Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
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Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Uniform Title: Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Florida Democrat, and mechanic's & workingman's advocate
Florida Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: J. & D. Jordan, Junr.
Publication Date: July 20, 1848
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: James & Dillon Jordan, Jr., <1848>; Philip E. Lavallet, <1849>; A. Marzoni, <1851-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 44 (July 13, 1848).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 11, no. 46 (Nov. 13, 1856).
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W"a,'presidentfthehs apalnQ her the.Aounl AD vOCA JI n -ow
ha uvd au. LIzagaxerd hftirwaxd ilius si Vo I o rii 1111 11 n -r
'by his defence of ib QitRQn,an4 idT 'nW L -- T ', ii
famous' for his eloquenbcAnid co.uxage 'in ,,; jY0ljUR Pensacola, Florida, Jily 20, 1848. r N unumirA5. of a
rhises'and,timtws:when the Rd ncate sha r- no" -
ed.thelperiLof.bhisclientL .-,Chautvav.Lag! elf to -hers;and that, arr'idst this hostile rays' of the setting sun fell on 'her head ; every,4pportunit to assure them' of his The most hea~enlv attributes of Deity, 1812
arde placed.himRelf at th.e ibT, Obar'q1 t itdlffri'int .throng, .bhe-.possessed an .and, her completion, heightened by the kirdlyfeelings, and to securej; their good in taking to himselfthe good. lest contact sylva
gaged onl hzm+, as' tugh'iheffeare4llp ukhnoNvu f'iend'and she"thanked him with red chemise, Seemed of an unearthly bril- will in return. Several of the chiefs came with the cotaminations ofawicked world, th, 1k
.to.,save.,hr lifee^ r def0eti_ would abai- alok. .; ; liancy. ,Rbbesplere, Datton nnd Camilie tosee-hirn, and all appeared pacific. But in after life, should dimn the lustre of the .of
b some paom .t f haer honors ... .:.,.. -This yotin stranger 'was Adam Lux, Demouliis had placed themselves on her there Was one thing thfit troubled him; an noble woik which he made in his own arou'
.'iThe:. widbiw fitMarat wqpt while, giv a. German 'repudlican,'_ sent to Paris by passage, gaze on her; for aJll those who aeged'ehiefiof the Oneida tribe, and one ol iage, proclaim how diviniy )'beautiful Kerit
iag her evidence.; ,.Chrjottt; moved, ,by t.e w'rbvolutionists of: M ayence, to concert anticipated assassination were curious to igrate iiifloiice, Who resided-at a distance of that attribute is. We ahodild not murmur mine
her grief,:exclaedl-.- 7. ':. .... .. .thfe mvements',.ofG Oimrnany with those of study in her features the expression 'of a dAzn miles, had not yet been tosee hin, then against a decree of Divinity, -so over- tecr.
< ,i y.-es-.-'twa$I.;tha kild hi-,?' Francei ihL liqcommon, eause ot human that fanaticism which might threatenr them nor cold he ascertain the views;and feel- flowing with the love of the Creator for joymi
:Sbe then .reaitd tb:. preedtltion. l y.ason-ta halberty of tthepeoDle. .lis on the niorrow. She resembled celestial itg of the Sachem. in, respect to his settle- the creature;, it is the ....th -of those to. Lexin
the *act: fhr-,three tnooih i;, hierpr(ojeOtpf oyss frloii ed -Gha'dotte uhiili she disap- vengeance appealed and transfigured, and ment ti 'that region. At l'asthe sent him whom the dead were darest to bow in e,0 c
stablinjg him in the Conv0tlon1, !,ad,tjd e pated amidtt th'e gens d'arnieS beneath from time to time she seemed to seek a a message, and the-ansWer was' ,that thle cheerful submission, and dismiss regrets hope
.s8- she bad' employed to. obtain success the arch'of thiestairs.-. is thoughts never glance of intelligence on which her eye chief would %iiit him onr he morrow that are as uiiav iliiig as thv are distress. at the
him. .*.-#7 .."_ .' ",* -.. quitted her.. : .. i -.:: could rest. Adam Lux awaited ,the cart rue :o:.his appointment, the sachem ing. Keen sensibility and'true affciion, the tl
#. .I conecso,' .said she, with ,humility,-- '.: On fie' return; to' the ,Conciergerie, at the entrantice of the RMue St. lonore, and c.me; Tdge W -receivea' 'him with will rlbel against this, but a sense of obe- of ifi
-!that this me4nsi was unworthy of me; but, whtih'wss' so soon to yieldher npto(lthe fLlowed it to the foot of the scaffold. !He iniiks ffrespect, and introduced his wife, dience to the commands of the Fathlr'. of Be
;.iart' paas pptar desteem this Beafild,.,Charlotte .Uorday mailedd on her engraved in his heart,' to quote his o 'n his dauiter .and little boy. The inter- all good, anrd human philosophy, alike tern a
,iMan;.'in order to obtain,accessto him.-' coTompaions in ,prison:, who had ranged words, 'this unutterable sweetness amid .iew tlai'loll,,wed was interest in- Upon enjoin the dutyv- this
: 'Who-.inspired y0U ;wi.ththis,hatred of iheinse'lves'tf-.he corridors and courts to the barbarous cries of the crowd, that look its resulJ.the Judg was cotviticd his_,c--- We itnen.sd a fuaas.l y_ .,**. i..- .l, -,.
..aat?1.' she waS aske.d. ,,;.' : see her pass. She said to jihe concterge: s o getile,, yat peinf-tratiiig--those vivid rity might depend, and he was therefore started troin ahouse in the Southern part 'lie Ir
... '1 did olt need 0.e .h1a1f0l-oJ4ny ,.ne had': hoped.that w.eshud A b.r- ktfas. flash Sthai brok,- forth like burnidg ideas ,xcediingly anxious to make a 'favorable "f the city, and was a scene ,ofsadness. th K
e,'~r~Boipl ld..f?.My. 7s sulr~ -togeithr once thore, butr-t.wejtjdges'detrain- from these bright' eyes, in which spoke a impression upon the distinguished chief, relieved by beauty 'lhe cortege was niot the \
1%; .kside, you always,exiecgtp b.dly ed me so ilbong that yu imunst.iforgive' men soul as intrepid as tender. Charming He expie,,sed his desire to s-iUle in theree the pageanitry of the 'fallen soldier. No the trc
"bhl't -which :ota h,bekv oted evisebea toe dr' marhit. "
bt which ytmhaq notdeviqed yoirse~l.'`'for'hbaviimg broken my',or'd.'- .: ," eyes, whie ,should haic melted a stone,' ,citniry, olive on terms of amity and good m6nfled drum beat the dead march, nor the ihe'la
,W, ,Wt'did yo H.bate itihjm,'. .,,.'." bi Tfiexelutioner'-&rhied ;!she request- Thus an enthusiastic and unearthly at- 'ellow.:hip vi-th the Indians, ad to be use clrion played -the warrior' dirge. '-N- nampr
: 'Hip crimes ,ed him to'allw,-hl ,t iewto finish a letter ; tachment accompanied-her, without her fill to them hy'itiirod'cig among them the "pomp" nor'circumstance ofwar-r.fae in ItheI
,What did yu hope to effect by killing which was neither theloatpoinringnt)veak knowledge, ito the very scaffold, and pre- arts ofcivi!iiation ,. was there. But there -was a long' and infant
"him 'ness noriregret,+but the last'act of wound- pared tfollow h-er, in hire -of ati ete)rinal The chief heard him out, and then said: mournful procession of the voting of both poral,
L' Restore peace tb ir'cotltnt. ed'. friendshijp--addressing a-n ,'etwra re- re-union. The cart stopped, and Char. Brother,a you ask mnch and you promise sexrs, which 'told of the worth of the de- ted to
pe 'Dop you, thend Cathinkotthrt yskranchend s-
m'Do you, then, think lat yOd haveas-, .proaih- to'thb, covardly spiirit wiich -had otte,at the sight of the fatal instrument, much. What pledge can yon give ofyour ceased, ,and of the respect Qfshis vintnorv. which
A.sseinato all the Marats h "'" ,orredrhe,.' :2' t! ,. : itriied pale, but, soon '-recovering hc-rselfl faith? The hlile m'lal's word may bbe good We followed the cort-,. 'It' iteee,! that fort of
'Gi 'be hie is deadly perhips the others will ,. It .wa. aJdr6ss:d to 'Doulcet de 9qnte- ":itcr'idrd ihd e scaffild with as light'aind ,t, the white ntan, vetit is wind 'when spo. oveliest and most halr,ved of po inth the itd
rTibl;1 '* outantJ hoim -he.-had setn at h4pr, aunt's, rapid a step as. the long chemise and Ilir ken to the Indian." populated paris'of Philadelphia- l'ionil' recapt
-in he knifenwassniownher, s Cher' .'hThe -,ad ""p",-with-.WEI
T'The knife was ahown er, that she and-,on .whoreshle',believed sh'e, had cal- pinioned arms i peruiitted. When the ex "I have putimy-life inyour hands, si son's Cemetery. The ,nn had just wih- was as
nmighi recognize"it.' "She 'iushied it from ledirvlvain' to be her'deiender. The let- ecpttioner,:tohare her neck removed the theJudge,'"is not that an' evidence of my drawn his scorching rays frbm the earth sisn's
her with a gesttur of disgust. l ter:.was as follows : .., midkermief that covered her bosmn, this good intentionsn' f have placed contidtleiice The evening shades were 'coming oil- then a
-'Yes,' replied she;'[ recognize it.', 'Doulcet de POntecoulant is, a coward insult to her modesty moved her more than i the Indian, anifd t'will not believe-that he and proloind stillness, save- thie zephyr-, der rh
'Wht,, prons did u 'Vit t'Caen ti7 havp_,refused to dehn.d me when it was her impending dea'.h; then, turning to the will ah,., or betray :he trii-st that is thuq that gently shook the orot-n liavts of the Afictr.
'Vew.y WeW'; I raw +Larud, 'a' amtihtpal so-easvy. -He who uldeltouL, it p, ifore, tuilloline, she placed herself under the reposed', '. tres, r-i.,n'J over the fiiti,, resting teren
officer, and the Cure' edfaaint'Jean'V' ... his task with -a'll pssIble dignity, and 'axe. 'Tb! e ha vy blade fetj-. and her -head t'Soh.much- is well,' replied the chief, "place of the dead. frozen
'Did you congress to a conforming or,.-shall retain a graie.ful recollection of ,him rolled onmhe saffold. One of the assist.. *ihe Indian will repay confidence with The body was 'comntitted to the dust w.itii
'on-jnrine priest r t t r' t m-v last momi.' ants, nia-ned Legros,-ta Nether cne nor the hr. indignation was injust .the. youn id trek it oit the, cheek. It is said you-': last look. The founrii o! their tears had lel by
'Since'hpin'ibtd you ft666d'this deas- Pbtecoulant;,who was absent from paris, that a deep crimson suffsion overspread Ler this boy go with meto m wignwam gushed forth its frillnts, and they slot Iv \\ ell'
ign?'. *'' had not received hier litter; his ei-mrs- .he face, as though dignity and modesty -I wil. bring him dack inthree days, Itltlhe gra%. in which theb'hopes a mother "o en:m
'Si'nce nliW31s't of 'May, when the dp- ity and coura?,e were a stifficient guaran-- -had for -an instant lasted longer e-ven -that with my answer!' I: cherished for her first-born,- andi' t pride dians
puties of the people we. areested.';I'hav6 .vthat.he woiild'harve cepted the office; ife.' .-,,- : ', Iftan arrow had pierced the bosom ol a fathe, had niirttrtd ih 'his favorite 'boy ing Iti
killed one -man to'ave a hundred ,thous- and Charlotte; bore,.an" error and an in Siich was the death of Marif; and such the mother, she could noi have fit a eep-- grown to namihiod, wvithff the affec'ioi, l'and thenis
;,d. .' ,was a- republican long before the justice to the scafforld.6 ,- wre the life and death of Charlotte Cor- er pang than went to her heart, as the In- devorio of younger sisters and broth-rs, f'rin c
Rr.0oluton.' ,,;- ,;; _i .i,,' .-....;, -The artist, who had sketched CharIot- day.. 'In the-face of murder, history dares ,iin ad- this propoS-1 She sprang forw- had been buried Ibrever. ers we
.IFagchet was confrontted with her. tei's ijikeriss at the 4ribpna,, was Mr. Hau- not praise; and in the ficeof heroism dar- ard, and running t-, the boy,'who stood at T-he departed was- th.he eldest son of a that th
only know. Fanchet by sight,,!aid er,,a painter and officer ,of the national es, ot- condemn her. The appreciation the si.d- of the Sachernm, looking into his family of the highest. r,.-f;ieetahility. He exce(
"hoe, did ,infuilv 'I look ,on him asa guard of the BecnrofThaire Fraitcaia. oflstch ,an act places, us in the terrible face with pleased wonder and admiration, lhadbeeti teared in the mercantilebiliuiie,, nt' r
man.-d.evoid oa .principles, and J.,dspi.e Ot, her. return to tl. prison,tsbe requested alternative of blaming virtue or appl.iud- she ei4circled him itr her ,rms and, pres- and the artizan of his own foriirne, haJ cor wIr
;hi^^.j- -, -i ,' ..;' 1 0 aJo.l him tp. tiPh his work, and o' in assassination Like the painter who, singhim to her bosom, was about-to fly recently made a prtmisi"ng begiunininf i' waiiiin
'The avc1ueer re'ro^ hiediher., with har. hiia;-frival, Charlotte thaulked him-for the ,ies|',iring.of rendering the expression of froin. the rorn. A glomv and ominous trade for himself. As d son, a bother tverytl
ing dealt-the, fatal. sitrok e dpV.w ( rd, in interest he ali)peaared to, .taJe n her, and i.min_.lea s,-niwiiitsI t, easIt a veil over the frown came oter the Sachem's brow, but uid friend, hisvirtues "weme the theme pumatin
order, to ,re1derlit more certain, and ob- quietly sat to him..as though, wl.ile she' face (if thbe fiuTre, we must leave this my- he did'lo speak. of all praise; as a man of business, his endedv
served that she must dbubtless,,b 1,e been permiitted .hipato transmit her forming and stey, to, -be-,e debated in tlheabv-ssess of the But not so with Judge Wl-. He integrityv was tmnbleished. Upon the leratng
Ielliexercised in crimnle. ,, A41it.sg.es- features to posterity, she id.o charged l mia human henrlt. There aredeedsof whieh kew ha e success of tliei enerprie, threshold of hereati Ofe is not
... .. rn n he t-. heeknew ,that th~e siuccess~or theii enierprie, hres .ld f..h. ea anoao t adn
od, --all Jmrj ida,, br nonh'e'hmindou'h,-aherthe nxifij nl
--.ti.,.-which desiryd ,.all ,h-r;h'ideas,, bi. i hand down- her mind and- her -puiot. men are ojudg',,s, arid wiclh mount, w-ith- ,of t.heivesof his family, depended on .a aspirations of his youih, and e jyjl tons o
Pqlimitlting ,her;. professed murderers, ism to unborn gpnerai,,nii-s. She conversed ot appeal, direct to the tiibitnal ofGod. decision of a moment. expectations of. his friends, he-was sud- river
she utti-ged acry of horror.,- v.: i-N;r. Hauer.0u the priifi.siui, -he ev- There are human- actions so -trange a 'Stay. say, Hmy. daughter,' he said.-, denly cut down in the thirty.-third year:bf moiven
.'Oh,.,,th; mo.tnonsrl' exclam.4d ,hef 'he entA'ofthe day, and the peace ofmiod she mixtuIre offweakness and- strengih, pure 'Brihig back ;ithe boy, 1 beseech you. He his age. -:''* the bah
:akei me for an-assassin!' -, i: :,:.. felt after *he6exe-cttion of.hcrdesign ; she imPnpt and (ulpable means, error and~tr.uth, is not wore dear o you than to me. I Such is life.--prit of in Tiaes, ed the
SFouquier Tinrille summed tip,'and .d, alWs4poke:wf her -yunag friends at C-aeni, murder and martytdon, that we k ow not would not risk a! hair on.his head. But, '. moira
Miantded thart-sentencp of.death -hpuld.be andtiequeted him tb paiIt a tniniatnce frum whether to lelm thew crime orvrtue.-- my child, he must go with the Chief.- ODDS AND ENDS ThI
passed. .. thipu'trait, and seid it to her family. The culpable devotion o, ChnlotteCurdav Qod will watch',v'er him! He will beas Some people know a ,r at deal which Rai'ul
TW ,lapbe evto ssed.- r.l-tte ,, <. t over+,in
'Her de re- e ros.Sudnya t '2
Her defender rose, 'The accused,' said Suddenly, a g'ntie knock:wa-i heard ai -is.1 among those acts which admiration and safe in ihe Saclrent's wivgwim, as beneath they don't choose t6 tell. It iswonder1ful '2d o
he 'confesses her 0-itrne,;,,ei avows its the-door,' and the exectiomner entered.- horror wouM. have eternally in doubt, did uiir own roof.' to seewhat a sagacious countenance 'they "body o
long premeditation, and, giyes the .imst Charlotte, turning round perceived the not morality reprove the.e-. Had we to The astonished mother hesitated for a will putnbn-Some will wink theeve. Ai. lron a
ove.w helming detail&. .Citizens, vfr this is- scissors and red cjieist he carried over find for thisubhlim eiberatrix of her coun- moment; shee then slowly reiturued, plac-. they areso deep--very deep.: 'So. is the Upper
her whhole defence. This inipertitHirble his arm .; .. try, and, generoustmtrtrderess ofatyrant. a ing theboy on the knee of the Chief, and head ofa horse, or an ass ear. rill,
calm and entire forgetfulness of self. 'Whatj alrea'd ,'exciam'ed she, 'turn- name which should at once convey -the kneeliih at his feet, burst into a flood of,.- Som me ar k t .-th r1a bovine
S h reveal no remorse in presence of gpale. -, .'enthusias.'Af our feeling toward her an tears. The gloom pisel froin the Sach- "iome men aret. teR--the-rea.re
no rmore ~ erenuith and goo nvts, is no robahlr y os
uathbtlis m aleam anmd this, fim.gctfulness, 'jrhent. recovering h r 'composure, rnd the severity of our judgen-ant on. her ac em's brow, but he said not a word. He drawn out oth n' ll they-hav1bee fostrn
ulime one pint of iew.i not "ir- glncipigat the unfnishcdpotraU, on- tion, we: would coin a phrase combining arose and deparite. .a ot i in.ho t a o
.. ,, by the ex- s"'+ ld'" + .+" "I 116". ., ...I ,a $sh0rt timne in hot wa-,er.' .. .the Iin
: they can only be explained by the x- sieur,' saild he ,o the artist, '1 kuow not the extrcme of;,dmiraiion and-h(rror, and -I shall not atterript to describe the agony the lin
excitement of poltieai e anfltetsT., whicl howeio tank you 'for, t1 'rouble yot have term he6r-thth-eA-gel of Assassination. of-th, neither for theC e-uiir days. She It is at oriental tale that the spider "anc'.a
placed, the poig'i'ard in ler hamind. '-I"'rf'fr taken; i1have "aly this 'o offer you. Ktep A few days afterward,- Adam Lux, pub. was agitated by contending hopes and fears draws its venom from the rose; and ;thus as a co
to decide what weight so sleina fan- it iti mrnezpory of your kidiesi and -ii lished the' Apology of (Charlotte Coidmy,' In thie night she awoke from sl-ep ; seem, from the sweetest sources comes tihe blights rifles.
1ticismishould have-in, the balance of just'. ^rttlitude.' ; aiid assQ:hited himself with her doe4, in ingto hear the sciearns'oftlie child calling of happiness and human affections. permnl
ice" ,1 leaye all to your crnsciences5' "A' she poke, s.e rool the scis'orsfrom order to'r-hare her martyrdom- -Arrested on its n -ulier for help. :Bnt the time wore A. o r ir wf will get upmn ii
'The jury unanimously sentenced her lo. the executioner. amid ,and $overinir a lock and sent to the Abbaye, he exclaimed, as slowly aw;,v--and 'he third .iy. came e Ain" o, a ; l r ,,^n ol
ie.. She hhard that .,erdict unmoveL; of her long lair hair, oave it to Mt. H1aer. em eitered the-prison, *I shail die, then, How slowly did the honrs' pass. T'he when yo die? .I hope she may m. eil
jlnd the president having asked her tl she hls portrait, interupted by. de.h, is -fo-r her.' He retlshed soop after, sahting morning waned awanoon arrived ; vet as..t'ee -wi beone .man in t rld wh his co
tig'I asI ", thjs' interrupted "' .... deth eise a n a.. ,-no "" Will Know how 'to) pit nie. 1 etll
hid anythinh to~sahrelatd''lo,lhe punish- ilin the noss's iTlont inflicted on hnohe made up reply) i ,t-1aer. The 'head only was'laintfd, and fold which the:blood of his model, had ha-l- glootm over the whole household. The Whefn +ou see misery in your brothers "
but. turning" io. hvet defender. Monsieur, he bwlot m drely tk'e'ched. -rB't the paint- lowed. The heroism of Charlotte was mother; was pale and silent. Judge W Vface, l;t h.n, se mercy that is shown to litleg
h&.....said, ''. have defended m.. -- er, who .. ..watched the preiaraiitijns!fmP Tho sun.g y the upoet Andre Clenier, who was w-ailked the floor to and fro, gong every himelb'mmore of peace wilbe ,-ecured',tII- o
lished to be def'eded; [ thank you, .owe sBeflold, was s q.srucak wi, th 'sinister himself so'S9Ln- to die for tha common few a minutes to the door, and looking thee ... ... -, re"nemn
anu "a.' pro nfeof ogr.atiy deoan.d'.es ete splendor a(ltd'by i'he red cheimise "o the ft-h,-rlaiid of all great souls--pure liberty, through the opening in the forest, towards C y g m p young
a'nd ,I offer ,otu ne Worhy of y"u, beauty pfhlis model, tht, 'afier',Charlott&'s *\\hoe is the tomb "' sings the (-ermmn the Sachem's abode CaY i g" : Po thea!
gentlemen ..pointing to the j.ude.] h'e death, he painted hernhis cotum"e. : poet Klopsi,,ck. ',It is ,he, tomb ;oifCharl- At last the rays of the setting sun were a dollar' said a gentleman to Horn, a few fire in
just'decre4 ,my Iproperty cmnfiscated I A! priest,, sent b, tihe public acctser, (,t(e. Let us gather floWeers -and' scatter thrown upon the tops ofithe trees around, days since' . what a
,we so'nething in the prison, arid I be- presented bimselfto offer the last conol- them over her ashes, for she is dead for the-eagle feathers Oa the Chief were seen 'With. great pleasure said Hor.n, throw .the, br
gue.alth to you the.pa;"meit9! hlhis'debt.',, atiinn, of relhgiQr, "Thmanks,' said she to her country. No, no ; gather nothing; dancing above the bushes n the distance, ing hal ta dozen coppers on the counter horn
.. lu -ng her ,;minatioi.,she p'ereei'ed him, 'those pwho-hav.e had the iatt'eiit!o to let us seek a weeping willow. and plant it He advanced rapidly--and his little boy and pdcken. the bill; 'there a.re o.r six ol, -s"
Daainter ertlsaaed in,'dla~mirg,.er Ikness'; -nd'you., but I need no yourt Tmitiistry.- o'erher tombdforshe ls dead forlher coon wis at-his side. He was gaily attired as Peny pieces." .. limpg E

