(I* gnu and tangle of the patbs t1(. only IIIlly were free. But he could not -4' tance-Villages Captured. of them. pay the amount decreed to tile tattt

mow partly lu greenery with two slim think of supplanting Fully, even supposing Gyang Tse Thibet, July 7.-The assault They are/r. Send postal cantGERMAN CLIFFORD Mailer Alta rr. Mac hfllM r.,.

white, baud, now letting the hands fall it lay in his power. Should of the British troops on the Jong Hew Terk- :\ue.KALI. Street WORKS

at bvr side while tiLe htoopwl lower. be speak out. with the chance of making (fort) Is now In progress. or
Would rather had a- few Atlanta, NO flCE OF APPLICATION
you G.-n Sa. Bntad st.IT'S FOR -Eft"'T' s
Itft'flh'; at home small bare space. himself! and those other two un- They have already captured the I TO SELL LIQUORS, WINES AND SEER r

"I t-au't rowe Betty' be heard the I t app ever after or hold his peace so for the next ten days, July, fringe of villages at the base of the I

learvttT ay plaintively "You know and enjoy the riches fickle Fate h'ad rock. The Thibetans are fiercely re

the bracelet's my maS'Ot.unt Helen prodedftrr! all he did not really sisting. WHEREAS: .MACRICK.Strati.. A UTRAUMt Co has tM IMMMO wttli ;

tab ao wben she gate It to we." know. The stonecutter might easilyhave 9th to 19th the Board ol County Coiumii...t. far afara
Gurdon of the Thirty county Fla., his applieu>a hr p.dI .. eta
\ mighty poor mascot" Betty re carved a hundred of the cameos.
second Sikhs, is among the killed. liquors wines and beer la Klct-ttoa tMrt ese
torted.I'd brow It away rather than Then too. was it certain sweet Milly of said county and state any cttiaa ., a4
wear It-.rubblsh thing. It's ten years was the heir? There might be others You can have your pick of election district may .how can**. M a.* tk M
TORNADO WRECKS TRAIN. be, It the mertiar the board M b* .... ra
since you got it and we are just the with a stronger claim of blood. If she onday.the tit dayol AugaU seal. .., ... :
same'i u.r as church mice yet boundto were in poverty in privation even be any shirt in our store for5Octs- should not be f anted

live up to the Morris lime. Besides, could not hesitate. But that could not Flyer Blown from High Bridge by a FOR Clerkthe Board of CMItI"lIlt.*.T. hiiTKdaK._ Its

toothing but bad luck could hang about be poverty wl.ich had all the ease and Terrific Storm. Marion manly Ha. t_+

that little old ugly cameo." I delight of gentlewomanly existence to Springfield Ills., uly '/.-A Chicago

hardy drew back embarrassed. Evidently say nothing of Billy Graham and his Peoria and St. Louis passenger train NOTICE

Le \ YOU !
meant for stranger ears. lie was on I self to hurry luu-k to the city. take out was blown from the bridge at Peters. A. E. l>eloue admiaUtrator with wilt ...

the point of running away when a cry the accusing graved stone and poundIt burg by a torna'do.Baggagemaster flexed of Ed. Uelouett gives tali.. tiM M taw

of triumph. turning quickly to terror to powder. Suddenly, somewhere Thoman Wiley was /itk diiy./ tVHWr, tea.*

arrested him. Instantly he darted forward high above his iJl-:1d.-l robin sang: clear (For Men Only.) killed cind 15 or 20 passengers were county he will judge present for his final acowt4 seub me.t sad vtttffctia a" eat w far the s

to see the mascot's owner upright and gay. The sound brought back to injured. DRINK discharge. This 9th day o< >>..... MM
and rigid staring at a twig where him a country church-himself a restless 311 em 6m A1anle.w..... ,*..

tier bracelet hung just above the beat I little boy sitting at his mother's Costly Fire; Jewels Lost. -.. --. .---- -- -

of a ('OlIt"llnl1 hissing snake. side and suddenly growing calm as together Run 50c.) '.,-tc. 79c. Soc. )8c. 81.23 New York, July 7.-In the fire which) NOTICE.Of .

"110\" ever shall I get it?" the girl they got to their feet and repeated has destroyed the Cammack nouse, at

dt'lUandf'ol. laying her hand appealingly in unison with the rest the Tuxedo Park, N. J., the jewels of Mrs.
Application for Ta Deal gala ... e
oa Lls arm while Betty looked on Lord's Prayer. Come early and Bernard P. Steinman, of New Orleans, aM
Chapter 4%*.Laws ol ........
aghast Hardy smiled down at her "Lead us not into temptation but deliver worth several hundred thousand dol
made a stroke or two with his stout I us from evil." It rang in his ears: get the best for lars NOTICE I* HERKBV OIVBN IHAT T. f.
were probably so damaged that ,purchase' U i eetlt ijtl t ita 1141
cane flung away the writhing r(Ptlle.1 like the voice of a friend. lie had they will be worthless hereafter. The dated the 6th <*ay of A lilt II>L. A. B yet ....
then picked the bracelet out flung himself face down upon the mossy j made application for tea deed to taat !. a*
I cottage was valued at nearly $1,000- cordauce with law baid crtM att twhfacte
green ambush and held it toward itsowner I turf. Instantly he was up and racing THE GREAT the following described profxrtir a....a4 !e
FIFTY CTSe FIFTY CTSI 000. It was one of the handsomestin Marion
saying easily: "There. Miss! back toward the Morris house fast as county town
the exclusive section of Tuxedo. IM 15 of sub of evA hall ai i 1e.KIt.
![oats. Now 1 claim a reward. You his feet could go. There he burst in east xuarter sects r.town*..|. 11, rtiai M
art to give me the first three waltzes I upon Milly and Betty wild eyed and I Mrs. Stemman was married to Addison HEALTH DRINK The said land being atteMwd at tt feM N law
Cammack, who died in 11)1)1) and issuance of such cert fi tonlKhf I white faced, but joyous indeed and told unknown. UalcMsaid certtt"aat akall lit ..e.
"Why? Dow do you know?" Mili- them everything, making no reserve !i r the widow a year later married"again deemed nccordior: to law, Us died wit nsMthereon
on the and day of Auiat.A. 0 I...
seat Morris began, amazed. I even over his temptation and bow he I I II in New Orleans. I Witness ray official sigaatMt cad... this law
Hardy looked at her with twinkling j|I had been saved from it. and wound up Columbia, S. C., July 5.-Corfic "m 39th day of June. A. D. I 'M.
i eyes. "You forget there Is a speaking iI !; with: "Now my soul is at peace. 1 can I. THE Green, negro, was arrested in Salu- 71 Clerk Circuit Cwm h T.Uarta MftTBVNK.Oa.ADMINISTRATORS .....

I I Ilkenou of you over Billy Graham's( dance and be happy. Let things stand da county on the charge of setting fire .

| mantel at Yale." he said. "That reminds until tomorrow please! It would be to a cabin inhabited by two negro

f nm-Bllly'g my cousin-I'm John cruel almost inhuman to spring a sensation i j women one of them nearly blind, aid ( TIML" NOTHJE.

| Hardy, at your service-and Just now such as this and eclipse AuntHarriet's !| RACKET the fItter the mother of an infant, GIVEN THAT

I Making asylum from my natural or ,, party." I with the intention of burning *ha wo NoncE day li of JaM .., "1/A: TH4t eatheadmimdraor.ihthewpl

1 unnatural protectors. 1 "We would never never do that." j i men. She is sai? to have beea jairus '= Ile
! said "She hates me J estate of )Ir.. KHi deM
< "Then come home with us. Ask him Milly joyously. cf the younger woman. present my petitwn aa4obediKharged
1 Bttty. IW-tty's head of the house" enough as it is because Billy likes me. COMPANY a. .....
; silly returned promptly. Hardy look. !!.: She thinks as I do he is quite wasted I Hon. RoU Bullock, CMia4r -
Old Age. county Florida W ) .
xl entreaty at Betty who answered on me. Indeed she said to him when I Ad.... .....

It hospitably enough. Thus five mine {1.I he tofd her we were engaged: 'Oh "you THE SIDES WITH THE YELLOW.F30Ir"T.New Old age as it comes in the orderly M ETTO. is a delicious -. Jane jrd.. I.M.J II

utw later he found himself idiot! Why didn't take Betty --
walking you process of nature is a beautiful and
between the two Into an adorable old I!!I Billy asked himself that question before -- majestic thing. The very shadow of ,beverage made NOTICE.

garden and on to a big. white silent the party was over lIe got home Committee s
assembled. Democratic Revisedto eclipse which threatens it makes it From ripe Saw Palmetto Ia the Circuit Court uf the H4tt ,ett. J .......
hour before the
bouse the picture of restfulness. I an guests
very |I
!. Date. the more prized. It stands for exper- oO'lurida. Mneoc... It is I love It all Betty was easily far and away the star
"Yrs -
everystick :
Std| Louis, July 7.-The following is ience, knowledge, wisdom and coun- Berries. Absolutely free Cblrlntoomu. CtxvpMataal we JMtC. Caman. -
and stone and blade of grass ,,, of them. All in filmy white .Uef 4ttrTISOKDERKD
the Democratic national committee
strands of dull red coral at her throat sel. That is old age as it should be.
Milly said when exclaimed over the THATCH ....1IIWft
:, charm of everything. "That's the and twined in her golden hair hoe was as far as chosen, there being con But old age as it so often is means "rom harmful drugs. Metto 1 herein named be aa4 .. ......
tests in a number of states and the to appear to the bill of eaaptsi0 N Mtn saase
so ravishing it is small wonder Billy'scallow nothing but a second childhood of
trouble! she went on. "I want to on or before Monday, the
delegates from the others not ha\'in; stimulates the Liver
HT* here always, and Billy says when 1. heart wavered. In the third mind and body. What makes the 1st d4,'" A...... .1. .... .....
we are married and settled down it waltz he capitulated lost his bead entirely I agreed en a difference? Very largely the care of It U further ordered Ikal a "asw if Ma etMte

will have to bo over there. lIe ought and was only saved from make California! F. Tarpey. the stomech. In youth and the full flushes the Kidneys, acts be published once a week lar MM MKe1aMw
weeks ia the Ocala .......
i to have Betty Dot me. She likes ing himself a pretty spectacle by Bet- Colorado-John I. Muilins. strength of manhood it doesn't seem Done at Ocala, ",..,.... this Me sIM .IP fII
; things new and gorgeous and well j ji i iI ty's superior poise.. Betty was shrewd. Delaware-Richard R. Kenny. I directly on the Bladder. June. A. D. I O4.laaaLI .
to matter how
treat the stomach.We .
I kept If I had my fortune I wouldn't ly observant She had read Hardy'a Florida: -Jefferson B. Browne. we !.!.

. change much here-only put sound I' face like an open book while be GeorgIa-Clark Howell. abuse it, overwork it, injure it. Makes the organs per- II. L.Aad ,.o. C......... -

] pouts to the gates and plant orchards waltzed with Milly. So she managed it Illinois! -Roger C. Sullivan. We don't suffer from it much. But .. ._- --- -

|! and-yes. and have a brand new rose that the four of them should meet in a Indiana-Thomas Taggart. when age comes the stomach is worn form their functions in a NOTIGtla

5 garden that shouldn't put our old flow- shrubby nook outside the dancing tent Iowa-Charles A. Walsh out. It can't prepare and distributethe --

i en out of countenance." j There things straightened themselves Kansas-John H. Atwood. needed nourisnment to the body, natural I way, thereby the Circuit Cwtrttttht NAu1 lit

a "Don't talk Fo. Milly. Mr. Hardy i! with hardly a word spoken. But next Kentucky-Urey Woodson. and the body unnourished, falls into cult of Fterhii, ,. .*4 to MtftMM. 111AM/

I i will think you're out of your head. She. day with the great news of Milly's for Loulhna-N C. Blancnard.! senile decay. Dr. Pierce's Golden keeping the system in a fa Cb....,.

does get a little that way when you tune the world heard that she bad losta Mar'land-T. Victor Baughman. Medical Discovery is wonderful B. tamer,C.mplat.asl, is jwgt ..,..*.
i tart her on her fortune." Betty said lover and gained a brother in Billy a perfect and healthy con Defw4sM.
Massachusetts William A. Gaston. medicine for old people whose stom-
half the Graham. Is ORDKRM THE:
half severely apologetically THAT
I Minnesota T. Hudson. aches are "weak" and whose digestions dition. IT i. ....cd. J aaai Caaiit 1r
last words of course to Hardy. For a : : : : : .. _
I MississIppi-C. H. Williams. hereby requited t appear MOM _
minute be did not answer. He was Then He Laughed. I are "poor. Its invigorating effects plainlit IB th.caant a. s belws .bl5th

! staring intently at the cameo In the They had quarreled.The Misso-iri-William! A. Rothwall. are felt by mind as well as body.It dt.,..,ina r. .a. .... ......

i recovered bracelet "Let me look at exact cause of the quarrel Is Im Montana-C. W. Hoffman. takes the sting from old age, and Sold by All Druggist It further ordt rrJ that a teat. t/ .... ...
I Nebraska-James Dahlman. be l puUuhed oact a *ftk.. MIi/ ."........
that please," be said holding out his material. Possibly he had criticised the makes old people strong. week U lb. tN Oral .......
! hand for It "The carvIng Is peculiar; dinner or bad refused the money for a Nevada-John H. Dennis. Wane my bard sal NS.Id wed MM.tae art*

i | still I seem to have seen It before." new gown or bad been sarcastic in his New Hampshire-T. L. Norris. Jerry Burnett day(of stal June) A U. cyst r T rh

[ io4No., you haven't" Milly said confidently reference to the household expenses: New J.erseY-William B. Goverly. CAKUM KitriruK Chet =;_iComplaiau
t % but handing over the bauble. Anyhow they had quarreled and she New "iork-Norman E. Mack. .. M

"There ia Just one more like It and was on the verge of tears. North Carolina-Josephus Daniels. Merchant -- -

Aunt Helen had ,that Her ship went "You're Just as mean as you can be" Ohio-John R. McLean. NOTICt OF OJHOUI'-

down with all on board. That's why I she declared. Pennsylvania-James M. Guffey. .. 0

haven't got my fortune. It's some "You've said that before" he remarked South Dakota-F. S. Johnson. Tailoring.Ocala 'llHKPIUMOFBCRTOK." k0 I'AW p

where all In gold and Jewels but Just carelessly "and then have Tennessee-R. L. Mountcastle. rs C. H. K.ita wad F C I _.
where nobody knows or can find out changed your mind about it in less Texas-R. M. Jhonston. 1 1r their iat n Mia MM Unai.,.ha ...
Florida. partners.. Tb arm ta MM Mawt H W *
I'm named for her daughter that died. than twenty-four hours. Vermont-B. B. Smalley. ducted aadrf the...e"Raw4aV A OaasaaM.
The bracelets were carved for poor "You're as hateful as you can be!" laid como.. all hsfcflltosST; pi'
West Virginia-John E. McGraw. .r..s
Finest Imported and .. .
collect all *M M, ffktpftn
the "That's only a slight variation of .
made design
Couslu Milly. She
Wisconsin E. Ryan. aen of the firm brills J II KnaaMi UMg
herself See, It's a star and a new your previous remark." Domestic Cloths. Vta.D. C. l.ft.' ()Qt.... Ala. aj ii iSKal
Wyoming-John E. Osborne. Ttenaa.Ca. IJYIfOUM4C1t.M W.
moon with a flower dropping down. "I'll never speak to you !P"That's District of Columbia-John L. Nor Cutting a SpecialtyFits Lynne Kia May JIlt' iW.ADMINISTRAiOR,

To think of having everything you an old threat""I Guaranteed.
and dying at twenty!" don't see why ever married your! ris.
New Mexico-H. B. Ferguson. $ NOTICt
"That to frequent -
"It Is rather tragic Hardy admit seems puzzle you at NOTICt.VOTICE .
Indian Territory-R. L. Williams.
ted. Then for five minutes he studied Intervals.
closely ami at last gave It She was excited and desperate, de- New Mexico-H B. Ferguson. NOTICE I* HEBKBYCUVH* TA11 >u
the cameo
IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT TilE ..bt, itta. ..
back with a face pal and preoccupied. termined to make an Impression."I Connecticut-Homer S. Cummins. ...1 co-rtnership heretofore existing under the Robert 8ulbrk.....,JIIC"Mcoaaty
lUllylng gallantly be talked brightly don't care!" she cried. "I'll never Oklahoma-R. A. Billup. firm name of Gamble. Knight & Co.. at Dunn Florida wy '':kr.t.: .:.. Fi
final rttlcm nt a* ad
ellon. Fla.. is this day dissolved. All accouiU t
through half an hour. But once again _marry you again-never, never never! due the firm are to be paid to Gamble & North of E. M Ileedcrao. la the woodpath he sat down for a Then he laughed. PARKER HAS EXCITING TIME. at.d liabilities has been paid by the firm Gamble a and dlach.rl n s.eh ............
& Co. L. W. KX.C HT *&.
Knight ....... -
hi soul. He W. .
sturdy wrestle with own 78-51. 'W.E.OAMBLK.NOTICE. T. H IiU-MII._
Ured over again the day when the sea Washing the Month Narrow Escape of Democratic Candi ,p.NATIONAL. i 6m tttAtt of V; >M.lit ssnaed

bad cast up treasure at his feet He If people would wash out their 'daft for Presidency.New .

was alone-It was seven years back mouths twice or three times a day York, July 7.-Near his farmat : NOTICE CF FINAL DttOHAM

after a phenomenal storm. He had with an antiseptic solution there Esopus. N. Y., Judge Alton B. SURGICAL INSTITUTE.

stood at the very edge of the hungry would not be near so much sickness.In Parker who it Is expected will bJnominated AtUnU. Oa. Established 1874. Notice of Application for Tax Deed Under Section

watching them rave and roar the last ten years I have never had Treats Club Feet, Diseases of the Spine Rip &of Chapter 4S83, Laws of Florida. X THE 4TU DAY Of AOUeM'. s, .
' a, breakers for president by the Democratic Piles, Female and O
Joints Paralysis Fistula, .dn--.t wilt prt.al ... ._.r
* when It swept tumbling In-the brass a cold, sore throat or fever and I convention had an exciting: private diseases. Hernia, Rheumatism Urinary NOTICE 1. purchaser of tax certificate vouchers with lb. K. ae1Mtk.

1 bound oaken 'chest full of gold and ascribe this Immunity solely to the horseback ride in the thick of thun- Organs, etc. Send for Illustrated drenlar.LHBER.. :Nos. 793 and 794. dated. the 6th bay of August and ask toraan.ltttitawrtadmiaUtratria M
and stones unset fact that I follow this plan rigidly. a A. D. 1900. and No. 3925. dated Angus 5. ef the stairGoa
i da
bank notes der storm. I 1901 has filed said certificate in mr office. .deceased iM nh 'slfPKA
! many uncut There had been no name There are any number of proprietary and has made application for tax deed to uiue rciNi ,
=i anywhere. Only at the very antiseptics that are excellent for this He had gone for his daily jaunt and in accordance with law. Said certificates 15 ten 6mADMINISTRATRIX A
no mark brace the described property situatedin .. _
was son e miles from home in the following : --
bottom of all wrapped In silk a brace- purpose, bat many more simple agents Marion county, Florida to-wit:
Jet a slender hoop of gold set with a that are as good or better. One of the heart of a dense wood when the storm North halt of northwest quarter and south NOTICE TO 011-
halt of northwest of northeast quarter
fanciful cameo. lIe had half smiled best of the latter Is carbolic acid. A broke. Lightning played about the section 34 township quarter.4 south ranze 23 east. ITORS.

of It even though he very weak solution of this gargled and big trees and the wind blew .a gale, The said land being assessed at the date of the
over pattern certificates in the name of M.K* ...
issuance of such IS HKRKIY If
knew some heart tragedy lay back of held In the mouth two or three times a tearing of many dead limos. Finalely ROUGH' and Unknown. Unlesf said certificates shall be NOTICE legatees,tfiitrfMtt**afl a
had not told of his flnd-search day will work wonders. Immediatelyafter I the rain fell In torrents, but the r redeemed ancording to law, tax deed will haring claims or dm.a4s ..* i JI!
It. He DRESSED issue thereon on the 8th day of AUET. A. D. 1904. Joan 1'. Edward. clccnMII. t. Mulgt.me MM
for owners of such treasure trove seem using one will find that the Judge could find no shelter and was Witness my official signature and seat this the .. within two tar Italy wil aa he*...

ed so hopeless. He had meant to ask mouth feels cleaner. I believe that a compelled to spur on through the 5th day CyS ot July,A. D.1904.S. T. SISTRt K. this the peS dayof tqt Pebeeeey..T : "Aar

' bis uncle's advice and be governed by great majority of the common throat storm to his home where he arrived Dry Siding, Flooring and Ceiling Clerk Circuit Court Marion County Florida.FOLrt' I 5 6t ALaliliketetaFffiNCiit

: the dls- and lung troubles come from the lodg- the skin. -- --- -
if-.)it. Then that very night came drenched to I -
I patch-the good uncle was dead and ment of disease microbes within the To complete the job, he donned a
membranes of the mouth. Th I B. H. Seymour ;
i Hardy his sole heir. Altogether fat mucous bathing suit after the storm passea Il TAR

I seemed bent on forcing him to keep free .use of antiseptics will kill these and took a swim in the Hudson nver. l Ocala Fla. Ctt. e \ot. .: PneUJIcala ,.. was xldam wad IIIUtI' B"tems
; St Louis Globe-Democrat ,
what he had found. He had kept it .


..., a. ..., .. ._ :i M "'._4t. .,.._ ;_< .... ,, -


.. ,,, .
T'' ;" i"4' .1><* < .2 <" .f'O;"';' _

Z5 t

1I l :11
: -- -. 4
--- --- -- --- -

.. Many FIRE Buildings AT WORLD'S Were Threatened FAIR. ,1''SltttltttllttHtHlHlflltfltltl" " " '!" !!"i1411ttfltllf" " f 11HtHtHitfl4lllntltlt1111141fltIH" " ':" " " "It11tIN1li" ,,

a Time. .
St. Louis, July .-Fire broKe out at I '.. c, 7 .. '. :-.' _" :. ..... .
: ,
2:30 o'clock: this morning in tee kitchen I -- :
of tbe American cafe in the Jerusalem i. ..... r
7 ....
cdncession at the world's: fair tam ...... :
grounds, and for more than an hour : i'
threatened Festival hall, the west pa- a COMPARE. COMPARE :: ;
Ttlion and the whole Jerusalem ex- a ....

Ublt After considerable excitement OUR GOODS OUR PRICES

among the Turks, Arabs and other oriental E COM PAD E
people who were asleep when With Those of Our Competitors With Those of Our --mpetitors -
fire started, it was gotten under conI I- -Then Judge -Then Judl!' __
trol. The American cafe, which is in I .....
-- ., ..
two wings and elaborately furnished, _.
-- I
was gutted in both wings. tf ..-.-.-.
The loss is estimated at $19,000. o.
Upon Chief Christy's arrival with I
the first company the fire nad a very
Our Brand of Goods
I dangerous was the magnificent aspect. Not machinery 200 feet hall away it Leading :

looked as though it might also burn.
Although the entire fire fighting force .... ..
of the fair was on the scene the chief ..... -
deemed it advisable to turn in a sea .
end alarm, bringing the city depart
ment to the scene. The fire was safely E IN MEATS AND VEGETABLES
confined to the one structure in
which it started. The restaurant wasa I I6tory -... -
%- structure. It cost about ....
$10,000. The equipment was valued --
at 8000. It is a total loss but is
fairly covered by insurance. It was other house
owned by the Jerusalem Catering company I Withfthose[ handled'by any Grocery in 3'

The cause of the flre is not ,
known. .....

over the The firemen the wildest Jerusalem arrived.excitement enclosure The prevailed sounds when a1 of? E this section. of Florida and you will find that consid-

the shots fired by the watchmen had
awakened the 700 persons who occu- ..... ....

libit.pied many the Jumped Without various from buildings waiting the windows for of the clothes ex-or I ering Quality they are the cheapest to be had. We "F

rushed into the streets, half clad.
Others thought of their possessionsand ... -

them packed from their the trunks windows,only when to throw they don't claim that but :
had been strapped, fearing they would f= our goods are "cheap goods we
be unable to convey them safely down
the stairs. ......
the Trunk street after, breaking trunk was open thrown when into it do claim that the Best be had 3 -
struck the ground and scattering the they are to anywhere
trinkets and souvenirs of Jerusalem
on all sides. After them their owners --- :
would jump in danger rot being --

seriously more leaps.than injured slight, but bruises none sustained by their E at any price. If you are not eatingT' ., '

Wadic Ehachity, a Syrian, who lives ..... ".
within the enclosure, rushed from hia ...
to the of the and .
room scene fife as
he passed the Central hotel, a trunk
thrown from the second story struck == FAMOUS
him on the head and felled him to the 0
ground. He was picked up unconscious
and was sent to the emergency hos- :
pital. His injuries are thought to "Royal Scarlet"
be serious and perhaps fatal. It is
believed his skull was fractured.A. .
J. C. Jeurs, manager of the res-
: "tanrant, and his son, Norman Jeurs, .
were compelled to leap from the sec .ff
: ond story window to escape the fire. f CANNED GOODS ==

S .....

