L. I harp of an : .i
:- (or each tttbfcqucnt, Cruon.fl' -. H.A.Stults&Go. ;: N. I latitude: and i.s at the foot; or \'r.1{ : ri-ing agiia: near by to take a j : the lands around LakeOkccchobce charactcrislic of tho American pco- i1
bl thin deal board about fire ix :
or. .8 :% "r
not marten .ith the J .
:: Advertwtmenu minus of the back bone of the look. Uur mission .
ridge parting b\illg nI1ta.(1ut and aloig: the Caloo.ahatclne. ple. When one sees a thing done 3
j'mberofrne will be inserted until forbid!; 1" .- .' l It'1TlJlELEI: : IN Florida Peninsula.. There ara no one w, acte'il tiitirvly "n the This river !is I the principle; I i well, it U not derogatory; to ask if it.may I the tho side inch's.:
..': and'"ds.rg (t" ngl.r. :. : I Ii middle of upper an : ,1--
\, "'J-: : PECI4LJLtTES to liberal \cIft"rtiJl'n. i iW.IXI j i I less than loity town.-liips of the finest
1*, .. .'".. '. CHOICE OLD WHISKIES, (quality rich !lands ((l lo say nothing I IIIJ isse.ssi.iu oi 1 liieir pretiii-. chobev. It t is evident::however, that. this principle: a few ideas arc suggested ': ate to be .drilled small holes. Along "- .' '.' .;i:'_ :: !; ... '..

TEBUS OF SUBSCRIPTION : j (.f the Kverglades: : ) surrounding thi- ;( ; Tae waters ol( L:1k.-I Iiepoelieehad j ordinarily: no' water pa''ey ,kvu.&b : I for consideration. the upper side of the box seven, ten .i t! i"I 1

IVr Annum (In at"IU1Ol'J J2-00 : ,'IHIl E.;. GIX I :akc and! its tributaries rendered Useless fertnc.J l i its own 1onit l-ui.ju, Jid rivrr from the lake; it ii only at very I Our soil i U sandy, and all argue or more small-!1 string of very fine gut .,: .. fJ t.

'six Month 1.COCA 1 CIGAHSAo.AUoTroprktorsof to agricultural int,-ivtt by an 1.c* ;; thrown Irom ii' IK.ain i.iuck r.nd i high water that tlie bank* are submerged that there is a'deficiency' of vegetable .. stretched.6 '
I '' are bridges uoar 4ch'i :'1: : :1 :
--- e-a-ional ovi-riljw of this great r ''l'r- luire", ionising; eoitiao Litrt around at which) time there is alva : in it. Tho difference :
'a matter
Jl"lIOX..llJ 1U>S.PHYSiClAN' the Celcbratcxl l I ; greatest end, like.the bridge' of u violin, and r" .j jtightenedor
C '. voir ot water. These !lands! are made i its: margin: and ualure, true lo herself, a freshet iu the Caloosabaicliio' : liver j between the pine lauds and hummocks relaxed h.iu. ,I : ..
., Wll 2 j ;
;: D1t: LMITCIIELL INDIAN: VEGETABLE t vastly rich ly :nliuvu: ;! eijt! l t,1-ilS of.nges hud, clothed! it with, all the aquatic j During the lat;; eighteen mouths! :: i is ia the varying quantity of vegetable .. The strings must ba tuned to one ana '. ( f:1Lila :

jk-7 < & SURGEON, I IPT. 131 Streat Savannah BITTERS.\ -. .past, being always clothed. with, ':| vegetation, imiigeiiyits to the tropics. the raiufall pMhnjvs: ; s'lirjniid the !; matter ia the soil. It the vegetable sania note, ami the instrument ". 1.F i [
Ga.M. '
Bay :1 tlCU"C covering e.f UIl'tICt't:1'( .Nowliere: on, its shore nor among its '.highest ii the of! be made in bth '
; -same length matter can equal .t'
: ." :.\>1-,1:L.\. guage placed 1 ia some current of air whereI '
-- -- --- lion. 'The richiurs* < f these huieiIvtheir grov.tli) : Cotiid be ccn the l least ti igu, ; time ,,: 1- .
; ?, on revord. For ninths: the C.iI small addition of needed mineral
& .. OFFJCE In DMaUwki iliw-hvll'} Store, A. KOOU'-S J. 1: )IIICIIELL a very i I the wind can iover its strings with .
great adaptability to tho. sugar '1 cut, soar or iiseL sitatioii, t-howtng/ihat. ;(I loofahatchieriver was thought to l lat b I substances would make the land i Arindowthe width of ; :: 'j -
: 1TVR. F. nltXClI: .Rogers & Mitchell I I freedom. r
: ;cane and other ,rui'illl11,1 :e'mi-troi :1 mail had ever planted! his loot its 5 '
3 upmi highest possJble point, old c'ci-1: equally productive. To supply iu |; which! is exactly equal to the J length. 5 ::1 -

Physician' Druggist; e, I 15tnl prtKluctioii<, th? possibility) re- i i i; shoie.ii; wa:? it-atiug here ia the t tiers, e-vin, the Indians: n1' knew it part the needed! vegetable "matter to'. of the harp with the sash first raised .- :

:.: lIlS\ I Grocers !'c liUil; them at :io i n pa ri lively Ii:- jr j' very bosom ol quseiuUv'. To thj a uih higher. btijl rained and continued' the "i1. plowing in September! andOtobr to give the air admission, i i.i' agood .I'1
.AX \-f I LSTIXJ*. : tie rencKr them of incalcurablc, !! coulet'n; bat abrjadx :
cost, ; iiiuuijj, { to.pour, Lake Okstjchobevs: gradually: i when the greatest amount' wind f
I situation. "When the blow -j
7 : r.\ n'\ FLA.Eft& .tNi) 1..1\.J"I., or 1 I ,i up- t
j jI1&rc .. value to the :ltl- ati.l' to its .r'l iloultural -; puiu-e of tall' KI\V jia.-. esiciitlin.' to. \\"dlIg'} t.nil; its banks weic iaaillicieiit : -; of ve'gtUuion i is standing: llii.i sug1gcstcd with various
r on the strings, degrccs-of t L.--
I i
lq ,
: _. inter; Toi e-urttdin i"us( laimcustwatery !; : as preferable to January when t f r force ditfnntniuial tones will be --- :t 1'

r Ric l 'si. lIX. Western Prodtice. I :Iudl' has: been sr.il i I and. vijtttiiupu:1 i the : UlhWl'l"tJul.l! l>cseeii :l ;
." :, III', :' tho subject' of draining'-Lake! [ heavy ouiiiac ]l'i itj tiiuiicr ixiesidi settlers! (.Ii it" b.ks; became. :alarmed I' gives more time for decomposition to I' out all the tones in full conceit and i',:' ,. j i I ...

'Physici n\& Surgeon, ri.oviz .1 XI:<:IALTY.SlPoydrasSt i Oliecchobee sulKji"iitly; to reclaim! iisI i ig: Ww t and' south; &"C"cUI.t miles '; die aturm of October: came down' ia !tab place, than: late. -When the docutiipvtrUiou sometimes it sinks them to the softest :'S 1 )

4 JlESIDESCli ClII Aj m.ilt. Ror( I ///N3w Mirrountliiigj, an-1 diilvrcat; toucu- ; to ihe Ouif c a-t. 'I'!'o tho I i.uth-WeV.. ;i the mcaiuime bringing with it a deluge '! takes place in the ground |! murmur. In old castles these !
of Tampa on .Yeir* ia ..1OFFlC'E. ? '.1It' Orleans : siui.s have been the rvHiSt. Your f ie.l off thy broad( .Maiiutee 1'rairi-. !| '. The rainfall w.- fearful. The r.ij.-t of tho valuable: grasses are absorfied many in windows :j:
I : liaqis were fastened tha -
:, .-:-C mr .f Fr.f5irccUTauipa 'in..t Twi.q"iy.'D -Tau'a, April ''I, '7-J.'-1rcrWriALtON: j. writer 1 is not iully pn-jtarcii to eLu.1 I ,; bkincil' aud bour.dtd lit its ft utht.ru'l.i wind with a velocity; of n. first class J! by the soil, and laid-up for the'! and their wild musMj caused tbe' gnQ- < S .
Fix' -
; \
; -- II '
> : : Jr.Auctioneer I fuch reliable!. intonnaiion OH ihiiI :.tib.jeyt jJJaTviii; i by .iti. : CujVl."ul'lh'h; ri\'d" : gale from the east an II 1 noritat; pro- j t Use uf the future; crop lloggar louse, : raut to think they were haunted. .:!?' '

N : ::1S ib f iu .orlali"tJ (It Ib llc The walera from I.ke HldqtOCh\.c, duced tiu'ul, wf\', fre..n Lake i '
:.JOlI Wil.L\ : pu ; u : O'u'C-! j j cuckold% burr, castor bci! pigeou pea, I Simply tying waxed saddlers siIk "

I iK-muml. .I II f f31r. lltiwt-d liiiougu anti nVtr its ruasy : cbuu.l"U hit1g :ill'u't t the Cdtlo.al\t-I j! w ill {cofloc all weeds: mJ natural grasses -
I: to little clicks and pushing them into -
& I
4ji Physician Surgbon, U'eljji( 8erv iuieiHgont, e-siionj.'kniciu! ionumg a"idJ detiiied : I hie' rrvc-r cvertfon its -j
:" I gtiitleuian. .c ing higli banks: I :valuable! to Juru under, and i iI the crevices windows '
\L\. I ; ( : so u to secure
'l'\ U'\
I I: *
t KOTAitY PUiSdC. i in wriihij; upon thu subject, ;. chauticl tout 1'uriJ -feet broad no-I j I and! 8i'riotisly, tla'nsagiug the none should! l be burned with fire. I draft of wind (the i1k being

; OFFICE HoCTtio_ 10 a. In. snJ.0" i CUSTOMHOUSE! :! i/yLifiii.Us (hat.LaKo. Oucee'bxbcu': i if !|i leu IWt d;; -p uue vixl halt mik-s iroia !|! Siill: till ;not voiUiUti: of \ Ulet"ol'l On the pine !lands, which have a I strained a will 1uunh. .
toll tight) produce sweet
1 i
& ml'SondajH a. 10.of !
!j hciuw t'urwa! teViil, tiiai it'a e'liuut it" with u' bid rajmi cur\J.tt.1h ii find iu ), <
-: : tlr1.n11o: l of't1I, Q.urtJ ; fltfrc |: g.to '\"d was held ii; the I ;lJo.1 utidvrdrainage, tea inches is. un- -
; t i were: ol-'u.IIrUiIl ii to Ui. :oa that I 1 wuirnui: ilivfv bac4; v:itouc: baxk a-id low lauds ? ... :
M'.Nm r W t. .tf Dro: \BR01iER j ji your of the river; at: jpbice j duubte&lIv too elecp to plow ; Jive -or .- -' 'f t. S 5' .
_ _, ji
the (ti l L' w-iuM; ebb aUl.l Ii Xbv t wriu Ui' .
to Mr.Vfehb
; iw :\ drew vuuci that .
; r ( s.iiis. 1111 bclo'.v Fort i mnou.) 'wa* it i itban I six wncld be 'tIr. Suih'ciut to The Hottest riacc on artli.,-_: er '
:: ,. ,M. Sl'AKKMAX: 0 I -'\,- .,..,".f) S i j lake*. it Mr. \\\-.bo (t-tf c-.irr.cl in his-, wus jjti,(aks.u ; that Lako {it- tuvl'. one mile i ii: width, the 1 I. completely! : cover the! groth i ii enough! ; I One of the hottest regions on earth- 1i 1- --

(- I I olldu-f"u. ai: -:utciij lu lraiivouiillcttlailure ) dh.' cli<)lH" coud. : be su tlniMivd :ia to re- ; uatry back Uiag ns .ihe lron I be !
ATTOilNEV, AT LAW, i I 'j overllow :L but the depth can profitably in-I i is along the Persian Gulf where lit )

.k.... ,. 1) 7 cothisI N MEW II ANT.F4A. I i J aut1, \ -, bill \\ju4 "cl..iin k>r ttat ::ud! iilivatiuii all those! a* any other; section tif :etitliFht. t' orea| S I

I'J e .abiisJi: the, tactou.' .J a juj!-Jbiiiv ': fiae lauiis frurrouudin i ic, aud hue Tbe'.vatcr at Luke Fart: I '
} soIxMORiX CIT.fXCrU KF.Y.VE, T i isj tC j matter I I shore hno fresh! water, yet a comparalively -h !

