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Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: May 18, 1912
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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I Sworn Circulation
W102 l.'OhI






Must Die in the Electric
Chair for Killing of
Wytheville, Va., May 18.-Fldyd
Allen, the first ofbthe Hillsdale moun-
taineers tried for the. Carroll coun-
ty court house murders, was adjudg-
ed guilty here yesterday and will pay
the penalty of his crime in the elec-
tric chair at Richmond.
Floyd Allen was charged specific-
ally at the time with the murder of
Commonwealth's Attorney William
M. Poster, prosecutor in the Carroll
county court at Hillaville last March
when the trial of Allen culminated
In the killing of five persons-Pre-
siding Judge Thornton L. Massie,
Prosecutor Foster, Sheriff L. F.
Webb, Miss Elizabeth Ayres and
Juror Augustus Fowler.
The tragedy created a panic in the
little mountainous town of Hillville.
The inhabitants had always held the
Allen clansmen 'n deadly horror. Ar-
rests of several of the Allens follow-
ed the shooting but five of the prin-
cipals escaped to the mountains. Re-
wards for their arre4t resulted in
three of them being taken, but Bid-
na Allen,. leader of the elan, and
Wesley Edwards, his nephew, are
still at large.
The other prisoners,',it is expected,
will be tried at once.
. 3fjp --^T ----j**

- worEB


St. Louis 5; Brooklyn 13,
Cincinnati 4; Boston 6.
Chicago 5; Philadelphia 7.
Pittsburg-New York, rain.
bStanding of the Teams.
Won Lost
New York ..... 19 4
Cincinnati ...... 20 6
Chicago .... .. .12 13
Pittsburg ...... 9' 18
St. Louis ......11 17
Boston ........ 10 16
Philadelphia .... 8 18
Brooklyn ....... 8 15

Washington 6; St. Louis 2.
New York 8; Cleveland 3.
Boston 2It Chicago 5.
Philadelphia 3; Detroit 6.
Standing of the Teams.
Won Lost Pet.
Chihago ... ..22 6 .786'
Boston ...... ..15 10 .600
Washington ...13 12 .478
Detroit ........14 14 .500
Cleveland .'. .. 11 12 .478
Philadelphia ....10 13 .435
New York . 7 15 .318
St. Louis ........7 17 .292
Showers tonight ofi Sunday; mod-
erate northeast winds,%



Boston, My 18.-Clarence V. T,
Riehwoon, under sentence of death,
was taken with an attack of hyster-
Man delirium An the death hambef
o the Charleston state prison last
ight while being visited bp the pri-
on:1"haplaia and his counsel.
I While Wadord Bridges pay. order
'eoutlon y time ater mi=t
nfjht Bathrday't is belfete ,thatMit
in take p&la" f i ter
Mslduht nft ..... .




Closing 'Exerclse* at th
Hargrove Institute
Well Attended '
The exerclses of yesterday at Har-
grove Institute bright to a. lose
commencement week for 1912.
The night program was well ar-
ranged and excellently carried out.
The two principal events Were th<
oration by Mias Mispah Otto,-'4
the class address by Dr. W. F. Blah
Miss Otto chose for her theme
"The Aldhemy of Thought," and
handled the problem from eery
standpoint, particularly pmVphaVSln
the religious, abntimental anaG~1
ventive power of mah, past and,)r
The religions alchemy of thought
as evidenced by the dolalnatihglnK
fluAnce of Mahomet oVbt his fo ow.
ers. a .
The sentimental as touid Ina e
works of Wordsworth ad I h a M
peare. .' o
The inventive, as sh b40 L
wonderfully productive A of' he
IS *.t. living genals, .Tholas' ,
A through to 4iedouree
speaker Ahbwd a d pAnd. p-
knowlede of histofr, a the'
dei tandfng t the dIdc'
and a perfect famll[af
poets, anceint 'and ir
these *attainments
enunckation, atle"
and an abund"'
llsh Mils. 0'
ofl0tf thi
ever "har.



Much FPighting Reported
During the Last
Few Days
El Paso, Tex., May 17.-Reports
received from the south tonight indi-
cate that the federal and rebels
clashed in another battle south of
'Jiminez today. No details have been
received .
Jimenes, May 17,-General Pascu-
1 Orosco, commanding the rebel
rmy announced today that -he
Would, protect all foreigners but that
In the event of an Intervention by a
foreign nation he would Join with
e federal in repelling the Invaders.
Orosco Headquarters, Jimenes,
a s lNp soout reported to Gen-
Ial Orizoo late last night that the
(pderal forces were advancing rapidly
eothward and would probably at-
Aok the rebel outposts at daybreak.
;1Mexico City, May 17.-A force of
$00 rebels made a desperate attempt
lstetdy to capture the town of
eto Oomoasparrisoned by 60 fed-
41 oleiers, the rebels were repul-
sed several hours fighting. They
lqt eht kiladd a score wounded.
STbos. Reedy carried off the
4onons at the'-egular weekly shoot
ol tke eY We t Club ye.tprday,
bfelng St ", possible ;,
&'i:d f1 .anotb " 0....
Dr. B.. D.e W,At;
V i4o .1



Declares That ,Ohio Will'
Give the Decisive
Vote for Him.

The editor of The Citizen this
morning received a letter from Wm.
Illingworth, bandmaster of the 9th
Artillery Band, stationed on Correg-
idor Island, Manila Bay, in which he
states that the moving pictures of
the first train arriving in Key West
have been shown there.
He says that the crush of former
Key Westers at the theater was
something awful, Albert Perez be-
ing the first to get in, with Mrs.
Dillon close behind. Mr. Illingworth
"Just imagine! We are 12,000
miles from Key West and we saw
that train juat as though we were
there-and still we have a few peo-
ple in this world who pine for the
'good old days' again."
A letter to the editor from Joseph
C. Totten, attorney of New York,
states that John Day, alias W. E.
Cope, alias Geo. Koch, who forged
several checks with Mr. Darnall's
name In Key West, Havana and New
York, has been apprehended.
He will be placed on trial in the
county court of Kings county, Brook-
lyn, N. Y., next Wednesday, charged
with grand larceny in the second de-



Marlanna, May 17.-Hon. W. H.
Milton has given out the following
statement relative to the alleged deal
in, his withdrawal from the guberna-
torial rKcee
'To the people of Florida: I notice
In the papers of the 14th that Mr.
|ank Walpole relteratqs hi: state-
oat tat theOe was a trade between
o.',. Park Trtanmell and myself,
ht valuable onsld(rtio for. my

