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a \Mwti. :e to :i. alt laasesi s. 14
4".r.- a3J1 of tS.e etifeso* take !i ffE3. rz t 3.S ) .. t .. w-tMh.d ..
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.II_ Iwr wtu E a
; : tlt* 1 F
1..1.:' wIs ekeshl. tk ma:: fzs.ues r ::
i --- t Et s !+= toe It ..... ...... t !., .. .. .,
., a ttrr wmJd )&r "". ati Yitid alrt sdl- sass beetR J<: i E 1x SftS. 'L'I'I' ': .

i tMr; .lirrl. t'iI4 u.. s bar. idmf Il Tkket ..4 eet SW\lW& of t e ;l- \'M"R. E.Y"\ -LAW, I I.(i,[ if It...,. .. ... .,...,1" .

_. f i <'Ci.u. : J-t c ...t-_ ..... ..
k"-'L.\! Air Lab* as tea, <_wl in.tkai t'fi: SisatxIVc. r FLZaID3 S f"
'oS lld- ,w. -.. ..
A-rrhlrtt tt1-i rtird +tit aivifaNiid. c h Ra3i. tb*
l t
i efcy T&irftiyr of s lir-Sooa;a, ctlt i tf83 ai.ti i --s.

.. ... "1M;!' ofE .., 2I :S[ P., tUU. .....' ....... ,_ .....!..,

1-rain" tw4 w ii-., ud 1a o.-n-tl :3LtCJL R... r -J--ll: tlY;J'J{ /M r -1 It irtkr. ."''"- .-'fkr
i2. r- -
S i.. "= ..... ..
err --ifs Mol ratrtl-era war,. bfrlir ., "t. "" eo
3to* L strxc Mq1
w ... .: .sA*d. rty tst Plantation for flent r ,SA .I jV! .... tr.i 'II b. .. _

... ..J. +le.. te. tits lase:ez.ibaw 4TT581ET-1T.UW. Ii
3nrtttYr'! -.rt B'ubr ;
r ... ... .. *. ... : r -- ED' RDSBROS.
I For 1905 :C X Xtfea '
.. ;diM. ik arrt :- :,! FSi Stalh :: and"(

a.. t. % k eettsMertWy. tumI! Jerry Burnett, i s'''; .,. ) Jtarlet t'-l.. .1..

"I..' "'e ttliak 1..&t kb J
I fc4ift** !r ri-rr. in utt tl i:- I br the eat eu paIi oimat:H.ut.l<< ro ri a ptzaa- Merchant i -L
-tboaS ;500 acres Eair fsnee :s mow w1e feace>, abort: .,!t-
..ti iidwi-a t tal ,
Me 55ft acres of "w I efe ;A J 13; fis? sCits I
throat! 1st1arbutlc" I, lt jif r.
nnt'1 :
Tb si lia fe ji rectrc i as of tb?besc tgeaSqr aai:are weB adisce Whi ey OLD
fttira. ... tIwIN.h .... .a Inc feefcc I8 Tailoring. NICK
ctitCGttrviliv3iof a2 tb*eruf s grimed ia. t__:* seetiWOODROWl i1.ftI 0 HOUSE 111

sr "'.'..,- tees:' I tl'
j- (Xaii E :.rtWs.e YEARS WILLIAMS 13O
...... !
ir-a.-ira --N arlC is serf e : J

Its is fits 1rwii.K' .I&; aIu e- DAVID S": ,l f T\u.,_. t.ImpQn.... \.. N._,. +.f..". and a .. Old. WHISKEY YEARS oLD Iii Ir

"' 1 lb" eIras btrr der, t Fb :
t.ttmn :s : 6tmr Four
Mgr 4 f-r Nt Jkau ltf tie }dr Quarts Free. Read
Fits G araa5tcrEr. I Our Offer.
... LFliCrd st awl t I Ii fu ,,
_ > r es.'y tri .. i Sice : "" ....... C1+rra4 .
,. tt,
> .a t
roar W'll'nl.l"'u. !:J.."... t m.s -- -- I If' lnla''b ...... .... ... ,.. ..._, c'e3
? iii ::
... ...... eaas a.t ewe .- ..... '-
I tt'J'tn-t.. qtr
Nearly Here t *:is3.r .. "-I 11 hr
...... Mr. B* *r. If rcc stw-w: ,t-.r '-iIoh u..is sir Mi3at sal Met .._ 4
e':::? "- oo.
btems TAy eaaaw* .MtM1ltMaw!-..... .
IM''taM tr a ir t ttertrti I am tori3Wr _
+ja h t' .
J acarap > rw :4. r ......
\ : r r,,.,;,. .., oat
+..1M a.ik lN. tL wn tr OI t't.C .- w.1Itr ... .
Christmas Will Soon -..! ... .
be Here .
.J"llet... I h slit raoa'Dot 1>. #-W JMe

11III1 i.... ..,. tftr- Mrs rea:. ; r I i hst tiZ.&. *.1iht;-c x # amt rhro..w.N.fie .mr-.......a.-R a.lt II N..M-Ir ale ff tier.. ?ew r. ws a.+ -
... I- r
I .
.b.w tdtat ik r3 4Ih1s cuma"raaisblt YOU WILL HEED aJ car.: .a. ...h lbPIbas.ql.M.x .--. "s.....-...... _
k tlt ;ttuzraar STst &&!&* Figs Fnot Can- : i1'A. .tll sat t s' IIS: roa a, i, wL I:1IIt............,....... ..."-

T If -- ; t'ire'; rke.r :a.Y di Fancy: Canned Goods Pa FpcbKv Eewe ')f.. \.);. c..i1"n
...., ", "atR W .gyre tbe, A-tata-+ -. .......- .- jai ar3....
l- aelta _
for OLD J LcRrt
,rr& n carr w .. 1.1 . .,. 1 tsbSIi
'-'Jt ... ... =
r bashM titete pct her, cMa :;: -- .. .
: SIno' n. .. .. ft.
Ftzw.rEt & '., .. -a.. ....
altytb. tl+tititsltr 1 \t4t!1 NbIk + .;jt.,!I! ... tsar: ....
4 F 4 tt' ... .. ...
? .
7t' q --__... .. u&
*,eb+ et th, 1 ... .. .
ti --- .
.4 .........._...._ ......r-_
,.. tfl the oar, 'Z -, amtti thus ..--..raAcey __.........._... -

.... ,), 0. K. -..... ......x ... --- ---- -.. ..rr ,,ftr.an...A. ;,
:dr"l ....__... -:-; --. ---......... -- -
.. arty a w
_" -- --.... ..rrEa .. -- .....
rd.\\tI l b tMriaaavcr .
: ts.c .-.. .....
.....""' .... !lit fat.. a '
1 f:: a bLrlezs a era a th' -. ..... !: ..... -.wr- -
HilT -_... ""- .
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SEE -. -..'"
en .
BJl\Tr113. _.. :
-- It
.rt4 t1S.:1t; tgli mttw't '4. 'ntEQU tlyrfr,. y* w.3a..rrd- -- an.a.,- ._.. ..tt..

u.J ..."eta 4'tt 4 q -y% tt they a-+: EL Etaa.t CGs StT 3.t'm',.. ) \\'U.U.\'tSQ).. l d

( -t IIt : ay s..J5'4 T! i &;s ---"' I:.

: -:-

'.>:";:-c,.':.'':....,":_...._..,.,,.:.!."'..".\'';,,.'.< 'T ..;:: >..._.- _?.,::,,''..S..i 7.: ; s

.. M ra.auC z'T'a_ .:..-.....,.., .. ,. ?".",.. .. _-. ..'..7.-...."'CC" .' ."""'",, ,...-C'...,,,.,.,,,,..'. ,' .< .

.r 3 .. ,. -R +:-A7.. '3s? ..




., : Ji1i CA 'A BANNER ..



-= The paper "of the Peoole, lor the People arid by the People."

.. -
-- -------
VOL. xxxix, Nix 12, FLORID-A.
i USA EU2A3STH SABBIS Local Sitter Fair Japan I:I| To Avoid Segregation Students Will -'Ei-

0: iiii
._ = A visit to the store of the Ocala i r Come South

\ HAPPENINGS ABOUT TGTtf.;; Music Company in this city is a rare Segregation barriers cannot keep
1 I x
delight. Their Japanese opening has apart University of Chicago co-eds

< Mr. McKinnon Dixon, of Gainesville I been going on for the past two days and their men student friends. Thirty

was in Ocala yesterday. and the beauties of this attractive of the prominent society membersof Watches Diamonds

Kw Sid store recalls most pleasantly the the Midway school have mutually ,
Whalcj'allnc llreMorkM I &>
It is *up to date" writ.er'sisit to"Fair Japan," on the decided to migrate to the Sunny "Chris

Pike at St. Louis. South and spend the winter in studyat
Who U I going to be postmaster of ,
The store is extremely picturesquewith I Stetson University: Deland, Fla., ,

Ocala I its decorations of the many. away from the cruel censorship of I\ ," should be n
CI"t: i Chains.Trading :
Mr. J. M. Barco returned )'e8terI -I I hued Japanese umbrellas, parasols, President Harper and his faculty, got the right kind of goods .

I f rise tram a visit to Bronson. I fans lanterns, lamp shades screens, says the Inter Ocean. I 'ht. We have just received a nice

: SuWribors will be Japanese and flags of all nations and Stetson is affiliated with the University Wear Hats. These are genuine b
[ doing us a favor n 50c. to8'!.00.
I the: effect is particularly pleasing 'at of Chicago, and class work
by | -
at Come
reporting once any negligence and select one.
on the part of our carrier boys. night with the myriad of lighted I done in the Southern school is given

:.r t I lanterns. credit for a degree at the 'Ipcal insti- Sterling Silverware

1: Mr. J. A. Jordan, manager of the I In the gallery Japanese tea was I tution. There is no discrimination

:".' E r Tftffipa braneh of the Cable PianoCompany : served by a bevy of pretty girls dressed ", between the sexes in the classroom I

. r i Is in Ocala today. i as Geisha girls and a number of I at Stetson, co-education prevailining, I

.I t:, Mr. C. W.--White- who has been in Japanese mats and cushions were and so fifteen of the Chicago girls ( TEA TABLE AND SOUP SPOONS !

t Ooala for several days left for Citra strewn around the floor on whicn the and a like number of young men of "

guests were seated and in every way the Midway school are to give their ? ,
i r yct rday.iiiiiiallM i
.__ ___' ___ I it was a replica of a Japanese tea scheme a trial. i
'- '! \ line package ('uuP garden.The The girls have chartered a special i )1.-
ditto for.Ynia* at "balt.\ "'". I :
-" l _0 "_' following were the girls serv- I car and the men have also chartereda i
After spending several days in ing: Annie Laurie, Emma and special car and it is said, which ,

: ; Ocala, Dr. H. M. Taylor returned to Sydney Perry, Erin Yonge, Fannie, will be attached to the same train. / t

.j\ : hte home at Crystal River yesterday. Emma and Thelma Sage. Miss Cecil Palmer will have chargeof I
, -
JI! E t Mr. Condon has on display in this the co-eds on the trip. Among :
Hon. Solon B. Turman, one of
I( handsome store a great deal of real the most prominent of the girls who'
Tampa'a most prominent attorneys,
Japanese ware and quite a number of I have signified their intention of go- :
has ben in Ocala for a couple of days.
handsome pieces of Satsuma and ing are Misses Grace Reed, Stella :

I lion. W. H.:Jackson, Inverness, Cloisonne. Moore, Evalina bowling ElizabethMunger ,

J. was a prominet visitor to the city There is also a beautiful display or Frances Benedict, Mae GOLD AND SILVER Mour"TEDUMBRELLAS

i f yetterday.I cut glass silver, diamonds, jewelry, I Bradley, Bernice Dodge, Lucina Kip- j I C
crockery, bric-a-brat, books .and ley, Ethelinda Sherwood Loretta I x
Mien Christian Cook, who has been
music and also everything in the line Toner, Marjorie Powell, Gertrude 1 1
pending several weeks in Ocala as .
of handsome and first class Christ- Howell and Iva Brown. : 4 4$3.So
the guest of Mrs. Lee )liner, has re- the'' -
mas goods Conrad Seipp, Jr., will head
terned to her home in Brooksville.r. i '
:i ; A visit to Mr. Condon's store is a masculine delegation. Among the fro $ o.oc. 4

-j i ) Arthur Masters returned home great pleasure. Small fans and more prominent men who are plann-!

"I E t yesterday after a weeks' absense parasols were given away as souve ing to take the trip are Max Cook, !

tithing and hunting on the OcklawT nirs. Arthur Bruce, John Thompson, Darwin -: |B

; i- ha river. \ the Young Ladies Card Club. Enflelk, Harry Gaulden and C. 'i 1' Everything the Best and Latest in Jewelry.

: He,'. T. J. Nixon who was the I The.Young Ladies Card Club was E. Brown. The party will start from i I cMl

g Methodist pastor in Ocala several reorganized Friday afternoon with Chicago December ._ I ;T

"t year* ago, ha bden sent to Gainesville the following members: Mrs. D. S. Fresh :iat, raisin! *, dates I V EIlI i

J citron and a full line fresh! j: ;
: for the coming year. Woodrow Mrs. N. M. Allred Mrs.E. i

. C. Welsh Misses Janie Woodrow, fruits at U'hale'J''E. Fred G. B. Weihe, Soutl) Side cf Square, Ocalfl, Fla.
Mr. Emmett Robinson came up
Louella Gary, Valeta Potter, Esther Christmas Dinner for the Poor .'
yesterday from Stemper and will remain I
: Weathers, Meta Jewett, Johnnie
r r" with his parents, 'Ir. and Mrs. The Salvation army throughout the I .
Liddon, Eloyselzlar, Hattie Dye,Sue has
M. K. Robinson until after the holiday country, wherever the' army I
Gertrude Pereda And-
r Barco, Mary
headquarters or an encampment is I
: *. erson, Sara and Violet Harris. ,- .-----.-- =- ,;:;;:r
: preparing to have. Christmas dinnerfor I !
The Atlantic Coast Line northbound Mrs. Woodrow entertained the club I I Christmas Holiday Rates via Seaboard.
i h
t" the poor. I
t train due at 1 o'clock did not at its first meeting and a charmingand I Tickets will be sold to the public at
Two hundred and fifty( thousand 1 I
i arrive yesterday. until 6:30 o'clock. informal afternoon was spent. will be fed in New York City, and in'', one and one-thira fare for the round TO CANE SYRUP MAKERS{

.. Progressive whist ws played for a trip to all points east of the Mississippi -\
- Mr. J. I). Watkins representing numbers proportionately large in I and south of the Ohio and Potomac -
short while after which Miss Wood-
; "Satinola" a complexion powder the cities of the country. rivers including Washington,
ro,v and Miss Liddon rendered in- looks at the I Cincinnatti, 0., Evansville,
manufactured by the National ToiletCompany The Salvation army I D. C.,
; strumentral and vocal music. Ind. and St. Louis, JIo. Dates of
of Paris, Tenn., is in the practical side:of life and mixes material
f The prizes, a lovely powder box 'I' sale Dec. 23, 24, 2:> and 31st, 190-1 and n
with spiritual .
i city on business. Jan. 1, 190;). ,
and a silver hat pin, were won by Miss ,
is a great organization. Ticketsill be sale for studentsand
Wells will entertain ,
; Mil. Q. Wakened Pereda and :\liss Barco. -
I of teachers Dec. 17 to 24 inclusive "
Mrs. W. F. Lowry, proprietor \
the Presbyterian! church social, The club will meet every Wednesday limited to Jan. 8th, 1C05. :. :
o the Homosassa Inn and the Rendezvous ..
f South Second streeton I
at her home on afternoon and its members are +} fQf
f was shopping in Ocala Tuesdayand Closing: Out Sale I I
next Monday afternoon from looking forward with a great deal of Mrs Tcmpkins will sell her stockof ..
l informed a reporter of this paper
three till six o'clock. pleasure to these weekly card parties, winter millinery at and below 2+
thatithe winter visitors were already cost for the next thirty days. Hats 1
which are always such delightful trimmed and untrimmed, flowers,
Messrs. C. V. Miller, P. R. Lester, Affairs flocking to that popular winter resort. feathers velvets, etc., lowest pricesfor

,_' L. R. Chazal and C. S. Cullen, all of Among others there are Mr. and Mrs. cash. Closing out sale. All
k .. McMullen-Moore. prices below the value of the goods. s
have returned from a trip Mr. J. W. Parma-
Ocala Nichols, of Atlanta; Corner store opposite Pittman's .
V i to Jacksonville. They were guestsOf Miss Sara Della Moore: and Mr. Ed- lee, of Chicago; Mr. Carhart, of New Furniture Store.. 11 30 dw I (fjpwgff gT
win Wallace McMullen will be mar ,
the Aragon. York City; Mr. Winslow Homer, of ,
--- ried at DeFunik Springs on the even- .. \ S 4."IJfUmaVfcj ; ., *>
It Mr. R. L. Barnes returned to Ocalayesterday New York, one of our great artists; a THE PROVED } 1 .a
of December the twenty-second in % M4'We
from a visit to his former family from London by the name cf ..;. ,-
the Methodist church at that place.
t partner, Mr. S. B. Lucas at Dallas Diggle. Mr. Diggle: is an officer in .BEST
Mr. McMullen is one of the promi-
Texas. Mr. Barnes also visited in His Majesty's;navy. They are all . .
nent educators of the state being a -
' t Mexico and other places in the west pleased with,Homosassa.
graduate from the Florida State .,. ,.
daring his absence. Williams returned Sat-
i College and the University of Nash- Mr.JGeorge From Cohrado to the Atlantic
urday from a weeks'vacation, whichhe Coast From Maryland to the Gulfof I I ,
Not satisfied with letting a poor ville. HeJis now vice-president of Mexico theYOUNG
Are For
Agents :
former homes in
man enjo"y his poverty, Mr. W. W. the Methodist College at Sutherland, spent at his 7Te"

Condon yesterday called in two Florida. Carolina, Florence and Marion. He & MATrjlS :; "Golden New Model" 3-Roller

them having had a splendid outing, ,
showed reports
I newspaper men and Miss Moore is the daughter of Mr.

some beautiful specimens of diamonds and Mrs. L. :Moore, of DeFuniak and says everybody in the Old South
Vertical Cane Mills
I and Blue Gem
among them one that was unset, Springs and is very pleasantly remembered state is prospering.A I Eden ,

which was worth $60(>. here as one of the young statistician announces that only And The The latest and most up-to-date cane mills put on the market.HWe

-- -.-- school teachers at the Ocala High one out of every 115 glasses of whiskey Young & Mathis Cantaloupes, have them in stock. If not convenient to call and examine wrHe o,

DESIRABLE school last year. Her friends here in New York City is good. But Eden Gem, Pollock and and we will send you by return mail circular giving full d &cflptkmj!

.THE MOST extend their best wishes. by the time a man gets to his 115th Ford.
glass it doesn't matter much whether',j Genuine Rocky Our other specialties are American and Ellwood Hog

X AS WToXaf We have been. living in Ocala a it is good or bad.-Louisville Courier- j I! FROM STANDARD MELONS.have and Cattle Proof Field Fence; Sa,",h,' ,Door ,find
Blind 3IiU and
*; Turpentine, Hilling; Suppliesas
long time, butjnever have we known in their greater
the grown
Journal. proven
well an a full stock of General Hardware
the streets to be in such a miserable productiveness, their superior shipping
Mr. George F. Dittmar, of Holder, qualities Land exqusite deliciousness. and and Stoie A nice line of Enameled, Cop.per

condition-the mud and slush is superintendent .of the Buttgenbach beauty. # and Xickleplated Cookin? Uten IIi.

something terrible. The street committee They are STANDARDS now and bring
Phosphate Company in Brussels on the highest prices in all the best markets. I
should get busy and. stay saved seed from perfectly shaped
Carefully i
busy. business visit. He will be absent, fora and perfectly ripened melons for sale. I MPION.HARDWARE COMP NY.

; couple of months. Full proof and particulars and price list I
Miss Marie Patrick, of New York furnished on Personal or written application Successors to Hubbard & lacdn1f..
Prof. Fosket's Ocala friends always BlAckville.S. Co OOALA, FLORIDA
and Miss Helen Bush, of Boston, to C.IH MATHIS,
II keep him busy during his visits here. Or H. F. YOUNC & CO. 33 Wash- .
1 Mass., arrived in Ocalayesterday and ington st.,New York City. 1i- $-311 ,
rr It is beause he has:made a reputationand
will speud winterhere. They are s
: is living right up to it. What would make a handsomer or The next visit of Dr. E. T. Allen, 2000 old<< newspapers lor tulle
of Mr. and Mrs.L.
T the attractive guests for a
useful Christmas present
more and specialist will ba
g the ear
UUiRP 6 NSL. R. Chazal. Miss Eliason will not give up Ocala friend than one of those pretty toilet eye .-done up in package of 100. 7
SED1CHOCOLATES_ Thursday, Dec. 29, at the Montezuma I
for Belleview. Belleview's loss is sets, or a manicure set; at Tydings
Full line fresh candies_ for i at this
T. IV, TUOXLEK, Sole Agciit. Xmas at IVlialey. I Ocala's gain. & Company's. x Hotel. Glasses correctly fitted, Apply

Ocala, Fla. ... :

,tz; .... ., -f"r-W-, ::- -1;;..,.... -, !
d. :-. '
'0:<<"" j<.. ,.,< "' i l .. .
.--< N'.1 n ",} {]ci',"".;,!-" "..:;.;-,,:>'t"--",. -<,?":; "'\ 3.J<>7. !''':::'=.s'h'; y :' -
*e c



== -=-

The paper "<)t the Peoole, tor the People and bv the People.

:.. -- 1 1 .......
-- -

VOL. XXXIX,, Nt) 2t.: OCALA, FLORIDA FRIDAY. DECEMBER, 16, 1901 __n 03.__ A* \; \TEMlUU _
t'f' '=

"' IUSASSTS EA1SIS. Local Rite Fair Japan. I 1 I To Avoid Segregation Students Will

'" .. .- -== A visit to the store of the Ocala ;I Come South

HAPPENINGS ABOUT ICri.;:; Music Company in this city is a rare :! Segregation barriers cannot keep

I' delight. Their Japanese opening has apart University of Chicago co-edg >

c Mr. McKinnon Dixon, of Gail.es- been going on for the past two days and their men student friends. Thirty Diamonds

vtlle, was in Ocala yeeterday. and the beauties of this attractive I of the prominent society membersof Watches
store recalls most pleasantly the the Midway school have mutually s
See Std It. "'Janle)" line fire-
\fork" it U *np to (!at(" writer's visit to"Fair Japan," on the decided to migrate to the Sunny

Pike at St. Louis. South and spend the winter in studyat
Who U going to be postmaster of
The store is extremely picturesquewith Stetson University, Deland, Fla.,

[ Dealt its decorations of the many away from the cruel censorship of Clock! <> Chains.

)Ir J, M. Barco returned ycsterda hued Japanese umbrellas, parasols, President Harper and his faculty,

? from a visit to Bronson. fans, lanterns, lamp shades screens, says the Inter Ocean. I C\ -

Japanese and flags of all nations and Stetson is affiliated with the Uni- '
buWribem will be doing us a favor I i "
the effect is particularly pleasing at versity of Chicago, and class work ------- --- -- --
by reporting I at once any negligenceon ---- ----.-.._._..-.-- ,,... -
night with the myriad of lighted done in the Southern school is given
the part of our carrier boys. I
l -- ----.- I I lanterns. credit for a degree at the local insti- SterIirgSilverwareTABLE

Mr. J. .\. Jordan, manager of the I I' In the gallery Japanese tea was I tution. There is no discrimination I

Tampa branch of the Cable Piano served by a bevy of pretty girls dress- between the sexes in the classroomat i

Company, U in Ocala today. I I ed as Geisha girls and a number of i Stetson, co-education prevailining, I

Japanese mats and cushions were and so fifteen of the Chicago girls j 5POONS :
Mr. 0. W. White, who has been in TEA AND SOUP !
strewn around the floor on which the and a like number of young men of
' Ocala for several days, left for Citrajrertenlay. I' ,
F J guests were seated and in. every way the Midway school are to give their

_amf_ _. I it was a replica of a Japanese tea scheme a trial. i i

t l: t Aunuully.*% tint package ('uni I garden. The girls have chartered a special ) fr
tllt..* for XUlnlll nt \\ hah'J"'". s
, -- The following were the girls serv- car and the men have also chartered j ji \ .

r, After pending several days in ing: Annie Laurie, Emma and i a special car, and it is said, which I

Ocala, Dr. II. M. Taylor returned to Sydney Perry, Erin Yonge, Fannie, will- be attached to the same train. fIp .EiP. -<

; t: h** hom at Crystal Hirer yesterday. Emma and Thelma Sage.Mr. j Miss Cecil Palmer will have charge ;>!

? f in this of the co-eds the trip. Among
- Condon has on display on :
Hen. Solon B. Turman, one of I h } t
i. \
i ss
handsome store a great deal of real the most prominent of the girls who -
Tarapa'i mo t prominent attorneys, I number of i their intention of i
r Japanese ware and quite a have signified going
baa been in Ocala for a couple of days.
I ,. handsome pieces of Satsuma and are Misses Grace Reed, Stella :
'- -- I
t Hen W. U. Jackson, of Inverness, Cloisonne. Moore, Evalina Dowling, Elizabeth :
t was a pre wInet visitor to the city 1 There is also a beautiful.display or Munger, Frances Benedict, MaeBradley

yeritnlay.MiM cut glass silver, diamonds, jewelry, Bernice Dodge, Lucina Kip- ,

i crockery, bric-a-brac, books .and ley, Ethelinda Sherwood, Loretta I
ChrUlUn Cook, who has been 1 CTMBREDIAa
music and also everything in the line Toner, Marjorie Powell, Gertrude 1I
several weeks in Ocala as I
: treading of handsome and first class Christ- Howell and Iva Brown.
of MM. Lee Miller, has re- I
tfe* get mas goods. Conrad Seipp, Jr., will head the I

: Umml tkf.r home--in-Brooksvilie..-- ; A visit to Mr. Condon's store is a masculine delegation. Among theI'I $3.50 to $2' .oo.

Mr. Arthur Matters returned homeyitHr4ay great pleasure. Small fans and more prominent men who are plann- < r

- f t after a t+ -eb' absense parasols were given away as souve ing to take the trip are Max Cook, I

OcklawT? nirs. Arthur Bruce, John Thompson, Dar- :
amt hunting on the .
IIfIIac _
f Ma t+IrK.i !| The Young ladles Card Club. win Enflelk, Harry Gaulden and C. i I: Everything the Best and Latest in Jewelry

I I E. Brown. The party will start from jI j
J t $so. T. J. Nixon, who was the The Young Ladies Card Club was r ... ....

