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Title: Key West Citizen
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: October 13, 1909
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
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-- ---c~- --- I ~~---r -~-~;L*~~-C-*-- 1- -7




Greatest Disaster in History of the City

Occurred Monday.

Property Loss Is
Suspended for
Very Small.

Enormous and Business Almost
the Time Being. Loss of Life
Many Miraculous Escapes. '

The worst disaster that has ever
befallen this city, 'occured Monday
morning, when the hi rrieane swept
over the island, reaching the height
'fury at 11.30. A steady
f 76 miles an hour was
d in somlle of the guts it
iched over 100 mili.;
had been issued by the
bureau u apd tbe time of
.x of the storm was pre-
'imost exactly by Observer
,y, who stated that it would
its worst about noon.
mg wind, accompanied by
luring the night on Sui.
'reased Monday morning
<.30, when it assumed
of a hurricane. For
ours the city was swept
4ing wind SAn ra ,

torm and the air Wa
f flying debris. That
were not lost seems

(. ry, photographer;
Anldrew Cooper, second mate of
schooite. Medford.
Zolio Alvasz, watchman.
Four of crew 4f schooner Triton.
Eleven on tug SyPbil.
Mr. Brown, watet'unan at Mara-

A. M. Ferguson, struck in back
of head by falling awning at corner
of Whitehead and 'Eaton streets.
Frederick H. Matlews, severely
bruised about the liody\; (onfinmdl to
room but not serious.
John Wardlow, scalp ,'.1 und, not
Frank CQBrien, "Hink," wrist
badly cut.
Felipe Martinez, foreman of
strippers room at Martine/-Havana
factory, ribs broken.
Rev. John eers, struck twice on
head by falling tillers; not sert-
Jose Fidalgo, ago about 18, cigar
maker Manuel Lopez factory, con-
tused heod, fraetuted arm, will
recover. /
Dozens of persons received minor
Riuy Lopez factory.
Martinez-Havana factory.
a0eo. \V. Nichols factory.
Aurelio Torres factory.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
Sparks Chapel.
English Wealeyan Church.
Bethel A. M. E. ChuIchi.,
No. 1 Engine Room.
St. Albans Church and Newman
Church were desItroyed.
Wolfson's. building at Greene
and Simonton, recently occupied by
Roedy's furniture stgre.
Markovits 6 & 1Oe store.
Bell tower on Division Street.
Condenaing Plant and Pumping
Station at Ba'racks.
SMapy sariall structures,

At the Barracks, nearly every
building is practically wrecked, ex-
cept one new set of men's quvtw,
The post hospital and two barrack
buildings are unsafe. The con.
densing plant was entirely destroyed.
Tents are being put up for the men.
The house of Leonard Grillon on
Eaton street was blown to the op-
posite Aide of 4he street.
The electric"'aid telephone sys-
tems. are naturally placed rout of
commission and the city is strewn
with poles and wires.
Nearly every merchant suffered
great loss of goods by wat#r, as
most of the windows were broken.
The top s8etion of the United
Wireless pole at La Brisa broke off.
'rime HavanaAmerican factory
was greatly damaged. The cupola
was bltwn down, the roof badly
injirdl and much stock ruined.

.ef gglk HAYRtiONT,' .'
ELs.iipping interests were great
" from the storm. Nearly-
ever'4ock in the city was greatly
damaged, several being almost
wholly destroyed.
Crafts of every kind are jammed
together or sunk 'long the water
front. Many boats brote from
their moorings, and went crashing
through other boats and docks.
Maniy heroic deeds were done in
the atfeimpt to save life kuand prop.
erty. Clihs, Archer miraculously
rescued his family tine steamy McAdanii.
At Win. Currys Sons,'the,dock
is destroyed, the roof and smoke-
stacks of the ice 'plant was carried
away, hut it is expected to have the
plaint in operation tonight,
The Curry marine railway is not
damaged. The schooner Magnolia
is sunk at the dock.
The P. & 0. dock and ware-
house is practically without dam-.
age. The steamer Evelyn of the
Southern Steamship line is un-
loading and will proceed to Tampa
tomorrow. Steamer and cargo
were not damaged,
At the Mallory dock the ware-
house was badly damaged and much
merchandise was ruined. The dock
was nmt injured and the laminpasas,
which arrived from New York Sun-
day left today for Tampa. The
office was unroofed.
Clay County Dry.,
Mr. F. F. Hoffman receivedbhe
foll wing telegram ftomn Rev. Ear'e
D. Sims this morning:
"Jacksonville, Oct. 12--Clay
County gone dry today by a ma-
jority of 45. *Great demonstrations
and joy. Our tent meetings, bhck-
ed by brave oittens otily won the
day. A great v tory. Amn, "rat.
ly distressed Until I have news frcm
Key West. Will come home on
first steamer." /
Knight for Mayor.
We are informed that Mr. Peter
T. Knight will be a candidate for
mayd1 at the coming election.

SMayor's Notlc.
Until) "uoh time 'as street light
are provided, the.City of Rey WVes1
Swill be utinder Martial LaW ,N1
night from 6 p. m. until daylight.
J. N. ro~arty, Mayd,.




Story of Captain King of
Schooner Florence
M. Hewson."
The schooner Florence R. Hew-,
son, Capt. A. M. King, Mobile to
South Amierict with lumber, left
Mobile Oit. 2. Eight, days storm
from second day. Monday' was 25
miles N. N. W. o, f Havana and was
struck by the lutricane at ,-a. min.,
ran until 9, when she hove down
on hern beam ends. By hard work
the captain and mate managed to
cut the weather lanyards and the
spars instantly snapped all at once
And with all rigging, anchors and
chains went overboard, when the
vessel righted.
kSea'*iasi"bi- lfttg'cleaf over and
it was impossible to work the
pumps. Part of the crew got in
forward house and the rest in the
after house to keep from blowing
overboard. At 11 a. m. the for-
ward house was smashed and ti e
men managed to get to the after
cabin, which by this time was filled
with water and the crew lashed
themselves with rope through the
skylight to keep from being washed
overboard. At 2 p. ma. theI
vessel was tilled and waterlogged.
She then sank down and the crew,
had to abandon the cabin and the
only part of. the ship left out of
water was the weather side of the
cabin, to which all hand, lashed
themselves and remained there
tweve houe s ith -, breIIOV j
' w ,;.. +, .,

paired with canvas and next,
morning a vew el was sighted about'
8 miles off and the crew put off in
her direction, reaching her at 10
a. m., utterly exhausted, after
having been 'without food or water
for 85 homes.
The vessel proved to be the
schooner Plerorma, Capt. A. 8.
Foster, from Caymnan Brae bound
for Savannah with.comoanuts.
The Pleroma was blown from 'he
anchorage at Marquesas Monday
morning and had a rough time of it
for several hours. Her mants were
cut nearly off, but it was finally de,
cided to hold them. Mate Coe sayi"
it was his worst experience at sea.
He has promised us a fuller stor.*
later. ,
Phere were seven men on the
Huston and six on the Pleroma
and that none were lost is miracu-
lous. They arrived in port this
afternoon and are at Taylor's dock.
Through the courtesy of Com.-
mandant Beehler, the observing
force of the U. 8. Weather Bureau
we're taken to Key West yesterday.

station at 9 a. m. an at 10 the
building was swept to sea. The
wind probably attained a velocity
of about 100 mile during the
height of thq, atorm, the anemome-
tej tups were blown away at 9:30.
The barometer fell to -28.32
inches, (this reading is about .20
less tian the lowest at Key West.)
Far four hours the islandK;was en-
tirely covered by water to s. depth
of 10 feet. .,
The new boat house was dis-
mantled. ______
i Mr. Krome stated this morning
that he believed that Marathon
caught the center of the hurricane
as there was a lull of more than an

hour between the two severe blows.
,He had heard from Miami that
There :was aarcely any damage
there, While, nothing hba d en
heard from the extenglon -hetw n
'Mattecumn.ig abd Miami,-he be-
s lieves that thti force of the storm
was not uoVTt on that part of the'
SU.. ,The storm apparently *e
In the direction of Nassau, lv A
Miami on the' nrth. .


ELen Los

Ax ',

4In Lw*




')troparathuion, wlch it'i
7,.*,:rtot' vtli.edI I rti IIibty.v

I iV


I. !

The following statement was
g. out by Chief, Engineer
I 'o, who is now in the city.
'he loss of life is litaited to
on of Tug Sybil and Timekeeper
Brown at Marathon. Sybil's loss
includes Parker, captain; Fox, en-
gineer; Whitmore, pilot; Peterson,
engineer, and seven deck hands.
' 'Floating equipment and uncom-
pleted work badly damaged; no
damage to concrete work at iiny
pol t. All pamps more or lesw
wroked. Forces all being oared
for and have suffiolent supplies.
M. W) o bivaed wgland liayp pn ne

-igtorth of Marathonwashed
ont ~-st some points. Eatent of
d age got yetlerined. '

1poi'rt received, from .along the
)in iof the extenioftn Oflhrm the
fa edpreased that severe damage
% 'a been don. *to the work'and
eqta tinent along the line.
lhe launch .Ianette; .aptain
WAter `#bbry Thomison, 'Arrived
f robtle No. 6 at Mattewumbie
a 16wn last night. The editor
o. e Citilen personally inter-
vi. 1 t Thompson at 7 o'clock
th ..orningl.
l''eitm that the storm heeame
lttecutibie at 10 -o'clook
orning- and blew hard
"l hen oame a calm' for
h minuteoi -and "the
beuil ..ubroke up them in all its
fury 'nuing for fully two hours
and ~ alf.
Mrly in the mogring the crew
of Mr. Trumbo's dredge Njmkee
did everything possible to secure
h~r anid about 9 o'clock went on the
Lunette andi hade up the creek for
94t ,- .When the lull came at
n o nIme of those on board
wa ed to go oqt ut Capt. Thomp-
aom, 'lid dhMm that the wuwat was to
co nd they pushed le launch
up ber Into the creelf and his
go' 1i.dgnientnoo dlubJ saved their

A tho storm they. went back
to tl ,;'t tle, whilh they found
bfAl4luaged in ,mftny places,
i; Nimkee was sank. The
d bding oc apied by, J. J.
Olt Anad In whichl he had a
q l stores was fintirely de-.
poy4 ,aihd rything ruined.
Thre AiO bAtliding s tood, bit,
wore ioliewhat .
All;t 1R .flls aiong the line
who4 ii( olianels.,ate wVih-
e4 ouo afnl lW e sianear

Th iesmse' direct. fronm
tat^Ip' there at '9
o'olkh (iTeaiday) raor.-
log f I6p at any camp
etwj j4.d Key ,st.
pot' a ys thut the
A uiummetrland und
bat1k an loos, but

6 -&IN&








'h J'

it on Tug Sybil and One Dead

at Marathon.

.cilef Engineer W. J. Krome has arrived from Mara-
thon and gave an Official Statement to] The
Citizen this morning.

Appeal for Aid.
t a special meeting of the City
ncil yesterday afternoon the
yor was authorized to issue a call
outside aid in cash to relieve the
ringg here.
[any families are entirely des-
e and relieff is urgently needed.
layor Fogarty reported to the
noil that he had put 200 Tmn
ork clearing the street atd his
on was approved and an evisWr-
*y appropriation was made to .
the men. ,. ...
he County will pay half of this

he secretary of the Jacksonville
s lodge has wired that assistance .
ld be sent and that the loOal
e 'should draw otf them 1f
R. Peacon & Co.
re carry side-lights and bells
launches,, hardware, tnixzd
its, oils, canvas, ropes, garden
ts and shoe leather. Pries
Opable. 718 Caroline street.
Key West Qarage,
otpa's Overland wheel sold for
00;,fuMy guaranteed. Large
of Iver johnson, &,nmbler an ,
rIand wheels on hand e.mplete
of bioyolesundries, 4'2 Greene 1'
it. i'
$tread, tolls. Bred.,
)urinflmartial lyw we will hav '
Baed. and Aotlls by 8 p. tm.
e'takbry that never stopbakidag
8 '.t Wildeir' City Baktry.

;. 1.. ,1 . .' . :. ..

'der, was as Marathon during the
hurricane and brings substantially
the same report as CaptainiThomp-
Capt. Pinder says that a man
named Brown, a watchman at
Marathon, was found dead on a
houseboat after the storm.
Th9 heaviest blow at that point
was between' 2 and 3 o'clock Mon-
day afternoon. Five spans of steel
work;on Kpights Key trestle were
blown into the water, hut the piers
and remaining steel work stood
The quarantine steamer Sanator'
*as blown high and dry on shore,
but the crew is safe.

