Group Title: Key West citizen (Key West, Fla.)
Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: October 10, 1921
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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Daughters of Today
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Shadow of tragedy. The story isa .. | t l T i
startling romance of youth, beauty serial No. t010es m
and tragedy, with love triumphant Department of the Interior, U S Land i
in the end It Is a picture to appeal S . .ept. 13, 1924.
the end. It is appeal NOTICE is hereby given that James
,to all as it speaks in the language of Fairbrother, of Ramrod KeyFlorida
the modern youth of America. Its 'nty No 18 1 d 1ande omest M iait Florida
story is pointed and thrilling, and ,, SWoA Section I and Lots I and 2,
its picture of the jazuie life of a cor- r n ,Tallnhassee Midan, has filed a strata of Ameran youth sta .I re of Intention to make Three-l
taln strata of American yout starh ryea. Proof, to establish claim to the!
Ing. Monroe Theatre today and to- atnd above described, before Clerk The o erfe ventilated
ing. ,Circut Court at Key West, Florida,,o h p p
morrow. on the 80th day of October, 1924The ventilated
Claimant names as witnesses:
Solomon Cash, of Key West Florida. ,
NOTICE OF ELECTION Mary Cash, of Key West,e lorida., h t in t South
Cleveland.. Wells,.. of.. Key West, notel in the Sout
To the Sieriff of Monroe County, of Flrd A. Keye, of Coconut ove,
thi Stnal of Floridt Hen Florida.
l|da, OaRORIE C. CROM, 1
Be it Known, That 1, II. CLAY septlB-30t Register,.
i CRAWFORD, Secretary of Stnteo of i European Plan Corner Building
the State of Florida, do hereby give
noticethat a o Phrenologists have never satis-
will e ONrAL ELCTION a actorily accounted for the fact that Oen. All Year very Room Outdide '
will he hld In Monroe County, Si .e s .Open A l Year Every RootO ,uftId
of Florila, on ?'lesday next suee hcc- en mllan is puzzled he scratches *
lIng the first Mo~ day T Nov1en-b< i f J h
D. 1924, the said Tuesday beItn In ... he J "
For Six (6) Prosidential Eletors "
For one Representative of the
Fourth Congreastonal District of the
State of Florida, in the Sixty-ninth ..... 1
Congress of the United States. .
For Governor of the State of
For Secretary of State of the State;
of Florida.
For Attorney General of the State
of Florida.
For Comptroller of the State of
For Treasurer of the State of Florida.
For Superintendent of Public Instruc-.
tion of the State of Florida.
For Commissioner of Agriculture of
the State of Florida.
For Two Justices of the Supreme
Court of the State of Florida.
For Two Railroad Commissioners of
the State of Florida, |.
For Two Members of the Hlouse of
Representatives of the State of
Florida, .
For County Judge.
For Sheriff.
For Clerk of the Circuit Court, _
For Clerk of the Criminal Court of
For County Assessor of Taxes.
For Tax Collector.
For County Superintendent of Pub-
lie Instruction.
For County Surveyor RUBEROID Slate Surfaced Shingles, Red and Green
For Five County Commissioners.
For Three Members of the County
the following Justice Districts, viz: Slate S c ol and
No. 1.
lo constable in and for the follow. RUBEROID Smooth Roll Roofing, Black
Ing" Justice Districts. viz:
No. 1.
Sin Testimony Whereof, I iave RUBEROID Roofing Paints, Black and Red
hereunto set my hand and at-
fixed the Great Seal of the
A.* :. 194, a y of August DUX-BAC Galvanized Shingles.
A. D. 1924.
County, Key West, Fla,
aug29; sept5-12-19-26; oct3-10-17-24.l
S That tired, half-sick, discouraged
feeling caused by a torpid liver and
Constipated bowels can be gotten eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



------- ------ --;T- -;- ~;;--is -


Ak 0*owo










three Iruns.
Navy Scores First

The Na'vy hopipdil into the leadi
i n t h e f i J ': t ; in l '. I at t t ,it' n 8 s e n t
a slow, t ttalizing' g'rounidt'r to-I
ward tihe p .,, bx"' lIh>. \'v ic'h Grey
let go thrtl ub '; iii:.L I .'i at1; the Navy
shortstt i,: a, t ..i tl'il t. iH e
got seol, d !I h 1 ''rr ,;il dr.pcd
Diaz's pI I to pig' tot th ht ha)ig.
W while D r!i\i t;.;s '.thi'wiiv' u't
Clark i ti ist, I'atler.s'oin t. un'Lci
to third d. (;try .',!l; Iled his nunme-ic-
sake on t'four '(CIonsecutivO' balls. The
Navy third sicker promptly stole
second. IHollbrook shot a fast
grounder toward the pitcher's box


niros.s the home plate. On the play to Pnat'.'rson to end the agony. FURNISHED FLAT, conveniences, '-
for (.ordonI at the plate Diaz went Infield Sensational William street. Apply 508 Wil- e******o*o*.* 0* @a**********0
" Stchl fielded Grey's The Key West infield played bang,. liam. Danger is a quick traveler
v-'c'ominflo' r ,id threw him out at the up ball. Thi'ty-three chances were
plat. Diiaz started for third and baled. hirty-them with only two meis-e FURNISHED flat, conveniences. D q c
c.u1O 11dl the w:y honio when Nell hmndedb erk.v d wia01 throw. Gonzalezu rWoed<. The rors ,.micn sept" Watching cannot always' e danger ahead. Dodginl
v., eafe on Kennedy's error. Perez in the first stanza. cannotawaysmi it.I et co na a
t" uL to Cry' at third for the' Th' battery brought here from FOR RENT-Two first-class offices ca ot a a -
fi,, cut Pensacola Air Station along with i in the Renedo Building. See or it8 damage-is gone.
Iti" o .t .first hasel;tam, and three players call Dr. g, M. Renodo, Phone 330.
Sd an' single tallyint frm the U. S. S. Denver, added call DOct.r. J. M. R15tenedo Ph Complete insurance against the risks of all even-
..': .. ni. etC, center. .onsidera'lt s Gtrength to thie Navy : tualies guards you from loss at all times.
The Conlis ,,pouncedonGritchel te and Hol brooko du.tyKatth WANTED Only insurance can give youa constant financial pro.
for fiv n the runs team had a chance t oEvery local Naval Station, were also in WANTED-Errand boy, who will: tection. 0
atn on this teframe. The blows thance the Navy line-up, have the opportunity to learn the * .
bat in this frame. The blows that printing business. Apply to Ira J. It is or pleasure a s well as profession to arrange
EY EST AB R H PO A E Moon, The Artman Press. oct9 complete property insurance.
Markovitz, ss...5 0 0 3 2 0 FOR SALE
E|bortson, cf 4 3110 0 .. hotel-site--'-sale. A' DLDTJ D A I PL.
Dorin, 3b ....... 2 4 2 0 0 0 ALL LUMBER on hotel site for sale. LL N
S Gordon, lb .. 4 2 1 13 1 0 See Carl E. Aubuchon, at office TELEPHONE NO 1 319 DUVAL ST. 2
Si az, c .... 5 3 4 7 0 1 hotel grounds. oct7-3t 0
Grey, p .. 4 0 1 0 4 1 ..-.... oe*ee**eeee*eee********o*ee** eeee***e***
o nzalez, rf 4 1 0 0 0 0 COCOANUT palms, from 2 feet to ----. --'- .... -- ---..
Perez, If .......... 4 0 2 1 1 0 7 feet, 516 Frances. oct8-12tx mvn roar TAmPrA aL wWI
,. Fermindez, 2b .3 0 1 2 2 1 TICKET TO TAMPA-Good until T H E
- Oct. 15. Apply "W." The Citi-
Total ........35 13 12 27 16 zen office. octll.31t DV IQ I AD _i'f iiTeU ( 0 iem bAU tU

Mayor of Key West

NAVY AB R H PO A E FOR SALE-My free shade trees for
Patterson, ss .... 4 1 0 2 2 0 all street frontage. Applies to
Clark, cf ........ 4 0 0 0 0 0 non-resident owners equally. Trees'
Gray, .......... 3 0 0 2 2 1 are fine, weather favorable. Re-'
HIolbrook, If .... 4 0 1 1 1 0, shore, OOP) Grinnell. octl0-.ltx'
Poproll, If ..... 1 0 0 0 0 0 _
Ieil, lb ...... 4 0 2 11 0 1t CHICKS
Frick, c 4 0 1 0 1 .
Egan, rf ....... 2 0 0 2 0 1 BUY SOUTHERN CHICKS-Our'
Kennedy, 2b ... 0 0 0 0 0 1 splendid stock will please you, GetV
Holberg, 2b .... 3 0 1 1 tI 0 our Fall price list. Continental'
Succhy, p ..... 1 0 0 0 2 1; Hatchery, Box 302, Valdosta, Ga.!
Gritchel, p ...... 2 0 0 0 3 0 1octl0-1X
Hanson, p ..... 0 0 0 0 0 0 _0 '
-iinI LOST
Totil ........ 32 1 5 24 160 6
R. H. E. LOST-One dollar gold piece, dated
Navy .. ....... ............... 1 5 6i 1855, lost either on the Fleming
Key W est ........................ 13 12 3i street side of Kress' store or in'
Summary--Three base hits, Diaz; the post office. Finder will bei
stolen bases, Doran, Gordon; base given a reward of $5 for its return
two base hits, Elbertson and Doran;! to 613 Fleming street. Oct. 9-3t
on balls, off Grey, 1; off Succhy, 2;
off Gritchel, 3; struck out by Grey, MISCELLANEOUS
0t; by Succhy, 2; by Gritt:hel, 1; hit
by pitcher, by Hansen, Elbertson; EPILEPTICS-At last a treatment
Hits off Succhy, 0 in b innings; off which stops seizures from first
(ritcher, 8 In two i:.nih is; off Han- day. No bromides, Narcotics.
sen, 2 in one inning; I rising pitcher Guaranteed. Information free.
Succhy; umpires Nuremacher at Hunter Laboratories, 207 Main,
plat and Pease on bas'I. Little Rock, Ark. octl0-1tx



ruwmouLua UaILumiALU tuimran ui
United States Fast Mall Routes For
Via Port Tampa. Key West and Havana, Caba
Pr-pos.d allinegs in effect ou date shows. Subjeet to ehaase auneol.
latlon or individual postponement without notice
On and after May 10th sailltig between Fort Tampa and Key West.
and between Key West and Havana will be as follows:
tffeettve irema key West May 1otb, 10
LT. Key West Dally Except SBunday anA Wolassiday -..... 1:0 A. M
Ar. Havana Daily Exeept Sunday and Wednesday 5:00 p. .
Lv. Havana, Dally Except Sunday and Thursday ......1 0A. .
At, Key West Dally Xixcept Sunday and Thursday ------ P. A,
N. 8. Cuba leaves Key West Monday, Frilday.
a. B. Cuba leaves Havana Tuesday, Saturday.
i, Governor Cobb leaves Key West Tuesday, Thursday, laturday.
a. i. flover-or Cobb leaves Havana Wedneday. rr4iday, Monday,
arfteetve Irto Port Tampa nay1e, t 10a
s. A. cuba
Lv. Port Tampa Sunday, Thursday S--e--I-- --. so P. M.
Ar. Key Weast Monday, rrlday -fill T A.1 3.
Ly. Key West Monda Pridary 0-- -- 00 A .-
At. avasa Monday, rlday -.-----. -- P.
Lv. Havana Tuesday, Saturday 10----8-- o A. S.
Ar. Kay West Tuesday, Baturday -. f :lO P. M
t.v Key West Tuesday. Saturday M-..- : 8 K .
Ajr, Port Tampa Wednesday. Sunday -..................... tt o
Above heore are based on Eastern standard Time.
D. U. WILDER, G. P. A., Jackseaville, Pa- P. J. SAUNDBRS Y,.P.
&G. M. L. S. SPENCMI. Art Key Weit I PI.
-^- --------------t,



Regardless of the outcome Of the it
A final World Series game, which will
BARRACKS RESULTS IN FINAL SCORE OF 13 with a defense that was inpn- Barrymore, favorite film star, who
TO 1--PADDY DORAN, F A M O U S T H I R D etrable and n offensive that could is a visitor in the city, will still be-
SACKER, SEEN IN ACTION not be subdued, the Athletic Club lieve that the Washington Senators
SSACKER, SEEN IN ACTION quintet triumphed over the fast is the best ball club. He thus de-
d*o.. ..-. -.. -. -c t- v Denver five last night ii, the first lared himself last night.
SEarl Adams ASHINGTON WINS game of te International basketball s Mr. Barrymore, accompanied by
T lyhe is much sailing andamsh d. VWASH INGTON WINS series by the score of 5.1 to 5. his valet, is enjoying a much needed
There is much wailing andthe saddened Fully five hundred fanr attended vacation in this city.
jaki, t of t nc theSan's ddN IN SIXTH aAMythe game which wv played at the He returned yesterday afternoon
followingtce as Itarl blow dliv-,y I S l illA Athletic Club gym. ion the Yacht Norma, which he hasW
ered against l the championship Only one field bhsket was made charted from Anthony Yates, after1
prospects ,ti a picked Nine by a by the visiting team. Their other a fishing trip of several days in local
bunch of Key West "Coneihs" yes- DEFEAT GIANTS YESTERDAY IN three points came via the free throw waters. Mr. Barrymore found fish
terday aftei anoonit lAt armon er- CAPITAL CITY BY SCORE n route Though outclassed and at ou in abundance and made several large
racks whore ,000 rooting fa saw play t catches.
ihe Navy bo,,,s writhing on the dock OF 2 TO 1 last and their clean work through- "I enjoy fishing, even though I
of tin overwhelming def,,at. 'Ihe out brought forth many comments in do not have a bite," he said. "It is
puuid.ment was 13 to 1, their favor. the cool, ocean breeze and quiet'
That Key West band, led by WAMIItNGTON, Oct. 10.-The' Lunn, at center, Baker and Thomp- atmosphere that I crave."
"Paddy" Doran, performed bril- W ashington Senators came out vic- son, forwards, were high scorers for Mr. BarrymoSe, a dyed in the CAPTAIN C. D. STEARNS
liantly. torious in the sixth game of the Key West. The guarding of Smith wool baseball fan, attended the C mn E utive Committee Sa Carlos Celebratio
A swaggering pitch,' named world's series played here yester- and Berneuter was good. game at the Army Barracks yester.-Chira Execut Co itteSa Cars Clbratio
"Sigh" Grey, veteran of many today, defeating the New York Giants day afternoon, but departed after -
diamond battles, whipped the Blue., by a score of 2 to 1. TODAY'S CALENDAR OF SPORTS Key West had piled up a number of W V 0 *
jackets into submisst.)i with an as- There are now three games runs.
sortment of savage slats, and in so, credited to each team, the question ''iTrottiing: Meeting of Grand The film star attended the supper CO LU M BUS F
doing hung up a clean ent victory to be decided here this afternoon in worth Circuit at Lexington. given last night by Captan C. D. U N D
to his credit. athe seventh game, which will deter-' n. Stearns to Mr. Cespedes, 'secretary
Doran In Action mine as to which club will obe the" Boxing" Carl Tremaine vs. Char-of state of Cuba. 0 I
"Paddy" IDoran, local boy, rated iner of the pennant. ly ly Goodman, 10 rods, at
the best third sucker in the Flori- It is predicted that the largest, Cleveland. Young Montreal vs. e
da State League last season, ever crowd yet will be in attendance atlTommy Carney, 10 rounds, at Fall to cultivate when he discovered America, and they
busy and capable, convinced the the concluding game scheduled for River. Johnny Darcy vs. Pat Mills,
fans that all they a"ve been hear- this afternoon. 10 rounds, at Raleigh. Midget CLASSI IED : proved very fertile fields.
rogabutd his brilh M id g w and rforalce CLAS F E oD
sng about his brilliant performances Smith vs. Joe Ryder, 10 rounds, at
up state was true. He fielded his which Grey caught and elected to New York. Jack Sharkey vs. Ronie, COLUM N : It is surprise wha men can accomplish w h e n
position in Big League fashion, his try for Patterson at the plate. Pat- Rojas, 10 rounds, at Boston. 1tm
running, barehand pick-up of a slow trson, who had started for home, tAy put f ored t into ac tin.
hit ball along the third base line turned about and headed for third, Gritchel yielded in this session in- FOR RENT
and his throws to first, while off Diaz uncorked a wild throw, the eluded three singles by Diaz, Perez FOR RENT Your account and banulng buines invited.e
balance, was easily the best offen-' third error made on Patterson, anda
give play of the game. He also the Navy shortstop scooted home for: and Fernandez. In addition he pre- "
ty e seated passes to Gonzalez and ------.
show l the way at bat, getting a' tle first and only tally the Navy IDoran. APARTMENT FOR RENT
double ard single out of two offi-' Tt.ammade. 'The Key Westers kept up their Furnished apartment, containing N
cial trips to the plate. iaz lilt Conchs Start Early sco g te eighth to th fourth living room, parlor, dining room, bed BEGIN NOW BY DEPOSITING WITH
four out of five tin o iest h l ',at. Key West came back in their humiliation of the bluejackets. room, kitchen, pantry and bath
Three Pitcher, For Navy hlilf of the first and sent four tal- Elbertsoa took first when "ne of tro ,. Running water and all other T
tluet 'I [ Pila.: of th lies across the plate, Markovitz, I;sen's outshoots hit him. On a '. conveniences. Will provided
jaclkc'.. I' peodd ''oh on the ligh leading off, struck out ingloriously.I pa sed ball hlie wIent to second. 'w& 'bedrooms if necessary. $80 a
hand sh. f "t Sut'h l;lbortson, however, came through Doran singled through Holberg at Smonth. .:,TH IR T
'ruuLg re1e t'i n "he Ptensacla '.lh a double to left. lie took third secotndl and Elbertson scored. Itoran Two furnished apartments, each O
Air atio; .'...' .ll the .,",' ...'. a wild pitch.I loran walked and, took second on the playL at the sotainng parlor, bedroom, kitchen, : O K S
to repel the (,,wichs ill their fir- ; ., e' onl on the next pitch. Gor'-' plate. HIolberg threw out Gordonidining room and bathroom. Run. O K
onslaught, itil thl young tl, i t hit ,.; ue(:md \ico tried for El- at first. l)iaz tripled to left cen- ning water and all other modern *
was Ltnsuc essf'l and had to th< b rtst the late. Elbertson was ter ad Doran scored. The hit was I e SAFE SOUND SECURE
way to Gritchel in the fifth. Ilaia- safe Doran took third and Gort- good for the circuit, but the ball J. L. T., care The mftizen or phone
sen, ta stouthpaw, ttookl up the b 'urdeuo dion as afe on first. Gordon struck thile curbing and bounced number 731.mar1 Liberal, But Consistent With Safety
in the eighth and during his short ,le second. Diaz's single through back. Ditx scored on Frey's sacri.
relgi was pounded for two hits and a *ond sent Doran and Gordon ,fi ,, fl,, t, l.,ft. Gn ;1,ina ,,ti-e aae1o a e eeGeo



AND OFFICERS Nores or ne rassing uay
VT Many H aan Passengers Cuba Has 300 Paus*ngers. h 'i inAmnft
V C V The steamship Cuba leaving here The steamship Cuba arriving here lnoaIds,
---- this morning for Havana had a large this morning from Tampa had 300 h fldr
OFFICIALS AND MEMBERS OF number of passengers on board. passengers on board, 200 of whom R M oaMated aoet.In powd
ORGAlIZATION ARE ENTER. stopped off at Key West, with the tnu II l .te Drlskft.AAgn
t R- Cuba From Tampa others booked through to Havana. elst -No Cookift A lightLuich
TAINED BY FACULTY ON The P. & 0. steamship Cuba, ,* * Ws h Also Talet
SCHOOL GROUNDS Capt. W. M. White, arrived in port Mallory Due Saturday # A Avtid ahata s aubslitutis
this morning at 6 o'clock from The steamship Henry R, Mallory
Thursday afternoon the pupils of Tampa with a large number of pas- is due to arrive in port Saturday Moiher of Dexter
the Convent when at their lessons singers on board, night from New York en route to
were agreeably surprised to hear the Galveston with passengers anid Dorgan Dies At
sound of a drum and of many feet Brn,aby Boy was freight on board, Home In im
marching In unison and approaching A baby boy was born yesterday ** H I rmlfgfamj
marching in unison and approaching afternoon to Mr. and Mrs. John Al- To Attend Mass any len in Key Vt
andothe rofes wee coumai r w bury at their residence itn Peacone Sunday, October 12 the Culo lI Mrs. Ly n, C. l)organ, of
and other officers wey coming with Lane. Mrs, Albury is a daughter Scouts of the Guanajay Troop will Moi)ile, Mr.,i, m ther or Mas, Wil-I
the Cuban Boy Scouts of Jesus del of Mr. and Mrs. A, B. Curry. attend the mass and Spanish sermon iim hil. P orter and Dexter Pof Wil-
Monte and GuanaJay. After they at 8:15 a. m. at the Catholic church gan, of Key West, will regret to!
had passed through the clabrootm Train Brings 87 of St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Cor. learn of hery West wil regret to
they found refreshments awaiting The train arriving here yesterday Division and Windsor Lane. f her death in Brmingham,
them in the spacious refectory for afternoon from the north had 87 0 Ala., in the home of her daughter,
the pupils, namely the tables scatter. passengers on board, the majority, Concho From Galveston, Octoberlli 1th, aS. Webster, at 2:30n il
ed about under the spreading trees of whom will remain here during the; The Mallory steamship Concho a. m., sctoberal months. I, after an ill-
of the recreation grounds.. The San Carlos celebration. will arrive in port Monday night will take place in Mobile the aftermen
pupils served tempting ice cream from Galveston en route to New noon of October 11.
cones and sweetmeats to the boyg, Rev. Rice Returns York with passengers and freight M' Dor Ocaobe 1.
Many of the young people who did Rev. Edmund H. Rice has just re- on board, Mrs. Dorgan has been a frequent
not know Spanish were soon able to turned from Miami where he has winter visitor here for the past
make themselves understood in other been attending a meeting of the ex- Many Train Passengers y missed by a nd large cirle of
ways. ecutive board of the Miami Baptist The train arriving here this morn- friends.
The Cuban Scouts repaid their association. Plans and programs ing from the north had 121 passen-,
fair hostesses by songs and yells, were made for the meeting of the gers on borad, the majority of Andrew Page Makes
and finally by drills and various ex- association which will be held with whom came here for the purpose of
erclses on the tennis court. After the First Baptist Church of Key attending the San Carlos celebra- Purchase of Valuable
a stay of more than two hours, the West Nov. 11 to 18. tion. Piece of Property
pleasant time came to an end, too -____ _______.
soon for the young folks. Yesterday Herman Wolkowsky
S' and Herman Markovitz sold their
B. G M Per nal M mention building and lot at the southeast
1 .L. Wo Maae Persona l M t ion corner of Duval andI Fleming streets
Key West Electric Co., P to Andrew Page. The purchase

Returns Home From Trip .. price was $20,000.
James L. Johnson was an arrival Miss Lucille Johnson wa bar. ig For many years the corner has,
B. L. Grooms, manager of the on the afternpon train yesterday the Miamians arriving here on, the been considered among the best'
Key West Electric Company, who from Miami, and will remain here morning train for the San Carlos business sites in the city, and, with'
had been attending a meeting of the bor the San Carlos celebration, celebration. the construction of La Concha Hotel,
managers of the Stone & Webster diagonally across the way, it is ex-.
organization at Boston, returned to Mrs, Joseph Prime, Jr., was a pas- Vernon Sawyer, after several pected the value of the site, as well
the city this morning. o. nger arriving here yesterday after- weeks' visit in Tampa, returned to as other property in that vicinity,
While away, Mr. Grooms also at- noon over the East Coast from the city this morning on the steam- will be greatly enhanced.
tended a convention of the Ameri- Miami. Mrs. Prime will visit in ship Cuba. -
can Electric Railway Association at Key West during the San Carlos A HAPPY WOMAN
Atlantic City, N. J., and reports celebration, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Henson were 1 ,I l TU
having a most enjoyable outing at arrivals on the morning t r from
the various points visited during his' on Curry, formerly of Key Miami, and, will spend d. 1 t h
.. .. .... ^, ......... -N .......... ....... Minmi, and, willspend %ev-,. .'s wn to telly how u~h 1 do!
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eAt t'. a Mi aI, was among those arriving bration. good it has done me. My sore was
e t ea% here yesterday afternoon from the ---- on my left leg, was 4 inches by
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with stomach trouble and what the tending the San Carlos celebration. ed by her little son, Dave, and beautifully now, and then too it was
doctors called gall stone colic, and mother, Mrs. Lavonia Grillon, were so soothing on such a raw sore. I
.11 said nothing but an operation Mrs. Albert E. Pinder, accom- arrivals here yesterday over the can't say enough praise for the good
would do me any good. A friend panied by her children, after spend. East Coast from Miami. Mrs. it has done me. Very truly yours,
who had taken your medicine ad- iug several weeks visiting in Miami Knowles will visit here during the Miss Kate Kull, Sigel, Ill."
vised me to try it, and I found it and other points up the East Coast, San Carlos celebration. Millions use it. Fine for skin
to be the real thing. I feel better returned to the city on the morning blemishes, ulcers, eczema, piles,
than I have in eight years and I am train. Charles Camnus, son of Mr., and chafing and sore burning feet. 35
praising God for Mayr's Wonderful Mrs. Cayetano Camus, was isciud- cents. All druggists.
Remedy." It is a simple harmless i Mrs. Cayetano Camus, was cents. All druggists.
preparation that removes the Mr. and Mrs. Hastings Piodela, ac- ed in the arrivals here yesterday -
prepatarrhaio mucus fro the intestinal companies by Mrs. Piodela's mother,' afternoon over the East Coast from Since 1907 twice as many Ameri-
tract and allays the inflammation Mrs. C. Curry, were passengers leave. West Palm Beach, where he is now cans have been killed in automobile
which causes practically all stomach, ing Wednesday night over the East residing. Mr. Camus will remain accidents as were killed in the
liver and intestinal ailments, include Coast en route ;to St. Augustine. here for the San Carlos celebration. World War.
ing appendicitis. One dose wil con- Mr. Plodela, who was injured at the
vince or money refunded. For sale railroad yards here recently, will en. Fernando H. Gate, vice-president FOLEY PILLS REACHED
by all druggists. ter the hospital at that place, of the E. H. Gato Cigar Company, THE SORE SPOT
l accompanied by his wife and two Mrs. Ellen Relghard, South Fork,
Rev. S. A. Wilson, pastor of the daughters, Misses Mercedes and Pa., writes: "I had been suffering
First Methodist Church here, who Rosalita, are among the visitors in with my kidneys and nothing seem-
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS had been spending a while in Tampa Key West for the San Carlos In.- ed to touch the aching spot until I
and other points on the west coast, ternational celebration. They ar., procured FOLEY PILLS, with won-
returned to the city this morning on rived here Wednesday afternoon on derful results." FOLEY PILLS, a
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Christiani, 63 years ago NIGHT FOR MASONS FULL OF oVITAMINES e.. T :fOLEY
Maj. Gen. George B. Duncan, U. ____ West Drug Company. oct-m

S. A., the first American officer to
command sector on the French
battlefront, born at Lexington, Ky.,
63 years ago today.
Prince Charles, second son of the
King of the Belgians, born in Brus-
sels, 21 years ago today.
Walter H. Newton, representative
in Congress of the Fifth Minnesota
district, born in Minneapolis, 44
years ago today.