3 )llIIMrMat pastor in Ocala several reorganized Friday afternoon with Chicago December I EihFred

; ai9. ha Wen tnt to Galncsb the following members: Mrs. D. S. .'rt'Ioh :inl, ra1ihlII" dates. ;
N. M. Allred Mrs. t' troll and a full line fresti! : I ?
Woodrow Mrs. ,
for tfce earning
viae year.Mr. !
fruit at \Viiilrfs.Christmas Soutl Side cf Square Ccclfi Flo
E. C. Welsh, Misses Janie Woodrow, G. B. Weihe, ) ,

-: t, HmmvU Robinson! came up Louella Gary, Valeta Potter, Esther Dinner for the Poor I II
and will re- I
jftHrtenhty from Stemper Weathers, Meta Jewett, Johnnie the
The Salvation army throughout I
,- h Nt4kt wlHi hi* parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Liddon, Eloyse Izlar, Hattie Dye,Sue country, wherever the army has I h t

M. ft. ftofcttuMHi until after the holi- Barco, Gertrude Pereda, Mary And- headquarters or an encampment, is I

.___.________ __
( .. erson, Sara and Violet Harris. preparing to have Christmas dinner i ii ,, ----- u I ----

Tfc' Attaftifo Coast Line north Mrs. Woodrow entertained the club i I I I Christmas Holiday Rales via Seaboard. '
; for the poor. I ,
- "; bantu train tfcw at 1 o'clock did not at its first meeting and a charmingand Two hundred and fifty{ thousandwill I j Tickets will be sold to the public atone
I and one-third fare for the roundtrip I II TO CANE SYRUP MAk'EflSB' '
wrtil 6:30 o'clock. informal afternoon was spent.
sAt -* )'H; wd*y be fed in New York City, and in
,_. f --.- I Ir to all points east of the Mississippi -
Progressive whist ws played for a in all
Mr. J. I). Watkins, representing' numbers proportionately large and south of the Ohio and Potomac -

r 'giUm," a iwmplexlon! powder short while after which Miss Wood- the cities of the country.The j! rivers including Washington,

ToiletCase ro.v and Miss Liddon rendered in- Salvation army looks at the I D. C., Cincinnatti, 0., Evansville: ,

".R\Ja$* by the National strumentral and vocal music. side:of life and mixes mater- Ind., and St. Louis, JIo., Dates of

[, "* I'aiis, Tenn., i* in the The prizes, a lovely powder box practical ial with spiritual blessingsIt I sale Dec. 23, 24, 23; and 31st, 1904 and ,

... en hastnen3s. I Jan. 1, 1903.Tickets "- .
and a silver hat phi, were won by Miss \
is a great organization. sale for students
will be_on .
M*. (I. Wakefied Well*, will enter- Pereda and Miss Barco. -- I inclusive .. ',
17 24 ,
of and teachers Dec. to ,
\I 1.8. W. F. Lowry,proprietor ,_ ? .
1MM K* lrebyterian church social, The club will meet every Wednesday I, limited to Jan. 8th, It 05. :: '_
the Homosassa Inn and the Rendezvous .
at IItr mate on South Second street afternoon and its members are -- ,
was shopping in Ocala Tuesdayand Closing Out Sale I I
.A ttst Monday afternoon from looking forward with a great deal of Mrs. Tompkins will sell her stock .
this I ,
informed a reporter of paper at and below
of winter millinery '
... ttti ."x a'elock. to these weekly card parties,
tbf*: pleasure Hats
thatithe winter visitors were already I I cost for the next thirty days. ,
--- ---- which are always such delightful trimmed and untrimmed, flowers, I >- rJ.rlm '
t M...r.. C. V :Miller, 1). 11. Lester, flocking to that popular winter resort. I feathers velvets, etc., lowest pricesfor r.
L. It. Chatal ami C. 8. Cullen, all of ffairs. Among others there are Mr. and Mrs. cash. Closing out sale. All _1s ..'
below the value of the goods.
McMullenMoore.Miss { prices
f \- 0tl, hate returned from a trip tom Nichols,of Atlanta Mr.J.W. Parma- Corner store opposite Pittman's +/
guests Sara Della Moore and Mr. Edwin Carhart of New Furniture Store. 1130 dw
J..banvUltThey were lee,of Chicago; Mr. i' i
Wallace McMullen will be mar-
.UA..tragen. York-City; Mr. Winslow Homer, of 3y

a Mr. U. U Barnes returned Ocala ried at DeFunik Springs on the even- New York, one of our great artists; a THE PROVED M'Xpa- F tf 's.fv" M-
December the twenty-second in ,
London by the name cf a
from aMt to hU former family from
yesterday the Methodist church at that place. --.f '
Lucas at Dallas, Diggle. Mr. Diggle is an officer in ,
Mr. 8. II .BEST '
trtfM+ *, 3
{ of the ,
is prominent
Mr. one '-
I all .
visited in ; They are -
T n'. )Ir. Barn* also I His Majesty's navy. : .
educators of the state being a .
)1"&lkl other plaee>> in the west pleased with;Homosassa. I ,-. '' ,
graduate from the Florida State ::MI.. 'S I.
dtiing Mi aeenc College and the University of Nash- Mr.[George Williams returned Sat- From Colorado to the Atlantic I A

urday from a weeks'vacation, which Coast, From :Maryland to the Gulf I
!f.t NUAt-d with letting a poor ville. lIeJis now vice-president of of Mexico theYOUNG We Are Agents For -
homes in South
his former

Qe_.*,4ft* }4f jtnhy hU poverty- called, Mr.V.in .two W. the Florida.Methodist College at Sutherland, reports Carolina having, Florence had a and splendid Marion.outing He, ( & ,MAThS Tbe:] "Golden New Model" 3RolkrVertical

<< men and showed them Miss Moore is the daughter of Mr.
Dn'r-I and everybody in the Old South
ittfnl specimens diamonds and Mrs. L. Moore, of DeFuniak says Cane Mills
.....bi state is prospering.A Eden and Blue Gem ,
tfc rm one that was unset, Springs and is very pleasantly remembered -
worth !x10. here as one of the young statistician announces that only And The The latest and most up-to-date cane mills put on tM Irl'#kM,111Kw

wMM was out of every 115 glasses of whiskey Young & Mathis Cantaloupes, have them in stock. If not convenient to call and srasu trim tlw.
----- teachers at the Ocala High one
school in New York City is good. But Eden Gem, Pollock and and we will send you by return mail circular ;:giviqg" dew,t..,...:
school last year. Her ...._ _
DESIRABLE ------- ---
JHE MOST the time a man gets to his 115th
extend their best wishes. by Genuine Rocky Ford.FROM Our other Npecialtie are American anti r.Httmn: lifsg
matter much whetherit j I
glass it doesn't and Cattle Proof Field Fence ttiu h! Ihrar .
I ; and
1FTz been living in Ocala a STANDARD MELONS.have .
We have Courier-
is good or bad.Louis"ille JI1U and .
Blinds Turpentine, Mining *itt| tl. **.
long time, butnever have we known Journal.Mr. proven the best grown,in their greater :\:well! an a full stock of C2eneral Himlutir

i the streets to be in such a miserable George F. Dittmar, of Holder, productiveness qualities;aud ,exqusite thdr superior deliciousness shipping and and Store*. A nice line of Htiniiieltit, i*.....

condition-the mud and slush is per and S'Ickle-plated Cooking tlcniU.MP10N .
I the Buttgenbach beauty.
superintendent are STANDARDS now and bring ..
terrible. The street committee They
z something Phosphate Companyis in Brussels on the highest prices in all the best markets.

should get busy and stay business visit. He will be absent fora Carefully and perfectly saved ripened seed from melons perfectly for shaped sale.- HADWARECOMpjNy.

busy. couple of months. Full proof and particulars and price list Successors to Ilnbbard & [ .
Patrick, of New York furnished on Personal or written application
Miss Prof. Fosket's Ocala friends always to C.t!ti'MATHIS, Blackvi1le,S.C, OCALA, FLORUM
City, and Miss Helen Bush, of Boston, keep, him busy during his visits here. Or H. F. YOUNC & CO. 308 Wash- I I

Mass., arrived in Ocalayesterday and ington St,New York City. 11-23-3* \- .
a reputationand -
It is beause he hasjmade

wiU spend winterhere. They are is living right up to it. What would make a handsomer or The next visit of Dr. E. T. Allen, 2000 old iteuitpaprr for Kale
attractive guests of Mr. and Mrs. Christmas present for a
the useful
( more the eye and ear specialist will ba
t L. R. Chazal. Miss Eliason will not give up Ocala friend than one of those pretty toilet -done up In packngfi fit JOO..4.ppI1 *
ED80tcB'ONSl. Dec. 29, at the Montezuma
{ Thursday
\}lftP. I for Belleview. Belleview's loss is] sets, or a manicure set; at Tydings .
Full line fresh candies for x .- Hotel.. Glasses correctly fitted *. at tUN oWrtt.
Sole Ajjcnf. I I II & Company's.
1'. W. TKIIXIEK hula Fla. Xmas at IVhaley. Ocala's gain. -

,, "" .- 'x
;;'}, -_*'iJ, "<\",.,'_ "'"' "Y-' _"" :,.--,' _.-,"'."" ,-,,' _-
".," _-;;;,i-,,, ,:,,',"!" _' ;' ,: n : -' -- :_"


s ,' I 1 car
:f .... '. .
.. ..... .. t' -
it J'. 1< ., !t_'" ,: ,If
""' .. / I
';; 1 / ....L.". .r' "I: ..

ff4PAGE FOUR /-.J t ''--- i I I -.*. ''. -: ,,--x.-.r:::. / ;" THE OCALA BANNER ,.. ...... ,

-- Palatka, Gainesville The Methodist Preacher. I .

run CASHIS, !!1t r. Ocala and other "interior cities" of II .- "
j The Jacksonville board of trade -www_ I II
? 7. lnm3)i, EailnmM Kanazer I I HIS is a common epres
Florida have filed with the
,. .-- = .held a called meeting Friday to discuss a protest i J A Speidid! Tribute to His Devoting. J

". freight rates. It seems as the state railroad commission against II I I I :... f'U. sion we hear on every ,

discriminating freight rates which side. Unless I there is
"handwriting on the wall" appearsmore
A. I IT favor Jacksonville, the Evening Me- Sema: [Ala] Journal.' I From all parts of their territory I
and visible that Jacksonville organic rouble, the con. :

more some
Bishop Kanavaugh used to tell a the circuits
tropolis of that city, with its customary they are coming. From ,

along with other seaport cities, narrow view of affairs,' has seen story of a traveler who lost his way in the piney woods, from the city I dition can doubtless be remedied f

t tf is growing more and more appre- fit to charge the protesting cities in the swamps of Louisiana and employed churches, from the city missions, from I Your: doctor is the best adviser. .1:

ii hensive., with being jealous of Jacksonville's a guide.. to conduct him safely the villiages. All the year they have with aH
I ) not dose yourself
I prosperity. out. .As they were passing throughthe been working in all directions, and o
In calling the board of trade together -
F .rrni: flu: HANNKK, HEMEVINO The charge is not only undeserved, canebrakes they heard as they now they are all coming together for Kinds of advertised remedies- i
AT Tilt TO|' WELL ABLE TO its president, Capt. Garner,
Heels but unkind. It is also untrue. There supposed, some huge animal approaching their annual conference. Coming toa his More than likely
TAKH OAKK OP Tln: SKI.V.S, HAS said: get opinion.
isn't a city in the state that does not : "What can it be? said the trav- reunion of hearts as well as hands;
TAKKN ITS BTANtl IN THE BAKR1- concentrated hi food
l'\C.*! WITH THE COMMON PEOPLE instinctively lift its municipal cha- eler, with some trepidation to his coming to draw closer the bonds of you need a

AIM IT* HUNT WILL BK MADE FORTIR peau in admiration for the progres- guide. 'It must be a bar (bear) or a communion, love, work sympathy and to enrich your blood and tone i

HKTTKKMK.VT OF THOSE AT TilE I sive spirit which animates the business Methodist preacher," was the reply, aim. To tell each other of their j the j jJ

UOTTOU.= '.',>.:) ..- ", \,, ,.: j "for nothing else would try to travel up system. 1
,', <,, :.., -,. -"- men of Florida's leading com struggles and their triumphs, ,
;. '-- .::::: --=-- ", ..... J I
}; "-, -'. mercial city. The work of Capt. along thar. Soon it made its appear conflicts and their victories. Together I
l .'JUU.\. DIX'H.M ilKIl 16, 1901. \ :jf''i\i- Scott's Emulsion
.- .\ J. Garner and his compatriots on the ance, and sure enough it was a circuit they will sorrow and weep for thoseof l
': .==: \
Jacksonville board of trade is not rider on his way to his appointment. their number who fell in the war-
Port Arthur fall oftener than the C of Cod Liver Oilis ,f
I I only read by all min: in these "inte Thanks to advancement and progressthe fare; together they will rejoice over
The professed creed of the demo-
4tientfrom tho Kwly Cure Institute.Jacksonville rior cities" but held up by :their Methodist preachers of today do the victories that have won; to-
cratic party is "equal rights to all,

already has outgrown special privileges to none." press and people as examples worthyof not have to tra"elueh arduous J gether..they will pledge anew their just such a food in its best form.It .

her hublie>> building.The all emulation.We routes. But they are still constantly undying fealy to their great Captain
This is only another of statingChrist's weakened
_._ way will build the
are proud of Jacksonville; of traveling over this country. Those around the sacramental board; to
i U over and it was beautiful definition of the
that public spirit in its citizenship whose labors are in the bounds of the gether they will sing as only such and wasted body when all
commandments, "love neighboras
pat but for a steady thing, mule your
which it to surmount all obstacles Alabama conference, which embraces II ;
causes men can sing: other foods fail to nourish.
raking it the glory of Missouri. yourself, which it will be difficultto'
in the of We the southern part, of the state and that binds
"Blessed the tie
'--- path progress. be ,
improve upon, however long the that portion of Florida right south of are run down or emaciated,
Mr.. l\lUrd U a Anger of high world are even willing that it should con- ; Our hearts in Christian love." you

rank well known throughout the shall last. tinue for all time to be the leading us, which ought to be Alabama terri- And then go forth to whatever give it a trials it cannot hurt t-
If this be their faces to-
a good creed to chant in tory, are now turning
. touth.-Musical Courier (N, J.) in state both in populationand has already be unto them without the best
our churches, place in our party city our 'wards Selma. The vanguard may appointed you. It is essentially

, commercial But- arrived and tomorrow morningthis to labor or
importance. murmur or complaint,
Those curitlca were not worth a platforms and proclaim from the I possible nourishment for delicate
division of the soldiers of the
I We not willing to sit idle and die their master wills. Without
are as
cent. Which fact simply makes usmarvel rostrums, why is it not a good creed I I'
Cross whose Dreast right-
plates are
children and girls. l lW
\ pale
witness such commercial 'supremacy regard to denomination or creed all
the more at tho achievements to carry into our business life?. ousness, and who bear the sword of
built and maintained by unfair their annual Christian people love and honor such t will send a sample tree ;.
: ., of the woman. Why should not every tub throughout the Spirit will answer to 1 you

:. the whole business world be madeto advantage and at the expense of interior roll call. men. ..q L
8e that women are racking their
cities, without protest. When -
stand on its own bottom? Be tare that tSi pkteniiith
oilttd Idea for reasonable
over gifts
Why should interior cities be handcuffed a merchant doing business fifteen Will be Held In Ocala. The result in Minnesota Missouri form of a label II w
for men Well, automobiles ain't miles from Palatka can secure better t Illinois New York and Kansas tells the Mrtfivwyfcettl!
and placed at the mercy of The next annual conference of the of EmaUwa fOCI tery.
bad. freight rates py purchasing in Jacksonville the story that the independent voteris
.1'" seaport cities; and, ot all other agencies Methodist Episcopal church, South,
abroad in the land. In time he SCOTT & BOWNEChtmbii
If Wm. T. Lesley, sheriff of
on. 70 miles away, it is time to
why should this be done by the will be held in Ocala. will make his appearance in the
HUUborough county, died at Tucson, "kick." !
railroads? south.-Ocala Ban'ter.I .
We that these in t
:,_ .\riaonala.t Wednesday, where he All Palatka, Gainesville, Ocala promise pioneers a 409 Purl Strut Hew York
Commercially speaking, the interior the Master's service, whose businesshas I He has already made his appear- -
had gone in search of health. and these other "interior cities" of
is the territory naturally belong ance in the south. In practically every -
been since the early settlementof c SOc aM $t AODrvuUt{ !
Florida want from the railroad
The phohlbltlon ticket polled just ing to the railroads. Why should commission the states to blaze the way in the southern state, Parker's vote sour
is even and exact justice. If sorrowful eight wu seen oc
f bill vote in Florida. That doesn't they not protect their own? swamps and morasses so that civilization ,' ran behind the state ticket and two Quite a

wk very big-but the explanation: is This is one of the laws of nature, Jacksonville wants more it is a hog. might follow, will be given a of these states were even carried by streets Friday, that of two

1 linn in the fact that the prohibitionist yet it is a law persistently disregarded -Palatka News. cordial welcome by the citizens of I Roosevelt. In,a few years party tyranny littlft colored boys, aged re.pectlrelyeight

elector failed to qualify by the railroads. The Cheerful South Ocala. will have become a thing of the and eleven yean, ebi aM together

F -, -- ---. and being sent to the peai-
iThe The merchants of the interior are Th south is cheerful and serene. past and that fact will work a changefor
[ woman who could break a A Mixture of Good and Evil. tentary the younger one for life an i ,.
nothing more nor less than distribut- The past is only a promise of her the better in American politics.-
,r bank by borrowing money on forged ing agents for these arteries of com- future. The Panama canal will be While we remember that Decem- Pensacola Journal.Japanese i! the older one for a term of twu r.ara. 5.

i notes could not borrow 15,000 to ber brings us Christmas, we musn't -
merce, yet, the railroads are persistently sugar cane for
built and the merchants of the south
out of the Toombi. 1 Sale-4Oc'l F&LEYSllOEYADTAfsrrfhdr'
tr keep forget it also brings us
congres5.- : 100 feet. Apply to G.
pursuing a policy to them per I
! ---+- -- -- put will be the merchants of 'the world. .. .
Cleveland Plain Dealer. I son, Lady Lake. 1t d-w r ffIH. A'1 Ww
; livery time tho oftlce boybrings in out of business Southern ports will handle much of 4 k
I f> 1-
- the Washington forecast, hot off the It does seem ridiculous that it is the commerce that will pass throughthe ,

,.' wire, we llenty return thanks that possible: for a barrel of flour to be canal. Ten cent cotton will be a

t. the j4vUent U not angry at us. shipped Ocala t, from Ocala to Silver permanent thing. We are now look-
Springs, there reloaded and puton ing mournfully back into the past.It .
Think Mr. Law have
>>on might .
.a boat, thence taken to Orange
can never come again. We are
r waited until Mm. Chadwick had
Springs, half way back to Jacksonville -
the happiest people on the face of .\ -
finished her act Nobody can watch '
cheaper by some cents than the the earth. The moon shines brighton
two whirling dervishes at once
r same barrel is shipped direct to Ocala the old Kentucky home new mod-

F H mo admiratIon is compiled fora -for a barrel of flour to be shipped eled. There is still the sound of .
t., woman who, armed simply with a through Ocala to Tampa, a hundred music way down on the Suwanee CHRISTMAS

miles further, for less than it is
. mio and a eek-a-boo promissory shipped river. The corn is full of kernels,

not, can go out and accumulate a to Ocala. and the colonels full of corn. AT THE -

! million and a quarter. Yet, these are the propositions
Many a youth and many a maid
confronting the merchants
trying to Are in cherished
dancing the shade
The of Danville
Va. bat
mayor ,
do busines in the interior. And the mocking bird is singing in
been fined by a Judge of that city fort
Does it not occur to the most super the lane,-Memphis Commercial. ANTIMONOPOLYS
wearing creaky nhoea. Yet some off flcial
reader to be supremely ridiculous
the lawyer with creaky voices tosay ? An Arkansas Method.

nothing of thou with creakyin- There was a native of Arkansas DRUG '
It occurs to us that it must eventually STORE !
i- Ullect escaped. who was a firm believer in baptismas
---- prove as ruinous to the rail- .

The Albany Argus i* a democratic roads as to the interior merchants.If an essential to salvation. He wasa .

juper, but'it fifer i IVpew. It regards a great city could be built up in large and husky man and a brilliant

hi* reelection a* the only way to the interior is it not apparent that Christian. One day a neighbor met

stave offtho** aft'tUnn l'\ beginning every pound of freight shipped in and him and noticed that there was two We Still Hold Our Reputation -
or three scratches his face and
"When 1 wa senator." shipped out, would be so much grist

--- ..---- some blood on his clothes, and inquired
for the For
c railroads; and coming and Stock
This Is a swift age. They art now 2C Our
what the trouble was. "Well, .
going, would find itself passing
about to put ball bearings on shells
through the same hopper-so whthe it's this way. You all know jZeke Christmas Assortment
""o that they will leave the gun in a Has
interior Mounts, who lives down in the holler.
...**ter hurry and with less wear on should not receive the
When Zeke gets a fool idea in his :
Ue tub*. We'll be grvaslng lightning fostering care of our railroads id one No Equal in Ocala =
unto of the mysteries of the transportation head it's the hardest kind of a job to I II I

problem. argue him out of the notion. The _

From Hot Springs Va, comes thegraUtying
scriptures teach
just as plain as day
Speaking for Ocala we desire to
> intelligence that Senator that a man has to be immersed be-
say that she asks for no "special CHRISTMAS POST CARDS AS SOUVENIRS.
H. O. Davis vice-presidential
fore he be
privilege," can saved but Zeke want

nomi&ee i* them walking around All she asks is for the railroad ed-to argy with me that sprinklingwas PRETTY CALENDARS

with bri>k step and showing no signet world to : "You jist as good. I had to knock out AND CHRISTMAS CARDS
say are given an "
fatigue. three of his front teeth his (Special Prices to Teachers
equal eh3.l1C'eith all other cities split nose, of Day Schools and Sunday Schools
Tae London are still discussing black both and )
papers 'Now, root hog or wt'J eyes mighty near bust

r the presidential election and And if this be the verdict, we his jaw before I could make him

same of them are binding out as promise there'll be soaiealirooting! change his position. Some men hain't Our Line ofDOLLSIs -

mneb misinformation to their readers got no reason about them when it Ilnsa-paw 3r

a'the organ did here prior to the Mrs. Charles W. Fairbanks, wife of comes to interpretin'the scriptares. -

great event the vice-president-elect, and present Arkansas Traveler. =

Tb esteemed Jacksonville Metro- general of the national society,

jxili will soon be in a position to give daughters of the American Revolution !' Editor Frank Harris inja signed DOXT
editorial in his Ocala FAIL TO VISIT
has :Banner, skins THEAntiMonopoly
requested all
expert view on the strenuous life chapters to
The hold a colonial tea on January 6, the with his pertinent and able pen an
)1eUprintt'd a news
anniversary of the wedding of George article in the Des Moines Registerand Drug
regarding the efforts of Ocala Store.H.
and Martha Washington. Leader entitled "The Solid
and OamN\il1" to g?t some changes South" .
Harris "Reply to
made In irod C. GROVES
rates The Metro- \ attempt
to get permissionto an tnfriendly Criticism" should be H_ R', WALTERs
=' jioii* onuned the whole
up situation build
II I skyscrapperr in Berlin has printed in circular form and distributed .

*&! ufcl the other places were jeal-j i failed. The law permits no buildingto in every school and college r

eat of Jacksonville.. Kow,the Metro-1 I exceed I
twenty-two meters in I in Florida. It has educational value. .
; eta being Iaabate4 the I
heightAnd that's
a very great The news will print itfin full in our
and Gainesville papers is a most vIgozwis concession. His
Majesty isn't quiteas next issue. Read it,-Monticello

ttnnr--Tjuap4. Herald tall as that. Sews. ,


r I'Y

j d Wb

= Sf* V'-3**' *>'-vj? .



jl V- ,

', : i'Second Section THE OCALA BAN ER.

i I Pages 9 to ( _


.' ,

I! The paper "Of the People, for the People and by the PeopleI /'

: 16, 1904 DOLLAR A YEARTheJeweler
!' I .
fl GRAND{ JURY PRESENTMENT Sunday at the Christian Church. I German Club Re Organized. I

WE1M "Three classes of Disciples," was I The ypung gentlemen have reor- ,

r", .: A Strong Pointed Document Notesa Mr. Rowlands' morning subject, and I ganized the Nine O'clock German Your -

Decrease In Crime.In no more edifying sermon has been Club for the season of 1904-05. There I '

the Circuit Court, Fifth Judicial delivered in Ocala. He dealt with the] are about twentyfive members of the : 'J

Circuit, in and'for Marion County- rash or percipitant follow of Christ club and they contemplate giving I

Fall Term, 1904: who acting upon the impulse of the some very charming affairs duringthe Christmas
To the lion. W. S. Bullock, Judge of the t
above court: moment, and not counting the cost, next few months.

The grand jury drawn, empannelledand I said "I will follow Thee whithersoever The opening German will take place "
i :it. should be made at store ;becausewe
1Trading our ,
sworn at this term of the court, i Thou goest." The second kind i on the evening of December 29th. It
i having finished its labors, begs leaveto of disciple was the procrastinating or I will be given at the and have got the right kind of goods and because we sell them
armory prom- right., We have just received a nice assortment of ladies' ready-
Here's Nice submit this its general ,
a List From Which presentment
entangled follower who knows that ises
i to be one of the most delightfulof The
Hats. These
to are genuine bargains. prices
to Select a Suitable Present and prays that it may be discharged: i wear rangefrom
For a Friend or Relative: I he should follow Jesus, but this per- the holiday gaities. 50c. to$2.00.
Crime Has Decreased
son has something to do and intendsto Come and select one.
SOLID GOLD WATCHES Upon careful investigation of all RECTOR
ST. }
follow Him at some future day, LUKE'S.(
SOLID GOLD RINGS criminal cases submitted to us, and inquiry Nice Xtyos) Presents for Ladies.
Into the [ and he gives as an excuse "suffer me .
condition of the county
Ashburnhara Ontario
Testifies to the I
CUT GLASS WARE i generally, we are pleased to report that l first to go and bring my father." The Good Qualities of Chamber- I Shirts, -. Cloaks, Jackets

: i I we find a decrease In crimes of third kind of the 'Shirt Waists Underwear Shoes
JAPANESE WARE a se-j I disciple was ;wavering lain's Couth Remedy. j, ,

INDIAN BUCKSKIN NOVELTIES rious nature in this county during the ,i or irresolute one,who says: uSufI ASHBURNHAM, O 'T., April 18, 1903. Pocketbooks, nderchiefs, Hosiery,

last six months. fer me first to bid farewell totthese 11 I think it is only right that I should I Fascinators, Corsets,
GOLD LODGE EMBLEMS Offices and I tell what a wonderful effect I
County BuildingsWe you
in my house and I will follow Thee." II I Suitable Gifts For
STERLING SILVER GOODS find all the county offices in first Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has Xmas)
2 "No man having his hand to the
put [ ,
class condition, with all books and pa- produced. The day before ,Easter I
The PricetAYon Will Find AreAs pers kept In a plow and looks back isfiti.for the was so distressed with a cold and Clothing, Shirts, Underwear, Hosiery
Low As Good Qualities proper manner. kingdom of God,"but all followers of cough that I did not think to be able Hats, Caps, Neckties, Suspenders,
: S Will Admit. Call and Sect Court House S to take duties Shoes, Umbrellas, Handkerchiefs, Cuff Buttons.
any the next day as
Christ should say, "Jesus, I my cross
We are gratified to learn that the my voice was almost choked by the Come to our Siore and Meet Santa Claus*
have taken. all to leave and follow
I county commissioners are taking steps I cough. The same day I received an

looking to the erection of a new court Thee." order from you for a. bottle of your: M. FtSBLEL.

house, or the enlargement and improve- The subject of Mr. Rowland's Cough Remedy. I at once procureda

ment of the present structure, as this is evening discouse was "Casting the sample bottle and took about three
a much needed public improvement.Jail doses of the medicine. To
I my great
first stone. The people, following S.A STArfDLEY. Lhl: MIUE&
: relief the cough and cold had com-
Christ, while this earth
10 !L.xo We find the jail in fairly good con- upon pletely disappeared and I was able
3ay8.i dition. posed a vast multitude, who sum- to preach three times on Easter day. S. A. STANDLEY & CO.:

r4'rt Poor Farm moned Him for various reasons. I know that this rapid and effectivecure .