' rt iatl .B ,al- rdy., iie "the'
driw, eOonrete miixett and other the
raft are either sunk ,or badly I.
smashed, tp.. 81
COpt'.rPinder rk'ports that. so fr the1
as could be observed that the. dam- one
age at -Wet Sun11mmeand and and
Pigeon Key is not serious, consider- be
(ng the severity of the stotm. wire
The Peerless was pounded to hout
pieces. There is a train between T
Marathon and Grassy Key which City
cannot get very far in either. direc- In I1
tion -at present. The Miami will in g
have to carry mails to Miami If any Si
are gotten through by (the East store,
Coast., as t
No reports could he obtained front LI
the extension farther north than ami
*The concrete piers at Bahia
Honda are reported to be all right, A
tin fact, practically all the' steel- and Coti
eotiorete construction along the line May
'is i.tact, but. the gradesand fls for,
are terribly washed out. ssuffe
Wild stories regarding'"a loss of M
800 lives were set~afloatl by an in- \ltu
quiry, received here from a New -M
York newspaper, but there is no Cout
foundation for the supposition that to W
more that 20 are lost on the entire a4ti
chain of keys and this estimate is gBe
probably high. pay
From Mr. J. J'. Cassidy who re- T
turned on the Lunetto, we received expe
some additional details. He says
that Bridge Foreman Hall with his
crew and (wo camp cars went up to T
Crescent Monday morning and that Elki
flity are safe. wo'
'Trestle No. 1 at Mattecumbie is lod
all right except the filling is gone. nices
Trestle No. isinideep water hnd
has always caused trouble. It was
practically destroyed. Nos. 8 and
4 are in good shape. NoJ5 will re- for
quire some repairs, but is 'not
greatly damaged. h
TUI dredge Nimkee can be raised ea

the only one at the Kaight* Key P
end of the extension,, 25

HURRtoANE 0lNO1B. ..-. Ovei
The favana-Amerioon faotor'N in'e
Iosa to took was only about 8,000. trei
Wqrk will be: resimd as soon af
iet.oraar repairs made'..
QOny thfee poles beloni*'g to the tot
S eatt t Wcledtrlo Comrany .wel
own down in the entire city%
tmd'pole are a treated wth 4


S Over 1,800'
.. Daily

it revenue Cutter Fo'rw mid
terimnasteir steamer .Albert ...
P are both aground in the har-

ieodiore Roberts was struck with
('. f corruigatci. iron frouit the
o)iti Temple and knocked uin-
ciolus. His cheek and lip was
y cut. He was carrying.a child
fety at the time, but it escaped
itis, Watson hatd his cheek and
cIut by the same piece of mnet-

he Convenot and St.. Joseph Col-
will re-open on Monday next.
main building of the convent
not damaged, with the excep-
of a part of the tin roofing.
Kindergarten building is off its
irs; the water tanks are down
nearly every tree is uprooted,.
school rooms are in perfect con-
lie Osceola returned from Tor-
s at 2 p. in. Tuesday, having
ched Sunday for the' lumber
n derelict schooner Maritana,
out finding her. She rode out
hurricane at Tortugas, and her
mnandming officer reports the trees
eI the fort were blown down.
lhe factory of S. & F. Fleitas
practically destroyed, Man}
)ries were badly damaged, but
t of them are arranging to re-
e work.

Asengers arriving from Havana
Re Olivette last night state that
e there was a hard storm that
e dwat 1.t. i* tiddAt datube e si,
first reports reaching "\ere
d indicate.
r. LiTAs Martinez, president of
Martinez-lHavana company was
of the arrivals on the Olivette
states that seven are known to
dead in Havana, five by live
e ahd two by the falling of a
se at San Rafael No. 22.
three steamers, the Morro Caatle
of Mexico and Miami arrived
Ravana Monday afternoon, all
pod condition.
r. Martinez states that this
m was not as severe in Havana
he hurricane of 1906,
a Discusion reports ton dead
23 wounded.



. ..........



* . -,. *. I. .-

: -


. +1

j ".4

The Key West ititn

Publishedi every afternoon at 506 Greene
Street, Key West, Fla.
Walter W. Thouipson, President.
Marcy B. Darnall, Editor and Manager.,
Entered as second-class matter Octobe
24, 1906, at the post office at Key
West, Florida, under the Act of Con,
lress of March 3, 1879.
Lowest advertising rates in Florida, cir-
culation considered.

Yards May Be Closed.
A special from Washington to the
New Orleans Times-D)emocrat says:
"The board of navy officers,
which has been considering reforms
for that branch of the public ser-
vice, is expected to report soon in
favor of the abolition of the navy
yards at Charleston, Key Wesl.,
Pensacola and New Orleans. The
matter of navy yard consolidation,
aholltion and division bf work, so
as to ring all the activities at each
yard under the control of one re-
aponsible head, is only one of the
many things referred to that board,
hut it, is the subject in which there
is greatest popular interest. A re-
port such as indicated will be no
surprise to those who have been
following the matter.
"The first step against the south-
4i'i1 yards was made by the general
board. Secretary Metcalf echoed
its recommendation, which was for
the abolition of the yards mentioned,
Secretary Newberry agreed with.the
view experessed by his predecessor
anil issued the closing order known
to .all ilic people of the southern
s, ite. The New Orleans yard will
e )no worse off by reason of that
r,1 ,rt than it has been at any time
string the last two years. It re-
il es n nact of congress to abolish
the yard. The executive can re-
Insee to send work to it, and tlhat
liha btehon the attitude of all the
naval administrations for the last
two yeaas. ,
"The appointment of (cen. Es-
topinal to be a member of the house
committee on naval affairs, it is
possible, may result in forcing the
department td use the yard at New
Orleans, but if it is used, it will lbe
iolely because the department needs
the vote of the general for some of
its more cherished plans."
Battle Abbey, the Cenfederate
memorial project at Richmond,
Va., is beginning to assume tangi-
ble form. A site has been selected
and plans for the erection of the
building are well advanced. The
idea of a great museum for the
preservation of Confederate records
and relics was conceived by the
Inte Charles Broadway Rouss of New
York. Mr. Rouss was a wealthy
merchant. Hie was a Confederate
veteran, and in the latter years of
his life was stricken with blindness.
Living in darkness, he looked with
his mind's eye far into the future,
ani outlined a plan which found
general favor. Since Mr. Rouse
first set forth his idea, (if a perma-
n'nt memorial building Battle Ab-
ley has Ibeen a theme of wide dis-
cussion. The United Conmfederate
Veterans and their kindred organi-
xntions have given the matter much
attention. It is gratifying to know
that it ihas progressed sufficiently
that a point has been reached
where the actual work of construc-
tion may be begun.

The Pittsburg chamber of com-
merce, as a body, refuses to take
any part in the welcoming of the
.Inpanese commercial commission
now making a tour of the U. S.,
which will reach that city Nov. 5.
The president of the chamber is
quoted as saying that it was the
consensus of opinion among the
members that the Japanese, as a
nation, demanded too much in the
educational line, and were willing
to give too little in return-which
s supposed to be the reason for the
chambers extraordinarily discourte-
ous attitude.
Expert Sewing Machine repairer,
of all nakes of machines, John L.
;lpvoor' Mtusc HToum. 9.1m
,, ' ( '" ; ..t + : ,' ' -

--I---- --- --

**e**-*-*******e*9******* e4*e*e e *with a Jump. oontt
p "p"I. n the r.h drtjuoo
Slow. Tbe crack of the Whips a
the rebound of cheering volee were
h -f -ne"- Ie.last bebomiul.A f
Am"""tt'fori1.,, 'stre to
.By Dr. .R EDERICK A. COOK h .Thkr* Deg of the cominoA ,;

rih AMM.l~! a blast I ouar
de Sla dte .. A.Seafste r .jbse" tfor ust.
of Meai. All RIgM ILeserved (IFTil ARTICLEI to start, so wewit w to the snow
40 lo. entered hfi WaInd lept a few
e**e*e*e*e~eee*e*****4..e<(e e*6e4WeveeovWeeveV4> hours iblner.At .a*n the fbeulsbb

ARLY In Janqary of
Otpleamnu opened. .A
were sent to the
shores to explore a i
to advance supplies.
Clouds and storms made t
light days dark, and there
advance expeditions were om
Admemeee. ."
'On PA., 19, .la. the n0i
:o" stirted foW te pole. t1lI
4dhivilng 08 dogs' and moving
fly loaded sleds, left the I
shore and pushed westward
troublesome lee of Smith
Cape Sabine.
The gloom of the long wit
was but little relieved by a f
of daylight. and the temper
very low.
EIghty-three Degrees B
Passing through a valley
JlIlomnere laud and Orin
, from the bead qf Flqgler bay
'lui to the Pacific albpe., the
tare fell to 88 deg"w F. bl
In BaJ Bford many musk o
secured. and, though the wit

was at its lowest, there was 1i
ahd with an ab4nbdance of f6
and also fat for fuel the II
snow bhuse proved fairly oap
'the ice in tureka and
sound proved far1lyj'ahooth,
marches were made. With
,4ac. of ,,i'P--.pnsk :p. .
to uie the auon i tek' 'frt
land. Caches of food and an
were left al0og ei taeri ilan
Willing l avege Hand
Thus we mabtagd 'to keep
tjalls and In excellent figh54
the end Of known lands. Ca
.the chill of tbe rftrwnngt ell
northernmost coast (Sva"#t
,looked out over the heavy I
polar aets through eyes w
been hardened to the' worst
There was at band an abui
supplies, with willing savai
ahd a superhbuudance of br
in overfed pelts,. but for a gr
talnty of action over the unh
gions beyond I resolved to r
force to the smallest numu
ssltent with the execution of
lem in band,
We ihad traveled nearly 40(
twenty-eight days. There re
line of 1V20 miles of unknown
ble to be overcome before
could be reached. For this
we were provided with every
able device to ease this hard
lJ addition toa reduced part
definitely resolved to almhitt
tire equipment. At Bvartev
cabhe was made. In this ce
mepat, toduu, pemmic an and
er food, together with all
atmeleg of equipment, were Ie
In the northward advan
factor of the dog train had b
fully watched and studied t
a perfect working fore' for
resch over the polar se. I
and Ahwelah. two young
each twenty years old, bad be
ax beat fitted to be my sole
o011 In the long run of destiny:
ty-six dogs were picked, and
sleds were loaded all our ue
tay of eighty days.
All For Progreee.
To have Increased this par
not have engsbled na to carry
tar Ja to.r upuowar of da
led, mllh7 t have been load
havi'lyBt this would reduce
pot*t progress of the first
W Othe chara tler eeof l
had bMo Ul advadee stati
+WMl. A tige ,*xpeltt
,ir k 0 o o a i
an, %*U1b preMA9r and

-198 the
few sMis
route and
the moon.
'ore these
ily partly
i ,
in epeit,
oven Oen.
..1 h, i_._

absolute control and ease of adpta-
bility to a changing environment Uot
be assured.
It is impossible to adequately on-.
trol the complex human tempeaw ant
ot unknown men in the polar wildter-
ness. but the two Eskimo boys eould
be trusted to follow to the liIt of my,
own endeavors and our" wElO re
hureevdtonly witn i ol$Krq
C Cutting Down Welt.

force. Th '

