ousincm iDfricctorv.

Thanlkfill Ifor thlie patronage hitherto received
from the Merchants of' Apalachicola, he would
respectflully solicit a continuance of their lavora
Eutaula Ala., Oct. 27, 154. 42-s

~-. I r rc-rr ----- --CT1~"--

F Ti II 'I1 -W T-II
-, .1,I

:t ~k~a-~r

- ------ -r---- 1



(- Liberal advances made on consignments
of' Cotton to their Iriends in Liverpool, Glasgow,
New York and Philadelloin.
Jan. 11, 1819.

Wylie a McIKenzie,
No. 4-2 Water street,
Septt. 1, 15-17. Apalacliic'ola, Fa.

Benjaii n Sailter,
No. 4.3 Water street--Up stairs,
Dec. 1, 15-17. Apalachicola, Fla.

Coinnm mission and Auction Room,
J. I. STARR & Co.
WVe having received a full share of the palro-
nage from the Merchalnts olf Apalaclicola last
season, will feel thankful for the same in'our line
of business tte coming "winter.
Eufaula, Ala., Nov. 1-, 18-1S. 45-tf
Eufaula Auction and Comimisi
sioin House,

Dtrofr fonail Notfces.


A. G. Semnmes,
01- Office, JVo. 2 Capt. Sintmon's Building,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.

Yellow Potatoes.
1 BBLS. in fine order, forvsale by :.,
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.

Jan 24

,0ye e.,,.
Y C'o-' ee.
2: iQrXO SACKS RIO, landing and fu r -Ple by
.?U' Nov ISI D F, WOOD.
S', Brushes.
Ili, Hat, Clothes, Teetllh, Nail ad Shaving
..R -.Brlshes., I'Jr sale by'
:Teb-34 H F ABP'LL.
t : Fiesln Herbs."
S* AGEg:Th ,me, Suimmer Savory, Boneset, HoI'r-
6.houri, Catjip, &c, jU;t t reo"d, i;,r, fl'.:r sale b)
.Jian :5 J C ALLEN & Co.
Lemon Syrnip.
Br IFR lAY.'S;Superior Lemo.i sirupiu.nt reci- ived
arL aid-..(-rfkale by
.-Feb-r17 H F .ABELL
67OQDRUFF'S Arti-1ilious Pil1s, for sale by
:V'"Feb 1 J C ALLEN &- Co.
'iWAl,& HOUC. CS Panacea, just received
K and totr sale by
:" .. -'Fei .-. H F ABELL.
H_^Q0ODRU.FF'S Dvseiltary Cordial,for sale by
WV. Feb r. J C ALLEN S Co.
,\- ': "':" OSiilabur'ss.
T1 EORGI.kl'fid Lowell Osnaburgs, always on
*- *.'h h nd, at the'loiest rate,. by
.; -ai l.-. C A GRIEEN & Co.
". .;)':' Cebrgia Osuabur gs,
_e .-- .." .' 53 W ater street.
.'* .:--, ,..z+" ..,I ,La r
-.. '* :OS new-leaf, tor sale bvy
*a"C 'C A GREEN & Co.
:'.:'- 'S"ITZ ahidSbda- Powders, jus4 received
*-.*_ .$. '. _a d .w .f ,.v
"- Fe CLal e by
L J6C .ALLEN & Co.

D1. B. WOOD,
24- Water-st.,
Nov 18 ; Apalachlicola, Fa.

: -Note Paper. ,
P-ERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for
saleby "' +: : "
Dec 9 J C ALLEN & Co.
S Boois and Shoes,
fIOR SALE, by the package, by
1Nov.16 D B WOOD.
<* Biickuvlieat.
"-rn BAGS ;' ; -2J kegs nolw Bcikwheat, mist re-
,./Jc ceieed, antd frr sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN& Co.

I _


/ .


?". .'.-




; / "* -,. "---' .,, .*- -:"
.. . ..<.?_,
II .-. 9 ." : ^ 'e^

: I~ *-l~~- "-l). *"**, llj 'L
*, *-
,. n -i''"ti it ja ifu "" - *

.. "'.r" ll J;- "* 2&.- li'irL ( iia '

^^Wt1 -t rMjO. ,* 1. S!9t9J

*' -.- _n, '. -'~ aC ** -'" Y >;iJ' -i

,.<, :- i


* o-

. -~

Al rl,*L)- ,

| +"



,? IH 1lei's Dollar Magazine!
-8-to 0 'Splendid W.OG Engrav-
-.,.:_.. ings eacln RMonntl I
-'"Thi-s-unrivalled Family Magazine, umdversaty
Sacknovwleded by t.he Preis as the HE-sT American
BeA'diacal publishedd, offers at the commence-
Sment of -the 3d volume unusual inducement to
S:.sfbs"rCibers: Its features hereafter will be en-
tirelyi" eri'ran, inlJding,
.iME.R IC. i.. T p t.L E .
A-series of'. Enrdaiviigi, I'rom the Pdiutlulns of
-. nr' b'e artfstS, incliinn g Cole,GInuuIiX, [Dur.nd.
-Edmomdl, and other-;, i- in vi, i,rel] aratioii,
Sarid t11Il Icile pencil of rhe'iniinitnblQ I ARLEY
.-i_. now actively enridaed in enriching Holden
'ith his Portraits of tiht Publiir. Men < t.tree-
#, tea.
',pAN DIVINES will be c,,itinuec dm evein N1. .1
'herethl orer iiit Il'e-like o k,-rlic lI th "r l i -
aiirl rnintl r'v E r-h NMt. % ill b-e rillod with
-T.JLES,, p:J!P_.S-, ES-S't'.1.
R 9V'i lr'.,. SA'VETC HEs.
1.t.\NSL ITIO.NV.'S.
rOPIC0 h OF THE .11I) Y1H.
an-l w ill e-n'r irv '- e r. thiiix iiiii.i l'.i'^. litI /'ie-
li .', na l I R l. it.' n ,) v In .i 'r, In lh e ,.v.,tl.I.
A. ; .. .-i F .vr,. l,,[I. M \ I vi;m ,?, i E lit ,I1-,I, t I .I r .lull
t .-l-h t no riv\hlr ilU i .3 .-"r,.ilr .-]p.. til. I .-4.L0,i 1-;
+\..alir? in.1 w -,nr lh, .T I 1 hie '.tn..r.; it t. the, w ,-,rl..l >-,
i l t )tie ci .tr t,'te r, lel,-r.try v l -_rit,w:j'i.ld Ii l i lt'.?
WTale R1o3lel Iiagagzite!
0 F TH F N1N '.E1 FI NH (-r'- F. N T LT R
N ,' f;iu il\ I1 I I l l ,:,'1 > an -dl,"r. I 1,3 b e '\ i lt .,l
H1 hlen in ill .-ir'le; f,- r w he, .' .1 ;'.'r],. l,,i, ,.l
Lc2ull, ob ni.- ,.l ., ? ,- ir ,,r tile t, i;-._' il"
"i'li; w h' 'w ill 11.., 1 'i, ,1'~ : ,' -?
. "i'/' sret, tl orft H,'e ] H '/.lin i->. P'l. it'til
briitiy te i 'u h /t li tinii i, ., /in/ iil *mil
ff'eli-a1 il lt'"n I /-/- nt .' ,li'L- ,1 l / l .A v. b tl ...
"of iMt vF/'",i ,,.. E i ;'l ant. I n.I r nic'sui P,-r ,l It-
i. 4,.thb; le sc: tiL i linrd I i A r 'to/fIi!r, : id tpin,'.4.
.. .conin inalwi ia'' /'" l ite > !.p :i i't / e'Ii-

fl)!i~';....;... L"? ey..!op, did 1.111o. 111
tehre I/ie 'i ,.'l'l R i,.i\, anit l' di: I ;llk l/
ietospaper, il i nqcll : ae. r. i:' 1. I ,if litti l _t'r._,,n
hid, b/ pio c.t tin .; ,,'h ot'./,l/ti r rio-oqu:tt-
'ificati,)t L l tY.> t'o t t'vl,I r Io l,,'rt, rr, Io.
-"'l'lf e obl,ict olf 0ttl E- ilit' ee h-i h,- t, ve rv, a
T -',!REP' D mtLLAR Mt .G..ZIN,"E 'iR -,.'tF TIRD
PRIcE, and a iinc. at l-I,-A l,." \wdl Q I.,,A I e
ir iult N ,.,w, 'lie n, lyv 1 ak tile su;l: ,'v. it I-. tlle
't. m m, tttiv. vid Ii retiri will ive iiy',ve-
ire.lt-, n nx'h i d r.1e lrn il'lel. .
.se .y n'n .v 1i 't rl li ie 'll ,., 1 lr.I....il,l as I}.'" ,
'serndtlrl 5jln -t w iLL r.li'.I'|\' ti ri1'"t I rl ,re ;,-nl l .'I,+I"
.I I I v

Y }V'C W ^ i ri-- T:.^ la N *'<* i lii~lheir 'i-,I .--ll,;
J|'|T<..b > LIT(~it' w i''i,-i b r .~n~rv si-wi bu. -trib-tl li
'con~int..i\\ i''i- the nre\ ,'x v, 11i 1ite.
STER. ,' FF l- I I -,IN .ADVA.N $.
.col .',-.... .... o e Year. ........... '4, It1i
'i. q ii?: | .. . i i I i i I I i I I I I I I II "
f-) eopie ..... ......................... ti'1 l..l
.. ...... ... ,.-<. P E. ....l.l.. ..I.! .. .. l
P ., r Il iaster.;, o r1 -tIiher;. I;', i 1 "-2 n1 n 1-, .;, ,
I. 1dol11 .s. w% i i' e.-eie V V l 11 o t ,l l. -
'azi.ne, h rid-.>:. ,i,*l% h i !,i| In iir|,l nlt jnd L|1lt.e..t_..,_,l.
A\dJlrei->!,> t-, n--'id,' .
Sr 1 \'.to I N. Ia.lAi-'lireot, N Y.
T'P..? E litor-: I ^vi,,Y lihd afixe _Pr,%,],c,-
11 i t ,i it i I ,m '1I> ]i the I i r, ,.- edi-
St.-i nial S, will he hfitlle, to, the-ssecond v.,li e ,of
HI Fl.'e \1 ) n h l.' rt,.l Lv^ ,uad in nii.C .lli
-a i,l.'i.-,,tt ,i,.- z.l" ,,t ,,i .,hillit,.,.,' a s l,,,-n .l,.J i ll
i- j 'th rF i' lltrzi l on lll1 t.1, 11 ii'r. "f 1"r.,4'e
reyiv, 1,. ,Hor of the New Y..r; Trirl-,owe. ,dri'.\i
S ,ifr"i) l'il' bv DD irf/eY and e .i-nr |o .l 1\ l i..'l[i ,r,-
"*M I'. Th-.' b.1,41( w ill he '11- ,l0 t.>1 ,:h p -r.
ab ml th e I tl) ,1f' J.ui Irt '. w i..It it ,il 'h,- r,-,i,, ,
,ion Ihe re,-en titi nl' a pll.),-r ctifIai'-iI1. theadvec-
i-4entent and ii-iuice avarkd.. Editors copying
rll.1 aild iriticiiil in,mlillv will also receive the
.M.azizine e-ci h np-inth ih l',w Ihe i c~ni year.
Western Produce.
'Q r; L01`1`1-3 l;iir, Oi'h '.- do, Lard),.W hisklzy,
.A 1 lr,' r, |*h-nceand prin- f>,i es ?orl, mei.i
andI i~rinri .., B > ,l|,Hani -., .fio-r,-,.i.Sh,: '. ;,fi r
-stl,- bv B. FLLISON .& Co. "
Dee ,!. Cr. WVator and Chestnut sts.
Negroes AlieA. '
C -LIKELY ria,,d- >,n. .d,l ".whomliberal
Aw' l wag,-s will be ibaep ai -.,A l to
9ieb. 8. 41 A'.e ;,t ,,I1' N '._, \ Pi --_.- -
--Wooden W'are.
Br'^s$(nund C>edar P~iil'.-Piii^Uir, ,,,ket_%
D ecl-'Bncliets, Hiclkory aud C<',rnl Ri ,,,ini' IoI
Wsle by [Ja u 11] C. A G lRE EN ,:'. Co.- '

_T N F ire P ro t" S tore N o. *2 1 \Yljt?l' ,li 'c l, by "
T !'hi' t-b ,0 rSO iA N M edicilK--',hl,' saile bv
.. ."e;FebI J C ALLEN &' C,

W. A. A& P. C. Kain,




many a stalwart fod-lo-Oh4.aaW'et an, dit..*-:--
ing ile glittering blade, 'f0.tlt-4bFr drr i\rl 'r::-
or death. Terrible, indeed, wotathatbloarod
encounter,'t.ut it wea'- fil'of2or-aftn1a. -
.A dozen of Ihe.guerilds 8ana.ef iU6 I
first fatal fire, and as th. iled ilkre Ea UW
to-hand struggle, the, j lal e' le941t.e* & 'l.e-4
.*jpteruca40 prareple-d".lown the l-eht, dft"i ..
ofr th"i"4etmnan. a'or ihe de-adiy re6o;rll;l;, r "
with powerful effeftc u-pon the-csw*%11l4y
robberss. One after another ilreyflled'-ffoil
the field, and ere hnlf anI hour bad-paf.Sed;
ffie'remnaat of ,ihe small iladd refiait' its
masters. Ten had T-dl-e in rhefslifeti,'t d:
lay commingled wihhli he iones' of' fot; w
,bandits up..pa-he.gorysod. -But+ wheruew .
.!;Ric.ai'? Kneeli*ng-'beside lyorb0t k,,w l r
Shis pal e a n jd Fla ea r 4 -rafiCeFrl^ %
ven, wilH lihe' blood oozed. from a df, .
woan d in his breast, he is beadi'og overt'.tp
lifeless lorrp of his daughter. Feom.(a .bi-
let:bhole ino'her snqpv-wh-te forefiepd the ride-
of life has ebbed away, aBidt her lovely Wfsc
are dabbled in her own life'sbfkLoo,- B' ""
mingled with that of hei father. ,i8sdS
beside him, wilh his foot .r.r-ng uplno ill-;
body of Ventel, the gierilla clef. is Abo*.'
is haggard brois sW fWTia0, d Fith-ines of'
heartfelt anguish; ajnd jid s maftythoatt-iti
-beatrng wfih Aympa i'y forlihe bt-reavdo trj,.
rent. Around thllem, but at a ke tflu' .,
distance,. stand, gihered ihe sulvivi'trs that fata] corfli.fct, "'ad the stawLtta'bwea'l.
brushed ithelearofrsyml)a4-hy frd'in'lbe'ey3t,' y .:
and theylurned, i6 hide the etr"Odsu."' W
swelling hearts. The old -man m`o'tfLnE -
Abolt to draw near. In an inslantf Ithey&f"f.
was' at his. sidle,;l'aId ditoppingU tip6r-6lle-
knee, ,'he siipporledt ie sinki-ng formf-o]',
Ricaird in his arms. '
See-that we are buried," whFis1*reld ifi I
Spaniard toethe youth, -" Fnd'may.God'F6-
ward yotu for your,%endeavors in my Lutilf-
My child I come !" nd, fi xtn. b.S ey/e isBitP
the cloudless eky, he sank sl, 'y back a-0 4.
expired. *^ t^
They dug a rude gra;ve- btiidI rd-hotu, '
during waters of- L.akoe tlo' ho1a;Wnd" bn-brieV1
the father and daughter side bgidh, l*awd.':
Ithe ripple of the pgertlle wniers ,'un'WF-.e'-'_
qu id -i-" t \ e-1itei mri or o f-,rder-d ea'petf,-
They fell beneath ihe iraniha4ld'ltWl; rP'#t '
mon-.of strife, and perishld by'-vb.'kinyibitbdc:b
ford.fhe swords of 1he,foe. i,-a.nTs d .F-
Jo'v were fpiorgIten in ilhe 're Ie.pasge(:
of ihe fad, Xii'cked and tossedd b.ih c.';
situdes of waf, and, jnnneence..andbe'i6e n1- "
were sacrificed upon the blood-slaidedPtar-
of dissension. -- -'' .'
" -. '. : ""- .- .--" ;= "d'^ /:
A MO.DEL. 8EPEffH JB A -Y-A4WT9E-Ai 1&- -
TONZEir,oi C ,PIT'AL PuTi C.,i.J',Tn;-Wep, tc
defy any .minn, woman or ehild :i -the-.co-.l '
muniry to read the fotbl1owingo _ndiloq,.u.n _i-,
oration through" wiTlo t uing1,," t -W48
delivered sqomewhere in Wiscoi-sn, by ajil
of the profession, w.ho,.i, wodli^,el, fia'rl
quite an aversion to capital pu'fislimenti ..
May il,please your Lordaship and bei-.
tlemen of the jury--the case-is a-a.elea-r _,
ice, and sharp to Ihe doing' aHs, p"ofrbO.m ySo:
sweet'hear. The Scripunre ssn'iti,""611,_
shall not kill;" now, ifyouji h,:ng my clen!.,
you transgress the ccmfankid. as/slick *s;
grease anld as''plump as agoose eag.iri"
loafer's face. .Genlleimen, murder-is mi.u;-
der, whether commiitted by iwelvej6.'j'y"ifi ,
or by a humble individual, like m.yeliel"
Goilamen, I do. not deny the fac i `f"'toy's
my oliant's haying killed a ian6 but/Is tl't
any reason why you should d'os:0 '. '.
sucjh thing gentlemen. You may.brinogthe" -
prisoner in guilty;" the hangma'n ma.y do,
his duty; but will that exhoner~ai ,-yout'`
No such ihing. In that caseyou, wiilll"
be murderers.!, Whontamoig-y' ,i'.i-j r ei-.
red for Ithe,brand of Caini'b. e".8"p_
on.his brow lto-day ? who, freemen, wl"iV.n.
ihis land of liberty ahd of light? Genitleif.
men, I will pledge mny word'nult ^,* 064 (' '
has a bowie-knife or a pisloVAQ; in.lsjiokel11'
No, gentlemen, your piocke j- er
ous. You can smoke the fblu 'Tcti-,
inde in the'pipe of a peaceful 'S.cixoe-r^..
but hang mny unlorlunate dient; Repdn [is":.
scaly alligators of renmorse..wiY gajl6^ "'. (f
the internal principles pof' aim v..'ri Fs
until the spinal vertebra of your an.)li"jl -
:onslruc'ion is I,,rned.iPto at:K^i a^" 'jf
the grim aud gory gobliiis _ofTl ,^A ^ .
"Gentlelnen, beware of'conmmUt i -.i
dei'! Beware. Is y of meddtJiij .i--
nternal prerogative Beware !" : 7.- -
member the Tale l[ieomaln .i... a yii'n r "
id to'sieady the ark, and iren~ihle. .-.ii
men, I adjure you by Ihe mahitu g
)f teinporal sanctity, 10 do-ifioi 'a'l
idjure you by ihe an'iiie .p,'of, w'"
nainspriug o" llie tickiC:ng ,iji!i' i
time's rlieoretical Iransinuigrat jp li'^n n
nurder! I adjure yo'ui by.tbe if
lave for the esculent and cp'oi0eiTt l "
)fl our native pumpkin, .t0 di,..nftlnurdf! i.
[adjure you by ihe slars set ii'-ri'ieyi"t
ensign of your i.nancipaled ebj~it'd, jtii'-o
10 murder I I adjure yoy_.-bhy- Ch A icau "
Eagle, thit whipl,ed the.i *. .-w_.tm^^ im '
:ock of creation, and now of8ts , .1 ', -
hIe mragnelic telegraphl ol 't'_l+ f,
ransmigralion, to ":dir. *n^^^-^^ -' S.
aslly, gentlemhen, ,ffyopu'ver ..e-i0' q.egr^

on -iailea co;ts-- o u. eii, -
dois n~ot to bok ii."'r7
o weor boots made onf-..ife.r.
Ro'cky-51ountaiR yQa1
all, if h-- Ar
et .ol'f sneaking, IJoafig.-.ar :^ ^^
broictecl sriY'li end. 4F D.-l
lown +t8 ild,istiddciibi}L ...
down .4i ? a~ro ciijbl'-
in sa ve y r qu Ki' tf r .
The prlson.er Iwp"fte qtlq!.ri ^^ -t
A L~ ~A311K FAiLY.-T^ ^ ,*
do say's wa a n-'waesPrr
he father bf ,tel:- -cfy d.
. -hree ca ,. pl a ,.ir i .- '-

n .g tl t v -e: -' .W-:1 ..Jl e.....'._ .
iterar -reputat n"bn, '"
it Rd Yn" hy'a',7 -T 'd Af d-.1iIB^^ i^l^
'ou have left no f.o Q.ri..
"- ~- ","2_

Wi1an.';. Porter & Co.
No. 41 Water street,
Dec 30 Apalachicola, Fa.
B. r. Nourse, H."B. Sffne, H. W. Brooks.
Nourse, Stone & Co.,
C 0 M M ISS [ 0 N M E R C H AN 'IS,
No. 46 Water street,
Dec 1"2 Apalaclhicola, Fla.
Locklhart A& Vouilng,
C O I M I S _S I 0 N and FO R \V A R D I N G
No. 53 Water street,
'nov21 Apalachicola, Fla
Iilli'per N MlollEnes,

I The Leading Periodical il America.

lfVor 1819.
Dedlicatced tl o the Ladies qf the Untied Staltes.
Edited by SARAH J. HALE,
and L. A. GODEV.
A Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who con-
Stribute; to every No.
N. P. WILLIS' Original Scriplural Poetry.
T. S. ARTHUR, ho,: cu.ntributes to etery No.,
illiiustralive of Cruolne's Sketches of American
WVe intend merely togive a notice 0'. our inten-
tions fi-or next year. le:Aving to iithers lhong adver-
tisements-- full of sound and fury, sigiflNing
AKr,.eal-,hly to the practice ofl' list ear, thle pub-
lishier 'will isii? as good a niunller each uonth as
liie dnei in Janu:,ry. Thi; is a novel feature bi
M.la.gziine publishing. During Ilte whole ofI last
e.ir lihe .ive mnre engravings and inore reading
inatter tlian aiy ,:,r his cnlntempor.iries, and will
:,iihinii- to do3o ,le;i year. Tho3e \% ho sub.icribe
to I..ODE\" LADY-; BOOK. ma. do o o under
Ilh,? ts.-il'ince that illey wIll receive more Ior
their inuney in ihe iMd4/:inea loie, llianl by sub-
'Iribi .;t, 11an' N ,lier w iork. To h11- is added
-111d i,'l-i I.,t in Ihe same '3, tlie LADY'S DOL-
L\R NE\VWSPAPER, wlhich contains in one
in..,tin h ei'?. ly. it' not ,.|ilue ,,s n1l ih reading mat-
ti' l,,- ih ,.,ilier inonthlies, m al,:ii ,g for '3, (lie
ii.iint ,I' .,. edI llle a of Iwo mn ia zines a monlh.
TIH':UE '%RE PEC'rLIARITIE-i .1'IoI)Il Gode's La-
,l's B:oi..-k ti-r the l.adi_-, that Io ollier M dagaztue
,-ii.,;,,. There is a Mezzolmii and Line En-
4r.nviz, ir ,ach ihuniber- bolh Ljy line be-4i artists.
III .i.liliii-n t,- these, there aie -i0,in monthly
wh ,I 11.w other inagaz|,e g-!ives-a Colored Fash-
i.,n Prl.te. with a fulll desription This Ieature
i.; pet-.hir 1 to ,de>?. t3s no other work Iha,; them
e,: .:r ,, i..iili .n 1111.'..,iieid. Then there are Caps,
in,,iin;,:. CI:heniisettes, Eqlue.trianism Ior La-
di--. \\with Eninravln-i_. Thle Ladies' Workl Ta-
hlh,, %%ilh ,.-Siiin for knitting, lieltllt, crotchet,
.11111 -ill other kinds .of w\ork. Patterns Ifor
lliillillkii Cna,." Chair Co1ers', \Wiindow Curlains,
D'O.\lf\'z. Pil--e.s, Bags, &,c.,&r. Health and
I:|I Il\Xw\%ih Engravings. Model Cotlapes, with
*gr.-,Uin. p'llans, anld other envyravin,_s, always illus-
trair ive nl' ,'mlethin- usel'ul. Music, beaulilfully
|iriuli:, .on tintled paper, which ina bIe taken out
.,iiJ bctri.d. Co-hred Mo1dern Coltages ald Colored
i.'l,,v,:i,' P .ets occasionally. These ,1e all extra
i. G.;lI,?\. -in lto be found in no other Magazine.
'Ili-:, xvwere all given last ear. aind will be con-
l irnu, d. I addition, %we shall have in every No.,
in ,- .[.
k m-4t anluuslng series, now first given to the
\iieri, i Inpublic. These will be illustrated in
o%-.rv N,. hv a Stry frorn the powerful pen of'T.
_4 itklth'.r. E*.wI
lllu rah:.,l by FaI. *N R,..biin in, E ,q This series.
wIll h,- v"-rv iulrer,_'ting t1._ the? .ili:,s.
W.-in,'l].'r -i.-rii,? f ,F" Eyravini s now in prepara-
ftil'n a ,i ,,vrill !',(- p blVis-;hd nring he vear.
C1) I'rAGri .FLiRRNIlTi-URE.
-l.l\'ii, -.veu so muaIny Model Cottaees. we intend
ri'.. lIi c',,u iiii-1 nceL the lublicatiun o01 .C1llag e
':l.' nitl.ii,-- a Vl-ry Ileces.Vry a )ppend.lidg- to a
Our saperior.,.Arlists, Walters,, Tucker, Pease
and \i,-lc h, are how engaged- Opon a set of plates
illustrative of.these.two subjects.
Priepa're expessly for us-mostly original,-and
ihatit'ully printedd, -has long command a deci-
ded ,preference over that of any other Magazine.
It i 'a feature in The 'B3o6.
with such ,writers as Mis Leslie, Grace Green-
wood, W: G. Simms, Mrs. Ellet,.T. S. Arthur,
Mrs E. Oakes Smith, Mrs. J. 0. Neal, H. T.
Tuckeiwnan, H.,W. Herbert, &c., the author of
the Widow Bedott, Professor Frost, Bryant, Long-
fellow,.Holmes-anda host of others--must al-,
:'ays take the lead in titeiar.y me'ri. .
For Three Doilars we will send the Lady's
Book, c,,tr, ainin more reading than any other
monrithly, and t le L.mdo's DollarNqwspap.er pub-.
i,;ii...l (U'ic-. i :month, Nhlich contain s'as much
readling a" any of the $3 periodicals of the day-
, making three publications:in one month, or if the
subscriber prefers the fbollowiniig splendid engrav-'
i'ngs to the Lady's Dollar Newspaper. (although,
we would not advise it, as.engravings cannot be
sent through the mail without being crushed or
creased,) we wills 'edillt the beautiful plate con-
tainring the portraits of Harriet Ne~w el!, Fanny
Foriester, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Ann H. Judson
and Mrs. E. B. Dwight, and the plates of Christ
Weeping over Jerusalem,. The Opening of the,
Sepulchre, D~liv-erance of .St. Peter, ^aird.The;
Rebuke.,, If preferred to tlle NewSpaper or plates,:
.we.willsend Miss Leslie's Novel of Amelia, and
any .three of Mrs..Grey's or Miss Picketring s 'po-i
p tilaiG fi0vels .; r "
For Five Dollars we will send two copies of
the Lhadv's Book, anid a set of the plates to each
s,.h;,;,iber. "
For'Ten D;,[lri-;s we \will 'sepd five Copies of
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il the Chlb, ald a set i0f plate's to each. ,
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arid a. +t of Plates to each subscriber, and a copy
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For One Dolljr we will send the Lady's Book
4 rrontir s, and f1rr 25 cents any one No. Postage
to be p aid ,-,n all orders. +"., ,'
Address,. +L. A. GODEY,
... -- ,. i9 Chestnut street, Philada.
W'illi any" newspaper, giving the above a few.
i.nsertions we will exchange. "

W OODRUFF'S \VSorn. Specific, for sale -hv,
V Feb 1 J C ALI.EN & Co.
7WOODRUrFF'S Composition Powder, for sale
by [Fehl] J C ALLEN & Co.
IWhifie Lead.
NO. 1 Ext'a and Pure; just rec'd, for sale by
SJan5 2 J C ALLEN & Co.

.fA ic illano tts,
From the Cincinnati Nonpareil.
An Incident of the MeXlcai War.
The noonday sun was sending down ths
burning ray.4 as a party of thirty me'a.rode
out of the-' Garitta de Belan," and galloped
rapidly along the causway leading to the
little village of San Angel. They. were
dressed in. the uniform of mounted riffemen,
and were mounted on full-bfooded Ameri-
can horses. They were evidently upon
pass," as no officer was with therm, and
bound upon soiye jolly excursion into the
country. They had reached the cross road
leading from the town ofTucubaya *3?ebn-
yan, when a sifgie horseman -War-tbserve-d
advancing rapidly towards them from the
Penyan side, his form upraised in'lis stir-
rups, and his whole demeanor betokening
exireme haste.
I say, Abe,. that 'fellow is making for
us. Sonmetbing has happened, and hle wants
our assistance," said one of the-party, tap-
ping a young man of some twenty-three
upon the shoulder. What say you ?"
The person addressed as Abe took a long
look at tlhe horseman, an'd theu replied-
If that isn't old Ricardo, I am very-
much ministaken."
"What, the old Spaniard who owns the
large hacienda near San.Antonio, and Who
has such a pretty daughter?" asked the'
'lTie sarme; but see, the old man beck-
ons us to meet him-let us go." And,
pulling spurs to his horse, hlie bounded
swiftly fIbrwarded to meet him.
Let's after him, boys, and ifthere's'any
funil on hand, we'll have a share in it,"
shouted the other; and the whole party
dashed on after him. In a few moments
they were along side the -old man ;atid
having reined in their steeds, Abott said-
What's the' matter, Ricardo ? Is any-
thing wrong ?"
Senors Americanos! my 'child my
daughter!" replied thle old man, in tones of
-What of her? Speak-tell me.! ex-
claimed Abott, with startling energy, and
his eyes flastiedasti'egrasped the Spaniard's
Ventell, the guerilla!" gasped he 'old
mall in reply.
",He has not dared "-began the fiery
youth; but he was cut short by the old
man, who said- -
He lias robbed ,my house, and carried
off nmy child. Oh! if you are men,; fly to
her rescue!"
SWhen was it done ?". exclaimed hal( a
dozen voices, and all eyes. were eagerly-
bent upon Ricardo, as he replied--
1, Not iwo hours since-they can be easily
overtaken. .
Hoiv many were. they ?" demanded
Abott. ,
One hundred-in dumber!" and the
Spaniird gazed with a despairing look on
the little party before hinm. l i ,
Boys," said Abott, in a firIlone, who
of you will go with me? For myself, I
will rescue her or die in the ahempt '
]--J !" was the response of every mem- ,
her of the little band, as they caught the
daring spirit of Abtt.. .
Theen lead on, old man, and ere lthe s'up.
sets, your child shall be restored to your
arms." ;
The Spaniard needed no'second bidding,.
but wheeling his snorting charger, he buried
his spurs in .hisjflanks, and the gallant steed
bore him swiftly onward. 'Over the cross'
road leading to San Antonio. they flew, on.
their errand of mercy. Down the giant
causeway of Antonio, and over the fatal
bridge of Churubusco they went, and. the
spires of San Augustine glittered in the
distance-but no foe was to, be seen. The
old man rode before, his.gray locks stream- .,
ing in the wind, andihis dak eye fixed with
Wind, an stiis daikh
an eagte glance before him,scanning the
wide plain and the rock-bound sides of Con-
treras. .Suddenly raising his long bony arm
he pointed far on before him to where ihe
road ascended: the mountain heighr'of Cho- ,
!acinc, and.shouted--' .. I
"-There ,hey are.` Forward! forward t"
A suppressed yell burst from twenty lips, t
and as many hands sought their sabre-hills, i
and ,loosened the shiningg blades in their ",
scabbards, while a'stern resolve rested upon (
the flushed and h'eatted bi'0o w of each.--
Across the outskirts of San Augustine, and (
down by the placid lake of Chooloo !hey ,
speed, and the next moment they are Inount-
ing the rugged heights of ( holhcinco. On .I
the top they. pause, and down i. the vale !
beyond, not over- half a mile off, they dis-.
cover the robbers riding slowly along, un-
conscious of pursuit. i
Fa:l:back, Ricardo, and-leave the work e
to us," said Abott, addressingithe Span- t
iard. : "
."Never!" burst from the pallid lips of
the fatheir i
But you are unused to scenes of strife; r

you might fall, and then Whalt wauld become i
of your daughter'?" -. ... I|
'' "No more,'" said th old+ m'dn. If a d
phrentk srikes not for child, -iho will ?"
. The enemy nbw discovered the aippraclh
of the litlleparty, an-dbegan lt hasten their
peed ; but as t1ipe:, Ilarg-e .horses of .ij. a
Amnericans rapidly outstripped the musi-
tangs, it became evident that a Iew minutes .
,tuiqs end thlie race. Finding escape ilmp.os- a
sBible, llithe guerillas wheeled about, and has-
tily forming a line, camnle thundering q.n to
iieei Ihein.
Now, boys, let them have a'good volley 'e
from the .rifles,and then throw ihem down i
alid trust t 6,"thesabre and pistol for the
vrctbry" Fbrward, h"d 'God eTferd tlhe
r i g :, "O' ,' '--
rig ltt .. +- -. S .: :! i '-
: A l de'etiii "'yell bursi'ltroni h lilille band ii
j9 Abuott con-Llulted,. lndt' tinslibging their li
rifles, they poured in a murderous fire-as "
they closed with the enemy, which brought y

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Dec 2 Apalaclhicola, Fa.
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OP- May be found at his residence, corner of
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House. Nov S.

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G-AIll orders attended to with punctuality
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W. il. i[. Davis,
Offers hisservices to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
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Apalachicola, September 8, 1846.

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.~;~. -~~i~l

; smnlnlem&i~l
.1.' -'II:.


10- M

I~~I~~M~B~ '~S~i 1 ~k~I



IJltilitlf itrectorVD.

ri~ .. Y '~;~ -*
'C ~"i
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1' r ,'d~fLjh-l


Ot- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WM. W. CHEEVER, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Major JACK HARDMAN. Eufaula. Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVER, Tallahassee, Fa.

~-ac~-Ps -~-9

I .

' *- -* '

President Taylor's
By Telegraph to the Charleston Courier.
Electeil by the American people:to I
highest office known to our laws,I appear he
to take the oatli prescribed bythe Constit
*lion, and in compliance withl a time honor
cusloin. to address trboselvho are now fsset
bled. The confideirce and respect shoi
by my countrymen in calling me to be t]
Chief Ialgistrate of the Republic, holdii
;, high rank among the nations of the earl
hIas inspired me within feelings of ihe nm
prol'ufntd gratitude; but when I reflect th
the acceplannce ol' the office which lheir'p;
tiaylii has bestowed imposes the dischari
ofllie most arduous duties and involves tl
weigliest obli-gations, I am conciousth
thle position wh'ie'h I have been'called on
fill, though sufficient to satisfy the loftie
ambition, is surrounded by fearful 'reslron
biliuies. lHappily, however, in the perforr
ance of my new duties I shall not be wit
oul able co operation. The Legislative at
Jud'ieial branches of the Governfent'pr
sent prominent examples df distinguishi
civil attainnnrets and. national experience
and it shill be my endeavor to call to n
;isistance in the Executive department, i
dividuails whose talents, integrity and puuri
(if clharacler will furnish amlpe gaa:rat''e
fOr the faithful and ho'no''rable performance
ol ilie i r'usis Iro be comnmitled to their cha;rg
Wiill such aids, ;and an honest purpose
do 'whatever is right, I hope to execute dil
geeldy, impartially, and for the.bes( inter
oft'he country, t'he manilbld duties devolvi(
upon me in the discharge of these dutie
My guide will be ihe Constitution, which
swear this day to preserve, protect andi d
'fend. For the interpretation of that Cot
stitution, 1 shall look to rtle decision of (I
judicial tribunals established by its authority
and to the practice of ihe Government und;
;the 'eAVl'st Presidents, who had so large
share in its formation. To the example'i
these illustrious patriots I shall always refi
with defeten'ce, and especially to his exan
pie who "was by 'go nmay'tltles ihe Father I
his Cou'ntry. To command the army an
navy of the United States-with the advice
and consent of the Senate, to make treati(
and to appoint ambassadors and other off
cers--io give to Congress information of th
state of the Union and recommend -suc
measures as lie shall jud6e -tr be necesmar
--and to take eare that the laws, slall L
faithful'ly executed-These are the most in
portan't 'functions intrusted to the Presidet
by the Constitution, and il may be exiecte
that I shall briefly indicate the priociplf
which will control me ii their exicutioni.-
Chosen by the body o'fthe people, und(
the assurance that my administration wo'l
be devoted to the whole country, and not t
the support of any particular section, C
merely local interest, I this day renew thI
declaration I have heretofore inade an
proclaimed, my fixed determination to main
tain to tJe extent of my ability, the govern
meant in its original purity, and to adopt a
the basis of my public policy, those grea
republican doctrines which constitute th
strength of our nation's existence. In refer
ence to the Arrnmy and Navy lately employ
ed with so much distinction in aciiveservice
care shall be taken to' ensure the highest
efficiency, and in furtherance of that object
he military and naval school, sustained b
he liberality of Congress, shall receive th
special attention of the Executive. A
in American freeman, I symnpathise in al
efforts to extend the blessing of civil am
political liberty, but at the same lime, warn
ed by the admonitions of history, and thi
voice of our own beloved WASHrNUTOrn
hall abstain from entangling alliances will
Foreign Nations in all dislputes between con
licting Govern ieats. Il is our interest, no
ess ltha'n'our d'u'ty, to :remaih strictly neutral
whilee our Geogi-apliTcol position, the genius
Df our institutions and our people, the ad
dancing spirit of civilization, and above al
he dictates of religion, direct us to thle cul
ivation of peaceful and friendly relation,
with all other powes. it is to be hope
hat nb international question ran hnow arise
rhich a government confident inits own
trength and res-olved tb proeLct its own jusI
rights, may not s'etule b, wise nbegociation
nd it become -a government like our own,
funded on the morality and the intelligence
f its citizens, antd upheld by their affections,
o exhaust every effolt at honlrable diplo-
iacy, before appealing to arms in the con-
uct of our foreign relations' I shall con-
irm tp these Views, as i believe them e's-
enlial to ihe best interests and the true
onor of the country. The appointing
power vested in the President, imposes de-
cate and :onerous duties. So far as it is
possible to be informed, I shall make honesty,
capacity, and fidelity, indispensable requisi-
ons to the bestowal of offices, and the ab-
*nce of either of these qualities shall be
iemied sufficient cause for removal. It
mall be my study tr recomttaend such con-
itutional measures to Congress as may be
necessary and proper to secure encourage-
ent and protection to the great interests of
:ricul~ure, commerce and manufactures--

improve our rivers and harbors-to pro-
de fbr the speedy, exltf g'shm'ent of the
ubic debit-to enforce a it accomantabi-
ty on IhePart of'all officers of the govern-
ent, and me utmost economy in all public
expenditures. But it is for the wisdom of
congress itself, in which all Legislative
owers are vested by the Cogstilution, to re-
llate these and other mailers of domestic
licy. Shall look with confidence to the
ilighiened patriotism or that body, to adopt
ch measures of conciliatioa aA imay har-
onize -conflicting interests and teobd to per-
etuate that Union which shouiidbe the
iramnount object of our hopes and affec-
ohs, and in any action calculated to pro-
ote an object so near the heartfof every
ie who truly loves his country, I will zeal-
isly unite with the co-ordinate branches of
e Government. In' conclusion, Icongra-
late you, my fellow-cilizens, upoh the
gh state of prosperity to which the gopd-
ss of Divine Providence has conducted
r common country. Let us invoke a
ntinuance of the same protecting care
which has led us from small beginnings to
e eminence we this dlay occupy,'l and let
seek to deserve that continuance, by pru-
nce and moderation in our councils, by
61i directed attemptsto assuage the bitter-
ss which too often makes unavoidable dif-
ulhies of opinions, by the promulgation
d practice of just and liberal principles
d by an enlarged patriotism-which shall
knowledge no limits but those oforu own
le-spread Republic.