;...' '", : F1MlIADE, FLA. 1 1t"l'f '. Por-xw.-uatfvmiojj. jnve-n: to *".**. Atnploj -: ffi i a (icubt. that ihri! ugi! Lake Okvchobcf aj ll U iu inbu.atiHs H', suid that the : Lrcw? 's Mapj vra-j Htteen fc-t a'wv' '' TJ increase the vegetable matter ; numerous population con- J ; I -

.' ''s T kviii Practice iff all ti e t'<>nru ot iSo. '1 la. |j ruon for tor*jy. .' 1 W Jul.1 be thd. in st practicnulv t-thit,WvHli.i! IKt viu-Kiriiivi'iy,: iii.-J ralfacaul .lowvater, mark, wbiic.at. Luke! H it'k-I i and consequent: auicmntr: ; ()humus in :: irive to live there, thanks to the copious 1

.- ':. 5 L \\.SOS --- 1:1L1:1NcF'v1I: : : .y Co., 1*. A S r iu.\' fur tiit' "'at fhij (' tL1! afro-. ttaui. l.m.l.t wall t thfir: itu.S ['ochre arid I Okeechv4 I >,'' it 'w..: cijiit I i)i the soil, it would" h:, better to com-i!I springs which break.forth from

-", '."'. : f f' \ : tit! F.uri i.i I'jiiiiiiUi.i: us projtusiil.Fiotn uenetttte; \v.ca! oii-.-t .nti-hum.rtJ.! :' fee:. This} fact of itself is chough to.I I post the !hundred bushels of cotton ,. the bottom of the ea. The fr b8.- --1 t.. .
j jtVed
: I
.., .., pRNEY'A.T W.'.' Tift.W.--'- '-) : [lrt ual obx-rvatiju your wri- ;: 1 Here t i h :; tinupeciug tbr snuui. d and! ,, satisfy: tlia mfdof" the most -cl'Ul' -. in a thousand bushels .(If stable I: ter f is got b Y diving. The liver? sitting -" t 'J; J
= ..
'N I.I td. -\\D I : I) CASH j' tir H lurexil to the ctMifiusiun thai >! cntftprifitig m- u il> proiiiabty cugJigctbeir Ion t, that the dniining of Lake (OkeeI'hobees ) -' manure, partly rolled muck ft"lHIth I:: IIH bout, winds great goat'Ii" .

< 'sOLIcITUI;. i: CJIANCEUY, j )(. Webb i i.s tai-takcii; :ra,.l Like: 1 1U dll.LIIi: rtttpiwy! their ( surrounding land i is certainly ', 1).n.:1' aa I !b'J<; cotton seed in decom- ; kiu bag arouud his left arm,' the -t I ,

; it' T.UlI'FL..\. I } ; !: .u.-ch.i ee i is sullicivnuy :i!h..t\'t the UiUUl'j", and d.> a vast a.noiiui (1:l; good pradicublc. For if i :
injiU -1 f t po.n t the'country j po-in ig: uives e.lf large amounts ofi hand gra-ping! its mouth : then takes Z
Will prartie tUKVwm.-:S>jtU l'b.'in .!:A .14J ___ :1I s-a l level i fur all jmrjiueof rthmcivv: lit.l J their :f '
Of Fru-ble'. lkJilJilg-l"I',; S ir.tIflHgV.au.I i ci-aurv in.-ni Luke, Okcechubce to Lake 1 Fiin, ; g-.1, valuable plant 1 food; which can !. fir his right baud a btatone._ to .
F.; _&c I -5- I ) liiat: these! 1.1u4Cflfl be r cJ.IUhaJ 1 \Y eu "e take iuto tui-oimt iiu lint! be.iJ J. ; ''
v AKI) i iConnnissiMi level-the water'would! b
.- ---l--" ---V.-- ,: : ------ :: .% ) brt>: be caught and \L s a\"Ctllay muck which 4s attached a strong line, and
j u. WAI.1. u. c.ft WZI.1.1s. j "'l
\, ,ixl iuad li tI-\.oful anl: prttfuable lo tiuindutry ., tiaiural: mivautsige: ot tirain.g.; rWij in Lake '
TITALL & WILLI:, grrai as high Okecchobcv. a* and stable: n.anure of proju'r moisture thus equipped hi plunges in and .

: "'. F FAttraJ3 r .4It I ( () I I 1 I( I JI'j'lant 1 i ( ]I :_ of man.) ." through t'n v.i udI1C. river, nu t it'did iii I..lke'Flir t, and I there \voubl l'nparit1g: this comjtost heap under (quickly! adl the bottom. Instant "r
& C011l31nar at Ll1 \ I I In April I last, your wrlU-f in com- ; jK--.ijjjv'f' oilier rivitx kuiJing tt thtiIizUtiC ,' have becu no cuneut.. Lake *(>.keejbvbg i I cover and raoHtc'iisig \ith U> .
;; ., .\ I DIALIU: : i.; '.\,1111:11Iilh.. .Mr.'.Iiincs IIvan.Dr., J.4. '.\ sij i h'% the iulvu*rtog"-: t't'cli. cb.bl'f\ l so large body of wutii I j (If the dluaLcr'l'SSd", ami the mo-t I j jsopy jet of froh! water,lie springs up the j ,

li_ SOLIJTOISISw (1l.fX -.;: :1:, ; s:.Iji dittntllery' (:Inwrirj I'mrLfitintt. |Keluh! and "1r. .liint .- 1.: lli'-mlryj; I I t.r.u over aoy'uilicr pan ui tile S1ti: :: .icegrilv lit. ** and iitils ViI v slow' I- suds hi uuich clothes are washed!I ascending currcut, at the same ti"4 t,

iiiaile? an itu-nmt to vis.it Lake UleeV: \ ; the iwpyrutucv of thia proposed ep- .. Open a caual from the Caloosahalchic Ij I I and i t
,* TAMPA, 11. \. ; t'rwkertTin '"1'1 i \ will increase the mineral food of, closing the bag, is helped aboard. .
1; 'WiLLI'ILtti'lCElnidl the Court* of So, I'Jlnrttinirt',', I'tilnt, Oils, i'ti riiiliti -j j cuo i .tj l y the way i>;' the 'Laou! jj terpn-se taa Uifi js atil: -iuvrcttv $ itsidf :i i iteli j r to it, ><) that! a cal tiuut1 ilv.v of wau-r-\pJan't! &aall dead 1 animals! re'ptile*, i! The stone i is then hauled up, and the : "
-.: F -Office IriHcn3fr. )n'l. >mIilirjr.. J I, e. .-.tUti'Jllt'l'U. 'tr>, t | chic m-cr iu small boats', mir' objcllt lvi" ,I. : ;i i would I 'exist 1 dry, se.nsoa. as. I.'ell a* we.t ] ti>h and offal buried in the cornjio-'t :I diver after taking breath plunges 1: ;'i-l
Hear wluxt the 1 f
CVnic-Biifcl Gazctter -
: JIQIELS.OR4UE' KEYvT.ESTt FLA_ 1 being principally;' to.nstvrtain the true )': ,*oa-c n, would erelong so dr.lilillu: ;; pil", would largely increase its value again. The course of the copious sub .
--- Corner l"r"n 4i l> Sreet i 1 I source Tf f ibal.! river awl l to find wbvih- ;: oi ihe i:. $3. sajs; Tuu clnur.ie ', hike as to place i it the sibiliiy -| marine be '
--- i : jvn f : Ix-yowd I K> i by adding to its ,-.itrl';in u3 .matter. springs is thought to. in tho 1)

GROVE i' u ,_, C.ilin Mi-! .' .. iljp' ult'IJl'l..:,- 'I cr or no: there was any fbanntl orS oi roiida, i-j-peclally j the ]ieui l'ula' of it. kinks {ever Ibting ngahi At the Jat 1lbinUtlju5t before usj i, green hills of Oman, some 500 or COO -

j no'L'" T-J9 Jt ul '1 !\1-t-epibiC currenttliivciiv\ !!" Irom Lake. : partakes more oi the tropical 1 cliantc- subtMv-rge'il I, even: b)' a fciscc aioii of'j iug, all the wood ashes made in the'I miles! distant. J.>'
--- -- -'--- (Okertbobce ta.! Calou-aiiaU'hie ier than thtit of" oihtr t UUe in' -
.to\ : ;: any !
r rainy 'wisuns like the .So -
justiia iu
pa-t. iiouse, carefully saved a dry place, I S .
js-oc: OPEN: for,the rwtJsonc.fCue.-u>. !JBENNER' PINKNEY '. rive-r. \\* f mini ln ltl m.oI l the C i'Jn. The suiinuer ; About Colds. 5 .
l' \\ < urrciit a-veragu
projHjnion to the width, and I Iof .
: ilepth i\ shouiit, I loe addal and thoroughly in- ; .
y 4: ILL.. CIIAXK; Vrup't.TanqaF13. tfcii: ili'liaeil c11ui1J1 all the to : h -\t WJFah.., tiie winter & '.': 1).tr The late Charles Sumner -
| : 1 the rnnal was a
t' j way : : : :so in 1.t'&)I'tIJ't$ion will the !' cxrporated' in the pie! to increase the '
NW. 1., 18S. ) ; .'. \l.hin and' half luiltof r-m.ill.- EJitul': : aii i is no light niattcr, agita--j: member all '
-_.- -- --- -- 2H1l'J4: ; \:1' I : e>ne a a ;: hike be drained and the,grand ad vanlages !i amount of p.tl! h. The entire pilo.! .*, .of a consumptive family ; ;
I a\t I ..dmu.lIlJktlltkl', ninrkwl tit and spniiig up J>y s.ime vi.-i i aary 1 1iiuhiiriahl of his brothers and sistersbut -
111 jDEOn 110USB ; : on, de-i-ivcti therefrom! :achieved. I ij i: "ill not nirasure Uver; 01 I cubic atd: :, I one,
I Cuimnissiun 3icivlianis U. \'s of Fioriiia aLake I Hiok-! S the la&:ts are aa r.bo\e statcd !I I' 5
it I1111 reached
; Map
; \ : i j am very ''graldullv, your obt.I servant, and give but three and a half bushels j were attacked by, : r .
: FiRST .
J I pt3iet.. \ ''rhi bike l i4 corre-ctly.Jai: .1 ,, aud I only wants: the Jbateuug l tot ni I F. A. HIXIUY. I!:. manhood aud womanhood.: The disease l'
-p I : to the rod of t land. -a mere
HOUSE, '* I'/va 1 Draw's' i i- l lauH', of thc Uiveru3U\ it, cither ate or .1 square ;I ij i
II I ; NEW YORK. : on. : map-it > :i 'L ---- I: thin coating. Vet with such a coat-1 began develop i itself in Mr. _. ;
,- and PLC.V-A"T- : National and 1 the of (; ". 01'tan: ( hn.slifls uf '
tutich U\ Corn.
; *
COSVEXIENTLY fiil lake an l cover ai.otit inc tuwft- vuUrpris, Simmer "Cr:1r1y in hi. public ca- o.j
l/ i l
Cotton :
near the rivi-r nnlAt i Consignments. St>!liciti$ *( j leg there arc few acrts of dry piii3 :
; fmutingou' ULLLZ, Ft. Lruo au.I l tLcMRSJP. | JtcJlTS M 1)111 t"r it Ifcll'liTffOll.i t'hil'.- it als'has an :i\vnig.* ili-pih: of lo sf..)W; the ;aJisolute? {tracticubility; oft1ii I i I: :The ordinaryVid &.t ('('In i10 ,; laud in South Florida, which would reer. He was advised by his physician : :

,- &1'. i .- i -- -. *. ..-_-.- twelve it.t"\ltI'r. svltrnit J Titissk lor bulielto! but j ,
i --- Iii onr ittirl-t: ; great si momeiifoV the aa.'lCj; ( ov. Drew; in H, ton to dress warmly, prot'cct )
1 1HO: bushels of totbs ,
not produce corn
I : j
\DFOlm.I'rorri r1rt. I; i
--- -.- .- i x: K-JIMIDT. 'V. M. 7.n.Lii::. : got into this lake we lid l to ourouuurileiise : ; ; forty tonuships of vsi.>tly liciilauds ruot'01' ), or as muolt. 1 a: i is usually; j!i r S his feet and body and live in tho ...,
: -
TAMPA HOTEL SC1131lli'' G 1.EIt. I:1W. pra JO, forcing our Ijoatsthroiigb highly: :ulaptv i Let consider the of
.. -- i it, tho! wati'r bftng about two i ti'-u it all I tljc}iiopieal! l and scnii-tr pi- lit t lie Tfibuaf; cont-n'nu,1 statement!! us IIO\T ran- j < possible: in manual 1 I labor ; \. ,

L rpiris ongbl hOTEL* ntMvatctl I1AVI and(i n-iiiuJ UEKNT1IOUJL Iii now- ;H f;% feet ep! Lot a percc-jnibV. current all : cal iiiiit? mill piants, sinldeiily reclaimed : how it was (I..a.u, .11 I the kind! I of laud lug the huadred and thirty bushvl* .ofl'j leading iu short, the !life a laboring '. 4
: Bythe
'. *>p.a fazth reception of p>v4. !i Wholesale Grocers, the \:1iuto Lids lake Lake I IIi.k.p"chce' I I by t'llClJiu i g a I broad(I and I ilcepi on: which it pc\\ :& 111 itill have corn on cue or on acres I' man would lead out doors, and supplementing 4 .

