Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
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Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Uniform Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Florida Democrat, and mechanic's & workingman's advocate
Florida Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: J. & D. Jordan, Junr.
Publication Date: March 29, 1849
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: James & Dillon Jordan, Jr., <1848>; Philip E. Lavallet, <1849>; A. Marzoni, <1851-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 44 (July 13, 1848).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 11, no. 46 (Nov. 13, 1856).
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a GwxIsJm 5 UIV I t V W

,, he subscriber havig pqrhiased thi
.P-Prefss" solicits a dontinuationi of the
".betal patronage it has heretolore enjoy
1'1d, and ihe encouragement op' the reading

public generally. He is fully advised o
the difficulties ad perplexities that front
imne to. time assail the Proprietor of
; Newspaper, in his career. But htini
.rnpted to this adventure not only by
a desire to effect an honest support fo
timrself, and those who have sacred claim
to 'lih.mn for assistance, but also by a de
sire.to co'nitribute to the extentt of his hum
A le abilities t i he interest and entertaim
meant of the public, by the disseminaiio1
of useful inforrnatlon ind inistrUctive ?e
lectien-. and E.itorials, he feels embn.I
dJened to encoiinter them. relying for vie
story upon his owu industry and applica
ltion, and the iudulgence,'of a generous
and'fotbearing public, He has not th,
'vanity to assert that.he will bring to thi
management of this Paper, superiority o
tlatel, but will make bold to say,, thao h
Will -devote io it all his taste' ahd: ex1-e
rience as a practical Printer. In the Edi
torial Department he will be favoured wtnl
the a.siitance of gentieinen who occupy
f promineint position for talents, He i
z a native of Pens icola, and has thus launch
ed his little t, Barque" upon the tempe.
tiuous se i of lifeS bIusiness'" iii the midst
mfthe associates of his early and halcvut
dayvsof bovhoK, HRe therefore re's0na
bly ani naturally' indulge th6 pleasiii
hIp.., that here, in his "own native land"
he will have extended to him, the land
f generous and clihering friendship. Be
ing a "Mechanic" by choice anid pursuit
6e feels assiired, that his honest and mod
rate a-pirations for success in this under
Staking, will meet with a generous respohs,
in the bosonm of every brother mechauic
T''he claims of "ihe' Mechanic and work
inr man" will ever tiid in this Paper. (as
they have heretofore done) a bold, ardhn
mid fearless advocate. One that will dis-
regard the frowns of wealth and the inso
ience of office, when they are resorted tc
in suppression of the demands of trtmh
niorit anid justice. As Pensacola seems
destined from present indications, soon it
become a great Cominmercial'r Depot by
the aid of Railiotads, whereby mnauy pei
0Vbns residiing at a distance .mwy, become
identified with its prosperity the "Florida
Democrat" shall keep-them regularly and
promptly advised of all matters of a busi.
ness nature, which may be interesting oi
beneficial to them.

O NE of ihembst remarkable instances
of "the success which attends well
applied energy and perseverance, is ex-
libiffcd'in the case of Dr. DAVID JAYNE,
of Philad&lphia, with whose advertise.
nientp th i.readers of the Register are
familiar. "tbe Docto.r, after spending
xB.any years of his life in practice, and a
carefuli inv-estigation of the origin and
charcicter of di-ease%, applied himself to
thoe.prepar.a~iomi of remedies, and the ex-
ceeience e'f his compounds is attested, by
the gratefol hanks of thousands, who
h.t.|raved the benefits of hba skill and
s~e~i~'c-knowledge. His are not mercy
qut"fe aostr.ums, but preparations result.
iBigrjo'iilong and careful study, sod as
thvs.erve, in an eminnt degree, the
gotd purposes for which they were in
tended, s'uvcess has followed the proprie-
tor's en i"piand labors His establish.
ment is.now oie of the largest in the
U~t~di( 'States, anai besid, s furnish rig
every" city, town, and township in the
country with his invaluable medicities,
he ships, armually, Immense quantities
to foreign lands.
-. hl- the prosecution of his plans for.

briiing hit specifics,to the notice of the
whole of people, Dr. JA:NE has issuebt
.A Family Almanac, containing certifi.
cates am'd testimonials of the 'highest
character We sed it stated in the Ger.
mnaitovn Tylegraolf, that last year, one
million oftfle. Almanacs were published
for 1-848, nd all distributed. T, is year,
the demr.dlbr 849,ie so great, that two
power .presses, d-riven by steam, are rmn-
.Pinhjgay and pight, with a double set of
4aEds, and areutableto rije; the demands
Lf the .blie foh.b A lmaiais, Indeed,
&,14.' VAiq who do
t ., (' l" ( d, 7-t. ,
Whe pies "S rI', 'have f(ond it. .-ecessary.
to neet the wants,'-of the ,pblhiher, to ob-
j4ia t4ird power iress' Two millions
a d alilf copies -vll "be required forI
1849, c'piipuhig from twelve to fifteen
thottisao' reAi h vif 1a1ier, anid' incurring.
Ahn axp'eis^ *'L vety small. rate of two
\ eensVeaah.cpy :.od vt_..1#ifot see how
,ci.;ri.sked o q lowj a pricae-
.-O~t o fl y.tbovj^40 This is won-
'.erl"e't^iIi9,Q a(:it, dqea, pne ofp the
.e ~~kle. iI .ea.(i.e .ehtdrprise
.. :., .this
,. Na frwti of 'if4it&4



Volume 4... Pensacola, Florida March 3 8, 5849.

entirely given away-the wvhol, two iul- ness, MNIny persons who) have been deaf
lions and a half of Alina-acs are gra- fi)or ten, fiteeni, ov twenty years, and were
,uiidusly given to merchants, stoiekeep subject to, ie ear trurnmp)et;, have alter
ers, families and individuals, with a view usin, oie or two bottles, thrown aside
10to their eneial _ratuitlous distribution these trumnpeis,_ being made perfectly well.
throughout the Unitedt Siaie.,. It has curnri cases of te,', fifteen, and even
The position of Dr. JAYNBis an en-. thirty years standing of deafness, Price
viable one achieved by his own unaided'il $,l per flaSk.
,nergv, industry, and enterprise-draw- .__
ing larelyv from an extensive knowledge HAY'S LINIMENT FOR THE

fol medical Jurisprudi.nce-andi he now
stands at the head of the discoveries o6
medicines for the million,"' wlhicli have
not only been pronounced to be nnequa lied
as remedies, .for the diseases severdillv' se
apart by the, proprietor, &c.', but destined
to con fer upon this human family incalcu-
lable betlefits, if] the Iqrmnej of restored.
riealth, a;nd prolornged existence-No-.
rislown Register. 0,

/ Drurgist Ptii nsacola.

"Long hair to a glory to woman," says -Paul,
SAnd all reel the truth oftthe pious quotation;
Preserve it then, ladies-your glory inav lall,
Unless you protect it with this prepay ration.
IF you wish a rich, luxuriant head of hair
free from dandrurl'and scurf; do not fail
o10 procure tlhe genuine Balm of Columibia
In cases of baldness it will more Lthlau ex-
ceed your expectation, lasy who have
lost their hair for twenty years, have h.d
i.reslored to its original perfection by the
use of this balm. Age stat or condition,
appears to be no obstacle whatever; it
also catises the fluid to flow with wiuch
the delicate hair tubes is filled, by which
means thousands (whose hair was gray as
the Asiatic eagle) have had their hair
restored to its natural ,color by this in-
valuable remedy. In all cases of fevr
it will be found the most pleasant wash
that can he used. A few applications. only
are necessary to keep the hair from falling
out., It strengthens the 'roots, it never
fails to impart a rich glossy appearance,
and as a perfume for the toilet it is unie-
qualled, It holds three tinqes as much
as other niscalled hair Vestorhtives, and
is more effectual
J Caltioni.--Nevei buy it unless
you find the name of Comstock'& Co..
proprietors, on the wrapper of each bottle
or you are cheated with a Counterfeit ar

r ER USED llr. *-
White Swellings, Inflamaition, Pain in
the Back, Weak Limbs' Tender or' Sore
Feet, and all Scrofulous Seres are speed-
ily and permanently cured by Coonell's
Magical Pain Extractor; Affections of
the Limgs, Ague in the Face, -Breait.
9 Tic-Di,,ilireaux. Chronic Sore Eyes,
I Blistered Surfaces, &c. It is equally ben-
efieial in all kinds of Inflamrnatory Diseas-
es, such as Sore Nipples andeyes, Sprain
Rheamatism., Whiie S willing and Ulcers
Bruises, Burns. Chilblains, Ervstpelas,'
Biles, &c. -will quickly be relieved by
the application of this slave. This 're.
markable sanative possesses many ',irtues
never found in any other article. It has
the moat psrfeet power over all pains by
fire, positively allaying the suffering al-
most immediately upsn its application.-
If any disbelieve the statements, we a
would earnestly invite them to, call anda
examine tde numerous unsolicited cettifi-
cates of remarkable cures wrougjiht. by'this
slave. [t has for months 'past been sold
upon the following liberal terms, to witi
if the user was not perfectly satisfied, and
even deiigh'.ed with its effectsA. and futh- ,
erniore, if it did not fully atswe.or our re-
eoinrhendaiion.4, their money was return-
d;.inirnedia;tely at their request. "Qn these
terrims ihis absolute heal-all is now sold, d
arnd we simply ask if the public can de- i
mand anything more reasonable? Kind
parent keep it constantly on h band'.; in ca- i
ses of accident by fire, life way 'be lost a
without it; but by its use all burs aa8se .
subject to its control, unless the vitals ato
destroyed. ;
Cautilon-No Pain'-Extractor can be t
genuiine unless you find the signature of a
Comstock & Co. on the wrapper of each ;
box. Beware ot the counterfeit. '

Comstock's Hewes' Nerve, ,and Bone
Ilinament, arid Indian Vegitable Elixir,
is warranted to cure any ease of Rheuma.
tism, Gout Cottractee chcridf and Mus-
cles, or Stiff Joints, strengthens weak
Limbs, and enables those" w*hq 'se crip-
pled to walk again. Use this article and
be cured, or go without it and suffer, as.
you please.. Certificates of cures'by the
hundred cah be seen at .21 Cortlandt-st.,
N. Y. where this article is sold only
enuine, -.'

the cum of Deafneas. Also, dill those dis-
agreeadteiises, like the buying of in-
se-c. alll p tf, watq. wabiAidg of steam
which && & iptm -af appWiohiw*b dvaf-

Tme worst attack ofhhe Piles are effec-
tlually and permanently curd ip a shot
time by the use of the genuine Hay's
Liniment. Hundreds of our firz. citizens
throughout the coun:rv have usel this lin-
iment wilh complete success.' It is 'war-
'ranted o Ctre the mmis.l agirava:ed case.
Catinu.-Nev'er buy it unless vou
find the names of (omnstck & Co. upon
the wrapper, proprietorsbf the genuine
article, or you a_,e cheated' with a coun-
terfeit. '

for the cute ofScorfula, Chronic Rheu-
matism, General Debility, Cutaneous Dis
eases, Scaly Er-uptionsof the Skin,''etter
Pimples or Pustiles on the Face, Liver
Affections, MFrcurial and Syphilis Disea-
ses, BileS froui an Impure Habit of ihe
Body, tlcerations of the Throat and Leg,
Pains aid Swelling of the Bones, and all
diseases' arising from an impure State of
the Blood, Exposure and hinprudence in
Life, E.Acessivr Use' of Mereury, &c?.
This sarsapatilia is warranted positive-
lY as good as any other (that Ceai be made
at one dollar.) at just half ;he pi i. of those
so much advertised, and as strong viz 50
ceaispef bottle, or six bottil-s for $2 50.
Reiemeber to ask for Comsntdck's Sarsa-
parilla, and take no other.

Why will you suffer with that distress-
ing complaint when a remedy -is at hand
that will not fail to cure you?. This rem-
edy will effectually dostrov any attack of
headache, either nervousof bilious It
hascured cases of twenty years' standing

:, :, OVERY, '
All expecting to becomnie mothers, and
anxious to a'oid- the pa in distress and
dingera ofchildbearing. are earnestly en.
treated to calm ihe'. feats, allay'thsir
nervousness, and soothe their wayhy the
use of this most extraordirtAry ,vegetable
production,. Those who will candidly
observe its virtues, mist approve of it in
their hearts ; every kind and affectionate
husband will fed it hi:s most solemn duty I
to alleviate the distress. his wife is exposed I
to, by a safe, and certain method, 'which i
is the use of the iotkaer's Relief,

I. For Colds and Feverish feelings and I
preventing fevers.
: 2, For Asthma, Liver Complaint and s
Bilious affections. '
3. For Diarrhwa, Indigestion antid Loss -
4. For Costiveness in female* and
males, and nervous complaints.
5. For Stomach affections, Dyspepsia,
Piles, Rheumatism. &c. The great points
are it is not bad to take, 'never gives pain, I
ad4 never leaves one costive
SDyspepsia aud Liver Complaint eired, e
and all Western and Southern Ferrs n
prevenied, in every case, bv the 1sb of c
Longlkys Great Wesiern Indian Pana-
ac", warranted to cure the most seterc o
cases ef the above eomplnints. Loss of it
appetite, bilious affections and indigestion, a
tre permanently cured by its uso. "The
great points-are, it is not bad to take; it.
hoes not leave the, bowels, costive, and g
never, gives pain im its operations- This t
Panacea will remove all the bad bile from P
he stomach and give tone to the system. ti
md keeps off all attacks of malignant fe- b
rers. if the'stomachis in a healthy slate ri
>nd the pores of thes kin are open, so as s
o admit of free exhalations from the body. e
here can be no attack ot fever This of. ti
ioe the Panacea w.ilt positively perform, u
td we recommend all to try this article tl
I they-wish to ensure health during 'the ti
rear. As.a~pmily medicine, it is ttfpar' d
'alleled for-co0ugs, colds, and all diseases n
)f the blood, and kidev and seorfula -c
complaints Sold at 69 "Second aL, St. d.
Lpatis. n,

Have you a Cough ?-Do not reeglect i
i..-sTte-tsands have met premature ci
leath for the wan: of attention to ef corn- P
non cold. Rev., Dr. Ba-tholomew's Ex,-
>ecterant Pink Symip will raost positively hi
rive relief mad save you 'from that most w
twful disease, Pulmonary Consumpiion, -
vhich usually sweeps into the gravethou- di
auds of the young, the oid, the luvely and -m
he ipy- .. ; '' t

ev.wdiscovery.-...)..QonneU's stdture
or Gdftiorrhoa and Glet, Seminal ejffu.
.ians and'Weakness of the ?ra orblai ol
e.L. Thiig ore 'contains n& injurious s

eeure of the ,iaaladies mentioned above, and
ap of those which follow, !'iz: Loss of Mus-
lar Energy, Physical Lassitude and General
rostraticn, Irritability, aud all Nervous Afe-.
ions. Indigestion, Sluggishness of the Lier,
leet, or Lucorrhoca or White a.r d lvnor Al-
is, andev ry disease ini any way ernttted
ith the disorder of .the Procreative Func:mOt
*in-all of which it will a1Krded ahlost hie me
ate relictf, and, if used as dkseted, i aliost-
imediate relief, add, if used as directed, 'i allf
ost certain to produce a positive and' perms-
intel.ie Penso.a .abol to marry,. if cony
'ious ofany weakness or disability of a.ceitqin
iture, should take this Cbrdial, as it will infalli
ly resfare'oeaklt and vigor *i'n da brief peritid,
.l where rantof ooflpong is a cause oi regret,
,ecrare er,' b.d to it, tIie mot. beneficial re-
iB amay he apticiWadwith canffdiape. 14 is

article .whatever, hut possesses toxic pro
f-iies of real efficacy. and ."'ore congen
to theGonstitutmion thfian any other medici
ised fort these complaints., Freed fri
the nauseatii't qualities aitefiidi,' copai
and thecommon mixtures, it will be lou
agreeable to the palate and pleasanti
the stomach. and will core any case,c
all pa is refused for it.