>st '
ge the Senate and the House-Important Mea-
he sures acted on.-The reports of the proceed-
1et ings of the close of 'the send'nd session of
"st the t'hirtieth Congress, published in a num-
si- be.r'f our exchanges, are replete with inte-
rn rest, but are too voluminous for publication
h- in our dolumns. We perceive, with mortifi-
,- catio'n ard regret, Mlat three scenes of vio-
ed lence have again desecrated the floor of
:e, Congress, and that Mood has been spilt
ny within the halls of legislation.
ly A difficulty, it seems, first occurredd be-
es rwe'en Mr. 'Gi'ddiogs, of Ohio, and Mr..
ce Mead-e,of Virginia, which, although caus-
p. ing some disturbance,-did not proceed to
li- personal violence. This originated, we be-
st lieve, in reference to the territorial question
ed and the Wilmot proviso. The second row
S. occurred at a vety late hour, between R. W.
e Johnson, df A'rkafsas, OrTandfo B. Ficklin,
n- of Ohio, and William M. Inge, of Alabama.
ie Mr. Ficklin called Mr. Johnson a 'puppy,'
Y, when'he seems to have been jointly attack-
er ed by Mr. Johnso'n and Mr. Inge, the latter
of striking him with a cane, which drew blood
er from the head with which it came in con-
n- tact. The l'o'use, shortly afre'r, idiovu'ined,
of as order could no longer be preserved.
;e The Senate was also disgraced by a scene
es of sdtiewhat the same character, between
i- Mr. Cameron, of Pennsylvania, and Mr.
le Foote, of Mississippi-the latter receiving a
blow in his face from the former, as a retort
ie to some offensive personal remarks.
1- The business transacted during the day
nt and night, was quite important. The bill
ds creatingta Home Dep art'ment of the Gov-
_ ernme|- 'was passed by the Senate, and re-
er ceived the President's signature, as did also
rd the'Go-t Dollar bill, which also provides
0 'for Wlire coinage of $20 gold pieces.
e The California question continued to be
d the exciting topic of debate up almost to the
i- hour of adjournment in both Houses, but
Small the measures proposed for providing a
( government for California, civil or m'SliA'ry,
e were finally dropped, arid the bills to which
- they had been attached dfiopped. Califor-
nia antd New Mexico mudst, therefore, re-
It main without any other government than
1, they now, have, unless the Plresident should
y 'deem himselRi au'lhoriged 'o act-on his own
e 'responsibility in the matter.
1 General Taylor's Speeches.
d We have been much struck (says the
1 Philadelphia Bulletin) with the strong com-
me on sense, the compactness of thought.
h and the !ofty patriotism of the addresses
- which the President, elect has been deli-
t vering along Ihis route. Unaccustomed as
She has" been to public oratory, theseim-
Spromptu speeches reflect the highest credit
I on him ; they Show a readiness of mind and
San arrangement of ideas which prove that
There is plenty of stuff in the old hero. We
Share not of that blass who admire elegant
Sverbosity at the expense of thought; and
Therefore these addresses of Taylor strike
Sus with much more force thmn ihe empty
+ orations of Sone distinguished politicians
, we Might bame. The new President has
proved hirnseif to be, in the words of Car-t
lylei 16a reality and not a shafii."' *His elec-
tion wvas unquestionably brought about by
i he high opinion which the people tnter-
raiued o'f the exalted qualities 61 his heart
and head ; and certainly everything so far ,
has assisted to confirm this impression.. We I
are glad to +notice that, with few exceptions,
editors of all parties speak .courteously of n
of the General, and do justice to his naturil l
eloquence, his strong sense, and. his sing-le- t
ness of heart.
Among the acts passed by tie prelsednt !
Congress, is one ,approved on the 24th in- I
stant, givingliv year's half pay to the wid- s
ows and orplhans of every officer, non-com-
missioned officer and private, who served t
during the late wai" with Mexico, and was t
honorably discharged, or. continued in ser- s
vice up to the time of his death, and whose -
death was in consequence of wounds 'e- \
ceived, or ",disease tcohti'rcted within the t
line of duiy." This is due to+ thie families 'Ir

of the gallant soldiers who fell in the set-
vice of their country. "-
that the Hen. John Davis, who was men-
tioned for the appointment of Secretary of
the Home Department, is ineligible, as no l
member of the Senate can be appointed 0
whose time-did not expire on ,tfe 4th inst.
The constitution provides that no senator t(
,or representative shall, during. the. timefor d
which he was elected, b6 appointed to any t
civil office under the authority of the United
States, which shall have been created, or Ib
-the emoluments whereofshall have been a
increased, during su.chtitme."I t)
Somebody tried to+ excuse.a liar to DoE.--
tor Johnson, saying: You must riot be- f,
lieve more than half he says." y,
replied the doctor, 'but-which half?" -. :c

~- -,i~t ,-~r- ~;:~:



- "..I

s 1-, ,. S t e .
y ,h U. %tes .rousiu ti-hat a man who hid a field con,;.-iin- 15.(00
. '. Aquite interesrinfROtport upon the work- bushels of wheat, could not get il ha'rvesled,
'i1g ofthe Warehlgusing System was yester- though hie offered half tlie produces, and
"e transmitted i- %iress. by ihe Secre- was obliged to let his cattle eat it. Women
fary of tjhe Treauli kicch it v."uld -be.imn- and children, as well as Hceir hlisbands and
l'r-tn to .-h ; lk k : i--""
te~restig lo our mriIjfrfei, 5 lha. alieri. haId become gold diggers. Capt.
spread at lliige, bfr.e W7i.n. ,-1Nqt ha,!ing Pirelp-0', opiniii as,'Ito ile success of expe-
at comtumnd; howevr,-splace f6r the whole dilior dailv siarlin. ti'm tlibs counlry, is
documnenit, we exlrcil Ilif'l(;1.Wing'froni. fhe i tha ill dfependi nim [lie ,n'annet of Iheir
alter pllrt ,;f t, le s l iieistl s nf Whi'ch 7( or,:',Iliz: fiu 'i. T hen,- i. "n0 o'b l lie ,a,.s
-least will in-tn'lrest -': reai dNs ... ol" iliere Ib ing considerable qi;milili.'s of
The .rg llit-oftas- nr.wtv issnedl inlr,.uict go)ld in C'atilinia, hi tn hefe is -.uss exag-
life system o uf p-livaie conilpeliion), s4 f1l' a;:s eranion in thel at i ter.
I1ermil'ttLby he public iilerest, anI Iy :le Lers had appeared in the papers From
law as t.. sv stanIds. l>y ihe Bexfile lstiwll persons lio haId no exislenre in C(.'ililornia,
''unclaime'd good4' mlusf be waieliouseJ inl aIlnl in re,-pec( lo vessels Ihaf( h:d never been
publici .e-:.- resa. 'Thel value of l .e.e is very there.
-great. ill .Nevw .1ork alume. by lie ilnils Capl. i'helps looks hean'y and healthy,
dfl tihle Collector, lit e value If ilie ', L eirn tU-- ;ind bears flie marks of a lo'il.lni e voyage
claiied goods w;,rehou.edl it itlil ipoit iromn 6iom ilie orlier side of ltlie wtrld.
tile Gill of August. 1846, lo 301h Seieicm.-
her 1&,1, was l $14,617,65s-i ;ad .lithe reu i' firE-. lie hero of the recent disgusting
larly wirelioused, in the s.mne wTriod, .20.,-' pigilisnic exhibimin in ihle vit inily of Balti-
645.250; iiaking a tolal in ihal.porl of $35,- reore, having given bail to life ofienided aui-
'163,91k. Thelse- nucl~riurcil i0,d s, tinder ihorilnes of Maryland, and regained his per-
-the at;l ol'lie 3.1 Marcll, 1 k41, miiui le kept soinail libPery, arrived in iffis cil-y on Samur-
-in Ihe p)ul)ic slitres. there btingu no iti|m )r- day lhit, by ihe a'iernoon Irain from Phila-
Icr w-ho claiinsa!0l rnakes a1 %u;irh-iuI, e nii' di-'lpiia. 'rlhe ex'cilenienl wla'icli Ttint-d all
'0f1 l themi 'ow- dy 'y. i 'li 'l ir l in l o IhO C,,ll .i>rs f llie rislni was perlling, ;t2nain broke fill ;i fresh,
"l'or iLi gii o -#, r,.lr iiiliil% w h.i(lli.s l liiiI ltie andl III-V II) h l iti'nesSed file crowd liail
Sih Ail nN-,I. 1-41; I,, Sr-(.iem,! er ">illi. 1 4 1 iiIinil-d uil I) well' on e ile -'" ljruiser" homne,
r,'i.s .S W.;:1 .;!;. I i.ihliii i ri il 'i-, liieree s:, I,' i l Ilin enfhlisiasm inulhl nol have
v.iAS ;i ii I i1111iii pi f i i',rt i iii,,iji Im ,Je|, ,l i gre ii-,r h ,l Itl I.i. T aylor a riived i) our
.iloed idi t lui-wali F-]i 1lSP S;iS Ulij.litnetd goods, -ini'dst; The pugilist rode in a'u open ba-
... ;liunl Iulliil.. ;i-; %e liir I:., n; ii Nvwr York- ntkuc'he, ornanimer ted at each of tihe four cor-
iloine, lo Ilie .IIii lf .i'! I il 7,68. , :f":in 'lt e nei's with an Amelrian flag. and brawl by
i'llir polls Illie IIli:l.iinl'-d it ,ods boie the four Sllendid horses, and the slrbeis I1ro'
sairi, ll[lll'o iiirin 11 Ilisc ri'C II wil wale- whlich 'hlit pagSed were lined with spectators
hoiisei iii Nr,-w Yirh!, it wmiild ,'li'n t lbe-to- +of bolti sekes, anxious, in ile slang phrase
?I tal iial o ofIIh lI' f,,eiin gondl ile.p,,ieh l *in o 'r (;f 'the day, to get a glimpse at ihe Ele-;
wailionset li,,rlr iliheih Aagrusl,, 1847,to phant." His-arrival at the wharf was greet-
0ilh Seplnlem.r, 1l-.. u|)pt, to 527,u*38.- ed with the roar of cannon, and the welcom-
Noififhi;inndiiig. hliei, aII,. 1 -,;st ,i.ii .was ing plaudits of the lower fen Ihousand, who
eliiirely new in ihti comn ry', iliJ lii.itedl that followed-thle "distinguished stranger" in ;
IlIPse f. and, ianl ihe %awl'I aI.nr00it Ihll!svare- procession to headquarters, in Park Row.
Ilused in lie iilif:,ncv ol liTe sys-em, under Here Capt. Rynders, of the Empire Club,
flie insnuciions anHl ..i_'s i^'tlisDeiartmel, made one of his most affecting oratorical
%ill siiisly .('o-Mriq-..s I1h.,i e very eflorft was efforts, complimentary-' of -Hyer and his
ma1de :o c:r ry: lihel,% Il lull % ro effect, and "friends"-aflter which the line of march
'ihu ihee l4b It s wvere alifniled with, success, was taken up again, towards lhe Branch
'notiih'siatimtin it if ihe I |';rlirient was- Hotel, in the Bowery, where an immense
cploillpellei 1h eint,- nn ii Rield l,, experiment nultitaile had been patiently awaiting the
eniirelv in'ex|pl'iel rn th'is 'co,'i'-y. I- arrival,'for ho'u'rs before Here, again, Hyer
would Ire istrniin-. frinler .i,- < If , if lle Dela.'im.lenhi ll' bi eeIn aioili'i.,tojimn- (no offence meant) iourtitude-and b'earilg
prove or aliendl, a, the result or more Hlian his honors as meekly as could be expected,
two years. f expf-.iienre ,I' the practical u under tile circumstances, the gentleman ,
operaiiun ofOl' thsylein in thlis. ,ontryn.Y, land fade his o beisance Vo the sovereigns out-
as also of ihe inl'ortnijtu colleclied wiill side,-and 'Petired with his trainers, Thomp-b
-so muchi carelr"om tlie conliienr ol Europe :son'and Winrow, to thesumptuous banquet
and Greal %Biitain.' Thi- experience and lhat had been prepared for them inside.
'inlfornaiij nhave p ailei, ilie D,-I nirinii.l -o But what a pungent commentary is all
introduc,-;-i'is believed, great l imnd il)orlnl ihis trpon the refined taste and intelligence
improvementss under renew insiruciionsnow -leaving morality out of the question, alto- |
issued, and espe2lially in otuiliorizing, as far gether--ofour so-much boasted nineteenth i
as pleriiiiiLe. by lthe I.w and tile security of -century? The age, we agree, is a wonder-
reveit.e, ihe.sysiemi of pilivaileenterprise and ful Ily enlightened one, but we submit, in the
compeltiion in, llithe busiue.ss ufsliorage, so-as face of such degrading scenes as we have
Io reducelihe.-hutmost piaciicalle exieni, all- been describing, is there not yet "atnple I
lthe cha'rge.9 -n-d expensc-s irc-id-eat' ,to t-he. roOm and Verge Pnough" for much im- n
%'syem. -These regolnlifyns. it is believed,- proVement in public morals and public t
will read 'to ai considerable j a1uglier.tilion in taste ?-4 f. Y. Express'.
Ihe wareh'6q'sirg h-aaines; lbul in order t.. -
g ve tove ur 6wn poris al. ihe advaniges -n b'PvifusM DRAMATiZED.-HyeTr on he e
joyed hi1 dreat Britain, ;,n to 'enalhle n'Sto Stage.--lt was announced in New York, on (
Senter into successful competition with oilier Tpesday, that Hyer, and others of thio (
countriess Ifor-'lhe commerce of the world, "Fancy," Wvinrow aiid Thompson, would -(
the animendmens in the law itself,espeeially appear that eviiefig-on ihe boards of the t
as regards .lhe exiension ol the time fo(r. Bowerv theatre, in the extrava-anza of Tom t
warehousing which 'can only be. tyndeby and.Jerry. A New York letter, 't the s
Congies., are indils,^llnable'e.;" Philadelphia Inquirer, says:
Authentic Accounits from the Go.ldiegion. ",The greatest excitement prevails in e
'leCe'apt. D. \Vm Phell)s, %nh o reached every part 6'T thie city. I am' told every I:
Charlesto'n lately, in the Irig Hennis, from r ticket Is sold, even at the double price e
Cages, (ha'vin: "c'rme 1li,,m"1';arifoirbyi via charged Tor admission, 'and that thousands v
SheI s'thmusj) h;is reached- I'lS hmie 'mn have made application who have not been s
Boston, and the consequence is' I, e iae, able to succeed." -I
in the more said and discreet ielmper of At her Ne1 York letter sa'9s of0tfyer: f
that region', lhe infoliunlion whicl he1 au- "1C prej1d'^t he bar o the Branch Ii
tlienIically communic;iles to (ihe Bostolun pit, Holel-on Sunday, and such was the anxiety w
pers. The Traveller says : to drink his health, that $2,000 was spent in o
Capl. P. brings a quaniiy of lthle gold, in the operation." v
grains, in scales .and in lumpnlls-ili largest The correspondent of the Pennsylvanian t]
ofthle latter weighing aboutL alln ounce alnda says that Hyer gave 822,000 cash for this ti
half. The amouni ol giLl brnught by Ilim establishment, which is in the Bowery vear n
hats been much over'nield itt lie ipublished th'e theatre. tl
accounts, Ihougll lie Ibirtgs a considerable
p uantiiy--iuch less, however, ihniln the low- Cos.. FREMONT AFTER EMERALDS.-The s!
es aniount siaied ('3-.?,0".) New ,York- Sun has the following : ra
As Capt. P. worked pcrson;lly at llie One oihemost distinguished jewelers in .
mines, which we believe w.,s not 'ihe case o-
vilh Mr. Arherim. Ilis exp~eri. lice 01- llie "tis city has, within a few weeks past, set in.
ninhiie or. the r ld, disi"i ex icrc is cf ih ornht lhr ee of the most Valuable emeralds t(
derable. In ihe first pl.,ce, as io ihe pieres ev(r seen in this rouniry. They were left ,
with him by the wife of Col. Fremont. d
he says Ihe reen i'erte It, II lnande Time emieralds were presented to Mrs. Fre- fc,
he say the lrgest piee'e 1ih,,t |lF lies5 seen la l 1.F e o to ii ls 'tr
is iu the ipossessiot: of1 Ml,. Mell,.i, and. m""t ^ C01- Freiionr on his.last .etur -s
weighs but six ounces, H- iml heard nu 10 ^eUntired Stales. Insize and brilliancy, h,
merous stories al Ihe mines .f, l.>;e liecePs llhese emeralds Wi1lvie with the most gor-. p.
tlcous of those descrribed by the Spannlis ii
being found; bnt in every iIsl:iIce where re rs in th e crimes oy the weafth |ip
Ihey were inivesti_ited., iliev turned out to wrlters ln thelr chronicles of the wealth of p
be false, or greavily exaqgel;,le,'l. One nln;m "Mexico and Peru at the period of the Span- .;
was reported' to have iornld a p'ice weighing Ish cnnques 't i
several pounds; hie wenl to see Ilim, anti Ti osi whoare at all familiar with those sc
Lound-that its weight was onlv two ounces, ch^O''es. know thatthe Mexi-an and pe- d,
and that it was the proceeds of an entire ruvian E mperors and nobles, had in their sr
daly's woek. possession an immense numn,be" 6f these st

As to the stories Ihat lhe diggers Were Stones, surpassing anything that had ever n
many of them averaging 6150 per diy. lie been seeh. The Spaniards were never able m
thinks tlhat thoseho lhve (lone 1i1e. best to tearn from whence they were procured, ag
have not olit:iined more ne S30l) urihee s"1ch" was the jealousy of the Indians and to
the entir gin oe diggih son. rhe hour nlo ftlier power of keeping secrets from the vi
white m,Ini ;
work were from five to len hours per dJIy. w e n -p
Formerly. the Indians ee williiln 1i )onk Tt.Iditions affirmed that they were Pdund lit
for'a trifle, but they have since Ibecnine bei- in the North of Mexico, but no adventurer m
Ier acquainted wiih lie value nlf' their toil. w: ablto find the1' soute. How Col. ek
They are-f priucipally the reinnunt. .Of . ibes,F re 'monti ca e b' the three we hhavee alluded Co
to, k -not for Itt-to 7wv, ntior are we at prle- po
But oerse' ol disoer-n before sent perthitted td name the jeweler entrust- g
B u' on ' .e f d s~tle -o'7"f~f'rdl el'rv ed w'itl their settinel; but we m ay. say h t p
Capt. P. left. It wiasthal of a negro who I *ithethir setlllie butwemayds i bat po
Insu'led oron om:. e people 'p were not all the emeralds in the pos- en
turnedd oul' caught the negro. tied himito a session of the -gallant Colotiei whei he 'e- su
'tu'ne od,-cugh th ue r.,lie lnul t urned
,ree, gavi ailln a good I.ishing, and [hen lul'ned; m"
turned .lin'ii oose, wilthl ie threat of a rille pe
balf if he Aibehaiyed a~ain. THE. [IOMESTEAD.- When the war is pa
There inhalilan's of California, Capt. P. over, and our freedom won, the people riust tit
says, are anxious to maintain order; bur make a new-declarailin; they music declare mo
they can hardly do if in any qt'her way than Ile rights of, man, the individual, sacred on
nch law, uniilome regular goveri- above all 'craft in priesthood or governments ou
l"ehlw is eslablislied.h -nrthev must, at one blow, Onut an .end t0 all th
WleY n several companieof Col. lason's thle tridkeries of English' law, which gar-tu
regimen.tdeserted I0.the- mines, a file of nered up in ihe charnels of ages,bind the hig
soldiers iere sein afer them, -who in il their heartand will with lies,. They must perpet- ne
tun. 's-trplted. Col. Masou then sarled uaie republican truth, by making tle home- ou
.it" a-fil'?-.dldragonns, called the miners stead of every man a holy thiRg, wbich no co
law can touch, no "u le 'wrest .....
togebteig;.-asld*told--thlem that if they expect- law can tuh, no juggle wrest froii his wh
ed flieo-offit;en-nance of ih'e government; thev wife and" children. Until thisis done, the. the
mt st hl ri'-to 'afriesrtdesertrts. To this revolution will have Leen fought in vain.- us
they rePl'l tif'l-(Pi"heie were any refugees Thomas Jefferson, de
from.jusfi.cei,drig,,.ihenii,^hey were willing wie
to'r tr tfhdln..'"heli) arrest the.n, but their. A volatile young man, whose conquests mei
time ,wa1,t-a0 preeous to he occupied in in the female world were numberless, at fic
'ruli'n!g-:afir, ilesfrterp. After this, Col. last married. "Now, my dear." said his and
M~mg+0,.:+%:g. g*'t_ ~ back fiilihalf of') ~
Ma~onw igetback wit half~ o spouse, 'I hope you'll mend." ",,Mada, and
S .._d. -, .. said he, "dependl upon it, (hi4 is my- l1st ac
r:igri u.jltuj:l .la b.en -so lplally neglecte folly."; -'i

. J

The Cabinet.
Our Washington correspondent, under
date of yesterday afteroon, iuformsp.s that-
the following .gentlemen weie yesterday
named by the President, ina eommunica-
tion to the Senate, (handed to that body by
Col. Bliss;, his -Private Secretary,) as his
Cabinet :
"Secretary ol State-John M. Clayton,.of
Secretary of the Treasury-Wm., M.
Meredith, of Pennsylvania.
Secretary of War-Gee. W. Crawford,
of Genrgia.
Secretary of t'he Navy-Wm. Ballard
Preston, of Virginia.
Secretary of the Hone*Deparlme t-
Thomas Ewing, of 'Ohio.
SPost Master General--Jacob Colla.mer,
of Vermot.
At. torney General--Reverdy Johnso.n, of
All the abo've gentlemen have heretofore
been named as mdmbers of President Tay-
lor's Cabinet, with the exception of Mr.
Collamer. The latter gentleman filed i1he
post of Chairman of the, House Conmmitte'e
on Public Lands in the Congress whose
session has just closed.
Our correspondent adds, that these nom-
inations, utinder the rutes, re vedr b 6ne day,
but will be "confirmed lo-day without olilio-
sition, or even the usual relerence.--Ball.
Amer. 7th inst.
THE CAB]RIIET.--Onur W;ashing o'n 'cor-
respondnt Wiles us, ind'er date of-yesier-
day evening, that ithe Pr'esident's'nomina-
tions of the members 'of his Cabinent. at,
given 'i yesterday's American, we're all c'on-
firmed by the 'Se'nale yesterday.--Ball.
Amer. 8th insmt.
cial statement from the late Secretary of
thLe Treasury, show rh'e Governmeut re-
ceipts du'ring'te quarter ending 31st De-
cember, 1848, to have been S14,211.348 08.
From customs $5,181,870 564 lands $494,-
958 22; loan, 1847, $2,734,650; loan, 1848,
$4,865,500; miscellaneous $931,469 30..--
The expenditures during that time were
$14,272,538 84, of which there was inte.rest
on public'debt-and treasury notes 81,510,-
650 30; reimburs'effient of treasury notes
$1.903,950; reimbursement of,publicdebt
roi.s To CAtIFvORMAANS.-On the helst night
of ihe session of Congress 86.0,00 was ap-
propriated for an o&d:doii'oial purchase fr6om
the inventor iof 'olt's: -iaproved repeating
pistols, and a joint resolution was adoqplled
nstructing the Secetlay 'of War to-furnisi
hese arms to e'migr'ants going o "California,
atthe o6'vernmient cost prices. They are
hus advantageously supplied on a wrillef
ipplication.to the War Department.
The Wasbingion correspondent of ,e.
Philadelphia'North American says :
The new arrangei'ent of the Cabinet is
entirely satisfactory, ahid will be received
vjth as much favor as .the original pro-
;ramme. The transfer of Mr; Preston to
he Navy Departmento was in accordance
vith his own wishes, and the appointment
A Mr. Reverdy Johnson as Attorney Gen-
ral, is a compliment io hid emineh't \!plf
abilities, the propriet.kand force oi ihich i
he country will acknowledge without h
issenting opinion,
The same letter, referring to thbe -dosing
roc:eedings of Congress, says :
Towards the close of the session of ihe i
senate, an incident occurred which deserves
articular notice. Mr. Polk was notified
rough the ordinary committee, about six
'clock, that the chhambri', having-discharg-
d its duties, ,as prepared i6 adjorn. "In-
ead of communicatihg an aiitr6pri-ite an- "
wer, several messages w.erelransminted and
ie Senate went ihtba Exective`Session. s
'wo nominations uf-Justices/of the-Peaceee
ere submitted, and upon 0objectrion uei'ng
lade, were laid aside.
Thee a nomination in, fav,or of Mr. ai- "
egan, as Minister Plenipotentiary to ijer-
n, was introduced, ihis being the real ob-
ct, whiie ihe ol-hers were oply the preiexi -
r the Executive -Session.i T:hesanie Ipnlnl I
as raisedtin opp)osliion,l and wnth.itthe
power of the President to aipoint.; Urgenl
)peals were einployed by the friends of r
lr. Poik, ind Mr. Hianneean was coinfirmed .

eveh hoius aftei the recent incnunmbent had r
eased t, be P.resident! c
I no iioi deir- Ai`, disparaige or cebfisue
ie recipient of this E.kecutive bounty, but c
ie 'Cdt is obe which; under the circum- r
ances; should invoke the indighation of s.
;e whole country; the- more sd because i
frIPolk'wiTh his characteristic hyporricy,
ad maihintained, in the eirly, phPt of ihe u
ght, that he hMd. no power to.sig-n bill or si
ake nomations aOn te twelt:e6'lock. sl
raphllic description which the Washington n
nion has of ihe agitating struggle during I
e last hourslof Congress, upon'the 6mend- i2
ents of the House lo tlie General Appro. ,
iation Bill, recognizing all the Mexican W
ws, &c.-in :Cdlifornia, *with he excelation s
peonage, the following passage occurs: n
[!ad-the measure been sanctioned by a
e senate, the President was prepared to o
I his duty, as he would have Ilohneiancase c
e Wilmot prottiso had beeh adopted." s<
The effect of this amendmen t would have al
en to continue an, estabiishbd church, &c.
d also worked, it iasalleged, -by a reten-
in of the laws against slavery, the same or tl
>rse effect, than the Wilmot proviso."'' S
Tbe Union, inthis connection, pays the
Lowing tribute to 'Mr. Webster -"
" Mr. Webster, in h manner which we ir
nnor loo highly anppreciatnle, (a rare on- ti

pliment from this qua.,+..4.
with the olive brancbj .i.;ms
gested the MEdrawar f asS
-"men1,,andd;.ljas ihe ID -jH
Apr .6ff 40 bspi 38
Bpl~ra~ ofte VS~S bes~it-
such pEdirirmW;, -- -,

WILD CoTo.-TONl.-a^
says: Mr. Wm. A. 1af '-t .
correspondent, hap seit us e ius
cotton wbich he procured K .'
the top of a mountain some foRte d
from Panama. The freei,, hPii M g
was one year old, abbut f'wyn.
high aud thirty feet. across; na
The body four feet from the JCX
sured four inches in diameter.,-.j ,
of cotton, allbovgh carried 'for o
the pock. and. of course. ma '"fi..
in appearance., is nevertheless, -for
silky texture. We sbhaTl ci'
seed, and who knows that we shall noF
obtain a speciess of cotton rivaflig..."
lifice pomegranate or auy o!ihe.r $so;r
irodnced. Mr. Hays, we sauspect;'`
Ike ,as to rh'itree being only eO
Tecoitron plan in watm clilna re
frosts is perennial, and ih&'^-E'
may, be the growth of hIla)lW doMeye
A Tmiti&' t
A Te^TII^IE~ M'issrv.E.-rTttT^
Orleawns, ei o 1lTd offended a-'tnofre
day received the rnloing- missive' -1f4""
"On ile ist btf Marcf, al. 8
the morning, at 'i'e Coitlon-Pi, AY
wtilh h p;iir u'o fisitls ;ahd..a cd ', A-' "
Tlis new version of-pisi-ols.an3'.2
did not suit the persd6i, and he hWfd'iTFd
no'te and if-he writer to the Reed'rer, ".I-
*/ I ; '" -
TLe following exeelfent and'5oenlrd 'M
licle is from ile natiTn'el -" "
Richimond Relpubricn': ..
A CONniRAs'r.-Twn'Y ypii agor, w*r jMi
sun of the 221 F'eb~riaYy arose;-
Taylbir "-'s s'lari'ding 6h ine 'plains
Visia, ith as gloomry abild forW ttg".r.
pecr, to ordinary eyes, as eve.- exp
before lhe visT6e Ofmnr al.-.Afier.a n
peripdl of inan'iH rto whicb.l'h'arilaU '
cbn'derMea by ,hegoveilile'Ti6fl. P
d'e'nl'y placed upun a fhieaire oR .j, n-',i
sorbing excitement and puril. .et.gs
an old lan. though glilli'".eany
hie w-as 1fdt e're h ti'e Aec6olleeidol
fofty years o'f Iall 4 ervicwe; `i-cfre-il.
'deslihed his mal '1' s"r''d." na.l.ns
grown ul, in the ,04*
illujstraied, ;Ii ean ig^~oiris"ag o,~ ^da
the forests were ihdret;red eib.la a
cost that the, volhiig h':6emuet.u
sulerior to boil IidM"n 'Valo- an'24d-
The memories 'n'f -lail'er scebefiiv M'
been still more fresh i'ii.' I nm'WX..
sel"fcnhce'ii or 'aniiy, he' i'
meihepr ihai (h'e alcieprt- 'e'fh
ly. "- Fa-i, ful an:-d"'e&d" y, had"neg
sullied b hislnb, n(fs, and ti i h -ou
Reaca amWI N|onlereV, he b"^. ih
duly demanded. and h;, I nhl
ces., which ne ,r o'n'ce io'.lifk; .t'
evenifil Iife h, =l 'esrrted" hi i, nhndoB1^.
notwnlid~stand:rng ihis. hieA'-s..'iepfn his.
ernni.elt turn upon Il0i'AH "istrilsttfl-rotob
confine him. lo a sphiere oF-lFbs. ityi.,an^
remove from him Ihle ki'6'e1t6f li7A r'i
His pye had gazed ^ii "p.old,.eSl_
deneIl glance, Upihtt 1" liles paring- baihg nin,
that he had I nlSri e,1,P j ed "' I-ri10
glnry. iinlil lhe lai' bayon,,net o.ii, i 's.v i
disappeared firrver from hij,'ci-Trig.
He now stood'alone. snltaifel'
P.xrep!ion of a few Iaieies-.rri
a lia'nuiil of voluniees B'efo.rea-FiU'd i
hi'M "wYns a drilledl `annd disciplin^^._,
ItwenIty thousand men, five.:lo'his Iue^ "
hiandbi by lie first 'niilita'-, RgeIht.i
i'c,.. In all human probabillv. nn-^l
of Buena Vislia "'Taylor wuas-Io.>b1:odtb
Id~nrilt'tus career, .eldiett-+a' ^ p+iso-h'e^
allinnlp ijie dea .' tr e wai:Io' ,l" a Iile conspcraeil frorm 'uuh-f
hlis cotuiry's service. There, ion'^.l^
rave, was ln be the reward :otfcif^:;eir.
lelity and l valo'r of'riearlylI.ialf'-a :cnKUy'-/^I
But. uiio lliat dismal and;-luridbi
ippeci,'Ici. "lie ntd 'war'r|r" lWIn ,d-foHirS1?
I bosoni as rilm .and s.erine5 ts I!-
,one Ihigh iml jJoyo,,s festiflva- .n "...
,;is to l'e a conpllicp oues p .rli.i.p t ";^ "
hal dlark anil stTOy-rski' 'y`lpr
vhich lie had verow<>^Uc^,.^w, |^i.

^.ipn epu kheno such w~s. j^
Say lor knew h;o' su~ch 'senpmeht"^^^
-is ihmmnveable selfrijance
iga~st:i I hestorms f~Fctf~in^ B
-ilhli in ,hni Bu'per,ih^''MB
whichh never deserts i.lios wi.i doh
liiktlelves; ,ni d Hope is, vi'n0!t
'~ lh ,' '. il ," ,J
'aith, wllici always points ;]
eveals a clear sky beydod 't

loud. --.- -
rfw ' i ., ,, .i' t
'w, years Rave' pfslri^U^
Change! The sun it Rte:tti'hejireN^
uary arises, and ihe iiarhid--:.hero..b
edried drseisred by his cgnuUiWrind _ooA6
D an inglorious, end, advOaces to tI' M.
f the Republilc; sbbtr'nrided ;4 ijIto
pon millioHu of admiring friiens,.A-Peyi
lep of his ltrogress. ,tc ,ifM is*tft iQl4
houis of welcome ahd the joy"sl' "
iannon; ol Inenb gather about ,Ii'
aze upon one-who.bri.aq, b..
lindsthe pure and nipJfi,
ulionary times; tle you'
erM iwise deedsi o" va'ld Ht 616 T
zed'lihe dame of America,+ ,I
lodel of exal.tied .aynd; I"nsen-i
omen, to cheer w'iili their siI
inlgs one who is good jXwe+< ^
n hold up his exalnple. ph, l E J
nation rises up., o do hmholn
II these -wondi6rll chaingesi t W
ne thiqg unaltered by (ime.p"ri'
es--the calm, self-pqssesoed- -^d^t
oul of the Chiefiain aiimd lhteaii!
t Buena Vista, though Jhei-c'
aorm, he stands unorvied byit I
Whether ilne.wind howla4'i^
IIs hIliscanvass with faorif
he heln: witth 'the 's.;.ie.. I
guides his bauselsh .B' 1BW
SNever, a"Pair 4^^^^^HiB
l alli]onq .tidof., iif,
s toi 6
103 O-. R peer^r!i ^ B

. I

Seeds.! Seeds. :
TUST received pOer" brig Herald, an-assortment
Ot (Garden Seeds, for sale by ,,' ."
Feb S J C ALLEN & Co. :-
Pain Killee.,'
PERRY D A V IS'S 'egetable' Pir JuK-iller', ust
received and-fr arl h'tie p"y..T..a- p'r'doze..."
Fehb B. ELLIS.W-&ftCo-

LINSEED, boiled and raw; Whai, Tanners',
Neatstboot, Lard and Olive, .for sale by the
quantity by .
March 15 B. ELIISON -& Co.

The Prolection InSnrance Co. 0:
,Nevw Jersey.
T E' subpiriber being, appointed by the.abo:e
.CoTrpl'any their agent.for this *citly,is now
prgiprid to take Fire and Marine Risks.
'Ma j f 1_ I.. ~ THOSE. L. AITCHRL.


PAINTS, Varnish, Tuqrenii[he, Litharge,- Putly.
and Glass, fir sale by
March 15 B. ELLISON & Co

Onionss, ;*,*; ;* ^ WI~ltW
-: G. B E.tSOit^>.. _-'*ES.ib:1 E.
-- '"" A'". w:

F-OR..ale ,.
TIeb 1. '"



m .. -- i- -- ,Mi I

_ _C I

Cotton Statement ve r.Lasi*



a L&




















,.. fe "

"-o. -"+... ,+ ",,b ,- '] Lg + +
., -. -- : ** "

' '- + ,L- __, .. .....* "' "* *-- '. /.-- ...fc ^.,'_" .2-' '-

Fdeiflie-.heBalhnimore Sun. TROUBLE AT TU: ISTHMUS.-LeIliers re-
OW-a-si.N-zo 'Marh, 6, 18-19. ceived per brig Henrico, at Chanireslon,
T-IQr BfALLS. rom Chagres, sainie that thliere was much
e ...Ba'l. t- En -'trance oi excitement there bout the lime tlie steamer
.hlihSia8c R1ecelwion-u cc i .. .rs
ore-the Grand Supper- California arrived-in consequence, it is
&o-'Altacked by af Ar,h? (!f said, of the inability of all whlo had ticket's


li tdjsoygc Surptlusfor the 0
.h;w.i .









