Group Title: Key West citizen (Key West, Fla.)
Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: June 21, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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VOl XL'NIPl, XLIX. No.),18 i.





1, 1 ..o.n.. 1 ". A e" CALENDAR YEAR, CHANGE
1,NItN, '2 .i -Aiicli;
F."arbnrl vvill :hipflpiln ligmiti to ) OF SEASON COMES IN WITH
t ija, ill r )III)ipIy with Mr.,. Fred.
erihk Il."l, flight s41)oii.or. Sh FINE TEMPERATURE
bi: :,il,',ldy l)ouglht $1,00(1)) worth ....
oif 'l 111 Ih i ll, Il Wii. 11'I l.I; Iii r'.
i ) I;rlirtl nii w l I [i Vo(' iri This, accurdlng to onhl old saying,
plim t Hy V lf.l \>hrik *<, l, visiting g lie ldae lupon which women talk
N iii 'crdil l ( :111, 1 airi !n 0ur<) than any other di y of the
Thl'y i i p 1, 0 11l I -1 1rtU tc l'm "'-;'*t.,r.
SU. iI i, Iid S \\ ., i T'halt it because, it is the loung-
'hurtiriday. i ct iday ill Uthe' calendar year. Boys
The plaie Priicml-hiit) in which and girl and imeft too, will tiilk
the flight wir Imadle will bI. 1r)tl d more ber usLe thley ilhav ord
whilh 1. lCly. Cr:i l re l, n hl t'"1 ii I, ln which to tus the ,"1,inr, lyy
t e i nli dip. i ntber."
d l 1 ln Todaiiy aluo marks thel opulning;
CAL G hUIDEI u,(n' t ,er ,eason,, .auodil,
Sto the ci lend(hr; but in Key West
I fU [ U7 DI wlh',',, it. i: su inei'i' ,ill winter andf
lKN UW WHERllE s spring Hi ll sumni11er the chiaulgte
riO.Ii C{n CC Jc)'n CCeriCo ils ea Cr'ely nuOticI-
F S Yezterduy Key West's highe:t-
.. In'diCgli l Hetrct ly retiaceci 89 while
14.1-" '.I" CVY .is NAM ..D AAS 111h' ],r uIR1 tiOl ,Of harl;ejto,,
:,, ItwetreCd in li t tumperatur u' of I(i
FPR'FE.SIIFNT'S GUIDE DUlI.ite thi' ,id,1,d', 11 cgrece wrunner
Stlian K INCi VACATION Oe FHE W it its averaLge summiner tein-

Home Town Remembers Lou Henry, F. E. C. Railway Company

Now Mrs. Hoover, As Active Girl t
w 1 Makes Appeal For lReduction

In Assessments of Properties

Tite girl at the right in the rroup uabov', capped and
days when she was Lou Henry, a Whittier, Cal., school girl,
In the circle at the right is another p;:ture of her In those
the Henry homr, showing a Eucalyptus tree Lou planted,
v,( of o5f thie Girl Sctoat.,. -AN;0m .!h ,now heads.




Florida: Fair tonight. Fri. *
* day fair in north, local thun- *
* dershowers in south portion. *
* South Atlantic: Gentle to *
4n moderate east winds over *
* south And fresh southwest
* winds over north portion.
* East Gulf: Moderate south-
* east winds,*
* *

II ., ..A.slae.,d Pr,...., 1,440AU U A
NEW YOUK, June 21.--Friond. 4 IcII rD
,of Governor Alfred E. Smith to- ARE ISSUED FOR
day threatened legal action to U IA
prevent the uls t u)f i newsl reel IVI KE vUN
of the governor in a filen drama- _R O.I
tizatior of two prohibition books P TOR SUR
by a Yale professor. The pictureLICENSE INSPECTOR SUR
is titled "deliverance," made for PRISED TO FIND SO MANY
Robert orldini, reearc CARS STILL BEARING Ll-
tlary of a world alliance against
.alcohol, bing booWv d, showing CENSE PLATES OF 1927
many churches.
-MpFriends ImIy the picture of
Smith purports to show the gouv- Tagi had been issued fou 1,44
--Hv oernor signing an act repealing motor vehicles In Monroe county
le1 is Mrs. Hnrhrt Hoover in the tile state enforcement law, but in up to May 1, records In the office
S n of' Ar. in a .chool tableau lity ho i1 signing thile income of tile county tax as;essor show,
i.-*itL o Acit h school reduction bill. it is cladmrned This, according to tile approxl-
. .ti .'.. i r In rt i alleges q th governor contribut- nmate total of 1,7 0O for lust year,
Sleft hl. M. Ho ih ing to evils il other parts of' the would indicate that more than 250
iihture. whllh i L: ch Itdei t0 .. cri lhave not vet boon eauiuned



Thos. Bennbtt, tax agent, p the \
Florida East Coast Railway Com-
pany, met with the city council
last night at a special meotliag
making a request that assorjueint
of the railway company's proptr-
ties here be reduced frontm $2,300
000 fixed by the city, to conform
to an assessed valuation placed by
the state comptroller of $447,t 64.
William H. Malone, attorney for
the railway company, was present
and discussed the issue with the
council in behalf of the interests
which he represents.
After considerable discusioii,
the council decided to appouit, a
committee from that body to visit
several cities up tlhe East Coast,
including Miami, West Palm
Beach, Fort Lauderdale and pu..
sibly a few other points ill and
around that section for the pur
pose of making a n:urvey of the
situation relative tj yassessnent of

