, >< s i *r. 10 .

county on the second Tuesday in NoT at the time to be named when the said 3. That this act shall take effect the State of Florida: | Approved May 5*. 1M1 air p.r..i.s ... '10\41 a

nber; at the county site of Manatee cause or matter may b* heard: and it upon its passage and approval by I That Section 1 of an act entitled death or fmn-h***** -r .. IHMwS

county on the third Tuesday in November shall be the duty of such Circuit Judgeor the Governor. "An Act to pay defendant's witnessesIn CHAPTERS1Z-afo. 14.) untie th* lien ls.r.'eP.ifu WMStMpim

; at the county site of Monroe coun- Circuit Judges upon receiving such Approved June S, 1903. criminal cases." approved June 2,. AX ACT to Amend Section 2 of Chapter for *hai! he .<-
ty on the first Wednesday after the notice to attend at the time designated' 1903. b* and the same is hereby amended 414? of the Laws of Florida En- iiglvftv wUh .j> h .,11 ". hf II-

fourth Tuesday in November: at the at the Supreme Court room. and said!' CHAPTER 51 IT-(No. :..) to read as follows I titled "An Act to Regulat the Carry. forma nr* of the ;astor *e th* _

county site of HiUsborough county on Circuit Judge ff Juries shall be Invested AX ACT to Amend Section 5. of Chapter Section 1. In all criminal cases ; ing of nrerma" Approved June leg of the "4teriat. Anr

the seoond Tuesday In December. with full authority! to hear and 4121 Laws of Florida, ApprovedJune prosecuted In the name of the State In 2. 1893. creditor ehem Ht'- .( Ii

See. .. The 8Jrln.Term of th Circuit determine such cause or matter as a' 2. 1093 Being An Act Prescribing the Circuit Court of the State. where the Be It Enacted by the LeeteJatar* *f l I. *r t, the .

Court for the Seventh Judicial Circuit member of laid Supreme Court. When Qualifications cf Jurors. the Manner defendant is insolvent or discharged the State of Florida: iea1 or ...il1.. 1t.

shall commence in the county of the Court shall consist of more than of Sorting] and Drawins the! the county shall pay the legal ex- section 1. That Section S *f Chapter Mr union nr rel' of ivhk 1
Dad on the ftr..t Monday in :March; three Justices and shall be working in Same ana Fixing! the Number Which .relt I" .
: per.sej and costs as Is u-*? prescribedby 414?. Laws of Florida. h* annuls1so af is v..
1 of Brevard the fourth a body, and four or more c-f such Justices Shall! Constitute a Grand Jury. .
the county on law for the payment of costs Incurred as to read as follows- "11.411I& aM ..1.1 t. sa.
in March In the ot are not disqualified or disabled as Be It Enacted by the of the .
Monday county Legislature .
: by the county in the prosecution Sec. 2. The County ronnnlaasaasre, r 4lLe' wit" c I
.,& on the s cond Monday in April: aforesaid it shall not be necessary to State of Florida: I of such cases: Provided. That of the respective counties In thte gt* 0.0 t. Aa .gs i'*. p'v'beA

In the county of Orange. on the fourth call in a Circuit Jude or Circuit > Section 1. That Section 5. of Chip- there shall not be more than two (:\ may grant such licenses .it any regularor r.-4UIH1t et .. ,. ,.".

Monday in April; and in the county of Judges but the remaicirc Justices all ter U:!. of the Laws of Florida approved itnesses summoned and paid to prove special meeting to wh proo only such flea sha.a i. I" .t i.

Osoeola on the lJ'ondlondo1T after participating may hear and determinethe June 2. 189J. be and the same Is the same fact and provided further. as are twenty-one year of age. and *f estate l'llilt ft.., ;,. te af hiflfjitbe.t.

I the fourth Monday in April. cause or matter prodded three cf hereby amended so as to read as follows !-That. before any witness is subpoe- good moral character . .,. f"

TJ FII1 Term of said court shall them concur in the decision or opinion : I n.tej on behalf of a defendant in the Approved May J. 1.. t tal' 'nr' 4 ." t' .tI.. t.

comroeno in the county of Dad ont rendered but It three do not so concurat Sec. 5. At every regular or special Circuit Court or Criminal Court of IStntlIs4sfsrrI' t.. bI1I

first Monday In October in the least one Circuit Judge shall be called term of the Circuit Court the Judge
; I'I 4
Record. an application shall be made CHAPTER sua-(jr u.) nft'" a a1 tti i u I. s' a O's4
county of Brevard. on the fourth Monday In. and In all cases the Justices not thereof, in open court and In the presence to the Judge. In writing on behalf of AN ACT Amend tecUon MM of the mount iiiat.4 I'. '$10 4
In October: in th. county of Volu- disqualified may in their discretion call of the Clerk or a Deputy Clerk. i ,
substance Oti iRa .
the defendant setting forth the of the "! rl'UkUI
Revised Statutes Stat of
the in a Circuit Judge or Circuit Judges in and in the IM'
ala the second after
on Monday presence of the Sheriff or his
of the facts sought to be provenby Ida to the Intermarriage of 1. a I riot; "? }" Wtth.Li ;
I fourth Monday In October: 1the the place of any Justice or Justice Deputy shall proceed to draw from the
the witness or wltnes!es. making White and Colored PerMMia, a -It "ar 'b. std im.i fj !
county Orange on the fourth Monday disqualified or disabled as aforesaid.In box the names of tnlrty-slx! (36)
perSons '. .
1 affidavit that the defendant is insolvent -. Be It Enacted by the LsffMgtw if hall t. \ .t0.t "
the fourth Monday In October any cause or matter reading In said to .
after at the
serve as jurors next succeeding lI..it... hIm 'I I' 111..1 P.
i and It. upon such showing the circuit the State of Florida j.
Supreme Court. When the Court
tU\j la the county of Osceoli on the regular or special term of said
.. .
.n.t I..bc .
Judge Is satisfied that the witnessor Section 1. That Section MM of th *es
consist of six Justices and shall beworking *
sixth Monday after the fourth Monday court. It shall be the duty of the Judgeto .
torn 11'1"
witnesses are necessary for the Revised Statutes of the State of Florida 't "' 'a .t
in divisions
la October. any cause or matter make a list in his own hand writingof
Sec. S. The Spring Ten of the ( wherein a Justice or Jwticej on one the names of the persons so drawn. proper defense of the defendant he be and the same U hereby amende to flt.PwNo f j
I shall order that subpoena Issue. and real follows: s ) Ibot' m ... '
. Crcut Court for th* Eighth Judicial division br are disqualified! or JUabled and deposit the said list. together with as !
that the costs herein shall shall be .1. f\htl ,.WI 4 iliplrrhs"s .
aforesaid be as provided 2606. Intermarriage ot Whit. aid .
Circuit! shall commence in the county as may the slips containing the of the .
; names .. _
be raid to said witness or witnesses Colored Persons. If whit if A t j
J determined the Court any man
i ef Levy. on the first Tuesday after the by workingin persons drawn from the box In an envelop .
and not otherwise; Provided That the shall with 11.1. be 11 t i ill t.
hereinbefore intermarry a Mulat.to.
a as under
.Mondsy in February.; In the coun- securely sealei and his name lilt '
like gulafons: to provisions of this act shall not applyto or who has oneeighthof .rtttt t. Itf1la. r.'t"a. fI Iher
as In any person
l tr of Alachua. on th* first Tuesday af- written at least twice across the flap I
Circuit Judges it be referredto any courts in this State except to negro blood in her; or if whit M the eai's' Nr' 'S'edt .
r th 4 tie third Monday In February; In or may of the envelope, this envelope shall be any 4a'
the county of Braiford. on the third and determined by the other division: delivered to the Clerk of the Court. who Circuit Courts and Criminal Courts of woman shall Intermarry with a ngro. I.! .

: Monday in March: in the county oflUker. If no member thereof is 1'squallfied! or shall k"e? the same in some secure Record. mulatto or any person who ha* one- t" I .'. lOt' 1 ted .t.tI
Approved June 4 1903. 11.1' "r" In 1"1' I' V aamu ''
eighth of blood In him either er
shall dissent negro
on the first Monday in April: disabled or upon any place, and at least fifteen days before;
question theo cause or roUter shall be both parties to such tnarrta** shall h* fvwesad .h, I a"4 S OOia'1' _
; 1 In the county of Putnam on the the opening of the next term of said i I .. .
CHAPTER 5133- Xo.
( 2nAX n .v a "a' -.1
first Tuesday after the second Monday referred to the Court working in a body court it shall be the duty of the Clerk 8ection punished by imprisonment in th* aUtrlllor. .
ACT to Amend '
2S65. RevIsed -a r. hIit' soS wO
for and ( not exceeding ten or by
determination yean
la April. hearing under to open the said envelope in the presence -'
Statutes of the State cf .
i t'n"tll't 4t"a"4tt'r.
Th Pall Tern cf, sild court shall like regulations *s to callingin of the County Judge of the eoun- nee not exceeding one thousand toilari.Approved .
: RelatIng! to Compensation of Witnf'8L I\ .' he
comireac In the county of Levy on Circuit Judges. These provisions ty. or in hs? absence in the presence of. May 30, 1903.I =
Summoned in Two or More -Itl' ".. &f"'"' "f 'I" !
tb: first Tuesday after the third Monday shall be applicable to causes and a Justice of the Peace and to make a; Cases. CHAFTER"6141 I .. .
; I|I I No. H. that t1' estra.roi Il' "
In september: the county of matters row pending, as nell a< thoseto fist of said names and issue and deliverto -
Be It Enarled by the Legislature of AN ACT Punish Persona whom sb.. 'i h.
to Preettv
& on the first Tuesday after the beaereafter brought before the Supreme the Sheriff a venire with the seal of
the State of Florida: I I the .. to
to e
Court. I ing by Knowingly False Representations m.
first Monday in October: in the county j the Court commanding him to summon
Sec. This act shall take Section 1. That Section 2SS5 of theRevised i the Consignment: of Produo flrI the or'. I..r' Oir 51rtslaUti
effect immediately
J cf Brvlford. on the first Monday In the persons so drawn as jurors. to appear -i,! Statutes of the State of Flori -: Sale. .',. ..
November; in the county cf Baker on upon its approval by the before the Court at the next en u-i I
Governor. ida be and the same is hereby;!,i: Be It Enacted by the Legislature et t. tlafo "". *'
,. the third Monday in November; Ing term tberecf. On the opening day .
: amended so as to read as follows ,the State of Florida: "f'It''T 'I l' 't 50by
sal In the county cf Putnam! Approved May M. IMS. of such succeeding t'rm it shall be the i: 2583. Witnesses .
Summoned In two Section That acting far )ihea" .r .'f 'If "
any pertoa
01 the first Tuesday after the fourth duty of the Judge to place the names .
| CHAPTER 7lJ4- Menday In :o"embpr.e. of the thirty-six persons so summon- ,, .
two or more cases pending in the 4eair. 'to 1- .bP fIffIIII'
consignment of
'. That all laws and parts of AX ACT to Fix the Number. Prescrtt' ed. or of so many of them as may appear any produce grown tit .
same court at the time. shall be ,
same this State to himself or such other for 4? Itta ,. .t A 'I'
b'n. In conflict! with the provisions mTerm of Office al Provide for in response tp the summons in a
ofi paid more than one charge for per sale on commission or for other 'If'e (".' ". 'ltI"" ,. fl" 1
compensation -
the Election of Justices of the Supreme box and draw therefrom the names of
tWs act be and the sarce are treby'rep diem .
nuleng When the .
and ? costs are by any knowingly raise furnish -"_'n .'" 'c .
&Ied. Court for Part of the Tear eighteen persons who stall serve aa representation .
thrown upon the defendant in a crimi- to the lien she .siI '< '.. .11II.-
Approve! Jane 4. HO! 1905, and for the Subsequent Tears Grand Jurors ?or the term and the as prevailing market .
nal case the said costs be .., .
charged ,
may W It U
price at such time for sues produce at 11'1
Certain remain in the box
---r Prescribe Regulationsfor whcse names
and to persons
in full in each case: Provided. how- ... ., b.I
the point to which it is consigned or paM en s.t
of the Jurors for the first
Chapter 5122-(:". 171JLN the Government Supreme shall serve as Petit .
That the ., .
witness shall be
ever. paid to the price which such for 'W11It' t' t'. ct he
ACT to Provide fcr Oicta1 Reporters Court w hea Sitting In a Body cr in week of the term. : person 0
for attendance in one case only. and whom h@ is ai'ting !is at said time for 'be .k "
in the Circuit Courts of the State. Tvi.n".. (Became a law without the approval paying -
and to Repeal Section 13S3 of the Rrtea *- Be-It 'Enacted by the Lef.slature of 1e'State of the Governor). aain.the balance of the costs so taxed to other consigners for lUte produceat material! (\II"IIt. 0', a -a
one defendants shall
or said place.. or at to the rendition of .ha!I 1. ,t. e :*
Statutes Relating to the A of Florida: |I I.I.I I .
1 ', raid Into the fine and forfeiture the market for such produce at such a"laM ." 0""t 'II '_
Ste-1 from and CHAPTER !- and That
riat *nt Comrensatten of Section 1. after the
ftind of the county In which such prosecution time and pUce. and such fsv of a. l'"Of r> rm swrti Mflwurt
cegrapbers and to Prescribe the Effect first Tuesday after the 3rst Monday in AX ACT Relating to Dower and Child'sPart any person
may take place. acting for another who shall procureany t'8r n. t hi* "" "* _1'4 *SJof
as Evidence of we Transcript June. A. D. 1W5. the Supreme Court in Favor of WIdows In the Es- ..
of t Approve June"1903. consignment for sale aa aforesaid at 'M ?'vie t"e ',. t* !. P
JA&> by Said Report's. shall continue to consist six s.I:1 tales of Their Husbands.Be
lust |by a false representation of authority te tat "i"-C r ..1flu* MS***) BV
F? It Enacted by the Legislature of who shall be elected by th It Enacted by the L-r-slatur of the
the state of Florid electors of the State at QUaf.:: State of Florida I I CHAPTER 5134-(Xo. 29.) to him by such other to make a gvaranteoj .. he .Mil oai 4opa w thiterat. -

Section 1. That there shall be in places of voting for rrember of the Section 1. Whenever after the rasaee *-' AX ACT to Punish Obtaining Credit. price to the consignor shall h* furilw'i

eici jv&ctal circuit of this State. a Legislature and shall hold their oSlces' of this act any husband shall die Goods. Money or Other Property by punished upon conviction by toe not See t' U ii.ei"b&I5 .
' Any False Statement in Writing exceeding five hundred dollars er by "r4itiw, .t WE4 ,...... wsst .
reporter of testimony and proceedings for the term of six years exempt a" leaving a will, the acceptance by his .
, rn trial at law In the circuit court. He herein after provided. At the general widow of the provisions made in such Made to Any Merchant Dealer. Bankor imprisonment not exceeding six .**th* 'j. ft. 50w 51" .1.
Other Persons. With the Fraudulent -- in the county jail. two .ut-.. ,... ''Wf iiiordtnq .
shall te an expert stenographer andt3rpewl.4te election A. D. 1904. four Justices! shall will in her favor shall not aJTect or bar, ,
Intent to Obtain Credit.)i Approved May M. 1.,. } III 'be .wi ..t 'to. oa mlre1t _
succeed the to child's part
r and shall b* appoint by be etectei one to present her right to dow or a .
the Governor unon the recommendation Chief Justice who 1Itll hold hs o5ce in and to any and all property left by Whereby Anyone Relying Lpcn the' I' it's M ". t.f. .
Said Statement is Defrauded. I CHAPTKR 5141-(Na IT. of ;I""a O'414Ceetlon .1M' ," "
of the circuit judge and hold dur- for the term of six years beginning n U husband that was not legally -
after tae Pr t will which no disposl-I i Be It Enacted by the Le! lature of AN ACT to Punish the Delivery sod 31 I -t A'.t'
ait' th* pleasure of the Govrnor. iSec. the first Tuesday Monday by or as to
I the State of Florida I Transmitting of Pales aad Laiius ;r ,.4 .,. 5n. ,-'l. .
!. He shal upon the discretion in January. A 'D. 1909. another to be tion was made by such will.Aprove1 .
three additional Justices 13. IMS. Section 1. That if any person shall Statements. ;attn! ow '. P. pI ,. .
cf tM said judge tit succeed the May I
report testimony I
jmd proceedings in th* trial of any provided for by the amendments of::. make any false statement in writing of Be It Enacted by the Legislator *f the rooted 'r .1 me.. .;e 'he mwr -

criminal case.m the circuit court and Sections 2 aDd 4 of ArtlcV V of the CHAPTER 5153 (Xd. 24.) . his! financial condition to any merchant State of Florida; ,$4 f.IMWfHir "' 5 b N'' .

sVdl report the testimony and Consiitution adopted at the general AX ACT to Amend Section 2SS2 of the dealer bank or other persons with the Section 1. That any IP4'fOI88 wh wfl- III I.' !t ..... shaft bed .
in the trial of any civil case election held A. D. 130$ whowr terms Revised Statutes of Florida Relating fraudulent intent of obtaining credit fully 8tat-!. delivers or transmit I a"i be::1 trt ** A fhsr MOOT W _

in said court upon the demand in writ- Of office shnll begIn on the 8rst Tuesday -: to the Trial of Criminal Cases on goods money or other property and any means whatever to th* ail nags' nor with noti.ic. .

toff. tkod in the onus* of the attorney fter the 8r 3TOR* y in June A. Appeal to the Circuit Courts. hail, by said false statement obtain editor publisher or reporter of any *l t. 'b.or sod -

far either party. He shall not however. D. 1905.; one of whom to b* d si"cated. Be R Enacted br the Legislature of the credit goods money. or other property newspaper magazine or pertarttcal rw _410"1&1 ..' 't'4 .

P* required to attend at any trial out by tot in such manner a* the three asav State of Florida he shall upon conviction be punished as within this State for publication therein I'I IIhn t.. ae4eo'.v. .M4" !ttifircoa4teg .
if convicted of larceny. any false and lb! :ous *ta!emeBt ; to the "or 'W .
<>f the county in which be way reside determine. shall hold Us office unt>! Section L That Section 2982 t'f the .
81'OD the demand of any attorney. un- the first TuesdaY aftr f" first Monday Revised f tatutps of Flor1 U. be and is Sac. 1 Prosecution under this act concerning any person or corporatism r reHfro3 50 ,..... .;.. .O1501y .

Itt such attorney shaH deposit or se- In January. A. D. 190S Another to be hereby amended so as to r'ai as follows may be begun in the county where the and thereby secures the actual pohiira- w.g4..., ... ... '

car* his mileage aid at !least one day's designated in like manner u:t-: the first- : statement was written. or purports to don of the same. shall upon roirrtrtla*)
tr deL as hereinafter fixed. Tuesday after the first Monday In Jan-' Sec. :9S!. Case-How Tried In Circuit have been written.Approved thereof, be punished bv fine not eiceeding '. to .v .. .P .. bIm'i

See. 5. H* shall b* entitled to recejr -; nary. A. IX 1909. and the third until Court. nl Circuit Cocrt shall May 13. 190?. fire hundred dollars. or heI'I -. all. P.4 ." 'he r.r','.,' .
I 11
prisonment not exceeding one j>*ar. *rbv for each day or fraction of a dar the first Tuesday after the fu-Irt Monday nro.-ed toy A H criminal: caws on vrea .
CHAPTER 51SIo.. 34.) both fln* and tmprlwnmatt. H the 1 to mLqs.oqy m'... .hi5he
DI11 Successors from inferior tribunals de novo as
"t.vbi h b* shall b* engaged in the in January. A. .
AN ACT to Amend Section 2491 of Ar- discretion of the rourt. be
i iSec. "
J.& had been orfg-
MQftty In which he resiiJe. in to the two remainin iees now In though the nroceedings
lag ach testimony and procedinss.report-a off-c. shall be elected at the general iiwilr beeun in that court. tide ,. Chapter 2 of the Revised 2. That this act shan sassf affect tI "If ;, oro'ed '

Such Court sits!! Statutes of the State of Florida Relating immediately upon Its paxag* a4 z_ I*r diAm of Sv e dollars and for each e?.tk n Immediately tw* :=< the etpiratkm trial in th! Circuit
to Punishment of Assault and approval or the '3oTeri *r. k k .A mtft g k M A A W V
-1 day or fraction of a dar in which h* of their rs rtV? terms of be tad upon the aTidartt or charge sect \Pp"lB *4 ,. *HsVV M *lgTpr >s Ta **F WMMI }
steD bet engaged in any county other office. b) that after the '"t le-t0n tt> ,.' from the inferior tribunal. Should Battery. > S*?. 3. That all Ian. are I te ptvlrttv' WEfc 9W *>NsslC

1 than that in which ht r3.d* l"l report- be held in 1904 two J"' shaH be Uw original affidavit or coisplalnt on Be It Enacted by the Legislature of conflict with this act are b.ry m. --I- d J..L PI .

:- : tag such testimony and proox dinffs. or elected at every general el'vt.on Thereafter which the ease was tried below be lost the State of Florida d.Approved. 11 ost .. ts'm _

la waiting upon the order of the K tOr the arst substance, the Circuit Judge hall tide I. Chapter 2 of the Revised Statutes "A&cb. B ikA b Maaisai g._s :.rihhA fj fll gr
t1. or douad of an attorney to the cau$*. on the first Tuesday or IgV T L l4bif.
(f the Stat of Florida. the same CHAPTER S14a-422 It> .
I .
Ute tjrlnsste of the trial. a per diem Monday in January election.i order at any stage \f the proceedings anew '
# of six dotivs, and mileage at the rate The Chef JusUc atteir.i aat d or amended aSdavlt or complaint being entitled an art for the punishment AN ACT to Provide Ue** far I. as4Lrsbto .
% therein and the case shall of assault aad battery be andy J; Men. Mechanics. Arttoaa a4 -
' of .ve cents each way. going and r- by lot by the the to bs lies '


,.i' c .;. ---.-,- .
, b .. I -.i'r--T---: -. ,

-- .._-. J -. '
'. c>,' ,-1. ._ > ': [J .
1J i' b.iif. =,., 'k > ,.i.t': 1 'I 11 JJi' J..i' ..' .1.,. ;.. ..-..1a:1'-G.a. : "'-ia-b.s--- 'j 'I: $ -

: "r ,. ". ,. '. . .. .J'o,, I .1f W1'j j 1 $ w
-; "'; > 'f:1"0< t" < < < '" -- < "
< .. _
._'-- -. ; : :." -, l -__.. __- -.


: ,' > ,' '
;.- < "C.' '"



; t .' I { S upp LrA& BENT 10\4.' .". ,. .. ..

4 mi \,0 I \ PAGES[ 9 TO I ::::::: : :i .

.' ..If' M t. ._ ._ __ _
: -- *I'. ...,.$ p,
t -- .
I (
Pensions, 'bountfor back pay grades of teachers' certificates issued I' Sec. 2. That all laws or parts of lied tfl 111',1" .r'",, '* iip-'i the :tsiaTieastrer a' f *,. f'

LAWS' OF FLORIDA where such claims have arisen opt of or as herein specified and named respectively laws in conflict with the provisions ?or .iii h rfnn.ui'111 "I|Ion lr,. m> *b (ho .

k by reason of -jen u c in any of the sad to-wit: Third cratfe. second of this act are hereby repealed. <)r.!'"r nf thSt it" R wr.i ,,r $...tU- ">ti., : .

wars or Insrrectons andh grade first erade. oHmary. special. Se. 3. This act shall take effect Sec n.11 U' II and |"'' uf ) M' '1-P

to only all necessary; furnish cerlf-I State and life certificates. i upon its passage and approval by the in ondtrt with this art a i- b -i "uy I ,, ta.
FRO except
t CONTINUED M PAGE EIGHT. Sec. 3. That no certificate! ,
cates and certified abstracts Governor. repealed.Appro.. a. .
I __._. life certificates shall be issued excepton ta.f *
------- -- records ana documents in his office; I I written examination. or on oral and Approved fay !6th, 1993. .-:! MayCHAPTER :,, 1 3. 4,'.' .-. a .Matm -

him "r as many thereof as may be necea ted by the Legislature.Sec. Provided That any or all of the above written examination as provided by !( ,. ,, .4 5

<.,ry. with all possible piomptness, 58. The commanding officer at serye shall be rendered without law. CHAPTER 5206-(No. 10L) un, iNcAN 1"1 \ t ,,. ..4..

to the same. In any case I every station of the troops may, when charge to the claimant. He sal establish -I See. 4. That an applicant for the AN ACT to Define the grades of Instruction ACT to Provide f..r 11.01 Reguis : .. 4 S.

,. h' !te.lrpr neither the Commanltr-in-hitfll| ;luthorlaed by the Adjutant-General, and maintain as part of office a certificate of any erade. to be eligible ,I which shall be Taught in TE'nlJiOrlr.1'1411.1.. by TIn ".. r. t. t '.14 -

? AdJuUnt-Oenernl can rta'hed, I rent an armory for the use of the troops Bureau of Records of the services of' for examination shall present to the] the Uniform System of Public the PubliPrh.'t,11I| 0' ihi* Wand .1. S.,

o SUM: th* exigency of the occasion shall :at his station:; and if there be two or Florida troops during the said wars.'I examiner an endorsement responsible of good moral Schools of Florida to Aid and Encourage Matters Relating There' I 4IO. .
character horn two persons
".- ,ulre it, the County Judge of anyr more organizations in to same city or and shall be the (ustodi.l of al rec I and shall nay an examination fee the Establishment of Public Be it Eimrted by the 1.1,1-, :', r "ito -a
Schools and Rural traded the '
immty wh.r there may exist a riot.; 'town they shall be quartered in the nrds relics, trophies, colors of one dollar. The examiner shall turnover High State of "on,11ts.c. .
to Prescribe Conditions. ; ,
Schools 1. Whernr 'he- *
n",b. unlawful assembly breach of thepeae :same armory each armory must contain rlE relating to such wars now in hiSW-1' to the county treasurer. immediately 4 .
of Provide for Inspection and to Make public K-boot of thin State 4.t ..* a %I" tit ,,?
of of suitable examination
or resistance to the execution an room proprtons session of or which may be after any sum
: I aJembl' examined : Appropriations Therefor. t-e temporarily Abf-nt fr-rin 'Ii"! > a.j t&* f.,, ,
imminent dan- lockers for all men State of Florida, and such records,, one dollar for every person
laws of the State or the ;
the \
I taking! his receipt therefor and for fail Ee it Enacted by the Legislature of to exceed three &y u thereof, and the I' therein, and sufficient|, relics, trophies colors and histories j
per cauti'ritl's, quartfrel ure to make such disposition shall be the State of Florida: cuaed from duty during "!' h ci.' > *$.. 5 i **
nr,> triable to suppress lamE. secure storing room to accommodate all shall be catalogued and arranged or the .
: by ,
haIII subiect to prosecution.The I See. 1. The uniform system of public county upcrirt.n'.nt .r ? '- (.p
tHI the tower and authority :.:.( I public property issued for the use of,I filed for general reference and protecition funds arising from examinationfees I free schools of the State of Florida the trustee or .uper\liior .f .. ., ti.'a ,

.hall be the duty of such County Judge) the troops of that station. No armory, in the office of the Adjutant-Gen I shall be placed to the credit of the:j shall provide for twelve consecutive Kchool. Iud tea. her ma, r r >'. 'i *., '

upon the application of the Sn'riff orj' shall be rented or accepted for use by eral at the State Caitol county school fund. 'I I school years of Instruction exclusive substitute. 11 ha shall be first 41: I J 4I I 4f .

the mayor of any city or town in said! any commanding officer until a plan or I Sec. 67. The dutps the Assistant Sec. 5. That a third grade certificateshall I I of kindergarten, normals, colleges and by the county UI" rlrt. -.t ir i--- < 4e,'e i ; % ,.#'

; county to issue an order to the officer! description of the building, showing dimensions Adjutnt-Genpra. Quartermaster-Gen- be Issued to any eligible applicant I universities. and such other schools as or 8upervl>r of mirh a, !ted. n,<. liv < -,a tlt't4

in command of any company or bouy of and appointments, shall have',!| era!, Commis3a-Gen ral, Surgeon- i\ho. in the uniform examination in may be designated or established by pay of su h absent lea >'*r ah >!' i I. .1 4'C & ,

nO"I'I in such county, commandinghim been submitted to and approved by the' Gnfral Judge Ad\'ocatf-Genera.Chief orthography readins. arithmetic. En- the Legislature.Sec. left to the discretiiin !Ih. ,x., '

with the troops under I Inspector j gush grammar. United States history public irat Minion for th.' ,
to rroel Adjutant-Gtnfral Inspector-General e'f'R'raDh'nh'siolon. theory and practice 2. Each school year of Instruction tut-i r jrf a.,
1 him. or ai many thereof as may be necessary Adjutat-Glntral shall I of Small Arms' Practice and' of tE"'dchineand composition shall shall be designated as a grade and : absence but the par of IIIKI i II ji- : '

with all possible: promptness to have control of all armories and shall!I Naval Secietarv. shall be such as: have made a grade in no branch below no official course of study shall recognize stute shall to provi.i f.r b.t.cher .. irr-- .

aui'preea' the same. prescribe the regulations governing the'1 I usually pertain to those offices and i forty rr cefit. and an average grade of less than a school year of eight I .hom> pUi. I. IhQw till' s *'
f1. 49. Any lfel receiving such same. All Plate and United States property such other duties as they may I sixty per cent., in all t he above months of instruction as constituting When any such tea.hr. r.'*,,..' bIi
shall Immediately notify the officers be ordered to perform bv theCommanderInChief herein U emploftd in ..1. I ,
a I .
rs must be kept therein, and the commanders I!branches. the work of a grade. t

and enlisted men under his command. of troops using the armories On or before or the the last Adjutant-day nf I A third grade certificate shall be valid Sec. :3. The first two grades shall !school the principal of nu< h .
his can :I (tneral for two from the date of issue may approve of Mich autoittu'e 8Ap'fu '54
and as soon as troops bp will bp held recponsfbie for the safekeeping of each year the chiefs of the years be known as primary grades; the < .
13 .
s we in bled. proceed to the place whEre and proper care of such property -! various staff departments. the Commanding except as provided In Section third, fourth, fifth and' sixth grades excuse such teacher. T it" t 4' r' &

"..1mob t or body of riotous'persons and its protection asrainst misappropriation General of the hrlsrade. and of this act. second grade certificate shall be known as intermediate grades: Pec. 2. When tes rtier In i imt. Iug ut.4. i'm*.
to break the law may be. and the commandingofficer of each recri- Sec. 6. That a school'of this State ia grime.) )iet' t 5. 4' a
or loss. Armories, while occupied shall be issued to any eligible applicant the seventh and eight grades shall be ..
he, 1.1 the Sheriff of th< county. or other by troops, shall be considered' ment and separate battalion shall make who. in the uniform examination known as grammar grades: the ninth abwioe from duty bv th- 'I m.t. I I .V .
accompanying him. military and be exclusive to the Adjutant-General. _a report of prescribed for dE' half' .kown.as perintendent or tnurtwn nf e'yi I\.h I I'.f' '
peace posts under in all the branches and t1h.gr! .
otNr ,
desist tne operations and transactions or their I __ L.__._ for a time ..f'.Un. thr_ .in. Slew. .1 i a
)) .mrh persons to control and of grade certificate snail nign scnooi gr&ae ana the eleventh "
jurisdiction third
.hal : the'ofcr a naye junior l n .
respective departments or commands temporaryafan4y shell 1 1 b* JIM.! i r t aI
and use such force as in no branch below sixty and twelfth shall known
disperse made grade grades be
commanding the post.Sec. a I .
Id $1i
with recommendations as the county board of public intru-. t4 .4 is.
.* to restore peace and toepthpr sl'h per cent.. and an average of seventy- senior high school grades. s
rray necessary 60. The Commander In Chief they make. as
b may desire to aforesaid or by the county superintendent >.r t. *f.w t5.i I'a *f'4 arh.i.'r
-j I f\'frrOml resistance. Any officer failing may from time to tune require inspec- S 'I. 6S. All officers and enlisted men five per cent in all the Se{. 4. Instruction shall be given In the trustees of any nu h .s'h.io 1 i

j to comply with the provisions of this tions to be made by the InlPector-Gn-1 I of the Florida State Troops shall be exempt branches.second grade certificate shall be the primary grades in reading spelling such substitute if nra. ttiahl, .t.| ',.. P > 'a i. tll tWti4t.

ertlou and any officer or enlisted man eral! or other officer or from jury dutv if they desire it. A from the date of language, physiology and hygiene, ,one holding a h..1"tlft. i- f.. -a '
orc r for four years < sthe
notified by his commanding officer I S.c. &9. Title S. First Division of the valid number and writing and such lessonsin .
2 a Florida State Troops or any officer issue. except as provided for in Section grade to be niptJini and .t") iSt ,,,
ho shall fail to obey such order unlessprevented Revised Statutes of Florida. Chapter music drawing. geography, natural .
or officers of the United States Army 13 of this act.Sec. receive such pay aa shall to MIt t i( _. edea
4042. Laws of Florida entitled "An Act
< by physical disability shallb That first grade certificateshall study morals and manners as may be 'el, ,
who may be detailed by the Secretary I to Amend Act to Provide for and 7. a upon by county board. <>r b i i.' 4.tqa
? guilty of a misdemeanor and upon War. And If from the report of any: Encourage tne an Orsraniz.itinn of a Corps be issued to any eligible applicant provided for in the county course of trustee* making orb appoint rn.nt i I. 5 -5 ak. .
,'onvictlon ahall be punished by fine not who shall! have ben examined in all the study. Tore -*' eet ,
entering duty. Th-.r
A such inspection it appear that of and Enforce I upon 4 I
exceeding J500, and by imprisonment any public property already attributed,I Yoluntfrttia. : June 11. Th.ir 1S91' branches prescribed for a third grace algebra Pec. 5. Instruction shall be given in II the abnent) teacher shall rcaM4'n > R l "i' .. 5I4t1. t
I government
not exceeding six months either or or which may distributed' Chapter 4167. Laws of entitled"An certificate and in civil and who 1 the intermediate grades in reading. | such aba nce.Seo. )!., I W aT

beth at the discretion of the court to any hertater, been safely I Act to Amend & Florda an Act and physical Eeorraphv.in no branch I spelling, language arithmetic geography I 3. Any tMrher abaent without T ,.lb.' St
also be dismissed or dishonorably hs nt entitled An Act Amend Act to I shall have made a grade physiology and hygiene writing a .
and may kept or properly or that has to an average gradein leave, shall forfeit pay for the Him- "( phl 0 I ,t'
discharged by eentence of a court-i been injured or housed used i other -I Provide for and Encouraee the Organization below sixty aforesaid per cent bramh"an: elementary science, and such lessonsIn such absence; "\' > An ,".!. .j' 4if < *.| t 94,,

martial. I IFee. loaM. of a CorDS of Volunteer Militia all the certificate shall be valid music. drawing history nature not exceeding, tao days may. "ith lb. pest |-..t ,' rfc rf .,
than military he shall cause A first trade
60. When an armed force Is purposes and Enforce Dlsc.ttk..ia0 t$ Mk '!>

called out In aid of the civil authorities, the Judge Advocate-General, or other 11. 18J1. and to Further Provide for and for except as years provided in Section 13 of this provided for in the county course of trustee or auperviaor. to ma proper officer, to prosecute the bondgiven encoura the OrEaniz1on and theTOiscinline 5mi' ....
in general study. such teacher additional
the latter will designate of said Corps." approved. June 2. act. teaching tin *
by thE responsible officer, and primary certificate I Sec. 6. Instruction shall be Provided. This btin t.. -' ** k
term the particular object to be ac- Ii SeC' 8. That a givenIn aectkon shall not "PI.t- p *
1S33: Chapter 4 5-. Laws of Florida.
his discretion !
may, in disband the or- SuDerntendent ,
The mode and means of ex- entitled "An Act to rrovWe for and may be issued bv- the State the grammar grades in reading orthography to graded or high ncfcaola. ii ISmla. spt1 a

tom" lshd be left to the discretion ga-i7aton: : Encourage: the Organization of a Corp I to any eligible applicant testimonials who as grammar, arithmetic, (oral Approved May Z$. IHI. !b* a:,ft i ,F ,
o{ the commanding officer of the troops 6. Any officer or enlisted man of Volunteer Militia for Service a! a_ shall furnish satisfactory teaching and written), science, physiology. ge- w r.'s .5 ,.

Every endeavor must be made. on military duty who shall 1 disobey the. lAnd Forte and to Enforce the Disci- to peculiar fitness for primary grade of orgraphy, history, and civil government CHAPTER l-No.. 1M ) .* Sea; ( ,,f S S
present orders of his superior, or misbehaveor and who shall have made a AN' ACT TeackenSummer n. ,
the civil officers and officers 'i; rime Therein. and to P.erieal Article! oral and written of Florida and of the United Requiring
both by the which can be, demean himself In a manner not becoming -|t 2. entitled 'Volunteer Mil'- and Article !.,I eightY per cent in such primary studiea and States and such lessons in music Training Schoola an4 Making Appropriation be psutsa'.i a Is es as

commanding troops, officer or soldier, shall M, 3. entitled 'Florida State Troops.: ol examination on bY the drawtnsr. morals and manners manuel Therefor. nsa hw l'4 e' a
a prescribed
t nllttnth' with the preservation of immediately placed tinder and I Chapter 1 of Title X of First Division of, methods as mar be with such assistants training. domestic arts and sciences Whereas The value of the pvklle.1 ; cc. .- iq 4.,.
life and property, to induce rioters or aret i the Revised Statutes of the State 01) State Superintendent school ia V 1 .
if an enlisted man, shall select. Primary NlrtiftI and agriculture as may .be providedfor system aaare4 by the rkar Appuroa.4 *> I *
lawlessly assembled to dis- 4042. Laws ol r as he may
persons and under and hi t Florida, and Chapter valid for four years from in the county course of study. acter of the teachers empnye4. aM
before attack i is made upon placed gard. shal Florida I entitled 'An Act to Amend ar I cates shall be
r.rse an provided Wn-reaa. Teacher Summer "MATV ii
tried and punished of issue except as Sec. 7. Instruction shall be given in 1** iiA
cout.'I' date
: Act to Provide Encouraa-e the
them by which their lives may be en- for and th. act and shall be Ing Schools are recogiikaad aa I ? A 1,1 <* i i *
i martial according to law and military Orranlzation of a Corps of 'T'oluntt tn Section 13 of \his the high school grades in such subjects amanf
dangered.gee. usage.Sec.. |I Militia, and Enforce the Discipline' at.1 I valid only for tparhl.ne- In the t5.rllt. second and to such extent as shall be the moat potent mean of taprmrmg I .0 'a I4eea aPi'etlii

51. Every company and battery &2. If any person shall intarcest -I Droved June 11. 1891. and Chapter 4167i and third grades ef the primary school de- designated in the course of study for teachers and aa belnt ike form of nrr. I t 't pta.,,
of the Florida State Troops not ex- of rt'jUIarlv graded mal instruction whlrh roach the I, tit* Ya .-- 4 V S-
I"artmt'nts schools hereinafter -
: molest or insult by abusive wurdj i Laws of Horida. entitled 'An Act t : ruled by the Governor hall participate or behavior any officer or enlisted man! Amend Section fi of an art entitled aT I or In public kinderiraTefl5.'ertifirate.mayL Sec. 8. Immediately after the pass largest number of teacher aM tow. *lw.rit t.t' w ilhss4
marches or into camp of foi' Sec. 9. That a special whose benefit are mot wl4eapra, I '.4 rsa t.
In practice go in the of his military! Act to Amend an Aci to Provide Superintendent age and approval of this act. the State kii'
at least five and not more whit performance and Encoumare the (Orpanlzatlon of t be"issued by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction } to l' tMru < ****&* ,4 ,
p- ; than ten consecutive days, and shall duty, he shall be immediately put under Cores of Volunteer Militia and Enforc
assemble! for drill and instruction atttmpany. guard and kept at the discretion 1 their piTinlinp.,! approved June 11 satisfactory testimonials 31 to the Peabodjr Fund which to die peat War
; six or more than ten of the most
battalion regimental ar- of the commanding officer of the fornesI I 1X91. and tf Further Provide For am i I fitness for teaching anyone has been no liberally granted MM* II $ st.4

; or i I engaged In such military duty until the(I Kncourare the Organization and Dis-' peculiar branches not included In..the capable persons of whom not less than year by the lamented Dr. J. L. M. I'... tl.eua.. ,,t thee4c.
.i morles not less than a month j setting of the sun on the day on which L cinline of said ('orr.s7 aporoved June 2' or more for second grade certlfi- one-third shall be presidents or prin- ry. will doubtless 1 be eofttmved with I A"s
during each year. 'the 1J3J: Chanter 5037. Laws of Florida requirements of net clrals of State institutions for higher .
offense shall have been commit d., and shall make a grade equal liberality by the present isn- ,, 'w ai *
5%. The Commander-in-Chief i is i cates. education and not less than one-third
Sec. entitled "An Act to Amend Section:I such
and may then be turned ,over cent on agf'mf'nt of said fund provided Ik* be "iitad '
ninety per a
the Florida less shall be principals of high or graded
order out
authorized to six (6V nin (1\>. fourteen (14) an
civil authorities, and shall tw I 1 such examlna- Legislature mill show Ha ih! of 'l, *tst ti.
i proper branches in apprertatfcwi r *
State Troops. and If t to order 1 fortv-five (4,) of Chirvter 4684. Law I branch or schools, and thene. together with him
'CfSar. subject to punishment by court ol by the thereof by the appropriation of a larger rtgkt I ii> r'1 q4ata
any be prescribed
them the State,, : of Florida. entitled 'An Act to Providi tion as shall self at the earliest practicable date,
t.yon l tb. competent jurisdiction for a breach ol c. with such assist I cum thereforeBe M .t? .. "5,.
the for and Encrmraff" the Orffanization o: State Superintendent, shall precare1 & standard course of hnl
for any
purpose rrtClpatn field t instruction the Jeace. j :a Corps of Volunteer Militia as a Land ants as he may seicr. I study for high school grades. Same it Enacted by the U Watw* fill -I r' sc ii it .f

encampment maneuvers or Any member of the Florida :Force and to Enforce tl. Discipline j A special certificate shall be valid course of study shall prescribe I' the State ef Florida: raIir.a4 t" a. ;- '

of any part of the regular' State Troops who, while in active service 'Therein.: and to repeal Article 2. enI"' for five ve-rs from the datof issue; minimum requirements and shall be Sc. 1. That the sum frI three MII- are b.b' gt ,. .

army of the United States at or near under Section 48 of this Act Is titled Volunteer Militia' and and only for teaching the 'lal arranged as far as practicable to secure sand dl'\lIal'll for th* year IMS. and of .4

any military pst or camp or lake or wounded or disabled shall be taken 'entitled 'Florida Stat Troops' of Chanter -, branch or branches for which it shall ,quality of mental power and three thousand dollar far Ike year sin 14w4 'ha sS4st 'rs*

'. sea com of tbe United States, care of and provided for at 1. of Title S. of First Division of the been issued. training among those completing its :904. is end the cam i' hereby apmBI' I' '*f i.i ,i4 C $ '

whenever participation in such encampment th expenseof Revised StatuttJ of the :tat? of FlorIl have Plate certificate maybe instruction and to ineufe suitable prorn.t..t ffnr the imipuai of ac "C t5'li4 454
in which tha unlawful That
the -, a
county 10.
maneuvers or field instruction -' riot ll. ana Chapter 4042. Laws of Florida, Pec. Superintendentto preparation for entrance into the low- taming such Teacher Bummer Trahi- tluii r>'. jf .- be

Is authorized by Secretary of assembly or brtacb" r.acf oc- entitled! 'An Act to Amend an Art to Issued by the State who shall | est college classes of the State Institutions InK Schools prvrlded kvpcrtialtr Pot iin iwee; ', t .., 'a,
th applicant
War That subsistence curred during such disability; ad in Provide for and encouraee the Orranl-l any eligible for education but shall teachers of both race, at mrk tftnn s ef she tt4. wn la
; pay. months in all higher ,
Iro\'idtd case of death or permanent disability zatlon of a Corps of Volunteer Militia have taught twenty-four I and place to ,, lbs rs4
the i as may designated T
of troop
not as 14'h
trar.spltaton In of such wounds, he, or and Enforce the Discipline.: anproved eight months under a first grade certificate prescribe unnecessary
consequence the State Fabll--' if ..
of Islep.4.
"uperlntendent Instructlon. e.g t.l.apI is a.
rn ordered as provided shall to order or method of instruuction, I I -
shal bl Juno 11. 1S51. v\4 Chapter 4167. Lawsof obtained in this State,
his widow and children tf his
or .
any : faJ ti rt lp t'
and aa tile fond bitchy rse *
of Congress it recommend such de- appropriated
for by Section the Act Floriix entitled 'An Act to Amend examination conductedby : though may
have passed an i' .
dependent mother shall receive a S
pension and that donated fr. the a ffi'u .i a'
of January 21. 1903. Section 6 of an Act to Amend an Act, Superintendent of Public tails. When such course of study shall .
the amount and manner of pay- Or-1 the Ptate I Peabody Fund will auataln. Pro 14d. .ht aid prlw4ii t *n. a.
Fee. 5S. When participating In practice to Provide for and Encourage the trigonometry. have been prepared the State Superintendent I I.
of to be the same aa is now or may canization nf a Corps Volunteer MI-I Instruction on geometry of Public Instruction shall however That no Teacher' ftunraw Mi th. awaa 4.h.' -
marches or attending Latin rhetoric -
a carp hereafter be fixed by law for soldier lltia and Enforce thMr! Disclaim an-1 physics zoology botany to be Training School within the rurrttxr .rf $vsh iswaa a
Inetnctlcn except as provided for un- who served in the Confederate States proved June 11. 1S91. and to further" English' literature psychology and i tribution.anse same this act or under It. ooeratlMi ; 01* m ****** .sl .,.a t****

dff : &2 of this Act the Florida,' Army. i ii Provide for and Encourage the Oreranl-1 I general history and shall have madean Sec. 9. The print@dfortreedIS-I'I be conducted In anY countv in by e ,-.., wltt'ar,

State Troops shall receive the followIng -,i Sec. 64. The Adjutant-General shall zation and Tl! clrtHn of said Corns. average grade of eighty-five percent mittee provided for State wherein there II a coll***, P+n sea .1 abe h ntUK "vat

,. compensation: Ofcts. two dollars receive a salary of two thousand dol-' aprrov.d June 2. 1833: be and the same with a grade in no branch below art shall serve without compensation,I' mary, Normal School or other .. say n r

a day: enlisted m pay and lars year, and all! orders and Instnic- are hereby reneale.1. sixty per cent A State certifi- but they shall be paid all necessary I tional Institution supported In wh psr rUrisil rwea etat

ftubftlstence as are at the time allowed tions a emanating from the Commander-! Sec. 70. All laws and prts of laws cate shall be valid for five years from expenses incurred in performing the or in part by State aid or appraprta- baa sas .hk'h Ii pcia. *

by law In the United States Army for in-Chief and all general !In conflict! with this act be and the the date of issue and shall be valid services required. : tion.Sec. ( 1t1.uil dN&a4 le

called refulatonl. same are br"by repelled.Sec. 2. The 4 tiid
their respective grades. When shall be communicated to troops throughout the State. Sec. 10. Any public high school Comptroller krr

out under this aet to aid the civil authorities :: and to the Individuals in the military, the interest. 71. W'heras.of the Statetnat it Is Important the mo tt'll Sec. 11. A life certificate good in maintained by taxation and controlledby authorised to draw warrant, apes ,>. i I to ptte *0 .:=i teiak **. Mil

4 the officers and men of th. through and he shall be t!.rf"ct ranl'cton! provided for by any part of the State and of perpetual the county board of public instruction requisition of State ftvperlntendeM til |i at -II tw .i

militia shall receive the same pay and servlo organ of all him communications this act should become operative without -" validity may be Issued by the State which shall provide instructionof Public Instruction out of any ftmd i L t1.e N isa5

subsistence the time allowedby of Public Instruction, law for In the Treasury not otkerwtae .. i4
a at are from the Florida State Troops to theCommanderinChlef. delay: Therefore this act shall Superintendent the character prescribed by ,__
law in the United States Army. He attend take effect from and after Its approvalby without examination to any teacher high school grades and which shall be priated for the amounta appreprtaaed J i
When ordered from home transportation -' shal the Governor. holding a State certificate issued since conducted, in a suitable building witha in Section 1 of this act. I ISec. I itMs sperata Ke tw

shall for officers and the Commander-in-Chief 1'hEn required Approved May 11. 1903. January 1st, A. D. 1S94 and who has reasonable amount of furniture and 3. It han be the dvty a* the e is i* Pse
b furlsht. in reviews of the Florida State Troops, State Superintendent of PukHc Instruction sd. be. if the
men; and Inconvenient or successfully done high school or college equipment may receive from the State
Impracticable whtn to furnish rations in whenever ordered in the performance -I CHAPTER 5203-CN'o. 9S.1 teaching in this State for a periodof treasury aid as follows: Any high to submit a report t. t er rrnspt hi4 I
kind of military duty and obey .. the 'mt d *isai' 'e this
rest general embly ehowtng _
shal shall maintain only the
they may be commuted at not ANT ACT to Compile a ITMory of the thirty months under a State certificate school
and Issue such orders In thereto number and location of arhoAto ., ai. 4 f U' piIlUUd
j i Serving in the In- first junior grades prescribedin ,
lag forty cents lr day. I ISec. I Soldiers of Florida and who shall present satis- two. or '--
; and to all other military matters, as ducted of this tf my Se
54. Commanding officers ofbrigades dian. Mexican. Spanish-American and factory endorsement showing eminent the official course of study for high by mean appraprfa fMgMt
the Commander-in-Chief He' tion. the number of teacher attendtrg mt the "-a' aii*'
battalions may give. Wars Between the States. Containinga ability in teaching and school govern- schools shall receive three hundredand
regiments com-
shall be the custodian of all In each by and sea. the '
mitarygtores Roster of the So'diers Engaged ment from three life sixty dollars (360) per annum for race
rnles and batteries shall within: ten persons holding iah ea.* .0
and property and the Several Wars. With All Records certificates.Sec. three years, and any high school maintaining of each *rho l with the mtmtor
l, days after .*111 called out for instruction Anpertainin Thereto.Be days' senlc rendered ky each. .r -
not issued the shall senior
war to troops; use all four, or junior and
j In the n.ld, or to aid the civil authorities all necessary care and diligence In the It Enacted by the Legislature of the 12. A first a second and a third high school grades as prescribed by the amount paid each; and "" InS ihil be he is 4
1" make and transmit to the trrade certificatem av be endorsed bv .., sa.4 p.4 tmr. p.
safe keeping thereof and shall turn over State of Florida: the county superintendent of the State course of study for high voucher for every dollar paid evt fr' ea4

Adjutart-Oeneral certified pay rols In, the same to his successors or other authorized Section 1. That the Governor of the anycounty schools shall receive six hundred dollars title fund. a itr4 'a
In the State and shall then be
i of the ,' State of Florida be and be is hereby three ;(. 4. All law In cmiMat with ed with said "
tr'flratt. fld. staf person. He shall keep in his valid for its unexpired term in the ($GOO) per annum years. prda.
and '. to ipcwe t'e publication of a bee e.aa pa
Mn1r1rIl; respectively aUThorIzed school which act are hereby repealed.
office accurate account of all Sec. 11. Any public
an in which it is endorsed.Sec. .
county 'ws 4 s
of t .r4.4 iB
each thousand copies in book form be .it
of one 1M1CHAPTER
specifying the nare and rank State and United States shall be maintained not less than three Approved June 1.
o byname 13. Whenever the holder of ? xffc pODr- complete roster of each company a s he. tie e'*
man and the number of days present
ty in of the from town or cityof
miles distance any !
osselion mita of all the reeirrents first grade certificate shall to (bS'a
sad duty. and will also submit and nanv present frus tto .t.t
J I on Clrtlff and make up the more than five hundred Inhabitants lltf-( .. *. Ctihw
Florida tn the Indian. the <
bv bMHi
furnished county sypeprintendent of rflt UMft W
a vouchers. In triplicate, for the the United States property Issued to any u44
Mexican Sranish-American and the in the which shall be supported by publics AN ACT to Provide far tke M ba *fHi mjm

i atua expends of tran rortaton I' the State. He shall cause to b prepared late war between the States to contain II i county that he Or State she has satisfactory taught school evidence hool funds and controlled by a county and Industrial Tramtof 4 the .4- mpi fiOMt
J 55. All officers and issue to the different which shall ttt <
S. flr\'ln organizations I a complete roster of what reiriment. board of public instruction, Deaf and Dank fit vmb
.hal be considered in actual of the organized militia all each company served in. with the resri-i I 1 successfully for twenty years in this provide instruction of the character Florida. *
I State nine Ml e
of which shall have sa p
: > r\ shall be entitled to five necessary books and blanks for reports. mental officers and staff. with dates of S1 i I! been taught years under certificates prescribed by law. in intermediate and Be it Enacted ay the LagtalaHtre t.

I .nt. p r mile for trave'ing expenses: records, returns and general service what brisade. and what battles issued grammar grades during not less than th* State of Florida: i 4 M
I and the name pay as when In attend- :itration, and shall at the !I I said reeitrents took part in. with cas- since January 1st, A. D. 1S84 and that eight months of each :year and which Sec. 1. The Florida ffcat far lb.Blind. W1.a

I I nr. at encampments. Witnesses shall| State, cause the mitar laws military I ualtit' name rank and date of same.I he or she is of good moral characterand shall be conducted by two or more Deaf and Dumb shall to n u* 01mM sa is !,.

I \f fttf to flvef! cents per mile for'code and rt latons be printed,II I, served.Also with what army each regiment faithful and and disciplinarian successful the as an instructor qualified teachers in a suitable building the direction of fiv* trustees wk* *k ed tee ,r. 4' s''s is f

county vhtch shall have necessary be, annnlnted by tile Oiivernnr
and the bound in and _..
trtvrtinjr same paywitnew ; proper ta S :
urf' I form distributed.j I the said compilationshall superintendent i y
2. That of
4 Sac. any county in the and equipment, shall receive be reident of tk* cauaty to ., '- .T
I aa "s In attendance upon civil J lone I copy to each oteIr., be as near as possible to completehiftorv State may. unon further examina'I furniture State Treasurer two hundred said !< houl la located two et1' seil rli'vt' 1 '. hi. a.
I from the
reur. I and to each Sheriff and County; Clerk''' as can be obtained from the tion as .he may deem neCf'ssanen. four shall be appointed to ... two "T the i sp'* the .ea' '1.i

Sc.: 5 a. 1hl Comptroller shall, upon : to be turned over bv ) rolls now in the possession of the State aorse said certificate makinr it perpetually -I' dollars (J200)_ per_.annum for __.. .L___ 6__ .._ 0_ _. ._ ..&.' ae..tv '- n4 = a
rtqulnttlnn .t the Adjutant-General their: SUCCIIfOl in office. and I in the War Department Washington valid during the life of the, years. Pro- 1ea. That me inree-mue silo izrrp wr UO" Irm in i..r p-' ; 'p '; 'I..
aU rack
!l approved bv the CommanderinChief.drtw ball Drocue and supply all and elsewhere. The said compilation to holder in the county where such endorsement limit prescribed in this section shall and' thereafter aprwlntwi *14 cg1UttT r4e._ .
of four 'II
hall be for the term ?
nl. "'RrlUt upon the Treasurer necessary te1t books of drill and instruction. be beeun as soon as practicable and be ; is made. not apply to schools the pupils of of said board of tr;. mahe hse*' s. fa..i i-

hi favor of the Adjutant-Oeneral for He shall prepare, attest and continued until such history is ((mIpIPt Whenever any teacher shall present: which are prevented by natural bar- The member .. awl spi in 4 t vart
the printing and binding to be satisfactory evidence riers from attending the nearest graded tees shall elect anniullr from '
such eTpendlturen authorized un distribute al military commissions issued !; that he or she has !'I lb. t' at''I r.4' Is h.'w'
ns are.
done under the direction of th".TIoArd taught school in this schools. number. a president and secretary ,
State for six
f by and shall keep a .iq t a.
tab tea
which shall be paid out of C\'ernor. -a'
d ttlaI't. And the publication State Treaeurer br virtue$ of hie *
of the of all changes of State Institutions. years under first srradecertificates, the! Sec. 12. In order to receive aid a 1' shell e he .' 4 et' -
any money In the Treasury appropriated rECord sme. when completed shall be under average grade of such certificate being for in sections 10 and 11 of shall be the treasurer of Mid ba..rJ 'a.. -
in the commissioned force provided e'i
te th mal"t4nnnl- the FrldaStat ocurrlnl control of the Governor who in his discretion nor less than ninety per cent issued I this the county board of public The Mid board of trate atoll b.v he "
TrfT: Provided. That ( tx- enroll the names of all en- shall furnish free of cost to the, since January 1st. A D. 1S94. an,1'that act school entitled power to build sAd construct a h 1 It. f 't.pa* tS

1'! tr.f 115.fOO shall be piid in any one listed soldiers and shall keep and file colleges seminaries scnooi and public he or she is of rood moral characterand i instruction controlling shall any make application building aa they nay deem n* eet. t Mi -I-V. a (" '

"-er to the participating In any in his office all enlistments and descriptive libraries of the 5tat each a conv: faithful and successful as an instructor to receive same Board of Education to contrai-t, and be rwntr te.1 alt a 4 .
fpa itl"e or encampment, and list, discharges official hndR. the and to exchapere for similar PuWicat'ons and disciplinarian: the county I to the State be to sue and be sued plead IUllt. i-> t 4 4I a' 5 't* 0 "
rar'htl such form as may prescribed '*
from other States: and DP -ftuthorizedto superintendent of any county in the in a SI
for their to and from report and returns of troops pleaded in all courts and la. i> of r. $ '
transportation want! them >t by said State Hoard of Education .. .4 **
sell copies to thor "r r State may. without further examination ee.oa' 4
of military and all other
tV wirie. When the appropriation Is dlpartmlnts. a sufficient sum to cover the cost of issue to such teacher a first grade not later than January 1st of any ty; to receive donation an-i mutchases ..itdat ,.
inniflclent Adjutant-General may writings and papers which are required of such of land and u* sell c'I t .'
publication life certificate rood in any part of the school year. Upon receipt application ,a4# -t' ( I'
tav the pro rata. upon triplicate to be transmitted to and preserved at Sec. 3. That there shall be appropriated State and of perpetual validity in the I the State Board of Education I vey the same. The said trust'-i -' ai a
trol I .t
T,.*, rll onl ropv of each to be filed the general headquarters of the State I the sum of five thousand dollars: county where such endorsement is shall cause investigation to be receive no fflmpPAMtlon for thr. -- ''" U ha. a

rllh th. Comptroller, one in the office militia. $5.000) out of anv money in the Treasury made1. I made by the State Superintendent of vices while attendinf any *. : t. ,,e -* I- S ta, C'ei

rf the !, and one to be Sec. 65. The Adjutnt-.nera shall not otherwise appropriated to Whenever the holder of a primary Public Instruction and if satisfied that the board but may b* nllov. : '' a'I -
Adlutant-GtOr '
rstKiiwl bv the brigade regimental. make returns to War.I meet the expense of compiline the roster certificate shall present to the State I all conditions have been fully compiled cling espenae while Ruin tn < i i i .-f .'*i't" t'c4Pt

or at such times and in such forms and the Comptroller be. and he is Superintendent satisfactory evidenceof with, the said tftatt- Board of Educa- and attending curb m tlimSec. pa4 a '. ( i..44t5".
tHalon. comp.my bttfcomman required to draw his warrant on the having tauht successfully under 2. The aM school hid ie tin
latter shall from time to time prescribe, I tion shall make !>iiui=ition upon the ,. t-* teaa. '
may ii
< d.I. b. State Treasurer for the abo"p amount said certificate for four the State locmttoa. near Si A DI CI .
years its
dueunder present -
P87.. be annually of the strength of the organized militia how- I State Comptroller for the amount ra t--4 -e
Tllrl for the above purposeProvided: '
and shall also make such reports shall be Superintendent may endorse said certificate the provisions of sections 10 and 1 guatlne. In the county of 8t .h.P < i ..'i.is kt *i -
MM to the qmrtermaster of the- brig- a ever. That no appointment .
it'aUd dur- the tton.! >
ad* >ai h rcen-ent! and each may from time to time b* required by made by the Governor nor any actn; thereby making :11 of this act: Provided That if the shall be known u ,4s: Be4
'. battalon ing the life of the holder. for shall for the Blind Deaf and IHIII ) a t ., $ t '
[ f"H the Secretary of War. He hall annually whatever taken hereunder until the amount appropriated any year '
-iBrterly to the .
> commandtr ( 14. A certificate of grade 3. The board of tru'a ', *'- '
on or before the second, Monday in Governor shall have ascertained andreported Sec. any prove insufficient to aid all schools See. i tt a
< < T ny and buttery and to the chief In writinsr to the Board of may be revoked by the authority issuing entitled thereto. then the amount provide for the education ,,g'. .,, I b*
March, make and submit to the Com- duly
"' r Ian of each band. his requinpnroveiJ 4' 'V
i .r.. upon mander-ln-Chief. to be laid before the State Institutions that the work contemplated it or by the State Superintendent 'available under this act shall be prorated maintenance, at aaidhuol ''I '. 'F 'Ct'. f.. 'a
i : pu0 (?>y th< Adjutant-Gen- I by this Act can be properly! when it is proved that the holder among all the schools that h'-;-C sons residing in this Plate 1'. 'il-S b a.,
detailed repbrt of the workof Be a'
legislature '
: er1!, 'he following sums for the maine his a containing statement I done for the sum of five thousand dollars thereof is unsuccessful incompetent, or I complied with the conditions herein area of six ('> and twenn a., I-' 1 4 Ste' t--1 4

., l"rn "l of such organizations and for department a or less. guilty of any immorality, or fails to I imposed. years of ae who are blind ,,r .' ,. a. *Ir.'v '' I
F' t" of nil nuhlic intrustedHr of all moneys received and extended Sec. 4. This Act to take effect upon dumb Provided. That mi pt-" ?hi .
rn property bv him showing the amount of be governed by the rules and regulations II Sec. 13. Aid shall under no circumstances : If f'ea. 'fi'
,. tn t' chne: IrhmdE. two hundred all military property /eceived and on its passage and approval by the Gover of the Department of Public In- be granted to the same school : tending said actoool wh i- Iti the tJ v t '4 '- ."' ,edt,

t/ f..I" ". Rp
,-, Ialbw.. t"Prtdolar; Company. Ilatt : showing the aryual condition and May 14. 15. All laws In conflict with >'t-ar nor shall any school lwpermitteu of tventone years shall be p. '.

rv : 'n.1 twenty-five dollars. making such reconjmendations as he 99.! this act are hereby repealed. to receive a.U a second time from Mid fc'hool e .- i-imic .. a' S t' ..- -'

-. Th.r. *"81 J< paid annually to the may deem nece'sar? promott the Interest AN ACT CHAPTER to Provide 504-No.for the Certifirn.tisn Approved May 21, 1903. because of a change of name. number.io own option, until aurh |.rfH ii ii--4 '' ,,t 4.a.$ '
I "-'tol srrnll arm's practice uponapproved of the IPr''l. and transmitting of Teachers and to- Prescribe f ,'ation. or any other change which I have graduated.Pw. *54 tiE slia' a. 5 a
entitl- to ,, 'if"
;: "I" r'riulsltlon. by the Adju- the reports of ttfe military de Reouirements for the Various Gradesof CHAPTER 5203-(Xo. 100.) may be made for the purpose of Securing I 4. Any person schosit thr >- I',t,4 in.ivr' 1- tt, ,. 's--. 4 '

tant-Genera! the sum of one hundred partments. / Certificates.Be AM ACT to Legalize and Validate additional aid for the swime mission into raid or p. ea.bi.* t' 1f' t P WW

rtnl| *rs for the expenses of his department Seo. 66. In a/ditl to the foregoing It Enacted bv the Legislature of the all Warrants Heretofore Issued by school or for a 111'1 hool instituted in or guardian, or next friend of Sail I" t I l'' a" e.

: .nd 19 to the Surgeon-General. duties and all /other duties properly- Stats of Florida: County Boards of Public Instruction the stead of th,' s.imr sihoul.Sec. son may ainJy to the I is.ii'l. I ."t ., 0- S' is
1 the a %
i'ornnrisahiitrs uf t'
1 n wn W' refluU'ticn approved by theAII"t."t.Gtn.rl1 pertaining to/the ole of Adjutant- Section 1. That no person shall be for Money Borrowed for Educational H. That lifts thousand dollars .c44t"

11 > the sum of twentyI General :and 'hif Staff h* shall Brmitte.l to tench In the public schoolsof Purposes. r.G.OiiO> or so mui h' thereof as may be her residence and the et .atiitfl
. the who do s not for e.u'h of the school I years j sionera If satisfied that s tj ,.1%.'$ 1 frimfl
Florida State of FlorlCa !
volunteerscommission n '
!: of his keen all rect* : Ee it Enacted by the Legislature of1 <
: : th. EXNnSe dot' 4
drll.l j entitled such admission, *
r1'n-q.nt. T ese so paid as I or enlUtej for the wai hold a teachers' Cartiflcate erupted In the State of Florida: b" J't. Hit). und July 1st, to

, i b'- nro"iiet for monty shall!be treated as between tl> States, Indian wars Span- accordance act Provided with, That the no provisions certificate of issued this Sec. 1. That all warrants heretofore I" .u bt-aluJ;i JUl.t h t ., -4 hereby. in aPSsSSgSSEWS thl- a the lertifidte applicant to aball thai be effect r.e.lved, v M ii. .

; ish-Amerxfan War. and all other issued by Boards of Public Instruction v .
( nubile for : war County -
accounted as may nnder the Laws of ."'s State since o :iat out of ar. nh. lated, school. The MM &tv4 ii cnmy rroissi
In The He shall assist all] for money borrowed for ed I p 1
b prescribed regulations. : or January 1. 1S94. shall be rendered void art ners abnU MMty maM
persons/raidln In the State of Floridaagainst ueational purposes be and the sam thiS
armories rhall< be paid by the State! by this act. thor- transportation of aoch person Ut

: cut of :fund to be anmully approprlt havltta' claims the 'tlt .$ ptatesfor I fllc.', J ha{ Jfcere; Efcall bp seven aje )hereby legalized_ and :validated. .,'



( 2liji :

( c _
.9- .. "C -- # -'
ca 7- x'4 7i- '1 1i. "-
-rLt'-- > } .'
1 '
."' "R.., .-
'. > '
--,- p- .

I _
:ii 1f -i---



-- -- .
N ; such In and poratlon. or agent thereof. *
U e _. j eat,.* t such time as he mate for the kllln! or tnturinsr after havinselv chasers or Their Ass-sns of the Prop crate a forfeiture of the right to do license therefor. Pilots duly licensed to be tertlw for salt ar offer f s. -
d* i* ertl jnd may make all -n the notice reauired In section 7 erty of said orporations Under Such such business, and the license gruit- Sec. 3. That before any pilot boat for the port for which they are the limits ot this Stale. *nv -i

MtV orders for procuririr a jury,: of this act and upon the trial of ourh Trust Deeds or Foreclosure of such ed them by the State Treasurer shall shall be used In the business of piloting rorated; that each stockholder shall ed or rotsed erruae whaievf '

II tfct JIMV ''anmH agree another Jury cause the lury. or in care the came bej f Mortzes. te b> him revoked as provided for in her name tonnage and cUss. and except as provided by the by-laws, devote at the time of s4iE er offei
sit.* | emfcaniwlt-d forthwith. The tried without a lury. the ludee of the'1'Be U Enacted bv the'LeKislatare of the insurance companies. the name of the managing owner thereof his skill and time to the corpora percentage of suck a4uHer ti-
fersa f v 'dkl Pait! be "We the lury.fi. .icourt tryin the | State of Florida; not enter Into competition
; case shall after h ar'las Sec. 3. Every Insurance tion. and tore ia clearly stm4 "
shall with Board !
be the
.? dIft bthLflt. d seum'4s the evident cf value decide the Sec. 1. That all corporations of this or other under therewith under penalties to be fixed oy the barrel tan caw. battle oc
corporation orsrinized
>; dollars." which said value to be less than the amount demanded -I State shall have the right ta borrow the of Pilot Commissioners"of the port the ,-orroration: that the fees and earnings centacle containing such -
ar4kt. iu Ifl.fl and decree thereon In the written notice and pre1 -!!|I such sums of money at such rates cf of any other State, desiring where she is to engage in such business accruing to each stockholder as a terms adulterated "mt tu'mixture.

be r .- lu the chancery order 1 rentation of claim required bv said sect Interest and upon such terms as the to transact any sick or mineral benefit in a book to be kept for that pilot shall belong to, and ba collected ." as need tot this '

.. .rf tu t t tion 7. but more than the amount tendered 1 company or Its bocrt of directors shall Insurance business or both in this purpose: and on such registration, the corporation: that the shares of stood to apply to sol mixtu .
.: rtsuonthre-!! or offered then and in that caSe auttoize or agree UCXJTI. and may deem State, shall be permitted to do so upon she shall be numbered, and by such by be transferable. accept more Ingredient dKertnar .
; T% fl? t t tt fnt-r 1ud rment the L .14 tMUe be shown plaintiff arainat the Gerenuant for the tlfl. ate of the Treasurer of the State And to the corporation
.n one or more trust deals or mortgages plotting on the bar of such porj. wlt> the consant of syrup aorahoia syruw. nnroolaaeee -
'. ln't ; TI \>nt. the court or actual value only and costs of suit and or both aa the occasion may under the laws of which such corporation the Board of Pilot Commissioners shall pilot of the cort that ur>on the death or rlucesue.

f-i: I d. ns U if and order a cwmlrment attorney's fees to b* fixed as hereinaf'ter -' reutiire. of a'!! of their ororrtv. real and was organized, a certificate that be entitled to a fee of ten dollars for the corporation: ock shall belong S.e. 2. That all pebs '
SflaI 'b I and de- provided but if the value be not such of any stockholder his -,
i : personal constructed or in process of 'ompany or corporation, has on every ves? l so registered. such pric erated or 8ita4 eynsM '
t l '1 -! authorize the p>- lesf than the amount originally claimed to the corporation at
.. construction for the amount or deposit with the State at least $ ,00i( ) Sec 4. That any person or persons other receptacle*. snail 14.
flflPer th rUht of way; or demanded aforesaid then in that 4 such terms as may be provided
r'' ii as in cash or in United States or State who shall in. the and on cud DoatoAce a44ref of the
amounts borrowed or by such conduct or engage
.. ...rood railway itase the shell render ludsrment owing that when stock
t' 4ei. .i' t or court bonds or other bankable interest In the by-laws: any turer or manufacturers
or the bar of
business of any
as its board of directors piloting on
I t iu leraph or for the plaintiff arainst the defendant compnajr. ba an active pilot
aaaaiuRv ui. < otsssiifci r. holder shall cease, to Sec. 3. All Bereseia firms
i i )tn; ,* tr.fl upon theM oay- 1 for double the damaec found ta be due shall deem expedient: and such company States bearing stock, issued in the United fort in this 'tats. in a boat or vessel of the port for -hich he is licensed* porationa. or a*.nia. th*"

to the < I'rk ..f 14J.i rourt subject tthsplalr.tiJt bv reason of the killinr of may make such provisions in such at their market value, for the that is not registered and licensed aa his share of stock shall draw only culltT of \Matlnn of this

tth.or4.ahf. r the use "futdde- tunr of the live stock and also render trust deed or morg-age for transferring protection and security of those insured herein required shall be deemed guilty two-thirds ((2-3> of the -dividends or be talkY of a medctRr a '
L 1
.fveilaaf of iudment defendant In fa- real and or to be insured, by such corporation of a misdemeanor and upon conviction -
of th. "' .u. f damages asbv against the their property personal, corporeal drawn by the shares held by punished for ea/h offense .* -
4ssI$ Mid Ui< v Suld tudratent and4atee vor of the t>U in tiff for all cost of the and inoorix>ral right privileges or company: and by filing thereof, shall be pushed by a earnings who are active pilots of u'.dint

*h : r' *i or l.'rth.na HIM shall be conSttatNxi -, injury of the live stock and also render i, chinery. houses. roillnjj! stock. of this State such statements I j lars. or by imprisonment ta the county the port; that any but who months or both. tt tie : *
as at ht in the petition, ands a reasonable attornev's fee. said fee to furniture. tools imolernents. an- of its financial condition, resources and I jail not exceeding one month. not become a retired Pilot the court.

aa rvnt n rfre with i the owana -'b determined by the court- Provided.1 pendag'es and appurtenances used In i liabilities as may be required by the Sec. 5. That whenever a vessel so does not engage actively in perform piloting Sec, 4. All laws and es r'' '

of thT t.i > r MAl-l defeu-iant or; however. That no attorney fee shall b* connection with Its business in any general regulation of said Board of registered and licensed shall cease to for the port, but who shall shall conflict with this art be ir, '

am leJ*(T4'i 'f t-'e-: hune line al- ; allowed any plaintiff cot represented manner whatsoever then belonging to i Insurance Commissioners of domestic i be employed in the business of piloting other services for the corporation nw arc hereby rvsaie4.

tP$ UI1.t u f, nrht "t saY. and. fur- by attorney In the suit: Provide That the said company or which shall there j corporations under this Act When j ji for the where she i I" registered receive earnings or dividends upon Approved Jane 1 I MlCHAPTCa
., i' if Any time th* rall.sjaad -{Ian, animal which may be Inlurert by after belong to it as security for any i any such corporation shall have cora- Lher managing owner shall within ten share of stock in pursuance of such

L or ri i\ .-itdnv shall desire. the operation of a railroad tn this State bond debts or sums ot money as may, plied with the provisions of this Act [days thereafter notify the Pilot Commissioners aereeiren as may he mad between MM-( N*

far rall.1 i-irv' s, the Imme'.ateoae so seriously that it can not reasonably be secured by such trust deed or mortgage the Treasurer of the St.te of Florida of such port and surrender him and the corporation at the time AX ACT to Prevent tbe -
el Un1 <>, <>|vM by eid ide be expected to recover may be killed I issued to him, or at
t ins, thechoiM br the the employes of such as they shall think proper, and { shall issue a certificate which shall bei '! to them her license, and she shall not that his stock is $ ction. TowQCblo or K'f
,t., e? t'omranY.. then owner If In case of. sale of any of the property i renewed bv him annually to that ef- I thereafter be used as a pilot boat for anY time thereafter: that no stockholder Treea and Praarrfttn (
shall other necessary -
*sjes ai>h or t comaaav railroad or any person. hypothecate or -
toon Td.J4 rt f notice In writing by to terminate incurable sufferingand ; of such corporation or an" part thereof t fert. It shall be unlawful for any corporation I such port unless re-registered and IIcensed. shall mortgage consent of Be It Eiwrted By tfca Lavisl ,

'sek d *'"''iiIt >? *' it o own xpen** re- the killincr of any such animal Under tonstructed or in course of construction ; not organized in the State of And, any person who shall Sledge his stock without the ftiite flection af 1 Florida It Shan be '.' '
l i. i N-it other place ad- such circumstances bv any wrson by virtue of any trust deed Florida to transact any such buisnessin j use such boat In the business of pilot- the corporation. '
shall be deemed to be a killinr by the of any foreclosure of any mortgage this ec-.3. That all the rights powers any praon In this tat*
deSt thi rpl<> n *u> h right of way so State without first obtaining. i lug after her license has been surrendered -
.- t. aC to l.-: >r- iih the tratk or railroad company resoonsible for the thereon the party or parties acquiring and annually renewing, the certificate i ii I' and before she has been reregistered and liabilities conferred or imposed i raua to be rut any eti '- '

1* i Ot ujid t iTixc!. "r any tetearranhii inluries under the provisions of this title under such and their associates, i I of the Treasurer of this state as here- i and licensed, shall be deemed by the laws of Florid relating to corporations [ any townatiiu tree corner Irse r-- <
corner marked a au>
,. IsSbn .. .. 'adv on said rIte act I ISec. successors or assigns, shall have or ac- in provided. |I guilty of a misdemeanor and upon for profit shall apply to corporations tree or trees atsnl In !1a-' c
2. That this act shall taka effect this act ex- *
way at. i iMacrae > iline\ of the said -uIre thereby, and shall exercise and |I Sec. 4. Each such company or corporation j conviction thereof shall be punished organized under trma\ field or where tbt owner u' -
'- '.."> e i <>mo iiv shall immediately upon its passage and eniov thereafter the same rights, hundred cent so far as Inconsistent with the
doing business under the provisions i I by a fine of not more than one wishea to niece bulMtn*
.. aporoval bv the Governor. made in -
Mttbe ; iiiv embankment or franchises immunlties I hereof or with by-laws nurjraan"a
ere ,
privileges grants -
of this Act shall pay annually I i I dollars, or by imprisonment in the sec. I. Any person wao
Approved May 50. 1903. j ] conferred by this
,e ofif i.' ,1 s j.-h rkrtit tf *ay.tl and advantages in or by said !' of the authority
; to the State Treasurer one hundred county jail not exceeding one month. shall provisions ef Jtartkn ewer -
railroad however
::1 way at ..i"t 4' ,' ->'-.the i'l' reoulr said for ralln or-1 CHAPTER ifl.-No. IIO.IAN' trust deed or mortgage enumerated and ,' dollars as license tax for such company Sec. 6. That all laws and parts of act. be The responsible corporation for any IOM or damage shall be nllty ef a m 4.ese

I tire !'ttt of waY ACT Authorizui the Railroad, conveyed which belonged to and were I i; and also two dollars for each tows which conflict wth the provisions not vessel thrown anon (onvtrtton$ t14re '.m
NS pJrTw.SS by any
St anY r .- ,- t>v aetHlon ?. the Commission to APDlv to the Interstate enjoyed by the company making such ; local ajrent and ten dollars for each of this act are hereby repealed.Sec. accruing of stockholding pilot lend bv hnprtaoasaeat n4.t *$
$4f'rir't t-i-Mthone company Commerce Commission for Relief -[i' trust deed or mortgage or contracting traveling agent. Such companies shall 7. That this act shall go Into the negligence any shall he individually ninety dive or sev a Is. '
.. line In Certain Cases. I IB such debt so Tar as the same relate ] also immediately Its and but such stockholder than twOfltv-'C daOafe or > "- -
P' 11 i<>inove its en- I I pay to the State Treasurer a fee effecj on passage liable to the same extent aa if
p., ehall.aff It Enacted bv the Legislature of the or appertain to that portion of its I and Imprisonment
c h i ..ht of wav.i .of five dollars for ev< rv annual srate- approval by the Governor. stockholder.Sec. .
i..e. 4 A'er .\ ...r" ajrrrieved by the State of Florida: property mentioned or described or ]] meat filed by him which fee shall be Approved May !6. 1903. he were not a shall take effect Sec, 3. This 81 ta vaL tab* effe"
s1 liadgn : i ..1re* of the court Section 1. It shall be the duty of I conveyed by said mortgage or trust full compensation for services rendered 5. That this art ita mac tjl ao r

ae.v t' ;.f'-'j'i as in chancery the Rillroad Commission of Florida toinvesticate deed and no further as fully and absolutely by the Treasurer for examination CHAPTER 5223-(No. 120.)' upon its approval by the Goy- Aenroved Sw I. tNt

bi 'iar.aiWhdftheVe-". h 4 r* U shall tn no case from points all out throuzh of Florida frelsht to points rates in in all respects as the corpora and other services provided for under An Act to Amend Section 340 and Re- ernor.Approved. June 3, 1903. ('}fApr ij-4p1s : :tAN
f %U tors office holders, shareholders and this Act neal Section 941 of the Revised Stat
.. ih amount of theI Florida, and all rules and regulation! ACT to ProvI4i f te P'
tiUeuerr, '- i viin'o i co rt. as afor mad bv transDOrtatlon comnanies en- agents of such company might or could Sec. 5. The provisions of this Act utes of the State of Florida, Relating CHAPTER 5228-(No. 123.) Xamlnr of Ail Tywsa $..1a P
*! have done had not such sale or pur- shall In no apply to secret to Pilots. and VbiM falA flhsv.i fr.
tfl'Pn. htnd'r or delaY crazed in interstate business both those way any or Act To Amend Sections On. and or
*Ae 014.aetltfr a. t) thY construction and now fiied and those that may hereafter chase taken place, and such purchasj j I fraternal society or a lodge or asso- Be it Enacted by the Legislators of the An Two of Chapter 4945, Laws of Florida This -
$jkn ,,f if< I'!.* be fixed. Whenever any such trans- ers. their associates, successors or assigns I I elation, which, under the supervision State cf Florida: Approved June 2. 1891. the Same Be It F.r.acte, ISy the Lei1.ietat -

0.. W.'d-t the tadre shall be wrtatlon compsnv shall charsre a may become Incorporated as of a grand or supreme lodge Section 1. That Section 940 of the Amend An Act Entitled i4tate of r'ir4*'
seJ.4 I1at 41 > i--riwn or persona are through rate Into or out of flod'la.or provided by law. exclusively provides insurance to Revised Statutes of the State of Florida Being An Act to the Interests SSct.iL I Thet fr eMnesee
weveatlncs tru tn: < the petition- ball make any rule or regulation which) Sec. 2. This act shall apply to all its members. not to insurance be and the same Is hereby amended "An Act to Protect and Others alLi s.er'Gvul th.4 -'
In the opinion of the Railroad Commission whether associations of Farmers Planters trees. Wants. sepis 4 v;'es t -
t frott .:,'- I' uton. ronftru< tmra corporations, incorporated of a benevolent character so as to read as follows:
ad srth;re us line after n Is entitled la excessive uniust unreasonable I heretofore, or that may be incorporated which pay no commission nor employ /.pprentlceship.. There may be Chapter 3012. Approved February 17. feted or znose4 for In '?Iis .' ,

foda so h- may rrsnt sucn writs of or discriminating in its nature it shall hereafter or whether rrorteaees or any paid agent organized under the Indentured In each port of this State, 1&*7 ** ball tw proo rfr ne..4 as J .'