Aid For Rescued Passengers of the ..... .

Jn Copenhagen behalf Lost of the,Steamer July relatives 6.-A Norge.subscription of victims You are missing one of the opportunities offered to

and rescued passengers of the Danish _
steamer Norge, which foundered Tuesday ..
off Rockhall reef, was opened here ,
American today. Among tourists.the first aonors were i all who want the BEST. t ,

Condolences are pouring in from .-... .... ..
the royal family and, people in Amre- -.
Jca and elsewhere. --

St. Paul, July 5.-A. E. Johnson, : ..AI'1".v."".......... ......................y......""' ."'W -....A.........AI'v.vv." A-A.... ,,.. ....v..... .--..-. -.

northwestern agent for the Norwegian j ... .
American steamship owners o
the Norge,wrecked in the north Atlantic -

for, the estimates northwest that 38 to persons make it bound their A WARM WEATHER SUGGESTION !

future home went down with the ill- I l
fated Norge. '

Georgia Bank Men Meet Soon.
Atlanta July] 6.-The thirteenth annual During the warm summer months, instead of broiling over "
convention of the Georgia Bank
ers' association! which meets at Look --
out Inn, on Lookout mountain, Tenn., ; a hot cook stove making up soup, try our Canned Soups They 3
July 12 and 13, promises to be a most ;
notable and important gathering ot "

the vention bankers will of be the in session state. from The con-the j l are thoroughly cooked and the only work in preparing them for

morning of Tuesday until
afternoon members,will and after depart adjournment for St. Louis.the E: } the table is pouring them into hot water, They are put.up by '

The delegates will reach Lookout Inn "
on the night of July 11. t the best cooks
in the
and flavored
country are highly with everything / :
Unknown Negro Is Hanged.
s t Dawson, Ga., July 6.-An unknown --
negro was found near Sasser with a that goes to make a palatable dish We have both the '
rope around his neck swinging from

a details tree., but It is it impossible is supposed to to ascertain be tile domestic and imported productions in the following flavors} :

I party who attempted an assault upon -- __
a negro girl in the same neighborhooda -

lynched few days by members since and of his that Qwn he racer was f Chicken, Turtle, Beef, Veal, Tomato, Okra, Vermicelli, Etc

I A ... .
St. Louis Satolli, Dedicates World's Fair Chapel.Grounds, == TRY A FEW CANS. == -
July 6.-Cardinal Satolli dedicated the I --dI >
Catnolic chapel in the Visayon village LAfr4wTHE
at the Philippine reservation. Hd nMn aatiav ew n nnnsnnnvaMnrow nrow w
was assisted by Archbishop Glennon, Et ... _
Manager O'Connell and several priests.. ... .
Afterwards the cardinal inspected the -
different Philippine exhibits and reViewed -
: a dress parade of the scouts.

; Drowned While Bathing. TEAPOT GROCERY
Eatonton Ga., July 6:William H.
Jones,one of Eatonton's best and most
promising young business men, and --
Miss Slyrtle Harper, of Hancock county -- -- .
while bathing in the Ocone eriv- tIIiIIuuuuuuuuu'uuu'uu .
er, a few miles below Oconee Springs,

R were covered.drowned. Their bodies were re ''uuuuuuuuuuuuu'uuuuuuuuu'uu'u'u'uu' ,' ,,'



. l. ,__ <' y
.. < ;
Ql. :- '
< ; ; ;
;:<{ ..
---J..L'--".t >; --'...' _,'"''''' .to.

_ .#'-. .' H.' ..... ,:i-.J..::...;. b _..;....."-. =i.

The Ocala banner
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Full Text

PT5JUIf '*SSJj Jp3WP r \jlKfJW

:'; i BANNER.The

y .


paper "Of the 'People, for the People and by the People.


VOL. AXXVIt NO '51"I OCALA FLORIDA, FRIDAY, JULY 8, 1904 DOLLAR A YEAnm11rnrn''rm'1f'1fmmmm''m''m''f''r"rmnn'

''' '' ''' ''' '' ''''' 'trre' ST0NDLEY.CL0RK. THE FOURTH IN OC 1L f1. GaVE THE GAME TO OCALA. r I :Mr.: and Mr. F. A. U>S--r anti

= TAKEDaniel's little eon returned to Oeato Monday

A LevelMorning Wedding in Ocala Great Throngs of Strangers-Pitriot- The St. Augustine Ball Team RefusedTo after two week spent pleasantly wWi

I Tonic Pills a Wednesday.Miss ism Galore-Amusements. Finish the Came. relatives In.. Atlanta.

: Annie :Mae Standley;the sec- Ocala has for many; years been fit- As has been the custom of the -
Robert G. Blab and i4lbkn

w For Malaria in all forms. No cure no pay. ond daughter of )Ir. and :Mrs.: S. A. I tingly celebrating the nation's day of Ocala ball team for a great many have returned home from a .wt toe

Standley, and Mr. Arthur Clark, son all dayS-the: fourth, andlast Mondaywas years they had arranged for a ball Mr. Blake's mother anti
--- .:. s4t no exception to the rule.
'::- of :Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clark, were | game on glorious Fourth. hassee.
-- Several months ago a number of The Conchs, of St. Augustine,were --- ---
.-..: ::_ --.. united in marriage Wednesday morn- Miss Jefflle Bt-U. of TaJUJwwiw, w
:-- our white citizens met and tried to invited to play here with the home
%: :- ,, --U.- ing at 1130 o'clock at the home of create enthusiasm the rieved in Ocala Sunday t. 'f1t"Sd a
:: "' ::: some on subjectof team.
I .
== I == the bride Ocklaw aha few days with her titter and I NYttt,
on the
, I fa Gr \ avenue.It celebrating fourth, but met By 3:30 o'clock a great crowd had
t II Miss Daisy Bell and Mr. Jee Bet
r -- !: ,,'.. -- was an exceedingly pretty home with very little success, so the scheme gathered on the South Third Street

'' .:-:: 0": <,I =-= wedding; the house, filled with a was abandoned by them. grounds witness the contest, and Mr. W. W. lUrralwn, Of Teeyy

I f f _- I I -_... quantity of typical southern "palms, Thus it remained for our colored the game started shortly after the appointed Ala., ha been spending a f.. day

.t -- I -- ferns, bamboo and other evergreens, citizens to arrange and carry to per- time with Mr. Don Ford um- in Ocala the guest of fee family of

't =...=. == gave a pretty background for the fection a plan for bringing crowds of piring. his sister-in-law. Mm. U. A. I4 HonI.

P I -- wedding scene. The bay window in strangers to our city on that day. The home team was handicappedon
., ....... the Mr. L. Dozier and gft..Ii I. ..
parlor was very pretty. Sus- How well they succeeded may be surmised account of some of its membersnot "

i POSTOFFICE DRUG STORE. 1 pended from the arch were the letters when it is noted that over four being able to play. However,the and Mrs. Brown have ROM to Jtptter

"C" and "S" entirely in green, and thousand strangers came to town and several players who took the places to visit Mr. and Mrs Recess Ian

Prescriptions receive careful attention. 0.. under these the couple stood joined in the festivities of the for a short while.
_______________ young occa of the regulars did good work, and

l I111111111111111II1lIlC during the ceremony, which was per- sion.A. the game was thoroughly enjoyed. Mrs. J. G. Ferguson a4 tttb ears
11111111111111111111! 111111 Illllullllllllllllll '
formed by Rev. L. W. Moore, of the very interesting program was Special mention should be made of have :gone to St. Ijwfc fin .ftil J
-_ Methodist church ranged and carried out in the way Harper's playing at second base. He couple of weeks at Uw eimi4thm and

t -- The Mendelsshon's wedding march, foot races, bicycle races, ball games, made several difficult catches and from there will go to IWMfc. tot* *!

played by Miss Eloise Miller announced etc. Prizes were offered for the throws. He certainly understands I the balance of the Mtraswr with rs**.
I David WoodrowPHOSPHATE
the approach of the bride and most proficient in the various formsof the game and knows how to play it. lives. _

, groom. Mr. Standley accompauiedhis amusement, both for white and St. Augustine went first to the bat. Mr. David S. WeuW- retafftal

LANDS. daughter to the foot of the stairs, colored contestants, and these prizes Neither side was able to score in the home Tuesday from Dunne-Bon.-

where he gave her away to Mr. Clark were eagerly sought by many of the first inning. In the second :Mastershit : where he pent'Ha1 da,. .* Ute

and they entered fhe parlor together.Miss boys. to deep left for two bases, and guest of Slr. and Mn.BdwanlMiss UoIdft

If ;you have any phosphate lands you wish to sell or Standley wore her going away Space forbids going into details of crossed the plate on a hit to the

lease on royalty communicate with him. gownjof navy blue Eoliene cloth over the program, but we can truthfully same place by L. Pomar. Ocala also EitherV>ath.n ai 3lIsm

1 taffeta. With it she wore a blue In- say that never has there been less scored in this inning. Harper drew abase Sara Harris returned Monday ......

dian silk shirtwaist trimmed with friction in the contests than on on balls, went to third on Mor ing from a very pleasant rMt to

ecru lace. Her hat was blue and ecru Monday.The ris' hit to center, and scored on Har Crystal River, where the wwe alto

U Office next to Dr.Smith Postoffice-Block. Ocala,Fla.USA'CUZiSETS mixed straw trimmed with small blue colored Odd Fellows, of flor- ris' out. The visitors added two guests of Mr.. G. W. Wa......
flowers. She carried an exquisite bou- ida, held their annual conclave in more tallies in the third inning,while We will ---
not admtbe psloeh utaI
J quet of bride's roses, this being a the evening and representatives from Ocala could not make the rounds. this
shipment of enx>kry, jrtt .w
gift of the groom's aunt from Troy, every part of the state were present. The Conchs got another run in the .I
RABBIS Local Eiiter I II Ii Nathan Mayo received $303.35 net call by to see our rake I) d
t II Ala. During the ceremony :Miss Every part of the day's doingswas fourth. Ocala got two.Iorrilt fan
i I for a car of melons. I breakfa t.aml dinner plater t, rg' laif
: :Miller: played very softly, "The Flower a big success and to the follow ued. Harris got his base on four bad
f price |!.W
ABOUT TOWN, per Mft. Owpriwfai tWi
HAPPENINGS Mr. L.1.. Graham "
I representedthe Song. ing leading colored citizens is due the ones and Peyser went to first on a sale 59c. per et. Th Bazaar Stew.

: Conner section in Ocala Tuesday. Present at the wedding were the creoit: F. P. Gadson, J. W. Alexan- fielder's choice. Moore was out on

Mr. Will Veal, of Leroy, was a :Mr.: Edwin Pittman has returned two families and about twenty of the der, V. R. Colyer, J. B. Holly, R. W. a liner to pitcher. Jewett hit to The reading club ro T4 y f*

I visitor here on Wednesda)'. home after spending a few days in young friends of the bride and groom. Tidwell, R. J. Thomas, M. D. Brown, center which was muffed, scoring ternoun with Miss NW S........ ami

MrsClark:: is quite young and has Ruben Mitchell, J. McDuffy, Levi Harris and Peyser. Jewett went to had a pleasant afUfWMHi, >Jt..el.4a
During this sale of crockery we wil Jacksonville.Mr. .
remain open until 8:30 p. m. The ... always been regarded as one of the Alexander, I. E. Tompkins, J. A. second on a balk, and stole third, Jewett read a yrwfk of Sdriil"fi

Ocala Bazaar. Robert A. Burford returned most attractive and popular girls in Cowan and others. making a beautiful slide. Baker William Tell and a bert ,k.tofc from

-- ..- home SutiLfrom! : a brief visit to the younger society set. Mr. Clark The day passed off very pleasantly reached first on an error. A hit the drama,whleh was gretty ftep 4.
Uddon has to south
Mire lola gone
Atlantic Beach. has lived in Ocala.ever since he wasa except for a few cases of too much would have put Ocala in the lead but Current event were aIM AMMMM!*
Georgia jo spend a few weeks with -- -
,3 small boy and has won for himself mixture of "firewater" and patriotism the next batter fanned.St. The club meet next week with M*.
relatives and friends.Mr. Mr. H. G. Eagleton, after spendinga
; many friends. He now holds a which resulted Marshal Cleveland Augustine sent six men around C. C. Todd.FREEA.
-- few days in Ocala returned to Tam-
Harvey Hutchinson, after a responsible position with the Camp and his force opening up extra the bases in the sixth inning. Ocala
pa Tuesday. remarkable U* k ahast
brief business visit in Ocala returned Phosphate Company being their stenographer quarters in the "Palace of Rest." then added enough runs to make the
Heaven and Hell, from...* heap{
to Gainesville Wednesday. t If you have any doubt about the and assistant bookkeeper. score nearly even, when the St.
i ._. The Good Time Summer Club and seen, by KmanueiThis !hndfMllif'I.
Great Crockery Sale come by and I Immediately after the ceremonyMr. Augustine catcher was hit in the face
Lamps and glassware cut to the Twelve of the Ocala society girls book of look toward the Ocala Bazaar.Mr. and Mrs. Clark and the immediate by a thrown ball. The visitors then
bone, but nothing sold at cost. The -- -- -- have just organized an evening club free and postage paid if jren wglsernl
relatives were entertained ata wanted to but the called ten cents in to
Ocala Bazaar Gadson. quit umpire stamps ere eapreee
I If
; Taylor, of the turpentine firm to be known as the "Good Time
f luncheon by the bride's sister, Irs. "play ball." The Conchs refused to of wrapping and r &1tkt". A44m.
of Crosby & Taylor at Auburndale Summer Club." The members of
Mrs E. P. Thagard and daughtershave Am. Swedenborif Ptg. anti h*. 8
Lee Miller, at her cosy home o.n Ft. play and the game was given to Ocala
gone to St. Augustine to spend spent the fourth in Ocala. the club are Misses Esther Weathers, ciety, 3 W. 29th street, Nw York,
King avenue. of
by a score 9 to 0.
Sara Harris, Mary Reardon, Eulalee N, Y. TidlwlMr
the balance of the summer. i Mr. J. W. Crosby is up from Au- Her home was also prettily decorated -
and Eloyse Izlar, Mona Hiller, Meta Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea After fen
burndale to spend a few days with in white and green. A double and Mn. M. HaRd"1I. l+tit
Mrs G. C. Crom and children ,
Jewett, Emily Ford, Edith Piatt, Va- Years of Suffering"I
I his wife and da ghters. dining room was used and the Wednesday tae hat Bpringi. Ark.,
home from a'visit to appointments -
bave returned leta Potter, and :Mary and_ Rebecca wish to say a few words in praiseof
of the two tables were where they will remain lit t.0
relatives In Fernandina and Gaines- Messrs. Henry Gordon and Albert Anderson.The Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
simple and attractive. weeks after which they alit tako ttt
ville. Stephens were among the Dunnellon club will meet weekly and Diarrhoea Remedy" says Mrs. Mattie
Seated at the table with the bride the World's Fair at St. UN*. H*.
J, A. Munden, of Tampa, is in the I people in the city yesterday. each hostess will decide upon the Burge, Martinsville, Va. I suffered -
and groom were :\Ir, and Mrs. Stand- Handlettman wfll retam to Hot
city. There seems to be some attraction form of amusement for the evening, from chronic diarrhoea for ten
Andrew Russell gave a very pleas- ley, Dr. :\Iooreand Mr. Harvey Clark, Spring and remain several .onti.e
( here for Mr. :\Iunden.-Gaines-: and some very pleasant evenings are years and during that time tried van
ant birthday party Monday night, it while at the other table were Mr. and for the benefit of hr Wafefc.
, twit yule Sun. being anticipated during the summer ious medicines without obtaining any
e being his fourteenth birthday.G. Mrs. Lee Miller, Misses Eloise :Miller: ,
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Mathews are months. permanent relief. Last summer one Mr. W. H.Alpine. IiWI anti .... Jaui.
Lucile and Tommie Standley Mabel
now at home to their friends in this W. Lyle received a check from a The initial meeting of this new club of my children was taken with chol- IiN Butch, of Mwi..a.
Knight, :Mr.: Howard Clark, :Mr.: Al-
city. They are stopping with Mr. Pittsburg commission house for $24S.- was held Tuesday evening, Miss era morbus, and I procured a bottleof were visitor to Ocala WsisLsy
fred Beck and Charlie Standley.A .
and Mrs. Joe White. 43 for thirty-six boxes of grape fruit. Esther Weathers being the charming this remedy. Only two doses were : and made this office a p4oeunt ai,
dainty menu was served, the to her entire relief. I
required give
-- --- -- hostess. An unusually enjoyable i '
MiM Alpine U Mr. BUM* 1ur..itof
Mark 1I0llinger Altoona spent the Mrs. Nathan Mayo and baby, of green and white colors being seen in then decided to try the medicine my- I
evening was spent playing progressive child and U one of tfc* waders
4th in Ocala the guest of his cousin, I Summerfield, are the guests of Mrs. the refreshments. The bisque ice whist there six tables of self, and did not use all of one bottle ,
being the world. She i. wdjr
before I well and I have sMai
was never
Willie Dugin, and while here paid the I :Mayo's: parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. V. cream was frozen in the shape of
this amusement.The .
popular since been troubled with that com- yean of age and wdgta 4 I Hilt II..
Ocala Banner office a pleasant call. Newsom. hearts and ornamented with green gentlemen who were Miss plaint. One cannot say too much in I They returned home yet,6wdy..

J Ocala's colored ball team defeatedthe cherries. Weathers' on this occasion favor of that wonderful medicine." I
Mr. U. Priest of Lebanon and Miss guests
Gainsville team at the race track After luncheon was served the party the Dr. W. H. This remedy is for sale by all drug- Among the \ialturth te O rtk w Uw

Mary Moon, of Dunnellon,were married Tuesday afternoon to the tune of drove to the Atlantic Coast Line depot were Powers, Dr.following H. A.: Daniel, Messrs. gists. m''1 Fourth we noted tbefolfewiMf: ARM

; i in this! city Tuesday by Judge 5to3. ::\Ir, and Mrs. Clark leavingon In Miss Casjidej's Honor. Rodgers and Re+osie YOIt K of wk>
: I W.T. Wheeler, C. L. Anderson, G.
Robert Bullock. Their friends
extend the one o'clock train for a trip'to :: the fourth of fton\ille Dixon Irvtee of Afsleht.wh
Monday, July was ; ;
John Z. Reardon is down from H. Ford, Stephen Jewett, M.J. Roess,
congratulations.Messrs. I St. Louis and other points. They: celebrated in a most plesant manner Edd L. Wartmann, of CH oa; gird
T. H.
Jacksonville spending a few days J. H. Taylor, E. J. Crook,

Fred Gaskill and Charlie with his parents, Mr. and :Mrs.: JohnG. will be absent about ten days and on Harris, Arthur Masters and Neil by a party of Ocala young people, Ayer, of )Melateh Dattgtfc IMp.

Whiteslde have gone to Blue Ridge I Reardon.Mr. their return will be at Mrs. Juhan'son I Weathers.The who gave a picnic at Silver Springs. kins and ROM ChanM n, of o.u.e

Springs'a.., to spend their vacation. Fort King avenue. prizes, a jewelry bag and a This affair was planned in honor of I Lake Mr. and Mm. J. B. BlJIjfaak", E

They will be absent a month or six : R. A. Green, who travels for a Mrs. Standley, mother of the bride, lovely pearl handled pen knife, were Miss Sallie Camp's guest, Miss Elea- and hiss Daisy MHg) n, of Ihee41-

week Pittsburg commission house; several wore a handsome gown of gray eta- won by Miss Eloyse Izlar and Mr. T. nor Cassidey of Jacksonville. I on; Henry Dunn. of OHra t.oi.

i' Mr. Louis J. Brumby, editor of the days: ago shipped a solid car of pears mine over taffeta, with trimmings H. Harris. The party left town in the morning Lang and Dr. Eaten Lf+ 4*.*, of Aa

Florida Fruit and Truck Grower, who from this point. white lace. The,first meeting of the new club driving out to the Spring in a bus I thony. ,

went on the editorial excursion to St. Mrs. G. F. Dittmar and children, of Mrs. :Miller's: gown was of pale blue was a delightful one. and went a number of miles down ---- --- -----

Louis, returned to Ocala Wednesday.On Holder, have gone north to spend the tissue, lace trimmed, with which. she the run in Nelson's launch and spent

he sailed wore a white lace hat. She Tried Five Doctors. the day fishing and in other delight-
his way home visited Atlanta, ,summer. They from Jacksonville f

t Jacksonville and Gainesville.Miss Sunday. Miss Miller wore a very lovely gown t Mrs. Francis L. Sales, Missouri ful pursuits, returning home about SUPPORT

I of white tissue, with trimmings of Valley, la., writes: "I have been dark. ,'

Louise Harris, of Ocala, the Along with the great crockery sale lace and a white silk girdle. I afflicted with kidney trouble five In the -party were Mrs. G. T.I'

accomplished daughter of lIon I we are having some fun with laces, :Miss: Lucile and little :Miss: Tommie years and a; had frequent severe pains desire in to in my urinate.back I Maughs, 3Ir. and Mrs. C. V Miller, SCOTT'S LMLlilON um Mbridjt I

embroidiries and ribbons. The Ocala Standley's dresses were white, with to carry the reap aa4
Frank Harris, of the Brick City, is When riding I experienced severe Misses Eleanor Cassidey, Sallie
Bazaar, Gadson. ribbons. starved yttta sloes! tmtil it CM M
on a brief visit to :Miss: Christine green -- pain over the region of the kidneys. Camp, Pauline Sullivan, Allie Van firm support ki .r aary food.a4lar .

