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Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: May 7, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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Iwj 49 Y Devoted to tIi' 1
Interests of Key Wedl














To~ r at

W Tllll Il Cdl ha1111 INTEREST HERE (CONPUSION P*t?'%
W ith 'Meacham Firm .,,t:R..O,.TS O, Eo+BOKE,,.oIN Spite Of Co
.. ... . .... - -" - / "
ORD.- -...N ...... ..*-*- * Key West entertained a large .... ... .... .........
FINANCES NOW PEND- CHOSEN FOR HIGH B M ISTRITS i o, we rei ober t D ds In M any Fields
N CONTRAC L FEERATION JBS D1 ISTRICTS of M'edlinah Terniphil, Chivcago, ivln cihangeof govtitmene- atar a' re
ING, CONTRACT WILL .. e AND IPRECINCTSn the" ornine" S"da meeting In w Dawes Friends
BE BINDING I rlfu Havana on the Govuernor t, do everything possible to re.
BE- BNI PERSONS FOUND. WH |Cubb iand Cuba. Tho delegation move the present poverii U e i inCandc
....e in .,. .oo To Urge HisCandidacy
FEW PERSONS FOUND WHO t f five special trains, the twhco had broke. .. FEW PERSONS FOUND WHO firs. of which departed at 11 a stone. Then two long oheu.n.i
,he propositi of Mal- KNOW WHERE LINES OF ,n., with the others following at started a five day hike fto flu. I-
Sconlm Meacham and associ- .' ^ R' I EACH LIE; PRECINCTS MOST 10 minute intervals.
rates to sink wells in .ort td I'y mlber of the temple REFUSE TO COMPLY
S k wells i eot t IMPORTANT viwa taken for an auto ride about WITH DEMAND MADE
obtain fresh water for Key l ilty ThoIe for whom taxi.. T.
.th. I it iil< co e 1id not be found were ai C. UC AR -l i
W est was unanlimously ac- II ,1 ,' ili'" pri' lary, tuntdiiut"iodated in curs of Shrinera regency today refused the dell l an
ccpted and a conditional 1, will 'ul it thit' |if'rei' t '. t n tt Key eaterss who went vJed by 200,000 pe sanats at
contract...igcdb h Mon. ,,the station for that purpose, meeting at Alba Julia ye trday
contract ;igned by the Mon- ts, illtitii et ti h lo The boulevard, a portion of I that the government of VIntii
t i ri t ti" ''' t '' t t ii the hi,,hway, th airport, na. tr a nu resign, Julio Maniul.
roewater district trustees in :t a t i t t t 'v' ,, 'li ny t vy yard, turtle crawl and the who brought the demand to Bu
regular. session this morning, j1vi aquarium wer, among the charest, was informed the re.
'I n s points of interest visited. As gOncy W no occasion demand
with every member present. .. 'inst,,,..s a ,u n t ftes ii "it; there was msnore than 'three reignstlo. .
7he acceptance is contin- -o s between the time the
g t te co oin e t u. in s til 'i i thi and the hour when the first A l I
city council relative to thlL tiwl i si l n u i lilrif th train left, opportunity to. C *T O
propOsitUI. J'- 'tla'l d i l h istiStit; f uo (1i ihat most of the points of interest PlENTA l Fr
Two ordinances e coverl'ing the ."ft''t nitifi was afforded them all.
aitaTl omorc Itcoditred atThere all' tiiei tju4t'i' Of Lthi tit i shrlle officials~ o ; THE PRESIDENCY i
o est 'dy nl. IiIII i. i'o t Ih is. t tiit l'"'l't' i ttll harge of the reception' i .. I
council m ecting, last Friday ;igh "" Thli' houndpries are a- follow f: th. v"mitors, v .y that never has
on its Intil redig. Bca useea of' It, irst, sohlrd L hild ea CANDIDATES, APPEARING BE-
the length of the documents In urt n Fts; ri eve l vu'ed here than were the CAhlN I I
council members asked foi r time "3i"i] '". .t iil ea ,oals. 'They could not say FORE SENATE COMMITTEE I
in which to study the ordinances I ,-, . enough, it Il reported, about ti T- .. ..
s peia:l1 Inc c- 'ta s- ll t 1h'1 "sltaiitr olf Kyl aed TODAY, SHOW I-AT THEY
at mecth d forn .ig. h t.,M.yJ1hn M ch er of the Ichool board beauty aud her charnu. ARE PUTTING CUT LrTTLE '

WChi edne Mriaynh, a n orchsrdl it-' lst ind Second pro-.left thi. ngr ,g on t' as troopd i and front
-F q i l "b" de'" 'e also a*eettet from three dl,- e T p o OF,

o ^^ otebhc fT <.0galon (above.) ad Mi.sAmnio Car- t int; trains route huj^. % t vIitnes stand today at the t
al . .a t..r a o let Woodwad* .i -Fourth ud Fi'ftlh te. ArIabia T' iple loustoIn, opening of the se anate'a new in' i

" cons. dore more favorable than ,,- .h-o.,.. brr, T h',.:.' ,,,'..' ..d ,., 0,r I,,r ', .' p ., c am g e ,n- ... " '- , I,, ''-
itu te e i 't i hi r 'ul i t t ortitu of the county. ex thI tiia J it r '0 dat w re as sured .bk -i
tr t l l the city.r of.lading citizen ia t It lmu'i' h ati'' i td I'u a p)Ivt) abttt 125 ((.'h'lThty int ni d 'u ) ma''i p t2cao r
n'onu i , t11 T st trooi d aIy ,,ai' h rohitlC.

IAi tn, nizc ta this .iste t.u ' 'i ii ] for teydrh tei tit 1or foit t h de ,,t,, nt u HAVANA COUNCILM-EN 1". t fo .avana i. .t. nator. ..r. "rask
lito highy1 t. ,tu tttI''t ,i:' O .hi 'ii CASTHIEN EANrPRINE CAROL 1 urt:M O- 'e outa
""ity ..oun0 It .lthi-e |,iopoi.d s.e- lo, islativt. re 'i '.pr iel pitorting. 'Aniricin Tich'rs' Ifederationi. i HAVANA, Cuba, May 7.- aAT VIndU. 'aska; and Congressmn Hull, of Charles Gates Dawes remains among possible rerubican nomi-
.utlolm Mo u ieach tui rt P.. has jns rtvisd i'nunit o mie tlL Only four members of Ha. e ,enniSee, all Were there to teetl needs for the preidonty despite as'ertlon that lie is oet i candidates.
Austin, City At.toriey I.incd. t f' her 2ppoiitie0nt to hui d of vna's city council showed up ,y, ut fureh figures t there Above is the Dawos home at Evuntton, III.. tnd beiw nr. Mrt .
L. iler, Wa i I. Milon, uttornm it th uial ttd.iustiniit ctiit at today's session. I SAYS HE HAS NO SPECIAL any and to sayi they had no Dawes and their two adopted child rn, Dana and Virginia.
or t.h.e wa ter ftirnt"s i" t' i Altiy Tu Wedie, f E in. Yesterday th e city treasury greiu ent with other candidates. s' Oe fn o

i tiru'.itid officl~s wi>< t'hih. u'itlitnl, is ttrmani of paid each councilman $2,700 I TIME FOR RETURN SiLah tor C t furniset 'l 'uretrA Ma 7. f a \t
att th i wat.r fitrust ab m eu ui n c a twT1 ni'ilu th i'atill handle. ppr. n Iccordantcwith A liw pat't i tAtted to win a mnd had become thl nan rpietor uf i liunti' t' iy 'all u l
,tit t .' of l' xlnns If ed last week by conress 5- t d-- ..d' PreSd ont Coo idge MArietta, 0., t vu cotuccr,.I "u,, uuvh,.
i',i"tpo w iltl eto n u hat r woir k in uba d th lac a todni. whilaihit, he h d t i ivl t T l v .i. name and 1-u tob l victp l s unnt ithli
.. . -in tu wisens tinto the lrc sl M d u- quorum ni a ncrbed to i U laeng o the eveni n n e duusp no tCbtS tlpe c iahli wg | Sm t tiest" p

RACKSONVT LE CI TY COUN. miii' oftonti-n odwif th of won Cv l sthc bu t waspe .u e 0 desgn to Inh.
tr e byshs city. FresC h t: u 1J l (n Iitie, Aotoei c ious"i he hw o u mthpu' itF v iteb r l -'A t' tpet t ef ai arl y .. stud polti'

CIL GOING INTO ALLEGED ui' .l National--- pl'tcei A'ftr When nskod if har hod any id o ts than a$1 unhopeful eye.. r (Contwtud on il Five)
'BRIBE EFFORTS tENis ANU he o--r -- --C--, a--- of making a etrip to ;h. fl iL.' i i't United I- Neb rask ;
lit, Attl.ilot I rI...>loe, r Uy ULED nu OR SvCicvo tody i tO BsOARD lo a wlA OPA ,et pwlh. Ct ONf FiteEs RE. Il hi it"BohtUd ihl l t i n it
itTr action Company titr new fran il')I- 'Ii s t tlit, t i t . q u ....WI sH A tI .E
chineE has been m d thar tite- --n to ?h AOFets Pre t t i '

tu t company by members oi RED CROSS REPRESENT. .whoot techr od WON'c NVILL, May 7.- VESSEN IS RAMMED AND PLANE CRASHES WHILE IN
the ortty cotIill, J C U. Nf h, tth oTgost nth etl i oc d rsh e Twh in tu n . W. Ai Siof I Ne. r- w ; T .
ne, ttifed tody befr a TIVES AN OHERS COOP. lae on pbion agen n H SUNK T Y OFF ACTON OCCUPANTS
pe al conl comittt when it Tee s f HI Ma M REVEALING PICTURE OF MOU o thee Leanl W north office, whichti STATEN ISLAND KILLED

ANeDOO *a probe Dinto ru'mprk of, ,o-,kima ua t ri p tr anEP OudT, A
..bribesoi.t..atchan Rn co'cP'tion FLOOD SUFFERERS VT TLOEvH OVE IS BROUGHT other aai oi.rida cit e, was an-d -i-- ar
with A proposed new traction TO STRAND nouhed' day at th F office Obof Ri lOy AuOwilapo wresih (hm aNtFid OrLe S
,frnchisl and Ind 11. nularile ( in -- to the res t, h the sc n SloEY oSEngL prohibition, hd oinio- Nawe YORK Mater 7. T e ad ov.i SHANGHAI, May .-Todhy's
N C UNE. M 7- GREENVILLE, M ,y 7.-Fiftyr. f rd si es ay .--P 1ndrful NaTory (.Il, orH ItNr oloss ph iehthnct ,w of 1, h is FuOR a se un- liatce w,,n hien ainl t '

atve Btike t ck lldoffood water truhtee loe, o-1 bh s l *or will harl po in accnrutdanceclock with ah l %1 stands, with

Garage homes by mlnic of the Table week b cr a TO R ANIA leavn tho win wnd bad bcm then corner had been bo,,ing of city
Sott and Grne St. Rock Mountain rsrvoir dam to. h and wand child, follow c .. a m hr. tpa odclly, nuI. ne of thi r

ra. C Bniputn ail Amriav fis AJ- dai ifro ts of tig rolN d of n f April 80o .lns cruoshed yesterday, killing jB
Store Rate Reduced day were assembled hnre by Red Uptoty y olnetles to be drNifd down to the tI lhu l os tihlan I T its occupsu s.I
teK4.80 By Mutl h CroJ.s rNaioCrnaEtatiove3 .r trans- h elowrt dr of lfe, aees her .y VA aE i.LtereSt TONIGno H ri s L
REPAIR N DEPARTMENT Por ation by truck to thER Coun-. hee P si akte wtu ei at oM TDV SNTO A dO FORMAL REJECTION T
Bt C l, R tin whr svrl sco of p VICTOR LOWEconue her work in Cuba, and the lack of TO CHARGE MADE
R"'-I-- Tir R ep iirln Wt lg. sons are reported to bo without I totoday whilrie h had no special VO gawe Ihi n ni and ad- to Ie (
egC nd Polhleo OiTo Y ad shelter in a n driven rain. Victo r Lowo, in the rt "walking o plan or this picture and his return to I u r N. Odre State.,"
GACSnVIL REd ator Rpair L At the Table Rock Cov t fd- member of the schol buard fromnLthE mother gave her l fe to raav d i WASHINGTON, May 7T
rIbd GIulf G and LubrEiats o ral, state .'nd county officials the Third District, is entering c regarded him w t d R I At T on fo .
O Fr Aie Fr Wat n d in their efforts to ave t polite for th first time. i per d-never revI to th ey e lo ected tody reply r t
-terci FrPnloD c ved FOR widoelown eresro replie Iti 'ls quiteWo. foIn w dcad Ii Or ae 7. SPIN AIE HN I May 7ldy

rfa to *sol" the ahih vock. la of f d a mithi le wil e hur o tINo o a t as NEi
dtoyterTTraction Company h. new frc
chise has beotu bladet three, it- o te ae an thgt aftr NTllICE wtntk t
the Att councih, J. e h. 'i l t ioi ,low hte til Ki ghtshe of W. sl. oifm-
Stn agea testified today before da y TIVEr ANs OTHER CO-OPb Ronf p oh' to.b. d g dndo Ioe i u c la m r tN itA t C T,

ALL WORK GUARANT"' reateping the Saluda River ever, and points to> the fact that the supreme eicrifie,. ;: DAIllAl's Orch tra I Corporation, to a charge they
Open Dhy And Nt d five billion gallons he has children i school to show Only ladies will be admitted to B SS SAW R on ere guilty of unfar prices i
pounded behind dyke that he is much interested in the Ithe theatre un these two' ys. I. -i a *Y Admisslon 7Bc distributing m t i o .1 pletures
nuatter of education. -. S Yg through block booking system.