Swthout 0 n91rrrupting the xaninaion, The bloo'I' ha spil ; iy n, try No no;plarit othiug, ut weep, a young chief-his feet bei-g dressed in O Be'n Frarklin'ns hPr-i-w .e':u l
ae msrB' y turn-edetfwarrs .the it, I which l am.abut 'to shed are he r.l" and let your teais be blood, for, she is dead moccasius, a fine weaver skin was on his wouldn't believe that ho couid 'live,'t ri yer
o~r"i'di""it. .$ei'might the better see her sacrifices I can .offer'(he Etern'al.' rThe in-vain for-her country!' Vergniaud, on shoulders, and 'eagl feathersgwere stuck America, when he star'ted'his newspaper, M:1; i
fatures....$', the ght ,f immor.tality, ecxecyttloner then cut off. her hair bunt lear, finir ihims dneon, if the .cmtne. in his hair. He was in excellent spirits, because, forsooth, 'There was one pap. r i t:l(
thoj~~eg ientis des con' a'1,i-dnoftim er u-m:1es
atnd already sat or ner portrait, to, immor. her hands, and put on the eh ise o trialand death of' harlotte, exclaimed and so proud was he of his honors, that America alreaday.'la
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aeia ... .... r... .- -.... .,,+y., lae
lity. ,, ,* damrnes.. 'This,' *aid his,' 'the toileitP 'She destrovs us, but she teaches us: how he'ssemed two inches taller than before. rt" s
Behinnd.pa'ioer stood a yioun manof, death, arranged by somV ehat rude to di&.'-[Lamartinc's History of the Gi- Hewas soon ii his mother's arms, and Cologne or any other iqu perfume a
whose faitr har, ueees.d p nds it lead o ,m r al rondists.] i thart brief minute, she seemed to pass made with essential oils, will scent A room him.hI
rh ii!iair,. eyes ajrdpalecm-hand-s 'butit lead' to inirnorta ii~'V -
piir 'iarked. him, fr anatie, ohe '' She"collected her ong hair, looked at ... !from .dead to life. It was a very happy mulch .better and owesra, eisrtfal 'p and th
C ') a n l o ,: T i E :n N ,, -, l l l -l n t a ot i ( u O d i r a I w l l O S I u n i c
rith His'pyesn w'ee' ...ean'.th4, itir ithe last timf, atid 'gtvetit ti rtidamo THE INDIAN Ct'iEy.-.-The 'following eing-toohappy for me to describe. spfrinkling it abot you, pour a few drops muc
.jsomrq;, apI at es), ,reil.hs'hdered Richaro. -As she moued the'fatalcar, beautifuJ.stry is literally true, ,and 'wa 'The white iiman has conquered.' said into a glass of o-water, anmd n put A-itona-soiai rad,-s I
,iaged',colp. .. ,.,eeiie't.rik a violent .sior'n iiro'lie'oir "Pa'riq, hut the first published in a lecture delivered by the Sahem ; 'hereafter lei us be friend central.place. ,iT
wr' i-ti- n it te pbished i lecture de-livere bybhahieratr eu, eflpj
.i4er.wqr ,san.ld ..cteb se.,', ightning- and raindd. not disperse the Willian. T:racy,- Esq.. of,,Vtica., on the You have 'rusted an Indian he wifi re- ,Mrs A. 'said a ra'r-d u'ehia it a
,U.e., oalt ri Id,e d,,enhusilsmwith t if?"61 crowd. who blocked up the squares, the 5 v,9r[-history.:ofpOaqeia. cmut ,-. M pay yoM .,h confidence and friendship net'iiljot's do ,r, 'wou t vo'uplease [dari share' P
br'..nes'..DL,, ..9;ssed t....alle,; rp, bridges and the. streets which she passed. -One- of the first. settlers in Western He was as good as his word; and Jumdie my, stockings? See those gseat ol s t '
quenlyj% ,to .rerPsa,is e t..on hedrew Hordep of women, or rather furies; follow. New York, was Judge %V-.-, w.ho,es W--,--lived for many years 'in peace hCre!-'Want me to darn your stocki .. das th
to, hmsel; i oive'ary, e.,clqatlons, ed herd.,withithe fiercest inprecauons;but tablihhed himnrelf at Wlhitlstown-aboit with the lbdit n't ibes .and' sticcied,'d in -What for?" 4Whvrn yu see' etmv' m either d- Arl
t io 0ttnt'ell p, e a 'en 'OofCharl- insensible t,0ijthese insuts, shae gazed on fot ir- riileis from Ut|. Li. _Pi.. brought hs I' n f h )-
IL n'MI,9 a n Ot -iilwy-tug l't g %V lie ie, t4
A etwhen the' 'he- i bihti it e- jI.I i anmotigWas a Nwid'(ealtll'& nfnforshnenrant? ii"- Cttgttm! hr battle
ott9,r y t' t ,noeniwn i the he populacew,ith. ey,. bearingg wit- vw. ifh ,him, aimh whom w 1 iroperous.orinmnit y. you'r mother' 'Ohl she'i gone to the rfit at e.
rsxtii.n~tpas spjtqn.. aet thne.iy an.l copipassio.. d,, [owed daughter vwilh an onl child-a ae ter' hu to hel'e to inle u clothes
ladto el
yougma!r, rom iss, w.hhh Tlesy.ercd up. andthevaio, which boy about four years old.. You will rec- p TENDI EARLY. Thhise for the eoo r ed Eindos-it takes he r
reofPpl, ahn who prqwt,,ed. ;m Jhe wttehT he displayed e 'ollect, the country around was an uthro- Tag G O-E "I ER o-, s rett- r uch'aeo her spare timdo-i takes ."
otom his hear 4 d.then ,sunk B1.a imtQ.svymeiryiof her.foTrilike those ken forest, and t his was the domain of the .eoci. n ma.y s.- ivu fo. hp pt ... a ,l, .e sr.e .ime!,Uo'
,.rt'urh .hisetrenegthdal .h. anf,a,,oan hhands,, savage: tr.ih s. r-.- hav bee it. a -g, ga .. t,
S & h !i ec.* 'n .jhayebe the u d Aed, brght anticpa- 'A great lia'.says the poet Crabbe i retired
rl, t, i, tsf. t w te. per- bji nd benifAhr I k,,blgd he.r-to hold Judge .W- saw theecessity of keep- ,ti0 teamed; yet i should be a source like a, great fish. on dry pnd; t m fy. rt vo.id
,,.t^ e^t,,, o,,tnpre edpa eh'gpberid f the ing orgood hrms wit'th e uI.dians, forf-r f ather' han sorrow-a balm to heal and.fling, annd make a frighlufl, bother, but Irum
t "s .to- ,D. i, -he nr ,t"it pde. as he w ;s nearly alone, he w as com plete-tthe b i wsed spirit and w wounded h t aj d it annot hurt 'o,. Y ou ha ve only to keep, th I
| , h tno a tq t crusk, the sensativesu
Tinre.T'he v at their merey. Accordingly, he ,took ota g"r .to crush.. hesensative soul. i 'nd t (illdieof it 'i^' 'j' the In
PIP T ,. ..' i ; ic i Nl-'3] .. ." i 11n iiI : i grieIf tq"-.. ... i i :i : .. .. ... * ....t ; -+ "\ ^ : :!, i
ap ,' 0., -- -'

VJEU'AL nfiir' ffLEB
,OF KK(UCKt." "t ,.: 'i
i-is'Fl RST' CA.. PAlbN. '
ajor Geniral VWii/afmij.;,,Butler is
.nlliorg tie tliahemi Ylil:,,dTn~htarv-
ce.pf hIis country;. and he Iar attiu-
his grade frnni tlhe ranks-,-fhe positipn
prita:,+ being te oInly ne, fhe "ever
hz. .A.t the opening .oft., war.in
Shee had ji,+t gradiwaed in the Tfay-
imia TUJniversiVi. ind' wa's looking to
fwas a profession. Tie,surrenrder
)troit:, and of the army ,by Hir.l
scd,the pat riotisitil and' the ,vapj,.pf
ueky, and -outig B3itlcr,yjet inhfs
it,,,'va8 among the firit io iolin-
Sle rave up-. his books, and., the. ,eli-
ehnts of the gay polished 'society "of
ngto0n,, where-lihe lived amionga :cir.,
f' fotlid and partial relations-lthe
to gratify their ambition in slhiniing
bar, or, in ;he political frumn! of
ai'e--t join Cnpt. ilart's"cumpanpy
lltrvy as a private soldier.
fore the march to jo.in the northwe!-
rmy, he was elccted a corporal. in
trade he marched to.thp .relief' of
ridiaim. Tflirse %ere driven letfre
entricky 'voltifeers to their towns-on
'aibash, which we'te dv.troyrrl, an".
iips Lhen returned to the. Miiami ofl
kes. w hre ih'y made a winter en-
nent. Here al ensign's commission
second regiment oft Uiii'd States
ry was tendei*'d to the volunteer cbr-
" which ie declined, uniles perynil.
remain wit hli the northwestern army,
he had fct:rtcd toi share in .the cf-
the Ketiinckv milita o'wipe Out
grace Ill Hull's surrndfie' b t th'.
ure of D.-.troit. .'His pr, position
ssent, d 1-t,, and hlie ree ire a .en-
ippoininitf t in the 17th', i.ifaiatrv,
part of the north.wsver ) army, un-
ecnrimaitd of Gen. W\'irchester.-.
endurlng t-velry privation in a win.
camipnienit. in the %ilderr,,.Ps ,an-J
nI imshes of"the" lake couhiiry, a-
g iii vain the expf-cied support or
)iIal forces, the Keituck-i rUluntetes.
lewvs, Alien, and Madisnn, wt.
' reginieni, (17th 1.. S.,) advanced
ountur thl lorec olf British anrid In.
which defended Detroit. On.leav-
enuiticvy. the v'6!unt,:ers had 'pledtrcd
*lveA ti d'iv, 'the British invaders
our sill. These 'rmn-i an I their. leiad,
re hi-ld in such ustina"thion tI homc.
, expfi station forinud of' them far
led th,-ir promises, anrid these vol-
s, though di-apptirited in ever,, sue-
uich th-t.y had reason to anticipate-
g in provi-ions, clothes, catinnon, in
'liii-reboledl. rather than Juse re,
ii, to pre.,s on to the elit rpt ize, and
'or 'to draw ei> after thim, by rt. "
into acm i, t,,e troops beliid It
proper here to' ent'r Irwt -*pl-aia-
f the caisrs of th, disaster at th:
IRaisin. the rinsequencrs of th i's
ilI, n,.r to give t -h pailiftiiars o.,t
ttile. The ncialetIs which.si. guiliz-
characier of the subject u., the ni:m-
lone are proper here'.
re were two biilles at the river
-oneeorn the ISth, ttil, oher (,n the
JanlarV. 1i nthe frst, thLe ivwhol
f Indiiai warriors, drawrin to.tdcr
Il the Iake tiibtrs,f'.rth.i d,.-fcn e i
Caitnada aoiat,'s (he a'pproachring
:'kianq, were 'fi&Iontered."' I n
Sto the .attack etf this formidable '
of the firertst, anid br;vs.t,.i, and
xpe'rt warriors oni the oitiihrit, a
party of l'them were decried eiorn
e with whi'h 'Etsig'i Butler ad-
, ruiinirg forward to reach a fence,
.er'rfni which to play with their
13Jtler instantly proposed, nnd was
ted, is anticipate them. Calling
ome ol the most. alert and actit'.
fthecomnpany, he ran directly ii
ie In;dians at ihe ftnce. He, and
ir',ides out-ripped;the elemv; and',
, possesiuon of tac fence, kept thn
age ol the position for their adan:'"-
ends This itcidFet, (if huw'vir
ropeilance as to resultt, is ,.irith
hliel'lnce iu gitin,' the traits of a
suldier's character. It is said 'that
di>..,i veteran, at. the op' nirg of'the
baIe, fcelg, for the moment, scmeU-
.[iparted ; apd. Geg. ,Wolfe, pnni, .of
aves~t of iien, declared ihat; the
d ylil of the Indian strikes tthp
t heart with" afiright" The stri'-
student, who, fur ihe fir-t time hber
fi.ld of bhltlteQn the sniotwt of thb
I-:iisin. presenting *i bohld.rl-,t flong

f' those terrible .enemies,- whos
'.es had -filled his native Stge with
f 'horror, must have, felt some siir.
eilsattois -Bktt-.the crack of 'ihe
rifle, and li, syage yell, i\,ok ie,.i
e chivalric nsiniict, ol hia-nati-re ^
e promptitude witiih which h. corn-
atcd his entlu-iasm to a few corn-
aruw,oud, and rushled.forv%rd to meet
'in is lsrtost app:.hinig foir, risingg
If to, ,ave others, and, t9, secure "
Ii whicth,he could scarcely hope to
gave earnest of .the mitit.ar.t aen,
f-sacrificint, courage, and2 ha ,sth :o
spinpathies which have drawn to
l.. nlatio S t-stle lll. Jli clone o.f the
ot.t 1h .gave another instance
clie these latt-r traits of OGn. Builcr'ys
ter w.ero s.ill more t ikjinglly ilius-
,'1h Indians, driven,4rmi he de'
a round.taI.hue to,n on the.riv'yer .Raisiit,-
Sfi' lifting inio the, tMitk woodsibe,
i. The contest of, harp-sliootin
ree to tr,ee was.,here ,cuiltiuued.,.
Centuckiaps pressing' forwardr, -and
.dianbs 1etireatii--unnil riifght lped
." ct;."]. ,jn-iL !@ -1 '~ ,

..ra.'ala_.,.t, ''' F CIa~F~r ,''.e'rs ...n. _

rpi~~-~s .- ~ -.,.' -c~.- F- .'_~' O ~ ~ _1IplrY~ ~~-iC~I-I~I---I j

in, wien the Keritu'ckians were recalled ut
to the. etlampmentin' the, village. The V
'Indians advanced as-their :opposersg wi', fo
drew, ald. kept up the fire until the Ken-
tuakians emerged'from the woods into the
'"sen ground. Just as the column to
which Ensign 'Btler 'belonged 'reached
the verge of the dark forest,"the;voice of a-
woundvd'manfiWho hdt been left some
distance behind ,Wa heard calling out
ics# piteously for help. Butler induced
three qf his comininyl"to 'go back in 'the
wiods with him, to bring him off. He
wa. found; and they fought. their way
ba -ck-'oni of tbhe ren, Jereiiiah Walker
receiving a Fh6ti,-'( w'lhih lie subsequent.
ly ded. seoi *:'
In thO secnd sanguinary ^t.'f' tihe
river Raisin, on the 22d of Janiary, 'with
the Brilish and' Indians, another act of
self-devotion ivas 'perfotimed by.- Butler:.
After the roiLthnd'massacie of the right
wtig, belonging to Vell s-cobmrrWaid, the
whole force of the 'iritish 'and Itdians
wais cocentrited i:gai'nst. tiht small body
of troops under Mitjor M'idison,'that
maintained their ground wtithih the pick-
eted-garcens A do'ublo barn, command
ing the plat of grtymd on which the Ken-
Al*n Btod, Was approacntd u,,. ,
'by the'l hdiains, under the cover of 'an or-
chard and fence;: ilie British on the oth-
er side, being so posted as tou "bimaud
the space between it and the pickets, A
Party in the tear of the barnpwas dlscov-
efed advancing to a lie possession of it-
All saw the fatal cn', Ir. qrie,ces of their s.c-
cure -lddgmnent of the enemy at a place
which woaild prisenit ,vety nman within
St"he'pickets nt a close rifle ri-pi''t6 the aim
fi' tlhiir morksnilen. o'ajor ,MIadison in-
r"pu'iSrtii f here was "no oner 'who wou ld
volunteer to run the gauiilet of the fire of
lie British arid Indi;,n Iliies. avid p4t 'a
torchto'the comnbusftible4 within tihebarh,
* 't save the remnan: of the" liltle ahrmy
Tfromin sacrifice. Butl-er, without nio-
inie'nt's delay, took some 'blaifig'""Slicks
from a fire at hand," leaped the picketsa ,
aiid, running at his utlnioti speed, thrust
'-4he fire- io-imhe-struw % hhii-'iTre baron-
Gne who was an anxious .pectator of the
eveitt we narrate, s '*"at altlhoigh
Vo11eiIe upon vollevywas tiredt him. But-,
let, altei makiilg some Ir-ps on his 'way
haek, turned to. see if the fire had tAken,
and, np .bcitg satisfied, r.t-tlrned to the
Sbarn, anrid set itl a b'a Ulze. As the coni.
llagration gre .,to the enemy was seen re.
freatig fto I'th- resit, of the, building,
Which they i1-ad ente red at one cd as tlhe:
fLime was ascdrrding iln tle o[,her. Soir.
:t'tor reachitig .he pickets in Safety. atRnid
the shouts of his friends, He& was si.lck
by a ball in his b'ea :t., Believin.r'front
t';e p.IIp, hi f-it, tiat it had penr i rate-I his
client, t",ruilng to Adjutrit (now Gentral)
\ .cCalla, one of his L-ximgiou cumr-ides,
a'.d prcssi!Ig his hand i;o the spot, he
lid, .[ 'fear this shot is hioriil ; but.
while e I amn able to move, 1 vii do my
dtity." To the anxious ihquli is of ilhis
t: d'iend, ,'lho met him soon afterward again,.
Sho opesnad 'his vest \ltth a sinile. ,dud
showli hddirn that the ballI had sjpent itself
oli"tllie thick wadding 61' his 'oatI arnd' on
his lbreastbone. He sulTefe:d, howeei.
I 't ...
Tor inauv Wveeks. .,
,- 7 '' it "!ie'" ba'tid 'w'iihn 'the pickets.
vhlic'h Winchester had surrendered, after
h'bcihb'carried' liinsefa pisoner inio Broc-
torts. camp, 'dtnlied is powers. They
cuttidtued to lt'Id (he e' eniy at bay u.tt:
_. were enabled tu ca 'piulate on horror-.
all6--1mis, which, ncvertheless, Proctor:
&iamefitiHy violated, by' lavi'ng the sick
ard'wo',li'ded whlio were, tiiab'le to walk,
" vho -onaawk..of his allies. 'Builor
who wvas nimeui thefw of th.' wounded
'who escaped the mas4sace, was marched
through CQnada to Fort Niogara-sua1'r-
ihg nider Ills w,'ound. and' eerv privation
-oppressed with grief. huingtr, laitigue,
and the .io clement cold of that desolte
,region. Even here he fmr-ot- himnself,
Sarid his mind wandered back to. the lhst
zriihght scene whicH. he sureyd on tlhe
bloody shores of the rii.,r H;iisin. ,He
gave up the heroic part, arid became a
school-boy again, aud c6mmemorted his
sorrows for his lost friends in verbe, like
som4. passionate, heart broken love.
"IHg" PRosPECT.-'The-Union has let
ters from various correspondents' ,i',ing
most cheering 'encouraemnett (br Cass
and Butbkr. Fiom Ptunirsylvnia, i writer,
s states : _,2"
The prospect here is gloiiQti."- The
party is'wel1. organized, amni ,nit'edd io" a
"- -'an..G'bh, Cass wil[ carry Pennsylvania
by an overwhelming majority. W 'cWan
elect"'liirh '-.ilhnut New York, and will do

so. Tho movements in New York will
stimulate thll'e Democra'y in the balance
of :te Uniun. We have the most abiding
cocfidericein the integrity 'of our cause,,
aundin thi triumph of our ticket..'
.. ,- ." -''"*', :l~ ,' ,'; .:.':
= ,'OHo,,o *'"
'"".'1 id^ ai'te'r, "Ohn Jan: "'b, l'"t44..
'Ohio i.6:i fe fir Cass antl' titller.; W,'
have' 6,)Tv to0 labno, with jud.emeleit'nd
Seher 0' to Isrl ro 'suic.:.s'-iir'd& bai'ncy
of the Unit'i. Do ht.hi, biud 'there "wvill
I c 'dapo er V eIhai"l rtri h'; "
.- Cin,palnam, June 'e23,.-t 4S..
i siot',I$ t a i6aduov. ,0[ doubt in rce
S r,'fa on't'rh teof OhS''l or *" ass. '-S..

e 1 'h- en "bti...r of 'je rtti'' th.
AkWjihtb't'li fla-Mmy cliince. in
1. e
'" 'fsi e .l~"h n^^liis.m^ '[~taJ. d.'hhr

-""" St -- --- R-"a,,ter I .y a
. ::.rate.4o' tanta. / o[ tld
-Dal La Ip 'he OpfifibKo. m.amt` dei'l.
*" rdly e.i't pisn of- the l ovni' ierd ;?d tri
.our ,n,.t inteligent friends. VWe arec

waited as one man ; and there are many On the 30th July 1848 he. says, speaking lying and ,bombastic invaders from our
V'higa--Clay jmen-who will not vote of a nomination ny .-a arty Convention soil, pursued them and fought themas we
r Gren' Taylor. i >.' ." I shall not be brought tforward- by hdem 'had a right to do, untittl'theyassented to an
-- as the candidate of their party." On the honorable peaco.