{J. Richards. This young lady has many Captain H. C, Keith; formerly con- A citizen of Ocala who usually I tried five physicians without benefit Juan, Louise Fretwell, Alice Bullock, fctt iu U.
, shows good judgement in forecasting and then concluded to try Foley'sKidney -
friends and admirers here who are ductor on the Homosassa
run, who Messrs. John Sullivan, Harry Pal I SCOTT t BOWNE G *+**
election results the city bonding Cure. After taking three _
says 4II9'4IJ twit Sum. y_
; always glad to greet her.-Gaines. ] has !!host, of friends here, spent proposition will be carried by a 75 per I $1 bottles I was completely cured." I mer, Thayer Newman., Emmett-Jlob-J JcIC.uti,... 11.....

vIDe Sun. Tuesday in- Ocala.. I _u cent. vote. Postoffice Drug Store. m' .inson and Bob JIathews. J

oi' ,
-- : Y- : __:a_- --"' -- _- .J ._-, -__ -_ .--_- ----
-_ h : :------.c"-i-- "' :
J : ( : =
-! -- t-- :r .. _

., k% .! ..Y



.- -, --- -- -- -- --- .
"' -- .
? i" -- --
t. .. 9BEB5BB513
.. 'i ... SfaaaaEE{
I I 11.. ;
The Rev.v G..A. Martin,
; presiding ;
The onion is a coming Florida crop. I 'order"oo foster and encourage

I I j the already prevailing good feeling flder of this district paid his quarterly Q" (

The hot weather is developing a !i!! and unity among the neighbors of visit here Sunday preaching in ta

healthy crop of gnats and mosquitoes.It I Cotton Plant vicinity, Independence Candler in the morning and in Belle- Pa

la estimated that Florida's i day is set apart and Smith's Park the
pine- view in the evening. I JI K B.IASTERS[

apple crop will reach 200,000 crates.i I place for a day of recreation. In accordance Dr. Watkins, who for the past year (! 1

Florida is getting there all along the with this custom the dawn- m ,
has ministered to the inhabitants of 631a
line. ing of the glorious fourth found everybody -
Coethe's Lumber camp and Hall's tar ; I
and doing. An abundanceof
yo fruit in the world brings a big- up i
left for
ice had been .placed in the park pentine camp Monday night 3
ger price per tree than the grape his home in Caxton, Ga. lMr.
and by twelve o'clock the good ladies
fruit, and it is almost a new fruit in and Mrs. Fred Waite and two h 0Q
began to arrive with the other necessaries -
the markets of the world. residents here, but f Mm
for ice cream as well as baskets "THE
of Palmetto, passed through
Miss Jeffie Bell, after spending the of the most palatable edibles it has now : aBellsview

week in Ocala Tuesday en route for Massachusetts (
with her brother and been our good fortune to try. At

sister, returned yesterday to Talla- ''' one o'clock the table was spread, and where they will spend the

hasse, where she now makes her 0, Mr. Editor, what a spread itjwas! I summer. I cJ

home. After thanks to the Giver of all bless- The regular monthly meeting of the .
council held in the town I H .
Florida's corn crop this year is very ings the crowd did ample justice to a I city was .
hall The I p4
Tuesday evening. questionof
fine. Though passing through the dinner fit for a king, and after all
the discussed and Pa
cemetery :
longest and severest drought on had finished it seemed as if nothinghad
measures adopted for the restoring of
record there is no prospect of a fam- been taken therefrom. Swingshad I
the fence, which has been down for
ine. been prepared for the little folks, m' ,

Roy Fort, the young boy who was !I games for the more advanced in some time. I m
Mr. Ansel Polly left Tuesday for
while the older conti
thrown from a train near Montague years gent spokeof
Xettleton, Arkansas.
on the Fourth of July and quite badly the days of other years and everybody :
Mrs. Jas Shedd and ,
son spent m
had all the ice cream, peachesand
hurt was taken through Ocala yester-
Wednesday with Mrs. 0. M. Gale, of 9
watermelons they could eat, .
day afternoon to his: home at Dunn- '

ellon. Though badly hurt be is im- the asking.To Ocala. op
proving. that all-round-indispensable- New window shades and carpetsare I .

man-at-a-picnic, C. Y. Miller, the attendants being put in the Baptist church, j
Miss Gouley Sanders, of Brooks- and the grounds about the building 1 a'
were indebted for 50 Ibs. of
ville, who has been visiting her 'cleared up. Work is also being pushed ,
as fine fish as was ever drawn fro
aunts, Mrs. R. G. Blake and Mrs. G. j i I 'ed on the cemetery fence. 47
the gulf. "
I I '
W. Martin for the past two months, I The .melon and tomato season isi p :
Among the most prominent of the !I
baa returned home. She made many crowd was Judge C. F.. Veal, whose i i'i now at an end but quantities of pears

friends here who hope for frequent I 1 I are being shipped.
bearing and dignity showed him to p9
visits from her. j i JOSUIE.BLirCriTON.
be the right man for the place. Cp4'

Four and eight years ago the Miss Hattie Barco, of Albion, is I .
democratic party was shouting itself spending a week with her sister, Mrs.. j 9 .
hoarse for Bryan and Veal and Mrs. Roland Blitch visited,! her M
denouncing Judge was one of the popular -

everything not for Bryan-now it is guests at the picnic. i parents Saturday. 0 07c i

Miss Legie Blitch, of this place, has
touting all the other way. This Misses Lucile and Belle Bates, of .

unstableness we fear does not com Martel, attended the picnic much to l t ti been spending the past week in the m.

mend it to the confidence of the the delight of the young men. Brick City.Mr. cD

country. Mr. Charlie Simpson left last Sun- Armstrong left Tuesday for

Miss: Carrie Miller,daughter of Col. day for Albion to accept a positionon Crystal River.
Quite a nnmberof Blitchtonians at-
and Mrs. L. P. Miller, recently won a phosphate plant. Everybody Pa

the gold medal at the Ursuline convent will miss Charlie. tended the Carter's Pond picnic,
which well all a
was represented by
in Columbia, S. C., where she I

has been attending school for thpast e In a violent Croup.inflammation of the the ner surrounding and refreshments neighborhoods.were enjoyedby DinI I I I a Watch this next
The medal awardedfor space weekgfor
year. was mucous membrane of the wind pipe, all. Foot racing took place between I :
good conduct during the entire which sometimes extends to the

term. lyrnx and brcnchial tubes; and is one the Williston and Montbrook :bi
---- of the most dangerous diseases ofchilclre boys late in the afternoon, after t w.
Mr. J. R. Godson, who has been so "
l. It almost always which everybody went home.
ill for over three months, and who i iIr. Our Announcement of
comes on in the
night. .
:\ Robert Worthington made a I 0 t
several weeks ago went up to White Give frequent small doses of Ballard'sHorehound (
flying trip to Tampa Friday.
Springs to recuperate, returned home Syrup and apply Ballard's I 1. ;
Snow Liniment Mrs. C. C. Hall is back in our burg '
beveral days ago and is greatly im externally to the g
throat. 25c, 50c, 1.00. Sold by again. j ,
proved. He has resumed his positionat
Anti-Monopoly Drug Store. mMciNTOSH. Mrs. George Blitch, of Ocala, visit- !

H. Masters.. ed his home here Sunday.Mr. J fl '.

We are indebted to Mr. A. S. J. Ed Tomberlin made a flying "gooD .

Wallace, of Calvary,for a basket of I trip to Dunnellon last week. & TllINS TO 01"k
A horse of Mr. Estridge and a muleof
excellent peaches. Mr. Wallace is "Uncle Joe" was in Ocala Monday i j
Mr. :Means were killed
one of the Banner's valued subscri by lightning Mr. J. E. Robinson and family, of I I

bers. Mr. Henry W. Long has also a few days. ago. Williston, visited his sister, Mrs. L. ,I j j DJ q
Mr. Walter Norsworthy, who attends :
placed us under obligations to him A. Weaver Sunday. I .

for one of the moot delicious water college in Lexington, Ky., is Willie Lane took in the 4th in Ocala ; j f

melons we have had this season. at home for the holidays.Mr. Monday. J

Walter Gamble, of Dunnellon, i .
Both of these treats are highly ap WILD ROSE BUD. : JI mJ

+ preciated. was in town a few days this week. I .: I .

Mr. Clark Walkup, a student at I DOINGS AT MOSS BLUFF.A .
Louis J. Brumby, of Ocala, the '
the Davidson Institute, is home
nice shower fell here Tuesday ,
clever and versatile editor and publisher
ing his vacation.Mr. I
of the Florida Farmer and aud has helped the crops consider- ': I
Allen and daughters, Misses j:
Fruit Grower, is among the arrivalsat i I ably. ,!! J o
:May and Fannie and Mi Ella X ON. I d alob
----- ----- --- -"
the Brown House. Mr. Brumby worty are visiting in Quincy for a fewda's. I The fourth passed off very quietly. j J fi

has just returned from the World's Mrs. J. S. Driggers and daughter,

Fair, where he went with the Florida Miss Laura Driggers, of Ocklawha, J i1
Mr. J. 0. Turnipseed and son lefta ;
Press Association. He visited Mr. Morrison's family last
reports a good
few days ago to visit relatives in I : kg1'
time, and says the fair, especially the South Carolina. f| Tuesday.Miss .

Pike, is: a "warm proposition.- I Leona White is expected
Mr. W. M. Gist was called to Maryland J P
Gainesville Sun. home soon from the mountains of ,
a few days ago on account of I
Carolina where she has been visiting I a
Mrs. Sara A. Harris, of Panasoff- the illness of his mother. relati'es'er since last ,

kee, who has been visiting Mr. Frank Born to Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Bate- summer. '
Re,. Sistrunk, of Anthony, will J
Harris, of this city, left yesterdayfor man, a son, o
preach here the 5th Sunday of this a i iH
Cedar Spring, Ga., where she The Baptist church is rapidly near- month. I ;

will spend the summer with relatives. ing completion.
I Mrs. W. W. Jackson left last Tues
She is in her 8oth year and her mindis Mrs. Dixon and daughter were !I J y m
day for Georgia. She will be gone .
still strong and clear. When she visitors to Ocala last week. 1
some time visiting relatives and I
first moved to Florida she lived at Walkup Bros., are erecting a store ;

what is now Yalaha, on Lake Harris, building, in which they will open a friends.
I I I We regret to hear of the illness of I
and her nearest neighbor was thirty- stock of groceries,,dry goods, etc. I 0a q
i i jMr.I Sewell, of Grahamville. We
five miles away. Miss Scruggs left a few days ago !! wish him II
to visit in Tampa. I I j I I a speedy recovery.
s The friends of Dr. Thomas C. | Mrs. Meadows has been low
I f :
Mrs. very i J .
M. Wails: left last week to visit j jI
Thompson, formerly of this city, for the last week, but we are glad to
her i j
parents in North Carolina. I j
will be glad to learn that he is pleasantly hear of her improvement. I,

located in Jacksonville X.X.X. I I : !
and hasa Mr. Tom Griggs came up Monday t

very lucrative practice. His officeis Cheerfully Recommended for Rheu I from Cocoa and will spend awhile \; Nai J

splendidly equipped with the newest matism. i i with relatives.
modern appliances and is locatedin 0. G. Higbee, Danville, Ills.,writes, Capt.Iartin had the misfortune to "

the busiest part of the city. Dr. Dec. 2,1901: "About two years ago lose a fine mule last week. I J
I was laid for four
Thompson has recently purchased a rheumatism. I tried Ballard's Snow with Rev. Luter will preach in the Con I

handsome physician's Standhope anda Liniment, one bottle cured me. I I gregational church Sunday morning;

very spirited horse and during our can cheerfully recommend it to all and evening. ii. B. t

recent visit to Jacksonville he suffering from like afflction." 25c, j t. MASTERS
took us for a drive over the city and 50c, $1.00. Sold by Anli-Monopoly'i' No Pith Shown. I
Drug Store |
showed us the wonderful and marvel m I "For years fate was after me con tb\l

ous improvements going on in the Stock for Sale. I tenuously," writes F. A. Gulledge, ,
Verbena, Ala. "I had a terrible case
metropolis. We are convinced that Five breeding sows,fifteen pigs, one t t of Piles causing 24 tumors. When i b OCALA FLORIDA.

It is growing greater than any city in cow and one calf (heifer) Apply!Jail failed Bucklen's :Arnica! Salve jf

the south and is destined to become to P. J. REEVES, j i cured me. Equally good for burns

the Queen City of the South Atluntic. d & w 11 Spring Park. 1:I at and Tydings all aches& Co's.and pains.Drug Store.Only m.2 c. 0 aasaaSEtS: m >311:>35>3>31319 8 .


M "

.. ..
kl: .--",., e .. ; :-t_ L
; t. w 'f" 't't

'- f; ,, ,. ... ,, .-5"" .
._ "- -,;
"-!:t"t'. ,, ;- D c _" = 4'f"'*"..."'.. >;"k.i; '::!J- }{'-c:"' <
\- '' "'" )fr
.r-; :- "' :: : ..: ;, .::, ,
"' "'\:"' -,. ,' -'- '.. -=' :;;' -':f"4, ,<_;",,__;$:ip,,Q'1-H.: 3---.ft<'ft J """ .' _

'", ,- ."". :,, -i.' ,,,, --. .,- ,. -"
:- : :-; :. -! :. '0: .---4"-e:: : '. -" .':


C'i i I


7.' ...,"
'," .
,_ .
oI ;.. ; '
f I
sl ,

The paper ""Uf the People, tor the People and by the People." "


. ,
-- -

: ULA =ATE HAESIS, Local Ellter MrsWilliam Durst went down to AT THE OPERa HOUSE- THE LITTLE STRAW .HAT- .' .. ." --.- "- -- .. -- -- -.,-

, St. Petersburg Friday for several
Written for the Ocala Banner. The Portable Saw Mill Is the Coming MilL
week's outing. Little faded straw hat.
:, HAPPENINGS Mrs. Wires of the Cabbage Patch With Boiled ribbons blue; OUR MILL IS THE COMINCPORTABLE

i Tyding's & Co., have a full line of Rendered Friday Night M w When fond I fancy look at sees jou
i i Mr. Harry Cline is visiting at Au- fancy box paper of all discriptions. x From Saturday's Daily. A AUdaiatyandpink.With bright winsome face. r MILL. F

burndale. Among the Montezuma arrivals. Last night at the opera house Alice And dimples go,quick that as come as a wink.A I
J Mr. Irvine Reagan, wife and baby Friday were Mr. A. N. Ellis, son and Hegan Rice's popular "Mrs. Wiggsof Sweet dear little mouth, It is a portable mill that is really portable. Makes perfect
Cupid own bow
have returned to Winona, Miss. daughter, of Summerfield. the Cabbage Patch, was pre- And six pearly teeth ; I lumber. Capacities ?,OOO to 15,000 feet per day.

sented to a good audience by local A Gleaming chin full oi grace in a 10W- I t

Mrs. W. C. Bull has returned from When bilious take Chamberlain's talant for the benefit of Grace church Aad yet firm and rare, ti
Stomach and Liver Tablets. For sale Saowing the thoughtful I
I a visit to relatives at Cherry Lake. building fund. Noble character there.
by all druggists. m
This is one of the best known anduniversally Dark wide n eyes. I
Mrs. is from Lakeland Are they blue, or brown? I !
Sage I
up Jim Pooser has gone to Charleston, Broad forehead serene M
popular and delightful
visiting her son, C. K. Sage. S. C., to visit his family, who are on stories ever written and its produc- White Untouched curls soft bv,a and frown silky: t' .. 11 3

visit to relatives in that city.I Hang down one by one; +
a So fine thev be
Turner Burke is still advancing tion last night was fine. must b-
By angel's hands spun. I t
good money on watermelons.Mrs. will paper your rooms and furnish The scene of the story is in Louis Little faded straw hat, "

wall paper for 2.50 up. J. Starr ville, Ky., and Mrs. Wiggs is a most I will put you aside; I ,
J. E. Adam, of South Lake Sternberger. ...1 With other mementoes j
I cherish with pride j ,,1
and I
philosophical, original, bright
---- ---
But di't
as I see YOU
Weir, i is visiting at Cleanvater. .I
Little Misses Mary and Susie Ervin lovable character. Mrs. S. G. Moyers For My the eyelids picture will you grow framed wet, J|

Dr. T. K. Slaughter, of Levon, has have returned from a short visit to of Dunnellon, who as Miss Bertie I shall never forget. ,
B. M. j 11I
been spending a few days in Jack- relatives in Citra. Badger, was always a favorite in *(Lines affectionately inscribed to Victor I

bon ville. .-_ S. A. Standley returned home Friday amateur theatricals in Ocala, very Marean Bernard.) .. ,I TAKE YOUR HILL TO THE LOGS .

Mrs. J.: II. Pedrick, of Lumberton, from Atlanta, where he went on splendidly portrayed this character. Putting in Irrigating Plants. J Can be set and ready to saw in two hours. Variable Fne-

ill! visiting her daughter, Mrs.V.. M. i a purchabing trip for his stables. I "Miss Hazy," another unique character Mr. J. P. Campbell, the live Florida tion Cable Feed. Stationary Mills, any capacity. Partafew

Redding. _,__ *_ I ,- -- I was delineated by Miss Meta:: representative of the White-Blaiks- and Stationary Engines, Railway, Mill and Factory SuppH
Mrs. W. T. Acosta, of Savannah,
11 Mr. Isador Schwerin visiting)Ir.rr" Jewett, who is always! good in any- WRITE US TO-DAY.
after a visit of a week with her sister- she undertakes.All lee Company, manufacturers of all
and Mrs. W. A. Wronker in Rochester thing t BACON & COLLINS SUPPLY CO.
t N. Y. in-law, 'Mrs. T. H. Wallis, returned through the play is a pretty kinds of machinery at Birmingham, ,

--.---- home Friday. little love story, the play opening Ala., is in the city for a few days. : ======ALBANY, GEORGIA.' I

Mr. T. B. Ilartig, editor of the For the next 30 days. Wall paperat with a quarrel between the lovers, During the last few weeks he has ( "- -- _, 0.- :......' ,. __ : ._ _

F Dunnellon Advocate, was visiting in half regular price. J. Starr Miss Alcott and Mr. Redding, (Miss succeeded. in several i' ...
7.1 placing splendid - -
I Ocala Saturday. Jessie Palmer and Mr.Neil Weathers). '
orders in the southern portion of the S. A. STANDLEY, LEE MILLER
Miss Annie Atkinson and her little In unusual ways these two young

rented Mr. and Mrs.Mrs.E., J.Charles Redding's..' Baker cottagefor have neice, Virginia Sistrunk, have returned people became acquainted with the state, among them an engine and !I S. A. STANDLEY & CO.

the summer months. home from a pleasant visit with quaint family of Mrs. Wiggs and be- pump for T. P. Drake, at Yalaha, '

".. friends in Valdosta, Ga. fore the conclusion of the play their and a system of water works for the Livery Feed and Sale Stables

Mrs Jerry Burnett and children Mr. J. \V. Pearson left Friday for quarrels are forgotten through their home,and grove of Banker R. F.E. j i

r left Saturday for a visit to relatives. St. Jo, Missouri to visit his family.He meeting at the home of Mrs. Wiggs. Cook, at Leesburg. The Randall |f
r South Carolina.Mrs. Brothers Connor this i; We carry the most complete
in at
i will go to the St. Louis fair before Both Mr. Weathers and Miss Pal- county have

Henry W. Long, of Ocala, ar- returning home. mer, the "Christmas Lady" acted placed an order with Mr. Campbell line of Harness, Saddles, etc.

and will be their parts exceptionally well and as for an irrigating plant for their extensive -' in central Florida and will
rived in the city Tuesday, Miss Etta Chace has been quite ill give

the guest of relatives here for severaldays.Quincy for several weeks at her home in amateurs they are unexcelled.The farms on the Ocklawaha our patrons the very lowest
rivpr. The splendid sales made by
Times. Wiggs children; Billie,Jimmie,
Starke, but we are glad to learn is x
Asia, Australia and Europena, as the above named firm fully demons prices. We are thoroughly

:\Ir W. H. Clark left Saturday for now almost V completely recovered. acted by Emmet Robinson, Guy Ze- :.:;?s that the Florida armer does equipped for fitting out turpentine

Bristol, Tennessee, to spend the sum- Mrs. A. B. Brumby and daughter, wadski, Misses Sue AndersonPauline not propose to depend entirely upon
with her daughter Mrs E. E. and lumber teams, gear,
mer Miss Lilla Brumby, who have been at Sullivan and Rosebud Robinson; were nature to water his crops. I i VV +r .
------ ----
Bennett. Mrs. Juhan's for months all fine also "Chris wagons, etc.W .
some now as was Hazy"the
I Pleasant Surprise Party. j I ...
Mr. R. B. Mark, assistant United have rooms at Dr. and Mrs. J. M. one legged boy,Thayer Newman. From Sunday's
: e always keep on band a full line Columbia and Summer*

States attorney for the southern district Thompson's on Fort King avenue. Little Miss Rosebud, as Europena, Last night Mrs. Juhan a most Buggies/and "White Hickory" Turpentine and Farm W 4Ittn.Xortb .
I of Florida, was registered at the I acted her parts wonderfully well and Side Court Hon<.. Orahi. tin
t" Only one newspaper editor in Flor- delightful dinner party for her daughter
I Ocala House Saturday.Mr. she was very enthusiastically ap I
ida was elected to an office, Mr. Miss Allie Van Juhan. 'I L I
plauded. I
T. E. James, traveling auditorof Philip Isaacs, of the Fort Myers The party was a complete surpriseto
Jimmie's death in the second act I
the Atlantic Coast Line railway, Press, and he was elected by one Miss Juhan, who knew nothing of iiLthiiHEADQUARTERS
was most pathetic and caused many I HUBBARD
was registered at the Ocala House vote. the happy evening in store for her ,
\ eyes to fill with tears. :
until the to arrive. j! .
guests began
Saturday. I
Miss Louise Nixon, of Live Oak,
The entire play was good and was ;
Conductor Eaton has returned from I Mrs. Juhan had invited a number of I
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. T. J' I
greatly enjoyed. I l
Trenton. N. J. His device for preventing Nixon, who formerly lived in Ocala, Between the acts instrumentalsols her young lady friends to a six I II I FOR

received o'clock dinner. Covers laid for
cars uncoupling is here visit to her aunts Mrs. were
on a i

very favorable attention. W. C. Bull and Mrs. G. L.Taylor.Mrs. Peyser.A were. rendered by Miss Gertrude twelve and the table was very prettily .. r IEPJG N FIELD AND HOG FENCEr

decorated, the menu served iel i+ t, .
i Mrs. E. J. Redding left Saturdayfor recitation by Miss Rosebud Rob- .
J. H. Dickson, who has been being most delicious and appetizing.Mrs. .
s: -
few .. .____ _.....-,. ..
Jacksonville to spend a days her sister Mrs. W.1.. Redding inson and solos by Miss Gamsby ad- r-- .r ri-- -
visiting Juhan'g guests were Misses ft. =
..:., .i ; .
with her Mr. Bert Redding. ded greatly to the entertain \. t:
son, ; 'H
on Exposition street in this city, Eloise Miller, Beatrice Sinclair, Flor- -----' ---. r t 1' J .' ..
to Missouri to I ... IV,.. .. I' I t I.... ...
From there she wil :go returned to her home at- Center Hill, ment. ._t-. _; ;:- ; -, u .r- tt: =
rie Condon, Bessie Porter, Grace .. .,. t ,
I spend the summer with her sister. Sumter afternoon.Mr. Indigestion. -j"r- --, t: ; .'
Hatchell, Jessie Palmer Pauline ,.,. TriW' : **, -
-' --' .
With its companions, heart burn, I < 1T" -
\ !
. L Mr. Quintan Gray, formerly of Sullivan, Gertrude Peyser and Louise .. r
, J. Starr Sternberger left Fri- flatulence, torpidity of the liver, con- .:."... : .. ___X.z : 5Zpf ...
this city, now residing Texas, passed Harris. After quite a num- .. .. .
r ,
day for Tybee, Ga., to take his little stipation, palpitation of the heart supper -i-- ; ; :.
, \ through the city Saturday on his poor blood, headache and other nervous ber of young gentlemen dropped in ; :;::;: : : '-:-; --.m.. N ,- : --'It'
visit relatives.Mr.
daughter, Evelyn, to ..-. ..,.-.. _., .. .
way to St. Petersburg where he will symptoms, sallow skin, foul and the evening was delightfully .. ..'---.--.'' -..- -.-. ....-.- -, .. .
will return in -
Sternberger sev- I : };, ."f.le' f c.tt-r.tiIot.4c."' ""te .
offensive breath
his Rev. and Mrs. C. M. tongue, and a legionof .
parents pent.
L v 4r eral days. other ailments, ts at once the most t :.t... .u'rc..a....,... i..>a i*M w e...aaett

Oray. _. :Mr.: and Mrs. L. L. Meggs, of,!. and destructive Among the Little People.The I .
malady :'J..C' cr' T:.t'2 trrr.t;. }+ild1.gra4Ic stael I YiUC". tttrtaiv ........1 J. --
P" Mrs. S. Godfrey Moyers, who made Orange Springs, accompanied the I among the American people. The Music and Literary Club met j .'.1'':y ::l' >. s i.T t"'iJ u.ifeioa and cUract OD. It "K.aU evw.
men a hit here as Mrs. Wiggs of the Louis in" i Herbine treatment will cure all these Marguerite Porter Saturday and matter bow a strain iipilMi it :-
turpentine operators to St. \\ .:. ..i: < ;,- v r ;( as v rsni;, no greet .
Cabbage Patch in the amateur performance their "special." Over one hundred I troubles. 50c. bottle. Sold by Anti- spent a very enjoyable Beethoven II i I ;:N.'tl: u.-l .:-, hu: doci, ':fficieatly, turn cattle, horwt, hogs -

: at the opera house Friday I passengers went on this elegant train. monopoly Drug- -Store..--- m afternoon. :n,: r (:r,

her home at Dunn ---.. Card of Thanks.To .
I night, returned to Interesting on his life and :
J. C. Wheeler Ocala for the
agent the Editor of the Ocala Banner.
ellon Saturday and
charactization of his Symphonies
Deering Manufacturing Company, Please give me space in your inter- i' ';.-. .arnfacturers and by us. Call sod see it. Caa aMw ft*bf
: f- A society event of interest through- Sonatos and other compositions were : .. aad fence fields 10 they wilt stay fetueJ.
; who has been spending the past two esting daily to thank the Kings I ; save you money your
the state will be the wedding of
, f oat weeks at Nashville, Tennessee and Daughters for their attention to ..me.I read.Miss I
of Ocala's most
' MU Belle Stout and Mr. John Den- Peyser, one
the St. Louis exposition returned to lost my husband and got as far as I. Sbtdttr
. ham Bird, of Jacksonville, which gifted musicians, was a welcome Syracuse Chilled Plows, Black Hawk and Eccnoj Com
Ocala Friday. He had a splendid<< Ocala on my way back to my homein ,
in that on July the visitor and rendered..with_great brilliancy Etc.Hibbard&MacdufT
will occur city Doors Sash B'Id s
l E I Paints Oils Glass .
trip. ____ Dakota, when my little children :\loonlight'Sonata. The club ,
t fourteenth : taken sick. 1 do not know
Prof. Josiah Yarn is having his were
will meet next week with Miss Hope I
f )Ir. W. }-'. Gaitskill leaves Tuesday Manatee Ave lots cleared and materialis what I should have done had it not Robinson. Ocala Fla.r .

: for a month's outing in the mountains being placed on the ground prepar- been for Mrs Davis, who was so

t Virginia. He will make his headquarters atory to the erection of a handsometwo kind to us in our troubles. Marriage Announcement.This J ;I

:- t with Mr.! P. H. Brown at story residence.-Braidentown Too much praise cannot be bestowed office is in receipt of the following -

;r: ; Blue Ridge Springs. Mr. Brown managed Journal.Mr. on the noble, Christian workers of announcement.

t the Ocala 1I0use'sewral years O. A. Petteway, a prominent the Kings Daughters and I go away Mr. and Mrs Thomas Smith WUliams McMillan Bros

r ago while it was the property of the turpentine operator of Leroy, was in carrying a heart full of gratitude to announce the marriage of their

t :t I Plant System. Ocala Friday and paid this office them. MRS. L. HARTMAK. daughter, Corrie, and Dr. Henry C.

