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Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: January 31, 1925
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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Key West Realty Co. Sells Tract For Half Million


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(By Associated Press)
Senator Trammel introduced a,
bill today, providing for thel
purchase of sites and the erec.-
tion of public buildings at Key
West, Fort Lauderdale and'
Winter Haven.
The site for Key West's pub-1
lic building, on which will lie
erected the new postoffice'
structure, which is at the cor-'
ner of Smonton and Caroline
streets, was purchased by the'
United States government
many years ago.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 31.--3:50
p. m.-The senate amendment to
the naval bill appropriating $100,-
000 for continuation of the work at
Key West on the submarine base was
accepted today by the conferees
committee insuring that the passage
of that item will be completed in
the. measure.

Eloping from Brittany, that
famous rural section of
France, Jean and Marise lost
each other in the maze of
Flaris, The fate, with its
twisted 'sqape of humor, kept
them apart as.they were drag-
ged into the un~1rworld, Jean
a criminal and Mrise--jSeee
"The 1id Lily" at the

BRIGI'f + ,CHICAGO, Jan. 31. --
P Colonel Charle! R. Forbes.
PASSED TODAY AREoBRINGfoI+, ,-,, .fth .,,t '
TODA Iformer director of the United
--- MANY T RISTState< veterans bureau a.t ad
(By Associated Press) 1 U l John W Thompon, wealthy
(BA .iato ress-- S t. Louis and Chicago con-
ThA poStap.y and raten 3- VISITORS FROM OTHER SEC. tractor were found guilty la.s
T ptpyn a i-night of conspiracy to defraud
crease bill was passed today TIONS OF COUNTRY 180ON- llht of e pr ace ti detrail
by the senate. Iithe government in contrits
The -measure has been up for TINUE TO ARRIVE itILY IN. for a soldier's hospital.
several days before the senate I LARGE NUMBERS The llo feds ralnd deliberated 1
body for consideration with hllots and deliberated :
final actips reached after -- hours. The defense cont-utl
much deliberation over th There ha been decided moved for a new trial and ip.-
measure. crease in the ur-ival of c indicated that if necessary the
NEGR C AUFFER i.-ts in Key West s thoe h( IForida lcase would be taken to the
Eas~~t Coist ailway,- lsNt n' lay. United States Supreme Court.
NEGRO CHAUFFEUR 1 llst rnilwa, I S endte te was urese rvd lrth
discontinued the connecting of i" Sentence was reserved pend-
SHOT TO DEATH excursion co0-aches t negl.nar i ,ing a hearing of the motion
SHOT TO DEA omi from w tami -nl tl. ri: set for February 4.
nin,! of themli as a uet. *uitt ain- l--
(By As.sociated Press) leaving Miami on s.hduledi. FORIDA tANKS.
JACKONV JAt the beginning of th vwir L ORIDA BA1
>A.I oi, .it was no to.I ng lo what uW n INCR AS
)rivrn from his barricaded homeby time the excursion trains would
'car bonib.s, Willie Washinton, 22- leave vMiami, because of the dolv.',1
year-old negro chauffeur, believed extending over several hours onl
by police to have criminally at. xquent in occasions, of the relatlori '
tacked the wife of a prominent bus- l n r r(By AssociaLed rea)
ness man here on Sunday night, was time wrd was received her h TALLAHASSEE Jan. 3-The
shot to death early today in at- many persons, residents resources of Florida state banks and
iompting to escape through a cot- os ci a w s t t trust companies showed an in.
n of police through a co- Cot cities as well as tost crease 44.8 per cent at the close
The morgue was heavilyguarded there, had deferred coming on of business on December 31, 1924,
Th exorgue was heavily guarded excursion train, because of the p n-
.y the police ftarng an attempt certainty of t h, because t of when compared to same date in 1923, acs
-my' b made to burn the body. would start. That incon nie cording to a statement made public
bl. has been overcome sThwe th'cn nge today by the state banking depart.,
RE'AT RI S L T a'i-as made, and now the trains lvee of five hundred and
UIVY eat exact time they nre sc~e~tuld An increte of five hundred and t
exact tiue th nr seule. jxteen and-one fifty per cent was
FROM SERUM to leave. .r the t.n year pe iod '
On ntliking the change, ",'. inning in 1914.
pany also advertised that fact, with in 114
the result that thie was an it- FACE. POWDER HELPS 'HIErF
(By Associated Press) mediate increase is the numbei of
CHICAGO, Jan. 31-Re passengers. With thousands o d HULL. Eng.. Jan. 31.-A burglar"
markable results, even with tol tourists daily coin whom M. orgeWrigt found in
severe complicated cases of the East Coast, tile increase will hor More h fod in
cart fovepr as indicated in a Undolibtedly be mnore pron.ouftieled r room threw her face powder in
scartch fever as Indicated in a g next month. her eyes to blind her and escaped.
dispatch from Hartford, Conn.,
on Thursday night hawe been *
obtaini'd by the use pf Dochec iRi AT
setum, the American Medical AUTHOT IS
As;ociation.announced today. AUT a iL AVM '
--At-- 4 -4 orse W! Cable, famous. TOMORROW "This Woman."
ATHLETIC CLUB southern a~Wsor, and noted man Good Comedy.
ArT BASKETBALL AME in many respects, diea hep STRAND THEATRE
AFTER BASKETBALL GAME at I *',oc k tisl nernBas aihis TODAY---Root Gibson in "Thei
Mt. 6C BY VARIETY SEVEN -'er hf e, 4 .r din' KM." Good Comedy.



It -a.s announced today that Malcolm Meacham, of Palm
Beach and New York city, has purchased the tract in the
easterly part of the city from the Key West Realty Company
for half a million dollars.
The properly comprises approximately one thousand
aicre,- and includes the salt: ponds, used three-quarters of a
century ago in the manufacture of salt in Key West. The
points will be converted into the most novel yacht basins in
the cotnatry.
More than si:< miles t' water frontage is included in the
tract. which extends from the ocean to bay, and with Flagler
avenue, or the County road, running through it.
Thi' deal was consummated hy Johnson & Johnson, well
known realtors of this city,
Thu Meaeham Corporation of New York is one of the
largest in that city. It has made some of the foremost develop--
ments in New York and nearby states, as well as in Florida.
A year and one half ago the corporation purchased six miles
of ocean frontage along the Indian River, and seven hundred
acres for a town site which is now known as Olympia and
Otlympin Beach. That tract Wes twenty-five miles north ot
Puitlm Beach.
One of Most Important
O i'yimpa n dy is one of the most important cities it:
I.,,rida that h m'now in the making, and the same thing the
corporation is doing there it will do on the tract in bKy
IMr. Meacham is president of the corporation, vice presi-
dent of the Palm Beach National Bank. and is classed among
the greatest developers that have ever come to Florida. H1i
has a thorough knowledge of the East and West Coasts of
Florida and also the Florida Keys, and, in making an investi-
gation for his next development, which led him on several
occasions, to various parts of the state, he was absolutely
convinced that the Key West project offers far more-
advantages than any other'he had under consideration.
In other words, as was remarked in story in The Citize,:
yesterday, in quoting part of a letter written by a P.,nto:
developer, "Key West"il at present the one best bet in aln
Florida." Mr. Meacham and the great interests he repre-
sents also entertain that view, and, it was because of thei'-
conviction in that respect that they deeded to make the
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- -P-----~- 1" -7ir-=-=___~_-~

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_ __ __ ____


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L. P. AITMAN, General Manaser

taered at Key West, Florida, as second class matter
Member of the ksoelated Press
,i"e AsMoatated Press is exclusively entltted to use for
obiielation of all news dispatahes credited to it or
910t otherwise credited In this paper and also the
'i news published herein.
Y ear ................................ ..................... ............... 10 00
SM oaths .. ...... .................................................. ..... .00
'-".ee M months ........ ................................................ 8.0L
k ..................................................................... .. .
"ade known on application.
*;ards of thanks, resolutions of respect and obituary
ot lees ether than those which the paper may give as
a otatter of *ew3. will be charged for at the rate of 6
'.- te a line.
Notice of church and society and all other enter-
14 afments from which a revenue is to be derived, will
N abarged for at the rate of I cents a line.
The Citizen is an open forum and invites discussion
V labile issues and subjects of local or general Interest,
,'s; It WV;I not publish anonymous communications.
**************************************eeeeeeeeeeeeee eecec



1. Water and sewerage.
2. Hotels.

3. Bathing pavilion.
4. Road to mainland.

ee*************************** ee .. -.***


"When we build, let us think that we
build forever. Let it not be for the present
delight, not for the present use alone. Let
it be such work as our descendants will
thank us for, and let us think, as we lay
stone on stone, that a time is to come when
those stones will be held sacred because our
hands have touched them, and that men will
say as they look the labor and wrought
substance of them: "See! This our Fathers
did for us." --John Ruskin.


(Wall Stroet Jourtal)
It is difficult to guess what the editorial writer
of the New York Herald Tribune means, or ,hat hoi
thinks he means, when he says "the American news.
paper has always been an institution affected with
a public interest." That is a legal phrase, in the
nouth of a layman, uand is ventured with, the umual
results. It is flatly untrue, but there is much
ignorance and hypocrisy about the latter, calling
for some plain speaking.
A newspaper is a private enterprise, owing
nothing whatever to the public, which grants it no
franchise. It is therefore "affected" with no pub.
lic interest. It is emphatically the property of its
owner, who is selling a manufactured product at his
own risk. If the public does not like his opinions
or his method of presenting news the remedy is in
its hands. It is under no obligation to buy the
To, say that a public interest is created because,
newspapers are carried in the mails at special rates:
fixed by the postoffice itself, is sheer nonsense
If that were true, everything else carried in the
mails would be affected with a public interest.
It is eminently desirable that newspaper proprie.
tors should be well-informedil and conscientious. Some
of them are, and someo of them arc not. That is i
matter of which the public must judge for itself.
Without in any way belittling the president's re-
marks to a recent gathering of editors, it may be
said that those editors, except where they own their
own newspapers, take their policy from their em-
A strong paper is established when it possesses.
a proprietor and an editor whose views are thorough.-
ly in accord, and particularly when the proprietor
recognizes that his chief editorial writer Is just ts
much a specialist as the mechanics in the printing
department. It may well be, andt it is sometimes
the case, that the proprietor of a newspaper has
given every bit as much study to the public questions
as his editor. So much the better. The stronger
the owner the better his editor is likely to be, and
the more fit to be trusted with a free hand.
But for ridiculous obvious reasons, there are

many newspaper owners willing enough to encourage
the public in the delusion that it is the editor of a
newspaper who dictates the selection of news and
the expression of opinion. He only does so subject
to the correction and suggestion of the proprietor
of the paper who, most properly, considers his news.
paper as a plain business proposition. It is just that,
no more and certainly no less, and public is all the
better served when there is no pretense of being
anything else.
There is altogether too much meddling with
the law of supply and demand in what is still the
most highly competitive business in this country.


I will vote at every public election, trying first
to inform myself on the candidates and the questions
to be voted upon.
I will try to buy stock in some local industry
or utility serving my own locality, and help it to
build up payrolls and values and sobriety in my
home town.
I will obey the laws as they are written; it may
be as offensive to my neighbor for me to dodge
taxes or make booze or exceed the speed laws, f
it is to me for him to rob or burn or violate my
I will work at my job as though I believe int.
I will try to make my street the beat street in
I will practice the belief that prosperity and
good government and neighborly love is here now,
and to stay, if I will but accept and live it.