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INS!7,I I T I1

',, 1 t ,y "i t L. | ) ill tli'

Ifh. I r indv, Ildtp 11ce
L IiI. IiI w Ihh r(
S.., I., ian the ilciild nti

S,, i ( '; l,' i ,'G i lr a |;lit f Ir that
I i I the (I 'iu al uI l d nt. li ll tyit l
I>i I I t', vtr: were lined 111 and(

itack in 1S70, wh(.ln th. C(ubaln.-
; is t i'tiedl their first war fori
i pnild'oI'Ice, Gonzalo C"astonoun, a
i ,IIrd, whIo edited, in Havana, Lai
def Cuim. wiot(' and published
,.i AIfria l reflectinII IIn h, c hua,.-
,,J' il CutIa woiWmeni ()ver in
S '! ri. 1, their diiinunciati)in 1f Cas-
: tu t 'hi-porrs, Ile'llnus,, had a

i .'tctto'ry W\vrd 1l10out him reai'C ed
S t'car of dlon, the author of it,
itl iav b ieein arrested, court-
iahld. ai', in all probability,

I th;1. Le' authority )' tInI Spaniards
A' reach across the gulf to Key
\t Thei' th'1v Cultians, most of
::, i fugitive. frV .n1 their country,
I. tl 'o( iliin openly and sent him
,,- drig his tI go toi Key West

I; i ' .l ild 'l C (in t l ii'l )t LI-
l I I'. f 11 \itoi itd (tisirace hime.
I and h ni r'ed Spl ill. t)
,i",'l *'ilh at C,1 rubln.

S . it Nt it ti R yes, editor of
i t ,i ..d which wit, l publislhcd ill
1, ,. u i.' ', tn I d i.o ria l
iL i to'is I I ,'ihlicih, C'ui an S
S i unlil txdti I- masterpi (l'l
t'- III lI C it |'5 tid I, (M ti 0 h (, Il, i
l ilt'0 tl' : l td; uehll: tllur tlluim ps
,(io ti'lr, Drle piti tlhe factA that
il;'., imp i ossiolned prose, employ-
,' cv.'ryV defumI.atory adjective he
.1 think of. and at the same time
k(,,' within tlh law against ob-
!', .i il later dI velo'eh d that it
v.,: ]hi." satile., Sil'-' si;ll, ridicule, that
S int'ui iatkid ('Cw.tiloi he challenged
f. t t,, fi wht Ia luel. Rey ts prompt-
-n. iciepted the challenged.
Comes To Key West
*'a.-jr/non went to Key West, ac-
'iinpn ied by his su'rgei,,. .(ecJdOuM
;,d an esc(ort 4,f admiring friends,
kh-., \w',i. nnxius to see him kill
i'! 1- t 0- I ." \ N'!l e \ I'k t iw lttr 1,uil, up)
S l]'t t inII', hI \v;Ic w a ( deu lly shot.,
I: iri'ii,' i- ill k\e., \Ve -t t |Ife ting'
A':.-- .'irrnIild lbetwween the seconds
h, i'incipals, aiild the rules
\, vfr|ing' the' fighting Of the duel
,v- -iatisfactorily settled. A clear-
,;. in the v'. ,lod in the easterly part
)f pi", We-t was chosen as the place
*,' -tai"('c the duel.
'ai.-"i, n wil, slig'litly Inorve than
fe. 'ect till. dwhiile Iey,:- \was barely
-hade, m,,re than five. The Span-
i;"d. wVh'hn Iryes wa poIinted out
Sliim., y' illv hbeforc thle intended

1 t I t I I I 1 11ti 1
iii I-i s'iii I'' iis C111

;,;,y W' to fighlta


i.ll ainl avec
y,, l d,,n't s,,

nc tuilt hald the
liracteristic (of
Castoinllo d-
e tlhe trip to
II 1lll Ii nd n( ut

'.vy tok hi' "giii fro iii s('-
.1l, ii l, strokin it ais onei strokes
Liilte1, (.ld-ervedl, "This will nmanke
up the (lil''erellnce iln iour sixes." I
C('istnon doubled his forefinger
and rubbed it across his upper lip to'
try to iron out the smile of amuse-' DR. J. M.
,'nt that was struggling for ex- President of San
, es.siin. T uhel he sho k his head, ----.
"Impossible! I (nnnot fight with .,)hot. \WoulI heI never nIi' l is? That
Sboly; il V" ":hi disgrace m' One was the (|lU' iioll tlhat burnicd in the
',)uli not fight a bxoyv for' ridiculing ;,in(l (,r () .;n, for I'he was ii-
himi. Inipossibh i!" eI patient i',r i.ntiiii and the hiiimr o
He turned on his heel, entered a' th,e galn' rq'iredti that hC .hiuld
l)haet(on with his surgeon and drove 1, hIe his upletwnl at "n dissad-
' l1k t(oI hiis h tel, followed bl y his vanta ,,.
.econld, and other friend1 in er- custowl,, i ini,..,d. The shot hlad
riages. bee(.n so e.s.v hi., Friends gilvo. vent
At that time the boat plying I)e- t n H ,',-p, ,f 11urpi 1ed. a dl ('istonon
tween Key West and Cula sailed i.imself .,vniitled di:lgustedly,
nly once a week, and Castonon was "I (I:"v't \v \'hy," he
mliged to remain in Key W est for, .)ult ni ,'h.l|d trai.,!l.,d .iu t Ithi
.1ree days. Despite that fiet, the ,(qst hit."

port that Castonon had refused to
-i,'ht onll the ground that he would
' disgrace' ed sio infurillted thi. Ctl-
'itt colonists that they demanded
'.nindiate action in disposing o(f
'lm. The lniiR'etr hie reportr nuide
., o i tt iiind I i' f th ii toiwn ti l' li'n e it
\,as listnted.l Toward evening it
S- ;iid thuil a ia n ,lll tlid de-
,, 'iu i. 'd aI'tr a .s p oo l t s p ec i-
( t n of iupniaity iit would (isg'raet'
'; l."i'A i t ii i' i 'hl '\ it i hii nl 111
t thlt atiftel wa d i: I wa- ,oi. d
:tl. it tIhat the Spanishi editor had
:, it rt"esli atitadk 1oi, Cunin wn o-
'"',l Itlit i
Pockets Revolver -
The report or rumor was just a
little imor' than Mateo Orozzo. ai
cig.uri'naker, could stand. He pock-
eted a revolver and started out to
find C(istonon, who was staying atI
thi Rtus:sell Hoiusi', which stood on
the site of' the lli-isent Hotel Jef-
i'i'e11oi ti n Key We-t.
Or,:v'z di'l nlot nlett with Iny dif-
ficultly in finding Castonoi As
()rotzzo( entered the Russell house he
'.card the click of billiard balls and
made his wiay to the billiard i ilomi.
As he entered the doorwity he' saw
('C sonon endini,' over ai table to
ltike at shot, anil he also saw the
hulge of a revolver in Castonon's
Orozzo walked to a corner in the
room and let his arm hang limply at
i:is sides. His object was to have his
right hand as closely as possible tou
his right hip-pocket, because het
knew that the word he intended to,
apply to Castonon would turnIl int
'irve the blood of aiiny ma l n (if Latin'

Castonon appeared to live the
billiard balls charmed. Steadily, im-i
passively, he clicked off shot after


Carlos Institute


he dreamrned about, comes to pass.
However that might have been, death
was stalking in the billiard room.
Turns About
Castonon turned about and saw
Orozzo standing In the corner. The
questioning raise of Castonon's brow
was barely discernible, but Orozzo
understood it to mean, "Well, what
are you doing here?"
"Castonon," Orozzo exclaimed, I
41you're a ------" *
It is the same In Spanish as it is
in English, one must adhere to the
dictum of Owen Wister's Virginian, a
I Smile when you call me that' rT Wl
But Oro.zzo was not smiling. In.- W A le .
tried, Consuming hatr ed, knotted his P ICEAse
lips into ial ugly sneer. W111
For five seconds or so, Castonon o ,RC M c .
..'.niingly did not understand. The
nuiLurst was so sudden, so shocking, HOU VC THER
it num11bed his hind. His eyes FREE
blinked, his mouth opened slightly, ELECTRIC CO. GIFTS
his lips quivered. And then he half' SM FOR CATALOG X
closed his eyes and shook his head 251" X'MARKIETST. PHILA.,PA
in short jerks. HIe had succeeded in
forcing his mind to think; he under- cemetery, as had frequently been
stood. their wont, were arrested on a
During the few seconds he was ap- charge of desecrating Castonon'a
parently in a daze, as one of the 'rave.
I onlookers later testified before theI The case against them dragged on
coroner, he, the onlooker, said he till November of that year, when
heard the quickened breathing of' all of them, except eight, were re-
the men around him, and that he' leased. The eight weze given a sum-
himself had to strike his chest and' mary court martial and were sen
gasp for breath. The time, he add- tenced to be shot at daybreak on
ed, was too tense for clear thinking,' November 27, 1871.

- ------ and that the only thing he could re-'
ti-emble? Either that, or the near- call distinctly was that his breathing'
ne's. of death, it was agreed after-' .'as labored. But the spell in his'
;rd by everybody in the room, was' "!'se, he added, broke just about the'
Lte tcui-f ,I' the slight tremble of iine that Castonon's did.
te ipi'.- Ihnd, l)le'ituse. us Cubans' Or'ozzo. though prepared for even-
.:;inselves tliinit. lie had no sense, Lualities, did not beat Castonon to'
1f fear, the "pull." With the suddenness of
Cis tOni sltraighteiied up, after a triphammer, Castonon's hand'
1'. t had mis is1 the shut, and uttered dropped to his hippocket, and the
nnething' thal was a cross between first snatch brought out his "gun."
Sigh and a moann. One of his UBt Orozzo's draw was just as quick,
''.ends a'teriward remarked that the ind the weapons were discharged
.ut'! Itade him involuntarily shud-' simultaneously. The two shots rang
de', iut hi. sayin" that might have out as one.
rT; ':iiomew".'hat like a person's "in-, Orozzo's aim, though, was truer
.p e:iing" ia dirnea: l'ter' the thing han Castonon's. The Spanish editor


FRI)DA Y, OCTOBER 10, 1924
8:f"' A. M.

S1il,. It;,i,' et ttl uict '.-, t... it'ty, Star o the
SeVa C.atholic Church. Spi)ecial' ntisc. Everybody in-
9 :(i i A. M.
Committee tfrun Cuba and Key West will visit
Maine plot and Cuban cemeteries. Service by Masonic
Lodge, Platoon of Sailors and Soldiers Firing Squad.
Wreaths will be placed at the tombs of Cuban
Patriots, Heroes of the Maine and Unknown Soldier.
10:31. A. M.
Large Float PIarade ctisisting of Civic and Frater-
nal Org-anizations; U. S. Soldiers, Marines and Sailors;
Culia.n Soldiers, Mariles and Sailors; School Children
a ndl a.tiniobiles.
12:00t NU(UN'
Raising.' 'fing at Sail Cari's, 'iring of 21 gun salute,
Parade' wil hbe reviewed rom balcony of San Car-
los lvy ecrcrelary of State a(d other officials.

Baseball at Army BuP-racks; Baskethall at Ath-
letic Club.
r.,:4O V. M.

iecceptimii by Secretary of State of Cuba at Com-
mlan dant's Residence, Navy Yard. By Invitation.
8:0i, p. ) ,
Dedication of San Carlos.

8:30 A. M.
Track Meet at Army Barracks-To consist of 100
yard clash, 220, 440; ruining high jump; running
broad jump; standing broad jump; putting shot; tug-
Guin Boat Yara D)ipartts for Cuba.
2:011 P. M,
Baseball at Armny barracks.
2:0t.1 P. M.
Ba,-ketlall at Athletic Club.
S:0 p. M.
Street Dancing.
D:00 P. M.
Dance at Cubain C'l'ul..
9:(ii P. M.
Departure oi' Cuban Transport.

2:30 P. M.
Baseball at Army Barracks.

Program subject to change.

- was shot in the stomach, just
appendix. His shot passed

'. ,es directly over Orozzo's head
'id lodgeed into the wall. Orozzo's
!.oartness--he was only two inches
i: so taller than Reyes -saved his

Castonon fell face foremost, but
'ucceeded in raising himself to his
Sft e'.iow. A friend steppe-' to-
.ad 'im, but. on glancing 'lt O'-
".2zo's iace, stepped back. O'ozz,''r
lips vere still knotted with hatred,
atid hi- eyes secitn'd like they wiver
building frmll their sockets, ats lihe
stood watching Castonon trying to
raise his right hand to shoot again,
Rut his revolver had grown too heavy
for him to move it off the floor.
Suddenly, he let go the revolver,
dlug his nails into his chest over his
heart and fell again to the floor, this
time in the throes of a convulsion.
And Orozzo watched till Castonon
ceased to quiver, and then Orozzo
lumped out of a window and ran'

Every Cuban, wherever he may
be, commemorates the anniversary
of that day, but his sad sympathetic
thoughts not only turn to the eight
Cuban students who were blindfold-
ed and lined utip against the wall and
shot, but his heart also goes out in
deepest admiration to a Spaniardl
He never thinks of the students
without thinking of Federico Cap-
devilo, the captain of a company of
spanish infantry, who defended the
linys during the court martial.
Captain Capdevilo pleaded elo-
quently in his efforts to save the
lives of the boys. His address, sac-
redly preserved by the Cubans, has
much of the rhythmic ring and pul-
sing passion of Emmet's "Vindica-
tion." Two guardsmen, hardened
by manny a campaign, involuntarily
drew their sleeves across their eyes
now and then as Capdevilo's earnest,
lbeseeching tones rang in their ears,
Ciapdevilo himself, time and again,
.Is hi' voice' rose to a peroratic',
l'ultere(id nir I I tout up in hu ) ,f
,i t I 1 wor o ba ely audible.
S t was feeling
-'I(V,. i,_u.nif' totoo e end
.iidcvii,':; uddress, the juci ',
vocate's expression wasas as immobile
os is: that of a brooding Indian. And,
lik decision thA all of the eight
students must die at sunrise the next
morning spread through Havana
like fire in a drought-ridden prairie.
In the morning, ast the disk of the
sun showed like a huge clot of blood
just above the horizon, a second lieu-
tenant, in command of a long string
of soldiers, cried otit, "Aiml Fire!"
Of the eight blindfolded forms
standing against the wall only one

it..y. of them fell, and the lieutenant mut-
Assist In Escape tered a threatening curse. Each sol-
Within an hour a thousand arms Iler, except one, evidently had hoped
of Cuban patriots were stretched 'hat thf otherr would perform the
(out to assist Otrozzo to escape. Sev-, I' ., ,! iillini' at of killing. The
eral friends spirited him aboard a ond chairr<, however, brought to
schooner, bound for Nassatu, and he ::', groiiund the seven remaining
made that city his home for the re- :ys.
i,;'ind'!', of his life. '1 host e are the reasons why two
Cia.t'i.'t.'- hidy uwas taken to iHa- e.s of' the tbullet-riddled walls are
Vailuaind te \ buried in a comel- .,, be placed in Silt Carlos-the
tery that was situated u block away '"adle of Cuban liberty, for it was
from the University of Cuba. The here the tin years' war and the war
following year 27 students from the which resulted in the independence
university, who had entered the of Cuba were planned and executed.


I -

I -zz c 11 L o
Castonon', hack. that n) a d v h i In






The constant growth of tourist
travel through the City of Key
West, and the increasing business
which is bringing thousands of
travelers to Florida's southernmost
municipality, have created such an
added tax on hotel facilities of the
city that new hotel accommodations
haye been seriously needed to ,up-
,plement the excellent service al-'

ready supplied by the local hotels.,
This need is now being supplied
the erection of the Iaginificent
-,1 uctifre on the coe~ter of Phiv '
ad Fleming streets, which is to be
-cupied jointly by the State Bank
nd Trust Company and La Concha
Hotel. When completed and oc-
cupied as hotel quarters the new
building will add a hundred rooms
of the most modern type to Key
West's housing facilities.
The t.tructure is being erected by

New Hotel In C .e

the Florida Keys Realty Co., of; conservative Spanish style y the
which Justice Jefferson B. Browne firm of G. Lloyd Preacher and Co.,
is president, Carl E. Aubuchon is of Atlanta, who have drawn plans,
vice president and C. L. Huddleston for some of the best of recent re-i
is secretary-treasurer. The total sorts and commercial hotels in the
investment involved is $768,000 South, Rising to a height of six
whiKh includes the equipment of stories, it will be built of structural
the La Concha, which is to be of steel, hollow tile and terra cotta and
the most efficient type. twill be strictly fireproof. On the
Of the amount invested, half a ground floor, in addition,. t e
million dollars has been secured beautiful quarters to be occupied by
through n l.,iondii.J.e of G. L. Miller The Stte. ,Bank and Trus.t (.-*A*4ere
ti,- iT.,ehe widely known southern will alse be ten sloops a4-,&4e4' on'"
cmio' estate bond house of Atlanta trance to the hotel. The hotel
and New York, which has had such proper will begin on the second
a promlinient part in supplying floor and will take up the remaining
progressive Florida cities with four floors above. On the second
necessary facilities. These bonds floor will be the lobby, office, beau-
bear seven and a half per cent in- tiful furnished lounges and rest
terest and have maUirities ranging rooms, the main dining room,
from two to fifteen years. kitchen and service rooms. Each of
The building itself is to be a the guest room floors will have
handsome structure, designed in a twenty-five rooms, and of the to-

of Construction at
tal hundred rooms, seventy-five will
have private baths and others con-
necting baths. Although the hotel
will be in the heart of the city's busi-
ness district, giving it particular

convenience both to the commercial
and tourist guests, its height will
afford the ,tcupints of the guest
rooms delightful view of the ocean
aiid the distant keys. It is adjacent
to all affairs of the city and near
Ncough to the bathing heiaches and
oiier ;i 'i.1'i',1' .'.' places to n m ble
its guestss to eminoy these facilities
with little inconvenience. The ex-
tremely modern coiNstriuction used
will make the structure one of the
leading buildings of its kind in
South Florida. In addition to being'
thoroughly fire-proof, a point very
greatly in its favor, it will also have
many facilities entirely unknown to'
the tourist hott'l of the old type,

Duval and Fleming


which will rank it with the best ho- sensation of riding over the mavel.
tels of metropolitan centers and will ous causeway of the Florida Ealt
afford its guests the comforts and Coast railway, which links the city
convenience to which they have been with the mainland, is a fascinating
ac'iustomed. Officials of G. L. experience which no traveler wM
Miller and Co., who have visited Key! ever forget. The future pom-ibilt.
West In connection with the fi- tio0 of development are almost en4d-
nancing of the structure, have been less. With the coming of more ex-
highly enthusiastic over the pro- tensive business the gradual 46'
ject. They consldrn Key West j ne velopnient of the natural resource
of the coming points of tourist's in-, of the island and the investment ,*
terest, with an inevitable increase more capital which is sure to ctome,
of travel in the future which will Key West will beo made into a center
tiimlk the city one, of tlitu' brim'hI sp('-,s it4I! will attract travelers front'
oin the resort map l' tihe United parts or the country and l1'i'icdTVt,
States, No city vcuiii ast of greater one of those inevitable stoppl)Pw
interest or of more appealing in- places which the pleasure seeker iof
(ducements than Key West, they say. the country cannot leave out of tbir,
Not only is it the transfer point to itinerary. La Concha gives Ike
Cuba, where increasing floods of
American travelers are making their city a superior place of etertsi,-
way, but the city has much to at- ment for its guests both in wiattr
tract in its own right. The very and summer.

STILL IN HANDS I TODAY'S EVENTS Children suffering from intestinal I.,, re.; ,4t,n otf n
OFV AUT 1HORITIBE l worms are cross, restless and un- 'rTi nil ('refitore, LeKat.en 0. iri,,t
"-- _... .healthy, There are other symptoms, ' I ntlntrn hsnht .llntcsi
Observance of the birth anni)-het I i e fy arv hi.
PENSACOLA, Oct. .-No de. Observance of the birth anni-however. If the child is pale, has ,i, tantl ,e to psnt, a
velopments of consequence occur, sary of Father Mathew, the dark rings under the eyes, bad ,lif a; ,h. ..ina. whih you ,
redn the status of a ase "Apostle of Temperance." breath and takes no interest in play, istu( ,if iet i., jay ,ls, i,,.,a-
against the Bri.tih schooner Varuna, u e e era" h y to it is almost a certainty that worms n i,,t..sig,,'d ;;l".l1,1; tr N.'4,Il'N
anchored in the stream and held uba keeps a general holidy to- are eating away its vitally. The surest It,,. withill W, tw, rn, h,- de
there and denied clearance papers y e annive remedy for worms is White's Cream a15.,A1 ,n 1. ,2
until settlement of penalties m the of e Ten ars Vermifuge. It is positive destruc- .\t .\di, i. 1trt,Ilx' ,ofi It' OK.stat
posed by R. J. Leary, immigration War. tion to the worms but harmless to i 'P,,'1. Ja.yi.. to-l, itt,.s.o.
agent at this point, can be made. the child. Price 35c. Sold by all .--- -
The indications are that the case One hundred and fifty years ago Druggists. M. W. F. From a concoction of beetles a
may develop into a real interna-, today occurred the battle of Point sugar the Mexicans compound
tional problem before the case is Pleasant, on the Ohio, between the Between 1910 and 1920 the South popular and highly intoxkicti
finally settled. The vessel was pen-i Virginians and Indians. lost 363,916 negro workers, liquor.
alized the sum of $6,000, when six -
alien members of the crew cameI A World's Rubber and Tropical ... ". ....
ashore without permission from the; Products Exposition is to be opened
immigration officials. in Boston today and continued Florida's Oldest First Mortgage Bond House
To date Captain Bodden has satis- through the coming week.
fied himself with making protests
against the detention of his vessel Gen Braniweli Booth is to pre-
and maintaining that the crew left side over a congress of the Salvation
the schooner without authority and, Army for Eastern Canada, which is W O ld Y
without his permission. Hle has rep- to be opened in Toronto today. W ould You
resented to the British consulate
here that he has not been given a A meeting has beep called for C
fair show in the matter. Winnipeg today to complete the L ke to Cli
There are two ways out of the un- organization of a Manitoba branch
pleasant situation for him. Hle may f the Canadian Labor Party. 8 ILL*l Z
furnish bail to cover the cost of O p ND
prosecution of the case. The other A Cuba-American celebration is to 8 upons
way out of it is to pay the penalty. be opened at Key West today to
Until one of these alternatives are commemorate the fact that that city
met, the schooner will be denied was the cradle of Cuban indepen. "NLY people who own good bonds know the thrill and satis.
clearance here and if the vessel dence. The chief feature will be faction that come from cashing coupons regularly. The
leaves port it will be another viola- the dedication of the San Carlos systematic coupon clipper usually gets far ahead of the get-rich.
tion of federal statutes, but in memorial building. Invest in Miller First Mortgage Bonds and get up to 8 % on
another department of tile govern- yonr money, the same as other investors all over the United
ment. WHAT IF THE DOOR SHUTS? states are doing, with never a dollar'" loss or a day's delay. Mail
the coupon today for free story, "Mr. Peters Tells How to
Statistics gathered by the head of CHICAGO, Oct. 10.-A local ---------
one big Amelcan firm indicates that grocer ran this help wanted adver- G. L MILLER I OR'TOAO co
90 out of every 100 boys lose thertisement: "Young man for grocery, T Miller Building, Miami, Fiorida
first job. part out of doors and part behind Bond & Murtgage r 't 4. Pet
__counter." V011 j iITi H to Invet," w aith la
ComApan --y I Bond Issuee paylng 7ia or ON.
S L BANDITS ATTACK FRENCH mWetl &sr a Msiai, la. .......... ...........
B -l witho ul-- CAIDO, Oct. 10.-Bandits at. -Ade

Sthkilled Trans-Jordaian border and
S killed two soldiers.

'', eeeee eee**************ee eoeoee ee************ee********

,;id Lumber, Shingles and Laths, Walter's Galvanized
,,,i Shingles, Alpha Portland Cement, Congo Rubber
'": Roofing, Keystone Galvanized Nails and Carey's
: Cement Roofing.



Repeat orders mean satisfaction
OWNERS express their approval of Stewart perw
formance by adding one Stewart after another to their
Eight-year-old Stewarts are still hard at work, daily
earning praise and profits.
Moderate first eostj quality assurnlg long lifej low
operating cost make the Stewart one of the world's fast.
est selling trucks. No needless weight or unnecessary
parts a strong, simple truck, simple to operate, economy.
cal on gasoline, oil and dres.
Capacities: /4, 1.11/, 2,.21/ *nd 81 ton
Distributor, Fltspatri4k and Froat Ste.. Key Weet*, .

Key West's Magnificent








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tumes, shoes and hose for entire coronation party.

As usual we always lead.