Une annr e tuse or the Importance of a iliK0 0t"it 0 wer 4d1tult4o#qP #flPQb'
ov el b`M"t equipment much catrow w,.--d t S o- r.
,tDd tp, t .t eliminate every oic* o C libelsaav
weight. The sleds were made of hAlk. gi t- s '.41lt b it ,t
nter night ory. the lightest woqd consistent withi agity 9t I41II 41 g00r4,
few hours great endurance. but every. e .Jauit ac9 4iw tp e Ute 460Q60
nature was .b.r was gouged out. The Ar
were ground thin,. and to evt way te ofTi mlato tl f T
flow. weight of nearly everythib, was t -,. ,00 q aI 0sb lli. g
between duced even after leaving ndqfa'. north we soon sank tb )onld oii ,
30I ad 1 ... t I ..a. 0
In cross- T.helip o t1..1 eisl, qMt. .
tempea. lowed meI I tt"~h eM*ery Camp I .ted.
oW sero. C eofpldl of two sleds, teach a -fttW fptrx mn we
)en were carrying 600 pounds. drawn by f18 .tetr o d n ,tt n. s fl
enter frout dogs, under the lash of no expert pite a p o
.. ..r,_telashof_ t hight. 're0 were toar*I"6
/ -- ck about, to the lee of whih wel
great booka of barP4epA spoWf. w;inW
ftow I Ind It to a lwbyI flre d lt
tO 6id snow suitable .pr e teinbdin'
tug blocks, but here was an abundeae
conveniently pitPqt. 1, to~#Con. !. f
ana lour a comfortable palace of, e Ys-
tel as erected, and into it\we e pt'
out of the piercing wind. The firnt
day's march qver the elre.ppolar ses
was c qsed with a good- record.
The dogs curled up and went to sieep
without a call. as ft they knew there
would be no fqod until, the MorroW.
My wild companions covered their
faces with their convenient long hair
and sank quietly into a comfortable
slumbr'e, but for me sleep was quite
impossible. Letters must be written.
The, whole problem of our campaign
must be again carefully studied and
Apal plans mnst beI mde not only to
reach our ultimate destination..but for
the rotus Ing partfe and for the 'M u-
rl.y o4f hiethings A Ann6otok. '
I mpes blo to, Foretoll Return.
It was dlcult at tbhis time, to etvpt
guess at the probable line of ou re-
turn to land. Much depended upon
conduit ons encountered in tcle omhb-
ward route. Though we had left
caches of snp1plies, with the object of
returning along Nansen found n to
Cannon fiord and over Arthur Land,
I entertained graye dQult#t of oralb-
ity to return this way. If the qwe
S O, drifted strouliy to the east we might
.........___,__ D not b given the oAe04e of working out
ttiq wind hdiver. The eombnined frerlght exas our o* w, ,s*ur9. Iq tlat *0p9t we
7ioab mea thO: opa p of i d w ur mk b oM ed oaps hplpeJ to
afe to te a o tend tQfil d, g ; h paIl ait d aq tst esek a r a hih
?fIrtablet p end ro teA. ai2 "of toee, either ti4allg the t coast or the wei
fortsUble g ari '25'piii, ; 2 onr eed, 4d,
at o p roa, b j' p t pod ui; n e adrift did 'nt ofeo r a dan ronu
nod Io
anu'abb fsjod. .dor a 'e bih d np.' to n the mukkoRea *h
e be=a"a --exete pend t.e ,i-'n
gPO pvd a nd. "" ' ai 'd ea' ed e
nd for th n The 0 a at at e applies. o t altered tnot a
Th camphe Coe101iWAa S pm 0 0`1,a I M,
I I anecam p a me UISt0i n ,rt 8t a.. n1 d*e. t -
ir ae r 8 altn l 0lm t*Frsneke's Ins eutilons.
g9 trim toUutnamt ,o
mplm1 in ,blespoon, ru tie plate,' S I Because d thils Uc a mftinty F"Mlnok
16 tor ahd 'WAS. s H(.,ato Wfip t uotill J a
vetl, w knife (18 IMe,. Iti46 l b t0, and it weedid not rtorsnm he wa
0 o te eI, rip o (sarpel, II* re i, tol ?t pof I4 goite c b-o cherg qo
bhiwob h ao i. aagelet I tae t M and golome etrr b td baow o
df polle ax, estra Ite0,and 14t4ul 1 8e at wlbOa by.othnp p ea
dance of A IN sled equipment was 2 e1 tphe hpand to rwait fr an io49*itl
ge hands weighing 52 pounds each.'12 toot told tmim alone would hbae indicted a ne.e
ute force tag canvas boat. 84 pounds; 1 .s k tent, lees hardship. This and many othb
'euter cer 2 canvas sled covers, 2 sleepila bals instrti'l were prepared tpr ,L0
mown re. (reind i steflor f irs, e wod, lootigwAh Iada inugd to to tke beaqk,
educe the for tied repat, screws, nailsi iv. 'to the morningg if trst In 'origalt
hders con. eta.f hrr, e tbad been swok fom tie'atr, but there
the prob. The Instruments were as tlowas: remaxud,a hpmid chil w, hlbi period
Three compasses, 1 sextant, I arifi c1al to the bone". The temperature wae
miles tn horion (glass,, 1 pedometser.t ,oket minus a P. A light air came from
nroained a ebrwnomeaers c 1 wch, ut M'pap- the wpst, and the sun burned toIa
able trou. makin mAterial and ins tr.wto 8 freoi tblue,
our toal ermomete 1 anel b w, After a tfew hours' ma the ice
nal camera and 'flms, notebooks changed in obaracter. The etensle
coneeiv csi. ., thick golds $Pve T iplo to nm4sie
Slot; but, The personal bas containedo ur az- .si4 .Ioas. The,, Gfi= *re =e tmat
y. I "now -ta paIrs of kamlks, with'tur oekfmiWk bj'see "i' 'oftrof!b domecus etl,,w
y the On- a wooieml shnit, three pg'. i thawn'lte m Ight pin liIes, Wlich
'g a big mittens. .tw ,,paI of. offeee4uha e. but with thq
ehe fresh PIFle Iof b ket a sei. P;+1 E tl' let&ea .ajl 4`.. l!joaingenlty wa ma!n-
much0 aol,A as r tfoir h nfr aged to Wiakeatola ,pat"
-ier I dog bhrtes, ,"W sioci The e ied In on ts4a polar sea wa
ftt- Ao tthe Mrch. we, wef with tM hreg ,, upo ,g
Ge every blue fi coat i i had espeted to send the pup
een care- shi ts. wo6met daw s l party back frop here
o provide kmtksand hbltl b had not beoen4 igoode el 25'We
the final fasteained a bad.l of wri'i t1 could hardly spare the foo4,,tofgd
Itukitsbhuk knee and about thi i e their dogs, so they volunteered to'push
Eskimos.' Helping the Agtvaee, along aaoy (,y, wIthqt, as food.
en 6hoeeni O 'arhen Rety of
compan. ton- were On the next dpy, with 41o) tif-
y. Twmin- The .d .. I uties in s m le, we
sd for a Uies perpoa ,iI ep ,,.m uow house a.s
lto were l l blt. and trom hert, atts Crieoefs oia
kimps 'prep rtt o steamifhg musk or l6is s l
4r would wad left wil. the cahe 6 bet ptlh' followed by a double brew of
supplies good vehicle for our return li ag e a kg our last hll lrg .
ye. The, two.,leds were badly bro,,la ru '!. with empty a, spa i .ngry doga
led more A' IIit gale waai blowlng to they hoped to rehfih lana ti one Ionog
.t the im- sen ~tsud from the nouth l b u day's travel. B1lt thia would make the
days. 441 'nut lterfsre with thq rt(O.b. fourth day without foqd for thel.dogs.
wi'leh we those home wolpg' ..lkij ,wb and in ease of storms or moving lea
nat were alibdpnr game for the a th4 N etherw days of famine mlht aas tly tal
bn saedl a qufed litle but mu tb mup-' t th. r lotI They had. howevqr.. an




Under One oof.

With the Addition of the

lnlg of Furniture purch asd

from Reedy's [B g FxUrnttur

Store, ot which the it .ul

Furniture Company is

cessor, we are able to s

the largest and most va,

stock ever seen in K



Beflevfng in the appi

of good times, we

placed large orders for

goods and they are now



Because of our increased busli
!s we will be ab.le t, cot our
marginl of profit 1till lower and our
customers will receive th, benfit qf

the larger volume of b siness we
expect to do.


We extend a special invitation
to Mr. Reedy's former customers to
call on us for anything they may
need, promising to endeavor at all
times to serve them as faithfully as
they were served by him 'and to
maintain his excellent reputation.





Local w iL
The Consumer Ice Coma
Wagons were the street
morning. )sty tons of ice
dellered to HP. Cotton for the
tension this turning.


The weather bureau station at
Sand Key was blown down.
A, Akmele Torns has souw.e
the factory over Joh# Lows,,, 4.,
lumber yard for his factorytd -'
pecta to begin work .Meadt,., Ie
sustained about one-half loss on
W 0,O 4qhnson, "Jake," had a
hard experience. Just before his
IhWat eaoapsi hle a&Wd or sao
placed his n. year old boy, who
wa down tth fdoit iern is
&artogb trunk 4l parried him to
Safty' having a dffuit time. The
sick hf is doiog well.
T-i sohqouer Triton, bound from
Tarpon Springs to Key West, went
ashore at Marquesas during #aVe
storm and the captain reports four
sf hi *rev dAownp. Weamne hot*
for asqistanoe to try to bring his ves-
sel to rt.
Payn r W. Dohelty wilt
arrive f= Niw York on be
"olorado. M. usech will remain
v West as 0clek.
day, to Mr. and Mn.
'on, a son. Mother
services ot Newiman
will be held on Sun-
.nan Hall, Division
members of the trustee
he other male members
M. E. Church are earn-
sted to meet me at the
in. Remember martial
orce after 6 o'clock and
-s can be held after that
o on time at 5 o'clock.
-IWall Paper po.
ut. 13
I members of Cor-
I. Zion, Church
the poatore and
istremd churches
ean render lhem:.
as more fortunate
colored churches,
disposal of any of
4 to hold meetings
secure places of
W. ,W. Blair,
Vall Paper from R.
8. ,nt. 18
Tht bry steamer Nueces ar-
rived in 'Mrt this morning from
Tampa and igobile and sailed again
for New York. \
No trouble to show samples of
Wall Paper. R. S. Head, Agent.
Mr. S. T. Hillard left 'on the 01U-
vette for Tampa 14t night.
Bread and Robls at 8 p. m., Wil-
*der's City Bakery. 18
Braulio Pena, who formerly ran
the coffee snop at the Itavana-
AMeqolqn factory, was killed by a
live wire in Havana.
Fresh Cakes, Pies and Cookies.
Wilder's City Bakery. 18
The Citizen is informed (y Mayor
Fogarty that he protested to Cap-
tain Brown, post surgeon regarding
the reported recommendation made
tq'the War Department for the re-
moval of troops from Key West.
Dr. Brown denied having made
such a recommendation. The item
published by us was given us yes-
terday by an officer at the Bar-
The Columbia Steam Laundry
desires to say to their patrons that
they sustained practically no dam-
age and that they are doing work
asuuseal. / 12
'Th fiat business to be re-estab-
lished after the storm is the Singer.
Sewing gfa8hine 'o. They are now-
at, 800 Duval street. 12-2t
The offce of the [Singer Sewing
Machine Co., is nowjat 800 Dural
t ,eet., 12-2t
Lime plants fgr sale cheap. Ap-

I~ U '

The Ferdinand Wirlch factory
freumed work today,
Over 1,000m wore hand-
led by the local W Union .f-
flce yesterday withA only three
No. 8 EgAine room was torn
down by the hurricane, Ihing pne
of the accident omitted from our
earlier reports.
The barber shops will close at 6
m. m., Get a have before that

of Ilterot to

Men, ,an,

Rev. Dupey left for Tampa on Latest models In
the Olivette last night. $SUttis

Zolio Alvarez, who was struck by
a concrete block at the Manuel
Lores factory, dies this morning
shortly before noon.
The Manuel Lopez Co. ftotory
was totally destroyed and sustained
a lowe of over WA0,000. They have
smecured the Santos V. Vila place on
'Thomas street and will resume
manufacturing at once.
Mrs. Sefieep M. C. Pinner, ate
50 y~sA, daughter of Sapt. Louis
M,. ?homppon, di. 7:80 lt1
night. Funeral ser this after-
00, at toe OMCh by Rev.
,taiger. Ahe leaves o\$^daughter.
T'h e oldki Ry Lopez factory on
White street, near the Barracks is
mis paired and the stock of. the
Nldbl1 factory is being moved in,
The Pohalmki factory building on
White street is .badly wrecked and
Is unsafe.
Among the worst wrecked (ie<-
tions of the city is the district on
'*aton street in the vicinity between
Grinnell and White. Mr. C. A.
Roberts'was a heavy loser on this
street. The residences of Benj.
Jenks and Officer Stickney on
White street were ruined.
Mr. A. M. Ferguson is much
better and will probably be removed
from the Marine Hospital to his
home tomorrow.
' A meeting of the County Com-
missionerS will be held tonight to
take steps, relieve the* situation so
far as poisl Te.
The latest views of the storm are
an sale at Harrison's. .1.3
The wo rk of clearing the streets
is prof jiig very rapidly and
everyone i 'Busy endeavoring to re-
pair the damage wrought by the
storm a9'Vt as possible.
The 121 Company will go into
camp temporarily at Fort TAylor.
The sewerage the Bar-
racks has been restored and the fire
engine has been used to pnmp
water into the tanks. It is expect-
ed to have both fresh and salt water
tanks filled by tonight.
Civil Engineer Geo. H. Bevins,
who was fo merly stationed here,
but who is now stationed at Fort
Wood, N. Y. Harbor, ha been or-
dered to proceed to hey West Bar-
racks at once.
From Mr. Korn.

