Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
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Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Uniform Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Florida Democrat, and mechanic's & workingman's advocate
Florida Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: J. & D. Jordan, Junr.
Publication Date: August 17, 1848
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: James & Dillon Jordan, Jr., <1848>; Philip E. Lavallet, <1849>; A. Marzoni, <1851-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 44 (July 13, 1848).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 11, no. 46 (Nov. 13, 1856).
Funding: Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.
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beltve, thpttup. t ,r qedepcy der..., ,eP.. .. ,, e sacola, Florida Aogst 17, 1818. Number 4w t" ,, enyour e#i wk g ngt p
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] the iusnd iivioung0 g ur bl(+ cu'uttry.-- vents. The &irbwi oV. d,+tittriiqh, l' the Olver-pay Roorback. sons between lhe.e two itien-m-ry on!. de, "For the Lord's hake r Ehait/d "disdhubd Ie.Ah h ten.,h ^o1",n4 .o,
Al'".' "11... ANI D I R1 ... 6
]n advoc ti n defending those, prrici whomasqe r spread, W'l harnnlis at his -i; ,i1 is o10 show :that G iI. C..S. has re- theh *,... rliunh', ..hea ,n'd' w'r, .-n t a lU hnd th

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._Clland'a uufnpsant vindncation of den a ]i T. t og ts.i .t ine : O,
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It+~t~.lkedthtesIhe ws aiu-,trciui, p lhlse to ZAN A~'6 the Jeitrent, a nodtlhqiir-.i'n to at i.se, 9hkhna the of .' t'A h.rrh...n 4it'

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C.h, is g..0 1t+.h.!,rqvm~ie th o, .G+n., , : .-.., .. .. .. ,W_.. l ake rSK ;lh Aeo~ i. ~ wa8,rsrie $10500 and,', ,.an,,ot.,,ho-+v- h ot ~eyuertaw hrvu~ikl com. dihdaf-eil5 )....edov lveae..t, .... .. to. L 1
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,lllP+Ita~~~A lk ll l'e iltrl llL L) .+p.,.. -. | I O I'h ..... .+ ca''. se of -t.'o""e,, who.: c''':,d+ de'd' fai;" w ~ cljaren wh h"w crahi netr i car i..
"', lb h l lI. "W I nti0 ; be..tIO +ie LI oult+' 84 unt r'fv P. ;" "I
4].s+n, U,!I=. ,.,l. T,,.0 -' ..a... ,, =,:, .. :, ;_.,.,i^ ,,r+:S h~,d d +. ; ta+e m en ti .'6 ~~ ,l nt rs ck ] n,, ice, noiV rn !~+ m 0 t +o etl .i!l ,h I|n+ n .:te h, d 't ~ l h d hm m+ a dstI,,' .

