.I V V V ncgfoa went to a fool ofn"luagistrate cally. TbiiTia fur Conuver.V j V one we kn-m M. t fxcflhut zuii.ininodaliinis). ;ij.jilv 'IUtitli |,.tlf i4 > ,.f ,fith.ti! .jttr- S
't.V ,e V and got out a warrant- to xtiy good the aid! he ha- a4U'1I l foi will not berefused. ; xv I.V r. irui: <. the hoard tu ta-r ( J ) ,.1 -4V4.tjtt fix,. (Vi /. no| unity
the ivM Cujitain
judges will be lois ; on
\ not. | or uII. .
say >
Col!. .i" I I Ilill-l.I .ri.iila 4 :
k. TVJ atJ-fcS tilank) of the ----' VV !. I It i i- doubtful wlnlbei a < viiini' < ::1 ''I -i.iitit t.t.1tilgi.. ,1l- ) 4 ;t-I,
one thaa three
V ncgroos petting
turn j jr atte. ThiU I'. THOMAS) to ilii tsUti'V
A.vnt.Tau t.itit
: Vmrziiti to Con-tnu.-rs; ol"IU.Ik'waroot | advance L- o--iIiIo. the j 4 I.riIItV 1f.utz
g a- ,
V himself prompt i
appontetl a rpetial f u'stablo alvmt as Inr e au>ld us the Ut l j ) QtQg)1lS) .e. V of Nt.riiiuji (s-\\ar il iJt. LU i>.iv tlif in .E-

: V to make the arrest. Armed ptin having -l :_

;'V :. :witjjbU!{ blank warrant 4lhcs** gay f SishiIk, having a black flue of: thi< hay. i>- ap.o.1: a.uiv; [ that U .aitI in militaiy! oiick-i at .iitila CHEAPER THAN EVER- KU''J| rtiVFT, C. '
that the JUh of (Oofolior is tho j n>l ba V ? iarjIta.th* i** 'i A'Hu! ir.rpiu V V
V L: :jotharios proceeded to arrest two of writing running diagonally: amis* ibroti hf. to the State from afiroad.O ; i 1 PIN \iiii-;I ) I: >ii. 'rrn.i.Y inform ( 1V ,.

: "white 'women whom they took to the label, that a\ : "rrcpMrol inlj O advanla'j about thi-s jnss is tltat: bio dato of t the foiinu.'acvriK'nt' Lit.a f: Jl} the ixililiitint, i In- han.liKfl ihojir'uv I13EIR thu)1.1. ,.it. itit-V-j _._ -

fV "the house of one of the Moundrcld and glatid." It is tauk-KL-| and if V it ro\Vb almot) nuyuh. rc, nn ubmtt forward inovcnieut. V on .ill! I.II'. |') M-irk. au-l 'viii _

; VV V -tlien cnjlcavnrtil o violate their IH.Tboiw. given to Uibes, the mother may awoll any kind of hiud. With a Jittlo at- MuMVitts*. September 1 1 L---Fifteen[ guaranty' viti fui'tion. ( > t1Iarv at I r.Vairta TAMl'A TLA.IIAVIVI. : i.\\v n/i.r/ w.all .x winui c V

V Thi.e colored gt-tits HOW lan"itii order a (.llin forthii it li. I In'XowY.irk tmtiou on the part uf our Mmer.f, it t1w; case*, fatir white! anti tlovin colaie I \ IVmr io.riKr.. for V 3<) ." Yit. ; < ,1. iliii 'l.tV .ll .Alv' intitii l ilII-Mflt. V. )

; V VV VV V $ >!li Lii jail awaiting the action of i it calt> lu Kvn prohiuilitl.Vai .- ciMiMUutihVd and niado .1uurcc ore1, roporlul. < >.to ndditional I 4LWtUiU..tUtI1 j pietures'' c. rt sJio* nt ttdiitiisIL w-> i.f '_J -t.-,.. stunsin I! Sh.uniH.ohirt UK.. I Hair I euinC.VV All tl.v) $ ( trsit 'IOI% Iivrv.t(
: tlic uf (. i I is..uc.t'UH : '-It. q101, n Ur U /! 1. NV.N'llw '
VV V ; grand juiy Duvali-vuuty. I 'C4k. of tvn jjdt r&Pe j'r-.fit V 1 1V deutir has occurred -Mix 'lri.Igu1flLlImlrr.LV 'i iet %4 3!*tda-II linabtiur. snvlucteil -
V Vl V VV 1tiit, l'tlt. 14'V .
vVt V V V V t, I'1 .
l V '
V _V V

: :- V : /

-f :


V ;
-V bt

J V / V -S
;; V_ V VV

: V.V /V V V
-.i V VS

; ____________

'.j":''''',"' '', ./'. ....-- .. 'I'i'n';' '''''', ......, :.'
'1-jrl.'L.:;; .
: I !T.5',,," '
'!* Ii
i \:- ? ( -<,;_1"'1l' .\....'! ".,..; :..'

.or ,..... ...=- _
: V. -- '"

_ ____ ._. _. _-_ _ _ _ _ _ _. _ 4_ _ _ .. 7 '
-, ;" iDo'Y\"";;' ,' ""' '4-. --r-- .:... ..... -- ..--_ ._ .. .-- > -- '- -. -- '- -- ... .-----. -, - __ d_ __ .___ _ __ __ .- .-- '- _.- -------_..,_. -- =-: --->- -- --- ---- -- -------.--- -_____ :- -.

'1 :,;.tf(.t -:.. 'TBE'SUNL.. -NI)" TRIBUNRngan' :_.(:ttpt. A. WordehofT informed- us -We learn from Mr. ]). MIlUiie, the ChTmn.nn f.lr'nmnuitt of 53,00': ) to in full bloom. : -

""ri.t." :" \ :, ...... ..--- --.-. .-'. Monday that.'a! young; man, named. .of Kcysville= that a man named Cow- pay for aM muurumice.:, This departure from the usual time pD & ... : ,

.. A A. SEPT. ,18th.t8'10. Blount was thown by his horse against dry who had been engaged in teach- Hill of I D. IMI.IC Cmt'f'3h ricr. for of blooming so common this: year BECXWTl :
cleaning about Court lluii t1'11Jill .
.1-: c >o ): the trees should be
v I.O.
; egoVr: Meeting of tliu.fjodgc t'Ow'at full speed l and t so badly injured Yates, was bitten by a rattlesnake C1r ('I'l..lll:1i.I.: -. oUtlm: cflect !attulitxl.! Perhaps there

jt;, "". ir7tY4n '. \ -. that it i is thought he will die. This last Saturday afternoon while out I Tlie Kill of D. rite Cr.1fh'rllr., I might be some artificial mcthoel! dUerovereel ; =
for amid of Ct. Court
H Jf .- w.Tt:;I VE21: It. 8. occurred near the Captain's on the hunting. The, \nako was large, havingten costs expenses| \\hier-by this result:, could be -
;.,y; Alafia. rattles. When last heard from Spring Term 187'J, amount 151,73, proehiced. will. Plenty of fresh

:F;r .- MASONIC. ._ ._ I was orelcu-el tn bo \)aiel under protest t. ripe oranges in mid-summer
c ... ... IfiT" R&'g1armeet1ngio(HitiftiumovauLoabK \Messrs. Drew, Hazeltinc it LivIngston Mr., Cowdry's case was considered the. same: Koing a State account. :autumn would be a luxury>that would A. ,
'" {. A' No. :), F. A. J. are held on the : hopeless. Hill; (If \r Ill. C. lirowii Clcr for well be worth the. attention of Judge I J -
.f! f and thirel ia neh.ontb. at of Jacksonville have fur sale .. : "
7" nt Monday' --- --- of Circuit
U Court Term "
r- co- same ,
Mr Webb while there
Knapp or is.no ,
: i "< 7J o'doc-k..l'-. the best tissue orange' and vegetable 'Tho 'l'mnlUUI4! amount $28.18 ami of 11. L. Crane' 'n.111)n 1"10. -
,, ;t T. K. s.. cn,Secretary. ; ; I doubt but the sanitary etl'oct would -
r -- .- \wrap at manufacturer's prices. Samples Meet and drill twice a week, and 'cosU! as 1. 1'. in State 'II"l'-<, amount be \\holl uJt1e. :

WCAL INTELT.ItiKNCK. \ and prices of the paper can bevccu those who regularly attend, appear to .I.li4 t (; were proontctl anal batue order Hicks & Collins expects to open a The New Stewart- SINGER, .

at this office. Orange shippers he making rapid progress in acquiring :1The stock of dry goods at this place short! With IXHMO Illnl':1",1.. Utll.bin.61tI.itout running the Machine. Johnon'i -
.(: Capt, James .McKay i il.: should these it knowledge of military evo- Clerk pre'-scntcMl a I statement of ly. Mr.Vuu.. Collins who i is a well HiiBU'r*, ( ottrich .Clle".h..r. K40r Hommer,Rindemt laiherer*,BraiJcrn ;
use. wraps as projectsthe a practical : the of 1 Co. [. the finvxt .
Aboard hu tho Kllio : expeiuliturexs llill-Kurmigh; known Imsi- Ac. U.'UvM 'n ldliIC. 1.iglt running'anl fiui"he l Machine .nuwutI.'rcd.
ship, KnightThe popular and i intelligent .
; Truit. Iution4. It i is imi>Wiblo, however, for the year ciuling August :H 1, 187U), : -
Schr. Delia arrived) from 1.g man will act as j.salesman.:
: for nuylhiug like n respectable: volunteer which was cxamim-el and approved by TIm 1.IOIIT RUNNING, NOISELESSNEW" .
: New Orleans'last l Friday. -Mr. I. Gamucrhiviiigon: the Ala the l oanl. The Haptist denomination at this

)i ., -Th<5 caterpillar! has made! iu appearance fia, says that: the fiee application of company to exist unless: every A jH'tition frc.11)11'. James A. JbI \'- place ha\e )built an adilion to jtlu-ir HOME, NEW HOME, .
member whose name i is on the roll t .
in this aud the adjoining kerosene oil i ia au almost certain cure don I asking; for a charter I (for a ferry church hOuSe in anticipation cf1'1'0- The Ij..Ues Favorite. The Latent and best .Attachment: Loom; Ib lance Wheel I &.o. Ac.
: promptly and punctually attends! the tractol meeting to commence on the Call. ainl j-e'e-it.
aud motion laid .
for snake bite. It l lie freely rubbed was presented on
counties.The may drills.and learns fur himself: l 110 he oti-: over for future con-i loratioii.! ll'th' in.-t., Kleler, K. J. Simmons:: will Orders For Any Machine Made. .
\ latter part of the night and 1? 1 (Ill the wound and vicinity and a conduct the meeting.W. Filed
cer or private. In fact: it is the officers I The Hoard L halving: completiHl the s.Ut'l. OiN, ,' l'lnt Ac. 1. Machine, CoiwUntly *
.tlie early morning are getting to be 1 poultice[ saturatedith: the oil fhouklbe who should sot the example: and icvi>ion and e.)uali/.ation of the tax1esmi1Ctit 0. 1'a.s.s and John Thomas are I i r'r allItcliiimei.. Onh'f m\il.roml.tlv" | ] 'rl.flt'1'' o d O. '

quite cool. applied. He relates three instance*, : ; for I the year 11'iH.It :puhcrini: a drove of beef steers in Pntro1 izc Home ..A4re1Lt. ,;

-maketh the publisher smile for two in the human and one in a dog encourage the men in punctual attendance. \\as ordered that the Clerk gin this neigh lioijiood for Lesley &: Cu. of yoni- .
OLl'llicllt.1,1. .subordination notice law all Tampa.Dm 1 OFFICE NEXT noon TO TiE SUXLAND TRIBUNE
according to to : ,
jT a subscriber to pay up. If you elou'tbelieve iu which this remedy proved SUCCCM-; persons 0
% ; it it. are, moreover, two indispensable:': essentials Valuation: of whose, properly has i u : /.-(On the 30th)\ nil., an infant COOl'S WILL UK): KLl> IX-Til': LO WEKTJIAX: EVER ,;"
try ful. he-en raised the Hoard. That the I Ii FLTt ATSROJ
; in military organizationand by i and nameless: ton of Wm. 1'latt's ;
-Mr. Joseph Iloblee, living a mile showed Monday BO:1.I.liJ1: nii-et at'J o'clock p. m., :agcel mill t two months.More .
-Mr. Sam. Avant us without the the : of unuycar
>e on part every
-i and a half from- town, has .plenty of Ooteihor hear any reason why CIlI1tI)1tS.Septenihier .
a jH-vuliar: substance ot.a shredy: member nothing can be accomplished.Jlogs anon.
ouch valuation should! be rediued.Adjourned .
ripolligtorpenrs. 1 Ith, l-7.!). Miller
-- ---- & Henderson '
-.4 -Mrs. Scull commenced teaching silky nature which he h:1l1.hrouht. ; Killed byt Itatliesimake.Ir. : : to Ootobei I rttli, I 1-7H.: !> -

from away down in Manatee: countyshiere o W.M.C. HIOWS.l'lcl'k.( 1>it EII.:I *- At her f-illie-r' heiinv ,,u Je.sh'tI'nek :
school Nebraska Avenue. Monday it hail fallen in con.-iderable :\ David: Fisher" living on the -- Ha. .\n::. '.'lh IsT'J, utter an ill- ; -

? last, with about 30 scholars. \ west tide of the river about 5 miles l-'OKT IAli:. ITi:3IS.: ... lles-tof(>iilit. ilt lieiurt. }...nI.till:..r,\luijliUT -
quantities during a rain. The people -- ,,f Tin**. i>. atul S. I.. Tarke-r in the
;; -Mr.. Win. Gort and .Mrs. S. Mc- who witnessed its fall tny that it came from town had two dogs l ; bitten by a The rainy weather still contimuy ill thinl year tit her agt-. A\rholcsalo & Retail Dealers in -

;; Hafibc nee-Perkins, were married by down in sheets. It H doubtless) some large rattlesnake, producing almost this locality, :and f.irmors: are gathering S<> f.ue": tlie l JOVI IyjIuouuming' ; tlowor,

sy Dr.:F..Branch. last Monday night. : instant death in !both instances one their corn in the rain ; many complain Frail cnulin{ MIIUV! of an hour,
kind of insect webbing which got up much account of it General Merchandise
on ,
Considerable rain last Saturdaynight day last week. The dogs came across } very So soon our transient comfort ity,
.u into the clouds from some far away while a few other regard it ns decidedly And bLunts ,Ii". I.
I plciwuro only > to
and Sunday forenoon. Since, the snake near his residence! and before (
: preferable to put up their.corn- .
1 : .- then we have had. no rain in Tam- country. ho could get to their assistance iu .1 damp condition. They give as a Yet gentle pmticnct milo on pain RECEIVING, FORWARDINB t

r p :; -The inhabitants on tho ClearWater both had been bitten. The snake wasseven f'USOII. that it not on1cnucs the Till dying hu|>e rcvive-s again;' # -
for the shuck to lie closer to tfi< corn and! Hope wii"." the} tear from ",.rrow'!* eye.Anil AND .-
.,% -Five hundred bead of beef coast arc. preparing feet seven inches in length, but ,.
lhu! ; excludes tho weavel, but also detroys faithxiinU\ upvaril to the ky.Uirtow fCommission -
from up the country reached! this vicinity steamer which is expected to ply from the number of rattles could not be determined :
those: which have gotten in, FI\: .. Sct.t. l th, 1 7'J, I.TER. Merchants ,;
1Hv yesterday for lIon. ll. T. Cedar Keys along! that coast this as the caudal: appendage while the corn wa* in the t field. -. ..-....- ..- .
% Lykcs. coming winter. Mr. M. C. Dwight;; was l broken; tip} in killing the snake: The[ cotton crop here is vorv short. ushw1's. Notices. :
-- --
: -A I largo iron safe for Heruando who i is doing a large;; bu-iuos ClearWater with a'rail.. A few days before Mr. :I The wet w .aiImvr baa brought, the caterpillar rill Opening; ,. "J.IUIn'9, l ln'.t :-:
% county for the safe keeping of the record ... P. O., i is building n ;good substantial F. had killed another rattlesnake: in MWIC crops' of rank growth, I Tuesday and Wednesday: September .
and iu \ rTLLSTofKOFProvisions' -
*of that county, arrived on last : wharf: out to deep water, near his hou.-c, and he.thinks the last and causes nl.-o; hunch slow'progie-jrs: lo s. ;; gathering I i 2.M: and 21th, of Rittern Hats '(..

Sunday'steamer, something like 1000 feet from the one was its mate. and Hotinets, Dress! loexls :ainl! Tiimmings '
The cane i-i much smaller than : and Fancy Groceries :
i is ------- ---- .
v: -The Revenue collector, Mr.; W. shore. Mr. Douglas, of Duuediu Death of Col. I). "'. C. Willis.We was: : intended by the farmers generallyH ,-La ace Goods, and all kinds:, of -

F Butts, xtauds: no fooling.} Pay also building a wharf which will be to learn of year Uh""fhe low price of :iua.r; Fancy Goods=-atMiy. Stoek of 0 .'. :

t your licence or take the coDS<'t'l enL some 300 feet in length to reach deep are deeply joined: und syrup IIII i* induces! many: to relax COOK & lIo At wdll\l l't.uum1'kte :.. }
: n
: >,
the death of Ct'!. occurred .
their cll'rts: in it and unlc-
: for by law.TlicBiard water. growing :
w, as
on the :"d I itist., at Apalachicola.The : the prioeadvances the coming >t'a"t'I'Jtill. Tampa Fla. It. DRY COODS AND NOTIOS,
Public Instruction
of ------
: -A coloretlcouiilc wanted: to get deceased: ";>s a Kenluckian: by I t majority of farmei> \t illl'ultivttctlllly Fresh Garden Seed. -I

meets next,Tuemlny.: It is: important: married here last week, hut could 1 notget birth,and came to A' pal.ichic; several :. for home consumption another -Fre,:-h garden surd for sale at Tlu-re "il! W fo-in.l also" in cur large Mock a full lino: .of .
for Trustees and Teachers, to .
t present the license to do so, as the wuuM.I years ago \\heie he married. In the yen r. K. Muggee's{ ;; t for the Agricultural and
as t1ercfill have: to be some radical Fine crop of potatoes have: be'en' Gentlemen's Clothing and Furnishing
and her
I bc-biMe was under n-e spring of Ib77 he located in 1'llIl'n'uwl Vegetable t;1myers'.ocizLtiomm.. Good .J
I made. pbllt: .I. and n huger area of ground .
t change* ;; : -' --- ,
the Clerk Lone it.
had to
'! engaged; ; in the practice of law in!m allotted to stand-overs: than has -'Ihc "Cook's "
: : niching, :a cheep
r -The Vcgv-table-Grosers'! Society Determined t on getting. married the Col. All kinds of HATS BOOTS and SHOES .
circuit with
b ; this in copartnership: been known in this country.The : and; .Jienlthy l r "id: powder is always ,

fe; inex'U in the Town Hull Saturday couple put off to llmokdvillc, hut J. 1J. "":\11. I lie was an accomplished fanners:: are Ke'ginning:; : to realize kept fresh by; MUS. .\. II. XUNHZ. -

: :,_ Let those ui, attend for this is fuuud the Clerk there inexorable also; lawyer: and had won the confidence ota the fact, that: Nolatiel as they -- -,. Wj. t'l'l also u splendid mirtment of

r n tile right; direction and they then went to Ixt burg where large cl1Itdc.h,11 his health bogau are from the great thoroughfares of Fot: :-;.\1.I-0IlC: metalic boat 2'2:! :

.1&011 e'enconniged. they ,found 3' snore accomodating : to rapidly fail in! <:eqiience of I ttade men who, anti prefer(being all''bligol the. profits te doal! with they feet long, amid ;5) I feet beam, .safe .and Hardware, Tinware. Crockeryware, .1.1Woo

J : -Mr. John Jackson living about I ttuilcrf Ckrk and the twain were made one lunj*>trouhle which primarily induced must live upon what they ran raise fast !sailer.i I For: paiticulars( :, apply at [.\ n \V1I.I.O\V-\VAKR "."

( from town, sent us the finest !!UJ."Rr and happy. Jo"h Hcndersou was the him -to make Florida! his: homo. I lie tiit'nmmelvc3 and wear home.spun.Tlie this oiliee. 2t.V.tNTII'A ALL KINDS OF STATIONKUY'S.CHOOL: .AND BLANK. nOOKs : :
ii cane last/uiturdayowhich we have happy! nmn.Lookmil. left a wife and two small children to people of I this. soction are: awaking : : good I'Iasterer-Ap-: \, ..hll.ntiluc t.) fuzrni.hCorn .