New York, Oct. 18.-The Key
West Citizen: Words cannot ex.
press my sorrow for misfortune be-
fallen our oity. H. 1. Korn.
Mclnnis Alive.
To my esteemed competitors in
business who suffered such severe
losses during the recent catastrophe
we extend our heartfelt sympathy,
and will in any way that lies in our
power lend them a helping hand.
To our, friends and customers
who suffered such severe losses we
also extend our sympathy and our
help so far as lies in our power.
We are all hard hit, but we
should keep a stiff upper lip and
face the situation in a true Amerit
can spirit.
There are many little items need.
ed in the house today, and we pro-
pose to furnish such things as are
needed in our line just as reason-
ably as they can be sold. Every
home needs /Window Shades,
Towels, Hosiery, Jamps, Cooking
Utensils, Shelf Paper, Oil C$oth,
and hundreds of other things. We
have a full supply and will sell it

This is the most interesting just as cheap as possible.
prioiven away. The first prise Molnnis Ten Cent Store.
oferedfor a man, See Leilovit's .
., pa e 6. 8 New Schedule.
No Mliappointments, no chaff, On account of the storm the
no bed berries, no adulteration in a of P. & . Co. will
Chemplon Brand Coffee, Its Mian o P. & O. S. S. Co wi
, mi.hty good. Have you tried it. temporarily run between Miami,
S',.: Valdes, CoRee Botar Key West and Havaria For
Grden e t oMt. ," ," achleulQ apply at P. & 0. Office
your eyes open for the Citr Key Wept.
'A. Elgin.

A Dua street, -2 *To buy a genUee' hrs4.
M.' A.1 Wtl* 13.3ii T';


$18.00 to 25.00
Walkover AShes

$3.50, $4 and $5.

Coat atd 64t Suits
ef "amt fl 1S9igDn and
fitl hed tailor'pg

$16 to $18.50

En*W ty new tyle In
Pall 'Coats for little girls
ans bigger girls.
Size I to .14 years.

$1.50 to $5.00.


To the pne holding the

largest amount of votes
N0MT 11 f ; vote*S
given With every pur-
chase from 25c up.
The right!lsi given to
any man orlyoung man of
any nationality to ,ente
tbk cQI#aestlor this valU-
able prize.



Owaranteqd for 90 years
8l.00 Do*o I .00 Pr *eek'
J. L '71W1 Ui0 NOUM


Thisprle. should be interesting
to every man; a fine yacht to be
given away by Lelbovit, see ad. on
page. 8
A splendid and" stylish line of
ladies' tailor made suits iill arrive
onw the next New York boat and
will be displayed upon theirarris 1.
D9 not fall to see them.N Mt. A.
Davis, Margaret and Fleini. 8
,. pto, rug,/,art squares, U ;.
tin the a stock in tod :
U+ now Bled y the
.Juiture ,o., 70 DuFwft liB .

+ I ..:., '," ,;""'' \,,

* *


t -s

i i.



SHot Bread and Rolls every day

at 3 p. m.


: k'. w-.i ',
. 4 + ,"... /, '' '.


- m





. 0 "
*. ' '.

First Account of Storm. Official Report. Ingraham's petals. EVE VR THI
The following bulletin was pub- U. S. Weather Bureau, Key On next Friday, Ooto r 15th4we BIG BARGAINS ,'" ":
lished by The Citizen at 4:30 Mon. West, Fla., Oct. 12th, 1909. will have our Winter Opening of BIG B R INE V YT IN
day afternoon, and was the first The pressure began to fall com- Hats. We have a largerline of the FO R T : TI II O RSE
menacing 10 p. in Ot. 10th, read- most select patterns and styles andW AISTS
printed matter issued after the ing then was 29.80 inches; then to no lady should fail to come and see LADIES' We hve accepted the agency of the well known
storni: 6 a. m. there was a steady fall to this display. I W I Harness Makers, Louis P. Rice & Co., New Orleans.
THE KEY WEST CITIZEN. 29.42. After 6 a. in. the fall was To make room for the showing of for GOLLAR AND HAME HARNESS FROM $6 TO $25.
viArHEUt 1i.I.ETrN. extremely sharp until 11.30 a. m. these hats we are forced to dispose WHIP S D
The following was issued from (when the initmnum reading 28.42 of a portion of our tock-and Jlow SATURDAY HIPS FROM TO 8.00 .
the Weather Bureau this afternoon: inches.) This is.the lowest barometer we are quoting a few e0ial bar- an / A full IIn. of Duplicate Parts always on hand.
4 p t n. Oct. 11., 109. reading on record in this city dur- gains that are sure to lease you. MONDAY Harness Ol Axle Oll, Carriage Cloth, Horse
The center of the hurricane passed ing the past 39 years. After 11:30 Colored Laws, 8 ys.for 10. MONDAY
Key West at 11:30 a. m. a. m. with the sudden shift of wind Calico, yd., 4c. Liniments, Condition Powders, etc.
The barometer fel steadilyince d- to northwest, a rapid rise occurred. American Print li yd., 5. c. Wasts We t and bttr
night from 29.70 inches to 28.52 at 11:30 Fro noon to 4 p. ithebarometer Gingham n yd ., 100 Waists all Embro We guarantee to sell harness cheaper and better
a.'m. Since 11:30 there has been a dered, well worth $1.004 p. the barometer Ginghams at c yd. to
rapid rise, the reading now s. 29.44 rose one inch to 20.50 inches. Ginghams at 6c yd. than any Mail Huse the country.
inches, Thewind was.steady during the Ginghams at 8c yd. w lat 9c than any M O Ilousein the country
The wind a velocity, q ,1 ht averhginig f .15 to 16 miles Wbte .Cross Bares, we 15c now 80 Waists, worth 90c M
m3lea from theeat . mostly from the southeast. At 6 3 yds. for 25. 80. Walsts, worth 9C W0Ita
The totalrainfallh sbeeno.13inhesrt a. o. it increased suddenly to a 40 inch lawn, wasg. e now 8c eachh, to gat 54 6511 f ront Street. Phone 1)
Weather Bureau. gale, and at 8 a. Im. it increased to y l
No further damage need he feared hurricane force. From 9 a. m. to 40 inch Lawn, was 20c yd., now 100 Waists would be
at Key West. noon the wind blew steadily at the 10c. j cheap for 75c, they are
The hurricane is moving rapidly rate of 72 miles per hour. At Pongee Silk, was.24'vd., n(w to go at 48
in a north-easterly direction and intervals during this period the 15i. ,
will be sovore along the East Coast. wind rutched a force of 80 miles. Pongee Silk, was 25 1., now
Therair ill was unusual; nearly20c, P. G BLANCK The Ruth Hargrove it
Schools Open Monday. 8.1l' inches fell from6to 11 a. i. Poplins, were 30c yd 20. . LANCK The th
We are requested by Superinten. C. J. Doherty, Outing Flannels, were 10c yd, THE STOREiTHAT ill re-open Monday.
dent Lowe to say that the public Official in Charge. now 8 yds. for 25c. j SAVE YOU MONEY.
schools will not re-open until Mon.- Black Satine, was 15cyd,, now 9c.
day, Oct. 18. Better be Safe Than Ladies' extra size Vests, were 20c, Oivislon And Watson Streets!
now 10c.
To Ice Customers. Sorry. Children's Vests, were 10c now 5c.' I,
The Consumers ike & Cold Stor- If you saved anything at all out, Ladies' Stockings,'were & e, now We are in the job printing busi- WHY WEAR
age Company's plant is in commit. of yesterday's disaster, you had bet- 20. nees and we devote all our tme to WE HAVE
sion and can supply all Ice needed, ter take steps to protect it. With Babies' Wlite Stookin were J.b printing; so if that's what you D -IA O n
but deliveries cannot be mkde for the great damage done to so many 20c, now 10c. watt we a'e the ople. Phone when you can get suits made to a fresh sup
a few days. *- homes, it is a menace, not only to Black Danish Cloth, formerly 20c, e 1 ta T T. h ompson, the your measure in the it styles following:
12 W. W. Thompson, ~4f9t: Mgr. your money and valuables, but to now 15r I at practically the same at
your lives as' well, to keep either Colored Madra, were, The Victoria, Key West'p leading Our Fall and Winter Suitings .
O1r i be w p Colored d1,e 15% Spid iha&- elA A ea'ie iti are here. Premit
---Oarfunket-StockSat' v money o valuables inyour homes. A an e here. i Premi
I desire to say to my trdtle that The Mayor is doing all in his White Madras, were 1.c, now 8c. 088 The Talor S'"' Sve
I was so fortunate as to sustain a protect all of usagainst Colored Linens, were now 8c. It'shere, see I4ebovit' aL, on honete' Brookf
,comparatively slight loss by the loss, but he cannot do it all alone. W9 have just received a fine lot paCe 6. 8 419 Genh St. Phone 184 r o ertone.)
storm and I will be glad to serve Let us help him and you by of Laces and 1.nbroiddries ]hat are P Oream of Whea
-one and all to the best of my ability, offering our services. Our Burglar- to be sold at bargain prices. PShreto, Wk eat
12 Garfunkel. proof, Fire-proof,. Hurricane-proof The list published above ia only Shredded WhCorn Meal
"_ ------ Vaults are piopareodto care for de- a few of the good things offered you.. White Corn Meal
Supervisor's Notice. posits large or small. The advice Come and take advantage of these I awkeye Rolled 0 0o
I have removed my office to my of our Officers and Directors is at opportunities and then come back uM- Peter Coopers' Gela sg, 10
dhane reoed myof Olivia street your disposal. Can we serve you? next Friday and see our display of Fruit Pudine, pkg. 10
residence, corner of Olivia street THE ISLAND CITY NATIONAL hats. Cambridge Coffee.. can 25o
and Windsor Lane, where the usual BANK. 9-3t H.'A. Igraht'leling St.Royalalml otea 1 b. e0 an. o
office hourswill lawkept.. to be Por_'l Walla Tea, pif. 10 and
Alfred Lowe, C rRumford Bakint Powder, lb 15e
12 Supervi-or of Registration. Church Work Will Go On. City LcenseRumor Baking Powder, lb. 0
In a conversation with a Citizen City Licenses are no wue anti dN Nabob's Apple Cider Vinegr.
McInnis Specials. reporter this morning, Rev. Edward payable at nmy ofoe. d C I V A VbA Y. per at V .
We offer you for this week the F. Ley, presiding elder of the Miami r oi. )A be k
following special inducements, just district stated tht there would be o9 t l. Our quick delivery ser-
to keep up interest in the leading o break i the work and worship O vice places our store at
house i our city. Chapel on account of the destruction "Propsalsfor tYKUVer your own door, Presh
About 1,000 un-framed pictures, be'received at thetBureau C r of and
beautiful subjet,f m dany in colors, of the .ehurnh building by the storm docks Navy Department, W12shingtn, godds, standard quality
beautful u Anbaringoftl flncial runuti It o'clock a. i., Novber 6, 1901 1 and low prices are a few
worth 10 cents, as lug as they yesterday. A neeitng of theifficialandt then and there I public opened, for and low prices are a few
lastat 3 cent. )ard has been called for tomorrow a concrete cistern at the o. 8. Naval V$V6W 1UU. of the reasons why w
ildrens mpe from 2 evening when steps will be taken to Statlon, Key West. la Plan ans d o he
Childrenas lompers, from 2 bx) 6 see p p rh beotttined on applies shou have your orders.
year we ell fr ntsecure a temporary place ofworship ton to the Bureau or th Comndt
years we ellorinking Cup, cents and plans for a larger and better ot the navy yard mned.I. Wi, tM.
Granite Drinking Cups, another Smith, Aeting'Chle ofBureau. Oct. 1. K W
item for the school, 10 cent goods building will be considered later. 190s. ,.2&9 the holding e K Y W EST
for 5 ents. Rev. Mr. BWers, pastor oft the he one holding the largest KEY W EST
or s thelatest hrch whowas injured in the amount f votes on NEW YEARS GROCER
creations, worth 1.5 cents, going at collapse of the building will be ocntlock; A O
10 cents. again in a few days and readyZfor ,, EVE NIGHT at 11 o' o k votes A
Waters Coolers, Porcelain lined, an aggressive work in repairing the / f mA W. w ting, Prop.
6 gallons, worth $0.00 we have one damage from the storm. given with every purchase from 25c
dozen only at 83.00 each. Mr. Ley regards it fortunate that 608'-607 DUVAt ST.
Bread Boards,, very large strong- he is in the city at this time in up P ONE 3752.
ly made, a 60 cent value for 25c. view of the great loss of church
We boughtall of Thos. Reedy's property, and the injury of one qf The right is given to any man .. .
window shades and are selling at his pastors. He will remain over I'O ma a ny atonalit o MAyT IN
onehalf his regular price, afew days longerthan was intended or young man of any nationality to INGS
Th Mennis, in orderto render hat assistaMnce as enter this contest for this valuable we have jus t received the
The Bargain Leader. he may be able, especially ns Mr. ** largest line of Mattitg that
Beers' injuries will incapacitate him Zh arges e s pttdtg tt
U. S. Marshal's Sale. for much service for.a short time. My aim is to ple~e, and my gun r i hat. ever been shipped to this
By virtue of a writ of Venditioni Ex-. (camera) is very aonQuate When / city.
ourt, Southern Dtrh lorda, and It'S here, what's very interesting? t e o rt ple I Many-beautifulpatterns and
dated Sept. 24th. 1 I will at See Leliovit's ad. gqn page 5. 8 411 back oninyv "h taetounh, ,T iI the prices range from 10 to 60
ic auction on. the Tlevet!h ay of and.sdno oneca 'i. oh that. cents a yard.
bor 1909 at te Post Office door, in Ths i the tme ) the year that iSo noste il 1,tthimt. e.
Key Wet OD, P he 5N&tner,,, you should look over tor stationery untlet yhini fla t.ry Furniture, Carpets, Mat.
Thip vessel wa buittt at 'iamp., Vlah and see weat is needed and then tin s, Stoves and liouse ur-.
in 1905, is of 9 Gross tons, 6 Net. phone 51 two rings and we will do they us touched' nishing oods, cash or eas
8chooner rigged, la 3 feet In length, the rest, T. T. Thompson, Citiien to the it. Comn A S TR I n tis sy
brted 12 th 2 ft. 6 ihes. Bldg. upetairs. The reliable print ri re been payments.
for Bill of Sale. For further partilts hop. .29 .as cooler '
apply to or addresJohn P. H o s f g
U. 8. Marshalual 1 go cooe has L El. BEST FURNITURE 0,
Uan Hlr, A sprineankle willo disable r fr "9lDVIO T
a Tacsonvlrlls. a,. the inwred person for three or four go Phone 8191. 700 Duval St.