: The TaMe 1 1 will) be i '$li"l willi -""-- i i' surrnuntlixl with "!lvn?cw- i! canal Itoisi l-'o'it. 'ihonip.vn into Lake b-en read, and 1 ought! to l'e cut out ordinary process ihe accuunt maybe this rogimcu by sanitary "I, ?

:!- II3xuryLbe*.rtd U mUUt'dvrd"mkeibe gacrt kn.1 com h"Jon"a lIi l.Ie". i Ube fflPOETEES OF \WISES AND LIQUORS, j {rra.-< 4'onning: a ctitnpk-tu! x-a wall, ,, Ukecchobee tlirouub* null mud. 'lhe.ot 1 and placed in all the fatmers: tcrajibooks 1 slaled thus; : precautions in temperature tliet and 10 '

?: 'rt'.t.'t'Ra1eI at.figures to.it. tie iiaie. ; ;" the wau-r only escaping into the (':1.ozili.itliie '. hvridylieady clearci!-nothing to do for futurj rel'eie-nee. I j jj Plowing and planting I 13: j>crsoiml 1 habits when "longer iu the f : .

rv ; iT: : D.JALiC lt.\.1-T, ;_IJ1'. 'I.rilior.'! 49 51: 53. & 55N37/Lsy : river: by OWf-.tIIi:1 i: a ;, Gut t ta ixt once" apply I the iinplcintul-i j I Though lIilbla'Jwl.I1t11.1 1 I'olk acred $2. per acre $:t3.00 wpn air. In conclusion, we will add 5 '; .j
o. three times ? 1.00 I tor the benefit of lhat*class of the J: 4
I Tending
New Orlean Bfrs-slu-i :111,1 l :by H.-aj'age throu;'Ji mini ui'-Jariitmg, noV a root or stnniu'to im- ('uUfltiCS have; very little dry pine laud, :i; per who
\ ) community, as we bl1eiaid.de-
jL&lSj)4 EXT.s. *"* | oS.50 ,. ,
-: _- ; :-- 1 ; aiul \' ation, In.1 l by the natural i! 'idle uf' tL I) rut. their ojicraitoas: : ; is it : in which the. hern): subsoil' wul.ollt: jtvdve j acre J ligUt[ in remedies and despise precautions ', f.

;._ 4 4'3L.L CM wt, ;Joux Tw S wiso IXYliaitd ECKMIN i \i'1'SIt1; { l 1 procesof solar e-vajK-ratioii. Oiir ;[ eitwiigh to siir up till::: of capital inckcs be-low the surface," yet i I ,. the recipe for a cold given by -e'-11 1 5 .
Total 8S4.50I :
v .: party sjvul l one day ii: this lake and vu>-rjry ? Js it not tuoutzto. stir much may; be learned from: his statement j! : Gen. George \Vashington to an old1iIi r.fulf

B on&SwipgJey | sounding! ; r.n-1 making uu;ucccstiu! '. -ur IJj.-.nl Trustees ot I luterual. 1mpruveiucut -I! : about cultivating, aud raising !i I n y the lili culture system : : in Newport when a very yoangX -, 5. -
WhGl i 11i
1761. He :
$f' lle.Dealcr3 | 17u buibe-1- seed, girl was lodged in. her :
Ageiits j atteinj to find.an imrance mtt> L'ike to actionVntild! it uot .
crop I, Ii | lather's house-the old Yerabn". ,M.bsion '. :.
!I 1 Okvt-chobec, which 1 : be l lar ihitUT lor that Iloa. ll-xlv to i lie exjiecte) anti explode the' idea \ lOcts $1'..50 .tJt.1
T4fI'4 :_ i'LOfl (1).!, Goods Xotions &e.( lay btjfore in to r : -aud as she,vru sent carljto'bed 5 -fJf ,ifj
flu; : Dry ;rthe! north and .';-t with a"I the beauty 1 gr.wl.tit; whole lo some rehalde eoiujiany that: deep plowing sjx/iU I the oil, as he i j Composting with muck and l with a C ld-bo'femark a.'\,' Mrs.TcnioD \ .. 1 ;

;; ;VY-a.wiylace&ia .tkrir baUJJ-4zk' Ii uutl grandeur of the (iced itHlf. [ to reclair.f th*jta: than ir it to plowed! tea iiichca and iub oiled {five 'I.manure 20.0Q : "M I own Ninedy, mydearInad'nm ; !f\\\

c. ,therIu9 qi ring and Celling>>Ttl.\L)5 EKAl/ ES.TATE'LOc3LTlS'OHOMI and'x J SAVANNAH G.J ;.\ ., S .j j remain there! ilormuat! bringing in uo'j 1i j more! making fifteen inches. 'I'co {' Carting and fprcuding' on the *" 1piutobdJiotro.stedolion.i'; ,- i is always i to eat, vjust be ore( ';1 \ 5 .I'

P1LEEM1ST1ONS, 'ng cntrie$ Of\ Jas. S. SILVA j The low heavy tiaihcr vrliich occasionally -i: income to the .Stau( ; Treasury nor iu-I .lie plowed the fir::t January and ground 5.00 I have a cold."* [B**"m..ord I. \\ "j 't.1tan.

-BTATJi lASUS J In IIill U roush t ajv ears on .iu banks. was ..tlu try. to h'.r ciuiius. ? Certainly left the eoite-xprjeied l for two mon.ths, I! Plowing one acre, twice 4.00 5- .dmmf. : .'

S |\ 'cttcejprea mod the adjoLtras when required.cBStic*._ Sjnxial-tfPlace rcScr. !t. 4j. I plain to beVmi, and the action and would, iHt uu hour sheiiiid bo li>st. 'I and answered\ :* the. objection i Tending three time -4.50 .:.' -_. -. ..,-. -: .., _J---.. .\, .},} JI

: rolling o: i iw turbuU-nt waterdisiicctly I There uiwuie l the soil Is l naked One or -
M Importer oi are mea ot' m.qtie-iivn- injured.IJY.. fi cause s LuerJtbea ; ._

| arI j. I be"rd I, but uo chanucl could be ; able integriiy who w.ud! !jiuUy ac- sure. tlantji TolalDifference l '. $50.50 .h: aU4' .f ntlJ1gl {:t :1'. asrc

CQ1ssIon. :C.flOE( iy found 'which : Wouldtake usjnto it. ;r; ct-flt..t r.a ipjuirunity to iuve-t tiseir ;; lie applied prejiarcd}" ,iuanure, in favor .U. ,: .J"'ft' I I for the_ magazines,.'aod floe* ;; -rdu / -/ .5.
7 .
Merchant J
-\ -; Frvjutntly we could finds &I:1\u'; cUf'Jtu' iu luud- ;;J-t.ankl' I (Okeechoti. e. stcail: I. "cow-pcning:," :m..,1. proved ,/tl1 "coliti tha/rf u In lj i9 _e 3* fc e ** "p jk HSUlJf,At}it y {uf.' -' "J 5'-JPfc- :" :

3etLae leading in the ,direction! of LLJirrIliupttrd .. ll does nut tritib oi.rill thut hfc w- t1x betteriuereoiod dThT ; JlI. {fore i itwas' Di&I 1
s JJiI' r.c-j' :; ti I long : : 'CCI'mT } : .J : '
; #
.J for .f
1'\ '. | the of ImtMcn :
1BJOUGi1TONT, ( ., \ ,, crop hwb'r : tt(:' 1t.\t 1 7'r" ..
SEW tORK 5- Jurl..jgja out : 1jrib' I :lJl'Trit;, i:1 ihodadQ I l'.xt ; crt>p 1 r -. v AS' '. ;-\'t ... 1.\ |:
: 5hd3iii1i-o1kitecL- 20 6n ;:LNflit1te1: 11, G.c i into J the, '.dense. faw-sKSsSwliieh ".1'1 too 1:1Le: 'J.lrnb'o -. In t.p- "jol 5 not "..,-';$A,9".t: .' -z.\. .' > ".-. ?fe-.--01.'> ',- -i. tTf{i. 1 r. *

-c ; -:& J. ." >.; II'I /if'f',r''Cr. r: .::- \ 5 ; t4 i

'! 1 1S t v4 tk. ). S

; 11":: ; .. -S .2 S yt
-5-t ..,'. ".I.'. .. ', IHf ? ,. ,,v E
: .4 '. .
; _-., .
--s-, -\ ;
_" ; Jr14 tea&j
.. ,"-' ,.-, 'c."J ." trf *?
S d : r -- '- .t '- .
t _
-- '*-*3-V"- *>>.W<-r'5. r0.*-.. -',. '." .-,_. 0 .'. :_ ., -% i... i--

"J't4I' .;< :,' .,
,!- .. .

.) .

; ,

.' .
: ,
:." '' ,. :
r L _. _. _
." A..'.".ffl.f"1' ; -- --- -.- -- --- ------ -- _. --- ---_. --_.- -- -----S --, --- --. _., ----. ,____ _._______________. ..-4
t. 'M.-tJJr'.. Too Thin ;' '.;Transit'Koad.' Au Attempt. Escape Convicts. Intense indignation against Mr. J. R L I; o- t-------- OEonO ?,FUClfS, i

".i,1''F- ., ;-_Tbeeclf assurance: and.effrontery We% had been led believe' ) that-onie. Mr. J. 1*. Be'nuet, who r'tllf:1'tl'l nnfor the veto of the anti-Chinese ,

U ----0.! ,1o' -- o"X" in the Ocala Dinner in accus'South'.FloJ preCion. were to. be made on the Tran- '' yesterday from Mr. Chains' convict 'h bill is manifested in Culifjrnia' and 'onihe I ii. E. LIPSCOMB & CO-

,; '., ,. '.- Cedar Key to Gainesville to thU sido of TaI 1'acifie: coast. At liulli-Ur, San
; about ten milts .
"" ..'' "0 ,. Mf d of,having. ..prevented _- accommodate and render comiortabte the I camp i, ,
't'1'A. IJonito I l.uriml invffipv
.,,''..t '" ," Mr. Yule from building the rail vLutorn from this vuction of Ihe'.I to the I Jaha&ee gives the following statement -; county, Hayes was S ,

,, : 2""ft' "e&: MDlD. State Fair.,Uut the result ..proved that .. I ; and at FairuVld Sofiowra cottti- (SUCCESSORS W. W. WALL & CO,) -
"", i r j"Y" "" '";''. .'J' "," '. road from..Waldo to ,the waters orT everybody had U-en wofnlly deluded in ex-' Joe Alston, a white man, convicted \i 'ty. flag- Wl'rct half 10:14.t Dutth .