Some came for the loaves and fishes was due to your cough remedy.I .
We find the ;
farm in excellent
I poor Pinrjacle of Human Skill
make this testimonial without solic-
condition but we are informed that one some for the purpose of being healed;
itation, being thankful to have found
of the inmates, a foreigner, is now some to be taught the way of life,but t
such a Godsent .
remedy.Respeectfully been reached in
drawing a pension of $8 month our carrigae
; per the
---- greater number came as fault- I Yours,
from the Federal government'and we E. A. LANGFELDT M. A., and harness. The only
SAIL ILISABSTH ZAUIS. Lotil Editor finders, who were divided into two way
t mention this and ask the county com- Rector of St. Luke's church.To .
l class: the pickers and the kickers. can ever be better is to raise the
missioners to take proper action in the Chamberlain Medicine Co.

j: HAPPENINGS ABOUT TOWN. premises. Mrs.T. H.Johnsson and)l iss John This remedy is for sale by all druggists LThe > -elevate the standard-and

r Public Roads nie Liddon, sing two beautiful solosat m then our vehicles will be found

:; .. Vr. Donald Ford spent Sunday in The public roads generally arein bet- the evening service which:.were : The Starke Telegraph very aptly top. They are not so high In

t Jacksonville ter'condition than formerly and the most acceptable and added much to that
l says well filled with
though, aa to be out of reach
tendency is toward steady and perma- the beauty of the service. advertisements
of the town's business
r Dr. W. II. Griffith and little son, of nent improvement, but in this connec- vehicle users. Let na quote
Some improvements and enlargements -
concerns is the best advertisementthat
f" Dunnellon visited our city Monday. tion our attention has been calledto figures.
have been made in the pulpit..
---- the fact that some of thd can be sent out for the town.

f Nunnaliy'a fine package candies road overseers are not careful; to The choir is now behind the minister The Telegraph knows whereof it

1 t for Xmas at Whaley'n. 12 9 2t get full days' work of their gangs and .which is a decided improvement. speaks.-Apalachicola Times. LIVERY, FEED & SALE STABLE

i I ________ __ _
: .. that they themselves are not diligentin X.Y.JZ.. I u u --
Mr. U. W. Holliday,of Eureka, was '!: -- --- ----- -
----- ---
their work. While we have not Investigated -
n town Monday cnroute to Lakeland. these reports t we suggest \ Horticultural Report for 1904 ... .
.H..S..HH.. ..__.
; that the board of county commissioners -
in of of the
receipt a copy
IarL llddCarmlchael returned Sun- .
t d do so, and require that all overseers anal
, ffom Anthon)', whereJshe had been. and their men put in full time. report of the Florida State
f Horticultural Society for 1904. This TEX BOB
t h cm I vUU to relatives.Eipaemodio Equalization of Assessments
volume is well worth, to anyone in-
advertising is about as Complaint has been made to us that
| terested in horticulture or agricul- e
recently the county commissioners, in iii" --
tatUfaetery to the advertiser as a ture in the state of Florida, five
an attempt to equalize the taxes, haye .
wat ii that run O<'CaKlonall)'. times its and instead of the
;. - .... been guilty of unjust discrimination in cost .
I tc. the fixing of values as against of the society being five
persons membership
Skater N. A. hll. of Levy

--" county wa* registered at the Monte-, erty.rather We than believe equalizing that values there should of prop-be I lor the six thousands.hundred,,it This should report run up shouldbe into i THE OCALA NEWS COMPANY. i

auma Sunday. some speedy, cheap and simple method
> provided by law to protect citizens in the hands of every grower in .

Dr. and Mr*. Armstrong, of Crystal from a repetition of injustices of this the state but'as the society does not .

I her, spent, Monday in the city. nature. receive any state aid in its publication s

Thry .'f"n their way to Savannah. We thank the court and its officers, the distribution of the book .
and the officers of the county generally Holiday Goods of all Kinds
must be confined to its membership. i ,
Fresh nuts rapine, dates, citrons for courtesy and attentions shownus I
The frontispiece is a handsome pic-
:: and a full line of fresh fruits at during our service at this term. V
12 9 2t Very respectfully submitted, ture of the late Stephen Powers, fora

.:; WhafoyS The wlftt..r tourist travel opening Frank A" Teague Foreman. number of years the honored sec- I Fireworks, Wholesale and Retail 1

JarktKD'UteJwtt'k Robert O. Connor Secretary. f retary of the society. Anyone can .
The .
3 tarljr tfeU *eaon.
receive a copy of this book by remitting .
are already showing a large B. H. Sands Chosen Telephone Supt.
I I $1 to the secretary as a membership .
I ti-J ..f arrival. Mr. B. H. Sands, a competent and I
I .
fee. Beside the report the 1 .

i f' A MtHM UtirUtma present for a experienced telephone man and manager members will receive the benefit of i *

i: t f dn friend would be a bottle of handle pert has accepted the' managementof the reduced rates in traveling to and i The biggest line of Dolls in town.

i Htmtry. Tydingr& Company the Miami Telephone Co., and .
from the place of meeting.
J:: lJ It* Uert RHHHifarturvd. x with his: wife arrived in the city
I Send in your remittance at once to .
I.. T. lalarand little grandson Tuesday morning and will make their
Mal. Florida r of *
E. 0. Painter, secretary; Toys description
Matr Ham Iriar Hul.t left Sunday I future residence here. .1 State Horticultural Society, Jacksonville every

for (\taad4a, H. C., where Maj. Itlar i Mr. Sands has had a number of '. .
Fla. and will
I you get your
cases before experience in the telephone
Important years
argued tote membership certificate and copy of -
curt Monday.Mr. business, and atone time was manager
sllftmie I the book by return mail.

< iVaiwn arrival in Ocala' of the Ocala company, more recentlyhe s. Staple S and China i
J. 8. has been engaged in the businessat I Revolution Imminent. Fancy including

: )I?*4.jr torn Nil w York Mr. Tear- Jacksonville. i A sure sign of] approaching revolt .

... b MHO grit t trwttor for the Ocala and trouble fn system is
In conversation with Metropolis serous your

t III k4f tlub and will remain in reporter this morning Mr. Sands said I I nervousness. ,sleeplessness,or stomach 2 Japanese, Rozane and others I

14wt" *)1 wi ieT. I h Electric Bitters will quicklydismemberthe -
that-he is now preparing a ,map of upsets. '. ,

r: Mr. J. !>. Usenet, of .Anthony Mr. the improvements to be made in the troublesome causes. f' :

Mr. F. Miami system, and will start erecting I It never fails to tone the stomach,
t, J, H. Dri.*e.. <*( 0 klawaha; I
It. ljtie e! lU.lliko and Mr. M. F. poles this afternoon, the work of regulate the kidneys and bowels. Stimulates I I

I TWftHl, of Martin, were among stringing the new wires, putting in the liver, and clarify the The most complete line of Staple II

V* MraHgf In the city Saturday. 'phones and other work to follow as blood, ran down system benefit par- !
and all the asual attending
and when
rapidly as possible com-
and aches vanish under its searching and I
||Mr. and Mr*. (ieorge Aiken pleted a few weeks hence he is confident -
<'14O have tx. nat the thorough effectiveness. Electric I Crockery in Town
ew) will have efficIent
Ulll that Miami as Bitters is only 50c. and: that Jis returned ,
will be0a <
Jiavey fur MHM month part and thorough a telephone serviceas if it don't give perfect satis- S l ls

Rued keeping In a few days in there is in the state.-Miami faction. Guaranteed by Tyding & .
t&# Cottage j.*t lack of the home of Metropolis. Co. druggists. m '
Ir. Maariee Strauss on Ocklawahar The ostrich hiding his head in the .

Lvvnt ('. ----- ae Quick. '* sand when approached by a hunter is
of Dadeville, Not a minute should be lost when a THE NEWS COMP NY.I
T. Morley
Mr*. Jahn about as wise as the business man i OCAL0
her Clyde child shows symptoms croup. .
r son,
A'a.' Irt'Omf..nby who thinks be can make a success of

daughter I'<<'arl. are the guests Chamberlain's Cough Remedy given his business without advertising when

T John Williamson at as soon as the child becomes hoarse,_.
0f )It. and Mrs. his' competitor is a liberal user of I North Main St. Ocala Fia.
g ifeeif home in the tint ward. .dr.oaky or even after the croupy cough appears printer's ink. ,

f: In few week will prevent the attackIt
$ will arrive a .

:f tpl Ue family will make Florida to never take.falls For and sale-by is pleasant all druggists.and safe m it See is "us Sid to R.date.Whaley's" line* fireworks 12 9 2t .:-.....-.......,... .. :::

;A tntore+
J. .

"' .. .. ,.".., -;
iJ< -

: =E _
n W iY rr.npti i s. Vie" >




< .
/ f
r -
Ocala to line Big Attractloa. _r. and Mrs. Bavls EatarUi ,>

Mr. X. C. Watts, advance agent I Monday evening Mr. and Mrs.

f Rawla entertained the
br the Jones-Adams Carnival Com- I Samuel A.
Monroe & Ctarablisa. BaekersrOcala
Young Married Peoples' Card Club at
" JTa.. December 7. I 04. pany has been in the city for several .I
their regular monthly meeting.
DR days in the interest of his shows, and

, 74b $. .... TN& from ntserlptlon as per statement reed..J SO will in all probability bring them Their guests: were the following:

CRt Mr. and EI rs.F. i.. Watson, Mr.and
here under the auspices of the Ocala / / .
I Mrs A. E. Gerig, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. ; .at ate r-erj tx; fcy tber Ora eare.ors
kc *-&{*+aee paM IL W. Log trip I to Tampa to fair coraMlMlNMft Rife j Ca tibu of'Mfstfjyufr fetfeo tteircBJe.
t care
.. .... ........ ..:....... ...... ...:et...... ...$ 19 S3 This company has within the past j i Me ean, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Miller, 'f/ eras beoct ee Table

r X.q. -Ami *i[* 4d by D. S. Williams, collecting subscriptions month presented i its shows in George- Miss Florrie Crook and Mrs. Rawls' f : 1

r try 10 EfeMdtoB. et*... ... ........... ...... ,..... ......... 5 87 .- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Maloney. LIVEIPJLLS '
town, S. C.Timinonsvffle, S. C., and
f vouchers.. ..... ........ .. 3* 75
#+l*. tt Frtotfcr r sal a : 3,><
Barnwell, S. C.,for the military companies -
:Me -Bi **.. D. S WHWama, commissioner as per statement ren- '

[ ........ .... ... ..... ... ........... ...... ...... ..._.. ... 4; 1: and in Camden :;. C., for the whist and several spirited I f j; -,tj 'l l tta only rased**wWcb Mt Naei *ai l at* f* b let "

Jlw. Y,1-ttesi+tq f.r shttTing. tie.......... ...... ...... ...... ..... 5 84 fire department, and letters from games were played after which a I var. Powerful par**"** ripe, P*** and "*** .* ad

X... Wrk Floret Co, for Covers for decoration... ... ... ..a 00 these towns speak highly of dainty supper was enjoyed.Mrs. J till cng'U&CI*. nuoua' nrmumimm act a+aUy w4 fc**. the
, tR N-Oe.k Nnrs Co, memorandum too;:. labels etc... ... ... .. 1 83 it"i i! Marsh and \1 r. Maloney won t 1!} Mfvvtem iB&peaiieat of drag. Po east H sfl drid
and mention especially the absence tiY\\\ Tour dnunnrt% will faraiai tee eearOM er e, will
=- ... .hiM R. X Hall painting statistical exhibit of Marion Co... 19 5} the first prizes and Mrs. Gerig and l
from the aggregation of catch-penny
pm,1-it- IL W. Lose salary 1 mo. and 22 days at J1W per mo.. 17335 Mr. Marsh were consoled for their ill I Brown Alfg. Co. V. #,

, k ...N M H. W. Lone fr expenses of assistants, and expenses at devices such as are often seen with

..ltils_ aerwst rendered... ........... ...... ...... ...... ... 121 57 these travelling carnrnl companies.Mr. luck by being awarded the booby 1\\ \ New York : / V

.Frank Mathews, of this city. prizes. \ and Grecneviite. ;
J413 53/
has been connected with this com- The West Palm Beach Tropical Sun Tenn. J
David S. Traiiaraa Com. for Marion Co. ,#
pany for the past two seasons and has announced that Mr. Harry L. V
AM4 T. T. Moaro, Treas. of Fend.

J 1 I speaks very highly: its shows. Brown, the popular manager of the _. : _

c> The officers of the Rifles will ap- paper, has resigned the position and -
Where tee .Uao'ist Preachers Go. Our Municipal Election. =
before the city council at its the -=
, pear will go to St. Augustine to take
The Methodist of Ocala we know Bat for the closing of the bar rooms
meeting tonight, and a.1for the management of the Daily Record of
V* be rejoiced to learn that Mr. L. hardly anyone would have supposed
privilege of having the Jones-Adams: that city. Mr. Brown will be suc- For Sale by Postoffice Drug Store.
.' W. Meet* was returned to Ocala for that there was a mmicipal election
company appear in Ocala for their ceeded in the management of the ,,;;; .-
AMttor being held in Ocala Tuesday. -- -V
year.Her. benefit during the week beginning Tropical Sun by Mr. Charles B. Kendall -
J. P. Il bum has been made Mayor Edwards was reelected without -
January 9th. who has been connected with THE CLUB
prt'IWIn elder for the Jacksonville opposition as was likewise Alderman HOtSE.I
the publication of the paper several
dietriet.Rey J. E. Chase in the second ward Miss Lillian Thomas, the attractive I I
! years and who is well known throughout -
W. J. Carpenter will go to and Alderman George Carmichael in daughter of Mrs. Mollie F. Thomas \
the state. Mr. Kendall i' a competent -
?& and P.tT. W' M. Poage was the fourth ward. and the late Samuel B. Thomas, of Cuisine First Class hates
and capable man Rtcuottftll.Refurgisled .
retained to Jacksonville I In the first ward :Mr. John Robert- Madison county, and Mr. Henry F.
and there is no doubt but what his
Rer. J. B. Ley vaa continued aseditor .I son and it r. John Pasteur were the Coyne, of Baltimore, Md., will be

of the Florida Christian Advocate opposing candidates. The vote stood, quietly united in marriage on Wednesday management of the Tropical Sun will Throuq }out SpecIal Ratts .1 Meth.MRS. .
be successful.
and a contract was entered into [Robertson, Pasteur, _;. December 21st, at )Madison

with: 3feAra. Sherwood & Company, In the third ward Mr.B. A. Weath Fiat The wedding will be a quiet : J. D. Dickerson colored, living in

Of Lire Oak for the publishing of the ers, the present incumbent, and Mr. affair, and it has been arranged for the St. Peter neighborhood claims !Hlll.

tame.Rer.. Edwin Pittman: were the candidate: *. noptials to be celebrated at the hos- lanes Adams accosted him last -TfIOS. J. HAIl tPUe.: : .I'

W. V. Atkinson will remainat The vote stood Weathers, 36, Pitt- pitable home of the bride's sister, Saturday night and without>> the least I .e- T 'II" Wia

Orlando for another year. man, 30. Mrs. Stanton of that place. Miss provocation shot at him with a pistol, ____ .h.-,

Rev. F. R. Bridge was made pre- Thomas has been a resident here for but the night being dark he
Gaiaes-Priest. escaped Situ, 0..f. ad .*....
elder for this district. the past four years, and has a host
tiding unhurt.
Married at noon Tuesday at theBaptb says reason he knewit L c\
; own** et the ..... .
of friend W I1 *
who will learn of her
Rev. G. A. York was sent to Citra. engagement Adams
church was was because he strucka
: the
by pastor Rev \ wetUifttkte
/ of ul'.mh *
Rev. )Jr. Bingham w&* returned to Legit B. Warren, Mr Kenon Hngh and approaching marriage match before he fired the pistol. same efcantMf. tie th _
Iffl Ii s V.,
TaHabMe and Rev. J. E. Wilson Gaines and Miss Sallie Janet Priest. with,great interest. In the contest I A warrant has been issued for Adams' (''ill tr1{ i 1 to be f...... _r t' 1.1. .4 tittaett ita l lt .

was appointed presiding elder for theTa for the WcrdTs Fair commissioner to no dbeeaac .
Mr. Gaines is a prominent young arrest. __ __. \ sit 1111"'y eae/wr _
Iahaaee district. business of : St. Louis, to represent the Times- J We eadea w a e s1 l.,11 ....
mart Milltown Alabama
Rev. J. A. Hendry, of this city, Union, }Iiss Thomas received the .,l :Mr. Louis Duval went to Orlando \1 that eoa* i.4. .... M4 .f W _
andIrs. Gaines fc \\
a native of Fort
I Saturday night to hear Bishop Cand- \ bosIaeM, aM tMcfftaf to "e.e111d
wtH go to Quincy. largest number of votes by a hand-
McCoy in this couuty. She has hr preach in that city Sunday. f f report, wkieli to ii.*liy trek Nr fill
some majority, which was a fitting
"D. It To.D taught in the Marion O the traek. .
"j. eonaty public Bishop "Candler presided over the r w. aN tb .. k _

The tiae-worn injunction, "Never i schools for several years and is a compliment to a daughter of Florida, Methodist conference in that iJO Ocala agtM*for tMe ttl..... I" .
who is a descendent of one of V esFlorida's t ; 3C.flaYitt::', h.hMC Ya11IN. \
pst. tfl to-morrow"hat you can do charming young woman. last week. He was formerly presi-
oldest and most aristocraticfamilies.
to-day" b now generally presented The Banner joins with best wishes dent of Emory, at which University TeWeSMITHSOO.
At the South Carolina and
to this form:"Do it to-day and congratulations.Mr. i M:. Duval was a student. th'ata ra
the terse advice we want to and Mr. Gaines left over the Inter-State Exposition held at

Charleston, Miss Thomas
represented -:
about that hacking cough or demoralizing Atlantic Coast Line for 3Iilltown, <
the Atlanta J Journal and the
got up
cold with which you have been I where they will reside.
official souvenir of the
struggling several days, perha programme ixpcsition. I.

week Take some relibale remedy for Pirating Folei's Hcnej and Tar She possessess consider- f

able literary talent,which has already AT THE BAZAAR.
it tHaT and let that remedy be DrBoeehee's Foley Co., Chicago, originated
: Honey and Tar a. a throat and Inn>; won the highest recognition. }Ir.
German which hasben
i emedy, ani on ascoant of the great Coyne is the genial Southern representative ,
in u e for over thirty A I
years. merit and -
popularity of Foley's Hon of the Sea Gull Specialty OLD 11.1'0'I I L
few doses of it will I
undoubtedlyleire and Tar
reey imitations
many are offered -
cold Company, of Baltimore, and makes i Come U
your cough or and its con for the genuine. Ask for Fo

tinued tue for a few days will cure I ley's Honey and Tar and refuse any Jacksonville his headquarters. He is V

you completely. Xo matter how snbstitute offered as no other prepar- to be congratulated upon his selection I Santa f

deep-wated your cough,even if dread tion will give the same satisfaction.It of a life partner.-Jacksonville See Him H

consumption has attaked your inn It is mildly laxative. It contains no Metropolis.

German Syrup wflll surely effect a opiates and is safest for children and

care as it has done before in thou- delicate persons. Postoffice drug A Good Thing.In .

ands of apparently hopeless case of I store. m order to avoid that terrible rush Clause I .\. D *ltlXc; THE

lung trouble. Sew trial bottles, 25c;
and crush of business during Xmas
regular size, 75c. For gale at AntiMonopoly Dancing Party on the Thirtieth.
week, Mr. M. Fishel has made a reduction -
Drug Store. m Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Andersonwill Has
in prices in all lines to induce Arrived! Children.

The Lord Told Him to Do It. ententain large number of the out-of-town ,
people to come in

Rev. Ed Hymon was on trial Tuesday the young people of Ocala with a.. early and buy their Xmas goods.

before the dancing party on the evening of I WE HAVE EVERYTHING
circuit court charged II I Men's suits which usually sold for SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. OUR COUTNERS
with dealing a horse the December thirtieth at eight o'clockat
property of $15.00 now go at $12.50; men'.s suits ARE FILLED WITH TOYS
the AND
his son-in-law. lIe admitted takin'Pthe armory. The dance will be HOLIDAY GOODS.
at $7.50, regular price 9.00; men'ssuits _. ,
given -- -
complimentary to Mr. and ---- ---
animal but said- he Mrs.
was commanded $6.00, now $4.50; overcoats from I SEE
R. C. Camp Miss Carrie GADSON I II.
by the voice of the Draper, of
Lord to fi.5Q to 10.00. Shoes in abundanceand

do w. Birmingham, Alabama, and Miss
at prices that will surprise you. I

lie was arrested at Crystal River I Mary Anderson the attractive Ladies' jackets usually sold at $2.50. ? a, Our Ladies Suit Sale going on, :; ee y

and at time of his arrest he held in daughter of the host and hostess. now $1.75; ladies'jackets usually sold I. they are swell and up-to-date. +

hit hands two crocked sticks, which This will be one of the very pleas- at $5.00 now $3.75; ladies ready made
\ I
antest of the skirts price $2.50 now $1.50 ladies' Serge. Voiles
he claimed were the ensign of the holiday gaities. ; I) Etamines, Broadcloths
ready made skirts regular price &.00 .
, Lord, and told the officer he could i now $2.50 ladies' I : And Flannels
Cupid Shooting/ His Arrows. ;; ready made shirt ,
ute him and everything else but not waists from 50c. to $2.50.It .

to take his sticks. He claimed that he in Monday this was a busy day with cupid will pay you to come early and r And in all the new shades for

vicinity as we gather from take advantage of these low t
was growing old and could prices
no longer
looking over the list of marriage and also to take time in making i
your Fall
walk so the Lord commanded him to licenses issued by Judge Bullock on selections. and Winter i Wear. etJ
horse and do His service. He that day. Remember that :M. Fishel is the only _. .
told the court that if the Lord had The Ocala merchant who is making: this -
piercedthe REMAIN
told him to take his horse he would inducement for you to buy early andit OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL ,.
following hearts
have done : viz, Kenon will be a good thing for those
so. There
was some doubt Hugh Gaines and Sallie Janet Priest living outlof Ocala. Come after tea and
a* to the colored brother's sanity but Louis H. Snowden and Eva ; x : see anta Clause, Make .
Swearingen Be
the a Trained' Nursa
thought him
a dangerous ; Nelson McMillan ana Liddie The Marion county hospital needs your selection and let
man to be at large so found him us put them
from time
; William Burre and Belle to time a number of student away

guilty and if it is found out that he Tucker. nurses, young ladies who will Deliver when .

U Insane it will be a matter of future take a course of training, and there- : you say' .

investigation, Heart Fluttsrinf. by fit themselves for a very lucrative

t"I Undigested food and gas in the calling. Write to the president of ... V

F was much afflicted with sciatica stomach, located just below the the board of directors of the Marion
," writes Ed. C. Nud .heart, county hospital.DR.. THEOcak
lowavffle, presses against it and caused heart ,,

Sedgwick Co., Kan., "going about on palpitation. When your heart troubles W. V. NEWSOM, t 4e
I -
crutches and suffering a deal of pain. you in that way take Heroine for President.A 1
I \\induced
to try Ballard's Snow ; a few days. You will be all right. 50c. Chicago man was choked to deathon .
Liniment, which relieved me.. I used Anti-Monopoly drug
store. a beefsteak.
m Don't
three 50% bottles. It is the greatest say whetherit !

liniment I ever used; have, was the meat itself or the price
recom Ocala Band
mended it to a number of persons of ",rcl. that killed him off.-Atlanta Journal. J
all express themselves A large gathering of the band will
as being bene-
fltted by it. I now walk without be held at Miss Sharp's kindergarten Kentucky distilleries are closing GADSON. '. .

crutches,'able to perform a great deal on Thursday, the 29th of December. down. It is now possible to under f
of light labor, on the farm." 25c 50c. be there.members and their friends must stand why Colonel Watterson found

fl.OO. Antl-Monopoly E. TATILUr, it razaar.
drug store m necessary to go to Europe.-Atlanta

Secretary. Journal. I Ix



V } .,.-' ". -> -" ':"" ,.
-' -!"" ''
Si"i:{ Vf i F1I


k .


i .
, =
i s ...--- .


The paper "Of the People, tor the People and by the People." '

16, UKH)
, .. 1>0 .ii H \ irE lR
" r, The pretties line of box paper and Rev. L. W. Moore, Rev. J. A. The Charlotte, N. C., Chronicle bewails -

: t perfumeries Tydings &in Company's.the city may be foundat x Hendry, Rev. ,and Mrs.J.P. Hilburn, the high price of eggs and fears

and Hon. Henry W. Long returned 1 that for the first time in
. t' Home Mrs. M I. H. Neuberger left Sundayfor home Tuesday from attending the 1 the price of eggnog will not be"within DAVID S. WOODRO

MadeHave Augusta, Ga./ where she will conference at Orlando. !I i the reach of all." The Louisville Room It P.fl. $loak.OcaU.BZAL .

spend the Christmas holidays with i j (Courier-Journal, with an eye to busi- ESTATE.: IOA3B. fcTISTCK: 'T3
relatives. l Mrs. Abe Brown, who has been ; Phosphate Lands a
ness, suggests the use of less egg and Specialty.
Ii away from home for the past six I have the following

your cake, muffins and tea biscuit Mrs. Lee Miller and Miss Christian months returned several days ago. (! more nog. Ocala and vicinity for sale properties: In
: Cook returned home Tuesday from a Mrs. Brown spent most of the time Now that travel has started Flor-

: I home-made. They will be fresher, short visit to Miss Myrtle Fennell at during her absence with relatives in |I idaward in earnest every citizen .; 1.avenue House, between and lot the on residence Ocklawtb of

cleaner Gainesville Chattanooga, Tenn. should take pride in making his home I Mr. Tydings and Mrs. Ho\nelatelr ;
; more tasty and wholesome. Master Henry Marsh went down to and business touse look as attractive j I I vacated by Dr. W. \'. Newaora
Mr. B. L. Hall, proprietor of the I
; Royal Baking Powder helps the house Jacksonville Sunday to spend the as possible. First impressions of a 2. Two story house and lot on
I Fair, on Monday received a telegram South
holidays with his grandparents, Dr., town are generally the most lasting Orange street, belonging to
t: wife from Folkston, Ga., announcing the I Mrs. Annie Martin and
to next doorto
produce home
and visitors
at quickly economically and Mrs. Hy Robinson. so give a good one of
residence of D.
serious illness of his brother, and S. Woodrow. 2

fine and tasty cake the raised Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Pettyway, of left for that place on the afternoonA. Ocala. 3. All of block 22, Ca1dw U'* addition .
Leroy, were among the Marion coun- C. L. train. Miss Nellie Hooper, who teaches to Ocala (one acre) being the
t hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer- ty guests ,at the Montezuma hotel the public school at Marietta, Fla., I property Immediately north of Mr.J. .
I Mr. and Mrs. Edward Holder, of arrived in Ocala Tuesday afternoonand R. Moorehead'a home. r;

cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and Monday.Pure, fresh drugs are, the only kinds Ocala, arrived today for a visit to Mr. i will be the guest of her sister,* 4. The Alfred Davis house and lot ;

f muffins with used in prescriptions filled by Tydings and :Mrs. Edward Sterling Spencer. Mrs. J. R. Moorehead until after the on South First street next door to
which the ready-made food : J. A. Pittman & Son' furniture
I & Company. Tell your yhysician to Mr. and Mrs. Holder have scores of holidays. Miss Hooper's school was store.

f found at the bake-shop or grocery does I I leave fillad.your prescriptions there to be friends here who are delighted to closed earlier than the others on account 5. Lewis Plater workshop on South

I x hear of their arrival.-Jacksonville. of small a pox fright. i i Second street. _
i not Miss Annie Carey returned to her Sun.
compare. 5. The
home Master Robert Hall, the little son Campobello Plantation 2 I.'

