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Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: January 20, 1942
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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Associated Press Day Wire
For 62 Years Devoted to the
Best Interests of Key West



Key West, Florida, has the
most equable climate in the
country; with an average
range of only 14' Fahrenhe't

U. S. A.




Captain Crenshaw To Be

Made Acting Commandant

Of Seventh Naval Dist.

To Assume New Duties rWr,,W -r',r^
When New Headquarters PLEASURE BOAT
Are Opened Here First; USE TAX STAMPS
Day Of February Like motorists, owners of
pleasure boats and yachts are
required ,to purchase Federal
Capt. Russell S. Crenshaw to- Use Tax Stamps.
day received a copy of orders Howard Wilson of the Do-
partment of Internal Revenue
which state that he will assume announced today that the
g c f boat tax is due Feb. 1.
duty as acting commandant ofi The levy applies ,to all
the Seventh Naval District when i boats propelled by machinery
Sor sails or both which have
it opens its headquarters here an over-all length of 16 feet
February 1. or more.
The tax does not include
Lieut. Comdr. H. L. Naff, pub- boats used chiefly in trade
lic relations officer who released or commercial fishing.
I Applications for the Fed-
the announcement, explained eral use tax stamps may now
that Capt. Crenshaw will also be made at the office of In-
Strnal Revenue at the post
have the additional duty of comr- office.
manding officer of the operating fjrV ff.Vj',Aj WArrA
naval base. He is currently as- A
sistant commandant of the Sev.A HINE AIDS
enth Naval District. WEARYMATH PROF
Capt. Crenshaw arrived ;n Key (fly' An4,elnirtd Premx)
West on May 15, 1941. and short- MANSFIELD, O., Jan. 20.-Dan
ly before 10 o'clock read to Capt. B. Haber, a junior high school
Walter F. Jacobs the orders mathematics teacher here in-
changing the command of the vented a mechanical grade aver-
station. 'ager that is a great time-saver.
Capt. Jacobs in turn read the "A Russian adding abacus---cen-
orders which transferred him to tries old in principle-that I saw
the board of navigation in Wash- in a hotel in Odessa'in 1938'while
ington. abroad gave me the germ of an
Before Capt Cronshaw re- idea for the averaging machine,"
ported for duty here, he was Haber said.
with the general board of the The machine is so simple that a
Navy Department in Washing- fourth grade child can operate it,
ton. 'but development of the calculator
When the Key West naval took months of mathematical
station was mado ann operating gymnastics and planning,
naval base, Capt. Crenshaw was; It is operated by means of a
made commandant effective on "puncher" placed in a slot oppo-
Sept. 25, 1941. site the grade to be averaged. The
machine computes averages for
'WALK FOR DEFENSE' from one to 24 degrees with the
Result appearing in a small travel-
FREMONT, O, Jan. 20.-Aboutling indo
1,200 pupils, who usually ride to
anctr Loin scnoof on a school bus, GUMS UP WORKS
are doing their bit to holster this -
nation's war effort and to con- MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 20.-Miss
serve rubber by walking instead Dorothy Brady, city treasurer's
of riding, clerk, got the surprise of her life
The children scamper away recently when, sticking her
from school an(ldnmet the bus on chewing gum under her desk,
main h Rhways thus eliminating stuck it to the burglar-alarm
many routes which the bus for- button and caused the prompt
early had to take. i arrival of six detnstives.

/ Three Women Charged ith,

'Street Walking' Arrested

Moving with the utmost speed
to frustrate the expected condi-
tions resulting from .the losing of
.the so-called red light district,
Constable Bienvenido Perez last
night arrested three worhen!
charged with street walking and
two men, one of whom is charged
with operating a house of assig-
The campaign to eradicate the!
consequences of the ban on
brothels was launched im-
mediately after the bawdy houses
were shut tight at 5 p. m. yester-
Caught in the dragnet set by
county law enforcement officers
were three women who gave their
names as Virginia Moore, Margo
Fallon and Carrie Jameson, and
two men who described them-
selves as S. Lindman and J. A.
They are scheduled to appear at
a hearing at the county court
(Continued on Page Three)
A few evenings ago a small
groupu, having Hobbies, met to-
gether. It was suggested that an
invitation be extended to others
having a Hobby. to join usA
evening, January 21st, at 7:30
o'clock for another pleasant eve-
ning. It's free,


Red Cross Goal
President Roosevelt has rer
quested the public to provide a
war fund of $50,000,000 for Red
Cross work. The quota for
Monroe County is $3,000. Make
your gift to the cause as gen-
erous as possible. Give and
give promptly. Red Cross
Headquarters Is in the Post tf.
fice Building, room 213, phone
890. All

* 3000
$ 600
$ 300
$ 100

Jan, 20
Jan. 17

Jan. 13
Jan. 10

Jan. 6

Jan. 1

Study Tie'Army Collar Insigna and Improve Your Miltairy L Q


AvI O'4 PAaOt

av~. me~



vo II
Vic ofn
v oilu

lAW 4

cWHaAc 1i~11d
COY& W wwel~

IP 4#McvoAu O5NE44WAMA.1

a~ivs n004~ Cort4A? ~ AN/?44Y cowCI A*U7A4)' I/?754-L/

'4/ASAIP Alst dIuo4 e
lb AdCa u' mm" aA do4.A waO6 so see e VIAWVYQiV Q4


N'OW oupumin

____ 4T441?bI cowu

Ef/lJi44Y ~OLJC

lHATrIOaMM 9W c ttUWMLb .^WaCW
In wartime there is little excuse for ignorance
of the branch of the military service to which a
soldier belongs. Note the la.el buttons of the
ani1,r 1~ .*%AbutoU. f4-h-

United States Planes

Destroy Jap Warship

And Also Big Tanker

8JrJUrjrjr~r A Many Other Vessels In

Nancy Carroll, beautiful
red-tressed moving picture
actress was the guest of Mrs.
P. Pauline Hemingway of
Whitehead street last night.
The cinema star, who is a
frequent Key West visitor,
said she plans to spend a week
or two at Plantation Key and
then return to this city for an
undetermined stay,
On her arrival here, Miss
Carroll, expressed as she al-
ways does, her fondness for
Key West. She was accom-

Nipponese Convoy


Philippines Damaged
During Attack

(lly Anrmnolatedl l'remN)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.-Six
U, 8. Army planes swooped down
on a Japanese convoy this morn-
ing and destroyed a Nipponese
warship and large tanker.
The attack, which caused dam-
age to other vessels in the enemy
concentration, took place about