By P. W. Johhon-, weeks. This is da to lack of proper .ion .
82-O02-6-9 Office Deputy. trq"tment. When Chamberlain's Lini. D-i,
4tIs applied ascanr may be effected i1 8 D tVal Street..
Doors, Blinds Saash. Moulding tbhr ,oourdys.s' This lInina.dt ,Is id short-. V tr ry8ureon a nD ,t
ard Builders Material of every d.- ofthelbt and mnet refmaitarka pre ol Veteriaary Surgeon and Din t.
oritioun. Willia 0urry' Sons Co. ssoti*uOn s. OffiCe 707 Simoton tt
",.. ,' -

------------------;- ~~. ___






OCTOBER ,1 1909. ' ,

ReprW~41~~(e~T~Dwage'. to Life an"d,

?roperty iot aath401J, I Frst

1e. obta&isatulfroni 4hose sMrving I,era ', Oftvflwah~a watchiman and cefused
ftm*v. y4,eyvery~hiug indicated '~ o''sebasta
k.) le~yeonofkebasshtx*
th b a st l paef~ W.kI1~~hie
'ws iuik(A, '1ion it .Wfiflbesvra ekbe
the erioane~ I~fOPty.FAIre ~tr.01uo 011 Wo ~if resOA111t eat'
.1the baauO$ 4aa nature used flw ni#lts Ke,*i ~ltef~si h
o~nnpt~a ~~b ~ Q~0II~oD ~ ErI104Fof his, C'uqup are Pall pructicali).
were aa ARM e~u J~4anid many
w?'", t L~'wl'ked? or '" At Marslo veothMt 5)15
usd ved* b ilc ited at goofdt~ .h WWIq .tAeviianr d plete.'
of ~ ~ e 401 biAIga tqe ~ l7 d,'M thirty-fiv were coounted
Were scat V PAg thr~s ae.t vtbad sliifte4v.'r '-A4V'
std: thcsu bringing. thue report state A PN ~4?I~i
ahat~t~espYoa~4 p~UlL~ s('Pea UPt. -Yn. tlr*oi: th. liaunchi
$Iainam :~telae''arrived 'in. the LYity 'latst.
It.w ft4a~iO ~)153l' I$* iilyfnight ijbtisirt'tr-ivtw'itiorrlfrom

exteq uisbt ~ *~t--t~if ii'asi ~c tI1 stellar wr
few ye*vea we0te-lAeutt oompV with NJ,4,LIn~J~i L1 w h~rn
,00,10os of life iM tho ftrdkuthsa e, ts'y honr. Ihe Stellar hadl rascued.
ra~f'laffa. )Juuty of 0e 11,,h i)q P4K lJlrdlitaJ tutd 'that. no -01
d e stenslov awias sshe&swt'WY, were lo0A 4t 'Pilst'le. hsnntsei,lut 'li
-]but whethe; the dasitgoaexeceet's unha' had hwtrd thar ios'sn'aI lhvs ivjru 'logt
of t~a'ee yewro, ago -JeVP lmPossible 40 at Wet t Swsnulerfinl. Uspt. I3luihtrd
Iowa Mt(i Okat 'it i441b'eto tm algo a P4sjhki(tihe dstmasgat Pine
some. bywvwerl 'that "b work 0on10119 r l'i ott~ ad s Onle iwou
tbe extensionhs bal~l 41bn *Mtwk tmtanygC",ah "'sjio Tieto d g
mouthsi'Wh;4 t is tto iA #4PoO~re**r-c- O'Yowhi. at, Pinse LOibaud~, stood the
*gre~d~ ' rrivass alright, but the house-bout,
-AM? NLr. 'Paum in coisnection was destroyedd'
Cam '~e. tuo~ ,ou Ri Iu.kio pWIOAMtsof -whi'h wore al

I ad Ptersoa both have families liv.
j4 In t 'Key Wesl. '
SAll camps badly wrk6ee tV'iut no
lUves lost, Order ha been retired
asd work resumdl, The menm ere.'
ported as "having behaved well.
These was' m*inh damage done a
Boot 'Key harbor.,
All the' wires are down north .of
Mitrathon, so oommunieation can not
be established to ascertain the actual
damage to camps north of that poinlt,
,t is certain however, thae the raill
road work has suffered i mu( lmnae.
and that tie track in places is totn
aj Ua TT.,*I l. ..... ..h... -.. lt


Mayor Fogarty'Jaa been
authorized by the City
Counl4, which .at nla pec-
aIl assess yesterday after.
'IQOi, to oak for outside
aid 'to relieve the destitute
people in the city who suf-
fered the loss of their hombs
or other property in the
storm. #

O(nstroutln Engineer Krome has

, : THrlot .

/',OF i .' "'*


SpoSitory for th Uited StWs0,
ritii tflorida County fV Monre 0and

GEO.'W.'ALLEN, President
'GEORGE L. LOWE. Cashier


[ ,

,, 1 ,.



.... .,,U , ,ary rep r", issued a warning to all liquor dealers KIUI-AKU H. KEMP, Asst. Cashier
can be made it will be imnpossil.'" who have. been operating along the ....,
operate passenger apd freight traiutf rairoad work in the past, and who '
between Knights Key Miami. Tho have managed to elude the law, that ... .
Aist Coast mail will be brought from ay caught selling whiskey or intoxf. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT
wn1 o o11 w k w ,,o -U''S ...oanto of whatever ki.d will be .ito
Miami by steamer until further a of whatever kid will be dealt OF ,,
t tice. A with by a law other than the/Court, RUTH HA. RGROVE INSTITUTE
Sheriff' Jayocks is now at MarathonJ OA E . O. U tlJ.
A ,MNATE KILLED on the lookout for wliihkey.peddlers OPENS, MONDAY. OCTOBER 4.
The Second Mate of the Schooner who might attempt to take advantage Bookkeeping, Shorthand, TylewritinkVCoonmiercial,. Lw, CoMtnQo ltqit
Medford, which was unloading gral ofi the situation by soiling their wares Arithmetic add ; q >ty shiJl be tanght .. ,
edtor. which vo unloa"t tthe n eati bhe am,,s r The Instructors 'are not only experienced teachers but have hadpractical
for the.lPoen. Construction Co., at b.iaess experience ' ' '
coat docks of the Naval Station CA All student' who wish to take any or' all of' the above 'ranehm are
Wa ,rged to enroUlihto- .
was knocked overboard during th Nea the t r .IItoretL wp I I IS L action call on, write pr
on1 ox r +'+ s %, ---Fopunrtb r nation write .r phoqe,
Korn bay anuiron pulley and drowned either destroyed or damaged. The M ob PrincipalA. W. MOHN:
HIs body tas not vet been located. kow Ruy Lopeo buildot, t epreet-'
|SwRuyl cetonenw o'se o 4r14,'*0is
T4o second mante was hit with the ing an Investment of -" r -
pulley und knocked senseless, on the a t ial wre k. Mr. li War
deck, andl a wave soon fllowed andow, nt and men r of this A 1 I11
low,s iasiont and Mnr oaer of this
washed him Qverboard, est.ablihrenat, received injuries while ',
The Medlord dragged .her anchors protecting il. property,
.oat p sea and sank, but .was raised Mauel ope factory, re- ' a
yesterday. All the balance of her cently costructrl ( conerete-blooks We .dboL t ,Ishto I te p'ypu tiink that Drugs arid Mefl-
crew were saved. t and.risidly re.linorced, costing over ciea change as do th4 fashionsItqt' the change of Seasbns"
COAL HOISTSr WRECKED $10.00o 'was also entirely demolished. brings the need for entirely different things from the Dti
Both hoists at "A" coal station of of -the operatives othis, place sttre, For evey change aid every need we are well supplied
the N4avr Ytard are n.nmia.te u,. ...:.j .. . . .. ". .
Caprok'astotaly dsiroed. aved '. *~4~.4~ Tole aisy'o'i;' ~ 'i

< i, lsaved1, th Wlits atJ Boni jr-o* s" .ee e Al I, m bui ,es i in is a ctifo
Capo an totally destroyed. h e Oe ts at B tatlon r ned to the ,"L p ouilse ~ pa'. ewspi. 'lV ;0 I'in g-.. .r te. r ht. bTh. i nd nb~i
rill bae wa totally wr, L. th roudpossesa ofadog "Frlseo" practically alright, It was- during l. Utl4 yo.may st ly fro

i s. he an iatr al t all~ e e vt was wrecked that the I srBuilding, electedd five Vears ago of' Depend on fs for Y uiiDttrg Needi'.
thoughy .y.r em ned th. p p of the Medford ws hit ,and wTbed7 solif dourete blocks, costing over t. W C
f .w O'B n ofvehe aXledford hit W E S T D R U G c c
for twelvor fifeen ud E ere I Voverboard $10,00( was much dimnaged, theT
,stormn. v,-.d. ,e e n SAND KEY DEMOLISHfa;D domsna4n front having been entirely h' ^'
pFROM tAtaAO ulrd states that a Mr. o. Phon e 40 Siemonton & Fleming Sts.
FROMaARATLgo ,ae Weather Observer 'A)oharty re blOi: ff- The G. W Niaols fa:
.authenI rp ta al m M o t M Bulard turned lastnight from d Key,/ try, a very vaWubi cltruatLir n A,
l" ww MC S O Atli,. Bullard 'bignht 4 ty
are to the effect that the stotm seem. alli where he went to examine the da '% Atotally wrecked. sPtcAl TR l
qd to w ntral v t.kt place. The1 *.. t ages sustained by the w.ther st 'Wler factory buildings destroyed lao .
whd we o it< ,' a a l o, I.t i loo located there. He state. tIt were:. The MarlnesxHavaaos 'Co.. A blig, si e io aoftt InlPt flata enultAble.for the )test .atu-
w^ d w of m dA. x#* ad io t !aad. ",u, ,No. VA tiho n loaedethitn lin est K ate s M. a, ow u F, Flair, Jura Men d lade o
So everything on and Key was. blo 8 & F. Fleltus, Juan MnA de, onaletrimin A large Varity d yer oheap Also closing out our
h It b. iT Outh 1. completely away, except the 'ligt Prloipe de o ltar Co., A; a embro'iderie pr Don't frge o ur line of e a "'me' an shirt
m. it blew i I, w .u,'ut l- is reported hgre today that all the an & Br o. also o ln o pnt. Prices uit you
east until 12:15 4p n. #nd thea fo t4amoat e eetioa with the h e, and It was d d t. We iving new Fall go ds by everysteamer.
mone houi o ist' + nutet th'e ta amsoete i wo ,ear with te extent. No lives were lost o sand Those partly damaged.; .but wichlo L Oe r i eoods et eme,
ou h AA0%4-oetnl Nlol tl e twe o LOUIS M. GOLDSTEIN. M
:M f extens3..os%4J.j jrre or sunok Key, ther .ra' d willx' ,orrb bl.'otintr' ,re t b wor. :1J L"orI
h elwlyi t o L. |In exept theIt6 the light house 4urng ts ekrsyt beig reuert a few dr are 04 Da t. Phone