THE DEM OCRAT. 24th April 188, iihsays"L hnow consider VERY COOL INDEED.
-- m-- myself in the J'ands of the people, apor' One of the New Orleans papers states
..Pensacola July 20, 1848., tion ofAvhom ha've placed myrname before that General Taylor does not take any
-IIEMOCRATIC N'OMINATIONS. the country for the office in question, and letters: froln'the Poet-Oflice which are not
_For Presiden of the -nited State-, '-.who-aloneare authorized .to withdraw it post-paid.- It is supposed' that Governor
'or Ptresldent Of the U nited! 5tatets, -- r i| .* L -' .. .. ir r i--
S .- -.-r---- from .the Canvass,". Now for; his backing Morehead the President of the national
SE.N. LEWIS- C(ASS- I (dmefo
(r.1 OFN i CHll G W' 0 bA foft-t fomall'thtese high afnd independent whig"convention forgot to pay a dime for
p.OF MICHGN positions. and surrendering at decretion ithe postage of his letter informing the old
: For Vice President ,: exclusively" to- the whig party. ero of his nomination to the Presidency
s/" W- 0 DT. B'JT The Demiocrats meet in Convnltion at and r that'in.consequence theteof, itisnow
T L OF' V KENTUCKY. 1. Baltimore and-they. pass in by. Th, lying ri the dead letter' office at Washihg-
.OF.KETUCK whigs meet in Con've'iow at Piladel- ton.. This is the most satisfactory account
S For Governor of Fooida, li'ia and a fiery conflictatiesbetwen the have seen of. the remarkable silence
.. .... ~~friends of Clay and laylor and.te strve- ...".
Gen. Williamn-Bailey. friend of and -1"'. and.t. ".v of the Geineral in relation to his, nomina-
,.,--...^ .....: ry q-uestion4isbroughta forward to decide i. explanations oret, it
FoJ~vzarvfCtges, 1nI the explanation' is co irect, it
For..Membe-of Cogres t the qua rel And according to'the 'tes.ti- f h has
S' flin. William ;P. Duala. '. money of the .' Yorsk Express, the o ld Zach's consistecy, for e has
always-saiid he did not care a d--inic for
rEle r.fPre.P friends of, Taylor give a..pledae tha t he w hn, m .n. i na
Fdlr Iecors of Pres, -t4,ildf 'V. P.)'esidentl, .. .. ." V hwig_ n-inao,o-1 "1' "I
iOL.JOHN MILTON, of'laekon. will not -veto the Wilmot Provio- an'.l .
GEN. C. H. DUPONT, ofGa.dsden. thereupon hlie is choSti. By hl;i accept. PLEASUHE ExcURsIOXN.--We learn
HO. G. R. FAIRBANKS, oSt.Johns. r -bem .ro.trary t0 his previous from the N. 0. Delta, that the beautiful
...... .6 declaraioins, he candidate ", exclusively steamer Califoruia;'" Capt. Griffin will
OTO-THECN of1pTicFLOpIDAar t and.. ,i l oner ,, cave the Ponteartrain Rail Road this day,
'..-. ,-D U., M OU. T.r',l r"." :of A, i'iHcq.I"party," and is n o 0 *r n h. g. : .-
avin ", c e .h Peoples Candidate." l-e pledges 'him- for this place, when we shall be gratified
;Having" 1urc'mased-ti'ae estatblishenifrt of""-'. .. r.s,.3 t. ... ,
^ S ~^ S n "If 'v'-ir. ^ h,0111, ioth sight of-this splonid low ~e
ihe ',Flo'ida Dr,--at." .We de~e, i, self to wthitravw fron the CaAAvass if riot w tv sight ef tmssplendid low pressure
suerlousto publish k.a, Prospectus" de- chosenI by that' Conveution ciitrary to packet. ,.
sqp~er-flous to pp e. c It.'y t" Ion. ot.
declaratory of our political creed. .Suffice previouss assertion tha-t 'lithe people atification Meeting. ,
it 'osay, that we have been taught tro ne sould withdrawn his name." By On the ,12th June last, a large meeting,

tnhe4.rTie-s,..caiw "n. Of o iutrieUan, ilo.-enl
crate tiheprinciples of democracy, anid to
believe, ,l,1it upoi,, their' ascendency de-
pend the permanci V" and perpetuitypf
the institutions of ouIr bloyved ciultryv.-
In advocating aand d'fi iLnding those princi-
ples, we: shall appeal, to, the .patriotism
virtue and iiitef'li-enci. of .our floww
citizevis a.nd not to theit passions and pre-,
judices.,_ We advocate a strict construnc-
lion ..,of th., .Cons;itution of tli United
States, and deny all power to ihe general
governrirne.-, which is tiit clearly aidn 111Ii-
eq'.i'vcally Lccoirded to.' it by t;tit :icred
inst rumntit ,In our-poliitical conti'iv;ersl
withour brothers of theI Corps Editorial,
we assure them tli hawe will never call to-
our, aid,, subterfuge or -orp!.i-tIry,, -ve will
endeavour in thiLswarSare, to be canild,'
coui'teos aind firm. '-ki-li,' on i liru 'part
all:.rejcasoinable forbearauce, ind( r,,-udv
forgiveness for iivo.,iut:Aarv :trrort. \\'e
are vyoung-tis true,, and favee enbarled
in tili adven .urr, at a truly ilteretj-ing
rnomeot "'-_tt e opening of :he Pr.-sid,.nt~a!
Canipain't" al-ho Sr.i cii i ly COlisciioll's (if
tlie great respi'isibility,we have .bus i as-
stumed, the diffiden'e we naturally feel
under such ci cumnstiri ni s, is ti.iir.lvy re.-'
moved byv.ourft uniiqualified cotfiderice in'
the purity and power of ,ihwe [principi-es ol
which is -constructed .':the [Plai'form"Oe
reacted byv our Delegaile in the latc. Balti--
more Cuavention; .B'3li'vil l2 liin 'ihricc,
armed who haoti tli". I qIarii',,l'jutu" i'.-
enter the list.and throw do\n"i our"', glove'"
Ou,.oluntnls. lhai! '; ict ie.opl, t1o'persomnal,
controversies. But we- shirl atrive toi he
best of o iur ibil'tjiiV to'. mnlid-'our nupel'
what it -bould b., a vihicle- for thedi.sem-
inrtiion ol,s'ybnd plitica1, reli4.-u3 .and mor-
il pr-inciples, di 'tilhiln ,. auIcil itniMrmnataiin
as will beoth iinterc-'lit". atd. improving.
*' Cromwell I charge tlee. fling awva3, Am-
bition. By that siji fell thle Au.el-" -
"General Ta"yaorine1r, surreidtrs.".--
'Ihi's r spouse oif '(' 'i.. Taylor' to6 ihe
pedantic avid 'ain glou i"cts Ait-xi.ali Gen-
eral has been -.thde 'the-e' of .ppide and
pl-a;,i're with us Nc'ver did' vtdixhear ii
uttered, bit' a feeling if delight anid ivlion
al pride tlirilled'throl,,0i 'rO veins. B3ut
alas for li'uiani arfatani', ss 'when it .surren-
ders i'liiie corflicit with Ainbition. ,Geii.
Taylor, not contentiwith the imperieha-
ile reriow,,in which lie had acquired ss a
,I ,i 7 ** I ; *
Getner.il, b.'1comi, C infati:adt' with the
idea of adding the" C'ivie.'' toI ilit ilita
y laurels that already enciitletdLhis bi ow,,
His aspiraiipns are dived i'rm (be C;,impr
to the PiesidVei'cy of this mighty lleptib-
lie'. But as the seq'iel, uill hho,.v, that.
that ele,va;j.io of 'soul.'ainJ ion fir'ifift'Ss
of spirit which promrpit-di his. noble re
spqnoe. at 'Biien'a Visia" are not;I dis-
played by himn as a gladciator. on the poli-
tical arena:. IC h6 would nor' ..eri'ender
as a soldier, he has un']iiu.tionably done
so as a politician. In pro(if of this, let
us submit his acts ani d.,c laritins '.to a
ca-nidid and inipartlial tpi.llic "O' ,le 1i8th
May 1847 lihe wvritc& iha.t '"' iii no10 crlse can

[ permit myself, to: be ithF caIdidatte oil
aiy par/q." On the 29th of May' same

fiatI acceptance, he is brouightt forward
w ith .is .own consent. by a 4 party Coni-
ientioii",cuoprary to his assertion it, his
letter of Jtuly 30th 1848., By that lac-
ceptance, he*-4i'1l take hiivne Ifi "out of the
hiaItds ofthe people" contrary o his letter of
the 24th April 1848.: Aed liowv Gen,. T)ay-
lor appears bMfole thie American people, (it
being assumedd that he wil! accept the
fnuiiiliaion as a candidate, who A P'order
lo sure his nomination,, lias abandoned all
tht. positions he had previously assumem ed-
anid hIs throw hiiilia'lf into the hand..' of
t.he hig piarly Wilnott Proviso" mQn
and all to become if elected, a passive;
'an'd p)wetless President in t'he'ir hands.
Qhwai a, f.ill,-g off" "as there.;, ,\\hlt
a,,sugreoders well may. e e.Xclaimi; L1
iha-;e tiucheid th, haighe-t point of all my
grealiiess; and from ;hat full mneidian of
my glory, i ,,huste now to rmy se.ttij."--
Hle caninot enjoy the. t.er.t satisfaction
which Pilate did,'rvhen he said to- the.
'"Jews" on 'being asked 't change th':
icri[)ltioni opo.' Sa ioiir. CQross that"
whlt I1 liadve winitin, Lbave written. But
he will c-xperh n;eein -its -fullness- i-e bit-
tiertruth embraced in tihe declaado-n "Oi,
tht iiile c(eiiLU wlu i ,ibd wrije bqoko,." .
SA'conitmulntication0 ol'i1o ne itegLe app'
p ea'r in 'ihe ,tm inst., wiliiic lii'n careful .con;sider-
ed rontaivs bu. l lt'le niitter worih)y our'
attenLiion.\ Its matter when compared
wilh its he'a-n're, 'ni:tids us f a'piece of
.atin ,'UasiIc wlctit ho short, may by
liard s(rtich'ing be considrablv elongat,.d.
'-II' flfidsthe' charge of f l'd-ralisin. at
(in. Casa'norwiihstanding its frequent
rvfuraliun. -.1 refer. the writer (lest ihe
min, y have du'.o tiin'sel''a-wrong,) t tlhe
leter-'of-,ei. C'a's.s -Io Mr.. Dickerson-
w I-en -i,-'rt or tet' years ago, in which
IL" I-*. .. I^ '* e : -;
hleie-:av' li .c' asxd ilah a'ts hlid "beth a
d i"cja,,f.,hj f -Je-nffrson Schiool.. ,The
Nait'io,.i:tai'.l Iij1 tyericc'r air..liother-'promim'ent
whtig i. 1 9; su y,- tbhat 'Ge. Cass is not
onlv ali:, eli-ili- l ti:ittc'sfnan, l)iit a gt nlt -
iiipi of tins ,llitd faine. Th. iss wedeenIi,
S1trflie ci'.lit ql-sati-sfy. thewrite-4 in.ithe 'Ga-
zatl ee, th'a'lie haapprletrated a'i inj-slic'e
Son "en'. Ca We ulso k refdr lii on
thispo.i, tan aitil.e in this papi.,r ihead-
6d,. Slanders Rc.i'htl.d,'". which dissipates
fully tlis charge of ftLdc.ralisiIn ugains4
Gen. C'uss 1Hes iysour war ,ith MNl.:x-
tico,was. iLinecessarv He is i'ifull .be-
h ind ,tle tixmcs in this inasitr, or lhas cer.
Taii.iv' b3een Hidulging iri on'e 'of'the long
naps of; old Rip Van Winlkle".'- And
in order Io'release hi'n froni this delusion,
a6 fd s.i-fl'v liiii. that this question las
,-n- since b ,n ,, ettle'd in favoroflibhe war.
by'b,lh 'wvliig 'and democtatic- eaiiih',ry.
I a,-Iuld ilf%:,II- 1thim, th thi e C'oingres io
Ithe tTltied Slates dec.lar,-'d lI, solemn
ait, '1 that wvar existed let-wren .-l.tis Re'

year, 4'e writes : I vv will tit be tile can]i- puhli,, nn,' thi-ta f ci exico. by 'hLhe, itcf'itl
dat'.of av pa-ny or party b hliqti:" aud Mcico That \1exic') sn!']f*sih' wouIld
,t, -J sontdnco'.is :in,,. irna i nou'i 4'l-r ih.e ann exatio(n tk ri lxa as a d
that. 63 ytl' p inuon n and tnmr u: & M Ap. ..' ,'"Jsjal-. i --
vqFe1 ol thpe pe'tle alunt' coqlj lbe itj i lr.,oiirlon l.v.r, .That upon ,tle anp/exa.
dtavnjfrom private lil' aft,-r'r. -he w;ir,i, in tinJ wilRith a vicw to suhjiigIte, and re,
effd'L,." On tihe 13th Jul I% same \.e vo,:he ciptre T"exas, he invs"l .o.., hump.
terites '" ain nrit willii iad be thw -can- >ur toavns 1aniidl miid'-.rd our ciliztns, ih-.tt
di'date of any pat'ly' 'On" thm '"ti,' 0of 1 .r0,1el' WVbsei the gre'iat '.l[ nc nrcer
A u ). .,. ..... ,e .lt .-. -
sar hnie Y 1 writhe t" s I needd .id 'th'idthe hn i't.ex tuo *n T. xvs "wAs
hardly add thal! aicnuot n iany ca.- per- n.., jil) .>L.III" olr war' '. tho>.' Ckly_, i,
uiat myself to'.'b.4rb'ug E iefetr '.1 ,U ,. 1 ..
eqi-uvively, bytuny of1the -4'/^,(, *I ..'a.. aok- in 'our army', that lie mi lat avenge
that now so uiifoimiinteki'vdi ido, /o'l'" r wrings .' he too'fel like s.viig ad
cotuntry as their candidate for the officr."'l M'xical." Wee .drove the treacherous1

of the Democrats of Escamlbia wvas' held
'at 1he City Hall, at which -E. J. 'Leedom
Esa. *presided as Chairman and t,.
-L' Durf .acted as Secrejary, The ineet-
ing was ably and eloquently addressed by
Hon Wal4ker Anderson,-'and Caraway
Smith, Esq. The following Rcsolutions
were adopted with unainity and, en.
th-usian. -
Resolved, ,That the democratic party
of Escambia -UCounty. 'cordiall' approve
the'noniinAtions recently made by the Na-
tionai democratic Convention-of Lewis
Cas. for the Presidency and Wm- 0. But'-
ler for the Vice Presidency.
t-. Resolved, 'Thfiat the declaration of prin-
ciples adopted by the Convention, is in
accordance with the ancient and long
cherished opinions of the party and de-
mand our cordial support arnd approbation.
Resolved', That while the -- whig party
despairing "of success in an open aind fair
contest upon priticiples, have adopted v
candidate whoirefiises to avow hi' princi-
ples, it becomes the democratic' party to
adhere with redoubled zeal to6thati system
oi political faith and practice, under which
they have so often triumnpi-d and Iron,
wlvhic 'have ensisued so nuiich prosperity
and i ory to our beloved country.
Resolved," That while no solitary whig
statesin.n of theo Northhas taken the part
"al the South on the subjeer of the Wilnot
Pro.visi, the bold arid mnailanilv vindication of
Southern rights'by Cass, D allas, Wood'
burst RiLNhauan, Allen iianda host of. mi.-
ineht' 'Northern demoaw'ats" demand and
hliaV' ourIgratiitde and adriiratiou,'and ,w'e
rejoice iri lthe opportunity of casting our
votes forv-on of-'th'e most cmiin'ent, and -il-
1istrious amongthem.- ;' -
R'6Aolv;d, -'that t:eIaevnbaoeys bf-a Es-
c'rinbhi: will use' &vety honorable means to
1)rnfotet-hc succta.s of-Gass& Butler, and
'artll-l' ,irgae rpon their broiher-deino-
(tats'f there Sate' to a 'united anid 'vigoiroui
ffo4rt to red-Ln our younTg state from the
hanidsof 'iederalisn).- ." ..
i :L- --," i ,' : '. '
'GIN.!'I'A LAYLR R-P:iEtT-IATr-D ay' 5tH
PKESS-1OF .g 'Fir o--Tl.e Ifoll)wing ifs'a list
of whig.p:ipers in Ohio, 'which have bolted,
IhI uo;,iatioaiio of Get-' Tnaylor.-' .We-sh:ll
k ip '.it ait Sta.idiin-. 'nand add to'it as the
boiling papers acomo in from w-.ek to wVeek.
as there arer a few Ynore.-eft? If the same
adrit. : .- i .... .
Warren C.iroicleT. Massilon TIelegraph.
OhMio, Si`ar. Astabulai Sentinel
Cla.v'tlitn"t rue1em. Medin ,'Whig:
Painesvillleteleu.raph. Loiinn Courier.
Butller Couniv Whig. Libanon Stalr.
Mt.: Veiluon Timnes. Ohio Repository.
Coi(nne.aut'Repaor. Akliron Beacon.
New Lisbon Palladimin
S.... 'V-[Clveland Times
','omi the 'Ln cas7i.r Ia.ell.eazcer.
BECAU.SE- from a po6r, friendles-, 'and
tunad,'d boy, -by a- life of-inridusitrv and
intearitv, lie lihas risen to tlhe highest place
of renown kItownti t). ooir -'Constitiution-
therebv exe.eildiying that crowning excel-
lence of otir.happy t"rni. ":)' '(Jov-rnme','
which makes virtue arind intelligence the
,)inllv pnaspa'ls to p,,blic favor. Ha ing,
risetiv(T iim naketle- poverty hinrAs-ilf,he is the
fit repi'',eii itivo of tlie pbor Laboring 'Man
and MIc.chn iie. ; -' "' :
BECAUSE fronthi is eearlibst b'ovhood lie
lhas hh- ii t-e ardent arid- d,'voted friend:oef
lis cot:ntry' viglis and honor, therb\'
proi il-' him.ilf wortthy- of his gallant re-
Vi'ilu io'l .if'v n'iieest,,r. Hr. is, in the true
sinlit'Tcltion f ,,'the. f ir'ale 'an American
Porioti wlio'ha, nr,'i -'countqed the cost,
whltn hi. P';:lo\:ed cotintr'y has been ini
c i i e -. li O n "- "; "
BECA,."A U \\ h ,-t'i thf iinstlent agg'r'essi ns
,,f (r*ri'a 13ritain stro diled our land .i'n ihe
cl,,uid of bialh. hetlitndicated *.'Cher'"' fig'*'A'-'
isIi itoils,'3nid "'j'porils. and htcod,', s'tifrer-
.iT_" not o'n ,-si.r 10 b -dbliteratid, n'ot onf
st p'-i bp. 't raseil-a e ''-'.- h: y'-frichlly"' e a'rn-
ii, v'hr'ilatnedue'to ai'.bra'te' -and' fearless

c I

be proud tu ha e my name associated wilh
hisi in any way; ,bih the acceptance of this
nomination is impossible adntid 1. haVeto
request the members of th' convention,
anld tl!h public, to receive ihis declination
ab my aiismver, and to excuse this mode of
making i,.i-bet-ing the only. mode % whichh thd
waint Of a communication from the c6norvn-
lion I 'aves open to Iie. ,'0
%rAtiliNGTpN CiTY, '-
u-u-.. 1,.--[Wash. UJiotI.
o. siloioot'Wartin Van Biren.
.lr ,Vait Brtii plays'a very eqivdical
part, In his kItiier -tbthe "flicauconven-
Ilion, ho declares' i.it"his "publi'c life (was)
forever clhse'd," "witlb. ai, inflexible .deteri-'
m inai/In to adhere tbit O'ihe .rhd." "'"HAI
wvas nOrminated, howei'er, bya'celamrnalion,
ahd hii Fidits A.4ches dilardh-at'he
could' not decline it The questionn 'was
then hsk-.d bv"dothef'; ,Will-hei'decline or'
accOpt?' It tiuros i'd t-hat 'e'.irl''do neitti-
er tie oiie..obr-F-eT o-er.'6inde-,.,isW vn
opef' sriinhttureU "Bi' -thc',ermiiftg ittotlm
au11t l r riii'v ly der-sooa."'th t! 'arecIff'
the honor. The Albany Atlaa (barnburn-


in'd 'voted for the W-hnitit Pro'viso in tih'
s'ssion'of Congrtss'1846-7. By .a re-
ference to the. published proceedings 'df
Congress, st Marchf-.S I t',wItilLbe seen
~ ~ is ; .s i~ "S."|P, -. ir' .'
that Gen. Cts'' a'ssi-red soWr SPECI-
OT' AGAIN-S' THE PR'rvtiso oflered'as
an ..ar te.mri-om in. b....' t .H.. .
ut'der discusson ,tl ",hi the v6t6,a's'
:r.aen ori'the at'-n'dip t.,l Mr. Cass voteW' -
in .he', negativ--, 'itl 4i'Calhoun, CCo'l iit'i "'.
-iHston,. Lewis, S ulf"aind'6hers,.goo3 -
men and true'o 'ttib So.uf'(, atdrist Cb'trwin .1
tilley, EfavisEiv anPs, Ph-p'andVebsteri
the staun'chest s6i6 ipersf `tls'esure-
and "w'as'eEa'tel&'t How'" w -f6'ihen.:"
'must, 'e tIhe' 9euse'16f-_.r se-,.n.i o'n6u'Ofd d
'stLae', '"in. the very "'fitc'6 of "'1he lreo'died
facis,'a falseh'ood^-o ,nalietd ajn" rnis'h-
s "1 4 i't l "%
*te'vous as' tllT '" Cass "had, I.Sjjoe^'4:i -
favr o'r and' 'voll for: the' Proviso'?'.;- 'But
this Roo'rb'ackl lbt'a 1ie6 w'Viht;recdk..

