Group Title: Key West citizen (Key West, Fla.)
Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: May 11, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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^-W ^^ ./., ^ ~ T
vi ...... '0 .. -y

Assuciatvd Prss Day Wire|
Svi'UIe rvice / W


F'or 41 9Yeanr i Ditutd to'the
Th~tcrustb of Key Xo-st




on d-Choice

Go t

adopting a resolution calling for 'views on thet Nanking govern-!
ireduction of income tax on cor- j iinnt's pr'I onts to the league that
jioratlons to 10 per cent and the ,lsapatn hNad violated China's integ '
repeal of the inheritance tax. !rty andil independence.

DO Q FC VC Tomorrow Night At The
I "Qualified to Serve Yoe" i Coolest Ballroom in the South

NA5,I(;llU tI
All Masons and mdnbers of Eastern Star are invited to
attend a joint open nlseietit to be hold tonight at
8 o'clock, at the Seottidi Rit ejt'i, at which time Most
Worshipful Grand Maer Linerasdotu will deliver an ad-
dress which will be of iUtne4 ill.
J. J. t '| W. M.. Dade Lodge No. 14.
AGUSTO AGAUE0itX i DI'. Felix Varela No. 64.


.,, Apehor Lodge No. 18l2
Y,. Asso. Mitron, 0. E. S.





Hundreds of Kl'y W(ist

SAM HARRIS DOESN'T EN. \otcrs are seriously coi8sid-


Managern and officers for the;
June primary will be appointed C o u n t y Commlisioaer. !
and voting places designated at aC
spel lecting of the county co- H OVERS DRIVE TWENTY OR MORE AUTOS Kirehheinor. won his fight
missioners to be hold May 10, it Awith the t outaty exe i ut ie
was decided at the regular s6ion jopNtY E T cR iit Miami today. *
of the board last nighlt. l I D C HERE FRIDAY EVENING This Information is contain- .
ae COSTING HEAVILYwho h dyIOf KND STAY ed in message toT Citisen

a rebant to bring his payment on Pritchard, who' attended the "
the irne lbasits as settlement was DIRECTING HEAD OF CAM- A motoreadh o veyini mm. hearing with Judge J. Vining
made with It, Perky und others PiA'Nth iTlMiniulAch(ihamil- Harris, attoriely for 'the com- h.. *
The comnidlisloners showed that PAIGN ESTIMATES TtIAI b ar o (1.,or (imerc sillt rrivl .i hIl mittee.
trea u l and Jitribnto to cariounty $250,000 HAS BEEN SI'ENT Kvy \\'Wkt on Friday evuiiing,, This means that Judge
Sdepartmnentis rcoil not b legally 1 p TO DATE ,hy.i, Secretary Chari W. Rose, before whom the hear.
t, re)(-'ded ..... -..RoUPeTODATE
S .. Chase, St'., wtr.ite, thi lcil coi ing was held, ruled as The
C. ymsonette was prosl .. m-rnileI ,Lecretar.y. Citizen predicted he wounj,
o ed publicity booklet which | ,u, oo... .... ' 1r The y plani.; tj lieae Mliamni, that the committee has no au ;
he promises to distribute in W .\lIL N(.TLuN, MA 1 ea.- c usiih early in the morning ol the thority to bar Mr. Kirchheln. .
100 Florida communities and luN.V \1 (ood, dircLing, lithld itl, na ,tionud amd arrive hete er from the democratic party, ..
In Georgia. The board agreed "f the Ilouovr ornizatinaion, todl l.nin th,, lhust outhboiiund ferryV regardless of what -he may t
to take advertising space in 11the lt1t: i tlllliJ" ii fu s c,4 .:l th ilitfe ti 'r iuo, have done at the last general*
the booklet to the amount of n "tt,,t tida that the \\a:ihintn Thi ni.1i4em tomiti i wi noi h one et the lt in liner l
$75. 1holidilrlter., 1 th> We commerce nt i llfd in t.! it(u nict ion, election ThisIs in line with
The coninissiuners were inform- 'soCretar'y h11.1. received routrilili- but it hai.s beiln 1idlerasutod tha, a recent ruling by Attorney
ed that by order of the F. E. C. io'( toI tl alhl in ore1 thln 15U,000UU heri.e woull be more thaii 20 uu. General Fred H. Davis. -
Itallway Company thu county pub: Il li's sPO;nt l' lti '1200.tluits. There has been no tim to E t
licilty booth bud been removed (ool d ,Id. in his uli:,io, thiti The date puts them here on determine what the committee -
from its place at the terminal stai- t'.:;':t i.; ,r vxjet.ldiltures o'i tihe the evening of the "Junior. will do, but it is taken for' ....
tion, the cortiany claiming that, v-a.hus ,slat, flouv.r (;lub will ,. Senior" Prom, an annual social ranted Idallt ha ta i t'. L
it had been the source of numer- ,: ll ti .- U,I>. event here. It will be in pro- qualify Mr. Kirhhbeiner and u a N 0 U
ous complaints from Havana that) t'o> n.i, ili Sco>le of(1' th' gross upon their arrival at La permit him to run in the pri- L Ih
the booth wiwtsrepresenting certain ..litniP'n .,nHl thi isCst.s involvd,c Concha, which will bh head. mary.
hotels In Havam to the (letrhent Iw l aid th>, xst, >editurl;< are. quartr. for t.he vialors. aR.. A do.en millionaire navigate *s wi'l dare 2,211 miles of ocean h
of others, which was considered y n i 't indtd." i ie Miar mi Beach visitors wrill r IT race their yachts from Los Angeles to Honolulu, starting
unfair. A 'urot of laughter in the cuai- l n(lt at the ferry l:p u a lAM KICANS Il Ma 'S. The Invader (above), owned by Don Lee (inset) will do.
Discussions of the mutter also mitt< i' ro, lfollowedi this, reriiik., la.e d(leguitiln iromn the lonl I V. fend t1h Lipton Cup it won in the last event, in 1926.
included insinuations of partiality lIIleprls frioi varioOt cauhinpa 1 tto ,iie lub a nd colinwiUie fllet. e*
reported to have bpen shown in Ianlnuger. shoelwd stute xpellli neItiltir tid escuiltel to the City. HIGEAST Ma Tw n*i"t" h o wl oruk
regard to certain hotels in Keyi. Lues raillging Iromr : in t)1hod The t lt, t iventiv nro-r' m n provid(.6i s ilt I L .. . .. f _J A:, I,.'. ,iud, taU l Il.- -Tw naVo lat t : wundret a or, to v ok l.k d1. v
West. Taxi drivers wore mention. I sl.l p to .400 in O h.,1. fi ,, ,t i at bl IN BRITIiH 80il ti ,r t,,it ai t, .. in, .tI)ili s.d..s or 2e,. tu 1t dl, out od in allegations having been Ed;rl Ford i e lu o s t o.l-.. on". e l .. o Sarts i... t l ,ii UU r ptlln eu dlll o p ua aul the hir .hl of coipe tlnu bo t niot oi
heard that certain ones received Iributor with a gift ol U1.01 u lUi, lo i,hing ve.ry polt of i l h t---f Tl e i w1 phln, t 1 lhwll o lhe Vuw aior out of Lohe i S wili I th l
r0c for each passenger taken to thel report showed. l l., n ti lo L. t ,ii '. ,t R d i iGRA S TITLE' hts whRli,' will nosr \orldi, for thu sheer stuiling nias-
the Gibson house and 25e for each \l en ;,led vlIal Iad ,(n tl,'. I 1, HWAGEN GRABS TITLE FOR| day each guost so taken remained I,,pi lituw' in .New 1 Iu.'\rl i c ),. pt, f, i, { \ rhl i/. W r.,, ... '" u k lot' i nu d s'tli'' the a; ul.
thos,'. I6" .. i4 & m t .! :i 'l .'.. il nil "Ieu tn i tt Ii..n. hi I" h. .. T' I P < . . -w . .. e'thl .I .
(f ta\tie wa.i. c w.hd w\herb ead i!l' k i v : A. N COAZND COMiP.) ';* ,.rr .,fl *UI"ii rthi. it .
uomo tourists, weore sau to have Ieve ip 'oti !. 0,000. j 4 iirtvy will l.>iv., Sindy I ..... mh '. ad li 'br ill
been tsWken to the (ibson house .-.-i...- mit..... e tiRD e ... 'h s" p
arid claimed that the told them it wais the best hotel In WOO...N....L -ltie s o la.uise braved tlh keult s f)e v.(nm,. oi a od w 'it> n
Key West. In thuir rounds tT t WAUllH A ,* t**. catns.,i1nd distances .htween the B. nu p ci, as on t
v"itors r" arr Li Cucla,,, VER ATL BANTIAN K SAND\\ IOH, Egl, My 11,' th mAi inland and the mid- l the i 9le 19I' lucleairned, will de- f
expressed surprise t fit dHnIN E Walter 1ug7n won thile l ritl icean ,toritory. .-.-- ---- -j
uch a nice holrv here after be-i CAS IER WI.... NNER Golf Campionship today t a contest of mlionir (Continued on Pap Fiv)
n told that the (;ibsi huuse war I t T a I tIth a !loore of292 fr 72 holt- s. i
the b"t in th. C T A"it. CLEVELAND GIRL IS MAKING I | U iRT TRIAL t "' l his t Ihrd victoryy in thi' iT -- j
Enterin g L oo oit office or READY FOR PROPOSED 1 kilh ilrlae l another Ai er IN O W O F F
Information ais to rates, the visi- READ..O..ROPSE ian, fhe e-cond10i,.2i4.h. i' wua'u- ib
tors were told by Mat ag"loulen, FLIGHT DECLARED NOT oGUILTY f ica o fl n sh on, 'ise .nd tl' ll. C INA bIES FROM VO AGE
Concha 'eve n was not Key Wet's fili, Assiorliard 5*'* Iel FORGERY, MeINNIS NOW v" l'l with 295.
fine 16ho ,hi.bli. tduj cl oEs ON TRIAL ORn EM. B INBULLET WOUND' TO POLAR REGION"
finest hotel, that if they desired CLEVELAND. May 11.-Carrie, IN.BULLET...TO.POLAR.
they should go to La Casui Mtlarina. today thit site is ready to start it BEZZLEMENT ......
La Concha was good flight across the Atlantic t'roij TENNIS MATCHlWI U IG L
enough, the visitors were re. Cleveland to Paris. NI MA H MRS. WILLIAM T. HOBART HUGE DIRIGIBLE L E A V E
ported as saying. Returning She says sile wants t, nake thi e t KIED IN HOE DUiNG EARLY TODAY FOR TOUR
to the Gibson house for their flight in July or August. KILD H E DURING UILA, ty l.W.
luggage, the strangers re-......
portdoethat they 'ner madee M T R-OMPANY McInnis t'riieriut' yor and a.HS ELIMINATES McTYEIRE OF PROGRESS OF FIGHTING OF FROZEN ZONE; BACK ON
to settle for a day's accomi. MOTOR COMPANY tIt t r hi i tn VANDERBILT W H CARRIED ON SATURDAY
modation before obtaining tionulIal I k .here, who wltoi re- AW. t ..
their belongIngs. TOinC A G HANDS iaucently indicted ol six counts, was MUCH EASE; Ae....a.. rs Anoslates ressl
their belongings. MUCH EASE; <, "A#,NoItr $**
Learning thnt the illfurnllmation H acquittd by a jury fi th ircu i SHlANGHAI, Chhui, May 11.- KING'S BAY, May 1.--
booth hall been set out i the t'olurt eatlyv tday o f charges of .'....I MrC Wllian i.lobairt, ,S who, Diriath, ble Italia, which left
weather at the terminal station, forgery. lie was placed on trial (flyt Asseoat,.4a 'Preael i' William '. iloiar h King's Bay this morning fort
'the commissioners decided to ask GULF COAST CONCERN TO again fur one of thte five remain- NEW ORLEANS, May 11.- be ioa in a flight over the Polar r I
permission to store it in the shed GO TO FORT MYERS Ig ai'g, nile'ing eil'..le- Gustave Peuer, of the Irniversity with hler husband t since 18828, u,' gions, returned after seven
until next season, '.'hien perhaps Ilint. of Florida, eliminated eTyeire, killed Aprmil 20 by a hullet t'edtl hours because of bad weather
arrangements will be made to pay SYNDICATE Jn his r,1l, trial, which llbgn of Vanderbilt, six-two-six four ithriu'th her bedroom window dul- conditions.
rental for booth spice uit the sta- Te. Tusday llund wett lto thur jury ltiv In the singles lluatches of the lh g flghtipg between Nationalists BA,- ... p ., h
tLion. 11)N .tuasuetd i1reC night, Melinnis wam charged pIt- southern conference tennis turn. Y ,id Northrbuurs at Tlon'u ier ll.-The Italiandirigible,ItiaIs
It was docidod to continue the TAMPA, May 11.-Sale of the ' I-ith raising a check on ament here today. Fetfer won the iTinnn. 11.T l ir i1
Over-Sea flighway ferry ticket of- G(ulf Coast Motor Company, of the City of Wauthula f'roma $1,- first set with little difficulty but Details; of Mts. llobsait's death started on her first voyage of dis- "
flee at Miam fou a while longer at Tumpa, to the Tamiunian Trail 800 to $8,800 was forced to extend himnqelf to werjl iceelv'J, in a letter froli 0overy into the Polar regions at ci
a runtital expense of $25 per month. Tours, of Fort Myers, for a price win the second. JKiatainfu written oni May 3 by ,.h thi morning g. i
houghsollme of the commissioners reported to be in excess of $100,- t il ATIlN I -- -- Miss Helen Stumley. nmbor Ithe: i t, Mal le
had been under the impression 000, vas announced today by Carl l 20-YE-AR TERM ,f the inission. already ha ade on dir igble ftho
.thut there would be no charge for Winston, general manager of the PIC NA AN -EA T already tmN-de one ''dirigible
the desk space. This tmountu is in turcluhiisitrig coiipainy. ,A A iJA tu13 *Neate0stv llsrpos NOTICE I fhiht to tho North Polo, took a
additlot to the salary of the ticket S AAOTA, M.ay thwardcouro, th ame as,
agen, .Charles Curtis, which Ji un- U lAfl t D C 1I o RubErtse, convIctd of the kilng Tlhe City Tix Bookh for' tu year wakenby the Nce a li20 at s in ;
detstood to be $75 a month. WY UUI bUlL CHINE$E MEMBER OF TIH., of *W. C. M, i,, al a ) ie,.) 27 n.lose on Mty 81, 1928. was about ?0 ursk It Ki besieged
UhiocKIxlm spkt' depository t TA MEASUR L GUE BODY GIVES EX ionc g,, t> nt,,, ,,u t,, ATUi, Iabo at4A1 o.,,ours. is believe

n h. I-snt PRESSION ..,, .---.---------- .- --.-. Pole tirst, aind return at midnight
;1- CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF | ,t, r,, M T H ER'S DA SAIL '-'. A Vi'
TIFT'S U.S. ADOPT RESOLUTION (l5lf.NI;VA, May ll.--Cheng IS SUNDAY Tomorrow Night OSLO, Norway, May 11.-CGap-
.T. ^ A ON INCOME TAX Loh,, Chnese moeniber in the couu-Y Select Your lft He e HOTEL LA CONCHA tain George H. Wilklns and Lieu- I
I CE CR AM ON ..INCOME 'TA il of the League of Nations, de- KEY WEST DRUG iO. Carbonoll'r.. Orchestra tenant B. Elelson left Green Har-
i cIv Ass ..ieer rress. clarcd to the Associated Press to| bor, Mpitahergen, today on the
AR WASHIINGTON, May 11.-The day that he believes there Is every!' - -... sealer hobby and are expected at
S iChauiber of Comimerce of the hope of direct negotiations bc- ..... T.----. .- .- onsoe Monday. e
09 Dual Street it ... ...tat itinnual coiveuntiun today by Igovernimtu-ts, %aholi asked hi, a| & A Al*L *j.

