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_Dee 15 Apalachicolh, Fa.

Wylie & lT~fcKenZie,'
No. 4"92 Water street,
Sept 1, 1S47. Apalachicola, Fa.

_ I LI_

"", VOLME* Vf.] ,

',.rifteaST h CHEAPEST BEST! !!

'ito.i0 Sp~lenid Wood lgwgrav'-
.- : ,..Jugs each Month !'!
2-. Thi-s u n'rivlled Family----Magazine,'universally
-sckrid*ed by: the"Press as the aST American
Pjerindical'-published, offers at th~e comamence-
;'iffe=ntdlte 3d volume' unusual inducements to
"!!brlbers.- Ilts featur,.hereafter Wvffi be~en-
tfl ily A m erie a~n, i l~d i ri, ;-.. .
f- >fERIOC.,..'SORTR.tIT$, /
JI:MERIC.3' TALLES, *f" : ,
" A series of En2gravmng, fr>th the Paintings of
: *.',bdr b'est arti~ts, incluidmng Cole, Gii~noux, Dn.l.nia,
Edinondi, anil there, i~i'> vi~arnu-i nrepara'non,.
-an d-tthe facile pencil of" the inimitable .QRLEg
'i- now actively engied i') enriching; Halden
;,ith .'his P ortraits of Efi. -P ubli e .M en -of di ne- "
u:tM Diviv: Will be continue din every No., as
heretitiore, with hiHe-like sketches ot their lives
a,, ,at i uini L-rv E >,h Nq .- w ill bte filled with
T.tLES, POE.Tg E.SStys,
R ERIEl.\, ,, ']L TI(>J S, ,,.
/' * TOPIC OF TfIE :Mi02rTf,
tip ,i a n i R ,ii. ..l.i'il ii ,i v i ,, "p r agre s i n h e. w o 'lit.
'- 'A a I' .j'nil,' .\ ,Z.IM'^', the E.litor is confident!
thi.ir' n~ i ri v.,irv c.**i al ir' ,')!r opposition lessen its
v atl;j e, and w >nli Jarl ,to oIf,-r3, it ti the w or M~ as,
- in t ,,'e u hi arji ,' :r, lI rc ra ry m j rit,a n d illu .- rrativ
"- The ][IoiH'1 lagazime!
..-;.-'.' 'H F N1IN'!.:I rr-.F'I' CENTURV !!
N. l, amily v if,. ll~ Iid can afti-d to be ,ithoul
't ,lil~e., ]i ,Isci.:le ; l'ur: ;,whef such a perleIleal
# c n b'o t';w fjii'v^l-'"n'q v,.** fr-*thel trife of
"v1'? w',i, Will 'i ,t ,vi -1, to sn.scibe ?
PTie i. feat,. feature of h~l~ent it, that, w'lile
b,"ins p er'ti-r,'lq gerican in sentim ent an'l
f'eeling, if nut.' rt a'-l elh'fJlii-s ai!l Ie bezuliuss
,' ^clH ws'.lie diitr~infws thsir, follies and vices
.aq eo.n'iifiti-ji b!' .tte "En'.',.!o'pelnii~ii. the G-az^e-
teert Hile Q tvtcr/qi R,.oieti, and. the f, reely
noip-,lper, it is ,',t.'f ,, i',"nil" fnd diltnet froun
'at!, lint po>"e.sing ei.mgi of. lheir ijarius qual-
i/i.itwoHs to eoi'i nenI' jta<-l./ S'o eri" reh-ler.
[ li =.iic~n *atlc,, at Hal~o,, i' will show the
..resi..it .N,.,w,the only aa.k the support of the
r,>,.n'nul V, a'ld 'll retnrni wiU 'give imnprov-
(me t i a le ,h em m e N .;.V.lI ih'i; time :to-.suhseribe,.as "those
,.,:li. :irjt will r'eceiv e the first im:,'essions or
l'e e,,ixrivri-. "l'i N,,.'S'C-in be i',wiir~ih ',l iroinf
JI'.l"v lS1", il wished b~y suilt-crnbersi-thal dAonth
"cr.nh ,q't',i ,.' the-ii~revri; vol'infl ..
rI r,',l1,, F~ft':S 1 .-=,I."N ,. AN. '
'. 'copv,......^:' O.^ Yea......'.. .< 1 00
*3 J Le "2 *P ,itln,,a!ter.,o r' orher), send ins? *2 namP and
i ,il,irs, i ,eco ve V(l II ,,t llohldpn's MN.
aziuie, h ,'i,1 inwlv h.i'.i 1 ion n'llin an-d g~ilt dgert.
"%. I;^.'Jtes', (iost.,liid,) ,," ,--
*-" Cdjik.l.P? W. H,.U'DEN, <,
. T. lil,,r.s copy in; .the a;'ime Prospectu.s
'.ah I t'ii< notice, an,;i 'noficn'. the M aagzinie edi-
I'..riaily, wall he entitled M)o the sacondt/volmnie ,,f
Ii I tHen's ', 1,1 ainie h ,, ti,',,,,qy bound in mu.im
'y i I iilt-,t',-l. and in a i lili.' i a aplendidl full-
l.",,ih 'tI"1. ,irnvin, on, t,,,t,-, papecr, of Hiorgee
Greely, Etirtor of thle New Yjirk TrhUmne, drawn
It, f iri'iit Iv Dirlfif a, l eri,'a e ti',, Th .baok will he mrnlred bo ch papers
';. ,'t. the. t 5fh ,of Jaitn-irv, when it will be re'a'y,
ion-athe:eeerption of a |>ai>^r c-.inlli ,in-is the adver--
(.ieieent artd n,,tice mnarlmed. Edit,,rs c.,pying
tfiisand noriei'ns mont-hly will also receive the
M,zine eachv month f~ir the coming,? year.
,- %G^e CIeIu Produce.
i. O(.I[S' Fl.>'ur, O1io: d>., Lard, JWh'ipy,
^ iIr ch .:!~ l, .ice .,In l ri'np. \ >a-!e-,P''rl;. ne.ss
an'l .:*in ,, Baicorn, Ill in-! ",M,.--m, ",n 'IH .T,,u folr-
*3i|oby, h "'' 'B".F l~LIQN .% C,.-

1-fi f^l:. CO,,Ie :o) t J !J' Ibs Tw~i,_,. yy;
IUv.Jin IS NOU, R:'E. STf)N :& Co,

SKPCS Oil Ctollh, L-and *2 yards wide;
31 ..J 3 p,'s tuper lngrain.CarP'einfg:; '
,?'.. *^^K' tair '"' "
"..I0 Tiil'tedl 'R"i;.!,. .".
.,r salt b~y WMr':G. PORTER &CO'.
*-:LDt'6c:O '. ^\ -:: _: ...-4 Wat<- street.
SiVl BITTERS?, jost received and for sale by'
,N o v "28 ... .H .. IF .-^ .B E 'L L D r tlliar i .

., Perfuinery;
:.S. L.ARGE .assor'tmen't of Extracts, Cologne,
.-'L Ac e '. for sale by i' "' .
.:-.DecQ ;:... j JC"ALLEN-&"Co
SGold ots 1God PensI
OF the lalesl .and, most approved style, just
received', and for "sale hy
Nov 1,8 ... J C ALLEN &"Co.
:-. Saddlery, 4fc,* ,.
ADDLES, ot various patterns and qualities',
, Bridle's, curb and Snaffle bits', ,
: -:: Saddtie Bags, .. *
.'Martingales and Whips,'.forsale by ,,
:' ,.i: ' WML O, PORTER &, Co..,.
... DLlec 30 1 lwater streett^.
" Btivawina Tooacco Seed. ,
*y1- Febl ,, JH F i~


l0R Lease or .a~e, for which warrantee deed's
a wiillb6e given; -Apply-t to-:
,R..tf.i&2 8, .... H. G. GUYON.
-I P RAY'S s'ape'-ioY Letno, syrup,ja6st received

L'f 1lo sane o .al b".,_

,U"Jan 11 ;_ .' C A GREEN &, Co..
', Wilooden Ware.
'I'R:ASS'%ound Cechdr "ail3,'Painted' Buckets,
--"-^g5-Dek-"Btick..s ,ti'k-.;,., ,.A'C^.r Br,,-i,_
#ileb) [Jan i,] ' A GREEN & ',.,
T.N Fire Proof Store No. 241 \Viter street, r~y
" Nov'2 D. B. WOOD.

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,^^^^ifciirtri~iiii i ~n nf'inif Ii ''i'r ''
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-' -* '* ,.. **,r ,, d : ^l- ^ %,t,( .

..., .: -i 1
rrf^^A ^ ^f^ 'W^ (i^ "^Alfll^^t^
1 ii i ftir^ ri BAe^'w^^^^^
LI kI LH 1I li*^-**ft^*'-9c.


": "- ^. -;.,/ .: *..*-t_ .

* .' I

~ Corns and Cotton."
There ,,'e lwo sources- or paitl in our
countryy, which by many are e a tirer'y oiver-
looked, but are nevertheless a reat aflic-
lion to those who are doomed to endure the
evill-we-allt.&e .>corns art-< 'cotton. The
Yankee dandies andI belles who pioeh their
feet into the smallest possible compass to
make Ithem look pretty, understand what we
mean by ooe of these troubles; and lae
.Southern nabobs who have heavy, unsalea-
ble crops on hand, are well acquainted with
(he other. Both of these elases of suffer-
ers would feel greatly relieved if they cold
get-iftc',of their excrescences. As ao aaet ot
betin. vo lence, therefore, we wish to cM! tla'teir_
:a~tenti6t'ff0onrb t -ubjeet"mnegtiorned'Igy',te""
La'H'dou.: correspondent :.]',ifev "fe' York "
-C-om,,,e'reial Advertiser, which wfll convince
them that better days are coming." That
writer says : ".
"" There "is a new patented! material" lor
bools and shoes, cafled.the 'Pannas corium,
or l eai~er clonh, invented by a person named
Hall, which has inet with a great share of
public patronage, from the iRoyal family
down. The miterial is cotton, but has thie
gloss aihd general appearance of leatiher,.and
receives a polish from ordinary blacking and
in the same way. It is used only for the up-
per parn of the boot or sho/e, the sole, being
leather. It is said to be as durable as leath-
er, never cracks or splits, and possesses the
-advantirge of not drawing lhe fooL--a greal
des{deratum for person's with tender feet.-
They yield to the action of the foot without
the slightest pressure. I speak from ex-
perience, having used them in my family."
That is the very thing; and, although we
are not as badly corned'' as some of our
neighbors, our feet feel better already.-
How we shall shine in our new "leather
cloth boots The Commercial, in iisex-
sircies at this~iew discovery, says. If this "
should prove correct, a new source of con-*-
sumption will'1be o'p'ened for'*our raw ma'terial,
of limits almost indefinite." Yes, and we
already see the astonishing change In busi-
ness Ihat must follow this tiew "lurn in the
wheel." Tanners a~nd 'euririers of thle, tong;.
Iried stamp, will be numbered only Wll'h t~ael
Things "thatl'we're," aad tAe tfhou~cads of"
old fashioned Crispi's mustt "go t~o the,
shades; while a new race of cotton boot,"
and shoe Inanufactures will spring up to'
supply Iheir places. But this is a world of
changes, and we may as well have a sorrir-
set in bools and shoes, as in anyl~img else,r
especially when it 'will ease our corns and
-Professor Sitllhan, '1n one ol''bis lectureiS,
mentions the discovery of an e-norrous ani-
nmal of the lizard tribe, Ineasuring efighly
feet iu length, from which he infers that aill
animals have degenerated in size-and this
SuiipoSiiion is fortified by a reference to Ihe
history o| giants i'n the olden time. It ap-
pears fi'om the lifs furnished by f-fae Prot'es-i
sot. that we of Ihe present day re mere
;,Tom Thumfbs," when compared with ihe
.huge individualities of" antiquity. Here is"
the list--
The giant exhibited in Rouen in,.1745,:
measnredl over eight feet.
Gorapius saw a girl who was i-en feet.
high! ';
The body of Grestus wa's eleven feet and,
a half high !,'
The Giant Calbara, brought from A'rabiai [
to Rome, uuder Claudius Caesar, was near
ten feet. '
Funnman, who lived in the time of Eu-
,-gene II, measured 'eleven feet and a half.
The Chevalier S-corg, in his voyage 'to- the
piea'hs of Te'neriffe, found in one: of thec
caverns of that mountain the head of Gu-
ance which had eigbt.y teeth, and it was
supposed that h~is body was n~ot I'ess than
fifteea feet loan^
The Giant F srgus, s lin'by Arlando,.
nephew to Charlemagne, was eighteen f'eel
In 1614, near St. Germain, was found the
tomb of (he Giant Iso~ret,, who was twenty'
feet high !l:
In 1590, near Rouen, they foond a sk'ele-
tOln whose skfill held a bushel vbf corni, and;
whose body must have been eighteen feet
FPlaterus saw at Lucerne, the human bones
of a subject nineteen feet long!"" ,
Thie Giant Buart wvas twenty-two and a
half feet high; his stones were found in 1705,
near th~e a~n'ks of ithe river Moderi.
In 1613, neara,'pastle in Dauphine, a tomb
was found thirtl, feet long/!twelv'e w'ide and
eight high', on which was eut.o'n a grey
stone the words "Keutolochus Rex.", The
skeleton .was fo'und entire twenty-five and a
half feet lon, ien feet across thie shoulders,
and five feet deep:fTr.(h^. the breast-bone; t
the back. 2.;% -.-
Near Ma~hrine, lnk'Sieily, In i,51'6, was
found the skeleton of a giant lbirty feethiigh!
Bis head was t he. size of a hogshead, and
each of'his tleeLh~weighed five ounces j
Near Palermo, in Sicily,, in 1548, was

found the skeleton of a giant ,hirty-feet~long,;
a~nd another thirty-three fee high, in 1550.

WE w,,.,L MARRYr.-A couple of young
ladies had buried their father', "who was an
-old humiorts't, arfd had st~h ;an aversion to
mnatritmony, that he woudi' not allow them
to' mairry, however advantageou0s might Jbe
, the offers,. Conversing on his character Ihe
eldest remarked,.,' He is dead alt;,last,, and
we will marry." "Well,11 said ,.(hie young'
est, "1 am i :aifdr-ich husband, andu.[r.C.
'sliali: be rty ..ana." ;. Hold, sistejr,.,said the
Other, dpn''t let us be ,too haistyin !tie
ch~oiee o~f bur h.u~sbhands, let us miarry those
whomi the powers above'"hav'e celslried for
us;' for our marriages 'are registered OiH/
Heaven's book.' I am sorry, tor that.1
replied the youngest, "tfor Iramlfrad father
w ill tear o ut th e leaf." -, ''? : "* '

Forbes. of Boston, a ig nletn. o flt
devoted much alttentioa lt0nia.m^Wjey^
"of the model add Ihe. riza'g^.n,hsfl
recently-puhllaeda pa t n JBfot^^ an
kindred sub~jec, wtich'aaf't^i!.l
favorable notietrbf thbie'Bdtai' s ^ &
other matters of ibler'est brougl'fef~to_e'W
:ttc' of ship builders, is trnf"'.rrr." ofa,
which is designedd to~supe#'de I.rfr -~eH
of re e~g aloft, an operatioe'ofte~ i Mf
Wi{th rirtach diffculhy and daoge',rt'Te1
Advertiser .ihus describes the ivf^Wm m, /
introduced Ijy Capfain Forbes': -' ", .'"*' .
. "W ifhout reducin rbe' 'surfa c'e :^ c'an- "
vass neces~iy.oh_ jet|i.he I ahp. ^.,ro *..
arranged ir, lbat (he,'tojain'^ "a4 tBU.

is aecomptished~bl^^hatTa(^rutw/al-
heads-, u pofli hiL-'lh~ve;. ,'i'ltiedyryer.
Iis "rig, tn f(ic has tbiro 'lopsil u, lafea'cfa
topm as, one "ab ovrt, a nd irfl~ otllrhelaw x,e .
'cap. The. naatical read'r will ttei/s
perceive thia !he upiper 46ps~ati c aQf. ,
be carried to IHe last momeni simply Bd-
cause if can be easily ta-ken MI, and 41^
without reefing 'a all, the snip a~tt once
equal t :one of the old rig,- ,unai"-duui'le
reefs, Hi& yardss, 100; are so .ar.>,tt;
with a singe', fextcepli0rn, -tllose,-ou th11f1^
and mainmaft are of Ihesaine diniensidt,
au advantage ofc no ord~idary imnp(#lanceq'lB
the event of disaster alorfi. The'& g has bne~tfi
fully tested in the auxiliary sfeaingn1ip Mas-
sachusetts, the batk Edith, ari'd las!y in tna *
,fine 'bark Sam oset, in a 'voyig< r'dlnd vtt
world. Durhmg ihe whole o\ ilrai tong vny-
agel-and ,he Vessel o fen'eapeiietC'a*if^y
weather:--al~l ,ands "were nf~etr c'rtlli'6 rlto'r"r
topsails." The wifach on4 deck hn6leS'flf
vessel 'in all weathers.' Anil let iltne"-i*nttit.
bred that, though designed~r'.tlSBft-igh'IL
'ing business, and-censequ'opty ef'a fU~lrno
*del, she made ^an uncommonly, q.oitflvoid/
age. Xapl.,.H~tlis, her ccnmtma'Bte^'wfeirt -
away deeiily prej~uic~ed aM .tlM"r i-irv'W!t
came back its admire'r.<''' Res!lstf-? Iese
speak for themselves:"'/" ';,* *o .." *,'.'
rdornhng-.'-said, &colL. I o|>^ned "'nf'eii
was addresaed,-'ne'v d'ol'buing.i'at it hafl.
travelled 'uncher some "'on~lprtln 1't-an-,''ntre
the Fwst Lord of the Aaimlrnlry'i.' h.EJb -
and behold (he contenls~lplnved 0 he ai'_'.
play by a young I;,ffy'ouf New Yor^ hs'h *
knid'ly requested me. ) rciid' rnt^^rr^ectj?,
equip ,t with-s> pr0l..ue an'd el,t?drfe-
cure for it a favoral teceio:f~~ff
managers of Druri. Lane, and mah^ ._trr
or Consla~ble L, leentf'rK'dsoiinely br fini'n;'e, 5!j-
righl'; and inspect.ling the corver.J "Ont rltiA
1 had been charged five pounds o dd~fi' ntrie
postaige. This iwes bad enuugb--11-liHlei
was no help, so I lgloaned and snb'uiniftfd.-.
A fornight or aftert, ano~li'et "paeftl^. olr":
less formidable'bol-k arrived, an'd Pt~as aib'sbt -
enuugh ti) bl'eak its sral /ion. 'w'nlktj eciiah'i"-
naal'os) G.oncetve my hn'rror, ,}Tlhel.'6tl
j'urpped Ibe sunme idenllcal lr^dy.Q,f.-ilrti
SCherokee Lovels'. jill^ a ?.econ^l, e'pp'isj
from (he adihore'ss, s'lating illai," ihe winds
trad beeo boisitprou;s\*8if'ft=irf~l t ii'i('
vessel entrusted with" lhi fpr',,,fr.'e'dnffou'B-
,cation migh,, biv~e. fou,.dereil'; anftl,qhere.
'fore,!judg'ed it 'prade'nt lo forward a UluplT-
e > ite "* ? .*; .