A si4stan e \* h. msv tbtr.k aece *ary.WMMV be the duty of the Commission to call trust deeds have been by such corporations laws of this or any other State. one for eight and Be it Enacted by the Legislature of tae and kind. jn4 sat nerses
apprentice every
woi-e d by .tuchment for conftec the attention of toe officers cf the of-1 executed and delivered prior to Sec. 6. Companies or corporations State of Florida: tiling trttfnr. asd.at'. ir
fendne company to the fact and to five over eight or multiple of eight 1 and 2. ef Chapter or nooainf for aia MT trtM lUi
wt of AlIr. this qualifying under this Act shall be reoulre.1 That Sections
the of or that be -
AI! tets of pweedmrs shaUt urge upon them the propriety of chaneIinr so executed pasMge and delivered act thereafter.may to pay a proper proportion of licensed pilots of such port: but every 4045, Laws of. Florida ba amended so as plant or vines ta} etr Msso4 a. t' .
he cautioner. excei>t the such rates rules or regulations.I port may have one apprentice. Any I rietr &M Wad with it* sermw. ,.1' *
aaVt bv i the
annual follows
tar to Oct read :
r** Af an ai>tal when taken bv de- Whenever such rates rules or rerula-', Sec. 3. All laws or rants of laws in 1st. expire person desiring to become a pilot's apprentice to as That it shall M unlawful ceive or 4.frse4 the ra sP '
fiadant an4 on whi< h tie iujxmer.t Lions are not charred according to the conflict with the provisions of this act shall file with the Board cf Section this State i r-j-.ltv of a ml 4.mt>nr. aa4 ill...' -
and 4n ree <>f the cln uit: court shall be suere tion of the Railroad Commission.) be and the same are hereby repealed. Sec. 7. Any person firm or corpora .Commissioners. a written application for anjr person or persons in of treapassnig. liable to s. flnf <-f ant m r' hr.. fvcf
.*rm.4 It shall be the duty of th Commission; Seel; : 4. This act shall take effect tion who does or undertakes to do any i approved by a majority of the licensed to wilfully and with a view !! hundred and Mtr tn tt for a.'

3. ; The teleararti w telephone to credent the facts to the Interstate immediately upon its passage and ap- business provided for in this Act with-' pilots of the port one of whom enter any inclosure of another. 1eyi'e.

Mtnr nv bc < ;< p h proi-eedlnrs shall acc Commerce Commission and appeal to it proavl by the Governor. out first Qualifying and receiving a'( shall signify his willingness to have without tha permission of the owner $ee. 1 Tiff set *fl taU er.

,lr. o&h in aemu in an-1 to said for relief. In all work devolving upon the (Became a law without the approval license or certificate as herein provided j such ariprentife Indentured to him; or occupant authorized to give such Immediately noon Its isaieai cr4 aeCavatUa

\ raMraaJ rs-M! .1 war. for the purpose Railroad Commission prescribed bv this cf the Governor.) shall be deemed cuiltv of a1 and if there be a vacancy m the number permission .being previously obtained nroval br tba OoADorortd TfTMr.
< 'onitr t'nc matatainlnr and ooeraltmr a<-t they shall receive upon aoDllca-i misdemeanor, and upon conviction of apprentices allowed for such and every person so trespassing, shall June 4. 1PI.
It* tn-crjph or telephone line tion the services of the Attornev-Gen-j 113. shall be fined not more than one hundred be guilty of a misdemeanor and on
CHAPTER 5:20 (No. )
the Board of Piolt CommlMlorers
tare.n. a'-. '" .v the interest of suchsrt&es -ral of the State and he shall also reo-, dollars or by Imprisonment In port conviction thereof, shall be imprisoned CHiPTiIJ4ifl )
bit *rm bruibt before the court resent them whenever called upon to do AN ACT Enablinr Any Corporation the county jail not longer than six shall approve such application: and In the county jail not to exceed sir AX ACSUU? jfrg M T t.
.imll b. 4-t- i.l in any such proaf 10 before the Interstate Commerce Not For Profit Heretofore or Here months, or both. the applicant shall then, with tie approval months or by fine not exceeding five MamRt "&g. Dlsni.se: 4e.twc

.4tas' U th- raement or rtrht of Commission and he may employ such! after Formed to Subject Itself to Sec. 8. This Act shall take effect of his parent or guardian be.' fcudred ,(500 M) dollars or both at the of CatComaeiiMtlof Isi.I.tiw' pi..
tcUl counsel to assist him as he and'the indentured as apprentice to th 11-
av a. ii-a Into or Indebtedness or Liability. According Jan. 1. 1904. I ? discretIon of the court. Pr.sevTh'Ms'ed .'
.. .. whole right Commissioners may agree upon.I censed pilot who has signified his wil- In fivtio
marE ci. line to an Amount or Limit Indicated in (Became law without the approval Sec. 2. Every person ta this State o at 7.eea. iv
I"i c'.! puv h* heiird and de- whenever be or the Commissioners may! the Original Charter or an Amend of the Governor.) lineness to take such apprentice far who shall wilfully lay or throw down tg or ShiaoTar Cattk Of H** ; jea
!.'Wh' f. 0' M.r.ty Into or throuchAf 'em it necessary and at such corn- ment. the term of four years and the indentures the of IUM fur lUraattf to CimiOv If"
V s i .. wiy eteIl'L 'lensatlon as he and tflQ Commissioners spall be recorded in the records the fence or bars, or open gate Same TUrulatlaaIM TB t brroa La i
B* it Enacted by the Legislature oJ CHAPTER 5223-(No. 11!.) another with evil intent by any
.. 1 4 or parts of laws In may aeree uoon. and the Commissioners of ihe Board of Pilot Commissioners or ,' "t %.. tnsuHon ef this law may employ special counsel to assist the State of Florida: AN ACT to Amend Sections 953 and ; and the said Board shall thereupon other means, interfere with the fence of tion reml sal F.sektl.. for

$ d sff hereby rera14. him whenever tnev may deem itneesaary. See. 1. Any corporation not for pro 316: of the Revised Statutes of the assign the said apprentice to a regular another person, and thereby expos 1tet1n* tVldlBC ("owiely p',,
pa... t shall ao Into effect ajid at such compeciiation fit heretofore or hereafter fonr.ed. may State of Florida, Relating to Harbor crops or other property to waste, destruction for ABtMMBURMt H Ufk.'
rilot boat the bar of such port In
.t _t;, vaa.aze and as h and the Commissioners may aeree subject Itself to Indebtedness or liability Masters. on or freedom from said taelosnres Clerks for In cftia ofB

$J. .t > .- '.oc.ADrr upon. in the aggregate not greater than j filling vacancies ta the cumebr of 11- shall enter upon the enclosed eef aa4 Host.tl Pr.orran.
Be It Enacted by the Legislature of
( : 13.I SeAll law or rrts of laws In the spec!** amount stated in Its charter t-ensejl pilots for any port the Board lands of another that are posted as and Cemeiieatl.o es4ys
fOnCJct herewith be the the State of Florida: j of Pilot Commissioners shall "refer, ta
and same are
or an amendment thereto or not in this act without the consent for AU Pcracw* VleIatig
933 of the ReI I provided
See. 1. That Section
hereby repealed.Approved order of service those who have served
," & (No. 187.1 beyond a limit, specific or relative set occupying of 8tm .
t .1 B 2I3- of sail owner er person
June 1903. vld Statutes be amended so as to under this law Pro-
4. amendment an apprenticeship ; R U ltiictj Br the LEIISI3t Of P
ST I .dab i rvrsons Inflicting forth In Its charter or an authorized to rive such per
the same
Gibers. Not shall exist read as follows: I IS53. vided. That no other requirements than Rtita of riarlda
foon and this ;
thereto d
-a : power to hunt or fish shall be emed -
3. *ttfl. Throuch Cul- CHAPTER Slt (No. lltAX -> w ithout regard to whether such amount Appointment and removal of' those provided for by tlje law to which misdemeanor and. on S.-tiw 1. Tbaf Ce'ewPv
A T to Amend Section 2213 of the Harbor Masters: The Governor shall this is an amendment shall be demanded gulity of a il.ocrs
\ : : > nr a ft.eid.es Dis- or limit Is greater or less than two- shall be punished .ee 0opev a.., har.b, s ,
'. Revised Statutes of the of a 'noint by and with the consent of of those who serving conviction thereof nowe4.
.-d I' S 4'efl of ithyii. State thirds of the value of its property. are aa axomtrs tbes diaei g.sp5conneles
p ft ''. the Lfflslatore of the Florida. Requiring the Stopoinff of for the Senate all harbor masters requir-i pilot apprentices at the time of the >v fine not exceedine h'indry-1 where a sa.3afy of t. pt
oration not Znthe
Sec. 2.
I f "T .t Passenger (Cars and Locomotive En- Any corr profit ed for the several ports of this State. I IThe1" pftssage of this act. (J300.00) dollars, or imprisonment mar nsU q fv aa (Milca

.. ,'. I Whuever threurh culpa,1 ir.nes at Railroad Crossin f. so that heretofore itself or hereafter formed bonded shall hold their offices for the j Sec. 2. That Section $41 of the Revised county jail, not to exceed sIx ooonty tato Mttlt ftatrWt wb *
the Same Will Be Applicable to may subject to specific months or both by fine and imprisonment snob maims thty shall ,
i. .,- ,1 ret kiess disregard in addition i term of two years, unless sooner reI I Statutes of the State of Florida Pfut.1 so'
rj,. .. v of others tartlets any Freight Trains. Street Cars and or mortgage Indebtedness moved. The Governor may make such be and the same is hereby repealed la the discretion, cf the court da, lar out their TsermsetY.
; Street: Car Track Croasinrs and to or without regard to its general Approved May 12, 1903. Into district fa t* new a atm
.: r.r > i-- or int'irle* uoon an- appointment or fill any vacancy in Provided however, That this act snail
nrawbrl<3r s. and Providtes Penalties power or limit aa to indebtedness OP district a sack sitU, *
attI.t i
: .r f inr In death shall be such office between the sessions of the not affect any half-branch pilots whi "
for to two call*
(No. 124.)
the ad interim 6229
i 'iivrisonment in coun- CHAPTER -
legislature, by appointment j have heretafore been
It Er.aett bv the Legislature of the ter or In an amendment thereto the bE aonoiate4 by tae :
4 iIIt1 -iimt n year or bv fine be offieio Amend Section U0 of the oiovy
: Star* of Florida ueh harbor masters shall ex | Sec. 3. That this act shall go AN ACT to
; .4 .' it one thousand dollars or : general nature, purpose and amount Revised Statutes. Relating to Asrv- !inerl. who shall a9 *. se IiI
of the board of wardens
Section port effect immediately on its
1. That
Section passage
22$3 of the
ot such speclflc indebtedness. ispeetor at "err ciitla iia cc
both :.a.> Thai a all laws and parts of Revised Statute* of the State of Flori.U -( Sec 3. This act shall not change the and pilot commissioners for their respective approval by the Governor. Be cultural It Enacted Statistics By the Legislature of tna l on fhe raRreids yvi .vrv .W5sn.
be and the same i* hereby amend-1 ports. Any harbor master Approved May 2(. 1SOJ.
from whlcn earCe ,
in eor.rtfct herewith be and the [ method of procuring a charter or ani State of Florida I e s5t4 with'
J so aa to read as follows: may be removed for neglect or breach their revpectira eevafSee. eMiiid sit
the -
Ib ar hereby rs'peaP.Llaw amendment thereto, or affect judicial That Section 350 of the Revised Statutes
( *Wan> j without the aocroval p.verv Section train 2255. To Stop at Crossings. deration of the Circuit Judge ia of duty. CHAPTER 32SS .(No. 121.) be amended so aa to read as fol319. : cattle tesvectors saaUVetn ncec
MssenzT cars or of Section 955 of the Revised -
IU Ge'ubor.) Sec. 2. That takine and re<*-irliaaMrks i
giving or withholding his approval.
'rei bt cars drawn by on< or more lo- An Act Amending Chapter 4573 of the lowsiSee. brands
Statutes be amended so aa to of eattie. and af aaewat
effect Agricultural Statistics. It pen
Sec. 4. This act shall take
omotives and street drawn'by Laws Of. Florida, Entitled "An Act
,. rHAPTER S1 J--( So.AJf 1L) horses car Immediately upon its passage and approval read as follows: shall ba the duty of each Tax Assessor rrtfy. arid aaali let Ve sJwweJ t* atroL.t
r propelled by steam electrlcitv. to Amend Section 939 ef the Revised dButi
956. Duties and Fees.-It shall be Sijb ta ,*ftor wea
r A''T te Require nilwaT Comcanleii compressed air or other power by the Governor. Statutes of Florida Relating to the ta this Stata. when listlrjp pror-rty for lsenDO4nt.tsha1its rb,
.' ant Other Carriers to EauioTh upon railway track shall come to a fall Approved May 20. 1993. the duty of every roaster of any vessel Examination and Licensing of Pilots taxes or at another time, to call on all lowuur esta ehbk ssii t fbe t
arriving at the ports in this State to residents of their respective counties.
r Plat Cars Used far Camrin* toD before arriving or crossing the "
by Pilot Commissioners oClfti of the Clerk at the
Approved Ci
laimbac and Timber with Standards. track of another railroad or street rail CHAPTER 5221-(No. lit) report to the harbor master for a station June 3, 139?. engaged ta arriculturff. horticulture and before hi shall eater i ma tie,s 4.H c.r-
.4utLI. HtriMk Railiiics and Other way track SIM within four hundred AN ACT to Amend Section 1041 of theRevL.'ed or for a berth at the wharves, stock ralstar. for necessary facts sal his
Aikbliami N State I So *
Statutes of the off solemnly < Uut t ill fst
Florida rr tar
Tjr'Uae <>f Sut-h Lumber and Tim- is the case may be. arriving- such'roeair.r '1 and station or assign berths at the State of : as the CommIssioner of Arrlcultun
ber. to Pnirlil* That the W-iisht of flrst shall move on and cross Florida. Relating to the Locality of wharves to said vessel; and It hall be i Section 1. That Section 1 of CTiao- may furnish him. for statistical taformatioa fully perform ail the < tUe 4teI'I'e

all nf Sai-i Apnlian'ei! be Included flrst. and every such train or street car Suits Against Corporations.Be the duty of the harbor master to remove tar 4573 of the Laws of Florida and for rash j rvica each Tax upon ma ai cattle Ininecter s.-aetltt
to Uw.
In the WMrtot of the Cars: to Pro- thaI also slow down to a speed of not it Enacted by the Legislature of be removed from entitled "An Act to Ame" Assessor shall be paid ten oenta for
Tide t>*y for th* ShlBoer by the Cer- more than four miles an hour before i the State of Florida: or cause to Section 939 of the Revised Statutes 5f each resident of the county euxa eel (1STm4) -
Tier in 'ape of Default on tfc. Part of running on or crossing the draw of i Sec. 1. That Section 1001 of. the Revised time to Urn, all vessels not employed Florida, relating to examination of pilots In the accuoatlons heretofore mention Sworn to an4 IItb'CdId before ae the

th. letter ani for Other Purposes any drairbridce over a stream which Statutes of Florida be amended ta receiving and discharging their cargoes i bv pilot commissioner approve ed. from whom information for fillln ... day of A.D.II

Be tt EiMdH bv the Letlsliture of the is rerularly navlrated by vessels. i i so as to read as follows: to make room for such others as June 3. 1SI7. is hereby amended so as out said blanks la obtained and listed. See.Z. ftsal1b.tt.hleseh
Ptit. of flvrldat.tti.n. And every engineer in charre cf or'operatln Sec. 1801. Suits Against Corpora require to be more immediately accommodated to read as foIow! : to be paid by their respective counties and every cattle inevtcter 4cset.4 k

1. It shall be the duty of a locomotive eneln and tions. Suits against domestic corporations for the purpose of re- Section L That Section 931 of the in the sam manner that the fees for the Coanty C'mIIAVJ! t I aa*

rerv rtllwsy romoacy or other person every motorman or other person ooeratirnr shall be commenced only in the ceiving and discharging their cargoes, | Revised Statutes of the State cf Florida assessing State and county taxes are the marks u4 brnadt it di eaWf 4$

Mared tn the buine' of carrying for a street car. who shall violate ( district) where and to facilitate their despatch. It be amended so as to read asfot- now paid. Should any Assessor of Taxes en from or tfcrouafe af ihilOdi ff0'
b.ke In this State efficiently and the provisions county or justices' fill refuse to comely with of their zesteeti,, a* nl9>. er
to of this section uron such shall have shall be the duty of said harbor master lows: or any eV
or usually when
suitably eouio an<) sut>M every and aJlfat conviction thereof shall be punuhed by corporation to be present at all tSnes either in' "Section 939. Commissioners to examine the provisions of this act and the Instructions notUed ftr eonustat iaeI far
keep an office for the transaction of and shall bico saHable beet for the
oars and cars be'.onrint to such imprisonment in the jail j of the Commissioner of Ag a
county for
a person or by deputy to facilitate by and .license Pilots.-Said Board
its business, where th* Durooee. to b* furatabei by tfte C ma'
customary or
r rrlw, and which may be furnished on usriod of not more than six months or stationing or assigning berths at the of ComnussiQners shall examine riculture. the Board of County Com
wftk'h to load any rarro of lumber or by fine of not more than five hundred cause of action accrued, or where the arrivinr at th per missioners. shall on notice from the Corairi jJon ri. fir the tntraiwe 4 u
timber with all procer and sufficient dollars or by both such fine and Imprisonment property In litigation is; and in the wharves to vessels sons who may wish to be licensed as Commi5sioner of Agriculture withhold ieet1ng and zeenrdlrc aJ sMfts a.

iincUH ruot>orri. stavs. strins. rail- at th. discretion of the case of companies incorporated by other port and to facilitate them In discharging pilots in all matters pertaining to the the fees of such assessor for assessing brands ofali cattle tafc* by Oee a 4dfterrirtbms

lag and other equipments and acrtisnces court And the railroad or street rail states or counties, and doing business and receiving their cargoes management of vessels: also la regard Stat and County Taxes until notified of OBi *ri 4 aalia fr**

beresmary to bold and keep the way comcanrwho.e employees shall In this State, suits shall be commenced and to prevent confusion and delay. to their knowle4 of the channel and by the Commissioner of Ajrricultura from thronah or sblo4 fte* flrtr '

carro .rmly la place.Po. have violated the provision* of this In a county or Justice's district And the said harbormasters shall hare harbor where they wish to act a* pilots that such Assessor! has complied with snettve (ountisis or di.31rt.49 in4

2. The standards supports. section shall be subject to tae penalties wherein such company may have full and absolute power to determine ; and if upon examination they tne law. and Tax Assessors are hereby set forth tn the recorita* aaiM -

stars strips railinrs. equipments. at>- provided for in Sex-tion !2t5 of the an agent or other representative, or bow far and ta what instance it is find them oualified to take command required to fill out and return said names of the aersea sc peraeite bi'm'
rtia nces. rontr Irani etc. provided for Revised Statutes of this Stat accrued the duty of masters and others of all classes of vessels liable to aster blanks to the Board of County Commissioners or shinolnc such .-a'tlo MM (b* i1**
in tbe first s cUon of this act shall Sec. 2. AU laws or parts of laws In'''i where the cause of action or having charge of. vessels, to accommodate that port, and thoroughly familiar with of their rasoe-'tlve counties not thereof. Each ar every ttnaeeter ska

constitute and ba held l and considered conflict with this act be and the same where the property ta litigation is each other ta their respective i the channel and currents of the har- later than September of each year. It be required to furnish ta ea b *f* *

tart aM rarosl of said cars Is hereby r-oealei situated. situations; and if an' master, con i hen, they shall appoint and licer such shall be the duty of the Assessor to attach *ry person so dr1yne ar svtatec s" -
ai tfceeleht of the Sec. 3, This Sec. 2. That this Act shall take effect liLa certificate from or throng their ree'ii s-
same act shall take effect signee, agent or wharf owner or ja number of those found qualined as sworn to before a *
shut be added to the welehtof from ana after Its passaze and approval immediately upon its passage and lessee of a wharf or other person, are rcoufsit to perform the duties proper oncar authorize to administer tM dr districts a e'-rtVata W >M:* sue
the ears, and shall be. deducted from by the Governor. approval by the Governor. shall or resist the harbor master rsj oaths that sold statistician renort is set forth the number ce4tU aspeeted
the w iht of the of lumber (Became oppose j auired of the pilots for that port sa the marker ma-ha aai ars *'
carro and a law without the approval Approved May 22, 1903. full true and correct to tie best of his
his deputy or deputies ta the
or that there shall not be mor than and also a Jeecrlofor( of !
timber shivoed so that the frelahtrbarree of the Governor.) knowledz and belief. It shall be the ai uamerb
saajl be charred br the ear. execution of his or their duties, he S twenty-five licensed pilots for the port duty the cattle. Any lost- tr a fui.y tiie -
of Board of County
rlers only on the cargo shipped.Sc CHAPTER 5117-(No. H!.) CHAPTER s:::.-(No. ilL) shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor -I I. of Pensacola, nine for the port of Apalachicola not later than at their retmlsrme tax to per for wi auh .'v ae "'e '.'

1 Whenever any such carrier A> ACT to Leealiie toe Acts of All AN ACT to Prescribe the Terms on and shall oa conviction be four for the port of Fernaa- tiiur ta October ta each rear, to examine soector shall be 4i't.-* : r.-f: '* !I'
shall tall In the duty imposed upon It. .Notaries Public of the state of Flor Which Certain Companies or Corporations fined not exceeding one thonaand dollars 1ina and Na.au Inlet eleven for the the said return of Agricultural d np snor. sad stall ue-- e IJ*
tn r* nt of Its aaiii oars tn the first ida. UD to Aunt 193. May Engage in the Business or te imprisoned ta the county i Port Of St. Johns, eljht for the Port ef Statistics furnished br the County Tax to flnej wet base than s> a r w "

s < .U-n *f this act and the unsucplted E* It Enacted by the Lerfs ture ot the of Sick and Funeral BeaeSt Jail not exceeding six months. And 1 Port Tampa, three for the port of Assessor and if found correct to forward t.an t-weoty-j, 44lr! far M. b W

standards, irupoorts. strks and other State of Florida: Insurance in This Sute.Ba any master of a vessel who shall fail Punta Gorda, three for the port of the same to the Commissioner of ferw. Each and 'Y.i. lAffi Pt"" sea

t>rot er ements shall be provided Section 1. That any and all nota- it Enacted by the Legislature of to report to the harbor master for a : Charlotte Harbor two far the port of ACTicuitura not later than October of file a full reoert ot hie woe. 1 *

Hr the shlatw it shill h and is here nab acts that were done by any Notary the State of. Florida: station or berth at the wharves, on ?t. Andrews, two for the vo't of Cedar each year with a certificate of th* month with tbc Board of >*.
by made the duty of such carrier own- Public in the State of Florida prior to Sec 1. Any company or corporation arriving ta port shall be deemed Keys ten for the port of Key West chairman of the Board of County Comrnissiorers misalon.'q. to be rse'trd.i '

irr ftr. to par the shiorer one and one- the first day of April A. D. 1902. which organized tinder the laws of this or guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction and two for any oth.r port not specifically that the Board has examined of for the that Circuit ('mirt tn a .tv"V
half ill.MV dollars for each and every would have been valid had other State or may trans the roll of statistics wtriMiM sad tru .
not the term any county thereof shall be fined not exceeding mentioned in this act and there furnished by th* receive
*r tft which it may be necessary for of office of the Notary Public the Beneefit Assessor and the' lime to., ift..it
expired. act business of a Sick or approves sarm ,
fifty dollars or imprisoned ia after when vacancies occur ta the number
sa.j ,hiro.r to sut>cly or provide any are hereby The provisions C&ae5 vroy4m4 y taw f. .-' ..-
declared of this
to be valid. Insurance for the purpose of caring for the count" Jail not exceeding thirty of Pilots ta any of the ports of this Act shall take Sai. 3. Tech
SJCD tries
standard Isesertw
support or other gee I. That effect and ba ta wZ W
eaunments. as compensation to the feet upon Us naasajte act and shall take ef the sick or the burial of the dead, or days, one or both at the discretion of I state tie Commissioners cf that port its paasara and aotroval from by the and Gover after bowed to ehareu1 'die.55!! CS

Aid shipper for the Mme payment of the Governor. apprival by both, la this State, upon compliance th court tryin the same. Harbor I may. ta theiz discretion, grant license nor. noreen or Mrao&ji drtrtsj r s11'-I CI'

*hl'! h maid sum shall be made bv said Approved May 14. 1903. with the provisions of this Act applicable masters respectively shall receive from as pilot here.tofor8 provided until the ABDroved. ilay 1. 1903! cattle from or tErottcn tbejr 'ear '
carrier t" said shtorer upon demant to such companies. No individual the master owner, or consisr.ee of ln"irber of niloU reaches the number counties three tents set **.4 f"r t.

of said shipper mad unon any tzent of CHAPTER 5111-fXo.: Ill firm, company or corporation organized vessels coming Into port for which he allowed by this act for that port; Provided CHAPTER 523 -(No. 1K.> rattle In na nftr. ef
pelt carrier, snl said shipper shall AN ACT to Raun-e Notaries Public to under the laws of this State is appointed as aforesaid for the ser however That pilots who are AN ACT Giving to Counties Certain Over a ad few cents n*r 14d r r w.la .-

hare a Uen therefor on said car. Add to Their Official Signature in shall engage in the business of a sick vices rendered by himself or his deputy now duly licensed shall told their ofllco Ri *ts of Eminent Ponwin. cattle number* of |Me ih. > -. 'I';

.' See 4. This act shall ro Into effect Certain Ca.es the Date of the Ex- or benefit Insurance company for the i under the provisions of. this Section according tp law. Said pilots shall be Be It Enacts By the Legislature of the dred an tw seats sen heed '

January l!t, l, i.Apprered piration of Their Commission and to purpose of caring for the sick or burying not exceeding the sum cf twenty entitled to bold their license and appointments Stat of Florida stock. cattle.Sec. .

June 4. WJ. Fix a Penalty for Any Notary Public oi the d ad, or both, la this grate dollars for each vessel according to during goad behavior and Section 1. That the Board of County Inc 4. Airy oerenn or r#- ,.

to do Any Official Act After the Ex-1 j unless such Individual, firm, company the amount and value of the services the said board shall require from each Commissioners of the several coon-' any or eAQBty shlvBinrettle wWe thmeuti ','-
ChAPTER JJ14-rx x 199.) piration of His or Her I lor ties ta this State ta the1 fbe ('ente
corporation shall have a capital rendered. pilot satisfactory bonds for the faithful construction of stones ,
4X ACT to Amend Section $. of Chap.ter Be It Enacted bv the LerUlature of the roads and highways shall 9h14.4 tIe s'
stock of at leeast five thousand dol- Sec. 3. This act shall go Into effect performance of his duty. have the rattle dletrlcto
4T'H. Law, of Florida. Entitled."An Mate of Florida: I i bars shall be Sec. 2. That this art shall take rirtt and power to appropriate and use M pret4.4 's -
Ai to Require Railroad Corn- Section L It shall be the duty of'' ; fifty per cent of which Immediately on its passage and approval effect any material which be 1 of this a.-t shall b e reenir.. < '
paid up before any business siiJl be by the Governor. from and after Rs passags an J may necessary the &ear et
< cattle tnetwctor
Pan lee in the State of Florida to every Notary Public la the Stats of to the proper construction, maintenanceand n '
Fenie their Tricks. To Provide the Honda to add to his or her official sis-1| done by such Individual, finn. company Approved May 30, 1S03. approval by the Governor. reoairinjf of the roads and hhway! sni olare where mtcti ani*

Ttrre! anil M-iiimr In Which Fence nature to any acknowledgment taken; or corporation, and at te"t ten Approval May 29,1903. ta their several counties: but befora concentrated sad te facitu! ; -
shall he Constructed and to Provide before or certificate made by him or'' per cent of the paid up capital shall CHAPTER 5224 (No. Ill) nsin such material they shall endeay-'i rnrst e roanrtnr sa4 t'IV *

a Penalty for Failure so to do. and her. relating to or affactla the sale I be deposited with the State Treasursr, An Act to Regulate the Kind and Size CHAPTER IJST-(No.Aa 132.) or ta purchase obtaIn the same from marks. brsMs aM lWrffl r "

to Provide the Measure of Damasks mortsaee. transfer or assignment of In cash. United States or State bonds of Boats to be Used'by the Bar Pilots Act To Authorize Pilots To Jnoorporate the respective owners thereof. But marked .-atte. the ('own'V '" '

for ('attic Killed or Injured by Trains any Interest In and to any real or per- i i or other marketable stocks or SecUrities of the Several Poca of this Themselves and Their Pro>. should the County Commissioners and been'*Onero hall -n anr iet'V 'ii'

er Enrinee op Railronds not Fenced. sonal property a statement of the tim.. which said sum shall remain on Stats, and To Provide for the Regis erty. and to Prescribe the Rights, the owners of abe material or land b* dtv4ai4 Into oattte 49pSrfr'q '
And Pr vi.linr for the Payment of of the exDlration of his or her commis .deposit as long as the company is tering and Licensing of. Such Boats. Powers and Liabilities of Sach Pilots SaHlte are on the wlc tbon erectors' a ese4s isid

Attornet s Free and Double DARUMS sion as such Notarv Public la words licensed to do business ta this State. Be It Exacted by the If&tiMai of the and Corporations.Be ? Board of County Commission:i litton l of.f.this act, be rs.sutr.d ifl' .
for the Kllr!! Inturv and figures follows shall have the nutnrttv of thea .
or to Domestic as : "My comnmjasjon'exeires the rirht to
or eroeee.1
2. No
such corporation Florida Enacted the to
company Slats of : It by LegisLature of tha er* of the
. condemn the county ta twrfcaw '
JJe terk I'nder Certain Conditions (Here insert date when; land upon which o
shall such business the bar pilots for Florida such
engage In any Section L That Stats of : wise
ctir wfflof-nt -
f\ th Comnanles Re u.!ns- or N.e. commission expires.) ( materIal is located and have land OT
ler'.m* to Fnt* their Pu ads as BeAu Sec. 2. Any Notary Public m this.. unless It shill obtain S. certificate these ports cf this Stats from which Section L That aiy Three (J). cr awarded to the owner thereof limars In ,< prvtical root*, by w t th a '
f u'ed." amended by Chapter 5020. State who shall take any acknowledg of authority from the State there cleared, during the year ending more fun branch Bar, pilots for any same manner as U now provide driven ao
1.5I ft Horida. ADPrev May 27.B ment of any instrument as a Notary! Treasurer, under the direction of the December 31st 1902. or from which port of this State may Incorporate her.aftrJH? orovlded bv law. for ormT suitable veaa hi whtrH eaSel. -*

t4fl Public or who makes any certificate as- Board of Insurance Commissioners, shall clear i_ any year hereafter. beginning themselves ta the macaer. and with. the wndemsation 6 lands for roads accurately. 'met.4 aM ma. I.
It Enacted bv the Legislature of the such after the expiration of his or t>erc and before obtaining such certificate January 1st, and ending Da- the rights, power and lUbCitlaa bar,- and h1zhwa's and other oublia BUT- S. S. FA4'k sad .sev m'.''-
f'-te of Florida: commission shall be deemed guilty ofa such company or corporation shall furnish cemebr 31st for. foreign ports not less Jaafttr prescribed.See. poses.See.. drfrmn, or snip sha.torj '

Sti..>a I. That Section! J. of Chant misdemeanor and upon conviction to the Treasurer a statement under than one hundred and fifty steam vessels 2, That all ef tbs provisions of t .Lfl laws aii narts ef laws an n'eeorv *sgta5c- i

ter, .. *: MS. Laws of Florida approved thereof shall be fined not exceedicx oath of the President or Vice-Pres- which loaded with their entire sections 3133 (as amendai<.b7> Chapter In conflict herewith be arid the aame and shtfl MT the foes "r" '
.' ::th. 1I. a* amended by Chapter one hundred dollars or Imprisonment Ident or Manager of the company or cargo ta the ports from which they 4195 cf the Laws Florida, approved i.r.s hereby resealed. Infin3fth Pv1d. '
S %
? h. Law, of Morida. approved May not to exceed three months. Approved May no neraon or n ni>*ne ,iIl h. .'-
corporation, showing all Items and cleared, shall b* required to carry oa May SL 18SD. 21J4. flU ins *na IX 130?;. to have .
to 'l-'i I be emndei to read aa follows. Approved May JJth. 1993. matters required under tbj .iy .. their business as such pilots in staia 21?* of ttu BavUtd Stafjus cf Honda time in any eattU cituntv IIL4.t04 -
rv tK i'BOlnt *
When the owner of any CHAPTER 5m-(No. 114.) laws of this State..S T ststttne: 3 vessels of not less than JUt7 tool burSec. and aou *acuaduor ci taoh nations. LN i78A'IFl 623l12t* or Koif A"i> t.r- '

h.. illM or Injured upon any AN ACT to tMMUie the Powers of Corporations shall b* filed ASn&fjT&i of tU 1i. shall be fsbewd: in e po4JnIcnt ol tam Svru Rwrolate the Sale of Cer- volatn! r tho> 4t.' 4 .. ... .
-4 m las State by the enr AT Relative to the Borrow day cf Djiiejnber precediag. M3" ftfl 2. That the bar pilots of another letters c&tast for csa corporations.Sea. of Wlthi and Adulterat3ona There. any <*oiiRtr !t> 'se. '-' .

Mil f .ycumpanyoanthror ot Money or Incurring of I *ybtedDoaa ure on the part of such coroP>Jiyr ports of this State shall carry ontfceir X. Tfeat tae aejd sto&ttUeraf Purnos..s. this state. and \for Other Mts&mw. -.;! 4. 'S .. '

4 UtI3a* u* said railroad said roaJ br Tb m. and Authoiklo* on corpora-tl to comply with th* provisions business aa such pilots ta steam such eorporatlQa stall hawa pee e It Ena.ct.4 By the nrovIal4)i1a Of Sort|oti -, ,, ashall.
not belB* fenced and provided w1t. the Part o< such Corporations the yt this Act er the Act relating or sill vessels of such tonnaga er alza. to prevlSe, tey fcr-laars, r *f aaaaj otaa State of flortda Le&aIzture of the after "eP'44isn. be

-. jock aijards aa reauljed by this ct Power to Execute !Mortjnr or Trust to. Insurance companies wjafca are as tie Board of Pilot ComntlRicisr3 S4Ts aa4 c ads tK&afcury ta Section 1. That from and aftel' a fiae of not b>ee thAa bre4 .
pa.. iv %lrac4. :. '1' ayrito 5aa fag a lars OOP v'ore Qua fiv 4.flsor
ae.143 c'e cw.L g ?Th. tornch jf U ri gartgrj ember let.ev.4o 1303.- It :shall be nn1wtuI sha ba insoa.t .In tho .s'e -
4. .1Ihs -


: -

,- .
%' U "
.- -.- .._ c'i: '--; i-' ?''.x '- '- 't'r -.

1 ? '
: ; .
'- -


.,. ., 4T """, ,.:"t" '_ f .

,,- ; '. ,. :
"" '. .
,; 'C ;
..-.-'..." .c., -< .. ._ .. . "J ,, ', -'. > : ,
"<.''L. -.; .. 0', '.- ,' ",. ". .. "


--- .

fey 0' and Imprisonment. I wh E'I'f Illaul'hlf'rM -I 4795. of the Law. ot Florida. being, hard surfaced roads. county shaii be ,
or btef or hoga road district shall be a corporation ter i tn i' _
S.g t. person persons *hipor are not exceedIng fifty dollars or bv Imprisonment cia! tai
t\'fry Offered
for to amend SectIon Chanter 4214. j Sec. 4. This Act Shall take effect dlstrii for four tot
cattle from lIale. but where such beef hold property sue and an act vnn iwj
driving or through hogs or in life county jail not exceeding and may
anv 11t county other than the county inMil i co may be Slaughtered for common sixty days.Became'a: be sued and perform other corporate Laws of Florida belne an act to better Immediately upon its passage and approval for such prlman
to at> lnt shall protect the oyster beds of this State. by the Governor. In counties of tniru thoe4
tb cattle gathered thrhMM an inspector functions: Provided. That no
shall signatureof
f of ( law without the
Wfr4 of approved May 30. 1893. said act having population bv the lajt ,
such of the APC June 1903. euag t
to th* of hlkdf's slaughtered beef be created without the approval roved 8.
such I
\ftHt h111.f.tor the Governor.)
certificate m of such Ildu2htt'l"el1 holt' ( Commissioners.Sec. been approved May 17, laSS. be and is shall be closed foui w*.aa" -

a 4tHjny twttor ft of the countv In which cattle the catj in-- an4 fiXdhlS com.en'atlon thert'tor': and CHAPTE B233-No. 134.) Board. of 13.County Each voter voting at any hereby amended so as to read as follows CHAPTER 5246-(No. 141.) primary and In <*tiir Mta to.
It shall be to take'the but : AN ACT to Amend Secton 23 of An Act weeks before the rtmarv.
gathered this act vote ,
irertorMnaHv and the inIwrtor Division of election under
I. AN ACT Provide for the
marks and brands to Section 1. That Section 2. ChaDtf'r1 Approved June 4. !? J.CHAPTER .
shall compare the) certificate beet of all such slaughtered Counties.Into Road Districts and tort one ballot. and the same shall be written Entitled "An Act to Provide for the]
4214. Laws of
marlis and brands of arid aU marks of aU such printed in black ink on plain Florida Registration of all Legally Qualified
ItS tb. the cat- Slaughtered p Eleuiion I Biennially of Three Road or
hoes. 30. 1893. be amended so as to read as
and it shall b4' the substantially of the Voters in the Several Counties of the 919-Xs, $41)
tie leirjr! 10 Ihlplol or driven from or duty of Trustees, and to Prescribe Their Duties white paper. and
said and if any aretn4 to any and all persons so desiring and Powers. and for Levyine.Tllectine foliowine form. according as the elector follows: State and to Provice for General and AX ACT to Amafid Mection| ii
kill 2. That during the time It is
\rlb t&t marks and brands of which such beef or hoes- to notify such ( and Disbursing District may desire to vote upon any or all lawful Sec. to take to-wit: From Special Elections and for the Returns tw 4U*. Law of FUllts.
the iPedor. Any person or Df'ron10.. of th Questions submitted: oysters of Elections. Approved May 25. 18S5. Balnjr "An Act t
&Pt* it upon certificate or Road Taxes. ,
1 at October 1 to April 13 .f it* following
I, iherr I I. a dis.'repency in numbers. Provision of this section Be It Enacted BY the Legislature of the For (or against Special Tax Road ttk as Amended bv Chapter 412*. Laws to Provide for the amMput$
Upon conviction. . rear its outers that aK n from of Florida. Being an Act Entitled I .iaJly WuaJIftad Voter S lateral
lq inspector rhull make a record of 3il. be fined not less i State of Florida: i District . the beds refs be culled I
*r shall at the
\ more than Road Trustees (stating their names) "An Act to Amend Sections 2J. 3S, Counties of the Utata.
Bttrk marKs and brands or such dist etnor one hundred t Section 1. That each county
.cyeocT lii numbers and make and dollars Offense. constitute a road unit: that all IlUbdl-1 . . . . . the place oysters from which taken they shall are taken contain and 46. and 47 of An Act Entitled An Act Provide for Oenoral ami dual

*rward< a r-emtUMi copy of same to the S5c. 11: Any inspector appointed I visions of a county for road purposes three not to Provide for the Registration of alL Uona and for the IViumationa.
than cent of culls and
t.:.1.Tk of the Ch!: uit Court of the coun. and Ii"rvtn under t\1. Provisions of this I shall be designated as road districts: Maximum 'Ti'x Iev :: : : : :Mills. oysters mare under three per inches in length Leeally Qualified Voters in the Several | .

tr to Tbit h *ui h cattle! are beine ship- act eivin, Inform t'lon "ul'firlf'tt to I that all road districts levylne a road Sec. 14. All laws or parts of laws from tip to tin measurement over all: Counties of the State and to B* It Enacted bv tha La1alalafa af th*

'*4 through or driven from. to b bv (om-let anYone ot violatIng any of tn district tax shall hereafter be designated inconsistent herewith are hereby re- Provided this section shall not be heldor Provide for General and Special State of Florid
nlw & Provided however. ThatWhftt ( Provisions! of this act snail receive one-I as special tax road districts. pealed.Sec. I Elections and for the Returns of Sac. 1. That $or. .1 of Chapter 4IM.
half of RII fines imposed the 15. This act shall take effect construed to apply to the removal of"ceen" Flections. Approved May SOth. 1895. i Laws of Florida
anY person owmnar cattle ranofiirio and< ('oll!! ( Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of Acts ar im, fcatac
moe: th I one county or cattle Sec. IS. That all laws or parts of Board of County Commissioners of any Immediately upon its approval by the or natural oysters of the natural during the Relating to the Duties of Tax Collectors. "An A-1 Entitled u A. I to PrvU (ar

tartrt 01 lUsctrlds. other than that in conflict with this act be and laws'j county to order an election to be held'In Governor. open season on any oyster the Registration of jn Legally
beds in the waters of this State.
I Ir which the owner resides: nothing in same are hereby repealed any road district whenever one- Approved 'June.1903. I when the same are removed bona fide Be It Enacted bv the Legislature of the lied voters In the < wrai nt 4
act ah.tl! to prevent See. 19. fourth of the nullified electors who pay State of Florida: the State and tn provide for
t 'onlruei ThIs act shall Into bY the of cultivated artificial -
eo effect owner a or
t.l t/'\ cattle in sixty days after its jfl tax: on personal or real property and CHAPTER 5240-(No. 135.) Section 1. That Section 23 of the mid oecial El>, n.i! ,', and far
6''Mr 'I bed whose lease has been
passage and ap- i p I Sections 1. 3 and 4 oyster above act as amended by Section 1. of '
njtier of -'iil or for are resident in such road district. shall AX ACT to Amend turn of Elactfiti.v. ba aan.n4
the o." of 'ountlf and dilttkt.branding proval by the Governor. petition for such election to determine of Chapter 4!\48. Laws of Florida. Entitled granted and duly recorded In the county Charter 4323. Laws of Florida an Drov- to read aa foil--A *

(if wtturlne jmrt nHaklna" without being Approved June 4. 19U3. I I whether such road district shall become "An Act in Relation to the Use where his said bed is situated. and who ed May 30. l9j. be and the same U Sec. 1$. U shell! I* the dwt? of the

twulltd to r> 'ali "atp. inspected. a Special tax road district for the of Bicycles on Si-i Paths. for Licensing desires to remove "coon" or natural hereby amended to read a follows: County 4'ommiae'u.! na nf rath iwm
N" I i.'i'road' : (atle \'. CHAPTER 5235-(NO. 130. purpose of levying and collectine a dis- Uicvcles. for Appointing Side oysters In said county for the purpose Section 23. The> Tax Collet tor of on the first Wrdiilav: after tha
ho p' other transportation AN Ac'T to Amend Sections 20 and !:Itrlct road tax for the exclusive use of Path Commissioners and for the of transplanting or propagating the each countv shall in person or by deputy books Ji.. < IMM-.I M iiiiiBN rMgatraUon

lin or their! arents In this State com-in of Chapter 33g. of the Laws of Flor the Public roads within such road district Construction. Maintenance. Regulation same In his own artificial oyster bed bn present in his office from 9 a. m. for In this act tn ...v v r la Kli

\f.! the of this ida. Entitled "An Act to Provide for, : such election shall be ordered and Preservation of Side Paths located in the same county where the to 1 \>. m. and from 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. there la a cenera! ktlon.. ta .wa

at. be"h"r.:n force (r\'Ir.ns ra from Kstablishine. WorkIng and Repairing,and held on a day not earlier than thirty bv Defining the Powers and Duties of natural beds are located. each day. Sunday excepted. for twenty and revise the r> Kii>l ration bssj ef
!hal l\e and MaIntainIng Public ROAds and : days nor later than sixty days from Paid Commissioners." Approved May Sec. 2. This act shall take effect days immediately preceding the second said county erattii. thpifr i.
ihfphWt 11attE unless .thp Ijrldees of the Several Counties in from its Daseaee and approval bv the Saturday of the month preceding the
1 27. 1301.
rron or to shin said the day of the presentation of such [/- namei of all Such ..M have dt-4 or r -
r.rNIS this State and to Provide Penalties of the Governor. dy of anY general or special election.
Commissioners Be It Enacted bv the Legislature ,: moved front the
tition to the Board of Countv munty. or from
tattle shall induce a certificate of in- aw
Failure' Thereof. Approved June 5. 1JOJ. for the of receiving all poll
from the oar Approved May in regular session and the election State of Florida: j: purpose district to another t.i the sias
ition ( inspector of
'aWl ]895.Be Section 1. That Section 1 of Chap, I taxes properly tendered to him, and he
shipping point or port.Rer. shall be held at the reeular polling :I or who are other is. Itseus14 t.
IQcl It Enacted Bv the Legislature of the I Places within such road district: at ter 4948, Laws of Florida, be, and the CHAPTER 6243-(No. 138.) 1 shall as soon as procticable after receiving vote, and restoi In* 11. h iume a. bar*

t Any railroad company.stMtr.br.at State of Florida: I: such election the following matters same is hereby amended so as to read AN ACT to Make an Appropriation for the same give receipts thereforin been imt>ror. rlv t ik. i ff by th* .
I 1111 or other transportation Section 1. That Section 20 of Chap shall be determined by a majority of as follows: I I the Estimated Defleiency in the Pension due form of law. In which receipts ylsor of rttlstt.tt. pt4

<. RMn\. officers or aeents. vioIrtnt ter 433S. of the Laws of Florida be the ballots cast bv electors Qualified as Section 1. The Governor may. upon Tax Fund for the Year 1903. shall be" stated the color and age of the and revisitsi sh.-'I '.' 'mnlet.4 wi

the provisions of this act shallsIabIe amended to read as follows: herein prescribed except that the the petition of fifty resident wheelmenof WHEREAS. There is a Deficiency In elector and the number of the election three du>s th reaft', ij4

to any person for the value :"Section 20' : That in any county in three persons receiving the highest any county. appoint four persons the Pension Tax Fund Estimated at district in which such elector or person the County Comn. i.mrr shatt

Wjany ttoik not so inspected which this State where the Bo.trd of County vote at such election shall be declared from the resident citizens who are cyclists -! Seventy Thousand Dollars. There- paving such poll tax resides. The to bv jbiibrd III a n.weea.,, 1

l.l person Ihl have lost by means Commissioners may deem it advisableand Road Trustees of said district: first giving each city and One or more fore. Tax Collector shall make a list of those be one oublnnM In such

ret. I for the public eood. they shall at whether the road district shall becomea towns in such county a representationon Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the who have paid their poll taxes in each and alec oust at 'he court hum* i ia tearthere
< .. J .hal be the duty of any the time for levying taxes for county sr.e'laltax road district: second who the board as near as possible in State of Florida: year prior to the second Saturday of lift of the nanx-K. hdhtl.-aJnr

tad all driving or otherwise purposes, levy a special tax for pub shall be the Road Trustees of said district portion to the probable number of 1)1'0-1 Section 1. That there is hereby appropriated the month preceding the day in any ranged that have Wn eraal or atrfea-ar

t.Ulrtm&bv waeons or carts any' lie roads bridges and river crossings.not : third the number of mills of district chats resident in such localities who seventy thousand dollars.or year upon whIt any general or t>ecial en from the rUt ration heels af Mt
:I any county in this state, to exceed three mills on the dollar tax to be levied and collected annually shall constitute a board of side path so much as may be necessary for the election shall be held and such district in such coui.lv. either bv tWiwrviaor
.lr the rrovllionl of this act shall be on all the real and personal property in for the two succeeding rears. It commissioners for such county. The purpose of paving pensions for the year list shall be alphabetically arraneed. of registration or said iaart
lu.h are being the county subject to taxation which shall be for 1J03 out of In the Treasurynot The Tax Collectors of the several
fert. & hEld I is herein provided that in no year shall term of such commissioners any money ,. of County Commisti'wr and say MW-
fare floury the nearest cattle tax shall be assessed and collected as more than five mills be levied and collected '. four years.Whenever. otherwise appropriated.Sec. counties of this State within five days son whose name shall hare b* wrtj.
or ronpdated, and shall have the other taxes of the county and 'the mon- within any soeciai tax road district ,I a vacancy shall occur by 2. That the Comptroller Is after the second Saturday in the month fully or erronrounlv era4 nr rt- .

barks of 11 such hoes inspected and evs arising! therefrom shall be paid into for the exclusive use of the public expiration of the term of office or otherwise hereby directed to draw his warrant on preceding the day in any veer in which en oft, and who sh.II within a flow not

rtrorded such( cattle inspector and i the county treasury as a special fund roads mlthin such road district. The the chairman or secretary of the State Treasurer for said amount. any eenaral or special election shall beheld less than ten lava bfut the dav of as

iUl! cay to su. h (at. inspector theism to be expended under the direction of three persons receiving the highest the board shall immediately file a notice and the State Treasurer Is hereby directed shall make a certified list in dup general election to h* held in ;

of two cents l.r on all hogs the County Commissioners for the purpose number of votes cast shall be declaredthe with the Governor. specifying the to credit the same to the Pension licate of all persons who have paid their fount Milk such fart a*>n* r to f.

inipected. of maintaining. workIng and keenIne trustees elected for the special tax name of such commissioner and the Tax Mind to be disbursed according to poll taxes for the two years next preceding sattofaction uf said board. hall b* m-

Se 19. Any and al persons refusl in good condition the public roads. road district: Provided. A majority of city or t' wn in which he resided. and law.Sec. '' the year in which such election titled to have his name ieutot.4 to the

l< comply with fro\'lsl/n of the bridees and river crossings of the all the votes cast be In favor of creating the time for which his successor shall 3. That this act shall go Into is held, prior to the second Saturday in registration book* and the .usrys,
tornrolrur sp.-tion of bndwtred county and purchasiner suitable tools. such special tax road district who be appointed. Upon receipt of such notice effect immediately after its approval by the month preceding the day upon of tdS'strltkift. when ao oedees4 bylb.

guilty of misdemeanor and! implements and material for that purpose shall serve for the next ensuing two the Governor shall appoint a person tM Jovernor. which such election shall be held and Board of County Comr'rs

utxm conviction Ihal be punished by anr.t : Provided however that onehalfof veara.. and perform the duties hereinafter to fill such vacancy and file such I Approved May 13. 1903. one of said lists shall be delivered bv hall rewtor aui h nan or 1.
: ft not less ten nor more than' the amount realized from said special prscribed. appointment with the county clerk. The I the Tax Collector as soon as the same said books with the dale of r.pIiest

ItT dollars! or bv Imprisonment In the tax on property in incorporatedcities Sec. 3. Special tax road districts county clerk shall forthwith notify CHAPTER 5244No. 139) is completed to the supervisor of registration and ntrb aa to bow ar why apab i-

till at hnrd laor for sixty days. the municipal or towns shall be turned over to crented: under this act shall continue such person of his appointment and he AN ACT Concerning Receipts of Ware- to be riled in his office and the oration was mad*, and be skill without -
f by both fine imprisonment: authorities of said cities until disestablished or changed by like shall immediately upon filing his acceptance housemen. "'h irtmlr'riC. Timber and other shall be forwarded to the Comptroller chare tour 10 aaid rraw or
& That upon it Is shown or towns to be used In the repairing and with county clerk I of the State of Florida which he
thereof the
rrof proceedings as those by which they Lumber Inspectors and other Baileesof urnoiia .1 new c<*rtiti< ale of rrirtrtrahaaa .
satisfaction of court that the working and improving and laying out enter I shall file in his oce. Any Tax collector .
t th were created. and taking the constitutional oath Like Character.Be provided for hi ** thin li aTlbia **t
Infn'tor could not be reached by the streets bv thereof as may he prescribed See 4. It shall be the duty of the upon the duties of the office.In It Enacted by the Legislature of the or any Deputy Tax Collector who and it thereby mao> ib* datv of the
botlce or to comnly with such the ordinances of said cities Board of County Commissioners of the case of charges being made State of Florida: hall fail or refuse to comply with the county CoffliolsvUiaera of Mob
nctlre: in such cases the penalties preIcrtbed and towns. county to cause a notice of said election against any such commissioner in writing Section 1. That any warehouseman j 1 provisions of this act shall be guilty ofa to hold Mt h noeriuJ rtiaMtim aa Nflaureaary

In this section shail not a flv. I Sec. 2. That Section 22 of Chapter to be published once a week for and /fited with the Governor. said wharfinger timber and lumber inspector misdemeanor and upon conviction > from litnc 10 tlw for mm-

See. U. I!hal be the further duty 4338. of follows the Laws of Florida. be amended four successive weeks prior heretoin Governor may notify such commissioner or other bailee of like character thereof shall be punished Vv a fine not big th* i>rovft na of tht* M-IIM tntueffett.
sq each \ Inspector in as : such charges exceeding five hundred dollars or by and
( published within the to appear and answer whether a natural person or a corporation thar are ulharia f to r*
ST county where the provisions of "Section 22. In anv county in this county a newspaper and having general circula- and may remove such commissioner, if may be required by any person imprisonment i in the county jail not xceedinir quire the Counfy Tiaamrar to oaf lOch
tbli art be in force to inspect the State where the county commissionersshall good cause be shown. Such commissioner one vear. eiDMaas *s mar IM
1111 but if from whom he or it shall receive personal iw tion throuehout the county no
nwrki hogs being driven or .. decide to levy a tax for the purpose said: shall receive ten per cent. (10 property as sucn bailee, at the I Approved May 23, 1903. of their NIIM iIs4
be published In county
binnootted bv wagons or carts or be- of keening in repair the public newspaper per (cent of all money received by him '' That tn caaa any special ebcthm to
time it shall be
roads bridges and river crossIngs then it shall cause five written or printed so received. to give a'
Inr shipped fiom their respective counties provided for in Section 20 of this act. notices of said election to be posted for the sale of license taes. and the sum receipt to such person for such prop-1 CHAPTER 6247-(No. 142.) mla- onara to bold a ma tta at taat

when notified or otherwise cognizant no person residing In. owning and pavine In five public places! within the said of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per ertv. describing the property and aeree- '; AN ACT to Provide for Testin the Legality 1$ day before such alaattotf sad pced s.
of uch fact and shall keen a day for each day spent in actual workin
similar record and make similar reportsrequired taxes on real estate located in road district. It shall be the duty of I constructing or repairing side paths Into deliver the same to the order of of Elections Held to Determine to revise the ratfatrMtM MM M|

.q in and reporting the 'said county shall be reouired to work the Board cf County Commissioners to' and shall be paid their actual and necessary such depositor upon return of sueh: Whether Intoxicating Lfovor. give the notii* aa provMed auf to
tl kinl upon the roads and bridges in sftid appoint inspectors and clerks for said recelot. Such receipt shall be negotiable ; Wines or Beer Shall be Sold and to
uh bl all of said neraJ lcliun in this
and cattle. Provided.Y disbursements pay t aatAooroved
? ald! election. whose duties shall be the same by endowment which shall i Prohibit Collateral Contests Thereof
county. but shall be exempt from road
be found of the marks of hoe ments to be made from amounts collected tranRlf'rj'to
paYs been recently any or freshly altered. duty where said commissioners hall of similar officers in general elections. bv them. Said commissioners the endorsee the title, right | in Prosecutions for Crime. 1*. 1HJ.CHAPTBH .

it shall) Immediately, report such fa.tt levy a tax of more than two mills for except as herein stated. shall give a bond in the sum of five session and remedies of each prior en- Be It Enacted bv the Legislature of the
the Clerk of the Circrit Court of the : the purpose of keepine in repair and Sec. 5. The Board of County Commissioners hundred dollars with two sureties dorsee. Such receipt may be deposited i State of Florida: 1$1-( 1*)

from which such hogs were i working the roads. bridges and river shall canvass the returns ofelection I I payable to the Governor of the State as collateral security; Provided That I t Section 1. That any resident of any AN ACT for the Pressntjs, at Wik

driven or hauled; to be bY said clerk 'crossings in said county. as made to it by the inspectors. for the faithful rerformanace of their nothing in this act shall be construed county in this State in which an election JJr. Bird sad Otbar ,
and clerks of election at the next
Sec. 3. That all laws and parts of regular may heretofore have been held or
Hied for Inflection. dut lea. as making any suoh bailee a warrantorof Prescribe the Tire ta
laws in conflict with this act are here- meeting of said Board or at a spel !I which may hereafter be held to deter '
See. It shall be the duty of each Said bond to be approved by the title. Mar B* Huntad. and t*
cial meeting called for that
,1. ,
i iid inspector to make and by repealed.Sec. I purpose Board of County Commissioners of the Sec. 2. If any property or any part mine whether the sale of intoxicating all Non
ceitver to (.ttl. all perfons for whom 4 This act shall take effect Immediately -' and that declare .the results of election at respective counties. Paid side path thereof which has been or shall be so liouors wines and beer should be pro 'rk. < ut a l.bos,

hoes are inspected a certificate of inisectlon. upon its passage and approval meeting.Sec.. All district commissioners shall have and are hereby delivered. and for which such receipt hibited in such county shall have the Shall Hunt fl u'h Wild i 1iss,
6. special tax road
setting forth the number and bv the Governor. I elections shall be held and conducted I.,I eranted the same police powers as : shall have been given and shall be outstanding right to teat the legality and regularity other (lam*, and Pracrtbu a F,t>-
Approved June 9. 1S03. sheriffs in exucitlon of the shall be of such election by bill in equity in the
1 ftarks ,1M) Fh.ill be allowed to chare deputy the removed from the for th Violation ThermfBe
in the prescribed bv law for ally *
, mariner I provisions of this act. and shall wear place where it was subject to such receipt Circuit Court of such county to be filed
IM oollfct fri.m each and every
person CHAPTER 5238 (Xo. 131. . 1 I holding general elections! except as' I against the County Commissioners It Enacted by the La4$110 of
1 fgr whom such inspection is ma ib and it I Is hereby
provided I this act.
thereof, and in case any such election the mat of Florida:
AN ACT to Amend Chapter 43S of the
Sec. 2. That Section 3 of Chanter
tMA ores rib'-d In Section 9 of this a.t.t't'l' of property of a like nature. grade1 and
made the 'duty of the Supervisor
Laws of Florida. Entitled Act : shall be adjudged to bo illegal and ; Section 1. That U stall ba MsftwfHi
U. I It shall be the duty of the An to Registration of county to furnish 4948. Laws of Florida be and the sameis quality shall be substituted therefor at '
Ountv ronn:111l1'ont'rs! of the various Amend Section 22 or Chapter 433 of 1 payment for any said service to the hereby amended so as to read as follows : such place. such substituted property void in any such suit such ludement for any ocraoji ar grauti* la btiiha
caustic of this State to appoint one or the Laws of Florida. Entitled "An upon Cfountv : shall be subject and answerable to such shall have the effect of nuMifvinar such >. kill molMt ar have to b a. b
lf. Inspectors of this State to appoint Act to Provide for Kstablishine. Board of Commissioners on demand I I Sec. 3. Such board of side path receipt and shall be deliverable according election in toto as to all the inhabitants or their poaaaaaton. one slid daad In
certified) list of the
ete or more initiertors of marks and Working and Repairing and Maintaining aunlifiedVters a certificate ( within! i' commissioners shall at their first meeting to the terms ot such receipt and of such county whether they were parties the :*ute xc*>t durin the mam* <>fNv
tnndx of the hides of beef or marks of the Public Roads and Uridees residing the special and in each succeeding calendar 'the title right of pouecsion. interest to such suit or not: Provided. That aiber, Df mbrr aM la tr> **

)NIBS btitc-hf-red in each cattle district or of the Several Counties of the tax tax real ros 'personal?istrlct who lropprtfor have paid the a, year adopt a form of license bade and remedies which existed uee* or under no such suit shall ba brought after each vear. Aar person rMattw i. >

In fvetv election precinct where the State, and to Provide Penalties for on or emblem or device suitable to be affixed such receipts to. of and concerning the la" pe of three months from the date section shall be damned ewttly af a *> next preceding such special
ROtHith'5 of this state to amointOttnraisslonera year any ,i to a bicycle to be known as a the property originally covered by this act shall take effect to test any and uuoo loavlrttan barn-
to be advisable or uo- Failure Thereof. Approved May 29 tax election. : "Bicycle Side Path License." The term such receipt shall apply to and continueto. such election heretofore held and no shall be fined for rauh dear htttad, ar

a..1t cetitlon of n m--t1oritv of the 1895. Sec. 7. All oualified voters residing I 'Bicycle" shall be construed to mean of. in and concerning such substituted such suit shall be brought to test the in Ms. her or their 9aafcMi DM NK***

r.otkmpn of such catti" district or election Be It Enacted fly the Legislature of the within the road district sought to be and to apply, to any bicycle tandem property as though it ware the validity of any such election hereafter than tas hun-ir-d dollar ar km thM

,>. ;Inct. and! it shall be the duty State of Florida: made a special tax road district who: bicycle tricycle motor cycle and wheelchairs 'original property for which such te- to be held unless the same shall be instituted tirentv-ftva dollar ba tMMMBed **
cf ML1 limrer-tor to inspect the marks Section i. That Section 1. of Chapter pay a tax on or nersonal] property for the purposes of this act. ceipt was given. If any property which i within three months after the the county tall not mar* UJM att
shall be entitled to vote in slid election
,and brands of all hlrt s of beef butcherfd 493S. of the Laws of Florida be and maioritv of the votes cast shall I Any licensed property attached to the is or shall be so on storage or deposit recording of the declaration of the result month, or l 11:1,1 n-arkn of a'.l! ho's slaughtered amended so as= to read as follows: a left fork of a bicycle shall entitle the shall be so mixed or mingled with other of any such election in the min >ec. 3. That KO ixraaa at
Sp('. 1. That SE'(. 22 of Chapter 4338, determine any matter voted upon pertaining I utes of the Board of County Commis firm corodkatlon. dfcall iii.
,HbJ offered for q11': in said district or to a special tax road district' owner or rider thereof to the use of property of a like nature grade and or t'u'
Precinct ;nd e.ich and eVerv inspector of the Laws of Florida be amended so except that plurality of the votes 'all side paths within the State of Florida Quantity that It can not be identified a sioners. for aale. or have in hi.. Mr. at

l State for the unlawful sale of intoxicating wild deer. 4ni daar bMa. sad M
roorj in hok to provided him this State was issued. eQual to the puantitv of property n. or
i In county in
Sec. any Trustees. The cost of the publication of
I [ Any person by navment of not less liquors wines and ber in countieS shall| b* unlawful bv aar Mr*** 95 i II-
cy the ( untv Commissioners of all wher the County Commissioners shall I the notice of such election and of the for which such receipt shall have been
nfcrks ai1: brands( on the hides of all d.cide to levy a tax for the purpose of[( election itself shall pe paid bv the f than fifty cents (50c.) nor more than given shall be subject and answerable' that have declared in favor of a pro sons, firm of 'rnwr tta* ta *Mi *r

r eves sUrght'TCd 1 and the marks of all Vppr>iner in rerxir nubIle roads and Board of County Commissioners out of:one dollar $1.00) shall be entitled to to such receipt and shall be deliverable hibition of such sale by an election the transport *ajr drr. vmMM ar 4m Mw*

hizs si! i't&rcl t and offered for sale bridges, as provided for In Section 20 of the first moneys collected from the; receive such license which shall hold according to the terms thereof and the the introduction result of of the a copy of of the the record of or hike in the data far aol at any

U ator" a'f.!' ;iid; the said inspector,'this act. no person residine in said I special tax districts. good during the calendar vear for title rieht of possession interest and of such election as canvass made by the return Board w hid** lo th* itate far aat*M awaad tti.

1:411: nrociit to tre Board of Countv I'I county who 'Iathe road tax in said Sec. 8. Elections shall be held bi- which is was issued and no lon er.'I remedies which existed upon or under of County Commissioners and recorded It abail be unlawful tar any

'1'.7mlsnps! at their regular meeting ,I county shall be required to work the .enniallv in each special tax road dis- 'I Every such license to be valid must such receipt to. of. in or concerning the in the minutes of the proceedings of mon carrier to traMSSfl "iV

U each month a correct and certifiedCODV 'I roads and bridges in said countv. but t trict. as near as practicable upon the be issued bv the side path commissioners property originally covered by such receipt 1' such board, duly certified by the clerk venison ur dar bids ar M4M 1st

of transcrlnt of his record of all shall be esemot from road duty where, anniversary of the original election. under of the county wherein the bicyclist shall apply to and continue to. of the Circuit Court for such county Plata, at any time tabs aaMT AW Mr*

B.rk* a'ld brands or marks Inspected said Commissioners! shall levy a tax of the direction of the Board of County I resides except that any cyclist who resides of, in and concerning such Quantity of shall, for the aurooses of such prose son or nr oaa. thin ar aarMMUM v>alatlne -

Jutlrg the nrp('(. ifll montJ which said more than one mill for the purpose of Commissioners to determine who shall in another State or in a county such mingled or mixed property as cution. be conclusive evidence that saM the tr *trffiw af IMS tit'ss

rtcorts rh-ill 1. filed bv the clerk of the keenine in rr.xiir and workine the be Trustees for the succeeding two I where no side path commissioners have thourh it were the original propertyfor election was leeallv railed conducted shall upon
Circuit Court so that: they may he ac.cesV.We i roads and bridees in said county: Pro- years and the number of mills of district I been appointed may secure a license in which such receipt was given but and holden. and that the result thereof by a *M yf a tTan ttaa JPr

for Inspection and the said in- i;, vided. Every able bodied male person road tax to be levied and collected any county where such commissionershave nothing herein contained shall be con was as it Is stated to ba In such copy of dollar ur mora tMn1s h. 4M4 |Mlari -

lpe tor ch.ill be allowed to charge and i over the see of eiehteen years and under for each of said years, said election?! been lawfully appointed: and such strued to authorize such warehouseman 'the record of the result of the canvass or b. IniprtaonM ta tha r aM.Viail
(object: from th* person or persons offering the aee of forty-five years who shall be1 held under the same rules and license shall be held valid for the term'' wharfinger timber and lumber''of the returns thereof, and in no such not tnara than theiO at tea M

srch beef or hoe for sale twentyfive -:I I does not pay a tax for the purpose of .regulations, and qualifications of elee- I for which issued and no loneer. No inspector or such bailee who shall have prosecution shall the regularity or validity one month.

cents for each hide of beef in- ,'keepine in repair the public roads and 1 tore shall be the same as prescribedfor person shall ride a bicycle on any side I elven such receipt so to remove, mix of any such election or of the SAC. 3. That wt MM ar MMtM

.:snectert i when five or less are offered for,, bride of such county shall be subject: those votine in the original election I path in this State where a side path or mingle the property for which such calling holdine. conduct or result there shall haw m hla. her at UMP JtSSsion.

,. InssxMtlon at any one time bv the same to and liable to work on the roads and creating special tax road district. commission has been or at anv time I receipt shall have been given but the, of be permitted to be collaterally called *r hall hant ar Mtt .a r *Hf J4r.kty .
r''!''. .uid for a!11) over five hut not more bridges in such county for not more Sec. 9. Whenever a special tax road hereafter shall be appointed unless a obligation or liability of such makerof in Question by way of defense: Provided. quail or pirtritt** ta My firt

.' th.,! ten the sum of 25 cents each for ,, than eieht davs in each year: Provided district is created and Trustees are I valid license is attached to the l left such receipt for tha delivery of the That in any such prosecution the this state, save oalr tis B list 4ar af

ttt hide injected and for all over 10 further. That this act shall not be construed elected they shall have the supervisionof side of the front fork so that such license property for which it shall have bllf'n' defendant may in defense. Introduce in thai four wild ar

(::"'il by the same party at one time to repeal Chanter 4237. Laws of all the public roads within laid dis I shal! show on the left side of given aceordfnr to its tarms. and the evidence a CODV of any decree that may more tarty fcl kilt
tile sun; of fifteen cents each and forth Florida the same beiner An Act to establish trict. The oowers of Trustees shall not I such bleycle.No person shall counterfeit : title. right of possession interest and have been rendered in such county in two or nor pat-sons m

1. inr.ectioi of the marks of hoes and keen ii good renair the. be those of control. but of supervision lor make, sell or give away, or have on jemedieg of any person owning boldIng any suit In eauitv instituted under than fix o lid turkajw or than

.' rlawhterfd! he shall be allowed to colItrtfinm !- public roads and highways in the counties onlY. and shall extend to all the pub his or her bicycle any license purporting I or being interested in such receipt the provisions of section one of this fifty quail ta tar ens is.

the I'f'! R.m offerIng same for of Walton and Holmes In this lic roads within the special tax road I to be issued bY any county or any'' to. ?'. .in or concerning the orooertvorieinally set adludeine the election relied upon And no aartna *rcoraoratton. pan. ks

Ins!ctlon the sum of fifteen cents each :' State anoroved June 2. 1893. district. Anv Trustee falling to discharge -:' persons in this State unless reeularlv covered by such receipt shall by the prosecution to be volt *aortsfl a. ar >>

for five: cr less offered by the same,i Approved June 4, 1903. the duties of the position shall issued bv the respective boards of eldel been continue satisfied until such delivery receipt shall have Sec. 3. That all laws or marts of hall Mil. xutae for aat q, ar bar Ml

I rart at one time. and the sum of ten be removed after due notice to such, path commissioners pursuant to law. by of property laws in conflict with the provisions of bar or their p ...esise far aat* ta_flS
CHAPTER 5237-(No. 132.1 Trustee bv the Board of County Commissioners I No license shall be valid unless attached -I accepted by the holder thereof. wH
(CF.; each for all hoes over five innonf i this act are hereby repealed, and this :*tau aav wlid turhaf.. < IIrids.
Sec. 3.
>e>- ofered bv the same party at AN ACT to Amend Section 20. Chapter and all vacancies occurringin ; to bicycle as aforesaid, such license Inelv Any person who shall know- act shall take effect immediately upon .. tt shall b* unlawful, foe ar Mron

enejlme. D ch and every inspector re- 4338. Laws of Florida. Entitled "An the Board of Trustees from any: shall be plainly numbered and not valid -' the rIve any such receipt for or in its passage and approval. to antrao anv ouali MM M
rerform s-uch duty shall l>eI Act to Provide for Establishing: cause shall be filled for the unexpired! if mutilated or changed so as to deceive -! name of himself or any other per Approved May 29. 1903. Iowa BrlwMd. euillvatd BfMuW Aft*

.i deeted r..1 I to anility of misdemeanor and Worklnr and Rep.irlne and Main- term bv the Board of County Commissioners -i or to be calculated to deceive,' son or corporation which shall be falseIn I Dron or paraonarralbm *Mactt*

"' tits, ( onviction thereof a shall be tmnbv tainin" the Public Roads. Bridges and bv the appointment of a Trustee -! and no person shall have a license attached any of Its statements as to the receipt CHAPTER TJTg-(No. 111.) ttoQ ar coniMflv vtoUtlna **v af Uw

"' a Sue not exceeding fifty dol- River Crossings of the Several Counties or trustees from among the residents : to his bicycle which was issued of property, or the quantity, quality AN ACT Amending Section IK. of provisions of Ibis petto* *ha$ MM

: I.MI each otTfn--e. or bv imnrison- of this State and to ProvidePenalties of such special tax road districtI for a prior Vf'ar.i or character thereof in such receipts Chapter 5014. of the Laws of Florid. conviction hruf b* mta>*d by a
: for Failure Thereof. ao- the of elector Sec. 8. That Section 4 of Chapter Bn of not la than tw.*tv-I** AtHartor
ilr'ror the countv jail not exceeding I possessing qualifications an i mentioned, shall be punished by Imprisonment Entitled "An Act to Regulate the
proved May 29. 1S95. 494$. Laws of Florida be and the same more than an. buM>*4 dagar* *r he
be of held under this act.
the duty election Primary
TV It shall also of the at any in the State prison not ex- Holding of Political Elections tai
Be It Enacted Bv the Leeislature I is hereby amended so as to read as imnrtamwd in the countY MI i M-
0 the completion of in the State of Florida for
*Insuector upon of Florida j Sec. 10" All public roads within a. ceedjng ten years, or by a fine not exceeding taa tha* *<
it,. State : : follows: I II adinr rtitf dam or *
record book to file said book in 'special shall be1 under Nominating Candidates for any Offlee
tar road district
1. That Section twenty by thousand
Section I Sec. 4. The license fees collected one dollars, or both
'q thebt1e of the Clerk of the Circuit! and control of the Boardof Under the Laws of This ant dog
direction State ,
Chapter 433S. be amended so as to read the said board of side oath commissionersshall In the discretion of the court. 4. That any perao* *r
br shall then be-
Tincon : and the said *>k County Commissioners as In other for Nominating Delegates to Political
A !'art of the rmblic records of the as follows: In districts. and subject to the same laws be expended in the construction Sec. 4. This act shall go into effect Conventions." Approved May Jl. firm or covwiratl wh sail
county dturtev.
That in htd- section
Section 20. any I repairing and maintaining side paths Immediately d *r. dear M4 or wj
its and
couly. \o erson shall be appointed to rules regulations prescribed for upon passage approval 1901.Be .
this State where the Board of County i in the districts where collected all bills oaafl ar *arti f bad th*
be Ii Inspector, who is interested with maintenance and by the Governor. It Enacted by the Lerislature ft the
the construction repair MM
Commissioners may deem it advisable: i shall be sworn to. and eacn board of lImitS af the cwity ta irhMi liv*
Approved June 1903.
or irovil! bv any butcher or vensnv and for the rmblic good they shall at of other public roads. I commissioners appointed under this act State of Florida: r' were klll-i hull unao dor If slaughtered ppf or hoes: and no the time for levying taxe for coSntvpurooses. fdf. 11. It shall be the duty of these shall report annually to the county I Section 1. That Section 1$. of b* deemed aatit o< aamf
I, t A 'er4i, 'h.I. b. '(!oorn ed inspector who levy a special tax for public Tmsteeo. on or before the first (1st ludee of their respective counties eiv- CHAPTER 5245-(No. 140.) Chapter 5014. of the Laws of Florida, hall h* Diahad aaj&tton S

;: Ial 1".1 In taking and recording roads bridges and river crossines. not day of June in each year to prepare an inc a detailed financial statement and: AN ACT Providing the Builline of I entitled "An act to regulate the holding I af Iii Art Aa V

ira: s and l hlal"!f.I't to exceed five mills on the dollar on itemized estimate showing the amountof with such report shall file vouchers for i, County Hard Roads and Providing of political primary election In the ccrrlar .ervaa nap c Na. *.
.11. It shall be the duty of each all the real and personal pronertv in money necessary and likeiv to be ea'h expenditure. Said reports and Appropriations Therefor.Be State of Florida for nominating candidates *b. .ball

,verv prison or persons onVrine the county subject to taxation which raised for the next ensuing fiscal vear. vouchers shall be finally deposited in It Enacted bY the Legislature of the I for any office under th laws of of receive any .far u< h trHa(coaanwm r'. At iWIPf i$ lisH

.!k In ;anv conntv in this State. tax shall be assessed and collected as and to certify therein the rate of mill- the office of the county clerk. State of Florida: this State and for nominating" deiegMw mit IN* < .irrtati "V ar's a P Id'-
y1t". this act shall be in force, any other taxes of the county and the mon- age voted to be assessed and collected!: Approved June 4, 1903. Section 1. All moneys now in the to political conventions. approved May hid hMsV'l"" s '

Illoi\lltert'J bf nr hogs to notify the evs arising therefrom shall be paid into unon the taxable property within the Internal Improvement Fund after the 31. 1901. is hereby amended to as to quail ur nr Rtrtri Insntcr of r.idvs and marks at the snecial fundto special tax road district for that vear. payment of all legal obligations aeainst I read as follows: it
the countv treasury as a | CHAPTER 5241-(No. 136) rrlr a'. I'140 .4'.'. w
of miles mon <
It shall also state the number Section 18. Whenever political
pUulsUi h slHUKhtej beef or hogs are be expended under the direction of AN ACT to Protect the Sponee Beds of the said monevs. shall be (placed! aviv this ittat' .hall Hroi ..1'V
track and teleirraph lint in of ten thousand
offeril sale) each and every County Commissioners solely for of railroad pleased by the trustees of the Internal party any municipality
1 for and the territorial limits of the i the State of Florida and to License I *4.ni ..n-w atil ':
with the, of msintainine. worklnsr within the Improvement with population or more in thin state .
pemrefusing to comply I the purpose Non-Residents Taking Sponee There- Fund the) State tflc.'ot mP.sIl h* t'ti .e
I'm\' !ions o* this section shall be:r repairing and keening in eood condition special tax road district. This itemized from. I Treasurer who shall thereupon place I shall have determined bv Its city com e4 in fc-fwm of '
euiltv misdemeanor and msblic roads. hridees and river estimate shall be made in duplicate credit of several mittee. or. in the absence of a city com tab-
< eeid i) I the Be It Enacted bv the Legislature of the the same to the the hunter or h* me s. '
!'I.n\'ktinn| thereof shall be fined crossings of the county. and pur- one cony to he filed with the Clerk o I' the the mittee. then bv its countv committee
ua .ioners and State of Florida: I counties of State according to their P = '. t.
County Commls
of fama
not tsf th.in ten nor more than one ch 5tfl*' suitable tools implements flnl the Board Section 1. That any person not a assessed valuation of the property in!: to hold a primary election for tbe nomination -
hoi W .lars for each offense Pro- one' cony with the Comptroller of the the several counties at the time of the of candidates for cUv otHfrs. Utat. taut w t r >r a.-:
) d' : materials for that purpose. Provided permanent resident of the State of i
Staf. It shall be the duty of the Boardof such primary election shall be held In T :
vlalu ftrout i-onvistion. transfer for the of Sc.1
Th. t iinosi and Florida who shall engage In the business purpose
however. That one-half of the amount County Commissioners to order the ,, I all respects in conformity with the provisions 11 -h.. 1
ronstruct-I it b4fl
It tound that such beef ine hard roads in such *
Etl1 be ore.vt. occupation of fishing '
, '; realized for said special tax on property Accessor to assess and the Collet-tor to or sponge of this act. so far an Mid provisions kill) mar '. < .' .t' '
t 01 1 sin h hog or hogs did not: cities towns shall be either for himself or anv other person: Sec. 2. All lands granted
'I in incorporated or collect the amount legally assessed can be made to apply. In any AAV l' .' 1 '
I butcher State of Florida bv the United tat year.
blot h
to su. person or shall before entering into said businessor
turned ove to the municipal authorities the property of the sreoiiil tax s'l where there in ctty committee '1" -' P.
upon case no of
thraMy >' -
buti> that they did not hv occupation. annual State li-i under the Act of Congress of Kina
rs nr 1 pay an ,
I said cities or towns to be used of millageesienated I
of at the rate 's'
I road district of the political party within mv such of .' l1- '
lawtg authority to kill and sell theIIr4thev ''I !jn th<> renairinsr. working and Imnroveine bv the Board of Trustees cense of fifty dollars. j I ISer. i known as the Swamp and Overflowed city where a primary election is to bheid. vlcitonOn I '.' t.i '.
shill: ) toe deemed eruiltv of a I laying out the streets thereofas 2. Anv person violating thel, Act for internal Improvement shall be 1 1rstda
and the County Treasurer such *
the to committee for -r
and pay same the county ( I 10
f.lor j and shall be punished bv fine of this section shall. Internal Improvement *
a be prescribed hv the ordinances the duty of the Comptroller provisions upon sold bY the Trustees of the tb. ..
mav : It shall be county shall mak provision for anJ *y.lOk
of unless than five hundred dollars or conviction be fined in a sum not to cx- Fund. at such times and
and towie.iec. :
of said cities I of the State: to assess all railroads designate a city committee to spry. coOlity '*rtl. W'
by i Jit in the State penitentiary ceed hundred dollars be imprisoned under such conditions said Trustees
risonment 2. This act shall take effect Immediately together one or as .
f and railroad property until their successors shall be ete< tf J $1.' ttt10 '
or not less than one vear. or by its and approval in the county 1ail for a period not i may determine: the proceeds there- : .
both onon passage (with the teleeranh lines and teleeraoh I' at the city primary. The city committee 1'"' in* I' tkiftIni
uch Inc and imprisonment. bv the Governor.Approved I situated within such special to exceed three months. I from shall be bV'them deposited with shall call and make all neveMnr LAO '
', S!.' 15. No rerson or persons in any 26 1903. property SE'('. 3. OJJ '-half of any fine collected -!,'the State Treasurer and bv him placed '
May collect the of Ic
tax road district and to I regulations for the holding Mob t>rt- i4tlt P
count in this State where this act in any case shall be paid to the party -' to the credit of said county road fund. -
In the same manner as mary to the extent that county itt
[taxes thereon same ( ,mI (
rhall in force shall be permitted to or parties furnishing as p-ovlded in Section 1 of this Act:
fi e collect committees authorIzed to do under I .'
'rewired and I.'
CHAPTER 5238.-(N<>. 1S3.> by law to asses nert'ssarYI!I are "
violation of this be
offer ir sale anv slaughtered beef or I proofs of a Provided. That nothing herein shall 'I' t
'. hu: vithovt exhibiting and subUvtection. :I AN ACT to Prohibit the Obstruction of said taxes for State and Ccunty pur-I Section 4 This act shall go into effect Iso (construed) constructed as to prevent the provisions of this act. lh ats i'h I'tb.
'OII1tanll Settlement Roads and noses and t.a remit the" fail, to thei Ser. .'. That all law and MfU of lOla "
to it. } the hide (containing ? immediately upon its approval by the payment in land bv the said fr.IPi.td
unmIilatpd ears of each and everyoffered Prescribing PenaltY Therefor.Be i Treasurer tI ths count i,s. to be by the Governor. Trustees of the Internal Improvement I lows in conflict with this act bt. and clerk sh.* '
I It Enacted Bv the Legislature of th. them held to the credit of each soeciai 1903. the same are hereby renralsd. sifttv v .
beef for sale and the head Approved June i. Fund of all legal obligations now existing -
t Pfite of Florida: :jtax road district fund. end to be naid I against raid fund. I Approved Jane 3. !P.:. this .ot 4KI 1OC 5" 4I
\ with e unmutihited ears of each and I Section 1. That whoever shall fell. out as hereinafter nro\-l Sec. 3. All appropriated to I
every tog so offered for sale.! Each per- I drag or bv any means place a tree. of tv Treasurer .wll he liable for all special -I ACT CHAPTER to Amend 5242 Section-(NO. 1 IST.AN cf.)Chaoter4795. the several counties moneys us Provided bv CHAPTER 5J4 -fife. 14) I,,, sv 'n.. ren'i.htitI .