Kolnistock's Vermnituge is the imost"e
itraordinary renimedy ever used. Shou
there be no worms it will not hurt t
mnst delietcI child. but will do 'it goic
(C.aa-ioa-AllI o the above named an if-I
are sold onjy genuine by COMSTOCB
Co., 59 Po0drasst., New Orlians. O- i
STOC. & BRO 69 Stcond s., St L"oui
under the Monroe Hohse, 'and CoMsTot
& Co., 21 Gortlaud st;, 'New-York, pr
prietois of the orignai and only genuii
M.eical Pain Extractor, and Hays' Lii
rn-nt for the Piles.

No medicine has been discovered th
is so happily adapted to use irtterrmllff
drops to be taken, and yet perform su<
w.nderi when applied externally as
wash, or bath, by friction.
A YOnfik SHILLING (12cents) is all yo
have to try it; and as that sum can be n
object to the proprietor, it is hoped th
such a price can be no obstacle to an
family, and will neverprevent its trial.
It is not intended to put this great
healing remedy into the hands of druggists
who have so many useless things of the
own to recommend, but look for it always
with country merchants, or in towns, i
fancy or dry goods stores or in temperance
STHE PRICE, from twelve to fifty cent
per bottle, according to the, size will ena
ble dll to use it. If you doubt begi
wilh a 12 cetit bottle, an ff"that will ren
move your doubts, and make you buy an
use and recommend it to your friend
moire than a hundred certificates would
Who will fail to try it then, .and save lif
and ufferin g foray, YORK SAILLINO?'
This" .PAIF KILLFR" mnaybeib fsed wit
'I success thit will astonish Ithe beholdoi
in such ca&ts ani the following :--Chiokr
MOrbis, Distressing Dysetery. Pain i
.the Side and'Stomrach, Corts, Cuts an
Brdises. Cholera Infattit,: Broncitis
Haling Sores on Man:or & east, Child.lr
Teethmig, Raising BI'xid, 'Hoarsenesv
Qquirrs in a few 'hours, Chiblains an
F roasted Feet, Spasms, Preterit a Bliste
from Burms, Broken Breasts. neasth
Cramps, F-its, Scratches, of Torn Fleab
Bites o. Stings.
CEti'rtICAieS to fill a yo'ume rmigh
be published, showing the wonderful e
fects ,ii "if rs. Brown'e Paih Killer," bu
ihey ate to cornmmon, and ased for ar'icie
ofnr.o merit'; ani the oneShilling bottle
will dot more than a ihousand unknown
nameO fO )Ofttince the oser.
Principal Office, Twenty one Coidandt
street, NewYork.
0 A I hllis abee, lamed a article ard
sold 'in Pensacola, J. "0. SMITH- QVINI
& BROTHER, Agents. Sold also in Mil
on, by DR. FISHER.
IHIS is ._ covered for impotetky, Genital Debifity,
Nozturmifl Efmissions, and Ai1 diseases occadiot..
d by certain secret habits ; and many o fhe
nostruinv recently recommennded for the 'ame
complaints are wor- bless limitations whiA. its
nnvarvied excellent, fnmintoid popularity! have
brou 6t into the market. 'The Medical Fatiity
if Eutrope and (he United States a e uoatviha
n their ieconimeridations ,t the Juiwo frdt,
md have not riven th'etrvemtnon 1h a atngie in-
lance that lis been aut.teicMMcafeS to aay eorn-
ound for tLe same purposes. The nat te o0
he maladie* replied byt mbA Jnno Cord&t are
enerally stttM' as to Iev.v tli f publication 6f1cer-
iicr tes of (avres out ujr^ht qmiestihn, or the pro-
rietor ccutd.produce a houfof the most con-
;usive testh'vtony to shbq tliat the great reputa.
on that it enjoys was 'not accidenta~ly obtained,
ot is firmly based uport Uts positive, and appa-
evtly miiuraetous virtue.. In all directions are
) be to.und the happy pwrints of healthy o.fl
pring, who would hot hTiai ileen so but for tfis
xtraordmnavy preparation. And it is equfty pe
ant in the rBmayr diseases for 'which it is recom
tended- Objection has been naturally made to
he price of the Juno Cordial, because the trash
hat has been thrown into the market in opposi-
on to it sold cheaper; bnt the fact is, the Cor-
ial cannot be afforded for less, and ouhti to be
ruch dearer, as many ofthe incredieeot- which
ompesoitare among tbe costliest things ui hai
ire; whereas the others are wade up oh eveap
rugs, wotth but little ia money, and less in
teret. Wh assure the reader: that the utmost
*liance may be placed onthe Juno Cordial in

came in-yesterday chiefly to buy sfree; O tto Crtim. Jones ha55aftw q ov. =H
I gave PrbtiWt. for fAot, eeM1 lt* Iatai so seen, AUM aa waiting .I,
te, pound lo em tn mealfS e5fentt for ously fot news froWh iaasbingtuB,,for t"
eagar,c. My tegasr home. if I lan establis bntafaTeriinnriw Governmew
be said to have any vs at Pueblo de San &c, 2] ry thing titlthe *Ai remain it
Joie, 50 miles south of this ; when there, % greatatfile of ceonfntiU,. Amid the gw-'
4W generally have regular exercises-on 'eral rush and hastewuttrI rikh I hiee keop*
the Sabbath.' 1 do the main talking; but 'steadily at my work, ant. h'apliiv mIy eo'
nothing has been so/,,. ight ful to me as gregtfion hbas onstanty ibeased and oRO'
to attend the regular preaching to-day. I I thoa willti otiW seat all wha waqb w
design to write as soot, as pus.ble f9 the airett. I ani 6t bit- think it muAi mqo,
A. HJ Miesion Society for more ministers; imipo; ant to, lay- &e aror aone of.reN.
three or four are wanted, and also teach- iotms intilution w sog this enterprisrif
ers." andgrowing people, tlba w liayt
'The same Reverend gentlemn says iI, a w6D* l of 1telale atthe ltds, whick-
ainothor, place, he spent three, months at will e-ra oud visiW atS irWment amonot
-.the r s ".sgging gold," where ,he had the glyes of" 0* ta( i ,.
Berw moderately. succesfitl, having oh-, !0e wea- 0,theW nsIcat iamed deli
oliopd only $2,000'! ava jot ie of ful. wAiinmn my r, F
tradiling, he adds; ou" ak'I t -. Iin i-'a-l-'
i" I took "ikor, omons, dr-'joodTs, and evecrig,, ThB taermoemuer M.tH'fLe
blankets' +alices.) 4.c., ful saqe. otice re 40 ,-&g. It is a 4agU .i-ftCr,
FplouT we ot4rea'lily for 61,50 pe ilb., be*evr, tkat.ice ft-miewev.n, at that
A00 per bbi ,ek C 0 0 4.ceng a pottnd Onions brought 64 cents a opl bianhers by Wilke6L -,,' "-
*iOf each 4. 'athor's 6rg inmil One-.mai two* Iowa (ho ibe i-M e
.was 4p he. le ipuld easily$ mobe 34 ir yester,day~uwhcWA AL Ii*q-4'ofp<
5.000 a year foim', t. flou was sold guld gl eujIdtta m4y;.bp fw. wao...
Aatte mine& -f W' I *0 "per bbl is only a em .-

49 .- wrg


We sol, luit `uaar ,'t;3 per ppund.
H IEvery thing is as high ltheq. sasi ro.
portion to the plentifuliess ofgold.'." *
1A I Sitnce Uc'ober;1 have resumed my sur-
9 veyiiig business alor the winter, and am
-TD /OW1ATE engaged in a job 290 wiles., ramthis
place, which will occupy me a qmah*T
LDYOCA TE. two and get muiv or seven hun4e d6.-
..ars." '" ..' -
Number 30. Theo leso, of.'Beij. F. BuLder ad Sohn
___________ -Van Bur.ehout the '" stated ,te
': of'the r +i;ol~,e t4n'
e, of priceless al'ue to Lho-e without offspring- O f rhe cti "e [ .
SIt has taken the precedence in Italy, and will ii tO p ecto hi 'Ie rd D f.
all other cotiiries 1lhere it ,mav beionme known. w,o and tnJ'|j ..
ne It also plStisses the unrivalled qnhlijies of ariony UI
ym curing incfied't Uonsumption, ard I have ad-., A letter daid San Fjrstcisco, July 8"
iba minislerlt With great Muccess i6 patients who 'rit-rp by t vlady to hIer.iei,d, iu Mas-
Shave sought tibr delightful climate for the resto- sachusettl saya: "
nd ration olilheir health, and the result is that a"
t1 indicine has Been added to the catalogue for the SitMe .my hutsband wfttt to the bold(
Ori core of incipieht bosu.mption. region, house -hie bed at in fl
To spread wide the plessings of this medicine lfes ffthe village t. ,f
I haveappointed Mesars. Judoon & Co., ofthe Prts of e "hage, and., e,,ire a
City of New York; in the Unitee States of A- population has left us. .T women hiave
merica, my sole Agetit for its sale; and none been obliged, itff the abs' tf mniales, to'
Rx- can he guie unless it comes through them, arid ctituregate together in lma. nurbar-, In
,Id their signatnreis onthe wrapper..lare ..ie lo .
TO ANTONIO L.RZETTI, M .D. e large house, and live t aetheam do
he Naples July, 14th 1848; N : their own cookle. &c I MWrIt now *ivin
)d. .....,' or ds we call it messing. W, h a 6aualny
ePS TOOWNERS OF, AND DEALERS IN of fourteen, Trte experience of ihe worW;
& HORSES. mew have said showed that womruW etitM
C:R4LT*ON'l FO SUNDED not live togebtr withnat vm rrfemtw -
g.. dONTMFr-XT&-4',.r die core of' ,glilo but o- sisterho6d, t Iti tifU .-V
Fotltlder, ,Split l ofi, -Hoof-bound
t 1iorses, atd Contracted ami feverish Feet, a plain contradiction to this ilarude -pos
SWounds, Bruises In the Flesti Galled Backs, our sex. When not in'erferl with by
ie Cracked Heelsi St'atches, Cuts, Kicks; &c., men, ani when permitted tIp drink at6 -
i-,on Horses. cup of te" t under our o*h vke' g'
.CARLTO -',l BOE ..CTRE. tree, t are as quiet and P a. 1 i aas
For the cure ol Ring-Bone, Blood Spovin, a"." ,
'Windgalls, and Spli't-a certain remedy. The demand for marriawg4ble wo.Ms
iat Ij This Ring-Bone Cure and the Fonnder seems to be as grPat as for lO/d& TWf
s Ointment are prepared firrm thlid recipe of a very is the dhly country in ,tll. wtiM Wkwe
th celebrated English Farrier, athd Will cure in nine" ,, ,
S ty'nine cases out of one hundred any of the women are properly apprMiie4 Tei
a chhiplaints. They have been used byu farmer., proporfOrn of males In th tereitrfory it ovB
livedty'men. stage proprietors, and others, with o one of females, and the labor of f-e& akr
Du thie most marked and decided success. is. as .unth needed in cookie. g, ,
no P...eola Jan. 25, 1.9 ae the gald region, as t mborhare ar
11 All the above named article are oldin "--
at Pensai it J. O. SMIT I"m uNi & Bao;Bfa, have bWen more marriage fe sl 6
IV Agents. Sold alas in Milton, by Dr. FisfMt., months than in ten years previra i.A-lm
vi.. i_ ,, ia. .. countrV, The squaws before S vi
at Tile Geld Dollar and Double ]ailf' go iotho ub old region make efflHe is
s, The following is the bill which passel whitehusbands, which tIley- soc6,
i4 the IHouse of Representatives .on tWe Oth in the present state po affih. FtbeF
.s ult., and was confirmed by the Senate on Manaque the Catholic prie., 1 informed
irthe n ., .. that be married the last -ao'tk 110
the last day of its session. It is now a, l j9 ne. t o ,ps 'v C0".cD
'e la ... .W niteme n te o squa ,rs 'thin c.o ~et ncjl
law: is thlatthti poor lndhaA wi soo4 b le ,I
t Sec. 1. That it shall be lawful hetice- without any class of feta le fhti which f
'- forward to matie at the mint and its braneb- they- can choose-a--- eetty ly no. WhiN
n) es 020 gold coins, of the weight of 51 6 woman ot whatever coodttijd in i ceity,
D- grains, and gold $1 coins of the weight of will marry an Indian wbeivhe can readi -
1d 20 grains anid 8-10, whih coins 4haill be marry a white man ot' some *Peatkh. aad
Is l'gal tendetr. of pay men', according to theit -prominence. Somec. of the m. t bgkyiyf'
. n.tfini values. slotently servaits herenmarry trader, wh
S*ec. a. That the above mentioned coins hate accumulated fortuoes in few weA "
shall be made in~all respects, in confor- A, worMa who cMebas ele wi(h ohio
h mily with the existing laws regulating tooth in her 1'ad, has a great capital to *
r, the coinage at the mints, except that on gin on ith nt ittiAaf.l Jine; and [I haI
ra the reve/ae of tile gold dollar the figure thought it'a carb of.dlr 'wete shipped
n of the egle shall be omitted. from LwweI here,, ,i wouldd tom out ,
d Sec. 3 That in widjusting the weights great SpecAluo. to 'Pre #hi'e.prVie .
s, of gold coins hencefontb, theo following Yankee, Byiel meas itduce Peggy |ot
n deviatiobs from the standard weight shall ee i 11re by thse iunt tnlsel. .U." .
8. not be exteeded'in n9v o" ihe single pieces she iGotk* shewodi1 beu readily lte- 'b#
d namuly, In the double eagle, the'eagle SOBM enteetriaing trade i t$ie pres*V
'r and half eagle, one half of a greiti, akddin bri. h ate of the Wml. ;.
9. the quarter eagle ad gold dollaftOne qa1'ar"
t! ter of a grain and tiben in weighing a "ht^fti iI rti4 b iir6
!arge nitttflber ot pieces together, when Among thb privqt.lestifehteivsd in- i'
I delivered frhm the chief c6iiner to the treas- city'ffomfl the Paeifi by fil.jteseDnt .i
f- urer, aud from the treasurer to the depos- ia one, Which we hbite seeri- menr"uIi "
fit itors. the deviations from the standard a painful ft01r-ktri*af Aesvs Ns Ba1 a
s weight shall notexceed threepennyWeighis PometiTo lefgymenethe MetliOdig ai^
a in 1000 double eagles, amd one-and a-hatf Baptist churches, hAd teWi murdered J
n pennyweights in 1000 half eagles, one the gold region. T. e 1le(te, is of the tr
pennyweight in 1Ot quartet eagles agtd test date, and homes tld Ihighly reeaM
t- onehafIt of a pennyWeight it 1000 gold table Source. .It refeti io the statement*
dollars.. incidiAlbdly as itit were a well undeeatod
g Sec. 4. That so mieh of thits ct as ie-. fact, : blt gives no particuIart-.-e0grf
t gards the cofttmge of$20and $1 gold bave oso been received kSott the V6 '1
Spices shall continue in force until the Mr. Hunt recently reaitmed 1d San. Prit1 *
fourth day of March, 1851, ,od no longer. ciseo from the Sand ,vblctl Islands, fb t
S_- -. -- which W' ete Petftl (6 t( makc th4 fs ,
Helfglon and Gold. lowing e -tr c..'e,. --.
A leitet from Rev. C. Lyman to a New SAN FRA*ctEo Caidfoflnia Dec 7, ER4,
England friend, dated Sanl Francisco, An opportunity occnr4o-motrow mBe
California, gives the following account of ing by way Sreligious matters in that region : nearly a months lltr heow lraft, mwh,
But gold does not quite absoul, every. Vessls are daily cxpedtid ftodt ttt eil
thing here. The people of (ffs new and perhaps my wife Ay be on her w--
'town have just employed a Ministeo, Rev. hitbar. with. II ittla onS- and ,e, -
'i. D. Hunt, of Rochester, !t. Y., a graau- ,>ot aBO tre^l I shail shelter thle, ,
ate of Yale, and a fair preacher 'rhey Here Are gt. froro to' Ie bad- and in ,
subscribed at once a Salary 61 $3,500. I ht pr0wpW.. I halE+ however, s:cm
have been at CburC. to day, and hase a pekte o, ground shal when the holi4
seen nothing l(t loolted so mich like arriyee which I bav en fork t*e wilb
Christianity and the land ofe eady habit t. 'have a home ofotr-to, O
They' have alo a Sabbath tad Sin .i Sice last I w.0te riotbitig of ft:ti
Schon1 I return to my eattp, 20 miles Jar interest has transpired. Sawtral -r*b
out, t.-morrow t bave fout hands whh vals from'Otegou Yrfpaeaima adi 'e, 4'
ju, one of them "tfk gnd camp-keeper. lands bava b~ougjfte'ne'tvs apd '.t
T'Yb zairny seas-l he. a..te onumenced. 1 cry is still'he