(Thomasville Times-Enterprise)
If there is anything that does ,as much harm
itas worry, it is hard to find in the abstract at least.
This habit contracted in a moment of fear or dread
can be prolonged, coddled into stability and stand-
ing throughout the whole lifetime, What worry
brings is only trouble.
The anticipation of something horrible or fear-
ful or dreadful is not prevalent at all times among
men. They know with reasonable certainty that the
world is right, that things are going fairly well atd
that despite all of the handicaps and dangers men
live and move and are happy. So they cease to
worry until something they can define and under.
stand threatens. Then worry brings relief and solace
and perhaps a means of meeting the danger suc-
So many men have gone prematurely to theiiv
graves by means of worry. They are worried about
themselves, their failing, their business and other
things general anil specific until it becomes a mania,
They are hypocondriacs and all other sorts of dern
fools and usually about nothing. The psychology of
life is too well known and understood to add to its
trouble by expecting and waiting for others.
When you worry, you don't forget. The mind
ke,,p at it awake or asleep. It is beset, besotten
with something that it ought not to have and the
result is a condition that eventually ssnumes the
character of melanicholia, which is merely a derange-
ment of the normal functions of the mind. Not all
people worry all the time, not all people worry even
much of the time, but somnu do and they are the
most miserable beings that tread the earth.
Get your bearings, think clearly and act ration.
ally and worry won't bother you more than it ought
to bother a normal nman. If you let it. got hold it
will do more insiduous damage thian you tan eradi.
cate in a year or ten years if you live that long.
We hear people say "Don't Worry" every day,
it's a common thing to have people know that you
are worrying and think they can inifunce you to
quit i1y merely telling you. It takes than that
but as little as you may think, the ii-.essant drone
of 'don't worry" will eventually have it -effect and
youu will become injured with the idea that you aro
aone of a very few fools that can't seem to get
back to reason.
If you will think about something worth while,
g, after something that needs your attention, make
your pleasures free from contamination with melan-
choly thoughts you will feel better and really be bet.
ter than you over imagined you could, while under
control 4if the worry demon,

*NApG'JifATirW Dli .
Washington (always looks forward to presidential
inauguration day as a time for a. great glorification,
the motive for which is not so much to do honor
to a new president, as to attract a crowd of visitors
who shall boom business al the stores and hotels.
These intere.ista have a right to agitate for that kind
of a function, yet their ardor should be a little curb-
ed by the thought that intiu'uration ceremonies are
not. held for that purpose.
There may he no very serious objection to a big
and splendiferous affair, if a president cares for
such display and the people of Washington wish it.
Still, most presidents would pIroably prefer a quieter
Their minds are concentrated on the problems
which they are trying to solve, and on their desire to.
get their ideas over to the people. They might feel
that a big spectacular event would take the thoughts
of the people away from the real business; that has
to be taken up, and interfere with the attempt to
concentrate public sentiment in favor of the
measures of legislation that are needed.
They would probably think that if such a cele-
ietion were to be held, it would be more appropriate
if it came at the end of a presidential. term rather
than at its beginning. Then it could be a recogni-
tion of the work that had been done, whereas such
an event at the beginning of a term, if it is made a
big jollification, is a celebration of events that are
yet in the future. The primary purpose of the in.-
auguration otf a president, a governor, or other of-
ficial of a state or city, is to attract attention to
the real work that needs to be done. Parades and
balls and other such spectacular doings do not ac-
complish that purpose.

1925 CREED


,--,- ----
1774-British parliament voted to
dismiss Benjamin Franklin from his
office of postmaster-general in
America, because of his patriotic

1780-Jonathan Carver, explorer
of the interior of North America in
the eighteenth century, died in Lon-
don.* Born at Stillwater, N. Y., in

1801-Sale of white bread pro-
hibited .in London and brown bread

1850-The new Constitution for VERTISE In The Citizen.
Irvite the whole com*
Prussia was adopted. munilty to your store.-
1861-Col. Hayne, as commission- Ad-
or from South Carolina, demanded Most Folks Shop Where They
the surrender of Fort Sumter by Are Invlted to Shop
President Buchanan,

1892-The centental of the admis-
sion of Kentucky into the Union was
celebrated in Lexington. I' CIRCUIT' ouROrT, SirATE, oF
1895--Lord Rayleigh announced CHANCERY.
the discovery of argon to the Royal! tatalina C'eoiz .fionlmn,
society, o Vitt.
Society. Adolfo Cadavhco y Moran,
1 I )Defendant,
1923-On hundred and fifty were Tt appearing y Ithe sworn bill file.1
1923-One hundred and fifty were in the above-stated cause that Adolf.
ki:led in a mine explosion in Pulish Cadavieco y Moran, the defendant,
therein named is a nonrisldent ut th.,
Silesirt. .) tate of Flot-da, and defendant real-
dente is unknown and that he I1
---- over the age of twenty-ono years; it
1924-U. S. Senate adopted reso'u-1 is therefore ordered that said iron-
4-U. resident defendant be and heo i hero.
tiou fthstructing President Coolidge by required to appear to tho bill of
complaint tiled In said cause on or
to bring court action to cancel the before Monday, the 6th day of Adril
oil land leases in California and A. D. 1925. otherwise the allegationsi
of maid bill will be talten as con-
Wvyoming. fessed by said defendant.
Iomt further ordered that this or'i
der be published once each weeok for
,*s* I *Is eight consecutive weeks in The -ey
iWet Citisen, a newspapf-r pulbtishei
S'lIn said County and State.
This |artminry 17, 195.i.
RESCUER ROBBED BY MAN (Na) nry 17 Z. ,Z.Pt1t1.
Solicitor for ( fo imnla lnsant.
S- 1 .TJan17-24-ri: Kf.-in7-14-21-2S; Ma -i
CARDIFF, Jan, 31.-At 2 *! ,\____________14-__.-
p, m. George Owsley fell into '
|*the Ihlarnorgan Canal, but nar-
* rwly escaped drowning when ,
'Lieut. Albert Reid pulled him
out. At 3 p. m. George was in is a presertption for
a jail cell. Lieut. Reid had *
him put there. It ail cane I Colds, Grippe, D'enue, Head.
: abort because the lieutenant has aches, Constpation,
a handsome and valuable gold Biliousness
watch, while George has a lik- t Is the mest speedy remedy we know
Sing for other people's posses- '' -
sons. Seeing the watch on a FURNITUIRE RENOVATED
tqble -while Lieut. *Reid -wai -- -
dapaet^ aftgl his reet,!, O -s *i1 po**terd sd Rlh-tI l.
ley mlipped it into his own Silvered. '
pocket. 'Its disappearance was W. R. GARING'
quickly noted, Owsley was *' 328 Sinoaton Street. 'Phone 883
searched and the watch was ---

found. Lieut. Reid decidedto '
* prosecute him. # *
. *_______


Broken Lens Duplicated on the
Day Received
Campbell Bldg. Fleming St.

The merchant who falls
to "speak up" lets a lot of
golden sales slip past his
store. This lost business
goes either to his competi-
tor down the street, or, by
the mail order route, to the
big city store.
People are often sur-
prised to find that" the
goods they bought "un-
sight unseen" from a cata-
logue can be seen and ex-
amined In the local stores
Tell your buying public
what you have. AD-

Phone 697.J when In need of servtie
of this kind


Your business ;s no

stronger than its weak-

est link. See that your

stationery is one of

your strongest links by

having it arranged and


Phone 66


FOR0 OV-ER .. '. ARS Citizen Bldg. j*-
HAIL'S CATAI.It1l ei '.D1 tNmhas _t. ..
been used succicfult) ii the treatment _________ ____________
of Catarrh. - ------n---- ------...... .. .---
itiis of an Ointnment which Quickly*********
Relle s by local application, and the O
nter e iWcine a Tnl, which o acts *FOR REAL ESTATE AND RENTALS SEE TlHE 0

d 4 sts e t' KEY WEST INVESTMENT CO. .
r. J. yneney a& o.. Toledo, Ohio. 124 DUVAL STREET 'PHONE No. 88-.W.
uole economy of 20 per cent is eee.eeeeseeeeeeeeseos**ee ****e*ee
claimed for an electric motor oper- _
-*teo attachment for residence heat-
ers that automatically controls the tu n
drafts and operates a blower fan. FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY
Itehis IlBetween tke Too* Is relieved f
quickly by appyine Imperial rEcemav Condensed Schedule Effective Monday, Dec. 80, 1924
Rqn edy at bedtime. Druggists are | OUTBBOND NORTHUOUND
authorised to refund your money if it &URIVB I BATV
falls.-Adv. ;:11 A. M.-TRAIAS 51 AND 8$-HAVANA 8PE01AI,-T:80 P. M.
5:00 P. M.-TRAINS 37 AND 38-KEY WEST EXPRE88-9:30 A. M.
Cheaper than older methods is a r Furwther ifermatsoa, See the Tfeket Agent
ntw pIcess for making gold leaf by J. D. RAHNER, General Passenger Agent
electroplating the metal on silver, J._._ AH ER___ elP __e ___Ae
which is eaten away by nitric acid I _
and later recovered.

Builders of a slot machines for TI
selling articles in public places have
found hat the addition of mirrors l
increase their receipts ane fourth. I am Gin s to tp Ou l ome s I can, am

IN C T OP TE COUN TYJUDO going to puta new lamp in every empty socket and

S r'"" eo do away with having to take the same lamp from
J. T. Crimins, deceased, g
To all Creditors, Lelatees. Disntributees m t
and all Perrsons e.vif Csinsr. r room to room. I want and am going to have con-
Demand lnt ainstsmaid Estates
YOU, and each of you, are hereby 0 Vef nfCe.
notified and required to present any 9
claims and demands which you, or
*Ithe rof you, may have against the LAMP PRICES
estate of J. T. Crimins, deceased, 0LAMP PRICES$
late of Monroe County, Florida to the
undersigned Leoncle Oraham 6rimins, 10 watt lamp ............................................ 27.........
Executrix or Sild estate, within two 9
years from thd date hereof. 18 watt lamp ....................................................270
Dated Decemnler 19th A. D. 1924.
LEONCIm ORAHAM CRIMINS, 285 watt lamp ................................. .................. 27
Executrix of the Estate of J. T. 0
Crm the ns T40 watt lamp ......................................................27e
decl0-7;T JanS-10-17-24-31; feb7-14 02a
I^ O50 d 0, O -. SO warwtt lamp ................................................7......
I OU T O CO TY J D MO 0 60 watt lamp ...................... ............................ 3 e
In re b1 otate of 75 watt lamp .............................. ......... ...4...4
4bmsaloi AlMbury *
Notice is hereby ilveft, to all whom 100 watt lamp ..................................... 0....
It -ky concern- tht on the 4th day
of roh D.1 I shall apply to 180 watt lamp ....................................5...
the Guononble HugJ Gunn, Judge of
said Court, as udgeg of Probate, for 00.watt lamp ".s................ ..........................g0o
y final discharge as Admlnistrator
lIe bonls non of the.state of Absalom e a ,' a
Albury deceased; anathat at the salne rpt a Lamp In Every Scket
timi will present my final accounts"" TE WE E i j O P N
as Wmninlstrator de bon4Is non of said *
estate, and ask r their approval.- *
Dated Januar dA. D. 2G5.KESfl
Administrator do b an non of estate
Sof Absalom Albur. -
Jatl. Y-t?-t-a-5 x'eb7-14-|1.- mart se*o*eooo e oooe* *e** *******eeo*e .oo ee e.********* e***


imp, kmv wri r c(zniqm


-- -?-~i. ----

A delicious cup of fine flavored
COFFEE is a satisfylng drink at aB'
times. That is why everybody who
has tried our COFFEE Is a STAR
COFFEE MILLS enthusiast.