duty < any and all persons so desiring I other obstruction in or across any tax road funds u"on his official Laws of Florida! M1 Same Sections 1 and 2 of this Act. shall be AN ACT to Provide for the n.*Mt* I,' h. Cat.-

ron vStatin the t>'nvsons of this act.' countv. settlement or neighborhoodroad bond after receiving said funds as Allfun's In I. Being "An Act to Amend Section 2. odd to the Treasurer of such {'ountvunn tion of Voters Refine tbr Hol4iinc "I( S I '
of misdemeanor reeularlv used or whoever cause the case of other revenues. remiisition by Countr Commissioner Primary Electhnis
the |
hAil bd "mc1 riitv of Chanter 421 $. Laws. of Florida lieing -
">tel I It
,... and Hull b* fine.'. UT O- conviction t such obstruction to be claced! therein. snec-i'il, collected within a *r* ,\II Act to Better Pro';en the Oyster of sai-l (county conditioned He II Enacted lv tin- Iglaldure o !
r01,1within rond district "h:1111 E' rfiflnirsed solely $
not less th.n ten nor more than. shall remove the same from such :x "" wiU'in ''he t\\\ <*- p*( i iif this Ht.i'e. w-niv-rt May nwei its belli used exclusively for th.1 Stat" of FU/rl.lit l
for nwi'l I'Jllr'
Provided. ? !
theN"l I (,IIlrs.: or bv imflrt'on-, six hours thereafter: butl'liu ('Mistruetilif .t System of S."tlool. That whenever lIve Mu
a :iui>u trkt In which roll<-,... *nd. as iif.ir as :$11.( 1S I3.: t the SitiiJf H.I vine IVen Approved aii,1
l'uuntjail at hard labor This law shall not annlv to hard 4'onire'seIon4 or i 'fsijn1 V '; i i.e lit tht in which th" M.IV 17. I8\9. aini to Permit, hard. flao'ii.miZeti or other surfaced r
for IIht aavs.Sec. I and sates 'nor the Improvement Drar th.oh' Vt'II: roads. said requisition shall hr1accumiMnieJ SI uMyttlkw t'artV which M thI I Itaenf'djti ,
f Natural Ovstcrs for
the Takiite Pur.i
'tf I. 'lecu.'d: lITo II the r'o'Tunsnl'! .ii.J .iht
Jt tshall bethe further duty of private ,rooertv. sell # arch",, st fvI'. 1."'
d. under
.. falls to tit ii of the Hoard of Tn'ste. 'Jf ft th ('ountv I
count intbu State where lhesDrovlalonrolf complv with the provisions of Section : the Tri'ste shell l fst no contract Ee It Enacted bv the Legislature of the,, the County .Commissioners makes said I election ;.' l I.. h ''i! i-i I.i '<> ti Pre w.'ls' iPe "

this act shall be in force. 1 of this act shall be deemed guilty of. with on. of its members embracing -I fUate of Florida: ,' application solely for the purpose off time for reeisn.-'tu.b f.>; i g<- .': (; '' 'T ' '.0'. j3t4

unon t petition of a matoritY of the' a misdemeanor ard UDMI conviction i any rr.o*>"t\rv; consideration of -, Section 1. That Section 1. of Chap-J' building hard macadamized or other!tion. ih* rezlsuatisn bc" .;' tf i lt3vt".is'k' ( '

tock owners ot .any election district.! thereof shall be lIunl h*J by Crte not. Sec. 12. -The -Trustees- -any-speJif -


\ -

.. 4.. .,
." ., gt.:), ..n .''.'Ii'" _" r ": --I' J':'.[ _..i '. T J-j".. j '

_ _

_' ; '"T--. "'. "_,. --- ". ',.t< .: .." '.-c., -., 't.r"" >-. .: > ------.--- --. --.-- -.------- e-
-' ." .-:: : ,._ t <"-'lf<+. ., :' .J.I:1;i. "'. :" 4, J,_. .,...- '

.' :.
c .. ,- ,, .
.-. ,' d ."
.' ( .y. -t. ', ,


--- -
--- --
am ft* the uae of tr-o fine and forfeiture Seclon 1. That Section 1638 of the<:| telegraph and telephone purposes on or of court and the punishment! thereof. No. 2.) damns Injunction.?QUO war ran:o. c.-rttoran. PRh''i itlon

t4 AUJ tf8loam:1: the pro- Revised Statutes be amended BO a to' beside any public road or highway, BO I feec. 5. All laws and parts of laws In ''A Joint resolution Proposing! Ameni )-I habeas onu; u:,J.I, .. rs :tJl"r ur fbary

ibis ateiucjroDIr read a tolo\s: a bt. however. that the same shall not be set coming with this act be and the same i meat to Sec. S of Art. 12 ot Constitution -, tn I..,. ( -- \ -. .' i..eii h .Ia4Ut...

of & misdemeanor and upon cn- 138. Attachment when so aa '0 obstruct or inter re with the are hereby repealed. ,( of State of Florica I I .Section 24. Upon titapplicAiiou of a intorn m **
.M thereat shall be punUned a Is not due. Any creditor may. common uses of said roads or highways. S -c. 6. This act shall go Into effect I i Ee It Resolved bv the Legislature of the I State ol i'loiiuo. is,'urn-u> .uue oJc: au t41 rM4 .. '
( nit taore than one hundred dollars have such attachment upon a debt not Permission to occupy the streets of upon its approval and signature by the Slate of Honda: I foLlows; W .

or be uuciiaune.i in the county tal due whenever the debtor: 1st. Is act-the an incorporated city or town must first (JoVeruor. Approved June 3. 1903. That following amendment to Constitution I I section 24. L'poi: the apblumioa of a raajMiw <- f f<

MI aii'cdm< nludan... tro\1ed ually remo\lnl: his property beyond be obtained from the city or town coun- of State of Florida, be and the I the rel'literedot"'r ot any coiuu in thi MM th.> leisiatuie -

n wovislons of this limits of the Stale: 2nd. Is fraudulently the- cil. CHAPTER 5266-(Xo. 161). same is hereby agreed to. and shall be : snail establish 111; j jIoli>.h county a tout rv

aoDy t c uutIe. having special ln."w disposing of his property for or his See :!. That aU laws and parts of Penalty for Permitting submitted to electors of State at general -I record and there shall oe one tulip for ..Ja ot UM M..
purpose of avoidine the payment las in conflict with this act be and the AX ACT Prescribing a That Have election in 1904 for ratification or: ord. and there shall be une JUUKO fur each

That any person making afC4nt lust debts or demands. 3rd. Is fraua-such same are hereby repealed.Sec. and Allowing Dogs Are in the rejttctton. Sec. 8 of Art. 12 of Constitution -I courts. who Shall be a iirti<-lnx 1I011)CY
ulentlv securing his property for 3. shall Injured or Killed Shteo. or is amended so as to readas I oIHI.
jrtvtitx toioiruatiou sufiicient toE4 I This act take effect upon HaLit of IniurinK and Killing thearne. herebY who shall be appointed by the GAnr: I
another tor violating anv ot purpose. ol. its passaee and approval bv the from Kuniiine Large. follows: Sec. VIII. Each county shall by the Senate. aid \iu hhull r.oi.i I.M (4fl

IMvn$ of nis act shall be enti- Sec. 2. That all laws and act part are Governor. Approved June 4. 1903. Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the'be required to assess and collect annually I years. The annual sahtiy or tht It t1gt': of Mid airta
laws this public free
inconsistent with i of
for support
snail rt"lvt one-half of the I bh.nl be paid quarterly bthe "ujt f'N ibri
MM "3 imposed ad ('Ole'h.- Informant hereby repealed. CHAPTER 5263.-(Xo. 158). State of Florida: owning or'': schools! therein. a tax of not less than. court is established ana siuili be ItA li.i.jw u
Section 1. Any person
fee the cairn other 3. That this act shall take ef- 3 milla nor more than 7 mills on the:, '
AX '=
Se. ACT Amend Section of Chan having in his possession and under his ties of less than lo.o'iu uoHualion.% U 11111.It {
Mull one-third of fcuch by the Cover- dollar. of all taxable! property in same.
rtceive fPt upon its aDDroa ter 4322. Laws of Florida. ben! An custody and control. any dog or dogs: of from 16.000 to 3t/.lU" po--uiaiion.: 11.-/0. Ifl
x. Act for the Assessment and Collection have I Approved Jlay 13. 1903. I 34.000 and to t&.Ouu pupuiatui. ti.Wf; hiI
nor.Approved whom such person knows to in.iur-I of from t.i
t That all laws of May 22. 1903.
and parts
of llevenue. Approved June 1..
(Xo. 3. *: ** ;
ed or killed or to be in the habit counties 01 more than 46 fs.u' r-upulaut'ii.
,&w. In conflict herewith are hereby: 1S::5.Be luring or killing sheen belonging to other SENATE Joint Resolution Proposingan I criminal courts of leeoiu now Mtabilabad in UB toI

CHAPTER 5258-(Xo. 153.) : It Enacted bv the Legislature of the persons knovunglv penults and allows Amendment to Sec. 18 of Art. V. I shall. upon the adoption ui this amendment. .>'

That this act shall ,take ef- 'ACT to Authorize the City end State of Florida: such dog or doss to run at larere j *f Constitution of State of Florida. I and be courts of record .U! beirut provided. %M ..- I
le lately upon Its by: Section 1. That Section four (4) of misdemeanor Rlatiner to County Courts. .hall .
aOIrO\'a Town Authorities m This State to shall be deemed guilty of a ficers of such criminal couits ot record ;
rnur.Mar '0. 1303.BAITER Contract With Individuals. Companies Chapter 4322. Laws of Florida belnff an and unon Conviction thereof shall, Be It Resolved bv the Legislature of the cers of such courts. and dischai the dutlw "gJ*' '
.. or Corporations for the Catherine act for the assesment and collection of be punished by a line of not more than I State of Florida: ce.ve the emoluments of: such until the .wiwwoot
and Disnosal of Garba e. Etc. revenue be and is hereby amended so $50. or bv imprisonment in the county That following amendment to Constitution !:I: their present tern; ot oftt' e.
5252-rxo. 147.) Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the as to read as follows: iail not more than 30 fiavs. or both. at' of State of Florida be and of th
Section 25. of Arti. !ip V. of the Constitution *
Amend $ 2533 of the i Section 4. The followiner shall be same is hereby agreed to and shall b. ,
eUon of the court.
1 State of Florida: State of Florida is hereby amended au as to ra4 a*
CC: of the State of exempt from taxation: submitted to the electors of State at
Sttlt. I Section 1. That the of any Sec. 2. All laws and parts of laws in
I I follows
to Down coul"i First. All property. real and personal general elction in Xov. A. D.. 1904 for :
ThrowIi cltv of this said conflict with this act are hereby re- 1
town uhi-
c I or Section 25. The court of i < OJ:d hall haw
and Opening Gatj5 under the of the United States and of this I ratification or rejection. Sec. 18 of Art.
city town be Incorporated pealed. ,'apitai.
or i sive jurisdiction of all irimin1 1 ia". nl
i;. It Enacted by the Legislature of the V. of Constitution shall be and is here-
under the approval
eeneral Incorporation a Became law without (
act. or
I ( a which shall arise said and of all cMM 1
ftateof Hot Ida: authorizedand Second. AH public property of the bv amended so as to read as follows: in count: >
of the Governor.)
special hereby
charter. is
1. That Section 2533 of the several counties. cities villaees. towns Sec. IS. The legislature may organize in I law in which the demand or \ due of tM proirt
la Statutes of the State of Flor- empowered to enter into an agreement and school districts in this State used CHAPTER 5267-(Xo. 162.) such counties as it mav think proper does not exceed 1,000' jud COIICU n-nt with the (Ircult ,

i-H amended so as o read follows: :'I I with any Induvidual companY and disposal or- or intended for public purposes includ- AX ACT to Provide for the Revision County courts which shall have iuris- : court shall have ext-luslve! junadn-Hon of prot4liMM
.Kit. Throw Down a Fences corporation for night ine both real and personal pronertv. of I and Consolidation: of the Public I diction of all cases at law in which demand relating to forcible eLlry and unlawful a talur Of J

a i Ol*oinr Gates Whoever wiltullvaM I I dead of its waste. carbae. of soil all fire hose and hook and ladder companies Statutes of this Ttate. I or value of property involved lands and tenements. i

niaUciourly breaks don mars inFo I I city anims and such terms and sid except lands sold for taxes for Be It Enacted\' the Legislature of the I shall not etxceed $500: of proceedings Section 26. of Arti-le! V. of the Conatitution of tM 1

any or any : upon exceed 30 the use of any of said counties cities State of Floii'Ja: relating to forcible entry or unlawful State of Florida is hem iebv amended to Ma to n *.1 MI
{ ( such period of time not to
to or land.I: v ill 1 Irl'!. towns or school fll trlC'ls. i I Section 1. That the Governor be. I detention of lands and tenements and follows:
endoslni be agreed upon between
o..ho\'pr to be : said year city as or may town council and said individual. Third. Such property of literary. and educational and he is hereby authorized and reCluir-1! of misdemeanors and final appellate "Section 26. There shall be 6 teroii of the court J
benevolent charitable within 30 days
marred inlured or cut. I corporation: Prov1e ed to appoint. jurisdiction in civil cases arl'ineIn record in each year. .
en. losing land i I That Company If such or agreement involve scientific institutions within! this State passage of this act. 3 Commissioners courts of iustices of the peace. The trial Section 27. of Article V. of the 'onstttut Ik* i

khall b ImnishE by im-I'' t r annual rost to ald citv or as shall be actually occupied and used learned in the laws to re\'; e. simplify.: of such anneals may be do novo at ot>- State of Flonda i is bitchy amended so s/ to ilSd M
in the not town than Is now for the by them solely for the purpose for arrange and consolidate all public statutes tlon of anpellant. County Judge shall beludge follows: "Section 27. There shall bfo for at-fc court fIf
H.t years: or by line not ext -! 1 paying which they have ben or may be or- of State of Florida which are general of county court and shall be an record a prosecutng attorn". to b* 1I..nArd tlM> cwMtt
service said
e. thousand dollars or by taneualitv. w amount r>l eanized. but property of such Institu- and permanent in the.r nature. and i attorney law. There shall be elected solicitor who shall be
anpoatted bt e (k>vmer *ti<)
shall be ratified by a mn- tions which i is rented and the rents isSues which shall be in force in this State at
imprisonment at the dls- : .rurt freeholders said bv ounlifierl electors of said countv. who onnrmed b>' the S"nalt'. and who s.i.iil h.i d .>-. far
vote af the and profits only used bv such institutions the time such Commissioners shall make' shall hold duties
of court. i office for 4 vears. His four years. His compensation shall If flied bv la* .
th city or town and votfnsr at an election! shall be exempt from their final and thtt in the n(-- '
1 Att shall co Into ef- : not report and compensation shall be prescribes Section 2S. of AmV.! <.r the 'VmtiBtlon of fkc
i to be heLl for that purpose: and Pro- taxation. nor shall properly held formance of such duty they shall care-
tttelY upon the approval of any bv law. Such courts rmv be abolished State of "Florida is hereby anx-nded 110 MI U> rca4 a'
t vUJed further. Thnt If such an elwnonb by them as an investment or for speculation fully collect and reduce into one act lilt at pleasure of legislature. Provided
If M a copy of said agreement to- different acts and narts of ads whu-h. that all follows:
ADrU :4. 1903. be evrrpt from taxation. county judges holding! said of- .
ANe Sec-tion !8. All ,
ether with a notice of said election. :, Fourth. All houses of public -worship from similarity of subiect. ought In lIce at ratification or this amendmentshall off>n es triibli! in th* ceurta

CUAITER 6253-(No. 14MiCT shall be published in a newspaper in and the lots on which they are their ludcment. to be consolidated arranging continue In exercise of duties record shall be ros.uted ui''! mfoi inalkm .
to b. dultled AB Act to Le- tald city or town for four consecutive situated and the pews or steps and and distribut'- the same under thereof according- to their respective oath. and may be fnVd at ,mv time h..lher tlae "
.V such titles charters and sections is in session or not. In th> .'nu n tv M.II ttur. but th"
anj ValivUte .County weks fiior to said election. furniture therein. every parsonage and commissions and until their successors -
..r lieretoforKaVf>-qi"v l Votedn I Kec :. That all laws or parts of nil burvinsernurds not held or owned or other suitable divisions and subdivisions are duly cuahfied. and provided grand jury of the < it. uit < t>uii.i fur ihoilBtT bvtbich -
Afterwards Advertied! for laws conflictingherewith are hereby bv individuals or corporations for as they shall deem proper. with further. that wen any county court said court of re
b u. Ciuinty of the State of rerw'aled.See. speculative purposes tombs and right head notes briefly expressly* of the shall hereafter be established In any fences triable in the ruurt .r r<*i ',oj. t.10.: bI1ItII

1 tor the ; of Ponstructlr 3. That this act shall become a. of burial: but any buildine! homE a matter contained in such division's or county in State county 1udff of said Inlictment, the circuit judge nhall lori.init nr
r lfat. \ 'Ur\t Other Hard law Immediately after its passage when house of worship which shall be rented subdivisions and also with side notes "county shall hoi 3 his office and perform accused for trial. In the tiurt of re.ie.l! .it.-i th.rn
HUhwsys in Such County' signed by the Governor. or hired for any other purpose except so drawn as to indicate the contents of duties of judge of county court until his ty solicitor of said court slush IMn'l'dhtt.\! (

8ra the < nitstandlnr Indebt-!I Became a law without the signature for schools shall he taxed the same as the text. and with reference to he criminal term of office shall expire. any information ban-,} UIMHI eu h m-n tnmi. t
t'l from which each section sv- information the -l .hal! bi '*.<
of the Governor.) any other property. ext which H. u
efMss Smh for (Xo. 4.)
County or
any I Fifth. All public libraries and all have been compiled and to the published Section 29. of ArtIP! v. o' iiit' Either or both of Such Ju. ones and I real and personal belonsins decisions of the courts of this JOINT Resolution Proposing an State of Floriila is hereby auietvied 110 .,* *" r' Ci 0
.Cure any and nil 1. Therein. CHAPTER 559--o. 154. to and connected with property the same con- State expoundine construing the Amendment of Sec. 10. of Art. 9 of follows:
to the Kale Thereof as I AM ACT to Prohibit any Peron from In e'pfother resiect they shall Constitution of State of Florida.
Prml fiistmff i of the library itself and pal same. Be It bv the "Section 29. There ahull b- no .-. I.urt tit aW
by I.iw. Resolved the Legislature of
Causing or Procuring anv Person to complete the said revision in su< > a
and personal property held for the act- county where a court of record la tr."t.h",
tie Enacted by Legislature of the State of Florida
n Cut. Box. Take or Anywise Use or them shall most useful :
I to scam
manner PS
ual use and occupation of such library That Section 10. of Article V. of -lit- i-oim-iii.iioii .)fSate t|
Mate ot Florida Remove Timber on the Lands of Another and proper. to render the said acts following amendment to Consultation -
I only and not for rent. profit or speculation of Florida is hereby .inicnded lu r *ad
3o .it
isctton 1.Vhen"v r any e enty I Vithnut Consent. and 1 mere plain concise and! easy to be un- of State of Florida be. and
i follows "Section 30. The dt-rk '
b for the ,purtxwi ot cnnstrRctlriKMfadamized Presrrlb-j same.Is hereby agreed to and Fhall beI'uhmlttM : of thi c..at of
ine: n Penalty for Violation Mctood: Provided. That no change 1
Sixth. All property real and personal shall be elt-cted by the ehn-turn of thecui tv :n s
and uti"r; surface Be It Enacted bv the I to electors of Stat* at sren-
hard Legislature of the shall be made in the phraseology of any
held bv ami N lonPineto any the court is established and shall hull! 1 off! p for ft
Hi ways In such to fund eral election in 1904 for ratification
Iunh' State of Florida: : statute that his been subiect ta iudl- or
agricultural society in this State and
and compensation shall be h' !
IM "at&S imiebtedne Af anv Section 1. That any person who used dal decision bv vvhlcTi the construction iection: That Sec. 10 of Art. 9 of years .71
exclusively meetings
tne or sheriff of the shall be the "fll
county utu
-i f>r either or both of, shall cut. cause or procure to b" cut which thereof as established by such Constitution of State of Florida is hereby t-tt.
> 9UrPCMM Ihil h v* bepetoforeMR I cut cause or procures to be boxeu any exhibitions of each society, now decision shall or can he imnaired or aml'nd"l so as to read a a follows: said court: his duties and fee shall be fii-1 I.- <*

Invorablr upon ot a roi"t4etion -'- I kind of timber standing. growing or beIng is or may hereafter be lawfully organ-i affected: Provided further. ThiU saM Pec. 10. The credito of the State shall S, tion 31. of Article V. of the fonilltM.n'jf( 9*
held for .u>'b l'Upm' and at- ized in pursuance of law. j commission shall adont the Revised not be pledged or loaned to anv individual State of Florida is hereby .irnrIIied to 5014 at
the land of another without the
lards advertiwd such' on : Seventh. There shall be exempt from Statutes as the basis for the compilation company corporation or associa follows:
WS>4s be and they are h rtbv declaredsfsTand I consent of the owner-: or shall remove. taxation property to the value of two and incorporate the same and all Hon: nor shall the State become a loint Section 31. AH rules of r-rvM-e vovrnlrt the -4r-

vaid and they shall not be I IMM cause or procure to be removed froman hundred dollars to every widow dependent laws thereafter enacted In -said corn- iwner or stockholder in anv company cult court shall b* anolitablc the courts of retn

1"&ld count of anv IrreguI -I viand of another wjthout his con upon her own exertions and to Dilation.! association or corporation. The Legislature and all laws relative to < rinifti.il < ourti of rurnI *h.l:l

I proceedings taken prior to sent. any timber or wood of any kind. every person who has lost a limb or Sec. 2. That the sail Commissioners shall not authorize any county.oily. apply to courts of record ('hai.ret ot vnu m.iv l>*

vertln-ment$ of fI'J bonds for] shall be eulltv of a misdemeanor and been disabled in war or bv misfortuneto shall thoroue-hlv examine the compilation horoairh. townshin or incorporated had from a court of record to another court d e... nt '
sad all JelWts or other irregularIn shall be runished bv a fine not exceedIng that extent that oisaualifies him of the Laws of Florida made l'v 'district to become a stockholder in anvomnuiv. of the circuit court of another county fur tli* sc' S

such proceedings are hfrtbv'' five hundred dollars. or bv itnnris- I from the performance of manual labor. {. F. Akers. of Or ndo. Ha., and if '? assoi iation or corporation or causes and under the lawa wovldin for < nan*' >avenue f
and the Rile of such is;, on" -nt not exel't'dinesix months. Approved June 3 .1903. they: find the said compilation a full. to: obtain or appropriate money for or from the circuit < ourt of one covnty to HJU-P-
ant norland and Permitted ac- s.c. 2. That this art shali: tro into I' and 1 toloan: its credit to any corporation. as- to the circuit another
complete and accurate omnilation or court of county for tbr **
force and be of from and
full after
.to the provisions! of Article 21 effect CHAPTER 5tH--0. 159.) :revisIon of the Laws of Florida un to 'ociatlon. institution or Individual ex- county. The Governor may In bin dlifc-rvtkin <.rlvr t.jr

1 Title 1 9. Part 1. of.the ReHtatute its passage and approval by the AX ACT to Amend An Act EntitledAn and including the acts of 1901. they 'rent that the Legislature may auhorize circuit judge having Jurisdiction of the i Ircuit court

of the State of Florida; Governor. Act to Prescribe the Mode of procedure hall so report to the next session of the municipal corporations to relieve from of any county to hold ueouUtarn ofB.i.> rtofra-a

whenever inv such bonds have Approved June 3. 1903. in Cases of Supposed Insanity, Legislature and in_that event shnll not municipal taxation for such period oll I of such county for the pjrpue of trMn* now* tn
dSDt..ed of b\he County author-I i be required to perform the1 duties years as to the municipal authoritiesmay which the Judge of the couit of vord *$all be dis
Ktoa t value In afeordatuwith said CHAPTER 5260-(Xo. 155.) to Provide for Competent Examination rifled In section of this act. If.
of the I one FOO-I seem proper any manufacturing qualified. Parties to any caiim at Uw In a ourt f nr-
n8\'It statutes a ANT ACT to Provide for the Employment to Define the Duties of County ever they find the work of the
Mkssnunuv havetor I I enterprise that may locate withinthe ord. shall have the same right to trial n> tulv 44Iltem.
amfn.ftd. b..n at Labor bv the County and Circuit JudXs and the Repeal Akeri tfhe defective but of (
Commissioners !
said or by referees exist wide 'Ms I
but have been ns may
not fully municipality but
no such i
I of Any Persons Held in all Laws in Conflict With This Act. nature tllat by reasonable' amend- it
i 4'
tution, or the laws in reference to eases )1.
delivery tu the purch-ivr. thenaad exemption shall be for 'I
1 a longer
Jail Under Charge the made effectiveas period
a of Misdemeanor. bv the Legislature of ment it could be
P It Enacted
all auch bonds bo offered toro ? than fifteen court or mav. if the tudxe of the court of r+- 'r I tt*
I But Not Convicted.Be ,. State of Florida: a revision of the Statutes of Florida I years.Xo. disqualified traurrer the cause to the rr! < iIt "s' if
disposed" of shall be of full force it Enacted by the Legislature of the I I, Section l.Section !. of Chapter 4357.j they shall use it In th- revision herein 5.) the county in whit h such court of record n-wx !II'
a d anri haw the same validity Stute of Florida: j Laws of Floridn. approved MTV 29. 1895. provided for. and in their report recommend .
I I JOIXT RESOLUTION Set tim'. 32. of Arlcle V. of the CoiiatiiuJi.; 'f
MB .Irregularity had occurred in the I i; Section 1. That the County Commissioners is hereby amended so as to read as what would he a nvisonaltlercompensation Proposing an State of Florida is hereby amended po us '., i f
retard to the issuance be paid bv the Stat Amendment to Section 6, of Article
.Iu any county where they follows: to follows: "Sec. 32.! '"ourt of record riif > h '
ald bonds: Provided al- shall! deem it beneficial to the prisoner Section 2. Anv Countv Judge< or to the said Akers for the use of said 1C, of the Constitution of the State I, ed the retltt' by Legislature only a
wu'oIt ui-t Ill not apply to :, ('oncf-(d and for the public welfare Judtre cf the Circuit Court to whom. rk. Provided. Thrt if the said Commissioners of Florida. Relating to the Supreme uoor
laaued bv county officer may emnlov at labor upon the streetsof as wovided In Section 1 of this act. a should find, that the compilation Court and the Publication of all I ity of the rewlstere4 votera of tb. .OUflt> I' 'i

than those authorized bv said incorporated cities or towns or upon petition is E'ubniitted. shall without and revision made bv the said Laws Enacted court is estMblUhed. Ir

lena o the Revised Statutes as the roads bridges and other public unnecessary dila)'. an"0iit; one intelligent Akers is of such a nit'ire that it would 'f by the Legislature A JOINT HESOirTIO Pi-o.no An M i r

nded.t work, In the countv. any person in the citlze-. who shall not hive been not meet the remiirf"nents of the case Florida: Sections :0 and 24 of Article II si.4. !u'? 't r
e. Thla act shall take effect 1m- county lail under charcre of misdemea- a wtitloner in the cast- and two nrac- or could not be mad to do so by reasonable is It Resolved bv the Legislature of the Sectioi L ArtiIe VIII. ofth.- oristI'4 1 'i >
Ut Its approval by the 'nor upon which he may be confined in ticing physicians of good ppassional : amendment bv the said Coniimtssioners. State of Florida: State of florida.

becoming a law wlthueb Jail for failure to give bail: Provided standing who shall be graduate of a then and in that event the That the following amendment to the Belt Resolvedly the fiilalure of thegti' ..' t :

aonrovel.AorU howe'er.Q such person shall be so school of medicine recognized by the said commissioners shall fully comply i Constitution of the State of Florida be That the folloum nn-r, Cl i >.?. i \ .,

..4iprsvsd IS. 1903. employed against his will or without American Medical Association, when with the provisions of section one of;; and is hereby agreed to and shall bol j cle III snd Section 24. Article I'l atd t, '.. < ,> f

his written consent. Xo such person such rhvPlcSans reside In the county. this act. iSiv. submitted to the electors of the Stateat Section 8. of Article VITI of tv < -.# sH 'i I 'i' .' -

ePR 6254-(Xo. U9.) hall work more thn tn hours In 1"0' h who shall conFtitHte an examining 3. That the said commissioners the general election in Xovember State of Florida be. and are heiebv sre -i .. (
A and Lelize all twenty-four hours and In case such committee and within a reasonabletime shall lay a printed copy of the public 1904 for ratification rejection. shall be submitted to the electors of (*& ,' '
ll Assessments of Taxes and IICollei of their anpolr.tment acts so revised! and consolidated, bv I r
so employed shall be acquitted. after notice general election t be held .
Section 6 of Article XVI shall <> in Xov A I) 'i'< >
'tlon of the Same in this of the offense: unon which he is so held shall secure the? presence of the ;!)- them befor the Legislature its next be Section !0. Article 4
Iff of tf> .. .
Where the "urnose of Such ;'for vant of bail or tn* -case aiminsti posed insane person and shall make reffiilar Fusion. that the same shal1 amended so as to read AS follows: Stiete ot # |

tl to Pay the Interest or I him shall be nol! prosequled or dismissed. such thorough examination as will enable re-en-x'tpd. if the LerisMure shall !t'l Section 6. The Legislature shall follows: Florida to hert*X amended so ..f. j i

rD.or Any County U nJs. :'.i and he shall be discharged from fur- them to nsfertnit his/or her mental determine and at same time they provide for the speedy publication and! Seetipa 20. The
IuriK of ConstructMacadamized condition at the date suc-sest to Legislature such contradictions L1ilatur. shalt swut
ther prosecution then such person shall and physical distribution of all laws It may enact. local laws tn t t
and Other Hard be paid bv the county for his services of examination and if considered! Insane omissions! pnd Imperfections All decisions of the Supreme any of the f'ilowf ft'i'r.' ''* "
actsl, Court that is
HUhwavs In Such County. :, at the rate of thirty cents per day for whpther.the insanity Is acute or mav apr.ir in original teJ\t of said to say. retulatirot the $uri1. thi T "L
and all laws
to fluid outstanding Indebted- the time he may have been actually chronic. its apparent censa. the hsllucinsit'nn. and mole in which they shall have; and judicial decisions any class of omoers. or for the punihrru. ., er9..
a Pui h rountv. for Either recon'-i'' snr>rlied and amended 'IalJ"le' shall be free for publication by misdemeanor: eselt
I .any or employed; and in case such if any. and the nre and nro- ,. any' tot Pits nferej of
th !*ui h Purposes.Pelt I t shall be convicted then person pensities of the subject; also whether and they may also designate such acts person. But no Judgment of the Su- local laws reg'uisthe) practice of .. .sts (
the time he n l.tl.
Enacted b,' the Lezlslature of the :, may have been so employed shall becredited indigent or rossessinr sufficient available or parts of acts as in their judgment prerre Court shall take effect until the I providing for chttii rmttie of .1 'I ahi

Mate of Florida: I on any term of imnrlsonment means for Ms or her support- Provided ous-ht to be repealed with reasons for opinion of the court in such case shall cases; grantn iIIviurr th n.u". of
Mellon 1. That any tax heretofore to which That if the al- such repeal and recommend i sops: vseatIn road,
ho may be sentenced and in further. person advising mtv be filed with the clerk of said court. 1 Pumnnnlnf an,4
.foamed or ol.tld for the purpose oft ease he shall be fined. then the value of leeed to be Insane shall at any time passaee of such new acts or parts A JOIXT RESOLUTION ruind and petit tunes and nrovIdiit for tbe efliae1

any on any bonds of such labor actually performed by himat prior to the rendering! of the decree of nets as in their iudl'T pnt. way an- Proisaingf I Sation: for ass..ment sod t.iil. t'eis' .
"ty In this State or for a sink- court before either in Amendments to Sections 1, 5, 11. 24 and I fe,
the rate aforesaid shall be credited in the ca e. anntv to the rear necessary or expedient county ani "uir.I.l0.l
i t to Day aald bonds. Issued for on his fine or the costs or hoth fine which proceedine-s are had. bv a petition lien of or In addition to any of acts so 25. 26. 27, 28, 29. 31 and 32 of Article I' conduettn1 clii t:ri, p Vn i.ie'Pursi... sy.4 fAr ,,

of constructing macadem-; and costs. Xo charge shall be made for perm1son to contest tN rvl!ed and consolidated.Sec. V. of the Constitution of the State pal o1floer. and for dc.otnf$ th.en', i',..t..t".S ,,usnt t.

.I and other hard surfaced IsUhwavs 1 against such prisoner for feed or board charge of in ntv.! the court on the 4. That Slid commissioners shall of Florida. I for the sale o' toil ,,p h ig eti
a'l county and to fund the out- during his petition! shall st their work to be printed in parts t. i
., : confbunrent. presentation! of the cause Be it Resolved by the Legislature of decedopt,, and of persong Ishnetno
In4e tedri s< of such un'
any The day certain for arinsr. fast it be readY for press and 1e'.J .
SJH2. County Commissioners the case on a as may the State of Florida abilities. !h ,
.tY o for either or both such pur- cause to be kept bv the Count and if the accused is Indigent and unable shall deliver copies FO printed to Governor : county or W C'S I
t and th. same 1: hereby Road to procure the ntfndnnce "f wit- of State who shall distribute Section 1, Article V. of the Constitution ir.nnlciw.imea ci?. t i a

.wasted leculixeii to all intents iS,01iductof Superintendent persons a record emnloved In which npF!': in his or her behalf the court same one to each member of Legislature of the State of Florida is hereby In nvaH, for das the or .'ha|l I0'i'iThStIhO} h' .. ,. ,
sod Mtrtiosee and that such tax so as.b for In Section L shall be note I shall have summoned a rejs!.naWe immediately' after in \\'. 1M! and amended so as to read as follows: legal *d'ptlnn' of "'''Hrew ***i .

MSfsi be l'oU.de1. and such tax and. that transcript of said record number of witnesses for such person. fo such other nersons in limited number "Section 1. The Judicial power of dlMbllitiM$ and. for fhe **t.hli.-. '
SI MM collected' the Col- Secten 21. ArtIcle .
ni .
Ta shall be furnished to the court having to be paid nv the county. as he may see proner.pec. the State shall be vented In of the 'ona" '
letor of Supreme
anv county in this shalletosited : iuri-diction in the premises; Sec. 2. This act shall tike effect R. That after the laws so re.t1'111'1 !- Court. Circuit follows fljf" '" hereby aJsInd.d ..' I -
be for bY him I now pro- lMd a > All laws and parts or laws in conflict Immediately unon its approval by the aforesaid shall have been submitted -
I bv law. with this I Mar 2. 1903. to and 'd Lpefelature1.. said 1 County Courts. County Judges and Sec 21. Th leritiattmi
art are hereby repealed. Governor. Approved ; anrrov aht' '..
That all Kw and parts of __ __ i .t.u
.L' ut"C. ,Justices of the Pear svt
I for: m nf
Ian) ceoBlct herewith be. and the I' 1 JS act snail 1:0 Into effect commissioners shall nrenare samp ; Oiintv --I ,
MM. are I hereby repealed.See. tmrr.t'dhtPlv after Its passare and anaroval i CHAPTER 6265-(Xo. 160., I I press with marginal references afore, Section 5. of Article V. of he Constitution paint*, into elsaiw.g At rt ,1Av. ,

I. That this Act shall take effect 3. 1903.1 by the Governor. Approved June AN ACT to Provide for the Iestoratlon said. and such marlin 1 notes as shall of the State of Florida is sla of Denotation: rt ah*" i ..tilforrn 1 f rot 'r F

tmsnedlalelv Us approval by to a state of Judicial Sanity of an1"Pnr host..cnlcu'it for nubile Infor I hereby amended so as to read as follows % ayct rn of nv.., -
uon Persons who ha."eI''n Previously mation. to th"r with a complete index. there-fnenrnratoflMea
tVe : .
Oovernor.Awrovet a 1:. 1903. CHAPTER 5261-Xo. 15S. Adjudeed Insane.Be choose Sec. 6.their That rhaf'I"said commissioners.n. and enter upon oh.il! "Section 5. The Supreme Court shall, arid for the Ineernor ,,, ,.. i- ,.. I
bv the Legislature of the Porat.4
AX ACT to Provide for the Invectira- It Enacted Florida their d"te ns snon II s r-ictlc-!". I hare appellate jurisdiction in nil cases law e1atfnt munhlssltv! Ipio 5 -

CHAPTER 1255-(Xo. 150) tion Imals.of Diseases Among DoJl"l.tc An-1 State Section O-f 1. In all: cases w**>re any Sec. 7. If said commissioners! shall at law and in equity originating in circuit any to the eeestt-. Sr.
1N.ACT to Provide for in thef and to Prevent ) .ao1 of find the revision end compilation of laws courts and of rnunlHoaltty or nu"bthen --
Juror Contagious Diseases Anonf tl r'mn. who has been iiTPtofore. or appeals from the the whet.. q i'lss. I ,
I Courts of this ftat@ CnunTraneferred DE' It na'tM hv the' Such hereafter may be. adiuded insane of Florida mad" bv C. FAkers refefel I circuit! courts in cases arising before SfIon i Artt"te ,. -

from Judicial State of Florida: Lt'lisature! of the whether such person --onfined in the to In pec.2 of thU act to be full comrlete I. county judges in matters pertaining StStOOf1 5jaI.h4 vnr, '
t Another Judicial Circuit Section "Florida Hospital for the Insane" or and accuifitf and recommend Its to rA I
The probate
I Board of therefrom is in adoption bv Leoi"Itturl'. they shall receive and In
the has been dischareed or ,
University of Florida is herebvlu- the management of the estates of In-
B $500 S1t-
the Legislature of the thonzed the custodY Of any person persons or for their services the sum of !
I disease and empowered to inwtirate tommlttee. it shall be lawful for any each. If they find that said work bvenponable i fants. and in cases of conviction! of M'onv -

.Klcte all lurors hereto-'' prescribe among rules domestic animals. to relative husband or wife or Incest amendments can be made'! in the courts of record and In all I it

f unt@rtheex- In"estlP''ltlon. and Inri to relrollltrons for such friend of such person. 1111 the case may effective and amen'lpd sn as to accom-j criminal rasps orlginatlrff In the circuit 0? F'torid'iy ePwfnpd. '4 0 I ,
Is 4
itat*. deem1 1 'uc" w..th- hrphy
of revision of statutes.
ods as will prevent the be. to applv bv 1'i'tlt.oor bv hill IneQuity nlish Tiumosps courts. The court shall have the 'IrtWV sb r
ea and summoned for : spread of contagious to the Circuit Court of the they shall rw.lve for their services the| to issue n'imbere4 from 1 to 4 fn"hui1y. .,
that have been I diseases among such. Said board countv where the allseed lunatic was sum of $1 000 each If they find that power writs of mandamus. laws of a ? 'rsl I

tu ferred from ore Judicial Circuit is hereby authorized to employ an agent adludsrd Insane. or wnere such person work cannot be used and complete! the I certiorari prohibitionnuo warranto. CflnPtit1Jt1qst $fl1fllflf 'ulIrI5flOC ,

ar Judicial Clnult for the ntxt'te to he known as "Veterirarjawho mav be Hvine at the '. of such application revision of the statutes ns provided by' habeas corpus and also all writs nwos- PePl'Io of lSfl*. flIe4 Ia VIPOr.0g $ be i

of the Circuit I II hall be a e-raduatp! < of a "tTtttirr col- provided. however that when this net they shall receive for services j sary or proper to the complete exerrisa Given Uflder my hand tli* ..

F ie. S. i"t all laws and parts of !, experience in the roracti, ot veterinary "Florida Hosutal for the Insane." the Sec. 8. The sum of 2.500.. or so much I have power to Issue writs of habeas August. 4. TI.. 1503. tie a ,
J laws to herewith are hereby re-1 I medicine and who has made or proceedings Fhall he brought In the <>>"rpof i nv v h. iv ""<:"flrv. shall ba (SEAL)
rtiloi act shall take effect.IjtHMWalely leinal investigations in county in which mid institution is located allowed said commissioners for clerical I corpus to any part of the State upon N.CLAYe iwr110
upon its approval by the' to veterirnrv sdence. of Incurred in I petition by or on behalf of any person ,
reouire of to hav; the mental status hire and other expenses a p4, I
Govotaor.Amoved. such duties 3' In the InilmSS of th' such alleged lunatic maulred into. as carrying out the provisions of this act. 1"1 held in actual eusody and may make

!&1:. 1903. laid boar will promote the \v.tare! of to wether such person is still insane. ,i S.(. 9. That In case any of said such writs returnable before hImself

th. dl\metil' ImifI I Of the t\t.: ot and unable to manaee his or her af-i copmic .( Florida and to ai.1, In th" Aft__. fairs. READ) THE
au M R.6J61St .. .,, .i. f from i tiethl"rpof or before
ACT thq n n uisteiuiuatlonof shall die. rp_ _rn orremnv". State1 any L4W5
: all .d
Such bill shall contain -
& of the (I'umnensaton in Coun- knowlda of veterinary science. I Sec. 2. before E'flfl'nIfttTflfl or J. I Sec. 2. The said board the facts upon which a decree restorIng said commissioners. It shall b" the duty'' with
of trustees Supreme Court this
th' !
Population to
< Exceeds olin apierU that issue.
shall have the same power to promul- : sut h person to a Jiidi'-i-'llv sound of Governor to appoint suitable person1. a. s.t out in
TjtMrtv-threv Thousand and Inhib- court shall always t lie.
:: cate rules and I mental condition or status is prayedI
regulations of this Star.. !learned in Veto
Wn Law.Re *. Such Judro From Practicing the same concerning !and t'Jrrel to enforce lon- I and shall b* under oath. Service of law.or persons to fill vacancy thprohv o-'casionp'l. Section 11. Article V. of the (Consti In thu rnunty, this .

I and ouarantine of demeVlo VniniaU said suit shall be made unon the State Sec. 10. That this act shall take effect tute of the State of Florida is cif
KnaefM bv the Iowa
I Lerlslature of the when they have of the Judicial Circuit em- of a **iral
Attorney amended to read
llorlda- reason to believe they from and after Its passaare. Ap- : itttr. eassi. .
: I
rat o '! braciner the county in which the cause f
are infected June 3. 1903. "Section 11.
with proved The Circuit Court
In each county where thevowntetton any disease shall t1reof 1N3. '
I shall the law.
Is brousth. and he represent ,
The Ocala banner
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Banner Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Ocala Marion County Fla
Creation Date: August 28, 1903
Publication Date: 1883-
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Coordinates: 29.187778 x -82.130556 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 17, no. 12 (Aug. 25, 1883)-
Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for 1884 later called new ser. vol. 2.
General Note: Editors: T.W. Harris, F.E. Harris, C.L. Bittinger.
General Note: Description based on: New ser., vol. 2, no. 14 (Dec. 1, 1883).
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"iiIIii" ''t'r"'r"r"'r"r"r"'r"r"r",," " " " " " / BIG DAYS FOR OCALA. IT IS B0D FOR LIPTON

-- Ocala
Jacksonville and Tampa to Play Ballin The Shamrock Loses Second Race-

Ocala-Sept. 3, 4 and 5-Are the Cup Will Stay in America. Offers ti

ttv ----+. the Days Named. I Atlanta, Ga., Aug. "5. .

)[r. :;. A. Standley received a letter Special to the Ocala Banner .
It 1.r
f' 31 from Mr. George B. Groves, manager Reliance wins second race by fifty- The Largest Stocks

I of the Tampa baseball team in which two seconds.

IN A BOX be makes the pleasant announcementthat AMERICAN PRESS Ass'.. Advance Styles
rw -
the Jacksonville and Tampa
t : r The Editor's Vacation.We Modern Methods
I *= If you want to write a nice letter you can do it if you hid Baseball teams will play match gamesin
You're in box if haven't the and observe that our judicial officers
a ,
nice stationery. you paper Ooinp Prices
Ocala September 3rd, 4th and 5th.
t E paper is in a nice box if you buy it here. We have many styles. after two or three mouth", of
These are the best two teams in
labor are seized with brain fag and Quick Shipments
I POSTOFFICE DRUG STORE. Florida and have: selected Ocala not
I hie away to mountain and seashorefor By Busy Merchants
5f. -- only because it is midway
rest and iccreation.
the two cities, but because also for itsbplemlid Who Bank With
1 Our eminent preachers, too, are
:: t -- diamond. forced to take annual and semi-annual
-- People from town and county who MUNROE & CHAMBLISS
,. outings.Our .
want to witness real good games of
lawyers, bankers, merchants, ** ** BANKERS o* k<
-- --- ball anti catch an idea of what real
insurance agents and etcetera, are
-- -1r ball playing Is must make it a point to Ocala Florida.
compelled to spend a part of the year
ri see these games on Sept. 3rd, 4th, and .. .. '" .
-- -- 5th. with rod, and reel, and gun. '-._ d',_wit.. >); A<''<'!'1:0: .rr t bANTIMONOPOLY +

!1iiiiiiiiiii'iii'ij! ! !' !' j, jl'j'ijlijl.l'l1ijli.li.l'l' ,. ', ,lijlljl iS: Everybody come. But the editor's work, like the pur

ling brook, must run on forever.
------ !*!
]! .z-1J!!
--- The Times-Union's Contest. Take the writer of these lines as an

The second month of the Times- example.He DRUG
hasn't li-lml nor hunted in STORE. |
Union's contest for Lady Commissioners : .
David S \V oodrovPHOSPHATE thirty year and is a stranger to m
to I the St. Louis fair ended as
i mountain air and ocean breezes.
r- I i
follows: m Medicine H one thing that elands between life and death. Your

LANDS. West Coast-Miss Sara E. Harris, Summer and winter hespendsin physician writes a prescription that will do you good if properly put

Florida and the hour of midnight nor and good pure drugs u->ed. We are now prepare to fill .
of Ocala, first with 4,956 votes; Miss up preserip.tions
the hour of six in the morning rarely at short notice with drugs from Park, Davis & Co., and other
Agnes Rogers, of St. Petersburg, sec-
houses. It w worth
reliable while
finds him abed.\ I.J equally your to think on this
lands wish to sell ond with 4,659; Miss Stella; Peter, of and insist on your prescriptions heiug brought here
you or subject
If'you have any phosphate And he feels,no evil ellects from it, wht-re
communicate with him. Leesburg, third with 3,0-36; Miss Mary nothing but the very best drugs that pan be procured are U"l'l .
lease on royalty and advancing years finds him at
Wartuianu, of Citra, fourth with Full Line of Standard Patent Medicines.
leant physically more robust.
!,J14. I ,
I-n't this hieing away to mountain
Middle and West Floril a-- I\\*
Office next to Dr. Smith. l'o toffiCt: Block. Ocala Fla. I and seashore more of a fad tint anecessity" S Our Line of
Ij Mamie Randall, of Saiupula, first with igjU

j 3,640! votes; Miss John McQueen, of i Fine Toilet Soaps, Peraunjery) Fancy Stationery Etc. ,

Tallahassee, second with 3,568. ------ --- --- -- 1 Cannot be surpassed; in central Florida, Ind as to price, we can i .

that glitters so Messrs. 8. Femberg and 0. H. Hoilandsworth East Coast-Miss Lillian Thomas, i $15.00 1 only say that we propose standing strii-tly dp to what our Mnle 4
"An U not gold '
of Jacksonville first with indicates.
36,912 votes
to >s ; "
It often comes pa of Duunellou, were visit- 2J
The Golden Rule that most folks know M.SH: Edith O. of .
Pye, Jacksonville,
Is nothing more that brass.. ers iu the city Tuesday.The Give Us a Call, 1lNTIMONOPOLY
second with :29,83.5. for This Size. i
new bank building is now STORE

SID ELI3AB2TH SASSIS. Local Editor making line progress. It in going to Card of Thanks. l EUin Waltbaua) EJ ISI J. W. CASTEL, Prop. ts

be handsome structure
Words are inadequate to express to f4
HAPPENINGS ABOUT TOWN. r r -- ['a -s.r.iEa Carl r'i!:i 9rlr=+rarr .J!] r-rtr rtir L yr
Owing to the: sudden illut': of Rev.L. my lady patients and friends the

B. Warren there was no service pleasure I feel for their confident., - -
T. D. is visiting her old
Mrs. Bryan<
the Baptist church tiuuday.Mr. esteem and generous; remembrance in

home. ----- presenting me with a ho-sd and buggy I Ii
I Arthur S. Harris, the well 'GQe Ocala Gree ouse
Mr. Irwin P. Reardou returned. a:; a testimonial as published in theOohla
known Savannah traveling man, py
Dunnellon TU p4lhy. Banner of last Sunday. Such a
was at the Ocala House Tuesday.
Belle- reminder shall only make me the
Mr. E. A. Polly represented 1

View in Ocal Tueday.Mr. Mrs. C. W. Fox and Miss Mollie more zealous to be faithful in the discharge i

-. Hillier went to FruitUud Park Tuesday of my professional duties, andto !
I! Wedding and All kinds of
W. G. Mi-Carroll, of Ginntille.U administer to the atliicted wnu all P I
where their mother is quite ill.Mr. s faF1134GUARANTEED
I j ; I Funeral Flowers Cut Flowers and
t i \is-itiuir in O; lilli. I t the skill and Knowledge I possess. a Decorations
JohriB. [b'loyd, the popular life
. Few men have tt'alln to be happier I t Thankfully, t
insurance mill of Irvine, was shaking YEARS
FOR 25
D. M. SMITH, M. D.
than Dr. Dan :Morgan Smith. hands with lii-sOi-alafriends Tuesday.

Dr. Castell enjoyed visit from his Foley's! kiluey Cure will cure al Scholarship at DeFuniak. FRED. G. B. WE1HE HOUSE AND YARD PLANTS. OCALA FLORIDA. \

brother )Ir. H. Castell, Sunday. aediasrsariniltg from dHorded kidneys Miss:: Stella Martin was awarded thescholarship <

has returned or bladder. Po-.toffli>e Drug Store. m at DeFuniak by the grading OCALA .: FLORIDA.Mr. .
Mrs. W. W. Clyatt -
committee, which concluded its .
from a visit to North Carolina. In today's Banner will be seen the .
l labors Tuesday. The committee E. C Bennett will I leave on the Sfli !
iy visiting advertisement of H. B. Masters, : ::: (
' Miss Jennie 1a friendsIn consisted of Dr. Lindsay and Mr. first of September for Roanoke, Va., .

Washington and Baltimore. which ladies.holds Head many it and attractions be convinced.for the Clifford Anderson. to visit relatives for a few days, after .;.:. e : :':::;\ \: : CANOrIES.[ i I [

Miss Martin was a very bright which he goes to Bristol, Tenn., .;.'t'., .....'.." "
Mrs J. M. Bentoa and little son re- .: .- Nickel plated. l
5 The beautiful iron fence for Mr.v.. scholar and will creditably represent where be will make his home in
turned from White Springs Tuesday. t' Patent frames
future. He will be at Roanokeby
N. Camp's property on Buckalew her county. joined

Mr. Ed. Carmichael is in Orlando Heights has arrived and will be put Miss Ray Folks, of Juliette, was his wife and baby who have been .' Plain nets and
looking after his business in that city. up in a few days. second. there for several weeks. with lace.
t Four were in the contest. .:'Bobinet nets.
I Mrs. G. M. Hubbard and Mrs. Neil Mr. Louis Gates left Tuesday for Messrs. S. 15. Hubbard, Arthur

Allred lest Wednesday for Virginia. Lima, Ohio, where he goes to visit Hubb-trd: and W. A. McDuff, members Plain and lace- j
Meeting of the Reading Club.
t his grandfather and to attend school. of S.) B. Hubbird Hardware Co., trimmed.OC&L&FyRNIIUHECO
Mr. \V. K. Zewadski left Tuesday The Reading flub met with Miss .
He will be gone several :years. of Jacksonville, and proprietors of
: for a short professional visit at Lake Violet Harris Tuesday afternoon.
Hubbard: & McDuiPs hardware store ,
: Wtir.J Mr. William E. Finch arrived in it attended ;>
Though was not as largely I of this city, were in Ocala Tuesdayon -- v -
I Ocala Sunday afternoon from Atlanta as usual, it proved to be very inter- E. C. SMITH, Prop. 1
a i Mr. Fred G. B. Weihe is now local a business and pleasure trip.
I to pend a few days with his sisters, esting meeting. Current events were --
agent of the Cable Piano company in
Mrs. Mason and )[McConnell.. discur-sed and Kipling's American Mr. Rufus Waterman, of Gainesville F F
I t Ocala
r Notes were concluded. The next Ga., came in on the Seaboard

The ribbon house of Ocala, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller will begin meeting will be with Mrs. J. J. f.er- Monday and returns today. He J. A. PITTMAN & SON.

flew colors. The Ocala Bazaar housekeeping the first of Septemberin igg and Browning's poems: will be just stopped over to say "howdy" to

Gad"ou. I the cottage on Ft. King avenue read. the folks. Mr. Waterman is lookingwell.

\ Mr. Arthur- -HarJiker-- and Doctor I recently occupied by Mr. Elmore His friends were kept busy OCALA FLORIDA
The Doom of Jim Polite.
Slaughter represented Levon in Ocala :: shaking hands with him.

I Governor Jennings has signed the
f Tuesday. Dr.W. C. Lindsay and Mr. Clifford iiMial first to the
A \fef're
death warrant of Jim Polite, convicted -
I Anderson were busy Monday examining ('u*tern market*, and are *hon Your
t r Mr. F. Watson returned yesterday of the murder of J. D. Beasley, and NeighborSays
school certificates. They were till all the new things that the
; from a visit to Jacksonville and I the unfortunate man will be hanged retail More showing,
performing this duty at the request of .
Sorth Carolina Superintendent Cam. in the jail yard in Ocala on Friday, in Xew York City, in neckwear you need new furniture in your home, and you know too,

; : September 11,1903. ribbon, .Ilk ready as well as your neighbor does. Now is there any good reason

f Mr. Arthur Masters, who has beeni' Mrs. Eaton is going to New York wear hat, belt, long bead why you should not have it? If you think you know the reason

spending several weeks in New York, Breaks the Record. chain, etc. The Ocala llazaar, come and tell us, and we will show you that there is absolutelyno
and make her millinery selections in
returned Tuesday. Gadson foundation for your reason. \Ve can fit out your home from
J .. i I j person. :She is a connoisseur and we )Ir.T. E. Pritchet, of Candler, was cellar to attic and make it have the appearance of a home instead -

<$< Mr. I. W. Barwick, a prominent i| know the ladies of Ocala will be delighted was in the city Tuesday. He has the Mr. D. Liebrecht, of Brussels, is a of just a "place to stay." Let us quote you prices on
at the Ocala House. Mr.
Floridian, was among the arrivals at : when she returns. Sumtercounty territory for the sale I guest
Liebrecht is a friend of)Ir. P.Jumeau
the Ocala House Tuesday I of the McCormick machines and says I
and is here presumably for the OF ILL KINDS.
that he sold ten machines in six 4 pur- FURNITURE (

air. J. F. Simpson, the prosperous I moving hours with three competitors in the pose of studying the, phosphate in 1x

'i lumber dealer of Weirsdale, was a purchased from S. R. Pyles Co., to field dustry.Mr. .

visitor to Ocala Tuesday. their old store on the south side of the
I citizenof
4 C. J. Hagood, a former
Crepe paper, all colors, for
.'II Watch the how! windows at public square. The stock will be making hat and drapery, Ocala, died last Thursday in Jack t

*. The Ocala Bazaar and keep moved in to a store west of T. H. price lOc roll, The Ocala sonville. He was a native of Mica- J. A. PITTMAN & SON.

ot ttd. Gad ou. Benus on Exposition street. Bazaar Gadou. I nopy.



.. .._ ... ,. ." 1".. 'i". ; J.- _
: 'a3 =
,, -s. Rv
t .'- ," ;',' a ,"*;v:'!"i.'cxc,c-3-, -scat-tile ho= 1;"' :' "
'- (
rLr1 t
""' -:1: i
t..ii.-liJ.," ,..', .-,.. ",-- ..., ...Jt" .,

!, Mt ": .' $ : : :,-.: .". . :::.":., '.., :" ." .. A: .Ygr e ,. <. '" -. C'r' : ; _



k nrmn'm1"mtt"'t1'1"t''n'mn'm''n'n'nrtn'>1 "' '! ''''''' ''' '! I :i.taking of aliig atorts Mr. say andtr- i STAGE rRIC HT. IIt I SENATOR TALIUERRO'S SPEECH.

f -- -- I *: &i5 Mr. J. M. T. Carter about the j i tti EczemaEOT
1 The deiivrr-d t..rator i
-- -r one Rho took bU gar from bun and wonderful how many of our Iputlie j gpetrrb t: ir--->=.. ,I

-- --- I sbotat him oaith it. men are a b.td toy wbit is, !i 1'ailafrrro at PuntA GoMl: must com rizil t i.-.jp ..
;:0.Ss Jfne Ciil ,t U't .

----f.r I. Tne incident is sworn to for !a f:eL known &. "s 12e fribt. mini the aimirattoo of tie people: of ; Lt 1"..rt.focn."': ...-: : ,- ..

The following b the the storyi .'- .. :yttcc
way ;
old l.a.ssood Florid, rtgUd!. of tbt-ir fu.tioa.l "-- ; ,
Many an warrior, who : "
r 1 :D.11a; .t.. :.. # :"_+
t I SPECIAL OFFER J : told : in front or a belching cannon without alliances. lu a plain, Jltraigbtfor- It Frttirsdg rrr ......1n ir'-. ..

I I Oa returning hotne one day item a cared. *_K! .orrfllU aJt: ,. re. __
'ward bcsioeike! he .N'Hood's
-- a tremor, in facing a piefoJsyccp manner presented
I I i bunt Mr. Carter .\S be saw a mooi l
r -- i t is claims for eiee tion to & 'woud< !| Sarsaparilla
-- __ -- i 1 sttr 'jritor in the roo 1. As fce ap- aid : ,thetic Auditnee800 &t- I .' ':;'(' .: ,.,.- .r".... t". !:.. : .
-- i term in the i-t"uste---.hd they are [ .
,, -- probed it it stood op on its bind tt-nptirg to tell hoar it was done hasbeen ; a.:.': i* :'..az..toLt.J f..rto'1 :. s ,
-- claims thst cannot fair- Li .::t.<4.1 .n "".... : L.t.p .
j .- OPEN ONLY j fret andbowed fi'ht. Ht tried to known to tremole the Time ss if oe igiiond by ;I ( .....!.

-- t .- oiicded men.= The reeard of the gentor : :iw e;i.......L.-isI.1111af.- r .
i mate it move without sbootiB; i: ?o b ; had been suddenly srited witha .. .. '
-- -- --
'J! UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15TH, 1903. he punched his fan towards it. The "bQ(:!;: ague." ; aix-ociplisoment- eotjonct- i I -
r ion with the o'ber tnetuben of the fa c\Uuu au Rthn a. ... ..,...
-J !: 'tipjr sia reta ed to retreat an inch. Thmi-as JtIf..rOO, oho n&:_ a born tdvle .
Mr. A MMioar v- .
-- : Uoutdanng the four yarr that \ ;,
-- : Mr. Carter got still dor to itin I politician, a woQdcifal diplomat and I
-- be bag represented the people of I Oeala Wednesday fNtIa A'to '. a ,t
THE a : a aicp/bG his gun at it. sail: the an eminent st&ttmsn, couldn't face ( Yent .. .... .
f r WEEKLY; I Florida in etmsns is highly cr it-I twoeo>> :11' : .
aadinece without becoming
'gator refos-d to budge the pmalct -
aLt * I Iecstor bOl'iei.
(I t Finally be: gat close enough to it to I *o ntrvo th'.it fci? teeth } .
r Tahaferro is Mr. Minor liv** at <>>. r"a
a cocrtoia renUeman
OCALA BANNERUntil J tA'u..h it with hu gun and as be did soI would fairly chatter and hb knees -I' .. .
Of in : w '
i and would not stoop to ? county* 'ot !uk \1.airar3ie
the OOD9.ti\"eofthe hko" didn't doa strike tozttber.BJwin .
-- I dirty personal abuse in which at least w..ks aja and it :r.. -: Galway
I! thing but ,strike at it and in falling onI &3 nh, though appearicon
of the
:: January i, 1905, and either :: I I one of his opp<>Q nU i it indc.gint! !. bark home.
the state nearly night
wrested every
the it from the owner's
:: below mentioned papers for one := j gun This harrangiug and mud-1ivgin; Mr. Minor i It tftf- ifbt 1.. .....
I and not rid himsrlf of "stage fright" and
grasp twizticg i its tail around it I I
:: year from date of subscription :: would sometimes into the second may be admire J by some people, but slid vest fro. kit b<,oi* II! <""W1I
and turning over with it on the pass
-- 1al I I Point to Atknu OB Mrwl4t-1 4
the Times believrs that it will excite tt
J ground in regular alligator fashion in act tefore completely coming to him1 1,
ONLY $1.85.SemiWeekly returning tot sin wac..8d ..
r f the di uind cnmtempt of the great ,. y
a I Srlf. JBhcht'r {
some way the trigger struck one
1 I majority of the citizens of Florida enjoyed the trip i..fUor.1
rr -- I obstacle, the hammer Ml and tbe gan Talmase and Iczrrsoll, I II He ha.
and that they will make this fact $ & bi; grove aw ." p+w
aa all to it and John B.
; fired. were subject ,
:: Jacksonville Times-Lnion. :: j i j I manifest at the primary elecson next masterat&rowo Point. H* ,. t.t\Df.
{ Gough.&!! almost a.* bad as Jeficrson,
Mr. Carter it is the only icci-i
E Thrice-a-week Xew York World. :: I rays I I June. ing back with him tvra. 'H..i'- ....
i dent of its kind on record and that it \! tat would sooner recover his comi -
:: The Commoner [Bryan's paper]. i senator Taliaferro's: record, both.pm'ite to help him eoiiivkt, ht> cr....* ao1
The Weekly Toledo Blade [illustrated] :: i si a true story. j I posare.Chirlea and public, is clear and honor look attar tauotiMt iatrr./'.
Summer: al-o: a vicdai
:: : wi
E The Semi-Weekly Atlanta Journal |! The Ciambliss Sale. I able. He has never wavered in hU .
to this unexplained something and it Stockton and _
HitAnother .p....' cis
:: The Weekly Atlanta Constitution. :=
;t Just afUT the pages of this i;see made him appear extremely awfc. support of the democratic party, and I Ut 'nH

--- --J ; were print on which appears the ward. He never knew what to do huemcvand:: his mean. have always !. John N. r'. titoetfoo. t-Ac1.. fir

-- a- i aaverttement of the auction ute! of been at Us command. He has '
I with him bands and looked like he the nomination for \ .: Naha

TIME LIMIT. ''tint- cattle of Z. C. ChambliKS, a: :; could have done very much better never shirked, no matter how senator, U in Tamp tod*) J :. tr

-= : Ucaia. was printed, we received & i without them. :arduous, unpleasant or exacting the runs '
; The above clubbing proposition will positively speech at 'ordr .>t't.4Etoekwo aJ

be withdrawn on September lath, and ::: letter from Mr. Chamois saying that Many instances of this sort ta>k. I rvferrrd o u. Tsci.

sub, sent under this offer must be ::: II Senator TaitafrtTo has .
; riptions = he had decided to boll the sale on the have fallen coder oar immediateobservation. fairly woo a Time i* being "<.[.rd at.j ,.r.lr'.a-
== accompanied by this adn rtbemfnt. Old = of splendid reward at the bauds of the
*tn September, and eo that will be
subscribers under this -a I ed by ivpubiieau trait atarosar'
== may renew proposition
== by paying arrearages which may exist. tLe date of the sale. %Whil we have I II We remember ooce to have gone to Ia I democratic party and the Times believes The suteaMOl M It oir.rri! ... aad

-- a- I i j never n'L this herd of cattle J we I oiitieal[ picnic with one of our local < it will be given him.Tampa malicious lie. Tbr Tint* uha t.,..
.r -a I Times.
-a snow someining 01 me oreeuiag 01 celebrities who WAS an exceedingly trolled abualuiel". arid .. **a far

: Terms: Strictly Cash in Advance. them and can fay tbat our readers: !1 -in'iting and voluble speaker in & I FROM GOVERNOR TO SENATOR. J dgbl YMJ'S.... byb* nab ..... .

r r ---a can be: sure of getting some excellent: .1 i i crowd on tLe hotel piazza, but when name appeal,*tl flit b.-af :b. .&.
-- =-: specimens of the beef breeds at tbatsale. .1 i called oa for a speb he was go endi I To the Editor of the Ocala Banner_ tonal column,atnl ti.. oU>.r mu bi
:: THE BANNER Contains Twelve Pages Weekly,
::: Consisting of City News, County News State A little liter than this the i denly seized with ''!;ta;e fright" tbat I II Following in the foot steps of the rigUt, not b- *ti> utbr tun.&ttefD4ed ...

:-;: Hews, Telegraph News from Every Part of --- northern papers ate full of advertisernratd he couldn't say word and was compelled :I many others the present governor of to iLtlarth-- it. J.457

-_ the Werld Political News and Comment :: of the &uetion sales of fine I.
r to -it down covered with coofa.iou Florida U an announced candidate during that pt'tI'el-farupa TJHIf:

== Communications, Etc., Etc -::: cattle, and while they are to a certain and blu-he?.
for the United States senate.While ..
-- -- extent au innovation in the extreme .raking'eronally we had ratter thtit<. Pvetty ten,

-- ...brick x ::: no law prohibits a governor Lat PiaDda '.. Tuaee.t ..
south :
a- that H no reason why they .v
-a I j J write a dozen tpeaehes than to attempt -

The Banner Ocala florida should! Lot be as popular and profitable I I to deliver oae. Pains run up becoming such candidate it would, eeftaiolyrMf a dandy Lbiy 'iollaf

r here ain tbe north. We nope to :j and down the spinal column, arms no donbt, be well did acb prohibition *.., and the Irh..1 wti- .a! '....

:;:: note that this sale was the sucee- I at Uiow flftJ.u lilt' u-Miifu; F'wtdtr
r : :i i and Il'gure seized with the palsy, a exist throughout;: the onion. The

-- that :Mr. CbambliM dewrrv to have f iris whose J'If"t r. .,... ,1G tb*
r -aIII11111U11Ullu ;I choking:t-t"Dation ty eaperirnce+3 in the patronage and the control of legiala-
Tlaie.t lion :"un.&.. redr t .
I ivith his ) -a
uu account and the more
i j i thro:it, the tougue becomes: pirchel,

: l ''il'4'' ,ll'll'l1' itijiuiuill, ll.l1.l,. ..ll'il'jl'llj"lli.l'' '! I J.srfullSrlV; that it means the i.'prt"Ad- I j the voice almost refun-i articulation lion vested exercised in this office oogbt not tote perwoce an inwar 1 iU.ap"--b-

I lug"; "f good cattle over a section that and a clammy prerpiration infuses possibly advance the and outward ai..t1'1Jt-a, hi !,.. awl.
personal interests of the incumbent.
need, them H> badly and to which anything ]salter 'btti.. boo< blill
: the whole body.
can instantly tell J His duty is tu the state ouacbt not to
when they mean so much in the way of i i i It it an ordeal more terrible than a I up by the tbunu ua n.twJ i=. dram
an tliigator: but made a capture. come in conflict with the tuiviuic-
added rlk'r.erity.Toe fttocbmau. battle. 1 I by young duda.-r .tilia wrMstl
He -beard one of his biggest Logs i, meat of his personal ambiuon. Nor --..

asMr. give the "alligator! jueal" the other Notice of Teachsrs' Examination. ;f 1 \\f do not know nether any of oar should the recipients of thin patronage : ,..... S4.4 tee

day, and be didn't wait to learn distinguhned candidates for the ,
the The regular teptemU-r examine-j I be placed in a situation that na. regular 'IA''(j..., \i.rt. I particulars but i United EtatH pton.ste are afflicted I
Ja. \V. ganders 'If Early Bird, immediately ran for tion for tfaeLHiIl commence the iSth i! c&ases them to feel ittbeirdnty "to I.lftl"I tes ears L.-.s u.. rbttttrOr.e.

complains that Lei l.aviuz all manner i bU pun, but before doing so he bent a day of 't-pt. 1OJ3, and continue j! with ?tage fright" or not. I Ii intern the favor." The inhibition in I of Mrs. i] Tl1edb"tcht"5 said that Hon. Jco.j .
negro boy in the direction of the tbe constitution of Florida
: of
of trouble with thtaIHg'J.br4 this for four days. and ttir ahrrowu< taM .pelt

year and finds it aluo4t i impt.--ible i to noire and told him to try and rescue The examination for whites will j N.,C. Stockton was "white with" raget several other states tim reTtm:. a mud dellafttfuUJ.1. \1.... Jilani1 r am.t

exterminate them. the Log, but the battle between them eommenceat9o'clock In the High I and trembled with excitement. governor sue c-ediDg: him rif in tint edaixotrg .... ...
: We John
gue5 ha* Vm, too.
j wa bo terrific that the boy became I ot:ice is for tbe of
Ire call them hi. tenants and raysthey ,1 i I .School building and for colored at the ,I j purpose preventingthis I II I I

Lave a meculeut tooth fir youLgpig.i I, paralyized with fright and couldn'tdo same hour in Howard Academy: I II I Ibuilding. I THF FIRST INNING. condition of affairs, to put it ia j: 101'J" iMHf Sass

and do not dt-'I'i..e a full grown a thing. i I: t the parlance cf the day, creating a i will em Bncbt' 0.-.

Lo;; The hog way a tig boar and fought I One dollar will be charged each !I The mo"partisan of Mr. .Stockton'* I r-H Dd "machine." One otfie I II Will extra Daa. ....

deliberately, Lut the Saurian examinee law followers cannot be proud of his performance I should not be made or used as a Will burt ti M. ID BU.ia.-f
These ampbitriou-s matures have was too ;I according to to pay tbe I.1 i I
much f., him at Punta Gorda. It means to receive another. It would WW cart Glory aad dials
feanted on at least a hundred of ilr.Zanders' r and finally got him : grading committee and espen-ea of I I wa:*, I

t pigs and fatttst shoats! thUaM in the water and with skill and dtx- the examination. Examinees will j indeed a most regrettable incident. I ream too that one so highly honoredby D 5<
B >n. He nays that one of them teritytood on top of him with all rjpply themselves with fool cap or I I Mr. Tallisfcrro'e address: was digui- the people of bis state iu to be
Death af AMrs. Fernrw !iota
who Is plainly an "old! timer", makes fours and held him under the water legal cap paper, pens and ink. i i I fled, calm and unimpa-sionssl. He I Ii made: its cbi-f executive might be t/f
IX C. .! f Nsw
ut.r >
until be : & clear, clean-cut exposition of i content with this honor to, at lean
.it a point to get in the pathway of wa drowned.It W. D. Cars, Supt. give I I
A. HOMMibt. II"
tbe i -- -- i[ his views, and a modest statement of during his term, not be seeking iiijr
pig, pretends to be a log, t-huts ii
so cleverly done that Mr. i in
Same in Ccala. | others that he Atlauu MUL.day i. Ibl. Ic tpcetwi > .a-
her his aebifn m eyes, ofDi| her mouth, abdthoughtle Sanders be '
says taw ator
was no Judging from the report cf Man i and all of Mat the h"l1.t..* WVM.
,. the to win for him a great many friends. escape using his
ly pijs run right into
amateur tbe bu
at iness.
; Voyle of the and demand i i position to him brought tu tL. It\ t. ,r lntrrtt+sot
the toe aver scarcity }lr, gtocktou'fe speeeh was of a present belp to an
trap, jaw! come together and _u. ._
He say: be ran up with this par- for desirable idencea in '!!: kind that has made "Daval: polities" i other. Every one acquainted with Tbur"
little .
piggie i ino more: the mouth i )t- :rfay, atet'Jrsbetw.en
iI I ticular gator two years before and i I Gainesville: are shout to enter':'. distasteful throughout the state It the methods of tbe politician knows ..
immediately reopen for another vic! Ulf I r rla: IttJ'l; lLvp.s'urg..aeball
i shot nearly one s-ide of her Lead off I IOIJlJn one of the most that the evil to which I
prosperous! was a mixture of salt, exuta.
tim and does not have to wait long j jI I pepper team M lzea.tw;, was tlw6ia i,

before in goes another piegie. I but it did not destroy the old. lady'sapietite :I seasons this city basevirexperience; <:1. ::i I vinegar and bile. It was not in keep- Until the people remedy this by legislation L.e..l-ur :i.Stti .

The works like for the proscribed di-h of theHebrews. It U the excellent fechools which are !i log with the occasion and up to the they can only condemn it and
trap fly paper in the I ...... .
good! old summer tim- attracting the people from all prrts nf I present moment has received no overcome it at the polls. lmhruid'rJ tram It'rtinn .

Mr. Sanders the state and ... mi our <-*+I HI..". trf
rays if there B any every branch of commerce ;, favorable: notice from any quarter. LOOKER.

J Mr. .Sandtrs estimates that eighty gentlemen in Ocala suffering from a I h naturally benefited.u city It was a blunder and U DO doubt Many in this uitlf. :>.," IIIIIITII at .......
of his pigs disapi>eared in thk persons community
way severe case of train fag and wants I in Florida, or in tbe ooath for that mortifying to his friend*. I-- prii t>. '1 lu- O.HUCX'iU Illfi+..,.
i are u2ering from kidney
before he discovered the trick. complaint

He says when an alligator attacks real game sport go out on an alligator j:! matter, enjoys a better reputation In the first inning a point was who could avoid fatal 1 results! ry umeFolcy's (iul..unSTll_--.--

shoot and he can have all the ;I Iis i from an educational than'laineville.Uaintsrille
fun be i standpoint certainly scored in Mr. Tdiaferro's '
I a Wg hop it squeal as it does at no Kidney Cure. P.),.tornV DruStore. .: \ .\ -,1 fr.t4i ..... kit
looking for. j j I I f-un.; favor : ...
i m .>ft'dt.rr.. ;, .,
-- -



i During the next 30 days we will close out the Alliance Store Stock of .



As stock must be sold by Sept. ist. Come at once, everybody= while the the stock is unbroken. The prices we will name will make you buy It t




--..--- .: ,. --. '. b ar

:L1C I *'rni f;; *_ ., .

** -j- '>4 < <. .Y .r. : ,' asivES's Ea3ts. : ai'ski' lc'i 1,3L'.w.ne: i.::


<-.- ", _, ,_":,, '%" "I"1>,: ,, ..,_,,r "-> At. ( ')It; J .J 1
,, : ''-'''''-''<'' ''''''' :-!''" -
.. '' '
... ....,. .:. 'J"_ '-"-' t -t.-:
... -- '!: J
,-? ".,. '"-.!;, "" .: "':j,,, ,, .,;fi.- '. ,4,.,,,,"' <'! -'; .j 'j:,. '" 4 ""': "If:
i .A "." '''5' < < !
...... .r: :!>:I'r p -

,..: t

4 .


---- ---
-------- -
-- -
- -

The paper "U1 the People, for the People and by the People."

-- ,
-- --
----- .
------- - -- -- --- -------


__ u_ _
SiSA ELIZABETH! EA5S1S. Loal Editor I A SURPRISE FOR DR. SMITH ...*..................+..................++...+......

INTOLERANCE Lay Sermon, \ ,

HIS Lady Patients Show Their Ap- BY .

preciatieu In A Generous Way I AND ITS FRUITS. : THE EDITOR. : S. A. STANDLEY & CO.
Mb May Parr is visiting on Like *
Grateful for his skill and devotion, a ....................................................
Weir for a few weeks.
number of estimable ladies in thin How the blood is chilled when we value of his immortal soul, for the redemption -

Mr. Adam White, of Citra, was city have shown their appreciation of read of the world's great disasters. I I j of wbich the agony and Livery Feed and Sale Stables,

the Ocala visitors Dr. Dan I death of the Son of God were not too
among : Morgan Smith by .resenting: What pen can depict the horrors of
great a price to pay-indignities offered -
him with a handsome hor>e and the flood? Compared with it the
MUs! Fannie Kobinsou left Sunday I to the body are less wicked than
b gy. Johnstown and Galveston disinters *
offered the soul.
indignities to
for- visit to relatives iu &\'anuab.Ir. We carry the most completeline
The gift collies as an entire surprise. were mere mimic performances.'! Save The entire authority of Europe

Herbert L. Anderson returned The following which has just been 1 Noah and his family, every human was directed to the perversion and of Harness:; Saddles, etc .

Sunday\ from a visit to Jacksonville.Mi handed in to us for publication will being) and every creeping thing per even total repression of thoughttoan in central Florida, and will give y l
I. enslaving of the mind, and making a
explllju the motive of the gift aud ished The whole earth was left des-
s Evelyn ftlot went to Jacksonville that noblest creation of heaven a our patrons the very lowest '-
gives the names of the donors; olate and barren. worthless machine. To taste of human s '
r. Saturday to visit friends for a t e'
Ocala, Fla., August 22, 1903. Then we have the destruction of flesh U less criminal in the eye prices. We are thoroughly
' while.Mr. .
1'-: abort We the undersigned lady patients Sodom and Gomorrah, and "other citie God than to stifle human thought." equipped for fitting out turpen-

I B. :;. Anderson is enjoying a wish to express our gratitude to Dr. '* of the plain ;" and the disaster Long and fearful was the darknessof
( D. M. Smith, in a manner visible and tine and lumber teams, gear,
visit from his young brother from which befell Pompeii i and Hercula- the intellectual night. .
1- substantial, and have made choice of
( Auburn, Ala. a horse and buggy as possessing the neuIU are brought vividly to our sight :Slowly, gradually, did the world recover wagons, etc. ( .

f greatest utility and as being the most by the recent terrible catastrophe its better senses, and as it became .

)Ir. J. G. Spurliu returned Sunday fitting testimonial of the same. which overwhelmed Mt. Ptlee where tolerant it became beautiful.As We always keep on hand a full line of Columbus( and Summers

from a visit,; to relatives in Ala-
Signatures every human being perished almost a writer of religious tolerancethe Buggies, and "White Hickory" Turpentine and Farm Wagons.orlh .
buna. A. E. Trantham.
within the twinkling of an I world is largely indebted to Jeremy .
Mrs. M. B. Maughs. eye. \ Side Court IIoit c. Ocala. 1'10C1)11ERCIAI1
)1r. and Mrs C. M. Brown, jr., left I' Mrs. H. K. Smith. I Fearful as these things were the lobs I Taylor. He was born in 1613.

Saturday for New York. They will I' Mis Emily Stotesbury. of life was not so great nor the sufferings He wrote on the "Liberty of I'ruJlb.tossing"

f be absent beveral weeks. I' Mrs. H. W. Little. I so terrible a* nave resulted from I a discourse published in 1647, -

Clara C. Burnside. religious persecutions. j "Showing the Unreasonableness of
Mr. Co J. Phillips returned Saturday Mrs. Cecile M. Croft. II I
The history of religious intolerance i Prescribing to other men's Faith, and
from Carthage, N. C. where he
Mrs. H. A. Ford.
would fill volumes. It is I the Iniquity of ) BANK OGU1
vent to see his father, who was quite Miss Emily Ford. a chapter in Persecuting Differing I

Mrs. Jake Brown. our religious life which we wi-h could Opinions."
III ___ .
Miss Sir Harris left Sundayfor Mrs. Louis Home. be blotted out. He closes this work with the follow-
[Branch of Commercial Bank Jacksonville.
Mrs. R. S. Hall. ]
torture that could be invented
J. inttresting and instructive apalogue
Fernaudina to visit Mrs. B. Mrs. Louis Chazal.
i for the infliction of pain was resorted which he he found in the Jews' I
Hiers for a short time. Jessie C. Maughs. says ; CAPITAL S5OOOO
Mrs. F. T. Schreiber. to. book: _
Mrs. W. D. Turnley and children, Mrs. E. Tatham. '.. Men and women were stretched up- "\Vh n Abraham sat at his tent

of Arcadia, are in the city the guestsof Mrs. S. A. Rawls. on the rack and torn limb from limb; door, according to his custom, wait- Accounts of Firms, Corporations and Individuals Solicited

Mrs. Turuley's mother, Mrs.! F. It. Mrs. C. Camp. their bleeding bodies were seared and ing to entertain strangers, he espiedan Prompt Attention to all Business Entrusted to our Care.

Mrs. G. K. Robinson. old and Exchange Bought and Sold.
.. man slopping leaning on
Giry.Mr pierced with red hot irons; their eyes
Mrs. G. T. Maughs.Mrs. his staff, weary with age and travel, b

*. C. C. Stewart, of Jacksonville, O. W. Reagan. were burned from their sockets and coming towards him, who was *u INTEREST PAID OX TIME DEPOSITS

Mrs. T. B. Johnson. their tongues were cut from their
Irft Sunday for her home after hundred years of age. He received

Mrs. Robert Taylor. throats; their bones were'broken with him kindly, washed his feet, provided
spending a short time in this city
Mrs. N. M. Allred. hammers; new horn babes were supper aud caused him to sit down ;

with friends.Mrs. Mrs. Jack Camp. but observing:. that the old man ate -
-- -- ---- ----
---- -- -
thrown -- ---- --- -
into burning furnaces; they
Mrs. G. C. Crom. aud prayed not, nor begged for i\ULsr

Ftstus Bitrgs lull children, Mrs. J. F. Edwards. were thrown into lake, ponds and ing on his meat, asked him why he JUST RECEIVED

who Lave been visiting relatives in Mrs. F. B. Beckham. rivets and fed to the usher; delicate did not worship! the God of heaven.