)Ir. H. B. Masters, of New York very pleasant fraternal call. Mr. Doctors Said He Would Not Lire Dozier, Tuesday, June 21st, 1904, at Works
Southern Copper
owner of the H. B. Masters store in Petteway is a friend of the.'news- Peter Fry, Woodruff, Pa., writes; Columbia, S, C.

this citv l is again on a visit ,to Ocala papers. He subscribs for two copies "After doctoring for two years with Ocala Concert Band. Manufacturers of Turpentine Stills
the best physicians in Waynesburg,
t andis stopping at the Ocala House. of the weekly and one copy of the David S. Williams is now
and still getting worse the doctors Judge

f t Bishop Johnson S. Key, Southern Ocala Daily Banner. hdvised me that if I had any business president and general manager of the and General Metal Workers.

t i M. E. Church, writes: "We gave I Messrs. George B. Wallace and W. to attend to I had better attend t6 it Ocala Concert Band.It .

; Dr. Moffett's "TEETHIXA" (Teeth- M. Burnett left I at once, as I could not possibly live is in good hands and we will Old Stills taken in exchange for new one. PatokhtC
Wednesday morningfor another month as there was no cure
Powders) to our little grandchild mall
ing Order by *
music. specialty.
have good through country a
r with the happiest results. The affects Ocala where they go with view for me. Foley's Kidney Cure was el MM
, were almost magical and certainlymore to purchasing fine Jersey cattle. Mr. recommended to me by a friend, andI All members are requested to attend wire will receive"prompt attention at either
satisfactory than from any- Wallace was accompanied by his immediately sent my son to the the meeting called for July 8, 8:30 p. following works *

used." TEETHISA" store for it rod after taking three .
thing children who will visit friends and m. FAYETTv NILE N. C. SAVANNAH, OAt
[' Teeting Powders) counteracts and bottles I began to get better and continued ,

overcome( the effects of.the summer's relatives at that place.-BraidentownJournal. to improve until I was entirelywell. fOlmilONIYA.1iDt .B JACKSu.lVILLE. FLA HOSHE ALAi

t(. heat. ]I ." Postoffice Drug Store m merde-'r twr. ** *,"***- .

.) KfN


f. ---: > ,'.'..,1-'z--- :.,. .-:.,,-_._:':""'_--'-_-'_"'_".._" ,,,-,, _".->,-_=_",,;_$..:
: :... -
._ M .. ,

."., .._ ;-.." !<"' '''o '''

"'- '" -


1. t .

I proof. HAL. G EAGICTOM. *

(f Story of "Three Rings .. From |I' Are not all built alike on history, ..* KILL THESERPENT

'< '< '< Nathaa the Traditional, or written. History Ocala has sent a number of good

1 ; .. Must be received on trust-is it not so? e'.
IfI men to Tampa, whose careers she, has T
J I Ora Sermon On In whom now are we likeliest to put .
By watched with pleasure and with :
I 1. trust? _
Gotthold EQbReligIous In our 'own people surely, in those pride. Some of these gentlemen -
S 1
nim Leasing.Norf.Gotthold men* happened there at the initial moment t !
Whose blood we are, in them, who when the town was throwing off its ,1,1"u I The worst disease the world his er *ao..t ...
\ 1/1 the to the human fc, M
from childhood '
( Ephraim Leasing One of my.titles, 'Betterer of the our swaddling clothes and evolving intoa +' One of UM 4I -
1- 1 Poison. Hf
yon Blood drop vtrm thiChbrrible .
was born on'the 22 of January, 129. world Have given us proofs of love, who -.c
and was the eldest of ten sons of a And of ne'er deceived m, city and at once put their shouldersto I I I of all disease will pelt.t..r .m.*. .. -

pious and learned minister of Camenzof the law. Unless 'twere wholesomer to be de the wheel and helped it along in f 1 J wI'+ la purest, healthiest blood and witam a .it...,< fur* "'-
Oberlanseti. He was precocious NATHAN.In f I the first little sole appear them i r.,.,-4ra9
and intended for ceived. its forward movement and in its l' \1fi' ; tie
beyond his years was truth a noble title. 1, awful and the kin break. .ur u,, ,. .
i poison 4 : g.
the ministry hat he early became interested How can I less believe in forefathers .
in dramatic literature and But, sultan, e'er I quite unfold myself my progress and achievementalong: commercial I+ the glands of the groins swell, the throat and mouth ta "'T'" ati ff.....

his infatuation for it could not be Allow me to relate a tale. Than thou in thine. How can I ask lines their names have been i the hair and eyebrows drop out, and often the t'N.urt u r ,J ttwstovered ....,

broken was off.an Besides author writing and editor dramashe of a SALADIN.Why. of thee conspicuous. The present mayor, I with copper-colored splotches and wckeninf kt'.. and ,
not? the Maas tions. Contagious! Blood Poison is at treacherous and ehuiv *. rite
newspaper. Some of his writings To own that thy forefathers falsified Brothers, the editor of the
aroused the anger of some very narrow I always was a friend. of tales well In order to yield mine the praise of Tribune, and other names that we serpent. Y ouo may be carrying it in your vain with nu VMtbb e\ ..
theologians of his day who attacked told. of its existence; for while
him most bitterly. The intol- truth might mention, are some of Ocala's and Alter ..sat sw..a .....
and uncharitableness of the NATHAN. The like of Christians.SALADIN.. mercury potash seem from GMt....... aMiM P.-.
erance by Less- Well told, that's not af contributions to this growing, bounding to cure and all external Iud trT.* tae b.et _........
attacks felt keenly precisely
was very my Ot.1aaW., &a4 au 1M ...
ing, who was of an extremely sensitive fair. and expanding city. signs disappear, the disease \1 i m*>*...*.. pr.**f.K. oy...MM...
nature. About the same time his By the living God, is doing its destructive ... ., ur ontia.u. *. .... ."M,'
soul was mellowed by domestic sorrows SALADIN. The man is in the right, I mast be si- Ocala is continuing to send her work within the ; I-*,. too .u.. I.r..I' &AC
which helped shape the noblestof Again so proudly modest, come again. lent. young men down there ,to grow up or r a I,00: ..1 ob, ttliaeflra.. ..el .y. .... -
i is .
Wise. patient constantly tne> +..
his plays-"Nathan the NATHAN.In NATHAN. with the city and participate in its harassed POISOr." I tri.e.. .. a. 1 ,....... bs.
No sweeter sermon, perhaps, was ever days of yore, there dwelt in eastman a Now let us to our rings return once by returningsymptoms __ the Are hUH. I" trio 'ai...
written on charity, tolerance and achievements and emoluments and and unmutaka- tw.lv. .*. sea 4ble anal -.(
moderation. than the extract whichis more. traces of the blood ..n,&&4 ..".. '16ft't- (
Who from As said the Eachto has sent none whom shejthinks more .
given below.-THE EDITOR.! a valued hand received a sons complained. Thousands of
ringOf the judge of or who is calculated to do more for poison. Wa'Ia..N.C. H. X. fttaiiftft.
SALAD IN. physical wrecks and
Since you are a man so wise, tell me endless worth: the stone of it an Swore from his father's hand immediately I its ambitious growth than Mr. Hal chronic invalids from the effect of Blood POWB kftw the ue .

which law, opal, G. Eagleton. tainty of the mercury and potash treatment-th it it rtM es tot defy Me
- Which faith appears to you the better. That shot an ever-changing tint:: To have received the ring, as was the Before the big freeze :Mr.: Eagletonwas kill the serpent. As long as there i i. life in the-sErpe.t here H din .iiftf

NATHAN. moreover, case; its fangs; and while your blood is tainted theft U charger of s.4.
It had the hidden virtue him to renderOf After he had long obtained the Path a large orange grower in this
t Sultan: I am a Jew. tion. Safety lies only in crushing out the life of the KitJuoino dues
aALADIX. God and man beloved, who in thisview er's promise, county and devoted his leisure moments
and the For S. S. S. h4
killing serpent. many yean Meta k..w. u
And I a Musselman: One day to have the ring, as also was. to the law and after standinga an antidote for Blood Poison. It is a remedy composed tvttrtiy
Of And this persuasion, wore it. Was it The father, each asserted, could to him
stands between us.
The Christian creditable
examination was ad- vegetable ingredients, and we offer f 1,000 for proof that it .m..ft|
strange Not have been false, rather than to
these three religions mitted to practice. He is a brother- the least particle of nwftufy, fHtk at
be the true. The eastern man ne'er drew it off his suspectOf
Only one can other mineral. It t.het gliiy
penfo titt
in-law of the late Hon. John F. Dunn
such father
A man like remains not just finger, a willing as he mightbe blood the
you improves appetite t.4 .... I ;
And studiously provided to secure it and assisted in winding up his estate.
where birth tion, and tones up all put of the .,&.. I
Has chanced to cast him, or, if he remains For ever to his house. Thus-He be With charity to judge his brethren, he He is full of business, push and enterprise In chronic and Ioaf'ttta4la saris a/

there, queathed it; Of treacherous forgery was bold t' accuse and as Tampa bounds forwardon Blood Poison, S. S. S. KU pwwptty 4

Does it from insight, choice, from First, to the mot Movd of his sons, them. her course towards commercial without leaving any had altec-efwlc,

grounds of preference, Ordained that he again should leavethe SALADIN. Write us about your case, and our physicians will t4rt.e W.... _
Share then with me your insight-let ring Well, and the judge, I'm eager now supremacy, we shall expect Mr. out charge, and we will mail you free our home- tMHt b*.k tttt
To the filM dear his children to hear Eagleton to give as good an accountof
hear among all
me ing about Contagious Blood Poison and Its different *taf.4 ..|
The grounds of preference, which I and What wilt thou make him say. Go himself as Stovall, Salomonson or symptoms.
That without birth on, THE SWIFT SPEC/nO CO, ATLAXTAtnorttBrBoriympto.ftt.Tttt4Uttti u,
have wanted heeding the jarar go on. any pf the names that are so conspicuous .
The leisure to examine-learn the iU son. NATHAN. .

choice, Inirtue of the ring alone, should The judge said, If ye summon not the in Tampa's industrial pro-

These grounds have motived, that it always lather I gress. MISSING WORD CONTEST.

may be mine.In Remain the lord o' th' house-You Before my seat, I cannot give 'a sen- t We commend Mr. Eagleton to the

confidence I ask it. How hear me, Sultan? tence. I! good of
yon graces Tampa's good people
Am I to ? 1A1 PRIZES I Offered I For
startle, SALADIN. guess enigmas Or expect ye | and hope that they will extend fo
And weigh me with your eye! It may I understand thee-on. That the true ring should here unsealits JLV/X
him The
well be lips? a cordial and helping hand. Correct Solution

NATHAN.From But hold- tell that :Mr.: Eagleton has formed a co
I'm the first sultan to whom this ca- son to son you me the real

price, At length this ring descended to a ring partnership with Mr. Will Price (whois Tropical Co. m.mufoctureti
Methinks not quite unworthy :of a father, Enjoys the hidden power to make the also a gentleman full of virilityand Manufacturing ,

sultan, Who had three sons, alike obedientto wearer enterprise) for the handling of of the great health drink :METTO I wil .
Of God and beloved ,
Has yet occurred. Am I not? Speak him man ; let that ,

thenspeak.Or Whom therefore; he could not but love decide. real estate, and any business trustedto pay ail: prizes. The contest open lo all

do you, to collect yourself, desire alike. Which of you two brothers love the them will be put in safe hands.

Some moments of; delay-I give them At times seemed this, now that, at best? Both are excellent young gentlemen I It's free to You

you- times the third, i You're are silent. Do these love-ex socially and morally, and in

Reflect. -I'll soon return- (Accordingly as each apart received citing rings business are hustlers. FIRST
[Retires. Act inward only, not without? Does PRIZE.The .
-; The overflowings of his heart) most
each Good Spirits.
NATHAN worthyTo [ Love but himself Good first one serjdmg if) the correct answer: we wW "" e ,
Strange! how is this? what wills the heir the ? Ye're all deceived spirits don't all come from
ring, which with good beautiful life size picture i 1
sultan of me? natured weaknessHe deceivers, Kentucky. Their main source is the IQ gilt frame e UU.e4IJ..

I came prepared with cash-he asks privately to each in turn had None of your rings is true. The real liver, and the fine spirits ever madein This picture is symbolical I..t M Hti th. If.... ......k 4tiNB *..** .......
truth. Truth? promised. ringPerhaps the Blue Grass state could not rem- all and contain!! nfld"r hunufol l .1'....
> is To hide edy a bad liver the To the next % ...
As if truth too were cash-a coin dis- This went for awhile. gone. or to supply or hundred-and- .
on But ..
used death Its loss,your father ordered three for one ill effects it produces. You can't 5 . . ........J tMlitM M/Mt.
approached, u. a' :" . : sit ..la1M4 ;
That goes by weight-indeed 'tis some And the good father grew embarrass! one. '. have good spirits and a bad liver at "TO, . I MME tn.. .....
such thing- SALADIN.O the same time. Your liver must be
ed. So ..
.. .
But coin, known by the stampat charming, charming! in fine condition if you would feel LR
a new. To disappoint two sons, who trust his I I.-.................."'...
once, NATHAN. buoyant, happy and hopeful, brightof
To be flung down and told uPon the He promise could not, bear" What's to be And (the judge continued) eye, light of step, vigorous and People ..?....Kl'V H ft............... w.... 'JII .f ........._lliiit!

counter.It done. He sends If you will take advice in lieu of sen- successful in your pursuits. You can Users Of . ......1 I u. . t i...t............_wtsypt. ... ..._

is not that. Like gold in bags tied In secret to a jeweler, of whom, tence, put your liver in fine condition by using .- -

up, Upon the model of the real ring, This is my counsel to you, to take up Green's August Flower, the Cut out nut this l't'UI.tf.| n tin SO.... ...
'. So truth lies hoarded in the wiseman's He might bespeak two others, and The matter where it stands. If each greatest of all medicines for the liver the hlauk "plf'| It,.. H bur. -
of and stomach and to inakttti "I'llrnllr't'r wqIanlrfCr '
head you a certain for
commandedTo cure s luivt"rli""I Y .t. U.. 1-'. n..._.. ...._. .
To be brought out. Which now in spare not cost nor pains to make Has had a ring presented by his father, I dyspepsia or indigestion. It has beena mid moil in theTropical

e this transaction them like, Let each believe his own the real ring. favorate household remedy for over Mfg. Co. .',.u,,') .....

Which of us plays the Jew; he asks Quite like the true one. This the art 'Tis possible the father chose no longer thirty five years. August Flower will Jachson.tne. thrida

for truth, ist To tolerate the one ring's tyranny; make your liver healthy and active
managed, R.'iiewhrrthrflrs, I'll' ..... ... .,.,.. .......
Is truth what he requires, his aim, The rings were brought, and e'en the And certainly, as he much loved you and thus insure you a liberal supplyof )"lIur answers stouc* rulh... r. i /1'1' r
his end? father'ii.e"e all, "good spirits." Trial size, ic; re-

That this is but the glue to lime his Could not distinguish which had been And loved you all alike, it could not gular bottles,j5c. For sale at AntiMonopoly TROPICAL
snare the model. please him Drug Store. m .

Ought not to be suspected, 'twere too Quite overjoyed he summons all his By favoring one to be of two the op 14
little, sons, pressor. A Handsome Souvenir Edition. W. (Idoip St. Js"kIftr fft

Yet what is' found too little for the Takes leave of each apart, on eachbestowa Let each feel honored by this free In celebrating its one hundreth anniversary .--I

great- affection. U the Charleston News and

In fact, through hedge and pale to His blessing and his ring, and dies Unwarped of prejudice; let each en- I Courier has ---- ..
stalk at once Thou hearest ? deavor printed handsome souvenir .s..i. ........-..--
Into one's field beseems notfriendslook To vie with both his edition. It shows how this I
brothers in dis I
round, SALADIN.I playingThe wonderful newspaper has steadily I QII Goods Delivered Free. Write for Price U*',
hear, I hear, come finish with
Seek for the path, ask leave to pass tale; thy virtue of his ring; assist its might ]kept pace with the march of events.It .

the gateI Is it soon ended? With gentleness, benevolence, forbearance shows the history of the paper S
-- must be cautious. Yet to damp him from ,
back, NATHAN.It With inward resignation to the God the hand press and printer's I

And be the stubborn Jew is not the is ended Sultan. head, case to the Webb perfecting press I I I

thing; For all that follows may be guessedof And if the virtues of the ring continueTo and Mergnathaler machine. It I t

And wholly to throw off the Jew,still course. show themselves among your chil :also gives the pictures of the founders
less. Scarce is the father dead, each with dren's children I
I and the I
present owners and I
For if no Jew he might with right in his ringAppears After a thousand thousand -
years appear 1
quireWhy and claims to be the lord o' I editors of the paper, and contains all I I s t tU ,

not a Musselman Yes-that the' house. Before this judgment-seat greaterone 1 1I sorts of valuable information. No I I
Comes question, strife I I i
complaintall South Carolinian
may serve me. can feel satisfied

Not children only can be quieted to no end; Than I shall sit upon it and decide. with himself unless he procures a I i A-; ,- / II
For the
With stories. Ha he comes::-well, true ring could no more be So spake the modest judge. copy of this edition of the News and I
distinguishedThan -
let him come. : :
now can-the true faith. The Win I Courier. t = -
SALADIN (returning.) Boys at St. Augustine. 1 ; I I

So there, the field is clear, I'm not SALADIN. The Ocala Base Ball nine played a The London Chronicle is reproducing -

too quick, How, how, is that second game f with the Conchs, of St. J in its columns some Egyptian war $r # .
To be the
answer to ? .
Thou hast bethought thyself as much my query Augustine Saturday The cartoons over 3,000 years old. One .
as need is, NATHAN. morning. .
J represents Pharaoh's chariot drawn
Speak, no one hears. No, game was an exceedingly close and .
1 by dogs and his soldiers
NATHAN. But it may serve as my apology; exciting one. The Ocala boys won are represented .

Might the whole world but hear us. If I can't venture to decide between bya score of 3 to 2. as rats. The enemies of his -- w .

Rings, which the father got expressly army are composed of cats. A single

8ALADIN. made, Worked Night and oar combat between a cat and a rat each .

Is Nathan of his cause so confident? That they might not be known from The busiest and mightiest little armed with a sword is rS -
Yes, that I call the sage-to veil no
one another. thing t4at ever was made is Dr. Old Forreit Corn 1'.04.-
truth, The cartoonist of that early Old Mllltr Rya $1.39. )feu.... \,'*4i >'
SALADIN. King's New Life Pills. These pills Corn 12.M.+ "Barbee" live HOO. aaJ .
Appf. r... .
..4i *
For truth to hazard all things, life day wielded a and humorous !&OO to 1.00..
very Kentucky Pride }
The rings-don't trifle with me; I change weakness into strength, list- $& Baww | a 11s fs-'
and goods.. must think lessness into energy, brain-fag into pen. So it it seems true that Send Postoffice or Exprwa Mousy i rd*....
NATHAN. That the religions which I named mental power. They're wonderfulin there's "nothing new under the sun.-

Aye, when 'tis necessary. and when can beDistinguished building up the health. Only 25c. Twelve hundred German familiesare BOWEN

useful. SALADIN. e'en to raiment, drink per boi. Sold by Tydings & Co. m to be located in Polk'county anda i & COMPANY.

and food. colony of Swedes in Orange, It I

Henceforth I hope I shall with reason NATHAN. FOU lIomA.'aTAR looks like something is doing in South I. 140 E. BAY ;T.. JAKrr7 \ IL1'.!!:, )tray
bear And not
only as to their .
grounds of Cues .. > Pre *2 Pneumonia Florida. ....
.. _


TF: "' ..-;;'- ;:f.,-' ;,V' '\;; .;:; .' .

.t... ?.-'fP'.c.. :.'.;., '...".;.".'t:'_'".... .'-.r.t.A- 0 -, e."... "L.- ".._,_itl,,0-,:",'", >, ""-.,r-ir.:.:.r.:'... L. ", _. _....}.;'.,..' ,...,_,'","-,,
m "' N
,. ,.., ,..... > ci id' m-R-r.'i-
c c. -- ? ii *
>> \ ; .
-i ; iW 4 ): *
; "
.. ... ; .
'"I _>' !!.w.! <. ,1'i. .:!, ;; r :t: < > J ;. ..






: The paper "Of the People, tor the People and bv the People."

_,_ -


USA ILIZABETH RABBIS, Local Editor BASEBALL MONDAY. For Hiss Standley and Hr. Clark. v Hiss Louise Scttt's Party. .' :: .,.'.;,' .'. .'.. 4 .. ." ,4 .
ti.; .'" '
. .. Miss Annie Mae Standley and Mr. On Tuesday evening at the lovely '

1 ABOUT TOWN.The Arthur Clark, whose marriage took .
HAPPENINGS home of her parents on Fort :King -l fb.
place at 11:30 Wednesday morning, 1

IMIuI l price of automobiles is sure to TWO HOME TE0MS TO CROSS were entertained at a "heart party" avenue Miss Louise Scott very royally .: REMNANT

entertained about thirty of her J< ILE.
! take a tumble. BATS ON THE DIAMOND. Monday night by Miss Eloise Miller

I and Miss Grace Hatchell at the homeof friends. Everyone of Miss Scott's

I S. A. Standley left yesterday for a
the former. that
guests say they never enjoyed
visit to St. Petersburg. I
The lower floor of the house
The Evening Stars vs. the Ocala was an evening more. :

Mr*. L. W. Moore and children are Banners-Three Hatch Games. very prettily decorated with palms Among the pleasant things done t)

visiting in the country for a few Part of Gate Receipts tu go and a great many red hearts scattered during the evening was what was

.. all about the rooms added a very called the Each S
day to the Hospital. "sky game. one f, ........

Mrs. George Eugene Bryson of Professional baseball as now playedis suggestive and lovely touch to the present was given a large star on I

Cuba, visiting Mrs. Frances A. so scientific that it is becoming uninteresting -I decorations. The lights were all which was pasted tiny red stars anda
I shaded with red, the color indicativeof
certain number. Around the walls
Howe.Sire. i
to the onlooker, I
average love and lovers, and the yard and were stars and numbers corresponding l : Beginning July nth ..
but the game among amateurs, where I 1904,
L. P. Miller will leave in a front veranda were brilliantly illumi-
the to those on the big stars and the
the players are all well known to .
few days for South Carolina to spend ,
nated with many Japanese lanterns. .?
guests were required to hunt the
is interest 0VA.tf
spectators, no game more
; the bummer. ing and exciting than baseball. Misses Miller, Hatchell, Standleyand stars belonging to their cards. we will sell about Ii!

Mr. Clark received in the
One Ocala firm's Fourth of July Two amateur .teams have been parlor. When this was done it was found

retail trade -amounted to two thous- organized in Ocala and will play Those invited to meet the happy I that each set of stars spelled a word iG

young couple were Mr. and Mrs. C. and in l !
putting the words .
and dollars. three games next week and the week I' together by .
after. V. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller, the aid of the numbers, the whole I 1 j 111"

The Ocala postmastership seems to One of the teams has been namedin Misses EleanorCassideySallie Camp, '' spelled the "Little Boy Blue" I jl I ;

be in a tangle and Postmaster Groves I Beatrice Sinclair, Alice Bullock, rhymes.", .., iOOII 1IEM11TN ; I
b Star
; honor of the Ocala Evening I I
!'" continues to hold the fort. and one in honor of the Ocala Ban- : Louise Scott, Florrie Condon, Jessie Another amusement was the guessI I \

r Palmer, Johnnie Liddon, Gertrude ing of "hidden books" from various '.'
1 Mr. Frank Harris, who, attended a I Ii
l ner.The Peyser, Pauline Sullivan, Allie Van e
pictures tacked around the walls.In I
I meeting of the board of trustees of Ocala Stars are made up of the !
Juhan, Messrs. Harvey Clark, Ben- {
this contest Miss Annie Atkinsonwon
the Univerity of Florida, in Jacksonville following players, viz: Moses Lid-

k on Wednesday, returned yesterday dell, catcher; Howard Clark,pitcher; nie Condon, Emmett Robinson, Bob the first prize andSam Teague from all Dress Goods
Mathews, Alfred Beck, Lee Cox, the Din
got "booby.
W. T. Wheeler, first base;Fred Vogt,
Dell Moody, Norton, Thayer Newman -
o< After this contest refreshmentswere
second base; Gordon Little, ::
of Gainesville !
Mr. ,
Joseph base; Sandford Jewett, short stop Osco and Guy Zewadski, John served and afterwards various t&iS7i kI rti
arrived in Ocala yesterday and I Sullivan, Dempsey :\ and Harry pur store which has
pleasant ,
Pratt Morris, left field; Roberts, games were played and all I
will spent a week the guest of his Palmer.In I
centerfield: Laurence Scott, right had a happy evening. ii
: friend, Mr. Harry Izlar on Carolina the library suspended from the

Heights. field. center of the room was a heart, to At the Bowling Alley. accumulated this t
The Ocala Banners are made up of season ,
Miss Lucile Ansley,of Thomasville, I I which was attached a number of Wednesday afternoon the ladies
the following players, viz: Don Ford,
i Oa., it the guest of Miss Cornelia catcher Charlie Moore, pitcher ribbons. Concealed within the heart bowled at the alley instead of on b.:

l Ahlum in Jacksonville. Later on in was a thimble and a bell, the young Monday afternoon, the regular ladies '
the Price of ;
Clifford Anderson, first base; these have )
the bummer Miss Ansley will spend lady drawing the first was to be an day. Those bowling on this occasion
Harper, second base; Frank Harris, ?ii
several weeks in Ocala. old maid and the one finding the bell, were: Mrs. Willian Hocker, Mrs E. 1 VIB .
jr., third base; Nathan Peyser, leftfield
I to be the next> bride. On pulling the H. Mote Misses Mona Killer, Emily -
[ Mrs, J. I). Williams, who has been ; Harry Bullock, short stop; I been cut down.
f ribbons it was found that Miss Ford, Johnnie. Liddon, Polly Williams I way
visiting daughters, Drs. Elizabethand J. S. Bristow, center field; Royal Ik
Peyser had gotten the thimble while Georgia Smith, Valeta Potter, k i'Q
Mary Steele Ewing, will returnto Cole,.right field. *
Miss Scott blushingly brought forth Ethel Robinson and Sara Harris. 1 t
The first will be played on i 1 i
her home at Ocala, this week.- game
the bell. Miss Liddon made the best score. ... I -
the South Third street diamond Monday : i
Atlanta Journal.
After this the guests were all given Mr. Chambers, who is now runningthe ( !
L afternoon. Admission 25 cents. JSm
[f Hev. W. J. Carpenter, of Gainesville little heart shaped books, on which alley, treated the bowlers to ice
We are requested to state that ten kds
one of the best known preachers j I they were required to write a sketchof cream, which was greatly enjoyedand K
per cent of the gate receipts will be
In the Methodist conference, passed j 1{ the "soon to be" bride and groom. appreciated. He is doing every- ITi
I donated to the Marion County
Some of the sketches in thing to make the with
through Ocala yesterday en route for : Hospital.The were verse alley popular ,

for South Florida. and some in prose and all were good. the ladies and it is hoped that a large (ki:
friends of the players, the
The judges decided in favor of Miss number will be present on Monday fc
Mrs Edward Holder left friends of the newspapers,the friendsof .
yesterdayfor Cassidey and Mr. Robertson, who afternoons at 5 o'clock. <*!
Atlantic Beach to the hospital and all lovers of the OGALA FLA.
spend some
were awarded the prizes, pretty stick 4 4.tea.
weeks at the Continental Hotel. Mr. game are invited to be present and pins. .,. A Shooting: Scrape. *

Holder will make frequent visits to thereby aid the baseball associationin The balance of the evening was Ed Small and Dave White had a ._--q .:-'-- .'l't' 61 1a
the beach while Mr*. Holder is there. helping to defray its expenses and spent playing hearts.liss misunderstanding! Tuesday about '; i 1. 1I.b.