Tlhe; Cincin'nal'i Ch.rr'urcfl '-pus trl'e-bttr-
ing s'tory froli a' fr'iend0.."J'il~r'up' fr''i N
Orleans," and we cannoj~prespfleql'dtlBbt
it, as the information wps- 6bti'died. fromh
persons recently -renamied 'frorit carif, r-
it appears lhai f,,ii. 'persons'ii-ait Billed ,
themselves in the mines''"tO p~h~y*^ ..[atff^'ef
poker--the ante, as a.sulbstilu'e ffiir' ntdne'y1.
being a ha ndful" of goFd. Odst, :. lh^?y .^i
tinued playing somne- .time wir'hdl" til life
,ide WinrBin^ Thti'c. "t *Al glyiilP'trlbf[he
paty, r v "o b"U a ,',d h.,'n'd, werrt- 'ft'ha- ij
', better." '-I'see that, and g, a '.liw t!t^-
ter," ctned anolrier, whlO also Ialaih!gam8s',
ihand. '"1 W e ihwI,." i-e'sp;,, ile'oi'dtr~r(? ii .
and go a quarn belfe;r W^^ntrl,]lt!.-'^,
and go ou a galh,,n hotter,"ge 1epflnd.tlit'hb
first. This rather' (isruinceflbd n(& ad~lr*
--bu Ta emonfih,! .isn ,he "op'rilet tftin~'pW "
hibuhnd he ealle,'lvtI i'oel'hueri1 'h.n^l'lll _
hhndus he l tadlle(:ft n'lolimg..hp-ni.id'Hel.^'l,"
dutremarkd looeoft I~.i"romb~iiighasi','.,. o
Jemwarked ,y lo h tell l,'-Tonplos HW
enough to^ call him." ,-1' ,-.^>*i,< ,T
A.G E-HTr i A, ,r whp .h',*-a *a~i:..,it ."'loir
a you.ngl.,aiy, w.is m,^1^.,,.;'^^.it'pTf. H,sfM
Whieh she wort;. "*' Y.,- "h s^. ^i.-.-I t ek--K '
quiet or i'll givv. )o~u ihe .sae/y. &.|>leds, tb
lady archly. '" 1 slh'ould.-...be Ois^t-hiriin
wa ief gallant's .response, . i ;.yoig.^id, -
give it to ,ne is iL is, witl, yo'.&elf-vwt #f
it!" -.. x ^ t -' fl.. t
.IT. ~' i p .' ,,- ">* s'.ltr^C it
"Jl is lhe .part of wpindn, 5fiej. ownj
bea U' iru l plnei,, i'o cfe^bTi bd o
the daknis^o be b~~~be"S~gp
the evening star o1' a .ma'fl^ ',if ,'_7i%^t
,, .. i. : 'f^"*-r. 1.7-ii-.,r T, HMN r

^oi her eye ts the nrs'.n rse, a~n.jcie lagtit

finely expr sse'n sei1 ^tS ^
lhe papers. It will be-read wffi.ti^ fir

S, Will never good husb'and[- a']e_ ...?i,'i? '
iagong ,on m ,iecworlA, ana h.l~cjamwUf
.gnorant appear. *-^ .^g^ g :

me~lrrw." H;0o;Wu 'o ' ^ A 1
th'e.,shmus, lo be sau!." "i~l!n<^ i'_l
/ round the ,cal e^. 'T'6' e i
"Wy, surel yoou' wn.o iGtilavfioflfg '
perlence in he Itne, can'lhav eoa.J -.
sio n in doubling the h~ 't^*. ,.SF- "

The Leading lPterlbdi~cal lu America.
lor 18-49.
dedicated to the Ladies of the United States.
Edited by SARAH J. HALE,
andl L, A. "GODEY.
A Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who con-
tributes to every No. -. ,
N. P. WILLIS' Original Scriptmiral Poetry.
,T. S. ART.HUR, wh~o c~ontribu~tes to~every No.,
^faustrative of Croome's Sketches of American
WTe intend merely to give a no~tiie of our inten-
tions for next year, leaving to others long adtver-
ti~sement---- '* Ml of. sound and fury, signifying
hot hing", ..
Agroeabl/'to the prap'tice Of lst year, the pob
Haher:.will issue aa goo a number each motrth as
h~e does ino .Tanunary. Th'is -is a novel feature in
M magazine publishing.' Dari~ng the whole of last
year lhe gave more engravings and more reading
matter than any of his contemporaries, and will
continue to do so next year. "1Those who subscribe
the assuranceS that they w'ill receive more for
rtheir money in the Magazine alone, than by sub-
scribing t- any other work To this is added
andt iacludted in theasamej$$, the LADY'S DOL-
LAR NIEWSPAiPER, which contains in. one
,homilh nearly, if not quite as much reading mat-
le'r as the other monthlies, making for $3, the
amount of reading of two magazines a month.
"]H-ERK A.HE PECULIAkR'ITI 'S aboufr Godey's La.-
dv's Bnii! for the la~tes thatt no other Magazine
po.ses:. 'Ther~e i's a Mezzotint and Line En-
i'avin in each number--both by the best artists.
rn addition ,to these, there are .given monthly'
whatf ,,o other magazine gives--a Colored Fash-
ion H~atf, with a full description This feature
-is peeutiar to Godey, as no other work has them
every. inn'ith and colored.. Then there are Caps,
RonneMt., Cheumisettes, E~questrianism for La-
dl,,s, with Eng'ravingsa. The Ladies' Work .Ta-
nlp, with designs for knitting, netting, crotchet,
and all other kinds of work..,Patterns for
S'qno'ing? Caps, Chair Covers, Window Cu~rta~ins,
D'Oylvy'?., Purses, Bags, &c.,&c. Health and
Peant,, with Engravings. Model Cottages, with
ground iil ans, and other engravings, always illus-
trative ol; something usert01. Music, beautifully
printed on tinted pape, whlicth may be takehf 6iit
and bound. Colored Modern Cottages and Colored
Fl-,ve'r Pieces occasionally. These are all extra
i, GoFl'v,' ant to be found in no other Magazine.
"these were a Nh givelast year, and will be COln-
tinued. Inaddltion, we shatl havelin eyery No.,
one of -
A most amusing series, now first give to the
..\i^'i'.i.-.i public. These writ be illustrated in
(^'L-Jry NJ by a Story f~rbm trio powerful pen of T.
S Arthur, Esq.,,' .... -, ;,
ll!,sf rated 'by Fay Robinson, Esq. This "series
wd~l.'h very interesting to the ladies. .
[s another series of Engravings no~w i pr:epara-
tion, and will he pfiblishad during the year
I vin given so m~any Model Cottages, we intend
n,,w t comnrhence 'the publication of'Cottage
i, hminl {ie--a vey P". v' necessaqy a ppendage to a
Our superior Artists, Waiters, Tucker, Pease
and Weich, are now engaged upon a set of plates
illustlrative of these two subjects.
bPrepared expressly for u.,-mostly original, and
"bh.autirullv printed, has long commander a deci-,
ded preference over that of any other Magazine.
It i-> a t'eitnre i rt The Book.
With s'lch writers as M~iss Leslie, Grace Green-
wood, W. G. Simms, Mrs. Ellet, T. S. Arthur,
M~rs E. Oakes Smnith, Mrs. J. C. Neal, H. T.
"T ckermrn, H. W. Herbert, &c., the author of
(h e W idow Bedott, Professor Frost, Bryant, Long-
f'ell ,o, Pt[I'me-and a host of others--must al-''
ways take the :lead in literary merit.
For Three Dollars we will send the Lady's
I Book', containing more reading than any other
months,, and the Lady's Dollar Newspaper pub-
'lished twice a month, which contains as much
reeding as any pr .the, ^. per'iodicalsl of the day--
making thlree public~ations ii} one month, or if the
subscriber prefers the following splendid engrav-
ings to the Lady's D0llar Newspaper, (although
We Would not advise it, as engravings cannot be
sent through the mail without being crushed or
crease^t,) We will send the beautiful plate ean-
taimgt'the portraits of Harriet Newell, Fanny
Forfeiter, Mrs; Stewart,Mrs. Ann H. Judson
and Mrs. E. B. Dwight, and the plates of Clirist
Weeping over i Jerusalem, The Openmng-of the
sepulchre, Deliveran~e tift. -:ter, and The
"Rebuke. If prefer'red ~to the Newspaper or plates,
we ,wi 'end M~iss Leslie's Novel of Amelia, and
any three of Mrs.^Grey's or Miss Pickering's) po-
"plular novels.= -
..For Five Dollars we will send two copies of
the Lady's Book, and a set of .the plates to each
.For Ten .Dollar we will send five copies of
t ho Ladil v^ look"-.ahd a copy .he person send-
ing 'theC'lub, and a set, of plate~sto eaoh.
# For Twenty Dollars, elevencopies of the Book
-,and a set of Plates to each subscriber, and a copy
r6F the Book ,to the pei-son sending the Club.
' i For 6hikDpliar we will send the Lady's Book
: months, a.'d for 5 cents any one No. Postage
to be pai .on all orders. ,
Add~ress', .. L. A. GODEY ,
., : 113 Chestnut street, Philada.
-,.With-'any newspaper giving the above a few
,'insertions we will exchange.

W. A. & P.'C. Kain,
SNo. 4 Columbus Block,, ,
0j.'Liberal advances made on "'consignments
of Cotton to their'friends in Liverpool, Glasgow,
New York and Phiiladelp-hia.
Jan. 11, 1849.

"Wm. 0. Pbirter . Co.
No. 41 rWater street, '
Dec 30 Apalachicola, Fa.

B. I*. Nontrse, H. B. Stone, H. W. Brooks
Noulrs'e,"Stone Jc Co.,
.., No. 46 Water street,.
"Dee 12 Apalaehiicola, Ffa.
JLockhart & Yoing?,
No. 53 Water street,
nov21. Apalachieola, Fla

.- J. Day &i Co., _..
No.*B2 Water street,"
Dec Apalachicola, Fa.
ft-Agents for LL~OYDs ; also, Agents |or the
"y/Etna Insurance Co. "the "Protection Insurance.
Go." and'tAe "Hartbrd Insurance Go."' Hartford
Cohn. "--

J g ent.i .for "fie
of" the City of .New York,
No. 51 Water street,
T)ec 1"2 Apalachieola, Fa.

Clh.rles Rogers ... Eugene W Roger's.
"Chas. Rog'e & Co.,
~Water street,
Dec 9" Apalachicola, 'Fa.
N. JI. Deblois.-
No. 44 Water-street,.
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. N Mc~Kay & Co.
No. 40 Water-street,

Wood & Balto0,
Office No.. 42 Water street.--Up stairs.
Jan 16 Ap'alachicolii, Fh.

S, & J, Selafner,
Qe"Particular attention paid to putting up family,
steamboat and ship stores. -/
No. 49 Water street,
Nov. 14 Apalachicola, Fla.

J. C. ALLEN. JAMEs I.. GairriN:
.I.C. Akllen & Co.
Wholesale ahd Ketaiil Dealers in
Chemicals, Glue, Indigo, Glass and Putty ; For-
eign and Domestic Drugs, White Lead,. Var-
nish, Dye-Woods, Spirit~s Turpenline,
Patent Medicines, Congress Water,
French Chemicals, &c. &c.
General assortment of"
cor. of Chesnut & Commerce streets,
J]an 18 Apalachicola, Fla.
Commission and Auction Room,
J. B. ^TAR&~ & co.
We having received a full share of the patro-
nage from the Merchants of Apalachicola last
season, will feel thankful for the same in ouri line
of business tt, e coming winter. \ /
Eufaula, Ala., Nov. 14, 1848. 45-tf
Eufaula Auction and Contros
sion House1,

M1. F. Abell,
OIE"3, GLASS, &c., &c.
Also--A general assortment of Statinery.
Cor. of.Chestnut and Water streets,
April 11 Apalachicola, Fa.
SB eujanmiu Salter,
No. 43 Water street--Up stairs, -
Dec. 1, 1847/. Apalaehicola, Fla.
B. S. Ha'Vvley,
No. 28 Water street,
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.

Avery ,. Jlo~es,
No. 43 WVater street.
Dec 5 - Apalachicola, Fa.
B, E~lison & Co.,
Cor. Water-and Chestnut sts.
Dec 9 Apalachicola, Fa.
Nl['Calla Ronmain,
No. 9 Columbus Block
N'ov. 18 Apalaehicola, Fla.
Underwood & Caigh,
Apalaehicola, Fa.
0ff-All orders attended to with punctuality
and despatch. .Jan. 20
M. N. Scott & Brother',
HATS, &c., "/'
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
,Dee 23 t Apalaehicola, Fa.
Sims ft Cheevel ,
Office No. 36 Water street
dee23 Apalachicola, Fla.
>.E. C'. Roberts,
And ,Manufac'turers of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per "gates. -
Jan 24 Apalachicola, Fa.
.Edward MeCully,
~No. 28 Water street.'
Nov 11 .Apalachicola, Fa.

No. 2.2 Water street,
Dec 2S. 48-6m* Apalachieola, Fa.
. Henry .Youngs,
'No. 53.Water street,
Dec 28 Apala~chicola, Fa.


Thankful for the patronage hitherto received
from the Merchants of Apalachicola, he would
respectfully solicit a continuance of their favors.
Eufraula, Ala., Oct. 27/, 184a. 42-3

!)-May be found at his residence, corner 'ol
Centre and High streets', opposite the Mansion
Houise. N/ov 8,
W. G. M11. Davis,
Offers his services to the public in either of the
above capacities
He wil pr'aetice regulharly in Franklin, Cal-
hou0n and Jackson Circuit Courts--and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit He will also,
argue eases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahas-
see the sessions of whieh, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September.S, 1846.
A. G. Seimmes,
{- Offrce.JVbo..2 Caopt. Simrhon's Building,
cot. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
IN hr. and qr. bbls. just received and for sale by
Jan 1.1 .C A GREEN & Co.

Yellow Potatoes.
100~f BBLS. in fine order, for sale by
l U Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
0/ BXS. Western and Northern, in, fine order,
0Jfor sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
Groshen Butter.
0r KEGS Hamilton's Dairy, of a superior
\Jquality, for sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
Smoked Tongues,
FOR sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
W INER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by-*
Feb 17 H F ABELL.
Rio Coffee'. ,
K'ft SACLS prime green, new crop, just r'e-
Ou3 received, and for sale by .
Jan 11 C A GREEN &-Co.

Warrior & McKCully,
81 Gravier street,
Dec 28 "New Orleans.

Jno. S, HltiteilinSon}t,
o..2 Columbus Block,
.Apalachicola, Fa.
Advances made on all consignments-if re-
quired. Nov. 25, 1848.,

Tarrant's Compound Extract of
Ctibel>$ and COpaiva,
TUST received arid for, sale 1by,, .
0Jan 25 J. C. ALLEN & Co.
Paints, Oils, &c.
TAMP and Linseed' Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
-_Jurpentine, Lamp: Blaek, Red and Yellow
Ochre, ground in, oil, P'russiani Blue, ParisGreen;,
Viirdigrisjust received per sch'r Palladium, and.
for sale by
Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co.

,-, Schobol B~ooh,
FO0R sale by . ,
J.'Febl17 H F :ABELL.

TD. .W(OODRUFF'S Dy:se'ntary Cordial, just
j.1y received-and for sale by
Dec.9 :. H F ABELL.

24 Water-st., .
Nov 8'. Apalachieola, Fa.


WM. H. LoNG.

Anstin & Long,
' No. 45 Water-street, -
Nov- / Apalachicola, Fa.

Citron; Cdrranrs, Raisins, lem-
S._ ,', ons,.&; ':-
TUST received in fine prder, and for sale by ;
J' Janl i C:": A *GREEN & CO:.-

; For Sale.
2(' MAHOGANY 0oufntingHou'se Desks. Ap-
,plyrto .. B. S. HAWLE.Y,
Nov 2,5 ,- '" Columbus Block.


J H. Hull <& Co.,
i No. 48 water street',

N'o, 1 Columbus Block,"
'* Tee 3 "Apalwehicola, Fia:

.. Hemp and C0tton Duck,.,
JX FINE assortment" just received from New
2n. York, for sale by *.: '. .. ,
"-'Jath-TT -- .. ....... HEEN &. ,o.
W ooDRUFF' SConmpos,,:;i'on ,oder., i'osse
by (F'ob 1} J C ALLEN &. Co,-.

; *Furniture.
1 MARBLE Top Centre Tab~le, .
.L rench-Beclstead and Beddi'ng,
1 } Dressing, Bm'eau, marbl}e top,"
1 double marble top Wash Stand.
The above Furniture has only, been' in use a
few months, and will be sold low, "Apply to
Jan 18' J. DAY & Co.

"(fT0, 1 Eztra an:d pue, just roe'd, for sale by
1^ JTan 25 J C ALLEN & Co.


'i. "Psb I J c AbLEN A&'Co.