^l,- .....-- -- ii _il --n ... ...... ..* i.u^ i 1.1 -_ __rii t i- irr.. B. i. in i;iii =i --. ,.^ -^- .' .uaa m ,iiiiiiiii .,ii..H~ ~ M i ^ M M li M ~ ii M l i ^ M M ^ ~N '
Vb ttf-Day of t4e Emperor -of Brazil. at P rious Buildiug Material. mjj T Tri Ij nnp A T !the Parts jr nuriialk The writer says ofi Miscellaneoug Items. 01 1 U lin is a f:fie ,i^ bii si*,
I '' .,. .. T T-- .,. I Ezra C'. S,-,nuin. i ihe c-u se qf( an T RalE. J.DI.U R A T "1.18_. ithah ;e-n,-,ial.--" in 184,i h ae r i ied,' ani] .. gni-iltiit ithe i.'' r h ch tia^'.,laise/
Irrom ttho I~ to al F- Gi -, v t z tiet'nlr-%i.i r li. ft' H unt's A] "t ,,.z ........ ......... W ,' i e learn /rt n til e lite pNew itrk papers I
tf tra,-Ialett rlv,, t eRev,,I L. rne ll H unt C a .. ,--.. ... imn et-dia .lv r r,.ibl,.s' broke ,i ]i .. a rervd, eidied ha,.e hs,,r cnmrL: non
t. !ox.he Rev*"J. M Latilt... L4't~l'l{I t,441V: %I at.z,; hie, Idl-'- (ii t, ol .eo l e.r~ii., biiiinn..eij_ r .e vasa t arch n..l. 18 40~. 11ikd,, ,i 1-i n a l t m vle d s,,it ifiat ,Irs. Fr ir,nan, ineiiay % hie has ipro-. st W q l~ w n in, ed .a liZ !it
f/h ^ a zI ., "n I ".ileot b m ... l ..29.. ...... ...... !, 'e --. l-t e m lrs i l lt'ioi LtoLv I C hall lpuria
. S' FnIGq'E t>TF hl.NDv WI'E to nr1 (;le a ( dri,-V w hic 11 we, do nl r,.- iin i h i'htre.il1 v i n e:Ii, tJh m tlnhl 11> 1 It is care, iv tuo miish to beli ve t .h ;'
.. ,.....U." .: "e i w u site to inforiti our fren~l~s .I I nla, js quite. uu~well "'"
;:. Off RioJ.laneir.o, Dec.:5, 1.8+8. tmemnber- o hiv., 'en described e,;.-where. '5, e -84 t -4 r ". 1 1 hp,%vas or,,nte,l to the rank of Uap .... lilhe qt e ,i' o, re-pudat:on were now pil
,:S" tirrd iv, Docembi" t. 18 wast a the h -appears iha t tn, buildi ereeI ailh, public generally, ti~aii w,- atetaow t.,,in aud-n..mn le1I commander.. el FoFil, \%Vashinglori O,, rorrcspnndent to the N. I fo ,hl' fi ne. 1101 a d,,zi, iidividuaif
-'. 1. o h h o" .'o I' o manv, vears :if..,o, fr tlh iu-. of ki Bhe e yi -r l 'P.V:l- 0. Jo, it .700 jar "f n ,-,i,." r As o" il e 10 a,,ent i i i l."
: 4 4'HPrrorof B ,jzl Of eovrse it was miehLan (now, usel foi ft#-' iocal |i, t wi. th w,,, whi+'. we Inav be: (avord a.. .i i. -s. aao~ a il nn int t! p lv niion l, u.>1 -, f fidpi-ice with Ger T-ylnr, ..... ? ; .,arterfrom Mexico. .
on -oAie rveal crilt da'v of the o jit.s- lte F d rl loeo mt e' Cele h";_ .' p : ie t i>!ii 'ionir Fel orit .av had A lr, q ne-t-t co'n <- r-n~~ loaf i eiriin u ~oi.j. tts t
*rv f r a i l, : p. eidl, aterid. The front and 'rds, Notes of l iiii P ipi es, pr,.( i;,im hi, sg

An. ). o s q1u,, r ',le MI tonetif tOthe D O tio iu,ia. "I ... .P e. oiilim-n e ts ioar n'ee a t r orl -. se..les, P" .... ......... ..'g te I te
h -em d r, b,7. bi w ,m t th one i l i-e : -id o. w aii ls art, coinstru " *. M : ..>,. ,.r ,. -the, U.. s. te iRi- ster al tfit.h -, oev lelo shiedf linit-i-wr, vsero h tT i ok s ht.t IJ I&rt: xt 1.,i .i. da,,ghmhe ti atcsls flic'; h a s w ,, t ., ,; w ,- Ispenk of I r.I.I,, ue p i St, t -habls
'- II.... t. ..... ,, ,i i" -, I,-,.leo.h e .i u d id r.,k pri lie O tlhly .. b ., 't now D ^ Ti me. ald T im s T. t he M o J. 'li., a has b p!' k. l rf h .,nl ,n i,.-d b, ,n dlloy ,. nm
cii ,; t sent 0 "-1-10-'111 u- ..aa-: h.... .. 1 i' f .,.. E.,,ri.,.s .. I la. ar atl tile s hrortest oossi-bllei^ notice. A t r "a I "le l sai d "h s d r e,, d, v red .... ... ,l -
i^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ lMPisil- xn i e a0 1ail n |

%v itih -lo i ,i*t or loa n. I- .. -, ; r izo-, ro rti and tin* v r Ii .ncv the k rnd, "assis.tan.. .. of oirr sub ofart, aie t nrfits of' l ,tYirrronh- 4 y '*> oppr ll. ,JI I-Ii., ZIe'r
-i'tj--a -"'r "- "' "lie ''J ind w :.' -' < C: | But i e iin nir l- rebi' r io il t s ers T htna' ,te ',it-bt re c ni'" h 'o the pow i ; e r, s ifhmn aidi i he n{ ltf rs, o j A. f0ild m i in a t ,r al.l,-. l" ,h
.. ivis it lla t e i en r v %i' li i i lr tio 'er ,..r i,,,,is pre e ed, in addition. a ecloli of' the a < -eh. r w ith i ,rI i n .. f l9 ...nen's c'dot P .. lil1e f11 '! d.plv.ni? !l, c .Ha! ^l^ H vnl "I'ihpL tilu $ t hon

o| IO tt"i Fho ,?!. i~laidr'l a-,elde a 11.l i |, i sehi~ fab u .>d s ktt H;ni i rh raupiidfoie ctiio.,-in oi~e th, lo it>^t v a'l^ :i..>i'r., wo nrk- i, cf ^v i,,l urr!nek > ii nr-. c o, es dri. n< l. thp.. n a ,ir of lO* it ml i n a I, ftf, hiin o i. i,,, t|,^.l,.,,r,! lt.n{ oi 'a l" ".-, Ih
-h u .a~l t,n *. t ler.I \thc le o a li. "i i .rp n h -t n "o :,a 11 ,olr V t e future the I .n .cr ,-. M li no t-< i<"e .th r.v l .... o f- a nce ofe-til V pore -ll A sa ple; ii,< r- ,nn,,ali. .ii,y A p. T' -le i.? o;ip *
~t~t_. ," "'12rca!,a''xle ii~iic it D Ia ul ',*lce- l qi l a i o n ... -lO. of the I i w',, t' 'I d ^^ "^ =' ai,". 'ara, >ce ,n b. Ibr .n'U~ct; i'(' N talo< wa, I,-vSI all wei er........ ent t o Pmi-_.. %%i oIr t. IS pr i~i', ,,, h ri f i s l o -

iii ,U -lo on h Ri^ e .ia t., wh l.n.i i of l-iirs es s ~ tcl.> t all ."" I */'l'< per/l t o d l a.lllJ~ll-I U ,11a1 s to t'v r v sp"c llro g wtc nipnii'e~ "f M r. ana to '11 lili~ oi ii ,l of P l-.
' tn- b~ >inn,]tctl~v ouerlooki~fc b l lo -' eaotrbe n furami and e" it sme, ofr th~e b~c x'ten -p tiiis' ,^. ^ ^ see th;antis. to u iethe d.7>w nP 'i^ n ,h er i?'""nsia'"h rl- pM nsc.r10P i hav ~ etfrh =~e[i.,fsch he. i.(i.,ln haid v Jnoie aIi."}Iii ho.e r &ur i ]ahllo--H
sH 'l t a d^ ( of Illlthe ll -ie Iii \Vhlwlf it occurs 1 ot aro'p -ioTh isrl now e ,ti -I rI. lnlvS w as or e .oc a d les di-*aarngerPiou. Jir bl t e I I f 6ii

<' a .i. bulu ..... h noil.l i.. !':i...i ht^.-- f vvarnr" ati d et ma rs that t!1 hor ill ". *>" "I la "1 nl',r t he ~ y i w htc i it, sha pe b. ,o and; stage-_-. : __, "*... "^nr \\_ tic u ..L _Pi ..det' nli l a c, i' iiz-. t, "Jli.co, b-rae crn s a0mn!
tAlLl~labow'en'l -irii 1v ,n.-.,'ettn L.l;l, ll nu!. -, nol ****I g'ti a. "ik o "uist id l "inru) welP lalre id;-b te rnalo h aicep-carh s't if is2J ""1 n.> ...tf At a pprc l'avlr -no Oi Oietf-re iltol utf cn lls ph'll i $ L i~pl / ii^ .p [ .. ..ton tu lh -s
lll.*(s i~lw s t ui i, Wi llllf' ,v tc ledl o iii lunl ^ |iell I *ri s 3'" h .-" y ~ i 'r~ .. *. E~iid v's\'.ec"J ,a" ancetu ..w ,ix 1 ( u "I o, ,e ,"d in ,1 l in .h. " lll iillllf .i .1 isso. .- ll /- f rh -r '1 e 1 *iltu f r';! h d ao .
^ r .ro ^a. o'eq o ,>^ tlle il tin- W, in [ ^ t Ifa c. tieldtl ,l l' I O i a i f o I if.e i s
.hia .b ......... ;:.., _e oin. .., el. ..:,1. eirthv anithns habitat i c u; |ei~ o : e,, l^ '"I iin .' h .trh nesmty h 'adt (s n -tP l, en.. ro<.Pe ... ,-;- .... .pd.rd i|,leri p, :. of.ri" (liin, h nrsy

iipe ()-t^ ^. ie 0a-r. bpe cuei dor avur folid ias i althah.nesl-ee fowhr ils rime(1-" at11 ? rtn ,,fda a '
t^llA-l'd"'ir ar ;i il,-i d t h1J' re! .iina ...the s.i..e ,sorl:hla t i( t011, w-iith e "O nt f.r ot i- i es t. -h .. .' I l O)[ I b, tih ti ut o r 'h e le in tiag s f rei ie o fif e o e s (h hpld Ite-zon ia i d It.to l nta ,
'. Wtwl o c~ l^ p^-e ed ,l co rt ava~t t he"1 liwara-ce of th pee ir ui, lv a l o ld d i^ l .1 o rv ub ae hinr rnoeco- apedi V P p1r 1re 11411 t- W'lah se s.r nF )i,,fpn g'6,,d was,,an iE Jos swe, ett
-Tibe >e9 n., Cofn~l I ru~ a ~a~ v t ih&- a sb r us.t Ch+11 ii- -tt.lft t cohi;. ouh w -tees..yoe f ia r h 1ii s he si i-heho W;h be raid10 ie nr~v