it ...l it jilt- rptl, [Ia nt ofbrrl Itit.' nlsUs U ,tll kUen, t th11e1,t1. ib
* -I E VL RIGHTS. I. a, y rib -,s,.. ht hL isir -i. brea.ki'ng.is'vor, is- "li or- I V$3 '27 was for Cmpeisatioo, the bal mut be Yoriue .min mind ; and if his wife l-dy eped a a C.ie e Be .,i hadQ 1 r' r s RnaHr ais hehr nt. i i, :
-r'r" ai bertn" for act l aid necessarv ex' dd t e t L l th d,,l-h l h was rtsri.g h k with i lnnotftde sfvw ho ledsewy .
as. afaa uel a tae itt I i ii h r n.iti'am to rtiawr0, or rath er R1i1r I pit;]Islrr tir u t
,-i- rc. tot nd i piici- a Un. NtcA n hur,'and it ll tipensesn rl in"ead of- h hav ag re 'colors th at hehad de brfbe if she' w e t error,.he a e "nmy hn-
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h.~~~~~~alf ai,~.^ hisra compensa,.tion, th hi. '4101 sur sh U^''^ ^r '^ Mrs, be:,.^^T A ald co no'eth ion 4 s+ e Nft 6ln, " g i a.,"'. t 'e uritn k'.rom'he1 ald Cel. plcAuiatwr did break his sw.ord. osI ul as.eu". ,. th io ade sure se wvuud .o be, lr.d ; 'th e t e cha Knceatoe yI-o ,. "P-l I.,.
maul r'i's iia~owa otipl 1 ibh.aI ndoa ., he si -t l i ,n d r. r m. 5-ha nnrtil1 r a t l a int n m O fir extra servIone t a starh t o, ( iV ye n,' ira hisi n -bx t P P 17 'k n a y
g^l ^ h!~ ;isasii assal t nt' n cte sf n~ls ,^on IIIe1 -11 11 ssiture I n sdr 11 1- w i I) p e I, al bo '$ui ln^d Filsr thin ,au
n ,q afraid and .... v s i .-Pt Ii,, h it' ire he ,id Ih o w riter a Ilt I ill not i s esr o iii.,is s; b, ..O.";iary: a;is G osveirs rA id d'n kde lathe.vn
has ever t.r ts d his ii le i sI ssald ansd of'r ;W the I'tt'is,. 1 il did 81-,1 C.'!. s1 12 y s 457,50. Mrs. [ ,urrae,, ,.iw ver %w.-.s .t a wo!- It nisay bet Aur-hd.ti ', hi o hcsdIt S t r ,Vicu iesre f ,tati,;1Jnire4.
he.~rt',,tiie infelt li' n6e aud 'jssdt tent o It', i, .3- tu-e, t- pi I.c.ks wl _14- re saIn. 1 'h1s --rk l a' = "in, to submit q-i"--' v t d...ree"a-'' di ,' r loagttsl -ae 4_e 'aox in'ldh t aom 'hi.kuRneprtrn tiatw,,-Jfl Cp t ,gess. ,
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t:hb A'snericn t nO ople. .. Brok-. .R Bri"tish gosnanaler. met Cw aruis '4Ii I sI. of t a of h s dss ..n. n hrr c ,e so ,r b ady l ak the box n due h front ,ow fuii, t he A... tit h ; so,,
ab v t P+\ I o,~ wj pp en :**t a ,-,0 ,,,. wou ldu wit h a vig toro6u~,$ kick anjd '. re.ih l,le '." ..''
C. AIcTs,'ht.h shared 6h- I confisl,-tuce of ne-Is y;Arthlur anud Cma bi e t -. -isheId .P. ; T, w l* ig u push,. at, I she k.v,' At n h a sm 4e :svizr"'"tse tot,.in th Gt-hte-o A orm ; afepys..
e ., ''' '" r oi..... I a TA + ''., W t~h,1I li fi-t" s rke ieved ,+' "it Fon jm ln r~ ot w o i ,r ,' ers _, tt.It 'h i .~ ; -n,- --Y o vouxt...' --- ,
7'0'PJIO VS J d iutrO. tlie jll11-aat:saealips Ali. Springs keloia Peir adn~ 0-o Wsut he' I'll4 66uea'as~ t 1 ,6 &ot.s'-me rime, hl osrr' indhref~ ay'ithn shhsie s~n.'o ne1ihGki~~.Apsl
*~, qrtt~s De lit a ItQ pIn issldap[qd -lac vi lthl si x si' 1e~t ol' Cc4l.'CL, as. tthe tie~i ; .psai win,.dtixiLLs'g +,, ,, !;... his.creer.s.ler ,ern|nce Indm doctrrasd hit)sons uJeta, maocur in esdlrrefs'a aie cal ,-b :O'ae nhol reoi' e t he intkl ne.iahryfestitioiahol n .1
b. :kr ahe nt tll-4t i s.t" hu li, r fa, I h e .6Vd I ns iavir w ,rl 1h,,ra ti thi in di a l,:tio and 'i .-' ic d tsp n g ,areus hi-4s o he h as iti : m n .4xi .f de handed to .k4ow the m ea n- hirn -4.! a b ht p a rl {nopher.'- roppea dat.a r t ar o f Al%. b i.'i sth s askira. C ot.g res. oslolit,.n. ,
4 -,o^S .6l, pAMEti 0-S MIAIISON ,n'rtificaion he exhib,tedt the tl1e 6)r uhe, Vr ter part o 8 his t me co istd i n. h. time" s" '' h "'o sbiatso fr gthmo elssault and pron lh .,.-hrritrbes--F'l;lp_.mA bse fm ng a aN ,.
-, ,, '. ., + .. IOII-LI l'K. i~x rot.,in..''A I/[. ii*l5~ ;i-s'+ a~.o I~e- U re' U n.h"4Terrtoria-F. .. heing ,e ,
'C.h" ha, ,.(. W -a i. S is.-t ndi ,.r Thesei.lyv at ,mst to'.d,-prive Gen 'Ifo, lv + ht irnal ont fne ,Miht nm, itry o, .l's n P-,ro +.'' save our lie.- yoyii r precious o 'ensI lle rv' as to r t*alk tomeo.e .+ :.. ).b
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. -: ,-- ,',- .7+ .. .... L.. "r~ ~r,,. s; ,,i~ti6have1.,, h'~l*','! ,'l ilhdex~l~o .v~sagearia .pfus = tlon ,h"'- isIutFittse-frm I twcn,(' b bdb'n"-o .denWe fr!1n! ila "fh
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mav shed barrels of{in)!'ib' pro'e 'thr.:oriT, tlrt Fay,,'r r ay s a suifc+seful general,- ,fino, 1w iifh yiv* a l emncrati..gaib bf he ds Sugar oarthedevil hiiself. *ihe grap o, a Prin-ce, ?0 there is but one. B'., ,thw PIiheT, and ,ioef battle sis ce,
trarv olr. mweihav.i,-,wr.te"riw bbll' 1h, Th,.- ove,-.1i 'thebri ve, officers .and i-n' T O'O -T(USAND over any, a previous As cr-bler in the Pensacola Gazette, +1.+f6 rm6 delib.ra:e *, fal--4euo ....4-i,'6in^ in = 'idfr .s .h