- '?"*
* *'* --<

? ^J<
tr7ia ***.^r<

tiettir from Californian From the Federal Union.
We have been favored witIh the perusal of The Introduction of Slaves lnt0 Georgia Ut
-a leftir dated 61f *bord the United States! Prohibited by Law.
ship Ohio, and wirztin on her voyage from I OUGHT NOT THAT LAW TO .'* ENFOR- AP,
San Francisco to Mazallan, an the 8th of .anuary. 11 ww, written on the': South: demand of the Judiciary and the -a
voyaqej the-`0hio 'havine iil pd (r*'i San Grabnd Juries of' Georgia ;I vigilant ex-ercise 'Age
Frartefco on ilie 15ih of December. We, ofthe trustscon.fided r0 them. By Ihe Peo.Hd rec,
'Iftake ifie following exiricis from it; [ Codeof 18-3 theTnlrod iction ol slaves from, met
."'Yofu ask me what 1' think of yodr com-! oillrr States is strictly prohibited, except
i" rf .t w i t. lo give .yo"t. .a .p!'"' "s l D residents, domiciliated and lo thase mov-
tnent ofntnier an ilhineI iyou can to"in i ing'itto the State with the view of becom- j,
no idea of 'tir state ol' things in San'Fran- ing residents. The penalty is-$500 for each.-
Cisc' 8-ince ilhe discvery of the gold near slave' illegally introduced arnd hard itabor in
'there. 41 i.Viiiestined in be a'Very large city, the Peniteuliary for not less itltat" one nor 'do
'wndgeoEn. ftow it iU difficalh ro buy property over four yearly. The Code even prohibits,
*inlhe"business piart .ifi the town, except at under a penalty of $500 for each slave, any p
At ,nora extravagint prices. I suppose I one from purchasing,'-hiring or receiving a Tb
an in bounds whn"'I sa rihat rrom the size slave thus illegally introduced.
Tfithe, place, more business has been done This law, it is known to every one, for
Iherie.Tor tlie last Msx months than in, any years past thas'been a'dead letter upon the ho
Aeijlftce b t le world. If you could eome Statute book. 7In the face of it, hundreds of
put'liere wilh 109 15, or or20,00.0.or even of negroeshaive been brought into the State, fre
les., yoIin must m.ike money, enter into what -ad nd6t'a single prosecution -under the Code, W
business you would, 8o far as we can learn, has ever taken place.
6". A, large hrl frameme) las been put aip. We' know not what motives prompted the acI
The prolprieior has already rented raom-s to enactment of this law, but if hitherto it has thE
4he Miountiof 6.000 dollars per hnnum. to been deemed injudicious, as the neglect of an
slay lollhj .4 of i lie l>ble, bar, &c. Now if it would seem to indicate, the time has now h
"you h:1ve :11v i.l, a of comingtg out here, you arrived which demonstrates/its wisdom and
'had beitr hii.,za hfuse with you. I am demands its rigid observance, the true of fir(
'rit,,; 'otp,. 1" kioow. ha Eihea.iy been aboliiion whicl is rushing on froiiiihe'North, ram
t .; ''.'- "I"I' will ere long prompt Maryland, Virginia,
r u2 t.* .|C~k .il'le ii 'cmoil rx.,ravag:int a;lt,- Kentucky andt Missouri, aIl 'frontier States
riesi. A cj n i t 4 I.J;i l ely wen 11s;ore, in rela otion lo ihc institution (:f slavery, to na
vn.tr-ceivel, Zl5600 pr arj anl his board. relax their principles in reference to it. -If 'S
l i \ r ,y pird P pu u t ;tiat liinas Slates Further South, as' eo"gia no*'46es..
Y ili bo faor'ble t-o .,nki vi ioney ini h lie re adnuit their slavesto be brought wirhirn-heir d
Ior miny ye:r1;.. I h'Mile "I haveCsVcur'. 1a borders for sale, they hold'bur'indudements sIC
io0-soilie fi.eivs who entered loi1 fo.ra lio t hose frontier .States to ,purchase their. ti
mere SoNi durinZ the war, ,ire now 1i4ade security and ultimately to bedmne, instead it
rich lh1it. I an told\ Pirser Price's lons, of what They how are, the friends and allies ve
whifh'eost him about 81.500., are now worth of the Souih, her opponents and revilers.-
0.tOM O( WiihalW i [he political power she -now has.
".Now-ao y maiy thiot'te -pln1,tnl am go- she i% in't-he minority. Is it not-madness M
I o-i n stoage.St to yogi is a "ihl, ntlh si;asiic then-a fni si miserable and suicidal policy,
diweam 1 but il were. 'in he -Uiied Stat. I tneift'o ivep Maiyland and Ihose other Siaies ..
wouldtdo il|lip if 5 had the money, and I w'h~ee lihy nbw are, ideniifieil in interest le
advise I b it I !)y all n;riBs to d chariee'a small vessel. invest all the money-- Will any one suffer by the enforcement of n
you. crn raise in those efit.hies---yon can the law, other than the uegro trader I -Tlhe
.t~ tte-m will frbom *wo to four rooms for masses will be benefifted.-for the value of I
from $600 to $8M00 apiece-have tliem all every slave in the State will be enhanced.- m
ready. to put up, even bring the hrick for thl There is another aspect in which the sub- qL
chimnies aud fire-places, and I ; theyvwould mnke you ;as h:.mdsonie a return Georgia the Introduction of slaves from
alany thing 1 you culd- bring. You could abroad should be prohibited. It is this.-. Ih
,'ttber, sell the vessel h ia great profit, or plt Nearly every slave imported froim Maryland,
btr into the tirade between Oregon and San Virginia' and Norih "Carolina is taken from or
Francisco, which is a profitable one. I be t-he wheat and 'tobarco'field and placed in U
lievcone thosad of these cottages would I he cotton.field. The Georgia cotton-grow-
fiud ready sale. People aure actually sufrer eri' (ireat ciruse dif distress is, t-he supera- N
ing for a place where to slefp. and tents are bundance df0 ihe sgalple. Yet while he
,pitched in the very town. knows and mourns over the aitsepofhis'em-
"-All that I havesaid depeod!4, (f course, barrassments, he silently folds his arms sand Il
"-ltpon:the gold, and (ltere is no doubt enough sees every yearr hundreds of new laborers n(
kears.- They. have already taken it out by law, to enhance his misery. ,
milliumt, id h ave scarcely .gone below the In conclusion, we respectfully suggest to
vtrrfaceo~fthe eartl." the Judiciary of this State, to her 'Grand F
Th* re -an tJuries and 1o all her people, to examine Ihis' L
The jreat; FancI Ball at the ItalianQ opera matter in all its bearings.. Self-preservation a
'; *House. demands of every St;te in the South that .
+ i nearly ,rhe pap~erA have givenlong she should fr ify herself,-erec brrkirs and i
accolnnli.ndl ild sdripiive sceen(- of this ball, defenses, wherever they promise to afford 0
,evillnault a temilrt It it ntrhe'them. Nor her-succor. Ought uot the Judges in every
should we scarcely'fifnk'it'worth while to circuit to bring this clause of the Penal d
destrib,' the a-.seihlil;aie at all. whicli was Code t0 the notice of't'he Grand Juries ?- w
rather a tame aftfiir, Irillti ris allempted ex- ,Ought not the (Grand Juries in every'county .A
~ltusiveas. iI.,jor N+''h says iha~haifmong without fear or Tlivor to .peeier indictments Mw
the distingiisqhed persons present were the- agv;frst ali'd6felm!;rsI. a
Verysolis. Lordl Knows-who, 'itd the Bar- -
yen- of Inielleci : and am ong sevevar l sove- F C 'LliOR~lAN'S D RESS. " T he dress ,,
reigns incognito. w -w noticed Sovereign 1 S i[u- O.f a Spaniaird oftolerable means cotnsisis (A b
pidity and suite in fill costulme. At least' a fine velvet or deer skin jacket, generally s
half the nulmber who shotilhl. linve been (of a green color, with numerous rows ol v
there were among 'tehe iiiissing. handsome gold| orsilver-plated buttons upon it, with a d
-four orfive hundred people had all the fun pair of pantaloons of velvet, o'r deer skin,
tothemselve!s. open from the knee down, ahdil'with arow p
> We tin not possess lTihe power of Le of silver buttons on each'sitbe of rie -open- V
Shge's Devil upon Tw0 Stlil,1o0r we would ing, t odfined at ilie waist by a red silk'sash. s
let our reader.ioito the secret ro'fll 'lie Con- Over t0l is thrown -the 'serappo. a gaily- w
versations about-0the Ball, tliideh occ*"'re" colored blanket, all stripes and figures, wifih [
t0e neat (ay among 1he hl1iti'y 'few ,t.ho hbte'in 1he *centre fo'i tre lh'-ea'd. This, t]
wereinatiotidance. We can, however, gihe when placed over the shoulders, halngs to l
tlhemi a sample. i the ancle on either side. Under the pania-
'Mr. (S-ipeilollar calletd .i the .wholes;le |oons are a pair of very wide and +loose
estahhishmen, .ofMr. Tlalowfirkn, on his drawers, and over 'them, when riding, are
way down town after llhe mornhmg 'ol the wrapped the bolas, square pieces 'of "leaitherh
!fete antd the following co-aversaittm ensued: reaching lo he knee, to protect the lower c
.GrippduIllrfr.--Weli, lallowfirl-in, whait{,ant of the Tegs fro'ml' -ch~afing. T'hey ride h
fo.ou think. oi the baiwl. m. 7rk la't.'tMg'hl 7 very fust, spurring their horses to madness, a
Ih,WOT ffen tetl, w;n't. il Guess they to e'xhihit their ho'rse'hanghrst'i'p, find t'he ease
,to,18 not ,1o it up) much tbrowner at toe witih which they, retsin their seats,+w'hen the
me rt'of S.iini Je tm ei M y s". A uaiistls, hior~e i'sre~ri'ng and 'fpit'c'hinig a md kicking, is e
ay ,eo. a n' he.ou ch0 to lknow, o nu know. readily asionis'hving. The M exican 'saddle, a
for hb |ud it|h.e'^traiof rhe fu.t cho() of iho-iigh awkward iu appearance, is much
+forin Ksat+et,"fy. "ii wn to Vi:o"y""'s "rw superior to ours for riding. They have high :,
ing rooms ivlei e l) e'was ini London. p-eaks before and behind : lhe one in Iront
,, Ta I said, a~nd so d'it 'Mrs. T. aind, Arnraeracu- be anfa'cdhedi'to if. afierhle bullockk is snared. 1"
lina, that hi9 S.rvfe lie boss He Gilbert was Tlie's'u'ts'a'relnhe most s'av~age andl uncivili!- "s
th||e prelliest ihiug in t|e-room. Artrenera- .ze) looking instruments that can well B~e v
Celtttla vlla' the lSIos eftfhe Pe'i,,u] of honor iti-a.inedl, a'bo'ut two inches long, wilh "small
'on hlis left shouhM'er showed he'd read llhe |Iells-0r piecess of steel ailached, which jin-
.iktwryo| the-Crus;ade, ftir'the;y all wore le at every step. The stirrnps'-are made S
era, And shie wasn't b;K l Ihtff}\'ta'bleau,, Of wood, generally' of lignum vitts, aind s
wase she. as t~he flower spirii ? 1I told her.(h~e weighing from Iwo 16 three pounds.--Lieltl.

choracteer was W-ry ;ippropr~ie, fmr il i, Miorrison's Journal.
,,hadn't beent forr flour aid sperrits. 4ie I
-woulda't, a been fi.)a-fnig 1tiere in Hlonde MATE.R'NA, LoV.E.-A thfrilling incident
'loceta Hal'. h4 !-pi ely g.,od, wasn't it is 'related in the Dayton (0.) Journal. DOn
GripedlIhr.'CapitalI By tile w+y, Tal- Sal'urda'y 'tnomrnin,'the house of Mr. Wad-
lowfirk;n, lhav war a queer dress o' yourn. die-, in .Dayton, ca-ught fire, in the absence t
What was v1m -; of both Mr. W. and his wife. A li4lle
T.1llowfij'kin-Mel Oil! I WHS--stop. I've daughter of four or five years, had lyele'n I'elP
o it i .my. bri-imu k -H,'re it is.- rocking Ihe cradle, in W hi'th Was tie babe.
,(T'Cuk a a p.pre onai- 11,"i- airf.) No, that The little giirl easily_scaled, but the infant C
aint it-th.at'san invi;(ire e f bacon-llhis is was left in the burning house. 'Several per- c
itheldklvAnent. K[-.aid for'yoriisel! sons tried to penetrratle to and rescue it, but 6
Qtipedollir-(readina))-Ah! I see.- were driven back 'by the 'excessiVe heal.
,'E lmp aror C h:,rey m.i a.n Cos inm e- iron B ut a wom an c ii 'e rushing to the spot
crown, chain armor, and twn handed sword." from a neighbor's-she threw water over
"Well. Tailowfirli I'Hll tell yon what yout her clothes and drew her wet apron hastily
*ptrt .w,4.1e ninindo-r. 4 malefac'or hung in over her head, rushed in and returned in a
iron. Be! he'! lae! moment-tie child in her arms ard safe.
Gripedlollar, .(tf'iI) -Well. shall I tell It wasthe mother-of course it was-every
-.,oi whtl.tjhotght lf vn aiiwen you came mother's heart will tell her that.
In dressed as pedlar, withb a ;:QCUon your
Griprdnll~ir-Yes. "Wnhal Ro ?-A western -paper gives an atnusing
Tall1Nfirkin--Wh. yVDur oltllather, Seu- account of thetrial before a Cherokee Jiudge
.tator GrJ-edllar, when "be was starting:on, a of a negro-for stealing a slave. The.counsel.
*for the neg-ro made a very long and irresisti-
so to1B a customer came in for a barrel of ble speech, of which we give that portion
..Oloap, and the interesting conversation which probably did (lie business for the ac-
wao ouipended.--.V. -Y. Despateh' caused .I -
.4 ,It is.imposbible-said 'he-for one slave to
WzAeSl.it -of penmanship, +Sn twelve ,steal anoJher; yes, gentlemen of the jury.
4VIt5a0 taught a ,iawver-to rged hiis own I say it Js ,imp)ssible for one negro to steal'
....- a-another negro. Supp-ose, gentlemen of the
"riting, B*jury, my hose should get out of ihe lot and
-- '+ I, PHET.W'-z I.- wi" COnsent to -run away, and go by the house of John A.
g) sou desire," said a-young female to her Bell,, :ond his horse should follow mine off:
wa6rw, o condition that. you will give me would you! hang my horse for stealing John
WOat yo h'ave pot, yo~u never can have, and A. Bell's horse ? N-o, genllemen of the
-M't 'What YoU 6a gv rar.... Wiat d the jury you wouldn't do no saich thing. The
"ih fI? A, hoaad, jury cleared the negro'o effant,

-- -~-~


,Irk The following gertlemen are authorized
cents for the COMMEth.L ADV-ElISfAI and will
eive and receipt forsiubscripoions, br sadver-tise"
VM. W. CHEEVEn,Esq., Albany, Ga.
Xajor JA1CK HARDMAN. Euf'aula. Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVER, Tallahassee. Fa.




l \.


-~, ~ ~.,r,.~. r~* ax.. ..,~.~LII~C~ .