j rt$orcth.-wi L It wa. 43L bNt 'i i g.g x . j part .ft.e,tor ', CQrt, t o e'dinad.lplr, B,- p-.-" .. a,' ....
sevndbldo# that thie wad"was mldgb au a'1 At 8Jetid" I ey t]" Weather Ob- 'erniand if, WeIf i~rosI','T., Ips :o n'
aa. j" t" t .o h;' 'I .-y erthln g rver POansRued to aLavo his records Hros,, Alona o io, F'olipc Carhonell v
,+ Wi" s ii a. sai, nt ad a raplsbl)rll rl n his .baromet' r I'ayeo lueso Cigur Co. nsd Key. t Wi: a
J easd ~r easurtil~ the'velocly,. it .re t.s i/00 .ell to 2..b; which Is te 14 pilHtu Cl^ir Fp79rv. OW de
was deermind that 'the wind wa T : h 4 irk .wha damaged lowrrirtr tle barometer recorded ht lu the .$ei it0 oD t S
lowln at t pe aghtM. t, liut the '.l t tiway ov K o "F i ois for the Irapidlhy
Itourr the o p l81. w i r weke( th T overran d K op iinthe e 15 e l ri fT l;
'dr; +htropa i( mld, -& o(b.a. +d K Fen.+a,, 10APY
S mer.. which was t i bw ,.treI dnuatge i known at dais time. et high. coming up to th, top flight n tor~, e, a.nd unlesss tempo W pJ OpUla iy o UI-
eported at onp plot. T: l Seweral ilshiog boat were ashore be. o 'tepson the hlght house. '8pYor q.artisTrf J tho, destroyed pln o wt., ct 8 CUam li POW der.
xig wa 40 polto towe'.th of tweui RlghtUh KdV- ard Ihilua hlou. widow, were blown *pm the Igt he g ette o onee a siu b itari .nest Talc these w rld
4h t d da a itho h it o not believed'that house, and th.e draft 'was so tsrBoo4e 4 ii o6'n tha t tf t ea.e .
The stbrm abated a 4t' eB tl p' pts were loet. that the wpc bine"4 fPa#9d oso ra imthi a h a tr Hue a.a t
:'lAesed out to+ sea go ebt of .MI TEAMER LOST. mTu e oou ,Fotyds,tp, ,joo leW til: o oerde bforh holl ord es weete1ore qahint*tit
all, *d it the '4 o l The detenttf steamer, ae tor, ,',er Fi' wh, rew 1, trad- ., taw q i
el,,e the oat a t Ih was e at bet anohonage 'pf lHindoos weathered lte worrt part1 O O
attheii~of'iestrmn. ibithet Knihts Keywhen the sorm oc. .'th;larricaneoflasid enao 0 tO.o i' c xas. 3St Irt tc boxi. j s
juMlt'k wthmma ,T,*ee-eonu ullli ourrellft t Oi- W, miles. Tshe I.F y *. ^erJ'in riThe ttll I d ,"n hhettt t preentfs
' '.' JThskeeper Br rom t ron a shed ashore atKoig is Kay Bhe of riht nd' tni 1 ianl s. ..Wto l 1ok..'. .,' .,.
"pw to ''fligh..N.O 'eoep1 ii
heoat D(#wie ,lswI tleid pr9hl t'tl &s All'

fae cthigh.! co in u ptAoin. e1 n. d! 8Aker%. andC N. B0 t pal PO 9+ op ty o
biimosl w completed re was 5fil aS Aprevailed up, wo o n el bn the 4hip, .LUrpWv ..I.i . Wtd m.q Ea'#h-
\.tj^ : The ~eow re thelike, I e"' th-Bsak otU hlowA p roo reedqMdI -odnT. ways to e a o s .ptoyi fodati to 4the ,on n t I1jU
, potteei dhore.lo7hwt blb iwb9 0 enw ars ath, s nonw nme t e rw ed. bst W r not oethrw urt Th

l th 9 s Hnitgad. wrde aiheatin .si.the entire Tl KeyaWedt Elecd C.mpany l olli ld 0 o thing ofj ver. wel furniPaehcd u Pomow de a
S, it1 h0 ou.oo in "a'to 'Orr ofhe w vn. o a n -tM andte-.o Oa'te rk p o s on ratic. str. ..di a. ., ,pp; nam, How about youLr 'e? 'W like .. r
--b w 4rdw btw M att'sot on e ly oP n o a* Ard we I W halton Mba1. 1t0... .nlwte4r- w t. to-,pi c o 0 we,,.. bw
stdli on.E The' o #9Ies ire i e, the ea th.k liesRk o hFost h oiab lon ne, t d afv I s. today y a#' a 9 thi)sfa tfthe f 7ont
ll' u:p 'the/ *" .' .P'' h..tu b whbt waa r l'ewdfat the stb t woll ,,. b" bit W "o o.theatq' t The
Th, s -'_ i te 19AP t Io Is ,uWtm r odd' e Vw' hb lh, eo e't-c ?o "on.V' ,P atI 1at a tae. o.w t.. r o.,,

hidittP''. I o o dn t sr 1 s 'senatr nr.. W i:,: I e i o ethl a ....

ro I t. ,/,.he. ," .at X. ',, ; *'K. .. ._ 'e, .. Joan'. .ot T i. Q 6s, h ", o r.
Au'd Imo@qd -u herway 0 Ne




~ Il_,~l~K---lu;~cr~~rr~l~r~CplCi~yur -5---11 -- -------.__ __ I

- . . I_.. . . .. .. .. .

.-7~V~7-;- --I----~~-T~---~-~:- ~-l~rlfl-~--~- ~ -*-~~~--~ ?i ---~--~-~ -~ ---a -

~Y.!) 1 I _I~.~-~`1"""

. : '.. 7. '' '

it li I til lt.iii rd n i, oit the d li s-
N', n' ],",','ll1. which itwI ,ko tlio
!w I l h olol ,l6r i his di.s'overy
I di. I it i utli' ,'lis.cov'ery whivh will
"aw !; lyv \\'csl ll,1 i t.1i rc'l l lirt no
ili1 .I c. \\V liin've lise \'c. r l that
wc lIi\. ;m,1 (,x ,,t.s; n laock, m l(I to
In i i:"l' ( 'i)nl l oi .1Ilr i l g . soi ,ls w I
hliv mm himtiii lrlith Ihis "N( lR{'rH
1'< 1 |1. S1 .\ : ,1,A A.:," whhi c ,o ,;il nc es


I'lt'.1 unl) EvNiRY MoRNLI',
4'3 Front. St. Key West, Fla

Editu il Matnager.

Eltecr l us seroin.cltt- i lmaiitter. Sep-
teltilm r l ith., I1)90 at thle Post office

at K,. ,Wes. ".. n,11e, ,u. ,., ot i To the one holding the highest
M1:Ilvh 3, 1,S7!1). 1
rc numberr of votes on New Year's
SUBSCRIPTION RATES. Eve at 11 p. m. Votes given with
i" Your$50 0,o every purchase f orn 25c up.
,>.Me,, ,. 125, The rights ~r e given to any
eii \ ck 1)
man of any nation l. to enter the
All ,susriptions payable in ad. contest for this valuable prize.
vii'e ix(celPt weekly subscriptionLs,.
,,, are payable to carrier .ver, THE NAVAL S ORE
ut,,,v morning. .. J. Leibovit, 1-.g lDuVal St.


r 11,)N% ill I liltil'. 41r111 sitook

A ll c('oj) r i rl v t N lis ellien its .... _*.-ust
ie in this office by 3 1. int of d'aiey e e T T1A Tm r 1 IT A
fore publictin. YOU DONT W i
SIf lyour aper (hi A it T

i '=,, +, TIME HALF TH
larly. We Will esteeli TIlYE HALTF f
it a livor Ift' youl will
catll us ip, pi ni)2, ,i2 -L. -. .
tL~itld notify um. T
...v p See Johnson's Jewel
Maiyor .J. N. Fogarty of the City Ther\ you will li kilh.'iS l i, i
of Key West has been' requested il it (enl to your watihnkiiit iinig ui:nIs l I i:,
.joint lne-ting of the City Council alnd \lS your wath ncc'ls il itsiii,, hh.,si..n<
theo Coninissiotuers of Monroe Countl)' y lie Will rim liy thi Id lc.v1I I11, :0i1,.1 t,,w ,
Called for that fuirpose, to issue it fall
for cash coUitrilbutions from sources EIJ N G jl i'\
outside of' the city. is i i .
H e is lo l l rtisl ill IIn.- ) ll(, ialld l I
Mayor Fogarty in response to the h on-feice till ll i i. 'i l -'. i Jittit: ei
above illgik csout to thle pries oft'he li e I, o l' i l. l ill, .Ill .,
count rv thie following: Monday
I *t I Itl this city was visited by a' JE W E L R Y R I
1,,irri'iitne lie result of' which has
Ji.lIst ldevustiel the city. Scarcelry 1lulit uii p vour Ihlilk w .Iry. iI'ir rll:lp,
a utiuse in thei.ity oft twouty thousand er trlasiirtif \iecd ii v i t i .t Il inii
i but. lius been either entirely new. (Our .i'tw r'i is ptiililh ,fl' it(d liri ,
.I. .h at :t i, t i dani W e don 'i t i.- iil ivour ,I ,rk wii ii., lini t')>H ;I
,I I iilci'eslLl'y. .s i
w 1 i ,r, h ,, li ... : n t. lt o iu e W l l) \V w ish Ito ilil l tI Il ih li I li li il 1 i t
vlit \'u hOliues ic a riarcu v aile to house e uiiti ped wilh li i t l l .l-( iidil l li
their owin. The l'tc that it l iiiber .an iid wilivl hivii le, 11 !iil ii il |i,:v
of' the largest of our'cigar factory up-to-diate estalbl tli i n ;i are ti i l Itlll r inli:
buildings have been leveled to the sistent with the iulalily l or w i rl i i' 111111 il
ground adds to the distress of our 1
people as it takes fromll thin the J o
imieans of livelihood without which
theycan caircely ta e the caltia ity. The Bazaar
Business houses, dwellings, churches
and public ediflies are down all over
thlie city. The waterfront presents it
scenu almost inconceivable, scarcely a I lJ ICE
vessel in the harbor large or smniall
but has bien driven on the shore com. 0 We have sixty tons of Ice in stora
pliltly (lemiolisihing ithe dck front.
age. Starvatioti and distress face our additional that Is necessary to
people who have always heretofore Owing I I ilitiols if h fli.
born their need of natural iafflitionu tUlit' to. th l'. )tft .lif
without complaintt and without ap.- si'lilit- i'(c 'Will i l
peil to others for aid and who have l
always themselves responded gIener.. C on .sum ers Ice o
ously to the call of'other cities afflict- g
ed as they are now. C oldI
Cast contributions for the poor willl W. W. THi-OM
l)e gladly received by the Mayor and _____________
applied by liin to the aid of thHi ose TH E BEST IN TI
iI most sorely need it. IJ
David Laubor, who manages the Liucignani has i lilc im' l' oiniiflt ,liil'rv
laio: .i Hay Hotel each win 'er passed where. I is I ('i'Crai is iarl'ii lel,
lia-ss en route to i'rLipa. PHONE' 12 1 LUCIG N Ai
Mrs. R. Wird was a paissnger
from New York Sunday on the Lain-
pusss IMiAVlAD'Q DT) A r

Telegram from lHavana states that
Montliy's hurricane did great destruc-
tion to the buildings of that city, and
that up to that time there wece ten
people reported as having been killed,
and quite a number injured. It is
supposed that the high winds swept
the entire western portion of Cublia,
probably with no little damage to the
tobacco crop.
Zolio Alvarez, watchman at the
Manuel Lopez factory who was
struck by a falling stone while at h is
poqt Monday morning, died at the
Mlonuey Hospital today and will be
'buried this afternoon,

For the Protection of the Peace and i'rop'rt
Hereby Proclim the City Under Martial
vail Until the Streets Are Again Lighted, or
Sons Are Warned to Remain In Their Homes
and Six A. M.

The pressure began to fall com--
mencing 10 p. m. Oct 10th, read.:i:,
then was 2i.80 Inches; then till t a. iti
there was a steady fall to 29.42 Aft, r
6 a. m. the fall was extremely sloaei
until 11.30 a. m. (when the mnliimniu
reading 28.42 Inches.ji This s i ii.
lowest barometer reading on rucorl,



[ry Department
n, \ ,ihlunakeI r w' h will
Irli/ :!_ l r l l i nr \\ li' \.

n'Ia < n l 11 l l ,;\'v -1 ( ri -
( >I 1 ;':n l i I rrinh .\ i li

'i I l I :i ;il t l ,irlo)m or lh-
,1, 'l. i'c:llI, 4l 1o k. 1 its
1 l .-, l 'i iu i 'll in1 i )'I; ll i' r' '.'

iiir i'\\ i'ilt i:l in Uit'i I is full\
'(" (11 ( r;'rr (hir wior'k (.h1:1f w l t.
u, ';i lI. l h ,Thie ,sc i% 's or Ill
ilol. oI .I u ii price .s \ ill lie utn


130 Duval .St.


ge and will turn out

meet public demand
its our iwugvlis 'tir
nol's ;ml ill i.bse (ll-
it<(. call

Storage C(
IPON, Pres ,

It llll rI in 'l t e I tl i lliy-
k,'1 i loI I t- i8 *rll orl ( in ()

r I.: nll .'I 'l ll .')l, y d

'i.' i u I' iinLiliii'. ri lnr i .i e yd 205

Si l. . I. i yd

Sii l i 1e ii4nillisuiri.' iii '. t'o l t ii yl
J, 1 1, , . lii' 3 I

I l I i I i il t ;l| I i ld

| iI' 1. : il l 11 iA' I ,r l iiltill >'t' 'illiltl

h ,',ill: s '.1 ,l l 3fj ; fitt lll ii l ll tli hI n v i
- ;i rI' l a r i jle .;1 |

l 1 the l li i i il., ti in siaiti's .
Ait'' I- li I V(' c ,i I

Il'W linw-II Ilih .k ls. iihw s.toik ) lst re-
ir IIt'I ,\.IsIf it 'D.. m il \ .. .N111 ,'1 w i 'Hl l \IS I'
I- .iiiiili) I-ll, lA w ,i l it l' ilh \'i th % %-his n'
- 11. 1 ... I A .