S- w ,UIa U lclla i T udy t wai h gna on an o r panied by Miss Eda Hedin. 10miles rom tie strategicIlolo
l.~'.l Y.J collar. Ten study t =e symbols shown above. It
is good memory exercise. Next time you see him islands off the Philippines.
yo'll know Whether he fights with the infantry, .. ... Dropping their deadly miissiles
**waP coA orreS OraMnMWb WoAMiw UsMarAw 1s ARMY SAV lda bridges with the corps of engineers or is with devastating effect, the Am-
u4ww 4 "waclw CA rN an officer on the general staff. WASHINGTON rican bomber scored seven
WASHI N direct hits to send the Japanese
U. S. WARSHIPS CURTAILMENT OF LATE BULLETINS I A TI craft to the bottom of the Sulu
KEY WEST CLIMATE The WAr department's com-
munique said that the latest ships
SEAHELPS ANNA SANDLER AUTOS WILL HIT (, A..oelnt, Prer.) MANY OTHER MATTERS GET bagged by American planes, sub-
Anna Sandler of Philadel- ____ returned with his fact finding FENSE PROGRAM Not all the enemy losses were
phia who doesn't mind telling -- o Pe a confined to the sea, however, for
phia who doesn't mind telling committee from Pearl Harbor and j the war bulletin listed three more
EVER Y AVAILABLE SHIP the world that she tips the PROBLEM ALREADY GIVEN, t fa ----t the war bulletin listed three mo
EscIal until they trembl told tE Ris In seclusion drafting a report to n TA:IC S~INNETT Japanese planes in addition to the
PRESSED INTO B ERVICE 'Thes C itizen late yesterdayNE OF submit to the President. AP lenlre N srvie vrr ir nine enemy interceptors shot
PLOWING THROUGH TURB. afternoon that she thinks. Key THEIR WORST HEADACHES WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.-Be- down in a dogfight over the Dutch
West "did wonders for her WASHINGTON Congres is ing head over heels in a world East Indies.
UL..ENT WATERS NCE WAR$, TA.T D (Iad4 to aqto. the ,.q,. .,,WaThe land operations, according
D am", to *.I $ aqtBo 'TZT'e $28,5qko. W-a ( b'1the communique were less u00'
Ss. Sandler was the guesst o from having it po nTheyellow men of
of Mss. Pearl Lewinsky of President Roosevelt. This single The latest is over the Presl- ouraging. The yellow men'
,nr aArloted Pr.e.) Duval street, She left today ",. JA'K F4 NNT' appropriation is greater than the dent's order moving 12 gov the Mkdo were report to be
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20,-U. S. for her home in Pennsylvania A' tI e e e wt tarotale i for World War I and raise es mecies, with nttn t an peninsula
ships are today plowing through following a vacation of two WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.-The the war budget for World War II mately 10,000 employes, to other in increasing numbers.
the turbulent waters of their weeks here. rationing of tires and tubes and to 118 billion dollars. cities e heien st enm aisstshe
Eastern seaboard in a counter- the drastio reduction in new car LONDON-Prof Lindley Fra- This "d centralizat ofo center of n. Doulas Mar-
production ma eventualygive Lra nt has been talked for !center of Gcn. Douglas MacAr-
attack on the undersea maura- production may eventually give r, noted war expert, said today nmeale f thur's shortened but strengthened
US NAPOLES ISr ^l^s hae ben tr anferred.^ Thens lines.
ders which fired on four vessels JUIUS NAPOLES IS the public fallen arches but it that if the Nazis can be h mered ies have been transferred. Thse,; lines.her Tokyo
within the last six days. JULIUS NAPOLES already is giving the tax experts loose from the captured Russianhowever, were mostly regional In Mindana where Tokyo
EIu .vllb,. ^^ HONOREDuCO LEGE however, InI Mindanno. wh.. ere Toky
Every available ship has been HONORED AT COLLEGE on Capitol Hill one of their worst cities they are now defending, offi wch claimed to he in complete com-
pressed into service, the Navy headaches. they will have to retreat to the ferred to other cities nearby. A- mand, combined American and
'ese ito t',,,l, 'tl.|.> A quick glance at the revenues western borders of Poland andko
Dpares nto s e thy Nv tcoTheCwiaenAquickoglance at the revenues western borders of Poland and though it was known that the Filipino troops were reported to
Department ;J today. OXFORD, Ga., Jan. 20.-As a anticipated from motor trans-Rumania. budgh t bureau under Drectt t be resisting staunchly on a bat-
Advanced British sources rea- cHo^ ^;^ Sll:^ ^ D3 *
Advanced British sources rea- reward for superior academic portation in this country willbudg bureomtundo to the; tlefront about 35 miles north of
soned that the enemy submarhes make this clear. TOCKHOLM Reports 'cir- rh Davao.
work and excellent deportmentI President's close advisors. hai
were ouerating Iw rom the French wlt i 942, the 1 e, per cent fed- culated here assert that the Ger Present'cloin se advisors, h
f Bisay a roun trp of during the fall quarter, Julius oral tax on gasoline and lubri- mans are fighting a stubborn rear n sudyg e sSTORES 1900 CAR
Bay of Biscay, a round trip Napoles, son of Mr and Ms eating oils was made permanent guard action at Moshlask to en- bWaoin on to m e wan s out of
7,000 miles, ~ario F. Napoles, of Key West, to give the treasury an estimat- able the escape of 200,000 Nazi Washington to make wa for the20
Subs eek Oil Tankers has been named to the collegeed revenue of $436,000,000 troops threatened in a pincers se hordes pouring in "in- GREESBURG, nd. Jn. 20
They noted also that the honor roll of Emery Junior Cold re ue e ee tros hrea a rs iders" had predicted just re- -In order to conserve his tires,
honor roll of Emry Junior Col Tir, tube nd other federal t h r would Loyd Kanuse recently an
U-boats were concentrating on lege it was announced today by vehicle taxes are supposed to LONDON.-The RAF bombed cent ha noting ver
tankers. The Malay, latest oil Dean George S, Roach., yiId approximately $116,000,000. towns in Italian Sicily today be done bout it. nounced that'he would store his
transport attacked by an under-D yield approximate d11a,000,000. towns in Italian $000 ly today The po o o h box t u b 1 model St im-
transport attacked by an under- Honor students are granted ad The new $-a-yer automobile among them Palmyra and yr Then pop ot of tle box, the automobile-a 100 modelSi
sea raider, was one of seven Honor students are grant The now $5-a-ye r automobile among them Palmra nd Syra (Continued on Page Three) plicity-in his barn.
sea raider, was one of seven 'ditional priveges as long as they use tax, slated to become effec- cause. The air attack was de- onned on ae rn.
merchant ships in a convoy, but maintain their high scholastic tive February 1, is supposed to signed to break up a possible r- d n-
only the Malay was fired upon, standing and good behavior. bring in around $100,000,000. Axis invasion of North Africa.
She was reported to be empty Napoles was one of only 25 stu-q In other words around three.
when attacked, dents receiving the recognition quarters of a billion dollar CHUNKIN-Th Japanese
The Navy Department decn-the last quarter. Napoles is alsowas to roll nto the treasury ordered 1,000,000 Chinese to
ed for the present to supply de- making an excellent record att coffers in 1942 as result of tax- evacuate Hong Kong to offset
n ils but indicated that the Ma- Emory as a speaker. He was re- es on new cars, tires and fuel. the danger of starvation facing e ran fe ed S o ly
I was proceeding safely to an cently named a member of the Just how much that is going the captured stronghold. The
undisclosed port. varsity debating team and wasto be cut is anybody's guess. Chinese government has appro-
one of four students who repre- The revenue won't disappear on- Ipriated $10,000,000 to aid the
CITY COUNCIL e~nted his college in December at tirely any more than cars will refuges. Lieut. Col. Webster F. Putnam, Her Birthday GiLt--D
the Georgia Debate Forum, where disappear from the streets and Jr., nominal head of the Key West
MEET oken competition with u- highways, but ith the rtioningLDEST PILOTmy Baracks and commander LS ANGELES, Jan. 20.-- s
MEETS T G dents from other Georgia institu- of tires and tubes: the slash in of the harbor defenses was in-October, Mrs. Iris N. Petern
tions new car production: and the formed today that he is soon to r em
Stions nw car production: and the (n Awm tlntedt re,) be transferred to another post walked into a mortuary and m,d
I proposed repeal of the use tax, WHITEHALL, N. Y., Jan. 20.- somewhere in the south. her funeral arrangements, .s-
Sr 'because of the expense and diffi- At 92, Capt. George N, Sweeny The clnel s one of the most ted her asket and burial
There will be a regular meet- L OO K I cultv of collection, the revenue is looking forward to his 80thel s one of the most lteher caket ans. burial
ing of the City Councli held to-FordPanel 6 getters ie pu arm a
night, beginning at 7:30 o'clock, 1941 Ford Panel Truck geters in Congress are worried year on Inland New York Water- stapopular ar city. H e serve clothes.
which is the second regular ses- Good tires; will double in value a-plenty. ways this year. station d inr itc y erve OnJanuary the undertaker
sion of the month. in 80 days In their frantic sepch for The "'grand old man of Lake ranks. His wife, Mrs, Putnam, received a note from her. "Plcese
Several matters deferred at TODAY-ONLY $ CASH new sources of revenue for the Champlan" started as a cabin
the last meeting will be taken DEACON JONES next fiscal year, the automo. boy at 13 and rose to cook, deck- nee Ruth Cash, is a descendanr fmi-t of c no funeral services .
up tonight for consideration and bile was to play an important hand and pilot. e PKl:cr found l er dcad--s
disposaDivision and Simnton Streets role. It is an open saert that He is believed to be the oldest lies. Pol ce found her dead-shot
RESER AT1IONS *h"yw*r, eyt h gsolineNE R ..... aetivepilt, was instructo o the NationalS -^S T ...2'.^.
disposal thereof. t--ey were eyeing the gasoline active pilot From 1928 to 1932, Col. Putnam through the heart.
--t---- '- -anad Ilubricating oil tax for a was instructor of the Nationaln She was buried on her 45th
RT Substantial boost and already Guard throughoutthis area and ay.
10 lk II were ready to soint out to any much of northern Florida. birthday.
for objectors that England imposes Get Your Car Before Feb. 2 During each year of 1935-36 and
:L C E Sa gasoline tax of around 15 when restrictions on USED 37 he visited Key West and 'in PENITENT BANDIT
CABARET-MUSICAL cents a gallon, There also was CARS may go into effect. January, 1939, was assigned to RETURNS LOOT
Directed by (Continued on Page Three) BUY NOW permanent duty at the Army Bar-R- NS
I'L a s, TMrsLillianConnallyThe colonel, an army man for a SCHENECTADY, N. Y., Jan.
Thur.-Fri,, Jan. 2 and FREE quarter of a century, directed the 20,-It was an astonished drug-
'" With All USED CARS succession of successful blackouts gist who, three hours after he
SHabana-Mad&id Club 'OheldIn Key West during Decem- had' been robbed by a young
canbe madeat flowing: Largest Selection of br. bandit of $40 from his cash reg-
0 Mr. Clarence Allshouss RESTAURANT FINE USED CARS sister saw the young man return
.Phone 751-Jo 6520 United Street Phone 1I8 in Key West, all with I the money with th remark, "I
Miss Sybil Roo*rts NOW OPENS AT 6 A. M. Good Tires and New PA LA CE
p412 Whitehead St. Phone 695 --SERVING-- Batteries. ["*..
S518 Duval St. or in evening at 4 (Priced from 15c up) PERFECT CRIME Auspices Catholic Daughters
Parish Hal, Bahama Street with RALPH BELLAMY and U. S. O. HALL
ma PLATE LUNCHES .. 35c up' MOTORS IARGARET LINDSAY Wednesday, January 21, 5:00 P. M.
S Admission, $1.10 Derison, DINNER .................650k up Dtvral and Vivision Streets News and Sorial -EXCELLENT PRIZES-
_, (Incluin Tax) TONIGHT PRIZE NIGHT SIX GAMES ..-................. 2ge
rotyvou rieck. __ _&"_I

- ml-m




E~ra~i ~~~~~

he~BB~ f~~i~Bg"i.PW 0%~


It 'lil IN I .1 1 C
ni lit it ninedit u Ilse
i. n II, li'nt,lI ,nmnn I: I'ni. tn' ner

::I:: III.\I.i s r, (I i1 I elljt d to
.- 1'at

. ..... $10.00

'It t% 1

s IN;( 0 ,1, It'lI-,
i tl,,iil Sl Ill IIiI arged for atv
I I I I l 'ltllt I rLhA s frllV i n w which
", i .l l l I.. .t ... i I ,s a ,' F r ll l
1,It anI ii
S l ilI s .lii i l ,\:lll ll I 'illlllllllli


S ,'.'it I and Sewerage.
H..i,: IIotcti and Apartments.
'* ii, uii and Unthing Pavilion.
;,\:'.c rt:.--I,and and Sea.
n.i::ritip Af County and City Gov-
: A M.,d.ern Citj Hospital.

I'lie iitiir \vh1 ) iritc s i lt pl0eisc 1 every-
r(,lly i. sup, .s -hoaded.,

I I t ....... i : A Ili n I -.. .. .. ....

tI II ):- \\ 1 l iO l t,4 ] I oI \\ )illds, I M ,
lthl i'e ,1: e );IIc Itr)l'profo nd st sy m pa])thy,.

\plprllpriale mc1 otto for a dentist:
" '), 1 thy miulth anil I will fill it."-

f\ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- ..-..-. .-
\VWhy shulldn't women make good
Slhterwnme'i,; they know how to catch
their men.

llW,, ln.u"- it will require to put the Japs
in th.:r 1 rpler itternil total position, we do
not kpnow. but one day, it will be known,

'i.'he prL,'c t King George of England,
the si:i 1 b.aringi i hat name, speaks no
trernian; the first king of England who
h! Mtit 1 (4t' t (i'trge coutt ld not speak a
,- + ,' !' r<, li:sh, lh'It m akes it even.

L:-h day The citizenn fills up) two
vwast:' h!ask '.t:; filled with advertising junk,
tbi tiicl,' i 1propa ianlda of divers sorts in-
c('ttlii!.r a lot of troveornmI ent stuff, and re-
i,' tllcti,'. Yet we are asked to con-
i p-, dier.

['t obtain equal amounts of Vitamin C,
yoV. rnI'ti drink twice as much tomato juice
cr cra:.g juice. In other words one glass
(If .oranvre juice is equal to two glasses of
-m-roirto juice, so you do not have to drink
au: 'Much yet get the same results.

.A aldv\ert isielent in The Citizen is
-' t(I tv tha o t-a nls who find it interesting,
ilt ,' a '." ii'' "l ol tr ,i'ilal elI to read. U in-
i i:itte!y., not all ft' the thl u.ii Inds lpay
for the papi'er man l't (f ithcm are chiselerls,
.i:it like Vyou, who are rcadiing this column..