*; cn yet. It was of the green stripc.1 l -- lo< of kfnd tl) the nerev-ity$ of raising) their :
Doctors mourn their irreparable :s a ply at J. .Lipscomb: I et Co's store. Flour and .
own hlti','". A greater interest U manifo Meat _
had 16 nnd"u! 7 feet
variety, joints father. To the
a doting ,
We understand: that the names'ofall st1tI l in hog rai..ing than for many latroul/o Honu I'rtuluctioii.
J( ;itg. medicine bereaved we tender our sincere sympathy. A number of fine breed's At l-'reijlit and Coum.i-wtm-that: it at ACTUAL! l)$1-t'lt we W31t dlstnitIy 0 '
doctors who are practicing years! past. ;
.. :MrA.: : L II. Xt'XKreipie.sts- : : the .
'--The' Like l has have been into the ilutsc alid.-" are ittiftly) for _
stwimer Knight
r brought neighbor .t'r"l".1llt
In this who .
orother (
; : county -c diploma", ,.. patronage: of the public for the"COOK'S !
Ukcu two loads of cattle from. Manatee \ evidences of their fitness to practice Animal Instiuct.: hood. ;)'i Ir. I Ilobert: .Sunnier( receive'l.sometime ) HLHSSI.NC.: ;," It never CASH AND FOR CSH ONLYWe 4

i and one from Punt Ila&ia t-Ince ago;' Iroin (;Jeneral llobortHulluek fails to make good bread: when eitlivr 1-iiy or r'.ivos NSliNMiXT: ; : all the l'rulu\t of lh. Conulry
record in the Clerk's! properly '
are not on An instance:: of animal instinct 01 I I ofO.-ala) : a pair of very Hue
-arrivcil here u-cd. 1'atroifue hoine \\hidl we cantind t a kl't for hl'r or ,.L-('"h"rl' rS
E "he was last here. Sho of the Court (.oi'.iee! as required by law, reason occurred in) '1'nl1ll"llnring theweek. 11-se-x, and I is letting;' his: neighbors productiot lal co
!** -
...Tucsihty aftcriKHJti and took n' 1 load will he presented to the next C rtm'I )[r. Fuchs removed: \ from his lave; male with which to inprove -- --- --

yesterday. t'rain"i I lluir htcok, out of t tho I r .>o he l.iu? lai ixl FOR NEW ORLEANS.
? .fur) The law require* : oldrcsidencc; to the late residence of from t this pair.i E. A. CLARKE7DKALKH .

: k .tThe: steamer Valley City, CapL dence of fitness- f from thoc who practice Capt.' : lIip.com: : !)V. I lie I has a eiv and ToMKirrfiiK: : : ii.MA.\is) : I <>F TKAXSIXIUTATIOX:
The til'.' of Fort I Daile to be
l' IIi: J're f Irk" the Seho" !
, .< "Walker took n leiad of cattle! from medicine as a I'ruf''Noi"n, and the calf. The evening: he .removed, he enttitaiiiol I tomorrow night U-th 1 t IN" "cion. ti.&t

;: r Ballast Point in our'bay, last Thursday. *afcty of the people demands that this thut! up the calf and left it at the old ir.>t.) with a trHllll'llIl\lralllic I : exhibition

She rcUirjifd Monday nut took I law: bhould l 11C_ri. ill,_.\. cnfurce! yard, believing the cow would p by jl lr. Koss, who i is on a tour General Merchandise, Geo. W. Dill, : -

: : nnotUcr load for the eam& place Tuesday -- --- I through: the State fiom! *ibovclie f
-Mr. IL E. X 'CM's add res? on the down there to her calf: and he would ('01' oJ' II'((>.hinf/ttntiiiJlitrioH..ST.. 1 .
; will 1 in :probability I \ ivach! Tampa: I5im: r"lu1lrl.1.1"1 tlit. 1'oiiit and Xvw )rIcan". \i. Mam-
i uighLPartiw first page may appear somewhat rn.-e send down there to r.d his u..ual quantum : iu the course" of a lew dajs.r: tee IUlll.Jlr ( ', all( 'n in doM coniK-etinn "ith >.to.iiii,.hiiM S

.;. ;i in from Polk ceinuty say colored but fJ oil all r"Irlg| we do of milk. I'iit, lo, when the shades! ; ur: I D\i:. TA.1\1PA.. : FLA_, Chaco and Lucy P. Miller J
: that_the. report comes. up{ from below thiuk that there is much exagera- of night approached, the cow which IS:> NOW lUXT.IVINVi: AXENTIUEStock ,
I Caloosahatchec river is not BI.OOII I N(; 1>>>.\ 1.1: rn:3is.: And with t'xton>i i\e' \Vh.irve-. and \V.Irtiuommtc4: we urc cnalKil: t>> otlVr the bout !siia. i
that tIle : overftuiig removal while .
4 i of had: been watching his:
-- tion abuut the suporiDiadvantages -- - --- al the !irtiit.t tXptum-t. .-.
: and the waters arc as high as the Point PiuclUvf" l jteninsula: for fruit grazing; around and between the: two The oraujritrees: in thi' vicinity are N('\ \VOFALLRINDS -- -- -- -
:; the the of Pu L.iuig 0:1: another crop of fruit. J. 1: Ul-SlOMi: tiKOUCKFirCHK.J ; : ; :
storm Septcmberpast -
were during growing. To visit that portion of thi- houses, made her appearance' at t theme OF GOODS. : .
in lliis rtiir Keitinnig
I are -
Cantgro'oi> "
: } year. with it. That \\' home, ol"'IH.,1 l the ;pile \\ith Tier : '
is to fall in_love "
county looks r.ui-e-d
ipt. J. T. Lesley and )[r. S. B. section is remarkably. healthy w.1 l in hoiii* full entered bre\\snl .aroiuul: a tire: prosp.vl of a goiiil s'.ig.ir! ; l'roj'| JHY GOOJXS E. LIPSCOMB & CO- ,- 1 t;

k' K Ig"1. each had a horse severely the Point Pinellas K-ttKnu-nt, I in which, little I while among the ':it trel 1 ve'gtntion -'*- Tilt'1 recent rain, I put the .\lafi.i "ii-istuiij: in (p.in nf ( .\1.11 01't::: I IN-: ( ; ,

; giftil 1 iu the neck I last week by cow there j is getting;' tn IK :i ('on.ilaaIIJt. a mr.l th n 'almlarul! leLI'd'ul.I liver a-nl! cieVhn" tulnitti\ to it, to I! ,UItld.'.::,.1.\ .UNI:: :1-:::.r.KUH.lX:L I:\:\V.stol.rs i :::::, IliiINS :It4.IiN' :;-. SUCCESSORS TO W. W. WALL CO.) -

: ; ts. A Jersey cow went fur Mr. xtpulatioii, we luive ne\er honul .,1 t I Ty billo\l !J.1 patiently: : awaiting; inilkiii >wmiming: I the f Hr.-t timo: in nearlytvxehe \ ;: 1'11In) : :-:. IisIts: 111:11.1.--: : :, .' : .,'

I ight., and a Durham bull fur ( aickuea". a phy- ;:; time. 1 Her I love.. of time folksva.s: -t nii'iiths.The ; t ::iIIIL'ISt-: ::. :o-1I1':1.TI\Io: : : :sIIII'I'm'.NIUI : ::., rt': \.1. J ., .i"J.dA... ., .
any case :" requiring ha, et in inearnet 1I1t'1,01U' ( ) : i-s: : : !:. .<. ..IE.nITII'I' :.\ :>:.
ipL' Lesley's. ician.. gi Lattr than: that f.r her! rail', 1'r- .sheia laiuy: sea-on > : :<. \11:1"11.\ iui.s: >: \

.' is pronounced the betisinfectaut !! .l hell that at the lIlh'IHlt', hircltprferziiig i and! tin- young! orange tlfos about 1'\ \T1.1| : | INI...NS. iol.I.\Ks I: l r'I'T' .1 New Goods! Fall Winter Stock!
Copperas IVrsonal.Mr. he-re :uv making: a icmarkahle: growth. ;
.. i i1lIII..i. I l :\1:1:( KII'.I"rI'E: :; : :\I'IIs.I'r' : : : A.; and )
-, ; d( for privies, (\Oih. sewer llobt. :MillholhinJ 1 was in to the* m-w ui.s '. )1.\tIII.-\t: I the! roidonce" nf, the 1 ::M'lXii. TIIUIAI: :, S PINS: : NIIHIIS.KMI : : :: .

!tc.. by tlife Satioual.U.ItU'.1 of lle-ulth. sec Us Saturday.Mr. % of tin*-I'ri.eeetl I iig: '" ur I hriI l li- I.a :.M t lirE IJV. tin- .>:th, itist., :Mr.Win. i iiJI'V.NsJ.I: I 1 1 i. I iit: \..rid ivf J 1.1 :>jrns: 1 l'.KM: I :> :.cceive >
: \. pound %HulL halfof copperas to the 1) M.! Blue, of Kcy.-\ille. tin) Itoanl (II!" County ('1111111I i.- lli'iis.-, nf t I'ulk t'I1I1I1I\.lo :Mt>. I l <

allon of water. I)<>u'- forget to u e \\-t.s iii tt.I\\1I Tuesday.Col. ,.MolltTs':,. at tile Jlu'c.tiu I *,: lirklS Matth.i I Hurst I of Hloomingdalc."Ihe Letter.: Note, Bill end Can Paper, I ot)t1: IltHI;r sH.vvKiir.x; : :: ('.\ :::Ft1..v! JItrnl.Ala: : : CUAKAMTKKDxiw \
; I Hlooiningdale;i "t.t i :thee i is nnestalililuil : : .\ ruiMi.: tiE EI\I.: : ME1LILNIIsIvr: I: ", WIXTEK: TKIDJC
W. T. of P.artow awl 3m-il. ;; .
: \L.\
c"el'frek or two. Carpenter *pt. 1Mil I\'I'Y| I b..LS1Iiti! : ;. 1.kkI''t: k.'t :11.1 l ,
: was in t )\vn Saturday. furl: anil )Ir. Anton :M.iii ;,-Mevw.T.F. Hampton mid G.V. :'tIt. l 1..1. I It.Kird; iiii-t. I I'l'-sfjit.' I'ieimtIitt. In-en :appoinjcil h'-l tma.-ter. co.vx/ity'f.vti; 1 :
-1 Hr."JtlIIICS and Mr. Clayton I ller.lu-.so Chrm.! 01' ,
)1.1'. Win. 15. I '-
The ollice will 1 (be after thef.r.t BOOTSSHOES .-
g have rented 1 8 acres (If .supplied'
Z: Sheafer Yates of \r l.hlllu.'IC in town Saturday. aii'l I K.: 1 H.; :'|Surkniui, N. (C. I IJiyanan : of ( )K-tober. I -

: Mjd..; on the.west side of the river at .l .1. i 1Lil': )-,.. m", a inioiiirn.Miuutis The Alaii.x: f'i rulers'anril: I'iuilIrowerV I Gentlemen's' Clotnin[. Underwear and' STAPLE AND FANCY DRY COODS .
Juouth from Mr. John B. Jackson : Wall Hroi.ks- of nail and 1 I ,
-C I. J. n. went 16 August, < approval. i ( ; Assneintioii nut: at the Al.i-

c xwoycars. for the purpose oftart- yule last FiMay. Ho is expected: : I lia Acuk-niy I Saturday: : 1 loth:; imt., to > .

; ,}In, truck and vegetable farm. back to-day. .\ \H'\l far Mipjwrt of Caroline': I Ill illcct j-irmaiunt: t or: ;:lIIi lH tioll. I liov.K. 1-IiA.ITiSI.i .BOOTS AND .SHOES, :
; + Thompson $."tlll,( '*; .1'. l>rmuuir: and .
-Frank L. I:">herM)n.r >prii>entingHie ) :. 11. Ciilos was elected I're-j-'ulent! .
;. ;i-Tho:: Florida. Agriculturist say i wife- ,00; ) J. (I. : (r.IIII You- ,.
S Smile-y ; '
:*, Horn &: ( o., of New Orleans ; :Mr. L. :A. Wiso, vice-1're-sident, andCol. A FULL I.I IOJ': HATS READY MADE CLOTHING OFTHi LATEST
'fr'' -i the Avocado is a vegetable and arrived here la.t\ Sunday.Capt. I mails niul wife, (>,4Iil( i; (..corge;; IJps- A. V.: SmithSet-retarr. The constitution MTU. ..

1", :. -f. ia fruit. This it states for our bcnjas F. Worth, of IJIoomingdale e-uiiih, S:>,lIO.(> and by laws, Mibmitte-d by G ]1 O C :10 i. :R I E S. ..
\ .we thought it waa'Uie alligator: and A. Wurdvhoirand) Itov. 1 K.H. :. :; ei'clock j 1'. m. B"ard ronimeiuvdthe. 1 the) ctiinmittev:were: road and adopt-! COKN.I : Fl.oni.: CIUTS.; M1:.\I.. HICK.I'.MONSM.T. :. GROCERIES & PROVISIONS. .
.. Capt.: ; I .* u-visi-m anti 'iUHl/.tti] : : .>ii of TaxI e'd. About I member the I: : CV.VNKI:ii nPITs11.1
hav- thirty : j joined!
:..' \i ihe proper name Avocado, (;ik of .AlaHa were in town Monday. { I ,.s5.'>inoijt lor I.'"*?'.*. At - Into alligator !' : : :. 1'111'1..1.:: s.RI'IN1s.: I:
liecu till ill. I .
corrupted ce-s:*. : a. 'Ja.l Si'pt. '
; j made: by )'I[ r. Jnoch! Johnson. : and i| 1 1.l'l: KP.KS I:I; :Ml :M'VKh I: I. :11I,1I'I '1'I :>::.
\cunmieud Judgc J.G. Knapp'santo -;Mrs. Cul.V.. ( ;i. Bartholomew .Se-pt. 2inI5i.ird\ resumed'; it* *o es- other numbers. Vegetable'':; growing) I I Itosr.NK: :: /:: a..1. I I'XINT: I ot tK<. !1"sM( )- : I OAKSTOVES -
\: ,.ion.:1IIIC: iiioiiilx-is |,'utith I tin* : KINti .iii.l\ l lti\VINi: ( TOIIUVO) : .
the first to will It, .litti..l at the next meeting .
{ii returncil llI
., bo found on juga anti her! (hingliter.hi Ida
,... ..;. I II i exception} i.1' Com. I ip.somb; a >)lilt' )- and Mi.l M.trtin l "--XI'1:0! ; ::;. ol l \.ui.ii- <|'i.i lit i i.uii ,.. :
. t : was: appointed !t'I > .
= I tlIOa. distance who want to It'unIt I Sunday from ai.it to tluir (.1.1Iw1I", : llllll.m r i J; : i.i.ii.i-. 1'iri's.: :11I\\ ToH'\; o 1:0: xI 4
": the! .1i.III-i,, The \eget.iJde"
it open\ I en. I 1-::., .in.l .ilr-\ v iilit. i r :trtihIDWA.P.E-. -
-; I1bjriJa. We think a good S1iriiigfiddIi.*.*. _\llot tti fr: Mippoit of l":uini.illniliy : I Iri.-h ,1I'm. ,
.' ; I to bee'onsi-Uied: t :are putatoes, a ,
-. S. lo Floriomc I Mcts. Phillip DmK-nki, anIV.. 1; t'o..UII.:! I : .
'? Judge's compare I tut nips, ('.tl.iae, union! *, and I tom.i- "
t,;' Iia %-* other State which is I). Fiaser, of I'thnle, came inMonday. .1. $I t. .Sweat appoiute-il t'attic I masiltittir tooNext rued: 1Ii.; second\ 1 :S.iturdavii : I 1 1I '
; for :Mh: 1 Di) -t.liLvis'iuii <, 1I CROCKER-Y: ASUA1-UsIILLS'
t r I < >otol T.It'alm' of 'ollei.t\' of ,
Mr. lzialvmuki left fur I : t r. a I : .
&, *1 rp. of Tax Assosjineut" ( j ; .
l'l'UtII'j! this kiinl i is iiu-timaKe" : to all fiineis: : ; ,
I t to I Savannah: UII ftmes'lav'stt'ammer.: neil.! : .
Moj.'eonawjuence TiWJfl.E\ -
>::1: Yd....: 'h, .''''i'I.' ''CT' Mw.nu1 :and! all who come forwaid to 1'lhll\ .. -
f i; ; .,.. -!:' ::..:-,:--. !&U- of the pUho I -Dr.) U. :M. Well, of the new and :S.:; 1 1C.:: Kparkman.(,; Kite (',11. ota Kwv.: ; helping: hand: in I building I up thc fooiety .- I! \\1 ,j!

'., ". ', tun I Ie:. engine 1 having 1 burM,1 -I thriving little village Magnolia; ,. was proM-ntetl report' of de>nlili* n-o.-" >-i; ,- will 'bo lu.. :trtilv. web-onied." I, C'tulorv *ti:: ., Y .
lilt-iIt f fir I.s7''; same hr.nl: a".1! tt KETTLES.IIA15DWARK r :
!r ,-I. Th. ; I D.IN ( .
-I: in town TUlItIIi! :saw-mill with \ 1:1.: Iii : !1..1 1 l-i', T.iM, :111.1''
,; wilUtart again toInsrtw K' b. Johnson and l"i'l'rt: .laeksoii. !' ;Jii'Inii: .u"'I\ Inin'
; Tt :
; : iork K.i/: :sht.ir.N:: :
rU""lfth. I wilHind about 'i> u/ of the 1 machiniry a Mulay Kiw.does cuti I On I ) motion allowed I -Jnl:; l .
: 'ken part: I re'Ce't-j. to ScptCllllHT. >IIII.OH I F1'I:1.t.l.nt : I I 1 AND TINWARE
, Kilt ,. thousand ftet: of lumber day.Mr. I i i
<< ,'r vcrnjuijiaa fur repair three a J : VARIETY OF FANCY GOODS
; 1 Fi.t:1wa. the fir-t day! that ;
- .- i. nrnvi* on ,1Ueamer -. J. II. lIutchiiiM, and. )lady ,I stilt. : nl. ll'ianl convcneil :I aia I : ; : : I II It
-. 'r 1 : \ the nieialieisa rain: faile l t<; i fall: in this s.-etion:! ill I i Ail i it I'win... h I.- wi-tus t<' Mil :.u the Cutlery Woodenware Glass "
,A- -" e ''Sat the L\k!! :f trunk : from llmrkville, Ind. arrival la: ..tThursday. j at J:1 a. m. PiVM-j.it.t same ('i htic-.j: ..l.tv'fire Lit dry! day being i.ou) r.: .\e:-te-rday. '
; : of-lhe )lr. II. wa. (out here a I August'2.!:>th ; as a natural: I (':'nse- I I Cook Heating
J Pen.bcrferry 1 it-vision: hook l. ,
J:' : may th.1 found t I I resiimo< : CASIlcr Approved Ccniiiry Prete ]
----E 1 and ftarteil, .'nee :-maIL i portion of( the e."Unn t :
a \\l" i < :
1lIl'1.C so jU
' oi near or ago grore nj Mr. John .\. Mi-Kay appointetl ; '
; : '
; Withlac.Hchcef J 1 5uj'1 t4H5T! iiiirkol\ lliel.ourst I 'IC.'a..11 the Call
I. > :m at fM
atid tl
h.is litvn lo-r l con.ideiahlyini'irol : PRICES MARKED DOWN ) 'j.( tltA.
;. : .., ; the river. a (Cattle. I IiisKVtor| tor th,' t'.lh: I )u.t. crop : ( v lll1fjt.
JM'tftr-J to ... | I'riei'si. 'I'lir-l.H'l i. ( invi ,
. :e.-:: hILv1 niunt.reil| 1, wa' I'' .\ letter from Tho. A. 'a Ii to "MMIU* cMeMit. \ l..t'I'.b- It > ..nit.T..u.\ .m't > F.OI'Ji'o; / the Cimntrq art examine Sir txti .- ,
t rrut t" r''ItItt'to .
. ''. have 'been cxli i: -Mr. John ( [tI ma, of l Hrolll..'! 1; ;' j) 1 la>t .Satuniny; by t _\gt. I Home1! In-uratKV Ce. jnoposint r.unod again: i :all .III y. I I II I i- 'IItI t l e ,.", -., :1'1.111"| |Iulii, m m r- t 'nifi'; s', t. YV r lii'ilit'if: jiHitktt jirtrr JNui.1j.r; O""tfyln"l"f. -

1-1: the! auth'.ritics '.jernuui0; for' further I was in to see us; Tuesday. lie 'M.- .td t insure tire Court I House I" to the :! When\ 'La to tmt'-' sit-ond ciop) of oiuircs : I tIIv are il1 iii.t I'. sill .01.1 ."ni iae hiI I i The* l.taI it'.. U.tli uurrie'l :tn.I l ..inl Kare'.iniettly: invii'il to ,'al -lamin: |i>4ir ..

, :.._ oii': UJ\'C"'lliItl far wc have that the new )I:1IIl'r: | to be; !started; : at aniitiint of :>,i nOO(m f for *V5"l:;, -tl\\a.<), \ rend j jOnlcreil "H ('xl:1II-1l'tl.! : '\OI can: call: on :'l Ir. ,Lock l'd it.re (1If' la..i, d.luno.. I l.ri,' our g.w..h.. ; -

L. ; ;: _\keen unable in j Ho | PUHkvilwill) make it.. :tl'l'tralll'cn : : that wii.l otlor I h.* :\'tl'.1: l !i .1!:m times T. l liver': .* i for I the tbiid ciop of i .\'" (' "". .1ut,. /in' .1i,,! i \\',- : --Vni.in-i: 1 : .* *K11 1.irjje-'a.Mii"lhl""r"h'k: .nul* e-eir :S|It.iaIit'. .to tip '
I !
f. pci fuHI'nlicu! \\ full
.1 11'1,1. .
t v law oOhw :ttl ir. '. I, ,, tir.t (tfkt..I"'L. I and, a wtI'rwla'. i i iN'th"! in !tvtr of,i. this t'uiit :a> he n- iorthiorange tree., I f "(,1. 1 1:1.1 \
\ \ : '
\ '. -.
r :' .' .. '.