From the Charleston Courier, 24th Feb. 'or shanfltrt wafl rt'orled- 1 6-he PrencAh- t,.'lBI H^ S" "
BY TELEGRAPH. Ministry, sad for a -short' tiMe Paris..again <.9| ll,3.i '" I : "
rrival of Br. Steamer Eukopa at H Iffax. 0, 4 ap:arc .Tblege I<^ w tB
assumed the apoosranice eleagae rai a 63 w
)URTEEN DAYS.LATER FROM LIVER,'cit. The tre Jr e by -r- -o'k
A dispatch from our Baltimore corres- military, said -to be-:80.000t -if.mbe, mbPI -Awn.Yee' .4 1n
ndent, dated Friday morning, at nine Gen. Changartier gave out that the first the snUffcrer. Be told me thoa. |
clock," announces the arrival of the Br. attempt to create a disturbance, or raise a been Bpptised. 'I asaed'hlf, tc
iamer Europa, at Halifax, the preceding Larricade, should be the signal for a general beI? H'Re'teplied, '"-No Sir." Bf! 1
ringn. Her news was conveyed from slaughter, without regard to the political had no object6itl"i r l ".+
eoce (o St. John's. New Brunswick, and opinions of those who resisted the govern- copar minister.- Atier 1 f exp |
)m itat'poinl il reached us'&y Telegraph. mentf The malcontents, whether akenby qoalifairions forbe'iiC1itefi
The Europa left Liverpool on the 10th surprise by [he prompt movement of the not think hi rqig l :a
st., and brings'intelligence fourteen days authorities, or unprepared for acten, in he -- A* I. coald, et.mg, ta.lm
er tban previously received. face of the extensive military arrangements the prayer bo0ki. Iid"tPle@ .
Our corr'espondent ha.lvi, en us the'rnb-st that were made, did not move. Marshal requested the to bVP' ;jr.,bW1 lg9
nlple and 'derailed accounts, which we pro- Beaugand was dispatched to bring up a ant's services. aidl tfW tlld* l t'
ed to communicate lo our readers, and strong division of the army ofthe Alps, os- auieid., I wou ldhoM a !B
II be read ly many of our patrons, without sensibly to command Bruges, during the his remain,. Tlrere wis'S SS i
)ubl even before the vessel which convey- time the'Stale irials were in progiriew, but suggesting Merltrodrs^^^^ .^K|^
them reaches New York; her port ofdes- the true (ibj.ct dws. without doubt, 1o over- were Metbodttws, .
Iation. awe the Red Republicabs ln'Paris. The burial accor.digig I"."..
Liverpool lMrkets, Feb. 9. capital, for a few days, appeared lo'be' on Aial-of Ihe dead v,.ill t E
COTTON.-The demand for this article ihe'very verge of a Revolution, the issue of any one, and I wask f'c-iKed by ,, ,,,. r. .
s continued to be 6xtensive during the which; however. from the, pompt-act'on of feelings iovardsltts memory 6. _i. ..-0r
rtnight that has elapsed since the sailing the government, could lWrdly have "been relatives, ado wilh an'boh "
the -Niagara, and The sales have been to doubled. The differences 'belwee' tlbe ^ here affirm. lhat-i K',gdage "ptd
i'dnusbally large extit... Guaid Mdbile-and 1he troops of the line, 'o me by 'a Meihod I oirer," mregvd
During Ihe week ending 2d, insi., 67,850 added -fuel to the'flaine, ,hich hourl 'in. to,,.the Elcopai c r befJ g ree
4es were sold, 31,500 of which wereAmer- creased in i ntnsify. After a"i vte'to'g;t rii 1ftte.churcu or our av! orTis ai t PQ
an.* Tlhe prices of these [referring doubi- of the question of the dissolution of the and all. chrialff-0t'membef ._ofIft a
if French Assembly, which was defeateet by a tetng the seed of the serpebt,' I 44r
ss to Amnerican] experienced but little af" '"i n "
iy change, but Brazils and South Ameri- majority of only eleven votes-416 to'405- felt miiy' hearl, nnrexplres-NAeh t" NorVit)
n descriptions being in very active request, more tranquility"pfiv'afTed. 'The struggle the ciigregitioh." Thie' irnd'aev jf M
);h for corhiurhnpiion and speculation, had consequent on the excitement created by ten, and is Tirtl preserved. ... ^ ^."'
Ivancedl a half penny per pound. that qnei'stlio, passed off without personal Respi., Y Jpl.-.. Sf&HW .
Throughout'the week folldowing, ending strife, though numerous arrests.were made ^nralar'flomSe'^Satr .-''
I the 91h inst., the market was firm and In the N'ational Assembly on the 26th uli. 'A correspondent of the Nrw York AA&-
-live. and the sales during thdl time The I tiister oft be Interior announced that id, Wif-t-' I m BeriB"" on "th*e ih : ir.o
nounted t,, 61,000 bales, of which specu- he had" been insiructied by the Presluent of mentiis e Yol|w in'stTQa'tnr d i c
fors took 12,500 and exporters 6,50t). of the 'Republic to 14r66et a bill for the sup- affair,, the truth of wfriich war'n'c
iese 52.000 were Irom the United States.t pression of the clubs. The Assembly had doubt, for we do not think, that ourmiiMtewl.r
The official 'quotations weie as followvs : already '"nicied a bill imilposing penalties, would'so far forf .'his pdoi4ion asto-nWrf','
iir Upland and NJ ohile 4J ; fair Orleans 41; with a view 'to preventt 'excisses, and'fs- *"61e ,wih the internal affairs of;AusWia^^- -,
fiddling Orleans 41 to 46 ; ordinary Orl-ans solve these alarniing and ,lhnge'ous assrfcia ever much he` might ""isnnipmhtse ..w W1vl
lto 4d., lions. Government ordered a number of Hungarian case. Ifhe .lid "l %+g+ l1 "
BaEAD STU'r's.-The trade In tread the clubs to bre closed in the Capital and in such a repy. ...r-he,- tpft. .,,
tuffs of all descriptions, 'has been 'steady the departments, and denounced fhe-offhiJrt- '1.. |ist morth. Xul.th. ....Hav-
nce ibe irsi 6f February. and whatever of ers. and declared it impossible that, conni- gari.a hinges Ihalihave viken place since that date deuce could he restored, whiletrhe clubs toops, employed, a nWdr-trhzed 'Amw-tM
ave been generally u-pwards. Tiie markel, conlinutd Io exist, as ihey attempted to vtlizen'-of 1LJilgary t'Wp)r.0ceed toilit'eAN le6 .
om'ever.`at'rhe latest period, was somewhat govern the State, and no free government ric;at,1dhirge dl'&f *i'arNrienlpa,..'wir41;e
ull, and the demand for these articles rather could permit such an anomaly to exist, igi"h 1 le6er, t the (mneral ciinmia,,drbf
lorb languid ihan during the previous twn without endangering its own existence; ,the Auslrian army .io it eV a1n4 lAt
eeeks. American Western FLOUR is quo- VROM WA*HIlGTOX.' irIlhe name'ofti^Br-an '." r'
ed at 26 to 27.; -Orleans and Ohio at 27s. Id. PRocFEEWltKs Oy CONGRESS 9YESTXRDA. hostililie*, thaI an arrarif s t mltIi&J4
28.Q. 6d. Atneiican and C'anadian while tirtu' war"
--In the Senate, the bill granting bounty' made for selltigheunforlun r .? W ...
Vheal .s. 3:1. io 7s. 6d.; red 6s. to 7s. IN"" lands to substitutes servinrlg in fexico was 'r. '9 es according writtteq Ui
:..R' kW8 ielydecin d. Th pr a.' it ..,thou 1W :
IAN C'oRNf,+s'.16tterly declined. T'he nre- passed. The Civil List Bill came iup--the rifna, ,ind offered bis n.extm~t-.B .
enr prices are.301o'6i for white. and 3is. amendment providing for the temporary in- acc.. mp lish"ing i I"I"d drt-ira P d
J. o.3s.f,. y.kiv. ) .a -. s; '.t-M c .' n "'" - w '
d. lo 32s. fr yellow, government of California, wasI debated by sent hlis depaches.to.l...Austr ;1 n e.
AMERICAN PRODUCTIONS,.-Conred PRO- Mes.irs. Dayton, Webster andf'bote, with- by this nauiralised []ugaril Awri:R19 ,
,isto.NS. NAVAL STORES, and other articles out any final result, iving him a urier.passe. ; 7
enerill,, of American iproductins, are in ]o Ihe [louse, the Posl Ace aippfopri- This bearer of desp',10is preeefp^ to
ood demand, and bring remuneraiing atiun bill came tip, and a slaver'y-debafe en-- ie A'ian aTmy and .elivered his Io-,
rices,, sued. Mr. M'Dowall made an eloquent, patches to the commanding generall.', -_
MANUFACTURts.--From Ihe manufactnr- speech'-against Northern aggression, and a The General as, It' Im wbn *,
ng districts, -he ccounis are decidedly en. number of other members addressed' the when he replied tifal! fie'mas a IIn ari'a
,outaging. Holders or goods are firm in Huuse. Iv birth. Ohl bloww Ia, natnirfeed ,-,tviizto o
heir prices, and sanguine in their anticipa- GEWERAL T&TLOR.--The family of Gen. thie Uniied States. ThOAtrlai General,
ions of got(sod Spring business. Taylor arrived at Washington on Thursday then sfid in him : -
MONiTrARV MATTERS.-Money conlin- eve.ning. The General himself was at the I giveyon tenodays l" '"vve like Akis|" a"
Ies !levnrfful, and easily to'be'dlilai'hed. The Relay House at 4 o'clockk -Yesterday after- lerritories; ,tl the ep1rati1 '
itock niarket 'cominties to imptove'in 'Eng- hnora. arid was to have entered Washington ifyoltnre to be found w:i4"11 .--i l, .,Q
and, Both Etglish and American secori- last evening at ^ o'clock, with a large escort. shall have a "snugkitne foir your.liunrerp-p-
ies are on the rise. -United states six per t -I ----s.---,1 in i ence." *';"*'. -
I ', 1 1 NEW-YORK MARKETS.-Odur *Billhnmre ,, _,*.-*..K,~.
ents continue tD be rn demand, and an ad .. ]. This natutralized American innmet'aiuly
,, ,, ,, corresp n e I_!in un e aeo r r I-:i .. n
rahee of an eighth per cent has tak,6n pldce, pondent, writing under date'o'.* V A eflt Au-mria"- and. came to -Berlin. Son
day, 4 o'clock," states thai a: desparch fb om ... ,. A 6,: .+,d,
nd appearances indicate that they will corn- ii-' Ne o s te h heer 'I h the -Aeairian -O&npra
1 1 ~~New York says that the news by the sleamw- L 1. 1, 1*<)iii.-. 1 ,*"'
naad a higher rate. Very large amounts er ha pu hodr ofcto 'op to th cttisle- ."cmun"to t orchrfa
rh sp th id r f o i n O o ( e t 'l- ,. ., .*'.', i-1- i
iav ben ivesed n tis toc. Mry ..*.. *..*. ,, ,. ,Vienna, Mr. Styles, "wih thes lac~ofiK rfply.i
,av .ben iveidJ t s.sl ary- esl figur~le anft'hed-h'fier 'th'e reception of'thie .,. .+ ., ..i. -..,.i. M.u" J
rand sterling five per cents have bee'1) sold at .., *Austria,. Itr, ney-'r !.reats8 by oegotlaonq
-' news by the N'iagara. .There hiad been saLles with ni rees"-B .l.t ** S 'g + ,,\. -'t:
r5 !o 78 and 80, and an advance-to 84 is bn- at a aane, bo! .. geerl. ds~i;n w.t r.el." .Ba.. am wa. .+t^
cpae hv he sanuin. P *n*~y~ai evinced to hohd back for letters andl papers. _2in.: App,, ,* -* *r _---,.; .
quoted at 74 io 75. Consols for money sell- wie~v. **re nm.en*aii exp' *ed M. CtA-TotN SE.C~-RKARr or {S.vT:T.-rA
ng at 924, and closing at 92 6 A~~~~~nn advance of aboont one-e~ig'hth had la- ,T. "AiT ~e
*---- i *, i... following from lhe-*W*idne'o~n" ""ob of
-hre is tAcetionably an error in this state, ke place in flour, while corn c~tonted .St r^l; .nibt wold' senm.le r.t^ "
nent, as the proportion of.American must be much 8Siatr6uary.- i '-* T',,, i'
argf-.r than here stated. V~eli.y'erlmta hat Ihe Hon. Jobh M. V'ly.;
+[-We have no doubt that ttiis amount, like t'nat Htoman L-at'O11 ';atig~Mics : 'itnn of"Dela':sre, "" "has.. bpeWten+ ''dereii-;.... !.b'y :--
,bore noted, refers to imports, and not to sales. --ll ca.tlulc+ Almnanac., (says the Seren- Gen., Ta, lor,c tlire oce or Sec etar: "*A +
Political Intelligence. tnfic American,) published in Bahii'mo~re, Sii ude 'l aiL imnisi-ai'on. I'e+be ; r
E m GLArNP.-- The British Parliament was and which :is generally recogoizedl as g ood a'rticie 'is as follo ws'! "" +.:... -' :' ,
>pne b te uen n eron Teauthority, represents no increase tm .+he .S:caETAnr orSrtAT_.--^ele+9.+l+,lhw-
ipeech, which wasmrore lengthy than usual, Roeman Catholic dioceses of-Baltimore, New a telegraphic" despalch' fromr "-Tmt._ .-treF
;av clar ndcaton hatif wa th ineoOrleans, Louisville, Boston, Philadelphia, w'as received tn this cutptiy ihs cven .jf.-
ion of the Government to adhere to the free New .Yrork, (Charleston, Mobile, De 'r, 'r.,teoc o erea} .++gll.^
rude system, and to carry:.out these princi- ~cins ...... ... 'itbug ...air. [he'ron Johr dog -oi. aytol lbft, Lawa -, '
ileeto fr al c nsu~ mati n. T e G o ern- Little R ock, A lbany, G alveston and B uS ao'o, latrure a< e ware, whncb is .%a(w ,i~n ? #k .

mert were equally decisive in reference to wIfe T'tie diocese of leveland there has sion, and is exie.ed to adjourn i'ajfeW&
the na tann lw ,a dan w b ifo rthears, ,, . "'
nation laws and a new bill ateir ten an actual lo s of 5.000 lrom the last daysmay offcta Senapr-.la 9 .
modification was to be introduced. The yearss computation j of .30.000. Theon lay, ]he ale eslou.", n w.l a- \.
Ministry hA expressed'their determinatiqn *e66..potsir this widepread desert ,-' "
to pursue every course of retrenchmeirt the Freeman's Jour.al, are, the diocese Of, The Naional tnielligenoex.r Sat-trda .
compatible witl tre complete elficy of Cincitinaii, where there has been an addi-. morning, an aWcnl"d lf e subject o.
the various branches of Civil, Moral and ` t o ':.OOD to the 50,000 of last
.iyer-General Taylor s.Cabnnet, says. ?r .l ,+
Military Depart'ent. This decision, which' .ubuque, where Ihere. is a gain of 40 on We belive we can sa1-tosoeriio exTenl
hasgiven general satisfaction, and Ile liber- ".e former sui of' -6.W; Nashille, wtere who wli 6 n61he of 1 ;'-itd:" atiSl"
al policy that has bee7n determined on, in r t ..st y'-,A 'M" h-e+r,- of Ca, n.ic.. n a's g a ly A d' 't i-ho"' in -
reference to rade, will probably prolong the. v bein 66 o `,Cit a re 'I A u A N) 1&4 1
dou~ed betllg no i.0b *h A a Wrlyhave rleaison to'. b,0'eheVe-`rhiAMrC,-pea'enenn -
enure of ice of the present Ministry far 500 a year ago Chitcagoi, where 3,000 has positively declined accepting., ant,'eaB<,
be-yot)i! what Was AnticiphtedpIrevious to the t... .. "' "
be ..d w .at .a a pa d .prv .oust h have been added to. 1 he. 0.000 of last year, inel appointments." ,
opening of Parliament. Sir HEm, LTr T- a r w adjacent. Wrthee GOLDOLLAaS.-Tie J. S. Wwl
TON BULW ER has received ihe appointment ,M 1 oin. ... +' .. .. .... ..
of ... M nise o a o t e 7,500 had grown up to 8.100, being a itg issui ed a, specimen.pf gold daollar#t t'""o r
of Minister Plempotetntiary to the bnited . .m. A I ; k. -s '
of 600-Indians and others. "The Almanac "i av ....... .
S states. T h e c h o lera still co n tinu es to p re- A a e bn: a : -- '. "M. '.
r represents the total decrease o f Q oman La- T hey are abo. .'' szez _sixpe oce si _,
vanl, ,ts progress being about the sam e'as ata. ..h .e U ni-e Sla.e dn .he -ear E, IN - ab'
... ... .... ." tltolics8 h -1.h United!Slaites'durlng Ithe 'year : ; .. ,- ,t.'t; +i ,%
st accounts. The lCalillooiaFever has con- i L i,, .1 .i... Y B RIkSE IN inOBILE. ii.l c wpr'T'.
... ..st. "as'oei-ng, onpei,6undieod nd h~ tbousind ..+, I. _; ___ ...
sid'eratlty atared. M ` 6. ,- g-, 0- .a W ,Hle haveu by an o6erbWeninmm
+ + ---- x : l~our nundtred -and, the.. present nu'm oeirof """i "I""-
ILrAND,--CHAR^iEt ZS ^ ^E has been '.. rsed tole-ry abe^ ^,^t theNr.,-
,+ .. .. ~the*oernomnriialt in inn this, countryy ap qne ,/ .- ,-'J..: -, ]
brought up before the Court on a new bill, s -s "^ ;^ sufficient t.A,,tn, ore .he atheC l,
.g P ,.. .. million. two hundred ard sevenmy-six ttour ,<. j ,,.,; '.k- ...; 3a _'-.' ,,f "
and is to take his t al at the present term s. -. i .+ Iossucn ne l m I0 he m: ofl iO "F i .-
"~ ~ ~ X r. ,.sand, tloit renunnreol. ++ .
under the Ciow.n and Government Security .. ... : the conslrue.ion qf1I~ e .aQ%9^^
Act. "ADVERTISIN'Gtr-A- yoti6' km= New Ranlroad. Themise_e oan'l- n^v."
FiANCE.--Another-re+-ct-i-b~~e~en the-tYork last week advertised for a wife. li against ihe prcq*l;iien. Tbri road b .
Assembly dad the President 6f the Repub. less than iwo hodrs eghteen mAirrie^l.mea tended to'.ltale tlie ftiIO i
lit, ihe batb e of which is not staied,+is said sent -in word .thai the might h ave theirs. i ofAlaIbama .a .T ennessee, a nd jr ..." ;
to have arisen, which excited fears that a Connubial bliss in that 6ge moiiait Oat ontri'u ^^^^%,^4|4_ .l :
general outbreak was in proapviec. A rteal discount, we tbiqtt. + whWich MW fiw.S _W1,,,^
+- ... .._ -- t. ..-'^ ~- -- :B"





We return thanks for valuable public
cumenis, franked by all the Florida re-
esentatives in Congress, and also by Hon.
ios. Butler 'ing, of Georgia.
FtIE.-Yesterday, shortly after' noon, the
use of H. D. Darden, Esq. in the suburbs
the city, was burned to the ground. A
esh breeze was blowing at the time, and it
as with much difficulty, and by the'in'ost
tive exertions df the firemenha'nd ci lzens,
at a small portion of the house furniture,
d the outbuildings, were s;ived. We have
earI northitig positive as to the' origin of the
e. Loss esihnated a[ 62,500. No'iMisu-
aid'e. II
FIATAi AcCIDENT.-Yesterday, a man,
med Wiley Jimmerson, a .native'of Ker-
'aw 'D i'tl'i6t, S. C., aged -32 years, was
aiwn overboard by ihe main sheet of the
oop St. Vincen,'a flaw of wind striking
e sail'while he was in'the acitol 'hauling
aft. The bindy h as 'not ftt been 'teco-

ft'Nt4 & Co., publishers of the -i Sei'nZfic
meriran," have favored us with a pamph-
t containing the Patent Laws of the
nobed States, together witli allthe-Fhrms
necessary for applying for a Paieni, infur-
nation in regard to filing caveats, with re-
arks on ite uses, etc., amount of fee re-
uired at the Patent Office, and every other
nformlion ihat is necessary to instruct a
ieson in making his own applications.
Price 12J cents single, or 12 copies for-
ne doliar-sent by mail to any part of the
heited States. Address MAu.N && Co.,
qttw York.
erfeiters and forgers of all descriptions, are
ow becoming so numerous, that loo much
n'ecaution cannot be 'taken, in examining
very piece of coin -which may be offered.
From the following notice, tlaken'frotn the
Louisville Courier, it will be perceived that
large quantity of spurious half dollars are
n circulation, a portion of which may reach
Ur city :
-- We were shown, yesterday, several half
ollar pieces of llie/ American coin, whi-1'h
vere counietfeils. These are well calcula.
ed to deceive even the most wary. Those'
ve saw were dated" 1843," and 1 1845,"
nd the entire imprint and stamp were exact
opies of the original. The teulr surface
f the coin is undoubtedly silver, but the
ody.n ihlie piece is composed of some other
instance ol'f, specific gravity less than sil.
er, atid tlius by i,"he. weight -it can readily be
etecred. The counle'leirs are also some-
ivhfrt Ificker rfhan'the genirine, and'do,-not
ossess the clear 'ringing sound ,if sider.
Ve understand that great quamrities'of ihis
upt'rioos money are in circulation, and we
mould put the communilt'ty on their guard.
Let them scrutini'se "he yfrighi ;hall' dollars
ihey receive before they drop (hern into
heir 'pudrst."