!f Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps. I visit to inTampa her sister Sunday, Mrs. after Albert a Proctor short Mr. and Mrs. C. A.Meeker, of New I I of Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Hall re- !, miles of 76 acres southeast cleared of town and fenced, consisting land

,, I in this city. York City, will spend the winter in ceived Tuesday a handsome little ;' and 165 acres of mixed oak, hickory _
Ocala and are stopping at the Monte- turnout with which he is very much and pine land of first
quality 6
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., NEW YORK. If your competitor thinks you are
I zuma. Mr. Meeker represents a delighted. It consists of a tiny Shet t room house, outhouses, etc. The
,.i I foolish for using as much advertising i iI large commission house in the metro- land pony and cart. It is the smallest property is right on the A. C. L.
as do it is railway and
space you a pretty good has a fine
deposit of
: USA ELISASETH BASS1S, local 1 I polis and is doing a big business in team that has ever been brought
..i Eiltcr: Mr.:N. W. Harison, owner of the sign that you are not. lime on it.
to Ocala and is causing considerable
Ocala and Machine Works, this section.
Dr. W. 7. The Rogers
C. Lindsay's sermon Sun place on the southwest -
HAPPENINGS ABOUT is is Ocala for the winter. Particularly among the edge of
TOWN. town,
day morning on "What is Religion, The new coat of paint being put on : L two consisting of a
story house
i. Mr. E. W. Col. Burnham was in Ocala Tues was one of the ablest and most elo the front porches of the Ocala House I land. and SO acres of
Kraybill is now collectIng Mr. Charles W. White, of New -
1 day en route to his winter home at I quent discourses ever delivered froman is giving it a handsome
for Mclrer and s. The
Mackay. Wade Hoard
York City as is his custom, attendeded property consisting ;
Lake Weir from Waco, Texas. Ocala pulpit.
More of our business houses might of small
Dr. Cam has returned to Center- --- -- the annual session of the Florida I house and lot due
"If Mrs. Chadwick is pronounced When you want a pleasant purga follow suit thereby adding greatly to I south of D. E. Mclver's residence.
villa after a short visit here with his Conference at Orlando last week as a
insane what shall. be said of those try Chamberlain's Stomach and the appearance of the city. I II 9. 2 1-2 acres of land on South
daughter, Miss Ettie Cam. Liver Tablets. They are easy to take lay delegate from Citra. Mr. Whit Tenth street adjoining
<" ;If Ohio bank presidents- and produce no nausea, griping or Rev. J. A. Howland, of Quincy, was in Ocala Tuesday and will spend J. M. Meffert, suitable forsubdlrI4 property of _
1 Capt. '\'. II. DeLong, of Candler, Mr. Herbert A. Ford, of Ocala, is other disagreeable effect. For sale into
:> died very suddenly Monday in Or several days in Ocala and Citra before ing lots, known as the Gambto

pent Tuesday in Ocala with his registered at the New Hotel Astor in i I by all t druggists.__ ____ m lando, where he was attending the returning to New York. Mr. Whiteis place.

;, daughter, Mrs. John Mathews. New York City. Dr. H. M. Taylor, Mr. J. T. Hoy, Methodist conference.. He was out accompanied by his mother, Mrs 10. 70x110 foot lot on Wniona street,

",. f, The fire Tuesday morning was I ,lr3. W. J. Haisley returned home I Mr. W. H. Baum, Mr. W.' S. Sweat driving with friends and complained Emma White and her companion next Blake.door to re dence of It. 0.

discovered to be at the Palmetto 1 :Monday afternoon from a visit to her and Mr. G. W. Hyde all of CrystalRiver of feeling badly. He jumped from Miss Erwin.

House, formerly the Allred Hotel. [ niece, Mrs.-J. C. Lynch, in Gaines were visitors to Ocala Tues the carriage and died before assistance Full line fresh candies for Xmas at LE1sK1ECJPias

-;:: The damage done was very slight. I \ ]le. I" day.In..r.rtiY. I could reach him. Whaley's. 129 2t ... .. XU,,.ra fltndft C skier l'

; .... .-...- ,.. .. .. ,
- -- ------ ---- -- -- -- --- -

{ ItB:9E: : B B B:9B: B B B EE maf{ tEf
. a. tQ

i Helvenston- litch-Pasteur. Company.

fJ m m
J -

rI, C1: Money Saving on the Threshold, of the Christmas SeasonUseful and Beautiful Goods t1N

r m.

f m Silks Special Low Prices I i Black and Colored Dress G:'ods. 00

!-, ttMnch Black Taffeta an exceptionally fine and hrll..1 i
Ul liant qualityithero with the maker's guarantee on selvage; theprice i Big Line! Good Values! and Newest Things Out! t

:- tlJ 2-inch Black$1/25 Pa NOW de 81.00.Soir Silk, worth 51.25 and $135;I i Oil All blOtIllItJdtOGl.Jin) { i Alma Cloths, Melange, plain and fancy Cicillians and 1

::1 NOW 81.00. I I Good values in Men's and Boys' Underwear. See our Tina i i Brilliantines, Broadcloths, Serges, Venetian Suitings, Mel-
: Also see our line of plain and fancy Silks for shirt waistsand !
shirt waist suits.Hosiery of Holiday Neckwear. |rose, Cheviots, Poplins, etc.
m ; ;
t : and U nder vear. mnnr"mrlllnrmmnr lInrI ''mII lIImmnmmrlll III1111iIG, Ladies' Skirts.*

Y Every desirable quality and style in ladies', .r 12 We have one lot of these goods in broken j

'' (JIJ men's and children's Hosiery, plain black and :: SHOES =32= sizes, 'in silk, broadcloth, cheviots, etc., black. m
=3 blue gray,from S3.00 to Sb.OO former 8.VM)
Rousing values in knit and all :: :: price
k': ri fancy effects. to Slt.t>O.f '
Our fall and
wool, fleecedandmigedUnderwear. == -- :
winter sock of these goods were selected with a Z: | Ladies' Muslin Underwear."rS .
f view of pleasing all classes of men, women and g RALSTON HEALTH SHOES FOR MEN One lot of these gooods composing gowns,
children. :=: .s 12 skirts, chemise, drawers, and corset covers all J'Ladies'
CJ ? El In all the new and popular leathers, up-to-date shapes, 3 neatly trimmed in embroidery or lace at antI
Neckwear. r=? -.. below cost. e
z etc. These shoes are built of the best material to be had, -H5
f. colors I and designs, Handkerchiefs.Holiday f
A large variety 0 :::: 1fcj
; fitted to inspire the admiration of the fair one :: the workmanshIp is perfection, they flit the feet and the :=::= sale of Handkerchiefs I at J lowest ,

Useful Christmas gifts they are. r patents are Guara.nteed. Also a strong line of ladies' high : prices. All new, desirable styles for men, ladies IiiLLadies

Children .i : :: and children, hemstitched and scolloped.
'l 71 I / grade and medium priced shoes Just receIved our line .-m broidered in a hundred different designs. Em711

and Misses'Jackets.; E of Children's and l\1isses' Shoes. Full line domestics, flannelettes, outings, etc.

Il'-l::i Examine our line of the goods and then say :: :: F..ull1ne! of Sheets, Pillow Cases, Table Linen

$ i'11 have seen in Ocala this season their equal. and Napkins.

": 9 5i: TREIN1S( J mT C CASES[ BAND! BAGS lIIjjUlIIIIIIUlululullnuIIIIUlUlljjUIUlljjUlljjUlIIIUIUIUl!! !! !! !!! !! !!! !! !!! !!!!! !! -!!h UNKHS AND C COMFORTABIES. 00}

.y-p 5i 5S i Remember Our Store is Full of Superior Merchandise at Extraordinarily Low Prices !f

S ___ __ ____________ J ___ __ -

V HelvenstonrBlitch-Pasteur Company. 1I.



; m9E9)39B9 )3 E9B B9EfEBm: EeEe:8Etia: : : Eett1E: { :IteeEtmJ: :


Y s luti v F -v "%- **

.. } r ac .tc= of 3- ih 'xV 3r:.Fv.' vyy.:$.\---.F!::!-'!t,, :r-.3"v a c'r..,: sd.x4r aL +.,: 1Fyv.7: .. Lr"4 7 -c. -Y y! ?'- w


.. -

'. -.. -'"," . __ ___ H,,._". '--__ .. .. __. .. _0' _..'...'.. .-__- __..-."- __. -_-_-_.-__-'I.-_-_ '-__-,' __ ..','- .. ..h'. >,--."' '_'_,N.,.--,'---'tc".:"'-----..-""L"r.. -. -- --.. '..-- -- -- .. '---.. ,-,-- -- r.:--',' '_ .. .... .,, ., ', ,-_-'_ -__-.'_.;-"__ ,,,.-_,_


,, "
...., \, : ,.._
'" ----, ..- ." ,-- ,'-,, --",.' \ .: "-.-- ,. --, ..' ." -- -- .-' "-. -".'-,-'-,":. -.'

\ J ,0

Are You Thinking 'of Your ". '. "


a. . 1 Xmas Purchases? I. /

If "so, you are probably thinking of putting them off


until: the middle of next week. We ask you, however,

'" "

to do your shopping as soon as :you call, for two reasons w-


: Everything will be hurry and bustle, and although -

". we have added to our force of clerks, you may

not be able to get the individual attention that you are

i accustomed to For these :
paving'. reasoIIsve ask you to



-"'--=- C> "" "-7 -", ", _
y .

I-jOOD5. CLOTtlIf'lQ. -

I : ;
[ \ .
r If you will step into our store we can easily:; demonstrate Ask: tfie wcll
: -dressed
man where
4 he got his C1 1IeM, [
, to you that we have ,the best goods for the money, ,J' .nine times o\t\ of ten he will tell you he bought Itai* at

k. and i one thing you can always be sure of is the right kind : 3Iasters./ V\ .,1

r of treatment. When you goVnto*t \ a store and ask for a ._... "UUI'ft". .1 ....I
You, doubt, have been timeaf \
thinking some a new and
clerk.hanife you something he "i .
says s jj ..
, dress.. Can you do any better than buy it of us, and now, as
' good," do you take irfr Most '
certainly not, and ..
we have reduced our prices:- -, yc so:
f .
Eo You will find everything ilecessary to make your dress the' store where you cap\ find what you W Bt. Thai .-..

,. ur waist. Heavy and medium weight dress goods. and a is pretty apt to be ours I and\ in it you wits mteverything dw.... ,.J. .

beautiful line of Silk Waist Patterns, with all the necessary in the Clothing, Line.F _

I trimmings to match. ; Don't buy cheap clothing, ; you will re gr.l it eIty .......... .

E r Jackets a re here in plenty and you need one.: Why you put the' suit 011. It may be true. tfeat jwi paf &_II.t..idL.

i not" look at ours? You may find one you want. more' for wHat. you'buy in our store' .but what jwr.'"' _a..

F\. Hosiery for young and old- Lisle Thread Shuwknit f overbalanced\ by the quality you' get, ftail. tivways ,.".-.,_L....... ,
J. "
the .
and Fleece Lined. cheapest.
We have Gloves in abundance all shade- and fuiee We expect t<*have a big trade during &be .
L- Also. I large and small mittens. we have.been getting ready for you 101"sow.J.....: W'IIM -r?==
have we done"ell, have it:
we been all
Our Neckwear is unexcelled in styles or price.- Hosiery t through opt ... :
-; in all the "latest styles, and at lowest prices.. "Arrow'", I ,. and marked downVi great' many good tilings.'EffEif' t r-

, brand Collars and Cuffs.: brandW clothing is tb r very .... ...:w......,..
: \Ve have the field" clothing is awl} made and .
, largest and most complete stock of Dry popular I prieetl dBI !
: Goods in Ocala, and we are sure bur prices are ION" when : Everything that isVecessary, to dress_ man. from iMftl .
you consider the quality you get. to foot in the latest stvlc" \can be had from us. .
, We have come to the bottom' of things- now, to we, willwait So those who conten -p\,late purchasing apythingclothing ._.. .. .

until' the next time to tell youmore. line, and want something GOOD and U-...6.,1\, ...... t
1 l" "" ,
call on us and we will give you satisfaction .
\ t

o' .., ,..

r \ : ...

\ ,. '" '. : ,.\ ".L' ') ", dS
,'.. ", ", \ -4.



... ." :!l
0 w B

1 k

.. 0 .. .-- b.
..' lI: .," -,' -....... -- ',. -- ,--,.. ", --. ---,--_ "."- '.' .--- -_- ..
.. _
< r ,''-,.-=._,_-_'.----"-'


+?'roY'Va:Re.r.sJJ.7Vyjggg :.iK Ci.it -** r n, -? .,;; a ;.,. "u LJ ;,'':S'sq, z,. s- _

f ..
r _rw :


: S


-.t, The board of--public----- Instruction In $5 SParr-Receipts,. balance 25.14.-,. $30.14: disbursed, I It Will fa.ill" Ocala t I _______ _.--- ---: -_ _. -:::-__-: --:::1 .' 1"1
tad for Marion county, Florida, met Candler-Receipts, $14.98; dIsbursed The New Orleans Daily States I', I

thll the Sth day of December, 1904, in 0, balance. li.9g.. quotes with approval the rule for the i I II
Fellow8 ,
TOltr MMlon. with G. S. Scott, chair- IP-ReceIPt8. $52.71; disbursed .- selection of postmasters laid down Ii I _
man. a IL DUtch and J. S. Grantham $50; balance $2.71.ectraReceipts by President Roosevelt in a Massa-

present. $30.14; disbursed.
Minutia of Jut ; balance, J30.U.BlitchtonRecelpts.. ....
meeting were read I intend to ::, .,
nominate him becausehe I -" -
approved. J2.82 .
; disbursed. I
A petition WM before the board 0: balance. U.8%. is a thoroughly fit man, who has I,I. :. 0
ask- been an excellent postmaster who is I
lag for Martel-Receipts .
an election! to create $124.66; disbursed
special no of good standing in his I'I
; balance. communityand I
ti school district at $114.66.Ft. I
Charter II
Oak. It his II I
retenticn in office will undoubtedly I
WM properly l King-Receipts. $4.62 '
signed disbursed.
by the required ; be :
$3.41 agreeable the bulkof
number of qualified ; balance $1,21.Capu1etReceipts. ',
voters and had the patrons of the office" i
4' l* n advertised for four $8.43; disbursed '
...u. consecutive $5; balance $3.43. The St.itei says: "This is an excellent : StoraMeats

The Pedro neighborhood had nadale-Recelpts.. $28.67; disbursed rule, one that will meet with I ge 4:11I
representatives ,
before the board protesting -' Cotton$5; balance $23.67. the hearty approval of the Southern I : :

against the Charter Oak school taking Plant-Receipts, $2.98; .disbursed people, and they sincerely hope he i
In ao much territory 0; balance $2.98. I .,I .
claiming that apply it when making his ap- '
tome of the Totals-ReCeip$980.88; disbursed I
properly belongedto pointments in this I '
$234.99; balance section of the
them. The board suggested that $745.89. ; '
W. country." If not, why not? "
they create one district for the two D. Cam Secretary. I i

thools. The patrons before the board C. urhlnr SUit c usl Death. No Case of Pneumonia on Record : of... .

screed and asked the board to defer "Harry Duckwell, aged 25 years We do not know of a single instance :
action on the Charter Oak choked to I
petition death early yesterday where a cough or cold rasulted in
until the first Monday In January, and morning at his home, in the presenceof pneumonia .consumption when Fo

they would see If a petition could be his wife and child. He contracteda ley's Honey and Tar had been taken.It I, We beg to announce that we are now ready to cure and store meat for the

rotten up to Include both schools. The slight cold a few days ago and paid cures coughs and colds perfectly, public. We have a modern, improved and up-to-date plant, with all the latest
same waa granted and but little
Charter aftention
Oak to it. do
Yesterday so not take chances with
petition was ordered laid over until the morning he was.seized with a fit of reparation which may some con-unknown ideas in equipment, and machinery, in charge of a thorough and experienced

first Monday In January 1905. coughing which lasted for some time. tain opiates which cause constipation enineer. Our Cold Storage Department will be superintended by

It was ordered that In closing school His wife sent for a physician but be- a condition that retards recov-
for Christmas that the board fore he could arrive another from "'
recommend cough- ery a cold. Ask for Foley's
that all' schools close on Friday ing spell same on and Duckwell died Honey and Tar and refuse any sub- flR. -ROBERT KAISER

December 16, and open on January 2.Vut from suffocation.-St. Louis Globe- stitute offered. Postoffice drug store.mThe .

"where for some special reasons. Democrat, Dec. 1, 1901." Ballard's who has had long experience in the business in Cincinnati and Atantannd fir
the patrons and trustees prefer teach- Horehound syrup would have saved Address of Major Iziar.

ing the week before Christmas, the him. 25c. 50c. and 1.00. AntiMonopoly The address Maj. L.. T. Izlar was to the past two seasons in Ocala. We can guarantee thatit is .

:*. school can close Friday. December 23. drug store. m have made before the Dickison chapter -

In view of the fact that the Southern -
Won a Pretty N.0 Prize of the united Daughters of the
Educational Assdtiation and the
Florida State Teachers' Association will Mr.:: William H. Spalding was the Confederacy Friday afternoon bya "No Guess Work

meet In Joint session in the city of'' lucky recipient Friday through the unanimous vote of the chapter was

Jacksonville from December 29 to 31, Tea Pot Grocery of a beautiful gold postponed until the evening of Dec.

Inclusive, and the board believing it watch from the H-O Food 20, when the same will be deliveredin .
will result In great good to all teachers Company, the i ;
of Buffalo N. Y. armory. i"
who attend the board recommends This pretty watch With US
Maj. Izlar i is a charming speakerand .
was awarded him
ands urges all teachers in the county for successfully and
who can possibly spare the means to correct)' solving seven"Kinderbeast"puzzels in the delivery of his welcoming i G

attend. address at the annual reunion of the
which are to be found in the
The secretary reported that the maps Confederate Veterans irilhis city last
packages of the various foOd products And we assure you that you will be treated with fairness and courtesy. We
of the world and the maps of the Unit- manufactured month won all hearts to him and it is
by above .
ed States had arrived and are now company.In guarantee satisfaction and solicit your patronage.
no exaggeration to say that a rich
ready to be delivered to the schools on north window of the Tea
treat is in store for our people on the
the terms that each school pay $1.50 Pot Grocery's retail store may be I

for the two maps. lie reported that a seen a'beautiful display of the goods j I evening of the 20th. at which time it .

number of the schools had paid the put up by this company, for which is hoped a large attendance will be OCALA ICE 8 PACKING CO. -

11.50 and gotten the maps. It was ordered present.
they are sole distributors for this 1 .
that the draw
secretary a warrant -
section:- In the center of the displayis Head About to Burst From Severe Meffert & Taylor
on each special district that has Bilious Attack. I:

not already paid for the $1.50 in favor the certificate of award to :Mr. "I had a severe bilious attack and FloridaWe
of the superintendent, and the same to Spaldi gig, surrounded by packages of felt like my head was about to burst I PHONE w. ,

be turned over to the treasurer to be H-O Process Hominy, H-O Breakfast when I got hold of a free sample of I I would be glad to have the public call and inspect our plant when in our city.
placed' to the common school fund and Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver
Wheat H-O Pancake Flour, H-O l
that all the schools be required to pay Tablets. I took a dose of them'after Iit .
----- -------- -- -
Whole Wheat, H-O Oatmeal H-O I e
--- -- -
the $1.W when they get the maps. supper and the next day I ftlt like a

The treasurer's report was examined Selfraising Buckwheat flour, Vigor, new man, and have been feeling happy -

and approved as follows: etc., all products of this company. ever since" says Mr. J. W. Smith

"}llalnce from last report..... .$ 12 72 There is a set of seven of these puz- of Julifi, Texas. For biliousness, 111g
stomach troubles and
Heed from Comptroller one zels in the packages, of the above constipationthese

mill apportionment... .. 3637 60 named food products and an tablets have no equal. Price
oppor- 25c. For sale by all druggists m
n"from Comptroller tax
tunity is opened for other Ocala STRAUSS & CO.
Bales . ... ... .. ... "769
young people to secure valuable Notice.
L. 'taxesof
Heed from E. Carney

19G3.. ... ... ... ... 223.70 prizes. for correctly solving them and The Board of Medical Examinersfor -U; t =

Re d from E. I* Carney polls sending in the result to. the Buffalo the fifth judicial circuit of Flor- c Wholesale and Retail

1')=. .. ... ... ... .. ... 91 00 office. ida will meet in the city of Ocala at WO a

Total. .. .. ...... .. .... ...$4102 71 Of Interest to Mothers. the office of Dr. S. H. Blinch, on Dec. ad LI
Disbursed during November.$4095 71 .. QUOR DEALERS eeUI
14th 1904 for the
of examin
Balance In treasury.... ...$ 7 00 Thousands of little ones die every purpose i-
of Most of them could ing applicants for certificates to prac- FLORIDA
Mr. J, S. Jennings and Miss Flora year croup. a OCALA .
before the board have been saved by a few doses of tice medicine in the state of Florida.S. I

Jennings and stated appeared that the trustees had asked Foley's Honey and Tar, and every H. RUTCII, Pres, .; Offer for and after the Chr&ttM Holiday

family with children should keep it Ocala, Fla.
teachingat ,
iliac Jennings to discontinue
the best selected stock ofBeer's
the end of one month at the Fairfield :- in the house. It contains no opiatesand H. M. TAYLOR, M. D. Sec., ..0..

school but as the patrons desired is safe and sure.r.?. George 11-15-5t Crystal River Fla. ..:
II. Pickett, San Francisco Cal.,
to do """ -
had refused "- -
her to continue she ---- -- {J -
for i writes: "My baby had a dangerous !_ ,
10 and asked the board to pay her 00 m'*
I attack of croup and we thought she fAEAT
the full time. Q') In t: oS:
would choke to death, but one dose '
A communication came from the trus I, .- Wines
of Foley's Honey and Tar relieved N ''i a I
tees stating that according to instructions COLD<< STOKU.'K (J ,
her at once after other remedies had r
had 4ft
board they
from the county ;
failed. We are never a minute with- We desire tD announce that the
acted on what they believed to be what for out it in the house." Postoffice drug cold storage department for the cur- J x Liquors
of the school and
the bent Interest a s ,
.p store. m ing of meat for Owners is now ...
they believed to be the will of the ma- ----
of the school, and A Porter Who>> Was on to His Job. open. (\S
of the patrons the Mig
jority We are the Cold Storage Pioneers w m A Z at cheapest pricM pMfMrtt*
QI the school had ryn down below the I William Jenning Bryan, while ol Florida, have given the !
teachers and I I ,,w Pure and tin 4uhoaW ill Ail
the t: iApor
average required making his recentstumping' tour curing of meats the closest study for F

as Miss Jennings had been employed she was found he would be compelled to wait years, and our uniform past successis r:1 rfFlO 0 times
with that understanding the best evidence of our .J
i below half an hour or more for his train. '" A o
to atop If the school s They run ability to serve y.u. When, therefore () J: Our Warehouse i hi the bra equipped
asked her Taking a seat in the waiting room he t-
the required average. we announce Iteady* we want g 5 OtD, I
to stop teaching at the end of one drew forth a cigar and lighted it. you to appreciate that it means superior o cj in the State of Florida and our

month but she refused to do so, and Just then> porter entered and,pointing equipment, including duplicate CQ
they recommend that the board pay her machinery in case of accident and >.
to a sign: QG t
for only one month.; As the board had skilful assistants to do this work in Strauss Royal Reserve Rye
"I pardon sir but
at beg your
the trustees
matter to
referred the the best possible manner. In this

- the Ust meeting and agreed to act on see that smoaking'is not allowed in connectson we cannot too stronglyurge .- ,Si Is the Best Dollar Quart on Earth.
their recommendation Miss this room. upon our friends to take their

ordered paid for one month. "Well," replied Mr. Bryan, "I sup- Meat where they Know it will

Treasurer's report for the special pose that rule is not always en- have proper attention. It is no Remember Strauss Pays the Freight on
dlatricts'was approved as follows: Gnus" Work for you to let Vs ,
Ocala-Recelpts, $47.61; disbursed forced? serve you again. To those storing

nO; balance $27.61.MclntoshReceipts. "Oh, no, sir; neither is the one meat for the first time, we would refer 4 full Quarts for $3,50,
$56.73: ; disbursed alongside of it," said the' man, witha to our friends-Your Neighbors

$40; balance $16.73.BellevlewRecelpts : grin. -who are so well satisfied with \ Try it and'be convinced.
$154.46; disbursed service.
our past faithful
I The orator glanced at it and read:
$30 balance $124.01. I The same price will prevail as here-
V Fantvllle-Recelpts 90.36. ; disbursed "Employes of this railway are not tofore, viz: one cent per month or Everything in the Liquor Line and as we are Wholesale as well as Retail DtiktS, ware *

0; balance, $90.36.DunnellonReceipts. permitted to accept tips." part of a month.Responsibility.
y $15.43; disbursed Mr. Bryan finished his cigar undisturbed. against loss or dam the Only People in the County who can sell yeu from a drink to a barrel at a6>e

$15; balance 43c.ReddlckReceipts .-Evening Wisconsin. age by fire will be assumed in the
$15.32; disburs- value of six cents per pound, and time and one delivery from Ocala t :i

ed. $10; balance, $5.32. Doctors Could Not Help Her for this we will made a charge of 10 Specialties we have none as we make a specialty pf everything w* Jmt 4fe
Pine Level-Recfelpts.. $19.81; disbursed "I had kidney trouble for years." cents per one hundred pounds or ,

$5; balance $14.81. writes Mrs. Raymond Connor, of fraction thereof. and give each item special attention.

UayviHe-Receipts, U8.7: disbursed Shelton, Wash., "and the doctors FLORIDA PACKING AND ICE Co., '

0; balance. $48.17. could not help me I tried Foley's per SIMON BENJAMIN> Respectfully Submitted

Welrsdale-Receipts, $107.47; dis- Kidney Cure and the very first dose I HElUL'NW BENJAMIN, Sec. & Treas.

iz bursed. $5; balance, $102.47. gave me relief and I am now cured.I Manager.

,j, Cltra-Receipts. $45.83; disbursed. cannot say too much for Foley's STRAUSS CO.

f tk $25; balance $20.83. Kidney Cure," It makes the diseased Shippers by freight or express will

-_ ,Griner Farm-Receipts, $70.55; disbursed kidneys sound so they will eliminatethe please mark their name plainly on

0; balance $70.55. poisons from the blood. Unless paskage and address >

Buck Pond-Receipts, $6.97; disbursed i they do this good health is impossi- P. S. All orders filled same day as received.
store. m (
Postoffice drug
ble. L _i__
'C.ts; balance. 84c I -_- -_ .-.--w'a




-__ ::;;., ... >'>>..".'.",.:_ .,. '.J. ._.. ,_ _,. ;,,)
.tpJy. i. _: -- -.......{=- "-' '_' -:_ *- ,:?

ig 5SSa 5aB wwai JSBg WWji

1 -

- -- -
-- _...__.. -


I Judge Swayna Guilty-Senator Smoot, I .

