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KEAL to the effect that A. T. body F
I. for idle 'the first did ever hear of will not bo large; but they will havea Stwart'
with! i : place you
; & Locate State.Lati'ln: tt Tails returned l II y the o\\nor, he ;, ailvuc will pass us 1IIIIK'Ct found and privately purchased 1
4't: bCIfl41to4t34Cd' Entrieo: at the AUCTIONEER, :| can only make I't'I"'t"t to the (\nmty i| talk. ( 'irl--> > will! the! morning of t tho.. semaphore.7'' J It was the first: telegiaph : fine flavor! -that peculiar, iu de- by his wife for 8,0 Xn .- i;

: .... \An1'54W&rTat.reJ4iLnd4 at QCI\'m l Ha., an.l J.3\o.willS KEY; : \\1:1':: ILA.. Cur.ir.ii-sioncrs a< indicated. The law i'I our life( pis-: with whiilwind speed. ;: ) in\ciited, and was adopted)' scribabUflavor or rather aroma, Stewart. being unwilling the

cire prompt atteolioa to. .il Luinisswoaurf 1't'1', I I and it is appHiati-: : at :,school t the Fiench Covernmeut in I 17'.U.:) Ithad I only to' \>e hc in a potato DO grown. f fact any publicity. This staiy is nowemphatically
AttctuljKrM niill!}! t', all Mlts. C..n..i i .. to..jBf care.: All letttr* onbaj illl1ll< u'nts ....h it4hl and ,,fall-factii aiiaraniti..lrroiuvi under! ot' that enalile! our.Clvosin I JZ II, to .. nothing to do with electricity, I Any persons u.-ed to them can detect : dCUCI.by Police Comi SI .I
:'d letter* rf enquiry ptcoti.tlj anser -l.'UrceMnoiiU .. S ; oath the (':\-.1.'alu. we i lal-v-ioner Walling. The body has :
: -
mail. (JtIitgFr.ti.trt'
I. .-..: to : of valoaLIc naJ .. t. r.turllt.y. hi-t propeity 5iil.joct: to having it altered -tn'w1111' |.athway in life with sunslino howexer. A deseription of it says; the Jitir..tlcc between those grown i Riot been recovered and will probably

) .tt ;foissZe kt Ui.tt.1.ctruuh: wltl olf t.rlldudiug .-. liy I the Commissionersigue.i ,*. : :lIIII11"\\'l'r A ]l'oV'Scbo'' d.iysis ; that hit consisted of.n upright post with and without manure. Those,i i IK r'cowrt, as the ,thieves
4oztis_ .ant4e ()rKl..enl't. ;;;.: ... ;n-;::;: Countv Ic\'er
: ..u I CI' aDd from' 25 to lof., trees. I' e ;.'.".".._" .".". ._.....,.011... .( : 1)) GEO.'p.: RANIY: tho kiy to his {\ltnr,' sneers in life. I Mippoitinga; horizontal bar, which. growing potatoes for market: mu,t use i 111.t undoubtedly made away with it l f.
i' : T1B!:5.K.HAM1T<'X. PIUM.8II"r i ..."".. .. .. -w could be in I have 1 punishment for their crime. ,,
manure as inS cxiK-rieuce
S :.r-L..h 8th. ikal uteAftt :k..C..I.II t
: if
S ,



Th "' .h"r .H' ::\. -:.....':,"'_. -' ...:..-' .-. .:V....... ..... '!'I...... '..........S....... ., '.., ...... .,,,." .. . ;'.,.'...-'..- '- '. .

,. ..' .- "
,' .,. ...JSw-- ?::- ... .. '- ..- ". '-
-" j lt v ,.. \ -.
.. 1. : \'
'-' ---< -'"' S L. ;. .
.- :- tWa'S''h, """ VE'' '' S ......;......, -,5'5: 5 ...: '--" ,- "". S : .- V :b k e \.' '? --. '
<" -.t..J .:...:li''" ,.oo.r.'J>... ,.- -'- '. .". ---' '-;... .; ,__ __ ." '' .

10f iL: : -

-- -- -,- _ _ _ _ _

1' The Internal I >ro eincnt Fund. ] 1Jrr\1. Upon this opinion aloucas I'IoriIa Senators iu Conrv#? Fn-n) tlsr Ma-li-.n Kvnnlcr.lUunion CIXIIAI.XI\VS.: | otice. S I
iiii !
Xo. 3. to the meaning aud ilfect of the 31t:. KinToi: : of the Thinl l'h'ri liKtjitnciit. the live of the .Sultan and !hU JL I will aIl.IV to the 1bt1l1I3t cU1flr
.: iatjr for Irttrr* t.f aJminitraJioa *-
_ ; P.WAI1I. r Editor The Immediate trauneti'ncvcr- Internal Improvement: act of lN*>-5G, "Honor to whom hotiwr is the,** i it is Mini-tor, Oplin.! '.; I (-n lli! t lal*-of William H. Xoodr,

Tamp, Thursday, July 17, 1S70.Fludinof lug the -ale of the Florida (uow tbe ; rit- the entire diversion of the mil- ; rnaxiu), that : tliisptricuarj.xuct. The piaetit-al anSI loirablc feature -Theftatetnentth.it >pain w .>: !ldbhxkatle laic of il ct-unir* drrrar. '
i of reuuiixi of the Mirvivut, uf the J.UE.l.MOOIY[
ure iu Washington, j-lc-a.-ingly pprip a if that ,
wayof the >:ate from the trut the I Pomsniran (1.t '
4---- -- tins- .Vs- >c*. Transit ) ,r *ad aj pK'ar t.s lie of .a in -tomtmdJctory jreat : to mir \ rv worthy Senators. :3rd 1 It -j.-iRKM': Flori la Infantry, luv- inaction T2rnia. Jul 10, ';-'- -
; refa-n to yivvxit
character) according crtatod! by that act for the future dev i in bvxu tbi. i-anva.-M-d. and the p>vru.noul *
b totlic liuu-. Oill; autl Jonea iu tht-ir tiea l- :; ruujly ; :'
.cD we i i' detivd.I -1iiiiuistraoi ; Notice.
iah1se w1tMr iw aho f Lij ; *itortir 'fl1' reflation! : of'- the -l 1&ai; i1t ,iiad- prosperity < f the fast! ami iisauly aillicrenee ti ilnty, during projeui rjivtiog >vith umjualiticd approval Kuroj
i i- to -
; ; T1mk4Lii*. vekavccritiir" Tru of." \svcmbcr 1M-O and State ? | the rciviit sturtny *!a}> ami nrht:: < fr.nn! vvery ijuartr, I therefore j 1 I -Senator-l.ivarl gng rpii I ItY: I AYS FioMTinsU: 'ATK.L -
> ,
*- ,
Aft ; tLe LeaJy hak trtmv this in Couurix, when the "-la!*.arts'' ill obedutK-e to th cspress l wishe e. H< v.ite i j' to liutlt-r oa courieof I Vnl a ri4 lr Ju the Couatr JJe: and S-
'll is i lie I discus opinion
the Iutioa of .Tulr Ii07 ;: : ; j jillia.l ouc.of the f rcian : bf rrol-au in aJ for
ii.1 IlnrutnuthcS "bS4Tc an4tbe nx> prwcut a suiiht; by every ki'n l .dff rjr' can't fcim C.-4hInflc I no warrant in the letter or spirItjjof i7-h:: i.ny t.r aac.rae! -ct o Wll
gM j The tiatbin jPIa.
- k H (contntfU. rctlutioa, of. au>t unparliamentary strategy to con- 1 to Maj, J. L. I'hiit, ha i* uufortuiiuUcly : : ; .. -.- ;It F' t! -.tat. tO-a it: jf
"" acf renafres the boiid* lhe1jn\! : it bad no jutiScationin /UsO the actiuti of the th-motraL, and li-abitd ty pbysit-al caak-sj -Captain Jiids hat: ccure.l ahpth To s-' -:tht.tiniajr Lf: of iitb-wc't qr. 51.F
i And the rKL hrau! s fcthfrJctt tlW Jntrrftor.in c\pedieti the l Tritiinate work takjti. with nf'twvHfcr-. ht feet in tin- jetty in iJisijtI
i tho-e garrantcvl by tb I. I. Fun.l ; ptftlic tlurv-by *$-ipone < : lr jm : an arttvn: part usi -" : -rI -
In t. And Kish said to Saul 4fav kind!, and! it- linitbae all of the :.Susie's :mjority. [ --u*' tls eal lii a.M-nibe! at 31adi- ; elmuuri; t, and! will.'iu a few c -kin- ; ,- }i si-i f :f- -. 1 r3-.Z. -

r his son, late: DOW one of the -fcrvanty 'i, Uts\ Iwii*.l.t fr twentv f 4rthe ivrnt.. oui ey Wu evil ,r.ad bitter. The Trustee* : Tho-imU| ot the conjtillU'ii. ofb <:. I II. Fia. im the o "th itit.i i rrea.-t-- the d..-i.th to thirty ( t-t. J :-* l.44.nkrnt the tJ.c e'tto ii t
- aJ Hfr-jrf titruttH in The of X raiai' I H. ar tv I a
c a & the I princij> ; nht sell tUt ? : zttnFr4' iL4I'rIt tI.t -LOb.. i A< evt-ry -naiiur surviving company \ -An vtfiVial di paU-h ba4 bea re- ;' tktcdDt-..uajItte.. t '
; to
i had
, i|.rcj-olutioii,* .. < .. of. .Tulv-, 1>*;7 r a little_ over i iix no more cr power >rn -taixi to Stiy,'t>, the ik-au-- oftio wiif tv fiiniUiie l with a copyjoftbif 1 erivi-d by the i'aptain; (;JciHral at | 1 fc AAC CILVJT. : '5

: .- 'i: mouths ftftt-r. MJU an otimato! I the?** railways ihan any other five l lincu the pnH.-ivJJH'j? vi Coa re. f arc only call it m-pectfuHy untdj : HavAtui auit-urt-ing a rwuetkttf !-K'-riff and EX-utkj' A lnitr. -

-. Ai4Le passed thruuph the i.e] ufiJIR.&hit1IIuIed 1 quantity ef r.09,000; acre* of the Intert.nal -' in the .Sja' of Florida." luumi np: <.irtvti iu tbt! Hi>r-..- to J) {Kr cent.i Tampa. July I0tl. -;!>. -._

tbnpugh th lamr of Ijnprovcr.i Fuud lan.l#, k-all Thii whole iraii t-nutzh to -i. j ilg.{ of .bich are pt'nd only by roll of tlu-ir r >|vyive' conjjviijie) etuI i Great K>iitutit>n has ..prtvakla.mun '
TA1U A. but they fuoud them not: 1 lz-iug the blijh of shame to the check \i a comparatively Jew.I I brain;: the living nhere living, the I <; the !Indiau in Miuitul, vr-" For or .-
lands within mile of tbe ri1n.aJto
*jv D.inn.) the luoath ef June it dead't where died toother wuh
.- thcather: passed dn.nzgb the land ot" I of old rv-ident of the State, anti i iI I ,; was t ; any j in tu th : *carty uf buflal", c'auniijja oiuNtif: 4EU; VE IUVTEL Li.L
E. X. Ilickc'i>ou fer pa.-t due cott- every though! : i and there ra>!ical change the iof -.'! r.I I'.T oalc "T rmt to *
AUJUAZXMCDOM. they were pon-s. It further apjvar: that in tbi* I toml to inak: him loos? confidence in I! >s which the Kadical.- their -J ecious I eil importance, :1 that the :story i, thy Canadian I Lilians in thai quarter t i pri.ThL 1* atuj.j jpikc

. pot:-aoJ Jtapos ed through the Iain] transaction the! True were paid a''I the integrity of all whom he trui? !! manipulation- the *mn. 'of the oM.eomniu&1 nm Lepreerve l laud : -Abo rou-t uow oe- fed. : 1n.fl ..f ran1I. ::'; rt'uIJ-r kiwLaTI

uf LLCWTi but they found tbcnj i vett.iI tho "Kraudulini! l'rv ideat." banil.nl doss-n. : :nJ ptrrr.ied by mu e -
; with ami place. Here i i- a man > <
f check for SOTL-KK' on Muses Taylor, of I JKHUT had o much rvtarJwJ to holti i.i'ht All survivors frum the highest to | -ftt-o. tJ. \V. I' I-e, upon whom gt- in I ann. A |-it-aAisl rvmrti r vUiF -,
: pott- 'New York acet1qe1:1yiMhidi uiI = whonj the people of this State honor- j ': tile mantle of Li- father, < n-n. 1oLirt''! tot'Yta IU'IUh1.. &* Ttru.a raiaaL1c
? a
; '
si.-oiij-. As thU mcaus wouM lead the humbt! are earnestly urj ctt to -
c T% nar ;tirc goes PC in state that I I td-f.r with! a >eat in the H I 14-; :.\as IVcaidvot of \ 3JbIDt.naitI ? > r isanif-lar-
.. ; a simultaneous nsution uf the Trus- many yvars to carhi r ivu.-idcr.uion of tho>e measure Jay a.-ide bu>inc>.* earttr a while, i J. N. li x KLIt. FiMafli.,

- iI kCtI.Lt)4 l9 i lets, I>v which lie (Tavlor" was madi- i l'nted State** Sviiate, and tl-.e then iu which the Kcpublieau: :a.enilhM 1 ami participate in the coming tsv: ih- lose rukvr-ty: ft rixsidt-ut IU hits H.I-(;: list in i C.!' II. 1 1. I I.tNETai1j..i.

t4JLIjk1t! jhMoa *rritiug crt3iupc i' w of tbe IJ-anl I (Juveruor and four member- hi- > wtre oppol. the treat Uavliealluminarkt i .r. M) that ti.iaay l he made truly aiirnuwl j bi roisjnatkm as u -
a fnnjiJrtotial asrect tp retain aa-1 it will bet p-
; hit who Cvk1i. Hiuine.: l SmoiidCaqtcutcr and gloriotu rcuuion.t I Uuiverity, probably
soajo. men I cabinet npirinj: a; aii>?t the iiiteritof Tax-Assessor's Notice.SW
the and it for
nioney pay oul id be made'at half : .
*dIs1iim /The ,ai which tt WA/M yi-ntus. of that ilk \rrangtzuut* \
: the Slate anSI l .fiaudin a tru-: ;
bends titIfrrri ; tf. ;__ occurred jnrku'.tuk.
at 20 jxT.cenL on principal i who have -irved a iun r iufaiicy itt rtk- f. A fire : 3
jlrtXlU wtnttst to eck are- found ; and for her future .- I : "iitfluJftlhich'vhea bought provided i tj growiu.; fat .n the { abuiuui f Sjiiatoirnl Tiu mr-s I.t'i;ri.fl, q n ,

lo Ujj- Xhe* LaJi left the care of the I rto-rtf tI,-Mr. Dlckers. the purchaer t The canies of 1). 1Yulee, I). S. !, i.nitkami! priviJej, and who ('apt. Co. r.. :or! Fia. Ieg. di'strvtyin twit huudre! l hou-cs. TSttotficials MEET: thof HilUor-

asset, n the/ were diicovcred by acd foi which included cr thrown Walker, Walter Gwyun, C. H. Anj have the rt-jnitatiou: fron: their own I uf Tata, a laauufartorinp < icr.tT at iht folSiwiapIa
tbingintbc Gaiuosvillc Sun ; j tin J. K. Galbiauh and. Hush A. j jcirty at K-a.i; of bein; 1ni1iarwith rnhIsn.v. / I t'jwn in !!usa. Kino rt -
in iulerestvhlch the irattel
liwfrd cf
a? forma! i thri-nteniii the .tru'ciioa tLt: 1ixtfs r 17V: -
4cscr* LheJ ba4 Leca tryi icg to I jiariuiiuutuary'.ctlijuttte, .to \ Ij. IIeBtl.-r-43. of: the S
of no value, It already Ijad !diies-J i LVrlry! arc iudisvjlubly! coiiufctcd with aud ili aili-ai in tn.it z'.uutI Inxly, | .tV.pt. ] town by fire. I'rtviKt'Wcr'!UKvS* TLcrvJaj, July
jdj Iiiiw ci #-
Iou of the jsi infamou-swindle? I -- :__ CJor- 1th, a ic
I tJ hjgi a dcCil for :vOUCK)0) ceres of the ia strove by uvyLtIfl ol nxtiieal tactic -| Tampa. Til., baivni\ st.pin.. with I A ]1Lvieian ofVeini.tr, -.3L31ei3y.. 2 > n. uttil 4pm.Jarcr .
euftti the eijhor cf the Sun wilAt ever pirpctraU'tl on people in the ; >, in Z&1UtiaU- resluti-, ami buuI | who te.s bci very pmminei.t | *
1. I. Fund l I any !jiw f r a few day*. I) triz -_' hi- stay. many I I'r--im-: >- Mw dj *- Friday'J'Jv -

nc orc a'Juraoil at btiag thus rcca : I tbe tipe ortha tale of iaL r'Wjitis ::ane of latr. Nor shall the j-eople I, cinbpet J he-, to defer ittiuite action !. he-re he inve>ted.: in tbia county alone, ; ia a-yij'.ia the Xihiliils in .llu- ia.iaUtl lh. frt-iu IV) a to u> 1* tu.rnrciac .
I u:1 the couMdcratioti of :;u irnjvrtautdeij"crat. who furnUhed the weapoa to I : ?-Ya: V.v -.- at niaT, July

? "- I tvcllliaovra thai Uva* ai>:a coiapleted I ever forrc: it. .hifl-... th.-...--. y-.1;,,_ '..ca.n.i a.-I.4.. t3 *'*l.. ) tnetitv thou- 'l dollars fur ; _%I iexauuer__ t __ ;.:-- ,; -----u -- '.UM..2_; 1>; frt-ia 10 a la ly 12 U,
.J :; m w -9 I V. beijt tattle. Ihe captain was very ; I d1iible
l b.f
ilre A-c to
$ ; j Tb Uw rr> > ; ior
road Cedar Iev. and <
even to wtre anxious tv .aL-itate i the Iluipv-ror, ha been ar-
Vegetable Growing. Democratic Hm\lcr>. j j particular in hi* >vlt-ctu.i of cattle, j tax all llii: tyl to civ* in.U .