SNOW, IN MOBILE.-The Herald & Tri-
'une of (he 17th ult. says:--" A st.dden
chante'of thp. 'wearher'on Wednesday night
bronght ihe temperature during tfhe day to
low pbinr, and the afternoon of Thaursday
was by all oids the coldest weather we have
experienced ihis season. About 7 o'clock
regular snow Storm came on, and next
morning we with others were surprised to
see the streets, ho'usetops and trees covered.
OPh'i' untimely w elher Da s destroyedd all
lope of fruit in the city and vicinity. The
Weet orange has been b'loomninfg for several
weeks, and gave promise of an. abundant
yield, but n'ow Ihe cuhti~vators will not only
suffer the oss of the fruit, but in many in-
itanceS t he trees also."
WEALTgH OF THE UNION'.--It is estimated
hat the value of Ihe crops in 1848 in th(
[Jnnted Slates will. exceed $640,000,006.---
Valu'e of live stock on farm'fs is estimated ai
over $557,000,000. The sums in6vestedI ir
manufactures for the same time amount Kc
$345,3'00,000. The sunms investet~i9 rme
chandhse amount to $344,000,0160, exclusive
of 119,Oft0,'000 employed in the.comnmis
sion business and foieig!| trade. The ag
gregate o~f the proiou'etio'ns ahd business o
our co untry, then, amnoutnts to th'e e'notorou!
sum of more Ihan $Z'bO0()O0,O'O.

JAMES WATSON WEBB, Esq., editor o
the Courier 'an Enquirer, was last weel
brought up before one of the courts in Ne<
York city, at. the suit of certain parties wh,
accuse him of having been guilty of fraud
(under 'oath) in concealing properly, In th
proceedings by whichh he obtained his di(
charge in bankruptcy, bnder the U. S
Bankrupt Law of 1842. the charge is th'a
he made a sham sale, of his iiniewspaper esta
blishmenf. 0

of Alabama, claims to have made a disco%
ery. through chemical agencies, to rebdc
an iron wedge buoyant in water He hi
beeu lecturing in Mobile, on the subject
and says that the most'important practice
uses can be made of the discovery,

fo r








t i



















h :

^i~ii~difl~ula Aieunt. jEXTKNT OF THIC -UNITED STATT.S.-We
/la ~ri, 41,Wtv rIe i b certainly have a big country! From ilie
Xe Ki"easternmost town in the Uniied Slateq. East-
.d=e~l=rp~,..anurougn t.,ovet. -.IV
I/' "-e a' ........ -^ .pa, Maine." via the St. LawrenceBuffalo,
%tw. l rnina cnnfrming sn _.-by Xincinnatii, St. Louis, and the South Pass
l~jU atfin.iln or,-it tiihe sin&." The of the Rocky Moutains, lo Astoria in Ore-
'e 't.THgirptd' says ithat a'mongst..zther gon, the distance by the travelled. .route is
.* .oA a frice... "-. ailed lo- M essrs. Tal. 4,517 -miles. ,From the. M aaawaska, in
a!.. '. M.ine, hx ihe Aila'0c route, via New York,
_'" at dC16.,orf that City, from t7 a q
:!_iPb^ 1... -.. o- f ,. roan^ !,ingtp~n, New Orl,eans antidGalvesiqn,.to
5miaiD Spring, of lth ship Huntress. An- ,^e nomti, of ihe Rio Grande, 2.9'23. From
i^i f'is.'^s psie'ofthe letter: [New York lo the head of Lake Superior,
-.S ,'.'I FRACisc- Nov. -'6."1848. [Via Detroit and Mackinac. 1.856. miles;
,,I .ewrtyouaTdunlicateI' thi~s by Ihe .thence down tihe Mississippi, to theGulf
.;qt4A*lfWpvoin~lon. which'eailed 11 ihe--.'.qf,.Mexico, is 2,824 miles. rom Eastpprt,
-^ Sa, l=/,,, =-,shnrl lime since -,..a*ne, to tihe Bay ol San -Francis _.ah-
i eo t the H u r ress' ijsc ge(J.it y Jh.e .4ornia, on the Pacific, via Porilid, Phila-
Sr., -.--,:-'-.-t-l-A~ go ___ haa 'i~ faom five delphi. P ittsburg. St., Louis, S alnta be,
it(Jay",tll"s0a1da1de WaHO a and the Colorado ofthe West. is 2.544 miles.
Sat at~ r-*.! -, er t a Cbc^^ ~-*(in. Atlias.
"flel fo .'cr Ng. for.,some itmie One ;
"j'ihise thM'afwiiing lo r~iiip',flenp~ir. $180 i RRaIVAL EXTaAORDINAR.-Quile an ex-
-.'i^rnio~lh."' l fld nriintue's al a .6dant as 'traordlnary event occurred at our |iosi-offiee,
ev ... .' ""'' yesterday evening, after ihe arrival of Ihe
:'" "Tp~eree has been a snow storm at the northern mail. On opening one of the large
1A.-*pperdagiggns,' a-nd rains l thie lower are brass lock-_leiter-bags, in tire distributing
aeti~g ia. .,, ; ,- 1 rnoot. the crowd ol clerks were tllrown into
.Many Tj" ihe-old diggers are returning a stale of no little wonderment. by the
from he mnines, sick and exhausted, owing prompt leaping therefrom of an apparition
lo their ir .reguj.i'r mydes of living: Snine in tile sir-ape of a larae ionm cat-lniving
are deprived o6f the ordinary comforts of fife, comne ihiis en-iackeil all tile way fromn Ali-
while' triy iiatee -use of heir h-.;.rd (t'arniig '4 gnsia1. G.I. Wheilipr 1he qnaidruped mnay
f'(or their "pillows, dione op in 'dirly. rags (f yei turn out lo be Herr Alexainder." ilte
1.......tell ponds in eaclh," Sone ,lie king Magician." or Mehissiniheles him-
iKis wiy;wo (lied yesterday,' and two sell, lime will disclose.- Ala. State Gdz.
.liIorF to-day. *-""" '" ; ; "
W w a.4 Clasinq a saile i Sess t, X , ,. .
ofe ,e $40 000 in g d,,dustjat 1o6, tobe T individuals in'lLeis in a
,.., .D ,n. l.d,, s 16. ob great measure owing to iheir learnitng early
'hTl' ,,i+"t1 Y :, = .., <.^ ..i. to depend upon fheir own resource. M o-
'e .r~l to l. te l.e n r,e"..i.< s" the _6.h of LN-venmlhr. ^J .,. ^
S an F e.-rI t t.eiA o .. le. 611, q.+ i ife I has ru tn e"f m ore m po th an the tw a'nt of itt
0or-lasm leiier lr-m n.ro erey was of (i eer ^ d, Teach the young men lo rely
Hill il* rii m .nlh. upon i-ler wvn efforts, to be frugal and in-
T ie Lexinzion -will 'hng 200.000 -i or yo j furnished them
Sj"-01111 ano Iperh aps nio~re. of'. tile goldi 1 - ,i ,.
S"nd p "e.f i e ,' oM. 'wit il productive capital which no man (-an
4d u t.1 S h e l. h !). e ll n o w o v e r t h '. e i., nlm l lh s p.. .
.' ever wrest 'fronn 1tlee, anti one wnhlcl't bey
at sea. tliemieves will not feel disposed to aliheate.
-. -"CHFAP "P 'STAGE .- 'In the Unitf-,ISiatps o ,, '
-'he;re aire 16J159 Post Offices; in Fraince, 'POSt,'o ThE PRlIEST.-The Rev. Father
b.582; in ~ -13 Biti n. 4.0 Ino u r co n H urley.,one day, iq a sermon to hi.sparish-
il-'. r t.. loners., repeated the trite quolatio- thai "all
y we hr. 1.175.787 mniles ,Jf:I pot ro,(is; fleshJi" rais." The season was Lent ; and
'in France and G'rea't Beiriin, -of course very a few (l ,ys afterwai'lshe encounted Ter nee
inuK.hr les-. Te- Freich min iIs .tris ori O'Collint, who appeared to have something
han ltl.y -1'l.l)0.l0 letters; the Btitish- on h is ii n nd.
", /- 1- i' T he top o' the mornin' to your river-
.eaae"rai4. 300.000 01 ; 9 of t eUnKTd -^,, ; Terence; "did I understand
SSte.b'ies^ 61i I00.000. -'liat 4 viosliiff, r- voiir riverence to say,, all flesh is grass,*
e n eI Thtle Pr,-nchl .maiil arnrn ally trans- laist Siin(day-?"
.- 't.-he El,,,tigfsh m;>ils l ireI did," replied the father; "do
j,ist Iliree "iijies I.re n ,miher of lertersear- y i I
i'ied~~~~~~ f h ., e t : ie i i i w a l .0 S o rra a bit .wou ld I b eW arier do nhiine
riedl ill the s..e tirtie in 10 orTi.'kMPERACS'rAC r sTITC--We ,okno whether in.hls Lent itme I could
"finl in lile W Ashingli o, New,!'tilHe illmowi6,,-:no h 1,rI r t i nr rn sm all piece of bafe by
~ ~~ .i . . ; ; .: . V f y '6 f s a l n d I ?

Wholesale Clothing Warehouse
Nos. 232 & 256 Pearl Street,
(Between Fulton-st and Burling Slip,)
Adapted to 84e Southern anm Soutwestemn Mar.
kets! r! y
; nr. the.arhifle of ._ .-;,
We keep an endless variety... ,
'n the World,!
"Plain and Fashtonable Clothing, of aU kinds
f i ., -. Nos. 252 & 256 Pearl st.
Dem. 28,1848. 48-3m

Feb 23--chr Aurelia, Hanson, fm N Orleans.
Feb 24-Ship Masonic, Halhorn, fm-Liverpoo
Ship Ohio, Sutton, fm Boston.
Br bark Su~an, Cronk, fm New York, to 11
Fdik Lion, Alexainder. fm Providence.
Feb 26-Schr J Vail, Jarney. fm New York.
Schr Mont,-rey, Applebvfm New Orleans.
.'ehr Itingold, Loomis, fm Mobile
Feb 27-Bark Edward. Knudson, fm New York
.Bark Alpha, Bennett, fm New York
Feb 28-r-Ship Robet Parker, Weeks, fm'Ports
mouth NH1.
BrtriGardiner, Spies, fri New York.
:chr Chipola, Griwrson, fm New Orleans.
March l-Schr Florence, Jordan, fm Mobile.
iSteametr Sootherner. Shaw4 from Columbus.
Sieaniir Magnolia, rfffin,'fm Columbus.
Steamer Palmetto, McAlister, fm Columbna.
Steamer Fashion, Cadwdllader, fm Columbus.
Steamer Boston, Lea, from Columbus.
.Selinmer Quincy, Alien, fm Chattahoochee.
Stea-mer Peytona, Morton, from Eufaula.

F,fb 22'--Bark Beaver, Edmonds, for'Frovide'nde
by T L M itchel. .
Pchr Gen W H Harrison, VinAl, for N"Orleans
Feb 24 Ship Aberdeen,'Hubbard,for Liverpool,
by S Ca -in..' + ,
B.rig Herald, Gray, for New York. by A N
McKay & Co.
Schr Creole, Allen, for Baltimore.
Schr Corah, Bradbury, for Pensaeoli. ;
Feb 26-Ship Sa06usa, Howard, fur Providence,
by Harper & Holmes.
Bark Weybossett, Harris, for Providence, by
T LMi,-neC...:
Schr Rainbow. Tuthill, for Key West. .
Feb 27-Ship Fairfield, Loveland, for N York,
Ay Nourse. Slone& Co6
Ship Georgia, Talbot, for Liverpool,' by J C
zchr Aurelia. Hanson, for Pensacola.
Feb 28-Bark:,fallic, 8aunders. for New York,
by;W A & P C Kam. .
Mdrch l-Schr Moriterey, Appleby, for New
Boston, February 19.
Ship Jenny Lind, from Apalachicolaw iiih 1885
bales cotton, for Boston, went ashoie )eslteday, 4
A. w atCohaset,pone mile S. oflthe Gladps'House;
ma~ts gone ; five 'feet water in her hol'. The J.
L. with her cargo, fully insured in Boston.
The Br .ship.America, from New York for this
port, was badly injured by the ice 17th ult while
at anchor off Quarantine, and was towed by a
steamer to the city to undergo repairs.
Ship Constellation, Flituer, cleared fm N York
for this port, Feb 19.
Schr Columbia, Knapp, cleared frn New York
for this port Feb 16.
Bark Ann Hood, Collinp, cleared fm Savannah
for this port Feb 22. %
Brig St Andrew, Farrow, hence fin this port,
arrived at Baltimore Feb 12. .
Bark Cleodla, Bartlett, was u at New York, to
sail 24th Feb.
Schr Palladium, Post, was up a't New Orleans
Feb 21. to sail with dispatch.
Schr Wm E Collins, Garvie, was up at New
Orleans. Feb 21, to sail with dispatch.
Sch N. C. V., Wright, was up at New Orleans,
F e b 2 1, to sa il w ith d i s9 .a t .c h , .
Bark Lucia Field, Rich cleared fm gew York;
for this port, Feb 6, and sailed the 71h.
Ship John Fielding, Sirang, cleared fm Savan-
nah for this port, Feb 15
Brig E L Walton, Ryder, was up at New York
['y this por Feb 1,0, to.sgil with dirpaich.
Shiip Noiterey,.Grosley, sailed from Liverpool
for this port, Dec. 29. 1, ..
Bark John Brower. Tolford, sailed fm Bosvon,
for this porl, Jan 31.
Notice to, Mariners.
THK LIVERPOOL PILOTS --Notice has been post-
ed at the Custom -Hotse, that the greehand white
iistinguish~ing light hitherto "i"rx use on board the
Liverpool boaits at 'the mouth of.ihe, Mersey, has
been discontinued, a bright white lighi, and at in-
ervals of fifteen minutes, ak flash light, having
been substituted in hien thereof.
-- __ -i k
ist of Vessels In Port,
,' > SHIPS. -
Alcee(e.'(Brr:) Cann, 558 tons, for'Liverpool, load.
".ing--WA fe P C Kain.
Monument. Trott, 499 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-B .Salter
Peter Haltripk, Rockwell, 555 tons, for Antwerp,
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co.
commodore, (Br ) Prichard. 686 tons, for Glas
.1! gow, loading-W A & PC Kain..
)ltio, V lrak"738 tons, for Europe, loading-I M
W riRcht.: .,* : .,:
harlotte, ColliriB, 390 tons, for Europe, ]oading--
I M W riglit. -r:., ,,
)phir, Sylvester, 438 tons, for Europe, loading-
8 Cass-in.
linton, .Foster, 3150 tons, for Boston, lo~ading-.
N J Deblois
tar Repahlic, Norris, 305 tons, for New York,
loading--W A , ]asd'oic,,[-Iathorn, 439 tons, fm Liverpool, wait-
ing--Masi.r l
ihio, Suitton, 287 tons', fmn Boston, waiting--
Master. ->* "
obert Parkier+ Weeks, 599 tons, fm Portsmouth,
N H, waitting .-Master
.!.' ... B ARQUES.
ovenanter, (Br) Patterso,,n, f51 tnns,, for Liver-
p<,o|, loadgingW A & .P C. Kain.
*sse, (Br.) Ford, 573 tons, fiir Liveqpool, load.
ing--Nourse, Stone & Co.
bbot Lord, Jovce, 53"7 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing--J Da'y & Go.'
ion, "Alexander, 33.-7 ton=+, for Boston, loading-
.<, N .J DPbhis
ob't -W'a't, (Br ) Johnson, 491' ton, -fm Liver.
poo!',.*'aiting-I-,l-ll,,Da~wsofi & Go'. "-'
isan, (Br.).G~ro~ik., 537 tons, fm New York, wait-
_'+. ing--1 Mf Wrieht.