J. Otto Kirchhceinor


be allowed to run

in the Democratic pri-
mary over the protest of the
unanimous vote of the coun-
ty Democratic Executive
At least every indication
today points in that direct.
The committee has voted
unanimously to refuse to
qualify him; Judge Jeffer.
Ison B. Browne has issued a
Iwrit of mandamus ordering
Chairman T. Reginald
Pritchard to appear Wed-
nesday morning and show
cause why he should not
qualify him; and it is.taken
as certain that the judgq.
iillr order iMr. Kirchheiner
l I such case, Chairman
Pritchard faces the alterno-,
live of obeying the court's
order or going to jail for
All thi, ii biw ILI 11 Elte(Is with the tlo rinx a os li .u'V
plains lto dt u. It dlo s i not ilke. In-
Ili acIcuIli i the n .iibllity tLh.I tihe
I 'v t'clit i'e romniit t n e i ay chitl-
I' i' i his righlit lo d(i thi.o11 n 1Iti
'Irut i tl lf h. hlt (di.-'Itlnli 'hi (d
f "..,
.ljinai'l'I ly llhavin'r 'ulr ady pibhli<-
j 'I t hl I '' i. ; 11 [, iilil.V 0 v 't.
Y tI th' r, i t a post1iility tI vell
a : .ohnthility, it :nttlm-. todlty --
tlit just .will hoiippen.
. li' li'm. tt'ic x' citl i\V .'.oi -
:mitLe hta l n l ti sonl I'e
w i k.l a ,o. The vi <'< 'titio llnt of .
: l .i ihih,'i lv' 'lll(i's ut no illiu nil

omhie ltlh- I. toin n tha t h, uit'dlt
Mr. Kirrlih (in,-r has in 11 i p t hini
telf' ouitI. le t p.'rt by running
aKgain.'l tilth ;parly nom in'eu.
I Vo (-n n'a.I tion witli u inpinbt1
:of the coll|1 tte' tlhi s ll:.1iln '.
I the judi< is -'aid It hauve ))iintcd
ioUt that Mr. Kirchheiner sv.v'H lie
|voted for Mr. Goinez .in tho'la't
ereeetion, although trunininla aaiui-1
hhN. Tb,!, the. judge is reported
Ito have declared, mnikes it Ipo-
mible for Mr. Kirchheinler to take
the candidates' oath which stays:
"I did not vote for llte niino li t'
of any other party in thel lau-Mt. n.-
eral election."
All this is taken to mean
that Judge Browne will un-
doubtedly order Mr. Kirch.
(Continued on Page Five)
-- 7 ------- -i 7--': .....


I """f


~I~CICU--CILII--- ---_ ----- ---r-~--~.~--)---- --_ __~__ _--- _,-. ~__-----I-- ------- -LI--~r~rrcr~rrrr *Cllllrrr~-rr~-rcrrr---.,.. ~ ,,

_I - ~LI-~IL------L- ~-~II~C~-~ILC --.-LI-C---- _----~~II~--UI1 _~_ __ _~_~__ _~_ _____ __i~- ------- ~ -






A "IE H E A RD Al"

P! .*Ni CwR A LJL Y

%i mcI Iy 1, NISA tI:U N

/,I i,1 !1 \i 1 ZI N C. S

\tLOW iii
l,:I 1 I 1 it T ith
ic. c I. f fc

%% tIlirh tcc
01 i hi


Nations Will Pay Tribite to Dunant n Peoples' Forum CUBAN WAR HEAD

Whose Idea Red (' ss Is Founded "* r ; LOSESIlSJOB olical Annonc
THE LEGION AND POLITICS ......*oooo eooooosso**eo oo*e*o e o***** ** *****
Study This Lineup Daily for Annouinceinents
--...... -.... A r S yr ot SECRETARY OF WAR KICKED Pick Your Candidate
T'. Pe ---r--- --- 7 a. I Pick Your Candidate t'"
'Thei Atumrican I I'giio'IIn OUT; ANTI.MACHADO
Key Wc'v,, PilfPL,,UE Democratic Primary, June 5th

] I J I 1 ', il ., .i ll c ronrLc ed i ,l t dea of eriran -
i t ,.l iI Ii. ,' .11r 11.11 i V l .1 1ePi e~ In i-' .

S1 ,,, : t i. ai I l ict i t cen- i .1h
t , ,, , , i i ', | f u n ,l l l n la I r t .
', v. ( Alb l v e T h e ,S ln l ;rll o f t h e T re a t ) I
... .if Gene a, ktcg nist lbb4, wh,,l'.
S I I. i ii based o.' n UDtnait S i 'a, created the
S ' I t -r C Itss. Th .. a I p ro c llt r
1 c I o| f A I tn ie Ni.tiond l iHead-
i e qu.srler of thIe American Red
S Cross. W ashilngtrl n, D. C.

.. . ,,' , , I er o, : a pa hinting epresi t nt n I

., ,-',' llv , I, fillt l I lli r of Tnlan H e im t il' ll z to n r he wo n dm d. f f l ln i t r I lioi Crot s
I ; l Ii n p lr t I, I I For da;lys w ,)( ior .d I-n fil's rollooI rr, iy 'ill aril' l II* 'Ijn tAdk of
',, .. .. :ii, iit t rc .i 1 ctl'y Ic lih i h li ch t1.'l ev:u, poan .tr ull wonir, lt uni -l tr o n rses i. n In ct tiil ti, a Icart o), c'c ci a
l .!:,, '. id .,!"ni I l ,-i ,' t}ll' v.' \nn S ictu hc ccc "r'.il f l e r Ih c ie of l hi n l e r i cl(c-c-l'( l ii' aWiitli-clll cf l p11c lIuu' c nll o ich, Ii-ul ('wiri ,
- i"" 'ti '' i r. I' in t l i t Icin luccnn l--- clu l' g-c.ut h (cctu (llalan ,i'c ( r ccr i l ahi o I nher n thin lhl ol' l'ctvs iccucd cr'c tIhc n l .u Intl of
, h h lit icc itlt scwho <;avc'o t-, li wm h-lt I o Idea andi work, iiniil all werue cu ldcr shfiller lhi' lr-d rol I's l, lIftyl"i' x coirllli s.
'i i ,, i, '.t"i t, ti';.-.i il vi, on (II \ll hit(h It h. Ii -H d (ilr Is i cll(I a llodhe i l al a -li 'VIl n illH n. 'The first hin to'ri l|llonal convint lot.
I," .v.: ( d fo td -\\ill hiv h. ;rv'd oil MIN y gls oly 1 A w(loltl hil- imnprossionti was hold i\n lwrva In i I 113, a:tlloli (-
: t ii 1 it itfly- l. nN;l ll. Tweclty mlilI. I orf tIe i em l-harl uhi l le Ip,11ot' ,e of Oml Iby r;lirenil tativt ,s r 16 I u'l;
I. l tilt 'at (I lion p t (oni are ,nrolled under th a \e ounded |11 it pamphlet "|If1 lhdlet, It t11lopted r, ,lllolns I o
c, t bc c tl ul, I planner of I tie Ild C.i ros. St ,uvenhic i Solferinr ." L t a !it lnodtr ,i. t doltl I ltal al 1 lI
.... -'' 'la "f h'te no'-R" ar. prftiatled icc I`.2, In h lu hjol;, Ihe redic al ,l ,ntl' f -
*. I t ci' cc t11ic AAIII 'S il dlntan and tuLIS tira il'a .I l i" fttt cc ; it) "!.i." 'i 'tl f''ll lt
.... ;' I t I ',. 9 I i)9, cc thI- Lisi of Lom- lt utralizathi of w ui lndet' it wt l s! "e! "'a 1 eeeci e 'ti, elv"
;'''natr ylr .c i t. it wS l t ::00,0011 Iel were on of, medical men and hospitla i aun A ffoiniat, i -'*tf
ith in u dcu I, Lt. gait, ill h, ldl to- lanit. tfghting on formation ol unit s of nurses. 110 In 3q864 1trliriI ,: 1
'-l l i,, ': I' c-tord- a IePn-mIil l-crct cfindi 40c4t0) were nldded, "'hi-te so h'clutti -', I by the lrit In thI 't,'i y of I .tI it.
I I c- with i w olullded ni1rl dolec au. Ifh close of perPnnlentlil (xistencn miuld ailsouli n. inblor PrI -,idIh.i A h I h; I1 l4 ,1 i
r ." ,,, It:, i lltHut vicin ity r ut ] -t1bour itt'lltElb c1, c 'li'-l Ihe df e cr gclil, -olrvIc at che auip, 0 li 1' o atts i'll thu tI Irolly.
;I year u:-t-lier-, I dea in ll)ttiIa l'.e lmind. .l-,nlurnls, loods, gr-a.t fltrs Iccl 1)lcfinlti lived to c-i- ) h1od Cro.qs
, li I e i'y f cprinc d \thllo icct'clicg i t tomc tal']y, t -'lastroplch t ; cli htncalcc .oc:el, ly in almost 'ovry liIlItOll, and
Si hf i: .. db ite tihe I Dllcnaint lno, lio i te I y, cpon nil y o llve which would ihave ceraed ilted at 1 yrearts of acu, it Heiden,
tr,, ack .l.',eratitd il h hatulofiel Ihe was movedd lthnm w cmhl nldligaclt Iheml to uct S tllzerhNt l id, wvh r'i ho haI d lived lu
II, ri, lm u vcic i ity f the Sui ti compact ssion, to lilY, Ito hIorror" oil all o caslons i l which iheit hi. lsc I 1n 1 mclll:ny years. Inll 1907. the
11' l hi .. % It rs w: it' htlhe dec'l anld dying, anlh has l s o l tn 't'c',rcc." NoI'rc c gic Ptrlinniment awarled
,I ,+ i- i thi tilf }ciuri's ride. Ow" c I hi tcuitlrvy villatce of Thle prInTl plo- :rt t.. td by Di-. hiiii ol.h:itf of fithc first Nobel
ic cxiii ,Iics-m-uh This f 'icilNi ,ol h p.rI c i e fc -I'sual ecl nant i' ti O i c- linst eon- I 'etlc Prizi.
I cr c Ifly in t h :I. l in Itt i . . . .
'..i.. i clii i'c J" )\windling Ranks Of Confederacy :. " "

'ar" : "" or A -l"'"ain At Little Rock May 0.OU
I I rc l vI : lr WI\han I: t is thlt, opposltlon do-
ii ry v f IIv. i ni 1,t m o li.,,.ls Iie-t I I i-c-t h qfl t- ion that a big,
I IT P NIJ I 'I ki .\I;l c*csil(,s exoutive asksl his
:+ ,,i i. I icc i t,, , Ic-ct-i. -l ii i., Ii -o- It Tt fre lru nt 'hir-
,, c.-i' nc icc c. I*c. c. iih ii,- iv ti -i

**** .** ** i 'l
T 0 D A Y S Y 'S ... .. '''.., '
A N N IV ER SA R IES ,, .,, .. ,cii
L U 6 ,I) \ olr !(.I tih l. thir-
S' it ; t i ii I- i ij i-ii V i i L' s h
i, .t '' i' (i .-"' | ;- 'i ] c u ;- c lc;it cii-' i e l

Sl Ii. i t i I' t. I thu -il hil i' '

,, i II t' oI' o, ) '
'-it hiit,,I, tic culvcvc'.i'i ic i
-, . . ;, '. t .. I I i I | I I ,,' i tr t i l it i lit -
1 I' 1 '| ii tc J cI< ;i ; tiit\',t ny:< thc
I+ i i tll 'i itt tc ul l i t11. I U 11 1 iI
', *; L ;I ,,,' : I '1 N r, ,. i ,1 t. I, ],i| V I., it -Ili ,X .
'.- ,, ,.<,, cccii i -ct ,o f thu-cc ic1 h .' t', r ,till wiil l in
,I (1 "I 1 I 'ch ill2', ul l i lon eu a ill
S. 'te. llhe "rebel yell" will rcit, nld,
;~ ,i ,l h v' : ,l,:it, *lv :tli ,c in the-u ,-.w l ill 1 .-

Silrl. tIl rrenc inolr ntc,.

41 0 1 I rt- 1 i l part o. f Ic,c Iloth I\ ll..n

SI il l \V. ri. t l It, I.Int I I ('ciinhrii,
V \'I., ;ci il thei (Inly -1n cvi-il c.' llltin-
Si t l'l - t;ll'.;. l u llI' i f rii it jil l 'I
SI nt i l '*rl ;L'il' (ll O V l'. c ti ll ite tt

S i-, c' t l llp ll''d \v; h 12 1 '1,0 11 ) i t 1)
V c1;! 1 tA -v r I:IcI IcIu cc tI l I II
,' ', l,,, lccIit l;acii hI.. ,i ('. t, -r, cit lI, it ,
I Tk'. .. ., i ,1 | t I l'l'-
I, d ,,I' ,I in lchieIl' Th ie I'mtir 'rt im l i,'',
i, ll)' i I ,i:' c c -, \ i hoii i t lih nrm 'w I cci'n i clin l'fi-
recr is \ictrc t if l to I iruti-id cii
I I wl w V i I (iener-'l A. A.. I Millh ., Ahihl'-m .
:1 ; i cc c li-c l it .. i1c-i cc li | is- '|l .'.( -, -i.. ccii"lliR ' if' lhc til'ili "
V i ,fI tI i lli ;i cts" ii-i .'ii i I. ( ti)'lcly ,
,:, ,, I li-c'l'li i hT r i. i i, d partly ,lv .
S|(;I,.rIcl l c It I r "l At.. '.Iir A tki.n I t c a Ir -
/ c ', 1, 1 1 ,I., ".Va l i ,lioo 1' -'1 ll l l lm r r ,i 1 1(' ," '
; ';, | l | i ; ,,,' Ilc |i ti .i l ci i lhv :'", l I \ i '-tii a hi i l 1ri. -
.., ,,, .- ,l ,:;t i ,i .n .i 1 ,1 t ; ( .c, A T ( o t d ilin, 1 I-
iniori', A li., i-t' i]:i;. idt il'r o lf thle icr-
I1'i.u ,II ftik "r Ir is r iii cci'y i" T nn ssrc' d il|ip'artml efnl, aniid

,,, , . . , .. l l P Ao m1 ; 4

tivit,' f the oppositoh n mst
frlil-t intly indicates the
tI i l toward real business.
Wh\'at is your cown)etitor
doing ii in the way of AJlVI;R-
T'IS!NG? Are you abreast ou
him or ahead of him in the
use of advertiang spic'ce?
Check up on yoursedi and. on
your competitor. It will do
no harm und may do you a
lot of good.
Advertising in The Key
West Citizen is a. 'e
Lia ,r le n ir that ill,' "ites
pr. .y (' c!<,.!' 0t the dhits urn.
il" vho is tcccill t'fter Ihusi-
i <' n ancd w1eIR s ge'ttinc; it.
A ., you rgtlting yours?