Cleveland, 0., May 18.-President
Taft declares that Theodore Roose-
velt's claim that he controls 522
delegates to Lhe republican national
convention at Chicago is without
foundation and not borne out by the
facts. The president said that it
Roosevelt were to get all the dele-
gates yet to be chosen, he could not
be nominated,
"Only 188 delegates to the Chica-
go convention remain to be chosen,"
said the president. "If Theodore
Roosevelt wbro to get all of them
yet he could aot be nominated. Care-
fully prepared figures show that only
309 delegates thus far are instruct-
ed for or pledged to him.
"The number of Taft delegates
thus far chosen, not counting the
eight from Montana and a number
from Texas ahd Arkansas, which will
be elected today, is 0SO, and the vote
14 Ohio, my home state much to my
gratification, Will be the decisive one
and *111 settle the question of the
Roosevelts Clims.
Toledo, 0,, May 18.--"Of the dele-
gates already elected I have 501,"
said Col, Rodevelt, He stood, by his
statement that .be had more tha L
500 delegates and ws confident that
he would b1' nomiated on tje first ,
ballot at the Cbica0 ooentiQn. \
Taft W J*i'ot Wh'Itr4, ,-5
Clevelafd( eJ4, .ay 7 .-" 1 je
Mr. Taft ci'ied' to-



The Key West Citizen

Vublished Every Afternoon Except
Sunday, at 506 Greene Street,
Key West, Fla.

Incorporated 19907.

uarey B. Darnall. Editor and Mgr.
Those. E. Roberta, Business Manager.
Ed. H. Gi-ay, City Editor

WItered as second-class matter Octo-
ber 24, 1908, at the post-office at
Key West, Florida, under the Act
of'Cengress of March 8, 1879.

Now that iscal' W. Underwood
has been declared as the choice of a
majority of the democrats of Flori-
da for the presidential nomination,
it is up to the voters in the second
primary to seal Underwood men as
delegates to tho national convention.
The Citizen sl interested particu-
larly in two of the gentlemen who
aspire the honor and hopes to see
them get a sFol;d vote in Monroe
county. We refer to Judge W. Hunt
Harris, candidate from the First dis-
trict, and Edwin D. Lambright, can-
didate at large,
Judge Harris is known to us all
and no citizen of Key West is more
worthy of the honor than he. Mr.
Lambright is the associate editor of
the Tampa Tribune and has on many
occasions shown his friendship for
Key West and our people.
His defense of XKey West at the
time we were slandered by Harney
Kendrick in connection with the re-
lief fund after the first hurricane is
'an instance. At that time Mr. Lam-
bright stated In his paper that the
rgliet was badly needed here and
that the fund was being properly ad-
ministered in every respect, he hayv-
tng visited Key West himself a week
Sftr the hurricane.
in the organization of thj.
t_>hKinid celebration, .\1,

tanila, a smaller vessel than the Ti-
tanic, that site consumes 16,800 tons
of coal on one round trip between
Liverpool and New York. The roy-
alty on this co l is $4,200. It Is mon-
ey practically thrown away. The
persons who receive it perform no
service whatever In return. They
get it simply to induce them not to
hinder others from producing wealth.
If the power to hinder production
were taken from them the cost of
coal would spe lessened and the
steamship companies would surely
save enough on this one item to en-
able them to furnish all what is need-
ed for the safety of passengers and
crew without raising rates.
Royalty on coal is not the only
modbpolistie extortion from which
the shipping industry suffers, but Iv
serves as an example to show that
the greed which caused the disas-
ter Is not coUtined to officers and
stockholders of the White Star Line
corporation, It is well enough to
demand that regulations to prevent
future horrors of the same kind be
made at once, hut it would be some-
thing very mach akin to crime to
allow the monopolists, whose exac-
tion have discouraged making travel
safe, to continue their evil work.
The position of the heir to the As-
tor millions is not unlike that of the
heir to a hinodom who is still in his
minority. At )east this is the only
comparison tUat would seem to
meet the case of William Vincent As-
tor, the 20-year-old son of John Ja-
cob Astor, of Titanic memory, for
certainly Amirica affords no pre-
cedent for one of his age coming
into possession of a fortune of $125,-
000,000. And it is doubtful If the
old world, royalty perhaps excepted
has seen the like.
America has richer men than the
Astors, but none so wedded to the
custom of handing down the family
wealth from generation to generation
practically intact. Consisting mainly
of real estate holdings, the Astor
estate is considered to have a sta-
bility possessed by none Otherof the
vast accumulations of evidences of
wealth, largely consisting of stocks,
bonds and corporate Investments.
Another thing that addq to the
'- Oh-. ***r of tI)' A'tdr es-

Shoes Fruit Powdered Sugar, That Th
2 lb. Cartons.
That Clam Bouillon, In Glass. .
satisfyor o. thtno.. Power Of Money
S.atisfJy Runlan Caviar.h
'- Mustard Zest, in making more money is the secret of getting rich is
Th h i P Money Pickles, generally admitted. The average so-called "saving deposit"
That's he kind M W p..nMone.y Pickl.. rage t. .
That.'shoe kind s4*only )'$ t this O4W0 represents 0 per cent Intuh
sell**shoes. Of the V LIl~by Cooked Ox on nearly *7,0p0 for a toll ear. As the mdst of
Newest Styles -- TOOgui, account were started with a depeit of one to ten dollars and gr
O ilys Stuffed With inoreaspd to thr po~ents e'dooebu't it seem that YOU ean do idlyes
built of Leathers well mcthere? Make utp or mind to DO IT-then it's merely &ea of
buI fIof Leathers *a AnaC ViS. application, -yourernizig are au large, or larger, than' thoe4 0th
wear well and b ilt a. .Washington Coffee.aerage depositor referred to, only-you haven't been banking your
they' wAn t andi0 holt' Soden'gCondntsv41ed P 9
they Wi II l O~l ffe.i Coete in and let us tell yrod some other reasons why you should havw
[ore bank aooount'
their shnape. orate Crnation Open On Monday at SAturday Evenings From

Our Evaporated Pet Milk. 6:30 to &30.
... MauuMrachino Cherries 15c fI t 1^1 nA 'tnr .. Qi l D A In
Shoes to 1.0 ,,por boTe. ie sland iy Nationa IBan.
Japanese Sun RIce .a
Will Cak*. T GALbbT' 8Ht IniGO PARLOR'

atisfy Roberts AND CO WATki 3~BA.1h LADSMAI8POOMO
ate t o l } .a ter ....e to t r
._. . 220'DuVal Street. rj . ._

wear one pair or our
Shoes-thena. you ,Wil
know the best placs to
go for your net*ilr.