Ij'1 +:eiL a. most hopCful Indlca- !ta
all! alon,: during the war ; Ixsidesit n.eet thi peneJita. than ha l liven j pai'1 by nay other -The ticn< from Africa a? top ace A2aJrc-r.etc..
sii anti the XY..
ii13, the future procjK rijr of thi* u te Futuie/ led tfthcrae ot the lladiril. the tuen. dispatch 3J.
ii !
I 4r
i i/'aiso a.fact of that of 1 huvcr thi- soaMVfi. The L'ai-tain wa iiec .fl4t2Ju* c' udicuaj.Oae $
history s*mc "wif'of; the Jt'j. wu.-t have ha.-i same lal aa-i rUmtard of the dent-i .
ecUon ta see our firmta; tutcrxsting, pby.-k-ai a truest of the AJanw ilwu.- !.-Mi jay- that! two ninre roc--n.nr -
the itya: was taken iToi the mi-! in of Florida iKruucraiic) c>crabuaa: brought into rv il.-Uiy an leach 1 NotirnIII -
themselves ,in truck ianiua Oar our exchange* j have arrive :Vi>:a ( \iywayo, :; -
1-SC4 'for military which had .Txnyuur a ty the tc-t f !I'V L1-4)YTtNUFA)
purpo-t iu when i put tiuuf.r et.jivrvnc'wbilc sj iteye : utterance to a :
: pcvpJe.-have always lvnat much I pive ; STATI: MW>. i iI _
uot been rei'lacevl wen at tse time of] the i.1k two uere.-ar-v .jU3UtKof V3tt>waiaip t!' ;al! di jjfttchstut='* Ui*t the AFrian zS Mr- -
; th log: i%>r thai par-Jmlar * the ac and, then, nrnkr tlicsecir-j K'sg La r.* .eeeeV .. ., :3I- Ala.
> ; Tin hoi\ler* of the Djtuocratic --- 1.r-- z i M *
vitiation -
and ttcivby jIectuj that ] for tbe Trast of the 1.I I. ; huL&t' of pu1tumft : } jii.ic- L- :<: Ji v.r h-at in J UtThI'ti5c.f4 remitizi L-- -Sct-. J. \V-. ifi'... BI' :t-rzr : i. -
i-unjj-uiaoes, > ; -h mt theiuelvfs -
:Ieiiartiut of agriculture vjLvlj | prtrsnieanwlule tary law r.ial phy>u.u .t:1v'-1 at ;-I! !. .irrA ;;. -4_;>>H"j -.J ?" f't
Fuad sell the road nad under ] hoar.-t, aiJir their kinds ia Hp- backv ,
to up iy ut i ws m.- ._ itt ': ;. t-z* rti&ttf.cS
tr v-i
would not wily prove pn fit-ljltt bu, ; : ::PJ I4;;:; S t\v at w< : .- ,t J ibc i'fU- } -yi'-\v a-vi-V'-t cr<*-rr-t! f't -uvr
-u&b hoe p.nl r4sctzy et1- phuts of anything: aud everything Mr. 11i .r a ., tl,<- -- ;: ; !. 1tt.1Ji..
at tbe facie time, would interfere !*at tfone or'said by any Member of the { ? by jij- Sws i-Itt itiIthtr.ih 4 i s.-is"M ii ut ti. t.J A 1.4-; .h-iZ4.------- tJ4C 1. 4U S :-: -'dt-'e. F ,. j-m. ;i'i, It.t.i -
iion* a- hcvc lwo j .nmc.l out, ( I13A TX4 '-. bale tb : -t i- I'.i lb -. -
j-yi- uI -tvi- & -
iu fivai the J -
little Jiilh. the cultivation >;f jhe-.fi' tla :- majority CnZrI1 aouenksl -} V -: "rv- .tpjKa -----i
-- Held fail to cxeite: iu tin; :aiatl of every rcg vapttriug of arty Lill-atkker *4)Ithe x nL- h-i .f- i uf I1- .V. : l'g !>, ::! : ie i.g: -; I : -. -

i. crops. persj grave Mi-pKk n3or IK! I ITrute4 ; up to tire calm, patriotic macttline j -: t.,4t } ..II i- >*r.v i.t S n% I>r -Bf utr i-d pr.o:2.: .: m : '-lily5 ) M.T11$ -A: fElt UATE'THKf

JcLoiir&riuerrukce; txjvri- an'lJareuij of i rh '!*" l _- ti.a-t PJ 1 a-- -a4-.4 tu t.. .t5xii.zr32'r4 4 ;.; : -
Laving licvu itfluc4ieed by st3tcsnian--hip men t LtiO; t-eTi,4, 1theLvent a j::* mil.va > a.r. ) S
: pDt Jiy trying one or ogly a few 1 tvho advisetl doin k s---1. TINS Jsur- E-z: t f \ : W. \VaiU cccd, ht' f
aaythiug :
against hi
con-idcratiocs not at all creditable ty'tieir o1hicwn i4zIi'i.2taity he --71**; rryu the pr patt.ol : i-1

: acres ai c
: : fajniliar with tIe UisiueM be- of a threat to nvcne oa the p'i on thy eupi1 a- I T4-l$. a <, c 'rf'JItU-J'\>{:ui. anTv ,r an an-.
Even admit that the road from .z.cen % i C the injiri1 anti
ting iMi-'iif-s! of th iuinby 1 xttU-owm. I.-. F. WALL ,
cjjuntry any : of the nation
:: Gceventuring' tuo brgely inio it.thould vaator grave n-rvaat! i -A ja st r-flt haI'eca, : HWB off .
t: Aniclu L-laud to l"tfdar K yaas a si loal Mr. lan-! } > of the votojpower. tiijr( dawn in tie la e of duty tim! | Ateella l-3auaj i tBt Utakt arts u.i'55.A -- I j. E. LivXotire .
E moreover uot diri -t Ju- .Ur'.
Titcyis ntinIr
The mKi-hief the JVmt ( .
ao dreoturud rvfasmr whtifiu -ipaEy.
:completed Hue of n!n l as coatempla'te t i vote tine U.UIH, -
; their attention so much to raiiu a crane caue by tbi< juLrjzinzit'thberih ; jf .j th-ir i big I-t.5ea -y: ti. a1 no bun- S
4 l bv tie! Mhu beueCts it eaIitiI3 tn. ptt I 4 t j .
< act # accept- -Cfea.V.. W. Irit who hahu .-
b great variety a to the prxtl action of a is undeniable.: P\ rtq atoy! | a ntauuer tfuworthy vii the! j irv !i. hav tiiUroi Niv. York rau'i -' .. -
t-1- v.Inch, however, i* not admitted it is far fijiHO being Irreparable, limit i ii of the Aanirieau i-ialon L ] l in tJ>e 1etAs4yr-ite! j : iaj Fpt -* tsaa-l i- >n aI.e of. *ii4 ;- r'u : r i-it: i'n F.iKrorI i: :
t "few of g-uch as best stand ssreaie. ,
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by 'ijr-il ei>true i:> nature nuti l il- ori iti vbtitckariy lie nsar, Vahcv and wthtr Secjtorialiatcr ht near ribe u LttjNt Jki iiII. ttrii .
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then the busmen' '
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the kttcr ia acc -nlaace! with the spiri : ** -. w iih biiruing ?atire, and tinj .y --n,5n T- --

,1 au4ia |>roSts become: certain the varieties i it of the law, to l b e the ea-the lltvt tf 1)i:1ttr.1tic iu;: invtftive, dealt into the ''ita! .3a 3-" b 1t1ACU ant! Iteptnttic : viciuuv: r.sllj.: lb.-iror -Kani*, IH' bZUI ,! to !*? -- ;-. S

may be increased anti the bu-i- - terrible ca-t>jratiaa, while the 1 I jvtlma and llutii L3flII r*UtUe4 EeUia c d hontt-'*' wuk imparity.Tlio ?*. 1'. Lv..rtij.II. ; .

:nci enlargeL Sec psqcecdinjs of last T: of thclllecalitv" : of it.* #ale : nth out Iur1er. i Kaighhy 'lardvii, ao J the iuooujparahbl i ths >ia4e. Sto-ui Joie? will **4-ittun -. frtN'.umlrcIa. !.r.ve a regular orjai.iz .- .- V' S 1'. L"VFBIN.5-4LL15.I'5I ;.

boldly, uevcrtheles;. V-ala lV aar.. lUffiHjuj at l with ; ; fxtl } I am; TST L : picket- an-l! # ar 5or ou .
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I 1it' tn n IUI A Ijte! the_ FeIIffr- tIi.n- tiiitin: rvn.lilUifto hi uife fact! uheathctL ;l Ti.e Aiita; Y'r sav : "Lit certain tiwr rfivv*> .>i"tb" kw. TheruT .

; I : !af: week for martkr 1 And I Iii f KivriUi the farmer 6n? are Kpjxrftt t.> Jntye: come
TtxIn Y4.uug Ornnc GroVc. of tht Tru tft-s -how.lhai the U. 11. jail ihr. igh that Mltry cijfai.ll :"jwrti.'U.-8 <> Xolice.
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iII Ic fzd the Company aecejrticj the pruviijonscf $i.USL1.I, Ffc. .
; 4Lk c-Datti Lt4tILT tluir :; i* k rt.
hearJ' them, theY are "Jtlty of.oo. **>f": xbrfjce of ever forty --cnawr*, a HtUc than tt- 1) fli;. pj '
oioofte Auonjey Gi .craJ, |IoaPCOL.J the Intcrttal Improvement act, dido that It ha- | I Viifcili ofati.nah terrible lo k iboutiuaat JenrJI-;*.,. S
ihi :a-t horrible crinc: $ iwiatl ut" irujteiiruhi faithful ftmisk3 -Mrs. .1. *. nga, t.i- .---A it>r u> trui ?

: :! !. Ij; nej, rclatiag to this sub- j ? tvibyut qualiileaiion! in i s. own tver Imen.o'ar ltjty! ti> Tv'ewi. j jAUv itwjd ti}, tbei xWr-of duty; r.ada. ] IiI J ia Ft-raaudiaa 'tm Ujs?;i J.i J. part f I kikofc-.h Ttfrrii'ryi _-"fl_i5_' 'I is 'in it F.: na.i1ft3tr. zn b. th I tMf.nnii.'v< ... -

j<*t, and holdiug: that the iucrtCKtl' lerra*, for *"% main li t cf Railway to ut > wct-k- Q r.aaa was ar1 1 .- the ioii;: t-ry iifN -. dra j-.ti *i w- i '-Ie was a iuiive ci Amelia, 1 Isiaud add i thv evfuiu'; f the Al i iutant1 audin 5'1 Li- 2nczti.a: : 2ui :- (in -.j -

r: value ttLich>h.c of tbe j Taraj ]*AJ, with aa cxtenin to (VidarKeys. rc?: 'l for; extreme crdfljy tu hi* j-tcp- [ ly oa, au4 nc-ilvali: :2ferJ roll ccir! ; a dasihr of I>r. }'rzaudcz.. it* projj *>- | ;i-s.-i over a portion if" j-rttrf ui i-ain *at rttn4 ..nrrau '

presence young ** ?< the chiK! ot"a f jrair-r wifaV ut ; was lua-Je. aajl 1 jrvmitor-i tame au.l .> Ivwa. \Vi5vi--Eri tn.! 31innr .>ta. f ihcrv at d.- --n of tiirtrFX : : rI4i _
flno ii iVn aevlaba.
the ItKiher
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trees gives.to thalanJ ii a a ach b'jiect ; '. S
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rold. *ccavlvfe4! of \ tc -
11 yea 7 intLrge went: tiioc faiibfui fe* amered l ; er.Ia1
taxation i anvthin else cf I boccs-pocr: > f.ttenlinr the sale of thE avcryinie. a Ci mr: "l .n> furro-h a railroa-l! o ni- :-XtW f< r :be N K J of S.'!r kjo 7, TounH -
t to &s trial 1 Li'a-r uf lives
and SneJ. After tt c I ; Cu>mciua- that i hntial ofiKsu ti cr it, a ; '
-- i VtxW t-f Ismlwr h.kivercditt ; It' ndIBK
% / ?*t s-5;: ncv: ,!Et.. naTt4I
!.- valae. .-.f.-and that the act of Izt4,.ccti-I ruad, it may not be an-.L-? to mention (;ann -t3 to the child tliat *iii? uhe xrxkrs'uai n; Call aud j-iuc- flfly y York \sirfeia wity itr3t.. it t't ttV1t kiwu t.- iH./-t'lL-4t it; Jojia A.

:jjcd aaact to tccouragc immj rra- that the law rwjoirfrs that the railroad chitd'-i tlaiucatioa had jut couiauD3 {o; fori-.la! re.-pua-.kd fiivj at.'l! Jat. ;. ; ia tlzat.rt-i.jini, a:4:: t'e lull of ntlu wa* I Iit Mt .n'lI .tr4ti aV'j
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$ .** The ntht l of ii e isth of Jac-4 A. IXiill n-u,*', Houj 1 .-re tnrrieil awi % 4-T- S _5M
shaH! be i-rtld after ml 1tUI1)CZ1. We | .
t.u1Th; uccoastituiional oa the ground | I Iutldinrly -The *"vclig&w of lie iiaar' j tbe4! 1 fir.J h-it. r. EA AN. Kep-.r. :
;>ome vnt but Call and by w are rep.er-
being>-jcci l legilatiou. We ..utcrtaia mart ui kr taud! thi- ta be a rva oua- ate verv to.b3urfl aLid ee&nz I\r R M. >'jJ.irn, fkrk ia char
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iu.r many ruasars. Iwfei* ; Joswiihca* iep.! without rvfren- I ed-al{ tje >- railway, j t t>ppitvg |

no tloubt of the correctness cf 1 It!? i ihi? ? sosk-e ; and it would ca ad iar iu the r.t4'ilhooJ at ih? | ruet::, w irj' ia Iwuiy-J-at invsacibl ia'j'r ; fiskL fhey art? the rettue.. -the ra- uall tb jturky.Aag rta.I ate reaix4 -

the Altorocy .Geacral'a opi clca %Jtwub -. that: il\s length. if tioc sni;! publicity caus of it- death, it wau* eunw4. i iI : :: jirimfy; ,ti! UL Scully s'tod l a: fauiid ia utUcm 'tarf s* for thetoff 5 nCTCiMX: WCTUIIES.MR S

laudisg iu apparctit LanLJ :|v ; t!fthis notice >5 ud! correspond to I 21hI oui ptt ntrkafl) euii.dim34h iln-ir p rrt*. an.l wVa at II A. M. of baihn. S -i: d : w hLh I Ivtr -. A. LAr.KANCEv ,

I'ff The.value of huids gtccrally d Jqp .. the r.aiui.i >f ibe interest involved. t. : th hiieik ikt1 t.xt cay it ira nsa ju&c; !(| that j '-' Tie 5 3 h rvci > fotia-1 to bo bruk' 'aitl na t.1 vb.t- \htrs? :ts kt rbaaon* iUth ef the T>atal; AtuXy frwa Sre 'jz thou ;:-'! 4, Stt-; o% r azitl. i i .i: .[ s T %
th; n cniit tf isij. xirunc U iw The pal l'-r lr.ivtiil not rnaii :bc in the thr-x 1lar ed her i'ri"-atarv <:;. 3 T r\r5.. r: _:vKi. A ruTiKK OAL1 -
I ever ?-:on3a-h-c4et.1t ; senators pru-tst tbft! S uat Rof 'jurdfr I aiwi d < a jar ic> !> : ; (. -ira ''pteer |

then?, hthcr these Us LuUdia cTpcrcnuul | ffifi ihi.-;! -f,value ta be MI4 in }t ipkt bcrti. tirat malarial.fi Fhaiiii's'euaZkr j t r?, aorf that ..aJvwtbs&e;tj artr c t"j Aatc r.n I jitiiciaitS .vrfour <" ', a-wi 1 b 1It'V it1r..d! t--r.r iLvin Z3.e L&ti-t*dYAy.r4 1urt Jit .

fruit .tree?, aud i h nouldctrtaJuly thau 30 day: ; 1 ij 1 here thi gsvdtr It i? saW t'tnt (Juns! kept tha chij i I II ous "f iJj itatf jail j the jadntry ra wsd bar xttioa.Te ;nti Liittkmreiai ssrp_ rs-ty.5 a: 41 4 tfc* (Isy.Vo -

be a, *lcf>ancre fAuthed property the prestc-?: arete- value I cLaiae4 by llic n.vk iu a zoa of 11 $ MJEteB4 ( Jf1t. ene | tet ttS ikr auJ L-irl'iaT a-k.I -riiIati ze :il tetiLr5
b use aiiJ wa* very -vV<.re aaj brutalJiu iS'dtity.We' tuh; OIi**> and Lswa.tVt.tber 7. State kiVt, Wtt 2 taL .-
luferoa to tax the aad ia the tr.ie, i- di>jw sed of on a notice qtht bast iF* in tsie ] _
systeia czc cxcuipt p8|! fcue up.to J In :i IieJo ( few wetki ir-IH 1-e reJv
; b: trcsU3 ut i.Vbitii. >io rt i ica:: i to h- invMi HIS, i3kvn> in rrt at.i: L srklaaire! ; Mary-:
the other.T I of ler* than tsJg( r : - --- tM cirttjntftaao& S Ifl.i. 4t..iohi.wz MrntHaota MiJefsiy j
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nieiiiiya: partt'-ubr ?-
4 ; f the Lt5-lttn! i hJ&K t>, A, LAGIIAXUE.Xotice.i ::.
1;. ;; I ha? rescued the water- of Tampa r ayit { -TheIbu. .luilsh 1 Hfipnun, New .X
; ( : frTaItPIRi ; main line, and \\hUe incoiapk-te j iq. C., who. thOd! ia Ijoa loii Is&dv. baeuuwe feel iQMd .&i all 1 t jour tlpriiMy of eni'mrL'g the Ii.ti- vmiia,- Virgiti ia and \Viei. I Inc'nthr S

We learaeJ frunj GJ!. M A. \VUJ! Icavo briiii&iit reputation for anv'pwrpfl til the present j S. Gywruora elia
even to Cedar Kers sad' Feiasadhia. ac-pir-1 u egaa--n hi Oj ellf>* api Ccr5taUmeats that it would! : : r.re
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;ii as Lc passed through 1.vrc U-t *d iu -et'biu: ;!iree .veruet lie liar* bpit ux> oftenex.- I tUt. ? nsas< a"i:I ibv .iate ianu-1 cep& M. TIF. P'.ITNEI-IL1i nInETor)1I: : -
r.m.. t a, the i'i&t ( *sn$te an txxlJita| that the sax-pay-i I -! -: !, r thr nrnmr'.f N EVE: A,
I iu aduiraci : the
p.t-.L-.t x.r i iUr iippi, JeLy, I'4yLvLni3'a1.Js
cek that CoL Larkia .Sniiih the ga .
; :, -; ? are unable t.i meet.j FN-2-N !uv a Ir-vd: lr.M tunatS'
in thv' lit J .-. aSeuale. the en -
After the completion of the n ai j man : : iaat avi'dw3a ai 1 genial Hull-iV j *s.-f th-trnilhI-q!

N U.tx Enjinecr at G; lar Key* who > the law roqaired certain annual and estjai-he ma ic of bia vtk-e ciar.uing the achoiarh iil vrudiu* J aic ; but At a nwetia;; of tha Diet C- nfrrence : |j-I'i v. a: : :: :1 a.ur.t* ..ir. u.- .

iperiotcnding asJ has thirpiffjllie *cia -annuil javmeut* fr >m the ccmjiy ; the incllvulikh hi? nnnexijIo.1. osic ajaj Uski' the J'f F>l fswa tliviisjc ; of the H. ..ECharcii; held in EW"ADVERTISEMENTS.. -.-.--. K 1.4-L.: E NlVE: A IXDRUGS ).

Harbor abvl River surreys c thi* ] I'uder the i'ieni -1k-rtegv. S--uavr C'aU Srrf t<,v k hb seat in I Ma'1iou rndy a eharc.f ti- NtJF.Ni'N) :
fi the citfit of the I. 1. Fau.l ..
r TcI -
coa t. cjcpre w the flpmion that the } : rent lie Kjvol! first as>jcrf .* the "vhste iif the lBHe J J tatcnn l i j!<:-ruf l/jf chttrch aa l Tcintv.-ra-.tr j jifuud.itfa -

;, hit to ccable it to :aeet ihe piarastctdiatinst v'i War (au'l afurwar aj .-t .retarf they will tb.-mit, Ssj 1 not vnly oue of ? linm rht ac ii t-ii-'v. "K. S. ,- \\i; : / : -: : : N : .:"M"i rIft
point on,the Gulf coast for the After the o-el lieTt'Hcapttl rh'rrh v-a\ N\ a. : > .- '. .- -: &c.n
of the l ad* it Iiad i-aued and j -iate. war c &)h_ r.tg Ttcer. A jary of tt o .
of the talked cf ; AN : -. .- ii i .- .-
western teralnas ?bip ; %
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from Florka flI h5.1T; -the:
3a iiiAing fua3 fur tlivir tlnal liouidati..tn ; teriy *|nxLentsdv' oa tfee F.iri1> ; ; : -.
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.canal! acros? the peclasila' frr.a the .| iu a j-tnail opt'U ivat A torI Eit'cziI I Iin -.Sinatliut'; they eienee he va* f. (f'l }.* i: y aSjVita j- -i : r rri.t.'.' AIE: ; r. S
but I- d it that _L_
aut 3r.ar il.Aimi'U 1 ;i; l.r UC-inrf f.ri; *zly
Tpiba. Thh' 1 ) caine oa anti heva- hardy savtI will !itI 1 -I;! taU-J cp-4i- tlutiiitisTry.. lie h.i* -
usprecx- regutaih 8. P. HAYDEN & GO. arri r i-y_ NJ.Vt.) A JEN-EN: .iI1 i- S
of these had
>oo iruta an -. wuoal i any rv .re1 jayraent< | from a watery);rave From Xasvi1.:: ty in? j>er.& nai prCjmat ail times appealed u> the taie ( : rrn-o. 5- .5S-i NEVEAl\: Lat

engineer :I'Kva ciade up ta the Uric of sale! ll-r he T.VO: to Krdaot: !. v.hcre he wa"" an Li- vote on ail q :tuonH>= Under the bridj ILi.t -.5 .- ..it.v jU-t TI'L'YCI'Il t l R* % vt k of '

.t1re p% T 'iciorcutloa*V obtained-' >vt. ', the siajJe rx-2.Ma.; that the ral was laiitttHl t-3 rtr-it of Kticifch ciiueo- ddta ba* be.a all that we coultl! hat- J the a'hortawhau'hfe post-oak near river, ._at : r,, -. -.:.. : --.-. { I lU&! : : ,.

cocnj sarreys caun. fail, it strikes iacoraplete.: The TniiUv rpcor.l i? | ship, owing to the tact that he bad i-c-f! but nottt* r :-au woautscj' >5 sero-1 N'evi ton. I>.il ? eooolv. i.v. a -ntall Fzmi1yGroceriesuII ;i TOlLETAUnCLE: ?, -
til?io'iocdvc Ju'e wrfrht ia locating been! bc.ni a; rri. Cruix tn4the iiatI.
c yt"*;J k" C w LrL'LI[ iy that Mr. Yclee, IV Idcut. apleajvd -, j ev'np&' out Jj-ile. rather in the haf& I WATCHES. CLOCKS AND
.tte'rout* and-wt t era tcxiiiinus cf the Hritth flaz.,' 11frmee; >? at tb* j' The jo. ;tt- <'f Florida, raay |x ; { t b: *ca.A tlrwrtt-r to !1 S
"p efort: llx liard and male s bar al i I r my.-may rK, .ITS.! MI -UNii'.AN 'T-. JEWELRY. 5.t -
SSa i KUjTii-h wanm.:-t naaposl. I 4 ith mide to their ddecatian in tfl-
Should therotk l really i the Cnfedcraey was hung t.> the tncv,
{ statement of the copdltioq of the Flop- {'he tenniaatec! h> life in the pasxin i pesantI ebini s. fall Asre of wha:: {dfml uu'l and IUM.X. IUM, wi- t \\'t jUa aal.1 fr4 th.e OTU. T.
imJcrtakea. At DO other joint: ha/ ha fee: u> : tbe cr a I'l.Ni.-. \N :I-H.l IT, }'t'FNTtIN n1 IeT.Zft4 fr
ida aad iofa va-i income SJH! aa truw IliUniad. thr? ip m it ivie- jaassip nwy imj> h*>lera* *c >'pc l *ot Th-n bole ha* ; I S ui-li Il'E tu aar .iuir.tir. S

ilicztrtkre s-ea! tbat tb! e rair.ati s-hoold b*. l honored orSoer t f ihc Qtzea.&rHanJI4I .- tan au\l di-a.giklicd body and tor th; * ta! aiTrt u..r. fc-iira"u> 1lIYJC'I tS' SS S