UI'.Icle Sam was always tihe shrewd
I '. o i '1 i .- 'hililppiines for nothing
i : v. i (t ;i .'. ral .11i rArt ur is m ak-
S. i- te .v..)s -atv -. l i I y., rt ,Myer- New '-
Press. Although UL'iucl' Sapl (tciniuiiered the
P'hilinpiies, he paid :l15.(mo.ooi for the is-
l (i n. hlit 1lhal's a hiaO";il el in present ig yov-
'1r .(.'~';':l 1 ec tin t nt(I may be over-

n'i I t i'ncd -tilte.-' in..' '-e:v will s-nound
* :.") ''.l) (),O(), !(, w hile: hii allies, w which in-
L! |it' it greatt Erit. | :;tnI .ll ,,l h r i'itish l)os-
.-' $28i,t)0, 000,f00 i'for military purposes. To
.uetL ;omte sort of an idea what our military
e.;.p(:,litures will hie for 1942 only, visualize
i, ;,, Lt, of' $3,250 every hour, day and
ji]ht from the moment Je.,us Christ was
I ii'n .

\Wndell L. Willkie is doing a first class
job as goader. The Nelson appointment
reay i;ut have been made or at least delayed
lut for the activities of the erstwhile op-
ponent of the President, in his third term
race for the presidency of the United States.
I. .':.r, the former republican candidate's
vwo k would be far more effective, were he
to announce that he was not looking for any
handout from the White House.

far'nelst, c:tlalble, collscientious men
arO neeI(ed to s(i'\ve as scoutma1sters and
s nii'- patrol leiilers.
Ihe need i~ urgent. Volunteers are
vwainted at once, 1'iless there is an im-
mediate respond i,. Tlhe boy scout movement
in Key West my%, sulier a serious setback.
Surely the ily lia,. men with the ability
and the quality o)f leadership which would
make them ieccl it:tlle as scoutmasters.
K v West i:i-, had some exrellont
troof, leaders ii: !e' past. The fine record
istallished by .\!,Icrt E. leirce, for in-
stantc, attests t,. that fact. But Mr. Peirce,

... i like so many ot ci'rs, has bceen called ito
highe:', if not miore important posts. These

mien are no lonp'r available to the cause of
scoutdom, but it is imperative that others
should come forward to fill their places.
The trainin.r and experience which a
man : ':(luires al ;a leader of a boy scout
Itro((Op lit him eniii inntly for duty in the or-
!.Vn iization of thi Mo11inoe Defeinse Council.
Fl'(or just as a chlil1 must learn tot crawl be-
fore it can wall,, stt must an adult learn ito

Your Screen Test
1 She first clicked as the
*wife of a famous war hero
and now she's heroine of a
movie biography of a famous
real-life theatrical character.
Who is he, what's the picture,
and who is she?
2.The new movies. Which
Concerns: (a)mA Harvard
alumnus who remembered an
old flame for 20 years? (b) A
schoolteacher who secret tly
married a World War I soldier?
(c) A West Point Man who met
his end fully shod?
3 Th9 new "money-making
stars." In the Motion Pie.
tore Herald's latest box-office
poll. (a) What star rated first
for the third consecutive year?
(b) What comedy team took
third place in their first year
of pictures? (c) What two ac-
tresses kept the gals from be-
ing excluded entirely from the
top ten players?
4 Pioneer stuff: (a) Who
fostered the wide use of
the close-up? (b) Who inau-
gurated the movie "bathing
beauty" along with the comedy
policeman? (c) Who was the
first big tar of thin talkieS?

AYS GONE BY Anniversaries Div:sion Street School is to
Happenings On This Date Ten t I take part in the "Buy-A-Bomber"
Years Ago As Taken From 1732-Richard H. Lee, Virginia campaign, which is being staged
Files Of The Citizen farmer-patriblt, sAner, senator, throughout the nation.
one of six famous brothers, born The school has I .en busy
in Stratford, Va. Died June 19,
Charles Sawyer and Peter Fer- 1794 making pennants for sale over
nandoz of Key West and James the city during this week.
Guirk of M:am were the 1797-John Fairfield, Maine's "You can take part in this
froen the 42foot launch Ada noted lawyer, congressman, sen- patriotic move by purchasing
ycrterday. ator and governor, born in Saco, onn of those when approached".
As told in radio dispatches in Maine ied Dec. 24, 1847. Earl E. Hamilton, principal, said
The Citizen yesterday, the Ada 17, Anson Jones, phys n, today.
had a hole in the hull and then, physician "The proceeds of this sale will
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designed for operation with foot infantry trol J. R. DcLAND. graphs said: dresses joint session of Congress
divisions (2) light battalions with self- I notice tiat oppo iro, ., K'West, Fla,, "Charles E. Hires. head of the on regulation of big corporations,
propelled weapons designed for attach- these. orders bring ou! the i:,, 17 William St., corporation, which manufactures one of his major objectives when
metit tadhat a ban ,n :,,,uses ci t.t.- .' 17, 1942. a famous soft drink, is back at elected.
nient to cavalry and motorized divisions; tion will tend to scatter them anil the Casa Marina-here for his
the Case Marina--here for his
and (:1) havy battalions for attachment to place prst:ues in our ha. NOT REMEDIAL annual fishing 'spree'. There is 1937-President Franklin D. Havana -Cuba Florida Gul
rmo 'd divisions, army corp, and armies. neighborhoods. s no other place where the fishing Roosevelt takes oath of office Coast West Indle M lexco
The tank-diestroyer battalions will re- est with oSelve and fi Elitor The Key West Citizen: is nearly so good as around Key for second time. Regons South. Concise N s and
The tahe l-dexstroyer battalions will re- e datighters. houses ?f prostitution, accord- West, he says. Showing that: Latif American Trade Revi.
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utilizx the personnel and material of these has reached that imlprness:nah c;tinued" by ce puties of the of drinks". time as Presiden for the third
old units. When additional personnel be- age and is thrown into an as,- liff's office. by request of Cap- MAP OF HAVANA wtith Guid
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law bv w n ilin -o olltwarr 'I' cc 1p) witt!e these brothels to Plane. High Spot Coverage.
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This s] r il toward streamlining Qm- ellt. fr'te Cn i-e in "n rthbo TROPIC AMERICA
This scp toward streamlining our effecl of such ann as'oiiatiton Ito I re tqtm ol his office? If it has ,m b!a professor of dentistry, born
iarmy is a rcsuc of experimenting which other than ra ? necessary for the military 1 What are the present war in Victoria, B.C., 49 years ago. WAl ,
wh itc d dig? i, horities to demand that ouri .Ware the pen w
h gan in the I.ouisiana War Games. Gen. Second, consider the 'teen a1l puiilic servants enforce the law expenditures of the nation?
Kruegier was tiven permission to experi- girl. w'ho )'ecims aciua;ntlel ln 1 perhaps it is time for thei 2. How many Americans were
with what he believed to be t a with an eligibi, ser\v1ce man. 1 cs- i.itary author cities to take over unemployed last month?
meat with wha:t he believed to be the an- N a val attache, who :r these police duties. So 3. Is there any danger of a
swer to mass tank action in a modern war. spends mnnv days at sea with for that: food shortage in the U. S.? I
His idea is that if artillery guns are "1'lY ao occasional opportunity 'our news. article says "most of 4. Has Japanese action affect
mounted oil trucks it will be possible to I enjoy the company tof the op- thl sporting house inmates left ed our sources of tin?
moun(te- oti tucks, it will be possible to ,nosile sex. These boys are from 1' l cit, over the week end." Il 5. What is the full name of! ,. ,
concentrate terrific fire power in any sec- the best American fnilis a ;bit: fifth did, others will beGen Wavell, supreme command-
tor that a lank attack might occur, because in view of the fact that th,,y to takd' their place in a few' er in the Southwest Pacific?
S stand read 1in give the.irt very (l;;y, augmenting the present' 6. What is the population of
of the m obilin of the trucks which w would d t ,st; 1: t We erl n eE M a of
f the noil of the trucks which ould lives to, protect us from what- t',Id of women that infest all the the Netherlands East Indies?
not be hindered by armor. ever may threaten, we havey no in s up arid down Duval street, 7. How many passenger auto*
In other words, armor would be sacri- erthly reason to deny them oi. ;::ing up sailors and others, mobiles were produced in 1941? a es vf tbl adm \
i privileges of otur hiomic. Belng. Iti,, ing away in taxis to private 8. The President recently pro-' e" Usava ufcej nessof vgetablsandmats.
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The millions of dollars spent on the e vr, throv are normal. healthy Da Port Darwin, Australia? tdt ts eas*I the natural good. way tocook,
war g ames and the few soldiers that were hovs, subicet, always, to the temp- hy can't authorities look at 10. Does Germany possess more,
stations of youth and adolsrctnrr, machine tools than the United
accidentally killed while taking part is a onof loir thand c e;titutioi realistically? It never ma tools than the UREASONABLE PRICES
accidentally killed wh takgpart i a ; been and never will be erad- States? REASONABLE PRICES
small -rice tc pay for improving the effi- and you leave them no place to d, as it caters to a fundamental and TERM
cienvc of ortl' ar-my. This will be evidentt satisf thir b e :stial desire ex lt:an need. It would be far bet- .nd S
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tinnnecnt daughters. "Mv daugh- I,,ti;cs were licensed, as is every
large-scale operations. ter has been raised to know bet- i sr business, legally permitted,
T ter", you say. That may lie very thus el aroldGray, re
THE IRISH ARE NEUTRAL Itrue under normal circumstances inling the graft (more degratdimng-tor of 'Orphan Annie", born In
but these are far from being ithlin the graft (more degradind thusKankakee, Illnn, 48 Years ago I
Eamon de Valera, the Prime Minister normal circumstance. Our sons the prosti th thus Kanf aee, I, 48 years agoJ
of Eire, say; that his country will remain r ing clle dil, to th Navy a civilians, but those Ruth StDenisdancer-teacher,
neutral in the present world conflict. thng we fool is needed for the wiker sisters that exist in every born in Newark, N. J., 62 years
neutral in the present world conflict, th:ng we feel is needed for their e
The people of Southern Ireland have war effort; we are anxious to nmunityn the world, who ago.
the right to decide their course during the see that our sons and our neigh-'Woiild be .lss subject to Im-
the right to decide theirs' sons receive all the cm- t tuning. Mischa Elman, famed violin- \ fae viln
present war. If they choose to stand aloof forts and entertainment possible prostitution has not been stop- ist, born in Russia, 51 years ago.
from the I'nit ol States and Great Britain, while in our country's service; P rl in Key West-far from it. It
while these nations are engaged in a battle the feeling of patrintism is fly simply has been driven out of the Archbishop John J. Mitty of
ing high and rightly so. How-Is.'.cn known brothels into per- San Francisco, Catholic prelate,
to determine the safety and security of Ire- ever, doesn't it occur to you that hap; 50 unknown, with no check born in New York, 58 years ago.
land, as well as of themselves, it is within our daughters, if placed under on the health of the women and
the rights of the Irish, pressure, might feel it a privi- the inevitable consequence of a Rev. William B. Pugh, stated
the rights to sacrifice herself for the: greatert spread of disease. The clerk of the Presbyterian church, IfM fWtIT
Should Eire remain neutral, making no pleasure of one who may soon die city authorities have not "assisted Philadelphia, born in Utica, N.
difference between the contending forces, that she and millions of others tIhn goysnment" nor will the ob- y., 53 years ago. COMI IN AND I!1 THEI
it will be time to forget some of the twad- may live in peace and security? Isctroanpeo t the law "protect the Jo HoPh lph NE AL LE TRI RAMO
The act that blights sn many puhlfic"-wonithe contrary. Josef Hui.w:ann of Philadelphia, 'FNu RAL W LI K R NGI
die that is industriously circulated in this young lives can be made to ap- Very truly yours, famed pianist-teacher, born in
country about the Irish, and their friend- pear a glorious sacrifice in times SIMIPLETON. Poland, 66 years ago. THE KEY WEST E ECTRIC COMPANY
ship or the United States. like these, and we must always Key Va t, Fla., t Richard L L TLLne, man of
ship ortheUnitedStates, remember that an evil, once corn- Jan 19, 1942. Richard LeGallienne, man of ,_,,_,,_,,_,,,_ .. ............