interet.- s 'o6ris'oi, Idabr'a % it nd 'i
interest.-[Floridi iti. -


BECAUSE.. when Peace agrfih waved 'et
eicr golden wings across our Lbrders, he w
equally distinguished "himself as- an able h
and accomplished Statesman. Of the Sen-
ate of the United States he was at once the V
Ornament and thepridit. k With a thorough d
knowledge of the historyof the government o
and its various relations, he grasped ali tl
public questions with a force and compre- u
pension equalled "by but feW', surpased by n
none. to:^ -" *
BECAUSE he is no respected of nations to
mrnongst his country's foes. Whether :o e
confront proud England at the head of our tl
brave volunteers, on the Canada frontiers- h
whether to assert the Freedo.:.of the Seas d
in the midst of the learned- diplomats of b
E rope -whether to vindiaate th'e. Oregon t
title against Great Britain, in the :..,Senpje' t(
Chamber-or whether to uphold the justice
and necessity of the Mexican.wair--he has b
never falered in the'serviceeof his country. '
America', like the Greek matron, points to :
this son, as one of-her brightest jewels.
BECAUSE he is a thorough-, w. ell..tried n
and -consistent DEMNOOeRAT, who in every 1
critical emergency has-been' the eloquent 1
champion o EQVAL. RIGHTS, contributing r
as much as any man in the nation to I
the ascendancyof' sound republican princi.
plbs. *** *< (
BECAeSE he has never-been known ii
a sin le instance to shrink from the bold C
atind open avbowal of his political opinions. (
Perfecly frank and ingenuous itn his nature' ]
he has ever trusted -his whole mitidf andI
heart to the intelligence and judgment of s
the American people' -.,`" '
I, BECAUSE he shared the confidence of
'rHOMAS JEFFERSON, the illustrious Au-
thor ofthw' -Deelaration r'l Lndependeince
whose heart beat till its last .hour for the
world's enmancipation-of JAIt ES. M1APISON
the chiamrpion of the War of 1812--.iand
last, but not least, of ANDREW JArKSON,
the man ofIron Wii-, %ho bestowed more'
honors upo- LEwis CAss than upon 'any
other pah l:ic man in the nation.' :._"I
SBECAUSE his private life is as .pure
and unsullird, -as his' public career ,has
been useful and brilliant "i Party made's
itself cannot successfully assail him. 'Be-
fore his- untpotted name, thegrislyV "iiit
of Caltiriny Ihrinks abashed into her ca-
verns. The arrows c f 'detraction, by
wh6rfisoever spread, fall harmless at Ihis
BECAUSE-, 'finally, he is, in'very word
and deed,-a living exemplification dld gen-
uine American Democracy, whosd 'evint-
fuJl PAsT is a sui e guaranty o!' a yet more J
glorious ;and successful FUtURE: At the
lralli ofsuch a noble leader, tens of thou
sands of true heated' Men will again "with
sinlewy hands and hold and buvanit hearts
lilt aloft the ancient flag of DEMbCR'ACV,
deterineiid as of yore to preserve'the uoun-
try and ..er institutions from the han'i of 5
Federalismni, hliowever specius and gilded
the devices and the names under Yhich it
seeks to steal itself into power. "
.i ; ,* General Dodge., .
'-Just tis we ar4'gointg to press, wve roeivyec
the 'ftllowiiig card from Gen.- Dodge,
senator of the United States from the 3tih
State, t-he youngest- sister ol the republic.
It is what we expected from that gallant
man arid indomitable republican it shiv-
ers to pieces the schemes which'have been
formTe1dalt Utica and in Cincinnati. found'
ed in thr uSeeof his tame:
*' '<' '* *f A-' Card^-' f *:;f^
I have seen in the.publisled proceed-
inlgs' of the' condition at Ulica, New
York, that my name is put in noinia.inlti
for ,Vice Pres-dent of the ivnilted Sit'es,
a -the iick,-6'ivth Mr. Van.B'iren' No
inf.rriafion has been given-tb me by th6
co.oi'Vniion, or its '6ider, of thiss nonina-
ti.i-,'idflT have waited s_'nie days for that
itforin ttlou, as furnishinig the suitable oc
casion for. making my Snswer. But,' be-
gin taing to doubt wvhether any such coin-
municatiin will be made, and seeing try
naime placed in many papers as a ca,,di-
d "te for- the vice ptesiden.:y, by virtue of
t.tt ziiior n.iiioii, I deem it proper to delay
no longer, and to del'a'e at once, and it
this public manner my i,:.ability to accept
it. The State. to which I belor;g was rep-
resetted in the Baltimore Convention; the
vole ol that State was given to Messrs.
Cass and Butler; they were nominate.;
and as one of the citizens of that "ita'e,
that n, iniviation immediately received my
cordial concurrence and support, and
will continue to do so.
I have Ing been the friend,p'lersona'.ly
as- well as polirmcally of Mr. Van Buren,
and, tinder 'other 'circuimstances, wou'll

r) comes built with the f6tfoi ii declafiti' n
vhich. i's; of -codrse,;to be *consideid as
is o vw n.. .. *- : : .'. .
'rhe' Utica .vonveirtion -nominated Mr.
Van Buren as a candidite-ftr .h, presi-
ency, '-rtrary to his.knewri wishes, up;
n:.the-,rincipile that- the' -people whomi
hley 'repesented had a right to make -this
is,;of his name,- and did not 'direct iheii-
sual notice of their proceedings to be given
o him.. ,-But we are most happy' to be able
o say, uqon the best authority, that; ho'w -'.
ver unexpecited and undesirable 'to hiinself
he position assigned him by'the action of ;(
is friends, Mr. Van Buren will not, un- :
ler the circumstances iu ;which they hare
been placed, contest .the' prificiple with
hem, nor inlerpose any .furt'hler obstac-le
o the course they hac adopted."- ".'
T'.i New York' Eveiing Post (also : :
:arnburner) pnblishes the above, a'nd iays
'tho most"inmplicit confidence. may be .
Al:4c l ipol it," *";?- t-i '^ : < ; .. -
'rThis position does no honoi to the firinm-
tess or discretion of Mr. Var. Buren.
But the way iu whicn they treat General
Dodge is still more discreditable to the
managers. It is a sort 'of fraud upon the
people- His name along with Martin
Van Buren's is displuv'.d at the mast-head
of the, Albany Atlas','New York Clobb,
ihId other ba'hburner presses,'.and is cal-
culated to pro duce the -impression' that
Gen- Dodge. consents to.runi oi thfe Vaii
Baireh ticket; whereas, as 'is reported iii
Washington, he is waiting .to 'decline, as
soon as he receives the official annvounce-
Democralic meeting in Dresden, Ohio--
the council firs HligJded on Ihq,spoL
where Gen., Cass first rallied the vol-
unteers. ...
There was a tremnendous.gathcing. of
the Democracy, near Dresden, in Musk-
ingum co:ntiy, on he 17lth inst. 'lhe
number in attendance was, ,estimated at
from 3000 to 5000 persons.
Eloquent addresses were minade. b.y Col.
Manypeiiy hum, Cpt. Lovo. Gen Meredilh. and
Mr. Samble, ofCoshoctoni. and by Mesr,;
Parker' and ,.tewnrd, of rPerry..
Two of the Vice Presidents, Messrs, -
Cordrov atid McCann, were delegates to
the Democratic-Convention in Musk.ingum
rouniv, in 1806, which placed Lewis
Cass in nominautmn for thq otfl'ioe of Repre-
sentative. . .
,' i -
From Mhe New Hartn'vfRO'gister.
partnership i heretofore existing bt'rteen
Llthe subscrilb'er,ndhder the"ina-me ''*c'firin
of The W\hig l'a:tv-, isdis!blOtd hby' in',ual
cohisent the',,tc'l in tac, le tid goods will
havebeei i iransfered to ti4e Nali,' A'rieti-
cans. who wil carry on the same business
at ih66id' sfnhd'; d idThlier nie'' firm. For
rale,-fo close the'concer.', a Iarge edition
of C.Wn Speeches, iibtet'fedfor the .MAle.-xi-'
eail ,ratk't,' lti nowt useless-will mu'k-e
good wrappi'rApaper. Also the last 'Iti,.-
from MI.' Cla, coi-se-,imii!mg to siandi ----
another Pi''esid'nitial hiT"dtI several 'b6xis
f Vhig pamphlets," a large asorr',ent
6fCIhay soing'books, ar-d a Iof'nf party
machiiitarv conyiderably'-' out of' order."
If i,,t disposed of.at private' sale, they
will 'sold at auction oni th, 7th. Nov.em.
ber next to ithe highe.,t bidder. "
ITI",0LMOT PROviso. "'
rhiladciphia. Juine8. 184S.
The Sentinel r-epublishvs a' lohlg A'.-tierp
from the Luuisvill Joti) u.l, in. \i'ic h"'"
slanderons sitdietuent i.% mede in reference
to Gel. Cass, iio 'l Lfutd' tify the best
testimony.'. It is stated''th ti whilee hs f'a-
hher, Mljor Cass, suiperiniended' the re-
cr,,mving service in .i799& 1800..for' whi'.
we aemoci'ats' tvledi'he "'i)rovision-eitig
army, he (the present Gi-n: Cab.,) .was(
the pi'ec-ejtor of "' sr.nimiar-school' in
Wilm'iiison', ami~ atdi'ciy appeared with d
black cockade in his' lta." Of which the
Dehiware G'izeuic says ; Gen. Ca.s Lwas
born in Ociobre, 1782. The era of the
prevalence of the black cockade was in
1798 adid '99,'and consequently Gen- Cass
w.s .hen, bnly sixteen or seveniteea ye'amS
of age. 'At the'ane (.f-!eveuteei he em-
igratdd to the. North 'we,'vern Territory,
and.settlet at Maneta." And upon a re-
view of the 'hole ground th.' laltimore
Republican well remarks: "1hese vile
insinruations made in refer'eice to a riter
by, are as unwothy'oic'redence as thev
are of manly Iu'tti'anrcc "' "- -
An.,iber-.hcar,.'. ofth' Sane.-idney is
aoing the rounds-fhi leSs a'=j-_i'"cation
than that Mr. Ca.s hbld'&,oke'n riT'fav'6r of "*'

~. _. ._._...

S March, 1842, tiheTirritorialPLegisiaturi
of P mida,.aw flroper ia- ite wisdom to
pass a li'prohibiiing 'the mnignadtiAn o
S free negroes r mulattoes to isU Tdrihto
,, Thi. bill wa% approved by G6v. Call 'on
the 6th March, 184, as appears from th
journals ,(,that year. The sytipathetic
Abolitionists of the North,i 'however
.couldfnot "ubmi to sach a blot on out
statute book, a aecoirdingly W find '(
matter broughilo the notice ol.'ihe House
of Representatives ,by mr. Morgan,%ard
Hf. Briggs, now Governor of rassachu-
selts. On the.: 3d of Januaxry, 1843, 'Mir,
Morgan presented a& reol uLion instru'cting
the Committee on 'Territories to inquire
into the qxpediencyv ol repeaing an n act
passed by the Territorial egislature of
Y: -Florida, .eail1'.t' ni'Ac t prevent, the
future migration or emigration offree ne-
grdes or mulattoes :inatbsaid Teri'itory,'
S or' soinue iher.ef 'ias imposes a capita-
tiot -tax u. sJuch of (4em oas may entc r said
Territory, and autlkorizes' JiAei, sale, for
ninety-nine- years f. non-paj ment of
said iax. ..,. ..... "' .
l Mr. Black moved t" lay- the res6oh.
tio non ,hfe-table. ., .
i '" Mr. James called for: .the-;yeas and
S navs, which wver9, ordered; and being
[.. taien, tllted in yea' 1 13, n ys 80.*4--
S+I xILOR E.* Giddings. Gates,', Slade. aid
Winlhrop voting No! or in 'favo o the
'resolution --3d'"s:ession.. 271A Congrrss
p.106, 107. 2 -- .'
On the 23d February, 1843, M.r. Briggs
asked leave to submji th thefollowing resm).
luiion^ .
Whereas all laws passed by the ,0y-
ernor and Legislative Council qV Eloria
are in'fll' force, until disapproved by
C6ngresi:vtfeiefoxe '
Resolved, That the Committee on .` th
Judiciary be instructed, forwith,.o report
.the following bill;: : > '
Be it-enacted by the Septie.and House
of' RepreLenta'ives of the Unhed States
of-America in Congress assemnbld, That
an'-ot p'Issed bv iher GoVernir and Le-
gislative -Cotuncil of the .Territory of Flo-
ida,- approved by the.'said Goverfor _.on
Sthe51h day March, 1842, entitled-, "'*A
tcil to prevent the future migration of free
negroes; or: mulattoes ta, this. T"errituory,
and for other purposes,' be. and the .same-
Is heteby, dlisaiprroved, 'aid shall -henice-
forth hl of ito torce." "-
Mr. Jriggs rioved to suspetd tlie ites
thai the resolntiontu eight be acted on. On
this rporion'th ye vieanid nays were taken,
and. the "notion was rejiecied-hyes 66,
noPp 104-the WVhig'cawuditde for Vice
President of the Uitniud Stales, MILLARD
FILLMORE', wih Slade, IViwhlrop aihd
Sallonstall, voting aye !.? Same session,
p. 337. : '
Commnent is needless.

adstl/accident that we hiave had fo-
-o-.-.- yt.Years tort-late occurred ni,,ht before,
as2i,"JoZit 8o'chkchc:. For the last few
daysy, the Levee1 ii the Thirl Muunicipality,
nearly -op-pqsite,..the Convent,, has been
givin-'signts of a-pr'mnonitorv but gradual
de.cay.: A large crack, c'xtetnding for
- nearly one htliidred yards, was perceived,
onWediu)sqay eventniig.tkst. and the curt-
noilV'of those who re-ides in "hQ neiglhbor-
l ool' waS much aroused to knuw- 'from

j had not her full gaze, on first awaking t:
Life; rested upon hi'im that if, in a certain
sense, man is the-head of the woman, wvvo-
man is the heaT ob itmai a good many
senses that there ia' no conflict. of ri.gbs, o r
so far as we have ascertarned4no nauroil
hostility between thb-sexestteatihe crow-
pipg glory, ql" each is the well. ordered
family, wherechusband and wife rule each
other by.jove an reasonr-without rude ap-
peals to prerogative on one side or neces-
sity ot suffering, submission on the other--
both equally loved and respected -by their
children both equally iJo ving and reveren-
cing the great Fathers of all.'? .


S From tie Fr ench of Lameiais.

vy father, our work is fatiuintog t dy
the spade rebounds upon the pa.rchcd e'earth
the sln darts'rayso6f fire; the dust raised
by the south wind blows in 'whirlwinds
over 'the plain. -
vMy son, "S who sends btiurning ga16les
ienis also bedewedd '-cloudlet,. 'To ;each
belongs its pain-anJ it Ihope, and after Ila
boi comesrepdbe." 'i '
My- father, do ygu see these poor plants
how',they languish, -und 4iw their ye0-
low leaves droop down their exhiuisted
stalkl '+ i : '-.
They will rise mip agaid rnn, son, n6 bladio
cerass is forgotteni; ft fitful raris andfresh
dews are always provided for it amidst the
'celestial treasures. ,) -. '
_Mly father, the birds are silent in.the
foliage; the qutil, imn.mvable'in the furrow,
4fis not even really its companion; the
heifer seks the s&4tie; ihd the ox with las
jimtbs flded beneath his b dy, his nec-k
strelw-hdbout, tlilmites his large. aosriil, iu
murder to respire the air which ho is in neud
ota i, ,-.i .- ,, -. **. ,
God my son, willrestore the birds their
voices, and the ox-en th.-ir strength exhaus-
ted by the- extreme heat,.. The breeze
which wiR reanimate ilthein already glides
over the sea.. .' : -
,-.Let u'seat oursfly.scs ,my fa'lier,' upon
the fern that borders the pond, neart'i:e Id
ok wiiose-'ha~gins br.,ncrps, so gt is'
touch the surlaceofihe water How ca-ln
and htatispascnt/ it- js!-.Hl)v gaily the
fishes play thiert'! So-ite, puit-su 'llheir
wiiged;prey, podh gnals etttert-d iti tbo--
ing, others, Lraising heir headi!; withitleir
months half'open, appear to b- suoftly kiss-
ting the air.
He who has made all things, my son,
has everywhere besi6wedt hisiirexhrmu:.
table gi..is, life,' and Lthe joy o.f lir6e- Evil
uotlsist. only; in appcarantuce, 'is the a rrk
side of lve, the siritlittud- dl' good, iits
shadow. '
And yet, my Idithei 'you suffer.' What
la'ibiir. wtha .'fatigue', yoru en'Jiire. in ordeT
to provide foir our wiatita!" .. Aru yO'u *noiD
P.Qa,! Ii not mnv tq.itl)'r- pari!!. Is. it the
sweat of youttr browv which has given me
food; haie. you ev.er--fir, one si,'igle- day
had the morrow provided, for! -
'-Whatsignifi-es ,the morrw :o us, ny
son?-'IThei morrow belnnigs to '-odi let
us coenfd) -in Him. V Iho rises in the
niioriiii knows httot \i hi-ther .ie- shall see
evetniiung Why, then, trouble and disquia.-t
ole's sel-i..about-a tim,.- ,hich. w ill perlraps.
... I-. I, I, I'.,_ 17

"NOTICE."- ,- .,
JOYNER & VAUGHAN having, by deed
conveyed -to the sascriberijerrtain.property in trusi
for payment of their. c reditors, notice is hereby
given to all .persops having clairis against the
said copai tiershwp, to present the same, properlyy
UImhe'ntic-ated' to the subscriber within' three
tinolhs from,-this date. QCreditors presenting
their demands'within. that timIu are preferred to
&thers. -... -
./ 'VVALKERANDE[,SON, Trustee.
,Rensacola, Jri y l tith .1-8.-44--31.


. The NFUTRAL PRUSS of this pity.-
The Tipes are new, and the Press a superior one.
Itivill be sold on very moderate ternis,'and in its
purchase a fipe. bargain can be bad. ,Apply to
the p6pzit-[nr. JOS. OUIGLES.
t'+Pensaeola, Jly l 13-1844.' ,

Navy Agent's Office,
Pensacolau, July 5, 1848. y
SEALED PROPOSALS will be reveiv.:d at
1 this office uriti 12 MN., on Friday the- 2Rth
iiist.," f t'urmiiliing. fii fo!lcylo ing articles at such
place in or iearnthel Pensac-la Navy-Yard, as tlhe
Conlmniandarit theieof may designate, on or buforo-
the' 25ih day of'Auuist nexti, viz "' -'
RLTSSIA'IION-,'", '^;' ^ '"
2.... 45 feet 2 by. inch.:
1 000 in'h' square.: -
"245 "" 2"X I hiruI---
-300 ra 3 'X 5-8 t.chi. '.
.;-78 in 7-8 ia. diamn. Round..

