5 J>. in. Sun.lav* > to II a. ui.OFKirK ..- bakiti: in: tic Min'>hiie: on its !liix' another and thcneMlake. with rich earth, sunl wlifn they I Jw-iup: ii j: 4erat F ; resulted iu the cboi ,vof -ume immediately
I) Icr.gtl
'Xotions : plaut I
in JU.K-k Ka-t: oflh,' Omit vaSAVANNAH bea1tiz L1 ban': hntiJ tjuiteThn rcccitlv. In tins the -takes have beeoa) o go-id strong pi.tt.ts-, { '>.l.! C la. (':LtIa5- rc--i-Jci..e! 01. rcc >;:tiUe.l &lc'ava1r deploying it.aroui'd .
1 Iiiu' .AiiMrui" I af.ivcttean-t M.uiri-c Sts manner are the foaith Snlnuiav nvxt nu-nlb. the 1
v. eiiiraiiipincut. turned
:I (5A.; old giaml daddy! 'gator fmated in s t.t thritighout) the ba-v line, at the tran.-phint theri iii a mu>cry row, Quite :i' controversy aro-o a, to and told wife | jlbick
: Kidicv:i isii ifig hiniiclf to (In1tnndnid wlieic I they I be cultivated I and my they wtru ui>t
\ t.NEM.UNEiJR., np 1-iiii of the lir-t tendon of the cord, can whetiier an orange tuo slunl it.- entire the

1. uf'ii-. dignity, nlts-rud I a pro- the hole idintild 1 I I bo t turned (oil'at j about cared for till they! are one or two leaves every year: tar not. Mit of the expected marauders but regular
b ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR. I : inembor reol that Jil trot-por he implored me to leave
R shed
dig His puvlaia.: i'Mihieh tnt a a liglil :anglt, and a l-ike set years old, as it may suit i convenience; they)
: TAMl'A, FL\. WY ? HCIC & GO.nli'i tliilil tenijolarily. I i.lirely evtry \ car.Adjonrnmei'l hci at CIK-C. I hesitated, from uuwillingnoji -
f diiuoraiijiiir:! to the! cars of alljtvl Ttio when they can I be taken: frori I the nursery -
&&" Office TKIIM.-M: KiiiMiiic. *tBX \ -Al t. Ii.iti: 5-io: IN p-rpondieular or eras ilint1 iatLIg:: itt onVrocio- to do and lost
to, fewLaLt.tiauS
sliyular: the of the tribe in and! planted! iu the phtc! a
I itbiH -
inl.ul: in li-.c same niauif prepared. t\. iidj'Mirnid.Ii.mu'r: .
S. M. KLLK. TOES, LIPJOHS AUD( i CCARS! peaceable: : : pOf. c-ion of li.i. halJoxviuUndvr : >r, except ;i.) tejnporary) s-iake i i.- sit.YuU t. !. Tbe tree might thus be giown, unntiiiiI.I. anti then i-aiao : *i.ioniv-nta before yielding to
her inM
orlui.it .
ATTORNEY AT LAW ANIJ ftn.:: Aiiivi.' < roj( : i-'tt. are C then (to P uuincionet at the tirt while the woik was being done itt pnv the rattling of J.i.-ivc-aul tr!;. ..iailplui > } My hor e and arms

.tNI) AURORA LAGER BEER c )'.tlT (""Lb. 'take in t'ae porpendictilui line, anal paring: ; tho ground, and be nady t.) 5, an i gna.-liinf; of tttt: Ii, Itila I ucre near the road ou which I exjHcttd -
: ', tile aie-trutien leave and
ge..t > n4 'af Mr."HuckleUrry to down which the
I' SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY.TAMl'A : the six jury >ysi ':ii and the I pbut: a s s.ion as the placevw nndyu "
In IJ.lf !I.ir; I l'. '; .aricr F.;:r<'L% l'i.iut. pl.int : iien stake wlule the :i< istM.t I I tl .lie tiji[ in I lIe: shape cavalry approached it therefore
!: FLA. I liO! tight rippfuU Jiusn tl.e > leeJve the ; was, ,
ro'lits trees.Dr.
I : ;t flii le'iietlie Juij I t tn the teinp.'rn- of loll? a.u: pics and uuch! wn.the.Ifstrucjion a
3 Will prartivo in nil the Court tf> tli-! !>eo\v, in thJr: lincil outer, tip to I t'u' r ,:tiU. I lie tlu-ii rtturn- andou Wi-ightno'.rl 1 iaid that be prvfeud %- of othci eating condizecuts. inipraetim!>!>* to icach them. I \\ *
Fut aut t U.S.; tirctiit; incI l I lintruti4mrt ) ,
the : ;
s. ; :o. coh71adlttl to start in the
fur the Southern IIiri of ]I'ini'l.i. lay of final) jad; ,wni: thf-ie old 1'n. Hake: I that line, by 1110.1-1:1: ing with the glowing tlie tri"es iu tiie nursery After I tin feaot, ranur the iu>trcyiijuijjcl : opp site di-

OHitv tumth) ci.t cunn-r \ViiTIzi.n! ;.n.I J Jrnnlclin ?' V' *i; buS '' ill lArhiim: itho i: ;ivulj of tin nnd 'Jse rows two or belli' tl.re'-; \\ir tiansphuiting t&alaateo-of cour.-c l.ulie ex- ra etiht. As it wasijuite dark in tim -
I stJiki\
< [ting
JO Jtijt i4 tv L\ o.ng Icinponuy .
: Htitft l. O U x i { \\ *
('t t : "llftbit .ifl'iiiy( head I nnd I !hit I t tcm! I twice at lea l.to stuire tip V.K. tupposed
I - us at the ml of the curd. You am! Mi<. McCIiui, rr>ntribttul : be '
G New Store, dl' his'ii. :i\s I, 1 ).ivie CVoclal, its nturn to t tlie j ae rpcndieuiar, while boeariies a large aipply of h'.tcir.l u nfs. I He their tlbrjt! to irMkeevorr: ; yfle N.i ii- to my 'ntgLin, :i .wAUrproof... light

TIPii.A.i l ., time Lr IH tn step it.'' the coril the would cut (/il'thc; lap root v' ry .short.r. tcn: 'i!. ov .rco.t, v.itb.uL--; ; ii\va sub-
acro-s to temp.> !
ratyfctake ,
I Ca >t. iVarcoV .*Jiw.mill b.ta anivcd.aii'l juent fiicud t'' .. iiv wifeV, soveiy
: T-mim! -
at not
Attoriie7" :J\\T r'ji;rKTOlir: ': WILL 15EOPKN' HAY and you to the next stake of pkuit treto
: vttold.. -'M>;i nili lv tuiilv ior v.ork.Lapf. iikv my OHP t > to l lie niislakea 4
over two .
AND ait'l: night, url Snnday-= frt 7 t 9 :a. ui.aa.l LilMOIKX! 1'tIflI'rs' t.liT: tl I lt pi-rj.eidieulu j : and with: your assihi.uiee }Ii (.if-jive Washlu\ rU> i pait! for i it orI hll'-ti: i.iy \vf; tboughtlully -

fiOLICITOK 7.Y CItJ.Y<'/;/: 1*. .Ju zn: I lltli I :: I 1-si 71 P. M. it may b nipKd: ] tra'ght "t to 7 p. in. for tW It1I1c' of fiiii ,- the andvi uKi leave u good copit* of the new slatte-d in [ my nud yhoul
TAiM'A, J LA. Tin club uK-t, r.t th.' I'. O. r.nd% )ic next iitji 1'iocied in this nittuuer lap paper le-rs a"bav.l. I bd
Will rraeticc iu hUtnoC.HirtofS.uth Kb.O root,say a to,.t and n half. !.w< HjT JLt.na.} I gone iit'I !taps
htch will l tint ii shall havn "earriid all I
srrij'tion ', cirefully : ,
p | ] or
: and stfe of Cedar | twenty yards when! a
M. SIAilK UN, the '. .UKtun- the j-el-i. 'I bo next vttti1d i .support the liufc trw, and. troojK-r
C Lu ))7 wirtivw 'Pro i'-n clerk, cr] to order oy U.u proidcut. Kiglitccn ; ii'.ura iu "w<-VcuDio tifr -. ittt ill* 4arnrEii' .jalivjK'U; up mi I or b icd me to halt
r-opph- ; : C.te ,.
cultivator of the M/J i! exttt-.i i >n J t tie: cuid tu !)Oh 4t itt tin: tryvea .
wire nxii- .iitd surrti.der, to \iicli! 1
ATT INI-Y defiant
; b flAh h- .Drir.- er, soon atc piaatsng.- gave n
+ %' ;
; jcnt, takiug part i > the Ui cuA-iuii? uftl. wiajc: tuanner, uitlil thcbdd ia staked. | TboHiuklebcrry !I3rade ;nntertd '
atE'aet-, ilmjifmi
AM.so > Two ii' > caiy! s-ct JOuO: ) take't 'tth1Lft FIWTi4. in full i-tfec t >-(ijC'3.L Viu comutiui ; IIIC ami
1tit.i.t., ." ii.ti-I the < n way ta -
an< -u.j! j1ft- t : .
-I L t ci Ton ix csrA 'cim r.TAMJ'A .liCfJjig.IMC Major: C. Aiijiiumt.Ji' raglan front my tbuii Mera, ad v ane d ,
t i ta ':: in: ihi i utanuer. 1 have Iien The Pi\-side.tt! calJvd t the iv'tfntS-:
( I1L. '.?. ( i't.! : \V} iu-ilotvii } ..i'v.r tt u le in by 'r*. W.-r- t4uthiut; nml L. n >r- -: tovart him. IKKvJ I .d hi* cuitiiiie! I

Will rrartiec in all tie Stititnr, :-> an-l iW.W.I GORDON & CO: he u.ni i.:>iouu to with I I4uzkttl ihtis particular, b enuntImv[ v? iaeirI.t'r. to ilia pro luetu>a of lewgitn 1 zng were 24 I.>itnvithi this v.h oa j : me, hut I ei.jHeted if I.e iired'hc f I

in the ( irenit ami I Iiii'trii-t ; ,4. .. .. ...l .... .:.. .- ..r... .. *
_, I'nilo! States! lur the S.utlu-in \ >isru-t.! >fJ'lorida. ::-oCotton- "V < !! ?<) "J1" i..l .'I *tloi ,> pntl.iflg :ud caih'Sg for i easiloikc! *! 0.1 1 a- this whelk eauiuit be grown f.irUicr i L.iIt. T. A. T' ekett !Lave arrived titme up; iti /
upon -
t He Su iju.vv clothe ami sroirhIhirla evvui t" pt.; isiy luu.d utider '
-a-- also nlhidal to Ibe f ci that IimooaVa : -
----- FactorsANT -
the suusl.rnLPAia.o .'. : .
mattei'- tt4 TUE Uti.t4.The '
;iJli.. w.\r.iu : portieularly free front the rized by the ra: *: r HIM, .UM: of course, a.loot, tuu.hlo buLl &.ii lII the '
I Tin: IAND.I fti.iuua sthouldbiiasell pr.v.le 1Itk> !11 i"i: a t jjcnt't.-u.in! t f Jt'kute.C AieJes'pritijf; ; iMo hUaddK- ard

; ATTORNEY AT LAW Coin'ission! Merchants I II am of jl.oee, v.-'iU) l.elic\e iht iugrowinf I with a narrow board, five feet frojsW'C- .OjL)red.tliese fi-uitt farther apt. J. i'. MoMuILn, haa arrivcilj tt-supl lv> escape. My wife wli->
east, in tlii-: and Pulk eouaties.
AND j :r. fruit lu-r; IA niucli proM'th long : :U I thMiiiddlcJie -houid! snw.a j with a new IetVi4e and L'itgv ; im{ ruv- I IHHMI isfttcbiug! snu! die the .
I :.i > li2 ISA v sr., S.\VA>:NVH.! .s.. Tbeio s-aw -
NOTARY PU BL1C.TAMl'A Itgng; r' iaty i>e -cured I in the jour prmed-j; uotfli to admit the -cake to the centreof wi| a geiicial; a peciacut that caLl in looks and divw*. Ukc the other I[ dit'r nim 11i'-t tarhii; at inc. rail
tl.e lemon vl
Fi.%. .ihertil th .liuc' 1U'IL on I- iug, a- 5i that .UCCCttiifl_ the pjai.tJUjj tint bo.ud and, ;il<-j s-au u Mmilar lime a gava: should bo foreign visitorA ,-. \I ward and tim-n her : rn-* arOund

t iiKiit *.>f Cn. t tanil of the tree.! The: usual practice iato notch it each itid of the board. 1'laee :t nsivelv' gro\\. ". ((4. .i4'NI:4'cret.rv. I Sii-xw n ik- viidu.l
I | mi : I
Will i'i-ncti in all the Sfte ( utirt. ..nvlPl &)Lt-
i ttir (:'ircuit ami Pi-trii-t e < .irti j .!" tinI'liitcl I ) i.rcfn! at .i'n l lI piaee thee :ils in r. lich fc d! bed ; the 1'iiddlo t notch on tbn I I lice ti ke, MfCIC. tio ; ud rei-o nuing that the
i ; MaUit fur the Smthoni l istriet 'f % all i't-in'-*'. __ kl: I whence they arc tran-piantu! intu auurwrry r.nd plant .-Sake,in uich of the end' Mr. IIcMOtt. a.-kod, if : be bad Clerical Comnlriiii.! *)t') !had: l>ee'a lo-t. I tiiiuvd 1).tck.

'H.B.: P0ST&SON.( of equally rich .- oi), v\cll \\a- ne-tciic- ; \ou may now remove the any experience[ \\ pond or ni.ir.-h "1)019 > er fc.w de ditii'rtuoe Iwtxxetn : the uionutig bvliy d. mp und .

: A.J.ADAMS i ti-ul and tended. Thus i tii< v m r*' boaid and tb- trecstakt'1 : and wuh ti muck i aud icjiiitd that a- for .v he ,)ttrst'rni'uz !tSutiday ami my j (klSs'aI tu lo :: firt- btyoid I the

. IGIIOCEIIS l' f.uvcd in growth, mull; tiuall: ) pluntid j j pad takeout tbe soil :as deep as you t had uiod it. be cotuiJercii itoftovalue. big roostwi?" akL Uuc'e M.n of t !' Oar ptirsticr htd takei' .-

1 UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER "i the <,rcliaid. Then, the ha t plowed in feet in t j IVu-on llleel-o
young ;| a MIt'twL) of fc! (>aht lou li'ue 1 1j anti approached Ji.r 1i
;' I Public i AM VI J.I.IN j jj viijoioiK titvfind themest'lvcs i i'i! It | t.very dirtctioi ih'i-.i wb,. m the :tree'take I 31r)'.Iohu P.urUh had ihi* your ap-1 j l.igbl Colored Tube nacle. j )site diret-'tioiH. Tla -imj,

Notary j "Western Pro I Loil i Iviin i'J plant i iod iud nioretlian i ij pliuil Uotno but cn ) (
th'.ce : to hior.mjre
; stood, and'! pile it c.ircfihIvoI ou trees. "lUtwceii my sermon and your big eat l .aeh -.i lici- and! commenced
V ;
: j -AVI)- 91 03 MAGAZINE STREET, I j i.robibly: in n b.ird compact Mib-wil, ; -iile. Then cut out t and throw uHifd I j not -ay what t tuVi it bad on rooster ?" iju. tii d Pai son Illetlso. U>th ft il bad UK tour

JUSTICE OK THE 1'KACi: Nl.v; ( ) :! L v into wliich their roots peiictratev hit (! :away, at lemt, t tn it'obcof 'he! earth J I them :a|< yet. but t'nc' >rn which r-.v: "1'ei'i.a.LIv." j j taAeuI t, anal 'me ca-ualies -

j ditiicukv. Thv uiU the licb soil in |! 1nh4v, making .1 hole lour feet aero j jnnd where ft had been applied -bowed av "( JiU'ii Uncle I
!tX.1TE. 1'LO1II.1 Ae'- F. .
which they have ro-sn, tutu \dloxr, : : li inches deep. lU-turii: the pile erv ijiarkinl and bcneticbl'ttiVct.
> t twhet.
L IdeEaI in lnitnent* drtwn and aikiiowlrdged. j I.1 iii', F*:Ti'l-i; ji .1! 1 II.IV.DUI l ; S' !' rooster nmkes me open my tys IKAV!' of ConfvtU-rate: troupe. ) to'j
Attention given vu ktnand In i? ntral .. I i aio1! }Irtgput :t K"ikly rsistcnce. All I I '! of turiaco soil, :auil fill up with other j jj lie thqught muck u good tiling, an-l 1 b a-b-tp, and your sertr.ou the ei uta-ion. while :attention

buinei' requirement-u<'n niilentx.II ;. ITzOTOi. i this k wrong; I hold that the soil iit> 'j Mnface.-0-Si ; then repk-n-o tbe hoard houldiuse more.Thojclub niaKen me shut when was
I Is'
uiraiM-k atxt pine land .t>ln|>Uit tit the my eyes ct'Jtmied; 'i|>on iu v lf.
( ;iuuva, <.'ranee, Lemon, Lime. Maii o, 7j'; ; .-' i- f.'i.'A/ 1 j wfiid: the young tree iinally plantcil i on tb! end -tidits, \.hich! have been I j then adjourned to thc 9lh I awake." | those who \vcr-,1 e-xcept in

Olive and lUnana n< t-l! a to PintAppl H. & Bro. | iicult)} in no imu.tjcr. be k-ss 1'e.rtiU J'-ft tandiljrl! and llv mirldic notch of ,TtI.; ut ;7j: p. in. It look three hold; gagt.d
.>. K rly VfRrtahlen, Itit-e sn-1 > urar Myers men to Par-oil i iIV.wlso one of lay tt'.d ,, ('oh. J. Taylor \
Ca'ie. fur *ale iti l"l- from one to t.ue tlmuaii1 > than that: 'from.which the tieevai ta-j ma k ci: the place in which to replant I II. 1I. vi-v, J. G. 1CHatary. : until Old Moie couli! with I.ieui. iktruwfll walkiil

acff, on very reaii ible term V.'HOI.LSALK DEALK11S! IN ken. iLl SUCh cn ]; a j the tree stttL. Yoti tlnin have u rich l'tichnt. his e>cfpe.. A r, coting uf the 4derc ; uootKtmd. 1-t o daring exploits!