XI.:C(UIE ,atur i degruc. alnd witha a - - --- . --.- .ith 1928 tu g or that there -ha railway properties of the CU
Iseasonlit change of only 13 tic- wit d-- -
.. es to tihe 71 degrees average ill A' ""' l lul ,.rs,. , , ,Ibeer of tr e
t o.ree winte .....r fo ......,, Key 1s i C -i d i-1 'h L K e W e t oer FRl .A.LL t o m otor vehicles in re y West. tion was taken in order thatl t
lr' ty .. i.,, i.. ,I>. IM Hu 'round resort ity lived 1here ill tih ... ., MAiDANIPAlI .IaFRS than were here last year is not with conditions regarding value
.;v. nad i ,n I nt W) loia, whUere the colm>ing o If s r r" eu'ng \ow a y Ei tihe case, the slate toobi R. nd as essments a they ex
ile,' m l l 'c.c during tlh ex u .tiv' suits 1. kno ..n only from the .l.. .oe.lot .s .it.' < ,,li I cerse itho spectoe' r eand- tih e t erritory ment allowed.
v..nt.ion.i f., hI I'.ilrc' (' Stit,. i r n,', o ( oC .1 1 C1 [ U K YII1U.N ling a ftie'w day... the It Is felt that the council w
:tUte fi- ..'u,-ni -io', l'te. B'rukle ,'.I P .. n" lt,,t O ISit H erP v .ve altuation here. be better informed on the matt
mrei, and /lis tlnyl'oh1ut but' it) ... t i, : M '.' I.AIL -- i EKtimu"' f after the. comt ittee wl1 have .
Ctp C. 'k l It ,'r,,it hi, .Ilo \ "r..S '-co'n:"' "'h tt1l)l', ('i ,. 'r . *^ to the a esee ..
\%L:d. o '* 'l. t nete n r1 .t ^ t V -'. le .d -kt by .I d nigh ttr night /i i *fPM $aoll ,0... *, .. n l .4b other* pro eri
t-11) w nntin ii' suni 1 (nll st g ,ui, i .Ii' DEAVORS 'o' .AU rfh, the tiosto Jutriml K *17.000, with i.pp"'....--". "'.V a wl .n .e phon
t,, sa1n th, countryside for p'- s.' y t lv. in this Qu;.. | 1 'A;,y neworis, I wife, "VICLU8 TAKEN 8,00 de.lqent on .* m pse on the issua in a "mor si
,ilh' fir"; nit. h i st holu him- N d ET l Brown, was 'a girl fromui .i. ear s tl l wearilt fa factory mb.oer. Th0 eontftmit
l iid Mr1.h IIs ibm AUTHOR I'I11 ct! i A R F*ATII 4AP 'a te
ieir, ,.) ,idiius. to .-om,,n,, ur1jlU llglyrPIl, l' 'I.l.$ "lltr' '" A 3T' home ('ity,. ,MIdfOrd, and it A O. t'ea, plate. t named to make the trip s o
the ir-lnt at tny t iim. on siit Was t-l .t diu.her, n 'j ^ w my privilege to Introduce her /f the 1,4.0 motor car th, osed of Cin Intodue herSaW
h C I )tht. I Wi.-1iimoiv i, ti. iliing.1 AND FLORIDA KEYS tH
sn'Il or i-' i 'ini.ll tCr ps. .shi >'n t vll AND FLOIDA K' .to to the nespali pr profmluon. "' a ed with 1928 ag, therWren and Albuy, t Tho
P'rrvy .10(i yvt. olil. lt sltnitt- MANAGER OF NEW YORK Ik. WVti unwittingly theta I imutch. .- Aalof l,5ta8 ptt:sengers wa.iure 1808 pleasure cars, 12 son and Auditor Roberts a6
I,(o wor"hl with the itat C lO IEr uts n larr in I'l I. TI lh. GOVERNOR'S RACE FOR ae, ias nitural leader "l (Special To Cltisn) fled, and tuay Mrs. Brown is f t opeg day, of bes ad v es fr u Th tax aeror's book with
,')ni' a corsi rng':c.r mand he now, PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE L g*l w"" i'. '..'-l loyalty. I' ;. By FRANK W. LOVERING h Ind'ling more than 175 paperr .Tu sN, to ."y (8, o ordif btalta. . o n current tax roll was taken o
iI' am-.' Ftill 'tzllt of t gi, l By FRANK W. LOVERINQ P Indling ml'o tha- 17 p1p1 .1 9 1 t ,o
rtP 1 i 1111tA11CK HEAlt Iii sh- L It g 4i, +
r,0 l >atIti.-n .slate poark nemir SMu. ON JOB us Jon oCf Are in lu aivanini;' IlUMAIROK lEACH, through the Gevrge Mathews ltingepa toent. Motor vecle.of lwere fiued frotm the Key Wet body ie now operate in as aqu
,"),"..... g-ade. tibleaur, 'l-i'tl C, hnear',vy iell, Mluss., June 2t.--SSeckinlf jAdanus sy3'dicaut of (hieag'o. mall hinds Ianld. durig tils ureau, all the rest having been isation board in going over I
14v hli:s ,i ni'putithn fl' kIiw.- le|mthr ginrts .it m I sinin, tr- anotherr writer to build b iln tih'..: I didn't get much of a chance period total lled2. obtalnld from Tallahassee direct, assessments; and at the same ti
ing '.!r*. 11he bhsit ishing t ing thi. tuj A.eIt.ied rere.. i mar ildt, if bright t n c(liss. north a publicity triumvirate for to talk with "Brownie." But while The nniber of virh'le is according to report of A. T. Triay, hearing any complaints that
secvtonI i). l rit W(Ru(I' st(d S i'SOI ti HOUSTON, June 2 1. -' irge he (itir ts n. y Wet, journeyed 40 i)ils he was directing rud streak of' own l inude ,1 cars, 24 state auto license inspector, on hi's be entered relative to adjust n
I ,;',, .,... .. ".CiO,, (i> t r~Mal, a R.. .a -n ,e o ;V'1.. .. .,,.;. W,. '"' to in el aml greet again one r i down the North River in front of nd 27 buses. Thi. 1. the show. ed of 1,082 pleasure cars and 112 .
thi 1':. r h o lt i hi re 'r iuie. | iunaager of Governor Smithl today ldy r irls l lik I' gi tl, ai blo to 1n ,t.l(,ie ii' authors oni i his tiImtr pluce here, I con. Ing of traffic both wvays for tilhe trucks. rV 1u A
.. ........ ...... ;opened Smith hladquamrltrs in tIhc ).it,,isIl tiind.,r lth' t .. i I-' ilear.' st stitfr, Royal Brown, who I'vinced Mrs. BI rown that a trip to tint, mentit,' d, For hire car and bus tags are
RTS r samtte hotell where Senator i ,hnies. llc" n, ,tl tt hi i i y- ltor ins appcur acth montl in Key West would ssure them both The Iei.Cliii lri consisted always issued from Tallahas see,
STEAM RE O established offices several days |eo ,'.th r ,l. .t i ""1 ,opolitun oir t"he 0ed Book. 1 wealth of' mater l for use in of 2,1f car, 1J 5 truese 0 'the official showed, but for one t
110.4 *v( l t, tIir n the h:zy newspaper days f ---.... ------- trailers, 1 motorcycle, 14 buses reason or another quite a number
MUTINY A ARD girli soCm It I v ,i'i a younger andt more active wi;' (Continued no Page PJv) and G.7 pan aers. of individuals her se to have
N D Itcpresentatlive Co(rdell Hull is; She t l lulr l'e; hli ..-. Outgoing 2,095 cars, 149 trucks, preferred sending to Tallahasse
'a guest at the unme hotel. but hejt' ,ry as .....lithas not opened headquarters, tt, I .'u, ,.,lub, .. ,, ,,n4 !Il JU 0.$LAVIA t chil It.fl t:Lu e" and 7,024t pasoengcrs. 3 "I wa greatly disappointed to TE F BV
IIRI4'l'.A MADr TO srET FIRE yet. td d~ i i''COLONEL COLLINS JUGO-SLAVIA 020 psengars. fi s g
T'RCCAT'lS MADE TO SET FIRE yet. ',,t. o, L. i.I tiau ,ii v.)"VlL VdLll A JUSV+ ,I it the ompletlon of thl' find so many automobiles in Key TREASURER OF COM.
Se atst fur 1t-.80 delegate. ,av\.4etc. T.vI .y i.- ,I *., I,. ," APDP INTtD A MOUN S D AT I, yVac-usU stretch of the highway ,West till bearing 1927 license MITTEE
Or AUITIALIAN 1),..e.n assigned with the tmhminihi ,: h',,,"' o i i'tt l i';"t'' i1'ri1L. MOURNS DiATH .n to be complectud and afford. pites. a*id Mr. Triay.
LINFR -itllfe ho i.ig put ona the iC 'c I 11', ti't ihi I l'i' 41 iw1 two bho't ferries instead o "Monroe county i the sole --
c ,li..tuin fu r the dIemocrule ct). AItIe present long haul, it is confi- benefloiary of the revenue derived ,le Ae,..ti.( i.
ve'ntioii whiht is jusit five days ;u. with i,., 1 i U I dou,,ly betived that traffic cove'. fron the sale of auto tags here; As ,,
'CCt Inn.,nCe off. a]rv'',. 't't t "'y -- ing th ame period neCxt aea'o it is thl only elngty-lin the stats pkASHINTN J ie 21.-
',)., lt!, Ci,>.)I,, .1to,,. 1. I. Van Namue, prdleted lh fi-o A.- I. i' , l,, ,, n l ,will show a tremeai oui :,ili, tat gets this 'ntofey back, and i. Nut,, C gland banker, g
'II. .\iiiiiin U'iCm10 itlh iltioi o f Smnith on an early mal-.i' l tnli,. r.'ll t, itI 11 ra'l 4t PLANT CITY MAN TO SU(C'; OUTBREAK IS FEARED AS ide oy bag for eaon th tat bureau been appr by ov
lh1r .l,''l.> I Ct,5 rJ'u,.lrl.i.. by wire,- Iot, Indlcatlhtc that he will Col lo" Ii r I 'n o CEl R I Il y mm eMo>RPoS COM l 1< he-o-"ve n th, f ret d
k the nelominl-ation fl tihut n C -' CEED J CII.WIFVORD FO RE'..WUL.T OF MURDERS COM. gie the Wgilasy *gliou tsee to aooetton ai t eaO the
!,..i Ili, ,.,, ii 'i ) llC t thC 'c seek thk the nomination on the first C.ivu,.l tIlh Inw !' ,,.',it 1'.) ii il'. 111 t,* CL' r "C' I atat| ctt' r IMR Et COMo. thesee ,o i o 1 id th iea*
iintinv ,homnl. nrill lthlas eretol call. Whiter, i ..:.r.h. ...i ef mb l. gi. WHO P.ASSED OUT O() tNi MIED Y MONTENEGRIN ---- i g
,; t,.,,,-.. MONDAY DEPUTY r ,. ,. i a p
,lI'l.,. er.. rem, ,r, III ,,. ,,,l--i,, Aver bene4a P IanrE la-. of ?ew York c
""" '"' '"" "''"A"R"L S"U"'""EDS ;!'A l"'011101y symp"" "1 10". litd r vt 49%n "ii :i ^nt h ." o..ter s1ur ote1 c
'1 n i C.nt C'iIC'' l if f l. 'tar. t*, ls I it ti -' 1- Civrove rnom' J .ohn WV. tirti f a money ntbacktob dddto t with republican leader to
t. vi the 'vppontmnt <:' i."ho.n.'.l irln puty. IS NOW MIS. -te county's highway fund, it behind closed doors, but ind.
, l,. D n "m,,. it!," with fa ni ;nld C dolin Vivian L. Collin of lal Ao ri killIrd depui was shown. No other county in lons are the candidate mha a
l'e,' to o 'lo. r..'' .an trci '(. nol t, i, IC City. us adjutnt general of PFlor wbhdetl fnr .J.SIv of SING IN. FRENCH the state operates under similar plete slate of committee off
S'ririTril ifo 1"' "i I inc'" i l ilar 'ucceediig General J. (Cifford Inlu'tin ye sterday, was a-- PIANF. u rrangeenti made
i eltd Pres) n wh.I h l l ntl pl)irov'e ~t u.ter, who died Monday Upon taking the matter up with
K. C. HUT -ODANCES I rt,: T JuI . Th, .':tAn)'s. OnI- litlr. girl imtl tin T'I' nppointe'nt of Colonel h incd todmr t" n c'l,. l'CE _,-- tile sheriff's office here, Mr. TrJay -e(t-
l,.st,,4l Until Mr. l ii ,r h tdi re o di fic',,t, hnal thr tntedha"r i'ollins is djutaInt gen Oral wU r. said he was Informed that due to A Us h (',rlo.-ll Returns From 'rice l Hln from Prin ho h,,,,a .\s tht I, l fro. In;,, which 'rqu ire him to tb,, ; velh0v of v. ,',rlv'% t",;,r:d,, I'AKRI, Junt 21. -The French deputy was maintained and that
New York ,rl, orr I niun -trown .rhoolhunse th1'- girl was cryin. inlifid to .hold the rank o he dthad t ni.l woundel ,n ministry of iia!, ordered the the force is not sufficient to TO D A Y
prinCc. leu>. H<'enry put hr tninrm urouiil li)rigaidier wnmoral, and have served tld i iu este m bv the i taourg nd the di handle the tuation.
S... ...-- .-..... -i+- Ielein, as tlhe desettrted wiij of' it' r .d Iul'cuinptninIl l'r lm thl noth lass thn five years in the t1 i 1 sn l v t h boat; o Quentin Roosevelt to B le ur county keepui an of- M
..'... -...-.--.---- .-.. (Crol filed c formui petition Lwo lin, .n.'oli: "N',.vr' l-'Midan National Guard or seen ients who are in l ti. o 'h boat uentitelt to ficer on the highway all the time, i
NOIE tCTlS t Iweiks ilno ICla Cri nl taeo m.ind. the tLiiul:h'r wmn Iurd inl- i service in the World War or erot ution. A liart .u' to Spizben immediately to and it would be an easy matter
NOTICE SCOTTISH Iontlist. didn't nit, ia hl' what shle il." I Spanish-Amcrican war. CImhial iIet has resigned, and thle Ihell .carch for Ituaol Amund- for him to pick i*p these delin- FEATURII
i R ITE M A SO N S I t w as la't. rid ii,. l, .. n t. u',' *. ' --------- y i iflent is taking p'rc4uu ions I' .o U i l"i h wu l ^a .it+i quentI if instructed to do so," the IIVTTu, ntDvC 'I
R'.E MAiONS 1llglu'h .h w nttiwiu ,Ltu, Inr' Iloo"v',ti, 'ii wo-| NOTICE, PYTHIANSI Int stohrtkKa thlo rsu uic (ullbaut" m m reui'h ie vlslting offIal ge sted., I BETTYI BRONSO
afSth r r his expulsio frmanhooul, tcnowic tlu l.ndetr ilr --- plitiS attempting to aid the Monroe county's returns froti ---
Npeclal communication South- o te' him expulsion from EItg- .th ou e ti ,o' . o .... e, pidch-nts. tradedd Nobile party, i thMonroe of automobile rur bring
ern Cross Chapter Knights of land. tile (lil'l SCOILC v,,'otiig of Coral CIty Lod e'. I: t .. .oie party1 of automobile t1s bring
ome Croix tonight at Scottisofh She vient Im'oi tihe t)'n to at-; riirhts of Py1thias, will be l -et------- in many thousands of dollars a ade b e p of Za
Mit.e hal l o at 1a o'loh :l tend tlt. fltdgi Stmlnf'ord lu1i- it Castle Hall Thur-ity lght, ann ui KINGS BAY, June 21.-Cheer- year, and it the county needs *' "VlblU Amersan
Rite hall at B o'clock. A FRESH SUPPLY OF / vrn'sity, IInd w\' the fimrt Tunelli 21, at 8 o'clock for the I ed by 650 pounds of provision I money it should see to the eullec- d tWil Herse *es' M t A
All candidates must be present. 1 liurlgical tldegree awitrdt'd to n 'pross purpose of' noniaJtion of I' 1 I" dropped upon the camp by Major iton of these funds, in the opinion ls* water tha t tih more a
Vhiting brothers. invited. Bird Seed Gravel Iwomnlan at Ithe iititiit on. It w i.of.t-iCe for the ennlt te t term. I. a le Ca Maddalnna, Nobill today sent of Mr. Ttiay, who aaya that the tst atb t1 wser--l-l W
W El .,IT Wis Mste. t noild Fish Fool Ithxre that she nat anI iarri'cd V-itimng brethren are cordially. further radio directions for rentue state bureau gets practcally north. ... ... w r ..
llW. E. HUTON, M r. erbert Clark Hloovvr, and It i.-. invittl to bie present. A lpIIaie Jmsitor Woman's Club of the stranded party. There has ing out of it and does not feel a e* he like of wle
A. G. LUND, Secretary. KEY WEST DRtUG the S rd he uSford -miint that they. PRANK DALe, A siion- l100, Lasdies Free been no flither news today re- justified in ending men down i'v na'lreir 5et .
_.............. ....__ h,,v 1hh.ih" h.i' mt, t.,diyv. .1Ju n 12-20-21 K. of 1p. 1 . grdingf l Rodnld Amundson. here to handle the situation. \_...... ____-I_ _--
" . .... . . .