'.\ a.\ Jt' .. .- t,. the.7 m biy, as-provided formtWbrigtoU pecuof anr.Midi; liberality and Src may at Cedar Keys about a year'ao and .! Flat the last Chinote thlIJtIS. binned 'rA.3LJA., iLA... '

','' ".,'' -6''"" .-"" ., .. #". .Lx am.'. ',charter from. "An&ia. 3&fif TKIBCJE.r nay decency, from that'OD rn.-:T iirA. sentenced to the Ptnitentuuy lor twenty on rcci-t! _of the news. .
{ _
.." : ** i< A ***
> ,1of -
,Ikor. ,. ',. ." u r aboat one of tho V' that We'do bOt that Transit years, was noting tln guard at the
r ; cbeckiest'tbinjs *upj ofe the ; -
'' Gaztlif
,:1 y: .',.oit' _.>" ''. -p.-. ".,, -. ": '.y. !." .J'5" .of. wehaveread_ : forytars.f NVtbo truth- Railroad Company kept an extra train o: | 1'It .seems that he and other' that-TheVa.liit.gttiii the PorrKK: (Commute t txaminvu say.-; 'New Goods! FaU and Winter Stock!
L. :: XibcoMorJtaoratbe" 'I' jiaUc-can in waiting tor the Snith 1'Jori-I guards have hud personal I Iii Uieu 11 il': ; ,
'. :- ,'YA.I.a. ;_. ." ..jir"Pi wan of tho.matter tta/Jlr. Yulee aAoue, da delegation but we cupjw-e aid delegation among: them-eives, and Fridlat' was Mr, 'TILUKX: becnn-e ho re'jucsifd i i itlicni '

LJ. .' '',0--.:'"--avc" .it. v1l; .,'.......,..I .. "'._...'"'''t'UWcnl.. ',. .- '>,1.y ;fufuid' "oMwo* "'* *other bosom fnctids* .' owned weie-cunvryittu-ihe fair "in an ordinary -., detected it; furnisiiin; two Jr ,'da-l'III.I. I to do so, :and tbat )Ir. 1 UAVI> : OCusl R.eceived: If

.v r"' t h. aew.,.Iife.., .M to"1L.. fOp'w-' : .are, a 1. the. paiwcnger car the same' a+onlinary individual lug shot and oilier to : will ho |Krmited; In apjnar beiore ;i .
" I- < 't"- Way Key, present terminus of the ride in and) guns uru- a '
u.-ually ilo
v.e nut
'tt'r,")l.1:hatd. iJl,be_ .:'neins' of road, as they did'also all the land at know whatzigbt they) 11\.110 ilaiiu or exi: i number of prisoners with whom he : (I h'jntlicn''\', r ho itijufstp I it. ': tin: ( :iOOll.>[ 11.\"I-: ml\: : !'.1EFL'1.I.1Il.tl.ln.: : : ; A ARE GUARANTEED: ;

r tt .Jr.J i b oaandi to-come."ih'othiiQu1d the other Feruandiua. The lied anything litter.: Tliey certainly' hd\\1 1no \I had entered tutu a tuiliiraev. He ) NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.For j > IAV: ,\ FIK: :>II. <;il\: EIl\: I. MKUCHANUISU: fur FALL & WINTER' TR. ,'
\t-f\ ; : LThere rUiiuiion\ AIr.iiIi.c's gi-ncro-ity and : and nine others procuring tluir I$ ir .NowcoMi'i.irn:
gui > ;
.- 'is- to.'loDger bjecL'Wu to build up-a large Jill no'more ppwe in thU world than the I! .
atteiiipied to
Lt : .:J) ffi7'dou. 'ofth raIfro beret: t i. swine number of other ordinary nsortal:*, k. : Suleor :Rent.UI.IIVT I Ir
monopolytowhiehafl South Florida) have ; liberty, were ordered to hail l bylr.. | I colvn/srr.YG; of1
h\-KhouKl they extra aeeoiuni.Kl.itioiii
Ftt: ;: .. : Jo ihnsuelcg I built,'lU dtLcreiavt should be .tribut ry,. and this they or extra attention? Hut: JIT-OII- M ho-!! Tut tier, a Georgian tinptoyid :1 i- u : 'I1I'1.W'II'lrtUI i: : ) : x( I
_, :eve7 reta to b1 that,' al least, uccccded i in practically accomplish liavc nothing home, wltl.n alroadj.ut e.n :1ItrIl.I t"u innie/1 and tire-d upti i iI i I in whuli 1 STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS

L4': o'8..ur .rods' which, have the niiS-t air.-O&ita:Iiinner.I'rctcrmctttng i I, him ; th j shot misled 1 Turner (lint Uillttl L.\1I1h'ill! : l.nho ..tsi Ll\l.'ii.\l.! t. ,

"- .been chartered- ton ng. Owning a railrcYid across the the bad ta.-le of theabove Jack Green!, one of the prisoners ,month 1 Will I I la- x.J.l I _
downline, peninsula -, feninsula and both tcrmiui their obect ; luTjjii.i 'r r..Il\,1 I ...,.
attempting to Gnl'uII o'l.-.t-jy termiitt -eh
from will t>(
; t and with th4i the Runner, we lIIt'| BOOTS AND SHOES
;i .connect railroad involve hJt.1 front I Dutal and i- s eor.i.on.ilihf r.ioiiH. ::xnl kill In'n. auiIgI.thI ,
was next to the I. I. sent
so county tv.is;
ply that S"uth Florida: IKI-J l'l 1 \\.11 t4 f *;at,T an.iriu .f-
/ inthe say rn nn Ila'I'I."";
rf F, -yslem : upper part ot.,the State, Fund CO as to practically )prevent the for I lite i January i i 16Turn 'l" and i I J. J-. 1.11'.. H11
,z.-; 'will be. constructed., a, good and constant patronizjr of the! I another ot the :Mchljih.tfsrate
construction of more roads in the "
I .
any Transit ) _. _.
S3 road I it -----
! though IU11:1\ the lire 'uunlin Al-tnti -- -" -- '
"""*J"5 f* ult'POl'tll*r demandor better facilities daMgennt-ly: ;
y-x- II of 1 .
; : interior Peninsula.Vhether Mr.'Yulce by been from sheer miosity: and thl'rL'-j 1 al lot yards di-tance. A o.lorol toti- : n.ri.h I I jn Juv.: ., ( jiir.To ; ..
F"t .: :". for transportation- I I lit-borough ll'vs"t -GBOCEKIES & 1 PROVISIONS
his selfishness has not overeached his viet waalo wounded. *
fore the i badly They .\. \ ,
] company njijjlit : made: !' ) ':; j'
. *: 4 ::4' 'mt lengtV'becn: 'deeded by the State i object, rcmaics to W seen. : Having little I', were pursued int.i a httunipan.l w.mr '%k"OL* AKrl: : I UimiY!!: ; XOTini.I' : that f

; r authorities .and large land 'suhiIer disregarded his pledges and broken s'ome preparation by supplying: three feet deep. It i N suppo-ed that I J. a nril-of .\.l.iehiiit it. 1.1"0 n i---icd: : AGKNTS: FOR

, the more' than one first claw pu-s .'iiger Newton and a .iin-t \oa and oir | ropvrty attatlud 1 io I
: granted for construction :of railway a negro were killed, :ISt ___
; faith with the i eople So) often, no one lch .Ili.f) diediiuaml\ (.1 .1. 1 Henry i Kr.ui-o: ,
c ) to accommodate thoJ from t 11l'f f fell whtn fired i
1 -, *.- This is what should have been but fool.could South Floridato at :HlIl'r not auioiiniiu i <; h) $!ji.i.; ) 1 I CHARTER OAK *> K=i tI '
; a expect ?''. Five then
South seen :tg/ ? surrendered
.;/ done Knj.i',ce"and: 'Uic prosperity of Florida and those who p ot aboardat ;I ; : Now unfe-4: \' trust him again. the Keys and the \nriotii and were ironed. O.ieofthe gULI.I:1' I'rane, (<,nniJmlse/ and! LXlid.ii 1 !: / ; ,''' i iof
\\'l? the Stote would I have been fijr in advance II -. .- \ "tiUhiih'I.Ne I. the IVniv:in and! l.r -.ii.1 (11111\, at hi* i I RL
stations along I t tiie lii c. The Supeiinundent !' 'ti.v .it T.uupa. n..ri.I.I tin- ;illl"I.If STOVES
< : of what it Is to-da v. Hoct of (;ov. JreConro('. \ ton tta4 fcnt from this county | .
.. M.iy, .\. I I'i. 1 IH; I I. a KioMiek(i I .\: .M.
: the Jands thus donated} the r< .id had wtitien to ,, f'r Iilie mitrdtr i Klleii: W\tlis : J.
are utterlyvalucjcs The JII.I"lIh 111IHI.! k-ru.di.T.xla! .
Ooala Manner rlority iu' (lov.Drew's ,un-t um.ind, I -
) -everal pnrtiei down here and i trie.l t., murder .iI 1 Ir. Ketch. '' j
$'ither i for their timber or txpititIgthe .\.lIr! prupiriv oIl! 1 to piv thi! ; dept.: |i
r vciot-s several mihuall: LiiNlmh hope that our pe 'ple would I take Oi FIi.Ith', of \\"-\-* contittnl '),stt.' (lit, .:ihi: dy I.i )Iard). .\. I). : AISrOAKMTLLSii jj
of cultivation
for"purpose: *;, uu1ctt'V \\ were pu-ssid by the Jxjilatun.So .'. Liv Oak) lI\'lrl"I\\l'r| ..1 I the Gu.mlami ; 11'; 1. I .
reach 'of :intere-t in the Suite: ( Fair and creating !i J. 1 1 1NKlt.t!: I ) ..
brought 'wlthm trauporta- do for that it t-caped. He i is likely to recapt1 1 I : tt:
\vc matter :h I
gave .\ \ )
lion by the coiistrnction. .of railways. : the iml'rl'-l'ivn that the company ., lure tl&'I11.-[",Iiu:,. :, ___ !*:;.';in Sir 44
fir !hand --- -
the -----
coinjKitiiiy a-kitig
;uut _,___ ._ f
woul.lll" the clean tiling in !!I .. .
4 Theirvalue depend* therefore entirely much better bills lor the same ro.i.l. the !t The Ca e of M r. Hull.j I !. i : For Sale KETTLES. Y -
people to laiiiesvtlle :1II.llIut, j
the of these roads auti put I J
building '
pc ,
which he signed. If our l t"'Il1'tll'o' j The ot tile special tMtn.nitlce : .
- 4 r them iu second das l'Oldllwilh '' report vii.i.xc.i; : or MANUT.U: :
consequently \re da l not see ttjiat bet- temporary sliouIJ uo\v arrive at the nogrocs ;, of the A..eiiibly aj'|"KimtiHl to mvei>tirptte .IN'THI ti: II.! ,. .\
2G; ter$1 dtrKteitjon the State could make conclusion that the Governor i i- incoiiUtcat ,and let them t find standing ro<>m the chaigf ag-aitisl Lieut. (G;if. oi-c an.1 I lullt I <>ry I IIOHM I, ., 11h I .'I. ILHn'LnXD TINWARE ni
where they coald in the Hull of "hit )I..h't. |N>uh andl! ..rt'-l tHOU; nm* of thorn than to give them 5a such baggage car. complicity I ill the 1treirtIt.IctilbuI
do know that l liv t1t -.1,1..nl".r111 1'0.,1 In-
w? not we shall l.e
If the TmI: -lt Kiilroad: l'UI\II: : Illud.ill i I be i, uu.l I 1t1111 it'd !low"t.. .M a't.ln. Cutlery Woodenware
) as tQ wake.jt an iuducerucnt l > ;i (>i' Glass & Earthenware
51 quautit'os Ilu.rrel with it, but merely ofll-r the I would like to know how to do! the decent I iu the ''J-'fitrittian SttppK! tu nt.: 'Ihe l. H. lMl't' 1 II Stationery, f,

/or:jurtics to build. ; tha roa
., Jt M,)ioreoyer, .t'1at' \IOU of a'sulisi- will be remembered that two I ) thing in a graceful l manner; and : conmiiiuv! IAO ot f wln\iu ( .Me,'r-*. '- .- Cook and Heating Stoves t

f: dy yhjcli i by no J osiibility) can he-car Gov. I>n\v: vetoed tlu bill yearsago in a way to merit praise, we euiumend I llu-h: :11I.11! I.i-iare, I U:<-publicanThe; i j jnut Sheriffs'I Sale. -1 j I .'it

ned 'out of thc.State, and_ w too of granting to it the example! of our worthy iellottotusian of the itivestig-ation; whichtent ] > Y'lor.. 1.01'HI1 -d L i Uri {l'.i.i. I' PRICES MARKED DOWN, t<> corrff wl1CitJ.t the ri'mr.. Call fur' :

i : :* that it lie certain lauds to the Gainesville,, .M!r. Wan I 15. 1 Heiiutroii to h.tv; U-en I thonnh):: i', the .) i'iic "'I.t.i tin l'ir\lin''lIrt( .4! I Ili'l I I'!I-- ': ,tlltltIif flout W"". J".jfl d.i.O/l? tlu CUIlII""r" ( ,./ to t.r'lIIli'l our tl .r
:: fuch_ a nature. can only Ocala & Charlotte Harbor 1'11\.1 l lie- entire innoe-etn-e of )(lr. Hull ot L.'TI'uA111 \lh'rdll J.>!liii MilUr, A<-
: pllte"al ble by adding largely toE I cau its cuUetiuction sit. the Taiujni S. S. Company: in i i couipiKity with or : knowledge any of i'iux' of lli: ,V Iru V, i- I'uiiuiil in itO'Hicii. '> {t.n
: nod thujecurinj ? piojxx-scd} ? taking the people from hcreuid: Manatee ( any : ( :in I .1/tuv I.llljU": A'liuiiii-trairix, Tin. I.l(!lii>H, In.tli ni.irrlol andin; U- lire earne-tl/, i in\itd to eall,, tsnoninVf : llItl t{
the dtll"r ils
popalation production?, in atoirdjuce train Ivlnre: or alter ... 1.. ; .
not with the proviit'n' \ ul t (; ( tA.ic v\ ul, iii t' aM-ti, unit > pTl'' .ar : NMt.:
E ,a hearty eo-p ration of of the Internal Iniprovenicnt ot' up to the Keton (hi-: comjuny'mail ; Ci'iliII1'iitH.: ):i Ir. Nat I'nyntz, t'.ie Joini (i.; UoMvs h"f! hlt-I.II\I. in rt:lit of \ are r Miv in.: \VethIy, !.ir'' llliti.ttt4! 1".iir .ti-ck, atvl our Siwulty i i. to k'I' ,'