I i ) AUEA'TS.JtHX I ciroucgruwh may be- expected.h |' bed in which to *'t your little tre.-- j ot' the Blue -1.i.bt. Taberuttdebe Ins the ?t-a Jiad made him i-n t ihe

: To'bjiooos ,, I T it: <- :t coudilion, of i.lI lVrt.Oj.Ii IMJUO neii; and! pypsUin may j :Large Laml Sale. .ia ealletl to eousidt-r the resignation : the tilt i-ai ( Joxvrtjincnt part
.j.1. :
\\ C. linowx. U. M\INi. an object
: if 4 1 ;lu uid be the aim of the piantei '| added ft* the hole i< lilted, or well!! j jJ [ liumior, wbtj-lt, we puunw' in tiis! I of the ; 1 veston Ycw. fpeci.il! hostility, ant! rendeied it

Brown & Swingley,f ( ." igai's & Liquors.iu { Tor that jnu'iKfr1) I 'nould -*-i'rt a 'J cnniM) >.uil rnuiittre !b.1 mixetl "with tlio ase, islsH'iiK-tl.i'.iji tnuri'thnu "runior," ;__- -'-+-'-- proper that -houid avail him-elf

jirjwtof < ur dry nm I imi t with lit- j -oil. It' trVslt coiv or !horse drojipiiitrH 1, report*! thai the Ipu-rnnl Ilultrove.| j SSnnlay
Land Goo. inent JiiaV'i I1ItI I -- i a grtatda iii P -uisaeola > every jvj'l; : : ruans! oi Ocape. ('
Agents, : : ] : > ] tie regard t, price paid for the .sane.; are used, tlu-y toulii l>e applied at i.iti-ly ueg iiuitt-il I vi.ca
( :':' 1lpl ly i iI1tI Ii L.h flora hiuii *alv t-i !"i iir iiiiiliun$ ofai- s 01 f the in- 'rflis" liali.! Mavor Dii > Pritchaid went over to the>ir
with /
; T.IJfJ'.flfLOUU>A.WILLgirr ax--*, grubber: t'j/d leaM lhve !in'hbefore tbe tree i- ij I
ati-fi.i ;f\iAMll: 1). tc-rual it>ipru\viiv! ,t lan l The price j aluiskt ought to go there nad! reform Iwld, u.d I did not !see him for a
I |ierial attention t<> all -- : plow, \vould extinct nil I roots to \\t\\-\ set, to their beating d\-iad-! IH- iul .
prevent (Ii' million '
: j is one 1.1( >\ .l'ari oi' the laorala of the ?
: l.i j t WJ-.KK.: I Tlu 'aV itl L I' t1'1th ofoveii int'1c h *
.- the line wf Imrinx anti l cllins KKAL: : !',<- .. t : : 5ng the roots. A riib be l la llms -ecurell lVLI hiiiitlit'd tium-U'ii: hi\o I
c :i.- ( .tIv ( itt nv' my capture. He s ub.-e<
TATK. LOCATING t HOMKSTKAISal l I r t iL. II-th, 'I.LJI1. .. :- :.1-Hit uchr.J dp.. r.mi harrow it, :ttfflioI under t tintnp.. and fertiKz'rs it tlr.tdy I l'CJI 'iUp I ajkea d.I Tinjitireha: -MrS\ P.Coon, t,1 hafnuttu tsd cretlit iu iueiitly
PUEKMITIOXS, makinjc .titrie* i.f 4tIi Of tvt'r thee 'vr',1s 'is tin arc |bc et'rpor.tiou i } 'i g tttjwvi.l tar I I. conversation with me, ;
wbore > after
p<;TATCIJlXDS&cn in ]' p''H-ed tlicy cannot put t J Ji comciitttd suicide
IIillUn.iiV'inj AI>CI an nAnJi.ttonrJfitrifn : drainin; I!lie Ukccibobctwaiij: ; the ( county on 'XHh mil. toe forlkearnnce, shown I by his tnen
the adjoining; ttmulie*. SjHi-ial I I .f ; tit I Vionld; IUJA on;, it "JiHI wniiid--of; tii" Irehi! I lot and '
r r< Urnhcn lUIS Wr5rc"1'nlr : t I*!M O4tsl.Ih.4 | ) ? : ficeiit. 'iggi'tg i laiid- .uv to be ?i'b-outl in IxHlifs of I 1 by throwing hinisclf in the river and a
n&wgivu rwjiiirri! -if ,, III III If d ; lirrtn.rc.' Mrllr.ti.I shooting me when I refused
1 VI I W HliUi:KMi.t.uiiiry.Muli .' .itc f M-ta-b and :'J"0niid:i ul' -ett'big t ilitMuHM\H'' fort h'i nu\ the t iic.t Kstbn, ton tluau.'ind acres.-/a. dr.ntitiiig. I urienJer." \



7 '- :4. -

.. ,
''V -
: -- -
---- -- ___i : -

J ; _

I _

i--- ------ -
: : -- ------ -S I--
THE'SUNLAND TRIBUNE? The Peninsula Bond.Th A 1IUOKMr. LAN!) PU1C1IAS1. Iteuninn of Perry* Brigade. then proceeded wHIT ,
Stnto antI General Xctvs.A 4
< Floridian Likes the following At the reyaioa of vacaccr, with the fcll.-wlrjr rxuh ; Ja-
J. the survivors ofPerry's
P.VALI,, 1TiitI.; Disston, of Philadelphia, \elM l.iartI: has been Pe.u4ng llie I ct.l &\ Coftklin 02 "luciT! 83, Cornell
cheerful view .of oar railroad! prospects Urigaclo, be!'. at Jacksonville colored! people of Levn .
county.Caterpillar 25 I'-radlev 1 3
1 Ij.iph.im Crowley Folger
Buys Four Million Acres of Florida ,
Tampa: Saturday, June 2Sth, 1881 and we"sincerely hope that it on the 15t5i of July, IbSO, there *as -} are in the c-.:"n in I -en .2. Trcmaine 1. Is'o cnoii*.
: Laud"
a committee appointed of one for each F< r the Patt! vacaucil'e vote *.wil': @@RN

rb When IheBrooksyille eceit may be correct : [Baltimore American.] county in the Slate to solicit subscriptions county.The ruerouml fpbcre ran up to WJ0 in Xt.rn.in 31, Tlatt 27, It r'p., Cou.dl 9,

: gets on iU ear, as it did in its last issue. The letting of the contract to a live PHILADELPHIA, June 16.-What is for the erection of a monument Jacksonville en the IM'I int.A Cniwler 5T Laphara 1. \Vheeet! 4, Tre-

about what we said of the Star man (Agnew of Oc&la) to prepare the claimed to be tha largest purchase of to all of Florida's Confederate dead. joint (-t:<-k cotcpaniy ha Lein or- maine 1, iili-s 1, Foljrrr_. 1. Nothoicv. :

&. route overland' Djail fromGITuemlleto road bed from Ocala to Panasofkec and ever made by a single individual The cooimittee appointed|> was as follows jranired tn Tallra.'ee with a view tobiiild- rejiulk-f Kill- ? S.

lake at Sumterville i U an indication in the woild occurred to-day, when : lug fjy,00y hotil i is thai\ eitv." j
this place in ocr issue of the 4th -Since the fint January of the Eleven years cur daujrhur 'i2er>l on a JUST
which means a great deaL Unless we Hamilton Ji.-$toa, a piominent man Alachua C/mntv P. C Tucker prc Li-1 of iuii"ry under the care of itveral of

*: *, lost, anent the piobable discoutiauAnce are mistakenjTarapa i is not much, if ufacturer cf this city, closctl a con- I'rad.'ord J. c. UK-hard. Cut year 90 "i9cW there has l of'eeii land xJd]tor at which the l.in.JO'Jicv thc K>t (and fMjnie of the or-D hy-5tian ,
of the steam mail service from any, over xty miles as the crow iiies tract by which he secured four million 1:3kr T J. l'on TAn sreci.td Mho K-.ve her die .- > rjii"Jiauies but no RECEIVED

i .Cedar from this point and it i U not reatoua- acres of land ftoaj the State of Floeda. lirevaM J. Quiney ZZcc3ri.CI.ubi. j r\-liet and now ,she i wtorvl 10 IisIn pwl -
Key via. Jlanatcc, to thi$. .T! r. n.iya.Ll cpent ft>r a nur.\ ble that when this lake This transaction has been \ .
to 13 huge fatail. %
laud in Vola-ia
4r 3lace, it mlghtllo well to nJhere to Itde J.v.. En.I : j jj : >; tti\t we had po'.hki at tor two years r .
reached, as it probably will be iu the in negotiation for some month, and I E'cttzhii e.1 fc.' nuiiotu. coaaty, u1poti t1ith tIi tew-conir, iT1 lH.fre ii-ing i it. \Ve lanu.-tly ho n? and 0 i

& fh acU aud avoid implied *&
: threau joT .arousing host'iity: ia, the So far from it, it it-cms to us, its extension shrewd tactios en tha jut of the GtdAkfl: : J. J. li. Ix>>9.T. -T.f tp.>r{:.' traIs! !,aa Leon as.-aiuirj} -r a* we did, on account t( jiwjuditt A : 1) I 5 &54AI41
nil! become of Mr. Disstcn.; The land IIimit.i! lb. J. Sart. ciuoli iujxjru-ice f..r the last ti.reti wttkFcrtj -. ajaiait .*:j cn! a lai hcine as Hi j Litter 0 1
: nrfnda.qf iti readers agaiast Tuiupa.couulj .- to Tampa a ceccs- agents acquired -
Jaek-ju K. "Clarke! ->Ix ihoj.-and Jular! Laic Uvn paid l -The 1'rtn.-7tg-'i.
I The gites of both Marion and ity. By the internal improvement act -a tract nearly as large as tho Jt rOn II. ('. I'arkhill.! out for *i*>uge daring lj.at titae. Kty

.'t sumter ot 1S55, a line cl road from Amelia State of New Jersey-i a a part of Leon A. Mofe-lr. V :.'t KfyCay..t. KEW ADVERTISEIMENTS.w IS\3 LOTS OF

counties are supplied with Island and to the waters of Tampa he public domain of the State of Florida Lafayatc J. 11. ilcCnliy.-; J. L. InglUl left f..r South Fiori-

; 1dily mails: bj other routes than this Bay with an extension to Cedar Key, and under control of the Lard of MaiL.oa E. 1 J. L.. Inj-'in. \l\ this w CPE. The c.ij-taiu i iu* : U c e.Q .

&? ?. _' orerland daily mail fraai Gaiiicsvillc, was declared to be a proper improvement internal improvement of the State. Marion Monroe '' J. Jlarri-. ( luxl n(-ar Eroc&'ivillo. m 1kriii4t.octixnty.! i:': w I f-I:-5 t iiV }..-rt' f .re v.ii! np- 50 BUSHELS
S. I). McCor.nell. .
Brookiville ia the only couuty to be aided from the internal Owing to the recent improved value Man-t1&e J. W. Harli-e. and investments.ill_ (irobiWy-Mavii.n make lltcorln.TLe oihcr.ar.i larger L:: ply ti. ti.e v.mntx J-djc f liilVlivr< -

; improvement fund, and the act o of the laud of Florida this property :c&--4tn .'. 0. McDor.iidi. county", Kla.. for Uttrri- adrtiir.L-tration on d
isita on the route teat Li not ; so that S raj-id pcient of South riwrl- the e-tae of J':. I' CX le Ute <': i-.iid County A.t 85: Cents,
of 1836 has been looked after )
17; (
to anxiously .
Congress May gave by rar.e T. U" bhine.T. Jit!
the Lenrt lh oM in
gladden of <> # :ttljr#
the Cr&ceid can Lovr th-t the the Slate to aid in the construction of capitalists of New York arid Boston. -ickr t'. Lsnur. ll i* m.viH'11.. Thr ifattf has been kej't bivka. F-OKCAS COI.IL MILLER & HENDERSON 5

& population of Hernaa i is larger than this very line "every alternate section For years through ager.u the.e gentleman santa lTaUor F. W. Lvamark.!Iarri- ...n.Ntwton ;.0n r, r 4 j' v-iWe! but 5t-! fldttt" ate J. I U. WILLIAMS.Jurc2. .

/the of land have endeavoured bccoci... tto well known to lapiuliaU to IS'l G.w
: aggregate population of HUlaliofoufiib government designated purchase % ;t.n'S: L. MeC kill. ; > -
odd numbers for six sections iu the laud. The Suite had nbw! it ijr.scr rtmaia ... '.' .% .- 5---- 000 H of Coffee
Pclk and Manatee, the Cre by uo disposition I \ Ot.eLt: J. \v. Markc. Lake >s.
width on each tide of said road and to sell until recently, when it became ;2wzue F.T. Ovtr'trcet. City RcJvrkt. 2s otico.

,cent platitude of the "greatest goody branch." The Florida Railroad to t'o so to relieve the \ViiiltinctunHHNLoro! \Vni.j. MiTl.-r. -From the Ocala Rauncr "A j-o-til YVIUTUK:: cf a d.vr. of the Ji. FLOUR GRITS

to the number" i is based necessary S:. JL.s v. Lhiat.i.t. route agent, cr Kmtrthir. el-v .- 'Ktvi l .->n _) I H. I.. M..oK"J.5d-eot .! e :-u.:; | ..
greatest on a
the of State from certain which
Company accepted provisions ob'.igatioas the railroads K-tww-n this .lu.J J.. ..kiion .
\VakuU.t T.f wCaiingenlIernan.b t> ace L Court of lii.L-K-r us*?: i.ni; in f. vi r .f j
false premise. The Cracczt is, moreover the internal improvement net, and lad become burdensome. The con ) 1rirger.R. >iile. The uaiL* failc-U cf coaaectiun C. L. Friibele and a ai'-t i). i-aac Craft ANDALLKINDOFCROCER.IES

F- ': ; inistakenJn its assumption that whatever work was done by that company tract has been fully executed* and the U.: Ilzulua'.. twice thi* wxV.'' Surerintendent T ..rnlh.o herilT and tx-2Jcio Adciini>tnor, e
before the war wus done under young Philadelphia manufacturer is Li!. ..rtvCla J. \\\ HKford. j-rouii'C-d to give hu attii
we arc opposed to the continuance of that act. The Peninsula road from now the of the largest 'lauded M. A. KnIgiLt.1e road at an early date. A thorough c\er- and C. I'. IVrnlleton in rl, Iitcf I.ii 'ift.I .

the daily overland nft.il. In a r>r&.vlous possessor ; '- I>aidJ. Lanir. hauling i* It-mandiil, and woe te uniohiui will wl! U pnMic outer}, l. ,fvre tit- Court
Waldo south i is vvoikiug under the domain in the world. The tract is I'.iuum ( E. Hall. tlat 14 at fault. He Mill |praY fur the Hou-e d-.or in Tatapa, oa 31cnd.i/. the I-l JUST I

issue ve distinctly stated that original charter of) the Florida Railroad situated north of Lake Okeecbolx-e, DuvalAmi J. J. Daniel. n.ountains to fall upon him and hide him day of Aujru-t h>tant, the ftIoiu! <: Ijnds RECEIVED.M.. & H. j

these "Gulf coast counties oer-ded all and ou the line dcal uaieu iu the and i is nearly all Wow the frost line. it i.1rfj1 thnt tlio from the raze of an outra; il .ujj ia-nhed of -aid e-tate, to-*it: Lit No. 1 <>f$eeti.u 1t

:c r the mail* facilities which they had* internal improyviueulact. In fact it The amount paid for the laud has net rf ? nf\J public Tire uay ol nr.ttti orawttH nigh. H, in Township 20, Sn'i! ul Uan--o ISEat. :Legal Notice. : i
; reunion bo at Tallahas-e-2 2d
on -l"j>on the comj-letion! of the railway t > The Ncrthta-t o.inrter of the ionu-
is the main 15'W. Jlvo correct in been made but it is understood
and we would be eitrcmely sorry to are public Thuisday of July, 1651. TLat time (G.uiit-vi'.Ie, the work north to J* ke City_ w_ *i qi.irter ff wn'u-a-t! <|uarter of TOlKhto lien,by given that in con- :
Brooksville of her this, and the alternate smlou* of State Lo be a very larga sum ia cash. It is isjue-ar at baud, and it i is earnestly and uih to fampn Bay and Charlotte Harbor tetliou: 31, i in Tou-hip 2?. >*> h cf Kan e _L"ivrnd'y with law, the County Coiuiiikviuiicr' -
*ce deprived daily
and government land are an important Mr. Du ton' intention to at or.cc begin hoped that the ubove naaeil gcutlemi'U will be puihiii forninl to com[.lotion i inUn 19 Ea.-t, acd the *aiuiwt-.t ijuartir of tiw :, Ut.-i.ther with the A.s.e'sOr ama :

; jnail. Nevertheless, as Tampa i is the consideration ra the building of a an emigration scheme, which will will ; mo-1 cneqetie manner, i pn..ing through i.orth-jL-r.j.wrUr vi) txti't 10, ia Townhip Collector:! of Kcvi-nue for the County of :
.- zealously endeavor to canvass and the "back-b-'iie" 2f, fevuth of Kjnge la rl-t-t. lrmLVa. iii.-.i>rouh: mill hold meeting at thLksVuUtr
objective poiutand terminus of both railroad in Florida we can fee strong icsult in a very large addition to the; opeuin up the
their coautk> and send inTauiia the tsrl Mouita :
respective *, State, *Lich i* yrcLaMy the ricIK t !aud : on
MMr. YuWs of Florida. To this end
routes surely her citizens and those of reasons why campany"flsould Mipulatiou into the meeting on the 14th ri July witLin in lirnlr.-.- L"iJn. U:. I.. Ci\> F.Tamja. .hd.iy ai July 1 l1-alKl iucludins; .
3 continue their road froin'Suiu- he has already established r.gencics ii; JUte 2" *>!. Svijil biier. tin oiU day of July and m> long k* bali t.ue S
ihe three counties of Hil borough, such reports a- \\ill >bov- that the! Galnovil'e Sun and Deo: ''This La th .
terville to We mention these several in this and the to examine *
country, rtts"ry ICT purj.0**:
and Manatee | to kuotv.which popple of Florvui aro net forgetful of been a j .ar of g.re.\! ui-a-ter tu the Sti... ':i- [ J -ji7.j: .iniluain laud told lv r Usw .
Folk opgt facts only with the view of contributing will at once organize emigration bureaus Lie in thi Ktlion and. indeed to of s-aleuf *
their promises (>r ULiufcdful ol their grotr enabling
it is most to their btercst to towards in in England Scotland France NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. prior to kT, tmU for the purpose of
something inspiring the writable gruwtfs of all .ttti.ns of the
those who thvir all Ui-u ruli-en!
duty to to iLt."ttt' wf fjivi W thern
have continued in the event that both the Tribute a modicum of confidence.In Germany, Holland and Italy. their State. gave Male. The killiiii froof th*. early L\M t>FiiiEst iVjine-ville, I'lo. 1 -aiue. The fuik .i&K arc the "umben$ ol.lid v
tkavel! u.itVetaMe jToJuee far l'eyrndhnt May tli, I1. S
4 cannot be kept up. Agcin, does the any event, should the company SARASOTA FLA.- p *June- 2i'>ib 1SS1.Di The meeting ::t Jack-ouviiie realized > has u-iially i.ttn the !. Sn lie ,
at intern thcTampi"lVaceCreek ihtreiuis ll
gnui :
-top iu naniitltttler has ictl! notirr i i&te.
Crescent that local that frtm wlio: e names -luj'j'Ing eea-nvn, and brought all varivtie* A .
a n-a.-ty > ---
fuppcse WALL Dear Sir
paper nnd St. Johns River Railroad ; MJ' I' .
; the committee without upon| the market t vtneaiiv:_ the :iue of hi* ii.tentu to wake nnal i-nxY in <-npportof :- otNo. ') I
were plr.ctnl
: should not ftand upfor the interests Company, will find no obstacle in its I wa ia Manatee their upon had time. njrt.U--'ioi i2crvhniu hare written !l.i- claim, and tfst -iid \ rxtf will -- Ccniticatc.- --- To Hhuui A.J.. ...