eriig noL cautiing tsecond-
choice votes In the coniing
primary, investigation dis-
This is due almost cn'tire-
ly, it is proven, to the fact
that these voters, along with
i large rnm.ority of all
others, are not (quitt, 'ure
how se.cond-choice votes ures
To illustrate the worlding
of' the secolid-choic( vote
provision of' the priima ry
law, take the case of the
jfovulnor'" ri'ce ill which
there are five' eandidatue:
When tho ballots have tbi('>e
counted, only the two candidates
who have reccivvd the largest
number of firat-clhoio votes will
be considered further, The other
three are *innitdiatcly elhnimiatied
from coslideradton as conitesdlrs.
If Hathaway and Catts, for
iltance, receive more first
ehcce votes thp any other
-.' dat 'rr in, Cau-

ired N 4iterdday, there' will c "e i, i T
rn-ter elntries for any offices in Ia nd e ayihole ao l for I liha
tho priaia'y. not ie i4ouM d it dill be cbuntrtte.
'r.nhos. who dd mnot "enter" y- Wherever a second-choice vote for
virday or boforo by filing their Catts ht found, that, too, will ho
ii'st slutemient of expensesa are counted, And when i all these e-
i'rrcd niow by law. Those wha o ond-choilce votes have s eenlict uuit.
ave dnie this havtv until May 1 ed, tey will l ddd to the
t which to "qualify." This firt-eholcc votes of Cutts ndth
icans tLrking tht k.undidatea' oath l-ithaway.
nd paying heir assesinent. Ir this gilvus lathr.aayv ua large'-
-p limniber of first and secuond-choiee
So R Res combined, he i tIhe witniser.
FLIGHT RE VIW' If Catts' total of first and second
NOW ACCEPTED ho'nco votes combined is largest,
o' illustration, assume that in
ithe coming primary, all the first-
&ERONAUTIC ASSOCIATION i1olh>;' votes ct ar"e liv n
PASSES ON STINSON. I1uthaway, 50,000;
HALDEMAN VOYAGE ,i'lt,,4915,00
Ty l T.ylr, 40,000;
Ca(uTon, r 5,0(I0.
M(y Assie'alated Preusi In such Uase, Carlton, Tayleor
WASHINGTON, May 11.--The and Carson n1Ie out of the race
National Aeronautic Association entirely,
a,announced that the record for So far, It will be noted, no
ustnined flight set by Eddie Stin- attention whatever has been
ion and George Haldeman at paid to aeeond-choice votes.
acksonville in March has been ac- Catts and Hathaway have
epted by 1" .- vrol aeronautic beets chosen as the two lead.
international. inl candidates on their first.
The flyers flow continuously choice votes alone.
or 53 hours, 30 minutes and 80 Having decided this mintter,
condos. I however, the election mnatager.
-- a bovin counting "econd-choico
OPE'SISSUANCE 'ey count no cond-o'c
,I )votes op the Hathaway and Catl,
CY A Iballots, but they'dd count tho sec-
OF ENCYUC oA dhoic votes of all who gave

EPARATION HAS NO DEAL (Continued on Pa ve)


'OMl~' AmMuinloed Prea)
ROME, May 11.-The Pope's:
cylical, entitled milserentitnmuius
demptor" to be Issued this eve-.
I-' t 1t1w Jnn I.w .alsy l.h 441~ m vsm_

I '.111 11 5 ,,iiug, UUI cuais iy wi, -t -e--
ration that all owe to the most
r facially announced that the en-
c y S k cyclical does not deal with the re-
Slations between church and state.
T High School Auditorium To.
K C. H U T night Under Auspiles of the Music
Department of the High Sehool

&'vvsh Milk25
per quart.25
Crown, per quart. 1
swoo~ut JButtei*,60

But~termnilk, 5
per qualt 5






_I~ __ ~_ ~_ ____ _

--~~~ I II II I I

%; O .
r: ,. f. ;. < .I

fr. *


(.Chiiiniun 1' T. Regi:ald Pritcli.
rd 1nid 1Frank Roberts are th inly ones wvho will have oppusi.
ion in their i'mie to sutewed thnm-
elves as umemlnbersi of Democritlc
x eciitive coilinllttee. ,
This became; lIn n i yestilrduty
afternoon when the tlne for can-
id t.s' ft' lingh their first declarit
ion of Iixpenses xil're(d.
lIen Trevor will run a gainsL
ir'. ''ritchaird, riceu l iy ele'itd by
he conimi ttee to take the place
I' 1D. Z, Filer, res-'Jneld. This will
e iil tI l' Fifth preeinclt.
Mr, ltberts, tlhe pipresint tiiim-
ier froi tihe Thiril pri'einct, will
,.' ippsl bVyb hath E'ugKenh ,oar
ad Tony Gandolfo.
In tlhe First preeril't, Chutrles
'usbei'g', the inc opposed.
*In the Second, Frank Saw.
yer has entered the race for
the p'ace now held hy Sam
C. Harris. Mr. Harris, while
maintaining his legal resl.
dlence, here, spends nemoi of
his time lin CoOoaet Grove,
an ll t eut*r te res-
In Ihc linnl,, .t
-> ...1. 1 .tintt tt 'i'
lip oia m it ie.A 'A i.
o OpOioilon,
Befe s tla ttil' t fur
ins', alutpineatal Oufl .iinh .

, 1h*


g~e s'y

)3~R~SS ~EAlf-)

ii .-i-s-I i '-'ii''

-' I ''-'i-i-i
- ' l .' I

.i -
-- - ii, ii 'I F 'nit,
I i~ it -

''ii :i~il- iIai


iin 1 little 4uttlomeont o 1 n nO**** ***t.f. **. **. .... ...**..............
BRIDE AREB ,K RA '" 'lI"'""' "'"'"'""""""'
1B1 O N H A N Di o th( D ll arger itil f ttrt I l. (. ('l I ult'r! alc I ind .yv it to the Danisrh throne, horn ,it
,, ,. h- e ] E ,, ........ tihtl, shl cats 4nul : ; todi y di< \W illinni l 'l i, 'ut-('o) nh,. n, 8' yv o .'u ago tndl y.
.. F. Pinkham's Vegetabble i, h' r i nimills. Itl'i there a-r., i't n t: I;fn, liiN h slt.ti mt i ll n d Oil -il.-
Sip.,ound Helps Her So Much : ,'so, rt- i\ s. They :t'\ t pii' L.fihlor. J.t. l~ort, ,. Aloy, presidonl
ril .I i.. -, iii .-t 1 a,1. YACHTSMAN FINiN D S ( I 'Vt'y \'VV e of do1mtt..llilv -- oftf Putler UJniverii'v,i horn iat
,i l in,, mInh I' l l -' iT..l. l.- ,,, YA S A h i. c s ,t visit l l il |I< f. tif h fi.i oI' f Cor I.l C ity, Indl., 6 O5 Nomt m ago Lo-
F-. ,ln ii t.. F .lini ISLANDS IN RECE.NT V]Y- I-,:I )y wis Post O frcl o Uny, nn it'h t11: in- t'of Flit Scth0itol i I | yv, f
t.; i ,l \ I .i j A POP CA A,,., "' 1..;i I i AGE );IN TROPICAL ATI. I' d alv do li.n of h,, .iiv riy ...... y
it l ON YAC.IT ANA I "'tht ,ll 4 4, 1 wio d] tiime rovelrspt.lI I' or i

.. " h ii i ,,F -i, tI' , , ;, i i, -I r, ,) i, hinK the niul (I. I(.) ( ) h it t At" tt.'I tu r I' I dii -
it 111 ? I1 n ,k.l up h(wspI.ers. l it) I. t iiv r-s >ry of thie rth, m l op C Ih, t;! a l of ar I li -.
T l i o I I i ik. ii. in, t in t tth i l m t!.l\. d oth e r co nil nu li tio n.l tit t l 5 i Vt8 t h ;t;glitt o nl ap p oin te d t
rFit i thl,,' ,i,,Hti,. f l, it ts t l Ft t, l.v t.i i't i ti.t'i Ilif -n, w1Kle they droup'PpA d into hi: h)iop t sit 0 mn!i t nl to Ith papt]
-S,- I l ,i, E.|v I; ril.W- ,\Villi.m K. V andlrlilt h I'has fin '" t o t'1 ,ic, Bay; theY !j ft tle 'm ;.' '* ;i ," \'. "~o 1,hn lnds (" msoir, l ] il ( ]n ; | r r roving pi tii ," ..ieti m st u l u l i:.
ld:,,in",;I v,111t:1 .1 hi h ) ond1 W ill nti i" intieli cio t th0 t hd h will re- H tth paid ell Ilon %Yl01e !4 ou v i ly.know\ ,n srong writers, on . . .
-I-!il' ls l l. ,i l Fl ) iilt \'- i t t *i t he i ipurstit of t a -ti-t peci- ; tt t llndrpii,'llit t e htllhii ldt ,ti ll i o it si o o i;s aIortiti l Iir(.i- l A G- rm an cio twist h inve-n -
l ':I r,1'o in :.' ililFoU Ii t i ti l n (I f liand andi stt n lil'. el triciit. 'licl 'Ow H liNtt'iwiir' rt:t illik l ,iT sarl y. ttt pro' ss t'o, ),r tolli n-meot l [
,. ri illinr ito i'r nv l The m i >ll iln-i :iie l- t) :iti ) tii i '1 o th it; soi S LIh-Amei liti. Al '- foil' s thin enotilgh to be tran pm -
> \ 'tab.'l~l m ,,is !.ri<|,. .1 monit hi v 1 I1 in the *, fllnf t he n :c (,"I ,,t yet r,.* l uing their etnctlcty.
i'' i ItC ),t i 5n.h frr.m ;> iFo ni nint l l i(h il- i t i.F..- . s V. F "' ". li t,. (itl they. . . . ..h F t i .'t t't i t .it .t I t i ii M t l) ,I i t i t o ,t ,t ,i t .ii i , it BiA,

, i' "" t,-t'I H (O 'h t ic.i t lp-H l t rtoist- s, not a lI n thl( vot,l 1, hin Ia A l ,an'< 1h" rm. Ifewan, wv m ont noth-
. ii . i i t:, tn,,. i rt ,w 1 .lllin .t 'i. T'.il ,,il t o it s ,.i ,v.r. t ,, ,e t i s snt'naat (n '- ear A A N,
-,- l ' p ,(F.>H puins, m n a r., tin.<" apFtFn in v"(it ti t 'it' ition "To i, F i( 'an. na' l' hl to.i.llF ntottcal watl.sT.1. I. < )Ph r -
'--.N I:. , .. iii,.. t i l (h ttti l i it(' i lt l l I CCAt(It-t . e)yK i Rnn tLinous Vto l
.om. nuro fins; tough skinned. "It ii o .u;rt. l .i r(:, f" ,w six in h es will c;jc.s nAI |iir a tropnuri nrg sRe- 1. t 110 o E M' of A
.. .'. t' i ,'," r) 'i. I'.i) r ( et \wh know n I) ig hiina ; r II t" li 't ( i fna, ii ";j - r b:, Fl r a 1s r
*1 :.. ,M l;,, r:. uMai l;!,;.1i,t01. l bi. li i ht Ie,, ;, l |, ; i| i||,<| l hi s. n.- k ol lt .i.. 1'. 'l. M O Q I TO_,. i fIT O lB h IT E Sl l.
1n. I ',' 'i h'ihi hhli r lc:s .D i a-n t'-, it nw i hu nmrl"- ooif ir l .t.41 .cli irs, si x piin ig oC \ ,.nrr r ilht-!

I : ': I. .r n', J un c (l i ar- "O n (n e litrlc.q. i> lan, d in tl (;;-il- 'ilicl in lit, dr oi' fiM hing l Ih e i til. a f nudimlt l MI rch nth m ps nTliIN 'Si,
," +* i .It.. ..*| l I,, l ', -. Ol' ( ; ,! ,, t, r nu i *'..)tc thl m iles. ] U V ]ho- in',' r s,... ,,,,i),* I,,,, t, 1I , + II ( ,,' t ,' ,T M + '.. .t Ca m" ET,(i t

',, IU; I.:.':, .,, ll A hih, e l in-' ,)l' th if ni l fnd i S m tlh A '- I L. o (' U nit.di ,,Ssoft( h isa e v t it ,t -ris V I N R E M
. i t' olrit') (l,.+cr .\r.i:iu,',,',, wie," Vrnd ,r'il rl] 0tll, *" \- \ i,'ili&nC o I':A lre]:esldti, Zoolt'aist anl '

I1OURN1EMONT11, I'nlg,"tew Now Vit~Ufty
Gleorge ihidimonet, aged "I O ()tlt Ara you always tired? Do you fqI
nutted suicide by drownhing old and wow out? Am. ayou
end rdstless'? jtstotdgind h
(it'heailth died out? Have you lost
R ~ tREAL KITATE 'AND 911 ambeilldtio(n1? 1
KEY WS,~ wee Ell

orNM I~I I X~(0it to LO
124 Duval St. Phan*o 448-.W RUlm R Iglf pOwl

Miami Key WVest Bus 'Lille
Leaves Hotel La Conrlin daily at I lilli a.M'
The -Lovell Buf Lines, Inc..
Beinilip; a through sorvica 14oth wiys bwiwov' X"WII
ein~d Miami by notor b45 eover the, Over -Sea 4'trr~y 4Way 1.
'Fiil:oC hi, Dos 11'rom Key WVe-t to No Nanne Ke,'
T Iut cl'.,:fl ro. ilhe V lt1111watinp". Fen ty Itidn
'I'llke 111.sFrvomtla ctiicto PMiamiv
con~rortab'e Ituattieo .A .PlisArk ft da -Rojksonablo tKeIt.

I ArsI )fI Itlls
M AL MH 1,* tP'O2 141 f ~ s'rimul
4 ~ '') ea,

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0" when you have a particular need, consult it,


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All %L- f~) PI CO K
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Sttt ct I. m h~el viatt- 'way olt)~i Koav Wait.