Atlanta for tlt'wralmontbs, returned Mrs. T. C. Hall. women were disemboweled and again The old man told! him he worshippedthe OUR FALL STOCK. A large supply of Big Boston

home Saturday. Mrs. D. E. Hanna. were tied to the tails'! of fiery horses fire only, and atknoxledged( no lettuce of the most reliable] seed farmers in the United

Miss Gertrude Peyser. 01 her God; at which answer Abraham States. Cabbage Onions Turnips Cucumbers
aud drugged to their deaths; iu l heal| J
Rev. and Mrs. Rotierl Hugh Morrisare Mrs. C. L. Bittinger. I grew so zealously angry, that le Plant, Beans, Celery, Beets and all kinds of Farm

the parents of a little daughter, I Mrs. J. DeBeer )It. Pleasan... Tenn. men and women were covered 1 with thrust the old man out of his tent, and Garden Seeds and Fertilizers.Be .

Barnes- Mrs. Phil F. Brown Blue Ridge pitch and nil {poured over them aud and exposed him to all the evils of sure to see or write us before you buy your Early
who arrived at their home in
II Springs, Va. they were then set on tire. Molten the night and an unguarded condi Corn for spring.
vine, Ga., on the: 3)th iust. 1 Mrs. W. \V. Smith Cincinnati.Mr. .
When the
lead was poured down the throats of tion. old man was gone, .
God! called to Abraham, and asked
Mr. \V. K. Pt-udleton, of Savannah, innocent victims and the earth converted The Ocala Seecl Store-
him where the He
John M. Taylor, one of the stranger was. I
hm the city for a few days: visiting into a bell with all its inmei replied : "I thrust him away becausehe :; ,
of -- --
oiliest commerce on -
his "I ife, who is the guest of her nary horrors. did not worship thfe." God

parents, Mr. and )Irt. John G. R"'ar- the road \\ail Ii pleasant arrival in the It i.s estimated that twenty millions answered him': "I have suffered him

don. I city Friday afternoon and is stop] suffered death in tbt'lIIo.tulliull these hundred years, although he THE CLUB HOUSE.Cuisine .

ping at the Ocala House. BeMdei being dishonored me, and couldst tho.i not I
revolting manner from the hands of -"
Mr. Sol. Benjamin arrived iu Ocala endure him for one night when he:
Iud! silesmiu Mr. Taylor is one
fetuday from At'auU' in look after the crusaders. There was almost an gave thee uo trouble?" Upon this: ,
of the best ported politicians iu the
the business of the for indiscriminate masaereof men, women saith the story, Abraham fetched him
ice a
company First Class. Plates Reasorjable.!
Hefnnred the nomination of
few btate. and children and few escaped ravishment back again, and gave him hospitable
weeks He is cue of the members
Mr. Jennings for governor and speaking and plunder.It entertainment aud wise instruction.Go .

: of the company. of his platform, in which he announces thou and do likewise! and thy
( was a saturnalia of crime. Refurrjisrjed Throughout] Special Rates by Month.
charity will be rewarded by the God
himself! for United States
Quick Relief For Asthma Sufferers.
The mosques were piled seven feet of Abraham." _

Foley's Honey and Tar affords immediate I senator, Mr. Taylor says that it is one high with murdered Saracens and the
When beautiful tolerance like
relief to asthma sufferers in of the most brave yet at the same a
Jews were burned in their .
the worst stages and if taken in time time conservative and states-man-like Moors, who had done synagogues.The and were this fill the earth how beautifully re- I MRS. THOS. J. BARNES: PROP I

will affect a cure. Postotfce Drug utterances that has emanated from a plendarjt) it will appear. The mind
much for civilization
Store. m doing eo were
in the state for completely unettered-110 intolerancefor
public otlicial many -- -- -
driven from Spain the Huguenots
Mr. John Reardon, who has been in ) opinion's sake-the kingdom of
years and he believes it will appeal and Waldenses were murdered with- g-! .Jj! \!! $'
Ocala for the part few weeks on sick the heaven, with its redolence, sweetnessand
with wonderful effect voters.
upon out Under the text "the
leave, returned to Jacksonville Satur- He thinks that Jennings' star is in mercy. beauty, will, indeed, fill the earth. mi i WE'EAT MEAT J
heathen are given to us for a possession '
day to resume his position with the The beautiful and fragrant flowers
the ascendant. millions of the aboriginees of
Habbard Hardware Company. brought from the ends of the earth /-- To grow strong. Unless w e get
America enslaved and died from 4
Suicide Prevented.The were and laid so touchingly and tenderlyon :i.- .. .. good meat we may as w'llltt
trio George Robinson entertained harsh and inhuman treatment."In :' J. \. "It."-
statling announcement that apreventive the bier of Leo XIII, and thealmost 'irJ! ." '.... ;') it alone. There is no strength
a few of her lady friends at America "hu 151 ." '
pro'cresive says Draper, lf'ti' -
of suicide had been discovered '. I."J' in tough meat-instead of
universal homage paid to the 1 ,,!- giving -
whist man sacrifice was of a religious I ,
Friday afternoon. The part tl1
: will interst many. A run down sentiment unstained The humble and saintly: Sarto, now Pore 1i' : :;:, ,- :r1t I_ it takes strength! to digestit.
by passion. ,
Itarty was informal and thoroughly system, or des-poudencp invariable i "iltL.. ,. (j.,'
auto da K of Europe was a dreadful i Pius X, are examples showing that :I I rc.:. ,.r I ..\II I It pays to be careful iabuying
Rightful: every precede suicide and something has \ f, .. fi'j.' )'_ I: ..
way. I .
; been found that will preventthat condition cruelty; not an offering to heaven, this dazzling beauty is upon us. .. .u. meat-be sure to get
::1 r-J.-
: \.' ., ;
WASTED-Experienced guards for nut a gratification of spite, hatred, ...;. -1, the best tender and 'bflk
which makes cuicide likely.At As, "all roads lead to Rome," so all :1 ;= :" s ..,. ( e. i
( state convicts and turpentine farms the tlrst thought of self destructiontake fear, vengeance-the most malignant I !':i: : ,, 'j1 little if need te awl
; i. Pay a more
denominations lead to the celestial .....-'k >- ;:
wag s&1QOO per month and board. passions of earth. There was no spectacle ll" I

Address Merrett Powell Co., Gardner, being Elecrric a great Bitters.tonic and It being nervine a greatit will on the American continent at city, and why should not each be :: {C! WJ J .' put something in your tltoruatl&c

Fli 3tiudltw strengthen the nerves and duile up which a jut man might so deeply permitted to work out its own salvation '''l-<:J t G t t.-!"'\] ,: +( .';.. ;'t-: '- which will put tie-h on yonr _}
Mr. L the system. It's! also] a great Stomach: i blush for his race as that of Western in its own way? ,11 ";::# ....tiJj.. 4 bones and strong blood in your i
LL ,
HoiFoinder, who has been Europe when the heretic from whom .rID
Liver and Kidney rl:" uldtor. Only -\11 tbing!;now tend to show that the heart.EDWARDS .
conducting the Ocala Bargain Store confession: had been wrung by torture
for the oOe, Satisfaction guaranted by AntiMonopoly passed to his stake in a Ieevelessg'umt'ot dove of peace is spreading her wings BROS.
past left for .
1 year, Sunday Drug Store and Tydings; \:
with flames of fire and effigies over the whole earth and enfolding tc
_ Cordele and other points in Georgia Co. m Stalls 2 and 4 City Market, Ocala, I'la.
and of an abominable import depicted all nations in her embrace and the Is
will afiet a few weeks go to New Col. Sic Marco, of Crystal River, upon it." "Let it also
York religion of the future, we earnestly s s !Fdi1IN:
City to enter into business. was in Ocala Friday and remindedus be remembered, considering the
believe, will be the recognition of the
Jiro that those big tarpon mentioned worthlessness of the body of man, and .
1 George Mozo, of Moniac, Ga., that, at the best, it is at last food for "Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood -
; 1fho in the Ocala Banner as having been I
has been the guest of the familyof the worm-considering the infinite of Man." OCALA FOUNDRY & MACHINE WORKSOCALA
her landed by Dr. Anderson and Banker I
uncle.)Ir. Gus Liddon, return- a
1 ed home Chambliss were caught in the waters FLORIDA.BOILERS .
Saturday. Mrs. Mozo was End of Bitter Fight. ) The Death Penalty.
before of Crystal River and that there are little results
J A thing sometimes I in
her i !
Luia Lid-
marriage, Miss "Two pbiysician ahd a long and stud-
I don,of plenty more where those came from. death. Thus a mere scratch, insignificant i Starke
and has many friends born fight with an abcess on my right
>111 thl.8 Speaking of politics, Col. Nic. said: cuts or punny boils have paid
City. June" writes J. F Hughes af DuPont, the death penalty. It is wise to haveto
Isn't that platform of Jennings'/; a and Fittings to 12-in. Valves
Ga. "and gave me up. As a last resortI have Bucklen's Arnica Salve ever Pump,
; P.ev.
, hit William C. Lindsay celebrated wonderfully strong document and tried Dr. King's Sew Discovery for handy. It's the best Salve on earth I I Sawmills, Saws-circular and drag, Belting -

j \ birthday moat pleasantly Friday hasn't Florida a statesman in the Consumption. The benefit I receivedwas and will prevent fatality, when burns, Pulleys, Bolts, general line of

fternoun.. His guests were Rev. gubernatorial office?" striking and I was on my feet in a Sores, Ulcers and Piles threaten. 31 ILL';AM) MINING S (' ..I.I'411S.IRON .

Henry W.Little, Rev. Louis B. War- few days. Now Iv'e entirly regainebmy Only 25c, at Anti-Monopoly Drug

1 t. ltD,Rev. J. A. Hendry and Rev. D. Timber Lands Wanted. health. It conquers all Coughs, Stcre and Tydings & Co. m

& Hardwood timber lands in Marion ColDs, Throat and Lung trouble. Gua- W TED.-An industrious married AND BRASS FOUNDERSALL

1 1 Q' nD&. Dinner was served at six county containing large per cent of ranted by Anti-Monopoly Drug Store man (whiteto farm on shares, everything

'i clock. Dr.Lindsay did not disclose hickory, wanted. Address Joseph and Tydings A Co. Price 50c, an 1.00. furnished, reference required. KINDS OF MACHINE WORK
": r" ace to hia guest Bell,Ocala, Fla. T i5 tf j ji Trial bottle free. m 7 il tf ALLEN BODGEBS. i

., .".
f :, e :S

.-, r -sty

s y ".'.. ..:.. ._Ort- _" "''" """"- a

<, -.

.t r .. ;. r < .. '<" -



wt: .

PAGE FOJRi1'f1 -


f.} BEAUTIFUL SEABREEZE I i I THE VISITORS WON. ;I IAn IJ t J MISS MILLED-ENTERTAINS ;i THE RELIANCE WINS. I I. r,IIiiiiilllHlUlill'11111U11111,, ,,!, ,,, ,,,,"11II" "iIIIttIilllllt191f,'" ,,, ,'II1111t1" t I111It+}

Game Won bj Tarpon in ,; American Yacht Wins Over Upton's y
if1i- Exciting '
: The "Ocala Colon' Great Anglersh In Honor of Miss Richards At A I I E 7ILT/T
h l -- Mosquitoes and Invigorat Ninth Inning I 1! Shamrock. t j! \ \ 1 ;
made Most Delightful Card Party. j jfv i i. t
II J11 t ing Breezes. As her the announcement I Special to the Ocaa: RUle
"";. Friday the ball teaa: of Oc-ila I .tuiday afterroon in spite of tbe j New York, Augu-t J, 5:15 p. m -
11 l1I Inn Seabreeze, Aug. lU
Clarendon ,
and Tarpon Springs met at the Driving inclement weather, Mis Eloise I[; Tbe American cup def nder Rclum---, !
To tie: Editor ol the: Ocala Banner I BANNER'S
t This U a very lively week at lira- Park Friday morning for a Miller was the hoteat: a delightful this afternoon defeated Sir Thomas I I

; bretz, for at least nearly two weeks final !:ame. The weather: wfc, hot I card The party.house was beautifully decorated j i| Lipton's shamrock III r.yev u m.uutes i ==

and the crowd waextremely l small, j and"fortyeconds.. i
; behind time "the bar season is on. I with bamboo, ferns and cut hWH I I iI I'
but the mo>t excitin contest on the Reliance beat shamrock nine /uiu- ,
f The ball was started rolling by Mr. 'I 1 i
From four thirty until six whist was CLUBBING;
Ocala diamond this year was played. utt-o.and twenty five '*<" >uIs.
r W. M. Martin, of Ocala, the rno-t finish both sides were played. During the game bon bon's I ---- ----- -- t I
From start to
indefatigable fi-henuan on the coa--t. and delicious fruit punch was: served. i 1 John Temple Graves on the Vexed
in the game to win, and it could havebeen
He started out with oce ten pounder
After the first Question.
a spirited contest priz s

Po and one twenty four pounder Tuesday" a \ I'tory for either side until a beautiful painted cake plate, was "The problem of the h.,ur ih'tw I LIST.

and U keeping the good work up. the ninth inning. i cut for by Miss Richards and )Iii I I'II to prevent lynching in the -outb, i l'Ut !
several times each side had the e g ee
To make up for l<*t time the bay Peyser the latter winning. The consolation the larger question : 'How shall we -
bases full and were then shut out 'II 1
are biting very freely and their size was then cut for bj the destroy! the crime which always has: -
without a ran. From the number of E
and gamene s are giving the port.- gu sts, Mis-) Louise Harris being the and always will provoke lynching?' -
men on ba-e; it looked &s if there Ve have made special .. .nb 3j
,\ men all they can handle. The long fortunate winner. The answer which the mob returns tu arrant w*

ocean pier: of the Clarendon, has been would be very large score, but just Mi s Miller was asi-ted in serving this vital question i; already known. j= can offer the following rates to all paid ID-ad
when hits were needed the pitchers
extended an additional 250 Ifeet out. dainty refreshments by her sister-in- The mob answers it with the rope and r E vance subscribers : 2g
kept them scattered.
: Into the ocean and in consequence the Ocala went to the bat first and law, Mrs. Lee Miller. bullet, and sometimeGod save us, THE OCALA BANNER and JackmUt S t mI', 1

baea fishermen have a much better The following were IiI Miller's with be torch. == Weekly Times-Union $1.50 a
failed to score until the fifth inning vase ...
opportunity and far better sport than guests: Miss Richards, of Gainesville "And the mob i U practical; its THE OCALA and The
when the home team made three run?. ,E BANNER Cnimniir.Bry.[
on any previous season. Miss Williams Mi-s Peyser, theory is effective to a large degree; ;
'sTHE "i
balls. an ] $1.75 a
Harris went to first on four bad Si paper year
Among the' late arrivals at Ithe Mii aundley! Miss Dozier Miss the mob is today the sternest! the
Forl I hit safely over second base, E OCALA BANNER and AtUau Sti. "k!
Clarendon are Mrs. D. W. Davi** and Alice Bullock Miss Louise; Harris strongest and most effective restraint! : >
advancing Harris to third, and both n Journal, $1.75 n year. 3
Mister Norton Davis and Mr. O. W. and Miis Louise Scott that the age holds for the control of
scored on Vogt's two tagger to right i THE OCALA BANNER and Thric*."'wk Ntiw |
Reagan, of Ocala; Mr. E. J. Crook After supper a number the young' that crime.
field. Yogi tallied later on au error York U orld. Si.65 a 3i
who has been here fur a week or more, gentlemen were invited. "37A most "Thelyncher not exterminatethe year

was called home by business on Tues by short stop.Tarpon delightful! evening was spent, cards criminal but he holds him might- |i THE OCALA BANNER and Atlanta Wttkly COD :1
sent two men around the
,day. The Ocala colony at Seabreeze I and music being the main: features. ily in check. As a sheer, cold, patent S= stitution, $1.75 a year
bases in the first inning; on a bas on
is a Urge one al ways and this year is About midnight the guests departed fact the mob stands today athe =F THE OCALA BANNER and Lippit *', M**,. i
balls, two wild pitches and an error
no exception to the rale. Mrs. L. It the one and all voted Mi,-a Miller a most potential bulwark between tbe =E zine. $2.75 a year
another in
by short. They got
Cbazal and family Miss Ueorgie charming hostes- women of the south and such a carnival -
second! on base on balls and two
smith, Mrs. B. T. Perdue, Mr. \V. M.Martiu errors, and still another in the third of crime a- would infuriate the g: Cash :Must Accompany all Orders

= and family, Mr. and Mr;. H. May 1855-August 1903. world and precipitate the annihilation
by the batsman being bit, a steal and
C. Jones, Mrs. <;. F. Williams and two passed balls. ''The: mills of the Gods grind slowly, of the negro race. The masse | Address d r : THE OCALA BANNER, Ore t ft*

family Mr. W. T. Tuylvr, Mr. and But grinds exceeding snail. of the negro-are not afraid of death _,_ _
With the score four to three in With patience he stands wa.Ung
Mrs D. S. Woodrow, )Ir. J.M. Mef- With exactness: he grinds all:' coming in a regular way. They love r CUT OUT THIS COUPON FILL IN AND MAIL TO Tut ****<* o
favor of Tarpon, neither side rossd ==
k, fert and family are tome of the Ocala General Miles is now' experiencing display and the spectacular elementof 1 4.ia444tti44.e.iS4ee4 11t..44K4Ni !
the plate again until the ninth inuin =:; PCBUSHKR OCAU BANNER :
people who are here for the season or ome of the gratitude for which republics a trial and execution to appeal to
For Ocala, Bennett hit a safe one ,
End oUaB' :
:1 Eacto'ed .e"
part of it. are proverbial. He may well their imaginationExpediting the
over second, stole second base, ad- ::: f
The Clarendon inn, with Mr. E. L. safe hit exclaim when reflecting on bi* heroic prose-aof the law would not eliminate :-: .":s for which seed me TIle wttUY bow eat tie .

vanced to third on Vogt's . ... ...
Potter as proprietor and Mr. C. H. deed of h.y.&), (putting shackles on lynching. :: .' yter a pa r w .
and came home while Vogt wa being
President Ddvi- an old defenceless I "The of the .. .. .
Knappe as manager, is making a repeal amendmentsand r a 111 the Banner. .
the _
caught off his ba.se, tying score. .
man, whose only (crime was being on the establishment of the negroes'inferiority .. .
record this in the excellence! of -
year In Tarj-on's half of the ninth care; ". .. e
its table and service aa well as *the : the losing side)). "Had I but served in :aw and society, E : :
Driver got first on an error of the tint ... .
interest taken in tbe comfort and my God with half the zeal, I served though desirable, are not suili -lent, .4 1' 0t
thirdon :: eftaae.
baseman, stole second, went to .
pleasure of the gue-ts. There are : my King, be would not in mine age' for the negro is a thing of tbe senses, :_:: ;P .
a hit and scored{ the winning run _
have (left me naked to: mine enemies." and with this race and with all similar 4 r
three dances a week at the big pavilion ball. r.: M Datc tai 4
on a .
and a fine orchestra; the finest "!bt we forget", is our motto, but races the desire of the senses must :-; }}t afaaf } +}}t.t The w-ore : :!
surf beautiful i it seems as if God remembers, too. be retrained by the terror of the

drives bathing with on the coast! cards Oval u0uO3000l-I I '1 be murderers of Mrs urrat-lfogal: i sense, if possible, under the law. l ullullllUllllUillllllUilIIJIIiIUIUIIiIiUIIIIIIsU1lsLu., uSUi :;
pinK pong, pool Tarpon :i 1 IOU 0 0 0 1-5

etc., to fill in the odd hour.There ones it is true-all perished miserably, "But no statute will permanently,
.is always: something doing.A About: Those Blockaded Roads. most of them by their own hand. solve this problem. Religion does

brtel, Fla., August 21. See how Miles has been shorn of hit not solve it. Education complicates
number of the Ocala colony

went on the Tomoka river tri? Tues ro the Editor of the Ocala Banner glory! In Cuba, Porto Rico atd the it. Politics: complicates it. The truth HUBBARD & MACDUFF

day. They were sbs nt all day but If it be a fact that the public road Philippines he has had the cup of which lies! beyond and above and

report a: lice. Urn among these beautiful : in the western portion of the county success wrenched from him and those temporizing expedients i i. that

scenes for which this river is are blockaded with trees, and the drained by those who did not deserveit separation is the logical, the inevitable

famous. .* o.ersrer in charge of such road bas and he will go down to history on aid the only solution of this great

been notified of the fact and refs account of his noble deed of '(>>, and problem of the races." HARDW AREDOORS
Home fine tarpon and trout are
or fails to have such blockade removed there he "acted under orders."
in the Halifax river. only
being caught
A Horse Has
if complainants will kindly notifyme A DAUGHTER OK THE CONFEDERACY. HjdrophobiaA
These do not equal in {size
s tarpon of the facts inhe case by postalor horse owned by a colored) woman SASH AND BLINDS, AGKICL'LTl'Ki: 111ft.

these of. west coast but are big! otherwise, giving the name of the Positively Last Notice. named Border, residing in the northwestern

enough and gatney enough to satisfy roads blockaded, I will undertake to All persons: required, either under portion of the city, yesterday BARBED WIRE, CUT AND LENTS, DKEft PLOW*

the most exacting a 'gler. There are tbe old or laws of the last legislature, developed hydrophobia, and the owner -
see that such obstruction are remov
also plenty of trout and of course all ed.'e have an efficient of who are required to take out an occupational after learning what was tbe matter WIRE NAILS, PAINTS PLANET. QIIO\ en
corps license must do so by thefirst
tbe smaller fish one could desire. with the animal, caused it to be shot.
overseers who will act promptly if of September next. A failure to
From now on i is the moat delightful The horseso the OILS, VARNISHES. TTl9.TOIt, .I.LL HJu
notified. H. \V. LONG. do so will compel tbe county judge owner stated, was

tim to visit Seabreeze both for sport and tax: collector to report the delin- bitten about two weeks or ten days
t and pleasure. The nights are delightfully to the state's for such
quents attorney by a
ago stray dog whichlpassed near
cool and so far there have BLOODED BEEF C TTLE. action by him as the law directs.
the lot. The animal the
Please spare us this unpleasant duty COOKINGHEATEEfc 1'10VU
been absolutely no mOllu loes. horse the it
on leg as pas.-ed..Bnt
but none the less a duty. Lawyers,

Mr. L. R. Chazd came over Sundayto doctors, dentists, real estate agent! little attention was paid: to the incident GLASS AND PUTTY, GBAfffTI

spend a few hours with his familybut ,all persons Handling real estate for a at the time as it was not known

couldn't resist: the temptation to i ? commission, for sale of same, are construed that the dog was mad. A few days! IRON PIPES AND FITAD TliTWAKE. CCt

remain for the Ir I to be agents: and subject to pay
over Monday :fibing
ago the horse wa taken sick and
bra license merchants, phosphate TINGS, EVERYTHING LERY.IRuN"lHiT..

:eLlm : _** :* *V-*ft 6* plants, turpentine stills, saw mills, continued to grow worse rapidly.

i by local applications, as they cannot ...,- 'f'fi : crate factories! : and others are subjectto Yesterday Dr. Clarke, the veterinary N THE LINE OF BUILD BOLTS ROPE. PILLlfi

a license tax. surgeon, was sent for, and i when he
reach the diseased:: portions of the ear. ', :

i There is only one way to cure deafnesS ..tM-" ..: -" -' ,. tion.Will Call be glad at once.to give any informa- arrived the horse was endea.orine to I ING :MATERIALS, ETC., ETC. BLUE FLAME oiL $'TUfLARGEST

: and that is by constitutional break from the stall, foaming at the
I will sell at auction on SEPTEMBER E. L. CARNET, !
remedies. Deafness is caused by an mouth and action i
every denoting that
Tax Collector.
9th at Ocala Florida, County STOCK-LOWEST PRICES
inflamed condition of the mucous, lining 11XJ3 I
R. BCLLOCK, County Judge. S 13 3t wl it was suffering from hydrophobia. ,
of the Eustachian Tube. When about fifty head of registered and

I this tube is inflamed you ha re a rumbling I grade shorthorn and Hereford bulls When persons", would come tear the Hubbard & Macduff Ocala Fla.
i trium
Triumphant democracy = animal it would
sound or imperfect hearing, and Jat to set at
and cows sale begins promptly
when it is entirely closed. Deafness is phant in nothing more than this, that them, biting and kiekinZ.PHH:1'oaJournal.
1 o'clock m. Every animal -
the result, and unless the inflammation p. her member are readers and buyer --- -
and will an ==---
to tick --
can be taken out and this tube
restored of book and reading matter beyondthe
I We do not wi-h
to 1
six months from
to its normal condition, bear insurance policy for members of any government of a

ing will be destroyed forever; nine date of sale. So high prices esfected. nor underate Mr. Andrew Carnegie'si: :

cares out of ten are caused'by Catarrh Come, examiae and take your choice class, but in this particular each sy- library gifts to the various cities in I I Iwhich McMillan Bros
to be true to its
tem is only seen !
which is nothing but an inflamed condition settlements cannot be made nor ani- they are located, but our opin- '
1 of the mucous surfaces. nature. The monarchists boast more" ion f is that
his j jcracy"
Of sale, "Triumphant Demo-j
mal delivered during progress
We will give One Hundred Dollarsfor bayonets the republican more book

any case of Deafness (caused by bat will be immedIately afterward. We know which weapon is the more were read in the public I

' catarrh) that cannot be cured by schools throughout the United states
z. L elective in these days. "The Southern
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars Chanjbliss) paper the book would serve a more useful, | COppel.'orks,
bullet of the brain" is the moral
free.F. Oeala, Fla practicable! and patriotic purpose than I

J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0. dynamite of triumphant democracythe it is possible for his libraries to do. I Manufacturers of Turpentine S

i r Sold by Druggists, Toe. Mr. and )Ir-. O. M. Eaton and baby only dynamite which the
Hall's Family Pills are the beet left Tuesday for Hot Spring!, N. C. peaceful and law-abiding republicanever Mr. and Mrs. Georie Crawford !! and General
WorkersOldjStills .
Pasteur, who were married at Laconia t
t) spend several weeks. Mrs. Eaton has occasion or can be induced ,
Wants to Hear from His Soldier N. H., on 12 returned
the August home
will then go North to purchase to Qit.Andrew Carnegie's Triumphant

Friends. fall and winter goods for her millinery Democracy.If Friday afternoon from their bridal I
-- -
Editor Constitution: I served as private establishment. She exr.ects-o trip, which included a visit to Boston,

in company F., C. S.A., Seventh have an unusually fine stock and will sod know a poor old stifled horsea New York and to several places in a
: taken in
exchange for new OOM, Pallebry .
t- :Florida regiment, under Robert Bul- make announcements of same in horse with a sore back a barbed- North Carolina. We extend to Mr. .;
through the country a ?{>*eiAhy. Onfen by milwirejwill "
lock, captain afterwards colonel. I this future date. wire wound, unnatural growths, still and Mrs. Pasteur our very best wishes. .1'
paper some : receive prompt attention at th.r ..I'"

volunteered at Ocala. Fla. Would joints or swollen limbs, send him fo cure a tin Oneida( ,. 1 following works I!

hear from Osala of Dr. E.T around. We can cure him with a few
like to some member who The next visit to Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab '

were in that company. Allen, the eye and ear surgeon, will I application of Ramon's serve and lets. All druggists refund the moneyif FAYETTEVILLE'N. C. SAVANNAH GM

ERVIX FLOYD 51. D. be Thursday August 1 at the Monttzuma. i iI Bone Oil, 25c. Post Office Drug Siore it failes to cure. E. W. Grove's i

Fayetteville.N.C. j m signature is on each box.- c. i j JACKSONVILLE'FLA. MOBilE. AU .

L-- ....
s t \
". ,.
->'J' < -,4ct' .
___.y .--r: rains:.',. ., ,. .' .;
r '- <
.' .0:: .<. ,. "_ .- .J. ,:. ;: : a.-,. < ...,,'- ., '. __', ..
.. --
':' o. > ...... ... .b'< '" <
-- .. v x '' ... .
<-- ; ,
.. ,".& ftKfife'iBri8ft6te. & >>- ....I.'-' Wai MM- '.i i4TW:: 'jcLi :" '''AJ-- ::.-.- _" >-.i ifL.-- j """I\0 '- -"< -' i _ltt'i ',,' It.; :;::O''''' 'jt .."'1(1 j. L..c: .._ : : '''I-----'i "" .. ;' ...... r. -, .___. _"' .... :.--

-'M02 ,.J- ' i -r, :;j ":; '('f> '" :;, ,,._ ".'- .--- .--, -.::::::!'_::::::: '-:::._-.:" ,,,-",; Jk:..,-,, ...""' .... .' L .;..:..; "" .........- J,_: d. "'"""""' -'--"- -, ;.:'. ."

...;' }, :.."-,"-- ',. .,,. ',' .,--' ..< '.. .. ,. *- t.ir-:; j'Mii' ".f !:i"t\H," ;;';:;:: i -.Ji ";':"_ 1l,: 5Jt" o, ; .- .r1

I3t =

S'!I\'t,, 4'a

9 H


; ==
-- -- H -

The paper "Of the People, for the People and by the People."


J ,
.' ft

; Solicit Mail Orders and An Aggregation of Bargains in Summer Dress Goods, Etc. At Headquarters for t

; are Prepared to Send School Supplies and Books

; Out Promptly Samples TT MAS TEES'full Line z

all Dress Goods Laces v i&MB 'iPOPULAR
Tablets aijd Whiti g's Fine



Before our Fall l and Winter Gooods arrive we must close out our remaining stockof Spring and

Summer Dress Fabrics white and colored. The Sale on these goods also on many staple articles,

which will start Monday morning August 31st, will eclipse all other efforts of ours at real value

giving. Radical Reductions will be made on many beautiful and useful goods, This sale will

be a money saving offering and you should not miss it. We mention a few of these bargains

but you must see to appreciate.Figured .

Silk Organdies xOc. per yd. worth 30. See our black Taffeta Silks at 50, 75 and 81.00 One lot 40 in white Victoria Lawn t'c.' One lot, over 40 dozen, Ladies Summer

Heavy Suiting for skirts, all colors, li c. Also several pieces Plaude Soir at 81.00. worth lOco Under Vests at 7c. worth luc.

worth 2oc. Best values in Ocala for price. All grades Summer Under Vests reduced
One I lot 40 in white I Victoria Lawn 10 l-2c
One lot 32 in Figured Lawn 71-x'c.! worth luc. Several pieces fancy Oxford weave dress in prices.Line .

One lot :30 in Figured Lawn 4 1- 'c. worth Gc. goods white ground with colored worth It 1-2c. Children and I Ladies Colored I Parasols

figures at 20<> and 22 l-2c. former One lot 40 in white Victoria Lawn at and below cost.
One lot 27 in Figured Lawn 4c. worth 5c.:
price oO and 33c. 12 l-2c worth 15c. Just received New line Fall Waitings allSeveral
Figured Wash Silk ;;)c.
\ Several pieces pieces Mercerized dress goods beautiful 1Several pieces white striped and checked woo 1,an d silk and woolbeautiful I I colors I

worth 40c. colors and designs at surprisingly and designs, 50 to '65c. per yard..
goods at 5c. worth tc.Line .
Several pieces Figured Wash Silks 3:1-:c. low prices. We are Headquarters for Handkerchiefs.
white goods consisting of fancy laced
worth 50c. Over 4.000 yards, one yard wide, percales I Ladies'and Children's Hosiery.Warner's .

Pretty line Silk Waist Patterns at great bar- figures styles, etc., fast colors, best Striped and embroidered effects at and Inspect our, Thomson Remnant and Counters.R
gains reduced to 45, 50, G5, C5 and S5c. quality at lOc. worth 12 l-2c. below cost from 10 to 35c. abound in bargains.

New Line Fall Dress Ginghams, Percales, Prints etc. just received. itlothersvishing school dressesetc. t

., for their Children should see these new goods. tOur

Domestic Department is Complete and all Goods in this Department. Full Line Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Window Shades, Etc., Etc,.

Selling at Lowest Market Prices. On Second Floor.

Merchants should inspect Our Wholesale Dry Goods Department as we have many Bargains to

show there, New Fall Goods being received in this department every day. Depend upon it you

can always buy cheaper here than any other Store in Ocala Come and see us.


SASAILI2AS2TS HASSIS. Leal Editor Mrs. L. R. Chaztl and children returned :!I Mr. Barton Beep, of Boardman, one I Mi-s Christine Richards, of Gainesville Death of Mrs. Sandford Birdsey. The Episcopal Entertainment.A .

Wednesday from a month'so of the best men m the county and who has been the guest of Miss This community was inexpressibly large number attended the Episcopal

tin; ut Sea'' I i u!'. certainly the most modest, was in Louise Harris, is now visiting MNs
HAPPENINGS ABOUT TOWN.Mr. saddened yesterday to learn of, the entertainment last night.
Ocala j eeterday. He tries to but can- Eloise Miller.
death of Mrs. Sandford Birdsey Nature was indulgent and it did not
and Howard Clark
Messrs.: Harvey not hide his light under bushel. .
:: a
which occurred at Montezuma, Ga.,
.and Mrs. Tom Johnson went to and Leon Fisher l, have returned from Mr. W. F. Hull, one of the substantial Min.The
Lake Weir. I! Mr. J. Starr early Thursday morning.Mrs. supper feature was popular and
Seabreeze Wernjsday.MUs their camping outing at Steruberger citizen;: of Lowell was m Ocala .
Birdsey was the daughter of every body brought along a
from Asheville N. C., yesterday and Monday, and as it i is his annual surnptu uf :4

George i Smith returned from While erecting telephone wires yts- I 8+ys he met a number of Ocala people (custom paid his financial respects to Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Green of this appetite.The }f

Seabreeze Wednesday. terday Mr. Fred Vogt had the misfortune up there and they were all lookingwell the Ocala Banner and said, "don't let city, and was born at Attica, Ind., relics and pictures were all en.

I i to cut his baud very severely.Mr. and enjoying themselves im her stop!" 1. twenty eight years ago. She was j yed.

Mrs.Clara Buruside went to Jacksonville married to Mr. J. Sandford Birdsey J
mensely.Miss David
i I Judge Williams reeited In
Wednesday.Mr. William Eugene Finch who of this city m November, IMh.Mrs. 1
i :: Christine Richards, of GainesVille Mrs. Hugh and Mrs. Carmichael splendid voice the story of Yirgiakw.Mr. .
his si-ters Mrs. Bird birth to a daughter -
been ey gave
has visiting :J
is in Jacksonville after a pleasant visit with Miss left il onday for Union ,-pring",Ah., Little's lecture on Madagascar .
Will J. Edwards Mason and Mrs.:: McConaell, leaves today two months ago, and has been .
j Louise Harria.returned home Wednesday and Mrs. B. J. Culverhou-e, for Montgomery was tbe chief feature of tbe watertainment. -
and a guest of tLe Windsor. I for Atlanta.Mr. SICK ever since, so her death wail not f
much to the regret of her" many Ala. They have been in He told of iu I***!*, j
unexpected. To add to the
Mr. L. W. Drew, of Belleyew'as; I John Dunn, who has been in |II I jI friends. Mis-Louise Harris and Mi* Ocala for a week or more visiting Mr. mother's troubles the precious young little their religion traditions:: and customs;

yesterday.! Gertie Peyser iccoinpau-ed her as far and Mrs (L A. Carmiehael. the bird, animate and plauU. He I
a guest of the Montezuma week business
I I Ocala the past on a I I j one was taken from her a month 1
I for as Kendrick.TLe - was interesting, entertaining and In. t tstructiv
leaves tonight
and pleasure trip (,ilul<04m. hn,) er for The Ocala after its arrival.
MR. NV. B. Clark>jn and children I He indulged In lint J
his home in Baltimore. names of Mrs. E. M. Howard
Ita/aar, jut returned from : Mrs.:: Birdsey, as Miss Uracie C.
leave today for a visit to relatives in i and Mrs. K. B. Taylor should have :New York City and will display Green, lived in Ocala several years enough humor and ficeitiousness to i

Jacksonville.Mr. i Mr.: J. A. Morris, jr., who has a Monday and all the week be pungent and enjoyable.
been the card
signed to presentingDr. and was:: a sweet, amiable and lovely I
I, position with the Seaboard Air Line !ome new et creation* of readyto We believe with Sidney LanIer
Smith a loving testimonial in the
woman, and the sympathy of this !
.Tom Harris came down from railway, was in Ocala yesterday. He wear ;good* for men and that there is more in the man than
visit his shape of an elegeut horse and buggy. women. The Ocala Ilazaar. community goes out in tenderness to
Jacksonville Wednesday in
Va.Mrs. the land
will soon go to Port mouth, and certainly Rector LK-
I We regret that the names were not the young husband and devoted
parents M. W. who tie pictured Madagascar as a beautiful
I Wooding is: temporarily
; C. P. )McGrath and her niece, handed to us in time to have them: parents.:
Mr. Willie Lee Josephs has gone to filling the position of route agent for country.If .
I Miss Gertrude Pereda who have been appear in the printed card. The funeral will take place today
Clearwater to spend i a short while the Southern Express Company, with we wanted to end outs niUstea. i
spending several weeks most pleasantly )[r. Wilder, who was in town Wed. immediately upon the arrival of the
3 with friends. I headquarters at Ocala, made a. brief ary to attract settlers to Florida w e
i at White Springs,are now at Lithia nesday from Anthony, said that the Seaboard Air Line train and the remains -
visit to his family in this city Sunday, would select Mr. Little.
Mrs. W. (:I Barnes who has been Springs, Ga. j jJut i winds there Tuesday night were will te interred in Greenwood
Mr. Woodrow
I returned yesterday.-Gainesville Sun. renderen a odtufe
1 seriously ill for the past several days and j almost strong enough to be clawed as cemetary, Rev. Henry W. Little con-
opened today I song and Mi- Minnie Jam-by, MIi
was reported better last night. thrown on our counter new a stor:u and that a number of fences We have beard it said that Sheriff ducting it. I iL Lou
Gamsby Mr. Woodrow and )1,.
I. pattern in Shirt Wai Percale. were blown down and sugar cane P. H. Nugent will not enter the race I I Cullen
We are told that Mr. W. H. Clark I Ocala Ka/.aar. Consumption ThrtaUned. rendered a very pretty ong.
leveled to the ground. As the crop for sheriff of this county in the com- J Gen.
scored 48 at the gun shoot yesterday- I adon. C.Unger,211/ Maple street, Champaign i' Bullock presided and mad k
I were mostly gathered pot a great deal ing election. We regret very much I
climbing to the top of the list. 111., antes: "I was troubled very pretty talk.
J. It Wilder of Anthonp, was harm was done.
i Mr. ---- to bear this. Mr. Nugent has made with a backing cough for a year and I

1 1j Xonltll"ll in JUice Curtain-* 'in Ocala Wednesday on his way to New fad- in La die* Veil and one of the best officers Marion county thought! I had consumption. I tried a You know what you ire taking.

and Ladle HMiop Mocks at Oxford, N. C., where he is going to (lilinJ;. 20<,., :'Ilkand: lOc has ever bad and we would hate very great many remedies and was under When lyou; take Grove's Ta.tele.*

: the Ocala Kazaar. (,iutli*on.j take a well earned vacation. He is each at the Ocala Bazaar much to see him give up this office. the care of physicians for many Chill Tonic because the formula !.

GatlOou.FOLEysnmmYA.'IDTAR. months. I used one bottle of Foley's plainly printed ou bottle showing
In the free trip to one of the successful truckers of As sheriff we need a man who is fearless every -
j the drawing for Honey and Tar. It.cured me and I that it bi imply Iron and Quinine

-t Xew York, Mr. Will C. Dunn of H. Anthony and is the finest cantaloupe and at the game time humane have not teen troubled since. Post- In ft tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay

,,1 B. Master's store, was the lucky one. grower in that section. ftrehUdr-T .*. .",... lie eplat. I I and considerate.-Ocala News Carrier. office Drug Store. m Price 50 (ent!. 1 i

..,. ,. I I'i


.. ,, ., ,- ,, .-.. ,...._7'7', .. "'" ,
; I. .1 s -- > .
k" r
.. r
c"""t&, "'.. _t1-1ftl .-, **** *" ... .........4. -
f$ &! '.

;' ''vr;,; '' :t uy ,.v ; j--tf--.- :. :. 1--s., JtinP-r e.


Fr -


__ _. -- "" -
.. u ------ -------- ------ ------------- --- -' ---- -' -


i r : The Pensacola Press says that "OurBob" Mr. Cb s. A. Edward, one of the

The eiitorof this: paper has neve most conservative and best posted of Darac
ram zms: zator. i is patriotic enough to do most mph

had ten minutes conversation with Washington correspondents, in a very
V. Lea7ecsoi, :Sislsess UaU6er. anything.It .
Senator Taliaferro in his life; he has recent letter tells bow seriously the
-- -- intimates that he has as:::! much Relieves Instantly or Money Refunded.
never received a communication from boom for Hearst is regarded among I

love and reverence for General Bul him of any description whatever, the politicians at the capital: I CATARRH HAY FEVER

lock-Marion's "favorite son"-as hast ,
have There have turned here
except: a single letter asking to litely up

e Hon. C. M. Brown and intimates his name recorded as a subscriber to many friends of the Hon. William And all Throat Inflammations. It Cools.

that be would cheerfully imitate the this Randolph Hearst. They seem to he It Soothes. It Cures
'rJt.2 .. \. paper I II
example of Mr. Brown and retire I Sdd only ta IK.,SOc. .t $1.00 Eottlea.
that the enthusiastic At a1 rent ;
JSo it cannot well be urged we most hunch among lhrtrwaFOR

: i from the rac and let the old veteran have been "drugged" to any great all the politicians who have discussed II I I II SALE BY ANTI-MONOPOLY DRUGSTORE.

and hero have a clear passage to the extent.It this thing of the next democratic I
) 'ti ___ ..

/ 'b gubernatorial office were it not for is well known, also, that the candidate with me. They.all seem .......................... coneerrlyd. -Our- -m..r "'-
the fact that he is "in the hands of wattle! in "
: Ocala Banner did not support to be saturated with the idea that Mr.
THOSE AT THE TOP WELL ABLE TO his friends" and that they will not POLITICAL! CHIPS | ; dru grd with IO'Qh. <>< M,.. -tuft tbIM
THEMSELVES, HAS ''Taliaferro for the nomination wuen Hearst is the only man who ran win :
TAKE CARE OF concern haml'tx! .
in 't
; & ti a,
tt,4 .
: TAKEN ITS STAND IX THE BARRI- permithim to "step down and out" he was first elected. On the contrary, and they art willing to give a reason .. I kbr
CADES WITH THE COMMON PEOPLE -- entire family drugg*!-"'ntti! .erlc- W
FOR for any purpose whatsoever. opposed him to the extent of its for the faith that is in them. In the I
AND ITR FIGHT WILL BE MADE : FROM THE STATE PRESS. J white aidfor inUu.Springs ... -'Iwte
THE BETTERMENT OF THOSE AT THE It occurs to us that Mr. Davis' influence. first place they say that Mr. Hearst is Herald.It .

BOTTOM friends are doin him dirt and the ..*..............e........
----- -- It, however thinks that he is fairly the only proprietor of a great daily ....

-FRIDAY- -AUGUST-- --23 1903. honorable gentlemen may well exclaim entitled to a renomination and thatit newspaper in the north who loyally State Auditor, W. H. Ellis, of i 14 rrpftrtni that /'OIpn.t." ?alb

I as did a famous man aforetime: is doing a public service to use its supported the ticket in 1896 and hill, Quincy, while iu Jasper: last week ferro will not remain iu tn. ...........

David Hill says that the President "Oh, save me from my friends!" influence in having him returned to and who fought as hard for the ticketas announced his candidacy for attor- race, and that Mr. Henry )I. Kk|.r

i In the congressional contest Mr. y-general.-Wbit Springs Herald. will
enter the rae
the ticket.
IS a little spectacular. Sure! the United States senate.It any man on They bius.rtWbNa

Davis had a cinch. He had served could not, indeed, in the face of claim that any man nominated in .... Mr. Flagler U rich, be. urrrrtltrlra
The Painter Fertilizer factory at Ben Tillman with a pocket full of
six: years in the popular branch of Congress his record, do otherwise.It 1904 who did not loyally support the a true friend to tite people of yam.

Jacksonville la promised large ship. ; he had become familiar with ticket or who lukewarm railroad passes, telegraph and express ond would make that a .. .
has been the unbroken precedentof even, was ynu4 ...
ping facilities. franks. Who would have thought it.-
its rules and was on friendly terms the democratic party of Florida will be defeated next year for the rea- st'ntativCIUUII'ouutJ ('broo...

The G. A. R., at a meeting in flan with the statesman! of the country, to even since its admission into the pon that the loyal democrats in the Madison New Enterprise.Of ....

Frarcisco endorsed a proposition to .N. (ieneral Ro.tlt'rt Kull'k, fGilhri..t
was in a position to serve his state
Union to give its senators aud representatives states of New York Connecticut and all the uouenaicial rubbish
soldiers' horn. in Florida. CnoqrfnMitau Davit
build i
with a greater measure of distinctionthan slap
iu office New Jersey will vote the socialist
--- at least two terms which it has been our misfortune to

We don't believe anybody will'lies' ever before. and we see no good reason why the labor ticket which will give thor read, the platform of Macedonian receuUtiveBfown. aware FatmerMafa
the iu laf!" at Jennings' platform- This being true, why did his friends precedent should now be broken.It states, absolutely essential to democratic Phalanx Brown for pure rot, takes the esadtrtt
had Letter get a for governor. If the former i..*..aH
pull him down.In is everywhere and by everybody success, to the republicans. cake.-White Springs: Herald.!
oilier, a.1 fanuon do ia .
.tMlCt. tt
hump on 'em., -- -- the one, he had the advantageof acknowledged that! senator Taliaferrohas They claim that Mr. Hearst who has .... .
country' backbone
The Willie Hearst presidential experience-in the other he can made an exceptionally tine rec endeared himself to the laboring people (Senator Brown's platform i is a good
will base burs
a U.. et it-
boom I is::: much like Professor Langley'sflying claim no such superiority.The ord.It I of the country by fighting their one and should be carefully read by Galnesvlllesar.'

machine refuses to o.- one was certain and the salary may be due to "luck"-it may I! battles at all times can carry every all. Now if he will follow Mr. Burr'a ....

Pensacola Press. and perquisites thousand a year- be a "just happen so"-but the fact center of industrial activity in the example and put his platform in the ONE WAY TO UBT Hilt t* 'aJt

If Senator Cali shouli! turn up at the other uncertain and the salary nevertheless remains that he has country thus::: assuring democratic hands of every voter It would add to We want a case .w..p at Tafe.ha .

., Punta Gorda today that "pepptr-box" twenty-five hundred a year and HO made a most useful member. success in the states of Conneticut his strength.-Punta Gorda Herald. ** next year from fovnwr to

may run up against a bottle of perquisites.Well We had been dallying and struggling New York and New Jersey Delaware .... janitor. some of thus .rt.att...

tabasco sauce. may the Putnam statesman !: with the Indian War Claims :Maryland, Illinois and California TO BUSY TO TALK POLITICS. dudes bavebfett there M loaf 1M

Grover -Cleveland-- -hu-done something exclaim : bill for upwards of twenty years::: which means democratic The orange pickers and packers are I they i ifBAtfilM they owu the tstite

which will bring upon him no "tiave me from my friends!" without making any appreciable progress victory in the nation and they say preparing to gather the immense state acid a part of rte ergia M4baiua. Ala.

its settlement. that victory is what they are after. LH' IfoM rid of
criticism.! He has named: his! boy Then his friends erected for him crop ia DeSoto. Times will soon be umy y..
aud They ay that a mau who has the even if 'tt have to tk
Thomas Jefferson.Afiairsare that awfully undignified platform : Every senator congressmanhad too busy to talk politics. :Sllto **< iOIIH M

"Our Bob"-"he jes lafls!" his turn at the wheel with ihe business interests at stake as those. County News. grrt*.-Taylor County HmM.rrwi .

rapidly growing worse same monotonous and dismal! result. possessed by Mr. Hearst whose payroll .... ....
Forced to aoandon this platformfrom SeIieltdvt ttlck.. her ,..
Some one at the head When Mr. < 1Mh.
in Maceiouia.: When the claim got into the handsof amounts to over 54,000,000( a year, and Bryan pays twelve hundred
sheer ridicule his "friends" next
: of "phalanx" is badly needed over senator Taliaferro) almost like who has never had controversy witha dollars for a team of horses ou mar and rhetoric art .aulAC tfitttr"

do world of good. had him to say that his ''record" was the over Hon. C. M. ....... Wl ".....
could a of
there and magic, it passed to a successful issue single man ever on that payroll, cannot eve a campaign, are we to
his "platform" and thus force the
In the
eoQatraeUoa of bt.
Railroad men say! that the purchaseof and the state became enriched in the help being a satisfactory candidate understand that he disapproves: ofTillman's pl.tbteti" ,
poor voters to the herculean effort of but the a..,*.. traits ......' care keut
the Seaboard Air Line railway by sU'U of more than a half million to the thousands of conservative railroad pa"st-s.-Tinae-
the voluminous volumes of
for UM ralw of test tout. Mrat
the Rock Island railway means! big dollars. business! men of the country who did Union.
the Journals of the
Legislature and .... *-* for Hi*.*. to iik. ft agi..
developments for the south. Under his influence the appropriations not support the ticket in the cam-
Congressional Records for the past WILL NEED DR. HOOD'S AITOMOBII.E. of granHMT a4 other literarytraUooa. -.uMj. ..
.' dignified and able editorial for the improvement of our paign of lh9G and 11/00.!
In a very ten years. If many more candidates enter the Mr. Browa nay yt ..arpet. .
the last issue of the Live Ok rivers and harbors became prodigeous Theyadvance the claim that he is
Purely Mr. Davis feels like pulling political race in Florida: the ballot for ., bin ertUna.-Punt* i.....
l"O lt'out' in support of and the aged survivors our Indian the very apotheosis of anti-trust, the ,
Crescent his hair and xclaimiug:
the primary election will be N long, fltraW.
Governor Jennings for United States 'Save wars were all placed on the tension only man in the country who has I NN
from friends!
me my that it will have to be thee up ou a
It ro}!:'!. ever gone after the trusts with his I What (.''... Jennings ba dove to awcaoduiacy
senator. we were Mr. Davis we would ri-e reel and carted to the box oo a fro eat.

: h\\ hen we "p.

I err and game! down the editorial ourselves of these Job-like friends, anise of life or drur.J, most unostentatiously and that the trust question will be pledge to fbe.paepk II' tptlnli4llM
page without finding & pungent; paragraph show an individuality and imitatingthe Mr. Taluferrn ha., indeed, uppermost in the next campaign, Governor Jniuingi occupies a nakl- I ptotforoi w wiitrb b* wan .!tor....., M'

on state politic* to Use our example of Mr. Brown help make made a real tl* b-lite record that has hence, their man w a democratic die ground between DeLand awl i rviWiuc Ui rmogftio- Ih. .........,

scissors on, we fret & !otUof ketudisappointment. the -welkins ring for told Bob Bullock reflected moat refulgeutly upon the platform in him-wlf. That he is the River Junction, and when he eventually j tnovtU0i party twthiIfl*... sad ay

i ."-Pensucola Pres.- ," and let him round up his splendid Credit of the state; so we repeat, that very embodiment of Jeffersoman and ;I the mtttiu ttt fcb n* ha molt
I. steps out into the political
life of the he has he is fairly entitled to a renomination. Jacksoaian: democracy. That he i; a iiiany pldttieM l ...... ......... "M .
the laws as governor :::
It is a nice thing to know I arena he will doubtless be attacked on
Ii i eervedso man who can hold all the vote that paiity." He bra ....... grew ..f.
itud it is a good thing that they are long. both sided at once and the enemy
This would be Without any personal bias for )lr. Byan got and add to it the vote of enough aM 1M. 4Mug the It--rrrag
We a patriotic thing to
being so extensively printed. will tire some hot shot.-PeusaeoUPress.
Taliaferro or prejudice towards the labor regardless! of Past political to the < do and would shed
have discovered that every time a glory upon .
"Let's have the state, and Mr. Davis indeed and other candidates for this office, it affiliations, also the vote of thousandsof :: *.** $ .... -.'laic. $, yrtagt li nitl
friend Eat s to a ....
in fact would be a hero. occurs to us that if the voters of men woo are in business and Hearst for president and C. M.
something," that he subjects himselfto TIM Ad***!**, of W..t,..... III.
You Florida are just and fair and generous whose business is-jeopardized by the Brown for governor. Up with the
heavy fines and penalties. THE POOR VOTER. iw eat ID .....t y HidiinMM aIbe
about with and we believe they are, they cormorant trusts of the country. stars; and stripes and let the band play I
cau't give! away nnr carry roedidacytto si Governs Jei.. .. tW
will vote for his return. That he is absolutely independant of Bill
wile of votingprecin't Bliiley.-Aplilach'il"oli 11ww.
you within a any The voter making an industrious -- I United MAIM ... ', u, ..tteaaeaHain.

in Florida any spirituous, aud commendable effort to cast an Lynching the trusts aud the money interests of You may sneer at Hearst and Brown, I J.* P. TaJwJbrro. Iu tit. t"

malt liquor Lynching will not cure the evil to the couutry, anti that he pos-esseh the Bro. Johnson but Bill Bailey is not to !
vinous nor ballot has
intelligent asked for the ,
of hw Miofy of tto t<*rn..x. aad
------- --- which it is the unreasoning response. money personally to give the party be sneezed at. It's the triumphal
platform of Mr. Davis so he can studyit i wb t tto joanal m plantar| .l t>, -aJbia 1
."':.. I: The evil must: be prevented, and the the greatest cmipaiirn: ever waged in march in Peiisaeola.-Peueola II
'' t I 'r:I' liWt carefully, but is told that )[r."Davis' brtlliMt iv....,d. It ..,.. Rot e!
) I;: fret forth the nation and can duplicate every News.
hi means of its prevention are : I
; IiI ,}I IJOIJ record is his platform. .*.. tdaeied b. will I iitakr -ur "fUieu IM
J- 1:1!: !i fhI by the Philadelphia Press, dollar of fat fried out of the trusts by
.IE'.'''';'i'" ,'ir 'III"01 This subjects the voter to the herculean : the We accused the DeLand News of ".bleat that tvrr f ." .."1114I j

"'!.,I",! < .....".'" ";..... l task of searching through; the I as follows: republican campaign mauageis. being ignorant of public a8in .... Florida that great >.'NIA ........
That he iou. and able
'IIf'1 executive -
\ LEAITH The one penalty, inflicted by surgeon: young t
of the
/ journals Florida
< .} ::: legislature oatlseit inquired what service Seam- cols Prra. Jj
I and the voluminous of the for the offence Usually leading to mob a philanthropist a humanitarian, j ....
... ,. tor Taliaferro had rendered to flor-
deterrent value an honest lover of justice for the people. Tn Tamps| editor "u., ;N.,-tNta i*
!' Record violence has its chief
i !1 Congressional for the past six: : ida. It retorts
The health of In short claim he win by charging tu with HreulatiiiK rlt@o't lblf
general a because! it 13 certian and irreparble in they can reports U> Mi-
i' woman is inseparably related years. being ignorant of the rules of -
' if nominated. lMuaI'ur T..I..tfI'ro iM UUUkl "1 rubt "
to the local womanly For our part we had rather face a I Grim as it is, it will do its work better Botb C
health. When the deli- other. It is needed. It That is about a fair consensus of statements are doubtta drawing (ram .... I'uitrtliat ." rwtr
Macedonian phalanx, a sea full of than any
f cate womanly organism correct.-White Springs: Herald.
i is diseased, the body loses dragons and the tempestuous windson should be en acted. But it needs to be opiiiion of democratic politicians who toriai ram, rctnimi iw tit u><- I'."

t fl, plumpness, the cheeks lose the network Qf 7 a rural have lately visited the national cap- .... I 1 woo whiatwa while i**nt: a IfB"
< the most tempestuou supplement by
> their roses, and a nervous seas Gubernatorial candidate Brown hat
s:, and fretful condition becomes "Our Bob" should have some police, from whose constant watchfulness ital and talked to me concerning the yard at a6tlbL It it all '<.r tu* per'
.j! .. announced his platform upon whichhe .. .
habitual. next presidential campaign from the truss of k tDiadition his 'uurac"- ...
It is not up
,.' \ and for the no one can escape.
; Thousands of sick women voter and candidate
standpoint of a democratic hopes to catch a sutlicif numberof
of aklnd be 4It,.. nut ,...1 nineOtar
., who have been cured of awful which is
'JIjI'I spare him this! awful fate. simply an penalty,
"t: \ diseases peculiar to the but for president. ___ ____ votes next year to put him iu the !'I Talialrrro will t>. I in the rare atUM
\' sex by the use of Dr. To read lIme of the Florida news- necessary to stay bestial impulse, Editor George as a Cupid. executive chair. In the platform we
1,1. '. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip- the tftiab-ttad.f.i.ed. IN u* cant
s i \ tion have testified to the papers one would suppose that Mr. adequate provision protecting Told you so! Editor Wilson's great fail to find anything very btartling. )' .
ant ass at the t1aMbGush.a.
that the most imbrutal scheme is bearing fruit. Misses Lang-
restoration of the countryside, so
general Flagler wasn't doing a thing but He seems to favor everything and is .
health ford of Fort Meade I I
when and
Ji the local disease intellect will understand that escapeis McKay, of
was cured."Favorite watching Florida polities; but, instead Tampa, two of the beautiful young opposed to nothing.-Madison New BnuWtl uW A --Til Ml IsesatswC.

Prescription" he has been suffering from a impossible. This will prevent the ladies whose pictures have appearedin << Enterprise. I I .M. 1 Bn.wii it ....t.. a

' establishes unhealthy drains regularity, heals, dries in- severe attack of lumbago and Mrs "usual crime," and when this is pre the Times-Union as candidates for .... Kill hoot for votes Md .wun wTtal .krl

/flammation and ulceration vented the mob will be prevented, commissioners to the 6t. Louis AX OLD NAME REVIVED.The .
Flagler from an attack of nervous exposition ,ibefnatorkl l .....pa1cu. rfin .NM
--L ,. and cures female weakness.I have married and box was the .
prostration. Really, Mr. Flagler we may pepper name attached tAU 0......ir.Uug that b. M"abUUy
used four bottles of Favorite too.In
expect the rest to follow suit by to the
Prescnpl Oa' and one of seems to have his hands full and is a casual conversation with Mr. now antiquated revolvers D10da IB fMttac bit trwa*
'Golden Medical D :..a.verywntu Mrs. El- Christmas. The Herald knows of
mer D. Shearer of Mow mope, Lancaster Co.. not devoting hU time to placing George McKay yesterday afternoon that flourished in the sixties.! tilled and to rwaivw Qaurt..
Fa."and can cay that I am cured of that dreaded cor- two other fair candidates who have up auay
disease uterine trouble. Am in better health he stated that there is more demandfor Wonder If that i is the kind that will
than ever before. Everyone who knows me is poration collars around the necks of received offers of marriage and it is lug report frost all ..ethwa at "

surprised to see me look so welL In June when Florida statesmen. the erection of phosphate plants willing to wager something that Miss::: be unlimbered as advertised at the stat*. SsiMot Brows to alive .itgfaM.
1 wrote to you I was so poor in health that at
times I could not walk. You answered my let- now than at any time since the be- Lillian Thomas of Jacksonville has Punta Gorda piscatorial picnic?-St. .
ter and told me what to do. I followed your Senator Call could not make the re bfd of wort that tu brt... .
advice and today am cured. I tell everybody ginning of the industry. Indeed, received at least six proposals.PuntaGorda Augustine R ecord.
that with Cod's help Dr. Pierce's medicines race for senator in the primaries Herald. him troih avppurt groin tbose (the
cored me. If these few words are of any use toyou there is more phosphate being shipped .... .
,you are welcome to use them. They might against Mallory because of his povertybut Add another to the list, Editor Jor- WANTS TO BE DRUGGED. have becewe aeiiBaiBtod with bM
help some other poor suffering woman. than at other time.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical now it is said he hasa snug bank now any dan. Miss::: Dilly Duke, a popular Cromwell Gibbons accuses the work.Tampt N c4d.

Adviser 1008 large pages in paper covers account and may again enter the list There is also more lumber being young lady of Gainesville and whose Wholesale Grocers' Association of You have- lb..Ui/aetiou/ at wN' r

is sent free on receipt of 21 one- for the exported and more turpentine manu tlttu
senatorial toga. He ing chat wbat by at fM
cent stamps, to pay expense of mailing will factured. Florida U decidedly on a popularity was shown by her having Florida of "drugging the press of the yw ...
c w/y. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce But- carry tomahawk and do Drug Stare,. k paw aad .f UH
j Palo, X. Y. lively ] some very very big boom and Marion county 10,000. votes, was married on the 2Ith state." We only wish that the chargewere quality. TWy 41 uwbvy''i oW ..
s in the very midst of it. Inst true, so far as the editors are liable Ese 1\ ats. .


:' ...' ,,.. ,
;i. -> .4t 'ii. ;
-' ; -
.....:.. --' ,- -.:>."-"-"""-'- ", "'<"'; < -4"i._.,
.. \;. ;." "' ii '., : y'-- ," ,, _' .
-- -- -'- ..-. -.....-,. -- -............. ; < i''irf :'r'j, / i't i-,,.""-3ilabVm.f _. ...Io ,

'.. "_. -.. 'tA"'< Jo"' ': w- ..... l ... : '"';., i's...... ;- (o"j."t y, fi i' it". -t:: ..;;uo"i. .ii'f, ?: ..s.-":.. ; :{=, "" _""' _" h':1 1 ;:')f'1 ( 4"'" "

f .y v.Yt.Y t'Y:; '"........,> -:: ''''.'!::., ,.;_....- .&' ,. ; i" *_ m_
'A'1- -4. ""_a -_'' 4 .t.; "..".. ;" J ";.'"' ":-"' : '-"""""' = ....,- > -- .....,. _!._.....;__--"'>H'.!__ _. ....' _r_-_,

,'r.. '.!'...!!'l.: '.<<':" J'y-.. :: ,., ... .
"" :,. ;,;;;:. ""
A: 'G'-- < : '
. .... .. !" -
.,, _. \ ) V '"
-/JJ!.{!';.' '.'o\.u-', fr.'. i-.'-"". ..-"'..7",:".: ., '"1i..,. '>;._ 1.1i. ; ",, .;. .,. '' u --. .


a., I

..... .
.::11. t H

!.:. t T ON SUPPLE ENT Slto_ ._ __ I ,

: '
-- _
r-- '--- "

: : LAh Of IiL TAT [ OFILORIDA ,j i 1,,




I .
U ,

I't. CHAPTER 5108-(NO. i sum total of the license tax: assesse& the State's Attorneys and County Solicitors doing business in this State, a license !' for other ta private use, for each State and county i: erie tu_ ,J

AX ACT Imposing License i for both the municipality and county to file information against any tax of twenty-five dollars; for such I gallery, alley shall pay to teState Sec. 48. That any > ;ty or t hwn IB
TBXH. Providing! for the for each such place of business, locat party violating the provisions of this agent. Counties cities and towns may in each county and for each a- the State of KIin.li ,I iwreby &'J'' r- I
Thereof and Prescribing ed within the limits of a city or town; act. require from any such traveling agentor I ley rink oif gallery, a license ta led to Imp* ur.on a'-.y express .
t. for Doing Justness Provided, further That no fractional See H.0 license shall: authorizeany solicitor a license tax of five dollars fifteen dolas; Provide That the license pay oomg b.I,"sa ,! this $Ui ; .i J <
cense or Other Failure to license shall be issued for state, coun- person dealer or agent to sell or for each county he does business in. outide of and having a ofnYe n such city or in ti. ,
With the Provisions ty or municipal purposes. The dealers solicit orders for or deliver any spirItuous Sec. 25. That all agents or solicitors disconnected \ith a bar room, or its a license tax. not to ezces'l the .um ,
Be it Enacted by the paying the same and receiving a license vinous or malt liquors in any of any Building and Loan Association proprietors, shall pay a tax of ten dollars hereinafter mentioned citmny 11
the State of Florida: I therefor shall be authorized to mill manufactory phosphate plant, or or any loan association shall I ; Povided That if any holder of cities of twenty thm ".it !
Section 1. No person shall ; sell spirituous, vinous or malt liquors. turpentine still or upon the premisesor pay to the State a license tax of ten i a this act shall permit or more, a llcenae tax ,,' two hundred
In or manage the business or any such liquors, but neither spir- laad of the owner or operator of dollars for each county in which he'I any person to play biliard or pool or dollars; In cities of rtft.-en to tw,nrv i

or occupation mentioned In I ituous, vinous or malt liquors shall be such mill, manufactory, plant, or still solicits or acts as agent. I' any other game money or any thousand inhabitant one hundred .
f unleis & State license shall permitted to be sold unless said license or upon any private or public road Sec. 26. That keepers of livery saleor other thing of value upon tables licensed dola in cities of t-n m fifteen thou .
procured from the Tax tax is first pad and a. llcen.se therefor passing through such premises or landor feed stables or other persons who I under this act, he shall b''sd Inbaltnt M.ntv-flv. iolUr

State Treasurer. which I first taken out; and provided further, in any county or voting precinct keen less than four horses or mules for I deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, in cltl t"l tn.mMad Lzah ,b.
b. luue to each person on that no such license snail issue until a where the sale of such spirituous, vinous hire? sale, feed or for the purpose of upon conviction be punished by imprisonment itts. fifty dollar In i e( tree .
the amount hereinafter permit to sell such a for not exceeding six thousand thirt .
spirituous vinous or malt liquors is prohibited by conveying passengers and making fve bbatlt&ft ) 1
pther with the County or malt liquors has been procured for law, and any person. dealer or agentso charge therefor, shall pay a license tax months in the county Jail, or by fane dollar and try ont. In & !.
twenty-five cents for each the district for which such license is selling, soliciting or deliveringshall of five dollars; when not less than four not exceeding one hundred dollars. of one thousand thr.. $* 1-1- ;""V
countersigned by him and sought as required by the Constitution upon conviction be punished astor nor more than eight horses or mules Sec. 37. Keepers of hotels or board- habltt ueniyaloil, an..t In ::
.,.. lifned! by the Tax Collector and laws of this State. a sale of liquors without license. are kept for hire. sale or feed. shall I Ing houses having accommodation for towns \itla *s of five hucr'tone ". 4
County Judge and shall Sec. 9. That distillers or spirituous, Sec. 15. Distillers and manufacturers pay a license tax: of ten dollars; when two hundred or more lodgers, or thousand inbalt4lt. t..I1. "i- .
County Judge's seal thereon. and brewers of malt liquors shall pay of spirits of turpentine and rosin, not less than eight nor more than .1 boarders shall pay a tax of one hundred I n and fifty >> cRy 0 ros n .
word Importing the singular to the State a license tax of one hun for each still in operation during any i. tWelve horses or mules are kept for and fifty dollars; with accommodations shall ip any other Ib ne* tax >-. _. _
only, may extend to and dred dollars In each county for each portion of the year shall pay a license hire.. sale or feed shall pay a license : for from one hundred to two lating expren com pin lea tfcu \* -:.
plural number and every place of business; Provided That I tax of fifty dollars twenty-five of tax of fifteen dollars; when not less hundred lodsws or boarders one hun herein provtdwi. .
portlcr the plural number nothing in this act shall be so construed I which shall go to the State and twen- than twelve nor more than twenty, dred dollars; with accommodations for I For the purpose o this art the population
applied and limited to the as to require a license tax from ty-five to the county. horses or mules are kept for 'sale hire from seventy-fivf to one hundred I of any < ity or town shall ) '"
cumber' and everyword any person who shall manufacture Ownera agents or openato of I or feed, shall pay a license tax of lodgers or boarders fifty dollars; for held to b that shown by the lut oAcial '
the masculine gender only, wines or brandies from sweet pota- I phosphate plants In operation, twenty- twenty-five dollars; when not less than from fifty to seventy-five lodgers orboarders II census taken by the Cnlwd Statesor f :
t.nd 64 to and applied! to toes or other products of vines. fruit I live -dollars for each plant in opera- twenty nor more than forty horses or twenty-five dollars: with .. the State of Florida, or that may betaken ; .
well ai males. Whenever! trees or strawberry bushes, and pine- tion. mules are kept for sale, hire or feed, accommodations for from twentyfiveto as now pruvlde by law ;
oath II used in this: act it apples grown in this State: ; Provided. Owners of saw mills having a daily shall pay a license tax of forty dollars: fifty lodgers or boarders, fifteen dollars I. See 49 Tht sum paid t.I .

to mean affirmation and That no license shall be Issued to any capacity of fifty thousand feet or over, when not less than forty horses or ; with accommodations for from I the Comptroller a provided by Section ?
iwur in this act shall be person to sell or distill spirituous, vinous twenty-five dollars; having a daily Capacity mules are kept or -sale hire or feed, fifteen to twenty-five lodgers or boarders 47 of this ait, twelve bunle M4
clude tflrm. or malt liquors In any county or of twenty-five thousand feet shall pay a license tax of fifty dollars.I ten dollars: with accommodations fifty dollars sul b tn tl
See. 2. Counties and election district when for for from ten to fifteen lodgers or Treasurer Florida
such sale has and under fifty thousand feet twelve Each keeper of a stallion or jack .
cities and towns may impose been prohibited in pursuance of the I dollars and fifty cents; having dally profit shall pay a. license tax of five boarders five dollars; public eating I license money, and the sum u twenty
thr Uxei of the same kind Constitution and laws: of this State I I capacity of ten thousand to twenty- dollars.Sec. I saloon or restaurant having accommodations five hundred dollars shall 4t"rlb-
tame objects as they may and provided further, thno license five Thousand feet seven dollars and 27. That all shows or circuses for seating twenty or more uted by the said Comptroller a.o the
per, vrueas otherwise \ I issued; to distillers of spirituous and!I fifty cents; owners or operators exhibiting or giving a performancewithin persons. fifteen dollars: and those less various counties of this gta$. in proportion -
? act. when the business, I brewers of malt liquors shall be so I Ice factories or plants having a dall 0:1 I tents whether covered or uncovered than twenty prons. five dollars. Ac- to the II valuation there.
.otcupation. shall be engaged construed &a to permit such distiller or, capacity of one hundred tons or over, with or without horses shall commodations lodges shal be of, a ehown assessment 0 t.
each county city or town. I brewer to sell his products in quantities fifty dollars; having a daily capacityof pay to the Stat a license tax of fifty construed to mean the beds previous year.
imposed by such county city ;' of less than fifty gallons of spirituous over fifty and less than one hundred dollars for each county in which they habitually kept for such lodgers and Sec. 54. Any express -
f ban not exceed fifty per or ten gallons of malt liquors I tons twenty-five dollars; having give or attempt to give a perform- not .the number of rooms contained in lating the provision of tt a. a
State tax. But such county either in bottles or casks, except to I a daily capacity-of twenty-five .to fifty ance. the house. any person who knowing es sent
town may impose taxes on regular licensed liquor dealers. I tons, fifteen dollars; having % capacityof I : f1e<'. :25.: That theatrical shows, Sec. 38. Foreign Building and Loan for any such express company before
\ kin profession or Sec. 10. Persons associating themselves less than twenty-five tons, ten dol rninstrel troupes or other traveling Associations shal pay to the State I it hs paid the stove tax psychic by
mentioned In this act, when together BJI a club whether incorporated lars. hibitions (this section shall not apply license tax of two hundred and fifty company, shall b toemo. fuiliv
in or managed within such I or rot incorporated an! Manufacturers of cotton seed oil, to shows or circuses), shall pay dollars in each county in which. they of a misdemeanor, upon convictionthereof !
city or town. selling spirituous vinous or malt liquors twenty-five dollars. to the State a licens tax of twenty- do business.Sec. shall be punished a fin or
Sec. I. >"o license shall or any preparation composed I Shingle mill having a capacity of, five dollars for each day in each coun- 39. All. steam laundries shall not lees than fifty dollars ,o by inprisonment
for more than one year wholly or in part of ouch liquors to twenty-five thousand shingles per day I It'E ty in which they may exhibit. Pro- pay to the State a license tax of ten m the oounty Jail rot !1-.
bill expire on the first day Its members and: to Us non-rntJent I >nty-l1\'e dollars; having a capacity I vided: That managers of theatres or dollars. Laudries known as Chinese than six months o by both sit<-h ftn.
ber of each year; but guests unly, shall pay license tax as less than twenty-five thousand shingles halls employing traveling troupes theatrical laundries a license tax of ten dollars. and imprisonment IB the die< r.n..n .
llcecies, except as '! I follows: If computed of not less than I per day ten dollars. operatic or minstrel giving Sec. 40. All dog and pony shows the court.
vided may be issued to expire seventy-five members one hundred Crate manufacturers and sash and: performances in buildings fitted up for shall pay to the State a license tax often I I The l1.f tax herein sprlfi _tube '

day at a proportionate rate. I dolara; If compoael of more than isv- I door manufacturers fifteen dollars!!, such purpose 'shall be allowed to give dollars In each county in which due and payable on I>tob it: !It.

cApes may be transferred, ecty-flTo members and less than one each, provided. that 50 per cent of the u many performances in such building they give a performance. and o the corupdln day of <*.* .
proval of the Comptroller I! hundred and fifty one hundred and I amounts _collected in accordance. .with or theatre as they wish on payment Sec. 41. All persons, firms or corporations -, year .
business! for which they fifty dollars; Provided, That this sec the provisions of this section shall go of the following license: In cities known as trading stamp i i Sec. 51. Kvery steamboat .n'
out, when there is a bona fide : tion shall not apply to a club incor- to the State and fifty per i-ent. to the or towns of twenty thousand or (companies, shall pay to the State a license in the business of transanru.- J... -
transfer of the property used I porated or unincorporated, used for county in which the same is collected.Sec. I more Inhabitants two hundred dollarsper I 1 tax of one thousand dollars in gers and freight in th ws .r. ,' I"! I
ployed in the business as the purpose of evading the payment of : IS. That all wholesale dealersIn annum; in cities or towns of fifteen each county where they transact any State shall pay a lcef tax .t "',.
trade; but such transferred license tax on liquors as hereinbefore fresh meats packed or refrigerate to twenty thousand inhabitants business.Sec. dollar to no:: ',> \ .
ihall not be held good for : provided but such clubs shall be sub- shall pay to the State a license: tax or e' hundred and fifty dollars per annum 42. All merchants using trad- ceed P Iuuull rellt AoilaTS le the T. ,
to, or any other place than I! ject to the payment of license tax of of one hundred dollars in each county ; in cities or towns of ten to fifteen ing stamps shall pay to the State a Collertor county, wber lb"
which Jt was originally seven hundred and fifty dollars, ashereinbafors and for each place of business.Sec. thousand Inhabitants, one hundred license tax of two hundred and fifty principal once to !
t o
Tided. That the original specified. The President! 17. Tat merchants, storekeepers dollars per annum; in citie! -ndwwna dollars for each place of businesswhere Collector at the termta Jt th_ir "'.1,-'
be. lurrendered to and filed i VTo PraIdsnt or. "'Secretary and and druggists with a capital: of five to ten thou: >>-i inhabitants theywe surh stamps. in this State fi! "
County Judge or State i Treasurer or officers of correspondingduties stock of less than one thousand dollars fifty dollars per annum: in cities SPC. '43:"Al uncensd traveling is located out of tlr Inrl. .'
P"j 1
the case mcy be. at the time I by whatever name they may be shall pay to the State a licensetax and towns of less than five thous- dealers whl sell any however. That any .fam' : i ,
Lien for transfer is made {>&lled, of any club required by thU of three dollars. and for every additional and inhabitants; ten dollars per an- goods, wares or merchandise Including the tax upon a regular jfr*.
transfer after being approved paragraph to pay a license shall b< one thousand dollars or fraction num; Provided, however. that this section beers wines and liquors for cash or ment in any county in ...I.t..
of the same force and required to see that such license shall" of a thousand shall pay a license shall not apply to local amateur otherwise. by sample or in any other be exempt from the pr\ilh.nl >w-1111>
original license. Provided, be paid and In default thereof shall tax of three dollars per thousand up performances. manner for present or future deliveryto Provided further. That no t,tmr.oat
that the license to sell I each be personally liable to the pun- to ten thousand dollars In excess of SE>f'. 29. That all shows commonly any other person whatsoever by embraced by this paragraph *h payless
ous or malt liquors shall be ishment provided by this act for nonpayment ten thousand dollars two dollars on known as variety shows of a theatrical. himself or agent or agents following than ten dolUrs pr annum.I'rovtled. -
red only to a person who has of the license required here- each additional thousand, in each. minstrel or spectacular character after to deliver and collect for same however, That steamer b.\'.
with allhe, prerequisites by. county and for each place of business. and all shows that combine any of except a licensed dealer shall be lit; paid the tax upon anJ reguUr tonnage
ing licenses prescribed by !, Pec. 11. That makers of domestic Sf>(. IS. That dealers in cigars cigarettes said characteristics In which femalesare deemed a peddler under this act. This I assessment In any county.n this
law.. for the sale of Ines or domestic brandies shall be and tobacco who pay no other employed as waiters, shall pay a act shal include peddlers of clocks State shall b exempt from IB. tr-I.
or malt liquors. permitted to sell the same in quantities license tax shall pay to the state a license license'; tax of fifty dollars for each ranges, and sewing machine ions h@rf Any owner o nmcuc*>
Sec. 4. All licenses shall of not less than one quart without tax of five dollars Provided. That performance eiven by them. agents whether selling by sample or any bt or vessel violating be previsions ..
able on or before the first being considered dealers in liquors: nothing, in this act shall be so con- Sec. 30. That every person who on future delvt'ry. or otherwise Pro this act or redwing to bow
tober of each year and no Provided. That should any maker of strued as to require from farmers who shall exhibit or operate hobby horse \'idfd or locally es- his or their license 1 any Colic tot.
be Issued for any domestic wines mix the same with any are not dealers in general merchandise machines merry-go-rounds or other agents shall be exempt from upon do so. 'U be liable
of a year; except that any I"i other liquors or adulterate the same license tar on the sale of man- I like m'chin.s. whether the same is the provisions of this section. to reUa! t levied upon by the
otherwise specified in this he shall be considered a dealer in liq- ufactured tobacco to laborers on their propelled by hand, horse steam or Sec. 44. All persons or dealers Tax Collector of the county wtHtfe the
Issued after the first day of I ors and shall be required to take outa farms. other rower, on which persons arecharged traveling from place to place selling boat or and sold fo non-
expire October first uyon license as a liquor dealer; Provided I Sec. 19. That all owners of lung for riding, shall pay to the goods wares or merchandise of all VI1J b and the <**U
such wines machines, weighing State license tax of dollars descriptions shall to the State a pym
one half the amount fixed as That the selling of on testers striking a twenty-five pay may accrue, sane persen.il
of such license for one year.: Sunday is expressly prohibited and machines chewing gum stands. automatic in each county for the privilege license tax of fifty dollars in each property.Sec. t e
Sec. 5. That the any person so selling shall be guilty penny in the slot machines or of operating the samp. county and. it shall be unlawful for 3:. No merchant
erated individual license of a misdemeanor and upon convictionbe any device of a similar nature shall !ec. 31 That all owners or managers such persons or dealers to sell or attempt or dealer shall keep for ---I.d!
raid to the State by the fined in the sum of one hundred pay to the State a license tax of five each boat used wholly or in to sell under and by virtue of tots. Springfield rifles, .t rifles
raging In. managing or dollars, or imprisoned. in the county dollars for each machine. And provided part for peddling of less than twenty the license of any other licensed dealer bowie knives or dirk lu"v""Ptm
the several occupations or Jail\ sixty days for each offense; Pro- further. That any person who tons shall pay a license tax of ten dollars merchant storekeeper or druggist. paying a license tax it ten Wltk'ulfirst .,! .
earned, to-wit: vUUJ, further; That druggists may places any of said machines in any ; for more than twenty tons shallipay This clause does not applyto las; Said ftstoia, Spnupr-
Auctioneers in cities or sell such mixtures as are made official public or private place without having a license tax of thirty dollars. articles manufactured in the Stateof field Prvde repeating ! thousand Inhabitants, or I in the United States Dispensatory. first procured a license shall upon conviction Sec. 32. That all traveling picture Florida and sold to dealers only by bowie rife otb knives shall not
five dollars; less than ten without being required to take out a be declared guilty of a misdemeanor or book agents shall pay to the Statea I the producers or manufacturers thereof. be sold to minors.o Kiery ti"U urn gf
, habitants and not less than license to sell spirituous, vinous or I and fined in a sum not less license tax of ten dollars in each : this section be ptfalh b fti>.
wnd Inhabitants: t"n dollars; malt liquors.Sec. than twenty-five dollars or imprisonment county. Provided, That agents for the Sec. 45. All banks and bankers, of fifty 111. by imprisonment}. in
1 tve thousand inhabitants 12. That dealers in spirituous not less than thirty days. The sale of religious books only shall not banking firms or brokers. and all 11eorporated the jail o than sis
Abstractors of titles, ten vinous or malt liqours who carry on implement machine or device so usedcr be required to pay a license tax. companies and prsn months. D IhOr
each county. or conduct business' on any boat, vessel placed shall be subject to seizure I Sec. 33. That all hawkers and peddlers doing the business of furnishing Sec. That Companies
t Clairvoyants palmists or or railroad car in this State shall and sale for the payment of the license shall pay a license tax of three gas. electricity or telephones to users 51 doing a t.I..p.;< r separate -
tellers in each county, be required to take cut one State and or the fine imposed.Sec. I( hundred dollars. Provic'id, That a license having a capital stock of two hundred: names, but.' under
e lars. county license for each boat or vesselor 20. That each sewing machine j tax shall not be equired from and fifty thousand dollars or more the laws tttata .
Lawyers, ten dollars. railroad car in which their business agent shall pay to the State a license any person selling met, vegetables. shl pay a license tax of one hundred other tb whether Ifiowr-
J Parties selling or is carried on. which shall be taken out tax of ten dollars in each county where fruit or other products .frown in this fifty dollar one hundred thousand 8t a all or

. rul estate oa commission, In the county where the principal they transact business.: Provided, State and sold by the owner or an dolas or more and less than two prate *a day October N e
Dentists, ten dollars. business of each boat, vessel or railroad That any merchant keeping sewing agent of the owner foi the owner's and fifty thousan dollars o e a
to the !It'!
Physicians ten dollars. oar is located, and which license machines for sale as other merchandise benefit. shall pay a licese tax one hundred pay "lmJHlU.r a
tax of tire ,1. for ".
All persons and notaries shall authorize them to sell liquor shall not be considered a sewing Sec. 34. That all persons, fl 'nr. dollars; having a capital stock of fifty bund lr. .teprp
paring deeds or anywhere along its line of travel. machine agent under this act. corporations, associations or their thousand dollars and less than one n I. em us
Other than lawyers mortgages and Provided, That if they sell liquors to Sec. 21. That each lightning rod agents doing the business of lending : hundred thousand dollars, shall pay a shal b required by any COUP' of

.11.t tents, who have paid their \ other persons than the passengers or agent shall pay a license tax of one or advancing money for interest com I license tax of fifty dollars; having a ; munlctpl. Provided for That pmaUj thai
required by th'!! act. shall pay crew of such boat. vessel'; or railroad: hundred dollars in each county where missions. Inspection fees or her remuneration I capital stock of twenty-five thousand i j r n pk' use '
ux of five doais.:! to the car at any stopping point or landing: they transact or attempt to transactany is charged in excess of ten dollars and less than fifty thousand I 1M I! exempt shall su not lit taa < 'n-
vided.\ Thdt this shall apply In any other county than the one in business per cent. per annum secured by mortgages I dollars, shall pay a license tax of I sldtoD .exempt .
1 Persons rrsiUing in incor I Ian which they obtain license. they shall I Sec. 22. That each Insurance company bi of sale, power of attorney thirty dollars; having a capital stock tl.. That
:! towns. be subject to the license! required to :association firm or individual or transfer of personal :of less twenty-five thousand dollars I S. sD '.(rp or other
Gypsies of be paid by liquor dealers in such doing business In this State. including I property as security for any such loans : thaI re than ten thousand dollars physical maru*!
11f" every company shall be allowed t' ;> iin-
''' al"s e"K'uR'-d in county city or town at which they corporations or associations engagedin cr advances; or any person. firm cor- shall pay a h ent tax of twenty labr ) pt.t .
? trading
telling, twentj-five dollars have stopped or landed. When the the business of insuring accidentsto poration or association doing the business dollars; having a capital stock of l"a paying a li@nM. uaU .!? U.-T ;
county where principal business office of such boat the person acting as surety upon of procuring any such loans or than ten thousand dollars.: shall pay I own capit the ">untiee m. .b.dl!: \"
r'n' they carry on located bonds, guaranteeing the fidelity of emplnye. advances for borrowers such license they ; to drt.f! a puhil fu.a.
Or offer to do vessel or railrcad car is not upon any ta of ten dollars; PovId 'j
C.U. Hawkers or so.street vendors la this i=tat >, the lieens herein required and insuring employers against securities, and charging such borrowers however. That any person fir o or dray without p"yng ,i *tate, "-"'H'i
or city license. PrA'.tde4 the Ha
cines, drugs shall b.. taken out in the coun- liability for accident to emoloyes, and commissions, inspection or other corporation furnishing water for pro-
u't other prep.i.uums fr patent ty in which they first engage-l in the life insurance companies shall pay to fees for their services where such busIness fit in cites and towns of five hundr dray belongs to hlTrt. P-ni-Je t '1
less rr.edu :n.tlmues business of sellms liquors. Provided the State Treasurer a license tax of is carried on or conducted in cities to one Inhabitants sha pay That this a app! !
qUrf'd to pay a license ,tax of That no license issued under the provisions two hundred dollars; plate glass insurance I I or towns of ten thousand inhabItants a license tax of fifteen cities the sale of spirituous, vinous "r "a' ',,
'f. dl'to1 doll! of this act shall allow the holder companies shall pay to the I or upwards. shall pay to the and towns of on" thousand to two liquors. ;"
Lace, au.1 Irs for mi.h oity.in thereof to sell such liquors as described -. State Treasurer a license tax of fifty State a license tax of one hundred dollar thousand inhabitants shall pay a license S. 55. It shaH be th duty of. .vhs
.11. may attempt ehlay In this act between the hours dollars: and in addition thereto each per annum for each place of business I tax of twenty dollars; In cities b"f"re I.Uln. ii < .s-
l'rO\'Ued. lu.wever.to sell such of twelve o'clock Saturday night andtwelve of said companies doing business in maintained; and that all pawnbrokers and towns of two thousand to th based on a property v4uattui: or 4. 1
PPly to home ,That o'clock Sunday night and the this State shi'H.! vpon the first day of shall pay to the State a license i thousand inhabitants shall pay Ita Itol to rtuh. t h. part arc. (,-
:taeg sold ( rv.tto.-tnr issuing, any license under January atter the passage of this act tax of one hundred dollars for each cense tax of thirty dollars in cities 14 U< to ill'.ri'Ir r .
a .eec. $, That to licensed I this"'act shall"have written upon its and on the first day of each succeeding I I i I place of business. Pawnbrokers shall and towns of three thousand to four duly authnt'at"d".e'.tem.c t "! ",,, .
any to the State keen complete and true value 'r the *"-n ,n' )r
\ of any dm face! in red ink the words "This license January thereafter pay a record of all thousand Inhabitants shall pay a license (1 tb prprt .
btl. *?y kind ? ointment or i does rot allow the holder to sell liq- i, Treasurer two per cent. upon the their transactions showing from tax of forty dollars; in cities the (.pltal.to.ly.hh h "ta" ni'nt u- !ee <1
Intended for the of of premiumsfrom whom each article of their stock oath properly it#.j l. U t
amount receipts
1. w any disease uors between the hours of twelve gross was and towns of four thousand inhabitants <h.I" '
bV any kr injury or I o'clock Saturday night and twelveo'c.ock policy holders in this Stat received which record shall at all and over shall pay license tax attached to tbe mont h''y rer>( of -,
la' cr taer drug, ,nostrum, or Sunday night," and If the I Sec. 23. That each insurance company I times be subject to the inspection of of fifty dollars. I censes made to h* <" 'm.f. ;!ler 4
I ex; \}(nt. shall pay i association mentioned in section all or police viola- failure on the pan of t'i TJ> Itorequire'andaltath '!, -
tax of two holder sells liouors at times in which : or j peace of..er. Any Sec. 46. Every incorporated or 1[[ .
hunIred dollars
jJr. day in Which I this act prohibits the selling of the: twenty-two of this act doing business I I tion hereof shall be as a mis- other every firm or!,; (' *Iti "I""i.
r transact thry may I he shall be deemed guilty of in this State shall on the first'1 demeanor. by imprisonment for not bank an a prn.business '[ saiii shall t cause for ,jpr .' fjomVe. < J ;
any business. same. after the of i less than one nor more than and H I* b >v mi' t>i-> i: .I' :
oec.. .. Th..t I selling liquors without a license; Provided i day of October passage six where credits are open for the dpBt..I, T. ;,
proprietors the first day of each months. lof' the Comptr '!Mer! '" .i:
thlsla' '!lops shall That if any door of any place I this act. and on and collection of moneys, or cueny' < I. .r. ; tax ot 111'ty Pliy to the State I where such liquors, wines or beer are succeeding October furnish to the !i Sec. 35. That elI persons soliciting subjet to be j-uid or remitted upon i i failure to the t;<---r : m re .; ( .( .
dullars for each
Treasurer the name and addressof for the enlargement of photographsshall the license report f :
buai8 I sold be opened on Sunday or if any ] State checks or orders or where money .
Sec. 8. into such place on Sunday It | each agent or solicitor authorized pay to the State a license tax in is advanced I) loaned on tok I I Sec. 5$. T a '. fo n ,. *.
:ID' That dalers in shall person be go prima facie evidence of the i to write insurance in this State: for i, each county of ten dollars; Provided, bonds bails! of f U wiling a am of h'-r. -

",ho Cense jmous tax or malt of seven liquors hundred shall sale of such liquors. I'each local agent or solicitor. each Insurance I' that no licensed dealer ta merchandise huUon.not--s or r five for discount -1 mule In 40o ".1.itt...I
dOllars In I ; 13. That any person or persons J company shall: pay to the shall be required to pay such license or for sale shall asa a license 'h4ara! H I
bit **"'*" county for i I ; eIC. license tax of five tax Provided that said dealer does b tn which l off" t
j \ or easiness who shall engage in the sale of!I State Treasurer a : not bank or banker. and subject as such county they 0. a
I\ lara shall go; t'I to hundred the County.and such liquors in this State as provided: dollars and it shall be the duty of the solicit orders except in his place of to the provisions of this act; Prvide sen.Sec. .. .
transmit to thf business.Sec. 57. '
Treasurer to ART
hundred dolUa in this act without first having; pro-I I, State that all banks that pay a tax tbllrcapital p.nn ;
to the State I Tax Collector the name and 36. Keepers of bollard "tables. firms assoduti t .'
City or license as provided in this act, County stock un-ier Chapter 4117. o 'I
inoorptited cured a
. In addltion.il town shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanOr -I I address of every such agent as residesrespectively ball pool tables, or other tables where Laws of Florida, shall not be requiredto or conduit any ill. .
, ill ted and. fifty Iillse tax of and upon conviction shall be I in such county. Counties, billiards or pool of any. kind is played pay a license also under this sec fo which a licet .
'""oeaever dollars: fined in the sum of not less than two cities and towns may require a license when such tables are kept for other tion. out first obtain*
fll located any out.i.li.sil h place hundred and fifty dollars nor .more tax of any such agent not to exceed than private use, shall pay to the State Sec. 47. That any evre.company except In IAII < .
JfcJi t or any citv the than one thousand dollars and ba Imprisoned fifty per cent. of the state tax. I" In@achcountyandtorEch.tablealcense doing business in this tt shall pay I proTi "r town, the :
Own rs thereof in the county jail for not Sec. :24. That each insurance company tax of fifty dollars; and all to the Comptroller of State the ml.dnfr. .. _
tense tax to the shall pay a less than thirty days nor more than shall pay to the State Treasurer per9 of bowling alleys, skatingri sum of thirty-gev.-n hundred and fifty s hii! b- pii'imh- l.v i :n. .... '. ..rcI

tneli'S i, located equal county in Bis months-and it stall be the duty of for each traveling agent or solicitor, and shooting galleries, when kept dollars per annum in lieu of a other 'I


II. --- .. '.' .-
--r"-- ;"
; *
< .Ji/'- .... ....... a4.... -- '.- ---- -4c

..: ;;r -- q. ULUL :4J'rJ J L ::1' -':- jtii ,J"; _) -


1I!I .