:<\' iiolli'oV TI ny will
,Iili 'iti l 'Itis s;lt' ill
,'li l 'worikifig shlirts. l)lut,
S 1 iiitn: hi Iti 7 (,. kh liid rlii

! sil tit

aill Sizes,
4. -3vh' elu'h

ll hstih Seinni drnw rs.t finlst (|1iml-
all \ sell roi'ii rly fior .l, I we r11'-
1 ,' Il 'll t i ur1 1 g I llIs sw ir t ;t Ilt( paih
1 ''ll i' evet-. r ii Itt ld i ih''s'li ris nuiil
1 id- i li t, yll a r wort T.if a ,li,
I t ;t l rew o int tl o sil lliri l (l euringa
'ri,'lilri' 1n11v (or til winitelr
l,,ii ril r(gillir ,(; vitlil, to go

^ I ,1 ., \Mi I1/ii dlrvss sills. 12, .1-':| 111..s. w o ,t,' ... .' 0: l.9
\A( I fil' r h-llnolrv slits, weoms l Ihe.ll
t blt w iii llu t Ih tilt Ill
SS .0.. l
riii l. i:iihir-iiit ide iilts., ini i' l it
,l' r\, ,lh lll \I s lll'S irt 1 Let uts
lil I i ll O 1 .. . . .. !$ ,li)O

N I' 7, ly S'.. 1 t S '! .. ti' .... 1- lag Sors': tiii' n't "of lint-
NI l I V'S '"i e V'
__ *__ _____________ 'I~I Jl 1'- $1 h ;-lllilt 5,l tl go .. it .2- )
A IM A T IONT .... l ..... .,lr Ihy., knoll. luil,t, will
I 1\ '11 Vli'. l', li I s 1 e
y of th0 Citiz1ens of Key West, 1, -- I-
i 'liiiill''ii'iqd t si lliitr.s 0. i 'i' i
Law M artial Law W ill P re- :i g. t ,.i ok ,'I i ,i si tyl es aI
Until Further Orders. All Pet- sOi e, o gol at b g in, ptle-s.
Between The Hours of Six P. 1. M i, .1 O .<' sho'.s)sit reguaiily retdu.ied

J. N, FOGARTY, dayor,
.. - : . . .

I' , s4 ve fiii 210 to 50 per count by buy.
ini.' iiow. Come in and see for your.

in this city during the past 39 years. "lr 'l
Alier 11,30 a. m. with the sudden 'T EIN
sliif of wind to northwest, a rapid i
rl occurred. From noon to 4. p. m.
the barometer rose one Inch to 29.50 .
i he rainfall was unusual nearly 8.12 -IR H
inches fell from 6 to 11 a, 706 Duval St.

II, I + "'- i L 4... .

Wm. Curry's Sons' 'Co.



To Be Given Away Pole


Cable Address "Curry, Key West.,'
NO. 611 FRONT ST.,


Corner Greens & Elizabeth Streetsv*"
Commission Merchant, Marine Railway, Shingl* and I


Split Duck Sails a Specialty. 0. S. CLIFTON, Agent
Whitehead St. Key.West, Fbi
... to m


The Iver Jo nnson

Truss Fr .me

We sell it. ,Ct,.- and see it.
Unequalled for service.
Unst.rpa.s.,1 'itr quality.
s5 years on the-market. r
Backed by reputati.. --nd capital.
The Name IVIER JQHN I ,Stands for
If you want an Honest Cycle a, in
SUoinest Price, e have it, '
iccle Supplies and Bicycle Sun4driel
A full line of Rambler.Bicycles
Sin our Store .
GREEN St. .:. -:- PHONE 1602.


Real Estate Insurance Loans

City and County Property

Estates Managed

Collections Made
Key West, Fla., 124 DuvalSt.
Miami, Fla., First Nat'l Bank BIdg.
PHONE 3022.!

For anything you need I na
wAy ofgroceires. We handle t6g
'ot complete line of staple and fsa&
wcceriea in the.ity..
We Offer You
Prompt Service
Courteous Attention
High ClcS Goods
Keasonable price&




12S Uisoat.A Ut
Ul t~mlliot ag



Best Goods.

Lowest Prices

Finest Fabrics

Latest Patterns
We kumAartee to pletbA you in
every respect.'
'Give us a call.
Jakes TradlnTg Palace




_ _ ___ ___ C~_ _ _____

_ ~C~ _~_______



a o

. ill*- nmruhiv. histing, it wvvk,




I e

t ,+: ,--,,. ,", %<,,;;

I ;.



The greatest sewing
the world is the, ball-
running NEW-HOI
one of its kind. Gua

years. None better.

Sold on payment
and $1 per week. We

machines in part

chines sent on trial, or
us demonstrate.
J L Stowers Mi
426 Duval St.

I hog 1
I desire to announce that I am g, ;neil
candidate obr re. election to the office the .iloe

of City Tax Assessor, and this pom
ohb support of friend and brother ftl.t U
toWamen in ..die coming electlbn. hkt of I.
If re-.iected I promise to faithfully ex I waS.fu
oMute .the duties of this offle as
fily eftfortl have -4tidd materially to.
wardbrianging he city Ironr a scrip
to a cash basis. [y books'havo been i,,, 1;'
acknowledged by members of the Ihi n,,omil
ouncil,4 be the most complato andl ('tlla
accurate the city has ha(! if yWs.; .I havoe 1
tion of.themn in the City Hall. i6urlng w
William M. Pinder i c i
"Bubber" a, inn in ai
..- If uhl.o
I wish to announce that I am a
candidate for the office ot City Mar
L 'I-'- 'A,- A..*. ...

hal at the coming city election, and
lles port of all voters, assur-

ing them 'that if elected I will per
form the duties without fear or favor To the \'v
and\'e thtbest of my ability. the el'
Jo tfATHAN CATES JR. ontitle's
Spophl. I
Chief of Police ilto.
I would respectfully Inform all ray ell r eto'
friends and fellow citizens that I an 'iThanlt
candidate for re-election to the office or gi'v nw, .t
Chief of Police, and to a n re them thnt ',lvOher, a
their support in the coming election
sWill be appreciated. If re-elected I
p promise you all the selfsame satlits-.
l with which I have conducted ti, HEN
offloe during the past four years. HEN

Whitmore J. Gardner.
--" / Manufacture
I h iweb*welh to annioun1 ul my ,(,all.- CHOICE
aoy In the uomlitng lection for ,tiL'
fflse of t Nl4aollvnan at Lirge. My i r.. -000 gallons
vious serJo0ie in munlolpal offices 4tiid o V1
life-.tlme .xosldunce In this city ii i- large
.les me for the ofilce which I seok, and
Srespectfully' Ask the support of o.u'n Vili''!
an all of my fe'&ow ltimons who dv.lrt' i-to
.epreentattlv' to servo thoir In., grpesI
terest in a businesuik and sotl w- hh
tory manner. .\ WI o K i y
_________ B__ __ ___i Cla(tret
TO my frlends.and thevtlng i 1oP( th1ilkn
01'Key West In general, I w'(1 to li ritg io I)
bm'toretheir notice my eandifcN" to f lty
*6 oflie of Captain of Poliee 41, tl. .
SomlUS City Eo etio. Mye rvit.' barr
n 'three years in thd Pollot Do t. N.' Y
o f :l, ,city, and a three ill.i'f nPrtN,
I o -pa e.v by appointment of the- atilee will pln.01
.to whlo1h am now aspiring, meo:911 me IPASTOR
thoroughlyy onverttt with Ih law I tentative.
ted duttien reL'tlng there to. and I wlU sClit,
tincoerely ask th s.tUiport of til the Any (u1itil
rlhess, s. os au'and 4 ,e tItan." in.I
will be appreciateod ily&rvotH tNol. 6imI
',A W poised forIe. "i

Forr City


(iC. Je DItDc~1 'hma


rrul hold'1 front orty.o'lit Isubmission of aid measures to th.
Sgllous and are only 118 electorate of this city has' I ien duly
Sl. Oh. I. (uars, Fredo; 'a, published in. the meaner amd form
Sp1escribed by law.
dtslrling i barrel of this wine Due notice will be given by pub
e notlty or drop a qrd to A licatlon of the designation 'of the sev-
INI, our Key West repre eral polling plaoe and the 6 mes of
11e '11i notify us and w' the Clers andtd Iilsector f o lec.
you a biarrol net U, CO. D. terms. in l ,or le
rtity sold, froma oe Imarre to ion for said city elctlou ,
Id J. N., FPAT!,
kit or.
Y TAILOR" steam h '.vey of te
1Y TAILO| Southern Stamship oC- arr vW v yi.,
tarday with a large freliht', am.a
wbiah was hlnluded a !, 0(4d 1'f
Sutils to order SASH. OR 0 and BLkq for
ENIIuAN .RE8SItlS. te4hardwre establibhmenkt dEn .
AIN AND PRESSI. Alury on Flemina m St Te e
SE the-arketfor snob mtiai at ths
A, LR tnme will aye o=aey f" sqolg Mr.
18 4 Albur ouoe tf
181, 428 81Moutop 41