PAOT-W-1,t14 dmn'noani.bo stiff, who- actual ,A,,e finor h r. it- be s i .... H 0i 1111.1l-d !q who' sfgs h^mspl'f It A Mech0 icsantJ g:r- ..e.. !'f^ djdd f f -" -A.- N1 'ei-, c "a n c "a d -t d -, "
'hfi b pph tio,, Iaylor is'notre~ioel fwhi'?-s lob t-lt.all- hp()pp +,+,o(- thpv, made .r t'! 1 ,-R p ,c,, Inu .ArgVi. W 0* -orking Ma.-,,," has writte, a I.., a .. k ,. 1 ^ : .. .. .% ,.,"it i O
g1e I i [I.'I L t al s L UNA 'f ill IH ItD --- F Vto.X tg w rIH } ,r t ~ W ... I' r : pg t iv s ft natir+ +i
V" ,- ,s a' s .. i ,"to Y ,+,, \. lab -u redw arti ei p, T hew 'h h as -e r -le- e a it "-4- **, -b f" v c"
public s, reets,_in priv1`e circles, aR, I it Ihey inplrol iheM Nlxi.-iis to recei there : 1, -The-N. Y .' -Trut T.1 "" i ....fa ,as ,ehrP deters, and ,tso+l+m^+es-happens.t~hat esp.dally as'the one ".waS+ L
ho1 ue ,.-.A ni--sl((very whei,, apathv-'x br-y+,e vahnterrs -- with blutlv h,', 11- a ,l^l1'' 1',U' *-^,.k-, th< pe'ophe '.s candidlitP+:rated a base ;inddelibenate fil~eh,,od, i t/re eharees ate-combii no'ne-p-r- SUPl,'i,,i Ihe other o, hi bac!, a f 1
hssartiolnu he'' hig and' hle, grav,.," hate a ualIy. ^rthe s"!i-,ey:-+ ; k r I lo ^in, lv and fairly" ascribing, '"to', us, so r".e "-rticle ir; 6 ,,Gat 11o' p ro'." c"
wil1'r i tot aru-4e bem t .tf a ,,'.atnd I ake, i.lie ian who was nrd^ a naj.r 's 1,heir ih. -jsinrvl t[rlh claims by A ,," ", .. hiP i n l e r .. i :. i ... i .. i i- -; :
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*r 1..l heettaose'rhey have n i-',c ifin.d,_ne. e erav 'Pr ,l-,, Plk,,at, w ho ieas tte ampe l 'orsl ,.rln+ ex>ltte rce a is.il i+ ... e" f .... "t ,+ P v".++ only a. fW labr a,,oni, ilkthlre s a ,eve lf i,, all ,his here ,s one wroltre nha.. leh r 'h
inlnei t ,,nd atd ,'be e"-te' he "y.'rsciarefk' 6 v ih le-i.der in.iw ha; ilievy call this iniquiir t tu e m e le;. .",p v of the* or l, .... r n ; er ...... o ,ahinnny and h trt rundea l through m ost our wonder ahptladuvra o|,. "Ii is, ,hat" ,
k1160 ,hat he~is. o-rwhat he inans,,toi,,h, ail harbrous war. "and expect t,, [rivak 11-0 voice' v;,i3 heard howaillmnm their *afflic- s .a n 'd inbo rpe th a na llH fe a u seh f ^ sh P ralid e. t. W h at w otild G; .n Ili y. il, 'w n h so io u c h in g -aW : e hk ) u Piic e -- n inv oo
ed,6tlei ~t|ad~ ,'ct''hi(,i,th'ertor, have..beet, ha-i it ,,W b,.e, L,.-,h i t' W ,, a'dv,;cal'ir,, their 4iie thit uc efetie -A%'hen~vbr "the'.'w< hbrtar,~ l.iiirev Nv'be*rrelfrterpse.I~y irlding that Wbc eh,' kv t,, be.' lal's#,e,t 'tm! isl ot, wyrt
e Whii7h; h;Ad,all pr0%,ed co,ward.s, and del'bi, h/d ^"\i henlhe q,,,s1"' ahonu hierm';as~ay qlire favorable notariety for their posses.Ps
' th;, J,,rt1s i 1 l~l'4'.'ainwrio head 1r 1ti ,.IlhWf-d,, bhere then would GC -ral to'Rome wa.a anii,-d, ,iAd the, ,, go.rd-aid sor. Ihi i ,hey reoiv+d i colnit some he has tboj irtiety. ,nd irreterence- to hin mther ad home, bee ninriu ofrk'
g,, asa'rn&Coieriift^, pe+'toin. inhetrIri'"il'aJ.hr's popularitv have been. the s.jin, ,reat Plos IX. OVas as'Adild wrh als7 the o. -' rdii; he o^ o i. i ,ell ,,
RU a. fagra-nt ac't 'o~f: lird,` rolbbe~y, or" other insen+rvti:hat+;'arh, le, the~nam~ him..-epI sws i, ,fe+ns'l ,lt~
tf tfh W hitcause, whether he evel heard h 'r,*ve.-mi,, the.sa.1'e o w, g-n-rrl; amalsei, y. ir, ,nr.nc il, r n ^ It' e dts e i deyr to become iotor ius w- i .it' ru Ih" itself ; and who -when "" .. J he I'W "<','
biinspezll lit so Tl:. rtW ..app .ry^ it..-,,arnr where. wvoild have.been his pi)tilarilv ? a "n 1 "5Ia. L.-w. i .aess-sood forwnao t he .rdi- w i a w w b r. ig, | h, v, t.JfJ, ** | an1' .
asas d-v. Plate what wa truth,' de'ig,,d s..w rki~+ ..-++.i.
im*s+',un-ldlia er vnt,'0..pi.?,, as it "hen it is hi J < rd,, h's nobh-volu tpiirs, the measure and lashed the heralds .it0 assamPs' ^rhl'emta have.'ee, the as. .... ru h, ,.
+oi h.e c*i;tho lo.km yjV\V'hWs; pres{W,, hat h,+ em ......f 10'e _.o.v i'o 'ai wil...efo i leq : 1 da.e h, .ei .,of rupt 691;to -violate" that everlasting trea. "M +ilX l '' # T;,,',,: '!
"t "';hildnft '* Ow ll.B yH 'c, Wh t" r i- ads IV.4q') at frank ioo. as murh appl..us. as h,,. who. ae, ei. tt N. N says.-:c -"+" '"dehbIratelv'" +Ipeblsh v p "inga falsehood in the sure truth," he is as for blasphemy bt ahy i "' ''* >L-
,. m/ +ss~pnr~ht,'qqviJmn, led ,o shr.e,eq',ial1,v'.,,.ilh him a,,v p,,pt,," :l|'Jda:h' anaAtearnis of a, puli .=-ei- h' e- .i P: .h'c of "'ac~ .'Vl 46, r
pw h,~d--.tr) Jonirt,,ihjba,!,eelina ldrityi; wbit~h.-n,,ght ha.ve, bpipon gaiped 'it zen "0 l+iv or two !,hee iiheiher he'shouldcoqir (te
; ,. -l^ ..t-le,.l ].,.r ,.his wa. i'. e, ,for a, Inor, shall vilme f ,r nmortaliy~ofrenownasascornero[ .hy,,dresppctahieasi^.uure .as 'hat.of 3,1n.^nt, 6y the of. ,P,,ildg, .rl