Geo. S Wite

92 and 94 Duval Stte.

The Men's Ouatfter,



Imship I
4 .0i a

riorwua asit .,oast Railway
Departures from Key West.
*GorrecGted to April 7, 1912.
No. 36: THU OVER-SEA LIMITED: Leaves Key West daily 5:00 p. m.
Arrives Miami 11:20 p. m, West Palm Beach 2:06 a. m., t. Plesce 4:10
a. m. New Smyrna 8:20 a. m. Daytona 9:00 a. m. St. Augustine 11:i8
( ,^ .. a. nm. Jacksonville 12:45 p. m.' carries through sleeping cars, Key West
to New York via the A. C. L. and 8. A. L. without change. Dining ctr
Ssetvice. Local sleeper Key West to Miami.
Por Local Time Card, See T e Ticket AgOnt.

#4 sou 1912

'...4 Sisa

- _~____~~_~~~_ _~_ 1. ---





and HIuse Furnishings, and Clothing at greatly







Are the

attractions we present for


remainder of

Our Fifth Annual Mail Order Battle Sale
We have received a lot of t Aw Furniture since our sale started a week
ago, all of which we have placed on so at Mail Order Battle Prices, which you"
just simply cannot. resist
All we ask is that you ca nd look over the wonderful bargains we
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naeY't Lo, uiter.,

S This is not
Quality, which you all
i :"Q : *"., ^ W* h i, *r- 0. _

a sale of c
know, and a
S i'

lit that HIGH Grac

le, ARFU L'S



~a~a~r -.~- __.___., __~~--~,,-c 1._ ~,, -,.,~,. __.___ ___._~. -- ,,


To buy
reduced prices.





Women Seek Honest
Va us8




10 Day Spec


You will find a PATRICIAN style ARCTIC EXPLORERS- 'I Dr
to fit your foot. You'll remember aim to have been literally at
the "numbert'-iost the same as
the size of y)ur stocking or corset the Top of the Earth,.'but their [
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'Spi each Pl'I RICIA aboe is imer of graceful fashion is ee- Va
example. of combined V
here on the frihion. celence, approved by .a Board o


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white Embroidery
esses, $8 values, $5 89
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Subjects of the Sermons cause our present show.

Sat the Local Houses
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SDr. W. lackman winl preach rising every day, so keep I
Stone churh at 11 o'clock Sun- your eyes on our store if
1, morning on "Think on These you eyes lno o re i
Inday peintene8ot. r. |you want real good jewelry
"Bunda school at, 9'80 a. m., Dr.
F. Kemp, superintendent. at bargain prices. w *
Junior League at 8:80 p. m., Miss
reach a sermon to the Knights of
Ge Golden Eagle. The subject will by
be: "TGe Eagle's Balance." ias dose by us can be relied upon to give satisfac.
All are invited to attend these
services. L.F. CHAPMAN. tlon. your e piece has been regular let
ODNGREGATIONAL CHUROH. clean and regulate it. The cost will not be great.
William street near Southard. FRANK JOHNSON
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Lewin in charge.
Preaching service 10:45. Subject,
'. promise to you and to your chil- IninUl* 5u*u*- eeuinuemN NMm --NuMM
,vice. The new gospel song book
be used. I
Pastor's subject, "God's Great of Key W est.
Gift." Anthem by the choir.
Everybody without a church home
invited to worship with us. CAPITAL $100,000.
Preaching at 10:80. Subject, "Zeal
for the prosperity of the church." Total Resources Over One Million Dollars.
Sunday school at 8:80. Robt. W. Mli
Thompson, superintendent. Evening *
service 7:30. Subject, "The carnal I mN sbli ent for te U Goenu I
mind." Cordial invitation to meet t t e U ermet,
wVith a4. W. B. TRESCA.
Rev. C. T. Stout, Pastor. *I0o. W. ALL3N, President
Holy co uion 7:00 a.m. Bow PAT o, Vice-President
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Vice-President
Morning service and sermon at Guo. L. Lowu. Cashier
11 a .m.
sv, ng service and lecture on 6HABLEL A. CoLLTNs Aust.-Cashier
S Fr tar tni evening, "The RIcHAD H. K Asst.-Cashier I
P Other Church in the Island
#1100$e Minvitation to all to these D RE WCTOR ,
HoAo U RC osm W. Au. Bw nmas
The masses on Sundays are at G*o L L J
:,80, at :80,for the children and *
the last mass t at 10:80. On wea *,
days the matses are at 6:80 and a g . .. ..
. 1 5 t *
Irl'A.. Q__ _



_ .I~





WIhy py more when yo

can et them fe or less
1~ ~~ e e.: I^^!!!!!