of;its own enterprising citizens, especially way in the direction t'fthe point where the other day and noticed some things: knowledge we uo right tiurLands' lure '.n in,; that they never *sw, durincthtir be iiu.le Ufote NVra. C Iru! n, Oerk ( iruit i> !h John U. MapUr S (
that interest to require the sei vice uAe.i at esjvner.ce in the biiiinetiie! littrvt C"--rt. At Tarai, F-! on Thursday.Aij : .
the lVuiii5ula Road shall tenninatc. may you. 10 .Lti.ii 'JiliuvrV. '.
i {rbcj} those private iutcresLsmbserre Manatee entertain feel but Ircua the characteis of the Limit i>f: tt ctct ivsujiuj; to the marke'.H i-t 4i>i l-i 1, \iz : N. C. Ilryjin, 111.Nt. 11 Z.tartt r
seems to a
It has land! 1'esi.lcs
the public interests? a large subsidy. men it was thought: they would gludly i.i i-u k Ltrs qunniuir--jpdatihesiiu>. : : 5, i f< r \\ f} of fi* MI*. IS and t$ l '5'. %Vi1.gin
that is Kcttile her but : *
the alterpate sections of swamp and ing Tampa ti l tiniij, Wfore. Th. r-ul: of lhiIn- L. t' "t i.: j i.-t 14 tp. 2.e... li i>f rsnre 22ea t.He '
the their aid \ 1.
give to 1i 1uuir
We think that if our neighbor overflowed lands for six mile-} <;n path whether there is any grcuuds for t-ueh that the uirkiti. If nut i.-irViie:
would give.this subject a little consideration s-idc of its line, it has an additional a belief I dj not kuo\v, surtly there :iiid inducuce, for, if not, that they of ,.i.y { ric: ;.'i variety, !htv- lii.rj ,'rmv tiitfuitirt ar* ''leiy.! IK'I. zz-i-L-.14L. thbr S

cuglit not to le Mich teeli3.I would select suitable &u bcit ute.s.: (>rv th.vi alvin lit: !._ -"; :- ai.ii cviiu- iilttrtion of Mid Ucv1, vj: : (J. \\ \Vt-.l-,
it would that t-f f 10,000 ir.ile of i'usnmcches aay \ C. T.Sicith \
4: readily perceive grant jx-r inloiineii what I Such members jf il o comtiiituv n* ,isenfl1c Jjriv lut.i* bu Iu ..i.Scrct.rv ." if A-S! *. 151a M.! H. $.-rtti. *>f Abha.U"ia. I .
was uu-m consider :.t (1 ii'vr L. Ia.tflIl
and extensions for each rail- ,
1 the discontinuance of this steam mail excellent tit Mr. arc -urvivors ol the Urigside wil; ii<>li.iil J.i:; niii; lx- 5--,if-.t rn f r ler ( Itn.i'utf A'jtla, rI'. >; ark t.nn, : I -I -
;truct. Thin think autLi-rity, __ .
itruaj' c >n we our vf AijJio.
j would be terrible blow to realize tLctucml duty l.r.s ,h.-itU4 1-I.t U-B; ul t.il-ao.V I Iv the! cutle-: S
service a not Tampa conteaiporarv i> liedced about Yulec i is going to cot'ij>kte hii n.- a: \\ tit r.i-- !.. A. I'.ACi2", i: I-wr. 7. >a5 of Jauc 1 75. : L
Ixx-n them their \
only to travel but to the vegetable! road to pliee or vicisiity! Mitlu.Ut impuset upva by corn- -
rtIi ith-s > grcuad for hojKa a to your ht r'-v"td. .
rtitcjie. To
niajy rude'. -Thr >ii cjf a--. (I-!" ?syr-="' CV :r: Notice of In COIpratIII.rruE C % >za
business of this and that of have little for di As for delay, unit that he des i it undt-r a !
trcst. .
l li
rJ vicinity cane Jtiie v. ,rts t >-t.C j-rs-oti! for fir-; ry.Th' ; At\.a: :r. L.iing-tot.; Cu -
discovered As :: is projw c i that the IIIEI: of uuJr-inetI !h-rePy nitt. i..mke
< the Manatee river whose development! u, we led very little doubt that thtie pressure he cannot Tt-t ; having R;< rvhartof \Vra <"rir; sr? in- -- 5No. .
i& I : that the charter couributurs tv ti-e in>'!imueut i b? de2fl .4_ tint pur-uaiit to ti.v IT..VS-. ::- of an >acft J-iuirv 1S77.
E and increase should be encouraged.pj .- it a good time coming, particularly i if: very requires sitiil the ccrne-r '.one of the nnuumeut sJi.nrt.t at the {' vrv-'ed inCrea- t f iriarunt.ui JCt Ol"ti.t l.r "M.UJie t>t Ho till.., Btitr:! vI (. rdaL. To ia.ui .5s.t-wJ.
iranchi-c px
; it and that all hi Ntw Orkx. .
certain negotiations Kicking to the extinguishment dtjienduj ut "A i. Act to 1'roMK- a ttnrl I.T fr the -5 i J. J. PItiL.rkk! ,-
: Finally, the Creseaift tirade ia deprived of the pnsent liabilities 'on it. If thi* is true, and I ree no and also L be placed! in the ar- fVnklii. r.care-t fHicJ i iy they! I Incv Jjx>iuTi 'n t.f I K.iK.'i.nand: Oauanpprcxe.1 !-,** I 0 W. li. i'vlc- .

Itt- of what little fcroe it ni'glt! resting on the internal improvement reason to doubt it, it is good iiefur CIirVt-5, it j* dosireii that those recxiv- hive } r!j
ing coMributi !,ul.l furiilsb the ha* ra-rtJ : OMi'< : .. fjiii"breed *
; <
South Florida. Give certain and s tui.\ > \ 4 i'.s : ti' < !- I :ei" > v i.'i. a Ctajm -
the fact of fund arcfcuives.-i'iil of which there i- us
have possessed by its pro ctmniunicatiou with Jack-ou- iiame of each: contributor 23 well a' i iiy bril-cry. ami ll'.': iu! { r r-.V ju -i ;> .1., ; f-ku liuir aru !I' .-. 4-f Arotiatunitit :.,. Tul.uw'e-I.' .
for tl thc brightost pro-j>tct5. Without this rapid i.ofiv. .r i.i.m t.v.i-iu i .iiu'ii- .1.1I t UivA ti. fr liiif .
prietor being an agent o con- tLe amount of his or her contiibuIt t.i'c < ;JH ;ei try i.t woTv R.C.Lurb.tt
.. no lau i rjn111 niaj' be con>id<;red as yule and we will gjt a very large : : : ixu-nu-tiajr, tualutjii-irj: ?1l1 i (. ; IX C. lrett;
"tractors of the oyerlanu! mall PC that t icn.
valuable, but \yith it, it will\\\ be the proportion of the Northern trawl, Ie'uLIie.n{ Sntor bo liaj -t re- 1 chip C..nal U.r ni'iic u < :u than cont-y- 7 D. C. l'ttd i iT. V.

ii personal interest! may be fairly pre- fault of the i-er.plc of South Florida probably one-half would come dovin i ii liope l thai tvtry survivinginoiaWf t irntd \\"a-l.inci"n fruii Xt-w York <- of 1 1-rMinmJ ; ru| tr:>\ fntm the A"- J l.Jistl .

where the climate i is I U the l rigad will feel that! -vr.k' of n >i<) 5u: .rvuw iM>i-.t .er. :.ttc Ik-eali ti the ,':U I iUsicu.IH! tl.eaui I h lott. Jvnl.un*
'eumed as the true motive for it' if within the few more genial. { \iry ir..y <
L next Tauijr:
yoar ; _ _ _
j-hall rtiuccsberhst XeuY diitv to !his dead C' niradc to his rarviving Coaklirs ?r.d (.Cornell, after wliu-h Uith (('at.l l will.v{ -* tl-rt ujf'i the ivuulaxf _
( In nothing tliat we have said docs iot b_ ve morj tha'i nuctermitatiiig rsilroai always a brother v.-kliers cud to hiiuu.il, iOiet5t i like boiled !< terConitIl, it wa1i.J Mv>r. '. ilui.te: <. I>m'v ivd Urtvard, ir. 5 :
irker said of his visit Jack-
r; do tre mean to reflect on the present on the nia;nificif at Lav. to iae to hi< children r.: d hi- :ri.n1. !>-\is Liuatttad : ii..d j.TojvjiH.'d to OikHin'a> drip J'iattsni *"" "' Su. U Ctrtirit-tt. To Ion* -.J_ 5 ;
-otiviile, said be, "I went out tu M-O '. h h.rj: throu-. ?. .-_< a i tIeRete. .u.rtT:! r- UM-KHMAV 1 ,
j i. .
; 3 l; '
I contractors of the overland mail, &* the 'btvnvaas'with overcoat the ruiu>.,ij r.t Ts.llaha.Mtx tithe il' < KT I. I1Xotiee .- !. :-. ___ _ _
State J.. IMtu'tstitu itiuu -
nw OJIOSi- niy
GALVEST.N. JIT.I: > lfc---A ri'i.t! : .' iltJftx ;;
!4h of Juy.Gi'ii. : .M 'i\: I _. ie ot: July
sre have no reasons to complain of any iu tlacii .oii County. and uittc on. Tni5uue u .ijic- foia I'l .u-
C!f failures on their nd we would man and wife stopped two wtiks in Fiuley i-::'. givva ure:tsr.n to fro littie -.w i>f Mr. Utorse it rmai. *ao h. i'-- > :. vi t iit.eL. To ALoUl 4
| irt
ff i ; Last week re iiad soir.cthin? to sa\ Cedar their down. The hope that the survivors cf his anihint1'rigade rv-i"e three riUe -uvm thit'>ni'. shI.inF .iiiic 5 t t hutr LftkUv&t -

be deprived of a great deal *li2uM the of the Jan taxing the improvementon "Cool"Keys had cot ot been way dis-covtrcd then. will meet with uand, luswweLt.t nr a tri, t-Tertursxnl 3 r..n of ktr Final SttiIeitt'ut. i It.( .5 .

( service on the route be reduced. the !.iud The bu.-inc Manateeis hvjie; tLr.t the 14th of July will kb..eIIe riit i:, ca.Fin; an ,- 1.t1: ti lF5z2. i:. :;koi!:. i. :>.ttt! o urrm il ..le.tik due nutiia .- '
public as jK-rx-nal Vi-getable at
prop of the children wire -o badiy burned lhat ani g"t-l-n rLtnL-1vt-. ae'or.twgii-. 1vi.rsltr
i tuly, and the JnckM.nville Lilun! assuming large proportion There witne-vj a general reunion of all ofFlorida's cue !lia. died, and iht t't'.tr i is n.it exectcil SIX MoXTH< '"ron> thtirt nblieatu-n .n ttar '. of toi: l ViUfL45'-tOfl, -

Cedar Poles. are about 0000 acns of the oM Oaia- surviving veterans.Tor.ll 10 f thi-r.. ticv. 1 till pre-tnt niv ar- V.'vs. -.i' t)\\ .N.CUrk Stn
which reached us la. i Saturday, con live.A -utehr4 tO thC t QuntJuJe in :
conut art
t We have received a letter from n bl? Lammock and adjoining laud vh"vnuil cultivate kH .VrK; S-IR Aatnuio jctiti ;-.;v't andr !1i-hr.nt.4! ( ,-: nttt of Ct .. vin.. n, L. rkNotice

E gentleman iu Omaha, Neb., wantirp"to taincd tic! fi>ll. v.ing prtcmliags of a suitable! for.markt-t gaiocnl Froni aad 1'rknjly! feeiz.-!: ;; pace! of the S > i*. i H! 'i.-.!?.! t., '-.ty in.!iSKHI> : -: ol l Fl nt.i i'i'\ Jtit.! 't.uty.-. .-! r.l i' t'Knttit- Taratu, l'turt. t. ...rd, h'l. 1i.

Tiioctiug of the citizei: of Jack-on one fttrni, Major Tinner an 1 Lis partners bitternes* and La;nnl vii-rendcrol by an .2&i4 ti'x, a Misic.tn nauicd Teilro liai->. < : V.'M. I'. ?.t.:.:;% Lie o.-.i' : 1 ,:-.tmy df -- '5------- -5-----
know i if ced-ir telegraph poles, 25 formerly tm; !$vtl l by .a L .t-r i. : !
4 j t '
: county. It I is for the citiTei? cf th there have iljij.jv-1 20 0 cratts i :j; gio; lone iint"> j'axy.xi v..iferin N .i.c.i.i-i tut iiiM.li.irjuUie e.- '. .- ->. :urn Fir.: 'i- -'!'ijr..v as ail \ '
I feet long ,nd 5'inches diameter at the.r. I thai ft-ii ', \Kity r.rr.iye.i thetaS Mudjjit wo vs- i.t: .' .. : i- t.j < -: -:1-I: I r.VJAMhAv i.
:iud other South I-ioiid.a c-jar.ties, t' I blels ; of vcttil.lt* ; s> ;r.c JK'> ; ; l.T1 < f: >iicr. tif Mrf. Mn lvk. :;' M .
M( "! I In the Circuit
peeled b < l i> the wit'i! ur ';-, a hearty welcome Court, oth J uttit lab Circuit
? n
top, can ? procr ladi ; tt.maat.-cs. There i ai' good r.g\tai; Thraiav. tiiehl;: in the planter'* iu-u-w. and: A .. ., I
what tLoy think nho'it Use laaitor : :-: rXotfccof ol t F1.'rrd.i, ia .tint for llill-U-io
-ay : v.iii be t-i'.eii'Jt. '. Mr -' with knife Cvuuty,
r Gulf coast, to be shipped to Ctopy* h'u.l on tL uthIde of tr.c ritr.Uy .- a :.o rly I Tali, .5 r. In ei.at1urv. .
: K. A. 1'Kr.r.Y. eerin; her waid'ipe. He tfi .R nuunttu'e -S.
all let Mr. Yukc Jiul h Jii1xa'Jroud.
Cbristi, Texas. TLii pany would Kieac OS the lnt'hf-ti-' in the r.-gnl>Ti. x l Final Soitleiucnt.l \vitir: F. .- ; : > .iII fur ; J
Miy 3S1. IVa.aco'a I1"! i *l. .
PtTtE4T, ; t : ,
: At the uci'ii; i
prc.-ct. : Mrs. i i" "iii furitlo..r '
about Should ar..i.t iscajcd. Mudyk uti | ,
like 10,000.
to get aay A n.i tia.'j t-f H !ain.c iit1..r : f S
( JI'UV dcaJ.b
mc-otod whether thippi t hy Key : 2tV t-'c tRtU 1 >i>ur.ia, ,- of .
tle-e ; tnllow i i;tioor < ii r, wzs* hold at, : -
olcsr jH
r3 one feel disposed pet j \Vcst will not be to the TrJ.il tff Si\nso aiul Jnino' l\ rnot.th date lurof. 1 wij} S I
*. ( iri.e, .J.IkL.a e.JA4v j'rt-eml : ( ?i.Tow&, OXT.. June 37.-A ni.Mattt :.: !' Jrum jrcutt InorTg35e.

address, AV. B. Jfibhartl, Oiaaha, to Ji-.cBtW act of the fFnrtdo LtJ-Li. pnscnt route. It ia (:Larg-.d that or- J s-rF. Fi .%., June 17.-In the tiIdin t p__ nry aceounts an-i vmuli. to the John t t r -t.MincVilti.m .. jI

Neb. term" etc.IS" t-irc, a-fir.'V| l FeLr.nc :.:d. !Ld lay over for weeks at Cedar ; irk f. I iMlkcuca strict thi- niornin in a: l j-e C.-an os Hi1! J ah v ..uutyforof I a.I.earin 5 tw the Kiti-laaion t-f tl* -
: giving i-nivijt-- the j i'tixe 1 I a'.igt-s UPVS fi/r rft cf roliin" 'flr.sde 1- j trial of Siv.Hire ayj James !for the I tieipation a flood.m the If'h: of J
: ;) ; 4.tL. on p.l-iic !.ui-.. J -- ( r.urder; tf 1'tttirn votc-rdav. Jiit'criYaaa I !Hi* wife ha* ]-jnt thejpntire vnk iu oock- 1 c 4b-'hsr.zvd frvu fart er atmit.istnttiun Jtlin i vti-tarj'.iue WilliamiiU! out cl

The contract for the purcha>? 4 inti..n.SS. A. JlcJUi-hiiLj' w.t ? freights **re too high. Along overra'e! the motion of deletidants' i ins and i rrparii{ ; j ro\i-ion- for 'he tri-| 1.i iL'tsnare.. the --c ut tivriu.t. but within iht.- Uuite4

of four million Acres of lan.l, mentioned to the chair ; i>yituri Afi! ;rd tt> itt Orlarv c.: ; Ireights are ?o high, MidiuTraner.ii cruu1 1 to ijua-h the venre of -The deaian-t! upon\ Anlmr to iizn stl.e <.. ilORlj K ',V. i I A.MiiiX'K.AJuiinitra'.or.. >u: s., to-wh : in the Male ot Mulligan i ..a .

'-' ; in TIIE UNIoN n few tlay oranges w.ll .pianl ourV'il u..t Hauihou c'entv. Th.a- wansriia Vioe-l'rtT-idency'j' i iltcv ing quite loud.o :. tuat vntinary |>IIH.V- <-t the Ct'r j t caor. -

<*n iuoi>.nf tlie r-n ; of dio nicrting wa" the tay come \vhon sU-aimr? "Alii k'ud callnn l the meriff ii *- r**.pe tahie a 7Mv.] r sthe ."*; ric Ceidi.iptii'lican Dated\ 7th May, l"l.-'th.;_'_ It: -tred MJH-U l.iiu. U is tLctx-ivre, vr

i .. since, has been sned l by the Philadcii : ken wls -(5H" st.: will tf-i-t I t'v .. hero for ZNOW Yik dim t, n. they < prc'cutt difi.irr- It! hirwi*>e i 14 *?c- -S >J oticc.Fvr cre t, that li.e ilclcl.tU! lit! ) ij j"Car, |pbra.15 ) .
the venire d. Ot tLe .
as uuimon nr.tj''iuc n-tcr. or iituwr ihe Ct
.. 4y
JavkfaS! he ikvioi M.d
<> : tax, of
ami forwarded to r rji-an grad nu" he c5id} Vnt-rn>uleut. .inrv-
biaconipany, or T-Lvtl.cr! rr the nr't Mun.l.iv I'h

i Tallahassee. Our state authorities s-rcfd tlia: we will ri>:-t it.On Could.not Milkr tV Henderson with | filued. A Tidif! cour-c -ict'ecd! !l'ini, the -nv' S".r vi'iut ; lliltorori! : i it' i-. Ni>u.uur. litxt. or thy .au..v t. ill I. i I.

have already ratified the contract, nud niili-'ii, the t jTuii'tv of f.Mir t j Jrait roDi'iti-n* ( .r liuitaL.il: vegetable- via Key Wti 1 th<- l! KMKan deii-c .-wonist he far } r-- \TiR ...t$5. i' wu ItsrideI ,- liut a ifpy of this ordvr. \ we may, therefore, cxjct the! whole the -ctinr. I J. Mittr-, \Via. II. JK* ie. cheaper and without delay Will !j-rL-oa i-'. I : was iUeii* d by the .rabe! tw .t Vice-Pn-: -.v!. i -jni.-- lii- \ I t-I.i .ir tl.: ; si t-fc beiunttit >ul>;hil once u HttC.( ivi four luoutLi li\ .