We are prepared to take care of your every
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Silver sandals, champagne, grey, white, black
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500 beautiful silk dresses to select from at goods, etc., remember the largest and most up-to-
$6.95 to $29.75. date ladies' tore in Key Wist.
$6.95 to $29.75.
Beautiful evening gowns, beautiful evening "RITE GOODS AT RITE PRICES"
silk shawls, handsome Bobbie Cotties, $6.95 to THE STORE OF FASHION
5,000 pair of silk hose on sale, bought special ....... .........--
for celebration. Come and see them in every new FLAG RAISINGCU T TH IS WORTH MONEY
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shade, 50c, 89c, $1.00 and $1.50 pair. EXERCISES TODA Foley & Co., 283 Sheffield Ave.,
E Chicago, Ill., writing your name and *
New shipment of ladies, misses and children's address clearly. You will receive a'
ten tent bottle oL FOLEY'S HONEY'
sweaters, $1.98 to $10.95 each. While the suns at the Naval StaAND TAR COMPOUND for coughs,
tion and Fort Taylor boomed forth! colds and hoarseness, also free *
5,000 yards of new silks and chiffon velvets, in salute, the impressive flag raising: simple packages of FOLEY PILLS,'
'exercises were conducted at the a diuvatic stimulant for the kidneys,:
such as canton crepes., plain and satin lace, crepe soan Cario.s Institute at noon today.a ond FOLEY CATHARTIC TAB-'
At the front of the building See- LlKTS for Constipation and Bilious-
de chines, krepe de leans, cheneal georgettes in all rtar.y of Cuba Cespedes raised the! nes. These wonderful remedies:
S American flag while the Peiwacoa have helped millions of people. Try!
colors, embroidered chiffon for evening dresses- Air Station band played the Ameri- them: The Key West -Drug Com-
crepe knitts, brocated crepes and cantons, in fact caI Ntional anthem; simultaneous- rany. octl-im
ly Captain Clark Stearns hoisted thei .l "
all that is new in silk. Come and see them! Cuban emblem at the rear of the,
institute while the Cuban Military'
Band played the. Cuban anthem.
Beautiful showing of vanity cases, pocket- Mayor Frank P, .add raidd 'a .
books, leather and beaded bags to match dresses a ,Car, n' u flag inside of
and dress goods. Come and see. The various branches of the Cu-
ban government service and Uncle
Sam's fighting forces stood at at-
tention in front of the building
while the flags were being raised.*
Get your printin i:t The Artniat
..MWore Fresh 1
N., and Capt .in Arthur H. Shop- i
___________________ panrd, t1. S. Reserves, Aidc s. "[ E
S......... -... .. vr. ary and.
VMONSTER A R- i Naval Air Station Band, of
r Th: g-reatest discovery in flesh Pensacola. 'rH Fairbanks-Mors Home
A BIG FEATURE healing is the marvelous Borozone, U. S. Marine Corps. WterPlantlikeactywa-
a preparation that comes in liquid Officers and Sailors of U. S. S. tersystemundayourowacony.
(Continued from Page One1 land powder form. It is a combine. Denver. Nodjt automtiat hl
tion treatment that not only purifies Sailors with Red Cross Stretch- toture. It sndsfresh runniag
1. Party li es wn e forgotten the wound of germs that cause infec-', water to any faucet anywhere. a
i' ongre, and when Presd tiont but it heals the flesh with ex- Ky A or frh water e
i e Presiden trordinar sped Bad wound r Cuban Boy Scouts. i bettersanitation-betterhealth. 0
S.-.:inley asked for a credit of $50,-' t 'ordinary speed. Bad wounds or Cu sBoyScouts. m i
r.000, Congress responded un- cuts which take weeks to heal with' Key Wet By S"cut. marching fu atomicc m
at'..ously in granting his request. the ordinary liniments mend quickly t r of th FAIRBANKS-MORSE
Those atr the reasons why the under the powder influence of this Itaooie b
fr; ,,1 of the, Maine is so intimately wonderful remedy. Price (liquid) s chool, hl ebn flag, cartled by HOME WA ER PIANT :
c'. acted d today with the cele. 30c, 60c and $1.20. Powder 30c avana Municipal and. Operates from any electric
Sa;,on of San (urios, the "cradle and 60c. Sold by all Druggists. Float containing King and Queen light socket or home lighting -
Suban liberty," The work that M. W. F. and theict court attendants plantlrcult.Pumpswaterfrom N
a.' done "in tli1 old Sun Carlos ('thban Police. cstreamor, hallow well ring, l
I oiiigi g in furthiering the wai' oi stream or lake.oQuiet rng. lowi
t, ,Culn parit hin the field b prefer rence to intoxicants. No. I fire engine of the Key West Presure automatically mai. ba
tii Cu'tan pat.iots il the field by ,irI ptlartaitent. taned, Has sturdygaanied not
. .nual'l supplyitig them with Other Beautiful Floats .('il uimWen ,l ) hats. and carry- tank. Dependable farbhanks the
r, n nd munitions, was the prinlu Still other beautiful floats were inlg machete., in representation of' Morse Pmp. Capacity 200 e
L .r in lthe United States in bring- t ose entered by the Public Library.' tin Cuban patriots who fought for giloa per hour. Ask ksforall s
i1-. ; ,."- 1 lc'ultli,:. There is. there.- ,Ilks., the Knights of the Golden' I ',lic. AM
h t. kit intiittate connection Ibe- i,:igle, the Patriotic Order Sons of 'Spanisdh mine picked up in Guan- WILLIAM CURRY'S 2 1
,'. .t th, nlgnificent Sma Car'los .\,iericii, the Key West Electric' anantn,, in 1898. oi C e
J !iin g' and the. h1ue float., Company, the Stowers' Music' itot with a replica of the Maine. SONS CO.
Miniature Lighthouse. ; lliuse, William Curry Sons' Com-i Marine Corps float.
Another float, though, which in putny.v, Emersoni Realty Company, of Lighthouse float. L

(, optionion and outline, was comr-

Miami, which announced on its' Red Cross float. U








-0S000000000 *** ,

OT.CE is hereby given that pur.
nt to the provisons of the act
5 6, 1884 (13 Stat., 103), the tor.
Ing lots In the Bawyer's Key
ndoned Military Reservation will
offered at public sale for cash at
less than the appraised price in
District Land Office at Gaines.
e, Florida, commencing at 10
ock A, M., on December 3 1924:
eca. 27 and 28, T. 65 S., R. 27 E,,
At., plorl-da.
Lot Acreeag Appraised

lee. 27
ee. 27
Se. 28

). 41.75 1417.50
7). 1.05 1.81
i), 47,96 479.60
t Acting Commissioner.

et he Artman Pres print it.

In we Estate of
Oecar Martin ZlSat
Notice s hereby given, to all whom
it may concern, that on the 20th day
of November A. D. 1924, I shall apply
to the Honorable Hugh Gunn, Judge
of said Court, as Judge of Probate for
my final discharge as Administrator
Cuam testament annex of the estate
of Oscar Martin Zinat deceased; and
that at the same time I will present
my final accounts as Administrator
aforesaid of said estate, and ask for
their approval.
Dated September 18th, A. D., 1924.
Administrator Cum Testamento An-
septl8-26; oct2-9-16-23-30; novi-13-19

ra.i'tle with that of the Maine, was float that the company is boosting' 'h( youngest grandchild of the ************************************'o********00*o o *******.***oo0**************o
t" one representing the lighthouse' property on the Florida Keys, and' Cubitn patriot Dr. Figueredo, who'0
lit Dry Tortugias and the lighthouse tw) Buick cai's, one of 1915 and the wrote the national anthem. *
at ',imbrcro. Both replicas are ex-' other 1' 1925, which demonstrates' Cuban Club float. '
,-" in every detail of the large tltihe P'eNt improvements made in Chaliber aof Commerce float.
st; uctures that they represent. They those popular automobiles. Knights of Pythias float.
t'. e built by the employees of the The float of the Forty and Eight, South Florida Contracting and
S.'' enth Lighthouse District, with drawn by a tractor, was a perfect Engineering Company's float.
t: ailiuarter,- in Key West, representation of the cars used in' Knights of Columbus float.
There were many other beautiful FrancI e during the World War. It Rotary Club float.
fl'.ats in the parade, and probably ''tiig'hit vividly to the mind of lo- Public Library float.
t}, most novel one was that enter-' cnl ,mei who had served "Over, Women's Christian Temperance
(, by the Rotary Club. The float 'Tho''r(," the trying (lays of the great 1nion float.
ni .-o densely banked and covered conflict. Many of them had ridden' Cirl Scouts float,
wi',h flowers that the driver of the uftten ill just such cars-forty men' Pocahontas float. *
.1onmtibile could not be seen. It .ad ei iht horses. It was in deep' Elks' float.
e.. the idea that the float was "p*preeiation of those rides, despite Knights of Golden Eagles float.
ring itself in the parade, but,' ho1' inconveniences, and the soulful Patriotic Order Sons of America
hie.,ios being novel, it was beauti- promptings that the cars brought to float. 0
f 1lso, Ilthi doughboy after the wvar, that the Patriotic Order of America float '
The King and Queen, with their .'imerican Legion organized" the (Auxiliary of P. S., of A),
ci .lit attendants, were in a float' lPrty and Eight, which is now con- Forty and Eight.
n-:.tgnificent in its arrangement, as' 'IUcted with pr:ceically every post Lieutenant Thomas on a charger
w,.-.,e also the Chamber of Commerce iln the country. Florida Troop of Girl Scouts, No. *
float, the Knights of Pythias, the' The line of march was in the fol- 1. float,
.aith Florida Engineering and' lowing order: Key West Electric Company
Contracting Company, the Knights Automobile, containing local po- float.
.)i Columbus, which represented the lice. Trevor and Morris float. '
Santa Maria, one of the ships used Major George E. Brown, Grand Stowers' Music House float,
by Columbus in his discovery of Marshal. William Curry's Sons' Company
America, and the Women's Christian Lieutenant C. W, Martyr, U. S. float. P H 4 4
Temperance Union float, which was M. C., Assistant Grand Marshal. Emerson Realty Company's float.
4eoorated in pure white and which' Lieutenant H. J. Carson,, U. S. N., Buick ars of 1915 and 1919.
aeentuated the use of water in Lieutenant George Lovejoy, U. 8. And a long string of 4utomobi 1a.1 ,,,4,,,, ,, o,,o,,,,,,,,,,,oo,'e



They're a deWit to walk in, so comfortably
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II~ ----~-- -- II '- rJ Int

-- oi";'





Our regular Monday

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in this space


Mo.t Talked-About Ladles' Store in the City

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Fresh By Express





*.5 555**g****ggggg O5*555555g5555555g**********g**O*****0O*@ @ -i-i.@@iii .....


The tourist thinks of Key West steam vessels of 779,900 tons, with Among the many improvements
J I L9 d : usually as the embarkation point for cargo. 230 steam vessels of 274,922 which will be noted by the returning
I A%-- - IJI ^the trip to Cuba, and between the tons arrived in ballast; 85 sailing tourist will be the 80,000 square
arrival of his train and the departure vessels aggregating 3,783 tons ar-i yards of concrete sidewalks recenOt
of the steamer, he takes an auto rived with cargo, 19 sailing vessels ly laid by the city.
drive and "does the town" as he ex. of 3,933 tons arrived in ballast, Absolutely Frost Poo
presses it. There remains in his Steamers departing from this port Key West is the only city in the
memory a kaleidoscopic view of numbered 856 and the aggregate Key West is the only cty i th
"Ma-nufa" ctu -rer f clean streets, a flood of golden sun. tonnage of these vessels was 1,080, United States positively where homest proo
v anuU er Or shine, blue skies, gardens aflarel with 683 with cargo. There were 15 and the outly place where hom
gorgeous blooms, and all surrounded steam vessels aggregating 20,014 heating apparatus The p or som
by an opalescent sea. Then he leaves tons in ballast. Six sailing vessels applying coal for heat problem o
for Cuba which he "does" in much of 289 tons of cargo and 37 sailing spring coal for heating purposes
the same manner, vessels of 4,727 tons in ballast or providingth coal bins in the home
*o____ r O When he arrives at his home in the Key West is the nearest deep water' are both unknown to the resident
____wwW__ww_____ffmwBPw __ _- * north or west, or perhaps it may be port to the Panama Canal, and har-i in Key West.
east, he tells about Key West, and, bor pilots are the authority for the' Cigar Industry
as he recalls the golden- sunshine and statement that the harbor will ac.- Key West's cigar industry is suffl-
Sthe blue skies, also the deeper blue commodate deep draught vessels; clent to place her name on the map
Sof the ocean, he makes up his mind that from the bar buoy to the spit of the world. 'In truth many know
I5nn*9 to return next season, and he does. buoy, ships drawing 30 feet of water of Key West only as the home of the
C le a r H v n C ig a r s Thus year after year does he come, may anchor, and a ship drawing 25 best smokes, The number of cigars
Ltarries a few hours and passes on. feet may with facility enter the har-1 manufactured here the past year
________ ... 5lie knows little of Key West as It her and (lock at any pier. reached the high water mark of 51,-
_I _AimJAMlAIM&I_i i_>HALA_AAtAMIM_ AMa really is, and what it has to offer. Importance to Army 000,000.
SThose who remain longer gradual- Fort Taylor guarding the entrance Novel Fire System
tlv become imbued with the charm to the harbor of Key West is one of An interesting and novel method
91 of the coral city, and the longer they the few forts not closed during the has been adopted and started in op-
remain the greater is the desire to recent economic program of the War' eration in Key West relative to a
Sreinrl, until eventually they cast Department. supply of water for fire.fgtn
LiVrLIo .t the native born, and. I importance. purposes. Key West had for many
b ... re losers r As a naval base Key West is right- years a system of water min pih -
city. They describe its beauties and ly entitled to be called the Gibraltar plied with very dense salt water tak-
its attractions to those back home of America, commanding as she' en from a deep well, which water,
ho come to view for themselves, and does the entrance to the Florida because of its density, has p
turn remain with us Straits. From government stastis- more effective than water in other
Key Waestq Feloria .si K; t o ht
WesTo adequately dfinescrt in the Key world is t s shown that during the last place The water mains together
: -ZI'l *Uu'EuW[ would necessitate writing a huge fiscal year, July 1, 1923 to June 30, with the plant used in connection
W V : t volume hence what is here set forth 1924, rnore than 5,000 vessels pass- therewith has been costly, and with

gardless of what any one may say ford shelterto small craft n theseHotel
o I or write to the contrary. Statistics I w ,fters, The cost of this construe-.... tlthotel Cs Marina n
After All Nothing Satisfies Like a Good Cigar prove this as follows: 'tio was no less than $2,000,000 cothe Casa Marina, erected
Mean temperature, 77-4, year Key West is the headquarters for the Florida east Coast Hotel Sstem
1923. Highest temperature, 90 on the Seventh Naval District, head- fills a great need in caring for the
August 4 and September 12; lowest: quarters for the Seventh Lighthouse traveling public, and the hotels Pa-
temperature, 56 on February 19. District and headquarters for the ama, Over Sea and Jefferson are
I 1. -a I 'I Mean maximum temperature 72.4; Gulf Division of the Coast Guard. taxed to capacity during the. season,
La M as mwwn O aW1W .o alll i number of days temperature 90 or' Key West has also the distinction the need of another hotel was ap-
above, 4. Total rainfall 24.89 inch- of being the only city in the United parent and hotel La Concha is un-
erm osa M agnetica es; normal rainfall 13,11 inches;: States without a prohibition enforce- dc construction at a cost of $500,-
er oisa greatest rainfall in any consecutive' ment officer. ,000. When completed this will be
S24 houV P91 innchts of AWy 16-17f Notwithstending the tsminopolit Key .Wot's 'ist six 'ory struetur
-- --- '. r hour A.AI, ... minutes. the only city sou.* of the Mason,
***/ :S**\ Location for Home Seekers and Dixon line over which the Am- struu.!"1i
Fpr both the passing visitor and erican flag has never been lowered.; The h. ie.
*************e ************************************************* those who are seeking a home in the Cuban Government Appropriation purposes. The hotel is expected t
..... ..-------5-5i-------0--------- i- south, Key West holds a charm of This is the only city in the state, Terminal opened Ds season.
********************* *************************************************** the sub tropics which s hard to if int in the entire country where first ressin s a
i t withstand nd those who come here a foreign government has erected a lasting, the approach to the alway
e 0 to make their r home, do so and never' clubhouse for itt people, The Ctl r t- ia of e l st
M ar ble regret It, baa government accomplished this C stile i t lrminal of the Flo veda Ea
...Th e Ml n Because of its location Key west trough courtesy of the proper tifidill
T heA M a rb le 1n stll1 d U &ln A: enjoys the distinction of being the thorities, and erected the San Car-- vlitl,' arriving over thet lor
farthermost south city in the United l,. Club which will he dedicated l i. or. (s t Railway. Thi Flormdp
States. Charmingly quaint, and bo-, October 10, and the occasionn will be '.1 o vorst ailwat This company
S A tT re ll I i i Ih oiesause of it.s cosmopolitan population' comniemor'ated by an international date the
Sh I I U I I U Key West breathes more of the 01 SI\ Im II E I "0 I LI' L A IWorld than o t Nwhe New. The city ,. T'h Intlv o f '' C n i st three n on .th o
S A N C A R L O S l -I I -; l has been droaniing for mt any years ,. olnlg'le., lhas passed at bill apw y thee t-ere 216,56 sen tges
-------------------ng --0- -_buit has awakened at the touch of, popriatin g $60,000 for the erection b.ri.. h tre Tfr Cuba Pnid nu
OV1 ^BI V Lthe great go(d Progress, and is put- of a Cubatn school in this city. The lO. equntally s reamt left an
ting the dreams of many years into l i.:.gli sh part of the curiculum will for Cuba l
stern realities, realities that will place be ipaid for at 'he expense of Mon-y
Usher in the rank with cities of greater rc county. Ferry Service
T HT M A N A E M EN T IS TC TNsize and larger population. o Fish for Commerce and for Sport Ag-aint Key Vest has the added
ST O B E H A D IN T H E It was the dream of Henry M. Shipments of fish to Cuban mar- distinction of being the only city
T Flagler that p ththe most gigantic kets (lurtin the year amounted to with a daily ocean ferry service t
Engineering feat before the eyes of nore than 2,000,000 pounds, which a foreign country. The Peninsular
W the civilized world, an(d which con- netted the shippers a richer return & Occidental Steamship Company
W O RLDnected Key West with the mainland than if they had marketed farm pro- operates a daily ferry service to
-r -The Over Sea Railroad. It will be duce. Cuba. These ferries carry carloads
the dreiam of Key West that will Sport fishing is the best on the' of freight daily to Havana, from
T H E IM 1A N A GE MIEN T--I.S T O BE COO Ne bring tourists from the rigors of Atlantic coast. Sportsmen find which point the cars are run over
W e hl "d f mAum n Ctsnadian writers to this land of plenty of thrills in trying to land Cuban railroads to other cities in
STsunshine. The road over the Florida' some of the big fishes that make Cuba. These ferries have a capacity
G R A T lL A ITE D U PO N T H IR wl do Hklthis. rtheh" habitat in the waters around of carrying26 cars, which arrive
S01 Bonding Monroe County Key West, here over the Florida East Coast
A project which hohds national \s-\ Canning Industry 'Railway and run directly aboard the
S EL EC TIO N tereat has been started in Monroe Approximately 3,000 head of ocean-going ferry. These ferries
* te County of which Key West is the green turtl, are used by the Thomp- are the Henry M. Flagler, Estrada
county seat, and the principal point, son Fish Company in canning their: Palma and the Joseph R. Parrot.
50 A authorized for the comniencement soup from this cannery finds its way, singer service to and from Havana
I IT 1S.A JO B IJH A I VW iE A:R PRO( ) lE' of a highway leading from the end on the menus of all first class ho. daily except Sunday and Wednes-
J.I. -.* xi of the mainland of Florida along the tells and restaurants the world over, day in the summer and daily in win-
* Florida keys with its ultimate for the Key West green turtle soup tee, There will be an addition to
destination at Key West, and will be canning factory is the only recog- the fleet of passenger steamers
2* 1 otte of the most wonderful scenic nized green turtle soup canning fac- operated by this company, a it has
:W e handle all kinds of mnonu mi ients roadways when completed. The tory in the world, been announced that a steamer with
YYe AH present authorized expenditure is Municipal Golf Course greater passenger capacity will be
* sufficient to complete the road from' To attract the tourist who comes placed on the Key West-Havana run

an crave Slabs the mainland to approximately 35 seeking pleasure, the city of Key this eason.
d g ve b miles south, and from Key West ap- Wet voted the sum of $210,000 for' Passenger and freight service is
proximately 15 miles north. Bridges a golf course. It is the only one maintained by this company between
will be constructed where shallow! of its kind in this country, and pos- Key West and Tampa.
water makes bridgework necessary. sibly in the world. The course is The Mallory Steamship Company
If interested w rite for catalogue Commerce lald on an island which adjoins Key operates a large fleet of steamers
1A Commercial intercourse with West and to which it is connected by between this port, New York and
Cuba is considered so important that bridge. Galveston.
the Southern Bell Telephone and! While engaged In playing, the The Gulf Steamship Company op-
... .*. 1 Telegraph Company has erected one player has a view of the ocean on crates freight and passenger service
of its largest plants here. The Am-1 one hand and the Gulf of Mexico between New Orleans. Key West
Serican Telephone and Telegraph on the other. From his position he and Miami.
Company has likewise erected one may view the ships passing up and Exports
St l 1 1 m A -- i of the largest plants ever erected in down the gulf, some bound for for- During the first three months of
Sa eity'the size of Key West. The eign ports, others to home ports. this year, the exports to Cuba ex-
~; aI irlfnt^B z. l U LI dlra n tie I Westoenr Union Telegraph Companyi The city also voted the sum of needed three times the balance of
SI M a increased the size of the local $75,000 for a municipal play- the state combined. Imports lead
40 *I R l szd carries the most up to date' ground which has been 6onstruclid the district in two months of tit
i 'll iaent. The first floor of the and is proving a recreation place year.
I" fIt. used for offices and the for the children of this city. Flats
PB T sam a J, Fl JLd floors will be used for op. At the same time. $50,000 was To the Key West born and ts*
rooms. voted for a playground for colored Key West bred. nothing less than
the fiscal year closed June children and will be constructed at Key West la home. We invite .
_ ** 0 ********0*6** 0@00 000 0066996,0i0 *toi0*60460* i4d 4. there arrived here 038'an early date. to bo. u .r.A.
-, ,-.- .' -, 7


SA $14,000,000.00 College Building l 0
* (By Rev. A. L. Maureau)

Isn't there an ier.or-one cipher,' centre which cuts the facade at etc., with adjoining laboratories; in. m P R E S N A V I N I
that should be struck off? By no right angles; it contains two parts: firmaries for the community and I
meons: at least $14,000,000.00 only the chapel occupying three stories, the boarders; kitchen chapels, so- M -
for the .structure without counting dimensions 45.80m.x20.30m. 1 city halls, gymnasium, natatorium, :
college furniture and expenses for mnoter-3 ft. 3.37 inches. This shower-baths; electric plant to
the grounds with garden, walks and chapel will have the privileges of a furnish light and power; garage for 0 E B u H
farm, as well as the low stone wall, college church. Behind it are two eight automobiles and auto-trucks as 1
and metal fence, the enclosure of sets of elevators and then the audi- well is repair shops; numerous I
the property of 190,000 sq. m. (1 sq. torium with stage, 38.80 m. x20.30 corridors aund toilets, etc. There are e O A
meter 10.458xsq. m.) m., and able to seat more than 2,2001 four large enclosures formed by the o.
But where? A journey of seven persons: it occupies two stories of walls of the different parts of the 6 SA N PED R O 6
hours from Key West. In what the building, the third being used as' structure called Patios or interior A
part of Florida? Southward: on the a common dormitory for pupils, gardens as found in many houses of
P. 0 &. Steamship Line to Havana Going from one end of the facade, Spanish-America: two of these have *
and on one of the Vedado and then cutting the extremity of the center a layer of reinforced concrete un-:
on the Marianao electric cars, be- and reaching the other end of the der the thin soil, for beneath are
yond the city limits at Marianao sta- facade is a curve, which then hidden immense tanks with water UDireccion Telegrafica: "Emprenave."-Apartado 1641. Claves
tion a short distance before Camp straightens out until it meets the for the use of the college. Capacity en uso A. B. C. 4a. y 5a.-Watkins and Appendix. Western Union
Columbia; a block or so, and then! starting point: this is an inner gal- 80m.x25m.x3.50m.
across the bridge of concrete built lery altereded by a roof supported The following comparisons will VAPT R Q T A E0MPREA
by the college over the cut in the, by colonnades, the perimeter of this give a slight notion of the large V:A l-P O LA Rjl .SA
hill where the Electric R. R. rushes being about 600 m. Jutting out' scale on which the college is built.- .
by, and the visitor stands facing the from this horse-shoe gallery, like The length (122 m.) and the antiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Baracoa, Gibara, Habana, Las
structure. spokes from the hub of a wheel, breadth (110 M.) somewhat exceed, Villas, Julian Alonso, Cienfuegos, Manzanillo, Puerto Tarafa,
But a (few explanatory lines )be- are nine buildings, equal in length, the same dimensions of the'* L s F ,. ia A o C i o, Ca Ma biy Anto in e o a
fore describing the building. In the middle being slightly wider than Spanish Escurial. Were all the La Fe, Ca arien, Cayo Cristo, Cayo Mambi y Antolin del Collado
1852 Queen Isabella II of Spain tilhe rest, each distinct and separated columns used in the edifice to be
founded the College of Belen in from the other, but joined to the placed one over the other, their PUERTOS DE ESCALA
Havana. To the present day it has gallery and thus forming one im- altitude would surpass that of Mt.
continued to be an up-to-date in-' mense structure with the center and Everest by one kilometer (1,000 m.) COSTA NORTE DE CUBA
-titulion. However, thl faculty facade, an "t pluribus unum." Abuut 2,'00 tons of steel are to be COSA NvRT DE CUBA
have decided to erect a still larger Three of these nine buildings have used in the structure, exclusive of *
building far away from the dis- three floors, the others only two bolts, rivets, etc. Habana, Cabaren, Nuevltas, Tarafa, Manati, Puerto Padre,0
turbance of city traffic and in a with "a-zoteas" (flat roofs for recrea-' The data and information in the Gibara, Vita, Banes, Nipe, Sagua de Tanamo, Baracoa, Guan-
sn)re salubrious location. Work on tion in the evening), but so con-' above description are taken from: an, .a d a
the new College of Belen was start-' structed that a third story can be those of Morales & Co., architects,': tanam y bantiag de Cuba
ed over a year ago, and it is expect. added in the event of the college engineers and contractors, as well as 0
ed that it will throw open its portals becoming a university. Dimensions from the plans bearing the name of 0 PUERTO RICO
to the public September 1925. of departments 36.10m.x18.55m. It successors of J. F. Mata, architects. *
The edifice is of reinforced con-i would require too much space to de-, The Jesuit educators of Bolen hav-', cS. T nPonce Mayaguez.y .A0u.din_
6crete with three main parts: the, scribe what each of the nine, ing thoroughly studied the build- San Juan, Ponce, Iayaguez y Aguadilla
'front, the centre and nine depart- buildings is to contain. Suffice it to ings of their colleges throughout the
ment buildings radiating from a kind say in general they are to be used world, especially in North America, 0 COSTA SUR DE CUBA
of horse-shoe gallery connected with as different departments. One story' the land of unlimited resources and
the front and center. The facade will be used as quarters for the of scholastic edifices of vast pro- Cienfuegos, Casilda, Tunas, Jucaro, Santa Cruz del S, Guay-
has three entrances. The first floor workmen whilst another is for the portions, have selected what was r i n g .. Santa .ruz l ur, uay-
is reserved for visitors' parlors, teachers' rooms. There will be pub- best and united all in their new col- abal, Manzanllo, Campechuela, Media Luna, Niquero, Ensenada
class-rooms, study halls, etc.; the lie dormitories and dormitories with lege. 1 de Mopa y Santiago de Cuba ,
second for the library, offices of private rooms for the boarders; re-' The Belen course is in Spanish; 0
college officials, guests' rooms, etc.;' factories in different parts for the English is taught: every year some: COSTA NORTE DE VTTELTA A ATJO
the third for the quarters of the lay r community, lay teachers and theP of the professors are sent to col-, VaV, P- A
brothers and the observatory, the pupils; study halls and class rooms'leges in the United States to acquire _
latter extending to a fourth story.! for different grades; the musical' a better knowledge of the idiom. Bahia Honda, Rio Blanco, Berracos, Puerto Esperanza, Malas
From the spacious vestibule of the department and various musea; Pupils are of three kinds: externs, Aguas, Santa Lucia, Rio del Medio, Dimas, Arroyos de Mantua
first! floor a visitor passe to the, halls for physics, biology, chemistry, interns and half-boarders. I L _
I "- ,1| La Fe
MOTHER OF 29 CHL.)Rt;N ,FE Wo"Ith .
IT ', BERLIN, Oct. 10.-Her 29th, MANCHESTER, Eng., Oct. 10.-.
S' 6 .0 child has just been born to Frau The value of a wife was fixed by a
S* * * Augusta Zeltin. The father is 75' jury at only $250 in a divorce case __ _oOOOO__ _O__*____ _O**************** _ **_**_**
As a Floridian, both by birth and years old. here. & eeooo oo oo oo*****************************o**oee***********************ooooo.
adoption, by accident as well as by A l c s '* j
thoughtful choice, we object to hav-' Monday has lost its old-time: A judge in a Chicago court said
ing one of our "i's" gouged out by' prestige as bargain and wash day in he was going to make short work .
P t d t roafM ri ou eb p e as bn nd wahhed t S d tohn sho. wB F. H. LADD, President P. L. Wilson, Vice-President E. A. STRUNK, Secretary
asart editors of Florida newspapers favor of being the day for the cam-I. of this bobbed hair business. Buts.. ,LAD President P.L.Wison, Vce-Pre ndE.A.STRUNK, Secretary
who are either lazy or whose sense piling of the census of the Sunday the barber had beaten him to it.-
of rhythm is too poorly developed automobile accidents.-Tamnpa Daily' Orlando Reporter-Star. I
for them to write it "Floridian" and Times. "
who in consequence take the short, Have the Minders-of-Other-Peo-
unmusical cut which results in a ple's-Business taken the count? Not
flat, unpoetic "Floridian." Mine. de Witt Schlumberger, presi- a whine has been heard from them
The Illinois Central Railroad and dent of the French Union for Wo- this year about sleeveless gowns.-! I 1
all the other splendid railway Kys-. man Suffrage, is the mother of six Tampa Tribune.
terns which have cooperated in giving children, to tho 'deuati'o -I '4 *._,- O ,, l \ I I I
this state a palatial through train she consecrated her entire time be- New York City has 786 licensed --D CP A,*
to bring suffering northwesterners' fore entering public life. dance halls. I
from their frozen country to a land ______________________________________________ IT
where skies are blue in winter, have, ****************************************************.t I.N CO R PO R A TE i
a perfect right to call that train *
"The Floridian"--if they think that
is a pretty namely, We have seen O
Pullman car names that meant less' MI/L *fl ,
and wee not only as un musicall but:a B .
were positively beyond lpronutcia- S 0
tio:owevr. the elli,,i.Central, nor. REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE
the editors who have adopted this *Ll :1: REAL ESTATE, INSUR ANCE
state as a fertile field for news-' L I I I I 0
paper puillication. 1nor the king and *
all his horses, can change the humble nn
"writer o'f these poor lines into a o "lU S U R E TY1 BJO N D S0
"Floridan." We are a Floridian-'
Floridian we were born, and ____________r__ **
Floridian we will die, though the *'
palatial train of the Illinois Cen- : '.
tral, called "Floridan," and proper- .*
ly so, goes on, like Tennyson's brook, 0 a nl, "
for ever and ever, Amen! A y courtesy We can ex- : we opeciaiZe : 5
Ponce tie Leon called it Florida; O ,
and when he went home at the end 1 1 II
of that fir,'.t winter season spent in tend to you, call on us. : 11-ld- K e.. Propery
St. Augustine, he tIli his friends o Ju J J v A r r
that he was a Floridian by adoption. : :
He told the Indians they were
FloriLans and made them believe it. M a k eoa store o
Those who continued to call them-,oo -

selves Seminoles had their heads cut ; i
off by Don Pedro Menendez. And headqua rters
later, when General Andrew Jack- :
son, our first Governor, took charge : Lis t Your Key Property with usfor Quick and .
of this territory for the United States' 0* Your e roper or a
Government, he there iito prison -
who would not, or -could not, say Satisfactory Returns..
"Floridian." *
The state press has debated this: W 0
question of what we shall be called,' K IK
argued it at "ength and in detail,1I rp rawotd
with the result that, while the pala-o i
tial train has received a million dol-, -* L A