: these :In act I steamer on that; occasion.Ve! i :, party' to hom the ".-u.irlive,: )liU ',li.1 l ur:<', .!:>. !'i':> tiIataIII "H'I'\ti..n. on 1."r..n\ -" \

; '; companies inducing immigra 18.): as to gUlge11,1 weight of iron. were not u\aro' l--fore tl.Jt *)1r.: Vu- l\tter'v waft'ldre' ., d I, ty-itieti: tl:uhe 1 1.1\'" this tliv K\i,,1 l iii"i'i and 1 "iil I "I\'t.:

:. :: ., tion.. Those.holding} ; ClbJi oosJor'] Yet we see that on ;olt of October, ha-1 lit) coiitttsatiou with Mr. 1 Hull. forile, a: 1"lloli"'IIIII'r*. Ktrc the ( , :,' 1t.'CHli all and everything! : in tli3Trausi I ; I llcii-o tUtu! ul T..III.I| I>:i Moti-t.u.' the Till
the Infernal ,
cont i ts on'
aa | 1876 the board Tru-twa ol'thel. 1. fill thelIlojt'.t ol that lellei, nor liil
f it l iv <>f A|"m 1 I'T'J I. in -lAti'fy :iiil\ ixwntit'ii,
Improvement Fund will do. well not Fund passed ti resolution allotting the : company" and that its. mntiugemetJt he make any lu.rwl'U\'lIb, with Mr.AlUn I the !fllu. n>. ti, ,'rii".1 l I.III.I..i the l>uc I I 1879'!

: to try to- thwart tbe application of the could no: h- criikis wth- I I.uki i.g: to the pi.nutrition of:f ot !L. I.. i .V.Il'l" I.'h, tlit>.:. il. to-wit: .
Florida Pl'niu.ua!
road Ocala .
to. to oat rellcctnion t) l on htr.i iwrsotKillv.. We, ,, any !iru:: I in' llrevanl. j )tr. l'i,ynt/: t t.<,;- I I. .in I :IJ, !:!!...k ;1'e. !I.<*- : .11,1! I I.
.lauds donated by the late legislature lay down iron of 3011) to the lineal 1 i i- tho: I.hid' tnt"J; f.rr aMr Hut| n:..-. ll>. I.tit .MI! blot k 10, :11\.1 1 l..t ..N"i ,. .

J";. ,:to these. various lail iad enterprises,, yard in liu of .00' !bs to the )'a..1 I Ia. |I. have never i-uluU-d** ( in aju-2! -of this i coiiceiLeiTat!:*! hi* testimony icon- i I. r.i I ii 1k Ii;;t. ,.t :Ii.i i i ow n ft 1.t,tij'-u. --- .!

: Jo.r by *o doing th: Internal liuprovtv thj gentltmau, thotuh hi- actau.l nolleyo du..iThe! pro-vutioii t ill' pr, curiiijj "nuX. i ot I It XV :11.101! theK I III.lJj H C. I. P.DZIALYNSKI IVl ITCHELL'& Co.
prrs.-riocJ by '
statute. ( :. ,
% far: htarxtc,1 interests t t- N \\ } :tn.Jlht.< : U | i f I:,' X I I.: i I t.\\ ,
, ( : they : : t..e the iinliclnicnt: lid ,
:i lacutFuud: would remain always as itis L not r.iul'ill 1
sot-lion .
11. .\. Corlev'reort? o 110 Tiiirn-iii : rntivli tit t II: 11. ,
t/ and never be able to liquidate: ijl Iub pn' of the Mate: and e-jtecially South i .'hj t letttr a'otic' tn-ectirea fti\ietie'ti' .\1\.1 tlw >. \\'. i ot: tht'! NV 4 u i.| iiv.if : ORT MEADE FLORIDA. !
Doc !.
Jan 1&7 > : Florida, have been and probably will I but -how i that a ft.'rt kn iwltilg-* .t l.l: ;1II.lll! !?b* Ki-t: i of the X K j ot >.< t'on! ; ,
while the other
hah id .
obligations ; on t tho fraud had been l li.roi.ru: hoinj I., 11. Town-hip --'. S, nit ol t I it! mc I'J -:.. : f'
continue to be .u.I.' ,.- tl'.t amuudverof I ri.u: : TItTHUIn.I\lt: !: : > ANti TILE l'nn.Il"! (;i\-iumLi.YX: !: : : FULL .
. 1' allowing the present shape.ofihinrs : The 1ii-were Sign d. |, : : him )1,.. I Hull!1 lia: > ('Uattred\ t-i ill- Ti mot" -.xl: \'.;"n, ji,sn-ii t-, rj'<:. im i lur Oi) ANlH Ui.--i .l ri'l.\

i_ to tak&itscoizrc: and tin coni t It sem to have l the i'Xl: u, oeCa.i11 J'l"rairu". Ta! kl.j .;\ Ijiijr: the! r-i.-ito C.mvajr- to HU kitiefiatiil title-. 1)I.AA," !%:.\1'1 01,7
> CIl".1 attention -
j tlu >ple! ul' Souih! FLi, ja: lil lUxtivc In the -.Iutitl.! I lIiBb..r"h I l t "Ml:v. t
poe >.iiiittii'
I;:: truct ton of these roads toted be con uI n' of all oi our State Exchau, ( : Man.'h.7th. !>; !.-I!m
w u<) cain! : s on his genvr.i-ity I ran vote of ih. ei'tiir.v ; ,an I lure the tl'O- : -
the remainder of '
the lands still
;: ,_ with the.exc"'ption of the J.ickdia cilli-
: I' Iei tiaidlv! bo lliuifiIiila'tlw name iftJyh.in 'tiII11I1of! :the i'hiid.luIIIII.lIh"i-| :, IV.( )1 I I1 I- r 1ERCHANDI
g. belonging to the "Fund and unappropriated Union and Gainetrillc Sun that after j t the llianl i. to tix- ttVtt: th-tt lie 1iloI'
not bo t a> it, i ia iar inure worthy, ot'the y \ tTi i: "I l\Ilt.i\"r o' 1:1: E"II. 11.
: :
.would only greatly the Governorctoed the bills granting } m i.iti-r.-onr-e: with th-m.nti! : tiijeet -.' -II-! .I 1-) .
; I I.. . .
l eri-t.: :lick-piL:! wh. crawl at i r.ni' ctitily .i : --.n.: ; t.
: but J ] wh.I-\'r. llu- -ti l all
enhanced in Value there would j :
-ci donations.of trtatc LaaJ to the Tain-1 jI .luI.r..i 1 I!'rJue, ii. ti 'U.l."t..;:!. I o .11r'l.utin \'.
r be suchan increased demand: for thciu f la, Peace Creek iVSt John, the '! u hi- 1II'hrfi.'tt.. Th COllrof the i lla.!i [)ouioi: tiie eharge i- eitii ntly( .\ : 1\1." i l'1.\t: i..i"II'r hi .tt I II li' wiiicn Tiirv AIM: : NO\V lul: :( :IvIx(: FROM f
; Tiiuit \\.1 l company ha? betn one -aiII.tOf.1I1.i: it j..1 l uhf: wheilurtlu I wT\.itM1'r ,t.1"iJtt! ltn l.- ..1 1(110.11: I Ihirhtir.t :. 1
that their..rcnJr'snlc would afordan A : .Iiu'I..r
re will l> any trial of th-- iiilietmeiit \\ I toilirti t "HI .al':
( abundance, of means for paying her aud the \Vct Florida ratlroa, ;, of t fraud' utnl dtipliciiV! Irwn begt 11111114 iu tlu I C. ."*. t'lIl't.-F"n'jlII.! t 1\I1.li n't'r ', 'I.'n' the Iour* 1\1.I( : THE N)1T] 1VE3TER.N AND SOUTHERN; M.p

the indebtedness to l'lIllIl South riviri-la hano$ lav ; '!u"r of T.II1\-1 ..1I t"r.If:. I'! .\''riI.1!.1l 1
t:; up outstanding other bills were pa< jd ui.ik.iii. I41..wtii Ti1..J i .
; jrrauls I I ; :i. IIIC ; t'l l.m.1. : .lil11I1 l
uf tta Fund. Admitting that the o land which received the approval "rs to :ik of hi; -he will take tare of T.\T:: ::\ 1 u,.:; tt;'vi: ; | CONSISTING OFT ; j j

cnxutun cf the Fund have a lieu ou i I o f the (Governor. I5>nlcs granting: I h her-elf.___. '! Q'tiney( hii iha.1 a Sl';.r) > tire.O : I Jh-t: of the. N.tU. Ill-t J .,," "<'.ti<1Il; 1 1.1.:: l l1 In : ", .
r'JTU "Id.! l li.. :, ) ? "
1 In.1
r.iwn-liip .w> > tiri I .1 CfOODS
I; some of these lacd: donated to these i: ,alternate sections for six i miles l ou both "\ -t ):ala i is tt> 1.nr I ;I"s I .i iisl.JekuiiU > .
halu'eti in alljuttrtcr Ittr'Jhavr hIlt .
: : .urn
I : Tiriu 1t"I. to j 1':1\ :tr; ,
several l railway enterprises and that sides to the Tampa 1'eacj Cutk tV. thud lar.. I It ha- : ha-; anew t'ttv Charter. : '' .
I -t.1 : -woupulliottn { IK t"' \ \( I I'llAI-T: ,r it. rMkrrh i

the claims of such creditors arc ju-r, Johns rod which graiit i U free lrunfian.r : to j.iuch I'i.sri.l.i'-oiau .' grlJaJ.1 \\- ; 7th. l""'.). lit.V. *. CROCES1H5, .'
.. .
010' I i .
-The Tetnplettm nr.' 1:1: Key -
the souih IIJ:1II,1 j
these amc creditors cannot fail to see : pvt more h ,.' .
claims "
outstanding ag.iit>t the l\\\'IIIT\Tat: .1. 1.1 i :" \
ith:111 it hi- hud 1.1; u p-nerali i">n. \r.I. : \it
% : '. 'that the consumption of thee enterprises Jllteru.111ml'ruycnut 1 I'uud, tlu, bill I III1'! 1L'l ) '..9Ilt' : KARDV/ARE: -
would in the end be better for I The I yreat cattle herd-of: the plainhate : -i'h,I" orange: ) .- :ta i I'r inSiiiniir \\I I I 1 1 .\ 1\ I a I 1 i ; i\.t .:.;\ .\ : '
also grants an extra IIJOIU' acres to : h ''.t1LlrtI, il! th% way$: troin! Colorado ( t.tUut).. j

them than if they interposed and became the mile of other State land-' subject to : to Te..iIn: I the Ulno; t alley, attjuail : l-' Wciliorti I I Ii:t- -liipjinl thia"'\:' '_ : TINWARE

obstructionists to the work. In I any prior'claims thus :nakiigthi: new .1, 1 and filar stnyll: !l glIl1.I.a HJnll lilt 1 I I I I ton- oj' tith LI,hI ct"l. ;. Vtl:.- IN ,