K. 1:. d I-haiu !{ !. coutt that each of the nocu-ol vva- entitled the '! Utof LIuckt< I viai.l thy I'NLXMJ TKIBCM. a
in vttr r
transaction to be ended l tip in a few McCarty m think about it. wh t t-: IU l lrb\ ill C arid! l'tiilt..ll' .1.'Z > v Mej irn ; ncw-juj ji-h-
(hi >iion the cltairtun Mct! they kindly : to chalirrges iL.vtu-J! i, I- K ort th. l-fiv I iu tLe towu of .1'aaii.c Count
rx w a* a : tv> tcvaty ptremptory bu-! (Ze tkvir nl.T* *>f a Li-izil-tanre. t-uutity : mn rt|> : ODtlicfir | v ai 4 '
days, greatly to the benefit cf tl.Commonwealth. the futumiHvt.( Mr. Charles II. Foster has Wen re.-erving his oi-ioi| : as to the number |> u *n- are r.o.v I-ir.ni' .: ret's'nit >t Vi.iKia in JiiiK'. A. l 1). 1*>3, he ; Mate aloroaiil. .

Union The to2inittt" revrtol ibe f.'i.win- buil hug a palace on Iiipianf.iiun to be allowed! the .*::Rte.Atier t ti fui, it iN.uiiiU'-s. that Arhar'-:. 1:11- -ti il! at ji-.Mi ...ur\ tluVwl4.! ; :' lrni.l j 1-vMrtqiiluu' of the nu>rt
a ri I:; tre I11uimP-v ak.p.td near Manatee. Ii*>itr-d it recently. tae! t"r exhausted i nalit.I1cI- iflnlr..to ,.- tying i juti bfinc iiiu'l: C'ojr'y. to-*it : atbiiuv : I
AlaeJma 4rJrwi i- : I thi few bvttvr >t pane; wa __ TUc nv ijr t>i r. fjr, iixXjr of n .jr .xiui uv rofn U-: ir.e au5 tLc! unh { of the nw ijr c( 5
The & new presume re are hou-i, (_ Jiiinr'1 At I ilui! >- of the
Ti.--t (be set r.ftLe FI> ri.la Lc. quesiion aro. e tis t<> iurthtrproceciiing .v :tJ.:! la t'iuit-i i{> -J-\, >. Ot -t-t.tQ.1'3l: U 17 > jnd K The lie iir o( '
journalistic candidate for jioj-ular favor i-lature. 3I.I4] ] lSI1 February 2i lxvl, J I.rvidjng : 4 m M t..Lt'l! l 'f'-'l - publislied at G.iiacvilJo. Fb., by f..r tin aHitiiit R11&I iftC1I.ItI magic ; the tkiSktlurkiiien, and j c-n>siui thiluornit'.g Judje Yana decidid I { ": fl.i4 in ilu' ij-1! i* -i ;|/-fi.ur T!Innit "uiiiir 1 phisV.. P!* a i. .-. : t HW qr or tht ..W .r and Ioi- 1, :t ?u.i 3 ,ujihc S
laver>n iuiiruvi-ii-- o yLlii' bi.Ii, i.', much of the Material bt-ii.g imp} )rtedIryn that ll.c Mi-iiTun ., ; 1 ttKi..'.. the i&'behiker *hi-ref r ViicI > ; 'ftiit- -H .jr and the nc cjr t.ftIy yr
draitiv tlci'
i 1. vof:
awl l cilit&i by ici-ii aer.- i -vo uin tr .
Cannon A McCrccry ia iuoii uiHtiKl 3S11 ; -ru.k aiui rL
i ur oj> : L1IajflsZ Wc.rce-ter. Ma- Mr. Futer'orn'e I .a.e vj.- v 'Jhc f* Mrwl
ire of one hut '!lrevl the i Ur-t lime -ip. c the -tist. To .i.tut
Rev. O. A. My ?rn. Mr. Mytr* i is M J".xjHil! i.t. anl we wit! ( j1M* the ::it grove- are really looking : irum county atiarZo. I -ti.- at.i Ills n nh1rnl11. ( ;iiit>in did 1 L r-tre it riiinmre tid in s.\id the iir MXM an-l tL lie .ir of the noir
t y ail!L :fcwvaol and l*-vflr Lt4. very returnable r.txt Mvudav. I D- r.utI: rrcquired! tu be aul i j.jvr .t the T *v. 25 T ul K 1G > aud t The j '.(
fine and he has 'J-5 nut "i d t.t: "iuise ir iVt! lt-t' r in hi- ;
oO j
lerubte of
of ep.ricr.ec or I acn-j" re-j
journalist conM i'tlf \Vi- tbo of all! fen-e cujtmded that should be f >-. k't tluj tni ne ai.U the of the '
< t1ntInl1 att itunUr4 > juiois .'' t1. .''aii-l e ilf \ ol-ntv .l.itJe ,i; ; t.i.il'v <-.i qr -v jr n .ir tc. ly i -
lift, Oj he >! I
and will, no doubt, make the _4'Ir.c.Ic .f liir Lt ;UIaturs ,* !I. voJcd I'.r, tT them. J. G. WLBU. drawn from the bNtr.rders.IVciilinrities I lt.leI&e nt. l*ti c'irazv.Ut i % iI. i>re-ted imj t vni.t1t !ii- ; .;;:I, !.*y uI I'. tz I. a: &'.- t k .. i.U K 17: > and K.II. '

hect anti of any other |on Eho i'Vn\id. the p-*- ] The idea ll.&t Tarapa iuiniicnl to 4 zi* ii- j M. t.. -UtNi rau-t if aiv '"tv ita*.. vLMUh \ L MFrUIFI.L: Judge, S.
an interesting worthy zz* (.1 .'oi'i act-. an* rtl-y }ilit! <> < arfrit K !t. fJ.> .:IJ v-t UorO"trn.vi. C irtuit C K n t.tli; Ci. ul Florida.

public confidence. We .viab it uc'csL (ti fr uy <>f tlit-ni lor any Manatee, i* nb>urd. riiiiculous.Kd.In of the Year JSS1. i iA i! tin'. lud-.i: i IK hi-en .1 whjJe drc- in at|t-e.r.weI .iiiv ir. -''!:s'<> !hii tii jj \.VUA.-5. ..ti_ i..i..t s-sComiH Jiiv! thilitli .1. l H. UALU, C'onn.lain. uIiite.t. S !

in the gift of?h. j.j4e. or fi-r any + --- | 'i AM *fi jiuv, A. 1>. lissl.j f&n1.. :'t 7ti! ?? -4 I
Il It- it ;I-
MX !h-n.r* .IFn l \ > i v. -t n- "
oiiu that the
ihtr r-on" lio mill di-K.-asing the contemporary j' out H. .
> |i iv t j- l.'ic > 1..tii.t. recent bribery j L. CHANT. --
| f. r the time ;-tti _. n .t Uiat he >viliel-
Iy >
hini*tif tudu sll r cjii f.ir the rtpiiil l &..fi.ad in year li"l i.- ?.n arithmetical ci.rio-itv. -j 4> C .urty JI.5
among Urpubluaui* tie N. Y. Legif'aturc [ lie in hi- r-utJ c,31atrahle ci>:idiiiim : Sheriff's Sale
:1 -Tio young women dud within tt.JroJ.1iit. the .Y. 1": ''yrA'V'n From right to Jell and left to r.ght. it !: age51n. Ili niii-e- .:! r-iii *a "..*. 1-ut asi i 5oT7riTT( < > i\\x rA v 1:1?s.
the lattw"o nt-cksfrutu lock juw in tin? tlaiA< of ti' in&i.iiiiI. ?: read tl'C j me. I'i hteen divided by i i -I$4b'e4i l 1- ;r .;it i.. !t li u VIiiui'fanhvritv I :
i I. tfn&J r-'l ts> all die nirmU* of tJi- L.g. n.oi ; ri-j > ; :3tr.i j 1 will Iv a* *,iic tII.!l i i 5r:_: jjlavi! -:. i'l thiltHllll B\ 't.ia iu me .
Key West.-Key. i-i.it are li<> voed again-t tlic ofaij lint ?uj pose one tw ,i.t loth part of.I :2 give? '.I us a 'j'.K'ik-M : SI divided by turk. '.'- I1 ::-".. \. .C- < ('. -. :.11 Hil t S t>y :t wru ?! Kxn-ution: I'wiurti bv aitxl
A lady Mend l says that ih'e abcvo is !' act, anil we ljen?!,y reciirnivnd ju--te tlieai the wretched exliibiticn ril Republican to give? 'J ; it" divides! hy !9 the ju ,tiett'couiaii '1 AIM\NV. .1 u-.e 1-.- -Ttv }' ii.t r. te '-ir InNo <:. l .ai.i (4. ..n; l 1uit.! ,-. 1 riday 'under nx'lt Judicial the ttat of the ti.-t-iiit ruun Cf th ?

i-l W f to ih* oi'twlence of tlxOn ep-. jxiiic! made at Allciny: dining; tl.c I <.'> :; 'J : if milir.it\l: : \,\ y thi- -etutor is: !>:. >.f K:.i-v-.ie t'.iuklia; ;;. re- I au.l ati.ri1a:. .1 !Ult- : ; L 4li.t 't.t. ( Hiii-iMiruii< imiit ii. and'f.kr theitmntv S I

V incredible. The < <* a women iD )tiun, th nie tin a.Jjnllrn.iI. pat week had occurred in Kcutmky I I product cv>ntiii.txvo {'- : 1 an! arc : 1; f'ItuJatoI.'t.: U'inklrg !U_ 1)1'L I 1. CCtk t.tL" li:! ; .5 xu.Urix'h and >:ate if J 1.: iurid.i, Xtk '
of l Lck lekr 2;?, Cornell 5. I Lalliarn 13. o June 'J7th.i'ortJie ; when in the State
dying jaw S. \ 1F.ArtiI(5.4irrnan.. Texas Alabama
or or or in otLc'r i itrong 9 end 1 arcif! the li be i
E any ; > : platx-d U-y Fo'rcr! 1, Treui.tine 1. No rho.ce."l > r .Mr. u < I'lainiiti and IW-rrLin lLtt
1U.t; SLERStcrU -. of a--v--in the uf thiuKintt .
JLnmocratic {>'inm-e tn\i -
.. Southern "Slate ? i under tleSI aud additl the cum i is "l) t!>c vttinj Mr. ki>ipoli roe and tV.v dtfina.uj I have :leviol upon ansi will,
i -Do tell us what '2O.Y H-Cfjuutryejcchsnge. neither- 1)io ory. Ijjow wildly wnull i ihft blolshirt !! t W., I If the fiunns i he td 5p.i thus : -aid : Mr. rroitent, 1 have Uen rwjntted id ctm ?lor f'3r-l year anti lx-l.make Uuir\Harc tax rq1t-t.iurr- -rkr l..r-ale at iKiblic outer; ia front of '

It is one of tl c lato Imiu- have boon navwl! How dramatically '| 1, <*% 1 it will! give 1 *>, Reading I to at.ti"iince th.it! until Tuedanext a this 'till .e le: i-t irtkmN the Court Hour t1 Ujr in the Town of Taui- S

t -, bug latent rucdicint- JJM. it a'oueC. By intelligeuce rect-ivc l fnm the | Hoar an-l! I Pawes would haVe faicu! I| from kit to right it i* 1 l.\ and 1 ? is Chsrlt-y: Ww.irdhn! : -. U-. n juirt-d with : 1: .",L'.t1KM.N: I' l.a.r iurida.(t'iintv on of the lil-i.rougl! ant &t.tt, u( -S
I Jitaniv l tvj.. fljarnf !..uL'fr.t 1're- UTRIUnKiay, the Srd Jar
K, Jounial.ifro. Waruct OWrvatory Itcchestcr, N. } into t-ach oter'arI1L- UJH! wept over tnu-iiimli-- tsl. It ahu! n.rtd the : "" AiMor o: Ui/inue fv.- IliiI.b..roah Jacuary A 1). < S -
I the
j jaii.1 i lei.i H I-1.----L. u.- .a..v t.f :hi- ir.- ( S .a- s.mutin ie* >l
Gore always take* "turkentitic V., it appear that! Mill another cornet j the dtcrm-r/cy f f the .Smth. \\'l'at up>i ie down. t-o! lir-t year eaja'e N t' iU'>a Vn'V l .>.' r tlrtn th. pvritJei 'o'4n15'i. j hoarofjle.! the fjilowin l IantL., .itu4ti.I,

an1* i'Ct" when lie ha? Vmmediciaes has ju-t been discovered by Dr.GvuM. | a ch"ruoy/horr.i tii!.g ai d Un in the comity if HillJx.r- Ist

pahlirtin journal* T'. ..i-lij l iiiive s.-t >! i j.'unt-n.eItt her is e"r! *!v out of r-b-r." i V IkalvT ini ; vt.jii* and Mate ol" Florida, tv-vit. / I' 4)

ctn't faze. thcru.If | Director cf tl-c Ccrdov.i Observatory, t tj As it i-. 11a\e and Htnr? are i- MKHI -.5-S.--- Mr. Spinwla" "Ifiei- M.'bT"if IT,' i.inc in: I Gv1 ( !: ('EJLS, 1e i. if L t *4fl 12 : c
-Sotritaiy Lhiroin Its-: direct ': -.Ulii. r: Lr-i 1al.. The tfot nVj J
j Argentine Ilejiublic S'uii! An"rk.i.I! ui4l ti rtnl l4tiiikr } | v1 '
:- all t; the rrwuT* proj lir' to : et.titu( it : ; \:i. ;heat i the miitiaiy nnthoriu- compel th s j ji I Uti the I'h'S baik ; erewtr'd.ai4ze.. i Ilaivlu.irk C'rotktry, Fwiry f Jo i''. N 'Uou11. on II tt5wu..hip .umh rn ? -t. : 5

South Florida, i. c. Tampa and Charlotte j This cnmct <-in;? M be the jrrcnt cf>ni1 1 Kon1'j" Crtk. lx.: ;i removal of the jo.io<'!,- JIH! dance Thert.-f.it wa- Lkjv 41. Ken *n 31 1,1 lj.iins. r,>m- aril 'hvt'-. Ik.uk' he e.* ofej and the -el iif nej"i (icii.m :

llarbcr.are bit! it noald jet of 1807, and l i js l<>catc cI in the (\,nsteI.ition j i 1 'eIm to n-jrtc that t -si'tis-5 i? an in1 ,' !tU'> which have IHX-H oecteJ within I'l.itt 17. torneil! 5, l Laham 2, Ur..wh-! .- :'. I -.ah. ranee "M ea-t. l.ritiL l .S
jured i.iHi; and Ilrtdlt-y j '.Vheekr 1. aju/p a- iL.- I..IrmY oi lltrrias I'latt dcI -
that l be ne'lTi 'ppij. of the I> < si. 'iniathi 5
rcgk'nuud A-cc- the l.tt'jf-vi 5
|I jve, It'ght vatioa en the line of Kndoat, to -aiitvaid
then till Mvnday. ( e\ecuii' in
1,1flu li'i'r TA e.inUtm adjoumttl 'r..k tavorof
: wrI':( :4 -i4-n :: I'.l .r e. I I II
[ Oc.la"T acti, ')aneeei that hr&yi *' CXpO-in : :!, the Il.n\-r and Uj tran1e; 1.aiiros.i the atl. 'f Fi rida.
| i ion f Incurs i'nd l Ucx-linntini 'OUtl1degr&es. 0 : Tuf* and the Tnlutm.itii' | 'iAMl'A.: : 1. i. S. ; t Terais of sale Calijnin '

i ht miles of railway conn-vtinjr at It i* not \ iib! .- ft na thi* lat- !. more t-toni-lum-m nt..J >{ -..- Ai .xxv, June i).-The vote t -dar f.,. "" 4 ha.r IMIPS- k.r litle*. --
'\Valdo with the Transit iilrujtl li&sbVca j itude snd k ili- u-t :\l V .S-iiatc'r in Idc. Conkliri JaeolaiV JM "BQYETT "co. f l'1 ""' l>lv -' .'J of L'ttxml..r, A. S
t n4..t jflwn ytt that it Mill -, the fre*> fight over bniH-rv fliitl l ; "liat 5thii yrv.it i-unr.iry coinins; to, j> was: & ( b'Q.
comjHcUtl and tht a t-ontrart to j be, although it i likely :-j be"a the } pvrju-i| whin .-<, crra.t a j..uru.il a the N- York >, tonklins:3.: % Wlievier 3', < ornellK"'jer 3. S S :k
ihe -
ry Cnj.it.,1 vtlian d i.l |, ] PEU. I- !. t.ri I). ISAAC *n.UT
te < injl., : I
: eneteriha'rnad )medb>:srcc furihtrfeoutli fcorutt"vuf lt>07 was tii tiiictly !IIcraKl I M-nt rnj.ljn4; the virw e* ii f itlaiv :ti, Ln[ han :2% !rdlcy 1, Cn.ky 1. !.-
tn. i l
who Jj.-tiiic.l ti> lra.IeV; tak- : LI-lls: IN I MieriiT.
about I.t-p-'s'tirp. i- \tHl ,, No t-hoitx
l as !beeti entered into. It would m< to remark :
i No npprehv UMOU need !I.e had OV.T the bribery "in the hat The v'ute fur in of ThoI'Ltt C TheaU.\e ac 5* until : -5- .
trunk cigar torc tt Oleau. i : -iini uorcinnieist by the people 'i >entor pliiv S poMi-ncd. tU
t probable that this iva.lviJl 1 j Go GftiS
seem unu.-cal apj '>aran'e ofeumi!> ilutin i i fi.sl-1 Uin: -n.-i lie rej HiUive-H>fHj<. wo.<: Kenian 51. I'iart 27, KHW} 52 Dry & FuYftfls! c l-t-M.ndjy ii Manh. S S
be boilt Laving alrcadj construct the pnsenttar a th-y !' f.t } --ess -- pn'i'U.lit..- HMtrl't nj lifo: euniien oa'.jU Ornoll It, U'hiler 3, l'rolry 6. Win. I'. Hi .:b.-'.t I'rsre l'.ud *.r Produce Ac.. \5c.S i Th ul"oiKtl uuiil tW i I

;:t :. ed -*odu"nJ T contract. oue-haf] the i the power to work injun1 ujMn the New-The Ycrk< J-.ek. at Albany h .-titi2* thf and n niany that a ji aar"u n-Ai-, t.j Iv IMi-f": 1. 1'oJjfcr 1, Treroaiuf 1.: No ch< ie. Viiliank our < notnr< l-t>rjud 1't'.t F'yq.t, : Mv .tUy in June.xtcay S S

Jirtaoce to Tami>a.AS earth cr 6n ether !&bct. ;"loO_, !iV.laxa* -r> nielFiing 4Yr 1 I.- t.11n.rJt 5 iuinjiwU'i jmt n1wu T'nl *. ifa Mr. .-ht-ridan mort'l l '.\ adjo.irnm<*n:. >.iluii ;'. ?:, .K j iu tiw l-'ut'ire, The abe di'
any txrlu-ne 1tk.ont1 mtr.tit
of 5f
j ir
+ ay ir. n.tH'Ni- \ 'he c-*' v .5 5S Li f'J; vvj* to. N 3 navTliv finu'nti'-w k-L ISth !->U I -
j jS in 5--
; !
r--: i 5 5 5:

ii S.
S S. S
S \


-. \ -:. ..: ----1 ,
s ?--
: S. -

p ** # .