.itjT t 1thprvemeut uf.eur harboruraH r!' I'.r.-. I'i-. 1 !t'.v:>- r. I1LiI:1tTkNTIU --.
&C1ZtI scd fvlJL TliL Lae j acsin: ttu du;: out by y>m unknown
tuo _
,-. ,.- l.Ettr ; -.- wa? ,,'1 ts! Le uk 3ht1 At fcfciia- 3 f .- :>.y .-ui WAil ; 4cpiru5ait ill i.nkrik ar- .,

Sei1onoctbc Lghtatzire.I it X-CT.J*, jiKivly at the air nceof Mr.. | The .liIi ( nia!. :. t :i at t--wftr-. :Kir..I-' .f: < ..r-v lr-.Wiiuw I ', \'I), an tqerirw.ci.I .
'4 is i tiit (',oi. Drew Is toa u1'e:' aad without any aalhoriteftbfr.IXreicit.rs i I Dr.I Kcrthv i 1'aroL .: jt r: ...twfla(2td 3 -_.- > '"- i. i f -ajs.x. b.- can. fnk fl e re t all S

I and Oj* ibixr, with <. ; -ie5-1x. to he 'nstrain. i-. ; S
cf the Lcgi larfSr tccnt of the roa i L 'apaiuve ; l i ia ev ure of their PROCLAMATION// 12. N EVJ .& Ct .
; r ton>o t IAJBI tm-ir tri;* thiv t4 r ThIr '*st advice I-s S

; -' the dstwafele parpose *>f ciiarTi idfIh A one of the Tnwitx-s was oaau1 <- S.ae. \--r,. a.tl &) trin- 1 iLiL.itjt t4J 31t 4C !Jti-. ttiat the crewf tbe 'car Pli'JiMJcrLi- South Florida Railroad

4 4 1th! 'cmnpanr! to bM asbij u1 cajBtl'mcross : Joseph Fiacgmiv auothcr. Then! j bty L express tbeinsciV ;s* k4r. v ry-- vi&vu, X Y4 U-'iTa r-4y. brrra.d, Mnj 5n t&tarbtr f Vcra I II )..

tHc | cn5 jla part of the ma be o va.-'tti tf'ii e prMjKfcuioi I i i itraraMr! imxi.ed wiTh tIw riutu IJtl.* ."s**. Cruz, nmthiit while, the t-utnn.inder! t itIiIny. -S

I ? leit-rnethit the Governor thar tt e Trailers ieizo.I aud Mld th, i e*. $t over, as feasible f..r the pip**. on ?htinand -uisg up s.t .' : r;* ;:ti'i, \
-- --- --- ---- -- -e-
-- i cd .ttL Thv higbfeivifa.\ ua thi :t put to &**. V>aala hate g 'S r\c: I-ir.rc-TJ", *Til E :- h. rrt-y JTTOI, thai ia -cr. -
t rj to know that Florida Ilailroad: aceonlinj to tbtiii I Vcllovv l*,*\iT.\t :3:'ini'lif ; zuuti.r Ifl'c .t5 :Jw | ci.ii.a ft> Act S SS
: t3iar
suit. -
: roate'is OICD *ize'Pntfrs Iimuu.-ouy- I rj ALL W1IOM TIIF K: rKF>KMi .
taa1 trculd be a cvrtaiatr lK-&re !i CWB staUaiK-nt: fv'r u? failure to p j i foty.t4ht kt-t. Th ccti Gicw- Moriiit Jj-y 1 *.-The y<4atfv'Vt'r Ute j ,Arri- >iof t'tra.Vuz. s'.t' r.ijvt.Jii .1... -t t-4I I .- -:: ;. irt.-- --A zeiijIti5i- l vi'i1 Art to > rvxie I 5 ur for*te of FVoriion

f. _0 r 'takmg so acnous- a step a* to coavcrcin the half of one per ccnoni to the Ink. eil !hy the party was, frua: it r's brke cut lit-rc to-day. a reot, iitiatM k-np jit- I ti. -Uv itJlIj? .t. 1>T& latin > ,.-ir.- ts: + A sirat$; ac.1 i'ana! -

extra in- fund which w3. not due the iink. s t( take: about *0aili r 4 to a poum tsrarth M tbis1iur thr ha.r. f 4 I :re vruueneuwptteij 'I IT*-*.<*<(11. roart-WI rtit4! :4; i f!*ll ri-la,lrI a fV.PiarSt. !:L* -. VA* IV.h, 1T;. wr, Ifct tanIIt2aL-k'.I, Ib1C _. ji .5

fua.1 cer detaaottablt silher y ec l of> ntsi F* Lake, ]1 BO chaiigv; ia &itoauaa.. j ae itageft'd tne zuo1t, art4 &irE1 t: uaitY Jt t.( fliJNi r- : ::- a cn1aikl. !.
lag : -rum thej j .nar--1 aj>1 ka m a* the >.vih rlor-
ka'o Ehu-cttebe1cwre killed. There
the I'erunt1hta J there uth of df-dre f wa.a to tetfty | ,
an -from j * Florida Ilailrcad: Cumpaay, ao l said! ; beia-o* tb ktix rati.The tatifaLn rIore I ; F. Drt. i'r.ror ; i- : J, Mp T, for it* &iart f
*Ejprot etn down on Mr. Yalee'vin the don4o jrant Jo Areitr, 'ifl.tibuin ct-n get among -rSr-e : tiri. n.arrtalain;: acjniurin -
vttxa Friday W. ,it to aa acrced purchaser ho had not : thvsaziw tiu-to WLflD'C I Iwntytbrte phyieitm are hopeful aa to tin; faiotv, te iacTcha, ccnwd ty the !law for- : ( i t1* *tot 1rier ant 1.y rj.ipiI. ; iirua a f ijct tth ;>uKver. *
Xaylor 'floic. !constructive bat 3s'of' itiz1m ala tjhn.! trade.l and the i iis vs ijinebir i h1I V .
actual persona! mflt' frvm its rtuIL nct the *- biting I jJ4 w tL ixxiniT bf t Prnt, al
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niia4I t iL.ri-
,f ip wii a.few sore Lcd Dauoj j kxx>wli lge that the ? c st. *a- LriYeuts ani i a camber < fszIlfrr Dkt at't'l panic fora. Tbere tniamuniy in ijvia.-fvvxjt: a rtigoef 't4* -tn ( FkhrtIa, &1r'ic or ir.to, thecim. S j

e ,. ,>ertis foja,, fallowing, ictco-Jol to''write due thi oue.per hk r*, oa tLk route.K .- i! u : it ( tt t rI ;o.tjtt t terro r n.-v itB! ti'i. TWO HtMtn A TrY. ItfNLL.\R- : ..t PUk and Maua5tit', in 3.i.I
t Dot faod b 5 S
jiakin .saj
,: cssse olnyncoapkttou I- a fnHiii 5 tliarkue llarUr in
vfth the in tUe Ut'1ep '! !: U'? tep1e j e i'1 sM I -- -.- ---- jrhe \.- ,
Ilrpoblifaas atKy
rrc. -
of the roebL I It 1 carry j for siis a.zt : P1 si-l.-hn..ioP{ *it\ j iiiid < ** ntyf Manatee, ia ,-ii'I tacf
latare to elect )fr. Yulcc t> tin: j jtL a ;vrtiat, but -i* a Urakam ; Mayor, of;:Cieclan4 Ohio I ny %* itllt iavit, *rf si* t Iru.t: '; *i4ir tae ia tiv
,- : It Is puerile to tru that the ads, : ro iuI&I ,ott iteuJ exkt. ; d-=*la't Isave a '. i'r- okxFwurtb.. Hej'oolirh mqakrri-. tii* r W.la oiI urti'F.
S. Soate the voit of failure '
in y. ;I vhra! provkjed! a powcv cf .ate for ();oe thuur winch flr ther that the y1lo.' fever wa. em-u ij t>) iie an edict I Totiino* Whtreo 13d ) a betn I \V. nnxcK.; 55
i if
; -
cf a caaccs coauuaUoa.; default in the '' Hides : totdia r the yoong> ers from cclbraunr *-. ki bI *n4 cud eI ISC.. II.SKELL f J
of interest of
aay the Maiec1M has about abated.
| |
I payrecct scare at Membis I I KT.TKAVT: -
iA with fie-crj-k cr txvrpedpcand ? I-: -1 Sa of ike zzl-this :
and tHe sinking fuud!, ranod a wcr\: ha.rboct the, 1-hd had died ami ? d of Jahr A. DL : I A. JJKfaEU. :
-- movement u on foot in Jacksonville [ patc r-s.n :I Ooly oii man :bepty- ihe boys rctslfskt*: by frex iQ --S 6
: to deepea the Lor at the to *
e mouth of the St.. Johss. Le: art, aad U.fuTc aiv; dT" 1J : : :! : : : 1- -' ::.: t !'. I : I .\ !




-. -, --t- '_ 1- _t-_.a.-____. ._ ___ _S__ S -i: .- .-i -S '

f"'W....Jt"tli.f .. V. .;w..,. ,, 1t. w. mferfe... ... :
""'. .- '-, ..'J

.. k ,. 1\.
>< t

;iFP .



.,n &: .
: K ....
-- _.- .
-' ". -:'- ---. _- ---.- --. -- --- r ----- -- -T-- ---.r---.t.- ._: _.

1 Tp 8UNLAM TOBUNE.T7T1879. -Mr.' II. I'. (.m-1plJ\'lI 1 ot Clear' -t j jVator -The steamer Lizzie Tender-on: !i pood-i and n'ntNllli; store, '\vill *oonbci J t.n.lli..IU (11 .1S : .

iu i\l*inc in .hraiden'1'oxn.- Wo .. & J'\f, ;'- "r-
t, --. \ pent us several fine lemon 'nl't.l'l ( uun. arrived Sunday received I -- BECKWIT ;
'rAJQ.L-ltJ'LY j will certainly be glad to Mclcomo joood
1 i
=-- ffiv.ii a ouc year old tree which, he a cargo of beef- cattle and left and wottliy a citizen to our C. L. FRIEBELE, .Dol.l, ..'_
; .
; -
f.. O. t}.T. lllUsboro Jx>dgc No. 21B thinks has about two thousand on j.Monday morning for Havana.\ I I: midst. (Wo wou'dcr when tho Major D]:.L\.LERS iisrML --

.. 1tu lee' )Meeting of thin A it. I' will Another store?) DEALER lssol'ic(1,1crclltt(11t'e\
-.z (odje,entry Friday evening,VHall. ._ The steamer Knight, Capt.McKay I !put up

i ;: :' at7 P.L at the 1mJlOnae Ominous. arrived at Manatee( Ia;t at- Not being at home misettil )Retting, THE LEADING SEWING" :.

r.-#. : iu II. THOMAS. IU S i or rather reading last week's Tribune, ( [ }( ,'
.. a. ( 't'llh accident I '
.. urday. Having; tll some i .:
-- from the and sTmboh
"* Judgiug s-igns \vhu-h! I regret, and which I. hope

9" : : MASONIC.meetiniM llii.i ia a certain law office iu thu f place .I .to her ruJefht' was delayed i I will not happen IIn.. Ad I will be I [Corner Franklin.& \Vasliiiigtou Strctt11, 'lC: H-11ST E S. .-. bt
ni>iiornti al Manatee few but left Tuesday \ -
a days, i absent wt..k10 and! perhaps .
; Loons; No 25.' .. A; M. ..1'h # : with a load of cattle for I think I will follow "Grv'sexatuplo ; TAMTA FJ.A.Bnr .
tint ana third! oallar'a (lit vaclt nn>nth at I le al lore would fail': night, longer, : :'. .
ouo hardly "
.. j I and and 1"IlL.
.lo'cSock.1-in.. l Havana.General. 1 employ reporter, ,11UlIUt9 :.
T. K_. Present: tv'l.trtarr. UC impressed with the idea that the i,. perhaps I.can, in that way, make out TO l irnmllIlSXennoe 1 : : -- ,

"lub-tailtvl Colonels" !have a h-cill'II\j U. C. Ankeny, Special a longer communication than I uaual- ,' + unit cu-.t'IItthat he has now The Now Stewart SUSTGERrWith ..',

\ s-..ijAIXr: ; isci:. preference I for( the code
wall Williams 4i' -nt I 1ea it the are garnihtil .
Lynch nHlriohTiK'ker; : ..Curlera.l"'fh..1 l n, of I(' \ *,L'indcnCathererS UrnUiIT t
tr -11's call attention -the M-IJ.-C of the word. but ( "c" certainly
to advcrtiscmcnfof the State attired here lat Thursday any
f with fuch indications if a skull Ac. Kulk-rt: onMaihim-s. Light ruuniui ami the finest tint"h d Machino nowotlcrcd

): Mr: S. P. Harden' & Cn. I and honc old! < l land and left; the next day for Fj.Meade !I & keepahead of' wtin the vacul' DRY _f '. A".
crtts:- an ruty l'i.toll Il I ton's. 3i.tr.t .
,. Marshal Fine is 01.Iii: rounds of to re-examine: certain lands THE LKiHT irXMX; (, NOI-SKLhisS: 1 .y, 1
club m'i- !
i again inspecting the premises of the a are ways t-igniticant I I __ __ .- _. ___ ,
tho mental bent. These southeast of Ft. Meade! and! in tin direction II \.NOTIONS, I HATS AND CLOTI'lSli
t ei Look out. may 1.:1\:111. I Do you want Good Pictures i' NI HO\IE] :
of the Ki-i-immcc river, which NE\\r HOME t [i i \V .-
however nothing more than s-iinmary i iejectment _
-The attar Lucv Miller arrived ]If MI tell: :u II. l It. Mi-LoixIX Tent I r t)()'TS & SILOES
the seems to lie in dispute r.s to ownt-r.-hip tn.t't. Attaclimcnt I/xw 'f'1 do.Ac.' .
; received or total 1 annihilation to -ontli of WasjiuTiun -lu j 1". Will! The Ijiilicn r.tvorito. The Inito t ( :* Ihbncc1u
flap of cattle
steamed cargo. office bore whitt'er.: 1 I between the United! States and the, fl'lulillhftrt liir.o.Jtiniro 111\1' Call Mi or
to-day. i State.General. tho cluiluw, I lecture the subttautvfi'c. I n A in>\.\KICHOCK; iu Y. TIN\ '.\-: Old Jilled For Any-Machine Made. '

f -. -The schooner Delia, Capt. Ix'(pcz, Fort llatnrr.Ve I down through -:- ..:--------- -- ---. : ..lI o4, Oil, Attaclumnts: l'ar'1'. fur all :Maih'ncvorutautly: un }heat! Canton
,arrived from West Ankeny was WOt 11)1:1FnXITGHI'; : ::, .
Key on Friday f'f11 Machines. OrJ r-i l I.y ores! nronii>:ly lilr t !U
Ice leer: : In':
\ !learn from Judge l H. L. Mitchell i the pcnin ula! recently with "cracker : : :
1' last and cleared for New OrleansTuesday. 1 >
down in Manatee la-t Ice "'.m-I.t! had U-tu ii-ii the- liour- of J G Tl i > c 13 ir lies Pn t..o _. ize yoinXlomo t < > -/Vpj- >o > -. who was i, !Dill, examining into the character cf 10 and -, lnv at the ire hou-o. ,
a. III.'l., '
-Moo Jay" being the last day to week, that n large mercantile bit-lines-* : the swamp ami( overilowod.lauds. K. NiT..U'0.At : V.OOKS: & STATIO.NT.UY.Oilieeand -- Y

t givcja taxes at this 1 place, there wa is to be started HHUI at old! Ft. tauter : which the State claim- a< such. -)-\1:111-:1)- ---: -, WILLIJKSOI.D. Till::1'ITCL'ILU11Elt'fJl.l\1: :! :VE1J. ATftTOKE OP'Miller ,

j' .. .tag of a rush to prevent being oil Ihe south bank of Manatee /\'l'r' --- -- -- ( Kitclien' Stoves
1:111:111' th'ul':. the Tampa I Hotel last Sunday ,
d ouLle razed, and G i tnilcs abovo Manati'CVillage. I
fot.ie or "'('era indeed to annoiinrv the afternodii by Judge! I II.[ L. L'rual'11': [ Vlith ho olUrs at the lowivt lipini,>. The +
: sorry '
REaM RED.-Tllc convicted mur- On at'cuuntuf certain s-trcauia lliclir i t I'rici-s fur ( 1'roiluce.I'oliic .
; ? |paid: { \iuulry
death Ul'unC oi'ur much hd\.ll'ili- Charlts of Limmia and Mi.sRdneca
Hj'nuner, & HendersonAYliolesale
deter Chas. Jordon ({.col.) who recently entering Manatee: river f from the anil ijuiok itliiilui\ la ciii-ti'iin.-n'
111.1111.dlll died I:1t
J zen, )Ir. James l Allen, of Cau opolis, Michigan. IV h. I-t.l I ls>ia. '
t. escaped. from.the guard at. Urooksvilta southward Ft. I1uucrill be, it i is i his residence on Sunday lat Uurympatl.us ___.h____ ____ __ _)_
limi Loco rcoa toted: -- .
--- --1"--- mid!, the m.,st sere=,iblo jxiii't! 1ft t the I .- are Ilc"l'tyII'! sincerelycnliUd I -- ,.'---- U. S. IYIAH.. .
On the fourth Sabbath of this with tio.-e! who mourn' the 1
middle and eastern ortiotn of thecounty OIUT1TAKV.I a .
month, (27th inst.) the funeral M-rmou ] lugs of their beloveil l one.We & Retail Dealers in -
I>. l this the! I 11th
1 of on the river; and hence I Ii I -j':nrti < life'in'I'anrea; on THE MAGNIFICENT: N E W
for Roenah GapcdecM, will be preach"cd any rejoice in the i privilegeof} reporting tact, of brain A-vtr, Mi** 1 K.: )I. dan:httr of

" at Ho ,tell Church, cros.i the i U bound to become in important business j through this medium f "iitclli- ilu-1-uo.I. ). '\', elite 1'w1.,1.f: | :. t'. The STEAMSHIP '

i Y rirer. point lloats drawing five feet :; "t'U.'l'lIew, crtitcrpriv. which ha< ili-ii-a-tr1 l was from i-arly \llIth.'li, l. Greiieral Mierclianclise:
cut iiii-inl'i-r i if the rroti tant lpiilvrpall'Intnh : \ -
t -Dr. James Cochrnn, of Mobile, can a-cc:Manatee river as high a3'j laUly cojiitiKticed; in" Manatee.: Mr.Gasicnhcitiicr and lit!ill;: in n-tirnut-nt, her 1"- ,

r AUu who is ranking n tour oi iuslrtre 1 ..IIanlcr. Hurrah fur Manatee i si ( l'rnlan; gentleman: iiuon: nut MI iiniih. to >l i thin for lheSatiuual Hoard of Health.arrived who ha* recently COIIK among u", is u, Iv ti-iful in the 1I' IIIi' circle, \hin- HMvituiiinoriri -

here -yesterday from Key county. embarking unite extensively in hc will luny; !bo tree'nrttl of her, a-i T. J. COCHRAN
1 tinl l.in I I'vii-iuihi/i-r, and the n-ady) lulfirin ,
buinoAi aho returns AND:
W eel tit Manatee. moss "oa
I A meeting; "f.the Agricultural and Ii i.ry: time "f 'l.J. NIT dial l >lio (i>nniio"ihe \V. )I'.JACKSOX. Miwur.
'+x the ,InTer fwm a trip south he intends i'reeling; of life" tho ihiiiuiiojihcro '
by hniit'tharitii-s
-It'1nis'reported+ stage ; held at to ,
( WILL }'U lHClni"r'ldySer'icn
.1 largo building! for the purpose of, .- aI,",', but li>vil l to tut'our thc JHHT Commission Merchants J JA1TI.I.MOCKOF
t last Saturday.that, a colored man <.
the Court House in Tampa u1) 1!lh : curillh1I.II.'kiu[ -mo-'s for dilllrentinaiket awl unfoitiinati nnttl\ heranrltaltln irh ,.

.had accidentally shot.and* killed himself 1S7U.- 1'nv-ident, Clarke, in the dl\ir'l -', as t4ie tleiiiand for th'n article the rior.i.- nf the! leer fi." tear, hail! .lijtrixitl -- i I < .