M(& J Httr,'. ii ,, ,|*" -{ j : ofotr c.,,ti~iiinet-a S .he "-New \W orhd,'" uff^*Knt'tt.,ph^.'^-1 !9 merit,, and<. w ,ved,,n't ktiow that they aiain lo "n ioreShcr. r,'dllahi.t'rt-.for .N.-W rO le';iuS Sue" t[,ee pap;rs-cnpllaiu~ihat de,"tlimi I'r*.,ir "i
.. ,time .'. l ...... owev r is; ...... .. .. fr_ or ofthft.UitiltldSt<,les as a >> new conn- have take" itiif voiuine.tome fiull adtt~i-i^'u,,i ii~t d,,mnt-n aid t~hough-our chug-h- f8,to tbe.n .. a?pe+i,d their names w laler$' and olhi en jlil(.s ale. !o}t-eq ert,>aa< .
W rir.lI L .'ili'MiieI /s. l- U I;har / l~-/ I on u pl'.( e e-l / / (i o. s l w''s i~ .re r a t i~ ( iiie "- *pi .. o, ,ilie c l! .p d ^ rd' h po ka .h "- 1 Com t : | o '11 .~i ,ro. als> .ii i -ec ,ss --. '
-ate.v .rdi.. .. -,e r<'o tsnd.......il en isg 0 'l Vey -: ofn have been tie the. .. th ei prde cessors did wtat e no itL ka r fte sl ,- .'- Ini (oi ilo-d 10 arri' e -a t, '
.. ...... .LBt= ............. i ............ ..n rles resp +ecting iis -aniilninty- "hs aliiellni .; \W e le~nir^ itmh at riY broke ou! t hat { e .B:luitB Ai ,nier l ,i ;.'j ,no e o,1 '11 eir c ,u r n in th abit 'in ';-." w iio lli vy Wver' i 1^ a r i -, h lc ., 7 0o'c ,o el ,n VnT linliay m o rn ingh~ a t l 'he vi '1. 1^ m "h ts "r b itier w ives P evo p le hb ad a Ip i B tickner .-.E d miin n ix ',andolph.-- /* I M il'- '.t .lu dlg~i'n fro m the a iiv,,. tis ,-m -e r a l .. -> h l.. . j l s-] !" e t s o l th road ati iiet .. ...a.loorlilt w he : ;t i )d o (,t .t .... ...i Iacker. i... ..of t ( ,* s i. we s ou d s y is n0a 0t
'^ e i'ii ..e a c l e i ii ,,o i -n h rotded ,in w ice/rtain tv. a nd so ;w 11 I, ,., *. y nd l-,i l llt as ilhe v h a .e lli"w ltthe il ^ f o r e ^ ;C a e 1l7 Scafis l V ot ,o.,ds- I -l;n dw .re, d y eOOil~s,-
"! ob aib li emi, lle Ar ,h we v,, n b nsnn. 0s W sWasinton a d Ao r ch n a-are k, toe cr li r ant l,^ i,,,, .^ -, t1. is. di V .t ki a d rn
tiro 41, W tie ,u "it he oroe fn; ad ba : "a 9 o .n -" w Pn t a. no ,n e b a :e ,d M I)'-di ,l r wi .. -." "l .' .. M s-a-i
At thp db-v nir. .... ..passt"l"bdi, toi Pi Lteratwwid stsikng aid.easily eoif ntedatb. we are 'ed" dot, the, Iliepa,. ach,.4,) 1 w edoul

t. are ts i ahp o ,t u i tiender ar id r peel house, the -na hie sho anvd one o kr t iwo p ,, i- |. .... .... ,t e or ..or ... r... -
'** ,rf; B lr v."i-i ,,otp. o' am le. i P -t wea Iro -rnt~ a"ela,.tr ,,,gfc,. P h roada~ was rr c Bia.f tre. W hus tilki, d quesh ;.. -,, ld was,,i o ri'- di.s' re.... t m.....^ a a.int
  • to f tb.fn ro% al gi w i J rlu t h.....e.de a fl, .. t, S g ll.,i. P l.. .o, r.i...... .m. o.... s t, .... .... '.. .. -- -. --'IyH
    ri^ .A.,,^ da~el in ron uf he fl c *,lois.,.The v,3 phc.-.Q i e I r irm P I I, i h Iivs :ils, 6 r e rna dc a,. loitiz- ta i e tlo c u~ y o -t, ee ** ." s tip. itte dlP< sery%,hclb e dn to iew I l Eijio^ *-.I,.n .n is^o rc s in artoufr~o ig -o m i I i* I -. tr -tr 'A ^ r~ k c.lrl h s u t w

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    entk IP an address at Jiiel Iof wnich To the owners of Dray and etherea ,&. JON,^AH S.irt. 'II, ia C,-uiliv. ^PPROtBB AD RECOMMENDEn BT THF ICAI l-ll.t" AiplilLv" AN[) *iE Y
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    r]ar le,,ll" pray, tlkthe Inay, tt aiwend eth : + '' "*'"+'"' F '~ 'iCO 'OR N ':': 't+ +' ''" ''Z'' ~ (t~ .,Ui olL.M t ~ 1 ril,'4.,C,,,~~di ^
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    rtri lllO t H -i'M IJ-'.^V ll^0J 'lS It by IIlk f. .... *.e i rsk p the b.ok-< of ai. I. : to-.ii Baideros J s ; find them the sa me art icle 'of .uf t r b ,,, ,,', *;,,ir -1,,,11 bd l,< dri..r ,"mt".
    .1111111 h it I s le.,t, by tiifti 9t-l~ W 4 edir A" rt ; l i'e O .lT d lO IO Id' +y ,rffe, e.t i.r mzi. t ... ,lact r,. b. 'lh a."a l-h lttah r,.le f h t
    S ,. y hi.4 re w .ras a r .' A; J. C iflins Shr*if flTn Pshed him NA ith certifiates' of their' nednc.t -rl "l. 1, hd'"
    .~ Slle this a.ddre.,.was in..de 9 re- ;.. ------ < 198o bs Brea+. IT appears ,t" the filtig-'1ctidri oif the Court. ,ret tomneq S hurteen or-fIiten heree. I -f,, o e
    : n "1 say Tomi isn't it lucky tlhat tiat fllIw 1 barrel Beef, that the He, rs ot" A--.>, Balderos Jr sted to him that they %% e d- v,,id if ary ie- o n rCr h,
    riD1blIt" II.A- 11 r,1 I). otl 'l n d t at' I Ille. andL Sa I tha th "er of -A,..i- Bade Fur Jr:...
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    l' IhP Pope d^-iisr.d,'. A writer ne l fln ,...h 'i' ... W ALKF.R A N E O beond th i'l r to e Sate el Florid,, lui is rom rh. m al tests, b+tit front hav'lllnlt,40d fh'u, ,
    ... : ..... i a T 1 1 i N t L ordered that pi *i tion he -ade in" o e o ill o1)6' personal v and in m y p rn c ice and I m slwtis ;. .. .. ..
    t h P d e c r a i i n l a r e bl i c I I .o i o. B~ t h e r w e r e t m a l h h i s .. ..... . N a y A < sp e' . "l i d ... . n t l e i t y o l P e n .a i ha l I e v v ... ..t h a v e e t w i t h a .,,,yo i l l, ,, '"h, ,t, ,',-- r e -[i e
    the ih ii ,,. .t ." .: ilid nosei,,wiuld set Iht oir i l- 1 ThI rlPT)RIF1ola taZtte W i iv the (or o i fs, rtring the ,"said defendafint eqiai tO them v;r le disease tor hilch thp nr. c", .. .
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    i. e x r J; .di. y o r' r, j li a t idh iri ,rt or '9-(t. i to appear beVe ,te C( ctl t -Cou for Is. a[I recom nenacdj; particularly In J Di PSP P-SIA, NAi.-
    S L \hO ba !.ollnty Olihe 2rid .vion'day in JIne tex SEA, DiSEAS'ES incident to rhEGNAMT. :n rl-
    h- Oili,<'oiil tse ,*iiv 'S, ps w-r. iaker. al re ,,,s i,,he axi. o the inlt:ilc-u~l o,+l, NO I E ." "~~i e -* b'f drf- a^P8d" fie 'nbe M L C Mer.TSd in,11 l.^i Jher(-r, t tl-,i.d i,feit, lhi eih *>p rtii -L, .
    I a~ItI E k en at r tv 't e x s o b, I I+,''l % : answ er tor it. hill1 of* c.o tilrplaint filed 'in the m AlE COM PLAIN T ;, and i aev ,,r ,avz, it nfi r -io i --d. ....ty
    .. ,f .lrl-.uam..i. ,,c.w ,go ,rih~ hsee ~ ~a+,a~ '+iIa[l| [|' 31ria'E e to ',, O n 7.t /n. '++ir cOr it iq kant b v a e ae eoh s h afe w I s atrG recessarey" Very rHespectfltly; ,,r .. .,.,. .,- ..._ -
    ... cOmp e.1, ol.t..e Pop, i. slipppreS,S.d 'in ail i, arts, r. a,,d c.,,veiiorned every, hour I A LDkli f, V hr the CPtv of Pensacola.' and a degree re,,iei.id bhir,, Formerhrly Chemist, to the Dobii il,, o, he r-,, d he Ill, ,a
    pubii: do, iicun, ..s dild iti,,tof ,the A-h! (iai itirlu gbou t heir harld :- I~ul s ,i,.,,., "n a ,h h ,1 MO 'it/ the 1 f Apr.1. C"*t 0 "A "-" e the *' ,,, h ^ h^,,l+. n^ *. ^ i -
    - ^. r ep u !,lic s u b i ..i ,1. T he ne w ? oiv~ rll \ rl,,, a w o rd bh .l^ i m t!,u.l. I i n \ ol i, i. ,, / u,,,,,^ ih e s n ,.r ,i:,> .n ~l nr c e o t t e fo l < n~ h, l ~ b l ^ -34- .$4 ,, ,,I ,' io ii l ^fo n it m .~ .. "s w ,. _m .. .. ... = ..n. annd i, t .i -
    J '+ "#" "" I I -- h,-I- foi" r11 a "" 1" ,0 tI W IN S juig" 11. rm, V.l t-" / .l i i~ n i t rt i1 I uui
    J "l+-'l !rne -rl.:red .l r e. l t n, ^ .'q -,t, W i,, bl h ,i rl lli h of til i,,rf. ,,,,,,. .,s<,i o"er<: ... - ...... N D ^.mAr u '. anoblle C.I1V C.,d ,>e r I own f" R. i.
    n i n "r t e i r o. .u. 'i ;1 1 0 4% 1 I n a v i %' r i 1 : i h. ti l 1S t ,1 1 i i r Jii i s' r IA i i" "i] ln ol lrl iQ :ll ~ l r 'I 1 i t t~ +
    in h I il~niir Nt tle i ,il u C inec l ornv bee .... i ll .. ,ing to ,s,i lto Ift t- o un-- 't ..
    -, ~~~'(' t: .nhonoro J0he 4,:!1'111,,1111,4,0Nen~.,.^ .^ ,^. TJ l o e e dn., MOBILE, N-4.,7If, 4,1-1-7.
    S ,an|. ca, lSr eL] ^as~se -ref..sed'tlp a'l' I.toleV ndent ,tur aiits ,isue Fll t itIsCO MOfItO.,. Ce I t tmeilss. ibdAllllghe Sol o" "n" o "v "' s, b p' ". .', '. l '..r c
    and ih air .lces w ere SU lied by ol- ,e. .--L id.r < M. CbRUPPER .+ .. tlday l l xl retie i,.lgnesl CO..M AT,
    ,+ di,.-rs. . ,*, ., *' <., ,' 11 il .' ... ... +Penlsjola, ./lar,;4 17, lS49- 29-3t. der at the Court H oIs d'>0f ii E ichver ce yo
    : K. a l in a F la h th e lo n I t,\ ll a n d s :, n'11oS- .;;' nIia, ` h
    : r ; iorrepinndecp ofihe Balinmo Srp i) [he Sun]t ,:.:t iIS p .-+;c -d ,,,o.r "i N I Te;:, T ,wnship *a,* s+ ,,te Iwds. r th winhaeo.i,,ed-head, ohe, n ", ',
    " % A < T- IH. NG.., M arch 16, 18919. spite ofhis rule to tranfer the rp i p HE A for O ax f.r. :.h li the N &(E lil ort- Ei ast quarter of saidhth.,,,im..re.,' rrlieved..-'<,' ,,ove-4oi4p..... til'p!1,,^, f...
    :. A ()V, ^ O!, l,,lTprt arl'Offl, e ^tker.o ,Sc iV nev4. app,,iUnoen tso ,,,his Se.-...,.,-i.res. roe'.,-1849, have ,.posited at, the-office seeti,,n excppnedl .. o svstein. gek erall j.rel,"v' 1849, \l'-e at, t,.,,^-e ilA'.ooirlKch Wsqe.;v r
    i... e ^ /ie... e. r... G ,l'Tavitr., atlc,,.,,,1,. S,. W ashr" i^ ..... t. fill H .T he North .a...tier of lentt rP.,,,, ,. 1 in m ye i,,, ,ty: l ,,. .] "' i*t n"
    : 1 Cla~fl II I il"]'e I, a~ iUtV, lT io "ll.I 1L I ':l i ttl'ii a list ot pr siot aft la Pr p, toyrt":and Ift ,e cwrisent r'i-1 t-I vvortiiO iniliP neliidre-. I
    --- .-'. ,/ -.r '.t <' I ^i I I. ;li ,I v ln'i r oI ,1: I oIIisa .. .. pI penoual .r ._ en Townshi,, r "e e h :; tw'a t hl h a ;, till ,- ..h' ., ps-ui ,+i
    V ,,,ir ,,!l b. 1 tihk belor e "j,,ar d hidio- "hiu,,r,d," "G- 1 ',-" the i'.,lue of al Esta where it Will .N & W the North W egt quarter ofsec medicinene theyarepl..nanttothetast ". ,,,> ,.o->a 62l.^ harg. ,
    n I"1"1+: i.,nfi the:SenIte.-No, of~the ".tads + ... i h .. ^,, (,^ai ,1p.-n fr 15 daysr subject jo the .tn fi rten.u to o nsrteen, TowAinship two Range sev: &c. ROBERT D. Wi ,G.VS. -
    of~u~x rch~n urn~d ni~ye. *v!- ^ ^ ^ to w'lchvo are pileul mspe ito of all persons inrere-,i.l enteen N & W.tht-?e lands lif. rjj a bo Also, file 1`6 ,.wiingfo m Hi n othMa ^Rn lT D + ^
    of. BtrIiue,ix h i e on liurtifd oult ve t. T.). o t+wti+ e t4whe 1o ai~+ h-ififitel falP ro slt~'''+l : eii~l tho.hiacd vod,,ariia pt-.>dtt! 4io" !, i:.,hoih Mli vl lil,+.=..-. .
    W J. Brown the ,i i a ,, .s.. .. ; "a : ; M.' . [ aRUPPER, ". oreof ior G. E DE..- E r '+
    G"iir l re;g id iin to ilfi ho o ti IA." .. i.. and are' (it' a'fi,,e qlu ,arty 'a',d 1i, a h .I Ip vk 0 on e ,, i ~ ; D AiII R + t
    L i .-n hia l, r. nn t I hon ..... V "n "s "rya.A 17, lQAQ 9 Qar3 thy part of Woilion Ceruriy, the I d call I dohereby, atI h i d dring h FO1 I 1i-tf. ilU E 9-' ECR D6tli. lh -
    .( P it s1i11, V be chi hao btoe, -n-r last ._ --_ -e, --,1. o Peolsacolal ilN O'.. [$49--29-3t.
    ... e ... r, a c > :s .. --" t Pr..i>, -"'s r $ sh evPra bote-of Ca,]LI-.M^F'S TIN BI, 1T1.1San, L--F ", Ti" N1 i T, I ,
    or ,~ l n tit i lth- -ad yl the ladwls 6)t virif L s. T e ni Oas 1i B "i i 11 I -" "[ WO isy wt ,'+ttp e s r th lh a n(b ,r Pp ,le op ,el,'lt.'v.i' ,I
    forIify A t P I "* E n" F. H Mw Isy-HELL .uls oi- ple urethat
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    h irb I g c h r. G o v B e n n e tt, S not, n r ". fro rn I :v 7 1e .3.UT A R E A.S.. o f th is C i t M a rc h + 1 s't 1 8 4 9 1 or t le 'S T,,A- Ct tev a r e n o t s 6 r ta s i.e a ir F ill A ( 'OL B M A TS ...
    '"; haI if to I'n, iio iX ,s ot rs : +lh !,p, ,r n w/ n th -ress a suiperior one. f Or t h"" iio y aTO.MA C ,, U ; l '1. 'i E't l!i'il l'O "
    '^ y t ^ ^ -^ ,...ro. be o* ^ ^^ OKEldADC^ ono pmiron by any^ 'rO^^iC &) /-le
    iO"' "'tlrt, th~t no' sti c .UdI tli su it Wil Brj (itf i% 0 PO Ik' E Rr A L EJ A N D ci D-E BiXT r NI : 'POALSP. IN/.J% .-
    ..eL .f . i _, ^ : f< 1 .h, :e- 0 .A 'r :r,3r= in. i-chasid a fiite' bhr l can he had, A apply to .. .
    p a I c e 'I. e p o c, l lt,, | tl, l [ h e t o ~ l :, s rc h r [S.i ; P n e d 'f r, L, L + N t i r l .f > h ~ p r ol r ie s l Jtyr J OS G L U I L E n i r p h n adel ph, s n ,Nc ~ m ,rewnk,,, e s L p aen d f T o I IT O r IC tiifin ciri le' a n .JO S il E.3 r. .htl.a- ,s o .. ,
    thai;,. + .. tht l ,., ru l '- of [hone< o(1. c n ,t l g '. r- p .l .r.fri N .* *=i .... 1.i'. ,T..1. 14 'il~~ ,nee ordl isibankfl lv ~rotev~ n d p uectualea TIpun ead eio fO heip o, Ja i l a ndhoplJ Tieeirp .- N x j a' y .'o r "sin ', ""n-
    II V~ -Il I iiii I i i I ,- I EAR E D. y P .r Oe rORIDA, -, Al M. Pi 1 N -ad .ILtLY A a-1 14 rh
    li p r o e p B V Si 10 4 1 w ll \ H \ r It lir N -0 .. tntr e ,n P h ila d e lp i N e W Y o r k P ,,,iwh k e p, m ,e n d t h e a s a T o Nic i n A g ue NiTd eT f n oR ,n r e a .
    th;0,i t a ,,.. ,rals. R rdi,.b ro fioliN -' r prlees.. Orde,-staikfuly recev d and pucial- T hu", s .et, "N I), Jaillnd Hbs-pi.aly.%el -, ,-w h in