Wholesale Grocers and
Commission Merchants







series of Sunday evening sermons,
on "New Testament Examples of
Conversion."- -"The Conversion of
a Tax-Gatherur,"
This' church invite,, not inly
Presbyterians of all branches, and
resident and transient. but thu
general public and, especially, those
not comniected with sonm other

8 p. nm. -Sunday school sertine. ,'",use a1nd from his kindred. into a
Epwort) League Vandusser meet 'land that was later to be madt
11 Wedrflnsdny at 7:15 Christai a known to him, God said:
.'lot her'sl".b moe.ting Mondy.v a "'And I wll make of thee a great
S nation, and I will bless thee, and
NTERNATIONA ake thy name great; and thou
SNTUDNT P halt he a lessig." Or, as the new
veiryion ren'iers it, "bA thou a bless-

Christian church or Sunday school. Biblp study Sunday t..,rnroon at ing."'
REV. P. W. SINK,, D. D)., o'clock, The purpose which God has in
Minister. Prayer meeting Wtlnesday eve-' b:e.ssing man is here stated in words
ini at 7:30,. 1020 Southard street. hiit ought to burn their way into
BAPTIST CHURCH NOTICE _every heart. One must be -upremely
SALVATION ARMY egotistical to think that God would
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m., Mr. :single him out from among a billion
F. F. Hoffman, superintendent., Salvation Army-Sunday school and a half of human souls and show-
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 will be held i the Harris school At er blessings upon him without some
p. m. by Rev, W. S. Coonn'. p m. and services at I p. Lm. Su.- u h
Y. P. U. at :30p. Mron s. i day at the Mission hall Grinhel street. higher and larger purpose than the
B. Y. U at 6:30 p. m. Mrs. Also Wednesday and Friday night mere gratification of one finite,
Leona Collins, president. -iervle,is at g o'clock short.ived and comparatively insigni-
Praver meeting on Thursday at (C.,it i, William,,. T .n Offr ferff --, .. ... .

by llis heaven-born wisdom.
Language is powericss' to exii'ss'
his indebtedness for tall these bless-
ceg. that have come to him without
nmony anil without price. No arith-
metic can compute their value'. It is
nol range that anyone who nticerit-'
these gifts can be soi ungrateful at-

deluded into ani honest but false mu'on-
'e;ition ol Ilinme-.elf.
H isi l:nee'r:' n,!'' n..t tinhe ;:': ,.',
uc Li m uiclc 'l cecil. v-il., c c':c Hi
'ife- ith, ifl' of mne tel ingll tv U 'li '
d(I lnsin,,. A.\nd yet, it-h'.r.. i e' buti
three l-'c *'nAiim;t .,i o f oif I 'hr!:l. He ',.as
i"htpr lnhat lHe reT ri'.mted Hitimslf

et ume theim and not hiaove pn)1.ioni, t,, obe, of a conscious deceiver, ol'
f.,r service? lhei victim of delusion. "What think
Making Us Blessings ye of Christ?"
it one applies to himself ithe Tlv pran'er presents fact
language addressed to Abraham, the that must he accepted as true or re-
whole matter is made clear; there is jected as false. Christ calls. upon
a reason why man should be blessed the Father:
if he is in turn to be a blessing. The' "Glorify thou me with thine own
ciore he is blessed, the greater his self with the glory which I had wit'-
power to transfer the blessing to' th,' btfore the world was."
*,,hers-the greater the fruitage that Here is positive proof, unle.-.
becames possible. If Christ, who was i l i-. words are rejected as false,



...R.T.METH...ST..H...H.i.W.......&. .:... Christ's Intercessory Pra

Corner Eaton and Simonton Streets WRITE YOUR OWN TAG
Sunday school 9:45 a.i m., Dr. C. The Calendar of the First By W illiam Jenni gs Bryan
F. Kemp, superintendent; Mrs. A. Church, Sioux City, Iowa, BoJ nr
H. McInnis, assistant superinten-" gently contained several suggest. -
-dent. tive inquiries which we pass *
Men's Bible Class, Sam Pinder, along:; Christ's intercessory prayer, is de--
teacher, upstairs Scottish Rite Hall. Which position, pleae,do livered just before his crcifixio
Don't miss it. occupy In- your church? Are 0 thegreatest ofore his cruc fo
Morning worship 11 a. m Musi: you- the greatest of all the prayers of
Anthem, "Saviour Hold Me." Ser- An attender or absenter? which we have record.
mon by Presiding Elder. A pillar or a sleeper? Dr. Gordon is quoted in Peloubet's, Text of Tomorrow's Bible Talk by Mr. Bryan
Intermediate League 4:30 o'clock, A power or a problem? Notes as saying of it: I
Evening song service 7:30 o'- A promoter or a provoker? 0 "The heart of the world's life is in (John 17:1-1.1)
o'clock. Special mniusic, anthem: A giver or a getter? its literature. The heart of all lit-
"I Was Glad." Male quartette: "I A goer or a gadder? feature is this sacred book of God. These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes
Will Be True To Thee." Sermon: A doer or dead-eadr? The heart of this book is the Gospels,. to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come;
"God's Greatest Text." A ,osdiero o rebhd7 The heart of the four Gospels is glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:
All invited, A worker or a worrier? John. The heart of John's is this. As thou hast given him power over all flesh,
L. MUNRO, A friend or a fault-finder? exquisite bit, chapters 18 to 17, and that he should give eternal life to as many as thou
Pastor" A helper or a hinderer? there is yet an inner heart here. It hant given him.
SA campaigner or a camper? Is this bit, this seventeenth chapter,.
FLEMING STREET METHODIST --The Watchman Examiner. where the inner sides of Jesus' pray-I And this is life eternal, that they might know
CHURCH , life lies open to us." th(ee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, wvh"',

"Ye Friendly Church" ----*- *-*- -- -_--_ Melanethon is quoted as saying in thou hast sent,
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. T. PAUL' CHURCH his last lecture: I have glorified thee on earth: I have finished
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. ST. PAUL'$CHURCH"Thereis no voice which has evert kw huIe
Wm. Cullingford, superintendent. J.' "There is no voice which has eve tie work which thou gavest nime to do.
H. Simmons, assistant superintent- Co D E been heard, either in heaven or in And now, 0 Father, glorify thou me with thinec
dent. Corer val, and Bahama earth, more exalted, more holy, more own self with the glory which I had with thee b1
Pen g Streets. fruitful, more sublime, than this:
Preaching at 11:00 n. m. by the Church services for Fourth Sun. fuitl more ulm thn fore the world was.
pastor. ar te ipa prayer offered up by the Son of the world ws,
Epworth League 6:30 p. m. Miss day after the Epiphany. God Himself." I have manifested thy name unto the men whicl-
Watkn, president. a., Holy Communionmay While these authorities have start- thou gavest me out of thle world: thine they were
Evening services at 7:0 o'clock reivd at thisoly Eucharist and serd the matter very strongly the state. and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy
Evening services at 7:80 o'clock. 1 m. Holy Eucharist and ser. e matter very
Sermon by Rev. C. Fred Blackburn. m "Why are ye so fearful, ments are amply justified. There word.
Special music by the choir at the,ye of little faith," could be no prayer equal to those Now they have known that all things
evening hour. One of the features 7:0 p. m. Eve of Purification, addressed to the Heavenly Father byt given me are of thee
w ea mae quartet by the bet Evensong and sermon. Music for the Father's Only Begotten Son. And ever thou hast given me are o thee.
talent in the city. Candlemas (or Purification B. V. no other prayer which He uttered For I have given unto them the words which
You will want to be at the church M.) had uch a setting and such a pur- thou gavest me, and they have received them, alid
at this hour and enjoy the best Monday, February 2. Festival of pose as this. have known surely that I came out from thee, and
e he a full ch and illthe Presentation of Christ In th A Different Kind of Prayer they have believed that thou didst send me.
give to you in all of the evening m inn .o ni 7 i what is known as the Lord's 1 pay for them: I pray not for the world, hut
services the best. REV. C. R. D. CRITTENTON. D. Prayer, the Savior gave to His dis-! for them which thou hast given me; for they tir'
Be with us at all of the services D., Rector.i ciples and to His followers through- thine.
of the day and you will help us and, !out all times a model prayer which And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and
w e will do our bestwa to a help you FIRST CONGREGATIONAL very simply and very comprehend am glorified i the
along the way to a happier life. CHURCH sively sets forth the for of a petition 1 I i i them
Welcome to all of you. --which should ascend from all humani And now I am ino more in thet worhl, Ibut the.l',
WILLIAM E. BRYANT, a The Sacrament of the Lorl's hearts. are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father
Pastor' Supper, "The Comfortable Com.- But the prayer from which our keep through thine own name those whom thou heIst
LEY MEMORIAL CHURCH unionn" will be observed tuimor- 'Lext is taken today could not be ut- given nio, that they may be one, an wC are.
LEY MEMORIAL CHURCH row morning. The theme of the tored by a human being: it was a re- While I was with them in the world, I kept thel,:
Sunday Sqhool 9:45 a. m. Ed' n e '^ "In Christ, the view of Christ' stewardship, giver in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept,
Curry, Superintendent. '" aresa iet" (not for information tt'A-t.. a'l-know-.
Curry, Superintendent. m An annual feature of the churchl lng God, but for inspiration to the* fd non' of thdla rs lost' but the son of porditcio;
Sermon 7:80 p. m. by pastor. life inn the evening wili be a service lic in whose presence the pray- that Athe scripture might be fulfilled.
Prayer meeting Thursday 730of instascllation ffior all church an 1925. r was uttered, And now ome I to thee; and these thing I
p. m. meeting Thursday 7:30, fo will Th .hour had come when He was .peak in the world, that they might have my .ijy.
end subjecthfor the evening wil25 ,b.
Choir practice Friday 7:30 p. m. he "By Love.. a.d For Love. or How nbot to e glorified; profoundly iml- fulfilled in themselves.
E. L. LEY, e Are Saved." A servc. of song' r'essive was this conversation be-'
Pastor. ill be pat of the evening pro- tween the Messiah and the Father

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH gram. who had sent Him on the most im-'
Mrs. Frank H. Ladd takes charge portant commission ever entrusted to _____
Chapel located corner of South as organist tomorrow, and special a messenger-even to a messenger so
and Walton Streets. (One square music will gvc inspiration. exalted. .~'- -...........
suth Won South treets from cns)e 'Victor Lowe, the superintendentt' Christ was to be glorified, not bt,- of patriots'; he also finds a religion, hiiii:tn b ing could have used Hi.i
s6uth on South stat fr11 om cars), will have an important message for causee it brought any advantage to the highest man has known. ;nguage without being guilty of an
7:30 p. m. our growing Sunday school at the Him or satified any need of which The Bible comes into his lift when imposition--a fraud without parallel
Sunday school at 10 a. n. irnin hour. He was conscious; it was that the lie is a child, and from it he learns in all the annals of time,
Cuban Sunday school at 3:30 p. C. Do W. BROEWER, Son might glorify the Father. It of a Cod, all-wise, all-powerful, all- Thnos who look upon Christ as
m. Pas.tor. u gets the first of the many lessons loving; he finds that the Book is the merely a good man overlook the fact
Weekly Prayer Meeting at 7:30 wh'ch can he drawn from tinh text revealed will of God and thu on'y that Christ could not have been a
p. m. on Wednesday. LA TRINIDAD and recalls the wucd of the Lord to infallilde guide in matters of' life and ,,ood imnn if He had knowingly laid
Dr. Sinks will preach in the --- Abraham, as recorded in Gen, sis. conduct. And this sacred volume'clainm to a character which He did
morning on "The Divine-Human." 'An ,gela and Durval Sts.) When Abraham was call'ehd out , and at night will give the first of a 7: p m.i-Evening worship an i'from hi country, from hit father's h:m by His blood and to guide him 'tutwnr:th. if He, could hai v hneil

natural and just what might be ex-
Why should not such an One bo
conceived of the Holy Ghost and bora
of a virgin.?
Why should He not break the bonds
of the tomb and, rising bodily from
the grave, ascend into heaven?
All the questioning that has dis-
turbed the religious world is due to
a failure to understand the real
character of Christ. The Bible des-
cribes one Christ and describes Him
consistently throughout; it is another
('ri'lt thxt is set up by unbelievers
-n mere human being, stopped of all
deity, of all supernatural power and
reduced to the stature of a man.
A Different Petition
The truth se't forth in the above
quoted verse is confirmed further on
in the prayer. The completeness of
the revelation of Christ is affirmed:
"For I have given unto them (the
disciples) the word. which thou
'avest me."
In their presence, Christ, adress.-
ing the Heavently Father, declares
that they "have known surly that I
came out from thee," and that God
*did send Him.
The next verse of the prayer pre-
sents a petition that is quite differ-
ent in its scope from other petitions
offered by the Savior. He is not
at this time praying for the world
in general, but only for those whom
SHe can claim as His own-those
"which thou hast given me." It is
affectionate language as mortals use
at the fireside. The world is shut
out for the moment and those whe
belong to the family circle are
brought into the presence of the
Iloavenly Futher with the prayer
that they may be precious In God's
Christ's Plea For Unity
Next we find a petition for unity:
"Keep through thine own name
I those whom thou hast given me, that
they may be one, as we are."
What an impetus Christianity will
receive when this prayer is answer-
ed even without organic union, there
can be unity of spirit, and co-opera-
tion without friction, just as many
families, each constituting its own
separate home, can unite in har-
monious co-operateive effort for the
benefit of the community.
I' friction is inexcusable any-
wlhere. it is among tho.e who wor-
ship the same God, obey the same
lBiblel, a.'v deemed by the blood of
the same Suv'or, and follow the ex-
a'rplec set by Christ.
Finally, JeiUs speaks' very tender-
ly oP Ili.s shepherd-like care of His
full,"w','r.. "While I was with them,
I1 !iUi ih'ri in thy name', and none
of the-,.i :: h l ;t. but the son of per-
,f!tion," ---,Tul' .
Th'.i i igoll' ;Ib'chip continues.
Tl"--". ;; ; ': a 1 th, riight hand of
the 1' I 'he'. !i ic not inrc from any

wi. ..........