"* help the city in having alittle amuse- noon in Carmichael's up-town colored .. ..... ,
Beatrice Sinclair, winning the prize ---- -. -- --- w --.w n. 'f "' '1.
I, Mr. Frank Teague, one of the best ment to break the monotony of the t saloon and decided to shoot it out.
for being able to get rid of the HY ROBINSON, President. J ,., BAKCO. Maee>*
f {touted men in the state on lands, dull summer season. Small used a shot gun loaded with

f bays the "Hat woods" are rapidly greatest number of hearts. I!| buck shot while White held up his Commercial Bank of Ocala
The Original Refreshments, were served after I
I coming to the front and are destined Ij I end with 4S-calibre revolver. Small
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated the games by Misses Marguerite BS1NCS 0? COMME2CIAL! :BAKSt? 7ACZVN.LLr
f boon to be classed as the most valu- I fired twice missing White and shooting
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung Porter, Caro Liddon and Mary Juhan. ,
i- able. i several t,. -
bystanders, none seriously \
- _H _____ remedy, and on account of the great Miss Castddey, who possesses a very .." ;j>... "- .cc:...
however. One of White's bullets :M, .' .. _
Mrs. H. C. Gates left yesterday I merit and popularity of Fqley's Hon- sweet voice, favored the guests with I ML" .-.. =-
I struck Small on the forearm, break ,t ., .
and and Tar several before this I .'. V
morning Fort Valley Perry, ey many imitations are of- songs delightful I '
ing it.Those. .
f la., to 8H.Mid{ the summer with her fered for the genuine. Ask for evening was ended. j C':1' DJ
t : who saw the entire proceed- c::>> .- cos,
two married daughters. The Gates Foley's Honey and Tar and refuse >> ..
I Baseball Players and Foot Racers! : ings say that Small was the C,, Co>> > totncr
3 House will be closed during her ab- any substitutes offered as no other >> :
\\,4 Louis J. Kruger, ex-champion long and he is now in the county jail cosaens
: Fence preparations will give the same sat- distance foot racer of Germany and II -_ c::>> a11L E ::: :
White was released and left on the ,= Lr:) ; ..
i- ... isfaction. It is mildly laxative. It Holland, writes, Oct. 27th, 1901: ..,..,. co -
Mr Ralph T. Birdsey, _of Macon, I afternoon train for Inverness CI. GO ca.
contains no opiates and is safest for "During ray training of eight weeks' ca eo
t la., arrived yesterday afternoon on children and delicate persons. Post- foot races at Salt Lake City, in April acts in the capacity of a deputy c,:) c.

a visit to his many Ocala friends who office Drug Store. m last, I used Ballard's Snow Linimentto sheriff. -a

are delighted to see him. He is a my greatest satisfaction. There- C 5
Off to Lake Weir. Another Mysterious Killing.As :;2!
fore, I highly recomend Snow Lini-
guest at the home of his uncle, Mr.
ment to all who'are troubled with Mr. George Tyler was going V?
I W. L. Jewett, on Ft. King avenue. Wednesday a party of
-- young people went down to Lake sprains, bruises or rheumatism." from Ocala to the Hermitage Dairy DOCH a General linking Hii,,lnr,.....
25c, 50c, $1.00 bottle. Sold by Antimonopoly -
I Mrs. S. L. Patterson 'and infant Weir to spend the afternoon and yesterday about noon, he found a Account, Solicited.

I t daughter, Annie Lester, who have night. They returned yesterday. Drug Store. m colored man lying dead in the road -1

been the guests of the former's parents They carried tents, fishing tackle, Buys an Orage Grove. near the railroad crossing on Orange

%lr. and Mrs. J. M. Barco, for picnic supplies and are anticipating a Dr. Mary Steele Ewing, of Atlanta, avenue. An examination revealedthe T. W. SMITH & GO

the past two weeks, left yesterdayfor big time.* The party was gotten up Ga., daughter of Mrs. J. D. Williams, fact that the man had been shot ,

the mountains of Virgiana, where i by :\Iiss'Sallie Camp for her guest, of this city, through Messrs. J. H. in the head by a pistol or rifle ball. DEALERS IN-

they will spend the summer. They Miss Eleanor Cassidy, of Jackson- Livingston & Son, real estate dealersof The man proved to be Isiah Pitts,

< were joined here by Mr. Patterson ville. The others in the party were. Ocala, last week purchased a $7- who had been engaged in driving a HARDWAREAOE

who accompanied them on their trip John Sullivan, Osco and Guy Zewad- 000 orange grove near,Arcadia in De wagon for Mrs J. J..Pyles, ,

- and will remain with them about two ski, "Misses Alice Bullock and Marguerite Soto county and also a beautiful The body was brought to town andis
weeks. m Porter, chaperoned by Mr. home in Arcadia. Dr. Ewing stopped now at the undertaking establish- >!TS FOR THE

i and Mrs. C. V. Miller. over in Ocala for a brief visit on ment of :Messrs. :Mclver & MacMay.A : "
Mrs W. Lee Smith, of Gainesville, White Hickory Wagon.Let .
her way down to Arcadia. She ha coroner's jury was impanelled by

-. la in Ocala forenoon.and paid this Mrs.office Smith a visityesterday is Ocala at the Metropolis.Mr. now returned to Atlala. Justice W. 0. Waid, who will finish Us Furnish You Prices on Building Materials

R. E. Yonge, jr., spent a their investigations today.
the author of little book which has few days in Ocala this week, return- Safeguard the Children.Xotwithstanding Ocala Florida.

created something of a sensation in ing to Jacksonville Wednesday.. He is all that is done Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Oil.

t the "Oak City" so much so that an now engaged in electrical contractingin by boards of health and charitable rrhoea Remedy.

Injunction was applied for to prevent inclined persons, the death rate This is W. P.
I Jacksonville, having within the remedy certain to be neededin EDWARDS
small children is
I the printers from turning the book among very high almost every home before the sum-
past week opened an office on Laura during the hot weather of the sum-
Keep'ContaiitIy! on Iluiul .4 1'nll Lin OF
mer is over. It can always be de-
Smith but it
over to Mrs. appears I months in the
street. lIe is at present employingten mer large cities. Thereis
pended upon even in the most severe
t that the application for an injunction not probably one case of bowel
and business is
on the daily and dangerous of cases. It is espec- WESTERN
wa denied and the book is now on complaint in a hundred, however, valuable and FLORIDAMEA
increase. Rossie's many Ocala friends ially for summer disorders
4 It caricatures of Gaines- that could not de cured by the timelyuse
aE ale. some in children.
will be glad to learn of his success in It is pleasant to take
of Chamberlain's Colic
ville's prominent citizens and Cholera and never fails to give prompt relief. T S.Ph" =
the metropolis and join us in wishinghim and Diarrhoea Remeky. For sale by .
} given the outside and inside Why not buy it now? It may savelife.
unbounded prosperity. all druggists. m For sale by all druggists
t : fact about the trial of the principalof m "; 121 CITY :MARKET OC'ALA "1.1
For the next 30 days. Wall paperat
the Gainesville public school for Temperate people should not .I The earth
use half regular. price. J. Starr now yields gold at the FREE DELIVERY.
;. Mrs. Smith little boy. intemperate language. 1
whipping Sternberger. 7-1 rate of f21,000,000 per month.

rz i

.Jn "" -$ ""H'. '" i.,,,, <;\i VJ: N

r.,. 111s


fc .


-- -==:
.... I -
TFH OCALA" BANNER U. S. FLAG T" OLDEST, _... polledin Taylor county was -in 1900.. toNow secure remarkably low rates from .+.O .+++.+...+.+< +*.......+...++..+..........*.1..4.

: I would like to know where other states and that they would experience -
-- Taylor county got 633 democratic little or no difficulty in getting -
ram? imis sum. .
I votes at the first primary, and 607 at these rates at a meeting to beheld .
P. 7. LeiTiajiai, Suiasss K&:1&zer. : "A prophet is not without honor, *a\> in hit lilt :
the second primary. The total number shortly in New York. The tickets "
-- : country" is a proverb that does not always apply. J.\r :
of white males over 21 years of will be sold from other states via *
instance about 1000 people in this country do l>u ine** with
age! who could read and write according St. Louis, giving purchasers an opportunity i

to the census of Taylor county of visiting the World's Fair
: in 1900 was only 57S, and this iua: then coming to South Florida fora ,

Besides being a symbol inseparably '.eluded republicans and populists. As stay of ten or fifteen days.In OCALA, FLORDA; :

our'acountry matter of fact, there are not 400 addition to securing these low
I I connected with the history of :................................................a..!
r the stars and stripes possesses white. qualified democratic* electors rates from other states, the railroads .

interesting history of its own. in Taylor county. have also promised to run from -

It is probably not generally known Maj. Abrams further says: Tampa cheap-rate excursions to Special Sale Sewing Machines.

that though we are the youngest of In Lafayette county, with an ag- every point traversed by them in We haven largo inuuln'r of M-ulii: Mat'liliM** flml ImtrIIMM h....

MOTTO: THE KANNEI., BELIEVING gregate of 769 white males qualifiedto South Florida, thereby giving all !-some hut little-that we nil tina> out.,1 !!ttr&ttlii. I'rt.....
WELL ABLE TO the great nations our flag is older Tne>e machine* hate been Iliorouglil)' oterlutiilril |.j ?,.
THOSE AT THE TOP I than that of any of the others. The vote, according to the census of counties an equal chance for recognition Ierh'ueedforkJlIt'II and all worn part* replaced "'ul mutlr *a
TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES, HAS 1900 there 743 votes cast I good as new for sen'iee. }:'u'h machine U a IJu.le.|. Irir.l, H.H|
were or by the many visitors who will f
TAKEN ITS STAND IN THE BARRICADES flag of England in its form of the guaranteed to do perfect work before it Icatr our .l..re CAN

WITH THE COMMON PEOPLE Union Jack, dates back only to 1S01. I' about 95 per cent of the entire qualified take; advantage of the phenomenallylow he seen and tried, if desired.U'e .
will sell tliee machine* t'c'rI..." for null, l'rk+.
white male roes
AND ITS FIGHT WILL BE MA.DE.FOR. The French tri-color was adopted in i population, including rate that will be made. from 81.00 to $1: Mlle and each N n bargain it! flit price

TUB BETTERMENT OF THOSE AT THE 1794. The German and Italian banners republicans and populists. THOS. J. L. Bnowx. We arc agents-, for the celebrated "'aetr Home and 'U Iaw st r
BOTTOM Abrams concludes his letter & "' l.on" setting .Machine*-tt Ills or without '.nfl.ui are no older than the existing Maj as Tampa, Fla., July 5, 1901. tachuieiit.Granhophones.

--FRIDAY, :JULY, 8, 1904. regimes of those countries. The follows: and rtM'ord+. .\ ( rulll.ullh..I.II.I.I Itr....,...
Extend Thanks.To for S .00. Furniture
House FiirnUhinc <. .d
iM *
I have no "ax to grind. I am not tH
Spaniards first established theirs in 1 'M31THS. .Special attention to mail ordrr,
the Editor of
the Banner
1733 while the 14th of June 1776 an office seeker. I do not want any
DEMOCRATICTICKET. was Ocala Furniture
The official committee who had the Company
office. I do not intend to have any.
the day on which the continental
management of the 4th of July cele- __ '1 -- .
United States senatorJAMES I am simply one of the thousands of
its resolution "that
congress passed i bration in hand take this method of
democrats in the state who believe
the flag of the United States be
extending to sincere thanks for THE CLUB
you I-IO'UH ]
that in a primary election supposedto .
thirteen alternate red and
Member! Coagresi lit District stripes
the fair and impartial write-up of the
STEPHEN' M. SPAR KM AN'. white; that the union be thirteen be held oy members of one party.
celebration which took place under
r there: should be an honest vote cast,
white stars in a blue field, representing -
our As the official
Presidential Electors i and the votes counted. Unless
honestly -
II. P. BAILKV.l.AJEN'XIN'Ga.. a new constellation. | committee: we put forth every honorable Cuisine First Class. Rates R&H&ft+ bk,
: < this is done then the'primar)
c. B. KOON'CB. method to have the day a
) Primary Irregularities. | election becomes a mere farce, and

P.A.B.B.STONEMAN.N .v rON.. Major Alexander St. ClairAbramsin the result hereafter will depend upon success and the celebration come up RefurlJis ed Throuq out. Special RatH Ity Mt+Mil, ,.

to the expectations of the
recent contributions to the Jacksonville which faction can perpetrate the public.
Governor How well we succeeded in our desires
newspapers proves beyond greatest frauds.'a
NAPOLEON B. BRO.VARD. the question of a doubt that intentions, we leave it for the a II T

Secretary of stateH.CLAYCKAWFOKI there were very grave irregularitiesand ((1 t SOUTH FLORIDA f All.A public to judge. MRSTIIOS..1.: lL\H ES PIUP
). skilfully planned and executed We remain yours respectfully, ..-.. .... .. l
- -
frauds in the recent primary election, Movement to Hold Big Exhibition at ,
Attorney-Generil J. W. ALEXANDER
to say nothing of the disgraceful ,
WILUOI H. ELLh. Tampa in October.To .
For the official committee.
methods persued in Duval county,
the Editor of the Ocala Banner.
Com p*roller where the managers of the election
A.C. ;ROO f. Dunlurd: for Texas.
A movement has been inauguratedin
were all members of a faction and

State Treasurer who refused to permit an examination ] this city for the purpose of holding Fifty-one thousand acres of land in

7ILLUM V. KNOT of the boxes, it afterwards being during the coming month of Oc- Northwestern Texas tributary to the $250 Value 12.M YaW

tober, beginning the 10th and endingon Panhandle division of the Santa Fe $1.50.
that there were more ballots II.50.j
Superintendent M. HOLUVAY.of Public InstructionV than were voted. the 22nd, a South Florida Fair at system will be settled by 500 familiesof .

which of the following Dunkards from Indiana. The de-
Maj. Abrams shows, for instance, everyone I'ntil They're Ail Sold

i Cnn'littnr ,I \!r.;it a : that in Taylor county there were 661 counties are expected to be represented tails of this colonization are in the We Will sell A Line of

1 B. E. a1'LIN.. by an ex-hibit that will be at- hands of Philip Swihart Tippecanoe,
names on the registration list andsa.s |
1 tractive to many home-seekers who Ind. $2.50LADIES'
if of these
Railroad Cumniv.ioier every one names wasa
will be brought to the city and section -
JOHN L. atORGANJu.ticeSnpremeCourt. qualified elector and if "Ju&t Picture "
every one :: a of You, is the title
from other states: Marion,
was democrat,so large a proportionas of the newest song by Al Trahern
Six Years Volusia LeCitrus Sumter OXFORDS AT
R. rKN'lVICK TAYLOlt.I 90: per cent of the counties castingtheir and Lee Orean Smith. "Just a Pic-
Lake, Orange, Hernando, Pasco,
vote would be ture of You"
absolutely unpre is a high class ballad on

I i ,;: Justice Supreme Court cedented in the history of elections Hillsborough, Polk Manatee, De the order of "Violets" and is enjoying An Klegant Line to Stet
t ROBERTS. C')''::KRELL, Soto, Lee, Monroe and Osceola. .
THOMAS. sH\CKLEKORD except in Lafayette and Jackson. an immense sale. One copy of From If You Call Early.

J. B. UHITHIELU. As a matter of fact, however these That there are no more productive this ballad has been sent to every

Rrhtrs names embrace republicans, populist, counties in the state, or in the entire music seller in the United States and W. J. CHAMBERS SHOE COMPANY

nt aives Union is evident to to
as you ag myself -
prohibitionists and all antidemocraticvotes. Canada
i CARLOS L. SISTRUNK.KD. so that all lovers of music
i I and others who inaugurated this
L. WARTMANN. may have an opportunity of securingit

In 1900 Taylor county polled the movement. Every county can place at any music store.

Countv Judge at the fair exhibits of an agricultural --- -
following votes:
nature, including garden produce Anti-bond advocates are growing
Democrats 253.; republicans 105;

Sheriff prohibitionists 5 middleoftheroadpopulists fruit and other produce of like beautifully less everY day as the time ..
; .a n srs.
.. .. _
HENRY GORDON. 53. The antidemocraticvote character, cattle, woods of various draws near for voting. -

Clerk Circuit court that year was 163. kinds, horses, swine, and also many PHONE 34 WATCH FOR THE BLUE WASON. PHONE 34.

SIM EON'T. SISTRUNK. It is nonsense to suppose that every articles of an industrial and commercial -

anti-democrat had his name stricken nature. Wr art" "ft'.r"1 In cur

ALFRED Tax Ass vYER''Qr from the list of Taylor county, or There is no state in the Union to OCALA lIih OCAlA

became converted to democracy all which there is such an exodus year SLEEPForSkinTortured ICE Ec ICE &

las Collector: of a sudden. As a matter of fact, after year. Why? Because the IOE

1-:. L. CARNEY.buperinteudeat the anti-democratic votes remained state, and particlarly south Florida 1 PACIING PACKING

on the list, and if every democrat in counties: offers more to the settlers
of Public atructioaV. COMPANY, On tihfrt Dueler at any COMPANY
I>. CARN. the county registered and voted there than any other especially in the Babies folio city m Iutstr

could not have been 500 votes legallycast richness of lands, beauty of location

THOMAS County E.Treasurer PASTEUR. at the primary.The and balminess of climate. and Rest for Tired PHONE .34 WATCH 'FOR THE BLUE WAION( I PHONE 34.

largest democratic vote ever 'Every county, city, town and individual

County Surveyor -. so desiring will have an op- Mothers .-- --' 1,

ALEXANDER MOORHEAD. portunity exhibiting particles ----lllelllleeeeelllltaI18

.. desired absolutely free: of charge, -
County CommissionersH.
\V. LONG. L booths being furnished on the groundsann We keep a full triueWd .

JNO. L. EDWARDS. v in the fair buildings. In addition LOOK FOR
SAMUEL R. PYLES, j to the regular exhibits we are II : THE SEAL old Joe .

C. W.TURNI:R. for
arranging entertainments of a

Board ol_Public Instruction varied character, including horse Old Velvet, :

G. S. SCOTT. I. racing, baseball, the great Cuban _
E.L.GRANniAM.Ocala game Jai Ali, grand musical entertainments / T- McBrayer, :

t etc., also the most splen-
will vote for bonds on the 19th. did social events : Ifs t Mark Rogers :
ever given at the In ,
Warm Baths with i
i Tampa Bay Hotel. '. dtll t tts
Some people are never satisfied I
unless they are dissatisfied.Many Every organization of this countyso Charter, :

will hail the passing out of sound The stomach.first necessity Food of is athletics the source is of a the far appealed support of to the has movement.come valiantlyto in- ,(utLcnr l ( f! Mt. Vernon, ..

existence of city scrip after the com all physical strength but to extract I t

ing bond election. assimilate the strength from food commissioners i Cascade and -
board of
that the stomach and other organsof '

Judge Emory Speer digestion and nutrition should be in a trade, the county commissioners and YSOAP .,. I
condition of good health. What is true Other
does a wise and sensible thing. He of the athlete Is true of every man and0:11an good roads convention of Florida. High .

\\ ; physical health and vigor de- Every organization above mentionedhas .
recently appointed a woman receiverof pad upon the digestion and assimila And gentle anointings Grade
a millinery establishment in Savannah. tion of food. appointed energetic committeesto with CUTICURA S Whiskies. :

Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery co-operate in the work.

cures organs diseases of digestion of the and nutrition,other and J i Aid from the above sources is of Ointment, the great Skin I.. Headquarters for --

Roosevelt has grown to be bigger by enabling the perfect digestion and vast importance, but aid from Cure, and purest and .
than his When assimilation of food, builds the body Anheuser-Bush "
party. a man growsthat up e' Beer
with solid flesh and muscle. another graat source is of even more sweetest' of emollients. ,
big he is too big for a plain "I used ten bottles of Dr.Pierce'j vast .
; Golden Med importance in the matter of It relief _
ical instant and
Discovery and means
several vials of his Pleasant
American citizen and
should be Bottle
letdown Pellets a year ago this spring, and have had no bringing the people to South Florida and Draught.
a peg or two. trouble Thompson with of indigestion Towusend since Broadwater writes Mr.County W.T from other states. The refreshing sleep for tortured I .
source I refer -
Montana. "Words fail to how
tell thankful I
am for the relief as I had suffered so much and to is the railroads. I disfigured, itching, S Write for price list. Jug Trade e
it icemed have conferred a 5'<<1111 .
David Bennet Hill is planning to that th doctors could do me no good. \\ .
I sot down in weight to us pounds and was not with the officials of the Allan and burning babies, and want your trade and will I
able to guarantee to
beat David work at all. Now give
Tammany. Bennet owes I weigh nearly 160 : wt ./aelioitOC0LA .
and can da< a day's work on the farm. I'have tic Coast Line Seaboard Air Lineand rest for tired fretted .
his failure in life largely to the fact reeonmended grout medicine to several and ,
shdU always have a good word to say for Dr. other railways and found them mothers when all
that he is always planning to beat Pierce: and his medicines." I HOUSE WINE
The Common Sense Medical Adviser, I even more enthusiastic upon the subject fails. ROOMS II
'- some other democrats when he IooS ,
large pages in paper covers is sent ; than I. In conference with
should be to beat the free on receipt of 21 Said throughout the worli. Cnticnrt Reap.Be., Oit-
planning one-cent .
republicans. stamps to j these officials' mfntfe h Sol entsuc.tin form of Chuco'tteCoa! :d I OCALA. FLOIIIDfl
pay expense:: of mailing only. Address I was informed that PJSe. per Yia1 of SO). Devout London.P ChirtirrfamiM ,
Atlanta Journal. bq.;Paris,i Rut de U Pair
: Dr. ; BDItOII.3l Caiumtsut
R. V- Pierce, Buffalo, N. V. \they would do everything Are. Potter Drat*Chem Corp..Sole Prop
possible ''U'+cca far"L1.to C.'I B .........
\ .- *>/Humor..- .--,"".- ... .::: ......: s


'I .
.. .
..( ii.'" .' -

"" -'' R *. -i..,y .! :<.;;;}j.' ;:;:>. ",; .'.!,;p'. -' "i" o 'Of .i"t ,
; .. .
I J '": "'I 0I,<(\.. J.. -- 0 _"'t= i'_ ""_'_f.J. _.'..." "o;.r<:,;::..
W k_ ...".'::i"-$ .. .. ''= 1 ;', ,,',, : -
P>..'.tr.i./--..: ; .. .., ''.... '5'-, <': ,, """' ;-'- ."" .
O'P ':.. ': ; .. .,. .v-O ,...,. .. .'iii..t '-""-=' ... .< ,. .
}, : ; >-' ": "' '''' ; "": ;'> "-- : .: :- &: ;;; '
'' : :
. "
.ytw" I', .-..,r..4 ......,... ,oJ,._. :iri! _" -.if..: : "k.Iii. ;" } .a1i, -.co"';;:';'.:)"". :''. :::""': :\ -

il.' -a ""-">: -..'= """,'. ". .,.......'.\'ti <,; ,, ... """.- ............. .,_ _

.'; ; ,'. 't..._ "f1" ._ ,.....: .. -


e. J

_. -
.__ .
-- .w



__ I "

Total Number Engagement Is Reported at the Special Runs Intoan > "
of Dead Is Now
of Kinkaid Reservation
Opening Pass.
Mao Tien
This i is the di
r Open Switch. agree.
Placed at Twonty.Five.