_ _ ___ &

: raeii fica* The jayseat cf a2 1- r shall act apply p countIPs wa b tw ea the States. at! was hcaoraaty -, each tax c-rtiamte r-Jenir or soliaaa lone thousand two hundred aad SftT bUD Jnd deltas 4.t.. :

er.oi taxes say be e=fot; d !>y the working roads under sj;ecfa. laws; discharged therefroc. shall the fee1s for se ."ars as pro\':aeum doUars 4SL5O.6I) ; for the eiitHr7 IIieeINI' 1a .. NIIW.1' ;

.=. ari s-C* of th* property by the Pr&rrted, Tartaer. That U -%* oath beiore the Clerks of the Ctr- sectIon 1* cf this #c.t aid the fe o.f east of the Sawancte River. locMd thoaaand fv. t. _

: Ccl .jsr. ltd a is heresy mad* a s>edaty 1 cocstructi&ff paved, rsacs-iazaze-i or: cun Court of this Stare that his home toe* dollar for every tix de.d issur1wtzirtir.fr at Gainesville twenty thousand dol- w far OancnJ Ce'e .

3' Ga cf the Tax CoSectar aad other iard surfaced roac as sow provioed -. has b<>*3 i'.:: far aon-paynert ef ax'S. .; / the cescnpuoa for ui each one a4didescription cerUficaze -- ilars ( :o o.0>. to ba *d by dM In Cprs.'r r' 0e1

'! Q=:7 J2i3 to report ta the Co'l;- by uw. and s courses not wort- aad that he Is uaasls. by reason ef tlolUl and tin cents when a ad is a.p.'plied J Trustees of the said insotuoon in patj- two laur.ttn4 ,.I -. : .
-I tXiZtr aad States ... vto- roads onder the COESy -' poverty. to '*i* a the : the said
"i aay i in? '; leases ct fi-.i a rt. Aay :ev2; er jraarn. Cocuousioaers of <*sc-Jrf sue other Cle-st "shai caacal the 'ert cats o(; the record of Tax ooU baildina. d rmatoris. .. .
Clerk to enter on the rect.on of e en. thOUAn,1 '. t* i
& frs cr assoeUJioa thais Dalj l. coz&defl .r 1"7 aa iddlccsl tax set JUCB a&ts. aad marx thereon the reasoa i: Sales tae redemption or sale of every anprovem-nts. evupnuott JWW' fur -{* "raSr ..J. .
j ; <3 T ca.5 ta b< said or ksep f* to e% *d three r.ills or the dollar on of such cancellation. j I Tax Cirtificaa mad taroia !: and dettcant .
to make up -
4H11r. fi
ary iTtritattu. vinous or salt l4oo! ( tie real and peraoca! prpterty ci tw c-. i W.Jows or soldier or sailors siaJ also keep :n a suDstaauai book to and sewerage and 'I. I.i u. .
: :rt ,ar.gt. &ie req'r-''enrrarj' the venne <-'fki ts.rfrom :: S...?. i W.dowi ef soldiers or sailors. be furnished him by he County COIEm rest on bonds seven inputTed "I i. fur W.4tL.e, '.' .

; tIn this act. saa3. aj-oa eocv".c ] to t. used arul approxT *T auca cter.uoned in Section 1, shall for the: sionera. as a t.errr..ar.ant rtfcori of fifty dollars t:75.9> far the S oi- tion 0.m *"

t4 fiad js a sum tot *ess than t-v- Coosry Cczszslssioaers rjtiaiv y for thcj- acmes m the same m m I'. j:.the OC5. a compete and full record inary west of the Suwann** RiVer. now buz4 )....-. i ,'.

'icaiied aai fifty acr nor* than one the purpose of --oiiarract.!? :vet mm- ;: Sec. 3 Clerks of Circuit Courts : of all silea aad redemptions etvin? theiaamora the Florida State Colleg InMted at aura 4L.rk ;.

.O .::! doz!, a be irte i.1 :':zed or other hard srTaeed roa te- shell require p jof of such srrtoaad!I of the Tax Certificate, the Tallaaassee. twenty thousand nIne p rr-eai. ,.. .

Aa oocT pail for aot ;U.i than sixjOStora i 9ct That the :evy ; of a tax maafiity u pay, neacocd: zacuoa <' lat of the Tax CertiScate. the amount hundred and forty- *v@ dfltfaus and Inilars (ILit* ,IH l.Taz I- .
I ; or prsportioaare amount of the face ($2*. 47.:): toe .
i a..i Dty rt!' 'for the raisins of a sinfcE? Jaw Jr Uiirty-sii cents Rvr; .

r.1- aai Deaary Cofle'torsj j i te utl3aie redectptios If 4 bonded See. 4. Al laws aai parts of laW >! value paid the af the date c of!&sate.or the re-Jempuon.interest. used by the Trusiefs for the best Interests tlioijaad [ ,1., .

I id aay 5flfcee o3 ,T of any iaeored debt ci the State is h.ry riipB i is cooiict with this act are hereby repealed. ---" .
: city or to3 ar! au'iorurf!. for tie ISM 34.Sec. : : now the .
T years and certificate and the purchaser or re- Florida AsricaitoraJ -rlt (I Til nr .
.1 1 rel without warrant to en-j}I -. AH laws and pjrts of laws Sa .. socThis act shall take erect ', .it'm.r of the oen ficata. and the dis- University of Flor.da. located at Lake ore )U' ,,

Ii!r ar.y i 4as? wh r rha7 have eaas J:: co.kt with this ict a.e herebr rt- from acd after its approval by the I'I'Gcn i poaidfin of tie nroce-jda. with the date City twenty-six thousand five 111111- 4l" II. .

; t* n5p ft saa :.
'i ?*!*, 824 t* siza tae si.T.e and arrest Approved May IS, 1MJ Approve! Jzse: X IM3, I I tiff clerk Without f-orth-r comc"nsanon to b* used by the Trustee for tae best for I'll" ,
; tia yarti* sa eagas-jd. acd ore huaiMlars -I t to make within the first tea days or for the
said insutnuofl. ,
interests of : .
lT 1 4 -.t
44:8 of toe fine so eoCectibe CHAPTER"ilAa < O. I.) CEAPTER 5112- T) I every month and oftener if requirw to State Normal and Industrial "Jle"e:
: ta '
detail as
the Comptroller a report
i pall to such oScer for JusSi. '
I Act to Provide for tie Levy !9? a. An Act to Amend ?*ctia3 (7) Seven of!above of all sales and redemptions m located at Tailahas***. for opt'2t( trl..i'guto .

I cu.J I Pea3M Tax far Each of the T-ars Aa Act Eamied "Aa Act to Provide I i: his cSc iurine the wrevtous months expenses ftve hundred dollar ;'.0 : .

"* shall Si be Every fsrashed State by or the County County Uesae A. D. 1M3 and A. D. 13. and to Pre-I' tv the IMS-, Custody. Redemption.Sale :|taf.: the certificates b-iorzinff to the * ; I vW for tai1 Payment ft received for
State. KVIE the amounts thirteen thousandone ,.
3d ani his seal of O to the and Transfer af Tax Sale CrUflcaiea ? located at Bartow '" : I" p.. ,4
I ?? CA E It Ecacte-5 by the Le ilanire. of the -,: fac- of the certificates and interest doUan -
J tka Comptroller after sigain? the J!, rection L That th.re jbal be tev- aad PrescwbiB the !!:' of Cer-j i, wtth his report and the Camptrol '; ( >. divided M folowpainting Fr i'i !... -

line and ryfring his reeMpt therefor.a I'' !! and asa d on all the taxable fain CScera Therewith th* Saaie1Beit 1'shall remit to the proper officers the bufldiEg sis hundred doL are r.rx* and "' *>.-' .

= i ffca Tax Coi>etar shail II out and property of the STate of l anda, a pension amounts due the State aad couniv and f 6oo..iy>: for mesS ball ana burn* ,.f :-.e i, I .. .
Chapter 4fit of the Laws of
i each Ikenae before iaauin lie ? :[ rescecnveiy. and shall receive thousand dollars ill.- .. .
r.n tax of two <2, miils .poi ta* dolar sU- U'icU furniture one itH' .
; Un to t&4 >srsoc or p r ocj fayic? far each of ta! y art A. D ninetwa -I Florida. Approved May 31 1>*1. j[: receIpts far the same in cue H.ftj.. for gas plant and apparatus for azrrn','. h, < 5 '

tim tie teci ssary asoost theo. huadrei and three |19 3> aM \.1 Be I: Enacted by the Legislators ofI eotirsIt shall be the duty of the mire hundred and ."* )- '* ocxUr 1u.j tii>i. "
TV Tax CoErtor saafl make I tae State of Florida: rmnstroRer to forrasa all necessarY additional .
? a. dupiiaf tiS75.Plfor appara'.J ,
D. nset" for the certificates, a:. : *' 4 .mn* _
I, u each Iicrje lijue-i te the boo and all p ason claims afcw d by the[ Secuoa L Thai section (T) seven blanks r-ceiots.aM deeds.fn>7r.s reportJ. etc for the physics. seven hundred and Ifty do- pa--.s' Sf* >

t-ibd by the Contty lad(e Tcr Perrr/r. Board n ajr/jrisace WK& law ef an .tct enutlei aa act to prrrida forts of Tax Collectors and Clerks and bon tP4.OO' S for the ar' i-.a "

j. tt..a.t ;ure, ud Ball 31* rjcS J.p'J- aha3 S' payabi* or..y fzsta the taxes JSSOA. custody reiemption. sale aadtraosrer ta us*prescribe the form of the 1JlaDnt ida School for the Deal and Blind ur'isr I.

eat. Ue ue with tis County 1"J j& .so leriei: Pro>:.. That if the Govror vie of tax of tax
;I a.d the *roc -r. jrsoaaUeens oug : ( shaJ diover trot tie a3reaiess dunes of cerum oQcers therewith the Commissioners as roW bv this Act.Aay and sev@ltY.Jotkrs i$TT.:% ** to rn-v .- .. ." ., .

: ncl thai? ke? the sane eseorjpicaoujly .sine7.t of the Brojrrr of the State same Den? Chptar sit of ice Laws fieri of the circuit court who fails be expended for the us* of s-id aas >'bo pa'a.. _.a.

; 1db1tld at their ?lae' cf that a redaction cf tllot a two.of Flonla. approve-1 May 30. 1 0i. oan1 or r-fus-s to crform ar.y ad all ft tbe Trustees of said inKirjuor may ... > < rr. '
:t kC ind upon failure to do M 1 Kill tax fir eiife-r tlIet sad the the dHtl s herein orescrb-i shall be '
or yearsb some is aieade-d to tea 1 as direct: for *expenses of te Troupe. ,
: itall be ribjert :a another Ii en3! farr : }ustifl- he fs hereby zataorwd to focows. subj-ct to rupenaion bv the Governor of armories. ux '!!Sand pa i \r ..

: 'I : Jt2 in or run& n& the btuinest r!4uc' the !.ra-. i Sc. 2. That all laws and tarts frhundred t '
1 .
,ie. .c.n for which ; "
;? e 'cujat.on deem aivijwb aid he 'Jt hereby em-i chase* any cert cate of land sold or ; 'I"
neh Uc ss w&i tAJue-1. I ISs. I I po'u'r-od to dirt th. vy aM cotiecj i itl caruSed to the State for taxes from ,'laws :n m31ct with the provisions"for deficit rent of armories to dat. )11. .\C'; ,:. .. -

54. Ea'*i Ciuaty JaJ? .haiLrpzft n of such redneei tax u aforesaid. j tae Clerk of the Circuit Court of the. the act. be and the same are hereby thousand; four hundred and eihty.flve'dollars ...'. t.t ,' ..

i : : to the Comptroller on th 3irat > ef-i I County wherein sues land is situated ;! retaalef.sec. and fifteen cent |!.4t5.:; > ft'r r' ':. .
; s<--. t That this Aet stall take 4. That this act shall sn Into apr''I
1 by payiEff to saca Clerk the imouat oft of -General, if* aoii .
lio-aiay In each month in each! feft Sias-ediat upon hj passage and & >t-t imtr.ediat-'y upon Its aperoval salary Adjutant o' : S ::" e f ,
i st.ueiezt show tie amsontfa socn ceruieaie and interest thereon '' and dollars tSLM M) : for sa-ry .,' ,
ar a
7 'apyrovsi by the Governor.i by the Governor ." ':. -' ,.
: Esotey r..rpr,d for Stua an-1 COUEj j i A"roved June 5ta 13K.I t'II nte from cf tile twenty-five dale of the eertlState cent at the I i Approved Jose I*. 1943. I.,State Chemist one tnousardiSLOO 4ollsrsI ;'tr j't : ,4 .. ".'

!. ,: I i t7 Beeze I'U' the ;rori too9 of I Ii for the irst t*o ye per rs and per el asnuai: percent I fOH ; for the salary of .*.; t ,. : 'If .- tyI ,. .

act. &=i iai! pnbtLsJi said list in >omTssa.pr 4 I I CHAPTER: SI 9-(XO. t) j jI I pr annum far tae tune after the I CHAE1I4-fN'O. 3.) STate Chemist ,JIM hundred dollars era .

: ..; t ;rLtI Is JaIlS comity &yor I! ror rat two years and the tao of fly Aa Act Malczur Appropnacon; for the (S9w.M for improvement and ad.i>- ..r'- Iwl.. .. -
rtl0s tc and Jor tie Aa Act ta I of the slate Government
toto .
e.YI2. c-iu for the ClerS. and the endors-- Expenses finns to State Laboratory a* 'hr.ilr.d
I f ycfcHet ca a f sa:4 yatemeat the Stats Widow of Deceased Confed-rate ment of rich cer-flcat- by suca Clerk for six Mantis of the Year i and Enlargement of building nine hundred I .

ha2 cay two th3 of h cost ant i! Soldiers aad Saiora of the State of' o: ciaiy wta the late and amouat re- far the Year 1944. and far Six Months dcilars (JJM.iM : for shelving. !taWe --".. !' Wzpr.-. :
tlia county one-thir; and to the County i I Florida, and to Create Stats Board ,I c \'* shall be u2f>ent -icace of of the Y-ar 1905. hundred dollars .on jII I'
CarrEisjjji. of all Of Peaaiocs aai to Pr-scrib- Their the traasfrr and assignment thereof. Be it Enaued by the L-gisUtore of the closets cases, two !i*'l i I t r" t* !. .. .
: rj statement
a. 1
I and Prwers. State of Florida (szeo.t) for flombinr. KM and water fr-f4-- ., ,
ID:1eY rfteiT.J ft" cctasty license lisrIcg Dcttes Any portion of Uad or interest there'ajccctained : ..-
: tia 5rcedic5 mc'-.th. with the same j 3* It Enacted by the Lesalature of the JE. a tax certlCcae held by i Section L Thai the following sums one hundred dollars di'd* a.1"r .-1u \ Il. _$

etsou sarisg the :" thd I State ef Flonda: !!! tae State which an be asc-rta.aei by j'b! 1.i are hereby ap;opriated for tae for remodeling and flauhinc pr* er! d. i ., .iars J.'f -

acKnzt jaij by *aea. tb date of each I Section L That from sad after July.1 >ja: 2:'.3 usual sab-.vision, ran b* re- j(i payment of the expense of the State room. se !nty-ftv@ dollars 11"- "'1"< fcr ,.*:, Y.e-:jar* it1fcij <' ...
.> '. 1st. 1W3, ta- w-dows of any deceased' ieea-e-a or scW by a certiSotte ef such Government for six months from July sample !. oCce flxtars fll&. se v- .
ral.1 bt.r.esi or profeflon -- fir '
; transfer or 'M-nptlOf'. und-r the handt : 1st rsoi December 31su 1S$3. For si* r s*'."
: to
aoldl-r or sailor who emisted and srved -.j enty-5ve dollars (175.81.: for ir.- .
for wt:h tha same wu ttque2; and oicial Ial of the :lurk of thi salaries Executive Iwpartnwnt. nine ":ar ir.. i t- -; .t ..t* ... .*>
&l.1 uli atatcccst aaaii b la the ssilitar or zsnl < *rTi :e of tel expenses one hundred dollars .
sfr.lrl by'C.e I ,
I Ii .!Irirrast roart. and a deed may issaa thousand two auadred and fly doi- IW f.r ..Ii ** ?- ,
Taz Coflector and the Cr.:1t i the Cot erate States. or this Ste.I ($16d./0 for additional dw.nur..1 :f- .
thereupon ia comaiianewita the lars U.: O.fH : for Chief Clerk in i SurIren2.'u. : . rn' 1
; ,ai-d the Tax Callector ihaB ;a7 i I duriE? the war b-twa the States of terms of t sis Act. Endorsement of the Treasurer s o c seen hundred ana paratus as oUowa: Analytical bli.. *. elCt m.1,' ." '" I .,

r acuwstoUectei by ti=j far State j| the Uait-4 5& and *d Rot desert Clerk aaaii b* made upon tee tax cer1 -': fifty dollars iJ7w>.w j : for Assit ntClrk one hundred and thirty-ave dollars 'Ot eS:' ... .. ...-
Iee to t&e Flu* Tr!a5Tirer ca the the Co'ifederate or Scat s'!Ce. shall uflcare of the portion of the rertific ate in Treasurer's oSce six bundrea for poiaroflcope and ac< eaones. ,three '
; t.rrt Monday !a eacfa month; aai at tiuizr. be -:tAtie! to rrivthe! sam of reeyne1 or jd'mtho descrtoitior dcilars i J6M.60) for Clerk in Attorney : two hundred and fifty acuari f'JA" t .; '.-. .

tfeae ihaH f-sy to the CourtyTreararsr ty-slz doilars ;': aar.urs; ui nuarteriyijayments :I of the land and the date ef the Ger.eral s OSce. six a.s irea dollarsJ800JO i JiC: &.Od i. for speecrtMfOpe and a.' -- r'.JI .,t'-"fT't. It". _
the acourt cofleeted by ht ; Pnvid-4. that sacn wdow'was ;: transfer, with the amount received ( > for PnvatSecretary taGovernur baa ?'"'" "" : e''I. I .
hundred aollar cn4
a Jcr !i.ee. lawfully ar-d to isrii ecetUM!;[: tftere'or Should it aac-sr that the six hundred dollars (Uc.60 !.-- sories.. one ? . 1. ,r I5' .,; .
codty I i I land covered by the oldest Ct'rt:= Governors for melting furnaces and lump "..ftrdoHars .. -" ., ..,
i'Ae for ia '
Sec '4. The Caorty Jaf e aha3 "- soldier cr sailor prior f a January 1st. i;' > ; Steaofrrapaer tug: 'a u s-
a. v.dcw 'to be traasferrefl or canceled has not ofiic- three hundred and sixty dollars '50.00for electrical bet'.rr t.,.osj loi
IMS: aad ;rarl-d such was a l., at .
to tie graad terra of thcocrt :
: crt or the Cleri jury cf tt*u* a Ctrsnltwhen resident of the State of r1. on Jan- bean a!!ei .r is assessed to tae statfor any sribs-quent y-athe of Statsix hundred dollars battery and ntting fifty dot !- ,
1190 aid has Sac < ntilm11'1. lur", .
EO craid Ji 'y is CYTe--I. Tilci efeailfce airy 1st. : P 4.t;" .dre ; .,.l V'-
ProVld'4.l I party purcnasina or r-de-msnr the old- I 3eO'i' : for Assistant Clerk in Ofiiee 'lars $:''.'"H ; for mispella.ious arraratus. .
.: isde-i therein and | ,
tied 1:1 sail Clerks offce. tha nantes ; l'I: ; .e4 .. "
i eat shall pay to the rlerk Use of Se.r tarv of Stat- tour hundred and flasks leater-stills (Water and ;lIapJ
ef a3 jTwras that hare jroeirsi IiI farth-r, that ao dor. owns property jtajt-s ije for each of such sub"
I csrses czder the ;ro7isions of this real or pe-socai. or real and vrseaal -j omitted years and all taxes that b.- Fertilr and Slate Prison Department I Amonia tubes. gradual nttiags. two ', uru*.-i iou... I v .us ..

I act to the value of eight handrddonars. I rom do th. followingNovenber>. six hundred dollars tJ4) .00) ; for Clerk hundred dollars ($2 oo0i. for !:ntenaace :=C I.lta'.' lilt J. '.-. .,.. .. .

See. 11. The CoisptroH ef the shaU t* entitle to th* pro1'lcna -:based, j n the last assessM valuation in Agricultural Dpartm-nt. six hundred : of lunatjcs. forty-two tbousautd -'. ev. > ',,L. 'ijr jO'

i Eta of Florida aoaa famish rich fcerecf. The provisions of this j]rwreh' interest hr-on. at the rate of'twentvv. !| dollars ($' .4iI. for Chief Clerkin five hundred dollars i W2.5W > for ,!,- .x.-: 'q ._

bliris as ar. recriired br Uce3sa in Art sfcaJ rot ar ly to aay widow after.hr i ncr .ent per annum for taej II Comptrollers office seven hundred I general printing and ad.\"rt tea (I li' i3..ad 1. ;.t. .S _, *
loci fora to the Csurty Jude of eaeaccn rearr.ag,. I, first two years and ezat: toer cent per 2M f.fty dollars! (17il) : for Audit- thousand dollars \$ &&.00> : for eaJI j l it-e .' .i..4 .._
who ifcall sis S,r. 1 A-! suras re.iur&1 for the annum for the tin after the r't two- Iiz Clerk n ComptroIe-'s; oce. six t aries and of Railroad Com r -* ttm
; ry. g--v receipttherefor expenses
unIt <.I-r t ofsal". is .- -
payrceat of P-ESCTS to ippucacts! T-ars. fcfffinnir.z on th* Srst day off! hundred dollars (iM.OO : for Bookkeeper $ *
fcer cf bark tbooscnd five .
eit'.rg the seven
n= misfioners. nuI1
d-r vlsiocs of th's Ac shall he .AB-11 of the year !-! after the year for in Com'.oHr's ns,-, svahuzdrd ,tnc" .*p.s of ow sJ'I s15
't Icere Is easfe booi azd the ; tot1nraaee
receiTel dred dollars U7.S8t.lHH
drawn the which such taxes are due. and fiftv dollars (Z'54.4) : for, : ,61' one ta".isin ; HIla', I; ".
Cousty JsJ i''t ihafl r tu ra och boo3 paid by wsjraats by Comptroller State buildings including State
Approved : 1343.CHA11 on
f. Clerk in
the Treasurer of the Stare, inifCTcr iUy Ar-ral espond-n-e Iomntrolisr's for praitns; f41t.J '' 'U 1krtl .
for explication at any tine whsa re4 : or. Capitol and af State He- j .
efflosix hunared doilars buildings
: O.. Cha ,' *-
cf the applhraar for the sam to ; :: Jt 'is .
I et of forida. ten -ft. sd .. '5 fit
Sec. *r which she a:ay be entitled out arty n *
I ArT County Jzdje or Cal- Act to Amend Sections 10 and 11 OSce. six hundred dollars [ *.
dollars (.\ !> i: for salary of State ,;.H 00 I fc\r jf h1nte&
4 that snail iraie -l I lKr r.-,1eys la the Treasury not otherwise rs ri g ., *M -
.. e tor E yiect r of Chapter Hit Laws of Fionca. En- ($ 40.04) : for Special Clt in Comp Auditor and Clerk one thousand six
J shall be rezored from oSe, and' a, r'.t taj< an Act to Provide for ta! Issue troller's osee. two hundred and fifty j if'tt of p..t, l? ft.
: asy Colisctor fadiz! ? to male? rich "- i j' 5-e. !. The Courtv Csicinissiocers'ef I Cato Y. Z-.e emJticn. Sale asd dollars tJ250 j) for Bookke-oer m hundred dollars $1.1000) for deficit ,pCJtt 'WI'1... $16' In'
I Tort as he e'a rqiir or to pay the each county shall at lean onc ach Transfer of Tax Sale CertiScates and T.x Redemption Department six hundred in contingent expenses of Capital and sri :. ft.pe. .

r azajoit collecui to the State or Co- !'year exasiire th' pensicn roll of theirresective tne l=sue> of Tx Deeas; and PrescrIbing dollars C.0.d6) : for Auiuas grounds three thousand and the hun- j .t 4ajmt 411..

ty Trearsrsr. as the zam may be ;ay- eout.a aad ascertain the Duties of Certain Oflctra Clerk la Tar Recemot.on D-partnent. dred and forty-five dollars and ninety- IKdr Inatrui rtUO. it" C : SO.& .'. ..

t tile, ihall be <*-r-! r 2ty of st ezt -,[[wether cr not any per! on said p@ni i in Cor.'l Con Therewith. six hundred dollar JSd9. 9> ; for .- seven cents $2.545.971) ; for expenava fit <4 *.ilars I: ," ( towc.f.W-

t : al zert. aai fhai] be lia&e! ta the ;!IlL 1' sica roD Rfcouli be drop?*! from saze Be it Enacted by the Legislature of ord Clerk in Tax Redemption E>epartaient the Legislature of IH'3, aeveuty-eis lattocs 1upormaI.a4.tr r r-i..' .
the State of Florida six hu!red dollars: ("".Of)> ; for .
aiited draw Thousand dollars f$7.004.M ; for trar-
ie yrtscribel for larceny, of the by reason of :ot being to <4fe s. ace ihbarniat "C .
a sweat wUhhed. | said pesaion und l r the prurisions of Section 1. That Section 19 of Chapter Correspondence and Rsport Crk in cling expenses of the Supervisor rfswte <. toUar .'LoW is' ..
Tax P.- De'artment. six hundred
4iSi Laws -r.ptlon
of Florida be aaisadediao -
Sec. n. That octhtry la thia act thin Act and make report of their 2ndto : as to read as follows |i d Jars t rj600.00 : for Contingent.expenses Prisoners, nyc hundred daUam |. sad 'I'.nwr .'naI-

I gafl. te coa3trr: 4 a* la tsy way t; the State Boar of Pensions.h Section 19. The holder of any taxicerurcate .of. State. two thousand OoI1 i $ tfi.d) ; or so much thereof as nar ent *f4aiarf Tsatu-11se .

Urt r.n.r or liasitig- th* ;ewers h1.h, > are hereby aatfcortz toop at any time two years after Jars <'tOO.OO) : for Watchman at CaaitoL be necessary to be paid out of fund, *<. tar 11'TW m .
lave b*c or may be f-c.tei to C7 i said ;enronerr fron the list tf. in thelrJndjinent. the date of its issue may oBuin a tax three hundred and nmety dollars derievd from the hire of State prisoner boe&s. nr.tIry .at ..1 'UPI.

BsuiUcl;*! eorroraticn by apeclal actor the same honid be done deed to the land therein described by 1)39009) : for two Janitors at CacitoL ?. upon property iteaiired accounts.rrovd *. 6.1 for J u.,. ftsfause .

charter act for the purp.M of re-1 & c. 4. The State Boarl of Pensions application to the Clerk of the Circuit three hundred and sixty dollars ((I3SO.- by the 'ommiHtener of A rinculture Mariana* two t-- ". .
.t e.*irl2j the Bayrcest of iioec tau I shall pr' cr.bf rul"s and regulatIons Court *f the County wh-ren such land (W> ; fo! fuel. lrhts ar.d water at Capitol ; for pay of Chaplains M ooMars *,1.iM.> .ak .
See. 4. That aU laws and parts of' fur carryiagr out The previsions of the is situated as provided in this Act, a/l one thousand two huadgrd and
preach to the thirty prison five air* far I
the *
the surrencfr of such certificate and fifty dollars (Jl!5].OO for camp
laws ia ccaiJet pension laws of this Stats see that said ) : postage.
with the provisions cf laare complied with and shall make th* payment to th- Clerk of the proper express and telegrams for Secretary of hundred dollars ($ )."'. bills to 1M for lbs SanstMrr *.* tf 'In) .

till act are hereby retealed.se and rcoinaen3itioRs to the amount for the redemption"or surrnder .: State; two hundred aai fifty dollars approved oy the Commissioner! of Ajrnculnire flee m<. .N'af_ M .kla.

.;,rond J t. 1OZ.S Gov reports raor at I-ast thirty days before theme of all other outstanding certiicatescovrla
1r said lands, awl the payment other Incidental expenses of Capitol. arising from the hire of State prisoners Nt an honda ._ .. 'I'. .
CSJLPTEP. 513T-(NO. !) -tir.y of the Legislature Said conduct Board of to the Clerk of fifty cents for each certificate -' !'- hundred dollars ($50080) : for Engineer for the mite of the Board of "omreusioners drod 1uUaw I' "I' .
make SUCh ralea for the
In Act to ProriJ* for the Levy of nay their buaia'-'s th'may dwn then redeemer and for ascertaining -, and Gij-dener for Capitol building of State Institutions, to pay the Its:. X.. r. vV.0D.l1aA. .
as all outstanding certiacates. a. and KTOunds. tar** hundred dollars ,
I Taxes for th e Y e&" IMS asd 1S04. .! not tn <*or-fllrt w'th the spirit and fee of afty cents for tn? oldest tax sale ($29000) ; for postage and stationery for books. printing inspecting camp .t;rt) s tbeessM 0'flundrd

2. it Enacted by the Legislature of p rpcs of the pension laws. They and A tee af fteen cents for each subsequent for Agricultural D-partment. purchasing religious literature and Bibles Iai'are |- -1" '.. .

the fiui of IlcrJia.Eectica ; I Day employ a clerk at a salary not tax sale at which said land three hundred and seventy-five doiUrs one thousand two hundred and by the _s'e -e4 & .n. 11Io-

1. That far tie rcee ofnssriar i exce'dirf 2v hundrel dollars pr an- was soil or subsequent omitted tax < 373.00; for printing- Aifncultarai Department fifty doilars ($1.230 t). bills to be ap- the best v-t.-t 1ft.'i'.

aa e ual and calform rate ol cam: payable! quarterly out of th* year and a fee of one dollar for the four hundred and eichtv- pro-vd by the Commissioner of A gri- for u- F" "- i 4 '. t,' J. .

: Lttc t23: to pay the appropriationsfer State Treasury on the certificate of Usae of the deed and ten cents for five dollars (485.00) for stationery for cuiture. submitted to the Board for now ha' I' ... -. pt 1a. warn*

: the cwrtct *rpeTa of the State th& Chairman of the BcarlSc. each adlitional deacriptioo of land embraced Executive and Legislative Departments their approval and paid out of the .fLo.k'. ",_. .. .- seat *.

Icr ft* years 1J02 aid 1J34. aad for tater -I 5. All laws and of laws in in any one ceed wiaci de i seven hundred and fifty doi bun"a! ; .t. V lilt a*"
parts State Convict
Fund for Sv
I thousand
lars :
: *ft ah. the bosdel debt for said year shall be prlma facie evidence of thereruia.lty (J753.90i : for express and tele-I '
eor.Ciet with this Act are hereby re- by tu- T.oe4M f. "
1 fframs. Agricultural Departm-nt. State maps printed similar to thos-
of the sev ?
there ihaU be levied upon the reai and croce-lir.es from the ,
I '. -
peracsal of tha diierett Sald.Sen. ;reduction af the land by the Assessor nty-five dollars $73.00) : for incidental now bngsent out by the Agricultural ouattlns't.' 'tv"
I fsr the 1SSS three-: C. This Aet shall bIn force to the date of the deed inclusive. All expenses. Commissioner of Agriculture Department six hundred and fifty dollars mal a- i !". in- .J' 4 II'TIiW..r
a tax cf
year I
from and after July 1st. 1M3.Approved tax deeds shall be Issued by the Clerk one hundred and twentv-five dollars 4650.00)) ; for one thousand hh4J 4..
tt2i* the dollar mount.
and for the I
ujoa .
year June 6th. 1M2. Circuit Court ($12500) : for salaries Justices of .
: of the of the countIes ed one tlto,1 J. | I'M 55
I b*
: I Ir to furnished the
15 U i. tax of three mills n;- the dollar the maps County
lands Suprercs Court. Circuit Judges and '
wherein the convey-i are situated ; < the Hunt.: ? .a.: .r' 'l1 "
i : a=d there ahaU alto b. levied for and shall be in i I State Attorneys twenty-s-ven thousand Supenntendeats Of Public Schools. .
CHAPTER Slid-(NO- 5.) I I substantially the .:a ol at its"'a .. .t .
cch .f the years 19)3 aad 1904 a con-I r form followiaz. to-wit: i two hundred dollars ($27.29000) : that one may be hung in every schoolhouse litaHIIS
I tititiciai school tax of one mlH upon An Act to Prescribe the Compensation, State of Honda. for salaries of Jadee and State Attorney where desired three hundred hundred and S, tr*.

tha d&nar; Proriled That If the Goreriar to b' Paid to Jurors and \vtneses I I County. . . . .. . for Eighth Judicial Circuit for the dollars (SOO.30), to be paid out of the divided M '.", rV .
On Behalf State in the CourtsOf month stnka. bath k ;.. t f .'o' e.
1 ahaH discover from the agyre- of the I Know all men by Those Presents: of June. 1903 three hundred genral revenue fund, for one Manca- .
gate aasesarseat of the property of the County Judges and Justic@s of the''I j I That wheri*s,. . . has this and fifty-eight dollars and thirty-three nese steel mob and burglar proof safe hundred '->..* t 'P .
Stats aad froo other isrcces of rer- Peace and of Jurors in Coroner's In- :((, day acolied for a tax seed to the land I][i cents (J253 33) : for salaries of the new for office of the Stat Treasurer two Ins inatntmr :< "' .44l4 .
t'J- tie nliKZaz or three z&Ca state quest. :' hereInafter describe and has produced:,: Justices of the Supreme Court from ( S oM, for .9 a ,..fl 4e4 .
S tax ef either or both of sail will ': Be !It Eractel by the Lr-slature the : and surrenders to the undrslfnelj date of appointment to July 1st. no:. thousand one hundred and fifty dollars TWO taoiwan.i *.,. It JI/1fI ** ***
years I i '(five thousand two hundred (2.150.00) for one typewriter for State
Circuit and
Cerk cf the Court for the fifty "
State of Florida .
ke Is ; j ff'fldnw IF"Un4 is-i 4 *t;
stUUlia hereby authorized I i
to re- Tax 'dollars <$& 50.00) ; for Jurors and \%1t- Treasurer's OE hundred .
VTltresses I county aforesaid. Certificate Xo. :| e. one dollars .
SectIon 1. That Jurors and .
,: dues the sa=* as IOTP as h- may deem | before hundred Cot:., ..9 '
from whii'h it at>tars that sad land' ness Grand Jury. thirty-fiv (100.00)) for wire rallies or guard for
!In the
it behalf State 4
J the
advlsabl and la on of the St P'I' 5 0
*. hereby
thousand (
empowered doilars
to i iI 'was sold bv the Tax Collector of said SZ5,0 1./.n; for Cerk State Treasurers
r !r strict tie 7ax C lector; Courts of Couaty JuJges *>nd Justices Office and rearrangement trial Ikh .-.!. -, ._ 0' Ps' ..
I f ta collect!I' county on the . day of X D. 1J of the Supreme Court as Librarian un- '
! ; only soA reduce tax aj he cny a. of the Peace, and Jurors CITIES aad for unpaid taxes for the year A. .1' der S-ction 1321 R. S, one hundred of office two hundred dollars 1fta thousen I i 11 t.f._

: '.,1 I" as afreu.t. attending at Coroner's Inquests shall 1$. as the property of . and fifty dollars ($12900) ; for Clerk of $200.00); for file cabinet for StateTreasurers to be aa4 b' ': oi'. e .
: each b- paid the of dollar for Supreme Court per diem under Section oJSee, one hundred dollars .. .. .
j { SM. 2. The Board of County CoraBlsaiortra -I sum one j(and I whereas. said applicant has redeemed ,atioB far a t
I or every co aty at a eette each days actual attendance upon th* (or purchased and surrenderled .j 1321. R. S, four b.ar.dr-1 and sev ($0.00) ; for expenses in *tuHL >ta"w d

-. f: for 1''tCt'.oiK a=d reviewlasr the Court either as a juror or witness on all other outstandiasr Tax- Crt3eatea enty-one dollars (IJTT.Ofh. : for -Sheriff of Senate Judiciary Committee in the 9tat Tropa. le.rIudti .-" Jf
j .: aoaaty asse-srcecr. ezaO. Jisaiediately behalf of th' Stare and in addition covens? said land and proper I I tot ?jprm* Court: per diem under investigation of claims against the Indian mane* thirteen ttwaaaJM fucaW9 d '. .- ..
Section I
1 1253 R. S.
thweaftsr thereto h@ shall be allowed five cents notice bavins been ven as reauired bylaw ene hundred dol War Fund. i .
aacertaJn ani determine the : one hundred and thtr- I a6 .OIW"
lars (190.00) : for Janitor of for :na .eiarv
i f- w'Jt of OCT to b* raised by taxi i per mile for each mile necessarily trayele -! this of deed h!! and ancllration no own for-r. the claimant Usu of Court. four hundred an! fifty Snnr-m dollars :ty-seven dollars and ninety cents two toe4 .'a. ..

t far couety purros-a. inciuiir. the current by the nearest and most direct other person entltto! redeem said or $450.00): for M-ss!r.er of Supreme $137.90; ; to be paid by the ComPtrQf.1 1 OW,Mi for aary ->f 4';'. ,
I ezversis tnrerei bon route from his place of re!id"nce to Court. one hundred and iehtv : ler roll '.' iii"
on i debt ilani has anc-ar-d to redeem the sm; dollars upon pay properly @ ed by two tfeaaa 4 tetlara *I.
j fcfiiaaai! co-onty b-!!I.fu.f5 and to where the ssrvi" is render-d. and thej 1 Now. therefore the State of Florida, inconsideration $1S0.09> for salary Secretary to Su- 1 the Chairman of the Judiciary Commute !i f salary of Aaaiataat MetA 'It* .

nest the expenses that are hereby a:1-1 flame mileage for r!turnin< home; i' of the premls-s. and the pr-mo Court Justices nine hundred by warrant on the Slate Treac- :;! thousand aigtu hundred 0'* .
I ttortzed to lary a tax of nut tt Provided That such pr dIem \ni dollars tU60.00) : for contingent expnse I y
i more sam dollars the urer. payable out of the"Indian War ..., for broia. sot 4.
than of
4 fT. mills L:11 mileag s'naU not be paid to more I Supreme Court. one thousand
the caid the
dollar amount
upon on the | upon certificate, and Fund. I| .. .
; for '
for for laba/atary tat
it' tad persaaal proj rty of tho county two witnesses subpoeuae4 to prove any for costs and charges, and In pursu- shelving and cass for storageof .
And Provided tur- i records and books In"a'.ll1. Sec. !. That the following suns be hundred dollars *(9M *
aad every such de'-nrmation and I levy' onparticular fact; anre of the statute tn such cases pro I .
: s' mai- shall be enters at large I ther that neh jurors and witnesses. !vld d. has elven crant-d. bargained I for Supreme Court. four hur.dr-d and and are hereby appropriated for the nanc of luRatia 4f'Clf) 0" ..

f the r-cords of the Board of County upon when called or picked up. subpoenaed and soli and does hereby eive Krant. |, fifty dollars (450.00 ; for ;payment of the expensea' of the State dnllara t kLI$4 ftp I rIM fI'1IIII". .

1:1 :. Con nisilorera ac* co county shall levy I I or summoned OT the grounds or at the bargain sell and convey unto the said expenses of Circuit Court Judges sit- ;.Government for the year 1M.: Far Ir.. and adartwn iftoso "

i & greater aajouat for arty purpos than I! place of the trial shall not receive aay| and his heirs and:|I tlrs on Supreme Bench seventy-five 1 salaries Executive Department flght- dollar flU,' M far -rNe.-

1 five mffis for eouaty purposes except!mileage whatever j j assigns forever and to his and their ,i dollars ($73.00)for: costs adju lee{ ,i en thousand five hundred dollars axpeoaaa af IUOroa.1 .1'1tJJ'
: :. | Sao. 2. That the compensation pro-1 own proper use. benefit and behoof the. flftaea thousand loll.r I: .
as hereiaaft.r prov.ded. and any in-f against the State in civil cases fifty $18.50000) : for Chief Clerk in Treas-
debtedneas contracted by the County,; vld-d for In Section 1 of tins art shall j the foilowine'county land.and State situated aresaH and binlt and described In-I i dollars $30.00)) : for expenses of Circuit : urer's office fifteen anundred dollarsI for insurance <>n Mar* ..,;. .

t Coramis! nera of any county ia excess be paid by the county in which the I cortainine i Judges sitting In other circuits 'I ($1.3dQ.OOi ; for Assistant Clerk inTreasurer's .. eluding Casjitai and fcuunaa II-
service is rendered in the same man- State ffoaattai for nw !n<_
of the sail '
amount shall be null j two hundred and .
and aor!s more or less fifty dollars ($250.00) office one thcasaad two .
: veil aai no suits shaJ be pro!ecuted pr end sjbject to the same conditions' Provided however. That saId: land shall I ; for expenses collection of revenue 'hundred dollars ($1.204.00)toe Cleric thousand Ian 'It.** wary --

In any court tn this State tQr the col- 'as other costs of criminal prowcution I i continue TOb'ect and liable for any unpaid thirty thousand dollars $30.00.00): in Attorney General's office twelve : of State Auditor eJthoaaaad. 'It ..
1-cttoa of the are paid. I tax-o tbTeoij- I hundred ,.
same; P-ovided. That the I two
I for lists of land hundred
entries for assessors, dollars ($l,200.oi) for Prt- .
County Coaumisjioners of each county S<"c. 3. That all law and arts ot !n tp B<1monv wher-of. bv virtue of of : i,i 20$.M) for tnc; flP" .
shall levy a. tax not to exf-**.} five mUle' laws In conflict with Section i of this the mthorirv In me v "te
nor less than three ail act b* and the same are hereby n- fT and! on behalf of the Ste'. of PlorW expenses of Comptroller's Office [thousand two hundred dollars IU2tj j I sand tlbtlar ill lIe .f -

cJUs on the dollar on the r-al one-quarter and pealed.Approvej. L fi* u1 *imed. as Clerk of the five hundred dollars $300.00): ,;, 00); for Stenographer in Governor thereat aa be naeaaia/ .
, of th traoaal May 13. 13')3. C'rcuit Totirt for the County and Stat- a a for traveling expenses of.: otEc, seven hundred and twenty dollars I may t tel
J property for fr'e
of ftenda
county county out the Ine'e4
afore' Sd. hav executed this C- d and State *
i school : Superintendent of Public Instruction ($720.00) ; for Chief < lerk in ofiM {
purposes Provided
j) further have hereunto et my oScial slm*t1Jr- I four hundred dollars ($400 of Secretary of State of Skat arlsoawa. pea ",
on thousandtwo
That the County "ommissioners of CHAPTER Sill-(N0. S.) teed appr.1 II .
anycounty" accounts.miaainnar
in the
t .I may levy aa additional tax not 1 An Act to Authorize Clerks of Circuit j and rourtv"& of f Statof 00) : for postag-, prmtta? and other Incidental 1 hundred dollars ($..") ; forj I ofCbapUtaa Ar4eS4tS'5 '"

: to exceed four nulls on the dollar each j Co: arts to Cancel Certificates of Sale Florida. on this. of expense ef State Superintendent J Assistant "Ierk in office of Secrelary to pr a:.aa 1M :' 'ft

! year to pay a11 outstanding indebtedness of Homes of Soldiers and Sailors of \- D. IS. .. of Public Instruction seven I of State nine hundred dollars t.- on I... .,ne IouJ ..:. )

; and latertst thereon: Proxiied. That State and Confederate States In the S f\1. . .. ., ". hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) : for i|iOO). for Clerk in Ferultser and State tit.M'I:. ta babir ., .1

rethink ia this act shall be so construed; War Between the States, <>r of Their Clerk "f Circuit Court. . .. .. . Chief Clerk in office of Superintend-|!I Prison D.p irtment. one thousand two CrnnUi.iour ut Agrt.ut. 1.4 -, :

as to prohibit any Bounty wihm to Widows Upon Oath of inability to eo"uty. F1orlrlll. ent of Public Instruction six hundred j hundred dollars ($..)I ; for Clerk JaW ot 1M fundo a.ts a -
erect a court house or jail 'or con- Redeem the Same. : '-. sealed and delivered In presence dollars SM.OO : for Stenographer and! in Agricultural Department one taous- of gtate prt.eaasrs t. tI

atractia* paved raatadamized or other' Be it Enacted by the Legislature of the of Typewriter for the Superintend-! and two hundred dollars <$!,:.M! ; the Baard Carn..a.4
hard . . . .. . .. ( i atInaiitttttena.
surfaced *
highways, from k State cf Florida nt of Public Insruction. three for Chief Clerk
7icff : in Comptroller's office. t 4sbes... s'
S-c t That S* tion 11 be amended pay
the aaautt of special taxes now allow-]j Section 1. Whenever any soldr ora1Ior so All to read z" follom: hundred dollars $300.00): for Juvenile I I tone i thousand five hundred dollars tnse.ittnt'swp, .r- .....
: *d by law for that purpose; who was In the service of tire S-ctl1" 11. Ii musid-ration I' *h* Reformatory at :JIananna, payable I|I ($1..500.00' : for Auditing 'lerk in I Ut..ra'u" ij2 R'P.s

Provided further. That this acta4 State or Confederate States during the fee cf fifty cents allowed the clerk for]I4 from the hire of State Convict Fund Comptroller's office one thousand two U... 11u.- i t .

.'_ -t.!t.2 '.
." > '-'' : .
-1 ; :
-7,1. : = .: rn" iii = ., f- _. .
., .- ."tJ _. .
.,. .
--- -' .. -.2.a .
*' '' > C"f' .1.- 1i'L .I ._". '- ."i".l 1Mf. ,. ,. .'- ----- .f-' _ __ _ '. : -.J ; '. .. .
,, ... .' -. .14w-n-i -f""1. .A" '- ;.,_ .- -{ = .. .
< '' "., "-."< -- "., .. L i ; f '" .', '': r- .1 '0't :_ r ,; .--

: ; .I' -uii-is I L 4 r : I":- > <- .;; .- '. .: ..-'-- -: :'' I, .. i. ,7..r.fJM .l--d-_ : It

,,4 :.: ,Jt4 (, r :, '
-.- '_; ""' ''''''1', .!!;" ", ,::,,, ..,....,., ...' ,>. -,,_,_.' '",," ,, .'" .";j' -.. _.T.._'''''' '" < -' "
34 J ,

r t

.t. _- PAGE THREE J.

0 to be approved by the Commissioner 00); for salary'of ,, ,

Agriculture, and submitted to the' State Chemist Assistant State soever without plainly marking or i Any person claiming to own the property from the time at which the sold:. 4S49. authorizing Goverrir to *".'.*

-', Board for their approval, and to be paid ) ; for ch- nIne hundred dollars writing, in the manner aforesaid, upon' attached or his agent or attorneymay amounts bp'aml respectively due by all State office examined '",1 to ier'tt
'[, out of the funds arising from the hire! (900.0 laboratory micajs and apparatus the outside of the barrel containing the' in such proceeding Intervene and the said United States (as shown upon' examination t.> the t.ejrl"1- > .
of vir-
of Stats prisoners; for purchase of State four same the words tur- defend the said in cases pages 27 2S of a >
hundred and Chtmls "pure spirits of proceeding a anl pamphlet pre- approved June 3.1 i >::>. be. .uil th. _
books for Supreme Court Library five traveling fifty dolar $50.01); for! pentin*." or "wood spirits of turpen-, attachment. All such proceedingsshall pared by B. Whitfeld. Tr@asrer.i' same are hereby I

hundred dollars! (J300.00). four hundred* Chemist tine," or "adulterated spirits of turpentine be governed In other respects by entitled "Florida Wa Claim i!!! Sec. 9. This rpaled Uk "XI '

Sec. 3. That the following sums be 00) ; for and fifty !' ," or "adulterated wood spirits of the rules of pleading and practice applicable Tallahassee, 26th September 1901) to:|I immediately upon the approval:. '! _>
and *" hereby appropriated for the two maintenance of lunatics forty- turpentine" as the case may be and j to suits at law in cases of at- July 1, 19B: such interest t be calculated 'Governor. t ,

expenses of the State Government for thousand. five hundred dollars any person who shall violate the pro- tachment. The proceeds arising from at rate which thState re- Approved May 29. 19.3. I' t

Itx months from January 1st, 1903: to idvT ; r general prlntnr and!I visions of this section shall be guilty said sales shal be paid into the registry
June SO 1905: For salaries of Executive 6oSSlng'. ; fiVe salaries thousand dollars ($5.-' of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, of the Court to be pld by the Fund and the Treasurer of the State CHAR 510.-(No. li )

Department nine thousand. two tUilroad and expenses of thereof shall be fined not more than C'trk a
hundred and fifty dollars ($9,250.00); sand, five Commissioners seven thoU-l I $5,000 or imprisoned in th county jai' follows: One-half to the informant, said $U,362.1 to the credit of the Into Eight DiVi Judicial Circuits .. ft f- t

for Chief Clerk in Treasurer's Office, for insurance hundred dollars (7500.00 for not more than one year, or both i upon; the certificate of the State Attorney p."nelpal of the said State Shl I the Appointment of and > .

even hundred and fifty dollars (J75000) .-- State on State buildings Including the discretion of the court, for ech that the preson claiming the same Fund and the interest Attorneys ThereforBe Julgs t1

: for Assistant Clerk In Treasure"gonce. at the Capitol and the buildings fense. Is entitled thereto as the informer upon aforesaid to the credit of the said ) It Enacted by the Legislature of
State tI
six hundred dollars ($600.00); .two thousand Hospital for the Insane Sec. 4. Any person who shall know- whose information said action was be- I State School Fund Interest.Sec. I I I the State of Florida ,

for Clerk in Attorney General's Office salary of State dollars ($2.000.00) ; for ingly aid or assist in the manufacturefor gun, and the remainder to be paid to 2. This act shall take effect I I Section 1. That th.rf
Auditor shal b Ilah i .
ait hundred dollars (JGOO.OO : for Private thousand six hundred and Clrk one sale, consifmment or shipment of thE County Treasurer of the County in, Immediately upon its approval by the Judicial Circuits in ,1f the ,1"of .
secretary to Governor, six drUatq .- which the conviction is had a part Governor. and there
00) for adulterated of a Forida shall be eight t ir-
r ; turpentine or
hundred dollars ($I)00.00); for Stenosr traveling of State expenses Prisoners Of the Supervisor adulterated wod spirit spirits of turpentIne.which of the fine and forfeiture fund. Neitherthe I i Approved June 5, 190J. Judges and eight State Attorn" !-, i

I pher in Gnvt-rnor'a Office, three hun- dred dollars five hun or contained in a I supervising inspector nor any other who shall be appointed by the O.v.*- j "
dren and sixty dollars $360.00) ; for thereof as be$509.00)) ; or BO much I barrel 'shal b place the manner provided | Inspector shall b<" permitted to receiveany CHAPTER 5118.-(No. M.) nor and confirmed by the Setniend t

Chief Clerk in office of Secretary of out of funds may necessary, to be paid ; by this act to indicate the character part of the proceeds of any such AN ACT to Provide for the AppHeation who shall hold their nffif. forth' trir.provided .

State IIIX hundred dollars ($600.00; for State prisoners derived from the hire of of its contents, shall be guilty of: forfeiture: and If the information be [ of Money Received from the : by the Constitution, provile.ithat t.

Assistant 0'Urk in office of Secretary of accounts upon properly itemized a misdemeanor, and upon conviction given by any such Inspector, the entire Settlement of the Florida Indian: the seven Cinmt JurtR anti \. .
four hundred and approved by the Commissioner shall be Into said fine [ War Claims which toj State
fifty paid Amounts
Fute dollars of Agriculture thereof shall be punished by a fine of proceeds I Atore's noijnsr; office It ''I ,
((30.00): for Clerk in Fertilizer and to preach to ; for pay of Chaplains not more than one thousand dollars orj I and forfeiture fund. The penalties punishments $492,945. and I; now Held by the State1 I|
aaiw the 1udu of other animals as is now by law confer- ( 1.) all cases In votei> in
Court'fred 3. Uoon the filing o' such bill equity. Also In all cases at this cow,
1 any th r. be. .hal receive upon the State Health officers con- I the 1ude of the circuit court of such A JOIXT RESOLFTirw Proposing law no cognizable by inferior courts. Ihq be e .1, .
.cernine i
Trlo s such the annual persons. The Amendment to Section 6. of Article: himself
sI- ers of the trusSes pow judicial circuit shall issue his order to I and In all ea?} 'of twelve hundred dollars, paya- said board of and 1 the sheriff of the said county directJnsr 8. of the Constitution of State of .
I said: veterinarian h3l be Florida. Relating- County officers. of any tax. assessment or toll:
auarter-vearlv bv the County resrnJat..d 'ortheparsaanc
him to brine such person before him at Iornm.nt
TjtMwrar of that county: Provided. and the controlled by th. laws rp'ulatlne- ';'an early dav. not to exceed ten d:vg Be It Resolved bv the srlslature of the of the action of ejectment, and of all of ate ,-ItheTnibIIeItM.ttt5i

tbi rom shall ex'ludaD Board powers ot and duties of th State from thP date of the filtne of said bill I I State of Florida: I, actions 1 Involving the titler or boundaries .
H""lth ;
"'.. teM other compensation in hr and Stt Ht''Ilth lfflrf'rs. at which tjme the issues In said bill That following amendment to Constitution of real estate and of all criminal ,
so "
.alth the Judsre of the County may be as such rules And rel1latlon shall be tried unless for the cnus' of of State of Florida be. and same I: cases not cognizable by inferior court*, of a Itte .'' ', .
I aDPlicable i hereby agreed to. and shall be subIrPittfd u.
(n I av>h mlrht receive or be en- herein impose. to the duties lustre the time is enlarged in the dis- is n..ra1'- and original jurisdiction of action of 1.1 -
to plortors of statA uoa4 under or by virtue of any oth- I Section 3. I cretion of the court. In all other respects -I forcible entry and which poj
Thh unlawful
art shan in Xov. 1904 for ratification or detainer |B.
r lawv but that It not exclude or take effect I the ordinary rules of eonitv election ll .
al>ct aav t.es shal other comDen.to upon proved p"pro\l June 3. 1903.bv the Cra"ernor. AD- practice and of evidence shall obtainin I| rp't Inn : Section 6 of Article 8. of thei I and of such other matters as the legislature ,
Constitution of State of Florida is hereby may provide. They shall en.
w County Judge as such such ca es. i I have C4. II .
P"r re.1ve or be entitled to In matters CHAPTER5262"- Sec. 4. If upon the bearing: such amended so as to read as follows: final Jurisdiction In all civil and Ilsht the acts of the

In wt.h b* ut under the law as 157) cause. it shaH appear to the court that Sec. 6. The Legislature shall provide for criminal cases arising in the county t.autaIttt4t5, ,t,1among

,l r .L" ACT to Amend Section 225 ot Sub- the alleged lunatic is of sound mind. I the election by qualified electors of each rourt. or before the county Judge, and the Quallfle )
!e ? !?*" ?f the County Chanter 6. ArtIcle 4. of the Laws ot and is of manasintr or her county of following cmimy officers: A of all misdemeanor civil tctes t.toq

Or er.tltlei to th!l above rrei Florida vision F.nttJe! An Act "Spf'clal Pro- own affairs the judge hearing such clerk of circuit court. sheriff constable. In the and cases'tried such an enactment
la hereby from rac- for Telerraph and Telephone cause shall Immediately Issue his decree county assessor of taxes county till r I courts of record of judgments -, vfll ben rea4jy Jt'i _
t1t law while he is holdinar! this of- Comnanlt to o.t'unv RnR"I I th..rein1'IIrh decree shall be to collector county treasurer or sentences of eny. this ,
ret.tl I Be It Enacted by the LegisIa0 at the the following effect: ent of rwblio instruction luot'rtnt..nd-I municipal court. and of all cases!i! a copy of the r-, ..! i -

'% I. This act shall take effect State ot Florida; 1st. TMt said pcr.on is of sound veyor. The term of office arising before justices of the peace ini i Placed in th ft-

banaliatery upon Its passage and ap Section L That fl'ttlon !:S6 of Sub mind ludiclallv. and is canable of managing officers r"<"itioni In section shall be 4; counties In which there is nol ban, of *i'y ,?. t 'j
proval by the GovernorADDr0ed Chaptpr 6. ArtIcle 4. If the Rt''lspd his own affairs. 2d. That said years except that term of office of court of record. I may post ( It
and Jsj _
May 20. 1M5.CTUPTER5257 the Statutes ot the State ot FlorldL be and :: person be Immediately restored to his ,. county assessor of taxes county tax IIUO- ali of __L1&II
same J. hereby ame11ded to read as personal liberty. 3d. That the euardian. collector and county treasurer shall be ervlslon and appellate jurisdiction'of been _.! F

follows: I.'I committee or trustee. as the case may for 2 v"i'rs. until the general election in matters arisirg before the', 'nactei for hi. 14$4**, *h.I ;
-rvo. 153.1 Section !56. To Ot'CtlnT Roads. AnT be of such person shall within thirty Xov. 1906.! at which! election the" "-also the county Judges pertaining their Theo

.AX ACT to Amend Section 163S'of thff telera.nh or tpeDhont'] COTnTIanY chart i day!. or "uch time as the 1udec may fix shall be elected for terms of 4 years probate juri-dictlon. or to the I ih'.tl.i lI"d .
ered I
Itotised' RtAtntes Relative to At- by this or another State or anT make full settlement with such person each. and thenceforth all county officers estates **. I

Whe" Debt is Not Actually Ind vjdosl or Individual ODera.tinz. or I,I no restored to the status judicial san- name'd in thIs section shall be eleo'M and Interests of minors. and of such these aeti. it WStI ho

t r'Cn > .lrtof to operate a of 4 Their duties matters as the Legislature may Ia .,rII
telE'l1l'Olh or tt'le- ity of all his or hr property Itt their for tenrs "rar! Towers pro 4l
z; bT tM atature ot th ohone l Ifre. or lines In tWI lIJtste way or hla hands. custody and control anthscase and compensation shall be proscribed vide. The circuit court and Judges Co ) foctN ,*,.*tm *

&t o holda erect pofiUjylrea and other aaarea for may be. under penalty ot contempt by law. Accroveil Asril ZOo 190*. shell hare rower.to Issue writs of man as tu

te ft5j| te. _

I p


I -_ _

-r; ,

0 .. ". J *" *"..
"' "
'. _-- <- .- -.I .. : "
: I -
I.ffr-1 I If'IIr"
: ; I $ -
,'1 .
'it' -' <- -
.C"'i '
-.",.._".' ;
.O'1, -# .L
< .- r = '
e.'fr- : j
p; .. 5 f 1tr-e -

'. '. ,- .- ,. ,.. !-l "'.I..._': ;.. "I"'T".t., Y' '-"" '...... ...

[ "\, .. ""!<"7....:""'".... ," -.>!;;.>Irt.,...""",..'_.'""""' ...",... ..,.. ;:. .-.. .:;,"" <.._ ...._. ... < '.. __.. -... .., .. .... ,. .. .. f ", .' ..-.-"V--". '' -'-' ." '. .f' '-,.<-II.. "tyI ;jIII..I.! ,, -,,"-" ,.. ..

r" r I

it I (L PAGE FIVE "j j ;

.. ,
--- -- --

(t ). Py an ordinary suit at law and I lav'In? out, altering widening, paving.grading :. entries of cancellation- shall be made within thirty days after the expiration!I r which has been entrusted to him. or J Residents of the .St. te; ForV.Jil

Iffrit 1{if.*H levy of the execution obtained or discontinuance; but in no on the Comptroller's records.All cf said month of the amount of fines |I has come into his possession, care, | such Companies or.I" I.nt.
Hftwrein tT u the property of which the case shall such assessment exceed oneI certificates sent up by the clerks imposed by their courts and of bondSj!j custody or control by reason of his Reinsuring l'nd..r ,>rtam e.

'lien 1s hMil.d I I third the amount of sucn expense the and not cancelled by the Comptroller forfeited and judgments rendered oni)i office, employment or membership he /ions and from tU: '

( ). Bv a suit at law in which the, balance to be borne by the general tax Treasurer and AltO nev-Gnral shall said forfeited bonds and into whose I shall be punished as If he had been .Xgentu in tnla St.< f ,>:jy. ..
deelaritl'M' ahall .tate the manner inUrn the city or town council may permit the be returned to the ( rged hands they had been paid or placed for I convicted of larceny. who divide Their Comn.'.. ,
.' the urn arose, the amount for'(I person or persons liable: tor said to them for sale or redemption. collection the date of conviction in Set. 2. If the .proptrty. or thing 01 a non-resident of th". .v' .

hfcb the lien Is held. the description amount to pay the same in installments Section :2. All lasts and parts of each rase the term of imprisonmentand value embezzled belongs to several Fixing for \ 1.1! .t. ,
.f th* PrnPtY.! and a prayer for the to be paid at such time and with such laws in conflict herewith are hereby repealed the name of the officer to whom persons owners or members of a society this Act.PnlUe

property to be sold in Misty the lien. ; interest, not to exceed 6 per cent. (6 and this act shall take effect commitment was delivered. If any or voluntary aSFoiaton. it shal Be
It f
Jjj rich, suIt the Judgment for the per cent per annum) as it may determine ,i i upon its passage Cal approval by the Justice of the Peace, County Judge be sufficient, in ctlnt the Enacte by t Legisiatu' <
lll8t1tf Khnll be a irsonal judgment:I and may require said persons to Governor.Approved. i Clerk fcf County. County Criminal o I formation to allege the ownership to
UM the defendant as well as declare issue to I negotiable obligations for June 3. 1903. Circuit Court shall fai to make suCh be in any one or more of any such Sec. 1. That no ftre Iwinnre "rw .
Lb' lien Upon the property describing I said instalments. which shall constitute I I report for any it shall be the persons, owners or members or In the I pany or R"ISf'itUon uth"itransact I 1 ;
jt; and .tutll!! direct execution against'1 a property against which I CHAPTER 5152. -(Xo. 4..) duty of the Board of County Commis- I society, association or partnership bits > business in i tt'.tth.. ,

.... ptoi>eity. ns well as against the assessmen is made. -:ACT to Amend Section 10 Chapter soners to immediately report to the name. r@nsl.orpntirlat > ":" ,
7' prefer!y gen-rally of the defendant. I I ec. 2. This act shall take effect 4SS8. Laws of !'lorida Entitled, "An Governor any such failure or refusal : (Became a law without the approval -I indemnify, any fir t""II." '
8<<'. IIAll persons who may have a upon its passage and by the Act to Provide Issue, Custody of such Justice of the Peace, of the Governor.) pasty or assoc
-i Hi* as piovlded by this act may join!:, Governor. appro\'a Redtmpton. Sale and Transfer, County Judge Clerk of County Coun- transact business in 11! -. -Sittr 10' -'
... tefether In suits! to enforce their retyarttve (Became a law witnout the approvalof of Cerikatt's. and the Issue ty Criminal and Circuit Court to make CHAPTER -(No. 65.' ) loss by fire to prOI.j: Idt.o: .'" : -
'I lien, in which case the court the Governor. of Tax Deds. Prescribingthe such monthly report and the Governor : AX ACT to Prescribe a Penalty for State.

..y allow If II per cent attorneys fees' Duties of Certain Officers in Con- may in his discretion suspend such Receiving Money or Goods Under Sec. 2. That all I*"I < or "HI"!> i *

i., the total sum sued for unlegq the ('IIAPTER5147-Xo. 42.) nection Therewith, Approved May 30, officer or officers from office. The I Promise to Perform Certain Labor of agai' *t "'- .> i" .
to..t Mm shall be under one hundred AN' ACT to 1keraHd and Effectual 1901..vlie I County Commissioners shall have authority and Refusing to Perform the Same. property idemity loated Itt Hl.>'e i ". I

46ft when attorney's fee of ten dolfealt !- Deeds to Peal Heretofore or It Enacted by the Legislature of the to withhold any fees or costs Be I Enacted by the Legislature of: or entered Into by /r 1.I> '. r i i' -,.1 I <

Ju be allowed. I Hereafter Made by Husband Direct! I State of Florida: j of any officer whose duty it is to collect State of Florida: company or 555(51
s.e. IS. .\ person not In privity with to His Wife. I I Section That Section 10. of Chap- such fines and forfeitures unt' Section 1. Whoever enteH: Into a transact buai:ie.s i it 1-: HI.M-' ". '

fee otter m:,Y resoit to any of thefUfi&tt Be It Unacted by the Legislature of the ter 4SS3. Laws of Florida. enttedn said officer collects and pays o\er written agreement" with any master or b issued and count .- .uf *<1 1.agt'nt >\ > ] ,
pimrined by the foregoing State of Florida: Act to Provide for the the County Treasurer all such fines owner of vessel to perfor certain < .. .
I'I I who In real < >tf (hi* '
tertian. e.cpt paragraph (e). but in Section 1. A deed to real estate : Redemption Sale and Transfer of and forfeitures or furnishes a satisfactory services upon said'essel as seaman or :i : ", '
tvary suit at law or in chancery theMNtrattor hereafter made by a husband direct to Tax Sale Certificates, and the Issue of excuse for not doing SQ. The sponge fisherman for a contemplated regularly fumml.i' i lOt i- .
or person for whom the1bVar .. his wife shal be effectual to convey1;I[: Tax Deeds, and Prescribing the Duties County Treasurer shall at every such voyage and receives or accepts any to trnsact .,"ir" IN "' I>- -.
was performed or tbe materials! the legal tUe to such wife in all cases of Certain Officers in ConnectionTherewith I meeting of the County CommIssionersfurnish money or goods wares or merchandise, herein, and such loc-i! vt t I!l. ::1! '.

fJ Jgniiebed must be made a party delant I in which it would be effectual the ." approved May 30, 1901, be, them with an itemized list of as advances or bounty for the performance ceive on each policy IK I lull .i i' I u- .

"""' to the suit and the judgment parties were1 not so married. I |I I I and the same is hereby amended so as all fines or forfeitures collected and of said ser\'les and shall commission allowed a1! I paM )I. .' '

dwree ,n\'ilie for the recovery from I I Sec. 2. All deeds to real estateheretofore ,i to read as follows: Section 10. The'' paid to him by whom paid and in wilfully and without just cause refuse company or HsaootHti ": to it: ii. '
lilt rAtitrai'tor or other person as made by a husband holder of any tax certificate at any' what case imposed also all costs to perform said services or to go on on business written or ,'one I \' i

....1.1 of thf anount'due- him I I I I to his wife are hereby \ direc'time two years after the date of its issue -| funded convict hire received or re-I said vessel at the time o sailingof for it; Provided. ho.-\r, )..t I'
sed from the owner or the amount due made as effectual to convey the title may obtain a tax deed to tha land cia! tax collected and paid Into said the same shall be guilty of a misdemeanor section shall not apply to fh.1:' ". '

If kim 10 t!>.. tontractor or other perm to the wife us they would have been therein described by application to the fund with a statement of all amounts I and shall upon conviction be reinsurance Issued to i nther n:<' \r
II aforewij at the time of the ser- I were the parties not so married; Provided I I clerk of the circuit court of the county paid out of said fund. punished by a fine not to exceed five surance company r gul. sutI"! <- :
tfe. of the nntlte. provided for by $>ecgMt I that nothing in this act shall be I wherein such land is situated as provided Sec. 2. All laws and parts of laws hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in and transacting a gene )firi i I' *u
is. --a well as decree and enforce (construed validating any deed made in this act. and the surrender of I in conflict with this act b and the the county jail for a period not to exceed ance business in this tl'a f', nt-r t.. p .
). tbs lien against the propeity of such ,, for the purpose, or that operates to defraud -I such certificate and the payment to the same are hereby repealed.Sec. twelve months. II icies of insurnrt on lbs rollif .t<.f
l ..1W!' tnt _u. h amount: but only one any creditor or to avoid the clerk of the proper amount for the redemption 3. This law shall go Into effect See. 2. This act Ihal go Into ttec of railroad companies doing a K< I' t-.
.. :&. Mttf..<.il<"> "f riiirh judgment shall bet payment of any legal debt or claim. I or surrender of all other out- Immediately upon its passage and Immediately upon passage ap freight and passenger bu.itx'**.

|i4. And although no lien be found to And provided further this law shall not standing certificates covering said approval by the Governor. proval by the Governor. Sec. That no Are Inwrati' ,'nn. ,
.1It and no judgment be rendered apply to any deed of conveyance, the I lands, an.1 the payment to the clerk a Aproved June 10. 1903. (Became a law without the approvalof party 3 or association ftuih rlie
\ I aa t the owner judgment may be'validity of which is at the time of the fee of fifty cents for each certificatethen the Governor.) transact business In thIs Ittate sFa ,
a N.W.d against the contractor or othjr approve of this act being contested In redeemed and for searches, and a CHAPTER 5156-(Xo. El.) .
person for whom the labor: was per:' law. II fee of one dollar/or the isUE of a deed AN .ACT to Amend Section r.of request or permit any one atm .-
1 CHAPTER 5162-No. 57.)
f.e.d or- the materials furnished for I Sec. 3. This act shall take containing the description embraced in Chapter 4323, Laws of BeIng its agent and residing in this $t.Ie t"
the aruiunt <'ue by him. If personal uponltg approval by the \' etec. I I one certificate and ten cents for each "An Act lstablshlng Forida.l and AN ACT Making Copies of Records divide or offer to dIvide. dire th ., .
Evidence in Re-establishment Pro
Mrrtce in sui h suit cannot be made (Became a Jaw without the approval .additional description of land embracedin Forfeiture Several indirectly, the commission due t >
ttpan any defendant constructive I of the Governor.) any one . All tax deeds shall be Counties; Pvegulatlng the Payment ceedings.Be received by any such agent wu.. "'I
!.. may be made in the manner SI'r\-1 issued by the clerk of the circuit court of Crmina Costs: Authorizing a i Enacted by the Legislature of other agent or broker or ether pnaot;
f ii4.r the rules prescribed for CHAPTER 7I7s-(NO. 43.) : of the counties wherein the lands con- For Said Costs and State of Florida: not a resident of toil Stt

..tvloe in c'hllnr'rySI'S.. I AN ACT to Amend Section 101! of the veved are siuated. and shall be insubstantially Providing for the Feed of Prisoners Section 1. That where any deed Sec. 4. That no r >'nm.

& two(.. U. In any of the suits at law Revised Statutes of the State of;:I following to- and Hire of Convicts." Forming a link in a chain of title to pany or association authorteel i.