-4 "



- ,

; .
-- -"..". ., : )s.e
'"':" 0 00,'. _.- ) uv &&&
J. *
'a'-- :;..) { -

-, ----.-' -
.. .
... .
.-"' -." ,-. ,,. .",. "." ', ; 'iih' ''''f',,.,
': ," y ".. ".'", '. ., "V::". <:r1'J1', ',.'
." ::, : : ': >.

'. .
"... .

.", '.', ... .tk, .l'.'f. .. ___ ..._ _. : -
---- --- --- _--_----
.' -- ---" u_ - -'- V -- .. .- _.

Er ? Florida >:\liiblt>. f{ JIUSIXKSS VAJIDS. V V n VSTXESS CA 1:lJ.s.Heiiiy :
Florida CetUral Railroad.i iJACKSONvuIK )LV80X & I IA ML1N. -. .. --. .. -- _' "

Among hU collection I of specimens j ;' } L.\., June 5th, lS7l' MAT J.O\lI' PKIt'EH.: : 1819''U'I! I 19791! --- 'r'r. Bruniick-

.,:V .. to exhibited: at the Northern! fairs, 'and after tlii lUte, train-J on thi* INU I PuoiisTAXin: ; >KAiirsT.Dl G. FERRIS' .Agcnt.T.I'I.B ,
O .
: V )!r. C.'E,'Abbe, Las a branchof a rood will run JU follou1; I ITHi5111; 7 i'iticii: ). -

vine tho roramou sixlecu MAIL AXI I ( .) DU I P.1>TAX1> (%MEAPF-, ,
.: pea cowpea, KXlT.DjSDaily. *
: : anJ eac half! ferl long.' This .'TC JfsilmrtnTill.". ........... 500pmre ) 1? N1 ? I tyltsA DRY GOODS .l .

1t< While lEtie.......*..... 'i.Jt' PlAa.ve iu .
V ... b:1nch.1. .ono o1, eighty-eight ;, )llalilvrin... .............._ l'W: pmlAavo N W {)RICES '

V from Ifcrhyulle...... .......;. DS i l'm I V
r : pringiug ono root. The entire Six Stop* EliRaulKinUr LADIES1 CHILDREN'S BATS Shoes.
f ... .... _______ LOOKOUT LOOKOUT !
IjCav>* Sandi-rMHi.......... .. 7 tit pin ..id VaIn'iIV And Shoe Maker
...>: : ; ':viue ,covered ouo squaxo rood of l..ca"I O1u.4tc... .:.............. S 1:: l'Jll I _;_ __ __V_ "AI-O of now d 1t.izii, ,
"" Leave )It. t'-nrrie........... bS-1 Tin Crockery Ware. w notifies the public that he\
: V ; I1'UnJ; 'Ho also ha(rscvcral branches pm V V \ly....._......... 'tV HEm *
' : Arrive at Lake City........... 1-dOpm. on hand an aH>rtm nt of tr

.. : : -it". V V via cotr trceiu full bearing. Ou'eof Leave Lite Oak.............. .1 r.o am j V iiii3 Ten Siop<, 4 S.KiitlSj .(" THE FIRM OF V V Hardware, Cntlery, Willow& Wooftwan cellent leather ami u prepare-.lto da ub-.

&' V :the branches coutainid torytwoIYVV Arrive at Tall.ifcB"'_....1.... 7 :Su; a iu i in New Style Ittotia11t neat work at lair psicc. .-
.q .' '. ............ 11 Jock o' Comer Fla.
Arrive at \ \!!. (0 am .'. *Iliiniinatitl (':' *, FURNITURE & COOK STOVES, Tampa .'
f' : -I : tarries*, in a space of tea inches. Both Arrive Srtvuumh: : .........._ 820 a m "nly ....,-.....I ,.. V-

; i; : V :tIle 'pea,vino and coffer, were grown 14'J LC3f:1tilU3h..&ILiany.t..t.,......... -110:t lt p hiJ m ...;,".- G. I. P.DZIALYNSKI MITCHELL&Co., BRIDLES, B1TTS, SPURS, &c3IIEA'Y Lovengreen&.Madsen

, J .t" :_" by'Mrs. J.: Atzrotli,.of Manateo! county t.t.1'lllttiu.-... .........._ uOOpmLive II Ten :Slops Nt:J ,t K Mirror i Top Ca.e, Keep Stock of

:,': :. V .an old lady seventy-two years ofage. I.cJ\'e Oak...:...._...._ 1 .">0 a mI with! >Miror.ze I: (>rnjuuntatU>iionly.$H"I> V AND LIGHT- PAINTS a complete, -

I Ln.e ('i1v............._ SSil: -
eavc am FORT MEADE
01t- OVER 100 ))00 MADE nlltl! SOLD OIL
She cla&cs heivolf tho ,
: among ROC E RIlES
Leave iffc Carru............_ .3:JoS amJxnvc anti OL.VSS on bu"1-
':: V "young folks"'of the/oinrnunity, and ( thH'.ee......_..:.....:.?. -12;J n IIIIA'l WINNKUS OF>l HIOUKST}: 11001T( ', Furniture madeto order. AU all kin.hiof V

_. \' S.m.kron............._ iiH -\i hi ALL NVOIILD'S) KXIUI.ITIONS::;I I t : ) HJtTWKLVK V Picture Frame ix-asonaMe -
; claims till well aj price
she! dnnce.u
: that cao Ix-au->arl"yvillj.._........... "ii5: am YFAlPl'; ELA.S DISSOLVED *
:t jV V :>'. ni most girls. She dots her own cultivating. IXMVC lialdnin\ : .............._ Ol'\) ai.iIxnv l'mISIj'lEX: | :.\. 1 IS 7 \ FLOUR. CORX. GRITS, MEAL( ,

; V -. Mr. Abbo with White llotii-e........... fi 15 amArrhe *_\ Tllit'; isrr. | PHIL. 1'II''ti; l Rin: ):. ((.\T IJArOX. L'OUK, C. E. PARCELL V

together at Jt1.'urilh........... ToO amOn PAKIS. ls7JM\KI| ,KN.: 1S7SKnd.irHxl SA LT. ( ) 'i.'ii.: SUOARV SYIJ.Ul _
V LiiwifckftontbcCityofDa1thisYV Mail and Kiprvxj Tr.till1'li:1} ; : by Frau L:"zt. ThcinloreThomas AND ANew ', IIKKAD, BE.tXS.FERRIS' Architect\ aiul Contractor.

; : CoV His specimens will do'ubtlcs" Car- run : iiigi) t>i and! from J:1( .M>nvile!! Olo) P.ull: (! llMV! -!.dk. Mraijv'arun. ,

and :.ivannili! ; al.iti'l I'I.ASD SPECIFICATIONS.
:. r" attract much attention Xorth.-Fcr i ran ifirough to aid froju J.ieksviuiik-! and} fiuhu-nt ni.i-ioiais- of l Kuri: .)K> nnd .\Iaern-i. CELEBRATED HAMS. Furnished for -,

VV : 'nandina 1>pre.s. Tat kia'&e.! 11.c! ) tt.i.tiliIu.fly a< to the inujViiM* MiiK-rit-r- Formed. BuildingsBOTH
V V ity tth: ,se intruint.tit ov. r all hers Copartnership DIn.tXD SALTED MKATS.tc *
> 0'- IV FElXDlX.EXl'HE: (I'.Ii1.I ,'.) PUBLIC & PRIVATE

V :V Ixuuil.rattoii Sic.i Leave Jnik-oii\illo.! .......... 1115 I a I\ i"t I iiulisi finphntic ittal>Ic., o\or\\licliniuy: and i ( iw"nl Fr"i''. I'rtwrvc* full\ I-ru ct. E:..vwates FiirnWicJ when ...DesiredSuperinttndinjr ,

V In 1876" the State sold Arrive lald\\in.: .........._ 1 ;'1) 1'11Irrh.t'at
VV 2 : V 'V V I .\ Fcru.-uu'ina' ........... ".:;,> j'mIx.ave -Hl.NTi.O UNTIL PAID FOR. ANILI IN A FEW WKKKS OFFKIl) TO THE PUBLIC v TOBACCO & SEGARS, the contruction of Build
: 2,494 acres. Iu August 1870) the I ijin a SPECIALTY.
Ftrnaiiliui-------------------- 10\10 am Aiiil Fancy liroctrieH of. e\rry varietyIe : _

,State;' old 3.1D1 acres. Froia tjic Leave )'- I.lwin................ l 'i pm 1'1.". (Or' 1" are n'IW lTi t tI lurli-ur ketjw lull hand :i l.irxet *tk lIt lifHHl --- 'I
V V above it Mill bo seen that immigration Arrive at JaiLii'nulle...........? 2.V: > I pm liy iixuttldy iti'-tjilluun! I.1 f fii.iu fj l<' $10, GOODS CHEAPER: \ Siiltnnti.il
V V V ,.'" Pii'r for Feni.mdina; and (Vd.irKty I i. lIt with i !I- nptit! until( the rnxt pay for and >tU>rs them! the.iper than evir itlen.ilI
:: Co :.has not decreased, .come* to a ttaud"filill takitil'tran.! Xo train fr.'ii llaKl-! llu'in. Fr 'ri one to thrte jvar time gin I I..f.n' S.AT) DLAVVn: :: : .

V .:' but has iDcrC:1. Democratic win to) C,ei1r Key on Siwd.i\ fur pi: >n-.i'itSjnci.nl -J>1\. Famine, I Hotelami Ship* Mip-

CVnnctiionAt :!.tlwi"uill! .\., (t. .1 I J Kidiutiuii J'veil to ('lmr.'I"II, THAN EVER BEFORE'OFFERED.. I'linl. .it (III I loAe ratiJ. -'. Harness Maker, Upholsterer&c

V V V goTernruents has not ruined the country W. I. T. It. J.. for lobr K\'. ialne: >villea'ld Sch H\I: and Pa,t<>ri.. .Apnt wanted: vurv5VlIrt. TAMPA, FLA.Can -

'V : V nor deterred immigrants from J't'nl.1I1Jiu:1.11 nil tMints Xorth aul '. Orpiiw M-nt (.n trial tub any ':' t>f I II. KRAUSE l 11 ("nn.lftt the corner of Miller AHenderMn'
V We>t; at I iketllty forTallahat, .\Mnvny, lift..Nutitli.; We pay freight (Utth"w.t! )3 if $tore, readr to do all
I .
9:? V CQroing. .V We will risk our opinion Savannah, and al j>->inU North and Wv-t; I lu-t u.at.fjtorv.: NEW BUSINESS [('('riit.r Franklin A Zaik Stre.t<] kin.Lof work in hi* line 1 impairing wf

V V;;::: V now tliat each succeeding .nlo th will at JacLM.nviUo with St.John's Ilivci: 1III1- 1 Linux, Saddle*, &.. attended to promptly.I

: .fthow an increased sale of lauds and "1'1'. J.Ma-tcr S. MeELKOY, Southern Wholesale! Depot V T.inFLA.. I He I -' on hand I, m guoth! itock of Leather,
LOW PRICES. Saddle; Itrullcx, ttujipy Hun! *. SaddUP.iyt
V -Increaseil; number of peopleXwho will M. DAV1DSOX, For the more c.'n\'I knl supply (.f Stirrnps Sircingtc* Girth* ,\-c. V

; V make now homes in Florida. itneral Freight and Tic-kit Agtnt. Southern tnidi a S.ullu \VhoIiNaIc IV- I DKALF.U: : IX ALL KIXDS OF .

V V *" Atlantic & Gulf KaiFrond" IK>I hL" heeil eptabli.-.l.isl J Sa\uin.di: : (!iL, Good r-L".cn.t.Jllcnt. to Jill LlUiL4IJ1J9'VVTLS E.IESTSVV
j : I. Wo may add that 4,502 acres have from nhiili HealerChurthe*. Teachers '

been entered at U. 6. law office inS (I E1flAL SrVyIiXTEXftENT'sSOEFHF; and the retail trade can IH miiplie| l :al N.Y HARDWARE, In Chancery
We thank the PnMie f.ir nnd.isk
V p.vt: liI..rtll.\rtlna;" a contintmu-c f'r the New Finn.
and 15o-ton I\
factory rnte > j Ill.iMr.i-
\TI.ASTh' (! IAH.Jt: .. r '
Brass AM i'i K \I', } --- ( (41Ur't. (.Uh Judici.il tirvut'I.ri-
August- --
_: :1\ull1\h.: .\1'1 il ltih, I IO bI.: t tkn iJ'<, atah.giiv':,ltlrs price and} V full iafuLBDDEH ; HAYNSWORTH "CAWRiaC! IIONTIIL.: : : NAILS 1 SHIP ni.vxDLKKY. iI.t. in and for JIiIL>t>on.iugh Count y' .

V rAuit, .. :, .tro.1! after: ::111j'ril! ; 1! VLMi; Pit : -*- :I iriLi; >iis: : IIAKD: WAUIX AraU-lla II. nihh. ) -

V V. V .Ve'llt r T :tl1"1 li-i i:.u.lvill nna T & BATES. 1I' 't.E 1 (All'KNTiUTOOl.s.: : : cUKLU.r.MAKKU'S : v* > Diwnv.Janu .

I t:. V Some of oar cxcliaugaj\ Lasting -. ft.lv! -; : V : \ : SITPLIK5J. i -> II. :mih.I JIT V
irVV V 'hmT i J.X: t.m:::. V Savannah Ueo. T.\Il FLA.DEALERS I .
IA '
i iu tlu-ir : ,
long-live people rosjH-ctJvc mluh1: [ : TO \VPI-L\K that
V IV.evi.- Stim.ih ........ 4:10 *. \
t.liily at I 'Irrh' Mar.ufactnrorsVlIe.ali, Stares Tin. \GCdCilWara/ H llo\vwam1
Agents.Joliu the [ n'.ek' without the Stale
.tt:,. -- neighborhoods, so we will I just uiculiouthe .\ .' at Jft4 up .hut at........'..i: r M \u.IUt .

:- fact that a few tuilca from town in .Arrive '1Vhunt4.4! v iiit* .Liily .at....'>::!>A.M -\ 1. Tnylor I :1 I ( T.. 1.. -' 6. I1 "..1..1 :wd. nxtare ', Tiihlc! antI I'm'kit ('ltry i I I1'ilnU ol(- F".rill.. ii.n so l l him at ordinary l hut within}pruevNi the I'ritirU eann 4In V
Arrive a: I liriv'rvtl.5Iy! : at t.'A 10\. i.rriv .
(; Ammunition niul l kA |
V V >: this lived in Ifl4. ; country1'1ow; g\lC.lll'ahh .\ at :\110:111.Iih' at.I 11.<'0 A. M JEl'lE"ITI: ; : : < : ,i __ towit-in iT ..
V ( %' 'Ii. i 14 iiH> utolivu fJL
4c; a white man, named Aquilla : (Junk- Arrive at Luc ()A Jaily nt......1:55 v. MAriv l I tl'nf.f t.ne.1 V

'' &: V l V ins, whose nge is inc hundrcil :i/d .\rrive a'!TIb.1I\N4'Jac! *
flu-l Iihl hint h the first
;V two years, and not far from him live L'aTallahI''.' J.iv!: at: .....;.(,.K> i', M I I fin Moiwlay
'ntULl) : in I IVtiHilvr tirthie will I ,
." >-" It. ::4 TnuiPuiwif, 111'w", j next, same Ittkti
.. I
V L '3V-- JaL.kV.flVilIe4tiy! at >::S" r.M V AND .
:. : V V Tubhha Williams, aged ouc huudnxl ':. .,. l.lk-: V as c >nfe.nil.Provided 1 .
V V l/eave Live O:tk !aily at.10.W v: MLeatc I
that of thi-t shall
cV and nine 'cars. If any irons arc .\! -.\\' ilnly: at-..........".:Ur. II.te I :copy Iwtf
HARDWARE\ Paints & in Snnland
DEALERS V Oil the -
lo A
V .
V V Painl.ri l r<* ilailv nt....... ;I.> t> MIxave = V STOVES 1'111.1..1
j1 ; doubtful they can sec and talk to these! Ut''I''lot'r| -)".! in tilt. town of Tampa
Tl>onn-\ i.o V V old coplc at any time. Quincy: Her Ix-nvc Je :.np dnilv at.:..........j.4.J :.: t H.DII 11I: s-iiu-F; vnce a \\nk )fur MX itin> v iti\e_ moutlmfiom
the date 'of.
1V.V, ald. V Arrivi at S.txannalt dtiU: ot.....'::'t1 .\. MNti : J"E'YOR- DRY GOODS hi-n
\Vin( .- my
'V tlia.i, v* .f .*.ir> l-.twtin 't\'il1\nthIlII -- ----. Skimmers .
Sugar and Coolers
Dippers ,
Court. thU 17th !1a: of Aprif, A. I>
: Tcinperaiioc Lo;ic. JaokH> *.ilk m,1 StivnnniV an-l Aliary.Skt I P:M bt t'<. SinnIIil I ('l'| -i. Fancy Jlmnl-i: L59. .-
'j.ing ears run tlii>in<;!! to ami iroinSaramuh C. H. OVERMAN & CO. liul, .rvIl.i-. .\Ivty" tIll Imiul ami rxiiivinjjIrii.li WM.XVJUKJWX: 1vrk.'

V : The most logical temj>crsticc talk and .\!luuiy: ; I A (fJKXKKAL .\?. : have Po.Sf4-i'-rcr fnim t\tm\h Air l-\niiiu5-! Miinn!.u-inuiA: ..nd. 1 IVi! in ._ 'L.r VV
: we ever listened to was delivered -
nn,.i\in"'iI\\ .''IarICetaVctii! by a colored employee iu the vineyard I1aL-n'r; .'*
General dur frt-ni Savannali for irnn; *i,k.tl1.c rjii If I I.:1'\1TNIItl: i I'hER: lTOF)19.VLV. -
.' Finley, n MJago. Whiili! I 'flir, at .>tt.>in i rii-v-<, for Ca-4i. .
tl.ii : t'xt..tiu
train arming tlu-re I.llcl1 iiiiilt'r the firm of I.OVWI
ai ; n; name
All liaud.-r-wcrc .tlfl1.lIN( W'; :. OUDKIW) : 1'HOM) TO"Xxn! (JOUNT11Y TUOMITLY FII.Ll'I'J : nr the 1'"..II1"l' i,( the Farnu '
busy piekiuj Pan\.ri l leaUrunswiek: at $;01.1 r. M, : J & I..JAMS[ linn thtx tlvy UtuilV
:1rrin' Jvivanna'i f\ 'H &.t..I[, Ilont-) ) : .li..tii\e.I tUUtll.ll
: A. ?i. COlVA'llt. Till* isitl.LIflhhI11 -
&_ V V V V grapes, when Job, iu reply to some PaMH.ntf-'n !ivtivin.r Jfmn at 7:13: a. >i, ].t.tNtiV*. ((;.,\::. \ )() >sOUG; I IL & ]U\1..IJ1\N'rY1\.l EIAST ; it* ilihht1lI1.-.s of tin* finnNU to I I. -

c V V VV question, said: "Xo, wrree. \\"ouMu't (daily except Sun Jay) ,'IJUlll"'( at .""..np 1 H'JOI.I.'l: "i<5, sq.ttl..1 lv 11. 1'. Lovtrrin; III.