AIIVANl 1, P, 125 0) A PHON 106
'I U... lO Y F1%
go -t. I, i a %'ive I~ Of 11.- Ie. )
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"""'""'""" "'""""""""HIGH SCHOOL IS ( I: ) oGIANTS INCREASE M it "
Poitical Announcements ESY WINNE I jOL[ LEABYCKNG K

Study This Lineup Daily fo Announcements MARINE CONTEST Walker Cup Team To iss Guilford BUS DON
Pick Your Candidate -- aRUTH BEOATSI CLEVELAND AtA PittAburghH R. T. A.
Democratic Primary, June th NECK HURLERS HITSER By O. B. KEELiR WITH HOMER WITH TWO w or............
Democratcn 5t RN RS OF LOE A TE Th onilsii o J .ui,.- k ONs ATHLETICS CONTINUE, Bateres; Fitz 4'fumons and
FOR GOVERNOR (1t COUNTY COM.MISSIONIj N AL COR E, 24 TO 1 'o l.tu .Bon.(e u, f m UPWARD SPURT an; Krmer, nd
SIDNEY J CATTS (I)strict Number 5) AL SCORE, 24 TO 11 the United Stat.~n WValkor Ci .. eh.
CHAARLES S. MALONEY he lfgh Sulio boys wmled history of the internit11 t At Cinciati: R. W.
FOR CONGRES9 FOR COUNTY the Marines yesterday afternoon uuirptitionl doiil .e was I, 'Neow York clubs ti tened their oston ......................... 1
RUTH BRYAN OWEN SUI'IPINTENDENT OF PUBLIC at the Navy Yard.. It wasu o e- n 1'i g Je, ', p!nyi "peehe legauesp of their r Cincinnati. .... 0 11
_________INSTRUCTION I very ti f l s 0etiv le ue yesterday. Titt (Ie) -lingia.
TAT ATTVIRGIL S. LOWE idu game from the start. The last conpcft'ton .i t St. Anmrew0. -iGiualitts u4 le a1 r,,i T RII bl y val Batteries Delane-, Robert and
FOR S TAT ATTORNEY final score wat 21 to II. hi, le iln 11)213, l 'ln.i tpie mi llttooe loping the Bues for thi second Taylor; Luque, Jahlnow, May,
GEORGE C. BROOKS, Jr l FOR CUNTY I no wuy of Judging' his pr sint or la v succes.lon while the Yank. and Hargruv, Suke rth.
.:U-I'-I--[N T E NIENT OF l'Ull lc:1tiC I rtod f iuj thie Maines undl latn re. ', t ,. '. .. "a A id< vned the Indan, .. ..
.OI S ?1AT 1C N ATiOUNI- r ELVIN E. RUSSELL iuig.; C' ^ hit a tLnilul. r- Guilford wth;. ,,. J popular 1 Un+, Kremor on their mound for At St. Louis: I. II. E.
ARTHUR COMEZ ( T (L" MELVINE run wiRSSELh thL L Iwith t o, ,n ae t he first inning figure on the ti-am. Ils en h .rt t of . gum :. : M :St.. s .ois, 5 10
SFOR MiK2MBElR 80CJOOI, BOARD) bull in the secuon. f mlli e; Corli oli- tioijyliiet l'. lliym to his ats' lit hewn piled up 'ivQ latterje: Fruon. Wah lnd
FOR REPRIiS IOTATIIVI fl)strit Number 1) Hii e, ilnl Ki, nd iit thls t. d 'o' n n ll / ruis in threi rounds, Thi- ue.i .; Wilson; lines and Maneus..
MONROE COUNTY i) il l Knlht .lso mabet1)d thProminent p on i ; i !atr mpade r o biitrl ndhl d for 11 ndMan
WILLIAM V. ALBURY CLARENCE H. PIERCE well. lu4u1.8; L1ti-0td it bat1 fi ho n he tles stetl; hIe i il lltbut rooklyn-Chiago rained uut
~~FOR 5 IIFOlIRtNI MItMlIE t SCHOOL HIOARD) the M rlIiles lk, ly t sioy wethii i 4 '.. / Ihoi ~ migit.-
FOR SI l ( trit Nur, mber 1) i n the 1fiie Pere., C(i po., ,il.lo '. RIC..N LEAGUE
CLEVELAND NILES C. NESTOR RECIO :and I.o der .ta"rrc d. litis did tepigaunn,,i e n> rii atio i f u. iii th him.l wl!h liston At New York: A ,..
------ -------- M B SCI OA lidhhl Vfort' the 'li lhv,.i 1:. ':, ;..o t.t'. cu f \ opPri '" 4 toh, d,,pint t C luvlaud ........... .. tr
F-O' l Sl lE I"'( M ,r n MbIr 2'ines. Th .e ct lu i \il .4 Sundw .h, il.rvI t ii 'he I.itii onen I hat i innate so d e ti i. N wit York .......... ... 4
CHAS. SANDS' (DH strYt Number 2) i m (.t ?lagaii et Thu:wi.l a, iti't. h1 -in.' i piaCvid this y o urh. o a li ct o'l,1 h l ihit hintih and tenth round. nilatters: ilndii, Bu,,-nw ', 1
HARRY M. BAKER -n. Anl, u', nuvit i oV, -. i.. engaged ,Q40 The'A I rd- euntinet.' t :d 1. So li; Pigras and Urol,'.
i ll..... -- -L--- ox Score In the. tiiaial L.L (i;orgo'',4 Vane 0 to \ o I'erl i, ttn', i T 'ill e TheyI ski.
W M. O H. (BILL W HIT, 0 "1 i , + RCtITOO[, BOARD jII,(;[ ('Ii ui..A t t All h II II ;,ul Ohp-.t ,,;. ,,( ) ,Id ad l,-;i p Mil 'Aal l .r,,u ,t a'l. 't d ,-..i.
WM. H. (BILL) WtIT i (District Number 'V) C-;ni.,eell, t ; :; 0 rl si : .in ... \,.ii ,: ilu:, .1. ,) ,f t/ I, th. Y'lan 6-Iflian> tu l At B ston: ]. .
'. -. HENRY W. CAREY Yate.', if 2 I 1 U ti won I i,,' uh, d-own on- i-f i'ore, Hudlin he1 the .afikti-', Chiago ...... .......... 0
l0lP COUNTY .1UJI.I,; li - -..-. .Mathw',, ... I 2 2 2 ho -l(',. ri 't .;-'8,-. [,Li.i-wea -- i'et ii. hanl until h,, ;.ixtith whert Boston ".. 2 0
HUGH GUNN B R.D I'.AJ H'R SC1100 BOA, D Laedoniia, rI 2 1 t.ui: va.. ,'li .'- iln O'. Im CO a vnig ipe" n d with iatrie'r : ll.ankn.shi.i .r:!
S(District Number 2) ale (h 41 I (I t i (hih ml -u- Alagle- and n.Bab l petil I llh'l-h Crous'; MaeFayden, Brddc'y. 1-h
ALLAN I. CLEARE Capii, Ih 5 2 i has on il)r hi h.I tI t t I il-I:, ih:an i ih to'iAr' It-pl" l. C.'Vela.iidt- nns ad Hlovini,
Fl'OR (1llti e1TLOF '.(01 T VALLAN CLE R ;azos, if : I I k on t< i t,,,i.;,.I t,', urse 1a0,a d r. u < : t;he t n and ..
CO1 T I l I M lMit 1 1OOL A1 % oundr.1 . 2 1 1 2 in ih< world. r r gan. At hilad'l.h.:: R. :. .
D. Z. FILER (lih tilet Nurmi ler 2) Perez, 21.i- .. : I ;I. I 1', Jo < o i'att. "h l't a/ nnu d thve St. Louis ........... ... 1
_ __.._ . -L -. ... AB."+LARDO LOPEZ Kn; ht, c -1 2 'I 7 0 thout.,lt ii' .ht, l]y.voit. 11o Cson.a t& l. rpyw/ Sa b io url owT lu1- l 1 afe sw t Philadelphia ................... ".1 ] 1.
FOAl C'LEl:K OF cll T i.- ....Gt- ...... . Gatu, fl0 0 u 0 -.luntl,. .Iith l bb iand Speaker evading Batteries: Blaeholder, Wi.,,
COURT F Oult MI Mll slii SCIlUOL 11OA .)'iLlt cleare,' rT U 0 l 0 "Y ,u a 't ',0 ,any or thn :- h_- 'r t. l. -h ul' th-.u and .'. Co .i'f i and Schanyg; Qui'n lir.
ROSS C. SAWYER (Ilistrici Nun ,er 3) Catlleja, f .. 2 1 1 I C e P t l' i"l y ti' 0ii t, i rocovr O.- I -lbt nit. mu h ulp andl nrIdn r Ta i -111 f- l (l.d i n's Cochrafe.
--- ...hel 11.... ....1.. MILLARD B. GIBSON 1 2 1 i. i,'h. lie:i finally, ''aid -I l.i I L ri k ha* il'. 'B ut a *rt- i ti-d' ati" o'' filf At Walhin ton: . .
:OIU CI,EIN, CI EtlMIN.\Ll. I',OI 'T l ..E... C I.O L OI. .l Sh ie ....r, 21 0 1 ( 1tilwlnv ,' ItIA ," i a.i:< hu i l,,hl1 1. i ii d ph i oled f the nuxt a full to b ti h hunter with to e i Detroit .........'Lah.....n ton. 11 U
C. SAM B. CURRY ( l) . l : fr -' Y il d n in my lt i in 3-- it s all uvr Od J k Qu n, nothcr unecnt Wahington ........ .......... 5 11
S:(D ihtR, j in AUM i otal-. f- i 21 25 27 14 11 t-li i. I l t l J}'OIt CLERK (RIMINAI, COU I N 1. K-I-RHE BAUM--- 1 i MARINES All it 11 I' A- 'l1ous drlve. "- 'e f'.mous; aund v .. ... ,' . ,s utiv, b0irdi-'h i 'Uv' 1e .'- g ei ns inter. I think it waa Iattrso unly si-, hits tnd a measlyi Batterios: Whltehall, Van (,11.
Si .. ,. I the mn st decilve coup-de-grace I run. .. dr and Woodull; rt'own, Hadle,
EO. WHITMORF. GARDNER FOlt 1 ilI-:8:I. SClciUOJ, UARI) llundy, i 5 1 0 I, ,,,,, to' i i -i ," t -il eve- r saw il dagolf match. I The (rifrfmn 1 t to the Ti 'er'; Braxton and Ruel.
S(I)istrviel Numbvr 3) Dean, 81) .... ... -A 2 1 2 I 2A m i. : .1 i A. i -.. v m '. ,
O U.N.'.. TA. X -.. \.I V TO L W; oa -f lr 1A E.)ines, ef-ms I 1 5 5 BA S E B A L L - a. et niuuipinnIii of 21 - --- -- - -. . --- . .' .. .- .-- -
FOR C0UNTY TAX ,\SS:lVUI VICTOR LOWE Duma, -t 5 8 i 2 Figure ht. ,L,,CouLtry Ci,, .'
..u.nas, "sc J 5rFigures
EUGENE L. AI.tURY FUORll, .SuIPI SOlt 01L' uLane, 21)b ......... 5 0 0 1 ) I . hrekl :r-. t;lli back of J ob di r .
-It-(-I ';iTRlA'I ION iJenouki, c.p ....1 0 .1 1 -tith i. i. iuuls -
OI-'lt COUNTY TAX AiSSESOR JOSEPH ROBERTS ileg, If ......... 2 1 1 0 STANDINGS ,. Ahe colit, wa o from , .
ROBERT H. GIVENS. Sr. T -- Tn rr, lb --'t I. 1 ... .-...- ..l..y i'ai, 0 ut I,,th -l ayi's, hi L-
.......... j.FOR SWII.E..VISO ft OF R IO e, p1 ......b I 1 0 5 t. Anmer :n Lv'guo Jtie shot. itih huge- arry, were
'OH (~ NTY 'i'A\ (11S'NI TIATIU:: P. rivetto, ........ 1 1 : 2 New York . J.. J(P 5 tr o l -; r ili righ t. -
--. (COLLETO S. WIN i D (.SHORTY) Jeloqulhy 1)....... 3. 0 1 0 1 Philadelphiu ......:. 12 5 70f1 I ci-ll .', (. -thh ei i
WILLARD M. ALBURY itUO!RTS. --- i-- -.- -- -- Cleveland-ff-it on-
... . . oti ..... .. 3._'.3i IIV 10 -21'- 1 ,1St. L lru IA: .'i ttel lt a h 11til'4l iu t-h i--., Imo '-
"UltR COUNTY TA 'X FO' JUSTICE OF PEACE 111gh School .... 1 0 80 124-2- Detroit ... ...... 12. 1 C. ,1 .--: .. .. ..;:tith i a ,,leg tt
CO.I,91. CI'U (DItrlet, Numbor I) Mlarine .. .00 000 U3 -1- I Washington ... 8 ;1 -right, uhout :30 y3irds; and i '
WILLIAM F. MAtONFY C CA" un Errors, M ritlues 14, Chicago .......... 8 17 i inli ii a ratitr tough par
L. A ... .. M -l -.OEY. .- ...i t-h' ; hiole ri, Ca Boston .... 7 1i .-V T .;i .s1I, utiCr t yntitis. Ptiar, ofl5 .....n l '" -%7 1 1
FORl COUNTY COMMISSIUNEI I O USTIC OP PEAC 11po;0 three baro hit, Capu; ltw, . : t : l 1 i5. ( uilford wa s
(Diitrirt Numblir, 2) (I).tlri-t Number 2) base hits, la!e two, Curlonel National League up Ili he titooI on the sixth tue,
GEORGE-L. BARTLUM ROGELIO GOMEZ one, Albury one, Iuceldoniai onu, (Club W. I. I'.- '
............ .... ... under one, Dhumns one, l3r't' Neow York 1i] 7 .(IO "SICQT3 MOTHER.IN.LAW ( .
FOl COUNTY COM.n11ISSLONERt l'Olt JUSTICI-; OF' P'1ACE one; stolen bases, 11ole iIt re, Ca- Cincinnlti '....... 15 11 .577 -
(DI t-let Number 2) (I)i:strlt Number 2) po throe, Knight two, P'azo one, St. LouI 14 11 .5603t V1i'NICII. 1. :;;lE-J.r w-i .
BRAXTON B. WARREN PARRA uteiYa one, llie one, Lane, one, Chicago ........... 14 12 .5,118 :;l, y.inuyI h iv Ik rih mther-in-
RA T ON ; .W RA.M.IPAON -iA-Berg une, nice 011n, Peldoqtin one; Pittsburgh ........ 11 11 .500 law tha hle 'inally shot liher in!
FORlt COUNTY C(.OMi1ShONHI IFURt CONSTAD' il', sacrifice fly. Luan onue, Peroz onto, T'rooklyn-......... 11 11 .500 ~ e .jaw.
(1)irit N ti er ) Distri N br 1 sacrifice hits, Mathews one, Ben- Boston .. 8 1:1 .:l ..---.-. .
CARL BERVALDI (I)Istr'iet Ntiabei 1) ;oski one; struck out by Itive four, lPhiladelphit 5 163 : .
CARL ... ... CLEV.LAND DILLON by Peloqui.n two, by Dethel iv, -
'Oil COUN'Y C().MM11111SONIER. FOR CONSTALIe lhy Shehee four; walks off Bothe. TODAY'S GAMES i
(list)i Num er ; )x off Rico two, Belleosi 4\
r. nr (Is',T BumhrR T< (I)3LriDtu Nmubor 1) ;Peloquin none; hit by pitcher hy American Leagu. ..., r' '
GEORGE A. T. ROBERTS l j HARRY H. JOHNSON Bethel (Berg two) by Ric (Beth- S St. Louis at Philolp hia. i P ri
FORl COUNTY CO(.11MMISONKItI I",Vol,- iCONSTABiLE l one) by Benoski (Bethel ont) ; ('hicago at Bo ttTn.
;double plays, Dumas to lline.s to Detroit tit Washington. is an A1RI when
( .:t1i't ntDl)r 4)1 (Distriet Numnbe' 2) iLano one, Limie to Ifines oiu, Cleveland at New York. !. lonc ll]
T. LUTHER FINDER ROBERT CAREY umpiree, ColmrJ' s; time, 2;20; s r. !
FOr COUNTY OM tISSlNEl a IFOR CONSTABL I Aglarc nine in inning Phillona Loagu is. leArtman Press
(liS e't Num .I )" (District. Number ) iff Benoskl five in I inning, ofl Brooklyn at Ch-icago, Phone 6
NORBERG ThOMPSON LOUIS MALONEY lethol six in 5 2-3 ltiingS; losihig Boston at Cincinnati.
1110? 1...... A-- M........ .. ... .4., A..... pitcher, Rice; winning, Bethel. New York lt Ilittsburgh.
l tii,( Numbeh ',,,-lu' '5,- h,- ----,)- 9- .. ... . ... ,





