real old to evils. a better medicine for these diseases. By write right away to
having it in the house you 5Ul'tj
ocean with only such protection as escape
i s is feel that way as long as I can get much pain and suffering and all risk. e Florida
given by the bama.Islands.. Electric. Bitters" says Mrs. E. H. Powell, of the St. Petersburg Independent Buy, it now; It map.. ave. life. For sale ,
.r There are; however, frequent bays by all druggists. Inclose as the notion strikes ,
Brunsen, of Dublin; Ga. Surely there says that at the State Press 'm you-say

and rivers of rtorm.From into which he this can run incase is nothing else keeps the old as young Association meetings the boys "see FOR SALE-Lot near Ocala con $2.06: for One Year, $1.00 for six monlil(: -
point onward and makes the weak ,as :the roseate side of life "?
strong as and drink the 50
; b.. -wU1.\be protected from the this grand tonic medicine. Dyspepsia beauties of nature." fining two acres'of ground, an abundance cents for three months. i
: ,' rough 'weather, steaming north ,',torpid liver, Inflamed kidneys or but rumor' has it that they do, of fruit trees; one horse, one .And we'll see to it that you'll ,never .regret.it. "We'll give t
< \ through :the' Inland passages of the chronic constipation unknown after Harris"doped" wagon, buggy and harness; 17-acre you the biggest run for! your money that money ever had. t

'Georgia' ';coast,. to Charleston. where taking time. Electric Bitters a reasonable It the "drink") with a few'bottles crop corn; .four head cattle, hogs and Oh I yes, we'll send sample copies. {
Guaranteed of
It by Tydings & sherry, at Ocala.LakeCity
.U, at "caras to make a 'little inland goats, panders, peas and cotton.. Address !
e Company druggist Price 60'cen Index. >
a L ( Daniel Paul, Ocala, Fla. 1.13-8t'
-- .- ,. ..... _.
," ,. It--. '.' .' 'i' -.:-'" ..,_ .

= J. 1
** ., t .
:;.f 1.. ':' ."$ ": \. -.T.. i .,
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;"' ': { t' ,0c4:7
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";-" :'_"-.'-'",,',"''_ ,;:_:.::.. ;, .7. c'---: ,.7:<_' .',':--;.'; _.';-;'..:.:.( ....'... .."'.'.:,;"._''.''.'. ='."c, <'(:,.._::..t.;,. ._ ,:=:,>_.'<{,,.;;.,'",,.. ";'-."$'_'.';:,,".,,{

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.' .c. .

'- : : ,,':" ; ; ''' .:,.. : ., -,,,', : ie'; ;,-:! ; '' :'" ' -.',-. : '' .," .. .' -" -'' ;:. ''''.,,' :-' '."' ;," ."": __':_"-"'". ., =,.",,-'', ,..,.-,i ;' '-':"': ;'.-'::''''
"' .!
--.o = :"''''w .: .., '-" .'r'f'f''_" '' ,>, _. ;;' ;;c.',"", '' TC': -' -. :,c. .,-,-,."",'_',.',;-= ., "- "' ,-----f" : : :. :: ;: 'M-::: ''-''' .:
.- .:,_-""'_' : ::,. ::.:.. ":..;. ;: ....." ::. ..::_ :-;:.:= .' 7J3- .:, ._. :.;''' < : .", :. ... ,.:-_:: : : ;. ;<'i-: '':. ? 1'-,,, :.' ,. .'. .
.,, 1t '- :; ; '' ..
."." > ._ < 'i' '':'' ,_ .... J ,"
( '
.7.. --"':: .. ,;, " """ ;';b. ;;' =. ''' .'-. '''''' """ }: <" yi0. ? : :
!If: -ri,, ....J;>/-,.... '" :1-..,.{ Z: ".:;'',''' ,.g.-. <,... ""> --L"P"< .., T 7 <' f&f ;
4r -q. ""'

y e, ... ,, ; 1'1t.V;; .. "'t 11<._.... .. .,._._ ... .". _. ....W ...-.- -/to" ,, .... ..-. ". -- .. '' > "- -...,.,,' ., -.. z-
: : ::: --r- -

'... ... ', ... ,. .., ., .. '
,_ --;: :)-: *- .4: -' "' J! i\ -L $, .
y ;: > ,
'I" -. ,'.\'iJ". : "! tJjf iif : ;> : ;. 1", "f >.-<"fj ; 1'H ; ;i;. '" .1 : :: ;: 'P ".. :'< I '" > '" '" "" .
< : '
: ,;,..,FERTILE.-' -'*- FLORIDA.. -H-H-H-I-, i i-" --i--i -1-r-111 ii--44H i-I-I l.1Ii j I ,, : IiiJlVERY OF. MASTER'S' .SALE. .::.:. NOTICE.' -
'---- --
: .
"" I
_ V.yAe Doing, jnvthe ,Land of knows(or by virtue of a certain Of Application fer Tax Deed Under :__________

:Grapefruit_and" _,J. ne. Po.emd'or .C'Qday. I: !IJ1 made and entered .Se tion 8 of Chapter 4383, Laws 1.
i ,
,,, '" .
',' "" < : ; know that .
: Bullock of
_ ,;t'-t', .1J' ,. : ) W. "S. judge of. Florida. _
are4UIte"P1efltP' around -': court of the fifth _ _
; Judicial
; : HIfii. .0 I-I-. 111II11. 1 'iiiIl H-I-l'I-H-I-H-i-H: : -
1 fr I-H-H'M' -I-i-l-I -+ '
: ; is indispensable in
the demand for ,fitting chancery
i"e&son and. Notice is
_ thl < *.* .j hereby given that J, J.
county Florida on the Fort purchaser of tax certificates .
tif i1;good ,i -
r WORDS: ducing good-p June 1906 ina certain Nos. 447 502, 506 1105r 1106
of sweet potatoes at : : : 1107
;*creage : ; pending wherein Va- 1108 1109
1111 dated June 6th 1904
'. -'year'' bids' fair. .to be the By Ella' Wheeler Wilcox k1;;,*:; : crops.A: is complainant, and and 505 and 519. dated the first day, __ __ __

._ .h''ev.erknowu: :there. .':.,' t,;:.=;, I" as ei-officio adminis of June A. D.. 1903 has filed said certificates -
".'.. Sumpter raised_some of the J11tflfli .ORDS are' great forces In the rea'Im of life; V, .-" <:: liberal estate of James H. Whit- in iny office and has made

on that :were 'sWpped-.from, Be careful of their use. Who talks of hate, <--, : POTASH and Jennie Whitfield, application for tax deed to issue in
'm l s ; along '
< eth1s'season_ ;. : Of poverty; of sickness, but sets rife ,% ;;..:, .,: ,. w I will, I on the first. accordance with law. Said certificates _
_ .: : These very elements mar his fate. : amounts of August to-wit: embrace the following described >>- _
?"ter'Haven growers are not mak. 1 I. 6th, A. Dn 1906. property situated in Marion county _

<;, the returns they legal hours of sale offer Florida to-wit: Southwest
ikic] .abut % and is quar.
tih When Love Health Happiness and IMenty : nitrogen _
hear ,
their peaches.. sell for cash to the ter of southwest quarter section 10, ,
...'j", dfo: Their names! repeated over day by day. I '.... successful truck | best bidder, before the township 15 south range 21 east. _
.coutlnue: every They wing their way like answering fairies neat/ _c: ( door in Marion county southeast quarter of northwest quar- _

;; t'Este10, and field crops and I Then nestle down within our homes to stay;. % .:'{ '.. following. described lands ter of southwest quarter section_ and -
";1e s'are making a fine growth. "Truck Farcing," an : j northeast quarter of northwest quar-

rton of Raines City shipped Who talks .f' evil conjures hito shape : dealing with practical truck in parcel or tract of land ter of southwest quarter section 7, _
?.sri t : able to truck farmer the city of Ocala county !and soathwest quarter of northeast _
of potatoes to Key West t That formless thing, and Rives it life and scope, : every .
.baJ'rels. farmers state of Florida, and de :quarter section 19, all township 15
This is the law; then let no word esca'p? on request, :1.
'; etted' him $6 a barrel obligation. follows, to-wit: Commenc south, range 23 east; southwest quar- _
That does not breathe of :
: ":''fa\': this'season Sanford has everlasting.. hope. section line between sec ter of northeast quarter, north half of _

..... .'!,sTegetables to the amount of '! Mil.I-III-I'll I !-?-!-': I ; :--I 4-I i-i---i.-i: 1 1-I': :-I-:HII: +I-H-l-H-H-I-: :-:..: I|iswYork Address-93 Nassau GERMAN Street KAU (17) and eighteen southeast quarter and southeast quar. _
,. ) fifteen (15) south, of ter of southeast: quarter section 13, _
-breaking;'i: all records I 1 Atlanta Qa.-22 (22) east, at the northeast quarter block 9; all of _

.'Jio 1d Chuluota the oranges are I THE PATTER OF LITTLE FEET. Hearst Hurts the Cause. corner of Edwin C. Smith's 1 I block 15. lots 2 and 4. block 17 all of ,

large enough for the growers Political street thence west block 18, east one-fourth block 20.Cline's _________
What will Hearst next do and whom
north 70 feet along sub of northeast quarter .of
:. MA,'what-- v a fine> crop they are going (Written by Mrs. Susan E. Wallace, will he next attack? Joe Bailey the There are prophets in thence west 119 feet, northwest quarter section 18, town- ,

bare:;' widow of General Lew Wallace, and leader of the senate; Tom Taggart The New York Sun an 70 feet to the point of ship 15 south, range 22 east. _

'>ft ie'Is .very little doubt but what published Harper's..) chairman of the national democratic Republican paper The said land being assessed at the
'.; in the of said final decree and the date 'of the issuance of such
vicinity certificate -
acreage The Sun .
)i 1, Up with the sun in the morning, executive committee; George B. Me- cipves

_ .. .-:"falm Beach will be greatly in- Away to the garden he hies Clellan mayor of the great city of sent its humble :' H. M. HAMPTON Neil H.in W.the and name Sarah of ffarn Wood&E.Mc L. ,

:: next' ; season. To see if the sleepy blossoms New York and Bryan. the popular preme powers at Master in Chancery, Land M. Wallace, W. G. Williams

1- fo nc d Whittier the orange groves Have begun to open their eyes. idol of the democratic masses have Messrs. Platt and Ella Lewis and parties unknown. Un- _
:"- -itn1 .(displaying a fine line of'wrJ1out I and austere hierarchy less said certificate shall be re-
Running with'the all
a race wind fallen under his displeasure. With : NOTICE
demed according to lawtax deed will
., any outward appearofbjury -I 'His' step is light and fleet his .millions and his newspapers he Associates. to one !ssue thereon on the 24th day of July -._ _

from the recent rains. Under my window I hear wants to rule the democratic roost Higgins the putative for' Tax Deed Under A. D., 1906.Witness _

:-jtCatIer, the Citrus groves are The patter of little feet If he\cannot rule he wants to destroy.He state of New York, 8 of.: Chapter 4888, my official signature and _
t';-' .ftne,. owing to the excessive sober-minded and seal this the 20th day of June,-A. D..
: wants to show his power. He ran Laws of Florida. 1906. -_ _

.artIcular1Y the Spade's grove, Anon to the brook he wanders, as an independent candidate against publicans to whose (seal) S. T. SISTRUNK 'i_ _

"oIder" part of which is covered In swift and noiseless flight McClellan and plastered Tammany appeal and with all hereby given that W. W. Clerk Circuit Court, Marion County, -_ _
?frnit ;already of large size. Splashing the sparkling ripples the great democratic organization spect submits: aser of Tax Certificate Florida. 6-22.

_::WtirnieloUS have' been very plen.4i1Ia1nes Like a fairy water sprite; with detraction and dirt. He now The next governor of the 1st day of July -
City this season. StewViJrton No land under fabled New York will be a
river threatens to run as an Independent has filed said certificate -

: and Allen R rlord have Has gleams like his golden hair candidate for governor of New York The next 'governor of and has, made application Of. Application for Leave To Sell

-. successful in raising large and No pearly ,sea shell is fairer and bring greater confusion if possl. New York will be the to issue in accordance, Minor's Land. _

:'., -,ones for which they found a Than his slender, ankles bare. lie to the democratic ,party. We ad of the United States. Said certificate embraces Notice is hereby given that on the '. _
r 3rd day of August. A. D. 1906 I will _
The New York World
/ mire the brand of democrat who is described property sit .
apply to Honorable Joseph Bell.Countf _
"' : Mateo advises This child Is our "speaking picture" I willing to lead or ,follow. These fel, ent democratic paper, county Florida, to- Judge in and for Marion county state _
i growers,to pay more attention ,to A birdling that chatters and sings; lows who .are always looking for signs qiute differently at northwest corner
of Florida at his office in Ocala in ::_ _
:fcjv'growlng f of Le Conte pears in Sometimes a sleeping cherub crookedness in the party will bear that; of John'Brow.ard. said county for an order authorizingme

teWjOt'the high prices on the Newt (Our other one has wings). watching. Let this be the business of No democrat will 'be 13 south, range 21 as guardian of the minor heir of

: fort jaarket.: Pear trees will thrive His heart is a charmed casket the other- fellows. The quicker the ernor of New York this north 64 degrees 15 min the estate of Peter Black deceased .

.l-wrelt'la. .. .too cold' for oranges. Full of all that Is cunning and sweet democratic party gets rid of Hearst The next president "Of 10 chains south 25 degrees to sell at private sale the following _
n, property belonging to said estate to-
Jki-'peach'! .industry at Seville Isit And no harp,strings hold such music Pulitzer &. Co., the better off it will States will not be a east 10 chains, south 64 wit: Lots sixteen and seventeen in ________

|*f* td grow from.now on. The past As follows his twinkling feet. be. When doctors minutes west 10 chains, the Town of Ocklawaha in the south ;_ _

'jMi 1 is'what'. will cause the boom. S. If their occupation is to stir up a decide? 44 minutes, west 16 east quarter of southwest quarter of -
Section 32 Township 16 Souui, Range
i C Baker has recently purchased the
; When the of sunset confusion and of beginning 10
glory opens stench a an uproar, ; acres. 24 East and the north half of the .
: t-W: .- Hammond' place a'mile north9town1 The uighway by angels trod It will be'good politics to switch them Some of the New land being assessed at the north! half of the Southwest Quarter _

t and will plant the largest And seem? to unbar the city off on to the republican party like I]I devoted as many as two issuance of such certifi of the Southeast Quarter of Section

-. ii:orchard in all this section. The I* ", "hose bullder and maker is God; we did the Tribune and the Sun. I II death of Russell Sage. name of parties \unknown. 32, Township 16 South, Range 24 .
"ia"on' railroad and will be East. Said lands belonging to the es- 7
the Close by the,crystal portal, These two newspapers have not given certificate shall be re tate of the said Peter Black deceased,
.- ,dy, for shipments.-New YorkDee I see by the gates of pearl' the democratic party any annoyance to law tax deed to be sold for the best interest of said _

;- :i News: The eyes of the angelA since their: departure but they have thereon, on the 6th day of minor heir.
; This the 29th day of June, 1906.
,:;; twin-born little 'girl. been worse than a thorn in the flesh D. 1906.
For Sale. 6-29 SUSAN BLACK. Guardian.
acres of fine. land near Or- to their republican associates. An my official signature anA ......