Mai. I '. A. S til, ( lihomia f'ity,
fi', ttI-y il- id ,. ;ii itoim r nil () i h .-

The Key West Citizen.
Dai.r Sitr:
S)tiing the past few wet ks r-
titles hIvI'( hbeli uppelarinr in TThe
Citizen and various otlier State
ipIper.s relative to the American
Lerion irnd somenic of the various
candidatess tMhat are running iln
the June primary. These have
had the tendency to ntke the pub-
lic believe that t,.;(! American Le-
gunfol is getting' mixed up in poll.
tic.<. One set of resolutions deal-
ing with .anie local squabble in
un up t itate town was published
Sind it certainly li l:'o d itus if this
| a.'.)icact ion was taking sides,
i Ind these tame resolutions hecoi
Olmnitted Ito, State headquarters
Sthey V.otifl aIve htc)tc killed andi
S nevir plubli. ihed. This post very
I)iliriitiy ildviscd State hendqualr-
jtrcl; that it stood four l squllre
iun'in:st such resolutions tind in
l'It.t gilminst .nty tht wouli drlit V
!t i lt- A nli ricai ll 1x on into politics'.
A: an r'tniz/.tiiii: thit Ameri-
ct.ill l.tfioln i; riot iIn politics; butlt
iai indiv(idtil citi/zens tli morilier.s
iare t xjtectid to di their full duty.
'I! policy o;' the A im riciit I.e-
.o i i:.- very )l;iily i tnd ( .', isoly
i it'd in Artiele I I I (f thf I ID -
Spart>nli t ;t )I' Florida ('Iclititution,
v ',i( il uro;ls s .1 l lows:
"\W hil" r iiU ; irni i h.t i t*vrIy
*' in tfl tit ( u.s o t/cri tic-
fr i t:; cull it ityt ts it .:t:z(,r itc-
cr dii ti. hito o, is ( \',lt cn itr i' and
ti::dl stniitli i., l ht., or,':11n iz iiion
l;hall i,' .hbslrtely nlin- nlirtison,
b:nwd shall not he u:-ld rir th dis-
1" 11ni11til ol o I' paIrti,'ian o w inl .plv's,
,I' l'o the' iprolloii tit, ,l' the icanli-
,ii y ill'of ly p ri'soll ,.l in .'pu lic
ilfficti or prel'crmentt, No candi-
liti!ito ['or <,r iIn i'Lllth llt ol' 1 1 rf-
( n t i o, (lhcliv. ofW, fitc.

ish ll holl n l' ol'fievl' l l icn lih Ai-
'icc n let i'l."''
The laitli tiu .'oi ii this s tlioiin '.
to. |dt inh t) ie opil toI mitsconll-
.4t.ri'li., The notional constitu-
tidn 1ias a Similar section. It will
hli, scltn that bly the ventinients
expros,- I it is h i daily lof every
lop'i-nmniire to,.r, to pay his
pmll tax andil to vote according" to
(hll i) i1. c-lio Showii thmt it is the duty
loyal leigionitnih'm to se
e Anler:i' IAt' in .t- au-h
'ree from all ,dliticl enl-
'1t 'A'he ,' ma. l-
0';irt ,laifl'ariAT Ii' o if 'l'ain-
Sisisutld severe' l lettt.-s reI
.t Ci,., i'tlaliVP o) thit miltte' and
ii no 1 uncertain latnigla oie has laid
t'IiwnI tle law to thi various poft.t
"I the department. Ie h-Is talso
rwiuuestecd iill loyal Legionnaires
i I keci) the Legion (elei and too
Ido all in their power to keep the
I I'ranization out of politics and
'- 1-p1r tisni. Resolutions were
passed at tile recent State eonvOn-
lion in Cortil Gables taking' ai
S-tainl flat footed against any at-
i tiiilpt ait conpr'omisiulg tlhe Legion
S1d t pportin"g the section of the
S:.,,nstitution previously quoted.
SIn the languefage of the resolution:
'In politics as citizens, deep in,
nit never as Legionnaires."
S I have written this with the
1 lc t'l of giving the people o' Key
est asi a whole and every sanll
1li late in the coming prima ry the
pi:itiot lakltn lby tlie American
Je'ioin relative to th" political
* tvities of thle organization and
it members, As the primary will
* soon e here this is the time for
* everyone to know just how the
* Legion stinndl.s.
SI By thuo i lilication of this let-
S'ter many pcmle no doubt will get
* it right in this matter because
* there are a number of people that

* 1


* 0
00.m*a* * a a a aS.*
____ ---I

ile cc .,ct;t ,.-' -. I* . NtOTI'E

','ill c, i 'i r ,i- :, cu(ic;p l ]h'.cr ss. ,\1 cl'iier.s and tc
Th'I t..:t th- 11 i c-cc citit n of i.h' lue .v W est Athi-
It t' C. I.i r \'at< V rt i ins Ion :i ', l' ili'r hy
aind thel: 1t 1 \ '. h cno nLvtioi t iherr will he h,.ld I
o i !i. I ilCo ii ci-il ;>- llruth rn tion ou' offitrn s i
Ml ,oi riail ; .'.ocitiioitll, with ictanly o'clock i)n T ?','e Iqv.
r hir :( .,l.t iv i oCl' iC h lu ).au ht r All 11iici 'bers ;ii .i I
of t h c TI f' ticI to i; lc]l .'-t. -till t l iih cui -and visitol rs l '. I.
(lirinfii lIce rutniiini. npr3l 0-4l ,



124 Dural St. Phone 88U-W
WM. CATES, Manawmm

cItA '


mnbors of
*. Ass.cla-
ifiod that
mnual olec-
hall at 8
,y 8', 1028.
Ild to be


E(Z /A
Are quickly 'r r, -ed with a
few applic tens -of
IR\ ,,S





N m Ced.,"
limbesiPbamuasslCo... asimLomb,tl.S. A.

HAVANA, Cuba, May 7.-"'La
Prcnsa," Havana afternoon tab.
loid, states that the cause of the
recent dismissal of Secretary of
War Rafael Iturralde from Presi-
dlent Machado's cabinet, was a
conspiracy in which many promi-
nent Cubans are involved, and
which was to place the war seerte-
tary in the presidential chair.
Iturralde was the only left-over
in the cabinet flfm the pryvloioi
admrinlstration, And wa tsha$bght
to be as close td'Ahe president as'
any man in Cuba.
Although no official reason was
giveki for his dismissal, the fact
that the chief of staff of the army
was sent to his private home to
ask for his resignation late one
evening, is thought to indicate
that something s e r I o u s had
Iturralde, however, in his pub.
lie statements has said that since
his job had been given him by
General Machado, he wa, glad to
give it back to him to use as he
thought fit, and he only hoped
that it would be useful to the
piresidelit andi hell solve tihe pros-
ent political problem that con-
fronts him.
60*****4******** ******o i
E':-cl of iirb:leriy, former Bcit-
hi :, richii' minister, born in Lon-
'don, 81 yonl.s ano today.

Charles Lathrop Pack, o.u of
lihe founderss and president of the
Amtnritcnn Forestry Associultion.
bIorn at Lexinfgton, Mich., 71 year
uio todly.
M\ -s. Percy V. I'emny backer.
f'orn(ir Icresident of the General
I,'ederatiotn of VWomnen'is C'lubs,
Ioin at Iel't,',rs-l tru \Va. ;7 ./c'irs
alp'o today.

IM:tjor A. E. WIV. Mason, vr:ter
aI' a iutri ber of Jopitiltir n.,veli
Ir,I'i act I'cn.(iglandl, 02 years aNgo
o tl.'uy,


glance" for az li.' g4'lrl, culih nl,
whoiol had to l)rilng her own
SHE PAYS! mnay5-2t

think the American Legion is suip-
porting certain canicdatOs. That
is far .fromr the truth. A.- indi-.
viduals possibly; yes, but as an,
oigan'ization; most emphatically

Thinking you for the space re-
quired in bringingr this before the
public, I hboer to remain,
Sincerely yours,
May 5.



"Apgar's Itch Medicine"
did it. Positive relief for
ground itch, tropical sore-i
and ring worm.
Your druggist has it for
you. Simple and easy to
use nnd guaranteed.


* *

Announces the Opening of Our Up Stairs 3
Dining Room
: Our Greatly Increased Businces Requires I
i Better Service
Dinner Parties and Banquets Invited
t*******************************00 00 ***************

SIDNEY J. CATTS (District Nudmbr 5) '


1NSTRUtC'ON . ,:
ARTHUR GOMEE (For Re-eolction) .
=7OJ N-. AT W', iMMB 1R 1 7,0 "0 #
FOR REPNtRE NTICArIVE (Dstr<.it Numer 1)
MONROE COUNTY (Distict Nurr)
-peH-irrvo SCnl t i n.) 6
POR SHIPF | (l)ltrit Ntummer i)
I)R SlTRI I-l l(Dls-trlot Numher 2)

VOR Slift ifllvF 101'O MEM'IIIlft SRtlOO, BOARD
WM. H. (BILL) WHITE (District Number 2) .
FOPR) fOUNTY .iU(n'- .______ -___

IIUCH GUNN VIOR 111EM.11111-1,SCA01, O11OA[9
--______________ ~ (District. Ncrinbei' 2)

D. Z. FILER (fi ui.ctk Nuwher 2)
FOR CE1(i ov I 01"cfucIrr



ill-(if," 'lfA'lU)N


*L~LIA7 '",9~Y It-,1 CLJC AR841I71ELW

(I)i ct It ict D Icmuet ) F(ii rA Nuc '2)

(I)istOict Numbrr 2)

(District Ninm.bor :' )

(l)i 'rict Number 2)
(IHstrict Ni..E A Ih 1)

(District Numbler 3) strict Number 1)
(D!:trcit Numlber 4) (District Number 2)
()itriel Numbler 4) (Ditrict Number 2)'

(District Number 5) (District Number 2)

Freeze It By Eledricity
You are cordially invited to came in and Biet' the

look under them-look behind the.. You will see

that there iYn't u single exposed inovinM part-that
S there isn't a fan, belt, or dran-lp n to ?t out o

S: ler. You will also notice that the ouwlment of

the freezing chamber provides an unusually largo
food s orange sTce.


a* 1" Mar. W W**1T
o a odily invited to ce n and te
] r "



Z ONDAY, MAY 7, 1928.

60,000 LOOK ON




(Special To Citisen)
NEW YORK, May 7.-The
Yankees continue hitting like a
house afire. When Babe Ruth
ducsn't clout a homer, as he didn't
yesterday, somebody else is just
as liable as 'not to come through.
The White Sox had a fine
chance to lie th6 lbCals with 60,-
000 fans looking on. But Lou
Gehrig and Joe Dugan came
through with homers and the local
Tgrabbed the game by just that
margin. Stanley Covoloskie start-
ed his first game of the Beason
and got credit for a win, although
The Tige'rs smeared tho Red
Sox with whitewash, when Bill-
Ings allowed the Beaneaters only
a pair of hits. it was one of the
best pitching exhibitions of the
Sam Gray, who once toiled for
Bucky Harris, won his sixth
straight game of the season, get-
ting the win from Washington.
The ganle was a nip and tuick af-
fair, going, 11 fraines.
led ILucas proved himself a
real pitcher by bsating' M'(Graw's
clan, although it t(onk 10 rounds
to turn/,e trick. Thtlre wia' lit.
tle to 'coose between the, giame
the two teams put uap.
Sheriff Blake was about to hu
beaten in the Cub-.Philly game,
when Malone went to his reseu
In 11 rounds, the Bruins copped
r5 to 4.
The Cardinals grabbed the
opener off the Robi s in a two.
ply set-to but dropped the night-
cap. Alexander was on the mound
for the Cards in the first game.
He outpltchod Dazzry Vance.
l'ollowing are the summaries:
At Cincinnati: R. II. E.
New York ....... ..... .... 3 10 1
Cincinnati ..... ............... 14 0
(10 innings)
liatteries: Faulknei and Hogan;
Luwau and Pieinich.
At Chivago: it. 11. E.
Plifladelphia ................ 4 7 1
Chicago ..... ................... 9 2
(1. inilniPgam ...---
..a" BPat leic: 8 veemiad and J.
Oae' Malone nand F'.

First Game
At. St. Louis: II.
Brooklyn .................. 2
St. Louis ..... '..... .. 4
S latt'rihmu : Vatnc o and
grave, D)eberry; Alexander
Second Game
* At St. Louis: 1i;
Brooklyn ..... ... ..
St. Louis. .. . I
Batteries: lMcWeeny, Duo
Hienline: Kaufmann, Jol
Littlejohn and Mancuso.

II. ';.
8 2
0 1

II. S.
8 I1
7 1
k and

At New York It. It. E.
Chicago 2 1) 0
New York 4 6i 1
Dattries: Faber 'anti C r omist
CV ledlie. W. Moore and Collinsa.
St Detroit '* I. II. K.
Iloston ..... 0 2 0
Detroit . ... 3 6 0
Batteries: Rttlenmler, iBradley
and 'Hcving; Billings and Shea.
At Wanshington : 11. E,
St. Louis ....... ..... 7 13 0
Washington ...... .... 0 13 0
Ilattories: Gray and Schang;
(.-:'stn,, Marbery, Zachary, Brax-
ton and Ruel.

*' *0 ***** ** ********* 4 4

S P. & 0* 0. S. Governor Cobb,
Captain Pheinn; made extra sill-
t lug to I aym 0at,,l,4O p. un.yas-
toVIdm with 40 ~ kH)|ihners.
P.^ O,S S.. Miti, Coptattl
*'-'hbury, arrived from Port TampU a
This morning with passengers and
ooiled for Havana at 10 a. i. with
01 passengers and U. S. mall.
I P. & 0. 8. S: Cuba, Captain
White, will arrive from Havana
this afternoon with passengers
and U. S. mail.

P. & 0.
White, will
.11.30,p. m.

S. S. Cuba, Captain
sail for Havana at
todpy vith passen.-

'--- TIle
P. & 0. S. S. Governor Cobb, take
Captalk Phelan, will arrive from E
Savatlt extra sailing at 6 a. m. rear
emmatur o. with passengers. robl
P. B. S. Governor Cobb, The
'aptal n hean, wlli small for Ha- juri
vanaatt :.0 a. m. tomorrow with
.Iaqu igl-ra aL d U.. S. mail. S

/ .7 ,

\^-< ^


Young Runners Carry

U., S. Hopes Against

Finns In Long Events

^^ ^. ~~ ~~~. __ __ ,_ ,

Keith 0 .a. s k Finns Riiolq
(above) and Nurmi

6 Olympic Distance Runs

Young runners such as Harold Keith floft) of the University
of Oklahoma, Leo Lermond and Bob Dalrymple of the Boston' A. A.
and Dave Abbott of Illinois are the main hopes of the United States
in the Olympic 5,000 and 10,000-meter races at Amsterdam. The
Finns, who have cleaned up regularly in these events, again have
Nurml and Ritola.