V V give five cents for all the whiskey inc with aLL. train fir "rk>riJ.i. *tnr"N WINDOW AND DOOR FRAMES \I C.l.l.N I srrs 11"'OU 'I:) I. I.S. BlackSmithingIn I I i 1'. IAVEIUNd: <\
fro.ii ll.ri.!a l 1.tli train roiincv-t a: Ji*>- J.tMESV1LLL.tMt..
V Lake City for my own ue. .A man cup wiiU tlietritln; arriving in Maer :utli.2l t ; j :'.\:., V Tanij'i. August :'tilh.; '7S. VI
V rntxix: I i{ : ISKOAD) ST., NKAU ATLANTIC A'ND GULF it. u. DIPOT: 'I.mwdi.n! iii! tlii-, I 1 __ _
V take a drink in de inorniu fur his '. M. (d-iily eu.ulbtlIVflII Sunday.) I \ am |'r.'pin-uI| t.1 V
: V Nu .. !.* u.f ear*. l 5Kt\vivii ).1.mp.I.' 1.Tn d.) nil Ivin-U i.t$ Itl.ACKSMlllllNC.wniii. I I ;. I III Chancery.
V V }health and he keep 0:1 until he fecl-i l\hl J;...\.!! V :.I I :( I.l: ; I SAVA'N'TS.TAITjCJA.MANUFACTURE ; : :! WIll: ; FINIl, *;;'\ SMITHIN J V

like he ought to have one before jin Plll'i.iaii P.i'aoesleeping' .Mr. rru tnt! >* NEWEL POSTS A BALUSTCKS I' I:;*:;, Atuitli. th--.it| 'li anil nil n.LMUi.1'Mi I itvnit Ciiiirt. t"th Jii.lui.tl Cm-nit ,.f .'!,.rj- '

-i V : t.> nn*n> Sav.uuidh and .1.k-fmiilv,.; ; OF SUGAR MILLS PANS A SPECIALTY.nril \ I t\l 11\-". i ili, i', niitl for M.iPatit.-: : l"t.t1ltlmm.la \. .
lie takes that aud utter awhile ; '
: 1cnaeo1a }"lorida.1) '
nero A I..l l 'ln.
V 1 1. ( art. I .
al-o through *> 'evjt.r ttvitn MoiiJuniiury: p .nl'l':1 \ IM Strukijn: I. 1 CUI! fur I Ijiforwifc -
has have .'ti and! J.u-km\ilf! I'l.i.C'tuinetl I hi.it-s.! \\hIIt 1 i!..irriri, ., nil h.tiul.Pli.t ;
he >
got to one to go tu sJtep ., i., .V \- } |>ri: *>ir Iwri-n-'tfKly ,
V PlanS!ti4itiultI- jndnihiil l.imII.: 1 1'ur- uitlat'M.tll.!.
wJi traiuIh.iJ "
at : J.inii-rt .
Al'-any: I'a..u.r t. ;>(riikl.i* '. of infant rhilil.IT !. -
: V on. An de whi:Vcy burns a hole in : >n S--lli\\i.UMl! Ik.iilroi-l: L tuuJl fir IHiin:; ;;'". 1 Vc.'Oin: I ? YKAK.}: May: "">tli.'"s-I lvNEW "
uay- PKIX; MAl K: To :
;, V dc jKKkef 'fore he buru< one in d,. fio-n, Mat I .n, Kuft-.ilt.: )11'11g.m'ry.. M.-Mie: -- --- -. II I ) ---- allitl.ivit( that tlivtUfviitl.int n--i.lt-- .ill ly:
N..w Orleniii', vtc, : i' 1 :.1::, I-I, IC anl KS unit :3IUN.I5O V
elly.. No, sir, no whiAey fur mc tJ F ij Mt .1. FIRM i>ut tin State of FI.'ri.l"u lliut otilitMry
Mail "'."-: K-.ivn" It.tir.l rivl! I i" irpal.ti
lIm'r ;t ftV.- .
; witMu
V V: : ;: Lake City Ucpartcr.Tl.c .\ lui-ula , :;O, r;(), SO and 100 ";al lou I ".<." OF the]IM(5 f'nih'tlt.i-aiinot K. ,wrviil'to- sit on himlx.il in tint State ofTl.orvfitrv __# V
: ;
0 I t- i ): '
V 1 r fotuml'iw: ,:,',XVetlin.'w.Ijv. ..\ at y-itl, ) A.M. ...t.,1'. '. C:it"ri:1.
VV lato.-t style of announcing V i"1t.1.I" I.: iii: III.I.l.flII'I.I! : :"l 1.\11.1.J.\t.: : ., :ar.- ."'.. I'l' .:: .GRANT&LYON uK>n motion of F.J.&zrnI.i.iittuIaiiatiIs .
.. ,
:: V i is *.'in-e o('n .-iiin at .1:,(-k-M'miK! % daily'Sunday t.'Ell.\' t l-! \ '. n v ,: W' ,.'t 3 '!lIr.II.. !L* MI..II!!. .mil cvnxiniuit. A 1\\, 1 l.ej ,._.,.. .' (. S"lidl"r. i. i-. on'i! rwtl that
; :: foreign politico.l'lIew Miniething I'Xopli.*! f.r. ;r11 (''1't'.ril';; I *> );S 'M'ill"' ,'xl'rhlll'l'| 'IJ'I.h11" "I..a'r ,,"r 1..11. eo' ; [(\.tlll MailiMMi and Mt-r! ":in Sl".J.Ji ] tlic Ilefi-iuUlit. J.ninc-i .\. Strli-klaml U *-

V quite peculiar and refres-hiug. A >r .\n;ut"PiiMOU: : ) IMU'IF' :>5 i\lV: to call .'!i.t. : i'i-.i.l! aivwrr. U-mur tn- tinlilf' 'ajMar
l.iu.Iugs; .n-t .1 4tlt%'*- I1VVr. Plan. ind me n-s .T :"!ldr! -.. 11I.1 I.> in.til. '. i-\i.iits:: : I ic1)ry dirt V
coolness cxu-U between .IluvU i and Kept on iho European Iu rein on the tirt Moiwl.iy in IKnlxrn.jt
TraiiM 1 and .\. 1. I K. leave
on j-ino
)1.X l'F.\t 'Tl : EI: OF f or a tKcivc -t.vnftffco will be tAcn
V |
V. Germany, and we hear by the way of tiuit 'jt--i tJ u'<% Mi.nJayVeii f-..lay ai.il; n,s.i.vvr: I i.-.V.\; n lXlIIt11 CIIMI-I_ni.la I C oocl.-:. agiiltV.t him; -

V :. London, that a dUiotch from Vienna 1'ridjr at 1 11:14 .\. M. and t fur llnni1* .kTiU" -- i IRON AND BRASS CASTING IRON FRONTS FOR STORES I Pn \i-Uil tliit n copy ftf f this onUr i-hall
V Uv, T.urMt.n-! 'ataIu1fl and! at 1:10 P. I -na.A"I.
V that these dillctciuW are M V I "..Im'. '!.n wrii i:! l.tlIuauI.: ; ( {lVi1)I) !11I1..r.] 1-0 'v.ili'.i-lml! in the TutuvMial
says Clothing l II"'A"|':1I"'r l.ut.Ii..t) l in tintown of T-imj1,
V; V V con?itl'r 'tlto IK on the eve of pa- Thr>'ii'h] 'Tiikf i-dd! ami Slitpiu l <*url t.lLiiiiiors. i BRACKETS, IRON RAILING, ETC., oiuvv 1 witk for thnv oinmf ntiTe lQI>nth..
l::.rtLMeiintl P:nn'. Tukir I >tH.e N"
.t Bran'' ieVincs Witni-Mn mv h.iiul anil otGciol mil' this
V :V sing from the stage of uewtpajvr (*"ntroversy 22! K::ill wiipT J 11"'COlD1tIUTIi >:S. V I -ANDAlinilTKCTl'UAL.-- Uoots) ami Shoos( S1I.I-V.! t.f. Julv) .\. t>. 1879."H .
.\ND t.ujurs.lifter ,
V to that of dij'louitic ..precaution. .\ \ Ti: \ I N- \STKiX: : V L }MITCHELL:

V V ." We pix-Mtnie that there mad t \ MVlSh! N.IJSCHTKJ. VIi'AV V \\V.iil I: "(.-.p.J.-E.I.it.;. II. I U:lijtM.'iiil'. I J.:. Ht! "ina<, I II r. J! P'' ; : ( I I : I HtXHI lS i 1 I Itt: c.\::; .l 'aiic'vCILuilware ; oo(1 I [L. S.] July Jii-lt KHh. ,159.IS3in.Administrator's I'-tli; JiiaikaUt..FIa..

? 4 : 1* a -rvat gulf letweCu the stage: of $ $ : '. I ; < : -_._----. i I .-- _.-
1"1'lIullah..-!............?".i.'.' ,\. M I c' .,: .: : (pF M.I KIM'Sxi I' srYi.i. Foi, : l'lIrtl'IIInHI( : : : :; vNitnwn.i.ixc.-: (; :. : } ( Tinware;
VI V 'diplomatic precaution" and uewt- Ariive at MiIitiiMii.! ......._....I'-Vi.v. tat ..:. <. ( Crockory, Notice. .
:FNI: FOi: ( IKCl'lK 1 P. 7S. lv.J .
; : per talk but jut how \iJc and tUtp .\n\f Je*up..*........_15 l:",M \, *i I :. .;- :; May FARMING IMPLEMENTS. l.J.t.. I" 1F.llsi I:. .1.1, IkICI1MILV
.Aiiive i :1'il.K: Jvfljvar...........2no r.M TO.. J, -
; it i is we are not iuronil J. We arc .\ni i I'M-. .. 7 FL4-
H' at Iipuni..6. "
V also.told, (ruin Vicuna via London, Leaie Hl1l'.tlt.> } | ................."tOO) L M.I H ) 0 ;' cD.ip3k Si>li* gt tntlor 1 t the Count it1- nf I Hill-l I I I !" rtiI1gti. I lli-ni.ri I lo :ami I'ulk l \Ve :tI.., knp ii>n>tantlr on h ii.tl!, amirtn I' having ivtitHinUtl tit the uinlvn-igii-- V
: "I I ilu rj-tnti of WILLIAM 1 MituvI.iu -
': ; lAVAt; IL'\o.I..IIIar..............._:':1 c'.\. cH "J I i\iu>-I ky! fr.h -npplu,*. of I i>u >
:4 V V that the'icuna !'ft't-s-thc entire : J of I I ilI'I.'ruugh CiMuity -\-.I! .I11 .
IA : 2.2 III.11.t' .
ave ;
V press-assert* that tho *. friendship between 1\'". Mtlntioli: ...../..iSlf.: MJ.H 1.1. U'1 -. I .1 BENJAMIN} & PAIK'KLLA.OE3STTS I .tI!,1..11" hl\'ill d\im. agunsI III
Groceries Provisions l 1,1.: .(. ar,' iiiiiilinl to prixul thini witL V !
..... ... .
V Arrive ( a\.alln&h..u. ilJ.
tI :
; will! IK J': : ,
: Austria and Icnnativ
; I t IWIt \tN (rt.m thi-t l.iU a* r |l"in..t l l Ilr I
provcil iufl:3 of need by*" deed" WISTFUNMVl-ION: Vi.-- ; !! STATE FOIR. THE SALE OF I \\'hit.h we oiw r it IH.HOIII pr5t" fur oa.h i.roPNTKY ; or tlii-t u.iiiixdill 1"'I.I.'u.1 in liar of thnittxiry. )
C .
'SVVV N t:1' 1'Ixcnw,1'1'. .-. .J t I l'IOIIl'q.: I 1: I All 1".r..llJI iniMtcti! 1011 .

V L Here i U a betterment of the juaxitu I.c.nI. I)III-.tli :11............... ) \. M 1 I-. '" u :; : ; 'U. S. Wind and I In -olit'itit.xp;: ':itn ni;i* "e H,>nldty t.> i' ,.{..itiAilI in.iko i-n>iiit| xtltlciiii-nt tn' V S

that a friend in need 13 a friend inV IA'& \C Yad! !.irt4 at................Nl-iA.M: I J c. ".'J t-- .:.. ._.'. --. Egines Pump CO'S. I .nrl'"Irtln.:. tli.il' wo nhull indt.i\i-rto: (he I; ulI.I.r.i n..1. JAMKS MJ'OI[>\ >*

V V \ I 1..1\ Quinuan al............:...W>7 A. M V J t.G = Goods li-t i f our. .."iIil\' toji\e sati.1.u ti.iii inv.- IV V ..t.lminisiratI j
deed. Austria, in ease of need, will Arrival "llu-uianillo ........1 11:!f' A.j LL J-. cx: :. .. : I < ru -|IM..t. Pli.a.x. t-.ill ,ui.I I \ainiue oitr Taiiipa.'la..tng.ll.9._ :hua'V ii'I

V V prove herself a friend iu deed) f o.-x) I.eiucTh.-in.-.viilh.....'....._J lW: r M ; L.- '- -'_ .:., | \nvftin .. i .

V V 0. Time" 1..';"\ C Camill.n .................VJi'.y I --1 r.I '(1\HI-itillg'll'thn ( \ 1 1'hl"ntt\d I .Notice. ;
_. Airite at Alli-inr .it. ..........:;'"0 r. ML.ae < : ;, I I. "* ; I V *
V ---- .\!11.:111ai........... ......J'II1: ? m '- rt mT ...'. 1.\11 On't' .V iINSVIl.LK, ; Yr
.- -PANAM'\u.Auj a*>t 2f I>.-The allied l eavo C'atiiii'a at .,.............7v".*. M I :- : HALLIDAY WIND MILLSFARM : O :1. UlI V .llIt" :n..t. I : 4tli ;
V .- V ainrietf In Souh America have tut: Arri.c ai Thuma :at..... .to '.:1.I I iIxaio II 5 a'i1 = "T'01'It'-i. lu-ul-y, nixrn"that tluln V.
I Wrt ; VA..' >u' niuiitlHitlir t ( li.v tiliil :u
moved the Th.'hiam 111..1:11111.: : ( .Ml.eave z-
uotmtlmtandiug rvpcatcdassertions : V
V to that cff.'Ct. It u ucrallybelieved Jtiitnun at.................:>.:{ i* Ml I .. N"D -., C .i : H :: ot. liiintuition: to. ninicc tiu.il {-nx-f i ill| '.'
j >rti>fhitl.iiiu.. a'n.l
.. ... .. .. | satire tinil'ytliinitf
V l V V V uo march acio the desert .Arrive Ihipuj.t......... .. .. ..*> V.'t"t < \' ._ 'I" I at the cij'i ration ..r thirty ilayoitin :
4--r- I will even be-attempted. The blockade J. S.Tju'N M.vJtor of Tran-tH-rtatii-ii.: t\ t S > I 1 11.11t"! iii( tills nol i"', \iJ: t:1).\ .
V ) PUMPS.I ... ., ,. Z .'/ .; "&\. Iquiaue biu been abandoned bv U.S. HAINiy!::; tV. t--- I
VV the Chilian fleet. Tho now of life (:itiifral Siqeriutintlont.OiV .:! .'". : 4 a noo for the X W } ,.( X W }I.t't'f .
V J '1-. = ". H anti X j of X Kf: S.ction 2. T-j{ 1'I ;
1 .
L of the Rimao caused intense I J
capture .
>> S>uth I I' amV ,
: lIIa..t,
: I.
V excitement in Chili. The opposition I. X. L. Feed Mill Tanks Rubber % It -. jC the ftillowiiij a* hi- witness tl |>i V J
: party made a fierce ou laugbt upon J ... ". Mi-1)011,1!. of M.uiuw \'ilIa-"I.'I: V
c/5 t.
? the ..I :> .11 J.IIIIl'r'w-4 IMot ManaUv VJPir
the iu which 'Jt.
government, populace BEST 49? EAPST. .t.. I \or '' :. \. "r. -

V j joined with riotous ilemonnraiioits. V .: ; '' Hose Water :r 1.J 5 I-.. Z r. .-- l-J I IL M. Sta.I.liii.Vib'Administrator's 1' : | 't3t.I'. ._. ";

V The cavalry were called. out 21t\ll1 I IV I 1fit1illGS IJ1)1lL1EL) : Pipes, Points, z >, .. rr : -V '").
; : u
three from their bine I t V
volleys cat *? .
; .
t : VV ; were fired, followed by a charge into :,, t.Ii qi-ks.. 1r.: ('/lal/'. l.alu'a.-/c ru. t tI ;jetc.f t t tc. t: ::- /, ,. ". \J .l rC V. TlTTKltS I :I ,,f AiiRiinitt! t'Y):: : *'.- \ '

L dento mob nud tI I -.! th,' 11I1011"' -
V Vtlio cutting a-httg :: ,*; VjV S. tlritrrrxt., rJI'.I"a. I = -. / 'J. f" : 4.4)t II III.
ft.V V right and left. Ouly three! tUathsJ i I. tI I -u\)! uiNnntitl 1 i in racli fouiiiy: i.i \\lioin !lih'ral.Hil: t, C" : : I rlll"th' I ."rt. I I lhlMuruuglf1 flilt.I.( .

4F: are reported, however. The riw.in'j! :, I I I will I'ln :i\'iI I'm 1 I'liti. ttrii; ;. iVi*.. .- 'n.l I -tamji I'.ir; iiuhiIIX.IA.MI --- : : d./ ..t"1H ti.taI- f John Onlur-l. !V ,,,'1'vvl j"
I' : i
V Trees for Sale. V rt-ns-h I ('i.Itiitr, n-.tiiv i* I
r _- has cca-ed but the excitement coutiii-I j i Orange H.\.1.\! I l4 .'1..h:. I.'; T llllp.1' Fl-l I. : : \ .\ r.\iciLL.1:( : T.iiin.a riaj I LJ.-- :1111"1'!l -"" in.II"I 1.1 t.. .iJ Uwttr

:V: V ., f. ues, and unless prompt iniuicrialchacgcs 'I II E :'.-( lUl'.KU: : :i.lU'rAT sal.- .I his 0111.... I"'" .t..r 1'1:1I'l I :'N IV ::1 3 O.H r 1 IflhI: l.t ntllfini of Ntnviu.1 .. IIIIt(1,'1.lim."lit V

: are made further tnjuble may \urotry .at ClearVal Ilirk'r.: a i j THE: :1.r' I ; .\ii.t.111 i i-wuui .,,:;nir ,, ,., V .

I ; V be ex CtcJ. I i-u.intity: nf thrifv.:_ .dI-gr.bii tllrt.ct'lr V 1.I. j 1 :.tlll-t :1101 ,.ta:,', : ...- hf,,:1 r.III'
.. wld orange lnt>. tif ilmiiv, variitii.. \'lr :; .: ;I'r'-'III si4i. ihiiii" WII Iliii VI
I IhV4
V -The National n1 of Health tiM .ilxrti l. tu plant .,..LIli. (Or-ui;;& (iio\t'" i Washbarn & Mcen ManTg Co. I BAGDAD SASH FACTORY CO. 9: CO r V 'Y '.a L.c I i114 i I I hat. ,. 4-1 niiuin.lv! ) w::,.t-rY.IIH'I
"il! du w.ll to make tluir .I"di.lh. (n.ltl -'ill J h." l.h':1.11 )Kir ol'th..
V gJV:. : pV 1. hits refused the applicatiou of the !! till :IIr.t\. a.1 have taVm c'r.Ir.. t ti h. : ,,woncrsrcR.FHUI, MAS'. : m J ( I lt- TwiiioAlior.i t1\I-'T V

.. ., Bute Treasurer of TenucsM.e for i plant! \'y the U-s-l M.-..!. fn'in the: t-hnio: t : t 4.b.Ou1V t.tI C'.I ,l ji I : o ir Vi.: :I 1IIIILr. nn! -V. VV V
:-T; tuon- \ Offer for sale at their Goods consisting of V
1 Onuu%*. 1 It liike* no more time :and I.J..r Tampa ? V ) : |1.2. hi. :IU. /_ _.___ A .
:- : cy to buy rations to fec refugee* in ; to r.iiM.itiUx: Oran; than it ltt5. to V1qV(> i if, rrlE[ EJH3 firiS: fWW" r- ,. I "r S.th'. V' \ -..Vi

V4 '- ::.- camp near Mciuphu. Their refusal duce truit .f au iufvnr ti.itiy.| ; --- 1 All Sizes Glazed Sash Panel .Doors -iJ 1 Orallt' (:rii" anil 11 'in ,
V V 'n. I.i.
j AtMnli.. \V. I'KOVNi 1 -Ii-- i tl.E: It. r
: was upon the ground that the law i April I7th r.iu IU .'.!! ]P.I 4.) ; : VTS. -.- :. \IIE--l1\1 e".I.. I liar '\.1" r. It'lliIil -V V
; & Door Frames
; Window .
t rA ; !
limiu iu expenditures to measure V ___ I ,i of lii: 1It'f' j".I. \ :I IrI- -'_ k. .
'; ...b.LELTt.r u.cw..r h t..iu..iA Nt.ati. .1()>1 irn: I ISAACS. 11vUI1.\ uC
.. .
i vlIC. 11"u..1 1 '
t V
V. "
4lOt1L 1 Ul "P 'i .tAt aIII -
;. V which arc :intended to prcvcut: the; I 4.'lII.. I.AVI .V. watl"l'.I, ,.t 11 f\ Window Blinds t! fruit IritUfl:: Ir--' o-' .\lr' .Ihl. -- V 'it ..
1) J\ )1)1T'1)Jii.I.l. .r.I
'. i.\-n 01 A *i.lrt.! lairMfr f In .tVATn1 \ 'I,
( : cprcad of fever to other States and I, ?KU."j, ,:i.U br. VAA or be u* TV O : .c.\- _\ ) I I 111"'lIrill I IrIts, 7flI.4, an.1 I :" i
V '.
V 1'11" Ho. n *rj itr vp froml000 to 3000 I '
I l 1 I II I Cisterns gallons. "% "" I '
... nh ti :
'. I t'1J -:1: t..M.T.tt I.. a' t'oi"'l gtei: :' : ) Irn.f V2IrIII ;
I .- that feeding refugees _i in camp afu-r u V a."j... Vtf. ".,1 t .L.... o..J TAMPA, TLA.S' )(4I1L14VI lIIlt "J It o1ll1.hll1"
1.1l. .\. FLV. I.
V II- Ncertaiu lirult&l time i ilJ n'Jt' \>uch a :; "''m "i i\"t, "I.'t.i.al! .ilt.rli.'i! t.;. iM!I !uI.iiI&Va -< V j" 1'.1.l aI.4a..t..4i.au.-.J._. Orders received and perfected hy> MILLER & HENDERSON) I II.I \VI\ti.I I....i :i.iinj-H.irt-! -. I II:iir 1 I I-rf-insr 3tnl4 1.1:11.' "ill'... ..,I 1 I'll I' 1t1'1.lv..,a'.It'' 1.
II. .
h. II'' Hu lh'l VI \ --h"I' Hili k'i inA l.r (.. %lUUII"'I
_V V V j nicasu. a iit.thi> int. lktli2M: .:: d{ .: tI, V I:fE': I I /1\11\: \." V ,- V\4( ;.I INT-: .iit Mitt Iu ii I'III.III\;' : V p!: I' I. I'R,"%,. .1.l .11.4." 'I'. UV. -1"-
.r' ;> : VV I VV

: -
ig V '
V J.
.; ; VV ,
: 'f / V
:.V- ..:.1 ,
: .
V .

V ir' VV .

V ,.