Springs.' Marion county Fla. The And I ask to be taught and directedTo avowed. enemy is much less to be COLLEGEacoeO&t the 4th day of July A. D. Notice of Special Master's Sale. _
:i west quarter of southwest quar- I
Section township 12. range '24 guide his footsteps aright, feared than a lukewarm friend and ; S. T. SISTRUNK -

rthe land and make me an offer. So that I be accounted worthy is impotent to do harm. Clerk Circuit Court Under and by virtue of a final decree
-en D. C. Alexander. Shaw of'' Marion County Florida. rendered on the 22d day of June
sand light
5-18-3m. To walk in Js Let's bundle the American and the ,

$*,' : i -'-- And hear amid songs 'of welcome World into the campof the enemy. Mike sore a yield of 1906 in a certain cause pending in _-_ _
the 5th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida .
si-. From trusty and fleet 'They have done but stir quality. When your SALE. _
; Jerome on Jerome. messengers nothing up Ferry's, they were the in and for Marion county, on the

'."Jerome who In his Georgia On the starry floor of heaven strife in the democratic party. The Inc market ever bat since.they We bare are by virtue of an execu- chancery side thereof wherein Henry "
.;\criticised the president for hiso The patter of little feet. party w'ill be better off. without them. IWM flower Seed and vegetable Annual,! '& out of and under the seal: A., Faucett was complainant and Cyrus .
>vj the. decision of a federal 11 tnted,free to & court in and tor Marion Wilkerson was defendant I, the
-/ Found Near Micco- D. M. FERRY CO.. .,. dated July 3, 1895 Ina undersigned special master named
,:.Just the year before in a Hidden Treasure We are now in the midst of one of i
: wherein Richard :Mc- and appointed in the said decree to _
sukie. the most dramatic periods In the history
at Chautauqua. N. Y.. said:
1, plaintiff and Enoch W. Ag- execute the same will on Monday,the -
"Worn. of ill.Is an elective judlcia : A story of fong lost treasure 'being of the country especially the I have levied on 6th day of August 1906 between the

thousand times more terribleththos&.offices found and under rather peculiar cir southern end of'It. There are more in- on hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoonand

-- I have referred to. cumstances comes from Mlccosukie dustries at work and In contemplation ; rafel August 6th,, 1906, three o'clock in the afternoon of- '
sales and
being a legal day _
|i vw educated to be a lawyer and and it comes through sources whichare than was ever dreamed of be- legal hours of sale, offer fer and expose for salein front of the _

,ili iastilled.In. me a desire to rever- bound to be accepted as authentic. fore. And, notwithstanding: which, &..D-I'tJLr.gR. 1.. the court house door in court house door' in Ocala, in said _

:.ti bench. And now, gentlemen, It is stated that about $6,000 was there cannot be found labor enoughto FtJttn3. & and sell to the highest county and state and will sell to the _

bait no. reverence. I have not even found.A. supply the demand.: The various Dentist bidder for cash the follow highest and best bidder for cash the _

,ty.: common respect for the H.: S. Cook, one of Thomasville's phosphate companies are posting Over Marrae &: Ctambliss estate- : in Marion county. mortgaged premises described in said _

ot, the supreme court of theartment. prominent attorneys, brings the story handbUls and inserting advertise- TLHEs. one-fifth interest and decree point 747 as feet follows east: Commencing of the northwest at a _

." from Miccosukle where he spent several ments in the newspapers for hands. Enoch W. Agnew in the corner of the_ south/half of the north- ., _

days last week. While there he The East Coast railway wants ten land, to-wit; East half and west quarter of section fifteen town- ____

MSoreruor Charle-U-. Aycock took dinner at the home of Dr. Yar- thousand, and is paying as much as (Office in of southwest quarter and ship 15, range 21 east running south

** Mr* W.. C. Munroe of Goldsboro brough, a prominent citizen of that one dollar and fifty cents per day OC.4.LA. quarter of southwest quar. 332 feet; thence east 1,516 feet;
fifteen township seven thence north 332 feet; thence west
C..I re ,in Ocala engaged on an Sec iOH.. and board and the board means EDWIN SPBNCER._ range twenty.four east 1,516 feet to point of beginning being _

phosphate case. The But- Dr. Yarbrough says that for several something comfortable if not elegant. 440 acres more or less in in said county and state or so much

,_:'Phosphate Company are the days the negroes of that section .had Men are building fine houses buying .- Florida. as may be sufficient to. .satisfy. _said _
OCALA. 7-8-y said execution and
) decree and costs. T, E. BIGGS
_11, in the case and Messrs. been spending ten and twenty "dollar fine' furniture riding In automobiles Special Master in Chancery.

and Munroe represent the gold pieces in the town and an Investigation purchasing precious stones and doing J K. CHASE. HENRY GORDEN. R. B. Bullock Complainant's Solicitor.

Carolina plaintiffs. The case was Started. It was then other stunts which show that DENTIST Marion county Fla. 6-29

'- bQN pending for some years. learned that during a negro baseball money itself is a drag. After the new- OCALA ,4
gauio one of the negroes happened to ness wears off these men will beginto GUARDIAN'S NOTICE *>? ANNUAL
-p ,o48kIP: the adds today it will x.. SISTRUNK, --
Strike the ground hard with his. b .t. found hospitals and universities c.uu.oa SETTLEMENT.
-,Happen that some neighbor : by virtue of an execution -
: the bat came in contact .
When he did so and establish libraries. .And the south
Ittrt-JDOre watchful-will secure whichupon of and under the seal of Notice is hereby given that on the
.- with a hard substance will take her place along with the Room.,M.aic D.
I.aIn. the particular thing court in and for Marion .22nd day of August, A. 1906.
you investigation proved to be a pot. balance of the country in great phi- &t the court house in Marion county,
fear dated June 9th 1906.
wanted. ,
; A negro: is always on the lookoutfor lanthropic movements.Now UcIVER and Florida, the undersigned as guardianfor
i cause wherein E' znbeth the minors, Katie Mal Mcntyre,
hidden treasure so the pot was
: .. ? hoping Hon. Gee G. Math- and Herbert L. Ander and Helen McIntyre, will present my
; 'Mulon' county will win out dug up. and in it was..found the shinIng it turns .out that Senator La- plaintiffs and T. L- Lowrie accounts and vouchers to the Hon.

Nker.Zolfo Advertiser. ,gold.. It (not known who got the Fpllette.of: Wisconsin, is a vegetarian ... Roades are defendants, I Joseph Bell, county judge In and for

money W .e story goes among 'the crank. He has not tasted meat in a I Marion county and make my annual

negroes;'that the're was about $6,0\)0\) ; dozen years.1 en 'a man becomes a on and will on settlement as guardian of the said
-. August 6th, 1906, minors .
in alL This story is thought to be a crank, on any subject his usefulness
19 1906.
Dated June \
being a legal sales fay, and
rch Rockers little more than was found but that becomes-more or less Impaired. A :j; A. MCINTYRE.
hours of sale outer
legal ,
to be no As Guardian for Katie Mal and Helen
gold was found there seems crank. Is never safe nor always sane. '
mocks doubt. at the court house door in McIntyre, Minors. 6229t. '

discovered on the The suit in the Dodge will case has and sell to the highest
:I. irts The gold was bidder for cash the follow GUARDIAN'S NOTICE OF SETTLE.
Miller who Is a been decided in favor Rev. A. M.
S. E.
: place of Mrs. Have a full stock of MENT AND FINAL DISCHARGE.
: in Marion county, Flor
resident of Thomasville.-Thomasvllle McDonald by the supreme court of H,'d Burial Outflts. [ .. -

I 'A 4 pretty line of these Times-Enterprise. Florida. litirUl wrvices. : East half of the southwest Notice Is hereby given that on the
of section thirteen (13), 27ttr'day of December. A. D.. 1906.

- |* mer necessities has evil times-for Russia. ROLLINS COLLEGE. Embalming to fifteen (15), south of range at the court house in Marion county,
These are
'been: Florida. the under signed as guardian
received and (21) east. Sold to satisfy
welcomedby ---
The parliament so heartily for the minors, Katie Mai McIntyre,
! ;. _:iare selling them at the Czar two months ago has been Winter Park Fla. Jerry and costs. and Hellen :McIntyre, wiu present my
For best advantages In classical, sci HENRY GORDON
accounts and vouchers to the Hon.
! .. prices. A Porchr dissolved. The people and the govern-
opposition. Sol ,- music art; expression commercial Marion County, Fla. Joseph Bell. county Judge in and for
I' *r or a Hammock ment are in direct and stenographic courses attend \: Marion county. and make my final

. .- .aimost indispensible diers are swarming into St. Petersburg Rollins College. I -. settlement and apply for final discharge -
and the 'Czar will make desperate as guardian of the said minors .
L t e .mfort ot.grown efforts to quell the revolution that Most attractive: and healthful surroundings NOTICE. from the said court. .

1 le : Dated June 19th 1906.A. .
this summer seems- Inevitable from all parts of his is hereby given to all cred McINTYRE
For full particulars address.W. .
: her, as is a: ..pretty empire. 'Several members of the Ocala Florida. distributees and all As guardian of Katie' Mal and Helen
R. O'NEAL Sec.
Douma have"gone to' Finland, and : having claims against the Mcintyre Minors. 6-22-6m
GO-Cart. Finest Imported :
7-6 1m
Orlando, 'b.: Robert E. Flinn deceased ,
b-the' will try to !organize at that pint. Domestic Cloths.
i baby. Let us the same to the undersign NOTICE.
have issued an address to the
; !hem They Administrator's Notice of Final 'Dis one year from date hereof, -
';"',', ) to you and Russian people, but the newspapersdare charge. Cutting la ,the Circuit Court in and For }Mar .

,'. you prices. An: not print It. These things should Fits lon County, Florida.,
: Notice Is t. reby given that on the Fla., July 6th 1906. -
; _,;. ve stock to select cause every citizen I'of this. republic 6th day of November. A.. D.. 1906 the .JAKE BROWN, In Re Estate of A. C. Johnson. '
I. ..! to bless- and cherish free government. undersigned administrator of the es- of the Estate of Notice is hereby; given that on the -
, -,J!."' much we owe to Jeffersonand stae of John W. Randall deceased. will E. Flinn. 7-6-8t.. 5th day of December, A. D. 1906,
Just present to the Eon Joseph Bell. County .. the undersigned'administrator of the .
; :>; : Pittman) his colleagues will never be properly Judge of Marion county .Florida, \ estate of A. C. Johnson, deceased will '
. : firSon, appreciated. his final acounts and make final settle- had written fine arti present my final return; accounts and -
tlement and apply tor his final discharge had made great speeches, vouchers and apply for.final discharge.
-;.,-; t1J,e iiegiture Men/ as administrator of the said $5 OOO incident as administrator o! said estate.
I at"
; '"where am
something'wrong about !
M. TOWNSENIX'Administrator '
There is. estate. P. T. ANDALL. __ taken F-

!1. Ocala, ,Fla the_ _-,'. atherwho_ 'C"is not, a.hero.. in, the.. Administrator Randall. Dweased.of Estate: ?" 'f John. W. and cheapest on earth. -Dont : --..h m'.'jut.. national. .. "prom' -. 'Johnson I deceased of. the Estate' .fif:6 T,6II1'1fa.rttn. A, Co '- -
I eyes of.his.,little o ries. Ocala FX May i 1908. 5-4-6m *. .May nth ..9'16.' j. : -" ,',-,'.
p ;>- "
I- -
,. ..'

.,,- ,;...
. '-'-.
: "" ;

: ki;., ':'h- iZ., ; .{:, ':I'i : _".. "',,,, ",.: r...,.,4\ ",,:rw ..,,,' ..' ....'- .",., "-.< .. ,. .." ",.,. Jf" ;.--""'=. "" .,.K.'.,. ,!, :., "':" f.i-'"''";.t. __,.c.--;t.,.;'....,.;.:..--4.,,$\-1,<4-.... ..' .;C'1 ;:.;:-t-"(;..;.' 2'c .. --. .e,.. ,.-:--'. -",,'--.. .-"' -,.. -.- .-,.,-'i&j- -.a-i-" _- :_--'
> ; % .J >- ; !
> ': "" ?<'(-:-""ii- )! j" '.' .. "'1. :" ,,, <--if.->'' .: >.(;f: ..:!'. ,"-' .., ."!- "' # !:.';., ;;;.<'.'" -. '.._,',- ::. "" -; : i _' '" =.. :. ::;: :;:?<.:, '_:: -.oc''f"-' ',<:.: ::,:: o--;
-/.,'.,"' ,'.'. -J:" ';""', ,-.. ':. :;'/';o.i.1: >.. :./t-:,'_"-4":.. :, ",:. .-.l""'c.,',. :: .z.:::,' it'i, ..' .. ...-:<'.:-"'"..:. <,.?:.: ;"'"".:o'J"'t... ;, ._," : _:!. _'.-. i-Y., ;. : .. !,";,;.><;:,.._ ::&_. ,.,,...i: : ": ; ,:":",:.. ,,:_;..:


:' """"'r 1 ..-."...:, '," ;'" ,_, .,:;:,.,.l <, '; ?" : -' '<'};":: S ,a S r .. s
< .
< J.1' _
: ; kFJl
,. ::1 ;;} "', '
;' $ < lik ; : '.rifi: ;>;, ;r"i -
.. ...'} ..';";-'t'.: i. !..fj"1_$." \. "-M." >. .J<''-- '*' 'jjf
: : ":
-'' \
:! -

":-. :.- -_j -

k' -
Mr. Elbcrt Hubbard. the publisherrt -
the Philistine, the Fra'Elbertus,the
; .All Baba, etC:, of the 'Roycrofters,
East Aurora N. 'Y.. has recently ris-

< ; .. .,: Red the home of Mrs. Mary Baker
_i : Eddy, originator and founder: of the ,
:'. Christian Science religion and writes BRO.I

-r an Interesting article concerning her '
p and'the religion she has founded. .'

Among other things Editor Hub- .......
_ : bard says: .
1- ?
"Jesus was a Man of Sorrows but
-r: \ Mary Baker' Eddy is" a Daughter of

Joy. And as the universal good sense '
y of mankind holds that the best preparation Wholesale 'Grocers. !
r: for the life to come, if mere : ..: :
c; is one, is to make the best of this I I

Christian Science .is meeting with a ;: ,
fast acceptance. The -,- .. '< -. 1
growing '
decline of the old.orthodoxy is owing ;:::" -
_ : to its, clinging to the fallacy that the t .., : '- : ; :
world's work is base, and nature a -' .
trickster luring us to our doom. } .';::. :,< Ocala I Florida. :/ :
; "Mrs. Eddy reconciles the old'idea _" H-_ ,;

: ... palatable.;with the new And and this makes is it the mentally reason '.: :;: ,: ; : __, ..,: )":: .'
: :f, ,
Christian Science is going to sweep It

"the earth and in twenty years will .'. ." .- -, -- :. : ': '.' '... ..; '. LI
:. have but one competitor, the Roman j. ; :::
r Catholic.faith., Orthodoxy, blind, blundering : I

f' stubborn, senile, has got to go .
-the undertaker'' is at the door. In.

deed,. the'old ,idea of our. orthodox .:;: : .
: '
_ friends that they were preparing toT ; .: .
,::, 11
; + die was ,literally true. The under : .;... '" '; : ..
taker's name and business address attached .; '. ., ;' :-:. ......
I -
When in Need Of ., -
to the front of many a. city : ....'

church is a sign too subtle to over : ., ::1 .....

n look. Not only has the undertaker a .. -.(,.. .-4... '

.partner of the priest, but he is now _. .. ,- ---. 'i ,'." C ,. ..- '-!? ".."':.,+ .' '" ,,,:..,. .' "! .. 'V. *. ......1..
foreclosing his claim on the whole affair. -: 'c \
';;'. :(_ k'" .:::
\ ... .
} "
_ If Mr. Elbert Hubbard will read the '":;, i

# 'Atlanta that papers has, specially followed the the Rev.controversy C. .: ;

-4 B. Wilmer "instantaneous salvation" e .,;:,.:' ,: Maso"n's Fruit Jars ''':' .,i.:. ..."... .. "
r incident, he will find that orthodox : :.',' ;c.;;. :
about F : -
L a religion$ Just as 'strong now ,,.: 3
< : as it ever was. It, at least, is especially ., ; ,f
so in the south. ;. : '- .....,

....< '-'; B. Y. P. U. F Pints Quarts or Half Gallon. :<( 1
_ .'..f: __:; ,
r : Sunday evening Mr. J. W. Aiken led ', ,'" ." ......
--.l ".( the B. Y. P, U. The subject of the .. '-<,--;",:.Jt,,,.:. :... ....f

:Ji'1' meeting was:"Christ's 'Life; How' He' ,, ., ". .,,'f.:.:'".';, .' ..-4'.....r f
,;;{ Prayed, and. How We Should Pray," ;; .f''"
_ .t. : ( '. ; \ ==t
on which the' following interesting : :. .: ..
;. .',; ;'
'R .
program was arranged. -
V 4 :
.* _. *
Song, "When the Roll Is Called Up ;::' ....{

t ,:. :Yonder: Prayer', leader. ... .