S REMAIN IN PRISONGives Washington of Utah,,Dec.Again 13.on-Eight Trial.: Repub. CENTER OF ATTACK Pay You !

( ;"
For ;
lican members of the house judiciary 1905 A/

committee Representatives Parker.I

Up Hope Of Freedom Until (N. J.), Jenkins (Wla.). Alexander :1 Russian Fleet Destroyed By the You have any Real Estate I
(N. Y.), Llttlefleld (Me.), Thomas I IF to sell, The proorty oelongin& to th eo;sc of Abram Martin, ,!ltnat* She Has Hearing.IS Md. I in the eastern'portion of cur: rla .1m<..ck oompi..llng a P***"*
Iowa Calif.
( ), Gillette ( ), Pearre ( ) Japanese Army.
I OR tion of about 500 acret undo fence a n' w wire fence), about
and Warner ((111.) today submitted to I 350 acres cf which at;) in tine stat o. c Jt\ation I* fer rent
MORE RESIGNED TO HER FATE the house their views of the case ot You're thinking of coming I next V63JT.
Judge Swayne of the northern district I'I'I i I IF to Florida for a home, Thes flan Is axe regarded as of the best quality and are well adapted

The Testimony of Andrew Carnegie Is I No Further Necessity for Bombardingthe
While disagreeing in some places OR t"
Not Regarded as RelevantGrandJury
with the views submitted for the full Czar's Ships the Japs Beginto ,

at Cleveland Is Now Hearings committee( last week by Representative Rain Shot and Shell Upon Forts You desire to invest in any

Evidence Against the Woman. I :Palmer (Pa.), they say that the question that the Enemy Still Holds. IF kind of Florida property, DAVID SOODROWeAt'FU

of charging $10 a day for expenses -
New York, Dec. 13.-Early this morning has been brought out for the ,, Toklo Dec. 12.-4 p. m.-The com TO SEE -
ball had not been secured for the \first time in the additional testimony ---
wander of the Japanese land battery
release of Mrs. Cassie L. Chadwtek ,taken since last session and laid be- I I reporting today, says: OR WRITE CLEARING OUT SALE

from the Tombs prison nor had she for ethe committee. With respect to ., "Four Russian battleships, two cruisers

given notice of any intention to wale' \the record on that point they are ol I I I one gunboat and one torpedo boat j. 1. LIIINGSTON&SONS H H I
Of all Winter Iil1i&ler
the examination in this city and go to.i the opinion that an impeachable offense destroyer lying In Port Arthur are ? j

Cleveland for a hearing. I ; has been made out. This makes completely disabled. There Is no fur. AT COST1
Apparently reconciled temporarily to OCALA FLORIDA.
P the committee practically unanimousfor ther necessity for bombarding the Rus-

prison restraints and fare, and satis- I' the impeachment although they differ sian naval force. :I Mrs. Tompkins will sell all kinds Winter Millinery a* bar
fled that should she to provide
' the ball now required attempt the amount on the ground. "We are now engaged In shelling the II I II gains from Dec. 1. to January 1, 190:>. Bargains in price in. due .
Hearings of the protests against Mr. town of Port Arthur which is being I goods. Closing out Sale. Thirty days bargains. All winterF
would be Immediately so increased as I
Rede Smoot from "
the junior senator
heavily damaged. stock sold in that time, or less if possible.Mrs .
to become prohibitive. It
Utah, retaining his seat In the Unite OrangeTrees. i F

was believed today that Mrs. Chadwick States senate were resumed today on
Washington, Dec. 13.-The Japanese
I had consented to act upon the adviceof the committee on privileges and elec legation has received the following cablegram L T Tompkins.Opposite ,
her counsel and await an examination
tions. The room was crowded, women from Tokio:
in New York next Saturday. .
predominating among the spectators "The Port Arthur army reports that Pittman's Furaiture Store.
1! Mrs Chadwick to have entirely -
appears the last session.
as was case its bombardment has inflicted consider.
recovered from the attacks --- -- -- -
t. severe Senator Smoot arrived
early today.
able damage upon Golden Hill, and
of nervousness which attended After the reading of the journalthe also set arsenal on fire. I i- YOU
her first few hours in the Tombs and house today went into committee Do Need tiny FURNITUREW'e

apprehension of a collapse are no longer of the whole for the consideration of Japanese Repulsed at Mukden. A fine supply of Orange and

entertained by the prison physi the pension bllla with Mr. Currier, ol Mukden, Dec. 13.-on Friday nigh Grapefruit Trees on Sour Orange I have a large"stock, and will sell you cheaper for easfej' toast .

clan.Now '' New Hampshire, in the chair. the Japanese several times attackedthe and Rough Lemon stocksin you can buy anywhere else in the state. Try us and lee.
that there is a prospect of a
The senate today passed a joint res.
trenches of the Russian right but condition for 1
hearing In this city speculation as to prime planting Goods sold on the installment plan, part cash aOO&al&.w ta 5I
olution granting temporary occupancy in each case they were repulsed. small dayments to suit your convenience.Kcsey .
where and how Mr. Carnegie will be
of a part of a government reservationin now.Writs
called to testify will be explained by Washington, D. C., for the American Russian Ships Enroute East. for our 1905 catalogue I I Criers Secsire Prrpt At'e.".ti"?...

the remarkable disclosures made by railway appliance exhibition. Capetown, Cape Colony Dec. 13.- which gives descriptions and IfT : Ca:1't:==::l, Write ta to fr 171es.
the treasurer, Irl Reynolds, of the prices on Oranges and Grape
The Russian hospital ship Orel arrived We always have!a lotof bargains that it will Uk
Wade Park bank of Cleveland. The Mail Clerk Trial.Charleston Fruit, also on other Fruit pay you to a
Negro on
here today to take on supplies. Two advantage of.
charge against Mrs. Chadwick was that Dec. 13.-Aaron P. Prio- Trees Shade Trees, Roses and
large Russian warships passed Cape
she signed a check for $12,500 when lean, a negro who recently ran for Point this morning. Ornamental.Shrubs. Ocala Furniture
she had no fund? in the Oberlin ban}$ II congress and whose contest for Con. Company.
and then procured their certification
gressman Legare's seat is still pending Suda Bay Island of Crete Dec. 13.-
of the check by the two bank officials
I from the last is on trial
congress Dnlepei
The Russian cruisers Oley and
under arrest in Oberlin. The author. in the United States district
court, on boat Grose- WART
and the torpedo destroyer WE
Itles in attempting to put Mr. Carnegie the charge of tampering with the ny arrived here during the night. i
on the stand may argue however 1
nulls. The defendant is conducting I
that the bank officials certified the
his own with the assistance oi
check because in various "Carnegie" two negro lawyers. The governmentseems II

cotes about which they had heard so to have a strong case against Unrest Reported Among the Po GLEN SAINT MARY NURSERiES HAVE OUR BOOKS
much and of which they had
negro congressional aspirant. in Cazr's G. L. TABER PROP. 1- .
ten. Therefore it will be claimed, pie Empire.St. 1r r"FL02IDA VS3STABLES": complete manual on Florida erer*.
Mr Carnegie's testimony is not rele- Petersburg, Dec. 13.-Captain Glen Saint Mary, Fla. "FLCEIDA OBAN32S"-Book of special interest to Orange Grower
Tint A subpoena for for Andrew Clado, who was arrested Dec. 9, for Box 31. 'I "FLORIDA STSAWBE2SISS"-B" : on "Soil, Varieties, CulI$ aNas. a4
criticising the high admiral. Grand Fertilization. _
Carnegie to testify in the Chadwick Loyal Derringer, the 10-year-old( son Duke Alexis and the admiralty, demands .i "1 ISII OTATOES"-Booklet on "Soil, Seed, Planting! and CuUtatfcg, $ f*et
case was received by the authorities of Mr. and Mrs. Derringer of Ann Har. of Fertilizers, Digging and Shipping"
trial declarIng
In this city today. It was issued in bor is dead of lockjaw following vac a by courtmartial "PINEAPPLE FESTILI2Iif3"-Of special interest to pineapple' growers.
Ohio. cination. that his arrest on the ground of Study at t HomeCh'Iiaereurspuetima "II+EAL: FESTILIZE2S"-Book showing all our different awti?***.
distorted facts is a stain on his honor. prices, etc.NEW .
Grand Jury Working on Case. Harry Pearson was accidentally shot Lieutenant Dalivrion who participated more. With the Tablet Home Study Learn Lessons more you, and need youearn notl&ite I'! AND REVISED EDITIONS OF ABOVE JUST

Cleveland Dec 13.-The grand jury and killed by Dr. A. W. Robbins at in Captain Cia do's paper campaign home.Geometry.or employment Grammar.to learn Rhetoric Bookkeeping Litemure.Aitbmetic.Algebra. History.Pnyics. ., PUBLISHED, SENT FREE FOR TUB ASKING.
Durango while at target practice in .Lst.n.rtc. T-hen aided to pass exammrtiaas.8 rrsIar.esSe i
of Cuyahoga county commenced todayan against the admiralty officials is under Clrwlan+ 4j: ess.l-.. 1I'-'l'waLka.fla
investigation into the affairs of Mrs. a shooting gallery. arrest.A .
Wilson & Toomer
Cattle L. Chadwick. Although it is Thomas J. Yates, aged 64 years, ol group of workmen on the town ) Fertilizer Co

the desire of the prosecuting attorneyto Nashville Tenn., died suddenly! Sunday hall of Ekatepinoslav, today duringa fOIJM: fjJ mM\DTAR I I

secure an indictment for forgery, in church while the choir was sing. session of the municipal council and I u.... .?... & ecpaoni Jacksonville, Florida. fbraa4
he has arranged his evidence in such tug '"Nearer Sly God to Thee." .
attempted to address the councillorson -. -- --- __
-- 1-
a manner as to cover pretty much all John Ryder of Cleveland 0., fell : the present condition of the country -

manner of irregularities In financial rrom the third floor of the H. P. and the aims of the working -

dealing and If a vote against Mrs. Nail Works throu 'i the elevator shaftto classes. Much excitement followed VWVWVWWVIVY _

Chadwick should be refused in any one the basement i&l was killed. and the president adjourned the meeting
particular he is confident of holding I but the J _
spokesman of the
For the second time In three weeks, group
ter on ...om thing else. His main- dependence according to Mrs. Alice Gregory ol continued his words being cheered by }
however is the evidence HOLIDAY SEASON IS
Colorado Springs Colo., an effort to his comrades. A number of arrests APPROACHING '
pointing to forgery. Among the witnesses were made.
her death
cause by burning has been
present this morning at the
Incendiary proclamations
made. were distributed
of the session of the
opening grand
yesterday to tae congregations l
jury were C. K. Whitney of Oberlln James Anderson of Waukegan,. Ill, leaving the churches In Rica. The culprits And everybody is looking around for suitable presents for friends and relatives. .
and Receiver Lyons of the Citizen'sbank lost his life from exposure after hawing were arrested. No disturbances

of Oberlin. saved the lives of four Chicago occurred. Right here let us offer a suggestion, viz: While you are buying
hunters whose boat capsized on FOJ

MARKET STILL UNSETTLED. lake.While "Academic Freedom" Author Cheered. buy something that will be serviceable to the recipient ; such a gift

The Prices of Stock Continue Their seated at the dinner table th I Moscow Dec. .The students assembled I
Downward Stride. 4-year.t H daughter of William Wood today In front of the residence will nine times out of ten be more appreciated than some almost

New York, Dec. 13.-There was another living near this city, fell from its high I of Professor Timirianzeff and cheered I
opening smash In prices of chair and broke its neck, death be.1ninstarilaneous. him for an article "Academic Free useless article, however pretty. Let us suggest a few :

stocks today, the trouble again centering |dom" recently published by he professor. -

ui Amalgamated Copper. A dispatch from Valparaiso contain 'I The latter, who is an invalid } -

The market fluctuated: unevenly after an application to subsidize any Chilean came to his window and bowed his ac

th* opening' and then went lower. navigation company running steamers knowledgments. The students then .

The London prices for Americans before between Punta Arenas and Mexican marched in procession through the LADIES' Men's Hats Gloves

the opening here were generally ports along the Pacific coast. { principal streets singing "The Marseil ,

higher and gave no hint of the storm Sparrows carrying matches to build laise.! The police did not Interfere I

hanging over the market. their nests are supposed to have The prefect of police has forbidden I SILK UMBRELLAS Shirts Underwearand

The opening break created considerable caused a fire which destroyed the large I I\, the police to forcibly expel Jew merchants ,

uneasiness though nothing like horse barn of Fulkerson Bros. at Jer-1' who are not entitled to come to
twit Thursday's demoralization fol. Mo. 1 j I Moscow and instead Sterling Silver Handles,
seyville, entailing a loss of J6o60t to report such
)lowed. Nevertheless, the feeling was Southern Wisconsin and along the cases to him.SENDS Hosiery.

ODe of vague alarm. Traders seemed lake shore as.far north as Green Bay, $5.00 TO $10.00Ladies'
of the opinion that last week's I
is covered with about 8 Inches ol I ASHES TO FIRST LOVE.
had not yet exhausted Itself and I
snow, the heaviest fall of the season j.
It was clear that a great number oi I
At Duluth a tempertaure of 8 below German Merchant Who Dies In Amerl
the accounts were being closed. London .
zero is reported.Ben j ca Mado Strange
.M reported to have sold 40.000 Request. Dress Suit
Jones New York, D Cases
Graham president of the I !c According to
Including a great deal of steel ,
tommon and preferred. Wire houses Mechanics' National bank of St. Louis, :. the provision of his will the ashes ol Felt Slippers
and of the directors" Fritz Harlcbei, welJ.t .
aUo sold and representatives of one of the Union a -do merchant .

prompt local brokerage firms were Trust company, is dead at his home I of Haledon N. J., will be sent to his With Fur Trimming In Solid Leather and Genuine AltrHide

openly btarfca. The brokers operatIng here from the effects of an operation I bereaved sweetheart in Germany.He .

for Itoiton were said to have sold He was 64 years of age. I left Germany under orders yean ; Big Assortment at

copper and other stocks extensively. A search for his family that had continued i ago because of Socialistic expressionsand .<*
for nearly half a century was i pledged hU troth to a young woman Big Assortment

Still Sing "Old Hundred. rewarded when Abraham Ritchie ofWakefield but after a time in America he Of. $4.00 TO $15 0

Chicago Dec 13.-The statement Massfl, returned to a married an heiress and reared a fam Ladies' & Children'sHOSIERY. O.
that the doxology had been'displaced Thanksgiving dinner with his parents I ily. Memory of the object of his first :

at the University of Chicago and thai who had not seen their son in 4E.. love in Germany always remained : i
Instead of "Old Hundred" "Alma Ma years. fresh in his mind and through his life : -

ter" bt sung at the close of the junior On the eve of her eighteenth birthday he corresponded with her. When

college chapel service was a mistake. Miss Elise Westendorff, of Savannah his will was read he had left his estate I SOLID

The doxology never was sung at the Ga., the pretty daughter of to his son on condition that his body Handsome LEATHER

dost of the service, but at the beginning Mrs. Clara Westendorff, was asphyxiated be cremated and the ashes sent backto

where It continues to be sung. at the home of her motner. She the woman. This has been arrangedand ; Large and SmallTRUNKS

The "Alma Mater" which has been had retired to take a nap and had left the ashes will be shipped by mail HAND BAGS

scng for concluding hymn has been the gas turned on. S

UNit the characteristics of a hymn Although wounded by two bullets, London Dec. 13.-Spencer Charring

dlpilty and elevation of sentiment. ButIt one of which had lodged In a vital ton, the oldest member of the house of -

does not displace the doxology or 1m. place, a white bulldog fought Lieutenant commons Is dead. He represented The thing for Son or Daughter- off at school- In all }

pair the religious tone of the exer-. Crane and two policemen at the the Tower Hamlets in the Conservative ; S sizes Desirable eltspes

else, front of the Hegewisch police stationin interests for nearly 50 years. This
Chicago for nearly half an hour almost
Boat Caught In Ice Gauge. ninegarian (he was born in
t&ir ,Jt w.as knocked Insensible.A 1818),
Delilah, 0. Dec. 13.The ferryboat Building erected in Sfc himself at the
Petersburg close of the last
Amelia A* while erasing ,to Renwood by American session by sitting
with 40 passengers, was crushed by an the handsomest sewing steel machine structure company in through thought the two all-night debates when he W. J. CHAMBERS SHOE

the led closing Ohio and river.sank The in the middle i Russia 11 stories high and built ot threatened, a government's feat of endurance position which was COMPANY. )

passengers garnlte was opened today. It is the his colleagues
crawled put on the ice and were nearly first building in the recognized by present-
empire where the ins him with Opera House Block I
a Ocala
commemorative eilve Florida.
dead from exposure when rescued. T American construction system ha. cup.
boat U total loss. been used. ,

---. a ...,,,, ..., ? ._ .- **********i

{ .... aE

.. : ,' -, ,,..,
;E ..." 2"+! (:"' t' ;;;..il' "_' >:;.":,;

,. .
= iAti.r Y -.."'V,.......:.:..r..:""-'=:,'"'""-';"'""',K':::<-.L"-; 4_2 .:.:<'_- ,.",..,....A."""_:- Y




a .._. _.. _

-- -.-. .- '
Y. - -
By Presence A SVICIVE.Authorities I I
of Mind She Stop Trail Ma's Advantage.

.: and Averts Terrible Calamity. TOsht I wuz an ignerent body like ma; Deposits We extend to Customers all

: Owtn nille. Ky.. Dee. i3.-By the of a Long Inland Bh'B never a-scalrt o' the dark; Received.
accommodations consistent with
: presence of She don't know a lion ia under the bed
h mind pretty Miss Lena Al i Village Are fiat Certain I And ogres are standln' Jest-hark! J
of Ewlngton, 10 miles west of Which to Call It. Jest there in the shadder and bogies may safe banking. t

4 OoTernor Blanchard here the passengers on the fast C. come
Welcome 0. ', And ghosts rti right out o' the grave! Loans Made.Interest .
express from New York to Louis. The authorities here have a strange Gee whiz when you don't know whaf
The Delegates. Mlle owe to her their settln' around
I and puzzling case to clear up In the
Mias Iff easy enough to be brave
I Allen
near the railway death of John W. Heath who was killed -New Torfx Press.
WANY PLANS TO KILL THE MtTInUfMt and,yesterday knowing that the by a load of shot from his own gun Paid ,
I express was about due she glanced toWard in All Souls' summer borne near Sea Not N.e..alT.

Math It Being the high trestle that span a gul Cliff, says a correspondent writing Mother understand Mr. Haggard on OCALA, FLORIDA.

Manlfeeted ly. To her horror the trestle was on from Glen Cove N. Y. Superficial is to call upon you again this evening? Time

v i t Every ttoivOowlnfl State |I. Rep- ere and great volumes of smoke, were dications point to suicide but there Ethel-Of course mamma. We're en-

riMflttd-Cotton, deed oil MMAM An rolling upward. are enough unexplained details that ga'ged. Deposit.
covering, Justify the suspicion of murder. Mother-What! Didn't I tell you not

Attending Convention. i64irev without waiting to wrap t cloak about I Mrs. Van Slyke, who was the only to give that young man any encourage- IL ROBINSON PEEL

.port. L. Doc. U.-Tb her body ran. Unable to extinguishthe I person in tbe summer home on the ment at all?" ,

tfcatl Boll Wawil tae Cotton N. flames, she rushed down the track night of Heath's death; was expectedto Ethel-Yes, mamma, but he didn't Safety De- S H. BLITCH, A. II. MARSH,

tin wu anal! u order it Sclock off in the direction of the oncoming train. tell some things' before the acting need Press.any encouragement PhIladelphia posit Boxes MANAGER. AMI. MANAGER

tti The train rolled around bend coroner that would help clear the mys-
tfternooa bj Judge< John C. the ,
tuth tery but in this the authorities
and Miss Allen For Rent
W cUirm&a stood in the center ol
of the -
/xcutlT. oomali: disappointed. She graphically described Point Him Out. COMB IX AND TALK: IT OVER WITH TS,
' hDelegate.. continue to amYl track and waved the red cloth. The It Is easy enough to be pleasant
a night of terror in the house after
IMP engineer saw It and Immediately the When the other man's boy's knocked .
&zatani tad ever 300 art affix she heard the shot and told of her escape silly .
heed wltt Ut aecrttAry of the jwffmei great train slackened speed, coming to from the building on Thursday But the man worth whileIs -
?. UKO a standstill a short distance from the man who can smile -
local orjtali morning to Inform the,authorities. Her
the trestle. With the aid of When they chew up his little Willie.
tAla which ku ti. passen and McMilan Bros
conTtatioa hGoTtrnor story was straightforward, it was -Chicago RecordHerald.Point .
Auc" Vtrdamta, of )U.- gers the fire was soon extinguished evident she had nothing to conceal

Wllpyl wu expected to arrife that and the damage repaired. Mrs. Heath said her husband had of View.

Elorofag, but a telegram to Judge Pug The passengers looked for Mill Allen been drinking heavily and as he frequently She-I think every woman Is entitled Southern Copper Works

from the governor stated he would not but she had gone to her home as took his meals at the home to be considered man's equaL

b. bert until tomorrow. soon as the train stopped. A delegation rather than walk to the cottage she He (her admirer)-Well, if she Is
Many -
people Identified with.the cotton prominent of passengers followed and ex. did not worry about his absence. willing .to bring herself down to his Manufacturers of Turpentine Stills

pressed their thanks with an assuranceof Mrs. Van Slyke is the wife of James level I don't see why she shouldn'tbe

growing There are Interest also many are present representativesof further reward. Miss Allen said as Van Slyke, leader of the Glen Cove or- allowed to pose as his equal.-Cleveland -. and General Metal Workers.Old .

she only ,did her duty she refused to chestra. She Is pretty and about twen- Plain Dealer.
cotton oil Industry
persenLrrot consider herself a heroine in any way. ty-five years old. She said she met

Council the editor of the The fire was caused by the grass Heath while fishing with her husband His narT.". Stills taken in exchange for new
ones. Patching
Farm and Ranch .
Dallas, who Is "Hurrah! cried a Jubilant plumber."We've
several weeks He her she
asked If
and leaves from ago.
recognised as an authority the boll igniting a passing bidden farewell to the sumber; through the country a specialty Orders by mail &r
freight train, and because of the severe wished to do some work in the summer A pipe I shall mend. wire will receive prompt attention at either of the
weevil 1. said
today: home. She replied she would be And then I shall sendA
drought disastrous fire was gladof
a works .
4 "S bare beard some talk that To* narrow averted. an opportunity'to increase the family bill that is truly a humber." following

as Is aol taking any Interest in this income at some light employment. -Pu k.

convention. I desire to say Texas U BALKED AT USURIOUS INTERESTMan She went to11 Souls' home "on Incomplete. FAYETTtYILLE, N. C. SAVANNAH, OAt
taking a great Interest In the Wednesday morning to dust and clean
proceed. Recent Inestor-WeIl, If we did pay
lags, and I am confident the state will Centon the larger rooms, and because of the too much for the property we have a JACKS. MLLE, FLA MOBILE, ALA
Claimed He Paid 1,820
tare the best orgalzed delegation in Borrowed Money. Inclement weather she accepted lot to be thankful for.

itUndance. We want to kill the wee. Ga. trial Heath's proposition to remain in the Mrs. Recent Inestores, a lot but J
Augusta, Dec. 13.-In the
til and we come here with the avowed house over night She retired she said, they ain't any house on Baltimore
of the case of John London vs. the
of lending assistance about 8 p. m. and slept soundly until American.
every .
Washington Loan Co., it being the enforcement
eastward.... can to" atop the flight of the pest of a levy on the foreclosureof about she was 1:30 roused a. m. on by Thursday.Heath walking Then Bold Fellow; H. R. HUN PER : :

a mortgage on household effects, noisily up and down the hall. Opening I "You dare!" she cried. An angry glow ,
Delegate have many pans for the before Magistrate J. W. Burch, the Across her features flamed.
her door, she asked him what the trouble I
Successor G.
A. Hunter
eradication of the Insect Dr. S. A. He dared and then she whispered low, to
made '
sensational charge was against 'There
was and received the reply, ; "You ought to be ashamed."
Ktspp, In charge of the governmentwork the company defendant that they hadrequired are White Caps about and I am afraid Philadelphia Press.

la the boll weevil districts laTesaa c the plaintiff to pay 1,820 per of them." Gun and Locksmith,

and Louisiana Is reported as cent on a loan and a cross-bill was Trembling Mrs. Van Slyke closed Her Turn X st.

ayi&g that the question has been pracUcaMy filed by the plaintiff asking judgment. her room door, and almost instantly Aunt Florence-You don't seem to be Repairing a Specialty.
solved and that cultural methods 'the sorry that your sister has been married
for $4.C6, usurious overcharges.The there was a commotion in hifll. Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed.
are the only hope of the planters. evidence showed that London Shuffling feet indicated to her terrified and left you.

He advocates burning every stalk of borrowed $3 from the company and senses that a struggle was going on, Ethel (aged fifteen NQ; It makes me Opposite City Hall. heals, Florida

cotton while It is yet green. This gave as security a mortgage on his but not a voice was heard, although eligible now.-Philadelphia Ledger. I

ke cUlms. will exterminate the hiber household goods. The plaintiff produced deep breathing was audible. Crouching Turn, Turn!
R altos of the weevils. He It IS In a corner of the room, expectingto "
says receipts to show that since the Oh pumpkin pie and apple
eitrvaely Important that all fallen loan was granted, less than four be attacked she heard the sound of May please the Yankee man, REFLECT[ ( A MOMNJ.'IHav (

iqqarvt be picked up and burned. Dr. months, he had paid the company a shot Then all was still as the grave. But oh the smell of scrappleA.slzzlln' 2"
in the !
almost to death and fear. panAtlanta
Knapp claims that the advent of the $8.15. They still held him for the Frightened Constitution.

wttfll will encourage the diversification principal, all paid in being charged ing to make the slightest move, Mrs. /4/ you decided on the kind of
Van Slyke shivered and quaked the
of crop and be says there are up to interest on the loan. Mind Reading 7't\ fertilizer you are going to use? Its
rest of the night In the corner of
many who believe the pest will prove Burch declined to give judg Fibbins suppose you think I'm a
when 1 not of how murk but
t room to which she had retreated q a question
Netting In disguise. The session cross-bill but dismissedthe jackass.
a ment the
on .
of the contention this afternoon will levy of the company holding that she heard the first sounds of the scuffle. Burt-I say, you want to stop selling 9z ; what kta'l l viu n 'j t u r\MUlt
When dawn broke she plucked courage -
up and into the clairvoyant
be devoted wholly to orgalzation, and sufficient had been collected from the and donned her clothing, but was dry business.goods Boston go Transcript can be obtain*!I. You can't make a

., the real business of the meeting will plaintiff to cancel the principal of $3. not equal to the ordeal of passing out : ; mistake when you use our high grade

t begin tomorrow. through the hall where she felt certain Better or Worse. fertilizers.

Gevtrner Dlanchard delivered an ad- QUAGMIRE SWALLOWS TWO. the body of Heath was lying- She Betting is a foolish pastime- .

4m of welcome at today's session. waited until 0 :a. m.. and then ste hurried Think it over for awhile- 6 Highestciihriceplittfordrybones

Men Lose Their Lives Near Wilmington half fainting from the room. As For there'll never be a last time ,
Till you've bet and lost your pile.Denver
J Government to Give Aid. N. C. News. 3IDA '
Washington Dec. 15.Secretary Wllimington N. C., Dec. 13. John : ,

Wilson today recommended to the H. Gore, Jr., law partner of exGovernor Envy. Gainesville. Fli.