S* f. Sidney T. Hopp, of the Eng-
I WIt l esleyan church, was a passen-
l Miami yesterday. Mr. Hopps
S i f wll away about ten days.
-.. B. FPali, who conducts an ex-
Steni brokerage business in Hq-
T. Luther !urdom, will leave on vnn arrived from that city yester-
the Olivette tonight en route to his day nd will remain in the city un-
home in Danville, Ky. His many til s evening as a guest of Dr.
friends will lemtrn with regret, that and rs. 8. D. W. Light. From Key
he will not return to Key West. West Mr. Fair will go to East Or-
The passengers saillnip for Cuba ange,,, I,
on t-e Olivette last night were: Mr. ery F. Moss and son Joe were
and Mrs. H. F. Winter, Mary Louise outqigA passengers on train 36 yes-
Baez, Victoria Carrasco, Francisco terd A
Fleltas, L. Garlega, E. Oropesa, Yg- ,
nacio Cobo, isolino Cobo, Armando IMyld Mrs. J H. Cayro who wore
Cobo, Mrs. Chas. Gwynn, Rose the lsts of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Gwynn, Thom. H. to, H. Gato, Lig rn aWednesday and Thurs-
Mrs. 8.-B. Thompson, J. J. Warren day r'this week, left on train 36
and 44 second cabin, yeAte y for New York city.
Juan Carbonell, proprietor of the T lanese vice-minister of agri-
Monroe Theater, returned to the cultit und commerce, says the world
city today on 86 from Miami. expos whih was to have been
.hel'd oklo i.a 1917 has been aban-
Among the arrivals this morning done'
on the train from the north were '
Mr. and Mrs. 9amuel Roberts. The ritish tramp steamer, Long-
way, ved In Brooklyn and report-
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thompson ed a lict schooner in mid-qcean.
and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Pinder and The almost submerged, (Is di-
children were a party returning to. rectly the path of shipping ,
day from Marathon.
SQuarm taster R. C. Mayer of the
Misses Clara Wilmore of Ken- Pact, ner Siberia, was arrested
tucky, and Grace Pitman of Georgia, at Sai ancisco as he left the boat.
will leave for their respective homes A oustw inspector noticed Mayor's
tonight. sudden rease in girth and dis-
.oe Torano, left on the Mascotte cove this of opium fastened
this morning for ,a trip to Havana. about waist.
Wanted-Men to learn the barber- A in entombed 13 miners
trade. Here is an offer that includes atthe ie Iron mine at ironwood,
tools with tuition. A method that Mich.. the men were killed, and
saves years of apprenticeship. Post- but t* f the bodies were recov-
i tons waiting in city or country ere .
shops. Write Mohler Barber Col- A. Chi policeman was shocked
lego, New Orlesin, La. 18-st to death en he attempted to re-
Mrs. Frank Russell and little place a wire which had fallen
daughter, Mabol Frances, will leave Itothe*I alk.,
on the afternoon train for Atlanta, IThe & of an old 8panish ship
where they wtl spend several weeks was g red by dredges in the
with Mrs. D, F. Butner. Potopso o er near Washington, and
Miss Annabelle Rion of the Har- there rush for a mass of metal
grove lnstitut:, will leave tonight in the h tlch was thought to be
for her home in Murfreesboro, Tenn .gold, ib found to be sine,
W. F. Bailey, Mr. aaa M. Car- The ow beingsubscribed by
roll, Miss Carroll, Mrs. Will Clayton, private. no ftor a German air
Miss -Marie Lee, P. Andrea, and Mr. fleet o itedh a .total of more
A. G. Gulden formed a party which than 00 and about $2,500,-
left for Havana this morning on the 000 met' promised,
Masootte. J. M the' 4w York shop
The steamer Julian Alonzo sailed keeper ed 'our-year old boy
for Havana today with a large cargo to a p1 b ipmba with a horse-
A number of passages were book- whip. 's sced to 60 days in
ed on the Mascotte for Havana to- the cit .
day. This, the last day the excursion represented n
theaters are qod ltUonal convention
J. B. Browne who has been on a by elibt F1r 'of Roosevelt, six
business trip through the states has Taft ph S uW favors Hughes
returned to the city. and o-a 4 a .
3. D. Brooks announces the For all as f practice, big'
engagement of his sister, Lavinia, to guns,. it4l I get, shooting,
F. W. Kerns, the wedding to day an, th last thre
take place" May 18. tttoiitit ig Is
the ko vy with the
Remus Albery, who has been on cbore d 5--
a ylaIt to his 'U a tiv *al -, -* ..'...- .

An enormous hit. That is what our
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Garfunkel's. 17-3t
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chen tables, one parlor table, two
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steads. Reason for selling, expect to
leave city .Apply to 407 Caroline at.
Gasoline for sale at E. W. Page's
grocery store, corner Florida and
Albury streets Nothing sold after
9 a. m. Sunday. 14-lw
Mrs. 0. 8. Allen and Mrs. Ideil
McHeron are the proprietors rf the
Bristol Hot1I In Tampa. This is an
up to date place, and parties visiting
Tempa, should not fail to apply
therq. t

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New stock house turnlilsaga, raug
mattings, etc., belig received ou.
every steamer. Key West Furniture
u6. *2

Samuel P. Cates has been appoint,
ed as organized for a local lodge ot
the Ladies' Order of Owls ard wpa
be assisted In forming a local orgaW-
lzation by Alfred I. Bloeas. 0.
Any lady over the age of 1
is eligible for membership. 7W
monthly dues are fifty cents ande e*
titles members to $6 weekly slclk
benefits and $100 for burial expense.
es. Applications will be raqelyad by .
Mr. Cates at 625 Grinnell street

Welhave sold more

R. S. Howard Pianos and Player.-Panos
In Key West than all other makes combined.

Why? .Because the R. S. HOWARD
Stands this;.Clmate with no Equal.

Your Credit Is Good

The J. L. Stowers Music House.

426 Duval Street,
Key West

29 San Rafael,.

VFor years The Diamond Palace has been noted for the unaal
large line of Diamonds earried-Ailso for the exte"nely, lowg)
At which it Bells thesm.. This stpok is being contanut'y enulAv4-
thWwee we yeo*ved another big salipment-amd we call efas o
totIes attaent to the priomes qqbted this rverue
; { DiL^s^eh 'tid...^^w .a-.s ** - -*-

I -1~- ---- -C I-~--~--- ----?m--


. I


and any peculiar defeat in iis gait
and we will shoe him so as to
correct it. We don't put the same
kind of shoes on every horse. We
fit each animal just as carefully as
the shoemaker fits you. Bring or
send us your horse and enjoy hip
enjoymeAt of the way we shoe him.

117 Simonton St.

Headquarters For



Gloves, Mite, Bats, Base
Ballk of best quality and
of all prices.

offttk&IhAI * A3 r .v

News Briefs

scruntiny of ihe testilimoy of wit-
nlessts for thle oiincker's during the re-
cent criminal trial was begun with
a view to briniting perjury action
against certain persons who testified
in behalf of1' I i beef men.
Mrs. Jennie O. Wentzell of Lyon,
Mass., was folond guilty of man-a
slaughter for beating her four-year-
old nephew in a manner that caused
his death. Sho was sentenced to 15
ytars in Sherborn prison.
Tho volunt t',r fire department of
New Kensington. Pa., is on strike andI
the town is without any protection
against fire. The firemen are angry
because the citizens interfered with
a show which was given recently to
raise funds.
The safe of the postoffice at Clay-
ton, the county seat of St. Louis
county, Mo., was blown open by btur-
glars who got $250.
Governor Wltson of New Jersey ap-
pointedi a otnommission to acquire laud
for a state park at Washington's
('rossIng near 'renton, where a niot-
ui ,nttt Is to be built mar'klng the
point where General Washingtont
crossed the Di.-lware river JutBt be-
fore the battle of Trenton,
President Tnaft stopped his train
between Bellaire atnd Steubenvllle,
Ohio, entered a telegraph office and
l)essed" the button that turned the
current in about 30,000 electric
lights In Newcrk,N. J., where the
Newark Industrial Association open-
ed its exposition,
A bill uas.been passed by the Ital-
ian chamber of deputies extending
the franchise to illiterates, increas-
ing the number of voters by 5,000,-
A. Perry Osborne, a lawyer of New
York, was appointed by Surrogate
Fowler as special guardian for Mur-
iel Astor, for the purpose of looking
after her interest in the probating of
the will of her father, Colonel John
Jaceb Astor.
For Rent-Four rooms, up stairs,
In a good residence neighborhood
and close to the street carm, Apply
612 Fleming street. m-?