Y --- :
__p __ -S

"_ "",_ ..".!.IL"'A-'k.. 'j Jtr!" !.'':;;... .) '... -.n' ', i-""..,.".,,\/<..<.n.",.-.}. __". -: .\I";';''''-'.n.-,,'- .-..-..-''' .. "......._, ....-.'..'".-''......#..... ',x', .-.--"-- .'..., --.. ,. ...._.....,-"
., "
,' ..*""%! ., ,'- '
.. --:>; .,...... ....gaa < rTC tzr5!<"_ t <> 'i "' '" +
...: .. .. -. 1J 1-- -'

.. .
.: .... .


I ,

J ._ _-_--_--. -.-.__.._......__ -_- __ _.._. _____. __ _
"---- -- -- -- --- ---- ----- ---- =- -=':- :-: :' :-: :;:cd. -- ;-= ,-- '--- -- __ u -
-- T TNr _:.. .
THE 8UNLAND TRIBUNE. -Mr. Solon Tnrmaa tells us that New Stoves! Sew Potware! Suioide.lit. H. KRA1JSLCorner .....:. .. r

'0 Col. John"Webb! has a very beautiful I 1ttLt received, a largo assortment of B. F. Cole, barber, cojnmitted.1 Grpoceoy; Store.Toot '_ ": I
Franklin A Xack Strectf]
June .
25th. 1881. ,
place on Sarasota bay, and that he Cooking Stoves from the Celebrated uicido last Saturday: night by cutting : f

.- I. O. O. P. has a shipyard for building small Manufactories, also a large variety! (of his throat with a r ,zor. The wound TAMPA, FLA. of Jnd the :. ''t''
Potware < hich I offer at Bottom [ ) 5ca Street, at Ferry.] ;' ,
1 be regular meetings of Taoipa Lodpe boats up to the size of 20 tons. suitthe times for cash or was on tie left side of the neck, ex. DEALKR: ; IN ALL KJXDS OF ':, "j !
J\ 7 I. 'prices to produce :
o. O. O. F. are held '
ererr Thurmlar .. ?
)t 7:J P. M. Jon DABUSO. -Mr. S. E. Sparkmaa was in town for which\| will pay the highest tending from near tho angle of the HARDWARE -- -o- ,. I'I's
tf. P. & R. Secret>ir. Market prices., \ tower jaw to the Adam's:!! apple in : + :
ycftciday and i is still here to-day fill- '
iiii.RMOMETRIcMi : C. !\FRIEBELE. front, partially severing the external IRON, STEEL. NAILS, SHIP CHANDLEKY 4
his '
uig) appointment at this place to J. R. WILLIAMS
by Mi. P. S. Seclor, U. S. Ilo.oali.t&1 If Considerable quantities of inter uglar vein besides numerous smaller BUILDERS HARD WAKE. A II
assess taxes.: you did not give in HOUSE CARPENTERS TOOLS CARlilAUEMAKER'S :
Steward *t ft Brooke 'alnpa, Fla, for vessels. The wound was inflicted ,
the week ending Jnne 24th., 1831 _. your taxes yesterday, attend it to-day. nal improvement lands have already SUP1'LIES.StoTcs DEALER IN ,
about 0 o'clock and the .
m., JUlI.nbeiog .
I p. ,
DAY 7 A.M.12r.t.| j 9._r. "_. been withdrawn from sale in"tbis coun- Tin Woodenware Hollowware ; ;
.... .. Judging from the numbers of in n room by himself, it was I
Saturd.I. 80 91: 84 ty for the Philadelphia company. As
Saod.I............ 81 92 81I letters and postals we are constantlyreech.iDg some little time before he was discovered -. CrocLcrrwarc,, Table and Pocket Cutlery PROVISIONS .
will be seen in another place in a ex. Gunl"i ... ... .
i1oDday. 81 81 76rutIay. this section will receive and the time aid /
by of-
I a surgical
.......... 76 76 78 tract from the Baltimore American, 'i : ,
WedneIay..... 80 83 I 81 tremendous iuflax of immigration looks like these southern counties could be procured l, the loss of blood Farm Implementsofall kinds .

'Tbu d.,_".,_ 82 I 90 83 next winter from all of the U. b'q d been profuse. Dr. Wallwithhe ,
Yriday___... 79 I I 80 I 1 parts north of lake Okecchobee had been very a.Tract' Plow Ham Axes FLOUR GRAIN SALT MEATS *C.The .
.. .. a assistance of Dr. Porter, ar- I'11C'h. *, !, >
well sold
pretty out. Spades,RakesRopes :
thc and dressed
200:;. 'lLat i iii it 7 rest \ hemorrhage Paints & Oil attention i of the I .public iu general r. called t'j examine my extensive stock of
Messrs Milton Weston, of Chicago the wouud, but the patient expired. !
t What i. 29O5 ?
r -'P'Ayth-epr-in-tera-twce" is a -We learn that Mr. John Steele' S. Van Winkle and C. C. Dem- : about three hours after inflicting the I I1IJJury. DRY GOODS, TEAS, ,. r

and J. B. Whisnant got into a dilli- i jug, of New Yoik, arrived .Tuesday.I \ COFFEE: t"-c

:_ .good motto. cultv Brooksville on Sivtunlav last___ These centlemeu connected with 1 Mr. Cole nicVcd, to this county from loot": Shoe*, IIat" Car, Fancy CS.wlUmt !-, UG.UIS: : h..l
--- -- --- -- n are .
---------J ; relIas .\lwall'U Land anti r
-The market Is now 1x.iDgsupplied ; : iJJet'ordIn.ioc and located the : receiving .-.
and Whisnant Lot three times, tho Tampa, Peace Creek and St. on frith Kupplii dGroceries PICE .

Arith mutton. Little Manatee about three years ago, &... HAMS -,
of the wounds \
though danger -
none are Johns R. It. From what we can learn and for about bad been ,,
: a year keep.ing Provisions BACON,
.*tIs -Potatoe planting is now occupying ous. road '
doubt the
there is no of bqjng a barber shop in this iaco. He SYRUP I 3':
the farmers time.i' Which I oiler at l-otto'n I'rice, for Ca--h! .
built all the I. I. fund land was a sober nud industrious citizen,
Messrs\ Mark. provided
Pope Culhreatb or the Produce of the FarCu 11
-Mrs. N Dez's school closed but had been sick some two weeks before AND"CIG
yesterday Collins and G. P. Hubbard arrivedon avon: t been std to Mr. Disston.: r.I.'Oll..ccio: : n.S. r .
for the summer. his death,, and it is probable that ..

" Wednesday from Webster. The -Our public spirited merchants E. his: severe sufferings induced him to BlackSmithingIn ,
-The S. S. Lizzie HenJersou two latter gentlemen went to Manatee seek relief in death. He was 4J! .. -A; .
A. Clarke & Co. and J. E. Lip comb years AND. ESPECIALLY MY STOCK OF ': ,
l brought a 'large freight TUe! ay )lauds with tho view of age
to inspect : buy. & his los who arrived from Little
f 41 Judge H. L. Crane and lady rc- .log. well the intersection WIIEEL: WEIGHTING, CUN( b.MlTHING FANOYCANINEDGOODS. : I : .
digging a public on Manatee after the .. .
_ ; Sunday night < .. turued from Key West on Monday. -Mr. Beard ha started a mercantile Washington: t Madfconstreets nteniitut; of the body. Mr. John He term '

I -The cotton crops in this county business John's Pass, at the stand ; and we are glad to see that McDoiniM.! ] Justice of the Peace: held! A good) I'npl'lYJf! Wgrr...nCart, f ,. .
Buircie Wheel I5arrow &,. hand.
: >u :
an ; afternoon and the
Are reported as beiug remarkably fme. of A. J. Adair. Mr. Board has recently Miller & Henderson and C. L Frie. iuiiuest returned Sunday: verdict of suicide., 1'Ieie: give met: call. :

! Refreshing ahowers. The farm- moved to this: county from bole are doing tho same thing jury a- -A May 25th, ',-1 r : : JJ.

,'L en ADd merchants are more cheerNotwithstanding Early Grove, Miss. We wish him down town. Such wells arc bound to THE :XE\\r\\ HYMN BOOK. New Goods BUYERS ,

Jul. success. prove a great convenience to the country -
!. the rain if t haa people who come to town to trade.
Low Prices
,. I I -Capt. J. E. Lipscomb returned The EHIX HOOK compiled! ) \ I.

been very hot and eultry for the last Thursday night fro.n a trip south of -Mr. Ed. DUboug and Mr. L. A. [luWL-httl bv order ot'tlic (ient-rHJ Confer- .
AT .
; nee of the !Southern MethuJut L'hurrh furlutlic ,
i .week.j the Mafia and report.] > considerable Rawls returned last Saturday from a [ :aii'Iwxi.il: worship. ,--o---- : 1

-The Brooksvillc Crescent says rain in that section and the streams trip to Miakka )lakes: where they engaged Cotiiw! ftr :Sale\ at HaynswortliTin ...I..
Pu. BHAXCirS Drug Stor
that a millinery shop would do a good swimming.! The Alafia rose 3 feet ten days in killing alligators for June 2.r th, 1881-tf. FIn :

J i business there. Thursday.Mr. their hides, for P. DLiulyn@ki. Three .. Stop at the STORE : I
Lake View Items. of .
Tin & Hardware ,
-Miss Hattie Carpenter of Bartow, men in that time killed about 300 'ga- Store.
\ S": B. Carter Chief Engineer, Miss Lizzie Platt
accompanied by
and iSO hides. In hole inS
3 Jeft Sunday's eteamer to"i it tots got : one
on now engaged in making the survey of. her father tho Dr., arrived at Limo. COME ONE AND ALL AND EXAM-
: friends at Abingdon, Va. slough below the lakes, they killed Vt. the first variety of stock! in
the route of the T. P. C. & St. J. R. R. : na from Benningtou, : of .

-There it to'' be a picnic At Carpey' came in last Thursday week, and saysthat 130 and the second night after the this niouth. TINWARE HARDWARE AND

commencement of the slaughter Mr. John Brandon is slowly recovering -
&turda Several
Ferry next } the are now in Sumter HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS
surveyors the remainder left. Mr. Dishong says from his: severe illness.Jiunes : MILLER "j
parties from Tampa goiuj
Co. Tomlin recently killed a Kitchen ami Dining Room om
that there are not M 'gators in
r -The Cochran made on her last many nine foot and three inch alligator ;
\Veha,1 l fhower last Saturday plete Outjlt.
a light the Miakka region as has heretoforebeen
; ilrip the ran from Key West to Eg. and John Brown, we are informed, I
: night, and a long slow rain most of reported. killed one twelve feet long. The Ladies will do well to call! and we, .
montKey-disUnce 190 miles-iu 20 or purchase: these few good! which, all
: Monday and Tuesday, which has!! produced .. .- Who has as large and fast growing i hou-t: -keciH-rs should have, such a' : .. \.

.b uri. _- a .ereit. chanM: in the appear-. IK tell us what ":=UO.;" i U? orange trees as G. Harvey ? Mr.\ H.'u Knife cleaning: I Hoard Bread and Roll ..

-T-- ,.ICb oner- -mo,&- F3gftty>> master, slice of tho trees and other vegetation -.. -. .- trees are five'and_ a half years old, Pan, oblong! round and "wjuare, Japan: AND .
orange knife and fork Boxes Coffee
Pot Stand
= aud have been fertilized with oak ashes ,
.arrived .at this port on Tuesday from Our friends Harry Branch
in town.' More min since. young 'and given good cultivation.Dr. Ladies Garden: Set, Improved Vegetable
$fanate to .procure' freight for Key and Solou Tunuau who went on a marooning \ Slicer Star Sieves, Adjustable LampfthmlcH,
who subscribed for Patt has got the best cultivator New Can French Roll Pin
-Seine parties \ Style Opener, ,
:\V.est.. expedition down the coat last iu town ; oue that will cheapen the Cake and Patty I'an of all kinds, Egg :

-Mr. W. B. Hendei' ca went to building the bridge across the Hills- Monday week in the JLNO, Capt. Saiu. cost of cultivation. The oM! method livaterf: Whigs LvouV Dust Pant, Break. :

"AlA I borough river, ou the Brooksville EJli, returned lastVLdnesdiv night cultivating: crops here i is too laborious f.u.t Casters: lush Covers, So ""'ut& .Rana on Monday tn complete I Cake Trimmer, Goodman' Patent Cover
road have not paid the contractor to and slow to be endured when efficient ,
ajracgemeats fvr flapping: : ) cattle from A nd bring most wonderful fhh stories OYster chafing I li i he'', Dread Toartor,
his great detriment. This! delay! probably d : farm tools can be had for a (:'hiUN! Tray, Preserving KtitleEnameled,
) n'lILu They
:till :: rd.
that .pgint. i la rvonahlo; price. S:luce I'.ti. Pud' Pan: :*. Lemon Cake Pan,
a mew oversight, & hardship
-Mr. C. B. Pendlctoo. editor of the g"t plenty of l-ird and turtle cir s'l II. 1 Harvey has: completed :i new very Li:>t :5te.ik:: : Puunden, l-'Iutir.g Ma-(: ,

On Mr. CrUlv. caught a Jew fish weighing 250 IL board fence around40! ) acn-a lying in ,'.', iuiKr: land: lelU! : Meat Ctitur, ?
Key West DtJ/.O rat, spcat 1n'l*l ut t tthh.eekiu (! iK-luiouico!
: I rate, StcJ fc oon-i and ForkTreLle *-,
Tamp He leaves for -Two fine Mango trees, six years killed a shark 10 feet long-.1 regular the cn-t end of Kiclilaiul Lake ; and Silver Plate lollies tine t-ci-tfor., AND LOOK OVER
also 'JO( t foot well which he curb THEIR
dug a hu'l.l11,1 /
old, at Pt. Pinclla, arc for the :,second lUau eater-had a gocvj time generally : Tengs, Tea ln.ll'\n.. ( :tU- ,
home to day.Mrs. ed with sawed lumber! that he brags Flesh Fork and Urjre; .:noouL.in.p "

TJiomns C. Piarre. cf: Bar- time fairly breaking do\vu with ili'n and came near being! taken out on considtiuhle.An Curnerii, all !sizes Tea and Cotfoe i'<,t. '

delicious fruit ; they will stand as to sea by n devil fish which !jrot iouled indignation nh ctiut'.i to l beheld r.ijr;iu" iV t ilti's Cake Boxes, Table and
tow, left pu Eunqay"autcuucr! 1'jr a 1'ix.ket Kuife*., :'["tl"lllv".Oil: Can,AXM ,
much cold as : !. Mr. Wm. P. in thc anchor cable! at nielli 'nhen all yet-teiilay at :New! Hope Churchto ..
shortisit to her form -Limo in guava Nail*, 1 lue Oven Iron, Mr( *. IVttV cold
Neeld .will fccuil !seed by mail 5) ct. on hoard were asleep.Next express contempt for swindlers real handle :Sad Iron Jiict the the thing and IMMERSE STOCK

\ Nashville, Teun. .. ami) imaginary.'e don't know the the clothes Sprinkler.
each ; one S'Cl'oul( )" to the fruit. -
-Mr. A. J. Adair, of Johns! Pa i, ----- i is tho Fourth reiult. .
The T. P. C. and St. Johns R. R.
JIM moved to Dallas.) Texas, having ac. -Mr. .7. II. Williams having received E. A. CLARKE
of July and as yet we have beard no Co. can count on liberal donations of ,

cepted a situation in a large mercantile hi< stock of groceries invites talk among the citizens of Tampa look laud, tie timber and right of way from
business at that p1s
The building belonging: to Mr. in this issue. He prupo.-es to make a the day. This should not 1 hi so, awl along the surveyed Hue out thisway. : General Merchandise J

Phil. Collins?, and now occupied by the new departure in the selling of groceries we sincerely hope that in the coming: that DON OAKI.O* ,
Notwithstanding :
--that i is-to sell! them nt lower ; Cor. of ,C Marlon
: Washington St'nIS
i is reahiii- :
Customs being week will be taken for celebrating
Inspector sonic steps thinks that Bloofningilale! is the brst

Sled and otherwise repaired.Mr. profits than has been done hereto the day. The declaration of plac fur u R. R. and l some others TAP .

fore. Call and inspect his goods.Mr. thiiik that :another place i is bitter for FLA_, GOODS.
Fred Heiukle ha* establUh- independence[ ou the 4th of July 177'j)
-- it. \\r re think that the T. P. C. an.ltt. NOW RECEiVING: AN ENTIRE

0.1 a blacksmith and machine .bop near Enoch Collins! with several inaugurated a new cia iu the Johns II. It. knows better than

Mr. James Williams' mill on the river.We others: prnjwses! )leaving next week tolook world's history, besides giving birth to tlide Solons where the }best, route for New Stock .

do well. nation and hitherto uutrieii their road! i is and therefore
imagine that he will a new a : we wont
at the countrv said to be high.
form of human anti hence play the fool by dictating to them OF ALL KINDS OF GOODS. .
Henri E. Wells oil Xl"bfl\ That stands
Ml. without
dry and nra'.de, recently discoveredby wLtre to locate their road. H. a Rival this ,.
ka Avenue has five varitkuf the 1 Capt. Duval while surveying: iu the day i is worthy of honor. ___ -

Japan persimmon, and ulso a Chinese the lower part of the peninsula. Mr.! Haunt 3[1'. DKY GOODS ,
well.Mrs. -.Tudjre. ; DavM&m: had u i-evtro :attack ; V Wo '. ''I'tLt.I side of New York.
which he sap', are doing Collitii pr .mis>es to let us! know all ? InuiTi aTP ;
prune 111'! iliH'.v! during court wt-ck, niul ?.r.'lutlt! 'nun 'Iiaunttsi: : me fur \iar: ,i-iu--c: ,i iliy ,
S. M. Ellis left ou the Liz. I about it wbu lie returns. Dr. \\\\"nll.ofTal:1p\ iffpoiisc to a .i i.-k ::U.lia1),1!. 1:ir;;.' Lillff; .r ttoetcr.i1I C.iritJr.g in part if ('.\I.H'Orlii.: : .- ,
.ind formed ;, tilisolt iiiil i tin" J.I.:: I wu- coiupictvlritlso.ir.ijt'l 1IA.\I::, lKl.AlNl; >, LAV.XIU. Consisting in of
her d'fepatoh.! came ntioperation. part
Ileuderson Wcilnesday for up }pci :
Jie lASS: JAtOr.'LTo: ; ; r.KKllULS.: : ; l.DGINGS. -
Oar whose : U''il rii'' y -ir .1C'. 'I.v ti! farmers corn crops He icmaincd luie n day, dHCKl'E: : !nl:', MULLS: ,
former hom iu )1iililurL Mr. Eilii V:.H' of iny ,pa: 'l.tr. I procured !l loi j, iiiiter; 1 t
Gainesville. will be cut eliort by) tlie dry weather, when l.e letuiiunl home, leaving tto ..,'..1 fM'iiir.ciiiiii! ti.-ir me, au'l! iu ,'lh.'IUOlth :SlIIuriNi.S; ::, :5i1EETIi'TIll'E.!: : : .
accompanied heras far as illicit to a certain exteut repair! the Judge;; much better. But Iii; cr.mli- we were. all \,dl. :t\lllhn.i (.j IH hal: l.vcnilik 11 H'hlllIIu.: i: .' .\ I IU:( ]Ri.S. Ji.VN: >, J '

-The S. S. EHic Knight, McKay tion ltecoir.ini; worse his .!'oninbw.Ir. a day ri.tt: '; :mil! want: td ".iV t-t all! nYfTOX.IIllHlU: : DKIA; ; General ,
damage( by planting a lew Acre! of f.iiullu-. wi-11 PANTS; : LINENS.: : COLLAR) : ll'l'T-;. Mierchinc1ise: r
) Page, carried him: in to \1"n'T nuniu van keep your : .
master arrived from Cuba yesterday ECKIF.T.nl'i.: : :. >KUS: :':lL'.PtOL A ,
with I U' J li! fur !I.- ihnu
rice. I.ir,;c crops of pcs and! potu- where hi r.'nlltiIH11111.'r, a\ ar p ur> < oni-
Tampa, the :-- THHEAl 1: :: :S, 1'X( : EElJI.E: .-. .
Ballast l. .
and received a cargo of cattle at Ibt.tor'i"it \\illl.I "<'.t.-t (:V.rj>(;<'n .1 I i< loc* fchoulil ulao be put in. Diversity charge of Dr!!. Wall awl. Porter. At .. S )RAID: 1 in ": ric\: JET f ElTS:::, HEAl .