'- Dy Phoebe At

Chapter 22
The Doanes Confused
"THAT'S Mrs. Hingham's name,"
Freddy went on." You see-
this is rather complicated, I'm
afraid-but people always call her
by the name of the husband who
bought her the opera company, I
don t know why, I presume it's be-
cause she was known to more
people as Elissa Hingham. She
was Mrs. Hingham when she first
came here, and we've never called
her anything else."
"Tohat still," Asey pointed out
"don't solve the problem of
Horace's last name."
Freddy bit her lip.
S"Honestly, I can't remember it!
Here's Mother," she called to Mrs.
Doane, who was just coming along
the hall from the kitchen,
"Mother! Mother what's Horace's
last name? Isn't It something like
Mrs. Doane looked startled.
"Your father asked me that
when they came this year, and I
really meant to find it out and
learn it. We shouldn't call him
Horace all the time, and Mr,
Hingham would never do-isn't it
Anderson, or Patterson, or Peter-
sen? I think it's Patterson, Re-
mind me that I must find out and
learn it, Freddy!"
Asey suggested that they might
always look in the hotel register.
"You got one, ain't you?"
"Of course" Freddy went over
to the desk and picd up a tooled
leather book. "Here. They came
two weeks ago. Mrs. Hingham
signed. Elissa Hingham well,
what do you know, she forgot to
put Horace down! Well, anyway,
whatever his last name is, he's
Elissa gingham's husband, and
he'll be sure to know why Ann was
dressed up. Mother, it wasn't Miss
Olive at all, but Ann Jpyce dressed
up in her clothes?"
"What!" Mrs. Doane almost slid
Into a chair, and for the first time
since Asey had met her, she smiled
a genuine smile. "It's not Miss
Olive? Oh, that's the best news
I've had-of course" the smile
disappeared as she Added hurried-
ly, "I'm sorry about Ann Joycel
That will only add size to the head-
lines, what with her being on the
stage. But anyway, she wasn't
staying here How did she hap-
pen to be dressed up in Miss
Olive's clothes? When did she
come here? How-"
"Let's get out of this hen-party
powwowP' Cummings said. "May-
be I should call it a powhow-get
that, Asey? That wasn't bad. Pow-
"It was terrible," Asey told him,
"an' if you want to know the truth,
I can't think of anything' but a lot
of how's, myself"
'Trouble is, you're try i n g too
hard." Cummings said. "You won't
see the trees for the forest. Come
Ifup alone the hal to Ite
smoke nl i etd Hle a
it. "Now, sit down and lisn to me.
You thought I was Just taking
cracks at Rankin because I don't
like him. But I meant what I said.
I don't trust him. And let me tell
you this. No stray pot shot from
Washy Doane or anybody else
killed that girl. That was a neat,
cold-blooded, well-thought-out bit
of shooting. Someone stood behind
her, Asey, took very, very careful
aim, and shot her through the
heart. She couldn't have suspected
what was coming, and she cer-
tainly never knew what hit her.
And your friend Rankin--"
Crack Shot
"W HAT about him?" Asey asked
as the doctor relighted his
'Remember the Pochet Home
Guard they organized last fall,
about the same time all those wo-
men started up their Rifle Corps?
Were you here on the Cape Labor
Day? I didn't think you were.
Well, to stir up enthusiasm, the
Home Guard and the Rifle Corps
had a shooting match. And your
friend Rankin won it with his little
pistol. The girl was killed by a
good shot. Your friend Rankin is a
good shot."
"So, presumably, is Washy
Doane," Asey said. "At any rate,
"But Ann Joyce," Cummings re-
torted, "was never Washy Doane's
secretary! Instead of hewing and
whating around, you get hold of
Ranking Find out where he was
and what he was doing from four
till six!"
"From four till six?" Asey said.
"You mean, she might have been
killed as early as four, Doc? Be-
cause Miss Olive used the phone at
half-past four or so, an' Freddy
used-it later. You sure about your
timin', Doc?"
"Of course I'm not sure!" Cum-
mings said testily. "If I've said it
once, I've said it a thousand times
that you can't look at a body
and say that person died at two
minutes and sixteen minutes past
two! My guess is between four to
six You certainly can find out
from someone when the Joyce girl
came here, and who saw her last,
and all that sort of thing. You can

IScreen Tes
S 1. Joan Leslie Is n "Yankee Oood
Cohan. Her flrst hit was In "Sergesnt
2. (a) "H. M. Pulham, Ieq." (b) "R
With Their Boots On,"
1. (a) Mickey Rooney. (b) Abbott
4. (s) D iW. ffith (b) Mack Ien
B.."Remember the Day." (b) "The


WASHINGTON-The Aleutian i
Islands south and west of Alaska
puff with volcanoes, boast islets
that pop out of the sea and vanish
again as mysteriously and howl
with fog-chilled winds across the

phony orchestra. Between the two -i ... Jan i, CIIRTAIM NT office space to tak
of 'em, I was almost frothing at 'Tot ftll. eeJan LU 1 ent CURrTeAIn
the mouth!" inches 2.35 (Continued from Page One) the already critical
To be continued Excess since January 1, able housing accon
inches 1.17 a plan to slap a tax on the
___.. Relative Humidity sales of used cars. I
SA95e Iio Now, with no tires available L EG A
t Answer Tomorrow's Almanac except on new cars and with
IIIo Dand, flm Dta. 0:0e M, .... ... NOTtICE NDiRl
York.d" fm t.. .. M. Sunrise 7:13 a. m. new car production cut to one- xNAMsrITA
remember the Day." (e) "They Died Sunset 6:03 p. m. fourth normal and probably slat- NOTICE IS HERER
Moonrise 10:35 a. m. ed for complete stoppage, Con- the undersigned, de
in business under the
and Costello. (o) Bette Davis, Judy Moonset 10:57 p. m. grsss is faced with two problems, of "Caotsi Terrace"
nett. (a) Al Jolon. Tomorrow's Tides First-an increase In these td to register the
name wIth the Clerl
SChocolate soldier." (c) "Babes on (Naval Base) taxes would fall primarily on Court of Monroe Cou
A.M. P.M. those whose cars and trucks are Dated December 3
High 12:38 1:17 considered vital to public health MARJOR
Low ........................ 6:44 7:02 and safety. 1' dec0,1S41; jane6.1-t
REPLACES AUTO FORECAST Second-any great increase in
Key West and Vicinity: Some- tax might cause such a shortage NOTICW UNDR
LONGMENT Colo.-On the day what colder tonight, of transportation facilities, in 'NOTICE S ia sl
the government announced new Florida: Colder tonight, light sections where buses and trolleys the undersigned, de
:automobiles had been withdrawn frost in extreme north portion. are not available as to disrupt of "The Port Office
t M. n .* Hatteras, N. C., to Apalachi- completely the American way rwlster the said
from the market, Mr. and v~'~*I cola, Fla.: No small craft or storm of life. of Monroe County, F
Hauck Powell appeared in this warnings have been issued. Dated Deoember I
city riding in a horse-drawn sleigh G. S. KENNEDY, Subscribe to The Citisen-Oc RS SUZANNEHT
with bells a-jingle. \Official In Charge. weekly. de e,1 Jane-la.-