I ...."''' (
Song "Throw Out the Life Line. '

/ t.',t* ,Scripture reading and talk,! leader. Purina Feed :'. "
_ i ; Short readings by Misses Minnie f'
;.., ;Lee Carlisle Carrie Pelot Mary
k ... .
Gates,Collection.The and Mr.. Harry Cole. .. .., ..'
/ I "
7. .' .
1 A following committees were ap .' ., "'".- "-',,-"::."-" .- Ii
'." pointed: :};" L

Lookout committee. Philathea class, ,. ', ";.; .
-r: }
;_:,':' ". with Mrs. Coin as chairman I "
'. Social, committee Mrs. Van Hood
-E:. :Mrs. Brigance, Mrs. S. A. Standley >

r ; ,,'. and. Mrs. A. L. Izlar.. 4 4 x
t .Program; committee, Miss Pelot,' 4 Jockey Animal Food '
'S ",:,"i: :Prank Gates and Robert Caldwell I '
r ;: \, Invitation committee Baraca class 4 .
F .... I
: .
Song Jesus .Is Calling _
4 i ... .QIL
Benediction. 4 .", "-- .....}.. ---4,
;Q dx 4 4I .-::T.:* '. ', i .....t
.. '. ,;..._< '..-'','' .. ,. ,...'
,. : ; ... ,, -iK'V 1
t < .r_'.'...; ,"' : ,. :'- _n'
_ Death of Mr., Max Newberger. j :.. .' .Fr ?id 1
4 .. .J" .- %:H'.,";---,... .
A telegram. was received 'in this :.. --,.;. : \ <. .n;o ---
> city, Saturday morning- by the Elks 4 it-. : .' ;, .;;.-_Z.,;,: : .
4 .
_ y l lodge containing the sad information A ," ,' c'""'.':",!.L,,-..;.<,'....ifi J'Z!'', ""-,
: ''''e, [i., 1t -41
of the drowning on Friday afternoon j .< -,#<. ---
I .. ',
__ Stock .. ..." : f1 -

.t F t*# '.-.. popular of This Mr news Max resort was Newberger near received his Savannah at. Tybee here,,with the Ga. Magic Food1 :'';'":'3'; ; < ,,:''i"i:' 4'f- : -ffII.-.4

profound regret by host of friends .. ,

_ Sin this particulars city. The of his,telegram tragic fate containedno ..'-,1':;.';: .. '...Jj. .' ..:},"'-.r;t-j; }: .-4.....
S !,. :s1 :,. .: 4 1v : -41
Mr. Newberger was a ;
very expert F .
swimmer and all-round athlete and ,.. .--f:'- '.' ". .:,'', f"...:."-;-;,'-:::..>"t:,:'.r j.:;' -1 J;

the supposition is that he took advantage > ; l ......t

1'; washed,- ventured away.of his knowledge out too far of and swimming was p-_ Jello ,. or Jello' Ice Cream Powders \;g* ';if ;'t" i

\ Mr.. Newberger made his home in : c.r: "' -tlj
_ : *-.,*. -"*:. <.." ,,., -<;._,.. .
Ocala for -" .j
+ i a year or more. He was : -f", f: t... -4
r a popular drummer for a Savannah
>Arm and was a cordial, kindly young Send Us Your Orders "

? .5 seven fellow years about old twenty-six, and made or twenty.many F Prompt( ::: \ ir \

;r' friends wherever he went. He was -4
married several years ago in Augusta

leaves and an besides infant his daughter.Mr. young. wife he {r Delivery and Lowest Prices.r, ,. ,., i.sl i 1

Newberger member of -
was I
' the Elks in this city and at one time II I ; q ; 1\: :
I -t ? ; i" jJI
was owner of the Elk Cafe here. He ;

moved back to his Savannah home .
: two years ago and has made that city 'h.' .. ". .- ;

.I-r his home ever' since that time. '.,". ,,JV, "" ... .t.t"t'
His young wife and other relatives '" 'k. ,..,ifI
have the deepest sympathy of the Yours for business :
d people of this city. ., more .
f- ,
'.\1' .
r "" Tit False, Says, Homer Dean. -44

Editor Ocala Banner: .
I desire to state that the statement
published in the Star: on Friday addressed j -'
4 to the city council to reflect ,

k on my conduct as an officer is absolutely -
,, false, as an investigation by -414
fair-minded men will prove .-II

< k Respectfully, HOMER H. DEAN, ..:44.,

__e Night Policeman Ocala- Fla. ,.....
Mr. D. F. McDufly. manager of theJ.
K Tiller & Company interests at 4.FL .
-t Martin was a caller at the Ocala Ban.

-' :- ... tier office Saturday and left his order
RN for Marion county's leading local

paper. ... ... 1

t: 'i t tt
> .
b st

The Ocala banner
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Publication Date: 1883-
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Coordinates: 29.187778 x -82.130556 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 17, no. 12 (Aug. 25, 1883)-
Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for 1884 later called new ser. vol. 2.
General Note: Editors: T.W. Harris, F.E. Harris, C.L. Bittinger.
General Note: Description based on: New ser., vol. 2, no. 14 (Dec. 1, 1883).
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'" '. __, :>; :... t -T.: ';& : ".: ., : .::"..'..:.'ff:: :;:hf':} ::ll ;r :? i 5. J ,: 'i; $fft: rS75W.: ..,, ,' :. '':''' -:'.:.<..' : --:,, .--' '::-r F' : : ;';;'',, : '-. _
-O '
.' ,0 ,,,, :;"t ; <" : '" -f-5r"" t "" .. : A ..
; t"F"
-" >f: ')r !: : : : iqA .i:. >: .. ;,-:: MT .,. '
o "s"'.' h>{;. '', ; -1 ) > ? ;:-l't "''f.. ; '''f.J;: 1i'...'!k. .. <)': !; ',,'" -.n. "" r---r-- - ,1it.r ,
.. 'i!;':" ,N; (' { ..-;. nt, .1 '."" ;.. '- ;.: "" :. it.,..., :; ,. .:' t'
..'Xoft::.... .i .e it. .'-. .. .
..--:,';.\; *''' ,, '.0- : <: '.. -. .
--- ". ............ .' ....
:; : -
: ,. : ,,,\, .
.:a..ff" <. -:;
1. j'. '..
F ,.. .,,. Z. ;':. i .'. '.
.- .,.. :
"" y' 0 r-'
ft. '
_ t-j & L1" :"- :it,. ,: ; : )

........ :? '. ,

'. ;-. r'1 -

:;,' tQf.,.A.. .NO6. ,,- 'I. OCALA, FLORIDA 'FRIDAY; JULY 27. 1906' ONE DOLLAR A YEAR


"" -:-.- ,,. WALDRON-SUMNER., Miss Miller,' to, Wed 'Mr. Luchs of New ,. .' .. ._ '.... _" ., n" .- _. --. ',' .,_ ._ ,. -- '..' __ .. -._ .. .. .

; '.,. "". 'c..' '.-... ,. York, ,Cityr' II CONGRATULATIONS
KODAKS \ : I Young Couple Romantically Marriedin The engagement- Miss Mona ,E. .

: "'. Ocala Early Monday Morning.. Killer of Gantt's Quarry, Ala- and

..... i' ', Mrs Morton G. Luefls,. oC New York .:J.tfl.tfI.f. 3d tfI./e

A truly runaway marriage took city, is announced..
; .'i :: We in to }know the real extentof
\ are a position
place in Ocala Monday morning at Miss Hiller is the 'oldest daughterof >

',. ," ...... half-past two o'clock at the residenceof Mr and Mrs. Edward Killer; who prosperity in Ocala's territory ( which is daily < _

'-ANDPHOTOGRAP1C- Mr, and Mrs. P.. H. GIHen. were prominent citizens of- Ocala until -
extending ), and we feel in duty bound to offer .
V There were parental objections to two years, ago, whenMr, Hiller '

i:B<> GOODS the match, but in the end the parents purchased an Interest inn. the marble congratulations not only to Marion, but adjoining '

....,. t." l.. were outwitted by the' young people quarries near Sylacuagua and movedto counties on present conditions.

: ,"'.: who are now happily married that place. She is an exceedingly '
C;.....,.:. ''''i. .. AT THE i Mr Austin G* Waldron, of .Bartow, bright and clever 'young girl and was MONROE & CHAMBLISS
a young printer came up to Ocala very popular with the young society 1

and spent several days last, week. On people here, and"the announcement.of
Saturday he purchased a marriage [her approaching marriage will be ; ;

license and went to Dade City Sun- [ learned with pleasure by her friends. Ocala, Fla., -

"': day. There he was met by Miss Clyde The date of the wedding has not
;- '
"3i!;- Sumner a daughter of Mr. J. D. yet been announced but it will probably .

..:, :. Sumner, a prominent merchant of be some time next winter. -
that city. HOOD-LONG. 3

; : .r'; > The young people renewed their Miss Rexie Todd's Birthday Party. I -1

; J : vows and Mr. Waldron persuadedMiss I Saturday afternoon from 4:30 to Prominent Couple Married in Ocala rRiNGS

Sumner' to return with him toOcaia. ;. 6:30 o'clock .Miss Rexie Todd gave a at High Noon Saturday.
,.:: tlJ' ,
,".\ ,'. They reached hereon the early party to which she'invited twentyfiveof ,

--" : ->tiois ,Carefully Filled '. morning train and were met at the her little girl friends. Miss Rexie At high noon Saturday July 21st, .

'" ,-v.., :' depot by Mr. Gillen who escorted was ten years old on this day and in this city, Mrs Carrie Barco Long
u'n _.-.-. them to his home. At halt-past two in celebration of the event this .pleasant and Dr. J. Walter Hood were unitedin
We Have Now in Stock
its ABOUT TOWN, Mr.David S. Woodrow left Mondayfor o'clock they were united in marriageby party was givenThe' little folks marriage by Rev. 1- W. Moore, of

::4.: w titr New York, from which city he Mr. John E. Bailey', notary public had 'a very happy afternoon together the Methodist church. the Most Complete Line of

will sail for' Amsterdam, Holland, to Mr. and Mrs. Gillen being the only playing games on the lawn, Mrs. The wedding took place at the .

AIrubin.and spa are at home which city he goes on a business visit witnesses.Mr. Todd, Mrs. Powers and Miss Harris home of Dr. and Mrs. E. Van Hoodon RINGS that Can Be Found

a;sit to Green Springs, near Mr. Woodrow will not return until the and Mrs. \J.. D. Sumner; the assisting them in making! the ,afternoon Fort King avenue and was wit-

first of October, and before coming young bride's parents, came up to one that they will all remem.. nessed only by the immediate relatives Anywhere.

__ home will visit his relatives at his Ocala on the noon train Monday and of Dr. Hood and Mrs. Long.

'r.J.'rF; Enecka was among the old home in. Scotland. Mrs. Woodrow in a' few moments had forgiven the ber.Ice cream .cake and fudge were When the news of this marriagewas Call and See Them. '

i0 the'city Saturday and paid and Miss Annie, Blair Woodrow. left radiant. young couple, given them served out of doors and each little heard a short while after the b

met, i;visit. on' Monday for Blue Ridge Springs their blessing and now all Is as merryas girl was given' small basket filled ceremony was performed it came as
Va., to remain,,there until Mr. Wood- a marriage bell with ,candy to take home as souve- a complete surprise to everyone as .
I of Gainesville,, is E-
_ & TfTNixon} row returns from abroad.Mr Mr. and Mrs. Sumner returned to nirs. These little baskets were madeof not the slightest intimation of the
asst tl of,her sisters,. Mrs. W. C.
their home at Dade City on the after- toothpicks cardboard and tissue marriage had gotten out beforehandand
Mrs. G. L. Taylor
; ,. James ,R. Moorehead has pur. .noon train. paper and were the work of Miss the friends of the bride all

Wr D. Condon. has returned chased the beautiful forty-acre tract i The bride and groom Mr. and Mrs. Rexie herself. Her little friends all I thought 'j that she expected to leaveon

j:free a visit to relatives at of land near the'outskirts of the city, Waldron, will remain in Ocala for united In wishing' her many more Monday for Illinois to make her

urine.and Pablo Beach. which was formely known as the several days and will be at the resi- such happy birthdays. home with Mr. and Mrs. Zewadski. .

Douglass, Eichelberger orange grove. dence of Mr. and Mrs. Gillen during. .. Mrs. Hood is a sister of Hon. J. M.

,3.L i Mirgaret/Pearce- went to MicSaturday. He bought the property from Miss their stay. J B. Potter, of Ocala, returned to Barco and of Mrs. W. K. Zewadski, Fred G. B. Weihe

> to spend a week with Eichelberger, who is now living at The Ocala Banner extends Its best his home Friday, after a couple of and for some years .she has made her ,

-sinless;at, her old home.Thotoas Durant Miss. wishes to the runaway couple.Mr. days spent In this city. Mr. Potter home in this city with the Zewadski Tlje] Jeweler,

was formerly connected with the family She is a very charming and

; f H. Harris has gone to Miss Anna -Rodney Miller and her O. Carolus a German tailor Union Phosphate Company of Tioga, cultured woman and it is a matter of J

'llle;h-Miami and Seabreeze; cousins, Miss Cora Mae Simonton and who has been living in Ocala for.some and used .to make his headquarters great delight to her many friends

>tViU.be'absent for ten days or a Miss Steele, three charming young years, died at his room In the Lafay. there, going home once a week. He here to know that this will still be

ete .building Sunday after a brief has relinquished that position, however her home.
try ladies of Micanopy returned to their
home Monday, after a brief visit in illness. He was a good tailor and and his friends now miss his. Dr. Hood came to Ocala from At- T. Needham
Meffert and children of was a man of many estimable quali
.JL9& .Ocala, they guests of the former's pleasant association and smiling lanta six years ago. He is a brotherof

;iave_ 'gone to Daytona ands brother, Mr, John Miller, who is an ties.HIs former home was in Ohio. countenance every Saturday in the .Dr. K Van Hood and is very: popular ,

>, to spend a couple of I -- of the' Brown House where he liked
employee of the Atlantic- Coast Line lobby and by everybody. He is
Miss Jefferson H. Bell, of Tallahassee .
in this'city.. waited for his dinner and entertainedthose a hale fellow well met and is genial
came down Saturday on the early Tle Plumber
-_ 4 about him in the meantime. Mr. and pleasant to all, and is being )
i-JOodfrey Moyers and children roo.ruing'train for a short stay with
Mr. G. F. Dittmer was in Ocala Potter is one of the best fellows in warmly congratulated_ on the wife he
Jo;Ocala Saturday morning, her sister and brother. She returnedto
Sunday on his way home from a trip Florida 'and, his friends were delighted has won :
i week's.visit at Dunnellon with the capital on the 'afternoon train. 61Jd Gas
a to Brussels* He has: been in New to meet him here again, after so Dr. Hood has ,built up an admirable fitter,
__ M e:8: : Miss Bell is now writing some very r-
York for the past week.. Mr. Dittmerwas 1 long an absence.-Gainesville Sun,/ practice in Ocala, and is one of the .
brilliant and interesting letters for
_- : ;\k,Arthur Hardaker and A. accompanied on his trip 'abroad various newspapers in the state and 1 ity's most progressive and prominent .. .. .
"tn.have returned to their by' Mrs. Dittmer She and her childrenare Mrs. 1... J..Knight. of this city and citizens. He and Mrs. Hood have
is making for herself a splendid rep :
_ ,.: 6\4Maite1, after spending a now in Providence, 'R. I.; with tation. if| ; her two sisters, Mrs. McCollum and the good wishes of the entire commu

.tJWe wa' Springs. relatives Miss LaFontissee, 'ccto are spendingthe nity. For the present they will reside SHOP ON THE CORNER OF

". '' ,." p .. :. ... -- We are in receipt of several copiesof summer at Raybuni Gap, Ga., with Dr, and Mrs. Van Hood.
':Jr..D.....& Anderson has gone to BirVAiau I 1 Mr A. P. Stuckey vice-president of the Denver, Colo., Daily News from and Mr. Knight who is on a visit to SPENCER, BLOCK, WITH A