Award, Kntidgon, 355 tons, tm New York, wait-
tpha, Bennett, 517 tons, fm blew York, wafting-
ardiner, Spies, 346 tons, im New York'. wait-
'** : ;*-"BRIGS. '
le~do, Glover, 184 tons, for New York, load-'
ing--Harper z Holmes.


bIxports of. Cotton from Apallaihlcola,
(olinnlr-iiclnig ept. 1, I848, and sd'ire iIne in 184

IPa,l Irrevi- OAI ,Lail
wHrrItH IxMPORTED. [13 days.ouslvI ^ /season
Livwrrpool .... .... .... ..8$73: 11912 .1. .4 .l.8638
H tavre ................ ...... .. 2114 ..2114 ......
N antz ........... \ ...................... ....
T rietqe ............... ...... ...:.. ...... 2724
Genoa ............ ........ .1810 .. 1310 ......
Other ports ........... .. 89--1481 .1570......
Total lo For. Ports. .322 .16"1i-7 -20-39 .11562
New York ........... -:388 .535 8.89 .I--911
Boston ........... .... .1i.... ;144B& .144k0 ..6314
Providence ........... 1719 .'11551 .13270 ..1964
Philadelphia ......... .... .................
Ballmn orp ............ ...3711...5,3 ...951 ..11SO
New Orleans ......... .... 63...2020 ..2083 ..685
Other port ............ ....... ...
Total Coastwise ..... 5541 .3121'6| .36757 20054
TOTAIL--ALr.r.. .. :;.-. I.5 .31616
We are indebted to MeFsrs. Brodie &" Pelfis, o.f
St. Marks, for ihe following statement of receipts
and exports of colon from the ports of St. Marks
ahd Newport: < ..
Cotton Stetement. ,
ST. MARKs, FA., Feb 20,1849.
Iheceived sinice'lst Sept., 1848 ............. 24,000
Exported since 1st Sept 1848-
To New York .............. 16,728
New Orleans........ ..... 1.153
I -- 17,881
Stock o'h hand and on shipboard not cl'd.... 6.119

"lr bro, Hi-o yt at h e0 9
.. 72.rohn Street,-. -. .
AiEnow retaiyuing-hfri Store fro their Fac-
A trie.9, at Eli'zabeth-T.,wn, ,N. Jrn-ta variety
of new and original pa!Ierrisof {>;
Heavy Floor Oil CIoths,
.in widths of 18, 21 ann 24 feet. They are also
:rjspiving from the Albany,,^Lansipgburg, and
,Utica Fac'rorie.ie in sheets of IS fiet'in width, a
laige assortment, embracing many new patterns
of their. .
Aledinm Floor Oif Cloths,
Also6,. from .the Ne'A'burg, Albapy,.' Lariiing-
burg, Ulica and Maine Fartories, ev.ry'variety
(if patterns manufacturing by them, of their 4-4th,
5-41h, 6-4th, 7-4th, 8-4tb and 12 teet wide
Light Floor Oil Cloths,
Also, Mahgany, Rosewood and figured 4-4,
5-4 and*6-41h English, German and American
r, ,Tabie, Oil Clotihs.
Also, a great variety, or new patterns of
Carriage Oil Cloths.
All of which they ofier to the trade on liberal
Jan. 2, 1849. jan25 52.3m \


Cotton TradeN
YEARS. 1846-9 1847-8 1846-7 1845-6
To Great Britain .598951 .2856i ..285054 .411133
France ..... 141526 .173352 .109638 .1156"70
Other F. P'rts .125533 .127319 ..67129 -.43069
Total Bales ... .866012 .-586332 .461821 .569872
Receipts ........ 160724J11200611 1179601 1135787
S.ocks...,...... 1 .61205i.550639 59;505- A16,3 5

Seeds! Seeds!
JUST received per brig Herald, an assortme
,i, Gadtlen Seeds, for sale by
'Feb 8 J C ALLEN & Co.

OEIDLITZ and Soda Powders, ju.t received
and for sale by
Feh 8 J C ALLEN & Co.
B A CON, Hams, Sides and Shoilders, just re-
ceivea and for sale by I
*F, 1 .; ., .B. E.LLTCON & Co.-

. .""I ii the Nalhii lal DfivisilO' ih Juunel1848 :
,Nllliher" of Divi-lins inoAhe U. Slates, 2,651
p' e- iMe bers iii iaete l (hiring'
i..>, +,. he p)i4t sFar. ........-'' ...... 88,.-237
,Wholile ,,uinbler _,nemberA.........149,37P.
'W h ,,l e :ii i n li ,,I 0i f r e 'c e i p is I lf s ii !h ^
- ordlnnie Div-siuinW iu 1tie" '7,+ ,. .
S ii nul of-. ri.,..l 8375.98I7 57
N1w alem mmHiiiii olf. bf-rn-'fifs paid



<., .*-. Exports.
ILIVEKR POO --Per bip Aberdeen-2283 bales
cotion. ; ,. :
Per ship'G.oirgia -1450 bales cotton.
HAVANA--Per schr R ainbow--89 bales cotton.
NEW YORK-Per brig Herald-362 bales cot-
Per ship Fairfield-1829 bales cotton.
Per bark b1altic--1197 bales cotton.
PR'OVIDENCE-Per bark Weybossett--813
bales cotton.
Per bark Braver-779 balescotton.
Per ship Sacsusa-9.'6 bales cotton.
BALTIMORE--Per schr Creole-371 bates
NEW ORLEANS-Per schr Gen W*1 Harri.
son--59 btles cotton. ,.
Per schr Monlerey-63 bales cotton -,,-

. Paiin Killer.
PERRY PAVIS'S .Vegetable Pain Killer, ju
1 received and for sale by the packageor dozei
Feb B .. B ELLISON & Co.

de-lphia Times states that Edward P. Fry.,
E~q., 'the conductor. of the [ta'lian Opera,
has sire,1 James (x6rdo BPnnet for libel.
aitd laid- his ,lamaszes at 'twehty thousand
dtolh-rs, The d(1rlairati n enumprat-s some
(I,,zen, alleged li ;'bls ruhlished at various
limes iu the New York Herald. Mr Fry
lia.. employed as counsel Messrs. Hall, Cut-
ting, O'CO{nner and Sherman.
. HAT iS' LAW'LIKK?-Law is like a
!oliiiir dance; people are led Up and flown
in ii till theV are tired out. Law is like a
hook of sujrgpry-'there are a areas many
ter-rible eas*_s in i. ti ,is like ,lf'! iysiy n too.
they i hat take I'''e least of it are the b' t off.
II is like a homely zentleinan. "4 very well 10
fr>lhlw," and a scolding wile, very bid when
it follows its. -Law is lik'e a hiew 'fashion.
peoplef.are bewitched to get into it; .and
like baIl wt-hthe'r,"-most people are glad to
Ret out of it.

." ASININE JUDGE..-A young lawyer hav-
inig been asked by a ju ge whether 'in the
frarisfiiiir;tion of souls-he would prefer being
turned into a horso or. an ass Vt
"An ass." quickly replied the lawyer.
>lWhy 1" Says ihe judge.
** because I have heard of-an ass being a
Pinlae but never a horsee"

POTATOES-100 bbls. (planting) just reeev
ed and for sale by
Feb 1 B ELLTSON & Co.

H AY'S Linament, for sale by
Feb 1 J C ALLEN &-Co.
OO .I.IRUFF'S Dyseilsarv Cordiallforsale by
W Feb 1 J 6 ALLEN & Co.
\OODRUFF'S Worm Specific, for sale by
-w Fe) 1 J C ALLEN &-Co.

rril ................. I,. ...... .. 1.d 58
"- \ i'il,,c .liltH ini ,i ,, ilc ish n liiii, 20)8.GG6
.S ii l.t' i~'(^ its. . . . .j


A Novi-:L-.A pPLICIkTi'l?.--A, pori'r, n of
1the State .of Kenfiuckyh ls made n ppllicIta-
.fion to the present session -of de Virginin
""Le,,lare oid be awnexel ton that State.

Thi, ALhbiny..,K:',ekerbecker says that it
iaso'rolnd imN Mopnday thatl ii brol,te ip ;
/anian dial t was coming off, tlihe bride-
*.grom'asI passion being frozen up. ,
IMPORTATION OF SiAVES.-Ann imtneidiate
'aaind ftxfrA session of the' Lpeisl-Mire of
MIsssskilp i i' d,,neinu dedle, h' ih cif'etizens of
a.,an tc k v4 (.we, of cna,'inZ laws tr0hibilino the fijr-
'tl,.r ingress of'slaves from tlhe border iaies
' vernor, they represt-tlt thra't he Ratrirs of
'Mlaryland. -Virginia. Kt* l rfky and, M issou-
ri, whe~sltrvery has ceased In tie profitah'le,.
Tr0,,ts llieileuneern'in ,enure- by w rh slaves
" ea ,- htlJr awe ow itr win'g an immnrlense
hlaick lpllu at.ioon on "lifi ex,'ie,e -Soutfiern
StaIrs. whieh is destined to increase with
l 4r "i I -.
u m'le nse tapidiiy. ..

To the Mfaster of the Steamer
MHagnolia, and to all persons
interested ip said Steainer, ber
Tackle, Apparel, Furniture,
and Mlachinery.
W HEREAS, a Libel hath been duly fled on
,W the seventeenth day.ofFehriuary, 1849, by
Win. G. M. Davis, proctor on behalf of Jere-
miah Day and Daniel J. Day, merchants and
partners, doing business in the pity of Apalachi-
cola, under the style of J. Day & 'Co., in the
county of Franklin and State of loridaiand in the
Northern Dist'rict of Florida, against the Steamer
Magnolia, her Tackle, Apparel and Furniture, and
against the Flint River Company and owners of
said Steamboat, and all persons intervening four
their interest, in a case of bottomry, civil .and
tsaritimp- and, Ahereas, .in pursuance thereof
an attachment and monition Ihath issued. from
said Court, to me directed, returnable at the
Clerk's office in the city of Apalachicola on the
twelfth day/if March next, wherein 1, among
other thigps, am commanded to setzie and 'afely
keep the said Steamer, her tackle, apparel arid
;ur.,,iture, until the further orders of tie Court,
and to give due notice to all persons interested in
the same'; arid, w-hereas, I have, in pursuance of
the said attachment, seized the said Steamer'
Maguolia, hei tackle, apparel-, furniture and ma-
chinery: ,
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given to al
persons concerned of said Libel and seizure
albresaid, and that they are required to appear at
the Clerk's office in the city -.1' Apalachicola, on
the twelftl day of March next, being the return
day of said process, and the time and place as-
signed for the hearing of said cause, and -then
and there interpose a claim, if any they have,
or shew cause why the said Steamer, her tackle,
apparel, furniture and machinery should not be
sold to satisfv the demands of the Libelants.
- ROBERT MYERS, U. S. Marshal
Northern District of Florida.
Apalachicola, Feb., 24:,1849. .:

WTOODRUFF'S Anti-Hilious Pills, for sale by
Feb 1 J.C ALLEN & Co.
., Indian Elixir.
W OODRUFF'S Indian Elixir, a certain cure
for chills and fever; for sale by
Feb 1 J C ALLEN &'Co.

SCOTCH and Macaboy, in bott4-s an4 blad-
drs, just received and fcr sale by "*i
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

ODrnigl and Medicines.
THE subscriber has just received from 'New
,IT York, per brig Virginia, a large'and fresh
stock of DrugYsand Medicines, .and all articles
usually kepten his line, lo which he would re;-
speclwullyalIl the attention of his friends, and
the public generally. i
Nov 4 H F ARBEL.._

-- ~ --TIII

; Per sleamer Peytona-A McGeehee, lady, child
n.inI servant, Mrs Waring, Miss Cameron, Miss E
K e~in/)n.
Per s.teamer Magnilia-.*Wm H Talmage.
P,-r mteamer Sout.herne-Rev V L Hopkins.
Per steamer Fashion-J Anderson, Willcoxon,
Per steamer Quinc--L H Griffard, lady and

S&eds! Seeds! Seeds!
G ARDEN Seeds, just received, a,,d tor sale by
J Noyv 4 H F.ABELL.
" ATSand Caps by the case low" for cash by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut st.

Notice. .
THE Copartnership herelotore exi'tingsunder
.1the firm of J. D. ATKINS & Co, isisiday
dissolved by mutual consent. All persons in-
d~ebted to the late firm will please iake payment
to the undersigned, who will continue the Gro-
cery business on his own account, at No. 53 Wa-
ter street. I" HENRY YOUNGS.
Apalachicola, Dee 14, 184S.

serv t, 1 Sutton and lady, 1IJackson, himily and
r L :y.:.'. ...: '* _. .,. ^r%.,iir,,Dr H Ely, LLoit.,M r Polhill, M itchell.
"l%'; WASHISGTO,}N AD LoaO ERSK)NE, Per .teamer Boston--Messrs Rogeis, Rico
S-A volume was p!roented *lo (,,n. Wash- Per steamer Quincy-Judge I Bronison, M N
:,x ,apr' .... "' ''D kson-DoBrwnen'DBrie A Lew'
Wntonr, in 1-797, by rhounas, Lordl Erskine, D ,..son. D Browning, D Brice H A Lewis, A
1 -;, .. 13 ,1 recay', Jonn A Brown, U S A, Mr'13adbury, Mr
mon a hlank page of n ni wrote,he .ni .-"ol- Green -
)owing note.- con ifai,,ig, pverhpbi)s, J hajiL ,- ,
pieit.lulogi>mr of- ilie ipmnvii-tues8bestow-. .. o .., -
Ae U m in th at g re at a n. w ,ii ,ile r flh ,a n -e b el :ti. t, o ,
,t I, ." ," Pei s ealmf.r yt,,'ha-rr-87 bales cotton to Lock
,"--Sir,-[ have taken- .he~lberiy (o intro- hart-%"Y9.66g; to injs Cheever; 2 to Austin
"due your august and _immortal name hin a & L'nI;17io0 A ,N McKav & Co; 320 to order.
Fhort seinee which is"to he found in the Per steamer Magnolia-160 bales cotton to Wm
l,,,n-.l ,,a +,,- 'II h is, o. "H.'rr K~lltbrough & Son; 100 to Nourse, Stone & Co;
.. o,.k 1 .arge. acqu- n. ,. 1157 toA N Mc vay & Co; 11 toWylie.& Me-
lance among thee iposi vllJnablc auwI eXalle0 Kedie, 18 to Win oe
"..I ".",""8't"o"'inI oe"
.classes-of men. hut you ae 1,he on'v hu'(i'an 'Per. steamer .Southarner-157 bales cotton to
seeing for .whom 1 ever folt an ,wlful -ever- t.HnrPer N,\' H-,Imes; 83,t, Hill, Dawson & Co; 70
sicee g-"" 'a l ra" .o N McKay & Co; 48 to L ockha* oung;
c n c e I s i n c e r e l ]y p r a y G o d o g r a /O i igo r i Wn l i ef'-M a 1 0 -1 . .
.* -' ,, .. ,to Wylie & N CKenzie; 30 to J C Maclay. .
andsertene evening j, o'a<,.so gloriottsly Pr steamer Fashion--97 bales cotton to Hill,
devoted to the.. happiiness of the world." Dawcon &-Go; 54 to Sims & Ch'eever; 24 to C A
-"." Grpin & Co; .20 to Lockharte & Young; 17 to B
. .: t' *,"<, S fawlev; 167 to A N McKay & Co; 34 to W A
A GoL.D SPECULATIO1 1 --','It is said thata & P C Ku .,,
distinguishedd fashionable tailor u'f th'is~cily, i Per steamer Palmetto-151 bales cotton to Hill,
wh. h,.d a .-n order -t, ake it.o .suits of:- i Dawson c.. o;338 to Lockhart* Young; 129 to
*" ,' ., ,? /, ,2 r '0 i r "W A &f P C Kan; 100 to Nourse, Stone & Co; 81
,. lolles Ior Gener.il Taylor, having comple- to Hiarper 4 Hohnes; 70 .to A N McKay & Co.
fed his ordrr, and hinted-it on-the- sireets. Per steqarler Qii ncy--i195 bales cotton to Lock.
.Jjere Wai a general rush of well dressed earth, a&-,Young; 21"t6.Wylie AZ MeKenzie; 12 to
... ., .... ., W: G ,PortelrT ( o; .72 to J Day,& C o; 5 to Aus-
'gentler e -into nhi s lhop,. all earnest, ly. re- t ^ 1 ; w '" 3-
i a o, e ", I *' .. "a LOn,; 18 hblsta ,t questingg ro be allowed to look at l .he said Per steamy" Bostn.2.3 btles ,.-,ott, l Hill
jothe and particularly io examine t iP n; Dawson 81 rt=Wyli '. ."MeKipz'-i; 5o n N
Idt f ijh e .pocketit.' Thv shrewd lail MoKay, c.; 7 to Lock tS Young., I
'[:_ L=_ .i= ''_ ,Per steamter l,,iu,'y-10-l al{.4e otlon ioLock-
owever-, u e li. the ,c, ,o gen- .'' -- ^-'. -' --
;"i i" lia]/Lt / .1u1,a; 4 Io ,l XV (T 1,1"1I '' Cop,u; o Ip vt .
,tlemen, told tlleirIthey miglhl put their let- Mcttl/ < C% Q h>, ,,t(' d Co; 32 to der '
* ;erpm iqto ibe pockets of the saijll ispiits, but F. P ir J i'pd. n bi f'm N ichiaidy-108 ba8es 6ot.
tha e-he., iw uld require oT therr,$50 each, t ,'to .... .y.- U, 6'.
'., ; L + a,A Perblox,UlU P'lidpr-tm rflnt--6 nal, e? OU06 lto-e c
/e,,or -eitery plaeed .n ,.he breeclnet s .'Harper, M Holn'i.s; 9 to SinisN," Cheevcer; 70 to I
otr I pio _l. -i t1tie -t;oat prc'e,, and $20 W A k& PCKain: 65 tol: clrt r Young ..
torthose pu j, f..est.i pokris. In this Per ba~rge Flai iSho i|fin t;hipolh--20 bales eot.
W.ij,-- i-a.;U-h'ouht ' o eral w.m;.6f .*er^ ^ 'ton ylin &Mckenzie;.T- toE McCully; 3 to
jvjayvik ih?'qght lid"n"'IP T,Orman.
abl$ trd s; il eteerszati.his leis.ire,9 P N rge L0eOak-llL. cott
dtgest .t.beir c'qntnise, a ndr plaae- -a proper Porter &C o; 51 to Lockhart N, Young; 9 toAus-
64~imiamf U'pon 1k. "'le r'!!1 .4 -E~fia C ,Icr.iG- *n.'nLi r**i
--'-- -* 'V r i n .fh Pter.2 .hxe, i n- f ATh.'i.-9-T'," biles cu'lun lto0
2. "- Simri f& Cf'ever "

A FRW ha)f bbls. tor sale b"' .
Jan 11 .C A OREEN F Co.

Aan Ordinance,
To amend an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance
repealirg certain Ordinancesi &c." passed 12lh
January, A D 1848 ,, "
Sec. 1 BI e it ordained by the Mayor and Coun-
6l| of tho City of.Apalachicola', That the Clerk,
Treasurer arid Asses'sor be allowed a salary of five
hundred dollars per annum.
Sec. 2. Be it fIirleb'61" ordained, That any thing
in the ordinance, to4which this is an amendment,
militating against this ordinarrce, be and the
same is hereby.repealed.
Passed `6y Council, 12th January, 1849.
Consignee Wanted,,
F"OR nine (9) boxes pickles, rnarked G. H-re-
ei ved per brigW. L. Jones from New York.
J,,, 925,1949. A. N, cKAY & Co.