,.,oi, ,e e I Furniture Store LADD COMPANY, Incorporated
majority of the editors have agreed re incorporate
that we who are served by the train : *
are Floridians, for there's rhythm Duval and Southard StsS.
and poetry and usic and uch Duval and Southard t. 519 DUVALST. P. O0. BOX 48s .PHONE 2
meaning in the name. The "i's" i
have it. The "i" stays in the word.
It's "Floridlan."-Sunshine., oeo o oosooo oooo******************************.oo ooooo ooo00esoooooooooooo ooo oo o oo ooo00005 oo**0***********0000

suits regarding city sanitation that
touch the most Intricate phases of
such questions,
It is Impossible in a brief out-
line to more than touch on some of
the activities that have equipped
Mrs. Oberlin in a most unusual de-
gree to head educational activities
according to her supporters,

MORE PRACTICAL CURRICUL1yMI Ier attitude on pressing school
questions of Florida, Mrs. Oberlin
IS ADVOCATED BY WOMAN has due regard for the question of
CANDIDATE IN NOVEMBER over crowding of schools at the ex-


Cheaper school book cost sand a
more practical curriculum are ad-
vocated by Mrs. Ida M, Oberlin, the
only candidate for any state office
in Florida at the November elec-
tion, She had been in consultation
with those who are interested in
her candidacy for the office of state
superintendent of public schools on
the republican ticket.
She is one of the chief speakers,
appearing before the quarterly ses.
sion of the Palm Beach County
League of Women Voters. One of
the eminent qualifications of Mrs.
Oberlin in her ability for platform
expression, which made a reputation
for her in the middle west.
After careful study of Mrs. Ober-
lin's career before coming to Flor-
ida to settle in 1920, there is no
shadow of doubt left that her quali.
fications, training and experience
justify her choice by any 'party or
parties to head a state school sys-
Has Many Qualifications
Mrs. Oberlin has both L. L. D,
and H. L. D. degrees from the Illi-
nois College of Law and Lincoln.
Jefferson College of Law and the
University of Indiana.
Finances, municipal sanitation,
city affairs in all branches, house.
hold economy, have afforded fields
for her successful efforts. Mrs.
Keough she was trustee on the Chi-
cago School Commission during
which time much constructive work
was undertaken by the commission
that has had far reaching results. In
the City Club of Chicago, the
transportation committee gave her
full scope for close study of that
problem. She was also statistician
of the sanitary district of Cook
county and possesses facts and re-


t e tax payers an r






* 0



We extend a cordial invitation to:I
a members of the U. S. Navy to visit :
our store. Complete and up-to-
date line of Naval Supplies

We Also Make a Specialty of



Island City National Bank Bldg. 207-09 Dural St.


- -A- --- -- -, a


TALLAHASSEE, Oct. 10.--Many .************
interesting facts about the varied
history of Tallahassee and Florida T
are being discovered by the commit- : n4 A | l "
tees at work busily preparing for L
the centennial celebration Nov. 9 to *
15. Some of these facts announced
are as follows: *
Florida has been under ten periods l Il a m A W or s
of history and was known for fifty :0 Dr C le n gWlllArlk sV ,
years before she became a part of
any country. She has been under,
five flags. She has had four periods 9
of history under Spain, one under I
France, one under England, one un- *
der the Confederate States and Of' 0
three under the Stars and Stripes. o-
From 1559 to 1718, Spain had 0 0B .
control of Florida. From 1718 to (pLEATItN |
1723 France controlled the territory. :
From 1723 to 1783 Spain again had 4 0
control. From 1763 to 1781 Great ) 0
Britain governed her. From 1781 to 1
1818 Spain again had possession of *
her. The territory was under the *
control of the United States for a f s ,
short period from 1818 to 1819, af- I*,I F.i O+&
ter which she .again passed back to meaning, PreSSing and
Spain from 1819 until the territory r
finally was purchased by the United tl
States. The territory was governed 0 l at
as such by the United States until o
Fhe was admitted as an independent j 1 V D lr A 1
state, March 3, 1845. From 1861 LOOK Your Best Aw'iay
to 1865 she was under the Southern
Confederacy. From 1865 she has
been an independent state in the 0I Jur erlViCe 8t he K I& ey
United States.
Florida's history first started with
her discovery by Juan Ponce De. S ..
Leon on March 27, 1513. He land- : 2r21 7
0 PHONE 227
ed near the present site of St.
Augustine on Easter Sunday In *
1518. 514 Margaret Street
Tallahassee, it has been learned, M argaret
was named such by the Indians, and 0 T POT 1-1 .
signifies "beautiful land." KEYv W ESTJ F LA .
Rubies have been found in North :
Crolina and Montana.

T M 'a


IS TH E B Sometimes the sterling ability of a man, who is a Topnotcher
in his class, is overlooked for a while, but, just as sure as two
and two are four, it will be recognized eventually.

Regardless of what a man's calling may be, if he "has the
ASSOCIATED PRESS NEWSPAPER goods," success will crown his efforts. He may be obliged to wait
discouraginglyy long for the "crowning," but it will be done, for


she has the "goods" in far greater quantity than any other city in
the South. But her par-excellent attractions as a Winter Resort
have been overlooked n a great measure.
We give the same home
3 :r Destiny, though, has decreed that she shall be prominent in
delivery Service in Key that respect, and Destiny is now opening the eyes of thousands of
\*T 1 n tourists to her excellencies.
West as we do in Miami,e
n f o When those eyes are wide open, Key West will come into the
F S T Heritage that Destiny has reserved for her.

mmedatelS o The bequeathing of the Heritage is now near at hand.

a val of the mo ing Key Westers! Let us prepare Her to accept Her Heritage.


del r s I in Ke tc ad D n 1s nw o n te ee o t
923 White St. Herald Bureau, Key aWest o

0arrival0ofOhe ornin0Th bequeathingo tohe Heritageo0sowoo o near06646o0 aLO hand.
~, O _ _ _ _ _


BANGOR, Wales, Oct. 10.-The
degree of Doctor of Divinity was
conferred upon Rev. Puleston Jones,
the blind preacher and writer,
GENEVA, Oct. 10.-Argentine
has paid $450,000 it owed to the
League of Nations,
Hell hath no fury like a baseball
player pitching against the team
that sold him.-Palatka News.



I __ ~_ ____~ __i;;~ __ ___ _

Mrs. Newrich-What's that cross *NAIROBI, Kenya Colony, Oc.,
IN TIHE HISTORIC "mark on you, coat, John? a 10.-The year-old baby of Archibald
I TH HIS I Mr. Newrich-Is in case the Langworthy, a plantation owner,
paT F F I Dnn Papers take outr pictures. Haven'tas carried off by a panther.
ST OF FLORIDAyou noticed it's those m with arr of by a panthewith
an X that get their names printed --
under the pictures.-Daytona Morn- Florida is officially reported to
ARIOUS COMMITTEES ARE ing Journal. have used eighty-eight million gal-
BUSILY ENGAGED IN PRE. lons of gasoline in the last olevei
Live and learn is 0. K. as a months. As fifteen miles to the gale
PARING FOR CENTENNIAL slogan, but the jaywalker doesn't Ion of gas that makes 1,320,000,00%
live long enough to learn better.- miles we traveled.-Excuse our dust
CELEBRATION Times-Union. Miami Tribune.


- CHICAGO, Oct. 10.-Ten minutes San Carlos International Celebration GLASGOW, Oct. 10.-4ohn W. LEIGH, Eng., Oct. 10.-Ernest
BERLIN, Oct. 10.--Just when it after P. C. Walker was struck by IN AKKANIING R Committ... Currie, the famous Scottish runner, Cox entered Miss Jean Lowry's bed-
laplieared that difficulties surround- an auto and taken to the hospital, Program and Entertainment Corn- was killed by falling from a motor- room and killed her as she slept. He
ing the admission of German women his son arrived there n another CELE RATION mittee Captain Maher U. S. A., bus. was arrested for burglary,
missionaries into British colonial ambulance. Another motor car had w A vON Chairman; Livingaton Vann, Lieut. Women smokers in London are in-
possessions had been cleared up, injured him. -- Prager, J. Roberts, George B. Per- dung n little cigars and sma Eels frequently cro meadow
negotiations were suddenly halted. Get your printing done at The ALL COMMITTEEMEN WORK I transportation Committee: A. pipes in the privacy of their clubs, and fields to from on r e
T s t o e C. but the habit Is not, generally on the to another. In entng their jour.
Women who had been preparing to Artman Press. I EARNEST PERFECTING PLANS Elgin, Chairman; C. G. Hicks, Wmn. ney they choose the early morning
depart at once were notified to . -..- ------ - onsalvatge, B. Curry. increase. when the grass is wet with dew, or
postpone their departure. The by the ar. It is likely that no FOR BIG SAN CARLOS EVENT Housing and Food Committee: Only 60 per cent of the students they travel during a rainfall.
barring of German missionaries, male missionaries will be sent out HERE Mrs. George F. Archer, Chairman; who enter the West Point military
both men and women, wn:- caused for several years. Miss Ileen Williams, Miss Minnie academy are ever graduated. Let The Artman Press print it.
-- Porter Harris. ____.____
' eeeooeee oooo ooo*****oo oo**o**********o* ****o Key W\esters now realize what an Publicity Committee: L. T. reaooizoooaooanPublcitoCommoitooetoLooT.
elaborate and a successful affair the, Bragassa,; Miss Mary ***
* San Carlos International Celebration Louise Cappick, Sam Harris, R. J. *
is, but behind thatV elaborateness and Hopper, Frank Fleitas, C. E. Smith,! f
success a great deal of work has J. G. Piodela, Sgt. Nunamacher, o
been done by various committees. Feliciano Castro, Juan Perez Roleo, W I f
For several months those committees Felix Gronlier. *
C were active in preparing for the Finance Committee (and Conces-
W celebration. They did do something sions): Jose Marquez, Chairman;
today to further the arrangements Armando Alvarez, Francisco Pineda,
^ and then were inactive for several Secretary; Pedro Sanchez, Vice- L*
d* ays afterward, but they worked Secretary; Marcos Mesa, Treasurer; C k
| | n / i | i consistently, day in and day out, Juan Borges, Vice-Treasurer; W. n w c t r r Pe
a a from n the time of their formation. Malgrat, Bolivar Castillo, Paul Al- ,
e --. It is due to that concerted and bury, Gerald Lowe. i
continued action of the committees Fraternal Organizations Commit-s *..**...*.*. **
: that every feature of the celebration tee: Rafael Lazo, Chairman; Angel
was attended to in detail and made Cuenen C, C. Simmonette, Claude a
it necessary for any hurried eleventh-, Freeman, Julio Lopez, Eugene L. '
*o *~ 11 :hour arrangements. When the Ex.- Albury, Lopez Trujillo. I D 1 0tIT O
W e are headquarters for .: e'utivo Committee was organized Decoration Committee: Enrique ': FRESH SHIPM ENTSi
g W ar h a q a e s f and formed the other committoes, Es uiiualdo, Chairman; Joaquin Bar-
every man and woman who volun- roso, Sr., 1st Vice-Chairman; Hart-'
: Staple and Fancy G roceries : eerd to assist in making the cele- ley M. Albury, 2nd Vice-Chairman; EVERY W EEK
o^ Vbrati'on a glorious affair has stuck Wmin. M. Roberts, Sr., Harry Warren,' .V* LL ,
to his or her purpose, with the re- Chas. Fogarty, Secretary; Geo. L.'
* 1 sutt that the fruition of the efforts Babcock, Jr., Feliciano Castro, Wash-
es r and are today being fully realized. From ington Malgrat, Mario Perez Rolo,!
s F a I othe beginning the members of the Enrique Esquinaldo, Jr. i: ....vOr.o*
committees were awIre that, with so Information and Rest Room Com-
V vegetable gigantic an undertaking, no half- mittee: Miss Hilda Martinez, Chair-'
Shearted, half-conipleted methods man; Miss Ana Valenzuela, Miss 1
could be followed and success at- Grace T. Guzman, Miss Nelda Mar- *
S---. "tanined at the sanie time, so every- tines, Miss Cecilia T. Guzman, Missi: a a ha w 's
body buckled down to work, hard Florence Brady, Miss Irma Curry, *
work, and kept continually at it. Miss Ethelind Sawyer, Miss Eliza-' a d 1ie
S. Those are the reasons why the cele- beth Curry.
Free Delivery Prompt Service :bration is o great a succCss, Civic and Patriotic Organizations': rl11 n e Ci s
The following are the names of Committee: Arthur Sheppard,
o the members of the committees that Chairman; W. D. Byrd. *
1a 0 I . arranged for the celebration: Army and Navy Committee: .............. *
SI Ex-Officio Members Executive Ernesto Bravo, Chairman; A. Las-
W W n L e e Committee: Clark D. Stearns, tres, J. Valdes, F. Acevedo, Lieut.
... .. Captain U. S. Navy, Chairman Ex- Martyr, U. S. M. C.; Lieut. Warner,! ....... --. ..u
508 Flem ing St.: executive Com1mittee; Domingo J. U.S, Navy;Capt. Watrous, F. N.G.;: i7| 7D il T IM DI
508 Flemin" g .St. Milord, Cuban Consul, Key West, Lieut. Spottswood, F. N. G. I FILER'S DRU G SUNDRIUIlD
Florida; Lieut. J. H. Thomas, U. S. .. *
N., Secretary Executive Comndttee; Madame Chikako Kuroda, the'
Dr. J. M. Renedo, President San first woman to receive a medical de-- 506 Fleming St. Phone 52
o Carlos Institution; Hon. Frank H. gree from any school in Japan, has *
Ladd, Mayor of the City of Key just entered upon the practice of
o * * * o * * *o * * * * * * e eos~o ee o e e o ~ :, W e s t ; M i s s M a r g a r e t M M a r t i n e z h e r p r o f e s s i o n i n T o k i o * * * * * * * * * **.


We Extend a Cordial Welcome to Our Visitors
Manufacturers of High Grade


S" ca la i

Orange Crush Delaware Punch

These Three are Nationally Known Drinks

0 *

*** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ***** **


(By H. A. Dann)
Floridal Inded a name to conjure
Is there a name in the entire
English language so full of Witch-
ery, of Magic, of Enchantment and
of Romance as the name of
Whenever the word Florida is
used people stop to listen. It calls

(By Edgar A. Guest)
I am always happy to come to
Florida. I never turn away from
the beauties of your state without
breathing the hope that next winter
I shall be able to return.
To nme there is indefinable charm
in the blue sky and the warm sun of
Florida during the winter months. I
think, however, that above and be-
yond the riches of climate and sky
and onean (I the friendliness of its

-- ------'---- ----------------- --`~- --- '-- ----;-;~




to mind a greater collection o0 f -----" ---" -- h.
pleasant associations and dreams people, Florida friendship has the -
than we realize, ing of genuine sincerity. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10. Th TALLAHASSEE Oct

dian wars, of jungle lands and fragrance of myrrh, aloes and ments is the next step in the progress i e ta n w i
flowers, of sunny skies and laugh- cassia. of practical peace and reconstruction l This is a question that now is be-
ing waves; of orange blossoms and So when telling of Florida let us of the world, according to Herbert Ing hurled t university authorities
Tarpon moons; of the land of the speak of Florida bungalows, Florida Hoover, Secretary of Commerce ere y the moth of these
Suwannee River; pickaninnies and palms, Florida oranges, Florida international economic authority. r F over blthe state and nation, says
plantations; of the growing civic pineapples, Florida skies, Florida Realization of the president's aim erank obmh Mhe y o of the girls are
and industrial development of this-- sunsets, Florida's gulf and the is in sight, Secretary HoI' er said. away from hone for the firs ti me
the old-new State of Florida. And Florida spirit. Until greater disarmament is accom- nany of them are young and inex-
through it all there is a trace of the And when you write Florida, spell polished, he believes there is little perienced. Mothers realize this, per-- S A V C
quaint charm and appealing pic- it out; don't be careless and write: hope for security from wars, hapas better than any one else, andt .
turesqueness of the Old South, whose "Fla." That doesn't mean a thing "Every country today visualizes of t.ctal here consider t but natural
dismantled ruins itll breathe the ---but Florida means everything., its defense preparation upon the their daughters' safe o ty
,,_- -military strength of its neighbors, i : y Ve S
*************.**. *** .************.****** .oo ooe and until all can participate there The problem of working out a
S, can be little hope of relief," Hoover' system of government that will suf-'
declared. flee for 1,200 girls of varied dis- *
: "America broke this vicious cycle positions and temperaments is in-
Sin naval armament two years ago. deed a hard one, authorities contend, W 1 p eczet In
: W *it/ l I Il ll r :European statesmen are today work- but they believe they have come as W, T V ll i. V 1
0 ing again for these ends with ope near solving this problem as any in-
and courage." situation in the land. r a d
SHit. Conscription The girls are not governed by the ID o m estic a n d
WI ar finds its "greatest fertilizer president and the faculty; neither v
i n universal conscription in times are they governed by matrons. They *
SA N C A R LO S : versal conscription, he pointed out, group of their own classmates known I Im Itedl
: is a very different thing from uni- as the "Students' Self Government'
: versal service in times of war. Association." This places them!
S"Reduction of armament will have practically In control of themselves.
made but little progress until con-' They are governed largely by theF o d l s
'L D-*.. scription is abolished," Hoover con- honor system. They are permitted
Ohnoe epairing W lit llO ern : tinued. "Nor is this fact unrecog-! to remain members of this associa.-
Snized by the world. The first prin-, tion "until they prove themselves in-
*. *. ciple of disarmament imposed upon capable of self government."
VlaC ery : Germany and Austria was the aban- The purpose of this association is
donment of conscription. to enact and enforce regulations. '
"Our own history over 140 years These regulations are formulated so :
Half Soles Sewn in from 10 to 15 minutes and the greater freedom of the as to grant the students as much
SWestern Hemisphere from periodic, liberty as is commensurate with f l^ fl
Rubber Heels put on in from 3 to 5 minutes great international wars and the theftr own safety and well being, the A A I I
0 burden of great armaments is itself president of the association de-C ABRlLlA "L V S
W :~ ti .... ....w the warranty of experience. cleared.
We both save time and,money "If conscription could be abolish- cThe officers of the association ..
&* n -inA 1 0 *0 :.88 *tig* ed in the world, peace would have are: a president, vice president, W wholesale Grocers
SoWe have the best line of dog furnishings won a great victory. The security ;, ry, treasurer, and house '
0 j L D I. s J 6 of the world and of America would, presil nt for each dormitory. These .
Headquarters for Shoe Polish and Shoe Findings be Increased, the prosperity of the of1tlers are elected 1yyote ,of the *** e e* 4, 444'**0********4**'** *e
world would be greater.^thy.bu
*- Wholesae and Retail upon all those who labor would be 0090 e000.*0 4 seo**#o*,*e**o00* 00000 0e ggs*00* 00 soe
Disarmament, however, according*
~ to the secretary, is not a simple |
problem of mathematics among na-" T
0 tions, for behind it "must come the
S K H H O P "allaying of fear, hate and national
"Airplane Quality.-Submarine Prices" Following are a few facts which :
S611 Duval St. Phone 328 Florida and h the world ought to know about A N C A R O S
in the Florida Development Board's id a e
nation-wide advertising campaign:
*************************************************T** h p n o f l l a
e The percentage of farm land irm-
*eeseoeo*****ee********************************** proved was greater in Florida than1
in any other State during the 1910-
1920 period.
S WWEO The value of farm property in
Uf W f eeI Florida increased 130 per cent dur.
S11 I Iing that time. i
W FL CO MI IE' Florida leads all other States in A
shipments of fresh tomatoes, ship-xtend a cordial invitation
: ping three times as many as hertz W e e
e m nearest competitor.
: Florida white potatoes have the
e* ER : highest per acre altie in the United *
Ali LO States. to our visitors to visit
_Florida leads the world in the ft0 IS
production of grapefruit.
o u resta un* Florida leads all other States in
Production of early cabbage.
Florida leads all other States in o u re St u ra n t
production of early strawberries.
1 Florida ships more celery than
S Florida ships more early vege-
tables than any other State. i! for fine foods
BI us' n s S*muinammt esumu L During August the extremes of
hih BlfW KI E W E:temperature are lower in Florida
a.L_ _..: I than in thirty-two other States, as
follows: Pennsylvania, Georgia, o
Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas,
Mon tna, Wyoming, Colorado, New
Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada,
uInuyI ui ^11 j s"Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and A u
Durig Jue twenty States have 0 SEA rU0US A SPCI ALTY
Business S iteCs I During July twenty-one States
have higher temperatures than Flor
*. in_ iStates have higher temperatures
than Florida.

GW Y N N ..LOND,"Ot.10.-R.A- Victoria Restaurant
shot and killed himself while his'

,t wife was trying to prevent his d-
Real Estate lde. ____ Duval and Greene Streets
SA Denver nollceman who has wons,
Same as a songwriter does his com.
*****@**@***************************************** posin1g while trmplg lhi bo. siee************H***M** **MH***sgi****l**^*************


I __....__~llT- ,- ra _

IQ A students toward the close of each They are required to give general
HOW 1200 GIRLS t..n .,.e .: o "o
H W 12 GRLS school year, and they serve for one weekly reports of the conduct of the
scholastic year, The president is members of their respective dornd-
IN STATE COLLEGE elected from the senior class, the stories to the executive committee.
vice president from the junior class _
ADRE ,,AV rn d the treasurer and secretary from SARTORIAL SYMPTOM
ARE GOVERNED the pom"ore class. A student .--
must reside on the campus for at
Least seven months to be eligible for NEW YORK, Oct. 10.-A. eil-
PROBLEM OF WORKING OUT office dence that business conditions are
PROLEM OF WORKING OUT The house presidents are elected improving, a prominent tailr elits
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT' from either the junior or senior the ordering of 18 business dts,
T lasses. It is their duty to. exercise two dress suits and four overcoats by
THAT WILL MEET REQUIRE. general supervision of all matters a man who had bought no elsthbl
MENTS IS HARD TASK 1vithin their respective dormitories, for two years,




V ... .' ..