Texas Cattle Drivers

Depicted By Borglumn

In San Antonio Group

Gutron Boigluni (left), sculptor, will depict in bronze the cat
tle drives from,Texas ranches to K-nsas railroad points after thi
Civil Wag. A.r aol of the statue is shown above. The Old Trai
Driver' M-te or~lAtsoclation, heided by Mrs. R. R. Rssell, spon
aor* the f4ibp, o b e placed in Sa Antonio.

ite Way Restaurant
Robbed of Small Sam *
eff Knight's place, the White *
y Restaurant, on Duval street,,
entered sometime Sunday ,
it and was robbed of about
in silver and a carton of *
rotten, MAtr. Knight repaor,.. ,
ho cash register, he states, *
gained about $31 in half-dol- *
, quarters, nickels and dimes. *
nickles and dimes were not *
en. *
entrance was made through the '
r door. Mr. Knight says the
ber must have had a key, and *
gently familiar with the place. I*
ca:h register was not in h '
ed. *
3t' PAYS! mayu-2t *

) ,

Florida: Showers this af-
terlnoon and tonight. Cooler
tonight in central portion.
Slightly warmer Tuesday in
extreme north poriton. Mod-
crate to fresh west and north
South Atlintic: Fresh
northeast and north winds
over north portion amd mod-
orate to fresh west and north-
west winds over south por-
East Gulf: Moderate to
fresh northwest and north
0 0 4 0 0*9 a * s





Ten lpuedboats f r o in, l
ami will compete with outboard
racers there on July 4, Jeff. I
Saunders, who returned recaeffily
from Miami, reports.
lie saya the 10 boat' o4t0a*
Pledged themselves to comVe[ A d
expect that a number of'SX
will enter the proposed eOenptle
tion. '
"'There are about 18 outNtlh
here that would make tlt4(
mighty interesting for the MtWHli
bunch," Mr. Saunders stated, "and
they will commence at once to
makte for the races."
The Miami sportsmen, ho says,
plan bringing their outboards
down o automobile trailers' over
the highway, and at their own ex-
pense, to itarticipate in the vent
only for the thrills it will afford
and in effect to win the cups to
he' otfferedl as trophies,
The Mlunmians suggest, however
thabt it wuild show a 'spirit of co-
loperatiton if the vuopnty would
grant free 'ferriage Ito the carti
and o,,ats making tIe trip ov6r
the highly ay, lie said.I
M i. Suotdeis ManU others inter.
tested say they will confer with
the conmmiasioners abput the mato
Str. If no concession is granted,
it is beli'vedt that money may -b
raised to pay the ferriage.
Mr. ;-:.aunders says that some
of the outboards to be brought
;:!ung for the races are considered
as among the fastest in the world
and are nationally known.
S11;; PAYS! may5-2t


National League
Club W. I. l'ct.

New York ............
Cincinnati ............
Brooklyn . .......
Pittsburgh ............
Chloago ............
St. Louis ..............
Boston ....... .. ...
Philadelphia .......
New York ......
Philadelphi .....
e .tland ....
[t.ToulB .. .............


10 0
13 'J

W, t.
ii I *

67 1)71




American League
Chicago ot New York.
St. Louis at Washington.
D)etroit at Pihiladelphita.
Cleveland at ilhoston.
National League
lrooklyn at St. Louis.
Philadel thia tt ( uhicngu.
New York at Cincinnati.
Iloston at Pittsburlh.
PtESTON, 'n .-Jmltonet Spea.t
riett's 21 th iaby was horn on his
farther's i5,lth birthday. "

The manmifal'ctur' of tricks iand
tiles in China in Wbstern style
has devei'lo)pV' cloe(ly upn1) theC
growin.n denndul for modern
buildings in Shangrhai. Native
style brik.s are not adapted for
modern construction. The machiine
made bricks and tiles came
or'glnully from abroad, hit now
the local product has replaced
the imported articles.


Classified Column
Advertisements under this hopd J FOR S.'.LE
whil be Inserted In The Citlien at I .......................
the rate of Ic a word for each in- "O S S';\t, A( 1A to il-AJW.-
sertion, but the lRhu lao 'fur l A 'ruck can I";
at a n.. v at ur bl is gr k'"g (car
c,.' CT fe burt). Tne first of ter ol
SPayments for classified adver- $ 5000 rets the truck. TI'e
tiseiments is invariably in advance, h'y 't 'eetric Compaii.y.
but regular advertisers with ledger >iy:.i
accounts may have their advertise- ........ ......-
inents charged. 1,l SALE-General Electric
Advertisers should give thoirk Motor.i' lVi, horsepower, 1,800
street address as well as their tel R. I. M., 22.1 Ampherec, 1 10
phone number if they dIro re., V.\'t, ,00 Cycle. Thla motor i
ults. in splendid wom ing condition
With eatch laesaitea auverusing r d the j'ricc Is right. Apply to to 50C, The Citizen willI itizel office. muar2
Jive without charge a now section- .. ..
I county mip, of Monroe County FU1, -\ALE-ru.e.ticnll y new
i'his imap is compiled from latest I.Chl :.l.r Roadster, a linei buy.
officiall and reliable information G 1t(l and Navarro. may7-Ot
mld plt up in convenient pocket \ ,\
*'older forTh. Ask for It when or-. OR SA'lEl AT A BARGAIN--All
I. i.ig the advertisement. of o'ur printing or engraving
.. -r- .* Tments. For particulars
OR RENT call Wrren J. Watrous at THE
S AiT.IAN PRESS, 'phone 60.
l'01l HIENT Furnished house ......
with modern conveniences, l"OR .\l.[':-Corner in the heart
five rooms and a bath. Apply of l'Ney West. Ideal apart-
651 William street. may2-6tx mehit house site. Corner
Southimtl tnd Elizabeth Streets.
.011 UENT---Nicely furnished One block from Fleming and
honw, 616 Caroline street; pi- two blocks from )Duval Street,
1;1o, modern conveniences, etc. theo ihin thoroughfares of Key
Sriicei reasonable. Apply 810 WeAt 100 feet inches on
Fleming street. may5tf Snouthanl, 60 feet 6 inches on
--.----.... Elizabeth. Moderate p r I c e.
Seas terms. One-fourth cash, re-
IFOR RENT--Two-story residence maludet\ in one, two and three
corner Greene arid Ann streets; yea(s. Apply at the office of
unfurnished. Apply to L. P. The' Oittze'n or address P. U.
Artman, Citizen office. box 830, pjione 51. dec'28
...OLD PAPElS for sale. 25 fo>
FOR RENT-Furnished house, I t*lM*I The .ry Wese t Otlnen
modern conveniences. Apply ____
503 Duval street. apxr27-tf -- --
CORNER GRENE AND ANN 1926 Hudson Brougham, only

STREET '- ppositeo uly Hall
-.Suitable for storage rooms,
- garage, repair shops, etc. Ap-
e ply The Citizen. dec20

FORI SALE---Buick touring,
-. $100.00; Imperial Vacuum
Cleaner, $30.00. Apply "G,"
S Citizen office. mayl-Otx

drven i7,000v mils and IOOK4 liku
nIew. HaO p U. license tag.
Terms. Meliufvr Motor Co.
1025 Chevrolet Couipe, all new
tires and k928 license tag. 'rrnms.
3eltzer Motor yo. ttpr28-tf

1928 ESSEX Se>.1i. Ilr'vn tllonly
3500 mile, 'ithl 1928 license
tig. $$695.06 ,h or terms.
Meltzer MoX "c .. may7tf


, SUPPLY YOU WITH SiONS ondl Sheet: t1ac.' list 75L'
THAT WILL INCREASE YOUR per thousand., I sheets 50c.
BUSINESS and at prices that The Artman I e:-. Tel. 06.
will decrease your overhead. ..
--- -----DUPLICATES of ters often
SARE YOU SAVING MONEY by savo large sumar o.: noney and
having your printing done by days of worry." 'i. 1ep a large
' THE ART'i AN PRESS' supply of seepild sheets oni
S- .---- hand. They coo practically
A\N AUTO STROP RAZOR outfit nothing when pwc ted from
given free with each ekiasifled 1 HE ARTMAN P .
advertisement. Ask for it. tf
* ---- --- PATRONIZE youth hon' printer
* Printing is an AlT when done by and your money is invested.
* THE ARTMAN PRESS and When your ordet'oe,' out of
* the price is .'ery reasonable, town It ii spont fla evltr. THE
Mako us prove it. ARTMAN PRESS'.



I l

When Caesar was

a Boy

'JThe Forum in is the common market-place for all of
iindient Rome. Today a few crumbling columns stand
us mute reminders of its former grandeur.

In our present-day complex civilization, market-
plf'es have become scattered. It is no longer possible
to visit them all in a morning-or even in a day.

Advertising, instead, has become the convenient
",,'Utimu of modern buyers and sellers. If you are
Considering the purchase of a new car, you scrutinize
(i.' ainomobtile advertising. Or if it's a razor or a machine that you want, you turn again to the
dve.l'tising'. IHere is the national mIirket-place for
)ii''c lhialldise.

I'llrthermr'e, as you leaf over thwoeie same pat(s
0t' l'rod(ucts, your mind is storing away for tomorrow
Ia .'O-llpipat and valuable fund of information. In4tilc-
O(&'ely. you will remember those facts \when you make
y,)1' future pil'cihases. Increase your store of knowl-
cd;,,e liy reading the advertisements regularly.

Advertising has become the common
narket-place of this twentieth century

:T u-j

T13 I EE fl MOS T 0?tU*NAYM

. .. fI'11: "Ci1'iyiO lOuBIi.T*<-Ci Co.
I,. i'. A rt'MAN, P'reaide tt.
-noarld ait Kpy West, Plortida, as second glass me
Men er of of he Anmitillatl Pres
it* Assoclatedi Presi I excleslvely entitled to
for reputil liihloi of til i'wsi tll pat hties *redtlt
It o r in r t o i i .-,A i .4Ir .ilit ,Il Ill i l t iia I e r a rill
l it loliU l 11, W SV i lil iili, il ll'rr ,. ___ 1
ii ait lllH I"i-'ItiN HATti E
e Ysiar .-...-.......
S M o th .... ............ .......... .............-- .............
bre lontti .. ........ ................ ........................-- -
S .i i .... ... .. ... .... ............ -.... -"...... .

.A I) Il l I .ATr H
a \ i t 'i lt | lli l 'ir t li n .
S, iii'esi, cnrtil of thanks resolution
S,, li c i .es ti i w ill )e cliarged fu
it iiiiia iti by thutrches from w
a I. i ,- iii '. ll .' ; r'lutle a line.
Sa. l it an orti'li in i. ail d InvIltas ill
4. 1 l Mill i u llat uiii 's of ia; .'ali ir Kal)
w ill iu t 1iitliil'uillaliii h yiao il l


1 .



Water and N"owerage.
Rpoadl to the Mainland.
Comprehensive City Plan.
Hotels and Apartments.
Bathing Pavilion.


VI11.1, alw Ia seek the truth and print
-t .-t ami without favor; never 1
I I ;tt'imk 'rrong or to applaud right
always fight for progress ; never he the o
gan or the mouthpiece of any party, cliqu
faction or class; always do its utmost for ti
public welfare; never tolerate corruption
injusiic"; denounce vice and praise virtu
comment good done by individual or orga
ie'ntion; tolerant of others' rights, views at
opinions; print only news that will eleva
and not contaminate the reader; never cor
promise with principle.


Not only ,very hlver 'ti w ,J I"
w ell-w isher l f ,\ \(, l ,i l ,l teld tllI "
to thei eam pai 'n mnie'in,1 I O t II I h.'l W ('
IC'il) have i tii ratpi led il stop the tra;a 11.
killing .of irdil. on ilthe island.
T'ihere' is ai'mille ovidenc( i that 1his (';:ni
will siccrc ld, iJusl aI s ltheroie is pri'o f i lpl'e'
tith wiaiiinn ie vert'y lmuch illn arrest.
That, 20 o' tit e m(i I t iIVtiv i ,u' i \\I 'iil 1 .I
havi:i' lii ln \\ rilrn in ;i s cin l l'l'iti'ic r i,, i
I hist ai iirtic ulalr law shllws I hlit 1,SI I luli (.'1iiili
in i' lo f' thr e U ilsa is av 1e it h 'll( 1 d tt ,! i'r Il-, r I th rIi
thliatll Ih y w ish ti h b a 1blu I n o ii 't e i.I ll ; i '|ro
all >fI h el'er.t the Il w i t tw ii Ip 'tl i r i(t t, lih i t '
ild .unt i iy l |oly, l Tublil. The iy llii O is a ll i ll
u(i si "s, hiowVt' I t th l ey p!;til l Io i;lln; ;
ndll Ito vig 'oro ulsly ll' ihis |ia rticililr hl iw i a l :iis u a: \'i tai i t ,' ,i
Tiliin a tlt 'uily thle lty part i ls l i. iiito\-e r i
wolliln's m ilrt seriously, i' ail' l,'itY' t it; ily |ir
IReports reachicinp: thi paper ilir eitc tll:,l iri:p
of hirds stopped shornit einlleediately uPoiil thei.
li about to di)., It is ra' .onl (le to Ih l'lic\l, there
that the sainit Ih'ear wlhr i ich lusled thh to st|op their wroiln'-fedligi 't in the first til:wia
deter tihem from a retuirnl thereto.
If, howeverr, there shouldIl be those whi: anv
willing to illide by tihe hlaw, thvre is v ample rel'
lit hand. Either the trappings or killing' of
birds on the island ais ain torfenlse aiR'int; hlboth
tional and statile law.- aind I violation of a1
ordinance. It' the nmittr wo're ipusheid, there
I mnan might wle tried eind oinvticted on three
..jerent counts.
M of which is ias it silhoul lie,
There clln ihe nh i tluse, for trallpinil
bIirds ofl' whliich there are all tno few here at
ent.I TiT allow the practice to ,Iontinue means,
eventually, there will be I)1, birds left as they v
veroy n-ldni inmate in captivity. Even under
tii-nt invor.ailro itf circumstances,e the island
itvv iolllne, i(i Imany i' as both cov'r 11tnf W
is scarce There. It is imminently fitting, there
thlai thwsic which ido find their way here shomil
Tl1.t the won)en have taken this matter
Ivthemlselves. means that it will he given nconsceient
attention. Than this, little, appnreiaitly, wil