e |s b~enthe embodiment oF Whig pinioi: This .i,,gtyli (hfriohe wh,i,,p-arty-- '(?>n Cass," said 'he, althohbgh I was a The ProrietrB o this paper, adopt- "_ Mechaic and Workingl Maai" tor.s' H+l"" G'E,"^ .Aw4rs i'"Mfti'",!" i'
Se, ao'..w~heikaou strlt at Henry Clay who oppose, the war Wt vvery st~p, wlo Barnburner; or Gen. Cas has s wet Ihe e' fofthe o'ernrelol ihfit denottmei, a eombiaattdn of'"aisehood, ad malice,h o, beena0^ .0 '"' 't ,
'h"o oppos" th war I I : p, o I. I I r I I I I ... .. go' IL J nt.' "o p d c m I' bi I I : a, I .. '" Ia 'ae al e ll
,I; ;"I I ; i *' ^ I '" a i .I i Ii I I q .'1 *. *..., r .. i L ... ... *.,

^ 1 ^ ->.I1 .. I *+ I ** '" I' I 'I ; '* -' *l ^. ; '* d r I* '- I. .. *' : .,*- .. k + I;


'_,-- -- -- t .. .

J DeniorAMti r GorrnPr od, Legst
W/eA''IA Jf 4'

'Convention. '; .,
1M,, C'prAlise Bill Rgt' Aefeat
'UI~ 1--q'O
'We irl iuidebted to thte poiht alrniai
friend' for.the, ,l!!oWvini iiititraiatii~n
mtunicated yesterday by TFlegroalih,
CoLtUnue, G-.;Auginslt 1L44-7 20U,
I h14v ntibhing fromn. Biil'l -I
f ty .counties "ii Normh iarolid'i,.
e' deuenocrttic candidatAt for iU.aiv
haa atined three thou-and sevee n
and twfntv" voeid over tlhe- t vof
And ifhFibbly'eteetid by; ffltjohi
ted^,4i fIse .Q 6.,nd thO' Veie &
sln.e, tait, Ign-a vqmc4i,vIqs.C'. ;8
I 'N'6^" .:hrr raehie-bed i, by. tel,,
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', T, &iimnvL nvllvbi Ie'Billilpauedd rhet.k
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iecled in the oii b' 'Rflpri4swit
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SMONsaflm4IGf"l Auusti 15. 9!1Q r.
*rT.IIEETION OF ,El0.4'(

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will scrd' any Tu"ir.' fivk'i ets f)'
atirii all'vnrtfeedJ in piur colutin-, our i
1'AYLIR'S Padnll)hlt-i Cata-guai.

One copy of ihp Con'iheti annd one
of ii ,'l lidi,-s' \a'iotial \Ma ,trziti
"niuhlished at 1w, Dollars] fIr .
S Ot copv af the laittliia'-lit a]nd one*
'ifaifnyv of the followmhi Three
dollarsr s I:IgnZziites.-viz : God-
e's Lud&'s Buok.Giahaai's Ma-
'gazine. and BlatkwwooissMagta-,
zine, *
pne clpa of lihe Coatiitillet and niiet
K ci' if itlie Iillowling Ea.li2 h
.Rtr-iews [ publie-hed at Three
S .Boliri ] iz :' "l'he E itlibirgli,
,.itidrrllll t aterlV,: Ve-staiinst'er
& Nirth l Briiisli Reviews. '
TOO T Qipy 9.(hu Conimelit aad arty
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oyw f erYee.Dell With
Any oIno of the lircr Dollars

. ....... U III W j L llII _!- "- -- I". I1 I I "" '_ .. .._ I I I7 I I

Magazine and an one of the F. northern district of Florida. wherein mte said iurgic-il Paf ena will bW o" 'e'd, wlf1n 1 smude W 51'E1-f- t- M i i Y^- i ;
Review; --, 1, Un i 0 ery niis.. .. 2 Forter L. vina. Unted itct aie rpipainutfalidJohlin Mc Arlhurlwillhaveiheoppoo ui oi..' c Practically mind- M.A J.! lt
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rla r Two Conitinents arind any two ofthe favorite Le^i. ,e :. d, ....a.t ,- r Cure Warranted.
Revi,,ews pti, '. F-e ., G R.ei. t y e U: i. rallhasite, Julj d",h, D DR.'A i.W. CO c 'w-A'? -
'W:tt' ji~ C. -Arit
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Sth e Revie ws. .; 7 00 .0[. j -,reniachli. A,,1 t a 1h3-4 -4 .. ro.d m
'oqr-pOtinents and. aty one or the + HdwkensS Gee. hen. S Herrick K Wendell. 2 N vy A#ent's Oo&ViceAU,, .N h e f. @e f+ In i t u k G h ar dth ttlel. :Mldl hu e- p .1dOfc
Her,". .t ', '' ti Hr vn Elijah, hQodgekisThi. Perisacoli, A&dgust 3 181; ,4 .- per..IL- .ni .- u s.v f 6' ihouf6 booi. otleA.ir nlfe? hbun-r o i
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Two Continents, and, t Fbur, ,,Re- if ,. .TtN Condemnrd Boats, nthe3 ti.'Rtedi I rlh .' ivame, i,.rl r Ia ea -. t a .
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tars *i A ,e *i"t0 ot.. L. L dn, .:2 .... IRO .eTorr eand W warranted not to ,cua.ti.
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S, ^ ,'0i .:/ ,, i .u %+.-" "., ', "* i",! 4. ; +* "' ,T, i)+i L'lee IJ ~ r ll l I ll lte l ~ | U lI- Tp, ADn, .iJ~ ,"f m ^ i rea M ia' l~ a en l.o Fou(. Ml sh iit,ewse and tio Rledin raencpO 0 Let u Latd, O.. .. ... A e .. W, r Oar ". r A N e fua. .tlure ,tT e .one .'%'

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MI o -o .. .rx.l u.r .n a ,i a Va S. 0 h* '0.c0 @ r t h .' I. t 11 .* 'i .' e c n frit i

+... IM o ..... ..... .... + -+,,. + :. : *.1. N i111 .B11 ..10 .P -. ;.r.
d' wS+ -- 'Su si b r | ''av not+il*< r.c iv (,' ++ .. + 'r L T. O fi ..... Ji n r3[ H L E N R BW L *> ......"/, 'k''; ie- I~ ijA'i 1' _' ^*,^ |,*+1- '- lf.ilB ^ill ltill M o^ 'hi~i >kttiMM..5
.8.4". RI,>.iu5a0 0d ia d i ,n t M ,ary A u N ic 6,I d in ery 'n u r 2,, ab o v e onct a w e11 k t h1 9th T he j'ic .e t 9 h 1 ,ti. `. e ti i ,. .,lw,, i .....- -r- .t t 'u.,