.. 7, ..i X8 I it-t nch. .
"' 9 --1 4-4 X 3-4 inch. .
S: 42 3-4 in Squ:ir.3 -
,23- .16 do. ,
100 5-8 do.
All the ahbovc arritls i'obc of'the best quality
and suqjeci to such insl.eetiuiu is the Coimmand-
arit si.all direct.
STlwo siffi<:ient suetins imuat be named in
each bid-aid utilime bids.'ac scLIut bv mail tIe
pi)fplC nnut be' paid.
.CNt h plilip.,sal will be uconsiderCd urle.sp ac-
copani,.-d bI' a written iuaranltv, -igned by hec
or mnore responsille ,iclisoms, tl.o I'lc ffa-l'ti"lhal he
or they unrdernake, lh at hle bidder o0 bidders, if
Iisor lthleir bid he accetpied, shall c-nlter into an
o, li,_,atior; iiithin five diys al'ier he or thev shall
has've been nutitied of tie acceptance ofl' 'is or
ih.-ir hid, Siih good and sttfficiert surelii-s, to tur.
maithi the artirlcs pinpr.a-rd li,r.
: ':. + -:" "'''i :Navy Aie-lt.
;rZ7'Pensac)a n Gazetto, ind" Mobile 'Register
and Journa! wvif insert the above until the 301th
inst. 1' 1,--
July G, IS9,S-1- i-."
S,+ \Ve challenge a'tiy n,-dicine befor-
ihe'ptblic to 'coimp ire it TASTE or CE.RT-

NOTICE is hereby given that six months after
this :day, I shall presentiny accounts and
vouchers as the Administrator of Truman Jlpjin-
son, deceased, to the honorable Judge of ProQ)ate
Ibr ihe-6county of Escambia, for settiement,.And
ask to beadischarged. ., ., ...
AMBROSE JONES, Administrator.;
Pensacoa, June 22, 1848-.-41-6m .

1. 0. 0. V., July 3th 1848.
TOTICE is hereby girep that JAMES A
N. BAUGHEY, late a member 'of bf this
Lodge,Ahaving absconded from thi cilty with a
young woman iof respectablcfamily and desoried
his wife and child;' has Mbeen expelled front, the
Order. All the brethren therefore are warned
agdi-st admitting'hiin to visit- their Lodges' or
showing him any attention, as he is deserviego bi
nothing .at their hands but contempt.
By order of the Lodge.
+- Secretary.
t:Cj.The papers of the Order and all pa.
piers friendly-to its principles will please-.copy.



Alden 0, Isaac, '
Arnold William,
Alien Isaiak,
Allen Hehry,
Administration Public.
Andrews Gcorge,

Burgess. J.oseph,
Borren George W.
Boye Charles,
BoobarCG.Elyah capt.'I
Bruester D.;W.
Browsn Joseph,.
Ball Jac6b, +
Barriollaisticn,-.; -
- = "., 4:. + -"
Colcbnuti Jiinrs A- 9 +'2.
Crane Timlothiy, -4
Cole,Stevves & Co.
Clark Jolmhn G.
Qampton Ed, asid, 2

Doninelyv Henry.
D 0,: -.-.r:.. ." :.

Emery John, '
Esoinm W .. .

Fry'niism,.; erldie 2
rT'avorite Lewi-. s.

Garri-on Jiackpon,
Gaimiia Rhi'bert, *

Haf'kens S Geo. lion. 5,
H-lrluhcton Elitjah, '
-IH der A Q.,tjiic,.

Jackson Tbos.

Allen mrs. -Oorrina,
Ameneal mr;' -- -
Ale'ress WVin,.
Andrews M,
Allen miss. Virgihia,

Birch miss. Seraphine.,
Bentley Henry,
Baker Robt. S,
Bell M. II.
Bailey those.
Bowers Joseph,
Barsett John M,.


.Cozzensilhobt, calt.
Critchett John;
('a,,iphell Daniel,
Couimpton Edward F,
Cowell Auigiustus,


E-.is Edward
Eilms Edwajrd 3,,

Forster'Levina.: ''"

Cr. -;- '.* .
Gibeng Nancey,
Gipson mr. lHarnet. ;
1.', ,: :
Herrick K KendelL 2
Hodgekie" Thos. -

J ones 7
fwnes Capt. 7'"

f.chtuaqu C. Linsey inrs.A.Mary, -;
Lewis 1-idinmai, Revd. -' LeeJo! h, .
Little Ed,,uIi.d. Lawrence Ch H. 2
Lreiiit r HenrySergt, Lowe-rynior, Alex.
S.- M '. :- : '^
Matudin u1iii-J. Mar' A 'Montgomery W s.rg. 2
Mot,re Win. G. 2" Me Ilvain iim irs. Jane, 2
Morgai-Juhh., IMc Gjatvy John'.t
MNlourull? i ,i'4 Mary, Mi.ims Sliaarach,

4,- 7f .I
Nute J,,srph P;, -
Norton J. T.
Nevill E. U.

Oars Stephen,
O'Neill Pat ii-k,
O'Brien mra.'Alniir:,

Powell Peli
Platr S.
Pillcher tis
Pp,:p.s Vineic

,^. ,
" Norpiga rnme. Adele,
SNalle Joseph B.

Owens Josep..,
- Oyeangn John,

- :-P., --^.^ ^
Plunuer Jhas. R-; *--3
-i y Pitt-snfiss.Amy,
s. Sidlney A. Proctor Alfred N, .
cute, Perry mri Sarah,

Riey miss Julia,t
Rogan Trhcodore,
rieauoboaw D. P.
Ralhminberss NIM.
Rnosakrans John T.
Riley EdwaFd,