'> ''on .business.' He willlildrday the Gainesville & Gulf railroad, was Mr.. S. T. Slstrunk., They are profusely his wife, spent Sunday at Talullah Summer prices now prevail in our p

:or two with his wifedren.'at' in the city Monday. Mr. Stuckey reports illustrated and contain elaborate, Falls. grovery department-we will save FULL LINE OF SANITARY
: that' the 'work on the G. & G. extenSIon you rapney. The Fair. x
i Augusta. Ga. write-ups of the great Elks meeting
: 't'i":'-"**i**?t' .V to Tampa is going right along held in that city last week. The Best Mrs. S. L.. Patterson and little Has Ocala Prophet? AND MODERN -PLUMBING

: C-vMoore' ,, who was formerly and that work on the road will be People on Earth :were given the keysof daughter, of Miami, have returned to. Mr. Chas. F. Schneider predictsthat

_ 'f'soperintendent: and who red rapIdly pushed. the city and they certainly had a Ocala from a visit to friends in Mr. Haywood will be the next GOODS. WHEN IN NEED OF

.., kcouple of weeks ago, has very splendid time. Gainesville and are the guests of governor of Colorado and the first so- 'FIRST CLASS SANITARY ;
>facceeded I Mr Morris Smith who Is now making .. Mrs., J. E. Chace for a week., <....
:' ,, .. by: a Mrs Jones; cialist governor of any state in the tf
his\ home at Jasper, came down to Take the Postmaster's Word for ItMr
: shall if PLUMBING CALL
United States. We soon see ON HIM.
Ocala Saturday night to see his father -- Miss Hattie Hodge went.to Miami
_ ,L11be t Frost has .gone to New Ocala has a prophet in her milst.l : .
-. 4ye absent,for .severalweeks.\ ; Dr D. M. Smith. He went on down :M. P Hamilton, postmaster Tuesday to to attend the anniversary: I
Lake Weir Sunday afternoon, returning Cherryvale, Ind, keeps also a stockof festivities that will be held in that
the to
_ ,. JDJ metropolis she .will setbeaeatly general merchandise and patent Ocala people continue to visit Lake :

fall and winter. goods to Jasper Monday afternoon. medicines. He says: "Chamberlain's .city Wednesday, Thursday and Fri Weir. It is each season gaining in -' '" ." '.. -- -- -.-

.(J ;B..:Masters. store. Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoeae RemedyIs day. popularity and there Is scarcely a. day I v
J;.:' tr. -Vs.. ;.-:.. i o Mrs. Brian and. her son, Mr. Cnas. [ a standard here in its line; It fiat passes that half a dozen, more or Harping On :

>>:. Frink: Turner 'placed on our T. Br'an. of Texas, are on a visit to never fails to give staisfaction and Messrs. Jrteffert & Maynard have less and more often more than less,
ait Jacksonville Mr Brian says ha still we could hardly afford to be without purchased the timber and' turpentine down to Two
t tarday'a, basket, of very fine it:' For sale by all ruggists. m persons from here go enjoy String
.a ptbe',baSket were five vane- feels like Ocala is home and that he lands belonging to Mr. R. ,B* Clark themselves on the shores of(< this exquisitely -

_L kith'grapes budded on native will come down to spend a few days Mr. and Mrs.Harry Lapham have which are located in the Rock Springs beautiful saeet of water

;' here before going lack to Texas. vicinity. afternoon the number going !!
and" Mr, Turner says they gone to Miami to attend the tenth anniversary .. Saturday Quality QuaqtityHNQ -
down to the lake was quite large.and
yyerybeavily this season. festivities of that city and
Is visitingher
.. Mrs. J. H. Livingston
A satisfied customer is the best advertisement southerners
those noted by us were the must tave"gritswBut
to visit Mr. Lapham's parents, who among
p daughter, Mrs. B. A.. Inglis, at and satisfaction Is not '
|f (!J. .,:'Milburn. .and son, Oscar, 1 Madison. Colonel Livingston accom-: reside in that city. They will also only our aim. but our guarantee. Try following: Mrs. Charles Ball and children don't use the ordinary kind ',

.. bWaJ',afternoon' for a month's panted! her as far as Jacksonville, spend a day or two in Jacksonville for the men White and House women shoe just; spring arived.styles The Mrs W. A. Pelot and her young- ask for "Hudnuts pure grits
tt MQ teagle4 Tenn. of the est children. Miss Willie Bell, Robert
one where he will spend several days on with Mrs. Lapham's parents, Mr. and Fair. lad get the best.
i famous mountain resorts business.. Mrs. D. E. Mark. Mathews, James Taylor Frank Harris -

'. 1kalteigie, they expect to visit Mrs.. Fred G. B, Weihe returned Jr.* Ralph Robinson and Bruce

.-.!"Or.t points In Colo ado'Ott .- Mr. and Mrs. M. Anspaugh, of Mrs. J. A. Pittman left Sunday for home Monday from Louisville, Ky., Meffert. Some of them went down' to We are agents for the celebrated

,l "Yfii Dem'. crat., Richmond, Va., who spent a. portionof Nashville, Tenn., to -,Isit, her son, where she has been for the past spend several days and some only to "Clover HilT ,Butter,, the best #0
Rev Sam Pittman for several weeks. month with relatives.. remain over for Sunday.
1h. their honeymoon at ..Cleawater, money can,buy.
.. p. .lowndes.Farris. of Jack She will also spend awhile with relatives I -
: spent last week with Mr. Anspaugh'ssister Martin has returned home' Mr. J, A. Murrell left Saturday for t r
'. :5'ho, won, such an over- in different parts of Tennessee Mr, Sam
.,. rrictory during the recent Mrs. Buford Leitner. before returning home.. from a few days' pleasant outing points farther up the country. :Mr. Have a new shipment of, Heinz j
and :Murrell liails: from McIntosh,Fla..and
ito his which he spent Jacksonville
race for the legisla- Mr. Harvey Clark and Mr. Howard sweet gerkin: pickles in bulk also |
N ae=down Saturday afternoon Walters left Sunday night for Miamito Mr, Witter, the ,A. C, L. conductor, Pablo Beach. 13 a melon buyer He has spent the .Heinz stuffed '
in Thomasvilleand
f eW days in this his and his fireman who past several seasons .
city spend several days enjoying the colored were arrested .
1'tCme Urs. E. IV Tbagard went up! to Red- has come to be very popular t ',
:' celebration of the "Magic for blockading the street crossing -
anniversary dick Monday to visit Miss Ellen Huggins among the dealers here.-Thomasville Phone 174 and see how promptly j
on Saturday night, were tried before '
'B- City"Hon for a few days. i (Ga.) Times'uterprise.Mrs. hey answer.
Richardson after
Mayor McConthy Monday morning .
8ahert: while with his par Dixon Irvine, of Orange Lake, I and acquitted.Mrs. < Miss Annie Mathews Is back froma I

Mein'and Mrs. E, B, Richard came .down to Ocala Monday afternoon month's visit to her: brother, Mr. James Morrison and daughter o. K. GROCERY !
Miss1 Mervin orde county, have ...
sassa, passed through for a short visit. He returned Richard Hall and children and l H. Mathews at CandleV, I .-'
John ,
to visit friends and relatives ,'" ,8
gone on _" : 'n" :
; 'n' :
._ dayo his ,way back .to ,home Tuesday at noon, 1 1I Miss Mattie Williams have gone to
I 'Boston, .Mass, He.was ac- i I '' the mountains of North Carolina )lr. Q.- H Dame went to Gainesville in Ocala after a pleasant Tlsit with tl
Mr. L. M. Graham, of Connor, was Mrs. H. Carlin, at her hospitable
business for the
_ mother_ who willltuerithep from .Dowling Springs, to spend the Monday en Kills Rattler. -
in Ocala Monday lie was returning in South Jacksonville-Jacksonville
the World .
: north with rest of the summer ; Woodmen Monday afternoon 'Mr Will Morris
from a visit to" his son Mr; Dillon"Graitam ".. Metropolis. .
? W rattlesnake in the barnyardof
at. ,GainesvUle. Mrs. Henry W* Long, of.: Martel, Dr D., A. Smith; was a' prominent killed that
lira;;W K Zewadski anda'Ior spent Saturday in, Ocala,having'rose. visitor on ourstreets Monday from Messrs. Lewman &, Company of his father's home. It seems their small

Springfield 1Uto Miss; :Margaret Walters returned to.be present at the marriage-of'Mrs. Anthony .. Louisville. :Ky, the contractors" of they had been missing
the rat
t ..make their fu home.Monday from Lake Weir, where Carrie Barco: Long to ,.Dr,_J' Walter Ocala's new court house, have also I chickens recently swallowing Monday onejol -

:Tl st'wishesthe. en: she spent' a week as the guest"-of Miss Hood; Mrs Lois Taffaietti, and ..childrenare. been awarded the contract for building tler was discovered the
Morris killed
)18.rtel'this the handsome new St. Johns coun the chickens. Mr. .
_ 4of.Ocala. go'wlth'themIt Leafy 'Sylvester. visiting friends; at about three feet

is with much .. -- ;Dr.- D.,. 31, Boney. 'has. gone to- Neal. week. ty court house- at St. Augustine long snake and which had four was rattles and a butt -
Q 41a'gfesnp this excel, --Mrs,- P. :H. Norris returned home York to spend 'several weeks in the -- snake
Uhey frill always be Sunday aftenion from'a short :visit to interest of profession.. He:; will Mr. Leland Smoak who has been' Mr,"W,.CK Bull returned. to .Brookgville The was cut open and the
found inside the
whole chicken was
ejed by, theft friend her daughter,Mrs.: S. S. Savage. Jr. study the different. ) diseases of tieeye"'whfle.away.r to.Ocala for,the past two. weeks.: 'has"- afternoon, after spending .
\ .'. > "' ; ,.. Crystal River. : : 'Sunday at home'with his yr snake.._. _-.1. .i
: WJ-
,. .. .. near, handler' ; .-' '. v5--. r : ,...,".*" : :s... returned to -\'VJ.. ., ',. : :
: --1
;; .
z.: ; : : ':. : .C> ;" '
',/,: .; :;.: \ :
4 7e t ',-,!.< :. .<:. !'- : '.,','\>. i : =: ;, .. .: .. ., :j '. .- .* ":.' -..' '';. .: ; f/:f'::.; '. t
; > -. .(I .... 4y
? '
Y Att"
L- .. .
k i:, ,_' d ,, .. ,

ii.-. ': ;;;.. ,);;. 6 "'lf.. ',;: ::J.JJ .,: ,, 't'.. : .yA :$ .'y_ .. ,.. if't'- '-' 3K -
= : .
','f"; _..,%' ,1't.: '' ._"'<_ '.',;.:-i/''-< .". ,.....".:. ",m. ....;....' '"' }.<"- ;-'' 5 "' ," "' -" "; .i.,=."",-Jj .,... --- _'i-W-4" ?''f.;',<<::f- '' ....f .. 'ii-'f" r '9

v .trfi'.",,."':';". :':::1'':!.""'.. ':'-"",-"-=-;C'f".;;';:, .;:.,:.:;_::..;.,<;ti!::.".'. .o;;,:""""":,;:,_, '.;,'',;'-.--.'.:" .,".}';;,:..:_'.' .;,!.-..,.-,."' .. ,"' -'t-o' ,',,,,,,",::':,"':':-;,",_..,'''.,'._'.-_,_..,(' :.:',"';',":':'-.h'i': ,:. "."'..:'L'4:!"';,;.',',',,':,:..;,.;,:_,4 "",.,:;',.?;,=-.-,.,'.,',,"::-,,",",: '''''';''' :-;>.-":-'--"''::;''.,',;, ';,}.;:.',.f'o'-''': -'.',.':c>_:,,':?"',:..,:.>:. ,'..::.q s.f..$:,i::.<.:,:..>,<.!'::'""-;-='!':_-':'';i".;

-, ." --, ., .' : '. ..'
-.e. '- .' '"

"::::';;1<,,,,,, ,:" ::"" ''::'' ': :_,r,',,' ':;;;"<'"_ "'.::'"_ :" '". .:',' '' ';"; '- ''".'. 't': -.< """'-'''<'"" '' -' ''-': ;"-; "'>''":.'.c---" '' '''"- "'. .,,":_'.''-.'''.'-' :=''> .. : '__<,;,;:.",,' 5- ; Mrw. r. .
"fo' : ? :. o' ,. ,, :--< ', ;; : '
't" '' : 1'.e. ;.::., 'i. : .1-0, ;'
? l-y'C : : 'j.J
: : .
: : {. =- ,, < :: ,":
: : ( :
"" : :, ;l'- : ;, :": : .
: .... .
"f" < "
: '
; <
: .
.. : : ... d.J L'--
: ... ii' ,, : .. < '"
"c' .
,, O
.i : & ;- '.. .' >; "" ,
.: .. ..... .L.
!( :!< r
-..,...... .. -w. 'f--, ).: "... $ ', "< -,--'' f4.1' f'" J'If''r-i.' )" \
? '" <; f't = "" ; < ""
; ,
a : :
: w ? R s f ; \ 'C !6 ?tiTHE '1'
"t it

.-, p
k %;:" <, -"-, -& ; _' .
:. -' .',.- '. ** .,,: i COUNTRY ;f -. -- yi '
;. 5S g ',-,; Special'. to the .Oca1&' Banners *-' Special Correspondence e: T i' Speda-, : i-

2 ,.. Miss, is. Massey( /. 'daufhter-'Of. : our We are 'havmgr oceans of raIn Ocala Banner -*&- .:WeDC. ; jitUe'Cupid' .seems.to _be d,thugTGr'owihg Girl1

,"; ;'.". .merchant. and postmaster,','successor', side .of the: river, and the Ok1a went 'out 'through .an his work well ,around :Anthony:
>';;. 'to his. L. L. Meggs, started today is funning.. over and in places 'tes: from. Grahamville t last. year.. His aim is straight and his :

. ; I .:..' : for:Valdosta'; .Ga., on a pleasure trip. bles the' MississippI.- Our lakes, the flat' woods were flood rows seem to be striking! a. good

'J Her'father accompanied, her as' far like small oceans:. :We are now ,damage: had been done manymaidens.of our Anthony. youths and .
,,It : : U Palatica.' favor of drainage.. Why not be,. other crops,' and that the Growing girls need care, advice and medLtl '
: Mr. Bert Pegramone of. our" home e so much wateit/ busy trying! to save e Last Sunday evening when the gentle especially reaching the of o
bo sretumed. last week:from Macon, Mr. George K.. Blpunt, of etc zephyrs were singing! a lullaby in age pubertmother's /., It::

,; { Ga.,' where ..he has been? attending! th'S ka, a very prosperous turpentine : about the woods ,beIn the.boughs of the soughing pines and tender care and words of caution f,

business college. He has had ( erator, and Miss Lillie White. of It is ,absurd about corn geverything and everybody seemed"' often accomplish wonders. As for medid

fever for- three weeks; does not seem place were very quietly married crops, being damaged, for. happy, Mr.. Alfred Smith; of Oxford, gentle safe and reliable : _:
r to\Improve stare his return. WednesdayJuly, the eighteenth. Th grain crops are past.being and Miss Ruth Qdell Leitner, of this strengthening tonic t .