$ 4 4 l .... .; ; ; ;P : / *; . i..c r i e. 4%... ., ._i_^. ..k...
Fi Contir iert s w hat i noFdI A geus. t I-3 "* -ir5".. -o *i I 1 if '
...e.. t Ni n ,o ,' ,lloO. G. M e h l [ fairs.'aneb2 hatJ .I i ,H ih E J jel, Ii n' lqoi G-- rr- &e
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TIE lFULotIDA DEMOCRAT. ,IMEDICAtL. 's!^r^ercial cases vulere families ba b-en hEDIA ftLLEOS
laEAD I ,ii. i, after using a lew bottles (il hits Inva8!id- M U
D.k. orD. JD". '''LS --- h m odiciucr iat been blessed with' healtshlt pi ..YNE'S, HAIR TONIC. --W
.'fl.i.i'ib" 1J commend to the attention of those d. air c.
' ;DeIOX'r .,Eeni-My vi being greatly f )r rest their hair or, (laA tbony, Clarke& C. beaptyt
iNTENDi FNTIA kRQMANA STREETS. trpa-sd by.weakness and Ge.neral Deobilty., and restoring their hair orimpe near it e here to he fll.inle r
[T NDTTA R N S.tering coropinualt by, p ain an4 a sensation o this elegant prtpara.t. where 3. .. r .he f .in ,
Xe. uo uabearingdowna n w ighly spoken of, and especially by all who have irecenyrevewd the lat proprcietoralf thk a
flilre..DaMOCRAT, lot AS e he.vedr I I,. 'o-n. r,,,,e uo, wof.en, w,,.,ks o -ju i.. ..o m.. .
hoc T i $. th:ir d--flc- -i-s. havin Lknowneases where made use oea e acou Gent and Intcndena tree.. : tablishment:
& rnin_--Te.nn .?riptiu 54, per annum ln^t ,our e, a r e W ALKE A DERSON, -aorn#y e. L it .. .. BET ", M."E .... I
rnQ~ing-T er net p Uil theC 'r T ar UI your Mnedicine has ofi.ctrd great cpres, also thoid AND ON, Attorney aL! LmrB, Pu S,( n
yableO in.advanfl witlhini th first six n!ontllh o I-f,.' inv, a1ectuins oftes Ios virtues -
cab leioadd until the end wtn f sirst iitoir 1 helirteill jt rec.,nmrend dtfor supncases as I have ring Oh uaffect.ns of the ,kin r Office (in Government sreet.
h .crbernihd, I o.tamed a bottle .i oil ur lxEttra j are anply and sufficiently proved .- Sun realour po
*dlif4.%iBld antil le eqd $A4he year.. Np sub- ..iarsaparla and folwod the "dire:lo-,,s I LLON JOR DA N, Atrtorhy at Law. Offic-, b- reolte, .i. hy .
-k .rsaparala, ol i two .01 -Dr. havne's UHait I/in Platimx strt.t i
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be r g cr the benefits she received, I take pleasure in neen extensively used in Philadelphia, but here, B e Merchant. Palafox street, '
i egf L d.offic t.. a .,eAt i -',-. .in thus ack!owleilging it, a!d recon.rne,,ding it to and thr6tihout the Unio eneraily. "We epE' RI-N, DrI Gohds. a'd Gro'rery ".. Peltnucl-fa .ered ineingra a dm ntn
.,Legaltlil e- i 'in ,XaBB he li'blc '. b:';S. that some, :f tthe Pihilad6lphia pedrors hiave d Merchant-
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6t"ert.aqe fipquas.urstit an. ..r-nd -Dr. To nsne S rS aa I I Au. 17 I I deserved reputation -.,Y. Morn. Atlas. ESER & N'cVOY, DryGoods Menchanta urane bmy m disinguibtd
.-tl .' MfofleITRO Ia p.r- N iM T" ;' r -P ... Ver ytr0e,0 r. Atlas, mnany of pur editorBhave Ia aid general Shipping Agent,, corner of irtidu: *' tl;AGU '!r z
...' e. d T a Extract lp a qatted .in ThT Extrac ,AiRR.I. L E use i,,d tahi vlibl Hair ad therefore .speak "alatl x and Governmenit treelq. ^M .wsrs. A?.honyi Cla4 .,.o, y1 -;k" ;.::
eeofwnm l.dMti< ."rl" a E.x l isput Upilnart !;ii -t1o-is Th MOHERS AND a sbRAi e e er'IE*. knowiiagtej whrn ilaey commend it Iii phli.- no- 3GATIDI M, Tir mTestimou drnsB hih4. 3
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l adv q 'e.qontpftiction sala en* n by: voniting, purgig, sickening or deb.litaiu the o nae who rto uppo she. unheath or is fallng you have but to apply SMITH, ealer in rugs, M di e, ,,fhe ur i d ta
9bM, mu~lli~h p tr *roachine-that crinirlsi.peo .1, the turn o 0. SMITH, Dealer Sin eru Me dicines, a
S t paid-at the -ota le- l t ae Iraes pat iert a i lttw,,t
r l ega,,,tising friends will oblige ns'- by ho .t rt t*irA- n L IAD TE .NEDiCT. NiaDpAl, nezfeci to tlke i t, i, i. i a eras pret _and ;ily; if y6a are o unforiunate a. have a A Pala-ox and Givernl)ent streets. .. e al" 'peife l 'i.n(eo, ine, 4cr.
m in their A'd'iertli$t.nPI l Tuesday or ear"; Te he great beat and sperinrinuuty Sar [u r bald head, few hontht' Sare v af thi valuableany of the numerous and horrb.- h ht a d er.
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k ot they ilL lie wi erlllil the' apailla ovew a oiler medicine is, while at end- disras to 1hrch .tInaemarle1Ar b l s t Atisj tonic, will without doub s retore o you thai tal- Ma !tpfmen streett.
S~cadinawaol ;.. m i.scates diseases, it invigorates thehody. In is one 1W ofl fe. -his period may be delayed l i th l. e e 1 .
wi ,riube~l~ptd ar i l.a ;r t9:ba nhe very best 0alrand Winte Med.inwr ever, alr years by unong this lednidcine. NMr i, It less "n cferingl$ faifArf e i.Gb-J tleeVit I*l Urst
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t"te iw aSfl C rla.t ponthi s o d- known; it not only pnrifira the whole y.pmte and valuablefr t 1r ohg wo h.,l, as. A For J. 0. A L r o uts-e ,- Palat -renet. y
S -,.- lstrenetaes the'prgri, b it ct ehta ie w, pure ' calculatec l WaiL nature, uacke.ninc the Pensacola.. r, ,, R... I ..fl l
?All toIbe paid 1c deliveryand l. @ er- and rich blond.; p power rossed by no other blooa. and nMtnir etriltlde Irfii ne,? Indeed thiNZAL Z & GONJE.,Biluar4afpq?, .l, ',j ...,
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b itn sgo* tit office. It|,lnedrfll auccess. It has perlorbd with _4in Wr Tarc subject. E'S ARMINATIVE BAL le i D -
thaneP c. .r.. w b.. 11.Je iSA NE'S a rtt ABL, cerOHNSO, -JDealer ic Dry',?Goods r ,
4l. ..h) t twp years, more than 35,0,10 sres of I brceas.the wb Ile Rstem, rene erm 1 A.--. a pl l, ran, sfe and ef- HR -....in,,-n, d.. Go r e-
-_7j "i ':'rs C-l o lt" l r a lP .... h 0,000 of theme,, rvly,'llhe naturqk|.,ener!ies-- h. [emnvm the fectnal r.,rneyy f,.rdvbehlarv, dharrh o._ on t.. feet .1
S r -. A' w, con aidered incurable. I' impwitIt he by n4 so fr stiniulatii he ness, cholerai mnnrhbu, mmhieronlplInt,choli; IOS, QUIGLES, Shipand Faiily:.. pqS iP.,C Bt. a
I a4i Mo..e thaB-3000. caset of C roiic he- or to, produce .s su7bse0i uent reaahtiqon r inpie pts, otr slomach, sick-.nd nerQus atox street.a;. .. !.-,, lp n ,d.- -Cornf,
whichh is the casm of muist mticanes taken l fur headache, heartburn, Iter brah, pain or sick- .' '..
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t'v-C" '"'" :' -"Di'e l t -h e mire toPofrthem(;- an stet%.. o", "-This is one f -ae l e n I fe an. I '
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I'i- a v S s ; i'-ie, c .l. 4; ,,,.t ... ,h he fatnt c i.dren. .. hfcet ippfyvad thowr^h unddtg a? O
IiJ lte' f tanpo, d-SI MeccJ K' in Rheumaic c .arm la.an however .ar'" s .sJ Li n' b a'dfl f;h oPirh child, dud hf Sdlswhbd Winnagt-h W,,iltt" _in--nai "" d -b .
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,r l I .a. .a '"dI'W f "ltres t b Drj.!`st. Sb wllit ofa the efi c oouto, o r a n roP of e a nw