ACTItU DUMMrt.--A coUlle of Yankee
have been doing the people down east.'
by ;a very ingenious method. They pretend
ed to be deaf mutes and went about soliciting;
subscriptions for a writing school, and symn
palhy-,for their situation produced grea
schools. They laleTy tried it at Exeter will
the s;me result, and the News ',ctle'r says
They kept school for a few nights'in teh
town Hall, and gave apparent satniisfaction
Among the scholars were several young la
dies; kind souls; oue of whom whispered
sportively to a.notlier, Poor unfortunates
tliey are prelly, I should like to kiss one o
ihem.' When oiie of lie mules, ivho
could remain silent no lidngcr, ekulained:c
You may, my deary, if yo'u Ileaise.' Thn
nexi morning tire mule masters were not M

Hyer like the god-like %Vebster? Because
lie is a great c.rpounler of the conslilulion.
M.IP.Y LtvEVENI.N, M.arcl)5, 1819.
Council met: Present J. S Hulchins'H, lMay-
or; Councilmen, Mtessrq HugIhes, Darden, Han-
cock, Caigh, Barber, Jones, Downer.
The minutes of Ihe last mineel ing were'read antt
The Colnmitte'on Sqreels, Imlprovemenl's anti
Coiitrac'ts.aisked lifrlher lime to i'eport. Granted
Mr.I Darden moved that the City employ at
attorney to prosecute tlie claim of the city vs
th'e county. Adopted.
And Messrs. Darden, Hughes and Downer were
applinled a special committee to confer with a'n
attorney and procure all lite iiilormalion possible
in relation lo satd claim.
The Committee on Public Grounds reported
that they were unable to agree on the termi dl
the lease of the Florida Promenide', and asked
to be discharged from the further consic'la'tion
thereof, at the same time submitting two leases
therefore, lor the consideration of the Council,
which were read, and'on motion of Mr. Darden,
'the sub.e'cl was referred to a special committee
to complete the lease, consisl'ing of Alessrs. Dar-
den', Hancock and the Mayor.
The Clerk reported the returns of the Harbor
lasted and NMashal, for tie month of February
last, which were read and ordered on file.
Mr. Darden offered the following resolution
which was adopted':
Resolved, That the financial reports of all city
officers shall be audited by the Clerk of the
Council, and upon his approval then submitted
to the Council for final passage.
The petition of WV.. L. Woodley and others, to
have aside walk laid on Market street, from Live
Oak street to the county Jail; was read, and on
molinn of Mr. Caigh referred to the CoinmTt'fee
on Streets, Improvements and Contracls.
The petition of John McGowan to be permit-
led to remove the City Hospital from its present
site, was read, and on motion of Mr. Darden,
leave was given him to withdraw said petition.
Thie Comlmitee on Claims reported favorably
on the following bills, and they were severally
lasisd anitl allowed, viz:
A. T. Bennellt for laying plank walk,&c. *,296 5'7
John O'Conor for work on streets....... 54 00
M. P. Belknap .. .. ........ 5 61
John Mahony A" ........ 35 00
john Smith ........ 19 50
3oin Mahony (or services as watchman., 6 00
WVylie &N McKcnzie fior box candlesi...... 11 63
Thlie following bills were presented and refer-
reld to fthe Committee on Claimls, viz:
-A. G. Semmes, salary as Mayor pro. tern. 81-25 00
.. 6 s City Attorney.... 57 753
Roberts, AYten &.'Co. for nails, locks, &c. 25 90
S. S. Hoge, for hire of man, horse and dray, 25 00
Patrick Kelly, for digging drain......... 10 50
'Schr. E. Caroline, for stone ballast...... 15 00
Capt.. Hubbard', !or stone ballast ........ 3 00
On motion the Council then adjourned.

Passengers. '
Per steamer Southlierner-Mrs R J Moses, T 11
Austitn, Roach.
Per steamer Eufaubt-_Dr H S Hane. J Ally.-
Per steamer PdalmpirorpMrs McAlltster, Miss
McAlhlier; P Adama ,Vnm McCorleSy.
, Per stea mer Quincy-7-Mrs .Brockenhmroughl, inn
Feo P Iwklins, lady and servant, Rev J K. Jones,
Rev C Wenlsivorh, Rev G M Williams, N'Ba'%-
le-, James ; 0 iohnson, D Fergusoh. 14 Bryhi?,
% Bl*e'nn, S Bron-an, W H Bein-rir, J W Douh-
nald,-Billing, D E Gilleit. *
Receipts from the Interior.
Pei sleamer Southerncr-162 biiles cltnn in A
N MeKay & Co: 133 to Wylie & McKenzie; 8O
to Locklhart & Young.
Per steamer Faslion-13 halet colttou t1I W 'G
0orier k Co; 10 to WVlie &' MclKenziu; 209L ro A
N McKay & Co;.5 to Lockhail & Young; &9 to
Hil, Dlawson k Co'
.. Per steamer Quinc--5'4 bnles codton to LoCk-
hlart "Young; 7 to Aunslin & Long; 6 to D G Ra-
ney; 9"bhl tar o'lY3-Ellion &- Co.
Per-slteamer Roullierncr--197 bales coHon to A
Nr'cKay & Co: 76 to l.ockhlarl & Young.
Per steamer Eufaula-191> bail cotl'on to A N
McKay A Co; 36 to Lockhajt kYoung: 6 to Wy-
lie &- McKenzie; 16i sacks corn to D B \Wood.
Per steamer Palmnetio-218 bales colltton IoJ C
Maclay; 17I to Harper & -lolhnis; 219 to ..ock-
hari &. young ; D0 to \Wylie A McKenzie; 11 ito
Win Poe. I,*
Per stean'er Qiinc)-21b hales colon in \Wm .G
Porter Ac Co: 152 to I.ockhi & \' Young; Io to
Wylie A& McKenzie; 7 to A N MclKay & Co.
S Expornts.
LIVE'Rt(O'L--Pr blip Ctlarlolrte--125-1 bales

NEW 1YORK-er "'h'ip bta'r rerIublic--?29
bales cotton.
Per jchr Tioga-375 bales ctoln.
BOSTON c- Per ship Clinton--1115 b'tlej colon.
NEW ORLEANS-Per scIhrN. C. V.--6 bales
ST .MARKS-Per loop Enlerprise--71 sacks

%Willis L. W ooi ,'l ..,
T AVING settld himsetf-' .aAopllicola,
oflcrs his prolEsdioil'services to I64 public.
Having bein-.6onsliantly engaged dud-ng the last
Iwenl)Y'h|rh r..years id" .1 pjahklicer'A.Jspro-
fessios ink Nbvrh CaToli-na, VYi.rgmnj iaA.la.anrrd
jwlorid<,> he'flalters himself that he is fari jar.
with the character aiid iodesaof treatment of the
1preailing diseases of this section of country
He miay be Iound at Ihm office opposite the bar-
ber'.s 8h1o', at any ho6iir'in the twenty-four;'.
March 14. 1849. -3m

r- to get h passage up to San Francisco. A
nmeetingthad been hela at Panama 10 consi
as derithe course of'lie agents of lle steam
S. ahmilting foreigners at Valparaiso, thus ta
(h king up tihe room wliicb, they urged, would
rs 'ightfully be reserved for United Stale
n' passengers. The Ifllowing procl;imation
n in tlirect reference to tills maler, hias been
issued by Gen Smith:
as Wm. Nk:tsoN, VT. S. Consul at 'Phnaina :
',1 Sir : The laws of tile United Stales inflic
rs the ienalhy of line and imprisonment on
at Ireslpassers o:h thile public lands. As nothliing
ca;in be more 'Unreasonable or unjlusit, Ihai
le the conduct 'pursued by persons not cili
zens of the United Slates, wlio ;ire flocking
i- from all pl'urts o sea;irch for and carry ol
Is gold bclonglhg to tile United Sihies in'C:ali
'r fornia, and as sutdh conduct is in i'ree't vio
in lation ol law, it will liecome iiny duty, tin
1' mediately'tin hy *rrivl here, lo pul these
ct laws in force to prevent Ilieir infraction ri
'- fiiure, by punishing with llie pe'nahies liie
I scribedil by law, those wlio offlentl.
's As tlie laivs prb!,ably Iarr nol known to
miany who fnre about snarling Io CMlil'ornia
te it would be well to mnake it publicly kuown
'. ihat there ire such laws in existence, art
' IlIhat thely will be in future enforced a;lions
es all persons not ciliz'ens of Ihe "Unilcd Slate:
s, in California. Your I)os'iiion as C'onsu
h iere, b,.ing iii cmmunication.wilh tile Con
suls oiln tlie coast ol'f oulh Americn, affords
n. vo Ilip opportunity of tnaking lllhis knoWi"
e. imnsr'c eerally, and I will be much oblige
l 0 lo N(III if ou will d(o il.
A' PEISIFOI" F. .MITH. Crv. Mal] "Gen.
d U. A., Coni'g Pacific DiviEion.
S. "
I MR. CLATTON.--In a letler lo thie Ro'ug'I
i anl R.eadIIy Associalion, of Boston, decli-
niln an invitllion to ;illend tlie celebration
I. thlieie, of Ihe 2-2d o'f February, (Ihe anni
id vcrsarry of \VWashtinglon's girthi day, and Ih(
Y b';illI,(r ,' luena Vista,) Hen. Johfj iI. Clay
(I0n writes as follows :
I. I ihink it an appropriate occasion to say
el lli I view thie election of Gen. Taylor, as
i( appeaIrs o be considered by the Associa
i. rion ,ver which you preside, as an emphaliic
,. a-p|rov;l (f' the doctrines of Washinglon,;
:. clear ;annuricialion to ihe world Ilhat th(
s. people of Ihe United Si;ies mean to revive
e them. restore I'hem, and ;apply them again
_ 't rife kdfilirfidtrlition of the government
,' ^id'liit rebuke any departure from them, as
n. nworiy of their confidence and support.
'.I j 'hiis Iirewell address to his countrymen
'ile I'iinled ou't to them clearly how the
,i spIirit ot encroalihmenrt lpnds to consolidate
, 'thlie piovers of' all tile deparlmenl.s in one,
,1 ;an; ilius In 'creMe, whateverr tlle form of
. fnveinmeni, h real despolism. Jeff'erson. ir
1 his ..leller in 'r)olm Adams, dated June 27,
s 1913, dleclIre's'lh;hl ihe |ai'.y w'hiclh broiighl
y him into power, 'had !for ill'ss objeci lo
sirengilien lie nmosi polhl;lr brancli of go.
I veriimenit, (()onlgres') ragtiist executive en-
I,'ra'hnieni. Thle same g'reatL pripncilples
i have :ie iin itfimpl ieh d in 'tle e..p.clioh ol
T' aylir, wliose cliaraicter is a perfect, gnar-
f ; iny 10 his coniyineo lltIhal Ihe republiciin
I pincilples nflthe erly Presidenis and lathers
f tilIe country, will be tile rules of his hil-
el" "
I Tht rr are to be two halls al \Vashingion io-
I; nihr. ione at Jnrakson Hall, and one in a
sl,,t'io'is building elected and decorated for
, ilie iimrlose in I!te rear of IlntCity Hall.--
This building is 160G feet 1ong, and 110 feet
widle. ;,atd will acconntmodae ab6ut -five Ihou-
l -and persons qnite comnt'-'r'ably. The Walls
.i are splle'hilidlly (dec raied with pairlings of
. lle co;it of armts ol each of Ihe Slales of
' imic Irnio,, interspersed with flags and hIan-
, ners, a;nd Iamlanings of Ihe various battllles in
whichh Generail Taylor ;and General Scott
h ali partici[)aied. The ball-room is lighlit-
Seld vy iliree immnnense chandeliers, gikiee'b
re'Pi in niameier, 'And eech hl6hding 500 wax
carIiles. A plaiforen is erected at tile west
end I"' llie hall, on which sils nine mnliog-
,nii, clinics, intended as the resting place for
(;e'e'ra'l T'avlot ;nd suite. The ('ily C'oun-
cl ch,l~mler, wliicli is 80 feet long by 50
rciile, and 9S hii-ih, is filled up for lite .sup-
per-room, and lighted by a chandelqr.cpfi-
I;iininy 500 w;ix lights. There is a d0.uble
tiblle lie .whole length 61" ihe tro'm, which
is ull'lani'fice'I't' ti'ec'raerl for Ihe occasion,
UJpon ihle tables are io be fbund tlhe follow-
ing: edibles:
o pyramids, G1 feet hiigli, reipreseniing a
lemple, in the centre o'f wliicli is General
Tavl1r on holseback, terminating in a spire,
oni'ite lop ol' wliich is a horse rampant.
S lpyraimids omrn;iTlented with cornucol)i;i
and flaigs, ilh'e bases ol' whicli are teml,les, ;ald
lerminatllibg ith a "C'hinese spire.
.3 Ipyriiiiids of cakes, 3 leet hIigli, decor-
aletl writh 'flags, &c-
I8 |pyr;nmds of or;inges adil grap)es. 4
pyramids of fancy cakes. 12 large pyraimid.
of im'eats in forms covered wihli jellies. 60
a.illons of ice crenim in" pyr;mids. 1"2 gal-
ions waier ieei. 16 galhns Romain punch.

410 gallons lemonade. 25 gallons alple toddy.
75 mnoulds of jelly. 75 Charlotte Russe.
15 qiiarls bavarois. -20 moylJs fit' blanc
m:inge. 6 saddles ol' enison. 6 saddles of
Soulh Down rimulton. 6 rounds of beef
will jelly. 19, hais withli jelly. 0 roast
turkeys. 12 boned turkeys. 12 dozen parl-
lidgms. 30 beel tongues. 100 gallons stew-
ed oyster. 1.? gallons pickled oysters. 120
chicken salad. 1000 French rolls. a0 pair
canvass back ducks. 12 large oyster pales.
1000 sandwiches. 3 kegs of grapes. 16
dozen oranges. 6 large pales de i'oi-gras. 2
bushels of lady aplples. 50 pounds French
kisses. Celery, olio, etcs., at discretion.
SI-n addition to thle above there are 100 bas-
kets of-champagne wine, of Mttumm, Heid-
sick, a.nd (4eisler, brands, MAaderia and Sher-
ry wities, clarel,- brandtly, whiskey, and gin,
whiskey punch and apple toddy, made six
weeks ago by an old aul experienced hand.
The balPal Jackson tiall is also expected
to be a grand affair, and President Taylor
and.suite will visit bolh of them. T'lhe pro-
fits, after paying all expenses, of each of
the balls, are to be appropiiated to thle bent-
fit dlof th'e varilsorlphan as"llu1ns of1 -Wasli-'
inglon ciy. Ba=ll It%, e Sii. -

W F HReipi~ s~kS, T1 edi~
da n ip n, b abelrhe .'_t Ilkt-+ .
to hold ffntil the first O'J d e WO.l
also, Im Judges of" Probate(or-ijfhe s*
t(03, to bol' l ltl.l-befirst4,OBMda.of-
and for tnj l _, l. thae p--oe ..r 1
the several Cot'tiee, to Bol 'ot
of said officers 9 oconlinur
cesors shall be e1leA.eatjd i-.'
IT IS. HEREB jiSo ^ y-^^ i.
'W.a b'elhold;AXoi, jgl' ,
law, and thp d cers', isedaf to.
election, wsil,' tke 'ulce hr.orf..:- fi'e
Wiro ats tnry, Ihand -and. .heu,_ t' ..+
Slate given at the C"'t^Ufljgt'id^' m-
[sEA:.] of'Jamuary, A. D. 1W, and ,1l- 6 h
"dependence of tie "UI 'Unitf fw .
734 yea. -" {..- .
"" -W.. D."MOS'ELE itoverar.. .
A t t e tl : -,'* ; .
A. E. WMxwVL, Secretary of'State. -'-
January 25, 1849. ,"' .. 1. *.. it^" ef'
03- All papers i Itfe State insert tvwopBorikfi:J *
For.,LiverVoo :.-' .i "
^ TH EAsop'leodid new shn -IC.A''- ,
^^ ^i A LSOP, J. Sn ilh, iasle 'can,'T .
'rIbulg of 806 hales cofon in 4 10 .
thdt already engaged. For freih11'. apply- -" -:
March 15. J. DX.Y & G-O.f
fr > -.a,,A ; 4
For river''ool..' -. .
... T. HE nejv and sllepdidshfE" '-7
,^M^Capt. Ford, w'tl:l-have Put? Matt
-mrthe aboye'porL. Fbr eight oaa
apply ro. "' -. .:.
,.Feb 15 NOURSE., ST .. *'.
^ rFor New' Yo.'I;k.., -,'"'_
T-HE dioe K- t sailing -piacke rfi'-'' ., ?
^^^~i~COLUMBTA-, Kneap.p, Iffaamr f-4104
--aL-dtsparclh rr t e abcHe lgpo. '.-,llti'fi ,+i"i,-'.
or passage, apply to'- ) 'T f- .
March 15 G J. P OkirR^o a%
S'FPir Boston,- ."
TH fi fti' ship, -R atP'
Fulton, master, -rl haic.:
Lithe above port. Fo0 d 'l'rK
ply o t. ,,y* ,
March 8 H AS'R piR*''I,*a-..&2 j.

Wiloolesale Clotlinng Warehouse,

Nos. 3 .2 & 256 Pearl Street,
(Be1l3 een Fulion-sl and Burling Slip,)
11^ THiE -'f
AdaltedJ to l'ie Soulthern and Soulhwcslcm Mar-
kets !
Ii the article of
We keep an endless variety,
AND a .:
Iii the World! .
Plain bihl 'nshionable Clothing, of all Idndls
Nos. 252 & -256; Pearl st.
Dec. 28, IS18. 48-3m


Albro, HoyL & Co.,
72 John Sirerf,
ARE now receiving into Store from Itheir Fac-
lories, at Elizabeth-Town, N. J., a variety
of new and original patterns of
Heavy Floor.Oil Cloths,
in widlhs olf 1, '21 and 2-4 feet. They are also
receiving from the Albany, Lansingburg, and
.Utica Factoiies. in sheets of IS feet in width, a
large assortment, embracing many new patterns
of their
Iedldium Floor Oil Cloths,
Also, from the Newburg, Altiany, Lansing-
burg, Utica -and Maine Factories, every variety
of" pal terns manufacturing by them, of their 41-41 h,
-41lh, 6-l41h, 7-llh, S-lth and 12 feet wide
Light Floor Oil Cloths,
Also, Mahogany, Rosewood and figured 4-4,
5-4 and 6--l4th English, German and American
'T'able Oil Cloths.
Also, a great variety of new patterns of
Carriage Oil C6loths:.
All or which they oflbr i'o the trade on liberal
Jan. 2, iS-10 ...... jan25 52-3m,

POR;T OF APALACHICOLA.........March 15.

3 Arrivetf
I Iarchl JO--'Schr Ronme, McLean. fin N Orleans.
M March 12-Schr N. C. V., Wlighl, fin New
Schr Palladium, Post, fin New Orleans.
S March 13-Schr Louisa Scars, Sears, fm New
e Orleans.
March 15-Bark Mary Mellville, Stevehe, 'trf
Neir York.
Steamer Southerner, Shaw,, 'from Eufjula.
Steamer Palmetto, McAlisier, fm Columbus.
Se9ainer Fashion, Cadwallader. InmCnluitLii..
S teaner Quincy, Allen, Im Chliallalooclhee.
Steamer Eufaula, Barns, from Eufaula.

March 8-Schr Tioga, Collins, for New York,
by A N McKay & Co.
SMarch 12-Ship Clinton, Foster, for Boston, by
N J Deblois.
March 10-Ship.Ophir, Sylvesler, for Havre, by
S Cassin.
SSloop Enterprise, Moore, for St Marks.
March 12-Ship Charlotte, Collins, lor Lie'r-
pool, by I M Wright.
I March 13-Schr. N. C. V'., Wright, for ew
Orleans. .,. .
MBarqh H1L-Ship S ar Republic', Norris, for New
York', by W A & JP C Kainm.
Ship Vandalia, .Norton, cleared fm New York
Sfor this port Feb 27.
Bark Callas, Fisher, cleared fin New Yor'A for
this port March 5.
Brig Globe, D6&te- 'cleared f'nm Boston for this
port Feb 28..
Ship Persian, Babson, cleared fm New York for
this port Match 2.
Bark Tarquin, Speighl, cleared fm Baltimore
for this port Mdrclh 3.
Bark Cleolia, Banrlett, cleared Im New York lor
thli porl March 2.
Shll'ip Elodle,; Bussa'u'cch, cleared fin New York
for this port March 5.
Ship Manco, Fish, lience fm this port, bound for
Providence, arrived at Newport blarclh I.
Brig O-ceola, Burgess, hence fm this port, ar-
rived at New York Feb 25.
Balk New England, Williams, hence fitn this
port, arrived at Providence Feb 24.
Brig Manhattan, Johnson, was up at New York
for this port March 5, to sail wilh dispatch.
Brig Gen Wilson, Beckwith, was up at New
for this port, to sail March 12.
Schr Memento, Terry, was up at New York for
this port March 3, to sail with dispatch.
Bark Lepanto, Hagar, cleared from New Yoik
for this port, Feb. 23.
S Brig E L Walton, Ryder, cleared from New
York for this port, Feb. 23.
Bark Vernon, Faye, cleared from Savannah for
lihis port, March 1.
Brig W L Jones, Tyler, was up at New York
for Ihis port, Feb,27, to sail March 3
Bark Cleocla, Barllett, was up at New York, to
Rail 24t1h Feb.
clchr Wm E Collins, Garvie, was ui, at New
Orleans. Feb 21, to sail witli dispatch.
Prig E L Wallon, Ryder, cleared fm New York
for this port Feb 23.
Ship Monterey, Crosley, sailed finom Liverpool
for this port, Dec. 29.
List of Vessels in Port.
John Fielden, (Br) Strang,9t6 Ions, for Liverpool,
loading-Simns & Clheever.
Commodore, (Rr ) 'lich-ard, (?(', ton:, for Glas-
gow. loading-\V A %&. P.C Kain'
Ohio, t.lark, 38 iong, for Europe, loading--I M
W rightl. ,
Robert Pallen. Fulton, 376 tons, for Bbsion, load-
ing-G Roger.s & 'o.
Ohio, .1Ulton 297 tons, for Boslon, loadirig-
N J Dehlols.
Masonic, Haihorn, 439 ions, for Providence, load-
ing-T L Mitcliel
Constellation, Flitner, "-n6 Ione, fmn New York,
%%ainh--M aster.
Gardiner. Spies, 346 tns, lor Liverpool,-loading-
S Cnssin.
Covenaner,. (13r) Paileresori, 61-2 tons, for Liver-
pool, loadlng-\V A & P C Kain.
British American, (Br) Powell, 66(j3 ion3, for Liv-
erpool, loading-J C bMacldvy.
Jesse, (Br,) Ford, 573 tons, for "ILiverpool, load-
in--Nourse, Stone A& Co.
Rob't Walt, (Br.) Jolhnson, 491 ions, for Liver-
pool, loading-Hill, Dawson &- Co.
Susa, (Br.) CronK, 537 ions, fur Antetip, load-
ng-- M Wright.
Ann Ifood, Collhni, 312 tong; for New York, load-
ing-Siins & Cheever..
Edward, Knudson. 355 ions, lor New York, load-
ing-A N A-1cKiy,& Co.
John Brower, Tallbrd, 310 tons, for Boston, load-
ing--N J Deblois.
Lion, Alexander, 337 tons, for Boston, loading--
N J Deblois. "
Alpha, Bennett, 517 tons,' for Providence, load-
ing--\Vood &:-'allou.
Mary Mellville, Sleveris. 235 tons, fnt New York,
wait ng--Master.

Ice: Ice!!
THE Ice Hou;e will helopen ai 10 o'c'ck, A.
At. lor one hour only till the 1st of April-
t hen it %'ill be open 'from 6 till 7, and from 12 till
I, one hloi'r each opening only.' Steamboats and
veskls'supplied at all hours when in the act of
leaving. Customers wvill please be plunctual,'as
the house will not be opened at any other'hour.
Rates ol selling-Three cents per pound for all
supplies less than a hogshead-by the hhd 2j cts.
Any person wishing tickets can get them by ap-
plying to the subscriber. Tickets or cash-no
credit. A. HANCOCK.
March S, 1849. 6-3m

To thle Master of the Steamer
mna-nolia, and to all persons
interested in said Sleamer, her
Tackle, Appaprel, F rnituire,
and lachiner ,,
W HEREAS, a Libel hath been 'duly filed on
V V he seventeenth day of February, 1849, by
Wm. G. M." Davis; 3loclor on behalf of Jere-
miah Day and Diniel J. Day, merchants and
partners doing business i the city of Apalachi-
cola, uider the style of J. DaN &, Co.,.in the
colity ol'Franklin and State of Florida,an'Q in the
INorithern District of Florida, against the Steamer
Magnolia, her Tackle; Apparel and Furniture, and
agdlnst the Flint River Company and owners of
said Steamboat, and all pp'rsops intervening for
their interest, in' a case of' bo.tomr'y, civil and
maritime; and, whereas6..in pursuance thereof
an attachment and monition hath issued from
sai'd Couri, to me directed, returnable, .a9 tbe.
Clerk'.s pffice in the city ol Apalachicola o.n Ihe
Iwellth day of March next, wherein I, among
oiler things, am commanded to seize and safely
keep thle said Steamer, her tackle, apparel and,
lurnituire, until I[he further-orlers of the Court,
ana to give due notice to all persons interested in
,he .iante; and, whereas, [ have, in pursuance Of
the said attachment, seized the said Steam'er
Magnolia, her tackle', apparel, furniture and ma-
chinery : -
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given to all
persons' concerned of said Libel and seizure
aloresaid, and that they are required to appear at
Ihe Clerk's office in .the city of Apalachicl!a, on
the twelfth day of March next, being the return
da) of said' process, and the time and place as-
signed for ,ihe. hearing of said cause,'and [lien
and there interpose a claim, ir any they have,
or shew cause why Ihe .aid Steamer, her tacklee:
apparel, furnilur-, and fiachinerv should not be '
sold lo satisfy the demarids or the'Libelants.
ROBERT- MYERS, U. S. Marshal'
Northern District of Florida.
Apalachicola, Feb. 24, 1iS49.

Siockon-hand Sept. 1, 18-S.....517
Received past 3 days.......... 2207
previously......... 10i4817
Exported past 3 days .......... 4729
Spreviously......... .652)86




Total.......- 70(15 38643
On hand anlon shipboard nolcleared 37516 34433

Exports of Cotton from Apalachicola,
ComnmencingSepl. 1. 1848, and samLt*ime in lV47.

I Past Previ-. o AL Last
WHLITHER EFXPORTED. 3 days ously. IrT season
Liverpool.... .... .... .. 1254 .198)5 .211o9 10715
Havre.............. .. .. .. -.1400 ..2114 ..3514 ......
Nan lz..... ..... .. ..... ... .... ... .... ....
Trleze. ...-....... ..... ... ............. 2724
Genoa .....1 ..... ...1.. 1310 ..1310 ......
Other ports........... *... .3220 ..3220 ......
Total to For. Pors. ..2654 .2 1j449 .]210)3 .r3439
New York ............. .29 ll1167 10i .11025
Boston ........... ... .. 1185 .144ll4 .15645 ..7194
Providence .......... .. 13270 .13270.. 19W4
Philadelphia ................... .......... .577
Baillimore .................. 1557 1557 ..118(1
New Orlen-is .............61 .20-3 ...2144 .. 1264
Otlhefrporis .......... ......... .............
Total Coamlwi.we.... 2075. 394%37 40912 25201
TOTA fL- na_.s... .......... 70015 3SC)S

An Ordinance,
For Regulating t he Wharves, &c.
.Be it ordained.by the .4ayor and Coueltl of
the City of .Jpalachieola, T'hal from.-and alter
the passage of this ordinance, it. shall not he
lawful for any consignee of cotton or other goods,
wares or merchandise, to allow the same to-re-
miin on any oi the wharves in front-of said city
more than seventy-two hours, (or three days) af-
ter lh@ arrival and discharge of the same, and all,
infringements of this ordinance Mhall subject-the
consignees to a penalty of ten cents a. ale.on
cotton, six cents per barrel on *merchandize, hand
t4wenty-flve cents per cord on wood, fpr each and
every day the same may iremnain in 'violation of
this ordinance; and.that the Mlarshal of the city
be empowered to remove any goods, wares or
merchandise, at the expense of the,owner or ron-
signee of the same, which Miay remain on saidl-
warves, in violation of this ordinance.
Passed by Conncil, 12t01,Pebru'ary, 1S49.- :"
SJ:1. S. HUTC'HINS JN, Mayor.

TImL Fir-'or OF SEPTElInR "TO I-ATE, IN frE rO.L-


154S ............... 10)7024
!4. 7............ ....772498
1846........ ......74752
IS44............... 103996
1843 ................ 91T)5



'o.ttol Trade.
V.EA.RS. l4.-IS47-13 6-7156
To Greal-Britain .68159S .3 48557 .345206 .497524
France ..... 155146 .194096 .118864 .135992
Other F. P'ri .141004 .143753 ..74276 ..54239
Total Bales ... .97774-" S .686406 .538346 .687,755
Receipts ........ 1776709 1379778 1309860 1294920
Stocks.......... .623115 .604336 .619781) .475753

-L --I




i*.. ... 1VnltITTER', jui-t receive -m'l I,;ir sale by
Nov-2 ;H. F. AELL, Dr. -t.
SLARGCE aii..>n neiit oft' Extiact, Colo ,rie,
; A &(, .c. fnr isaLe by
'- Gold Peus! Gold Penis!
.'*"- .1r-;.+ Ihltest I(d InoJ-; a,;,,''..,v. l stele, jist
.i. j '-r.e ir\ed, and f.;r sp l \i
^, ,Nov. 1P J C ALNT.N & C.,.

';;- Sai~d~dry," &e.
-". o .DDLE !, ,t var',i.-,ii l]rm .:ri aimd ,u.) liti:.--s,
4-0; B roi.Br Ce.irb a.id Snatll bits,
'.; '- Saddle B.'.%
'6-. A I- irtrnhll es au'd' \\r h;l,-\ I r -,,l,:' lv
'o ,l .:. \ .VM. G'. rNJ. X-&L C ,".
^ '_" tec. 30 11 \VIter 4r,'t.
S-." Cify Lots,
'' ... .OR Leis,; or Sahl.--, I ;,I' '\' i l l. l Ill-t: ? J^.,-d i
J'- .will he given. A- pl\ t
*' Doe "c 8 FH i;. --28"V ,p.
_;, Leinmo Syrnp.
=:^-"" )A SUPERIOR article, ji,.t ie.' T iv l a ,d (i
s'*^ '' sale byA"S_
"'. _'Feb,. J" C ALLF.N & CJ.
.. Clarified SaIIn'.
-'-'- .. BBL' : Ncw ,,o,lt Ci lri Cld dllusCt received.
;; *"- ...-...i a d for sale bv.
f^.--- JanI r A GREEN S ,',o
's .' .School Books,
F-' 1*-OR sale by '
: ,Jl' Fqb 17 H F .ABELL.
t;,-=.- Dyseuta.l'y Coardial.
'---".. 'T"D. WOODRUFF'S Dvsenrary Cordial, jutl
,-[' ~\' ".J received and for sale by
I?;e,. -.. e 9.ec- H F ABELL.
-.-./llronli, Ciirranls, lRaisins, Lein-
^"*^ ..'' Oils, &C.
r.-* .' 1 ITUST received in fine order, and tior sale by
..:_-Jan 1 C A GREEN & Co.
-.- _.1~ .'B .p and Cotton Duck.
.;.-.Se .A~.PFNE assortment just received 1'rom New
.'...' -.i.-. York-, fur sale by
Jo,_,Jan 1-1 C A GREEN & Co.
;s...'DOTATO.ES---l'00 bbLs. (planting) just receiv-
y^\'- ^F'^e.d and lor ile) by
for'. 1 ** "B ELLISON. Co.
m .<:"
* :- % '.-" ".. -
^Se'+-', ; '...' .'" --' "**

. +

milt.er ,vhether'lhe result of inllheieit caune' fI fLci U l "Ot1'lC.
cail-e- produced by irreulanlly, illiess or aeci- C___ W
ilan A I15rj
,.l.-ii[. N ,,thzhg ce:,n be m ,.,re surpri-iing than e l C a '..t A lla ',
igiii'alinX 'ect on the huumian f',Wrne Per- lienI.Bill for Divorce
sonia a ll w keA rss a.id tsA tiiide, from t.A .ing it, I .un ( l a s ] r
-if once become robust anil l, nl ,.,l Plle '} unl r Sl i l. fer n n h in ped
its ilild.ricen. It immedilew ly culelraclds the 1"H Defendrnt nol having plead, an.e-red
nervele.ue.-s ot.q e female Iiaune, which Is the ior deirurred to complaianit's billalter due
great raQe ,c frarrenness.It rwill not he ex- it:cc (-,1 the filing-lhereof, given by publicaoin,a
pected ul' us, in case ol so delicate a rnLre. to and Ihe ;aid hill of complaint and the malters
ehiiit certifcate+ "lcu'e+ Ielrett we trell sated having been taken tor confessed
~i] a.Stll' ire~ ~ he l'hrete, ,ththlr;, drredel , ag-Irial suid defendarnl: on motion of Solicitor
,-.in assure the allicted, thit hundreds ol caa-s
h.ive been ip.,rtd to usi. Thousands ol case Ir -rcom lauir anrlt, it is ordered that said cause be
\"W ere f.ll lil'"e have bee n without chlhldren.an ter ',t I..'" l j.rnine i at he first day of thle next term
usiing a few bottles of this invalu ble nted-lihe, this C'.,rit, and that notice of such hearing
have been bW-al wvih tWie, n..dhlllq A.tl- ,rsnn b< he f11 the? ,J lendalt hby the publication of a
To Piotloel.ic. lal'fAfr.el ILl-ies. Lc, ,.I is vrdr, once a wa.eel; This Extract H, Sarsi~arilla has been eqresil) threl: ihcilhs prior to tfie first day of the next
preparedinr^ehienwe.fmaecmr.NoOin in ie Cnommnerci.31 Advertiser, a newspa-
*euaLe ho ha n ls pp se- ii atch- i, imui in J in the city <., .Aphlaichcola.
ing that crwnli .'l i -rti ,,:.n to"s Tp eif isr'nrt..if h- A Cqoj. W\V VALLIEAU, Clerk.
," ~ n i li.J rh,,,.,, ,.r I, 1348. 49-3in
sloulI neglect .t to.i lke it, as it Is eiilanive 6r iany l"' h.i.- iihnnll,_us an.l horrible SIlel'iffr'S Sale.
,iseasS to which r- l:l.s.,il' -iulrj.,ct ,t this l:Us nnt VY virliie ol a writ of If. fa. to tne'directed
,,f' !1i ll. i. I,.r 1, '. la edj rstv 1ral i |r,,in tie Circuit Court of Franklin county,
qarf.s b.' .i,/h.is thi, ni 'lti-mr. Nor is it l>;ss Val- in Iajv r ,4 W \Villiam Gri.wrld and Naih. L. GCis-
urahle IOr th..-e ,i are ap[pr.oac'hirn woninhlIod, %%old. cxeculors of' N. L. Griswold, vs. the City
as It is calcllaldl to asiit rnuliire. by quilckenhin of Ap.jacliicola, I have le-vied upon, and will ex-
tlie blood andl ili7l,,r<,ntinr the systeln. Inlnded, lu0se II S_[l Ito the highikit bidder, at the Court
this medicine is in'aluable lir all Whe ddlicale Hn,.i .t-ll.or, in the cily of Apalachicola, on the
ili-,.aes ti which w."mmeln are suhJect, firl M,,idjvay in Marchlisi, 1 wilhin Ilie legal
[I braceslie Wh.le q stem, rune's ;.lermln.n>ci.- h,,nr- 1 ... jl. the I;,ll..w% inI described properly,
!y Wle ,nturol en,=r.-it-m by r,:nim Inmg the iiri]..unr- |, '.% : ,,e1. jrge fr,.,',e building, known as the
twli ofl [lie lo y. h, ,t -,,. lr ,llniroi ailh0i as t, -,.,- (as.Pi, (',,i,,l ]| Chamber, ilualed on Market
,iuce suh.lteqfniucl rlxcl .-ili,,n, \ ,'ir lh is llhe cue ,lI .s .l;oo ,, :'; n, : Eeiii i'e Ih.,,-. and Eiingine, known as
niist in,....lii tjl;.: i lur l, rwil.- w eal;n>.7._ jid | ,.... i ,,. I; and one En,_,ine House-and En-
,liieaj-+ IBy u.i-ii); i> low billes of thin Ir ine clhc, i.ii ,-, i.i | ... 1 1, as FFida klir, Nn- 2, lei led on 3s the
r.iany severe andi irdii ul..q il q cop,..tor- i na i ,i,, 1.. i, ,.f ilie oily ol Ar,,ahhicola.
he prevenl-. -. J-HIN LUCA'-,.iSherl;,
Gtol'eal l llesisig" t1o 110 iOR ie'o and BRy B. LUCAs.,l Deputy.
CAiiildrl'el. .1 11, Ir 1% 1-1'i .
It i Ihe sai'eat andJ rlr:"l efeclui.il meilQlic e IO.r "'hi, :,.,iv,.e oweh? is pc.tlfinrmed until the first
piiril'ing tlhe i _-.lell, and lelipvil,; the I'tl-i1^ M ,,,,JJ:, iMi April, [b\ conielt of parties.
itlten .d nt Uil.r,, clhi;t!-bhi h ever ,i.urri. Jl M 1\ l l ,1",-19
,..(-. liens ih,,,th tie nmolherniid .-hil l, p. l '.\,; 1'-E u.,b.cribers have on hand and offer lour
pain andl dnti_^: e. ni,,,i,.;,es and eii icleh Ihe l,,.,d, -,i_. n I ,r I e
h,,K o who h.Li .I J t k ,1 y illlihl i i nblsperI".. le. S' R \GA -1 ii hldS and .3,i bbl; N. Orleins;
It is tl,,gll u i.t'l' bnlh bef,,le and lfler c_,c" b e- x l W oc.,-e^ & St iarl's loa1;
ment, ^as it pr~ei-d ,.]..ea-.cs allenfla.lt i|,.,n FLO-I;--l ,.. bbl s.ulperfine St Louis and Ohio;
,_hildbirlth-in u.,.es,. Pile, Car,., 'ell- COFF,;'EE--.1I s.ack. Rio and Maracaibo;
ing <, t.' tFe E et, DcpoineJ. l earfl,,', Vom- MIL ,'F.--lz l.II n,-w %crop ;
Iitg, PUn in llIhc Rack a;id Lnin-, Filsc PalnII. \VHI SKEV--5O bbli and hall bblQ;
Hern,.rrhaLe, an,, in r0_.v lalirL ti, se fetlions1ait,./ i a U i .
equaliz.,ng, I! crci.lili.,n Ht A, no e..l 11e SOAp-- I oAe.e p.le, yellow and white;
gr.l beauty o.,I hi m- inne kl i ir e i lI al\ v\'. ll,.,, -' A -lll 11 box,
an,d ihv m tn l d Ih-lie.t u ns- it rl ,-,,m sue. s-ftully, PI'(,, .I I ,-- bt 1, arid prime;
I'-yl.' v Ilrw ca; -q:' rc,.llll e any oiiher nit,.Ilhinvo, Iin E F 1. 1 li ls prime;
"Iea li.lI'- Oil, orM ,in i(C.,)--:, bSl and hf bxs favorite brands;
Exercise in the ,,pen am,r, and W li l t l,,d ilh fin s .\(_c- :. casks sides and hams;
imed,[itv, will .,Iw3 ehsire aleiand eas ron- _IAC'CRON(: I-1-5 boxes Italian;
-A"ei ielri. \'ERMI('ELL[-;-> do do;
Notice to lie Ladies. C 1 \-\NBERRIES--',.q,,rle bbls;
"rl.e tha ule L'. Tw'n.,1's -M-,:,arlla, : I D hvenvari.ly c,]d tleirtutt'a r 1 m .OSN \ [!1IR;S--lu btolvs Lowell and Georgia;
;,! Ftm^.x., &,'. &c., aul l.hA ?ecopied ,,nr lll (; .S.--'21 1[,-s assorled siza ;
.ani cirul.r, wti<-ch relah t, the c.,m],lails,: N R.1 SINS-- lI,, wl hole, hf and qr boxes;
worner,, w.,rI I;,r w,r'd--,,llher nen w hn% put uip BUCK\VH EAT--2 kegs new;
m,-liclnn, h.j,.., since lihe ile:lt suc .cc-.i f Dr. ALMONDN-->)200 poucluds;
',o- nsns.l's 'siapnrllla in comlj nits ilcidenl I o BII "TER--:R., kegI Goshen and Western;
ft.males, ri,-,nmmm.nlel fheirW, alll-,ugh previous- CHEESE-_ bxs English dairy ;
Iv they did invt. A Illnmher of these Mhxlmumes, ,RA NDY-3 hf pipes Otard, Depuy & Marlel;
Pill-. & ,,r iniiuriius to females, a fl.f) ;I.a LE.II)NS--J hoxes Sicily;
v31~ dlca~c.6'. L OIUN-) boxes Sicily;ion
vale di-ca._e d unhernielhe cinniulion. \V[INES--'. ,.z to nperior Maderia and SheIrry;
ScIrofaula Cmred. ALE--,zen pole;
Thns ceritit-,.le corchlsiv'ly ipvs Iht Ihal Plcle;l. S.anuces, Olives, Brandy Cherles and
Sarapanllll Ihas perfect control over the must .- Candy, a full usrtrelt.
stiluate dis-ases of tlhe Bloodl. Tlhre j,er..-ris C. A. GREEN & Co.
cured int une house i u;inpreceJerled. Dec K 52. Water silreet.
Three Chlilrell. ltt;rranled lo Cui'e."
Dr. T-,,. nsienl: DDetar Sir-- Iliave Id, leasutre 1 ( -
to illllin ,,., u Ihat Ihree of rnv children h.,v% -,OSTER COXE'S genmune Southern Tonic.
heenl cure. of Ihe S,-rnfula by vlhe ie of your ex- crlnpouil,,h.d from medicines of our own
,d-11,ont medicine. Thev welre allhiced'\er ,- ;:,':resl-;, a V,', ,-t and lasting cure for lever and
trelvwlt hnl .,'es: hae t iken only lOur' ba.(- am! uv,.l1, Ir I*clng lhe best I'onic in cases ol
Hen Q.ol hie a, fill which I fl yself enrrI ,lehril:v r weakness now known, Ibr sale
iunde. r \'tour '~l fcu]]Iy, "loIlo apttqli' CO liNOIIIIP d Syrilpof
ISAAC \V W C.\IN, 11 ',osipr--(. '; l;lld Woodl Na illa,
OlPilmiilS of PIllySirinlns. R.,:ilii| c.i,: ,.i' conruinplion, chronic, bron-
D I. riw .n~ e i- iltnoi in,- ,jily rece ri o Ii'l ,'l' .-.hiriw-. -.iicig. ,ho. in 'u h, i palp n ion
Ilr..i', in li)y. i 'ih il iil ;-reit p.iaim t' )l fie Liiiirin. _, i ,. lh, I', 1, \ r cn r., Il i i ls, and allecliuns ol
T hil ., i- i .. erlll thfl t w% e, fl -1 Uldur-i ,n.l, i .- :.Id llln f I'.I -Jlo I by
Pijy.i'..I mi,.f ,1" lI,_' CnIt .o.f Alhaqn have inll n er- >--i, ,In J C A 1 [ .FN & CC .
,-ils ,'j-4e_ |)r., 'i i l .% m' ,nw, X9enl'>.S .rsa.u aril la,
*ain, hIieve it i.be one., ?n,2 or Ihe :r.ot viable prr.- B; i< BoCalls anld Stlationery.
pinrati,.li inl UIhe n -rk,-r.. T A EDGER:', I.'.urnals, Day Book,,, &c.
11. P PiU.IING, M. D. IJ ,0 ren. <, ,,..l- J. \\VILI":J. M. I-. C'..,il,,ln Mmrn,,randuin Books;
IP 1. BRI' -.-';. M Ship a:ind I]',,.r Bills Lading;
P P. E ELMEXNCUltF, A. D. B,l,,ks hor P.eller Press.
albany, Apil 1, 1W,7. Blank Sipiq ,,I Exchange and Checks,
SCaul ion. JirQ le.ivedt anid for sale' by
Owin-I,, the tl greatt success anid linti ense sale *r,'h I H. I AREL[1
o f D r T i i sl r sa l ,t r i ll j a ri i i ln h p r o f ni e h H
whio were fonn-rrl ,,ur A eni.t, have coninmenced hlor .'oOrlin I
making, _-irs3-iprflla Extr.t.-l, Elixirs, Biheiq E\- W '--1 'RA N Ei.' pure.< just received and for
Ircls- ofl Yellow Dock, .ec. 'They generally pill dI .I
it up in the s.e shaped b.lle, and sone of e N' v '5 J C \L.FN & Co.
thtn hav? sl-,, anil c,,pieI .ir ailvertiemers, Dry Goods.
tihey are ,.miy woltl--^ iinitalion. and ..hotlh be DRI[LLING.S, T'ickini., Colton Osnaburgs.
avoide1. Lin-;eys, K.;erseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
Principal IOtfice, 1",; FULTtON Sireel,. elsn ipi, T"aeedlf Sliirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
rii.I[,Jing. N. Y.; Rcdtlin^ A; Co., Slate street. Cmitrhaln, Calicoes, Delanes, Hnsiery, &.c. &e.
HB-t,,u; D\,,it & S,:,ons, 13'2 Nolth Sec,,rnd str,-et. For,- hy B. ELLISON & CO.
Philadelptila; S S. Chance, D~ru..gi P. M. Co,!,i), tC'iril.^tn; Wliilht &; Co., 151
Chalrhers :.'liret, N. 0.; ll~.l .oulcit Pearl sireet iC rl er.
Alb.inv; and hy 11 thie principal Dru;i..;its and 50 I:RL* Ciiampaglte. I',rsale by
Merclhats[ ;,.:nr.. lly thro,-,rthrut the UI t -,ied Statei ^ D \Ve-. In.li,: .n,-l tlhe C.n.'..lr I^ -IEEI' INGS, S!-,rllnes and Prints, by the
For sale wl ,-, e-.sl and rL-t-,ill v l) b-lea)d case. low I'or cash, by
Ma', 2.', I'.I'- l'.'-lv Ap.-lachiela]. 1e 9i. C,,r. \Vater and Chestnut sts.
DiTy ood.-..-a ners'~dil,
MP-E sib'cnberi r ,,iser fi-r I ;il"l e lJr.e and sea- "- R slr, i'
.L on.:ible stock oif Dry Giw,,t corln-i'lln_ in r' Dee' 3,i R ELLISON A Co.
r^llt .,1" .ll'ooi lla'rl'e, Act.
Negro K-rs, .ys :,nd Lins\ IlARREL Covel's, Painted Pails, Tub%, Flour
rhite arI Red I' larnel.. J) pPails. irailur., Tra!J, Axhelhes, Buckets,
Baiia;.l,: ;Ulcd T\wed.Is, pBlloll[[m?, &lc. ;c r1,.r sal_ by
Super pli, black and 'an C~asaieres, B. ELLISON & Co.
Sliper Enlish ,nd French Cl,.,tls, Dec 3. Cr. \Valer and Che.tnut sis.
WVlitne:.\ llal'ikers, 10~. I I arid l'2jrs.