r5R9UNCO, I UILEI Reed lounges, cool and comfort.
SW ER 80AP able. Just the thing torest onthese
S' -' .\ DEA hot summer days, Garfunkel has
them at the rignt price. 18-3t
S be finest, genuine, For sale--Horse and wagon cheap
rench imported, at 1406 Newton street. 17-3t
In our clothing and furnishing de-
partment, the urices/have been cut
6,L., i, Mj ridiculsly low. ll a umber of
1,4 'tI e "''- 16-3t
10r' "i- lh4 "nr el.-

Are You Guilty
Do You Smoke io I uch, Drinl.tloo
Much, fat too Much?
It takes a mnigh-ty good stomal to'
feel ready for ia good breakfast tthe

Classified Business directorr -

Arranged Alplhabetical.

HimcKENS Pom 84A,
0 Several wvlte leghorn t. enl and
one stock; also seven breos leoghor
hefv, $1 each. Apply to. Dr. Thio-
masson, Caroline and iamiontoea
streets. .


Furniture renovated, tiashedd
and upholstered. I4ed, irnituro
enameled in all colors,. M cs re-
silvered. Mactresses made Orer and
returned the same day.
Furniture packed and p d to.
all parts of the couetst be rW -Gar-
ing, Eaton and Williat 'staset.
Now Is the time to, great P of your,
rheumatism. You cani. d t by ap-
plying Chamberla-inia Ulient n121
massaging, the part' treNty at each
application. For sale by 01 deals.
Six-room house aiu4 l0t for Mal4
large cistern; lot u514;" price $900;
Apply to A. J. SIteoe a, rear 814
Ashe street. Apr.29-18t
Vote for Frank Cates In the See.
ond Primary. atdV.3-4wks.
A fine opportunity ekirci1 to buy
paper back novelos by Lpira Jean
Libby and Bertha I. y at Rah
net's Book Store, Tk n )vels are
worth 15 cents and atr being sold
now for 5 cents each. A-19
Have you ever trilld to geti money.
back from a molte order touse, after'
keeping you waiting tree months,
and trying to sell. you something dift
ferent from what you chdered. It is
like pulling eye teeUt. ,.Buy where,
you can, see what y4 are getting.
and buy from (GrtfahEl. 10-$t
H. E. Archer, a w dl known citi-
zen of Westoves,. All, ecommends
Poley's Honey ant tr Compound
as perfectly sate, anasutiottive. for
hildrsen. 'My tfi boy r'ha4 an
aoute attack 6f ifh I trouble. wa,
1 .t lut of bod for,
r first ddro arv
to nd TOr Coon.
.Iupd: W 0d b +fori h.
a u bottle hS na
well." Ouirw t'nacy. t4~i.
T:: :.N .4i K ...
KidneytiroeWe a ttb*
mind, die-ou 1l efbNOi I
tion; beauty, 'Ti-or10 ii o
soon disappear W a e4dh B
out of order r 8 ( od1 W'I* 4
results use Dr. Kle r a&"Was
the greatklfduey r 'y. A
glist. Bale Sale by mi
also pamphlet. L
Address 0r. K mer & Co., ff

Mrs. J. 3fCFin rI Route, N9. &I
Lyons, t,;was 1- avod froM a6b.
rers pail. by 'It i toAf' FPo i Kid.
e;41 t h bad!

Sold by mM good arocess


jad. take no ubstitufso
ReaMstd.anO nocked by.

bas. HiKetcbum, Prep.


712 Carollu, St.
Sl Phone 376

Dr. 0. F., .sup, surgeon
Office, upstairs corner ftmionfte. antil

Dr..!-. D. 1WendrickA surges. des-
tfst.,. Gold crown and' bridge work an
speq410ty., Offlee Over O.01to, AM.
S'to0 e 41:2504f' to, 11

pi i ja

vIOto$ e 0ats. H;I !1. 0 ats
N: G., F. W. HoR~n$ SetsL.

Beats collected, houssM Taste&.
Tin' years' experience W boillawis~
ae ealv nab~e. me tegatt retha.
600 Simonton street, coernstSbtb-

.'euxws nahi,. v.. Kmpp, CU... ,,
:W.. .Mnlk,.,y.,. .K; "ilfR, an4& :,
We carry all the. proatietary .
oles of known terit. We keep.
coming freski. Tolephoae usa or
ornet BatAn. adU .lUtAh5ll, |.
oW, Im -?.uh ,,

and iafdgestioa. n, wl there '# n .
numBbr.rof o"'rwadlu';ia B f
urh beon the market. a. D. Folg
& Co., corner aton and 'klUEh