    wt~ i d,'ll v \o, i 'e.l I, e,r d,,uie,l ook ',.-,,, [? ', ., .^.-, ^ ", .",h't 'or Bthe Tevere GG oumE Res, .0 T:EST T "" P .e a p n.... ".CL" T J "A T E no ....... ......
    %%I' <"o d--,~ --ko .-nB. .. ...G H S AT Iyaittenod iod t at No,.4I6,'(-ooii~erc esrf-er. TheV. can hll takeii flit anovL.and all vaca,,;i;S-t 1 Ch ;in, ;h, OBFLiRID. I .. .- M. QoUINN. being, *SLELy A VEG- ;tAB ^ S 4,'1M01r N,,.
    b h' t i,-i s B ',t ',I w ho d,., still p \S. e fr. ir. Sy~VJ +ster .G esner., w e, for- a it+ ip el et li"on -be he id I n t h is-, S4 ze. dn'th e, ,o S A. 'k 'E aj B ,E '. h l .L.ti + ea .( y e h m ai l d
    .,ji~le., an'l "itnondt. ill M a |i ex f(e a ,. ,io-erf i.ext FeUc for 'eac Pitt, ,tipiti rt bit hh AS ln ol he i"B,,r, .h C ..i .
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    inRe." +,. ..... .. .... .. Atnply ? 6o Price, One Dolllar .per, Bottle, orSix Botrtles'lb! it r t i e ro t0 n L l 0 n NtL'AR"
    eh p i li i n au l l d i , ,I ^ pr. ) ad we: l, o ,e r lr VVh l r ? ,, "k T -I l i e l i ,*, I, i r g.
    ? r> o p p o i ,, "~e n "avi ^ n e;th e r W H ^ --^ o n ~ i^ K,. te tof ic i el 0 Mor 1 8 5 0 T S f J u d g e s ; i ,l "| l d U $ 5 C
    wi. I ,,,t -m-,,,ln o,he ,,ni-st.:.,,c ,ii- [srn, ,l^-t,.lhl1-S.._. ,- ,IJrJI + ,lao'o he'eo<+l ,uteI ''IK nT tt ^^" ';^ Ptpan~ andS0'd YteiTE" DlF F1O LEMAN II'ED1o 6 u;au.tte++tm ty'(..
    wIi- iii -ite i in th i u ifm l-I D V S
    Old Z ,ck i ,u,,z. ,,cfer .Otl' .. l|,~5. O I Ul~ ,IIt' Prbthe firsth Mosevi rof Oc(tober, to5 iED AIJ N T C reaNsree10 auih...OeandSiretAsosolfraead9 Pdh. b 'icn'eite'- E., ... ...tl"tM.rt, i,,AeIhhNle''
    ecapnjlle., and F.-iit~hl,, imnvi need Ao drearret r. .. .... Als .fi Sal Ky, .
    An~h r m hqpli] 'h D n-'linn nfrl._i 1( io l]SicuZ, of tlie A encP .for, '-ch O le W Iso ~ ,d V N YC " ,l ""i.. .
    tiJ bo reio,, till. n, the" %V ere fot, ir wars i h e c W i li W YC" .. S .:lTH, .RoleAgent Pe'i~ Io -.. .: .I .,, ..n. ..'
    Ani leree .'!. ngn~t f ( r ,Ia ) hi ."iih ,'l d wrp p. ,,d -Di.tricn. tip 1i,, h sev tril. C,,Co untied, O t 1 Pod es," r rn th'e Pr' nkrilti',e D ... .. Tl or e' leon e.-; il l s e^ e

    f" r an the ,pck oi -,, ,,n ha i,, net* o J t+ r-. ,-.^ rl lh iean t thec~ and i, en i ,,Lli' V, i,. e,qn. 0f icnd ani t hefts c essre Sa ll rye SUA 'IY a,,tii r nnmb e of PI CE.TiUty rO N T OP /. F F A T +S 1'VK prO+l^ A^,| n .W ^ -ld byP W NO
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    I1 A -A L years. ot 44. d M J Pll ty, con. I C ali ont-wll (I a ic-
    '., ,l i .of lin'niati onof t har eaar t ole Unedsthp 73d Par +t : e ail ieed <;iD -wi NP .n 0EI'ATUMEJT,,

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    a s l rt e. A "^,I .1e 1 ,.' ,,h*e: 'P1"s "" -"" +"-*. "w-h. tyhii oryhA kne him _1r? B oSthtl- en. n tfd 3, 10, ia ,te'^ ''." ,st
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    ^ ^ ^ n o o l l^ 1 1 n e o l m p l u ~ lJ ~ l \ V. r i pp p p l i M i t a ~l ~ tri-tim a. s n d aoe n .iri r I,< r U : ~ h M e i in i h l ula vefi a cllr e fo r i,^ t~ ~heoit( H ^ r p ni m ro t W f S .ie a y l l r vi a t ~^^ i

    ,... i ...'J 2.,,.,.. 'l'h| .,, ,i-i i m ,,e l Ah ^i= e ,,,, P. l,o C I, ,r i .'* 6o,. q ,- ,i .# u ec t r ,f i a t V i a u ll a ie* ,I h n.,w-.vu..ei ,M ,., ,= = :,+ to,,P-l.-l." A-,-^- ^ .*i -he, in +,"" Atma-a<,ceili .'O r ,tiB TS x'Btr ltS,, and_3EL]of9 ,, m -
    lec~~~~~~~~~~iveJ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 6 to.| .r t[,. n i1+ t U lv riv a i e_-ar, l -ild Ifi. Iu'! X a- %`1o itter s so liin v e t thnn ,.at'l e g reat, A++or in_ mite 4 rpite r 0F"... .. ,TS th A!ippteasswi-c~ rh~~~mhi.i kl e ime .- '-i+ d"they proies' to curev. ,as rfiert" t

    K y LL -^ iK M ^ ^ 0 L ^ ^ '*"* ^ ^ *^ 'k at th e C ap ito l. w ill he cl u ai o, f h l ~ a e the!-ero^ ~ or cr"4Tltyj,^ >1 i l, r ,"'h a d l 9 ^ ^ ^ e W ^
    h ,,l -.llK~th pi,r ,a -ht,e a a .. .. ,a ''- .1 ... .elip_ .. t i iw,,,l t ,t'. .... County dec'dve, anl l ;"1ei' in t',rt.,, .tlg., ,I.Ithyof,.em i.a'rel ,"b,
    l' ,". -.t.. .n "Inp'u I for l ,th l-hv i f J rllued A At on- W IoOd .I.D. pnd svilli ha'ipine the .. SALTRHEUM, be -. examined in tile f4 ^ ,.hecr.u193
    Sr d. n > rlde r m e ..n-r h. n O 'e Wfill A m p l eF7t yea oIa tenr Pit 'I. ASTHM A.x A lXTE S iV ." d C. "R tE -l+le
    .. r. .Wl t, .. o fe.r.i a 'O n e .f A t d t.. ..- o f'Jt kt S t i r geNli iA7,e (' -I--P"7- ---' b e -- --i f I--w-t-a b l e eE ,n i e r aa r"es a n d. ...r"s % i"- o c e
    rha we,, b,, cu v %,- d~ ,t isn en- sitai ,e'. E .d belle, I0, r~ r/ tore iaU ha d evg -. &c.e net+ nl~~ li ltl [lIilll! ~ i
    a+ (:o m;,,onInesl, 9tlii.,rr ,ii lt le i iu -ij It A l rii tp On -h 1 In I P. it 4,er ti t a cIl vv!I1t h l af im l riht-iJ'r, nv nl';ll~ f -ll ni s U11 N 'U e wit gr a suce'm Ilk t' i \hl'it-if hdlripoetil oi"sel. ZIl "'k -' i lrl{I _., + t 7- lle y~o u~ t il~ l t ol

    *"b-ii at th e ...in e m o men t "o mplirte ;+ ,," w h nd in aqd' e,-,, over hi -i p p-m ni- t P LL person s t-d-bip-d o0 tile estate of W011, f U L CReair ia le lal-m os.. lilt- C aleiPd -Ir .reter irk I liin ld litA.t ei f l
    rn-L roitr bpi^ wvv.:^ ; ,f.^o3i;iS^,^y eCl^\k= Ily
    ." trif. e hil- turni ng a l, 1 i Olf dexpee ,Dray hi l.. lilt Ik ta; at -ad -rV ,a NANDO ,OIiNao ddeea-aed, 6are req-,estjd.W ,0 7t tdl. 6 jo., ln|i| llon-< ite proie~l i~n i~i.in mn p -opie ^ ^^ ., prd ini-i be orne inptjjw h lor'i ted Stidi r84ne4hWy inoihitaim a .lcngealquon' t l: these Medicines. lljj A,1 nnt dowel t a, d lLdPiait< il rinvill
    a I le~ fl~ i~ -i Il eih lr t hm e + i in a k e pa tl l n n t a ,tf a ll pe r s o s W it in .~ -l ii ins! .1 Wilolst d Io h a t o -i
    O. ffi,,n h o.v r -1 -4 tK ,, n o' r h ,, t vr "re v,, ii. h'll- w a i k ,i v r W" -1 i" I .o. P "P %. f v al ijab le.,n t orl-a ti n s i, to .~ w n of ever tl ,ir "xiste i sl~ su s "l ,, ..-R elj4,W.. .. L I .. .h s w .o ll IN h'.to/ l
    ar e. br,.tl~r.lir b++h -n i lh,.tr ,a., r,-s annd ,,, ^ i-" .'. law oth ei .. 11h 1 notii^ w i be pleadlin bh Y of u ,s OA T A L O GJ E 6 <1 D IS EA S ED, w ith I P URF Y T H E BiD O h. w .'. 0 F' DO t, V. al f-e.S ,i.-',. orn
    fii, .all in r lfli tti ki nd 1 o u. h c n, A bo ,+.' + "+ 4un.i"dl i. 11 li i~ii~lll ,IIllll
    ltheir-(M*t.ilWv-+ -, .. ,-h arK'e -il utll nv I- p,,i i' lorrppad wa- n,-,l le-ii. pariatic Ih.in their /BCUV.,. ".T-o ....' remarkaand direcions lor their 1emnovat Mv 'ea|-. Arid ihu reuij T' all disearet kruin he system. t n lir rt-il I o tl "I(L
    a re oitj'Al ;.'.4txi hriir he; he rr.l,,. t ai -1 .. nii ,hrd Atihe tint- o,,d ..l.* e-ar/--nA DURAI ._VE, .i ibwluablr, a make t ie h at lAwst .V. > .....l ;, ii 'vti tirll iiin ^ p',,pi-t 'l .* ._ h .l... .

    h ~ !!" t..^ Weiicot pro,.u G',te .i % (96 he .4anno th firm ., v"** ^ I b C h ,l.ro n ECor 1. r y. hev ^ heytete r. ,~ kvArn^ in~a.,may shoul A%&^ ^^ Si. l trial
    I f .. .. .. .1'' (',if;[ '--1 -- J x-- -i Tl im.. "" r1 ... ... a ino lo I!,Inn~li- i, n,,unP ri,a,, -' ; + ] ri!,.f""' _..+ ........ oii, .......a the 2t,1di |,m ht lh a o y h... ;vr.. amfso l nd uln~ -Tt rial piN.i. u d S +n.ri. .r, 'o.---t.C Marb h 15.; 1848~.i'.lA .ll .lt~t~
    WPIld ol Mtlln llt F(l-eifll ibi' ) I ,, llr ^ ,,\ .. .. i ,- ,,i- ... .. h ,ipdto i-p ni '..' li,+.. .,i*~,g'+l' m q r", .<' neey .......-n T,,..D < ... ,,p+ .~l ...*h h us pexri w y VE C A .S MD S C t hP~< t. Phe-eNor tho who rlprocure ihemrjitd hitr owfpeomi"{] ;". n!fr ._ ____r-l *.i~ /^ *l ."
    tU hl -^I W 41 Is ( O.'. L t -, p r < Il ,on ~ > r V n ,. qh. o -n -1-o e po~w qessd kt'~m^ ^ ^ le s irr -peptd thos A h ja a s.dH s byio il thec o .s-mirb of. 6 ^vti
    L F b k ^. .lh C lU ~ A .s~ -t |rl .. r lo .ll *. ir .^ a !e :im *. t^' (T ^ ^ !4In all-A l ,,inana ,+ ..a e, ", ";e e u~ U t fI '. l l< i1N +{hi.s ar Ui A M I tttj a Wh -"co i" *ur ,t~ ? : ,.4 "7 l X++
    ar B ut~ I ,* h*ll, 'n~raeI th t fir.h v,,,a-, ,nl>,n.hl a,, lll,,W a.1,1#. i loT e 1'er ,c-d whr(+ 4 K [.F h b .+t'hem, ha dei~n wt uith.h1 chate e.as~ W Ppna,,e r o ,, e, ,lf t ,?l Aduni a 1848~ i;t elll:K ^ B'-E ", ."r + Y ll[ :, mi a I I% I" n h I. it 1%, Ilisj i
    It p ellre q'J, -i. A'n~ t World .r I o ar-!t ,1 rip i-po rl-i -I h s Lilt; qIII e I l. I If I 1 ,,Il ... .. .... "o ,h w O ge,'b -au w IJl',lirat Wlit"l R` pmlillt cl la, .. .'- ."- ,

    ^ Mie.13-it q 1 e 1111kl. h ibe;^ ^^.1hbl LON l 5.^^^^ t^^s s- ^ '9^^ 1 ^ Good.i..fi;il I**-,am*'jtdieto
    Ilnlill II gt+|lLII y I liP" ilgi II UIir iit 11..1/h1rank I -i t i n ItdIlI" le ll~ -+i lS lt

    ".1*^ ^ ^^ 1 ^'^ T"- ^. "" ^ h. ^- a.- r~ w in I V -.P.. .. -tne "o~ R 'O a~C t iA ^ ," luh .'wU mhosewith erompt i in? rsft thel ^ oidp, ih^ r i. fIM 'rt ;_lip~r, ol ,r-~l. w~-_- .
    l~ e s n, ~ t ^ ^ relrl (-y tr *^^ o l>p li -, f p i -ih the r'oi Is.-tt wtte heLr r-i- Stales'afin Brtil A nperic m ay' -bt M ra wa tr' itT I. IAT ,l a t P r cpa J itorobf 1,P -l p h Bi ^ R m h i
    4A~ 'S ^ ^ ^Jil J i'1 1'1 111 p ^ f-^ n i ,.-'- n'i fl- h o p i ei r C 14~i^ Wb I'm d. a rd r yh a ll ~l r wi he aoq rt. lit'! ei^ A U I ra bl iuhe e A :. A hi c is x ri a wi'i in g of \,I<;>t P n -~ r ~ t l

    : i, "*B thq..ll-'n+.-oiiltn A 'e,,nbv A.',, r ,, ,i' +,el~ho"~ W* ats ai x tin - dfi 'le Clr s-<'in" ""P^. [~" ., e a -" 'M t o f'lir len^T.>dpntroZi..^T''hI -P.^" ?z. ^ ,,^ ^ ., -
    1 t LAIV o* o l t ,fc b which Iw .slg -t'111[ viitIJ jg^ tile I.t) ellt.0.17
    so IIfcl.'t i 1 t t ,',o a111 e i,,i'e 1i! 1 .,ni. T hil e a,,lne -chpy,,hi.i inthalid'isb ie I... "e -,-i-t. -us., -' Uc-NEarrapilewlih a be pfdi d 'aaro Slt j ." ia i *1 i. e': .. ..