S Jt'







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na 1

"'7,, .
*> LZI' N ,/ ";


- --~r~CI~rC ~rr -I -- rr

__ __ _~_ ___

;.+-.. '".,


Fur 49 Years Davu~ted tO the
1zltereitis of Key Wost



MIje Rep M.zt oZt (ifiva
CI' lI'ZU ~ 4 %1 l4'114 '4. 44.

I i (- , I I ,: ; I ,( i ,..!II j
if s 10 4frI I4 IlI %%%m- ItoI d I I *.

V I) % 4I4'It~ 4'll I 44I '

i(i I)il FN ( A 1r4 jiN,'1V1/CT IZ


W11,ill. aiaj seek the truth^and pgnat 01,
I' f-l-t: Md WIthout tavijr; never be
it-lti to attack wrong oir to applaud right;
iIdWAY4 fight. for progrexia; wve r be thu o(i-
'1 Itor the i~o .uthpisova 4Jf any, party, eOlilule,
t o (r class; alwaYs (ilt)1(ItstlOmhst fojr the
pIMlit-welfarb; swvar trip'ace c'trruptlon or
.d)J41tjen; de-nounce, Vve .Andl iralimevirtue;
vornmlenfl, gmid done toy iflilividitel or organ-
;'Ktiotli; I oleratit o(ifiihours' righitx, views and
opinions; print only news that will eOevotte
slrd not contaminate the reader; never V10.
promise with principle.

'I, t'
rook,']1i I19/,
i, hlau t

bhe *

ioilorn girl Illay al u,,( liii' w o

tip thl (anl it fol. t

Il~syliatiC I

hi.y .
hIt j.


T''l 111ma who i lilt up :1iililh, l'l'i ln ti y hitlir
,ritaln H l pun ti/ntl industry, |rolbi)hly hlas t s+on who
i nViII lt a -ne l's1 u t ihro'yh hi:i .,. lilty It hai ra t

W ill ri o!;-er. ia: ilth tr Ita p ophi et or I ad i l ill-

a' aJli alI I'l,
hit, ('a fluat annotin' ed tha t ib -it li' T iviii fa

In t' 11 1'-r < l;'t" I ll \VoIII('i % %\V r UT l ) (,d In
Iil ul f'latiron t it nfii'sttisft'; toryl hul.bainrd binut
I t, r lin. I i l t,,i A ,uitl III I a'more likA'ly I t lI w itlhiiI
r 'rt'h now.

A y iV aiti' it' lihe ( :li llil. hild I a l I'n'r our

',., 1 h r i n'l I'rv if tail aw lV frol m ll lI ti al tIi i x

\ l I'-I' At' lint"- m ah.ll h:l invv 11 a phoil m(.-
I 4' i a- I l' id l \ which i w ill Ilo l, th sixth'l l l it .
.',:,. IOlay vl s,,nIiv,.ly. 'hu of.:: CrII' Ii,(;ki,.

S pil' )i "' lhi." y'uy \w, i't '>rpor iell ltd 111 111 41-
' / : ,'l 1r 11::, lull. r, n'lr l il" :. 11 thI, h r'l '.Sllll II :|i h v'I t(.iII
t,, rv,. nt ll ilc.I @. l ol n .D flh ..:- s|ril)e piict y v
l'l i,. . ,ii lIai l i \'l ii l l la l t

1 hl ..':1 Al 111 1 1' ) liIl V w ho .npI i t,111 I v v 11
'o ,,1ili I ll ill I \vo hi noil h I)\, lv p a irit Kx 'hl onll 'r,
i I' 11' li trI ; ill 1 4h ,i i' ,h i .a r .\ him I ovi' r ill
aaIIt l 0 tii i holt' IIv,

I I t ''a t I i'lil ;i I lit ar I ' i t ) l.'lir'it' l 'hin t tilita''
I I i tal t Oh En lish 'coll bit, alv
S.. l' h,'ico ',, ll w 'll A 41 IH'| oi' il < Ih A a I t I l'lu, rida ti I raI rfi' vinlatiot :.

I ,o nrii l-' thl in r p; lof hI ,! ,o rb ll \'v, ; :I
.',., ,f oi' joy, a? il ,if ntr i ll h, nth rivaII l o, ~nlit'
fl i n-il h) l inclt t11 lt 1 r,i. :l.rl. -d In KI',ey W e:-',
it ',loha fhly mi'a -i soim oneIi iocat 1 it somi-thint g.

Thft y ar1're vil( In' t ilo h h ]aIw eamYininaltion i hi
IHlh at, T'iallaas-ee f and tlaboutt 100 will ask 'for
licen.,,e to practice. Accordingp to results in IlI,
past, 11 lar'Fi perrentapef of tbhin will fail, ufil
eno.i'hi will ftL licef'Ol to miake o11n wolilndel' hi\v
all of thin'm arpe going to make a livirig, lonllil'' lif
the nmnibirr already engaged ;n Flomida.-Lakeland


The'li cu' stol o ly wvhi h s wolir toi
'll I' li ti l I gndl grown on mmen1 (' emeiint, dauy,
v. i:- I rulle in thousands of colleges un
cliusil, is a quaintl ,urvlvil of ancient t'dliltion.
Ji ;thI s -litmck I.tI' l i tini w ihen stulentl, wasI a very
-c, Dlhlasli V om,'1 pI'rsiil. He' dlrl'w i o m' I''from th(
\v.rld in ,|'ir0 r toI dvtc hii ** iv'n IheirBht Do tihr
iif.- ; o lf irin'lllllg.
It was i'r ublyti thv up- hiti itt wpuritw: it cap
Ihld ow il wuil hP to, sl hu t im apart frot l the
ii'ti nl t iil) f rIll'f ullitilol rnua fotu lks, u1l d si lity wlithi
hlii: inti l \v:I too si' l'h loln philosophy and litertlLur
L. pi.,y aitlntinbi t' h rldirl'ary Illunoiille things. The
I. 'ail 'rn,.- i l' lthe' lull fi'i k wown lt nifiefttd ht' intil'tn ,
tul, it siin' lt hiv riouinitiits w\il\ h which h de' vote'l
hiI,-olf t,( sludy.
T'ili' th Il li ll' ll l oilla li, i n; '1+ar tlia IetI ,ison' ,
ever ,s 1i6in 1 O1' cI e nI t larlt'rl to tI l i Illtmll ttt i ruth
which so iehidil him, Heenis an infinite distance re-
moved from t ll modern student, for whom bIlok
w,'ri'n a 1 kind olf sevcindlary aspect of life.
i Pr'lbably Ihe majority of 1 olleg- s lic donl.s nlt.-
l,-i'ml 'lliIf''I, I t)r. I'ro nl pure dsir', for I learlnine,
int fi'rjmi 11 Ivlfl' 1haitil ith y will mnak( more money,
h:l., l wy will luin ll mciail idvantulie)I''.s, o 1r hiive n
olg o tlime.,
WI, nw id l'eri il KHey Wvestr il 11'twhere'' t
Ir.\ if ,i linfl e tilhoset \vo ti'ti'rligehs. ThI ohIl tillit'
vhalilal \f 0: 'iat ti l : oll. ; i tlh,, l it, I t l lt' O M Ioo el'll o1,1
i- iil w;l'hodlaurly 'eiiy 1hnt,. A ml I lt modern' )s i till
,I:Ki'd), u I'valize t hatl lti I, ook which h li o :rfwltll
flliliu . rellilcta ily, containl lhO W il'l'. bl st11. \vw i.<
Sin S iil :: lh -'tl iiut 'l s i ili l h vlt11 c 1 i l
(if, n l' ,olini(i l 1l.1ay, thel y 'h" l lidl int Ip ll
hi-: l t lir h l -; Ito i hi ll lt I y a hlio lll retain :t I n'-
thill" 4 iu ll ,ih'.ii't I'm .Itr Ih arnilipf which I thi ah i
w,11n ':' hl' lf Ih ir o 'll rli rihri|ed .S. |i ;+sio)atllt l,.


Any kitli i l' fe il trI l't t ,I I s pll I ) It)t"is( lu.ct
ipsyvlihlor' icail pro ld i'l l g''lttilnp ithei peoplih iltt','-
rsi.l.d inll il,. Yi l ml y r'ivf i very fine e it, rt1 lin-
iim t in your r'ily, biul il' nolhing' has bPeen dlione to
I triom: pi ople's intprPs. in thaI liffair, ihe chances
:i'r Ihni you will hIvI1 a poor ho1 i si. liu blic l aipthyi
I, w- ilt i ind 'f itt oi slIllh hlillt iny a olli U'n'pri b
Imts to111 i0ot.
I, is talk';ty:; Io .-,iblle to Itroise people's inler
i-.t bly 'ioint, aboui l it in the right way. (li te I
,l liniim, of a) t* iili lm.'niittim nl. tas retf rred to nbovl e,
i i I*,I' | | r sthiiwt n h that ite performers are
I,',H I do f od hio ll eve|, {r a1d out, of the< usuni,
,,r il' Ih iy tr niioted persons, then l onceI ppopil
, 1, i111+r1'1tlb. 'They do not want to mislls w 'i n
i'pt irf, fll 'iv
Il'hlall nilltbIB 1i' I i'" .An !T-verone 'In Ky o
;IW. O f. f, n ruif i n or
I .. '.. li-'f t (|oii o i tiluo 'it i i1 p- I opicle in it, b
. 'lIn t 'oI )bliblyl ht lku I hmaiy ,in t ii m l's, And, t ,ia r
1,' rilc' mllslan l'l'; it. i: i lil'fitl l, Ito offet' l l ch
mi.rchalis nt a i l. attractive price, Icause. t llt,
uimilh'r ,If Ii:t(KImIrs will prohlitdaly hi so limnitelld
Illl th. i O expens ofl' handling the line is too heavy.
It is ni he Im bli.'s f'ultl ir interest is lack-
i;, |Irf viti( d ll Ihat (he ,'ofds 'II1141 p)rir s ire rfilght.
T 'l p) I,|opf .1l' -1. al\w lys I; toll I hinllt la balr'aiin,
a ld I l 1r valley r'njoy lool,1i1 wI.'o r :!lrictivt
"*ii i;' ;ti1l Idll ,ill", i' t he y I'e(.l .ilih to .
I ,llv r 1 a w ll u lv.i-tised I .Lnore kli p I 1 .
l;,< I.ilv intfut trd ill its lines till the timu i'iere
I Im bli ;i. lal htil lu i ird stichl ; 1 hlio e, tlid I o- )
ple 1 i, ii larl 1 iIIlolx ti'.s to .es(- ii l hlily I he ad-