,the latter event "ir\ouU only be a I bill much betttr for hl T. 1'. C. etSt. j frozen l t..j.lll1) to lM'. below, -Kvno I U.inlu t.i| I H.lVheeI) ') Notions Glassware
I ll'ru.> wliuli I lia- :tl"" killed! t the jxaelif. ; General; [Merchandise Saddlery Hats
t ilojf in the manger piece of business f Johns railway: than the original 1 uU -'I''I'which IIl'- 111e wheat ti,'tih blk..u are slili: kept nj' in ( ;.iilt .viIIe. i i.J ,

and the would be constitutional 1 11.1...> i'. I. Wliialmi iliiil -
\ upahot a vetoed : ; U
\ was inertly giantin sate, liowevcr but-led under i twenttinches !. '

convention. two. years from now OO acres_ of State land to tlie. mil"c IlU ofnnx.. I lii Michigan l : the! j>eople ( ;Jieeti ( ','C :-j;'rill-_'-, on 'ill itit.G.n. BRADENPJH, HAiiAlEE. CU.I BOOTS & SHOES, '

which would repudiate all the outstanding \ have not seen the bill as it pa--cd. elg not ru'alll'uch ;; winter toriialfatvLtury. ; : .1]' .1 1 P'cken-on: wa- roiilirnied I II.1.1. .m\ ,,: .' 11 t..I! .. .in i :- ")ii>i.iniiFamily .\
.* r" 1. t I'i: :jl'l' .' .I
tlu- .i;
I by -et.ate ailjiilaut: ({ n- CROCKERY
of the }"unal.i
obligation :
t but such in substance'
are provision '
I eral ot! thetll'. .
The above ) from northern ,
affair. The' temper of the last clipped a Groceries.
i *, as we Icaru fnmllloa. J. T. LJS- I

.-legislature was clearly an index of hey who, we gnev, knows; all about paper, might bate pa-sul unnoticed, "-. 7th.Tiie The L.i.lttun'llj'lrtlt'l1 t.i.\. i.uw ontl A-! .. i i.a in,! Mm k .f Provisions, Farm Implements, &c. r
i of the I but for the -taUnumt about till: "}FllI1" paytrmay -
that people.,
: It. take a > l h't-i'ttli.t : 0
ouj.! STAPLE! DKYliOODS) () )
"' \ i i.b roTlat in lisciinii: I .
F?_ 1 crallg! : < And \ Th"u.ml"ll..r thins-ion i.niiwrim h' N tiwniii md.Ve thank fins Fri 'n N .
Tlie iaa; l>v Wlj II.-ti-- (.r tlu- I.e IIstiiTv I- -G;'.-n. .1. Van Valkon'.uirjr! fatliir! ., .,..
:5 Reduction of Tuxes- ; a-strtion that oots l1ud Siiocs, raid n 1 l't.r. i. >- r.it'lIy I |. -r Iii ir l'.itn.n.ii, <' n rit kilt tv' U l on n* anti l trn i l l.y FA1Uhi
.f the bill granting 1aiiJo the 1. I'. nate crIIrU'l'> arc 10 .Iii-l.!'* Vaa: rd'IIIIlr.lli\! '! i Ilr lItt lintCaps. I i:.\I.iM.. .tint K'r-lITII'\Tlt.! N 1' lit mrtt .1 ointinn.iiiif if thfnine.! ::,.
The tax: bill 1 as passed by the J legislature l.. $ M. JuLns railwaV, r..iuoi" to a er.aii&- pinclu i I by coM! j i-, not true of ><>uiirioiida. .lack-out: '. on "Joili ti-I.' I l lTh i Clotliine TiuuareVoctl; tiwa c, CroeKciyautt and _._ -- -

( !levies 7'iuilU for State purpo- ir 'tliecon-trudi'-n ofthironJ, !,. uhich! may The orange tree-s e.f I Hill I .-' Willow V% an'.1 ,
4 uc cmwUcrvrl the initiative (uu.ric Hiu4yiiig <' uliuntor sea-oii iiu'tv OJH.JI UOEI-IIM I BENDHEIM & C O.

'., tf including the 1 mill levied by the the }>cnii>-ula of Tlotiiia; "ith !; lioruu;li and; adjoiutng cuuntiehate say-< 15r..., Trait.: L-nik I out t tur a -.\i.- 1

State constitution for general school the facilities <.f interior tr.m-i>natiun. tit.-' ; delude: ,"f ,:11',1'i littraturc. .l
lack of which has fur i,ii lauiiyar< Uui I not sulfered It all at.d I have iK-t<..rproirtitnl BRIDLES, SADDLES AND 143: Bay St SAVANNAH Ga

purposes, which i k a reduction of 3 the in.}'craMe! oal.\ 1 jiijiljiinz/ uwtKvtlopuix \ a bctttr crop than thitear.. -tet.-tcoa! : ha-: h.t'l'I :atiotit! ft re. : HARNESS. I

.' ,mills 03 last year's B:4/e tnx, Couu- the vat t-xtcut o' pxv'! <..1111:r>' )fl'omellftlllIi.: .) have hiet'iiatteIjItilig Dunham's" m.i'hinehop talu.tl at ., I K:<-< <.i\i. ant! M li nil 0'ii-i;nuiciit. Manufacturers Celebrated CIGARS
lying in the iIitcrwr.-NLA..L% 1 ii1ttL !I t.. ("H.iu, wa- burned on 'll ia: -t. '- : I
i .tyzi4li&.eIto 2 n*ilU. though to produce- fruit farther: ?
We thi vtos wxitun UtorotJie I Notice of Attachment
fiipjwvc C hit the! Hill! ,
!iijie" |1':1.1 ,
: an eztral: : mills ra\y b, levied by news of the tJimniorVct ha.l readied I lJ.rtamll} sutler .South! Fioiid.t" .
.. 'I out hi''riziti.t theale! ot 1'tiblie! land-! SJK..I I IWMi.i '. .,. 'oTTO \OLL\ .\'.\<.;Jir.\A.: W.IIlA'O.Mi: : : J '
the Coooi-s.io:1 whn Tauijnt: but a.anothir! till wa I.a--e t i' i II..1? In' I.??? '
County ueceatary -1, which the iioveruor han f gnv l, we triilr '; can fill the t.ll'maIHl'IIC t f our in Florida, not necileii lor raval purj t llill-lM I I >nnti i onniy, p iiOLPHN; : UUiJ; IIAITV( I.OVKUS: '.\ D.\rO.

!' for the construction of public die prediction of the I uiiio U will Ualizid n- 'I grover have cau-enf fear' after the j 1.:0. fo' IV>' .\. KI.MK : on) 11 lNr.: \ L. Miiviii.u: : : :. EPICUREAN: ,
.\ih.KLi-.Y: : : NOt! 11 it; that
The school in the near future.-l',w R. V : ;iOI.l' EX: Fhiiri: : : NAITVIAMIRICAX.:
4 Iraildings. county tax uncommonly n !ld sta-on ju-t I'\ -\'II -.\ \\hirhdll'll'ic-.llIp! a small a writ. ot AtU. tiliu-ut hj I"1.,1,1: ( JASMI.V AJ -I
has been limited mill *' Thus it Chi the oth.. in't. Gov Prvw }*i\e aj' .roral j ) anil .ill t-h&J.itity t >
to 21 ?. | X'XIn : boy in (Oratt;i' i-otintt, the oilier: day, ; n-t '\K.I \inirrmStrtv{ <
an.l 1 risnatun to the :1mo1tt 1 to'grant : away. .. : the ttt! III:I.I..1 l .ItH li,.- hot: t 1 t.I1.
an.l I latxie-il) him lii-tance from SOUTHE :: A.GEN"TS FOR -
'4 will b* ecen that the aggregate certain Undi to the ( : --4-- : soitu auio mlliu to ?'. *'." > :

; amoabt of.taxes for StaJU.an d ordinaff Ucala aaJ i'bjrloe Heritor : iancHiIl'I'I the Senate when the mutton, t-, where! lie startod.The ;uw. nutMiil hall .sitar U.;.'.. I 11.I.I 1. .

and the otht-r artctord by ; 'rain' I "..un.111.1 o :nvl I.\-\.thu> J IHi.i West
t- '. Is III mills, or icc.tn-KleT) the bill! jnakinj the appropriation ; mayor: of IVn-acoIa haof- \- : Seidenburg's Key Cigars
: 25th ulu This '
; purposes (uuitnation of die lot:;,' I, of the 1 I'IMW, It.t O:1-j.II"lII\I\ hi i* i.li'no.it ,
to the nrnarsot. ftfeil a reward ll1t" :S.-V.* tor; the arrestof .
cherished and pay petiioncame -
hope j-ativnt cifort cf tlnsnJ
:>rtr ttlt5 lU thIS "$100. | Talllpa..un| the Ttli lay ,1.\1 t | ril. A. I II I'. 1
the Sotithoni rivlion of the Mate, tilthe -. .'i up, 1diI I Hoar tif Ma "achueltotllred -, the |I" ronwho:I siarttd the retitit .7'.i I. il 1 11,1 ,.'t.i..k .'t. M., or jiflcinxut Dill's .Schofield's & Fuller's !
This certainly makes a very good pooj'le with rrjjoicin It < the I atuetidtnent file in IVn-acola. : Chewing TOBACCO'S
; w j gnalday an that no )jMnionevet \\f j will l Iof'I..n.I..r..I a:ain-t y u anti \4tI1triqrLV r, ,
eho iagfbr Democratic aduiinUtraiioo of the ,so-ion of our LcjfNlatnre, and I be paid under I the act to Hon..Jttkron I Florida! Svruji ii getting: in 11-! i I I .iH tn' |nt t% .ld.l.} I
-. will mark the kginnin.va yet uicianiIcd DaviThe j 1 1't",1 thi 7th" div \.( :M.m-h .\. lUNr.Lir l\ Al.LKTYLns AND ( U.l.ITIl. ;
;- as compared with whatthepeo. rta-on given mati'l ill the ." ,triftertilarket.( *. .\
in the unl il of
([ era growth r\eloi'im-m l ;;). .1.( ))1 ; CAIUX, ,
had adnre for our fair Sta e.-Our ,. I by the Senator from Ma.-aciu-ttt.-! linn in .Jaek-'"mille tile! .l :;n I
to long "I.le widely orerlor
ple eight years i 1 i 1't'1'arl-] .
i i .nll : I > KuW.K-oN: ; : ITtir. : <;.aH.DEXI.E.: : :. :
.'- ted Lifure will now UXXHIIO hoin yfneiniH and tlu< act was that Mr. }:,'i. has reitiucknowleilge t IU) battel- U'J to Virginia.! 'I .., I
1 Govrnor .
..node/ Radical rulewd -a rntt-r with the t-pirit of a tioliv! amiyni-t ed tl, him-elf a traitor i --- ----- i. S LO.JIO G TIlE ROSES

tip 1iti majim teas that '[tathetir brutlurhood into the common work and ask pardon ol' the United States -Thetiauur ):ntl'q'ri.cof; ..lackiMiville .\t t a l' It 11' 'U t \OtiCC. I

"- taxes could never be too l," building t uj the wa.xe jilacv. in. all ourIir4er.4i11Ii Gwverumcut. Several Democratic, ;ha- been purclM-ed by l Hr. -OI Iltr it, Fi..ri.\.t 1. : Centpunial .uoILing .l.'ol)n.cco. ..' :
1'A* .\T IU' K. H. Mcllvatti'1, IIrl.dar K tand, 1 In Ju-.iee t "urt,
\ .
-. t.n\ Hoar.I I II I I II I".ru".l l. ''IDITtl .\ I '
ft y .'.- : .WethiukurtbebeneLoI r -. them,IIN1'P1ie Missiv-ippi.i Among who will I be taken ap'titjil: Ui the ( tilt' A. Kuir.; 1-! -- \of, ..t jent/' I .INITF 1'.II1t Tohaccn ntul. Cigaret, t..