Don't Let Your oney Melt---

0 Freeze ItBy Electricity

* look ltder tU l --took behind them. You will wse
that there isn't a 'llglo eXuosed moving purt-that
there itn't a fun, belt, or dalnu-pipe to get out of or-
dor. You will luo noti've thuit tlo i 'i angement of
. the rfreezlinK chamber provide an unusuetlly lurge f
f 'uud itorago pace. .

Ph.on 6 I A. F. AYALA, Salet Mr. W. Duelivt
'*ee0*.***********9.0***** 0009****00**************0


MONROE THEATRE 'TIy and Tomorrow

IONS and the MOUSE

{ An old fable, revised to date }

Once Upon a Time Three Lions were
"Sitting Pretty" in the Popular Prieed
Cigarette Field. So Big, so Powerful, that
They Bossed the Market... unchallenged.
But Along Came a New Cigarette...
a Better and Smoother Cigarette...
Now we have a Prie War. But PNeoe
Wars don't Stop the Progress of P1ner
Quality. And OLD GOLDgoesMar'ing .
On, Steadily Increasing its Public F vor.

V's make OLD GOLDS bqIttr
. using the hart-leiva of ; *.
the tobaooo plant. That's
why you oan poek them
...bk fld ... ,^,t.s
P LerilllardCe& G.

- ,

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1928., .

nl.- -- - I- Li. -- _~ ._ Ir ~_




*, *. , .



FRIDAY, MAY 11, 10s8,

se a&p Jjegt itien
I,, P. AATMAN, Pr1'Idesrt.
intered at rKey West, Floartd&. as seond *lass matter
Ment 'err of lthe Amoelste Preom
ft Asiociated Preas is aclhlativey entitled to use
trr rtilbil Iuton of all n uW dspatefhtm credited to
it 01r aot, oll. rw i i \j ,' It'i Iil I thit pApar aind
liti, hwal IW.m pillllih'1| |ll>4._',
aUlln<'ltII 'TIn IIIAT69
tAe Yer ............-.----.10.
tiat M ntht ..................... ...-............... ..... t l
'bi .. M o i l l .... ............ ...................... ......... .. t ,
'I M 1 . .. . .. .. .. .. .. ... . ... ... .... ... ... ... .. .
tpV .e l ly .. .. . ... ............. .. 20
i li inoWn on ui plitp'ltraro l.
11 i iltding n' .iatC *tarls af thanks re oluttlonU of
h o' 'itl m r y ) >lo m a' 't., W il l I) -! 'a r f l ,.f o r R t
l' ,,i,'a,'.. ,I' c an'Irtrl 1r Iv It flm y ta ln rc c. from w which
S 1 h. a h1' i; Iat. lrtI -i\tlll>r t a t i I l hlo ,
tar j, iart' t A i T,. li(ta l l fat i ala t .r tit l r rflal alietall
sl,at ,a rhl, 1la,. I..artl sill ati hrji ,,, a. tr ,,i' .rC ht"t'Ti't't
ir a.I ,.1 L, lat at W Il r111 t if, i li l i ,.lht atrIal r, t o lN C OM -

WILL alwynn seek the truth iand print It#
'. 'i,.iot fa'r and without favor; never be
i; a ., a i'':, k wrong or to applati right;
a, ,. ,. .,' r progress ; n vtIr rbe the or-
ptaii or Lthe lmouthpipee of any party, eliqnle,
farctiOtn r class; always aio Its utntioat for the
pItlie wilf'are; never tol)nate corruption or
injailtie; dlnonrte vice and praise virlftu;
croinnpir. olnd dlon hby indilviltal or nrgan-
'atfion; tolerant .f oh(lirsa' rights, views and
opirlnion; prTlnt only news that will ehOa'te
aml not contatminat e redpr; tnv /r emi..
prnonise witllh prinelplc.


t\lhatvr\'a r thoe I rtla'r ar' lit e in al.niaa 1 a' prd-w
c .' liin b two '' n Ci untly ('utai ,i-sin i ifn'r Kitnlh', oin-
( 1 W ill O lat' ,o ll lty .xvt ltivt'' t'rli ln it r'tr htw ; ti t, ,-
1 y V ii T' i'ath ] talt' i'a't al, y l d :I a r ll \ hilih, if
it S ilkta l, htas dthiral .1 : l;iath hits 1 thI' I 'ri rty as;
t.,W .'4 .,l ll i t) F'10 iln la.
Tlhis. rIit'ii sayi -' illn fl'r, i Ih atl n ,'ilh 'ir ; a i tii (
t.\ norl' thlc .tult' exc etllIive .noll niIitil''o in r' y t I tiho
secrrttary of t' stiat' hitim clf l;- anI y I at h ilority ta
Jitu's iupolli ilt' tquatlificatio ns ll i itly Iaiat wlr Il t y
trl'a r himsl.,ll' tao at tl li aniy If llt' Iosls' : ithloritit's Inny dal it it r 1dI, i.t .)n
aa'c i'alt tl'It i 1 ritaa's iia'n'., a'acaliira'a him in lo lak
1Hi e ,1 i t ll ti l ail it'y v hian t as atI i n'oh r nidiii lilttt .
It is i hari t- c(. 'nc'(ive olf a Imore drat stic I uli'p1t
.ra oNt, aitl mn I'e t'ar-r-,a'hing' efiect- upon the o il-
. '0 prirt.r'y systein. II *V atO1t1a. that limotcrat.;
i. it 'Iv.,l ha' noli it afltht rly l o .ty, h. i't '. thI n
i '' It lI|t 'a.a)'l' irt I va'ir ht a0n '
It a that i iny in i, bl.0tl; or white, I tillmo-
Brii, ropubliia socialist, h)olshlvil ----whalilnot may
tse th iit, athitiii 't'y if the Ilo ticr'tt i' iar'tr y to rain
S for ot'fict oial hll' thmaltr ';iats al're ipow rless tio tIr-

Ii tntIIals thiat hiill hl presidentt C'u litldg t decide
to run ll r r it' iInty a it y 'l'i illn Mt rne tOaly, ti l \e -
CentiJv'e (aioaniailtat would hav'o no right L to bar hin,
w 'lre hr illit Ia ti i tt .lak' ailth that hI' w\ rea at d nt'i -
ruat. 'Th fact that llth v mnlinittli.e would know this
to ha'e unt 'true- wo ild uI t n 1110l'r into the tattiler IIat tall,
1hv attorney et.' nc'ral nholis.
The (Citizen tlIars; ant Ir'tlStini to t:ak is oae
\ l\oi t t l \ f l \ < ,- t I's l tI \ .tk t t \ 1 k. v ( I i i ,
athe t' il 't( 1 If' itf it- \\.Ili t tl l 1 r1 i it r t' i tlt '1V :istrat i s

over the niit alilistir'l ions it w'itl I wthichl nutn.y la'ilt
initlll s arl \\. lant ta a la li 'iht lahtl ll'sol\' ..
Hult thi r t pai r. il tar.s nult he'sitate to proclahitl
that, wmhnlva'VI lthr worli!' of the pl'it' aira 'y Ilnw.,
v itt t 'lcv 'r itl IIl y l a be t i \ ltar taI Il anli, ,. wI lii'lhat I'r its(
precise wo I i t m itn l, tli a l w a wn :; iV\'or ialntl'ilpalt (t. bh so
intprlpatlr, l. '
T h'ln i' rirhiary', liar'' t ilahly', in it)l fh''tlinli ill I
a\ nhiol i opitlm lr.'; 4 n t i' i tI rl ta it' tls n l l liffcreio cl .
-twetCn th tnies lv'rI I- n il, th y atlI tIlh y aI lone Pli'
1pp tostd tI I( hotrc se lt ita nt whtIl will ropre.o 'it
them in Ihie ttnt ral alctiol It pra I arry dl(,n'lO t
im alln this, it doals, 't Iantiai allanyllhing.
To h aIl, thon. lhat l tIra dt o 'l'ilcrai ts, for ill-
I n' f ', ernnot si:y whv o shall I al lli'w'ied to ratIt ill
tht *r .n\n 'lhetion is a )ailt.entt absurdity upon its
tfiv ., It ret'p lilh icra :;s. irid e rlla i'r:'I at ocii lia ts-- ta-
hierents (I every vi liiii l faith tandl creon he tallowv.
'di tI tuse thi (l(IIcnra'ttici' prinia r'y for their own'
a<, ,\ V' a, t,, i. i., t \I >ht.f, v.itt(-rt \an t t i
'. prniti. ry? If' at democrat Is to be opposed irrnsil c
:aw I n\MI 'ortly tby any oiiutsider' wi\h may wish loffite,
1' ,..rhold ait doiocrant run in thel primary tat tall?
*",in, s to na lti't l ll-conir,'s anyway, why inot
un vsn a. r' (r'( n Ittl jtiai 11 t hai itd ttlv ( -dolle ith it?
S lI Ti.i a .. ito ,t' tllis Ilhl m i lt' t it of the primary
Inw, vIle, vlboday t1tu:t know"'. That such an tinterpre-
tation rautatt tha primary wirso tthan unless, isi
.tplnarent at a t lancee, That, it the attorney genl-
r.'ail'S ruling' is to stand, either the law should hle
speedily chitnged or the pliinmary abilandoned, ia
tqally eavilenit ,

It's better to pay a mason $15.100 at day for
lanylng brick than to hire a policeman to keep oth-
,r" from throwing then. a.

While those words "colloet" and "tongai'regate"
about the hame thing, any minist(a' will tell
i lc .hat collectionn" and congregationn" nare ly no
i i synonymous.


(Tnmpa Times)

Noa ntitter how much i said about I'lit -fiattm
Ims it sprms that thilre' are still people who :rnll
fort then1i1 j a;ld, hlia in' ri allen, recover their hal'xnce
to fidl tlhut they have been duped--lto their chae.rlit
orl' lthlir better sentoS, as well Its to to he detrinlmint of
their pocketiholbl.'.
Such wa( the caie here in Tampia ltest "Satur-
i.yv, when a woman cnlnled u over the phoicte and
tl al hw tsho hlad been taken in. We do rot un.
dr tanital jiar-t why we were killed 1ihout the bhu.i-
nos.,. it soominti that. the information mifint much
mor a:tpp',r7ipriati'ly' lion giv\en to the police nnd
ith' 'htri'ffr-: ffice: but called w, wre., I t, was the
,hll story o'tif irls, satiutglinlla in linon fr4(nm Iroland
' Stril tl.ritl, i ihic i at m i riial t as, s a ni tlter of
l'a. l', irthil, ili luiiltr i l som et Nv\\ Yorltk swentshlop.
vT o ant t:t \\ho utlled t(ar aittletlion tai the muattlr
a Li ot lair ,l- I his'.; I tal slhe io i nlt*tit that
: ha hlatl lt .1st .ll' ilr ti !n at. Slie ailso stated Ithat
Ira' klnia\t 'i' ati atlialllner i l' lIhiora' hs wh weret taken
.ov r hy Ithr ;i'tllavtl. d S ot'i h a Ilaatssia c l lth o ihtnt'il In o

'Th,'li ,- I 'pill r 1' l r o for ih ll tI' l'r p 1)Afl' l 'li -
I'l .a ihlira-: i Iura' tatl l sintat pl', antInl i atI ilty a'w I'Ple a tr tila
da d alti ait\ i' 1 nt l.Lo i hlly i'r(nll suchI Helirs. Any-
anti ;a ii')art'lht'l hIy sdl"siitn Ir a i' ll wol' inil wi ',l
ji i l t l t 1 i ltav' ; ian unI ial tlatiiitit iahto bll lt ialrtli(nt
tl r h:l t l ot-i y 't is Illhe woarll sno f onstil tii l th at

irin r It' 'hin r tor. n


Two Ifin. di: lta>ne t(,l(oli < oneila'a 'iLr c r recently
,itr'lnd betwvle'ti New \'ork anlld Loar Angples, a dis-
t eotnc ir l 3,12 milos, ('tristitute the loi 'est direct
it'ophtone ircuiits in the woTll and relyesent oneo
a' the' latest whiievements of tolephonip ong'ineors.
lip to this time, .tllI )betwta en the Atlanti and
l':rclifiC coanrts hiad to ie switclhed at ('tiaego. 'The
ir w dlireot line nos tllhroup:h Chieta'o [t St. I tuis
al! ithlitte over the southern continoiatatl litm to
1.." .\iirolr., 'I'alephone repeaters b( pt tlti cur-
riMii at VtariO',jos Aoint,, so that it is ttlmost arW etWy
in tor,' ihatiali Ia'roma cons-t to co ia t ts it is to tele-
Oil nat' (To S i str A t' re t.
'iIh viraie over this line travels a lonigie dis-
1, ia' t lihat i over the tranis-A.\tlntie wir le.t'a l frotll
r. ) ork to Srotland or over the return from
lit' o ly it Iloultnn, Maine. The distanilo from
litckyt I',,int to Scolland is .1,200 miles, and from
ItairlyV to Ittalton, Maine, 2,0910 miles Anitwricait
lit'lt'i til tu' i crvtitt Is int (avt en Ip'' i l' countries. I


One of thea recent activities of the
'liri:.'tial 'l''ireap(ltn (' 0Union isa to cducaitc(
try in ltheo rvargeo otf alcoholism intler
sa;looll elarI as iconlrusted with th same

the (,01111
the oldt
cur'Se to.