10 CENT%

t^ j Ij ~ MAYOR'S PkO0MArAION.
A general election for the election
of the ooffiers provided to be elected
by the electors of the City of $ey'
S m machine in est shall be ld on the d
kering, lig t Tuesday after the first' MondayI n
bearing, light- November, 1909, to wit November:tbh
1909. Bach ward sbau constitah
VE, the only oelectodistri ct
ranteed for 20 twenty 6near resaidiog n thl s thy
at the time bf the hoHing ofsaid ity
election., and who shall have resided
and had his habitation, dmiiolle, hmne
and permanent place of abode the-ein
Ibr ix. months and possess all the
qualifications of an eleotior pretwribed
by the Constitution and laws of Flori.
(hi, and who shall have paid his poll
tax tor tho year In which said city
election is Keld at least twodty days
previous to said election, and who.has
been duly registered by the COiy Reg.
istration Officer, shall be deemed a
qualliifid elector, authorized to vote at
said city election, Provided, that
those 'male persons who by reason of
infancy were not properly subject to
an assessment of a poll tax and are
twenty one years of age and possess
the other qualifications shall also be
qualified electors at said city elee
tion; Provided, further that the.-piy.
meant of a1 State 'e, tax shall he
a prerequisite for votia it,;a city
(le action as long as it Is 4 requisite
fo' voting at a State election.
The Cit 'of Key West isivld
into six wards, known hnd deisthased
as the First, Second, Third, fourth ,
Fifth and Sixth Wards. The First
s of $1 Ca h Wardis all that portion of the City
S o $ I 'ash of Key West, according to Ohs. W.
e also take old Tifta tmap, within the following ter-
a take o d 1Uritory, viz, Squares one, two, three,
aym ent.. M a- five, -six, sevn, eight, nioe, ten elev.
a o,,, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, teenee,
call and have eighteen, nineteen, wety, twety.
one, twenty-two, twenty-throe, tweu.
ty, 'four and twenty-five.
Thq Second Ward is all that per-
y tion of> the City of' Key Wot' ord.
music House into Chas.W.' f
the following tertitoy, vix, hares
thirty-one, thirty.two, th OWlt N.e,
S .... thirty-four, thirty-five, rty-slz,
"oit c(ITY CI.ERK. thirtv-seven, thirty-eight tokzl.e, 0to the outbl:lo i olbrty, tborty-f.tour, foity.five, fort-.Iix.
that Il am I candllidatit rour trty-slvun. forty.eight, forty.nine,
o of City Clerk. at the next city fifty and fifty-one.
nii resiieVtrfuily solleit tho The Third Ward toa ll that portion
or all iy, friends, I consider of the City of Key West, semoadina
Ih.,i, altd I'if uleted I promise to Chas. W. Tift's map. within the
vI'o.v riios lit my power to following territory4 viz. Squares fa.y
lho uiteroexaor thedlty to the two, fifty-five, fifty six. fifty-sev4
,illl' kk', Mr fi th fty-eight, Afty-nine. sixty, sixty;o
Itlavai co.., from iW102 to 1908. sixty two, sixty-three and sixty-fou,.
Jose Psjol, Jr, The Fourth Ward is all that potia
......_ of the City of Key West; aooordia
Fop 610(810n of P011Drf to Chas. W. Tift's map, within tlf'
For iApt8s1 Of ?PoliCe following territory, viz: Tratsthe e,
o ill v lud'rloi uiand thle votlun four, five, six and seven.
Ii iulw tuhiv I t111 a oaundidate il.
I'lg etlcoiolI for the omuice of iThe Fifth Ward Is all that portion
of Polh'e, aind hrohy respooet- of 'th City of Key West, aoordi i
lt tholr milp)iort a0 thoe )olllO. to OChas. V. Tift's map, within ihe
nou iroevlouily served the Pu- follow territory, Tra
Lrtii.ntl of Key West. hlavinrg iow ig to-itory, V( Trats n,
omef r for over ton inouthi. eleven, twelve and thirteen,
Ifltei fili,' my servico was of The Sixth Ward Is all that portion
ssftituiall 1, loellicit th ilusoll- of the City of Key West, aooordltff
|Ill, 'tmiit lal, f the Mayor., I i oChap. W. Tift's map, within the
Jq re Ito thl tll s t 1h foh'- tile
)#d# nthiusllm1y.v auld thtiafl,v following territory, viz: Tracts four-
j, .i r wwauld appreciate allen- tpppn, fifteen, sixt-en, seventeen, oight-
, gi. it.ii eeon, w inotp, two4ty amid all other
estg lhll'tCarny portions of the ol tyinot included in
r"Captian j, ttheother described wards '
The foregolng notice is published
in aeurmdanf wyth the provisiotis of'
FORt Ct'Y SEXTOR the Charter .and _44nage of the
others of Ky We st,. .ity of Key West, Fla.
thlit t ,.lo ap piiication to
S,,r its 0i( r ofth ceoet oThey allowing isa list of the ooers
me to tvie consideration of the to be elected,
ittiltl oifer iimysolf as a ieandl- A Mayor.
shllh',V.....i o l U One Councilman from te, FirM.
rd s'sa gntahtutee for the filth-
iluILor oI il y tIlttles If I am Ward.
l, OnI Councilman from the secondd
ng yu .tu d iophig you will Ward.'
0u'r ,uip.ortt on thu ttli of No- One Cotunllman ,m thite Third
ts you haIve tin the past. I am,
Your respectfully, Ward,
JA.MES N. COLLINS. One Councilman from the fourth h
One (Counnilmla from the Fifth
IRY CARD & COU Ward. .
One Councilman from Ith, MI.Utl
ers of Pure Native Wine and Unfer- Fiv e ounellmen Wonw the City
pe Juice. ALL MADE FROM ut Large. f
GRAPES. Annual sutptl 200, A Cler.,
A Police .Iutoioe,
aru wi ltn mkers and grow A Tax Colletor,
iituiititi'x 0f' gnrtiuts il our A "a'1x Asessor,
rds, whih are iall omdo A Chief of Polle, e
iu't goi',uiiu win,. b, r A Captain of Night police.
(rl, mI(.sth' ( 'oiuuorl gKfLri', A Muit)O.
we ,nilke ilo1 wine fir lfuin- Three Election Commlssionura
i indf is calleol ('oiucord The fotlowing publio lueu e.i to
Wine., You know there wit, shall the iti be bond4.d iu a
iIg momre healthltifuilto take asum not to exceed $240.000. ltM boee
onr' wiiu tat moal ir a submitted to me and' notiW of the




PHONE 2892.


U. __ .\



Beautify your fi-

gure by wearing



On Sale at


L. Wolfson

One Cent ww6drtw-t rtioa. Oneat
halicent a word for eo subneque at
Foa SA ORA.-2 lots I. GROSS N'S
t. by 119 deep on cont road.Th October 2d to 9.
other Joini this In rem, Is a e biner lot 2d t 9
65 by 104 1.4, located between Rcy Foret Mill cotton 3 inches
Lopaq FSa ^ ^isand'H.vanxAmerl.Ct 3 c
Lore4 Faoty. o pHavaji1 Amer- wide, regular 10c value for 8c
can 'actoery, Foj ..parttcflonqts and U.. ..
price see E. 0. Shulta 71Q Duval St. Unbleached cotton, 36 inches
FOR RBNT.-J room cottage with wide, best quality, regular 10c
bath.' Beautifally trnished, inolud-. value for 8c
D pano. Ap lt Unbleached cotton, 86 inches

* -A- u av a Itr t i,
Lost-Network pin with diamond in
center. Finder piea return to D.
L. Cash and reoe reward. 84t.

Phone 8642
Cor. Simonton and CarollU 9s

Dr. I. D. Kendrick
A Spelty.
Office Houau 89.80 1, 280 6tp 500
Of1ie over Ot'i Drag Store.
Phone No. 2902

oM. OfWA. fidMp Ma Plate Waft a aSI)
OFCR I So U A. MI.W aw. MM
HOURS I to t P.ML 'aMPsate

Phone 3892

OVIOC-Cor.-r Duval ad4 Flemming .
3015: S to 11 a. m.-I, ,p. M4
or % ao as ) ..', .
Special atttion to dimlim 6f Wmn.
en, Nervous Di"ed. ad adll kit .
of Eleekloal Treatment

wide, good quality, regular 3
for 25o at 50
Ladies' lace, open-work hose,
fine quality, regular 60c value
for 29o
#uteau scarfs and shams to
match, the .765 kind for 49o
40o 23o
Big assortment of ginghams,
150 patterns to select from,
regular 15c value for 9c yd
1" 0o "4 8cyd
Madras, white amd colored
p4ats, elegant patterns, regu-
lar 10Q quality, your choice
p l__ic yd
We have recently received
25 rolls of fancy floor matting,
-the. serviceable, oramental
kind. Our prices for these
will be: the regular 35c grade
for 25o yd
the regular 25o grade for 20o
SPEOIAL-.10 Boys' suit.,
sizes 4 to 16, made of good du-"
rabe cloths, the regular $8.60
and $4.00 values which we
Will $ell at $1.60 per suit.
We -S rteving fresh go0b,

ROM. .

5"~ iv.

i~~- -.-~.I-


* '5?
. *','
" >'l-

- .--.

Brings The M

you every morning

iphs of [the night be.

ted on all loqal matter

more than this.

The business Mi' can koop i lose touch with business
.ul every moouin g.

If you nre interested in the Social Life of'the city, The Journal gives you details of
all social oonts. .

Thlio Jotiitil's Sporting News is the"most complete in South Florida,
isEvery memibor of the family will find something interesting and beneficial in each
is"9 of The MorningJouxnal. '

Telephone us.your subscription

rt~t weclc,

-~ ~~-`~~Y----L--'L -L~LI11 r.

--- ---- -- -





4.9 -L

"L"CP~~- ----- ---I


/ N

IA *,. '~ A' -

who arrivei ..i.. y. ' ,
FOR RENT-Tivo 'furnlsihedi
room.. Apply at T4-!Duval St.

with a cargo ofbeef cattle, yplio wi ,
be (ood ne*s to many ot c h~I'de s
of rhe' Joirnal. -'.
I t's.Jwre ea Leily it pg pgg
2. tf
FOR SALE-Ih. 17 b'0 1"
north Beatob. 'Chhsf A o fidi." *

Capt. and Mrs. Ohas. Kimmel and
two 'TMdrefltt rde itie- "ttiW LAJ
pass Staday frgntiNea~Yirk, jvhlai
they have been visiting 4drint~AhI
past (f nth. ". . . .. .
D. H. Weinstein, one of owu pro.
gtesnive Duval Street nterchanig, re-
tarned home Sunday from New York,A
hliere he spent t ouywo, l i
i ag a large stock of merchanildbe for
his store.
Mia J.ulia Roberts, Mrs ,Thoe.-Ii.
Opw York on the Latnpassay.
!. Mrs. GeoE: ?. (i wh hua been
4*W.gjjnoF tk i UW of New
** ~ s8. Ifn a aS. s
On accunitof t storm, I o S.
Miami of the 1P:'A 0. fleet will' ton-
porarily operate between Miami, Key
Webt and HIvn,.cb may
Ie at'aBy applying at the local office
- tNhe eip yWay: '
Prof. A. W. Mohn wim. ea 4
figti, for"Sawithill{, (9a., wher.i o
4wlktbet' t04he43, Baiab'eeting h oitT
3'Bpraof Directors of th W. /H. M.
A.. Prof, ?FohniiuUl,*be .nbnt frpmi
the ciy 'abant ten-as.- --' -
The Hariulro\vo Institutet it 'ie
S18.thnDt: Phpi;-pIleasWd take '4oliee!

1 ". *. .* ... .

tern and shades


01 A lit.ri -f,k s

Curtain poles,. i6MpTe' with
*' bracelet., :. ,:: '
Decorated china jarnluerea, on
stand, beautiful and ornamen.
tal, a fine article or-......250
each. .
Sheet music, vocaland instru.
mental. A few hundred cop-
.I StM;,"6


3,A -A Wk-i

Ixv E.a If~

t4o0 vu our -Pnironaue at'reaasonA

W. B4iParker,'Prop.

M w~ice Ifood -9oAnt Paper I10%
Magic Hodeo flnit Killer 250'

mag* 6


010A 61j~oine from, this"O5"

Wey art f th I -t, W
on. ~

low ~op~iA

for your inspection

J. Lelbovilt 128 Duval St.


'' .
"A', 1' '

Jthan. k ioo4w*u46sai twFit'
4II'1I be "Y64zzgIn use.-YOU have.j

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'.b .itu add- f i(' lo lt it
(;O*'-L. IOA~dOCK.

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Wilatdto your was t, 6411cz-
OAug AtO4w, clocks, an? 4airng
One I;wlr, Vozplicatsd *atCb

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LKoven iSpace.

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A : A A^ ^ .A, A. A *l' .. ^

Vn DI A P lA
1 1 1 1 4'" Val.
[ ".' 1 *' *" .';" :.

T an r ofbreedin
a d c a ti o

SWe carr te ost cmortilte
line in the cit atid s eerythit ig
else in the jel6 tia 4 ouW that
ou ma desire r ''

Ever bod -
classew ry a t

11b Duval t." -,,
sJW l'Y

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A wls perv, a
w in thloi; Q1


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*" .. ...... 'i i t r~h .^,, *4( |f1:
AIh to

The Key West Elctric Co.

, I i (. i Al i
.,* AA

", *' i
. A "' *' ' A I *', .A..> 9

Instead of clkoing out the
balance of my stock to a
iierchant in town, as I -1
iedeod', wish to- advise
those who have requested
i etogcontihue my sale, aznd
e public in general, that
I have moved my clothing.
ind furnishing goods to the
Second floor of the building
and, will continue my sale
at thiE 'gieat reductions I
hbae been selling the last
ten' dbys until every article
is sold.
oI still have a large stock
to select from, so come atd
take advantage of this great
sale while you can.


122,Duval St.

We always have

a fresh supply of
Swifts Premium ha&jn,
Swiftsa Silver Leaf lrd,.
"Swift Bro'okflod butter, in cartoons.
Cream of Wmt. 15q pk.
Presto flour;, o pkg~
White. orn meal, 150 pkgA.
Peter Cooper's gelatine, 100 piPI.
Rumiford' baking powder, lb. 80c.
Ni9b9 applq.ider vinegar, 1lo qt.
H2awkoeye rolledL oats, lO pkk.
C briddge oaofiW, lb. can@ 25<;
Aoyal Pa~m coffee, Ib e. ne 860.
ri Wal W tea, 10 f & s0 pk.,
Jrtut pudine 10o pkg.


I A Wsr.WA~Q~ 4J

~AA.~kj::dAbA ~A 4.;,, A

b 't

V -,I ;TI


A;If all in vD

Fall ai~i.. A
Al A

Our line of Bohemin. Ware.s 'l most attractive
.lio 9fj ~ P'i as irthda and WA d-
ding presents in the mark. I :, .
- -. ".. .,.
Our Engraving Depa tii t kivq* .. W.'.avo
one of tho most-exper ngraa a r in the cowtry as.
mre thbi m20 sati I W Le tM ti.
E.atntled 1hatelaine ae nui .+ b
25 gehnine diamond rlngi, value 19.50 now,'$4A, 6
'8olid gold signet rings okn"4 4, 5 ; ^
15 designs i1,n 14k bra ,
.i -. .. .''A L

U., ,FS


. I ii : ftr- "4; - - .


X, Ed

- --- --~ -L





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