Advianices on Cotton* -
E are prepared/to make liberal advances on
Cotton, consigned to our friends in New
York, Liverpool, H,;vre, Antwerp and Rotter-
darn. NOURSE, STiONE & Co. -'
Feb 1 4 .46 Water street.

Advances... ,
r- H-IE subscribers; will make libe'rial cash ad-
. var'ces oli cQn-sigrimentsbtl.Cotton to their
friends .i! Livcrpool or New Yf'k. ,,
De' 28 J DAY & Co.

, ". Bird Seeds. ,
1 rf\ LBS. Fresh Canar'vSeeds', just received
100. from H',tVana7 for sale bv
March 1. J C, ALLEN & Co.

Advances., :' .";- .
TpHE undersigned will make libe'ra4 advances
_.on Colttn consigned -to hi fgiends, in Liver.
pool, Glasgow,:!avre Boston or New Y~ork.
Nuv 18 D B .WOOD.

To Rent., '
PART of'the"'Fire-proof Store, No. 24 Water
street Enquire of D B WOOD. *
No, 18

... Insurance; ,
TH'Esubscribers, Agents for The Mtria ii-
surance Co.,", "The Protection Insurancee
Co ," and The Hartford IdsuraeeCI.," of Harit-
ford, Conit.,'are. prepared to take Eire, "Inland
and M.trine Risksbon as favorable terms as any
good i-,fie.. J DAY & Co.
D ec 28 '1 5 4S. .. '

Negroes Wanted.
0'1 LIKELY hands wanted, for, whom liberal
,2 J wages will be paid. Apply to-.
Feb. 8. 4t -ge,.of Screw Press.
YELLOW Pine, assorted sizes and qualities,
Y. Juniper, ,6" '"- 9
Oak Plank, Wheel Arms and Bucket Plank, for
Fe 8 "Cormerce street.

.Lemon Syrup.
A SUPERIOR article, just received and -for
'-' sale 6y
FA.l 3Q T P A T.T T Anr n-

The Protection Insurance Co. ot "eD J >& & o,
ewv Jrersey. Clarified Sugiar.
M :'mt9,-ribhrebei r appointed by the, above in 5 BBL', New Yo-bOk Clriti>d-,'jUst received,
'Ji Clmpany heir agent for this city, is now jJU -anl for sdle by '
pre.ar,-d to take F re arid Marine Risks. Jan 1 i C -A GREEN" & Co.
May 11,18.48.' THOS. L. MITCHEL. .
"*.. Panacea.
S. -,. Pot"sft, Q"WATM &,,HOUCK'S Panacea, just received
S)ff \ !.LBS. just received and tor sale 4y,. 0 and for sale by. .'
, Vt.21 Nfm 4 H F ABELL, Fob I II H F ABELL.

T. upon w-hich the fi-s in-IIg--r.
.. --"' tu a.Lb war talen by Washiagton,-i mti|
-J' 'prese tiedsin Ne.-Yprk, and will be taken
ah o~l.a n ,a*1 cily to'b-e usord at Ibhe iqu.
twi f ji~lliral Taylor. .:
." W /'.; -t- +* --**

--- r

LTEt3 P0,OL--Per ship j a nic-<-9 sacksd
Pea t r F l r- -n -- *; .. *- +"'
SM OT>ILlL<-Per sehr R ingold--3<)0 Efflks sil;
Per schr F!orserlc-.,l.' Back sl

tLemon Syrup.
I 1 RAY'S sul, erior Lemon syrupjust received
and fo r sale by "
Feb 17 H F ABELL,





49--- --P-d-I-I--




n A "At iAr"U T'D Yi T A T,

L. U 1LV1 I1 H1i U 1 A Jr..
Cottou Statement. ILa.a
I vt-wr
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1848 ..... 5r., 573
Received past 3 aays ......... ..5161
previously ..... ....994811
Total........- 100479 60M3
Exported past 8 days .......... 9363
previously......... A4d3
Total .......-- 57396 31616
On hand and on shipboard notcleared 43083 29217


BY WILLIAMK-. mose-,..
G governor f /oida, .v
W HEREAS, It ieqniredI wt '
l Iron beheld in thieStatta .rfae A e
day in May next, for a RK i"er of P Ldail
to hold until the ftrit MoLdayin Octb 1$60, 1i601
ailp, !or Judges of Probate for the ^.rLftorf"
r; tie, to.)6Mhitill'thefirifMondsy ofOc 1e9_.til
and for'Justices of the Peace for eac D in
the several Coiuntieo, to hbld* f4'two YearOlli
of said officerirto continue i-n oftce till tle if, a
cemor atabe elected aid qualified o .y
'IT 15 4EiEB^MY WORtJ5XD,',.k ^i1 b< MMd dec-
Um be held :throughout th St'fc mdli9# to
l aw, and W~e officers whose dulyit islto 0vesu
l erections will take notice herccf.J "- .....*
Witness my hand and tbe great k W-1 The
State given ia the Capirol.; this *40f$'
tSBCAL.] of January, A. -D. 16490 anJ o'thR
'aape.0ence of the United S(Wu,'a I
73d'year. ,. f.
; 'Attest: "".*'l?-'
A M- .-.- E Secretary of-ai.le, '..
; Janruar~y 25,'184" -. .,,)W.! --s '." ',-,:-*-' .
03- All papers in The S@tb e foM t .: For Liverpool. r
E THE new and splendid shli JEE*.
j^^Cap't Ford, will hakre quick dfgpa*Kf-r
3^^ the above port.. Fortf'ra&ht or-a ,
a p p ky to ..._'" "r. "
Feb 15 NOUR.qE, S TONF. &" o
,For Antwe'rp:= ', .
T^ht splin id 'ship PFM. 1HAt.
^^TRICK, Capt. Rock^Fell, will havef cOz.
-S --patch for the above port. '
Feb 8 NOURSE, 6 fNiE:Kr-
For -New York.
THE fast sailing Schooner T16A_
collins, ahter.'Jo n<-w loading "orf%
~ aSIbdve port, will takeA,,'fOe b le~lon dek
ouly. For freight of which aplyl to -
.A.N McKAY& GO..
For New York. -. '
..0, THE inI last aiiinx packet twH^.
j~^PATRICK. H'ENR, Ctsctr, masler,
1A Kwi 11 have dispatch" for the-, poil,
For deck freight, apply to
Feb 15 W-.G.' PO0R`TgRE* &
Eor Baltimore.' ; ......
J'^ THE fast sailing schr- CA'ROLINPi
24" H-ubbard, masiet, will -have dispaft rb: r
ZZ1szthe above port. .For dec. freight'rpais
sage, apply to '.. ,* .* .,- .
Feb 15 Z. I: !_ C.-_ROQEU^.&.kCo.:

-.a THIS hou-e has ben Mnorhu'gblyj
f~lawn tefitted~for-the -easoij._ ^4jbulsgw
'fig!H scribei takes ep]eu'ife 1ih d"ffnt
i tlhe public that fie is Qn" id readi-
:: h neSsfor, the reception.hf p fmapept
'and traynsiethl boaidfers'it1he esnbl'Waes. i" a
chef d'cuisne is an "ar,|.pt.,, ^d t aldel.'i*t
depend upon having aU ll'Ie Inxuru,?i e a'r -lit'
cies of the market seoyd up in lobe bp r
The BAB is now andjtil at all hinmes bei^y.'.
'supplied with the cjoiest. ,Wiues. LiquZte"4aiA
Cigars. A contintiatiot 6f fthe l] hral' Wst.
,herelofore,besttowEd;, is 'sre tfeclfily rysli. -,- ". '
December 9, 1848. .
-,- ?*. .
For Sale.'-.: -
-. LOT ,, block 17j on Broad strwt.r, ^i-
four Wooden Bu-iltdhig.theici_ c J Wt
I.Urlher particular, inqur-oj the, idi.
sci'ier on the prem ises. It' '. ; '
March 1. "". ,. W*, WORRI.EEft. "
.; Foi, Kic zt.-, -* '--
ATHF Dwefliingiotuse la1,lely. 6C6*
by lhe undersigned. <,Terr7W"'afcymm.f." ;
dating.. Apply to ~ = -- .
Nov ,1 2 Columbus loc
'. T o e. '
S"STORES Nos. 6 Cyl1mt*&1 ::.ci,*nid
11fflT18 Wat-erstreet. Ftli lerms, ap 1,y 0o 1 "
,vi1. NQOnaRE,- i .

Hardware, Ship Clan lle1'eryv" ..
T HE Subscribers have on Lad Ifr sah--', "
.L LOCKS, assorted, BUlls, Screws, tHinBs. ".
Handsaws,, Mwillsaws, Crosscut do, IM ""
:Compasses, A',iger<$Gi rblerls, Gh isels; B~ae"
and Bitts, Rulps,'BevelstSqpiar-, BKoossl@B,
Ship 4o, Collins' do, Adze, I-ftthett '.Pu ,
mers, Shutter tangi,,n.., Blinddo, Stelyardsy.-
Counter Scalps;: P allhrm do, Cowltri FdN.-.
Kitcifen Ware; T+ble Cutleiy. S hpvigl rd.
TOngs, Fire hror.s, &e.'. : .' J,
BLACKSMITS'h Belloi-s, 'Anil9,*'Sffpdge.
Ha-mmecs, Vices, ScrepJal's, S[P Ln i0 7
*Dies, Tongs;, Fi'les, Ra.6ps, &c.' "' " .v ."
IRON-Sweeds; Euglii~i~and Anmei ican.,assnrW,'d;" *
-kouud, flat ahdq slare, Band; Ho, p, Sh Boiler Iro, IRatlrriad,-Spike xio,.,-Hfo'?eAlie
,Iron and Nails, Cdst, Enghisht.Bliasf'ptril..
' .', ':Germ an S eel. ;. .T '.- ) -.' .,., .i-.<- *
PLO'TTGHS--,infeIe and .'Dpouble-' forniste1s,,
Cornrrnis,, L.rup"J'Jf..ce"d- ~src
Shovels and 'Spade., Weedling Hocsi.Garde'eD-"' "
\ Laue and 'Grubbing H oe? "" ",'*~\\ **'1:
COROAGE-Man~la- a,,dl-lpnp,, n??nirlpd,Titchi '"'
ar, Rosin, C~oal T~r, Bright Varnish yHand:. -;
. spikes, Blocks,,Oars,-&k-ic.:. '"+-^w w;/. ."
drons, Bakeovens, Spi~rs, P~ts, &rf'i~ld,-
Ke~ttles, Tea Keltles,*'&e. ...'." i- .... id
TINWARE--A' -^i 1assollrrielt., ,:," ". a, +, +, ^
W wholesale or retail. ! \. "
'* ', -' BiC. RaET .)^'.:
Apalachlicota, Jan. 24,J-S49.,."' L ?S .... *
", N o tice e.<- i 7 r, .' i ?.
:'-X wr-ks nftpr date I will a~pi|,to'fhf'@lt^. "
*.u',da+ of Pr,,bate, fnr CaltlA, ebTO',i S^
ida, ';-.r I. tHers of admrinialration.orn lh~efest~t of
William G. Kelly, decea.ed, .|ate of paid *Aunty:'"

MAT F&fA L. K]CotL .
Deciber 28, 1848. .\ ,7r^^ .
.Lard. "
0 KEGS new leaf, lor s le.i -*'- .

Wo6d en Ware., p'.-+'/
BR tSS bound Cedar Pails, Painted BQt3et', -
BDeck Buckets,'Hiciikryand Corn -.roaiqm41r
sale by [Jan J .i.-.. P,AQREEN A-.! q'.
Storage;% '" -- .
rN Fire Proof Store Nd. 24 Wter-stre't, .R',
I Nov 2 D..'B. iffi j -'.>-
q l'+ l tJ PSON f;WMed t:ne,,tA,,? '* -... "
. 'J C ALikG A.;,o.
-, " "ifl f. ." ^' .' ^ -" ^lI .
';.A eACK; 'R-IO'landing-andfV% NIL* -
0UU Nnv 18 "-
.... '!rushed!, *^:-'."- .
.AIR. Hat, Clothe, TeeCi,.Nal a.d^3.lw'"
$Brushes, for sale by ," r'. *, ."-
Fe,^ 4 "* ''H^'..':

AGE, Thvo'atipie;Sustrda esetd for
J hound, Catnip, kc9 just rcT d fbr ada

- '

_ *, Onions.
OR sale by
-F,h 1 '. B 'FLLTSON & C".



a~L ---- "IIC

- =

d f


=' I

,. Notice.
THE firm of Robexts, Alien & Co. is dissolved.
Settlements will be made, and-the business
continued by -F,. C.- ROBERTS.
Apalachiepli. Jan. 13, 1849 .
Boots and Shoes,
FlOR SALE, by the package, by
Nov 18 D B'WOOD.












Receipts. Exports.
1848................99972 57;396
1847...............602".45 1616
1846 ........ ...4...8'43 27626
1845 ...............57901 31154
1844 ................ 89234 54115
1843 ........ ........ 81447 54146
1842 ................ 78955 59427


















T HE-proprietor of the "Athemeuat Bb ling
Saloon" has used every endeavor to gajcke
the e-tablishment ani agreeable place of regsort
and is thankful that an ever di'socrinipang j irb4
lie prove by liberal patronage their appiec-itiin-
,f his desire to please. He wil-afwayk hkel a
choice assortment 'of Liquors, and refrewhbig
bivfi'agcPs, of a s0ilt tokrl'kle thie palate- . td
Bacchus' inoas fAtidiotus so&; 2r-4, 'O ', A%,
cool and delicius, fresh fromotheir nati-ve-bartks.
For a I lea'rai comrminglirg of exerri"e 4ad
ainusemeni-Witie cunt dulce-the i itoohAig
within the circtle if gymnastics to canij'dt h tarb
a gime of ten pins; but those .Wpefes k
active ainnsemenis, can always take a haad.
Come one- com e all."' .. *'
Apalachicola, Dec. 30,.1847. 5tJ"'



atter whether the result of inherent cause of
uses produced by irregularity, illness or acci-
[ent. Nothing can be more surprising than its
nvigorating effects on the human frame. Per-
(ns all weakness aad lassitude, from taking it,
I once become robust and full of energy under
s influence. It immediately counteracts the
ervelessness of the female frame, which is'the,
great cause of Bafrenness. It will not be ex-
sacted of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to
mhibit certificates of cures performed but we
an assure the -afflicted, that hundreds of cases
ave been reported to us. Thousands of cases
*here families have been without children, after
sing a few bottles of this invaluable medicine,
ave been blessed'with fine, healthy offspring.
ro Mothers and Marrined Ladies.
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference to female'Complaitits. No
male who has reasoneto stipposeshe isapproach-
"g that critical period, The turn of lie,
I would neglect to take it, as it is a certain pre-
entative for any of the numerous and horrible
diseases to which females are subject at this time
f life. This period may .be delayed for several
ears by usiug'tls medicitte. Nor is it less wal-
able forilhdse who are approaching W6omanhood,
s it is calculated to assist nithre, by quickening
he blood and invigorating'the system. Indeed,
his medicine is invaluable Tor all the delicate
diseases to which women are subject.
It braces the whole system, renews permahen't-
,y the natural energies, by removing the impidri-
ies of the body, not so far stimulating as to pro-
uce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of
most medicines taken for female weakness and
disease. By using a few bottles of this medicine,
many severe and painful surgical operations may
e prevented.
60et Blessing to Mothers and
It'isithe safest 'and most effectual medicine for
purtfying the system, and relieving the sufferings
attendant upon cjhild-1iirth ever discovered. It
trengthens both tlffi mother and child, prevents
pain and disease,'in'crepa'ses and enriches the food,
hose who have used it think it is indispensable.
t is highly useful both before ahdlafter confine-
nent, as it prevents diseases attendant upon
childbirth-in Costivei0c-s9, Piles, Cramps, Swell-
ng of the Feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vom-
ting, Pain in the Back and Loin's, False Pains,
-emorrfage, and in regulating the secretions .and
equalizing the eircnution 'it has ho equal l .he
great beauty of this medicine is, it is alwayss safe,
and the most delicate use it most successfully,
very few cases require any other medicine, in
some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.
Exercisein the open air, and light food with this'
medicine, will always'ensure a safe and easy (on-
Notice to the Ladies.
Those that imitate Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
have invariably called their stuff a great Remedy
for Females, &c. &c., and have copied our bi`M;
and circulars which relates to'the complaints of
women, word for word-other men who put up
medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.
Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to
females, recommended theirs, although previous-
ly they did not. A number df these Mixtttres,
Pilis,'&c., are injurious to females, as they aggre-
vate disease, and undermine the constitution.
Scrofula Cured.
This certificate conclusively proves that this
Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most ob-
stinate diseases of 1the Blood. Three persons
coredin one "hd&e is unprecedented.
Three Children.
Dr. Townsend: Dear'Sir-I have the pleasure
to inform you that three of my children have
been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your ex-
cellent medicine. They were-afflicted veryse-
verely with bad Sores : have taken airly fd6&, bot-
tles; it took them awayv,'tor which I feel myself
ander great obligation.'
Yours, respectfully,
ISAAC W. CRAIN, 106 Wooeter-st.
Opinions of Physicians.
Di. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders
from Physicians in different parts of the Union.
This is to certify that we, the undersigned,
Physicians of the City of Albany, haVe in namer-
ous cases prescribed Dr. Townsend's Strshparilla,
and believe it'to be one of the most valuable pre-
parations in the'i market.
Albany, April 1,4847.
Owing to the great success and immense sale
of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of nen
who were formerly our Agents, have commenced
making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex-
tracts of Yeliow Dock, &c. They generally put
it up in the same shaped bottles, and some of
them have stole and copied our advertisements,
they are only worthless imitations, and should be
avoided. "
Principal Office, 126 FUETON Street, Sun
Building., N. t.:; Redding &. Co., State street,
Boston Dyott &, Sons, 132 North Second street:
Philadelphia; S. S. Hanee, Druggist, Baltimore;
P. M. Cohen, Charleston; Wright & Co., 151
Charters street, N. 0.; 105 South Pearl .street,
Albany; and by all the principal Druggists and
Merchants generally throughout the United State.,
West Indies and the Canada,.
For" sale wfholesale and retail by
:- H. F. ABELL,
May 2.5, 184S 19-1y Apalhehicola.