r iW' -- ,'T 6ne f'hal-.-r5 should be iOfl'aO:tn.t -.' p rpe;.-'ct.. ' e se, : ;-' -.,nfully, '..- f HONAC'KE f rtZH ,U. . o hier'tw t b ttI
it ,e 'l .,'t ve ot dseabe known Aasd Yn : H tt Bi'b thM DIn -pn f %l e rM 'i .. h e s the public a suare :..l t t he n wi rllngaer s
B L.1fl* r- i t asindci trflSba virdIs 'alHtn. e.wa;aar..i.P'tC-wi6aa a
the tx,;a y' i '"fA i ef"'I r I s .... .... .. .. .....r 1) f ..1ria a i...st h' EWI Ue p pio -.r Hr Drwr ,': a.rgb wP ,
.- .- c-- .t------a. fa _nw n.-. Ic pnhn. to whom o th si a, r-..; h I .e.onF lorid pa,
aSeKit"i 4 i!iB *-*- aily vin Py eins preIrit rI L ii DL.ra aWtf^ e i.
-Afd' rannWh 4*ihiril -a dd lr O o i-a -
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l tl.r- A*d S 'i*r. ;' WSET TERRy r ""'R', ... ..? pt ... .Bid and ton l.. n .. g : _7" it .> O pepo -a he lCS fti '

* ,Si l, gl qio,-.- -- o ent'ente Aousn, ,h Spati nae Y' J b,'iR 7 g. Iv (!.U y rf t u. "r a I acnnu '.na1r (1 Speei, y -1 'Ce- sin n-9I a -
,ita ls'di' of ." d K_ .z.v.i ari aa.,' .ori'te ? .'h. 47., "'e. .,ronS A ,ird afi rsl t.a.w e l 4ulwnled:Ht.n ferer ath,, WeE hbfrtada mhe i
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10 '' ^k %.J k pectora t^e ton^,PiiheS ide, &c.,e weno iotheiaid, braa 41 Wv, rm eql- tre an :' -. .od Pnn.&.ad ,. i: B4HaW,,, PpA
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S. ,he.,.l t,.,. -, in v p 'y'ris a r .a 2 d .- aF ie, d 'S P -i .Iei Ill -t p t I- -h '
rg e r )jfm f a ykI l no: I -

emmett st9ei ,s ,wot a-..f n rf, an& affe .ted .n e indeedrf.. ,, no lo e .r s.ay -od i...n .pai .,r. .-j ,nen vl ,, w e..-'hiw e i nse a w hi ; g 'e- A a.i .d.Pa ne' P i~ym lay I i ar'Id is aft.'. Ii.=,% b e' e ,. it a'fs very g enedi- -2 "zH Fi.ne lt adfM uTleand Mirtoa . -.-.

''ari,',, .- ;. du ... e a.. ,aa. dp voind paildawith i fru e A LrtSL h d a r r u Tudr a t cn. ls u .".'" fo sale by,,
r 191a o- S-,ed. i.e.c..t.'bad'.i....tt arM ini...n.. t he h..... ... 0o-'o tasf.heng tan t

RTJi l '* -. B,,plitt' tiat l .0-id minewalt e( onutnap>.n ; II: -M.L. 1837 UUT .l Eio f Nb' '. SMITair, H.o. -o the
L 'N t~lcnatndSCa-wr Rng.-A floe I' have the happiness to i, or'. yOU r.,a, lo Pa Totvj rrbc:GIiiffi-n a(l,-led mo re ssn'1:10 "*, **-. P- P. -. n r"
qLrabS, .. P KNAPP1 '.parlla, Ifiudnay health' rtred. It hleved in Iha head, los 0 pi. S N a-; -l R u Rime re-t .Iler aim,
..-. ... .; i1.oad l e h bee -m n n l. ai deij Cv' R a Ee ain A L S. N

S. h 1sVA.J 4-;0 g -l M4at ill. V in te h t t hlote ii ire ear land ida tbV fraS usht a l '
-'-@,, *. w* rl,,10 ."_ t. 'i in' ila,,.n.. i... hpal- rr. 'i y a ,hoo.. 's ,.tn ., bo. illtle r no.cesa-I, a '4 ar pa1': A'co nynal e O t reC afanraf' eml. es* .I ,.". .. --.