.4 feoa0 that an appropriation of $225,000be D. L. Russell, and his brotherinlaw Mond-I envy the Japanese army.

made to meet the emergency caused John Brewer of Franklin, Va, Lillian-Why? 1- .
Maud-They get mixed np in so many
t by the ravages of the cotton boll weevIl about 18 years of age, were drownedIn f
and other insects and diseases affecting Cape Fear river 5 miles delow Wilmington I' engagements Globe. you know. Boston c. I. G RAe E.

cotton and to study the diversification last nightA ..

of crops the secretary ol canoe in which 6 they were return Warranted Pure. Successor to Central Lumotr Co.

agriculture to be authorized to spend ing to a steam launch up the rivet The Jeweler says, "One Dealer In

eke money In cooperation with state from a ducking expedition was cap Needs scarcely to be told
The setting of the sun
eiperlment stations and practical cot sized by a squall. Is usually gold." Rough and Dressed Lumber, Kiln Dried FlooringjCeiling,
Two other companions In a ducking -Brooklyn Life. '
ton growers. and Siding Lathe, Shingles and Brick.
canoe were unable to rescue the men
MEETS. account of the storm. Searching Turned Over Manufacturer of
MEDICAL parties in chartered tugs and steamers Church-And then after awhile a Turned Ballusters, Casings, Newels, Columns, Door and

Physicians Representing Southern Colleges have been unable to find any tracesof h7\I. complete Gotham-I turn say came old in man my,life.you talk as Window Frames, Mantels Church Seats, Pulpits, School

( Gather In Birmingham. the bodies and' it is highly probable if you were a pancake-Yonkers! States- Desks and Seats Combined, and Tables. I am constantly

Birmingham. Ala., Dec. 13.-Th they have been swallowed in the quag ./ man. receiving Lumber and can fill orders for any quantities and
Medical College! association, mire into which the men were precipitated
Southern I
composed of a.majority of the medical when- the boat turned over. Sluggard. sizes. :Mail orders attended to promptly

colleges of the south met here today "It's never too late to learn" we're told; "
Twenty cot! Race Trouble in Theatre. However, we beg to state -- -- -- "

in leges annual are represented.convention. The morning Indianapolis Dec. 13.-Negroes and There's Except little that we it Is learn too late.as we grow old ..............s

Mitoa was consumed In listening to whites clashed in the gallery of the -catholic Standard and.Times. :

and addresses. Park theatre Saturday night Just be- We keep a full stock of I
committee reports The Latest In Golf.
under the show was closed and theDarried LOOK FOR
The most Important matter fore De Style-What the latest fad In I old Joe,
disturbance to the street.In
of educational the
discussion ts the fixing golf?
requirements of students who apply for the running fight which followed Gunbusta-Having real detectives THE SEAL old Velvet

admission to medical colleges. It is four shots were fired at the whites. track up your lost balls. St Louis Re -

thought probable that an amendment Four negro boys were arrested, public. Old McBrayer
I) ,
ratification at the next annual meetingto rharged with shooting with Intent to

the constitution will be drafted for kill. C. D. Ray and Carl Anacker, "He Who Dan f'.." -f Mark Rogers -
from a literary col white boys, were struck by bullets.lustb Jack Frost will bust your water pipes. ,
requiring a degree
That makes dance, and when
the curtain was rung downin you
legs at a condition of matriculation i The plumber comes to fix the pipes Old. Charter
medical colleges under the Jurisdiction the final act of "No Wedding Belsfar You pay the piper I ,
In the then.Boston I Iy
calledA Globe. tt i
of the association.Dr. Her it Is alleged a negro ei ilia i u

Christopher Tompkina presidentof white boy a vile name and the white LicensedDoctorIthln'k Crime. / Mt. Vernon,

the association brought this matter boy struck him. SHE SAW THE BODY Df A SITTING POSITIOS. I'll have to call in .

forward In his annual address. Towor. she passed the open door of Heath's some other physicians for consultation. Cascade and

row the annual convention of the Southern Boys Dig Their Way to Liberty. room she saw the body In a sitting position Patient-Go ahead. Get as many accomplices -

Surgical and Gynecological Association St. Louis Dec. .-Using a piece ol on the floor the back resting as you wish.-Town Topics.One z

will begin its annual convention broken brass handle of a bureau draw. against the wall The hands were Other High

here. Its sessions will last three er and the rung of a chair broken off folded across the breast and the shot View. I $11
rested against the folded hands. They say that dead men ten no tales
day a. to a point as tools, Austin Logan aged gun found In death's long listless nights. J"'lNi'' I _
Almost fainting woman _
15, and Oliver Jones, 14, have dug Of this or other worlds to come- ,
CLOTHIER SUICIDE. their way through a 14-inch wall on her way to Sea Cliff and told of the And yet the funeral rites. .
the floor of the four courts 'building tragedy. -New Orleans Times-Democrat. \ THEIPEARL "j.
Mrs. Van 4
Justice Cocks questioned I r"C
little' Oauflhtsr Flnda Body of Father. where they were confined In the ma- Slyke very minutely and learned that The Batter In.

!l, Bullet Wounds Tell Story tron's room and crawled through. the Heath and her husband bad gone fishIng Howell-Rowell Is always butting In. OF DUAlITY % --
Kew York. Dee. ll.-Charles Marks, opening and escaped. After beingat together frequently and that she Powell-I know It He would interrupt I .

clothier but for years liberty for several hours the boys them sometimes. In a man when he was borrowing
.,ee a wealthy bad accompanied -
mother. and taken to the four New York Tribune. .. Rests in drop of
t dependent on the bounty of W& were recaptured that manner she had become acquainted money.- every

i In-Uw. Mrs. Max Llnderman. was courts where they were locked In one with the caretaker. S Mark Rogers whiskey. 2

dead last night In his room of the cells. She was positive Heath wore his boots App n. ,
found doM I To read them o'er I lore to pause- .
battle noise that awoke Pure, old and mellow
mansion by and that it was
ta the Llndermaa Blue Point Beds Those poems In the mqu1ne-
her. Those who were first to reach They really soothe me more becauseI
L daughter Minnie. I I its suggestion to the man
who Is 11 years old had I New York. Dec 13.-Great gonth the house after the alarm had been never know.Just what they mean.Washington .

The to Ctrl call, her father to dinner and I Bay L. I, the home of the Blue Point given found the caretaker's boots on Star. of taste brings out a smile A

Hae The_ oysters Is frozen over for the first the floor below the room In which he
the almost fell over the body. I Still Inalnoatlnr. that won't come off. '"
that there were bullet holes lath ; time before Christmas In the memory was murdered. On his feet were white BIO A man wouldn't expect to be /

fact and left temples and also in of the traditional "oldest Inhabitant"The socks, which were not soiled and the cheated In church, now, would he? II NMawt, r' '
right mild weather afforded Immense Impression given was that .they had
back of the neck caused Coronet 1 recent Jill-No, not unless he was married
the shipments of oysters both to Eu been drawn over his feet after he had .
though there.Yonkers Statesman..One
to begin an Inrostl jatloa. HOUSE WINE ROOMS.
been shot. OCALA
wW-alftin- rope and American houses but the snd I
Uadenaia declared Marks The odd position of the gun resting
when the den. freeze up has stopped all traffic View ef It.
Mr. Mark wu wealthy and tied boats. The lifesaving against the dead man's hands Is an-* Here's the lesson of It- e OCALA FLOpfl,
was up many
t3ohing buslnea with which he .other detail trifling maybe but one to Take It as you choose
140cUAed with his father, waa sold ten station on South Beach are which the authorities attach much Im Folks that keep the happiest _ssiiais >HHHMt
died a yew later out off from the mainland by 5 miles Ain't cot much to lose!
His wife
&rIIIO. portance. Atlanta Constitution.
"iia sad he bad brooded over It ever since. of tre&tberous.Ice.,

i "

? i -

-: s

; ,,;r" -O '''::r;. t':7>:<"",#!t::",], !7 r'.f::"

-- -





P M MKggJ 2lilEldMlBKfi

' believe will be heavy this year, we ordered I h de.nr
trade which have reason to
In preparing for the; Christmas and Holiday we every

that seeded with special cane so as to make suitable presents for all memhtr1'l ot
usual line a Solid Carload of High Grade Furniture wa
while the stock is still unbroken f
the family from the oldest to the youngest. These goods have arrived and are now on display. Come and make your selections


,! All Styles of Pretty Willow. Rockers, 1


rrtzr:5( : Latest Designs f in Oak Finish Rockers, AL I II'

Attractive Round and Center Tables
I'I'I I \ ;( I Square ,

Pretty Smyrna Rugs Parlor Lamps, Etc

,. ... .. ., .. .. -....,,. ..,. ,',
,, _. ,. .__ __. \:.. .-,:-r---. "--._'_-- '_ .' _' __-.-. '. .. ---.. -. .. .. -- !iii" .. .. I :';I.--.n,_. .. .. -- '



.... .

Now York Discredited. From Tuesday's Daily.A The Future of the South. -GO TO-

It was natural after the overwhelming Street in Litigation "If cotton brings about ten cents

defeats of 1898 and 1900 for the Orange avenue between South for the next ten years," said a very most careful The farmers THE FAIR.
and gardeners everywhereplace
southern turn to # thoughtful business in North
democracyto again man confidence In
Third and South Fourth streets had a Ferry'eSeedsthe
New York and endorse the candi- Carolina the other day, "the south kind that never falL. -FORST0PLE -
fence across it for a short time Monday .
dacy of Judge Parker this year:It is will again become, as it was before
interesting, however, to.note since morning. the war, the most prosperous sectionof GROCERIESWhite

election that some southern demo- The council several weeks ago our country. I know of no industry SEEDSIhaYl

cratic leaders express thejopinion: that ordered that several blocks of Orange in the world which will yield been the standard for 49 pear House, Seal Brand, Java & Mocha Coffey Cans.

New York's prestige and influence in i avenue be graded and pa"ed.Ir.. J. larger returns, in proportion to the by are all not dealers.an experiment.1905 Seed ,, 9O.- Day Seed Oats.

the party have been forfeited.IlSena1tor W. Sanders, whose property adjoins capital and intelligence required, free for .
Bailey, of Texas says: this street on the west, gave notice than cotton growing at ten cents pEr Detroit. theUking. We Pay the Highest Market Prices for Chickens

"I fully agree with those who hold that the ground used as a street was pound.-The World's Work.TAb. Eggs, any All Kinds of Country Produce.

that the result of the recent election part of his lot. ---- .'-- _._-

must destroy the overshadowing influence On Monday morning Mr. E. C. B. L.
which New York has heretofore Stone and a colored carpenter named F OLFVIONEYraTARur \ 1

sought to exercise in making Sol Thompson were employed to : .' ?rr -.I'-euMOnia West Side Public Square. Oem, FU

I erect a fence across the South Third o I Il -- -- ----- --- -- .
democratic platforms, and in nomi- -, --- --

nating democratic candidates. I do street end of the avenue. They had -iiiTJ--n
1 ''if),:. I
not suggest or encourage any spiritbf just completed a neat board fence I I I TL t'

bitterness against the democratsof when Marshall Clveveland and Chief '

Sew York, but her leaders shouldbe Brigance appeared on the Gene with Some Columbus four Ohio, May tg,19o3. !. We have just received a solid car of
years ago I was suffering ,
made to understand that they warrants charging them with obstructing from impure blood and a general S
down condition of the system. I run-I
.must demonstrate a willingness and a public highway and appetite, .
was losing flesh, and had an all
an ability to help elect our nomueeb arrested them. gone tired feeling that made me misera- I
I I ble. I began the use of S. S. S., and I,
before they are ever again ermitttd'' Both gave bond to appear before after taking seven or eight bottles my skin Rust Proof Oats

to dictate them."-Tacoma Lead jr. Mayor Edwards this morning to explain -I was cleared of all eruptions and took on a i
their actions in thus obstructing ruddy, healthy glow that assured me that
Fight Will Be Bitter ; my blood had been restored to its nor t'
one of the city's most traveled mal,healthy condition. My appetite was
ThObeJ who will persist in closing restored as I could eat anything put be :. '
theiijears against:"the continual rec thorougfares. fore me, and as I regained my appetite t :
ommendation of Dr. King's New I Persons in a position to know say I increased in weight,and that"tired feeling" ; FROM

Discovery for consumption, will have I that this is not the end, but only the peared which,and I worried was me so much disap- i
once again old self.
my I
a long and 4 bitter fight with theirtroubles beginning, of the matter. I I heartily recommend S. S. S. as the .
if not ended earlier by fatal best blood purifier and tonic made, and 1 .
termintion. Read what T. R. Beall of The marshal in a few minutes work I I strongly advise its use to all those in need 'TE x AS.
with an ax put the fence "out of of such medicine. VICTOR STUBBINS. 'I
Beall, Miss! has to say: Last fall my Cor. Barthman and
wife had every symptom of consumption business," temporarily at least. Washington Aves. .
'-' -- Wheeling, W. V., 28 I
she took Dr King's New Discovery May 1903.
Cured My system was run down and
after everything else had failed, Paralysis. : my joints J
Improvement came at once and four W. S. Bailey, P. 0. True, Texas!:, I II I used ached S.and S.pained S before me considerably.and knew what I had it I I : .::::iiiii-iIIIl:: : : I ,, r I .

bottles entirly curedher. Guaranteed'I writes: "My wife had been suffering was, so I purchased bottle of it and have .

by Tyding & Co drug store. Price I J I five years with paralysis in her arm, taken several bottles and the aches and i I .
I pains are gone, blood has
my been cleas-
50c, and $1.00._Trial bottles free* m i when I was persuaded to nse Bal- ed and my general health built up. lean These Oats were received tram one of the most reputable
lard's Snow Liniment, which cured 1 testify to it as a blood purifier and tonic I'
Prosperous South. I her all right. I have also used it for I Ii 1533 Market St. JOHN C STEIN. growers in the section of Texas most noted for its superior

M..F. Plant, whose interests inFlorida i i i old sores, frostbites and skin If you have any

are extensive and who was II 1 i tions. It does the work. 25c.crap 50cl I II symptoms blood of disordered I quality of seed oats. We have exercised every possible care

here but a few weeks ago on a tour l I 100. Anti-Monopoly drug store. m write u s and our in buying our seed oats
physicians will having sought not the cheapest but
of Inspection, tells a story of progress Missouri Still Democratic. Sc S advise you free. ,

and prosperity of this part of There are more qualified voters i in Our book on .
the United States to the Chicago blood and skin
the state thanin 1900, and yet there
Examiner. The Examiner says: diseases sent free. THE BEST
was a drop of 40,000 in the vote. I II The Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Ga.McIVER .
"M. F. Plant, of New York, is at I
Roosevelt got over 7,000 more votes .
the Annex. He has been making a
than McKinley, but 56,000 men who
trip over his properties in the southern
voted for Bryan refused to mark their We know personally
states. Mr. Plant is a number 01 Farmers
very optimistic who hive
I ballots for Parker. A few of them I .1ii
, _" on the business outlook. 'I planted seed from the
I may have voted for Debs,}but the same source for a number of
to that there years
; am delighted say is '
great majority sulked remained at and all, without exception
every evidence of prosperity in the pronounce them of
home, and let the republicans elect supe
southern states through which I quality.
most of the state officers and a majority .
have recently traveled,' said
he'l of the
representatives in congress
I 'Every frugal person in the
and get control of the ligislature.
who really wants a bank account
These figures indicate that although Free
has one. I do not recall a time From
i Mr. Krosevelt is to have the electorial Johijsoi Grass.
when the south has: been so prosper; )
vote Missouri, the state is anything -

but republican. The democrats
ous.1"A and ,flA CIA) i
Frightened Horse who took to the woods at the Or other
beginning of the month 'be objectionable'seeds likely to be found in Oats bought
Running like mad down the street will likelyto without proper care.
be on hand when the next election 1 Ile-i -1
= dumping the occupants, or a hundred
day comes. Therefore, the ,
j other accidents, are every day '
occurrences. It behooves everybodyto ought to be on their best behavior. 'tO BE HAD AT THE =
have a reliable salve handy and .-Chicago Tribune. FUNERALDffiEOTORS'1 .

there's none as good as Bucklen's FOR SALE-Stock farm in Marion I

Arnica Salve. Burns, cuts, sores, county; 700 acres; well watered; enclosed )

eczema and piles, disappear quickly with a wire fence. Horses,
under its soothing effect. 25c. at mules, cattle and hogs, good building -1- OCALA SEED
Have a full stock of Collins Caskets
Tydings & Go's drug store. m food for coming year, all complete I STORE
rea'dy for business. For further and Burial Outfits Special given to

Full line: up to date fireworks fcjWhaley' particulars: address, Box 363 Ocala l :, Burial services IIIJ
., ..
: i '" ---,
12 9 2t Florida. it Embalming to Order
.-._. - .' ,-- ..;



,,<':,.. .Ja

.. .-..;...,.....,-...., 0"- """ ...."'...-.r".
;; "'.' ,., > ', '.<.,S', ,___ ... rJ ?.
: 01
\a: ._''d'.. __' & -- -'" .<< ii
,,; .,-,'" .,', .::. :. ;-* .t' Xt';" :!!>'"", t:. r.1 b-:"'-''' """"-'" ->' >b 4 "" ":r I

,,': .. "

. .


.' '

,. ... j ,
:: -__ PAGE FIVE .

In' tOMMI C 0S. IOHR[flS. Mayo healey, sureties, G. M.-! Johnson and W. .G. Commissioner Edwards was author-- .

ized to
J. H. paint the stationary engine and
BlUch constable, with J. M. get 'a list of what road machinery the
OcaU Fla,, December and S. H. Butch
51904. sureties. county had that can be sold, and advertise -
Board of county commissioners met O. Wald, justice of the peace, the same for sale. .
with H. B.
ho rtftiUr session this day. T. Clarkson R S. Hall and J. Bonds to carry fire arms were approved :
I Lancaster, sureties.G. .
Present IL W. Long, chairman, and M. Richard and licenses ordered issued as
Commissioners J. L. Edwards E. justice of the peace, follows: Joseph J. Fort. J. W. Coulter, -

IWartmann, X A. Fort and S. R. Pyles.L. with W. p. Hammond and Jos. Akin, H P. Watkins, L. D. Smith, D. J. Ogle
sureties.J. .
Board called to order. by the chair-I L. Perry A. P. Marsh. The Biggest Show
pan and minutes of last meeting read I ,Crosby and Stewart constable, with W. J. Mr. E. L. Carney, tax collector, pre-
: aa4 approved. Ramey, sureties. sented bond with the following sure-

hone of county officers fixed Alexander Wynne Justice of the ties thereon: D. W. Davis, $5000; T. T.
as Peace,
with .
jetofor namedo1z: clerk circuitNUt' Allsopp E. Snow and R. G. Munroe $2500; Z. C. Chambliss, $2500
sureties.D. .
In the um of $3000 J. M. Meftert, $5000; J. D. Robertson,
\"pon motion of Mr. Wartmann sheriff. $5000.! B. Mathews, justice of the peace, $3000; Walter Ray, $2500; D. A. Clark
Mr with Henry Of Them All.
.Ie.| C, Priest pas continued as super- Smoak, sureties.J. Gatrell. and John W. $2500; J. B. Malloy, $2500; E. C. Mc-

; tntendent of the Leod, $4500. t.
poor farm
for the en- L. Miller
constable, with Walter The same was approved by the board.
wing at the
year same salary, viz
: $35 Ray and
month. Maurice Strauss-. sureties- Bond of W. W. Jackson, justice of
)Jr. J. H. Livingston, notary public, withC. the peace, with J. S. Martin and E. L. .
Graham made complaint that M.
Livingston and J. H.
Livingston Martin, sureties was approved.
road had been opened up Jr., sureties.L. .
Pension application of Mr. A. Mc-
through the lands of C. J. Camp In .
.g sec. Meggs, notary public, with I. P. Bride was approved.It .
J a:. tp. 14, a.. r 23, east, and In behalf of Wells and
A. D. Wells, sureties.C. .
was ordered that the comptrollerbe
)lr. Camp asked for damages for the R. Veal, justice of the peace, with recommended to allow the redemption -
I t location of ad! road upon his lands. John T. Parker and John S. Weathers, i of lot 7, block 2, Anderson's addition ':"
After consideration by the board the sureties.G. I GA1IOW
Ocala, by the payment of the face
matter "as referred to
Commissioner .
J. Proctor, constable, bond -was value of certificates and omitted years'taxes
1 Edwards for Investigation. approved.It without interest.

t' It was ordered that IS be paid for was ordered that license be issued Mr. E. L. Carney, tax collector, reported .
lumber to build a fence through Mr.Reynolds' upon the bond
of Oliver
Fort to carrya collection of $63 on account of
field; also for the payment of pistol. 21ST YEAR SELECTING 4
poll taxes, regulars, and $7 extras; also .
g lumber amounting to $4.94 for road Motion to straw the road fromStarke's reported collection of $268 on accountof
t Overseer in Commissioner Fort's district ferry to Stanton was referred licenses. "*+tnnmtii"; HOLIDAY GOODS FOR -

f to Commissioner Pyles, with to
power The following justice reported fines :
f Mr, il, I THE MARKET. '
II Proctor
appeared In the act. imposed in their courts as follows:

sr Interest of the road known as the new The board thereupon adjourned until I C. C. Priest, $8; Alex. Wynne, $62;

t cut road from Ocala to Sumterville, Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock. R. Bullock, $5; C. R. Veal, $1; H. W. ,

; s king that the board macadamize as Douglass. $140; W. O. Waid, $15.50.

far and at as early a date as possible. Tuesday, December 6, 1904 The following justices reported no

Mr Long made the request that Mr. Board fines: M. H. Rou, W. W. Jackson, I.
met pursuant adjournment.
Lucius be allowed to extend the Blitch- W. Boring, M. M. Proctor, R. S. Short-
Report of Mr. H. W. Long on poor
ton road to the city of Ocala from a farm was read and approved which report ridge, P. U. Milligan, E. S. Smith. We Lead !

point near its limits. Upon motion it is as follows: Mr. T. E. Pasteur, county treasurer, .

was ordered that the Blltchton road To the Board of County Commissioners i thereupon made his report of receipts,' .

tfid Anthony road be repaired during of Marion County, Fla.-Gentle- I disbursements and balances as follows:

the month of December of this year. men: I visited the poor farm December County, Proper
Mr Rogers, manager of the Marlon In Low Prices!
1, and found all inmates doing well ex- Balance last report.$119 81

Farms, appeared stating that he had cepf Dan Dozier, who is In a pitiable Receipts.. ..... .... 572 55 $692 36

the content of all the white citizens condition. He is as.helpless as a child Disbursed.. .. .a..... 691 01 ,

tlvlnc et of the farms, and who used and has to have a person with him all Balance... .... .. $ 1 35
the road dividing the said farms and the time to keep his person and bed Road Fund All Kinds of Toys for Children anda

that h# had obtained their consent to cleansed. This Is done by one of the
Balance last 66
elo** the lane by making convenient inmates, Wesley John, who has report.
very Receipts.. ..... .... 290 84 $291 50 Full] Line of Useful and Ornamental -
gates for them to pass when they so much improved during the past two
Disbursed.. .... ... 291 14
desired, and asked permission of the months.
Balance.... .. .... $ 36
board to grant him a permit to do the The cane has been manufacturedInto
F. and F, Fund Presents for
Mme, Hit request was granted. syrup, which made 3% barrels, aggregating -

t'pon motion the following bonds 140 gallons. Forty gallons Balance last report.$2453 22

Were approved: S. T. Sistrunk, clerk have been sold at 40 cents a gallon, Receipts.. .... .... 86 37 $2541 59 YOUNG and OLD '

and Disbursed.. ..... 1129 13
Circuit (court with W. W. Clyatt leaving on hand an ample supply to ,

& T. Helvenston. sureties. run the farm another year. Balance.. ..... .. $1413 46

Alfred Ayer, tax assessor, with T. The potatoes have been housed-175 Board thereupon adjourned. ,

T"> Munroe and Z. C. Chambliss sure- I bushels of good potatoes. Forty bushels H. W. Long, Chairman.

t"'i. will be sold. Two small hogs have Attest: S. T. Sistrunk, Clerk.

Robert Bullock, county judge, with been slaughtered to supply the farm. .
W a Bullock and E. T. Helvenston.sureties. There are 16 head of meat hogs to be % r ;
killed and 20 small ones to be sold to Chinese Officials Will Put an End to .

f} A' Bullock, constable, with C. w. the: market from time to time as the Their Disturbances. -
Smith and P. U. Nugent, sureties. demand requires., The vegetables are New York, Dec. 14.-A special reportof .

M. It Rou justice of the peace, with doing well. A nice lot of cabbage Viceroy Yuan concerning anti-fort ,

r. B. Rou and E. D. Rou, sureties. plants have been set out and others eign societies in Honan province, has :

C C" Priest Justice of the peace, with will be put out at an early day. The Just been published, says a pekin dispatch \ -

!>, E. Mclver and Ben Rheinauer, sureties seed cane will be planted and oats to the HeraldThe leaders .
have all been arrested.An :
sowed as fast as our force will permit.
edict removes the local, civil and \
J, 0, Turnlpwed, Justice of the peace, Appended is a statement of expensesfor SInslan for
military mandarins at nebligence .
With J, K Christian W. M. Gist and the past month: and orders the governor of 1

a II Oaltiklll sureties.W Superintendent, $35; regular field !' Honan to reform the administrationof I

F Pulllam, constable, with J. N. hand, $11; extra labor. $16.25; cooking, II' the province. 0

$6.05; washing and ironing, $5; Hast- An imperial! decree Has been Issued S

ings garden seed, $1; F. W. ,Kunze, abollcKng the governorship of the two s

$21.95; Dr. W. V. Newsom, $2; Ocala provinces, Huspel and Hunan. The 1

Wagon Works, $1.80; G. K. Robinson, viceroy! of Huspei directed to assume .

ATTHE $6.80; Marion Hardware Co., $2.22; W. I the duties of governor of Huspei in

E. Nbc. $6.50; Rhelnauer & Co., $1.84; addition to his own duties. The vIce.

Tydings & Co., $9.80; furnace door, $3; roy of Hunan and Kwchlen likewise Jewelry and Silverware

for fixing furnace door, $1; E. C. Mc- assumes the duties of government oi ,

Leod, lumber $5.83. Total $136.59. Hunan.
These measures of economy are in ;
FIRST SIGNOi By barrel syrup, $16; by product sold Line Complete. :
harmony with recent edicts requiringthe
for cash, $1.80; by house rent from L. abolition of useless offices and the

Davis, $2.: Total expenditure, $116.79. reduction of expenses. SPECIAL SALE ONLadies' .

Respectfully submitted,

Disfiguring Humors II. W. Long, Com. in Charge. ; .
Move to Quash Indictment. Cloaks and Suits.
The report of Mr. H. W. Long on
t Use CliTICURA Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 14.-Attor
... Dunnellon and Ocala hard road was
neys for Mrs. Nellie Plummer and the
read and approved. .i
negro Jake Bradford, indicted last
Commissioners Pyles and Edwards
week for tbe murder of Mrs. Plummer's

were appointed a committee to pur- husband, at Densmore, this county, The Newest Shapes and Colors in
the county.
chase a mule for moved this morning to quash the indictment
Bond of Henry Gordon as sheriff was on the ground that the indict' tl

approved by the board. ment was returned by a grand jury Men and Boys' Hats. I
Bond of J. W. Morrison as constable with two foremen, and that the In.

was approved by the board. dictment. was vague, not even stat ..