'I'li' N. illionaIl A itolobliihe Ulndie+'writ'rs' t'oli-
'nr ,r i.i-' :hla irin l ia nlll ioni wid\ move ii 1 iltI
*t p l I| :l,lr;alinl of I ut omll0 ll)obiles. T[|''S+ thel'Lt
) \'r' h,(nin, tr htloroul/hly or(a''ni'/.fd blins ess, nuiid
il i. lir, 1 'fr a nation wide drive to stop it.,
V\ilth ,.,,|siderabily over '20,000,1100 automo-n
i, h.l inv e, in th,, [tniti+d Stn1s, it is an imposiblhh
;ii,,pil : iltin tn lo'lp watch of all of l1hem. And or
',,rii if r;i ownrI s I ad to o to < I!uch t.roublh,
. ipri'v tllh ir' ri,'-ht In n a I.r hel'orl they could .'t
il r,'-i:1'r1d, tlhcrn wouhl be a1 lot of' eminplhilnt,
(a'1r,1ul watch olf suspicious )persons who dis-
p,-o of stolen ''rs ought to mIake this business '.
)iodl d anl r>'yw, h(-r, ,.s(,' cun do something'to' cheek
Is Ir t anl;nl, by hfvin,' 11 ('.o d lo k o e ilt on his;
\n\l ;llr, anlll looking his ('iir whenll h11 hltv,- il
is : *.h.n i wlufr 's he- f irlt r, plaii'ilhh.


'I th' 1 t.1'.' ol' f g its a modern ci .pi, ''roin it;-
i,1):l-iiious l ,iw"hilii g a littll. over a1 hundred yoar:
" i' it ha Iteadily progi rt'ew ,l It t Vh|' -xtnt thlat.
John I'. Muilln., of tlh IINvtSti |li t HI nl.Ar; .\ : .
ri:.liiii rf America, rev 'ently 'aid lhalt tll- i.s hu-ii
a d:-, 1 its sec.Iuriti' 4 show n stuble val O 1t1t1 1en-
lilhs o hrinl, t o l rank with Ui h hl+,.l of l ii li.i ultillity

The n1an|fnclitured gas induh;;lry ha1i not 1'4-
porldt 11 (I dereanle in ai ual ,V le. t or rivt-nie in 21
,\ 11 .Sull s hla\<' illN icr'w ed li;'2 per c lntl ill ;ii
y !i)r o iu spite o 1' ofa jitpul itliohi i T-'.icre .. f uof bul l 0
lper cent. Sixty million proplr* arW now Flid l.a buy
a; nd, anl il. has 21,0(10 ind husrial n:"., Yet, in in
diitltry it.i life hai; barely begun; the fLture is be-
,.nd pr'edirtion.

2 1"

__I______~_ __ __

I l.', l- 1: (e '' t.,i M ,t'arl.nduhlasi
TIN S.11N(;I.ES i

I', :t \' ;'l ; 1 a:01 1a
I,, ..... lu l ta i '
l;, ;,,,,, 1 u ;. I 1. IlO C r j

4 I'Itt-'u i : ) j
Wiloiri nd Caroline .a. S I


NOTARY Punfi.C 1

Rpsidence Phone R77



23c each




Phone 16 A. F. Ayala, Sales Mgr.



"FLYING FORTRESS" IS "-- --. .. .. -.- -.
TERM FOR PLANE S F Of 000 (8YOD18ter
TERM FOR PLANE Vase Of Flowers Good arometex,
(fly A41shalntfel Pr'all)
e. i(), l,\,i-..,+ J .... Says Engineer In Health St.dy
On:urh ', !.V i: l* .." i: ,ntle -
IIIIiI -.. l or it)v ',0 o or, June 2l--"1ff rei,
l 1.. it,, v im :i s :I I N. 'lwit ;l i1, O not. ke e i well In y% O r
rolr A0e\ 'ici Thei, 'l'i. I h'Iit I'. t flb1 It IN u direct Indlel tlol out t
i.s. i.s a nt KL vysltono I.L ; i ir In the room doone nolt on l
hobtiibilni i' ir|>liinoe, vw iglin.; 'I li.\ 1enoutgh i'olvture tor7 harper
aidl i htl l'l, n and s ii ('I)lla if i' briiithlillf," .sayi u J. M Qia J iiaI Q aid
(I e rryinp' 2:,1 ,00 poi lis of oil,,,, i,. 11i 0ngtiwer who reo tintly made b. '.u '
h'l'h 1.1 i;V -aulthlo f a : '1+d .tly of proper health emr diton
l h.a ,12 il t \ llT l e o eir words, a valse i A flower"
wh nIi llvl h l:1,h I inaiid :wa i l. ilt I a fIne baroueter, r
to n l11e bloin rii tl at l "Slatih lut ho-w th t ee.te-thli of r
; elr o l ,l l fret'h The it ir uil ill erhulh I tIkthe ltt d states n t
) 7rr u wi o 7 iiil ddireetly 10 dilseIise ot the '
felt andl is eiquipped+ with tng'in,'B rieipiratory orgaiis, uchb a tuber. '
, i i -,(5 lo ow r rllotia, pneumonia1 alltk tlatteeua." .
For dlvf',.,mlive .ld ofein tiv | I breathold lto thel body, its toad. '
p ')ioii ,)> this lIat --t typ<' of honlh- ,..,,y h to dry the autace o the .1l r i )'r ,y" "
lii lliti4, h i-i a l wilht fi ve, I ll)' 1 IIp1 0 iio-' -NIl to dry the su tace of ,he
IT is iiin4l withli five mnchiili n ,'niMri0 rae314 it pase a en its way to
ri'iis, iths 1a Iit omphll i rui lio( 1 1) equip- i lung, ai L it thlo manner to
nment,l fl);o. for hnifh, lt ling inr i'nt uO Irrnitatlou which belies
carries t of rivi' Mo n. i, (u i hobi i od fer geloPoIrm
The. of,, If l' i i'V p l nlel i, II "l'" ieallrunt of oisturb theai r
i, .'11r th( ht hit l yin' i f l -i 1 01 hold, depenldis on1. the te pelu.
.llHll it l .v li irll :'Iyi :.i re. A oublc feet of air at 0
I iv! o, tt .' (',itii lt jI:o tlih I,-i ll i t p *aiturtt (Par.ihttt), i
-'I ) it' lI.h l aniny, snla:iml t:j at V II hiold about 0 Igrati of moa.-
|l, oley'i i t' l ;1 I. lEachi pilot is rI'- I tre', .at O & d greea about etlu t i
't"lth1(l III ar.!. v'rill.en l (porl,' ("'iltH l iid at 'w ro about oae-half
t Nl liti f'lyIin l iIilii('! i ,' thlu' a grlaln. "Cold air brought is tke home
Ie, iits s- cvast of 4ntrol, ry air, of couue, gathers moI t. a-nd irtilloally heated ofte not
i, : tin't frort everythIng with which it cotualtn e1au. moltture for gCi(t
I;0(' 1o' f 'i tn,l a)id ti (tlt0e 1 cw1If'll i contlet Whe fl owners health, and therefore the mean or
n'i tsary i'r It "tkikeoffi. ai "at.ietud lia duiy air, therefore, the wonan. whol t centemaplatil bujd-.
I.. e.luiont from theo lI ve lIn- Ing or remodeltin ia 1heia this ll* wl
CAA A t i'eu.nt it suetiL a rate that the mer should take this bite sceouaint
lCANADtl/AN GIRL a l.ri arr. linot able to absorb the4in1 Piirovide for mobture 1m the
IS FUR TRAPPER I ,1' Ili, ths' val* t1%* enough to hlietlag plalit, if th(i cilCnne be
*' . -ot .. ] h. e flowers fro ,i U .tint itone, tilln .x'eollent bLtubstituto Ia s le
i ,..i'i i prs v 1 l h Il ap nsIt, it means thea I plucliUh of palls or hiucltais in. te
l .)\10N'TO N, A lia., .June 2 1. i' t (.t' "hlK m Ilature for K 'ood1 il IuinI. I I.l' in h.aill i rlle <-.4 r Vith
--Ot)i lsmIarli t 1till' Wily fox m1'1a0s114 t kl.hi v L-r "
-iro u d lu lt If t 'r tiol M iss h a i i .
S(', n ,r l, AI yo, ,,oldi A hll -
.1iir(; mo kiowi W fox>u 8i ONSTANTINOPLE AS !|)r'tt flilnlt, sich a 'rlile hiu-
kawn sk lling i yotyt, lynx *t POPULATION CENTER Ie'lhtnil "Il Msl'n iildeal contlilioi
lvr' liil' wI s Th l" 'luE" " .h. .t U' 4 1'i.r mout.laritii ( l ommlll'eret. Tih oI P.i'r inuibitl lretill 0i p n o111 o lsli A .- ssoa-4 Prp -, no watev r link i. Ithei wol11e like
fI hur. CONSTANTINOPLE, Turkey, the t losphorus deep elnoilih for
Slit t l ,i I to I'tt'ppvihll since she' it- can v iit' lnd sa unoutt :h lii'
a tsh.i v as t .it. \hl the lIT 21.--'hat there is everyI8 1twis schooners s
c-n tol ('iiit i, t 1 h<'r fa"th ir'. nVysical reason why Coustan- "I'm not q(tilified to predict
ihomistloudi in iiitlhlrn A lberhl., tinople should become the greatest i what ( the Turks can do with their
h ii' was lour 'I.Ir I' il center of population in the world, i golden opportunities, but I be-
Ill'r tr.iaps tr' -spi' d u t I 1 l u Sin n strpsasi New Yorlk ndl L(i- livJ.v Lthaut th time is ripp f'l Amil.
ttiiit ,1t i 'irlh, illwit h Ii t el.1ilet' d i, iN the belief if' (Codfirty 1 01,itu I o ) -lp Itll ) devpoltp th1+'
w'iullilliis lilt, fallih'i".a loelin tid: Lotell Cabot of loston, promllnelt .1as slhen1 i teh) is dninnp iiero't",-
lh( in oi r liin will ol' ii Miiiat 'e, m,' I and tri veler, inaly now."
sh l'fllowfn hor line. IDurl', his 'rermit visit herer,. I -- *----.
-..-.--- I. C.lhot Maid: "I have traveled PRrACIIER DIVORCED
L A L S rywhe're and I know I am saf
....t--- ---. :ying that no elity ill the "A F NilDAM, l'ng.---Rev. .oIlhn
I% Tilt: (InI ITI' I lV I vI Tl i >' isi phyr, ially so habitable a', N. Iilris wi': ilivore' l liy hiLi
1 Tll ls'I'rl, '1ol :%~n, l. j ln injoplp. No eit.y combines \,ile bIt'(IHIi he loved unoteir we-
,% ') 1'io I M11 4 1 l')o i''',,- ; i doe: I the ifneto'r of a' totn- 11111n.,
w noi (I t ;tlhi Iii' I' ( iao 'h' I I
I1 (*II11riill
I'lal I n ill. I t)i.t t I 'Vl. '11- 1 '- I
*l/,iM Miamiu Key West Bus Line
r'fiaI'tI, ,lio i-.,n.H i:61.L.'e leavee .HI4tl La Cocha .faily at 8:1 'a. m..
' n^ .... ... ':!.^. '" ':.,,' ,-."" r'T 'elly ulBuw ntn ,.Inc. / ,
V,'- '..l,''r tI h l 'ginlg a through service both ways between Key West
vou. thii Ilhl.-r'. -' ,, t I' and Miami by mter bus over the Over-Sea Ferry May 1.
i f.-i tti t 11111.1 vhln iti I.titl ,1are Ta lep thh B.s From Ky, West lIo N NumN e Key
I'i i' lIhl',fl' otut'r- I I h:, I i oii h1'il Trla fie' fo" the rxhilaratilg iile'rry u hide
h l-l1'-l' lll 'li',' h llli1.,.,11'1i1 < 'A Take l Bu t lFromI Mate nlf bo to M iami
tiil 1 "tl vi',llilit1 1'i',l i''lll4 :ti t d i, Comforbahle Busses A Pleasant Ride Reasonable tales
I'ly, .. lb.I "t, ,tho'wilt tt w l1 $2.00 rate Key West to No Name Key and return
it hil tat ll, i' li, r .4i ,0 hillt\. will-a 1 I, ut;i l-
II iwI (lih- I- ii- I tt I .II
h ir h a uaIbli, vhoa a ,'a :,a,'t h VUi Iw'- I i *-- - --... ..... .. . .-- .-------. ..
h-1 t ''iiti'a; ni tll t't. t '.'I. ll 'l'ht' *, !e e.' '. ,i'i::en e ee eee.e e e e
,',1 ill '-iIii I 'tai ol Ity t t l it I a -