This County, named after President James Monroe, comprises all
of the so-called Florida Keys, a chain of Islands extending from the Southern
end- othe-peninsula Westward for proximately 150 miles. A portion of
the county is also on the mainland proper, including Cape Sable, and em-
braces several hundred thousand acres. The soil of the Florida Keys is
wonderfully rich and capable of producing fruits and vegetables in vagt
quantities if given proper amount of water. This County is the only one in
the State which actually possesses the climate which is so generally adver-
tised as prevailing throughout Southern Florida during the winter months.
Frost is unknown and the variation in temperature is not over 20 degrees
throughout the entire winter season. The Florida Keys offers exceptional
advantages for Winter homes. One can live out doors practically the entire
season. Fishing and boating facilities are ideal.
The celebrated Over-Sea Railroud, the creation of Henry M. Flagler furnishes
Key West, the County seat of Monroe, with rail connection with the mainland and the
balance of the County are now very much interested over the prospects of obtaining an
automobile highway from Key West to the mainland. This, when completed, will be one
of the scenic rides of the Country, and work has been started at each end of the County,
with the ultimate object of a direct connection from Key Wegt to Miami.
The members of the Board of County Commissioners are as follows:

OTTO KIRCHHEINER, District No. 4, Chairman
WM. R. PORTER, District No. 1
BRAXTON B. WARREN, District No. 2'
CARL BERVALDI, District No. 3
W. HILTON CURRY, District No. 5








i i J


_ c dl~i







per cent in beacons. Two Key West naval and commercial shipping cen- tugas.
Main Ship Channel range lights have. tor, will have a 30-foot channel, 1,-I Key West will obtain both those
the greatest intensity of any lights) 000 feet wide, running through its1 proposed improvements, ber-ujse,
of this kind in use in this or any entire length, and when the North-! aside from the benefit that would
other country. 1 west Channel will be increased to al accrue from them commercially, they
Iea p (f thozz"r A. ips t Att. a .t..m

communivate with Key West, the' channel is but 18 feet deep, which n naval viewpoint, to the gover0-
600,000 g the a many imiprov a 01 in teeh. At present that are f paramount importance, from
Two similes come to mind when has 00,000 gallons; the Mallory will improve the channel, in the next comment with Keless station here, in ae is but 18nesry forest deep, which aval viof the United Stathe s.ovrn
one considers the importance of Line, 290,000; William Curry's few years, in accordance with the government wireless station here, ini' mak"**s it necessary for ships with a ment of the United States.
one considers the importance of Line, 290fe00 William Curr's years, in accordance with the the handling of commercial ines.; draft greater than that to go by the'
Sons, 260,000; F. E. C. Railroad, recommendations of the Chamber of the handling of ;mosial mesrn draft freater than that to go by the
Key West as a port: It is like the 250,000. If the ship is in need of I Commerce, because federal author- sages, is among the most important roundabout route beyond Tortugas w do you suppose the fellows
hub in a wheel or an oasis in a repairs, there are several modern! tes now coincide with a statement in the country. Orders are sent here while plying between Key West an who write "Personal" on the en
desert of seas,. Le us first con- rais t here v to do the work Pe y onmodore Rodwers i .m all over the world to bl to t tras- other F'lorida ports on the gulf. The velope carrying a printed circular
desert of seas. Let up first con- machine shops here to do tha work. Imde hy ( 'omodore Rodgers in ,itte i to .hip., nd l1 latter send direct route through the Northwest letter get by the statutes against
der the former simile. nt of With what importance the Fed- 1823 in regard to the strategic posi- i hn- t Ti l.t rout, throuh Chanel is nore than 60 mile usig the mails to fraud s-Tampa
Whei'm R. Porter, president of eral Government considers Key West tion of Key West as a naval base, ew her l- rde d tativ Channel i more than 60t by mileway using the maDailils to defraud Tamp
he oter Dock Company, has pro- as a shipping center was shown con.! Here is what the Commodore said a to nqire about the btaing shorter than that by way of Tor- Daily Tim
pared a map showing Key West as elusively shortly after the United century ago: fuel oil, lnm>er cotl or supplies at .
a "hub" from which spokee" spread) States entered the world war. Word "Nature has made It the advance tfuel oiri belker cotil or supplies tit
out to all quarters of the world. The went out from Washington that( post from which to watch and guard this p r .oet.
first spoke in the Atlantic curves during the war, no appropriations our commerce passing to and front William R. Porter,' who has been
eastwardly to Gibraltar, i ,960 miles would be made for rivers and har- the Mississippi, while, at the same the fat yea improves a of Key
away; the next is 1,050 miles long bors unless the proposed improve, time, its peculiar situation and the W et harb ard the ap) roaches to
and reaches Bermuda; the north- centss proved to be necessary to the excellence of its harbor point it ar ,t te Vet harbor tnId the approaches to
easterly curve to Liverpool is 4,750 sents proved to be necessary to the excellence of its harbor poiit it out it, specifies eight chief reasons in TI O PS N .J P REM
easterly curve to Liverpool i 4,7 successful prosecution of the war. the most certain key to the co. emnstati th iortane of W M THOMPSON R. J PEREZ
miles, and to Queenstown, going in In a letter dated March 21, 1918,, nerce of Havana, to that of th dlcon post fromt boh noavrtance of to- e
the same direction, 4,480 miles. The and addressed to Secretary of WarI whole Gulf of Mexico, and to the l iecal pv'ort f-o ts. 1l val :ne 1 co-
northerly line from the hub to New, Baker, the Key West Chamber of returning trade of the Cairilbbo i, wrcial vwoin ts, rated: re e
York is almost straight and measures Commerce pointed out conclusively 4o?,. I venture to predict that the ,.- 0 wet inu itt th sothei WLMErated:
1,310 miles. Hampton Roads, in that the deepening of the local har- first important naval contest in of the Uitel States having sout i- W O M
the same direction, has a spoke 6- bor was a war necessity. Among which this country shall be cneig-ad rect railroad communication with the 0
070n miles long, and Charleston, 670 other things, it was staLed.- will be in the neighborhood of this North and also frequent steamship a
The first spoke running through of dollars have been expended on That the government, as l.f,,m va ns p wi aleon an oth
th'gulf points to Porto Rico, exact- their (the Florida East Coast Rail- iTated, now agrees with Con'nmoilo vansu, Tampa, Galveston and othfiI
of all the miles 82 mTheshortes, with way Company's) terminals here,( Rodgers in his estimate of Key W\Vt 2.-All the water-borne co- C A
nof all the kes 82 miles, and from four to five hundred as a naval base is borne out bere of the Gulf of Mexico via _
Havanaatthe d of it. The one thousand dollars have gone into eral facts. Recently $2,500,000 w.s the Florida Straits, and the Bahama 9
to Jamaica is 880 miles, and that: dredging operations deepening the spent for a submarine base here, o atnd Yucatan Channels must pass S-
reaching to the Pamana Canal is 1,- approaches to their piers, and that of the most powerful wireless plant., near Key \West.
100 miles. The last-named spoke is portion of the harbor adjacent there., in the world is operated in Key West is aer the
an exceedingly important one in the to. Without a sufficient width of' by the government, and, back a au aWenst is neaother the
hub. It is far shorter than the dis- channel and adequate depth therein year or so ago, when the Admiuis- iana Co nal thn ay othc' Amei- W e Cater the public with a full
tance between the canal and any leading from the outer harbor up to traction, in putting into effect ithi-, .v,
other port in the United States Thetheir terminal properties they are policy of etenchment, hogan ,hat sse itll sight o of CigfarF Cigarettes,
second nearest is Pensacola, an thatI precluded from receiving any bene- wholesale closing of navy yards, l. \est In that. respect KNew okline o ig rs, igar es,
canals 445 miles fatha Ke y West. Of courom the fitse commensurate wthvit this ex- one iti this city was kept iti ,i ii the only Anteticits seapoIt that : Tobaccos and Novelties
cnal than Key West. Of course ponditure, which they would other-I tioe. Though the force at the liical k'the' o ey We st. t Td
this spoke, which is nearly one-third wise receive. yard was reduced, the same thing 5.-Commodious harbor with 30-W s
shorter thanat t extending from the "We have always understood it was done in the case of every other foot channel to anchorage near Fort
nex t nearest port, uns through inthe was the policy of the government to navy yard that was kept open. Taylor, with 27 feet to Naval Sta- Picture Fram ni g a Specialty
canal and forks out to all points i meet private and corporate enter- Last year the exports from Key ton and 25 to 26 feet to comSpecia y
tLe vast Pacific. To a tanker and prise half way when they spend their West were larger than all other ercal wharves. feet to co
most other commercial ships it own money on the improvement of Florida ports combined, and the im- mercia wharves.
means the saving of more than a waterways of this country, and we ports were greater than any other. 6.--Multiple channels for en- *
day's traveling, while to a 20-knot cannot see why exception should be Because of its geographical posi- trance and exit, viz. Main Shipj .
warship it means the saving of al- made in this particular case. Eli- tion and its maritime importance, and West Channels to southward..
most a day. Hence, the character-, minating, though, any consideration Key West was selected for head- and Northwest Channel. ,
ization of Key West, from a naval of the railroad or our own local com-' quarters of the Seventh Lighthouse 7.-Existing Naval Station, with'
strategic viewpoint, as the "Gib-' mercial requirements, a situation District by the United States Light- Fleming Key and Frankford Bank,
a y 'worldi wrewhichmnt, in oiturtopn- efficit on n oarlos News Stand j
raltar of America" is not a vain or has arisen, due to our entry in the house Service, the greatest and most which belong to the United States, : & l arlos Si
an empty boast. world-wide war, which, in our opin- efficient organization of its kind in available for conversion into avia.
Sweeping westwardly through the ion, makes the immediate considera- the world. The Seventh District, of tion and magazine sites.
gulf the spokes run in the following tion of the port of Key West an which William W. Demerit is 8.-Fortifications at Fort Taylor, Thompson & Perez
order: urgent war measure, national in its superintendent, extends from Hills-. with adjacent land for more high-,
To Puerto Mexico, 800 miles; scope, and one which we cannot af- boro Inlet on the Atlantic Coast, to pi wered cation.
Yera Cruz, 860; Tuxpam, 880; Tam- ford longer to ignore." Cedar Keys on the Gulf Cosst of The belief is general among local:
" a .i--a-'DW,--.,a n.7 POrt .-Evidently Secretary Baker enter-. Florida. There are in-t- t himing mep .A the. ti t is notLi "
Arthur, 725; New Orleans, 550; t1ined the same view of the mat- at the present time 927 aids to nav.i- ta. f' when the Key West harbor, *
Mobile, 500; Pensacola, 460. tor as did the Chamber of ComI gation, which is an Increase of 1i8 hecatse of its great importance as a 0 **Go,** ,* ***** 00000 90000,, *
Five thousand ships a year, with a merce, for he recommended an ap- per cent in the last ten years. Key'-0 ..*--.. .....
deadweight tonnage between 20,-, propriation for the improvement of West harbor has such excellent e e*e******ee e *" eeeeee**e************* **
000,000 and 25,000,000, pass in, the harbor. A sum of $230,000 was natural channels leading thereto: It K West, a
sight if Key West, and a large ma- spent at that time and the work is that very few aids to navigation are 0
jority of the eastbound ones are, being completed now by the ex- required to safely guide ocean liners'
on their way to Europe. To them, penditure of an additional $80,. and other vessels into and out of,
Key West is an "oasis" in the vastI 000. this harbor, either by day or night, .
stretches of sea, for it is the last ,But the improvement was not But notwithstanding its natural ad.- i 0
American port they see during the made in full accord with the views, vantages, very important improve-.
trip. Ad on the return trip Key of the Chamber of Commerce. The' ments have been made in the lights, *
West is he first American port they Chamber wanted a channel of a! buoys, beacons, etc., in this harbor -
sight t f minimum depth of 30 feet, and a and its immediate vicinity. For in-
That the captains of those ships width of 1,000 feet, whereas the stance, since 1911 there has been anri
look upon Key West as an oasis is government increased the depth to increase of 600 per cent in lighted W0 in A SF O R E
demonstrated hundreds of times 20 feet and the width to 800. gas buoys, 200 per cent in reflector T H
yearly. As a thirsty desert traveler f gas buoys, 200 per cent in reflector I g S O
gesl. to an osisto ge .t a vrn Local shippers, however, are of lights, 200 per cent in minor lights, 1
ey n c o to Ke W t t drink, the opinion that the government 75 per 'cent In lens-lanterns, and 50 .
they come to Key West to get a 1 0
"drink," which, in their cases, is .S.*.*.*C.**e.**.*CS.***C**C..** 10
either fuel oil, bunker coal, or sup. : :1
plies. But the metaphor may be ex-1 .
tended further. An oasis is a boon; *
to a disabled traveler; there he can, :*
be put into condition to resume his 7
journey. So a ship that needs re-C I A II d0i 1W I 0 0
pairing can limp into Key West and. W Ih I IOtIII *
be put into shape to resume her': l 1 0
voyage. .
In that respect Key West is pre- '0'T
eminent aong the ports in this': : Agents for NUNNALLY'S, HUYLER'S
country. Once a ship has taken her'
course at sea she passes nearer to A% F A% I Al/ and P &A W CA I
ican port. She can turn from her* U M &A XJ J .,
course and reach Key West in le' ss: ,
than an hour, provided of course *i
she is not disabled. In that event, to "
course in the Gulf Stream off heWill find our Department Store THE MOST COMPLETE LINE OF
is an incalculable advantage to her, .carries the m ost com plete and : :

saln shipsdlgrazeseyaWest,': up-to -date line of Merchan. !! DRUGS AND DRUG SUNDRIES
Theey are almost in hailing dis dise in Key West IN THE CITY
day time they can talk freely by *
flag signals with the Weather, W E FEATURE :
Bureau employees at Sand Key, and s '
at night can keep up the conversa- M k Ie o re
tion with lanterns. Those are the : Lades Jeaov a- to- w rear r
reasons why the ship report from : Make Our Store Your Headquarters
Sand Key are so thorough. Of: M .ll-|-. -"-. : Iil-J- J+'I
course the names of the passing AAIllllhe ry anCy UOods , T
ships are determined through glass-. :- -- W while in Key W e t :
es, but the other information is ob- uoes : f
tained by signals. An idea of just I *.

how "close in," as real estate 'men: '
say, the ships are may be obtained 0 *.j.|CA A M.t M, !S w '\
from the fact that a few months Complete Line of Men's rnishings or. emin Simonton Streets
one of the employes at the bureau,: Cor. a Sreets
kept up a lantern conversation with _ _ '_
a ship for we hour and three- P
quarters. : : M i :
The facilities in Key West for at. I AP
tending to the wants of any ship : ArOnOViLZ & Son ii:
that comes here are adequate in. D A
every way. The Porter Dock Com.- *
pany has a storage capacity of 8,- i
000,000 gallons of fuel oil. In the
matter of water, the same company foreC0 .Ce0eeee00.0ee.0.** e.0..C*ee ******C o ****o.f* o0000too0go**so goSS**@*Se COee.CO** *e05*5Ce0eeoee S.eo.t .

2P '' .d j,-' 3






Resources Over $1,900,000.00

WM. R. PORTER, President J M. RE. -.
WM. R. WARREN, Vice-Pres. A Le
THOSE. K. WARREN, Asst.-Cashier R. H. KEMP

his Institution did its bit --a very im- late George Whiting Allen. These patriots :
portant bit in the Cubans' second included the immortal Jose Marti, who not I
war for Independence. San Carlos, only b his sincerity and eloquence stirred I
originally established in the early 70s, was his felow Countrymen to strive again for
the cradle of Cuban Liberty, and this Bank Independence; but who also, in practicing the
/ was the Depository of the funds collected by doctrmne that he preached--"Libert or Death"
Sthe Cuban Junta, for this patriotic organiza- sacrificed himself as a martyr to the cause of
tion was more active in Key West than at any freedom. Besides Jose Marti, others of our
otlier port in the United States. Founder, Geo. W. Alien's Cuban friends and
depositors in the Bank at that time, were Jose
Long before the War of 1895 was started, the Dolores Poyo, representative of the Cuban
Cuban Junta, with Cuba Libre ever uppermot Junta of New York, and Editor of that
in its mind, deposited its funds in THE FIRST Beacon of Liberty published in Key Wesft, El :
NATIONAL BANK OF KEY WEST. All Cubans, Yara; Carlos Rolof, the illustrious Pole, who :
actuated by a tense yearning for the Indepen- after the Cubans had won their Independence :
dence of their BELOVED ISLAND, contributed served the Cuban Republic in the capacity of I
to these funds to the full measure of their Treasurer for many years; Martin Herrera, I
capacity. Many deprived themselves to ever M. Barranco, Fernando Figueredo, Teodoro I
swell the "Fund for Liberty," and when it Perez, E. H. Gato, Carlos Recio, and many (
was considered sufficiently large to provide others, some of whom are still with us, while I
the patriots in Cuba with the munitions of others have crossed to their reward.
War, the second cry for freedom sounded, and !
resounded throughout the length and breadth In recalling those anxious days, when the I
of the Lone Star Isle. Its echoes reaching Cuban Patriots were struggling for liberty, I
< the shores of these United States, and which the joyful days when the oal of liberty was
jofldyswe h ga flbet0a

spurred the Cuban-American citizens to re- attained, after many set-backs and disap-.
newed efforts. pointments, covering a period of many years,
/ y and having watched appreciatively the great a
Not only was The Firnt National Bank of Key progress m Cuba since then, this Bank,
WeAt the Depository of the funds for Cuba through its Officers, ardently congratulates
Libre; but many of the Cuban Leaders for the citizens of the Cuban Republic of the a
Independence were the personal friends of completion and dedication of their beautiful
its Officers, and particularly of its Founder, Memorial to the cause of Freedom---The San
that distinguished citizen of Key Weft, the Carlos Institute.

Lt .. ... K A. .. -..- '


S' 5 5 5 not otherwise remain here." years, and it is the aim of the Board
S P The road to the mainland, the of Public Works to continue ,-
Ssewer system, the golf course! It is provmnents of that nature till every
S7 i(By iKen Cloud) *I impossible to enumerate the bene- road and every sidewalk in the city
K e y We I s P Fu u r fits that will accrue to Key West is paved, s
o099~** *s* The greatest single asset any the making of those improve Key West is progressing to be
Key West is at the very threshold F. E. C. railway extension was an they are worn in many other ec- Without this precio u sa p s. r ments. Thoe are-the big things trim to pull on its three-leag
in its history. At least three things, act sorting of work Behind the winter, but an overcoat is far more Enthusiasm has done more for But other i improvement are beingthreshld of the most important de-
which for years were eagerly look- proposal to link the Florida Keys to comfortable when frost is in the air, the world; it alone has made events e be velpment its history
ed upon as possibilities of an un- the mainland with a roadway is the which, let it be said again, has never easier the forward path of m lade and t mae others. i have be n i i un
certain future, are almost realities South Atlantic Coastal Highway As- occurred in the Floirda Keys. present day progress than any formulated to mane others. Miles anada is rapidly a ssumn at
now. Two of those things, a sewer sociation, which includes in its memo Another improvement that will other factory found Tn men. of paved streets and sidewalks have importance place among the tobanco-
and a running water system, have bership governors and United States prove of incalculable benefit to Key The smallest commercial en- been laid in the city in the las fewgrowing countries of the world.
been periodically discussed for thirty senators and representatives. That West Is the proposed installation of terprises have become giants *
years or so, but the third, the pro- association will employ its great in- a sewer and running-water system. through enthusiasm. The largest, ooo******* o o oo***************************
posed road to the mainland, was, fluence to convince the federal gov- A franchise to have that work done most forboding circumstances *
until recently,, little more than a eminent that the roadway is a has been granted by0the City Coun- have shrunk to nothing, under *
has been granted by the City Coun- 4 have shrunk to nothing, under
until recently, little more then a,ernment that the roadway Is a oil to Carl E. Aubuchon. t
highly gratifying vision-somewhat military necessity, due to Key West's cihe to Carl possi Aubuchon. though he scathing fire of enthusiasm. *
in the category with the story about strategic position as the "Gibraltar Ther s a u pp ossibi ty, though, The man who possesses it has
the yearning child who cried for the of America." that a supply offres water ay b always the courage, the forti-
noon, But the driveway to the The federal government will be struck in this city. Two companies, tude, the stamina, to tackle etiyet SIN WO M N l M i
in digging for oil, will sink wells another obstacle. The enthusiast *
mainland is virtually a certainty informed also that Monroe County deeper than any wil s other that has h obstacle. The enthusiast o t l fo uho
now. will tax its resources to its utmost drilled thd in thise lookout for such -
wii I city. w The presidents portunity. And each victory is
We greatly need sewer and run. to do its part in having the roadway of one of the companies stated that fportunty h s ot each icor is *
ning water systems, but, so far as built. The County Commissioners he will have machinery capable o od as or this sot preciou S
the writer has been able to deter- have decided to lay roads on all the drilling a well 4,500 feet deep, an Without enthusiasm Florida
mine, Key Westers are agreed that keys over which the driveway will that in his opinion 4 gusher of fresh : out ethsiasm oida *
the driveway, considered from the pass, and it will be pointed out that water will pay better in the long r would not be what it isoad project, *I
viewpoint as promotive of the im- forty miles of such roads are already than a gusher of an average oil! B of every railroad project, *i
wthe derrick for boathng adv ~ Ievery development project,
mediate growth of the city, is of constructed. The county will pro- well. The derricks for both els, every development project, *
far more importance. Let us con- ceed to build tlw remaining roads it is said, will be in operation wit t everyhusiasmty w. Good, honest, since *
aider for a few minutes what the immediately upon the government's in sixty days. thulasm Good, honest, sincere *
completion of the driveway will deciding to construct the bridges. Back twenty years ago the enthaasm sweeps before it all *
mean to Key West. Those are factors that go to as present writer wrote a letter. hesitancy It I cont s, TO K EY W EST
Of the thousands of touring auto- sure the building of the driveway, column long that was published in' r
mobilists who sweep "down the East but they are not the only ones. The The Key West Citizen. In that let- spree ads vlike il, nd ers conI- *
Coast every winter, how many of American Automobile Association, ter he stated that he had hear, dance, inspires loyalty and light- *
them do you think would fail to which has proved to be one of the many a person assert, on the Mal ens labor.
avail themselves of the opportunity greatest forces in the country in lory liners while plying between this Enthusiasm Is the one factor*
to take a spin to the end of theputting into effect the good roads city and New York, that they liked that carries men thr
answer that question, but before'use its influence also to have the the best climate in the country, that despondency. It lifts them out *
you do, picture the wonderland of roadway to the mainland built. The the fishing and boating advantages. o the mediocre; it rushes them *
keys through which the driveway association, together with the coastal hereabouts optclaseed any other i>; on toward success. rapid and continuous progress :
will go, picture the vast stretch of highway organiaton, has adopted te United States, but that their Cultivate enthusiasm. *
w g pr od reasons for not passing the wint.e-i
amethystine gulf on one side and Senator Malone's slogan, "A Road- here r because we did not hlo, ier *
the sweep of the emerald bay on the way from Maine to Havana." But a sewer system. prosperity for Key W est
other that the automobilists may both organizations are mostly con. -
see as they pass over the bridges cerned now in having built that Time and again the writer told ple over golf. If I haven't, let me
linking the keys together. Picture part of the proposed highway south those eole that Key West w add this I feel absolutely positive Co t.
linking thekefsetotrth cortagious di dd this: I feel absolutely positive; and M onroe Count
those things and then figure out if of Washington, particularly that eases and w .i..eyi.otd in declaring that, had the golf OOUnty.
anything except the impossibility to section which will link the Florida nute what he said, still they de course in that town been closed!
obtain gasoline will stop an auto- Keys with the mainland. The "Ha.- red that being used to residing in down, say, at 8 o'clock in the after-'
mobillst from driving his car over vane" part of the slogan has to do sewered towns, they could not bring noon, there would not have been a*
what will be the most wonderful with the running of automobiles themselves to live in a place that guest remaining inr the hotel by the *
roadway in the world. aboard ocean-going ferries to make did not have modern Improvement. time the sun went down. That's the: E R ENE u D !
What would Key West,. with the the trip to the Cuban capital. According to conversations the kind of hold that golf has on its *E iLr IU U
best climate and the best fishing The roadway will be somewhat in writer had the last winter with followers,. I
and cruising grounds in the country, the nature of a magic wand in its tourists here, the golf course will re- "By all means boost the
be today had it been connected by a effect on the string of keys through suit in hundreds of more visiteoy golf course that is built on Stock
driveway to the mainland a decade which it will pass between Key West coming here and staying ho Island. It will mean the keeping
ago? It has been our isolation, and the mainland. All along the throughout the winter. le of t in Key West throughout the winter'
SW ,,hically, t}tt ha, 'held us' keys settlements will, spring up over- tourists stated, that he rfcw L of ,bndreds of tourists who would
van ,v * ; 2
by train or by boat, but 'practlea.ly0t9e no0, ,'i0,6.8l10A6v.a t lightedd with o. oooo. . ... '-,,* "... ... .. '-- -,-"
all of them bring their automobiles' number of residents incsed maa climate eand the ease 'vith .. ** ** ***
to Florida 'with them and many ofri fold. In the days to come some of gamy fish are caught in local v lte:
them are averse to storing their cars those keys, due to their much larger yet they, instead of pass adl
Iares than Key West, will orhave a the greater pa Te winter A TrA T
while they travel otherwise. They population greater than that on this remained but a andthenI EA
don' t bring their cars here, because islandproper. But Key West, as' went on to Havana or up to Miami, 101WLH II E H O U SE I R E SIA UA N T
they would have little use or the, hundreds of other cities in the where they would have the opper,-..
if they did. But what a different United States have done, will reach tunity of playing golf. ",. l
story it will be when the driveawy out and incluI other territory with-' "Up till a short time ago," E. C RO BER TS, Prop
is built! in the city limits. ator William I. Malone remarked t *- A -A I lro.
Thousands of automobilists will It will not be long after the com- to the writer recently, "I thought
drive to Key West every winter. pietion of the driveway before that the baseball fan was the mo'
Flagler's "eighth wonder," the run- Stock Island will be incorporated in: enthusiastic sport follower in the Visi't*or *ar cord ally invited to v ris
ning of trains to Key West, was the Key West, and Boca Chica and country, but I've found out sin e V ISO1 0 C. alaUK y n1V teU to visit
subject of numerous magazine and probably some of the keys farther that his ardor is tame compared t fi i *
newspaper articles; th4 driveway, up will become a part of the city. that which characterizes the golfer. i Our up-to-date R estau
the "ninth wonder," greater than Just as Tampa extended its city: And let me tell you how I founlt~,'
the eighth, will cause far more edi-: limits at every point of the com- out, *
trial and other discussion than the' pass, and as Miami. has done and is "As I entered a hotel up-statetO _____________
coming of the railroad did. Auto- doing now in expanding its territory register, I noticed crowds of i ta------
mobile owners throughout the coun- 'to increase its population, so Key and women gazing intently at strips d
try, who have never been to Florida West's corporate limits will be of paper tacked up on bulletin oods O ur c alt
before, on hearing about the won- 'greatly enlarged. boards and babbling about some- Sca y
derful roadway, will make it a point' Of course those changes will not thing up and something to go, a-i __-
to drive over it, which but say- brought about by an Aladdin S of which was so much Greek or
ng that the driveway will not honly They will require years of Choctaw to me. I asked the clotk
K e adthe the pe rogress end millions of dll what was the ca f -the WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT
will also benefit the entire State. I o e day when all of that thusiastie in describing to me the STREET
The driveway will result in Key action of Key West, east of White rful game Billy K. Sam had FLEMING STREET
West's having thousands of "get street, will be built up, when .hun-. played in administering a drubbIngta
acquainted" meetings with well-to- dreds of houses will be erected on to the up"till-then doughty knight of
do people from all over the United Stock Island, when Boca Chica willithe links, Sam K. Billy. Yes, ioo **o******************************* *********o*************o***************
States. To accommodate those peo- be dotted with cottages and hotels' that clerk must have used 'wonde* r- [ ---
pie scores of hotels and hundreds of and its stretch of white sandy beach 1ul' a score of times, and he pros * * ***
cottages will be erected, will be lined with bathing pavilions, nounced it with a breathing speIl ,ooo oo o
- We feel positive in declaring that when key after key, through which between the syllables, like this-; '

nobody will conscientiously gainsay ithe roadway runs, will have a vil- 'won-der-full' '
that the driveway will bring vast Inge on it and eventually a city. "Now, I had thought up till then .
crowds of tourists here, and we are' Hundreds of thousands of people, that golf was played only by p0t;
content in our belief that a large will reside on the keys between ple who felt that they needed exerelis ,
percentage of them will pass part or here and the mainland. Such an as- and liked to get it by chasing afttt. WA N L IT I
all of the winter 'here, that still section is not an idle notion. There a little ball for several miles. And *
others will become residents, when are many advantages on the keys I had looked upon those people aso --
they learn of the incomparable ad- that will bring pibout that result, men of great wealth, who were try.- FR O M
vantages that are inherent in Key, but the chief one is what we have lin to make ,themselves believe that I
West. Those are the reasons whyrecurr edtohtimnda I Ethey really enjoyed playing golf. But,
hotels and cottages and bungalows The Florida Keys comprise the re was an ordinary clerk who as
will have to be built to accommodateTe LYFl torida tKeyscomrEihse cthelncrazy about the game almoIAiW: Of K e y P ro p e rtie s
will have to be built to accommodate ONLY FROST FREE section in thought flitted through my md '
the visitors. i these Uflited States. rhat fact can-that the clerk possibly was a tl. "
That prediction is not visionary;'not be stressed too often. Were that theclerk possibly was a .e s
perhaps, probably, possibly, are not' the same thing true of any of a, Ionaire in disgse, and that he was
words to be used in connection with dozen cities in Florida, it would be holding down the Job either to fill
it. With the coming of the drive- shouted from the house-tops morn- he.requirements of the vill of som
way, the prediction will be fulfilled ing, noon and night. rich uncle, or to get on the trail- of
Just as sure as two and two are Florida is now considered as thea stirring romance.. But it did. not.
four. It will nationally advertise' nation's paradise, and one is there-1 take me long to become disillusioned. .
Key West on the spot to tens of fore justified in saying that theI It turned out that the bellboys, too,
thousands of newcomers, and, as Isonly frost-free section of the state, were enthusiastic followers of the i
generally' agreed, all that this town will, when it is improved, become game.
ithou teint of t p aradisethe re-; "Well, I remained at that hotel 1 1
fron t eds to push it out into the fore-g. most recreation gardens in the coun- several days, and I got golf for
front is national advertising try. The Florida Keys are really breakfast, golf for lunch, golf for* *

drive.aey a project In the glimmer. where the wearing of straw hats and with golf terms ringing in my *1. da
Ing future. It is an assurance, just white ducks and flannels are sea- "I think I've made it fairly plaa
As much so as the building of the sonable all the year round. Of coarse about the enthusiasm of those 1!. o Se so e. .
***f***********R*****n**** M n0* ****ire iaw se 1** a*0*is