"I'ni lion-parti ian it) polities.," Mr. D]e
ritt explained to this paper relatives to his re
aiddress ahout conditions hero, "but T do wnril
.soe all laws et. ifred fo the f ood of the
in ity."

it begins tf look as if Herbert Hoover
develop strength enough lxfore the republican
tional convention meets to be able to toll the
ticinan, who are, ts a whole, opposed to him, w


A -


I (li n ihe l'liii(la Pa ressi ) Ailt A.niialla a Sr-la
matter _PARIS, May 7.-Peopl,., who
are reputed to speak nearly every
Use 'i ti intai'iphli 'li ill 'r i x't'lhtinge table this known language really are not on-
tl a ini it" Ihi Tamp:t T'!', ilitue''- remark that "tin- titled to their reputations, say
Il'rlii't l Ii',11' I0,i' '1is, t .,i p herilatorial contract s atistictuly inclined lialguislie' au-
i, iin,[ Ig)t lo it high' l .al'iL i er." Holwever- tIhorilie.
t:u i1 i \ %- \ill \liil wt e ;will .'ie. ---S I'petet'rshiul'i A recent Compilation gives the
2 i0 *i. tongues of the world at 2,79600, dlie
chidedly more than most people
......i. would siippose. This ls qualified,
ie'lit :ipaig na ii' l"' ilahiwiiy s making however, with the comment that
I iah Hii rim, .nr ti over figures differ' among students of
S( t ll spet, aihlall. I frlids e o enthusiastic over the s bJect because some classify
r at thI e slIucce,,s o r his speakirig tour, lie is making certain dialects as separate lanug-
hteh riv, o,,r six s.e..ihets each 4ay and always to large ungest whilo others do not.
The distribution of the chief
u 'utdl eintihusia.stic crowd. .In liprnctically avery case tongtuos are given as 48 in Ru-
ha- i- e nliitili. i de scribetd ais the largest and moat rope., 15:l in Asia, 118 in Africa,
-- political meeting so far in the cam- 424 in the Amerlcas and 117 In
'-- i Oceania. Those and the minor
itaign, or in suime cases, fore many years. Invariably laingiuages re all said to be livinly,
ailibic apiniion is shown clearly favorable to his spoken languages, although somo
N ,':,lilav. )eided changes in line follow these have very limited ute, as i, the
i i il i t t case (ll' if ull tribes of sHnvages.
i-ce ii-:I;_. Tli shliallownest of rival claims und the ..
;lh.uriiriily of l'also ciaarg,, show uip gliritngly be. **** -*** *e"**********~-*
fore D)r. h haitiavliay's nmast-.erful presentation of his THI W ATIHER
ri ni. I llml. s Contl y A ,lvertiso.r.

Senator Traiiitiltll i in hs speechI in Ocain dealt Stations Tom. 8 A. M.
Abilene (clear) .... .... 58
in > i;,I1 C ti;iludin i ul't -.rair'e hlite appealed to the Apalachicola (raining) ... 60
-- it llli ,lii, :in1ll :i .I V-', I 1',, fiilltv 1titl '.tit 't1ict t il IeVV1.' eritieisln Boston (cloudy) ................48
-B !h'Luflfalo (clear) ................36
S i,1' i-I ii i tit 111 il i. n ait i 'ln. His i speech Charleston (raining) ........54
I 1, i,, ,i i , i i -, ii1 1, iiiil,. ()O cahl liI nner. Chicago (clear) ................46
Corpus Christi (clear) ..... ...60
Denver (cloudy) ........... ....58
it, 1 .1 , ... IllIt. % i( ) ;in lihe s rlo off, 1 1nd Dodge City (clear) ............ 50
be ; : t' l; i : rl! ,, to I I l I ck ,l' ,votes aw ay 1D ulti t (lt. cloutly) .........44
it; I lion,. 1:- J 'alistport (cloudy) ........ ...... 42
it; l ,,i. llil ,,i, ', h ,r i't weoako.-o (clear) ..62
ir- i, h ,u lu |i. ,h, Galveston (clear) .... 66
e, -hll tteras (cloudy) ..............60
he Htavana (clear) ....... .. ......70
he \ v',' i. i'. Il l, I ; .:i,\ is an vote for Cntts. Helena (cloudy) ............ ...54
or I'bi l- .i (liv i ,I w I s t lNt )sit it.- John T. raves Huron (clear) ...........v.... ..58
or t,,i : .1 !. , i :, it ,t-, T. ( Jacksonville (raining) ......56
eII; i 3, .,i rn l. 1)u' ho so ( tremn Johnny. Kansas City (leu) .........50
n- 1.'i,:'li,. i,'i-plI ''iIct h"teliir slulT from you.- KEY W EST (clear) ..........76
nd '.,i l ,,, l l i l. ilit Little Rock (clear) ..........58
te Los Angeles (cloudy) ........ 60
louisville (pt. cloudy) ......44
at. I 'u l, in hlm; i .rlly \w'll ftumn led She state with M iami (clear) ......... .......... 72
hi:.- chatrlil.-i" riiillt"li'ii u al all of his eharlges ended N w Orletans (clear) ........66
1 1_1N iTia t ow York (cloudy) 4....... 4(1
- .t alnuptl.y ainst Ihe 10,ilto wall of Dr. Huthaway's Pensacola (cleat') ........58
-dOlindid record in iIffic e. Gainesville Sun. Jii lg- Phoenix (elear) ...............70
ii!,' by wAItil pIeole say Curilton,'s c'har'gs made a Pittsaorgh (cloudy) ...... 42 -
losellaua'f (elprir) ..4<
lritcile, hole iii th wall, I1c) thought he had built t1. Louiis (clear) '14
I .ll d ii i villft--Palm Reacth Independent. Rait like City cloudtd) 6
~t-- -- sll l'ran enPCini t. lod)) a
S, Sit. St. Marie (clear) 3
S \\'l a iiyviVy, it iilh-irt Aiph('yur'lt- T'hy; ,.tind '(rAty 5, 0 . r0
1ll l:iha \:ly, it lon, 'Carlson, MlaeKenvio ni- Tiylo T Tampa (loty a '." 7.
i,, ol, l, (hey will not i I le ail overflowing Washingt on (cloudy) ...l
i 'in tn : the tem ', W illiston cleara) 58

S rui nr. \i, ill inotl lie I impeiilline,. .enlai Ban- In the Cailton ofj Hiorile, Swit-
ili'' urlr h elections ale ihold on
itl_ S'S liatalv.y ii'torloolt itIt anld (tt Suit-
1,,,a, hi*avs, '. an; to i i ei'-fetr' aus litt aiI
i;'ovr i.,r luIni W. ,1tartin is behlng met with 's:.lli. with business. For' ith
"" iiini i Ii.;: -pt-lu inl, tiir of' the lower c st Iln(.f'il of' volte who mal y vwishl
i "ii rle news- tl spend the week-end in thbe
I. (' t'it-t v a:ildit-t'-s aind rawvor-ale neiw- country, ballot boxes are placed it
i|W'i, i1,11 i u1 ''. 0 ; .'r1 ,oitin' hinl on every hnnd.- the rili\ay s tlttiton, anal an at-
S ;in il;.- i th t. ,l:ni tin,it f that favorablet lenlal t i; ilon hand to recolve the
trii. i ideatil i'itif 'iito eitl';s of the 111)ters
,, \, i,!i' i \rta* nIho y the l ,io vernor' own ,l h, i the il \\here the allot
,','** ii <' ;lt, )r;i tl | 1',: lho ve:; are placed.



di b




11 lie

it io




(i ,. I' r;,|i i,,|il r sa. s it. h usly: "It H ath-
i :;.,\ '..t, ,rlr.h l itl] ,, i(, ie n i(id run (the stato as
iu" Iir .' I t;il ,il eh l wlr i ni' nii itii i is not Lstretch-
: it till i llI.t, i i i l lh i ;:t,( our fint islh as a
itl '. lit 'll iir ynals i; a;ill ich i w tihl have to lie
- -i'r,-,l i h-d i0 ie C r'.i'i 'Florida line with the in-
-riiptli1n1, "Hi'.Il lIu un1 flft' ltet n."- -Saranotn

\\t'l!, uliil ;I I'rS t'\hi'inei.' saw Key WV est af-
terl ;il!. .\ld tl el i l id inoli yet.

W\'l!, whll'atve'r else one may say of him, lRev.
lftred ido iarriitt certainly doesn't hesitate to
speak ril'hti out ii meetings.

Somutor Walsh is convinced that the democrats
wint nAl Smith I'fr president. Most of the coun-
try tas iuknownlthat I'or smne time.

With the railway coindutors, th K. of C.
convention ail the Elks convention delegates still
to conm hir diurin-l It- siuninmer, things should ncon-
tillu to I e "li'vel ."

Yi's, lithe fish are still lilting'. And, if anybody
} aii stld ask yoiu Key Wvst is still getting the very
l'inost suirl it' publicity possible from visitors who
luiave ten fli.slini' here.

Whether reduction ot' ferry charges would in-
cro-se taitatronrige ion the Over-Seao Highway cen be
deritnliiaol onl y ). exlperinlent. It is, perhaps, an
ev-ii-inni wrlth while dtiring the sumnimer, how-

A.\' Miimi ilnew'plperi point out, the direct
ittiiel'il a city getls fromni the visit of a convention
is not, iliw most imnliortant, Delegates come and
Ioi within ii few day;,. They leave some money, bt.'
not enotuh Ii (ti cont ve'y materially. It Is the fa-
that slutch :thlerhings bring ra city to the attentl .1
if thousands \hlo woldti not otherwise hear of.*t.
Ihlat eoiunts.

SiI' PAYS! mnay.-2t


NoriliT or A5'rse Is.ii
N11thri. ]! iln rl "' .4v,1N Ill'on l1 1lll t in-
itr inlb hy tii horlty of I ie lo'lnna
l f ioorpeltoluri roniierretil ly
ti' Ironlnlitliht Jeffprxti Ui f 'E )til'r to,
',il r ii tit Jtu I rldll4 C l i 'of thei
"talut of( 'loplrhid I ansl id fr lMon-
'i.Cn ('litiy, on the 2tlh diay of
Alrll, .A. 1). 12al, In, ttih l certain
',ittt' Int sIthlt Co urt A ondlif' In whieli,
Illt hirdl[.I r K .i.s, l ln tl n ct niliilnant
nild Vstori'ia 1Mod isi nttl tarry
lttyo.viian, hor hUiMi.a,. tarit dofend-
itilt I, ti leipral 61i0.- npplloi.nt-
iti hy % he Coiu't ho a-iW i.,-'ce tin.
iar, auw l by vilsteo r%' liP term
there'of, will siffr. ft itt 'U1h-
IpI Otlter'y to thrd'W "'' tand hqut
ildtlotr for icash at,.l4i ,"i o lnor
of thn Court tlltllo a' West,
lMntro (nCounty, 1t0.14011 i thp 4th
flay of June, A. D. 11"1 u-ilng tho
hi'gal hours of iRf, I property
tlepfcribod In saitd'-tfPt' it'e all
of that .certain LM i e10, lyin-g
anil being In tht Vil, if Alonroc
and Hl4ato of VtbrtR, io. e It:
On the lilt&n. ot' kvy WPst,
and knowrn q a iliinan, A.
W hItohead's, ,I thii tnrtnd In
'February, Ai :p. a-. -' tilrt of
lots On (,j5 4 Two (21 of
Square w 1) (5). Com-
nIIonIti.4 .. a Pont on Duval
Street Ti tyli(.l (3if) tfet frot
the crtwr ll lipn and Du-
tal streets rUnning thence
tlt1e1 Ml; t IKrt the line o
iTAUl Btrlt wley (i00) feet;
thenoe &t rh!it angles In a
6utiitW4_y. et ion Elghty-
L*'il'It feCl' tlSiepTe np e'ght aiit n -.
lei in a&lortfaitletPrly direction
pilft thenee at right
an Wttff iCW t theaumterly diree-
tii a.olWUKI /fit (n1)- feet to
*t (3)ti EI[ ln I nl,
t tfi'll. cree and the costs
-f Wild itulf .
IIATRP at sOx West, Monro
(oitr'ty, Ptlo" tli30th day of
April, A. ), ., .
Oalne IMtinter In Chancery.
it. iT. TAYVt
Wii. TH3ABi-'
oglttOr 'amialalnnnt.
.,'. ,; mnay7-14-3l.Bi


W e int aid ol0.s
om i wl e

;.a- tU ~l(adOi


NIONDAY, MAY 7 *I35.-nvthoviu'am; Talka
fR 14j IJt,' .watrokuitea Pneasi3KS.OWKN Now York-784'
'rotia-ams rtinIatstt't'ntSitupttn'ai time i. 3tfl"-l')j ttiobe-rue' rotati
A-41l~ie..ahow- for HJ'itrsutem'pa luIttght rIJ"" J-oeWi 's ohlbstra
tin~t'. Alltitune is rP.M.unless oWier-'p' .0-S'oxi ltfCotextesa
wivs tnatle~tca t. Wvoe.itinxtiason iletf tG..i fora Oehstra'
of o I I1016ithilely-1,; n ritt. 0t3-DLance hMuate.
at ol tet~-s.itlolytq n np'tl. s,-wNc*k Now vo.-k-v~o
451.5--WEAP Now Yorla-'SiQ 4:iiO--Gold Modal Artis
I .'--Afteu-noon reattiros 1:At*-E'lmristian sSeia'ietceTeartus'
4:iat-311011116 'ta tplre ~tivuru "i.G-Jiw'istt iuregama
41-5o v" 1.11iu l' saJ'ill t9: IGi-Ovietastran
1 M-Dii~les'ms lu 10tit i:t---Walit gtaud iaca-
nteof' lpotueatrp t8ea--WNop NMeyW Ys-Smh
0 t7 -s mitmotaes I n 11History a)-'wu esn
115 1; r5-t Xps'iMtes-s arts Walfa-T-ener
lit, t-D ance 4t"10 9,311-144-"4-xe Qupstait
454.3-WJZ Now Vark-CIC flag,7-WCAu Sla~sg~lelph-.1180
U1 0-0vola-atittraant indFealut nls. 0-:10---thoater Guin ~
t~.tianc-W i isie: $oprana 7:tJ-1-W e Itoel1c- tHour'.
It fnapu~sit 'W it. t't'asrtims(2l lrsi)
tte- I W rsii 'ngiram 4ft-WrIS'.WLI'T htepte'-4
-sn-ci-cat t(1moseu-ua
E li-ioullMA~ta-lo0"iOthsr
t':iiO-thuaiio utanidtcititia0--(tt'ewtrMonatentIn, in ttorp.
1111-Fl-5ipantier'Atutiti 7 :36-A, a 1'. Gtilleuw-t
4SfS.-W0#* t'dws'la-7t0 ese-eani ittire at
!Ifl30-Timeto. Ii-istotirn o".
T:0 tOAftwi-rnoops ieantames I itii0i..Ot'heautroaa

ti)t-g~sclnie Tailk.*:'0-11teeltaot aTialit
bolt.- a n iiattiuCot-by Pt' raitest t-rgaa Thearte
):it0'-HNper ie- Flour ~StiG-Noveitle;ogn hae
ii i-.3-Caiulval 'ttoi'P5 ti '-Dttnettbtuoie
5tl-'Ponet's3115a51KD1AI Pittuburl'gi''55
tt~2S'liuceinsers iii'-Littl' dytainqtouty
W~: gh-Opch extra; 1',tcinji; Ing our at'--mazy "ntbh Is (tng
I72.,6-WRO Atlantic City-1100 4:00t-Itiveruldie i'Ponrvnii