Bill of E. L. Carney for commissions ing that John Plummer, the murderedman Another Big Shipment of DeeChica

stamps, etc., was approved, and ordered was a human being. Argumenton
kjicWJ the motion will be heard Wednes

paid.E. P. Thagard I came before the board day. Crockery, Will be Sale for the

and recommended that the board pay
Advised to Stand By Union.
at the ,
the list of premiums
Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 14.-Edward
South Florida fair, Mr. H. W. Long Holidays
Flynn, in addressing a large gather1ng
instructed to get up a list of same
was of striking miners at Brookside .
so the board can act intelligently thereon said to them that it was now a ques 1
\ i at its next meeting to be held in
: tion as to whether the strikers couibe

I January, 1905. supported Indefinitely or whether
Every child born into the world Letter from Mr. S. H. Gaitskill In regard th ecompanies' working open shop

with an inherited tendency to torturing to road from Orange Lake to Irvine mines could continue Indefinitely mil

disfiguring humors of the was read and the following regolution lug Inferior and Insufficient coal for The

Skin snJ Scalp, becomes an object adopted: coke purposes. He told the strikerS

4kj t the most tender solicitude, not The board, having received a communication that the organization was strong

only because of Its suffering but from Mr. S. IL Gaitskill, 'I' enough to feed them for years, if necessary { Ocala Bazaar
that and advised them to stickto ,
fctcausc of the dreadful fear asking that the public road known as

thrf disfiguratIon Is to be lifelong the Irvine and Orange Lake road be the union to the end. .

anl J mar its future happiness and abrogated, after due consideration, re- To Legislate Against Americans .
srerity. Hence It becomes the fused said request because of the fact
rr Paris, Dec. 14.-The American ambassador rH
(4 mothers of such afflicted that when the petitioners asked for this
dUty Is making urgent representa *
to themselves Gaitskill appeared before this
road Mr. tions to the foreign office in behalf
the ,and most asked that a committee of H
with the best purest board and of the American insurance companies P
elective treatment available viz.: said board be sent to investigate the against the features of the insurance F Gadson

tfoe CUTICURA Treatment con- advisability of granting said road as revision law passed by the chamber of

' Ming of warm b3thsith CUTl- a public one, and that he would abide deputies and about to pass the senate.
by the decision o( the board. The measure contemplates that the
CUIICURAeOintment, the Bond of W. H. Milligan to carry rifle companies shall hold French securites

t Skin Cure. Cures made inMlJood was approved.A of a value equal to their outstanding I
are speedy permanent, petition for extending the McIn- insurance. Heretofore the law has permitted 0

ft&i economical. tosh and Flemington road was received the holding of American, or -E.-E.k ,
1 .....*..it***.U. f rtttTillo pIVOlBJ.W.ktx.aaL of the oiher: foreign securities. I
.. next meeting .
n until .
.. --.*%.. l I.>*fc*-..i ,,+r. Ach.n.r.prli.1 and laid over -.1
t-. 1WNo'....ta KU, ........u: board. ,
lnt.{:boa _
...-11t9.. .,. UIIIIIGRo

Q > ,. ,' ,,'." ." ...... ......."'" .$-' -. J' : *4ygt .;'ti" f+- H."r r .k
: .2" .
o 'IJ._: c* -- ,= .-< '.v', "'" ;;;""'. "_ .. '>t' :
,. ,' ",--.'._..- :-'fo. .."' ..;;<;;;" _'."' ---,- --". _$_ .0.-" ,"'" ..-.j:. .$ .

t L

rl r ,

f '



L -. i:..=:m .

t : m="- --HII .= ::.: : : r. i t

ii CHRISTMAS G T ll l lx

.: _" ,._"- ._.._-'--_- __-,-, ,'_<_-'_,-_,,_-.__ -_._" "-'._, _-_' -...---.- _.'T_-.0._ __" .' :"c--"' _.- 'h_,n." '.-. _.') 'AlA.....,.....,...,.,. t'I'41IIiIIYfI1I1.1f -, ,, __I


> I You will hear these words repeated many times between now and the famous Holidays tI fr :=:-

\ OU will also see a good many dollars spent for trinkets and other unneedful goods -J a.t



that are practically of no value whatever and are forgotten as soon as given. 4.i



If you will spend your money for Christmas Presents with us you will certainly be giving something that is useful as well as ornamental, Our store furnishes

'. thg Best Assortment for the selection of presents, which when given, THE GiVER IS EVER FORGOTTEN, -

In our Store you will find unbroken lines of > '


Clothing Furnishings and ShoeSa

.. 8t> .

.. -




I By your wife or husband, Buy a Tailor-Made Suit. By us,} as this is their holiday more so than ours. 'V c have them in all styles and sizes, and at a -

The time is drawing near when your boy will moments notice we can

Our prices for Ladies' Suits are $7.50 to $20.
need a Suit or your girl will need a Dress -

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Intelanb you that we have the Largest Varietyof i,

these lines in Ocala we are not exaggerating as 1
Of course, if "ou J"don't want to "0 high as to In conclusion we wish to remind you t h.it is

a look at oar.counters and tables will convince the
buy a Suit, we offer ,a J large line of 1

most skeptical, Oily) Eight I More Days to Christnjas) I! ;

Jackets Skirts and WaistsOr -
The cold weather reminds a person that they need
To avoid the rush we advise you to come early

and make first selection.

Coat, Pants and Shirt You have heard of a good many makes and brands, I i

.. of them but have 1
probably worn some you never.

I.6 As the case may' be worn the best until you've had a pair of the faulous.For. your interest we remain, ._. -

: : --- ---- -- -- -- ------"- ---- ---- .
--------" -
--- -
-- -
-- II

I.9Q 4 YUF Ift Vi\\U!l VA' WTORE. ...... I S

.H...... H
4 (B@@S

............@ e-Qt} _. .-.a=::::11

__ _._ .
.- -. --- ------------.--. ..v-_-.r. y. "_. -lit-,IIWV. --- ---. ,L- !__ - -
-- ---
n y OAITERVILLE' GLEANINGS. make the children happy and ft anxious here last Sunday. Everybody is invited DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. I NOTICE NOTICE OF MASTER'S- SALE."

for Xmas to come. j to attend every Sunday. -

Special Cormpondence Ocala Banner. I United States Land n5: Gainesville, Fla. In the Circuit,Court of the Fifth .
Hunters and pleasure seekers will There will be singing here Friday Judicial circuit: TTNDER AND BY VIRTUR Of A CKK1AIS
of Florida.
December 5 1901. Marion county, in U
Cane grinding is over and farmersare j Chancery.W. decree rendered by the Honorable
find fine sport on Orange Lake in the nig ht. Everybody is cordially invited NOTICE IS! HER EBY GIVEN THAT IS PURsuance W. Clyatt. Complainant. John 0. Mathews. Bullock,judge ot the circuit wart of tk*W.ift&:*
almost through planting cane foranother'ear's of Ins'.luctiol1s from the Commissioner et al, Defendants. judicial ciicuit of Florida stttrug Ie dMW
( way of fishing and duck hunting. to attend every Sanday.Mr. of the General Land Office,under authority IT IS ORDEREDTIUT DEFENDANTS for ilarion county, in a ce rUin faItH ptadiat n
crop, which promiseso vested in him by section 2455 U. S. Revised named. John O. Mathews Kate T. I therein wherein Tampa Building a4 lsimcnt -
be larger than the The hotel at Orange Lake, The B. F. Bouchillon and Mrs. b. Statute u amended by the act of Congress Ma thews, M. Ferst, Sons&Co.,a partnership Company is complainant lad hawueJ W.
one just past. approved February 26. : composed of Teague and other are dfen
i595 we will pro *d to Jscon Ferst" Joseph: Strauss and UBU. Mid "m
Lochbie House, 'is now open underthe I Fant made a flying trip to McIntosh otter at public sale en Aaron Ferst Mohr Brothers a co-partnership rendered on the nod day of NoCMbrr, MO*, !
Christmas is at hand-the time forgoing composed of Lazarus Mohr will offer for sule to the
I then do/o/ January, and Anson Mohr. highest and hit tM.f
: 1905 for
Tuesday. cash,
management of Mr. Martin, whowill George D. Page *s executor of the last will and at public outcry. before lb.conn t****
: ani coming, and of course, i next at this office the following tract of land. testament Benjamin F Page deceased door (south) in Ocala Martoa
and cottftly. .
give his guests the best of atten i There will be an Xmas tree hereon t>, wit: south half of lorthwest quarter. section C.D.Massey and P.S. Jones be and trr- are between. the legal hour of ..Ie.. Ito fittt
Claltervillites will be the 4 township 15 wub. tast.Any Monday in
among range 23 hereby requited to appear to the br" January. 1905, to-writ,
the night of the 23rd. Everybody and aU persons claiming the com
tion. I adversely plaint in this cause on or before January
happy ones and share their joys.Mr. shore described Unds are advised to file their >-d, ry'f.
come. D. R. AL. claims in tins! office on or before the day above Monday, tile 2nd day Hay of January, AD.1905. The following described teal! prop.." J. 0. and Rev. Henry W. Little, of Ocala, designated for tte commencement of said sale, It iq further ordered that a copy of this order ion county Florida, to-wit:
Lyles family, of '--- otheiwise their T1lhtiwiU be forfeited. be published once a week for four consecutive Lots i, 1,3 9 10 and u of .k..d W.Tug,.'.
will preach at the Episcopal churchon w.G. ROBIXSO. I weeks in the Ocah resurvey of lots ,
Ilomosassa, are visiting relatives and A Costly Mistake Register Banner. tion s.c 59 and to. C.W..'s **8-
HENRY S. Casa Receiver. Done this November 25th. I Ocala according to plat:
129. 1904- recorded
the afternoon of ta t&* -
Christmas day. I [SEAL] &. T clerk'sof5cetorDfarionconnty.
friends here. Blunders are sometimes very 'ex SISTRCNK, thereof JPlof_ M' M
; )Ir. Little is Clerk Circuit Court. a may be DC c* **ry ta ,*lify
Mrs. C. Hutchinson, of BowlingGreen I I very much liked in our pensive. Occasionally life itself is NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION I I II H.Complainants L. Anderson Solicitor By fable-L.Godson. C sad decree and costs, H. M.
community: and we are sure of II I u :3
is visiting relatives for 'I the price ,of a mistake, but you'll I Special Muter I. CfctMtry.NOTICE .

good Christmas sermon from him. Department of the Interior Land 03ice at I
a short time. Mr. W. B. Hutchinson I never be wrong if you take Dr. Gainesville NOTICE.UlApplicatiauforTaDe .
Mrs. Johnson, of Grove Park Fla.,December 5, 1904 .
it expected to arrive Saturday. St' King's Xew Life Pills for dyspepsia, IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE -' -- 1 I
been visiting Mrs. Waite for the pas dizziness headache named settler has filed notice of Ui der section 8 ol t To All Persons
This reminds Uncle Joe of the ringIng I liver or bowel his intention to make commutation Interested
pratin Chapter ,
sup 4888 Laws of
few da 's7 trouble. port of his claim, and that said Florida. UNDERSIGNED
They are gentle yet thor proof will be THE GUARDIAN OF lirA
of wedding bells! made before Clerk IS HEREBY : seU
Court at Ocala, Fla.on NOTICE GIVEN THAT HKNUI- Sleep and Warren Leroy bet
ough. 25c. at & Co's nors, will p IIIit
Tydings drug 'January 10, purchaser of ant certificate at 3 o'clock p, m., oo
)Ir. A. D. Mitchel was from SOUTH LAKE WEIR. J905. No. loSS, dated the ad day uf
Nov., Friday
up A. D. the
s store. viz 1896, yth day
m I : Calliper Allen. ot Mattel, Fla. Homestead has Sled said certificate in of ttflllbr", rye/
Jlomosassa last week and spent several 32794: for the east hall rf north west quarter, of made application for tax deed my to office issue in and accord has By petition, apply to the Honorable tIDtMt:: ty '
Special Correspondence Ocala Banner. Mr. John B. Floyd is now a boni- southwest quarter northwest quarter andnorthwot ance with law. Said certificate embraces the Judge the of Manon county, Florida, at bit ot5e! ,:*t
of house
days with his family.We quarter southwest quartersection of following desciibedrroper in the city of Ocala fef
ty situated in Marion Florida
Mrs. A. W. Allan held an at homeat face. He is jointly interested in the I 20,township 13 south. range 21 east county. Florida towit title authority and to cell at private mole all the rsgbt
He the interest
I names following
witnesses 16
to his 23 chains the said
prove in minor
square the
understand that the Gaiterville( her beautiful residence management of the Grenada hotelat I continuous: residence upon and cultivation of northeast quarter of northeast southeast corner of have as heirs at law,of Henry 61 child. d r" tsuf
Friday quarter of :wea,
said land: viz: Dave Jacobs of Mattel Fla, tion s.township sec and to the following described Find
school 15
will have range ai.
no program this December 9th. Among the guests St. Augustine and its menu is Armsted Lewis of Martel of Martcl Fla. Henry The said land being assessed at the date of Marion county, Florida to wit: aitoM ta
Staggers ot Martel.Fla Hackless the The northeast
Christmas, as Miss Pasteur the Williams ot issuance of such certificate in the iar.eO quarter of section fire ( .> The
its attraction. In connection Martel, Fla. party unknown. 1 north hall of the S
were Mrs. Lawrence JonesIrs, with Unless said certificate coutheat and
shall quarter fire
Il W. north ballot
9 G. ROBINSON, redeemed the
teacher will spend the Register. according to law tax deed will bee southwest quarter ol tcctiiHi
"hollydays"M'ith Eugene Gates, Miss Mahon, Messrs. the hotel the managers run a poultry thereon-Witness on the 3d day of January, A. D. 1905. "' five west, (s) and the southeast quarter of the Berth-
her parents. This will be something my official signature and seal this the quarierotSectiosthmy.( ) All betel i.
Wistor A. Stokes and A. M. Baker, of farm and chickens, geeses, turkeys, NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LEAVE. 30th day ol November A.D. 1904. t.((25):>wn east: and ((12) couth, range twenty-*?*
unusual for Gaiterville. For TO SELL MINOR'S s.T SISTR U K, I containing a total of *
ducks acres, js t.pr*
squabs and 12-2 Clerk Cir as per
Chicago. Mrs. Eugene Gates played sucking pigs, are : Court :Marion County Fla. government ranrey..

many years past the school here has several beautiful solos the killed and sent direct from the farm JOBX: E. MARSHALL LILLIAS LLKHP HAMMOND,
on. piano GunU.D.
had IS HEREBY GIVENTHAT ON THE Att'q. for Guardian. .
an [interesting for the .
program and )Ir. Finzel sang. Afternoon tea to the table without going throu;h'toHonorable, January A. D., 1905. 1 will apply NOTICE S. !* >
Christmas I i Robert Bullo-, county judge in
exercises but then -
; pe r'was served in the English fashion the process of cold storage, and the I and for Marion county state of Florida, at his In the Circuit Court
i office in Ocala. in said of the Fifth NOTICE.
for Judicial
haps, we may look for a better program and an enjoyable difference is altogether in favor of |I authorizing me,as Guardian county of the minor an order heirs CUlt of Florida, in and for Marion County Cir,

for the closing exercises.Mr. afternoon was of the estate of Kate Fagan,deceased to sell .I In Chancery. In the Circuit Court of
spent. the former-it's like living .on the at private sale the following property belonging G. S. Scott,as: Receiver,etc., Complainant of Florida the Fifth Judicial C&rtolt
to said estate, vs. ,in and
to wit for
W. J. Wright, the magic-lan t I Hotel Lakeside is now open and farm. Besides 'poultry, eggs, milk, hall An of undivided south east ODe quarter filth and interest south In half the of north the 1 I C.TT V.IS McCoy ORDERED and Mamie THAT E:THE. McCoy, Defendant, in Chancery.Mirkm,"ot,.

ern man, gave Gaiterville the pleasureof has several winter guests. Now is cream, etc., fresh from the farm, the the n nonn northwest east quarter of, section thirty-four and JL herein named C V. McCoy DEFENDANTS and Mamie G.Benjamin S. Scott as Receiver, etc, Complainant. W. -
quarter and E'eicCoybeandthey F.
seeing Mt. Pelee and its great the opportunity for Ocala people to Grenada serves champaigne on its in of south township west quarter thirteen of south section northwest thirty:5te quart. 'all or appear before to the bill of complaint are hereby in this required cause on to Perry fondants and Sallie, D. ferrr, De

distraction, and also several other enjoy a week's fishing and shootingon bill of fare without. extra chargetwice I containing Florida- 360 acres in all, in range Marion nineteen county Munda tlie dui day January, J.. D., 1905, Lr herein IS ORDERED Ham 4- THATTHR DEFKSDAKt f

pictures, some being moving ones this beautiful lake. aweek. His Ocala friends Said interest in lands the" estate he It is further ordered that a copy or! this order D. Perry bf and Bent.they F perry and 6 Bie -
Special terms of the said Kate F. Fa:gun.deceased?to bee sold once a week for eight consecutive to appear to the bill of are hereby reqabed
which were of much interest to the for large parties. A nice hall ought to go over to "ye ancient c)ti for the test interest of said miner hears. weeks Done in the Ocala Banner. on or before complaint la this ClItH''
for this the
i This 8th day of Dec.. !904.u ijtb day of Ott: A. D.,
school children. Those who were: and "touch flesh" 94t [?SAL] S.T. 1904. the i*:J day January
dancing, good accotnodations and: with John Floyd. J.E. EACAN, Guardian Clerk SISTRUNK. It is further ordered A. D.. t9f<

fortunate enough to be present enjoyed excellent cuisine. R. L.Anderson and Wm. Hocker Circuit Court. be published once a week that for a eight tfcit erikt ':5 \
10:21 Sw Complainants weeks in the Ocala eonaeq U -
themselves to the fullest ex ADMINISTRATORS NOTICE TO CRE 0- NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LEAVE -- Solicitors. Dose this the ijth Banner of J
TO day Oct. A.'a

i TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Complainant's licito...
ORANGE AE. Special Correspondence Ocala Banner,, NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN TO CR 13th day ot January D. OV i jVUUtK t-H4*.
applytheto I IS -
cEons 1905 HEREBY
legatees distributees and all Hon.R. Bullock, innty T Tad 1> GIVEN THAT -----------
the ON --
judge in 24th ---
Our farmers claims day of --'-- x
are busy oats having or demands against the ol for Marion March I
sowing estate. county.state of Florida aThis to the ,1905 will
H. T. Vsvmana. deceased, to in Ocala in said office I county judge of.Marion apply NOTICE
present the county for order for county, .
Mr. C. C. Waits made an final Florida, -
authorizing settlement
a good shipment killing hogs and digging potatoes. samewithia two years to the undersigned 01 me as guardian of the minor heir of the- ministratrix the and discharge as the ad. .--

of fine English peas last' week.A Mr. J,3I. Mathews was called to ber they, 1904.will be barred. This the 4th day of Ottoprivate sal Jos.!the:)I.following Benton deceased, to sell at deceased.Done estate of Julia P. Johnson. In the Circuit Court of the P1Ilh I+siMN >;"
E, property belonging to the iTti day of of Florida, in CWAtt'\-
L. WARTMANN. estate, town: Lots October and for
great many fall beans have been Ocala Monday to sit on the jury. 10 7 ot Administrator. tourof Beacon's liub-divi-iolJ CIne,of two block three) thttty and 10 n 6m Mrs F.A.HORSE 1904. o.s. Scott, as *.-_, etc Marion. """atr, ,:,

shipped from this station bringing Rev. P. L. Prisoc went to Ocala e four benefit of Caldwell's of Mitchell Mclver addition Benton to be sold minor for the Administratrix. Wm. end1eton lad Zemuta CompJaies C. Prsd2rtml n..;:'

NOTICE TO of said Jas. a,.Benton, deceased. child Deleadsnta
splendid prices.BurryjRros. and who as such
Monday purchased a new bug gy minor owns a one-half undivided interest ADMINISTRATOR'S '
: are in the lead in Mr. said lots. Said land belonging to the estate of 5JMSSSSJM D &. *f n
shipping B. F.Bouchillon and his charming UNDERSIGNED the said jas. 1L Benton..deceased, to be be ADd and 2tB,$ 1;' .
lettuce sent off number THE as executor of HAVING the BEEN for the best interest of said minor heir sold NOTICE B Gn'EN to appear to the bin ot they are hereby rtqatred -
a estate
daughter, Miss Callie, were the Neat deceased notice is of McCcrmict This 9th day of December 1904-, day of THAT ON THE on or before complaint i. t h Its ".. '

of boxes yesterday.Mr. guests of Mr and Mrs. S. P. given to all creditors, legatees and distributees hereby, :2-16 CARRIE *. BENTON the estate adminIStrator' with January:the will, A. D, agog a JJonooUlAe 1JJ1j yR/Jar
Geigerlast of annexed of
and the
all persons having claims or demands 11_ Guardian llrs. Eliza Seep deceased It is urther rJ1, D. ;
C. C. Waits has hand against said estate to present my petition and ", I will be that a
on a big Friday. present the same within tobe final report and published onttT of thb otdtr ,:
two years. This 7th day of discharged as aUt' Wtek Cor .
December. A. such weeks iD eight ;
D the
administrator natc>;tlr.
stock of Christmas toys etc., "}ca hick We had quite a nice Sunday school 1904.16:8t HENRY. DICltSO FOLFErTA) HoD.county kobt, Florida.Bullock; county jUdge for Marion to the Done this the Ocala i5th BaDl1er.day 0' -'

Executor. Cure .tJ..... \V. E.ALLEN Od ,. J.P. >t! t. .
'realttcnb.5 Jnnrtd Admr.with wlnannezed. dT. ..ISTAL-- ".'_ _
,1904 R.I.. Aa.jerllOD Ctmlrt <
624 W.Hocker
Solicitor tat Complainant ii'
iafib n "" f

4. .b Si

.. J'

Z, rSAtt Z' ,. .. ........:. -.5 .. _, .....
!'fC;; .' c"...__-" .. "
: _
: .; > > ib "-
: i"1
.. .t f: _
; ;. .- .-.' .- 's4 ; '
,. -, '! :. < .
: \" _
'; +, '>-.'; ;::Sr '-',::' ;. .-.., -, ;,:: ."..' _.__ >r: 1. 5s_ 5 -
-a W ., { J.'* c ,,, ". .r _
r < ;-," ':
..._ -: .
'Uy '- --? : : J,
.r. :; : -
:i- : : .
y ,, ; '
: _;'fi. :;) "" ; :,
.. _-r ...,:' .;: O-r Ad.F"; ,"""!"' 'fV' "''''- : -. .


& OP _.
-- -
1 .. ." .' :


'> I
OCALA, rLORIDA. .:..;'._ :.



and 1YieDeei iQ Ifte Slate of FIoIiaa.WE .

._ f
.... -.- .

M I and d ClUbaTileLaiqesiftiskg r BG_NOT BOY Old B 00 kary -Ie. ;. ,.-.',-.
'. ._.
"Mellowed by the stealing hours of time"-SHAK. ,i Any second-hand ': : .' _
Kentucky Sour Mash.: .-T-: ; .:. .
Pure Ilyo TASTES old because it,IS old. It is a whiskey "which {time has { jugs at all, and do .. '
The bet Sour Mash Whiskey made, and we guarantee it to the trade.'
brought to ripeness." It is "written down old with all the characters of not charge any .'

age" Mellowness, Ripeness, Flavor. There are several so-calledy"Club"thing extra for Quarts, $1.50. Pints, 75c.
Whiskeys that are not Maryland Club. You can tell it by the taste new ones.............. Special Price by Twelve Quarts.

--- -

$3.25 I j Just One Minute I -

Carmichael Special -
We have been in the whiskey business for 20 years

i a .d have learned to buy the best on earth.
The Carmichael & Son Company. .
Direct from distillers and save the middle man's profit,
i r and then, just think, we have no rent to pay. We
This whiskey is five years old pure and unadulterated own our own property and manage our own business,
4 and is well matured. It is distilled especially thereby saving large salaries. Now, why can't, we
for medical and family use.o fan ily can afford to sell you the better whiskey at the same price than any
be without it. We will, on receipt of 83.25: deliver, 4! '. '' ]house in the south? We do, and will continue to do
wooden tress charge four full quart bottles, packed l so. We carry the largest and best assortment of fine
In box, with no mark except your address on whiskey of any house, no matter where located.
U x. J..Of' we will deliver two full quart bottles,
Him as above. Bear in mind that if you want to fur- We Fill All Orders Promptly, a

Wish your own jug, pena it to us by express prepaid, The same day they arrive.' Send us your orders and

awl semi! us express receipt (marked paid) with your "...__ ..,, __". 'i be convinced that we are the best and cheapest whiskey
ortlt1't and deduct :35 cts. per gallon from these prices. 'r" y people on earth. -

Yellowstone Whis ey. I Yellow Label Whis ey. !

....Male and Guaranteed by.... ." .
,. } Absolutely Pure.

Taylor & Williams

$' 14 50 4 Quarts... ..... .... ... .T.. .... SG.OO Delivered
1' "
KENTUCKY. qn I. ------------
lOUISVUU fl.OO 1 Quart... .. .. .. .... .... .... 1.50 Delivered
4 q uart5------------ : .
\\e Olaim everything for it, and customers claim it 1 quart ____________ 1,1,2i 1 Pint .... .... .... .....'..'. .... 75 Delivered -

jlid bit on earth. 1-3 Pint.. .... .... .. .. .. .. ',' ..t.< Delivered.
I Quart.. .. ... .... .... .... .... .. .... .... 1.50..
4 Ouarts. .. ........ .... .... .... .. .... 0.00.. i I Write for Price: on Twelve Quarts Delivered.If .
1 Ant. .. .. .. ...... .. .... .... .... .75. .
r _

GarmichaeJ's GorlerPure Rye Whiskey. / .

nine old. and solS for 81.25 but we have decided to
will never regret it, It''s years formerly per quart put
you will give us a trial order I for this whiskey we' are sure you
One Dolla.r.Ve cannot even sell it any less if you would buy one hundred quarts at once. We beg of you to
it down at a standard price, and from October 15 we will sell it for
will refund money. Don't forget the price-One Dollar per Quart.
and your
1 try just one corker, and if you are not pleased break it over a stump we 3

Were With You
Three and a half bottles to a gallon; Sl.25
per gallon. Try this, and if not tickled to ;
:1 w a. \Vhen it comes to Groceries They are al- death then we are mistaken in the goods, ''
I I '" U ways fresh, and our prices generally and you do not know how to appreciate a I "' .

little lower wlien quality good thing when you see it. sis I.a

considered. i-( -

Market Price Paid for CountryProduce : Rye Sl.Su per Gallon._ 81 Half Gallon.

Gin 81.50 per Gallon.. $1 Half Gallon. .
of All Kinds. _
; !' Corn $1.50 per Gallon. 81 Half Gallon

n Prompt Given to Orders by Si ail. !. Nothing extra charged for Jugs. '

Carmichael's Pet.N !t

; EIGHT YEARS OLD Indianapolis Brewing Com' .,' '

Full Quarts... .... .... .... ... .. .... Si 00 BREWERS AND BOTTLERS.Indianapolis .

v ;= j;_ Four full quarts delivered... .... ... 400 Ind.,. U. S A.

''I%II J J ; Twelve full quarts delivered.... .... 11 00 ; Keg Beer, $3.75.

:. = : All beer kegs must be returned. 81 will be

THREE FE THERS. refunded for same when rec'eived. ? ,.

; Talk of being tickled, if Three Feathers f
wholesale dealers in A. B. C.
We are
J. wont tickle you get six. This is one of the 1 3
BEER tees beer on ear. Brewed from .
finest whiskies on earth, and we have re. imported hops by the American Brewing Co.

duced the price to $2 per quart. I St. Louis, Mo.