LIST OF INJURED TOTALS 1,384 Rr1i {r able old foshtontdwav
.. I Three Times They Made Charge Be
-- Chicago Limited, Behind Time, and
Fully Fifteen Thousand People Are Already Celebration! of the National Day cf Independence 1 fore Finally Driven Off-Japs Pursued to make "-'d..
Running at Rapid Rate, It Wrecked >
ts' :11
Results in. the Uusual Them For Miles-Both 'kii
on Hand While Thousands of I Many
Near Litchfield, Ills.-Seven of the
Long List cf Accidents-Many Fires ; '
Sides Lest.
Others Are Expected by the Time
Occur. i Nine Cars Burned.

the Rush Begins. Tokio, July 4-3 p. m.-Delayed in
St. Louis July 5.-A
special to The
Chicago, July 6.-The Tribune today I j Transmission.: -General Kuroki reports: Qlobe-Democrai
Norfolk, Xeb., July 5.WhEn the from Litchfield, Ills.,
published that two battalions of Russians at
a partial list ot casualties
gva booms at :0 o'clock Tuesday morn. lays that: the Chicago limited on the
from the Fourth of July celebrationsall tacked the Japanese outposts at Mac Wabash
lag, opening the Kinkaid reservationto railroad due in St. Louis at
the Tien Pass at dawn July 4, undercover
over country. on
settlers under the Klnkaitl home.steed 7 p. m., and half an hour late, was
The list gives the total number of of a dense fog. The Russianswere :
Jaw one of the greatest rushes wrecked Sunday night inside the city /i a
dead as ?5; injured, 1.384. and a property repulsed, but they returned and limits. Y
for in the history of the nation
loss of $177,800. A year ago accidents charged three times before they were
will 'lw started \ The train struck an open switch and
reported the of July finally driven off. The Japanese pursued -
on night
Ilonestwl, 8. D., has Been made the was overturned, and seven of the nine This is the and -
4, were 48 dead and 3,431 injured. them for three miles to the west new tiptodate
headquarter of the great army ot cars were burned.It r
ward of Mao Tien The Russians
h&mf'**tkera. and this town, which pass. is believed that 20 persons per- You do not touch '
Takoma, Wash., July C.-The fire left. 30 dead and 50 wounded on the way. \
sprang up over night and is at best ished in the second and third coaches
I works which were to Lave been set off field. The Japanese lost 15 killed
only a tent city presents one of the and that 40 were injured. The in- the dough; takes just 3 ,
in Wright park as a finish to a big and 50 wounded.
mot picturesque spectacles imagi. jured are being cared for in the St. p
Fourth of July celebration, caught fire a Z
cable Francis in mix
Lospital this city. minutes to thoroughly
from almost the first rocket that was Liao Yang, July ".Delayed in
Fully 15,000 people are already on The train left Chicago at noon with
sent and in instant the entire Transmission.)-Rain is again fallingin
band and it Is reasonably expected up an delegates to the St. Louis convention.A and knead with this machine. .,1',, .
lot of explosives: were Eying: In every torrents and the thermometer regis
that by Tuesday morning 5,000 more partial list of the killed follows:
direction. tered 20 degrees centigrade. The Russian -
Yo.an hare Joined! the waiting throng. St. Pierre V. Bald Montreal Que- \Vhy don't you try one. '
About four dozen: of 8-pound rockets lines to the east and south are >
Crest indignation has bec. '
already been flew through the audience of 30. like iron barriers. The Japanese are Make life easier. We sell 1 -
expressed at the action of several big L. O. Esvhstadt of Chicago. } ."
persons, cheating! a panic in which quiet and seem to have vanished
ranchers, who have dispatched cowboys Mrs. C. F. Luther of Milwaukee.Dan .
many were i in;'lfed. Others were along the Russian outposts. them on trial and the Price
thither to snatch up the coveted H. Davis of Decatur Ills. ,
struck by the flying explosives, and t ,;
spots. and trouble is expected. An- Joseph Bardock of North Dakota.
it is estimated that as many as 50 St. Petersburg, July G.-The Rus is right.
'Jcipating this a regiment of regulars James Sanford engineer of Decatur
were injured, one fatally. sian newspapers are beginning to discuss r
t U been ordered to Bonesteel. A Ills. E t '. a
Corrinna, Me., July 5.-A fire start the article on the RussoJapanesewar
thousand Sioux Indians have also arrived Camuel Smith fireman of Decatur.
ed by Fourth of July explosions by Count Tolstoi, recently pUblish. lE
on the scene and are in an ugly Mrs. Perkins of Chicago.I. ;;)
caused loss of $100,000 here. Nine ed in The London Times. Almost
mood. R. Mills, of Decatur Ills.
buildings were destroyed, includingtwo unanimously the papers refer to the

At the same moment that the rush general stores and a grist mill. article adversely and a few speak. of it Sold Exclusively by-
on horseback starts two freight BREAKS TEN YEARS' SILENCE.
The town has no fire protection. in denunciatory terms.
trains will pull out of Bonesteel to the
Even Tolstoi's old admirers consider -
reservation line. There 30 carloads Had Been Arraigned as Insane BecauseHe Hubbard & Macduff
THIBETAN OVERTURES. that he has gone too far. The

of lumber will be unloaded and hurried Slowo, recommends the reproductionof Did Speak. ,

across the plains 10 miles to Chicago July 5.-His words fn del -
Armistice May Soon Terminate and the article as the best cure for
where a lone Indian tepee now stands fense of his, sanity were the first that -
Further Hostilities Begin. Tolstoism. The Sviet calls it the pit-
the home of Mollie Eagle Pipe. Frank Schlemeyer of 2138 North Lin- -
New York, July 6.-No Thibetan production of a once great mind
The squaw will step out, and where disordered coln street, had spoken in ten years,
overtures were made Monday says a by senile vanity.
the tepee stands 'a town will be born. I I I f according to the story told by the
dispatch from the London Times' correspondent
Within two days buildings wilt have father of the young man in the court
at Gyang Tse. The Thibet Che Foo July 5.-3:30 p. m.-Chi SEABOARD
been completed and a telephone exchange for the insane at the Detention hos-
ans were reported to be at work build nese arriving here who left Port Arthur
with 250 Instruments already p'tal the other day.
ing on the ear face of the Jong. July isay only nine of the larger -
put together will have been installed. The father Christian Schlemeyer,
If no answer is returned by today Russian warships were there then.
This of mushroom who lives at the same address, had
group buildings the armistice terminates and a signal On June 23, when the fleet engagedthe AiiLi eR nil i 1
will then be christened the town of been on the witness stand and declared 11 wa v.
given will announce the fact. Halt Japanese: squadron outside Port
81. Elmo. The man who wins the he believed his son was insane, as
an hour's further grace for the removal Arthur harbor it consisted of 11 01
tiNt choice of all the land will un tta oung man had not spoken a wordto
of the women and noncombatantswill the larger ships.
doubtedly choose the ICO acres where On any member of the family in fen FOR
follow. July 3 the Russian and Japanese
lands the town and the Town Site years. Surprise was great when the
outside of Port
Arthur to
The Thibetan delegates had a long > according
company will pay him $20,000 for it. young man, who is 26 years of age
interview with the Tongsa Penlop, the report, were separated trom each
The village of Bonesteel three promptly replied to a question put to
who is loing his utmost to further negotiations. other by only a mile, the Japanese advancing Savannah. Columbia. Camden Southern
months ago a straggling line of build- him by Dr. Hunter of the institution. ,
Subsequently they retired steadily: from hill to hill on all
Ings, with but ceo people now is a "1 have remained at home all the
to the without of which the'y'were placing big .
Jong visiting Colonel guns.It Pines Richmond Washington(\!tt.
mere black speck on tfie center of a time but did not speak because I did ,
is said
Younghusband, in charge of the Brit they landed 150 of these
white city. For a mile from the town! mot care to." young Schlemeyer an-
ish expedition, but nothing was cer guns at Dalny. more Philadelphip; > ew Ycrk.fhvo .
to every direction range long rows ot twered. ,
: tainly deduced from their action except
nts where families live and hope. The father stepped back and gazedat
that their minds are still unde Constant, July C.-All doubts as to
1 cided. the satety of the Peresviet, which, ac. Trains
of a family may relieve each othet cording to report had been torpedoedat words I have heard him say in all that Elegant| Dally

during the wait for land allotmentsthat RIOT AT HILLMAN, GA. Port Arthur, is removed by the receipt time" he said.

may last some days.A of ? telegram from the captainof "Why did you cease speaking to

wholesale scheme to defraud the your people?" he was asked."I SEABOARD EXPRESS
the battleship the and
Guns, Pistols and Knives Used Freelyon saying ship
homesteaders was* unearthed and as Fourth. all on board are well. The telegram do not know how it began, ifwasco

a result vigilance committees are being which was cabled from New long ago but it seems from hab-
formed at Yankton and Bonesteel. where Sharon thousands, Ga., July of 6.-At assemble Hillman was brought here b"y the torpedo boat it I did not speak '. SEABOARD HAIL
and they declare they will not guar destroyer Lieutenant Burukoff.
every Fourth of July, a rIot was begun -
antee the life of any sharks who are BOLD HOLDUP.One .

detected. Attorneys who attendedthe by two negroes Ed Hlllier and Che Foo, July 5.-6:30 m.-A Russian A. O. MacDONKLL} A. 0. P.Agt.. .laclcunnvill. Fla.

Oklahoma opening have recognized Handy Seals. Marshal Sturdevant .who left Port Arthur p. on July 2' Man Killed, Another Probably Fatally J 'HN DOZIER &\gen;. \\'.\\'. CORDON( ( City Tit,k tOCA 4 nfiL

tried to quiet them when several other
LA FI"World's .\.
who worked this
men same and who has just arrived here says Wounded. ,
negroes interfered causing a general
graft In that state. that the only damage done to th6 Chicago July 5.-One man was killed -

Again! advertisements have been riot.Guns town bombardments -
during has been and another probably fatally -
pistols knives and sticks were
scattered over the country for men to the destruction of two houses. There wounded two
early today by hold-up
Newton Harris shot
file for old soldiers the only ones used'feely. was has been no loss of life. Refugeesare men who invaded a saloon in North Fair Rates
through the stomach and killed out.
who may register by proxy. Tnere is i. not alowed to leave Pigeon bay. Kedzie avenue. '

oo demand for such men and this is right.His brother Ned Harris was cut They must come direct from Port John Lane a stage carpenter was

a part of the scheme to secure dupes. Arthur. This leads to the belief that shot through the head and fell dead
across the head and seriously injuredEd "
I The plan U to give these men. tramps Hlllier was shot in the arm but the Japanese are in the vicinity oJ Just outside the door. The proprietor From 'Jacksonville

vagabonds, or any one $2 to file a con. Pigeon bay. All business is now of the saloon, August Ragal was
not seriously and an old negro woman
test against a homestead. The homesteader was shot in the face with a shotgunand stopped !n the town. wounded in the right breast. Round Trig. On R)uad Tfipw o*

must then submit to a legal seriously hurt. Lane had stopped at the saloon fora $ 0 65 sale daily. Good $2T 50 ale cWb". .....

of much and '[ Dec. a ... .
controversy expense DEATH CAME SUDDENLY. drink. Ragal had served him and till 15. ftft-.a. ,a
, luting months or pay the attorneys Lucius A. Moore near whose residence Round Trip. On 11oud.t...

the riot began'Interfered in an the two were talking wnen two_young $33 ,90 sale daily. Good 20.95 tin TSThurinJun
uluILt who are behind the stool pigeons :
effort to'quiet the mob. He receivedsome Colonel Nelson Was Prominent Mason men entered and called for drinks. As sixt day e.Ie ;.

.< blood money to secure their title. small shot from a gun just over and Insurance Man. the glasses were set before them they *. Good only Is MMNiiNSoiitliern

These grafters mulcted thousands Louisville, July 4.-\\. C. Nelson drew revolvers and ordered the liquor
the heart, but the wound is not seri
! tn the Oklahoma opening for from ous. The negroes fled for their livesin secretary of the Kentucky and Ten- dealer and his patron to hold up theft Railway.irS

f ISO to 11,000 each. .
nessee Board of Fire Underwritersand hands.
direction afterwards
t every soon ,
r NO TRACE-'OF MISSING WIFE. and quiet now prevails. The wounded widely known throughout the Reaching! quickly under the bar ...\IK KOUTi: ST. WII1H.

I south, died suddenly of heart failureat Ragal siezed a plate and nurled it at
w were brought to Sharon at once, Either through Atlanta and Chattanooga or ['olemhta ad .leitswlM a.
his residence in this city early to- the head of the nearest robber. In
I: where they received medical aid. "Land of the Sky" route.

, Georgia Woman Started for a Business Millie Austin sister of Newton Harris day. stantly shooting began. Only line from Florida with fets own rail Into St. Lt.... 1'We --a

School and Disappeared. who was accidentally shot is also Colonel Nelson was born in Little Lane was struck by one of the bullets I II I daily from Jacksonvile. Through sleeping rant

, Memphis, July 5.-H. E. Storey ol dead. Several who ran to the woodsare Rock Ark., 63 years ago. Ha served! and reeled to the door. Ragal fell' STOP-OVERS GOING AND RETURNING, on WorM' PaIr raallai

, Athena Ga., la here looking for hisyoung throughout the ch'il.war. in a1 Mississippi behind the bar with a wound in his sixtyday and fifteen-day tickets within limit at principal as sts111a111 1
who also shotSheriff
wife. showing up are summer resort points in the Carolinas and east Tennes,,*. X. .>ss//a +rsMi.
and breast.
regiment at the close of the
.Ed wards, is on the scene and An opportuniny to visit the greatest of World's Fain and ipMsl a lsriatl.sS
She disappeared suddenly about six struggle returned to Little Rock and Tne robbers fled before the police .. ..
the ssrss
Coroner J. R. Kendrick is holding an in the mountains, where side trips can be made through SHil f
months ago. and( all trace of her has inquest. engaged in the insurance business. arrived. < try, Lake Toxawoy, the Highlands etc.

teen lost Mre. Storey came to Memphi Subsequently he held responsible positions Detailed and valuable information map, folder, He., dMNtfNfpr /ar

from Athens eight months ago in Atlanta Nashville and New FATAL HEAD.ON COLLISION.One nished upon applie -tion. J. C. W7SK,

with the avowed purpose of entering MAD MULLAH ACTIVE. Orleans. He was a prominent Mason Distrrct'Passenger Agent, IDS W. Bay St.. *.**.., fUWorld's .

a business! college. She had: money and retained his membership in the Person Killed and Score or More

for her tutelage and expenses while Again on War Path With 6,000 of Commandery of Knights of Templarsat Are Hurt. __,. __ '._ .__ _..J

her, and no one thought of trouble His Followers. New Orleans at the time of hisdsath. Philadelphia July 6.-ne person

Aden July 4.-The so-called Mad was killed, one fatally injured and a
for her. 1
in store
Her btfibsnd wrote to her address- Mullah of British Somaliland is againon score of others were slightly hurt in

tag her care of the general delivery the war path. "TIRED OF LIVING," HE WROTE. a head-on collision on the Frankfort Atlft11iO 1OiIt Liiie

la Memphis. She wrote In answer to He Is encamped south of Nogales branch cf the Reading railway todayat !

with 6,000 followers 2,000 of whomare Frankfort a suburb.
bit letters for some weeks but in D- Man Jumps to Death From Eads

limber her letters ceased. armed with rifles and have large Bridge St Louis.St. George Russell aged 50 years, had ,

supplies of ammunition and transports. his skull fractured and died on hiS
fit --- Louis, July 4.After divesting
Some of the tribes hitherto friendlyto .
to the hospital.H.
Capers I.*Killed by Bissilleu. himself of part of his clothing z man '
the British are reported to have Black aged 30, sustained a frac-
Columbia. S. C.. July 5-Joe Capers supposed to be Edward Sentinel Cheney
joined the Mullah since the British lured skull and internal injuries.
,wu hot and killed by Jamse Bisslliedta of Lockport 111. jumped from the
Wal- forces were withdrawn from the coun The officials say the accident was
a quarrel near Eads bridge and drowned.

tarboro. Blstilleu escaped but John try. The body has not been recovered. In the result of a misunderstanding of

Small and Walter Graham eharged the clothes which Cheney left on the signals. fair f aces,

with being accessories have been com- I DEATH AT BILLIARD TABLE. _bridge a letter was found addressedto

mlUi4 to JillNegroes- __ r "My Mother and Sister" in which Fire Loss of $400,000. First ClassExcursionJRates From Ocala to St Loalt acE ..!...

Terrorized Town. Prominent Chicagoan Stricken While the writer said he was "tired of liv
New York July 6.-A loss of nearly
Playing Game. $45.55 final return limit Dec. 15.
Pa., July 6.-For some lug 400,000 resulted today from a
Chicago July 4.-Daniel E. Brush .... 'A 838, final return limit sixty days.
Rankin borough-has been terrorize fire which completely destroyed the
weeks 75 years old president of the Live Sheriff Rogers Shoots Negro. 830.55 final return limit fifteen day

by two negroes George ThomdllE"Jised Stock commission firm of Brusn Son Hawkinsvllle Ga. July 4.-Emmett electrical Vehicle Equipment company Special ten day coach excursions at very low rate*.

w < as a woman acted as a & Hough company and a charter Williams a negro was shot down by factory in Brooklyn. The building Through sleepers from Jacksonville to St. Louis via 1a fr t*
> and the pair of negro covered nearly two acres and was
j ollce decoy member of the board of trade, is dead Sheriff Rogers while resisting arrest. gomery and Louisville & Nashville R. R and "Dixie Flyer1Jfciia..
suspects were trapped and brought to owned by the Edison company, which
ot heart failure. Williams was drunk and had drawn
pUtsburg for safety as the townspeople leased it to the Vehicle Equipment T. C. WHITE, !). P. A.
Mr. Brush was stricken While playing his gun shooting at one or two white .
threatened violence. They gat' company manufacturers of commercial "t. J. OH\I' .
billiards and died before a physi. men la Old Hartford. Williams wit: ...--H. M. EMERSON,
their names as Johnson and McCor lrn florid resch him. probablv iie. vehicles and autoDlObilei.iI1 Traffic Manager. Gent Pawengsr Ag *l

0#.kIe. .
'; ". ids
'. .. .-c: -


,.. ..,. .. .. !:.",,:: .'"'''' ,, ""., ,: ..- ', -- : ." ,. .
r" ': ;'' '.> dW"o3t :" .. ;. :; F,. "" : "" : ; ., _
,. ?:: -
"' ( ..wiJI "'_ <'J"C'- 'P. ;i-"3:.o..t- ::- >}:"' :;;; "" .5' v.

}> ,'' k" 4 ate,3 j ti e, ..t. ;+ C a = >'",-'' r.I '',.3,'. 'e i3 1 ,'sa t R't'Q<="... t''i :.=.,:r:wY- z. L s t s : A m aF' "y a ,%SE' i' ,' .




E --

: Durirjg the Summer Months We are Making a Reduction) on all' Our furniture.

For instance we are selling our regular 51.00chair for :k Qc.; our St.OO table for 81.15; our St:3 rocker for S1J0; $13.00 dresser for SIt.X), and everything in roportion. Call and raw "'+.... ......

have \Ve carry a very large and varied linrl of oods. Anything you can think of fur any part of the! house. Read some of the things we handle and it will ive'fMI as ..... ...-

room suits, chiffoneires, sideboards, hall racks, bookcases, writing desks, dressing tables. Tables, chairs, rugs, window shades, ting, lamps lounges stoves, tin waro. .elM -.

glassware, jardiniers, umbrella stands hand bags, etc. When lOU want somdhin:.: and don't know where to get it caB on us and we will give you the inforns.a..

Our word is our boud, and we are backed by enough capital to carry out any obligations. Yours to Please,



_. -
A Mew President for the University j I. ; Williams' Speech an Attraction.The i. Martin, temporary sergeant at arras. Palmetto lest PrM..ti,
of Florida.The galleries encircle the ellipse Cleveland's Name Cheered.A In the otter of J. I. tepjhaij.St. -
the seats' rising in tiers. Seats on II
board of trustees of the Uni-
the p'. .:orm and one section of th3It'ry mention of the name ot Grover Augufcttee, aw MaafM af .. ;
Florida met in Jackson- AT SUMS MO Cleveland was cheered QUI FAILURE
versity of lustily. A .
; ; immediately: on its rear were product of.... MW faHaty at MMtf
moment later the first
of the
ville Wednesday and from a large reserved for governors, members olcongress
I Orange, which ha
session ocurred. Mr. Williams declared -- U*. ifmu IN
selected- for :, ayors of cities and othersof
number of applications
Assembling of National Democratic ditr 1 g:shed: prominence in theparty. it was brazen effrontery for the Sent Torpedo: Boat Destroyers j l the purpose of ttUMIftftg clove ..*
of the university, Dr. An- Republican to
president party attempt to seize
metto. ...
Amoftg k a !toadfc aj _
drew Sledd, of Alabama. Convention.FIGHT Naturally the opening speech olJoan the laurels of Grover Cleveland. A Into Port Arthur Harbor fibre which goftewhai .
I la.1.11
genuine outburst of applause follow- 'I
Dr. Sledd is a gentlemen of very Sharp Williams, of Mississippi,
j .. ed. Cheer after cheer rolled throughthe except thai It fc of M
attainments and bears a long FOR PARTY SUPREM'-J.{. iota -r i-f t.-e minority on tee floor of FOR PURPOSE OF SINKING SHIPS. at*
high I tfo n s .ocuse' of representatives, hall, and although the chairman tremel)' tough ...... It cwt ..

list of endorsements from some of the | Delegates and Politicians Gathtr at a-.1 c.:.-:E" :ty,the national Democratic used the gavel vigorously, the convention Admiral Made Attempt: to Send Shipsto used for math***** or far i,>,(,141 .1Ir

most eminent educators in the coun- UJ'" -.:;. },- for chairman wait was soon beyond his control. -
St. Louis to Place In Nomination was Bottom But it Proved a Dicas- horses, and for tide teq.tptirpae He
Dr. Sledd's life has been prr: ". :-> kein interest as he hoe!
try. Candidates For President and Vice I Bailey Permanent Chairman.St. trous Failure-Reckless Bravery of be used over arid otW agate, Mfcfe _
devoted to teaching and to the studyof been delrg-frt! to sound the keynote
Louis July 7.-Senator Hill I
President-Warm Contest Expected. announced Japs Excites Admiration.St. practically IRtiC( +'''.''''11. AH ..wtl -
educational questions. lIe has of the ccxps'ga: and as it was knownhe today that United States Senator

in Yale and other high institu- I St. Louis. July 7.-The Democratic* would ',":;; with questions whicr. Joseph W. Bailey, of Texas, had Petersburg..July 6.-1:30 p. m.- is necessary k to .... h, a.i .H It _

taught national convention opened here today wculd be ,.f vac importance '.: **>& been agreed upon for permanent chairman A few nights ago Admiral Togo attempted ready for Utile ag-.

tions of learning and holds many it is held in the coming t!ale: for party suprenacy.1 of
being exposition the convention. Outside of to repeat the Japanese exploit It is aIM u 41 aJap4 t 4 lor ....,

honorary degrees.He building on Olive street. This Scramble for Tickets. I II this announcement there was little or with torpedo boats at Wei Hai brushes, etc. One of KM arnlt ..-. #

is a son-in-law of Bishop WarrenA. I monster meeting place within the The feature of the forenoon was the | nothing doing about New fork's quarters Wei during the Chinese war by sending markable ro4 -
i> cU, homotat.
walls of which Democracy's standard except a vigorous demand by 400 boat ta lit,
destroyers into the
Candler, of Georgia, and stands continued scramble for tickets, which,
bearers are to be named was the Mec. to Tammany braves for seats in the corvention harbor of Port Arthur for the purposeof Ingraham'n omc., b a iaw o.atttjr if
use the
expression of a western
very high in both educational and ca for all whose interest here centers a demand which National ) milk -.
member of the national committee, I sinking ships at their anchorage, paper pulp boas taw pataimo

religious circles. He is thirty-five in the convention. The scenesof was "something fierce." Many dele Committeeman Mack could not grati but the attempt ended In disastrous root. This k dotting W havtac ; f
activty! have been transferred from fy. Senator Grady of New
of is married and has two ( York, failure.
years age gations tre accompanied by five timesas
the hotels to this one common point. appealed to Senator Hill, but the latter Four torpedo boat destroyers sue. enormous effect on u.e ya.nc. anala f
many friends as their are tickets
children.The The corridors of the former wherein for, and a number of people remained told him that he could not assist ceeded in creeping into tne harbor, industry of which ftwttt Wtt eMI
board of trustees believes that \ for several days past all has been ex him. Then' Senator Grady accused which
up practically all night in their efforts vas not protected Dy bombs, day be the eetils r of ..R..U....
he will put the university of Floridaon citement were deserted soon after the to secure means of admission. the Hill people of bad faith, and said i but only one escaped. Two were I Tannic acid in she tttratt 1.-

a line with the best educational morning hours. The special advocates of presidential that they were purposely keeping out sunk by the shore batteries and ene'was I I
root. The
Streets Were Thronged. tile Tammany people to prevent ap crpled. The reckless bravery tampfe* worn I MM ay
institutions of the country,
i Long before the doors were swung I placoI.isErt use for any other candidate than cf the Japanese in going to almost Prof. James Gnfcamwhoha.ea.g*

Parker. certain destruction, excites nothingbut of the big ...
Death of. Little Chil j open tact crowds thronged the streetsin admiration here. .Mt.AT"] rllrltl
the vicinity of the main entranceto Ine channelat Record.
We are greatly pained to announce the exposition building. In the WHO WILL 3E RUNNING MATE? Port Arthur is so tortuous and _________ i.__

the death of Wilton the eight months surging line were men and women strewn with wreckage without that i Out of the OrdlRtrf

old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gal- and visiting political organizations Much Talk Concerning Same; Many evidently it was regarded as unnecessary Dr. J. C. Pelot H4 J. H. MTlI5Ih'
Names Suggested. to use a boom.
eagerly seeking entrance. Those WhO es both claim to he the rlesaeewMN
braith. have charge of the distribution of the St. Louis, July 7.-The vice presidential The admiralty has no confirmationof .--

The little fellow had been sick for tickets of admission were deluged talk of the day centered the report from Liao fang of an nominee for bUt eta :. .l

several days and death ended its with requests but as cards have been chiefly around Senator "Turner, of engagement between the Viadivostock district compose! of 1k+So1l ii .

sufferings Wednesday night. The provided only to the extent of the Washington and John W. Kern, ot.! squadron and Japanese warships or Manatee coentl Pew ,.., aa,
seating rapacity of the hall IN ST. torn. Indiana, with Judge Harmon, ol Ohio, j Gensan. There Is good reason to believe I
many persons '
it is claimed b
grieved and heartbroken : parents were disappointed. (W here the Democratic national convert being urged by many men ot promi- that the Russian squadron is ) Use Mamt e e i eslltaall,

have the sympathv of their friends in tion will be held.) nence. _- i safe back in port. committee, DeSoto OMMtjr ltrllllll .-
Decoration of the Hall.
their sad affliction. candidates were astir early, but The strongest movement is in faj j into an agreem M try wkkfc H*
The decoration of the conventionkail those WhO were advocating the claims vor of the man from the coast, but his Liao Yang, July 7.-General Oku's .
The funeral took place yesterdayafternoon i senator was to altflMt.e.... Hi
was undertaken on a most elaborate of other candidates than Judge Parker cause was injured .somewnat by the I army is retiring evidently with the

and the little body was scale and the pleasing and effective found very little encouragement. Bryan and Hearst people stating that object of concentrating on Port Arthur. choice when the noises WI ..

laid to rest in the old cemetery. general scheme was carried Some of them continued their assurances Senator Hill! and the Parker managers Siege guns are being placed in position it. Manatee named ". rVht ...