"' tl,; A 'l : Alhambra Hotel, Miami
WL.I'aM I. 119 Southeast Second Street
7-l-ii1 ,r r',r ( -i p l f4l l: iir. I i
N I fTW ,I l il u I'hT'I IS l I
IN T11 11 E \, .1 I,01 Vti n'r1 |
i.t Itti T.t I ', FInn. Centrally located to the shopping and theatre I
l't',-', i)it1'+% I ',' ... i ...- I Ii-- 41
I t'iI~lll 'l r \1 .M l .11 I 'r'l II 1 I -
ii at li... nnini .Iaion Fivst Class Service and Real Home Co.nmforts *
lit a t I ii *

I al l ;III I' l'l-lil'll I*'. Ia"'- ,r ( .-a' -t' i I I -

li-al i:. l ft H elp T h e S cou ts
t. 1' ll tl ii|','lt .- i','t" Ii a1 a |",- i r l11 I "
at. l i.l i ,.- l ,;i 1, I, lI ,,a li il il l, -
T 1'. lllh I -1"11111 .1O 1101 llh .
'.,i, .\i 'a 01'i \1 i- \ iht ; a a' I I1t. 1 ,a 'is,
.i ltl'I.' ", 't ii iTh, Annual Stt r La S of Tl Ky
....... ...... Electric o. s Now On
I ., ,,AAnhr i l r, i

.. ri-. .... West Electric Co. Is Now On

Inv &6e49t01 P0re" ) mny infect a
CIIK-AO, June 21.-An ob. dn't scratch
source dvertisemont inserted In the safeand'
the classified section of n Chi- -
,ago newspaper brought together l ANT!
18 BrIltinh gills n a war bride'
club. They all married allied snl-
diers during the world war.
Mrs. Loy Maloney, English-
)horn wife of an American army
captain, conceived the notion for C F
transplanted war brides to band
together. The response to the
advertisement was instant, a dozen
British girls being linked in the WYi
club by the common honds of birth
and of niarriage to soldiers of the
A state charter has been obtnin-
ed and- the club has launched Into
a program. Mrs. Phylls Sheohani
is president of the alub and Mirs.
Gertrude Draeyi' e secretary. The b

FRENCH WOMAN OF 83 engaged
(ilt Aioninledi Pre e) eadclitt
BT. ARNONT-EN-YV winesS , 1
France, June 21.-Madame ljor- be 8 ser
going, aged 83 years, has Just been
decorated for bravery. n i ii
Mie. Beriolin was canteen keepll-
er with the Seventy-third regiment lfig 'lt RI
dat'inog the IFranco-Prussian war operaIti i
and Is one of the few living sur-
vivors of the war of 1870. p)loye(s.
Taken by the enemy on the St.
Privas front, she was confined in flu a
it Prussian camp for three days. which w
Woman' wit plus a 'crfty a idnriin-
istratio orf Homo.< of the famous F w()' 4(1
Il'rencl'h w n'iln s o' l ltuli d her re. ,1'.,S SL('I

WE OFFER YOU right to.1



SERVICE fulfill
know t
MIAMIfllt th

28 N. E. 3rd St. i eby
MIAMI, FLORIDA 0llp.-il"Y,

Quality of,1Whl< L R

f Willt
eas You KeyV

rie most delightfully located and appointed year round
SMotol in the city. 0
Our dining room sptcializes In a varied anti excellent assort-
meant of foods,
Sunday menu's carefully prepared for Key West folks who
dine otot.
Wlihmer Parties and llanque4 Invited


We are not in the business of selling
investniflt securities, therefore we
have no axe to grind when we offer
our elionts free investment service. We
ar deeplyy interested in protecting our
emmwinity frnmr swindlers and from.
unwise investments, and for 'that- rea-
sonfl wO place at your disirsAl the heno-
fit of our knowledge and experience
in selecting ihnvectlments for your sur.
)l1us funds. Call an'd consult us at any

4% paid on Savings Accounts


THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1928.

p~imple or insect bite,so
li 'o get rid of' tem In
tilckest way-just apply



th your

s Man

msfineqm we are
SIn Is a puhlic

is to Provide
L! lldd i'l3j(1id--

WQIves the ifltel-

11 Of our em-
TPhey are the
factor I I P o)'i~
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I-viet-, anid u-

all-lic 11:1.9the
(expvct courtesy
fitaelfigenl. ap-
[M OT Dl.,4 needs.q
re 6)11r first ohli-
andf "'e strive to
hem because we
ahat in fulfill..
e~re. li(es a full
Sof satisfactiOnl
I I eC e"s, shared


West Ivivslon

-- ---- ------- -C----C -- ----

I -






WilliaM C. Harris, 75, faami
liarly kwown as "Soanli Harris,'
doid at 3 o'clock yesterday after
noon at the home of hi daugh
teo, MVmr. Edward Alhertus, 1218
Sottth street.
Burial will take place this af
termton withthe funeral fram hi
late home, SLB5 United street, t
the Lay Memirlal Methodis
church* where the service will bi
conducted by Reverend A. F. Elt
ridge, of the Congregationa
Survivors include the widow and
eightt children, Miss Minnie Har
vil, Tampa; Miss Manle Harris
Mrs. James Curry, William Har
ris, Mrs. Edward Albertus, Mrs
Bernard Waite and Chester Har
Mr. THarris was a pioneer citl
eon. He was horn here and( rear
ed his family in this city. Hi
last business activity was.,that of
a realtor. For some time he wa
a member of the firm of the Har
ris & Panpe real estate agency
The funeral will be under the
direction ol' the Modern Funeral

(lty AMmoolaelied Prem)
WASTIrNfTON, June 21,--Ai
the houi's of work decrease and
Iho leisure hours increase iamong
Aimericin adults, more knowledge
is sought. lt iati lverstfles anid co0l
lopes through Lthir extenslion land
eorrespotiilence courses.
'riTe liVdicral ILho'reiul of Edliwar
tion recently learned that 181
university ies are (oeiliidting exten-
slun courses for anliltts, while 101
iHs t'in t iwf it l e .i ('o4 vfi t', f('it
(*orrespoidet tlititl.iinrs proIvil4e hlni e readlisB
TIa rceit., youtrs the increase i
the iininelr of aduIlL stiMLen.ts whI,
attend night schools and study
special courses iby orresynadenee
has been great, and the bureaui
predicts that since thlie mases are.
devol inl mn.w reno imeto study the
poAPlea at whaie will be greatly
ben $ttted,.
*-**- *'**; ** ******* e,


Statipas Tes. 8 A. M
Abilene (clear) .................80
Apalachicola (clear) .......82
Atlanta (clear) ..................776
Boston (cloudy) ................ 58
Buffalo (rainin .) .... ........ 6
Charleston (clear) .. ... 86
Chicago (cloudy) ....... ..... 66
CArpus Christi (cloudy) ..78
Denver (clear) ....... ..........50
l)odgeo Cit.v (clear) ............4
Duluth (fQggy) .........44
Eastport (clear) ................ 54
El Paso (clear) ............ 72
Galveston (pt. cloud) ) ... 8
Hattera l (clear) .............82
Havana (clear) .. ............ 72
Helona (cloudy) .....48
Huron (leanr). . ... .. 1(
Jacksonville (,chr) ... .... 80
Kansas City (clear) ..... 70
KEY WEST (clear) 83
Little Rock (raining) .... (o
Los Angeles (cloudy) ...
Louaisville (cloudy) 8
Miami (pt. cloudy) ........... 78
New Orleans (eloar) .....7
New York (eloudy) ......... 2
Pensacola (pt. cloudy) ... 80
Phoenix (dear) .. ....... 18
Pittsburgh (raining) .... 68
Rosehurg (cloudy) ....... 54
St. Louis (cloudy) ........... .
Salt lake City (pt. cloudy) 70
San Francisco clearr) ..... 52
Sit. St. Marie (foggy) .. 52
Seattle (cloudy) ........... 58
Tampa (clear) ....... 82
Washington (raining) .... .."66
W illlston cloudyy) 4... ....'.4