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wood Taylor m ILt* ON ALL

make rome time estimate yourself eXCEP" =-
on the asis of her coming hero, EXCEPTING
"There's a little problem here,
loe," Ase went on, "that maybe By HUGO B. SIMS. Soeeial Washington Correspondent of The;Cise ---
you ain't considered. That's what's
got me felin' a little floored. Ran- NELSON IN COMMAND output of airplanes are interest THIS IS ELEC
in ss1he give Miss Olive two PRODUCTION UNLIMITED ing. Four years ago the aircraft WITH POLITICJ
nickels to phone with. An-" THE EXAMPLE OF.PLANES industry was producing around
"What have Rankin's nickels gotirplanes a month. Thihas BURIED ONLY
to do with the time Ann Joycewas Guns, planes, tanks, ships and 100 a a month. This has BURIED ONLY
k le A m r paraphernalia of warfare. been stepped up to 250, 500, 1, OF CONFLICT
killed?" other paraphernalia of warfare, 000 and estimates for December,
"Wa-el," Asey said, "he says hc produced in unlimited qunnti- 1941, ar esounda for Dembonth,
give 'em to her, an' Freddy says 'ties is the American victory 1 which is 30,000 a year, but pro
she seen Miss Olive leave. But was plan which is 30,000 a year, but pro JOHN
it Miss Olive, Doc? Was it her, or duction must be doubled and AP Vevnture Rer
the girl dressed up like her? Jennie tripled so that next December WASHINGTON,
an' I take it for granted it was Miss The appointment of Donald M. will produce 7,500 planes and the There has been a
Olive we seen at the four corners. Nelson as chai f th *ewill produce "90 planes andthe There has been a
Olive we seen at the don't know her s elson, as chairman of the new following December more than talk about the dea
But was it? We don't know her so
well we could swear up and down ar roducton oard, in c 12,000. politics Iwill h
it was her. Lots of folks has seen plete command of procurement guilty to having,
Miss Olive, but nobody's seen the and production, gives some guar- If this country is now produc- put in my two cen
girl Ann Joyce. Now, people know antee thai multiplied and over- ing more than 30,000 planes a that score-but no
pretty muoh whqt Miss Olive lapping agencies will be coalesc- year and Great Britain 34,000, have been a-v
ear The see her coat an' th ed into a auick, decisive acting the combined output of the Eng the Hill and I'm
goln' t begin any intensive ex- control of our industrial pro- lish-speaking nations is ahead of at the old polite
amination of her, like you did. gram. Germany's 38,000 planes and Ja- tnly buried on on
Now, Doe, s'pose the Joyce girl's pan's 6,000. When American pro. nly buri on on
been goIn' around all day as Miss With war expenditures expect- ducton gets into full stride the winning of the w
W Olive? ed to mount gradually to $5,000,- democracies are eectd to r 7 I haven
What sey, i' craz' 000,000 a month, this production double the number produced by vfi do gresn't want
we dth be, Lr dsd asM s is a mammoth undertaking. Some the Axis Powers and, if the war w Buaf
Olive, actin' ike her. She could idea of the magnitude of the set- lasts, to eventually triple the war. But after t
have driven back here an' been up can be seen from the fact Axis output, einds-and the bas
killed like we flggercd at first, that only $4,611,000,000 wore ac- t r"litics is dislagr
around six. Until Miss Olive her- tually expended in the six We have used airplanes to il- In the first place
self comes back, an' we can find months ending June, 1941. Dur- lustrate the magnitude of the ion year and the
out from her just where she really ing the last six months of the undertaking by the United Senators and all o
that sometimes maybe folks who past year, defense expenditures Sates. Similar figures are ap- of the House, of
thought they was seen' Miss Olive amounted to $8,822,000,000. pliable to other items. Natur- stake. That mean
was really seeing' Miss Joyce."- ally, the full resources of Amer- and campaigns
"My God!" Cummings said. "I During the next six months ican industry must be mobilized When one begins
never thought of that angle-let's some $17,178,000,000 will be used I for the job and raw materials these, he finds th(
fnd s Olive Where is she?" to pay for material and the to- must be ruthlessly seized when nf them.
He went to the door. "I'll bring tal expenditures for the fiscal necessarySome of these i
Freddy. here. She ought to know te, r omn
where Miss Olive is." year 1942, which ends next June them, are coming
Freddy shook her head when 30th, is estimated at $26,000,- With production in the hands before election
Asey told her he wanted to find 000,000. In the following twelve of an experienced man like Mr. around. But thosere
out about afew odds and ends, months this sum, according to elson, who is thoroughly f and many of those
the President's program, will in- fa;dite offing will b
Radio Program evolve $,00,000,000. l in- liar with the capacity For example
"I'LL gladly tell you anything I 000,000,000. American industry, there is proscution of thi
Scan, but don't expect me to be every indication that the na- No on qustons
too alert, will you? I'm just getting It is impossible to attempt to tional economy will be success- of England, but w
myself adjusted to all this. An estimate the production of many fully geared to its stupendous wrong with Briti
Mother's just confessed she moved items of defense. Figures for the war task. wr
the body from the phone booth, the war, thore an
and Father's confessed he was '- M.P.'s' who are hi
shooting at his target this evening Nice Doggie-Oh, Yeh? FIRST AID FILM their political nee
-he knew Mother was out, i ie-Oh, Yeh? FIRST AID FIMe
that I'd never hear. He even says SHOWN LAST NIGHT ill. That's robabl,
he took a practice shot past Al. (nly A^s,,e0,,led Pr.e.s) OWN LApT N H I f hat
fred, tool Alfred's Lady Boop-1 SNOW HILL, Md,, Jan. 20.-- pl of what cn
mean, Mrs, Clutterfield's chauf- When Hargis Bradford bagged A training film concerning first The "outs" aren't
feur, id sh last night at the gt how many po
"I know him well," Asey said.' four quail, he immediately look- aid was shown last night at the l hoa mnan po
"Why'd your father want to scare ed up friends who had razzed Post Hospital, Key Wist Army war.
him?" BARe
"He claims he couldn't resist Al. his hunting skill. Barracks, which was of much in- As Republican ,
fred's broad beam," Freddy said. But when Bradford got his terest to members of the Red man. Rep. Joseph
Anyway, Mother's giving him friends out to his car to sec the Cross. 'it: "This is no tim
hell,.and we're all awfully con- out. We, like evarv
fused. And none of us can remem- proof, he found his dog had eat- This film emphasizes the es out. We, like n vr
beseeing Ann after se was here en the birds, save for some sential principles in first al but pe ie the do
this morningMoth er as at the feathers. treatment in bleeding wounds,*IU reserve the ri
desk till three V d I wU the
festk three till h9 lhts wet out.1 Ibone fractures and transportation we M it can
And we know Asl nvr came of sick and wounded. 'is of ge artye
ASey shugugee that there wa TEMPERATURES nhe Post Surgeon wa greatly "A for specfe
always thee possibility of Ann' pleased by the interest and en- are likely to deve
h a v in g e n there d th e In n by a re ar = ik.. ...
door. y Highest last Lowest thusiasm that was evident by the political battles.
I suppose so," Freddy said, "but 24 hours last night large number in attendance. FEDERAL GR(
Don't see wh she should come in Abi ne 58 43 FED
the back way She never does. Of A e .......
course, if she sneaked up and' Atlanta ......... 58 32 DUAL-PURPOSE SHIRT CONDUCT
swiped Miss Olive's(clothes to Boston ........... 48 36
dress up in, a Mother and I sus S general
pect she must have, maybe she did Bultfalo ............. 38 31 S eeral m
come In the back way, I don't Charleston 74 39 ( Selta Federal Emp
know. I'm so confused I can't even (y Aotated Pr Credit Union will
guess what might have happened" Chicago ........... 37 24 NEW YORK, Jan. 20.-There county courthouse
"Where's Miss Olive?' Cum. Corpus Christi 68 52 is a special shirt for the man 8 o'clock tonight.
mings asked. "Do you know where Detroit .......... 35 31 who likes to go bowling when All members ar
"Now there," Freddy sa Dodge City .... 49 23 he leaves the office. It keeps present.
something Mother just asked' me. Fort Myers ...-- 60 him properly dressed through the
She just went off, that's all Jacksonville .... 77 40 day, and yet comfortable when WAR IN WAS
Iknow." KEY WEST .... 77 68 he's rolling those spares and
"Didn't drop any hint as to K.W. AIRPORT 75 65 strikes. (Conti d
where she was goln'?" Asey Memphis ......... 50 30 It shows no sign of being a (Contnued from
asked. Rr alerp .. ..ect..
Freddy shook her head Miami ................ 75 63 sport shirt until the tie is re esiden ssue hi
seoo h head.r shirt until th te is re- .
"S'pose," Asey said, "we phone Mobile ............ 65 37 moved and collar opened. i Fam Secrity to
around to places where she might New Orleans .. 57 45 Raglan sleeves allow him to ,.m Securit
be. Will you do that, Freddy? An' New York ..... 49 40 roll the ball without feeling a Patent Office to N
cIhear a noise out there that St. Louis ........ 46 30 pull at the shoulder. The shirt Securities an Ex
We better see 'em."Hanson crew Tampa ............. 74 54 tail is extra long and he won't .ism on, Alien Re
"Just one thing first Cummings Washington .... 55 41 have to keep tucking it in. the Wage and H
said. "Where was Rankin this at- Williston ......... 43 22 t Wa e a
ternoon, Freddy? day, from three THREE WOMEN burgh; and several
o'clock on? D'you have any idea?" --burgh; a nilroad several
Freddrtay sighed. o!Railroad Retireme
"I certainly s do He and Lady WEATHER REPORTS (Continued from Page One) i the Office of Indi
Boop and I listened to the radio In house before Justice of the Peace Chicago.
the living room." ----' Enrique Esquinaldo late this aft-! After that cam
"You don't mean," Cummings .ernon. Mombsrs of Congr
sounded incredulous, "that all Observation taken at 7:30 a. mn,, eroo I Mmers o Congi
three of you were there all after. 7 M TimeCit Offi Lindman was taken into cus- re n the think
n"Woeren't wej! F y sa.i Temperatures tody for alleged vagrancy but them called it "si
"Weren't we just!" Freddy said. mper ure 7 Rankina was booked on charges, dioulous". Others ;
"I never put in such an afternoon IIighet last 24 hours ................7 Rankins was bookedrat of a house wise move ad t
You see they were both really Lowest last night .65 of being the operator of a house, wis move ar d tm
waiting to hear that special broad. Mean 71 maintained for immoral purposes. lion toward atemr
cast o the King and Queen Normal 69 Constable Perez who made the of government v
and the President-probably you Precipitation arrests told his superior officers threatens to mak'
heard that. Everyone listened. And ainf 24 hours Andind that he will present testimony to a modern Donnyb
to kill time," she went o as both Rainfall, 24 hours ending show that the women planned to n the latter sid
Cummings andAey nodded 7:30 a. m., inches......... show that the women planned to On the latter aid
they bitkered. Lady op wanted Total rainfall since Jan. 1, take advantage of the blight Service Com ssi
to listen to the continued stories inches 2.35 .placed on the tenderloin at the re- that 40,000 addition
she's so crazy about, and Rankin Excess since January 1 quest of the Navy department, workers will be e
wanted war news and some sym- l. ." I by July; the frant

Key West's
200 Delightful Rooms, Each
With Private Bath
Beautiful Cocktail Lounge
Dancing Nightly
Peter Sohutt, Manager
< -OW

Notlie Ix hereby given that the
WAR irunlrsligncd, deslrlng to ngage In
t liUlnscM under the fcltlouis nanle
Sof "The Key Westor" of Key West,
Florlda, Intends to register the sald
SfiltiousI name with the clerk of the
Circus t Court of Monroe County,
TION YEAR Florida.
Dated this 23rd day of December,
AL HATCHET A. 1). 141.
ON SUBJECT dee23-30,1l41; janC-13-20,1942
RI.II10VRN'I'H Irr rtnfIC l IRV'J'I
ROVER IN t1 ; Petition of
vice Writer ,laiues Woollen Porter to
Jan. 20.- adopt minor child known as
great deal of Anu Shaw McCblesh.
ith of partisan Ar'is'I FOn AI)OI'TION Or
ave to plead w ri o S1lInI
S You will please l e advisoei that
on occasion, Jamns Woollen I'ortrr will apply to
its worth on t'"l of the Judges of the Circuit
,any longe rt, I and for Monroo County,
t any longer. Fli'rldn, at 10:00 A. M, on the 5th day
visitingg up, on of February, A. 1), 1942, or an soon
thcr,.after as he may be heitrd for
hero to report an Order adopting the sald minor,
ical hatchet is Ann Shaw MfClelsh.
e subject--the lYu will please govern yourself
e subject-the naccrdingly.
t been able to ('AR F'otltloner,
n (or woman) Attorney for Petitioner.
to win the,1942
sis of partisan NAME STAT'PTI-I
ts, is elec- tli, undclrslgncd, desiring to engage
e, this is elec- In business under the fictiltous name
seats of 34 rf "t aillat's Cocktall nar and Res-
f the members tltiarant", Marathon, Florlda, intends
S e m e ,, register the sahl fictltlousB llne
course, are at with the Cleric of the Circuit Court
is campaigns- "f Monroe County, Florida.
LDatedg January :1, 1042.
mean issues" JAMES CGALLAT, Owner.
to look for Jan6-13-20-27; feb3,1'42
ere are plenty .N OTICI NI)NI FI(:ITITIOU S
issues, a lot of NOTICE 1S IIREIIY tIVEN that
the undeirHiKned, doHlirlng to engage
up in Congress In busHness under the fletltious ronme
time comes of "Key \We't D]rug Co.", K"y W\Vest,
timelorl, hintoidl to roeglter the said
will be others fictlitiru name with tho Cleric of
e in the imme- the Circuit Court 'If Monroe County,
ie continuing. lated January 6, 1942.
there is the MRS. LOUISE MALONEY,
war isl. jt \WVdow 1Dr. .nhn H. Malnit'y.
war-it e Jan0f13-20-27; feb3,1042
AIL Jan 6-_13-