= ..Mr;: C. A.,''Woods is suffering! greatly bride is one of our most being fully 'matured The place, were 'joinea In the holy and Wine of Cardui, '

.. with an abscess on his face, causedby girls, and we 'wish for them, a m gt were "fired"* a little bit sacred bonds of matrimony, Rev It will prevent and relieve pain .c
a ;diseased tooth. happy and prosperous life. They le slight damage to the fod Cunningham officiating. The groom's regulate the
' l -We' 'are expecting Dr. Andrew McBride at once for their new home in Is inferior horse feed best man was his brother Mr. Bert functions, clear the complexion and strengthen .
; ,
, "' today. He Is coming to visit' humpka. Everybody in this country Smith; the first bridesmaid was the the constitution.: :

a .j his stepmother .and while here' will Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Fort ,are on a bumper corn crop bride's sister...Miss Sallie Leitner. The It is.a. valuable medicine for
J'' erect a tombstone over his father's visit here from Titusville. and say prospects are the. next best man was Mr. Hubert Percy, growing girls..1t.

r, ., gi ve. Andrew Is quite a favorite,'and Miss_Leona White spent a few da for potatoes. Since Satur! of Oxford; the second bridesmaid, was has tided thousands over a critical period, and -

6 we are: always glad to welcome him ,on Lake Weir last week. ckl waha has risen six the bride's sister, Miss Mattie 'Leit saved them from years suffering. It
I can
back to his old home. Mr. and Mrs. Geo Heath left is stlli' rising. The ner. never
do harm -
and is
; :We. have rain.andplenty; of it everyday. few days ago for Tit sville. to damage is for it to The bride was beautifully gowned sure to do good.

i \ though t does not cool the air; Mr. John T. Lewis made a in white organdie with lace trim A relief or cure for all fe disorders in girls

; '.;' .thermometer tp to 100 degrees near trip to Ocala Monday. move last week were the mings. Her attire was of the daintiest, and women.. \ ;
ly all the time during the day. Mrs,' Arthur Clifton, of Cocoa ] Mrs. Marlow and family and never- did she look prettier or ::

:; K Presume our summer visitors are visiting her father and mother, their place at Connor to happier than she did as a bride. At every druggist's in $1.00 bottles. Try it. '
waiting for tte. rainy
before coming to enjoy bathing in our Dr.: H W. Henry; arrived here. Wed.nesday James Tucker and family suit of black, and his happiness

''gnarl( old sulphur spring. with his boat and has the old McGraw place at seemed to have 'known no bounds. WINE

; Dame Rumor says Dr Carswell,his it from the river to Lake Weir to the place vacated by Misses Mattie and Sallie Leitner

wife and several others from Citra Mr. John Driggers, the, agent < and ,Mr. Price and wife looked beautiful in white organdie.Mr. .
; < intend spending awhile here. the Florida. Mutual Insnrance'compae Anthony to the place va Smith is a native of Washington OF

-" ': V :Mrs. Wnu. Tompkins,. from Loch nypassed through our town, and Tuckers; Mr. Claudius D. C, but has now makes his

,"- loosa, returned last Thursday. She moved from the Allen home at Oxford, Fla. He is a talented -.
has been on a visit to her mother enthusiastic In Grahamville to musician and has a noble character.

;' Mrs., Porter, ,and her sister, Mrs. J. think it a good thing. Olin's residence near The bride was a resident of Anthony n Time Of Hot!, .j

;;, B. Hall. Our school will open, here the postoffice; air and ,, the daughter'of. Mr. and Mrs. F.J. J
..Y We, are sorry to state that our veg of August. Mason moved from the Leitner. She has a number of x

etables are scarce,'rowing to the very Oar watermelons are all gone.Plenty to the residence of Mr. friends here and all of them wish the Prepare For Cold )

.-', ,hot'weather., but we have plenty of of peaches and pears.., her In Grahamville. It bride and groom long, happy, prosperous -

- \, fat fried chicken, peach cobbler, soft :Mr. Lem .G eggs has a very pa n.ful mizup and to straighten and successful life. We ;::1
peaches and cream. bone feHon on his finger. We hopit part of the Sabbath was The entire Leitner family wereprese'nt would rather sell the balance of out STRAW HATS and SUMm

;' By the way, no one wrote you o f will soon be well again. some of those who moved. at the wedding. CLOTHING at a big reduction than to carry them over. If you are gOillt" ,
: .. 'our'glorious fourth of July The good Mr.. Will Morrison is putting in one family was lost and Mrs. Oscar Barnett of Daytona, and
people of Hawthorn came over here of. cypress timber in the river for th was gained (an even Mrs. B. Spencer. of Ocala, sisters of buy anything in our line now, you will save money by giving us a rail 1

,: early in the morning! and had a fine Jackson Lumber Company. the Grahamville and Con the bride, were, present. On this occ&sion
picnic at the spring. They enjoyedthe Mrs. W. W* Jackson came the parlor was artistically decorated Patent Leather Oxfords 1

baths as much as the dinner. Mr. last week from Georgia, where sh Edwards the engineer, in ivy and! other beautiful evergreens
Moore, the genial hotel man of Haw was called to the bedside of he the William Howard. and here. and there were .a In All
? 'thorn, cooked a toothsome old Virginia mother who passed away the day before P: Fore, L. M. Gra modest little flower to add to beauttscharm. Styll

r; vi '. Brunswick' stew. Everyone who she arrived,. which was very sad and George Hod e .
., ate of it pronounced it a grand sue and Mrs. Jackson has our heartfele visit last After the ceremony and the congratulations =
.' a one day week. EDUCED TO $3.00 A PAIR
cess. The citzens of our little village sympathy in her sorrow.BlITCHTON.. Lisk, the charming they retired to the din. ,

t also had, a* picnic and 111 tell you,. Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Lisk, ing room, where the daintiest of re- :

\ow governor. (elect) the dinner could not of :Mrs. Allen Gibson and freshments were served. W. J Chambers Shoe
be ''excelled. Chicken cooked in ,every Lisk, of Connor, arrived At last the writer will add,her sincere Company,

conceivable way: pillau, fred, pie and Mr. S. M. Baldwin died on the Miss Usk has been wishes for their future happiness ""-
roasted; fried' fresh fish, boiled ham and was buried at the months to college ana may tneir joys be as deepas
salads, cakes of every description, all the ocean' and their sorrows aslight
graveyard. He was a native of Georgia home to spend her va-
kinds of pies, custards/and every and leaves a wife and one daughter as its foam Is the sincere visa McMillan Bros. -

1 .thing,that was good. I wish you could Mrs.. G. M. Richard, to mourn Woods, the winsome pf their friend, B. B. -
have been here. The managers Mesdames air and Mrs. Wml: Woods Last Monday night quite a numberof

; Massey, Hall and l gram,. did loss.Mrs.. Julia .Quarterman died the guest of Miss Rebec- the bride and groom's friends gave Southern Copper Works

-.:: 'not forget those who were not able Sunday morning at 6 o'clock of paV. : in Grahamville. them quite a nice little ,serenade with j
c:3 : to attend, Mrs. McBride: Mrs, H. Instruments '"
ralysis. She leaves one son and Howard is now with jingling of all kinds. TheCouple
S .- Porter and Mrs. Isaac HalL They sent daughter! to mourn her loss. She in Ocala. was so deafened by the noise Manufacturers: of Turpentine Stills

.; each a* bountiful supply of the good a sister to Dr. Barnard, of St. Marys c'o' Howard the social hat they could not collect their
dinner.'; Ga. is visiting in houghts enough to come out until the and General Metal Workers ;:

Your paper is full of instructive The bevy rains have cut all City." noise ceased, and quite a number

.'. ; news; it is the best county paper I off nearly'' half., Everett Mills, of Con- soothed their shattered nerves by Old Stills taken in .4 .
read. exchange for new ones. Patcbfcg
# ever singing that beautiful "
'The railroad surveyors: are guests of Mr, and Mrs. song through the .
r SIC SEMPER I country a specialty. Orders by maJor
TYRANNIS. at Mr. Sandifer's.. They are surveying .II I at Lynne Sunday. They then came in the dining room wire will receive
:I Received prompt attention at either of the
( too late for last week. the line of the Mason William where lemonade and.cake were
= Gainesville & GulfraUroad. God follcwing works .
> Ed.) ;
The hands are hard at workcutting and the writer went served, and many drank .to the health < ,
... ,
: ;
H -- and happiness of the
A. a right of way. The road will Winona to Silver Springs bride and groom.
,,' FOR: LYNNE AND GRAHAMVILLEREADERS. miss this place about a mile. We are still having plenty of rainy FAYETTEtflLLE N. C. SAVANNAH, GA

Dr. S. H. Blitch was very ill this a picnic was given at weather. JACKSONVILLE:, FLA MOBILE, ALA
week, but he is able to be, up again. by Mr. George Hodge Those who were callers in ,our
L "", Correspondence., .. Ocala Banner: Mr. Brown and family moved toBowling It was given in honor burg Sunday were Messrs. John Carlton -...,

. ; :'We have had more rain in the' last Green last week and will B. Hall of Arcadia of Pine Robert Thagard, of Red- Now this Mister Br ward. who's \ SNAKE IN HER BERTH.

.' few days than we have bad. this. season. make 'that their permanent: home. Randall, gave us the free: dick, Laurence Grantham, of Sparr. 'counted no coward <
.. Quite a number of folks Is the same Ulster Broward Young Lady Was Bitten and for i
The liver is on a level with the Mr. Wallace Akins and family arethe Winona for the occasion. young as- who in
y bridges on the crossing! through, moving to Dunnellon. He will embark dock at Connor at 9; sembled at Dir. A. B. Moore's to practice I nineteen naught one, Time Unconscious Not Out. 1

: ': swamp at Grahamville. The road is in the mercantile business In that reached the Springs at some new songs Saturday even- Advocated when leery .the liquor dispensary of Dangsr. 'i-;

badly washed and in fact, is almost thriving phosphate town. was spread at 1:30 p. m, lu g. \ 4
: impassable. It was predicted sometime Jerry McMahon was arraigned In went had a square meal Miss Sue Milligan spent a few days A scheme for state coining! its own The family and friends of Miss Ddj
at Summerfield last week. brand of bum. tie Murrell of Temple Teas, a.1
'.. :. ago 'by a woman that > Florida Justice Richard's court one day the alutin' time especially did She returned -
would sink. ,. but it now looks as past week for cruelty to animals He ones. home Tuesday. greatly concerned regarding her cd;
1 'though. she might float. pleaded guilty, paid his fine and was from the springs at 6 Miss Burton Smoak, a charming The scheme on its surface was cunningly dition as the result of a peculiar a#.

__ ., Mr. W. W Pordan after spending released. Also Milo Williams was are it was.not until after the young lady from Ocala Is the guest two-faced cident that happened to her ia j!
of Mrs. Simmons this week. And a twist of its Pullman car a few days ago. Tk
a few days at Grahamville, with his; raigned for trespass. His case was clouds had gone and the neck showed its .
sister, :Mrs. E: A. Hogans has re continued until next Saturday. out that Connor was Mrs. D. Grantham and son Mr. subtle intent ./ young lady was en route to Ne'*

: turned to his home and family at Day the return trip. Harvey Grantham, of-Sparr. were the Was to ,place ever after the arts of York, and upon attempting to eats
: tona. went were: Mrs. How guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hillman Sun- the grafter her berth for the night a snake .hf
BELLEVIEW. day and Monday. On the easiest was hidden in the coverlets, fast:
., ;: Mr. James Tucker has bought the and daughter Opal,- of footing. the law could
1' ,., Marlow place, and !Mrs. Marlow and and Mrs. P. L. Durisoe, Mr and Mrs Mathews Lee are now invent. -/ Its fangs in her arm. Fortunately f
.- family will move to Ocala. The weather is very warm, as there Pat Randall and chil In Dupont, Ga enjoying their honey physician was aboard the train, ar4
# has not been any rain for two days ; Long and moon. Now this ready-made statesman of he immediately set to work to WE
Mr and Mrs, A. P. Marsh, of Daisy, ;; children,
.j .r visited the latter's 'sister Mrs. Pre Wednesday, the 18th was Miss Los and children, M r. Mr. Ed Irby has returned from keen penetration tenet the effects of the poison, ,ttJf
'r ton Goolsby, recently. rena Freeman's eighteenth, birthday and children, Mrs. Wra. Georgia after a pleasant visit to his' For "ways that are dark and tricks despite his efforts the patient doped
'. I and all ,her friends were Invited to little daughter .that alarming and for (
f A fine baby girl has arrived at the daughter, Rebecca, and there are vain" symptoms
2 ., home of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Goo Is- celebrate it with her "Everyone who Mrs. Wm. Woods and Mr. Myron Jackson and charming Has a vision assurance that state while was unconscious. The ranl'>
by attended report a pleasant time.. Delicious Miss Jessie Woods, of wife, of Ocala, were driving in and Life Insurance company arranged with the phs:

|The writer went to Daisy last week: She creamand cake were served. Spencer and Mr. W around. Anthony last week. .. Trickles "oil"' for the faithful who to accompany her to her destiaatioiwhere >tl

.,; and found everybody fine Mr. Harper received some nice presentswhich Ocala, Mr. Geo. Hodge We are sorry to learn of Mrs. ElmaMorrison's I man the "machine." other Temple friends hal >>,

k, .," ,.- as, well\ as everybody else is holding Miss Freeman.testified to the popularity' of: Sewell, Mr Frank Holly, illness and hope she will i -Palatka News. ceded her.
: his head above high watermark agent; Mr. Smith and his soon be up again. The mystery o'f how the snake b
Mrs. T, A. Mitchell and her littledaughter Rev'Cunningham A shipment of has pened to be in the car hJI:
,-.Turpentiners, of Lynne are rushing of Ocala and Sil- filled his appoint rugs just been sleeping ;
F the"spirits and rosin and cutting tlnv Pauline are expected hornS ,- and the writer. ment at Silver Springs Sunday even. received by us. Will you be one to 'I' not been explained. .Gonzalez IT
today from Lakeland.where ,
they take advantage of Enquirer.
Wr for the benefit of the camps, 'been Pat T. Randall chap their arrival and
'. visiting Mrs. Sparkman for a affair. Miss Lois Bray is price Ocala Furniture Co.
Mrs,-E., A. Hogans is again able to I stayingwith her x
month. Sidney Smith Lee, Jr, a V .
aunt, Mrs.
be op; after a long spell, of sickness. ANSON GRAHAM.. Shealey. this week, at Red-
Miss Edna Nichols has gone to dick. nephew of Gen. Robert E. Lee, is SIng
Dr. Percy fJsk'was her Piano for Mrs. .
physician. Longworth.A
Plant City a few weeks. to be Presid
for appointed
Next by
[ '" "Mr, C T Gibson, 'we .are glad to ,Mr.. Hubert Percy, of Oxford, Is visiting local firm Is making for :Mrs. ti
Miss Roosevelt
Delia Bradler In
is the guest of department of relatives a second lieutenant
Is able here this week. Longworth bride of
: say to be take CongressmanNicholas
\ up and the i her Waited Sot!{
sister Mrs. Sansbury at Coleman. has announced Mr. Foster States marine corps.
: Proctor
q ; breezes again. May joy and I of Pedro, was Longworth a goldtrimmedpiano
"",' .' with him always i, Last Sunday was the regular Baptist governor of the state of visiting friends and relatives here that will cost the congressman chasm ,made by the civil war is grad:
i preaching day. There were- three be the last wally being closed.
next week.
ti .. HERE AND THERE. $510.000 He ordered the instrumentfor '
i (Received too late for last
week States Well, for fear.Mr. Editor won't publish his young wife several months
-Ed.) bureau of the this long letter I will wait to I ago. It Is to be ready for shipmentin Nobody has named Joe Jennrn