Ttiil r nk t l s a. 5, and li.ir. C \ r.
M ir-illes iili, .10, I11 a d 1"2 41rs,e_) I.1 ,:n N,.:w O-rleans Si DU ninirs, Kr ,mlins and Cittoliides, .2 1)[1. 4 St-1 b."' ,',.IX
Brown Shirting and Sheeting, 5. lx- Sle\' i.tt'C- Loaf "
C,,tt.-.n 0'l[n.jbiur s. l in ,l.l- .r,,uniLt "
C.-,tton Di illinl and Tickingr, 100 sacks Rio Cnrlee; W5 do Java,
Liu-fn and Ctrh.n Cilcks. 4i.i bx-; Aromatic Tohacco;
lri-,i Liien. S4iirin.. and Sheeting. .",0 "' M id't'd do ;
Mle.;Ilied C,_ttno Shirtin-. inI Sheeting, "-,1 Sp:erun Candles; .51jb) x i- rownSc, ap;
En-.l, ih, Frenl,? iand Ain 'iean Prints, Iu0 bi,- Sh,.,t ; 5:.1 kegs Powder;
E :tia uipt'r, plain and twiilled Gindialns, li.ijl.i Ibq Leaid
Sli)..er Cashm!n-re d'Ecose, *2i.3): I is \iWhite Lead, No. 1,Extra and Pure.
Extrn s.iupr Mu.lin dd Laine, For -ia.le by \WM. G. PORTER & C)O.
Engililh, Sotch aill .inPerican du-. Dec 31. 41 Water street.
Sul'-r It:iliji, blick and ig'irvtd Sills, L i
Black S';ilk Cr'. als and faicv HkIkfs. L Stigaf'r
Super Er i n-]. alln. PoLn-ee Silk I-t10s, ,.,00 0 -' ; l Re D- -- I6ir -fl bv
En;lishland,: American Cotton Hkl's, 0 0 0 F B IVOD
llad' :-.Iand Vl'rulvni hed Hkfs, fron, Nails, Steel, A-c.
L.lie' -',,tton ohse rind 1I.eits Hf-ho!e, TON TNS S\,'weedq, American arnd English
Si.ip.r Satin Marseilles &,, Worst;.d eI iti ,!.z 30 Iron, as-,.rtledt izes ;
Cottoln and Flax Thread. :-0 dozen Brade's Hoes;'
Plain a.nd ,i' d Sw\\is ai:l checked Muitslins, 20 d,,zr- Crrown ldo;
Jaoronet nnd Caribhric MuIini, I,- d,,zeu Shovels and Spades;
Needles Pins, Tape. &... .;c IlCU) |keas Nail, asso-rt-d sizes;
'V hiidi h-ve been elected with zreat care in 5111 lbq Cast ar,,, Germarn Steel;
New \ork and Bo-.ton,l'rom porterr and Agent-s ", l,,z Crolli:n's Axes, Georgia and Kentucky
of MNliuflacuirers, at the lowest market rates, and :atlerir;
are now offered at wholesale or retail 011 favorable "2 I,boxei Cotton ('-'ard ;
terms h'y WvI. G. PORTER Co. 4 do Cvuffee llls;
Dec. 31. Is47. 41 Water Qtreet. 10 kegs 5 and j itleh Spikes; foIbr sale by
Wistlar's anid S aynlle's Balsall C. A. GREEN & Co.
of Wild( Chllel'ry, Dec 5 ." Water stree-t.
UST received and I;r sale by ,
.1 Nov 11 J. C. 'A LLEN ,& Co. New Dr'y Goods.
Colt' A rUSTIN &, LONG. successors to J. Slevenson
ColtlrOnH looks, .LLA & Co., are .ist opening at the old island, cor-
SOR s.le hy ner ol Water anrd Cliestnut Irees', ait entire new
F Jtl It C A GREEN & Co. st,,ck of DRY GOODS. SHOES, HATS, &c. to
Sl1uffs. which they invite the attention of the"'fcuner
qCOTCH and Macolir.y, just rec'l. fTor, sale by customers lf lthe old firm, and the public., ,-r
k^^ F -- 0 "l 11 At r T Vwr T r' il., A' .1 -kp1- M NL" T-- I I I. QA.- 19 0-

-r "' n "~
.1~ CT
15~ L~
-~.--. .--
.c.I* :-t~ict;.
.~ r
I :'2;-'ft~

c.. 'L.


a K"-, r^ v Ave) Ship C'lndey Ia. JErl^
y':' V? -'l'ftESb-- be ri be rs )a-ve 'on hanld I'or sale- JS P ^
: L S Buls, Screws, Hina:e., .

Harrdsaw, AL.saws. Ciocut do, Planes, .
'*:O,.-..*_"--dmpa,3es, Augers, Girnblet -. C. ._ls, Brace ...- .. .. .
--and Bit,-s, Rules, Bevels, Sqiar Sroada --. .
S ip-doCollnj' do, Adze, 1- i .t, [h rn- I 1 I
..'.5-- m erg-. Shutter H an_.; in s, R i. ..-d o,.
*. Cio._ tSalg.'d' e, PriipallrmJ,, hclr) d, *e. ,=i=--
,::-.;1 LO~CI(S, asvrrlted, Bultt, Scr~ews, Hinges,
,---; --:- .Hansaw1, illsaws. Cro .ut do, Plebes,
-. .-"" Cmpavses, Auger-, Gtmblko t.-, Chei5-, BI at.
W andl Bitts, Rules, Bevels, Squa3re.. Br,ada xe+,
IJ Ship ~do, Cottl0' do, Adz~e, H IlCJiet.:, -|'irn- l

"Cobotei Scales3, Platl-iI'nl ,J,', CWltNu .l,
Kitcnen Wjre, Table Cutleir, Shovetl j 11 8 Iiil! =+'Ba

Hi .HBni._r.3, ,, BS, ,'re vpli ,4 aSt.':,!J;+,I S,
.D, r.) F it. ..,;&"MW

.- -.IRU N .' l: I i4i.h n'.1 w-, I .-.,i-;.l ,'e ,
'"'- r,),.l'i'[, tt,:it r,.t s,.I'I i"'r, "I jl'i,[, H ''.,.p 'qll*.-tl aiii,
''!- '- Bjili.,'r Ifoy i, R l 'jilr ] ,l li, ,i]'' d.i, H ,-,r^ -sIl',
I-I, rroi ,1 vi I N t l.k C ,il, E'i;lii'i, jl ll.il.er iid
*,';-, G riIm I I te ?,l.
.:- lLOUlGH.S-M'-Jiu1, an, D ,ubleli t.'.), i;' .?l+l..-r-.

arlMAOCo le r
o= -,i
"" +'- (C ., i'.llrli-l % Lo, ,'llti _-i, l 'Tr d,? ., 0 \ O ( ,-,
-^ '**~ .S',l \'e[_ anI Sr',1 :_. \\r,-e' hl'ir H .,._'. GJ ui',hiu.
'* L r>.' an 1 'L G r .).)1!! i-"
* + ;] .00ORD) \GE--M[tillh i i I {l,:in ,, .3-.,re,.tl. P~il-!,,
.... T,i'r, R;i~iC, C')il Tar, Bri-h'it \ .llanll.*, H .ii I-
* spikes, Rt.. cl-s, k _5, i0 a ,r .
: CAS. IN',M;-.-.-3,114r K11 ... Mills ::,l, Cvfl.
1-'- dion' is, Ilka,',veilr qS i,.id r'g, Polt, W 'nimiled
-" K 1K1n le.T T i K_-Itl, ,'-.
,.- .TINIVARF,--\ iill as-,,in.,,t.
II .: -do o r .
-: ;*:. R 3; E *) ii r -

-~ .-i~ I'
;~CC~PL~I~ql~e~L-Y~F~iCJ~C~ai-~i: ~ii~


r I'

S 4i

Drugs, IVedicinesJ
Dye-Stufts, ]PeFerili
THE underiign"ed M-
to his'friends anid 'h
liberal patronage,.a
that he is now receivainA
Sal supply, which alec
stock, renders his assortmeihtii
ipd complete. English, Frl. h.
American Drugs; Coasmetie ic :i.
and Druggists Glass ware, P-,!;i, i
to Physicians, Country Merchifil^j
the most liberal terms-all of-which
pure and unadulterated. ..'
H. F. ^
Wholesale and Retai
4'5'a.i, I
Apalachicolp, Nov.-ll', i8C.""': g
Drugs aud Iedi 'es7
I THE subscribeb al ^
constantly have, o i
assortment of DRiU
CINES, wh'tIh t' l
pure and of the beit q
Merchants ad .Planters'l
to theirad vantage to call,exalnm ieaejni
Goods, before purchasing else-wh6
N. B. Physic;an's pfesqrjpjii5e
care and accuracy at any hor'
J C. AL.
Jan 1S Cor. Centre alB.
^rASecorid Story .'Ballel
(Enlfrance on"_ee

N. B. Watches, Clocks and 3etviiel-
repaired. Ocbtib'^

Bowiing SaloonI an'a^^
Roomi "
HE i roprietor of t-he "AiLengeu`
Sal,,on" ias used every ende'avol
Ihe e.tr, !hshrnmcnl at, agreeable plal'j
and is lliankful that an ever. discrjn
IUc prove b hlbi-rdl atrcrinage Ir'ei"ar jaw
4,f his desire to ple-rHe., wHI--aT
chlinice a ,r ll(riir lit ol Liluorv, -aA,
.ieverar-s, oif a soi t to tickle i
Bacchlus' iosl t ulaidit.us. s; u'p7"
cool anrd dtlich ins I'e-h trdnjl 'i lf-eM
Fo:- a plteasari coni'^i11inllig Ano("'6
amusemeltl-nlile i/e tum i//c"- fliher^I
Silhi:i the circle of gymnastics t:i e
a 'lme of tell piins; bui- Ihtse-:pre
active ailnnsemenl?, can always ie -'a'a
Cnie bne--edme a'lf.'"
J 0N. .,.
Aprlachicoln, D.ec. 30, IS17"..-
THE Subscribers take this me'thnd+ft'a
in Iheciltizrens ol Apalai'ct.lirLw
cinity, that the, have now--'n.-ha'diid^
and wellselecled Sloek ol GqODS.J,
sold low, colnsising in |iar't as,!i
C0.gths zn l'Ca'.?rs e-.&,,6"'va-S'n,1)6%
F'ancy Printl dT.
Alapaca Loslre; do. Fi'uri';-S;
Silks, Fridt Rine, -
d.'r. Mrr~titella -- -v '
don. Srli SIi .iped .,
Fancy Ci,shhmre Rnohes -. .
do. Mnrlno do. "
dro. Dslaine d ,.- -, '' ,
Mu-alins, India o.k .. -' .'
do. Swvi., LlDicOt id 'rd toid
Edging,. Lisle, Cal) and ThrAd^l:
SSh;alIs, Damask Silk '. .l.
Sdo,. Marino, '-
do. Plaid Wopol :- '
Kidl. Lace and Silk Glovp.-'Pi5
TIsklan Gl|,:ey Blnnosj.dei faiii
Rilbons in all vareli"s -. .. 7 --
nr,,wn Slirlin, 7-, 4-: 4I-'4"la
Bleached dn o7-S, -,--I,1.I-, TQ
Blankets, G-4 and 8-4 '.
InKrain and Cul.tlo'TCairp'eia-..?
Carp.et : -* ; -
Hat-; and 'Caps. all ^W/s^-';Il,.
Bno and Sh( E .-' '
Clolhing nl all ki'rd'. .- -'
Also, a neat assortlent- off.JI
many otiiher nrlicl-s Ion nu.mcr 'li,'
C all andl exa'Tm irie f vo trls!j i.e : -.'
NI. N. SC6Vr^r~ ^
Dec 3 -Oor. IWatre.V
Iroil, Nailms, Av' :
90 TONS Svede Iron, assloried si
]Jillkcev do!
-I casks Vedling W~dP., as.soted ,iia,
201 Blacksmith Steel FacedAwi.l.
-"20 0 English.ai'dA-f eican1
*'1 Bell,..w ,
12 'rzen Spades and Sh .-i4'^'^*
10 I>\s Cnllnn and "\Viten' Oa'd^,
1 ctae Rowlnnd'sCalr tSeef lH;Sy
'll:)1 Ihs C st and Ger'man Siteel, f'r, 6
__Deec30 41 .%^^

Bools and Shi]IO
B10Y' tnil Mein's Ryssel Brnga'n
Men's sew'd alld.ptf'd Kip. Brng-^^j
GenlsrineCall' rograri; .j;
Wi'+ peB'd and scw'd .Shnle..4[,.
Super L.idi-e"' Kid and Mrrfcio'rS.^
Suipor Ladies' corse and 171 G C;-,It
A large a,.d exterisivea.jrtltT+
and I'or an 1e by W M .^(P-'H-i."'': W.'
Dec 30 .. "L
HenryE's ;las.-i i-
Sa sa pailia,."^.
TBULL'S, Sand's,. Bristol's ;iihl"f]e
potnd fluid exa.clol Sar. fI:
ceived, ,'ad Ibr sale by ".tteiS._ i
Feb 17 -'. '.I-S-
1 oans. +'"-"-7-.3^8

A LARGE assortmenltoft'TiJ.
received, anid ior ,ale Ivy.u,
SDeer 9-. .-^3 3
S+ Apples.-..,....
FEW bbl;. New% town 'Tpp='F'ip'n#-
Afor sale by CA

An Ordinance,
For the Regulation of Quarantine, &c.
SEc. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Council of the Cily of Apalachicola'. That
hereafter all vessels or steamboats arriving
in the port of Apalachicola, from any port
or place at which cholera, yellow fever,
small pox, or any contagious or infectious
disease, existed at the departure of such
vessel or boat from such port or place, or
which may have on board any person af-
flicied with such disease, shall be subject to
the following quarantine regulations, to wit:
Yuch vessel or boat, on its arrival, shall
come to an anchor at the first safe and con-
venient anchorage after crossing the outer
bar, where they shall remain for the space
olf forty days, or until the passengers, and
crew shall be reported by the lealihb officer
to be in a healthy condition.
SEC. 2. Be it further ordained, That any
pilot or other person piloting or conducting
any vessel or steamboat into the port of
Apalachicola, having on board any of the
above contagious diseases, _shall bring said
vessel to anchor at the first safe and conve-
niein anchorage after crossing the outer bar,
and report the same to the Mayor without
delay; and in default, 'said pilot or otilier
person shall oIbrfl'eit and pay to said city one
hundred dollars for every such neglect or
refusal to comply with tile above section.
SEc- 3. Be it further ordained, That
while said vessel or boat lies in quarantine,
it slihall not be lawful for any person, except
the health officer, to visit tile same or hold
any communication with those on board;
nor shall it be lhvfdl 'l'for any person on
board to visit said city, or for file mnsrer,
owner or consignee thereof to land, or cause
to be landed, any of her cargo, or ;any nrii
cle on board, unless by written permission
from the Mayor, given unler the advice of
the health officer; and any person violnillinR
either of the provisions of this or the first
section of this ordinance, slhaill be liable to
said city in thile penalty of fiitv dollars fur
each atld every such offence, and twenty five
dollars'for each and every day the master.
owner or consignee of such vessel or boat
shall fail or refuse to go into quarantine ;v
herein required.
SEC. 4. Be itJ further ordained. That in
case it shall be deemed necessary for ilhe
preservation of the he:lih of saiidl city. by
iht health officer, it shall be the duly ol llie
master ol any vessel or boat, lying in qtmlr-
antine, to unload and thoroughly cleanse,
smoke and whitew:ishl the same inside, lh-
fore such vessel or boat shall be allowed to
proceed to said city ; and any person failing
'to comply will tile provisions of ibis section.
shall be liable to said city in the penalty of
fifrty dollars for each and every such offence.
SEC. 5. Be iltfurher ordained. 'h;it the
city physician appointed by ihe Council an-
nually, shall be considered lhe he.ilih officer.
whose duty it shliall be to visit all -vessels,
which may come to anchor al ilhe qu;iriin
tine ground as aforesaid, and examine the
passengers and crew Iliereof, for the pu'r-
pose of ascertaining \%er other there exists nn
hoard any of ihe dliseascs contemnplaied by
the provisions of Ihis ordinance, and whp.
thcr any case of such disease hais occurred
during the passile of such vessel, and make
report thereof to tile blMiyvor; and for such
service he shall be enlile, Ito receive Irom
llthe master ol' such vessel nr boaI the sun of
ten dollars with expenses.
SEC. 6. Be it further ordained. Thai it
shall be the du'y of llie hea;ilih officer, Ihar-
bor master and marshal to report to ihe
Mayor any and all violations of ibhis ordin-
Passed by the Council ith IJanuary. 184-4.

V,...;d r .'J Bh -mi ,,I l !i, Age.
I'h [ li,,l .-r : tr >-,l',l]]i,-lry .W e,'li'.-':,, i l[fie ,.i'-;Ll
T"ili. F.\li W.;[ ] ip l| t Jill i-n C i i P.,i lle< : it is six
tliui.:S (-'i- l~-i', pl',:.".:;it, r, .,l\ tvil.raiiled sui-
I ,' l'l,,i' ,r \ ilj ; S.,I .I. I t 4if,. .% li _i.-O ll
I',,I'1i I n'liii, ]'iUll';'i ii;. 'i h';.; ,: 11ilii i i~r
1i.1l[llYAIlll- I h1' PiltlL-'t.
"'1 ,ii *_ m i ,ii y ,tn,'l .-i.l,,-i'Piril) ,,f lhlq S -rs -
itirll luver .lill .,h crl-' ine 'licill.v i,. i li. t w while it
ei'..i,'atel. IItI. ,il_,.'tse, it iit, i,,forjt>:- 3ile bwi It
is ,,in ,:,f Ilh \ei'\ h<._N t
P .er ku,.v,; it iiot oil\ piurifi,-. the w h,,1,:- -,-
r m') f I .)'l! I < ll'?' .P:" i). l l' i t et, f.it1-S

t,'. ll, i ,i lle' i i '. il. I hl lu?.iiI.' ,n. I lf li i \ rtn-J
l.p'j. ,nr , F t,11 'ie'l i low : a p_ b~riLe+,, y
if,,,,- tier mn -i,,,l, no. A lid inrti ,;lii. I-; (ihe l'ahn i
,, -,. 1 ,' io,+'+ v. Co-i l i,:,f: It 1, i plul.i,,n ie,
X IV tiil l II ll. 1.i-4t liv,_" '-II'f r ml .-n'lo i I 'h 11, ',ll .
'v'.-re 'I,',l ,. I i,;,I ii,,? r.ld le. It li.r -.,1ve l hl e live .
,1" 'rii.-',' t ll~l i 'ii '3 t ,_hlil.,ii I~l'n 1i, t w l' o pa-4

-Wns.r pllo l 'alel
!10,009 case*t of G.ollew B Delily
:i111 w;'.,lI of IN fvoxus Eiaeal^,y.
l.)i' T 'I'A ;,*nt'.i ';i's ir~arilli Ih iii ,j,'r,Jtt-?i Ih,?
,'l Il '. "ii l.h- i i*L-r i iin i l\. 1'", Ih,,se \x h,- har ;.i
1.,4i tlli: i'i i- ii lie ', i i,, ,-" iinilth-d i \, n, l i, ,.r lnhe
,% _',;. d ri yw? iin- i[ -en i S.? ,"I l i? i rp p ioin ..i il, b i' il;hl
,o J ler tjl ,ii '.,l ,i',, ni J otir i.l" l e nervous
,. t. -m i liihtin e, jilt o( jd ibllo I, l. '.li lil wii 7en-
z.ililii Ipr.-,il tii'e dl ecay auIl df:,>lilnh?, l i nlsteliln
to vMS,.- l it lawl llToiea",:. C.rn yd.implln, can be
,-.iiil' r,. ,i'r.:-d bvl. :,1 l- j -:i 't ro ei' dl T his
Siru.)rilli i.; i.f l'ir -u.i.,rir to iiiy
I61ii r' lliilf (otI'tial,

Ilei I1rl IIJi a aoi'li IC'ordanI.~ll. Th
A-\ it r1w', ; amil "l d imi .',-**i i-'dle ol Ihe -w.l ,itio, 1\e,;i
ti\nitly V' iWh li dm n',.-Il to the intoOwmuu-
l.1r .',' l.in. i i a rl., t c.'t l r; v-r.l r \ i i -i r ?-e.
('oii.uin pliolI ('fi red.
I.'l,.-u 14,? ,lq a l 'lrenl hi) ln L ,,llo 11nlllh.n caln be
oii,'d,. it .,l' cl iir'i? C, hi C l iin lptl II''r 'n. Liv>er l-
pl iiid C.,,h>1, Sl -..lirrh C ( ,, li. l-. .- i lina.., ilt-
Il ,g o: [.I ,,.., S.-.rei e.3 in the t'lie-l, H ec-tic
FluiK h, NhiIht Sweal.s, lWlifii'unt ,,r Pi,,use Ex-.
pe''tirilii,:l. PJl" in t lh e Sit,, X c., have been
arid Ion het ,'oi'e,?.
paillifia B 4ilood.
N-w -,Yk..-l, April 1-s_1, t17.
Dr. T'i',vt siiSenil- I verily [blie..- thalit our Sar-
.sap:i [lla ]i-i been [lie inens,u tlhru 2jli ,\Pr" idence,
.'t '.avin my life. Ihein1.' for sever l ears had a
bidi couh. It becanjie \urjn,.e lnJ wOii. At
lasIt I r i,-LJ Io r.',: ,-i, T 'itfir:- ,l l" bl.-i ,? had ig, ht
-.viat., mid.l wi .'reia l debl lit ,tl de il reduc ,l.
11.t dlidl not e;\|pe, 't ti, llve. I lhj v ,lly o i u-eI yoIur
Salrs.iparilli a shlrrt liine,, 1ii lliiere lhis a %ou-
,ierl'l- cllanae he.--n wrouhlit in me. I ann now
thl.ll, to wjlk all over the c-ity. I rI'aii? noG hOd,
amll my t hlit.h h i. lelt me. YI clU vn w,,It Illma-
gine tlina I i ln tlii:iklul ',,r ll i.'s.e re.tll_.
Vour ,-,t, lioiint <,_l-rltflI,
\VM. [.'5SE[.[L., 5 C'aitharne -4.
lieuti iial isil.
Thiis i-4 only one of' haore thali four (himiuand
c,:ie ol Rhlieui isnri that Dr. Tjwiornnd's Sarsa-
p&'illai has cured, Th-e m int aere5W cid chronic
elo.s -ire> week4 eraJicated by is c l-\Ir',.,rdijnar
Jimi'_ Curnrhiiili, "s:,i %-ile 1" lb. ,ti ~ alis
in the Luu.ilic .s lun, El.kckucl'- i-l ind,is (lie
n-ilih? n]jian sp,-lken of in lhe [ le ll,-,',\ iir. hItih-r :
Flli,?l~well' -I ,,~n.I, q 'r 14. 1^17.
Dr. .',Y.vnu rio d-- De, r Sir : 1 I I\,_.v.ei-],rel I -l.
i'll, f lir litlle year_% wi% l t hi e ll he lmli [ in .n ; cmi-
' ll-rji' l,0- ii" the firne I1 c,,.ild n.,i ,-I h?,-,| ,.r
wtik. Ihad jhe utmolt ,h-row-nsln"- ptlns, aii,i
M v lirn)h \w ere terri'jbly ,.vrilt-i. I la\a e u i ,t
f,,ir b,,ttl,;z: of your S i-r.sipinll.I, .and they hate
done it treo than ,-noe iihiiiii ,I,.,lars w..rtli rI
,-,od. \'ou ai re aat lilj..'r t. to :1.' tnis ;ur [ihe )?rni-
efit of Ihe allfilcted.
,o:u rg, res I)i,,:il'ildI ,
~~JA F.\ C'ITM :l NiS.;
Fever aai Agiue:
Dr. T-.\'.-i'end'. Sars-i.iiirll'i is tune-luii led in
CiaIe. ,f flith( C.hills and Fever 1d Aj11 ie. The
I'ul,'vvioin.h letter is o e rlpo' flhundr'eds ihat wc
have received Irom the S,_,uth and \VeAl ol" lilke
0Cwj,4.,, Miech.. O,-t 22. 154'7.
Dr. T.,wn-4end : Deir Sir--[ piricihased lor nly.
wile? I.vo b. ttles or" Sar-.lp:u'i!l ol1' 'vo r At-ent,
Mr. McNA-ir, of K:-'an,-,,,. to try it ;fr the Fe-
ver ':n..t A...IHIe. B t;,re bottle, it appe.ared to warm the I:,ld, and every
oilier d q4y, -whei the (-'lills an,.] Fever apperirvd,
they were 04 M" ewioleri ; ani bel,",re lhe hal nln-
i;hl,'J the bottle, she \wS entirisly relied, aud
slie waS much belter ll a shie IaSihe been before
-1ho toik th.e Azue. A kI.iv that had been very
Wik; with the Chills nud Fever, but lhd brWke
themin wilh u(Iiiiine, arid was lelt in a verv weak
alil 1ii, itre.1iu',ir s ale, ,and tr,:,uhlel e ,.e,!dhnnly
viIhI the .-',le Cake, .-,ell tl ie effect thi t it had
o) ilmy \wlle, *he sent ar,,1 tpr,:cureil a le.,w bottlhes,
aiid il ref,:,l'e?'.l hecr Il .1 I'e'.v weeks hto lrinplete
lie-'lllh. \" ,uir S'lrsapairill t i- with 1,71,, ibt, iun-
e^'ilu 1,l-i in di-.eises inci,.lerd to the \\est, and if
y''" thlnl, th.-,t ih]cin',imrnirliicili'ir will be? ol use
VUUi ale ait Iliielt 'l% Ii11e it ati you chOOSe.
\',,u r.'. re:*r, lct llii^y,
d'auken' ill ii Ihellouihl.
Below is anl acclUiit o1' another c]hild saved.
Dr. T,.vX'ii-_erld's :iri'sirarilla lius saved tlhe lives
,-,I th, si n.i-.jn ,:,f cl,,I~he T lhe (,:llo,.in: two
certiri,-'rati-- ire s,:l,,rcdi- f'r,-m a tfi'eat numrrber re?-
cei\'v.;d tilts wreelk.
New \'ock, April 1, 1"47.
Dr. Towu+'endI : Derar SIr--O-ne of my children
was \verr si,:1 wvitlh a C.liiker in lhe Mouth and
Throat,"atteuded with reat debility. [t canme
near dyine. [ ,obfaiired s_'lie o-f ,,otr excellent
-rnedicirii?, an'.d it c'.ir..-d :t dlirecti):, lor whi,.hl
assure yotu I'feel verv m"tel'ut'l.l
\',,urn. re-'+iirtfllyi,
IELIZABETHt F,->\VLfctk, 27 Desbrosses-st
Fits! Fits; eils!
Dr. "[',,\n.elt, n,-,t having levited hiis Strs3pa-
rIlla iu ..-ea-e of Fits, <.l coui'se never recommneld.-

ed it. ui, wi.suiirpriked to rec:ive the-1,illowing
I'iromn ,i intr.,lli, nt t -iIId ,eipectable Farmer in
\Vfskh.-lt.lr co, ntli V :
F.-Id1hinl, AtilUSt 13, 1s17.
Dr To,)wn.end: Dc-.' Sir--I have a little girl
se'venl vea.l'rs of ate, whlu lIlas been sev-ral y'-ars
aftlied within Fits; \we tried almn)st e\'erulllnn
for hier, blit \wilhout success; at last, althnuih \we
collhd fiid no recOnilmendatioa in our circul:lars for
caces lik.? herts. we thought, as she wvas; in very-
delicate health, we woudl Live her some of v our
Sarsaparilla. and are very ,lad \ve did, for it not
only restored her strength, but she has had no re-
turn of the Fits, to our 4reat pleasure- and sir-
prise. She is'-ist becoming ru Iled and hearty,
for which we feel gratef.ll.
Yours, respectlully,
Female ITIediciue.
Dr. Tou\\nsend's S.irsapairila is a sovereignl and
speedy cure for Incipient Consu9.nmption, Barren-
ness, Prolapsts -Uteria, or Falling of tlhe WVolnb.
C-osti\veneis, Pilet, Leucorrhtea, or Whites, ob-
strucetedl or difficult Men-liruatiou. flicorilinence
or Urine, or involuntary discharge tlere.,'f, and
tbr the general prostration of the system- no

-\ ' t1 J 1ll* 1 1 i .I ]i.i. .' I I I '.1.

Ii': -B. Ela-h-^^'-Vjt.. !'. iy;HerjnK1111a
.; .;-!-s a *" .

I ;1 I? s I .L .;,
-' I, V I 4iifI, -.. 11 ,/

1i, i -

I i i I I II 1 'I il l I I f.. I .i r.

i- -I :Z- I
'd l~ r '. l,,* | i ; ^. l >V.., '> ;,,-J !. *,li "i '.,, -
l -' i li i i?, r i',l .H \ 'l'i ,, ',t ;: i- I '; V mi .?,_
i ,' l l. i{ 1 '( .. \ ', l, I .. .,** L l 1 '' 'Ii. "ll* n ,
1I' 'L'tl I I ,. 1 ',l I il I ', -i ,' !i- I \'.:, :i i \\. 'r-
d i !- ,' l-!i. I 1' 1 1' iI ,'i it' r 'tii- il V n i li l I.' '.,i
L' t".. I I ,i I I'li," i, .',ir ii 'Il -' i'. I [' i ii l
F- i I -'i *:. \'" l i r 1 'l I' rI 'l ,, "- .,r'i I.i. i 1 nl., ,1.-,,
" "- I. > I i'>i ;. :' i il V 'h i irI .. I-! I .1 ii l:I [ L r 1i"1-
l. + : i Il, '.' .i" i 1 I ] I \' ll i '*.*i l-* i ,,,, i"i" .,,,
' -. '..f tc" ;.'.'i| .\ l i ';; i '; i l. i l,, *J ,'!- i i,. -r J ...
; '. l-.d ti \-, ,', t ii. ', i';% .-^ 1 i. I. I: I i'. ;-. ." t.r v ,I
P i i 0. I*,. ,:
I. ",-i1.: i.' J i" I'i l ..ii ..,n ii .
;.-- .' >rl " ,, '" lril.lii- .L" ,i .- t ,. I,,, .-A ,. --1 A \,

F l i. t. ; i l l I i'i l -, i .,',j I' ,1 J ,.,
S np.- i i~ b u 11 I 1 4; 13 11- 11 Ii. '-;' *. i'. i-

kv v I ha 1-1 ci
D 15 [ I. 1 I.r 1 ;i '1 i. 1 -1.1 L. 1S:, -
S o -,i, i ?, ,i. S A. ",) S .I -. r e si ji'
^ "U 'i .. ti ;,l r ':' i' n *i v -, ll .< [ ll.' il '. -* ,l r .v 'r t-.

*-. *..+ J 11) C, E P .V l. i l [ 1i n(. l, i.: i -i i ,i ,'' .lr .
*'.'.... 0'. A .I -I 1.'11 .i i l-< .v .. iT eo ,i',l.-i., ml iw
*' : F i[. ,," M X I' li 1 ,| in *^l.ili. d -. i i ,j ir .l.. e.-l
'5, I, il.'( t.>. H I,,';' cl I -I i e. I ll f i ].; P ., J l.,:'k;-;.

". W o' J "'l.'% -'c ai .[P i 1., I- I1 L,],i.
..'.' S'* ?-, i I > F'i'- t.1- .. I I -, rL-i r,,' I,

r. .'-- [- i i I 'l i, II 1 rT II.i ,'

.W -.. < ,, I l: j '' l' C I I[' '_ I l -',,, i l.