Point last night and departed. oi crops i jot the only crtAiuty: of an lat accounts he v.ss: some better. We "29(O.:;."What fanthiM ('.I"ltli,t ti ictjt n.I FANS.:: STAPLE AND FANCY DRY COODS .

-The genial David Wilson nn i\'(,Jon abundance to the fariiier.MARlurn.a all mi. i "Uncle Joiinic" up here, aud '"-vhicli .11'1.\f.... d'M''i'ini<,ii-r! inainllur Letter Note Bill and Cap Paper j''
c'l!lUIIUI1IC.I'I"v \\ wnil.l, I IK .
and hope ->oon t') have hin: in tutored : o t .
Tuesday's steamer we --- .
\' ,cIa.! t.> inf->rr. e.ir: rl'I.l..oif"" VHTV 01
heal!th.-lift: rtov 1I1fl/1IIaI t. Copy linjk: *, :Spt'llinp' Rooks, l'o.-k.t :luJ1t'lIl11ran.llIlt
glad to know, contemplate becoming : the 2M: [In 't., at not UII.\\'r l'iiti.\ ]> not l.i The fricuJ* of the ha\t- ,. ''Itt i it- Ladies Hats Rite. Handk icfeisS Haiteirg Gloves .
many Judge : t j"itii'tuv: hi\e 1 pcrfiftwork" Ells Belts CaM
citizen of Tampa in the iieur fu the residence of :Mr. John A. McKay ..
will iiitil I tinlin.e I i roiiuM th i\c 'tie BOOTS SHOES '
ture. in Tampa, by Rev. U. S. Bird, Mr. (doubtlcw fe gratified to in)' 'tiTy l'xl'lailil"l. JiLt\ it*.* worth know. ,

-The schooner Delia has been engaged I II. W. Sherritt; : of Ft. Ogden, to Mis* nnd know will that)leave ho i is for very home much in a improved day or, I i I iiv ion., .o kiip :t hharp lvn>k-out f.>r the loI.lu- fltntlera's' Clothin! Underwear ui Collars, Fancy Dress Baltsns, Colopes 521! Extracts, \

this week in carrying luml er to :M. A. McCarty, of Tampa. The hap- I I
Ladies.Tliorc" GEXTXD LADIES
Ballast point to be u cd iu the construction py couple left immediately for Ft Og-- so. ill !ht' fnniil tit W poo
of Hon. II. T. Lyle' summer den. No rr.I"PriufuJI'. been K.nu-ihiiii; : A. flt-.\ a: Mi> i H. C. linkKvV. !! .. t: S.;1
-The idea has sug "*--ted hat A FULL LINE (OFG -
residence.Mr. _- fee reccired.The .*,* I BOOTS .1:1. N 1) SHOES, : .
it ould be a oolthiug if the county
T. J. Sloan, now merchandising matrimoniahfevtr 5 i" commissioners! were to have a large 29)' 2IOi.: .!9O.29i5.. :2'i.! .4
: gettingup
at Pine Level stone extern: built at the court liou.-e.
a boom in the Clear Water section = = CORN FLOUR, GRITS. M((1\1.: RICE _
rlftvauuah Monday whore, he had beento from the The proposition is a good oue on several i I ..H'OLT.l': .\ EL) FRUITS andVEGKTAIJLFS (
; lIe loll for judging following marriagesthere :(; : ; : ,JELLll'l'leKLE.:: >, XV* Loop ul-o -pKn-IKl aK>rtn int: of '
stock. it would
his accounts! as afford 41t'public
replenish last week: Ii29Oi. lU'TTKU. CHEESE; : SARDINES; : ,

Pine Level Wednesday URkIF.n.-\t Indian Pass._. Miss_ __ in attendance on court H uiv -. CRACKERS: MUSTARD and SP1C1( ( ':>. .
H :-i KEROSENE:, and PAINT OILS, :SMOKINCt Hardware & Tinware :
i of wholesome
Alligator hides are IK shipped. Joiq>liiue Whitehurst to Jefferson ply good waUr, aifyitl and CHEWING TUUACXO ,

from this section iu considerable! l (quan Lowe; and Mis Carrie Summerliu toJames .1 an abundance of water iu a dry timein t SNUFF and! CIGARS, of various qualities

tities. We noticed ..c'crallots sent It. McMulleu, by Rev.: C. S. case of firo in the jail or court 2i i ai.d ES: and l.r.ind: a lo. lannvtur PIPES! : !md, TOI5ACCO ankles.IDWAE) I BOX \VX) )AN D \\ LLOW-WA II -

|10 from the interior in the warehouse Reynolds.! !lou!!(, and lastly by having al-o prepared : : :

(his week. At Joun Pass, Miss Sallie Brown in connection suitable ladders! t: !. ;, ALL KINDS): OF STATIONERY.: SCHOOL AND 1JLANK BOOKSVe ,

Tax Asjsor gives notice I to Oliver Archer, by Rev. C. S. Reynolds. for the emergency of a fire it might ;::":i CROCKER"Y, -
-The town
.11))1) ,. .
enable the comiui-Honers 2to2t10.3.\; 2)u.i." \ would) nil JKCUI attention to our St. ;:ck ofGKOCERIES
to insurance
that he will close his books on get '
en the building at a lower "Kor Sale. TIWA.RE .
30th int.! and that all parties not havtnz ;
!9> l acres of land l mil from '''
We one -
that time will :\ J. H. Rawls in command! of rate. heartily commend the sugestion :
their tax receipts by -Maj. O
the 'rmmnij ,. Ou) the land arc l OiK) or 700) I Cutlery etc.: & PROVISIONS
of the
advertise.! the here in Ft. Brooke, has received i
find their property troops orange tret- 'et out n :grove-inhealthy .
commi.: ;
Gainesville Sun A /fIC 1 orders from the Hon. Secretary louditioua: bargain am I be
-The ray* It would also be ForkR.iiif. 1: :hi"ir*. :>ci ors .\1.'. :
""8 understand that there:: will bean of War to make a survey of tlla por- a good thing ti) had by applying at once to I AnJ I great: many :lrt-!..,.. \,1.irllllla-tl>(" rHn to !I.e apj>r '\'i.: teiJ. .()nr gosh" a'. t'lencwiht .

via. Cedar thin of the garrison grouuds adjacent plant out the square with come kim :8. Sl'AKKMVN.:; : VARIETY an.1 U-t Moll'l'lI..l; in th- iimiitrv% all.1t" are .1.It'rlllil".1 l l U otli-r them lo fJrl'aINu" S?
excursion to Tampa FANCY GOODS
of hhadr. at i>riiw to !suit the IIH-I fitiilL.uV inU-ntl( K ....Ill for
trees or oran!!{ trees a* \\:\!! .
the and north of the
early day lhcfarcToi: : the to town I Louis '
Keys, at an I Herzog 7
once suggested in the general ; t.I .Ml! "f hi II J
he ;
from Gainesville being *!." in the arne, for the purptse{ of dettrinitiing l'resent. I' ivl>)h<>" In i,H at the "
round trip whether an application for I n enif a grand jury. .\uy kind <.{ i< -wrriiliail)1)iUafl! I i PV1.ST< :: LIVING; PRCI:! >. fur CASH or its EQUIVALENT .ONLY :
-The distinguished Catholic divine J. !tIt triH!, hO\\' \'er"ouJ.I help the aIIar.aiice i 'GASHia1] ApuroTcd Country Proflnce.I 1
that: part by the T. P. C. & St. "' .

He1" Father Dufau, well known here, for dejxjt be rn\ltcJ.\ of the square wonderfully.. I ].-) r 0) S.o ; .It..: "ri' m irk. .1 u tlc: l.fI\\o.t: And HXI'ct in no iiutaucc to deviate from our.rule. .' -" .,:

died in Savannah on 8U1u1a.I:11't.The : purpo.ccan ; c.:,-.. .1'1.i....>. Ti.t.nk, : i- .u.pK-tc inex 4 "-

native uf i France luHI I Wholesale Drug, Notion and "i -f!i..I- \k,'j.i j l:> .1 \\t'il-rqnl.It'! ,! -t. rc. s- : IfI
deceased: waC! a For Sale.) c .
Gentlemen.ionlV j 1 HiI I I 1 lUtoiiier.mdhe l i
goo 55 years, and had l been ()flkiatiug -I .. .- 4O( a.-n": "f gvJ liml: f.-ral..' on It. I Qlnsswaro.OKHl all..ire. iiiviit.d i':ill I .ml pu'.iu,'x.iuiiK.tr.r-. l.i- I Cormti-y JPvocliTce ." : )

a Priest:! both in Florida uudCirorwa (; Ituck skin {glove;;, at Mr-. 1'i'utl.iwilllv' Mild ilit-.ij. :.> .utiial. ..ct- I II a1l1ldl (3\ -link: l-eforf! punlt.tMn} ,. d.! .\s (h'r."II .', I I .,. .. '. :
as t.! further .
I r. 'r |l'.rli"IIIIT": j-1 In- ;, \t.i t. : .. .
for the past'I. -; )'cnN. I: 1I.C. HillkJ f:,. Jtl", 1'Ut. ", Iuif3t: i4. Ii.,. i ) .U- "-'H'lTKIf. : \ CltH.Yf' Juilr jr ,,,,(';" I! '. : ,.
1 Ii i'\:>'ry ""' i..i\.u. i.kH in e\fK.it) e fvr gi.. lat ihir full.! nik.t I \lIl'. :

'- .

ti".i -

,It, __ -. ---.:-- -__ t "'-" ..;: ... *

.. -- .'M.'r r -. : .. __ r--"-..' ''IY. ....... Q'o.'C. '- ;
= _
4': -. --. .- ---

,':,>'i-tr.1).' .' i.l8._ I" ; ..';.'I'' 7< ,,
._. "lis ,
,. .. .., iiiiro. d4JI : 4'
< .
i_ ,_. = -.I.t __ .. ._i __ J'I.r _. f ""'. "'_. _. .., .. .- ": 4feSH0efe"hail1 'IIIl'I .





., ; : .
(,1-, 4 I ,
) -., .. .
.'JAA '
: : .. : .. t
.. .
'. -: '. _-. # t

...__ .. _.___ __ __ _____.____ __ ____ h
.. ._ .. ,.. __ .
r 1tT. -- - ----------- -. ---. .-.--.-- -- -- .. -- -- -np5. --- -- __ _V_" ----- ==- ----5-- ---. ------- --- -- -- '

Jdr'cnoll.. Davis on 8hl'I'fUIU.J I OlHI GltO\'J rOH ; W. uiow ;. C. !. KEVXO1.UBRGYH -. Su' I -. j jRf Notice. -SI.

c ; 1 Speech. 1 r F oR U.K ''/ ino *iilribor, I r,: "; r' \1 118 Caltlo I

Intemcw j the luJianajxjlji Seatieii' MI iii; 1 'hiFvmg! < :>i-au- \ \ G. FERRIS; .A.Q'tlllf. JGIlI4lDt Tt .
: i A NO
Mr. .Davis'was asked if lie ] \ I mtjuuiii., : : ; r 7': 'ri"K, THIS (.f j : : j 'j Ii IJ J'S'l. h. fIiJ J D a !i, .j'; ;liii-'il; to neither! I ,'n, Milk. KIM! 5'
p wcI'\arKy: : ta-e I:) *- rinr, : i STAPLE DRY) GOODS) I tH z' ,. 1 t 0 0 n ;
in the
will n t/! ? ti f I Prive IT .slij1i nnrttr.: : S
I ht-ar
iu atii read ittiday's -.l ,
; ; papers the fj jxsch -< ;i : : I 1 : ._ z i."t ;J IIh Markand: : i'rainw: txrvpt l lay l ru.j.MjoJl
---.5 -5-- --
i ;!. .,.General Sherman, replying to icr- Friiit A -Ivrcilins 1.11101lu,1 11..mwith Cia":1 i 4f'uI.I.on tin- l I SCHILDREN'S HATS & I !. Hurrrll'! I.s: T ..I. s I'l'o'rlr"'Jors ..r 1'1'(11.,101. "r It-nfl. I''rlnill" IMJ. &fl4Ih.. 'u ri i .ir my autLorift.il: .tgmt1i. -
)! .. ,. I'iI \1.011..1 1'iJ I : .
1'11..5. t'roe'.1
"-- "I" J "111a 11. V..tahlo ""'" y
.,tam Mricturcs'Upon his jniiilarjcou- )j'i.izw cstcitJjnj ail around U.o Tin and re.nIo..1 II' iJ.-ti foT "7..''... euirrMI. I.bIiIty.. "''ltu l- Di.'C'! \
Kitrhut:Iud ';I.l'r! utlKi's '. Gulf I CrockeryT.e. or Vtidld7. lIr..r.nu. 1..odraU., _,-....#..-. .'. 1..1& t.V.P. nuQ > SX .
-s ,
duct coufcaiue4 in the recently puuiUcd I till fianie in : II CuUU Aud .'('t"r. It serve >'\cty i'i irpoM> wlicre a TuMC Is IItGfacfursd 4&ii
building. Front rar.l}
a 'IUo, nud Fall of the SoutliernConfederacy. cr*. !ail oli:i tastc&iHy .uiJ walks CLKAI: :: \\*.\ : : I I Cutlery: Willow & \WOG 6)) THE DH KABIES MEKCIHE CO., 213 N. Main Street St. tculs.

AVitor tile: TH>t on the cit S .
!: Mr. Davis' eye gUs witl.in htiii-lnnl : & COOK JO r.
unc aU- "
yanV, >
,tcnetl *ith feomeUilug) of the old lire Hotel : nL! ({tKctlin: IU.U.-H- v.ilhui I *'.ti 1: ..mt : I BITS SPURS & CD RES t, 7; S ,
in t II,; ::! I
t'f the l. :\'. ScvltMv.. i MHi. ..iu. ,
,that was wont lo be secu m the Semiteas -, -- : ) ...- Tnri f '
j pI1 {f..1.; TinIionUlnf! AND LIUHT: :
i lie replied}\ : "Y s ; I have rcIt 'anll. :'tItl.'nly) to |1'ay ,hbt. i .- (or trro-, l DYSPEPSIA J8'

.. 11..t. to live Itt-ar I hire ( r.I. vry l(iw\ ,
: "
that remarkable!
rigmarole of General Fin: !ji,hiii an.} y ,'htin;, au.l I TIIUI'I.ril. | I ] : -}1
..isliennau'si; but I cannot tec that i it:, iu I.y; in tiieSi.to; S&t-i.ir ;rJn.1. -- ---- CORX GIU51'N E.\ TJ. 8. :YI.f-LIL I[. ,0' SXorb: .: 7..'

..21UI.respect, breaks the force of my j. rm.nit\if .li 're regularly. ; ( -:, OATS. JIACOX) '(. ) .: *k. flmtlt C in Cf'ntl'r '

; i htAtcint'uts.( Sherman ns tleb1awytr, I INly ,.1 I'IU 1y Jca-Ji 1,11.111"1.,1"11.! or hilaiuv in.3 .''- }J.r, (cornSUGAR) :!: 'bJ.. } q;' "''ti'if"r' : .

S I ,\ inortuagc.ilLn ( 10 ''i KKAL: : }':' .\ : ) : ), iii; :.i*. HKAXS.FERRIS' ;I: 5'.D' : S I n 1;
: nt i x:1 tiLt
confiwsos and) : .
"uillTo i "
: & j .
; < an'thpr _
L <'range 1 reI'. :tijw..t \ I II 1i #
( pc
'rtll- ;
"i: legal j lirase, l w tlcfcuso i is in'' .,j.l. and i iki- -\iv ,.! jila.'' 'and : I CELEBRATED /j.I" 't li mtz22: .rC1. \
: r: I ) : .L\ /) '..IITIIJ'JR..I 'J I .. # '. I
: J.t'UI.c1.rt.*< .
the hatun ut a 'lU' tt'e j rrjnnnt: I j jwliich tr.p. j; E. I "i-! .
S 4 ; KO.) 1 i. .It ncd Fru/U. &; cJ : ', '.'if'i':: r.\ .a- ,
i 'reent II I !
< ot'c .
t'l1Ut:1 1i!'. <,ti its fiu't'"iJ.uc j I I 11\111):1.. : 'oI.!. .1&..-- J '.,'';... I ;in I "'..4--...-.... ."_:-'r-r.__ .""-" -.'._..,. -'1 _,-",\.._ \ I L F
1 .. I l ISr.rciwors ; TOBACCO'S '' : S I i ic
: .
= :
j/>fit* faNity.In otlur wur.l., it is u !I f } .; _..t' _.. J.f
: : 40. ,_. I
." :r 'I"V'r rirslr.uje I -: : : ) : And Fancy t !rucerir of every \; S II I I
:r p icfj'ativaofpi'O) thing! wMU llll''ilJ! ; :i \:, j Jrmv" tnit.iiniti; > 1! keejw t.II'I.I.IItI larj o sim-k Yf ( ., !. Circle S.Crce .