',' The Hartje divorce case now on. at !I has countered; finish my sttfry next week. August, so that it can. be installed for any office. He seems to be a 4le:
5 : Pittsburg'; Is the rottenest thing that r The Prudential Not Prudential. will be elected gov Wonder when the wedding bells in the Washington residence of the veloper and to that extent is in Un!'
..' has been aired in the newspapers in York this will with the succession. .
Y W I Frederick T. Frelihghuysen has testified year. ring,3.c.'alnt BLUE BELLE.1KMJHSW couple before their return from Eu gubernatorial .-
... 0> some time. A negro and an Irish : before an. investigaUng'.committee president of the United rope. 'The instrument Is'
said to be
; coachman are mixed, up In the affair I i that the Mutual], Benefit Company not be a democrat." tllGlllIIDConITlO1 perfect in tone
'7' and ,other
qualities FRECKLES
Forty letters are said AND
0 to-We "passed mod st... seventh e
of New Jersey had never contributed son of that make a superior piano.
:." between the mistress and her caoch--' a cent to political pines: is. case REMOVED In tea Days.
campaign funds beautifully "inlaid
I I native hardwoods
men. U claimed one !
on the ,
< s dead and had paid only $707.92 in ten president ot the United w Is
!."' : years ornamented with, gold
:, that these letters are forgeries Nadinol
I New Yorker
to a
that the husband entered influence legislation..: Senator Dryden D' from caster to top cover The latter
:- into a con* I testified that the Prudential contributed one New Yorker who CUBE feature .of the decoration. Ti ComplexiO
bad cost
: lipinq'and them manufactured.If $ ,Oo() to the republican campaign ,, and he will not take SAtT3ltit .iii fourth of the teaatifier aly pdQr.l
>,:. this true h> is 1 purchase price. From
S ," be/ dirty-hearted fund'in 1896 and at the job y CATTU R 61 DIi tQ R
$10,000 In each a Cincinnati
:villain Imagine.
: as one can It the letters president of the iF NANY VURS ofb At ll
subsequent campaign. It United TO ar TIIf WT
also.paid 1ttnICIII'
oa fit
out I .
; .>( the wife has MARKET fOR Clswr 111 STOCI Of II I ; a.
are fallen come either ItES1 ... ;rr-nt tor
r : $\ .o.O.in varlous.states.ro,defeat from. Nebras: ifSAFIInJt. aanManAn F.If/IMJIIIII"CiDIIIi s I At gu
;; ,into de t8\hat seem impossible. :Thejrhble I t lat This leg- HAH?IS MOT A FOOD BUHuattf*You nt> Wanitowlc lightning struck the a1 a.iai dixol''
: is
an, interesting and CUlt, Vf IT 1 TIIW.All.SAvt YOUR AIfIMAiS. grand stand last 4
:thing Is SDocklng every.sadhas.no way illuminating] study pout'2S clMfsAFAaaa I Sunday f where a \ .- j' :' tion3zfli re
:. redeeming! qualities. trasts., 'jm.insurance, con:, crop' of-Gadsden coun JUaSAa'UIUUAUilKo'il s s NNwfrGDtD I game of baIL< was, being played and
AaffRM killed five worst case ia dye '5-
Immense! proportions. 8S: EWlRrf persons. Here fcr .an:, twenty
,' < '-, f" ti '.... ..\.::., ., 1 .;.. [ment against Sundayplaying.. ar&t, :ll ka&is dr.j *., -a. E#
a 1 ;
> ; '. ; Pirjralfcr k1 31fAL'r Part .
,;.oj : 4r
,, GS
'; .
OJ' '
: ..
: -: :
; .i ,., .,;'1. .:z*, .,..," .\ .. ". "... ..c:... ., ..-.. ,,. <.\ _" .-"i't" :;..#. ."
"'*' '< *" "" !O ;:; .. -L.... .. ., 6'JSL
-'p. ., '
E'r : 'o :;;'' ''' : : '' 'l..r-"" '';;: "-t :; < ;:o1 "' i >' $ ", j,., ,.., : .... -i, .
,""'o k.j:, ,,--v, ,,";._.._.,_,,': :,'" :"..".: _',.,.:,.','' ;..'."."':_'':"_.;.,_":T'A: ::,:: ,','." ; ''. ,, ?:::''-" :_'_. ,1;_;.,:.:,..> ''-_' ,...,.<' -; .''_' '. :.''--.f'o'c: :,,,' ,_..'' ."",4 -",>':,'""y.'' ""'' ,'i'.1 '";',!,. .,. ,!1''/ -"' "'""";$'..,''
i :: ,:>; ,,". .::::>; .. "" ;":;j,. : :, "::.c : .. :;!. ;,..,_..:'''' >':"' ,'-:... :. ,::' '..::. '. ...,,. ': .O'. ,., ,.:,: -c.._. ': :0.::,._, .._.., ."T.--,,,, ,,_. ..o.,_ : _-,,,.,.:0.,,.,. :.Y.{'": 0" .,-': :.


rTr fp -< _
-; ., <* -tflJ,
: ', 'J :. :":)'.. "",

,; 4 .' ... .. ;:\00" _",.;-,...,.. }.

r rp ",,OCALA BANNER., .




.lIIt Till Miss Irene Beck and Beecher Beck CITY COUNCIL MINUTES.. .., .- -
have returned to their' home at Felbwthip -1

after a visit of several weeks Official Record of the Doings of Our

Del i Fosaot train was la Ocala oafeee& with relatives In Georgia.Mr. City Fathers at Their Meeting The Most Popular Chew ,Made !

Last Tuesday Evening-Reg*
i Leon FUhel is putting up.
.s..J. WHtomi. of HomoIUIa, handsome tennis court Fort ular Bills; Also Contract
on King There is real enjoyment in chewing ufactured in the very heart of'theiPied.
ee.a te JfIGl trip to OcAlt FrI. avenue on the lot between the Gams- Bills Ordered Paid.
SCHNAPPS tobacco. That's it
by and FUhel residences. mont tobacco belt, known to the.word

Ocala,Fla. July 17, 1906. has won millions 'of chewers every as producing tobacco

[||r. Wrt WUfeo went down to the Mrs. Walter Bishop and children Regular meeting of city council. year, until''now more is ;sold than all wiq i an aroma

y Dimity afternoon tor a brief Lava retofavd home from a vuit to Meetlag called to order' by President :sunllartobaccos. so delightful and appetizing that.,

-s4h, Mrs. A. G. Gates;. roll called and following introduced and populanzexijhe chewing -
BUtop's parents Colonel and SCHNAPPS,the most popular product '
Mrs. Nlc Barco. at Crystal River. six members present: A. G. of.the Reynolds factories is.m of tobaccoThe '
I; Fart, of Duuxellon, was Gates, G. A. Carmichael, J. E. Chace, m.

MT vteKen oa Friday.. Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Tigner returned i E. K. Nelson, C. K. Sage and B. A. i f .

M borne Friday afternoon from Macon Weathers. ;
-'-.t prteen Dow prevail la oardepartmut.w Minutes of 10th
I and other places In Georgia, where July read and approved -
will lavepate
they hate been visiting relatives for
/. The Fair. x several weeks D. E. McIver addressed council relative .

Clarkt to work done on fire 'station
JL & Rock Sprats
Jr.i to, Oeata Jffl bMtoeti Friday. He Mrs. C. D. AhL after a, short bus. and asked that payment be made for

......alld by bU young con I Deal and pleasure visit In' Ocala returned same.
to her home at Istacbatta Friday On motion, duly seconded and carried

;- *., Jeseil+b Sbitford ba cone to afternoon. While here she stop warrant was ordered drawn to

....., North Carolina, when ped at the Montezuma hotel Mclver & MacKay'for $1,500 as part Clean Pure Chew

'- ipKte to spend severs montbt.r payment on said contract. ,
There are no legal impediments Mr.. Charles Rhelnauer made reportfor ismanufacturedby the cleanest andmost SCHNAPPS,buttherefaonly one gen* I
:H. B. Btrcaf of Lire 01,
f' rry now in the way of the university at board of health and
presented healthful devised under "
ulne Be the letters
: II Oe k during last week. Mc.ie processes ever SCHNAPPS. sure,

{ a o of Mr. David Barcus, Gainesville.cases at Tallahassee Judge Malone Thursday beard and the vouchers that he had of spent expenditures'41.75 more showing than the direction of men who have made the .on the tag, and under the tag, spell

ate.IN1. dissolved all Injunctions. The Gainesville had been .appropriated- that pur- 'chewing tobacco business a life study, S-c-h-n-a-p-p-a. Therearemore pounds

people are greatly elated over pose. On 'motion, duly seconded and and who have managed the R. J. Reynolds ofSCHNAPPSchewed every year than

.. c.' W.their Rub home and at cbjto Dunnelloo Lure the result of this trial carried, Mr. Rheinauer was ordered Tobacco Company since 1875. the total amount of all similar kinds.

to reimbursed for said amount and re- Only:choice selections of thoroughly .
a viett with relatives in this Internal revenue statistics show that
Dr. P. Burgln. of Mcintosh was In port referred to Sinance"committee. cured leaf areused in SCHNAPPS and
6 town Monday accompanied by Mr. On motion of Dr. Chace duly sec SCHNAPPS and others of the Rey-
tests that this class of
Ray, of Hernando. Dr. Burgin was onded and .carried, clerk was.ordered expert prove nolds brands won enough chewers in
: MM. A4rtw Turner, of ,Lake Sixj tobacco and takes smaller
j:', : called to Hernando where he has in to draw warrant to Mr. Rheinauer requires a fiscal make net of
Brooks of Marlit : one year to a. gain
aa4 Mrs.- John -
:- ,: charge a serious case. He is one of for amount of $100 for the use of the amount of sweetening than any other

."' m. 4ett, htfat vWtora la Ocala. the best citizens Marion county board of health. kind tobacco grown-and that it has sis and a quarter million pounds,or oae-

.....,.. and .ranks high in his profession. Mr. Rheinauer also addressed council wholesome stimulating and satisfying ,third of the entire increased consumption

>'; .r-ilr. J. C. How ll..hM gone to+ Fort Crystal River News. relating to the platting of the effect on chewers, besides being the in the :United States on chewing and

'HorthV Texas, to purchase a carloadf Edgewood cemetery that graves most economical smoking tobacco. '

.f >kemv which) be will offer for aalefcttti -Mrc and Mrs. F. E. Haskell, who might be properly located.On .
very elegant home the -
own, a on .y
ctty.. motion of Mr Weathers
: : lOuthem:tholeS of South Lake Weir was referred to cemetery committee.Mr. same. claiming. to be "just as good" as where in Sc.cuts and 10 and ISc. plugs.

have cone to Lake Tozaway. North .
HIM Bftefeael Mlxsoo. an attract!?* Rhelnauer also reported that /
Carolina the at the R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. Winston-Salem H. C.
to spend summer i
; 1_ lady:of.Jacksoavflle, is la the some i meat1' dealers had thrown meatsin

:: eity.oa a-irtolt to'her .cousin-- Miss Tozaway:Inn. This is one of the most ponds in city and thereby endangered -" ,. --\
beautitul'resorts in tbe country and
aMri''lilastrn;.: health of the city and asked
'.: .;. .... they expect to,have a very delightful' .
that licenses to all meat dealers, except .
t' .
'Mr.;P.:R.-',Utter' ,U setting out his time. Street committee reported streets
: those in market or those maintained
.:. ..... in bad condition, owing to the '.
were H. .
l's.. .... 'Klfij avenue la orange by city, be 'revoked. On mo S. H. ROBINSON' Pre* ,
amount of rain, and stated that BUTCH, Mgr J. C. BOOZER, Awt.. Mgr.
Judge David S. Williams went great '
< ti.,-a.ia a few years.will have,a up tion, duly seconded and carried, same \ GEO. J. BLITCH, Teller.
Jacksonville and sailed material used was very unsatisfactory <<,
::" 1YR 1 Novi to: Friday, was referred to market committee.D. ,
for and also that trouble was had with
from city Sunday Syracuse;
I E. White and John Pray pre
- '" ..'...,reduced. the prices on all New York, to spend the summer'with sented a petition signed ,by a number weeds, which were cut and piled in The the .:, '
daughters. streets. Strong Hold _,: .
married Mrs.
.1 If: fry foods. inspect our stock his two of citizens asking 'permIssion to

IIIht& ',ottr'prices.. We can save yore Locke and. Mrs. Lobenstlne. Judge engage in the market business. Same Mr. Weathers moved that street
"' Williams will be until the first committee make such recommendation
-.-Ita'Fair. r away referred to market committee.The .
.;' :.: .',.-- of October,led his'friends wish hima bills which as they deemed advisable. Sec- COMMERCIAL :BANKI'OCIL
following were
.W.kMartireditor of the Crystal pleasant' time. onded and carr1 d.

1....J...r ...and1Mr: and Mrs. C, A. properly approved and ordered paid: Regular work now being done by ,

'11< srpromineat i youns people; of.L4 Miss Sue Barco, Sam Barco and Semi-monthly 'pay roll electric of officers light, sanitary :committee, was, on motion, fL8.

jwfwslve .and crowtnr. city, their neice, Annie Lester Patterson $257: regular pay roll Gates duly seconded and carried,' placed in
bill of A. G.
jefftMay.intowii.Hr. ., came. in Friday from Cotton Plant. : hands of board, of health. f'
i -' $300;' Ocala Lime company $13.85; fire Has Public Confidence Evidenced
"'"k -- Sam went to Gainesville on the noon i Fire committee reported wag Upon is : 7
$ Ocala Printing company, $6.50; Isaac :
.; femes Smith,.-of. Berlin,' ,and train, taking his little, neice to that I on now ready for use. ..
:Mr:"Lt.Dfe.Ferguson, of BUtchton. were city to her mother Mrs. S. L. 'Patterson Simmons $27.50; Knight & Lang, On-motion. Mr Sage was appointed by its Large and Increasing .
bill of General Electric
dolat h J tnew. :.in?Ocala. _on Friday who Is visiting friends there. $3.50; company special committee to make report
-J. for $2.50, referred to light and "
,, 'report i verythine on the. move Miss Barco returned to the countryon water committee. next meeting on market. Business .
fa aAtlr. respective aect101l1, the afternoon train. Light 'and water committee granted
.A.. !" : Letters from mayor and opinion of further time to report on cost of electric -

!ih.JD. .. }:RobertlOu'" came inVBwnlng Fr- i There were a number of representatives city attorney on bill of Geo. W. Davis plant.

from. her husband's. 1iU1,8toke's \ in Ocala on Friday from Crys was read. I' Mr. Gordon, of the Westinghouse I

; '!;: .' .. Ferry- She. returned 'n tal River. Mrs. George W.. Watson On motion of Mr. Nelson, seconded company, was extended the courtesyof .

-: tto:tfterabon.- ... accompanied .by Mr. accompanied by her three bright lit- by Mr. Weathers,. said bill of Mr. Da. addressing the council. He statedhe YOUR DINING! ROOM'THave

., ". "11.1&. ; tle children and their nurse, spent: vis was ordered paid. was here for purpose of gettingthe

-. ?,-.-- the day In the city. They will leave City attorney presented ordinancefor matter with the Westinghouse
:', ;k, next week for their new home' at confiscation and sale of concealed people adjusted.Mr. .
? Tl4ats.. H. Dosh foreman of the Everything need for it?
.'B IIy. 'Banner was '"seeing the Bartow, Mr. Watson having preceded weapons which was read and referredto Weathers read communicationfrom you you

t of lhe m;,. N.' C., for sey tbem to that city last week.. judiciary committee.The Mr..Gordon and after discussingthe We have recently received some Fine Dining Room Furniture
matter of fixing millage was
matter' at some length Dr. Chace
::'tIIl'dayabeforai going to his old ,
on Mrs. A.. B. Weaver and children of discussed and on motion referred to moved that president of council he SUCH AS
t, MoberlyMa .
h. Miami who have been spending several finance committee with instructionsto instructed to draw warrant to Westinghouse \ .

E': #'f'; weeks in Ocala with Mrs. Wea report at next regular meeting. company for amount author- SIDEBOARDS CHINA CLOSETS
;- Cspid is.again' very' busy' over theo.wires Mrs. Andrew 'Winer, .returned '
ver's sister, Mr. Carmichael here desired to be
F ized by meeting of June 5th on pre- TABLES V .
r The telephone girls home Friday .afternoon. This excused from further attendance of sentation of written opinion of city
t'..iS.. not toh a'able to-resist the wilesGod" I visit to Ocala
,. was Mrs. Weaver's first i.council for evening-granted. attorney that such payment will not BUFFETS and CHAIRSIt
of ,.Love, and we under- In 'some years and her friends were An ordinance to protect the health claim the city may

t :-,that wedding bells,'' will soon very pleased:;to see her again.. of the city, on motion of Dr. Chace have invalidate against any the Westinghouse peo- : will be a pleasure to show them to you and give .you prices.

'. duly seconded by Mr. Sage, was, put I
ple for delay or otherwise. Motion ,
{; Mrs. Mamie Howse-Stova1t and her f

fe-A? .--.-$-"' probations InI1'Owmora daughter day'night and from son a trip returned to Palatka home Fri.and. on Section second one reading.read and adopted. duly Council seconded thereupon and carried.adjourned. OC&U& FURNITURE( COMPANY.E. .