-- W 'F-.-b
' -.' 0+', l. yi i -li ..ii ,. Por ,\ i 7. 'v i l, j 'r i' L-\ ,', .-' T,.^n ~ '

T '-;lA I l N V .i I 14. ;, 1 1 aI, r ,d.H ,
**.,-*"D I-v', .;.+ iPitPi n > ,. \1 r t r .
S--, 'ri,,'4 B -, a'i 'i, .l t F -lo ,. ,.
W ".'-". .i.A < N i" F l-,,'1] 3 tt i lm P I ..- I 0 ii]!\ .
"'...-. ,' hl.-'-? oi' .I. t Pol, o i.?, Jl .> i r.ji' i ., ,-i T"N ,l\

it '- -" Mr, J IM, P T C il\ 1. 1 -' \ l i'..'ll ,J *1', i il ,
.iy '. ']""3 iit'r.' Cii, '4 ,e ill. Itis? S [- r .iq'ii H i Si'U ,:.- l. r-h.n ]
^.'*- *": ",' l.' i. il tM ~-l,- I. l.A l:. vl' li \[ ,I i i~ P irn,. I~le e.
^.;"i-- ~* :"F,rs~ i'l-ll y P ..l*^ 1r A r i3 r~l,.l' \ i'lml

r.. D X 9.HNo. 11 e 1s t I I r e.- .1 :i- I i l -,.7.

m e.!g" '-.3 nit -!'1l .,'1 I' i.
'". P-.i FOr. A 4 ii i N ,vrlr ,iC. P iI .' l-i f N-
-. _*.,',- i,>' li t' + ll '? t\[ i ,'i .. i.' i _' i-, *\ ,,, ,
'- -? .: B r'4'l t i'J Pi. d in, '.:r i; ,'^ r I-It., +-;^l. "Di,, .tI F I i,,[
"'.]'-;': -* 'B 'rn T ."* ll It',-- ,'s \I\. r-i,>' \I ,:-.||. A-,
;,; M;..7+."- r .f ~ ~..i o n -).i. s G''. 'i .i. \.ii n.. l~

j H B I i i-l (,ank. S, flr m ,D-i an, 1 8'-ov, .1 -,i. C r-I a I.'I. Srnt;
A,, _-S.?mP r._',.. r.;.nc.hoi.'.' ri t S4 .') v. rt N *rr', ,
. M -irki ,e; b^ R i\ EL' ', So S C.,.
t -' ], f .i .. A l ,\V i'. \rilOW i.4a, -', l,m t ieira e .

W ol- ... .and
H(i' :'.ft.,Sf i] ,-.- n t, Rl i it,.S\.,"- ,"-i t... ,, w ,,,l^ ,I f l

'*.**S,- ;-. Tir~v ILW, B. C i S i ,\ ,. I C .i l h',i al.il 4 i
f^ ..-^ "' Trfa |, \\l,u h ; !li.c.ie ,.'. CI'.lr-t' il l' I) l I a:!
fe^ l;.- )-(n. r._.. S hnt ,'i I .)..*,Mlll, I ;r -. \ .il fl t e ..' e;
'if, '.-;. J C. 9 .V' .il~ q ,,= C. 'i, W ~ilqi+- n.; ^-rr ts,
-: ..; MH ?'s, Bl .I:'s aiiltl Yl} lihv-, I- [..*in md oo

,,.... i l Iile ,-w 'd,1310i' 1,3~[ ;
,. .. s'-" ; ,. H.n s p.
-:.+ -. :.A '" ^^ ^ lis",? a.e l 1 r .i ii, ritlte;ise

+:i-',;' lllse' "i, ~li. *,,' r+' ?ie41\" D 'i~i

An Ordinance, ,
To amend an Ordinance, entitled an Ordinance
cdhcernlng Slaves," &c.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Coun-
cil of the City ol Apalachicola, Thai from and
after tile first day of March next, it any owner
of any slave shall keep, or cause to be kepl, any
slave in any house on any lot in this cit', \ithli-
out having a while man residing on'"he same, or
shall suffer or permit any slave to occupy a h,,use
on any lot In this city, withoutt having a while
man residing on said lot, the person so ,flending
shall, on conviction, be fined five dollars ri..r each
and every day that such slave shall be so k,.-It,
suffered or permitted--one half to go lo the per-
son inlorming; and it shall be the diul of ihe
Marshal to report (o the Mayor the names otf all
such slaves as may be I'ound occupying or I v.iIg
oii lots contrary to this ordinance.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That in cage
the owner of any slave folind living on or occu-
pying a lot contrary to this ,ordinance, shall be a
non-resident of this city, on such fact being re-
ported to the Ma)or by -ain Ma'rshal, r othlier
person, he shall issue his precepl to lhe Marshal,
commanding him forthwith to remove said slave
so found living or occup) ing as afoiresaitl; and the
said Marshal shall be allowed therelbr the sum
of three dollars, to be paid by the owner of said
slave, and for which h execution ma, issue on the
judgment of Mayor's Court; and any such slave
1bund offending against said ordinance a see'ond
lime, shall, on conviction, before Ihe Mayor's
Court, be liable to be punished by whipping,
with not less than ten nor niore than thirty-nine
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That this ordi-
nance shall not be deelned or held to* apply to
any slave living on any lot adjoining, or within
one hundred yards of the residence ol' the owner,
hirer,or person actually' employing said slave.
Sec.-4. Be it I'urther ,rdair.cd, That it Rhall
not be laMwful 'or any' owner orf any slaves to hiie
or let to such slave his or her lime, and that any
such person so ,t-r*ndiinr shall be liable to ihe
said city in the penalty -it' one hundred dollars,
one-fourth of which penalty (when collected) to
g, to thle inlbrmer.
Sec. 5. Be it i'urlher ordained, That ihe mas.
ters of ajl slaves used as public porters, laborers?,
laundresses, or l.,r other public uses, shall re-
ceive from thle Clerk of the City a license for
such purpose, ifor which h an annual fee of ti\'e
dollars shall be paid, four doll.irs of which shall
go to the cilf and one dollar to the Clerk ; and
that it shall he the duty of the Clerk issuing such
license, to gi\'e a badge haing printed the num-
ber o:f the license granted for any or all of the
purposes herein named, in .legible characters,
and which h is to be v\orn by the slave upon a con-
splicuouts part of his person ; and an owner of any
slave offending a ainst the provisions of this sec-
tion, shall be subject to a penalty of ten dollars,
one-half (when collected) to ao to tile informer.
Sec. 6. Be it further ordained, That all ordi-
nances heretoflbre passed, conflicting wilhl this
ordinance, be and the same are hereby repealed
Passed b' Council, 1.301h Januairv, \ !.

t w C,,r. WV.t,.-r iIl Ctie.l in.ll it ts.
Oil Cloh1s ,-ulm Carpels.
1 PC" Oil Cloth, l and" -2 ,rds \i.le;
iJ3. \v.'s s~iler In.,'rainti .rpo~ting;;
'2 "* St,,it' "'
11j Tuf'ted Ru1j .
*- .Frsale by \V. A PORTER &. CO.
:Dec 304 -I WiL r stroL t.

' C B


i~:: ;

Jan I
ndliau ...I .-
W TOODRUFF'S hIdian: -.1-..ixjrira
V (or chills and fever, fN l A'
Feb 1. J C. i.L.'

~~S iiilr. ."'--.2J
SCOTCH and Macaii,Jn'bo0 t
Sders, just received anid- for.salel
Frb n7 '" Hc3
Drulls aunl ft'cadtiKj
rTHE subscriber has just _'ie'.cewe
Yorkl, per brig Virgii.a; a:..la
stock of Drugs and Mediiine':'D
usually kept in his line; Ib -'Rw.
spectlhlly call the atenlion'^or-.ij,
the public generally: '-.
Nov 4 .-.


Seeds! Seeds!' -Se_
G ARDEN Seeds, just received'.Ti
Nov4 "
H ATS and Caps by the'C-icase 1lf.
Dec f. Cor. Wateir-.al;ch Bird, -Seeds.
lnn LBS. Fresh C~lryS s
100l from Hv.atafoo.a....
March 1; .J
Havanau TblT
]OR qa~leb-.. : ; -. _
L' Feb ': ,.. .. .f
-'.. -.-t. ... .. v ^
_. ... .. .-..:-..*.+, .g _.^at g ^
.^ .,.-.* _.:' =_;,

,J Jan Q:i J C; AILLEIY N. L&O.

.Aill.11L'lllic.i'r, lov. 1 15, ,3. *.1J-1fn

Iiydtrostatic Ink Fonltain.
A FE\V Hydrostatic Ink Fouintains, Pen Racks,'
Sand Roves, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
""Nov I J" J C ALLEN, & Co.
.,,- .^ .

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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
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Commercial advertiser
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00048473/00144
 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: March 15, 1849
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
notis - AKD6771
lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00144

Full Text
I ic<

I ,
,, "


.. ". '_, .-"",- ,'.- ,- '-'. ,

$ .
.t: d

,: .. ,. ;.",. ..' .7p". 'Iff'II :
:J d, ," r; "'" d"-. .

omInctciAt i : t,..'h"".. .... ....'
1 '- .....
U, t t l' 't. ;: :: ':, ::; : ;f ,;:._

,,'" ;. fi""

,T-. I 'j !:
.'. : '
-- I


= .


HoTdcn's Dollar Magazine I The Leading Periodical In America.' -

LARGEST CHEAPEST BEST1! | 3ui1ntiu .mfrtctor I uusftuss ZHrrctori! _!:-t tJttUantous. many n stalwart foe to the earth and draw-

'. ing the glittering blade, fought for victory
TC8 PAGES IN TilE VOLUME GODEY'S* LADY'S BOOK 'Vln/G. Sorter' & Co. \v. A. & ... C. Kain, From the Cincinnati Nonpareil. pr draili. Terrible, indeed, was that bloody

'fi to 20 Splendid Wood Engrav; : For 1849. DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION COMMISSION MERCHANTS THE CUEKILTjA ."OU.Y.n encounter but it was not of long duration.A .

ings each Month 1'1 Dedicated the Ladies of the United" Stales. MERCHANTS, No. 4 Columbus Block, .\ Incident of the :Mexican War. dozen of Ihe.. guerillas sank before the

unrivalled Family Magazine, universallyknowled"ed Edited by SARAH GRACE J. GREENWOOD HALE -Dec 30 ',_No. 41 Water street Apalachicola,., .. .Ap 1achiclla.! The! noonday sun was sending down its first to-hand fatal fire, and :as they closed in a hand-
This struggle the tall steeds of the
burning as a of rode
by the Press as the BEST AmericanPeriOCal nnd L. A. GODEY. 1 B.l'. Nourse, li. llSt'6nt', H. W. Brooks.Noursc .. ocr Liberal advances mode on consignmentsof : rajs' party thirty men Americans
"published, offers at the commencement Stone V Co. Cotton to their friends Liverpool, Glasgow, .out of the "Garitla de Belan," and galloped Jrampled down !the lighter ones
the}3d volume unusual inducements to A Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who contributes COMMISSION, MERCHANTS, New York and Philadelphia.Jan. rapidly along the cansway leading to the of the foeman, and the deadly) revolver" told
of ,
lseribr. Its features hereafter will be en- N. WILLIS'to every No.Original No. 16 Water street, 11, iSiti.JEMLtLI little village: of San Angel. They were with powerful effect. upon the cowardly

including, Scriptural Poetry. Dec dressed in the uniform of mounted riflemen robbers. One after anotheMUpy fled from
American, 12 Apalachicola, Fla. ,
!irely :: T. S. ARTHUR, who contributes to evervNo., DAY. DANIEL J. D.'J' .\\. the
field and
.i..1fERIC..i.7..IES, illustrative of Croome's ---- antI were mounted on full-blooded American ere half an hour had passed.
.IJBnlC.l PORTRAITS, Character. Sketches of American Lockhurt &! VOlln-, Day & Co., horses. They wece evidently the remnant of the small hand remained ill

.AMERICA TALES, We intend merely to give.a notice! of our intentions COMMISSION and FORWARDING COMMISSION:: No. v:\"Htt'f"trt'cr MERChANTS, Co I'as' ," as no officer was with them upon and masters. Ten had; fallen in the strife/and

.AMERICA SKETCHES. t for next year. leaving: to others long advertisements MERCHANTS, Dec 2 Apalichicola: !; Fi.ft bound upon some jolly excursion into the lay commingled uiih the hones of forty
from the ofnrbW Water
A acrics of En-ravings, Paintings -" full of sound and fury, siguifyintr % No. 53 street, !(:ja Asjents for LLOYDS ; aNo: Agents' tor the country. They had reached the cross road: ,bandits upon the :jjory sod. But when. wits
rfnt t.;,including Cole,Ginol1xll1rand, nothing." Apalachicola FlaIlnl''ca' "/EtnalnsnranceCo/'lhe') Protection I Insurance Ricardo? Kneeling beside rock with
others, is inYigorrt! preparation: Co." and "Ilartord r Insurance Co." Hartford leading,from the town Tucubaya to Pen- yon
;. Ithd *. and cii: of the inimitable DAK LEYu Asri-eably to the practice of last year, the publisher & Hot mes, Conn.Charles. li.e : yan, when a single horseman was observed his pale and haggartl-free; upturned to ;heaven -

dfl.t, I f,icikpa/eiuaged in enriching:; Holden} will issue as good a number each month as COMMISSION MERCHANTS, advancing rapidly towards them from thePCII"an with the blond oozed from a deep
now Vtirtra.il, of the Pull.Ie1l. of -1meWe he ioes! in January. This is a novel feature in also, Rogers Eugene W. Rogcis.CEius. .- side, his form upraised in'his stir- wound in his breast lie is bending:; over the
his '
with Magazine publishing. During the whole of last Agents .for lie Rogers & Co., rups, and his whole demeanor! lifeless form of his tlan ht..r. From a bul
,.ir'1. Di-sTivnui-HEn AMKHI- year he gave more engraving and more reading SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, COMMISSION MERChANTS I I: betokeningextreme let-hole in snow-white forehead ihe tide
P.IITRUT OF matter than any or his contemporaries, and.will of the (Ji(,, of ..VeiL) York, Water street, haste.
c tN: OIVIVF.S: will be continue din.. e'eryn:, as continue t to do so ne\l vear. Those who subscribe No. 51 Water street, Dec 9 .Apalachicola: Fa. I say, Abe* that fellow is making for of life has ebbed away and her lovely locks
xvii i li I life-like sk? i'hp ol their lives 10 r.ODEY'S: LADYX BOOK may do so under Dec 12 Apalachicola Fa. U3. Something has happened, and lie wants are dabbled' in her own life's blond now
"fl ini-trv I E vl N.I. will he filled with( N. .T. Deblois. mingled with that of her father.
t the assurance that I they will receive more for our assistance, said one of the party tap. Standing
TILE, I'OKMS, E S Ri } *, their money in the Ma:.jzine alone. than by subscribing W. T. WOOD. E. B. BALJ.OU. COMMISSION: AND !FOHW.HDINGIERCIIANT I ping a young man of some twenty-three beside him wish his foot resting upon the

RKriEiV; *. SKETCHED-. to any oilier'work. To this is addedand.ne1tifod Wood Ballon, \ upon the shoulder. What ?" body of Ventell, the guerilla chief is Aboil.
TIO.' ; COMMM1SSION say you
1'JlIL ; in the same <3, the LADY'S DOL- No. Water-street, The addressed His haggard' brow is furrowed with lines of
TOPICS OF THE ..iavrii Office No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs. person as Abe took a long
HR NEWSPAPERliich contains in one Jan IH Fa. Dec 2 ApaLichicoI.i, Fa. look ht'arlfehngui h, and his heart is
wlll.-'n'u'I"," ever%thil'lmll"inltMt"C- _Apafccliicola, at the horseman, arid (then replird- manly
a'd I inmiih nearly, if not quite as ,much reading mat-
w, '. a'll R' zllH" no.v in r.urin the world. ter a<> the oilier monthlies, making for $3, the ALVA WYME WM. A. McKENZIE. A. N. McKAY. N C. ROUUINS. CHAS. PRATT. It.that hn't old Ricardo: I am very beating with sympathy for the bereaved pa:
I the! E-lit i iol C'.tn1idL'ul much mistaken." rent. Around them but at :i respectful
MU'Vt'K' i
:\oIt; FrniU aniiiunt of reading of two magazines a month. Wylic & McKenzie, A. ft McKay: t fc Co.
ihtt' n'rt rivjlry (".In aflk,::tCtr opposition Lt.i its i TirniiK ARE l'ECULL.RITIEOl1t\ Godey's Lady's COMMISSION MERCHANTS COMMISS: ON :MERCHANTS ., \\'hat, the old Spaniard who owns .the distance stand gathered: the survivors of
w.irlli, :1'11 1 h<* Hr-: it t-> t the world:, that fatal! conflict and the stalwart band
an-1 No. hacienda San
V ii 1 : Book for the ladies that no other Magazineposi 1-2 Water strcet, large near Antonio, and who
i, ,111'1.i ., cur.tf"kr.litcrary: I tnTit,and I illustrative\ I ,sr-s. There is a Mezzotint i and Line En- Sept.; 1, IS.!'. Apalachicola, Fa. No. 40 'Vatcr. ireet.D has such a pretty daughter ?" asJ..eLlthe brushed the tear sympathy from the eye

II '.iy:;: tfrjvnjj: in each number-both'Uy the bet artists. S. & .J.. Scliiflcr. -- c 15;:) Apalachicolj. ., Fa., oilier. and they turned to hide the emotions of
-- -'" -
rr31i' : Uu1t j :Magazine CEN'TUKY addition to these there aie given monthly WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, J. C. AI.LKN. JAMFS:: I. GRIKKIN. "The same ; but see, the old man: beckons swelling hcasts. The old man motioned
OK) TUPNIXKTKENTH: 1 whit no other magazine gives-a Colored Fash- Abott 'to draw near. In an instant theyoulh
I lvi-1 at'II'llli'l! be without( OJ.- Particular attention paid to putting up family J. C. Allen & Co. us to meet him-let us go. Ami)
:\.1 family 1:1 I tit!! can ion Plate, with full This feature
a description
steamboat and ship stores. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in putting spurs to his horse, he bounded was at his side and dropping ii|>on one
i'tsrircl,' for wlwn1C'1\ periodical
11 dJt't in! ; a u is peculiar to Codev other work ha5 them
) as no No. 49 Water street, knee he the
DRUGS & MEDICINES forwarded him. supported sinking form or
f'r thl' I trifl.of: ,
t'li,1 % 'Ir
[IKn : 1 i month and colored. Then there
t" are Caps, NoJ.t
tnvry Fla. ..
WHALE: AND LINSEED (MILS: "Let's after him Ricardo: in his arms. .
or: t)()L I .\1t, Ronneta, Chemisettes, Equestrianism for La. ; boys, and there's any
,. -, wh'i v ill WIt \\'Mi: In *u*) cnb.! .> ,li 's, with Engravings. The Ladies' Work Ta- H. F. Abell, Chemicals and Domestic Glue, Indigo, Glass and Putty ; Foreign fun on hand, we'll have a share in it," See that we are buried" whispered rrio,
White Varnish
Tn ::fe'lfe'Llu,.(' of HiMcn i; that, tr'iiff' hi.', with designs' for knitting, netting, crotchet WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Drugs I Lead I shouted the oilier ; and the whole party Spaniard to the youth and may (*od re-
Dye-Wood:, Spirits Turpentine,
', "i,,* pi-mi fariAmrriazn. in rntiinent andfflui" and! all other kinds of work. Patterns for DEALER IN DRUGS, MEDICINES, POINTS, Patent Medicines, Congress Water dashed on after him. In a few moments ward you for your,endeavors in my behalf.
.' nniJ cmbaili't all the r.rll'"R"f Caps Chair Covers Window Curtains OILS, GLASS, &-c", &.c. My child I come !" and, fixing his
.f it ,;!! !'r* Smoking French Chemicals &c. &c. they were along side the old man ; and eyes upon
I,u' l'f< .{h. f.'I iis'i' anl.l'ii'-riran l-trioili- D'OvL-v's} ,:, Purses, Bags, &c., &of' Health and Also-A general assortment of Statinery. ALSO!' having' reined in their steeds Abott said11:15 the cloudless sky,Jie sank luwly bark! and .

'itt'iilr, ,etrilins:: th'ir Jollir* ami rr.,'.,. Ih':111ti'it: h Engravings. Model Cottages, with Cor. of Chestnut and Water streets, .general assortment (!f \\" : the matter, Ricardo 1 Is expired. ,

.1 tjM'miatuHi a:' the EncyrJapc: the (;azt ''/- ground plans and other engravings, always illustrative April 11 Apalachicola, Fa. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY, &e.. &e. ?" anything They dug a rude grave beside the mur-

,.,-,', the Q-nrlrrlii R-eicic, awl the U'triffyif i of something n eful. Music beautifully Benjamin Salter, cor. of Chcsnut & Commerce Erects! Senors wrong Americanos child muring waters of Lake Otholiu and biuicU .
.\'- liijtr, it i* yet teparnlr ai liliilinrtfram: printed on tinted paper which may be taken out Jan IS Aul.ichiuold| Fla. my my the father
COMMISSION MERCHANT and side sidr and
ill, //n.ll"t*esin rn I)iii c tfti! ir r-irioH* ]'nJ-i and bound.: Colored Modern Cot I ages and Colored daughter. replied the old man, in tones of by ,
No. 43 Water street-Up stairs' Commission and Auction Hootzi the ripple of the
a n i sli. gentle \\aters sung requiem -
ilifi.nis fri f'o'K'K'-nil-ilsilJ( to"'J'rrry.m'ln.; Fl'Ipiccre: occasionally. These ate all extra ng
Tiu- o'jj.'ct of the Elitor' hn: b.'en to m've a i-i G.nlev, and to be found( in no oth<:>r Magazine. Dec. 1, 1S47. .. Apalachicola, Fla. EUFAULA, ALABAMA: : What of her ? Speak-tell me !" exclaimed to the memory of the departed.

"r'fiEfe: : =: I f) M.\U. :MVG\Z1NE KOH' o.E TIItROPHICE Tliosi were all given last year, and will be con- B. St" mvley, BVJ. Abott with startling energy and They fell beneath the iron hand of the demon -

ami, 'a ulinc-i! at llnl !puviU/ how Ihe tirnnd.: Inaddition, we shall have in every No., FACTOR AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, n. STARK & Co. his eyes flashed as he grasped the Spaniard'sarm. of strife: and perished by violence before -

r.iit' [ !N',,\\", !he only aks the poil L fit I the one of, '. No. 2S Water street the swords of the foe. Goodness and
return will ive I iihproveinent "CROOME'S SKETCHES; OF AMERICAN Wo hd'ineceircd a full share of the patronage f love in the relentless
'rrni-iuty \u.t i in gi Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa. from the Merchants of last Vcntell the guerilla !" gasped ths old were forgotten passions
:tol t tht-y ar. n\.inijiid.' CHARACTERISTICS ApalaHiicoIa in of the mind racked; and tossed by ihfr vicissitudes -
gCJ-: Now' H I'ae: tirr.e'tp subscu"( \ ?, as the A most amusing series now first given to the Avery &: Jones, ( season, will feel thankful for the same in"our line man reply. of war, and innocence and beatify
ioiH ofuC'Jr.in will be GROCERS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS of business the coming winter. "He has not daredbegan the fiery '
'"lIjla.Jlr, : t will receive, ttc ,flrt impre; ; : Atneririn public. These illustrated in sacrificed
No. 43: \Vaterstreet Eufauln, Ala., Nov. 14, 1543. 45-tf: youth but he was cut short the old were upon the blood-stained car
:: : ; :.,. The N..I.Vc.m-be.fnruihedlrom' : overy Nt). by a Story from the powerful pen of T. / ; by of dissension.

.'.uk\! '. i-';; !L'. if \\i" H'J bv su! *cribet'::-that ntu&th'Irnne'ti 0; Arthnr- Esq! . Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa. Eufaula Auction and Commit man.* who said- "

: ':: the i,rtviu4t1fle.: THE CHANGES OF FASHION," [HENJAMIN: : E1.MSON WILLIAM A. WOOD sioh House, .' He has; robbed my house, and carried A MODEL SPEECh nr A YASKEE ATTORNEY
) Illustrated\ Robinson F.q. This series li. Ellison &; Co., off child. Oh if
TKIIM: FOIl JSIO I IN AIIVANCE. \ by Fay my you are men, fly to CAPITAL -
co.'v.Ose Yfar . .. .*?1 orl f fr > will !b wry hterl' tin : to the Ltd: ics. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, BY her rescue !" on, PumsiiNKZvr.: -We
:< i1iie, <. .. .. . . . ..e 1(1) ., THE APPLICABILITY OF THE FINE AM: ) DEALER: IN D. DANFOI rn'll. When was it done ?" exclaimed half a defy any man, woman or child in the community
*'.l Crt.iies. ... ... .. ..loUJ Alll'S TO DOMESTIC USES/' DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, 10 rend the following grandiloquent
dozen voices and all
Thankful for the hitherto received
I TIN WAIIE, HOOTS SHOES. HATS, patronage: eyes were eagerly
I of in oration through without laughing. It
JtE.tl1T.'I .1 ; la ; ni-tlitM-syrsc* Engravings: : now preparation was
CATS, CllOCKLIKY, SHIP from the Merchants of Apalachiccla, he would bent upon Ricardo, as he replied-
ent'.in! ') r.rni I a.jcl: : will: be published 4nring; .the year. delivered somewhere Wisconsin, by
1 1,' natterr: others :? t! name CHANDLERY, &c. respectfully solicit a continuance of their tavors. Nut two hours be one
', :, uoiuis will reri-ive'C Vol II nf IIndPII.sMa.1} : COTTAGE .FURl'\ ITURE. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. Eut'aula, Ala., Oct. 27, 1S4S. 42-3 since-they can easily of the profession who it would 1 s..ell1. had

i'.inc. h t'I-mlC'ty: tnnn-l! in muslin and .;ilt-e.l.ed. ll.\\'ill ; !!; nn:5io: mary Model l Cottages,we intend Dec 9 Apalachicola, Fa. overtaken. quite an aversion (lo capital punishment! ;
of -- - '--- -- how were they ? demanded
now I 1) commence the publication ,Cottage many "
A Miv it
po-t-piidO' ansi
> >!- ( CHAS. P. M'CALL GUSTAVR HOMAIN. May please your Lordship Gentlemen -
I c1Iu4ES. HOLCEX Zi:rn j I u.re-a very necessary ?ppend; to a IDrofesjJtottctlWM : NotiCeJ. Abott.
,"' M'Calla & IComaiii, __ ____ __ of the jury-the case-is as clear as
X. Y. n "One hundred in number and the
t')9 NtatI.strelt' Cottage.) ;
--- --
I j' ice, and sharp to the doio' from
P. >. flitQt: oPyi9z.the: ; V veai Pr'o'peetu! :, RELIGION AND HISTORY. \ SYDNEY GREEN M. l 1)) Spaniard gazed with a despairing look on sweetheart. The
No. u Columbus Block. Scripture saitli, "Thou
superior Walters Tucker, Pease ,
i t'ii.; ii''tir.,', and; "nniirin: :* I the MiZJzim-' : i iI I Our Artist l3, the little party before him. "
i .r.ally. will tv entitle.) to the Mroml: vnluine ci and \Vdch, are now en-n ed upon a set of platesillustrative Nov. IS Apalachicola, Fla. or:: May be found at his residence, corner of Boys," said Abott in a firm'.tone, who shah not kill ; now, if you hang: my client

H..II'V I Mi 1 .:aiinc h.nidomely.l"oind: in mwlina.J ,f of these two subjects. Underwood & Caigh, Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion of you will go with me 1 For myself, I you transgress the command as slick as
fulliut'i OUR MUSIC. House. Nov S. and) as' plump ns a in
: I ::1t..I.t, and in addition a splendid S goose egg a
1 : J-: i.'ravins! on tinted )1Ct.; fit( llomcetlr I'I Frt'pau'd;1 expressly for us-mostly original, and TAILORS will., rescue" her or die in the aftempt1'J loafer's face. Gentlemen murder is mur-

",-u', i I': Illor of the! New York Tribune, drawn h-autifnlly printed, has long commanded a decided BALTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. W. G. HI. Davis, -I was the response of every member der, whether committed by twelve jurymen
jl by preference over that of any other Magazine.: Apalachicola Fa.jrAll ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, of the little band, as they caught the
..flhIl It' :* bv D'trie y, and ell'I"I\; mC'hard.1 or by a humble individual like my client.,
11 I. Ti%,- !b.tk'iI\ he milled 1 to -' {' ; It i io: :a feature: in The Book. {! orders attended to with punctuality Offers his services to the public in either of the daring spirit of Abott. Gcntlamen. I do not deny the fact of
when it will bo.ray:! THE LITERARY CHARACTER OF GO- above capacities.He Then lead on, old man, and ere the
ab""'it tho 1 'ih! of J-imury, and despatch. Jan. 20 sunsets my client's haying killed ,n man ; but is that
, Leslie Grace Green- any reason why yon so
With Mich writers as Miss N. Scott & Brother "
*raefit arid imtire marked.: Editors' pyinc JUT. and JacksonCircuit Courts-and will, upona arms. _
r''.i< and noticiM:? inrnt Liv will alf' ":. Oakes Smith Mrs. J. C. Neal, H. T. prisoner in guilty the hangman do
f!iz7.ine P.IPI= ,month f'r't h ecyining i !:: \'P3r. Mrs DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES the Middle Western Circuit. He willalo, but wheeling snorting charger, he buried ; may
--- &c. the author olt
-- Tuckorman, H..W. Herbert his duty ; but will that cxhonerate ?
HATS, &c., argue cases" in the Court Appeals at Tallahassee you
Western Produce. Professor Frost, Bryant,Longfellow his spurs in Im,flanks, and the gallant steed
the Widow Bedott No
t Cor. Water and Centre-streets the sessions of which, he will always be such thing. that case you will all
'Of. I.OITI5: Fl-Kir Oiiif' dii. Lard, Whi;key, ,.Holmes-and a host of others-must al- Dee 23 Apalachicola, Fa. present at, unless prevented by accident. bore him swiftly onward. Over the cross' be murderers! Wlioatnongyuu i is prep .

O >'i.:..r, 'It.ice and primfM"ta ..e.aP rkfnefisn. '<'vol\stake the lead in literary merit. roul; ; leading to San Antonio, they flew on red for the brand of Cain be
Apalachicola September, IS la. to stampedon
ami-Shoulders, fur WM. W. SIMS. WM. W. CHEEVER ,
; | uritn I B! ico'i.Hatns Side TERMS: their errand of mercy. Down the giant his brow ? who
sil. hv H. I ELLISON & C. For Three Dollars we will send the Lndy's Sims & Cliccvcr, A. G. Sciiimcs, of Antonio, and over the fatal to-day who freemen in
this land of libeTty and of
Dec '.". Cur. Water and Chetmit ;._ Book, containing more reading than any other COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. budge of Churubusco they went, and the light ? Gentlemen -
life Dollar Newspaper pub., Office No. 36 Water street. Simmon' :; I will pledge my word not one of you
+ nvnithlv, and Lady's fcf-: Office, J\o. 2 Capt. Building, of San
in the
spires Augustine glittered
cl.oes antf'11. :.ishetl i twice a month which contains as much dec23 Apalachicola, Fla. cor. Centre &. Commerce streets. has a bowie-knife or a pistol in his pocket.No .

9 A LIKELY hands \vantt-d, for whom liberal reading as any of the S3 periodicals of the day- E. C. Roberts -. nov5 Apalachicola Fla.Cranberries. distance-but no foe was to be seen. The gentlemen, your pockets are odoriferous. -

-'\J wagtfs will l be paid Apply; to making three publications in one month, or if the old man rode before his gray locks stream You can smoke the tobacco of rectitude -
WM FOSTER, DEALER IN HARDWARE fc SHIP in the wind and his dark fixed
: subscriber the following splendid engravings ing eye in the of
prefers IRON STEEL, NAILS hf. and recived and for sale pipe a peaceful.conscience ;
CHANDLERY qr.-bbls. just by
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of Screw -
'1. S. Agent IN before him
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Dollar althoughwe an eagle glance scanning
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SPIKES, AND CASTINGS, .Jan 11 C A GREElCII.. hang: my unfortunate client and the
would not advise it, as.engravings cannot be wide plain and the rock-bound sides of Con'Ireras. '
Ware. And Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Copper scaly alligators' of remorse will :gallop; thr ,
bound Cedar Pails P.inlf"d Bucket*, sent through the mail without being crushed or (Wares. Yellow Potatoes. Suddenly raising his long bony arm the internal principles of animal vertebra,

BR\SS I llncketsHickoryand-Corh! I lrnorfls! for C'rea..ed"t" \-.iH send the beautiful plate containing Jan Fa.Edvard 1 BBLS. in fine order for sale by he pointed far on before him to where the until the spinal vertebra of anatomical
24 Apalachicola
8dehy! [Jan II] C A GREEN & Co. Flrreter.; the Mrs.portraits Stewart of Harriet Mrs. Ann Newell H.,Judson Fanny Jan 11 c A GREEN, --&-Co- road ascended, the mountain height. 'of Cho- construction is turned.into your a Kail-Road for !tf

the of Christ McCuIly, Cheese. !acinco and sbouted- the grim and goblins despair. :\ .
Storage, and Mrs. E. B. Dwight, and plates GROCER AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, gory <<
Is Fire Proof Store No. 21 Water street byD. Weeping over Jerusalem, The Opening of the No. 2S Water street. 30 BXS. Western and Northern,in fine order, There they are. Forward forward !I" Gentlemen, beware committing murder -

,, c0z B. WOOl Sepulchre, Deliverance of St. Peter, and The Nov- 11 Apalachicola, Fa. for sale by A suppressed yell burst from twenty lips, Beware., I-say, of medd.Jinvith the

T'HOMPSONIAN' Medicines for sale by Rebuke. I If preferred to the Newspaper or plates, Jan n c A GREEN & Co. and as many hands sought their sabre-Jjilts, internal prerogativ Beware I say Remember "
Leslie's Novel Amelia, and II. K. Taylor, and loosened the shining blades in their:
Feb 1 J C ALLEN kCo.C we will send Miss Goshen Butter. the fate of the man .who attempted -
: three of Mrs. Grey's or Miss Pickering5 'popular COMMISSION MERCHANT scabbards, while astern resolve rested
any the ark and Gentlemen
of steady trem 1e.
KEGS Hamilton's Dairy, a superior >
()"ee. No. 22 Water street, 9
novel the flushed and heated brow of each.-
and for szle by of 48-Gm Fa.Henry ,..., quality, for sale by I: adjure you by the manumitted ghostof
SACKS RIO end two Dec
landing will 25. Apalachicola,
9 UU J) II WOOD. For Five we copies'each __.__,_ :_1. ,__, ,_ Jan 11. j > CA GREEN &, Co. Across/ the outskirts of San Augustine, and temporal sanctity to do no murder ,1
"'-I Nov IS the Lady's Book, and a set of the plates to -
down by the placid lake of Cbooloo they it
Youngs .
criber. ( adjure you by the name of woman, t ?
rustics. suh' I WHOLESALE AND! RETAIL GUOCEK! Smoked T lIgIICS,,. speed, and the next moment they are mounting of the
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Hat, Clothes TeethNail and Shaving For Ten Dollars we copies ; No. 53 Water street, FOR sale by the rugged heights of 'bolacinco. On
HAIR the Ladv's Book, and a copy to the person sending 29 11 C A GREEN & Co. theoretical transmigration, 'lo do no
Dec Apahchicola Fa.J. .
for sate by the they and down in the vale
the Club and a set of plates to each. I top pause murder I adjure you by the love you
-Feb- 24 1 H F A 'f.tL. For Twenty Dollars, eleven copies of the Book F. :FAHRIOR." E. McCuLL Vermifuge. beyond not over half a mile off, they dis- have for the esculent and condlmenlal gusto

Fresh= Herbs. and a set of Plates to each subscriber, and a copy Farrior &; IflcCully, W INER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by cover the robbers riding slowly along, un- of our native pumpkin, to-do no murder!

,O AGE-Tbyme,Summer Savory,Boneset, I HoarO of the Book to the person sending the Club. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Feb 17 H F ABELL. conscious of pursuit. i I adjure you by the stars set in the flying ..

hound, Catnip, &.c. just rec'd, and for sale by For One Dollar we will send the Lady's Book bl Gravier street, Rio Coffee.O Fall back, Ricardo, and leave the workto i ensign of your emancipated country, to do ,
Jan 25 J ALLEN & Co. 4 months and for 25 cents any one No. Postageto Dec 29 New Orleans. us," said Abott, addressing the Span. I murder I the .
SACLS prime green, new crop.just ret no adjure you by American
be on all orders. -J "
Lemon Syrup paid Address L. A. GOtfEY Jiio. S. Hntrhmsoii, ) received, and for sale by i iard. Eagle: that whipped the universal game-

t B RAY'S.superior Lemoii :syrup,just received 113 Chestnut btreet, Philada. i AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. Never !" hurst from the pallid lips of cock of creation, and now sits roosting on
and (for sate No. 2 Columbus Block the father. the
by With giving the above a magnetic telegraph illustrious
newspaper .
F.b 17 il F ABELL any I Apalachicola, Fa. i Tarrant's Compound Extract of ** But you are unused to scenes of strife ; do
insertions we will exchange. transmigration to no murder And
3d- Advances made on all consignments it.reo I Ciibcbs and Copaiva, might fall, and then what would becomeof
\v-: OODRUFF'S Anti-bilious Pills, for sale by Worm- Specific, for sale by quired. Nov. 25, 18,IS. received and forsale: by \ you daughter?" lastly, gentlemen, if you ever expect wear
Feb 1 J ALLEN & Co. WOODRUFF'S JUST your long-tailed coats-if you eyer expect free
25 J. ALLEN Co.
Co. C. & "
-_ .._J ALLEN & D. B. WOOD, No more, said the old man. If a dogs not, to bark at yon-:.if you ever expect

S Panacea.VAUt Composition Powder, for sale COMMISSION MERCHANT Paints, Oils, Ac. parent !strikes not for child, who will,?" to wear boots made of the free bide of the**,!