Al.'ciholiain was twice as. great 25r years agn
io' n Iow. The W. C(' T. II. finds thnt wherever thi
ilol\jIgvr is atlloweda to organfTze his lbusine.S!
alcaIths from alcoholism increase.
It praopoits H Itu atleoholism should he treated
lay health officials just.t ait any other cause of death
'lhat is,, het;lth officials s shouldd cdureate the public
a.':linst drinkiingi ny liquor at all; and thus stamn
oi t in n : i: if,\ hrr'Vtal'tvi ia lo latse o ot death.,

Il'.Ith r Tiit wtt% ; itho origil'inal nonstop flyer

it i.- ni it at'l thiling I ie contlen aed-- haiut a alni
) .e'r tills lth int,,l tIp l ti,, l van sily ,i'nil n(t'itt d,.

Alln ec'onolirlt l is a foll,'-w \htlio Inows how i
save monty hy uiy hitting down yoir' expenses..

Saoltltiitile; a ,mirl \ ho in thi0 pi Iture ii~ health
i:; that way hur,-amis t' wi pti nted the l)icettrpe iher

WVarmer wn- their will ito doubt encourage
tniw crop of channel swittaers and flag pole sit

A physcilatn declares that. fita are becomla
more prevalent. Duo, prohbbly, to the survival o
theio fittest.

'('lite proposed reduction of postage on cir
rulars to one cent may cnuste a boom In the waste
basket inalustlry.

If the iinstallment houses were to select a noe
natioijal air, It would tupdoubtedly be, "In thle sweC
buy and buy."

Scientists hti'c been yn hle to determine whb
causes sleep. Some preachers nre also puzzled ove
the plielaomaatlnoi.

A large number of presidential candidates ar
lppending very little in their campaigns, it develop
However, the most of 'em are spending much mot
than they'll ever get back.

There'a considerable question as to who's rigl
and who's wrong jn that Chineopq-J4p ow, but their
isn't any doubt ahout who'll come out on top
heqy ever get down to re1l fightib.

e*.ee********eee********ee **e**** eo*************ee********************e*******


Stations Tem. 8 A. M.I-y
A billotinc (pt. cloudy) 66
Apalachicola (clear) .. .......60
Atlanta (clour) .. ... ........s66
Boston (cloudy) .. ............02 FRIDAY, MAY 11 34t.,-WOBS New Vork-Set
Buffnlo (pt. cloudy) ..... 52 lral The Ae.c tlarol PatrsS 4:.30-ScnKi; Saxoplhone: Piano
ifio (pt. cloudy) ........2 Proratims ip I stern Stnandard time. 394.13-WHN Now York-760
Ciharleston (clear) ...........70 add a onle ho'v f ttatcrarn t )m yl'light 7:30-ltnseland Orchentran
I.jttt. All t111i la AI a M ttiOsa olahrt- i:00-lt)-Itorary Period; Concert
(hicago (Clof y)t ................ 58 w .o iidlont od. Wavelenao tl o n Ia r i t-'l'rlo; 'oom nt
Corpus Christi (cloudy) 70 rat' ai It l 'ltti'rt tl llny<.'lt s nti rlriht, jgti:0J)- l.Jartnolly; Dnnoe MaIiao
Denvier (raining) .. ... 270,2-WMCA New York-810
Dodgeity (raining) ..... ... A 491.5--WEAF New York-G10 7:00-lJnririnlntr (IA, lihr;.)
Dodlge City rainingg) ........ ...' i i:'.1--Afternooain a t a;s X;'-O(-,Cir tl I torn
Duluth cleara) ........ ..... 8 o--Mtlol tl s :00-- tallow C.rc traa
l t. .;l)--,|nll|' Hlul l .ltn l ,I 11::111-(.3- Coln r'l .
E'tstport (foggy) ............. 44 i611-Ma taol .srlti ti llm ioi r a1:'i)a-l).'nlrao MAlr t ln
El Past)o (leion ) r................. I y"i (I-- O r tt 26--WNYC Now York-570,
"I tPo lli:fi--F'l'ontc't I or Ota
Gulveston (pt. cloudy) ...701 7 itoio aR t tlu' l;r-o-Air (Ca'ollegrn: 'Jtl
Hutterus ( ulc r) ................6,1 I : 0--A nlo1p a Ta ink
iwYo;k-GI---neoOllll; ,l l Itadecllia-lI
Iavana ( (al r) ............(...... (4 r 9:. 'aalmoliv 1,411a' tIi rt 'l la l a.
110ena (T(lour) .......... ....38 1 .-O-- eanw YN n- 20?G.7-WCAU Phlladolpila--1150
1it',rn (A lir) ..................w Yorkr-60 t:,)o-aOre-ltIrn Traio
hl roi vi l (l ti ....... ............ 1 f (rpho: a ltich onville (clear) .......... (l0 4 t:0 -i4o0Ilh111t 'rrlr-: V'iaiin 7 :T0- N Itti'a-i-ittt o Ptttii ognAtaat (2 tars.)
Kansat Clity (ralni ) ........ 54 tl in i t1: .0--\voa ProrinAta ( hr.i)
i1nsumitH iiy ni ) e,:;lfi-liolhl ,SliOt I'stlr ]11:as0-D,'1 o Aa ltl
KEY W EST (cl nr) ..........4 1i o.0-- eat i .',,a n
I.ittI. Ilta'Ik (eictr) ......7. ..... i a-(oa adfre ttltlw 40n.2-W Fi .W LIT Ptilderpstri a -- 41
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I .llisvillo (l. clo il y) ..Ii -- l hlll, :n-- ,n I'neo r e'
Millli (leanr) 70 422,3-WOR New,-rk-7I10 'l:0- rhl, ltrt JTra '
New O lc.inis (R lear) ..... 20-Tr-,; a, in '' tn 348.0-WOO Phlladelphln-t80
New Vt rrk ( t'li tily) ..... ... I Ng 2rti r.r :'n-a :Don nnor Mitilni Talik
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lu ,anix (k'dly ) ....c ... '...... x.' ; ;o- ,p .. .r l '.an.ratr' t '. --) 'hiltn tclphla n o IpO..'ta S
lPitttsburgh (atmining) ...... 62 lr:1-1Vr a ilttloy hni tat'1--n1 O A Pittleburo-'
tIl bi lr.g (clotllly) ... .. .... 52 i M 1.9 l- A a It l a w ttrt.IIh IoM'll''lTl rr..I lt-T-l"lil i r Svt lMaYh'; t- lldrilr
St. I.tatiri (alitialy) (...... > t ) lt:t.--.t 'h.. ,l ri ta: \Vrt.aiillg t' tla r i.jI-.- 'traill.>; T .iait
(7:,(.-WPG Atlintic City-r1100 i;' rr'a'rrtt
Silt atl ie Ct (aiL t oudy ) .... 45-nl-al'o' at, talt l r. t a ai,; t, l '- a 't' i 1ftit oo
Stllt l ll o -ltIw o (V IOd yta ) 5- 1 1 tart a'l l at l ln"I t
Sit S. Mri C u l idy)4 -If'I'Iw alli 483,6-WJAR Provhidence.-630
Scaltit ( littdy) '.... '1 t...:2 i:M--i ti;> .' r.,;iat- Mitluirl Sa'vln'g TolT ir
aT inl laa ( a'th. r a ... ........... iitr ,N i tll ;It r-V ll 'l '
\, i h ( h .. ..... 2 lt- W BAL Baltittore .-10e a.a- wi l" l a l 'l'r!| I
a slil. i h a r) .....6 B:.-i nra M2i i i, t. -l 'ailn ioil' I ntlir
ille s at (l r ... .. 34 .trra V's. haI7ty Iarari ,t'
LEGALS nVe, rIt toCi.,' 280.2-WHAM Roctlester-1070
SCARD O'F lANKS l t:h.- wwlinil ir .,,ill I; a'-- t ,'ra yrtr
I'atrltr .1refles JnIpinin)ul7:00- O esII .' rit h:111- W 1h i ll+y t '+I;
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S at' idosiro to ex roess in thia : tr-.\II r ai .l t'tivin t's llt' r t(a .--.a\lta t Wti. ia; iaci'll es .
i;:o0- l lq o lhtr L-l-h 379.5-WGY Schenectady-790
\ay ouLr I leperst, most heartfel" i:;!:- WiiDllai t'agratlataI \ rti, vit n
R'out kilnlness, coi dolence and ex- :l0A--1':lrtroliva I 0 lao r; t i'ico star tN'11'o 9 Irt11,111'
r tcoAS 'Irat- 'A Iaa'Io i(1' a'.
prt'oa ions of V nnipanthy during the 46I.3- KWNAC Boston-650 8i lo--(: h'aIIla n IINitaiH
ill s. and ti t the funeral of oi : -I Hy Or i.,.:t 333. -W Z prinlfieltd- o00
beloved hl tshnl d and father, FIr (l i.iin-Orctiia trt.a Ial 'ri!'"tart atlIt ai s r i i 1n 'a1is
1). D) oioritt. l'or the large nalnt- 7 r:0-T'l'he SOtirl IylIri; IMt-tIt.1iti1lai''r'S
7 :l-C 1 0 1l ni 7 ; lo -( i < i\'. hw' I:;! llla-i'(! i ('tit
l 1)o' of lovely floral offerings w S i-0- ti-\\' lit L' l'ot.rnnis 12 tlr.. 7: iit-lhlln Irty iVoys
7:40 -- hlitu I lle 1tat aonw '.
tore profoundly grateful. The 302.8-WGR Bueffalro-990 4::00--WXrl Jl avtItlolivwx
wonderful kindnepts and true 2:,0-1-1 s .Marline Lintd l' a:ra ,a-i-( attrp sI
hoi n ll:rth0-.1tiratla Sat'ings aItWrS 468.,--WRC Wot0hihqatot-640
friendship shown by the Gospel 7;:0--VI.'.A t, l Proagrrr amn (3r h rI ) tt'-' ttloI
SLet glip, tim (ldiffereat lodges landl a :,clrt0-i'ia ra r.tairr Ola' htl'ta i: lrh'ta r .tra
atlhcr oreta'nizatioalts, the railroad 54 ,i-WlMAK Bt ufftlo-550 7,ilt-ilt'i s sat.rv t. ll rtn
popl)lo, thae princi,-ial ;aai teachers I' i:-.'o7aott Qt.rntr t lntt :i.i--a hn,>l,'- lltna I
of the lligelh School, also the stu- 7:l0-1,'1'a ,io ltalor' ili 516.9-WrAG Worcester-80a
de its of intlh pr' ad l B and Junior 1 ir:tt -ti\ li L'ort ii'tns t i lt . :i i--. l ttiral S:titalt: li tu
]larat a )tItar aria int fit e I| tt Jar ito t,;:t-|j n( 'p il',h r';0; Stratllji
clats s ,'t tl ouir very many friends 535.4-WTIC Hartford-c-50 7:3,!0--:twiilln' .
creates within us feeling of ali tl- t ,r:l t aai, ll l n, 'iarntla;.t tar h:ltr -.\i llt I'a' t.i d tallt tlllo
les giratitd(le. May God'n'rieh tF. i :31--!oa llloaPullati"C llli'ilh'.a- 475,9-CNRA Moncton-630
ble.sin''s vr- t rest Uitpon..ea nch and 7 trt-- rarll a irltl s:ll,- aInaatrntit;iirlal Qtual'ta t
every one of thlen1, a' (0-Ar lo Pr'.irtlln )11:0o-T.a1111t (>rah tl t i .a
at,.,,, in,,,.- m at. ** **** ****:***t Fe*******tar"'*
M'at I', D a t n 1 't D .ttM tR T At. a : -i'i'trrarl