'-. ""Ib.fnrt', provided for. a trial maybe I Florida, Relating to Time Writs of !| wit: State of Florida. .. o. Be I Enacted by the Legislature of any land in this State has been placed transact business in this _'!

had at tin>' time after five days: from Process Shall be Made Returnable.Be I: . . .County, State of Florida: upon the proper record without having le permitted to appoint o a
'" ling of the pleas of the defendant.the It Enacted by the Legislature of the![ Know all men by these presents: Thatwhereas Section 1. That Section 11 of Chapter been acknowldeged or proven for record its agent or representative.>

written request of either party -! State of Florida: I I i . . . . 43:3. Laws of Florida be amended without has been lost or destroyed son or persons who have eUvtdtsf M
: the judge of the court in which the Section 1. That Section 201 of the!,('has this day applied for a tax deed to' to.read as follows: certified copies of the record of offered to divide, directly te4tr *m ,

salt Is pending shall fix the day of such, Revised Statutes of the tlte Florida |I' the land hereafter described, and produced Section 11. The Commissioner of I such deed as so recorded may be received his or their commission 0 the pr' '
Ueai an Mrtmtlve oflVera of his court to summa as to read as follows: i clerk of the circuit court for the January, April, July and October of State in proceedings to re-establish or not a rfaUent .'
from the body of the county a 1012. Process, how ReturnableAl county aforesaid Tax Certificate Xo.i each jear. commencing on the first smh deed; such deed has person persons
JH* to Iry th*> issues.te. writs of process, upon Instuton I j: .. .from which {(,,,appears that the day of July. 1903, or as soon thereaf1ter I been so recorded Pro\ldEd.for twenty years. I this State c.tnrel but shall immediately such rnmmtnl"'
17. If the plaintiff shall pre- any suit, shall be trade rt'turcble to said land was sold by the Tax Collector -| as possible file with the Comptroller (Became law without the approvalof draw and any .
r**. the rourt shall allow him reasonatton ;! the next rule day thereafer. unless| of said county on the. . .. day a certified list of the State" prisoners the Governor.n ) of authority to act as Ia agent .Dh K
HiP .n's fy may ..

..... not to exceed ten dollars. If thesgal between the day of the issuing of the I taxes for the year A. D. 13. .. ..1 1 Treasury for the preceding three CHAPTER Tl63-(No. 5!.) or persons upon Inhtl t.

recovered do not exceed one same and the next rule day, in which as the property of . . . . months for the service or hire of said AX ACT to Prohibit the Sale of Cocaine person o agent Ito
.........1 doll...II. and not to ex-eed ten case the same !'hll be made returnable | ... . .. and whereas, said applicant State prisoners. I'pon receipt of said I or Us Salts. Except Tinder Certain divide bU or their emnratealM WH'! .,
|.r rent of any recovery greater than to the rule day the next succeeding has redeemed (or purchasedand list the Comptroller shall cause to be I Conditions, and to Prescribe A any person o persona not e resasV
t t ne bun-lie.I dollars. it i month; Provided. however That the surrendered) all other outstanding prepared a statement showing the assessed Penalty Therefor.Be of this State.
provisions of the foregoing section shall tax certificates, covering said land That renewal of HrewW ,
er. U. When there has been noNtrd valuation of property in each Enacted by the Legislature of Sec. S.
of a tmtlre of a lien suit to en-I! not apply to writs of quo vvarranto and proper notice having been givenas county 8! shown by the assessment j I i State" of Florida: transact the busiaeea ef I,.v. I
t..... such U-n ( if It evlat without suchpSssrd habeas corpus, mandamus and prohibition -' required by law of his application rolls on file in his office for the us- in this State for ootapaaies o I".
Section 1. That from and after the
) must be brought within twelve which said writs shall be returnable -;! for the issue of this deed, and no owner sessment of IJrol.rUts. next precedingtht ciations, shall only issue af"-t I. ,
of this act it shall be unlawfulfor b
sMnths from' the rorformanre of the at such time as the court may di- j claimant or other person entitled first day of January April, July' passage secretary and manager of aw.h *<<"
wars or the furnishing of the materials rect.Approved to redeem said land has appeared to and October a! aforesaid situ when any druggist or other dealer in pany or association so deslrtt > renew

Md if there. hits been such record, such I June 4, H03.I redeem the same; Xow thll'tfore. the completed the Comptroller shall draw I drugs and medicines or any other license to do t>uinM In Ui." *'
I State of }'Florida in consideration of to sell and dispose of the drug l
mitt mst be brnurht within twelve his warrant on the State Treasurer in pt'non. shall first have made oath im
Mths from the time of such record. I CHAPTER 5143-(Xo. 44.) the remies. and the sum of . i favor of the county treasurer of each or alkaloid known as cocaine or its contract of Ineursnc '.

... II. Any !Hence may rejense his AX ACT to Prevent Selling or Giving dolars. paid upon the err-1' county for the proper amount goingto salts, except upon the written pre- policy or located In the S'.t'. f
(raaerty from any lien chimed thereonl I Cigarettes. Cigarette Tobacco or Cigarette i- and for costs and charges each county In accordance with and scription of a licensed physican. which ing property wrl" -.-
..der this art by ruing: with the clerk Papers to Minors UnderEighteen and in pursuance of the statute in such upon the basis the totalalualon of said prescripton'shal' fled Florida has been issued ,
af the olri nit court n bond with two I Years of Ale and to Provide cases pro\lE'd. has given granted. property as shown as'pssrent but ; that placed during t t..v. mvntt I. ,
aaad end fuflrtant sureties to be aparevej a Penalty for Same.' j sold, and does hereby roll as atoresaid one half of whi'h' act shall not apply to manufacturers ctlna. except lo. '
Be It Enacted by the of the give, grant, bargain, sell and company aaacx i i"' ,''
by the < Icrk payable to the per- Legislature convey sum shal the fine and forfeiture making and selling cocaine at wholesale o
.. claiming the MIMI! in double the sum State of Florida: unto the said . . and his heirs fund and one half shal go Into the or to sales thereof for use by Florida duly commiaaleiwwl, > i
p. claimed and tcn'illioned for the pay- i Section 1. It shall t>f unlawful to his heirs and assigns forever and to general re\enu fund the county.' dentists physicians, hospitals or In- said local agent has .m<"i j '

Mat *f any judgment which may beratorered sell barter exchange or give to anyminor his and their own proper use, benefit The County Commissioners of the respective ; firmaries. entire and usual commission

on said lien with costs. under eighteen; years of age and behoof the following land. situated j counties are authorized and) Sec. 2. Any person or persons violating allowed Its agents, and th.'

,$... N. That all liens heretofore ac- any cigarettes or cigarette tobacco or and being in the county and state empowered to hire out or otherwise I' provisions of Sec. 1 of this best of his knowl..ih., ,

...... shaH root bt .If'1.t..1 by the" pas- csrrette! paper, or any substitute for aoresahl and described as . . I contract for the labor cJ nil county; act shall th be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor of Its ,

pa.. ef this .ii-*. but nhall be enforced either of them. and any person who' ... . .. . . containing ] convicts as they may deem advisable; I J and upon conviction thereof, State has divided or offerel Ihs i
114r the provinfoim of the laws in ex- \iolates any of the provisions of this . . i . acres more or less: i the proceeds of all such contracts to go! shall be commission or other >n'.
punished by a fine of not
ht... prior to the passage of this act. act. shall be guilty of a misdemeanor Provided however That said land to the fine and forfeiture fund. any non-residents of this f'*' <,-
more than one hundred by
.er. %1. Thut all]\ .laws and parts Af' and- upon conviction., shall be punlshl shal subject and liable forl Sec. 2. All laws and parts of laws imprisonment in the county dolas Jail not that such company o aaso...""- .
_.. to c'Onftll't'lIb the provisions of by a fine not exceeding fifty d\lars. or any unpaid taxes thereon. In testimony in conflict with this act be and the') not Insured Into .<> .'
thhi act be and the same are hereby Imprisonment In the county jail not whereof by virtue of the authorIty same are hereby repealed. I more than thirty days, or both In the o eter Ire .
discretion of the court.Sec. tract to any It..vI"
,.. re-I' exceeding thirty days. in me vested by law and for and! Sec. 3. This act shall take effect association not .
3. That all laws and of or .
840. 12. This art shall take- ': Approved June 5, 1903. on behalf of the State of Florida I.I upon its approval by the Governor.Approved parts company tin, ,
business *
$.n Ita paaadge and approval by the the undersigned, as clerk of the cir-j! June 3, 1903. laws in conflc with this act are here- lied to transact ;
Geraor.Appsoied, ('IrAPTER130Xo.AN 45.) tuit court for the county and State. by repealed. and until and after such cn i ti"associsUon '.
I *" I <
Ihan have corns
June 4. 1903. ACT to Make Tax Deeds, Issued or aforesaid have executed this ded and I CIIAPTF.R5157-Na. 52.) Sec. 4. This act shall take effect
-- rt be Issued, Under the Provisionsand have hereunto set my official signatureand AX ACT to Prohibit the .Cutting Of': 30 da)after its'approval by the Gov all other laws of this State in t. p .

CHAPTEn 5141-(Xo. a,.) in the l"orr Prescribed by Chap- seal at .. .. .in the countyof The Ears or Head of Any to the admission or inmpanteatb-

AN ACT to Regulate al"1f Real ter 4883 of the Laws of I1orida Prima .. .. .. .State of Florida on this Sheep, Beef or Other Domestic Ani-I I Approved May 14, 1903. er States or foreign ('ountd.
Utt 1'>
tate and the Consummation E.S-I Fatie Evidence of i .. .. day of. . . .A. D. 13. mals Before the Same Has Been Sec. C. That "ble".r
,<. Had Upon Application: of Whereas. Chapter 4SS8 of the Laws of1 j (Seal.) Dressed and to Prescribe a Penalty CHAPTER 7l. < a

r 'lit. tratora Eiwu'.ftrs and Guardians' Florida. (entitled an act to provide for, .. .... .. Clerk Circuit Court Therefor. I I AX ACT to Except Newspapers from received information tkat aay ...

anJ Validating Such Sales H reto-I the issue cutody, redemption, sale and .. .. .county Florida. I Be I Enacted by the Legislature of j the Operations of the Sunday Lawsof suranca company o.u .
far. >letIe. transfer of tax sale certificates, and the Signed, sealed and delivered 1: our State of Floiida: I the State of Foria violated any o the .I..tv "
1:. It Enacted by the Legislature! of the issue of tax deeds and prescribing the presence. Section 1 That it shall be unlawful Be it Enacted by Legislature of act. they are .

Ftatt Of Florida: I duties of certain officers in l'onnectonthee'I Approved Hay 30, 1903. for any person or persons to cut I the State of Florida: of such company o aa .
Srctlen V That hereafter in order- h. ("approved May : I the ears or heads of any hog. sheepI Sec. 1 That nothing contained In the f18 by th nn.elvea t tr a

IRC any .. of real estate b'!onslng: to failed to provide, that all tax deeds Is-I CHAPTER 51S3-(:. 4!.) beef or other domestic animal until the laws Florida shall be so construed credited representatives at the pv4M' .
tha estate cf a decedent" or a minor, I sued pursuant thereto and in the form AX ACT to Punish Breaking or Entering -; same has been dressed.Sec. |I I as to prohibit the preparation or print pal elites or otBrea of suoh eawfMf'' "
the emirt n ay drt! that the executor thereby prescribed should be prima-j Without Breaking a Dwelling 2. That any violation of the' ing between the hours of midnight association lal'lln the rasssei .

adtainiatrator or J'ardian. as tl e case face evidence of the regularity of the, or Store House With Intent to Commit provisions of this act. shall subject theoffender. Saturday and six in the morning, Sunday of America a fO
hlT b*. or ( misioner to be ap- I, nroceedings! from the valuation of the a Misdemeanor. upon conviction, to a fine not!I of any newspaper intended to and also nt such other rais?
4tete4 by th- court may make sale, land by the assessors to the date of Be I Enacted by the Legislature of exceeding one hundred dolarl. or he, circulated and sold on Sunday or b de of such company t aseeetaCta* I, .

sad n.'utC the deed consummatingthe the deed inclusive therefore: i I State of Florida: | imprisoned not f>xcf'pdln sixty days, I prohibit the circulation and salt on they may deem proper al boete. It-

Mm*. and that such sale may beTtblIe Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the' Section Whoever breaks or enters or by both such fine and Imrrlsonmlnt.fC. Sunday of same or to prohibit the; circulation cords and papers o 11r 4.'
or private 8! such executor ad-I Slate of Florida: Ie.ton i without breaking a dwelling or 3. All acts and parts thereof i I I and sale on Sunday of association, and may '
any .
mlAlalrator, guardian or commissioner 1. That all tax,deeds. Issued Store house with intent to commit a in conflict herewith are hereby repeal- newspaper theretofore printed.Sec. oath tha officers, manager aM
may decide.See. pursuant to the provisionsand mi-s-lemesno'-! hall b punished by ed.
I i of such company aaaeclatJem
All Acts
2. and parts of Actsin o .
!. Anv se1' of real estate h"ref in the form prescribe in and by imprisonment in the State prison not] Approved June 5, 1903. such or %
act of the Legr>sl'Uue of the State conflict herewith are hereby repeal 'Iolto .W.U.
an ;
fw m.dt by any executor administrate exceeding five years or by fine not company ar
of Florida entitled "An act to providefor | CHAPTER 515S-(Xo. ed. fusal any ucl .
guardian or coir.mlssinner. exceeding five hundred dollars. 53- '
: .
ano AX 3. This Act shall take effect tion to submit to sm-h .t
ACT Sec.
isy deed made by them I the issue cu?toty. redemption:sale'' See. 2. This act shall take effect to Amend Article I I Vtnsj'.ectiofl
twder an order of the ( rrspetl\ely"" and transfer of .certificates and immediately! upon its approval by the 2306, of the PeI'e. Statutes Relating Immediately upon its approval by the to eihiblt Its books u tat* -i. "
r wnty Judge IR hereby made, as such, the issue of tax deeds and prescribing Governor. to Cruelty to Ani Governor. shall clt. '
valid anil effectual as I the law hud the duties of certain officers Inconnection Approved June 5. 1903. mals. Approved May 15, 1983. of its license .ben.pre i-

I.t nor lie I !u( h sale and deed to boM4e therewith." approved flay Be I Enacted by, the Legislature of for. .
under such order by the executor.i 20. 1901. Chapter 4SSS I.a\1 of Fieri-[ CHAPTER 5154-(Xo. 43.) State of Florida: CHAPTER 5165-(No. 69.)' Fee. 7. That If City tra .e
and declared to Section 1. Whoever not having AX ACT to Amend Act or __t.'i abel '. *
fttmlnlfttrator. girtrdlnn or commissioner da) shall be are hereby AX ACT to Amend Section 2531 of the an .nUt4'd' company .
Conducting the name.5ec. be prima fa"i. evidence of the regularity Revised Statutes of the State of sufficient fences or other inclosures to "An Act to Amend Section 217 or fall to observe and complr "

3. ThIs act shall take effect of the pl.O'cingt; from the valuation Florido. in Relation to Escaping prevent the intrusion' of animals upon the Revised Statutes cf the State of : or all of the provtstone of 1'.0 t

orn theapproval by the Governor. of the bnt
'. AJ\'f June 4. 1903. deeds respeotiv ely. the assessors,'' I Enacted by the Legislature of expel th..rffr01 any horse", cow, hog.or Proceeds of Life Insurance, approved become tb duty o the bos- '
to the date" of the deed or deeds indU- Stite of Florida: other animal of another person June 4th. 1837.. Being surance I'ommtu. to tt\ ;. t

: <- CIt.pTTflS14-C'o. 10.) Five and shall bi so received in evi-f, Section 1. 1 hat Section ,259 of the found intruding thereon kill, maim, I ter 4353, Laws of Florida.Be Chap same and i the o i 1--"o'. .'
: AN APT to 1IPnelh Wort. of denco in any and all the courts of this Revised Statutes of the ( Florida wound or disfigure i any such animal it Enacted by the Legislature cf commissioners are t..h'f. .
Limitation and Grants State ithout regard to date of execu- above h* and U hereby *hill be punished by imprisonment not .. .
Conveyance \ mtltoned. the Plate of Florida: fled aa to pllt tt i.
th o
Real Estalf' I lion.iec.. amended so r* ad as follows: i I exceeding six months or by fine not ', 'I.
o I I See. 1. That Sec. 2347 of the Revised rompary 1
110 CaRt by the Legislature of the :. That this! act shall go into Section :91 Whoever knowinglyaids : exceeding one hundred dollars. the. -.tk I '81. -
Statutes of the State of duty iI
effect immediately its approval in or Sec. All laws or parts of laws Flord Al brd
fj Plate of Florida: upon or a person escaping : ma a' 'v i- ,
T '4 o eec. 1. Whereas any real estate shall the Governor. alternating to escape from ?n officer.: In confc" with this l act he and the; amended by the above ltted b II.aIO.n.law. to revofca II. '
4 June 15 1903. i the" lawful hereby repealed. j,[ and the same is hereby amended SO a vided by .
.t F fcrafter b* oonveye.l or granted \ithWit Approved who has or entitled to sme aesoelan/ t" j .
K: there being used In the custody of such person, shall be punished -' (BEcame a law without the approvalof to read as follows: SUb company o i '
loneyanreOr this f ar
CHAPTER 4UA the Governor.) Disposition of Proceeds. When- act business In I.
I 1 rrant any words of limitation such 511-(10. by imprisonment in the State 237. ,
% u heir or successors or similar words;! ACT to Provide for the Cancellation -; prison not exceeding one lear or bY I l\'f! person shal die in this State revocation Bhal Hft. for < .
lueh conveyance or grant shall bs con- of Void Illegal or Imperfect Tax fine not exceeding five hundred dollars.' CHAPTER 5159-(Xo. 54.) leaving his life the said one year fro d tbiit IIT"

: itrued to pass the fee simple or other) Sule: Certifkates Now or Hereafter Approved June 5. 1903. AX ACT in Relation to the Tria of insurance shall inure exclusively t! shall any lnr.nu. ( any. .
:" whole estate or Interest which the: Held by the State. I I Replevin Suits now or' thE benefit of the child or children: and I elation whose author .. I' '
: tractor had power to dispose of in the' Whereas There are nor held by the CHAPTER 5153-(Xo. 50.) Hereafter Brought In this State. for husband or wife of such person In business In tbi mate h-

;:. r.al estate.convened or granted unlessi State In the custody of the clerks or AX ACT to Amend Section Two fChaptt'r the Purpose of Recovering Possesj j|I equal portions or to any person or so revoked b again fj $a.'i t th

contrary Intention shall appear in the the Circuit Court a large number of 4323 (Xo. :3). Being An Act .sion of Goods, Wares or Merchant I I persons for w hose use and benefit such j milled to trn..t bw- II i

e"fyancf or grant. tax sale certificates now or hereafter I .Entitled An Act Establishing a Pine dise. insurance is declared in the and It shall have lie toinsurant Oft .
June 3, 1903. that are void illegal or imperfect on and Forfeiture Fund in the Several Be I Enacted by the Legislature of the proceeds thereof shall plcy.case pro. ,

pro\'e their fate and Counties, Regulating the Payment of State of Florida: t I, be liable to garnishment, signed by It pre en '
CHAPTER 5116-(Xo. 41.) Wherea The State and counties can-I Criminal Costs. Authorizing! a Special Section 1 In the trial of all replevin or any legal attachment favor any i offiCer to the effect e i. '
not dispose of said certificates becauseof Tax for Paid Costs and Providing suits now pending or hereafter prl'SS o of OIKV '
Air to Amend Section 682. Revised. creditor or creditors of the person tl
I_ their imperfection : and for the IVed of Prisoners and in this State;, for the purpose oblJUol '
i '
brouJh -
; Statutes of the State of Florida. Entitled (1 If'galy whose life is so insured, unless the insurance *pt" '
; Whereas, The c m'EUat.on illegal lire of Cn\lcts. and Approved .Ap recovering possession of goods I Hai 111
Real Specially Benefited declares that the ondition
I policy policy ( O
1'stntE certificates enable 0. IS95.Be wares or merchandise, not be.
A'ses to the Enacted by the Legislature of necessary to ascertain of
: It Enacted by the Legislature of the the tax assessors I creditors I Sec. 8. That at i '
creditor or Provided,
tax roll much land now oxcludd from State of Florida: Each article of said goods wares ormerchandise hOl'fver. ". rt a-
State of Florida: : the tax rolls under the law because Section. 1 That Section 2 of an rer-levined. but the total that whenever the Insurance 1, laws In conflict v
JI % Section 1. That Section six hundred' such Illegal' or imperfect certificates act entitled an act establishinga value of the entire goods found for the for the benefit of the estate of the Insured : by repealed. .
....All and eighty-two (682). Revised Statutes are held by the State: ThereforeBe fine and forfeiture! fund plaintiff or defendant as the case may or is payable to the estate or to gee. t. The* H ,'l '

of the State of I'orla shall beam"fd4'.1 I Ir It Enacted by the Legislature of th2 in the Fl\'eral COIJtifs. regulating! thepayment be. rhal ascertained. the Insured, his or her elcutor administrators feet immedlat' > P3** '

to rend as ; State of Florida: of criminal costs, authorizing St. This act shall take effectimmediately or aslgn te proceedsof '' approval by 11 '
es!. Real estate specially benefited .
I i Section 1. That the clerks of the a special tax fr said costs and providing upon its passage and approval the insurance may be bequeathed ,I APpro\'e Ii!
Usemed one-third expense. circuit are hereby required to for the feed of prisoners and by: the Governor. |1 by the Insured to any person ot perSons I I
after court rAN
!t At of any time within one other year work select among the tax sale! ceitificates hire of convcts. nnproved Apri 20, (B3caT.e a law ithout the approval whatsoever or for any one in like : rlAP I I! S
any the or
improvements '
hereafter, held by the \fK.:; is to fol of the Governor.) > A .1 I 0'
authorized unJ provided for in the now o! | manner as he cr she may bequeath or < I
Plate, all pwh certificates as appear on laws: : I! devise any other property or effects of ..ImKltutlon.and .t ,:
r preceding led"nl Is completed or any their fa(-? to be illegal, void or ''m- SOP. : Th all fines imp ='=.J under CltAPTEfll6G-No. 55.) which he or she be street 'highway. or other \aIs.. AX ACT in npb.uca! to the may leSd nil.
ork perrect because of erroneous descriptions the penal 's or this Slate and Crime of an.l which shall be subject .Ing the T '
; li. (Ut altered wHened laded. or otherwise and to transmit the proceeds of all forfeited bail bond Embf'7zlp"n. son by last will and d18P- I .to Olve t'': W I
Q\'td. or such or illegal certificates to or recognizances shell be pai Into the Be I Enacted by the Legislature of tetameut ing of _Uf A. ,
l- aplnlon of town any Imperfect 2 This act t .
the city or State Florida Ib&l el
councl the Comptroller who with the State fine and forfeiture fund countyin of : fP siBe "
real ,"talt. IncudlrJ that a of Treasurer and Attorney" General. shall which the indictment! was found or Section 1. If any orrl"r." agent. ImredlJtt'I' uron its approval th> In.urt.Enacted by 4' .
which may ha\e bt1 taken for that commented, and judgment clerk l servant or any Incorporated i tl" 3
examine the same aud such of said the prosecution Slay JO 1903. I, .8htt of 1',111"I
purpose. shall receive any benefit and I certificates as they shall determine to mus be entered theu>for In favor company, cr If any officer,1 i Approved Bt>'. Th-t Inc Ban'd of I'
advantage therefrom beyond the general for the cf the clerk, servant arent or member of 1
illegal void or imperfect of the State use particular any '
I '
be for cause .1 u 'I i s'
any "
etltutI''l.4 '
the CHAPTER S16C .
estate in (Xo. 61.) .
: of aU real county. It s'ifll: b the of co-partnprship. society or voluntary -
adyunhlJf1 shall by them be cancelled and dutY .
; .N: <
< ( \'hpre the same Is eituatei -, destroyed and a list of the same shill the County Commissioners of association: or if any derk agent or AX ACT Requiring Fire Insurance Companies gutiim. '
iui h city or town council may ad- them be certified to the clerks tonoted be county to require! a full report from all servant of any rpon or or Associations Lawfully Din wlU". I4.' 'i ,
by '
and determine the value of such Business in the State of "'
Judg of their record3. Justices of the Peace and Clerks of fraudulently disposes cf. or convertsto } .
benefit an-1 advantage to any such real, credits of such certificates County rimina Circuit Courts, and his own use or take' or !(
) **'ate. ftnd rnur: BSI'S ton the same ai a rroPr made to the clerks and proper the County .Judge o.ia i each month. with intent so to do anything of value State through their Agents who are tn of a\1 inamranc-v w -- --
I proportional! share of the expense fhaU
; ,


; -" >'. .,.' ..-, ,,,,'- ,,_ ,: ,' _._ .-'. ., .., ... .'
.1L-, .d. .4- i. .- .. -. .&. &_ ---- &_- _. ". .. .--. --- =
_- ., -' ::.: ._.

..-. fl{"ilf"_'... -. "' ..-- P': -

i4;,' .:;:":,' -. !,..,. .' ,.' < ; :<;' "" '''' J1' ';''''''''.; .; -"'._,..._ :',.M. "' J"7_ '
\ }: 'i '


._. -..

pany of tha State of Florida who may boat of one hundred tons and over plyIng or a drug a certificate or warranty I] ]laws in conflict herewith are hereby cio clerks of the boards of county Chief Clerk f the H" ,. .

bow or hereafter be Incorporated under the rivers or waters of this State. i iI given in relation to any other article.| repealed. |II commissioners of this State, to keep 'afv"all ttt I"fn/'I', ..

the laws of the State of Florida; ProYlde4. I I Sec. 3. That any person or persons or drug. or who shall give a false warranty Sec. 3. That this shal take effect books of account and of record In accordance sh1e11. each a., : I..< j'. H

such home Insurance company 1 violating any of toe provisions of Sec-i in writing to any purchaser In j immediately ac passage and ', with the forms to b.p after 't.. .
ition 1 or Section 2 of this act, shall i respect' of an article of food or drug Auditor day '
Cfly complies' with all the require-1 I approval by the Governor. i! ed by the State ,, work .
ments of law as to deposits: securitiesor upon conviction be punished by a fine !sold by him as principal agent, or who (Became a law without the approval \ books and forms a are now olherwl** th Th.bki'tr .
otherwise and charged higher not to exceed five hundred dollars or be i shall wilfully give a label with any article of the for by law. .
no Governor.) provided ,
Imprisoned for a period not to exceed < sold by him wnich shall: ,falsely describe be duty .f the theblil. .. .
ta.tu than other standard Insurance Sec. :. It
"hal th for 0'1
six months. the article sold. shall be guiltyof furnish th* pay ,
companies doing business In the State CHAPTER 5173-(Xo. 6!.) county commissioners ? I Joarnm'ftt '
i Sec. 4. That any Deputy a misdemeanor, and on conviction be one
Of FloridaSee. j AX ACT to Authorize of books for in o. thii ", '
j Sheriff or Constable of any county l ll fined not to exceed one hundred dollars. the Doard provided 1e'Uon li*<. I

2. That this act shall take ef- {l where the river or water divides said Sec. 11. Chemist.: That the analysis County Commissioner i2 atd for this act. turn their I .

fact from and after its passage and counties, or of such county In which the ;provided for In this act shall be under Any County of the Satheneer,' Sec 3. It shall be the duty o th .d*a oii '

approval by the Governor or upon its i j violation occurred be and they are i the control of the Commissioner of Ag- the Said Board Deems it Advisable, to county treasurer to properly of t .rm t

becoming a law without such approval. hereby vested with full authority to i riculture under such rules and regulations have Abstracted any or all Instru-' books on the first day H Secretary *' -

(Became a law without the approval board any passenger boat. with or 1 as he may prescribe.Sec. ments of Writing Affecting Real Es- month and to render to 1 COD J I .".' 'n_'.

ef the Governor.) without warrant, If he has reason to 12. Demands for Analysis. That tate U the same in Recorded: to Have Commissioners and to rounty rJve h .'

I believe that any person on board said ;any purchases of an article of food or Abstracted Any or all of the liar Sales school board respectively at their *" preparing 4

CHAPTER 5168-(No. 63.) passenger boat has violated any of the of a drug shall be entitled to Writing Affecting Real Estate as rEgular meeting in each month, $Onate. .n.f If ,

)oN ACT to Amend Sections Two provisions of this art and take Into his have such article analyzed by such the same is Recorded; to la\.e Abstracted statements of receipts and disbursements ant ("Mt< .. u.

Thousand Two Hundred and Five custody any and all persons violating i analysis and to receive from Any or all of the Sales during the prevlou month .1... .

(2209) Two Thousand Two Hundred 1 or who have violated any of the provisions ]him a certificate of the result of his Relating to Real Estate; Situated In Sec. 4. Any officer who shall **- tasT tr
and Six (2206): and Two ThousandTwo of this act. Said Sheriff, Deputy >analysis. And any health officer, inSpector the County; lPI a Petition of the lect or refuse to comply with the duuo* no".t'. .

Hundred and Seven (2207): of Sheriff or Constable shall as soon as i of nuisances or any food inSpector Majority of Registered Voters imposed by this act hall b* subject to I .. w.fr./f, .r. .

practical thereafter appear before the sample of foodor of the County to Have AbstractedAny office by Gov- ')1 "I' .
Sub-Chapter Two (2): of the Revised i may procure any suspension from th oC a i
court and cause a formal chargeto if he the to or all Instruments I.'*r .. "
Statutes of the State of Florida En- proper drug. and suspects same "Writing ernor. o '
for Building be made. The trial of any person violating :have1 been sold to him contrary to any Relating to Real Estates Situated in ] Sec. 5. That all laws and pwti the i< -tr i .. .

titled "Special Provisions" the provisions of this act may be provision of this act, he shall submit Said County or Upon Such Petition laws in conflict with the provision* chaP'' IT tin > I. .

B@aad It Loan Enacted Associations.by the Legislature of had in the county wherein the arrest i il the same to the Commissioner of Ag- to Purchase a Set of Abstract Books. this net be. and the same .bstIbY I h" !,**."isttel ..

l was made. i riculture to be analyzed who shall with To Prescribe the Manner In Which repealed. I
the State of Florida.: I I Sec. 5. This act shall go into effect all convenient such 1" The: ..
i speed cause the same may be and May 80, 1101. \ .
That Sections 2205:: :2206.! 2207 of said Abtrcted \rprve all) n. ,
Immediately upon Its passage and approval i sis to be made and give a certificate to I the Fees for Such -b"rl .

Bub-Chapter be amended to read as by the Governor.Approved ,such officer, wnerein he shall specify the Records of a County Have; been CHAPTER -No. Tl) tor cir;'. 'r. ..,
follows: June 4; 1903. 51i p.iv i 1ni t .
the result of the analysis.Sec. Abstracted to Prescribe the Clerk's AN ACT to for the Dtnic-I .
S205.: Amount, Series Terms of Pay for 1'' ft .n.'Iq. I
13. Purchase of Samples Fees for tion by Burning of J1S2.000W of .
Making an Abstract. ,..
ment and Withdrawal.. The capital CHAPTER 5170-(No. 65.) Analysis. That if any officer mentionedin Be cent Matured Bond of the State 1' 'n -
of and loan association AN ACT to Prevent the Adulteration of < shall to i Enacted by the Legislature of per '. "
stock a building Section 12: of this act apply of Issued in t57. With I
in the Food and Drugs; and to Provide a article of food State of Florida: l.'lorida 5 .' 4 T' .' I' ,. .
shall at no time consist aggregate purchase any or any Attached that Have Bee lO.|i I '
for the Violation of this I' Sec. L The Board of County Commissioners pons ,. "' ',' _
Penalty Art '- C I .
of more than one million dollars drug exposed or on sale by ro- and Satisfied In the Settlement ':
to be divided into shares of such Be It l-n'actPd:: by the Legislature of the i tail on any premises or In any shop or j in and for any county of Florida Indian War Claim IW.- |j: Ali i \ 1 Vf

State of Florida: and shall tender the for this State, whenever the said Board an ,
denomination not exceeding five hun- store, price 000.00 of 8' cent tb* .
dred dollars each payable In lawful Section 1. Tiiat no person shall mix. the quantity wtych he snail require for deems it advisable s1l have full authority State of Florida Issued July lit 17. < HAfi i iA I. ",

money of the rnlted States, and in color, stain or powder. or order. or permit the purpose of analysis. not being more to require clerk of the circuit with Coupons Attached which V \ r' I-

any other person to mix, color than shall be reasonable requisite and court in and for said county to Issued. .\ I tu IKn \
such number the charter specify. Illegally
The capital as stock may may be issued stain. or powder, any article of food or the person exposing the same for sale abstract any or all Instruments of Whereas. In the settlement Of lbS /.f ,-i .f .

drugs with any ingredient or material shall refuse to sell the same to such writing affecting any real estate situated between the !" (r.\ '' 1
in shares fractions of shares for mutual account
or Unite
tfo as to render the article Injurious to ,officer. such officer shall have the rightto In the county as the same is States and the State of '. I]
cash when desired be issued in
or Jortd .
health. or manufacture any article of enter the premises where the sam :recorded. For such service the clerk of y 2 7. I' < "i '.i $1It,4 0
series payable in Installments but no food which shall be composed in wholeor an act Congress 1a .
'shall be sO exposed for sale and seize ;shall receive a fee of ten cents for 1902 there were *urrendered ..f t
series shall at Issue exceedin b .
any in of diseased decomposed of-
part and take into his possession a sufficient so abstracted of 7 cent "
the five hundred thousand animal propl'ry State per bond I-
aggregate fensive, or unclean or vegetablesubstance such food dru and $32.00.00 .
quantity of any or g provided there are not more than twodEscrlpton. sued of Florida t. IU f 'I *
dollars. the installments which stock
on with the intent that the same .
shall for the of I nl
keep same purpose In the said HI- .
instruments attached "
to be with
are to be paid at such time and places re- coupons
may be sold In.the said State. and no analysis. ]I'.. .," ,
the by-laws shall appoint No periodical person shall sell any such article so Sec. 14. Definitions. That the term i when there are more than two bonds having been unelpl and. and art *.1 ." In I
of such installments shall the fee of the clerk shall now held by the
payment' stained, descriptons.
mixed. colored powdered
or '
shall include
this act .
used In :> II
as baa in his "
be made exceeding two dollars on each manufactured. 'ood' cent for each of the first two whereas, the State Treasurer I "
article used for food or drink r'' \ ,f" 4 .
scare and. such stock may be paid oft Any person violating this section snail i by man: other than drugs and water. descriptions, and an additional fee of custody $0.0 O.OO of 8 Issued per rent bnd 4- 1. 'H,.. i
and retired as the by-laws shall direct. three cents for each of the others.These of the of Florida II.wih "
be guilty of a and for The term "dru as used In this act each 1 )pr'p. I"
Every share of stock shall be subjectto each offense be fined not exceeding two shall include all,medicines for internalend fees are to be taxed as a part 58 coupons attached to : II0.- -iri.i i .

a lien for the payment of unpaid installments hundred dollars for the first offense external use. of the recording fee of sail Instrus a appears from a letter addreed U> I, 1h! _
and other harges incurred meats.Sec. the Governor by the State Treasurer. \ .
and for each subsequent offense not ,
thereon under the provisions of the hundred Sec. 15. Exemption of Certain Arti- 2. j dated January :! 1SOS. In whl.'h l* *. .1,1 f' ..
exceeding three dollans. or cles. That the Commissioner of Agnicultune Upon a petition of majority % v 1
a it is stated that said bond with I. C.A'l .'
charter and by-laws, and the by-laws not exceeding of th
Imprisonment one the
year may from time to time declare certain registered voters of any found in "'h. P.O
Bay prescribe the form and manner of or both. in the discretion of the court. of coupons attached were tb .
articles or preparations to be exempt county this State, the Board of J vault old ,I- : "I .>' v ,
enforcing such liens; new shares of Sec. 2. Quality and Potency of Drugs.' from the provisions of this act; County Commissioners of said county treasury among some .pn. fV ,' 'c'.
bond to .
and that these
stock be Issued In lieu of shares appear
may That no person' shall. except for the and It shall be the duty of the Commissioners if they deem it advisable, shall have ,those that were declared by the Supreme n"'II" of J I .fc- .
withdrawn or forfeited. The stock maybe purpose of compounding as hereinafter .
to prepare and publish from any or all instruments of jo .;
relating of
Court of Florida in the ess
issued in one or successive series In described mix, color stain. or powder record ., .
time to time a list of the articles mixtures to real estate ]Holland State 15 Fla.. 455, to t.P 'I' .\ .. I
sucrn amount as the board of directors << or order or permit any siuated .
or compounds declared to be exempt county abstracted t .
uder super-i unconstitutional and not bindingon Ii I. J P.
: .
and stockholders determine. and
may other person to mix. color. .. .
from the provisions of this act, in vision of said clerk. \
For ,
any stockholder wishing to withdraw stain or powder any drug with such services I the State and whereas all of the u o I .!
1 accordance with this section. the clerk receive a compensation amounts of bonds above mention- I I 'n' .
from the association shall have material shal
power any Ingredient or so as a
i Sec. 16. Previous Legislation. That not to seventy-five ($75.00) dollars should be record soIl 1 .' I I
destroyed and a !
to do so by giving sixty days notice of to affect injuriously the quality or potency -'
inconsistentwith .
all acts and of acts
hit Intention to withdraw, when he with Intent parts per month for or eachdeputy 'thereof made therefore.Be .fr.! t
of such drug that the himfiel .
this and the hereby .
art be. same are
employed In 2 It Enacted the the y of' '
may be entitled to receive the amount same may be sold In said State and no actu performance by L.1atuN o .
10' I .
paid in by him less all fines and other replaled. of such i State of Florida: "''' I.
person shall! : sell any such drug so mixed :- \
I .
ch&rgfts, but after the expiration of one colored. stained or powdered. under Aproved June 5, 1903. Sec. 3. The said abstract books shal\ Section 1. That the GYen. Comptroller \., t I "

from the Issuing! of the series suca In each 'I be so ruled and headed to 1 and Treasurer ad other s. ., ".'L! 0
year the same penalty case respectively CHAPTER 5171-fNo. 66.) a te o, ,. 0 ,. .
stockholder shall be entitled, in addition aa in the preceding section for a description of the property, the names !persons shall totally destroy by burning .
AN ACT to Amend Sections 2022 2022 of the the bonds and coupons men I' 1 ,.Pi'' I ..
thereto to such Interest thereon first an.l subsequent offense. grantors and grantees, mort- !l
to such credit i 2025 (as amended by Section and in the preamble of thi act af' r ri" *WI' hrv
or payment or of the i, Sec. 3. Ignorance of Adulteration. augers mortgagees, nature of the Hone ,
Chapter 4044 of the Laws of Florida), a record in detail of them h:.\ .1 .i -. .>
from time
pronts to time, as the bylaws That no person shall be liable to be date, release .hal .
and Section 20J9 of the Revised Stat- consideraton. I ..
may provide. At no time shall convicted under either of the two last ben made in durlicit and 61.i! in the :

more than one half of the funds In the foregoing sections of this act In respect utes of Florida all Relating 'to Tim- of book and page of record witnes numbr office of the Comptroller an.l Treasurer ., x' .
of the be ber and Lumber'h'lf. and the Appointment duly certified to by the officials and 'o'
treasury corporation applicable
of the sale of any article of fool.or other and arranged In .
Therefor.Be inforaton. any .
to the demands of withdrawing of any drug, if he shows' to the satIsfaction a order Board of Commission two other persons as aforesaid that T-. '.. .
It Enacted by the Legislature of the 0' ,
stockholders without the consent of the of the court before whom *ie'' may deem advisable. i iSe. the record was properly made and that t.-f -
j State of Florida: e all of the bonds and wholly t It', ,.'" '.-
board of directors and stockholder coupon wer .
no Is charged that h," did not know of the I 4. Whenever the said Pi
Board .
of theRevised j
Section :2022
i Section 1. That I .
destroyed by in their tI' *1.'i.
hall be entitled to withdraw whose article or drug sold by him belnso County Commissioners burning pres .
Florida deem it .
of advisable
Statutes of the State .
stock Is held In pledge for security. mixed, colored. stained or powdered, as ence. 1 "I p. 'Ii 0
be amended so as to real as follows: they shall have abstracted any 'r .. '
Sec. 2. This '
Upon the death of a stockholder his legal in either of those sections act take effect pr-"o > 'he
mentionedIand | for CertaIn or all of the tax sales I shal .
Sec. 2022. Public Custodian relating to M I .
representatives! shall be entitled torecete 1th any upon its passage by the > 'I.' .r.t -M i
that he could not, reasonable appr.
> shall real estate situated in the .
Governor appointby
j Ports. The county. This Governor. .l I. ,"
the full
amount paid In by him, diligence have obtained that knowl i iApproved .
with the advice and consent of shall be done under the .. '
and supervision of .
and such rate of Interest or profit edge. 1. 190J. |I I.IPI II
I the Senate for each port In the State the Clerk, who shall receive a monthly .un {. I', .
thereon as the by-laws of the association #
I Sec. 4. Fraudulent Additions or Al- I I
shall prescribe. first deducting all !I tl'ratloml."That no person shall sell ino which came during the :year ending compensation for himself or deputy, CHAPTER Ing-(No. Tl) I T' { J; : "',4. 'f

charges tnat may be due on the stock. I any article of food or drug whlcn is not Dl'cl'lbr 31. 1902. not fewer than fifty or deputies not to exceed seventy-five AN ACT to Amend Section 21!. Re. ; tJ I' r if. '' .* ,a'' > .

No fine shall be charged to a deceased of the nature, substance and quality: of \'e five hundred tons burdeneach (75.00 dollars per month during the vised Statutes of the State of Florida r 'j' *rr '. tklur .

member's account from and after his the article as represented by the vendor or irtlo which shall come during performance of such ser(! The said Regulating the Issuance of ('omission jlrnl "nt ".' Ii m*

decease unless the legal representativesof and any person violating this sec- 'any calendar year ending December abstract books shal be so ruled and i !! and Fixing the Amount to Ih.i l. ,>t I' t-.

such decedent assume the further, tlon shall be guilty of a misdemeanor! ,' 31st a like number of vessels of like headed as to number of /jertiflcate i be Paid by Persons Appointed or turn theIr *. 0 I". ("-!*

payment on the stock. j I and for the first offense' be fined not tonnage, a public custodian of lost tim date of sale, the year for.which Elected to Office Before tb Issuance de'aed as.-.. .1.! t. *-

2208. Stated. ber and lumber who shall give q. bondIn taxes of Commissions to Such lent form f .- '.
Building and Loan exceeding fifty dollars and for each were unpaid, number and page Perlu. n i ? u*
Associations the sum of one thousand dollars to of book Be It Enacted by the Serreta-v -.
Incorporated under this subsequent offense not exceeding one where recorded date of redemption the r-
Chapter shall have the powers, and hundred dollars, or Imprisonment not the Governor for the faithful discharge or cancellation, date of State of Florida: o The $.,. ,.. 0" ,

from the data of incorporation. when exceeding six months. or both. In the of his duties, and shal hold his office number and page of book deed Section 1. That Section !1:. e'1e1 reir r.- I. 4. ..> 4aftM

net otherwise provided herein, stall be discretion of the court: Provided Thatan for four years sooner remove corded and such other information and Statutes of the State (Florida, be ane ff prpanrrHenate e' .; *" t'M j

governed, managed and controlled as offense shall not be deemed to be by the Governor for Section good cau 2024!of the in such order as may be deemed ad the same is hereby amended 8 a aM ., .. *aI .

follow: They shall have the power and committed under this section in the'Itollo"'lng i Section 2. That visable. read a follows: ant n lef .-;> i O... .

franehlsa of loaning or advancing tol 1 cases, That Is to say: Revised Statutes of Florida be amendedso Sec. 5. When the records of the 21.0 Comn-> lon to IH8 Until receive ".t.> *. .
the stockholders thereof the as to read as follows: I Etc. No commission shall Inc the .
rf "
moneys ac-j First-Where any matter or Ingredl- I county have been .1\ .
camiilated from Urn to time and thepower |I ent not Injurious to health has been. Sec. 204.: His Duties a to Lost TIm-| of the clerk for abstracted the fee ]be issued by the Governor of this State TheJspl" ." ".., r '., -

and right to the ber. etc. The said public cutodan to any person who is by law sentatlves .' .
secure A .1 "
repay-,added to the food or drug because the shall be fifty cents for the first trans- rtqulre s c. f
teat cf such money, and the performance same Is required for the production or either by himself or his agent : fer and to give bond before he shall upon dollar *M'inartlr -. is .t' '

of the other conditions upon wnlch' preparation thereof as article of keep at al times a careful watcher twenty-f\'e cents for every the duties of his oS' e until after uh 'rHr \ .- m .
an the of his port and shall recover other record affecting the same. i i ;bond shall .,
loans ; have
tns are to be mad by note or commerce in a state fit for carriage or ben duly executed heln ta rleti $
bond. secured by mortgage or other security -I consumption, and not fraudulently to and place In a boom to be kept by Sec. 6. Upon a petition of a major- j! ;approved and filed in the office where it The r- "t II,ljff 4 t. rI*

<< as well as the power and right Increase the bulk him for the purpose, convenient to the ity of the reglsterl voters of any is required by law to be deposited andofficial hI. warrant < P .
weight or measure ..
to purchase or erect houses and to con- I lof the food or drug, or conceal the Inferior shipping, all timber and lumber that county of State, the Board of < notice thl'ret given to the Gov- < (Bfe, or an r.rf U' ..

vey lease or mortgage the same at I! quality thereof.SecondWbere I:shall be found adrift In said waters and County Commissioners of said county ernor. There shal b hereafter paid by o the Hmiamount i< .1 \ to.,
safely keep the same until disposed of if the said board deems 'or behalf "
pleasure to their stockholders or others I the drug or food Is a i advisable, is on any person appointed or, ,!", I' *. **

tor the benefit of their stockholders In 1 proprietary medicine. 1 I In the manner hereinafter pro\rded. but hereby authorized to purchase a set of ejected tQ office the sum of one dollar hall pos. the ..f o.. ..

such manner; also In ease of nonpayment Third-Where the food or drug is i nothing in this section contained shall abstract books for whatever price and to be paid In current money of In thp tres.Lr'ehe

oiastallmants., premiums or interest compounded as authorized by this a"t.1,, authorize the public custodian or his on whatever terms. the board may i I United States before the issuing tb .W
e a prtl.
by agent. or any other to take possession deem I commission.
stockholder .
any for three Fourth-Where the food or drug Is person expedient i 'he. '
nontns, payment ot principal Interest unavoidably mixed with some extraneous -I of any or tmber afloat Sec. abstract books shall | Sec. 2. This act shall take elect on Its *'r'' I t -"- \

and fines. without deducting the pre- matter In the process' of collectionor upon the waters of such port or its be held under the custody of the clerk '! immediately upon Its approval by the, Approved J : ;

nJiuns paid or Interest thereon may banfarcsl preparation. tributal'lts. when the owner thereof, or and shall be open to examination free Governor.

by sale of the shares at a Sec. 5. Ingredients must be In accordance his bailee or agent shall be in posses-, of cost. Approved May :3, 1905. HAl'T1: f I' "

meeting of the stockholders or by for- I aba view, or immediate pursuit thereof. I ,.
with purchasers demand. (Became : law without the approval AN ACT to rtlon th "we
feiture at the withdrawal value CHAPTER 5179-(No. 74
of the Governor. )
That no person shall sell any compound ) of of t> <*. .
A3 the net proceeds, after deducting article of food Sec. 3. That Section 2025 of the Revised -j AN ACT to Fix the Salaries of Certain t. .
or compounded
; VM4 School I VB
a)1 Statutes of the State of Florida I
fines and arrearages with a propor- i i drug which Is not composed of Ingredients ) CHAPTER 5174-(No. 69.) Administrative Officers. P It En*. .' '
tk> at part of any losses, shall be paid I', in accordance with the demand of be and is hereby amended so as to read Be It Enacted by the Legi9latur ot the I State ,1N't
nf I
erer ta him. and thereafter he shall the as follows: AM ACT to authorize the Transfer of'I j State 01' Florida: ,

caasa to be a member of the corpora-i Any purchaser. this section,! Sec. 2025. Notice of Finding Lost S9.S52.71-100 dollars from the Indian I Section 1. That on and after the o"tinn 1'r ..__.. "
person violating the .
tion. I I' shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and Timber. I shall be the duty of the Wa Claim Fund to the Internal Improvement j first day of JulY. 1903. the salary of for receir count r o at ."' I
2207. Metned of custodian of timber and Fund to Which Fund the the n. '
Loans. Loans shall fined not exceeding fifty dollars; l'ro1, said public Secretary the Comptroller. t i ,.
be mAde to members only. Applications vided. That no person shall be guilty lumber, immediately upon the recovery Said Amount Belongs. ,, the Treasurer the Ator6y-pnflrl.] ,.h" .

therefor may be considered upon se- | of any such offense as aforesaid In respect -I of any timber or lumber, to give Whereas, In the settlement of the' the Superintendent Instruction sl'o.f, t ,.,'."ir-,f .

eurttie* severally offered' or the officers' to the sale of an article of food or public notice for five days, in some Indian: War Claims the sum of S:5.OO'.O :: .- and the Commiliorer of Agrlrul- fund the Ir'. I tl .td!

may hold stated meetings at which the a drug mixed with any matter or Ingredient -1 newspaper publishid at said port giving :: belonlnS to the Internal Imj j ture shall be at the rate of twenty-flve. by the < tI ij "..HI'

numejr in the treasury, It over the not quantity and stampof ,' was included in the hundred dollars per annum each t' .
injurious to health, and not description Fnd : ant I tlon from t' .. f, ,..
mount fixed by charter as the full Intended fraudulently to increase it such timber or lumber. and statIng amount received by the State and that the amount necessary to pay > I ,I.w K .'Aut"'t k"*:

,Jua of a share, shall be offered for bulk weight or measure or conceal Its that unlS said timber or lumber bo whereas the sum of $15.154. has been salaries a aforesaid for the yr IMS 1 "O. ] -

IOBJJ! In open meeting and the stock i I inferior quality. It at the time of delivering called for and Identified bY the owner appropriated to the city of PenScola and is :subequenttara be and the same o Ilblk pillS <4 1.1

holder who shan bid the hignest premIum such article or drug he shall sup- within five days the wi be soldas leaving a balance of $ ;: in the ies hereby In the appropriated out of any mon In. 0 ., ..e' .-
the preference of priority of ply to toe Indian War Claims Fund which Treasury not otherwise rlLr *
loAn person receiving the same: a provided In Section (7) of be- ap- 14 | 'I'
shall b I proprlated.
entitled to receive a loan. notice by a label distinctly and legibly and that If the of to the Internal Improvement i i "t ,
this act, long I Sec. r"a >
Jfot more tlvn the amount fixed by written proceed j' 2. That this act shall take ef. 11 c
or printed with the .
on or article ; therefore f MM rftAT
such sale be not called for by per- Fnd feet
charter or constitution I upon its I
as the full value or drug to the effect that the Enacted by the Legislature oft appro\'a by the Governor ." VA3f ,. .
withIn -
et entitled to the same I Approved
a share shall be Ap\
loaned I
< for each:i same is mixed. I lawful State of Florida Ies.
fctre of I days after such sale the :
stock ,
heli by such stoekhold-l!I I &-c. 6. Subtraction cf Ingredll'nts.I .' 1 I I \
1. That the Comptroller Is here-
but be forfeited SI. CHAPTER TTTo "APTII .
r, a stockholder may borrow such! same will and paid Ito -(No. '5.)
1 i I no person' shall with the Intent .
by directed draw his I4"
to warrant the '* *
on ACT
fractional part of the amount fixed by the county treasury for the use to Px th* Pay of Members. .C' ,
that the same In Its altered ,
may b* sold r '
State Treasurer to j
the II
payable Trustees Officers r" ",
charter as theY full value of a share as county schools, and the owner of any Attaches of the Le i- ,
state '
without notice substract of the Internal Improvement Fund lature County T-' ..h PV&*
tha A.
constitution and by-laws such timber or lumber shall be entitled D. 19o3. i
may! pro-1 i from any article of food part cf it I I In ..
| any Conn- <.
for the of $9.852.71-100: Be It
to Enacted
sum be R.
Good and ample security. as pre- so ns. to affect injuriously its quality.' to have the same delivered whenat i by the Legislature of the1! lienRItThtir' "
asrlbel by the by-laws shall be given substance said boom, upon paying to the said Icustodian from the Indian War Claims Fund. I State of Florida : .
by the borrower to secure the repay! shall sell any or article nature, and altered no without person the fee hereinafter pro'id-I j| Sec. !. This act shall take effect Section' 1. That the M* ef the : State *'.1.! ':> '** '**

ment of the loan. In case the borrower making disclosure so ed. upon its passage and approval by the'; bers of the present .con.I- of .
of the alteration! and Lislature i Section 1 r.'Y
shall neglect to offer security or shall Sec. 4. That Section 1029 of the Revised Governor. vened April 7th.. A. I>. shall be
any person violating the provisions of, 105 a nf n. .. M
per diem of > .J
fSer security that Is not approved by the Approved' June 5, six dollar day. In addition n.
this section snaIl be guilty of a mis- Statutes of Florida ba amended 1:03 nf ) '
board of directors to the 'tat. '1'-'
by such time as the demeanor and to read follows mteare1ol'ft by the ,
fined not exceeding one so as as : Constitution i" .,," CS
by-laws may prescribe ha shall be hundred dollars. I II CH.-l'TE 5175-(:. 70.) of Florid*, at; .
Sec. 2029. Others Not to Take Up ten cents tation ti -. r ttr' sri .
a .
with fcarg d .with legal Interest. together I i Sec. 7. Must prove conditions under Lost Timber In the Port. It shall b AN ACT for the Relief of Parties Who Sec. 2, mie the each wty ;, lar of aa" -, .. .. ',i'l t.

any expenses Incurred and the proviso, (Sec. 5). Have Bought Land from the Trustees py'of the Seew- ., ..
IOM That in any prosecu- unlawful for any person other than the tary ot the Senate warnt '.. ..1. I 'I
the of premium. If any. nn a sale and tion under this act, where the fact of an custodian or his agent herein provided of the Internal Impronment'Fnd of the House of tb.Chief ffcrti .- . h .,.;.

stated money m. Il'lK.may In be resold of at the next article having been sold In a mixed for in ports where such appointment and Whose Title has Faied.I' nil ol-rks el ",! Representative by the and See. T- o. M T'1' '
case a ( Senate
cf non-payment state has been proved If the defendant made, to pick recover, Be it Enacted by the House be six and 1 nf sororFlorid *<*** .
Installment up dollars
or Interest i Iha1 .
by borrowing par diem each,
Koekholdws for the of shall desire to rely upon proviso' contained or In any manner Interfere with any the State of Florida: I The eant-.t-Arml of the ." r .1t l "
space three Senate
months payment of principal In this act. It shall be Incumbentupon timber or lumber found in the Sec. 1. Any person firm or corporation and of the eentt'" r ... .
and In- him to a.rif 01'rr..etath"a .
prove the heretofore who .
same. having or and T1-
waters which has may Pi I' IY
terwt and all thereof been Ash.tantl
fines stamped rR"ant.lt-Arm. .
prescribed! who
by the
Sec. 8. .
Dealer Ignorant of Adulteration. hereafter in good faith and pmploYf'ld. *i prf *. -. "
constitution 1 required by Section 2023 of these purchase receive 1f.
and by-laws shal a
without de- per diem
That if the In a after .. ""
defendant any for value any lands In th* State of. six dollars 0 noti'i I' r-* '
ducting the premiums pall and Interest Revised Statutes, or for any person ., .Ilet
prosecution under this act prove to tnesatisfaction The 'there ., cal
Florida from the trustees of the Inter- | pay of the sir 'i. p .o
thereon doorkeeper
be enforced other than the ,
may by proN'ed1:1" owner or his employee for
of the court that he had nImpr'em nt Fund of the State Rte and House of th| n." ft I 't she
on their securities according to law. purchased the or to pick up timber which has Repreenativ,; > .lu(1 I
article In question as al'nt be .bal
and title has six dollars (
which failed'by
I of Florida rr day ;
(Became law each
a without the approval the same In nature substance and not been so stamped. Any ptron10- j The t I $ec. t r "'o ., ..
j of the fact that the trustees | ray of the .
ef the reason
<< Governor.) psg f for the Senate .
quality a!* that demanded of him by lating the provisions of this Section : And Houe' shan : .1 "" .. .. "
of the Fund had be four N I. .
I the purchaser and with a wrtttrjn shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and Inrnl Improvement diem eat'h. dollars per MNtkw..i '* "' ""

CHAPTER 51 SJ-(No. M.)' warranty to that effect; that he had no upon conviction shall be subject to 1 no title or of right the Internal to convey same, theTrustees The pay the janitors If of thi. a. '? .*
1mpro'ementFnd ( shall
ACT to Prohibit Fnootlng and the reason to believe at the time when he fine o not less than five dollars, and dollars per diem b 8t j cleflt r' ''. .

Heckles Handling of I/iadert Firearms sold It that the article wan otherwise: not more than fifty dollara to imprisonment j shall rotund to said party, firm The par ot the f8rb'I.r.nt ernor I. ... A... .

on any Pawnjrer float of One and that he sold It In the same state as not exceeding thirty. days corptm\i
Hundred Tons and Over Plying th when he purchased It he shall be discharged (Became a law without the approval! paid for said lands without interest "hpl f.per day. dollyu!11"7a"al' p. .. . ,
(tnt. The
Waters of Any River or Waters of from prosecution. of the Governor.) thereon upon due usnof being made. the House of T.hJjT of aip4, Hothi: i.li 1
This Ftate end Providing Sec. 9. Approved May 30, 1JOJ. prntaU"H W I t
a Penalty Forring of Warranty. That mid seventy-nv ctwwtmed .. f

Ther.fnr.re any person who shall forge, or shall CHAPTER 5172-(No. 67.) his per <1l m to dolar adt.ttonal to ht'ecost o .waj' '' ...utl
It Enacts br the Legislature of the u se. knowing It to be forged any certificate CHAPTER 5176-(No. 71..) for wages paid help In rfmburN 1; *o tnebaur.r
PUtt of Florida AN ACT Disqualifying Butchers zs AN ACT Relative to the Books and c n up 1 t "
: or any writing. purporting to hat!. i An "ID '0' I
Section! 1. It shall be unlawful for contain a warranty as provided In seo- Beef Inspectors. Forms to be Kept by County Treasurers The pay of the chaplains the I.n ., '

any person or persons to discharge' any tlon eight of this act shall be guilty of Be it Enacted by the Legislature of and Certain Other County Of- hundred dollars each hH r* ee .Sf. t f. .

Biarmiion: any pU'enjrer boat of one a misdemeanor and be punishable. on the State of Florida: d *rf. and the Balancing of Same. All committee clerks for the awalon. Appro**tI .4 iAN L I. .I.
hundred tons' and over plying the rivers conviction by Imprisonment for a term Sec. 1. That n butcher shall In Be It Enacted by the Legislature of .five dollars ir diem for b allowed .un

or waters of this Sht,.. not exceeding year with hard Itb r.Src. part of this State be appointe the Stt of Forid actual fr"h'*. the "1'dy CNAPIw .\ I .. \

sne. 2. It shall be unlawful for any 10. False or Misapplied War Inspector for any 1 1t'ton Derl Sec Tt i shal ba the duty of actual service (t b numb ot 6 I ACT far ,.Aa r. J.tt '

person or persona to recklessly handle ranties. That every person who shall for any portion ther all county slirifts and :chairman of the Uf.by Ib

any loided firearm! on any passenger willfully apply to any article of food Sec. 2. That all laws and parts of Ct1 o th circuit court and u tn4' The Secretary of the Sanat. sn3 tb iif. "I.._.,.." ..1.I'h ... .





.; -''-'' I'-Yn .,. 1IIIW....;... ,..,., _n .. I' .- ""t.l -." ._ _" _,__ _n ,- : :,. :" :'_ ;__"J'_,, : -- . *
: : : !: ": ... .. ... ... ."n :, : a : m n". IL -.u_ i_ _
.. -(. = > '
.H-- -4";' ..... ...._ --,'" i ;' -."_" 't& ;t : ,": -.t _< .

. 4 .... ". ,'.,-, ., ..< '

ie.'N. ..,. --
,- : -,- <, -... -: ._ .----' -V-: -" --

[ # r1 -


V i

sbrtffR of thli Ftt. during the year' concerned affecting such ferry service; aliali be punished by .fnnot exceed la the warehouse, where there Is a !,I said city er town to approve or disapprove h.catinJ a Hen upon the property Mt
and auccesfclvi thereJur '
P. Uu understanding the fee till subject however to subsequent change lag five hundred or impnisonrnett warehouse, and where there is no of the sad ord1n.nce Each I made a j-arty may Income a parly a* V ,

; not charge mileage for conveying abitato a the times and a hereIn not exceeding six mont! I warehouse It shall be their duty to I election shall be separately In therespective of course, by filing his petition of ln- '

,..4 to ; and whereas upon a proper -, N'ovIdd I Sec :. That any agent 01 employe place such freights in a dry and convenient districts, but upon the fame I tervention setting forth under oath

pruoneri tUuflmtQt of the eald fees for con-; FoartThl county commlsEior.ers of of .common carrier who place, so that same may not be day; and thirty days' public notice ; his interest before the return day, or i
any ,
there remains due such ferry shall State turn over or deliver from any of- damaged by reason of the water or shal be of the time, purpose afterward by order of the judge.
prisoners been
,.Ull operated under this act shall lice of of g'.en
or place iuslnpss a
MVWtI *f tr'e! aherllls of tho StaU a have the right have submitted to Eton mud. place sid l1t'ction by proclamation Sec. 6. If no cause be shown to t". Il
In district
hilt fclanc. and whereas his said voters of the t at 'I i r.rrlt any county or -: Sec. 2. That any steamboat or barge.. Issued by Mayor, which contrary, the judge of the <".uit '
Ue county gener- j where the local option law !s In'
.- WJnl art barred fry statute. 1 election next.preceding the expiration -' force, any spirituous, vinous 0 mall company who shall violate the pro proclamation shall contain a copy of I Court shall cause a Jury of twelve! men

Be It Enacted by Legislator* ,f the of sold tr of fifteen the liquors, wine or beer, to any person: whois visions of this act shall pay to the party said ordinance. If two-thirds of the'' to be empaneled, to try what romprn-

gUtf Of JVinsU: ;, questo a whether or not .ears not the bone-flde consignee and per injured double the amount of dam- registered votws actually voting in ration shall be made to the deft iidnnts

gecUon 1. The county commission.ri .. ccissloe shall purchase the son to whom the mark or address indidlcates ages he may sustain by such a company, each shall approve of such ordinance, I for the property sought to be nppropriated .

-4 of tU .*v-raJ counties of this State prop.ry lsed and operate the ferry said goods were shipped to. together 'lth all costs of suit, which the council shall thereupon, by ordinance -, irrespective of any benefit
and they are hereby authorized and the majority of costs shall include a reasonable attorneys limits from improvement proposed by the
IM : the voters voting shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and declare the new any
Mopowwed to aJjust the accounts with on the subject shall have voted for the upon conviction thereof be punished bya fee for plaintiff. of the city or town, excluding there- |I petitioner which issue ihall be tried

the Hveral sheriffs of this Stc.te fees tortOllYf11111 purchase and operation of the ferry by fine not exceeding two hundred dollars Approved June 4. 1903. from the portion so exludf and i: in the same manner cs other Issues n'

prisoner since the year A. the county, then the county commissioners -I or by Imprisonment not exceeding cause the said II' fact are tried in the aP'l< l Circuit
IX IW and pay the several sheriffs and the grantee of the franchise ninety days. CHAPTER 5194-(Xo. 89.) with the previous ordinance aforesaid!, j Court. The Jury shall 1111 rsiws

tht> baten found remaining upon the shall each name an arbitrator Appr\'ed June 4, 1903.C1LVPTER AX ACT to Prohibit the Fraudulent I I the Mayor's proclamation aforesaid. |, view the property, nnle*> I' parties

wit erount for conveying prisoners; 'and the two arbitrators so named shall Use and Wilful Waste of Electricity, i I I and certificate of the result of su"h interested in the issue c< i V t to .1li'-

prartted. That this act shall not be name a third, a disinterested person of 7lS9-(Xo. St Gas or Water, and the Fraudulent| election, to be recorded in the records j I pense with the viewing. 1 "ie JWK! .

fOOitrVd to authorize the adjustment high standing and integriy. and the AX ACT to Amend Section 1, Chapter or Wilful Tampering With or I of the and also in the clerk's : may, in his dis-retior. trvny awh

at payment ot any fees for which the three arbitrators, or them if 4683: Laws of Florida, ApprovedJune jury of Meters Intended .to In-I office eounli county where such city i cause in vac-itim in tI.! o, uy, ar I
;' taw 4M not provide at the time of the the three cannot agree after a Electricity Gas or Water.. thE make < ', ,'rteni for
shal !. 1899. Being An Act to Pro- or town Is situated. may all necc: .1'
such Ilen'lces.
r.iMUs. of ,I!I to thorough be paid investigaton. fx amount I hibit the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors Sec. 1. Every person wh shall wil-i I That when any Incorporated tow i procuring a jury or i-i n-f-. < M.-e, to the j

t, : and the county the grantee: Within Four Miles Distance of Public the State of Florida: (or city) containing I less than one bun- j case. If the jury .nn.! t V re. another .
CHAPTER lift*-(No. 89.) I county commissioners shall Sec. 1. Any who shall wilfully '
'inereupon pay to the grantee the or Prh'att 8'hol Buildings and person dred and fifty qualifiedelectors shall !I Jury may be < ir.rr> v 1 forth-
and Houses of Worship, and to Provide or fraudulently Injure or shall I to of have emI with. i
f AX ACT Regulating Providing for amount fixed by the arbitrators or a owing extent territory I
IN BMnbiinbro and Maintenance majority of them, and shall Penalties Therefor. knowingly suffer to be injured any braced within Us limits any Fee. 7. The <>,i--t c' !'ive "'111po'er

rf rerr'l rOll8 on Ilegular from the grantee a conveyance reeh.t of all Ee i Enacted by the Legislature of meter wire, pipe or fittings connected which may from distance or land other I to orthiV v ,- 'idment.

operation of rVrriea on Regular its property used for ferry purposes the State of Florida: with or belonging to an electric, gas I cause be virtually or commensurately I! and to mrktHI 11! : .!,. L V tarr t.

$ .duies and at Frequent Intervals and the county commissioners operate Sec. 1. That from and after the or water plant owned or controlled bya excluded from the benefits of such I the Justice i>f tV. .1 i i--. j > j also to
shal passage of this act it shall be unlaw- person, firm or corporation, privateor grant new tri.ilf.Sec. .
to be necessary to Public such ferry so long as opera- municipal organization i shall @lawful j
cvefli.tk&.. tion by them shall appear practicable is ful for any person firm or corporation municipal engaged in the business ( for any owner or o 'ner of such j 8. Thppnl"rylhall

I Be It Kiwcted by the Legislature of the and the grantee of the franchise' shall I to sel except in incorporated towns of furnishing electricity gas or water ;( land or three-fourths of them desir- j state; flrpt. pH. '.; V ptlon of

qte of Florida: I not thereafter so long as such ferry of over I\.e hundred inhabitants, and to users thereof, or shall wilfully or | have the same excluded fromsaid i the property t.ikfc c- N comInsation -

gecttoii 1. The county commissioner -': may b operated by the county oper- cities, any intoxicating liquors, of fraudulently tamper or meddle with' incorporated town is situated setting to 11. II, !.V -r. third,

tt any county in this State, whenfgMr -' ate any such ferry and al rights of I whatever {'haracer. within a distance any meter or other appliance or APpurtenance forth in said petition the limits of the amount of !Ll Mien t.. V

it hall have been maoe to appear the grantee to operate ferry shall of four mit's of any public or private connected with or belongIng such incorporated town as then existing 'I Which each itnur i k .1 .

that the convenience of the during the time of the operation thereof I school buiding. whether said school to any such plant in such manneras and the grounds of his cr their .I Sec. ?. The jit'r-! 1 rerlt"

requires the maintenance of a by the county be withdrawn. shall be session or not. or any chartered to cause loss or damage to the own- objection to being included within the the verdict in f-ili.; :.i be that

for teams and passengers oper- : Should the electors of the county at I institution of learning or any er or operator of such plant or shall limits of such corporation. Thereupon' the property then :n ''> '. 1M orproprinted -

regular schedule! at frequent such election fall to approve the purchase I church building: of whatever denomination wilfully or fraudulently prevent any the said Circuit Court order I to tr.p I" .VVV" for th-

'fl11' -WHIM any river between two and operation of such ferry, or:I! : Pro\idlr that this act shall meter used for registering the quan- notice of. said application Fhal servedV uses alleged in th* i.-1'1 pon the

ytftrt .n oi.imsite sides of the river should the county commissioners for ,| not be construed to repeal or modify tity of tlecridtr. gas or water sup- upon the Mayor of said b or city petitioner ppying oro, "; a by (1,.

jMMn ,u.'h county, shall have power. any reason fall! to make such purchase, i:lor in any way change the local option plied same from duly and appoint a day fo the bearing of posit of mHn,", ft'f nsaton!

shall be their duty, tty resolution the grantee shall have the right to continue I'I law now H force in this State: Pro registering the quantity so passing such application. I found by the vcrdi t < ry.Sec. ,

Rlt a leave, llcensf and franchise all the the operation of such ferry with I' \'idt'd further that this act shall not through the same, or shal altar the I If upon the hearing x>f said application 10. Th- I' t iI.... hin ten

ttr tke establishment und maintenance rights hereby granted and subject I the sale of lquor under and by index or brenk the any such the said court shall sustain the | days after the r' .!.! ..'V "' JtHe:

Ml operation of mich ferry by a gran- to arbitration tl all the provisions of of this act as! virtue of any issued prior to meter, or any way hinder or interfere i said objection, the paid tract or tracts i ment. shall pay l.ito I' for Tb.

He mr frames named In the resolution questions of 5e"1'p.1 the passage of this act: Provided also I with its proper action of just registration I of land shall be so Such I use of the defr.ii-i'! "-,- -np n -
charges for
additional often eXlludld
t&m! a atreH or public road on one sided etc. an that this act shall not repeal any partof or shall fraudulently! use or wilfully i petition may heard I tion ascertained ) '" t'n, : or e' DM river to a street or public road years and until the county shall, waste suffer the waste of electricity bp determine 11 .
the act of 1S93, permitting the man- or 'by said court the proceedin -I1 II' nd nit
by vote of Its electors, have determined in term tlm' j
-- cr'a
side of th river nhichJ
other ,
tto < ufacture sale of 'omeetlo wines or water passing through fh
to purchass and operate such or : gas cation and any question of fact may I unless further iitf-: !I.r- by '
f license mid Iranchise shall vest ferry and shall have paid to'tlie grantee I Provided, a''0, that this act shall not \such meter wire pipe or fitting appliance by said court without I court. 1'pon I'U' hi.< \i\\ id up"n
by the dtterlne .
Ii and be enjoyed grantee orIftrarrt the amount fixed by arbitration in' apply to nor affect the sale of such or appurtenance connected the recording ii. ;l'e ;.> : d.M*.

and the for heirs the, successors and the manner above provided.Sec. liquors to guests only by hotel proprietors with or belonging to any such plant Approved June 4, 1903. i I of th" judgment wifli :1". ." k> crrtiftcate -
thrreof terms and
ItajgiMi upon! 3. The provisions of law concerning where such hotels contain after such meter wire, pipe fitting, that the coii'i; .- ias b "",
conditions in this act provided.1
the an
ft word 1Vrunt,' as hereinafter used ferries in force at the time of twenty-five romp or more, nor shall appliance or appurtenance has been CHAPTER 5193-(Xo. 93.) I paid Into court, tli- j i t* IIIhl\"

IMO Include the heirs, successors and the passage of this act -shall not after it apply to cr affect social clubs duly tampered with injured or altered, AX ACT to Provide for the Erection j have full and i-'ji .TT "' lo f-i 1

MfjfflM of the grtu>%ee. and the word the passage of this act apply to ferries incorporate under the laws< of this shall be guilty of a misit'meanor. and and Construction of Dams for t.h.: tt'ruponal'ia'I.; ''"' > I" V'

ijs.eiil.. shall Include leave and covered by the provisions of this act. selling to members only, if such upon conviction therEt pun- Purpose of Supplying Power for | erty fcr the u-" .f' I rith th->
an4 all right and privileges per-If' but shall remain in full force as to all 1 hotels and clubs have only complied ished by fine not exceeding five hun- Grist Mills, Electric Light Powers, same effect as though t.V i --titloti: I

to f.met.j I ferris not covered by the provisions of with the general law o' this State rElating dred dollars cr by imprisonment not and Other Engines and Machinery held the same by tl.." I nt f, ""i

.. Huch leave license and this act. to the sale of intoxicating exceeding one year. and for Condemnation the defendant.See. .
for the maintenance and op- Slt. 4. Xo person net authorized I liquors; Provided. this shal not applyto Sec. 2. Every person who with Intent I' Proceedings providing of Certain Lanjs Necessary 11. Any partv rr.t I br t)> V

such ferry shl be givenid under the provisions of this act shall localities where are now to injure or to defraud any per- for Such Purposes.V 4 j,j final judgment of tn" oW "V ay hit" V

I granted by : upon the fol- maintain any. ferry. for transporting sold.Approved ?on, firm or corporation, private ormunicipal Be It Enacted by the Legislature of :;l v.rt! of errf" ;iv inn :1".
terms and conditions: i I'IutTbe persons or property for profit across Slay 23. 1S03. shall make or cause to be the State cf Florida: i Cases, but such vrit "f 1'1 r .' Shall 1

grunteof such leave.: Iiiww -' any river from any point within one made any connt'cton"ith any wire no case orr:"-' V V ""f'j4"- V

a and franchise! shall, before the mile of a terminus of any ferry maintained CH\PTE 5190-(: S3.) : main. !en'1e pipe or pipe appliance | Pec. 1 corporation Whenever any pron persons in- whtce the petltio'".- "Ie ild P i.

.\. Ufetag effect of such hY' license and under the provisions of this aft AX ACT to Prohibit Carrying or Giving or appurtenance used for In amount of cornnen'11: 'n Se cwft
this State water ,
on course may
Ii' '? ... give to thl county a good such to any terminus.point Hithin one mile of any: I .Away Any Vinous, Malt Spirit connection with an electric gas or desire to erect dame for furnishing I as aforesaid so :r, i 1" i I' 'a p1
1 sufficient bond In the sum of five water plant, owned or controlled by loner's; approprir-ti"- (.f T". riropern.
Alcoholic Election
1 Sf. 5. Any who forprofit uous or power for a water grist mill electric I
| dollars.'to be approved by the person shal firm the 'I'W V. r. If "
any person I pending procec
tire transport river Days, Prescribing a Penalty 0' corprtion light power, or other machine of public j '
nommlMionern conditioned for ( anY Therefor. rate or municipal, en Pr-I simI I ; !iy time after the -,- "1'V V NT fa!*",
(rote Cay point within one of a utility and not have the fee '
the estabII.bnnt.! > maintenancA and !hal '. .
op- Incas of furnishing electricity! gas hy any defendant I1.-1 i e on'
ternjlJms of Be it Enacted by the Legislature of title the
any ferry maitained under pie to lands on opposite
efattMi of I ferry character to met water to users thereof in such man- court the amount fo',' Itie h'
a '
the State of Florida
the ; this act to any point : side thereof agal'ist which the peti I
ti.lnbt: I t.sIUel or the public r'IO\som her as to supply electricity, gas the writ of error shfc1!I !lot ilMl
1. That (
of terminus of any person or his
one a any !e persons but dm. or sur-
ut such mil '
frpqu n1e water from such to tonp"oui.i V -Ttlii' '
plant Court
'i ..hdul. any the
Hide of the river ruth ferry s duly authorized accordlng who shall carry or give away any lamp! r which will be overflowed Supreme UI'
f'h burner faucet or other : I the C'n. liSt '
of the clerk !i"
: to the provisions of this act, malt spirituous alcoholic orifl'e.
boat suitable and safe toi vinous or i thereby the petitioner may fll .
hf such electricity.gas the defendant has tav. n he < :
taw tnuMfturtation of r asengers and: 1hal upon conviction be punished bytn liquors within one mil of the "oUng ;jt> petition in the offiro of the clerk of I
or water passing through a meterprovided I sfored
the hours aol nn the not exceeding twenty dollars for"1 place in any election distri'-t any the Court of the county wherein pensation as '
.1 .In by the provisions ol thl first offense and by fine not exceeding 1' of the counties cf th" State of Florida, by the owner or man- rlrCul property lies which petition Sec. K. Whenever v g' sbe
M'hM and registering the quantity so passager satiefed thrt any p- \< "
fifty dollars, or imprisonment shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor
tee rr lutlon thp noaru of rountjitMntsMotMTs shall set forth: First, the act or authority '
not exceeding five days for each subse. of such rlant and used whether holding vader Cfr' VI
granting the franchise and upon conviction thereof shall under which the petitioner .
for measuring and i I lor not, are preventing Itri
The cmn y ,'omnlla.lonfrl in and quent offense. be fined not less than one hundred dollars regite'ingtht claims! the right t td'l the prororty:
.hal quantity or the petitioner from enttii ; tlr'-
FO passing
Sec. 6. This net shall take effect
bf the resolution: nor exceeding five hundred dollars through second, a description ns accurate as .
grantng i of the <- rty i"
a\.lng taking possession
S shall make to bp made I 7
from and after its passape.Approved : or cause
rh tiara .fix Ilhfjule or by imprisonment in the county may be cf the property sought to be to entitled f1"
rbMrr d and the rates to be rhargedfefrtar. ilay: 26, 1303. Jail not less than thirty days, iv r more out the consent of the owner or operator I taken: third, the name of the occupants the petitIoner grant such writs of tan .

fcr mid the character and cafMttjr -j than 90 day, or by either or both. of any such plant any connecton of the property and the names may I.

ef bunt*. and make such etherrtrmterioni I CHAPTER 5186-(Xo. 81.) I Sec. 2. The provisions of this act with any such pUnt or any wire, nnd places s of residence legal disabilities coed hemaythinknecessary.by attachment as ort"for son"-My V

as maY appear to them toe AX ACT to Prohibit Certain Purchasesand are not intended to abrogate any existing main pip service pipe or other In- (if any), and the Interests of all of court.

% re* OMble. t< b* In force nnd effect -" Contracts for Public use and laws. appliance contactedwith nnj mortgagees. If the same 8(. 13. All costs of 1If'OI"H',,
wrill chanced hereinafter Public vrork. and to Provide a Punishment such plant, In such mann.r as to take ownEr! .
a pro- .pproved June 3 i, 1S03. by diligent search and Inquiry can be shall be paid by the petitioner ex.
use or waste, without the consent of
for the Same.
ascertained: fourth, the purpose of the the costs upon the writ of error tnx
5r.r.-ucb franchise De It Enacted the of the such owner or operator any '
unless ad-
by Legislature Electricity
S 6. which the
5191-No. defendant JII.
) taking end that the property necessary by the on
p s.d fcy the ,'ourl forfeited for fall- I State of Florida: CHAPTEr gas or water, or shall, with IntEnt for that 1 ment of the Circuit Court shall be ;. '
.I* emnply with the terms and eon- section 1. That no State or county AX ACT to Provide for Taking the to defraud the owner or operator of purpose.