"Suffer little children to come unto out tc the most minute detail. The that there would be at least 400 had offered this nomination to at Kin Chou. year, but Mr. Hurapkri**, of MM esta..
t feat dome ceiling which rises highs votes cast against the New York them as a concession. This was --- -
Me and forbid them not for such i above the floor, Is covered with a fabric and professed to be undaunted candidate promptly denied by the Parker lead J f Mukden, July 7.-Rain is falling county, qualified a.a oamlbtitc, a.4.

the Kingdon of Heaven." of solid yellow, with here and by the stands taken by Pennsylvaniaand ers. it evidently had its birth in the ( heavily. Several of the Chinese though the large vote I'larlte.. to Ho- ;

r Ohio. Others! admitted this critical desire of the Bryan-Hearst people to I bridges have been carried away. The Soto, defeated Dr ..Peh in Ik* plc/d t

The.Blessings of July. nature of the situation and confessed make it appear that they are to get movement of large bodies or troops counties by eleven veto*. Maaalif

that the great effort is something out of the convention.The and transports have been stopped.
The heat of a July sun is the most necessary Parker named Dr. Pelot ai the naaitm'. MIl i
1 to prevent Par .er's nominationon managers have been

4 fructifying of all natural agencies.It the first ballot."If playing good politics by encouragingall Liao Yang: July 7.-There are per. DeSoto has certified totfce III"na

fills the ears of corn with a rich :.we. accomijliri:: that: we will feel of the several vice presidential istent reports in circulation that a tion of Mr. Humpbrfc The eaReirete

that thrtre is giousd for booms without tying to any ot them.In hot engagement occurred today north
nutrition; it unfolds the cotton s hope, said of the contest will be wlitehaal wt>rinterest.Tituattne
one of *::e-n. "A:.; for the friends ot this connection there has been ward of Gensan between the Russian
bloom, the mother of the fleecy staple Judge Harmon some revival of the talk Vladivo tock Star.
saM: Harlan Cleve- of nominatinga and the Japanese squadrons

; it gives sweetness to the peach land head of the supporters ot the ex- southern man. Some of his colleagues I which ended favoraoly to the

and juiciness to the apple; it storesthe / attorney general "we see that the situation in the senate and house start-I i Russians. The new Mate d"lIIllfl' tlat..

sugar-cane with the sweetest sap; ,% 'h is hopeless and shall not present ed to talk of Senator Bacon, of r- ,' Liao Yang, July G.-The heavy rainy s mittee meets in Juku fHrtt MMals

t the name of our candidate." gin, who is held in high esteem b which !ell all day yesterday have converted row. lion. W. I). PataMr of O **.
it fills the grape withlucious juices ; them, !bat the the
Heat Almost Georgian promptly puts river into a wild I
Unbearable.By I do, and D. U. Flt4<**r, of JaeMeIr
it ripens the rice in the flooded fields, the squel her on this talk. The North torrent, making it a defense againstthe

and expands the tobacco leaf and 'l4 ji'/ filled the heat tlms began the hall to was Increase one-third to Carolina delegation expects to cast its Japanese. One of the Russian ville, are cam>kl4* for eiaetrliauy '

noticeable! a vote for Governor Aycock upon the detachments are performing remarkable and the fight will le wldilrl tsNi '
charges it with peculiar flavors.July degree. The great majority I
of the delegates .and visitors haprovide.l d first ballot. Senator Tillman is talking marches in spite of the bad interest. Both are "'",7 eiroditlaM
is month to man and
a for southern roads.
some man. He doesnot I General Kuroki'a forces in
themselves with Tans and the gentlemen.lfIMftI.. W. K. .4.1."
to beast. The cattle hunt the shady 4 auditorium viewed care who he is. Tne Tennessee i elude many men of the reserves
i from i
pools at midday and enjoy the refreshing was one yellow flutter speaker'sdesk as the people are pulling strongly for Senator armed with old pattern rifles. and William Hook<< aw' Mlti.... 1d

Carmack in the face of his expression 1 the committee from tkfc ealta
coolness of the waters. palm leaf fans bobbed bac kand forthWith ty.
of desire that he be not con
Man feels his energies impaired, and i the exception of the temperature
sidered. The general drift ot sentimnet The Uniren4ty of MlrtHpia H
rest at noontide is most necessary to 1 l // / was a serious drawback is for some man in the middle One Person Seriously Hurt and Much
to the '..llustlon the effect was not un adopted an fpiewltorttl "put.-
him. Yet July is a time of rich fruition like a slow west but there seems no concentration Property Damaged.
JOHN SHARP WIUJAUS. snowfall gradually whitening of Rockmart, Ga., July 7.-The mostterrific and a rage tor agriwteafi II .fMM 1M
upon the
any one several
makes the the men
and the hot sun that surface of the
there bunches of white Senator ground. from that group of states who have storm ever known in this section tad in that..t... Tlw' a L llnialwte Mwaa
material carrying Tillman of
animal kingdom sluggish enrichesthe Carolinagn been mentioned. I ,was witnessed here Tuesday afternoon
out the architectural desi has been ansxlous to have adopted: the foUowtec pnllapr> jroM tar *
the '
world.Inexpensive delegates lasting but a short time
vegetable very ,
Within = :
c each of the
sections of the from that state vote for Judge but aeit year:
Summer Cabins ceiling is the seal of one of th estates Gray for president, but at the meeting PUT BULLET IN BRAIN. I dwellings, churches, school damage buildings t c: H.re.,catt to.Tutkryt. ......aetl ......
and a stand of colors, while in today it ..
front was decided to cast the 18 etc. Three clrtciMM *Mk For those who are planning next of the gallery]] spaces are festoons votes for Parker under the unit rule. Fred Seltzer, of Marietta, Commits persons were hurt all ol Feed *.... totltii '... ...I -.. Unfit
of white cloth. Suicide whom were negroes. Only one is seriously a lritwK.n- '.ieNeqMt
The walls South Carolina has Gun.
summer are been
cabins for mountains or seashore counted in hurt and will .
adorned with the national emblems, the Parker column since the Marietta, Ga., July 7.-Fred Seltzer, probably die
an example of each type is delegateswere from Internal injuries received.
I forming a frame for the colossal color elected. of this county, commutes suicide: Tuesday -
shown in the August Delineator. Theformer picture overhead. afternoon by 'shooting himself The negro Baptist church was totally .
., Convention called to Order. destroyed damage about $1,500A .
is of rough, unhewn logs, and Finishing Touches to through the head with a pistol. '
Exactly at noon Chairman J. K. Mr. Seltzer had been In low spiritsall negro school building and two ..ERRYSSE'DS
the atmosphere of the woods is The splendor of thevari.colored Jones, of the national Democratic the day and had threatened to take small cottages were carried high in

wrought into the interior and the gowns worn by the large number ol committee called the convention to his life several times during the day the air, scattering timbers for miles

furnishings with excellent effect, ladies occupying seats in the galler order. His appearance on the plat He carried a pistol in his hand part 'around. The moldery building ol
lea and the ever-moving fans form and the. sound of the Rockmart Stove and Foundry f
gave the his gaveL of the fay and shot
his l'Lr.LT
birch, which is found in the vicinity, through
finishing touch brought forth company was blown to the
andompleted a scene a cheer from the floor clothes several times betore ground
giving the key-note of the scheme of both spectacular and and galleries. only having: been built a short time HCeCaISJIf'rkT1'
picturesqa ue himself.
ia. ,.,,,...... N I' r.
decoration. The cabin Flowers were eliminated from Chairman Jones ago. Work has already been begucto f. .. ., .
having the directed the sergeant He was sitting In the room with his A t. I" 14 t., .1 ... t. 1 t
scheme. With the at rebuild. ,There '(,, tI f.. 'h'," I' 'f j
arms loss
to was
water front is built of wide, smooth exception of the secure order. Ha wife and saying he would,kill himself Anuual JGtrai4 tru' .
bouquets on the tables on the chair continued belaboring the table he $1,000.A ..,.. t..
with walked
out into the
yard sent
boards with trees laid
horizontallyfor : men's platform' plants and his gavel but it very heavy hailstorm follows CO.
blossoms was some time before the fatal ball crashing through his I OIa TOIT,1M1, pI.
an underpinning. The interior is were not in evidence, preference hav quiet reigned. California's atc 1} brain. the hurricane, doing considerable damage

furnished in Indian wigwam effect. ing been given by the designers : pearance with a huge silk banner and He leaves a wife and one child. Mr. to the crops in this vicinity. I

The decorations and furnishings of more enduring decorative materials. silk fornia American flags and a yell "Cali Seltzer moved to this county only -a -

An Immense Amphitheater. California; Hearst Hearst, few months ago from Atlanta, and resided -
both cottages, as illustrated, are simple Hearst!" caused
The tall is an fmmense at 'his country home about 2
and artistic. amphitheater Again ChaIrman
r admirably arranged for Jones demanded miles from Marietta. He was thought
a national that the convention
convention. be In order, and to be ,temporarily insane. IThoseAwtuIlleacbes
This is not the age and Florida is The at once directed the secretary to read
participants in
the -----
convention the call for the
not the place for "ox-cart democracy. proceedings J convention. FA1AL. HEAD-ON CRASH.
occupy positions on the Applause followed the Are sure Indications of som form of ttotsatii

.; ." Democracy stands for progress. main floor which forms an ellipse, the call. After quiet was reading of the F trouble, biliousness or a bad Hrcr. Malaria will
chairman's platform with ample restored. Chair fhree Killed In Collision of Passenger next overtake you. Don't risk it, ami above alt,
seating man Jones
When it threw off kingly rule it wasa declared the
convention and Freight. l \\
capacity rising at the center in the \ son'ttakecalomelorquinlnebcaaatetlaagzt"
opened after
step forward. It should keep pace rear. The seclion allotted to prayer by Rev. John Tony, Wis., July #.-A mail clerk
the delegates Cannon
with electricity and wireless telegra is directly in front of this plat fist church, pastor, St. Louis.Grand Avenue Bai named Dannison, and two unidentified ; \ HERBINE

form. A large tramps were killed in a head-on collision -
phy. Democracy is entitled to the red, white During the Invocation
and blue disc-designates the the convention between a passenger train going 1w aD their tirtuN-Ootlft
I location stood. of ,lift,
best there is of earth and should Dr. Cannon's
voice west and a freight
of train
the various delegations by states, entirely was going deadly) tiIccu. HCRBiNG taxes
have it.Whatever. and incidentally adds to the attrac hall The inaudible to the center of the I east, last night '' regularly will forestall ht _pst

I tiveness of the spectacle. prayer occupied several Mike Lynch, another mail clerk, was the dl t'8 o rgLDtID perfect coatit +

else that may said about I On either side of minutes. Enthusiastic cheering greet badly hurtEngineer tioD, Jie.d ot! blllouaoea. beI4al.... .
the delegates'sition po: ed the chairman's 1 Uver Ws. keep JOU Ita sooJ
the democratic party it cannot be provision was made for the al Tie was announcement that Doolittle, of Gladstone, is
directed by the national pinned under his engine TRY IT TO. AY.SOo .
ternates the com and it Is not
said that it is held together by the press seats being locatedon mittee 'to
appoint Boule.
John s AD
known Dtvgte;
the Immediate sides of the chair Hams Sharp Wil yet how seriously he is injured. s.
cohesive power of public plunder. man's Dlatfnrm. temporary chairman, and C. A. .

Walsh! ,temporary secretary,_and John For Sale by Anti-Monopoly Drug Store. M



..,. ,. ,- ,,' 'j
0' -
:; ,2 r-----.f i..f; : .' ,.Si'-,, .
: rL ,
; '
; f'L. "L. :, ,
_.... ._ _' JI CI"f't 1'I!" --4".A : k x" .... _. .
.__"" I/' .t 1-I t i 1f1.iI i<;jJ"Jr_ .... -, ,.-: .- :"' '-"' .. >t.- !i1- 11\ ,,. '
: -B; 1t_ ;;
... ". : '' .. -:;:. ,.,-- ,
: "- "- ': ;';:'-''} .J''' ,, .1r '
,.,. ... .. .
_-'_ -.... \1t t: .- ? \7"t '- ;:; :":1" ,::.I: -- _..h .... ._: r-' _- : _

** ->
., .
J'. *' ':; .- '-, .< ': "


6 THE "Cl' I di-tktll PAGE HI'$
----- ---- -- ----- -
-- --- -- -

THE FLORIDA PflOS- 1901 . . .... .. . ..... 419,392 the only company operating, in the : C9rottestcnat. ]!!. ,.21an! : R -

I 1902 ... _.. . .. ... . 459,3611 iver pabbla! s ctioi: ofFiorili. A --............-- -..- -.
ty K tHGlj
tt ) ; 1903 _..... ........ ...... . 462,822 ; I s I WE EAT MEAT
large investment is necessary to pro- ATTORNEYATLAW.Office I 'I

Brief Histir/ of the Beginning, Oevel Total . . ". . . .4,311,282 duce the rock at all, the Peace River ( in Gary-Agnew Block.) Tocrow .trtnc. Caleweweet '

pmnt and Growth of This) Im- This makes a total up to the end of : Co., having to maintain about 50 OCALA. PTXmDA. 1I)() i meat w. may u web let
i I
pjr'.ant Industry, Statistics of last year of 4,311,282 tons. The above i miles of railroad tracks. The dredg- K D. FULLER.;_ 31a ;t 1 : it alone. There I no .tri>t>itb
I '
Shipments +id Fluctuation table shows that the demand for the ing is done at one part of the property DENTIST.Over *e'a Y In touch matt-laiteadofglv*
of Prices M!unroe &Chambti-is Bank Ocala. Fla. 3a- ;z it ukM
crude is ing trUtb todix*!
i ; the product carried to %
above product has risen from 13,363 1 a2 :
f i In the year 1SS9, when banker John [ the driers at another point several' J M. THOMPSON'_ : ; ; j -it. It py* to b# cartful Ins '.
tons in 1890 to 462,322 tons in 1903. I a
t F. Dunn Ocala: Fla., staked everything miles away, placed in sheds there PHYSICIAN AND SCRGEOX Ii! = buying meat->>* tar ta ;..ts
The price obtained by the miner is Office over Teapot Grocery.Opp. Montezuma. the be tender
and then barged to deep water. Many [ *'- and eb tr.
he had on a few samples of OCALA FLA. is"
not at all commensurate with the companies have been organized to I Y; Pay a liul more if nd b*aid
1 rock, he felt pretty sure he had something value of the material, and while It is mine river pebble, but have either EDWIN SPEXCEX_ I uII ; put something la your .teaia.

_ .* good, but he little dreamed that true that the situation is better today I been absorbed or gone to the wall.- ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, i i r which will pat C.*h on your
I I l
r he was to be the means of developing than it has been at any time previous i Veritas, in Florida Fruit and Truck OCALA. 7STFLORIDA Sr roes and strong blood In year

such an important industry for the there is much to be accomplished in.. Grower. J J!. CHASE. SI IEDWARDS veins.
I --
the line of and nothingbut I
a of Florida and the world at co-operation, DENTISTS
I state Dured of Bright's Distlue.I BROS.
co-operation will accomplish the OCALA FLA I
[ large, as the phosphate mining bus- Mr. Robert 0. Burke Elnora, N.
; desired result. I Mall 2 and 4 Oily Market, 0811'1-.
s Y., writes: "Before I started to use j CARLOS L. SISTRCNK. taI
iness has turned out to be. He little I I
P There is no reason in the world why Foley's Kidney Crue I had to get up'' ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. g sgji cirJigiagjahiji inMi fi PI

F dreamed that the little hamlet of Florida hard rock should not bringS from twelve to twenty times a night, Room 4, Masonic Building Ocala. Fla. S 8 >iNEEDS

the seaboard. The and I was all bloated up with dropsyand I
Dunnellon of his days would assume or $9 at prices
l : eyesight was so impaired I
: which are being paid in Europe cost, my 9rERRYS
the of where
f I importance today a could scarcely see one of my family

bank is talked of, where brick buildings freight and insurance are ridiculously across the room. I had given up

are common and where a steady low for a product so valuable. Whyis hope of living when a friend recom- .

stream of cars loaded with phosphate it so? There is only tine answer, mended Foley's Kidney Cure. One

and that is! the 50ct. bottle worked wonders and before -
as already
for the give of the large
ports proof I
I had taken the third bottle the ::* l'; EET .
lack of co-operation. All the schemes I .
volume of business done. He little
dropsy had gone as well as all other Z.2:
been devised in the + Dyspepticsare
which have
dreamed that the phosphates of Flor- past symptoms; of Bright's disease." A ,
1 .--; -T-nerro has established it a"
ida would take their place at the head have come to naught because the Postoffice Drug Store. S\i] fMt.' Sold by all deaiTa. YIgTT mada every day by theft on earsleroeaa. -
to -they ,:ro'''. 101 T-::: JA771CT1 Com that cue of eoaitipttioa U&xt: tt \
individual is
of the market and make the price for unwilling give up I A Florida Fish Story-Would Make l.lllL postpaid free to art: t-p- become chronic. Tike NA l

all the other phosphates of the world.It anything for the good of the whole, I Jonah Blush. '*. D. M. FERNY & CO.
although he cannot help but see it DETROIT, MICri. VaN's LIVER P1aSt
is admitted on all sides that the I

. rock of will benefit him in the end. Several A correspondent of the Punta Gor- ."q .... .' !: J "ANOTONIG PELLETS
1_, Florida high-grade phosphate \
been made da Herlad says that a few years ago
have on
i 70 to SO per cent has no competitors genuine attempts Iff the only remedies which unit Nature sod 4o not ftl tew W I II

either quality, quantity or cheapness this side and in Europe on sehemes there were a lot of barrels kept I Watch the KidneysWHEN I y. Powerful porgatrree gripe, paia tad stake eoa&rae rl1 1;

for the consolidation of the businesson standing along the rail of the wharf drug-taken. Rjunon'i Remedies act patty tad leer the Ii

of production at Punta yvtem independent drag. For ale by all deltas
the basis of vested interests in Gorda and during a heavy {;
At the time of the discovery of THEY ARE AFFECTED LIFE II Your druggist will turaisb a free sample '*
realty, but owing to the complete un- blow, some of them were blown over- IN DANCER
Florida hard rock, Canada and South : 1
certainty regarding the actual valuesof board and floated down the bay. One Brown Mfg 1
Carolina were producing large quantities A WORD OF WARNING
the real and the impos- day a large shark was blown on the _
but they have been forced to properties New York '

give it up for export business. They sibility of determining definitely the beach dead and out of curiosity it I Dr. ABSBSZTHT, the great English and Qreeneviile. ,

quantity of phosphate unmined therein was cut open when it was found thatit physician and surgeon, well known to allphysicians Ten n. .
were prosperous then more prosperous sounded words of warning to N
also in consequence of the inflat- had died of starvation. It had I I ,
than the Florida miner of today. the medical profession and to all mankind
swallowed one of the barrels. It had.
ed ideas which the of I
They were making money rapidlyand when he uttered the words: "Watch. tht
in distressed financial also caught many mullets as the barrel I II it
had been doing so for many years. (even though kidneys; when they art effected lift
circumstances) have as to the value I was full to the top; but as the fish in danger."
Stock in certain phosphate companies -
went into the barrel the fish starved." It Is the duty of these organs to keep
in South Carolina had risen in of their lands nothing has been ac- For Sale by Postoffice Drug Store.
I our blood strained of poisonous Imparities
The foregoing "fish story" has been .
price from five to twenty times the complianed.There I that are capable of causing the most fatal -- .
going tae: rounds of the of this
cost! of original capitalization. This are but a hand full of operators press forms of disease. When they do not perform -

condition of affairs was due to the in the business now, but each state for several days. It was proba- their work properly,then trouble C. I.I GRACE.Successor

bly written by Brother Jordan, who some form is sure to follow sooner or later, .
fact that the miners of phosphaterock one thinks he is the most important, : I
turned.it over to his assistant to be and If neglected, death will follow. to Central lumoer Co.
In the state had agreed to workin : and will not ;yield. As long as this Some of the most Important symptomsare
released during his St. Louis junket,
harmony. How different it is to- condition exists we need not look for aching in the back or hips, swollen

day in Florida. In the year 1SS9 improved prices. Some one's neck when it was to be sprung on an unsuspecting ankles, puffiness under the eyes, dry or Dealer In

public without creatingthe furred tongue, unnatural appetite and
the miners of South Carolina rock must be broken. and Dressed Lumber Kiln Dried
suspicion that Brother Jordan was great thirst,weakness and loss of weight Rough FlooringCeltngf!

produced and sold 541,645 tons of The opening of Port Inglis on the responsible for any part of it. The sediment or cloudiness In the urine, dryness I and Siding Lathe, Shingles and Brick.

rock at about 7,50 per ton, when the Gulf of Mexico has been the means of the skia or ,strong perspiration, Manufacturer of
occurrence is antedated "a few
average cost of producing it was not I I of stimulating others to meet the ad- years disorders of the stomach and lirer. Turned Ballusters, Casings, Newels, Columns, Door and
and to the Herald
comes through a All the above do not
more than $3.50 per ton, making the vantage which this new outlet givesto symptoms appear Window Frames, Mantels Church Seats, Pulpits, School
This is the most In and all kidney disorders
correspondent. un- any one case,
,..,. total value of production in South those who are fortunate enough to fair and unreasonable advantage that will not present the same symptoms. Desks and Seats Combined, and Tables. I am constantly