Notice is hereby given to all per-
r,. is that Dolores Cabrera Fernan-
,l.-a, the undersigned executrix of
the Last 'Willl nnd Testament of
Itogello Calrora, deceased, has filed
with the Honorable Raymond R.
L,,rd, County Judge of Monroe Coun-
ty, Floriln, her final report as said
executrix and has made application
tor her discharge as executrix of the
.nst Will and testamentt of logello
c('ilrera, deceased.
Dated at Key West, Florida, this
291h clay of Decenltber, A. ). 1941.
As Executrix of the Last Will and
testamentt of Rogello Cabrera,
also known as Rogello Cabrera
l-'ernandez, deceased.
dec30,1941 :Jan6-13-20,1942

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Sessions: 2:30 to 4:30 p. m.
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tor, 4 h.p. $100.00. James H.
Pinder, 1217 Petronia Street

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American antiques and other
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Sale closes Jan. 28th. Apply
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eluding Cash Register, Frigi-
daire Ice Chest, 6-burner Grille
Plate, complete, 4 doz. set of
Inca Ware Dishes, Chairs,
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650-W. decO2-ti
CRUISER. Live bait well
Three bunks, White cedar
planking, mahogany frames,
batten seams. Bargain at $360
cash. Apply Box A, The Citi-
zen. janl0-tf

STORE, % block off Duval
street. 518 Fleming St.

near Naval Station. Phone
539W. janl6-tf

Attorney at Law
217 Duval St. Phone 282


Business or Residential Lots all
parts of the Island; Terms
Phone 124 505 Duval St


wanted for one at $10-$1 I C
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ten. janl4-6ef

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in need of a good night's ti
Clean rooms, enjoy' the h* o
atmpqphere. Satisfactory
917.tFleming street. j itt'n

A -Amd.

the soliarity
hen things go
h progress in
e quite a few
ippy to stake
Iks on ques-
nister Church.
y only a sam-
happen here.
going to for-
lltical noggins
I entered the

national chair-
W. Martin, put
I for pointing
v one else, are
inning this war
n England, we
Eight to com-
honestly be
of the oppost-
issues which
'lop into lusty


ig of the Nav-
loyes Federal
be held at the
court room at

e urged to be


Page One)
s order, mav-
'ification and
St. Louis, the
Few York; the
change Com-
gistration and
fours division
;ncy to Pitts-
including the

nt Doara ana
an Affairs, to

e the storm.
less, as usual.
of it. Some of
lly" and "ri.
hailed It as a
he only solu.
ning the tide
workers that
t the capital
rook Fair.
Ie is the Civil
on's estimate
al government
employedd here
ic search for
:e care of the
At staffs.. a&fd
I lack of suit-

Irinir tn engage
I fictitious name
Company", In-
said fictitious
k of the Circuit
inty, Florida.
0th, 1941.
spring to engage
Sfictitious name
Inn", Intend to
fictitious name
Ie Circuit Court
10th, 1941.
ALEY,, Manager
N, Owner


No. =-1O
In re Voluntary Dissolution of
COMPANY, a corporation or-
ganized under the laws of the
State of Florida.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undersigned, being a majority In in-
terest of the stockholders of THBl
,a corporation which was duly Incor-
porated under the laws of the State
of Florida, has filed his petition In
the Circuit Court of the Eleventh
Judicial Circuit of the State of Flor-
ida, In and for Monroe County, under
the provisions of Section 4091, The
Revised General Statutes of Florida,
tor a decree dissolving said corpora-
NOTICE Is hereby further given
that the said petition and matter
will rome on for hearing before one
of the Judges of the ablov styled
Court at Chambers, In the County
Court House, at Key West, Florida,
at 11:00 o'clock A. AM., on ThursdaY,
the 22nd day of January, A. I. 1042,
or as soon thereafter as counsel
may he heard.
Dated January Oth, 1942.
L. P. Artman
jand-13 .0,1942

the underaigned, desiring to engage
In Iuslness under the fictitious name.
of "Gene's Nowstand", Intends tc
register the said fictitious name
with the Clerk of the Circuit Court
if Blonroe County, Florida.
Dated December 10th, 1941.
doeca0,141; Jane-13-20-27.1942



. A a .WA


NOT : 1,0 1.TO (,It II>|llTOI<% 7 m
(II):1l I'r,,lintl, Ae(, Neei,. 119.l 12o)
IN ''ll': 1COI I (i' O' II 'Tii ,: (CO'UrNT'l
In 1: 1 11,' C U'rN Y.,
T ll. ;r's [.'.\ T L,, iLOST
To I ,'tl.,,its ..l ,'r'iisoH il\'- LOST-Gold Link Bracelet. Find-
sii. i,. """""s er please return to Mrs. Lillie
Y'" t 'ai "f 'i, air,. hir,.iiy Kemp, 310 William street, or
or'; .;1 iLI i: i m I.'yvunlU a phone 9149. Janl9-3t
e l lth 1 I \ l ll .g I,|l:l l ll h lh l( r
eith, ,, h ins thi '
eatl, ,, '''' ;,Iiii ,'. .Al l,i e- LOST Yesterday somewhere
cea l ), If l,. ,,f .;Iii ((il~ll t o. [ tile
C U '.. ,;',,ii'.' .o''i l'i!i, (')Cllltv b-twe ull II u rifut anld ut t,
I,'lo,,, ,,h. s.ii it ih ,o.,urt two golden hours, each set with
hou:". fr :.:'itl t Y'l, livt K'.1 \Vetll, sixty diamond minutes. No re-
mo0'1,1 ,. n',t. o ,lw iil... If .h lfl'lt ward is offered for they are
puioll.i, .fI Ihi.-. lnilh.,. tIn Ih gone forever.-Horace Mann.
and !,tll st.lli, I il. lilii, 11, reusle nnce
andl It,, ,il'', ,l','i ff l h;'llll llt, i, FOR SA LE
ant, :1l : h"i'd l I,~1 .t Irn t,o by the
clalii.:i Ii hi n 'i ,ior hi t attlrllo y ,
and : 11 I,'i ,' l:liio 1,1 i, ll,114 ntinl i TRAILERS, rent or sell. Apply
so fil., s v, 4.)i\ VII ,, i Tommie's Skating Rink.
As ;,Ilintii.t,'y tVtri orf ti l. Statt 'o, f o nov28-tf
Tll;il:.lrI l s I". .\MV ,I.1, nT;7.',r < .,rl.
ji:i1-.2o-27;- r1,:l,1142. SIGNS-"For Rent", "Rooms For
IN 'I vol' 1117,41V 0 1! Rent", "Apartment For Rent",
0 7.1: lIto!1w1.," CoUNY, ,"Private Property, No Tres
STAT'vI oI" i,'o()1iniA. IN Rito- passing". THE ARTMAN
in r,,' o' I:mttt .... f PRESS. nov25-tf
M1 \AlY 1) IS 'I'TIT Y,
NO,',o' Io 1I. o 1 ,Nt lIAK!, PERSONAL CARDS, $1.25 per
~I''lI.I('ATION l'I1Ot 0IMAKEl 10, IT AT -
%0 u'l'i0 O' FlItqNAI, 1400. THE ARTMAN PRESS.
1DIn<'n IAI(; maylO-tt
(Prolme l,aw 194) H
.\1Vh, 1 Mi.t ( a'tnrn: thl SIMMONS BABY BED, $10 cash,
Charl, \' Wr.,r.l, i l 4'r'y flled his 622 Grinnell Street, Upstairs.
final rn,-ri iii s .\ li\ inistrn ltor of tile: ;,,.n 9t.
esatnt, ,' MN1ry 1) sy ( t 'iir tjan20-2tx
evea,-,i 1; th1ii fil'li l his 1,tlt lon for'
final l tisthrl., I I thli h( will, FOR SALE-5 lots, Johnson Al-
app! ill .i 1:tlli' nd R,
Lord (itlt I ll i i. of M Inro ley. 803 Olivia Street.
Cotun1 1 t'lni ii' i.o n. i .. :Iilth 3 i y of jan20-6t
.Talii";: 'y, I iy I ;', fo tlproiv of .s4n1,o101
ant i'm, lin il d(ij ,lt iif ii t .g n as oi lnilm- '--I
tratnr iIhe ,sil sit r of I)tary ay MUST SELL Household Furnish-
Cur".il it'l'1l1', li' tii1 ttI 1 ,' tl f ings immediately. Apply 512

Adni:ilsir:tor or f tht a'tlnte of Mnary
CiAI .if, 'rii ,l,~..t',* t't'ittt-r Caroline St. jan2O-ti
rPi1i i'y',', ll'4'.l'tll'11i. YACHT TRITON, moored in
jan;- 13-20 -27,1942 2"1
an-Garrison Bight, 461/xl85x6.1,
1oTI''I In:IIIR oICT'ITIOUS mahogany furniture and trim,
NAMIA IAW three cabins, running water,
TO I s\1I -vI' hiMY t 'NCitha the galley, bath, large lounge,
Nt i',, is h(,ret,.y al\i.n that the
undl, r'sino,', pIursuant to, the "Flctl- sleeps seven. A pleasant home
tioun Nimie sttute", ",Iliouso 1ll No. on the water for you. Price
i117h, I'hilatt.r Ni). 20953, Laws of
Fl,,1, 1111, \.Ill ircaiter with the $1200, Address James Pinder,
Civl.' of thit (''rcuit ( court, In and 1217 Petronia St. janl9tf
for Miiinrot ('nunty, i'lorlda, upon i
rec 'ilt of proorf of the publicatl on
of tills Iloi'1', llt, f'tithtiuls name, I VACUUM CLEANERS, new and
o 4o- i 111 ', TIO titi Mr ttameVA
to-wit: I'i.AN'T',\'i1' N KIeY YACIITn used. Priced right, guaranteed;
CLI: it tllid'r \vhiii'h 1 am eiagKOd In in
bUsliti.,s it I'htllataitl!on Key, in the terms. Box 0, The Citizcn.
County of .MNonroi, Florida. 1',. O. Janl9-tf
address, 'ravirnl ir, 'Florida.
That thep 1arty interested lit said
buslnt('s (flterl'urist. is as follows: SECOND SHEETS--00 for 50c.
RUBY nIEN br, N The Artman Press. novl9-tf
Datod at Plantatlon Koy, Monroe --
County, l'iorlda, January 3, 1942. TYPEWRITING PAPER 500
jan6-13-20-27; feb3,1942 sheets, 75c. The Artman Press.'
INs. .I Font R no1no0w col]sONT, FOR SALE--NEWLY RENO-
I ,ontlI)A. IN PIIOIIATH. VATED HOUSE, four rooms,
In Ri' IEstate of .
('InioO CATRERA, also kitchen and bath. Near Rest
klUtwn as Rogello Cabrera Beach, All conveniences, Lot
lrnande, Deceased. 0x100. Phone 744 or 827-J.