l ti t a a a .; i ti 'j. l aIt f o in a nd a ra,',,5 ,:00- ,',an ,t Itf r a.,
L E G A L S i '..,,,-i ,,, eI t.' l
*i*ftt ,[it. ra', t'ti'[l.\' T <, a' SOUTHERN
'i.a itta I ''IT 4,el4'lT. STA 'TE o',' 9 1 .9--WWNC Astleville-1010 S:ii-\Vrlgl..y Ie\hv\v'
11,.OH1110%. TW1 I, NTI.lI'll, JI M 7,o- |nfr > :)- lllidi\+ 1hlur
i'I a aI <'Il(' l l'1. MUMI'IIIII It tt- .:00 -i/lonarr Ii atai't
't ..--IN l-A %'llm. 476.9-W8B Athlnta-630 610,9-WMC Memphis-51(l
I'litt'CH +\ml't-Ic,, ',iIlilI'IhMIDt ,, 7:00--0re)ealsrt S:01)-\\rlRlrvNR [IfPlw
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It atnil'a'riag try illar tawairn -itlt 1 I00-Pahtailiot'vo a tiart
fi t. i trl t' 1,athvta, -, .ea ttat, tatiata h Irr a 10: 0 -, eF tlll' 336.9-W SM Nashvllle- 800
''nathlitrIa'i t a.rt, ., tilt,' a ,,l'.ndit r 24a8--W DOD Chatta, olnoo --1230 : rti V'I'lly t \ltr viw
ll il't'l' A Ii rOt I1 nit lflt hh(tiitra I at' 7;IUOIlt 'oatalall' I;itt.)--l'ilnI tllvti tllair
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raltla rt. 11111i i lt aoll'tet i t nrtlal tira I t a ilth It a nilar'ait' til. -rtv ''" t'- 7I:30-0-rchoLtra and Asiklitits 264.1-WRVA Richmond-t-110
(lnlirl' n ;iipii I th. hill of vioi- l :g0--W rlgley Roylfw r:" 11rlo; (rpl'h -11,
ai'iill fi raI| vtiad 'I <.ititI tat ra r'- 4 1;00- l' lmolPva0o Ito io ra ;' X ?0 l i '
i fta>',. -i.ltr iy, tit. 4th 11"'l y of ,t11t', A. ti:00-- .ll( l; a Ia'ciUti talnht tl:l'll- No ltQiIt1ittL
It. 192s, .,il .r\\'i .' a the a li''lltn'tia 322.4-WHAS Loulvlle-930 t:: lt-- in' 'ra1111a
a i,," .A l t hill 111 'll It.till(ta l tI4 i't -' O :O --S'1 l ll'o I traCl' arl. taH :u:)--Ii htra t r
o'ue'(1b sli i at, s (Id rfto idanrtt.
2 It I t rl'itih r iral'lteil hiatnl ti, as r'- CENTRAL
l &' r l ar itlli.ati.'iil on1a'+' 'iaa'h it awr','T A
ta r't'' rl a'*. 't"itt 'l\,'t w(oA Iht Iah(' B526-KYW Chir.e'to-570 t'tt'I-T'rll; ta Sattat Iltiat
Na I .' r t ii''i ,'I1 la a V,';I Iltw 1ni'' stOO-tVa')Vrl ae v P v- VRIIal I I: i;f..ll'.';
iIlhl tai, Ji a-t ll t Itn l t l rttl 9,1r1 ,'. !tUU'O .,- t dllh Pvt l rttao ta t -:oi-l'r al,, lltivo Ii(lll.'
7i'1l'Hi it "al M; I ll tl. itr:U-- Moi vio Ul.)b. Stltilo ln:1110111-Dialwo<
(0c,.1k c 'Ir,'lI'ta 'o.ra 365.-WEBH-WJJD Chticoao--20 C:0lt-.,A' rC vnra-
' ,l 0Ii t N a 4. .sit it' i a:it0- I.ia raraa %a Orohto lrc t ai 7: 1"or ti l Hn ,'oat' l nia '
r",lit.' ar' a'rt' a 'a tll trl atat. t e:0l-1t1i rii' er MAttiih x lAi- ratio l i nta
Irait 1'-I1-1. ,-L',; Itaitat ,i418.4- W ON.W LIB ChlciaQO--720 S.:!itt-' l,;t i l'taralo 'rtluLr,',t1
TI -I- T '' t 'l'llr'(l-Flonllcrn *li at'aailtinrit i-iloMatl
N t,lltat' tar IN tl'..'rltr "iV''la ahil Ih,. Ita lit-i- oDulri a .+'iro;'tar'iaa1ti 440.9-W CX.W Jt Det'rtit--tatO
alrtIt. a t,il-.,nti tt.'iv,, (atlly tia- 344.6'-. LS Chltcaanio-870 f;:rtlr-T-'r.:aitrt.o,
l.iata llt tritl a|ta>lt i,'tl Ott iatthaltltat .- h. I0-- Mpt ronollilot t'ia h'tt 'a' ttlttItt 'itltttt t.,a trra tt. aht 't'a'tl't
( I alt rar t' iliar' <.aiti t.t' (tr ( iaat''I H lt rieu ('at,l.i tJioi vlaot +It (a lt nt 7:ttt-'aV la lta Itoai ta'tltt 't'I
S ;tr !ti ,.tt d,,t',,atI 't .lot ti io a r, 4t ,A"tW it W Ctntli nalth-700 ta : ,tl la '\'t' [irtla ''.
,'1)1 lt l. l.^ e'lll l, v ,ll trlhl I 1 f l ,, prtitr; In at' '.' -l-r)fanito: Slt tlla
i;,a t it'h.a' jta'l.1 aaaaa h iaahl.''tr l,altlln t1t' I ,,aI*S' t lAtdoa Cont'act.^ .,.7'-'WW J Dit>tanl ..50i
htrrt hy ira'r ll'lat 1o t rt .stlta a lhant l o t t' i .u,glt tattia>ro
rr|I, t> ariD 'P at,l ^, ,,r Mta ll'' air I ,, t art J ...,U --ittt ta. l .ll ll( O: tt-i- l'|ahat +r'a 11'

tIa' ranW t ttit\' ta i ra citu* Scrlati'o tartnI II 11rtJ--'hino;' Lt'rlvtrllh
.i l I aa'.'totne li lti'trt 'al ta1 Rat l on- ..f'

mrar,.9:a-.:o; npr -..l:l-i'0o 97; inny4-tl 1
-----__ 1.,'niV A ,aiPp(rtl A1







De.ler Ina Gcweal Me ro.andile
Comn11--WAir oloa4, Sb,
Doori, Plinds, Cqrey'- Cepiuent
Rooft!rg. H. l.P, Pvil 100 Per
Ceot Pure P int aT d O113.
WillIam and Carollne St..



Residence Phone 877

w ^y^^;4^

CHURCH CHOIR ON STRIKE Women m4ke all thI trouble In
-- iUfe, hut It's women who mako
MANCHESTER, Eng. The life worth lte trouble, "'
choir of St. Clements Church
went on strike because the red. |A
tor, Reverend Joon alt, refused
to permit the members 60 tlaneo. ate sWoI f"l p fw 1U

i ~.-.-- ^V p l n
BERLIN.-Karl Zollchors re. ..._s.C l
ported to thu nolico he had be ..
(windlod out of $15,000 by two
women who won his conf!dei;eo
_____ CHATS
over a cup of toe.

with your

Gas Man,

Yll~ I0 -9"WEnlgto5e
4hm len. leraid qol to
Waft. for Faceiatand UsCave"
Wieor Fe "Aye Ceaare$#3o
ot~r OksseaDl.l.ttyrQBookrtaCi

pNlumbinx anad 0t'pililis

Sitmatfari Finaselet, Inxture.f,
aChina. Eras.andl Rubber Goein,
Altl itOn tit Pip* Fltttugs.
Vals't'maAsial feynir Parts.
Prompt 'kifteriffn Tot All Orders.
Phone 3tN '1.14 i ~monaton It.

The business we are
engaged in is a public
trust. The obligation
imposed is to provide
adequate and depend-
able service.

This involves the Intel-
ligent and willing co-
operation of our eit-
ployees. They are the
human factor upon
which we depend for
good service, and hbut-
eSas succesS.

...- ...-.-. The public has the
WE OFFER YOU right to expect courtesy
I rand an intelligent ap-
DY1 C AlAlN U IG i prociatiol of its needs.

M AIL ORDER hese are our first obl-
S VIC 1 taionsand wc trive to
SERVICE" | o e 'o . >
know that' in fulfill-
MIAMI I Ill('it there lies a full
i'T A!1x11 h7 ;aiasure of satisfaction
LAUNDRY i andl success, shared
28 N. E. 3rd St. alike by customers and

MIAt ILW, FILRID, A *. Ari panly. t .
Our, "''' ".
Quality of Work FLORIDA PUBLIC
Prompt Service UTILITIES CO.
Plpase You Key West Division


: Announces the Opening of Our Up Stairs
I Dining Room
Our Greatly Increased Business Requires
Better Service
Dinner Partlet and Banquets Invited
ooeeoooooo e' .eoooen eooeoeetT,


Our p,?ice $ietlWde the making and printing of your
4 PICTURE without extra cost.

Ceid dAte' Cards, Size 2 In. by 4 In., Picture
Pointed on Back

1,00 $3.00 000 $SO00

9 4h A itonalp Tlhousan $1,.00

Candi4a* l .aca!id, SIze 11x14, P.icture Included

100 -$300 00- $5.00

se ~Ad4titOnal Hutndred $1.00

These! itage jO o sample of Artman Press
prices. aIb.i .lt large quantities and ive
you thp "

126 Duvaklti$et Phone 6o
eo...e..***).w.,, re,e8oo9s9 2 e .*..o.C9"Q

a ., a " "' -
._ .~+ ,+, ......4 ;' ^ '''^ ^ ^ -- 1


Have you ever stopped to consider
what happens when you overdraw
your bank account? Either yQur chcl#
imusmt be dishonored, resulting in K e
pairmhet of your credit and' eihba'r
rtassm nt Lo you, or olae the b nl +ntis4
use ftns' belongnging to some Ios' ele

to protect you. You would not reliph

the embarrassment of asqIng yopIr
check dishonored. 14ave. you any right
to ask the bank to misappropriate
funds of another to protect you?









FRIDAY, MAY ii, 192b. Z ; _y _. -,,AGE FVT

PU IC TO VISIT "Baking Pies No, Steering Wheels! """"""" WEALTHY YACHTSMEN . th.n cc.