-: tttlcM thereof shall run and continue officer !hal purchase supplies or materials Census of In"orporatpo Titles and any such plant Ut any such electricity i Sec. 2. I Hen say thereon Interest In the to property the- firmed.?ec. 14. In any case where the rticmcr -

f r the full trm cal period of fifteen public use from himself or Towns in the State of Florida: gas or so taken without the or any belong shall not have acquired ti"" ti

'.a. and thereafter until the county from any firm or corporation in which Ee I Enacted fcy the Legislature of (consent of such owner or operator unsettled estate of a decedent.the made executor any lands which the petitioner la u.:- r

e.n if.arl shall have terminated! he Is Interested, nor in any manner State of Florida: shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor or administrator shall be or if at any time after an attempt >
the said franchise In the manner h reIn share in the proceeds of such purchase.Sec. St't. 1. Whenever any city or town and upon conviction thereof the party defendant with respect to acquire title by condemnation: .4

provided. Xo leave license or fran- I 2. Xo State or county board council of any city or town in the State j shall be punished by fine not exceeding such Interest without Joining the devisee ings or otherwise it shall be found alt

ch!_. shall during the existence of such''shal purchase supplies goods or mate- of Florida, shall det'n it necessary for V five hundred dollar, or by imprisonment or heir, and if I trust estate the the titles so acquired are defe.-tlv* tk s

ftlfhl.be granted to any other rer- for pubil use from any member I any purpose to ascertain the number not exceeding one year. trustee shall be made defendant with petitioner may proceed under this rMcle -

f corr orallon for tho operation of thereof any firm or corporation ; of bona fide inhabitants of such city Approved June 4, 1903. out fnrtnl! the rl''t1 que trust. Xo to acquire or perfect such title.

z 'i By ferry .-roM such river from or to in which any member is interested, nor I or town such city or town council woman shall be made a party :er. 15. The right obtained by thi

my point within one mil of either ter- shall any such board pay for such sup- '! by resolution declare the same 89. defendant with respect to any Inchoate potiton under the provisions W tM(
CHAPTER 5193-(Xo. )
tntltvi Af such f"rr 8 fixed by the resofatton plies, goods or materials fo purchased.Sec. .' to be the sense of said body, and right or dower. Xo Judgment creditor article shall be right only to o.. tbs
granting the franchise and no 3. No State or county officer' whereupon they fhall by resolution AX ACT Tlulringatt'r Companies or other lienor (except mortgagees as i property taken for the purposes .|. l*
other ferrr shall be established ormaintained nor member of any State or county i appoint some suitable person to do to Clean Tank" Mains. aforesaid) need be made parties defendant fled and shall be held to create M

within (n mile thereof: board shall bid for. or enter into or be 1 such work, and declare his compensation Be I Enacted by the Legislature of I by the petitioner.Sec. easement, and not a fee simple in ttot
and no such leave license or franchise In any manner interested in any Contract ; for such work. the State cf Florida: 3. The petition shall be verified property taken.

shall b* so given or granted as to Impair for public work for which the said Sec. 2. Such census be taken Sec. 1. That all water companies, by the oath of the petitioner and if a Sec. 16. All laws parts of laws U

or depreciate the ,'alul of any officer or State or county board, is or, in such manner and undtr shal such regulations : whether owned and controlled by Individuals rh-atl corporation by the oath of Its conflict with the provisions of tata taw,

eited right or privilege or any person may be a party to the letting.Sec. the council may determine. ,. corporations or municipalities president or some other executive officer. :I, be. and the game are hereby TwMLBee.
,r corporatIon operating, at the time of 4. Any violating any of a ho sell 17. This shall Into effect
person .. 3. Whenever the said census \ rent or supply to private There Ihal be annexed an affidavit act go
the passage of this act. 1 ferry for tha the provisions of this act shall be pun- I I St be completed, the same hall be ;,i individuals water for drinking by the sime affiant that diligent immediately upon Its pasaage a4
nporiAtlon of p ss"norer nnd teams ished by imprisonment In the county'shal I to clean approval by the (',overr'nr.
with the city clerk of said city purposes, are hereby required search and Inquiry has been made by ___
at frequent n-1 regular Intervals acrossriver jail not exceeding one year or by fine fed and shall thereupon become : all tanks and receptacles for holding the petitioner to ascertain the names, Approved June 4, 1905.
a under the provisions' of any res- no exceeding five hundred dollars or water used for drinking purposes, and of residence, legal disabilities -
of bona
;legal I evidence of the number ,. places
"httlon of a of county ( both such imprisonment and fine; Pro- CHAPTER 51 -(N'o. I4.>
bonro Ommll"I .: to flush their water mains in such a if ) and interest of the owners and
d (
) fide inhabitants of sa town, or city, j any
vided. That of
:1Itl,1 unrfr thE provisions no mEml.t'r any In ail wherein the same may manner as to get rid of al sediment i: mortgagees of the and that AN ACT Providing for the PuWICAtlen
aforesaid who shall have recorded his Jropert.
fr nl.tnl : provided further. quCstons. (! rust, etc., that may collected these as "' forth In of the Arts of the Legislature ot a
be at i
person or corporation at the \ote against such illegal pun'hast payment | ue and Permanent MatuM ta
therein not less than twice in each General
The shall be that
thr* of the passage of this act. or letting of contract, or who see. 4. All laws and parts of l.s petton. prayer the CntlM
oDrathr of In conflict herewith be and the same calendar year: such cleaning and flush- j the property described In the petitionmay Newspapers
a f rry for the transportation of shall have; been absent at the taking aM
of State INBoards
ing to be done within! ten days Immediately and of th) Secretary
be contemned for the uses
vehicles vote thereon shall be convicted of are hereby repealed.
and on regular
rU"fntlt thE of C mnil.rf8rt
County ,
first of
schedule at frequent intervals under a violation of the provisions of this act. Approved May 30, 103.V receding day May ( purposes set forth therein. and Compensation for Pub
2J 190:. 'I. and the first day of November, Sec. 4. When the petition I? Providing
a resolution of a b01rt of county commissioners Approved May: fed lishers.Ee .
shall franchise shall CHAPTER 5192-(Xo. J7.) spectively, of each )'t'a re-I the clerk Ehal issue writ or It Enacted by the Legtolaturv of the

hive bf ',,'nt. ;such person or! CHAPTER 5187-(Xe. S2.) AX ACT Defining who Are Emigrant I i: Sec. 2. Violations of the first pcire !als lrt'ctt'1 to the sheriff or State of Florida: V
under this net have tho .Agents Prescribing a Tax i ton of this .Act shal be punished by a sheriffs the county of counties
tDI'n AN ACT to Repeal Section Four (4) of Thereon less hundred Section 1. That within sisty days
t. continue to operate such ferry Chapter Four Thousand, Nine Also Providing a Penalty. \ fne not on dolar '' wherein the defendants or any of them from the adjournment of each .
fader said! resolution f.)1 tho terms anilen dred and Thirty: (4930) of the I Ee It Enacted by the Legislature of nor more than f\'e hundred dolars, !j reside as alleged, commanding him or of the Legislature the Secretary of

V the (I"llonl Used In awl by sni lresolution FloriJa, Acts of A. D. 1901.( "The:: the State of Florida: j each offense. I them that he or they make known to State shall furnish to the clerks *
win ai| the rights and privnd -j o Being An Act to Provide aI I I Sec. 1. That all persons, whether Sec. 3. All laws and parts of laws the defendants that they be and appear Boards of County Commissioners el thq V

tj'! subject. also to nil the provisions -' fame for Selling Liquors in Coin-;; acting as individuals or as emigration I In conflict with the provisions of this in the said Circuit Court on the several counties of the Statr owtttM

of tnU"t.' Including the provl -, ties or Precincts Voting Against Such :agents, or the employer or em- j Act are hereby repealed. second rule day after the issuing of copies of the acts of th. -WatM.

t' Jors fnr sri "Mratlon ns to charts of Sale. and to Provide a Penal:, for ploye of such agents. who shall seek .Approved May 20, 1903. the writ, to show what interest they which are of a general and pernuwttt V
pbedi::>><. nun her of trlJt character of Selling Liquors Without Paying :; to influence and by such persuasionscause I VAN have In the property, and to show nature.

n.ats I".i! | ('Jrll ( .. no leave,1' the License Required by Law in. the removal of any inhabitant I CHAPTER 5196-(Xo. 91.) cause why it should not be taken for Sec. *. That the boards of COHltrCommissirners

!1M.! ffamh'ji! shall dunn; the Counties Voting for the Sale of Liquors ; from this State, or who seek to ACT to Prohibit the Placing Water the uses and purposes set forth in the of the several te M4>fl

t.m I of mi-h existing leave, license or,. and to Prescribe Forms of Indictments '. entice away from this shal labor in ( Hyacinths in Certain Fresh Water petition, which writs thal be served I of the State, at their first regular MrM.

fran* "1,4 he Jntt to any other person and Informations in Such this State by any representations t8e Lakes and Streams of this State, by the proper the same ing after the receipt of the cietlIe4
,. I
or : i ( : the operation of Cases. i' whatsoever shall be considered emi- I and to Prescribe a Penalty for Vio- manner as writs c summons are served copies of the arts of ti.* Lgilatw V

ferry It I. 1 one mi'e of either of thettr'.I" Ee It Enacted by the Legislature of the oration cents. and as such shall be lation Thereof. I Ii Alas .and .,pluries writs may, bl'' from the Secretary or Etr.tr. shall 4 10.
: .-f such ferrv.Th'l State of Florida: I' subjected'-- ; -to a license tav of five hun :i Be it Enacted by the Legislature of'' as E> oiRer oas s, returnable, I ignate one daily or weekly! new MT

.\ th, end of th third year Section 1. That Section four (n of dollars ($ OO.OQ, which sum the State of Florida: I j however, as writs of summons are re- which has been continuously puMtai 4
after (S. fr.,<,:\ ,of Jt'a\'f. :loeneft Chapter four thousand, nine hundredand cer bp collected:in each county where I I Section 1. That whoever places, or turnable. If anY defendant be alleged for a period of not less than one 1 erin V

f fr-i. h j" at th' end of each thirty (4930) of the Laws of the any such business is carried on. i cause to b placed any water hyacinths to I non-resident. the State, the their' respective oouiitie In
ferlnl of tir) ", years thereafter the Florida which reads fol-i, in of the fresh water b within of Issuingthe I the acts as certified by th' Seerstity
eourM .. the State of as Sec. 2.! In case any emigration agent any lak shall, two days tiiMSec.
"llnl."lonrl snd rantt' lows: "Section four (4)-In the trials other and streams of this State, certified of State shall be publlshH ODe
or of such agent, or writ of scirce trail a
'hall IhaI facas
ea h the right by havingPlwi repret'nt'th.e shall b pub1b.4certiticti
The arts
h1\'f I 3. *
t of violations of Section 1 and 2. of this attempts to carry on any guilty of a misdemeanor upon of such defendant at
| o' Intention to do thirty person copy 'as bv the ;' of Mat*
f liquor by defendant if proved by the a fine not exceeding; fifty dollars or ;
without first having paid the licensetax petition which mode of service shall .
r th'- "' r. In arbitrated with I nated by the Hoard of County ('Or.
hl"1 testimony of two witnesses shal bs, in Section 1 of this by imprisonment not exceeding thirty be effectual-a though the defendanthad .
f the ot!!, i'fty and Q or OI'PS- as required as I Imissionera shall re<*_!ve n. omf .
I1* .
eton deemed sufficient to convict days in the county jail.
l 'lons then such shall be liableto j 1 been actually within the c'
act person
) is., Een.ed tion for the a.lld publication the 1J11
i f M "or shall charge the ; ba and be in full force from and
case so
jU'Y .
than of such constructive service
F eulrej c 'f'n. or as to the rason- shall be fined not less onehundred 'efec I I !i shall be paid by the Comptrjceipt r or.
lbl"n411 ..f !any rate rates allowed the same is hereby repealed.Approved dollars nor more than five nft'r its passage and approval by theGovernor. of record in the cause. I the residence I I of affidavit of said ri itlf zithepuhli'1hCrOfthCnW' Ii
o May 1303. .
t :0 dollars to sentence in of any defendant given as ,i II
,charge l nr as to any other matter or hundred or a .
r thing r"r'alnug to the maIntenance CHAPTER 51S8-(Xo. 83.) the county ja1 of not less than sixty Approved Hay 26, 1903. unknown he shall be held served by I I said a"ts have rn p. i- 14 it.

"r opern'.ri: such ferry. For tha ar-!, days, nor more than six months, or the notice of publication provided in I. publisher of s.ild ne .
V ntrat! !
tlor. t.. "'inty conimlsaioners shall Spirituous Vinous or I.iquors.j Sec. 3. That all laws and parts of AX ACT to Amend Chapter 4G01, Laws the cerk! shaJ In every case, forthwith said laws to each V V >
Hj ( P arbitrator and the granteeCf Wines or Beers for Delivery Districts or Sale, laws in conflict with the provisions of .of Florida Approved June 5. 1897, |j publish some newspaper published said county and titI" vf .:
Counties and Election t' ,
Kit fp'hbt shall name one arbl-! Into Prohibition Under the Local this act are hereby repealed. Being Entitled An Act to Amend in the county once a week for duly approved by t' a r
rttor .n.' the two arbitrators shall. ifV Option here Law is in Force, Without, i ec. 4. This act snail become effective Section 720 of the Revised Statutes a many weeks a may be unti the ty Commissioners f.. ntvse

itHlhIC.! ftr Investigation decide the' Having Bone-fide Order and Bone- upon its approval by the Oov- of the State of Florida, in Reference return day a notice directed al perSons which pubiiration .
a Sec. 4. That r
!Uf' n .r questions submitted to Therefor. Also Prohibiting ernor. to Contracting of Territorial Limitsof interested in or having upon pallcations 5
fide shall be V '
ConsigneE r
m. nr'l' render to the county commJ -, Delivery of PucU Liquor, Approved June 1, 1903 Cities and Town j I| the property, in the Fame terms as the In the State Treaau. 11'- V .

lT.ir (und to the lmtf' / 'rlt-I Wine or Beer Under Such Conditions Be I Enacted by the Legislature of writ of scire facias, to appear and pronriated.Fee. .

t .ctdsl,1' signed by them. If the two'; and Prescribing a Penalty. for Violation CHAPTER r,193-(Xo. l,) State of Florida: I I'Chat I show c.us. or else be barred. and the :. That this art atl- .

air.rnamCJ shill pe unable any'tOI; Thereof. AX ACT Requiring the Captains of Section 720 of the Revised ,II clerk shall file a certificate a the publication feet upon its passage and r.of .. .' 1

V, I a proper decision nn Re It Enacted b the Legislature G the I Stearaboata find Barges Trss:porting Statutes of the SUt, of Florida, be ] of record in the cause. AH the Governor.
,5 shall mut- }
V tally ton er quutorl. they disinterested State of l'orl.1: I j freight on any of the Rivers in I amended to read aj follows: I I persons not appearing and answeringon Approved June 4, 190$.
\ agree upon / Section 1. any person in this this Stftte to Place Such Freight ina 720. Contracting of Territorial Lim I the return day, whether under disabilities :
( nry, who shall Investigate the conf the- : Plate who shall ship or CUSe to be Dry and Convenient Place and to its. If any incorporated city or town I I f\ or not, shall be bound by the CHAPTER 55M-
f> 'estej flnaiig qlfcI' n or queton. and shall shipped by any common carrier, into Prevent Throwing Same Near the shall desire to contract its territorial !!1 proceeding and defaultsmay be entered ACT to Amend .'i w 5 Ti4 .1 '.

the n b.vf t d.\'aof isbn o' the arbitrators.Afl my county or election llstrl.t. where Waters tdt Where i May be Damaged limits bv txduiuf from its corporate J: sgainst them but nothing shall Embrarfd in Article !. Mrt 1, 'VVI
I, p ar1.a eh-.ll tve bound and sba'lV prohibition under the opton' stat- by the Waters of the Said limits and juriJidol! any portion .fIts prevent any person who n by I II, Chapter :'l of th .. _-

t !4> by and arn- out f.tr thC ensuing tate is in force. any spirituous.without I River V incorporated terior. it shall he j i the record to be interested. in the property ute of the male of n* $. .

three ymr thu declpors of the aibltrttors r.r malt liquors wine or btr. Be it Enacted by the Legislature of lawful 5 to Co : mani I i i from appearing before tee juryto to the Notice for PubHcal n of Ml
i rour.ty comnisslnne's and laving a bone- order from a the State of Florida: I ner: The (OUD(1 of such city or town |I contest for and to claim the amount and the Disposition of Mintjr 'I

. the rate Tf of such franchise shall have Ide purchaser therefor and to be bonl-I 1. It shall be the duty of all V by declare its desire of compensation that he conceives! to Be It Enacted by the L. *MtrI fit .

'b rlr'tt! nt. mn tin'C. without arhitra- fred to whomsoever will pay steamboat tc and barge captains transporting 1 I to exclude such district, describing the I I be due for the property. Defaults mlYI State of Florid:
k of
Uaa. I mak 1 by resolution of the same by taking. up a bill : I freights upon any of the riversin J same by metes and hounds and Sh be opened by the judge before the ScC >>n I. That ftoetton &M (to*
I Vt.
r rountv commlsFon! approved by the rylng;> C. O.shall charges be guilty thereon of ,a or mis any this State, to place said freights at 'I''cal ai election of the registered voter ll I text rule day for god cause shown. lag embraced in ArtHe !. P ft L Tltti U

V TatM any arrsnceme".t they *may other demeanor.plan,and upon conviction thereof. the landing en any river in this State o! the reminns district of the J I i Sec 5. Any person interested la or ', Chapter J) of the Reviled 0UM1M
4Hn mutually advantcgeoui to

a V V .
'J'_ ) '. .. ,_ V
: ."_ 1 "' V i7"4 : : V
i' -..
-- -_ .. _

; .JJj. j; .-,.. ii_- -
,.' .., ]JIf'A't S: : _
_, > "- ".v-
--T-: ; : ; T: ; -; "! ''''''.''- >;'-'- '' :
: .

_ ;



Zlorlda be, and the sama rU nands; That In the event of i Ions the officer to entitled to the allowances dar. and IM ..1. '{
tt. :!tat. of Povded where military science Is pres- without trial, on account of fraudulent gaged Pne.s
tereby aaaeadsd 10 as to read as Iols uch;' cal. necessity &IsIng. the .i cribed part of the course of Insuction.a i enlistment; second, without trial on provided fo In Section I of and IQ t.n. ,

lowi: I Troop l orsaIed, to associate themselves account of having become disqualified the Act of Congress of January 21. *. t H.
and Disposition s; be the ps to 8 I aaw r ptwvtde-1
t JSS. Notice for Bids h m1ta orgataUon for dri or pa- for service physically or In character 1903. won O .
i actual service. Whenever
the issuing ot bonds It be- act
of Bonds.-In CAM call in this through his own fault; third on account 27. The uniform of the Florida I
hall be authorized by tha result of <:omes necessary militia to the out any portion State without special license from the of Imprisonment under sentence State See Troops shall be the same a is flee. 4*. The yiaatdMt o*r,'
ucfc election, the county commission- c)f the reserve Governor may Governor for each occasion and martial aawmbled In -
applications otbeing.
account United States Army
fourth the
of court on for
the number by a ; ,
by i ippoint prescribed
to given drat according cvi .,.,
era Ihall causa for such must be a
approved of
ot general t to: the population of counties Uc@nsl the time of the expiration except that the Commander-ln-Chlef ac.I .
in a newpaper by
publication the and Aldermen of of In vta-h
in the county (or IIn I: of the State or otherwise, and shall the cities Mayor term of service, under sentence of may authorize the use of the State county
circulation published and towns where such .
organizations ion held for a deputy *fe '
In the same i notify the Sheriff of each county, from court martial which does not providefor and such insignia or collar device i II .
published button
om to parade. and i 1
paper may
propose >
Judicial circuit If there be none pub- i which any draft is so required, of the Each person unlawfully participating dishonorable discharge; fifth when as "i be distinctly of this ten upon hal tb eo.. IQ' ''-
Mated In the county.) that they will i number of persons hl& county Is to fur In such drill or parade shall be guilty especially ordered by the Commander- State. '
receive bids for the purchase of county i nish. Upon the requisition of the Governor of a misdemeanor and upon conviction in-Chief for any other reason. No dIshonorable Sec. %8. All commissioned officers and service the n< -

bonds at th! cleric's office on or be- < being received by the SherIf he shall be fined not less than five dollars discharge will be given except shall provide themselves with Buh b subject to the u' 1" ..
for the plratlon of SO days from the !shall Immediately notify County and not more than twenty-five dollars, by sentence of a court martial. uniforms and arms as may ba Inscribed I' .win attondias. ,'

frt publication of such notice. The of I< or his inability to act, then exceeding remain subject to the articles enlisted shall of such deputy "
notice shall specify the amount Clerk his days, one or both, at the discretion of shal Sec. :9. Every man ...
bendt efferaJ for sale. the rate of In1 1 authorized deputy or deputes the court. war and military law until be provided with a uniform. which .hal State upon the f

tartit. and the tine when the principal who shall repair to the See 1L Kach regiment of tried and acquitted or convicted and be furnished by the adjutant Gp rl. Advocate al-ic. \
shall from executed. No
and Installments of interest copy shall consist of a band and same sentence person -upon the requisition of the ImmedJatfcommanding Gnel
be due and here payable. Any and all 1 the Assessor's roll of such county by number of battalions and ! -

bids may b. rejected if the commission-i name or number persons who are returned prescribed for like organizations in the Troops who did not receive an regimental commander.Sec. j W h- r- .

en shall deem it for the interest of the i as liable for military duty; such United States Army. The battalion of able discharge.therefrom for honor-I' 30. The uniforms necessary approve* o; '

county so to do and they may cause anew i names. or their cot responding numbers artery shall consist of a major. three mer term or terms of service. accoutrements, equipment and tial Imposing .1 *

notice to be given in like manner i shall be placed on slits of paper of the frst lieutenants for detail as adjutant]i Sec 19. Not more than ten arms military stores furnished by the State lid offender *l.. <

Inviting! other binds for said bonds; same size and appearance, as near as quartermaster and commissary repee-I'1 ary contributing members may be en- shall be obtained through the national .II\S I 'P.M. the i '
such bon1s shall not practicable, which slips so named or tively lags and aentenr : .
That eachof .
Provided. ; one sergeant-major one quartermaster roiled in each company or battery for arming and equipping -
t>. sold at less than ninety-five cents numbered shall be placed In a box sergeant, one commissary whom shall, upon the payment to appropriation the militia, and such uniform aid the ai.t>r<" 'i '
dollar. suitable for the purpose and the numb sergeant each with and officer. -
upon the ; the.rank pay such organization annually on or before and viewing \
Sec. 2. All laws and parts of Jaws <>r required to fill such draft or requi allowance of a battalion sergeantmajor the fifteenth day of December, of arms, accountrements, equipment aid fine to hs .,.

In con lct with the provisions of this siton drawn thE'rpfro by the Clerk of Infantr and four companies or not less than ten dollars. become exempt other military stores are and and shl accounted remain -- Ing ofB> er. *h" .I. '

act be, and they are hereby repealed persons so drawn and liable pfr- bateriEs artillery, which may be organized from jury duty for the next cal- public proprty. shaI b amount of hl.j 1\\' >- 3-

and this act shall! take effect Immediately form duty shall be determined to be legally as coast or field artillery, at the endar It shall be the duty of for prescribed i urer to be r* '::. i
upon its passage and approval by held to serve in the manner and discretion of the CommanderinChief.All year. by law and the regulations. .
I the roi i -
the Governor. for the time sp1''!Ified in the requisiton. regiments battalions, companies, the commanding officers of comr.anltsand Sec. 31. Every officer to whom public I .hkh O.. ,,-.' "',
of Adjutant
shall batteries to furnish the Clerk shall I.KI' 'I
Approved June 5, 1903. and the Sheriff notify persons batteries or bands of the Florida rate funds or property is Issued .
so drafted, orally or in '\ltug. at what Troops be organized and officered the Court of their Circuit on or before receipt for the same and shall jjlve a whatever n.iti' *
96.) time and place they The shal the first day of January of each year with or known or <1. i I. ,' B '
CJTAPTER52O1-No.: appear. as Is may hereafter be pre'
AV ACT to Amend Chapter 5035 of the'' sheriff may make return to the Clerk ed by law. or in orders for co-relative for the Information of the County sureties as may be require by the ;time nt.hrlr'"-I.' .. -I 1manding ,

LAWS of Florida, Entitled, "An of all persons who could not be found. organizations In the United States Army Commissioner in making a list of Governor for the proper n
to Provide for the Construction Art'l and the Clerk shall then draw as many ; and the minimum member of en- persons to serve as jurors a roll of all of and the care and safe-keeping of nf ,/ I.tat -

Maintenance of Drains by the additional names as may be required to listed men of each company, battery active and honorary members of their 'i all public funds and military property ole repent -.
vie*tng f.m.-- 1 ,I
al Counties of the State of complete the draft, and continue in like and hospital corps shall, in time of command which may at any time be under his

and to Provide for the Assessments' manner until the draft completed. d. I peace, be surh as may be fixed by order -i I Sec. 20. Every person commissioned control or In his charge and to account :;': duty of the t-. \i. n. .

of the Costs Thereof Against the II Fee. 5. Every person so ordered out. of the President. The formation.' as an officer in the Florida State for the which bond shall his warrant, .p.; -

Property Benefited Thereby. and and who shall not appear at the time conformation and size! nf each infantry Troops shall unless otherwise especially same board of County the county h. emending .

; Further to Provide for the Collection and place designated l by the Sheri or band shall conform to the requirements provided by law, be eainedas be approved by of the county In which him t.. ,1

and Enforcement of Such Assessments -I other proper officer; or who of hinds iT the reg'rsents of !infaitry of to his qualifications for ofce and Commissioners stationed, and shall and keep him :.-,. .
officer Is .
and to Legalize all Contracts produce some able or proper substituteat the United States Army. The regimental no person shall be he the b aid county in I' ,

for Drains Which Heretofore May,! such time and place unless physically commanders of Infantr shall appoint has passed a satisfactory examinationaa fed with the Adjutant-General rp fee are (*!'!. <.t -i'

: Have Been Entered Into and Assess- incapactated. shall be guilty of amlsdlml.or. the nonCnmmlssioned to his capacity. general qualifications discharge removal, has been k.f i- -
who has given
I roents Made by the County Commissioners -' shall be punished staff officers of the board; they and knowledge of military affairs death of an officer one day ;> *

of any County in the State of by a fine not exceeding five hundred shal upon the recommendation of proportionate to the require- bond for the safe keeping of public herltr fee. I1 K.j .-

Florida Under" Chapter 4807. of the dollars and by imprisonment not exceeding battalion comanders appoint ments of the office for which he has funds or property he or his legal representative .j j the sheriff >.." uI .
six! months. one or both at the shall be released from re-i .
Laws of Florida Approved May 3d. the batalon !; been selected. The Commander-In- I execute It .r Ik.
discretion nf the filing with the Ad .
1M1. court ed ofcErs the companies.The Chief may appoint examining boards, sponsibility upon return of ho, h. >, < ,1 I
Be It Enacted. by the Legislature: of the Pec. 6. The shall be Com- commander of the bat- composed of not less than two officers, jutant-General the receipt of the ottce i to the fr,,, uI

State of Florida: mander-ln-Chief of the llUa except talion of artillery shall appoint to conduct such examinations, and succeeding him for al public ( I Sec. oft. Tt. I .c .
Section 1. That Chapter 5035 of the;when it is actually services the non-commissionel! officers of artil whenever any candidate for commission property with he is charpd,iat any taiiun <>' t ''e
of Florida entitled "An Act to of the United States and shall and the certificate of such
Laws lery. Every non-commission officer shall fail to appear before a ofcer a Bunuu.i \ .
provide for the construction and maintenance have all the powers necessary to carry shall receive warrant of his rank: the articles so transferred are the pint. h. .
be :
a board, as directed, he con- o ( ..t. (a \
effect the
Into full provisions of this shal
) of drains by the several coun- commission from the officer appointing! hI'n..EvernonCommissioned sidered to have failed qualify: and date of the certfiatE. In good order minister Oaths, .,: ti '
tl" of the State of Florida, and to provide title. He !hal' all officers use and were ,.
s ,
officer may be reduced commission will not Issue. The ommanderInChlef and ale", "t the": -, t In' i
and shall with the consent ofthe
for assessments of the costs thereof to ranks by sentence of court- thereof All accounts will breach .
Senate, appoint all general officers a ; may also convene examining exrcted. b o dIstiI.l| .ill
against the property benefited there- ; or summary court or by order finally the tbe Ittu of '
matia \ boards to determine the fit- Adjutant-Gltrl MU r Utl'-:
the collection of the line, and may any vacancy
by and further to provide for .
regimental commander or the' 32. Every '
Sec. person Ibal lId (court "'hfn' ,
and I
and enforcement of such asessments. that occurs until the meeting of the ness of officers for promotion; o"
I! commander of the battalion of artillery.' wantonly, carelessly or intentonalyinure of a(.ue. ;
and to legalize all contracts I Senate. All officers so appointed! and also whenever to him it appears ad- a 1
issued upon the recommendation of his I not .
or destroy any exceeding. I'
commissioned shall hold office for four or the request of any 'I.
for drains which heretofore may have immediate commandng officer. I 'isabIE upon property issued by the State, i same offei>* 11.. 'f"
into and assessments years, unless otherwise provided by superior commanding officer, may order
been entered .
12. The medical departmentshall .
I ,
shall >
I SEc. and refuse to make good such Injury courts >e i I' : I
made by the' County Commissioners of consist any officer before a board for examination .
law.Sec. of the of.!*%-rete ord of minute n, ,
I 1 any county in the State of florida. under -I I 7. The Commander In ChierIhal ; surgeons, with 9urgeonGenE'ra.three n as to his fitness for practical or the loss same or shall sel or dlsDfP cell or same a* u .rse t."

: Chapter 4S07, of the Laws of Flor- have a personal staff to consist of not more than five assistant surgeons, len.ice. and upon report of the board remove or secrete the same with court in the -. j\
"rl 11'f
i Ida. approved May 3d 1901. be amended more than ten with 1 if adverse to the officer mav to Bell
aides-de-cap. with the rank of captain and first lieutenant secrete the same with intent or No i.t i ,.11 a,'
| by adding thereto after Section 11. I the rank of Colonel and one military and a hosnital corps composed I his commission vacated and if any dispose thereof, or who shall refuse to lag.nten or of effr< i '.r ,i .- !
the following to-wit: secretary, with the rank of Major; Provided officer so ordered before shall
: of so many hospital stewards acting a board produce the same when ordered so to 'Officer t' Ti \ j
i Sec. 1!. That the provisions of That the commission of the aides 1.. hospital stewards and privates as may neglect or refuse to a do by proper authority, shall be deemed | aotUI.11 Ih.L 'I. .

'< this act with reference to locating sur- 'de-camp and the military secretary be prescribed for a brigade in-time of J, mander-in-Chitf may upon report to guilty of a misdemeanor and upon I,mar o the h">.. ,"i (. .rl'n. \

I j veylng, cutting and maintaining the shall not continue In force beyond the!, war. No assistant sureeon .shall hold I him of such refusal or neglect, vacate conviction, shall be punished by a fine arrest..accuwd t I i- 1 tit.

i same and every other provision of said term of office of the Governor by whom' the rank of captain until he ha served I the commission of the officer. hundred dollar tridi, I

\ act with reference to such public ditch;they are appointed; but the provisionsof 1: three :years as first lieutenant; but: Sec. 21. Officers of all grades In each not exceeding two not ,six o b.'on. i 'o >.. r sson. .'i ,ithr 'I

j drain or canal, be and the same in here-! this section shal in no way affect:. nothing in this section shall In anywise of the service shall be assignedto by imprisonment ex.edlni Imprisonment ''of hVf 4i.apsti.) ,".h ..
an months, or by both "I" ; I
by made applicable to all lateral ditches the commission officer holding
: any affect the commission of medical officers regiments, transferred from one before ti .
| and drain' that be deemed neces- commission at the time of the >I at the discretion of the 'appr "
may Rsaa who hold commissions at the time! regiment to another as the interests being ;* .
; nry or expedient for the drainage and of this act. There shall be a general' of the passare of this Art Tht Surgeon I of the service may require, by order court. eha.said ",1.< & :.

bentflt of lands lying in the vicinity of st. to consist of the Adjutant-Gener- General shall enlist, or cause be en- of the Commander-in-Chief and all Sec. 33. Whoever uses or wear, except ,cU 1Itl

uch public ditch drain or canal that the rank of Major-General a t list*>3. men for the hospital corps. and| in the line be by In the performance of mitar Nor 41. rpwi 'I'". : at" ,

may be te ched. drained or benefitedby Quartermaster Gener a Commissary' may recommend the requisite number appointments wi duty or upon public parades Mnt. of a on>' ,! .
commission in the of service, .
lateral ditches or drains. General, a Ad'oate General a I of hospital stewards and acting"r arm special permission! of the commandingofficer viewing oAcer .I.. ,

Section 12. And such lateral ditchesor Chief of Ordnance a Surgon-Genral hospital stewards to the Adjutant- and not by commission in any partlcu- any uniform or other articleof ot'Ddr by il"I. : .

drains may be made a part of the an Inspector General General for appointment: but all per- lar regiment. The CommanderinChief military property issued by the ) the aet 4 [ '

original plat and survey of such main Small Arms' Practice, and an Assistant t Ions. so recommended for appointment[ may divide the State into regimental State, or whoever shall lend the same, his approval theit .s1u It.i 4

ditch drain or canal and may be In- Adjutant General each with the rank c: shall be regularly licensed I and battalion districts, and all shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor fthall have I ocr .' i .a .

eluded In the original petition for dig-! of Colonel, and a Naval Secretary with i.of i this State. Iharmacstsi field officers shall be residents of the and shall be punished such IIUbtol .1. "' 4 :. PI'

ring, cutting opening and maintaining the naval rank of Captain. The Adju-I1 I See. 13. The Commander in military district In which their regiment by upon a cDnvicton. fifty dollars 'Im ili. (Olt.1'i ,.. .** .

the inrre or such lateral ditch or drain tant-General shall be appointed by the Chef[ "or battalion Is situated. Field eing imposed by *u< n > _td $:. p
: orgranlw the Florida State I or by Imprisonment a county
may be established in like manner under Governor and the remaining officers ol c may officers permanently removng from the fee*. When *t t rtr,* .. 1 .. "-
Into a brigade and appoint one Briga Jail not exceeding three months.Sec. .
: paid within h tin- ,t- .
the provisions of this act at any the general be appointed by military district of their organization .
star shal dier-General to command. and such 34. Each regiment shall be furnished -
time after the opening of such main the r I be considered to have resigned, Immediate nmm". o>.| .,
commendaton| staff officers as are prescribed for a I fbal by the Adjutant-Genral. upon delinquent shall .d '. ., -
dItch draIn. or canal upon the petition of the Adjutant General. person unless delinquent or responsible .r. .p o 11
; brigade in the United States Army In
I regimental
reauiditlon of the
I thoe whose lands are to be benefited shall be commander tothyntp.ffi. n 4' *t
appointed to the general for public property or funds, the Ad-
star; time of war: but no other general officer with the national colors al.1 a the duty th-. .i.-> : ,
thereby.Sec. who has in L
not held commission .
of the line shall be jutant-General shall announce a vacancy .
%. That this act shall take e7mcv army or navy of the United States. the appointed un- which will be filled after the regimental flag.. ,. .. au*_ .Warru.i -i" ,
-__. '___ '_L'_ _____ u_ _____ u. ;: less it becomes necessary to call the reserve -- oi n ,
iinnn-umiriy upon ua passage ana Confederate States. or In the organized militia Into active No manner prescribed In regulations. All aec. -r ne or amzaton armament county) "' 0 I
serie. and discipline of State commanding .. I. .1' .
approval by the Governor. militia of this State for at least two or battery officers must be II .
(Became an law without the approval years. i person shall be eligible company Troops shall be the same a that which quent and k*> [ 11 r" 4" ,

.f the Governor.) Sec. 8. That portion of the militia ment a Brigadier-General who has not residents of the station of their organ- is now or may hereafter b prescribed jail of *u.li 'tt. .' > ."I' fls..
served five years as a commissioned officer ization or its vicinity.Sec. .
organized shall be for the regular or ,'oluntHr armies Sheriff ,Ops Ale .llj."
CHAPTER 6202-(No. ST) known and a designated a land force the Florida in the Florida State Troops or in 2 2. Commissions of officers the United States, and the Article o linouent ha. b**>.. *.,.- .iiiiIOfledsyf _. I' _

a the regular or volunteer forces of the shall bear the date of actual isul. but War the armies of the Unit ,"r. -. '. f- .
AN ACT to Reorganize the Military State Troops. and shall be composed of gO'.Ernlng
United States each officer shall take rank from the shall and fee*. It shill| I I'. bs' .
Forces of the State; to Adopt and able bodied volunteers between eighteenand ed States be applicable to and .
Sec. 14. Whenever the minimum date he finishes his fherlff rer.l\i.f! ", .
examinaton. the Florida State t
Make of Force a Military Code and forty-five years of ape. Every applicant shal govern '
to Provide Penalties for the Viola- for enlistment shall furnish satisfactory number of men who are eligible for which date shall be so far as they are not incon Trnp cUte It prompt u i tras. w.;.

tion Thereof military duty shal associate thersel'estogether commission. Officers of each grade tarn how be h-i'. -. .'*4 h,. ,
; to Repeal All Laws proof of good character and with the Constitution and laws of thli o
referring to the Military Forces Not before taking the oath of enlist for purpose of forming a shall take precedence according to the State. to the .- ? i ,M,,- i

Herein Re-enacted and for Other shall, be subjected to physical exam-|,, military company. they may apply to date of their rank: and when two of I Bet. < MUtt"r. .

Purposes. i i fnaton conforming, as a nearly as posI -|the Commander-In-Chief. through the the same graue are of the same date Is Sec. 38. The Adjubnt.GnH I ered t .u f,. .-... /I. ; .
to be
Adjutant-General organized
Bs It Enacted by the Legislature of the!I sible. to the requirements for enlist'ment as their precedence shall be determined and promulgate f.and dun torludtna 4 a4nec.uary '

State of Florida: I,' In the United States army, such such and shall designate the personsselected by length of service, continuous or oth- regulations for irtdes. government and i-".i_ >. .nry i

Section 1. All able-bodied male In-i I!I examination to be conducted by a medical to be commissioned ofcer if erwise, in the military forces of the and discipline! of the Florida effect the p 'w:' \ .,-i laid -,

habitants of Florida including those of officer of the Florida State Troops, the application is approved per- State or of the United States; and if State Troocs. not Inconsistent with .\" mandates ,Ul t ,.. n,, -

foreign birth who have declared their or If this be Impractcable. then by any sons so selected to be commissioned officers of equal sen-Ice then by lot. OfficersIn the Constitution and laws of the United directed to the 1'' n *", .

Intention to become citizens of the reputable who shall be directed to appear before an the Florida State Troops are of superior States or of this State which article and shall b* / t-u t. t s, sas .
be examining boare. and if found to be in the rules and reilatons. when approvedby time to tin.. t I.,
United States of the age of eighteen may designated by the commanding rank to officers reserve >- .

year*, and under the age of forty-five officer of the organization which th qualified, commissioned. An officer militia of the same grade. In no case the be ublabe Ju Advo.at r.- .4 r .
will then be detailed to muster theorganization to the troops and shall he .
years, who are not exempted by tha applicant desires to join; and shall any colored officer commadwhite th Adjuto.t dt.,.> A the
laws of the United States or of this medica officer shall furnish a certifi into service. The muster troops. and' a copy of the same shall b fl4 sn4 .. ../. lees.- f hi; .

State. shall be enrolled in the Militia! the effect that the applicant is rol wi be mae in the duplicate on copy Sec. 23. A commissioned officer may In the office of the Secretary of this 4'. it shall He 1.. I tr <*r l

and be subject to military duty. I i, physically fitted to perform the duties by with company and the be honorably discharged: Upon the Sec. 37. Any company battery e fit '* to whwm *u" I. ltd I f5- I'
other the enlistment
In addition to those exempted by the of a soldier which certificate shall bt of together each soldier. will be forwarded paper to- acceptance of his resignation; upon the band may adopt such Constitution and M ,I I. >- ; *.. <

1&1of the United States the following forwarded with the oath of enlstment. the adjutant general with the report of expiration of his term of office or upon by-laws for its government and discip _m. and ndk- ," ,' f. *

parsons ahal be exempt from military Genea the mustering officer. the disbandment of the organization to line not Inconsistent with this Act ant thereunder, ai' .t.).. >OP .
duty: Officers of the State Government. shall be as officer of the regulations prescribed by the Ad merits the s << r .
which he belongs. The CommanderinChief o
Sec. 15. When -
band -
I any company or
Judea of the Supreme Court and of the Florida State Troops until his fitness jutant-General. a majority of shall negle i>r r.f'j"I'
vacate the commissionand a
all Count of Record, members of the for the position has been determined has been organized under this Act it drop may from the roll of the Florida members of such organization may tb duty enjot ,1 t-- *. ,.
a body
Legislature. all county officers except and certified to by an examining may corporate deem And such constitution ,hal b eb.t in u -
to sue and to by Its Stats Troops the name of any officer: propr. ,,
board power .
notaries public all
teachers engaged in appointed bv the Commander-in- and when approved by theAdjutantGenerL Jnih. I i .f' C
public educational Institutions and pub- Chief: Provided That this shall not be corporate name; to hold, own and acquire Upon the recommendation of 2 boardof shall have the forr i 1.\ .,

Ito schools and ministers of the gospel.i considered to apply to those appointedto property. real personal and examiners when it appears that the and effect of regulations. fuaal t porfurin ..1 > ; 4 o

The mllltla hall be divided Into two the general staff or to the personal mixed and to dispose of the same by officer Is unable or unfit to dischargethe Sec. 38. The I t.

eass.a-the organized militia and the stat of the Commander-ln-Chief. | virtue of letters patent which shall ba duties of his office or exercise pro- State shall military courts of this 41 Fees t m. t.of -. .

remainder to be known as the reservenllltla. ,. Se. 9. Before any person shall be issued by the Secretary of State upon per authority over his inferior ofcersand martial. consist of general trt all PTOPM* t,. iT sfourta

mustered Into the service of the State the application of such (company batter soldiers; when he has convicted summary reeerimental courts and( "- .MI b*. i.,.. ,. !

Sea 8. The reserve1 militia shall not under the provisions of this Act. he or band. The officers of such of crime by civil court; when he inquiry. They respectively courts have of by *mi'laauod .. .

a f subject to active shall take solemnly has been absent from duty without shal by the ,
any military duty the following oath: "I do -; company or battery, the chief musi cognizance of same subject, and ..
icept when called Into the service of swear that I will support and defend principal musician and drum ma- leave for more than thirty days or possess like powers similar When the *. 'Ia- 1.4 '' ,

the Stata or of the United States in the Constitution and laws of the can such band shall constitute the when he has disobeyed an order to provided for by the law a pt the United court ...r.( IM* .t, (. "_ ]

which casa they or BO ma of them United States and of the State of Flor board of directors of such respective appear before a board of examiners. States, organized under the puhl' f,< in I' .*r.... o"

a* the necessity hal be or- ia and that I will observe and obey organization. |I No officer shall be dismissed from the Art'IMo otfl. or <>t I I.. >fwhl'h .,. '
darad out by Craft or otherwise a the lawful order of the President of! Sec. 16. The terms of service of an service in time of peace except by WariTnP United i
Governor may direct. the United of this r-tence of court matrial. and i i "***. Amy '
portion of States the Governor enlisted man shall be three years; no ceedings of general 4 1.i1 4.
the reserve militia ordered out or ac-, State, and the officers appointed over That any enlisted man serv officer who has been dismissed from shall be assimilated to courts-martial ability d1..r1"i i- :
"p.shall be mustered Into the ser-', me, according to the articles and regulatlons Provided term or other consecutive : the service by sentence of ('our martial modes of procedure fore and insolent beha\i.r <' 5' .

such period may be governmentof properly approved by the reviewing directed fn lk ing 'W '
e provide4 for the enlistment after the Cot..I..I" 'J
and the commanding officer required! the armies of the United States and of the shal thereof expiration be- authority shall ever te restored courts by the articles of war and laniruage o. ),,..*... t' t._

them to existing organizations of the of the Florida State Troop. for the frt year to the service. general rules and re ulntkin* for li military .ar or '.' % -
entitled to an honorable discharge government of the
Florida State Troops, or organize period of upon I armies of the court .., t I- ,
them three years unless sooner Sec. 24. AVhen any officer who has {nl- l m
aa exigency of the request thereof. Soldiers who re-en- | ed States; and the proceedings of I t inapt h 01 .
occasion lawfully regImental -
to .
consent ;I"
may reourra. discharged And I list within three months after the been removed by order of the Governor .
expiration -
be mustered Into of the courts-martial. summary apect -.ulP4-- t '
I the service makes In writing application for I. .
Eo. S. The of their former term of enlistment a courts and courts of
County United hall .
Assessor of States the be *
eachc.nty whenever during trial. setting forth under oath that he Inquir Ial shy t.* *
shall Immediately term fhill be considered to have assimilated to the ._, .
upon receipt of my enlistment the United has been wrongfully removed the Com- modf procedure any neillretly *.'-. >*
.f a order from the Governor of this States is invaded or in danger of i invasion sPIed contnuously. mander-in-Chief in regimental and garrison courtn-mar-I 1 |et|."r.r '- P.

.. to that efect return a list of from any foreign nation, or of Sec. unlawful for any shal. as soon as prac- tlal. summar courts and courts of In- ,' .'. Ru-v t, i .
to enlist in two ticable, convene martial to try '
the names of person military or- quiry .
rebellion armies of runt under
al persons residing in against the authority of the fH.' >.
uch th ganizations at the me time. such officer upon the charges upon Unlt .
county are liibla to military Government of the mitM States. or : States. "f the court t.- 'h.
uty. to the the Sec. 18. No enlisted man when duly which he shall have been removed. | Pec. .
County 39. whk-h ,
Clek who President with the other General courti-martlal sell 45 I" it
't fifteen days ater shal forces at his command I unablE to execute the s -orn shall be discharged from the Sec. 5.hen any commissionedofficer may b( by order the Coramand main .H., ha.-- .* *- ., .
om'pnE -
number laws service without discharge in writing or enlisted man has served ten o ilteie
@ names of the t
r.turn and file Union in-any part thereof. a < or the brigade .1 -.t ii. i 4
eom- "
the his office and return thanumber and the organization of which I am a signed by a field officer of the consecutive years In the Florida State mander. and such courjn shall have '. ,

of all persons so enrolled to the member is called of the regiment to which he belongs, or by Troops he may upon application to to Impose
into It.
tne fer.ic power fines not I'I flr*. -n**' ',"
the Governor be Al 'I
Adjutant Gf'ral The Assessors shall United Stat"!., officers th* organized the commanding officer when no field retired from acth'esf,1ce one hundred dollars to eXCI. .

hare authoriy question under oath. militia Al thh State shall beempowered officer is present; and no discharge and placed upon the retired public reprimand; ; Htfc. to dis a ...UI M< b.t' ; \j ,' "t".i'

which y are herebly authorized to to administer oaths of en- shall be given to any enlisted man bEfore list. When any officer has reached the honorable discharge from or *r ree t h.- .,
the 1Wt" t )
adminIster. any person liable to per htment and the same shall have the his term of service has expired, age of sixty-two )'earl. he may at the or any two of the said oervtce; OSer of t" rI

form military duty but who denies the "ae orle and effect If made beforea except by order of the commanderinchief. .. discretion of the Governor, be so re- inments be prescribed pun- I ml4 COIL.ulIXs.an4wUIb 1"-<
may "
name; and I any person refuses to be magistrate or other a officer competent or by sentence of a courtmartial. tired and placed upon the retired list tence combined In a .nI I$ ,. I.I" 4 'I
imposed by such ?
lwn the Assessor shall enroll hislu. to administer oaths All\ officers comrnis Every enlisted man shall be Officers and enlisted men on the retired mental courts-martial courts. R.-I I mending t>. >. > >-
eae manner a though he UonM for service"in Florida list shall have the right to may be l
admitted his the promptly discharged upon the expira- wearson pointed by regimental 8" such .!.< ,,
hat lab1ty. If any As- State Troops shall entering of I appropriate occasions, the uniform commander*, I pendsi .. .
i before of his term sen'let. unless nn- II the o I .j -
shall negllct rpf e to per,upon their duties to ton j prescribed for the highest commander of a separate battal 1 and 1 f *
the duty enjoined 1 the take and subscribe arrest or charges: but the expira- grade at- ion, and for the trial .a f..i, I' t-
for upon him by nPreSvf etl institutional oath of of his term of service not I 1 tained by them during their active of enlisted men. .
this act h. shall be subject to the which ton phal shall have concurrent Jurisdiction aP. ut*>ti -
same ofce. filed with
oath be 'I servicewithout
liabilities penalties ; 'hall wIh facto operate as corps, department or general
and rent.se.
a 4icharge.
tiff prescribed by law for punishments neglect or a,l Adjutt-Genera I 1 Honorabg ttages! will j I I regimental desigaton. Any officer or fines imposed by a rtial regimental, except that I'j i 41. W. .f' ,.-. 'rIMnscIki .,,

refusal perform any other I duty ; Florida State Troops upon cfinipletion of term of en- ; enlisted man w heretofore been martial shall court- I uu ,,,- .

tin t. of I.al consist of two regiments of tnI First ; seond upon application of;. honorably discharged after ten conjseeuthe But no sentence not to exceed dismissal fifty[ dnlA.; t..t. 1'00" ,

Sec Whenever any call Is made I tmtp' a battalion of artillery and a the his Immediate commanding |I years' service, may be placed service, or dishonorable .1..1?**" r ,

by the President to repel Invasion from : -department Incudinl a hos- officer, based upon any of the I' on the retired list herein created upon shall be executed until approved discharge by 'h f. .

any foreign nation: to suppress rebel- t1 pro- following ermines: Physical disability -. his own app1caton > Commander-in-Chief. the laws f I. Km-I -
lion against the Government or the:vtdi! This force. and 8Uch naval mili,13 supported by a certificate of a medical Sec. tpon application of any courts-martial shall have Presidents o d.r t.. ? i ., .J

United States: or to execute the laws M.1 now or may hereafter be pro- officer of the troops. or any rep- I officer of Florida State TI'ops. the sue power to l t.are art to au 1'' t-
for to the
vldef by law of warrant Sheriffs of the .
cf the Union In any part thereof; or hafl in time utable physician or surgeon; engagement 1 Governor may recommend that such State arrest llbStb.dntyefth. 4' 4

whenever necessary to preserve the this state the only organized militia of in business such as precludes officer b authorized to attend any college bring them before accused the prsn and Cf. or In case be "H'.' .

ruble raoe to execute the laws of the any body of and I shall' b unlawful other than for the soldier from properly performing or military school of the United ', whenever such persons cour trial ti ner4ney I

tate. ) Insurrection or to the regularly oraiTUd and naval his military duties; removal of residence States and may relieve him from duty an order in writing of tbe dkobeved Wi..... I" lV'-

repel Invasion, the Governor shall cal militia ot this of the beyond the lirrits of the organl- :i i I for such time as may be required to authority to ror'.nl o t'" .lH- I. .
State appear before .
fut the whole or as much of the the troops I I.I ,
the at'
which he
belongs. regular
zation to Discharge pursue course of
mUt3 Unlttd of i,, study a copy of the -
if the State Svtates- the students reg- charge or charge '
a the public necessi J without honor be given: such college or school While belag W C
wat chartered euc ton: toatitutv -|: es : may !'ist' so en- delivered to the accused with said or- !:"C N r.f

t "

j .


_: '. ,
; -. i .
,_ T\-- 'i : J r' t. 1' ; '4 4
; .
1"< > tiSJk1* > .
; JIi \
a.i .

i i "i""" 'd: : ..:. ..' ". '.-J'.. .: .-.-'.".-.. '".,. f:::::: : ;:: ':: .- : --, -..--- ,--:1Z : j c :" .-:;-. ,.."".-..,..-.: _:- ; _" h l .L-. -

I. -.....a-, t- -i:. _: ..: '_ \ 1, -. ".'.".-..,-1 e"w-i

,, ..: ', ",,, : "''' .j.r "'-"'--'<.',....". '"; ''' "' .--', ...< .. c "
: .
., ;; ,:, \ : ". '
< ":' ; ... .c.; ,' : ,',.. ., J -- "' !W "?' "J.. :f'. 'cJ4 1t\8Lj! \ ,. t ,-.I"r' "" 'M L.)l"-.I. :" UT. .. -
c #



... -
--- ------ .- ,
? .
illuminated cottages along; the banksof GOVERNOR JENNINGS' PLATFORM.Hon. Florida State College.

u Wesley lake, the su"pen"ion briilg.e.s The annual catalogue of the Florida I EUlIt QARlr AI AnInviisibla i

electric fountain and great ferris \V. S. Jennings made publichis State College, at Tallahassee' is ui"in I H t

SUPPORT : wbet-l, ill ",hll.z'llh red, white and announcement as a candidate for our table. It is a neatly printed

blue and the beautiful floats and United States! senator in the Times- !J booklet of more than :a hundred I Means bad air, and ,whether it Enemy to Health I !

Union of yesterday. His platform is forci comes from the low lands and t
gondolas decorated with hundreds of pages and puts forth iu a very
marshes of the country, or the filthy sewers and drain pipes of the cttie '
ICOTTS EMULSION itrvti as a Japanese lauters and revolving lights a \'t'rytruug, able and courageous :J, ble way the advantages of that grow and towns, its effect upon the human system is the same (:

kt11. to carry the weakened and1fMW4 that glided on the net pieces representing one. He stands firmly on the last I ing institutiou. Thel college offers These atmospheric poisons are breathed into the lungs and taken up '

lyiUm along until it un find water lilies aud swans, the grand national democratic and state pint- ,I courses leading: to the degrees of B. by the blood, and the fonndation of some long, debilitating illness U laid. I _
ana Wf? *t ia ordinary food. Chills and fever, chronic dyspepsia, torpid and enlarx! l (liver Ihiwy
pjrotecbuical and strains of forms. He is uue< uivacally in favorof A. B. 3. aud B. L. the school for I I
bad tor free tampl*. display troubles, jaundice and biliousness are frequently due to that invisible he,
marshal delightful the free and unlimited coinage: of teachers teachers for examinations Malaria. Noxious gases and unhealthy matter collect in the
SCOTT a l\v>*'S E, ChemUu, mu. ic will ever remain a prepares system Ucamc
.....1 p.'bed 100, aU drv i i N cw York. Dlt'lUory--as if one had had a silver at the ratio of 16 to 1. Favors for all grades of certificates, the liver and kidneys fail to act, and are poured into the blood current until i
it becomes so polluted and sluggish that the poisons literally break through.
peep into wiini> land of enchantment. the reduction the tarifi toareveuue II including the state certificate; the the skin, and carbuncles, boils, abscesses, ulcers and various erupttoa of *a

Visitors of Atbury, even the most baeis. Favors relieving Cuba of the school of music gives thorough in- indolent character appear, depleting the system, and threatening life itM4f.

0C0UAN IN NEW JERSEY. frivilouf, never tire of going over to intuitions tariff now imposed by the I struction iu both vocal and instrumental The germs and poisons that so oppress and weaken the body and
the life-giving properties of the blood, renderi g it thin and cleMM'1
the hinter towu, Ocean Grove, to listen United States: and the repeal of the mu-ic under the best teachersof be overcome and carried out of the system before the patient cm "f

e plettlr{ Asiurr Puk-Its Sights to the great oratorios which are Cuban tariff upon, Florida cattle. the east; aud the college: academy get rid of Malaria and its effects. '

Favors rigidly standing by the antitrust S. S. S. does this and quickly produces an .tiro '
$,aiaieaUI IIId Vividly Described. given every week. 1lendelssohn's"Elijah" prepares girls and boys for entrance in
the change the blood, reaching every organ and frttmu-
Anbury Turk AUK./ !, Wfl.ftt ) HO'i ini's "Stabat Muter", laws and: strengthening into college. lating them to vigorous, healthy action S. S. S. i
powers of the inter state commission. possesses not only purifying but tonic n1itS.
0"11' OcA'* BnnerTh Gaul's "Holy City", Sullivan's"Prodi The curriculum is as high as any pro g
'lids and the general health improves, and the i.
Favors a liberal system of improvement appetite
trMon at this iwpular resort is gal Son", Cowen'u "Rose Maiden". in the land ; the faculty i is composedof increases almost from the first dose. There is no Mercury, Potash Arsenic I

at IU height, and in acid to be the Hayden'a "Creation", and Handel's of rivers and harbors; popular specialists; and the enrollment, or other mineral in S. S. S. It is strictly and entirely a vegetable remedy. .
BO election of United States senators Write us about case, and our physicians will
; your
"Messiah" the Ocean gladly help you by
ucfWul one lu seven years. are bung y which was 326 last year from 36 Flori-
plat udortet the demand made in the last their advice to regain your health. Book on blood and skin diseases test
Improvements since 190'1pi Grove Festival chorus, assisted by the da counties, is steadily growing.The i free. _
ffce CO.. AU. ,.. G..
state demo ratic platform for a graduated -
lite titn.lv" pleas for further New York Chorus. Handell's greatest age limit of entrance into the .
income tax favors an arbitrating .
fcttlopiuent before the spring of 1904till ( masterpiece, "The Messiah", has ; college academy is thirteen years, but

undoubtedly make Asbury Park been Kung for over 16(1( years, but the tribunal for the settling of labor only those who are proficient in the

and sublime arks troubles; opposes the idea of reorganizing -
th.jreaU.t aud mod derirable place grand choru-en are grammar school branches are admit-

lilt and recreation along the coasts ever cew. As the 800( voices! vibratedin the democratic party becauseno ted at this age. Thelcost: of board in
Main to Florida. unison and tilled the l Urge !auditorium reorganization is necessary; favors the dormitories is $:50 per week. .

from in the "Hallelujah", tbe wordsof the speedy construction of the Xica Those interested should i*write the
'Tbr are to many charming! diver- Dyspeptics
canal freedom for the Fillpiuoes -
the ridic- the great tiaxou: were called to ruguan ; president of the college; for partIcular \
sublime to
dow from the mind when he said, "I did think I ; favors a change in the present are mode tmrj day by their own nreler \
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system of selecting swamp overflowed -
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turml k. fciugl moment of discontent. good God himself." laud; favors the drainage of I A New Cartoonist.The \'

IWibiog flkhlnn writes, balling, row- Bellcview News-Letter Is en- R PILLS
The camp meeting has begun and the Everglades; ia opposed to an accuimnulntiou ; ( ;
(UonlVal and Wwley lakes, crab- of in the gaged ia cartooning "Our Bob."
the Methodists are enjoying a "feastof \\
automobile parties, coaching The first cartoon is the picture of a \
t4of, soul" the fullest extent. At this treasury and wants Florida to have the only remedies which aamet Nanny ted do sot set ta to ,I :

|4rtlM, straw rid t hy moonlight, holy, restful place the greatest reverence her full share of public improvements, dog wearing a corporation collar and j wa,. Powerful porgativM gripe, paiD tad make eoutnnw) 1 ., I

bow-back riding, tennis, croquet, and receive her full benefit of all leg- decorated with the head and featuresof drug-taken. Ramoo' Remedies Set eaU, and leas Uw I jatatem
is directly observed; no conveyance .. I
eurbrs|..rtit'll, bud, a stroll on the islation transacted! by congress. Mr. Davis. The dog is listening tolagler's independent o! drag for wle by *JI -- -- I i
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beach .r bard walk or to sit under a Democratic phonograph, the T. U., and /
Watterson Hopeful of
the streets on the Sabbath. '
fell umtrelU with a favorite Look, or Success.Mr. underneath the whole is the follow- Brown Mfg. Co
The coming week will be a gala one.
vitbeocgrolat friends to watch tbe \ the great editor of ing: "Listening to the voice of his New'ork f
The baby parade and masquerade carnival -
gulden .bflfu upon the great billows the Louisville Courier-Journal, was a master." Every time:'the IJmaster: and Qreeneville.
will begin on Wedne: day. It
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are on exhibition and are very handsome
cane of the many fascinating ways "Democratic prospects! better than Miss Florida at the other." Our Bob" ,
and elaborate. This generally
of.lu closes the season of this resort. --
Hi. aer has tt-u very high recently right kind of man is named for president diamonds. Ou the ace is marked F.

alien baa kept the life savers -MAMIE-- -HOWS-----BTOVALL. and a proper platform is constructed E. C., on the King, G. S. &; F., on the ........................ .

busy picking up those who ventured Alfred St. Clair-Abrams for Attorney. on which he shall stand. queen, A. C. L, on the jackS.; A L. .,.. -

ljob the life lite. General.To President! Roosevelt, who seems al- and on the ten, T. U. The table is w wy

A sal live whale, has c'ou.lt'ht'eudt'd the voters of Florida.Encouraged most certain of being nominated by full of Standard: Oil dollars. "Our M Advertising!

and around for tbe de- of cordial has Bob" the col .
to play sport| by assurances republicans, seriously antagonized again wears corporation '

iecUliou ot L<>ug liranch bathers. As support from all parts of the state, I the very element of his party lar. Miss Florida remarks: "It's a ePy

yet It ba bot favored this place with herewith announce myself a candidate which was ma-t influential in securing good hand, Bob, but my people cae : \ \ \ '

a like performance. However, we for the nomination for attorney- tl e nomination and renominutiou beat it!P'Oysentry i

Buy almoiit count honor e\eu, for general of the state of Florida. of William\!; McKiuley. His jumping .
cured Without the Aid of a
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twtu ailing. for time and was to a fearless and faithful enforcement "" 'hai kind of should the
some myself a man : cured without hating a doctor. I : One leap will not make a frc*;;

onlrrrd to the Beashoieby it* pbj'si of the law, and to devote democrats nominate?" consider it the best cholera medicine wAnd

clan for a chaise "f nir. my entire time, to the best of lilY "There is a ft'elingin many sections in the world." There is no need of I IT IS ALL THB RESTS -
employ ing/ a doctor when this remedyis
There are many other noted celebrlllHiMiJouruiui ability, to the high and important that while no one who has been affiliated ,
used, for bowtl complaint in any
; bere who are eujuy- duties of the office, seeking always to with the Confederacy should
form either for children or adults. It :
log tbe llfe-giviug oxoue.TbUUouvof do the fullest justice without fear or be placed at the head of the national never fails and i is pleasant to take. -

the greatest musical favor, and to protect the interest aud ticket, one should be named who can For sale by all druggists and medicine S ISS

insets on the continent. In addition welfare of the people of my utate. carry the solid south, MarylandVe t dealert m .

lo the never ecarlug roar of the break- My record in politics U well known Virginia, New York, New Jersey and A Card of Thanks.Ft. S
so it is with most tlito;** in Wt aiM 5
to and it i!', therefore, unnecessary COlu.. lkut. That would of
ttt whicb lulls one into peaceful you course, Valley, Ga., Aug. ?J, 11>U3.1
tlumlwr at night, the air is: tilled that I should make other or insure his election. I do not think it To the Editor of the Ocala Banner I Q especially is it true that one add Swill

.!th aromord "
I .arty! worn till l lath at night. One ilaakrunl i- respectfully solict y"ur'otes, feeling tor the presidency any more thanks to the many friends, who mMI e Lay out a line of publicity and put it in CD

confident that if chosen, there than it would be to the
by strolling miiittreU, an prophecy 1 many ways: showed kiudueo? aud

Italian harper, a street piano or the will be nothing in my administrationof winner of next year's Derby." sympathy to our dear mother in her e. .
.*"* boUr 01 tome youth or maiden the otlke which will; cause to regret recent illness and to us who mourn I

p Vftrt'liiiK a love lilt)", for here everyone my election. loveruorJennings has appointedGen. her departure from us since the Lord I I THE OCALA BANNER :
George Reese, of Pensacola;
I. happy and gay. Couteruo's ALFRED ST. CLAIR-AnRA11s: has called her to the heavenly' home.
-- --- Gen. E. M. Law, of Liartow; Duncan
f (.iu.'u. t.ami at the j-avillion is lists To all who ministered to u> in anyway 3 v? \ N? That'ill Pay X H! XH&NHE 8
I Mrs. MollieJAllen] of South Fork, U. Fletcher of Jacksonville; Miss
*d in three tiiufx daily with euthu.IS.w. we express our sincere
Ky.. says she: has-prevented attacksof Janie Given, of Tampa: and Mrs. R. gratitude I o .
l'iaLo in every cottage and wih for you the, bles...
('hlenmorLus by taking Cham- C. Cooley, of Jacksonville, members I c coo 0

aid b Mel are beard in amnupammeiitU berlain'sStomach and Liver jTablets of the OIutee monuwunt commission heavenly father. I eaOCQ OeO 0e 6 e@a ...

i |uit.itely modulated voices* whose I Yours sad but sincerely,
when she felt an attack coming on. under the provisions of chapter 5053, .r r. ,... .
. rrftoire ranges fiom rove, of the Mrs- F. \V. Watson, ---
Such attacks are usually caused: by laws of 19'H. The legislature or 1599 L 'I'.1HI.IS1iIII: ) II 11,111.:
f ffiiMirti the lat t Fort (la.
anus to > ragtime. Valley,
I indigestion and these tablets are just appropriated $'!,ijiU for a monumentto
The hHle| folk- in for their I
[ i f come
t. what is needed to cleanse the stomach the federal aud confederate soldiers BROTHERS'CASH
share ol enjoyment) at the weekly Boy Cured of Colic After Physicians I
and ward oil the approaching attack. slain in the battle of Olustee. The
Treatment Had Failed. ORDER
I : btt).. "beu the little tots look like HOUSHJ
Attacks of bilious colic may be prevented act was amended in l&H to include .
; ffcirle iu their costumes.Tb My boy when four years old was
i fancy:
J in the For sale Wholesale Dealers.
same way. by confederate officers and soldiers only. Liquor
I taken with colic and
Tb. water carnival l last week was cramps in hisi
medicine dealers and druggiets.; m The commissioners; are authorized torelt'iw
I fitted by lu),.Niii people and was the 1 stomach. I sent for the doctor and he Authorized) Bottlers and \-h.l..sal-- I It.';,;It rs in Win J. ..... t

event of the beasou. The brilliantly Indian Relics. subscriptions from the public injected morphine, but the child kept Brewing Co's fct. Louis Beer,
to assist in the erection of the
I : : monu-
worse. I then him half
getting gave
Stanalaud of Lake
Mr. Hugh ,
I ment and\o mark suitabely the positions of Chamberlain's Colic 1S46-1258 Adams St. Jacksonville Fla.
A Physician Healed. teaspoonful
i Ocala
in Monday exhibiting -
Bryant, was of the several commands en
I : Dr (.'O. Ewing, a practicing phyi- a splendid collection of gaged. I Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I'IUl': LIST M'n.\Ai'ii.iriTiov.C. .

dan of Smith's Grove, Ky., for over Indian relics which he dug up from a Not Over Wise. in half an hour he was bleeping and -- --

thirty yean, rites bin personal ex mound on his place several tyears ago. There'san; old aliegorical picture of a soon recovered.-F. L. Wilkins:, Shell I.

t prirno with Koley's Kidney Cure: The collection contained nineteen girl scared at a grasshopper, but in the Lake, Wis>. Mr. Wilkins is bookkeeper GRACE.

I "For year I bad been greatly botLer- battle axes and a number of beads and act of heedlessly treading on a snake. I for the Shell Lake Lumber Co. For
This is paralelled by the man who Successor to Central Lumber Co
, *J .ith kidney and bladdar trouble other ornaments.The sale by all druggists and medicine
spends: a large sum of money buildinga
I and enlarged rate gland. I used dealers- m Dealer In
pro collection cellar .
was by cyclone but neglects to pro-

! tvtrythiug known to the profession Mr. Allen Rodgers who has a large vide bis family with a bottle of We carry in stock, along with scores Rough and Dressed Lumber, Kiln Dried looring.C"'"

r without relief, until I commenced toW and valuable collection of these Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and of other pills, the celebrated Ramon's and Siding, Lathe, Shingles and Brick.
f Foley' Kidney Cure. After taking historic souvenirs. Diarrhoea Remedy as a safeguard Liver Pills &; Tonic Pellets-in fact we

! three bottles I was entirely relieved against bowel complaints whose vic- are headquarters for pills of all kinds Manufacturer of

I aud cured. I prescribe it now I tims outnumber those of the cyclonea -but"we want you to try Ramon's.
[ Uy! In my practice and heartily Foly's Kidney Cure la a medicinefree hundred to one. This remedy is The manufacturers claim them 'to be Turned Ballusters, C3.singsIXewe Columns, Deer aNrti

recommend Its use to all physicians from poisons andl; will cure any everywhere recognized as the most the best-our customersl who use them, Window Frames, Mantels Church Seats, Pulpit, S...Od
for each troubles. I have prescribed case of kidney disease that is not be- prompt and reliable medicine in use say they find them to be the best, and Desks and Seats Combined, and Tables. I

x It In hundreds of cases: with perfect yond the reach of medicine. Post- for these diseases. For 'sale by all we believe we are the be?t.:5e. Post receiving Lumber and can fill orders for any guano iw tt..

E!' 'uecet. ." Po..toflice Drug Store. m office Drug Store m duggists and medicine dealers m Office Drug Store. m I sizes. Mail orders attended to promptlyr' ,



". .. .. i t.,. "' ... = --L.\I:,_.::: ,........ ,, .... ..so:. ,
:f'" J 1f.T ll Yii.{t"ft il ';'HvT l f. <' A."r\1 GE 'W"""; .. ; J.-- ---'i.a.a- L__ __ _.f- >"" ;JI.d"IIJk.\IIir1iXiJ.. '.

j : --- -- -- '

PAGE EIGHT ,_ ... .._.. ,- __ .
_u, -

k ANTHONY NOTES. GAITERVIUE, I PEPPERY POLITICS AT PUNTA GORDA Base Ball at Orange Springs.OraureSpringsrhal1eugrtI 19Uiti1111111Niillli'11111' " " iIiII" "iIIII11111111tt" " tiltril1111ttmnrnr" )

Anthonyto S-. w w ci.vvrr:! \igr.I I t aS. pt
The -uel1 at u-.li wi i'It them, ouTufoUy = i :
I>enstoflall'ampaiu: op play H gttu-f
" Jleal estate i is chantfusj hands, Mr. We are still strut! :.:hug along under \
\ Punta Gorda peppery and tlpcbCU- lath, ir OrUlIt''J'rill'::;, Tl e 3 '
large very disasrieeable 1 weather for gathering j'
lti ,ho|" boughtMr. larly enough to satisfy the most rabid Analogy boys r .'ivv.l tu. challenge Security elbstract Company. 5 i
the e 11"t Mile of the rail road, our hay and corn crops.
tore on The rdeu9 partisan of either of the candidatesMr. andwtthoutu i"tif. i:11: { Orange Springs; -
is the beat store building in !: hereaboutar<- lookingfine w -
thin Taliaferro s-poe >"t. Hitpeecb left f.-rti-iit }jihrr.mtehiiig the team
not* mounding the coolant

Anthony.Tbere was wholly without p..rsou iu u. bail: ",itu>:i. as f. ur elf their
was huru to Mr. and :Mrs. H"bHixkiu heavy rains. } E When (haying heal Estate why not know ", Is.at \

a tine girl ou Monday. )lrs.11:6.l.iu Mr. W. H.iShackel llIrl, our efficient
are doing: well."R"li' postmaster, is spending u frw days in aud conservative.Mr. \vry "*.1 aril'. !biitl-Hnij. very arcuaiiiKMlaiiuir ::: title thereby 'ivini; you future tr<>uUU- 1
and Ilie baby
: ; : St cktouS s-pet-ch WitS nfrgre- the Uuiiue: :>pritia boystt".u and annoyanrr.r .
Oralaaud Miss Abt.ie S'ok; "s is acting
is nil r xmil* 3i
ill. I in hill stead until he returns sive aud he turned loose his (pj>\p>T .;t.t ili-y U MI' | I!I't" that imaineah E: -
Mr. Julie" Nix is quite I
box on Mr. Taliaferro and looeeUeU,; !turn*. They picked I Up four s-ub-
Come anxiety of friends and relatives Mr. J. H. Brass, and I>ou, Archie, ) *: Taxes Returned and Paid for NM-rcnMe. 3I j
it up with a dash of tobusco sauce Mi'Uifs tel lane the |place "1 I'fir -
heart returned Wednesday irom a business -
uura-iue" rests! in every ,
i (t'lt.
hall seen a -- 3
of the
flic committee iu charge ar 1uIlIg on-> who never -
trip to Anthou}. :: Address
her recovery. 3
concerning rangemeuls thought Mr.( Taliaferro glue of IM--. ball iu lli-ir lives. ::: ...
the Mr. C. M. Wnitton made a flying .
Our b. 'e ball tram played Tuesday business visit to Ocala ou last Mon should reply to it md he used! grapeshot ) I Their pitch- torso ; flue IIf the absent SECURITY llJ TR.I'r ( '('..UP.I.' ) "

OraiiKe Spring team on and canister iu a manner little cues Mainly Gr.ihaiu took charge II f he 1I
felt day. I Mdla. 'I..r: :.. +
The Anthony
evening. expected.The, bus while lVi t (ifllt u playrd be- -
!Some of the citizens of this place
proud of their -t ry. their If any beautiful one with the assistance of several Heidt- lie was parsed, friends Inter- hind the hat for the catcher whIt was :7111l111111lIIIIiIIIJIIlIIIIIIIUIIItIullUulullluuliuuut1i1. ,' ', 1 '; 1 "i'l'' ';

could have heard vened and so the Punta Gordon meet- _. .
missing.Ahhoiuh -- -
in town singing, villeites made great improvements on ..o..,__..rwi u+ ---- .....................sMIIIINERY
voice as they came
lug ended.A Orange Spring playedunder
know how to play ball the cemeiary at Cedar Grove last j
pepper box is a bad weapon to these overwhelming! (dil1iculut-

toys" could easily guess that they hadplayed Wednesday new fence, preparatory around it. to puttingthe handle at a primary meeting because they ouly let Anthony have 38 tallies ,I [R l MRS, L. T. TOMPKINS.

and won. it shoots in all directions- to their 15, -ud consider! that they
in Pine Mr. L. W. Brooks and wife spent
Your correspondent was We don't believe we shall hear from only had one player that had evt$

latlt {Saturday, to hear Low Mr. Jennings Sunday with relatives at Heidtville. it any more and really it will be oei- played before, and be was forced to l-ine MilnT\I ? the l'Ii"'t'.1 t 1

had made confidents of her Wonder what's the matter with ter: for all concerned if it is left at play iu the wrong position, they did tir.->t markets m the world. ai.i I .4
think be was that man in East Gaiterville
fiti/ens. You would :young
work drnam of .
lome. well. a an A cmni.!"
to enact another law at Washington Sony for you, but can't reach you. _
ready The Seashore Lined to See the Uc't! \.I.w novel) and urii-, ,
as the one he The party which left here for Ala
as preposterous Yacht Races. All Except Circuit Judges. defying 'UD11titi. M<| -urta.- i

signed, while governor of the state. bama some days ago reached their mmpariHon Try
Next year one of the mo-t interesting -
The confidential question! reads some destination in safety. We wish them Writing from Asbury Park to this election in the history of this MIN. L. T TOMTKI I ....

thing like this: "Do you think I oughtto lots of good fortune until they decideto paper Tuesday Mrs. Mamie How>e- great country will occur! and iu Florida for your winter bat \.4t jiiu-t .

run for the senator-hip?" With return to good old Florida once Stovall says: everything: from the president please! Io not buy until you I... \

other confidential features. again Today every one is on the qui vive visited: heratorerutt ,
down to the constable! will brvoted
two daughters are Mr. W. H. Ross made a. trip to Le- over the national. cup races.
MM. Plphers' 1
for. And yet it quite probai-lr that I
hen They were here in Canto last Saturday on business (or The yachts, tugs, excursion; boats
there will Us many who will neglector I
and different craft can. be seen quite >< tr rntm.in '.,nlt..,. Men rwettt t .
cnildJood, In part were educated refuse to qualify and thus d* privetbeaistlvts Mt t oait < /I.,4' 'Ur'I'IN 1,1'I. .., .
here. Mrs. Pipher is thinking of We have heard it rumored that plainly. With the aid of field glasses
of this greet;: constitutional -
this some of the citizens of Jaiterville are people can be seen moving upon the
residence and making ..
building a right of sutlrate anti dtizu hip. saws__ I
contemplating moving to other parts. decks waving and tticulatiDmad: / -
her home. understand this disposition -
It to -- -
his moth. Now, all this crews like wasting time, I}'. For miles on either side the racecourse STRAUSS'
Mr. W. Tyding I is visiting : for if there is no one whom "STRAUSS' 76"
willing to "work and wait lined with boats of every description. -
anyone ,
and sitters he has
er proven you care to vote for there will alias
The shore from Wean
an tfflccient helper In bis sisters' sick cal realize more for the e&egy expended -
whom want to Vnte
some you
right here than in any other Grove to Long Branch is lined with ain..t.-I'.n"'li.coh\ Pre.- "Trje) FiQest" ROYAL RESERVE

room.Mrs. people who cheer in the wild enthusiasm
section of this of
Clara Buruside, of Ocala-. great country ours.
as the Reliance and Shamrocksail Over-Work Weakens
Hurrah for old Gaiterville and Flor
known for her capability as a trained : along.At h FULL QUIRTS Four Quarts
ida. Your Kidneys. $6 00 $3 50
nurse and her excellent Christian UNCLE JOE. this writing they have turned 4- DELIVERED e Delivered e

qualities, is visiting:\ Mr. Rasor's Make Impure Blood.
the last btake on the homeward
family.Ir. GRINER FARM. r .
C. lUsor! who has been in bed stretch with the Reliance in the lead. All the bkjpd in your body passes through

tick is.able to be up. The bets are 5 to 1 in favor of the I your kidneys once every The three kidneys minutes.are your Every bottle of genuine

Our hustling friend Ben passed Mr. and Mrs. James Lutluiau spent Reliance and every one is very sanguine I Ht'' r ., blood purifiers=yf1-

Sunday with relatives here. that the Reliance will win to. ter cut the waste cr
through Anthony a few days ago, me impurities in the: ccd.

missed seeing him. Mr. Bert Murphy made a llyifR day and iu the end the cup will stayin If they are sicker out Pabst
J a cf order,they fail ta do *
S, c ,
trip to Anthony on last Sunday after America.As .
Our legislature! excelled all legislatures y''l their work.

iu phasing bills to make farmers I noon. the two yachts skim the wattr Pains,aches ard rheumatism
t from
come excess
taxes heavier. A gentlem&u told we One of our young men was seen to with every inch of their now white cf uric acid in the

he owned an acre and a half of land come to Sunday school from the canvas stretched to the utmost and kidney-...trouble.. blood, due to neglected Blue Ribbon

Anthony tbd county and state tax wrong direction lust Sunday. And gleaning in the sunlight: they look Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady

only amounts to something over$14.00 he came alone at that. What's the like two beautiful birds with their heart beats, and makes cne feel as though
they had heart trouble because the heart is
besides Were the tillers matter, Charlie? white wings extended. thick! ,
city taxes. not over-working in pumping kidney- bears the trade-mark "Pabst Iilvaukee"
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.It .
American Hags are being waved
of the soil of the Roman Empire Mr. Guy Jones and his charmingsister used to be considered that only urinary

taxed HO heavily by office holders until Miss\ Bertha, of Palmetto frantically and the hurrahs am' troubles were to te traced to the kidneys,
cheers be heard for mile but now modern science proves that nearly i in red circle. I In the
all the lands -vere owned bj officeholders visited their uncle, Mr. Hullum Jones, may all constitutional diseases have their beginning \

!? and family last week. The women and children are us in kidney trouble.If .

as the men to mount the riggings you are sick you can make no mistakeby
Three will eager of Pabst Beer
added the
more were to
Miss MattieJonrs was the hostess first doctoring your kidneys. The mild making
roll at our last legislature. Laborers of a sail boat or to climb upon and the extraordinary effect cf Dr. Kilmer's f
at Friday
4 a very pleasant party the housetops to gain a point of vant- Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is The is
must pay a tax, turpentine men area night. Everybody had a big time soon realized. It stands the highest for its barley right

+ceed $50.00( above age. wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
regular aud all were sorry whet the hour for ""
the Reliance and and is sold on its merits f' >
taxes.! No wonder our Representative "Home tweet Home" arrived. May win, may by all druggists in fifty ..:..; .:::Nm. :. The hops are right
Browu America ever reamin the greatest cent and onedallarizes. :- "
aspires to weild the sceptr :9i; I. ,i"'u.. '
Mrs. H. J. Scarborough who has '
You have
rive natiou on earth, not only in the ex- may a
over a thousand
dollar uubernatoilal been on the sick list for the past ten sample bottle by mail Home of Swamp-Root. The water is right
chair. A platform friendlyto cellency of their ship building, but in free also pamphlet telling you how to find
days i is improving.Mr. out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
everything else great and glorious
everything and all }people; a man Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
who does not antagonize wrong but aud Mrs. Ollie Fort, of Moss that will ever be an incentive to there fc Co., Binghamton, N. Y. The plant is rightThat's
friendly to Bluff, visited\ 1 relatives here duringthe !t of the world to rise to the highest
wrong;ill. fine platform, is

it not? One week. pinnacle of civilization.! why
thing sure he is friendlyto
high We have two of the mo>t euthu.-ias- -- --- Watch the KidneysWHEN
taxation. He
submitted to Answer To Correspondents.No. .
the office holders at Pedro tic soldier boys in Marion county JI
Mr. Stockton did not apt-ear
polls at one o'clock here in Griner Farm, and they are THEY ARE AFFECTED LIFE IS
an open in Punta Gorda .
at the meeting weal
violation of law. We all should vote looking forward with a great deal of IN DANCER

for such a man sure. anxiety to the time they will g.) into ing overalls.A A WORD OF WARNINO Pa tbeersPC

T. H. SISTRCXK. camp Jacksonville. Two weeks of railroad from Melbouru, Fla., to

"sure 'nough" camp life will take connect with the sugar belt at NarcosHe Dr. ABERXETHT the great English

Flit., ii: being talked of as physician and surgeon well known to all
ORANGE SPRINGS, some of the starch out of tleui.NlGHTIXOALE..
among the coming enterprises of thoeectious.Suoh physicians, sounded words of warning to .

> a road would be the most the medical profession and to all mankind

Mi-s-es Os>ie Griffin and Blanche direct and shortest route from the when he uttered the words: Watch the

Picnic. hast coast section to that of the West kidneys; when they are affected lift is IS

Leitner and DeWitt Griffin,of Anthony coa,t. in danger."
There will be a picnic ac Griner
and l Miss Kate and Louis Long, A lazy liver may lie only a tired It is the duty of these organs to keepour
Farm, Friday, Sept. 4th. There is to ,
> liver or a starved liver. A stick is blood strained of poisonous Impurities
of I exter, have made a very pleasant I It
be a game of baseball in the afternoon. all right for the back of a lazy man. that are capable of causing the most fatal Fur S.1hI I Ii I

cottage camping party. Everybody is invited to attend with But it would be a savage as well as a form: of disease. When they do not perform .

Dr. Lintner and Ward Griffin, of well tilled baskets. Ice water stupid thing to heat a weary man or their work properly,then trouble la

because he in some form Is sure to follow sooner or later, STRAUSS COs
lagged & I
a starving man
Anthony, cauie over Friday. free and plenty of it.
his work. So in treating the lagging I and If neglected, death will follow. ,

The Anthony base ball team came liver it is a great mistake to lash it Some of the most Important symptomsare

over and crossed bats with the local Scares the Editor. i with drastic drugs. In ninety nine aching in the back or Lips!,swollen

team on Tuesday.The Since Pope Pius X has fainted the cases out of a hundred a torpid or ankles, puffiness under the eyes, dry or Wholesale Liquor Dealers I

is but the of furred tongue, unnatural appetite and
sluggish liver symtooi an
editor of the daily
question for debate at the last average telegraph whose great thirst,weakness and Jpas of weight,
ill-nourished body, organs are :
meeting of the literary society was: papers is frightened almost to death, weary with overwork. Let your sediment or cloudiness in the urine, dryness OCALA FLA.hMair4M.