w;ihatcatise it proceeded'. I eeming themn- never arrived \Ve live her below like the t' We are authorized to refer to San
selves secure, however en TrhursddV y ye swallow, sreking froin lday today the bre.id nurnbtrs, o4 the first lPhvsicians in the Sunr
ning last a paitly of five. or six person, of each day anud ITktl er., when the win- soith atad We.rt (pirnicularly .in Mobile
who belonged lto the fanirly of .\'lr. 1'romp, Ler approache a m rytberiouis power 'JdraWS aId New- 0rlann) who are tiv;i'g iti' iJ
who resides in,the immediate vicinity oI u tormilder clinima, .. .: prernce to. any other medicine. To
t6j-. fctal scene,_ repaired to the l'ivtr,s Vhat this, rfiAlithPr.? It resembl-s E.- It is nowv put up fwiLARGER
edge, 4litle-dream.ig-that-tlhey were stan- a corpse wrapped itlits.shrotvl, ora'n infant o.tles '.nd in nealt-r.iatVie lthli: at"ny mad-
ding upon the p.:edpice"lof death. Alfter .r olled in swaddling lh,-s. .:, icine of the kind bf,--.jre tihe pLtbic.,"
they had been theme ashrrt. time., the Mly, son, it was a ,-erawlng- .worm, i it -T Iti 's m.a4le of FRESib DRUGS '
Ground benaith themin ghve way atd dec.en- will soon bp a livi,, flo wer an acridl fonri just rtc-,ived iromn the imported anil WARt-, W ri
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aida .o'f an" 'A lpi.ne ,ij l. .In one -'Nort rise towards hea ein. ^/(l;,,' e,,o.,,ce" th,. p,,tte,,t. ... _ i
momoiatten human beings were hurried See enveltpe -farpdqrideach bottle,
Sinto e-ternitv, withnlT-rhe fainte.st waning- A MAZRiED.-,IiA Mobile on the 12tIlI with directions, &c,:withd;:[Iipt ioni nnd .
of-their fato It is impi-,ble to describe inst., by the Rt- Rev. Dr. Ioriitr, Mr. 'irec. ios to 0C'RE GLEETSTRICT ut
thescene. Wilthlithe crdsh of the falling WI"LLIAM A. L.BARON to Miss ELIZA TL-RES.& &_ ",.
eayth, went dowq, t hose who a.hiomehit J0o-EniNE RtOBB, all of that city. i P, 'upired and sold by E. 0. CO- '-
before were budding theli faireBt flowers of LE\IAN 106 DAUPHINE STREET MolilA "
hope and if. all tibe ..loveliness of lhfe..- and loi sale by; J.,Q. S.il FF1. sole Agent :-
T'e great prijbabililtY is, that the iinmens BLAKELY KELI.. Pensaola. 1 Jly -3-43-tif. ActI
i.,ass of earth '.hat crushed them, by the Comnmission 4.' Shipp."'n -. 1l c-cni--
for-ace. the watersawedqed,:then-jn d- d Galves~ton Ttzas. JENKS HOTEL. DrJ
neath the bank of the river. It was a %TILL receive on consignmnent, LUMBER, T_ he public are rcspectflily inirornied B.rm
piteOUS sight to rook upon Fathliers might which he will sell at %%holesale.and retail, *';l.- that tlte Jc-iks Hotel, in PenAcola, Binl
have been seeh trying to save the inoih.rs all butsiess intrusted in rme MI IInice-t prompr- [ ;*; nio. ,%%, op, n rlo ihe acctnodation lot) Boa!
ateir p ne al I erlit on.My -N whar:f being Large and come- viterS ain regular boarders. Thn. Ball
ofeir children, and.mothers tosav ctir nien7.ztsels drawij B.faet can dischar'e with house l'a- lben thoroughly fitted np. Every at- Brew
o'pring. But it was of' no avail-all' dispatch. -. .ii vii b rid'j kil corit. ad Co
wtio were on the fatal bank went down-,. Oet.. 13, 1847- plea-ait to tkos, who favor the liuuze& ithi their Coan
The numnb-r oflthose drowned caitrot,at vm' -atv. i ... -.''
..... ( .. T _, i- .i .- : ..H L oz. (_-ni,n ooeoni.-st-l tt l S, ju-st. -.. -. +. ...:- .... u h "tr t.'> Car'"
+ .. .. : reco i, n 0por ,.Shieh o ....E .JENKS, Car'
the resent be asc ertained. Foiii H j.. s.o.Ns .Ca
_p e iVpetsoxis receited-msnms or which are of the ierY Proprieto. Day'
ofthe Tromnp'amtily wbre drowned; ;tova.-Ti.a'qi-ualiiy,.nd will be kold yvery l,., bv Pen"aco1a, Junie'29r 1810-12-3ri Dnii
o'three men.who were working oe-die Feb. 10- ... F D' LA RUA .. --- Fi'n
L.vce.' Paui-Tromp narrowlV. escape .,. -. .A .=AR., r ,.
bsmi.Mr'. S rn'sI-ATN d.:.Nc t,,L return his ('ard
b'y. -swimming. Mr" Francois andry, -N'1'-IC',. "in'ere thank-,ik to rh,e c'itzen3s and friends- ,hu l
'w ,o w a s.n h e b .a .t h tir p W 1 ,0, ':_ 6L' rvl l, ,
wh'o was on hrseback 't the tnme, -whtll ; : LL persona are h,-r-bv notitlil that I v.ill "-j kindly' oluitle.-d'tiJheit asistaence ta'release [titl
viiwvi*ri the Vre'eck'of th Levee, brouijht Vp Ioseeute any or all who mav the uiiv ol ( ilm 'fi' ,fr1" the dis. an,:l, 11- anid oi]st sentence ,
his h'orse:too near the Crvyase, and horse cutiiin ttinmbero a a ct tin iract of Idnd l in'ih- iihlIitiLed upon hin,,t tHe laie rn o Escamba tLrLi
n .r e.. bo t .., u, ,p eJ to h a v county of Escambia, conilaining ti %o hi,,,dr,:d atni l circuitt ("ourlIt h l.-r kirdnes i oni this oc,:.i- on
I-ani rdr arbotr epposu o havEe een -yan ab.ut seven mdes N. E. irol nI- .ill- i be Ir,,,tn ly him, balt chherhrl a
dTwned.. por ofhe City w re- city oj'Pen.acola, between Point Gorinrder of a tc-sionian l ot r a ,g-ncroui and kind he.ried Let
th'0 unfortunate accident tuilc pliAce, the Gabaron's,,or DeviL's Pointi., one miles dii-iiit icople. "Ise.
r'sidentLs are fearful of thoirlives, and are frotm, the taltter, towa.r.d. the Souath, hb-tnndid ,.
epidl n (. i i.,'t o ; s r p t North bylan',l granted Mariano Buioina, Sjtiilh i [-IEa ii b iila has hi, -d hvr p:.irion tr hie Ji
rspidlyrgyiui4.i'l4r.iorteesecuire positiotus 1 r
hr8 ...s. an. V .est by vacant 1lnd, and East by the,2 di, vwer in the ev :rtte -of C tl-Stino Gonzil,'z
; o pen a d.tp syoce-i, d in ii.Court r, l" Prbate fir Esanihia W
T h e re is n o :k rro w in ,+ b li t a -- o re ..- 9 te n W B . bs~ o a .", ..
slide may occuq -wb'hh will cer l taIv ,-- .. WVM. T. BELL. L )-nt1t t. andl will pray tI"o laie Lng ol'the sam:
damage a large amount of prority, aIu, .Sep L : .-iln: onth front i te.
p t l n o C r g '" "P A U L I N E G O TAL ,:
p s b e=troy m ~ 2nv liv [.- -[ . 0. C res- .i. ,, 2, *I!s- .,v \, t r.
*ce t .. C. P. K napp, .... this
-.-~a '':- ..in G'OLD 4WELI_,URT, ",
,'q.'.--:], *'-'...'' ',.---*. ,, *i -i Hits jtit received an.1 is row oo.e!.0 "1th,. ... .. *"* .
TH R!CLE^.Tex.' .d'' 'O-* THE_-" E.e.d--'he. | T, E.. i. o..' g hivo to sps'nrhico,:tat send Ith- vell
ito o o. :- .N-iti .aii a i -T t a lairb ast assortment o l of SJ t .n..r in en ico' ,-in. ti ith .Indie h've
Itoroliair TOl^lal IR, a,^ C,(3nlsl^ ^ s ihn Bts aZ, ,jn.a 1,1"FII cn-^Ma, inVpeC, the droid lies
r pondent. says: and* ,n creed 'aLnz1. sl F ,d,, roi tlJBio.:. and gentkia .n t aM -.l aiAns te .a 0,t fide
"As o.yr a-tCM r. Garnper :ONLl
~ohn~ ~hihy roa&. eb~1ie e slwes, Ua.s,CGIP .5, 4 ;,4'., 1m.aUlic'I-v t\- ade tr I
We*-think it highlt orvthodt03e e W boerneve r,. .. .fq ,"Ltnt,D:Li:. _tr .kr hih. Palaltr te'* WlhWttt de-ieninrg to inttiit any
iiat '- omn an wa 'ken r a i-,st'lroi th .'! ... rornplennit ttpohmth .oun .taste.tn.- the sieclion, "'P
.r fn a tthbii t ed+, nem.- r .. .. .. .. ""
~~~ ~ ~ ~ -4ioce~~~~ev! mIlt-... ~ t.J~.tO*aM llOW., 4e. C') It I fe d oii evt he iiill find thebilanap

by,.tdtJi:^M lrlft6 ei'h^ Ot'hwt *an1~'l !^i~rsL1tN^I.~E fev/ 'clitice parterni vi wikyi~ttriIi'S ^endbwved-her (air daugrhets pmmr(
+ :. .--:., -' : ..... ...... ~ :. aa o- . .;. -C ~'.- :_ ,*Pe*ol, " l. *-1 ",,1-'48 -'3 3n -A "\11- "CH '. i
. .. '^ 2,.< ^ 11^t^ .a x'h ^ X~ .^ S .- :; ., .. .- ., ..; '- , Pe ..^o-a. 3u%,;g4 -3 3t .* .-.
s ...:l.- -'h + .,. .. I' a -
mg-n-in CPI(NAOt' -- asy'a'A '1ICHLk t
F. f ,W-- ,. M_ 1

-. S" *** -
,,' -, : _" '- -,. _-* *


Roberts MNlerrl. -
Roanae John,
Rlvder E. W.cait.
Rogers Hernman H.
RLochelleaJohn W.


ulon (; G rnpt Snitlhi Thomias H.
kes AIx. MnulancihnnSminih T'homa% --s, --
,r any of the 'Stokes'Smith Thomas i:
tnilv] -:" Searle-ichard tpt,
iter "3 Sanichzc V.
ricla 'y Frarici '' -- -

Gnson Georg
trt Fiaucis

nce Julia.

'ght Vifliam
ikieltl .
itney Isaaej
bat', r .3B,

Ti' -'
'.I7avlor Jaremiab,..-

*.1' "w -;" ;>
Wliiteford Geor2e,
.+ W ,illiami mrs. M artha.
SWilliams R, R,

N AV Y. ,-. '" :+



t. J,,in M Be-rrien Dr Juas ETainiltoin,
.lain(s. 1'Cookc 4 Sam, G WVhitz,
James [ .loint-s, Pass rmtd W Gibson,
"JaumesP McKrnstrv J r Briceelanid 2
J.mnes F Millehr Mid Jus L Bieese A
Wils. I ft hMclinne Horace N C'rob'r,-
'JW VWilliam, ." John Irwin,
il J!'i VWIkef- -Jr, '0 TIhlio H Looker-+58
-ir W HIKennon OCiiefEi,a D B Mart-in
]qhrr-T Fornr'-y, ng, 'W K Hall,
-ron Artliatald .. Jenhins Jacub,
klev All.n 0,, King James, .
!1 WVni, I V Mau ,Edward, ,
Jonathan I., Newni 'n Mtihael,L.
m 1; lieiih, Newell nenry,,..'.
per W\ in, ,. Olivir C'lia. B,.'
n Geor.e W," Ormnbree Alired ,
SNelIun, PoliuocA ,'lubt.M;.
y TlIo .r B, Polis Thi.-,s, D,
is &,eo 1 i'ami Al'iEd,
ir' ,ii H1-enry, .. Shaidkinali John \,
o L-'an.'i ', Strain .Ioin.,
tmin (harIes-Hi Siuit Thus J,. .
d nv r Jii, v, ''Sullkraui Francis,
livs \\'in.t, .. S ,,gh;r GuiLarA. A .,. .
SEd '.ird, Scott (tCOr-gr. V, -
,-3 Sa in utel B S in n e uL l 9, ,-
"i'ir 2, \W'helcick Jas G, :
L- Pa-ro, calling fbr any of theabovy
to.rs will' plha.e saN, they are adver

H. K.ELLY, P. M.
dl G, I6lS.

est iorihla ColIe-.ialp Iniltutle
'IE Tni[i?-tI'S l. he pleasure of anib-innc
ini' thal th.-v i i%- sitnled the s,.-rvii.s n
W\V1. ,r. \\%ALI'-IALL, as P-incipa l cA
[lmrln' l ltioni
Ir. Wa~lthall's rn:nenm ,l-ilificatioin are
Iknos n t,,iltm. Tr,.ate'es andtl they unreserve-d
1;iilt,' ndri tlhis -iI.l, as d s.ol a- r i-s vi.ig tIhe coin
,ce and ptlona.ia; oI' th&e public.
Proeid-,?nt of the Board of Trustees
ens.ac,.'la, A ril-27, $.1S -35tft.

S.BOXES assorted brands of TOBA0'CO
Son cnignnimnt;'i "Deilers. wiring. t
;hage would d1. well to call and xa-rnmin,, t
ilf b- iold at d bargain C. P. NNAPP:
.il ., ,

,hfarch8'L IHIS.


T HE aubcrib.nhr contiiituies the Iim'porlatiori id
SPonrier, Ale- aan ,i.ler, frriin lpa maricrac-.
lurces in Phiilad-lphia, N..W Yivkirk, Pm-ghkl'-'.ii,
ard Alabui,, ; wlhiclh he,,i...-r- a!L liie- I, .Vt ,:asAl
prit-es. Ordersthalmidakfuv. r-.',.iV':d anild pumnqtial-
Iv attended to, at No. '116, (-'.,maiilerme str-ti.
A qUl.,N.

Thirf y Dotnifrs Reward.
[ \WILL gve Par thr- ippim'iensitun -of WIL.
LIAM !'r.ED, a prm.amate \larin.. who de-
serteU I'roirn the MN irine B.arradks,'near Penai-
cola, in Ithe 31stl il., tihe abhov.:- reward.
Wilhi.tn Sieed ik 2? yvars of aje, live f,,-t
six inches high., bhltu eve, dit rk brown haimr, "f.ir
coMnplc\it'a,, a irtlivc..,f Ircland, and by 'iadc -.ir
occupation a labourer.
;RANCI.F C. H-.\LL. "
Capt. Cb6m'ndg Marines,-Perrsacila Sia iion.
-t'fiF' Mobile Hurald & L Tib,jhe i will iis,.rl
fonr I inc-'.-
Pen.u'old, Junen9, 'lS14--40-.wv "

Grave Stanes, Tombs & MIonUients
suTHE Rbscriber %ill exeriute with ntea'ii.s
adi despalch all orl.-rs which hlie ,ii receive
to furnish auiy ofthe ahat.e artic-lct:
PritCI.s a r'OLLOWS:
For Italian '.-leu Piece', $15 t .) 95
For Eastern NJ a ibl,', 12 o .20
ForSt Ge-nivuev Ma-bl,,, 8 to 15
Lettering, -4 In 5 enitt pet leitt r.
Ornamental work ill he done atl 1 e:stlv r'
dlueed price;. Marble table tops nimuJed i' !hll#.
neatest ranhrer.
Orders froin tie country % ill be punchiillv at-
tended to,, %%hen left at thi ,,ti;-v. "
june 8 ELIHU PLUI''S, Agent.

A(fachat t--- ebt 530.
Ilanwon Kelly, PlAi'ltmfl, ) Thits stil lvin!,,

T ., 1 i',4tf" l Ir ii i ttti i t .'-''L' '' -O" ,
Chas. L. Barleit, "L.ac!nr-t in ii. 'E PLBLlA il ." i
Edw'd R-. Seccotuml, all, I f'-irciit l C r i El-l. _(.-EC -.s-i. tii t+'. itrli o. ... -. e' A,
W. G Botrioe, Dclabnl'ts. I ca,'.fmia Cotunt T,.. LIVER E.\M iiLArN' CrL I"IPAF Ir) of
Jefiondaa s-aii.d tll ot.hisr. jiterc-i.i, art," r.;,iui*dl ti G.l\'F'l"._. f ,3-EN.1.A L T)SDEBILI V fR4
to appear and.pl,-'ad, ho.tih l)..'-l.ara'.,n Ir t a [ tt, t t o aEa .-o- ar i.m-, o i..ei.mi>tt tb- L .ci mh,.r
net termi-ol thii _I t -- I-t ; myv ilipi.litiP h d L 1 I 'icrrd fn:.r i a
H A'N -N. KNLLY. r n. PimK m if _-onto I'ed h1.i' ilt'q ri', a' f |i lt r il t,-,il. Of .l',
SPeiisacola, M7 ay 17, IS.IA L.eci Ftlnenec hi.edlrhtvthi a lltl nn, Ea,'-th
.v .... ......._ my BO.JM' LL.. w -ete--ioL st:p:-tl d u ,. suth anlc.i-
K NU KNOWLLS & Nt-LE, teint thIat I would ,-1 -t .Peva'coation j inlv al'fter ia-
king so, -o -l) A t.l'' Pl.'t '.AT;Vt. i iH-ia,
SPraIctical alch-;alakers, crimp.lld-tothr- Mt lihi tii'.-,--trt1, as 1i-,
1. : N.o.33 C t/t4. i lrt, t, ,' biotlh.. &c.'; untih my tt' n._i't aid cS rneiir-tk.t
SNet e[u.ss u-x.1mI:id --aad Fed.rtedit l alm i.t lto a : kplut-n
S ."LEP consiartanil ,ani lianIl a lI.L,'e tand .i. % .% Doi.ng fhe tioail ir 1iie-s I liave lad tr] e t-
..l,_ ,las,.rtmunt ,,I l t_' isand E,,..l, lendarn, Li d adiv e i'e ol fa rg. ii.untbi irol' ihe I' -
X__ olCia-ti IS rind Eiip-A i Pm itleinr irdd\titli.i lir
LEVER WATCHES, Jtsuin, .-'la, .r Ware, Ph iailhsi-d \\t (.ho, r,..
Pue-kl Cntlerv,'G.-Ad Pen-, Spetaclc s arm, j [-\ .. 'eremei- c -.l had.) I vas dist.e -red ., as i-
tv G iods. "- urC l .ti ; iI r prenorti,-ing -r car- a -hlp,,r:lss
SOur personal attention 6i1l be l.I.vo.-d t -vre. ,n'i Ili coneqioits.,.-r sI. hicii, and tlhe- con..
,pauiriig evcty dl.- cripti.,n ['in.:- tch ,IhCatiOc ,tdl rl ,,,a i e.,, a11 0 tihc tiii I l'boied
l C ocks and Je w-" clr- ; i. c'i ,h!nll pe,: hrio 5.,tI ,md i,' in hL id bi:corn *a sry miVL,r,.arhit fp. I"
.& ctorily.-Q.Ok o .cA t.. E 2F I 1 h d g 1 idi4iven ii tihe '.:Sljai,,. tsf'r l -',li; e i ad batf-.
fa Pi'L--_n titfled not only profc.s-fio al r.le1. but all th i--nu-.
^ i Irun s ol'[lie (1 % .l, r ln, l 1..i ;. S 1,1- D ,. ,D \. I .
PrivatIe, Eoard3u. CO-LE\LAN':S ",AN I I I)Y:PE 'I'C" AND
,-rMR.'. SHO.\O resl.iiihllh inl., rhe rlub TuNrC BIT rFErS' tdil.erliscel, I unveiledd Ias
li e hi lth it she hm tali[,e a : lar,_'te ar.l (i,,iiii- drlivr i,.-suit It try thl-.,n. I cotrii,.ecrncd iicnt.
dions h.-usp d'-sliaibiv li.caie-d ,-Ithe a u, 1 lew them-i o ihe 1 ,3 01 [* D.c.ipJer l.Sl, q i.J baij lc.e'I
minutes walk from .he 1 ttY, aid is pri; par.,l ii lhi:iar u-ed ifle ilmrd b..tlil-e, m,,v bo els rc.,ained
irmii h fiveor "six ',iutlenman or two o r lrI tl,.-.ic r;gi.ular ani: iatu t-" t.', ay ripp6l.tit' 'iit' .-
Ssntrall families with B'arding and exKcellceni rjo'i- .,rot-,d r. n'o-liod that I now tarftiare, s witi.
"on imoiera-i Ic er-rnmia' me, 1 1my eiM iiic..\ii 1 tiigi.d, atld' all ihe diss-
Fed. ..3, 13 "23--in gra'Lb'le-feeln.s an.ji lts.i3i-s 1- f1i ine v sritTr-
u: P, a a ral. ,( i umil, lijie Iti't mim.,. 1 hl 5\'a r, caircd-- v
S AM PEACHY, P raia .ni r'w i..' heallhti .ntl t-lienri- lu i 'a e.iLixtt I iitCir'Iittici -
/ a full a s.I im-..nt In Im A .- '.. i" ,,;.''n ,r'', id I tmn o niim i ft' Ev1ansrrlls 'Jindiai.a,
T'aylorSporling H ll ltt, 1 d. z ., o. _'l.-.k i F' nla -f l'""- "CI 01 r i 1 lo tmiy laln-", i...-i,
Alia, very linc-. I cis: d, \ih', i B .i-i'ver. 1- th'It I lte a c.a w lei.,- *,Ii I l, ilfe.
ease blacK do do.., .2- (ads_- S l5USa 1. da1. dto. ti E Lli_ l'-' NN'tL' D.
broad rim, I ease. a ns,,ii,,r aietlkr or o'te- Majlao,'s Ofifre Mobile F.1b. ,.s, 164,.--
s.kiao d;,. ,All oti lilthi iull bi .-.uld _,-y liw. Perti inm I jt pli-alt -f' beorern,, ti- tji-.ler- -
Aprmil c P- KNAPP. iO Preik ,i, an,. titfied
I't h .dL 11-1 t, l !4AI r1-d Ue TBi 0-Ok 's eas ish
iN YTEEDLES.-A l:tv -ta,,utand 01. 1Cro., ir les vshat le uv t,' oF his ces' islit.
Sbc-tecounier sutik, didll-d o'ed Need's e.; aily and stibslaiiei to -rue-
' thIe beat ever ntffTeied in this market. Pric 3 FIRE l DE)LiC.N-NOL'D,
- teC'-s per paper' -. C. P--. KNAPP. A.Ite'J. -VL. .LL Cl LiEl'HLLjS layor.
S Spil s- .. i'-p r ,d 'i., -"aid wltatl h. 'ah-"nX

*". Notice. -- retail bs"l. ). C('IL-iy, ( ox 6i ia
__^ i t ,. i .. ... -. i a: nite ,). N o. 106 D U |.I lin zi." 1 A 35flI,
rp s.i.Ubcrihier lai'. g taken oul hi tt -r nl (i ... ,., D .,.-l .
L A nminnl-mall.ii ,u pon li the state ol C,'lc ,.- t. n I I 8con leI
d Goza'r.-- dz ceasedp g vt no icr, to .il! t.0e1 ",1 -:. -I "* i ?''
, hma inid' taimss ins i.ii es:a'e Ut pt .'l.t Din tii" Pt liiv ti4a,
Sthemu % w) hit, thL m'e.a.ja'.escrthed b Idthr-;. .4 -I-S6 .. .. '
t.i i se tl. nop -c Ai;hi .15,1b11ed ip bar. ". .. ...
"--.- ,11E.G YDD 4A4.w ),-;.-tj.<,-l dol., -it
.. 1nh,,h Sl.M,1'805, ,. a, |i---W.6-:.,.; dt o iv ., .. m cGl .-.

*-' -'*,



.-: 1*^- '


I I .. I r Ir L I -

__ _

L-, ist of Letters,- -l, a
R EMAhING iRthe Pest Office at P.e.acoli oh
ihel'St day ~of Jutly, 184S.^ : -. *


SA. ,

i_ I

ConstiUl(ion' of the State of Flori-
Proposed and agreed to by the third Gen-
eral Assembly ; subject o ihe actio n of
the next Gvenera As.sembly
AN ACT'to Amead tite 12i1h. Clause of the 5th
Articleof the Constitution (of this Siate, an
that the Judges at the Circuit Courlts shallti'.old
thqir offices for a term df cight yarsa,. instead
of during good bthavitsr.
SECTION 1 Be lt enacted by thbe senate and
House of Representatives of the Siate ef Flori-
da in General Assembly convened, That the'
12th Clause ol'the 5t I Article of the Constiinltuion'
of this State be so amend-d as to read as follows
viz :.. That at the expiration of the present term
of office of the Judges of theCircuit Couris, ilth
the exceptiorm hereinaftei-r i::nrtioned, the Judge
ofthe Supremte Court, and the Judges of the
Circuit Courts, shall be elected far a term of'
eight years. and shall hold thr-ir office for that
termn, unless sotler remnovi.-d under the prosis-
ions made ifn this Co;lstitmtia-n, ,or thue temual
of Judges Dly address or impeachment ; amnd for
wilful neglect of duty, or oilier- rca.-'unabic cause,
which shall not be siflicieit ground fIur impeach-
ment, the Governor shall remnrive any ofi then,
on the address (of two-thirds of the Gencrmil As.
sentibl'. Pruoided, however, That the eatise
or causes shill be stated at Ih.n,,ih in such ad-
dressand entered on the Journala of enelt House.
Ard provided, 'titilier, '['liat thie cause or cau
ses shall bfe notice-d to ihe Jdu,,e so interidud to
be removed, and he shall:be adiitticd to a hiar-
ing in Ins own defence,''befliore any vote liOr such
remnovftia sh:all pasi :,inrd i, suchl cases the vialt-
-hi.ill be fiknii by yvas and nays arid entered-onu
the journalss of each t I-louse re.iectivelv.
SECm' 2. B-ieit iiither enacted. 'tiult ite Judgr-s
fira' ap oiiitel under tihs airncni,,d ('aIQ'.tJititoll |
shall be divided by alt iitp liur cla.-ses, The
first class shall hItohi Iln or tleii- ifFice ar officess
fo'r'th termni of two years, tilhe s*ond-1 f4r" -time.
term ol'ffiir 'cas. thlie third for. tiOe tt-Im ti-.sW.x
year-, the fourth forl reri ten of ciult yeniae
SPas-,d the S-.unaec by the C.insti i atim.nal minar.
joriiy, Dpcernber -.,2; 1.4. PdS..,.,l th,..- L o1-10,
ifRllcresntalive, bliv ihe ('o..lilutiohal miajo'r-
ity, January 6, ISIS'J "
All Floi ida papcra ill piiu')ldh ipro sdidd not
more than $20 is chargvdd. -
Aptil I!, ISIS. .

T HE Partncershi'p lit-ic-itlOre xislin a under
ltlhcetvl, rafSLALBE'K & WILLIS, is ihis
dav dissolvedl by mulual conEutil. All isosns I
Iavsing claini nai;aii-: ih,- snid firm will phra.-e 2
prrcenti them I'.r settleimeni rinil aul |.pie .1s15 m-
debtel lo tliP said firm are rcquustc-d to rnak&-
.nmnediato .pa)mineit.

-.... i*.i ,& .-i ,- ..-,,,_ SB.
-... M- E DWA" o--,,-.'..-) -.. 4

',nte Warranted., -
DR. A._W.. C L Cb E_1 A' N' S.
r'American 'T tS'r"f.t r-e"f -wker
"" ^ h^Affi "''"h 'f, "l.
SCJ^This eerebrat e'dmidicne h'as ,mcd iinr"
the past year isth uthparnaleerseess .nwars
of one thousands bdttls"'hakfing'h9 n sorld-':ariA
oialv two returned, rhich aibnre ptaks vl'e&sm
in its favsor- ,'-
Tlue proprietor has pul it up' in lier' boutlA
and in a neater style ti.ar'n any patirit ?ndiclfhe' il.
the kind before thie public. '1", -". ';.
It is made of Fr'ehli Drugs just rcceii& 'from
the impoiler and Warrani.ed.not tor naus.lhe, or
in any way inconveii.-nci ie'h patieit.iChre ar-
ranted, in tall cases of t'ilure the Aiut1ey "ifl" 1;
rftunded. : '
Sefb eovt.lpe around eachi bitle, ,ihtli dhrec-
lions, 4 e.---- flh descr;pltion and dire.tioiis t
etirf GlaI,".tiO -tures, &-c.
Picparet.n,. salcd liy P'. D. CCOLt.tANI "\0
i. _,- ;._V. -1;