\ k IIOUCRS Panacea, just receivedand WOODRUFFS.. ] J C ALLEN & Co._ Nov 18 24 Water-st.Apalachicola, Fa. LAMP and Linseed Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, The enemy' now discovered the approach Rocky Mountain buffalo, and, to sum op j
for sale by Black Red and Yellow of the little party, and began to hasten their all
I l e, Lamp ifyou ever expect to .anything! but a ,
_Feb 17 H F ABFLL.TOODRUFPS White; Lead THOS. II. AUSTIN. WM. H. LONG. Ochre', ground in oil, Prussian Blue, ParisGreen, speed[ ; but as the large .horses of the'Americans set of sneaking\ loafing, rascally, cut-lhroaY,

\ Dy,entary Cordial',for sale by N 0. 1 Extra and Pure- just rec'd, for sale by Austin & Long, Virdignsjust received:, per 'schr Palladium, and 'rapidly outstripped the.mus. braided, small ends of humanity, !whittled
& Jan 35 JCALT.EN&CO. for sale by it became evident that a re.w' minutes <
Febl J C ALLEN Co. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, tangs, down to indistinctibiHly client .
Note Paper. Jan 25;:) J ALLEN & Co. :niust end''the Findirgescapejmp'ossible acquit ,riij .
No. 'Water-street, race. and save your country!1" _.,. '"
Osnaburgs. and Embossed Note Paper for the guerillas wheeled about, and, hastily
|vj.EORGIA'and, Lowell Osnaburgs, always on PERFORATED Nov 11 Apalachicola For Sale. a.lin.e; ,. cam thundering on to The prisoner was acq ftted. .'"
VJ hand, at the lowest rates by DecO J ALLEN & Co. -: J. II., Hull &: Co., 2 MAHOGANY CountingHouse I\8. Apply -' I. I
Jan meet. them. A. LARGE F.uULT--'i"Ye knew*
11 C A GREEN & Co. to B. S. HAWLEY, once .
Z"Georgid : Boots aud Shoes, FACTORS .& ,COMMISSION MERCHANTS', Nov 25, Columbus Block. Now, boys, let them have a good volley 'editor," says a western paper, who waS f
TOR sale Osnabtirjjs, FOR SALE, by.... hc package by No.43 Water street --- from the rifles, and then throw them down the father of ten children, kept five dogs,
by'HE.'iRY YOUNGS, D R \VOOD. S 4..
1 Dee 28 53 Water street. 18 : I. I Jan 21 ; APALACHICOLA, FA. 1 MARBLE S Top Furniture.Centre Table, and victory.! trust- Forward to the sabre, and and'God pistol defend for the the three cats, a pet bear, _and four '
Lard.. Buckwheat.BAGS S.. ITi...Nickerson, .J. 1 French Bedstead" and Bedding, right:!" ," A writer;in:one'of the reviews was bocst* .7ing :

-JO KEGS new'leaf, lor sale'by. 2 O ceived,;and 25 kegs for sale new by Buckwhcatjust, re. DEALER IN CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, Dressing double marble Bureau, marble Wash Stand.(top, ; A deafening yell burst from the little band 'that he was in the habit of distributing :

Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. S HATS CAPS &c. top as 'Abottconcluded, and their i reputation. Yes replied friend 'VJ
jan 11 C A GREEN& -Co. The above Furniture hasonly beeli, in. use a unslioging literary ,
B lDUrZ.and ,Soda .Powder, just receivedand 4.- ; No. '1 Columbus Block, ', few months, and will be sold low. Apply to rifles they poured in a murderous fire as "and you have done it so profusely, tuat

(or sale by < HA Y'S Liuamctit: for sale by Co. Dee: Apalachioola.Fa. Jan 15 J. DAY & Co. they closed with the enemy, which brought l you bare left none for your!erf."
Feb 6 r C ALLEN & Co. Feb 1 J ALLEN & 23. .
". ..

.. .:< < .,< ", ..:- .. ,_'.. ., .' i: .
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.' : ,. : .--1f.-....,. .'",,:,. .."': '" -. .'.-. :' : -- ,......'. '';' .5 -- : ,. :. ...< < r\ h ;.:-4.:" '_, ;"-"'If ,.:, Jt::.,.I.....:.._: .,
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-p-- J ->-- ,- ---i-- --
--- --- -- -
--'--' 'J' w.n--- ---- -

cue Uuitea States: Varchousing S.stc that a man who had a field containing: 15,000 President Taylor'sINAUGUUAL ((1 O111IEll I Ait1a'f' I SElL. The Cabinet. plimcnt from this' quarter!) -Came

A quite interesting.R upon the working I bushels of wheat, could) not get it harvested, ADDRESS. Our Washington correspondent, under with the olive branch in his hand aDd. r4

of Warehousing System: was yesterday -I though he offered half the products, and By Telegraph to the Charleston Courier. date yesterday afternoon, informs us that gested the withdrawal of the whole, am.ae.
the' Secre. Women Elected American to the APALACHICOLA, THURSDAY, INARCH 15, 1849. ment, and leaving the .
transmitted to nngress.by was obliged! to let his cattle eat ire I by the people I t tclc the following gentlemen were yesterday Ciyi and Dinl
try of the Treasury, which it would be interesting I and children* as well as their husbands, and highest office known to our laws.I appear hereto : Appropriation Dil to passed "ihou7al|
to our mercantile* friend to have fathers, had' become gold diggers. Capt. t lake the oath prescribed by the Constitution The following gentlemen are authorized named by the President, in : communication such addition.

Spread at Urge before them. Not having P lrtS's$ o'pinion as 'to the success oT expe- and in compliance with a time honored Agents for the COMMEUCIAL: : ADVERTISER, will to Ihe Senate, (handed to that body by
at command, however, space for the whole dilion* daily starting (tutu this. country, !is ,; custom to addiess those who are now.assem- eceive and receipt subscriptions, or advertisements I Col. Bliss, his Private Secretary,) as his WILD COTTOX-The Alabama

document we extract ,the following front the that u will depend 'np,m the mannej of their i bI rd. The confidence and respect: shown :- Cabinet : : I Mr. Wm. A. TribaDe
latter part iifit; ,, the stsrtistics of winch t OI'1iluizaliun., Then; i is no doubt, he ays. b) my countrymen in calling me to be !the WM. W. CUEEVER,Esq",Albany, Ga. says Hay, our P,
,least will interest| all leaders : of there being considerable quantities of i Chief Magistrate of the Republic: holding Major .JACK HAUDMAN. Eufaula.Ala. Secretary ol State-John M. Clayton, of correspondent, has sent us a sample of _
44 The regtilnttons: now issni-d introduce- gold in Califu'nia.: : but there is gross exaggeration : a high rcnkl1WUg. the nations of the earth, -------, -OMVER---- Talahn see. Fa. Delaware. cotton which he procured from a bibi

the system of ,piivate conipetitioo, so f.ir asperimtttfl'by in the limiter.I has inspired me with feelings: of,the most ----- -- Secretary of the Treasury-Wm. M. the top 0 f. some four tTte C*

the public interest, an, law as it now stands.! By the exibfiu;; I law, I J I j persons who I had J no existence in California I f I' the" acceptance of the.!office which their partiality THE CLOSE OF TMK SESSION.-Rows in Pennsylvania. The tree, he inform!!?

'unclaimed, goods' must \vaiehoustd in and in respect to ,'et'selsthal had never been I It"f'l'e. has bestowed imposes the discharge he Senate and the House-Important Measures Secretary of War-Geo. W. Crawford, was one year old, about iwenty.fiTe g re

public ufjres. The value of these is very I of the most arduous duties' and .involves the acted( on.-The reports of the proceed- of Georgia. high and thirty feet across near the *

-great. In New Vork alum, by the returns Capt. Phelps looks hearty and healthy, I IlOtI weightiest obligations, I am concious that of the close of the second session oftie Secretary of the Navy-Wm. Ballard The body four fret from the 'ofo'sured to
"of the Collector, the value of the fmeign Una bears the marks of a toilsome voyage the position which I have been'called o"u'to ngs ground,
Preston of
Virginia. ( inches in
'claiimul goods! wan-housed in ihht port (trout. (from the other side of the world. fill though sufficient to satisfy: the loftiest thirtieth Congress, published in a num- our diameter. The J

the Gill of August 164G, to 30th Septum-: ambition, is surrounded by fearful 'responsi.ihities. bt'r'of our exchanges, are replete with interest Secretary of the Home'Department of cotton, although carried for some tin/-

ber, 1948, was UGl7G5. ; f and ,the regularly ;: flYER, the hero of the recent disgusting b Happily) however, in the perfornvance but are too voluminous for publication Thomas.Ewing,of Ohio. the pocket and of course materially i]

warehoused. !, in the same r period, $'!O.- pugilistic exhibition in I the vicinity of Baltimore of my new duties I shall not be without i in dolumns. We Post Master General-Jacob Collamer, in appearance, is nevertheless injure
our with mortifi .
545.ii.30; maktnj; ; a toial in that-port of 635- having! given bail to the offended authorities ahle'co-operation. The Legislative and perceive, of Vermot. of fle
1G3/J08. These nncl.iiiirvil goods, under of Maryland, and regained his personal Judicial branches of the Government 'present ca'tiolnd regret, that three scenes of violence silky texture. We shall carefully plant ''be

the act of the 3.1 March, 1641, must be kept liberty, arrived in this city on Saturday prominent, examples o'f distinguishedcivil l have again desecrated the floor of Attorney General-Reverdy Johnson, of seed, and who knows that we shall not thai

in the public stores, there ticing no importer l last; by the afternoon I train from Philadelphia. attainments and national experience, Congress, and that blood has been spilt 1a ry la'nd. obtain a species of cotton rivalling the

who claiihb.'uid: makes a ivarehouse entry The excitement which TnYnc-d all and it shall: be my endeavor to call to my All the above gentlemen have heretofore lific pro-
within the halls pomegranate or
of other
tif tijet,!. l Howdy dowily-'doni! inside out, while the! ;assistance in the Executive department, individuals legislation.A any sort 'e iD-
.. liy the it-tuns 1 of the dlfflors; : I the: fitfht was pending again broke forth afresh" I I whose tiilcuts, integrity and purity difficulty, i seems, first occurred be-I been named as members of President Tay- troduced. Mr. Hays, we suspect, is

;foreign j"iod; r">t'uuly! wan-housed Inim t the: and' / they who witnessed the crowd t that of character will furnish ample guaranteesfor t tween Mr. Gtidings, of Ohio, and Mr. or's b Cabinet, with the exception of Mr.' lien 'as to the tree being only one year mia oU.

'5lll AilUllNt! ', l"Sfi 1( III September! SOtli.{) Id4d.'was I tinned out to welcome the Urn iser" home, f the faithful I and honorable; performance: Meade, of Virginia, which, although causing Collamer. The latter gentleman filled t'he The'cotton plant in warm climates free

3.iUWIII: I .lilii jiii lo thiN t tlieiewas say that; Khe enthusiasm could nut have of the I I trusts to) bo committed t to their charge.Wilh post of Chairman of thin House Conunitte'e frosts Is perennial and rrol
i the
some disturbance, did not proceed to
:i vast: .HiMiiiit uf( flln'il.l1 i iniioils| I t"l ;poiltjd been greater bad (t."n. Taylor arrived in our such aids and ill) honest purpose lo Public Lands in the whose one spo ,
.. uucl.iimrd midst. The pug/ilisi rode in nn barouche ('rsIIHl violence. This originated, we be- on Congress may be the growth of half dozen o
in o ill' w.uclnms "-'; as :jiuui.'s! open do whatever... is right, I hope to execute diligently $ i ,trL"
aimmnlin. as v\o hive; si II, ill Nfw Voikiloiie l ornamented at each of the t I i four corneis I I impartially I and 'for the besf{ interestof ; li eve, in reference lo the terrioriallueslion session has just closed.

: to the sum of :$1;J.tJJ7WS.I ( l ; I If I in the with an American flag and brawn by the country, the manifold duties devolved and the Wilmot, proviso. The second rev Our correspondent adds, that these nom A TE'lRln1F MISSIVE.-A man in Kr.

other. )polls. t the liurlaiCiud. fjoods boM! t the i four splendid hol's'sand the streets ttiro' upon me I in t lie dischaige I of these d!u t ie. inations, under the rules, Fie over one day, Orleans, who htd offended
occurred at late hour between R. \V. another
a ,
saum ptopoition I as llio, >e n'gulaily l: ware- \vhich lie passed; weie lined with spectators 1f 1\1)' guide will be the Constitution, which I veiy but will be confirmed without received the nut
to-day day
of f both anxious in the : Johnson, of A'rkansas, Orlando B. Ficklin, opposition fallowing missive :
hotiM'd in Nw V.nkil would briny; tile it- sexes, slang phrase swear' this day to preserve, protect and de-
lul :"IIf'lUUluI1ucin: goods .leuited I ) sir; ourtvarrhouxf i'f the day to get a glimpse at the u Ele- 'r ena. For tho. interpietation of that Constitution of f Ohio, and William M. huge, Alabama. or even the usual reference.-Rail. .On the ist '6f March, at 8ociockm

from the Uih AtJ:,:ust I, I 1847, to l)hant." His arrival at the wharf was greet- 1 shall; look to the decision of the t Mr. Ficklin called Mr. Johnson a 'puppy,' Amer. 7th inst. the morning, at the Cotton-Press, h Yard
30th !.Scpioinbcr' Ib4ri. up to 8/6.527.U38.-(; c d i with the roar ol cannon and] the wclcomng ; judicial j tribunals established! by its authority, with : pair: of pistols and i coffin." '
when have been '
attacked .
p to Tnt :
seems jointly -
Notwithstanding then, that a. system' was I' plaudits) of the lower ten thousand, who and to the practice of the Government under CABINET. Our Washington cor This new version of pistols anil corTrr

entirely new in this CUIJIII r" .,t\\s\ \ hlwedlh"t I lollnwcd the distinguished stranger" in t the earliest" Presidents, who had so large a: by Mr. Johnson arid Mr. Inge, the latterstrikill respondent wiles us, under date of yester- 'did not suit the ptrstft, and he handed

I ii ese f.ts. and I I the vavi "i ft4 iUti'I thns I i xvarnhnuscd procession to headquarters in Park Row. share in its formation. To I the example; .of 1. him with a cane, which drew blood day evening, that the President's nomina- note and the writer the
in lie nf! i lie under h Here Capt. Rynders, of the Empire Club, to the Recorder.TLe .
infancy sysicin t these illustrious patriots I shall..; always refer from the head with which i came in con- tions of the members 'of his Cabinent, afc .
I the iiisiiiictious and 11tls! '! of f ibis Department, made one of his most affecting oratorical with defeienco, and especially to his
",ill satisfy: CCJr.trt.-. into pflVcr} and .. friends" after, which the line of marchwas as order could ho longer be preserved.The the elo'qnpm article
made :o cr.rry I'tie law I fully h his COI LIOt )'. To command t the army and by Senate yesterday.=Bait. )
'ahillthc e dibits? were attended I with success taken up again, towards the Branch navy of the United States-with the advice Senate was also disgraced by a scfcneof Amer. 8th inst. is from the ecif6tUcolumn' 'cf'i

'nolwiihvismdioi, lint I : I lie Department was flotel J, in ihe Bowery, where an immense i and consent of the Senate: to make treaties I f so'rfiewhat the same character, between Richmond Republican :
compelled i-rter on a 'Held; o{ experiment, ii uultit Ode! hat! been patiently; awaiting t the i arrival 11(1 I to ambassadors and. other officers U. S. QUARTERLY Fl At ; .-An official -
appoint j Cameron of and Mr. A T'eW
r. Pennsylvania, when
entirely unexplored; in th'is 'cu it tilTy.' It l a 'for hours before Here, again, Hyer -lo give to Congress information of the : statement from the late Secretary of sun of CnxTusT.-Two the "Ftb'uary, ago m ih'

would l be truue. flmler Ii II tit: cnclJlr.slanc: received! the adulation of the transported state of the Union and recommend such Foote, of Mississippi-the latter receiving a the Treasury, show% Government receipts Tayh8 ; Th "I'e: arose, Zachrj
if I tb Department; hnd' '('''II not hiiii : to 1m.Jlm"t ([no offence meant) multitude-and bearing measures as he shall in be blow in his face from the former, as a retort lle s'lal'dillg plaif8 uf Drn
; judge necessaryand Yhe December with anil '
during 31st
quarter ending Visl' gloomy forbidding
or amend, a-*; the result or sun re than; I his honors as meekly as could be 'expected, to take care that the laws shall be t to some offensive personal remarks. -
1848, to have been $14,311.348 08. peer, to ordinary eyes. as ever tp"olr
two of experience of the. practical I under the dircumstance.s, the gentleman I
years executed-Theseare the
faithfully most important I The business transac'ed during the day before the viaToVof morl t. After
operation of ihe system in this country, and I made his obeisnnce to the sovereigns outside functions intrusted to the President From customs 85,181,870 56; lands 494- a lone
and night, was quite important. The bill period of jnaciVah to which he ha J beencondemned
also of the information collected with t and retired with his trainers, Thompson
as by the Constitution, and it may be expected 958 22; loan, 1847, 82,734,650 ; loan, 1848, the he
so much care from the continent of Europe and Winrow, to thesumptuous banquet t t that I shall briefly indicate the principles c creatinga Bore Department of the Government $4,865,500 miscellaneous: 8931,469 30. placed by government theatre was sud;
; denly of'ihe
;and Great Britain. This experience and I that had been prepared for them inside. upon a most absorbing
which will control me in their execution.- was passed by the Senate, and received excitement and
The : He
information have enabled (he DeparttutMit" tointroduce ) But what a pungent commentary is all I Chosen the of ihe expenditures during that time were peri. was now
by body people, .under the President's signature, as did also old still
; it is believed great and important I t this upon the refined( taste and intelligence the that administration 814,272,538 84, of which there was intereston an man. though : and vigoroushe
assurance would I
'improvements tinder I he new instruct in nsnoxv -leaving morality out of the question! altogether be devoted the whole my country, and not to t the 'Gold Dollar bill, which also provides public .dcbt and treasury notes 81,510- ws i!tl"e'rltb) the collections had of

issued, and especially in authorizing, as far -of our so much boasted nineteenth the of section for the coinage of 520 gold pieces. 650 forty. years ser'ce': ; since he
support ) particular or 30 reimbursement of
any ; notes fleshed hi m.iiuVn'sword, : .
treasury ; nations had
as permitted by the law and the security of century ? The age, we agree, i is a wonderfully merely lo< al interest, I this day renew the The California question continued to be the. fields ,. !
revenue, ihe of and I but submit in the $1,903,950 ; reimbursement of public debt grown up in 'llch Ils early tafof
system private enterprise enlightened one we declaration I have.. hcrctofoie made and t the exciting topic of debate almost to the illustrated and
competition in the business of storage, so as: face of such degrading scenes as we have proclaimed fixed determination up $500,000. ( tfourisfimg. towns invaded,
to reduce the utmost practicable' extent all l 1 been describing, is there not yet ample to l.he,extent my of ability, the to maintain hour of adjournment in both Houses, but the forests where the re..I..I.. '? te'Trd to his

the dharg-e-s awd expenses incident it thefcysiern. room and verge enough" for much im in its original purity my and to adopt government ( as all the measures proposed for providing a GO\.ERlnIENT FURNISHING COLT'S PISTOLS cost that the young Ientuck b'a\\wa
These regulations: it is believed, provement i in public morals and public the basis of my public policy, those great government for California, civil or military, TO CAT.IFORMA.NS. the last nightof superior memories to 5of Indian( ,. & t? .

wiW lead to axrons-iderablc augmentation in i taste 2- -N. Y. Express. republican doctrines which constitute the were finally dropped, and the bills lo which 'the session of Congress s 50,000 was ap The been still more fresh 1ler in his scenes mind.mr\Vliiioutselfcnhccft it TrtVfe
the business !but in order
warehbTssIng ; to strength of our nation's existence. In reference had for an additional from '
been attached propriated purchase
t they dropped. California or he conYd
give to our own fiorts aM! the advantages; enjoyed PUGILISM! DRAl\IATIZn.-ifyer: on the to the and Vanity remember -
.- In Great Britain; and to 't11 hre nS'! to Stage.-It was announced in New York, on with so much Army distinction Navy in lately active employed service- and New Mexico must, therefore, remain the inventor of 'Colt's improved repeating thai all .ilt Yublto of his fami

enter into successful competition with other'countries Tuesday that flyer, and otti'ers: of tlm care shall be taken to ensure the highesi:, ; without any other government, than pistols, and a joint resolution was adopted( % ( I ly. .Faithful and.fftaily" had nvf bfrrt

for 'ihe commerce of the world I, *' Fancy," Winrow and] Thompson, would efficiency and in furtherance of that object they now have, unless the President should, i instructing the Secretary of War to furnish sullied by huis1)ind'3.. :anclthu a! Pain AIn.Reaca _
had ..h;
the amendments in the law itself, especiallyas that evening "on the boards of the the and Monterey he 'dbjie all
appear alHlna'al
military school, sustained by 'deem iiimseH authorised these arms to !; going to :
( to act on his own emigrants Calforni:1. duly I demanded anil had achieved' a dial
regards the extension of the time for Bowery theatrein the extravaganza of Tom the of shall success -
liberality; Congress, receive the
which be made responsibility in the matter. at the GoverniTient cost prices. They are which never o'n'c.e ..inIis\ long am!
warehousing can only : by and Jerry. A New York letter, Vo the special attention of the Executive. As
- Congress are indisl't'u ;able." Philadelphia; Inquirer, says : an American freeman, I sympathise in all General Taylor's-----Speeches.We i thus advantageously supplied on a written eventful life had ,fes"r'et Iris standard. But
Jutheutlccounts from the Gold Region "The greatest excitement prevails in efforts lo extend the blessing of civil and have been much struck the application to the \Var Dt>parlmenl. nniwiihstanding thi.. had seen his poternment

lhe KJapt. D. Wm Phelps who reachedCharlrsto'n I every part oT the city. I am told every political liberty, but at the same lime, warn: (says turn upon hiirt :'distrustful look-
ticket is sold at the double Philadelphia; Bulletin) with the common The of tVe\ confine him to a sphere, of obscurity. and
lately, in the! brig [Jrnnis! from even price ed by the ;admonitions of history, and the strong Washington correspondent :
Cliapres, having troine from talifortifa? via charged 'for admission, mid that thousands voice of our own beloved WASHINUTO.V. sense the compactness of thought Philadelphia North American says : remove from him the HiiweV ttf hfc armj.

the Isthmus.)* has reached; lite home In hnvn made application who have. not been' shall abstain from entangling alliances will and the lofty patriotism of the addresses The new of the Cabinet is His: eye had; gazed tvt'ft poud, yet t sad
arrangement glance, tiptVh the .iWparting liannui
Boston, and the consequence is. we have, able to succeed. Foreign Nations in all disputes! between con- which, the President elect has been delivering entirely satisfaclof' and wi be received! cI-net he had! )
in the more staid and discreet temper ol Anather New York letter s..ysofIyl'r. } : flicting Governments. It is our interest, not with as as original so oft'l'o'guifl'dln triumph anu
lie presMcd i\\' the bar of the Branch along his route. Unaccustomed as pro glory until the !1:51 bayonet; r his reieiatdisappeared
that region, the infounntinn which he authentically I- less than' OUT duty to remain strictly neutral, gramme. The transfer of Mr. Preston .
communicates to the Boston i papers. I. Hotel on Sunday, :and] such was the anxiety while our Geographical 1 position the geniusof he has been to public oratory, these impromptu the Navy Department, was in accordancewith to forever from his vie V.He .
l alone sustained. With
The Traveller says : 10 drink his health, that 2,000 was spent in our institutions and our (people, the advancing speeches reflect the highest credit his own wishes, appointment now sioo( ,
ancthe : of.a bniieries b
Capt.. P. brings a quantify: of the gold, I ingrains the operation. spirit of civilization, and above all on him ; they show a readiness mind andan of Mr. Reverdy JohnSn as Attorney General a exception!handfnl ofroIinkeeefire f.\y, bTariillery and around, )
in scales and in the The correspondent of the Pennsylvanian; the dictates of direct the j
lumps- largestof ; religion us to cultivation is a compliment t6 his eminent legal
of ideas }
which him
arrangement that was drilled and of
that $22,000 cash for this prove disciplined!
the latter weighing about an ounce and a says Hyer gave of peaceful; and friendly relations abilities, the propriety and force of which i army
half. The amount of gold brought by him establishment, which is in the Bowery fc'car with all other ;pow''s. It is to be hoped) there is plenty of stuff in the old hero. We the country will acknowledge. without twenty thousand men, five to his one commanded -
a t
has been much overrated: in the published j the theatre. that no international question can now arise are not of that dass who admire elegant dissenting opinion. by the first military genius of Mrxri'co.
.. In all human
the nrld
accounts, though he brings a considerable which a government' confident in its own verbosity at the of thought and probability( on
expense ; The letter Buenn
same to the of Vista
referring Taylor close his il-
'losingproc'c'e to
quantity-much less, ho\\\'u, 111mlhe lowest COL. FREMONT AFTER EMERALDs.-The strength and resolved to protect its own just therefore these addresses of was
Taylor ings of Congress, : hjslri"c.lre r, either!I as prisoner or
antotinl stated rights, no't settle wise says :
(-$3SJGG.) may by negociation
New York Sun has the ;
following : ,
with much ; ThVr'e
us more force than the among ) Ie.lt was to lip the rod
A$ Capt. P. worked personally at the and it becomes government like our own, empty Towards the close of the session of ihe
One of the most distinguished jewelers i in orations of Senate of a 'll'c :consecrated from joulh li> age ft)
mines. which we believe was not the case founded on the morality and the intcli ence some distinguished politicians an incident occurred which deserves
With Mr. Atherton. his experience. of the this city has within a few weeks past, set in of its citizens, ;and upheld by their affections, we might\ name. The new President has l particular notice. Mr. Polk was notm.t his country's ,service. There, in ;i foreisi
gold three of the most Valuable emeralds grave, was irt be,the reward ,of the toiI El-
the .
minutiae of the is consi i to exhaust effort through committee
gold; di&gin: there every at honorable diplomacy proved himself to be, in the words of Car- ordinary six
dcrable. In the first place, as lo the pieces ever seen in this country. They were left before appealing to arms in the conduct o'clock, that the chamber, having discharged delity) aid! valorpf l nearly half: a rentury.
i with him the wife of Col. Fremont. lyle, .n reality and not a sham." His election ut. ui'D' dismal and
by its duties ,. that forbidding
df gold that have been it-ported to be found I, of our foreign relations1 shall conform : was prepared to adjourn. Inslead -
he says the lArpcst: picric I that IVB has eelJI I The emeralds were presented to Mrs. Fremont U) thl'sO'i 'ws, as I believe them essential was unquestionably brought about by of communicating an ,appropriate anSwer spectacle", the utatri.l1r; looked I, forth wilh

is in the possession of Mr. Mcllus! ;' lul] by Col. Fremont on his last return to the best interests and the true the high opinion which, the people entertained several messages were transmitted and i bosom as cpim .01 serene .as if it were

weighs: but six ounces,. He Mad) heard nu I- : to the United States. In size and brilliancy, honor of the country. The appointing of the exalted! qualities of his heart the Senate went into Executive\ Session. some. lugh and J joyous festival, 'in which he

merous stories at the mines of large pieces : these emeralds will vie wilh the most gorgeous puwcr'cstcfl in the President imposes delicate Two nominations of Justices of the Peace was to be; a conspicuous participant: Ami'l
of those described by the Spanish and head ; and certainly everything so far thai dark and' stormy sky i th'e "star Still shone
being found ; but in every instance where and ."onerous duties. So far as it is were and upon objection being
they were investicated, they turned out to writers in their chronicles of the wealth of possible to be informed, I shall make honesty, has; assisted) to confirm this impression. We made, were laid aside. which he had ever watcheii', :hit|\ hut;

be false, or greatly exag er llel1. One man Mexico and Peru. at the period of the Spanish I- capacity, and fidelity, indispcnsible requisitions are glad to notice that, with few exceptions, Then a nomination in favor of Mr. ijah- never Ifd h'irti :astray--!the! star I nf Duxi1.Napoleon .

was reported to have found a piece weighing conquest.Those to the bestowal of offices, and the absence editors of all partieS speak courteously of negan, as Minister Plenipotentiary to Ber knew no ,such word as Impossible'
several he him and who are at all familiar with those uf either of these h lin was introduced this ayiqr kn'e\v rio suchsenhirnerut as
pounds ; went to sec qualities shall be being the real ob. Dtlai
of the General and do
chronicles know that the justice to his natural His
Mexican and Peruvian immnvcable
self reliance
found that its weight was only two ounces: deemed sufficient cause for removal. It j ject while the others were the wa!
and that it was the proceeds of au entireday's Emperors and nobles, had in their shall be my study to: recomhiend such constitutional eloquence, his strong sense, and his singleness for the Executive Session. only pointwas agaiHst all the storms bf fortune, He ha4
possession an immense number of these sate Faiih i in that) L t'rb'videnee,
work. measures to Congress as may be of heart. raised in opposition, and the .
As to the stories thai the diggers;; were stones surpassing! anything that had ever necessary and proper to secure encouragement power of the President to appoint. Urgentappeals i which never desert iliqie! hod hot desert

many of them .averaging 150) per day, he been seen. The Spaniards were never able and protection to the great interests .of Among the acts passed by the present were employed by the friends of thertlielres Hrtjift is ilVe iwi'ri,sister of(

thinks that those who have done the best: I to learn from whence they were procured I, agriculture, commerce and manufacturesto Congress, is one. approved on the 24th instant Mr. Polk, and Mr. Hannegan was Faith, \which'always' points i upwards and<|

have not obtained: more than $3000 during I such their was the jealousy of the Indians and improve our rivers and harbors! -to provide gmngve year's half{ pay to the wid- hours after the ecent coufrmeflseven reveals si clear sky beyond tHe darkest
the entire digging season. The hours of f: power keeping secrets from the for the speedy extinguishment of the cesed to be President clouds.m -

work were from five to ten hours per day' white mnniTraditions public 'debt-to enforce a sftict accountability ows and orphans of every officer, noncommissioned I: no riol;\ Jes.i to disparage or censure % .' -years" have passed(I; and what a

Formerly the Indians were willing( to work affirmed that they were found I on the part of all officer! of the government officer and private, who served the recipient\ of.this Executive bounty, but change The sun of i anolhe'r 2&I i of Feb;
in the
(or a trifle, but they have since become better North of Mexico, but no adventurer and (''lie utmost economy in all public during the late war with Mexico, and was the act is one which, under the circum- r ry arises, and the same did hero who

acquainted with the value of their toil.I was Fremont able to find their the three source.have How Col. expenditures. But it is for the wisdom of I honorably discharged, or continued in service stances, shoul invoke the indignation of seemed deserted by his cbilhlry and doom:

They are principally the remnants of tribe, came by we alluded Congress itself, in which all Legislative to the time of his death and the country ; the more so because 10 an inglorious end.advnHces to the capita]
is not for up whose
and not formidable: 75-; us to say, nor are we at present powers are vested by the Constitution, to regulate Mr. Polk, with his hypocricy. of the ; surrounded by million!

But one ease of disorder occTFrred before permitted to name the jeweler entrusted :- these and other matters of domestic, death was in consequence of wounds received -' had maintained, chartcterlslh part of the upon Rerubl\admiring friends. At everj

Capt. 1*. left. It was that of a negro who; with their setting; but we, may say that policy. I shall look with confidence to the or disease contracted within the night, that he had no power: to sign i Bills or step of his progress) the air is rent with lh,'

insulted a Mormon woman.: The people they were of not he all the emeralds in the possession -. enlightened' patriotism of that body, to adopt line of duty." This is due to the families make nominations after twelve o'clock., shouts of welcome and the joyous roaroi,

turned out, caught the negro tied him to a turned. gallant Colobel when he re such measures of conciliation aj may bar of the gallant soldiers who fell in the service cannon ; old then gather about,, his steps to

tree, gave him a good lashing, and then monize conflicting interests and tend to perpetuate of their A VETO NARROWLY. ESCAPED.: -In a gaze upon one who brings back to t ineir!
turned him loose, with the threat of a rifle (that Union which should be the country. graphic description which \Vashington minds the pure and simple virtdes.ofrc0lutioriary

ball if he misbehaved again. TIlE nST.AD.Vh.en the war is paramount object of our hopes and affections Union has of the times; the jo otibg1 J lo tiflioIiM
The inhabitants of California, Capt. I P: over, and our freedom won, the people must and in any action calculated to pro- TiE HOME DEPARTMENT. appears I the agitating struggle during hero whose deeds of valbr Hate {mrnbHalj
last hours
gays, are anxious to maintain order ; but make a new declaration ; they must declare mote an object so near the heart of ever' that the Hon. John Davis, who was mentioned of Congress, upon the amend- ized the Dame bif America, and td ilUoj ";

they can hardly do it in any other way than the rights of man, the individual, sacred one who truly loves his country, I will zealously -. for the appointment of I ments of the House to the General' Appro. model of exalted and unselfish patriotism' !
,by lynch law, until some regular govern above all craft in priesthood governments ts unite with the co-ordinate branches ol Secretary priation Bill, recognizing all the Mexican women, to cheer with their smiles and bletj'
xneni is established. 1 -they must, at one blow, put an end to all the Government. In conclusion, I the Home Department, is ineligible, as no
congratulate laws &c. in California the sings one is good as well as ao?
When several companies Col. Mason,; the trickeries of English law, which garnered you, my fellow-citizens, upon Ihe member of the Senate can be appointed of with exception I to hold up his example to her children.gret. A

regiment : deserted to the mines, a file of up in the charnels of ages, bind the high state of prosperity to which the goodness whose time did not expire on the 4th inst. peonage, the following passage occurs : nation rises up to do him homage. Amid

soldiers were sent after them, who in their heart and will with lies. Theymust perpetuate of Divine Providence has conducted The constitution that Had the measure been sanctioned by all these wonderful cbangest there is bot

turn deserted. Col. Mason then startec republican truth, by making the home our common country. Let us invoke a provides .no senator the Senate, the President was prepared to thing unaltered time clrcumltaft.

with a file'of dragoons, called the miners stead of every man -a holy thing, which no continuance of the same protecting care: or representative shall, during the time for do his duty, as he woul have 'done in case I ces on-the calm, .sel.possessed.by or unartlbitiool

together, and told them that if they expected law can touch, no juggle wrest from his which has led us from small beginnings to which he was elected, be appointed to.any tbeViirnot, proviso been adopted.." soul of the chieftain and the NoW"

the countenance of die government, they wife and children. Until this is done, the the eminence we this day occupy, and let L civil office under the authority of the United The effect of this amendment would liavfe at Buena Vista, though the sage.centre of tW
him to arrest deserters. To this revolution will have been fought in vain.- us seek to deserve that
must help continuance, by prudence States which been to storm he stands excitement*
Thomas shall have been created, or continue art established church &c. unmoved by its
replied, that if there were any refugees Jefferson. and moderation in our councils ,
they by Whether the <
wind in his front.
them, well directed : the emoluments whereof shall have been I and also worked, it is alleged,* howl j'
(rom justice among they were willing attempts to assuage the bitter- by a retention fills his canvass with ( gales be holuj 1

to turn out- and help arrest them, but their A volatile young man, whose conquestsin ness which too often makes unavoidable difficulties increased, during such time." of the laws against slavery, the same br r the helm with the ,same, steady hand, aou<

time was too precious to bi occupied in the female world were numberless, at of opinions, by the promulgationand worse effect, than the Wilmot proviso. guides his caurse by the sathfe p*otar star t t'
running: after deserters. After'this, Ccof last married. Now, my dear" said his practice of just and liberal principles, Somebody tried to excuse.a liar to Doctor The Union, in this RIGHT. >

Mason ,was glad to get back with spouse, II I hope you'll mend." Madam," and by an enlarged patriotism which shall ( Johnson, saying : You must not be following tribute connection, pays the I Never despair." It. I is a gaud maitm.
bit dragoons.: said he, "depend upon it, this is my last acknowledge no limits hut those of our own I lieve more than half he says." Aye," 44 to Webster : in all .con'dltidhs b9 of life. Thing of Wi>

Agriculture; has been so totally ocglccled, folly." wide-spread Republic., replied the doctor, but which half?" cannot Mr.too Webster, in f manner wliieh we ingtoh in The. darkest: hours of.1 the Itevoitt' *

highly appreciate, (a rare com'. ,tiou. Remember_ Taylorat( ,Buena Visti.q .
..- !
a .- -, ,
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,. : :' "_,. ; _,.,"; ;,'J', .;':j" -- '. J ;
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.,'., . :, ,f"'t-.. .:. "..:: : -.;. : ;k DL : : : '> .
-" ; '.' ,
: .

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7 .

:CorrCfl'Ondence of the Baltimore Sun. TROUBLE AT TIlE ISTHMUS. Letters 4 nO
received ACTING DUMMY.-A couple of Yankees Passengers. ,
WASHINGTON, March, 6, 18-19. ProclamnfieH;
per brig Henrico, at Charleston, have been doing ihe people down cast," Per steamer Southerner-Mrs R J Mescs, T 11Austin : t
BALLS. Willis L. D.
THE INAUGURATION from by a method. Roach. Itl. ,
Chagrcs state that there was much very ingenious They pretended -
01 'cBalt Room Entrance of excitement to be deaf mutes and went about soliciting Per steamer Eufauli-Dr II S Hane. Ally. I' HAVING settled himself at Apalachicola,
there about the time the Per Palmetto Mrs McAllister services the
Reception-Cheers steamer steamer Miss is professional 1 to ;public. -
'DOl ZllckEnl1uU1Qsbc California subscriptions for a writing school l, and sym M P Adams Wm McCorley.le"James .. ._ :
". Grand Supper arriv'ccl-in it is AIiIfr; I I.Having been constantly engaged during the last
-* consequence, '
'or Mr. iumu'f pathy"fortheir situation produced great ler.ltamer Quincy-Mr i3rockenhrnugh, lon twenty-thre in" the practice of his
Attacked by an Army of said, of the of all seh ofs.. 'i s Rev J 1 years pro
General Taylor inability who had tickets They lateTy tried it at Exeter with i lady servant. fession in'North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama:and
Surplus for the Or- Rev C \Ve ts'orilm Hey G M Ws1Iiams. Nlla\v.
L"dia-.A Handsome fogethpassngh up to San Francisco. A time same result, and the News 'Letter says, O Johnson, 'Ferguson. 11 Hryant, Florida, be flatters himself that he is familiar

Asylums, fc.Li ,' ,. 'nie'eVmg'had b'deh fie'lll at Panama to consi- They kept school for a few nights'fn the \V 1 Wynn, S Drown, \1 H iSernarfl, J \V D\ il- I with the character and modesofireatment of the .
Inauguration of ( 1 a "the' town Hall, and gave apparent satisfaction. nald.TBilling, D E Gi u. prevailing diseases of this section of country.
The celelJrated by two ballsJhe'most,. course of the agents of the steamer Among the scholars were several young ladies He m ybe found at his office, opposite the bar-

last night that hove ever been given in this admitting foreigners Valparaiso, thus taking ; kind souls ;. oue of whom whispered Receipts from the Interior. berts shop', at any hour in the twenty-lour.

*agni5Ctt effort, and with I #the P.r steamer cotton to A March H. IS 7-3m BY 'VILLAl D.
Our citizens made I nn up room which, they urged, would sportively to another, Poor unfortunates. 80utht'rrIal. --- MOSE.