:" ,:: r in Fernando) last neck We did The proceedings u the former l socnito lit i: iliiniti'vil, and alino-t \ her ul! inni h 1rf the I'toa-iiro; of givnnr. : r.l 11l11)U. 1"'IIL_, ,'.
i t-till '* tkr ir.i'-o: her \\il.iiif. h.m.K eti ulrliir }
; not learn, the particulars I 'ing weixivad and :1Pl'r'I\',"t._ Tho I t 5nexhit-ii/io.! : (,>iiaiitilii-ts ate In be : ". at:Jr-il": frt .lie lai.l klu.iil4 ih.illu- II TO 'V'

I found in eviryvalnp and! liiiinniuck li.itlisiil I, ""iiia-i-iin-li .' hate di'iio itlU .
-" \ : ,
The list of the 'ta- :1 conrmiltco orpnii .ui >:n 1II\.ba roi t .t .
-t-ription on : <
:, in S,tilth FI.ilJhrr.: .* it Iris gtownnnmojitid the! loa-t of lllr! -r vi- hI't.IUI: \ it Ilhttnu' I '

liirxn w rapidly iucn'hI: :;.. Jt nou :[ i"rt which w;:.- jvnl l n.id .id.'pU-il. .\ fr.; <.;cutir,: ... It will bc:1 :' Tho! llcly I'.ilil.aiul: I her ht l : CEDAR KEYS I 1 I TAMPA( Provisions and Fancy Groceriesi ;;

hue sulwcrilxT*. in every Mate in the [ tnotiviu: was mr.dv't for the eloctit i-f :L !! lu ratite: hu-'ino-?, and by ,gi\iigfin-:; !' ':)e r K Hik! uiro her r in hi'itri i tirknoand: :ilh<->u;;h truth 'iun.ituro I
Union. People having teal! and place !|. Vi.v l l-Vo.-i.h-n: fur: I tlio 4u1:11' when .{I pUivmoat? to many liu'.houiu. : :Intlutl nl'Iior di-caw. her iiiin l was voiiMirjil \-1 l r/.i .11.1 LY.' T/:/; ./r.vo.v7i.,
j I ; I; : .!i-U -. tI'a; will l hI' I .\rI will :i a poci'jniary : : l U>AY fur IVil.ir I K.r.h
'" tn still should mnke a note of it. j Jar.u*: i"or.auVlv-i j. WAJ IU.llli.:1ttUu ; -I>' alllitnl tonariU the later term i>f 'I Lcacr'1'anqut'1'CI: > -\H, .
i i j pn in utters+at, which will ]hne Ye a hrrii'A-uer, \it t -!..- xv.sal"'ayhiiid i'iiiho : .\ ,- ;IV.I.ir 1 KIJon Wii:\Nl>l'.\Y. I 4

'; 'ii Tlicre was a iocul m;,till s \.If 1. h'- chrfcd. .\ :1II1d' "i tic: t 1IiI- : Miii.i! bin li I:, t > true ii.iinoilir.te! and, -ur- rub.irt iit'rili.rion. and Err ili- irowa-j i I.iu (:,...l.lri'Jl'! : M 1"IJf'.f i DRY GOODS AMD NOTIONS

the County Commissioners la-t l Monday Jjcr. W.'I' : 1'11I',111.1 l.: .\ iv-ojmi-m V.T.- : ntluulitrl; lo\liti.-? .- t > lie tech the :.\i"f nhoiiiho l 1.\\.1.. Torn t Taiiij-i. .
ih tho lihM tl.h'l'l ik'liithat
I \ ; \ :
>r to'a PP rote the bond-of; the llrv-: I udopted ii,'r the :appointment of a t-out- i 11'x tine rely hojv that the perpetrators "..t.IU.Ie"\ .-cil! in !living; (zriiii' I'l-ydi.il llhe i .\rri\'l'.it 1'11"1'.n TlU'ItSHAY.IAHVO : Then- will\lio. f..ulI.11..1 in our l.ir;rtm-k :i full! lino: tfGentlemen's -

'" s Collector for this county, Mr.W. ; mitioo, cons-iting of OitoHomy K:1Il:11\\r: I i, of that, fraudulent: petition: :: .1.lonl.mVwollinxw.no.. T.ii'ii'1 1'1:11: U 11' I f.}rV..ir| l\i-y*,
cane rerun !Pine Level the'G.uvnior; ; ;
to .itflte feel.1r..r
'nt (fir, what iiitiH heal the
It that it (e H.m; rrpant..z. .JtI:ItF"r'ilti : Lu.l! : ; trite at r"III I r I Ko\'< tillTI"H:l V Y.lAaiVl.ir Clothing I and( Furnishing Ga li..
F. !!nets. teem \:< j j j for, the mali..i..tI: pnrp.-e of remoxinc: ln jit lira: O.TIIO no itioro, .
.t C. .lrauttu Jlakn wiilttnreport n.,, bean! N-rii'turo word! Ki\s till1'1":11.; Y f.r .
\iiiLr ,
pot approved SH ucr' on lccuullt.of : u' rsbrritl'13Ir.( H.iymin: ) rnuu i-Jii: ."c, I

,. .lotuc informtlil). I of the 1 plairand l pro; er :y'tern | may be brought !to;ju-.ice! : :and:! ,!utulap'to I *'\uI lad lint an.iko KO'IO'fi-r l ifi-ro vlmiiar!1i rake Arri\i-1'alll| t', l'\11.11'. ".t" All kinds I of HATS BOOTS and SHOES, K
I"hen' : 1'UIII'II:
r __ iyi-4
ih putitie in their true hl. I
of an.l! the kind I of : Ji.l:
vegetableu"ure, i
: ; our on n.\\ith ti-ar-: gn..Iilll.,
ll t'li iausutit ". J'or Freight or ra- ; 1 hree dtl.-:,.th s !H. .\. Clarke, t-. L.: I ;
.Ittri faiHI'n.r.1 t'f rlt l woiilii \
.> : jA1neccNary.! at :!lea iieotig:: ; ,-f in-; 'xt'dh-nt We 1\1' :awe "i'I"I1Ii.} a-*.rtnirntHardware of =
rrirr ntloUlWlit ] I. ll'I'ulllllllualil'IInpply tll
1extCtllwtlr'lhhin.t.thc:-* I j )1 '\ciJ :mdY.. U. Tuvca. were r.j'tl- 1 vimcoJ! t i heaters- >'\oit liMim.Ii. ) t,
) iliuu-h w':11 i\t a jm-tiig: ; < > thotv! :+t lay, o'11' tri iN ji.i 't,
i a, Inc: .-and.nn.I.c-xplainini rjiijrnl the.e I. :n.l 1 h'rll in tin Jinbioftli o.mliipi Itiia..1:> tl.H'p intore.-t i i nruiifo-t: by taiid sent! to I I'tiit'Lvxvl I I to mvi>tig.itc 11'e.'ll nuke our\ !need 1111"-,- i.-u.ro, 11.: I H. THOMAS) .\ rut'I'autha._ I .Tinware, Crockeryware,

i'' i. the Saoranu-ut t.f the I/."i.n'J't'r: the people, and a cuu-i.h rahl :Ulutlut 1 I I the ln-tttrr. Full details: uftlu-ir in'ntig.Ition ; \';haw f-ft bare (iiwl, the )lath tu tiol.t l I. t '
u .1 .
Wool\N I\I V11.UVV K ::.
;a I
\ l.nt Ivf.n
I.-t. ,
( jj .ne E. A. CLARKE ,
w'ilIl I he c'.kl.rat..1.11! are im it I, oil all of 5 is for iiihivition. will lie sent to tho! l'luri
acreage reported I ANEW FIn:t :"r. ALL KIND-OI!* STATIONKKV! ( SCHOOL' AND BLANK nOOK)(
lUo.-htmh ijtriallyrvtjiie ,
., the nicinliermtf arc dint and 1 TKIISU'M! : ; I: for: pub'icativiu.Mo : .
- ti.J to lw invent.T. t Virnc out, plants: .-, we will all cork ,rf\uitiK'- are 1illl1lUl.1! ; ii: these I DEALER IN \\\. -liill: iiintinuo ti) fnrnUli \ S
V' ,\. t'.11I1'1i'il; !, 1'.t.tur. tooalacr11.1! help each cihir.) Tau I FIRMOF I t
I pails: ,, thev: sir.L' ;all.ll.itt- their; unI
I 4 Corn Flour and Meats
!I'alinvtto! llutx.Mrs. have: the best t'limtle1111 any nmountf 'l j ::1 t I'.iuuli; : ,my, tlu-y know I t-.o -11:111,1 I IG General Merchandise \ .

and! if it i< not uliiixed::: I cr:+. nor n-jsinl 1.i t'I'l'lIltm:11IId W\\. _'; !I ', Pr P".T
; : Tlioiu.i. <, living ill thisiuanuficturi I.br. golands, !I I rt'alr tli.-ir! : CM-t'.iniTs \'". ith ; ;: .,- I l \ J.' rl' l\. .I.-4 1. .' I ;i At Ku-iclit :nnl (''lIl/lIi.+tln-tt.at i it at tho At'IT1.. (.'t/>'f--late} we amt. it ,ili-tnotU. -
:111.1'1'1 +
> superior palntttto.hat... it is your fault.J The ntxt meeiingwill t I }I l.irrf' 'aliuvtOll' Mtt r' $!' ilir-tninl: tlmt tliii"o artii-If" an-Mirtlv fur JI .
vious liitl. Tncrean1[ / ,
t to
i I pri'-i-miiiij; n 1 H'i.iKr }!b.i'a! an'Ilur.rt 1 : :" 1 '
Hiie: make them after the htrlu oi thocoiunrtwr lie an interesting t'lh, and; will heluigvlv I'd I CASH '
many tliJii: ,: nitlicr: do than tamp AND FOR CASH ONLY .

? Straw hat \lt y ono cutjtinuou :\l1t'II I.1. out without\ a bar, \\ hilt? ) thou! \vliiiiiii'j I DKAl.KUs): : T ,.MF'A, FLA, I \Vooiilii-r bur or ni-iiu-oX 1't"'ltiIIT i : nil tho rrmliu-ti WI the! l'vnhl'y'ror _

+ plait .and not l br i=cwing the plaitedbraid T. F. I ilAMIToX t loiiK jrztil l j'iiHonod :\111 I'i h'" \\hii-li \\iintiiiil' :i market fur here or tliluro.FOR l .
Jo around iil E > C" ) IS NOWIUX'KIYINV.: AN l\TIHEN ;
U ofth..u Od
i ij'coium,,iily dmw. S'crctarc.i'crrunal arc thing siiia> 1SV ( :.. ., '_
as I"
r a, .. ._-, ----- aiul orb I -,. to l'\'I'IY' ?tiruv| : iiu-'i I. I

f \luu'I. """l!kill;{ wl.s: t'.ioy'!: tai:lei bite : .itivij.jily. I I CIo '. ( ,P" 1 1-o( ( ]L : NEWOSXEANS.rpOMl'.ITTIll .
' Dr. Kcvc Las moved hitlrti; store -Col. J. I J5.; Wall attired! home) ." OF> ALL KINDS OF GOODS. I I I : : IM'MANI'S: of TUANSl'OKTATIoX; r'I' '

s Wall l la.-t: Sunday.Dr. I Hr. lames 'l'it\;ncr returned lat .JL i'f tint Trinli.-: of thiMftinii, tin :a'Innci-: l'?.r-.11't Lr'
? 'an l office to the builditn 011 wee,: with his bride !from tree Wi-st. i UnoiS): ;and Shoos, .' K t. .
'. I i H.; T. Cnrt11.1 Maj. : .t 'I' ,
Wellington street just .I \\ c RIW him puivh.t:; :. tit; <-'lllih DRY GOODS / I \

{ Fricbcle's: store and nearly oppn itc to. (itt:/. V,*right wxnt; to Mauafee: '1'1-- bar from )lr. lion.;- S. Curry, thtnl: I I 1:1 In Is t :.11] :uHvC; f>ods.Kaiilvvai'c. ( -t-Un' in j part IIIJ.t| Ol.>, titN 1'un ;- Geo. W. Dill, ,. '. !t 1 .

that of Messrs. Miller St IIcndoron.Hu el"S': ihi-y mu-'t hat'u bad a biff: ; a[ liraidcn: : MAMS Ih l.11\1 l'--, I.111'l l Ir-- I j- t t r '

' 1_ store is fi zed in much -Urns. E. II.: '"':\!!: '::n -:111\. I Town. : Crockery' Tinware, LlJ.\ ; .\I'0 I.r- I r.i.iidi: : : : I'>, t.ltti;- ; 1NI11:' "'rrltll'Irlr, U-t-.xi-vn \Ii.! 1'nint aiul Xi-w :)r- ii-i, \ia: )!!":- ,
uj I ( -. t'iIGl: KS I IMM: < t
; r drug : I(>'IMILSSMITIM.S : .
; I I 31!r. 1 Robert "arrnth K'UM tluvroik Ice anil \ ,.ltr I I.y., ::111'I" in i-lnsv n.nni-vti'iii with -t..IIIIIIII"| r'- -
h y than it wu iu hiold C. Hryasi, county .ommi: ;i ivatts, : : Miiin.Mis.: :MIM'I-: >. i
Lcl.ter'IIt'lo i I with .T.-it rO'Si'tuiirre 1 : ; I':\li'l FARMING 1 IMPLEMENTS.Wo ; 1111'01:11In: : .< i
i : : .UAN: C' ha (0 :and} 1 Liu-y jNJillor 1
iu Monftay.Hun. ( .
tnud. were i but bdicve t'-at' .b.-rt's + ; ,
hclj pro- I I t'ul'I'ttS.llt I : I >J--: >, IIIISIF, uiss! l P, f
l. :J. .1. }1';: Fai"rollflt.1: ,I tr.\d.1 I first, war nltrioutab'o: to unotlir I nl-! u }...> if n"t-nulv' MI hut.1. aiuli TAXIS I.IM-.NS. ui.i.AKs.( I: <11'Pl':>. i .\I\I! with \'U-iM-:! \\1Intn:11I': : \\:an-h'a-r-, tea rue ,enable !., ulli-r liar .* facililie
; Siuuluy ScIuMtl Hooks. : I i r,fivi -\ukly't tu '1!i "''IJU'IKi'l'Groceries ; : E'I..lrrl..I'tIIII I it tin' .mdlt.t ..
'E :tarllr.1L I *1. Weils, of Ma-uaH.i, | attract.oi: in 3laitttt't': ;Invidt-s I >, --I'|'l'N; .vsiiMii. t (1".11.. .
t behalf of the: Uapti-t Sunday .. 1 1'111:111I'I: : \-. NKriM.rs.! : -- - V -
In !
II U.ai Nt'Srlalh! Mu>:ic 1 :,(". nltlinujiliho ,
were iu tvwntl,1tr.. I CAM: MX i \.Uid ', jj.r :l':"'\:, ii.\i: : J. 1 1:, L1; 1'0):1;. tiltIail i : .: -'Cl'lr.
1 wc-Jiave beau re-jiu-ted I to nktlioto ba.tuadc a f.iir dllriiitio'nu [Provisions '
(School, 1 1r -Hon. 1 1'. G. W\II\\ and "Lady left I. pretty ;I { I mllA.NS I e

who may have .Sunday* School antng -, iu Iltout a \\vcS; ? ''IM \;ill !l+r'tlitntitrl j i I| W'licli': I I ",,' r):ai'r, nt ln I ':ti' i-rioi fur h ,iri I I
Tuesday for t thc Inrtpring r.t+ Letler Noio l Bill aid
Hooks for.which they h-ive un longer Whiteiilj 1' ; tho 8."lj"t" "ilex 1.l.I.i '01 MKY: l'I:\I\lrl i i 1.1: I : CaD Paper. J. E. LIPSCOMB & CO.

end them to Mr.J on the Suwunnre.Miss. ulli if-* h'liiitt "t'. "tC'I' I fn v.iiiiiin.: :jMiii n.. t. wmiM-.iv: tui t(.jiy l r..fc: <, . any use, to 1s plonie Kmina; Mitchell and 3Ii-wrallia 1;. S. Yfarnvr (','IIUU"lh'1(111.11/ ,irj'iir.'ii- tl.1\1 Itr.iarl! i-ii.Ki\-ir; t.> iho! M lttn.ii.ihiiii. l::...kI','n-. 1111.11111-.
: ). Isaac Craft, rriucipal of the 1'ap-{ next track with his 1 w null. :. :"M-I i-i ,i'.r: .1 i'; ;Hi1..*. ;. .i\..- -.ti-fu-tirrn in ever SUCCESSORS TO W. \'. WALL & CO.)
Grit, of.Mat.a'ne.; : arc vi,ituigoung 1 ; + n't.. !'I:1!! .i-i.I BOOTS SHOES
: I'
lit Suuday! School Tampa: :\3 there Wihi.ir that llraiden! Town ha? ,. CXlltliIY f.r. ,
frivnd, in In r
lady : Tampa.Hoi. : -\ ..L"'I.1.1 1..14.4
} 1 le-ti.. .
for more Locks.Graduate + Lt'nJ: ]H"lti.-'I'; t :lL.t Il'r. : -- I '

Is: n want. -- -- II. T. Lyl.ei WH 1 pcnuitte or.<.rdv-r a I'lill:itJ;; priay wr. J.. :. Hi...1.1:.. l\i.i.- >sutNtr| <( I GcntlcIlcn's C !' Ciclhiul., Ul1GlP 'EiiC and i I

lu Lutr.We l "m' of (':11':.lau; I II.: I lavi-. !lonvv!* thN.
out Mondayt
to pi.irantiuf Hooker & Snodgrass I New Goods! Fall and Winter Stock!
;y arc plcasctl to note that rot the t fu go to hi< home in 1 Heruando. J' w\k: far (\",I r Kt'in.. hKn; >p ; ; IIIA.ITISA I ;I l I. iI,i

konimencciuctit ol the University or.Yirinia (Jijiy.Tliolivp. : III\LEI: IXI 1 1 .

"' the 3d inst., tliu Professional : -('apt 1 J. P. M.Mull.n.ud!! ,> )lr. I 1 tioiiti JM.vaidwa: ; inpirt I GENERAL; MERC HNISE.I Jusl: R.ccclvod

t, on J. <. While, ?f t'hr11:1": section I yc,tcnl.iy taking; i of Bachelor; of hew"uu
Degree were in'town the first of the tce- k. Sara-yta Vandyke iuitrr.. a .1 n o c' K : ot'l: (:lof, lI,11'llali\1': : .Inl.lJI.l':: : : :( -rEIIa; : taI' :.\\TlJ.r.:
)( Ct. 1'. The .jll'. iiitidc; } .H'u WOOL }HIDES SKINS I K.II-S. .
was conferred r. Sparkman 1 :( l. r uta-trr. I IEW.: x ri.u-n.: til\IJ\I.; : : : IIIUI.\I'l: : isuf.r )T.\1.1.WIn.I: : 'J'1\Dt:
o"this county.Mr. ,-Mr. W. 1 B.; Drown' of, Manatee arrivi-'tItil'! l. ; tukintr two lady x I'orxTUY I'lnlrl't; i I itr.\n\LY: : : : t'ul'Lul'l: i :. iuns; : MI\U: KICI; i is COIl'UTl: :. .