Dauphin street Mubilet, and r,r salt' y "
J. 0. tMITH. DiugEist Pen.r-oja"
Pensacola, F-b. 9, 1848-3-'JIv "-"
T'iHE Ipri.rictur f'i liis :er-lebratcrd irperalion
- oT.-Hi e t le fit-ojwinv, certiffi'ai-s testlffyini fM
its eficafy fromu pci fouls lq% Io arc oN .'thr.thih
bh e S n lh : -,
LETTr.n rlri1M S. I. J NE-., E 'frER'Ll.,,,
S 1oiniLi, MA 6, 1N7."'
Dear Si-. ...MI,. s-e- iis .i._ i.ery..id-swte
o fhai hI, lIaa no appetite amid -.'a vciy ,iteh
debilm-.ttIld Shka :%is re,.ueiii ltl;d'ti'ake Dr.
Cohlina'-a's Bitter,,, aind aler using "hein tuur or
five l v vw;, s ientlirly (-:,-vel.
>,'2.LO2+<,..\ I. JO'.ES.
NEV- ,r:.., Sept. 20, J847
Der Sir,--I. re iv,1 ,,nur et i a.jt ntpani,4
wilh a boax I DAt rA.'-'\ .;6leV',rWi'AAsi-Atry!-
pepiie anid 1Tonict Ditlea -.'41.. ..i'nrmtianion, 1
iitd i'eiu't'ht, s i'rit.. a tim _.e ti-s it a' iT ct.iued. ,
yir fitalher. the' ai'e t ; .-V iilcimanPi -'I
linrni-hed hiiiu itllc ,fR-ci I liit, iip 'l1m4 pr iJ`Ut 'Cui" c3 a is- ngfo. I
lated 19 hiiin ithat- Ilaiy t v d iv,.,iJ a)f an',dvl.-
eriuuIs drtm', \%f I h [ ik..[ t0ab. l b um dI ,. iot orvly
'rumt, h. nical l'ia te tt tu It'oin lhav'a ng ILied-tjern
_ie'rsq alyv a. d-in miyv-.practice. t II-. iinst,.--i'
iaIt L iicv.'r y-t hay et witith ally crinpounid
,qial ti i.,,a fi ,, lie dit, haa ,, 1 or- vls ieh.tll'c-iar.t
tIeornemneiateu, particuli ly in -psp.i'^.-yliWr-
'EA, Dl'EA.'Cs eiJid,-iLf t0 rtnEGNANCTr, "' i--
'itLE C'UMPLAINTS, a-ni< iIn ecry case syhere. ton-
ic' aire nec,.s'ar. 'f-rv I etf.ice ly,_ull aurs:
Formerly Clhiemiust lU -the Dublin Colleg. oft
?lidrmac'., 'm ; '
Als, ih thIll.-.-wiing from P. D. 'Wig,- nem'
E-qr. J. P. and C'or-,erir' of' L"oblic Ci 'and
County. "
MoblLc;,N~iv. II, 1547.
Dear sir,-l iat-"e btei; uaii,. Dr- A. W.
-ser since yolrT.ucaiericdtl-d lfi';a 'liiaallUlacture ot
el'h i) iln hiy l".rnUtii. ah "ri IT tmrt ius i'rlat 1 lia'
iitfnd&h'eniine-d144Wesf irnest' Liiics tfv-' u.e ;M
SaE-'.rS'ul 'td f -h. a-c, a-, J ur- '. h stda'lme, hlich -
h tmtma.d.iatcv rtlh.v-,.d;' Th al. t so- i' "toi' e "-1t
he''i6onilacti n.ihdisfletn e et cra,, rer0,e dv'-
i-psia-i'iliitdiat,-ly; and i tif'nd thin ano.bst ex-
cellent reinm.dy far 'i''rin 9 in my v9-Zildren. -In
;-o climitbn, 1 wiituld s.iv that ihsleth-iF ac-t ta a
i.edictii(., tI.CV ir'r phil'a '-ant i, tthe I'a-s.-' I Yours,
Uc. : lt-OOBERT D: WI G(I'S.
Also, the lullowssmg Imtuir His H-onor lie:ty:
o' 0 M obire. -. "
MAayToR'S ('rIt I M,,l5iltP, "NTi', Tit 1M47. -
I dto hcrebye' c-l'l' tt hi t I hiave ue.h, during timi
dSL s rin en/er, fir CiN rIPATi ,N 6!' th ".- Io'-ELo ,
-everur Ioic-_ onit CiLEM.r's T.,iNIC B Tt'ifgi and
I roul s.,y ih',m'rj't |.l.:a u ie tliat'l fiji-e beeq
.reaty b2i-lhti d d ..y i "ii ,r a. A's a co,'.rc'
fr I'he STi'M.tc ti ili'wy aie not u[l.a f.';d ii'-miny
lpiioOn b% an 'v TONIc I nri II, I In iS',.
M ,yfir it 'lle i0,v af if, ,ti.Ue.
In ad'lition to Ihe 'hinoe, \i.t W,.til'd rccobn-
eiend Ihemn m a, a Tomc, inmAgnc' aii iaSer, and
Ie coamtna Iu I e--rs ol' mhli .,v itvT; ,.'- ly 'tow,
F''r pl .s,-Sca le,, -SJ/;p, Jip aid Hp |>iilt fF- \.t0.
T h v.'' can Ii- l.],..etn hi a l'.it 1'J mill .Fatu;:t'ms;,,
Ceth!'; ,,_L.l" a V 'E TA BLl. C ,MPitUN I, NOT
ON At.%ING AL(-cL OR .s.a, DLI..iTE.I .1c .a INOItE-
Pit Jup ii, q art hoQ.htt'?, itliti lie nanje rf the
if% .!l'r iIIn li ri-rcd j[et-i-' iu : iua h aitti-le.
'r .r-, One Dullar p 1 i--13outtll,, orS'ix.Bolntt tor
Piepircl and S., Ev D. .COLE\IAN.
\. H.,& Iili( li-er:t, Mhb.;re,'a d r92 P .2 )
lassirc.t N. Orleans. Aho Ir ult bi._-t
\1 '-it Sutb A _-,. nmi PL. --i-<-- '
P ei;ac Iae .i', .M.'Nthri r l. 'V .. .-

' .: -j




1L'u l.~ ~ :; -:



4-.T-he.-.DEMORAr, is ls9ued every Thursday
#irm.Bi--rTeifm ifSubscription $4 per annum
payable in a dvnce or within the first six mnionths
4-50 if not pid until the end '6f six months 'or'
'*5 if otp.'pid until the end of the year. No sub-
9rj(Ptiont. taken for less thatp'a year payment will
ba expected in advance. '
$5 will be charged far announciang each cnidi-
date for office. "'. i
All Legal Advertiiieme'ts oustb' paid for' in
sAdvance. .
Adtertisemrnehnts"a'tnserted at the rateotone dol-
lar for every tea lines (or leso,),for the first, 'nd
affty coats for every cortituous subsequent inser.-
Tha priylege of annual advertise inimitcd in
their ownt itninediate business ; and a Il a'dvertise-
eants forithe benefit of other persons, as well
aslegal advertisements of auction sales sent in by
themrn, must be paid at the usual rates.'
Our advertising friend will oblige,us by hand-
rig in their Advertisemienit on Tuesday or earlier
is tha week, otherwise they will lie oier until the
ueceeoding -week, .
Everiiy iubcriptioa fot less than one year to be
4targed at'tlie rate'of,"2for six-mnoetha in ad-
TAB All jobs toi be paid for on delivery and allkadvor-
Isements in advance, unless the advertiser has
am open account with thg"office.

The American Grotto

Il ui'taerilior has opened a house on Pala-
J f x st reet, oppopize the PublicSquiare, under
hioabhpve name. He keepo conjtanjly on and
-A C )OlWE SELEC riON ofthe- ,
-B&st Liquors and Wiiet.
which be purchased himself otfrne "of the first
imparting houses in the city 6of NTeWYork and
iwW reeomrmend thliem to the public. '-
IGZ? l'he mo-t interesting amid uktilul' news-'
pxapersaare regularly recoiv'ed t the' establish.
HFee'roturns hia thanks to hes'' wwh'lviIra -
t7tda im with'Ftheir pNtronage, end hope. to
mWrit a continumnce. : '
o .b '4-1oi"Iish Whiskey Punch served'
whpn called for.,'
5 Pensacola; Nov. 27, 1847 S tf


"- PE.S4CQL.. ,
T.l| E.subscribcr, respect fully inferms his tiica"ds
and the public 2enerally that he hqs.taken
And.'thoroughly repaired anl refitted the c,,ni.-
dioe and deliLitfullv located houseat the Eastern
vp oft'he Mlarket square, ii ihis city for tli.e ac-
*mmnodation of Boarder; Iransient, or perma-
ment. Tlhe,locatin of thia 'hotioeisCiahas to
rccotninend it to the favor cf all who Wish to en-
jPy.the Gull'breeze. and se-a beating. ,
His 'Table.will-always he trnimsbed with the
aigioest the market afflirds. .
His 1 ar will always be supplied with W ines
an& Liquors ofthe best quality. .
. Atracled to the house is a first rate Te'n Pin.
Alley f'or the amusemrnent of all who desire "to
.vrhim with a call .
sy'ters ofthe' fist quality will' jt 'all time be
fNund at this house. .
;..; 19, 1847-2Otf L, T. CRANE.

The Aundersigned his the pleasure
to announced to, hi.-frienda snd the
i'll public taht this s(et alishment has
been thoroughly reI ai 'ed and re-o-
pened iiuder thepresent namin'eand ready, :to re.
*iYve and aceomodate Boarders. : ,
eiai-* '' --*l **, 1846--D. SA1N T,
Piaia4IaaW Marchc 25, 1846-Sm

-._ -^J.;'00 SMITH../ <
erug%~f /elf Pah fox ,ft
eS-aM1nt st teie*Penacq1.
T EEP constanrfy on,, 5e omplet, genu.
ineand Fresh assnitment rt" ITGS and
MEDICINES. &e., on the most reasn.-.j_
*brm s;'. '* ** I .*
Families supplied with Medicine, aid PbyPi-
cimns. prescriptions carefully commanded ',and S-'
livered at all hnors, night er day.
Oct. 13,817. '.
rTRUNKS, Valces and, Carpet Baga.-A fine
L' assortment on hand and for sale., ,,
april 8, C.. P KNAPP,.,
jl3 BBLS., beat Ch.enapg .P1l'atoei. Foj
2 -V l by F., )DE. LA RV.

FiHE undersigned having received the
Contract fo ttpplin th 'U. S. Squa-
dron on this station with fresh Beef, 'takes
this method of informing the public that
hei-hs taken a stall in the :market where
wilt be constantly found the best Beef the
country affords, and at prices to' iuit the
ires. Families will be supplied month-
yr::&quarterly on reasonable terms. He
p'e to receive a share oflthe public pa-
rohage. 'Look 'out for stall -No. 2.
K:.. i'. ,. :' .JOHN GHENT.'

N OTICE.-Diring my absence fro)t
,,' Penscola Mr. GEORG '; W..
MCAY will a Ot as my agent --

Oct. 7-tf

"/X P. Iinapp,, .
HIas jU;t received and is now opaninm the
largest assortment of ,.
Dry Goads, Fancy Gods, Clothing, Boots,
S, Shoes, Hati,-Caps 'c., 4c., ,
Ever 'offered for sale ii, this market, which
he'in ends disposingof aI very low prices.
,nqn- 29 17tf.

M USLIN ROBES.-A fev choice pitterne
for sale by C. P. KNAPP. t
.paiil. S, .. .. r ....* ..' i

I t .1 .1 .
Ci'HOCOLATE-25 Boxes bweet Ohelate
jus;,received' a&a for faley .
.S, ,.. .'A i *' ". "-. ",IP.. KN-VAPP

Dr. Townsend's 'Sarsaparilla.

'" This Extroct is put up in quart bottles; it is
six times cheaper, pleasanter,'and warranted su-
perior to any Bold. It cures diseases without
vomiting, purging, sickening or debilitating the
The great beauty and superiority of :this Sar
saparilla over all other medicine is, while it erad-
icates diseases, it invigorates the body. It is one
of the very best Fall and Winter Medicines ever
known; it not only parties the whole system and-
strengthens the person, but it creates,.new, 'pure
and ricl blood; a power possessed by, no other
medicine. And in this lies the grand secret of
its wonderful success. It has performed within
the past two years, more thap. 35,QO cures. of
severe cases of disease; at lepst .20,0pQ of these
were considered incurable.
Mbre than 3000 cases of Chronic Rheu-
m atism ; '- :' ..
2,000 cases t Dop.ps'P i. ; '. "
,, 4,000 cases of General- Debility bn'10
want of Energy; : .. .. ..:... ;,. "0.v
74000 cases 'of'th different't -Fem ,alk
Com pl.iints;" .- : .
2.000 cases ofScroTul.i; .'''"."-. :
1,500 cafes of Liver Gompipirtt;
2,500 cases of Disease"of th'o Kidney
and Dropsey; --
8,000 cases of Consumptin; ':
And thousands of cases of diseases of the blood.
viz: Ulcers, ErvysipeIaQ, Salt Rh. urn, Pirnpieson
the Face, &c., e log-tluei with :nrlmerours ca-
ses of Sick iea-dache,, Pain ii the -ida and c,,est,
Spinal Affections.. &c., &c ;
This, we are'" aware, must appear: iitcrelible,
but we have letters from 'Physicians and our
.Agents from ,ll parts 'of the United .S.inrle, infor-
minga us of extraordinary cures. ; R. V'an Bus-
kirk, Erq., o.ne lot"the most respectable Druggist'
in New Ark, N. J., informs us that he can'ret'er
to more than 150 cases in that place alone.-
There are thousands oft cases in the, Ci' v of New
,York, which we will r'cr w6 D'itlh plea'.;urc and
'e nmien of character.' I is tlhi'b.-st medicine for
the preventive o'fdisease t'known. It undoumbticdly
saved 'h lipve-s of more !ian .
As jt removed the cause of di-eas', and prepared
them the ',immer season. It lia3 never been
known tfi6ljure in the lease the most delicate
child. .. -
K : :';' ERHEOMAT"lAil. *o ::' -
This Sarsaparilla is ue l with. most ptrfect
success.in Rheumamtic complaints, however 36-
vere or .chronie.; The asto,:iliin t furu'- it .'ha'
performed are indred- wiime-,r!iCl. Cithier reme-
dies sometimes giveitem poTary relietr this en tiretv
eradicates it- from the. -aysatemn,- even when- the
limbs aid bones are.dreadfiullvys awollc-en. .
icJy H.re Mr. Seth Terry, one of the ol-
dest and most respectable La'vyer it, Hartford,
gonn.i The following is an extract of a Iltter re-
ceived from him ,- : :";
Dr. Townisend--I have used one. bottle 'of
your Sarsaparilla, and find it is excellent in'its
effects upon a Chronic Rheumatic pain to whom
I am subject, from an injury occasioned several
years agi,, in'a: public stage.' P'lease send me
two bottles to thle care ofSeym.ore.. I.-have eon-
versed. with two.of our principal.physicians, and
recommended your $arpariala, -
,lartford, March 12, 1845.

; CONSUXP-TlOit CR.AE ." .:
Cleanse and Strengthen. r Consurmpption can be
cured. Bronchitis, Consttu.mption,,Livercom-
plaints, Catarre, Coughs, As'thma, 'Sp'jittinc
of Blood, Soreness it the .Chest,. ',jecti.
Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult, or, Profuse Ex
pectoration, Pain in the 'Side, ,&e, !bave been
and can hive',been cured;.
Dr. Townsend-Dear Sir4_, 2t8" t'1aW
years ago 1 took a viotent cold, which settled on
mv luns, and afimcted mesevrelyv, indeed finally,
it become a cnsiant hacking cough,but not.o a
severely as to -prevent. me from attending to me I
busines.:-. Within tlhe last fe.v years it imncreus- I
ed OB me' gradually. At last I became.reduced-'
I i-fa:ed with drfficult3,iand -ratsed'uith -my'
caugih much bad :matter, a)d' f 6T *leatltlnine;
mnbtThs previous to'usinte yoiur Sirsaparilla had
regular sweats; indeed, my friends 'and myself
supposed that- ,,Wouid die wfith the Conrumption;
but I have the happiness to inform you.that':t;to
my surprise, after using three bottles of your Sar-
saparllla, I fiud-iny health restored It relieved
me gradually, and T amn now anjoying muhi bet
ter health'tihan have before in '26 years I daid
almost entirely rut m-y appetitii, which ic also
returned. Yowu; are at Liberty to publIsh this
with my name in th piapers- If y6" choose.'-
'Mv little girl who were three years old, .had" a
very'bad cough the whole of that Wirntfr. r We.
became very mnch alarmed on h'er'faeeoun't.-;
While usiug the medielne. I gave her. some' of
it, and It soon entirely ,relieved her,' a.s-well' as
myself, end she is well now, and hearty as, any t
ehild I ever saw. She was also full of little
blolehes; it took them away and her skin is
smooth and are now, and I am satisfied she re- .
covered her health from using your excellent ]
medicine. ,

.,-. S. W. CONANT, -
'.. 441 Bowiery. 'S
-.You have palecomplexions, dull eyes blotches j
on the face, rough skin, and a-re "out .ofsperit." t
use bottle or two of Dr. Towtsend's. Saitsapa- r
rilla. It will cleanse your blood, remove the S
freckels and blotches, and give you animation,
sparkling eyes, finespiriis, and beautiful comn-'
plcxioti-allofwcich are of'irnmneaic yalue to d
'unmarried .ladies. ,' t

Dr. Towvnsend's Sar aparilla is a sovereinn ,
'and speedy- cure for Incipient Cons fmnptibn, %
,Barrenness, Leucorrhcea,- or XWhites, obstruct. ,
ed or' difficult' Menst'ation, /nconistiedce, of -
Urine, oriEvoluntary discharge the'reof,;'and for
the general Prostrralinn fithe Svamrtn, no.imal-

J.A.":J DAJNR ? ll .

tN : -ervo1ts. Debilihty.
S :"New iYok, "i Marchi27., .1837 :
'DR- Tow-,tsu :-I-I have-been, affltcted niore
orJess for3 yeaes. with dreadful -inkingjin the
bhest, 'giddmines.s in the head :loss of appetite;,
pain in the.imbs,:and general debility, brought
on no doubt by ;the contir-ial' heat. armd cold to
which I a-m subject to in my business as a dyer.
I have taken o';o fer, medicines. .soo- numprous-to-
nention, but which little or no success. I was
induced bvyWhat saw in the paper to trya bot-
le of your Sarlsapnrillhi, from which I fbuud
;reat relief. 1 have since taken ,sveravlmt mnor
bottes', arid can unhesitatingly say it is the best
medicine l have overtaken-the painin my heart
s gone, and ITfeel quite a different man altogeth-
er since I' have taken your Sarsap rilla I haye
now a better appetite then ever I 'bad. My
vife has taken it with the same beneficial results
I would recommend it as a family medicine geh-'
orally, arid I feel.cAVitihced that if -so used there
vould not beall, the 4icknes, thlerp is, and con-
st.quently not so many Doct(irq bills ; for which
t restores appetite, at alao gives eto the stomach
and ',,iv''el ,lth i i c'ular tone ; itkeeps the blood
n a health state, 4o that disease is not likely
o attack lhe-e.-yfeei. .And to all thbosewhcare
not in a' healthy stated, I1 say try Dr. Townsendl's
Sarsapatt.- il d. -
-... THOMAS SMITH, 70 Allen-st
Psincipal Office, 1'3 Fulton street, Sun Buil-
ling, N. T Redding & Co*, 8 state street, Bos-
on-Dvott "- Sons 132 North "d 'street, Phil-
adelphia-S. S. Hance Druggist, -Batllimnore-
P. M. Coheu, Charleston-Wright & Co., 151
Ciartres street, N. O.--105 Soutb Pearlstreet,
Albana-and by all the principal Drugsists, and
iltercharits gebeially thlronghout the United
a're?, Wesl Indies aind the .'aiiadas.
Forsaleby J. 0. SMITH- -
Pen-acola, Feb. 23, 184S. '

. er.whetherthe result of the inherent cause, or ., .
prodtted by irregularity, illness o0 accident. 1E subscriber having made an arrangement
Nothing can be more surprisingthan its in- .. with two gentlemen in the city of Waihing.
vigoration affie-cts on the humane-frame. P'er- ton forthe active prosecuticnin conriexion with
sons, all weakness and lassilude, from takingfit, himself, of. claims.uponthe Governonmt, which
at oncc become robtist and full of energy thunder nmay be committed -to :Hl charge, ,respectfully
its'influence. It immediately counteracts the tenders his services as a General A.ent for that
nervelesness of the fernmate frame;' which is the pIrpose:to all persons, interested ii1sueh claims.
great cause of bareness. ... VWALKER ANDERSON,, ,
" It will"not be expected of us, in' cases 6tso Ma.,, '27, 1S1--38--if
delicate a mature, t6. exhiailt cerHilcafed' of cduf His charges will in all cases be contingentix.
performed,' but we can assure the afflicted, 1lh1t, bept a fee often dollars in advanve to. ;e.over
hundreds ef-sass have been reportedto -U.--" postage and other incidental expenses.


) j II I

ANDS Sarsapaparilla; do Salt. Rheum Reme
dy;-dj Roman Eye Balsam; do Clove Ano-
dymne, for toothache.
- Dr. Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills.
Sca pa's Acoustid Oil for Deafnesi.
Fahnestock's Vermifuge; do Opedeldoc; do
Cogh Baiarn.' '' '-"* :
Dr. Jayis' Expectorant; do Hair T'onic;. do
Carminative Balsam; do American Hair Dye; do'
Alterative; do' Sanatin Pills, .
JIee's Anli-billiouz Pills. '
Swaim'#'Panatcea.' .
Wistar's Balsam Wild Cherry.
Dr. Jacksoh's Pile Embrocation, for sale by
S "-J..0. SMITU,
Nov 19-12 Agent for proprietors.

ALL persons are hereby notified that I will
L' prosecute any or all who may, be Ouilty of
citittiniiber ona,cerrain tract of land in the
county of Escambia, containing two liufidred adud
forty :arpens, about seven miles ,N.- E.from the
city of Pensacola, between Point Gord'aer of
Gabaion's, or Devil's Point, one miles distant
from the latter, towards the South,._. bounded-
North by land granted Mariano Bonifay, South
and West by vacant land, and Easq, by the
Bayof Pensacola. ,:

Sept. 15, 1847-2 tf" .

WM. T. BELL.,,

Cojnmi.stsio'i ,'Shipping, Alerchant
.. Gcalvesto4 Texas. ,
VW ILL receive', on consignment, LUMBER,
V'. -which he wilH.sell- at wholesale. andi retail,
all-business- intrtvsted to me will meet ,-prom-pr
attention. My wharf being' Large and conve-
njent, zessels drawing 12 feet cian discharge wilh
dispatch. ..i 1 ,' -- .. -
j /Oct. 13, 1N47- : *i ;-. ,

l Doz. Linen B9isom.SHIRTSjust
^ll received-some of which are of the very
finest quality, and will b alaid eriw ow, byv
SFeb. 10- F D -'LA R1.T,

G yeve?aal bsbs" &h;re Ta'*miine`5 6aE 4 been ',1 houl
rlibldreri, afltei uhka few bottles ol t'fHis invalud.
bin riidiciude, iAte 'been- blessed with health
'.l-r- Tflwnsend-TM1y' wife being greatly is;
trtmsed by 'o'akntess arid',Generai Dftttyity, au
.suffering continual? by pairin'and'tts'eniition o'
beiring down;i .allingof- the- wei-hen' and with
their difficulties; *and- having'knowniaf"nses whore
your medicine has effected -great cures, and alsi
hearing it rc'corpien'd f fqr'suehl dases as I have
d-.seribe. I o tainted a battle of your xEtract x
Sarsaparilla, and follvod 4th directionss yoi
gave. In a short period it 'rem'roved her corn
plaints, anIl restored her health. Being grateful
fotbr the benefits-she received, I take pleasure it
thus acknowledging it,' and recommending'it tI
the public. .. ... ,OR.
Cor. Grand and Lydius sts.
Albany, Aug. 17, 1844.

This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been express
ly prepared in reference to female complaints.-
No female who reasoned to suppose she is ap
proaching that criicai p eriod, "the turn of life,'
should neglect to take it, as it is a, certain pre
ventative for any of the numerous and'.horrib
diseases to which females are subject at thii
time of life. This period may be delayed sever
al years by using this medicine. Nor "is it les:
valuable for thpse approaching womanhood, as i