ALGIERS, Oct. 10.-Capt. d'Oisy, LONDON, Oct. 10.-Driving his LONDON, Oct. 10.-The Paris LINSDALE, Eng., Oct. 10.-Boy
famous French aviator, will attempt ball from the twelfth tee of the YE PR.FEREN ELT LLU HELP correspondent of the Daily Express scouts of this country spent their
to motor 1,000 miles across the Wearside Golf Club, Dr. James Cox UI 1E1 U1U4 A HEL sent a dispatch containing this annual camp week helping fame
Sahara desert next month. struck and killed a seagull. TO THE AILWAYS BUILD CITY hoic bit, "The tal of the left, n the field because of saarcity o
T IO T E AILW AnYA CI TY finding matters moving more slowly labor.
eeeeee.******** ee.***s.EC*********************** HRT -- than they hoped, bark more furious- -
T -- CHARITY BESTOWED UPON ly for the delay. A bookkeeper of Thurston county
CARS MUCH MORE IN MATTER FAMILIES IS VERY MUCH AP. It would take twenty million Washington, announces that thr
!71' w W LpI *^^ W : OF TRANSPORTATION THAN PRECIATED years for an aeroplane, traveling at scientific processes he has evolved
Si i BUSSES P E. _two miles a minute, to fly from the a stingless bee. The i nsect said
(By Associated Press) earth to the nearestt star. to gve good honey.
Y ATLANTIC CITY, Oct. 10.-L. DARACHICHAK, Armenia, Oct.--
F. Eppich, of Denver, former presi- 10.-Old clothes contributed by, *oeo*ooooo oooooooooooee
C* dent of the National Association of -Old clothes contributed by
real estate boards, told the Amer. America's evercharitable families
can Electric Railway Association have literally rebuilt this city, which '
:V f I &L m m here that realtors prefer electric before the war was a prosperous -
CP s railways to other forms of-local and happy community living within A
transportation because they cannot the shadow of Mount Ararat. Scores
be moved away over night. of shattered buildings have been re-
Mr. Eppich recently sent a ques- stored from the proceeds of discard-, _U_ J U LY
tionnaire, "Busses or Cars," to real- ed garments which, to the half-
r t ingDepartment torys in many cities and all except naked natives, were of greater value
Sbe easily diverted or abandoned,, In a country swept by war and
and the value of property sub- afterwards ravaged by the Turk,! A
( stantially reduced," he explained.building material was almost impos-
*There 1 a decided place for the building material was almost impos-. .
eo bus in local transportation, the workers came here to rescue the last *
speaker continued. He and other vestiges of the American race. The
realtors would like to see street city was in ashes; money was worth
JO B PR INTIN G .I.ctywsn sondwasworth
com panies run busses in new terrl. i.. .. ,1
e ties unIIItil traffic warrants laying le, food was d ult to obtan:
Jth RININ an electric life. Property ownersoThere were 50 deaths daily from
benefitting by new transportation starvation and disease.
__________....._______ liness should help pay the cost of In order to relieve the situation COffee Barber Shop and
-- their installation, he said, and point. 11the Americans were forced to re-. Co e pb S o
ed out that recently Detroit voters sort to the primitive method of bar-
assessed 51 per cent of the cost of ter. In return for old clothing Bill P "
new transit lines against the owners they received from inhabitants all D BillIard a or
of adjoining property. Such a course kinds of fragments of houses from
PHONE 69 also had been recommended in other ruins of the larger neighboring,.
P 69 9 cities. cities. Streams of half-starved
natives carrying timbers, joists,
DIPLOMAT HURT IN CRASH doors, windows and loads of bricks !
a *n and W ll*a St. .on their backs poured into Darachi-;o
Caroline and W illiam Sts. 918LONDON, Oct, 100.-Dr. R. de chak from distant point;, and re-'
Marces van Swindereon, Dutch ceived in return warm coats, blank- I II H O F I
minister to Great Britain, suffered ets, shawls and shoes from the
KEY W EST, FLA. a broken collar boe in an auto cargoes of relief supplies sent from A
I smashup. America. Police guards became ex- *
SF___________ hausted in keeping the hordes of : C
Franz Liszt was a pianist of nmte people in line.
before he was in his teens. For once the ragman was mightier R AIL B GARCIA Pro.
oeoeoooooe oo*eoC sooSCooo*ooo*o*****ossoCooo*eooooo "'I than the millionaire; an old pair ofI Ie:&R UL Do B ARIA, Pr oUp,
shoes or winter-before-last's dis- C0
___ carded overcoat had greater pur-1: 717 DUVAL ST. :
-.I Chasing power than the American, ,
dollar. The natives had no incentive 1 Business Phone 496 C
to work for mere money, they could
have made no purchases with gold or *
silver, for there was nothing to buy: C
tin th devastated country. o *,I
.oooo...oooo 0 0,...ooSCoCCoCooo ooo...ooC..w.oo


SR. 0. Sawyer

Subscribers, Investors B

rAnd Company Have BREAD, CAKES, PIES, ETC.
A Mutual Interest
AnThe Tip Top Bakery has the fastest :
7j ECAUSE there is a large investment in telephone property in b aki g
Florida, there exists a popular impression that the Telephone Operating m achinery m ade for Ibak ig :
companyy possesses great money wealth. e
The only revenue the Telephone Company receives is the sanitary bread- not touched by hand.
money the public pays for the service. : The type of m machinery we have installed
The only funds the Company has to expend for extensions and was used in Brooklyn at the New York
new additions .to its plant is the money it can induce investors to : Was use I Brooklyn th AIew York 1
put into he telephonee business. : State Bakers' Convention to dem onstrate
During the five year period, including 1924, the Bell System the w the fastest o e a i bakery:
must spend more than $7,800,000 for additions and extensions to 0 to world o f operating bkery
the telephone plant in Florida, in order to keep pace with the tele- *
phone needs of the State. machinery manufactured -having a capa-

This enormous sum of money must be obtained by the sale of. City of 1,800 loaves perhour.
securities or be borrowed in the money markets In competition with
more profitable enterprises. I
To interest investors, there must be assurance of a reasonable He lth
return on their money. T ry our Who IIIL Wh eal H alIt
To produce this return there must be economical and efficient : a d r
management, and a service so adequate and satisfactory that the : Dre dU Rye ir dU
public is willing to pay a fair rate for it. :
DAVID LAIRD, Florida Manager Raisin Bread
m O* N..vy, On. System, al &r.o* /-
I *OO0*************** OOOOOO*********O*OOO*O* OOO*O*O*OOOOOO**OO***OOOO*********

*****************S6 O**O*****O Oe e*O** ******, ***9enu*e*O @******* West by way of Calda Channel or through the inside route, but most THE NEW VER$ION
0 m i u I | 1 3 Northwest Chanpel. Still smaller of them may sail in the channel be-
Iori ae* r lp fs( w n Ie ds e s, i e boats may continue through the keys tween the reof and the keys. Hun-' How dear to my heart iS the old
F lIo iUd 's W oeI Is eI s from Bahia Honda directly to Key dreds of them do that every winter, Silver dollar, when some kind mem-
0 West. oand yachtmen who wish to boat or ber present$ it to view; the Liberty
************eo***** ******** ************************************************ ** ,"'Three Indepentent systems of fish in the shallower inside route do head without necktie or collar, an
.aids to navigation are provided for so in smaller craft that they carry all the Strange thing$ which to ua
The Florida Keys are the yacht. Inches thick and a foot high. But it possible for human engineers to the waterways paralleling the Flor- on their yachts. ; eem $o new. The wide Spreadinf
man's paradise, particularly in the the raising of the sugar loaf and build It, would cost billions on top Ida Keys. To the northward of the The yachtman's paradise The'eagle, the arrow below it, the $tar.
winter. Year after year that fact practically every other kind of pine. of billions of dollars. That break- keys is the inside route, -which is Florida Keys have gained thatland the word$ with the $trang
is becoming more generally known apple was discontinued on the keys water is the Florida Reef, extending used chiefly by small boats and is reputation already and are fast add-' thing they tell; the coin of oug
throughout the country, and the years ago, because, as the farmers from the Main Channel off Miami marked thoroughly by beacons from Ing to eason after season. Butfath $ tey te glad their no
time is not far off when the pleasure at that time said, the steady grow- Harbor to Loggerhead Key, a diest. Bi father$ e are glad that.we.kno.
boats cruising through the keys in ng of pineapples had "killed" the ance of 215 miles. the south side of the keys Hawk that They have been for years come in right well; the S
winter will number thousands. Even soil. That same thing happens The breakwater is one of the theI uth s hea he obeen for ear a cOme in ght well; the preadeaT
now the keys are the rendezvous of throughout the country, every year most wonderful things in all nature, hanel, which s used by vessels gold mine for fishermen and spong- dollar, the $tar-$pangled dollar; the
the best known yachtmen in the with other crops, but the "killed" particularly when we considered that of not more tan 12-foot draft, and ers, and are proving now to "grow" old Iilvor dollar we all love o well.
United States, soil quickened into renewed lifeIt was built by the polyp, which is Ih s adequately marked by lights, gold bountifully for the tiller of the
United States. soil is quickened Into renewed life it was built by the polyp, which Is beacons and buoys. Then along the i.
The rapidly increasing popularity by proper fertilization, so frail that the slightest touch of The a the..o.l. AUTO DRIVERS PLEASE NOTE
of the Florida Keys not only among' p. C. Singleton, who is an au- one's finger or even a breath of airilorida Reef, beyond which ocean
yachtmen but among all lovers of thority on farming conditions on the would cause sudden death. Yet liners and other vessels pass, are A RECOMMENDATION i A fifteen-year-old girl of Detroit
the out-of-doors as well is due to Florida Keys, states that the usual what an engineer the polyp isl Af. erected some of the finest light- ___ has written these slogans for auto-
the incomparable climate and fish- complaint about the relatively in- ter it had built a chain of keys it houses in the world. Besides, along mobilists:
ing. The keys comprise the only part considerable agricultural develop- proceeded to construct a breakwater that entire stretch there are beacons, The National Republican, organ "Drive right and more pedestrians
of the United States where frost is ment on the keys Is the lack of soil, to protect them from the abysmal beacon lights, gas buoys and un- of the Republican National Com- will be left."
unknown, and the best fishing' but he conclusively proves that such seas in the gulf. Let the wind blow lighted buoys." mittee, has discovered that John W. "Watch your step on it."
grounds in the country, especially is not the case. as it may in whipping into fury the Eventually, of course, the water- Davis looks and acts the part of an "Taking the other fellow's dust le
for gamy fish, are located there.' "For years," he says, "the Florida water in the gulf, yet it is impotent ways along and through the keys old Southern aristocrat. That ought better than 'to dust returneth.'"
When ice forms and snow falls and' Keys were farmed in a most primi- when it lashes against the break- will be deepened, but even as they to commend him to the voters.-Or- "Six feet have awaited many a
marrow-chilling winds blow in other tlive manner, and, as a result, failure water. are today they afford a sufficient land Reporter-Star. driver who wouldn't give an Inch."
states and sometimes also in other! met the efforts of the farmers. In no better canner can its re- epth to be used for pleasure and ---- Jut because you see its track,
parts of Florida, the breezes that Quite a few of the former Key farm- sitting puwer be illustrated than by commercial purposes. Uf coute, There are diking saloons in is no sign that train ha just
fan the keys are charged with the era tried to make a living from comparing the way it protected us the larger yachts cannot pass Labrador. passed."
tang of the sea and health-giving' farming in Dade County, with the in 1919 with what happened in Tam-
warmth. Throughout the winter the' same result, and today hundreds of pa in 1921 and in Galveston on Sep- | e o o o oo o o eo o eeo o o
mercury drowses, with few excep-' farmers are succeeding in Dade tember 8, 1900. In the i19 hurri-
tions, between 70 and 80 degrees. where the Key farmer failed, which cane here the wind raced from the : 0
Of course, we have northers oc- is conclusive evidence that the fault! southeast at a rate of more than S 'ECE 0
casionally-gentle reminders of the' was with the man and not with the 120 miles an hour, yet the only build-
biting cold farther north, soil. For a long time the most ad- lngs that were damaged were the : I
It is something of an event in the vanced method of raising fruits and athletic clubhouse and La Brisa C
history of the local Weather Bureau vegetables on the Keys was to put baths, both of which were on the
that a norther away back on Janu- the seed or tree in the ground and water front. In the case of the have to .date
ary 12, 1886, made the mercury then take a comfortable position in clubhouse the damage was slight. In W e now have an up-to-date FILLING Station and
drop as low as 41. But it remain- the shade or go fishing and wait for 1921 a blow of 56 miles an hour
ed there only a few hours; two days' it to grow. struck Tampa and flooded the on- ACCESSORY Department
later we had summer weather again.' "A careful selection of ground and tire bay section of that city, and
Imagine, though, how cold it was' intelligent efforts applied to farm- Galveston was inundated by a 90- t T
elsewhere in the country when the' ing will get better results than are mile hurricane. The reason for the PROM PT SERVICE -- REPAIRING
thermometer registered 41 in the procurable from farming lands in damage that was done to those cities *
warmest section in winter of these' any other section of Florida. The was because that neither is protected BATTERIES RE-CHARGED
United States i soil in the keys is of nearly pure by a reef and the further reason 0
Persons unfamiliar with climatic carbonate of lime and the rocks are that seas rolling shoreward enter
conditions here are likely to arrive so soft that one can drill them with horse-shoe shaped bays and, having, T night will be your last opportunity *to secure the
at the erroneous conclusion that be- a carpenter's auger. They are little no outlet, must necessarily flood the :
cause the Florida Keys are warmer less than undigested plant food. land.
In winter they must necessarily be' "Citrus fruits, especially limes, But not only are the, Florida
hotter in summer. The most con-' grow unusually well. The limes of Keys protected by the reef: te
vincing way to prove that that is the keys are not the usual small polyp left open spaces so that water F CERL T
not the case is to quote the records green limes of commerce. The Key that swept over the reef could pa s
of the Weather Bureau. The high. limes are almost as large a lemon, bewen the kes into the See this beautiful car next to the STRAND Theatre
est temperature recorded in the keys thin-skinned and of a particularly, I e S t i ,t ca lit eS
during twenty-five years was 93' delicate flavor and are yet exceed- e me ,, *sup r t t *
degrees, and the mercury reached ingly acid. Housewives, once using neers didt o e intendentou PHONE 586 NIGHT PHON S 925 W HITE ST. )
that height only twice, August 11 Key limes in their cooking, are never met, of the rlihthewuse s. P 5QIT
; an' a September,,2. 1908. In many' satisfied to go back to lemo,, F s to rae w "Her wne's d 'SCUer*ng, ss '
Se- ou ura F"ra cutting plarRted in March Flora ree s were 779 and 489-J
-' t 'tlne the 'Ut mperature has"'een 1)0 ces Thgef-- gug it. "'h t '0 bi 0e,7.- ;'-0 ow 0 -..
more than 100 degrees. Besides, in' quality rivals anything California has eritt went o bn, biding **i *****VT * **&re t ********
those places, mostly in the interior,' ever produced, and the crop can be and indicating a point off 6 6*********6******00*e**g*e******* eee0* 00
the heat is not only intense but the landed in the northern markets two Main Channel at Miami. "Noeoe e
humidity also is stifling, whereas we' months ahead of the California crop. with what ingenuity they constrduct-
are never depressed by humidity in Four-year-old grape vines will bear ed it--an ingenuity that the foe-.
the Florida Keys. as many as 200 bunches of grapes' most human engineers of today | IY
As regards the par-excellent fish.' of the finest quality. They begin could not possibly exceed. It seems :
ing grounds, anybody who can turn to ripen in May. Key farmers claim'as though the little creatures real- D Y WA T MK
a reel or pull in a handline may that the grape represents the big' sized that they should leave openings ___
angle to his heart's content, lie futut e in t111 agrit Alturlal lines in this here and there for ships to pass
may fish successfully in the vicinity sectionn. through from the gulf to the water- .
of almost any of the keys, and,' "Mangos and avocado pears and ways leading to the keys. Buy land on the Florida Keys; over which the
though he be a stranger, he is like.' nearly all kinds of tropical fruits, "Let us two suppositions a t b b ilt
ly to catch anything ranging from papayas (pawpaw or custard apple), solel t ot oueatet highway in the world Will be buslt, con otsuc
a grunt or lane snapper or other grapefruit, oranges, guavas, tang- ut, S* p po
smaller varieties to a giant tarpon t'.ines, bananas, sapodillas, sugar, poys built. Suppose they had not ton of which is already arted. This means Hotels, :
or sailfish or amberjack of a score apples and nearly every other trop etan opening ointhe ree : Fihi Camps, great E ates and fine Sub-diviions
of other sturdy fighters. cal fruit are ainong the first to ripen point. What would have been t I shn amps, great rates an ne ub-dvisons
Commercially, the best fishing' in the Florida Keys and can be the result? The keys would have beeng
grounds along the keys are Spanish first in Northern markets and ob- shut in from the shipping in the Will cover these frost-free ocean gems within a s ort
Harbor, Southeast Point, which is a tain the highest prices. Florlda Straits. Suppose they had Space of time.
part of Big Pine, and Bahia Honda, "Asparagus grows so like a weed not built any reef at all? The only sp o
none of which is more than 30 miles it is diligently hoed out of existence. answer to that question is that the W h l in n mf thes
from Key West, the market from! Shoots of this vegetable are fre- Florida Keys would have been$ e ave l ings on most everyone o ese
which the fish are shipped. Mackerel quently cut two feet long, with no washed away ages ago. lands from the ma land to Key W, nd som
and kingfishermen, with their base fibrous substance the entire length. "I can't help thinking sometimes t m, a r nlan o e e an some
at Spanish Harbor, catch several mil. An asparagus bed once started is an that of all the keys Key West was', particularly fine buys on Key Largo, M atacumbe, Pine :
lion pounds of fish every season. dless source of revenue, the favorite of the coral-builder-, ar a a c an an
And the fish are esteemed so high- "Untold fortunes await the truck that they destined It to be a great C ey, u joes, Sugar Loaf, Boca Chica and Stock Island.
ly in the eastern, northern and ?a'mner, in growing tomatoes, sweet port. Of course, that is only a. -r-e.. _' h we
middle-western sections there is al. potatoes, sweet peppers, onions, fancy, but of all the approaches to In Kaey W eY&, t e county seat, w have some
ways a ready market for them, re- ,quash and pumpkins. This is not a the keys the tiny engineers left open 1 -
gardless of how large the catches' surmise or a theory, but a fact, be- that leading to Key West is the : excellent buys in improved and unim proved property,
may be.m !oecaune e250 ares have yielded a re- deepest, measuring 30 feet dur'itfg : two of the best being an unim proved corner lot 70x177 :
The time will come when the hurn of $250,000 in a season. The low tde at the entrance of the s 0
Florida Keys will be considered as average was higher than that among Main Ship Channel." feet, renting for $3,300 per year, which we are offering :
highly important from an agrlcul-' the tomato raisers in Key Largo." '. emD eritt the. t .i.ted out ta fr $15,000, o terms o-f cash, payable

rive long before the waterways are ey i nse c exceptK Wet precipitous drop from the top of th $1,000 per year with 6% interest. The rentals for his
now on the keys 400 farmers who' '-them have not a single inhabitant,, iee se her bottom dn n 1 e t will for it
are raising crops along scientific one is impelled to paraphrase Horace prope y ill p y r .
lines. That condition has been in' Greeley's advice, regarding ths West d'eer and deeper te ater gets A eD ,.uifu Ocean-fro nt propr t having 2440 A f
force only the laat four or five ears: ,ie made sixty yeas or so ago: Go 'ti it reaches an extreme of mor Beautli cean-ro t p ope ty, having 2,440 :

prior to that time, with a few ex.- to the Florida Keys. young man; go than 6,000 feet. That vast body of : feet of whi sand each within 1000 f the
ceptions, farming was done on a to the Florida Key. Acres there are water has been walled up, kept In feet of white sandy beach within 1, 0 feet of t
hit-and-miss basis. Plants and cheap, yet each acre, farmed check by a wonderful little worker Florida Ea t Coast Railway Company's finest hotel. 3
vegetables were stuck into the scientifically, is worth $1,000 a year. that succumbs instantly if touched; Florida East Coast Railwa company i
ground and, if they grew, the farm. Persons who are now alive to that only by a breath of air! Some of f, A dandy site for a hotel or up-to-date water front
er was contented; if they didn't, he' fact and are taking advantage of it that wall is now out of water. Sad'J 70 d i Price c asrh
did not resort to any scientific will earn hundreds of thousands of Key is a part of it, so 'are the and sub-division. Price $70,000. Terms 1-4cash, balance
measures to make them grow, as dollars in the next few years. Bars 16 miles east of Key West, in' 1 2 3Q and 4 years, with 6%o interest. You must realize
farmers elsewhere n the country What will the Florida Keys, as an which turtle lay every season, and 2 u
have been doing for generations. 'agricultural center, be in the next so is Carysfdrt Reef, 90 miles east 'his is a sna when you recognize the fadt that in this :
The writer can recall back twen- ten years? One does not have to of the city. I f f i
ty-five years or so ago when pine. dream or give much rnin to his Discussing the depth of water you are buying a fine piece of ocean frontage, wi
apples-they were called the sugarfancy to reach the conclusion that, alon- and through the keys, Mr. a beautiful sandy beach at less than $30.00 per front foot.
loaf pine-were grown abundantly area for' area, they will be among Dcmeritt tald: eau iul "d y b c h a le .0 pe
on the keys. The sugar loaf was far the most important farming sections ....etween the reefs and ______________-he -ONH
larger than any variety of pineapple not only in Florida, but in the en- there Is a channel for vessels of It.
that is grown n Cuba. The writer tire South also. Many men on the
remembers having paid as high as mainland of Florida have had visions foot draft and under, reaching from
ninety cents for a sugar loaf, which, of the coming of that day, and Key West to a point east of Miami. ,
considering its giant size, was cheap' prompted by the visions, are obtain. For vessels of not more than five- .,
at that price. It is a risky thing to Ing farming lands- while their price foot draft a perfectly protected It
depend on memory as regards sizes, is almost next to nothing. ,channel north of the keys extends S Miami Ave., 508 Fleming Street *
particularly when it goes back a' Many a time the writer has won. from Biscayne Bay to Bahia Hondo. M i I
quarter of a century, but it seems dered if Key Westers generally From there a boat may pass ihaS M ami, Florida Key W est, Florio a
to the writer that a full-grown sugar' realize that the Florida Keys 'is pro-, Hawk Channel to the southward of
loaf must have been seven or eight teooted by a breakwater that, were to the northward and enter ,KIe ** eseo* oe*o oeseoo%*a**so*** **ee S**oo So*e*0060ea**ee *as*ee aaee**o*e*e** a,**





lMake your prophesy as glowing asI
you wish, and the chances are you.
will lengthen the time by several,
years. The reason for that will be
that moneyed men in the Southern,
Northern and Middle-Wes-tern States'
have come to realize the possibilities'
offered by the Florida Keys as'
Nature's foremost playground in theI
United States.
P. L. Wilson, of the South Florida'
Engineering and Contracting Cornm-
pany, who is familiar with the con-!
ditions on the entire chain of keys,
has this to say about them:
"Miami Beach, which may be con-'
sidered the first of the easterly
chain of keys, was a dense growth
of mangroves a dozen years ago.
Today it is a paradise of polo
grounds, golf courses, hotels, cot-1
tages, casinos, bathing pavilions, pine
trees and coconut palms. It has
excellent paved streets and a mil-
lion-dollar concrete driveway, over
.which as many as 1,000 automobiles
Have passed in an hour.
"What has been done at Miami
.Beach can be repeated on many of
the keys between there and Key
,West. Two typical examples are
.Biscayne and Ragged Keys, the de-
yelopment of which has been al-.
imost marvelous. The same oppor-
tunity is afforded at Soldier, Elliot's

"The delicious Mulgoba mango it feel a long way from land when I,, ***,,"W-,,,,*,,**,*,**-*UU*o*UUS40
should have a great future on the hlie looks out over the vast stretches l, eeeSSS eee es es e es-e********SoS******* S....SC...S
keys. The same thing is true of the of the sea. Thousands of tourists .
alligator pear, which thrives readily have visited Florida chiefly to see
and is of prime quality. Of, the few this monument to the engineering B
hundred farmers on the keys most profession. This and other bridges |
of them have some alligator pear, demonstrate that the term 'Oversea I
while others have planted it fairly Railroad' was aptly chosen for theU
extensively. The last few years line that links the keys together.
many farmers have increased their "Crossing Bahia Honda viaduct
alligator pear acreage, as they have and Spanish Harbor-the latter i1 0 .
learned from experience that pears the anchorage for king and mackerel
can always be marketed at high fishermen who market their produce'
prices. in Key West-comes Big Pine Kei
"The grape is another fruit that well named because of ita forests eo A
has a bright future on the keys. The pine trees. ,
soil and the climate are conducive "From Big -Pine to Boca Chic '
to their rapid growth and their there is a succession of channel, A T
product is delicious. In a wild state creeks, small islands and lagooN.
grapevines grow so luxuriously they When this territory is made eas A
are a pest to the farmer, accessible by the proposed drivewi :
"Chicken farming in fenced-in over the keys, there is little doupt
tracks would pay exceedingly well, but that the clear, shallow watt
as is being demonstrated in raising of that section will be referred o i
chickens on a small scale. But the as 'The Marine Gardens of Florldj,' _X 1 I 1 _
prospective chicken farmer should Some enterprising companies 0 W : e also O title m any o ller soft d inks
take measures to properly protect build clubhouses, cottages and *
his stock from raccoons, bobcats and tels and will provide canoes. and : *
opossums,. gondolas so that the wonders of t
"The drawback on the keys is a section may be seen under favor le II
ary, February, March and .April, trip in a gondola along this stre h, 0 U
but that disadvantage can be over- rich in tropical wonders! al
come by irrigation. "Boca Chica is closer, to 8 ek *
"Back in 1907 that maA of vision, Island than Miami Beach i to AoSSoooo CCooooooooooo*o*oo 40500000000S*o Coo oooCCo******o o Cooo o******* o


"-I ,_ -,&A VL:A A1... .