iorniing after thne arquet or joeial
sesalout ARCHrT a Bp EIWAi
"What do. you want for I rmak- 'r. itr lFwan, arclitlect; .~dl0oe', 71 9. tary Public and Teacher- of the
fast?" Inquired Brown's good wife. Caroline .street, rer -dnce .- 10 OGi-S Sptntish Languva.,, Office Welf-.
"J3-itR a pleasant smile tend netl streets Plans and' spooileta- sotaL Bullding, uBtslrs.
breath of fresh air," answered tiIts gotten out ftir any, class off
Browwr the monrtng, atter an iJUmrt- btildilig. Drawing and 'tlte pPitria FACE POWE ,tS.
ant meeting at the lodge. made of aarthing ~e wislk GUrt sack of fte pOw0ders: t uzu-
If you eat, smoke or drln- tot a lly large. W .h e- all-tag -pat
much'always rmnembar that o ,lit. ATTOrHmEY, k-atlw, ly d' orsne al, l eonto
tle Mr-O-NA stoinach tablets .taken Wiu. IM M.tlone, Jr., attorney, at' market, C B, IVogarty & Co, certer
lust before you go to, bed will destroy law, notary public, real estate and E aton, aRd ElizabetI street,
all poisonouss gases' and leave you mortgage loans. Corner Simorstnrn
with a sweet, cleatn stomach in, the aTd Eatea' straetsi Office' hwou 9'
morning. a,.Gm. to s p. m. Ad 2-,0 to 17:30 4
For Indigestion and all stomach ,'. to m, m, M Rob2t. ageot of 030l
distress MI-0-NA is, the best .r ewrip- *Itf1ning Co., Rianuts tureat of thel
tione ,Iaw the world. Tieo Key West esiKt Kro.ene,. Gai Histrando ,ubof .e
Drug- go' sells i onm mney bA. plan. PHYS IAN A'D SUaGEO. eat erng, Oilsene, asl ro ant strnt
Largbor onl 50o casts. Dr. Geo, it. l'emmer; phys~$ean 'Ialltnd give use:. Fp^ronA se.
.ytd surgeon, 504v' Simozlon saeet rid give syiptonago
Poor appetite lt a. ure signr aot im- Yelepho 7, P. O. bo.0 HUYL30 6..NDlI.
paired digestion. At few dom of HuyLer's doiliplouq!.W C2hdcates a.sai
hanmaedrlaini's. SLam aa. Livr COMSTON MElANT. Hu r's d ou c ate
Tabiets will lttrenpen yoa.'i digs- f9 3. .f. Roeerts, (ommIn~eMlon hon) hens so',,oxclusively in Key.
tion' and i'imptrove. your apetite. merchant, Front street. ollcit' con- West by C. 8 P Fogarty.& Go,, corner
Thousands. have been be:iltodt by agtnmetril of fruits vegetables, pol-- Eatom ando llnab'h,, street. Tete.m
taking these TatLWeLs. Sad ,by al 'l "tr' l'l emos. t"ommpt return. and,' lhon* us your order.
deidoenh highest-mutket prices iftalneir..Als8 ,
wholesale grorc,.e. IODQBS,.
-o- n v io -~_--I I ifend C)iy,,Lodge,..N. .14, K.,P.
Deliious, ]hvlvgo tint i DENTAISUIUMY. Meetidngs evr. Frio l y. night atOdd