    "^ B ^ i ^ ~ n "A l .-* "" "*"" '' "" ,v, ,ilt biet rilAetl ill.!i /' r '- .* P. .. + P .B S P -,L ,..J il pr~t~ t'.l fT).N il l, i" e -. . 7 C Ir. '-,'i
    Piulr t. ,P*^ ^orWW^ th ^* Cilitl'll4.P ,*,l-,i I,.;ll .'ir'taa :e I /m .n .i.,* 1 ^^ LIU ^ySAi ..... la.d ~e n th8;l.cover ,dhe Ahaa -en 1 .ch'A .r?,138-3c. ^ 4W7Irl^1 .* *'
    ,' i'}A^ wa~ 11111. I i Ili- r i 4 111A &r In I*she /dl.ir 1 ..- .Ii l a u i
    .P i g h -o h it "i~ r~ L i .l' .,t ----'.-n& ri-Qidn6 i vo ah eh, lson -thuQ c aree I ..the efure those w ,ho t prsk u 8 4r (lien) 'j. h ,, o i' n n l % at ll hleets cani
    .li-., li Eri~p2- toge. IDEr li]LL T t 16 1 ,,2 ndte ,,l. be ,,,,,t ppi4G A ,40 S Y W j,
    ... (. ; -h, r.. i,, olilap ,o-.,ps~r ,heie,.le,, hAza-. e+ b. of.r +' Pen., s o,.l lireeti ,,sho the y m a y&en n'ho idb -frwat,-i ,,,. +., . 'i i
    -"~~~' e n i f l %- '% in 't -t ... Ti ear e & Sfnerl'pi/,rl %fll (,111111[, 1n1lll m % 1 r Cti ;
    ,h:.l+ +l- + +f, M' .. ., +-t ik+ i ',~t t .l. ~ ~ lb l .!i J he ;' .'1 .. ", I I d d i t m Bvar ious c aratoin i t 1, 0e7 un-are and %p: ~ a ul l! i d.ria i by~ l lt #, l-ia b i'
    o n 4 ith r 4' 10 1 -Fi X -i nl" i 'I l, l P= M aj n 'a i y a li lll ~ !l Z l 4 Y ti ipl" th r -I ; ... are a lgol l ll' l lll r~t~ l llt~l+ I l i l i i Il !I t
    ,-~l f n ~. ,,i.1111t,,,_it l vi al-lwd, i r -, 11i.ti.nnd t v. teelhl l!|q rith l er .t.f i -me "frothlefeth,-,rkas OPs si,0,d the ,l h 're. T,, ..,

    T q r] .%1 P Ri 'V51 FN G A. L- -- i 11.'* lI- iv- pp ,fs- n alv li p a di z o n E -- G H t- 1146 -ur als r u I 4te to gi" al Re as i y P eSe f )k u ,( l 1- 1 18"8,.
    -A li l i e l- 1 + +is = m e --n l i w I i h e I N m g i I I A 3 C O L NN ,,11~i, 4 M i l a l o l s e d d i ~ :, *. """ve 6 '+ a i ,m I t | r., g t e It n I IU W I g m l i l s ~ l ~ i i~ # n
    .~~~~Fhrf i ,toi ho he Aiiinb tio i be forwa1 lIIMII Ip+= I I i 'i.
    ,+.. ~ ~ F; aift ,,i,+ +d.l, ! ... visit -toe ,.-.u ,t'. ".... -- + nod tbv al. .. ...l-,i1"IO:.Iexn X EMiO. 'hi a+,r~et ldmia i ato,,oloti,"n.ty F.loridar. A re,+ r*\.,+l !,~dl t',lll
    i '& n M OV.r._ I ."t.-+[cg,,- d.. d'me+1lr .',le i ,tm;rntv il epn "li' t o ,L ~ ithem. v law .--< cannot be +, ; se, un- a- ,+.h Pi ,.-,.m ,+it !a . liili i# > ..
    Acf epwtla'","Iij-2-v niliie
    :i" .: + . l l i f91 1 1 + i ir; +-i .' "';, ' "' 7. ..' 'P" t "es t 'ir A r'" ..' -:



    . .

    -.g~ii~llP~ SW~i~~;"~II-p~"~9'~i URdBg~I -Y-3 1I--~ ~

    T- r Ji#1pEtiOCRAT.
    6 ri F k .tiaN,'. I*V rX 8TREET, BETWEEN
    q.Tl:fl'f ROMANA STREETS.

    ' ,ris i.,j d every Thursda\
    ,,li i .r .,,iti' ,,,1,a ,4 per ann. n
    *qe'or ,i, ,hin the first sis ionth-
    '+ jaOh.i r'( AiicL-'il the end of six months ,or
    r- k -14i mpi l"ttl the end of the year. No suh-
    i .-'"~ o~llit for lees than a year payment will!
    S rj" xpevw rI'II aliviuct9.
    .... 'U will'e charged f:tr acinouncing each candid

    Wi .Mi hi-eal Adverlia-'nemts must be paid for in
    Ad;ertis.ir.enls inserted at ihe rale uL onie dol-
    iar br 'ever% 1-,i nime. (or lees.) for the first, and
    fitfly cents for eveiv continuous subsequent inzer-
    W'.. privileges of annual advertisers is limited in
    their own im oe.iet,-t Ii business; and all adverlise
    c ments fIrihe hliiiefijil' other persona, as well
    a lega a.iv,,rtiiseiiuailts auction -:ales sent in by
    Itterni) in -l bp palnI:tbrP* usual rato.
    Chi .'lveraisirsff Iriellag will oblige s by hand-
    ing ii their Ndvertisemnents on ui'sday or earlier
    i n the week,lthero ise they will lie over until the
    Mcceedimi o,',e.,
    Bverv soib-cription for less than one yedr ic. be
    A lrged at tile rate of s2 lfor six booths in ad-
    'All jpbs toi be p:id tor '-n d iyeryand all adver-;
    "selitsii in udlvjiic-, iccile-1 the advertiser has
    %U pel] a|coliilt wilh the office.

    --II- 1 GlE HOUSE:1


    Dr. TGwnscnd's Sarka-parilla.

    SThis E.lrctl is put up in quart bottles; it is
    six times che.ap-r, pleasanter, and warranted su-
    perieir to any sold. It cures diseases without
    vomiting, purging, sickening or deb-litating the
    paint -.
    The great beautty and superiority of this Sar
    saparilla ovPr all other medicine is, while it erad-
    icates (Irs.-ases. it invi2',rates the'body. It is one
    .t'tlie very b-st Fall ncd Winter Medicines ever
    known; .t not only purifies the whole system and-
    ,strengthens the person, but it creates new, pure
    ,:nd rich blood; a power possessed by rip other
    medicine. And in this lies the Prand sgcreL of
    its wonderful success. It has performed within
    the past two years, more thap 35,000o cures of
    severe cases oidi-, ase; at least 20,000 of these
    were considered incurable.
    More than 3000 cases of Chronic Rheu-

    S' ^ matism;
    ', ~.:. ," + + 2, 000 cases of Dyspepsia;
    .PFV. .I,, r 4,000 cases of General Debility and
    fig .lsuh+xcerihcr reste,'ily tferm- his friendss wint of Erergy;
    ad he pub enrllv, that e 000 cases of the differ Female
    *94 llioriiiThlv tep'credi and leefitied theommno- Complaints;
    littut and deli,,itlulli lo,.a'tecd h,,,se at the Eastern 000 cases of Scrofui;l"
    -op ofrthe Nark..i -qnu:,r., ihi,- cty for the ac- 1 ,Lo, e f r plaint;
    mrnin si- of BofRardrs. trinicnt or perma- 1,o(M ca~ei fL-yer Coplain,;
    nenAt. '1he loea.i0in of t i hoiae is.,ch asto 2.500 eases of Disease of the Kidney
    recu nmendl ii to he ifuvr cl't all who tish to en- and )ropse"y;
    iq the Gulffbreeze and s.t ha.hi,,b ,h 8,)00 Cac. ers of Consumptirui;.
    -ics T'able will atlwnvr he tirncsbed with the 800 aen(C supIN
    His m able wl always. e lrl Ant thousands of cases of diseases ofthe blood.
    Svctt 'heniarkle t affi. viz. :Ulcers, ErvipeiaSalI Rh,'umPimplesn
    i4Uhar-a will nlwavs he supplied withW ines.- e,&cl.,.c he ur eo
    .... ..... ... theb Face, .&c., ,,c, together Wiih numerous ca-
    Al trtqhrd t the ones ,any .first rar eT,+l Pin- ses of Sick eadabhe, Pain in the side and ccest,
    A t r a c h e d to t h h o u se ts a nrs t ra te .Ield." ,ens t ,-' n & c & c .
    A llev for thc- ais ecii-e lent 'if all w ho d eire to- na Ar ji on .. & c., & c.
    lv+cr him wlith a ical. Thus, we are. aware, must appear incredible,
    Ovters of the ist quality il all times be but we have letters from Physicians and our
    Id at this ho q Agenta from 4ll parts ofthe United States, infbr-
    J. d at this house47- f CRANE. uing rus of extraordinary curcs. R. Van, Bus-
    J~. 19, ld47--0tf -. r-, kirk, Eq., one ofl'the most respectable Druggists
    in New Ark, N. J informs us/that he can refer
    Restaurat. tl more than 150 cases in that place alone.-
    hs .. ad.. There are thousarml o f cases in the City ofNew
    hesubseriberhardm"nedhb tinessandn York .which we will refer to with pleasure and
    T occupies the building o Palox street nexe men o caracter. I is the best edieme for
    o the office of the h r Florida Dein-icrat" He if epn.ven of dliaseaser known. It undoubtedly
    prepare Bl ll at ,ies. to frncli'l refreshments.s .set.tive of rmfee k/n
    ofthe heot ,otteiacs & served up in the best sae th SlNi CmLDaE H Ps ses
    mannerand at Abort nolico.. )ysters ofihebesi [, THOUSAND CHILDREN THE PAs, n rearso d
    qahity coiistantlV on hand and served u pin-itreloved the cause ofdisease,and prepared
    such ways aCsianly bon hanreired byVsier -HI t hem he Summer season. It has never been
    mell wa's assmay b requnre~t bV Vl.-lteia. tHls " ; "Ut les th mt'eit
    wfms ar newly and neat futed tip orla- known to inje in the leasethe most delicae
    eomniodat on and comfort of customers AchilI
    .. ...ol, ... This Sarsaparilla is used with-most perfect
    .41eW acomtv. "da HB i success in Rheumnatic complaints, however se-
    verae or chronic. The astonishing eares it has
    performed are indeed woneerful. Other reme-
    S (dies sometimes give temporary rebel, this entirely
    'V eradicates it from the system, even when the
    limbs andu bones are dreadfully swollen.
    S.... "- f H-re Mr. Seth Terry, one of the ol-
    SMITH d'est and most respectable Lawvyers In Hartford,
    O ,. Pasfox and Gov- Conri. The fioowing is-an-etract of a lettertre-
    rlufggls corn, r n 'oceived fic ... him; *
    ernment streets, Pensacola. M,. Townsend-I have used one bottle of
    K F.9'S constantly on hand a eompleto, genu. your Sarsaparlla, ad find it is excellent in its
    me and Fresh asso"ment of DRUGS and effcts upon a Chrinic Rheumatic pain to whom
    MEDICINES. &c., on the most reasonatic I am subject, fyom an injury occasioned several
    ,ivis.. years ago, in a public'stage. Please send mc
    Families supplied wtth Medicine, and Physi- two bottles tothe care of Seymore. I have con-
    an"s prescriptions carefully commanded ,and de-. veinsed with .two ofor principal physicians, and
    tlred at all hours, night or day. rec-ommehced your ,Srparilla.
    Oct. .13, 1047. .. ,. SETHTERRY-
    rDTor Vta,.... I and Carnpt Re n,-A fine rartford, March 12, 1845.
    oatBaS..-A'in', /"

    F V IN Pi 6 '*", V"- a ** ice U111 %0P S-- ..f -
    I as-ortment on hans and lor male.
    .april, o. P KNAPP

    Ai BRI.S. beet Chenans PcLlatoes. F u
    IP ealeby F. DV LA RUA.
    .I1E undersigned havinM received the
    .- ecintract for stipplinfg, the LU.S. Sqcia-
    'iton ant this stntiti wtth fresh Beef, takes
    - li, method of otirojBmg -the public that
    ." e has taken itaall in the market where
    wjill he con-stattly found the best Beef the
    Aunttry affords, and at prices to suit the
    tnes. Familief.iill be supplied month-
    or- oqWWtAiyv .)o reasonable- terms. He
    ope -1t receivee a share of the public pa-
    S tnna,.e. Look out for stall No. 2.

    July 7-tf.

    C. P. Knapp,

    l1i jut received and is now opening the
    Largest assortment of
    pfry 44s, Faacy G,,ods, Clothing, Boots,
    YIeP., -?a/. Caps, 4-c.. 4-c..
    F.ver o'te4l'ftr sale in this market, which
    hio int&4p djpositg of at very low.prices.
    de' Ilf

    arri('E. ,
    J0"ER 4t ,-.*GH.A. X having by deed
    0 hveved n lhe i.e'v4er certain property in truis;
    S r payment t tlheW redrtors, notice is heretny
    i ven to all person,' having claims against tbe
    di cptpatoer&tip, ',-. resent ne same, properly
    S t.ithenti,'ated? to We sitbscriber within 'three
    .iwnths fWom this (tLe. Creditlre presenting
    'heir demands within that time' aey preferred tc
    '"here. i
    ,m /W&kLKER ANDERSON, Trustee.
    Pe i .ulv t.12th l4o0.-44-3ns. "
    Ft. .. 1.
    Law NOaWke.
    T he Aibahilbers have entfed into copartnpr-
    ship in 'he prartiee of the Law for the fol
    tiwTnrr 'Connties, viz: Escambla, ita. Rosa.
    ''" lidton nnd Waltoan in Florida; and the
    Onffty of Covngftop in Alabama
    IT.LON JORDAN Sen'r.
    JAS. &U, LANDRUM .
    et.Uer 7, ;400.
    V COOMGN13. & CO. of Phiadelphi con
    -K' Kf-...toite to manartfaratnre Calcined Plate.
    ",f t lt'whlieM and finest qnatily that man hi
    WeaMkr(d,' t 4hetAw rate of (1. 37 1-2 eeni
    0*prCbarrdl freshly put ui s excellent shir>-
    ^*61"- Alto 8ters;ypeIP4erof at I:,
    mJlj^ v!\M!f89 ,dBMt (ar~avrc4.
    n'$11f ordM<4fi*A;I prgpriefnrs t Pviladel-
    ,Krt-tJohn e" ub th tih r Agenat at New
    -N .
    .,t.i l,. Ii- .