Walker D. Hines, selected by the
League of Nations to head a com-
mission which w;ll investigate nuvi-
geition conditions in ,.he Rhine ind
the Dn)iube territory, was chairman
the' tll, bonrd of directors of the
Santa Fe Railroad when, in 1918,

7 .80 p ' -.. .,".A. .. 'icant human being. equal with the Father. could justify i| h. the Son v'ca.s aith tihe Ftatheor !n he' was named as assistant to Mr.
7:80 p. m. charge.
The Baptist church will be pleased .. Let un take, for, instance, the li, petition to the heavenly Father hev.en mi, oni. beforeI ,. e McAdoo,, as Director-General of
to welcome you at any of these CATHOLIC CHURCH vag persons born at this time in ,c theu rroundl that Iat which was lto eith, but "before" the worlt was '.." Rilways of the United States, and
services .CATHOLIC CHURCH Christian family in this country conferred upon Him would be used No Queton as to Meann Ralws of the United States, M.
W. S. COONS, --- First, he is born into the greatest for the magnifying of the Father, No Question as to Meanin when Mr. McAdoo resigned Mr.
Pulpit Supply. s:. Masy''r Sta" of the Se'a. Div- ge of the world; second, he is born how can man do less? An examination of thrt two versions Hixe.s succeeded him. Like many of
.ion street' anl Wicndsor Lcane. (or resides) ih the greatest land in' Our study of this lesson will not (the King James, known as the the men who filled important posts
CHURCH O GOD tay naBe a dicti7:00on, I at nd0 the world; third, he is a member of t,' itn vain if we resolve to give God Authorized Version, and the Revised under the Wilson Administration,
CtreURCH OF GOD t :30e a. ni. Be-cneodiction at 7:30
('718 BrancIs Street) i". i. Week days: Maros at 0:30 the greatest race ir the world; forth, the. glory for all our joys and all our Version) reveals the fact that they Mr. Hines is a Southerner, born in
Sermo(1n at 1 la t) a. m. Friday, benediction at 7:80'he is*orn into an environment that accomplishments and to make our are identical as to every word of this Kentucky and educated in that State
Sunday School at 8 p. m. p. Wi, ives him both opportunities and the 'lives conduits through which the verse. There can be no question as and in Virginia. A lawyer by pio-
Preaching at '7:80 p. m. I.. P. WHITE. S. J., i preparation necessary to improve goodness of God may he carried to'to the meaning of the words; there fesslon, he settled hi Louisville,
All meetings continued throughout Rector.' those 'opportunities. For none of others less fortunate than ourselves, are no differing interpretations; the where he was employed as counsel
the week. W. W. Rush and also' '_. ---_ these things is he responsible; theylIn his prayer, Jesus recounts the only question that can arise is as to by one of the largest of the Southern
Irvangc'ist W. R. Hodsock. A United States government come to him as gifts-priceless gifts. 'authority vested in Him to give the veracity of Christ in using,the railway systems, and continued as
SSALVADOR" METHODIST scientists has made wire too fine to' Blessings Without P e eternal life to those whom the Father language o the veracity of John in such until given a similar, but much
CHURCHT be seen with the unaided eyes yet' When he is ready to go to school, had given Him. And then we have reproducing it. more important position with the
strong enough to support objects he finds school system established a wonderful definition of eternal life' The words establish the super- Santa Fe. He continued as Dire-
V Irginia and Grinnell streets. easily visible. with universal education as the basic -"that they might know thee the'natural character and holy mission tor-General of Railways until 1920,
At, 7:45 a. m., evening worship rinciple. HIe finds school buildings only true God, and Jesus Christ, of our Lord and Savior and make it when he went to Europe on a mls-
and sermon. I An X-ray machine for many uses 'rcted for his use and teachers pre- whom thou hast sent." easy to accept all that is said of Him. slon similar to that involved in hi
At 8:80 p. m., Sunday ehool., hias been designed that weighs only, cared to instruct tim. Three Views of Christ If Christ was with the Father and latest appointment, namely the dis-
Wednesday evening at 7:45 o'clock 80 pounds, making it readily por-' When he is ready to vote, he has Was Christ an impostor? He would left the throne above that He might trlbution of European rivci 1.::p
prayer meeting will be held, tab'e, and that can be operated fromI he privikgs of citizenship, purchas- have been if these words, spoken by offer Himself a propitation for ou- ping under the term or the peace
Pasto,. a light Isoket. .d for' him by the blood of millions Him, had not been true. No more.!sns, everything recorded of H'm I treaty.





-- o............ - -...--.. OF NATIONAL SPORT IS Assist Taxpayers In
I ryFiling.Income Returns
LOCALS DEFEAT HAVANA pass work of these threI hbvs un- PROMISED ALL WHO AT- Fi
I der their basket was good and a
AGGREGATION L A S T few shots were wasted. They man- TEND GAME According to information obtain-
aged to work thetnselve.s into pus- ed from D. T. Grow, collector of
NIGHT BY FINAL SCORE sessions that made it possible jour ----" internal revenue with headquarters
OF 43 TO 37 them to 'ink their baskdits with a ii The Indians, formerly tinhe Itgu- at Jacksonville, a deputy collector
degree of regularity. lars, will tackle the All Americans will be in Key West from March 9
Rodrigues, long ceit.r 'fo tih to 16 for the purpose of assisting
Eight hundred basketball funs Cubans, and Solomon, the speedy n ge )f baseball to be played tavpayers in filing their income tax
saw the local Married Men's 'uin-1 blonde forward, were the outstand- tomorrow afternoon in the armY returns for the year 1924, which
l.t defeat the University of ina- ing scorers for the visitors,. Eich barru.ks Alfonso Thomp.on, the are to be filed on or before March
va dleast the university d to Sl l II points. .Cabtrovc1 at 1 mairgeJ ,f the Indians, feels Conti -15' 1025-
vana last night in what proved to' C iu.,.o ial so pla y il a t f the Indians, feels It is suggested that taxpayers in-
be the greatest basketball game floor miae. dlent that his tribesmen will gather quire of the postmaster at Key
ever witnessed on the Athletic Club) The locals got off to a flying a icuroad of scalps, but Paul Albury, West as to where the, deputy can be
floor. The final score was 413 to start. Baker got the first tip off. the mentor of the All Americans, found at the time stated.
37 in favor of the Key West hboys. IT hom pson 'pturod the bull on the rays, states, asserts and declanrs! --i
5oth teams were ahead part of the the baset was perfect. Adn that he all make the Red n' take tian interests have established
Sale. Every minute saw a new wrinkled the oct fur a twin coun- to their canoes. an airplane service between Basel
thrill for the largest crowd of the tel. On the next play tBaker'.s hot, While there is little or nothing in tand Amsterdam carrying mails be-
season and first one minute the rom the sidelines sont the lotls, a name', so far as the playing, of jtw oints In Switzerland,r ',
Collegians would lend and the next ffour auinis into the lead, The b.ebaill is concerned, vyet the !ikeli. B
llega Would lead and the nextCubans, after calling time ,ot, hood is that large crowds of fans
the Married Men would comet seemed to get together and from ivill be out tomorrow afternoon t I
through with a brilliant play t., ti tn nt the battle wt s on. t.(e Ithe Indians play their first gn aI
.Ake the lead. Final Game Tonight under that cognomen.
The first hulf ended with t i T'l'h( .cond atd final gatu A feature, incident to til gatm-91 ,

visitors leading on a li1 t 22 tt-o O lw( series will be played tonight that is sure to appeal to hundreds
Th ,ld half started, it)) a' and ') ',0tho. l'v wd 1 ^"-> of ., will be provided by \ViltUi,.
gret rush atnd thaf, t ae .the a w t ,.. m aa Kiemnp,; who for t'Ihe fi',,t
gre t rush d ill(, a lie v, w t I i A i t I '. ;'t : ba tbUl W x'anW .I l roo
edges the entire re iainlode'r ,of tItli IIih ( tCo he+H tv gintii, o1g1 ti 1 asb O a
fray. U 1 .'.1-iy v.,ho w,w rc.c4 lle ;.1 1to :,, 'h s ul.c team ;atli nine it
f r 'vana o n business, ex preall I N- ill be, oily Wiltale and a 'l krknow.
In the open ing frame the fik sf b.iu n. ore' than pleased because they have held a 1ce-t cor
men defene.i of the locals slightly ,'ith the officiating of Referee ab -and have refused to tell third
slowed the game ut at the end ofi Poae iand the clean 'port'stansbhip 'ri;.fi- the outcome of 4',r i agree.
the game each team was fightintg i of' the lucal pliycrs, Nothing htl cint. Anyhow, whether th, .lls
for the lead. eomlnnts ft'roum the sideline. 'o tih ii bl'ntld mellowly together for the
fairness in which Mr. Pease handlut-I lndiann, or the All Amtericans, is of
Defense Work Good the game could be heard. little conequence-the big thing
The defense work of the locals Line-up and score: .'ill be the novelty of their kihootinmr
was good. Bernrouter and Dough- Key West: Thompson, if; Adami' fI'or the same team.
try presented a stonewall which the t'f; aker, c: l oughtiy. Ie' Bern. As Bobby L.vwis perfom',.a s.o
visitors found impossible to pone- tuter, Ueg. effectivelyy in the box last Sunday,:
vsrate. Never has better guarding e Uiivr.ity Ifavana: Solotoni, rf: Ianager Thompson will likely trot
SN Catrovecrde, If; kotorguves, ; f.Cam- i'm out again tomorrow, while Paul
been seen on a local floor. While puza o, Ig; Marquez. rg. will cull on either Quintan Lopez or
those two boys were tending to the The score: Baker, 21; Adams, Cy Gray to fling 'em over.
defensive work, Baker, Adams and lO; Rodricucz, 14; Solomon. 14.1 ---.. ..--
Thompson were handling the of.- Thompson, i; ('astr.,ovve i;: Tr,, (let your printing at The Artmaer
fe!niv. '1'rk 1 teorfectin. "'ihe sute, 3, trels.


SALIE.V .LAAR ~-,1. 192



CAREDIFF, Jan. 81.-The muni-
lcpal authorities have decided to ap-
point no policewomen, deciding they
ire failures because "they think
more of good clothes than they do
of their duties."

rTHE Herald is the ONLY
Miami Sunday paper
permitted to use
The Associated Press.
No other news service is
comparable with
The Associated Press




Boys' Knicker Wool Cashmere 2 Pants Suits, was $9.50, now ...........................
Boys' Knicker Smooth Faced Cashmere 2 Pants Suits, was $9.80, now .........
Boys' Knicker Smooth Faced Cashmere Suits, was $8.80, now ..................
Boys' Knicker Smooth Faced Cashmere Suits, was $6.50, now .................
Juvenile 3 Piece Wool Vestee Suits, was $9.50, now ................. .............
Little Fellows All Wool Jersey Middy Suits, was $5.50, now ...........................
Little Fellows Novelty Corduroy Romper Suits, was $2.50, now ................
Little Fellows Peggy Cloth Jacket Tweed Pants Suit, was $2.00, now .............
Little Fellows Cashmere Oliver Twist Suit, was $3.00, now ..............................
Little Fellows Cashmere Buster Model Suits, was $6.50, now ........................
Boys" W ool Nickers, all $2.25, now .... .................................. .............
Boys' W ool Nickers, all $1.50, now ..............................................
Boys' Tw eed Nickers, all $1.50, now ............................... .................. ...................

Island City Nat'l Bank Bldg. P. M. CREWS, Manager


207-209 Duval St.




The Miami-Key West Lands Corporation now organizing for

the purpose of specializing in the buying, selling and developing of

properties in Key West and the Keys' desires to have owners of
acreage, either small or large tracts, also owners of improved proper-

ties, business, dwellings or apartments, wanting to sell their holdings at

prices not inflated, who will receive immediate results by sending
full details to


Temporary Office: Hotel Jefferson, Key West, Fla. Phone 11

.. . ,' -****. .. ...-
.. . .. .


. . . ..

:: tis"bsnes" dehg" raatetwnig oselter od '- t:
0 rcsntifaewowl eeiexmdaerslsb edn
: ful deailsto
5 _oooeeooeoooeeeoee

0 |0

Sa~es ee e~ o~oeeeoooe@eoe~eoo eooooo~ooo~oe~eeoooo~~oeeooo~eseas~oeeo


NAIROBI, Kenya Colony, Jan. 31.
-After a crocodile had seized his

missionary, fought the saurian off
and escaped.