/ Ii Mr. Yulce to General Carter. coa-t, .\ 1:1-: llIiIIYorrrn.p: : : : : ,that '-
r-x. in the Ocala Banner said the jtt
: that we : Senator Vt Vtt.ii'hmi ha-t I 10"11 -.intl
'aured '! -'tl1..J.! Ira Gore of! the 't..JarKe'.iI will" : C. H. OVERMAN & CO.
"Meanwhile rest Ma--achust.tts should GROCERY
may have
f illreTiew'the files of the Florida you ttaiitouly i/wuruur' I.m-I x i'ii an.I.IIr. j 1.ri1i1! rty :.ittulifl t.
ihrtaten- down
1"' that of the of the and without', provocation Hung : -it ,.Hi.' tIre iltiiiaini ill. l'h.lrli XVa',/ .1 U. .
; JV Iiwrfar and see bovr well the state- cue depots 'Company ; Hrother :*l (!* 11'al'r") 5-
i -' the insult. Doiug called 1 to order, he\ on Morgan of th' Nt't, .IIU..li",ill! I. :I .;.'I.lid. -r11 AXU ,
re xncnts f y It Jetter'.rrespond with will heat Tampa Charlotte Ha-- appealed from the decision of the Yiditt'. C O -'\allow him. Hrothtr (,;ore, No ....,. '
% -. J r.Tolee' ;
I .I
( htltIee (
.unl\ at
-.i& <
: al to Utelmildi&g of the railroad i Far, .tfofk tlm by pnrticf in JWir Alter considerable tli-l'u'-l'i\u the I. -Th\ radi alarc howling IK cane' arT.IIIII'I..n thf I 1-t ltv of .\i'rilt.; )It,1.IiINts., I ; "rl-: 11.\YJl': :\ED'A GRUCERYnt

z -to T&.. York, JJondon and Cuba for the con izec- amendment) was adopted by a vote of h )tr. Fid.f' Flotilla i- to jjtt hi- A. I II. }I'l.:: at)1. J.I.IKIIK-IU >.\ IMN>IS: ; antI ( t)1U 1II.o.OQ Hou-e in the liar

-t- 1 tlon & & This million the 23 to .3:. The bill was then agreed| full pay. Th"y I'\l llot. hll\\t'\(r.vt> Hill ln nii'i'TKl I :t:.iiu-t_%'I.u alit! 0111 i'ri>j 1" 1SI.IMH.UL.VSS I dcii, I -rrr IhuUlinj. whrro we will kei. 'a

Bomalnr Cedar Keys. company to. *. any harm in th' lO.MuOhich I I I 115bceha ) ( ny f4.1.1111 ]1'11) hit'I) I MKOI.L) >.\\VlXdVINDOf \"II! 1't.1\-tt..l..hk. f
** .decided should be applied exclusively /1 l"l"uil thi-t "l.i I It.I co 1\.
jvH-ketul f.ir: hoMm! a scat to'which I'
election for JluoicitbeOity I.. to the southern track. It I ltI. umu: W.IID.flY ( !\ = \ AND DOOR FRAMES FLOUR,
wasupon he Irul
\ uo r
Ie- We always tlhlugl.ltIr.. Yu- I'liantifT 'T.ll'I: COFFEE'
the bam of this fact, which was ..Lcics.. TlIfi.; .'
: 4ovu. lee's .name began with a "Y," but i it I IF.\L. -
-v *d public that I told i it
< you L\THr. : Gm$,
tt 4of.ca i.g the road -...Wn tcrmiuus. of seems that he LIeS an "X," the next !i [Troni the New York -:1lr.; IVin.] ? :1I1\U; .: ;.ndothi arud.u"nllly kept inlroc't'1';

: ; Ie\lottellarbor.* "-Pcnin*_. .--/iir- I letter above, i it.';e Ocala I'anner of f,1 i t The two nio-t prouiitK-nt llcpublii : 1 SlYJt : 11 j NEWEL POSTS .- 'BALUSTERS i! tert' lIi':: c.J. Wlllloe. t
of thc'ame 6011.o. r.h(8th-: : : % \1 mmTOBACCO Florida. ; .J' .
i I
"X" shall! have more ran candi !au-> for, 1're-idcncy) are .i
.. I rrwlucc
'L _
; 1 j UM le-5 S. Gr\nnt lu.1 1 Saiiitul; .J. .-4--- Kiisinti isktn in f:hans tit ,. .
-' c' .J' Je:1t1. ITiMcn. I ) |i Man.. Ji 1' h'"II. lnJ f"timtI": 't; ""
'. \,' ". n.hf, l for },lIloim.. I.. 20 n\IIAMrToxico-1 J-MI- ?
f.ni .
: T .' '
'" amp:. ., 12th.4 ., F.\
;: : '
; -; J '. fjf

.. ., .t>.h'f ') ]. .' .
: .
''- 'J
: ,' : '-:, "., .r. ti' '"''> .
; : 1? f : ; f r .
: '
.. ... ; ,. ,:, QJ: .. .
rJ -.
4-- : .Cf..r.f
; : "t. .. -"'. : \ '; c "t.
\ : ; _' f "
4c -. .- ". ---- -. .,-.<. < .. ...,. -
; L.fit//, $ ., .. .- t'M "_. I" ._. .
: # .. __
t .
.; : J' ,.-.' "' \ .3. "1i:-iS W*. 5S. .',. ...." i\.IIIo.IL., ._, ... .1'T... .,
";L" 1" f ; -- -"_.-._---,: J ) Jt---. .. _ -I.. % Ll- -* _. .-_._T"'L.. .A :, ..- --



; .

; ...--,. .- --. ,- ,- ....-____ _-, -
_ ? }h1l iEAi > !SRlBUNH''t Florida Agriculturist, &, Tribune.- IWe I- 4 _Flue Vegetables., I Mr.; H. P.- Lovcring and 7" -Dr. C.- W. ... '. ., k ".J 8t '

hr' : will send, the' TRIBUNE- and I f f Mr. Anton Fiefee, I living on ,the Andrews!, of Tamj pa. veiled ourtaoc- I INDUSTRIAL a l .".., '' ..".... :. "x
: : ,l"
AKP u7i : li
G 7 last Frhlll '. on' ,
tum ) They were a o
J .FLORIDA., AGRICULTURIST lor one Alafia, brought to this office I last
3 or" --, 't-- with the intention To : Y

:1LO.\ 8.c'T. Ullteborof Ledge 5 ;217ff year,for $3. We.:! re'making arrange-: 4.!.:. Wediiesday three of the largest tur- J starting prospecting, a cedar lour mill iu ourcotiuty; omPatron.Pnbl} Gtet ; ,

W'.t ....1 ments to.club with nod nips of the White Egg varietr that 1 left to the Enoulochatelite I _
;; ... other'J1I1p''N. ; Saturday morning LOWEliTULNZVZXTSTOBO '
1t'-' """'" r r>idY' .... <- GOODS WILL BE SOLD THE FUTURE ?
''' :: ;j... ;: will club list iu vhort time. !!'' the 71 j jI 1 1I and Wekiva, and will loC I I T '
"'{ : .p'ke. at the. 'MPOII .. '.? publish. a we ever aw, largest weighing
w"i' 11.11.' ... W UlBunr, '1'5.' : ,I I lL and -asuriug :11! inches iu cir-1 I Ieutuferemse tb; the mill wherever they can find ::: -
:;:; 1Wi -. rtnsosAL.-lr. Jas. T. Evens'i'
',- the limber IUII1II). They Mipply the !
_, : !'c'": ,' 1)LIoN1c. ,...$ ;jmerchaiidi-ing.at Shiloh in this; MUII- ;&11,11! uiitnt in lenth cx- ceihir naily tu work ino: | .-lJdJlI. On
lt .. -I- "' "hu.aoonOCOH du"i.I ij 1' II ", r 1\h., The tulu-r ,
j 1. there $ Io.ts
". : If v>>i-<.,-e"held" ,lit: .,IV. ;: \'C iI.i, <*;lil .tlllnV *\k. LLIn.: Tampa were :
J'ik. lie.. '. pcb asunti i\\u :i'p': 1u..u: "u't: U'",.. '!'II illrt, : UUtIwer on !laud. whidl Mr.[ L'iveringcatimaU-s &
thW ':] ).0 : at ,)lr. U. I. 1". ])L lIl\'U..ki. ol F rt ... .
.""'i" ..,.' J.. o'doek.. .. .u: '. i *. longer, bviu; m.Meofu 1 bell) liap-\, will (Lun I four month'hoy ship lUO()

"" T.'K.SrctcESccm..rY, .t\l4.; was: in town hist Tuwday. With iheso turnips ho also brought j'[ 'IHIXC-*'per week, containin .4.1, ., ,. 1p. '.. : -
"f !
; Mr. II. 1*. Levering rcjurned ihis i for 50() ;gio-s of |pencils, and 1 employ '
p1rector7or\Yoradilp. / a large cabbage ain several very I'about mill I MACHINE WORKS. Wholesaled RetailDealers
week irotn a trip over on the St. 100'!) hntuU in tho and i .

4r r ,Jsn : I large heads of.lettuce., The s x'd of i! \\ood-i. Their l'lmlract.w with the
Johns. He hai/ established
recently F. R. POND, Proprietor,
? 4' : JiETHOPISTCHUECILfitt I : ihoMt vegetables AUU obinineii from ;, 1tho Dixou Pencil C\, Jersey City, which \ '
r- I I another cedar mill at Cedar Hum Shops Mtuatcil three minute* vrnlk, \Vwt ofIVpOt '
i is the iu America which General Merohan
IT Agricultural D.-paitmcnt at I Ira company .
lcn"II'ti 10-30/ Evening mockin ,
Sunitcr ;
jaunty. .
: ? makes a strictly Ameruan J pcuril ; -- .
1. M. Sabbath Sch M 1 3-30 I' \ hillgtlJlI. -
Our esteemed fello\v-rtwnsman. thl'makc Ih.ir lead in the State Jacksonville Flu. n \ .. ',.. ':
: ; M. Wckljr. Lecture*nd Tra/er Mif ting, : : own _. '
; TttlMkjr trtafaf 7cloct ', /< T. l\ Kennedy, arrived home this'i!I Mr. Fit he i"is a gentleman of culture j: of NeW York l esides making the ._- RECEIVING FORWARDING >l

; tVi turrlce Second/ Sabbath,inechnM and a Pl".1cti\afnlirlcucr\ and lruxniiuluerous I crucibles l for the hunts in this country .l.NUFA1'rURIl'4: k'-
week I1Ioutli'absetice
: ':: UuTiOMA A. CA.R*CTIt. Pastor. after nrarlj'.! a. ,, .i experiments in raising all ami ull1nd.-Omngc; County Jicjwrter. Of Brass & Iron : '. '. ,'
Castings .
during which h.i.it",'tJ the it. Johns I j I Ii AND 4'CASH '!. ,
,L LOCAL region. i kind .>!vegetables and diuvrcnt field i I .-- -:,.'.-" '. -. :
: i Miiall scale he is )
crops on u : OIS1TUAKY. Commission LT rcliaiits;>

s a. ..'..,.Kcjtt.Moadaj h St\ Patrick' ';} ze.: Governor Dr.will do the ,.convinced I t that with j iicioiis :Jirml.I'I. I nil..l at hi* re"iiK-nce in I'olU: t'Ol1nty.F1.r And lYiicc.s for Dwelling* and .' } !

day. \ 'right thing by appointing Mr. J. I). and horticulture everything can Lo.
? : 5 )Mickler Sheriff Hernando county raised that will grow anywheic cl-e iu I' 1ti.i'i'io it1.olrNT. I al-o have the largest orlmont Iof Tampa, '-. -. ,'t I
1 ,.a, *90L. Orapge *re still being b oJght; The hiihjocj of lliis rneimmomr wa liorn mnAugmta t .