    Cleanse and Slrengthen. ConsuImption can be
    cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Livercom..
    plaints, Catarre, Coughs, Asthma, Spittinc
    of Blood, Soreness in the Chest, rjecfi-
    Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Ex
    peciorntion, Pain in the Side, &c., have been
    and can have been cured.
    '" D, rownsend-Dear-Sir : Neatly twenty
    years agoI took a violent cold, which settled on
    my lungsand affected meseverely,"indeed finally,
    ,itberome a cotlmant hacking cough, but not so
    severely as to prevent me from attending'to me
    business. Within the last few years it increas-
    ed on me gradually. At last I became reduced-
    I beathedrt with difficulty, and raised with my
    caugh much bad matter,,and for the lasi nine
    months previous to using your Sarsaparilla had
    regular sweats; /indeed, myfriends and myself
    siiposed that I wduid die with the Conrumption;
    but I have toe happiness to inform you that, to
    my surprise, after using three bottles of your Sar-
    saparlla, I fiudnmy health restored. It relIeved
    me gradua-illy, and I am now enjoying much bet.
    ter health tl'ian I have before in 26 years: I had
    almost entirely ost my, appetite, which is also
    returned. You are at Liberty to pubUish this
    with nmv name in the papers- If you choose.
    Mv little &irl who were three years old, had a
    very bad -oagh the whole of that Winter. We
    b-came very iniich alarmed 'on her account.-*
    VWhile usicig the medielne. I gave her some of
    it, qni teo soi entirely relieved her, as well as
    myself, and she is well now, and hearty as any
    child I ever saw. She was also full of htale
    blotches; it tlok them away and her skin is
    smooth and are now, and I am satisfied she re-
    covered .her health from -usingg.yooir exaelleat
    S S'W. CONANT, ,
    444 Bowery.

    You have palecomplexions, dull eyes blotches -
    ,rni Ihe face, rough skin, and are "out ofsperi;."
    use a bottle or two of Dr. Towrisend's Sarpapa.
    rills. It will cleanse your blood, remr.ove the
    r-eckels and blotches, and give you animation,
    sparkling eyes. fine spirits,.and b-autifu.i corm-
    plexiouc-all of weich are of immense value to
    unmarried ladies. .

    Dr. Townwend's Sarsaparilla is'a sovereinn
    ind speedy Cure for Incipient Consumption,
    Bar-reanes', Leueorrhcea, or 'Vhites, obatrnct,
    P(i or difficult Menstration, Inconstietes ru
    Urine, ori-volnntary discharge thereof, rtl tor'
    the general "Prostralion -of the Sy-ptw, nio al-
    er whether the result of the inherent cause, or
    produced by irrtgularity, illness 1o accident.
    ,Nothlng can bi more surprising than its in.
    vigoration aflets on the humane frame. Per-
    eons, all weakness and lassitude, from taking it,
    -t norice becopo'r1bost and full of energy under
    u1p influence.. .li ,timediately counteracts the
    ,ervelessnesos ot tie male frame, rWhich is thbe
    -ireat cause of baieness.
    It-will not be expeeicd of us, in eases otso
    ,i-licate a nature, to erbioit e rtifieates of*cures
    performed but we can assure the alfictetl, tha,
    cundredi of cAss have been repottel to us -

    Dr. Townseni'S Sarsaparila is no iona success-
    ful in curing thia distressing complaint, than for
    diseases of the Blood, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
    and Nervous Debility Reed the following.-
    -:* DR. TowN ND : Dear Sir-The effects, of
    your Sarsaparilla are truly wonderful. For the
    last six or eight years past, I have been subject
    to several attacks of the tortures of that coim-
    plaint, and had daspaired of erver finding relie
    except in death I have the pleasure to inform
    you "there is yet a balm in Gilead.'l I have
    used two bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and feel
    no remains of my old complaint. 1 sendi you
    This for publication, and any priermsonyon may re-
    fer to me, I would be haDpy -to inform of the
    benefit 1 have received at your hands. -
    Vours, truly.
    JOHN HALL, 49 Faltolen st.
    July 6, 1846.
    Nervous Debility.
    New York, MarcA27, 1837
    DR' TowNSEsn :-I have, been aficled more
    or.leess for 3 years. with a d readful sinking in the
    chest, giddiness in thebo head, toss of appetite,
    pain in the limbs, and gen,-ral debility, brought
    on no doubt by the continual heat and cold to
    which I am subject to in m.y business as a dyer.
    I have taken other medici nes. son nunwrous to
    mention, but which little oar no success. I was
    induced by what I saw in ,the paper to try a bot.
    tie of your 'Sarsaparilla, frOm which I bouud
    great relief. 1 have sinm.e taken several more
    bottles, and I can unhesitltingly say it is the best
    medicine I have ever tak en-the pain in my heart
    is gone, and I feel quite a. different man altogeth-
    er siqce I have taken your Sarsap rils I haye
    now a better appetite tnen ever I bad. My
    wife has taken it with tshesamn- beneficial esultes
    1 would recommend it -rm a family rtnedicine gen-
    erally, and I feel convinced that-if so used there
    would not be all, the sickness there is, and con-
    sequently not so many Doctors bills; for which
    it restores appetite, -at wlao gives to the stomach
    and bowels their regular tone it keeps the blood
    in a health state, so that disease is nut likely
    to attack the system. And to all those who are
    not in a healthy state, I say try Dr. Towbasend's
    THOMAS SMITH, 70Allen-st
    Psincipal Office, 126 Fulton street, Sun Buil-
    ding, m. T Redding&Co', 8 state street, Bos-.
    ton-Dvott 4- Sona 132 North 2d street, Phil.
    adelphia-S. S. Hance Druggist, Baltimore-
    P. M. Coheu, Charleston-Wright & Co., 151
    Chartres street, N. 0.-105 South Pearl street,
    Albana-and by all the principal Druggists and
    Mterehants_ generally throughout the United
    :Sares, Wesft Indies and the, Canadas.
    Forsale by ".i J. 0. SMITH-
    Pensacola, Feb. 23, 1848.

    THE subscriber, having made an arrangement
    tith two gentleimen in the city of.Washing-
    ton forthe active prosecution in connexion wiih
    himself, ofl" claims upon the Government, whit h
    may be committed to hks- charge, respectfully
    tenders tuhis services as a General Agent for tulat
    purpose,?to all. persons, interested in such claims.
    May '27, 1846-38-r-tf,-",;,
    His charges will in all cases be contingent ex
    gept a fee of ten dollars in.sdvanre t4 N-ser
    postage and other incidental expenses.


    Geveral cases where families bav" b'en wtihuitl
    children, after u-:io a few bottles ot Ihi invalua-
    bin modiciuc, have, been hlrsed with health%
    o ffisp ring.
    Dr Townsend-My wile being greatly dis.
    dressed by weakness and General Debility, aind
    sufliering cuiirinualt by pain arid a sen-atijn ,tl
    beariaog down, calling of thle ,teiten, arni di h
    their d:fflculie-, and having known ase< wht-re
    your rnmi diii,? hns affected grfe c.iires, and al-o
    hearing ni recommended for ,ci.h cases is I have
    described, I o .tainrd a bottle of outr xEtract f'
    Sarsapnarlla, aaid followed the directions you
    gave. In a short period ii removw-il her com-
    plaints, an I restored her health. Being gratelul
    l''r the binelih .rine received, i take pleasnre inr
    thus acrinowledging it, and recomieri-ding it to
    the public.
    M. D. MOORE.
    Cor. Grand and Lydius sis.
    Albany Aug. 17, 18414.

    This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been express-
    ly prepared in reference to female corniplaints.-
    No female who reasoned to suppose, she is ap-
    proaching that critieai period, "the turn of life,"
    should nuolt-ctto take it as it is a certain pre-
    vontaiv(e h(,r any of the numerous and horribi-
    diseases to which females are subject at this
    time of life This period mao be delayed sev-er-
    al years by using this medicine. Nor is it 'less
    valuable for those approaching wouimnhord, as is
    is calculated to assist nature, quickening the
    blool and invigorating the system. Indeed, this
    me-icine is invaluable for all the diseases to which
    Woman are subject.
    It braces the whole systen., renews perma.
    nently the natural energies-by removing the
    impurities of the body-not so fair stimulating the
    system or to produce a subsequent relaxation
    which is the case of most medicines taken for
    female weakness and disease.

    This Certificate conclusively proves that this
    Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most ob-
    stinate disease of the blood. Three persons cur-
    ed in one house is unprecented.
    Da. TowNsEND--Dear Sir. I have thepleas-
    ure to inform you that three of rB' children have
    been curaved ofthe ScofrIla by the use of your ax-
    cellent medicine. They were afflicted very se-
    verely with bad sores ; have taken only four bot.
    des ; it took them away, for which I feel myself
    unidewdeep obligations.
    Yours, respect f, lly,
    ISAAC W CR A N E, 106 Wooster-st
    New York, March 1, 1847.
    ,Dr. Townsend is almost daily receiving or-
    ders from Physiciaas in different parts of the UIn-
    ion. /
    This is to certify that we the undersigned,
    Physicians of Alabama, have in numerous cases
    prescribed Dr. Townsend's SarSkparilla, and be-
    lieve it to be one of'the moat valuable prepara-
    tions in the market. "ea
    H. P. PULING, M: D.
    J. WILSON, M, D.
    R- B. BRIGGS. M. D
    P. E.ELMEN1 OR, M. D.
    Albany, April 1, 1846,

    SNervous Debility.
    New York, March 27, 1847.
    Capt. G. W. McLean, one of the, Unitec
    States Marine Corps and member ot the New
    Jersey Legislature; has kindly sent us ,the fiol-
    lowing eertificate. Ittells kts ownsrt-tory.
    Rahway, Jun 25, 1847.
    Ayear since I was taken with the Influenza
    and my whole system left iu a debilitated state
    I was induced to try Dr. Townsend'B Sarsapa
    f rilla, and after taking two or three bottles,I
    was very much relieved, and attribute it entire]
    Sto the said, Sarsaparilla. I have co-tinued taking
    I it and fii.d that I improve every day. I believe
    Saved mn life, and would not be without it cnde2
    any consideration.I
    S G. W. McLEAN.

    i __II

    J. 0. SMITH.

    SAM-ls a pleasant, certain, safe and ef-
    fectual remedy fir dysentary, diarrhea or loose-
    ness, cholera morbus, summer complaint, cholic,
    griping pains, sour stomach, sick and nervous
    headache, heartburn, waterbrash, pain or sick-
    ness of the stomach, vomiting, spitting UFp o
    food after eating, and also where it passes through
    the body unchanged, want of appetite, restless
    ness and inability, to sleep, wind in the stomach
    and bowels, hysterics, cramp, nervous tremors
    and twitchings, sea sickness, fairitings, melan-
    choly and lowness of spirits, fretting and crying
    of infants, and for all bowel affections and ner-
    vous diseases.
    r his is one of the most efficient, pleasant ahd
    safe eompositions ever offered to the public for
    the cure of the various derangements of the sto-r
    ,nach and bowels, and the oNLT article worthy of
    the least confidence for curing cholera infantum
    or summer complaint; and in all the above dis-
    eases it really acts like a charm.
    All persons are requested to try it, for without
    exception, it is onie of the most valuable family
    medicines ever yet- discovered. Hundreds, nay
    thuuttsaiidrs, of certificates have been received
    from physicians, clergymen, and families of the
    first respectability, bearing the strongest testimo-
    ny in its favor, too numerous to publish.
    CHICAGO, III1, March 27, 1845.
    Dr.Jayne-Dear sair: You ask me what proofs
    1 meet with of the efficacy of your Carminative
    I can safely say that I never prescribed a medi-
    cine for bowel complaints that has given me so
    much satisfaction, and my patients so speedy and
    perttct relief as this. Whenever introduced in-
    to a faintly, it becomes a standing remedy for
    those ailments, and is called for again and again,
    which I think a pretty good proof of its efficacy
    and usefulness. In the summer complaint of
    children ithas frequently appeared to snatch the
    little victims, as it were, from the grave. "It
    saved the life of my child, and of satch and such
    a child I have repeatedly herrd said. In dysen-
    teric affections of adults, I have time and again
    seen it act like a charm, and give permanent re-
    lief in a few hours, I may say in a few minutes.
    In fine it is a valuable medicine, and no family
    should be without it. Respectfully,.
    S. M. L. K.,aA,.m. D.,
    Professor of Materia Medica i the Laporte Uni-
    versity, Indiana .
    For sale by J. 0. SMITrr,
    march 12-28 Pensacola.

    D RUGS, Medicines, Chemicals, &c.-Tbe
    I. subscribers have justm received from New
    York a large supply of genuine Drugs aod Med
    icines, embracing almost every article in that rdie
    Family Medicines and Physi ian's prescriptiaui
    pin up with care and neatness.
    Nov 18-12 J. 0, SMITtL

    P AINTS, Oils, Glass, Varnish, Turpentine,

    PAINTS, Oils, Glass, Varnish, Turpentjne,
    4-c. For sale by /
    dec 2--14tf J. 6. SMITH.

    Colds, &c.-So many people are afflicted
    with these common every day disorders, that we'
    deem it our duty to point our readers to a simrOle
    remedy, which we have tried and found effica-
    cious. Jayne's Expectorant is a very valuable
    syrup which we have lately used with good ef-
    fect in stopping a cough aid loosening and
    breaking up a cold. It is a very agreeable medi-
    cine. This recommendation is not a bought puf;
    but entirely voluntary; and we feel that we can
    hardly do a greater favor to our readers in these
    days of cheating, than to recommend them as
    well tried, efficient remedies, especially those we
    have used.ourselves. DANM. HL NSHAW,
    Editor of the Lynn Record, Mass.
    For sale b) J. 0. SMITH,
    -28 Pensacola.

    SANDS Sarsapaparilla; do Salt Rheum Reme
    dy: do Roman Eye Balsam; do Clove Ano-
    dyne, for toothache.
    .-' Dr. Braridretti's Vegetable Universal Pills.
    S-Scaipa's acousticc Oil for Deafness.
    -Fahnestock's Vermifiuge; do Opedeldoce; do
    (ogh Balam. I
    Dr. Jaynis' Expectorant; do Hair Tonic; do
    Carminative Balsam; do American Hair Dye; do
    Alternative; do Sanatin Pills.
    Lee's Anti-billious Pills.
    t.Swaim's Panacea.
    Wistar's Balsam Wild Cherry.. .
    -* Dr. Jackson'* Pile Embrocation for sale by
    j. 6. SMITH,
    Nov 19-12 Agent for proprietors.