- I i

-~-L--.________~_ ----- ..___~--3--

__ ____ __

SATLEE.'A, -1--INUA.KY 61, 1925




Prixe Waltz At Clubhouse
There will be a prize waltz to-
night at the dance to be given at
the Athletic Club following the
basketball game to be played, and
and an enjoyable evening is
promised all. who attend. Music
will be furnished by the Variety
Girl Scouts Hold Meeting
There was an interesting and
well-attended meeting of Troop 4,
Girl Scouts, held last evening at
their headquarters in the 'Scottish
Rite Hall, corner of Eaton and
Simonton streets. Mrs. A. H. Mc-
Innis, captain of the troop, presided
over the meeting.
Comal To New York
The Mallory steamship Comnal ar-
rived in port this morning from Gal-
veston with passengers and freight
on board. afterr a few hours stay
at this port, the steamer left en
route to Now York.



r~ -- a..II ia~aa a.- a. V -- ~- l~ ~~~----1 IC~U~~



(Continued from Page One)

early part of Key West one of the most attractive resorts in this
country, ot any other, for that matter.
Of Great interest To All
The development of the easterly part of Key West has been a pro-
ject that has intensely interested residents for many years, and the ac-
complishment of which they have felt positive would. be a mighty factor
in promoting the progress of Key West.
Graphic mental pictures of attractive cottages, bungalows, fishing
lodges and hotels and, more appealing to the imagination than anything
else, yacht basins in the heart of the development, have been frequently
painted in The Citizen, for The Citizen, in common with residents gen-
erally, realize that the tract owned by the Key West Realty Company,
I afforded, in its natural state, the best site in all Florida for a tropic
At the head of that coming fatryland is the most beautiful scene in
the entire stretch of the Florida Keys--Nature's own, yacht basin, flanked
on the west by Key West, on the east by Stock Island, on the south by
Cow Key, while shimmering through the opening between Stock Island
and Cow Key lies the pearly white sand beach on Boca Chica. It will
be through that basin that the canal leading to the' ocean will be dug.
Tie Boats To Back Door

Troop 2 Holds Meeting "Water front Water front" is the cry of every tourist who comes
There was a meeting of Troop 2 to Florida to invest in a site for a winter home, and in this develop-
Boy Scouts of America, held last ment he will be able to tie up his boat to his own back door He will
night at their hall, corner of Duval have all of the advantages of a Venice and none of its disadvantages,
and Virginia streets, there being don- While he may, if he wishes, use a gondola in 'going from place to place
siderable business transacted dur. in the development, he may also walk out of his front door, step into
ing the course of the session, ,uith his automobile, drive to town or up through the keys, at he may' deter-
much enthusiasm shown by .the mine, At no other resort, winter or summer, is there a tract that re-
many members of the motel compares with it, either fro a viewpoint of beauty ur novelty.
many members of the organization The much-abused term "unique"--"the only one of its kind; without
assembled. equal; in, class by itself; out of all rompnris i with n)y other thing"
Sn Jcinto Du Tonight -that my be applied appropriately to this proposed g'vm of all re-
San Jacinto Due Tonight sorts.
The Mallory steamship San Jacinto Automobilists, driving along the county road, will soo trim motor,
ls due to arrive In port tonight boats and yachts, drowsing at their moorings, with the strand south of
from New York en route to Gal- them and resplendant stretches of gardens to the north of them, and
veston with pas';:,gers and freight both sides dotted with handsome buildings. Beyond the strand lies an
on board. expanse of emerald sea and still beyond the amethystine waters of the
N n T gulf. What more could an Aladdin wish for, though he had a thousand
North Land To Havana magic lamps? Nothing, unless he specified, "Now, the only thing neces-
The steamship North Land left sary is. the most genial climate in the world, and I wish for that."
last night for Havana with a large
-'number 'of passengers on board, Key Wet Has Best of Climate
many of whom arrived on the eve- But such a wish would be superfluous-one ,does not wish for some-
ning train from the north, thing he already possesses. The official records of the weather bureau
0 provide the proof that Key West not only has the most genial climate
Schooner Arrives Today in Florida, but also in the entire country, excluding, of course, other
The schooner Igo, Capt. Garvin, Florida Keys, coral gems existing in a climate that Jack Frost has
arrived in port this morning from never visited.
Bonnacco with a load of fruit con-. What will the development mean to Key West? From a viewpoint
signed to Russell's Produce House. of sheer beauty, the most replendant winter resort in the country.
'The vessel is consigned to Taylor & Money, after all, despite the many assertions to the contravy7 can ot
Company. buy everything-t can not buy Ke West's genial climate, the dominant
.... e l factor in a winter resort.
Mallory Due Monday Night ...... ... .- -- .- .- ....-. ... .

me s eamship Henry K. Mallory
is due to arrive in port on Monday
night from Galveston en route to
New York with passengers and
freight on board,
Cuba To Tampa Tonight
The P. & 0. steamship Cuba,
Capt. W. M. White, will leave at
7:30 o'clock tonight for Tampa. The
Cuba will return to this port on Mon-
day morning.


Mrs. E. B. Albury will leave to-
night on the steamship Cuba for
Tampa where she will visit with
Mrs. J. F. Matchett during the
South Florida Fair to be held in the
west coast city,

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harris ww
included in the passengers leaving
last night over the Flagler System
for Miami, where they will spend
several weeks' visit.

Robert W. Pinder, who had been
spending several days in Key West
attending to business matters, left
on the morning train for Miami,
where he is employed by the Florida
East Coast Railway Company.

Archibald E. Lowe, formerly of
Keys West, bat who is now making
his residence in West Palm Beach,
was among the departures over the
East Coast last night.

Miss Estelle Wolf was among
those leaving last night river the
Flagler System for Miami following
several weeks' visit in Key West.

W. I. Glow, representative of the
United States Postoffice Depart-
ment, who had been spending sev-
eral days in Key West on official
business, left on the evening train
en route to Washington, D. C.

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Russell re-
turned to their home in Miami last
night over the Flagler System fol-
loylag several weeks' visit in Key
West with relatives.
*r. and Mrs. Theodore Higgs,
who have been in Texas the last
ten months, will arrive on the
steamship Henry R. Mallory, due to
be here on Monday evening.


every ten days. First prixe *15,00,
R. J. Harris and wife were pa- *second $10.00, third $5.00, fourth
sengers leaving over the East Coast $3.00, fifth $2.00. No obligations.
last night for Jacksonville, where Particulars in each loaf of our fine
they will visit for several weeks., l ....... .......

A. M. Cecil, business man of
Jacksonville, who had been spending
several weeks in Key West, was an
outgoing passenger on the morning
train en route to his home.

First Methodist Church
Cor. Simonton and Eaton Sts.
REV. L. MUNRO, Pastor
SsuslAy EvaSO30


We Will Have Fresh Oysters Daily.
lce Cream All Flavors. Free,
Prompt Delivery. Open Sundays.
Phone 365

Meals At All Hienn
Let the Artman Press do your

for shoes. Dog furnishing and pa
kinds of leather goods.
Polishes for all shoes. 'Nuf s d.
611 Duval St. Phone S19


Bring us your last year's hat. We will
clean and renovate it and aake It
Into the latest style.
608-607 Duval St.

Cor. Eaton and Msrgaret Stes..
Ble aes, B11yele 6 p99ie U
and Repairs

Let the Artman Press print I.

Saukee Seizes Boat NOTI-
n T -^ --------- eeeee *t************************e******o***eeee****************eeeeoeeneooe*eoage
At Dry Tortugas And I There will be a meeting of the e__--. ...
Brings Vectse Here! Ancient and Illustrious Order
Knights of Malta, at Scottish Rite 0
The coast guard cutter Sauk, Hall (down stairs), corner of Eaton
in cotmrand of Capt. Brown, aand Simonton streets, on Tuesday
Tived in port today from Dry Tor- evening, February 3, 1925, at 7:30 e a
rived in portth the Codban froihing m a Dry To o'clock. All charter members are
bic_ bwiththe1u3unidersing at Siap le, s'
b tdfwein Sthe a inurgently requested to attend.--
The vessel was taken up for a EPresident.
violation of the federal laws. Jn31-t
ISTDS The world's farthest north r.dio
T URIST FR ti END station has been established by the
The First Congregational Norwegian government on an island *A
Church is the attractive red north of Iceland to report the weath-
brick building at 819 William, er and issue storm warnings., oe K i

In g. 0 VER THE T 0 P:
You are invited to worship
with us. LU M .
C. De W. Brower, Minister. ............
i ~a e Bo ,Cor. Whitehead and Southard Sts.
I want listings of acreage any- SPECIAL TODAY.
where on the keys. You will find Mullet Roe* ....................... 20c lb.
my representative at 620 Dey street.
Key West, or write me at the old SPECIAL FOR NEXT WEEKs '

Sllo Avenue anbuild No Fid Chickens............. ....... lb. South Flo da Contrac ng &

now open. 5 per cent discount will -
oe allowed to January 31, 1925, and SANITARY QUICK LUN".
925 jI Shor.t Order of A ,llJ Kndse P H 0 ,, J E

ARTHUR H. SHEPPARD, I Delletous Sandwiche
doc8 City Tax Colleetor. Steaks, Chops, Oyters Every Day
BEARUP'SDRYCLEANING Nt To Moro Tt D l 8 Your Home is W orthy of the Best:
P. H. Slade, of New'Smyrna, who WELLS' LUNCH ROOM
had been spending several days'l 900 SOUTHARD ST.
business visit in Key West, left last PHONE 887.W
night over the East Coast. PROMPT DELVERY
.nowh ope. .e r- .__I_" .. ...... ..... _______

***********g***************0******************* ***

Lumber, Shingles and Laths, Walter's Galvanized .. ^ .
A Shingles, Alpha Portland Cement, Congo Rubber we are advocates of County Bond issues to provide for the con .
Rooing, Keystone Galvanized Nalls and Carey's tiuation of a roadway from Key West to the Mainland
Cement RoofIng.
PHONnE 227. CLEANINGeeeeeoeee PRESooSeoo.oeeeoooooeoeooooooooooeoooeoooooeoIeoees

m I . . .. .. .. .. . ._I I



S -... _ THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK is always
FURNISED AARTMENTS. All glad to be useful to its customers and it is always
modern conveniences, Campbell r
Apartment. (v1 c Fleming d i eady and willing to help them with service and
Ar Jan. 28i t- red
--- ... .- : advice to steer a course for success. t
venlences. Apply 503 Duval, Checking Accounts are cordially invited.
jan. 14.1
FOR SALE-Heavy plate glass for 3
automobile wind shields or other: im
useful purposes. Apply at The U L
and County Road lots. Norvin
G. Maloney, 510 Caroline street. OF KEY WEST
CITY-building radios, wiring Liberal, But Consistent With Safety
houses, autoinotive works, etc.l
Learn at home, Satisfaction 00900*0000#e
guaranteed and position secured. e ".. e ..... .. ....
Electrical Book Free. Write ********************eeeeee** e SHOES
Chief Enginer CoolO, 2140' SU
ence, Chicago ok, 2140 FR EE PRI Z Rsoled with crope sole, th.
Jan. 31-1tx.! We gve*the following prisel foot comfort. We have .v.thla.
Ja .-1"-.; _







Earl of Berkeley, who recently
was married to Mrs. Lowell Lloyd of

If you ar underweight u
THE BLOOD. Thi tonie oreases
the appetite, builds up the blood, in-
creases the supply of the much
needed red cell. It provides nour