'' -'m .- c





.I__ rrrrrJ~rr~ ~-. 1... _-.---~

_or_ __t* Declines Joint Debate. (jlves Redhot Rebuke- tp.
__NWa ahnp, 17.-r. ~ n 1..J. o s "Mud Manners" In Democratic Primaries,
.1nlmth of the a. od. ship Med P. Walk- aL-fornia iate Aa4 On ldgm. 4ae
D0ob D H1 Hrw o s r, which has;been fined $1O tor iii- lWington IilI d diOe ,4Q1kq"JbeP s a Jacksonville, Fir., Maiy 1.1, 1912
__Mlortcg dynamite into.Cbah. ,thtbout ,cabi attheCoietal. mis.- Mr. Claude Engle,
STeing AiHoW W s aoretaU d ite.I n cto oA l av u. a.4 7 Jacksonville, Fla.:
S i titphg.42! an t -at& c its' Iisa aix, "i' ia o, .0 -On -,&F Sir
dmh wyLymf rs dynamiteand e ,, it* the republ ,l I nt t el notice is a. number of political advertisements published by you,
SL .ataes yreleamd Thean, .aysi, will met l m In Ch ., i recently and containing, personal critic(am and abuse of me, with no.,
SoI mi will ais.twillithak tse s thhedust-or enator, J4. ft raed wro 0 reference to Pny matters of public or polt tcal interest, that you are an-
lle-te l ng~utr the ,ter eI CubatrommS cai a npaiuton t NIw J ,ter' abINa u to m n sris of joint d lb ore lus to is of the people of Plor.
vbil-eOhio.-"el or. ratr his keel-and to the preidprental pri W t .,40 wiheo 488, tty Youve resed e on of the kind and I
m very and was mes-i rt for moB e hopltable shorep, , threfr te your statement contain-
voweand Te(&"nMeam, ^viag ethe ,remals of nrvora lvereary of t M.A _._____________ n and puii hed as mere political ad46Uvsnent.
W ftamous wari s .to moulder u mdis- Deolagation of lndepe oi ,,. , Asuming, however, that you were in earnest about it and thIt you
tubed as far as he in concern ed. cele Pted as a legal ll,, house par had 4~vited me In a proper way to meet you in joint discniso, 4 beg to
g1aidh .tFf elie S Be.d.P.0Walker NorthCarolina. : ,thead tret. sw t I wouldiUnder no eiroutnatances n6ider sntetlih'g itp joint
ay W abehad- 'I ti aroh swith 0 casofdy- ,P $ start. ebeith d for these a4easln
t* Mor imdl naslte,7 casesot deton ate, div- tO ota c Fit:\Your invitation, if such It may be caled, to.t dc on
ClOp hit h they Mdid ing ult, 2 metal diving helmets. and pt OWte pt ul,Dukle,( C 1 was the only reply I received to the statement I made to y4itt l, todj
Usi 30 metay diig'd andeltd il, 0 os at
me ngoSed, i solide- A ps.I tIrri hi irtIiver. awai. Toronto .. obtained me stolen dictation from my office and had publishe a for-'
tol, ollie1 u traumedi telr ed .under New.York Public Service Ce aml try houh~p, tur gery of my xig e t an, unddrsed, adlerd letter. Your
f'i < :ta,- survey lnce by Ia C. paert .aus alon will hear. Oountept f.t 'l c4 street, Notrth failure to PRO E THIS LTTR 'ND ACO T FOR YOUR POs
i samnndt. tl tthoritles but on the explanativin t Tof r wiab i4Nwxy, vwhill pi Louis G0rfunkeL 8888ION of It o# withdraw and apolgli fot utte g a flagrant forery'
so, and mow J ~d~&di Captal Smiththaat those 4 Jtaa.tend th7a e4 oM .... of ~ny name, forfeitt for you the right to demand this courtesy at rv
B trcaw batr diving .apparatim war to be uMod to yaiJ ate n a o the ndt- s P
ial age the pfwih ships wweckedr eria U s. Second: This i a Democratic primary. I hae ibeeUd
ttenupon Democratic pr ineiples like the 'p opera re nation of trusts; re-
on rthe -southwest entrance of the l po the Natol T b S hu to presentation to the people of Florida of the view which I enter-
,womeahate e ln imatd edias port ,of Bantlag, RoseX..Hollder, Societ h Of tle o1m0,0 flee, AnlriC" Wi Qf the ok. Apply to tain upon Democratic pritnciples like the proper re nation of truat; re-
a t< and pM t American consul in Santlaw, in- Reolutn, Apn I Bloston p . f trl vision downward of the tarit; the coopt n b r general govern-
I t ldettrerA odttereSedeS ortoewissel and aa.t mont with the several states in building and ml training interstate
Sotherr-apat. aHULDA ERIooN, B n w take at Wah tonwl 0ooldo a ha6o y .. hIghways; the protection of the health of the people pf Florida against
Mayvillej e, Zanewm&On Ohio. on April 20, th schooner lred lbreakfat" to peebrate ,Doll tly furaalied roma f 0jein infection; and questions of equal importance,. I ".sir and in-
..g, Prag. from Santiago to Guantanamo, Avith snI'sl bilrtb4ay. . lwi| street. t- te2id to continue this method of campaigning, stopping only to answer
.wb eWL Intemtlon of clbsaring later I Ja- Eighth annual convention ,oft the a .uch private, personal, and business abuse and slander of me by you as
,iwa.-"PryeasUt' males 1 the ,,ba government re- .Assot4ated ,dvyrtslg Cinb sot Am- may seem intolerable.
ferodae s atm from.fenalet double. :fused to give wrirfteslou to salvage erica beiglas Dallas, Tex .h-'-TeT upper floor of You, upon the other hand, have IGNOlIED the discussion of any,
,I .haAW l i and felt iekanarly all the SpOnineh vo'swela 'On ;her :knamul Stephen Olrard m tniprial tablet th I?' in fotut of the questions, whatever, of public interest. 'You elected to bas your cam-
*the Lem..' .~~A '* Lydia E. KPlkham's at Guantanamo the collector lmes- preseted by alumni of rard col-. itl i a tweet. Aply to Jake paign upon statements of your "service to the 'people" (?) as a sleutha
SVcret N .owmaound advertlaled and ~ed theo lit~ of tS100 a.d ,ordered the legeowillbe unveiled at Pl elph. A s, at Jake's Trading Palace, and scandal scavengers and have spent' therest of your time, bitterly at-r
ei t~atktjI',helped otheraufering oenfascation et the dynamite ad L.IQ. Hall will be inaUguated.v- it tacking Judge' Martin and Capt. O'Brien, two of oul former competitors,
Swomens I olture it would do me wrecking -material, giving as an iex- meraorsof' Louisiana with imposing cer- .and especially abusing and misstating my personal and business record.
-mod. sam it did. The fret uesethat they had been nippocta to emoilost:Bt0o00 a.F Ur.e. r nt-Two furnished rooms Your sense of propriety is perhaps not so utterly load as to prevent your
Shel d I (Culabs without paying dtty Rev, Clarence V. 1. Richeon s for It housekeeping. Apply 41g. realizing the Impropriety of my speaking with you.
Wttl e andow ondnedto be executed at Boston Sim street A-80 Third: We have no evidence, from any public Ferformance of yours,
,well npn. I would not be itor te murder of Ayis Linell. or any direct expression of opinion upon any public question, that you areo
utitIn tiheioe."-Mrs. ANwAh* r l nfor;nur der daay. a Democrat at all. There are abundant evidences given to those who
Wi, 1125 AaenqySt.,BurHngton, Iowa. iJ r Primaries,willlba held in Ohio, and F Itouse No. 107 Simon- know you real well, that you are a harmless anarchist; an iconoclast of
"Thore need )be no doubt about the ON he result is expected to go far tyr- t. Apply to D. 5. Filer* very meager capacity, without faith or creed or ideals of any kind. The
'abluty of thds rand old remedy, made T r4 lil |fl 1t ard deciding whether ,Col. toCevelt only evidence of your democracy which has been given to the people of
the ree erbesof ourlds,~ o or Pedent Ta ftshall gel the nol t-Deirable rooms, South Florida was your orn statement that you were a Democrat when you
w jalap thisfls We f st es e National Oyiter Growers' Asaocla- Be m ern conveniences; sea Inasmuch as you neither have nor have expressed in writing or oth-
t ode apedad:this fact, on will open annual Qoventkimn is eemen only. Address erwise any political principles and because your democracy i of the
teo vine' u ente ps .t skepticaL y Wotnen take the pvtaeo of pane- iew Haven, Conn.. 4 328 most shady and doubtful character, there Is nothing for me tb discuss
Wdonto try OU _t_ 7 #1 n my _t the t of Arbitrators will be appointed to -with you except scandal and private character, and this I positively will
Cad.usat 'the dispute between esitei t-PFurnished room very decline to engage in. I have no doubt you will make noisy and Wide-
S. The number of wage earners in the roads nd the Brotherhood f Rail. coo l y 1,809 Pine street, 23-6t spread political advertisement of ny unwillingness, which you will de-
a United states has increased 40.4 per road Trainmen. __________ scribe as fekr, to encounter your overpowering courage and ascomplish-
ao cent uice 18 $ Interstate Cottbn Seed Crushera' -- meant in joint discussion. The truth it, that I perhaps under-rate your
Of enMOtive Assoo atlop will meet in annual s"B- or t anrlnsohd room oppo- splendid capacity in forensic fight; and 'have not the least feas, o yo.r
4, RRoiUNTAl(iMlf LkettlwHcaI The Bxvtheartood of Loeomotlve $t=ee n oew'Orileans. ,ite o kouie. Miss Iovie Turn- ls om'or logic or---. Joint discussion with men tf buie 4 prof-
Sa nglaeers lateads to orgalise the Delegates from 11 over the oun. tt. slonal repute has been my b ialuest for nineteen yea oi''s really
rltlon00ne potormen of the Inteoborougth ub- try will attend the.,dodilatiqo o{ t.I e enjoyed it. I referr to continue rmy ca pail n oi in e
way a44elevated lines of New York new lmeiof the Supreme Trttie of i fat fr ople/and discussing Dmocrst c 4octrI es a 9 re,
Cit. Bew meor tt upra emfo ti, T ofi r r o ou- and not to interrupt you In the oper-eon of your Lf .' uttO al-
)g anepota unioniststwill doina Oulc emivieo.n' la,, ,lt fqr loighbt Mowl- you to stagnate and sstranela dsrt nl stee. rI SIng us
r ,a'pMta 8 itonnst .w. Icill demand o- aa se ,lld 'einesat ot nt stateleailatue adopt t to bsnes only clim to fame, and which you public for th sole pon at in-.
Slaw lostrikelt a the u of labor v t reasonable. jing oartt of thde who canhot ado y-ur meho I
Sthe str rs o at t liwatera to t e of, wom have qen your benefactors and friend

.4 ..l i t AI 4 The O faornla Dru ( a1irks At* ... . ' ......