7:3O-Vance 4N.o-WiJAM Proviienaw 4'OI
X1:0'-ijoncert Orchnestra 6tn-Mtpmtc: lHistoriant
'IWI-1kitaS'y Crttua730-A. & F. Gypsles
IClO St utdi o.Vance Mustc tU1-Geuper'a Mo~oa's Party
245.0-WSAU Eeltninmre-10H 9'I3tt-kT~me to tetire Rot's
arto--gloiy ard id toting 25S4-WW4AM, 1goehester-1070
8:il0-lilverieiatPirogrmtGi31)-Itioxiand fJie Ganor
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a:'UWAFPi-nartats (2 t bro.) tI:ti-(iiniP't (1"ti ilt sParty,
ttt:1itt-t'tieItet-ttt I' 1 ti'Co Retire Boews
41I.3-WNAC 13.t1on-8SO 333.t-WEZ Sot'insttetd-500
S :00-,iuvsettle Smialer. 7 15-biiiieai Pr-ogr'am
5i:30t-Or'ahestrtts anal teatt ires t li).- Ittverie I kiln
T:00-Sbhtanroasit MactI t:3tt---itoxy anIIlal tue itn'
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302.8'-WOR Ruffalt-990 iii Vtiicat ranvm: Ti-outtadiosit
5:30-0tt,.thorwnile Itoatr 35.9-WHAZ Troy-Sat
7:eo---Wttpner ttt'oWe lPriirratit a out-Nist' titide- it res
R:tO-tl~y tutu tDry Nat- Stust-
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6:10-0, 11uno rcresuri 7OC--rart'et itntieis IIt ttstot'y
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10:Oi---Aretttia fthitriii Itt's tnys ttfl0-T-lImeto fl~i-rtre njys
535.4-WTIC Hat-tird-;fe 60 10 t0t--LtItano Mpsta'
5:3&.Trie 15.O-WTAG Wot'emeter-585
7:tl@-.9tue(e:PtS, u"10 it-liuttii)l'n'u''
7:30t-4' -u& V-. lsUtevleat tt0--Mttattca-ts. liot-eaMoments
iuWrr--Clenerasa- Metors iParty tlO10-0tucoina to oalilerm
l13-Tiou EtetRK Iars OY"idt-HtitiltaWliAt' Programs;
Woo:tjiI'-tvtrte AIitttt' 434;6-CNRO Ottawa-8OS
3W1_-.WAq4 New Yorka-470 6:30---Chitiireat's Perioad
700-tifeaje.Maltaru. 7:45--'t'utk; LBaritoune
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10.4eu +; id Hour 4'tIG-Piocram from lfd)
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it)Aui'ia'aieiiut'tt t'euod 5%5os-W lim oplithp.-1
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3Itsa-WEBH-WJJD Chitsg.5120
Itte3-'rime tto Re-t~le Boys
415.4-W*N-WLIS Chieass-720
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i:0t-.Neaatlt. Program: afc
5.:10-1m~tutfent, V1.10
10:00-jDuutctAN'1URad BStudio
361.2-WSAS Cinoisnatit-m1
S4-(feyClub nnd Pt-attune,

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7::'O-A, .14 1'.)'il
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it?'.0-'Vttptto itadti'sta BYu
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3MOP'-WrA55 Cl~sland-750
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440..-WCX- WJ R Detrolt-U0
5:4i-ChIlreuu's flour'
tit0-1intsrrr Miltuia
61:38-1 gy nd* ifea Gangc

7:30-Vt. &A POaypetem
tI-deei-motors Party
It:ire.-Tipte to Httitlu Boys,.
ttt:t5.0S-Dncpi NMumic



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P -- ----~



'-iAY, MAY 7, 1928.





-.--... * *".'* FINAL REPORT OF
Mrea, Schultz Here F. R T
M. Albert Schultz was ar-' DADE GRAND JURY
rival in the city this morning on JU
the steamship Mlami from Tanm-
pa, and will spend a few weeks'
visit in Key West with relatives. "WHOLLY UNFIT TO HOLD
Cobb Comes In
The steamship Governor Cobb MIAMI POLICE CHIEF, NOW
aar'ived in port yesterday morning
at 7 o'clock from Havana, bring- UNDER SUSPENSION

-, -*- ing a large number of Shriners
who had been soJotrnni in that
Key West's "women police. cit h bin thay
t*-,towme of 'em at least- *
l close to making an arrest Mallory Coming
Tr tatorninlg. Mallory Line steamship Henry
They missed t man who (I It R. Mullory, from Galveston for
out .frm .evei-pasener Now Yo k, is due to arrive here
StI'bt l mt St toght, She will pick

,are t an- a bit ey,' the fow The Sto<*l Aland llghway btville
nn ti sho. H i beln repaired y a county rpad
poppedd hIs'car a 'R htsi. I'Ps force., ghe surface has been toll-
nly after looking about to .ll if ed w aspha t and sanded, form.
,o was being watched. Then, he ing Ituch sthoother surface.
rpPnt in the vicinity only as much *
AtM as was necessary, Iatin' Court Adjournas
it" Immodlately after setting the Circuit court convened this
traps. Evidently, he intended to morning in recessed session to
come back and take his eatch fitnd that the cases expected to le
later. Hlie left coges to hold thi tried today had been settled outI
li.'.da; in-fact." of court. Adjour'nment was taken
As It happened, however, a until next regular term.
member of the Woman's Club *
"special police force" of 20 Two Ferry Boats Due
women was watching all the Two of tht l 'erri y hoats of tihe
while. She called other mom- I'. & (). Co(mptany 're deo to at'-
bers immediately and four rive in port tonight, bringinRig
went to the scene. The man pineapple h1hipnmnts. The fruit,
had disappeared, buthia traps will he trantise('Cred to other cars
and cages were taken. These, here tomorrow to b) shipped
with others taken from time north.
to time, will be used to make *"*
a big bonfire later along, the Cuba From Havana
women have decided. 'l'lih .stonisiup C(Iubt i urrivel ill
"We'd like for the public t pit yest,'rdivay morniniig- tt 5:310
know," the leader of this Iorn. o'-loik fiiroi llavann bringing a
King's party declared, "'that we're OlIO'n'' lillhibitr o' hlriners and
not trying to be officious. Neither Ithlr litih ent"r'i', who hid: been
have we any desire to 'it)tt in.' stl0)niliii: a whi! in i ti nihsli
The sheriff tells us, oli hasn't ('taiiltil.
deoptios enough to enforce tht, *
law protecting the birds, T'his is Full Load of Fruit
undoubtedly true. The sanme np- The ferryboat arriving here lIst
e liOs to the police chief. It is not night from Havana had a full load
The sort of Job we fancy, but we of cars containing pineapples. The
feel it is one we can't aff'ard to shipnents are expected to increase
ske neglected. Hentoe our willing. within the next week when it is
ness to do it." expected that the vessels will be
S 0. -..-- I bringing capnaity lonads.
CAN 4TES IRUN od a y
t1 T .., : Ii ttam Raturns Today
0(41 ID D RICTS T' h iniship Miaumi returned
ANSD 8 PREClN TS to ot -'norning at 0 o'clock
AW m Tao Atk ai t. n d.
Jc II ing' ht _Ihy., I+ l toh W llia n
iiti rent ii O ul hom werl boo-ked thlliiwi
istikts, different ife territory to Havana.
hey embrace from ither of thiaf 1 4 V
Already aimed. These ditri"t' Marriage License"
omprise the following teurritory:I 'hree couples were atathortized
1st DItrlct--First pr'ecincrlet; tor w(ed by ls nlany licenses issued
2nd District--Second preeint't; Ifa'o, the' office llOf Conty Judge
Oir Distict-hird p'citct; Hugh unn duing, the past week:
.4th District--Fiotth teen'tL ; Jose O'ropl'za to Angeina Permez,
R ht '/ District-- l'fthn, Seventhl Rlaymniitid l'. Lonesi to Sadie Eliz-
Elghth, and Ninth precincts. abeth lgtihant, i ilton Willis
JIt w ill i )be noted fro. tl h le f*or- to Leon a L. Ca e
groin t hat every district it the ti tor L. ,aa

county, regardless of its classifl-i
catioia, depends upon precincts, in
varyingl comnhinations for its niake
up. For this reason, boutniltarics
of the precincts becon inoi' iMln-
poltant than those of tny distrait
or set of (ldistrlct.
l)oerhlle this not a few offl'ice
holders ind itilnost noeu' of the
anotal public i, famulintr with the
undaries of all the pri'ecincts.
iese were o.estublished by law
many years ago and most of
those who have, at one titne tr
another, been familiar with them,
have forgotten the* boundarhles.
They are as follows:
FiM't Precinct: West side of
Duval to north side of Anpg'el to
the water;
Second Precinct: East side of
uval to the-,,'est aide of Elizu-
th and tho north sale of An.
fgela to the waitter;
Third Preclict: East side of
Elizabeth to the water and thel
north side of Angola to the wa-
tFourth Precinct: West side ofl'
Simonton and the -south si Angela 'tos the water;
Sift 'Pe4nctl East side of Si-
rnon*a i the south side of An-
gela tt Elm';
F Sixt eilnct: IKliminated isev-

Two Specials Leave
Two special trains left out yes-
terday bearing Shriners who
have bent spending a while in Key
West ant Ilavana. These were
the last of the specials that will be
delegation, the others to leave out
on regular trains as they arrive
front Hiv.nan.
Miami Makes Tampa Run
T'rle stteai islhil) MAlini, Captatinl
,1. T, Alhtlliry, left Saturday evo-
iinR' o'r Taupa, taking the place
rof the Cuba, which is now busy
on the lavana ruit handling the
hirge number of visltoris twho are
iuaking the trip back anti forth-
between Key VWe.N t uand the Cubtin
Pineapple Shipments
Thtr 'e were 4i eatrloads of pine-
napplies airrving here Saturday
night on the ferry ihoats from Ha-
vana, which were reloaded into
othet' 'ars hre yester-lay for ship-
ment north. shipment
amounted to 24,000 crates, memt
of which were consigned to the
West Ioindies ril it Inportilng
Company'with hcadqtiltrters i


*' I

Far ti7at sro; Club Meeting Tuesday
Sovtnth i'recinct: Plantation Th monthly buasilne meeting
Key ad. Lara'go; t of the Wo an's lub 'will be lold
Eighth pJecinct: -All that pot- tomorrow"fternooh at 4 o'elelt
ion Mutoe county on tb at he club house. The board of
inoiA"i1tl dir ctors will mooet at 3 o'clock.
Nith Precinet: Matceunilmb. The officers that were elected for
1928-211 will be installed at this
pOetw Bal's, a celebrated cali- tnie. 'Th chairman of depart.
raphelr of the titme of (uet'n Ellz- nents and standing committees
beth, is sai to have written the for the year will also he an-
hole of the Bible on i piece of nounceid by the president, besides
alum which was so small that it other activities to be carried on
uld be hidden in tih shell of It during the proposed session,
n'p egg. * *
STo Hold Convention
tlg Gistav of Sweden was an The grertt council of the order
ve participant in the rece''nt of l' d Men will be held at Sc-
Insrtilonesaflw'l tennis toaurna- bring, Flu., hoginning May 15.
nt of Mentone. Tlie delegation from Key West
..-. uhich will attend the session will
Charles Wesley, the faious -oaasiat of Cli'cnce C. Symenette,
Minister, was the eighteenth lnd Jose.moph Kemp, Wallace Pinder,
is brother John the fil'lftecnlth ,Jo.t'ph Rtoberlt, S. Itoberts and
hld in the family. Noel Solomon. The Key Westers
.---- c"'"pect to leave here about May
BHB PAYtI may5-2t I10, Mrs. Symonetta will make

(1)y Anasplatent PrfliN)
MIAMI, May 7.--Despotlntm of
such a nature as to "destroy the
freedom of our citizens," under-
world alliance, summary execu-
tlon, and revival of tortures of
middle ages were charged to the
Miami pole department in a fi-
_9k l of a Dade County
ry t.4~i 4. Qp,4ng nearly
tio.mO fthta ef jnkiuveo litV t.t.*
g'ation ef the dlipAttlanten't. "'.
The grand jury Indicted Chlet
Leslie QOitg: and several menm-
bets of i departinent n killing
tuid heating cases. Quirp andl
three other members of the do-
partmenat *were re-ently acquitted
of the liuider of' a nrepr't 1,tsonet'
for which they wvere indicted hy
the present Of the chief in its final report
the inquisitoritil hbody Itd he' i
1"wlolly unfit .or tilte office."
Quigg: is under uspellsion noiw.