..1):11'111. in our rity on Thursday: lea"-t'U::< H from thi- j>.iicc: to Tort I nil>ir Mr\i I : >in.: l..l. I i I 1t.U'u\' ( .' x.11I't',1\\1:11: : 1'Ia'l'l'and! '
.: Sparkman h a young gentleman \ UJ.; i 1.\ I.l.tJ : I IIIKI.I.Sr.rrnu. I rI ro.us-Avyy.rfV lJ}
and for and n.-J>oiJs liio, rain iu hit + .cti'Ki. 't 1!ccr-_ I \\<- i all .jl....i3l :>f.>'nti'ill tu i'tir Siiuk ntDLIY !! : : :. <(nr.isiSAUIUXIS.: l: I:! .
nVility predict
of fine we I .
Tho a-hr. ;lkn.lrJ'; ', Y'llIlI;; t'IJAI '\ -: ::. Mr:>l'.\ IW and >nn>;. i
him a 6rilliaut 1 professional cirocr.Mr. -Mr. L. D. Moniswm nf .Titu ata: -tcr, arnvol } rrtudsr! britytnj r GOODS< I I I"::1:0E\: : :mil I'MNT I olIS. :MuKINJ [ STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS

S. u cxi i,cctcd home iu\ few Morris, of this county, anived fn.iti: t j tic.) jia-un<";;nIJ., ;.S, ( 'urr) and! Mr. I : : ; :, I ( m.l CHKNVINt! ; '1'UC.II't11l'Fl'nul : I ,

Alabama where !L ( "...en'.uinlrr! and I K-ft 11TS., J TiilNC 1\ CUSAliS; l nl, viriiui <|'iulilic.
on Sunday .last t. +: ; tunt day I
\tccks. '. .]::0 rr- l'\ 1'I I brand I'll'l):" an.l Tol\X! 1H: >\ BOOTS AND I
1' hat h,rn for several yvars.Col. I wih a 1 Iduf! t-.nintrv: pn>dift.-c for I I lit'Sli.'liY I MI'I!'>. I II j: KS: :, awl aNo iiuuiv: other article SHOES I ,t!

r Iuat An Ann.We I lice Wist.Mii i i A.NCY i;< iiK) NOTIONS, i
W. G. l\ni* HARDWARE,
jmd.Jjtdy.Messrs I Sallie tiatoand+ I'mm.i:
to learn that )Ir. A. \i 1
are pained this John Jackon, C. L. Friolielo; i i Mitchell iu-r.imjiaiiic-fl: )Ii:1.11! Hardware, Tin, Glassware, : HATS, READY MADE CLOTHING OF THE LATEST STYLE
Urockway, of place, while. i CROCI? ERY
,, P. I
& Huhhard'b 1 II. 1'. Lt\"c'rin; and Cij't. Tiii,ttrcr :; nnd I Clarke tv> T;.ml'\: Tliur-duy.: : a SADDLERY FARM TOOLS. : '
; working in Kennedy I t
I \,it. (in' GROCERIES
left boat for the Noilh.An l PROVISIONS.
Cedar.MiU iirSumlcr County, had his on Tue.Ml.iys. : i --- I Ami') :.1 full I.ino ..' TINWARECtttlet',
- I
.. arm to mangled tho machinery one Apju-al fur tin! ('hu ,'h. Brail"I-;i Touti Itcntr| +, Uroci'i'ics; ( and Provisions. t tf. ACK.NT.S: FOR

: day last week as to require immediate ilil. Kinioi: ;: I''ca": iillow tar thrrnsFh I The flr-t an-1 .l.\i.!lodiy tin moMimptosixe i :, & .
I \Vi I\n:!! i k Lira kllf11
Ir. is tour 4uliinii' to lato"' ti: :';'i"l1; I.. llu- iti-sn that I occurs. (In IIIl'I'- '!ji :i 1r1l.III.liu;: 15Nket :11I.1 Tal.I IIh'4 UIi.1! CHARTER I OAKSTOVES r
1 Hrockway a :1" ; :11111 1'0'I
tioD. t..i-i 1..1..i: ii
: ri a .n :: ; .
'amlJu !I lI'i'wl. -.f tar: d'Hrdl in Ivli.ill ( t \rf that Turk liarrr: :111.:1."ilL"O" t1e. I t .
rIle '
mo-uiluo:: are cuiryingn ; .' f. ihoI
| .p. :1,11'\ ilu- 1I1II'' l'riix < r
LaLhs and j! : | ;:
indti-'trious !
mclltet1l .1' II"
of j1U1 'rts'lt : fnlllf! :
young lUAU deal uf i!t ..ill-II.. tau.i.', The old. '::.1:1 uutt hih, hand: in ISnridui; Town. (.tr- I !I'r.-run-! <:il'"tlic I I..1fllll I' ;in'Mmki'i' !I.I n. ; A VARIETY; OF FANCY; GOODS
., ]his muforUinc elicits a good ink tho i t'. ueek! huvo "rnW'l i r.iirr.vrn.j: : : / i i
11M,1 ill the Mi-liio-ii-i I UnirJi ia \. r\ R.II.J \ ihey STOCK; Ml "j"II.1' ui lu>- Ire .tl!! ;u tier e
yaul.atb for himself, andthu familyiu! .wdt-I' and hih, the 1I1I"kiu h' tl b, !Mull": .li. l.mVl.-r I.H'1 ,
t 1 ) tart ( erntraunt every u>u on !I I\--1.7"; : 1 mi -::1'1 ii' ii 4101,1.1- \.i 1'KU'l.S, fur. i
,fit lr.n Ut-ii uiuier many ol ijsaU' a-t t-j ifn- .\: Ira-: ,-iMhoi':\ -having! beta al. i id: i .uI.1 I -i Ldi..II..II'h"l.I : : '
, ... kind li.-nrtitj !;uly who .ioll..1 i it.: :,i\\\ \ tii. lt'l! I 'lo I i CASH{ or ApprcyeaCsaatry E rrcte' r' v --- + ; -
.st'1I1.ruYOI' t.otspv-alv .X- I
; \ I'ttt.'tl.tcritlcntair. organ has wvll 'I.'a..nu.r l ju I jurt., it i i. ; 'rit:1H'l. \\Nsvr Sa-ssr Mill. I ( i"I: l+ Uh' ItWll.wl 1 at llioCa l.tI\\.t AlSL'iAH.MILLS.1. I I 1
aunt mil and l "j 11.u \ a r;,'N, .ulI I i .li lru'.. Tin--'. i; i ir.iiniiKiiini I s.a.
G. I. 1*. Dzialyn,!li.; of Ft. I I:rvr oito. Tlic: )h"iA.' 1'rott.-taut c''IhlI .!'- :i! .\ fete days .5not 11 1 r. Jim Tumi I i \ \',I.ill' 1.1.1 I t in IIt ll-trj'.Jtiil! -t iro.lli t = ,
0 and j Wily L iu!(f..t..J] iu. thin, a* all uur!.hip( HIll bride, arrival from Wc-t. II I .', i AND
la I', I 'il I .1 l the
'[cnJe. was iu town "t Friday, ; Kiy j r I Mi'li 1 i:;' \: "ear r :II .11I'1l11I.! i titoiiiirnii |iiit :iiipiu r- t,N
: \ttli] n in Lannvn and l unity, xlheref: ttill : Those who! ku that lulm: i.UJH'd .alt arc ittv lUil t.. rail :m..lIuiu"] l.in
; < J .' i at 1 MilHEW !
him learn that Mr. Henrypampier c'xUa vway j .r: 1 -n ii i t : I
from we t. at JiU rte tu I tii.! ifj cal all! -I..d I K t.. ; .d.\\I..n.1 i +
loic purtha :
; tllu"1 Citv"u1' -iuu C wri
!livingI'J niik-s from: Ft.; .\" A.K 'i nt f.r !ln rn.K- \I', 1-land) : ,. nue .If it> MILL ', Mmfc KETTLES.
o llounf 1 IjUtUtni ,*>: IViIiSavitnnah, U.t; ,, I I! sv.ceiest ilowcr. Jilr.( 'J rez.l'tllC', 1 int i- I XUiII'I' finftnurinrj ,
Ictwlc. was kille.1 last Moiutay tw oyeelu II'wl'-.c i. .ii\t.r! iu the church, rvmlv' ] !lcat 'H'tl.c iri'tutn. F'.MX cf'lttntuvt.. t II"ilir: ; Kit: with (;flod... .t
I one IJlIIliclI't: .
| i i\. :atluili. -- !
J-M. \\t.mil: \.l.l r iTi-iiU't
the falling of a tree. Itfccnu furll-b11"f': M.I-.H .\; J ll.nulin'SVi i May _L' continue to bo uJ.l l Ill,' | : ILMJDWAI'K I r ) I AXD TLXWAPiE: +
by : I : J, f.rwliuli ;
ago ; may: r. Tin ai-1 'Cwit"
., .. : i i.r.-
I I>'KN iUJS, wli '! i M a rates all! t.i.ivniiiciiil :- ( \ Cl. .I raZZl II ff' ,
: vaia the! jswcot Mnr wise !IH bksvcil' l thrlni1- : the 1.l.lIrir.t ,lie aiL: brp.tid.'i .
;, Uist Mr. ) \ \ I I In lramcvt, for {wr,(nl. Tbi-. i itaew i- y I : t i' [ ti
tree II'tI.timhH l.y ffIrtf a ::\I\ >aJ hx'oii.it from lortv.tmtrtx'iuUou ; out jho jif-w lifo inio which -a 10 lia -V.M: I. I.. JoNT--. i Cutlery Woodenware Glass & Earthenware.tationery

,,s.' yood felling a t erJl! purr anti l Io.iit.i to tjiui 1 nitrjtj1.; It !!tteina to inn that c"nJMkly /; .:, n. LIY.ich: ., ___ .i iI r .

: mid just a* the tree was about to f:1.1I. L.ut.li my roiiuuivions .n the -:.1!,*. ; in this: part of tin; tread h.i.- : to V/lscm it May Concern.rniN !I t 'Cook and Heating Stoves -

i* Kc noticed unc of his fm:1l1.!1 children: The IU'II.\:''' [foc ].:iid to tii).'r ref th. .iu-t 'I'n m.urieil or.ii. ju+t going: t Il1Iarri.J. t i ,
Her. He f.UItn; lad'u; <>f the choir, MLv* liniloIxlcyf bti and It > of : i 1'\\< .\rn.u: U.1'I'IAltaCtrl'C : : : I I PRICES MARKED DOWN ItJ l rW the tlmtf. Odl for
; t tlt ( <
in danger from the falling { present tnlc tinII.ui .r/.oH
,, JL IK- 111:111.! ;
F Mi" Tillie 'Id Kny or Mr+. U. I It.Timriu : C I. :i1'I'i| | ali..1.ill t.r J
;' nuj toward: the child and told .il1o j<. or to nn',+'if .!!invlly. \u.1 l 1 willmatiulMii \ thinggoes on f.r"Iiltl" whslo l
'' '.run.".. and although tbo child was ; i'uriJicr; pralettuatiua, I will kttjisn +;! ;; iVither\tha old maids ta-r thouilowers I'1 t'tt'ri.b!: fur flee par iun ii' Tliri'i" -n I 15.I :. And[ Shoe Maker>, e _"hN,1.. 1'11t lr;:llr.d ,.trulrf l;""e J"i.lj'or <'u""tl'yl'vl'c." .
atxuraki>siiit ol"the amuuuu conril: I \ ueetiJuve fear of livaU. i- I r'"+t!.t 0'Ut' uln "n< M nttitii-d! in lilt .-ti'iOlni I .
saved, the falling try tlrsuk: .Ir.1)Aml'ier 111\'o l. an.l if tho oijrau lioes L lt give I'I'l'f'd 1' \ any I {. nlLsrv for life nt ,11r.dl' Trrm 1-TS, : RI.inY I: 1I..tili-. tin-i>ullio tint; hohn* 'rhc. I.uli.', 1th l'larinl "a.1 :nlr; air t'arnivt. in.ito,1 t..111.. !xuuin: and
1..1'1 ; lHH--! ugh : In d a"110i: : >HOl in tho pest" our ttN.l. _
Itlr1MIdi'l1'iIl of it iutirniii! t'utut > oininty
t 1 on.tho *brad, lavjng open Li* uc. .!. oon T rvluni Tuo.1'C.1Un''H'('f'TN'Iat ; to I I Mr.[ I I';;:1. ..,. Curry of'.Manatee 1: .lUW- i! {.r iii-ir-L'r.:: 1.tIS.11JJttS1! :! I... ,: I.him buildirrandi U ]prepared] l t. .1.,11 l lr < 11'1. rue, n'"* iII. ,V..J"lr. lar'T :,..t.lili.tOP'lf' -ock, :11,1 U'.n :' ri I i !r i i. let. t te.loft ..'

4 i ,1-ul1.{ 1'.a.u.I..Jltiy J Yh.'itt. 0 1't"-tt1t. ing bought )1 aj. Tnuicr'5 htouk u'i.! .1-ilv H', '?'.>. nark ill! hit hue, \\illi oral: t.un .ilUiMtih. j h.ur. l :i f'lli i('i-lr.! -
ti .

.c, < a -., -


/ T'y... i"er r /-11 ,.' '.. 7

1,# -,"_._ .'_.I ":. .' ;. '. 'r- ". ) sr _....J.r4.-w., .. ..., ...T. tIII'.r.. ,.\ ;I, _. .,- ., (> ., =. : .,j rMlt.G'1'1'' :. _.. .,. S.i.t -,'
r -L iri2 X' ?
: .t
'. 'f r'"III w. -. .Jt.J o >r x t<
.. .If' ,. .. .lr r. :-a--1.tt ns''M't: .+; ?.p .I'' .'f'. ? ,yyir_
; r a ..:I't'i',,-,. ., :1 -..-.o '" -. rr"'t'. '.;.' .-." ..'-I. ,;... .. 7.I.i'..'co .., .., .!:__ ',.,...t..;..., .
: -
I. -rt8 :: '
.-.,." i "tH"nJj I' 1/I".1. ., ...".. sVP.'.."..,-..*. y...' ... ,_,.I.- t. 'r 1'-J2.-__, ,_._.. : ._ .,.:.-- "
:: -

-" -.-.. .- .- ,-,_ "-- -_. ..,. ,. .,. ., ,. .---T-O- .- ., .., _. -----, .- -- --- V
-V. -c ',' .. .
'J, "" ,* : VW" ', ''' '1 1'='
Vj.j4" \. : Js. ." P'. I'''. 'fJ'" '' S. ". : :
,_, '
_. : 'r".jii''p. :- : "
,_ "
-V : -. ". V
;. V. .
'" \
.fff, .'
f .
,', :f. ; ., V
-V > .
- .. ,, V .
: -
't ._ _. .
ff: V
._ "t'. .
.' ". oi' .
.1__ 1J tr _- ___ L. _..- _-.-_. ---. ___ _. _._-- ---_-_,._. -_ _-- .__-__ ._ _--_._ --_-----_, -_.-- ---__ ._- ._'__ _. -----V_ -. -- .:._ ..:
--V --- ------ -- ----- -- -- - --- -- -- ------ -

,\.... J. .'";_' --. ;l-Wr8chola-hln. . d MASON & ItUSIXESVijI1ItDS.. .J1rsLvIti.4c4RPN. .J :'
<.' '>' J 4 .r','" "". .. .. FJoritjaCentralRaUro : J.I1.. IIJIN. ;

'.: J ",. !,., 'ft".:I,... 'Son._.. !:.,rCB' # 1..rr ;tcr1Q.. J ('KS \'I"I.F. FL\, June &th,1679 NOT LOWKST) I'KICKl: :1879 !1. 1879 .H mr Brum c k ;

Ir 44.. ',i J\1nc. 30.1879.t and after thi-; tide lrain< I I OOnKSTAXl IKAKEST.: FBBjilS1
",; .!, .:t:'Altauliou-u. j {:7 called to. the- three.ioukiss .OJT:::, ',I willi-un AI f\.1I0'4| : on thj** BUT [ ; :$l' l'mC1-). 'w:. ft ; ] ] A g nt. IS.).J. V .f. .

f i \7 m..4. the University of MAIL.,N U ll'HIlbit ly.) HE:1' .\SH UIKAl'EKT. .. V .. ,

t ; \, : j,1eJ"iIlbC"Uowcd! VIviI1 Jt'8f c Jacksonville-.. ........;... 5 00>( pmxiavcAVhitc Now Styles STAPLE PRY GOODS ;l ;; : : "
.o i Ion.---...:.......!......, 045 pni ''L4 j ::' ,
Jll: V, ;"iiate by,the Trustees'nTllto, FtabodyEdpvntional 4a\e H.1IJ".... .........,..._ G',10: pin NE\V PRICES.i _

.tl \ Fun1d :for; tho ensuing A'A\'C 1)arbviIIe...... ......... G !jeaeaiidvrn Illn I i < Shoes. >
V i EhgantKinU &CHlLDREN{ SHATS&
!:'. '.:J..two. year*. Tn e' .f. fchojatjhips are.provideii _....._.:........ 7j>7pnirave > Stops*H.d Walnut LOOKOUT LOOKOUT : LADIE& And Shoe Maker

> Olnrtw...'_.... ...'.;.:.. Ins "
i jnrtfej' n\\e..pL Qt Nor.SChOO : 11m Ca of { '
; new.tl\.il-11, Ware.
*, } Tin and h. 1
Crockery I
:V t :'of 'the I jeave Ml.CJTI ie..............- S 33 p niIrriveat only..._. ... O HEIUUY iwttifrw the public :
onjer" Jn
high .
Jmal ?
; x.
? band awortiucpt f.
( Lake City.. ........ 900) pni MI
? 39p-t.h} ; Icep for colored' teachers, IneI4veOak.: .:............... 1 Q) a m Ten -1l'1".a SttI'cclij V THE FIR MOF V Hardware CnUery Willow. ifootoe cvllent Iwithw aJ is preparedto . $. ;M tt fact tbat'fejr of 'th? State in Lrrire'at Tallahauwec... 7 IHi a m in New Style and neat wetk at fair pace*.. V V ,.

T. i\M( d 1'orAec u tri ,nro.iu? n *Arrive at :\Ihany....::... 11 00 am. (llluiiiinatcd Can.--, FURNITURE & COOK STOVJJS JackwnV Corner_ T.ml"FI ,_,'_,, i;

iLioiito.8t&bJ h' one nt preientxyriihm J'rrive at Savamuli: .........-. 82U a In 1Tuuh.: I ..........u'.. -"> V V .0.-- V A .
I r ............ C.I,I. P.DZIALYNSKI T. J{ .J- J
their borders.. They gre granted J Leave Savnnnah.-, 4 10 p ni "..,jJl... MITCHELL&Co. BRIDLES BITTS SPURS, &c Spencer,
;tt .
4 V ] nIL IIY......a. 330 I'nl I DtLLlCL IED ;'
1. the following conditions: Ap I Ten Iul'-I Su llccds >IlrrwrTop Co '
upon ; ave 1'a1lalItte.V.........- 5 110 pm -
{. .'.licanU mutt' hare the unqualified 1 Leavel.ireOtk..........-.- 1 50 am with Sold IronzcOrnaniiUtationouly.lUOOVER I ) hEAVY AND LIGhTGROCER AUCTIONEE :

: ; ecommlefldaiion of the SttfoV Super- i Leave Lake City.,...,..".........._ :tUTani: IPO.OOO MADE and SOLD FORT MEADE FLORIDA. T.UIP.F.I. '. V.
intondaqt of Public Instruction jtass.ijith : Leave 31 t Carrie......"..:...'..- :\ oS a in V I 1ES :
:1 tlu"ttv...................._. 4"/a iu AvixXKKS OF HKillKST! : HONORS AT Will give special attention to all butac -. .
V ft : tn examiner'appointed by him Leave Sanderson....."..........- 50*> amLeave ALL. WOKLD'S KXIII1HTIONS: I I I HUt t !Intlikline.Retiirni.n Jay of ak. "
1* -1twc iu'e ft S0**! esMmuaijoa Ihirhyyille.-1 ...*..::;::... ">:V) am TXVKLVJ: YJ-LVIW 1 '.\:'. HAS. V VKt'cp .
'! 'r i graduate ef A first-class lushjschool Leave: liahluin....:.?.- G Oaiu : I'AllIS.: 1S7'iixxt.: 1S74 DISSOLVED FLOU It. C01JN, OUITS, MEAL, '

: l>e accepted by the Chancellor Leave White IIou "...'l. G4"am -!i iJ SAXTKK O. IS" I 1MI1L. 1'A. l:7f, KICl], ( '.\:rs BACON, POKK.SALT. Lovengreen&rMadsen-j

jjf the.: "Vuhetsity and promise to rrive at Jacksonville.: ............"7:30 2 m ''I '.\\$. 1 'SWKDKX.; 1.N7SICndoixd V COFFKE. SUGAR SYR.IT a coni. |> ele Sl.xk w V \

teach! at* 1 least two years, if they On Mail and Kspre-i Trail}, SKvping I hy Franz LNzt.! Theodore! AND A JH E.\I, 1JKANS. '.\ 'n, .
unit from Jac'ionilleid Thorn, Olc'lmll, (!ott!dlllk11'11..1 ;
( am run through to ')11. V
1i opportunity. l'cra$ maybe .
) a Savannah ; al">,' Luca<< Sleeping Curs I W arrvnJ Jl.rJ\n and over One ThouWideminent FERRIS' CELEBRATED HAMS. : Ml .\. on lian& '
.cither:male or female, not under MX- I'1 through taaivl froiu Jaiviou\iltuand mi:.iti.in" i>f Europe and Anu-rU }Fumitur muJe'to ol'l'r.Lto .1..InJ. V

4. :teen ycari of nor over thirty. 1aIlaIiacc.I The ti'.liiUDiiy to the inmien-o Miiieriority .f I'icture }Fraur at rc:< >alle pMeft. a.JOEPIL
age New (
I : .Two htndreu| dollaic a year.will benllovved r."EISADlS.JXI'm.I .:,. (Daily.) 1 of thoe in-tiiumnts' u\"C.i all others Copartnership Formed I !>]: .LY/I I SALTKD 1 MK.ITS.Cttiiuetl ,
i i. emphatic. o\crwhclniinjf and! pl' JS \A.CS.
to to the
t each'pupil
coyer Tave J k.n'i1I1115 am I
_. Indlt'lmtn"lc. .
CKBtbf idrue! and'other :incidental Arrive! at llihlvin I *......_ l'J.0: p m I Prli&c Pr( ofalltimlf.>,

:: t e5penj ;i* no tution\ bwug charg- Arrive, at lYrnjndiua ...* .. :3:30 pmI RhNTED UNTIL PAID FOR. AND WILL IN: A FE\VWEEKSVbFFElt: : TO THE: PUBLIC TOBACCO & S E GAR S.n.1 BARBER. r.