FUK A 'KIEtLtI PtAlEU Fred Niblo Does I Boston, born 60 years ago today. andurendthu.enalteblo
*- to impart thie new found strength
Some Screen Original | William W. Atterbury, who soon' to the body. It also acts gently on
, The art of writing stories dirct- T. HOPIS& N, ili to become president of the Penn. Mthe i yourse roast and healthy.
\\ \(e i, rt of writing storee, sl-ect- RylvaniaRailroad, born at New ill out the hollow spots, raise the
\ ,.,' ii(. li, I r l.{ '+l'hn |>.i>t '' )l'' t'i ll iiiil people if ly for the screen s as yet very u Albany, Ill., 5 years ago today, ine caused b lack of flesh. Star
iI., 1i '.\ rvlii ilpC' irr1 *ji. eI v'i Iv h ii the hlieef that there s ei with LEONARDI'S ELIXIR POR
,l th wlh a ,i- u. ,a They ha, gtl them- much undeveloped, because it has n ', THE BLOOD ate oncel Inshi.t on
lIrp eni ntot Imll lI I b i l :irId I,. i)t o i tlhe s belief that there is not been discovered who is best suit- TH BLOOD at onceInist o
S,, U ,t, a ,,.l fi hit hbl! will ,n, l,'l hlsis tor bth dclts and ed to write them. Authors of novels Rev. Charles W. Lyons, S. J., LEONARDI'8 in the yellow pack
S' ' 'I really owe them nney ad invariably find they can not think president of Guorgetown University, age. At all druggists.
', ,,,!, t, i, i))tul. Oe Blgia official has l the action before setting down orn in Boston. 57 years ago
:"' :,- .... .. .. ,l l,^ ,l .l,, i ,,, ', f'' as to figur' out the Jil a; that Is, pictures call Ibe day Y,
,';. v.,,,'l i-,,hi i. *Ci's" elt :e'' icigihty-five billion dollars. While can not write for a picture dirroet- .. ________ _' _____ Irvine L. Lenroot,, United States 1
t; i:-i, ue;rv 'u llh,, .-;t Brta h rmis t pay ly.vance of Naonl alnat from Wisconsin, born at THETFORD, Eng, Jan. 1.-W.
,a hA gone through the necessary' Th,,se whoi are i. close contt ;nrPo'tugal, the anniversary o uperior Wis., H6 yoar agoHarris was crushed to death by
,ti . rho .t~,..r. tu'es. there is widpread feeling with film studios, like scnarlists !)n*Pnrtugal, the anniversary of half ton bell in the belfry of St.
., ..,,, .. .,. o,. ,,ol-in llt Britishi i"sl ti,.(t they really and directors, who naturally would the first attempt to etabli a r Peter's Church
.-iin, 'o.hli:tiioni. ., ,,ve ,s nlothin, On the contrary, ie considered the best qualified to ,i,' in 1891. Arthur H. Greenwood, represent.
,t ...,, f l"inn' relat ;Ionl ii'y" foel that th..y st'e.nined the create screen stories, are alwaysI' !tative in Congress of the Second l AFE FOR CHILDREN
, ,* h1,. d,'.t,,,.. Mir. Gmnman l'horde. at a greater sncri- too busy adapting th stories of' Ziane Grey, the American novelist Indian district, born in Daviessd a re
L" 1 ':t f* rt' wilsh ,l (ilt and1I fi' to h'msc'lves, Ipot(cting us others to find time for one of their whose pen has produced a number ofcount 45 a tod liable cough remedy free from in-
..' f, f,, l,..tlaton. IH i talk- until we-' meuly to Cntor the own. "hest sellers,. celebrates his fiftieth yeas ago oay. urious narcotics. Supplying this de-
.,: : t ,Vt wilh nsidl,,.t ('olid.. f'y \\ Whil, th). i. absurd,1 be-I One in awhile, however, a motit r h y av-r,.arv today. Nah traus, enmnent Ne v York HOn AND or Ty r OMPOUND one
Th. ', Colr.ninnc,, tiWid mak<. the: ,.mitis w Ihave a perfectly valid, Picture personality manages to: Nathan Straus, emet Ne v York HONEY AND TARC O
t v t- ihi i m it):.altld srne.) ity ltegl and nioal claim for the pay- squeeze in the time for a story, -- merchant and philanthropist, born of the Largest Selling Cough
,?I I -l, i"vt fyear Iallio odii Sti' tthi P. 1t01t (if cUr ietls, a ,tlist, tcCMe-Iiisesqueetheeoe sda ,hyadren
" I ,, i ,fh, iU nitd Stalei nn of our debts, w ust reco- it usually makes screen history. Britih ship Atlanta with 280 on Rhe h aa e to Med it. "Mynes litn tlhe orldy had a ldery
,.,, nnt A i to nli that it xpres European The latest films of this kiind is b e f p nsday like it. "My little boy had a very
S,,-1 pacv. ...ith1 o't1. ltl bli h opinion. "The Red Lily," a tale of adven- bh'ard lft 'or aani n ve-----. ....- bad cough, and after he uwd
It:. hi' ' v. itih (f "It is q-listioniible whether ture and romance in Parins, by Frehd fFUHIoFlg P I POLEY'S HONEY AND TAR COM-
6: ,ii'-.' Luio't' c'o0uld piay hetr ldebts even Niblo. the director of "Thy Name 11-- M lA POUND ho got relief at once,"
Tt ,,, (1)-, wi!l .',r be if it w1t1.1d .t pty. In th, mean- Is Woman," "Strangers of the Einitnent counsel wil gather at f writes Mrs. Van Belle, Penroy,
l d.' y, "Erop: ha' no time the Unitedl StateA is being Night," "The Three Musketeers," ,iGrett Falls, Mont. today in readi- Mont. Refuse substitutes. Key
, n If apyi, th.m, and con- nir rtand mr ,rl i cariiatu'ed na a "Blood and Sand," and many others. i'ness for the hearing of the demur- West Drug Co. jan2-l
l.,,l ,.i't'',i" ,', u'r pr't t) col- ShNylclk, rich l,.yond the dreams of: Mr. Niblo has been u world traveler, 'er ,f Senator Burton K. Whee'.er, Mo est e Kt
Ir'l n. n' i- ntrelv loi'iw wh i mior'e *Iu)'ope. part I.,f thaitw'ealtth coming, and ,once when in i'uris encountered (o, a> i.lilneitint chigilg hin, with TOBIJOSTS Er I gf Let the Artman Press print It.
S.1- th;n wtl evr v nadel in our as i ro.sult of a watr il which our in inci.lont which he promised him-; siny' his. office contrary to the law.
C,:; PP't.ib'li'' l ,i wtvi'ld ithl' win.- sufl 1 g wan ll'nparatively light, :,elf to. put inl a story if he ever got ---.o I e** *ee o**o*0*ee eeooo***eeeeeeeoooe ooe oo*.o.*o*
S ,' ,i' I. n,'. "inl clvin iore I l'o ieliin(illg *ur p0 found of flesh. the chance. The chance came iand MIXTURE OF JUSTICE l
Ii'..::.. It' I 'tjly I t' 1111111 ( p lli 'r f ),i' t..)i. c tliime hats come "Tit. Red Lily," based oi ilhat t 1ri
,., 1 , ,, v d,, t o,,, bet twb o,, ,tORK, a inthe EVERY STROKE OF THE BRUSH "
': .. 0. m,, i:i, li, 0',: 1,du_ fu .' U .A.\il),+l'p,.i lihilli Ill,' i n" t tih. pliemiiuOg, is the' result. B'VEWI YORK, a ,-Nimic in-
'I' iin'. rc re ln i i) i ri t-i sio-'. ra'n I thi hI '. >I(i.~ d(iiit ftir a liianmon Novarro and E i nd Ben- E O i ne i
'"ts'. a p n i ,s iu m. or ld 5 till itp my the leading oles, w hile e preters w ere used in one i t day!e *o e
," .... I....',...... ,,,,,. ,,,r-.. pol,..,s .,.. W,,rll pdawo will',,ot play the leading roles, while here aasingle nunici-a! cotirtw: saves you money when il l -----.
S'- nm bril ini' h1 w,,.th moile than thl $*12,000,. Willice Beesy appears as mm lovabh i sle mucc Boyrt SVCS yOU mo y when
... 1: .. t miay .osily ladl t tto i aO.O Lh lli i oh.w ,, us, even if rogue of the Bohemian quartere. The so'sln our paints. / -
";,,,,(.; i.,;' h the Ti 'it Stii tti.e it wore cil,,li..tabl,. II we were to east also includes Frank Currier, ---' i ou use our
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it luiil u I..i-se. till ,il,.,, in ''-t!urn for' world dis- Emily Fitzroy and others. OPIATES i
'Th,, ,ch 'ntly deliv.Ired in a lvm.'ient, it wnidIl ive the world "The Red Lily," which is a Many cough preparations contain' everything goeS to seed. o
tih, Fri'nch chnnhir hy Dv puty twrwe. E'vn failure ild not h l omt iikn'e Mftr)o-Gitoldwy' picture. pr-ienteil ome one or more harmful drugs Ever notice the differ-
At :Wit., i'rp'e- C-t, thoi senti'ment of th,. -iiunia til worse than it now is." by 'Louis B.', is co('ini-" to the' which are added to take the place ----
... ...Monro T tre tody. of opiates. None of these narcotics! ence between old thing's
substitutes have ever been used in new? It's all in the
POUND, The name of every in.I paint --
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--- carton. You know what you are
WIVASHING2'ON. Jan. 30.---So- taking when you take Foley's. Iti And Our Paints Are The Very Best
I_ _ _ _ ~ city and tinras may tb all right il clings it tLc throat. Good for old *
lth'i plc0, bUt they have no 1I.e and youirg. You have a cough, why! theSons
Sfor li ia- Gizycka, ni;eten-v... not try it. Refuse substitutes. Key, il
A? Dold O fol l: llml ter' o fti' Co i.tinte.san2 G i 'k W est Dru an2-llgm .C0' 94 of.. . . .
...... l' i. no.... ... - -! e... 1 -, '..

We represent the manufacturers of the famous

Systems of Loose Leaf Binders, Ledger Leaves,
Journals, Cash Books, etc.
This is the best known line in the country and
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The Artman Press




United States Fast Mail Routes For
Via Port Tampa, Key West and Havana Cuba
Proposed sailings in effect on dates shown. Subject to change, can-
cellation or individual postponement without notice
O On and after January 12th, sailings between Port Tampa and
Key We'st w)id between Key West and Havana will be as follows:
Effective from Key West Monday, January 12, 1925
Lv, Key W est--Daily ........ ........................... ............ 10:00 A. M .
Ar. Havana- Daily ...................... .............................. :00 P. M .
Lv. Havana- Daily ..... .... .................... ....... 10:30 A. M.
Ar. Key W est--Daily ......... ........................................ 5:80 P. M .
S. S. North Land leaves Key West Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
S. S. North Land leaves Havana Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
S. S. Cuba leaves Key West Monday, Friday.
S. S. Cuba leaves Havana Tuesday, Saturday.
S. S. Governor Cobb leaves Key West Wednesday, Sunday.
S. S. Governor Cobb leaves Havana Monday, Thursday.
S. S. Cuba and Governor Cobb
Effe.tivc from Port Tampa Friday, January 23, 1925
iv. Port 'Tampa, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2:00 P. M.
Ar. Key We-t. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday .... 7:00 A. M.
1.. Key Wts. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ...10:00 A. M.
Ar. Havana, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ...... 5:00 P. M.
Lv. Havana. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday ....10:80 A. M.
Ar. Key West, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday .. 5:80 P. M.
T.v. Key We\,t, Monday, Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday 7:30 P. M.
Ar. Prit Tmnnip, Tuesday, Wedne'day, Friday. Sunday 1 :30 A. M.
Above Hours are based on Eastern Standard Time.
D. U. WILDER, G. P. A., Jacksonville, la. P. J. SAUNDERS, V.
P. & G. M. L. E. SPENCER, Agent, Key West, Fla.


ill the LI) 'nal uidll utt re Of theI liate
Robert Patterson, editor of "The
Chicauro Tribune," and a niecei o't
Senator MI dill McCormick.
Miss Gizycka, who also i' a
countess, has a mind of her own
and an anibitionl to be of service
in the world. rather than to orlm-
ment the salon, of Washington,
New York and Chicago. She has
spurned the importunities of her
mother to colnle to Washington f,'i
her debut this winter and has re-
mained in S, i Francisco, whore
she is earning her living and tak-
ing a course ot' training in the
Young Wonien'. Christian associa.
tion to becol'ni an expert in tit(
nianag'eon'nt of -nfeteria. ,
Tentative Date
Early in thit winter her mother
announced a tmitative date for her
daughterr. (Ilhiiv. Later notice was
given tOat the pant.y had been post-
polled. Then lllolther date was sat
and tho d, 'hter' urgad to come to
Washi)ligti, nlt onlce. But Felicia
did not arrive, anil all the maternal
Surging s fir he)r tio lave the Y. W.
C. A, school. it' only just long
ellnough tin (ine l to WAi'lshingtiiln for
the party, lbire been in vain. Her
mother iha abandon ned the effort
i'or the debut this winter, as the
Season i,- far adviianced and the.- is
little prosii h hat Miss Gi'yckia
.ill go t i h ll formality.
The g' dildd htui'ti i'o of the -foriner
('hira go publisher is pluann'ng to
I)(I a cu a'tt(,ria if her own, it is
'iid,il il t(i. wil(Is if W yoming,
-0n1i'whl'. ii n tlie vicinityy of Jack-
siio's Hole, where she has summer-
od with her another. It was out in
the "open spaces" that she was iln-
'tiued with the ;ilea of work rather
than the existence of a social but-
terfly, and she learned there also
iof thi Y. W. C. A. training school,
Wanted Particulars
She wrote for particulars, and
when they reached her made up her
mind to go to the coast for the
classes. Miss Gizycka expects to
open her cafe this summer.
Her mother, the former Eleanor
Patterson, was married to Count
Josef Gizycka, of Russia, in Wash-
'ntlon in 1904. She went to Rus-
sia, but according to the testimony
at her divorce trial, found that his
ancestral home was only a tumble-
down castle. She returned to Amer-
ica in 1909 with her daughter, who,
she charged, had been stolen by the
ount, and later recovered through
.he efforts of the Czar, to whom
h.' appealed.
Her divorce petition was not
heard until 1 17 in Chicago, at
whichh time she got a decree. I





Your Property on the Florida Keys, List It with me. I have a
Long List of Prospective Buyers-Men Who Have Assured me that
they are Ready to make Purchases just as soon as they find any.
thing that suits them-, and a much longer list of persons, all out-
siders, who have expressed interest in real estate on the Florida
Keys, but have not made any definite statements about buying.