is Calculated .to assist nature, quicKenina tli1
Blood and iinvi'gralini, the systemm. Indees,'iflli
S"Iedicine is invnlainbhletor all the diseases' to-w'ic!
Woman iresiuhj.'t.-' '';'
S It braces the wh')le system, rentews pdrma
nently the natural energies-by removing th,
impurities of the body-not so far stimulating th,
system or to produce a subsequent relaxa'tiol
which is the ease of most medicines' taken to
female weakness and disease.

This Certificate conclusively proves that thi
Sarsaparilla has p.'tfert control ovyr the most ob
stinate disease of the blood. Three persons qur
ed in-one house is unprecented.
DR. TowNssENp -Dear Sir. I hayvthepleas
ure to iinrmn you .th.at three of my hiildrel n bay
been cured ofthe Sojfula by the uise 'or your ax
cellent medicine. -1 hey Iwere afflicted very se
verely withhbaj sores ; "hive taken onlyfi)ur.bot
ties ; ittoukthemawav, for, which I feel myBel
under deep obligations. :,,..
Yours, respectfully, '
ISAXC WV CRANE, 106 Wooster-s
New Yordk March 1, 1847. ....

Dr. T,-,nsond is'lmo-;t. daily reciifi'in, or
ders from Pihyi'iaas in difl-:reit parts of the Un
This' is' to detify that we the undersigned
Physicians of Alabama, hfiave in numerous caseQ
presciioed t.i. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, and be
'ieve it to b 'one oif the most valiiablo prepsira
tioni in thme arktl.
J. W [L .S.O N .M D .1 )"'
R- PB. BRI-;G.S, M. D.
.. P. E ELMENDOR, 11.D, D
Albany, Apnil'l, 1'816,

Nervous Debility.
-New Yofrk', March 27., 1,47,.
Capt G. WV. 'McLean, one oqf h' United
states Marine Corps and member ofthe New
Jersey Legislature; has kindly sent us the fol-
lowinmg certificate. It tells its own story.
Rahway. Jun 25, 1847.
A year since [ was tiiken with the'In-Ifenza,
and my while s-stemn left in a debilitated stale,
I was induced to try Dr. T6ownsend's Sarsapa-
rilla, and aftoi taking two or three bottles, I
was very micth relieved, and attribute it entirely
ti theCsaid. Sarfanpafilita. I have continued taking
it and ti id that I improve every day. I believe it
saved m} life, and would not be without it itinder
any consideration. '* .
G. W. McLEAN."'

Dr. Tewnsendls Sarsapa rilla is noless sAuccess-
ful in curing- ihia distressing complaint. than for
diseases ofthe !B.ord, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
and Nervous DDebility .-Rea.d the following.-
Da. TOWNEND : Dear Sir--The, efiecis, of
your Sarsaparilla are truly wonderful. For the
last six or eight years past, I have bees subject
to several attack- of tife tortures .of that .-com.-
plaint, and had daspaired of ever finding relie'
except in desth I have-,the pleasure to inform
you "there is yet a balm in Gilead.'l I have
used two bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and feel.
no remains of my old complaint. I send you
this for publication, andiany person you may rc-
rer to me; I would he haopy to inform of the
benefit t have received at your hands;
'Yours, truly. "
JOHN HALL, 49 Fulton 'St!
July 6, 1846. ": "

S2.. MI At~l > '0.
i:cfm..n~d totbe Htentiot'.'f those, desirous
of restoringthei& hairor fimprovjng its beauty, to
this elega.L pr, paratiiin. We hear it every where
highly spoken tl, aid especially by aHl'ho have
mpde-use pf it, as greatly efficacious in stimulat-
ing the growth of the hair, and prevenitng,, and
curing many affectiops of the skin'- is.,virtues
are amply and sufficiently proved.--N. ?'Sun.

HAIR TONIC.-Dr. Jayne's Hail
Tonic' has not merely excited great attention, and
been extensively~used in Philadelphia,.,but here,
and throughout the U nion generally. We expect
that some of tho Philahelphi'i editors have used
the Toni9 and become dandyfied, they speak, sc
warmty'bof it; It holds a high, and, we believe,
deserved reputat'ioh .-. Y. Morn'.' Atlas.
Very true, Mr. Atlas, many of our editors have
used this valuable flair Tonic, and therefore speak
knowingly when they commend it to public no,
tice, and we say ho'gentlemnan or lady should bt
without it; andif your hair be thin', harsh, and
unhr-alihy, or is falling ,ri, y'bu have butto applV
the uair Tonic, and i.t is, agajip restored to health
and beauty; if yoi gre .so unfortunalte as haye a
bald head, a feiv months' use- of ihis 'Valuable
tonic, will, without doubt, restore to you that val.
able covering --ie -hait.-Alexander's Messen-
Fger .ali... 4 VI D. .k,:, _.
Pot sale by" "'."',>^' 3it0'tomn,' .
S' .'.ml2-2$ 1 ,,,. '!Pensacola. -,

SAM-Is a pleasant; certain, safe.'ai9 ef-
fectual remedy for dysentary, diarrhea or loose-
ness, choleiaminorbui.- s.ummer.co.mplaint, cholic,
griping .p-min., sour Atoiala:h, ;sick and nervous
headache,..j heartburn wateibrash, pain or sict-
nes of the stomachc' vroniting,. spitting Up'0
food after eat inP, and alsoia, i',Wre it passes through
II:e.vhody,uncba.noges, want of appetite, rt.stIt-.s
n.ss and inability to sl--ep, wind in,.the stomaet
and bsweis, hysterijcs, cramlp,. nervous iit:iiiors
and l,.i hiiiJ!s, sea 'sic npss, iitintiiings,,m lan-
I h.ly' and lowh,:'4 of spirits, frutlng and crying
.)f iifinl, .indil fir all'bowel ,Iaffect,n and ner-
votls d-isCTS~e5./f P .*- ', 5'. '-*'.' I
This is one of the most efficiet .leaaanri.-Le
safe eompositio-ns ever offered"t tie ptil.li ili
the cure of the varHous der0ngemeits of the sto-
mach and bow.els,,andlthb.oNLM article worthy ol
SthIe least confidence',fr curin, chole-ra infuintmri,
or summer complaint;- and in "all tjbe abu.e dis-
eases it,really'ac'&4li ite a chi:rir. 'n
All persons are' requ'?ested l(o try ii, fnr without'
exception,,il is one of'Vhe mnst valuifateifamily
medicines ever yet'id4scovetd..d Hundreds, nay
'thousands, of..crttlicis's .have been received
from physician's, clergvmen, and families of the
first re-sp,'4tabilii, boariii, tli: strongest testimo-
ny in its favor, too numerous to publish.

CHIICAGO IlI March ,S7,A.845.
Dr.Ja vne--D'a r,ir :' You ask me what proofs
I mee: 'ithI of the efficacy of your Carminativ
I cat safely say that I n cver prescribed a niedi-
cine'for howel complaiis'thlat :in given mine so
mitiel'ami- faction, and muis patientsso speedy aud
perfect leli.rf as this. Whenever introduced in-
t6 a family, i't becomes a slarinling. rem,-dv for
lthoe iaifriunts, and is ralleI for again and atain,
which l. think a.prettyg,,oil priolf of its uffi'aci
atnd is, f' ulness. In ;the' summer; complaints. o0
children it has feqilly pp0Xijaird to snat hothe
ittle viiin-s, as, it were,-"f oin Ithe gravyle I-t
saved the life oanfiy child, ahd pf st ch and suc-
a child," 1 have repeatedly herrdil said. In dysen-
toerie affections of adtiii., I have time and again
seen it,act like a charm, and give permanent re-
lief in ae.,w hours, I may say in a few, minutes.
In fine ;it is a valuable medicine,, and no family
.should be without it. Respectfully,
M.-L. KINAPA, M..D.,
Professor of Materia Medica in the Laporte Uni-
versity, Indiana.
For sale by J.O0. SMITHi,
march l2-2d :. '2 Pensacola.

F^RUGS, Medicines, Chtmiicais, &c.' -The
IJ'sub.icrihers 'have just received from' New
York a large supply of genuine Drags amnd Med
icines, embracing almost every article in that liqne
Family Medicines and.Pbysi ian's prescription&
pat up with care and n,.hatne..s.
No'It$--2'" *J. 0, SMITH.

r J. GARDINER, ail'or, Commyns' Row,
. Pensacola --

O. SMNITH, Dealer' in Drugis, Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Books Satiopery,',e, corner
',fPalatdx and Goivernment stireets..
-... F. INGRAHAM;, Conommision M.rbhant,
Palafox street. -.

( P. KNAPP, Dealer in Dry Goods,, Groce-
Snies, Bouts, bhoes, &c., Pali.k? street.
r ONZALEZ & GOMEZ,: Billiard Saloon.
J Palatbux street. "

ENRY JOHNSON, Dealer it. Dry Goods,
Groceaies, &c., Government s:rcect.
U S.UIGLES, Ship and Family Stor,e, Pal-
, alox street.
A MERICAN GROTTO and Reading Rporn,
. by Lalay.tte Robertson, Palafox street.
n'rUT". RE. CESS, by P. nay, Palafox
s r ie-. I I E f- I ** *

MANSION HOUSE, D. Saint, Propmietor,
Zarayoza street.
PENKS 'HdTEL, cornier of Paial0"j and Ro.
i nana i -:.trdes. : '. "
-WINKLE, Pensaeela Bakery Intender-
1.1. tia sateet, West of Baylrn it ..... '.'' '
.'WI ITERS, Bowling -aloo' C4.... e
.. Hio'Iuse, Palatox street, 'betweertl'.Go'erni
"nfntand-Intendcntiasts ..; .j ,'
J FARINAS, Coffee House, Pelafox street,
J. bew'eIn-Ba,',len and Frontilsl;: :.[-
M P. De RI<-Bt)O, Justice of the' Peace' of-
. fi. e in.-the-eity Hiall ', i 7- .
fI"-Ci-UPPER,Justice ofthe Peace, office in
.AL-,the City Hall .,.
:H. RUNYAN, Houge, Sign and Oinamen-
i'. taf P- inter,Palafox sir~et, ;, ,. -
t 'McALLISTER, Boot and .Shoe Manufav c
t- ttirer, Palat.ox street ','. ^ !s *', **:,v
j KR ETZ,,-Tilor5 Palafo% .strLet, opposite
m;he public square. -. .'..
HENRY A. NUNE.%, Dealer .in Gop.cripos,
LJ&c., Government street.___ '
LEWIS DUNN, Barber. and, Hfair Dresser,
Palafox street. 2], ,. .
SDA VI DSON, Auctioneer &, Commispion
.. M'erchant, West Gate ot the Navy Yard,
Warrmrgton -, ,

'[ V. H. DIT\lAR,Cabmnet,IMlker &Under-
,t iak'-r, corner of Falafox and Roumna sts.
J HONACKER, Grocery Store & Porter
[House, corner of Raylen and Zayagoza sts
F' .HONAC3KER, Bull'N Hlead House, on the
,1 Beech,,betwcen Palalbx and Baylen sis


rIIA RLES A. TWEsED, Attorney, at: Law,
{. Milton, Florda;' ; ,... : :;" .- .; ;.,..,i
'R, RASH,` Druggist, Milton, 'Fa, keps eon- i
'"L stantly on hand a choice .supplyof Medi.'
cines .. .. r
L 'AM0S Dry, Goods, Groceries, &c,

G' EO M HAMILTON, (Globe Houe, Milton,

^""^^.--CARIDS, **1';

-/;.:' r 2 >Peiacola. .
R. HBRO SN A HAAl, 'ruggist and dealer
*l-j'n'tDryiGoods4&c., Palhfnx street between
Govermatinril'ahd Intcndentia streets.
TALKER ANDEBSON,.Attorney at Law,
IW Office an GbVerriment street. : .'t .
D ILLON JORDAN, Attorriey at Law. Office
on P&lafbx-stree~t.:-*
B F. MAFEE, Auciio'ieer and GCnimmission
*. Merchant, Palafox street;. .
TJ B. JERRISON, Dry Goods .ard Grocery
1 Merchant, corner p Palafox and Govern-
nent streets. -

Andrew Jackson,
Jnseph Story, U. S. Su-
SmitTi-'hompson, do
Hofi."C:'Btbs 'Mass.
' L; Salionstaill, d,
";Al-I Everetl, do '
ThosW Gilmnier, Va.
Wm. Taylor, do
John B Dawson, La.
J'" J. N Pev't:i'u;, Tenn.i
" S Mcl{oberts, Ia.
" John L Kerr, Md.

Gen'JesseSpeight, Mis's
." Erasitts Rooti N'Y
" Ho':awid,.Ia.
Dani B Tfallmadge, m 7
Dr Senell;'I) '
Corn Kennon, iU. v
Comn Crane, u.s N'.
H on Q C Dromgoole Va
" Alex Rai'row, La. '
".Johu Ch'mpbell;SC.
John-.White, Kv
,._.'-' G.McConnell; Ala
Henry Inman, Pi .N

"" \Vin S Fulton, Ark. F.x-Go.v Edwards, Ct.
A C'pt' WAlburtie, u SN MN j Wm Pophath,' T
Ex Gon. Wright, N T-. Hon J W Huhtington'Ct
Col Tj'rMss, U a.' Col JohnHardmin, Ill.
Edward D~e., D C Chancellor Kent, NT
Ex-Gov. Fairfield, Me.
Also, several copies, from. family p6irtraits,"ef
eminent i;,8ividuals. -'
Copies c:an be furinished :from the original Da-
pguerreitype-, bb.jhe ,an,e pto,.ess, and are gener-
ally equal, and.o51ten superior to the original im-
prespio ,,s. "
. -___ _-. "' 1 "' i *
t1; -And Printers Depott
' ,Nb. 4-.Canal Stilet Rowi, opposite the Custom
SHouse. ,
H H. GREEN respectfully announcees .'to
..'P1ublishters and Primeirs, iha i lielasestab-
li.-h-d acomnpelet and extensive 'TYPE FOUN-
DERY iii thts.eity, ,
TUlE BOl3 i(K 1,ETTEr ;if this .four.dary was
cut to order, by worlkn-en ot' long.-'experience,
and as no expeiises %as s'l. areA to' :.btain the
handsonimst faces, and'tn pei fct.'them in every
respect, the assertion is vontutred that it will be
found the handsomest in tihe United Staltes..
Also a v>r-v li.nddomne ass,,rniuent o FIlqw'ers,
onit.ination "oarders, 'aind JOB Lt'l'TER of
the ateest styl,.o 'which tIe attention 61 Prin-
Ierssohcit't-d1, belfere pui'chi.',s, elsewhere. All
articles rnanttfaciuired at liis F-'.undary shall he
ofCa material equal, it nol suj.er!'r, 'to any man-
nfactured at the Nrth ; and aus they will be fur-
nished at New York prices the prpriefer of
this new enterprise trus to'lineci wilh due en-
couragement. ,
The subscriber is also Apent for 'he usale ef
Napier, Washington and tlith PRESSES,
which together iih (t;linse. '"a'ses, Cotoplifln
Sticks, Furniinre, Galihyw, Printing I N-Kofall
colors, inluming cvemy alicle in-t'Ilhe Printing
biminess, kept constanil on. Lanid at muderato
rates ..' ... .. ...
-it The proprietor of ni'w'palers who" will
publish this adv.erttiFement ix ,months, and send
a paper to this.Foundaiv, -eekly will be paid for
the advertisement by" p.rihasinug six tinhcs the
amount of aderlislng bill in'T7 pe.
H. H. GREEN, 17 ('amual Street Row-
,._ i: " *'.-Oppositeithe Cuitomhpues
Proprijetoisp;ofNe'wspapers who. havt publish-
cd the adv- rtisement OfGREEM & Co wil pileatsM
suspend and in-ert the above. *'
March '8, 848.& ; "' 7 '-- i'mik'

S On Consignient, r' Noi.
fivll 'be sold at N e ew York dos5 athT: HE sttbeeriber gs to state that he t a area-
LA 1Ttljwee ullg _seLoi atu. ./ f .. ..........-
full jeee Hunting. ...e.o. d rsTdto manufacture BLANK 'BOOKS of ev-
.-English Le,.evr, fll' ,jweled, wade. by, ir pti and to Reb;imd O'd Buk'Pm.
dy e rp o ;ia dt-. JR .Tobias.,P
2..... ass'd size~sGold.Pen lCa.e, phlets and Mtusic, at moderate price and in tkse
'-2 dhz. Gold Pens, et quality, '-"ii ,most workman-tikv ma1 er. -
S2 doz. lass'd patterns Gold Pinq,u. A* Mobile. Dec. 20, 1847. F. H. BROOKS.
.i,2 doz. a~s-d patlerna Gold Pin, y,.., ,~'. ..:
:2idoz. Fine Gold Sluds, ,,' ;; -. .. '.
,.;.6 pair Colt's Revolving Pistols, White Wine Vinegar.
3 Fiee Double BarrefGuns, ... r'Casks and Barnrels of the ibove, 50 per
Together with a splendid assortment cf Pocket r._ cent less than the usual price, freale by
Cutlery. [jan 26- : C P. KNAPP: Ljan 26 '*:.9 .' C P. KNA. .

. ^; P U ,Mt l~i t T t,M .E ,B L O ;O J) ,. : ,. *,.. -

:'; l lrLMOE ATrs ,'F"A J .. 3T
SVU4I TEE t L iIEtil.
V G T T' -. ... ww:w I Eu ks

-/d .. ." w. -'. . -* ---

The 'high and envied celebrity which these pre-eminent Medicines have acquiredd fi)r their j
.invariable efficacy in' all th6 diseases:whieh they profess .to cure, has' reumdered the usual -
W"0 practice of puffing, not onriy' unnecessaty,-but unworthy of them. They are known by
' titheir fruits ; 'hteir'good works testify for them, .hnd they thrive not' by' the l'daith of the 't
cre t'l ous. ; .. .. -
1.a -IN 'AL ; 'CASES O-k '. '-I; i, U ,,-- u
^ Jttlhma. i'. .*"*lk-j E V I It C- U A G L).E' Xy yi*trJ. -; -': Xov *i
ne'aieo CAro :i RI ,euietaium'-i .' For iis ,courgj of the weiern iV;0.V o,,i C' ,I .l.,w!e of aN isut 12
ff"- e -fi omTn of the BIajder ,s- cuunmry the'e mreitiue4 wil e Or _ar, e .rffcdzons.' 'it'I 'K -
i &idnefi. f -s found a safe, .pcedy,p aod certain ', P'i Latteorn ol'the !eart. -' "> ;
OIL BILOU.0U PE V.ES 1 as n' remedy. 0Ztieer mtiqi,,e, leave ) Par.icr's CiuL,c. '
LIVER CO M PLAINTS, ..se *)-'tm i.uct' to 4 rsuftn 6f;' P IL ES .-'I I- ,rigina) rpri' ,
S In the south and west, wh.ee _. _.tbe-_dissc--- cure by thbes.u inedi,-; to' r.ftlheie idii-nle, w-," c.red <
thc*e ']-,e4 prevail, ihry will cines is permanent.' Try ihe-ni b of r leS t f 3.i ye's 4 q-dJin by -
be fo ui] i r,,antlu .' Planter., satisfied, and be r'$d. ; tt, u "he Life d '
t'arrrer, rand '.-ihers, whu one' Foilues of Ihe ComplexioV ". al. ,ne. e I ..
> Be theseMedicinites' will nDever GENERAL EB I LIT'Y.- Pasn m athe dead. aidie, back,t ,"
S afterwards bf, wthoUto then,. ; ot. ,- ... '' ,- r.b,.j;irj,,',n n organs. ,
B.ooo,, Cho/nc a^. $?rp.# ,:ie-" Giddines. pR-I1Bn AT I t"i .-T.....e a'i, ,
"-m sC .. is/'le ":*: "^ ^ ,.. ":'" e;; a ",
B i esc. Imre e d s f'Ij l .t with this tiritle di,.a w -
Ble '' Headarhes, of every.kinJ.
C O Costiveness.[A a d ... Iu. ,r Fewer. 44, v e beure of relief'bYi e .
Colds and Cougka. Imlflammaoru Rheu#M4mn ,. -' Rus, ; _,lood "....e hr, "- ';-
.| CONSUMPtl.ON.. Us, d Ja. .. -i. it ,
with the greatestsucce s i. O t e i,,.' .....S g e .e
,3 diseasee. .' LIVER COMPLAINTS. SCOLFULg4 A -N GfI -S
F,: C r-i'pH-ors. M,," ,Lpro-,.. -* '' U'L osKI G "
cr e.oss1Eesm. E~H misrtfr
6 DypP.S No penom-' -,o5 .EP K .HA.A'L DISCASo eu"r ry .le th, iis, lMeitsAing disease ES. Neerfail-.asrqddlen- r 'm e A' tJe7l f'aludh.areeflee-
cudey using'tely. :uirctyai he eIt of trhsry i liiil exglled by tlhse mcdi- <
cies immediately. u n th irfniteey sooner tlhd' the most I ue iirc i will do well to...
*Eruptions uf-'te oen ,t t powerful rreparatios of jars- ad.trini-tcr mnc-n shenteri).eir
Erysipelas. I I,- paria. 'p piiecc e s uipecled.-tRilief .
Flabdeig. :' Night Sweats. I will be certain. -

-W T:M W1W^,W Inn.Bjap.KH^ K maw,^1313 3111111110~a ,T
Q -AiAnd tbixemrae all disease from tie system. '
A single Irialwilt plncl the LI F'E-'PI LLS'an P (E N IX% B I T T.1E R Sbeyondlthe reach oreoen-
's! petition, in the e'iiniation of.eyery pathienL T I i : _
[L-1 Prepared aindsold, wholesale and retail, by;k.,*ZWX.IiI AMIL M.^tOrMAT I-PAP3?6 ?
F4 Broi.dway,corroerof Anthony street, New 'York. .. IVZL
The Gm-nine of-hese medicine, are now pet up inwhite wrapperpnand labels, togetherr with a'*bamphlet, ealledil:-%i
"M offat'spGadSamariLan," coultaiqig the djrecqons, sie.,!ojmiwhich is a ilawing ql; Broadway from Wallu
i 0" 'trec.t udf'ir Jlce, by which trangei-s .iing the eity cae ery easily find n. The wrappers daand am..e-'.
It :C( reful, *ad do Dn t 6im h uc wiAle.yehsB ;Kr a w h i r ca be' mist
r. e i g dc u,.er d, 't the e o e h w Ie.re th ..i h' t isM h t p e c a n b e ed th at t i ., ,-'
i[Ik~t frpitax.iiji.,al if To am i ... .They 7.W

"* .' ,* "- ** ,
Sational Miainaure Galleriy.
J B. CLABKE, (late Antl1oy, Plarke.4 Co.)
*. 247,Broadway. The following letter Was
'recently'received by the late .proprietor of 'this
estoblishmerdt: ,.' '. .'.. ,
"BET SUR MAiNEIeFranee.)
"'Sirs-Jt. is with lively satislacon i.tb4t 1 .x-
press to youPthe great pleasure lyhich ,your pqo-
trvit, by Daguerreotype, 'o Ierautifl in their ex-
ett!i6n, have given me, and-y assurance that
Ihey are' ainmoungTe'miost.ebrct that' I have' ever'
peen. ,. ,,;:.
..,'1 feel touch flattere. in seeing my discovery
so extended, and' by such representatian' arid
foreign larid. high hobior is reflerteuf "
.l'Receive, sirsi 'my sincere ,,iipaimentw, ahd
the .asurance of rrn oqst'disijnuisbed iconsidc-
ratii.. .. "DAG'UE'RRE.'
S"Messrs. Ahltnriy, Clarlk.&' Co.'N-.fork."
Testimonfrom sq hiph' a' so.ur'de as this, the
greal 'discoverer of the 'DaguerreBlype *hrt him-
self, furnishes. conclusiv.e ;evidence o( the-.superit-
o/iy 6f the picturesxecutead,at the above gallery.
This gallery contain:, as its.narmq imports, sev-
hralhundred perfect 'iki-nessesol' cmient Ame-'
icanstatesmen, and bthe 'dkistinguiahed'dharac-
ters, ianong which may lid .s.en, admirable like.
nesaes from life, of the following persons, all of
whom have deceased within Lhe-past four years,
thus showing the importance and increasing in-
erest ofsucfi a'.colledtion: ,

PtAINTS, Oils, Glass, Varnish, Turpentine,
4c. Fersaledby
dec 2--14if J.O, SITH.
-C'C(lds, &6.-So many -people are afflicted
with'these common every day disorders, thatr'we
deem it our dity to point our readers toia simple
remedy, which we haye tried and found 'effica-
cious.' Jayneis Expectorant -is a very valuable
syrup which we have lately used with- good ef-
fect i-, stopping a cough, "'and' loosening 'ind
breaking up a cold. It is a very agreeable medi-'
cine. This recomrmen,4,tiOn is not aib.ught -puff,
but entirely voluntary; and we feel that we cart
hardly do a greater favor to our readers in these
days of cheating5 tth'an"' to, recommend them as
well tried, efficient remedies, especially those wi
lihave used'ourselves.- DANL. H, ENSIIAW,,
Editor of the Lynn Record, Mass.
For sale by J. 0. SMITH,
2-28 Pensacola.

[K EYSER'S& McVOY, Dry goodss Mlerchants
and general Shipping Agents, corner of
)alafox and Government : reets .


I t

I Ir-


- I A.



_ LCbl

_ j








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