(Continued from Page One)
bert"-to the delivery boy, "let
ime see that bill iagaln."
Chnries Gates Dawes relisleas
tilit 'LtorV, i(nd his friends pay it
-htows a side of his character of
which the public knows little,
Despite denials that he is a
candidate Vice President
Dawes is mentioned among
possilehe republican presiden-
tial nominees, and in his na-
tive state of Ohio J. has
beets declared secot lsholce
of several delegates'pledged
to the late Sen. F. B. Willis.
The same Dawes who airguled
placidly with the Marietta store-
keeper i the Dawes who swept a
stormy path through the world
war, who boomed "Hell and
Marial" at a congressional war
Ltvestigating committee and who
seat the senteate oto ai tumult of
wottnded pr4.- ldth -s harsh
wards, deiverietr harshly, about
There are two facets of his
character that stund out most
He asserts that "Right is right,"
and when he makes the statement
it i asnot an e pigram, but a
course of life,
He has a fetish against tany
procedure that snuacks of being
fettered by worn out customs.
As soon as he gets his bearings
in it position, public or private,
what he considers red tape short-
ly is ribboning behind his spare
frame in split streamers.
Dawes was educated for the
law. He was born at Marietta in
S18165 and obtained a law degree
,roin the University o Cincinnati.
He practiced for a time at Lin-
coln, Neb., but definitely aban-
doned his vocation in the nineties
to enter the public utilities field.
lie wan: comptroller of the cur-
rency In 1897 and founded the
Central Trust Company of Illinois
it 1902.
When the United States en-
tered the world war he went
as a .lieutpajlnt colonel of
railroad engineer'. He 'ended
up a brigadier general in the
service of supplies.
Harding, in 1921, namined himnt
director of the bureau of the bud.
get, but lie came to greater fame
for his activities as head of the
committee of experts of the
reparations commission and his
part in framing the Dawes, plan
of German reparations.

the trip with her husband, and
wil visit in that city during the
convention day .
Hannibal To Soil
U. S. S. Hannibal, which has
been in port several days, expects
to sail tomorrow for the maneuver
area in Cuban waters to get some
barges and other equipment of the
survey unit and bring them to Key
West to be reconditioned during
the summer season. A crew of
workmen will also be left here.
f' *
To Add New Numbers
Some new numbers will be add-
ed to the program of the Little
Theatre Movement, which is to be
repeated by request at the Convent
auditorium Wednesday night.
Those in charge of the program
deem some additions advisable,
even though those requesting thd
repetition wished the program to
be as it was first given. The
proximity of the end of the school
term necessarily debars any
lengthy additioti, but those to be
shown .Wednesday night will be in
keeping with those already given.


Mrs. Lucille Hall was among the
recent arrivals front Miami, ac-
companied by her mother. They
came in over the highway, and ex-
pect to spend it few weeks here
visiting relatives.
R. C. Williams, connected with
the Ea oast forces at Miami,
was nn arrival in the city this
morning. He will spend several
days in Key West attending to
business matters.

Peter 0. Knight, prominent at-
torney of Tampa, was an arrival
in the city this morning on the
steamship Miami. Mr. Knight will
remain here for a while attend,
ing to business matt+ "
Mr. and Mrs.. ifte Manson'i
formerly of K WeiT, But 'who'
are now making theih-home In Mi.
ami, are spending a few days'
visit in Key West. They came
here with the Shrine delegation,
HIollon Bervaii, connected with
the local postoffice, who had been
on a visit to Miami and other
points up the state, has returned
to the city. Mr. Dervaldi alse
took In the Shrine celebration
while in Miami..
D. E. Miller, past potentate of
Medinak Temnle of Shriners, Chi.
cago, extensive pineapple importer
and well known In Key West,
mingled with friends here while
the large delegation from his lodge
was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Webtor Russell, after
spending several days in Miami
and surrounding points, has re-
turned to While in Mi.
ami, Mrs. Russell took in the
Shrine festivities carried on dur.
ing the days of the convention re-
cently held.
Sister Mary, mother general of
the Mother. Pouae in Montreal,
who is visiting in Miami; Sister
Alice, sitter superior of Eson hos-
pital in Miami, and two assist-
ants who are Franciscan sisters,
arrived over the highway yeater-
day, spent the night as guesta of
the Convent of Mary Immaculate,
leaving th4s morning on the ro*
turn trip.

' ; / ,- t ,
./' t '


---- --ror~--CI~WI-r-C--C





s AeeS *ete4at Prtoser
ALBANY, N, Y., May 7.--Mrs.
PFhrene Knapp took the witness
statlid tam mornl g in hor own deo
fense against a charge of grandC
lareeay In 'enineetof with alleged
misuse of state census pay
eheek, She st"id 'she had a house
In Oylaiayuse hiM HO. eiaehterod of-
Iia',. .and i' ag >wll0^44 -a',

Lhat before i el o'e she
also had 'a utI %"n0o cashIl. j
0 i **O 001. O^**,:ni

Mi', and Mrs. K,'rbert Wee'ci x-
pect to leave 'thday for eMiali,
where they will, pend several
ay ' '
-Judt e Lake J.r, of JA"ml.i-
vlule, is in the q. ydy, having
arrived yes tev'4'Mn open federal
court here thi m r
WilliaN' o Cm n u of
Investment T'omptny.V, I y
nlay for Mian lh hi a been
monetd is na Jor fed rg)ota'rt
there. '.
Mr. and Mrs.
ter a visit in Key'K ie ofw al
highway en rnte "to hoeit(onte
in Miami. '
Pani-ho Arl i, poninent cia'
manufa tureaior Tampnt, was ,nn
arriva-lbfeIthd'tl this nosrnITng ft
the stoAimtsllpJ latl tor n shita
stay in Key W" lat. ,
R. X. Joli i who l) hbI
spendiitg asv at weeks it Tam,
and others pqi on the west ca
retuafed to toity this moral
on the stanm I p Miami. ..
J i V z r I
Captain' *(1* Mtrs Clark i
Stearms, Wi ?.*'i4idawts r.
and Mrs. fl ,. t,f .'rittabiurw ,
Ila., arrived oear ,tht'. h hway yes-
tLeiday to f5jif 1s ,6Alhayi ,'
Minss Av Piadr, who had
been spendinAg a While visiting In
Key West with relatives, was a
passenger leaving over the East
Coast yesterday for her home in

i .vri-2t
it y 52t



SSupply stationery, cards, office forms,

legal forms, posters, signs, bill heads, etc.

It in the city a INGd we want you to

ST Reasonable Prices

SWe supply stationery, cards, office forms,

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I No matter what your printing require-

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If we can save money for others we can

save money for, you. Our prices are the

|lowest in the city and we want you to

"! make us prove it.

I the Artman Press,

1125, Duval St. Telephone 66

i ?<4A wig. l.



and tropical isles.
'vwo saililgs daily betveean No
Nane anliL,bower Matecumbe.
No a"r* P. M.
Arri 8 |2i:3Q P.;~ ,'and
+ B,!o e: M.

Miami, Miami Motor Ci ,'
Key West, Trevor & Merri

_I __ _I______ I_

EXPERT PRAISES KIRCHHEINER TO GET lin di foi n u Dedeam..eti C0 re s. '
PLACE ON TICKET IN n. vot nuoin.I (,I ,,,iiIiiiyr.y, ti At St. Jo-Septf Steol
QUAINT HOUSES SPITE OF COMMITTEE The,,i. ,. v" Draws Large Audience
QUAINT. *HOUSESW Te vot w,| to(ki|,o ifil'vi ( k___ I
. (Continued front Pageo One) '(omnittep huo hlild ptil litii,,l rie declamation contest at St.
MUCH OP CITY'S CHARM DUE i me ut up the Mr. Kirchheiner .ts out tht h Joseph school yesterday, irn Im-
1 elner's name put upon the iMr. Kirchhvinm, ,wts out tlil hi.
TO OLD STRUCTURtE4, AR. ballot if he passes upon the "diid not vote for the nomin, 1or iportant annual event of the in-
matter. Whether he will or nominees of uny other political stittlion, drew in unusually large
TIST SAYS ,nay depend upon the action p" tyi iO ltl last eonril li, rowl to witness the iompemtioi i
..0t th il executives committee. lion." in which 10 boys partllphtdd. 4
If this body challknre~- his right Coommentin upon th i ilttvr, P. Artman, Jr., was awarded
"WVe are very n, leaned to render a decision, the Judn'e Senatr Mlo. tol th r telt ti t, aie; Antho ny otpe,
with Key West ani th 'lmeo old may step down Knd olut. In such tee that the attorn'cv gnt-rl lia.h s1oti; and John Hiaskin, h!rd.
bIuildlngs which hell ,' create an event, some other jiat~e would just ruled that neither n county
such a charmingi ia- here of have to hear the case. executive comniittee, a hlnrd I l'hpri".es are gold medals.
quaintness," said Mi. ,,A Mrs. '. If, on the other hnsd,, which is county commissionCrs, nor the i'Vh.y will II, presented later. "
L. Butler, of Pitd"bul' I, who are considered most likely, such a attorney general has any right to All the participants are report- t
here for the f'icrt iv, having protest should he over-ruled, the paws upon the qualifications of ia ed 'to have (done exceedhigly well ,
come down ftom iat i a.t i i guests committee would still have the candidkate, in his opinion. andl decisions of the jildge.< proved
of Captain 0A MI 'i :'arns. rtrht to appeal. It is doubtful, if ,i camidate makes a iU difficult, so close were the score.
Mr. Butler i "h itdily' known however, if such i course will be oath, Mr. Malone held, onp re *
artist. He sayst' Io h,.pes that new taken. instead, it reems more course is to indict him for thi.i S1ll,11 '.,'AYS1 nuittyr.-2
people coming! in, as he feels sure likely that if tuch a protest is ,,ffene. Another, hie il(, is to. ____ _
they will, will not. letroy those made and L wever-ruled, and the bring "quo wvarranto proceed ll'..
bulldhittS to riepla' them with judge Mr. Kirchhe , M -ftn .tj -
i .oe aI.n t *Ie .'l e Lonoie th tt or thTJrllr o wR 4Kestores 'J
=n eo!,'(,EN'ui'e, mioc w4AiU' rather ali'tI, 'it s.. ,.e ust,'i ';l' v ne1^ .. ner'y l1( I
.nd p.te' -n lian l ), Iv 0 f 'r i -"the I It cun l i9 ur. C' ti Ang+, ho edsld, ,Enery n
that trehrt't 1 Stbe 0.1.1t-0t1 ^pably_ be expectedd to. IaRos'yl ot* t t 1()9V Cheteks8
"rcilencC', IoAei olf the ,, dl edthis' ni "i'h sa ow As WUe OW
Mr. and Mr'.'"Butie. c.ntio ihe lho t take the candidate'- for litimore, h vinoe: h
Wesint t.ter of de al o,rt ihw th. ,. ha ed t t t th' o. M. i --

pinto ],I,,, onexts nhthin to ul l etn ,, r r(s he .rh i Ov'rtoa r .
Sal -_-rd or osng of he elien ti the uin' tu fel- Mr. Keating Called To DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE
FOnralCTou AO urns t Fo tid byM rt, irhiIpJiauothet ud Bedside of His Wie Chill Tic

Ad jo u rn or .' I'll".to n 1'e `... 1R 'N Joe.
Only .0 T jOt ior recetlyan I'ritrihurd withi his en-; ---- llcA ,
Another Five Months l y f'e d suterwltrdt hver, out r W ortr for the circui t ini Plon| ---tS..II7 __a_ I I
wiwll be n r,,i"h l,)r tihe t ain tuned tadt a niht for he p n'e hvde in ...... .... ,hn'
prini te of federal ot l court ih ll tth.e t te has ehard ilo in eclinnd -calld there to the e -
Key West clavetned this morninR e.l tit)' .n irtnce illee, smila ing renting, yathose addition ih s 'n t I .S .'ia-r Co.
with .luidge itke Jones press linug1 tuahe' Wold t all al "aie rowne f oI ported ut less favrt di hlf Or nt hulth r e- v
lad joiiirncd afta' (idispnslii of th ;'ing ittpc this attrnint, to ul- Mra', Ki, etina is datiuhtir or. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE
eitpetition for taturi lia- Li'' munl o auMS, whc on th e Judge 't rson 1 lrown.. W i .
H F ,/ .. .e uhie I ,i'a l boa, t o ,'ji,.,, i,'1 I he (' .,,i ,'t It..ti .
y n... . d.rn t' .. a for th '.t rt r iikint fi r l the circuit il Phone5 73 817i P uil.l .'4
f t next I' 1 ) iit.In II' l co lln r! She has ibeen il. declinii ho all i .... ....

/ iCol at e ,200, 'x .i'.h, S(atilallA.hi, ,inmlieoi. "rec wnte tvii."ansd, ndhi t, V"l-enA
a tt .il. wife ofl itli -i" to *lidl' IBrowne 'oi It imuch time ntit iifrfi'nt h<;ialth r"- To! 0
-- teol citizenship:%"'it oI' nt iilu -, which i,' .''nt. sors. i .i J
pa /"I^ '' i' ;d 'ill lesat loiroi'. Itoin thl e'i ....-' K W E? *
Un t le ticket. A copy of the wri high -rltool trii ti' ii;s 'il- ViA THE I.
wfzer fHas Just Pat f I WI% .ed ('irin, ,t,,i i,;r'.iI1 -livmt on c. f- Ia aS V iHE
/ Cofaty $6,200, 7laXiS l'ritelmnrd Stut-dta t-vettiniy. ," e ,t' lthilin,, ., ih t.i' OVE.WSEA
The meeting this morning, Ici'Ito lt. a di.(stanltce reord oIl' III(iHWAY' AND)

ahd'adjusting tax matters for he M4. Kirchheiner's application, ihing he course.
Kev TLarfo City Proporties, Ii, .. lasted but a few minutes. It .. 125 miles over sunlit waters

resiulting in the payment of nhoit >vas the opinion of the comr. Sll' l'Y AYS!
$6,200 into the county treasury, inittee that regardless of the
Paul A. Belser is Ilaving this af- exact wording of the law, and .--- ..
ternoon for Miami. however Mr. Kirchheiner may
The, Rdjinttmtents wore malde. tave voted in the last elec- IyIEI3S LU
u on the same basis as the recent tion, Ie evaded the spirit and should not be "dosed."
:tlementwith R. C. Perky, whih-ia the intent of tihe law by run. I them ewttKty with-
Rced i% valuation of $50 petaere ir ninna against a nominee of .fll
'upland and $10 on lowlandR. 'the Democratic party.
S ---.......... When the quoestlon of whether
-yHI PAY -i t li- e should lie allowed to vote or h e in d