; .
... .gV


u : w v c '4>.a :
;w r+ 3


'f: '-" "''--:::_-..:3'r:f; :s .::.. 'r'' : : :: _: : '--'r;;,.'':.:.:..-',''I-_--:::_"':'::'_.;'_n.:::::.7::.':.:.::..-.':_'.::-.- ''._'.'_':''.:.'.-'-_'-'.-_.:.,.:._-.-_':.' ...:........:.._--. ,-_..:s--;... ....._'-a-aJ'J' '.:.'': '- _:' "':' .a.--' ;._..''--':._r't: : .'t ':):;' : 'i.". :_'e f-;.'.',!:( '.,:_-_ '- -.' '-.-.''-- -' -"_--'*" ."'--=' N:.''$_._':'-.:",:.''Y r'.k: ._'.-'Nr:'_H P,-_\i;:=-.-.i.--:QJ_;' ':"-"'-:'-'c'; _.. ::. .-. ... ;- _.,: .

< I t ,

: ,I'AGE

Pitt FENCILINOS.Oc ltiH11t141" " "t!"411t1H1111P1t111tt19t11ItIN1111flti11111f" " " " " "Ifltlf" "111itl1nnnnrnnmm" " " "nrrr"-
Cete.rwdeae 8.nnerafr.
C. I:. Thomas and his lovely ....
bride, of Ocala, pent several days
here vUlting relative while on their ABEl I TEA. PO's' JAKE
H edding tcur a few days since.
Charley U very popular here at the :: \. .I :::
home of his childhood among the ,
j lturtU and pine, and his charming := r :
young wife added to her already ,
large lUt of friends and admirers the '
entire population of our little village. [ : CROCRY. .
DtrL Thomas was formerly Mi*. :
Kurlnnehnlght of Citronelle. Shei
both beautiful and accomplishedand .1- I" ......
--- .
)Ir. Thomas U to be highly conrntul.tt,1 --- -......
f .....
upon the winning of such .
A prii*. Thy are comfortably domicM \ "

E ix4 lJ"I.t. the Ocala resiwasible, where jtocition)Ir. Thomas of sec z= Good Flour is one of the essential products of 3E

rotary of the Ocala Foundry & MacWne -
i Work. --
'Mr. and Mr*. James Caldwell and Good Bread Cakes
? "UiwJe Peck" Tompkins. of Lock- or Pies. We recommend the |

IKwa,an visiting at the horse Shoe .-.-..-.. .
Farm. --
Mf..r*, Angus Monroe and Louis the best
JUU went to Ocala Saturday. OBELISK as being to be had. Always uniform 3

)lr. and Mm. W.L.Martin and son,
--- .....
Orady pent Sunday in Ocala the

j .anJ f JrtU)Ir.of and Mr.Mm and J.Mrs.M.C.Martin.E. Thomas E E in Quality and has'always proven that it is to be depended j

f Several of the young people from -- .
Fine attended an oyster roast at the s
Mradowt Saturday night. E
Mr. George Carlton, superintendent I 3
of the Kendig grove, has had a 1
-- : ......
Urge force of hands busy for the past --- ...... .
few day pick.ng, packing and shipping

-. grrice Thomas the and large Rrot.grapefruit.crop, are of putting oranges in,about tan 'F 1 The Hornsby & Co's Cereals are world wide known as

75 1f.IIn oats at the Horse Shoe

Farm.Mr. Angus Mouroe is making, some I T being the Standard to go by. The brand of their different

addition to his residence.

\ Cane grinding PETER are numerous STANDLEV.Dr cereals is "H. 0._"' Always in buying Oatmeal Self-

II. J. Hampton, a practicing ,
physician of Tamp, has been found

E ligence guilty cf and him manlanghter-tli6 carelesne3 being< criminal in performing nfg4 castsgatnrt 4t raising Buckwheat, Hominy, Breakfast Wheat, Whole Wheat :

;- tilted a in surgical'he death operation of a patient.which re- EF Flour, etc. See that the package is marked! D..i ." '..

i .....
.... ,'
FOLEYSE ':. ">f.-_ ":.!: .. ;-:c;
r e/
We have the English Walnuts. Brazil
Nuts Pecans
HONEY ,. Large Jumbos,
.i ..-:: etc., Strained Honey in bottles, Full Line Cheese, i Ib-pkgs. Dates, i IV. ..

and TAn pkgs. Figs, also 5 and ID'S, Pop CornAlmonds, shelled and in the shell, ::

: CURESCouglisandOolds ::: Fine Cluster Raisins, Cleaned Currants, Evaporated Fruits a.- full ass't. 3'
: Also Fancy Crackers in bulk and pkgs. Mincemeat? Jellies, Jams, Cran3..

PREVENTS :-- berries. and in fact everything. necessary to complete a first class Grocery

,. Pneumonia ConsumptionFoley's and :: Store, A visit to our store will convince you of the Grade and Quality .--

and assortment is of the features .
Honey and Tar not only one principal ::
tops the cough,but heats and strengthens E: ......
the lungs and
prevents serious results .....
from a cold. _. __
: : :: :: '- -": _-: _::
There is no danger of Pneumonia, c51 .=:
Consumption or other serious lung "

,r Is born trouWe takeo cough if as Foa*it-th win>*"'s dangerous cure Honey the most and kind stub Tar that :..,: : We Handle the (ing Mup1eSyrup.' It[t is Pure. 3

cttle* OQ the lungs and
, may develop (III
Into pe am0iua over night.It .
you have a cough or cold do not ::
and rink PawnkMiA Tar will when cure you Foley's quickly Honey and GIi II Besides all these fancy and choice Groceries we have
ire*gtba your lungs .

Honey Remember and the Tar-and name _refuse Foley'a any :0: full stock of Staple Goods. .

with fubsutute some offered.unknown Do: p-rpantioa not take chances: that ... .. ._ : : .:;
costs you the s.une'hen you can jet
Foley's Honey and Tar, that costs .
you no more and is safe and certain: Seed Oats Chicken Wheat
in results. Contains no opiates. E Cooked Cow Feed.

Cured After Physicians Said Ho
Had Consumption.
E. H. Jones, Pastor M. E. Church .
Grove, Md.,, writes: "About seven .
eight years ago 1 had a very severe cold I Yours for Repeat Orders
which physicians said was very near F ,
pneumonia and which they afterwards
pronounced consumption. Through .
a -. "" : -
friend I was Induced to try a -----
Foley's Honey and Tar,which sample gave no of .:. .....; '.';;;.'.;
much relief -t1I "'
that I bought some of -- -- '
the .. -- '': c
regular Ie. Two or three bottles -' -

cociamption Cured BC of what, and the 1 have physicians never had called any :..:
troubto with my throat or Icsgs shea: .. TEAPOT I
thAt time" .... GROCERY.

Three sizes-2Sc,Sfc,$1.00. ..
The SO cent size contains two and .... .... !,,
oce*half times as much as the small sin
.. .
and the $1.00 bottle almost six times :-.:'.
At nuch .... ,,

1Latoltdt SILO e AKD Dn g RECOMMENCED prrq '+BT_ " ""i""i"'U'UU".U"'UUUUUUUUUtuuuuuuuuuuu." '" ,

.""u"" ... .

., (J
-!. .-' ."' -
;:- : :5s.::",,;-1i v: 'o'6!-k .

.- ...-...--.-' r .

The Ocala banner
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Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for 1884 later called new ser. vol. 2.
General Note: Editors: T.W. Harris, F.E. Harris, C.L. Bittinger.
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Full Text



I ti First Section:: [ jf A LA Ij AN N 13 R Pages I to 8

aar. .

The paper "Of the People, for the People and by the _People.' _

a .o...

VOL.> AXXIX, NO 22, 1 OOALA, FLORIDA, FRIDAY. DECEMBER: 16, 1904 00 ..I.. \ 1 lE 1R --


f Miss Hitche'l'S Card Party I I OCALA'S SIEET CARNIVAL. Auction Sale of Horses.
. : fa:9BBBE: aagaae r '
i Miss Grace Hatchell was the hos- Notwithstanding the rain Wedne

tess of a very charming card party For the past week Mr. N. C. Watts, FOR EIGHT YEARS day the auction sale of horses adrer*
H1 w I
to. Tuesday night. The party was given. I II the advance agent of the Jones and Used to take place at Standley&Co'.

SEE OUR at the lovely home of her aunt, :Mrs.C. ;i Adams Carnival Company, has been in stables, attracted quite a large crowd

A..Liddon and was the 'first of a our city, perfecting the arrangementsto and the entire stock of hones and
hold a carnival from January 9 to We have pursued the
number of pleasant affairs that will mules were sold, the prices ranging
XMAS CARDS 14, 1905. He has succeeded in inter-
be given by the younger, set duriag esting the Ocala Rifles and will hold policy of looking after from 60 to f 100. The horses measured -

December. :Miss Hatchell was very the carnival under their auspices. ThisIs up fully to what was said about

ta AND tD pleasantly assisted by her cousin, the same company Mr. Frank Math- only that part of other I I I Ipeople's i|I them in the printed circular and

Miss Johnnie Liddon, and Miss Eloise ews of our city traveled with for those persons fortunate enough to attend -

" \ ., t1LEND'lIRS fIUJ Miller. eighteen weeks, and Frank speaks in the sale secured some very
the highest terms of the organization.Mr. business whichtheyvoluntafrily
There six tables of splendid bargains.
were prjgres-
J Watts, with Captain Nash, has I'
sive whist.livhich: was enjoyed for several seen each member of the city council entrusted i Mr. Standley lid the crying and

hours after which a salad and an who is in town, seven in all, and Mayor did it well. lie is a good auctioneerand

ice served. Edwards and showed them letters and it was no fault of hU that the
course was
posT mUG I I to our care. .
4 telegrams from the different mayors bidding was not more spirited.
SIDR.L Miss Hatchell and :Miss :Miller kept.
and committees in the cities where the
the scores, and the prizes, J, lovely"hatjpin
company has played recently, and all
i' 133 P3WBBE9B and scarf pin, were won by ef them spoke in the highest terms of I HOLIDAY SHOPPING

:Miss Annie Mathews and Mr. Charles the company. Munroe & Chambliss

' Moore. The company has played Camden, MADE EASY.

: a8:8E:
ville and Edgefield S. C., and is now Ocala Florida. Write For Our 100-Page Catalogue
Miss Peysei;gave several instrumental -
playing in Branchville, S.. C. ,From V __.1
and vocal solos, which greatly there to S. C. thento
SARA ELIZABETH HARRIS; LOcal Editor. hey go Sumner ; .
enjoyed.Miss Valdosta, Ga.; then to Live Oak,
tion," "American Vaudeville," "Bold
Hatchell's guests included Fla., for a week and on to Ocala. The I
Bank Robbery," "Jolly Joe," "Bize, the
t. :ti LOCAL ,HAPPENINGS X I, Misses Eloise Miller, Edna nozier, gustine.company then expects to go to St. Au- Australian Wonder," merrygoroundand

Pauline Sullivan, Jessie Palmer, Lu- Ferris wheel; also the Great Train
Our people are promised a treat anda _
Louise Harris Annie 'Robbery, where you have the novelty of
lu :Moody, surprise when this carnival reaches i
seeing a regular Western hold-up of an
Miss Jessie A. Owens and _her Call and get prices on watches, Mathews, Allie Van Jnhan, Gertrude Ocala.
express train, see the bandits force the
niece Miss Alice Owens, of Sparr, jewelry, umbrellas and toilet articles, Peyser and her guests, Misses Della The location for the carnival will be I telegraph operator to deliver false orders 4
at BuR ETT's. the lot east of the A. C. 1.
pent Wednesday in Ocala. Moses and Daisy Kurniker, of Co- passenger I see them kill the express messenger -
depot and also the one next to the
I )Ir. Robt. Adams, who is the guestof Iambus: Ga.;:Measrs. Robert Math- armory., :Mr. Watts has contracted fora blow open the safe and rob the express -
Mr. Clarence J. Smith, of Lake car; see them held up and rob
his sister, Mrs. Thornton Burford ews, J. H. Workman, Irby large amount of printing and will
the kill the fireman, force
Weir was in the city Wednesday Stringfellow, will leave in a few days Hai ry Clark,Purdy Richardson, Harry : thoroughly advertise the country' for passengers
the engineer to cut his engine loose and
- z shaking hands with his host of friends. for Ocala.-Jacksomille Sun. Palmer, John :Sullivan, Ardis miles around and expects to bring one carry them away. Then the operator
of the biggest crowds that the town
Waterman, Harry Walters, H. A. gives the alarm. They are tracked by
1;; The Ocala Football team will play Mr. A. P. Phillips, of Lynne, was has known in many a day. He also ,
Daniel, Charlie Moore and Mr. and the cowboys and finally captured aftera
, the J. L. IT8., of Jacksonville, during in the city Wednesday on his way to expects to put on a "queen contest," desperate fight.
Mrs. Arthur Clark.
and the lucky young lady will receivea
t. the Christmas holidays.' Blackshear, Ga., where he goes to In addition to the above, there are
handsome diamond ring.
Card Club Entertained. three good free acts daily-something
bring his family to this county.Mr. __
II" The handsome to
We are selling china, quality considered paper billingthe
doing all the time. Band concerts every -
' at bottom prices. Miss Violet Harris charmingly en- town and country will arrive in a
J. C. Pill:ins, the, merchant- half hour. .
' BURNETT'S. tel tained the young ladies card club few days, and the town.will be billed
r postmaster at Electra, was in town like for a circus. Will exhibit in Ocala one week, Jan- No. 1044 Sterling Silver

3 Mr. William Moore Angus, of Jacksonville Wednesday laying in goods for the Wednesday afternoon. In spite of Now this is to help the boys along, uary 9 to 14.Bilious. :Vounted Cologne 1.13.
the bad weather nearly all of the 1
, is in the city registered at. holiday trade. so everyone should turn out and puta Engraved and sent prepaid toujtou *7

r ) the Oeala House. members were present and a pleasant shoulder to the wheel and make it Colic Prevented. address retell t cf |rU*.
, )1 r. Henry Gordon is in Ocala to- afternoon was spent playing progressive a howling success. Take a double dose cf Chamber- -
t Dr. Baton Lindner was in Ocala day. He will be installed as sheriff whist, after which a chafing Votes for the queen will be one cent I. lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea

i W..lntiday standing an examinations January 3, and will makehis home in dish supper was prepared.The each so boys turn out and vote eaily Remedy when the first indication of GI EEt lEAF tCROSBY
, and often for your best girl and make
, I before the state medical board. Ocala. prize for points, a blooming the disease appears and a threatened CO -
her of the carnival, and win for
-------- queen attack be warded off. Hundredsof
, : $' Tampa Bay lIot-e 'has been Hon. Samuel W. Teague, one of Christmas begonia, was won by Visa her the diamond ring. people may use the remedy in" this way Jewelers) & Silversmith..

: Ixttgfct by the city and will again be Ocala's substantial citizens, is on Barco and the one for games, a stock The shows consist of "Fairy Land," with perfect sucess. For sale by all' 41 W. Bay St. Jacksonville, FU

a business trip to Tallahassee.-Tallahassee and set of turnovers,was won by MissEloyse 'Mysterious Miss Jones" "Old Planta- druggists. m ,
. e I .....t an a hotel.
Izlar. ...
, Capital. y- -- '
Irk at our umbrel'as' before buying \ -- I. Miss Harris' guests were Mrs..D.S. -
: l 1i 1i 1 ff ;.ijE tf .I1'f
. aid get prices, ata Messrs. G. K. Robinson, H. B. Woodrow, Misses :Mary Anderson,

. w llUR ETT'S. Clarkson and G. S. Scott have goneto Sue Barco, Esther Weathers, Hattie .

" Panasoflkee to enjoy a hunt for Meta Jewett Valeta Potter,
i little of
Mr*. Wilson and sons
: ; saveral days. Eloyse Izlar, Gertrude Pereda, John- i
. ;1 MwtMre, Oa., are the guests of Mrs. Watches Diamonds

: }i W...*.'. sister, Mrs. Whitfield at thetbtww Col. W. N. Camp and Miss Lucy nie Liddon, Janie Woodrow, Louella
; returned home Wednesdayfrom Gary and Sara Hairis. r a, ,
., i;: e betel. Camp
. '-'" a brief visit to Sarasota. Col. Attempt at Housebreaklng.

0 Mr. Otte Grothe, who has been in .
that is on a
Camp reports Saraspta At about 9:30 Wednesday night some
. Yotkathe few is in
; New past years
. big boom. I one attempted to break into the residence -
. tee ey on \Uit to his father. Dr.
:: Gratl*. Major L. T. Izlar returned home of Mr. E. P. Thagard. Mr. Clocks. 41 #) Chains

Wednesday from a short visit to Thagard was away from home, Mrs. .
S Ilryr4t polled a million more votes sick and the little i Y
: Columbia, S. C. He was accom- Thagard was girls M. V'
. than Qrevw Cleveland and considerably but tele-
e panied home by his daughter-in-law, were badly frightened,
ware than a million more than to T. C. Hall and witha -
. Mrs. Marion Izlar, of Anderson, S. phoned Maj. ,

..' r' Parker. S., who will spend the winter in party, he was soon on the scene, }
+tr : Silverware
but the of the Sterling>
ringing telephone
.f the
: The fall of Mrs. Chadwick and Ocala.
alarmed the would-be housebreaker,
fall of Port Arthur have beep grist to Wednesday Dr. S. II. Blitch, of
" r. and when Maj. Hall and his posse t
UM newspapers. What would we Ocala, and Dr. H. M. Taylor, of
. arrived, be, had made good his escape.
bw itee without them? Crystal River, of the state medical
:: 1. He, however, left his tracks (which TEA. TABLE A:3
board, examined quite a number of
: )Jr. anti Mrs. Edw. Holder, of were quite visible) behind him and
the of medi- ,
for practice
df Ooate, He the guests of Mr. and Mrs. applicants Mr Hamp Chambers went out to

-: : KtloMMwi Sterling Spencer, en route cine in this state. the Marion Farms, procured some

.. i to C ice Jacksonville Sun. Col. W. B. Wilson and wife, of blood hounds, placed them on the e

.., Charleston, S. C., are in Ocala for a scent and we hope before this paper
.", : Hv. W. A. We4r is sent to Cotton
Dunnel- i few days and are guests at the Ocala reaches its patrons he will have cap- e t r t rx4 li4 R.v '
Austin to
: I1Bt, JUv. Q. F.
BellS House. Col. Wilson is largely inter- tured the scamp. -. -' '-'-"' -... I
4), lOll aptl Port InfjH*; Rev. M. T. b* 'I _
ested in timber lands near this city.
I toHedtttek; Ifcv. A. M. Kenny to Wedding! Announcement.

4[ Anthony circuit. The Ocala Bazaar is determined to Major and Mrs. Lauriston Theodore ,

..., i -'- w---- be outdone by no other store in i Izlar have issued cards announcing _

.. :,. THENEXT Ocala this season. Santa Claus is I the marriage of their daughter, Eula

.. having his opening there now. The Lee to Mr. Clifford Lucien Anderson,
whole story is told in a 3-column ad. on Monday, November the twenty-
in today's Banner. eighth, one thousand, nine hundred
and four, at Spartanburg, South Car- .

The policeman's billy should never olina. The cards have in one corner
to Ocala we wants .
come attempt to be fashioned into an the following: 'At home,352 Camp-
'). you to visit our store.
editorial pen-the misfit is as greatas bell avenue, Roanoke, Virginia, after -

We Don't Claim the effort to make a silk purse out December tenth. $3-5o to $20.00.

of a sow's ear. The newspaper
I Big Presbytarian
be converted into a
; should never
The Tampa Bay Hotel has been
CHEAPER than Its mission is altogetheron
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cleanest and most up-to-date in Miss Myrtle Fennell, who has been come a great Presbyterian college. J

Ocala. We will appreciate a spending the past ten days in Ocala 'EWE-

\1.1 t.Ii with Mrs. Lee Miller returned to her PISOS CURE FOR

0. K. GROCERY home Miller at and Gainesville her other Friday.guest Mrs.Miss t CURES WHERE ALL ELSE FAILS G. B. Weihe, Souti) Side of Square Ocalo, Fla.'f .

Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. I
Christian Cook, of Brooksville, accompanied lisa in time. Sold by druggists.CONSUMPTION.

Clark Bros. Miss Fennell home to be

::ext to Benus. J her guest for several days. _



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swt'U.t VIE AIL R AoD COMMISSION I know the Spanish War is over, or if J senate was called to order today JIr.Gallinger .

t they yet hug their unbelief of the 'iPEAGHMENT OF | from the committee on dig

tract of Columbia: : re-,,rtcd a reeoJutionI .XMAS GOODS. Ii
( BE ABOLISHED{ ? possibility of the interior helping
E I granting the use cf the pensicn building -
themselves, without th+ir consent, I SWAYNE NOW SURE I! for the inaugural lrLMr. !

; with the hundreds of thousands of Biilty "eJ the
expret opiaiw .
_... ._____ -- --
e ""tI"{'"/ lr M Promlfltftt Ship- I T I
dollars in freights, moving towards |i that the jrabKc:: bull"ings should not
p/.t' tit* Way Out of Our I be used for such because of
Resolution Introduced In Con purposes
the gulf over private tracks, a fitting ]i
o,atl_IU/1. i the loss: of tine
Ii We Lave them this year in emiit** variety.y .
monument to their and ability
capacity .
UL'ata tl,'., Pec. 11, 1904. grass to That Effect "I suppose>> he said "that a Demo
as railroad men. They are yet I crat f IS not erected to say anything! t
I fills alit 0 the ts..a e+ratf.
I stale mHto much arti asleep and knojr as little of the real I HIGH MISDEMEANOR THE 8HARG. ;; conwrnlcs tko inauguration but .
your seems to me that if the position! c'I Toys. Dolls.

vi- .'to..I.... lUllrv Commission requirements and possibilities of enterprising II Evidence I I I secretary of th einterior! !in refusing to I .
i Showed
that the Defsndant
W AMIW4?" .\ho your 1 hustling interior producers i:! assume any rtiponsibility!: In the casett

criticinut I I and their territories as the czar of Wis Not a Resident of Florida and i| should he taken on any subject
.1Y.1tM 4f f *, specially so ;
Russia. knew of the the Charges Preferred Against Him s concerniag which! I hare i>Ave doubt-
.... luna
... i I before the war, and I predict theirI Otherwise Were Sustained.
....1DI..W1.; the "l, pe" I It (t Is about his size." He announcedhis

wwi MM .'Mnwul" Ur the ipeop I j j i awakening will be as sarprisingly Washlntwa. Dec. H.-When tiej I t purpose not to make further opposition .. .

I! pleasant. Therefore, disturb them Mcli-e d repreeoatatiies net today it to the n.asure. .
.., 1 arrest t** mere Intelligent i
: lad a serious duty to puform-that The resolution! was agrwa to.
i not, but let us in this section
; put our
.. wIaWa nM it seaport towns | of paaaing ou a resoiatioa hiring for The senate t>>tIl at the instance c Also Fancy Goods from which 1M
I: can 1AJ14
heads you
shoulders and dollars J
..._II LI feN! or tttlmt from the less togetherand ita purj>o-
; MtlntJW anti. fit; da* In the do as the Dunnellon Phosphate -leme>iQar of Federal Juds Chas.- for adj.urnment for the Christ For Your

2 I' Company has done, own and maintain Sw&jne. erf t1e'nonhl"ru district of i mas holiday extending from December
Ftori.1&t the last session a major 19 to January 4.
a road to water transportation
I 'aMw Hut K yea wIll faimllsatey Itr of toe coacitte ca the judiciary I :: Sweetheart ;
I facilities. This is not only feasible fax favor '
Meao pNt rei;' -.M1 will find that report* of peaclit-eat: but NEWS TERSELY TOLU.

and practicable, but the only way we un& r a rdiolution: the committee wsjIcstructed .I .
Ilr tr-W..4 .'tt.-wN are doing I I
shall get what we need to defeat the I to take farther testiciony I Secretary Taft and his party left
tlrit lest to *uit lw "l ?pItt and : wad ia a report submitted to the house I Pensacola at t o'clock this afternocaon Wife,
I present unjust discriminations i
fiM tt ., w. aht>
I our section .by railroads, and avoid'! was declared that the additional: testIr to Washington. Or Evan
mar r-t itr# iOef lat a I trengthIn r I
I the Jacksonville toi -g to system, aslegalized Twenty-one vessels of the Russian
ttt-i tti-k latrii fcrimination in I r :1'
by the railroad; cvmzuision.Till i I second Pacific squadron hare arrived : Husband I
Mree d Yht "1 .A". a* aforesaid I West Afrlca.
this is done blame not the Metropolis at ilossanedes Portuguese .
tfcw tk jr at*. |MV. tt be ezee dingi I}' I i I If f I I t tr ts : ., bound westward. N i We have beautiful China and Gknwunr ud frci "
for giving us the only i i to
t.anf.. ki a*. ugr I1flikes of theirs; f proper J Lord Canon of Keddleston resumed .
and business like abvice obtainable; ; of : of India Ttert a complete line of
cfice viceroy
tetMhu .. UM hK r>tats railroad I r today as 11..1 GNb.
to Jacksonville. I II brilliant in tic council
I moIng i,I was a jstfcerics I
[-if" fl ui _all regulation*. i
Ten to fifteen thousand dollars iI chamber to wttces5 the> eewaecy ['
H JNM t-rt4r ear to Investigate I ... .. I _
A sill stiaxr was driven. &* o4tr
each, sa>cribed by our business men,
f.S 'MS W Hut a fecle firm in oar i I a galetib n: near ta. mouth f
with the issuance of some bonds, will I Oar Isne of
km. y.tor fc.$fc* .stlWishmln of of the Spcr. In Swtraci. Tt* wfeolt .
yield the desired results. This has allbtea .. Vf ti
erevre n.mterin! 1t wee drowned.Ja1gt'
H V' nttnMd commJssioc
|NNf t
carefully into and !' Dress
gone delays Goods
jf&t dMr ln<.ki* t+e vkale ile AlpLtt SWs.Il will net be in a P'sr Shoes,
I Ij"
.1 d fan; IN1 to ttHti: hundred depending upon railroad promises oft :ton to b* wr t \hi Christrra .

t i looking into natters:and commissions 'Gents' furnh
I :; ;. Qlngs. t
cow-1.a' ( hunting up urther evidences from .
1 ito "_Time 3Ir. L.a w oa Eai ke have !
i railroads etc i* a farce, ia which I
lk. mmm .f aM "paof," thisiMyjviyowr i wtued: iadl firs, CAadwiek bad S
our interior manhood the role Is compete II
plays "
... .... j ttoaN I
leatrf rr tin:$h2d her:1 et. efeo<$Tcaa watch

t. .... .., ; MM WiIW Maj: paid i of Simon: Simple. two whirl dertishes :s./i/ tnc;. I i y; Don't forget" our Millinery line wWch In ewtd 110 !

.. Yours truly, YGE 1<0
W 1M ....t. a d tt dadn: (!) t ..
t Is eouU b ? worse-better to h3n a much favorable talk.
.. iMtfto I* M Ocala ftrra of from ). til .eFsr.

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Full line up to date firework* hli .1 .
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hrww tttttawi .. wWce toke! i tr i, H:?rt? there are two wee wfcidt tide 9 .l I( 3 Dito r UMBER I | Gage Tailor Made Hats. and be IT!

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tWr a.rit... Dry Sites, Fkisriag and CeiSa?. \i
b Mite sisj*!* traukitejtf riiiIk! 31r X: ii\[ Yours .\ niic'Ui t,
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