Carolina in 1SS9 .OeO.SST. with a be able to ship through it, and now There Is nothing that so quickly and receiving Lumber and can fill orders for any quantities and
the Record has found the fish
profit of ;21665SO.: These prices we find that Messrs. J. Buttgenbach surely makes the kidneys right as FOLK'S sizes. :Mail orders attended to promptly
editor of the Herald of. But
guilty EUKTST CCBX. It U a preparation of ta* .
maintained when the discovery -
railroad from
were being & Co., are building a
in criticising: the manner in which the test knows remedies used by the world's I
of Florida hard rock was made. Rockwell,Dunnellon, to their various,
story comes to light, it is not the in- most celebrated kidney specialists. It b
The discovery of the Florida product I mines which will give them an outletat endorsed by physicians and used by thou
tention of the Record to create the "
which often runs above 80 per cent. I Port Inglis. We also find that the sands. It has saved many lives,and whileIt 'IflfCI 1 M M"I.("
impression that the story is untrue, in
phosphate of lime, changed the whole Camp Phosphate: Company are build- cannot cure hopeless cases, it will pre- 4f11 l
fact the Record is interested in fish
fatal troubles and give relief
vent kidney
condition of the phosphate trade. In boats Dunn- ii
ing barges and tug at I
stories itself and as this was of more la even the last stage of kidney dt.. at. Have you decided on the kind aS'
the winter of 1839-90 the first cargoof ellon, on the Withlacoochee river, so '
than usual interest, the wires to Pun- pU8toffir.lJru Stort-. 1i 1 fertilize you are going to use? It'.

high-grade phosphate was ehipped as to convey their phosphate to the ta Gorda were used, and the following i s not a question of how mwh. tat

from Dunnellon, Fla., to Liverpool gulf, and their application is on file
what kind
telegram confirming the story was \v 1 M m but WMlt"

England and although mined and for a charter to build a railroad from duly received under Punta Gorda dateline It Will '.' t can be obtained. You oan't make A

cleaned by crude methods analyzed Dunnellon to Crystal River. : a mistake when you ne our high grade
77 per cent., and brought $27 per ton FLORIDA\ "D PEBBLE. "Fish story absolutely true. [ fertilizers.

in Liverpool. Other shipments fol- The shipments of this class of Barrel found originally contained Pay You '
Highest cash price ford feme
: paid
results in printers' ink and label reads A.
lowed with equally good phosphate during the ;year of 1903
P. Jordan Punta Gorda Fla."
and quality. This naturally amounted to of which FEBJILIZER
price 319,443 tons '
You have Real Estate FLORIDA MF6. OMPllf.Chl.III.
From the telegram there can be any .
brought about a great fever of land 154,259 tons went abroad and 154,159 IF to sell,
no doubt of the truthfulness of this ., fU.w .
k speculation, and caused the organi- tons went to domestic ports or about OR
story .or the unfair method which
zation of a great many phosphate 23,00 tons less than in 1902. This
Brother Jordan has used in bringing You're of
thinking coming -
companies: in Florida, so much so falling off is not on account of lack of I IF -
Jt out.-St. Augustine Evening Rec- to Florida for a home,]
that when the United States govern- demand, but because the miners in

ment sent its officials to the state in the business could not produce more, ord. OR; IE.....WANT+++++.........__ __

1S91 to investigate the industry, they although the plants as a rule are One Ladies' Recommendation Sold
Fifty Boxes of Chamberlain's You desire to invest in any Every Grower in the State
found and reported between 125 to operated day and night. With the Stomach and Liver Tablets. I IF kind of Florida property,

150 companies organized and either exception: of a very severe storm in I have, I believe,sold fifty boxes of To Have Our Books:

mining or getting ready to mine phos- August production was kept up for Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver TO SEE FLORIDA VEGETABLEV-A complete manual Fferhfta *.,..

phate rock, with an inflated capital- the entire twelve months. The de- Tablets on the recommendation of OR WRITE FLORIDA ORAXGES"-Book of special interest la Orasg h.....

ization. Under these circumstancesthe mand is very great. The heaviest one lady here, who first bought a box: 'FLORIDA STRA1VBERRIES"-BooklrtoD ".- \'arit..l. tlrtHttlion .
of them about She never I Hud Fertilization."
a ,
year ago.
mining of rock became very act- producer is Joseph Hull of Savannah tires of telling her neighbors and J J. mlHCnOH &.SONS *'IRIII POT. TO&'i"- ->oklt on rx>U, trail, Pla&tt < tB>1KttVtt CYMMaNIge

ive. The miners being now in the who, besides operating the companyhe friends about the good qualities of of FerlilizenDigging and CjUpl'HJj"

business and having little experienceIn organized, known as the Prairie these tablets. P. M. Shore druggist, OCALA FLORIDA. PIXEAPPLE FEUTILIZISG"-Of tft"lal lattre st tux trilsetppfe

the product and being Rochester, Ind. The purgative effectof growers.
marketing Pebble Phosphate Co., has absorbedthe **
--- '- 'IDEAL FEUTLIZEIIS -book .bo ria; ail oar iftlr.el Maa4e.
these tablets makes them a favor-
utterly without organization, competed Land Pebble Phosphate Co., and anaRsrs, priest, erf"
other and the orite with ladies everywhere. For New and Revised Editions of above, Jut published, test P with each gave the two plants of Louis McLain one
sale by; all druggists. m
consumers and dealers the greatest known as the Phosphoria Co., and -
Gov. has reduced the WILSON a FERTILIZER COMPANY
possible opportunity to break down the other operated under the name of TOOMEFj

prices. the Florida Engineering Co., at state taxes to one half mill on the OCALA! SEED STORE lGK.Vrft, OCALA, fLI.

statement of ship- dollar. The governor is paving the
The following Kigsford, Fla. There are one or two I

grade rock from all way to wear jewels in his crown. -- it -
meats of high companies which still work independently -

port of Florida since the discovery.1 For rent several small cottages.J. .

shows the increase volume of bus RIVER PEBBLE PHOSP&ATE Starr Sternberger. 7.1 er JARJI.GRAHA1T, Prwident. O.k).\.11\88. YMe Pei

mess done: The shipments of this class of phos- Leon county is to have a wet and
Year TOil The First National Bank

1590 ... . ..-....,... .... i3'363 phate amounted to 62,910 tons for the dry election. .

1591 . .......r::..r"....... ... 87,5421S92 year 1903 the plant of the Peace Tallahassee's population, as shown

. ..........:.:.-1... .:.. 1S4.244: Rivey Phosphate Mining Co., having by a recent census af the city,is morethan OF GAINESVILLE

193 ....._. .........."........ 220,2181S94 I been in operation, nearly the whole 5000. '

.....J..&..>.....;... ...... 30!,: 6 I year. Until this past year it has The Only Chartered Bank in Alachua Count}.

been since The dark horses are in the majorityat Capital..... ... .... .. .. .... .. . . .. a . . .'IOOlOb *
1S95 .....:.......... .... ... 303,154 unproductive January I
St. Louis. __ L II Surplus and Undivided Profits.. .. .. . . . *...JI. M
1596 ....... ........-...... 3- .2.S69 I 1902 when the entire plant was destroyed !-= !
Does exclusively a banking tusiaes, with ftclliUee equal t* *B? U&k Hi tfe*

I fI;. 1597 .... ,...: ,......;...:.... 350,277 by fire. The domestic market at Home Utilize of ereaia your i spare genmg tine a state. Solids the accounts of Farmer, MerciuaU, Otnwt.t111tse,
I Study :better education. All ......
13.;-i..:.... 357,574 absorbs all that this company can Lean taorc. and you Etc Interest allowed by iprcial irrtsferneat.
: era more. With the Tablet Home Study Lessons you need not transacted promptly.
.t' IS99'f .tv*..*. ." 4t.639 I produce, and could take double the lave home or employment to.lean Bootlceepin, ".A"tthmed4Ataebf.GcometrrGwnmar. Chas. E. Blum & Co., 517 and 519 W. 0.li H. E., TAYWIoVK'
,\. _, Rhetoric 1.- History.
-..<* q.; r- t ;'-i.- if it could be mined. This is Pknics.Lann.etc. Teac e aided to pass e a uwiou..YIS. Bay St. Jacksonville, Fla. e '
1900 .. .. ...;...;;U345,533: quantity I.. aftuxeai. GtuuanfreMAeto..LI KHrlib,r.UUa.f U.


.. 1.
...,. ,, . .. ... '., .. : .
'-, '- -" .! ;;' _'. w.<:: : : ,' ,.' "'" XP : i.- -a -
.it '';;!., T .'- t1'. V 4; i .F..,"'* -




_.. --
----- - -
favorite and in the D. A. R. societyof Thousands Hare Kidney Trouble

Georgia she has been most promi- and Don't Know'it 1 '

How To Find Out. 8TH'lUSS & CO.
Mrs. Ethel Toy Healy Weds Judge Fill a bottle or common glass with your
:_ William B. Urnar. Judge Lamar is congressman from water and let it stand twenty-four :hours; 'a I
he has had sediment or settling j .
Florida, where many A
The marriage of Mrs. Ethel Toy indicates an j
high offices being at one time attorney unhealthy condi- 1
Healey and Judge William Bailey )tion of the kid WHOLESALE
general of the state. He is now
W neys; if it stains
Lamar, of Florida, was solemnized one of the best known southerners in U' your linen it is I
evidence of kidney
yesterday afternoon at 6:30 o'clockat Washington. trouble: too-

St. Luke's church, in the presenceof frequent desire to a
What's the Matter With the Preachers pass it or pain in Dealers.
--'-"" Whiskey
a large fashionable gathering. the back is also
? convincing proof that t the kidneys and. U..djersreoatcf I
Fully an hour before the bride arrived crder.
In one of its recent issues the Jacksonville -
What to Do.
the church was filled with Metropolis contained three There is comfort OCALA FLORIDA.
in the knowledge so .
guests and an exquisite musicial different articles of the very worldly often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
Root the great kidney remedy fulfiis! ever
program was rendered by Wurm's doings of preachers.One wisn: 'n curing rheumatism: pain In the ;;
was the fining in the criminal tack kidneys, liver bladder! and every part ;
orchestra of ten pieces with Dr. J. cf the urinary passage. It corrects inabftyto .. ;
of record of that of Rev.J. Ll.I-lNs-.J':9
court city hold wateand scalding in f ',
Lewis Browne at the organ. The dec- pain pass .g
B. Holly, a 'well known :Baptist it, or bad effects following use of liquor 1
orations were entirely in green, there wine or beer and overcomes that unpleasant 4
were great clusters of palms on each divine and editor of the Southern necessity cf being compelled tc go often i: : Sell the Best LiquorsFor
Baptist, for committing an assault during the day and to get up many times .
tide of the chancel, and entwiningthe daring the night. The mild and the extra- P-
and battery upon Rev.W. A. Hobson, ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
brass chancel rail were garlandsof the Least ft
realized. 't stands
another well-known Baptist ministerof the highest for its won- Money.J
smilax with ferns at the base of derful cures of the most distressing cases.If .
Jacksonville. need a medicine should !
you you have the
the rail. On the altar were tall silver ; 1
best. Sold by
druggists in SOc.and$1. sizes.
Another for
was a a
vases of pure white roses, the par- You may have a sample bottle_of thi;
don for the Rev.William E. Hinshaw, wonderful discs /ery "
only touch of color seen. and a bock' that tells ,. .. ...
Methodist preacher of Indiana,whois 1 : : ; 1i. :
As the wedding march from Lohen- more about it,both sent _' Jd i ;1e,... R
under sentence of death for mur- absolutely free by mail ten eraember Our Met to-:
grin pealed forth the bridal party ap- t
address Dr. Kilmer & Home BS'&D1 Roo: "
peared headed by the eight ushers, dering his wife. Co., Binghamton, N.Y. When m writing r men- cK r o "HONEST MEASUREAND; FAIR DEALING
Still another recounts the recent lion reading' this generous offer in this paper
who came in couples down the middle
encounter between Rev. Len G. ,
aisle, taking their stand around the I
Broughton, of Atlanta, and Chief of Seed Velvet Beans For Sale. I
chancel rail. On the lapels of their
Police Westbrook, of Albany, partic- Those desiring fine velvet bean for
bouteniers of lillies
coats they wore will do well to railat .
ulars of which have been printed in purposes
of the valley to match the bride's J. A. Pooser's store at once. One We especially]] call your attention to the follow inK

bouquet. The ushers were Mr. Rob- these columns. hundred bushels will be sold at S2.25: specialties:
And out in Texas not long since two
bushel. S. R. PYLES.
ert Foster Maddox, Mr. Norwood per

Mitchell, Mr. Charles Graham Lam prominent involved in Baptist a quarrel preachers and both became whipped Tell your physician to have your I Strauss' '76, four full quarts, $6; twelve full quart, fit
Robinson Mr. Hunt
bert, Mr. Boykin ,
prescriptions filled atour store. We
Chipley, Mr. John_ Temple Graves, out their hip-pocket revolvers and Strauss' Royal Reserve, four full quarts $3,50 twt4v
began exchanging shots at each other have a full line of pure drugs, and a IhIii ; ,
Col. Robt. J. Lowry, Mr. Lucius: La- l full quarts, $10.
to them
p trustworthy; man put up.
the same as if they were not ambas-

mar McCleasky. sadors of the Prince of Peace.In Tydings & Co. x
Following the ushers came the I Strauss' I X L Baltimore Rye, four bottles S:
bride with her father, Mr. Robert a more recent issue of the Me- Largest stock ofwall paper in Marion twelve bottles, $8 50.
Rev. Mr. gives the ori- J. Starr ..
Boyte Toy, meeting at the chancelthe tropolis Holly county. Sternberger,
gin of the trouble between Rev. Mr. Ocala, Fla. 6 24
and his brother, Mr. Jefferson Fern Hill
groom Rye, quarts $5.50 twelve
; $
quarts, .S.
Hobson and himself. And what do
Lamar. The ceremony was The next visit to Ocala of Dr E. T.

it was? The two gentlemen Allen, the ear, nose and throat
you suppose eye,
performed by Mr. C. Breckeniidge had just effected a consolidationof surgeon of Tampa will be Thursday ---- i P. Strauss Pays the Freight, or Express on these Goods.
Wilmer, rector of St. Luke's. Dur- :
July 28, Montezuma hotel. .
ing the ceremony could be heard the their respective Baptist publica- 1 All goods shipped in plain boxes and on thn earn Ui'

sweet low strains of "0 Perfect Love, tions and both gentleman wanted his Write or teledhone Sternberger if I.y-A.; I as the order is received. i

All Other Love Transcending," and name to appear first in the co-part you need any painting, papering, for

"The Voice That Breathed O'er nership arrangement.We ,. varnishing and kalsomining. Phone Agents PABST MILWAUKEE BEER. .. .
need and 116. 6 24 fm
Eden. an upturning over- l1 Respectfully, ;

hauling of the pulpits. TEXOGRAPHER AND TYPE-
The bride was unusually handsomein Srexuss&co -

her exquisite lace wedding 5 wirtei Private office in Commercial otu ,
gown I Brutally Torturnd. STRAUSS & CO. z ;

and hat.. The gown was an importation A case came to light that for pre- bank. Your work in the

of Laracy, of Lierre lace, the sistent and unmerciful torture has above lines solicited. speed and accuracy

1. skirt was made with short train and berhaps never been equaled. Joe guaranteed OCALA, FLORIDA.

Gobolick,of Colusa Aal.writes "For Miss B N SINCLAIR.Let ..
was slightly full at the waist, aflounce : ------- -- w ,- -....

15 years I endured insuffrable pain ... ...._ ... .., _. .. .
effect being given by the narrow circular from rheumatism' and nothing re- us give you an estimate on jo t. _,'. 1:> ." --7.-''---.-- -.-<... .- -_- .. ._.._._ __ 'u<<,, .;' ........ ....._ t. i
pieces of lace let in below the lieved me though I tried everything painting your house. J. Starr Stern-

medallions of pink roses painted on known. Ilcame across Electric Bit- berger. 6 24

chiffon which were introduced around ters and its the greatest medicineon A ijard Man To Beat.
earth for that trouble. A few bottles
i the entire hip line and again a little McIVEE and MACKA )
of it completely relieved and
lower down. The stems and leavesof
cured me." Just as good for liver

the roses were hand embroidery in and kidney trubles and general de iI

i green threads. The French bodicewas bility. Onlp 50c. Satisfaction guar- WIII

collarless made slightly bloused anteed dy Tydings & Co. m '

over a high girdle of white satin, the A Protest. FUNERALDIRECTORS.

same rose motif being introduced
OCALA, FLA. June, 27, 1904.
again on the bodice and elbow sleeves, \ /7"" ..nQ ,
We, the undersigned members of
which were very full, being wired and
the socialist party of the state of -J-
flaring at the elbows, with under .
Florida, do hereby enter ,our Have a full stock of Coffins. ;('a$ket8
sleeves of lace ruffles. Long silk lace
most emphatic protest against the and Burial Outfits. Special given to
gloves were worn, and the imported
outrageous, cruel a n a inhumane vial Eervius. .
clippers were of white kid embroidered -
treatment inflicted by organized cap-
to Order
I in pearls. The hat worn was
ital upon organized labor in the stateof
also of point Pierre lace, with
Colorado.H 'V.THITE'SCream
flat crown and wide brim covered
C. Jones, E. C. Smith,
with lace ending at the, back in a H. H. Meadows, Chas. T. Schreiber, VermifugeTHE

deep fall of lace to the shoulders.The H. P. Bitting, S. L. Bitting,

hat was worn quite off the face A. Culbreth, S. G. Morgan, GUARANTEED .

showing the very French)' trimming W. C. Hamilton, N. Lopez, c
J. C. Baskin, W. D. Whetstone, j
underneath of feathery green leaves WORM
W. D. Condon, S. S. Savage,
bordering the edge of the brim. John M. Stucky.

The bouquet was a shower of lillies
Night Was Her Terrot. REMEDYTHE .
of the valley, falling half way down "I would cough nearly all night \ 'I

the gown. long," writes Mrs. Chas. Applegate, CHILDREN'S FAVORITE TO NIC.BIWAftE .

After the ceremony the bridal party of Alexandria, Ind., "and could OF IMITATIONS. {c ,y.

and members of the immediate family hardly get any sleep. I had con- THE GENUINE PREPARED ONLY BY hrThe
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co. t
sumption so bad that if I walked a
were driven to the residence of
I block I would cough frightfully and ST. LOUIS. MO. -

Mr. and Mrs. Toy, on Forrest avenue, and spit frightfully and spit bloood, l Anti-Monopoly Drug Store.

where an elaborate dinner was servedat three one dollar bottles of Dr.
y 'nrrrtam np) who buys ijARDWARE of
8 o'clock.At Discovery wholly cured me andI

a late hour Judge Lamar and gained 58 pounds." it's absolutely

his bride left for New York. They guaranteed to cure coughs colds, MARION HflRDWAREa
lagrippe, bronchitis and all throat COMPANY
will spend most of the time at Sara- and lung troubles. Price 50c. and

toga before sailing on the 13th of $1'. Trial bottles free at Tydings&

July for England where thew will Co. m AGENTS FOR"FAVORITE"
A. KHfMKES{ ; 'b Moran, -
pass the summer months, returningid Bad Plight For a Statesman.

October to Atlanta. Maj.G.[ P. Healy, "the baldheaded Commencing Eltabll.stied over thirty 1870.years ago in STOVES AND RANGES

Beautiful and handsome Ihe smallest the firm has steadiyt
presentswere eagle" of Volusia way,
one of the
corporations' -
and rapidly grown, until now CHATTANOOGA
received of the handsomest
right-hand bowers, had 'BA WKES' SPECTACLES AND
being a full chest of silver from Gov- his wings clpped in the first EYEGLASSES have a national
reputation, and are used in
ernor Jennings, of Florida. Among state committeeman at large, and town and city througnout the south.every ELLWOOD FENCINGA

other things were silver pitchers, with his usual nerve and gall made These famous glasses are used by the
beat class of people in all communities. -
platters, tall silver rose vases, candle the race in the second for old
county executive They are only by merchantsof
bUcks and bowls from Tiffany, pres- committeeman from his precinct -. recognized reliability, of whom Full Line of Everything Usually Carried in
there now
are over 11,000 handling a
the relatives of
ents from Judge :
and had his tail feathers pulled these goods; and when it is remem-

Lamar in Florida. entirely out by his home people.- ; bered that there is only oue agent in First Class Hardware Store. .
town the wonderful demand .
I for them
The bride'is the of
only daughter
Manatee Record. can be somewhat
Mr. and Mrs.: Robert Boyte Toy. She For sale by BLINDS, TURPENTINE, Mill AND MINING SUPPLIES.

id young woman of striking appear- The prettiest and most uptodateline DR. WM. AXDERSOX.
of MX paper for ladies' correspondence Never PeJdled.FOLEYSIIONIYJJDTAR".
ance being a pronounced brunette
can be had at Tydings & MARION HARDWARE;
with queenly bearing and poise. She Company's and the prices are reasonable COMP ANY

has always been a prominent. social loo. .to..the cow'ltbandbe&1.JQDg r I a

-- -- :



".. .,-.'.r... .. '..'._.1,'<,-,''" -<;" .,'".',<. "' :. ... ,-" '.'<" :''. : ... .' ,.<.' :-..-.> ,.'.'
..,-.l.:, ",'."'r. : :' :: -.r':

""" .
,. '- '

J; ",, -T. -,....,. '_-..F""i':"" C,

.' ....., "'i':' .... ..... '.;-". .

..:.:!t ... ___. _

r !%$$$ accounting for his change of estate bJI -

& true story of inheritance greater than WE ..-.- FATAL FAMILY AFFAIR. r MASTER'S_ SALE.BY .

L MILLY'S be bad had the right to expect I AUTHORITY OF A fiNAL IHKIKIIM
Now be knew where the bulk of his Husband Cuts Wife's Throat and Uses chancery mad by II... ;t..<* W ..... ...
fortune Razor on Self. hang as one of the judges of the fi......
belonged. Often in mind he Circuit -oortl. a crttaia rhaanry .... tatatyprndia
FORTUNE had contemplated the contingency an.! St Louis, July 7. Mrs. Antoinette +' 1} q V vVU *lathe failed Malre Clrf tdaart tar
i .
HAVE the southern DutnctoFterid,.i. wattt ?_ : always had told himself there would Evans, aged 26 years, is dead and her P. Ik-alls Craptafaaat' and! ftrry II !*....<

KA8THA M'CL'UACIi-ti\1WA.1tSi I be nothing for it but cheerful sur husband, Edgar Lee Evans, aged 23, a* adntiaUtrator. rtv .aver per. ti wft.,.4<>...
the undenrigaed at fed ,.
r ay-
render. In actuality it would be far who recently returned home trom San RS pointed by the court will vipm for vale a4
CuyYrlyht. 1S03. I from cheerful. lIe had no vulgar greednor ? Francisco, is at the city hospital dangerously RlKi tell to the highert btd by JJortAaWLuao / '.:.. "..JrWhm.. TOO Jia JJondau the l.( tgDV npuf. /'<*
worship of money still it world be wounded. : bet ween the hour*of na at...d >,M ..ee.4
:: ::;;..; ; ;;. hard to get back into the old ways of Evans had cut his wife's throat witha i IV day in front ot the with door et lk.court SMWM
iD the city of Ocala. Daiwa covaty rtart4a she
cravenly files mere discomfort spare living. Besides, it lilly mar razor and then slashed his own mortgaged premises.!"crit..4 la tafcl pewee.

oftentimes runs Into danger. John ried be Billy Graham the fortune would- MANY wrists and throat. Domestic trouble o-wit situate lyiag All that and certaia being ta piece the or--.w frci,
lUrdjr i rol the foct when In an effort \i only tin embarrassment Billy was is ascribed by Evans as the reason Irs] south, range i weaiy-oa* ,*i ..*... Mara*
safe to come into a million. Why spoil county StAte ol Florida to-wu Tto aMNb half
to escape the bustle of preparation ; for his act. Our money winning books, of the sontbeaU quarter U rlta t*..i><.cJ6.1
for hU aunt, Mrs. Graham's his pretty romance by making the gir! Mrs. Evans was handsomely gownedand written by men who know, tell and tae wet aafof.ectMMiw..*ty ... 1 t''l|
big: of his heart an heiress? Betty blond you all about and the north hill of the 11IM...... sjMrtat atftectiou
party Le took a tempting wood path and stately and beautiful would also SHIRTS! wore diamonds valued at several wen'y seven (r; j ... ta4 .....aaa..
hundred dollars. quarter of th- coulkwrM<< oatrtat oat awtia
aDd came all unawares upon two very doubtless find in her face her fortune. Pota-sh weetythree !i.J) and all the iwfct tills wad
+ girls. One stood the moral and I ntrre'tofdefco<1aDtsiasai4ca....i.the uath-
prvttv Might not he himselfHardy broke
BRITISH ASSAULT FORT. west quarter ol the so ih ut a.ettla
pattern of Impatience; the other half off there conscious of a sudden risingin They are needed by every man wentythree 11J ; wed the .oi.lewe.t .aaflat art
who owns a field and a plow and he southwot
braE wi wigvrlj searching: through the region of the heart. lilly: If /"'-- Thibetans Are Making Fierce Resis. who desires to get the most out [Z1J]or so much quarter th