"Resolved! That Education is more fearing that he will be required to liver a'one. Start with the stomach of the skin or strong perspiration; ,

desirable. through another rlood of news of and disorders of the stomach and liver. M
than riches. The feature las aud its allied organs digestion!

was the excellent work done from the vatician.-Mobile Item. nutrition.. Put them in proper working All the above symptoms do not appearIn
by the and all disorders
any one case, kidney
order and see how quickly your
young ladies. will not the same
present symptoms.
Hon. C. M. Brown has returned liver will become active and energet

There remains but one more weekof ic. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery There is nothing that so quickly and It.veritable diar II of J ". h I -. ,
the Normal Institute and all from Punta Gorda. He says there has made many marvelous eurely makes the kidneys right as FOLET'S 'I f j moreJ, > ;:,.I&l.'Ii, ?,> .'iu M ,. ,..10'1 ?, "

will were five thousand people at the big KIDXET CUBE. It is a preparation of the t WHY-u..ar\A:! .,.,L.. .. ,., ..,
regret its close. cures of "liver trouble" by its wonderful .1n.1: J U:'''1 j! .,_
that best known remedies used by the world'smast of the malady tI.. a> .', .a U. "+ ..:....1".1 .,'l
political fish fry. We are sorry control of the organs of digestionand qa1nlne.prt1l4\CI"'" ,., .a. t .we
nutrition. It restores the normal celebrated kidney specialists. It ii Don't loo ... "". D61\-- !t tw"t M aiit4.lcr !
Strike Far Away. Mr. Brown did not get an opportunity 11 .. It ,, ..
endorsed by physicians and used by thou. "i'Oh;" I' >au.
of the stomach increases the f
activity ,
Our governor has very decided to make a speech.Mr. secretions of the blood making glands, sands. It has saved many lives,and whileIt HERBINEj -

views as to the cannot cure hopeless cases, It will pre. .
government of Cuba, Stockton's knowledge of the cleanses the system from poisonous ... ;a"" a.q-p.,. .nM.. -..'t"
troubles and relief I'.1taI. It. .
fatal s I
vent kidney give h&n4 "
t and our president knows accumulations and so relieves the ...a. .n .... t .. ,-" .. ,.
just:: how the farm is alarming. He says that hi even the last stages of kidney disuse.Postoffic -......W art 1'4'' ,,_
labor unions should behave liver of ths burdens Imposed upon it '00 PM"ul.. All Dt"utMh
Might "character, like corn, is dug from the by the defects of the organs.1oiLEYffoNTAR. Drug /Store. h+ .
it not be better if both would ., .
strike soil." What will the good old farmers .. nearer home.-Jacksonville .
TimesUoioQ. think of digging corn, like potatoes i l )l1tlamunO.l
tops the comb and b.a4l Ittntf I
from the ground. It beats all.

,- .: J .
9 !'. ,...... : 1
."'- > _I_ ,j.,;,; t: '1i "1'.081 \-'\ T 60o -'' ': i', "''': ,
> :;: .
_' r- .':&; ...d'U'1.. .<"....-i'i't1"...... ,:.1iL..... '. y ... _!: ] i,,4.-1 ..,...,-, ".. *' :-fesi.. u.-yoc--:,,,,:_ _r.. :.! ";'- : ''iIV'f i"1 --

; ': ... !t.O .. _. ,........ ., ,_. _
u. :!i.: ;; .d. .4.t ,. J. .r,: ::r,. =- :fi .. ., >, .,:" : ;.-. ,;/: -"" J a. :_><'U.a-\-' ....""-'-'''''' T

< ;" .,. '.. .V
7 ., > .... .- '. a. : a1 4 _,


j ;
,...- .


I IN 1 THE[ [COUNTRY.t NEAR[' [EUREKA.liigartic [ !. SLIPS FROr WAYS\ TORCH JHILLAGESInsurrection to Our Store .1

I l.- Launching of the Big Cruiser I Is Spreading In For Shoes,

Pennsylvania Vilayet of Adrianople.
p.tf "' :Slt .:sJo::.". ) Conspiracy to Defraudthe

t r CUD Va. Nrws ; 011. how like THOUSANDS WITNESS EVENT. TROUBLES IN BALKAN STATE. We have the best line of Cheap and Medium

. !3 ..t_ tntht'lII.iI t"x"hcl".tlht' Governriert.) Grade Shoes handled in Ocala, and we guar.
From fie Yards of the William Cramp British and French Warships In Turkish

"tg...n... antee every pair f'olitlleather. .
Ship and Engine Building Company Waters In Readiness: To ProceedTo
Your money back on any purchase if >ou
1t1UK wItnF.k.Emi"'rp : Giant Armored Cruiser Is Launched.Dtstinguited Boro
Nl1K'N'r Salonika 11 It Should
Iin.' (iazrut : The Prtsent.Phliath .
Party Necessary. _

4 gebb.rd rlrl. ('..1It"41 l 10 this vkiuityMornay !p hla. August 24.-An occaSion Cocitaotlix>!le, Aaxust 21 (Fritlay) CHAMBERS SHOE CO f fj

which will be memorable in the The icsarrectioa rn the vilayrt of Adr&nopte ,

Illicit Distilling; on a Large Scale- history of this! state transpired! today which started In the subdivision "nd door from corner Opera House Hlock. Ocala, Ha

.ruutLttII1 I'BiVKKMKCTIXU.S Prominent Citizens:of Eureka when the giant armored cnri r Pennsylvania ot Kirk Killssan, 32 miles

i 'ndfllfli ((0., : : Prayer Ft. McCoy and Dexter Supposedto Wail launched at the Lards ol from Acilrianople, is spreading; east- i

..1111. trot flzzll' here last t4uud.yertnlnl be Stockholders.FT. the William Cramp Ship and Engine wardSeveral vlllagei were burs1 --. j jI
tal Building; C'OIDlldJl Tk weather was by Insurgents la the neighborhood ofLadt I

,, ). AleCOY, Aug. 21. porfect. I off which place: the Russian
qaadron ta: anchored and! urgent de-
t 1iuKNAL O\h MORE. Special to the Ocala Banner. Under the prow of the ansjJvnii I
manda CAT* been sent to Adriaoop! !.a 1i
I erected a timber: superstructurefrom
Our little was i
tHurt.tUJrI (V*.1) =Sj.irU of tllI.Yal. quiet towu was thrown which nearly 2.000 specially In- for r-erforceneiili.

.>111; )ft. I' trr Puke! !U K\'ttlDR all i into a'tfurry of excitement the other riled guests wltne s*
{ I day by the advent of someljoilieials) and Kuutaa mlKtarj attaches Moctr -
gist sgrn.AKxarorrtc'F.. aeL'r > gather fact about the iibu -
''autll hasten to give the 'details FTom the main! staod rose a Bawdier
LA UUY. platform upon which stood the eorraatria' : been dropped for the
iu jier dispatched to Jacksonville.' christening party Including Mlle Coral prnc:1 13 fha pro fKwl visit U not

P.adfordJ( ) .A-iviuct Mr. W. Kl.'KKKA, Fl.A., Aug. 18. Quay daughter of United States cor.UJer d oppo tnne.

'IL wllliaman w..J4c' &untl1..r itdutt. !! Senators Br1tBh. and Each warships taTurklah
8lK.-H.v"just made au important Senator Quay the ship's spots;; *
otter* are tnrea Governor
rtlu.hy. Quay and Pen roso,
tfm MM e find of a Ire copper still in running : packer, Mayor leaser. Bear teed to Salonksa In the event of It

....,i* fot1USU AT- JIOMKTVtrrvo order on Mill creek. Ihd :two men Admiral! Slgsbee: Untied Steins navy; being necessary for Item to do 10.
The contract with, the Kmpp company
\ too ('9". Index. Mr. JohVlf' with me and posted them *o as to cutoil' Rear Admiral Melville Unfcfcd: Sates
for quicfc-flrtng! guns, recently
navy retire; CJartea: H. Cramp, Edwin -
of Richmond, is at home on any escape, am in very dangerous: .
f. \ S. Crams, and a number a: ladks. igEed. anti involving an expenditureof

4 rtcup r tloifiour. nei hborbcMKl, wire secretary navy to "OO.fnfO() Turkish pounds, is cot Immediately

send Oa tiu main &sfem- connot.'tfoJ wlih the present
me company horse marines and i ? etandtng sere
A I'nlt"lllI'ISIToK.:: field bed! prominent piests tram Waslitog- troubte ID :U 'ro..m.a. N'e&Kiatlons
moth have to shell the
Q* .>!a.ftll. (V..) Jizette.. Mr. ton and Penusyivacia. the Loads of tie on tie subject have bAen proceeding:
rascals ouu Just found one |of my various nary department trar&ans. Jar several >eirs.

L. M. J.1.-mID the CharlotUville It is probabfe. however, that the conch -
men helplessly: drunk oue mile down After the launching the guests were

i garble into, w.. in tlie; city ''bursI the creek, said he drank Home water entertain at a luncheon.Tt aioa of the arraagemviU was has
I is witha tend by the possibility of international
Pennsylvania::: prepared
4.1. out of the creek the soil
very .seem trouble.
twin screw, vertical trtpls expansion
TUB fuR MW ANNUAL \\\' \\ to be iituated with moonshine, found engines and boilers of the NTclauJtyfw Mousaa Bt-y. the notorious Kurdlst TROPICAL PINEAPPLE TAR AND WINEis
brigand chief who was responsible for
Eagle (WI.) Quill : Jim K'oogau my other! man up a :tree, said the speed which are of 22 required knots to an develop hour for a mean four many erf the Armenian outrages and backed by more than a Million Dollars of Florida

fell not of II. Kirliug'd: birch bark stud was leaking through] his shots hours. The engines are estimate who esraptxl last month wlta several capital.It .

ctoxw, but all be uenied a bath no I' and making him drunk by the absorption to be coHectlve Indicated horse power ether Kurdish chiefs from Medina,
cures Indigestion and :stomach:: Disorders.It .
Arabia, where they bad bets riving inexL'a
Of 23.000 The contract prioe
said he wanted to
ulted.IX ,
much process
and goal re
4hmlp C the hull and machinery of the war has boon recaptured with hUeampaatan is a pleasant Tonic; gives appetite and strengthens
taste hU 1 when he drunk.
liquor got
and returned to Medina.
, ehip U <)0MY&TERIOO i ii
A Hul'SEItOAT. Just had my life tbreatenedldon't Tb nrt"Jal11ce! consul at Bltlia!, AsiatIc the system.If .

EJlDturf (II a.) sentinel: 1MH. ElfeoHeivchaua expect to get back to Ocala alive. i D48APPEARA.kCt. Turkey, reporta an improving sltoatkm. your druggist does not handle it, write to the
The Armenians are most tranQuil
: and her sister, Mrs. Send metal casket and ten gallonB -- and the best diapodtloQ prevails manufacturers. Cure or no pay.
Chicago Lawyer May Haw tt<< WithFttul
D.l-etb HeUchmau, of Trout |tua brandy.! MH. Murphy says if Jldou'tkt'p Play. between the Kara and Armenians.! TROPICALlMAHUFiCIURIHCICO.Jacksonville : .

"'&1lfl, are spending a few days 011 away from her wash place she will Chicago, An wsS 24-"H* Trtbuiw .
the rrnk with relative and friend SOUTH (S LEADUJCLC Florida. ;
thAt the mysterious today
S [Hur hot boiling |soap [suds all over nays
at Walton Late MlrfL, of
IITH A Y-KI1.LKK. me. ASK tbe:preeidellt to send torpedo j ULIC Figu ea: Show Rapid GrowthIn [NOTE:-Tropical Pine-Apple, Tar and Wine is
Attorney Albert W. Barn: of Chica.go

(Cap l16.rlt'll"flllIt'( ) 4. Air. Wil- boat to mouth of Mill creek, am has been followed by the arre&t o! Washington, August Population.:24. The census made from the juice of the Florida Pineapple, Pin

bridge and search the! IOOn1"ho admits he in :Mr tar and Wine and is and
him Puwrli, of Portsmouth, spent jossted on : everyone : WAS bureau hu: published as a bulletin, adisnissioa Grape asbolutely pure a

kit :Huuday with relatives and pessins fur'contraband liquor. Barnum's company on the afternoon of the Increase of populattoa -1' : 1. I D.j)
that he dropped from sight!
I Ju seized bottle from in tte United! StAtes as shown
frt.od. We ate ftlwAyv glad to Mel i pint a cracker The prisoner, who is Being rfstatoec by the census of 1900. The principal
saved iuyijlifej: if it did :tate: likeTarajiehael's at Fast Jordan Mxh.: la Claud Rice,
arose Will!. to our town all it briuassalln I results of the ctady of thane figure
a guide with whom Mr Barnnam was
Cracker went I
Pet.3 are 6uzni&ariz aa follows:
lu the III' of our fair dumveU.PAKTSoK ,
| I last s** n. The charge is Cat of as !
oil crying, told him I was going to The increase In the population oCon.Qr.ecUl '
is nominal.
sault merely
and battery United States that is, the
c.'OXI''' t:\T ""'AtIlLY." shoot him-asked me to *let him go vordlng to Rice. he asi Mr. Bar United. States eifJuslve of Alaska and

Cbrnaudu.h (tic.) World : The editor howe and say his| prayers and he rum went to Petosk y together, re the recant' insular accessions, WM: 13-
turning! to Tal'.otts place, a lading!
and hi* family (that H>ui>ds big. would be back in ten minute, think where Mr Barnum's rowboat wasmoored. 045,851, or 20.7 per cent
Only one coirntry. Argentina, has
|*than to My just hU wife) spent he has gone for tile gun guess I will ; There Rice, says, Itr. Bar ,, Eltown by the most reoect fin-area a

!att Kuud y at the hoiue of Francis move up the!.ereek-will keep you num entered the boat and started to more rapid grorwth.
row across the lake to his cottage.
anti his the in The present rate of growth ia continental
tr.tlky family ( family pote. the
When: only a few feet from States
United is erJmatadas
chit fI... iue.u. two daughters, three LATEK.-aw a cracker who toid wharf, according to RiM, Mr. Bar
double the average rate of Europe
_>&' and our brother) ur near cfum me that there was a bar at the mouth num foil out of the boat and instead ..

t of the creek he must have |lit-d. I of swimming back to shore struck out decade
bit oo the Waba.h.ANOTHCK : : In the 1800 to 19uO, for the
across the lake. Rice: declared thai .
could not rind it. Send me an army first time ta our national history the
I1e then went home without waiting to southern statej Increased faster than
IMSTALH'ANDAL. engineer and force of men, I think I
see what happened to the lawyer.
the northern. East of the Mississippi

\\MUIogtou\ ..) Democrat: Hen. will dam (the creek| and flood the When asked wby he walked away however the northern states as from the lake when his!
fy K'hully ha been mailing some rascals out, have got a deputy who group more rapidly than tie southern,
in the water. Rice said that h4! but west of that river the southern
setter In his rural mail box that U could dam the neighborhood, but is knew :Mr Barnum to be a good swimmer itates have increased almost two ann

hot albwable iu the United States afraid of water, says he is satisfied a and able to take care of himself one-half times W rapidly as the northern

1n11It.l! m the carrier, Henry Hath tahle apooofull : would give him and: it Is this fact which makes

sill, dldu't do a thing to it but eat cramp colic. :Supplies are running HOMEWARD BOUND. the growth of the south, as a whole
exceed that of the north.

It. Aid Itdoefu't iuak Henry bit hort. Went to Eurek to see aboutit Grand Army Veterans Leaving San! The regon! west of the Mississippi! I I

IIllci. either. Mr. ; hulty rill.- the found a government I official, Francisco.San river Is still Increasing faster than

Francisco: August 24. Tt that east of it. The rates of
Ui "lib apple and the carrier eats thought he would helpJus! said be
homeward migration of the Grant in the north and south during the last
tfetn. wd only half! gallon left, just enoughto -
Army veterans already has begun. The 20 years were practically the same.

last him until the b :ltcawe in the adjournment of the formal session But In the character of this growththe

tKftL MINNIE. morning, asked him to let me smell yesterday was the signal for hundreis: two regions differ widely, there JI F. EDWARDS'BIG

(jr"o'lJIAla..) Living Truth: to pack their traveling bags and being a relatively uniform growth
of it said hejwas afraid to uncork it,
scores have left on trains for othet balance ia the north between a lower
MU Minnie Dees, of (i ircenville, who
: as it would lose its aroma. !Ju-t got parts of the statdThe only delegation rate of rural growth and a higher WHISKEY HOUSE

tubeeu violtiug Mi-s Ltla Ashcraft, i dispatch from Judge Billiams Informing to leave in a body on its speciai rate of urban growth. ,,

hit rrturunl howe to the sorrow of tram was Xew York which will return : The moat noteworthy result of the
that Banker Suell's murdererand Gainesville and Ocala. Fla.
me tome via Southern California. Avery entire discussion: it Is stated is tha '
of .. !* don't
unit our IJII) <>ysf give ---- -- -
the last Charley Ross were in the considerable percentage of the cumulative! evidence of the rapid approach -'J -

up until you are sure you can get Everzlades l striking counterfeit easterners will go home by the sams to equality in the rates of increase -- --

witin' return, tor a beartleos boy i isllktljr : route. The natural charms of Iii of various parts of the United ;- '.1,
medals of the Cuban war land selling -
to Ur reckless fl'UuI In the Golden States have been more States. This appears whether north -
it guarsyen them at a nickel apiece.3 Will leave than many of the veterans could with. be compared with south, east wit! -. r

uuJer>tand. the should have situation here with deputies and hurry stand and at least fifty it is said, have wet or city with country. =. =- r :'"f

WJ you. Wait until f come again. signifies: their intention of bringing :_ = ft
I outh. ARMENIAN ::::_ ;.. i -L
H. their families out and making then MURDERED. y
I (Signed) CHAMP ( InERs. -.
\"I'I..IItJI homes for the future in California. ::

f Want W. Va.i Herald : When At the present writing!thing* bftvequited Some heads of families will not return Supposed to Have Been!! by Orders cf t -: 1-1'

down and Mrs. Murphy is inpossevion home at all but will wait the Macedonian Committee. '
oat friend Urut'l'hrbtiall, removedlo
of her wash place once arrival of their effects while they seek Bncoreot, Rouaiania, August 24.- '
f E Big Hut!'* Creek Ibt week he took : a desirable location. The heavymovement i Armenian named Girabet Mardorosrlaa i r-.- -.
PETE. : 1i .
i *ithuiiu >;ICeu of his "razor-back- more. of the visitors homeward has been murdered at Kalafat on -r

f Will Have it the Other Way. to different points will continue the Danube!
1'4"' hogs, whicb bad enjoyed the I I now by orders, it is believed! ,
r The writer hay not the honor of a right along of tbt Macedonian; committee. liarSoTo&sian .
rk...aut ludr and cool mud pud- I I -
per? ual acquaintance: with Editor ( lived for years at Kalafat r.i.nors A\iiirsKii: iirscii 111:1:11: : =
f' dlwof,our treels and alleys for tbe Cemetery for Pet Animals. acting as a general of the committeeIn _

put few mouth" leaving by actual I Harris of the Ocala Bauuer-but has Boston, August 24-A project is oa facilitating: the passage of Eras to. PINE WINES WHISKIES and BRANDIES. .

always understood-and; never for aI fot by the Massachusetts Society to Bulgaria. My 12,00 Rye or Bourbon at..... _.............. fl[ T My U oo Gin il... ?... ?...?__. ..
count only thirty-two bogs that may I doubted-that he the for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The iloumanlaa authorities discovered My 2 50 ...- ... .. S oo My ioc Xcrth Carolina Cor atic ae
was '
U moment MJF J to X I D.w to a al it
ufrly t-oiuiileretl a* boua-fide res- I to establish in Boston a cemeteryfor documentary proof of his relations My My 3.00 ? ............ ....... .... J vi- M jr j wo ? B
14,11111 or our city editorial sage of Florida-the dean of the burial of pet animals and birds. ; with! the commIttee It is reported My 4.00.oo Gmat ...................... ............ 17' My 4oc tmMy
.. .
i" *'f oo New England Rum at. lM
\ + the crops-the >"e tor of the .state Subscriptions! are now being solicted. that he assassinated because 50 ?---.2. 31adc Special
The a Feature
i WHAT AHOI-I WEDNESDAY ANDTllUR -the noblest Roman of them One Massachusetts woman is having a of his: failure to comply with ;
.DAY.. press: In sending your orders always send enough to cover the coil of |Ui, Hall-f alloa jrea. I
f $300: marble monument erected on an lone of the recent orders of the committeemen 1.I 1.
3-gallon jug kegs |
all full of wisdom and absolutely -gallon jug. I5c2; -gallon jug 25e j c.
.' Sycamore\ O. Leader: I island off the coast for a dog which and that the latter selected sell more whiskey and better whiskey thai any hoiuein r.cnda.Iecsut t gise i.M
took din. without guile. Imagine then, the died. est goods and all measure.Atriatorderwiltconeinceyou.
Miw Ooodmau recently relative
Elizabeth a of Mardossian. to punish: thafwe are the people Tertn f h wttbtk ot4r.

l1t'f wtdi Mr( Jane Kitcbin Friday.MU rude, sickening shock that ;came to I t,10; offense with death. Yoursanioustooleae. J, F. ED' VARDS.WHITE'S .

Eliza Goodman took dinner last \\'hen-iD the Banner-weread Gould Inventor, Dead. -
us :
with Mr. Montgomery Saturday. Boston. August 24-G Org 1L French Will Despatch Fleet
r editorial on Mr. Flagler in --- --- - - -- - "
a long Gould manufacturer of pianos is dead -- ----- ---- -------- -- -- -
Mi( Eliza Goodman took Sunday Paris August 24.-A dispatch to the
i dinner with Mrs. Elizabeth Preece. which it was dated-without a winkor at his home in Brooklyn. He 1\'aJ Paltrie from Marseilles says that ow. (' URfcAMVYORMSiiiVERMIFUCE

Ml...- Eliza tooiiiuau and Jennie a smile, as: far as we could related to Professor :Morse inventor, 11.8' to the! grave conditions In Turkey !
tt'U-1 of the telegraph. Disastrous:! fires a division of the French. Mediterranean
Goodman with Mrs. Mar- Ffagler inonkies
took supper that Mr. -never :
caused financial reverses a few *
years fleet has been ordered hold -
1, Fart Kltobln( MoLdy. Florida politics! We!' shall never I ago, but he pursued another invention itself in readiness to sail early next For 20 Years Has Led all Worm Remedies. (lit..

Mia Eliza Ooodmau took dinner again knovr whom to believe or trust. I with a view of mending his: invention week. Tha expedition numbers tea 80XjZ BY ALL lillUOOIS

I wltb Mrs May Stafford and supper I and received his first royalties 5 his. The flagship is the battlesii; pr+Iareday---r+ JAMES F. BALLARD, St. LouisVarWr ,
with )!rv. Maggl l Hope on Tue&da). -St. Petersburg Times. en; the day of his: death. Jretnus. VarWr WV Y N.W'M**1*

e ,


", ,, _
-- --
y' '! "'-' "
:: :: 1iJ. ": : :'T1t. =_ "

z y 1 : }?: sEa ; : L { pF '+q_ _:..r ,i: : :: :L':::' ::: .:: ."' ;:; : ;: ';':; 1-'- r -J :i :;:: ;J .-' IIJ ,.-. .--

:,. ( .. .,.<_. ". _

--- --- --

h 1.ii r Or. H J J I To Care Cold in One
Negroes Fleeing From Earbour County a Day ZzsJTakeLaxative
Five of the Negroes Concerned in thj' f

Price Murder Caught Montgomery, Ala, Ala., August 24.-Auell mi' : .Jft\T ri
i : aa..utLipton's Bromo
ndwarcUvUte, Ala, August H.-Five. acthentloaied rumor reaclii I. TabIetJ.11 eft every

of the ceroes Implicated in the muCer r here from Barbour that there is a practical Seven Mflfion boxes sold in past 12 months. This Signature-! late 2 +

of Constable Price Dear Palestine;: : r3ear: on In one portion of Shtt rock III dpp&rent
have bnen :arnctad awl are now in Jail s
: the oomrty and as a result negro :
tere The negroes eve bed arraigned I y Ctcla5setl.SECOND ; ....
; are being driven out of the county by I II h. .
before a justice of the peace aniremaixJ I whit
: ..l to Jail trtihout bail ::;: RACE CFF: SANDY HCOK,
i- Other ne sroea implicated in the marr A prominent citizen cf Barbour was The Formula tells the story :
i in the city Thur.tCay to see; Judge
Jones, of the United States (district:
There was some talk of lynching:
i. court, and ascertain what methods For the Contest-As Previously, Reliance Grove9s chichiIicureNot
among those! who Hi'*! near the seen!
cf tie murder. Sheriff A&ms, however could be adopted to step wLdtecaplng, Forged Ahead and Left Shamrock
got lids prisoners! &aMraway a.nd I I1a.bor which of was the seriously. demoralizing tie in Lurch. a patent medicine: a thin spirituous liquid of a plvavmt: fetter UM< nn*. al

the linger appears to have pasaM.Kverjihing county.It Fluid Extract PERUVIAN BARK Fluid Extract POPLAR
U Queit and no apprehei> ia understood that Jude Jones Sandy Hock, August 22.-(Marconi- BARK

Ion! is feltConstable refem the Barbour county citizen gram-Reliance) crossed the finish Fluid Extract BLACK ROOT Fluid Extract PRICKLY ASH BARK

Price was tilled by the to the governor saying: "I do not I line at 3:12:10. Fluid Extract DOG WOOD BARK Fluid Extract SARSAPARILLA
think the federal authorities should _

of negroes the Seaboard 3ui
thortties ought to do, and have i ID the wind at Sassy.: Hook, according u
<, Georgia irne.* Price who had a warrant -
for one of the negroes went to their power to do." the weather gauge, was blowing 17 TTe Best General Tonic. No Cure, No J Pay. Price. 50c.

the railroad amp accompanied! foy & The Barbour citizen went to the cap miles an hour and in
friend to serve IL IIJ3 fricsid madea I itol to nee the governor, but the gov. The committee posted a signal bowtni -

remark to some negroes who were: I ernor being absent at Blount Springtho the course to be a beat 15; ,miles

jambMrz. They resented. the remark: private secretary, J. Kirk' Jack to the windward and return, and th.. .
son promised to lay all the facts be boat marking the
And gathered about the white man. turn set off in chi:

The Deg roes goon opened fire and Prfos I 1 tore the governor Immediatelj on the direction of Long Branch, where th* FERN HILL I RYE.THAT

'to.1 Instantly! Killed.BANKRUPTCY governor's return to the capital.Barbour turning point should be about 6 mile:
la the governor's own coo& o3 shore. ,

CASE ENDED. ty and it Is understood that ha win l The preparatory> gun was fired a:

take strenuous measures to brtc* th e 11:30; the warning gun was fired at fSOOliVHISKK I : \ I

Mr*. Emma Dillon Assumes Obligationof I guilty p)f9on to JuajUce owl frton I 11:41).

Mecklan Company. further tttitecaplng hi t.L.e cotsaty. Official time start:

Gadwlen Ala. 2-t- It is saM that the labor oa tt,, ,e Shamrock, 115: :17.
H. ROESHTHAL & SONS. Distillers Cmcinqoti 0.
beeor Reliance ,
bankruptcy proceedings against I more large plantations In Harbour 114621.: ,

Jlscklan Wagon company have been have been run off by whltecaj and. labor The fight for position was hot and

dismissal, and UK original owners and generally In that section of tint Interesting Captain Barr Is following STRAUSS & CO., Distributes, Ouk fwtlratCBetcwal. I

officers are again in charge cf the property county where whltecaplag la Bald to every move of Captain Wringe anl j jit

have occurred, .ta generally dejaoral- looks as it he was getting the better J

It(..t. of itWhen ,
Emma C. Dillon who first \
tatted the plant has purchased all iat The cause of this outbreak a izr. the warning gun was fired _

the indebtedness which amounts to negroes in Barbour is cot known here both boats were at the westward line 1- -------

I3.9C926.:! and has taken a mortgage But it is said to be due to some overt Inshore Both beats stood a quarter .

on the plant acts of negroes who have made th of a mile to the westward he line. --- -- - 1i

Hubert T. Dar.: as trustee forrtturneys the selves o'jnorioos to certain people of;! then started and ran down the wind T.E.BIGGS. i llH 'COLLe I.I
for 15 -
has boon given a mortgage j the neighborhood. seconds until Shamrock gybed; I"" .
I Reliant! ATTOR EY AT.LA W. :
On his followed -
en the material and finished producttor return from Bloost Sri y with the same ma ; "

550. This takes care of aU the Jelks. it a understood, 'Irl 11 neuvera Both boats were on the (Office in Gary-Agnew Block.) .I Iii i'' laTH reaR CfEM/ OtTO'I! 1 t l
institute starboard tact,
Indebtedness, and places It In the a vigorous investigation into heading for the line

tandi cf 1rs.. D: Ion. It is hoped thatthis the charges a.njtake vigorous mores .A- and crossed it holding about south D FULLER. Ii -'=' :"'-..-:::':- :...= ==-:--
Is the end of the wagon company to stop whitecaptng. S'ha.mro'k about two lengths ahead ot! I .

troubles: and that It will now take a Reliance which went over the line ai DENTIST.: ;! Y \.11110LT.11C't"I'tlt ''11l :

start for the tetter. GREAT ZIONIST MOVEMENT.Governor the weather end. Some minutes after Over Munroe &Chamb1iss Ilank,Ocala Ha. ,Ii

The work 1s said to be the m crossing, both yachts broke out l The following department* an upra fur t...ii _

modernly equipped of any la the sou tht: Steps Toward Unification of Jewish. baby Jib topsails It looked, as 1- J M. THOMPSON.'; I I I: MYw.. YY..Eya/: All&.""' aataA le..n 'u >
Race To Be Taken. bad purposely l held back from
PHYSICIAN AND SCRG ON. ''I .n.S ""ilalt3lhMi, JGII ...... di ID .
CHINESE IMMIGRATION. New York August 24.-The greaeat t, crossing the line In order to cut be- Office over Teapot Grocery Opp. :Montezuma. t :!! B"s : .,
Jewish Zionist twwn whatever time allowance i : ::1! :: fire .iU ,i pla.tlNlslMisiMlh :a1'1 -.... .
1 movement: tn history there OCALA. FLA.EDWIN I

Important Decree Hae been Signed InRe'erenece will open here on Sunday and might be in case she finished! first : -- --- ----- .- -

Thereto. last for inane days, ears a dispatch tc: Ten minutes after the start the SPENCER._ I t!: The trustees tatla.oce M AeMtleat w the taut p ... ... ." '.. "

San Francisco A tumted The American from Basle Swiuerland. packs were still holding: towards the ATTORSEY-AT.LA. !I D. D..resigned Kcr WtlUtt Fr.aMM MM**> ** J'I' .. w>.

StiteJ District Jfcdge DeHivea and It !is certain that when the as- onth on the starboard tack and from OCALA *Y. FLORIPA ::1 i IIawaii" ad Prof'eImr of iudotkwY t. "&. rD.9IIft iir h.w>, -w" ,
7 I .
shore it looked i! of twenty protwontiMi taxnirtor "n I .,, .,
United State Circuit Court Judge em-bry which includes cost of the es if Reliance. wa: li :-.mn", ; t.

borrow hare sf: ted a (decree rely USe men of the Jewish race who have be* gaining a trifle The wind, which early J L';. CHASE 'jl 1 _' _'___ -

.to the issuance! of writs of habeas rorrUi com iliostrkxis: In the acts, profe* in the day was from the west-sauth. I 1 :

to Chinese seeking adaJeaioa to sions aW ficatce finally separates th4 west, eeemo-1 to be getting more to DENTIST OCALA. FLA j j ) r. ILAtl" i rizrns 1.-: = as'

thl country This will rettla! once gnat morenwot t()warO the unltlc.aUotIl I the southward and the boats had everta I,

tor all an Important} qaeatloa and rellev of the Jewish rare will have taken j opportunity to show what they could CARLOS L. SISTRCNK.ATTORNEYATLAW.. -- ---,,--. ..- .

the govenraicct of mace veiatlou gigantic step tm\vd realization.! do in a beat to win-: ward !in a eomparatively I"

i For A tong time: tiwro has been & of every cowatry la Race by Bulletins. Room 4, :Masonic Building Ocala. Fla 5 zs ty I -

/eeUng In federal circles that rnuci I world. I'M: For
D m.-Reliance June
fraud baa b''en perpetrated !n the I It Is aad! ]Dr Hera t whj has; returned passed Shamrock and is overhauled and Application;
in wind l.
linding erf the Chl-ete who claimed to to Basle after a tea days': stay poslUon. On Bearing Trcrs I t.

be native bora By the decree just la Russ, will as a result! of hi, conferences 1.:0: ::? n, m>-Reliance Is leading M
elg-aed! no writ will be issued unl: s with !leads r.g political per nearly quarter of
a mIle. It looksas
the petition for it Is accompanied sonages made Important revelation*
by though the boats will mark 4 FRUIT
on this
e& order of the commiseioner of Immigration regarding RtlM.U'1 attitude toward the tack. F! LL PERUVIAN ANB
: showing that the Jes;
right to Reliance! went
on starboard i
land has be at 1:39, VINE 1 l :
Pn issued to tOO ,
parson in but again tacked port at 143.: ,
e wbOtte behalf the writ !U Armstrong Mauseoteum.
to be t issued.DESPERADO 1:46 .
New York August 24.-Ground Las : p. m -Both boats are heading .; -1 Hrh /Cr..lt) '. Ni I.j: i iiu.u" h In tJr F ,
on port tack inshore, one and
a haft!
been broken at Kbjneaeck Qts.
miles!: from outer mark. Reliance halt V :
the Hudson for the erection of tlw 9 F. i'f!! f Sulj-i,tinA
a mile in the lead. I
\"Izn for Murder erf United St tea mauseoleum: to, the memory of General I II I
1:53: p m -Reliance! Is within hall l! I t
Revenue Cffioer. John Armstrong, who in 1333 and mile of the ,, Send for tIt .
outer mark leading by I our arts .uk.
DIc-.omIn;un. III., Aagut 24-A spa ISl#, was secretary of war and plen5ul1 about I I
dal from Mount Pulaskl to the ] t Ijwtentiary! to the court of France It of a mile. ReIfance Ideal .
I e..u .I turned outer mark at 1:33: :14. 12 QW Fertilizers" and" r..... .14'-
stuns that Constable 1 Caraway: !Is being erected by Henry B ckcyaiArmitroc Shamrock turned
outer mark al 1
today captured near there a des! 1)era' ? and James A. Amutrocg.tx 1:58-30
: : (official)
do named Frank SI4ith.l.o: is > grandsons of the old general. Ti
sot 2:13 p. m.-The boats have 9QO ) I
ed near Lexington, Ky.. for the alleged body of General Armstrong lies la aa 4 miles of distance to finish and sailed ? I WILSON & TOOMEfJ FERTILIZER COttPHt

murder of a United States Revenue ancient vault ia the cemetery tier. liance Is re
oft.cer: and who is alto! charged with Colonel: John Astor is his only llv1Af leading by almost a mile 1\1 J It li'IE\ 111.1:. I ....H..U.
and has the
apparently well in ,
murderously assaulting another officer ; great grandson. hand. ,..
to that death resulted. PI ,' ;:-\' I --l' TI' OCALA t
Shamrock has now succeeded In :,;,,' .,J L.. .1
been hanging around Mount Pulaski Fifty Years a Counterfeiter.San her balloon getting f. \\j. u... r :"l_t. I .
up jib
for some time and has been tinker Francisco August 24.-United: Reliance top sail '':''- -
uspldon. A reward for tie States Secret Service sailed the windward leg -
captureof Agents hAVe ;
In 2 hours, 9 minutes and 53 seconds. ( .
him Pretitsi .
or alive has been standIng secured the conviction of two out ol t "{ j

for some time. He will be held a batch: of counterfeiters recently arrested hours.Shamrock 13 minutes covered the distance in 5 CHAS. E. BLUM ;& COMPANY !
and 13
seconds.. Re-
to await: the arrival of Kentucky ofDcers both prisoners pleading! guilty
lance beats Shamrock I
Chief among them is George the 15-nule First National Bank
beat to wi.nlward i : 3 minutes and :20seoonds I
t Seizure Brown alias R. R. Lambert 30 yean 517 and )519V.. Bay St.

Big old, who has been engaged la. counterfeiting -
Seattle, Wash., August I*..Deputy for the greater part of 50 2:15: p. m.-Reliance continues:: to OF GAINED ILI.K. ;
:. Collector of Customs draw away from Shamrock and no\
Thomas IL Delaney years past having been Jailed repeatedly Jacksonville, fla.
leads by a mile and a
Inspector Stephen A. Brinker Juncg the period for this! offense. The Only Chartered I IC
yesterday seized 100 pounds of am I Reliance crossed the line at tha i in Atectaiapital C'.Q.
bergris! : start 4 seconds after Shamrock
alleged to hare been stolen Lockout of Pipe Makers. ,

i at Victoria three days ago. The value New York August 22.-On account! turned outer mark 3 minutes, 16 seconds < . . . . . I

of the concretion is at the present i of numerous small strikes the ahead beating Shamrock on th*= Surplus' and Undivided: Yrulitw..1' :
,,'hoI windward 15 miles 3
ale market listed at $30 an smoking pipe makers' union for recognition ; seconds. and 2'1 Does exclusively: a banking biMtaMt, wada 11x!+" + ) 4tar1 to i i"tat

ounce! making the seizure worth about and other demands, a general: >OKTS! the atvouots of faraw.haa.... a'.ti,s..alltbiut
$15,1/00. There Reliance has lead of j minutes Barring Etc. laterttit alli,wnl t d\ .
is :
no duty on the l lockout of 700 men employed in the I'JIf'i'al.rr1u."I1j1.,1 I j w raw
importation of the stun and the only trade here has taken place. 8 to accidents S s .e should wjn by from ;i% Seeds 10-17 Ira'I'i a> t..I i l i If' iiii'i'v' .L.'

reason that can be assigned for Its minutes. I the Kind M' 1eu 1t t t1 .

entering here without a register i li I t that Leads
; stolen if the i -- -- -
charge is true, coat uiore-tiKu more.
It could be easily traced. :M by&J dealers.
1901: 'eed Annual
e El Paso Tex., was vis.ted: by an unusual Said Francis Joseph May Leave Hungarian pvraipaM tree
Young Boy Killed. number of fires yeS'terojtay and Throne. ..iiss ....sg.s.. eu. ..
D. M. Ferry & Co.
Russ nYllle, Ala., August :!t-The the operations of firebugs are suspect. Vienna, August 24-Rumors ara! Detroit. Mien.

16.year-old son of Jack Taylor ed. again in circulation of the possible .*
was accidentally i
killed at the home of J. The governorship fight Mlstleslp-! abdication of Emperor Francis Joseph 0 READ I

Uingo, a farmer, near RockwOOd. Mr. pi Is becoming warmer every lay. Hwill as king of Hungary becans he is tired + .
and Mn. ol the continuous political !
Wingo struggle.
were away from home end with the second primary next
and Young Taylor with several others Thursday. Both Austrian official circles and the | The Florida Times-Union !
--- -
cf the neighbor boys, met at the Wing Hungarian opposition deride the reports -

home to eat watermelons. The The Negro Business Men'9 League the latter believing them to be A -
amusing themselves by boyswere I closed: its session at Nashville yesterday spread by the government with the T. MURPHY ---

a target rifle at each other. snapping Young Booker Washington was re-elected view of inducing the abandonment of 9 REDUCED SUBSCRIPTION lATtt I

Taylor ran in another room and I is president the aggressive attitude Q J the opposi A LILY AMDM.N6AVOne

Mjpposed to have taken hold of \Viugo't Antony Tom, a Kansas City man, tion. Machine and A Three Month partate purt'P ftMu4 M IM.w 2k

shotgun, and pulling the gun t a who married a young woman of Greenville Private information from Budapest IroijWorHs W MJ Month.' to.ta o...... .. W
ward him, it fired declares the emperor is not ready to I Q Oae t ear, p..ut p.ul .
was the load bloc r. i Ala., has been arrested on a big

ceiling leg out above.his brains, and lodging in the j I amy charge. by grant the the Hungarani.Soemi.Offlcial army concessions. : demanded Iron. Urnami! llrou/e Ca'.(-1 I ILLUSTRATED!'oeml Urekiv SUNDAY h.liiujB EDITION sti.H-Du|i.M. A vfA* 2i

I Secretary of Agriculture TVlIsoc ins: : Machine and Pattern stm.-Mecicy: l-a1tK u.r \'', < .

a hopes to Interest the negroes of the Shop*: :Marine and ISail
John G. Carlisle Buy. Home. I south In silk culuture. Denial. road All and rcm' :
iCepair610 -. ; -
New York, August 2-1.- John G. Sofia, Bulgaria August 24-The current I i : TIM f"j i
lisle] secretary of the treasury Car-I I Professor Langley's great air ship rumor of the approaching mobs Ii- 1 to 617 E. Bay St Jacksonvillo, THE FLORIDA isnnlli. RMUt
55 will soon be another Final
given tet.
President Cleveland's second term, ha I I' lation of the Bulgarian. army is semi! 4
bought a a I preparations are being mai' oa the 414'
new home at Greenwich i officially denied.
' Conn., consisting! of a house an a }I I machine Study AT Home of l'tiUze"spuetime eama s g e ong a i SUBSCRIBE

"1' about 15 acres The place is a few !I There !has been no change in C< Humbert Family Found Guilty. Hi hettered.sa Lfara mare, an4 uo.ury.you.
miles east of Macedonian situation. Russian can mote With the Tablet Home Study LCSMU oeed not
the trarhips you
historic 24 All
, Putnam Mil Pan, August -- the members ka.eLoge of employment to leant BouckeepiBg,Anthiueuc.
ant commands a good view of II are still off the coast of Turkey, of the Humbert family were found "gebra.leamettyGtammu.RhelC>nc. Literature. Hu .
tbt I l& j royvcsImaetc. ToacAerslided .
tori A&4 *uia ICI&W1.k..L. but may ta shortly mthdrawn. guilty. Cess CiKulanftee. AJdr-.L p.eseummenaesstlrY LIIa"aWaa,8 rl&Y .........e.......... ......


\ -
< e


II .- ,.. .. .,...... .. ... .- .. '
.. -. .. .- .. '
...:-, .. "-' ; ;' ':;f < : -.< :.--:r..J'- -'-. "' 4... .' ..-,70_ ;><_ ." --,' .JJf.7" .__ '-
{ Jf .. -
: . ,..-_....". -_ M! -.-- .. :_ + ,., ,' '.tJ.-; ", '. -.. -:.:."%: .
.......-. .- ... s." :....",.'...."........,\ '.-"C".;,....=- > _"'..-.; ....'-= .""""' ,!ii' _.,.. -..-.:,,s.=,," ;_ '_. ..' .....: "j-j'-j'&I-.......;.-.,_ ..., ..31Ja. ."., ._
-,,""" -- .*" t? t. r t> ety"'" t-_ o.2'"" 1ob'jo!< ... 'n...

--- -_ './ _ _. ,
I- .. ,
;; C- ,. .' :_ -..-". -_ -. .w -
... .- II" .zj1 : .-o i' c 1'-1'f ; y" {

i, '



= yf -
--- ---- ;
; --- -

I r'. .1.-.'. I. Hiiff LIVES" Stockmen Sentenced to Prison.Ft. Burnett NOTICE. i

11 t TO Q IVU..O" JENNINGS. CAME Of MIMIC WAR. Benuton, Mont.. August 27-Hen. Jerry j

ry Winters and Andrew Bellair prominent Notice of Application for Tt* Iwed I wfcr *w
., uf IilWle dttdlt Battleships: Storm Main Entrance tt
.;iiiPuti" '1' J. LOST IN I GREAT FLOOD stockmen, were convicted in the Merchant tion s. Chapter a'. Uw 04 KloruteYOTICE
Portland Harbor.
.IlJt.If Is
fI RUGl'fiS TllV
to a year each 12.3U66. .6. .S90$.
., .\ "' IIn. ,.. .. (.1 Portland Me., August 2C.-Through l.' -W. \. pr"8t purchaule Of i*5 ccru

wiskbtt to .afoldiiI' district court last night and sentencedto No .2,. dated the and day of 'ieD .
dense smoke and amid the tumult of has filed
crrtinc te .
\eJIk. KtmiD Town a year each in the penitentiary for Tailoring. IB My
..' h Foo, China, Almost continuous cannon fire the battleships and has made application for Us deed -.e.

killing a steer belonging to a Helena in accordance with law Mid evrtifaatt _
Keexsarge Illinois and Alabama en braces the following described ..OIeftJ.tsMsd

to_" .. ed.1w Destroyed tered this port early toiay. having Ocala Florida. its tfarion county. Florvia to-wit I

... Iirm.Cleveland's Northwest quarter of northeast rtrt cv-
f. Finest '
h.' 1'lO Imported and
g t- harborIn lion ,
stormed the main entrance to 11 'ownship 14 range it
The said land
being ataemed it the date at
r _'f ,. .Ioe .d.. he III lour connection with the great ar game. Xew York August 27.-The baby Domestic Cloths. the issuance ot such certificate IB the a*.* jf

.pII which is this week in this vi Amy Green j
going en
r .. Rushing Waters Carried Houses, People boy recently horn to Mrs. Grover Cleveland Cutting a Specialty Unless said certificate shall be rcdwa
,. "-. : my lie cinity. At midnight the scouts o.! Buzzards aCXOrdlDrtolaw.lIsdftdwtlll. .
.ft" I at Bay Mass., has been Fits GuaranteedNOTICE thcftonm
and Trees Before It Over 30 the lith d4Y of
Septemoei 0D
.. the hostile feet were discovered by i oj
christened Francis Grover
f hi' Cleveland tt'"nr
oftcia .
my mpiature sad *I IBM
i... .* '.'* ISS.I..d. Chinese Known To Be Dead at Chee the pickets of the army on shore and a name selected by the other children the lath day ot Augu.t A D.i iy>)

l 01 uand.a. at daybrea the battleships came up I S T. ftlSTftl*K I
oi after their father '
: mother.
i' Foo an : Clerk
;1If.' -Eeach Strewn With Dead. 21 Circuit .rt MMMB Co VIa
. \.1 .. .,1 _ulsid.ia. the channel. The victory if any. is.:

I. .. .. It"r ....1Ie1ld. Victoria B. C. August 27.Accord.Ing not apparent to shore observers. j 01 Acphcation for Tax Deed Under section Soof

Chapter 48. Laws of Flonda. PETITION FOR SPECIAL TAX SCHOOt
i ,uthh -.elk and to mail adv.ces iron Shanghai several The night: was a sleepless one. not j S DISTRICT. f
only for all actually engaged in the | VOTICE HEREBVCIVEXTHAT NATHAN 1
hundred lives "
were lost in the } :
Mayo. ourcha T of Tax Certificate No.
I ;:;II ., T e .. ,t. la.I great floods at Ctee Foo. briefly reported maneuvers, but for rny in the city j I_ [ r." / -_:11Ie'=- 4026. dated the jth day of August A D \\y.: THE UNDERSIGNED CITUKIti AND 1 ;

bad".. ..... h' taiekwt' by calk! It was actually engaged in the ma (:;' I I -,-' ,. 1901 ha. filed said certificate in my office, and '' taxpayer of the territory described hlo.
.. ... = has; made application (lor tax deed to issue in will on thepresent
I .
Iw ,-
After a thunderstorm with heavy It was scarcely midnight when the i i ccorrtance with law. aid certificate embraces J'irxl .
; tlitiLiy / VJllrrrtlotr,
I .. ..1 ..0.hka, ..h..h a searchlIghts of the fort disclosed two j I -I Jr the follawm described property situated 1.,3-
.. rains. a clcuJbum occurred and tor tn Marion county. Pla. to wit to the Board of Public laat, .I

rents of water poured down tae torpedo boat destroyers in the outer i 0 ) ilg Lot P Caldwell sub of southwest part of Alvarez Marion county Florida this petsilu. a.iEs*
..... ... Ie PS, She .._ on Grant township 15 range 22. said Board of Public U.rudiwi oT KWM
w. town rushing seaward and carrying harbor. Firing began at once and i The said land being assessed at the date ol the county. Florida to call) a a eitctM far tile Mr--
t ... 'I' hi -- styIga1d l1.o\e tiuildlBga.: then ceased. An hour later the presence issuance of such certificate in the n.rae of pose of creating ( special lai school dutnttt*
trwa and people before I be known
Mrs Kate Orr. Unless said certificate as the oak Hill Special Tie SdHMl

f ** .. .,., torsv' .... It.Stored. of a battleship was revealed by shall be redeemed according law. tax deed District to include in taW dutnct the Mbwte*

fy and warehouse the search lights and several of the I .. will issue thereon on the ytb day of Sept A. pnperty to.itCommenCIng
.nMr who (*KX the were ; D. i oJ at the ne corner of we i. twp ii
'" a.r* |pn
by tie sudden flood and the property forts opened fire upon her. This vessel -o, ,( Witness my official signature and seal this the s. range 20 e; thence running tooth lu _carat
.. 8th day of Aug., A. D. 1903. Ofseei4twpi3.rIo thence w to the tw oorwr
returned the ere and after
i.d u I" hoU a* AM .ktit lots will reach millions.! The water cannonading : 3 T. SIsTRUXK.su of see i$, twp i.l. r m. thence north akw* rM<*
became general A launch' Clerk Circuit Court Marion FlaEXECUTOR'S line to the nw coruer ot see ".
AdfI k. am* wltt all of hM ml jht, swept with uth fores as to sweep Co ; thence east twp '. r., 4
along north line
of to Uw ,
twp 0
.. Is .u ,'* tfam "MtMa, till uitghLt' ")0 tots of coal into the sea. The containing landing! parties was captured corner ot sec 33. twp u. r n thrice ij north" _

I and at 2:23 o'clock all the outer the wrtt line of sec 33 to the .. our at 8." il
beach was strewn with wreckage andtf.'ad NOTICE TO :CREDITORSAND
.. ,t S ( i1t1'i. Of pun nw of sec 33, t ij,r atbenceetos ear ._

f i* 1..1.I.IM.ptt. I hoe it, an:, presented an awful sight forts were engaged In action. I I ROLLS FROM Only the best OTHERS of n w otsac.u. t IJ ran. th..ce.toi

know All the outer forts were engaged corofse ol nw o( ,,ec u t u r ttwtetothenecorof
I ,. r -l I at tfct paaate to Over SOO CtJcese were knowi to be I OUR OVEN material goes NOTICE IS HERFBY GIVEN TO ALL CRED- thenwH .r'IIe.a v of w

e lead at Cie Foo alo e. Xo foreign- tn action with the three big vessels. '. into thy oven and .legetees distributee and all persons X of sec 33. t u, r jo theacr > to Ute t9 ;-

.1. i'ttHa if votl dun While two torpedo boat destroyers and the having claims or demands against the estate of line dividing 12 and it. thean eaotcrl* 4Mate>
ors are knojfn to have seen drowned. only CHARLES ABSOX.. deceased. that thi y and twps u and 1510 p ob

C but a sailor; trcm the steamship Xe; other small craft had been detailed tc I each of them are called upon and required to (Signed) U. W. Nettles J H. '. I V .
BEST BREAD present their claims against the said estate to BushUlon D. hint J. E. MUM, M J. Ml- .
._ III the WSCS44SI uhy.PW1 Orleans: hai a narrow e.rape. the duty of threatening the various i i the undesigned as executor oi the test will and son

.h. s4 cIMt CfI piC. passages of the harbor the movement j rolls out. It is delightfully crisp and testament ol Charles E Abson deceased withintwo

."." .4 pikiS to t' iwd bye QUESTIONS UP TO WRIGHT. against the main channel had been reserved -I nbolesnme. A few sUct-a buttered i ia a otherwise years from same thIS will date.be as forever required barred by law. NOTICE

: for the little shIps. For mort ED'A. HOLDER.
and almost
meal in it.-elf nutritiousas
;.q' OK .B w tHla a "he. as Executor ot last will and testament of Charles
-CMoPLk.oJ He Must Settle the Difference ff than an hour the big vessels stood off meat. E Abson. deceased. I

the main entrance to the harbor. At Orders for Bread etc., can be more Ocala Fla., July loth A. D 1903. 7-10-81 Application for Tax Deed fader MetMrt sal

ntrs ana operators. Chapter 4&A. Lw ot Honda
n ii1" 'k.''a luaaat 4 o'clock they began the advance. Witt satisfactorily filled byGENUS'
New York. August 27-The board! yOTICE IS IIKRKBY GIVKJT TIUT J S.i .

I lAMA* CONTAIN k..iai conciliation pr.viJ thE Illinois NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LEAVE Stevens purchaser of tax certificate JV

and Alabama close behind each belchIng TO SELL MINOR'S LAND dated the id day of luly. A. D 194. aad certi
I strike commission to adjust BAiERY ficates Nos 547 543. dated the t. day ol July !

t I tl. md "au' "y, difficulties in the anthracite coal region broad sides at the forts, they sailed 1901. has filed raid certificate IB my nlVt aid '

: f a. II .all: ..1 .liIt fttaOft.f I between the miners: and the operators slowly to ward the city. Forts Wll | --- -- --- XTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT ON has made with application law. Mid for taxdetd certificate.to MM_*bra.IB accordance -

f. H MM'I:I UlrMMl M}. I llazis Preble and Leavitt poured in- ithe the following described property tiualad la

r 11 -', *. a'. IIM hMrU approve.IH met today behind closed doorsat terrupted fire towards the ships. In McHER and .1L4 CL1) Third diiy j, Marion county. Honda to-it '

the office of the genral traffic manager I will apply to Honorable Robert Bullock Southwest quarter of northe*'t quart c

*" *>.. ._ southeast of
quarter southeast of mcrth-
I of Florida his office Ocala in said quarter
fire after another untl the -- at in county.
yesseLs -
kt rvdict one
> p. *i on
tw % y east section
._ and
Carroll D. with quarter oiihc <( of
company. V.'rigut met "' -' for an order authorizing me, as Guardian of is u.Mrtr
*. .lit .. 4 rtk *4 MT estate had reached the inner harbor. As : northwest quarter n yards
i % tie board for the first time .r ;: '_ :': ;.J the minor heir of the estate of Harriet Copp except oM&Bwaaac
and W4.. as umpire.Several ,I' 'Jr,." :fI.JJ deceased to hell at sale the east of SOUl n weill corner of tuvitiewt quartet rf
!a W* fctftl* the ships crept on the forts the firing, :: ".. prlvat following
matters on which the boarcfaitei -.r. 't"-. ,' T.-o property belonging to said estate. to-wit: northwest quarter section is township :\ .
I I 7 o'clock the echo I -o' 13. thence east 110 yards north 110 y.r4n wr*
..u'a -.italt. t>C to reach submitted ceased slowly and by All that certain lot or piece of ground situatein
: an agreerent"ere
aoyar.is.S. no yd* all in towiuhip nmgi q
.. ._. "I Sdiss Cot, I I side of the the town of Ocala. county f( Marion and
of the eastern
the at
guns The said land being aiMwcd at the "io to Mr. Wright as umpire for : state of Florida more particularly described as
. I I. .. *nM.vta foar bay, where a minor engagement was FUNERALDIBECTOHS. follows. Commencing at the southeast corner of of such cenificatn m tb* siis >*
.. hm! to deddo.Ir.. Wright did tot unknown F. J Steele F. V (iai. Catew
iau< at lot one ['I] of block twenty-Mx [ 61 l] of the old
going on was all that could be heard. said cartlficate.
shall he rcUrcmni aceatdlac to
ear .ten ho would give his opinion survey of the town of Ocala.and running thence
.- woM. The then maneuveit \orth-thlrty-nine feet and inches law tax deed will IMUC tacraoa as the I.AII
r%> a pr atM it vary battleships [391] eight [f'1]
dav .
New York Brokers Assign. thence to the line lots and ot September A D i>.
a< h *ni It I". ataw a* jwa. for a time and then they went bacK west dividing one Witness mv ottcial Nfnataic aid Mat ta*tile
Xw York. August 2'Tarrant f. I two of block twenty-six thence southwardlv
tat ,*iMini* pile eiits toward the outer harbor. where they along said line thirty nine [391] feet eight [S] 8th day of Augiut A. D .j.
King a corporation wit offices at NoS .j of T $MTtCMKSu
.rt ,*m hr$ sa inches. 'hence east along the south boundary
began cruising about among the is- -1-1Ee Cleik Circuit Caort Mara Ot Mai
lot to the southeast the tnt of beginning
-Cuova* Ls.tr.l Croad street dealing in stocks one corner p j'
lands. !L having erected thereon a two story
: ,'ul K> 1..1
grain and cotton. today assigned to .nu.oee ot xjdSn.Ctixel' frame dwelling house

1'.r|. 403 'UtI Ago Arthur A'. Hill. The company baa a Early in the forenoon the scene ol I u:fccr;- 0 5.i-'Ii enn l.'scrlpUoLSper. II Itt- t11 Said land belonging to th. estate of said Harriet i NOTICI

action shifted to the Hus- Copp deceased to be sold for the best interN -
It 011 (iiaaw <>i.. &i known i caplul stock of $i.ooo. passage into of said minor heir

I I sey"8 sound between Packs and Long Embalming to Order. This 24th day of July. 'qcj. oi AppUeatue for Tat Dd fato tOTto* 1I
b.ij $amia Itavif aflf > Iii|.eaf JAMES K.COTTREL Guardian.
731 ,
CALLS OUT RESERVES. l laIl'i. From this vicinity! great clouds Chapter 4**, r.w*of I.
-- --
b.s> jrn .ir ..,. iNvunM IH lt<> of smoke were arising and the roar ---- VOTICE IS HEREBY Giridl THAT JOUR Ml

KIM K..ItU6htn"bl of of many guns was hear and the Olymp- ARTI'. ES OF INCORPORATION OF I NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE 11 Stanaland. purchtier Tat CerttAca 4u
flula4 Soldiers In Macedonia To Be
Turkish MARTEL LUMBER COMPANY. I 1237 dated the 4th day of inv 4 D I M haa
pla leading a fleet against Fort McKin- filed said certificate
In mv uAc aai h. aside
: ".. *H 4.l* la M. C.th. 2JUh4 Greatly Increased. t-r deed
application tat
ley. As at the main entrance, they itaor in icav4'ar*
CrmstintJtiople August 27-The government NOTICE with law 6aid certiftcat arateaca* the",.
... 0 iii. h .. ruwwudy .I-eo. came In slowly. The Olympa was rXDERSIGXED INTENDING AND by virtue of a final decree entered ino described Mtttated Mti.s
haa decided to call into ser THE to organize a corporation under on the I7th day of July: A. D 1903 by the Hon. property IB

.j fj pl. 4 SiiiS. I4l.1 Tice all the remaining European re- cloeely followed by the Baltimore. the general laws of the State of Florida. and all W. s. Bullock,judae of the circuit court ot thejta county.North Florida half of north ti-wit half of MMthMat qwtcf

There were four other vessels in this amendatory of the same. hereby make and Judicial circuit of Florida [anon county, tiwuitup
rittC'lV0ly _u. p.ut.jtii.srn sme belonging to the second and publish the following articles of association: in cqancery.in a certain cause therein pending section 31, 14. raaje 4-
The *ai as lit
fleet, the principal one being th training : FIKSI The name of the corporation is wherein Charles S. Shooter is complainant and
third and number of issuance ot such cenitkaw i.the .hMoset.
a oaajvof Kra
.. gVis sits wf Hielu army corps ship Ne v.1 0rt. The otters were MARTfcL LIMBER COMPANY and.its principal tmma Long. Stonewall Long and j. it. Hicksare l'1_ Mid eeniftcitw shift W redeemed
other reserves which will bring: the total place of business Mattel Manon County defendants. The undersigned special master -
III' rvottItg .'bauis ib** fallow the converted yacht Vixen and two Florida in chancery named and appointed in said accardiBB to Ie. sat draft mSI waw 1
thereon the iith ot ,
of the Turkish soldiers in Macedonia i on day *ptrtabcr A D.-wt
of businessto final decree the
nature the to execute will.
SEcouThe same on
boat Worden Witness orEcial .'..mud at
I torpedo destroyers and my thus the
If 1' wifc if i luait who 350 battalions almost be transacted IS as follows: The
up to or company Moxdjtkt -tk dayofSfpUmbtr, A. D. !9O{, 3rd day of August A D it>3.
Stewart.For I will and otherwise lands. timber,
double the force utilized In the Turko. Suy acquire between the hours ot 11 o'clock am_. and 2 T ".Tane
MI lisa nt" IUM 4 hft fare to timber rights. and other personal properly. will 4
a time the firing was 13 violent roads and rO'idwa's.and o'clock p m., m front of the south door ol the 7 3 Clerk Circuit CUBJI Man..a ut. >la
Greek war. The enrollment of such butli trams and pnvate court house in Ooala Mariou county. Fl nda. _ i
p&i.tti 1..1 I.MpuvrrIsCI. bI. houl'l'. aa that marking the passage of the other means of transportation will manufacture -
offer ( sale. and will sell to the and
large bodies of troops indicates tha timber lumber aud wood products. and or highest

ate; *ta .| hrr IM awuuiit. If Die s.'rlouslnes with! which Turkey views battleships. Then the action ceased ,, in general will carry cu a umber manufacturing best mentioned bidder.and for cash described the mortgaged in said final premises decree NOTICE OF APPLICATION POM P1N41.

sUd enly. :I business and such other business as is not SETTLEMENT AND FINAL IMCH 4A0 j

.. .4.l ur I ..wt her a"'yIt' the situation and her determination to inconsistent therewith. tow Fractional it. block numbered ot Clmc ad
I I 1 will bet 15 -
The amount capital
use all the means at her disposal tr THIRD dition to the of Ocala. to
city according plat on S
*h 'II -f $ i.lnll her -fi thousand dollar, consisting of two
frt .u) i. go KNOCKED GOVERNOR DOWN. ent> 7e TMK
record in Plat book A. page 58. in the office of I> HKBkBV GWEN THAT
repress the rebellion hundred and fifty shares of stock ot the parI the clerk of the circuit coim being the NOTICE e.uq&ur" the bIOI .. sad
I V ; same in
a| f..11 "tfttI | .4ll clve l her value ol hundred dollars each and the capital
Mi>r one
| Ibraham Pasha the new commanderof I northeast quarter ol the northwest quarter of testament or JOHN A. deccieed willaaj
stock will be paid in by conveyances to the
-fIC. II. II b. utrvH thai t.tist1 the troops, is a young and capable Judge Wood Assails Chief Executiveof corporation of mills. machinery mules. cans aid section containing iS. in township 61-100 of is an south acre. lying range and it east being tIt Mia ...f PW'risas, Ij ,

Arkansas.St. lands and timber and timber rights situated in make final Mttieraeat of hu aewMlam sppi

..If .. ... .. a. tlh'un'1 i officer. Seveji battalions have been J.. us. August 26.-A special to Marion County Flonda valued by the corpra- thereof in Manon as may countr.be sufficient Florida to or satisfy so much said for final diacharge. Mel iiI MldaaMfM -sal

despatched to Florina from Monastir. tors at 55 ooo 00. decree and aDpUcatwn to be made to the cup Jaifcw 011

.w..ft' u.K "(nit ." ,)'". And The yalta of Monastir an-- Salonica The Post-Dispatch from Little Rock, Forum: The corporation shall exist for a 24-03 costs. T. E. BIGGS. Marion coaaty at Ocala. ,.
lM: VU.
period fifty years.I'IFTH Sis 6m f
., .. ...t riiriiit; lit tlii cmlttj telegraphed they are able to guarantee Ark., says Judge Carroll L. Wood The officers who will conduct the Special Master D. %I.

of the Arkansas supreme court who Is business ol the corporation will be a President .. -..-..
*, U ,"JD"k.#. Never the maintenance of order In their Vice-lYesident. a GeneralIanager.. Secretaryand NOTICE
opposing Governor Davis as a candidate a Treasurer These officers will be elected I NOT&CENTIrF.
respective towns.
:.. I' '- ", ; "i la-l thtt tli- for a tird term knocked Governor at the regular annual meeting ol the stockholders ; i
ol the Comp'ny to be held at )Martel ,
': NN i* tn mualir w'H Itiotitution BILL ARP IS DEAD. Davis off a speaking stand, 4 Honda on the second Wednesday in Decem- Notice of Application for Tax Deed Under Section
feet to the ground during the cam ber in each year after this date. and the names S, ot Chapter +5Se. Lawsof Florida.
aud all 1'u. a
Kilt Kb..urd.i' ..ul.j.'III .,:\ oftbe officers who are to conduct the compa- IS HEREBY GIVES THAT Ll'IGI iurtituted perwa. tir! ,
Bismarck NOTICE suit has beca n i 'ty J. a
paign at yesterday. n.'s business until those eleci.ed at the first purchaser of Tax certificate No
Into Great
i Georgia Humorist Enters court of Kanoa ctiuaty. F: r U tachaMBMin
eto iit-tor* il Beyond.Cartcrsrille. \V B Johnvjn president has filed said certificate in office and has
my .
I ler the ctvle and .lIte..t |H ** | C..
., I,. fc. .rbI k. tin "ymiuicrr geitent.H'.s'.w Ga., August 2G.-Majo* friends prevented further trouble. Daniel A. Clark vice-president and genet a! I made application for tax deed to issue in accordance ben< hoe Conpaay l9 r fl Jal!'
with law. Said certificate embraces the
Judge Wood was arrested manager. .
on a A U
H..ukt. Charles H. Smith (Bill Arp) is dead. Walter Ray. treasurer.E following described property situ-itcd in Marion 1903And the said W. D )!.'I'O j.i' BttmflMtnere

Since the successful operation andrraovil charge of assault and battery. Governor P Tbagard. secretary.amount of indebtednessor county. Florida to witS South half of southwest ted are hereb. r"i' .r.11 .: ..rt.I

*a. Davs publicly asked Judge Wood SIXTH: The highest quarter section 15 township 15. range 21. action before the cvu"t .'I' dBJCr- laOcab.
u y N4 W4Uj M pn)ale that UIW4 of atones from the gall bladder liability which the company at any time The said lanl being assessed at the date of Florida : ;
| on !
questicn.5 and before they could be subject itself is fifty thousand dollars &o.- the issuance of such certificate in the name of
,u.1| .
ut. take and
in has been E
life he
My which proIougeJ 00000) Hennmg L and I Co. Unless said certificate .vmuJo, tilt 7t5 'I tJ r 0 lJ ai

'isti< ). (.h lUl.t'r. gradually growing weaker. a battle between fully answered interrupted with more SFVENTH' The names and residences. and shall be redeemed according to law. tax deed judgment will be giveri; . m latut ;

questions which so angered Judge number of shares to be taken by each of the will issue thereon on the 35th day of August oftheudIV J Ch.in .c.. \.1.... nagal ta
Cs C -MM,.10 i MM! Lh .f 11bI..11i. For his fine constitution and the effects subscribers are as follows D iy><- be recovered i-7 v ."" c" '* -,"' JWltuese

I., h. ItUtfU'tta; mud aut'Olielut' of the obstructions gcing on. Wood that he struck and knocked W B.Johnson. Taldosta. Ga 50 shares. Witness my official signature and seal this the my ham! j- c ..nt. ja a4 tIW
Governor Davis from the platform. Daniel A Clark. Martel. Fla. 50 shares. i 2tst day of July A D. ()- seal of the said court JQ I.-t. thr -. 'of J.l, i
., lu Of his family, his wife, his daughters Walter Ray Leroy. Flonda. 50 shares. S T. SISTRUNK. \.D 1 03 Nk B : "K

I Miss! Marian and Mrs. Brumby, Later the matter was adjusted and i Witness the hand and seal of the corporatorsthe 724 Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co. Fla. 7-io [seal] County |I.ditc.f MJ- '" v.0 r. I

t" cr THE CHALOES. Judge Wood returned to Little Rock 26th day ot Augn-t.1003. -
-- -- '-
-- --
i --
ana at the home. the well known W B. Joffso: ;. (SEAL). I I
"Shadows.: The other daughters.Mrs. j .u. ,. NOTICEIn J
T KAY. ., JI
1 ."|&H Co fnm,nt Rttutci Excavat WALTER \

Aubrey and Mrs. Young, are residents I the Circuit Court oi the Fifth Judicial Circuit
ft p.,.'leg. to American UNCLE SAM'S NAVAL POWER. Notice of Application! Ttt I rrtArt( *n.
here and have been at the bed of the State of Florida. in and for INTOTICE
Xf .
c i igur4 K.After mar state ofFlorida.Marion > lion S. of Chapter s La.. rl t l-i'
side. Dr. Ralph Smith. of Jacksonville County. i Marion County In Chancery.
*" .r anJ Lord It Is \ 14 UMaED.iIH PHT\.. I
prwparatioa Says COmparatively
n'n Brassey
11. Fla.. and Hlnes Smith of Rome TN PERSON CAME BEFORE ME. THE t'K- Revana Ghe. Plaintifi vs. Solomon Ghe, de purcha rol Fat "ertillcaf. "

i I'.r faptwdltortt ot more | Greatest In the World. | 1 dersier.ec authonty.. B Johnson Dame i I f fendant. jcoo dated the 6tb day of Aagu \ b ..
aL the major's sons are here. and Walter Ray. each of whom u well certificate utfUr. ad ha
'* excavation A. Clark I T IS ORDERED THAT THE DEFENDANT has filed said IB aay *
for th
1.111 The other sons, R. R. Smith at Rock- Boston August 27.-Lord Brassey. i known to me to be the same person whose I herein named Sok-mon Gbe, be and he is made appbcatton for tax dee- tv i.Mt* IB accordance
tr ':..:.1. an4 tf.h"r is subscribed to the foregoing articles of Said certiBt.nl' .
i'a" 4 name with taw vaiarana
I I to to the bin com
"* l AaMrtoui explorers mart, and Frank Smith at San' Antonio eminent naval authority and president association and acknowledged thathe executed plaint hereby in required Said cause oi appear,or before the following dacriWd pru.nt tKaau4 is j
t ,
Tex.. are telegraphed and are expected of the London chamber of commerce, I ,signed aad sealed the said proposed charter Marion couaty Flonda. to.Wit lawthami
r* : !lli-y;: tbawjoned because for the uses and purposes therein expressed JI," the sth day of October a. tgoj quarter of the Bortheaat quailrr ircttuu itownthipi .
Ih 1'I ; also Victor Smith, of New who is here looking ever the business Given undef my hand and sea of office thisz6thdayofAngust.A.D. It is further ordered that a copy of this order ;. range n. J

IU tot gran; York and Carl Smith of Mexico. and shipping interests, has expressedthe lQ03- te published once a week for five consecutive The said land beiag aaMOV'4 tt 'ha at .<
frbo.. i Atmrtoan citizens to dose I E P. TlilG.UD. weeks in the Ocala Banner. the issuance of such otrtOkate m ibis MM of t
The funeral will take place at 10:30: belief that the Unitd States with Notary Public State at Large. This the 13th day oi August A. D 1903. I'atuown t'nle tid crti Vie than ha redeemed 1
t., itrr to tut crttiers ol o'clock Wednesday morning. her tremendoss resources, is undoubt S T.SISTRUNK, according to law tax deed anil tame f

J J* I r t n i r.. the Hev. Dr Jon 8 21 Clerk Circuit Court. thereon oa the .nth day of Aaftwt. AD i' n
edly destined to be a naval power. aid aaal iht MMnstdayot *
; r.' ". NOTICE. BY H. C. SISTKC2IS. D.C. Witneu-my oftoal aifBttare
) .n! waa tJl u. advtor7I of Rain. "It is only a question of time," he EDwtx SPEJTCEZ. July &. O. 1903. .
-r. .. Forty Days Notice is hereby given that on the ajtada* I'latnuft'sttonIey.. a. T. LIITIV\&
27. The said "when the fleets of the United will applyto clerk deceit coin Mania C. Pta i
r 0, J ., -..... Raleigh X. C. August section I I September, 1903 the undersigned i Z4
._ appUcatlim j of the State 01 Florida for letters A S
States will be raised to the first rank. the Governor .
of of which N'ewbern is -- --- --
: i ***. f.! .' country the foregoing proposed char- NOTICE.state .
i. *U. 10 excarau Mau- patent upon
; ***'' 1 the center, has endured forty days of Potentially the United States is already i ter. NOTICE.Notice
n CtukUiw. and Nauar
** rain. This breaks the record for comparatively the greatest naval DANIEL CLARK of Mirioa,District NJ.I
j r lilt ., !In southH1''f of Florida. County
kM- proilalty North Carolina. The average dally power in the world. She has the i* WALTER RAY. Action of Application for Tax Deed Cndat tat
In Civil
1 f Ii_; .,
} $114 the r.-quin'd top rainfall has been half an inch. Tha greatest resources and it IB only a OD S.Chapter 4*' U"a4 Marion.
j I" T. Barnes vs. Clarence E. Tracey.
of er.u
will be long remembered as the question policy NOTICE NOTICE
season ut tax OTtOc lie.
DEFENDANT purchaser
I : 1.1! : The pll.tloo&f! CLARE tj II rainy summer. The greatest damage TO all others whom it may concern. you '. 379.. dated the tilt day ol Jnlj A P MM 1
] : r .. **'. in cooforaU with the BULGARIAN VILLAGES ATTACKED are hereby notified that a writ of garoeshaient has filed said certificate IB mr 4Vr, and haa
j {lh, er .' T\jik done is to cotton. Farmers express Notice of Application for Tax Deed Under Sec. has been issued in the above cause and that made application foras dead 10 mMt '
&a empire u'rctutire1 will lose half their 8$ Laws of Florida. in the hands ot the ccrdance with law M1d cettiftcalr nMfnM
fear that they crop tion Chapter 4 your money
J t I I
hi Circassians Said To Have Massacred Atlantic Coast Line railroad company has heengarnc..hecd the following described property s.iud Jf>
ax by reason of the continuous moisture IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT CHAS. and that unless you appear before Marion county Fta to-wtt RM half i 4 >
i !:**n. >.!.ln to ifiTi bas been Many Inhabitants. NOTICE. purchaser of tax certificate No. ; section 20 and loathwtat enjaHtr
since July 14. The rainy season has I I said court on or before the halt of lot i.
; ; t4JJ" c"! tia any .aU ,fa ended. certificate in office and made application The Mid land _
filed said
now my ship is range 21
:. :-:: *. :. !IlIrhf faJhir to grint Bulgarian villages tear TS h for tax deed to isMie in accordancewith judgment by derautill be entered against .\ at the date of the utitaace of we) '00.Ie

t't "rn.M 1'1.auf., at the tiug' .- -. Tllayet of Adrlanople are rko..kei'l I law. said certificate embraces the following you MRs. 'HOs. J. BARNEs Plaintiff.NTEDSEVERAL thenameof, I'nkaowB and Lai .., ..
described property Sltu*ted tn 24 i Unless said certiacate shall be rs&rA _

;. "f"IIIt ti.- TurkUh authorttlw.. Tel Plttsburg. August %&.-Abot* 40t have' been attacked by Circassians county. Flonda. to-wit: ding to Uw. tAli deed .,'! IM Izsth aa.- .

t ;:11 "u --.iitlta! 4 (or ilaughelr and their inhabitants massacred.The I South half of southwest quarter section iS day of August \. D \*3.
'b m. ..<. .-.l .a. "--" .- -iU.ao.n-il EUii township 14 south range 22 east. INDUSTRIOUS PERsons Witness my official' Hgvatnre ud..a..
I 'b* -iu-' nult. sub- presents of food and cigarettes The said land being assessed at the date of W\ travel for house established 22nd day ol July A D. i/t
of the National Tube company a ot such certificate in the name of in each state to i T "!*T'r*.
1? t '..,r J Mki. the director ililary concern of the United State vhich the sultan sent to the Russlaaesuairon the E. W.issuance Agnew & Co. Unless said certificate eleven! years and with a large lot capital.successful to and call : Clerk Circuit Cuurt "anOllu PAa.
It and
J 1. fx, ,. 'Hii>o. ku ten In Con annual shortly after it anchored o2 shan be redeemed according to law tax deed upon merchants agents Weekly
Steel corporation because the the 3rd day of Oct. A. D. profitable line. Permanent engagement.
I "oUt I *it.'t> J$*. 1:. 1901, earnof Tt Iniada, en the e.ast coast of Turkey, will issue thereon cash salary of SiS and all trailing expense*
t oj": :'r '.': to f' TvldaJa governet wage scale has not bees were not permitted to be received onboard 11903.itness my official signature and seal this the and hotel bills not advanced essentiaL in Mention cash each reference week. FOiEYSHONITHtARCurt
is attributed
the scale Expenenc
In signing
I delay day ofAugust. A. D. 19"35.
; tt 4 the Russian warships. Admiral and eaclo self-addressed envelope. THE
'r.Uaa UuiteJa TRXK.
the ; .T. I$ Prevent P4seasO61
absence oJ the general man- *
i to thj! TIOX.\-I. Dearborn St Chicago.iit
Fla. S.\ 334
"c for r*ffflloo to ex- Kruger refusing to accept them 1 S zS Clerk Circuit Court Manon Co.
.... -.ar.


\...."- .-...,-..-"JJ. tJ1b -t l ''1'. .t7' ." u. iiaJ-.iO..Y -'> -'- .-".,i----.b----. .-.-.. ." .' .:" __"4'__'' ''/,-,.. ._ ___ S __. ._ ____4_ _


: ; i i ( .}.-..0" .., j -. jI ,.J=. ..""' = ,Z:,::;; ---. --.-nn( '-, ':" .J) JI;.;.;;;:..: :; .


-. .- '
"" :' CC.lU 3"'NS;-"" 4t
-- -
.,, -......
UUJIUJ If ?tJIU 'aritra
a." " " " " " ftt1; !" .

Jfe. Tflfefcf/*-** *C PU art
... t aM aid rA.wslestavf aL1J r- "t't"'lt".J'

J. ...LS 44 .. .. W 6:3:1 ---
., k...*fialra ebe rirsrra: ifrRut : amat 1

.J..,. .." ; : ABE
... frttrw.a..Ie{ .. y.ttt6a. 1ft: JAKE

r/s.,.... .1 b4ra4, 7.. silt zrastiir :: PP
r "ta. ....,( if .. : -- EA POT &ROCRY S

wdl fyrrat fA MId. I rsers ; r r 'wl'
IIJ ItiMbti ..rt vwzja erT tbtf'.y.si ---
JonH kI.. J..., irittnaz a''tatl'ttir I..- 4 4
uwy raft V-JI.u: --- .
1It& a "Ji" fA are.k aM 1- r .4

,.. nv a.,1r.{ tU+!t u a ( r- .. 4 4
:: T'
a.rt..rr_ 1M iM1 .t i Jt.I""M I 1 1
........ J .... lotAl., is tlrr lI'r.-rd..l: 1 1 ::
t.ati etway .ttuaioy. l.M rarsb. itre t --- ...':
..., tr.. MIlS I a. prod th+ay ------ 1 ..... '
I Itlti
SM firf4N44 ftl ttbre dayr att xyrtaatle .
,.,vAt flit }.1. Af y n1s. I .....].
--- I "
.. I .a4 t4 d 4 fA ttst rwA J
Ny s+ ttid k efs N att lI'Ml? ,:. Itfig -r-- ...f

4lM.e twt l/f rNr &t mia b14t --- .......
t. .a4 ) tstof el tM I raga- j
,,-t.&IIJ U, ary J.fty tAt nrlp E You have got to trust just like do doctor
.fin a1 L-4 ; It .....rt tbtt IV, --- your grocer you your ,.
mNM4 Irri Mwtit th,- .
L. tto... ItA fl.,llb. It "Ai snk! r :: trust him with your health and incidentally your purse. If
wild N tits yaa .irtJ msttrwtr J4spdl --- you get
,, bt I ta..at tei i.teb ::,iuirN.MLaitWlta .
It-: 'I:: hold of one who thinks of your pocketbook to the detriment of your 3

r..... -.& 4.fia.( sey t.fflj rf L'r. ....

a Ttot*....Me fb. .n.tiJ.rtefy..at,.. tf I hart to the eif-r yyw tt.t r I 1:: healthtyou cannot drop him too quick. We make healthy customers 1

III lkflda tba4 far baaB .. 1
M-.a.a rfladtp1h4M
... by selling them healthy food. and satisfied customers by charging them 3
NJ tteawd tor th* aatMrantMli awl r
fi.v .. a.ifc.<..*>u "ffrr 4 t..y wyd.rrretatM
tAtl ogre: is the xnaty EW fair prices for all they buy 3

Waite r il+t.4rt .UK7. 1M tft I r .... .
J..cHI '.Mt ie ilb bp II!)(, I r' /" ....4 4oiO ,
if ..... Inca 61 t!*trut/i. tad gbit. 1.- dL dL 4L/ -4 4
._ bare wr&BjfiCMttifOS tota taW "4
from IM { J a...ir.rr1 the dt.1e.tfli --- -*;

e AWr,,* i+rtcrix l bill! " '!r.4 w plate the Ut4QT1: Of rb ___ Among new past few days.I.will be found Co 3
rMraru IIC Wtrtleitly at the I1l1v..J !-
61 W.llltu. !t tA.okt1" and rIvA # .- E: Fish and Mackerel in bulk, and Canned Shrimp. |
..... I tM tbr tlrtLn ofU
4 i%* et :-r.ittliri ki1 4lrttt 'f!iIi --- ....
--- ..
J tlr9rtd -
iblarg't : --i

...St i ... Jo'I."r4.,ft irb the ab6 Iattr4tatf.tJrarsNCenrwi. bare ain I== We handle a full line of the product The name of Heinz's Keystone Brand .i..

_.,. ....,.a.-.1 g4=tax: rtFkri a -.
of the National Buscuit Company'sanong is sufficient
Ness ttoh4. ,Pljctabl ..
M aM erAMs the arui mivurr ofLftytyh : "
9f4 V, the uabnfM'ur. ...=. which will be found of preserves and jams of the following
III ail pwrt r.f tit t' North. J votrtitrrtpidrrr
... a'u. Cabal iI'! .
+ t yrrd fruit flavors
Nabisco : 3
a MB Ufc tb* ldlMm of tht dtrotaed ,
and --- ..
part l.Ftaan f9Ib a r4it1. .
...M p.t JIf'Jlh QO tbt bibwayr Pineapples
4 Athena ,
fA ai.Ir.ft rfnrarrtt, fu.d ,
..... kW4 tAhtk 01 tte ......,-.r..r.ltpyaf4.ttorotai ....
rtil aay4. in the : : Apricots ...
r Romona ....
e. ....01 tI. r frtlO ocean tr rraa. .
r ...
AM i.q tf 44 I bn.o: ntvtr dnuiidF4.t
work 10 Ubalf of eitt/rrn of Raspberry, =
Champagne Wafers
Kiwtta. bpwrerr borobk."AM E .d
'" "!ta+- ff4U..r. a,. !utrntW Blackberry

M ,..-- tatr'rrindtd a.nd. intiI.Wc" == Homemade Ginger Wafers .....
dt44."rstie jury-toU pa"" OIhfjth Apple, Peach
+u ra4 < let--rt&iQ ; from tLe ,
4 ...
fa U If I bate d*r 107 dat7 tJ yon, r Cheese Biscuit, Etc.
Quince Etc
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The Coming Orange Crop -
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California crop at thirty-five thousand I 4|
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