1 ... nfllriurvliou of RjiiihcrTJias UisfM.\! I I ,1' 1.r..I. ':.\ !h'lrill j QUUVKY4N( : I .tai'.li.nl ( im.il.to .suit tin- 03Y THE NEW STEAMSHIPS
.pn ; ,I i country
.. I I" )O sefltlsj't'ttc!
,. 1 :: in I I '
I 0)1.1
:01.ortnW' o"irt:: liu'ia than
J'J'II : : i-ht.ti'r : :\ r <.t
already '11cciat( that Slicmian t: .t nil htnS-; i ( ( '
I ,., I
l.r1./" rl't' 'I'. nir- .- Ih.! T \ : ,', .

burned Columbia, S. CLyln lite nciej' Itl'Om l.Cv-O) II..... (IIHM Hay ( '! ... 1 lr';V FiiiniHf. I llorl'! lml i Shin! I ( ) ... r111'' i 8 1.'V 1.-.
:'lllJ :
.' in..h U'I1tcr. aiid <; .. .'rc ;:l\lI } il d at tl loMv-t mla<. I II. f
I vrautoniieiS of war and to ; ,' gr111 ui.: I 6
; \:: gratify_ a _. i .' 1 ,
i S : \Iirjiul tpirit of rcveagc r.iri"f1.1.of ..a'St .\.n., .{T IIrec1 1 .,': ;!!,) (.' I I ..:: : 1 -' 1- 1\:1'1) j jI

.. they calle 'the hot.hil l.lf sccos*iou.:'t. ner,I.rttmg('.; 4U Z1ti-(, Orange'rMhtciIgt&1 Tr."; Stf. '"., ;:\I 1 !, ETIWAN' 9 1T:11 I i oJ tf Lfl I .1-\. :.i _1.1-I STEAMSHIP! : [ CO.SEMIWEEKLY JT ; S.

jj < Slier.un n %;w3oetl war with more iVrocity :- trsn'. :. 1 l/ia: "NlI I.'r: :1 : ; : Ii1'iii-i-: : .:; 111\: 1.1-:1-: : :: I S .

thanjany fcoMior SIMVC Attllls, \vhuDeceive i: ..f'u.i'i..I': .\ 1'I' :.':" I : ; : DOrilESTiC & !I SERVICE \ :
.: ra Ii": I ; T : : I II T
It : ;\ *! from his terriflttl niul :iionifiel -: -- : i 1 i ,,
r. .
: I Etiwau ) f' x K> r vj & i i: .
(' lIt liile) ..r il.e i 1 bl Sii Uf 'jy L"
flCflIpuFar1e ;
,1' 'j
A: scourge of God,* and] boasted that nojjlado I t7 # i l'II1\ .\ !i \f' ;i i::: I'LTfUAL nrI'I.D1EYf: V JT .
: <'j I ,

S : ) t'fgr.is ever :gniu givrlxr..- oR CROE .A M US "rr !) ; I I I;:, .& r u'. li"rl'd\f.'I''I'I \ .. (Crates'1 u" ; ; ;

:: (nice his horse had planted his hoof. ) > l 4I Loa i I KEY WEST.C I I.
r ,
S- I & Q J1)N: c. I I ., I'.fC and Jit.tltr .
IIi N cruel) treatment (.f the lulpu-ss! ", .'! 1 II .Qcr.ca. C i iu ceutcr.IWg :
1)/1.. ETON !! I "
iil.< mid iluduH'lt'tii't5, ISiJ 3 S
;"' mhataril.s tif Allatitu j U vit'ic.ntjiar.uiei =AV1J & 60KE P : L\ '

-- -, lor- .iiuKKirilyaiu. .: UUth..m.r'iUt1id i Stanilarfl' [ I I Ii I I ..tin /, Touts fflflT( M'tchine, I .I/.r.!( "'.1 "O/'f."l JIVES KEY isr sS /* A.l/.ffi$ Cam! )lit \ \

S \ \.' (* lii all llt.e) ol' AND J"PANtv # i-C iu ci ntcr
:uinis : V-
: i i |! C !Lh !K.VIHI 11.\> Y .*. I'., M. .(->re I-T! I K'ry M ll'< ?'{f \ Y (Ii I I'L : < :

i S : ..Mrnr. Ifhenhaii d.- orves the ;poiy- 1 i i Grain, Wl! at. ( :ij iS. j i Heating; and Cooking fjtovc > :.- at ':\.|':' SATiilA: : Y -' P. )1.rh'1 K.'yV.t \WKU'DAY: .A. ,.M.I.vinr 1. I All 1 x Sliiati! an.I )!. I II. Sloan, in Snnilrrniitl

; .whatever that glory may l le c \\1':11- : THE : :, r .\ : : i j! :I \ '.'1 (:::up Stzitt: "i'(7!( )!Miii.in : : :!"].., }' >AY 1 11.i. I !KlvYVKST: n.Jilt\\| h P.M.! : I HrrniniI: !muiiK.. to. "'iI.!#r anti .'
a: < V..ir! Key" : :; I'.Y t5 .'t. M.( Arrive at (Vilit! KiyFK11: '.\ Y r.A.M. : J H. M.! Ir! :. mj. I lHM! ..r.iinvlk.vijnliY;
: .pf ha ring roviv&I aud-given nne\\til OF ALLFOS I i i I :.'\]htii>: 11 1::, i 14"> :nd. H; .Mn,! .:.i/iiu- I ( (II.-r KtV.ONI: : )Ar.i; ;I'. M. I.vi'vett !luK. tlll'S!;; !.AY Ii P. \t. I If IS T. S, 1 Kni-l.t. S. T. I llar.itifk.: W. II. YaniliTijv -

force; : 10 that! lao.-: infamous i>f a-ii-n-i-t : i ".': : : i ii 1: .\\. \ ..ijv: ( >; : :, i= ., ))1ii'ai1.SI.I I f ''s' si V I'hlJ'1I Tl KSI'aY: :2 I'" 1.iri. ,' at 1 K.Ut --\lTIH.\!: li.\)1.: Julin Ynnng and I t'. 1'arrUli inManaue -
: r I iv.njai.iUT, : 't, '\V'( \. } : &- Tus .ja: \\I-1t.\1-l.\: : | 10 A. :)'. Leave Kt-v \<%M SATl UhAY: : I', p. M 1 :; : and! I',.ik t..lllil. are HIV anflior-
: -;jiiaxiius. No ?lctt!*. lie inari- *wi eto L ; Mti I I at iv.br K'iTiriI! : I1.\ Y 'i., \. "!L Uriv.- ii f.i'.ir! ft-: MM I>AY I f; .\. M. : i,. II) :-M.: j(hI:51-' : T. I.ISI.KY.Caltlo .

: the couqutT 'l,* a aiot lc>! jwipir.r'! i r I I .\'i-i-:: : )01I :- I'tviirli;: "r: 1':1".1at: \II cvf-I1' tit ':tt'(''iu: !In. .4 l.i;; IUI-! npplv to I the! .- .- -

S in the li. (, uth lliuii': I : r K.il-kr aii.l! I'M lihij; (V. : ; Irll! III,:i.I, 'H' tn !:. U. 'i'1l)1.\I :, A--MI.: T: Ii Iij
.cry j
century HAS ASP D IIIl't.I :
Kvcj ;l '' .!! ? I Jldv.xlui[ ]!r.,,M ::.': .Notice.
1 jyhen |irst yelled 1 by the lurbaiiairs at'they ;' I l tl..lh lrl: q n 17'1! L'oj'ju'r: k''1., I
S ; ; S rr mor"tIL'\J\in tlilr.tcfa % passed with dripping s rorj lit :: 'melcuMusftt I.tnlmtut. -- 0: .L Fowhrl'Uvnt, Fly F S SS l.i-M.-n! fr.Mis : ,i, .il k ing- .IrlViliiT
II. I' ,
known millions! wI) rT Ilia 1,1 I'.i ": 'I tlt-'t...rlJ''l i I : jH-i -
);jhe ack aack-nt Rtni5S tL* only F ae rellAucc! for the : : ) J V.i I.ltl'"I11.\: \'JI I I'arU: I InC i .-r -hii.j.ii-/I i : a:tv 1,1I1..f! fniluwinK! ; S S r '

'The truth i 1 coiti.nK-u )1r. ItT inrcJ-icnw fin:' pain.: H la a ; J : ,' I'I..r I.UU-TI it'ittt-r -. : i.i.irl--.inJ, ;-ri'iU\'v.v; it ly.u.in l rlJli..iun ,
:, : jnbmrt price mm j'ritsa-t b : FIfllilar I : .
I tn.:
I III .r ::1..' a1l:1:: '; ui.1 L atr nti
klud. 1'or C\ form t>i tX. .\ul"rit. I C-o-t5-('U St :
: 'ry : : t : !
T: rill, "that Sherman is a vain; man. 5 the '.': 1 I'ktlll',' i : I &I.J..tl'.1I \1114\\
who has been ruined by piKtvs ,IK\\ f r"tj fffi fr1&& ; :. .:;( : -:. \\"."J IIU> ] Ir r!: \ I 5 5 ,( $ ., ,

S J\. flattery, and i is possessed of a ('lll ,tic :, fw :1 C ii 54Jr For any .-a-- ( ; I I I'r I I :I.ziirri. CSIAICTKI: I : : :_ OAK! 'qtl V V $% 4 @ ; .
S .'..all cillnUu that he i is a .rcat ('j jitnoral. '' J Mn-tar.c I.inimrnt is vlt:C'at 1 LHJt'nK t I : !J.:0.: i ; ; : NN( ..I t.
I' I It penetrate Ur.li tal k.tfl Ami 1 It; 'I t { I JOHN ViMIAULLi! : K / 'r\\ I If S i 5''
!. He b really n 1112n ci"cry lie v"ry hone-intiklr.K tlio "I'lic, onl \-: :, : r'UP .. :
S JBIICO (f pain HJH! hil-tn'l I ''..1\ ei1'I5, t i I ): .; .' .\ IE1-: TLA.- I 1
: luedlocre; talents cither civil or niililaiy < Mtb1t. :.. I ire : upon lliur.iin f ) ,

: .t. and.owed- hismxvt.-5 ciitirely. : to I|ful.Urn.Unite The 1cdtau CreatU-ii arc cqf.aUy i Si'.t}1'lIn.h'l nuy\"a.gdt1.1 in.Ti' j : | I '(LS ii,n,:.'.nl.\:] .r. !Ii.iiid i :1 i iom}>!lfU. f -y--- I, :..jI

tujxirior numbers! and the lack of ,cntcrim ery (':%." Ia.iI 31 :: I 5- / : rf
i.ul (. .fDfV .. v- ,
MUSTA ; nti>mjr .r : : L" '
,. }
cither could "r"1\"JU.la!lii, imtliin!sxvho P. I ) : | _
; Liniment! is pwrtril 1-v B '.'t I OiMiwi : J (\ t ._.1. i "
? .1' ,
) .
but retreat fcominj> anxi.HH to In- pj erery. I hOU5<*. Every <1.r l rjti. ?. e ii-.in, 1..a.: j I U .' ;. 00 S" ;-s\ : .... 4
ofitu .
nvrfrl 6
r ; ( ouy 'i <.. .
., J8IX J 'S
he Fnoius of ilu evil p Mtiliilu.il. of rh* itmntio tn' I I '. '- ) j ;'iJ .
) callcil wr () _:.'11..1. or A iftlufx'Ulr h".. Georgia actl "OI.S Shoes arid I HatXai'F.vai i:I Ii S .s--P'_ : ..; :: ;
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& undertaken in the tide: of (iine.Jt IIol'oiT Horn, HerntcJIM. ; '-.d. loiu'Uiu; I | "f-' r j ) S
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S jljihotInadol) III1'H1.! \\!h.) iii-'t--fl;, J M N CR BA .j! thiot'iili'1. i'X.: t : : : ; J i! k1S' 3 ,! \ t FREE. -t RortI\L'. ADULTERATION. S ..54Ab

falliiijj! back before :::1"1'11I11.t, : \ vi'. : : \ < 'aiv'ully! uiuiuivil. tllt ;:uy !1101:1') ..f I: .is Fnnt./ri: : : .I. \\': "11"11. I Kiri ,..'. '.i.'tS.rtii ;; J (IIIl. l<'t II. "' >r .::55i pObtL.51-!'. IJH! i- : lyrcr'5rt

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went witli hrr ttl thiirrh on' 1T'1'1 1" &" \" 1'1 ::Uf' r T.taz1-a' .i.!.' Stji :''. fTr""i,.'"' IhS., I.!"":> "rtrl. i--1" .,* ". t5.. ',"? 4W.s. 7.t ..,rt.. jih j I -a't 1' S
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: : kid; iMnwit liuxnl( \ r ..w'e '1t i ---:iru.t.:.-rA; n* \ f ? AVINU! ( {' : ; i : < "'17. t ll'.f.I.!' h.4,. \\ ( II',., ,i'; ,. drmup MEW PRERilUM! CORN SHELLER I : t"D,. ''I. JI. .a.

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Thw laiid: ,.l nuumy in 6! e ti.I.I : J..II..1 lu.lu IA: .t.U) i' .i.i- tn ';:1'1'--: ; '':'-! ij! am) r'.1'ri''.. .t.h! 4iJ4'1 := I- M.I l.loU: i> im IMI.KII. i 'l 1.1.j'"IL'.r.T..IInliw.1..nml I j ._. .t,
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r .t. 'tlm dca ,u fi,U.wttt 1 ti i-t, utd r.--i:: 1J'".". :i < ; 'i i ii ; \ I TWO IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES.> : t .n ; '.ttII :.10. ''''a h
S :.., T.:7-il I ,." .. .. :, .!. .t' i } : ; 0. I Itt' i-- ma.h l tiu n. ,II tfj: r Onlcor.Il"tout 1' -I I :" "- 1:1:!:. II 'I ,. ::11 |I.,., v II11.i',
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t \\\11\ !II iis C; Ia-1. \ Il1 .1-111" fly 'II.c\l. JbXlSu. "" .1 k< l' ; I J i I : I limIt i.-l.un! tljiir i.ii time. 1 (.u'oIJ.--'t..lq', .I, ru.l at,.!.buu.n.01. I lh' corn mn,. U" ._ ," '1\1' .
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j;: 01Ir. Sheep wnlkr.1 !siox\h l..c'c. uUIk 'n43fl ,110H J" U' :, >iliort ct'lt-i. L | l I | i "it>iisl :h; Sili-i".ti-l'ii h :1. -. .-\ S --_f llii.'i.-n-rr. mvin: .nrr.aii. IUf..rw" |Uut cl.ly I I, ..:.:.. flS1UI .....Itti lh' s1-i! anV .

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pin ('uild retreat, it *!u..J l lain <*n i lti-> _. I :'!ru l-t I" I 1: ; -- S try.| m.a m" l.; t".. hih-l.rl4'.1 h..lfrf. I h.m*>iirv!1.10...< LO uxturjyw ':.1'tl... al..,.., ft"1",'1\t' lIsI4.
t. litail ./. --' zr -I nY kiihl .'!: ) : .iv.S_ It \VI1I I'ny Kor Itwir Ijm> TltticMtrott ttitks :1",1 I II "rlht:. run il" '
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went for that enhhccp. but nvcrilwtl : C01I\TD C.\T.\.IXit.r. it I; totf'r..r.! I : s I W .hrll" r. .ant..I. W'!. .lir."1101.1.1.. 01 h. It-si llii.C..rn lil.a.uW ;! i KI: ,
j \ I I \Vt'l'IT \M I I''! Ml i !. i IN 'L--;;: 15L; it.-t ..
! :I directed bntts ju-t piLil thi-in in ilixw; n--a: ftill l I e In..nl.. .l. a..n..lno AtJKNTS WANTKII,: in "-.f' funniTS .. L I. 11'-:1.{ I
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heap J -. S \ : 1 iiul Ihlmtl) C -- / A"I .oi HI>K II.II ".'''1'..nj if b.l1a.ti.t i1 it. *. -
f :. .1 u "t':- -a'-rU"II"; -- () IH :; ( e 4? 14 0III >,n.h! a 5 n.ti' "r.ni'l t.. .t.v Jd'>.s- iii-'ii *.. 1.. -f II.uuiyil '.Mr.'e 5- "
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the iloor! with l lOll b _". V. I )
111'00 ; nn t: \\hue ramoiia ru.k the I hnb, 1 1E .t _, ....t..a.w C ._4 '.. .L._ S q i.''j.1iJ-.I'\TI. :liio: : : : : < i ; ; 1 \Vu-isli" i !'. >1',1! 1. IA.) ; is.HSTON) :; ,. ;
r' j' k J z4s2, 1'. I : lI ft GOODS ,
E ; nun and h"t )hint.: through ;].. -r >u

  • S The laini-'ier' had ofifii hc'.n ii i J' :itkindness K: (11:1' t.p" !'",,: : (. ,., ', ,-. flI.t ; | n '< : \ 5 > \ > .34 F e-: nU.r. O'V. 5";:5fl, : 2..UC l.'nlC rt i

    z vrouM! ra'a! Hi' f fi T 1 '. i I4. u'rar.'h""I".. tt.. .... .1. -. i ."XilJl ji ; : S i.u..u l SHOEA :.'. .. !' .
    to..r : r.' ('i. : .\\t J Jv >
    .tlt-I-t-\tl"J..I.n"! j I ; i.y : ';-"- .. ..-- '< .:... .T !.. .i.. : :, S .' I f i. .'j!' -! !: :N i ) } inMii: ; !; \ U1I.t&ui!! ..": ." .- .. S p', .; r.' 'I '! 1 ;; ,.'".S "
    1..t"rI'I L. :
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    n.aiiic \'t. t't. ., .t ; ,. ..' 1 .t. iJIIHUt\SJ"H jl""l 'hallt
    ., Atd f>, he Lin.lly,- pntlyjJ! !,-l I ." .. I t 4": t 'E E :- ;: { TAV1M I'I! \ '-. : .V" PLrnn: ; ;. I

    t. _"c.ullt11'\mm}'.' n\HI'I" r\II ;' t., .. EEi LR I",_, :..1.i.I'. .J I a. g. : a \' i < : ,-. i 'i 'I' ,\ r. '.;, :. i r. ?- ":I.t. f >uf i: .;-. i ::,- < '. ... ,'' \fil-r! ,\ I".-.-, -'-!i,. .it' :l !.!. :i-!'s.I ." ,"rltl" ul .f tilt'1 i IH\LtII: !:!: IN f.

    I. .!the folk abaM'y mi ', I ;Ij\.1 :iid: :25 CoH'ir! !t i'r.' t. i KMV U '1" s 1 I-i55'i.-t.i ii'S !St: '- -'. ..' >:I.S: 't';! i..nj: \t. is-rm-r I trl.:" .. ,; S
    "' f ; : 'Is: t.- s i: :nl /U'I'I.. j; .
    -- -0Y' : ; ;: :.1'! .V Co. : :. :: TEs'r. PLJ: t .. ,tsiie t.i; ( iivtsi I I'jn.; .\> !..1! I..twmj. / "lIf" I'; J'.u. 5,
    *rrv :iii / o._ < 7.: : J._. .- -' or w.trk in f Is.i i- !tfi't t;, }i'ail'il1t .tt t t.' 1".UlltI., ..,i'II, ,I. &"4" ''D'. "a ", ,., t !I. '.1.,." Till tlllol
    With I.kt5si -.-sit word'i.1 #. ., ,. I'I'II'I .' \1 'S 'r-ji'iiili--. .'\-t-. ntu-iuu.i\ n-vooil. II"J ti., '. I' .
    ; e \;# e.rR & : : I..II: ::I: ; i I' 1"1' I" ) : (t. '' # "." &... (Il. .
    S '.. f-) : ; : Hi la hr. Mi 1"I. ; !. i iKoarrUntf' t4t'- ". /'U"U' S
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    iI" : that t doun.n .' rLnoi & Hl1. l ;.hl\l -tts I. 1.'a't.; t'. .
    came n III'ult'it \\\ff3 lv-t. .
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    (S. I J i-4, \I.::I v.; ". : (% ;4.:.. 1 ""i Iri..hS.y.. 1. I Lrt.-'. Ss.ilti:i f .I U !h jmt.iuu..l |ai\u.. ai.l. ..- !;. .I .
    lJe, raniiuy. rtlllIl.HUll ; ram I all T,.:.; : ;: .), ; :: iuV.5 ; _-I :*, '.""r..... ; : .-tirrlll"iil.ilI.; .I'I-! A- i',-V's' .trtlW4". iWEST.:
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    .;u the tovvov' .Jff :*.ru. \j i. Si il *.-\-n,. ;i v \n : :.: : ;; : : .: : ., 1" S : s-. I.