(Ii AMsuelated I'reis)
MIAMI BEACH, Fla., May 7.
-"The name 'Florida' means
'Land of Flowers.' Our visitors
expect to find beauty."
This was the concluding state-
ment qf a 'plea made by L. B,.
H:c Southerland, of Miami; member
of the committee on beautiCica-
tion and roads, of the Florida As-
sociation of Real Estate Thnar, to
delegates to the annual State
ileautification Meeting, for en-
couragement in efforts to beautify
the state,
"We instituted a campaign in
1020 to remove the visible evi-
dences of the speculative period
in the dilapidated subdivision on-
trances, abandunud field offices
and lonesome looking street inter-
section zrrkern," declared Mr.
*"It even went so far that
in Central Florida, a real es-
tate 'night-riders' group was
organized which went about
its territory with trucks and
saw and hammers to reliove
,/ the marks on the landscape.
There is still more for us to
do along this line."
Mr. Southerland referred to
two comments from proinellnt
persons of other states of the
country on the need of' more
beautification in Florida, One of
th ln, he said, was from former
Governor Sweet, of Colorado,
who wrote the State Chamber of
Commerce that "boom evidences"
were still marring the highways
(if Floridal in sumeo localities.
"The state association has a let-
ter written to the Florida Indus-
trial Survey by the president of a
large research organization of
Washington, I). C. Among other
comments, this gentleman said:
'The most impressive to me
Sis the necessity of the people of
Florida becoming thoroughly
aroused to the commercial, as
well a- tho aesthetic, value of
beauty. The American people are
wonderfully effective in 'ugliflca-
tion' of scenic und other features,
injuring the landscape whenever
possible by signs and neglected
S" 'When' first I went to Flor-
Sda, I was greatly impressed with
this, At that time people wore
repelled and investments held
PC back by the general neglect of'
appearances. Of recent years,
however, there has been a notable
change, but there is much to be
e "'On, my latest trip, I was
S particularly Impressed by the
number of abandoned build-
ings and the neglected ap-
S pearance of the outskirts of
many of the towns along the
main tourist routes.
"'The first impressions of a
strainor in these towns osis repel-
lent. It is useless to advertise
widely ntd then hia't' possible in-
vestots repelled.
few hundred dollars spent
in painting and cleaning up and
removing abandoned structures
would produce larger results than
twice that money spent in some
other way'."
ee*********************eeeee e


Today be lgins thu, ~iual ob-
servance of National Music Week.
Greeting.s' to Governor nhtd Mrs.
Alfred E. Smith, on their 28th
wedding anniversary.
The Americnn Penae" Suelty
will icelebrate its one hundredth


anniversary in Cleveland during
the week beginning today.
Centenmry of the birth of John
lFranklln Carll, whose pventionsi
- proved valuable in the develop-
ment of the petroleum industry.
The U. S. Department of Agri-
culture is to issue a report this
afternoon on the condition of the
crops as of May 1.
D)tlaa 'will entertain the an-
nua' meeting of the National Con-
ference oi City Planning during
the fdtr day's beginning today.
Primaries will be held in Mary-
land today for the cxpreaisiua of
presidential preference nnd choice
of candidates for U. S. senator.
Important quettionj are to
cuOne before the annual convnr-
tion of the lutornatlonal Ladies
S Garment Workers' Union, iidch
begins t: sessions in Boston to.
SItE PAYS! "" mayi-2t

SI .

Handsome City Center CC A MOVES TO

Will Rise From Ruins IAVE HER MUSIC

Of Fall River's Fire

From the ruins of Fall River's $0,000,000 fire of February is to
rise in the center of the Massachusetta city a model district with
60-foot streets, new city hall and federal building, and a parked
square, as designed in 1920 and sketched in the diagram above.
Mayor W. Harry Monks (right) Is heading the group which has
turned misfortune to good account.


IHA ANA, Cuba, May 7, -Cu-
ban ne vspapers are giving enthu-
siastic support to a bill introduced
In longtsas by Reupresentatilv
PlntuK i.lo, making it obljga-
tory for 10 pe cent of all music,
played ij public places or at. e0s-
tsablluBhtntt that charge admhi-
alon, to 4y Cuban authors.
Tle.0 l i t alnited at the grow-
ISg popirlt y hero of' the fox.
trot, which is rIplacling the tra-
ditional C tban "dazeon" aMnwn
he youna 'r set, Shortly after
the 'lill w-s presented, a Cuban
couple bro iht a cli 'rge of ob.4
taking mniO (y under false pie--
teouns against the proprietor of a
dhnre hall 'i Marianno. allegIun
(hat they hail paid two dollars to
thince, and that not a sltngle dan-
oun was played by the orcheotrin.

I 9 S 5 S * s

A bobbed-halr'd won';an Judg'"
recently setlntetl(d a wagon-dri.ver
to 1 2 months'., hard labor for
crOUlty to a husore in Moscow.
Ne'Ile ,N'work QuIen lof Scots, Queen Elsabeth,
anid Margaret Beaufort, the mo-
ther of henry VII., was receatl.
vxhibitvd in London.
Thirre are 42,1192 womi n e m-
jIplyedI undelgroUqin ilfth mirlne'
if Japan at present, "nd npow rour-
lulatlonos provide that no more
shall be employed.

,lly Assoclntled .ress) IFor the second tfc'e~ssive year
S ..., M ,* \'ot \' a ,oun Ionian studnt of Rad-
SAL.L RIIVE, las., May 7. Arrannenwits tfor i ne itn d l ,1 1011 tUeI lf RaId
--This textile cit has tir 'ned d. erd building li, e bluc n inulL llet,, A I t. ,a. ;...
aster to advantage. 11ew city hull will it lillt earhWy. N wo .nh valued at .i,-
When fire roared throuu.h 0 The land Ibtween the twu new to llowshipaluedit ,-
acres of buildings in the heart ol structures, ntiw o'cupiled by lt
the financial and business district; old federal bui!d:ig. will ibe set Ont w-ell-knowI clergyimn .i who
on February 2, the city was pre. aside for a park. has officTiteid lit hundre'dl of
pared in an unusual way for the This sriuure, with tihe two pub.- mnriages declares thut bride do
disaster. lie buildings facing across it, will not blush as mth as they used
Plans nmde eight years ago, un.- serve in a utilitarian way as well to, and that scarcely one woman
der the direction of the city plan. as to beautify the center. It will in a hiulred ever blushes at all.
ning board, for improvement of admit light and air. It willto-. ... ,
streets, park sand public build- vide additional ;space for the Giv:ng recognition to whay~is
igs were taken from the files. parkipg of mtotqr vehilels and ad. ld tobe on0110 of the os0.o .o-
The loss of come $0,000,000 ditlonal room for pedestrians. 11n:kable records in flyihft to
w a severe blow t te city, al. A nd its esgned to ser. a whic,.h any woman can lay claim,
Ss t t le city, al fitre.-StUp in case Unotherl confla.Lh. e Inteiatiomni Avia.,rs1,
ready hard lit by depre'asio t'to grotiQoi threatens the district, League has confelmred the hoeAur
the textile inklustry that afl'ecttd Forty and 50-foot stre-tas will of first m 'enider'li in its newly
ithi great mills. Nevertheless., an be oxpandod to widths of (1U feet o, anlzed wonitn's braifb ''ye
ordinance ,ininmediately was ipuissed in the neighborhood. ,lA. Phoche Fairgrave 'rQii al,
forhidddiag the erection ofl new Thus the f!ro, through the dlt'. ,M iiis. Tenn., who w 'A4h
buildings until plans for the roj teniination of the people and thoSouth,'s first woman flter,
,onAtruetlon of the burned area government, has made nos'ble ...
wero approved. A cablegram to improvements that might not GOLF GAME COSTS $2,500
Egypt anummnunid Arthur A. otherwise have been invade In ......
Shurtleff, town planner, home,.e. years. SNNIN(G;)AI Eng,-Play-
Working since that time And the city has mninde good the Ing golf on the locil course, Miss
with Mayor W. Harry Monks, ulilnouincencert picpiard for high- Ethel Shu,1v lost n $2,500 pesal.'
a committee of citizens, a 'way billboards on the day after
merchants' committee and I lithe fire: 'the Arierl'itan I Foulndyiilen's
the planning board have now "Yes(, we had a big fire. It, was Association next month will
decided to widen half a mile n real one. But we also ht v I award a prize for the best s r-
of streets that proved too !big city with real people ill it. We vice, or a drawing or model of
narrow for business or safe.- ty in the event of fire. I1 better than I.ver." Llie best idea for eeoffbtlnical pro-
Sduction of castings.
Pi \W rk S tem TlCe ve ienge annual consunip-
Piecework System In Cane Fields per pit of *t,,co ;tie
T Tr .. xr. litiltcd States Is about six pounds.

S ESaerCRI iaWaiian

(MYAr A140Muini i I'rfsll
HONOLULU, May 7. Thli
piecework system is raising cane
in Hawaii.
But John K. Butler, executive
secretary of the Iawailan sugar'
Planters Association, which will
contribute 800,000 tons tu the'
world sugar crop from its 40
plantations this year, says that is
what 'It was intended to do. Tile
assoclatlon, a clearing house for
sugar information, in handling the
problem of plantation labor.tsB
found *-pplication to agriculture
of the piecework idet used in fac-
tories as a basis for work and pay
decidedly advantageous.
Thessterrn, tried out among-
the 80,6000 Filipinos comptriiung
most of the workers in the sutgal
cane fields, resulted in more work
being done by each laborer, with
consequent increase In compensa-
tion to the men and decrease in
plantation overhead. In fact. so
successful has the system been
and so helpful the Filipinos that
any legislative effort to bar them
from United States territory would
be regarded here as a blow t
Hawaii's greatest industry.
Upwards of 90 per cent of the
work on the plantations now is
done on a piecework basis, Mr.
Butler aaid.

For Infants sad ChdMrea
Ahni boo^ -..-

Sugar Yleld

-- -----I --I I

Wof fat. e grocers s Iad
Coinssmlles Mereassae
611 Shnt ITH&MT Va
L. 0. ea s Key West. "Pa.

SilE PAYS! may562t

Solid Conafof't
and Excellent Cuisine

....h l ;-. "^ *. t

I MlQND,. InMl-Mrs. J. X.
V4terrs tubhld her husband in a
qmirrel that started when he
truiped hdk. ace in a gamq of
In certain southh African tribes,
onthe diy of hie marriage, while
the festivities areigoin on, the
br l*Igroom's hands are lned up In
a aug contanting'a number of
fire ants. If he is able to bear
th0 torture unm'ovd, he is de-
clared a fit W1.dtda~e for matri-
mony and the marriage cere-
monies proceed.
Each tiny sufficient rain falls
upol" the earth to fill a'reservoir
400 miles square to a depth of 10
feet. It dccendk at the rate of
sixteen million toas a second.
One of London'i odd clubs Is
"The Finger Club," the members
of which witre mot allowed to uso
knivoa '04r fork They must eat
,with tlV.!v/fln^'r ,j
,SHE PAYS! ,ay.-2t
Sxtra Special
Our prices include the making
and printing of yorq PICTURE
without extra L(St.
Candidate cards sixo 2x4, pie.
lure printed on back.
Each additional thousand-
$1.00. . ..
Candidates laucards size 11x14,
pietu.e included.
Each 'additional hundred-
These prices are just a sample
of Artman Pr6s prices. We pur-
chase in large quantities and give
you the benefit.
125 Duval St. Phone (6






steamer to sasivon -'
Direct Rail ConnectionA
for all points in Teas, S .- S.
Arizona, New Moxico N E 3rd St.
California, .,aOt. i i iA
AutomobiWl Carrled I A M OO DA Overtbe Automo*
bile Dtiveway enables you
to drive y car to the ality Nt O Wo*
dock at Key Weat. An

MALLO Y LINE Promj-vite
Key W st, Flotl da .

MIaMi-Key West Bis Line
Loe ves Hotel La Coneca all atit 1 it. a.
The LovCli B.U I4heMInc. .p
Bgilanin a through service both ay# bQt4esi Key West
and Mi I by motor bus over the Or4.aery it, ay i.
Tio the Bus From Key Woet t INo, Key.
transfer for the Exhllarating'e FrPty ide'
Take Bus From Matecumbe to Miami .
Comfor ile Bases A Pleassat Ride *' Rasosable states

I ; ^ *.

.... --

Sir l'raneis Galton, t Englih
selentist, who has miled' lthe miiet.
extensive stt)dy of .ig~oer.print ,
(Istinulto tHatt1io -inncs'm, aje
04)000,040,000 to nthc against
two finger-prlnts being exactly


with your

Gas Man

The business we are
engaged in is a public
trust. The obligation

imposed is to
adequate and
able service.


This involves the intel.
ligent and willing co-
operation of our em-
ployees. They are the
human factor upon
whl~h we depend for
good service, and busi-
ness success.

The public

has the

right to expect courtesy
and an intelligent ap-
preeiatIo0 o.Its needs.
ese are ur first ublf.
'ations and we strive to
fulfill them because we
know that in fulfill-
ment there lies a full
measure of satisfaction
and success, shared
alike by customers and


Key West Division

~~dsvat ~WO e1dai qt ;SUMS

S Lv. Key W0e or Port lo ,.l.a 7 T M a.d odayPs id alt
-Tickelt, Rservatlons and Infor tiqu 1s0$4r 1t 0 ... *e I' V
Dock, 'Palm T: ,7 ,


S For Your


"The Art'man


h LA

S ,


It Is Your Life Line
Ke.y Your Systeim Clean With
Schmidt's System Renovator
And Florida Red Birds
For Sale By

T -

TsSM3! WIVTt c'maawx

e""eee*eoeae"" eeu"e eee' V THE CAT CAME BACKI *

INTERESTING NO. tES 'P n ,00,,bm t At c T.E. MILM
(IIIhy 1014.l Mowbl~yn to
To E9
*550****** O*********** hi 0,w c,,(,;,, a' ,i,,on.r jumped L
Utidlway ticlkct ma y hie' lbuamlt m rlhu:ri l 'l h F'lanihorough Illadl .. A
in Flif'land on thu installment and swim 4L.i'reI, returning to N OT A R Y '
,pU,. th ilu. Ml, y home. NOTARY PUBa
--.. .. ... .............
Most ,if tihe numerous templ:c , ,, , ,,,xtn.,,,,th tuy "
thrughuut China are painted i o lZ O
rod. a rInt as it oudgl of hi 4 rofes-
While taking off her Russioalan a esl idee II
boots, a woman In England gav, 4 ll
so vigorous a tug that' she broke SHE PAYS. mniy-2l
her left thigh hone. ----. -- -
= -_ :2 : ++' [
In Iluenus Aires a city ordli-
nunce requires that all automo- TEA
biles using the public thorough-
.. ....a h.a1I bh et t,.,,sl y 1 UNITED STAT.S V



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