** lYrnnniVma....... 1040amLeave
'o'I pave > TAMPA }.\.
.\ ,, ,
r. .0' lialdmin....:............ 1 20 S Fu.rut't'ri, of every variety
prnA Thc'e tirpms now offen-d l'UI'l.h\.rll 'h311.1
1IO il tUtion bcgios the scholasf. are lie kieps on a large rtoek "of (! ,'"lSulMtanlittl SbawiKNiing, Hair uing
'* ,rrive at Jacksonville......v- -3; pm by monthly t.illnu'iiti! t.f from $:. tll \. :GODS CHEAPER 811."ISO
: f. on* iUT first Wednesday in to suit the omntry trade i iami I in the nealec atrltf. Shop ira .
V l' for J.'mlIlIlina'and (k-dar or will l I' n'lIh..Ilntil the rent paforthem.
I engcr / utter* them d.t'all\'r than ever uflcretl : the MiU-hrll Building.C. .
etqfr'if4 in order that the successful Key take tliii train. No train from flab! Frmn'n.' .' lo three jear* time; givtn Ilt'f"h'. -

IV Mtftftc t 'OuftdMi State may, win to (Altar Kev on Suii'Livc._ for pn\: m.ntSpeeial 1:113\- raniili.-H, Hotel- and Sat ll' stilt1.1iitI I E. PARCELL.
i b rijifti in. ; vAt ''tahlwin itU! .\, (!L & KediNtiiin: gi>en h, llmnlui", THAN EVER BEFORE OFFERED. the lt r"IJ. \, .

1 Fes ou. apylicatiotv "liquid be made ,r,. I, T. H. 1L f.* CeUat Kvy. C.ancsville : S.'III..l. nud I\v-tvir. Af 'M; antetl \'H'r"- -.- --. .'-- -,- -- Architect and!
; .II"'mamliI13.l nd all Xnrth aiulfeKt j \ '. .nt trial to ;ofI Contractor
liefore t pi.iints I \% fltt Orpaii": on any han
the 13Ys rcf Pfhc'l'nmiDLqouf.iJI
: 1t6 i4lier.V \\ ; at I ikeCity for Tullnha.of.'t.I"m! ', I the Smth. \\'t'I'IIfrd611t l I'uth. ways if I II. KRAUSE
; be cornjxititiyc :and Savannah, and all jminu Xorth and! We.t ; not isiti'f.utory.j I! NEW BUSINESS l'r.ND SPECIFiaVTIONS. -

I nreferptic i igiye4 to th *e who 'expect al 1 -H.n\ilc! with St.J.>lin* Ki\ei Suamer ( (' Furnished BuildingsBOTH
[ I'lwr Franklin A. 21sKk Stnvt]
to'nQike teaching a I'r fflsinn. Ginllidales *. J.S.ilcKLUoV: j Southern Wholesale Depot i "

c ould :11'P:1t) this 4)q>artSuperintendent 1 Ma-tcr Tran. -1'IJrI3tion. I / LOW PRICES. PUBLIC & PRIVATE ,
--f TAMPA FLA. ,
Co w. ) DAY1DSOX, I For the more com cult'nt supply ,
V iieut.:,. Ctncral: nnJ Tic.dj.nt. INtir-iates: : FurnMu-d nhcn It) i int)
I" ,u'.h' .'. I : Freight ; Southern) trade a Southern hoK.ie! I Ile->
V- n. 1AISI.l.. - '1.)1 Iii I.u ii-il'Ii-liiil! Savannah, (5a.. Good Trcmtment to nil. liKALKIt: IX ALL KIXDS ().', }erintciulinp! tie (.uruotnlctiunot uitJ. .
V / .
t Public. Instructiuu. Atlantic &; Gulf Uailroad.i1.x.tAI. from! .nhi.li .I.1) 'af". Chnrehe. *,**T.aih.rs. iJ:1u SPECIALTY. V _
; V nut! He ntail tr3tie caa i-e Hupniuni ut .N.Y. -
V The Florida JJUIjj CaiiI.V ( t'l'tIIISTtXI.t: 'S ()EnIq .. utl.llt.ii.ioii factory .-, lor I IIIu,lri-: We ti4nk| the Tuhlie for p.V4 liberal patronage and u"k a (eotitiuuaiuv the New Firm. HARDWARB31RS. Hl'lTUUUl \\rj br dt1f
'V V r i "- r I .tt&fUV .'%*. (it.U' u.UJ.1L-'un. } Cjtalopiiois', }>ri.x lii>t> and full infoimatioti. -- .
\ !
hIlt1r3&2eps4t'dinu1ug4lle I -'n-utr.ah.\rrit ISHi) l'T'.t.J!' :i L :12 it .
::1 : STIIKL: : :.\11.nn' CHAN. .
pea! across the Isthmus of 1auiuna. N and aJU-r :ln.I:1l'ril.! 1 : 'I"I. I I'.i- '
the Florida Ship Canul} has uot been *? '&'.r.irTrair.-, tl.iIJ.'ad \.ill run llolSKAKI'KXT1K! : ; : : 'foot.-. CAU.KIAClvMAKKK'S Harness Maker, Upholsterer :

: entirely.. .! forgotten. The great number )\ t NKirrixni! : :>:. J Savannah.Ga/ I TLA. V : SITMJ1X. TAMl'A, H.A.C.in .
t. U f.iin.I at tUc eorner of Miller ,&
}f jvrecks constantly) occuring on the lI1nlh ...... .. Manufacturer's "Wholesale Agents : I
1. ave ;\: : daily 1.1. -1:10 M : Stoves Tin Woodenware Hollowware HeiiderMin* Si.rc, toady to do all -
Fiaitd? ,coast has long directed the A rive at Jivtip daily at........0.::; r M WITL )T..I .i I..il z :'.T1JAJ I. : 1.iu.l"tti. iu UU liue. Kejuirinx: of

ottciUiofi frf JV6 :aud those A rh'l.! lit Tlioiita. \iIK? JaI:. at...i>:>.>.\..MS ,!r(.)hll : f.: Taylor, CnnLervware, Tall) anti 1'oikft CutWrv r I III'I ..liIks. ..,.. n,1\'I"I't1 to pfliiiiptY.! 41I
; ) gownmcat .\ It ILiinbridge.Iaik at,..,,..t b.t. .:i : ..
: \
.t\.l' -nE1)1IJNTIN: : (: Inns; 1'1-tnl-i; .Ammunition and }.('k-. .\ I lie k.fl on hand, u :" t.K'k of leather
interested in commerce, to the feati- .\ rivent AH'any da'vlvnt ........l'fr! t.M t ;7/V dllli'III'I.I .f- 'S.i.l.llvH, Hridlo, r;ucx.T Hanie tiV hmil.0(cutting a canal across the -.\ nyc at Lhe Oak daily rt.h:>o .\. M DEALERS IN HARDWARE TINWARE I l I'Iirnll.irdllJl"" (;iirlli* 'Viv
A Uv\3t Tllha\-"t'! daflv nt-.7::;n .\. M Louderbach Gilbert Co. .
Farm of all .
Implements kinds
peninsula of Florida. The coufui ma- A rive at .lac ki-omillo d.lily .\I_....":' "< A.M :' : -
1./ (.111 A It ": T."
of the State and its rivers 1. i\eTaIlaha-MH< djilr at.J;. lion numerous M'lioi.i: yu: smith, I n" Traeil'iiij, : .. HJIII.K. As1-, ------- ,-- -= _
1. ire Jackxnuilte tnih'1.:1: 1'. M i .. .
and lakes favor such a project. It 1. {jve[ Live ()tk 1 :t1t.ltlj) .' pv i -:1':1.1.: ):.11.\. I C1tll: er)' .0

lias attracted J tlif! attention of cnp taJ. IV 5V.. Alhany dailv! ?(,.......,w..Cit:: ; ) IV: HARDWARE: DEALERS : 8"-1"0 YES Ropes Paints & Oil In the Cin-tiit (".nirt, >:i\th Ju IV ;1to' flziiiihri.lgt. daily :t!......:\; I l-5 !' M I in ami! !I.r I Ilill-l.ori'tiii County HoiulaSiHan .
it!, and isu\ a fijr way to iiud an IV ave Thoua-\'die d.tily! r.t.':o.i r. M ,

V ca. eoution.Mr. ) L n\e Je*np daily at.. _....-V; \F i .\. )i j j MiIIatTic, }l
y VV DRY GOODS ; \*. f Itill f'r Iii i\t'''',
i :: (:I1 IHEt: o.1'ltJ-r.:
.t me at :\':tin.ih daily at. :-'tI) A. M i Skimmers V
and Coolers ,
II. O tenbcr-r.: of X cY 01 k. 'o.hani! ;*' of cam U 1\'l"11( --a\llIIl.Ih :IU.II! j VvYORK- Sugar Dippers, 11\'i.1 MtiIatfe, )_

aud Mr. IJarois of Europe, are now \ ksonvitio! and xnann.i'i' and! .tIhtiv.< j ic |1.ttt.t, :Sinn*, I Lit i 4 ('.ii 1', l-'anvy
Jacksonville, the Union,of the Vj..1t.eing car> run tlirougli tn and troiu '(. .\. L.H.Kf-, 4, I It. III I I IIH.U I A GlIXKKAL; : : { .\ Olrnu\\ \\::. KKTTLIIS, HlTKirrs( :: &c. i'I l"lulft'lta.111, .\,. \ni h.iu l ami vt\ivii: j; I II '. .. tin ttvfrttI.tn.t resides without tht&l, { V
V fays t 'IInllatr.11.1 Al'.uny, :; trili ''l'ln .wGroceries' that! i'nlinary j-nKx* caniuit lie \' \'!
XOth to make jirelimiuary examination '.uJK-ujjerH (rum Sa\ann.ih ('',)\'rn"1nti11 ; :Rogers & Mitchell, I *q..iL:| liim.lilt within 111,' I'mtcil State. V

of the peninsulaiith) a view to : (,;ijine,; .\i1t! .t( tdar -\\'b t.ikclhij! II the uiotion.if iKUnilanlll.ui1 the-
'I 'n'rl for .irieu: take thi* trim..VV4.r4r !. | 1- \ < | -
cuter at once the project if t it $ (tom avanu.ib for llrui" .k I; )Il.itU-j!! Iln l n.jH'ir| plo.ul: an w.-r-
upon I ilure uthv /ji-ocei-s OKDKIN) : FROM TOWN AND ('OUX'fI Y IMJOMITLV{ 1'I LLl.). Whi.h I ..ir.'r at Imiiiiin, privvs.* (':1.1.! .loiniir In the hill liUtl ttt-rvin on ihp I
hhall be found feasible ta I' > train arri\inj at C-fKl \)1 ivS.'IVWTH I lt
the 1'rii.liiiv of tlkv Irt.Itr4BlackSmithing
V Mr. IlaroiU w nn able civil cngJucer lr i i\e':\ at Savannah!leave I'ma-vukat':::'. A.). J :Ht) r. >r, ; AXI> RICJIVIIW: : : : : or V )1 CJ)(): ()v'r.. .I I & }BAL LAXT V ]l lr.s..o1LiNIsrrs 1.- or I i I M..n.t. :11 "jfi:% .cooftivHil.That\I;ii>'t Ih'xt..r. the xinie .iU V I II.

V and entirely.competent to form a $'a.inger4 h\I\'illj )11\.u :it:1, : .\. r. I I I'r.,i.l..J.! nopy ofTliii iw>tice.tl .
% (.I lik except Sunday! ) ('ullnld at .". Ipfitl : 1 'O.UN" I ):I..J I.1 ,1131'I, lbl.. in the SfSi\M TKI .
V correct opinion concerning the enterprise. thU tra'w for Florida l'asitigt.rs Western Produce. I I nra "''I'i'r pul.li.ilml !in the to ivucv \

lie will-leave at ouce to exuminc Floriila) l 1thi.* train mimed at' Jetriih of T'lMtiio 3 t.tk fur thrcv o>n eculi .
GULF u. 1 u.: DEPOT.R. :
,, 1, the ,rain arming in Mai-on at 0:2i: i 1. L. ".the date .f.Vilnr
the di (lren.k routes suggested, I (,dailv t'x"'I.tIIIlIl '.) rJLOVK: A Sl'l::Cl.U.1.r. IU cuiinet'lion. \>itlt thi I aci ,.r\'I..U\'l1| l to I : \ ha-jtl\, amid Mat <>fKiiil .
and l\t rjxxrt vill!l be looked for' with o iii.ingc of: rais l>ct".'(11 Moiitgoiiiery .VV \.NN.II, G ,A. do all kind* ,.f liLACKSMITUlXC.W1IKKL ;. [I.:.] I Cir.iiit (''suit. thi:11,.
: -
V great iutervst.:" Governor ':Drew- ('iillniJin Jackf.omllk.! 1'.131'.1.l'illj* ear run thro 81 Poydras t. New Orleans MANUFACTURE OF SUGAR MILLS PANS A SPECIALTY. I INt(;, .Sc., with di-|.tr.h and on na-K-ni- A true .I.,\'..11Itil..A. I>. 11-.. I

hcfC.sith: them nUll he takes a practi- anI r l frovi vMinyah and! .JII'I..milll-; Tampa April I iO, *;$.--tf.AJ.MILLER&CQ 11.1" term. \I\\ \V.CM A | \\
val view of the matter as he does of thrtniirh.,, and J\.k"\'IIh-rieipers It.t tncinMi. >n!<;oimrTl --- -. -,- Ii, I Ol'U )tlJ.L.xn VANS (;r.\lL TEEI:!:!li ran .: I'liCHiiVlml gtxkt "ul'Ily..r Ilrru'IJ.: :11:1111.rb.. .TaeiLia._ V -, I'la., May.. 31, --$-aiiiiii
every other qoe u'ho. i people ofFlonidamyicstureJ titainctt at .\JI'tIlI ill pi: < cnger trali : '' ONE: viit.I : 1'li.:i-t. 'I i i7... time U ....ll.Mv 1'1 Cbaneciy.Cwirt. :
Imt ii wnvs on Soiilhuotorn lilroail!: 1 (to and :''il.7S.-1 V
that their fro n Macon Ktifanla. \1ontgtiierv. Moblio, i-M.S, 1.1. 10 a-.ul IS Iiu-Ii Iil1.. -"- -_.- ('irtuL r.ih; Ju.lid.ll1n'tlit! of Fl.rUUi .

otcrcsU are entirely fare in hi h\Ud. Xe v Orlenn-, t'tc. t l"tal.Ii.,11.J 1s.LVh} I in aiul, f."I JlilNUirruigti I'uuntv..
LUcia wtUfied that j-houlJ Mail! Mcanur li'3ViIi.iinl'riiljjc f<.\rAp U. :;o, 4O, :;(>, JO, SO ami UHV <.?attoii IK.ms > .. I .ru'illa! I II. Smith, ] V .
an examination
dachirdln fV.Ty Mnnday at 'J."> .
_convince the engineers of thefeasibility 'or Coluwl'm! \-\:'.r\, \\"e.lvd'vj *Z t :.IO<, .\. T ; :, 1,Viiur nude-iif the UF>T MATKKIAL:: aiv.table : 1 1 :_/ 03 J. III. Smith, \ _

of the undertaking, that thc M.I '.. Mruii);, and com.ni.-nt. A lu.lteear -- iL 5 ', TT BKIN4J: ; MAIiK: :_th.i VI
"V Cloo (vnnnetii nt Jatkn iuillo d.iilySi 4 \ .' .'xi,'lieiuv eiuM.IH I. .I''r, oi" put- <. z JL tliv lv.ulant i.11! \ Sof V
.w I I. rv- tAt
vapital isVrc.y. and that the canal f. : FURNITUREI \. 1 ixi>rci.Mi.vr: : > / H'I .ihuut
'a ( I it.iv txccpied) r (!rien (*>\'CI'rini. r srrKiuou : to.di : C' : : FlcrUt.. "v that )iritrv'. cnn Vl. j
m be constructed.U St Amti>ti>ini> I'.il.Atka, lint.: 'rprU.% and I I. aud Ht-e ii" or addnv I u* I l-y in.til. ttr *; _- L.' 5* .B ?:. i I l. P.ct'I.i.t nl..n| .hill!. lint wlihiu the 1btilk! l

3 Ian !HngR .!! :t Jo'in"river.! I &C_. .MANUFACTUlikliS OF > 95o Pn>vintv ioit-in the llaliama Iriand. .
*J ftill..n I!. and .\. K. K. leave j P V
V 'CliO Trees. : junotioii ,I I z i V. It lit therefore "r..I'n..l.! upon' motion .f I
I piin<; "(>> )1..n.I.1111..'-.l.iy and t (" the iVfontuut Jam I
Trees should he t'1:.QUx\ not only : Fri Jay at J 11:14: A. .M) and $for J'.runwi.kT '1 FII.C..1j! i ;: : :! I:1cn'itlTII\: : (; ., !I IRON AND BRASS CASTING, IRON FRONTS FOR STORES, .: KGH 'I I\.t.inaut.llut\ jilo.til, anwr,or demur II.
V V>y dwclliog-Uouscs mid along roads, .fav. 1 hnr.l:iv. :Satnn1.iv. and at 4.10 1; 1 1'. SAVANNAH .- GA. V O =uP : j I to the l>Uttu..l Itefein on the first Monday V V
M I. i BRACKETS, IRON RAILING, ETC., g.c : in iKvtiM-vr nit, or tUc 3Juic will l ctakcuas -
but they should be in every pasture Through Ti;,k.-ti' .ld and Sleeping! ( .11" I., '5- 1.1Fr..i"hl" I., 1'.1'11:". : 11.1 L f. 2 5 Z g t'tl .1

and by watering places* and uc.a.rcycry Ilorth mvured at Jinn Ti.Jv.s lUlae: Xj. I'i-it.; V -ANDARCHITECTURAL- : P Provided. II.at'I'Y f t',t. notice shalL .

1 l>ull nwiger lV' ".>. I" .__-' -.- --. ____ 13. n i: O I loe published in the, S'jJanncwi'pjjvr Tril..m.- -
: barn. wherever cattle, L i>( .t1tMMI.TISILVISIIN.(* TKA1XF.VSTFKN: : : ; i IRON A\rOKKS .. m --? .- .- .' {inlilioliid utlio) town ofoiuv Taml" '.
I ;'
; m
Coil sheep n'to to be provided fo"11\ I z.IJ. bj a v..tk fv< i>UL rt.iiiKttiti\e month
V t' .i : I t'tvin U> > dale hvixof.ttnoMx _
Fri <
V \ csc animals fulFor from our burning Hfl t5 1\'tI'JT1'. I 0 ? ; IIF AI.I. KINI : AN!sTYi-iy:. r&U ('IIt'J:l1n;.. srom I:>5 .\l'IIWELI.I\t: I r.- z 'lf2. .l I I, \\ handand V the Seal of Mid (' -