_- f,' --- ,.-'..ltl.,,hr'. "ra" t ht i i olreeod, si h. sdle, h d ad ,,taM bV wha Il .aw r the. rpaper l tt r vy a b -i-'h tk s V,, r ifug;, do O p-d. ldo .,d o ,.. .. ,| ,- k, ,e n .' ; '

it m ) r 'e 'la y -Ii fl v,a eti a. ai' dm1JI' lc ,h-lu.i a daff-rent a an alho- il Lee's A iin-b liuua Ped' qq. I I 1 < I j
t ak-i ll1 ri Iin e tae our Satap ral ba- wams Pan a e .a n ./ IN PU A SOF S
hqha s t k ,a otAn-the mrst 'r- -oned I n l ir'l P

wile.d rt gntl. fbn.d S tl.. .... Beef... -d bh.., u ioeb bad it.t'too ante -ary sk,na-ns ,s iao ,-.t ap.-tie trei 'ever 1 I.-.ad- ---t ... r Bala,, ti Wlnt d Chern y..- l- yaAh.. -se / F F V a:t 4,, G------- .-- ...... -.,- 1- D-.
F'B EF. Mb t& r hpr e n!dprbeh Ilikyh ae".tMb -ri ll, I ""I X e Iv ..
,.V + 1 : .SE.. T.. ,......,. .,oo h- ,,|r \ ,.RY, '";.. ... ,,lin ,;, o. h,=-I v :,, a C,"aa .'.' .. /r, 'h m n~ntdlb~.w~hteIr-mn~ de eje lpq tr ..
~t ''t u p ,lv'll hpa "'U I | i | l i i i V l / Ol a ~ l t I 1 i l I i %i 1] l -' A 6 n n. n "" s N A W 9. E ." } & # A F --I

'." ,', ". ,. '. ', ;, ; t 4 e~zn, at ~q.. .-- ; 3 .v. ,. u. e.w# U ln, A id;" ,
IU~~~nlric earlrda ainud abp]e t l[e .,,sdIe e llh Io ,,wo re.,lh en. l w, dr ,u r,,,,, A',my m dc~~e. .. .. .,:: ,.Mg'H des : . fa l..b'pev m etia 'Pt, .t.._. "