Lk F Y

SOC ETY CALLING DRAFTED Classy Program Presented At
:: SOCIETY MOTHERS Naval Movie Hall Last Night
Copyrighted 1942
Please phone your Society Items to Copyrig d 12 The USO camp shows spon- Hutchins, swing artist; Gregory,
MRS. HUGH WILLIAMS, phone 241 or 5 by ERAINE TURIN scored by the Army and Navy Raymond and Cheri and the
MRS. HUGH WILLIAMS, phone 241 or committee entertained the offi- Aristocrats headed by Candelle.
cers and enlisted men and their Aistr h id ,-
Ma y S i t WIl Under our present emergency families of the operating naval Th group is the pioneer unit
Many Special Features Will when more and more men are base at the naval movie theatre in the new series of service
Highlight C n y being inducted into the service, last night. shows. Long bus rides, inade-
Highlight Connally Cabaret more and more women are being The troupers represented some quate accommodations, hurried
inducted into our group of draft- of the best entertainment that meals are its lot in life and in
*Highlight on the Lillian Con- scored by the Woman's Guild of: ed m others. Broadway stage and radio talent this respect they are carrying on
nally's program of events at the Saint Paul's Church. And not only could provide, according, to a re- in the best traditions of the old-
Cabaret sch d for Thursy Cabaret committees is as fol- s h o u od the port released this morning by time troops, observed Comdr.
Cabaret scheduled for Thursdaylows: mothers of sons Public Relations Officer Lieut. Naff.
and Friday nights is the "Movie General Chairman: Mrs. Hugh in the armed Comdr. H. L. Naff. The route of. the past week in-
Revue" in which true-to-life im-! Williams; co-chairman, Mrs, Jos. forces be con- The troup, which presents the eluded Macon, Albany and Moul-
personations of the famous movie: Ladd. sidered mem- "Broadway Brevities", consists trie of Georgia, and West Palm
stars will be given by a group of; Publicity: Charles Roberts. bers of our of Dave Barry, master of cere- Beach.
talented ladies and a few gentle- Talent: Mrs. Webster Putnam. group, but also monies and impersonator, and a The USO will continue to en-
men headed by Mr's. Hebe Men- Reservations: Mrs. Clarance I the mothers of chorus of six known as "Youtih tertain the personnel of the
ner. Allshouse and Miss Sybil Rob- daughters who on Parade". naval station at two-week in-
.Mrs. Menner, it will be recalled, crts. A Ehave husbands The chorus Includes Harriet' tervals.
"stole the show" last year and is Arrangements: Mrs. Miervin L. ERAINE TURN and s w eet-
expected to be even more popular Russell, chairman; Mrs. Reba hearts there-and even such ..
when she appears in Thursday Sawyer and Mirs. Will Richard- daughters themselves. For they MAGAZNE ACCEPTS Not Alway Like This
night's show, son, have a similar heart-interest in ARTICLE WRITTEN PY
Cast in "Number 13, Movie Door: Sam Goldsmith and Will our efforts. (n" lr Anoelated Pre.w)
Revue", consists of the following: Richardson. Accordingly, this column in- STEPHEN SINGLETON HAGERSTOWN, Md., Jan. 20.
lIcbe Menncr, Barbara Bowser, Advertising and tickets: Mrs.
Ileboecnenr, Barbara Bower, Ad t g adtckt: vites all of these to join our -A motorist returning to his
Mary Sullivan, "Pec-Wee" Hall, Joseph Ladd, Mrs. Ella Bierna and s all Social Register, which deof these to join our -A motorist returning to his
Don Herrick, B. J. Suthcrling, Pat Mrs. Benjamin Tynes. group as well-to promote their The Social Register, which de- parked car found on the door
Hsscribes itself as -'The Magazine
Naff, Helen Brown, Myrna Hostesses: Mrs, Clarence Alls- suggestions in behalf of the men for Society", today informed .handle a note saying his left
Haynes, William Gore, Raymond house, Mrs. Joseph Ladd, Mrs. upon whom the burden of our Stephen Cochran Singleton, ex- fender had been damaged and
Salas, Isabel DePoo, Betty Alls- Mervin Russell, iss Sybil Rob- entire safety depends ecutive secretary of the Chamber asking him to call a telephone
Cabarhouse and June given 'a t the Decorations Miss Etta Patter- On this premise, then, your of Commerce, that it had accept- number.
Cabaret will be given at the Decorations: isa Etta Patter- ugens d e ther of ed an article written by him. Th driver, who had to look
Habana-Madrid Club and is spon- son, suggestions, drafted mothers ofed an artice written by him. The driver, who had to look
Habana- drid Club s- .r The letter intimated that Key
our nation, should carry all the West would profit from the closely to find a few dents in
rn ih n nt d- fonelpr rnllptl Ant rd niad

from his automobile, the honey-
moon of James Brennan and his
bride, Catherine, had to be post-

Grad. of Kirkesville College
Osteopathy and Surgery
Licensed to Practice Osteopathy,
Melentn andl iSlufru