-OCAL HOSPITAL Keeping Tuber ulosis Away P Frum TRIM SAILS TO RACE
Mi****STAKEN* **C**e TO HAWAIIAN ISLES CT D acic. (V.,, with
LA f TOMORROW 11 U. S. I i HEALTH SERVICE MI DT, CT. .. Pn. ti t ljo
I ift 'i1'v, lit~at* ]r n tho li o,
S-* .. o o* *o ***' ****nee et* ue.**e ******** e Itit "The. Citlion:" t....r. in '. .....r .. ... il .. ,, ai d f*, 'n All start together
ALL KE4 WETRS INVITED. ai 'lnte In nth abonce of (Senator ain- in i. l 'i ni : 6il I ll is o nd, Mst n the crw
ALI WE T RS NVIT \V IlNGT(N, Al.y ll,---Al- health a inii. t the i tttac ks of (is-.' lno, many I be permitted, o01 hi o the ra i nn -h is
T9 TAKE PART IN OBSERV. though th death rate mlii, boou i qe in tly, Lo' i to rom,. ihe lmehlfl to correet a Itltoino. that The In[va,,.-.fot ;, and ytehtwomot.
O,'"".a diliinnll'ied in mooponi ^listu I,' pro coted ,s Io,.. .ipPlred In Thilrtr1ays Ottw i,
ANCE QF "HOSPITAL DAY" it I i ii ilni h t wi. piull b11 f,,,m,, nIe sl,s r n Tr opno shconno ft RECLUSE MURDERED
AT MA li t INSTITUTION pr l and of \mllot puhi c vr ,id wh opail' a i lo, 'rhe. '' (~nlrl rDnhoi o' n th' power' ha. entered to defend tha l O, Ia n
A, NAT IIE. ~INSTITUTION ..weltaa'r ai oeonoWh. sit.tni'ifi* ehpplpd layl Ii h,'urI M d o'vii fi an opaptitiveth eommitteo to paS cuph iert won twot yeuacs i', ." IiIIE, -raichl 0' c npdl
I.. . ,. [1h|t tlb nW sh kl insist i.p-' opon the qualifications of0, r .n:' Th' N, I 4 -yen.,- o re tluse, wa nt 'de
M o il w o m e n la n d e h ild v e n o f T. ,..i.'a p r im a r ily ia d0tl -o t h e ir ta t : .eu f lntl .o.f a a . n d" t h e A t .a n tic Cr -, t.1 i' h 1i n l l ro tt d r
'i"le 41,I ytuth, the present'iini, Atl'ietin fo.d, land lpro.- 0i)o i( lt tetori, ri lfo' t\t ns ,lhn t,. v i.'la
X'y West will Fe gluestis of the lon of' us beinjf that niit vide n o dtIi hi', ond. In yout article say ,h' n"'' that I fe
local U. S. Mari'le hospital tnm or- || tple ini,'a trict *'> iin ,hildh lod. a pln-, t in has lO c ns pi ,' uof thon 1i T ihii \ i'.l i ln ii l. p.l hel III- ith f,
vow Afterndo from 2 to 7 o'clock, B 'I'I o t inl' ti n m uay rImu-;n Ilor |I tL i.m 1t.ioii aigin l fatiguee ly In the i t few lhays. The man- yuear.u L ri ln n a il t e
S....n nt .r overl yI , h ."8t ii. show tllt the rion' d'mll is 'etlivi bfor Mre r'b'el- Clo.e oiamp ,ii On i.
to 4 ..ho' thi oughli the iiisttui- tiv at ii l h boly i quntv f1',tedl ae '- l r was i r wp before formatiod
tlon, Visit the scores of patients *'. i -r.:,' i:' i w o h.' th !t .n th V o nr v isit th eh qvoroi o aparehicnd the e nti.. '. .o th e w .n v ito. colors of th. S a. Pi eci' ot pub.v..' v oh ellCin e y..e T iont
and witness tihe i'"rofrvii. an l h"t that i it not ncote.nry to koop hi most piroic, ive o c riod hut I o- The factL are thlt the doeiioion lit will h 'rre hmtlth'.- ", .t .oli,, t .ne hairdesing
lben especially pretiraci!. chitl n f'' roin >.'hpom iiuro to priint g sovit-y of his .vrvife i at t' the Sipromo Court in the T y. itriy. The '"l'\';," c1' ii; '-iy It.
'Dr. Lombarlnd t nd t l ir ae l-; or whioolpii cough, upon ,that period. or ene, on' which the attorney
taf,,,hospittl personnel, as- th theoryy thlt they are eti ((' I i o 'is are advised to enorneral based his oplniohn, w\as ..
.liedtod eby members of the Wormn's I ii in I ll lt ol'to coIn f I l trnv t theml oventutl, ait re ke op .o' exercis of om f, cndore on oilarch 0. The opin
UIphb of 4 Key West, will see to it iLii.n.;t whoops In iho co1w ,M del A 3 1 't T i. Iurli"ngl thle Thnl, f ei4 tk-hi*l (t f later de- kind the spring atys. TleUIi inn of' the atii 'or'oy general waIlt,
that evory visitor is cordiI lly wol- I jurt f11 or. or n y n of rlhl or in Ihe v b, at l lPmlt i1, tv.oulonis I fnd h ll t p) (tli str'igli, ltiv!t.. rendered on br about April I,' I' .
'comad arid escortedl through the .iiothu-r .ri)iis niuialies. :iptopor n lriag' odf thi( ho and I 11't8.
r ^hi~ltl~thu,:,]11,et ia nhsor,,ane" ol.I i: Now,.dmhthin the outdoor Hof.'.l ,tieti (loopjhr..!.iii;ir .nr,1, I i ph ii iTt, S.preil,, _c ovt si.hA I O N-Il G
This event is in observanc o. u h A ti iom t i ihl .hlhlneen- niiS ev<, **I l i e rl't opiti-
National Hospital Day. which wasY ENLAA ', IT' D iL -' "'o i wor e pul blished in leve. cl
establsho d in i u matll way !v :tO r '1y It?".:",; ;:.x ;:;! ....- ........ MARINE RAILWAY .p.ROM. Mw NTIOmM RECORD SET Wyo;e p om
tf Lifh U 0`0 INit It lht'omn. The' attorney gen.
tatas amid into 21 'foreign coun- op in.iitr s1 i vituy ba*'***** s ****^ ft 'l'oleiok wni ptiubtlihend' iK IN
':lteinooun to Mr. ad Mrs. L eonl tFACILITIES, ABLE NOW TO I , ,, " n,',-.-,- "...I.EN TP "Th l;;eket,: a1, h -,
The inote thaun A0 patients are TIL, roan it a s sti ACILITIS LE NOW TO nry o d, FloriIlt ficid n out by th Associatlon of Cir-
eagerly anticipating the event, Mother and Chihl a, ,eortod HANDLE 10 BOATS, MAY secretary for Al'merietl .1ited .11 |t ehu it Court Clerks. Collies of itl
and It Is confident y texpecteu that l lis exli.c'Lel ito arrive Mont*'v fronn. FUL.Y-EQUIPPED STUDEBAK. w 1 in 10y Ve to .o 's
they will he h ntch e o'ol i nto nIed by 'rentln vowell. lIE DOUBLED .Jacksonvill. 0 nonl Ml'. Mailone was fatmo Inari wiith"
choorftul calls from many visitors. * -.-. 'MAKES 2,000 AT 72.5 the Tiylor eatip and the ittornhey
They all have hom. nnd i loved San Jaclnto Due Mopday - 1)r. N. C. l'inido was a plui- e anlor'il' opi the a: lhel Doapn'tmattertheslight-
e s I T le A'allory stenhmniii' Sin MILES PiER HOUR it wel as t'i le:t--
o.'.s so1mewherv,, perhaps Ifr an is to l'Jio n p An imlrem.nt t, Ko.y We mi's u :or having on t the steamship LE PAlnihorte cmeo, deieod by t howhat ft -or how
away, who be grateful to lear cn to i t tl o nlve nm i fcilittie i h. Iy! l::- uha this Mori for Havanan, .. e' (ott omo years go, riousitis. Youdonot
that tlo h'ad lben kindly remen- n Mroute to Yor rht Ot ,t rtinie New Yilv'ak 1thlv Th.te ve, Iv ywhe'ro he will Iil fr sov era] ,' it was Upon these that he have to worry about it s i t' fe T
er od by thi ood peopion o sel will hrin' itsengors and Tod naylv. days' stuay. ( ecial To Citizon) l ti.-l l hi poition lor the ltert .-i another minute, because
West upon this OcCnesion. h 1There are now five ,rdult.s in -- ATLANTIC CIT', N. J., May li writ o'mandanltu. Calumetwillsolveit- IM
-. I operiitio i, with of pr'o-p:l.'ts o A. R. Roynolds. railroad man of 11.-l--The President Eight, lender nlditio, Li 8ni tnM Ma t4ckly and entirely. A
ul per 0 Revival is Cubl Leaves Today five mnol'e lnin. nstullil in "d N w YiI,, tilte' I short visit n I of Studebkr's li tf cha i n I ied te ate on the a can fronm yourr
Dr L g Ci n hi) hi It thi short thiv mnei. LWham the vk ,,w. Key Woest, left on the stonamishlip atutomobies, ihats established 12 reir allehow bakingte ttntion th
tlnmmi tit8;O''ok f' dha wy in omiltnted, the ad Ctb thi8 mnin for ava for now speed record; fo" ftlly equip- to the Taylorl xcutase' and the itto- trouble disappear.
I aN Until Wededay I lna w1th 82 passIengers on bor ill b to hnt inle tns lin s tl fewI days' visit. d tok t los' as by' tvl- genoal' opinion, 1\hon he One riJdl wU pro0t ct. Wd bai
1 bats awn T 'I'l is Ing 2,000 miles ill ,66.1Iminitesi -0, tben Saturday,
T Uld y Th,,u stennieri iv 'rwll returnnn to this 1,rI 'e otonouih to t''omni od',th iay 10 'o (cole I. Knowlos was an ar- The acc'ompllishnument I v e r'lint ho(il itefolo thlnii nui uhr. nOI wf
The a tia '' rI'',. ilL l(t y i'rt tmorriii v i n ltornoon, lvea'"ing ibi. lt t I i L e. rival in Key yesterday fro0L Studobaker possession of e 'ery of- qli i i t' '
ero s. 1: (von he railway is c .pultIe of tak:in' Miamuni, and will sp.nd several day$ ficlal oe.. rance spetd record for irc- h ei'.
-Tr Mr nloo ,i^ h* '*r0 of ve,:o.. S o n t. l t, : nu in the Ilamid Cit, at lii frinlt to I fully qu Ti Mr.. ('Illpelpi. l I' 14 r '' o l .; i- rry F A t lrive. 'uu'nul' i 'hich ufi aplly inie tl ''i in: i ii. It l 1;ine u Ii > l.nT 24i S wel l at ,pen- fiKm Civ o ed ni'on i t'> it continue t t t les: As io IAKINt NAM
Liii1al ev n i ho h T ler Ar llnry M. lag- in h 'th'ln t n un s inness hinuttuts itIser Sl t t5 'toi 4ten-l-'fis live u h 14 i tl t iet it t ht Un .ntionl" nii Ito
Methodist ilu h ,, a 'l l lv lt t from 211t 0tays is op]erat-d wilh l l e a00r spenKe i W i t Thq Paesiahv's laIest runs Aii nn ni*tai n ti' l0ihi. t
ceptithurl5 i ui y he i' : lhtv lt with -5 ellllrlt ptino .in et- ly drive n>l machinery, with the ."" dl week' visit in Key We ahn at 2 5 n, :11 April ', lt in9 alto an i, .or. Thl.. re t'l.:'
Set y ;.'o w *:,.hr e. 'lil':, Th l pment i a un l. e oi being hntt'd up -n Thee with r ti'es, lft yest lay a: the Atbantlh Spodway. iver.O t noet .saty to umend the po'. Ia
th ore It, i; i1i !,,. r. \ 111) l' ,(I I ,I t 'l N ,:. Th l'1t w 'm *ini) ilr.d n ,.lo r vhich th ey I re tI() noon over the Ist Const for lap of 'the entire tUn At was tin it1 tion and it iwas not umn'led jail
the.s l l: v'1. i ,' I' h, h; v dh i h over the wi lo ff her tra-ls, ].,i.l her l it in Mini. and hlo, kei-d by ofriFials of tile there wit s pinothing in the l aw that
n ber In r "l f. rli :t o h yard. Anerian Automobil Asxoiociahtion iwas not known to 1Mr. Ml uit
nTh r ~itv i ttll A i'hli l tr 1 ,rtifn ). Ie May 23 I'er five or sie hois on weli' lnrIlral, locil b'sino, whio ,hVe certilieod tlie new eIn efo re he pr p Lred i 1tpe
Thn rovivfl .illd .llijihi. jljl: <;P>arsll lIh ". r.,n M y 3h way th23 1111, I .V man, w is '- pas nger le ving op rec lrds,. 1io41n.
P ire Ih ld : h a ',i II, :u tt u o'cio ,,'riv, iti I, y We .Vd 'siutly, il" i',, I Il'toihli wvi i un m 'i 1 w l shihr hwis orm in' A aven eui s liced or' 72.5 miles i 10 I
W .w h .<,v il uy.... ;;.A ........ ...y if) I nvinl*, \,)1,.( he will ,,e.alp pey hoti for tho enti re 2, ;00 n.l O RO%,,, ON I t. 1,011
'lHYMNS' m ('HOI R'&S (;ILtS y 2;i, hiuuting. tnlort ratviet m'S O D W 'li. devval Ilay.s' visit.. Was 11de. lhoth bfote and after .
YMNS Ot IALS ,.etilb'0liporte'l the. e th eSECOND-CHaICE 'a n f chi'ke^d by SI,h -
ii aro 1in .nad for .hlm BALLOTS. COUNT 1,11 iC. F, l(loweo,, ,ro,,.I. A t o. c al enitmml e,
i .MhNDtin-, NmO.' ltof hoti itfi. in kin W r PUZLES MAN of Kenry West, bi t who Is now n ttli whlblh J'.e fled 'It to be Atletly
,iti. '',-at-. of a ,,,., ,, rot)li' i' PU M Nl in thoe ity yesterday il'- Tie President's run ecilises tho

Sgivem at tht' R. of C. ht l thii '. l'ir t-choic, votes to Carlton, .. The Studebaker C(i ommanderh
A o il t ,i xhihll, of Ihe ni t nli h wn'ekly event there I ,s iTa lVi ( '.t on. A nid whei Tony C'ru and Hamilton Pinlde Dictato' and Erskine Six all hoh
wIrik nevening s Lped and en ran oi r eet il l
w n n, td ik which Ilte,, 'ol to \vitnoi the especially i re l or ,ii tts are iaddedi to his to- fior t visit to several points in the their ice ela sses.
All in laiL 11tus, is to hi prepared program a tiind partinip te- I tl and tho i fi' I 1 I iI: wa Iy (c'hu i"t- (A t 1, im.ncludingV Winter Haven, '-- W hen 1 wa
gIven hIthe city of l'r'm, thli. it llnu aimun tIo' hiy C I'arhonHell's f l f o, hitm. wl here t i hey wi ll ttend a nit etln:' Iead ftate on o
'A1110tiIni. I AIonlill airchiteL l tithv iapv ( mchoV ora. flut hauin y, it will he -remoi of the state Fit .en lt edons Asso tet ons
'designed .Xhe buildings Ini which i* !hlc''d, tio(icived 5011,00 ilaust-choitie tion. Here To Address Three
the exhibitit will be L' bhii tut otI Pilma Bringo Pineapples 'IotS whilo Olttm vot only I ,rioo.
,,'t detail I t h displ..hy The & O. ferry boat Estrada now tha til,0 I of thoe 'homans Hf. Gato, member of the L e In Joint Meet Oy
ill tie managed huy bwome. Plima arriving in port last night I)er'ui o Who ve i tlhei' first- If,. 11. Gato Cigar Compainy, Jge LRac-y anon, of Clar-
... tl'Ifrom n H[avanna had 21 carloads of I'h(ice vot(ns to (.ither C(r'lton, companied iby his son, were pus- Juwt 'e LeRoy Brandon, of Clear-
SGreetnitiil s Ito 1iinnuoti, on the pinoapples ofl board. The fruit (' Itltls or Taylor a' ve their sce- singers leaivlng on the steamship water, grand master of the Masons
BQovel'tirt I ianiivcrsi'nry of heor was transferred to other ears hero I ond choice votes to Catts, while Cubhn this morning for Cuba. They tof Florida, accompanied by Dis-
tlfhitehld. Today for shiplm ent north. The 13,75'0 others gave thoev econnd-: had been spending several v'eck triet Deputy Grand Master Fred T e1 FOr all V ilthe COllillO111 ltarket-phlCt t'o1' all o1'
............ --- hipnnt muntled o 09,7241 uhoet' votes to falthaway: Then in Key West. W. Delaney, of Miami, is In the
"' e t !vould lhe ai; follows: Cleveland Dillon, Oscar Cru" At 11 6'clock this morning,
SJ. F. Cihappel Dead (':It Ls: and Milton Roberts will leave to- Julge l r'andon addressed the stu- 118 mIlite I'ellUde'rs o its orl'tr rTu' lluudt'llI'.
ItSTme to Give .1. I'. ('li,.luo., sun of Mrs. 1t ('lie 2nd ('he Total morrow ovenint on the steamship dents of tho senior' high school,
|i:, I). mn. dima Vcudsd 1 ,o*; .5os di 5Tottmn muh fr Tml e nt t ro1niute to Winsi- iisln "Edusttion" as his tolVic.r i>

Ft ui'. hI',, lhton at ,ullt :10 amid survived Tn I uiich aue, Cui t< t o u i he1 ture:. ;:. EasteLrn >'nr at a Joint meeting at v tt a in ll':in-' ..... '11 ; ll ir l y
fli hotline was in. Chicago. 'vote.-, despite the f'ct that IlIth- I Louii Malonei, I. Pere u ant! talk on Masonry and show tere-
+ 5' 'fs-ctie optican views of the M.asonle Aveort-"sin'f ilhtitid, hIs lC'(me ((he convWenlient
US "Slim" Wins Race votes. morrow ov'e,;ng on the stOamithi) Hopme at St.. Pot'orshurg.
The speed boat "Slimn" owned t11', howvc'ier, instead oL' getting Cuba for Tampn. F'om there, This is Judge Brandon's first ')roUlllt of Imodern bIuyers ;)lul sellers'. II' \ 11'y C. Thompson won out in a race :!,750 second-choice votes, Mr. they will proceed to Winter trip tt Key West. Hle is devoting
I ,Wieautiul tyintorday afternoon nut in the IIatliaway should gnt .4,000, this Hlaven, whore they will attend his entire time this yoar to visit. eColsidering the purchase of a Iw\ car, ol SCrultinize
lut'i Sprn rsor against the speod boat would put hnim in a ti w ('it Catts. meineting of the State Firemen's ins MiIstnic lodges over the state
S"Bnker Boy," owned by Walter In such t Hnthawnay wouldht Assoeiation to be held in that city and tcturing. The Masonic Home th' ltlom(lt ile (lvcrtisting. Of if it's I rator or 1
(n *hIll aytwl f T vl Maloney. The course was laid out ,he the winner boecau':o. while from May 14 to 16. is doin<" a wonderful work, he 1
lthe Wo fTaylo from Mangrovo Key to No. 8 tcth candidates received the same ...t points out, and is boing liberplly taihig' majiiiiC that yOU Wllll1, yOu th'ri it8ain io ll 4
I hin buoy, the race boing quite inter- numinibel1 pf' first and second-choice Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Keating ro- lppo'td(i1 by Masons in almeat
DdkyoSrtflofthetamoua testing to all who witnessed same. 'votes combined,, Mr. llatha'way turned yesterday evening from Mvery mneetion of the state. dvertising,. H11ere is the na.ioiatl Itlftllet-lhl'Ce for' :
HAreON SPRNS * ceived the aInrest nmir pl'*i' BaltimM,.where Mrsi'. Keating has 7
WATR Excur.ion Comin frst-choice and is therefore h.ld been under;oingtn tratmont. Dr. 170 TONS OF BEAUTY Ieri'chanidise.

An excursion over the Southern to be the chlolee of a larger num- Keating left several days ago to past year '
Wthl o t stem Railway from Atlanta to points i)or of voters. accompany hor home. They aro BERItN-During the past year
pbroo pert= M t.r i in Florida and Cuba will leave At- In considering thi.smatter it i Snoppinf with Judge Jefferson B. 170 tons of cosmetics have been Firtherl oreo. Bw. Viu lpee( dv _t0w h and Idd ~eys in lanta the morning of May 19. The well to remember that second-. Jrowne at his apartment at the old shipped from Gormany to Great
d.puAnd renewv itm and round trip rate to Key West. will l:o;co votes have ntlhing what-. air station. Britnin. 0" prodilCtS, your mI is ing Wly for o- o*llt'OW
'. ~ b ia tthe rejuv- hwe $2.25 tind allows a litmi of 16 ever to do with deter:niinhi the 111 ....... ....i 'h ,O i1 h 1111 r
ri.E S1lphUr!P tdays. Key Weter's having rela- two leaders. After these leaudertn '.. - --- coInact and VUluab 'und o( inom il In,:ic .
Die n~ rModda p- ties o05y frk.'t, in the Atlanta sec- have been determined, however, lyl will re'evliller O s we Ilk
Htl ri fotel wllSW" ti,,n might :'.vrite and sugest a icond-choice votes lor the .
d&Se_; sn visit at this special rte nt s muh as do irt yor future purchases. Ia tncr(s ae your store;u ojf k nowl .
Sltmf!'TeSrds, Swim-. i choice votU.'s* p he Incr (is
seback ,J lr Two Ferries Leave i f 1' r'h'
and fhe Two of the ferry boats of thot SISTERS STARVE TO DEATH n ho ing (l. c by reading; a(Iv:li',l" r'.llly.
P. & 0. Company were sent out US K
An Ii~hii, YOU to Havana last night for the pur. WOLVERHAMPTON, En,- Wherever thi recipe calls for
u pose of bringing" over pineapple Misses Sarah and Marie Hodigetts ilk, use KLIM-the pow.
I the p *s to shipnients and other freight. In aged 58 and 49, starved to death idered mitlknt givs cooked
Mnnta ad Itall probability the three ferries I at their home here. moods a rich oe delicious
rate-w ftwill soon tbe placed in operation lavor Try teournextcake. ;
to take care of the large pincap- en from some place on Silmnton I'.. "ak. AdertIfing IhIs bie c' the common
ple shipments, especially, which street and driven to the place s t s WAR f tC w
"" 1 5gwill begin to arrive shortly. mentioned, whor6 it was set on i, CO t fis tweS iethe Centuy
Automobile Burns it was summed up by the owner.
A F'ord automobile owned by The fire apparatus responded to
Senry Marshall was completely [qn plarm which was sent in when
Sdo:troyed by fire last night at the tho blaze was discovered. Mr.
old air station grounds. It is Marshall feels that this was spite
thought that the machine was tak- work on someone's part. .