If you name a price that conforms to the present realty values
on the Keys, I can Sell Your Property.

1 started the Ball A-Rolling on Key Largo by Selling the
Stephen F. Lowe Tract to William M. Butler, Chairman of the Re-
publican National Committee and President Coolidge's Political Man.
ager. Since then I have been Intimately in Touch with Realty Move-
ments from one end of the Chain of Keys to the other.

My Advertising of the Florida Keys has not been Confined to
Newspapers in Florida, and as a result of that action I have reach-
ed Prospective Purchasers in Various Parts of the Country.

If you have a tract on the Keys and Wish to Sell It, telephone
me and I'll call at your Home to talk the Matter over with you.

eGoeseeooo eSeS1)se)s1)es



~ _.. .- .

4 '5 '1~.

PAGE SIX___________



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pay is about fifty cents a day for general and spclal grants. The amused Miss Mathis engaged him in
their board and 'lodging-some of largest source of university reve- conversation. **
them do not pay anything at all- nue is examination fees, which : 0
the food is good. amount to about half a million Making progress, anyway.
dollars yearly. The examination A committee representing a town
in Holy Scripture, culled Divinity'bAncmit0:te representing pa town e
BRIDEGROOM AT 92 o me s band visited the store of the Rudolph
LONDON, Jan. ,-t Col Divvers, is on of the most profit- Wurlitzer Company in Cincinnati, o* 0
LONDON. Jan. 31.-Uut. Col. able. All members of the univero and laid out a list of the now in- ,
S. H. Johnston, aged 92, and Mrs. sity are required to take it at i struments desired. 00 co2
Henry Challoner, 36, were marriedcost of $25 during their first term "I am very glad," the affable 0
ni Carnarvon. and to continue taking it at a celery remarked, "to see that the band
like cost for each succeeding term is getting along so well. Is it im-
BONUS FOR BIRTHS until they pass it. The university proving'" 0*
administration costs are extremely; "Yes and no," was the dubious 0 0 0
CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 31.- low-about $65,000 a year. The answer. "Folks who live where we '
The Angora government has voted largest items of annual expense rehearse think so, but that may be I:
to give a monthly bonus to the par- are the more than half a million because we ain't got so many in it ** 0
ents of eight children. dollars paid to teachers, and the now." :: s
... ... $350,000 spent by the college on *
BABY SUFFOCATED teaching and research. The uni. Lincoln J. Carter, the master of I e:
versity police costs about $10,000 melddrama who is once more in the **
ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 31.-The annually, but the fines they collect limelight, hsa just returned from DURING THE EIGHT YEARS OF ITS EX- s;
infant son of T. L. Butler was suf-, from erant atid erig students London where he has placed for early ISTENCE IN THIS CITY, SCHULTZ BUSINESS j
focated while sleeping in a small ake them a titution production his latest play, "When le0 T
room with its parents and five CIAR. TTE TRAGEDY the Devil Laughs." The ship news l: SCHOOL HAS HELPED MANY GOOD STUDENTS
children. I reporters accosted him and wanted:: TO HOLD DESIRABLE POSITIONS. THEIR CON-
BRIGHTON, Eng., Jan. 31_- to know what sort of a trip he had: DUCT, ABILITY AND ACHIEVEMENT ARE ITS
British railways have been con- Heartbroken because her daughter had. 00 DUCT, ABILITY, AND ACHIEVEMENT ARE ITS
ducting successful experiments with refused to stop smoking cigarettes, "Notsogaad," Carter replied. "lI:: BEST RECOMMENDATION. SYSTEM AND PRAC- ""
Diesel engine locomotives using a Mrs Catherine Brown committed like the waves but I prefer the mar- TIoRI T T
hydraulic transmission system of suicide celed kind on top of the head." i- TICAL EXPERIENCE ENABLE THE TEACHER TO8
recent invention. --- *. MAKE THE COURSE OF STUDY SHORT, BUT COM-
---- "- Mexican government experimen-, Divers have discovered the ruins A *0
A machine has been invented for terms have found that a substitute of a large ancient city, possibly :: PLETE; ECONOMICAL, BUT EFFICIENT. BE "
making barrels from a strip of for jute can be obtained from the prehistoric, under the water of the HONEST TO YOURSELF, AND LET US HELP YOU,
tough paper that is wound on a fibre of a native plant growing pro- Mediterranean sea off the coast of YoU
cylinder and pasted together until lifically in some regions. Tunis. TOO.
each barrel is completed. 00
To insure a golf player-holding his For weaving mesh bags a machine 0 0
CUT THIS OUT- clubs correctly a molded rubber grip has been invented that forms the T
IT IS WORTH MONEY to guide the fingers that can be links from wire and solders them to-
Send this ad and ten cents to slipped on the handle of any club gether at a speed of 700 a minute.:: U 2
Foley & Co., 2885 Sheffield Ave., has been invented. E n ro_____ 1ll.
Chicago, Ill., writing your name and social N. se
address clearly. You will receive a A novel sled for coasting con- Deartment of the Interior, U. s. Land 1
sample bottle of FOLEY'S HONEY saists of little more than runners flac at Gainesville, Fla 192. -
AND TAR COMPOUND for cough.| nd a saddle on which a person sits NOTC h Is reb given that p SIrtSS C l
colde and hoarf nesYIS, aldo -ampl erect, steering with his feet. on January 1s se1o made Homestead S
packages of FOLEY PILLS, a dire. B n rtry,'o. o169, kot r 1 1 of g-oo
tic stimulant for the kidney, and 9 B. Tallahassee Meridian has filed o 8 DAL T ITY .
FOLEY CATHARTIC TABLETS for. noticeofintentio to Three- 0 0
constipation and biliousness. These __(landabovedurescribed, before
dependable remedies ore free from on the Sth day of arch, 1925.
opiates and have helped millions of Clainant names as witnesse:tora.
people. Try thm I Key West Drug John Landers.of Bi Fine Fl orida.
Lot aen GrM^. R. Steadman, of Key West,. Fl.r-

- -- -


S NEW YORK, Jan. 81,-The as-
STRICT RULING LOW RENTALS trlcontest which is waged for three Cough ...
hundred years and eventually con- C u h W,..,*. .
Seludes with the eclipse of the sun,
BARRED BY UNITED STSioinatarily, by the moon, has
BARRED BY UNITED STATES OXFORD COLLEGE INCOME IS finished. There is, however'another Start Taking
LAW MANY LOST SOULS ARE SMALL IN COMPARISON WITH contest which is being eaged be- FatherJohn'sMedicineatOnce
FORCED TO REMAIN OUT OF tweE n the stars, literary and drama-
FORCED TO REMAIN OUT OF CAPITAL OF INSTITUTION, RE- tgic, of the theatrical firmament.
THIS COUNTRY PORTS STATE For many years New ork has Coughs are danger signals.
PORTS STATE held almost undisputed leadership in Don't neglect them. A A M A R IN A
---- n the production of things theatrical, They won't get well uniess C S MA R
SOUTHAMPTON, Jan. 0.. OXFORD Jan. 30.-The totul in- A few attempts have been made here 'you treat them rightly.
Atlantic Park Hostel, the British come of the university and colleges and there throughout the country to You must heal the lining of L. P. SCHUTT, Mgr.
equivalent of Ellis Island, is today of Oxford during the past year was dispute this leadership but they have the breathing passages.
th home of 7 00 lost souls as a e- to s deise or this purpose Father A M E R IC A N P L A N
la trifle more than 5,000,000. Of eventually comie to a sal demise.
suit of the recent stringent imnii-t, i fl dic JohnRs Medicine has proven of
sua laws it ofdte nts thnent this, the larger part is college, in Chicago has made a few spasm I ..'. Modjej .. J ....)ldFO A SS T C
ration laws laid down by the Uni- the n col attempts to establish alocalthetre special aue. FLORIDA EAST COAST HOTEL CO.
ted States, come. Magdalen, the richest col- iitte Its to establish a local tharl pci value, Single room, b
Situated on the outskirts of the lege, has an annual income uf more but aside from a few not particularly Its soothing, healing el- ingle room, private bath $10.03 per day. Two sinle rooms
Hampshire village of Eastleight, than $500,000; Hartford, the poor. ot.worthyl productions t has re te e assaS. with private bth $18.00 per dy. Double room with tin
ats* has onl. $50,000 mined a place where New York "the breathing passages. with private bath $18.00 per-dity. Double room wth twin
and within easy distance of, has only $50,000. sends ts pays when she is through Its strength-giving elements beds and private bath $18.00 p .: day.
ampton, the main port of emkark. In general, the college incomes pl"y .. -_ ne.d that th, . ..
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as a range of low-lyhig buildings capital. Nearly all are large hold ttt has loomed upon the horizon t by a weakened atng, shng, Tenns, Golf, Swimming,
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steamship companies to provide or two centuries ago on enorm- Califrna. For a good many years, o e.
temporary necommodation for im- ous'y long leases at rents which piict'y and without qndue ostenta- You can gain strengthand
migrants waiting to enter the Uni- are now ridiculously small-often tion California, particularly Los health by taking Father John's --
ted States. only two or three dollars per year Angeles and San Francisco, have Medicine to relieve your cough
Due to the new immigration for a large farm, They are also been developing playwrights, actors and build new fleh. ADVERTISE IN THE CITIZEN
laws, however, many of the foreign holders of church titles and and actresses, managers and Ipro- T . -BI
immigrants housd in the hostel livarings ofe outry parishes, which ducers and lately in almost full COURT BANS EXTRAVAGANCE PEER BEATEN IN RING OLD ROMAN ROAD FOUND
have to wait weeks, and sometimes have also greatly depreciated in force they have invaded the sacred ---- ----
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gain admittance, and it is no un- Queen's College is the most for- prove that they can produce theatri-. Judge Turner has refused to try any Clylsdale, representing Oxford, wa4 man road 38 feet wide has been
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In Seriou Plight Balliol still suffers from the mis-'Upright, prominent as a popular
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700 prospective Russian immigrants Elizabeth's time, and Wadham is woman, with a dramatisation of one
is by far the worst. They have poor because its money is largely of her novels, "The Valley of Con.j
been in the hostel for more than a invested in shares in ancient tent." With the ever popular Mar- TH E R EA L ESTA TE BO O M
year, and, not daring to return to canals.ore Rambeau in the title role "The
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to be, is beginning to tell upon are almost twice as high as in tion with "Half A Chance," which K Y K W ES
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show signs of restiveness, which has these differences are not set out Bennet tin the leading role.
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Recently several score of them colleges. Far East and has decided to do ia
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The recent bus ordinance passed
by the City Council has been the
subject matter of considerable dis-
-ussion among our people, and
imong quite a percentage of our
patrons neither our purposes or
he ordinance is clearly understood.
-. that reason it is desired to
publish the ordinance, and the
Mayor's disapproval, together with
such comments, necessary for an
About a year ago the representa-
tives of The Key West Electric
Company appeared before the City
Council, and frankly stated the con-
ditions prevailing in Key West, as
applied to the service, giving a
statement of our revenues and ex-
penses. This was done with a view
of obtaining some relief. The City
Council referred our request to the
finance committee of the City Coun-
cil, with instructions to make an
exhaustive examination of our busi-
ness, and to make such recom-
mendations to the City Council as
the committee found to be necessary
based on the results of the investi-
gation. The committee promptly
met with the management of the
Company, and made an exhaustive
examination, with the result that
the committee decided the company
was entitled to some consideration.
After a year's work in many con-
frowenvcs an ordinance was prepared
looking' to the substitution of anl
adequate bus service for the local
transportation, instead of the pres-
ent street car service. The com-
mittee made other suggestions, and
the ordinance which was introduced
and passed by the City Council was
the result of the year's work.
The ordinance does not represent
the idea of The Key West Electric
Company, neither does it wholly
represent the idea of the committee,
but like all wise legislation it is the
result of many compromises. The
.spirit of giving and taking prevailed
with the committee of the City
Council ntnd with the management
of The Key West. Electric Com-
pany. The ordinance passed by the
" City Council is as follows:
An Ordinance Entitled:
Be it enacted by the City Coun-
cil of the City of Key West:
Section 1. The Key West Elec-
tric Company shall place in tem-
porary operation over its present
street railway line for a period of
three months such standard buses or
trackless motor vehicles as will meet
the approval of the City Council.
Section 2. At the end of said
period, said City Council may fully
approve of the service and the de-
sirability of the change, such ap-
proval to be solely within the dis-
cretion .and control of said Council,
and if such approval shall not be
given, then and in that event all of
the terms and provisions of this Or-
dinance shall be null and void.
Section 3. If the ap roval pro-
vided in Section 2 shafl be af-
firmatively given, then permission
is hereby given by the City of Key
West to the Key West Electric pany, a corporation, and the said
Key West Electric Company agrees
with the said City of Key Vest to
substitute within a reasonable time,
for its present street railway ser-
vice in said Cty of Key West, Flor-
ida, a bus service of substantially
the same street mileage as street
car service is now being operated,
which service is to be conducted,
operated and furnished the inhabi-
tants of the City of Key West,
Florida, under all of the rules,
stipulations, grants, conditions, and
restrictions of any and all contracts
now' existing between the City of
Key West and the said The Key
West Electric Company, either by
ordinances, resolutions, or other
contracts granted to said The Key
West Electric Company, or now held
by it as. assignee of any former
grantees, it being the intention of
this ordinance to continue the same
in force without modification,
amendment, extension, or limitation
of any such ordinance, resolution or
contract existing between the said
City of Key West and said The Key
West Electric Company other, than
Sthe substitution of said bus service
in lieu of the street railway service.
the operation and maintenance of
said bus service the obligations,
powers, and duties of The Key West
Electric Company, its successors