: t in for ale by growcrsiu the country.A. to fill the.vacancy' ()('('ioued by the the lUihtl.Slutl'. He thinks that there I i Ux, March the.'l'Jih, 175)1.\) JIN I Machinery Patterns in tho State, .\ FULL STOCK OF 2 1 I

death of Mr.: D. U Hediok. Mr.3Ikk- is no doubt but what certain vurie-', 1 p.irtuu IIIlI.111'011IU..1I4t l :\ iu the winter II I And can fill ino-t any order w'ithout p.trtit'sPIYi11Z --. '- 1 '.
t We'll!: "hands offj"uoti the I I of the Kline year, to .Jkllul'rt. in t"uutla : for the extra .o of rulltrui.My t
Icr is a good man and onc in whom ties of wheat, particularly 1 the Egyptialm i exl".I1. Groceries :
County 3udge iu IleruanJo } t
-I -.( : gets/m:1r. the law abiding; citizens of that connt cau bo tuccessiully grown,1hero. !': which lime he rtlurucd Joorgia ami it.If i iI' r Iiiipri'Vt-tl 1'.11., whiih enablemy: f
tltil near :>u\.imuli. where he rcuiainotl I Iumil I workiiuii 10 turn t'litI'rk with the .. -
'"' ..." ly have every confidence. I I I' ihf war tlr I 1&12:!, between' Great Hrii- ;, iich nud at the Ixnve-t Ca-h 1'rice.greatesttlip .\. well as a Complete Stock of .-i t
S- The orange.flowers arbecoraiug alit anti) ihe t niti-tl! Male*, was Killed he
; ,
-- -- -- for timeWATERTON "
i I Agent
warded. :
attractive fothe."b/ little I linn [1.tUIII"U ,South Carolina anti r,'- I IlIIlillt..1 | "
,very_ s1 1':UvC Okcccliobco.Tiu : DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS
'-_ }"' !. v .. 'I Our fellow-tovru., Mr. J. II.Krausc till I Ii.ctiiiUr, IsJO:, whai Imenltt.tt !i STEAM ENGINE CO. ; II IITheN
.!; 'u-:- '" "- .. coiujiunicAiion ol Caiu.: F. .\. : to 1'lorM.i 'an.l ttiiUd) on the Suj !' ,, \ .
was awarded' a Diploma at I '1 I And furni-li their lloilers and
t-oluiiil'ii and ilnghu,
river m "
.. .....,;XriW.. .. L.. .T.,.. ,/) Braiilenvult : the State Fair forflhe finest small : lleii-lry, of Ft. :M\er?, on the. : "Ouccehobee. ; ,I waniitv:lined ihtre till JIIIII.lrIS: I iiuuity,'):!, wlun, *rein lniiiiiird '- J-.iwMillis alhurl uotitv. will L found aUo in our I.ui stock a full line of ,I

: .t ; ..id, am ).L.Syit D by. \ I country"will l 1)0: loiuul the nll.1 l-i-IlUtl in that pin (If 11 ill-I...- I j I AlSONhccKbratcd .
treefhis little ,
wt;; '" : beafiug orange treewas rotiih( ''uim. no A' I'oik, tui I'taovCrttk, Gentlemen's Clothing and Furnishing -
r ; / hueres.tii. and reliable
t:4 lintel account : Steam Governor's
... nAhes g Good II
; ,
:! not over eight high and It-in,; 1'11.' aiiion.; .the first MItr-t of the '|
1Ik-Pt1jaftthu' T Bulbs of that lake and > cl lou that hai ta-torii itit ..m l ihe tuuulv.I 'I I I Anl 1 PUMPS
; erosa great |H> >n kept constanily -
was I less than a ycarvoJJ h from the : \1u\d'.ITE.\1
I Ho was -uliiitr in ihe war of ISl'J!, jt.iliuiiod at ..MannfactunrV1'rice" All kinds of HATS BOOTS and SHOES "
: Tlitre be littledoubt .1 hI.IIIV.I,1
can. procured At'e: drug lore of : )yet appeared. can 'i ,
.. seed, yet it Mooiued, bore and carriedto at Saxamuh, uii.l Krvttl tite yetrt (nights 'f
::, -...... Neve & Jensen, 'or of the feasibility of both reclaiming it-.:i luliuuiir! in the war with the:$;t 11I1".,Ie : Tor further inforiuation a.I.I.1 ll-l
maturity a onaH orange.Paengers I I price *, catnj .
IS- Ou the first and fourth pageswill I I tin immense amount of most Indians! in 1' lor'ul.i.1U j i, I ighmeii, *\".adilrt.iii : Wd;keep also a splendid aworUnent o .
ant diz"1ul'l..I i r
> I waa guud liw-abiding; \ 1. H. PONI> "
Heiuler-on ,
be foundKvernl) inhn ; pr excellent lands in thai region and of !1 I thf *-i..u i of time Male in I Ivil: I I -
*ting original March Dili,-Hun. II. T. Lykes HOIl.J. 'I MWi I'. O. I'M *, SO'; ;, J at'k-tnv ille, Fla.i Hardware Tinwal-e p
?: contributions. oj>eiiiiig up an c\lcn-ivo interior navigation l hut afitrin.viiMi w.i-1 an atHouipli-luil : J 11. 71)) (.in. Crockeryware, :
J. Frierv, G. AV. W.rihen. A. J. l.ut: h'.. :aiVtpud rtMilt aiul .1i.11I1I in -.---.-----.- .
: .. 'VS.- Judge H. L. )Mitchell and Kuight, c. 1-1 I'urcclls II. S. A. 'Sftu1: 1 thl ugh the CauJnsrHatcliie: his i po\ur !i >. tie ..iitiv-4" of the (:\>ntt iterate I II i U. S. MAIL. WOOD AND WILLOW.WARE i'j :

Lake Okcceliobeo and Ki,. imuiee CoNtnii'K-- ,t. MUIIN' of tho
.Sparkmau amiVillU' returned ,, ,
tolilurrtiiuiuUr a,1 l KIXD501' nooK
: March, 13th.-C. C. McKay, G. i l ,er.u earne.-llv! hopu lhat while : : l'.ultlllratl'l ;
from .Brooksville Thursday.t iuto their I:nifiiir-liming \ We hall continue to fiimi-h .
:: AY. .
,LeunarilIr. Ivlwin May, MrMcLoud. -. .
; Col. J. L. :Mc-igs isSsiipagcd in the : No one watr turiitd : \%:t 'f
1:8IaDY: of the farmers of this Mi-v-J. Emma Lie! J. II. : )lioii-e hungry, .>r nfu-oil n fa\nr it uilliiuhi TiE )MAr.NIFICENT: E W'' Corn Flour and Meats
the that he
; .and. 'the adjoining counties hare some Turn, Mr*. L. Turn, and 2! ehildren !- : Ul'\'i u Cuioo-zuh\jtemic\ pow'tr to ral\l. 'I 1 he "Elk r of this n'- I' s1'FAM1Lh1': :

; *' J. 8bipl'| EItiuiIas[ )lrs.Bixby \ may be able lo di-termnio the dilfcrence nit iini-i- him :i-' a k ill,1 :mim'I l Inxing )parent, I II j I
4 corn, half-leg and knee high. .I and 2! children W. L. T c3ea. j ol Lv'vei between like .Okecchot al all lime-* lining; for !hi.! \\\illiri- l>.mrmimg I I .At Freight and ('oniinh'iuon-that i Ii at the ACTUAL COST-but we want i di9tnrtl _unlhatlho4C .1

,- ;. '1ItIfIMiSs.. --who sent us a hand"some S. A. Joue.Dcath *. I i 1 tati aad! the Ctult': as su';JK'slcd: in our ,t .ihe,..t1t.l rtl'illK'ii.,,II, thtMiuh hi. nil( tie we thlKrfl was al.ui\s in resjvttto "iou 1 I I Io I .- (Ivrstuth.l articles are itictly for ,' ::1
boquct of white, pink nnJ rl'tl l of-Hernando's ShcrilF. t: i is-ue' bclorc the laand; to accoinIfii ,,
: .. rose, will please accept our thattfcs. Mr. David L. Iletlkkshcrilroflhr-l: |.I ]]ili this, we I feel couli.ltiit: that the t, wiltlii-r.Iu lll I ho j"imil) .h I'riinime Kapii-t LIZZIE HENDERSON We either buy or receive OX CONSIGNMENT all the fur ..

*;,: 19. :Toe little camer. Tampa has nando county, died last Monday ': ]public .;rpuilcd citizens of Ft. Mcrsand Chiirth. in whit h I ho ntiiainttl l.iilhful I up J.qIE Mi-KAV. Master, which we can timid a market for here or el-ewbcre. Puc "-.-.
hi-t tit-nth. .1'or tr.d \5ons 1\ :
to lohi
( ;beeu: on: the! ; mariue-nvilway: for the night, puHujg an end to the spring along die! Caioo-alialchic, will render ilt-aili! he w.i< fully anaro yar.thai J'n: ihotiul) i WILL MAKESciniAreclcly o

astwoek; :umfergoiu'g'' repairs the II I 1 term of couru which had! convened him all the aid in their ]>u\vcr.' appriiathiii, ;:. :m,1 l 0:1 in.iny iHt-.i-i.-ii-i in Service j -
t-ptMViiijj ..t f it to thc w riti l.rt..1 an'' FOR NEW ORLEANS. -
r "
: will-! .orubably
i ..- -, '1. Don't Bead This. |i we understand; ), had been bad for some 1 J iILLu".1 l vvila time .pirit of progress lm4 :';'i..r. I 1I'II: 1/ .le : .1.1\" l'rt.\.It.u lu li; TRANSMUTATION .
) lit. ,' ihouljtft
'E very b.Kir. van IM suited uuw in ,1
The Sunland tribune
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 Material Information
Title: The Sunland tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: C.N. Hawkins
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: March 15, 1879
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Tampa Blue Print Co.
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: J.P. Wall, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 44 (Jan. 6, 1877).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Succeeded by: Tampa tribune (Tampa, Fla. : 1885)

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rr\w .
i l'f1 ,

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S. .

_ .:.: ,:1... '.'-- .. -.:._. -.< .- ,:... e. ,"'__ .. ,",..tJ'"'':' ,. '....".,'',. I, : .,I iI
-- --
t" .- : ----it- : ----- .. .. -.-. '.- .. -. .," -.. -
.r'" : : .v. :. -1; ; ___
_ ; ':.- ( 4 :! :_ ___ ," I 'n:' 4 "t't'ii' -'." ., _. i -
; ... ,. .., i .
: ." -
r "-' .f 'Or.. -z" ; --tt ; ". ": :1 ,'., ''
it- ., ; .. ; ; 8 ." AJI, : : t"'o_, :
.: "' ...-," j ; ";.. .., ,- ... '- ,r.. .r" W..'.. '.. '< : ..: ';" "', 4' 'F.-. '.: r.. : : _
)J; ".t";. '. : : : s. -
: -
: ;.1. .
j. ,Y. .
: :i' Y..i::..r'j., ;. ,o.. .' # _.. ., ;. z ..1, I
."; ,_ '. a -
f :: '- t : .
tS. ,: j. .i _
-- ,. .' .' <.
:0 &

""':f (J<"'' .--, "f'.-qj. .. \i A N D

; ,

.,".,:'',<. fG:"j':"- 6' r I 7 .1

'_ Ii .
-t. __ '
; -
f.. < ; .. _._ S :,I
1 .
"I' -- ---, -- _- _
= : _
; r"
t ---- -- -- ,
--c-::: ; T .iK SPEOEiL T.iIi;; 1L1L:'},ii c.rIi5S79- ,, : v.;, --

'_ '-' ,,._ ____ ____ _ ___. .,.<. _
--- --a..f.- _. ___ ._ ...__ ; _
-- -. __ '
7'J < --- --- ----------- J '_ -' 1, -" --11"--- ------- -_. r .- ____ ---z i; .
-- -- -------- ----- ---- ------ -
L >. ; sm.rt''L1D; TRIBUNE JUJSl.Y1.SS IJ.UUJI. I FORT MYEKS, Fuv. Feb. 21t, 1871)) .41ene.i'r to thn.-iwh. One ,r flOt'eC1fl3.l1i" j iii,-.- '- :- "
,..7.. .a..u..D- -, .,. -- ------1.- us 1 i>asi C i peel ll'r one ( ; ,*ur: drpuopwith'.. "iuftemb.iibetter. ; Ib'ei ,{ uae1. .JG', ; :." .
: .1''i. :
.. r," .. _. T - : EDITO:: Tut nux c : t I IFre thing remarkai'ie about rake Hicki i rouudings reclaimed. nn t.ha(South If hehshail; have.toN i 'k. ati"h.. 'by- 'm 01'":" ..-.". '. : -.
I,,?:...1-2:- ; -. _IJ n t-_;.._ ffjbrManager.S -_-". ; vrx. '\'fiouiov., .- irnsRY CCIUHAM.W. I <{U"'iitly I am ia- !' lochce i is its depth o. water, frtqnctitly Florida and especially the section in till every cotton seed not r t nagIThrn' .4 s: r '- ::1

r : .tJ l, ,Official Organ Gth Judicial- Circuit. W. GORDON & CO. tcrogatcd about Lake Okccchubee I we/.could carry eiglitcea Jeet water i question, will, attract mare attention 'planting shall be composted n&i but* L''r..I'I' -; tIS' ',' ".".,, 'c..:: '., liIJ

) ._ _'- -_ -. and its surrounding-: tit< give siieh ; to wiHiin a few rods of i its: eastern district] 'ried'io'tbe' oil U will Lo far4&tte t 6ve bushels mabc" 'e1pctedkand; : ?
{! PUBLISHED ON .;ATUllDAY.. (Successors to Tison & Gonion,'} i j ;as an agiicultural thaa. any ; : ty, . -.. f'r.
lit 1> information to the public H I have: shore which was everywhere L\tllti-I!.]part of the State. Railroads can I have for the farmers'of' all! '"Florida, ; .and r.lie racojtint vwill.;"tind for ;tbM: ;1. >.t) 5

Fi : : <. ,APVEUTISINGBATE3.. _'I' Cotton Factors : from j>erj>oua! observation: : I address fully adonad with l IjoniK-tts t or lilly | but little to'
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