.. .. ,, .4




A'1500 foot picture taken by special.
s on of the


Featuring the crack


One night only

Don't mil

S Also two other fine pictures


Closing Out

Entire Stock


Ladles' White Dresses, only nine
left, sizes 36 to 38, worth $10, $12
and $1S, to go at $$ each.

S hteen il Petticoat, I

- ---~ ~ ..i __

.l I _______________________________---~- nr r


, ]
Havana, MAY 1l.-PrB ous
are being matle to g v&:tia UAtrit
aand Cuub, the two new Quba ,rus -
ME era, an enthusiastic reiQelow on
their arrival here alutidayi gov-.
ernment has arragdo to! svver'al
tugs to meet the ortlMsrl0, i
President Gomes, hbls 4bwlet, and
other high officials of't o te govern.
ment will go out on th g boat VII.
luendas. Another bOlt bW e as-
Iermis signed for the ise of et unll
p1111 ,,ee of Havana, while vesllp ,W Alo be
placed at the dispoeition ofUtho pub-
lie, .
The hour of jhe ari' of the
cruisers is not ,'et known orders
have been issued to fire thr gurn to
inform the public as seodia te y are
sighted by Morro, ThU t ree guna
will be followed by the lArj Of aer-
Il .liumba froia publo bvl IfW.
The entrance ot bfi or serr will
be made as spectaela a .apd#ilble.
They will b4 oriefl e to
remain stationary r of he
Malecon until the *l M Bisels
ss it have passed uut of, .a hrb r and
formed In line bohiln vea-
Bels will exchange salui raising
and lowering their The pro-
cession Into the bt Ww.
The Cuba and P4trl .roi recent-
ly completed in b,'0ai) ttf lpyard
at Philadelphia. Thbdy Ui d Tudeday
for Cuba and were ie'r efp ts of
a noisy farewell ftro thO ffn4bitantli
and shipping of tP*40kdlt(fa. The
Cuban gunboat Hativ& .mpasules
the cruisers er.;\

May 0, 0 lou.
Morning Program.
March, Robinhood .......... Losey
Potpourri, Musical Review ,Riviore
Waits, You'll Do the Same Thing
Over Again ........... Gamble
902tg, The Wandering Refugee, N. N.
Wilts, Jolly yellows ..... Vollstedt
March, The Thanderer .... Sousa
M Afternoon Program,
Mrchb, The r[inner ....... Plon
Selection Robin Hood ,de Koven
Walts, lorodo"a ......... ltuart
Schottilche, All the Girls Lovo Me
.. ... ........ ..... . Carte
Selection, The Burgomaster, Luders
Medley, Keep 'Your foot on the
'Soft Pedal ,.. ...... Von Tilzer
Waltz, Italian Nights ..... Tobani
March, General Miles ...... Heed
The following program will be
rendered tomorrow afternov at 4:30
o'clock on Smoth Beach by the Key
West Cornet Band.-
March, The Weiterni .... Barnhouse
Overture, Bon Anm .... .. Cuqua
Tuba Obligato, MajerYta, . .Ripley
Waltz, Loveland ....... Hoizmann
Overture, Enchatitroseat .... Dizbey
March, Always Forward .... Mfissud
An age social will be given at the
residence of Mrs. E flott Kemp,.
405 Julia street, on Monday eveit-
Ing, for the benefit of Newman M. l'.
church. A wqll prepared progranr
will be rendered and it is hoped the'
attendance wfAl be large.
The memlwrs and frientfs of the
church ire rer'iested to do all they
can to make the affair a mceesas.
Each p eriowwho attends Is asked
toie pctt S an T enelope one penny for
each year they bave been blesed by
tle Iortf.
(As Poe Might Have Raved it ITefay)
Ones, upot a nlMfnIgTt dreary, while
I pondbired wnalt and wemy,
Through my door there flew aw saves
ofttidhdkysof'nlfteen fourw-
Flew, and' toKmfir at t s adly,. wlt
mys plmes pImiuied madly,.
Perched upon a bust of Hadle r hih
a.ove my' chamBer d Perched and mult=red "Theodo4re'."'
Them r ee ir' toa' er the twlme
aof the eieute mollyooddle.-
Crash of riffIn tl tw' gle, and' thw
rdisi ansd sluhr of' gre--
3u4f' r sutrBm, w Boutftw--
O w a stfty gargo.yle nsoutiig-
the An a Coqrp,- .
All thee thtna

Theo. Holtsberg



The Famous Spansh and American Dining Rooms. Meals at all Hears.
qukik and First iClas Service, also Furnished Rooms With Bath.
The Beet in The City.


Near City Hall.

',Or. Greene and Simonton St,.

Telephone u24




Pictures Only

4 Spletndid Films 4

Ready to' War Is for Satu'day and Moriday
Children' f)ress nai'le of white liini (rons bh nation, trimming
white, 1'. K. Pipinr ages 2 to 5 at .75
Child ern' Dressew made of good quality altin p'red,le colors bhie,
pink and tn comrinition check trituming loops of sou ache b aid, full
plaited skirt ae 2 to at Si 25
GOi Is' Dresas4' nrade of nrd quality, white lawn t'itnDmed with fine
embhr.iderie interrion and c girg, 8 to 1 Itet $1.50
girls' !)' Defs iiie of |gl i quli y wbit flaxon lawn trimmed with
embroidesie insertioni anitd ie tucking fuit plaited sKirt, age 8 to 14 at
i(; 'ls' dresse inadoof gool quality whitp hIwn trimmed with tll over
embroilrie. also va? and etbri lerip iu,ertioum, ago. 6 to 14 at 2 22
Ladits Hou e Pressem, white and tan all sai'-s rea. $2 50 it $1.7S
Another shipment of ladies'night guwn. mAde of iainsook, t-rmmed
with medallions and swiss embroidrie value to $,.O() t 98'
Round and Sqnare neek gowns trimmed wth late ua d tni roiderie,
Bt.vlvis todsilect fromsit $'1.19
Rsver-ible Midtly Jlout,, ,'re 14-16 18, at $'1.26


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