and assigns, shall be no greater or
less than are its duties, powers, and
obligations at the present time in
the maintenance and operation of
its present street car system under
the present rules, ordinances, fran-
chises, and grants now in exist-
Section 4. That in case there
shall arise a dispute between the
City of Key West and The Key
West Electric Company, as to the
adequacy or sufficiency of the ser-
vice rendered by The Key West
Electric Company in the use of said
buses, and the said City of Key
West and The Key West Electric
Company cannot agree between
themselves, as to the sufficiency or
adequacy of said service the City
shall so advise Thle Key West Elec.
trick Company in writing of its com-
plaints relating to the inadequacy
and insufficiency of its services, and
shall by resolution appoint an arbi-
trator whose name shall be certi-
fied by the City to The Key Wew.
Electric Company, and the said Key
West Electric Company shall within
sixty days select and certify in writ-
ing to the City of Key West the
name of an arbitrator selected by
the said The Key West Electric
Company, and such arbitrators shall
select a third arbitrator, and the
three shall proceed by investigation
to ascertain what changes, if any,
shall be made in the method of ren-
dering said public service, or what
increase or decrease in said service
should be rendered, and to make
such recommendations as to the suf-
ficiency or adequacy of said service
which shall be reasonable and just
for the public service, and to report
their findings to the City of Key
West and Electric Company with-
out undue delay. Upon receiving
said report, the City of Key West
shall promulgate regulations report-
ed by the arbitrators, or the
majorhy thereof, and it shall be-
come effective on the first day of
the month, that comes not less than
twenty five days after such official
promulgation, unless otherwise or-
dered by a Court of comnipetoitl
jurisdiction. Should the Key West
Electric Company fail to select and
certify to the City'of Key West the
name of an arbitrator within sixty
days from the date of its notifica-
tion to do so by the City of Key
West, then by due adoption by
resolution showing service of said
notice and the failure by The Key
West Electric Company to submit
the name of said arbitrator. within
sixty days, and the duly certified
copy eB such .wesolutiQn to The Key
West Electric Company, through
any of its resident officers or
agents, the City of Key West shall
proceed ip due course of law, as-
certain a just und reasonable reg-
ulation to be made in the premises
pertaining to said services, which
shall be promulgated and enforced
by judicial proceedings in any Court
having jurisdiction over said par-
ties or subject matter.
Section 5. Said Arbitration
Board after appointment and or-
ganilation, shall have the power to
inspect the books and records of
The Key West Electric Company,
and shall investigate the services
rendered, the route of which service
is rendered, and over which service
may be demanded, and all other
matters and things which shall con-
tribute to a just and fair conclu-
sion. Sa!d Arbitration Board may
examine all witnesses necessary in
the premises.
Section 6. The City shall pay
the fees of its arbitrator and its
witnesses. The Key West Electric
Company shall pay the fees of its
arbitrator and its witnesses. Thn
fee of the third arbitrator and ex-
pensus shall be paid jointly by the
City and The Key West Electric
Company in equal proportion.
Section 7. Said The Key West
Electric Company, for itself and its
successors and assigns, agrees to
remove all of its tracks, poles, wires
and other appliances incident to the
operation of said street railway ser-
vice within a period of six months
after said bus service shall have
been approved by the City Council,
ag hereinbefore provided, and if and
when the said The Key West Electric
Company shall desire to discontinue
said bus service then said Company
agrees to re-establish said street
railway service in its entirety and
to replace its tracks, wires and
poles and to otherwise install and
operate a street railway service of at
least equal to the present one now
in operation, without any undue de-
lay and shall continue said bus ser-
vice until said street railway ser-
vice shall be fully resumed.
Section 8. The said The Key
West Electric Company shall im-
mediately upon the removal of its
tracks poles etc., replace and re-
pair the paving along its lines and
to place said paving in as good con-
dition as the balance of the pav-
ing adjacent to that to' be replaced
or repaired.
Section 9. This ordinance shall

be accepted by The Key West Elec-
tric Company, its successors and as-
signs, within a period of ninety
days from the time of the final
passage and approval of this ordi-
Section 10, This ordinance shall
take effect immediately upon its
passage, approval and publication.
Passed City Council first reading
Passed City Council second read-
Passed City Council third and
final reading
President City Council.
City Clerk.
Approved this day of
A. D. 1925.
Mayor, City of Key West.
It will be seen by Section 1, that
4The Key West Electric Company
was given permission to place in
TEMPORARY operation for a
period of three months, motor
buses. These buses had to be of
such type as to meet the approval
of the City Council. No one retain-
ed any power over the operation, or
retained any authority for decision
except the City Council, the direct
representatives of the people.
Section 2 provides that in the
event the bus service did not prove
satisfactory, then all the provision
of the ordinance, the ordinance it-
self, become null and void, and the
company's rights, privileges and
duties would revert back to their
original status, as completely as if
the ordinance had never passed. The
power of deciding was solely vested
in the City Council. That body was
given absolute discretion to decide.
The Key West Electric Company
suggested Lh':; because of its con-
fidence, that tec service would be
such that it would commend itself
to our people as a decided improve-
ment, and in keeping with moderAi
methods throughout the United
Section 8 of the ordinance re-
tains all the franchise, ordinances,
resolutions, contracts and restric-
tions now existing as applied to The
Key,West Electric Company and the
City,-. Not a particle of authority
now listed in the City Council. was
surrendered by the City Council,
and all obligations and duties now
resting upon The Key West Electric
Company was retained in all their
force, to be applied tb the bus ser-
It will be observed by Section 4
of the ordinance, that the City' had
greater privileges and power over
the company in the operation of
buses, than it now has over 'the
operation of street cars. Whenever
any question of the adequacy or
the sufficiency of the service was
raised the. City had the power to
direct The Key West Electric Com-
pany to improve its service, and in
the event an agreement was not
reached between the City and the
company, then an independent
Board of Arbitration could be em-
ployed to decide the question. This
arbitration agreement is in line
with modern thought. The City to
have a direct representative on the
Board, and The Key West Electric
Company to have a direct repre-
sentative, and then the two appoint
a third, and the decision of this
Board would be final, even although
the decision was not unanimous. A
majority consisting of two, the in-
dependent arbitrator and the City's
representative, would make rules
and regulations for the service. A
careful reading of this section is
specially invited.
Section 5 confers upon the Board
of Arbitration the power to summon
witnesses, to make examination of
The Key West Electric Company's
business, and to obtain all informa-
tion necessary to a complete in-
Section 6 of the ordinance pro-
vides for the payment of the ex-
penses and services of the Board of
.Section 7 and 8 of the ordinance
provide after a thorough test of the
bus system, and after its approval
by the City Counc'l, indeed when
the service had improved to such a .
point, when everyone agreed, that
it Was a decided improvement and a


step forward, then, The Key West
Electric Company agreed to re-
move its tracks and all other ap-
pliances, that may be an. encum-
brance or unsightly, and to repair
all streets and sidewalks, and any
other injury that may be done in
the removal of the tracks anp-
plHinces. It will be noted that in
Section 7 of the ordinance that if
for any reason the company 'should
discontinue an adequate and suffi-
cient bus service, thq company
agreed and bound itself solemnly
to restore a street car sWaice of
equal efficiency as that now main-
tained, and to do that, without un-
due delay, and before bu4..~-aervice
should be discontinued..
Surely no candid mind can de-
tect anything unfair or unjust in
this ordinance. It may have meant
considerable relief to Thq Key West
Electric Company, without any ex-
pense or inconvenience to the City,
or any of the company's., patrons,
This ordinance was the result of
one year's careful work on the part
of the City's faithful Councilmen
nn the finance committee, part
cularly its chairman. .. asked tpon
the committee's explanations and
the obvious language of the ordi-
nance, the City Council having. a'
due regard for the rights. of the
City, the convenience of the citizens
and injustice to the company, ohe
of the City's largest taxpayOrs,
passed this ordinance. The ordi-
nauce was passed on Jantiary..6th.
By the passage of this ordinance,
the City Council gave its consent
for The Key West Electric Company
to make the trial bus service,, for
three months, as provided t~"-Sed-'
tion 1 of the ordinance. On
January 9th, his honor, the Mftyor.
returned the ordinance :to the City
Council without his approval. The
City charter requires whenever an
ordinance is disapproved, the Mayor
shall state his reasons in writing. In
this partciular case, the mayor
stated no reason against the bus ser-
vice. He simply stated, in his
opinion The Key West Electric
Company had full power and au-
thority to m4ce the trial service,
thereby impliedly giving his con-
sent to the Company to make the
test. The Mayor's message is as
Key West, Florida,
January 30, 1926.
To the President and
Honorable City Council.
I herewith return Ordinance No.'
219, Council Series without my ap-
proval. I see no reason why a
new ordinance should be enacted by
your Honorable Body to cover the
trial of a bus system by the Key
West Electric Company, when in my
opinion they already have the power
to make such a trial.
Mayor of Key West.
We take it from the action of the
City Council, and the action of the
Mayor, that they are of one mind
as to the value and merits of the
bus service, and the only difference
between them being a technical
legal question pertaining to author-
ity and powers. It was the opinion
of the legal department of the com-
pany that The Key West Electric
Company had the power to make a
trial bus service, and to even sub-
stitute a permanent change if de-
sired. It is not the policy of the
company however to always rely on
its legal lights. Its policy is to
work in harmony with its patrons;
to make no radical changes In ts
service, without the affirmative ap-
proval of the governing body in the
community in which it operates, and
it was for that reason, that the or-
dinance was desired.
Inasmuch as the orinance did
not become a law, owing to the
technical objection of the Mayor,
The Key West Electric Company is
placed back in its original position
as when it applied to. the City Coun-
cil nearly a year ago for relief. It
is only a question of time before
the company must have relief as the
street railway department, as has
been clearly shown to the investi-
gating committee of the City Coun-
cil, is losing money. Tbla condition
cannot exist Indefinitely.


B. L GR 0 M S, M'ansger






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