Purifies and
Enriches the Blood




124 lavel' St. Phone GM.W
WM. CATES, Manager
L. - ... .. --


n** ******************** KEY WEST BOOSTER

****106466090 (Continued from Page One)
Havana Passengers
E The steamship Governor Coldl the authors' marts of the north.
arrivinit from Havana yesterday She said her husband might be a
afternoon brought 142 pasesn- hard chap to tuyn Into the realm
gers. The vessel also brought of travel literature from the up|
small shipment of freight. to now pleasant paths of fiction,
* and In response 1 painted a glow-
Dance Tomorrow Night Iag picture of G(eorge Allan Eng.
The Junior Woman's Club is land's quick and able shifts from
sponsoring a dance to he held to. fiction to travelogue and back
N morrow night at the Coral Isle again,
Casino. A competent orchestra Only time can tell whether I
F. has been engaged to furnish the haVe won a third "ambassador"
s music. for the Island C'ity, but the game
o *. was "worth the candle," and I
t Scottish Rite Meeting am trustful and miy faith is still
S' There will be a special coan- strong that Brown may turn aside
municatlon of Southern Cross from his speed boats long enough
I1 chapter Knights of Rose Croix to trip it down to the keys and
tonight at Scottish Rite Plall at X -gain and thereafter give a broader
1 o'clock. All candidates must be view point of the world, and of
present and vialsting brothers are Key West in particular to the
invited to be tereo., nrth country.
* About'two weeks ago It was tomy
C. Cuba Pem Tam pa pleasure to visit the George Allan
'- The steamship Cuau will 'ar- Etgliands at their summer home
-vive In pwt tomorrow morning in Bradford, N. H., and to tell
.- 4vPm Tampa. The stinmer .villi Key Westers a bit about the lives
leave fon havana on the arrival ol' of these well-known adopted Cayo
s the train from the north tomaor. Hueslans, when they are part
f row morning. from the city of their adopted
s winters.
Repairs To Col Shed You will be interested to know
y A force of men is now en-. thing or two about the Royal
gaged in making repairs to the Browns, who have lived at tHuma.
e coal shed on the government dock. rock eight years and- more in the
l A portion of the roof is heing re. New England summer time. The
placed with new material, while Atlantic shores are sandy here
the structure is also heinp r. where Cape Cod begins. Behind
hlinited. the golden dunesIIt run inlets rt'
rivers, very much as tidal waters'
SDiacot .Stu.d Tenpovearly cOut in between the mainland and
The m-iies ol' dances held at the ot filor lKeysi along the East
K. C. lut every Priday night fotr iast of ttli l'eninsulnr Sttve. On
..omeo past, have been the east, latk ofth i Nortlh I tiver,
continued temporarily owing to not11 muth nl hre tha a nslt north
the absence fromn the city itf ouis o rf the spot whi'r' thl st-orn that,
JC irbonell, IcliM, of the orhichstra in wI1N',ut rrd the u'ashi| l'orti and
that has 'etn fi'irnlfhiinp, t llw' the ) iln) l li ho I i hr r o ando n,
N usvt' di ms ual nide r band new
river nitllh three ndles front tlheI
SAmn c- En ement ,'iriginail ne,n the Browns have a
Mr. and Mrs. Willim I E. NlI. long drawn-tout cottage white and
son, 1211 Pine sttoect, announce Rreen, that stretches nearly 100
the cngagemenanl :)1) 'po<)/t, *J Aw) ti gi Shire,.
marriage of, -their daughter, Miss It is so long dr awn.out, lnd ihas
Jewell Loulso Nelson to Mr. 'Thooen- had so many ald'Itions made to it
44 re E. Motlow, HFfmsted. ear after year, thlint MrIs. thrown
S e weddiing wilt take pWlale in has aptly nanied it "Postscript
tKey WeI'ost at an early date. House." Ml-'. Brown's workshop is
a ey e. at; present the last "postscript,"
SDistributing Literature lint Mrs. Brown says he wants to
Key Weta literature and folders put on two more rooms; and I re-
advert sing the Over-en Hi hwers plied, "You'll have to make an-
nvrtisng the Over a gway other sign, 'Addendua',"
are Ieing distributed to the 13 "Bo l" rtin In
,branches of the Automobile 'Club wt-panted lik the rg st of the is
of California, and the secretary- nw buildings that sprawl othe
Shat written the local Chamber of no8 buidlngs that sprawIlIdng
eC mmerce for B5O more of the said above the river, At the
highwayy booklets. Scores of Call- top of one f them-I think t i
hirnlans are conta mpEltlHt a tour over the dTlin roqni-there hi
Sshlp*, ", n ul |1 4 and r | e, x
ill of -ntorolAl' eve tt oceft 1?1.'talr
*r'm the mainland to this city. .4 a natical touch. From this
S a. t h vawtitage point the broad expanse
Repairing Building fo the North Atlantic affords a
Carpenters ae now at work ano'ama of marine activity. At
making extensive repairs to the nig Minot's Light flashe its
wostory buildinW at the corne orld-known One-Four-Three to
two-storyhuillding at the cornerntile wayfarers of the ctoep;aad &o
of CaXroUix an Elisabth. streets, .miles away. gleams the light at the
which is occupied by the cigar-l t eeof Ca d, above where the
makers as a. meeting hail. A new submari e went. down off t hashe-
roof is being put on,, w.'th enwy ber of qtaint Prov th town.
!other ltprovetents,, all of which The Browns' home is fittedown ith
will add wonderfully to- the ap- tall requement for suied a
Iparanace of the building when the eor i ents foh ser mmer cornh s a
work is completed. fot, anti thelye(! r pwhor i t a
1yo M cirhtnmng plece from which to view
aes -0.*- 4sh.ow a"* the whiter' activities in sped
ION boatig. Bac-k of Postscript
P R NT HeMl is a new two-car garage. It
has been huilt east of the main
o**Oee 06.a-ee .e 0*4esa -"settlement" and no one in the
John S harploy, whole hiad been author's family his yet, fonnd a
attending the Florida Univei'stty suitable nuime to describe its
at Gaincsville, is spending a vcia- propeli place in the catalogue to
Hiont it Kes West with his family, the rest of le truggling whitn .
Armoldfae Itn, raihioad cin.-I We sat on the porch this moorn
diietor of J*ick.onville, left inst ing and Mr. Brown swept past time
evening for his hemp' after seand'- ans again with all the fervor of
jaW j)-veoml datys' Bul.iisess visit In a mnced maniac in hIs brown "Sub
e West ,- 'Deb." Thif doesn't appear smut

Beach. They will visit relbitlves to thumn b its nose at Brownie's
a:'. iami 'racer--always without success. It
Jouph P .ime, who had bea '-he boats. Mrs. lh'own thinks he
spending seve'aildays' visit |a snitehed the ametor from the Goofy
Key West, has returned to Piaml5 ;I'iistlmo befor e'dwn came up
where he Is now niaking his vesi- al g old and ind IB out o( the At-
- dhere h k i t lg and -
I 'I,'nick A. Thpfa1 . Anyway the brown boat wih
ih 'r- o | iait +estua, retutmnd- te. thie 4tbIly L Andt that's Just the wuy
qe, li s 1 't of the weak. -whwni. Ives. Bis stories won
|H J---a ani p jace yiutiirB agOan i~h icwr',s~

.litvm-oitli PauleaweoN, Rovern. (Awt they have get to yet lectte
I*at atgst, with tedqij'sarts at isouw writer of romsanee ts beat
a't .W eton, ,. 0(.,, 1t Wla ev-' ,Brownie. The fact that his Tare.
a1 Ve a k th East Coamt ea rO.te of swaimingl and divig htin early
lb hs hoam following seevesJ; e has cost hIm his hearing toa
I1 sY' IMiass n visit in, Key West. ,these years of maturity, doesn't
-it-ditratt from his abilities as a shot
I .. 'Ad4 Mrs. Leo Wittiam inA iHtovy writer. lie says he guesses
1Lr, a fd MIt. Keyse* Wilamwe it has betteredd 'em" with a New
IlIlt todtg ovew the ih.thway m rr Enghmd twang to- the "bettered."
Rlami aand e(tlsv peohta in that Hi diigs in every ilay, prefer-
section where th.y \wlT visit for a rilngf a portable typewriter, and it
while.' Is uncommon to. get a rejection
I slip firom the publishers. Perhapl
Mr.. and Mrs. Wilia-i. Riehard'- Mr. England and myself are more
sen aid' two children, F. y and favored--with rejection slips. We
Vester, and gsradisoa, MashaU both know what they are and how
'Allen, are now visiting itn Key they read. ,
West with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. So If Royal Brown has been In-
Pinder at their home here. Ml. duced to make Key West and the
and Mrs. Richardson are now resl- Florida Keys a source of material
,dents of Jacksonville. They will for feature or romance, whether
te pleased to have their friends truth or fiction; then w6n't there
call on them during their stay in be a certainty of at least all of
*h2 Wt *o s*Io thk pwpasp dl 3 WW6


- -.Mi... iii -i *'" *********"I" TRIBESMEN KILL

PARIS, June 21.-The Cote
lAAativ is havting ia *1 isOes
ilv the matter of hmdt l,.
Three rows of cord t, s lIft,
shoulder of a navy jrm'p SUt titd
l)y Chantal. The flwewtid er'e-
tonne skirt, open. at hboltk l'4es,
has a cherry red sAsh fv3ta5id at
the left with a tlage butts. When
slipped off before. entering the
water, it reveals siw tiirhts.




An account of the phonomneall
growth. in the sales of Old014 (Fi
cigarette. reali4 I14o a "boot-
black to president" MHecess satr.N.
On the mailket less than. two
years, this popular cigarette has
leapt from nowhere to a prom.-
inent place amon the four lead-
ing cigarette brands. Today it is
thko fustet-tgvwinig cigarette in
the United States.
I'. Lorillard Co. Inc., mtker' of
Old Gold, were the first cigatiette
t6 ufatactwres, to realie that by
oxtva'(limtlity of tobosao md t .id-
dhIMI.a agthw and toVon1 ,fir
of"tt -'4l1t-t ?; it was 'l ,l o
,enMov e'the throat.rlta ,ta hars'-h.
'nesA from garettes. Tir meis.
nsage they slimnarized in their
famous slogan "Not a cough in a
carload," which 'was popularl.ed
in a nation-wide newspaper cam-
Now Old Gold Is using the
newspapers to tell the staoy lihe
iind khe well-known slaflla. Ii is
a storV of peidstent effort t) io.
ewe e xhv .evy tpp of' the .tohleoi
crop and to blend this sUle,'irt,
leaf so that all sting and hi. is
1. Lorillard Co. combs the ,mr.
kets of the world to obtain the
highest quality of tobacco.' inl.v
the "heart leaves".--the ik'r utn.
de leaves at theo antM' o.t (h,. to-
bahcco plant-are teed. These areo
agnd and mellowed -for two yiur's
in a temperature of mid-July win-
shine. I1~AlsaR this psewa all
harshnesi adl possible throat-;r-
ritation are renmved Vi, white the
full flavor ani' treili alie, kloit
i ntct. I
LONDON-'The ponstf offlcibIs
have limramt4 that l y. Curtilei
piwlon hia, been p4tjl. r.Bgllvo ,'l'
though h itled.e six years ago.
DRFlDKN-FTtw vMarieo Qent
zen, aged 80, has hvWed her iiith.
Tlriutvirate's artiet'e always hio.
Ij1uand i Wa i th?
i I' u wT AnA ur
1datuand fwill not'be too tli)lj,
wwiht (ufr reepeetlv ettUieeticaw
reijetioo slito.