Sn McCalla Auxiliary numbers grow, the greater are soon in the periodical, an apology and offer to repair 925 Whltehead-Opp, L ?ghthouse
Cracks And Comments To Assemble the chances to have those sug- The communication said in the damage from' a truck driver, Reg. 8317 Phone '12-W
By A gestions given recognition. And prt
FLORIDA CRACKER There will be a meeting of B. gestions ve recognition d If our readers enjoy the opus
------ ...-- H. McCalla Auxiliary No. 2 held your suggestions are needed just received as much as I have,
"KNIFE"' IS DEAD: "Knifey", at the home of Sister Jennie more than ever-that is, if you it's going to stamp Key West a
walked weeping ly to his death Thursday at 3:30 p, m. to raise the morale of your men. minds" .
in a hot seat Saturday morning Installation of officers will be i In each degree this morale is NEW BUG TO SPECIAL I SPECIAL SPECIAL I
when his shuddering, trembling hold. All visiting members are lifted, in the same degree do we BUG TO
body was electrocuted. Knifey invited to attend as well as pros- come closer to our destination of, FIGHT WEEVIL $1.25 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday $1.25
was a tough guy and bragged pect'v members. victory. pAy r*a
about it. Played with knives It may be well to be reminded AUSTIN, Tex., Jan. 20.-Cot- SHAMPOO WAVE AND MANICURE
and guns while in the Fifth Four Marriages ;that victories are gained by high ton growers will be delighted to VITA-FLUFF CREAM SHAMPOO
Grade at school. Then Knifey Here Yesterday morale in the armed, forces, be-j hear that scientists are breeding V A-AM
found that temptation developed ,cause that high morale is gained a new kind of bug which they NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CHEN YU MANICURE
our sailors of the U S Navy b i ii expect to exterminate the boll Phone 206 For Appointment-Next to Bus Station
s nd o o eFour silors of the U. t. Nev forces. Yet the bettering of con- i weevil and pink boll worm which Ram t erU Exclusively
e killed a policeman He was editions comprises so many dif- destroy millions of dollars' Rain Water Used Exclusively
tried and convicted and at the noon. Two of the weddings were ferent avenues. While the in- worth of cotton each year
age of 19 Knifey, sobbing, pray- mond e Lord and two by Justice creasing of production in ships, The bug worm is "michobrac-
ing, walked to his death in the of the Peace aique Equinaldo airplanes, tanks, and guns, is on", a parasite which destroys
electric chair in Cook County, The rnriea e m the most essential of these, still the weevil and worm by boring
Illinois. Knifey boasted about marriages follow: there are others which are necse- into their lairs,
being able to "take it" but when Wirlliam Joseph Richardson ofsary to attain and maintain that Dr. G. W. Goldsmith, botany f
the time came to udie e d was just Trenton, N a E. avight high morale. professor and director of the
little boy who learned too late of Poughkepsie, N. Y. who gav And one of such avenues is to University of Texas cotton re-
how sweet it is to live and letho ocupator as that tee have a shuffling of the cards search laboratory, said he hopes
live. The few, dollars gained in pone operator, for soldiers who have chronic to breed and, with the aid .of W I IT JOB
robbery was soon spent and what N. Curle and Fs Hall, ailments, yet were taken by the Federal and State agencies, 'to
robbery was s aon spent and what hoth nf Key Weste hind P R N bug ihTIE EN G
had Knifeyl His last words were, Ewald Arthur Dieckman o draft. unleash micrbracon In huge T Tn n
I had it coming to me. dHad I e ar N r d erte he True in the past year, many numbers on cotton fields through-
kno"I d wn coing to me. ad I Neowark, N.m J. and Verle Mer men have been rejected for the out the South not later thah the
nows tragedy nev w would ha Moore, a native of Opp Ala. were service because of some phys- Spring of 1943.
happened". We hope there ae united in marriage by Mr. Eal ical disorder. However, many R -MeEMBER
ino iys in Keyi Webst because quinaldo as were Charles Richard who had similar disorders- and REMEMB
evently, ineorgan of Shreveport, La. and'
eventually, inevitably, it all Mry Rodriguez, originally of At wh required continuous med- THE ANSWERS
comes to the same end. You g rinaly of ical treatment to stay on duty, T e is no JOB
can't play with mud and not get anta, Ga. have been accepted. Since this e T is n J I
It on you. MRS. CHERRY RETURNS I type of medical treatment was Sa "Who Knows?" on Page 2 Too 0 Larg
____ T. Cur R not granted such soldiers, they r : a E li
MY VOCABULARY IS NOT Mrs. Rossie Cherry has re- succumbed to revere attacks of 1. More than $2,000,000,000 a an
EXTENSIVE ENOUGH TO EX- turned from Albany, Georgia, illness and were sent to hos- month. No SERVICE Too Small
EnSSI MY A EA : To where she has visited for the; pitals, where they often linag- 2. WPA estimate: 3,800,000.
my friends at the Casa Marina. past several weeks. ered on for months. That situa- 3. No; the nation has the larg-
my friends at the Casa Marina I tion has not been conducive to eat supply of oodstuff on rec-t
You ask where wuas I Frday Our soldies, also a movie high morale. ord. sup of f u on r c
night? WI, you'a not be sur-try Our d Yet had these soldiers been 4. Yes; 80 per cent has come TH E ARTMAN PR
praised I was doing my bit (a star. r I ass signed to army positions where, from Malaya, now cut off. n
Girl Scout) for the Navy. I THOUGHTS UPON HEARING at the start, they could have re- ,5. Archibald Percival Wavell. TH il I
know a nice colonel, too, but he UNKIND GOSSIP "Whosoever' ceived-while on duty-continu- t .70,000,000.
married Ruth Cash-so that'shs The Citizen Building 0
out. I'll be gt t big head privily slandereth his neighbour, ous medical attention, the cost 7. 3,750,000. ul g
out.him will Ie gin destroy".-Psalms. to the government would have 8. 75,000 tanks, 125,000 planes : PHONE 51
receiving cards like that--butl i been far less and their morale and 10,000,000 tons of ship.
many thanks. TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!: would have stayed unimpaired. 9. 7,000 miles. _____
The members of the Key West But as it was, after a prolonged 10. Germany is said to have
AIN'T NOBODY G ON N A Woman's Club will be looking hospitalization, such men either 700,000 machine tools under nine
KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURN- their lovlicst and so will the were granted medical discharg- years of age; the U. S., 520,000
ING? Just hear the sad story of club rooms. It's the officers' an- es, or they were placed at last, under 10 years of age.
a newspaper, The Apalachicola nual reception. Husbands, sweet- in position where the medical Illllll
(Fla.) Times, having to "fold", hearts and friends of the club! care they required at the begin- e eeoeo_.eeeee .eeeeeeee
quit publication, because it members are cordially invited, ning could be given them. STRONG ARM BRAND COFFIB E ..........
couldn't get help to operate the It must be owned these men TRIUMPH
press. The public can't depend THE CIVILIAN DEFENSE never should have been accepted -
ntirely on the old grapvin MEETING LAST NIGHT AT for the service. But now that COFFEE Ove Transpo
entirely on the old grapevie. THE FLEMING STREET METH- we are at war, the picture is MI er
ODIST CHURCH: Was warmly changed; they may be needed. I
I'OMATOES WITHOUT SALT: responded to by a goodly num- At the outset, then, to assign AT ALL
Slang often expirsses most force- ber of representative people, those with physical disorders to GROCPRS ILO In
fully what one is trying to say, Warden Fred Eberhardt presided positions which allow for this ee* **************** Com pany, Inc*
but of all the insane, silly, point- at the meeting and gave a con- kind of medical treatment cre- Fast, Dependable Freight and Expres Servil
less expressions, the prize goes cise outline of what to do in ates a happier situation, and R -between-
to the new word. "corny". It case of an air raid. E. P. Winter, thereby makes for greater effi- SLOW REA DERS -bn
doesn't mean a darn thing. It Col.L. C. Brinton and Guy ciency. In the service, there are I EI A EMI I A D K Y
expresses less than nothing. Ca' Carleton, members of the county duties behind the desk as well INVESTIGATE TE MIAMI AND KEY W
there be less than nothing? defense council, each gave in- as those behind the gun. LOW WEEKLY RATES
formation that is of great value. Drafted mothers of our na- IN OUR RENTAL LIBRARY Alo Serving All Points On Florida Keys
LIEUT. S. L. MATSON TELLSThe uppermost thought in my tion, now when more and more Between Miami and Key West
LIEUT. S. L. MATSON TELTS mind as I listened. was gratitude women are being made drafted
THE BEST ONE YET CON- that we have men in this com- mothers, surely you should beT
CERNING THE CONNALLY nity who t the time fr able to do something about 0 oStL Express Schedule:
CABARET: Greta, the attractive this sort of work that may mean that situation-to make your (NO STOPS EN ROUTE)
wife of Lieut. Matson, is taking far more to us than we now voices so loudly heard that the S 14 LEAVES KEY WEST DAILY (EX-
part in several numbers of the dream. The next thought wa morale in every part of the arm- CEPT SUNDAYS) AT 800 P. M.
dance acts and he doesn't corn- of those sub sinkings on the At- ed forces may be raised to the Arrives at Miami at 1200 o'lock
plain, you understand, and it's lantic c and and how they are degree which will bring us that Midnight.
all right by him, but he says it getting uncomfortably close. The much closer to our destination LEUNDA Y) AT I00 o'L ECE T
sallrightly n thim g SUNDAYS) AT 12.00 o'clock Mid-
is a little novel-the goings-on last one was near Norfolk, Va. of victory. ni ht and arrives at Key West at 8800
at his house. is hot cakes and A great deal of appreciation o'clock A. -M.
coffee is served to the tunes of goes out to these men who are S COLDS
SI goes Out to these men who are LOcal Schedule:
"Cynthia" and "Jungle Drums". working tirelessly and absolute- :BA r $ COL lcc A.o and
And even the children have ly without pay. lev mley iut LEAVE KEY WEBT DAILY (ExNpt
taken up the enthusiasm of their -weteay.Rub and COFFEE SHOP Sunda) at 100 o,'cloc A. L ma
mother and are dancing and ENVY and COFFEE SHOP arrives at Miami at 4:00 o'lock
singing to the amusement of "Nearly all that gossip S -.'. --IC--. -I o P.M.
their daddy. shows ROOMS with Private and LEAVES MIAMI DALY (Exce Sum.
Is that thet gossips V Connecting Bath rayse at 800 clock A. IL w o.
AN rives at Zey West &18500 o'aro
MAN I LOVE: Generalissimo envy those ooeoooooe ooeeeee.e.eeeo P. M.
Chiang Kai Shek, hero of grand Who dare to go their MONROE THEATER PRIVATE BEACH
tion goes to h ts helpful and And never fear what MONROE TR IA T m FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY SERVICE
wonderful wife. others say". A R I Z ON A B OU N D Complete Luncheons FULL CARGO INSURANCE
-Cheerful Cherub. I Featuring
FIFTEEN HEROES DIED IN -- e BUCK JONES-TIM McCOY and Dinners officel 1s Caroiun* stfe t Phones 6 u4
THAT AIR CRASH AT LAS BE SEEING YOU at the Con, and at Moderate P~ri WAREHOUSE-Cor. Eaton and' Fraoib Ste.
VEGAS: Men who were training nally Cabaret. I'LL WAIT FOR YOU _
to give their lives to our oounn FLORIDA CRACKER. eee eooeo eeeeeeeeaooem

rThe Christian Education De-
partment of the Woman's Aux-
Siliary of St. Paul's Church will
hold the first of a series of dis-
cussions and programs based on
two special units of study: A
Christian Imperative, "Our Con-
tribution To World Order," by
Roswoll P. Barnes, and "Christian
Roots of Democracy In America,"
by Arthur E. Holt. Tomorrow
evening at 7:30 on "Cloister of the
These meetings are open to the
Mrs. Glorianna Bayly, secretary
of the Christian Education, will
lead the discussions.

ST. LOUIS, Mo., Jan. 20.-Be-
cause someone stole three tires

buys his copies of The Citizen at whole-
sale, sells them at retail.
S. pays cash for his papers.
.. loses if a customer falls to pay.
Is embarrassed if a customer is slow pay.
goes the limit for his trade, is on the job
rain or shine, serves his customers well.
S. asks customers to cooperate by paying
him promptly and regularly.

Circulation Department


as at close of business December 31, 1941
Comptroller's Call
Loans and Discounts ............. $ 415,500.36
Overdrafts ...................... .. 6.75
Banking House, Furniture
and Fixtures....... .......,. 25,028.26
Other Real Estate .................. 34,688.20
Stock of the Federal Re-
serve Bank 5,250.00
Other Assets .. ... .... 1,360.81
United States Government
Obligations, direct andlor
fully guaranteed ...,..... $ 501,082.96
State, Municipal and other
bonds -.....--- .. -4 ......... 150,218.29
Cash and due from Banks .., 1,194,163.03 1,845,464.28
Capital ............$ 100,000.00
Surplus ....... ... .... ..... .. .... 100,000.00
Undivided Profits ... ..................... 7,325.76
Other Liabilities .: -.. ......-... ,-.. ....-. .... 3,099.90
Deposits .. ,..... ,........ ......... -................. 2,116.972.00
Member of the Federal Reserve
Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlov
Serving Key West and MIonroe County for Over 50 Years


To Business Firms
The Fictitious Name Law passed by the 1941
Legislature, sets forth various provisions, such as
registration with the county clerk, and advertising
the personnel of those comprising the business con-
cern or firm. The law as passed provides:
1. All persons operating unincorporated busi-
ness or profession under any name but their own
proper or known called names, must register this
"fictitious" trade name with the cerk of the circuit
court in the county where the principal place of busi-
ness is located.
2. A fee of $1.00 is charged for this registra-
3. Furthermore, the names of all persons in-
terested, and the extent to which they are interested
must be registered as well.
4. Penalty for non-compliance denies any un-
registered business and those interested in doing such
business the right to defend or maintain suit in any
court in this state, either as plaintiff or defendant,
and it further provides that any person violating this
law regarding registration is liable to having an in-
formation charging a misdemeanor filed against him
by any person aggrieved by the fictitious name, and
on conviction of such charge shall be liable to a fine
of $25.00 or 60 days in jail, or both.
5. Before registration can be made, such in-
tention to register must be advertised at least once a
week for four (4) consecutive weeks in a newspaper
as defined by law in the county where the registra-
tion is made.
This law applies to Apartments, Hotels, Filling
Stations, Cabin Courts, or business of any kind ex-
cept such as are operated under the name of the
Lawyers generally agree that the terms "proper
or called name" as used in the law would be like this
example: Suppose you are one of the numerous
Jones family. Suppose your proper name is "John
Edward Jones," but your called nnme is "J. E.
JONES." Unless your business is actually operated
under one or the other of these names you would be
required to register.

The Key West Citizen
Offers Its Assistance In Helpin
Business Men to Comply ith
This New Lawk

Consolation For Jailbirds
(By Amoelated Pler.)
NEW YORK Jan. 20.-Jail-
birds may be the lucky ones in
case of an air raid.
Prison officials here have been
told by a war department repre-
sentative that the heavy con-
crete would make them com-
paratively invulnerable to




(Iy A..noeltedl Ire.,)
NEW YORK, Jan. 20.-Curfew
shall ring for the sake of art, ac-
cording to an announcement from
the Metropolitan Museum of Art
which says, "the museum will
be closed at dusk (4 p. m.)" until
April, 1942, ot conform with safe-
ty regulations in a possible black-


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