    Commission 4- Shipping Merchantt
    Galveston Texas.
    W ILL receive oni consignment, LUMBER,
    which he will'sell at wholesale and retail,
    all business intrusted to me will meet prompr
    attention. My wharf being Large and conve-
    nient, vessels drawing 12 feet can discharge with
    Oct. 13, 1847-

    KiDoz. Linen Bosom SHIRTS, just
    received-some of which are of the very
    finest quality, and will be told very low,by
    Feb. 10-23 F DELA RRUA

    A LL'persona ae hemby notified that I will
    prosecute any 'w all who may be guilty of
    cutting timber on a cerrin tract of land in the
    county of Escambin, containing two hundred and
    forty arpens, abo* seven miles N. E. from the
    city of Pensacola, between Point Gordaer of
    Gabayon's, or Devil's Point, one miles distant
    from the latter, *twats the South, bounded
    North by land granted Mariasp Bonifay, 8outh
    and West by ,vaeo* land, ad EUt by the
    Bay-ofPenscol. -I,; 1 I,
    *^ .- .! *;WM.JT. BELL.
    + Sept;. 15, 1847--^

    CARDS. 9MlSELlNgU 4

    Pensacola. Natioul'f Miniature (
    ..................... B CLARK.F, (lace Aithony,.
    DiR. J.BROSNAHAMI, Druggist and dealer 1. 247 Brmadtv. TILe fotlomi
    hin Dry Goods&kc., Palafox street, between recently received by the late piop
    Government and liutendentia streets, establishment ;

    Clarjie& Cp6)
    ng letter do ...-.,
    ,tietors ofO^ "

    commend to the attention of those desirnus
    of retoriing their hair or iniprovinp its beauly, to
    inis elegtat pr- paration. We hear it ever where
    highly poken of, t; and especially by ull who have
    made niqe of it, ias grtatly et'fficacious in lstimulat-
    iig the growth of the hair, arnd pievrnting an
    curing many affrciions of the skin Its virtues
    are amrply and sufficiently proved.-N. v. Sun.

    HAIR T(ON[C.-Dr. Jayne's Hail
    Tonic has nol merely excited great attention, andl
    been eicrisively used in Philadelphia, hut here,
    and throughout the Union generally. We e.pe't
    that son'e- t th Philadelphia editors ha,' used
    the Tonic and become dand'ilied, they s9ppak so
    uarmnly ol it. 1V holds a high, and, we believe,
    deseervtd reputation -N. Y. Morn. Atlas.
    Very true, Mr. Alias, many of our editors have
    used this valuable Hair Tonic, and therefore speak
    knowingly when they commend it to public no,
    tice, and we say no gentleman or lady should be
    v% without it, and if your hair be thin, harsh, and
    unhealthy, or is falling off, you have but to apply
    the Hair Tonic, and it is again restored to health
    and beauty; if you are so unfortunate as have a
    bald head, a few months' use of this valuable
    tonic, will, without doub\,.restore to you that val-
    uable covering-the hair.-Alexander's Messen-

    (f Wl TERS, Bowling Salton & Cflee
    t'. House, Palafox street, between Goveri-
    nent and Inlenentiena stsa
    L .FARINAS, Coffee House, Pelafox street,
    *. between Baylen and Front ets
    M P. De RIOBOO, Justice of the Peace' of.
    LT. fice in l he City Hall
    jM -CRUPPER, Justice of the Peace, office in
    L theCity Hall .. .
    SH. BRUNYAN, House, Sign and Ornamen-
    1A tal Pfiter, Pa'afox street.
    I McALLISTER, Boot and Shoe Manufae-
    J., turer, Paiafox street.
    SKRETZ rTailor Palafox,, atret,. opposite
    J. the public sguarp.. .
    "1 ENRYA. NUNES, Dealer in Gtoeecriees,
    -L' &c., Goverf epnt street.
    -EWIS DUNN, Barber and Hair Dresser,
    L Palafox street. 1.
    JY DA.VIDSON, Auctioneer & CoTAision
    1. Merchamr.t, West Gate of the Navy Yard,
    W airimgton. "
    V H.DIT MAR, Cabinet Maker & Under-
    Sltaker,eafrner of Palafox and Rorana sts.
    J HONACKER, Grocery Store & Porter
    Hose, corner o4 Baylen and -arageiza sts
    SHONACKER, Bul's fead House, on the
    .a Beech, between Palafox and Baylen sts


    CHARLESA. TWEED, Attorney at Law,
    Milton, Florida .
    Th; RASH, Druggist, Milton, Pa, keeps ron-
    L. stantly on hand a choice supply of Medi-

    t N. AMOS, Diy goods, Groceries, &c,
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    GE M HAMILTON, Globe House, Milton,

    On Coasigm nOt,
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    1 full jeweled Hunting Case Gold Watch,
    SEnglish Lever, full .jeweled, made by
    M.J Tobias,
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    2 dhz. Gold Pens, best quality,
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    6 pair Colt's Revolving Pistols,
    3 Fiee Double Barrel Guns,
    T6oether with a splendid assortment cf Pocket
    Cuilery. [jan 26] C.P. KNAPP:

    W ALKER ANDERSON, Attorney at Law, "aBnv Sun MAINE, (France.y
    OEeNon Governr, ment astr eet. "Sirs-It is wilh lively satisfaction that I ea,
    press to you ihe great pleasure which your porw
    "ILLON JORDAN, Attorney at Law. Office tra its, b, Dagncrrenolype, so htautifnl in their e.
    ' on jlalasoj street. __ eeuiioh, have given me, amnd my assurance that
    B F MAPEE, Auctioneet and Commission i hey are among the most perfect thai ['have evr"
    M.rcliant. Palafox street. s een.
    ^~jt-1i N Pr) oods nd Groce <"1 feel much flattered in seeing my discovery
    T B JaRRISON, Dry Goods and Grocery extended, and by such reptesenitaions ad
    Merchant, corner ot Palafox ad Govern- foreign land, high honor 16 reflected
    nent streets. "Re eive, sirs, my sincere couipii4ents, aMd
    [4 EYSER & McVOY, Dry Goods Merchants the assurance of'my moat disingcirhed ronsidoqk'
    and gcnetral Shipping Agents, corner of ralit,,. "IDAGUERE.
    lalafox and Government streets. "NMessrs. Anthony, Clark & Co. New York.*
    .'r GARDINER, Tailor, Comnmyns' Rot, Testimony from so-hbiph a source as this, tnW
    L. Pensacola great discoverer of the Dagtierre-otype arl bi1ir
    self, lirniabshe r- conclusive evidence of tl- 0 ,-f
    1 0. SMIII H. Dealer in Drugs, Aledicine.s, oitofthef pictures executed altheabsc .. .
    '. Paints, Oils, Books,. Stationery, &c., cturrer This gallery contain-, as its name inipo. ., stva
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    P...N.P, Darn o r... inieas Irntmlife, of the following persons, all of
    P. KINAPP, Dealer in' Dry GobdsGroce- whoom have decased itihin the past ifhur years,
    Srles,bEn,,I,nhoeil, &C, PalaxslrSel.__ thus shwing the iniportancc and inciesasing in-
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    .Palafox street. Andrew Jackson, IGen Jesse Speip', Miss
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    I~I G reine Court, I' Hoa rd,8 -al
    Groceries, ftc,0overnmefl9 sreet- -_"._. Sr-h Thompson, do 'Dani B T'alncadge, N a
    rF n da. D
    IOS. C-UGLES, Ship and Family Stores, Pal-. Hon. l.C. Bates Mass. +Driacell, DC
    J afox street. L..'-altonstall, do Corn Kennon, u B a
    ICANGRTTO-and ...-. -R d A H Everett, do .om Crane, 1. s N
    AMERIAN GROTTO an leading Room, T hos Gilmner, Va Ho 0G C Dromnioolc-V
    A by Lafayette Robrtaon, Paiafox acreel. W Taylor do Alex Parw, La.
    fITY R E CESS, by P. Conway, Palafox JohnB Dawson, La. "John CaiMpbflISC
    C street. J H Peyton, Tenn. John While, Ky
    fMANSION HOUSET. Saint, roprietor S Mcloberis, is. F G Mcl'onnaeHlAl
    ''il Zar I3a1 tt at rIprer -John L Kerr, Md. Henry In1an, N T
    l Zaragotastreet. ......... 1"l.< Wm S Fnuiotn, Ark. Ex-Gov Edails,9Ct.
    JENKS HIOTEL, corner ofPaialox and Ro- Capt W Albrtie, u a a IN!Mj Wm Popham, NT
    Smaona streets. Ex Gov. Wright, N x. HopJ W HuntigtBnC
    r-WINKL-, Pensacela Bakery, Intenden- Cul T Crot, u o sa.- Col John i aldir,, Il.
    *tieo street, West of Balen at" uEdward Dve., D C Chancellor Kent, N I
    street- Westo'-- an -'_ -_--_ Ex-Gov. Airfield, Me.

    Alisoscveral copies, from family portralta,'* -
    eminent individuals. ,
    Copies can be turnished Irom Ihe original Da-
    guerreotype, by the same pro. ess, and are gener- '
    ally equal, aI often superior to the original in.-
    press.oua. "

    AId Printers Depot-.
    No. 17 Canal Street Row, opposite theCuastony
    H H. GREEN rrspectfnuty snnonneea Ito -
    I. Publiul.rI and Prihteis, that he hastifb-'
    liuiAeda complete and extfscite TY'PEEi]S-
    DERY in this.civ.
    THE BOtR LETTER of'this four.dry wasr
    cut to order, by workmen tf long espeneer ,.
    and as no expeisesc was spared to oblain thn
    hapdum st faoes, arid to perfect them in every'
    respet, ithe aascation ib vtntared hat it will bea -
    liwnd the handsomest in ibe Umnitd Slutes. .
    Al.oa'very handsome masirtnnent ol'f Iaerm, -'''
    Cuminairaimn nBoarders, and JOS LEI TKiR f r
    ,shelatest'style, to which the attention i Prin- '
    en, soltliciw, belorepurchaAmng elsewhere. I, *
    artel manufaclured at thbi s Foucdarv shall lie
    otr, nmenal equal, if not supervo-. '-any man- y M
    ufactred at the Northi; and ta they %ill-beF1ib
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    tihi new enterprise trusts to'meet ,tii de en-
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    rates.. ; '** : ** ; .
    E:rF'The proprietor of newspapers wvh" wil l
    publih" this advertisemenit six monIha, and m*nd
    a paper to this Foundary, weekly will be paid for
    the advertisemient by purchasing 4ix tisoes tbht
    amount of adteiisine bill in T)pe.
    H. H. GEEN, 17Ca,al Stre*.t low
    Oposippeothe C itastimhnou~e
    SProprietoro ni Newspaperis '- hhavy pubfich-
    cd theadvertisementofGaR(AE & Ca., wil- please
    suspend and insert the above.
    March 8, 1848. 6t

    N otice .. -. -- I
    TH-I E anbseriber begs to state that he is irepma-
    irsd to ma'ustature BLANK BOOKS of ev-
    ery description, and to Rebind Od Books, Pam-
    phlets ad Music, at moderate price, and in tew
    moat workmaSulike manner.
    Mobile, Dee. 20,1847. r. H. BROOM.

    White Wine V TIor.
    1 O Casks and Barrels of Ie 'above, 50 per
    cent leths n the usual prire for sale.
    jan 6 KNAPP
    u IF it r k A f

    06 MOFFATS /

    ^i ANDS
    ^^.. ._L '. ^ *We
    g The bigh and envied celebrity which these preemietiaet iciue have lniredf',ri their
    Sinvariable efficacy in all the diseases which they profesW *-,Iure, h z -adered the M ikn
    Z practice of puffing not only unneeesary but -unworthy of them. Thy a.w own /'_ -
    their fruits; their good works testify, for them, und they thrive naot by the = 1it e(S m't
    IN ALL CASES OF .lp-
    24 f*t& t FrV X, A" #. 4b mAA0U1Ui a.__.,W...
    M!k an(MiC&nd iMr~oirnui u For this scow"S of the westi- iii eww alta, .
    3^ %~m If L. S~dvj sa- muitry itm idkisks wit be "Orgmncnetrtiam.
    buma. bin ao sle, .*p BIMJUe FEVZRS aid remedy. uOmer ikeo he'v\ Pmams Cmc. leave
    LIVRCOMPLA;NTS. ; ,e Iytea *abjeout tM"rMW L PILLS.-TitsJutlopie (i .
    Ia s A* sootand west, where the dlaBao- eiwttl Bthee. to-.cflhs= m.,dtA*iew..t4W Q ^
    the. disease prevail, they will t iaet i*pen oa.5 Tg theat of role> of am bf sea aM :
    bS mandiavatluable. Plantews, toMed; and be mard. e, t son of g W 'A
    Franessn ad otkenrs, who u o AF o /leyt__ a ttoho.e.. ; < .C. .ae *
    n these"Mdiciues wil ever GENPjI JR&l'ltTT. 'melaM' th heullj .iM JteM, "t -
    A-4 aftrwards b without them. Gout. Il bimjp. t alt, u e vmi..- .
    B JtlU Ciholic nad Se roiM e1 0i400'!s R. 5 MHE ATISM.-Thma t'. -.,
    "o Qieawd. saied Wit hthisht wtMrb1 a .d
    BA, H, H6e4M A ,f#.Ws b. d ,-ube,.,,a* r, of ruf abyj wi ** .
    a _o Cah .-tts*. r- wad Few. "M-.. T '
    Co"lM sied Coug.. -licim eutrty X1 IIsMil -. a toad 4A" '
    S C440. Inbre Blood. o il
    CONSUMPTION. Ugd Jewtiee. 4t74 L Lboom
    with'thegratestseeemhs t" r i OEPi lAI a. .. LA I ,09
    o Co t. or. ST W1-'froiy. B*
    01a 8- No -... RC-MIAl DIIirAI- P ,1 onq fevydw.pra.. "
    -4 with this distr-uing deed rB Ne h to.%dtfai- l.... ,.i.fmi .,a^tlt *'
    shoulddy medi t-ret-allt he effrtofM lt .Tneued b h .s .
    dielslmamea taeitl. linitealy .m r tsne the t I he* nc. us". wAS -, ..;
    Brjdoeq Msipowdrfail preparatis fFota .5,be
    m_:_. -arll^a.e n ste .,-m^a-se of I .
    F. b" ,igh8tas ilt 1sm1- e,

    .lmg Ib '? 3mr3 a TO3(f--^ : "

    And thus rem e all diee ftm tlMe tlli b.
    A iAgttrial tltpicethelfE PIt k aiand P (E Nl I 1 T t '1 .ST? eA
    i9 peb n. I lh tl betlaio mt of ever l at. r *-- W SA_'n *i ''
    BP Prepared sqdmid. w ah1le apd re41, by DX.
    Di 4rau y, orneror l Athoci .street, Noew Ts '.. ','
    The Sinaingothese medicine& ate mow ,.put"wit e~s bsWqe,~
    M Molkt's G dlaiearit a,," continhl .tt-elrtie.e, n ., hi a ed.U. 5 V O j._w l1'ia
    O M,,t tooq.w Ofien by h,.eh ,tnn Ter .4 thei a ,t MUNI W.dl s. ,
    We ooIM4ilhd dsoverar Owev w1W pttocim fl~a Vtb, Qk gBg*MQi!'B1^' ?*. ^
    fla lbtolMnr,-tfetr, and ddno, ;'Wits l tlr s ,wm-[ .,,
    8. Mtoebsmcl,,Gaulla ... ._raga AuCj
    8@ 9 PeMiacola bl Dr. BRXG9IAHAM, Pakfox t., cornlom l iNebbj" '

    * .9

    IB ~II C. 'L -- ~- e~CC~916'1~iaii~il~i -LI

    wm"Imw m


    For sale by


    _ __ ~ ?I


    '- f




    __ /


    IT I r v

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