V V J J V .. .- ,
; ----sus--- V I VV
AUV c-- "V V / -
-. .. ". 1t=. 'rf: :rzV.V: -- .._ .', ., V.: 5'IVt V
: ij -"
V --.10-.. V

The Sunland tribune
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 Material Information
Title: The Sunland tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: C.N. Hawkins
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: September 18, 1879
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Tampa Blue Print Co.
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: J.P. Wall, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 44 (Jan. 6, 1877).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Succeeded by: Tampa tribune (Tampa, Fla. : 1885)

Full Text
.--- -

ccrfr \

.. .

: X'; '- ;
-- _- .- -I- ... -,.. _'II--. .- u., -
-- -- .
'" -.----- --'-" "-. -- -- - _-.. __. ,.
q--- : r- ; '
'. / .. .
-, ; rsE ---------1/T-;

; / :, :

\ / .

...tt A' s' 1 ( : .' I S'OT \ T / ,--r.

'- :, '

F .l,:. .. /'/. TRTBU NE.BY -


:" ;'.,- '..', & :

1ka -..

t. _- ---_ --_--- =: :. "-= ::.: i--- .- .: _' -_ '! --- .. -: =-: ... :_. _.- : __ :_"':.: -- ._- -

T. K: SPENCER. TAMl'A 1ffnrIIUlSJl.y., SEPTEMBER 18, 1870. 'rOJ .--4.--NO.-28

____ t. __ _____._ ,
.:- ----_ -"' -.---- .. .- ---11-------n. --.. -__. -.-. .-._- -.--.---..-.. ".- 0 ----- .a-

L TEE SUNLAND TRIBUNE.. IIlJ.'UXBS. : :. C.I I:.IS. POETRY. i iL. what may be the team j force he may 1| :are reclining' on their laurels, their I Kc<'i) Cash- at-' ilI- --.--- .
__ I
-- ------ _. estly.A
-__-___ '
fcT. K. Spencer, Pub'r & Manager.'Official ---- : = = : : country can IH describe-d) by rxj po-cv And in fruit culture he will example; shining as beacon light: to I Not long ago a gentleman remarked -

'_ __ __. BE.\UTI FUL NTAI: or ivi\-: ,
c := C. POST find! his hands full with ton .- toilers xxho still iu a sea
acre to mechanic
Organ (6th Judicial Circuit. .h.ij. IXG. j cn-txpc :stxle. xxLieh c'ocribes! it minutely i younger rl I a this town that he

:-T-------- - Suece-".ir lo 1'<- A HOCKV, iu.11 particular-, :i -tylo riot'generally Kvui: with that small tract he will require of t trouble.It I xvould order certain articles necessary -

: .PUIILISIIED OyTHUUSDAY.ADVERTISING GROCER : iv u.r.iu-i: n- very inviting to the! comrueri additional help at certain 1 ll1tifllll'llr of cxenii
"- ? -, RATES.A A\ u'l'liyrtfan the f'H",1% ITOW. nailer, or hy comparison I or con- .- of the Yl'l..nukin; ; at Florida this peniuua! ; .carecd on either of con-t ruction. When he received S

: AMI riE.XI.KU IN TL'KMnlUHIIW, thy pntlo light; tra-t: \xilh other region.- belior known.We in the light of the future; it mu.-t, I side hthe warm waters of the I the reply that the articles could be _

SQUARE i i. One Inch will In be epactLcgal'aJvcrtiiiemenU charged-. at Western Produce, .\1101 Miiilht; fl".111 llivar.nri' !u' ;ht, prefer the hut, nto Wiseon.iuami like tio! region to \\hich it i Is tocommonly Gulf, the -tIinll:of the North are 'Iis fuishut't1lucre, he at once gave the )

rate allowed by law. 91 & 93 MAGAZINE STREET, As ltn.lirlv, aii'l fMULtfyviuiHA \ Florida.In compared lw scUlcd a: ,) mitigated in the \ pa:ago hither! I order, and in the same time that a.

cents NK\V: OKLKANS: : IAX'M. thickly as Italy.' Now i is the time to that veil the tender guni carccly; I I xvould have been consumed iu the
Local notices 15 a line. j gentle I.ill pure, : 1i.I fair, I :1 I"l't t the t txvo States: are aboutequal. : ,
made ttitli mcreliantswibject -- --- ..- .. .-- settle the choice Wilted in the cxtrcmcst rigor, while -
Ycarl/ Contract* AVitlt trful/ v.
to a change every three mouth, \ XXC.H1XI.V. MI-.NKY 111II.'t.w. I.ni.k-: nji to lln-i- inili'iit 'rJvcr, : ai'd l I7 North, FlorM.i J. (.J.; 1C SAM'. on the 1:1:111\.1; the leaflets: are* crisparid i.letetL.Ofeourse. i it xvas only n small -

and nrttleuciiU necor.lingly. W. GORDON & CO. As i"xt'-i; xvire :.* an! tl tin-re/ -. -- 1 .' ithe nrchuiemyof
-, ; a Frtt
I :1 I but it is
!: 'JIJ I and :.fJL* I If the. Kvcrgladeiil : -, S1IOKT AI>1 >K1SS.r.Y : & affair upon trifling matter
: ; Obituaries; exceeding ten line will l lie'ciiirjI Of) U-auu-ou; furui, an.l trow t'r'I'0lI..w ,'.- our tender but for it the
;nn1aaI. a4tertLscineiitAdvc v -, '**-- (ste: rof4 to Ti"w)11 & (for-lon,) )brltCl'lJltro: (, I)lIll' and Hreaid I: I K.: ii: M'KLI l (, f fit pro- that i>mably.; fifty
I !=w itly .!'..'I' the l:1rJ.: l>ro\\u ,' 'C tdinrl {, the sea are about u?.
(1IItr.'l' thu-t San'in
I the
ti Jiae-iiU in. rtcd. l. than One I \ .lie C'Xl"'jtl'iInciu in has. the I. : : e community
Delivered the occision of
Cotton Factors t
KiiKit: ia! w ft :in l uu-Ur !lijlif!, The ctle.itkect"is another 1 ( ,
Monrti, $1 IU Square for firt AI.nI1J xnu more sxxamp: land* than. Florida. The I lm. \ heie it may circulate &
'I'lIlt giii'tlv IKMJII-. tlito l.ih F1U I t-ruscr' Association at Pol utPincihi'
: ')ii mi ,
but it has. be
: AN DCom'ission' !Iappiy, yet to | uel
t: fur each Milwoqaent'DNcrtion.AdrortiMxucntu I In cullulk that i ;\;::' llIulof Florida are nearly all illvrtt'I. thou times over before it takes
>s riy: ni.iluj'lv t Fki.--
not marked uriib the Me chants. Witiiiu tlio-o nil H I'" miluly. / l iglit.! t1 ('el'taIJlf drainage, and xxliendrained No we have HOle of it at proent, its final departure. Remember that the ,
4- great thing wl"'l'r :L'oml'1ioh11 -
number of linte will lie inserteJ nntil forbid is a pestilent t coti('. dollar at bomo is the whick .
: -u-H-cptahlo of culture in kept one
cliarged acc rdingly. :(). 112 RAY ST. SAVANNAH, t;.\. o.iutiful t-lar: of cx-miii without associated effort. Men There i id but ono great need 'to iuburc the .

.'. .f KPECLVL RATES to liberal Advertiser Rigging and Ti.'th'llI\.1 on e..I.! 1k:l.I.1 thy hi-Ur. 1'iirc ill In-all I. rice, siiarxveet; potatoes, corn and ucenl tho stimulus of coinjoiiit labor, success, and that quiet and helps country.
i The the South ia than
Hdl'C lit in I lu-r other the (Wiscon-- reason poorer
thy :auI tear crops ; bxvamp.
) the of fraternalsympathy.
LiU-ral d.h Atlvaiuva inoJc enidmigniiuntit i inspiration begotten labor. Difficulties
I must
erM5-teut -
4, T1ThfBOPSUBSCBIPTION : of C&.ttc.n.ltrorniat _\11.1 in lier .,ul, :in i iin.-i;e Itar, -ii!, owing to climatic l'otH1itiIIIStill This. fact i is copiously ii- I I 0 other BCCtroiM of tho country u simply

-' 1'cr Annum (in advance) $:2.tPO an>l care-ful atttnt ion guaranUt'dto lie lrulo't; tpo; uf .ill!l tl jti art.MVr.lKTIIDAY.. alwaxs l Ill too cold to produce anycrop histratcid. in the history. of every progressive invincible met and overcome with xxith iron a determination will that i is because of the lack-of money to cire.- .'

fIX lIontha 1.00CAliDS. alllm..in'foII.u;. 21.H.A.SteTlts&Co7 I. 1'iit. gra of a 'O:1rH quality, an late at home and 1o do tho huaiuesaof ,
community. Hence our'need that huts down like a vice. This
riritl cianKniV.The hardxxoeul. for- the coulItrilb., 1C our whole
P1CUl'ESSION of coming together. sort of heroi-m rings ,victory from : would reflect before scmling
1'"I"I'I\'I'rlh t' eople
-- <'YII'C'ith large I j
11l; CIA1t.1'it1.tten .. The gro\ lug of Kiirr-lroprV.il fruit the reluctant baud Fate. It i is
C. L. MITCHELL Successors to T. J. Dunbar & Co., oak-: ,' maple e'ms' ba-sxxord-t and, t ennobling each abroad it. would be but a.<
DU. 5in its little i is
.i infancy relatively
IMI-OUTIT.S) : : A IIF.tLl:ls: IN- : xt-ar*, not a try lt.!v \I l.ile. ... ; (to any 1:1 to work ; and the time before the number who
other t tree.are, : a- I -tly to clear tithe I short [ :
PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, If we yiii.jiiy! i-'nni ilujwj*, known of tho 1'1 'nillhl< .of interests! s>xcat-drop-! trail-aurtteel( to dia
CHOICE OLD WHISKIES, Iiammk.: of ri.nida. They! con- are anxious to borrow cash 1 at five to
FT. MEAHE I; FLA.TFFICE \\"iih itexir a timiiglit nf Ilu ir imny erfM, l'ihlflllly\lacliu to this subject.Our 1:1t'lcu the .
WIX: .\ l H I': (il\- lain cords-of otf and lie : 1'thlt : triim.phcomes. ten cent month good eocurity -
) In I alyn'ki. )l tc1dr.lO". ', .lH I Tltcir M it-oil of-miles, nn! uir: MOIC \\ country u new ; indeed, our Statei In thi-i no idler per per ou

: F.. i BKANcFir, -- CKSAKSAe; I Ii i lliollmuj-.:il lia'i] '", lu-iv, a.id ilunTII -, !: imp* :i\llll'tl.)! 1ld\: long in the! i i- hit. a bride recently CC.tl't;, the admittance-. kilom drivel would be very small indeed. ,

DR Al o Proj'riet ri <,( the (V lobra'M 1 d...ktn or 1'ii,hltii thy way.- soil to hinder the l plon: ; and the ""il i is embrace of the IVeleral gains: hug plcaa- Everything thc.uld he produced here .'

.. & INDIAN VEGETABLE : aipK' li:!IiU'iii jt.ir.-, i"L x, r/ j-.t.rl 1 bf; ill no re--peet liilior. About one-sixth compactxxhose UI -'1.1 ker, no exquisite. lop, no para- th'at can po !ible tend to the comfortof
Physician Druggist, fruitfulucvs i i- let to lie bite; of human who
,\l 1..1 I 3111 ti j liUtil. !,.-dy.! : kind. Sturdy 111
AT IllS OLD STAX1). BITTERS. o,f Wi-e-oii-in xxa dry 1 pr.tu'ie, clear I : cil. The ia centenarian the people and produced at a profit.
.1' Ilu"1 wield the and drive the
TAMPA.( FLA. 131 Bay Street Savannah (Ga. .\ .,..d tit al ol-;I .'rrownuljii_.. I li:m-kn,'wn, flr:1.11!! t tree, cox end x i ilh gr.i-- and Hunts whoso axe plow, and only those articles purchased :
longevity of IH.UIO raid sincxx thee
: ,1 men are our
ttar1 have i
\ ,
g4HHI ia.>iH f > which
.tcl11G. lyTIL by nature read !for tlu t1us. The-e be a iv absolutely necessary to our
J. C. WHALTON Jr.Auctioneer .\ xo-xi 1 dial "' .-"" Jiiuc. ii.ut-p.irkii-.l iil.ii- I fixed.Ve have read of a il 1'rinc-c.-' rude di-guW.
had rK-h ,:1 and h \IHIlIot be found made
a eh-ep > : at once rv use to w at
Ar U. It. BENJAMIN, 1'1,' tr.uk e.f t!!,- \' :u.that iu- .!"...d.Maiiv l. \ Si. Augustine: one of the oldestcities! To our Etll'J [' are inxited ; -
fine of Hut; there t."U home.If :
grain. xxa: *
n. K"itifu, .">jv'I h..\v li.ul! crops on the Coutiru-nt xxluch bore, 10,01)0) no flaming: >word menaces such immigrants

i ; Physician & Surgeon, (Cru-lu-l in i itiriiitot: ) t 1,1',111 l ; rieithei i t timber I t for fei'ciinr, nor fuel (onuige.-; per :1'S0! A liltlgl't'C of of welcome more cattle were fattened more :
NOTARY. PUDLIC. Many atiMo Ji.tlln! ,- wan-lii-io of liVlUtii : for; (the caily settU'rs. rioli-1'.i': had no 1 10'J) uch trcevould xield 'at nay Llllhle.'s beef pickled., more poultry raised -
RESIDENCE. uwl a JU//" Yc. wrt\ aie thrown x\ide.
CUSTOM HOUSE hi'KKii 1 1-y cutiitl-s; } t'fgiiMini. -imil.ir! Liml-i.! The openings V.'i- more care given to stock, more attention
J T-pa onOFFICE. :"JJ.ratJ.0 ..tfINUU' nt per an income lf 310.000 .- The-eaie but iapid strokestou

1 .-50)n:. or Fnnklin .' T.jStn..ot.t BROKER A .,.."nianxihoriK.- h.i\e' l K*i. n-aU rr.l cori.-in.I I t.xxliic'h I burr' orti ks, and some ( ) per aniuim.lllr 15irt this tree wa- the merits 1)1 Point Pincllas given to garden etc, money .
< l.ing) -
TPti, }'Is.. 1-1.r. nl.ng j fe-w titt-s grew xNilii! :a rich underuroxxth o could he kept ut home. Economy
about the tim
planted! herlIi1lo*, l'orn-
.\ a'-I but if sulHce
.._ Tile; .ulf that) 1 have tro.l, ; t provoke a'
i': : tifoak grulles, :and ha/.cl' bius'a! -hould be the watchword in every
I wallsurrendered! .
JOHN l\ WALL t:o Washington.AH .
I 1..1\C :tIItI l many tliiictt to nl:;,r 1I\"lltIII1\ cleare-d mtII11'1'In'ithl iiKjiiiry didt111(1': : ?, : until the xxhole ,
grew, x\tiv e-a-ily : the it and family people are, as .
.Nation grew, grew ; acommerce' -
KKYVKT; ::; FLA.IVr 1\ r the gant'i. : :uiti l nu rty of C J.t..I. my ol..d :l.al ,( atlinl't1
& Surgeon '\ pl.nx- to \\hieh xv.ioften hitch formerly contented arid prosperous.Istlf .- .
Physician and trade ihiuiishe'd it
More than I'luv 11:1hall) in\ fatihAnJ put a xxord of cheer is never
T.UU'Fl...\. -''n,il att> "'. uii .Jxiii to "al.1I:1'1 l > esl a" many a- tivuko of heaxy ox- Tuttllr City ltJQrta -
iru-t :utiaxeti, I forth bio and! fruit in ,
etrmije.-t :
uy : while
nHJI.1 f'r si.: ,:,'. 11. : superfluous, to n'tl'ru a ie- .-
OFFICE Houns.9 to f 0 a. in.and I to Cfioiitn.l e'fte'ti erring uetIVe'iH .-1Thc. .K-atteiing trees ftiini-hed apolzilill :
JEFm'\Cl-Wln.: : : : : A O., .\. F. A my | ponding ratio ; xxhcn the Republic he newal i.f'ILII original impulse i is often Lime.'E' -
5 1'Ill. Sunday 1 J to 11 a. iu tlunarrow liaxo rirncii.Si l. of the tearing, and first fuel
C. Tift. way canto great in all the elements of Iteveliul.From Krtmi the 1'Iante-r: and Farmei.
r .tlFFlClv-In J 'k'k Eastof tile Court 1 l
-- --" I for the nettle- ?. To thcvij Line-! Flor-
tjtt,1 tin liauirliol ilays I I1s.4 \\milil ; r : it bore In the matter of the of lime
of and h.nrncL4 mighty Kiapire, keeping pae-e, use a
,. -Jlvue.urner- ---- Lafayclle--. .-- --.-. W. D. CASH ) 'ta.liy Ii\'. u\'l'r :tgtin.: id.v c-an I.i'.-. l-.errieh pine rid;ekind iu tremendous Imrtlien of I 10,000oang.s () ) ) --- friend of: ours, living in ACCt IU:1C, .

i )!. Si'AUKMAN, IIC 1 "'UUIII !;i.d1yfur4.Ljf IJt'I.I! -, uilliout.! dotrimoia in any man i[: Flur 1ill] kl'.1i once it that
., S -- Tt you have *- n why xvu oyster-
groxe- I State Claim! for fur
Or rtt-.iil tiiit alt iu Inch'mnl.r
; xain, lit 1-. Tiiore tire in Floridi land.xvhieji .- .
shell, line would work tho
Auctioneer I would : 1 He[ re i is a for; not on sandy
ATTOllNKY AT LAW, F -whal! i ip I.a.t.: i- j'.:-t I forvx-t-r, ''f ::) l'mll..t S\amp Lands: Sold! by the
iflt! feet of lumber
\\ a- manx the "
lands of shore while
-, ANI> ANDCommission (;itxtd l (>r li.td '.Ii- iluiunu: -, ) ,"1"11(1)h:1: -s-tirring :o"olia- United $tate eastern -

:;p- SOLICITOR OIl.f.VCUJr. \\'c iii.ty: v.j i-li :w,1 tv rit li'l:! our lu.iru nitluavy Zt,) the aero a- the- pine-xvoods: of I liHI" t( : |hU. patr:1Il'tt: the use of stone-lime vas attended!

: TAUa.Fl..A.. ) ()I I Mcrdiant] f, Wrciiiii; and; our "Yl'l'l"HlIl'.- tree l bridal xvrcatha have fly t the act Septemlvr 'J.S, 1S.>(f. with the happiest result We were .

: I lit: the\ t i-t ,! ne-I. iiii.KiiiliUtii \-.ill xield double, the amoiu.l of aiv L1:111) Congress: granted to the State of Florida -
Will I'rartice iu all the ttmrU uf S.) Flay DF.ALKU: : INShift jit Uxuitd been frull \%eahLhItf kin.U I perplexed, but promu-ed him to make
)young all the within her limit--
I ,
B. WALL, (:1"t fl ft13y, (Iit rerirx, I',a. l: jiar*, n 'i .1 \r\. *i 114: vltilo! tinrbei, 5i; that :>t.ite.A bin! :souhow! many: .young:: :; wins whieh weiexxump and overlloxxetland ill'luirr.11I1C mouths. later XTC en- -

U rlf! HMt''i'rftf'ri/ ( ii, s Tin Him I If f vciiii|>ly iiniiii lliv' ynttf, I Kiri"i. I II I.:. t tif \\'reou.in i l.< in tin. i:;I hux'e grown! giay:. ali at last dietl in I te>o \\ 1 for'c.ullivailon: xxithotit artificial coiintcrXil; ) a farmer Manas-xas Junction. .