''''Lleic success, to furnish I to the strangers' 'rightfully be reserved for United States they are pretty, 1 should like to kiss one of N to Lock McKay hart. &fc Young.f ; &McKenzie; W UNITED STATES Governor of J10ia.
co I' agreeable re-union, them.' \Vhen of the mutes who 'WHEREAS is required by law that an elec
an one
I. W Wholesale
steamer Fashion-13 hales colton X Clothing Warehouse .
throng The V
passengers. tj
..1 ha proclamation in this State the
to social man- could remain silent no longer, exclaimed : jorter te: Co; 10 to Wyhc ,; ; 209 ro A I II in hed on first Mon.

and an the opportUnitY 1\311ant and benevolent Chief, wh6 in ;direct reference to this matter, has been 'Yoti. may, my deary, if you plc lse. .The I McKay Hill, Dawson& Co&;Co.,5 to Lockhar. McKen7l& ; t!to I i LEWIS & 11.\NFOno day lo hold in May until the, first for a Mor.day Register in of October Public,Lands.1850
per issued
choice.The 1.is by Gen Smith: next 1 tno'riiing the mute masters were not at Nos. 252 iV t 5G Pent Street also, for Judges "Probate (
the propte ,. Per steamer Quincy;-54 b. les cotton to Luck- o the several Coon-
Grand Hall as is well known, was WM. NELSON, *U. S. Consul at Panama : school. hart &:':Yeung;'7 to Aii>lin it Long; 6 to D G lla- (Between Fnllon-st and Hurling ,) t -.lu hold till tlie first Monday October, 1831.
be political friends of GeneralRTO Sin neyr9 bhtetar i foTJ-Ellison A; Co. Slp.W and for Justices of.tl.e' Peace for each District in
bf The laws of the United States
and its inflict O'DouciiERTT's LAST.-Why is Tom Per steamer bales cotton to A .,- the several
rORl Counties
?and Mr. Fillmore projectors J he penalty of fine and imprisonment SOIthtrr-49 & to bol for two years, (all
in the that on like the ? Because N'McKay is ; Young. ? HAVE ON HAND THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF of said officers to tiffice their
were Dot disIl'poanted; expectation trespassers 6'fi the public lands. As nothing Hyer godlikeTebstcr Per steamer Eufaula-19.:) bales colton lo JN shall be ti successors .
would be from comity and usage attend. can be more 'unrc s ribk or than he is a great expounder of the constitution. McKay & Co; 36 to Lockbait & vYonn6 to \Vy- CLOTHING IT eleced.atd qualified )
it b/lhose who were attached to the the unjust, ... lie &: McKenzie; 1S6 sacks corn to I) 1> Wood. IN TUB is That the said election -
tll, also conduct 'pursued by persons not citi CiTCOUNCIL' PROCEEDINGS. Per steamer Palmetto-21S bale cotton loj C t beheld-.throughontthe; Slate, according to
defeated party. Jutli.ciary zens of the United States, who are flocking Maclay 1 ; 175, to Harper & Holmes; 219 to ..1ock.harl UNITED( STATES. law, and the officers whose duly is to order said
ball in
The salooll% crt-clcll for this from all ;parts to search for and carry off COUNCIL CHAMBER, ? fc Young; 20 to Wyhe iV McKenzie; Adapted to I'tc Southern and SOllhlxslrn Markets elections will take! uulice hereof.

Square: and the contiguous apartments gold behbngfhg to the Unit'ed'States'in Cali MOMUY EVENING, Marc 5,1849. S Wm Poe. "< v \itnrs my' hand and the great real of IU
Hall, wllich' were fined up for fornia 'Council met : Present J. S Hulchinson, Mayor Per t-ieamer Qnlncy-21 bales cotton lo Win ( given at I the Capital thjs 20th
and day
r the City as such conduct is in dTcctvolation In tbeartiele
Porter lo" of '
A 152 & Younsi 10 ,
111 have been before described in ; Councilmen, Messrs Hughes, Darden, Han : Co; LOt'khaTI ; t '' (SEAL.] of January, A. D. 1849, and of th In.
festival, of law, it will b'ecom'c 'it1; duty, im.medialely' Wyhe & McKenzie; 7 lo.A N McKay ic Co. SHIRTS AND DRAWERS ; \
lour The began to asseni- cock Jones Downer. dependence of the plates tha
company arrival Caigh, Barber, Unite
paper. n 'my there, to these '
do here affect put VVe keep an endless variety 73d year. .
ble between Sand 9-we not laws in force to prevent their infraction 7h The minutes of the last meelingwcrc'rc and : Exports., '. tLlVERp'o'oL \V. D. i
the fashion of late )hours as they .lo in Go- future, by punishing with the penalties prescribed approved.. -'Per ship dsarlolte-1251! .1 bales ALi.O Tin:I MOST EXTENSIVE 3IANUFACTURER8 OF Attest :. MOSFLEY, ovemor.

thlln-:1II11,,: tt ten ihe saloon was so rrmvdcil by law, those who offend. The Commit'te'on Streets'', r Improvements and cotton.YRE-cr g&p"I Ophir-'IHO' ) bales, cotton. '. OIL. CLOTHING A. E. ilxW"L.Secretary of State.

that not a square inch of its superfir.eswas As the 1a\Vs 'probably are 'not known to Contracts.askeil? further I time to report. Granted. NEW YORK.'er tfiil i iar H l blc-Sl ,. '. AND n .. :. *" H.-

unoccupied. many who tire about starting 't t to California, bales cotton. COVERED IItTSIntheWorid 03-: -1 papers in Ihe Stale insert two month.
saloon from thee Mr. Darden moved that the City employ an
bales .
Per chr Tio
viunf the *linmg it would a-5 .
well coton ,
The to make it !
publicly "known, !
the City Ll:1I1.Vas 1I1i1; niticent. that attorney to prosecute the claim of I the'city Vs BOSTON r-Per ship Clinton-llgolyileg cotton. For LI\ero'oi. i t t'a
t door of of military uniform, there are such laws in existence, aridilat th'e county. Adop'te'd.And ) NEW CHILEANS-Per schr N. C. \'._61 bales Plain i iintf Fitfluanablt Clothing, of all funds; THE RICHARD
t1it1Iy: beauty they will be in future
The cofol-cedagairist cotton. Smith
LEWIS HANFORD, I ; n'astercanlake the
wiih the tnsU-li.l. and rich dresses all Messrs. Darden,Hughes and Downer were ST MARKS-Per sloop Enterprise sacks &
mmgled persons not citizens$ of the United States Nos. & 250 Pearl st. ; bulk of 800 bales Cotfnnj in addition to
oldie, 11i'; the ?Ire of thousands of l.ghls. in California. Your position as 'Consul appointed a special committee to confer with: an sa. It., '.' 'p' ., _. Dec. 25, IS-IS.J 4S-3m I that already engaged. For 'Ireiiiht apply lo'

anti the Drains: of music from the iinuiita. here, bring in communication the Con attorney and procure all (the information possiblein -_March 15. J._DY_ &Co
l of (;ungl's' w"re evhileratini.Drsremtincilie suls FLOOR OIL CLO')' II S'. : t .
'bitl l hIfIIJ the saloon on the coast of South America, affords relation to said claim. IARINE INTELLIG1M. For Liverpool. "
idpsicpsini o --
and you the opportunity of making this known The Committee on Public Grounds reported! Albro, Hoyt & Co. THE new and splendid ship JESSE,
neat appropriate.i ; ,
ihc decorations wrre i must generally, and I will be much obliged that ; unable to the 'terms of 15.. .Capt. Ford, have quick dispatch r
siiht to represent. on the they were agree on PORT OF APALACHICOLA March 72 john Street, wi r
the .
I was ; ,pn-iiy lo you if you will do it. above For 'Ireight or ,
w 4115|| the sbit'IJs IIf al! the diffrrenl St.itos.Tbe rCKSIFOK F. SMITH, Brv. Mil)'J. Gem 'the lease oT fhe Florida P Promenade, and asked ARE now receiving into Store from their Fac- apply to I passage

mottoes :were oiniited-btit they shouldhivrlieen U. S. A., Com'g Pacific Division. to be discharged from the further consideration t rri-ed. ,:, at Elizabeth-Town, N. J., a varietyof .Feb 15 NOURSE, Co.For .
March ]0-Schr Rome, McLean. On N Orleans. SONE&
illustrating ihe devices thereof the time two leases new and original patterns of '
ihcwas at same submitting March 12-Schr N. C. V., Wright, fm New JVew York. :
Ai ili' ,\-st end (''f the saloon we're rlrVaieilsrt'ts : ; \.. CLAYTON.-In a letter to the Rough therefor, for the consideration of the Council, Orleans. Heavy Floor Oil Cloths, THE fine fast sailing packet schr.

under canopies of flags and, j in I ihccrnirc. 'and Re.idy Association, of .Boston, declining which were read, and on motion Mr. Darden, March Schr Palladium 13-Schr, Louisa Post, fin Scars New, Orleans.Sears, fm New in widths of 18,21 and 21 feet. They arc alo .COLUMBIA, Knapi, ma'ter', will have
in the inid&t of ihc ladies, a place receiving from the Albany, Lansi" burg, and .dispatch for the above port., For freight
the referred to committeeto Orleans.
an invitation to attend (he celebration, : subject was a special .' ,
res rvrd for the President. March 15-Bark Mary SteTeV, Tm Utica Factories, in sheets of 18 feet in width, a or passage, apply to'
\i l\\ o'clock, old. Zack was annonridcflTlie l. there, of ihe 22d of February, ((the anniversary complete the lease, consist1ng! of Messrs. Dar New York.Sleamer. leJh'it. large assortment, embracing many new patterns March 15 WM.. G." PORTER, _& Co.

ft-"rnbtj 'opened, light and left, :im! Washington's birth day, and the den', Hancock and the Ma'or.Toe Southerner, Shaw" from Eufaula. of their For Boston.-. -.
Clerk the of the HarborMaster Steamer Palrnetto, McAhster, fm Columbus.
'tllt' osl 1ro: p.t-ed through under a batlcrvof 'battle of Buena Vista,) Hon. Johti M. Clay- : reported returns Steamer Fashion', Cadwdllddfr. fm Columbus- Medium Floor Oil Cloths, THE fine ship ROBERT' PAT TEN.

( smiles, and beaming. eyes, and heart\ 't6n writes as follows : and Marshal, for the month of February Steamer Quincy i lien", fm Chattahoochee. Also, from the Newburg, Albany, Lansing- .,Fulton, master, will have dispatch for
dims which on Ins hf rival, Il time place nsjsi last, which were read and ordered on fale. Steamer Eufaufa", Barns, from Eufaula. burg, Utica and Maine Factories, every variety .the above Port. Fur deck* Ireighl. apply -

:ncd 10 hurt led'to his immediate sui render I think it an appropriate occasion to say, Mr. Darden offered the following resolution,' of patterns manufacturing by them,of the< th, to

lie could 1w1 hiVe: expected to meet 't"u'l'iew the election of Gen. Taylor, as which was adopteResolved :: Cleared. 5-lth, 6-ltb, 7-ltb, S-4th and 12 feet March S CHAS. ROGERS t Co.

siic'l''forcV. It appears to be considered by the Association March 8 Schr Tioga Collins for New York Light Floor Oil Cloths
hi< fucniU ill That the t financial of all city ,
*The President( wa: ji/loiide'd/ ; bv the'Sp<*aUr over which you preside, as an emphatic reports by A N McKay & Co. Also, Mahogany, Rosewood and figured 4-4, APiLMlCOLl EXCII1CR. .
the doctrines officers shall be audited by the Clerk of the March 12-Ship Clinton, Foster, for Boston, by .
(Mr. VViiHhj-op.1)) ) hnd :ihe MtybVMrSeaton. ( appro'vrI'Jf| | : Washington, a 5-4 and 6-.1th German and American
Vice I'reMlcht( 'vhs also acctimpanied clear ;annuriciation to the world that the Council, and upon his approval then submittedto N J lKblois. English 'Iiw THIS home. has been thoroughly
: .) Ship Ophir, Sylvester, for Havre, by Table Oil Cloths. refitted fur the season- and the1 sulj-
of the United States
authorities people mean lo revive the Council for final '
of our city passage. S
by some Casin. !!I scrib lakes
Also, a variety of plea/uje }o
great new fftiotmirjf
Col. arid Mrs. Bliss followed!! hhd were 'them, restore them, and apply them again The petition of W. Woodley and others, to Sloop Enterprise, Moore, for St Marks. patterns II P 'the. public that he.is DOWin reidiT .
lib 'rile 'hdfhiriistration of the March 12-Ship Charlotte, Collins, for Liverpool Carriage Oil Cloths.All '
c'Hcer'cil.Nothing / ,
rordmllv ;and enihu Ma 5calIy -.; government have side walk laid on Market street, from Live I M Wright. .ness :for.the rl'eptian fcf permanent
old : and'to rebuke departure from them, by of which they offer to the trade liberalterms. and transient
as on boarders
bfrt Whltey, any at the
was wanting Oak street to the County Jail; was read, and on March 13-Schr N. C.r.:, Wright, for: tfew rates. 'Hb
ami he ought 16 hhve bcYfc represe'nfMl'oiIlirceiluius ;! unworthy of their confidence and support. Orleans. ". .. chef d'euisine rs an adept,: and travellers may
referred" lmi '
as he IS oh otfr inViiatio'h 'cards,. tin his farewell ad(frelss to his countrymen, motion of Mr. Caigh to the Co' eon March t.t'-Shrp.Star Republic, Norri?, for New Jan. 2, IS J 9. jan25 52-3m denecdupoi;! havi.1l; all roeluxuries': delicacies -

in elevating and i'n 'lib I 'pointed out to them clearly how the Streets, Improvements and Contracts. Y 'rk', L"yV A & P C Kat. CALIFORNIA of fbe*market served up in the best style .

flail Columbia ose Hand as the honomcurst d spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate The petition of John McGowan to be permitted FOR GOLD! ,I TbeiBAR iXnoiv and \Vn['at all t 1 1t's' be ktftisupplied

'FlllrJlItnrll'lfraIUllhe; I 'the of all the in 1lemoraldaShip Ice : Ice with the,choicest Wines Liqiicrs, and
ihcrr seals. The ( eneral I dill ( powers departments one, to remove the City Hospital from its presentsite

r his best*; totf.l r.i tlie way'of bowing, but he' 1tiild'( and; thus to 'crertt "whatever the form of was read, and on motion of Mr. Darden for this YaIdala.Norton Fe cleared fm .New .York TIE Ice for one House hour vyilt only be open till the at 1st 10 of o'clock April, -A. heretofore Cigars. A bestowed continuation, is respectfully of''the liberal otinfrd.-cu<)tt m

IIIfrt1)' upon this piece of laetirV; ;l't) uhniinhiitiiial gen-eminent' real despotism. Jefferson, inhisjetlp'r leave was given him to withdraw said petition. Bark Callas, 2. cleared fm New Yor! for then i will be open 'from 6 till 7, and from 12 till JOHN PARTRIDGE .
the result, when in 3ohn Adams, dated June 27, December 9, 1548. .
1 eapilulation was The Committee Claims hour ,
favorably each
on reported 1, opening Steamboats and
ilecUres'lha't I his port March 5. only. r- ___
'the 'ladies goi him by the hand.! Cheer 1813, ; !thepaVty'for\y"ifs winch: brought on the following bills, and they were severally Brig Globe'', Doane; 'cleared !'fm Boston for this .ve' ls'supplied at all hours when in the act of For Sale. 9 i
\u-re prllpuof'tl for Fillmore ; the assembly him into power, liad object to )leaving. Customers will please be punctual, as LOT 8, block 17.on.Brc.alsfrE'f't"ith;
and allowed viz Feb 28. .
passed : .
ft'rcl1n hat also. ,I strengthen ihe most .popular. branch ,of go- port the II'use wi not be opened at any other hour. Jni four Wooden Buildings thereon.Ft r'
!Alter few tju'sli dies and \;lhzell. upp) vpriiment, (Congress) against' ( executive enernaYhment. A. T. Bennett for la'ingplank walkc. $2!(( 57 Ship Persian, Babson, cleared fm New York for Rates of selling-Three cents per pound for all further particulars, inquire ol' the :subscriber

'as aiiiioffttc'erl: ur rather it waS announced The "mine treat principle,! John O'Conor for work on streets. . 54 00 this port March 2. supplies less than a hogshead-by the hhd 2 J cts. on the premises.. .

"ha' the would) not be opeii for :u have sig.iin niiimplied in the 'election} .of M. P. Belknap . . 500 Bark Tarquin, Speight, cleared fm Baltimore Any person wishing tickets can get them by ap- March 1. WM. WORRIKER.
supper whose character is perfect 'r.' for this port March 3. plving to the subscriber. Tickets or cash-no r
luiur. ami a gi'Ett ru his that the republican' I Bark Cleolia, Bartlett, cleared New York for credit. A. HANCOCK.
'direction. The saloon, foiin the .len lit) 1)1croI anty to countrymen : ;':John Smith . 19 50 March S, 1S49. G-3m THE Dwelling House lately wcupied
had principles of the early Presidents and (fathers this.port March 2. by the undersigned. Terms
the lights.
of arccmmo-
Hue and( the heal John for services watchman. G 00 I '
Yfc nf the country, will be the rules of his 'administration Mahony as Ship Elodie", nl'atcch, cleared fm New York To the Master of the Steamer .dating. Apply to **.
hat sough't
lirrome so warm n'rany getMieair.
Wylie & McKenzie for box candles. 11 63 .
for this March 5. B. S HIAWLEY
06 nlirroNv! port ,
The passagea. rJUlfcr: Magnolia, and to all persons
I The following bills were presented and refer- r Ship Manco Fish hence fm this hound for Nov 25 .r Columbus Block.
in 'crowd therev..s port, interested in said Steamer .
:for thesis nil and. a! n -'liM a her ; '. -
inneh e nlru1ii( lfr. The uupper room; Tin: GRAND INAUGURATION' BALL'S.Tlitrc .- reo .to t Committee. on Claims, viz : Providence, arrived at Newport March 1 Tackle, Apparel, Furniture'; z-If: I To Rent :, 'i _

ilnors were co!ed. ami use (i'( '"Xvonld 'nol' are to be two balls at Washington to- A. G. Semmes, salary Mayor pro. tern. $125 00 Brig Osce la, Burgess, hence fm this port, ar and Machinery. :, STORES New. 6 Coldmbus Block, and

Co lurk and could mil get' forXvanl.' Nuiiiconvrnieiicf. : niuhr. one at, Jackson Hall, and one in a '. 'I City Attorney. .. 57 75 rived at New York Feb 25. WHEREAS, a Libel hath been 'duly f1ed on t a;;; 18 Water street. -For lernis,apply lo ."

: howeVer was the lestilt.I 1':- sp.iciutis lJuitt1i'l'I erected and decorated for Roberts, Allen k.Co. for nails, locks, &c. 25 00 Baik New England, Williams, hence On tli sport day February, by Nov ] I. .r\OURSE.8TONF.' & Co. .

tf'JII that; a few ladies .Ciuntch, tfhtl were, i the purpose in t the rear of tin City Hall.- S. S. Hoge,for hire of man, horse and dray, 25 00 arrived at Providence Feb 24.- ". 'Vfm. G. M.* Davis; proctor on behalf of Jeremiah I For Sale.

..lilt'Ia iiu' oY 'ctn'eV, jjotYiuH.At This building is 166 feet l I6ng, and 110 feet Patrick Kelly,for Digging (drain .. 10 0 Brig Manhattan, Johnson, was up at.New. York: partners/cfoing Day and (D niel l J. the Day, merchants of and 100 COILS Rope ; loot Ibs Tivine.'bv: _
(fliiuii h from the band an wide, ;11111 will acroimnodate, 'ut five thou- for this March 5, to sail with dispatch. Business IL city .Apalchi- Jan IS. NOUr E. STONE & Co..Advances .
length a
> 'Schr. E-: ,Caroline, for stone ballast. 15 00Capt.llubbard' pr cola, \ the style\ of J. Day &. ., ,
nntinced list General Ta\lor and suiu: and persons quite comfort )ly. The walls ba\tast Brig Wilson, Beckwith, was up at New county'o'fFranklin and State of Florida,ana in the on Cotton. e1TEaie
for stone . . 3 00
were roinms np lo the ?('npp-"r''t'cCin. Ttieibrons ;ire splendidly decorated v'jth paintings of tOn for this port, to sail March 12. Northern District of Florida,against the Steamer prepared to make liberal advances, oh

again; 'op'e'ne'd V'gl't.anil: kit 'ami'clueml the 'roat of. arms of each of the States of motion the Council then adjourned.COMMERCIAL.. Schr Memento, Terry, was up at New York for Magnolia,her Tack le',Apparel and Furniture,and Ilv CnVton, consigned tn our friends in New .

him as he paiscd. Here ihe' (Jeiie- hit- Union, interspersed with flags and banners --- --- -.--------- this port March 3, to sail with dispatch. against the Flint River Company and owners of York, Liverpool, Havre Antwerp and Rotter

ralsnere>t uial took place. He, MipV"Heil .; 80(1 'paiiiiings of the various battles in Bark Lepanto, Hagar, cleared from New York said Steamboat, and all persons intervening for dam.Feb 1 KOURSE, STONE & Co. "

only bv a few volunteers' undiscij which General Taylor and General Scott for this port, Feb. 23. their interest!, in: a case, of boUomry,. civil and .46-, Water Itret" .

,1''m'll cl ir.! *, J U Ins ipjiulnrs having ix-i-n. : have participated. The ball-room is lighted Cotton Statement. J Last Brig E L Walton, Ryder, cleared from New maritime attachment; and, and whereas monition, in pursuance hath i issued, thereofan fcomsaul :.. ..', Advances. I .'

hI-en; from fwu; was u-Tiered inYo tfie] prence -: by three immense chandeliers siitec'6fc'et 1 year. York for this port, Feb. 23. \ Court, to me directed, returnable at the THE:'subscribers will make liberal dash ad

s.- of a regiment of Iiilies-ldies by in diameter, 'tnde3ch holding 500 wax Stock on han "St'pt. I, iS1S.. ..50?' 578 Bark Vernon, Faye, cleared from Savannah for Clerk's pffice in the city of Apalachicola on the ,on consignments' Cotton to. their,

I HieiiiM.ltcs not n pantaloon aiming llitMti. candles. A plaifbrrn is erected at the west Received past 3 days......2207 this port, March 1. twelfth day of March next, wherein 'I, among friends in Liverpool or New York.' '. .

This \vas -A masked battery, an ambii-scade end IIf the hall, on which sits nine mahogany u previously Total...........104817. .- 107531 73076Exported Brig W L Jones, Tyler, was up at New York other things, am commanded to seize and safely Dec 23 .J DAY & Co. -

II uas taking an unf.iir; advantage "f Mititneral'i .. chnirs. i intended as the resting place for past 3 days .. .... .. .4729 for this port, Feb,2 to sail March 3. keep the said Steamer, her tackle, apparel and ... Advances. ". ? 4..
Vnaiiitained! ; .1 General and suite. The City Council furniture, until the further-orders of the Court,
But Taylor
cur.fi'Ience. lie ; previously..65286Total. Bark Cleocla, Bartlett, was up at New York, to undersigned will make .liberal advances
Ills ground pren'cll., .' chamber which is 80 feet long by 50 : .... .- 70015 38643 sail 24th Feb. and Jtp give due notice! to all pe'rsops interested in THE Cottpn consigned to his friends in Liverpool

4 I wonlil have ',rc'c n'ul1enllril lo him Mr.Clay't wide, and 28 high, is fitted up for The /.uiperroom. -; On Ii.d. and' oh shipboard not cleared -37516 -34433' Schr Wm E Collins, Garvie, was up at New the the same sad| ;attachment and, whereasJ, seized[ have the pursuance said Steamer of Glasgow, Havre' Boston or New York "

:i .example on such! occasIowhiCII, and lighted by a chanJelie.r.'ppnaming Orleans Feb 21, to sail with dispatch. her tackle Nov 18 D B WOOD.
} 'uble Magnolia, apparel, furniture and machinery "_
There is 'd', r. ,
*nuld justify( a resort jo ssing; bnt obi! \ 500 wax lights.' a Exports of Cotton from Apalachicola- Brig E L Walton, Ryder cleared fin New York : ; : Insurance> ,.

rb. though : Whig, i i:4 .rii\, an ull'ia table the whole lenght o'f the room, whichis CommencingSept. 1, 848, and samE time in 1 47.I for this porte Feb 23. Now, thereforenotice is hereby" given to all subscribers, Agents for1' The jfetna Inv

.ne"af.d, he did 'iOt atirnipt (that 'cxtrcibe rnagniiftceMty decoraied for the occasion t- I Past IPreviWIIITIIER I Last Ship Monterey, ; sailed from Liverpoolfor persons concerned of said Libel and seizureaforead THE CO.,"- *' The Protectilm- InsuranceCo.

ti1eISur Upo'n the 't tables are to be found the following EXPORTED., [I,3 days ously.TOTALIsean, 'I, this port, Dec. 'rosfey ', and that they are required to appear at .,"and "The Hartfordlnsuranre," of Hatt*

Th.e ",:;.tlir i ;. in consequence of Jhe great edioles : Liverpool... .. ... .1254.19805 .2HJ.J9 .10715 .2. ,. _P Bi H V CrErk's office in the city of Apalachicpla. on ford, CoItO'.,*are prepared to' take Pre. Inland
cro vd,: were necessarily admitted Ly.them. 2 pyramids, G feet high, representing a Havre... ... ... .. ..1400.( .2114 .. List of Vessels in Port. the twelfth day of March next, being the return and Marine Risks on as favorable tenn,. ,'any
wlres t bad in the c'enl'rc.o'f which i is General NantzTrieste...... .... ... .. ...... .. .. ...... SHIPS. day of said process, and the time and place assigned good office. J DAY & Co-
,,}mto, the supper room, ; a, arrangement temple, .... ... .... .... John
Fielden Stran,9i6
in .. .2724 (Br) for Liverpool, for ,the. hearing of said cause, and then Dec 28, JS4S.afirgingr. .
(ut one t hat could not be !1elped.The Taylor on horseback, terminating a spire, Genoa.. ,,... .... ... .. ..131Q ..1310 .. .. loading-Sim?A: Cneever and there a they have, p ",. -t,
number of persons present wi? t1 pt onvthe top of which i is a horse rampant. Other ports....... .... .... .3220 ..3320. Commodore, (Br ) P-rich-ard.'fiBG.tons, for Glasgow or shew 11'tt''po caimif'any: her tackle, aind 'Rol e.';|ii_,

'Jew than three f liotisand. The receipts are 3 pyramids ornamented with cornucopia Total to For. Ports .449 .29103 13489 Clark loading-W A &-PC.Kain.., apparel, furniture-and machinery'should not be 91i pcs: superior Kenncky| Bagging,
I2. and flags, the bases of which arc temples, and) Ohio, 738 ton, for Europe. loading. M O.. r" .
OO. and the expenses are 3,500 ; so New York..829.10167.10996.1405Boston..118.14460.15615..7J94. i Wright. .. sold to satisfy the demands of the Libelants.RdBERT ,\J 100 coils : RBperr ..
there will be a surplus of 84.000 rut the terminating hi a 'Chinese spire. Robert Patten, Fulton, 376 tons, for Boston b, load.- MYERS, U. S. Marshal Just receivedand for sale low for cash'or approved -'
urposes of charit;. loS. 8 pyramids of cakes, 3j feet high, decorated Providence ... ... .13270 .13270 ..1964 ing-C Rogers & Co. 1 Northerl Distric of Florida. paper, by '*' *. .

with flags, &'. Philadelphia.. .... .... .. ..577 Ohio, Sutton, 297 tons, for Boston', loading Apalachicola, 18-9. NOURSE, STONr. & Co. yt
18 of brangeS and grapes.. 4 Baltimore-.-.. .. .... .1557 .1180 N J Deblois. Feb 1 : "6Yaertreet.?
r.uslFr,01nR.'l'J1e KewHaveri rle pyramids New Orleans..... ..2144 .1264 Masonic, Hathorn,439 tons, for Providence, foad- Ail Ordinance
pyramids of fancy cakes. 12 large i pyramid, Otherports.... ... .... .... ing-T L Mitchel. .B aagi 11 g and Kope. -
r..IJ gi'cihe\ \\ JTuHuwing interpretations i of of meats in forms covered with jellies. 60 Constellation; Flitner For Regulating the Whrye&c. : PCS. Kentucky 2J bales India 100 coilsRope
Total Coastwise..... 40912. 25204 276 tons, fm New York, it ordained by the Council of 50 ; ; ..,. ,
tins cu iou and much admired flower, gallons of ice crerm in" pyramids. 12 gallons TOTAL HALES.. ....'..... 70015 :3864 waiting-Master. .Ie of Jlpalachicola, That from arid after for sale by .
ices. 16 gallons Roman punch. .. cS .. BARQUE. .,. ,. Jan 11 C A GREEN fc Co. .j
winch will not\ be uiiinleresiing to the devotees water 'v; : > the passage of this ordinance, it shall not he -.
of Flora 40 gallonslemonade. 25 gallons apple toddy. COMPARATIVE RECEIPTS, EXPRT AND STOCKS OF Gardl Cassin.r. Spies! 36 tons. ,, for Liverrool.-loading. lawful far ;consignee of cotton or other goods, : 0 For Sale. ,

: 75 moulds of jelly. 75 Charldtie Russe. C iroN AT TJF PORT.PF PALCI COL FROM Covenanter. (Br) ; 612 tons, for Liver wares or merchandise, to allow the same to re FIRK.S of superior Buffer, of La-
The leaves resemble the spear i lliat 15 quarts bavarols. 20 'moulds of blanc THE FIRST SEPTIER TO DATE, IN THE FOLLOWING pool, I loading PaUers'oi P.C Kain. main on any ot thewharves. in.front of said city 25 tham's Dairy." .. ',.,

1'ierce.l! our Savior's side ; the tendrils, the mange. 6 saddles venison., 6 saddles of YEARS: Brtsh AmericanjBr} Powell, 6G3 bus; for Liverpool more'than seventy-twa hours, (or three days) after Dec 28 NOURSK STONE & Co. .
fprds that bound his hands the whips 6 rounds of beef Recej Exports. loading ; C Maclay. the arrival and discharge! of the same, and alt .
mutton. '
or Ddwn .
South 184S... .... .... 70015 37516 Jesse, (9rx) Ford 573 for To Rent. "_ r
ijiat 'him 'he the hanis ..... ...... ... tons, Liverpool, load- infringements of this ordinance shall subject'theconsignees .
scourged ; ten petals. with jelly 12.l with jelly. .20 roast 1847. 72493 38643 34433 I -Nqnr Stone & Co I to 'a penalty of ten cents a. baleon of the Fire-proof Store No. 24 Wafer

postle! *-Judas having betrayed, and Petererietl turkeys. 12 boned! turkeys. 12 dozen.partridgus. 1846 1845.,........ .....74752 69010 36248 40763 39492 28246 Rob't ( .) Johnson, 491 tons" for'Liver cotton, six cents per barrel merchandize_ andtwentyfivecents PART Enquire of D B WOOD' : .".
; the pillars in the centre, the cross 30 beef t tongues., 100 gallons stewed pool, !Iga'ding-Hill, Dawson & Co. cord Nov IS ->.
; 1844... ... ... ..103906 .68020 Susan per on for each and
or tree; the/inner circle! around the centre oysters. 12 gallons pickled oy.sters. 120 1843.. .. ....!91095 62734 398 (Br.) Cton ; 53 tons, for. Antwerp, load- I every day the same may wo, violation of Lumber 41 : '. _. -

pillar the crown of thorns ; the radiabce, chicken i lad. 1000 French rolls. 20 pair 1842.... .....813 C9478 14958 Ann !mg-ll, 312 tons; for New York! loading this ordinance; and that the Marshal of the city nV Pine"assorted tizM'and_qualities, .

the glory ; the white the emblem or pdri- canvass back ducks. 12 large oyster pates. -Sims & Cken i., ,.: ., tie empowered to remove. any goods, wares or YELL u u .;., p4, jt --:

JJ; and the blue, the type of heaven. On 1000 sandwiches. 3 kegs of grapes: 1G Ckxttoi Trade. ,)V '. Edward, Knudson,355 ions ior'New York; load merchandise*,at the expense of the.owner or consignee I Oak Plank, Wheel Arms and BocKet Plank, rei'i.
n n species, the passijtora altat even drops dozen 6 large pates de foi-gras. 2 COMPARATIVE VIEW of T FOREIGN EXPORT ing-A.N, McK y t. .". t. of the same; which may remain on said I sale by PETER HOBART. .
f oranges. RECEIPTS, AND STOCKS COTTON OF THE John 310 tons, for Boston, loading in violation of this ordinance. Feb 8 If.
? blood ware 'Commer street.
j are seen upon the tross or tree. bushels of lady apples. 50 pounds French S., AT THE LATEST DATES, FOR THE LAST FOUR -N.J Deblok ,. ,' Conncil 12tb t .- ,
Time flower continues three days open, add kisses. Celery olio, ctcs., at discretion.In YEAt. Lion;" Alexander, S tons, For'Boston. ,: loading. Pa9. by. J. S. ,HUTCHINSON February, Mayor. :- Notice., ; :? '
> '
then .
disappears_ thus denoting the resur- addition to the above.there are.100 baskets YEARS. 1848-9 184 :'J8465 181t6 N J Peblois. 0' ,'V f. VAJJ.EAU, Clerk. rPHE Copartnership heretofore existing under
eCtjon." of Mumm Heid- Alpha; Bennett, ll1 tons,for Providence, loading 1 the firm of J.:ATKINS &Co ia this da| ,
wine, .348557 .345206 '
of champagne To Great Britain .681598 .497524 -Wood '' *.. '
brands Maderiaand Sherry France.... 155146 .194096 .135992 .Mellville &Balou. ... SeedsSeedst'.1TJST dissolved by mutual ,consent. All pemm fait
sick, add Geisler, .18 Mary } tons, fm New
2 debted to the late firm make
tirEl't1'O whiskey and gin, Other F. P'rls .141004 .143753 .7426 ..54239 waiting-Master." ., Yor received per brig Herald, an assortment will please payment '
A BALL WITH PRATEZi.- Tliere .wines, claret. brandy, : to undersigned, who will continue the Gr$*
2 cfln'derable' in of and toddy, made six Total Bales.. .977748 7686406 .538346 .687755 J of Garden Seeds, for sale by '
excitement t the vjttage whiskey punch apple f cery business on his own account, at NO.S3 W 4ter
... 1294920 Feb8 J ALLEN Co.
Miiharnpton, Mas,., on tiie'subject! of dan- weeks ago by nn old and experienced hand. ceipt. .. .....176011398138.475753 .OiIs. -T & street. -'.-" HENRY YOUNGS..

king. The minister of time..place has. preach- The baIt at Jackson )hall i> also ex'pectedto LINSED;boiled and/raw;' %VJai .7Ta ner', ( Pain Killer.". 'I Apalachicola, Dec 14,4849.d r ? "Ii. I,:

d against the practice from the, pulpit, and be a grand affair, .riJ .Pre8ident-.Ta1Jor Tlic-Protection> Irisnrancc- Co. dl Lr and' Olive. ; sale' by the PERRY DAVIS'S 'Vegetable Pain filler,just .ka.. / A .
a Mil Hating been Sw deo- and Will riiit both of them.: This pro quantity by, *. .* .' .' and fo sale by the package or'dozen.Febl ." ': :f\
announced suite .
bv .. _. March 15 ELLIS&N & A FEW half I bk.for sale by
tees he asked : of New..ery. ,. ,B. .. Co.. .. B. ELLISON & Co. : \ _
and obtained die pririlege of fiu after pacing all exnensesr ofeach byt eabove A Jan 11" -. :'. C A GREEN t Co. '

thepening U $-ii, p1ar.: ..After.. .dIe prayer the balls';are to be app/dprtstted to the ben*' THE.subscriber. agent.for this.city, i.now PAINTS,Varnish,Turpentine;Litharge. ; Putty -.Onions.I Hams, Sides and Snonlden, just re-l '

felIlIleI! commenced anJ proceeded fit of .the ?afions orphan: iyluin'sV b- prepared ty '. BAcON and for sale by ',-

with 'I'Ult. : ington t\\y\ >.Baltimore Sun, .- May, 11, JS4S. THOS. L MITCHEL. March 15 B. ELLISON &Co.F. ., 1. ,B. ELLISON. & Co. Febl ,- B. ELLISON & Co.' .. ;

-a ,e -, S e ,I ._

I <

"',.;,,-;..:.'. ., . ". r- : _, : .- :. .. <: > 5 '_. I .- ._ .. ..' : '. ,,'. ., ::' ;: : : ..>" '- J''; ,., .:,,. '. .',:. :" .;. ;. "K.r'"l '- -,?<'"
fr4 < '" -.1/0 c.- .. ; .,;. > < ; t 1 .; ',.;, ;/;: .l ; .:'J:, ;,. ;;_ i. ,t :: :.:.;: : 4 } ': : ": ; tI ':- J c < '- ..'
... .. < .. J,. ,- ., ; : -; ,, ; :: ,
: _
< : ,
: .. '' ', '.1- .' H :4; !1'r' :'i'i : ,'' "' ; ; <1i".o' ";j ; : : :, ..y'ifr:: : : :-T': y .;': ; ; "; : :.. i : :,"' ,'. -- ," 'S "' ( :T : <" .

.. .. .



.1 _____; __ '- -


Iii __ i ,- - -t -
-' : 4' -
.t -
F p t


-: ..--.; ,--. : :--. L ,J;<. ,:,. -" SI 1- .

I .
4.- ,' : :-4.- "
T .1m. '- '" .- .
.. S .' .,- .. c ,' .
.- -
:.::IS>* ** *-*.- - vUardyaikjpgCflaUdLCry- --&. __ matter whether"the' result of inherent ,cause ofj iases I ". ';; ". .- ( : -- An Ordinance, : FRESH ARRIVAL -.