..n ; and, to. cay notljng nf! shaJetcec ) 1/caye :aaiuas. at._7.H." l.\.M I, 0./ '0.: =- ,, sr.xn: r V
A'rrixe ) 11I) t 0.
I..IIIIII..h.I: \ :.1 ft- : IsT'J.
$ will lie many tiiive paid back In .\rt\'\ at Je.tip...........,.._ll.oOA.M I ln : 1-J V tr!; : LIFSCOTyEB. : :: Sc CO. T& :_.." "-" .. .r \VM. C. llltOWX Merk. V
tho faying of' inillcJat! ; i\cocc: : fllEtrstL4Tltkl1 .\rri.It, l'Jil.>iwais.....,..?'.tll> r.M ru. 7 r* < .- : ', > .=. H 1'UIIII'II'ril1 1Mb, IS;). G 6m..
rcaiilt .Arrive at Dujxint,............:.'' p. MIxaC 1 < .-ri t/i F i Solo Agent' for t the intio of I I UilUlioruiiih; I Her ifiiro aiul Polk, I -. L |

will by protec- I)llM>llt."lIHI: ).\. M rm "Z U1 : : : fT1 D : O r i Notice of Discharge V
V1. i
tizigdotnsctc animals from the heat Leave tIwk..lu.:1r..11I II *. 't #
r -c. < BENJAMiN & PARCELL .C' )IO1'lIfl'r date the V
vf the I"t'l' .111..1) I'.I o I /: 5 rS Hco SIX undemiBn-

sun. .I y\_....>.. \t...nl...it...,..-ll........V.trrivc ......"-*...1.."I f.*. "." I. L7'1- V. ." : -, >.-. _. -'VV \-I Ailiiiiiiiktr.iti.rof. ; "c tlio l-! atSavann'ts.r.M! i IvJ.TEIN I ': n TATE AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ; -o LA i U'UV.Jwhusuu. d..valateof!, HillitborJ:
L b 'u hout Ifrance gnnleing is : : P < : i- .I $ i ..-: '. ;t I onith t'.rtinjy, will l'l'I..nt hifinal account.
I .
in the andl.er41txy \ : : lYi-10X CJ.E U : : .sI-V _w t, j' I I| nnd Vom'her* to the Hon.Judge of 1'robalef
practically taught primary I ;/ ;
t-n'w.' '\'1'F'<'J"TU': ,/ b o. -C-; .; .a I U. S. Wind Engine and Pump Co's.Goods -m r of !11 I liIi.U: >r ngli l'ountyt Fla., and aak for iv I
V sclvxJ-. There arc at pns.Knt Lc.t-e n.nt It.............:....': I ii>A v '! < -: -cH -! I i tiVfl.tl di.M'harj-.
28jtOQ) cf t\liC srhool*, c&ch ofvUich Leaie\ Yafdoxta st............_%:1!: A ,M 1Ix'avv ;: < V :I. WM. 15. UI-\1.F.ldrn'r.! : V -V
1 ha' a garden attached to it, ( uitinaii at..........._!>:"" .\.)i J 5 .? i 1 r Toitii.n. JK.:lith) 7i.. Cm '
; Arrival 'Thomas ill.-at......'._11:1 I ti .\." .J :. /= ; !. IL i .J
"D.w.WR lifiO-cmrc of A,,matter caiiaihfcxkt I Leave Thoiuamilie at.........._lUi: 1'. M :' -CQ r"J :_.; -s Cujisistin otthe(1c 11)1* tea In Chancery. V

i fidctiBg; iv kooixTicdgB cf the f Leave C''ullilb at ..............._.Ij r.)1 1} :- : J. Circuit C .urtCth Jt.diu.il fireuit FlorUd.tfc
.w'i _. .. t . 'J
\rii\o All-anr at.......fv....;:flf r.M HALLIDAY WIND MILLS -- - I in and! f..r .1:111tl"4aunty.. _
princviJ of horticuH'Jrc, Such a '
.... V V
Ixa' e Allianv at .WM..w..A2rt A. M
.iI branch sovld' .be adoj, cd. In our Leave CamilLi at .....,........_.Ti-"iA.M: I C. H. OVERMAN & CO. Amanda V I... :trtk1and, )\ IUUor Divonv Av .
Arrive Thonu-.ville at.......ll.50 A.M a '" prater furUJlIO\I.r V
iebooL to-pccwJly 1 ou.r! country schools [x-nve Thomanvillc at..........l.COr.M( I. )1 A.ND V Manufacturer and Ikalcr iu Jaimi A. :trickland. j of infant child. V

lJt fboold .iu>t only kna.wha lxarc nitinan :........ ..i.....&3 '.Ml t. TT m'I\u: MAUB TO A1TKAR l.y V
or l are > nldo ta at..........:.;.-...-.HO: p.M Planed Lumber, JL atlida\it that th .1"r..n.hmtrt.'t'iJtII ithX
w.\ml'S i plant, but should have a Arrive at Ihii'ont..............CoOr.M FARINIPU1\'IPS. "tint the St.ue: ,1 VlwtUa, w that ..ntinanl'roc.J -
-_' \nQJllM o tWit dcmear onsti. j.t;. TNuxM.4arf.Tr.it.portd! II.- '! 'MOl'LDIXCSS. eannut l he ,served oa him.but within
\n'J U A 4 ; I1.ft1JI.\1 S : the Unitvd State*, to-Y it. in the State of VI
t I II I : \>II, tOOUS. ;

-. V ._ ._. reneral Snjierintendent."BUKNHAarS ". I LX. L Feed Mill Rubber 1 1I .I CL1XIK I l GLASS; !I I U..r.ia.Therefore 1J wi> motion of F. J. Seward.oniiilaiant'a.
,-Mr. in to ..Congressi Tanks t-CH 11.1.'ISO, (' % .
jei-scut : ; I II Soliutor, it is onlerol that 'c
nnti atcdji-eloof t the bill coutaiuappropriation -. : : : Ij -.V-i WINDOW AND DOOR FRAMES.;I till lVf,'nd. nt. JamA.. Strickland do ap. ,V
- I j I i iI i l var, |>l lad, an wvr, or demur to the hill ..1
tug for the fees of 0 II __ sruisTl'KXlXC I: tiled hen in on the fir t Monday In OetoUrnest V .

United States marshals, thus makingtlptfrftu WMMITEO BEST AND CHEAPEST. 4 Hose Water Pipes, Points, _. I I ;, LATHS! ,,or a dd.r I \-l'r -cut e.110 will be taken --
% I I a"ain t him ;
*rclo with AvhicU he has fur- .iWrnGs FpLti :JslUXtlLEsNEVVEL PruiulrdvA ac fr of thi onler hallt V- V

itUhcd the Country since the present .or1s- ('{u'ilJtimw, lAtHcnstcr I lle.id Ar lU-rk'witli, Agents Tampi I'l.i.Olhce 1 etc. te. POSTS' cfc BALUSTERS !I I W publi'hrd ui the stNijixu TRIJE"4

(',.. jV7 next' door Tltllif.NK I I Fuli-A Hl in each whom Ponsacola FloridA u.twI'Lbo4":J imhlUhotl in the town of Tampa
.ctra.ecnton Logan. It MXIII.S howcvcr 4 gonlsa t county to liberal INr.
that lie, l Uw ;.t length "cached the ('Jif'c3 S. IkaecrSI.Yuakl'a.Orange f, will l he gixcn. For 1'nl'C- Urm, iVc., sitnltanip 1 for (''In'I tri'. -0- i Witiu-sM mv haul and official seal Uilv8th V .V
and Kutfmntt
-- --- -- i Mm: SctilicatiotM "'UI'
cad O hi* etiand Congrtw,having Trees for Sale. I BESU: :''LIN & r.VHCKLL: Tunpa FIll.I nUliotl for Huililinjj-i.! J),'."I) GUt ..byIf Julr A. 1. 1S79."ILL. _
I W s1lburn&3nManCo. I )MITCHELL .'p
--- -------- - ----- - -- -- - --- -
done everything possible to keep the : [L. S J J udg 6Ui udicial It. Fla. V
: sL'nsniniior.r: ( wic 1i.t. WO t CtSTt'. MACS.V .
_1Ji .lI.- tvhecU of govcwfljpnt uuclcggetl without Tilt Url''fcletr Water IlarN-r a I SdXua(9.rf< ir t BETTELINI -July--101h.. 1379.-IS 3m.JTSTotice V V .j

sacrificing tltc inalienable ;rights quantity (>f thrifty, well-grown II.r.'t.:1t ..',
old oran1'". of tlm'uv ":lfit t<'. 1'ar- mm Smt t\Eg mrih.j i SASH FACTORY CO. ,. .
nod liberties of American I\sn O ruIt u'XT ( .
voters, tic aWit to plant Joiinn ()ran \ <:run'< i iI RESTAURANT .u ;'ILLw, .u ,\ :

iavc decided to make no further cffyri. will do ".tl to mike their wlec-ti'rn* from ': ': I, ('r.UVKKKYS: TLA. V- June :OtII. 19. V ::.
V thi Xur": a* I have taken e.iro tu. 7t VTOTICE IIEREUY: GIVEN THAT
ry urcry _
but to promptly adjouru. : j i for sale at Tampa their Goods consising .of J-\ the %(.
plant .mly ''xt-t neeiU from th thniie t 'i -\- Offer 1loimig.uaiitet Mttler hat fileuiiotuwf .
3; V' S <- VL Oranic4. It lak.w naiuorv tim.- and l.iln r !I .10"\1 A liTt.1.l..r,.ut r."p .HEM.q& .1,.::IV: ..tht.r fo t.-c.tj. ...u.wjul. .. the Plan. hi intuuvn: to make finA1l'f'Oj
L About fifty; lianda arc work to r*ii' choice Oranp-* than it.t.! .* to produec V 4..a.t&. .!". I.. l..I\oo. by 1... Glazed'feash Panel Doors! Kept on European in Hiipixirt of hi* claim, atyl ecureV11n i
04.Dr: UmwMnlT 10:0. L.t All Sizes
cbanipgthe Rrids of the north end fruit of an infiri-T tui.il'av.Ad'lrcM $ ; i$I k..i1.tl.a.U... ;IT liia n t\ tWO iLTNr noits n'nst..ntlt COMVI'i..;.: tntry tKrf r4 the cxpinaion.! fe the 14k4t ccxige: and Lake Eu tis : It. W.' 1t;OWX'. UHINu>U.n.AM. 1118> LAHT"N3 Ti.A.i# >lr' AD. ...1'UT; nt thVZI t-V. Window & Door Frames dan from the date of this notice '.5v. V < io
April 17th :Vtn. Ihimtlin I'. O. -dlac h'4., n.I. wt' 6".. 3.adV ,. John ( Uol.Ies it.>m.'levi \113 i tutUc : : '
Ir0a.4f ,ipL4p Qeorgo to IfortCutler -- m & c.4 fur LA.IIt.t..iJ )''''101.. 1 c.c. 'In 'iiiiiuiii! wit!. 1i4aiiiUit Fine rlllr.J. "wnith { of nouthea.n \ and lot( Jfo.tctixja23. V _' V. 1

k : ,.ncftrlr fcpjxfcite \OUE1:1.s eMOKPlJ Window Blinds "- toMia-liip "3 s, raiiM 18 1-: and;
Vf .4)flVas Uiii ne'pcco; 'of gradp is liLU; ( ( )!l .c. (\).. .\';mr".. nalU\t the tol lowing aa J hw witneweM,, vis:* V
$nWked the CTofo-tics" and iron will BLACKWELL.SIj PRESCRIFTI01i'FREE1 I" CisternsftonllQOOto'30 0 gallons. Liquor3, Brandies.Vines. Ji-i.h IwiM.ii of HilNhorgiigh' county, jlx*
and the ]locomotive audtooUruction : I1LtITOBACCO ANI!( CHJAI25.Ilcfirs and l). Iaae l'rartlC Hill.t>oroiigli county
\1J.441t on
; I or II.**m ilt tin rl frmln.il W.-.aii-*%. lllaiituMxl .
.. y
train. follow. 'Immediateof 'T<.... Any I'rulI\ h.'liIncr! ... : to (!en. I U. I;. Thomas; I>r. J. 1* VV
.. V : llt\'r
., ... lt'g ,
V "iriit .d.iriSir. U. J %<|( :% A .
Wall : .
'-' -. : lao; <1c' fttxlli Mrrtl. ( ..hu'AU. .. I Capt. J. K. Li1'-\\.rnb. T\ml.\JIII.10,9.. VV 4Y.

1 : V .
V ,
! ..
' '
V -
\ fi-

V _

...'.; ", ,..-y 1.J.tjz, .a- 1"......'.. "i.'I.i-"t V .
; ....- r.-p Ji# cwo r; ;

-- '.
: : 11"- -
V -. -V- -' raxfiSKjaag: V

The Sunland tribune
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 Material Information
Title: The Sunland tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: C.N. Hawkins
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: July 17, 1879
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Tampa Blue Print Co.
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: J.P. Wall, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 44 (Jan. 6, 1877).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Tampa tribune (Tampa, Fla. : 1885)

Full Text
'" ... .
.I_ ,-_. ., ,>,. ...., ,,,.. -.r ,. >. '" :,JA.f.: .:'". .' ....,
z .... ,. ." ) _, """" _' -';" l'1"' ."z>" """; ::._- -- -' ., -
,- --- :

.' -i I. ,, : _

T: ,

,\ ... ,. .... .. '
; ..... .. .. '
; .. .. .. .. .
-: .. .
'. :. i 'ft- _. '. : . .d' : -- - -- --- --- --"-- "';

..'.. ":.<<, '.:..... -.'"'; .. ...:-... :; ; )T ..: f". (" H h : r \ ..' ......

: ;, ';.1. <" ... ._ / ,).. .. -'. .
: .. :.' '.--' \ '... fl :: J

,'," >:f ,. '0

iIt'.. ,.r ... -, -
S ..
: "
'' -
<:' ,

..' : -... :

Icp .TRP1NE. .

_... J" __ -,. _.. ._ ._____-- -. .. .. _- __ _--. .. --.-- .- -- -" '4
-- --
- -

BY T. ,If. SPENCER TAMPA, "I.J1\. THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1879. VOL.--4.--NO.--19. ; ;

.. __._ .. .. -
-- 5 -5 -
.. .... I I : :
;flUNLAND TRIBUNE.T. -it- is i A/.S.S c*i it i>.s.. OUANK LANDS.Copy Bet ht' Academy-Closing!' I xt"r- of punctuality, that I you; \\illbo cna- upon various inclinations. This ha
1 _.1 I CIMS.,. I I bled in the future to battle with misfortune two smaller anus pivoted to iu extremities marketable potatoes manure. -

,,. JL' gpanoer, Pub'r_. Manager._ ... C. R. POST I IG ", of opinion.. ol Hon. ( eo. P. I II We have here a little matter of, and make yourselves an ornament and) capable of being turned at CUmmcr will,htvo large one, .

Official Organ CthudicialCircnit.::" :;0 I Itancy. Attrirnry Conrral ill'' to us, peculiar ini]>ortniice, and as it iu SOCICIV. Hut if you look right nugle* with thvm. By independent vor being *>f no. consideration. Ma- 5 '

_- 1 I is in regard to educational interest.*, lessons task be.i of the the will not breed duea .
= ---- ol"SEl reply to inquiries ol .1. C.. nr"I : j upon your as a to movement parts apparatus nuriug or
t I '
BLIBHED OJTTIIUUSDAY.ADVSBTISIKQ ._ :. I son, II>.|., Submitted lij. Comptroller ; to the building up of our school, its :i slitmed, you will! find too fnture besot was susceptible of ninety-eight prevent it-nt let such baa been niy

RATES? AND liKU.KH: IN I .'tine :itlt, J$7U. development on u higher scale, and as I with invisible tliorm: and when the distinct )positions, and of exhibiting epercnce
-- ., i we dcsiro to nttiact attention tv it and j golden ears have pas!ed, you will often tUc kitmc uuiulvr of diflL-rcnt signals: Iu all cases I plant ryes frm imali
Incli Lner.Let Western Produce .
A.tiQUAltEi > !
,.. drertinenicoU will I* cUarjt-d :lit From AjHijika ('k izen. tu co\et favor and jwwer towanls the I. iminnur. return oh, Uys of my which could IH made to represent potatoes even it they are no larger
$ '
late allowed bjr law.L0cLoatic .91 & 93 MAGAZINE STREET, I I I The constitution of the State I ( \'C.I enterprise[ we commit this notice for youth Let me once moic feel, as I cither letter,.number, words or sen than 1"alDut From my own crp I
NKW: OKLKAXS: : : .,\
; :<* 15 ccnU a line."VVftd S 1 ivf artklc 12)! pruhibit the exemption 1'1I1.Iic'.dr..u. ( lru:;ting to your kind charity I did in tho days of the post, under the tencod.! The semaphores were placedon select all th'.'l pt(o pl.ti -

: Contrartf: iu U*. -with mcrchaut U'H. \V. &abI1Ni%. lU lUlICIIAM.; j from taxation of uny property in to help; us by giving notice in your solemn pine' that Mirroondcrl the high towers five iuiU a)Art. -. To t>'l>tain smal ODl. gardtoer -

yiJfriM'.a.a.. Lange every tliree mouth. W. W. GORDON&CO. thi* t- tate except "for munieiial] inlu- valuable and i-ipular pajter to our school.lto1e"hl'rc: all was IiflIlpiflessI Nicholas I, of Kiuslt, built a line can make a hc4)cd-, and when the

sod! rtllnuKU'' acconlinglr.UUiaatitM cational, literary; M-ientific, religious, cOll1n'teula.leIr"rts\ towards: the improvement know that iu years to come, the (a. of this: telegraph which was compracd heat 5 is properly cover wit .ix:

.. .,exceeding adeeti.AdttA1tzblerts1 ten lines*. wUl be (Sutw'Mir* tti Ti*.'i> A (:"1'\1..n.) nor charitable purjwv-cs.: The same and development! of the, CCA that arc here to-day, will arise before of two hundred and twenty st ttuUf. iat-huii sliauuhl ;' WP hu potatoei in
*kufd an @a
lew! than Owe. Cotton Factors- article direcU: that the Legislature II young mind in this; comparatively S me like oft happy' dream, some The work of erecting the tower?, vU,. two and insert a.'be vtculd a dahlia. 5

'Month, ...I jeer Square. for first and '7S> c'Cnt" A 1Com'ission > haIL provide for a jiv>valuation of tl\I k and destitute sl'Ction. may have gone and forever ; but I ('o several millions: of dollars. IVIuit ) rYs. cut .at one joint '

'jttr esehai..iat. rmertiun.Adrertucmcnti all property real and! personal eXl'l'pt' On Suturdai: .the fii>t iust, we attended will see you all sis to-day, death or About thi tiuxtt jcoole bcyau; to above the frt but; pt this cutting .

'not lnu.ith tie Merchants. Mich amay be exempted for the an examination of Mr. :Suod tiiue cannot break one tendril from turn attcntioh to vlcvtfkrijr as a in sand. When caQascd or r -

mambcr oSf time..will be inserted. until forbid above 11:1 nh'tt purpo.-e.". (iy's I'dloolt lU-tlu-l Acatlcmy: near the vine of affection. .that encircles my means conveying sound, and, after put in a thumb pot ; when the put'u:
and .4 ; XO. 112: IUY ST., SAVANNAH. l\
; eharg 1UTE8 accordingly.SPECIAL to lilral Advtrs.TZ3XOP : Bagging: ) anti 1 Tie :l
LiII..1,11 AICIIKV matte .rn(.In.iu-; ." are apart of the land about half way-were pleased to sec turning from the cold worM and going Samuel F. 11. Morse: invented hw system frames, according t the weather. .
SUBSCRIPTION : ktfat! of (<>tu>n. on which they may be growing, ainl assembled; quite an array of intelligence back in imagination to the schoolhouse dashes. This was: in 1835. Cut the tops again and again, rooting

l'c; Aonamla; sdvaote.. (2.00 Prompt null i-Mvfwl nttoution 1\r.lt\h".1 where neither they nor the land upon] and beauty giving; life and lus- and books, where I passed theh.t1c.'lIn In 18 14 the Gn>t line wa bulh between Ibeta all ; oat in June. A far

1aaLki .- 1.00 to nil Im-incMi. Aug. "I. which' they grow areexempted for tie ti> tLe otvasion. The day was days of n>y'life} hitttlng 'to-- Washington: and I Baltimore mer had pJ pay $5 a bushel taD

j4IrnFs1ox1 IA--CA- -- ELXStiilts&Co. any of the purges above stated, warm but fair, and the spiey varietiesof (the sweet voice,, of my schoolmaster (forty miles), and the first message try this. To IrDC the largest

1W&iD1tc14MrIcIIEIS.I. whatever additional value such trees I the exercises, all ron-idoml, the occasion nnd I in that meeting, the dead whose! rent May J7 of the same year. The quantity of cat the
: I Successors nll'01tTl is.r to I: T.&J.Hl\Dunbor Ll.U-\: &IN;; Co., uiiy: impart the land, however that : rendered rather pleasant' on :spirits have winged) their flight;; to that :Morse\ system is generally' u4'II! seed potatoes in two pltO .tb .

value may: .v according to the age: t the w hail.... Kverv-thijig l like show, or : better land, shall not he lIIi ing.t throughout tKsr world. 1'i give a good crop of small potatoes /
: and condition of the tree*, tf however hn\1cc.\lIh": exK51iitin sniTueil. \> 1 l'* t _,.\0\11: 'fLtlrjrtCt. The first vocaa cable u.as: laid in for hcts. I am now adopting this .
In Dxialytteki .& ilddl'l1 tlJf, \VINl,1ULtNI)1 ll J:' ,i1IN uncertain'is that the trees will ever5urome !.ttIdi.llIy! l and carefully: : av\..1ll"t1..:' a i Fort (Vgden, Fla., June :'JUth! 1 1STt). l 1-;>$. It worked for a iVw: weeks plan to give us a good stock of Early Ki|

__ ..0'- CIGAKS. :; t}c, productive it, whether. much I dl(' lt. The ttnchcr conducted theal- -S SS -- and then stopju-d. YemwBts for next season, being bor

>:DU. F. .B11ACU, AN" I'W"I i tta.ra of tIe ( \.I..I.rn.t "I' little, i is to bo included! in climat fair in a plain: honest, open manner.Its i A U \'h'\\' oCSouuui'thc Lending In IMG two new lines were in successful of that variety, nud they cannot bo !