: and more the-taxes Section two read and adopted. H. C. SISTRUNK.
a "" 'riot' I back via the Ocklawaha river and C. V. ROBERTS.,
.4-.s.'correspondingly lessened.Ve Section three read and passed Clerk City of Ocala. C. SMITH.
the "William How-
._ r1'1oct1 u of seventeen mills Silver Springs on Section four read and rejected.
:. bad been absent since
_- r JeU: and are likely to par the ard. They Section Ave read and, after being Shells the Carload. '
by ,
,-, t'thfs Monday They were accompaniedhome I --.-. .- '," --- .. "
year. was adopted.
GIf I> "F h'i.\: -- Section six read and refused.On .
f ( Grahamville, and Miss Edith Cupper- of the state have at various CflPlTL(! $50,000
k_ : eveue,ia' young physician of motion, duly seconded and carried
of 'Miss How-
bush, of Palatka, one .times gotten a "spurt" on themselves f
;alrrired at Silver Springs' a ordinance was put on third '

it.""a 0 and bas located at that ard's school friends. reading and adopted, all members. I and 'ordered a carload of matches a THE BANK

JII : Dr.;Steffens voting in the affirmative.On anda CENTRfU NATIONAL ,
is a very pleasant Mrs. Edd Carmichael and son, who carload of Red Rock Ginger'ale,
motion, duly seconded and car
-' and Is quite an acqutsl- have beea,8pending several weeks at carload of something else, but it
-.,. tQVthat. place vied, council proceeded with ballotingfor OF OCALA
-- :- Rhea Springs, Tenn., are now at remained for the firm of Lang, Swartx ,
.- -:- --- the balance of superintendent of electric light <
s sie t.i Mountain for
Lookout to take the lead this sea
& Company
,. -L.; Barnes, a prominent turotEtna the, heated term. Mrs. Carmichael plant. ,HAS A REAL DESIRE TO HELP IN THE ADVANC'EMENTOF. '.
Mr. H. M. Dearborn receiving five son and order a solid carload. of
in Citrus county; writes that Tennessee is also having i
,votes was declared elected to fill un- THIS SECTION OF THE COUNTRY, AND REQUESTS THAT
I shells. This firm has taken the agency
., of Connor; Mr. ,R. her ahare of heavy rains: that the
: .. n.of Lebanon and Mr. W. creeks and rivers are very high and II expired term of Mr. J. C. Williams, re for the Western' Cartridge Companyin YOU GIVE IT EVEN A SMALL OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW

4"6f Orah .myille. were,among many bridges washed away. She says signed. this section and .,started off this THAT THIS DESIRE INCLUDES YOU.CENTRAL 4

. ,j ,. ,'Tlsitors.to the city: Fri .that the weather is cool and that the Report of finance Reports.committee that I. season's business by ordering a solil

S ;:' :> < -- past few days have been delightfully ,. city.accept ten,dollars, in. ,lieu of city's car of shells In anticipation of a NATIONAL BANK.

: .. Zits. Rinhie-Barber- of Cln- pleasant _' claims for taxes on following lands, heavy hunting season the coming fall. i

,i Ohio and Mrs: Barber'sJfoSelbertarrived Messrs. Osco and Guy Zewadski to-wit: Southwest quarter of /southwest The company claims that by buying
.d ,
I of lot 4block 2, Allred's in such quantities and handling goods >
', : in Ocala' went to Jacksonville Saturday to .remain quarter .
.'. ;afternoon. .and will spend. a with their friend, Mr Byron addition, and east half of lot 3, block not "made by the Hrusts" they can ;

"' it J "*ya' 'in the'cttythe: West until Monday, night,. at which 2, Allred's addition was adopted and save the retail merchants quite a sum of Jacksonville, Fla.

;"; .lI\ > Barber's sister' and, time-they, Joined their parents and clerk instructed to cancel certificates on prices as well as give .them his the -' ,

-:, ._...1&.'." ,,'.<;Mr, "and '}rIlL T. W. went on 'to their,'.new' home In Springfield of'city on.saidlands.- benefit of, reduced freight. rates i Saw Mills, Engines and Boilers

.. Illinois, These two young men Finance. committee requested' fur'then secured. Porable Outfits, a Specialty .
':;" }) report. which This firm Is a hustling one, and all
most membersof time to was grant
;'''.:! are.among the popular -
<, '. > tOtl'UCa :has Just been the younger' set of boys:\being ed. the members, deserve the big.success r 6 Write for CatalogSold on Easy

:' Syr; ,WU1.'ou' be one tore manly and uprllht.young fellows, andit .Judiciary( ,committee. reported: ordi they have made of. their business beenin Terms, Corner I.Par'. n4 JeffenonSts.'.

o :ot .their arrtj*! and is'a'matter of universal regret 'that being ,in: proper form and same was during the year or so they ,have *1"' THE MAL8BY 'MACHINERY CO.,

'rurnitti leaving this city l&1d.QI1..table'UU,1let meeting: business here. .
-,-- ,i-.Co, r "x they are
tot "" ":
""'t'"J\.,;<. ..,''{j! !,,"'' 46 ... : "'. ..
> ; "
&' :
-< ,t "u',, fY f I ; /. } ? "7- '" "
.: { ;; ... : ';
... K > -
,. t<
"Jcc..' .
..If; \ a -
"rio, .",,' It, -
:..: ; "" ; T' #> ,; 'F r J.. ,,:;,.,..-,_ ,, .r ... ... g
"-.-: '''''J;:: art- ,4.:''''ti"Jkt;'\.:,; --; ,14j'j'" 0: ,,. '..H.--.J> .l"ti -- ..",_ ..:;;'- '04 :" .... _" ...;; :: -
: ;" '/: : {"$ ;. : $t ,
: -- : max'y
v s'
: "'i.-:",_:,/o.-o."i'L.: :4i'4.:_.'.':.-'.,,,, f ;' :''.','; ':-"_;=''i.---_:': '.':,_;::"! ',,,t.:r.-''_'-;<..: -'p.' .'_''..'"'. h z e ra
't:: :. _,, .. .;". .::: :,8.i.i : :..,",>. ;.>. .,?.: :. .",,_ ,.,.. ,: ., .,,,, :. ii N
:' .-,
: "', '
,:..: ; S-5": .. ,

.' ..,'. '-.-'.:. '-:'' ''>,,,' ; '...'="-,_'-%,'. "' -- ''' :. ,-' .".',.i.._..' 'c:.".'- -'-'-''- ; '''>-<". ;';'-:: -'">';:;<-<"'"-"'- "< '- ..-' -.-:"': '' .''. ..'.. '--'---_"'.._',...f_..<: ....'-.'_,,:_.!. ->..._. .;.J.' c '..-.<."'-..,
: '
:.,: P'.:"-: : !,: "".: > ;,;: c. .:._;;,_- f' : ::':" :<: ;. 't. ;Q"'c; :$_ ;" _: ':' .,:.,:"p"l"... -: .... ,,_.:;:,o'.:::,: ..,."..,.1.<...::-0.<"Y'..:__. .: : ; .$_ : :.= AiG5
; : .. ... .1'CJ<;; "__ "i>i .F'.1_ ;;
rf i r''t,,,,,....*. .g-; h. ; .I" ", -<04,.ft$-" ;. .y.". -; ., -.. ''' ..J.- *g% f* S? C- ,,6..q.f < ;::" }V'

., -.
'" -;;. ,.'' ,
."" -" y- a** $ ; --
: THE' '''OCALA COLONY'lfi i l "JACKSONVILLE : Archie Jngram, Charles Moody, MISS BELL'S POLITICAL! HOROSCOPE them before himhave; separately, upheld'the --

:, ;, Sam Ditto, Raiford Ditto, James / .- wiil.as'agalnst' the assaultsmade .

: .: Dobbs,; Carl Dodson, Claude Laveron, ,>upon it. jre are confident-/ fter-
F '.. ;' Ed Crossett, Karl Weihe, Will Emini- The Gubernatorial' Procession'The a,J most'carefiitstudy!I of the records... RgM' E I
.. We note with.a'great deal of pleas not that Mrs. bad at the _y
only Dodge
: zer, Walter"Hawkins, D. L. and Earl Plum' Will FaJI to. West'FIorida.Secretary .....
:ru -ure the success of the Ocala colony_ Mark. John King, Maurice; Jarrett, of State Crawford tme|| of making the will the requisite : *WOO CO > ,..

$ a in Jacksonville. > Will Hafele, R. L. Harper John R. mental 'capacity, but that her mind

.. First 'we, must mention' Mr. GeorgeW. Dewey and. Henry Chace are all Will Have Opposition.The was above the .average In. strengthand TA1/4/; !

W. Wilson While having a home at succeeding in their various avoca- Dodge Will Case. .clearness, and that she was not :"- / .fl % ai

ti Oak, Lan: he had large .business interests tions. unduly. influenced by Mr. McDonald.For /' ...t u .
r to Ocala, and, was' here' most The "Ocala colony" in Jacksonvilleare Tallahassee,. July 19.-'i.ast. week the courts'- to set aside a will I' r i $

_I. ot the t me..For awhile he was editor helping largely towards the de- several surprises were sprung on the upon the facts in the record wouldbe or
:of the Ocala Banner, and fin matters. Two full- :,
t and owner velopment of. this rapidly growing public political to unduly Impair the power given
the files will show that while he was fledged gubernatorial booms were
I. city and their friends and acquaintances by the legislature to make wills
connected with It it was 'the foremost in Ocala have every reason \o launched, that of W.. J. Bryan, of ."We find no reversible error in the i, -

paper of the interior.Mr. be proud of their achievements. They Jacksonville, who is waging war on admission or rejection of 'evidence. Abroad ..
Wilson left Ocala for Jacksonville the local trusts and of Judge HoraceC.
all stand well and have the high re in fact, a too liberal latitude, 3
to accept the office .of commissioner gard of the" people amongst' whom Gordon, of Tampa. Mr., Bryan's was allowed the contestants in the ,
of Internal revenue under Pres- name has frequently been mentionedin but as ll
they have cast their lot. introduction of their evidence,
ident Cleveland, and his administration .... connection with the office of attorney to this they cannot complain 7I

of that office showed the great THE DUPLEX AND DUPLICITOUS general, although I doubt if, he "Had the courts found other than ED ROCK.

l' executive ability that he 'has since DRAINAGE AMENDMENT,. ETC.. would be willing to abandon his fine they did, :we would have felt called

; displayed in so many other directions. law practice for the less lucrative upon to' Interfere, but as they found :

When Mr. Cleveland was succeeded To the Editor Ocala Banner; office-of attorney general, besides he correctly, the decree of the circuit .

_ t by President McKInley and Mr. Wilson "Error ceases to be dangerous"when would hardly be a candidate if Mr.: court, in affirming the order of the I The Great Home

\ was forced ''to retire; from this reason is left free to combat it Ellis offers for reelection. Mr. Bry county Judge, is itself affirmed. I! r

office he was selected as edltor-in- To enable the stats of Florida to an's success has been remarkable and Mrs. Dodge, together with Mr. Cul- For AllIndigestion

;; chief, of the Times-Union and Citizen construct the necessary levees and although still a' very young man, he lens, owned and managed the Windsor u Drink
-2 at the time of the consolidation of the drains, to reclaim the swamp and is one of the leading lawyers of Flor hotel. JEFFERSON BELL.

two newspapers, and' ever' since that overflowed lands therein-the whole! ida. He and his brother. Nathan P. 1 ;

F time has conducted it with such signal of the swamp and overflowed lands Bryan, chaiman of the board of control How Uncle Sam Levies Taxes. .

; success as to 'win, for him the made unfit thereby for cultivationand have been at various times employed One striking feature of the internal I ._ 'h--_ '
". ..d. :: : q'!
-t. commendation the press and the remaining unsold on or after the to represent the state in liti revenue laws Is that they never look I .

+ people of Florida. 28th day ,of September, A. D. 1850, : gation..\ Mr. Bryan is a very gifted to quality or value, 'but always to ,.
For some time past Mr. Wilson has were granted and belong to the state I young man and is also unusually goodto quantity. The tax on 1,000 cigars is .

been suffering from nervous prostra- of Florida; and that patents for said look upon. His management of Governor ?3, no matter whether they are "Pitts- ?' + ij :The great value of a real, j

tratlon brought about principally by land were: issued to said state, conveying Broward's campaign gave him burg stogies" 'or the Key West brand ) Ale

x overwork, but we are pleased to to said state the fee simple title unquestioned right to the: title' of the whose retail value is., say 25 cents J genuine Ginger as a

-I I l. statethat he is on the toad to rapid to said land. The fee simple title most brilliant organizer in the state. each. The tax. on.a "PHtsburg stogie"is remedial lttfor Indigestion has )

.x' recovery, and It Is believed that in Is'' vested in the state 'Of Florida, in He is a young man and will be a about one-fifth of- the retail value; J age

u the course of a very few weeks he Its sovereign capacity and to no inte- strong factor In Florida affairs for it is less than one-eighth the value of been' thoroughly .and, satisfactorily

i will'hAve fully recovered his old-time gral part of this independent sovereignty. many years, and perhaps will one day the Key West cigar.. The country I I

- vivacity, and vitality. The title did not vest in the executive sit in the governor's chair at Talla plowboy who comes to town Saturday 1 proven by Red Rock Ginger Ale.I

Mr Wilson, since making Jackson, in the legislature nor: in the hassee. afternoon and invests five cents !

s. ville his home, has won preeminent judiciary of said state. Unlike the announcement of :Mr. in a package containing three 'chei i This statement is sustained by the fact

success. Who or what is the state! Is the Bryan's possible candidacy, which roots pays as much,tax Into the treasury that eminent and ethical physicians

Mr. Ion L. Farris is another ofOcaia'a internal improvement board the comes from various of the state pa. of the United States In makings enthusiastically recommend it
representatives who is mak:' state? Is the board of drainage cdm-
pers, Judge Gordon's candidacy is purchase does the fellow who .
ing for himself a good name in the I IJ missioners the state? Can the state given out authoritatively he is really buys three cigars for a dollar. The 1 I and use it in'their practice.

I. city of his adoption. He went to Jacksonville divide Itself into petit sovereigntiesand the early bird of the gubernatorial tax on the cheapest "twist tobacco" is i I -

a total stranger, without In at the same time farm out any'part There is old to the -
E campaign. an saying six cents a pound;; it is same on -
On sale (bottled) at.all groceries, and on draught at soda founts/
fluence or prestige, was admitted to of its taxing power to these petit the effect that "the' early ,bird gets the best grade of fine-cut. It is about. I .

; the bar having been his own Instruct sovereignties, under whatever name the worm" Some new light has been I one-third the retail value of the twist;' j

.1 or- and soon after his admission they may be called? Would this be a thrown on the early bird and the i it is about one-twentieth the retail !

quickly wen his way to fame in 'several republican form of government within worm by"the following story: value of the fine-cut. On a barrel of I,

important cases. He was ap the meaning of the constitution of An old farmer to induce his dollars the
trying "common beer" worth four Lang Swartz & Co. Wholesale Distributors Ocala FkBilious : -
t. pointed by Governor Jennings justice the United States? son to rise early, said, "Get up, John, tax is one dollar; on a barrel of the

t } of the peace to fill an, unexpired term The power to tax is the power .to don't you know It, is the early bird best grade of ale, porter or beer worth ,} '.

and was afterwards elected to this destroy 'and it matters not whether that catches the worm?" twelve dollars the tax is still one dol- :i

office by the ,vote of the people, showing the destruction is immediate or comes "Oh, that 's all right, father" answered lar. The man who buys a quart of i. I

'\ that his administration of Its r by slow and gradual progress. Abuseis John as he turned over for Georgia corn whiskey I.for fifty cents I .,.

t fairs had met with popular ,favor.In the stalwart and voracious child another nap; "I haven't found put yet pays twenty-two and 'one-half cents I 5"-

the last primary he was a candidate of power and privilege.The whether the bird
_ am to figure as or for the whiskey and twenty-seven: and
for the lower house of the legislature whole of the swamp and over the worm." one-half cents tax. A quart of eightyearold -

and though "baying the active flowed lands, made unfit thereby for I am inclined to think that the can- Kentucky bourbon, worth at

' -pi one of the political factions which has reclaim the and make
state to same very seriously handicap themselvesfor but twenty-seven and one-half cents
_ for a long time controlled the elections fit ,for cultivation 'and for no other the final stretch, and I regret tax, the other dollar and 'twentytwoand The only sure, cure foi

j in that city and failed to receive purpose and not 'for the purpose, of Judge Gordon's precipitate movement one-half cents being the value of constipation and Biliousness 1
the active support of the other establishing a system of canals and Tallahassee.Like '
toward the goods over and above the tax. The that is
pleasant natural
faction; he nevertheless won out by other channels of commerce. The ,.
Mr Gordon whose
Mr. Bryan, negro frequenter of the New .Orleans and safe is
a very flattering majority and today. step is a short one from a system of determined crusade against crime has "honky-tonk" pays as much tax to the ,

wields the largest political influence :' canals to a system or schedule of made his name a terror to all bad government in the purchase price of

of any one individual In Duval county tolls to be paid for use of the canals, citizens within his jurisdiction, Is'a the "booze" consumed ,by him In a ION'SIIVER

I r Mr. Farrls' record has, indeed, beenphenomln&1 for without -the tolls or some other young man. His appearance is quiteas night of wild debauch as does the R ILLS s
'and his friends_are watch method of taxation to keep the canals although '
youthful as Mr. Bryan's, swellest New York millionaire in an AND TONIC PELLETS .
in* his career1with keen Interest. open and ready for nes, the lands in Captain Mathes, of Hn borough, whois evening spent at his club.