? i _1 cau produced by irregularity, illness or acci i I _' ---t qJtgaV'Notft -, .- .For the Regulation of Quarantine} &c. Drugs, .Medicines, Pains ,
:- q1H Subscribers hare on hand fur sale- den t.' Nothing,can be more surprising than its r : : : and ye"'Sta", Pel'fRJI1el'y. .
.JL LOCKS assorted Butts. reHiDges" f invigorating effects ,on the human, frame; Persons CaFston' Allars l } # SBC., I. Be' it ordained by the Mayor r& ,

,Handsaws, .Mills ws, Crosscut .do,.Planes, 'weakness aad lassitude", from :taking I i vs. \ i.i for Divorce., } Council of the City'pf ApalachicolqThaLeafter'all ,' to hbTriends and' retQtnI

:; Compasses,Augers,Gimblets Chisels,Brace at oits' all become and full,of-energy und it Susannah Allars.r her vessels or steamboats arriving, w: l liberal {atronage/thepublj arr4 felt

and Bitts Rules Bevels,Squares,-Broadaxes,. influence. robust immediately counteracts thenervelessness "PHE,' Defendant noj having, pled. answered'JL in the poVt"of Apalachicola, from any.port that he IS now begs?,

Ship 'do/Collins'. do, Adze Hatchet, Ham oflhe female (frame, \vhich is the or demure to. plal ,after,dueor place' at -which i cholera, 'yellow fever,. supply, which receiving added III'
men,Shutter Hangings, Blind.do,Steelyard, I ,notice: of.the pf, given by publication, stock renders to Iii
t great cause jof rrenne3. -It will not be expected fl.gl.h: .small pox".nr any contagious or infectious, his assortment
Counter Scales, Platform do,. Cotton do, and the said complaint and.the matters znJS1Ia1Jy
I of in and complete.
us, cases of. so delicate a nauretoexhibit disease, 'existed at ,the departure of such English, French G .
Kit Wart Table Shovel nd. be taken confessedagainst
therein ted for
nen Cutlery haying
*. certificates
of cures such American..Drugs; Cosmetics
"vessel i
dr\boaVfrotn port place, or ;
Tonps, Fire Irons &c. performedlt .said defendant:. motion of Solicitor r Perf'UIntIJ.
can assure' the afflicted, that : and Druggists Glass ware, &c.
"BLACKSMITHS'Bylaws.: Anvils. SlpJes" I have been reported to us. Thousands of cases cawt for complainant, it is ordered that sid cause beset which 'may have on board any person afflicted to Physicians, ,Country Merchant, fc .,'ar

Hvn.nerj Vices, Screwulatw, StQek3. anil where families have been without n, for hearing at the first day of the next term with such'dise se'ehall be subject to thee.followiug most liberal terms-all'of a 01'--'

DIM, Tongi, FilAs, Raps, &c. using a few bottles ,of this invaluable medicine o1-this Court, and .that notice of such hearing th quarantine regulations wit: and unadulterated. which it"
IRON-'S.veeJU, 'English: 'an.i 'Atneiicai, a .reJ! $* : .J" :!. haVe been blessed with fine, healthy oflspritig.To be given to the de&ifdant by the_publcation.of a Suph vesse],9r boat, on its arrval, shall H. F.
rltu:1d flat and Band,UMl),Sheet and this week] ofthree (
squire RIotlicrs and Married Liadics. copy of orders once a space come to a 'anchQr at. the.first safe and convenient 'Vbolesalelnd Retail tj .
*>*B(iler Iro:. Kulroid,Spike do, Horseshoe TownseiidJs SUtsuparilla., months prior to:the, first day of the 1 next. after crossing, the outer
,..-Irna an I NiiU, Cast, 'English! Blister and Wonder and Blessing! of the Age. Extract of Sarsaparilla h been. expreslyprepared'in term, in the Commercial Advertser, a newspaba" anchorage for the Apalachicola Nov.,, 45 Water
reference to female complaints. No r,' where they shall remain space 21, 1846.
Germ v\Si eel., -
The most extraordinary Medicine in,the World per the city ,. -
: and Djuble CurrHhellers, female who has reason to suppose she i is approach: lubtshe.in" of forty days, or until the passengers.and Drugs and
t'LOUGF13-3inicte rim Extract i is put up Quart Bottler : it is six i. WM. 'VALLEAU, .Clerk._ Medleiite. '
S Cornrcills, J..ttaint! Trace do, OK do, time" cheaper: pleasantor, and warranted superior ing that critical period, T/e turn of, life"should December 18, 1848. 9-3r crew shal be reported by the health officer TIlE OsubScrihfrs has
.Shovel and Weeding How, Garden, neglect to take it, as it is a certain preventative ; to be condition. constantly I
Spades, 'to any.sold. It cures without a healthy- have,on hand -
Liaa and Grubbing II >e*. for any of the numerous and horrible! Sheriff's Sale. : t SEC. 2. That assortment .a C
vomitigptirgiflg,sickeniiigor : Btitfu'rtlJe anypilot CDRtlS
'CORDAGE, Manilla: and Hem:\, a-Horfed, Pilch, debilitating the Patient. diseases to which female&arc subject at this time! B] Y virtue of a 'writ ,of,fi. fa. to me'direcfed or' other, person orcaintd"conducting CINES, 'wtijh} ''th" and
of life. This'perio le delayed from Circuit Court of Franklin wj Jl
Varnish Hand- the 'county
Tar, flrjfl- ,Coal Tar, Bright The reat heauty'and : this Sarsaparilla may fOrsttralyr4"s : steamboat.into the of pure and olthe best
spike, Blocks,Oan, fee.; overall other mperiortyof while by using this medicine. Nr is it less valuable in favor of William Griswold and Natb L. Gris- any; vessel .or port Merchants and quality'
i i for those who approaching womanhood,, N. L. the Apalachicola, having on board any of the PJante.in
CASTINGS-Sugar K>'tlle- Mills and Cauldrons eradicates the disease the wold executors of to t heirad vantage
., Bakeovens, Spider*, Pots, Enameled, : is one of:the very best, i invigorat. body. I as i is calculated to assist nature, by quickening; of Apalachicola llidve. levied upon, and will City above contagious diseases, .shal bring said Goods, before tocaUexamineandpriceL

"2ICtLP4( Tel Ktt1es, &.. I SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINES the blood and inVigorating'the( system. Indeed,, pose to sale to the highest bidder, at the Court vessel to anchor at the first and convenient N. B. Physician's pfeaqriptiops'tj; .

TIN WARS-A full! aoitment.Tholcsile Ever known; it not only'purifies the whole sys- this medicine invaluable' for all the delicate' House door, in the city of Apalachicola, on anchorage after crossing! tbe outer bar, are: and accuracy at any hour'cfthi&vj? '
\\ retail. diseases to which women are subject. Monday in March, 18-19, wIthi the legal and the the without }*
or t"1, and strengthens the person, but it creates frt report same to Mayor J. C. ALLEN
t':. C R':1: '!1I'.'. It braces the whole system, renews: permanently of sale, the property, t:(
ne w. pure and rick blood: a power possessed by scribe delay ; and in default, "said pilot or other Jan IS Cor. Centre and
\, 1i)1:, In. ', 1'1'. _ no other medicine. And in this lies the grand' the natural energies, by removing the impurities to hit : one large folowing.d) ag, as the person shall forfeit and pay to said city one Commtrt.aia.
of the body, not so far stimulating aSto, produce Council Chamber situated on Market -
cret of i! wonderful! has City J.WATCH SPENCE
Iti'i'CJ' Cor. 1Vatez'at3 s.; > performed hundred dollars for such ,
a. B ] ] tmcces: I subsequent relaxation, which is the case of Square; one Engine House and Engine, known as every neglect or
within the last five than '
(;:I st:llt ss.- ot of years disease, more at 1eat: t 10,0')0cares ( most medicines taken for female weakness and Boston No. 1 ; and one Engine Housef and Engine refusal to comply with the above section. AND CLOCK MAKER il

saw: e'1AILY.; were considered severe car incurable. I It has; saved the:lives, disease. By uing a few bottles of this medicine, Iw.\v/ as Franklin No. 2, levied on as the SEe 3. Be it further ordained, That Second Story BalIzeJl'Entrance B.

': 1 \XI H.T.[ \ ti 1 H, =n ) C.rdJr.' uf all lj1.( :, of more than 301)9( ) children during the two past many severe and painful'surglfeal o'peritiorSnay properly of the'city of Apalchtcola.JOHNLUCAS. while said 'vessel 'or boat lies in quarantine, ,. ( on Chet0..
.LV ih'nrlhe1''n1ln", :'r rtlliat: ', SiuyrJ be prevented. SheruT, it shall not be lawful for any person, except APALA.CHICOL.tFa.
) IlI' II 0:1: tIJ.i h, \\Tnt"; 1.." (!i ive .t'1ort'4. Great to Mothers and I .
: N. B. Watches
... d. Snrii 10,009 cttscs of G nei'l Debility Blessing By l. the! health officer, to visit the same or hold Clocks and Jewelry .
fi( I.m$ t J.). 1\.1' d", 11.JI.I"J ), !: fur- aired.
l'- ;I1 !, P.il1t.iV!d'Iv :1lN.1 ''it'. White! aiitl want Nervous l&ncrgy. CIidl'el. .Tanuiry: 18-U. any communication with'Ihose on board ; rep : -h ,..OCtnber21_ ,.'
above the first
I.'ai I, I t I I"I y..a.,\' Lflr-, Crr: ; Gr.I'n, .Dr. Townwnd's Sarsaparilla invigorates the It i is the safest medicine for rS The sale is postponed until nor shall it be 'I lawful 'for any person onboard ATH '

I' '1"flU .1 ", Etn ,-ri.,1 .1.". Ctr: n" YthV'cr: whole system permanently. To those who have purifying the system, and relieving the suffeiings Monday in April, by consent of parties. to visit said city, or for the master, E N ABow1'Ig .V )
di;rit, E4it! 4rI '. "II/nr. ilri.d! \rarllih. Cu1.1d attendant upon child-birth ever discovered. It t March t 1,1849. :
lost their inu' cnlar by t the effects of med- thereof land Saloon and
I, I' H, It Hi:1 i: t'lrc'1, T..rrati'1". GUil, P.tint energy ,strengthens both the mother and child, prevents owner or consignee or, cause 'ltillfttra.
nrH'I. \.r.li t I II, 1'trJ ', Sri!! ,1.,. (;I ltlll1 dc icii3 i: nr indiscretion, committed in youth, or the pain and disease,.increases and enriches the food, TiE Subscribers. ayc.on hand and offer for to be landed, any of her.cargo, or any article Room.rplE .

f.n. 3ltc'<, C i t1. \Viiiti:: n'u"i" Diet: r.n-: excessive indulgence! of the p,1s*ion;. and brought those who have used it think is indisp nsable., on liberal term's- on board, unless by written, 'permission! proprietor of the AHlen
Ii,', I ', C \:1 I i. Ht'tvy; ..iv'n 11.", 1iht d.), on: a general physical! prostration of t the nervous It is highly useful both before i and after : SUGAR-10 hhds and 50 bbll N. Orleans; fl omthe( Mayor, given under the: advice of ., 'has used uUl fc L
\V.utl'. HI I 1 t n..i 1 B 1"Jliw:. N LII,, C..Jer do,I system, lassitude, want of ambit ion, fainting sen confne- 10 boxes Woolseys & Stuart's loaf; the establishment! every endeavor ta .
ment it diseases health- an
: ,
}h T&v 1i.. "I"1, n Ht do, Bra.tI t Serewi't nations. premature decay and decline, hastening as prevents upon FLOUR-100 bbls superfine St Louis and Ohio ; the officer ; and any person violating and i is thankful agreeable place
childbirth-in Costivenes Piles, Swelling an ever dwriminatiffS;
'Jac''I 'nr t1t1IiC'' Ctair; I towards that fatal disease, Consumption, can be Cramps, COFFEE-50 sacks Rio and Maracaibo; either of the provisions of this or the first
Ii irs, (hr H"I'-1, S..JIb Ift',;. Hand I entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This I of the Feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vomiting MOLASSES 10 bbls section of this ordinance, shall be liable to lie prove by liberdl.patror.age their at.preS
l'i n.u. n. ', u 1t"I C.J.r ,10, n !t Uroon.: Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains, new crop ; .r |,H desire to pte; c. Ill will alwaR
G.,r.l 1,,, C ti1iu; tti'lets' : tr\.ir. 1 In, A'c";, Axe: San-aparilla H far superior to any Hemorrhage, and in regulating The secretions and: WHISKEY bbls and half bbls; said; city in the penalty of fifty dollars r reach choice a-sorlinent$ of Liquor, and kffJ'I

lI.h'.i I'"J ThiiiM; : -*,11 IK U )&',,, I Btle: do, Invji. oratiii Cordial, equalizing the circulation it has no equal The LARD-5 bbl and 10 keg; and every such offence, anJ'ft-ienty' beverage?, of a sort to tickle the rely

0.i J ). C ,1t! I ,b. B Hh, t"I' 1 .10. C.lJItin; r A it renews and invigorates the system, gives I great beauty of this medicine i is, it is always safe, SOAP-SU boxes pale, and white; dpIInrsTor: each and every day the master Bacchus' most fa idiousj ns l'alarfJ ard cf Q

!In B, 'i[: it; 1m), .1 tri' Si's, S:1ijl: Serar5 activity to the limbs' and strength to the muscular and the most delicate use it most successfully, STAnCH-t boxes Colgate's ; owner or consignee of such vessel or boat cool and delicH .fre..h frtfn"t/ie'i jr 01ffa
) U t: :)i.s rs. C,.,'S' I tadIC5. 1"Jfln..ntor ia i n lic
1'1- and
system, a most extraordinary degree. mess prime ;
)I\d..rl, C t 11.Iii.4. Si1 N ...1..,. :50111 rWlnl.i:1 I very few cases require any other medicine, in bbls prime shall fail or refuse to go into quarantine ?s: For, h pleasant cpnraiinjjfing of Utrrise

:, : .J", S'\\'i:1: ,t.. l' .1n HiHin; T./ttht, COItIUlltiol CIU'Ctl.Cleanse some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.r. BEEI.-21 ; herein required. arnU5ement-ullle cum ilulci-there l. (at
50 bxs and hf bxs favorite brands DQj
'Pd n.1 .h. tn.t: :, Illm'n rII i'':I t C:1i5: 1, and Strengthen. Consumption can be Exercise in the open air, and light food with tHis TOBACCp- ; SEC..4. Be it further ordained That incase within the circle of jrjmnastics to
.Ai; irs. l'h1 1 Ht'du'.v:. (1inl.\'t.c\ IIlId"aw: cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint medicine, will always ensure a safe and con- BACON-5 casks sides and hams;; it shall be deemed for a g-imeof f ten pins; but those preferrir cl.mllret.
Fils-, It It T.t it I ", t-'>n S-J| in?*. C i.tbo ml tock, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spitting finement. easy M ACCARONI boxes Italian ; necessiry the; active amnemenf9C&n alwavs late lis
Stock '1 11', Hooks .111 I Stoles! I Iln: ; -?. Pidlocks, of Blood, Soreness in the Cheat, Hectic Notice to the Ladies. VEIUHC LLI-5 do do ; ',preservation of the health of said city, by '* Come one:co'me all." a lla.,

Wovl 5t'.vi, i'.': tint HiiI/ir.N, Hind Lines:., Flush, Night S\yeah Difcul or Profuse Expectoration Those that imitate Dr.Townsend's C CRANBERRIES quarter bbls ; tli health officer, it shall be the duty of the *
I 1).!t"i' -i; 'IiLv io, r "il'1 ). 11.1 Ijab Dee &c:, have been I have Sarsaparilla I, D DOMESTICS bales sheetings and shirtings;; master ot r any vessel or boat, lying in qiwrantine Apalachicola Dec. B JOEa
8':. .t"1 dl: !.t .J", B If ,1 J", 1,1"I 1tntorn 1 :, anJ can be cured. invariably called their stuff a great Remedy .O.OSNABURGS bales Lowell ana Georgia unload O. J5-17 If
; to
C'' ti'c !l.i'1"s! PI :' P.tt:, I I.t B.h .", C.arn, ,10.n p. for Females &c. &c., and have copied] our bills G GLASS 20' lixs assorted thoroughly cleanse,
Blood. 0 CARD..
Spitting and circulars which relates SIZl; smoke and whitewash the insid, before
!.tyii Pin;, Ti:1r ire, Cr'c'cry, Gtrentt'S to the complaints of same ,
T( ,I. SanH: (; P'3B. X \c. New York, April 23' 1S47. women, word for word-other men who put up R \lSlNS-1oo whole, hf and qr boxes; such vessel or boat shall be allowed to u THE Subscribers take this rnethrd of ./

,\Hhc'ie.h. D.c H. 117. Dr. Tnwnscnd verily believe that your Sarsaparilla medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.Townsend'3 B BUCKWHEAT kegs new; proceed to said city ; and any person failing the citizens ot Apalaclnccla and itn.cinity .
has been the Providence ALMONDS-200.pounds that they havemw
means,through on hand
; '
Oroccrics :iulSIiii> Stores. Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to 'f with the a tery let
comply provisions of this section,
of l saving life. I have for several had BUTTER yt kegs i Goshen and Western and wellselected Stock ofGOODS
my years a females recommended theirs ; .\hichil'
CJffEE Javi dn St. although previously .
Oarnin-ro ;- *
RIO tlo.11 bad cou'h. It became worse and At CHEESF -->0 bxs English dairy ; shall be liable to said city in the penaltY'oftift. r sold low, consisting in
did part 34 follows
) rn Fl-mr, Western do N 0 Stl \orie. they not., A number of these Mixtures, :
"St. Crolx: d I, Porto !llico do, Y Olin?; U y son Tea, i lat I raised large quantifier of bloo had night I Pills, &c., are'injurous lo females, as they aggre- BRANDY hf pipes Otard, Depuy & Marie ; dollars for each and every such offence Cloth's'&nrJ"Cassiub.ivarif.os; shies, .

Ilv'wi d ). PjvvcVnli I S't'ichous .fo J Ooshen .I sweat", and was greatly reduced, ate discae, the constitution. LEMONS- Sicily; SEC. 5. Be further ordained That thecity Fancy Print, do.Pda.
B liter, C'n.-se: r.tnt, B icon llnnS, SHf*, ShouldK and did not expect to live. I have only used your Scrofula Cured. WINES-20 doz superior Maderia and Sherry; physician appointed by the Council annually Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured,

). I"h e;', ')ViiVtev: M-ss and Prime Beef, Sarsjparilli a short time, and there has a wonderful This certificate conclusively that this ALE-dozen pale; shall be consaJered'ihe! health officer, Silks, FrtdtRvne,
:Mis5 i!i l'rnn Pork Mickr-ivl.: S'nd Silmon, change been wrought in me. I am now has proves Pickles, Sauces, Olives, Brandy Cherries and whose duty it shall be to visit all 'vessels do.. MnriMIa
control the
H:rrin Sn Is an 1 Toi;'.'3,Cod Fish Tonques, a ble to walk all over the city. I raise no blood, perfect over most obstinate Candy, a full assortment.C. which come I: 'dn. S.itin Striped
r>!.,.,-r, S"icf's, CUS-I.H, I\V.>T Si$jct Olives, and my cough has left me. You can imagine diseases of the Blood. Three personscured A. GREEN & Co. may to anchor at the quarantine Fancy Cashmere Rotes:
Giur3 Plf'dp8 Sup starch Tobjcco.! wel in one house is unprecedented. ground as aforesaid, and examine the
; iHrlod y that I am thankful for these re Dec 28 52 Water street. I. do. Merino do.
Pilot do, Crt'l'rrin"gar! Dried Fruits, Your obedient cervantSTM. 3ls. Three Children. passengers and crew thereof, for 'the purpose "do.: Delaine
iJnn Silt It-ti3tI MiCironi, Vermicelli, Ar Dr. Townsend Warranted to Cure." do.
Dear Sir-I
: I have the pleasureto of
\ RUSSELL, 65 Catharine st. : /FOSTER ascertaining there exists onboard Muslins, India Eoc.k
Vow Hoot,Corn, 0.18, Biickwheit, :Mmtanljtice. inform you that three of children have &COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic.
For sale 11. KLUSOX te CO. Ithcusiiaiisiii. my ''O any of the diseases contemplated by doSwiss, Lnce and
by been cured of the Scrofula the compounded from medicines of own Colored
-. 1) 6" 9. CAr. Water aril. Chestnut. sts.IlaivUyare. .. This is only one of More than four thousandcases J' cellent medicine. were by afflicted use of your ex-severely forests, a pa'frct and lasting cure for fever ou and the provisions' of this ordinance, and whether Edging, Lisle, Cap and Thread

of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsa- j with had Sores They: have taken only four very bo t. ague, and for being the best Tonic in cases of I any case of such disease has occurred I II Shawls, Damask Silk

: parilla has cured, The most severe and chronic ties; it took them for whjch I feel g general debility or weakness now known, for sale during the passage of such vessel. and make do. Marino,
?,Phtn Er.rL siule: an tdoaVle, II in I. weekly eradicated its away myself do.
cases are
PLAIN by extraordinary by 27 Plaid Wool
April thereof
under great [ ] H I. ABELL. report to the Mayor ; and for such
OrnvK lives, An ur*, A-.i;uer Bits, virtue obligation.Yours Kid, Lace and Silk Gliirf
S.trii? BrAC3<, Timber ScribsTurn Scri \vj: Jamas Cummingsv; Esq, one of the assistants 01 r respectfully, 'hoaIISon's Compound Syrup.L' service he shall be entitled to receive from Ty kan Gij

Mirkin* G'liie*. Mirtics ', Sol:." Setfc', Wood i in the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwfcll'8 r landis the ISAAC \V. CHAIN, Wooster-st.. Tar and Wood Naptha, the master of such vessel or boat lhe slim often Ribbon? In I'Y all v Bonnets rittig ,1a'tes''asrifca! '

R stec, Art&e*, Wrc'ichsSaws, 7.rw'k-., Hooks gentleman spoken! of in the fUowin.Ider. ( : Opinions of Physicians. FOR the cure consumption, chronic, bron dollars with expenses. Brown Shirting, ;-9, .t( ar.d'3- ,
ItttJ ule, Butts'rsw*, H'I' ", Shut er Bolt", Blackwell's Island Sept. U, 1S47. Di. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders I n -t-J
'1raI., Tac'cs, Co.i.ier Wire, M ltiuz Lidle Hat Dr.Townsend-Dear Si1: I have suffered terribly from Physicians: different paitsof the Union. of the hcait, liver complaints, and allections oft shall be the duty of the health officer, hare Blankets 6-4 and 8-4 10-4 andlW
- Traps, Axes I H itch Coflee Mills l SleJ This is to certify that we, the undersigned: .
et a Hammers fo nine years Rheumatism ; considerable I- t ie ;ktdnejs, for ala by bor master and marshal to in the Ingrain and
- S nith Ton. *, Mill SwtjvfiU, & &c., of the time could Physicians of the City of Albany, have innurnerouscases Feb report CtittoalCarp'stirig
; c. I not eat, sleep or t J C ALLEN fc_ Co.Blank Mayor any and all violations of this ordin Carpet, Bass
- Forsaieby J R ELLHON[ & Co.Dec w tk. I had .the utmost distressing pains, and prescribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparila: Hat and C 'al't '
: and believe it to be one of the most Hooks and \PS1 sid le9
9., Cot. Water nud Chestnut sN. my limbs were terribly swollen. I have used preparations : StatonCI'Y. ance.Passed Boots and'
in the T EDGERS, Journals by the Counciriith.Tanuary.i844! She e-s '
S .VE:: Inn, Scotch Ih! Weed ; anl Garden done f our bottles( of than your Sar thousand -, and they have' I market.\. G, M. D. JLJ 50 reams Foolscap,and Day Letter Paper, DAVID G. RANE, Mayor. Clothing ni all kind' .*. ,
dollars ;
i more one worth of
Hies BUcks-nitlH: Bellows Cotton and Wool 1 t Al rr, a neat
A J. WILSON, M. D. Cotton Memorandum Books WILLIAM VALLEAV Clerk. assortment of JEWFLRT,
Cards and S' .-l5 CauKlroft You are at liberty to cse this for the ben K. B. ; other articles
Spvlss iov anti S.uar goo. BRIGGS M. D. Ship and River Bills many tuo numerous to Ir.Mriua.
Pans, Plou/hs, & &c. for ale by eft the afflicted. P. E. ELMENCOUF, M. D. Boooks (for Fetter Press.Lading; Call and examine-for' vonrselve

B. ELLISON & C.) Yours, respecfn th",' Albany, April I, 1&17. Blank Bills of An Ordinance, M. N. .Sco TT '& BRQTJIER
Exchange and Checks
OiC 9 Cor. W iter and Chestnut: sts. ES CUMMIXUS. Caution. Just received and for sale To amend an Ordinance, entitled an Ordinance Dec 23 Cor. Water ami teniVesfc
Fever and Ague: to by .
Owing the great success and immense sale l -
B OJFS, Shoes and I Brians, by the case; Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is unerplalel incases i of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men March J H. F. ABELL. concerning Slaves, &c. Iron, Nails--r Ac."-

Women's Shoes and Buskins; of the Chills and Fever ie who were formerly our Agents, have commenced Chloroform I Sec. 1. Be it ortlained by the Mayor and Council TOJN'S Swede Iron
Men's, Boys and Y outh'4 Bro ans; following letter is only one of hundreds that we makingSarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Extracts WRRANTED pure, just received and for of the City 'of Apalachicola, That from and 1)0 too( ke-s. Nail?, d w ;
after the first < .
$1 U u day of March .
finesew'dBrogans L ; have received from the South and West of like. of Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put next, if any owner 4 casks Weeding HOPS; : assorted i '
Men's pee4 l Boots; character. i it up! in the same shaped bottles, and some of Nov 18 J C ALLFN fc Co. of any slave shall keep, or cause to be kept, any 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvil qualitie ;

fiue sewed Boots;" Oswego, Mich., Oct 22, IS 17. them have stole and copied our advertisements, slave in any house on any lot in this city, without 20 English and ;
Arnel iran\
Russet Browns. For ';3.le- ) Dr. Townsend Dear Sir-I Dry Goods. having a white man residing onthe same, ti;
y. : purchased for my.wife they are only worthless imitation, and should be or 20 Bellows
\ B. ELLISON & CO., two bottles of Sarsaparilla of your Agent, avoided. DRILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs, shall suffer or permit any slave to occupy a hous 1'2 tfjwen.Spades and ; "

D3c 9. 'Cor. Water and Cne:tnut sts. Mr. McNair, of Kalamazoo, to try it for the Fever Principal Office, 120 FULTON Street, Sun Jeans, Flannels', lIar on any lot In this city, without having whitman iO ": Collins' Axes$ShoVels

and Ague. Before I had finished the first Building, N. Y.; Redding & Co., 8 State street, lets, TweEd*, Shirtings, Sheetings, Check, residing on said lot, the person; so offending 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen;

-.- Oil Cloths and Carpets. bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and everyother Boston ; Dyott & Sons, 133 North Second street Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c. &c.i shall, on conviction, be fined five dollars fur each 1 case Rowland's Ca Cards;
t Steel
ft 15 PCS Oil Cloth, 1.and 2 yards wide; day, when the Chills and Fever appeared i, Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore; For Dec ale 9.by B. ELLISON & CO. and every day that such slave.shall be so kept, 1000 Ibs Cast and GermanSreel I.Mill Saw: ?

3 pcs super Ingrain C.upeting; they were less violent ; and before she had fin i- P. M. Cohen, ; & Co., 151Charters Cor. Water and Chestnut sts suffered or permitted-one half to go to the person \V\I. G. PORTER ff-rsaleby

2 Stair u ishel the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and street CharlCs"onVrght, .; Pearl street, Cider. Informing; and it shall be the duty of the Dec- 30 41 Water& CL

Tufted Rugs was much better tfian she had been before Albany; and by all the 'principal Druggists and BBLS Champagne, for sale by Marshal to report to the Mayor the names, of all street-,
:' For sale by WM. G.. PORTER & CO. she took the Ague. A lady that had been very Merchants generally throughout the United States DeC:30 B ELLISON ;: Co. such slaves as may be found occupying or I living Boots and Shoes.

4 I Dec 30 \ 41 Water street. sick with the Chills and Fever, but had broke West Indies and the Canadas. HEETINGS on lots contrary to this ordinance. BOY'S j and Men's Russet Brogans;

LIFE PILLS AND PH03NIX them with Quinine, and was left in a very weak For sale wholesale and retail by S bale and case, Shirtings, low for cash and, by Prints, by, the Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That in case Gents sow'd and pE'g'd Kip Brrgans ;
MOFFAT'S the of slave found fine Calf
and distressing state, and troubled exceedinglywith ABELL owner any living on or occupying I- Rrogans ;
jut received and for sale by H. f'. B. ELLISON CO.. i
the Cake, the effect that it had & a lot contrary to this ordinance shall be Wm's pesr'd and sew'd Shoes Children's
Nov 2S H. F. ABELL. Drnggit.. Ague seeing May 25, IS-IS 19-ly Apalnchicola. Dec 9. Cor. Water and a ;
on my wife, she sent and procured a few bottles, Chestnut sts. non-resident of this city, on such fact being reported Super Ladies' Kid and Mprorpo Shoes;.

Perfumeryassortmcn and it restored her in a few weeks to complete: Dry Goods. Tanners' Oil, to the .Mayor by said Marshal, or other: S uper Ladies coarse ardlme,( Call(3 !. .

LARGE assortment of Extracts, Coloner' health. Your Sarsaparilla is without doubt, unequalled 7pHE JL subscribers offer for sale a large and seasonable FOR sale b person, he shall issue his precept to he Marshal I, A large ard extensiveassortnient'jWt" t rffW

,&.c. &.c. for. sale by in diseases incident to the West, and jif stock of Dry Goods, consisting. in 30 B ELLISON & Co. commanding him forthwith to remove said slave 'i ndforsaleby 'V1U. G PORTER & CO.

Dec 9 J C ALLEN & Co. you think that this communication will be of use[ part of Wood: Ware, &c. so found living or occupying as aforesaid;'and the Dec 30 .to 41 Water strett
., you are at liberty to use it choose. Negro Kerseys and Linseys, said Marshal shall be allowed therefor the Henry l1r -
Pens Gold Pens a you White Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour' sum gnesin; .
Gold Yours, and Red Flannels, BARREL of-three,dollars, to be paid.by the T:_
respectfully( os'nrof. said
the latest a'ud most approved; style, just Bangups and Tweeds, Measues,'Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, slave, and for which execution > Sal-sap:1I'illa.
CHARLES H. SWAIN. issue the
received, and for sALe by Canker Super plain black and fancy Ca&mere Brooms... & & for sale by judgment of Mayor's Court ; and may such on slave BULL' Sand's,..>Brl9tors"and, Bail!*}**#
Nov 18 J C ALLENV &_Co.Saddlery in the Mouth. Super English and French Cloths, B. ELLISON & Co. found said any : fluid ex actof SarsaparilltijBsticeived
Below i is an account of another child Dec 9. Cor. Water( 'and against ordinance a second
saved. Blankets, 11 and Chestnut sts.( time shall and for sale By .
Whitney conviction
t on before the '
&c. Dr. Tovvnsend's Sarsaparilla has saved the lives Mayor's }eb
ADDLE, nt various patterns and qualities;, of thousands of children. The following two 8, lOqrs. 5 HID, ) St. Cox Sugar; Court, be liable to be punished by whipping, 17'H F ADEU
S Marseilles Quilts' 9 10 11 and 12
Bridles curb and SnafU bits, certificates are selected from a great number received Denims qrs, 15 do New Orleans Sugar; with not less than tEn nor more than thirty-nine Soaps. ,

Saddle Bags, this week. Kremlins and Cottonades, 20 bbls St Croix ". lashes. A LARGE assortment of Toilet Soaps,

.. Martinjales and Whips ff-r sale by New York, April 1, 1847. j Cotton Brown Shirt ing and Sheeting, :bxs Stewart's. Loaf I Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That this ordinance -Cl. received, and for sale by
Osnaburgs, bbl. ground I shall not be deemed or held to* Dec 9 HFABEtL
Dr. t
WM. G. FOR rEIt & Co. Townsend : Dear Sir-One of my children; Cotton I apply to
.Dec 30 41 Wafer street. was very sick with a Canker in the Mouth a'nd> Linen Drilling and Ticking, sacks Rio Coflee; 50 do Java -y any slave living on any lot adjoining within -
and Cotton Checks, 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco one hundred of the Appl s.
Throat ; of the
attended with '
owner I
great debility. I came Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting FEW bbls. II len-Iown"Pippins,ncwof'
\ City Lots, 50 do. hirer, or actually
; person
L obtained lnf'd employing said slave. llA
dying. of
F OR Lease or ale, for which 'warnntee, dewill ds ine, and it cured it some directly your,' for.excelentli Bleached' Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,' 20 ,," ,Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap; Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That it shi ,for' sale. by C A GREEN \ C1
be given. Apply tn -assure you I feel English, French and American'Prints, I 100 bags Shot ; 50 kegs Powder, ; not be lawful for'any owner of.'any slaves.to re ,

Dec 28 H. G. GTJY'N'.:_._ Yours verygrteful., respectfully, Super Extra super Cashmere, plain d'Ecosse and twilled Ginghams, 1000( lbs Lead ; v or let to such slave his"or: her time, and t that any Indian Elixir. '

'. : Lei U.I. Syrup.. IELIZABETH FOWL Lt, 2 Desbrossesst.Fits Extra Muslin de Laine, 200 kegs eLead.No.1E trandPure.1 such person so offending shall be liable to the TITOODRUFF'S Indian Elixir, a certain**
supi.T For sale said in the
by city
A SUPERIOR article, just received and forole Fits! Fits English, Scotch and American do. Dec 30 WA. 41 one-fourth of which penalty of one hundred dollars, V V for chills and fever, for sale by

by": Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsaparilla -. Super Italian black and figured Silks, Water street. go to the informer. penalty (when collected) to Feb. I. j c ALLEN"C$

Feb 8 J C ALLEN & Co. in cases,of Fits, of course never recommended Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, Loaf Sugar. Sec. 5. Bert further shun
-I-- Clarified Sugar. from it, and was surprised to receive the.followi. og} Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, 9000'' LBS- Stta Refined, for sale by I tera of all slaves used as public ,porters That ,the laborers masI .i-1 SCOTCH and Macahoy, in bottL-sandK*f

BBLS" received an intelgentnd respectable Tarmer,in English and American Cotton Hkfs, Ipc'28 D K WOOD. > laundresses for 1 received i
'. New York CUrined,just or other public uses, shall and for sale by .ort
50 and for sale \estche county Madras and Verona head Hkfs, the Clerk Feb 17 HT AB
by Iron of the .
., Fordham, August 131847. Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose Nais" Steel, &c. City a license f for .
Jan IL C A GREEN & Co.': Townsend: Dear Sir-I have a little ; Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted 30 ,TONS American and English' such dollars purpose, for which an annual fee of five Drugs and medicine .J
: School: Books,. seven'years of age.who has been severl'yer gir Cotton and Flax Thread, Vestings, Iron, ,assorted sizes; to the shall be and paid i four dollars'of which shall THE subscriber has just .received Ircia, l
: : afflicted with Fits 30 dozen Brade's Hoes go city one dollar to the Clerk and 1., lafga, A .
: :: 1'ORsaLeby ; we tie g Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins ; that it per brig Virginia '
', 4- Feb 17" H F ABELL. for her, butwithout, succes atat..although we Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, 20 dozen Crown do ;, license shall be the duty of the Clerk iSsuing'such stock of Drugs and Ied.i inet't and a

could find no recommendation circulars for _Needles, Pins, Taper &c. &.C. 10 dozen Shovels? and Spades; ,. ber of to give badge having printed the nut ii- usually kept in his line; io which he,,woaW$3specttnlly
: Bysentary Cordial. cases like hers,' we thought, as she was in very Which have been selected with great care in 100 keg Nails, assorted sizes; license granted for any or all.of the: call the altenUori of ha ,& r.*

-. DO. WOODRUFFS Dysentary Cordial, jut j delicate health, we"woujd give her some of your New York and Boston,from Importers and 500 and German Steel; c purposes and herein named, .legible characters the public generally. "

and 'for". sale by .Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we'did'for it not of Manufacturers, at the lowet market,rates Agents,'and 20doz Collin's Axes, Georgia and Kentucky. spicuous which is to b* wornby the slave upon a'con,; Nov 4 H FSeeds 'BIP-

'Dee 9: _, HT ABELL. only restored her strength, but she has had'no return are now offered at wholesale or retail on favorable patern'j ,, .slave part of his-person ; and an owner of any :
of the Fits, to our and 2 boxe Cards :. offending against the provisions of this Seeds Seeds I
great pleasure sur- terms by W :G. PORTER.&, Co. ;. tion sec 4 ,
Citron, Currants, Raisins, Let U- She is'fast A" ,4 do :Coffee Mills' ; shall be subject) to a penalty of ten dollars safa'
prii becoming rugge and hearty, Dec. 30.1847- 41 Water street.Wistar's ; GARDEN Seeds;just received, and fE1J.
:& eRs &C. we feel grateful. : .10 kegs:5 and. 6 i inch*Spikes ; forsale !by one-half (when: collected) to go to the informer ir. H F AHA

:- TUST received in fine order, and for sale by y and Sivoyne's Balsam, C. A.-GREEN &, Co. .$ee. G.,'Be' it further ordained That 'all ,ordi i

f ".'J.DI1.; C A GREEN & Co.. our8're, etuUY Jr.Female .' 'of"Wild Cherry, .. ,:Dec:28 '52 Water street. nances heretofore passed, .confliCting'withtl is 1'8 arid'Caps by the case low fof C A**
"t'.fi N received and for sale ordinance be and B. ELLISON "*
: by ,
JUS same are hereby'repealed i.. :
.t 'FiNETasortment HeHtp and .Cotton just received. Da from k.New.. '. Dr. 'Lownsend'a ,"Dcclcine.verig ..andseY.cureoftDclpaet' 11 J. ,C. ALLEN .&, Co. .. -.. .New.JDry .'Goods., L ,Passed by Council., 30th January 1849* Dec 9. ; -' ,. Water and 1 'antiGor ._. ,

: .,t1.Yorkorsa1ob : paH Consumption, barren. : Cotton' Hooks, .,' AUSTIN, ON successors to J. Stevenson, | WK.'VALMAV" J, S. HUTCHINSON. Mayor., S Bird 'Seeds. J

l Womb 'rOR-saleby ; just"opening'atv old stand,cor ,r .. Clerk., : 1 flA' LBS 'Freak! Canary Seeds,just rc
.:. JM.|1. ,- .. : ;C A GREEN & Co.t I a, or g Q :-0 ;" ner of. Water and tJhes'tnut ; *
-:-. Co&h'ene :Leucorrhbea,,or ob. 1 Jan 1 ,& Co. streets, an entire Hydrostatic .,Ink.. wl/, from Havana, oral by .
: 'ie. Whies C'AGREN of' new! Fountain 't
:: 9T.\ t tOQ w bbli.* '(planting J.ustreceh-j: or 'Menstruation., ce | L.- ? ." ,';.' 'SnaG '.< '' stock : ,DRY' GOODS,..,SHOES, HATS &c. \!,A. >FEW;Hydrostatic Ink .MarcK" J C:ALLEN. ,

t ; wand for 1 j 11 '.' ." I of Urine,, involuntary: "discharge '.tber'eof'an'd p : just, : < vhich they' 'in'it:the: ;tt nti r r of'theforn tor JL\ SandBoxes. Folders Founfains.JPen Racks, ec4 :
and.Macoboy : ,;
d I Paper _,
'. $Feb I '," 'Jf ': i, B ALLISON & Cc. for .S"COTC rec for'sale by customers of firm; and'f : { Stamps,Seals;, --Tebacco"T70R .
? the.general-prostration t>f the "system-.no :'. Vc ; public Paper Clasps,
.1 "/ ; *' *, : ,ALLEN &.,Co Weights. &c. for sale by sale by '
.1.,. : .. I-: Afalac lcol.NoVlY1S48.'o' 436m'I ,Nov I? ,JC ALLEN"'l' .J? Febi'i : .oifA

> '..,,"'. '. ,
'i ." -J 0" r : ,' ; : 0' .1 : : '
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