STheFloridaKey.. A.s AM0n OLD STRUCTURE "'""
Fo Li........... ...........* ... .*..oi.t** ** .......*>** ....*........ i W E A R E H EAD Q U A RTER S
'rom an investment viewpoint, and Rhodes Keys. Henry M. Flagler, had gone as far NEW YORK BUILDING IS RE. o
the Florida Keys, extending from "Key Largo, the next key, corn- as to authorize the purchase of a
Key West to Biticayne Key, are ing westwardly, is the longest of all water pipe-line from Homestead to ASSEMBLED STONE BY *
potential gold mines. They com- the keys. It has more than thirty Knight's Key, the then terminus of STONE
prise the chain of keys (those west miles of ocean and bay front each the railroad, but the panic of that ST FO R
of Key West are detached) that and a roadway running Its entire year put an end to the project. It *___.. ooo oo
were famous as wonder spots of length. The fishing along .the keys is regrettable that such should have A
Nature even before Henry M. Flag- is the best in the country, and K.Xy been the case, for undoubtedly the (By Associated Press)
Jer visualized the dream and then Largo is not an exception. Angel line would have been extended to NEW YORK, Oct. 10.-The *
made it a reality of coupling them Fish Creek at the head of Key Key West long before now. It is facade of the old United States
together to make way for the Iron Largo, has so great a reputation easy enough for us to imagine of Assay Office Building, which for. JeWA lrV las w
Horse, among tourists who enjoy angling, what Incalculable benefit an im- A9 P w
While the keys possess all the a fishing camp there would be an provement of that nature would merly stood at 15 Wall Street, has
nagic of sunshine and sea, of abund- immediate success. Even now at have been to the keys. been reassembled stone by stone as s
ant, and beautiful colored fishes, of night the riding lights of pleasure "Five years ago the question of the front of the new American wing : novelties, Etc,
odd and wonderful coral growths, craft at anchor in Angel Fish 'Creek an automobile driveway from the of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2
phite and brown and red and blue, present the appearance of a small mainland to Key West produced I
,with intermediate .shadings-marine electrically lighted city. something more than a smile. Since n Central Park. The new wing will
gardens that are not exceeded in "The popularity already gained that time Monroe County has built be devoted entirely to American art e
splendor by others anywhere in the by Keyo Lrgo among tourists war- more than thirty miles of road on of the Colonial, Revolutionary, and : X sit r
world-yet their assured great rants the assertion that it is des- Key Largo and several miles on Big Republican periods, and will be for- 18I one of our stores and
future lies in their practical side. tined to become a great winter re- Pine and Stock Island. The "smile" ally thrown open to the public
'They will prove a mint that will turn! sort. Every season the thousands of hope that was entertained at that Nov. 10. *
out untold millions for far-sighted of tourists who visit the East Coast time, because of the assurance of Th buildingect som e high class
.men. are learning more and more about the benefits that would accrue from This building will e unique in
Hundreds of those men have al- the Florida Keys, and the more they such a roadway, is now taking on that its 18 rooms for the most part
ready invested their money in the learn the more they look upon the the form of realization, due to the will be installed with the actual Souvenirs or- -
keys and, though their venture is keys as possessing the natural ad- action of the Key West Chamber of woodwork that formed the walls and OUVenI s fOr I OUr
young, their returns have been im- vantages in a far greater degree Commerce and the Board of Monroe ceilings of historic and characteris- 2
measurably large. These pioneers than elsewhere in Florida, that ap- Covnty Commissioners and the con- tic early rooms. Collections of ob-
and thousands of other persons who peal Irresistibly to the tourists. The template action of the South At- Jects of American furniture, silver- ,I Frend i
will make developments on the keys keys comprise the only section in lantic Coastal Highway Association ware, glass and pottery of the *
during the next few years will meet Florida that are frost-free, and the in recommending the building of a seventeenth, eighteenth and early 2
with hundred-fold success. There is fishing in their waters is incom- driveway from the mainland to Key nineteenth centuries will be shown 2
nothing speculative about the pro- parable. West. in the appropriate rooms. *
ject: it is the certainty of repeating "The Oversea Railroad crosses "Tavernier, at the southern point The American wing will teach J 1
on a large scale what others have Jewfish Creek and comes into Key of Key Largo, is the end of the p resent and future generations of 2 W
done and are doing, in most instances, Largo near its center. A little present County Road, which obtains Americans that the men to whose sO s Store :
on a small scale. farther south are several potential its name from Tavornier Creek, strugglesthey owe the foundation w
if uno is agriculturally inclined, townsites, one of the best facing separating Key Largo from Planta- of the American Commonwealth 130 AND 503 DUVAL STREET
the opportunity offered on the keys, Largo Sound on the south and Black tion Key. Following Plantation o f the rC o mtmnealt
considering the amount of capital Water Sound on the north. Jew- Key come Windlys Island and Up- were refined their tastes and by
required to be invested, cannot be fish, Dusenbury and Grouper Creeks per Matecumbe, which are of the no means indifferent to beauty.
snatched elsewhere in the country, have made that location popular to same general coral formation as isThoudgh for the most part they neg-
There are men on the keys at pres- many yachtmen who have sailed in Key Largo and are separated from listed the arts of painting and **e *********************************** ******.*C@o
ent who either homniesteaded their the Bay of Florida, Many a time, each other by narrow tidal creeks, sculpture, their instinct found ex-*
tracts or bought them for nominal when heavy easterly winds make with a span of twenty-five feet presslon in the houses they built and 0
sunms, clearing from $200 to $1,000 reef fishing inronvenient, anglers and a height of eight feet provided the furniture they bought for daily j
ran acre year in and year out. run in to those creeks and readily by culverts of the Oversea Railroad use. *
All tropical fruits and vegetables catch jack, mackerel and grouper. 7or the passage of small boats from .
without a single exception grow "While the development of town- the bay to the ocean. Miami, and its long shore line of *
readily on the keys, but experiments ,ites and hotel and cottage colonies "Those keys have white sandy wl'ite, sandy beach and coconut V
that have been made have resulted will be a great factor in the im- beaches, lined with coconut trees, pa ms can be made as attractive as A S t
in scores of farmers specializing or provement of the keys, the agricul- and are ideal spots for the building Mimi Beach. Even now with Boca *
preparing to specialize in certain tural opportunities should not be of winter homes or hotels. Windlys Chica in the condition that Nature
crops. The latest is the date palm, overlooked. On Key Largo from Island is the site of a coral rock left It, Key -Westers frequently go
which grows rapidly and bears' $200 to $400 an acre for early to- quarry and is higher above sea level the s for picnics and outings. Were *
delicious fruit abundantly, The idea' matoes is an ordinary occurrence than any other Florida Key. The it inrroved as Miami Beach has Som eV eo e sa w e 1
ofi growinK dates for commercial every year, and it is not altogether unusual architectural effect obtain, een crowds would flock there both people say w e
purposes was hit on by the random' unusual foi' the amount an acre to ed by dressing the coral makes wintd' and summer One feel juasHl' ,- -.
pln' o r, f o 1 i. 0,1 ini K, r'eh $1,00, when all conditions Windlys Isand an interesting prop- y* lng ofathe tie a
c' t, I ready growth And i"..o h ., _ig be t6 Key West what
abundant hearing. Back it few\v "Wilth i1,oper wrigation, the pos- the rock was used for the flooring n i Beach Is to Miami. The con-
y,.irs ago the date palni v'is a. rarity abilities are tremendous, for there in the patio and the steps to the verti'g of Boca Chica into a high to furnish a room
i;: Key West: now it is growing in is never any freezing weather to entrance of the James Deering resi- class. surf bathing resort and a win- *
hundreds of yards. The clusters of .hatter the hopes of the early vege-1 dence near Miami. ter home colony awaits a Carl
fruit produced by some of the palms table farmer. With irrigation, good "Upper Matecumbe is the most Fisher. t en 0
cannot be spanned by the arms of roads and modern farming methods, thickly settled of all the easterly "The thousands of acres of high
two men. the soil on the keys is capable of keys. There are several clubhouses land on Big Pine, Torch, Ramrod, 1
Thousands of date palms have producing bumper crops year after on that key where some of the best Sugar Loaf, Saddle Bunches and l
been planted on the keys for corn- year. Sweet pepper plants do not known business men in New York Boca Chica Keys can be made into s
mercial purposes during the last two yield only one crop, as is the case and Louisville spend their winter a back country that would prove of an d
years. Farmers at Sugar Loaf and v'ith localities in the frost belt, but vacations. inestimable benefit to Key West. Co e n an see the large
Big Pine were the first to make the the second year the crop of peppers "Lower Matecumbe, Long Key And I have such unbounded faith in @
trial, and their reports of success, on the same plant is large than the and Grassy Key are more of a shell the future development of those dtaes selected
resulted in farmers on other keys first. Cauliflowers grow from two and sand formation n th thetheher keys I believe that the day Is not far
getting out the date palm. In five to four heads on a stock, keys just mentioned. On Long Key off when the mental picture we are
years or so from now date raising "Cantaloupes and watermelons are is situated the most widely adver- painting now about them will be a Flu niltu e Stock
on the keys will be among the most' now raised commercially and find tised fishing camp in the world. It reality. Ur Utu o ck
Important crops. The same thing a ready market, because of their is an attractive key, with its four "The same thing will happen to S
.ill be true of the grapes and the excellent quality. The same sun. miles of sandy beach lined with the Florida Keys as has happened to: in K ey est
avocado pear. As. for oranges, shiny days during the winter which coconut palms, other favored spots of Nature: year
grapefruit, limes, tangerines and )m'ake the climate so attractive to "After Grassy Key, going west- piled upon year before man was S
tomatoes, they are shipped yearly tourists, cause the late planting for hardly, come Key Vacas and the moved to take full advantage of
by the thousands of crates. melons, due to the lack of rain. With land-locked Boot Key harbor, which them. Then, suddenly, he woke up
But the opportunity for invest- irrigation, the key melons will be Nature has favored with a depth of to the fact that the returns from
ment on the key.s is not confined to the first on the market and will nineteen feet of water. Knight's money invested in making improve.
farming. Probably morie money will bring a much higher price than is at Key forms one side of Boot Key har- ments would be multiplied many 2s S I i II U (O
be earned in the immediate future parent paid for them. bor, and is noted as the place where t wmes. m
by making developments for cot- "Oranges, limes, tangerines and Captain Thompson caught the 30,- "The Florida Keys, so I predict, ig F n it Sio* re*
tages, hotels, fishing camps and grapefruit are grown on many of 000-pound fish, which ichthyologists Are nearing that stage when their Flemnig and W lilam Sts.
pleasure resorts generally. How the k'ys rnd are marketed as fast have not been able to classify and development will be widespread- 2
many years will pass before a score as they can be picked and packed, therefore still remains nameless when, instead of speaking of a chain *
of keys between Key West and Like the watermelons and canta. "Knight's Key is connected with of keys from here to the mainland, 2
Biscayne Key will be among the loupes, their quality is par-excel- the State Keys by a seven-mile! we will be wont to speak of a chain 2
foremost winter resorts in Florida? lent. .......... bridge, which makes the traveler on' of cities." *


00000o000 000000 0 0.0 040 so ** seoe of 0;;o;; e0eoeo0 *go$ooo**oso. .oo o0 0e0 0ooe

I Key Wests Fishing GroundsI
*o*ooaeoooooooe seeoe* * ,** 90* -*..e.e* *e*e**e*****e************0***, W -MI |'- sw A w *--
We once heard an aged judge, out of the tarpon's mouth." that way, but, on the other hand, .
who was a devotee of the rod and But jumping into the air is only they have also seen many an amber- *W AO H E V
reel, say waggishly: "The most su. one of the bundle of tricks tarpon jack, hooked *by rod-and-reel fish- *
proem moment in the life of a man resort to in trying to get away. One ermen, that was never stopped.
is when he gets a bite." moment they may be speeding out Many a time several hundred yards
The judge smiled and his eyes with your line, when suddenly they of line have been run out to the
twinkled reminiscently. "But allr swing about and race toward your end and broken, and in one instant _
pleasantry aside," he added, "I boat. If you are using a handline, Tom Demeritt saw an amberjack
don't know of any other thing that' it s then your arms must move like not only run out all the l!nc, but
acts on a man with such quickeningI flying pistons, or, if you are fishing carry away the reel as well. In the :
effect as does the feel of a bite. And with a rod and reel, you must turn latter case the opinion was that the:
I don't confine that assertion tot your reel at the speed of a spinning reel was not properly fastened to
amateur fishermen. I have been'I wheel in taking in the slack, for the the rod.
out with men who have fished for a e line must be kept taut to minimise The tarpon is "smarter" than the S a n C a r
living forty or fifty years, and have I the tarpon's chance of unhooking it. amberjack, but the latter is swifter,
seen them hunched up on the stern Iself. But sometimes (probably stronger and more of a ne'er-say- e n -o
of a boat drowsing, apparently ob- "frequently" is a more appropriate die fighter. About the only two I
livious of their surroundings, yet a word), even if you fish expertly, the fish in local waters that "fight to:
bite has instantly turned them into tarpon either shakes out the hook the last ditch and then dig another
live wires, It makes no difference orbreaks the line. ditch to fight in" are the mutton-
whether it is the first time you have Of course, all of us are thrilled fish, "the bulldog of the sea," and' *
handled a rod, or whether you are by the gamy fight a tarpon makes, the bullheaded jack, both of which
an oldtimer, when a fish takes your but the uncertainty of catching it keep up the fight even after they
hook your breathing quickens, your also has deal to do' with the tense are landed.
pulse races and your blood tingles., YIexcitement of that kind of fishing. Cornelius Johnson, who has been A C
Tpue udge ained th in The elementof chance appealsto fishing n local waters for the N ew M odern H hotel, under
is the bejt medicinetin the world for everybody, and that is more pro. forty-five years, declares that, size
S bhenounced in catching tarpon than in for size, the muttonfish is the
t any other kind of fishing. That is gamiest fish hereabouts. c nSt action, a fin I course
late stories about chronic groucheswhy an angler's gratification Is ex "Frequently," Mr. Johnson statesconstruction, a ine g o
he know, whowdropped their masksi cessive when he succeeds in landings "I have run into a school of inut-1
othe silver king." The tarp6n also tonfish, big fellows all of them,or that en
stil able to chuckle and to oke erks on theline like a ewfh or have completely playedme out af and w ill soon begin construc-
w.e out on a fsng tripw, I a muttonfish or a bullheaded jack, ter an hour's fishing. Time and
When we speak of gamy fish to darts from side to side and makes again, after slacking out and pull- *
tourists and to many residents also,' short, quick turns in efforts to break ing in, I have succeeded in getting ton o n th e v er-S ea H i w ayV .
the remark ins tantly suggests the, the line, a muttonfish up as far as the side!' o onwa h ." W H L ghw y
tarpon. That is due to two chief For gamy, salt-water fish the of my boat, and the moment he got
reasons: the tarpon is our most best fishing grounds in the country a glimpse of her out he dashed:0
spectacular fighter and it has been extend along the Florida reef from again. I don't think I'm exag.
advertised for years throughout the Bahia Honda, 30 miles east of Key grating when I say I've seen mut-
country by visiting anglers to West, to the Marquesas, 20 miles tonfish do that at least twenty I: A SA
Florida. But the writer has not been west of this city. Fish that abound times before I succeeded in swing-1 PECF R AGE A N D
a to f one l sherman in that stretch of water are the tar- ing them into the cockpit. And;:
who thinks that the tarpon, size for pon, sailfish, sawfish, amberjack, when you get them aboard you've I'
size, is our gamiest fish. SomeI kingfish, bullheaded jack, permit, got to keep up the fight to unhook o ''"X tC A TV3r
say the muttofish, "the bulldog of tto unfish, whsomethem I've had hem between mER KEY W EST ARE GOOD
the sea;" others the lightning-like persons think that catching a jew-. knees, which I pressed together asi
amberjack, or the bullheaded jack, fish is like using a block and tackle; hard as I could, and yet they've flut-
or the barracuda, "the tiger of the to hoist a heavy weight, but local tered away from me. You talk:
sea;" or the sailfish, or the permit, fishermen claim that the jewfish, about tarpon! They put up a grand-
or some other fish, is our gamiest particularly during its first spurt, fight all right; their leaping into the
fighter. Of course that is a matter is as swift as any fish in local' air is a thrilling exhibition of game- P A t PflU D AUV
of opinion, but all local fishermen waters, with the possible exception e i SLK~Y L
are agreed on this point: the of the porpoise and th e dolphin), ness, yetth have oftenwondered how9 :G A SJSERV ICE CO M PA NY
are agreed on this point: the tarpon of the purpose and the dolphin), big a line it would take to catch a 0
is the wiliest and showiest fighter in barracuda, dolphin, tuna, bonita muttonfish if he grew to be as bi r
Key West waters. So we shall con' and other varieties. as a tarpon and had proportionate-16 OF KEY W EST
side the tarpon first. "Were an amberjack half as ly the strength he has now. Taro
Tarpon are always plentiful here. brainy as a tarpon no other fish In a twenty-pound muttonfish. 8+:-4
about, but at present they are run-.Key West waters would. e one, two, pose he grew to be two hi ndis t
thn ever before. Almost at any what a local fisherma told the ten times the strength that a twe. -
time, standing on a local wharf, one writer while he was gathering data ty-pounder has? Well, if y ** ***************************************** ********** ***********
may see them showing their dorsal for this article. ever caught a muttonfish, you m *0** ********************************************************************
fins and silvery sides as they roll' ut the amberjack is stupid, i t be able to imagine the struggle yot
above the surface. Particularly is has not the least sense of self- would have to land the supposed two- *
that true of Sweeny's and Curry' preservation. There is no need of hundred-pounder."
fish market wharfs. taking any precaution to fool an The sailfish, which are plentiful
At other places landing a tarpon amberjack, as is the case with the along the reef hereabouts, is not
is something of an event, but here tarpon and most other game fish. a t r h i notV
wecansotospeakncatchthe o When one puts agut, steel-wire, or, only a gam'y fighter but is also dn? B e S ure T o V visit
our back doors. It is a common brass-wire leader on his line to fish tains a length of i foot or more, It
thing for even a boy to hook a tar- for tarpon, it answers a double pur. Is not an unusual thing for a sail0
pon while fishing from one of the pose: to strengthen the line near fish to drive its pike through the :
local wharves. And, within two the hook and to fool the tarpon into planking of a boat. But there are
miles of the city on the bay side, believing that the bait is loose, for anglers who delight in the element
there are a dozen places where one a leader, as a rule, cannot be read- of danger in their sport, and not
Is almost sure to angle successfully ly distinguished in the water. But ut sawfish also.
for tarpon, in the case of an amberjack a lead-. ol c atchv sa i b s Iasl o 1
Virtually all men tourists who er is used solely to strengthen a line, three feet, with sharp inch-long teeth
come to Florida are enthusiastic near the hook. If an angler hadt f stuck in the sides o the-m, and are et E N A V Y S M O K E S H O P
anglers, and we have wondered fre- his hook attached to a hawser, an capable of ripping open the planking
quently just how many more hotels nmberjack would take the balt with- of a boat. And there is the sun- *
we would have to erect in Key West out an instant's hesitancy. i which grow_ to be more thn
to accommodate those enthusiasts if gT'om ~emerittsaays thata t0 a ton in weight, that is strong and
they were aware with what ease again he has had an bea, pugnacious enough to capsize a I
these waters. school ofpbcohest handswngt about' eve-' brought to Key West. W HILE IN TH E CITY

turned auxiliary schooner a mile or "Because you have an amberjack The fish weighed 1,700 pounds,
so north of the city, at the mouths coming toward the boat," Tom De-' But, as was stated, there are
of Jack and Calday channels, which mneritt explains, "don't jump to the anglers who like the element of dan-1 MA T
form a junction, a little farther conclusion that you have him play- ger in their fishing. It affords them, w H ve a Comt ple e L me Ot
away in the same direction, or at ed out. You might have hooked him thrills like the "royal sport" of
Mangrove Key. has not yet dawned on that pin-point It would require a pretty good- :
While it is easy enough to get a brain of his that he is fastened to sized volume to tell about all of our 0
tarpon bite, catching the fish in an n line. It takes amberjack a little gamy fighters. The kingfish, the
altogether different matter. As has while to wake up to the fact that permit, the sunfish (another species T"I
been said, the tarpon is the most they are hooked, that is, it is that' of that name which looks like a giant |'II*A LF 9- IE 0
spectacular of our fighters. It is. sometimes the moment the hook1 training a weight of o 0 pounds-a 2

so adept in freeing itself a specially pierces their jaw they turn and cut the sunfish caught by the Vander-.
designed hook is used by experts in through the surface like a runaway built party resembles the turbot-), T
fishing for tarpon. The hook looks hydroplane. I the skipjack, the dolphin, which be-O 0 SD I \ 1 IN E T i
something like a question mark, the "I've seen them coming in toward longs to the jack family and is not s hin for thy d . t 1d S L N E T
deep curve being designed to make the boat as gently as an old nag led related to the dolphin of the *
It hold fast after it is driven through by the halter, when suddenly they Mediterranean; the tuna, which are *
a tarpon's jaw, but time and again seemed to realize that there was plentiful in the Gulf Stream; the :
tarpon throwit out of their mouths. something in their mouth that' tiger-like barracouda, and smaller
That phase of tarpon fishing was shouldn't be there. Ziss-s-as- The species, such as the runner, the "
discussed by the writer yesterday fight is on, and you may be sure it' bonefish, the yellowtail and the gray your Hea dq u arter *wiL _
with an oldtimer, who had this to will be a hard one too, for the snapper. M k M ed yOur Headquarters w ithi
say: amberjack is as strong as a mule While the opinion of oldtimers in I
"It is not so much a question of and as tenacious as a bulldog, and, the fishing game in Key West i 1 tA
the kind of hook you use as it is the like the latter, it doesn't know when divided regarding our gamiest fish, W aIe 1 the CitVy
way you handle tarpon after you it's beaten. From the time the yet the three Demeritt brothers, who .- 0 C
hook them that counts in the long fight starts till the amberjack is. have caught more large fish in local .
run. The instant they shoot up in- landed it is a mighty tussle every waters than any other fishermen, ,
to the air, distending their gills and inch of the way. But they are not, declare emphatically that the amber-
shaking their heads like a terrier only sturdy fighters; they are as jack Is the kingpin of them all. a
tugging at the end of a rope, you swift as anything in the sea here- Many a time they have taken out
want to be careful to keep your line about with possibly one or two et- tourists who have repeatedly ex- .
tight. If you are using a rod and ceptions." pressed the hope that a large school 1 0 4 2 6.G r e en e S tre e t
,reel, throw back the tip of the rod; The Demeritt brothers relate many, of amberjack would be found soo
if you are fishing with a handline, a story about tourists they hav6 that' they could "pull 'em in" till '
throw your hand back of your head. taken out who have insisted on fish- they were tired out. And many of
That is done to keep the line tight, ing for amberjack with rod and those qame men have been comrn.
because if you leave any slack in it reel. Of course the brothers have pletely fagged out after catching at a* .
you are likely to see your hook fly seen many an amberjack landed in single amberjack. ****************************************************
*M '-' . -, **' .. *..


LONDON, Oct. 10.-Dr. C. V. HOVE, Oct. 10. Major life, and for this reason design o
BUILT ON CORAL TURKISH SULTANS ORMOND POLICE Drydale of the New Generation fNorman P.heBaley, whokilled his scarabs are frequently found in the
MAYOBECOMESHOT ELSLeague estimates that 2.6 children wife and then himself, wrote a will tombs there.
MAY BECOME HOTEI aree---c i e fal before he ended his Ufa in which he
ASSISTANT STATE GEOLOGIST FRIEND OF AGED BRIDGE TEND. are necessary in every human family bequeathed his estate to the dead England taxes automobiles five
to preserve the human race. woman. dollars a horse-power.
TALLAHASSEE, Oct. 10.-The INTO AMUSE. ORMOND, Fla., Oct. 9,-Police
iy held lby nuiiy people that MENT PARK and county authorities continued to
I ,n.ila is built almost entirely upon follow down the few intangible clues Boost the San Carlos International Celebration; invite your out-of-town
I -tcture of coral rock is incorrect CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 10.- that have been given them relative
l c lO coal that iS iDoolmaect, '', h to the mysterious slaying of William
ding to Stuart Mossom, assist lace of th x-ultan Mohua medH. Coos, 5-yearold tender of the' friends to attend it; put a sticker on all the envelopes you mail, which will call
' state geologis-t. Mr. Mossom,, V is to be sold to a company which Smith Creek bridge here.
.-0: ha1S out Feoridae fron a trip will convert the imperial residences With Coons at the time of thet o the celebration, October 8 to 12
;.. ugh soitli Florida ad to the' atiti .: grounds into a hotel s wd attention to the celebration, October 8 to 12
...., cas whe e he studied limethis and amusement park, have stirred man by the name of Crawford,
nes, cla no o lity for thi up much excitement in the old Turk-' wlo has lived with him for the ***************o
"clusio, ho ever. Iish capital. Will the Seraglio go past two years. According to the
te is so frequently asked qutes-i next? is the question generally ask- statement of Crawford, four men,
o.'li.ou thit suoncthiiir' thaul eli d. Is the whole Bosphorus to be knocked at the door of Coons' cabin GAS SERVICE COMPANY OF KEY WEST
t, t thoe pesons straight who converted into a "Midway Plais- shortly after midnight and de-
to s,,.uh la i,,lief. The thliory nce" and robbed of its historic handed some whiskey. When Coons
St stat i t, says Mr. ham Will the Angora govern- replied that he did not have any,
-o,t hft s i n ben exploit, del d y l. nint sacrifice the ancient landmarks one of the quart.tte, Crawford said,
S.'n. geologists in their conclusions t the Turkish sempie in a i ettort pulled Coons' own revolver and shot!
t formtion of their Florida i mone to keep the Nation- m through the neck,
Su ftn. i t alist government golig? I ons fell to the floor and died n *d*00 **00000000*0*o0000**00 **00*o0000000000000000000000****so*o000000000o0o0000000
cisolo 'Turks and foreigners alike are n r
OIly ta few scattered examples of king these q.t,.s as they s- a few minutes later. He is re-
o, olbuilding co.I, continues the ,a icy the panorma of mosques nd orted to have kept a considerable II A A
t soloist, wch existed at paces along the G,., Horn andmaount of money about his cabin, I II ll
kil l ( if) u tplhe g:(flogic past, haveh ItonsphoLhui s which Iox scharsm to this "nd police expressed the belief that
d 1 il theny ,li e ly o nient city over vhichEurope t ul robbery was the motive for the
,'. iil t llidthey ihaveplayid Itnl stands.h iieo theshreoh .o unknown atis Police, H
S i ]]:, Asa .at o filit n c ti ee te a a lturies. A coroner's jury returned a ver- o
,rt.he As a muittr ol tact, hne Dolw s i Ungtche was erected in ,diet that Coons met death at the -l - l
a te att development of 18,1:. It stands near the shore of hands of unknown parties. Police, *--ir l p lA
11.1 n, t (i'e tial.iethe es weii t h e''ll the ,, of keys from Soldier Key to lhe phosphorus,. On the hills behind however, took Crowford into cus- arei sI illCtly Uetter
Bahia ionda, a distance of -it are magnificent grounds, and tody and are holding him pending'
S 'xin i ll .t. . o miles off t ile among the forest trees are many further investigation of the case ;
,1'1 tthele. d f ,he fi. ll smaller residences as well as the Yil- __ _
dlz Kiosk, where recent ul tans went' I
h cent sult w li been offered for the palace and ii COnsider Holiday
Thesei' ,rii det]ili.edI to le excellent I r *li*' for tlei eekl' p its extensive grounds, and that pro- s H
'npile' or ihe work ,of ..coral, but' Lives n Rear House voters intend to convert it into a **l
were ronl''d Ilion after the, Moliamn,'Id V, the sultan who was' hotel which will be more magnificent G llt[S racKages
ll:,',, Iody of the peninsulaa. The forced to abdicate by the Mustapha than any in the east and have a -
: iiround \liamoi. which is so fre. Kemul government, lived of recent theatre, amusement park and gigantic'
a; : l' iv (iled coral rock, is really'a years in one of the houses back from' cafe in connection with it. The *
lih:cstuone known as oolitic froni its Ihe waterfront. He preferred to be palace has a magnificent frontage'o CAN P EAS. Y l
rc-enmblitnce to the egg roe of fish, .away from the sight of the battle- on the Boaphiorus and an extensive V V
i- stated. This was formed in a' 'hips of many nations which lay quay, which will make it possible to *
1'ropical sea which covered that area' long the Bosphorus, It was at Yil- handle tourist traffic direct from *
L., ;n the epoch when great ice liz Kiosk that foreigners have gath- incoming steamers to tihe hotel. 0 1 T A
'<'. I ar'e siIlpposeil to have covered ired for ninny years to watch the It becomes more apparent daily
o riirthern TUnited States and Can-' iullans make their imperial march that when the German legation S F i l a A
1' f-h iildifa' coi ils played roni tih palace grounds every Fri- moves to Angora, other powers will K
i.'. ;itr' in ik :'f\)mation *\i:. to Ikw with more humble Mo- also be forced to desert their musg- K E Y W E S T FL O RI I :
i this deposit, in lithe opinion of Mr. lammedian, ll ire t i i l' .....ii ..l.*_.v i.i- -- it s '-" L - _1
t M Aii i l l i t".iie f t i s .t 1'ard M e IA h rv.
M ss n, chased on his study of tlhe "'e-; tardl Mecca. tantinople and follow the lead of r
t iet. > hThere are rumors that $1, 500,000 L lui n.\ It
**of 0 t, 0'ht'-0are0'u0''$1500,00oteiiaoo'oeoooooooeoooo0oooo0ooooo0ooooooo0o0o0ooooooooooe0o0oo0oo00e000'