Fog a as3~*S*q~

wases.t tpofaon and

ot~ityi treo

hatta.. aebeare

WW"nes VeVYWfrt# haeIt~

oer sile
1Mig say?"aI vaB-C.

oJETeRUSALEM, ,June 21.--Nu-
P. & 0. S, S. Governor Cnlilih, i
Cpplain Phelan, arrived from Ia. tv lt advices rel veid here ll
vana at 2 n. mn. yesterday with that Eric Veldniar, a Bolshevik
142 nw'sien~ers land U. S. mail, agent noting under direct ioriters
.... from Moseiw, has been murdered
P. 0& .. 4. S. Governor 0phb1, by l'Iruse trilive*nen in the le-
Captain- Phelan, pal.ed for havana banon mioumtins i of Syria, Vehl-
at 8::S% a. m. with passenger:< and mair, a Swede ly birth, hid been
IT. ai. Mail a iseipile of l.enin and had been
sent to( Syria t'o pIreach coon-
P. & O. S. S. Cuba, Captain imunism and incite the I luse
White, will arrive from Port Tum- a sthe
(nj,temorrow with pas- against the 1renh. 1, was la'(-
senrers and will Mail for hlavana ly iremponsible for the revolt. niai-
,kt 8:~l0 a. i. with passen,.iels and ed to end F'ren-h control, telling
U. S. mail. the natives that the I'ren .. .. flee if they were once attacked.

This morning pressure is
below normal over the- en-
'5'ttre country with the except-
lon of 'loidIka. There is a
disturhbanee of considlerahle
intensity over Utah and
Nevadit, with mild centers nf'
distaubance in, western Texas,
in the upper Mississippi Vual-
o':' Iy, over the lower Lakes.,
and on. the couat of Virginia.
In cons sequence of' this dis-
tribution of pressure there
. were rains in the Plains
* States, Mississippi Valley,
* Lake region, Ohio Valley and
" the north middle Atlunftic
* States, and e satteredl. showers
in Vlorida.
It is qbnormally warm in
thei (urolinas uil in NNevada
':and Utah, atid over the in-
terior ol' Texas whiil in the
* northern Rocky Mount:uin
SSlates nand thenci eastward
OV:' ov the northern (il'tctI
* Plains northern portion of the
lnka region and north At-
: lantic Status tvmperalures are
b elow nornial. iHeavy rain-
falls ouirrod in the soutlh-
ern portion of tIhe lLake
' region.
S fl. B. BOYER,
* Offlcal in Charge.
* o * s e * *

Cures Chills and' Fever,
Intermittent, Remittent an
Bilious Fever due to MalarL
It. kills the Germs.

Instead, the li't'enc h killed many of'
t he rebels, whose leaders t ihe'n Ir
deredi Veldmur exceruted.



I I MAIAM thee months of ew,.-
1tonoy eanlr, frer fruit
: tnsimlon and ailn ; and smate th bitrthi
or your Ahl a happy veot by udn1R
"Mother's Frien" th eistnma
h Illbricuint for eiletatab moitherm,
S liiowt and used by (tree SmraNlutis
Use "Mother's ilend"ar a our
m olhhers and srandstbme did. Start
today, and you wl really the win-
' dom of doinlirg so as the wekls roll
h3 l. I "'" rtlen" hI sold by
all ood drugr etoreas-evsrywhere.
i' e sureo and gi-t the booklet on
rI F'lits About. One copy
I s your. free. Write for it NOW.
S eBradflld Rigulator Co., Opl. 12. Atllnti. s.

I Your Home Prettier
S Your Furniture
Your Work Less

': Use

This is your chance to save i

Specials for Friday and S

Swift Emipire Sugati Smokoed
hal* oud 25c

Fre~h: Eggs, white se-
lected, per dor.. 33c~

Spare Ribs, 2
lbs. for ...

I'ifn Foot, 2
lbh. fori



All Birands ur 47
1)01 47c

1pe r ib.,-11t - -..

S i'uar, '
I lbs. ..



Ir'sh l'.ittl(tos, "; 1s,. 16c
new skin ....

Noe .'l"ittied;, rid 4c
skins, Ip'r 1i. .

Ibrands, (II.'A Mi

r.'-its, "
Ih. 'fon'

M- __-----M -

oLug Cansh Syrul,
, p ir (;i'

Bull leud i raind Ti)-
inato ('atstlp, I for





"Cleans ri, C weeik of Jlyi,.2 to 7 we wilt serve
"lans it'E jIE-'TG~AR to every w'tomer. Watch,

P01ne Jwii
atura Is~ ~ 1ll( f~

!itle, ;1 lI', '!hovo

"'a nolI amid Chtr- 25c
fihid ('.i!,';tr''t2, 2 tfor o

h,,'thctt I',,Is, No 18c

Slicii 1Pentches, No. 1, 15
till vo 158
tall i .....

i; I'mI. '25


()' ul,iIn Sifpii S l'i f! 20 C



Clu'I lli h ( ,i

' anrn-illa Pliiste
i |', .

I. 1 (' 8,'.>
(; t'(11 .


II,,'ir. .mIl. |, i dnfl ul,, l in s.n6c

*.i,,l ..i2,, 6. 3c
! l'nmin'l' 1F,'l,.y (:;ill-23 c
I',,t'11~ Mi; I ri i ,%1: 11:1']


Sauektawtb, 14 of.. Si:ced, Peaches
St4ins Beana, 11 ozn. Pears
Early June Peas i'tershi-y Chocolate Syrup
lHeiml Tomato CriaI SOup .Jrllies (i os. Jar, All
Heina Poek and Beans )il..vor .
Easton Meayonnaise Yellow Meal, Package
Easton Relish White M..fl., Package
Stufa4t Olives Grits,. Package
Plain Olives Three Minute O.t Flakes
Sunbeam Apricot Packat;
Cherries Corn Flakes, Pachlage
Yellow Cling Peaches Morton Salt lod:re, ackare

Fausto Castillo DEuVRY Phone 48

Corner Packer and Virginia Streets

* I.-


____ __ __UII

-~.-----.~--~---r. --~~ ..I~---.

: x III |11 | m~llOr l limll m llml~ II



_ _


. .








Iowa Village, Hoover's Birthplace, Basks In His Glory

---lrrl-- - -rl I--,~-r-- ~I~--.--I~-1-I .-~--I-11--~~)F(IC u I(~~I~I~L)IWIIUI ((~~~I~UL-YIIIl~~kl~l)l-ll-


I I,Ito 1 s t ,II iti., I in physic:l 1
joith t disltvv 1r,.vuntio smio l
' ty a si" t i ,nB the (nli la .f k
f(,,*));l ,ll-p l fil m1 n i nf I du n tita, b

,ddh d, ui. h < ( > t th -.h Natint t -
oI Iu inii ;iti; in ti t i

"(.1 'il )I t lh" t lt, hl :ttdlh t irormwati
,,a h: i Ib .\hontal health iv
))0) u;:t,; ,on( rned chbvfly with
f let iD-, P- li n t s: nor with d vrfec- Hoover tl

i;. ', r ,l1i:: ;. .1tld ,, l tl I litt M. n Mr o vr r t t l et, tke at pr n e l i n ifcrlni-"
in I I 'n(liti,,n, ,' r ( r1(( '1 h i \ ot
I I TI -hat h Ii o
sn ie lt n i t) t: .1.t 1 1 tiL d i Io ttlln t iid i
lf r t; rol i r i.'id i -i t l Ln i. tt

('cr [, litl- It ('-li -;t tNlit'th'!i, l'.i tIii, ;l' No, t hat 1w i ii h ut-i ltho uha g h aits o i It
(-r) i w.n tl il nalh I n li ti li, t' t l t wa

,I i ]s2, list iv MJIi, t u l .,iiie ,t West Branch, Iowa, yesterdti y only a sleepy Qult' r villago, today has now meanint in' the t world Por as the birthplace of
lt.n i ily. li t < t s i o n al d ~Iver l ievt Hoover, old land marks aso iated with his boyhood are fast developing into shrines that attrrt tiowsETn ahd tourist., Up-
el idty, l.' ( nIt t th hml, t : per right i. the republican nominee's birth lac- a one.etory frame cottage, bllt now the kitchen of the louse.r that alice hal been
tdied, h hi l .rli- i-s.i lu 'th r bil ui't. Lower right in Mr' s J. K. Carran, whom Hoover refers to as his "swoot-faced, patiL nt teachiii.'. Newt ButlAr's lunch room
iltll.i-ili', ,111t1,11i''m' wl, l hohp(i
Mit't1En, tyit it tio.V li t hith ios another landlinarkt, for here is where thl e "returns" come in, and whose proprietor remarked that hei G E ,"licked the Hoover."
ont 'sev;tt l, i-n i u i i ita iuTwo recent tpict ures of Mr. and Mrs. Hoovenr are l ai t the le't, take n at their present home inn Californii, i'
nd xy UE McNAMARA h'th kiutihsnj l',i-: t z. tit: tlm) i nd o the If' no\a lerlbrrt, always had to t.he .ltunltiltion thap "hII t t o h ..;

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D FvN.D'i.. ti l t iPA) !> tot l. i. lito -art Ii t their edg, of fertw ilt :,min e is true t 'o M Ilout r today. id t ad tIl lty t Southler, i
'oN-f. PI A :lT il Iii\N('ll, tIw o aI, ,lu tullil o. u.' i s p' alr;, hald aJlld Another fine trait ini h6i charac-i d democrat alnd that "H otr will
TRIAL FOR KISSING I St-1s itt 11111 anti -saet h i ayingr: "oW ll,.' i n r is ratut oled Now that ien th av t ito gia hil oftics if lt ,
...... '.\'evoil iln thi,. little Ql thy' ve le t itile at i hiiy uv titghw a bbous little wealthy h t doest. not wants tv o etL his otld pln ynate't
(L)1''"ST I'I y., 7011, '. lf 7mi whowr li,.erbt'rt. i,,'ver weaS which jol .,.4 through \\*(,st, lrwih:f'r g,',.t Ulo.;,, who lg-friended hlihl-vote." H1oever, Mtr CrC l )'I'"
....s wife 1provl a str t \it- bo11. o)w h h no t ss to the i strou t .hih ; th n he flows s h unt l p ll'voic l tillhe O Ipinion of tme r500 loyal