ATTORNEY AT LAW JIrj,1tII'e, l'nhtfi. Oil, I'nrnt. 1.lft3 U'i'Ii!! iIt'\-,"-!>a tiU'ii'iht of their; IIMIIV txeu1-. :t.o' 'Joiiitati-iti'! .; tliCM} >|roekcrop outoxtf i; itt.er.''> [!Je, while thi- t tee did but Ilrail: I .-I cti-e the landso who had ruoxcil 1 there several
r. > t', Sf"fimH"/, Tin ir M.Iontifiuiio: ai..l hnri. ; .i 1 granted: e-onlJ be. a-certained and set
AND many: |iet-e'\"eo much t that the r.m'e"; it-youth and ginl on iu panoply ),'ar": before from the neighborhood ofTmy
Of' the Iliig.. lti.it lii < here tn-1 tluti- ; apart: to the State*, a large qirarriity ;
: FDA_ )] \iii
Notary. Public, KB"YVVEST7 Toiikt! tar I Lrijliliii 11.t' winter of the paper alluded to, :can-: ol leaf and 1,10":011. claimed: axxamp was eiut.'retL. at the N. Y. lie a-ked us. xihat we
Corner Knmt & I I'uxalBQi
; T.UU'FI...\. I'aMn 1' il!,'.. "Ir'l.; I .,.' I :iinj'ly t"i'!hsctiivti: -, i IK a xirrlmrt hlV.And lions. pineha-w lo lilly" no laud: The orange gJVnu'i- are .kolill'llo i lTnited States kind O'liceNot: knc-xv alhnrt lime. We aiHivercd that -
Will rarlicc in all the State e..urtA11.1 i': SI1' .1"1'1'" .1I1'1't whit," te rhflll riot til-t .mint.'II .. I be future wi-hing ti. di-turb t the > ,.. .ion.of
: j> ; t-liort N.heBJENNER& 1 am t-:;/liltcn I .-.btv. c'x: our ari-tocrat-, I living in i palaii.il pe -" we were a learner in that: direction

: "in* the (,,3rcuitaud ii4rirt CourU tif the at --_ -. .. much. '::.-. tliau lOOH ,'jiai.;: mile* ', I rusid''nceand 1 from I b-'lconie-s a puichaser- under t the'seciiciinistanco i t and wuuhl.1ike to hear what he knew.whcicupon .
l'rtidiii.iHii: ; !
'U.iud Hates. (or the SouthernHonda. J l'utriet te ; I'll. S. 1k: 1111.1' C.ili-l-70. : I .
( aetof
I March
iIn the !1.\\. Hitman, and 1 thv 'orgiespa: : -,
PINKNEY, t siuf.iee J\'ct\odn! orange f.ln'>! the--e he li.llhar. with an expo-
; 1l'l 1 1alll March ;;, I Ij., xxliich eontiinied -
-- -. ('I.IIH.'U WISCONSIN.Since i i* sandy: with ury little :alninin- will see appre>aVhing -hips (.1 gnat to siie-h purchaeithe! landentered rienee of forty years, he had found :

t HOVELS. .---. 1 siuri'iNc: _\NICDinmission ) Ni'. :. tn- ingie'tlient.: !! and I alru.Kt... Jt..tit'l1l'' of Ian rihiezi\ I to c.ijiry oil" their ::i pp'] !les of ., by them hd\\'l'l the date of that ,)'-tl'r---hdlliruc xva-i the proper -

p- $RANG G11OVE !! the \ dl'l'U"U'n; :ral 1. 1 II.I.a : Hn.e. Anotliir- brtruet i; in the 11! Thi- sfitof inx-estituie: i- ilu- thc grant and the pa,"'age of the :la-t: application for clay landand stone- .

) MiMvlmntsN : la'iii I Lnilt to I.:iltC H.in'rior[ anel upper iiuri.in, \\ here .a.1\I1 I rock-ami' coirnptibKand. it.- perpetually inciviing j I nanu'd act t, :agreeing (1 11o'r t.. lime for sandy land-. ; that it was the
1- JIO" J L j State: I the pure-ha-e receiv-
t rt v&1 tnrnoil I i in I il.t iltitttitrr 1 i i ono- maune.-i.in lime :altl'ruTill': : formermake : dividend-
: NOW Ol'EX for the tCII.t1flOiIIt.! Eti YORK. lialftlie-. :J-. laiulxxitlirn ton mile.- '! ':- a xiii like the loxxertratu i : of i.iad .tl k. Fot xo'ir childien it will i tll flute. :u.- in.I'lli1t,1; these sale the. soil, while! the etlect of stouc- ?

JI. L CI\\ I I 11':111.1. while the iaitel i i.- more compact be imperr-hahlf. in : i- 'I"itt' huje. ;: in rmind lime it. .
11'1'1. Ctittitn O.ii'.! jiiji.iiiH Solic itc'(l. of>t lilt' lino of I the ii> L.I! has 1m'.n I.tkinIiy MI patiii'iony! an amoiiiKing. x\aa compact
3 richer and! ha. .. numbers. to :dat: S'JiH>,00') P, and! ireijiienl .-
t Tampa ria. oV', !"t. IS.s.I Refers to Mes-I Miller J tV "I l H.-nderon.I I that: oirjhGJhtJ.fH; and i.uxnx jur-i-! \ ,. a trotnl? >lIl'l.ly1' I hlri:1l'. not to IK- !\ eJlt :way byilonil \ -- -- :
: 'bet
-- -_ -. O'l I for -ale ]IA' it at :iln iLl t .' :t u :HIITin' '. lime .1 1 II""' j i.nl l-4* a small I lull! wear: "It til' '. 1 Hut; patient: toil is the of t,1:1\;' h1Vt'! n IWI.h11! til' --The Oneitl.i) coiiimnnist.- Oneid.i ,'
I IIANDFOUD HOUSE I I L'lke Mil.hi of 1 1.111:111> lime., I' part t til State: to procure an adju-t- county. N. \-., better known as .
:ui .
: 1 hrile 1 that tho interxeii-
.1.gt.li -
EUKlAX & V1'11ilJlllisai ] ; ( I 1'lbl1.! noi tiu'intl.vit-: ans: ment, but to ilutime', without
up "
r- The hurt i.-r.: j ie-e dlift xxhteheooped! I I II j of Nut :Imkl'roill, no longer :!.ho'k'thc flue 1
} the
} rolling Unitj
-: FIJtST CLASSPRIVATE I s\ from market: a- xxorttin- 1 ing .hasl xe-ars.: :I -ucee-- \tl'I. 10\\1'1', t- .

c \ li'l nt111r. i iI jn lan.ls nf riniM.i. ivy the }11 iouu-tcn BOARDING HOUSE 11141.1 : I iie ; !to -end ,nt three examine i it their free love practices. T be Shakers .- ,
net. !1:1 I i.-- lie-en Pt1 rt1ii-eal lay rich rapi-: SHJH >r, c'IIn'tllu'arly\ one-half I 1 I the-j i beielie-nit: but -he gin only to the i: agentto I y .
Alltll'LI\-.1\1'- ; State xvith diift! cf -:t114l. Inl11., IIt i t the landf f fnl'h 'h! indemnity iclaimed i- .. are hoi.c.-ti. rndu-triouj and, OA a rm'
i : de-orxtii her :
CONVENIENTLY talitfor; -1''IIti'III.! ) :111.1!! l i i- :ilojnilit'il }! ; laxoii ate nexer giat-
the rinr anti i ] and about
near GoodsXotions l s. I : they arc now : to .
jruuting;, on the Soulh Ft. llrook and the I Dry ( } < on! thc! rnaike't: !by t them, nt a-1- boulderlend: ,'rin-i many a ;ili ii.I. only: j jiit uitoiiTo": achieve' guat: :,h.tiIYolC' commence the i inxv-tiiration.i t To I enable rule, are very popular] in the"section t _

1 Ba1.' i i I xamtil ':\UT.. MC-nie tlio-e' ruir-: It to gioxx tuv.or pa-Hin- J'l"ru1.11 \:It v !' the Mate ,to jrct the puiehuemoney : where they are located l ; hut attcmpLshave : ,1. i '

-MRS., F. 1t.tIFORI),I'roprkrtn SAVANNAH (U. > the other hand. lie.iu the t for .. the Uni- !"'l'n made un>ncce>i>fully several '
t n paid any tract
tuiary .
--. -. .- ;! Lets, :i-'.'lIt,, X.IKInro :tI'1 H"I''i: }r 1 I.'arn lo l.iiMirnj.1: : to wi: ,111 times l, leading mciulie-rs of other '. .11//
j : I' leil States, mu-t II made of the y _
i f.nmatiiinand much i it thc'la.t
rAMpKHbrrEL DAVB "VILSON'. ; ('"n't'-I"'IIll'lIt: 11:1\'. .i,,'c 11 -I'llt! I Ihl'.I1 I i :)"- o i leI l Hit the .got 11 time coming" may: : I j jbvj swampy :11.\,1 of the land: at religious denominations to destroy !the 1_ t.

Of Tn&ilnir; l-'ia., with! I j I.out the I e ii'ire'i hurt hum: ji,irtioii of that I I ib-niptii-n-, frill!:, the "';''al11, I 1 its -oil lu-tencd: by t fertili/ation and the I! lllof; the grant( ( t lN)i(II. and, tvxo tie- imtitution of mixed mtrrrwillch .
: NfflUISlIOTELlIAVlNO DEiXTlItKL contaruabuiid.uice! : of lit'u'eand is ) I i L- -upjiorted by them. The Shaken -
I1Ily -
\ Miihlr renovaldl and rcfiite-d i ja* now I tateti xxritc jjloxxiii:; :uvciintof ( :appliances l put under l'ontl'iluti.11 by mevj' :\l rcquiml for each tract. : _
H., Myers & Bro. kicking: in. alumina! and pota-h, the These ill be have yielded to the popular demand! '
Ji : : each
|E ft'r UiorfCvplionof,, gue l>e that! reghill. A late one eouuto tho intelligent. To till. the happy agents \ IH''Ollli : of their and have
Table will INS "nPl'1i\.1 tt,5th produet uflIlli' of t the 0111nck! 11 hy au agent of the- adopted
jTfec x-e-rv -
4?* u", lit':lI'tI.r, .on..in ag.iin-t the con-tituenta. ( of mother soil i is the de-! : resolution ,
4 Sury the market .. and notina.wiilspared I : DIALIKS: : I INToljaceos is exjK-ctcel to furnish the xvitne-ssed to a abolishing mixed marriage : .

to make ftie gnet>t"00111(ort:11.le..ntell U'orhl. Thes-t xxlit'ir neetUtl e-an be ea.-ily a ldetl oi.l.mtum. and in the great hivo >fbu prove toe character of the hind at tho '. Here-after tho community will .

.i. suit the timii1..IX X"tl.i1i11 he by the farmer. Florida has consist i of two clas.-ea of 1)l'8oDs-cele'- a'c
i at figure to more gratifxin. to : no !y workers each: may furnish a datu of the grantor I\ near to it a.s {

i I ISAAC CKAFT l'rol'r dur. one who"ith bit fe'\x' (,tlit r, nou I liv- soils t-ty poor' us much lf. the cand: criruib' of previous information that practicable brates and married persons. No innro
\. LAND A(1 EN TS. & jug ha tcn Ill(- luith.lay of that plainof Wi-ooii-in! very little kind 1 uhti.nate1the graml : : will For t this i examination: t i tho State ha.' -c-andals from the may Onoula, therefore, be expected '.
Cigars ; Liquors.i :jgn'gt been divided, three ditrict.Mr.. community.. O.
: I Siatt-: ".< h'rril'riall'xi-t'Jt'I'. \\te natal: cox redith! ioekt'i impedo! [ the bo aa book of price le'ss \: '. a Hij -" 15.irton I .ito examine. that Tiuos. '..--.
I : : "
t. C. Haows, JOHN IL SXVISOLEY 8:1ya1111:111G'o. 1 a-n State" its &teu
own; & Swingley Onl.n M.fUinrr. :iij'ily Tillo! an.1tli"f'li few? thoii-an l* jMipuIation, to nearly e-an Huh. I be traxe-r-ed -lucpand''I I I Meantime\ our doings \ ill g<> forth; to j| lc'rillil: aeeemipanicd with Mr.i I ii.I I -nll'f1wud: cloth in warm soap

," (fl .\KTEEn.:!:l i 1 twit millions, than to rva-1 of its 'troatNo u-mtecd: : n.\ moundor .the world! :and pu; utn,i t(1jat'a' 1 i S. I Diival m the part of the ". :Ihl!-, then int. lilt lug, and apply it .

F: and Agents, -- -- ': xxi-alth! :and pro-iHMitXiarnlscHie'ii'K'ax'-! I i Il'a.tlti'111'IIl'k" li-injj aboxe-- the t ret'to :associations .similar: !o. cur own .will the :'i Ir. A. i K.: 1'rotoU, :11lompUi..1ih: to paint and i: ill alnio-t instantly .. ..
.: S. BENTSCKKER ; Mr. OiarKs F. 1 JIJI'! ;, alii "l'iIIO\'I'; greaami tlirt from xxoodxxork !.
r! K':' IUFLOltll>A. : 1 t.rs niailc to rtt!k' it.- va-t clonrai'i, !I )-, \i huh no tlotne.-tie :anirn.il I can ci ttIt'l jtit'iit interchange of thought'xxill : the country north of the b.t-e: line and of all ,1\! "t'l'ipliou1I1"'lIt your _

i \'\gire fixTial altenlit'll to all AVITHI. I \hid ha:; -o I laitig. Int-n the fax-orite i scale: unlt'O it be-.1 :ou1. Time will < Il\facilitate: our groxxing f for I c.i-t c-f the meridian.: ( !.jn. 1 K. '.. 'I''I'I houAlterward w.i-b with cleanxxater.

'A .TAi.vinew; biivinanI nlncoil .mllinj in thdrhaud.KK.xlj<.t.iVflNO .*in--*- I. L. FALK & Co. 1 ie>on ainl halilat, of the! fir.; In-aiin;." | come .\ lieu t the. e-Ve-rijt'les! tbciu-i Ix'e" I II tuneMen of nieuus x\ill i I I \i-it IH ; ,,'I .\..J'I'lh'yith \l r'. M.I .\. Williams, : Thi- application will 4iiakupainteil .

;, ..". HOME .sTll\t; S and I j animalthe! I iri
ADONS. making tntrie.4 '>f Maniejt.ttirtr. ami \VlioK-aU. I KaKr- inCLOTHING I Ii ,i i b.i-u line alt.l1'\-t e>f the: laerMian. and will uot iiijme the paint in ,; I
I fieldAt[ .
paradieThe t !lil1l:1tlOl"t l 1 present while! Floj-M.1 inoxx i- and! neighbeis. xxill thu-. be multiplied J .
) .
; ,
I The l ; the. least.The .
"Se "- ..1tI4I'&c.: tf. 1I1IhlJ.I.ron11 j i ng postK| >nement of tlli ill\ U ) ( I I' of that M.ite, tot t.t*, UIllalld": hax'e- and wild!, thesettltr( has tl.e op1IHHunity A I be abundant I 1 the ..
tace g ning c)iii I d. l"ia "'- : i J nioiit v "il : :wJ:1 I i gation: haimmc: 'a-ur.iblc inciea-cd the --- --.-

., '! j"\ :_-'eu n'Ulrl'tltr 324 i I fonncil, :i careful -tnJy e>t poition of I ( and should j 1"1'.1:111-I ,- j acttxitie- life put in IPtioll. I.'itt ulrteiitly '!, ditlieultic- the ww of the State in inve-rigators: ,of the Frcedinen I- .. t
Broadway N. Y. '
\\ 't rthe xvrit<>i-'" 1if;'. ami lie }i.f pri-i'an',I to I :tllIile (the land \\olll.I-1tl.. upon; our liyh t h ibeen I under a procuring the necc.--ary testimony. and I Kirk: -\\huh le haxe et dl-covcm! .
Z Im.\Xl1f lit 11'-:1 '. ,4
: .
VA.1MCP.A. Cor. \\Vli"u.ik .V ( ":i.Iit.S;\"o,"'inli, (;;.aVr. I ngre.. xxrth the x\ritt-r of the. article !; ami! 1e ct the !h ie.-t :athiiHed to ,ihf- *' .i-htl 1 aUI I I(,ilt I i'nie-ihii quite unnoxVr'u :' it t the U:tgrnt a matter of I the congratulation Mate: : \\raIIillgt.n that: one leak. It -1'11Ithat the kink xxaacMeiisixely

'TATEAGEXOV.\ } ( 't'ut''COfl'' .V Kin:M CiiarU-toii/ >. ( '. thai: "\t. one," ({ill that (:Ih'1) ,) 1 t kind of far: -riling. he lul, <'ltol'i t ts pursue, 1t t tM I # Our mod --ty ha- been ;.) t'\- :, has siu-e'eetl.d ill dlill.tlz.1. ; l Depart) I ciigjgiil iu .discounting the' -

.o-rl. .'r. has. I the intentio.i tloxote him-elf. ll.ixin! made the ie1et't the next i I : pay of clerks cm ployed ia the various '
; ''trILL to to .:: n.ii. I I 1'\\' ato lo rq.rdil.illi'i} J UK nt i iheK' to atleruU to I thi- matter: ,
: ilep;rrtiiierrtt of the atthc' _
i.t 'J ft' &&*e.WNI) Sr.r.L m'\L J"Il .S. E. o. CWYNN, 1! farm life" oh..ul.1'i"it, this put: ol the ;, -tip I< to induce hi- ul.t.tllllt'!. IH-II/I- "' .m\. no talk for the ne-w.-paper-: i now, for: every delay! : only :uucreL-.es I mtl'lIf from two to gox-errinuvrit thnV cent, .t

;:;: -.,\Land 'QI' AUCTIONEER I !.intcre-t.to Florida, it i H hoped I t that the !
lAnd Warran n""Vill", Flit Lueae i farther ; I If thi uliy he moan-- heI i to settle on tin1 itijoiusi html!, in lIri t'lt I I' \etc II! see, on howexer. apjH-ar ujn>n the IxKiksI
,. five f I IJIIi"CI'ltILUt ,citi/en of t the tlille-rent! coiintiewill j
mJ will
.\\t-, .' tnwted fvnaipt to anyto a JUbIIC Lu1.1.all LUolin1. tI.. : KLx vI!'>'! LA. I plainly! tlC, p'in t.) K.ina'Nt: liraaj : i tier to sc-niiv nil tin Ie.'ultir.s of compact -' (lit- of Florida no goi.li1 I kind I II :ts.i i-l the airents I by' furnMiing tsell11. I the bank. It i exideiil from this .

t" 114 Ii-Ucnt .Ir .A1I letter.i on 1.I1..ir., I ka, )Iillll('-ttt ami Dekuta.) Th" .. I neighlKrhooil--a their ; iiI ''! whh all tiara I that the fiimU of the bank xxere uHdI !-
I t-n I \ttcIa1i) !J"f'Ot'II\lh' in til .a1e4. ('.'Il ''- ; : f'f'OPI" I than ":in t II. lall'f of fruit c'ultitrr. I- : information: ."::Htll in >rrvatopevukitroii: *. It i is to !he .k
\ % -1.. !' *tt"line for*a aUj larg in T tint I ronir1'an"'Valuableigh' wriv red"!. :i, ineut.rdluitril}l'roniit nturn-) an-1! (t I.-ali-fa: taail.tit.n f..urIII\.1:. l : region:.* have al-o tK.-c-iipuil 1ly\ttdl- nitiuu- cli'iolr, cJurrt-lio. Sflt'dJk. ).-- .\ heady t thr-, 1'lIil.uI. i itcom- facilitate their tqn'r.itions. and I thatrthe r fhopid] that th"-.: "hua) robboil and-{ -

: til'lQntiol" indu.Jin ,' and utfl\'' slrrtt. | y OI'.MV I Fr.'nl ,; I tion ami -tntlxImlli a*. to tIiiiit'tt. ;i J !1\:111; : is ctioiiirli. ; !.r a hirm ;11' itiy with orange : il i i- no loni : I pre-H- will I give plIllil'itt'l the i mined I I the bank: xxill i I I I be di-e-oVercnl

;. -t' ., ". Af" aud lrw"JJt') ) UrlUt lrt..(. ;rowo I A -- .j r .JKu .h .;.. uC' ;.. ii i 1 :aii-l Mlii.Hut; if ho xvoul.l ilnt'eNort I I i Florida, thai: i i i:1:i ..H':1'' ';i t t'i. I'., : :' an .'xjH'rimeut groves, thc'w wt. .cUlh' (fact: : jiWxetated,jttlair readers and ask t the; cooperation ; ::11I.I\wl"1'I | punl-hment melctl! out tothem. .-
IllitlO in the : 4
( ...,.. :J.bng; !
.:;'t :: TIIU1J'C.J'h.. btll t.un'T\. till PI I ri K M. "eti.l."0".1' .n.,.i-.own. f;*--..., t l. raVi4.. -'ij>rn ajr.iiii i *! .-outhU'Joiiib. ;, j ron. T"'I\I', : :.'! ,n.Ui. :' !'.I r 1:1': : hcmic hereThe lilDI''r.j ji 1..llicer! in the di:bargeof their du- Such rl"ult.of tiw inxestiipitois ; -
fcti KB C 8 ">'j' r.""", >> !< > .-. lum in < htt\xever i i-. hardly
: rAlkal ltae .\ S pr 'gri,
." .. ,
W i '
: W
51 _VFA ....:4 a A to (.mjuc .r. l : xxcmu't l }'rotot rm it t1lrn. I !' : : 1 : \ t. : t !h : '. .I ie alresidx'_ rich, and : tie. I to b. t'xp.t..I.-\! 11W ".,..

:"f(! a .
t. .: -
; i .
: 1. ,
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t ,'- "I'tt \ \ -
,'." ; m .
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"," ,-',0 .. ft.i .. : .

't' II:> ,>.. ., j -
'Ii -
6. ..,?.. ." p' ; .'.G ,_ .
-" ? '__-_. <..- -. --'Jt :o .. L.