4 '. ' .'' .. ,
,f-, -,'.,I '.,.,










-- i SIX ru- .- - Q, F DA Y 1 198"

lBEI1,IN, May 11.-A secret of
greatest importtince for all sheiks
was revealed recently by Dr.

STATE DEMOCRATIC EXECU. Pontpoddlan in a Danish mnedecnl
When kising a girl, ho said, a

rEIE G/'A rtM

man should wear rubber soled

,',,'u, .A kiss, Dr. Pontpuddian ex*
i plained. Is merely an electric
d spark caused by close touch of one
TALLAHASSEE, Flar, May pair of lips on another. Th' l
TALLAHASSEE, F.May9Ishack it increased If the kisser
--The state democratic executive wears rubher-soled shoes which
committee has the right to reigl- islatehim from tihe ground and
late its party, delegation ti the help him ,store up electricity.
democratic national convention s ...... ...
It chooses, and Secretary of tat" IIAIR CUT AT MOVIES
11. Clay "'rawford must certify the .
election of the delegates in ac- (III'AG(I), (;Gorg". Pturlsun
cordance with the call of thie coni- .ifi po-il ot)' 1 .-year-oil .Jonnie
inuittee, Ailli' haai'r vith Scissors at the
This wasV tit opinion of Attor- ovi ans I(I had to pay a $r>U
noy General Fred IH. Davis, given fi ,l.
to Mr. Crawford in reply to ia .. ..
query from the latter as to liowi primary," Mr. Davis said, "and
lie should certify the election of Ithat the above provision of See-
the delegates to Houston conven- tion 356 (that which says the dole-
tion, in view of the fact that the gates must be chosen by plurality
executive committee has specifical- vote) prohibiting the nomination
ly called for four men and four i by groups refors only to the nomil-
women to represent Florida frontm nation by groups within the same
the state at large, and the law lass r delegates.
says that "candidates for dele- "The purpose of the proviso to
gates to the national conventions Section Xfl Wus to take the dele-
shall not be nominated by groups, gates out of the purview of the
but by plurality vote." first part of that section which re-
Mr. Crawford, in other latest to the grouping of candidates
words, could not see how he for the same office where two or
was authorized, in spite of more are to be nominated,
the committee call, to pass up "It, therefore, appears that the
men candidates for the con. legal effect of the law is to allow
vention from the state at the state democratic executive
large and certify the election committee to regulate its party
of four women. delegation in any manner that it
"My interpretation of tihe reso- sees fit and the plurality vote
lution adopted by the state denmo- mentioned in Section 356 means
(ratic executive committee is that the plurality vote cast according
two separate kinds of delegates to the classification of delegates
arc provided to be selected in the is made by the committee."


*eeeeaeee*ee *e..eee 1ee .eo a*ee eee eeeeee. .eeetJ MAN TO r3
Classified Column ANTODAY'S l.OnDON- T
A...I V E R S A RI F Se go'r,.',.,,,t l,,
I t tl l l e t*t C*eeeeeeae*e eettel te ip0ort all bIjikIll
Advertisements under this head WANTED _,__v f'orI ,'f
will be inserted in The Citizen at ------ --- --- -- I Robrt Trent Ia', ..
the rate of 1c a word for each In- PARTNER WANTED to invest Massachusetts ligner o(.f tit .- Is4' iPiicsi ni, -,,'
sertion, but the minimum for the hundred dollars ,lad manage laration of Indepetnd'.IceI, I k first insertion in every Instance is; factory to he established in Key Bo-ston. Born there, .lurch 11. ,s 'ts are tilIt iri
25c. I West; good proposition to right |7;11. money f fli
Payments fur classified adver.- party. Address P. 0. Box 282, l.a ,ii l
tisoments Is invariably in advance, Tanipa, Flurhin. mayD-4tx 1818 --Th Su giaIl oi, rntn. 1 ,hrr
but regular advertisers with ledger ..- 7- known as the I'gatun of thol i.i-
ccounts may havo their advertise- FOR S LE nomint artry x' perf .".
nmiunts charged. I .............. .... 1... 7 ., 'u
Advertisers should give their 011 .SA-.J1.,: A I', ton Interna- fr- the f:r*t time by Dr. 1',:'I ;. (0) hand Ihe All
S...-. 490t address as well as their tele- tiueil Truc'k. Truck can le tine Mott of New York, ltin.
, phnoi number if they dtMiro re- "'elo at our bus garage (car -t'.
sult'. lai). r Thl fi rst o fer of 1$.61- The h rl)or of Clur,, l ',.. Th' f-
With einch cluBasiest auver seing $50.00 gets thl truck. The ton, S. C., was b)locl'.iud,d ,>\ ilt (t n' T <'s ('oil ct N
amounting to 60c. The Citizen will Ke'y "WeA E1 electric Comiiny. U., S. fri'igto Niliagir. '. Ii.
givo without charge a new section- mayt ......
al county map of Monroe County.' . .. ...- --.. 1)2, Th1 I
,This map is compiled from latest FUlR SA 1l- --General Electric lthl -..J '!s I. D)ickey,, bi l 6 iti '
official and reliable liforiatllon Motor. live horsepower, 1,800 of the I, i 11. EC 'rch, S iith t, i11 'lit,
nAlid plt tip in convenient pocket I l. I'. M.. 2 .1 AMliiliheres, 110 it I|I.i 'lestiiivil ',, l hi. i;<,d t i it. li i li
I'vlder form. Ask for it when or- Volt, 00 Cycle. This motor is Louisville, Ky., i 1. I 2 ll
d-,? (ig the advertiseinont. in splendid wl olkinlg condition .vat-iu l n (". f,
anill the !Tice is right. Apply tu I'1.01 The pie of Nor it ile, v-
FOR RENT Citiozen office. mnar2
I-ORl RENT -- FurnisheiI house FO R ~\A I n,1 --1)rIactically" lnew Ili_,
with iodeln a e l C IVeltel)C. l, (h 'vhr-,.'h.r lutildster, a lunle buy.
five roi,- iid it bath. iAply 6lo anAi Nvarro. amay 7-Ot
I I \\illiati street. tayl-Ul ___________
FOR RENT. Nicly f'uriishud FOR SAL' AT A BARGAIN--All
huite. 11l ('tiroline street; pi-; of your printing or engraving
inU, 1uideti (cionveTlieices, etc. reqOi'iirumits. For particulars
Price 'l'(tsuntl.hle. AppIly s' call Warrien J. Watrous at THE
Floilningl street, miay5tf] ARTM'AN PRESS, 'phone 06. B r o a d i

lFOR SAIE--(Corner in the heart
o.f Key West. Ideal apart-
I-OR IIENT---Totory rfesideotC mIent house site. (Corner
corner CGreone alnd Ann streets; Suutlihurd nd Elizabeth Streets.
unfurnished. AI)ply to L. 1'. One block front Fleniing and
Artmain, Citizen office. two blocks from Duval Street,
the limain thoroughfares of Key
..... \ tl. 1U feet 6 inches on
IOJt lllTN'J'. Furinishd liuuut, Southaird, O feet 6 inches on i
niudt'rn vo\livlitet,,s. ANppVly Elizailbth, MNoderute p1) r i c .
50 3 DuIvl sticot. upr27-ttf easny tornis. One-fourth cash, re-
.. .....n... der in one, two and three
CORNE'1 (;TRE,:NE AND ANN years. Apply at the office of
'Tl,'lll''r--Oppolte City Hall The t;itl.?n or address 1. 0. 0
Suitable for stoiNag'e rouums, box 530, phone 51. dee28 i
garage, repai)ir shioIs, etc. Ap- .
ply The Citizen, dec20 MISCELL.i"'EOUS
FOR SALE U [ 'u Pr'ICE on your pring, will
Ssu rpie yolt. I' we do not get
ri, Qj 41 v1u1r lu oi'k it will surprise 14 .
in, furiiitturc Olnd rug,,s chu.,'i 111i I'lMAN 1PIS N
Ctin li lly annv pi-rt or all 'of it. V I ..N PR .
Apply tu K. A. lrifv. 62l 4 Ahie\ '' i i i'C' ,-J, t
street (up:ttirm i) b lefore 7 T ,,, ', ,,
1p. J-.) U tlhomand, 500 sheets 50c.
OL1) PAPI.EtS fur le. 25 fot The At tal PTress, Teol d.
k nickle, Th Key West Cltienu h
1 Du t d your money i Inveslted.
Mi .d..SC .ELLANE.ou S Wheii yuur or orer goes out of
MICELNEUtown It is spent for ever. THE

THAT WILL, O WITn SIGNSe must here. Dollt walt untill %

TH ATAN P SS? able this year. ORDER THEM
given free with aouch lsificI e b P T f letters ofte
advertisement. Ask for it. tfl save large sumI of money and
-- N n- r---- dat ys of worry. Keep a largo
Printing is an AlT lin done by, supply of t s ecnd heets On
THE ARTMAN PRESS anid: hand. They cost practically
the price Is very rneasonable. i nothing when purchased from
Make us prove it. THF ART'MAN PRESRS.



(did It;-i'ositivt' belief for
ground itch, tr'opica&l MuUAI
and rhig worm..
Your itIJii.II&1v4 it for
yOu. ai1~)0nld easy, to
USO alud gLtuarntellud.


$10.80 to $12.00 Sellers

Taii Trim--Black Trim-
Golf and Two Tone

The $8.00 Kind

Golf and White Oxfords
Solid Taiis and Trim Styles



.~~~r o .
**9"9O@O "*@@ "OS*@@O """"""O*@6*S "O** ""'"""""""@""""O*S5**S1 4 ~**** *

Colonial South Still Lives In Charleston,, -o. -
If you do not receive your ,
eesemeeee ee *****e e ******eeeeue e ****e e seeee ee se e paper I a reasonable time la 4
the afternoon, use your tele-
pbJono or your neighbor's l
S .phone and call 01 and a pa-
-p 11l1 b e sent to your honeo.
A complaint, boy 13 on duly
for the puepowe of dellveriing
Scomplaitt until 7:30. Help
us to g'vt you 100 per centIl *
IF service by selling 1 If you *1
do not receive The Citizon. 0
4 * 4 $ * 5 * *,
CARDIFF, WauleshM.. !dtrr
Luventine was electrocuted while
trying to burglaries a stlorag,
v iurohouse near the docks.

.Etra Special
Our prices inludo the matidnuain
aid printing of youth 'ICTURE
'"" without extra cost.
S". Cadidatte cards *ixe 2U4, pie-
,,, turei printed on bak.
uEachl additional thousand-
Candidates placards sl.ze 11114,
'ietn.'u included,
Each 'additional hundred-
IThese prices are Just a sample
l.f Artman Press prices. We pur-
it-hase in l]rgo quantities nd give
""- .".'., .you the benefit,
125 Duval St. Phone 66

Picturesque characters and historic buildings help keep vivid the rich past of Charleston, S. C.,
once a rival of New York. Around the old city market (loft) vegetable vendors like the fellow at the
right still market their produce, and a groundnut cake maumner (left) vends her delicacies. Even a il#
ehimn.3ysweep (inset) is a reminder of pra.radiator days. Charlesttat college (lower right) has ma-
triculated 143 freshman cIlases.

Tll'!.'LEY '7OLITI(S
(Cil iiSB1Y, 1< i, --. William
cratchard, c(ondet-tori of a local
rollhy Cur, illu Cl1ri.toph[| ,r Bis.
IUOJ, 6;8i inulou 1111i, Ii1c iriviil
andldntes I'li. tlhe iiiu cpul
council. i
i n lac n' i ni I I I vt in,


Effective March 9. 1928
L,. Ky West for Ilti' 'mii y t'x-lcet, .sundity and YWednes.
diny ilt 8 :, A. M.

j.t yi

Lv. Key W\eut fotr la Toll 7 L'. IM, Tuesdatyn and Sutur
ete, Reservations andl Inform.(tion aI Ticket Office as thO
Dock. *'Ponme 71

all mo-l 1 somedi l- -Now

Because of its purity-
ity-cuts household e
ing food and keeping i
at all times. What's

making cool drinks.

Full Weight


Thompson I


-because of its solid-
xpenses by preserv-
it fresh and palatable
More, it's ideal for

Prompt, Delivery
) Drivers

ce Co., Inc.
,- .. -

Continuing Our Sale of Sport Shoes---Buy Your Summer Sport Shoes Now and Save Money

Headquarters for the
Dressed Man


Well I


Phoenix andiii lliio Silk
Fancy arnd (C1(,, 1 Silks
In All the New Shades

Extra Fine Quality Engish .


lar'ry Berger \, CItACHED
~and Phillip JonesI
Make. A
$ *195V$LU
< ' ,V.o0UE*

526-528 Duval Street

~~;BY~lli~*di~i~*^~~~~~JP*~%~di'p YI--Yp~I~r(l6* F1~~$

It Is Your Life Line
Ke.ey Yomur isystantm Clean With
Schmidt's System Reaevator'*
And Florida Red Birds
For Sale By

Solid Comfort
and Excellent Cuisine

Steamer to Galvestoh
Direct Rail Connections
'or all points in Texas,
Aizona, New Mexico.
California, etc.
Automobiles Carried
The new Oversea Automo.
bile Driveway enables you
'o drive your car to the
dock at Key West.
C. E. SMITH, Agent
Key Woest,. Florida


Sport Oxfords


Sport Oxfords...

,------------- :1- --I----:-:-----_---

. .. .. .. .


-llr II- ,~r-r-r*-l-u-l~-,-~-lr U-u-'(r'rll~iklrrCIhlYmC UILIVII~-C31~-II-.

FRIDAY, M.4sY Ilo 1928..4'





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