Dr. JamM Hardy PiUraui and Dr, a short time would revert to their employed in the pension depart ''"Pale death enters with impartial The Pills stir the lazy liver to 3 .

Thomas C. Thompson are achieving former condition-swamp, and overflowed ment at Tallahassee, says that he snot step the cottages-of. the poor and the action-the Tonic Pellets clean '.

f success In their profession, and theirfriends -and the people would become as young as he looks. (I. would palaces, of the rich!" Likewise the '
are Justly proud of them: swamped and overflowed by a systemof not for anything give the figures Cap- internal revenue tax-gatherer, equally all impurities out of.the body, 4 4So

_ Mr. W. A. Redding, who went from unjust and inequitable taxation. tain Mathes named Mr. Gordon'sage. that the liver
as as certain as death, makes his demands and all the
Ocala after the failure of our banks More anon. WIREGRASS VOTER. .) oh the rich and the poor. But
here and obtained In Mr. other organs act properly..
position As judge of the criminal court of he comes in such a way that he is ;.

j ., B&rnett's bank 'bookkeeper, is HELP IS OFFERED: record of Hillsborough: county, and not recognized, and not one time in .
now cashier of the Florida Banking TO WORTHY YOUNG PEOPLE. as a lawyer, Judge Gordon is knownas every million does the man who bears

wad Trust Company, and stands high We earnestly request all young per- one of the safest and ablest men the burden of the Jax know when he No Griping -. f fr

__ -t In the banking business. sons, no matter how limited their : in the state. This is essentially! the is paying it;David A. Gates, In ,Na No Purging -c
)fr. William K McDonald formerly
means or education who wish to obtain era of the young man, and the road tional Magazine.
business manager of this paper, is business training anda .
thorough to Tallahassee may be traveled by
in business for himself and ,1., : pros Rood position, to write by FIRST just a natural and easy .r '.
_ Ft- both of these; but frankly,,lt is my Constipation
pert&c veil lie bat a beautiful job mall for our GREAT HALF RATE common-sense. Treat-
OFFER. opinion that the next governor will -
office and his business Is increasing. Success, Independance and probable come from west Florida. For constipation there is nothing went which never fails I '

__ i } daily fortune are guaranteed. Don't delay. From Blountstown comes the aston quite so nice as Chamberlain's Stoma to cure. :
Mr. Route Yonge, Jr. who Is prom Write today. ach and Liver Tablets. They always .
ishing that Senator S. W.
_ THE GA.-ALA. BUS. rumor produce a pleasant movement of the Special Offer. ,
inently connected with the Jacksonville S-25.;2m Macon Ga. Clark will be a candidate for secretary bowels without any disagreeable effect i ,;
Electrical company, is carvingfor of state against Hon. H. Clay Price 25 cents. Samples free. Cut the"Little Doctor" out i
himself a brilliant reputation as And it came to pass that after he Crawford at the next election. Behold All druggists. 'mFive and mail to us, with the I' .:
i an electrician. He has recently pat had advertised his goods, there came name of your dru.! giit and
the Mr. Clark, bet
_ eat+4 several electrical devices, and unto him great multitudes from all again young man hundred gold moulded records r umalh vek\ kTr-=a t-r
ter known as Shep Clark, on aceount just in! Genuine gold moulded at 25c. ment ot the Pills and Pellets

: Edison it traveling ftmoua.the His rout friends that has need made not the of him.regions And round when about his and competitors did buy of his extremely boyish" appearance, Think of:It! Ocala Furniture Co. x with our compliments. .

was termed the "Kid, in the last 'Ramon's Brownie j
be surprised It Mr. Yonge turns out saw it they marveled among ,them- senate. He is a pronounced corpora- Calendar-Free
to be another electrical wizard. selves, saying: "How be it that this with Weather Forecasts and Almanac 'information. Given with your first 8Prown
-.. Mr. Otto Mente Is also in the electrical man is busy while we loaf idly about tion man, of local prominence, and > r S purchase of Ramon's Liter PHI and'Tonic Pellets. j
popular in his district and would It Will ,
Y business, and is doing well. our'doors?" And he spake unto them: Manufacturing Company .1
doubtless make a good race but the Sk Louis.Mo.. Grevneville.Tenn. I
Mr. Allan Rodgers who made so "In this fast age of push and rustleit J .
'' name of Crawford has'so long been SOLD BY TYDINGS'dL COMPANY, OCALA, FLORIDA.
substantial t success here as a good is easier for a camel to enter the : _j
attached to the office of secretary of 4 'I'
\ You -
road builder is now a citizen of,Jack- eye of a needle than for a man to Pay _. 1
state that it will take a crowbar to .
3 OttYllle. and is trying to do for Du- flourish without advertising." .
dissever the name, and the office, and '" .'.,. -1-
rat county what he did for Marion =-THE '" "h ,
The famous White House shoes for regardless of the fact that the present ,
Jack- '
county, and his letters to the :
Real Estate
ladies and gentlemen, and the Buster incumbent Is one of the best of You have any
.. aonYille Metropolis are creating widespread !, IF
Brown shoes for girls and 'state officials. to sell,
:' Hardware
attention not only in Florida Marioi Gorprjj
but are favorably Quoted .In other not ,be surpassed in the city for style, OR !) .
quality and Fair.
price. The x
By a decision filed Tuesday, the
-- 'You're thinking of coming
Mr Lohren H. Green who belongs : supreme court disposed of the famous -
, "; If State Health Officer Porter will IF to Florida for a home,
to the Ocala colony,has'made a great I rid Florida 'of the pestiferous fly we Dodge will contest. The case was appealed HEADQUARTERS }

success of the insurance business. from Puval county, where Mrs. .- .
will undertake to place stars in his OR American, *
He is manager of five large .compa crown without number and the'bright- Dodge lived up to the time of her *" JIF Wire Fencing, .
: nice and has fifty-two agencies scattered mortal death. It will be remembered that You desire to invest in any r
est stars any ever wore.: Sash Doors and
throughout the state.. He has Mrs. Dodge surprised her family by I kind of Florida property, "" ', Blinds' -. ; ;.;. .. '...
betutiful offices fronting the Everett leaving her large estate almost whole '
Every town in Florida needs a sta. Paints. Oils and r '
i_ :: hotel and has several clerks and ate ble Inspector. The fly is our greatest ly to Rev. W. A. McDonald, her pas : ,,- < ; -',," .,_.
.' nographers kept constantly busy. nuisance and should be made to go. tor. Suit was brought by members of TO SEE ,' -- ', ,=Mill and Mining-Supplies

Most of Mr. Green's time is now taken Our health authorities' should not wait her family to show that at the time of OR \VRITEJ.H.lIVINGSTON .. ; T- ,

up in adjusting claims. He has work- upon his order of going, but shouldsee the making of the will Mrs. Dodgewas :,- : ;,_ ; '. 4 Turpentine Snpplies, "
ed a beautiful"*business and his 1 not of
up annual that he goes' at once. mentally capable disposingof '
; ,. "
salary Is handsome.. Indeed.': .I her property, and that she was unduly &SONS ;' > : Improved Farming Tools 1

Mr. E. P. Aktell. who'will be remembered Mr. Charles Howard, of Graham Influenced by Mr..Y Donald.The '

as manager for the H. P. rille, is now making his home In this validity of the will was upheld by GET OUR PRICESMarion '. 1

Robinson & 'Brother business "here, city.: He is with the Ocala House elec- the decrees of the county judge and OCAIA.: FLORIDA

and who married his Wife In this city, tric light plant sustained by the circuit court,. and

,: has made a pronounced success as again Tuesday 'by the ruling of the '
a lawyer, and practices in all the Mrs. Richard McConathy; of this supreme court. In the. per curiam r Hardware Companf

courts but makes' a specialty of Unit cityf'spent a few days recently at the opinion the court said:. Education by Mail!

ed'8t&te5 cases Few lawyers in the famous French .Lick Springs, Indiana. "Irrespective of where the burdenof .--iI
To iesmt Loo.or emptojaenl to id u" .
"". .' + metropolis have won brighter sprus proof may lie in such .caSes, and noor tWaelll7tpUe&ilM ."a" *- -- --- ---- --. -. --- ---- --.-- -- -- -
-- than Mr. xtetl. FOR SALE CHEAP-One thousand blotting out the fact that two LlrebrI..Geanetrj; We have reduced : thous
capa- er-.1Uietode,gctencM.gJgttar.T jtfla rtn,, tie prices, on allsufni FOR SALE. CHEAP-One
'! I Mr. J. V, Burke, Mr. Bennett'l.layo' live oak fence posts; also two thousand ble.judges, who are probably well acquainted ..topllt Ttus..db Taqk&1ynotsooeosanwioeae tor ldl, Te keben tided H: dry goods. Inspect our; stock ,.live: oak, fence fists; also t.wo. t!11IfI.

Dr. James Chace, Messrs. Simon Ben- red bay, cherry and cedar boards.B. with the ,majority of the wit; tm.U ,0
.lamia,. .Julian0 Benjamin, Alex-: and H. Seymour, Ocala, Fla 7-6-2t in the of had "' *' I.
; nesses case, one whom money, The Fair, -,*** .- } :i ...;: X H. Seymour,. Ocala, Fla. 1:1f.
> ,' .
l.--. };t.. .. to. -- ..,... ,!J -'. ,., .
't; So .,. ..
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>. :._.: .> :.: :' ,,.' .:_. ....",-.:'. ,: :,.. ; :.-;,;..-'c.",.,:?..,_. ._. ,..;;:.,. _, ",, '_;;_-c..,:.. !. ;._,......__;..-....-_:.- ;.'. .;:}-'..:_. :.-,"-:_,..i"l.:: ...:_. .. ';__" .-:.:._."'::-.'.:.:;.___.J;".',"=,, .-........'_''*,'...., ::<-..:...;._T.. ,::,=.'/:.<'_ :,..-_'''_._'."._,_,'_,:.::.t.';;;;,._:'_.'-1'_:'.::'...'" Y t

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':J, .: -.."' ,' >.", ,'" ..... :.g__> .,"" ;L....;''.."_ .;..";I.k."J;. "ZJ... '.. .. :.. .,, '.,
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; :1 t FV ,, .
>! ;# ". -= $; -f ... ;r '>c ,
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.';:"':O-t &, -


> .. Sf '

- ;;-] :- b"-_ -_- _ _ _ _
;J .:,. '
i ABOUT TOWN. REIN, SAM J. WHITE TOWED Death'of Mrs. .Quarterman.Mrs. Miss Edna Nelson Gives Slap Jack Miss! Rebecca Boswell To Wed.. Program' for Band Concert Friday

= t MISS LILLIE OVAL Party. Miss ,Rebecca Boswell of Lakeland, ', Night. "
& Julia Quarterman died at her,
; '1.'!' The young crowd were given a very and Mr. McCaskill of Bartow, will be The,Ocala; Metropolitan Bandwhich

.;&' relatives. at Grahamville. issued invitations to the marriage of buried Monday afternoon. The funeralwas the home of Mr.. and Mrs. E. K. Nelson first at nine o'clock at the Methodist ership of Mr.W. A. Gardner..will give
.>,it' : :.'sxfdwin their daughter Lillie to Rev. Sam J, attended by a large number of one of their pretty daughters, Episcopal church in Lakeland. their first. open air summer concert

:, p. Pittman' spent Tues- White on Wednesday, August the friends and neighbors showing the Miss ,Edna Nelson, being the hostess. Miss Boswell is a sister of Mrs. C. Friday evening on the public square.

.. -s?b siness visit 'at Coleman. first, nineteen.hundred and six at 1:15 high esteem in which she was held. Assisting her in receiving and, enter- E. Abson, formerly of this city, and Everybody is invited to come out and ;

-- ". o'clock in the afternoon, at their The deceased was the mother of taining her guests were her attractive of Mrs. George W. Watson, of Crystal enjoy the music and we hope there
IiyB. dark and children, of Mr B. S. Quarterman and Mrs. Mar-
: home at Rex. Fla. sister, Miss Emma Nelson and River, and has been a visitor to will "be a big crowd present. \
'" .$1 s'.spent the day in Ocala 'Mr. White left a couple of weeks garet Scriven. She was, an aged and Mrs. J. B. Hiers. Ocala on a ,number of occasions, and The following delightful program

'..'.''!....vr ago for Tennessee"- and when he went estimable woman and had long beena Seven, tables were attractively arranged her Ocala friends are interested in will be rendered in a delightful man-

',#c.. l.N_ ,{.Davis, formerly a resi.W. away it was rumored that he would resident of this county. Her husband in '/the different rooms, and the news of her approaching mar- ner;. -

< l Of."Crystal River was in the city return to Ocala with his bride, so, who died some, years ago.taught the merry game of "slap jack" was riage. March-our Director Bigelow

,:. ," when the invitations were received for many years in the public schoolsof played for several hours. A lively:chat. Mr. McCaskill was formerly of Mil Waltz-Daughters of Love..i Bennett

;': r.:r Tuesday afternoon they did not come Marion county and was a most excellent ter was kept up' by the young folks ton, Fla., and 'is a son of ex-Senator Selection-Prince of PiIsen. ..Luders

-1i-! e9rtop. A. Butch state con- as ,a surprise. t. gentleman. and the slap jack contest was Interspersed McCaskill. He is now a leading young TwerStep-At a Georgia Camp v

erector) was a visitor to the Mr. White Is the pastor of the with much happy laughterand business man of Bartow.On Meeting ..... Mills
] Sunday School Class Entertained.
'- 1. Christian churches at McIntosh and the evening was an unusually account of the popularity of the Cornet Solo-Selected. ..Mr. Gardner

!':.::;-'. :; ; Ocala, and is exceedingly popular i Tuesday afternoon Miss Mary Anderson jolly one. After the games delightfulice principals, this wedding is looked for- Medley Overtuie-ComiD. Thro'the

-'<":1Ir.'fud'Mrs.;->-1;; ., Thomas J, Owen. arefromtLakeWeir with, his members and is liked by all gave a party to the little folks' cream and cake was enjoyed. ward to with much interest at Lake- Rye .............Von Tilzer
who belong to her Presbyterian Sunday '
." M"'- where they_ He is young, ambitious and an excellent school class. The prizes two beautiful pearl and. Waltz-Zenda ... ...... Witmash

'i",teVeral weeks: preacher. stick-pins, weer won by Miss Hope. Selection from the Burgomaster-

<" .. ',,1,1, > Miss Dyal, to whom Mr. White will They were entertained on the beautiful -I Robinson and Frank Harris. Hon. D. H. Baker, of Orange Home, ... ..!..,...... .. .! .t. Ltders
at the home of Miss Anderson "
''>'..:; &, A.' Tremere of Belleview, be wedded Is a lovely young woman Miss Edna's guests were the follow. Sumter county, senator-elect from the March-Semper Fidelia........ Sousa '