-' T v" 2 4c ; : .-Fw-- S :: TT-; -i- :-

: -

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,, -
_- -- -- -
-' -- --Ja rw- V V

THE Gciicnxl Hood's- Children. Starch Making. I\IIEAL: : MV8.Mniuo O'Neil. Ponatiojis to the. Howard J:14t.LIliL1ud 11C.L.PRIEBELE Do you'want a PianoMDo

KIXUFHM: Gitov, Near Tampa.MlXslW. I'roiu the Oilamlo llt-juirter. j and CaliCo ida went Republican Association to-day :ngirrogatc! $$o.\ :

P.-WALL- ,, .- -_- IMitor. \\SAI.K *V Sl'lIXCKK: J Mr. .John < J. Sinclair write.- that he at the recent clectio::. live hundred of which wi sent: by the want ?
-: -- will bu in Oiangc in four Xew York Produce .'rtthe you an Organ
(Cfi-nllemcu, knowing that you shapo county or i iMX -TheX, Y. Cotton JCFh.tIIgO has Kxchango. V
: 'rsmpaThursdaySopt.ISth public fCiitinu-nt and action as is wcf. for the purpose of putting w ) moctitig t>f the committee <-afety ,
given fo.Oih to lhc I Ilwid children'
-. : Tho Itcptibliaiti, iarty and the right you >hould in and arpund Tam- in tin* machinery for lire starch lacto- j fund. the pay of two colored CotniKiijiea doing t hV V DIIALKUINI TIIOJU. CAKJUJT( Agt

; Vote. lon't think it rijrht and ry. Ho liopo to make a few tons of day duty wa.s con-idered a"1ul the
; you prop Southrn. Muxic
pa. (Irvaf
.'- Fur IjieUlpn A lUton V
:: Alonzo I 15.; Conall 1 has I btvn I
"The volo comprises about er for you to call attention in your fl'tro'i L ill'- yi'ar, and all wjio have iiominalid report of the committeo, whitli, proto DRY GOODS IIiiiiwtwill *vll _vt.ti on* at low, ySJJ11 a*

: : : negro uf the vote ia valuable "paper, to the condition of planSc- *a --va are reijucated to fur- by'New the Kepubliraus; fi>*< comj>cn5ate them! by :i gift, of AND f.ivoraUc U-rui iw fiot H.tHH luxtnirScnU

nlno-teolka Republican tii-h ltr' -in-uitity for manufacture of York. $."00) to each the IMU l iiy 8".v"c **" on Mm at
Gen. Hood's orphans ? Gen. Hood a- : % ) company, leaving ti can f
: the State, ami wo }have noticed of f late I ;>sibo.! The -tmtet. at G'rccnbrkr White Sulphur the the IWOlKce au.1! e.xaiuin. Mvlcs and
;Athat their leaders in this dUtrict are fought bravely, and fulleml terribly, thi.-\cii-a-p.i: tnanu'ucti.iv next logi-laturo: proper recognition General Merchandise I

-- *' for the South, and it ii the .duty of t I ot t-.aie'b >1 ould become one Springs cotitiibuted 200( for the of their services rendered iu re- tcirn'. -

i '- :. oa the war-path. every Southerner to he'n hi* hojid<* I of tin* lute".i. industries of this sec- children of (Jen. I Hood.Thu HHUI-O to tho call of the governor, vaZLtIO1)teti [Corner IVanUm A Wa-hing irvetV- ] LADIES '

... -; The above we clip from the Pdriol, and helpless children. I am as j>ooras ii.'ii. am! all liu'socd' grown this season Wi.-con- DemocraU) have Owing to ill-health; Go!. TAMPA FLA.IIASJl'ST -

:L -' ;', hft'ving found it embodied iu the letter any man in tho county, but am -liould, lu :.tu'hlly: proservid for nominatcil )Ir. Alexander Mitchell, John F. Carnum tendered his resignation : I KKFUUXKI) FKOMNKW Your attention U calkit l to that fine s'ec V

p4: -- :: of"Peter," ;its Jacksonville correspondent. willing to give my unto to help them.We Iiint'.n IICM %inter. 'd r. Sinclair1 of Milwaukee, for Governor; assnipcrinteiulciit of all the camps, : VIKVlThI A FULL nataL of -

g : : It jjocs to show that what k.uow there is no money in the has pve;; au (aCt for several thousaud -The hut words, of tIme dying hero, which was accepted.Xi.vv SUl'l'LY UFWIFTEE SlieotMusic.

.ex-Senator Couovcr eaul country, but let each man fell a few feet of lumber to be ti.seel! in constructing Gen. .1. I II. I lloud wtrq : '* / /' //i cult/ : YOIJ.K, Svptcmber 1 11.-AjKcial
a few years ,'oatesehickeu whatever the appliances for Jut rtvcivrtl at tLe IW Office! ;, aiul wliku;
eggs or Lecei.nry tiy rlrihlrtn (tit( the wMunoftht ii/'i./ ,- dispatch from Atlanta savs : FALL

: ago u etili the case, m : Take out I he my have and "surely the reliant.. the manufacture of starch as well i* as -'fhic Siini.-h: governinont will I "Tho reports( of a fatal fever ragini: cr54'Kill (L't:(nxHUntlr. kcj fur nafc at 1'u1fls1-

the colored rote and the Republican in ouh if reduced to constru the mill i and, dan In, | V
wouldpay at a dipatih r>,( HM() t troops to C ib.i in in tlu counties of I'olk, I'aulding: and AN !)

; : : jKirty in Florida is a thing "shreds price for.buch a duty. Should tht-y answer to au inquiry if ho would gin (October) :wJ.l 5OuO(> more at a lattrl.tte. I Haral-on l.avo n-tl, been! ordravrn.. V Paper, 11'4, lut, huh all kiml i>f Staj -
.. that the wuiildlc cotton ho say.he \\ill do I- j tioiurv-FanevU.xisi e.f I'ajn j aiul KuvrlojH's -
t' : : and patches apprcln-iiMVC money juovi.ledit \ V Within, a kvv days over lit Lv n.enhavo : GOODS
auth l
,' .Mourning I'Itprr KtmjFan
for and mch kt dovs not iiitertlre with the! improvemcau |
whiskey died ii
spent ruial!
; an
i popuhition. arncJii. of vurit'tti kin.! .
With nine-tenths of, the Republican A carriage ilealer in New OrUans) cy *
C8ch one keep n IK X-dejm it each eutlterkIatd.StlittOl.IOitPS'. .
has ralllu his They are nn-Mly voting men. At Bottom Prices tI nflued of litustvehicle.
in this State colored! it L be to one ,
tL voters* may amount! therein and account for the Tho-u) : who are attacked with it siiillr I: 4
;* Ophifnn. -, in onUr to help the orphans smi I AS' cAMcois 1)JlS: vCIIKCKS Call Lit Mt-Iville tt tlie! IW ()tfli'i,.
into the character I know wouldn't
44 pertinent to inquire Fame. you accinjme lion iUhc,* t ItO tongue t tunning bhuk
of ; Hood.As
:'of the other' tenth, for 5t i is out of thu of waiilint to bj liicioas! ; all my Senator .Touts has bee'it ink t v i_w ed tz-, and t-rehirtg! i to de nble its> the, ut.d I iiiirixu: Don't say a word about thosoORGUINETTES

:- tenth that the Ilepublican 'party, aim is to call your tt nt.IL ti th'eaad by tho Atlanta. < ',,'uurtilntMn and says ] the liirht now: stands there isno I blood I oo/ing from the mouth and carAftir -. :( Ac. LAimiS) V UKNTfsLATII ;

: ihijeet thtn! take :t back scat. tl-at-l.o thinhs Kwing will rti.iniy i I ) hould it win in State election : [ STYLI:
t our next II. C. CfUUUiATlt. ca/ry ()hiothiid.i; hernu hit> th'oi !Field his: ;riv< n untie Sataiuy Tildui :und I li .< oloi'ul. Oitw pliV'-ician lepott- ,

will inaiuly select! its ofik-crs. iiiMdv I! tract; for the Ucpubliean j a prettj blaekyo.: that of under hitieatnient ;
The hiJjilo. cotulition of GeneralhIkll'5 ruiu-: twenty-nine tts iij\rirE.i! I.a Ktu! r.i t < >Riv ami I>nv one to
Are not the leader of the llrpublieaa: inat'.f.n, and that ((.Jrant; will I not uileUavor __Tho Tatr.n\ny: : I Domocrat) bolted I tu.t one has row-end. The : i iialitliv wif< nn-l chil.lren )ui1.iv. Tlie-jr

: party now the same men who controlled orphan ehildron ii one to ] to be the candidate As to at the Syracuse Convention afur ( !ov.: I II cytU'sc ol tho di-ea-e is i Hiu in a le\v A FINIILOTOF1HTS can 1'iily U lia.l through the regular! AoM|

': the affairs of the State for c-xcite syuip'athy and call fr a largojlicantd the lUiiinerafl.e thinks the nomimv I Unbiti5'n! ( witominatfd: and I proceeded day>. Tho gioate-t: alarm and die- & SIIOK8 i Tl1.itlI4 ("arnith, win* L* .gvnt for llilU-'
l iiar.&i.I ti IVIL nii.J Mauatev 4intv and
: r ,
charity to which no truoSuitherner will be the U.HJ: who cui bc.-t 'i.uniptilato to nomii'ittp: John! Ktlly.Guvi tre pixvaiUatul the fl -eati i-. -teacljivspuailiog. 4 .
from for tin* citv i f Key Wil'ri -*. V
18G3 1877 ? Are hI.RIVUIV.Ii. )
: to they CI.oTIIINUNiIUNS. -
cun withhold his nsitc of the tnai'hiti", at-.d vIM i.. th! >' Ilobi lUoii has [been nominated 1 l'hv-i"ian-, > pronouncu itfpotte v jJO.Oo, nKh frii bl from Sav nnaliTnueti

t Any.better now than they were then ? b.t "wiies-ptillir." Mr. Jones gays lthe New Yoik Democrats l typhus fever." WAUI :. a Iati. :-i fyruijilivtl fre-v o1haargi..
contribution with his
;:p : What liave* they done to merit the m c.pring.ibreath : that the bestiaan !in the patty eani: ii.: for ( OVtrnOr. Tamman\itei withdiew \ ) :. CUOCKIUY.) : I: ira rini.s t1-uL4 tflvIa.

; fconfidence of intelligent and ltone he "be iueathed hi? thildivn to l hk elected ; that if JeJleise'ii v\as alive JVoia the cmivention and noitiinaU'd NEW ADVEIT1SITh1L'NTS.EXECUTOR'SVNOTlCE. (.JLV WAUK, SADD LiniY, AXYiOl: CATf TI.AY IT.VS V

"_. ? Arw the t-oldicrs of the South." he could not be elected and that John Kelly for ( iveruor. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.OFFICi ( >r>Kr* lit hull nimitijuiiKil with Cnsii,
weo reputable llejmblieaiupho
\\ c fcuirgcat General II. 11. Thomas Ilavartl is too go1 to hi l'rcd.kut.Il %. lflit.I. .
Gould of the New York 7WImnc
-P : assisted in disenthralling the r .)oncs thinks the i.tic ofISriO t Jay -: AND COOK! .I'OYRS) TIi.t. C.tIRUTII, V
OA a good( and proper man to receive great has Kill to the I Howard Association July 1it7tL_ gnt_
-r ;State from their grasp, willing to reJtutall whatever contributions the of will bo the pie .crvation of nt Memphis S3.0UO( (), and directs Six MONTHS :\mu: TIlE rrr.i.i- UAUDKX si-iis: : .__

; them iu jxjwer ? Jf they agree people constitutional! I liberty against centraliztnl t them to continue their noble work aud (IN .f ihH niituv, I Iill a-ily| to Tobacco & Citation.
tin* I Hon. .1 of I'r..batiof I'olk Cigars.
Tampa and Hillaborough county may government that the Ha'licals ate uIge county,
.with the doctrine of Mr. that div him be
Hayes on as
Florida for final IUl4V! )
may Il'cc'tsary. a n* uxcculor of
feel make for the for. irgc : -: OK FI.OUIUA 1HLLS-
disposed to Mipportnud fighting COUX HACOXFLOl'K ) ,
i- -" the intelligence of the country should __Tlie Atlantic I il Gulf laiI road, of tho t'tatsif Uh.iiu (.'rt WA l.ttc i.f Po'V V ,STAti HiIt coUNrY-In 1'rvUte
education of these little orphans. .IeeaM-.l. JAMl-< It.t.'tI lI.lft'N. ) !LAKI>.
,, tog*.-tin., r with all ijd branchi'fian- county Court : .
.1 yule it, wo do uot sec how they can tLc FIor.ilLr.i.Utvpottfnlly. 5-
s >t. H'I ; Tt- (1111. Ixt'iior.VxlzutLl ; nuns, COFI-T.I:
And ia i this connection ivo take oc- chi-v-, ruliiii Muck, etc., is advcrlii-cd i V In tinnutter of the :
reconcile themselves to lend their aid' 6 I DffUno"." U (; I SYIttI' V
.i lniiiii-riti'! rcmatk it hai all for sale tin' I'.li of Noei.iber.
canon to t that along on day next .\ SettK'iiieMit.
% : ILL placing corrupt-men, as demonstrated to it would he creditable Tho >hiji r.uml pnijoetoM have I \ Tho sale will I t take place inSavtiahi. r.rrri; -:!:. CANNKD (IOOh1 -, % elatttct rigllt4 e4U1U?,for aid attacltTitniu. rule
appeared us more .ii.I er4.11t4 \4j -
: l by tight long years of misrule ami pcretnpturiiy tk-clinoil to make this V rp'.vo) MONIHS i AiTiu: i in: i Ai> for !' who wi-h- XX'l I Ll. >..- 1 lu-i I tifOlllI wtra, N. 'I'.iiiuu } Uatflt.tL4ta..4LI.
a goneroupoop ; j
: fraud l ack into place and It tlejusit n juiretl ni a o.iHlitiott-pri'Cvtl- l, tt the tUO(
power. ll i- i'i Ilaltimotii to the- 1 ll'.u. .1 t.dt.e of I'rot.Hif in itinl forirtllilinrii.ivh '
oil to honor the memory of tho.-c who cut to lalfiii the Ltyi : anight be iutcrc&tiiig to know how a statue to the auninrv of tin' (1'iintv for :ui aM.u.i, bitlloirti :- liorro.M) ( I'I ICES for (CASH I I '
: ,\ orI ( ttvJo.a.e ( .
fv\l\ Iii the "Ji"t Cause" if they ditxcteil Very \si-ll il.oro will be no ul uf tin- \f\!.itt: of AU \ .XiiiUrii.il.Tiiu.i :
much taxes nine-tenth of the Republican 31 a rquris of I .aty4ttt! tLe -intu.- to beon 3 3U I| ruonrci:( ) : :. VI j jIT _
their cnergiVr.nd tJLtts to accumulate thfii. The wi iUtta of the (iuvornoiVrffuiruiu'iit .N i t. 17ti! ls7'>. J. :M. :t1.V.l.tN5;. V 5.
n\.IVVIk.lI t the c<'t.lOital|: :annivi r.aiv ; Call I STOC* a}';* arm;; tulbo i.iXita1kn .1 th.
: voters and how it '/iOei. ] iin. t-XZttuiIiC lilychtre \
ri pay, of fide
compares security -
( (
for the aid of tho-e left V i ie .{ kiM o- irt. thai ,aiii I Jc Mt
mean oi f the *.' bctwcui the t'niled I \
peac Xt : fiat. ..Iuiwitig ;( ( )1 : .
with the amount paid by the Democratic moro aj'-iarent, nmi the refusal: tO put Motice Debtors Creditors. ( '. 'I ju.ut I lti$ i tot r>-n>UritI lo tlii-i Court A
( oloiiii-ft and ( ltiiiin.S.
widow ud and orphano lamruig; MS than it up oily fehm.'S I llsftt the panits ; CL I L. IIIIIILIX: : jii.41 .uit! tr u* ,.ivii; l of L'n n'tiiiiuNirutiuiiif V

party. for purpoxos of building mouuntctA moving 1:1: the lijsliu'sa cithir diet rtmt -m: JML'jIlV1, [.(ember 11,12 1 I M. Estate of JAMES M. MILLS, Dccel.Vi. 'l'.inipa, S41t_ ui: ;: -l.l'l ;''HH-., i hi.tivi'. li lltn, CtlJill* At'.,

to the dond.Tlic V their own iiiolivts r the "itnniene ;; now e.i-e.-, fair e*.>loiod, and seven l.L ni: :>o.\s HAVIXC CI.XIMS \ !iuh n< u 'I! istiil! J. N. Tatiim a< |lie it rel -

The Outrage !I5iislivc.- i amount of capital" tiio tit'io !uu lw.cn len'.li-, have bun itpurto.lince last A or thviui.U :iii-on-t,: l1.! Ij-t.itv: t.l iforc the
one. would have been :t real j J.iin.i M M.IIl.iu I ,.f I IlillMx I t < bI'AKkMiAttorney! V t ;i-t_ V
Anion those tiuinh iiuii-- \ V V
iiiiiht. aieV. VI J-havv G.Ii
Ail had the led I to believe wn !hat-king the vntcr.i ,
good men indulged : ] 1 It 1 U therefore t charity and have commanded the ropcct IV, IK\I-t.!, .ir( Iu r.i Iv- n :iti l L.a j'I unt
Jr.J Mi ii.. T. Keith and I U. T. Johnmi.Cul. .
LOJHJ that after the campaign of 1870 I lrise: .i- all an -' tin- C.OIUl' thf nuilr r. ixn.tt f.ir |-.:\'IIKIIiilon | Tautm .!o, taiL tinOch; l.iv of 4)et.1.et) A.

and miration of a* humane I lYeViidjvt! H convalescing, 1 lltdau 1 i. \\ on* vnr: ityiit thn . V IST'.t, IK' rtt t aojivar at the i.l2u
there vrould be 110 further ctlo/ts made hicr I'enrf I aUu. of the Jii'Iwo t'i th* 'County( Inuit Lit '
>ympathy from cvtti ttho t e cilizcnsvho V s'i''i'i: :ctv. u iinjiioving. I !H' I'.i'risi. All jvr-o.H 4 inil.-liUil to -'a.Ltrzt l lf
to the! milla" the V Tin weather i is clear nul for I Ihll-'M.roii' anti 4Ltt l r.il'oiv _V
run. "outrage against ; nun waim.Yice : : arc rn'Kv.i.ti| Lii i.i ike imn. Jiaio ANDSOI. -
ojijM>Sdl us in the gnat civil -Mul\j raccrf are popular ii IVus.te'a. .ivi.u.it.V1I.1.1AM K.JAC'KMiN; V V ki\l, ami th.it he t.iH! :aU.l tin re I'ItUW
: r white people of the South. IJut it V I'i-esi.ient Keisner and I Dr.C. ) ) ; IV ITU II J.Y CIlAXVr.KY bn nlUilinivnt i-Iiotihl nut i- -uvrfiui.i
struggle, while the ('therteud4 to "perpt V riiiio.i: i'bx; S.V1.t9 1 llth 1 ->;; A.iinr.DRUGS cau' V
: : seems that without rcsortiig to tliii V ( !i.) \YhitJ: of ti-'Sanitary! AttvilivIV V ttU! Court a a'K.-'l c:>i-l Jcwc C.Taluiui :;
'S tttalc KK'tional bittenuv to be -The TioiiiU Ship CV.iml project TAMl'X, H.X. VVIIVV.OIV.t.thit.wu
pro- i\ ; of tli U nU .
-: A-o-oeiation: in Net Orltan: *, Mate: /.V >r t r.Ii
outrage business tho fl{Iepublieanx- hn, sulisulol! V XX*ill! rrK-ir! i.i nU tlwUi.irU( of South Fla.liln. .
vocaiivc of ill fcvling and, in the end, V thill **o olio has boon attacked with : U further onkrti!. thai n >Uv of thatin'hr
ty; vo'ld be without political capital &c. liivin t>> ikjil Jf> vv C. T.tltuu W
rlfouoe ij still
is rvally of no benefit, to neither the broakhig beiisjjkt jellow fever in that eity.tinco Soptem- K l\vMr.! N V. V. AM-t.KMiN. fiUiif.uitm in thM'Msi TKIUVNK
( > i%
with which to fire the Northern! heart Jiving nor the dead. Were the pcopla up in 1'ciwacrtl.t.- tier l>t, and I that ii"t a ca-.o: i is imwkuovii ,. -I I I K I 1 ii.it: i 1V t..t.l.:( I L1.V ( MO. I.I5AS8KT11 & (CO..s'v.'T.s.soA's' btet5i.LlaLI i \r t>ni>Iii>!iiit in lite town tZ3usssft'1'V