-__ r **Hlosovit'l ftit ,tr w :tit t itlk- t'cpiuy thI shines std otitll which b d'tspe.liife1" pilit'tt fuoni a
d(,n hn li s ouht to trial t I a;:.,, Preseft at Hoiover't girth Tl his, t iattm nft o huoi' Carnn P"Nowl i Butler juon the tits heof

hlee tlroIo, Aull iDth c hu. 'Tyy ti t i' th ** id ti o, th wtoidts of tl' ltlt'th'ts ,*, iteti' college lvl
on t'b f{ r o ;iss l o, l e th o f th 'll < A. W ttkson, nw 111 fite I Wro vlin 'i tf ucir i n cident tired," although she ad iti-- 11l
nitud ch ri't dou ising w r n h \\ lh r h ( i ;,"to l'erbet iItor, i lt t uol ed line )l West was agooi-d tbou a d ,
nt of his i. Useless for .n tqui ly I 1Ti : : "t1 .l ou of pt i h h t. i .s is lit t Wl a ein Iti o o. t ) hu ,
set o t ry to hid<< ) h e hte I vt t ho(d, 11 riliter, siyz that hI( h) 4 1hll h. Dr. Wi11c Wtlker, th, t '
hacnd it rvply to to e o crack l v i h w itt l ..y w it iing is ptt lt c' e "lT ior' it icit ifol ovetii'h e i wt hiOt has
Mids E vely cs. B tack of p a' kc-, that he l. ti' yoi l;sl \ V tf ius teresteol in t log ied ato thi mhe .o. t L
tures, Und er furniture. Gets k which ident a thi lle t a lit r. siiti' ie f 87 nl. lt w das before L K LAN Juine 21lHurri

hem-kill them all. coaches, i 'I" '. sl it'n. t it of Im.' otfiIs-n I.ilt' the inI')lbliCail cotnvtn ti ll hil. Ca
o I .'. th ,li i a t nli l h l f Thlp, ithltictw li ier. Jtks '*Ihe t\ s tttH -e nl el, u tudyi gs tha appointede
dverto'ivd it, n o e to hier. n tht thi; h' a HdiM' in added to "id t i in his' swddling nd .o d ett ioublcs.ty at Shn lie utoldern
io'"quitoe. clh flihtilp vidlene ld the room wlher(, lerbert clothes. c lp rhs lie ha heard his father' l ver. a l ie ii a f atr Studt
ie l a rly setied. t -V %o born i, fl"h ael us ( u ic tJu lt own t ,(. lih a tho' S t rc o His tIns' town Ir le ltU t

. ree from pe. sts. M oney back .- I ..i lii tu oinl tmy llr- 'Inntit for 1 niiis oih etat. i nd t 'cy of th .,o
less you re H over'sully satisfied in the funeral flowjeIr Ntoi Sood, It wur :Aut on University. lie I4A
every way. Y' o .'l like the oov her's futlhr wa tli' ( k- 'ipqe the lt, os alnd fosil whlteh ll t dtsp llain publicity tironm
Dothol. At your store. death to Bugh-h t. 'itt ha isi' hi ii.t 'i iltle eW'.s t. Witlk l'h S -e
-i. Co.Todor, May., andichmond, Vaer- oL i l s i l aln d r litllds to conh- .s-- -
0' i cIai't dodge Dethol. Iinii -i i.n I r. Ti at olld C'abinetl er tspes.aif t<
San't ur vive it. useless for Th rown Out of Shop o s in the village doctolrs of.
T rem to try to hide. The ,,a ,,y ,, tim I iv , Seen fice h11,d grett deal to t, with "L
deadly imist goes into crack ralby shl foriema throw l er- tile co. oul mes '

Wi l crevices. ack of ici $1- .illit',ll, R tl "lit, '\V lI t' 1t t ht 1tli',tt1 ii lah-41o to 1 i t
tut I, l fu i k i t ti t hnt 'W(t .. hi 1' it1- UI st.\ spend I
t ll I h t i t' i liI t '0yi
Sthem- kills them all Roaches, ro T s. L t iil tr it ile o rs i ti n rn it of ile" l doc,
moths, b dbu. s, ants, flie, . -ir, Ja ,- _\r .. l lson. "The w \ I r'l adi, the lad.els, study.ig tho

inoqu it toels. Spray I etnoe wi -fh t o Li -ot o T tlie ol
regularly e ur me i ,1). hIe always Cam e blvt'(, t \ l\\'nn to tile Burlijg-rttn S t racks
f| et yot stee. M soes I ftr patlenti livedtl tth a hunt tohf n&it. and agaltesalid crys.

Mfg. Co., ptnc., Richmond, Vrks. Sx hn i .rodksith -il)n cooking serving yivs must have noted the
'hatek oil it n Iw I think nIy oaviilfal ilig! streiugth ot,1 hit; old friend,
0h'112 'fl 41 !AIrth,,r fuILni'hll ed tho dollar to thlo wN ,rr cu'pet, the radet Valkl

D ht un u stlly slvp in m )uist I 'f maisihif furnished. Every ipr, ,th' \uorr-'ied look oin Mrs-,
I ,/ Js k Iu kroun) a ',:, i i tuliii th u I tu li t :'\ lk- -r' 'Waet. A unway a bunch
rot tt o t- c'oid -f towi It f-tllt Ai. lihtvor had t lollte nnut nIore
-!iIt h o n brlehe sool the well keipt ,.cniktthrvaimoney l'totwed froiUi Litie tto
ti.ine-(athil hose si' Ia I where iloovr ur's fy aathi eititint, tilnl I.L tlt u se th 0 0ld doe-
itmotlhor 11f o huttried. I- wats Iitft ,a" la.t dl,, and IalAkt h Ill
lil ooipr oa all outdoor ports orsback ori te-l. proudly lde illld Mlaiin streJit ll t e l
]i,, livt ihig, b ng) l Jckltn P llrkd ri t .wl :.rl, tto buit.
it Wlu'ulro ettlithreo foor lU 0i111'. '1Tre s Nwwc ahmtlen. rIhIo rutilt i the vil-
1,tl -A 1h 1,111 110 j ,v t' It!ll )r, lo l'rS L,,Ji. 'v h i,'ltw i ro o a n d w i w a s ,
covenence d only nne nus he, now laive i i i l t3/ / ffqif tobaclacttCo hW) n
:hopping center of rthe cy or your hapIes of all u mers i., m id Ih i '1k 4shm ilI i
wtakelt to g today for li\e wtrates and d e literature 1 ei hiin' "d oy" t -

S tho era) it-i a t ihe i lt t hi .i

} Itt~eo ble c~fa uctrisit': xvh('|

[lie has carrhid iti mtiIhod \vu., CLEAN TO USEI ThTb "6orededeirbeOLDGOLD'S
Iekl:.,, ,%till wthe' he hanj noth''. CURTAIN IN ACTION! *uperidty heartl-tf tobacco.
toi say. KI:1v-n us i yo.1n'.g'i. 11 lI GUARANTEED! Not '.evy, oarse sop-tawes of
&couatd exli,',p' hilt-'*lf ,Un nIy subl-' Ring Worm, Ground iteh, Muok ti to-bsop pleat that Irritate the
I jeit that initerl'eted 0him Itit 'Itch, yield like madIr. hri, t. Notwitberedgrtmed/ spes
.&aN nievetr one to tall; 'or the
A.G. PULVPRt. ViPres, G.dGr. M. j e ick' o<' talking. hte would ruthlr For Sale by All Druggil sts
II lv IRK BOULEVARD ,n t'l LAKIt I lilst to Lt' the o either follow if hie Oe BOttle .. SMOOT HER
. CHCAGO ILLINOIS lha sianIthing worth while tv n 1* SM.OOTHER AN

.... ....

Worlds Greatest Value

altogether or part by pa

IADO v 'TAV '1L.v- LT. .. e : ...-.. -: .. .. i .11 "

Wv wee' Ip wt
E/feciaitsi at-ti'on
1diudsm and Essex Car,'
'735 UP
Cosachs -- $735
-Sedan (E-doos') 791,
Coup - 745
( RtailitebteStat e.3 cttra t
Roadster - 850

.i lit rPssx oupcr-SotI is outsetntli a g1, niUa I'Lt -
this year has outsold, every othcr Si''" :
by such margins that comparison is only
a gesture.
'1'o know theoverpowering conviction b' f
greatest value held by Essexownersis mere-.i
ly to see Essex beauty, to examine Essex

uia.s ra Ie sta' ;farl quality, to sit inside and feel Essex corn-
z rjeffor intte'rest.handling
SIonswae 11 fort-to rideand know Essex performance.



Hotel La Concha Building

,-------------- ;*- .1-,-:,2^r ^*-*-s-
S, i - -

GOLD'S smoothness,"

ys Tommy Armour ... .

on me in the blindfold test!"

Slth darrk ^-,'.tst prnlrnlOnl oio rl golflers r"a
i the da. r. Preeint Amerlesia opu and C.ans-
die aopsn champIou t, profslsionll sI
that affect the teste. Only golden t Ce ea.lCou Club Wai.s -
rips heart-leaeso givi OLD GOLDS
their hosy-Idln smootheiess. That -. --t tIlado..s
is why you oan piok them . Mde Iro t eh. ri.ap
even in the dark. Made from the'rf
Sof the.tobacco plant





wr.. ..L... r.., ,n.. FORRESCUINGMAN
Common lnsects sfl1 %5MIS |.,.HIi)
"lAli(( h-vi. Imlv drr dl"tl SYDNEYP, Australin, June :l1.
Oi nil vAr., '.tys .Mi lor lItu ,' 2.-y ,ti- ld girI, Mli. L.ii'V
Al i I ll' i lsMl s oh i, i 'illC ollitCs f h ar .nti '-
'" outf th Mt l dicai' o*ul:p I t hal l If th, lnvul Shtit wr. f the ULiltd Startes Army, "Stit i Relif s ftrity lfor linvii resct .d a
hu fly aitne int tl the w rld it ha l'l-ho'w s,.winn' r l 'rit m th ie lt.kick
r .1, s 11no %ivi us wit pi I)I icb .lof it slh rk.
t She. d't'l ItlfI t'oivhis iwowtrt,.
f i tilhnc, lo il dis.u ." But buo h slin t lll th ,iiit 'lt. ll.
vith Ll.v-J4 ox it i i t very si mpile afteh all lit(014, hatthets,, ut o ni .
a \y nul ttel r to rih I lthe hoist oJ 11111111 hu ld It l'e t i lh w\v tirt' .
lies. -to k it. lfr'eshl i .l i claan, When lhw 1mill thirew Ip his
re ofl' ilnst(t taint. i1.y-Tox iB aris |iri l h1 utd, "Help! A\ 1hark
ihe sclntifi ) i).nsctici((de de1,velt 1a,, go't ,nw," Miss Donaldson :-lit
petIl at Mellun Institute o !I hItl'l r ,uoml palnifn to shore ifo. hl)
IstriIal RieStllch by c: hipl. Simple inIMtruct.)ons. for Spila.h'inm thie waiter vigor'o, .ly,
killing ALL households inses on slhe 'frigrlhtened off the shark tiand
hlt, labeled blittla. lnsist itn Fly- iueeded in dih'rwing tlhe lmn,
rox. Adv.- bladly itjui'ed to shallow wattr.,


THURSDAY, JUNE 91, 1928.

Add Life to ywur e7rs
and years to ;or Life
Foley PAge

Promote a normal urinal Rlow, tjs
carrying off those lurking pon i
that caue your tW'OOlil a
feelinpa, lfckaclrh-ditdil'a d
dixins relievd, Poley Iallr M
tainno harmful ingredisnt,.*4
j uaa as pur u they re umre. Men a d'
women everywhie have ben eig
and recommending than fore .


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