    .' *" The rllu'J.J..lll1.'I.: l ] tnd I 1 I.. --ft. 1. IIE'g..*.v.7, 4.O' .1" ."u. ', :1, 1 J'A. I'.'. ,. .._.> ; ,. t.-. : '
    I -
    4I -mluifl J s \ ,
    : : n 5-il '" J"I', : '," ( : ..;.. ; I: 'll 'vS.. VvATd\rJ t\ l.\}. \ ,. : !! r "':1'1 i i :i..l ;"
    z 1,1 I 't.- ; 1" 5- : 1 .q "". \0'/. / T. MA I I" > ..
    villi "nunuiy. KX.
    came r; imv. nui : ,..\u.: ..., : :: .' I \ 1' ', '.,. .. l'M! V '! \ i \ .J i'J S

    "ram, rammy, laiumy; ,,;:: : s ill\! niiv U.I* j'l.ui-".'.,> 1.!1.'[11! ..--';:i-i'Z.'I' ...,..: :.;!....'I..:l, I d-""2ri'w k >:. ., l I I I' :. I I-;: ;i. -.'. > : ,
    :. pretty ram. 4SF:1 .s -9-U tl'.i .!I.1..t J-M- : v I i ; : -i.-; s. Q-ROCES: : ,
    .-r' >- .. --- -.eo : '. 5))
    I ram dropp lil i:* ImmMf-air, ; v -! '
    ... > s 'aud .rose fronmfl'hi* IA-T, :IU.t J v.l-n: I OOu i 1 Jil i'H '. s\ : : f\ rh..t Shoe I .. .e 1 .tt ;ii"i t1 .'l! ; V',- ,. *."''.' : S ... S5CGmmisicn; LMLIJ1THS' .1.117R
    .St.4 fi1

    ;*: : the hindmost 111.11. lit. 1.e JI'lIn1:1. | :_! I'-';; 5r-- .c ',....,; ... ., ; .,'.v., ,' h.. 'C.., !CI:.JII' \ ''to I','. ) ;,' ::.II.. .. ..t," ; .. .., h-5- i i. i. t"'If.. i"; '' :( :1 Mechaitc F ,f I A : .\
    : real. rIUIU'fI., h.t1"t.t\. ,,. ,' .1r I : : ., S .. "., I '' 'l :I
    . ". riJS h-- r' S \'I' I I' < J;:
    ; P-. As ho hhot'ont tlio d.w.r, and d("). l t tS L LS 1'1"J J :...1 .. .IS': .' : -.r %. ; i ; : .t I 1" S 'S S. 5 i S ,. :- 1 { < ...' .H. } l L' 1 It. 1 !EST1881 .,

    'f ''.' it with a M.im, I h,: ntninil ( 'tlif.rui! ii L ;ci" .o..I")ldouu, ,- ":i.1.'I ': I.S.1.1 ..JaH.. ..' I.,.si4..'t ...1. ",I; .: S : i. ., \ t... .-. ; .. "? ..'
    ..... .1. .:. I : .r\-J -'
    I Ir
    'iown J ihink'twaYn, !,a I I.u' I .11'1 1"1' !fI atH'; } .I..d, i : I.\\\ I. \ \ I.: I
    ; .

    -. -y s.4S'y .- S ..,' S ; t "55 1I"j '11. ( It.( LVi1 'I H'I. % .lIla.rn.u"rmLU..J'- .5'S

    S ;
    : ,. -- -- e. ,.
    _, f' I- '- S .
    ."Ii',, !" I. S.--. -- S &
    S ,

    _ _wS .. -. 1 .- S.. _. -.5--5-- .r _-': .-M--- S -. :- .'', ,- .-"J'. ..' ; '. .

  • The Sunland tribune
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    Title: The Sunland tribune
    Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 61 cm.
    Language: English
    Publisher: C.N. Hawkins
    Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
    Creation Date: June 25, 1881
    Frequency: weekly
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    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
    Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Tampa Blue Print Co.
    General Note: "Democratic."
    General Note: J.P. Wall, editor.
    General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 44 (Jan. 6, 1877).
    Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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    I : : i-: : : _ :

    .. fi ; : I I 1cE[ :! : I .

    4 .


    t-_ 4 '.
    -% r ________

    ; v/. SUT1AIND : ] 41TAAPPA


    % -- -- -- --- ---- _ -
    --- _
    - _-: : : r - -- -
    '- : -- :: -- =: : = :: ; _ _ -

    -fl-v. ri's 1'F.A ftATITlJlVAV .T1TXi 9i 1N1. VOT.-ft.-NO.--1'L

    ._-u.--__ s-- _______4_____ -nwJt'NlllN --- -- -- .
    -- -
    THE SUNLAND TRIBUNE. I UOTII.S. A Lo ciul. j bone meal, to the acre. A hundred '| soil. Trees thu* jilanteil' might be exj : May 2lh, 1881.Kcpilar Tho ,Joircrj. ii I>avis Capture- -

    Iii.tc.-The: chief aim of this bushels of oak wood ashes, or seventy-j pected Jo continue their growth, a? meeting of Evergreen I Horticultural Ills Account or It. _

    T. K. Spencer, Pub'r As Manager. RIVEI1-SIUE uvii.fi. narrative i is lo iho\v? the evil iucorpo- five palmetto would be as good or I[ well as iua well piepr.rcd nursery.Dr. Society met at the residence! .. ._i
    of J. M. McClunsr, with J. W. M.itchctt Mr. Jeflirwn Dai.i..t'niw book oa Lj t'
    Official Organ OtlijudicialCircuit. rute l through the incflicacy of our better, then I would plow the ground Wtightnovel paid he agreed .
    TAMPA I prc-iuiii May 21st in>t. tlie"nunr-l JV of the
    FLORIDA.rouMiRi.Y :
    : i7iii3Us11E1i: ON "SATURDAY.ADVERTISING laws in the adjustment of claims and over finely a second time, fivo ic.chesdevp with the paper jiut read, ad cwuld '[ Committee on Fruits-J. M. McClunp '

    4 = -.-- .- --- : nuiking final decisions thereon. I and harrow it thoroughly to mix i see only o.ie ubjeclUiti, tbe expense of f 11.airman t retrial quite] n Govcruincni"; gives the following --

    BATES.n -. Jrjumclionl X-1'ouse." r.vr.T 1st. I i iJinny the toil;( pulverize ar-d lave it mcntl:. I the mineral immures. 1-y plaining) ;! number of I iwc3 that had j-ulJtred count ef his own capture : '
    from the anal continued drouth
    :i -A SQUARE is One Incli In n cv.Iejjal OPENV1KTJ51 AND SUM LIEU.nAVINC years ago, at the dawn ct* If the I.uid wt'S white sard and lcfn"blaA cow pe.i*, and turning them ia, the r.nd to such loiijj an vxlent afa to entail a, "After n hcrt time I was hailed byn .

    ) Advertisement* ifll be thargol at civilization, when the Kod man shoult'oretl :tek" jM.e, nsticoud Bowing of 'j land reuld be tniichvd!, bceatw, bc- loss from twenty-live to lihy f cr cent. voiceviiich ,1 recgnize l aa that of .

    allowed by law. .VSSL-Iii> I>!l. PHHTiOK- hi l'Uiljp.t nt'l vacat4l l tc! fot- and bone meal sh.nild be ad.Jal 1 fide the matter of the Io.s of fi '
    rate I i >l ic! :-i>Cne liuicto insifi- t ? : pQt.lsh vegetable pea-, tit. lie htatol .also! that the : 'ir.y private torc ary, who informed mo '

    Local uolicctf 15 ccnti a lino. ( iiy !iMujil on iho hAiik of Uit- iiJl-lH! i c*>t of 11nton, laud s-hai k? acil t1flt-! j jI Leforo the last harrowing, I hould they were also rich ia potash. orMiged wire not only drolal4iI j % from l j that the marauders had been, hanging '

    I Yearly Contracts made with : rough river viih iall VH-V? of the bay an : eubjtrct) to a cliangc ovi-ry three itiuiith l ask the tra\elinp puhlic to five | ILrI4ttnioid: winter ; antht the i
    the country and tkst roy \vhat I Iva.5 for i flaking cut fcr the trus. expense: ot taking out the roots, M?& oth.rs
    : gntI settlement accordingly. Me a 'JiU, j.''uiuuMijr lo w c -rvlii >x ljwuto oran.c. tree- [bad not ]1'ttt (lit the uj-uai I Ij y.-cro en post around it, and 1
    i iiu (.on>f: :: Obiuiaries exceeding U-u linos will l>crl is ft- 'l-i **.' le. Tcna 52 f UJU.I. any poor :growth, tie) ) a'Tount tf'nlo, e stattd wore expecting .xaull as soon as
    >it 'ay.
    I arg tl game as aJreriWi.u nn. Phi L! t"; CA i LL 1 N f% I Tyj'r j'-.r jJnr.Tarapa to in'lict a !more 1 permanent, iujtiryj For this purpose n.ba-o &perpendic-: of it. Tie al.o thought*** that it would !i t-aiiaCa. Tho crop ot guavas :s nri'jsu-1 I the :aon wt't: ; dowzi. A silly story .,

    Advertisement* inserted lens lli.tn OnJlonth *- V; nl2nil; i, JSSl-.-v". J that: of goLbiiiij up her fuiic.-t bjwif.s, i ular, or, cross iir.es. should be determined be better o leave theta in the jh.-Md- ; ally lare; :auil tio.-o! cotiiciiplitin j I bad got abroad that it was a treasure .

    $1 j lcr Square for fin-t uud 73 toilsfor'each ; GEGLKAi J3JJfJ' and holding tLcra : t j-ric-osi Ir.r iic- upon. A right angle is preferable to rot, .is in that way, they! would act belter;oing into prepare the cRunir t tbei.iseivcC I bUfiue-J-. bad I i train aui] attrin frit fames bad probably -

    : j sahe ,,1B ; as the reclatigtilar form i- L -stSidapttd ni. oa Vogi'taMca Dyiu-n: ia.tijatcd thcsHJ maraudera, as it
    not in.trl.rd with lucumlier r- -ri '1
    jL4 'Jn.l.In ; : l f.r: future c'thurc.! TIio; distance Yfeighlurvel said beside raakj chairman, stated he- had no rcjH.'rt tnmake. I fiiltecqiienlly 6timnlatul Gcu. J. H.Wdaon .
    of time will l in rtcd nutil fjrLi.land J
    :B 1 charged accordingly.M'lX'lAL >e .< : V.'ATKlI.HAPtliOK: j ; FLA.T r.ntcbt.llur.i days! too fur rcr.iclo )aelvccnthe trceo must ;;bo be j ing a bixtdiug place fcr worms und lie stated! l.c ha I received ] to SLiid out n large force to .

    for datt, and d-mn the j nil's the root or wood which nccoiint of -.J Irim fi-ur: ttlw of ctt- j
    in ,
    I ; KATES to IiUr.il Advciti w. away determined: u poll. TLe planter -hould any capture saute train. For the pro-

    \ tfniAMf.v) VTV1I \KK ,.t, the <>oiith\\i't corner tii' I Iltinando county, I then j'rovitlhi msel I \\iih I a .strong, was allowed to rot, lost one-half of its cumber tho *, which it"tt.zl-l'i.1 him cli--'O for te.-toii of my family I traveled 5thtbf
    I I TEEMS OP SUBSCRIPTION 3 c4fl4.: ei..I4Jti (fi i-hjn : yjvl iitml't) tine shipment, t-r j per ( r.Ue. Ale j .
    . : .v.-.n.'i.: :uil! h.itlri-i.; .tcili? I ii>s lVautif.il sdnio old niy*. y bttds of tintuaiian hand! conl I In or 20 rods long, vrctindI T manural propertie-, over what it icitibi-ieil that: the tlr >nth burned ; KI tt'o or three days, when, belwv-

    I Per Annum, (In a !vantx-,} .- SU.fiOJMX > j j a-n.i t lii-iitl-y! locailiy: e ;if: >rtablo luutis, | tribe collided in their claims lo certain I on Rti in-.n iccl for convenience ; the I would give if burned, and the allies j ''I a hi-j cabbages, however, he exhit'iteI inirihal they hnd passed out ol .tho

    i, _Mouths_ _- _- I _
    _. _. :.1l- ,' .'. i I.; i iYi -- ------- - ------ rfJvLiwiiih
    L. I'/Jorri, troll.AS1PA J-AP.T .'3rd. l the cord and iron ) Pratt said that he thought of thS! > : : we did .Itt leave! their
    PKOFKSSIO C'.lf/>* ; an pin eight Lnt encampment nigatfall
    weijth jiiiL'ins from the size J 1
    Ioiibll 3 the rea.ler has her.id! of nothing wa< gained by bitting tmsl.'of.ire : |[
    i iiichis l.ng )i. ftsicncd t''> the I- >osoe'idof am ( oniidcni would! have gone thirty to execute wy or'giual purpose. My *
    :; 0 ])R.. ( I_. MITCHELL. ; >Ucr-Iidtv," "l) -&r.l ic1" and "Gi-: ) the c -rd. IIo also reriuires a pole aslong tic: ground was thoroughly pound.Tbc( .-. horse and tho.-o of my party proper .

    : tcr tHJo-!,*' ami it t Iu1 ha< >rov.lcil prepared to rcciivw thcrii. lie bad IVi-Mont ,
    rpuisiioTFLii vvr ; r.rrNTiHU-: t-vt-r j l p.i the) disianci; iluerr.iincd upon | ronsarke.1 that !he I wen* saddled preparatory to a start,
    I PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, _t_ oiiriiiv rv : ':it'.' 1 ati-i I r. U'.UN! !. now about I the I'louda Gulf lie l.eard of tiiat hud cvtUiiiicd franz Mr. KiXH-ll
    coItt t, people sorting: $ ,
    for the orange niicu ct'e: of
    t stall"
    tree when who had ridden
    J-T. MKAi rn.v. >j cn fi-i tl.L r.clILi.-n I t t"j'tiou.. ? a iypnv: : dry, that bo my ,

    --i OFFICE lUialyn- JL MiUKilVDRJDUFF M&rt, The Tibv! will !I't; !.'ljjt'j! l with < vi--y I perchance bbiinl.n-cd on ono of the peeled und shaved: i< very light strong, trees did be t when f-"t in land I horn ih reoni was;utters pithcriii: of an an acre avrlagoroni about Into: a nci hbjring village, returned

    : : luxury the .in:..i.vt .ilH-r.-! ., .111 i tin pain*wilt l Killer fcoit' bortlcrii tg: on a large bar) In and convenient. Now, if ho bus: a- which I the I ItIII'(-r bad: I been 1-itJy cut, ten crater per day. and told no that he had heard that a .

    POST.QURGEONDENTIST.. li e hI1trul: s l.t t ilr) mallj'.e 'Trt.. tu tii. -ii: tintniu! -. k. ofattr, iamoi by beini; jupplittlih ninnytake*, two or three feet long, and! without plowing. lie did not Iw- Coin.
    -\\ \ fn.-h wattr i'ron innunuiablocrysJal j$ lieve in liaat inetbod. \ :L. J. fc'niiili, stated that it
    whiih be the
    froui and i that
    I'. l.AAc' I'KAFT. Proprietor.OllAlNr isniy hplil piue, not xTiie camp night. decided me
    : : priiii;' a< it llows into theOuli'cf :iioro than: three-fourth of ai: inchHjtiare following paK; by 1)rtva. ) ". Pratt dry for the lUnal yanb to do t&II. to -wait K KJJ enough to K-e whether
    ( : E G ilOVttTAMPA M xico. I then iva'Iriti ]1ax liowcrs, \\Uciol: well, were the
    (4tj: TAMPA, FLA.tt. ,.hu i'u ]>repired: to Ht them.Ho 4 : only oacs (ICUIg am :itiug. 1'leuty of there was any truth iu the rumor,

    "4nL. & J'j.. r.iitrith.: I 1 beginby nbntiiig; the iron stake : war TKJE: TO ri .xxr.After Iu tllellhg! !j4 always e dial to the which I.-append! wo'ild be ascertained

    r A T- \ II. U. BENJAMIN; LOPJDA! Thi.iiilc! has hoi-n a bono cf ccntanlioii o 4! hi.- cord at I tho tt cs..1ng ol i.i.J base having tio! fC@ptep.tttil !; properly vi ;('i utul Iifo of epcn jard, planta I in a few hour.My horse remained '

    :_ JJ ) bctivccn t thi--e out i ItIOS-)' heads and ]-&Tjtf-U'ilculnr I Haw, and *fti l his for the tree, the nsxt qticstioii and irtvs.C -adiMod! and i.a- pi. 1015' in the holsters,
    isr o A\r T> j > i : :N- for l lo tlu'.H' tW. on F'riIizeri-1.( M. Il.'fkt.tt -
    I ,, Physician & Surgeon, Many ytrs. On old n.-.s5--tit!! to btVe-tcb it along tin; ba cline ; which pre-scnts, ittlf, i K vJ.tl: if s.tateii he had lot < xperimer.ti'>l lwilli and I I.iy down, fully dressed, to rest.Is'olhiiiif .

    t i KrsiDKXCJl (Hea (t a ta'/wtfe.! Ai1trts. liv ) u ii cr TIegrnp1!, 'gator in jr.rtirul..r wa3 allowed Jollor.t h f tening;) the oilier end with it* the bit tree to plan/ no other ferlili/st-r bat :tho Ah 1 occurred to rouse me until S

    -I 'il' TtmpI, 04 .Vi I.rdL4 ..ltrutc.i Nov. htb: ( ic-7U. II. L.l'llANK : :ind habicn J'.oaliiig ovcrainct-, stak('. Tho nsy slant then: tukw abnr.dful Sfj.-ue advocute planliiig the seed Kk"net: bv fouuJ U good ou potatoes jus: )Infore dawn, when my coachman,
    _____ ___
    _,- tiflc.-Crnr) uf I'miiUm & Twist* SD s -arr npC.uantly; "at oae in hi.lc .- 1'-sesku" ; offtake-:?, and y.io end of t the where yot: want the tre which h.t- r.i1"1." or.u.gitretst, :i iree colored nun, who faithfully

    : tsci (1 1) '. i'CKM.N i clurj to our fortunes and told
    II. JOHN WALL, higher tnounals; ; i.i to take of the I ( llat. l'tr' k, saate I : i % S VUflBURG iqutty.i you huld the other end! at the angle pr.aper eare vouns Ii i'It the t'uio' lo JMM b'iii-ol' to. give thoU mo there was firing over the branch,

    : Physician & Surgeon, AUT 5ih.A tti-: '. I lb!>! plants a stake beside the tree, in t'.ie eaily sl.K'c of its giov.ih, a -unl, I iaffiusali'pi ; jtKt l lhiai,! our encampment. I stepped

    / TAMPA, FLA.FFIf \Msae ceaisn iaDry : nu.iir; of sjsuiil 'gatois have: cord, at the end of the poU-thcit tvking ; CO ae jUeJtl/ U bottt .plan \YOul 1 be I. it Iih&: ; al 1 i-ut tt>f lilY wife's tent and ,

    I <> f. II