9 0

SFor 16 Das Onl- -Complete ironing equipment consisting of a Six A $10.00 OUTFIT
A $10.00 0UrFIT and a RID-JID IRONING TABLE. For $. /85
: For $6.85 SIX MONTHS

*_ .. 0 \

We place in your home a $10.00 Electric Ironing
: I ............ outfit. You Pay 85c Down, Balance $6.00 you ------------
I I .OMPL ETE can pay $1 a Month with your Electric Light Bill. A 1 A $1A00t FTFIT

-j~p., | CALL US ON TELEPHONE 16 OR Special Price
F Ir OFFER UIU D L ** ........................ .. .... to BEFO RE*** **********<**.........................."i*" 1

S$6. 851 THE KEY WEST ELECTRIC COMPANY, Key West, Florida 85 cents DO/N.
$ 6b.oo i Gentlemen: 8 5 centsDO Wu N
Please deliver to my address uii EDISON ELECTRIC IRON and see RID-JID IRONING TABLE M I
for my inspection, without cost t me. If I decide to keep th outfit I will pay your delivery aan only Sc. $1.00 i nth
S If 8 Ci D O W N I Te 'b,.c it is understood I may pay at he rate ol $1.00 a muth until the total price o 16.85 has bee paid. $. ..M n
: with your Electric :
NAME -_______
$1 a Month _______Light Bill


**"*, 0!

.. 0. "

V. /

ooooo***oo**oo***** ********************************************************* times as much. Besides bottom fish, FISH STRANGLES BOY FAIR SPANISH GAMBLERS 1
es Mr. Rios also ships kingfish to Ha.
Si K vana. Hv does not handle mackerel HAMMOND, Ind., Oct. 10.-A live MADRID, Oct. 10.-The Pollce
e y r'or crawfish. f ish he put in his mouth for joke raidid a palatial gambling house
2' The other 300,000 pounds of fish wriggled into 12-year-old Carl here and found it run and frequent
********************************* ***************************************** making up the average yearly ship- Hagen's throat and strangled him ed only by women
Every now and then we hear by them merely as "good bait." Now he also announced he was in the handled smaller ea s o ea. SEES HIS SON DROWN
somebody say, "Key West can't they are packed in cans or shipped market for crawfish, which he ship- e e EI
pro ss to an reat extent be alive to all points in the country, ped alive and in cans. He was the There are 576 species of fish i PRINCE WEDS PEASANT--
progress t o any bgreatk nt ." adding from $150,000 to $200,000 first to ship live crawfish to points Key West waters, though the vare- ---- GLENCOE, Oct. 0.-After
cause it hasn't any back country. to the sum obtained from our "back other than in Florida, for shipments ties run into the thousands. Of one MILAN, Oct. 10.-Prince Alesan- advising his son not to go int
No back country Why, the country." have been made to cities in this species alone there are 64 varieties dro Margovi created a social sen- Lake Michigan for a swim J. M.
country." havdde been made to cities In this 1 an
"back country" in Key West is just While the industry has been state the last twenty-five years or and many others range from 5 to station by marrying the daughter of a Mager stood helpless on shore and
the sort of "back country" that has growing some local crawfishermen more. At present all of the canned 40 or more Let u consider the peasant on his estate. saw hs son drown.
made the greatest cities from the have been earning bank presidents' crawfish are consigned to New York common grunt, which, year in and .
dawn of history until today. It is salaries. Ely Spencer, president of City, while the live ones are ship- b caught more
Srun a Ely Spencer & Sons, crawfish ship. ped throughout the country. Be- abundatly for local consumption e. .
back country that has than any other fish and still con-
made New York wth ts Ea, t and peers, gav the writer an idea of some fore being canned the crawfish are ha

was rthe olad New York st bae oe aned 1 amounts th have been steamed and the clear, creamy whit e s to be te e opood f ish

orthe fevers an oe ork ay, ust a dier s t Tay- hi orders promptly. Espe ally ins o mos mackerel and kingfh and red snap-
what itis atpreasent Though there eare d b0y men shng fr h. or at e a their tails only p up iests oWhe ichpricedn

WestI Mr. Specer declared, that he has does not confine its buying to king the l Lt u as e that
Let us see what Ke W three months consecutively, three iound tins. The demand for both e gt wasa scwce as po-
s try, weorincorailwhe manes tho left his containig bu t tw30 i the conned and live crawfish is such Key Wester say: e tn
ing into Manhattan Island, which oa.tsea cntainingb t twomenTHE
was the old New York City before earned t$1,000 a month each. One lr. Thompson is seldom able to fill' "Oh, yes, we like pompano And
thfmtio n o. G e Nw Y. r man, a soldier, fishing at Fort Tay- his orders promptly. Especially is mackerel and kingfish and red snap- 0#
Wsayethe its igonoGrtrNw rkfatest reawha.asset IS a m t f theer 't atspresent.; per and the rest of the higher priced' h

Mr. Spencer declared, that he has does not confine its buying to king-' the lowly grunt. Let us assume that' see what Key Westob paid out, considering the length of fish, mackerel and cr fish. It also the grunt was as scarce as pom-
o time, was given to two men, who Is a market for ,ano T
tans annually fromIts "back coun- f s eve cents a pound, more than 1s 0
try," not including the many thou- left his crawfish house at 5:30 in muttonfish, red snapper and other e n and ot e han es
sands ofdollars that pour into the the morning and were back at 6 in varieties. Its average yearly ship- asked for any other fish in Keyl: .
Because of itin the evening They received $185 for ment of kingfish and mackerel alone est. But if the grunt was a scarce Ve z & Sz
a shipping center the day's work. totals 2,000,000 pounds, which is as pompano only millionaires would "
In the first place, a "crop" of Recently, Mr. Spencer added, larger than that of any other fish be able t grunts.
h n sIt was an exaggeration of course,
four million pounds of fish is gath- there has been a supposed "short- house in Key West. It was an exaggeration of course,
ered in that "back country." For age" in the supply of crawfish. He Three years after the Thompson yet it forcibly illustrated the value e
~I of the grunt as a local food fish.': e
some of that fish fishermen receive maintained, however, that the short. Fish Company was organized Ely of the grunt as a local food fish
as high as ten cents a pound, but let ago is not in the crawfish, for there Spencer came to Key West and en- Here are the varieties of the grunt:
us strike an average of six cents a are millions of them in local tered the crawfish shipping business. Margate fish, gray grunt, sailor's
pound. It shows that local fisher- waters, but in the number of craw- He started on a small scale, but the choice, yellow or boar grunt, corn-e
men, who sell eexlusively to whole- fishermen. There are few "regu- business increased rapidly, so rapid- mon grunt, French grunt, tomtate ,
mn who sell h eplan that iu, sivelme to whlfishermen, T few "regu T
sales, earn $240,000 in that "back lars," he explained; that is, men ly,, Mr. Spencer says, that his only' or red mouth, white grunt, porkfish't
country." There are no available who stick to crawfishing alone. He difficulty most of the time was to and pigfish.
records to show how much retail used as an illustration the man who obtain enough crawfish. When he And here are the varieties of the
fishermen earn in that same fertile earned $1,200 a .nonth for two arrived here crawfish were selling grouper, which ranks second as theI Fre LRasted Cuban and
"field." For that reason there is months. At the end of that time he for seventy-five cents a dozen, and favorite food fish in Key West: Yel-l
no way to ascertain the amount of quit crawfishing, presumably, Mr. he immediately raised the price to low-finned or Dolly Varden, Nassau nd O AmiCa
food that isa yearly supplied the peo. Spencer said, because he had all the $I. Three years later another'or criolla, rockhind, redhind or i
ple of Key West from their "back money he wanted. The dealer said quarter was added to the price, and cabrilla, speckled hind or John Paw
country." It is safe to say that it he could not assign any other rea- little more than two years ago the or polka dot, red grouper, black *
mounts up into hundreds of .thou- son for the action, because he. was crawfishermen demanded $1.650 a grouper, gag or ajuaji and scamp or
sands of pounds; it is safe to say ready to buy all the crawfish that dozen, and, not obtaining it, went bacalao.
also that 'retail fishermen add tens were brought to him. on strike. The strike set back the, Bacalao is Spanish for codfish, i:um 5m E
of thousands of dollars to the $240,- And so it goes, Mr. Spencer con- business considerably, but the deal-' and'the reason why the scamp is so
000 earned by fishermen for whole, clouded, with most of the crawfish- ers continued to hold out and called by Cubans and Spaniards isl
sale houses. Taken all in all-the ermen. When they receive reports eventually the men returned to because they cure it and market it
money -earned and the food pro- of mackerel or kingfish running fishing at $1.25 a dozen. as codfish.
vided-that "back country" is worth well, or of htgh prices being paid Mr. Spencer states that the farth- There are more varieties of fish G
at least $400,000 yearly in fish Tor sponge, they discontinue catch. est point to which he has shipped in Key West waters than in any' 0 5 12 G IRTIE TEI T
alone to the residents of Key West. ing crawfish and go sponge or live crawfish is San Francisco..They other in the United States, with the'
But 'that is not all. The sponge mackerel fishing. In the meantime were iced five times during the trip exception, of course, of the Florida :
in that '"back country" nets 'between local orawflsh dealers are unable to and were still alive whe1 they ar- Keys.
$S50,,00 and $800,000 a year. The 'fill one-half the orders they have rived at their destination. The Yes, yes, Key West has a rich
average number of boats that fish on hand. h Middle West, Mr. Spencer .ys, is "back country." It is worth a mil-
for psmge is seventy-five, though So Key West, after a, has, as his best market. lion a year now and in years to
The Burbeuoissometimesowslowill ye
the umber i sometimes as low as the man-on-the-street may say, a The Bureau of Fisheries calln the come will be worth many millions., 0* 0000********* foe****
twe.t4tvo, and at other thmes more -pretty good "back'country"-a "back crawfish the spiny lobs 'r, Mr. ny
that ( Titndrid. The reason for country" that does not 'eel any Thompson santps"t. j tne./ y nWest ... ...... ...
that 1104g range of numbers is the hoeing or plowing or fertilizing, and crawfish, and Mr. Spencer ierm*s it eo***************************** eeoooeeee e *e, e e*,s* .ee******* ee
same :as that which occurs in real which, when the shipping interests the Florida lobster. Many reports : -
back %country. A farmer sometimes are included in the benefits derived have been received from cities where
switches from the raising of potas- from it, is worth a million dollars or the crawfish has been introduced
toes to the raising of core or some .mior a yeaour to us. Even at that, stating that it is considered superior
other kind of food. And the most of us do not fully appreciate to the northern lobster. Tho tastes
spongers' choice of "crop" is as' our "back country." It is like our ie similar, though the flesh of the AA
changeable as that of the farmer. incomparable climate, which visitors crawfish is more flaky and creamy., A
When the water is too muddy for go into ecstasies over---we take it With what importance the state 0 I I
sponging, or the market price for for granted, considers crawfish was demonstrated .
the product is low, sponger who so Let us assume that their is a city a few years ago wlen a law was :
wish can go fishing or crawfishing. of our size elsewhere that 'has a pasyed making March, April and
Whatever they do, the "back coun- bik country of farming lands that IrMay the closed season for that
try" priuvdes them with a good liv- enrich the residents one milllio dol-th custacean. At the last session of -S T O P AaT T H E
ing, andIn many instances has made lis a year. It is easy enough for the legislature the time was canged A
them well-to-do. us to surmise how thosi residents to March 21 to June 21, aq the.pur-':
Just at present, however, spongers "talk up" their back country; it is pose was to protect crawfish during .:"
are not going in for the "raising" easy enough for us to entertain an the spawning season and an invest.
of sideline "crops," because the idea of the boundless pride they take gaton had shown that few spawned
market for sponge in Key West was in it. Yet our "back country" is early in March and many continued *
epovr better than it is now. Reeent- more wonderful than theirs, more to do so for three weeks in June. '1
ly sheepwool sponge have sold for as wonderful because nature does not' According to the writer's personal
high as $8 a bunch, though the have to be coaxed to turn over to experience and information given 0
average has been about $6. During us its product. Verily, verily, we him by crawfishermen, a few eraw- *
the last fortnight there have been should be proud of our "back coun., fish are found with spawn practlcal- : '
many instances of spongers earning, try." iy every month In the year. -'They -. 'S
above food and other expenses, as .. .... are, however, thrown back into the '
high as $150 each in three weeks. The acredit f ior puttaing thc s sea by the fishermen, and in theft cous espn r's-
Of course that amount has been ex. on the p s a fish and crawfsh event that one chances to escape 1
ceptional, though virtually every one hppn r due Norberg their notice the dealers set it at
of them cleared more than $100 Thompson, a young Key Wester upp liberty. I 1 0 B a 'h
during the last trip to 1913 a fleet of kingfish and Shell Fish Commissioner T. R. 15 00Elfi --- Ia1
Spongers who have been in the ackerel boats, numbering from 75 Hodges believes that the future of 0 E 1S
game from twenty to forty years to 100, used to come from Miami the crawfish as an industry in this
have told the writer recently that no and fsh wth thir base at Spanish: state (that is, the part of it coum- ._1 IL
other time during their experience Harbor Now, Spanish Harbor is ing the Florida Keys, for it i entrally LOCat d
has the quality of sponge been better 12 es away from Mia I there only that crawfish abound in 1 L*U'a U
than those that were brought to this only 30 from Key West. Mr.i Florida waters) is of such potential, *
market t last tripThe sponge Thomdatsayslit jtnick m magnitude it should be fostered by, Under A m ri an M a a m ent
Bank, Bamboo Bank and the Spots, times farther away from the fishing. lishment of crawfish hatcheries to ^,
which extend to the Newgrounds off' grounds than Key West should be replenish stocks by artificial propa-
Cape Sable. Those are the best used as ahe pon rm which to ship gation.r With hatcherie and the M OSI M Odern H hotel n Cuba
sponging grounds along the string Te gcalc h ipin pit, strict enforcement of the closed-
of Florida Keys, and all of themThe logical hippie p season law, his opinion is that with-
(the grounds) are in the vicinity of Thomp reasoned, was Key West. in a few years the crawfish will be"W H ERE JO Y V A
Bahia Honda. His conviction in that regard re. 1 classed among the most important A

The sponge are almost perfectly' suted in his organizing the ihomp- fishing industries in Florida.
round and, when cleaned, are as soft' son Fish Company. He did not The second largest fish dealer in
as silk. They are considered the have any difficulty in convincing Key West is the R. R. Ricou and In Connection: Restaurant, Cafe *
best in the world, not excepting the the fishermen that Key West was Sons Company, which ships an aver- '
varieties found in the Mediterranean. their logical market. On the ques age of 1,000,000 pounds a season,. M
At present the demand for local tion of distance, they took the same Another important fish dealer is M USIC DURING MEAL HOURS
sheepwool in New York and Chicago view of the matter as a farmer does Angel Rios, whose shipments aggre-
markets is practically unlimited. in marketing his product. What gate *700,000 pounds yearly. Mr. In
Key West sponge dealers are send- farmer would ship his product 129 Rios ships all his fish to Havana, For InfOrination and Reservations, see
ing out sponge as quickly as they miles to sell it when he could find and during the ten years he has
can be dried and clipped and pack. a market for it but 30 miles away, been in Key West he has gradually
ed. with the prices the same at both raised the prices for bottomflhtl A fsA RA R pts na9 *
Our "back country" is bountiful, points? That was the view those now he is paying ten cents a pound A P A R R A R representative
There is still another important fishermen took of Mr. Thompson's for red snapper, muttonfish and s
"crop" that it provides, and that is offer to buy their kingfish and yellowtail and six cents for other
crawfish. That industry has been mackerel. Every one of them varieties. Before he came h. K EY W EST FLO R ID A
gradually increasing during the last marketed his fish with him, and the there was no such thing as weighing .
ten years. Up to that time, with the result was that a quietus was put on bottom fish to sell it-it was sold by
exception of small shipments to a. Miami as an important fish shipping "sight" and not by the pound. In
few Florida markets, crawfish caught center. those days one could buy a mutton- ;
in local waters either were con- At the same time Mr. Thompson fish for a quarter that, sold -now 1
sumed by residents or looked upon 'egan to buy kingfish and mackerel by the pound, costs twice or three ee************************o**********eo eoooe*******oee.eOoo0oo oo e o oe o oo** ..

\ ,~~~.".*.^


C* *' ** tart types except for salads or
ee UAVAee e..:.......... tart tye or ^ .
KW e t T h i macaroni, etc. Even with the sweet-.
'S or guavas -there is sometimes too
SW ee******ee*********i** much acid to digest them quite
0 Although not yet thoroughly ap. readily. In such case add a little
o****************** *****************ooooooooo **oooooo**eeoo oo* ooo******* ee****0 *** prelat eommereally, the guava noda in p preparing the fruit either,
I i n )%n aaw&A ^^1-A eb

"Give me a Key West cigar."
Thousands of times daily that re-
quest Is made throughout the coun-
try and in each instance the term
"Key West" is used as synonymous
with "Havana." The reason for
that is because generation after
generation of smokers daring the
last ninely-two years, when the
manufacture of Havana cigars was
begun In Key West, have looked up-
on the local product as the equivalent
of that made in Cuba. Back years
ago; when Key West was known
only by its cigars in some sections
of the country, there were smokers
who were under the impression that
the Island City was a part of Cuba.
Possibly there are still many who
think the same thing.
However that may be, the Key
West cigar is considered until to-
day as the equal of that made in
Lle Island Republic. A peculiar
thing about the matter is that
smokers generally refer to the cigars
manufactured elsewhere in the
United States, regardless pf the fact
that they may be made of pure Ha-
vana tobacco, as "domestic." Offer
them one of those cigars as a sub-
stitute for those made, here, and the
buyers are as likely as not to say,
"Oh, no, I want the Key West
brand." Within recent years the
writer has heard that remark, or its
equivalent, made in New York City
time and time. aagin. And this is
the reason why: smokers have come
to understand that when they get a
Key West cigar it is as good as the
best imported. Indeed, the terms
"imported," "Havana" and "Key

[Household Hint

-fl"IMN usaig a sewing malewu
W on a dark day, or in the vae-
af with the prtiflciaL liht
shaded by the body or the hands,
a flashlight placed on the machine,
with its light turned on the needle,
makes sewing easy. It throws the
eye of the needle, for threading,
Into clear view, and also makes a
basting or seam more easily seen
and, hence, easier to follow.

SWhen you plan your
visit to the Metropolis,
arrange to go by water.
The trip up the coast
la delightful. Besides,
it affords you the op-
W portunlty of viewing
n n York Harbor, with
K.i its great forts, myriad
s hips and Inspiring
S Statue of Liberty.
S The solid comfort and
excellent cuisine that
you get aboard a Mallory Liner
are also considerations in favor
of the ocean route.
TFE VAs Steamer direct for Gal.
1 rEA oveston, making rail
connections for all points in
Texas, Arisona, New Mexico,
California, etc.
For Sailings, Rates, Reserva*
tons and Tickets, communicate
C. E. SMITH, Agent





stirring will remedy this.
The most delicious way of serving
fresh guavas is this: Select thorough.
ly ripe fruit and, as far as possible,
that which is thick-fleshed. Peel
and cut across in halves, then scoop
-4-z 6-U- -AJ -4

I t o e se.rveIU cooked or uncookev. -ut the eed-centOers and put these
West" are used interchangeably by the tobacco growers are troubled; one of Florida's greatest riches and With uncooked guavas you may find aside till the required amount of
hundreds of thousands of smokers dry westerly winds retard .the' n the household should be made the that a scant one-fourth teaspoonful fruit is prepared. Then rub the
And they are not deluding them- growth of crops and, should the most of. Both the ordinary guava cf soda is sufficient for a pint of seed-centers through a coarse sieve
And they are not deluding the terms winds unduly continue, make ne and the Cattley, which is so distinct- guavas. Dissolve the soda in a onto the prepared halves, pressing
selves when they employ the term obacco of an inferior grade. ut ly unuava-like n odor and flavor teaspoonful of water and stir well firmly until only the seeds remain.
n that way, for Havana tobacco rs in Key tobacco of an inferior grade. a to seem almost a difodfere ant flavruit, into the guavas before adding any The seed-pulp is a delicately de.
manufactured Into cigars in Key that does not happen often, be e belong to the Myrtle family and bot sugar. Stir again before servg, licious, natural "sauce." After this
under identically the same conditions there are few days when the east- of them make excellent jelly,to say as in standing the soda may dark- add the sugar, salt, and place in the
as they are in Cuba. That is true orly trades do not sweep over Key nothing ot the other culinary uses en the upper part of the dishful; refrigerator till serving-time.
of Key West alone of all the cities West and Havana. to whic, the ;ab put. Bu the
in the United States where Havana Those are othe reasons why the to which they inay be put. But the oe oe ooooeoeee ooooeoe o oe oooe.eoeoeo
cigars are manufactured. The climate Key West cigar is the most fatnou distinction between them should al-
here is the same as it is in Havana. Hayana-made cigar In the United ways be made by Floridians, other-,.
Day in and day out throughout the States; those are the reasons why wise those beyond the guava belti
year there is scarcely a time when Key West brands were imitated in mwhay becoh mightlead to disapp content
the difference in the temperature other cities in this country up until whsince the Cattley j elly has not the
and humidity in the two cities, which a few years ago when the Key West siguavance the attley elly has not the grape
are but ninety miles apart, is worth Cigar Manufacturers' Association guava flavor, being more like grape 1
noting. Frost has never touched took action to put d stop to the imi- or plum or, if color is considered,
Havana; neither has it ever touch- tations. errant. ,
ed Key West, though has appear- As the Cubans say, Havana to- As yp a rule, cooked fruit of any we
ed repeatedly in evory other city in bacco is suavecito (silky soft) When type heathful and since we
this country where cigars are manu. worked in Key West, Just the same have a year ound uchceuion e
fuctured. In other words, Key West as it is when it is worked in Cuba. fruits in Florida much putting up v
is the only city in the United States And it is kept in that condition by of the old-time preserves or very o
where the climate is similar to that natural climatic conditions. There sweet canned fruits should be dishe
in Havana. are no factors in Key West that couraed fom wo standpoints: the 5
The same easterly and southeast- are no factories in Key West that tme and strength of he hukep-G EN ER A L
early winds that prevail the greater they are in other cigar manufac- er and the health of her family.
part of the year In Key West prevail turning centers in this country. Were Cooked fruit however is pleasant
also in Havana, and they are the it not for the artificial heat it would for the sake of varied y Ia times, and
winds that are referred to in Cuba be virtually impossible to work Ha, there are some people to whose R A
,,as "good tobacco winds." Growers vana tobacco during days in other cooked frut ,a more accept-
are always assured of good crops towns when the mercury is near or As Floridians of experience know,
when the easterly and southeasterly below the freezing point, because a As Flor dlan s of experience know,
breezes blow. They bring with them leaf of tobacco, exposed to the cold, theire are many types of even the
rain and moisture that are abso- can be crushed into powder by the orfleshedinary guava;thlere are thon
lutely essential to the growing of pressure 9f one's hand. Hence, the flehed and thin-fleshed ones; those
the best grades of Havana tobacco. reason for heating, factories. But which are pear-shaped and ; thoe
Of course westerly and southwest- therq is never any need to heat fac- which are oval or round; there are
early winds blow in Key West oc- stories in Key West and Cuba-the white, yellow, cream, pale pink and
casionally, but when they do they climate provides the proper tem- deep pinm and even magenta-hued 303
blow in Havana also. It is then that perature and humidity. uavas; some which are distinctly DO 303
_t' art, even when thoroughly ripe, and
those which are sweet. The recipes
v ***************ee eee e eeeeeee******* given, however, are, generally : P oL 1
0 speaking,. adapted to all guavas of e -PhOHe 153
: ordinary type. There are many peo-
0 : pie who prefer guavas, "seeds and
'O all," and declare they are never*
~ In 1r Ri^ I 1hurt by them.
*; RORI, K JUilKI With guavas, as with all other I
fruits, a pinch of salt should be1:
o o*_ added, no matter what the form of:
Sdish or drink made, as even syrups,
SJellies, etc., are better for this. And i

i We Wired the Beautiful th, when ripe, are still tart, The Builder of San Carlos
m 4 ton of much sugar does not real-
*- ,Di ir o dty, neither is I
n Carls LOBual 44I/

n :
Electrical Contractor .~---.... ..

Dealer in Supplies LO IDA KEYS

Westinghouse Mazda Lamps n LARUO to KEY WEST

t .

Zxi :QC Bathing Fishing
e Th
SB E --R. The FRONTIER The 0

S:,3 Emerald
: PHONE 219 e* Yachtsman's
Islands actm n
I Corner Fleming and William Streets : of the WHERE NATURE and the

!e Tropical DID HER BEST Flhomen

eceeece c* ** -*1.e.. ...e........ Sea. Parad.e.

u' anf V sit I These beautiful islands are joined together by the Florida East
Co 1Railway and soon to be crossed by the famous Dixie
SP A N P A n i A i A t RHighway, which will be the most wonderful and only over-seas
I P IU I IdlU auto drive of its length in the world. Charming homesites near
UL UI iHI r nPn A d .... A .... L .. ,. A, ,

Ice Cream, Sodas, Lunches, Etc.
o .--,---.. . . ----.... ....-. I ^

Visit us in our new quarters Ell

*00000"00oooo00ooo0oooo00ooeoeoooo ao e sos04so e 4o00000000000 0 ~0900064 ,

e oceaniri u ua s an uv jie punrc s u n vs povv up. isu51o maiU
acreage for gardens or large tracts for fruit growing or farming,
ranging in price from $100 to $600 per acre, may be obtained
through the

Emerson Realty Company

Brokers: Investors: 3
Every co-operation given you We have large and small tracts 0
Ask questions that are ripe for development

21 N. E. First Ave., Miami, Florida

oo6*eo ooooo660oo0*c ea ***SooeGooooo6O eee6oo06o0*eooooo66ooeeoooeeooooo00690o9o0000oo0eoooo



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