INDIAN VEGETABLE ing the *Vi-h value" of the "parcel of I often the ca"e m our common : IitvvntroiiM of the Pn6t Half' operation. had 'here,.at 2i! C'D a pound. 'Wepni,1 :
& .
Physician Druggist. I Century.Trofiwnr's .
BITTERS. land" as mnr-h as11:: hun?,. n ,'>s, or :school examination!* the! Teacher will There arc about four hundred thousand lit', early fast Fall, six cents a 5

.iT HIS OLD ST.t.Xl). 131 Bay Street SavaunaliGa. fixtures which have drilled the students for I [ rhiiir" in I'lnisi'un t'iiia.ti.l n.iles of line ia the -
or iiitproveineiits maybe : : shoxv to : telegraph;; pound. I have been growing

: 'f.IP."I ly\. J.C. WH ALTON- J7"Auctioneer l a part thereof. The, trees .I\IItlllae half the tr., .
Mrb1C.78.. .-. lanillouItI.! l m>t le :\"-:>o:'cd epiratelv\ : ; t to !bo examined on. Tiiis i I- I course.Vere' you swrjwrisetl to Uani of \iI','. e has been, that to produce the

\ -D1t. uiit.: 1iNLuiI: but thi 1 f;'im Mare n constituent eK'DKut : the reason!: whv ".) many: good pooplc\ I for what rouiparatively: : fewyears 'rm M
4 of th.; value: of I lie latter. Tin- I are t>pp <.td to ".-c.ll111a.tic.l'xhil.i.. we have h\41 l itiilroaiU? lV>plethoaght A,- J,- 5---. and to .supply all .wU of markcU,

0 Physician & Surgeon, NOTARY PUBLIC. l. -yi.-hitun1: having i ; jiroviiled I for' llietaatirii I t iOIl"::" : of npphing steam to vessels along H----, K,- '- small: jtoUitotN will yield )letter than -

1 HKSIDEKCE.: a , of land and that each p.ircclthireof 15.-ing; one) of :jrr. 'nojily'-. j 1C rtlU':, time W'iore they c'XH'rimontedwith | C'1., ',- 1'- largo ones.-U. Ifouutt, in CountryA .

tj Tampa,AaJViOFFICE. crul: ..f""u", ,fhall; bo :\-:1..1. ; at its *Vi-h''.,t and hitviiigiitt'l: hi* !school: on four.-f I Ioconu4ives, although I the first 1'I,- \- -- ac i
: w- I.tlrt. S5
-Corm-r of Fn'aklin &' Fwigg' practical results of I tho former came: :,- N- :
111:0.1 I
value whieh! meansthe M-lling _
AMCOMMISSION II S I.t.r like U'c'ail'I'l! weiv pupaud to' F,- (II ,- x---- --- -U---
titn-rU, Tomjo, .':1. .1.-1y.iJILIOIii.i \ the ame' at tin 1'l.ieewheie ht' advaimeeineit : fairly this century. The_ ideasocnis V11 - Mwlvl Cojifesslou.Several .
MERCHANT. Jjivool :: appreciate, t<> peiceive t ;,- -- ,
): WAl.LrPhysician ; ; it i.. at the time nf av-o:'nunt, it i i" I Il1..t tliut liad.lKen made. And "itlt- i to have beeu :i long time work ,- (1.-----\\ 7.---- I

.KIY WI>T FLA.IVrxirtnl I ing itself l.ut. f for some people 'say I-- ,t.CuUiutiou .,- -
t'. exrlvule. fiinu I thi.alua- moth in Wwtera
legal; : : lilt oncniaehinu: ;: too on yourtimo "CM' ago, t
& atttr.tion pu-n tl> .MiI, -.. .\11I1'1.* of UxtUwasnggesteil 5- I
Surgeon, : ] that the-application) steam to ) -
tion) (ho I) item of .'ramte tretsany more i and .-paceby!' multiplying 1 t I i i; word.ullico .-, of the 1'otato. I town 1 young lawyer a member of a
.\:\11'11...\. rtn,in f .r5IKl1'a1Nt'1w Morao1. I I llacoii who
Orynt Hul.II.1 lolrta. iu. ;111.1..t. t.p.m.und <, : :: : ail A (...., .\. r. ,\ that it .'ut4I:" 1.1 bo to exclude dwelling; :I, t Ie.\ sac 'IItwOlll.1 ha\l.I"'l'lI) en- I lived ; back by: .Roger twelve luuulrcd Hi-ing iu :receipt( of-e ernl letters large churca, got drunk. The brethren -

eo' T. or Miioke Iioiivp.of course, I do not i tirtueiti, ? :UJ4 l surpilsed even at the a\\iy ui said he must coufes.he demur -
& i I to 11 a.zu... and ;a.-Lkij v\TtWulnrs us to rutting and
lWlo'ICI--ln: Blotlt )::3a4 of the ( uIartILou.e.Junwr - o. mean tliat I i it I is alway< as easy to estimate t r'nlHlIl'.; and atci] manife-ted: in something.One 'to red. He kuro the members to b
i'l I and planting lttO1 will try embrace __ _. _. .
or two tugboats: working \
W. D.CA8JLAuctioneer thr v.l JM ** 1 A.1 ? -
Mounn- the vaJue-U) tU at'.mc!
of tayvtte ami t cue > the little fellows auMvorinjr: the mostlitlieiilt gooti }Irav. ten LUCY lau welt lime
nil lioiM article for
I models of made during ( m' in nu .
'--' I that the lias a)a mvs t the anaL in ; stcamooata wero faults! such
\ < or osx- : ime-tu' diagramingAiithmetie : : as driving sharp
L'ARKM. I I the latter part: of the last: century, you pnner. Xo matter how ninny i bil
s..Y. suiie: ceitaintv of value that the other (;ir.uninar :.1.1..1: 1 livh raphy.: screwing the laborer dowi
'- 1 but Robert Fulton in 1M' >7, sailed C''cre in a j potato, cut nil to one
ATTOltXKY AT L.t .\" hasWheiuiver :any ))1J\'f"-'tty or any And h.-re allow in to state that the up wages, loaning money at illegal l rate,
Take in tho lefthtaiiil
.< AND I ANDCommission J oii-tilui-iit element theriof is diiiueilto the I Hudson I River in the first passenger eye. ale jxitatu S
: l Diagramtern\ ;t of I instruo'ioii> po- ; misrepresenting articles they had for
rout end next to the finger and
SOLICITOR IX CIIAXCKKY." ) MiTrkmt( IK" exunpl\ by \-ii llllc of any legislation : ." cnl'nr: niil\ to Mr.. a".I.h', so far ave : steamer making regular trips.1'his ink, etc. But they were good people
]. L.\. = I called the "CI thumb; tilt ,olr the rout end
'TT.. MEADK} i I"tt was 'rmuut, s'lur
])E.\: I.EU IN I pn"scd s-iiiee the pre.-iytt tU' have\ \er known. \\ Ii.tve mver and pn-dsetl: the lawyer to come before
... Kb. : and throw it. laec the
tlxclVwirU ur :0\ >
Will; rrI.tlcittLIt hundred and fietloixr. nthl'l; ] i
| -| Ship (..II"/I. .irnr'ivif /',.u.i ti>>n \Vis udi>pted, it inu>t 1 Lb', .li.i''ii !! known d'l.J! teaching;,t done ,alI thit ;111.1!W:1'4 otie thirty the church meeting and own up his _
knife abuv' the and cut down to
J. *WALL.. I'. W.t'. \VII.L1-. .,1411111.. ('irvcLrrif, (:/ ....LL& WILLIS, I and hlztal l ot tlu do>!i, thin giving the cut iiiilftunoii
t'tiiiitx. (tilt, 1'nrtii- eat l toempt' it for one of t the almve.stated i I I stlfl'h'( a siuei''''''. ltl'l'aflt.t.1' are r"l'lll.p. :t tonnage; one 1 were temperance-people and abhorredihhltCIUjCraUCe.

AttorlLR & Coonsellors at Law tsirr. St"tiuw"I.'r.KEY''W'"EST. : : 1-ivoml purpose- I If it \\:1. inluvlol :i iiuliuvd ti.). t the adoption of t thi-plan. hundred' and sixty tons. Her '&t'&l Uuiv.. iShnpes Iu wcver, are The sinner finally _
iiiini.itoiia!, but tui-o! -ImjK-s! look
aliont\ live miles luoii.. In IS.
T.UU'\I-'I.\. PDA_ } 1 Ky t)..l art "f Kebiuary 1 11th, !' :.Mr. S. s.'vj that tlu! >- study of Law i was an I wsrkimiatiIike. The "hatUc" of went \the confession, found a large -

Will prattle ialIt A iival: SCaliin tr.'t'I.., 1.-.7-I.; entitlid t "an :?.( for the eneouiagein.nt '- would. l he I'ost t-tnglil W Diagram..: : 11 I Fulton built] the United :'Lattstcatiier Inure gathering; of brethren and sisters
'. ihe JlI Me. A.; Ship 't.riat -. ....II'I.Ii.| | ->1I.rt l I : "KWion the First." She was: l'Jl'S citntnumly ctU.'tl the oed end,
ItLiUvcl; ( aru of :
Clreakand this 'I
ia the : ; ( of immigration; (to : \h'% After! an aniixiJiio; )' n' ast-in :approi whose! IK)1e heads ruse and whO
United KUtc lor the t'uul1l\m Di.trict of NsitieeBENI'1ER the first vessel hollKl you Mfeli to plant alJ s ejwratily
:tC3.U1' ever construtted. -
: ,Florida. "- > I and to ctvounivo the pl.tnting; and 'ri.ituig: ; the Va ith.' spuud: rel" ehi- : I ) (they one ur two eyes 1jl'nC1 with pure delight. as tbelaw"cr
& PINKNEY raising; of 4nipieal fruits" t.) pro\ide meiitand the cr.iviiifjs;: the inner [ lturiuJ confession. "I con-
'- -- : tk 5 iie al-
( ,
i Ameiica sent the CLt-t steameraero.s Ld"ot 'Yf 5vtr
llO T];L.'i. that: landInving! ; 5uch trees on them man were -liti.Ued\ we irjaireil to thehone fes.-," he sait, "that I never took 10
I the Atlantio in 1S1H.' TJ:?\istlip so be cut square( oil; then cut out
I. 'riNc: ANI -hoiild In as-se-sinl as: if tin're wore noMich I ami hearst (-.)ii-i""iiion-i! :an.I I I j cent for money.?. On that con-
O1tA1\&EGM\14 eath of these will IMS no
I I occiipieil' twenty-six dajs: ole :
In'(' on I tlurn 1:111tti.li..rI.!: declamation! l I'r/m !so\er.il 'II I' L'jyv ti!* I le-iion down went a brther'. head :
I larger than but they w'll' ,.
ch.iir and all pea
I-Ior.r.EY 9 Commissimi Mi1 iv hauls boti!., that -ueb! *, : < not the intention It" :I- 1). l'. scholars. les-than! :a viar I' 1'rofe-sor cancio-s now I the grow with a groan, "! never turned a poor :
i results
; in about! that i is if and give M gotuil a- larger
ten : one
of the 'general I Revenue: Act of l.>;:Jl) ; : ; any I man from door who Deeded food "
OPEN foriho reccj-tionof C:lIt"'tC. ; "ot' .. You will notice there i is Oneey. my
IS SOW ago.Mr. ", his--but, wo will hint.I (lute: :
:. .: and that tLf :vt ..,f' F..I.rll:1ry FJlh, tsiioddy i N :\ l.iwyir Uy ln.ft- iIIl'ay I and -heher." Down went another
IL L. CUANU,' Vn.j.'t NEW YORK. !I .)u th.th! of t July, lSIIthe "Uri- .t in tho center which is the strougis I
I I l.:io.7ljust I mcr.tioncdas l never of sioii and hiavi 1'een I uut'oitutintc ill head. "I confess I never cold skim- :
ng I
: TmpaFL'-N.v.. rii.iss.IIANDFOIt1). Cotton eun'oinllH'lIaS! : StvlicfttHl.: ; ttlllllldl Uverpool for New '\ ilrk.I Tint 9-trung eye, it the small
.._ validitv for mch: ;'''''. It I theliiivness '
-- anv :any purl" lii- hal ajt' has :.een >est to :vlopt milk cheese fur a new one. WhereUpon
Refer 1.) N.t.IiIkr it IIt.iiiki-tiu. I! She was the fir.-t stiamerof famous; oni-s are allowed ta* remain will take
ItOUSE l 'i iIM.I "uniformity" in lavation on nf t ,.cho..ll'.at'hill"... :\* not only I ft woman for :
irom all the from the weaker shr\'kt mercy
<:'ii uii.isi Lilli"11.1 had subsidy vip ones.
ECK31AX:( & rET-UCIU;; leal: 1 i-tatf to j 1.01'(1" ule that H> one cn-e II all'niling: Kim: nuaiis of 1 ll-vcl'Jiood, : : "I confess that I have hot beenI'harLiaicalj
You will notice the fame fact with
CLASS the KnglUh (iovernment; of nliout
JFJ1LST nil the ioiititiitiililiicli make up it-i: lint I ot f'iniiv. .. and I to enalile! him :isfar ; : and self-righteous and
$100,000) ) for earning I the mails. the t-Mis en at grapevuis-the strong
BOARDING ROUSEVEN1ETLY Wholcs1e Dealers ill value shall h' coii-hlercil in asoingit I as po-siMe to compdisato: !! : I for I't'l: have not sought to injure or prosecute
;WATE Ihit vie iMt hiirr: on.I one kilU the weaker ones.. When the
: anil\ that in another ta-o a \".'rymateiial \\\-1 of preeioii-s tune and. talent.We : i i who have not happened to
\ tho agree j
/ & u 'l WKVSAXTVIA !I li-in ting While thehandpros teed i is all cut, rub or sprinkle in lime.I .
IJOCATED near the rinr'z",1 : eoiistitueut sLa.ll In* excluded h\\,' confidence in j Kim I and I 1 believe ) presses. with when down
: r ) Goinls. Xot inn &c.SAYAXXAII me, numerous -
Sooti rX Urvok onl Un' Dry ( such as Franklin u.'l'l!, was in-) do not plant in bi. and never drpp
fronting, on the *, I ; nor 5 il the mere "etodrjgeineiit lie honestly loe., :tllllll'1 I hei .. head. "I confess never
k ::11Ly. M-nteil in IIO.h:: ), t other event took have, but plant in drills, opening them
immigration", or "plantia.: :.* andraisinir He is desiious of l--I:1.1.li..laialg. j the and! 1 do lie
FOUn (;U.DA ( :m. hypocrite, not ,
JIKS. F. JI.I) ,I'RI'rif'rtrt'f' of tn-niear fruit- :tIn,," the I ... I place i in that yes*! T'JUL! ? first u.ct.s.tul according to the! length of theiac. plac. ,. .
.! ,
r. I > a ]M>rnuinentoliooi Jll.t.p auu u lie that l nave not used: religion M a
; I ; Should IH four I make ant
VE "'W'"IL'SO"N.tH. l printing wn-* built they fll.t long
] for whieh the eon, TAMPA HOTEL pmposes} succeeds we l'l't'llil'l it oiu- In-sl cloak, when down went several
for the London Tinnn in 1S14 1 the i isSue the drills four feet apart.: I let the ote
() !. authorizethe : ;
j.Tal1as e (exemption property.I
things ever done for this section. HisgentleniajJy heads, and among them the of
HOTEL HAVING BEENTIIOR 7'Bro.1 bUli" Xovember :2-Hth! having been carts or wagons with manure follow,
: th.-t whcil i a "parcel of .
j his who
; the anxious
TIllS rrnovmitxl and rvfUUxl i it n"'" Myers dcfortment pru- k'tlicg in each fur very ones were 1
tin Cxt printed by niacbiiu'ry. go
(within the moaning of this : newspaper D"hl open
t1u44. expnsMviiin il-'iKO his have that he should
S .]>en for ttlP&tct'Vtion.of : jigieenble tu.tjI'J: ; : cnfut" concluded -
I Where the field
'The Table will be mippliod wiih e\'( ." 1vIIoL11.3: : DKALr.lIS: INTobaccos the Hcnulll't.t) has orange; trees woi for( biiii our favor, :uul eolitled! The press ga.v* abo'At klcTetthundred row. i large a the sinner, "I have been drunk, ,"
< and nopaititwlI I The heap of maiuutc hare been put r ,
the martft nJTordis impressions hour.
Vis 017 it t, whether "prodticii> I per sh
on g.or uoupnvducinjiJ" hulL in hit: laiiilaMo] and Whereupon
k .p rvd to make the (rufxtntomfurtaMe.RalM ; to ofjr: supjnut ; inventors name was Kotli up in the center, one at each end. am very sorry for it" 1
at figure to mil the time. : ths the owner, in makinghis tiiiikrtakiitga''e: st to :a good man an the meeting quickly dispersed. ,' :
the One tLesi Lwes no lime in traveling
recently -
CUA1T tax return under section 24! of the newspaper presIUI.I
P.I AAC ,Proprietor. ill a noble caus*?. .
S es to be ""fed"' by hand, ono empty. I spread the manure on. the ,..14
HcwHleC't of 18?.), or the A-sossor 1"1:0. 1 Hl'JIt.'DI'II. person .. S
& : I ) ,
J4J1)AaE.T1s.. Cigars Liquors..Savannah making his asso&pvnt uu.Lcr s-xch -5- .. --.t .- being required at each "cylinder.Wm. bottom of the drill,' according to I A lien '\ Teeth. :;'

4 I. rvClI.Ws.;- _--- ". 8\1t.'WLn' ,- Gco.., net, in easo there lia. been a default Th.In. t day ol School. A: lUilIoek;of Philadelphia, in strength. ]one have \\"o ashes itwill i David Finhel, of this city, U the ''J :

.* nao1\"lI'.. u.'t u. Orders Kuliiiu-tl. lYoinjitrr 1'ilUtl :11,1.l latifaction .': in the owner, should return allttl'\r-: 1)t\I: S::: .IKHII.Mnit : The time istt: invented a press to which the do no hurt to spread on the, manure. owner of a fowl that ,HUJt (or -. '

Brown&Swingley _(.:!*.\UTEElt.. : 'I eel of land nt ifc ivual 1 selling; I'rict"I has pai-ed; by so plca.-antly that-I %unscarcely i 1'lpl'r'M fed 2.uloma.tiuallt from a I put the sets iu a pail or similar lime the question of hens' teeth. The a :

Land Agents r S.- ---' here it i.t, aiul not at what \\oiild be I I believe three months have :, largo roll or web, and now all the vessel ; commence : one end, ben is: about. old. She was hatchc4 --'

7 BENTSCHNER, I 1. the I SIll wh'es.! of tiic211111 I', well-known are supplied walking backunids iu the driUr Jaying \a
its UMial selling price if it did nol passed I a newspapers .Ohio. She has no bill, her head
TA3IPAi.FLOR1DJ.. WITH 1, !last of sehool. .'t sadness :; with having this attachment.Lit each set downressug it in with .
)havo any orange; trees Oil l. Where this is the l.iy : pros-os ; being something like a _

;4 'rxT ILL biwuK RIT u. ulaccd.fpccnal in attention their h:.nJ a) < alIT in I. L: FALK & Co., poison nuke-- retnru under section I i steals oVr the siin-liinc of i.iy lot'' ; Mr. Walter, proprietor of I the fingers and thumb, ivt (lQI'1 in allCUAV The teeth arc lDu\1 sad .noDky. :5

REAL 1S. i I think that this is the i i the London 77mc*, brought out the I because the more stalk!or root.
the line o11styu .l..dli.l Manufjiiartr> :u .Wholesale I., IVaKr* in 2L: ami nt u ens aiivh'rvct at less h'arl'h'l1: much like a baby's first two.or threeincisors.
TATE, LOCAT1SU HUM ::iTIAUallJ uhaJ .\... la tiuu 1 shall \'t"llae bright} faee-: : \Valttr" puss. The roll of paper' in the ground the more potatoes there
S PREEUPT1I. miaVing. entries <,f i than !.. iu ihe jHI lJL'ntllf the "t ; They arc set in both jaws.
,._ CTATE LANDS Ao. Ac. in lIi11.J.wMI ipl h''' CLOTHING, st>-or u> Us Vash value," itis i the duty I Ij j thai are lure to day and I hojo our) running through this; 1 ptes: LJ three will L. I cover with a plow or Loc; The hen fell into Mr. Fiihel's hands

mad the adjoining cuictic: inxial rt'fo.r.: t, think when litI -miles I long. l'hie hoc Printing Ifrcs: if soil recently broken up I UHJ the r.sows .
tuft pi ten' when rwuirc.l.. --*f 9324 Broadway, N. Y. of the; A""e.--or (uIIalarte.. 2)) to re- kiwI t'lil.tllt'n: not hoc. in the tegular bimnc&t way, but he

; _-_ _ _ _ in\N"cn iiorsiy: pcct the& f.iet to.the l oiril of Count, j I bids u-; goo\e, I lliatl' htn.It'lhis of' New York will deliver, folded. has fixed up a coop for her in his store :

3 T Al\.Ip:: .A. ( air. 'Val takt-r& ( .11. I":1\ann.h! (::t. Commiioncri\ ; and then the Hoard | golden oppi rtuuity for gaining knowledge I- i I i from twelve fifteen thousand: copies I Tlrt-t-e: 'wtKInj tl4< grow potatoes I window.-A*. 1*. lrn)! '.
(.Wtiitoi lh. .Kin-: *. he of the New York TrifaweluMtly- 'ecinlly I fur homeconsumptioubhouldu
: : Charli-
BEALESTATE: GESYWILT .. -.- j ovtion n: to incre: ::-ing the nrscsiietit.! 1 has achieved notliing by histcuigent; I! Tlie telegraph. Tho IVofowor eoiiM I -(uu iuanurerbul flow :sta.1 1) in the -The New York papers have been .
E O CWYIMIM 1 about the In or early tH-ing. The tubers publishing stories froh time time ;
thathii4 talk Jl night telegraph. | t.
i or- : FI1 "
The A-aCrsur 6JII ;, eilorts: fur our iiuprovenunt. <
) rigl.t t-1'