' i e .., FAmilies i be s ,iine d iaito h- h ,a-dcme. ,. m....llv, ad i[el io, aieed ti t hai ii ue l-r, 1N 9 l9- Agent inr.1'r>-prietors. 3 1 VB LE t T R. S '" r 3umedy. U l.er mtirie.a l f FlUES -'.'". ', t rrpm
y or, s l, t..rn,. .t_," CO, ANT,) tinta.a. ,ino bi *It,, theo ..cknesl ,IT,. andmidcon __ .. _. BiH sT A' RSt aill r .th ,icUinti ia re va nd c 4 - ,.
-* --. p bc-a r-,..'.tIn ...144- b.. ey. < qu._,,ily natso.many Doctors bills; for which ^r -T I T Ih. d pr l, nens nna TP'th L ,.t .. 5
-tp w~i 'r(ef a 'DbAK, E01 piY'h Ka E_0:v' 1 a e dije-r.5 prevail, Lhe-y will cinties is raninarot. ra-cm .6?jIsra.yir-iaI47
pea-t rcive.a siart- uin ui,- '" ---I r, a ore,' app'atie, ai alao gives :to the stomnacha1 'K B A E -rnund.li 'alabte Plaer, sktsfied, d be "curej. m bin d obr aim" L ife d ii = 5 *
- a e. "'L o'k utotal No. 2. GIRLS READ T I- .' id ', i,-- ihun -ular tone, it keeps the blood 'Com',issibn 4 $h 'ng lerchanlt Farn,,.nnd the"s, one: I ..ItoJttAieCs FuPeriv. atone." l -'-
G IR LS, R E A T H I- trillEN T .n y o1n.~lo c e n a l~ l it- i ~ d ^t~h e LYU tK R 4- ,'qh rq), Al r har ote s itithu^
'- N FN T i You have pale .n-oapex us, thill atveblotche. n a healI s le, -. that dstase is not. -akel) '' .. vesbrn Te as. i M didines wrnlml v GoN ER B L T i t side'; GEek, .-RA
July --tr .. th fae., rou-h skin, and are- '',,t ohsperm..? o atack nlne system. And to all thos, Who ... .. ..- a,-'-..b. B wat h 'a nd rous le g ,t ir =,,, t.. .
,, ^- d ,t|e ,= Lr ) |.:. a .soou-.. st t "llu-' & "aC ad .S a l. I 1(-15'-. sayaas R'RU 31 "TIeeiln, ItJeLAbUM aBER,
ae t th 'r" ,, ,in o Dr a .,*lt tn in a a l a tew o n ,n -t7 ILL recPeive on *IS'u'gnrn e t LUM E C $5 H eoies ..oo' .. 'T "ie...h.ir -. t Ra
a ..B OtX-.-al. f laww ill v b in n a il ,' r .--a .s a,, aa llls. *. 'tlb fi'e' 4 41 s e ll :bt a *! >ll i-a a n d r e ta il, .Bi"e.he- i' o f -'i ri '
C-.purn tiff abec to ila# arbm~.ii~ e
OTl', I C. [e 'E.-D-t urid ip absence ro ,n r t e- .-, iaidi -n-- imin a aaaiin THONI A S qNIaMITH, 70 AIlei!-st -ill isi i mnr o e ll'uetpromp, y -ln to me w I n'dnarl F ire o t l .cint Iii Foe frer. '
'ie a kI,p. ,- "n)i! r..abu, -0. R .; Wm.. ,_n. .i n".
pe lneQ a..ir-nl' "'M,'1'" EOR. ..)t -;(..hir'ty,, ."de hii ,ai "-hru ,um ,I ,,n F.-acin pal (itli' e, l")2. Fuhzon lreet| 'un Bud .atlinim --in NI|,iii I' 01l6 FultoLI,, d B2saod.' M P G AY-1 a ill aC1t, Pee t, 7. fit I-iOnI.(' l ar.ep u, Wilpe.sn pb-t c ear V l C lfit ei ,- F D L i, t h dw "] .tn. .;' a
SW ",, Ne d d an g & o 8 s t sCre e l. t e ... 1 . ,I r"f uPe ." O I P L A N TJf U M. Snto c k ,rnge ,r l ,--.l H i* f J1-,1
..' L.J( H N OH ENT'". imniarried hidias. -is-Dvott 4-it Sons 32 No h 2d sirea', Phil.. t .f g'lp eu't za
o .7 i f: .-a- '. l e l p h a a & F a n e D r up rictt B a l t rm o r e (J e t I3 I8 4 .- d i te RroF L S6a K K N G 'S^
ft G R E A T F E J \ I A L R 8 N I '.~~~~~~~L\ C o h i a u C h a r l e s t o n i 4 4 i g h v & 4 h o l.i o n p ~ n o s o s e s V 1 L i t o l i r *
ME ICINE, laartles slet,'N. N .05 tib Perstree, D 7. Linen Bosatn, SI HIRTS, just M" will ditesn -' Ed,,orpt ,.
0 1 3 1 C'O O O L A T E 1-- '35 B o x e s b w e e t C h u l a t ( .. P .'. E P 8 1 IE
(/3*- COL TE- T l~nx, bweett -CDr. TownsEnds SdSalhaitlla -.i A uaereint, -lhanai-anid b all lite piina ipasl Druggists, ant o rei b ePd-soine of %% hieh are of the veri i r d d N W J Iindr r e
E, s, roeflyvd arid for tale dy h c e. ay- e for,,'tar a,,h d speedycnay tr ng t .I brt U[neipnu-, Cons pited r,,,r, qin|namiv and walt be sold very' luw, by-,uJdeoiy usig these 01edi !;nrely ala. m ei o M r A tWh t o -e mel
"iuce ", ma-inluey I Z iofointely o.. ta and. oil be t ". "y 'dhete macit-
,I i"C.i P: KNAEP, renoe.P, Leutorrh'Kwi; or Whaesvbentc 'are; %h~;-.or ,es,.besandthe-_'aoads. r Feb. 10-%% -l --'d( F D'E LA R.TA 1 1FnCtpt,.rnsojtseUA powrf pr0Fration or t -t- ddmn StertnaIwhtae q iK.i,' k.
'nteW ^ ^r "T a, '~y lo~ pnc ": o~11 dipoi'ft, 'J -r duIrltain, oneonsti,-|,,e Foer sa, d hh" J.,. boITH" ,le "" J 0.i lec^ "
6 K pp irm orvintmh tary dtstha e u are o .i Pensa la eb. N OT ICE. PF ". .t Sweae' : rts mr. ..
-C* I*. Kiiagpp,14 gain'- l Prostra'i.taoot tie d, smeni r LLrs O. B T- ol h /
s^A. en,:rlf a~l-."^ ^ Pmstratthn ol ~e $.ten|, n tLL ersnnsare heSi-b' notified that I' st.l 4 !W ,
H'ajuit ?eeelvil bh'd i.q' now open'hg'th, pe w,-t,.,.r the r, siht aif thi Inherent cauin!, .o sub.-criber having niade an aral'a',,emeni sAX paosrrutt! any or all hho nmay he 'guity ol ]t** ..,,Z I .3
jioduccd by ariegilanaty, illr,'w s o- a.et,d' rt. JtiS
i '. |als' fiftor etli 6f i, u'dh re lr,,J ith lt to gloilenien in the city ol N\ ad i.-l|g i im-.. oibtr nn a Verilain tract ",f land in th,
P Nutiinn can bv naine su r prising han its it, -1 atha tivo prosecua--n i n te i annetxon %%sih ,u- n of Fma ehbr bia, a o,1-ining trc o hkndhn'd in ir
,a,-ra-i, Aitd. ets on thh reumaoe hlai yt,.. Ar-. d ... ,illilt
.,4.,aitehft'./ :c, q. .".. .. nitelf, 6 ., ,,,III Upon, te ,,,,,ernment, whc,,'n,,, b.u qennfe N .frm t~
n 8in6 is, ai 1%%la ,-; and ih las naet tnron taking i, ag
t oc bcoao r,, stam;'Cll of e..r a d u, y be cominaiatted to aits ".ar respa anly ay ot Pen-acola,'be, ween Point Goidaer'o !atwillpinee'thoLIFE PI. LL S al
E v e r o fl 'e r e d f o ~ r s a l e i i t h i s tm a r kl 0 t W h i ic h I .- f e, ,- .i. As in g l e i a-'at w il p t aett b e L IErEeP L L LS.arPHnN I X
,o. ..-ies,n8 b services as aGen, il Ag-ent ,or thna hbain-':. or DeVil's %Poant, bile inmls diFtarm t petition. in ,hieestimhlilof- every paties-
i t M'far low pr ic, influence. It m adiately, cuuiteracts t,. _.I (Ur- -,ay .c n .. ..oho. -- ... .. .
he inte. ..t very th ,uipose,jtoalh pursons, interested it u claim ,. faorn the latte'rn iowards th -.,uth, boeinded Prqkredatduoid, wholesale 15d retail, b?" rW ZL A -
;i, I t.h WuALKtEl'-AN DERON, North by land granted Nlariano [oFuaafiy, it,aha 'fl1 Gei-,ainererinheins m redi ar, Newp a p ior q. wrppr am.
,ett f JArat.-q se of bajenass. I II eGenuine f-h asemedicnesaretNwYPok-t p i 71 air
He ''1-a Ii will nut Uenpeete4 of ust inrasei.o. May '7 1S16-3S if. and W,'est 'by vhusnt ind, and East by thu in' M- tal, Good Sainbarisarr," con eaiai ig the dirce1heeo intdl d1aejr" .
S- ia p t .. .t.e His cnirsg' wall iml ,ll cases be contingent ex Bay of Pehiacofa.' s ireet uour Oatet b uttleha sinrar.iers visitinogt e dea i',,n~bif q. a ea a
f-t'T .- Pi t r wt.. .-nb et.t n.m aeamns maaes ofca -'r,- 'a ,. e 1-y" N -,._ 'a. 'ino dv-nse to """"'"
it. b o s-th. ct.-,.., at WM. T. BELL. 0 are..P.s e .prtgk td d dnee ."wine.i
Ats-Aasie4but websvao b hee ropo ed a bt uoliar iasdddal epenseta. flg Sept. IS, 1847-.-tf1 m I a Secir a1 d doll Is biinl '1
1A ,.er t a n'assare beenni.fbe "'..",

,: P n : ..... r L : '' ... -- 5

,*Alp N A,

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