,aucl carry on the campaign. Tho inn-iin'ors arc virv to xi-l tin, r.Tin* :%iSM>cittii>fi _._* iti'uri' ::.ul thu -' forinvrK Ittt' a wvtt. tOt tit CtUKOlUllTC *lltulttlt
: of the So-tUi there mi l.t
4. Suppose we admit for the bake of wealthy *.unw.il! Fernaufltia., .lote'st-i against: New lrloau: beKigctinideicil etrriVt: .flVoy NtV.\'I..J1.NsN: ; : witlu.I'imtiiiiKil tI .- ro troni t.c! tl ttv Jii riofVitntt -
be less, or pox-iblo 1:0: giotinds of V Jnfectoil, l>\ I-.. NS.VK iV I U.. who h.r.tj : \ >i> nay Iiuml avl lii<> mal of
.- argument that two sheriffs out of the -The < uloiid :MnsoK-i of }'eraaU. an city. j l-t $luvitttt a !H W a-ta.i t k ofDKUlN. GEO. W. BASSETT & CO. 1 1.t.1*. S.] n.vi.1 U.'urt,":tL TarijKt llc'w .;U1of 4131-
coinpluiut, but in view of tlrt teault of &
na nfc. erecting a hall.Chinise -Tlu iu".v Cuban ijoirgonts seem A 1)V
: AugiiKl
: thirty-Dine'in the State, have couukcJ MiiU'LNis: ,
: the war antI our present condition we chcnies raiscil iu Orange to bo iu i.trnest. A po\\eri\il foroe of I1t.tI1-1.it, : : II. Ui'UANhLAn : V
at or even jarticipated in pcrj c- V Toii L11' AUTICU> ; 7th.-2ni. .1 i&iIie.
: C.auitty
in the
venture to express these opinion;*.- cottuly.Scupj patriots t tidal, atial wellknownp'ttriotif ; _
trating outrages on.. colon-d prisoners leadera.te said :to be diteo- WATCIIKS. CLOCKS) AND) CROCKEIIY V S -V V
; M'orvover if and :
peace fraternity mentally > only
'ts are
I in their custody, does it follow that worth r 3 praj: ting the'movement.. Nearly eleven J i\VKLUY.: V South Florida Railroad
dc.-ired by the whole people l>f < ts. a jtiart in Quiivy.
,: V ihe'tthblc Democratic parly of tin: yearhuvo elap-od; MIKO! I the stnndaid t ,1 XXV will .17011 iuM :i fiVt ila.M S( l >A V China rind Glasswar Citiiiiitiy.( S
the Vnioii the ijuickvi' all I ink.nrt'ntue-4 The rity ch-rk cf lVriiiii i liua ha < : : _
.l live e'eilia; wannioiieil >o tlie irt.l l i iof l' U Nt'MN: I ; .t4 l aUo l h.4 pi4 |i ir t to li.r- V

z StiA) is to be held responsible for the of tire great intern'cmj stiu rgk are been siii0ule'l; for crookcdnt.CVottn ." [ Yaia. Men vvb., wentlirn in, their I i.t..h Id 1 i1i! ai.Hooker ./ il.tIttiIY. FAKCY & JIEKOSENE GOODS.L .\J"l )T1C11 i* 1rt l'y Kvui.\ that I in acrorA : .,.
; V acts of these two oRiciala! and their : :tt't-Iatto.n tO P1 1 V t( I ItIE.1I '
obliterated thu better. Tho late Clia*. catorpillnri are working piiine have: bogiin to grow old, 1 >> give | !..l.ntiti! tlu'r] <>vi t"ttt I) Itr liar :M. an.l .a2 \ M I f.itk I'!.
oiddrs and abcttcrs ? have btiCoino V ot .- IA1JIa.r of the State s.f I-is.rila
T tlcstrtiction i i.i l.jvv, an.l MaJisoiicountic > nun. ,
unincr appreciated this when ho I l.xv: : ( ).
The Sun & /Vrx. which s-hoct oppo -. .. __ __ i.'rr JtlltV.Ja m.r.lol an Art It i>ri>vi I J- we1 .
.ed the General Governmentkeep V I'rcMucnl 1 I/ing-tnir! of tbo Mem.phis V V -V. V r.i.ii H) <>f U.ulru: aivl ('.n.at-i, np.rovttlI |

: ,' are sorry to see, appears to have gone the of the Soutji -bevhig( ":;m h.-n taken a rise in Howard .Wociali'tn. hii' addn's.ed .-- .1_ N. t ;i :a. ( I'.5.-! >, til h. I IT t, HO, the iiniU-i iniil, Ii'u
ing captured flags ;
fully into this outrage business, keeps the Jacksonville marktt-Farjje tju.in-: tho Chicago It aril of Tin 1 ,* in ivgard & Snodgrass M. THOmUTX) & "lX !riiitil ai.il t 'ruii/i.1| :x c .nn'iuT, tu !IM?
souvenirs of tvli> | ilV1iilOtUV I Iv .
victory. i V>UH .LIH! > illlt Klori -
-rp V harpiug on the MaJUou and Arcdondrwa -VV--r-- V 0- --- V titles fit 9 ii ll! ihcre. suiil to coiniiittti the iuo.I l> of his AMctation_ ; liKXI: .;PUS: INV \\ 1ii1.b: ; -vi'r urvim-; \ i i_k lt3ilr'.a.1! : (Viiii|>.ni\, fvr tin- |>nri> >v .vt V
:\ appnintod! to
V Hairs; and invcMigatien. -The editor of the Live O.ilc BuJi e- ii'iistniKinjr, riaii.taiiuo anil i>|4 rating nraiiroait
demanding an -
TncUMin\ie!! Trails.
( cure eub.-eription-I I I i' i! -iVftlieiv I GENERAL MERCHANDISE (
: >o ,, Garden Seed running ruin a 1t.itat .as the lit.JolciV .
c.i: V Now Jt seems that the-se reputed The mcrthants Jacksonville!e have tin bas been hhovin[ ;iut? *fin*,, nppkcpown I ino I truth in [the t-tatcimn; that liltrul [- V STOCK AN tf BLtF CATTLE, Uivrr. in the t'lwiniy of Orange, toad

rauch abu exl colored ) I inSyu-unuoc.-from: V trees lour M-ltlicr-i receive aid i I th nt.itv of Fforii! through! nr into, tli LV > prisoners al! along mcnifefcttil: :i otunnici.dable ytars *iIl.1 1.Tl V V I IlowanU.! no cntitlt.l 1 irom WOOL, HIDES! SKINS,, Flower.) Fni'H A.: Tree Seed.No < >tauge; t'ulh. aul Maiuttv, in n.ii.1
f V They tire in
!hi< friends inte-lligcut enough to write t-pint enterprise ii: trying tt c\Und 2 nt refinery at Jacksonville fiitne aid si-s : f.ber .,. I < >INTIpi.nMj: m: i NKKAI.Y.I I i Joint :St. XK\V; : YOUK.C.v' >t.iitt> IL t>oiiit mi Ch.irU-Uo !|iart.s.t, ;inill
fr.j any p'.Toiis.It -: CoautvtJ" J.iitaUvt: in Kii.l Stale
these,oat for the columns of i>f
V ip rages their trade and build a wholoulctUinea. ha I the r 'ur MI.M I'1'. i 1'L.[ LtI' )
up eijia1t'tI, machinery has aI.4 viit tia .io|> -itioii.. 1'I.a.l.i. tr: |i.tt.ii' o-v in the tvuvttaucwof V
I di I
H < i\v that rite
oviiT n
aLe SMI Jc Prcs And then! (
why, may .-<, but, we are r4rrv to fay, been taken Knvu ami ship'etl; tu Cincinn.iti. 'X\V all -|pt ii.il :iiuii: :n t .ur Mink .i! (>\r vku auiki> irv.
f iuinino is cinchotiiilia .
: prie t> {( kj j t ti|> by M.I. r. "Ill:N AM.t.. I.\OS.
V : >ve ask, diJ they "iiot come forward V : i. K.YUKNC'K.: .
with! comparatively little feticc *.s 4V xcept V .i !>oitf t t .suii-titute, which! i i.? STIS2T r. c it.su-zi.:
V V and advice them what legal steps to possibly! up the St. Joins river. TJip ilaiflhC l/nlj{ and a buil.l1 1 proUvted by I a fot'ly t :;'tr cent. daty.Whon I -- K.T.: ( U.UT; SV

::1 take to have the j p crpctraltir.s of the The main obstacle to lur trade in thus lug usetl l by MoKtvy! A Co., was barn- j the tonign ittiuinti| b.giti-t to it 41 u)1INU! V IMPORTCIIS or A. tFrsiI.ColIL'sioliei"s : : .

:outrages arrested and brought before direction i the high! eights 011 f he j CLI l at M i ianopy ou 20ili) tilt. .ipto flow jhto: the mmkt t'i.' I'uihiilelphiasliaik i::4 11 I'S_ ( GERMAN, FRENCh & ENGLISHTOVS

V for lit- the work of an iiu-i-mliar. wJio v.ork up the ciiu liouidiaat It, tuv.I. :! MUM Sale of Land.UXI V -
? The
: n magistrate investigation _
:;,: -. raihoi over which the goods lave j of I. IVY 4 ( ) ) V\4 ) f14 )NIt V
a co.-t only tvu nty-iive ( ttttsjiuotiii' '
KliNIM.y virtuo of
Sun & Press cauijot fail to appreciateihis V l'tVt, o ; s lave 'on pr.to .-- r an Onler
to be brought.A V szitel the editor of thejuto.1J ySaiifou} are ablo t to driw 1 the p'nuitie Hardv/are Tin Glassware I itI! U.-AV. niuo I IT Iii,. -1 tii. I II.| |I.,.
fact as much as anybody but no t VIU-IM I !!, J&iIg ouf the ri.-'iiiit
; merchant of this place was in urticltf to the wall with tho "baguConcniy ,..-- Coatti tat tho
V :jlliis would not have answered his purpose ck.-onvir.e f. inoths tincc and il, oas'i ioea n .v; : ijyartcr I inches in hefgthl1VY< ti\cnml a tho County t.f M m:,ti-t>, at Cli.uuUrin the '
dia the fieo lint winter.ATIVTV -
: _! I -the opportunity availing the taw fur himself that in certain lima ol tjtUtiti r dianicttt. VV on ii.'M Aii'l a !.il! l.im I <>fIwrrrirs I 1 t ny of VI .10110.[ I Mill olUr t.i the Iiigei.t

k Southern and Gv.. mber I II.I Aft V nia i>ts'( Anil Slatioicrs'KAXC'V : oi.i.hT. ul pui.tictuiUrv, Mtru the I't _
: ; Democracy furnUhing Septi ; airt
he could dn \\ell I there be ( and ,i'rovisions.X
V goods as as i The (jfiin< vile} Si'.i: savthe.T.ni: : : 1 ) 1 I'.t1M: *!our a( I'iiir l.*>\il, in the cntmy
tliiiv ks
of invo.-tiir.ition of the
political capital for the ignorant and could iu New York, but when ho i pa (iL'IIlX l h to IH lemovc-tl to that tUIS.( ) I ) aforfsiiJ. K'wmi tJio legal hoiint 41r pale
w'.Hcial: crtt 'lnet of 1 H.1 W. I etutristrr&VnV.ulI.t. -, I \ Hillkoip.i i Lartj.'S'o -\. .,f ui on lie : it.l| t iti3V! ; *
of the North and pubMcan ) ?
-V.;: V prejudiced mai-cs uut alwHt the plaiv run :n a j npcr.J V Svj.ttn.Ur, A. J),
came to inquire freight i olviho tate of (Georgia, thoijH'i'ial > 1 :.n,it M I U| iln n: i- Inn n < tl t \ i :,in I I >:. thiiiHiiuli. JI1ie lMVIII tl. Silt ttiy
J tut the lire of tire tin and ilr.1i.1es' j ., :: ')
'ut be lost while a cai.ip.iigu was being ween 'NoUf Par': I a<-i. 1 I.t \ein r.i atUaami
I V -'i.I. > \ tlii I Ili! i-r ti.iIViwliij1" th
V across the piuiiiMihi ho soon Ifoinied J coniniitteo of tho house o're! |>- 'in. | < IrIt't t-V V isi i-.crI eaI tr.tj of 14
V new p.-.tHT, Tol. Mj;j lHe will 14( tliiI .' tia.t l .> ',, 4. ii &:i iI
; '
V hotly contested. ( In using the j that the cuurinotis high lariiJJs would tH-d-iuntivi I i !S u |1h.vrttd i evolutionthat t t fin r < < ni J n. liiiKliy Uitlu- -tate tf J. V. IiIr
,- likely rcali/v a f.ir.-Uisto of that Pie I : rw: I I.it u' ,, tin. Statv vf rioriJ.t, aIvt-raiaqit I ;
V Word ignorant vre nieau ignorant; its i.e ho at once imptiuhod ti>r high STOCK A xn r.r.r.rcATTLi: : : _
make the ginnis omt much nior-j than provide 1 isv| 'iaHy 1 fur the icketi..Stdr1 ahuij th<> Muitatif rtir, iietriv I 4'l'1..i14, *
V V"to the true scntimeuu of tho .SouthernjKopleand VV ertu: s and mi.-ilemeatior-! I It c'aitn-- rnni-hfil) onIt'.rt 't.-.i v. t'nhrs .oi.--! I II.- \ illajriof i I MaiiaUv. am] km.nn V
i if he ordered direct from New York. ik ;
od that Troasttrer K I nfnx* has 1 b-en iii II.I 'niil .lion, _yu.ratt.t. srstaj t n.t
: the real condition of Soutli"tra r itii-n| : fit MAIL. :i .lilirtl n- tluX < of N K: 1 i
: tit Until this serious draw-lock is removed ( VMCOVru: i I-* very aanguiw in ? drawing interot on t lie StatoV uitatnev. .o > \ 1 4'f\ K: J niI S K I f kc. l.Tu.V

V. flairs and i oI5tics.) This ..tutit. .hirkH)nvila! tocd nut Cx1.t'Ct much t4' Shria'i, pr'K">poet3. iu Florida inIfv The retftthttioniete ]iiM>(i\iiud one 3. ? HAVOHH & GO) n iIiI|. 8 1, Smh of Uan c 18 K,. and com,.
Tin: MAiNinn\T( : NT. 1V ,
V rage business ou the part of the uifr tratle from: this Mvtion: of the Suite.1'imoivr O, and $jivos as a ruft&m for hi* w'ci-k, but thtv" will ptobabivx|
J'na is utirely too thin Mid the faith that th. I'em.H'rnoy uf tho Stale \ I HIMilui I \ on li.ni'!, VhDl! i iiiiihtintlvn
: !Vi l I.t in! i, M.I,| rrI ilastrLantuu! a,,,.
S i is the mo--t lihi-ial bv found c V< iir : a lit M LV.t.I.: y "f -
; it stirs it the : to aiy- I Itit. lu-lr, of M-ii.l I..
3 fl ore iue rcN transparent KvvWNVif, September -flue 11\ V iMatv ; a part it iL
I Ie.iril I'ri in. win re, ai.-l; ha, dt-r,7miil overv : 1 does it become. l arrati i-nieiil** t for the lay'ni.j: ,; of t tl\ Groceries ; V p
ts1IVial \\ .hi tfii( .ir Sa\im-ih! Nitij j j jConovcr attempt, IIi i-tutt. r whoro, to uMirt to tho Si Family ,'- 4 it:arl.a atial i-tilt R ttvsI frc at "lit tat, : V
/iniuitout ol rni'iiitii.inl' to r- SV
the of the Sun itt
According to logic any ile-greo ofiol.. in-<>. HI' tI.IiJvrtt ne .a V'E
A Prca the Moon-Montague alFair'which of Fbi ida, nrrUfl Iu roto p-ant; William I .1 a-per] of tho t revolutionary V l ..t.i't; ( ; ntt tVf J. COCHRAN 1:4.I:. au.% Uttir.t 'rtIii&l.Ie 1ra114 t'( haI' VV '4

lay. Couovcr, it will
V *recently. occurred in Jackson- was once a S nator, and i i-< mow i curious tale, toftho eliefi that t there i in Savannah, October) J'th, I I77t>, on t the n.on:, MUTS: MI\I: < < >uvrs, W P.JVuKoN. M
!iILe,1ltobechst.tl- as a RcpubliLanbecause working the Florida end of th $ John gJing of border thieve- in cambta: oenienni.il i >'I iNi I >.rvN'i i I a i !Kfir I i iOCItlibIL L *
; .tit.tor
V rc it took placo in a city Sherman boom. He says that tlwKepublicau county, wear the Honda lino. They governors of thi" and other states CKXCKLRSiinj -. Kantiful\Iaiuittt.. rlvrr witui Ionpe
Service ,
rule and party jn tha't State are had! a boy fn.ta Montgomery to help will l he j.rc ont and tho ration will bo lt>t l.in.Hnp for IHJ.IH said
jindcr.Republican was uu tiJl'l kw _
I : perpcjtfaUyl looming U p. nul.] V will j in ISM) put :t tltet'i, who nintmirod to escape, nti'l boJato delivered by Senator: John 1>. Gordon. Stinh.), TiIi.t.i. I'i-; !. \f 1.t1VI Ke_, .tr., V TO >lu-aii.iiH ln\f: I'tvn maile twr ill"... I
# colored I\IH I lnttfrl! .
>y a llcpublicattconstablCj. tickit in the field against the I iK-mo- thai they have <|>ihi* a numb I tt't itatititu- have boon, \tciied to thoiiilitary iVjHr.Xt V ili.i-e* i.t thin >,.Kn.lUI tract of laud / I :

In this Moou-Moutagyc cratic party with a ciKince! of MICCC-.. ol li-ir-'e- il up in the swamp. -/'cn throughout tlio L'r.ion and priii- ;H I'-v. l-i.: < i-iii I pur -l-a-n! l" llu-: hr-t e l l-.ttuuitv f r a i.uriI/A'

V'V :aQair thcro! was an investigation, how- lie always WH a 'antjiiiiy man.: Csi ipi. iWilVL'l'i citiengoncially.I I! '[ho tailio.ids I ; 4 lun*. \'t! r.i'i '- < 'ur\ I'r.Ki.mn CEDAR KEYS TAIV1PAJ -.niu.Will UM
i ji, ,
milt.! I :tid i "-l ).LI< t i1-Hi! t Ii r > < auia..iIjvj.,4 icttMI. V
-.- 'cycrf l>ccau-'o, the cjrgiievcS? paitit t.Li! fmm the Ninth! ha iM.tlili-Uil it- J mm: (' rrir; .;!.K.-Mr J. A tie- have made -jn-dal: low rat-n and t tiio 1.' uit 11t&i13er. 1 rIu ('aIt I L'cr- V

J_ V V ciit cfore.a. niagl-trate and madeogaian silt in the State, he j-a\x, asnl its nprcsctitativfg ] roth, Jtraidcnlown, Manat: .; cuunlv.) i indication-- that there will bj :anitaiiiono i /.i i/.i.\.i ii:/: ,i- IG..v-J t taCt. an-l i Laa.tby! I taiatIiii, ia.t.r V V V V

the colored are Jrying to o\eit :t f.n-] Florida, hv two fwlUv t rev which | iratheriiiiT.TIi'1 Tax Coil. Appointments. L.i>,- -T.u..i. n I L-t >Afi ( : Ktv.aI \ny iiiforinntioii ttVitl lit VILIV V flit.iiiIitst .
cotibta- by 1't.: t
';r V :. V 1MOflthpIO and hits friojid .- tmliiJg-Kvtion! intcrot in pubJir air.iir.Coni- 1' have siooil out snd I grown neli, andlor I Afghan revolt t, it appuitwsx -. 1 XX !11.1. :Ml-S.r;: T1IK 1.1'UXllNH: or at I ;iat; Ki-- \V 1V1'N i-I:: \ I.tw. A. S. 't\- \'Y V-_

c'V fr.VV lug he s-ay, will Ufair on the fm,t tirnt* borne litriies this -" unpremeditated 1 ll i< reported I -. I llill-ion.ii'i I !, ; ( oiiniv :U the iiHowi.i < I.va%, ( tiIit I-h: \vFIlNI\-: : f.r "* l.t. li.flr_ W

V V -* h7 tXhom ) that! Uic! magi-tiato Ijcfutc l.oth .los an.l time will bo Ito tea son i fa"on. The tvntknmn who, a cou- 3 that ('al.ul hits )bci n --iaike: \hi\ :a mob. I | latvat titnrsM.tti'l., ) for the L.urw.ao ota lIt$4a13, V 'llu- ulmvc alc net! tiU V'' V V

VV : ) the man Fi kiitr made that alfi- to Hjuabblc over Fjoiida in the tiovtajnti pie ..r"y .:ir rig a, off. r*:d we do not (Oulvilavo I IK'CII gi VeIl bv t tho I Ilnt- iii!< ctiu' tlio uiijii| : ux AT the uurl V rrn. at Iaiattat ** < 'Ts 4vii iI'n v
The I I ;
: 1 idlFnot have the partio accuttlof (; the t. Donnicracy of tho battis : know i. how ju.un dollar- for a jmund V iIi GoviUiiiuiit tor iho colKotirn of I % mi-1 5 tt--\a.rtlt,1ttlt--.1. ulay X jw I 1uat1.i| t'iil I>.Vfor v1r! K.V4,

VVV, V tliQootrago arrrcsted and hold! au here most and lilttrjl has denounced to l lee found anw \- of -American lunka had InUUr i>ro> trar.spoiiatioti I and I the 1'u lljItul: 1l isb tIVnuLl. iUn.1. : Arrlv at < 'f Jat Kt.yi* on S.VilUi.\ ( ( tI('( V

vetintiou ? every at- pare the caidi.- ttartlincr'* M<>nlhlti.tv. l ,iig: scoured I for (Vt lLleI. SirMatloidXorthooto i I I 1 1 in rah; I I'uvinol-Tmsil.i\ jt, Ur-l. IVtVv (4i13r Kty. on SVTl'Ul >AY f.-r r1lilil1.vYs: Fiov3s: yA. .
V t( i.ipt, tut matter where, to reo"rt to t Prcallet 7--MoiMb $nire-F rLkI4y I will rjl"l a"1 'iV' V
Chanctltor of t lie IAI hoijuor r'ti.tbt. I 1ItttI V V aii.Ir, | t., the- ( V :
;' V VV any degree- of \ijli-ine'. I Hu is of tlu- -( Dutw) has now three acre- j .'. 2 ttI. V K\-.ihi-i., Ju.lte tf I'ri.y111 fliHi ">r .
: V V. Jacksonville had ii real outrage opinion that Florida ha- a bright. futuiv in irab gras which i irf; being cut fvr ;UV.i that a.tar :r- could I lie I 'tin- bfw.tt.r; tsTS *;ill ijoso after thiloiiihl -> .\rri\e at Tatuiu out l"XI>AY.IV I HillU.r 1 i I <.t.uM.luity f.r/, /nlrlr to ltcl1

4 Wnsation week before last. It aj. xarsthaftwo indastrially.oiinlly, and 1'ljtj- hay by a ianw ing, machine/the only'' jinl-xt the Ameer hanet n true to ;ml nil ro| -rlnhith the la\t* i Pnijilii