An OrdinanLee,
For the Regalation of Quaronine, &u.
SEc. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and
-Council of the City of Apda~vieot6, That
hereafter all vessels or steamboats arriving
in the port of Apalachicola, from{ any port
or place at which cholera, yellow fever,
small pox, or any contagious or 'Infectious
disease, existed at the departure of such
vessel or 'boat from such port'dr place,/or
which may have on board any person af-
hiicted with such disease, shall be subject to
the following quarantine regulations, to wit:
Such-vedsel or boat, on its arrival, sihll
'corib toIan anchor ht the first safe and con-
venient anchorage after crossing the outer
bar, where they shall remain for the space
of forty days, or. until -the passenger.and
'crew shall'be reported by the health officer
to be in a heahhy condition.
WSEC.s. Be it further orddiwted, That any
pilot or other person iffloting r' pdziducting
any vessel 'or teaniboat into the port of
Apalachicola, having "'n board any of the
above contagious diseases, shlaH Utimtbg said
vessel to anchor at the first safe and'oiive-
treit anchorage aftercrossing the outer bar,
qand report the same to ihe Mayor without-
delay; and in default, said phoit or oilier
person shall forfeit and pay to said city one
hundred dollars for every such neglect or
refusal to 'cotnpfy with"til;e Above section.
Sic. 3. Be it furiter 'brdained. That
while said vessel or boat lies in quarantine,
it shall not be lawful for any person, -except
the health officer, *to visit the same or hold
'hny communicatfiti *hh those on board;
nor shall 'it be lawfull 0fr "any person on
board to visit said city,di ,for the master,
owner or consignee thereof to land,o'r cause
to be landed, any of her cargo, or any arti
cle'bn %Dbirh, unless by'writfdn permission
from the Mayor, given under the advice of
the health officer; and any person violating
either of the 'prdvisioii's 'of this or the first
sectionn of this ordinaide, shall be liable to
said city in the penalty o"f fty dbolars .for
each and e.viry suchloffence,41hd toerit'-Jve
-dollars for each and every day thie master,
'*6oner or e n'sirnee of such vessel or boat
shall fail o"r =fhseto go into quarantine as
herein required. ,
SEC. 4. Be it furi ie" 'brdainied, Thai in
case it shall be deemed neceSsiry for the
preservation of the health of said ciiy, by
the health officer, it shall be the duty of the
master o! an'y've l] .or, boat, lying in quar-
antine, to unload and thoroughly cleanse,
smoke and whitewaish the same inside, be-
fore such, res.el or boat s'h'all be allowed to
;pro'eeaoi6sald cilv ; and any peroti failmg
to comply with the provisions of t:bis section,
shall be liable to said city in the ,enalhy"of
'fifty dollars for each and every such offence,
S.Ec. 5. Be ilfurtlwr ordained, That the
ciiy physei.a"p ippoinTed- by (he Council an-
otuall, shaAllbe considered the health officer,
whose duty it shall be to visit all vessels
which may come to anchor atl the quaran-
tine ground as afo0Yeaid, Whd (6xamnihe l'le
pas'sengke's in' crew thereof6, for the pur-
pose of ascertaining whether there exists oi)
board any of tie'diseases conte'mplaied by
the provisions of this ordinance, TA 'Who.
ther any case of such disease has'O'c'eo.crred
during the passage of such vessel, and Ymake
report thereof to the Mhiyur: ; 'and 'for such
service he shall be enitled to We'fti've fromn
the master of such vessel or boat tbhesum of
ten dollars with expenses.
SEC. 6. Be it.further '*daifed., That H'
shall 'the duty of the health officer, har-
bor master and marshal to report to the
Mayor any and all violations of this ordin.
ance. I
Passed by the Council llth January, 1844,

V Tax CoN e ctor'-s Sale.
BY virtue of the authority in me vested by law,
I will expose to sale, before the Court House
Door, i' the City of Apalachicola, on Monday
, the 12th day of March, 1849, between the hours
of ten A. M. and four P. M. the following real
estate, situated in the City of Apalachicola, (as-
sessed'as the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph
bdelafield, Trustees of the Apalachicola Land
'Company,) or so much thereof as will pay the
Traxe- for- IS45, assessed thereon, for the State
"of Florida and the County of Franklin, together
'With the6 cost of advertisement and sale, and
*which said real estate is descri'bed as follows, in
` ,the Map of said Cit(y., v : "
*"Wharf Lots NOs 7, 8, 9-100 feet each.
-',LtS46 and 7 in Block 17.
-" Lots 2, 3j 4, 5,, -1, 8, 9, in 1tock VS.
Lots 4, 7, 8, 13, 14,t5,.16,17,18, in Block Ea.
Lots 6, 7, 13, 14, in Block F2.
Lot 3 in Block D2.
'iLdt4,? 7t S in Block I.
Lots 2,*3, 4, 6,', 48, ', in B-hic-4.
Loits 4, 5,8/7,"8 in Block 8.
Lots 1 to 10, in Block 19.
Lots 1,2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 24'
LoNt 4j 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 26.
-4.ots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in Block,15.
tots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, in Block 46.,
Lots I to 10, in Block 54.
Lots 1, %2,3, ir, 1 8, 9, 10, in Block TI. r
FLON !-2 to t0, in Block 3L
$Lorm6, 7, 9, 9, lf), in Block 189. .
Lot'. 2 to 19, in Block J1. ,
G,,t3. I' t .2: f, in BlU ck LI.tI
L ,ts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, fli Bi..Ik 9.
A-ls.)---Itti'L.au! t-vin:, ohthi We t ,side-of the
Ap-iliehicul i hetiy, North arrd;,Wet of the City of
A,il,''hivcil i, to the \Ve ilrn bound iries of
Fr.,:in m C.vrify; al4,,, St. Vilcent-s Islind. St..
Ge,,r.,e's I.4indi, aha l lmdancl, (exciuive of
that iortim of. t. Geor~e's and D .-:Isl >nd owned
by the U. S. Gvoernmernr);L al,,>, all Lands lying
'East o the Bay of A-) iltichi;li ;and b.-rdering
on St. Gatmi;4Y, Soyij-, and running Eail to the
m-uth ot Ndw River, from thence in, a direct line
to'thi C'li *I, Cut-off, following l tht Apalachi-
cola River d ,wn to its month inclndingr Forbe'si
Island' (s3) called); tha w\'1 ,Ie contai:ding 2S5,000
acr.os of Lthird quality of '-ind, and IUJO of 2d
qtui lity. s
'"" 'BENJ. LUC.AS, Tax A_ipssor andj
Collector for Frinklin Comity.
.. Aalachic,+i,, Otob, r 7, 18f. .39-6.
B. lHllis,>n & Co., Cor. Water attqd
Chesstuit sts.
7AJINILLA and temp Cordage of all sizes,
H-Imbroline, Wormline, Mirline, Spun-
yira, Oak-tim. S,)-rin Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, 'iriseed do, [taw do, Boiled do, Sirits Tur-
pentifne, P-ints, Window (1l-iss, Putty, White
Lead, Red d,), Yellhw Oc')re, Chrome tGreen,
Enerald 1), [:n;>erial do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
di.ris, ,ithragaseleS,iphur, Bright Varnish, Co(al
do, rAr; 4t.)sin, Pitch, Turpentine, Coal, 'Paint
Brusnihes, Varnisih '+l, Tardo, Scrub do. Clamp do,
"Lt.n,? L)1 ,,, Ct'i-lk, WVhiting, Russia Duck. Eng7
lish '- 1 Ci l. H, 11", -eavy Ravens do, Light do,.
Whit.,, BI ,!i I Red 13 uiti,-, Nails, Copper go,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Bra-s, Screws,
,T'ickl Serews, Anchirs, [Aanipikes, Capstain
Bi~r,(, trs, Blacks, Shives, .T!b Hanks, Hand
P i ntVTTlck B v'!ketoCed ir do, Deck Brooms,
I rn 1.), C ilkina, MNillets, S'irvinjgdo, Axes,,Axe
fllves, Caooks an1T,-n;)bles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
in '1 Cauton do, Boat 1f)o,/Fish do, Caulking
'r,13. \fi,'<'iaTr-. ir, airline Spikes; Shk p Sera-
i,,r3, B 1.1I_),4pr-C. Cook's Lablels, Tormentors,
Dtii I'r-',_.,anasses,"33jl Needles, Sail Twine,
-iae j i. 3:-wip. do, P,tlmi, Rizging Leather,
-P'i n i o', h.o t- Hynnimers, [-mtcliets. Chisels,
"'* "ri Pi i iL?, lltsd;saws, (I-inblets, Handsaw
[,il-?-, ,..- T .'jil o,, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,(
'sf.wflct .|1, 1loo.,k3 di.ci $ iaile-, Hi nges. Padlocks,
V,.4 S,,, Purdnit nHa,ily-cl IH and Lines,-
[1:,'!, .Sa 1o, Lhog do6, iih q, ian, Leads, Deep
:-. ,* S'4."; -t A6, -ir b, Funnels, Lanthorns,
-I' tC, 14tl< Ii1-3, P|I11 P.0is,-" f)^ Books, Cargo do,(
|1+iying Pi,.-, rn W tra, Croeke'y, Carpeater's
To'--l'.. Samnpson Posts, c ,..ce.
:A,\piI 'fiol. Dee 9, 1847. .
C. roceries atid Ship Stores.
T") ..0 V'(, J.iv'i d,, S1. Do.rniinzo dc,,,
Northern, 'Flur, Wet do an; N 63 S,,;i,,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
H,-.o, do, Powec'aong- do, Sonchong do, Goshpn
3:tter, OChese, Lird, B-teon taams, Sides, Shonl-
deosy, v > it-es, Whiskey, Mess and Prie Beef,
IIss and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
H-terring, Soiundsan. Tii,,n^.z, Cod'Fisb Tongues,
Pr,.fper, S'lices, Catsups, Pepper-Sauce, Olives,
C tprs, l'ic'lies, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy
Bread, Poi do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruitg,
Be3ans;S-i.ll, esens. Macaroni, Vernacelh, Ar-
row R.oottotn, OanA,1B rckwheat, 'Vtustard, Rice.
Forsileby B E1.,LISON S CO.
Dec 9. Cor. -Nater and Chestnnt sts.

Carston Allars, )
vs. ^ Bill for Divorce.
Susannah Allars. 1
T HE Defendant not having plead, answered
or demurred to complainant's bill, alter due
notfee 6f-the'filing thereof, given by publication,
and thb said bill of complaint and the matters
therein stated having been taken'f6r confessed
against said defendant: on motion of Solicitor
for complainant, it 'is ordered that-said cause be
set for hearing at the first Hay of the next term
of this Court, and that notice of shch hearing
be given to the defendant by the publication of a
copy of this order, once a week for the space of
three months prior to the first day of the next
t'rm,,in'the tCommercial Advertiser, a newspa-
per published in the city of Apalachicola.
A Copy. WM. VALLEAU, Clerk.
December 18, 1848. 49-3m

ITownsend's Sarsaparilla. J
Wonder and Blessing of the Age.
The most extraordinary Medi'cine in the World p
This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles : it is six ir
times cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted su- s1
perior lo any sold. It cures without V
vomiting, pUrging,-tifekening or ; t
debilitating the Patient. i
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsa-
parilla ver aill other medicines is, that while it
eradicates the disease "nt'iiigorates the body. It a,
is one of the very best ,
.Ever known; it not only purifies the whole sys- l
te'iz, Wh1 'strengt|ilefts th.e person, but it creates d
nlew, pure and 'rich'blood: a power possessed by-,
no other medicine. And in this lies the grand .
secret of its wonderful success. It has performed t
within the last five years, &4r e 'than 100,030- "
mires ot severe case ,fi disease; at least 15,000 n
were considered incurable. It has saved the'lives d
6f more than 5000 chihiren during .the two past *n
*iea'sbrrs. ""- < >
10,000 cases of eOenerl Debility <
and want of Nervous Energy,
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla invigorates the
whole system permanently. To those who have P
lost their muscular energy by the effects of med- a
icine or indisereton committed in youth, or the s
excessive indtilgence of the passions, and brought P
on a general physical prostration of the nervous I
system, lassitude, want of ambition, fainting sen-
sations, premature decay and decline, hastening n
towards that fatal disease, Consumption, can be c
entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This i
Sarsaparilla is far superior to any i
Invigotating Cortiaf t
A, it-renews and invigorates the systelb, gives
activity'to the limbs, and strength to the muscu-
lar system, in a most extraordinary degree. v
Consumption Cured. s
Cleanse and Strengthen. Consumptioh can be t
cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Com-
plaint, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spit-
ting of Blood, Soreness in the Chest, Hectic
Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Ex-
pectoration, Pain in the Side, &c., have been
and can be cured. .
Spitting Blood. I ':
New York, April 28, 1847.
Dr. Townsena-:-=I Veily believe'that your Sar-
saparilla has been the means, through Providence,,
of saving my lile. I have for several years had a
bad cough. It became worse and worse. At i
dast I raised large quantities of blood, had night
sweats, and was greatly debilitated and reduced,,
and did not expect to;live. -I have only used your"
Sarsapari4a a short time, and 'thler has 'a won-
derful change been wrought in me. I am now
able to walk all over the city. I raise no blood,
and my cough has left me. You can well ima-
gine that I am thankful for these results.
Your obedient servant,
WM. RUSSELL, 65 Catharine st.
75'This is only one of wore than four thousand
cases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sava-
parilla has cured, The most severe and chronic
cases are wee'fcV eradicated by its extraordinary
virtnes. '
James Cunmmings, Esq., one of t.he assistants
in the Lunatic Asylum, BlackwelI-s island, is the
gentleman spoken of in thefollowing letter:
49tBlakveTl's Island, Sept. 14, 1817.
Dr. Townsend-Dear Sir I have suffered ter-
ribly for nine years with the Rheumatism ; con-
siderable of the time I could not eat, sleep'or
walk. I had the utmost distressing pains, and
my limbs were, terribly swollen. .Ihave tise8.
four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, anA they have
done more than one thousand dollars worth of
good. You are al liberty to use this for the ben-
efit of the afflicted.
Yours, respectfull, v
Fever and Ague. "
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is unequalled in
6ates of the Chills and Fever and Ague. The
fo'llowingletter is-only one of hundreds that we,
have received from the South and West of like
.Oswego, Mich., Oct 22, 1847. :
Dr3. Tovnsend- De.ar Sir--,-I purchased for my
o'i'fE two bottles of Sa'rsapahi'lla of your Agent,
Mr. McNair, of Kalamazoo, to try it for the Fe-
ver and Ague. Before I had finished the first
bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and every
dthe'r (ay, when the Chills and Fever appeared,
nley were less violent; and before she had fin-
ished the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and
she was much better than she had been before
she took the Ague. A lady that had been very
sick-4with the Chills and Fever, but had broke
them with (Quinine, and *as left in a very weak
and distressing state, and r0obled exceedingly
'with the Ague Cake, seeing the effect that it'had
on my'wife, she sent and procured a few bottles,
ana it restored her in a few weeks to complete
health. Your Sarsaparilla is without doubt, un-
equalled in diseases incident to the ,West', a^S it"
you think that this communication will be of us~e
you are at Ijberty.}o ruse it as youi choose.
out's, respectfully,
aank~e in tile DtoUith.
Below is an account o~f another child saved.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has saved the lives
of thousands' of' children." The following two
certficates are selected from a great number re-
ceived this weeft,
: New York, April 1, 1847.
Dr. Townsend.i Dear Sir--One oifmy children
was very sicR w~iEh a Canker in tll^ Mouth and
Throat, attended ,wi(h great debi[ity. It-came
near dying. I obtained some of your e xcellent:
,medicine, and it cured, it directly^i f6r whi.ch 1
asstire youi I f'eel very grateful.
Yore's, respect fully, _.
gE LIZABETH- F OWLER, 27 Desbrtosses, t.
Fits! Fits! Fits !
SDr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsapa-
rilla in eases of Fits, of" course never recommend -

ed it arid was surprised to receive the following
fr-om ah intelligent and respectable Farmer in
%Vdstdhester county':
Fordham, August 13,41e7.
Dr. Townsend: Dearf ir-l have a little girl
seven years 01 age, who has been several ye-irs*
Afflicted with Fits;.we tried almost everything
for her, but without success; at last, although we
could finid no recommendation in our circuiars-for
nespi, like ber'a, we thought, alg she w oas in ery
delicate health, wPe wouls LgiverHer some of your
,,Sarsaparilla, And are, very glad wo did, tor it not
only. restored her strength, but she has had no re-
turn of the Fits, to ourngreat pleasure and sur-
prise. She is fast becoming rugged and hearty,
for wh-ich W~e feel grateful.
; *Yours', respectfully.,
; .~JOHN BU-TLER,, t
V'Female Medicine,,
Dr. Townsend' Is Sarsaparilla is, a sovereign and
speedy :curb for Incipient Consumption, Barren-
ness, Prolapsus Vteria,.or, Failing of the Womb,
Costiveness, Piles, Leijaorrhoea or Whites,'ob-
structed or difficult Mvenstruation. Incontinence
,' of Ure, -of involu O rfIntary discharge thereof, and
or thew general prostration -of the system- no

Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of a writ of fi.'fa, to me directed'
from the Circuit Court of Fraklin county,
in favor of William Griswold and Nath. L. Gris-
wold, executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the City
of Apalachicola, I have levied upon, and will ex-
pose to sale to the highest bidder, at the Court
House door, in the city of Aphlacrficola, on'the
first Monday ih March, 1849, within the legal
hohrs of sale, the following described property,
'to wit.: one large frame building known as the
City Council Chamber, situated on Market
Square; one Engine House and Engine, known as
Boston No. 1 ; and one Engine House iifit-En-
Ogine, known as Franklin No. V. lvidi on as the
properly of the city of Apalachicola.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
By B. LUcAS, Deputy.
January:'11, 1849.

tCh"r ad vantag~e tlocall,efchirietaml lJrtcelffir
oods, before purchasing ehie= ie're.
N. B. Physician's presciptions pvt,K-ab
re and accuracy at any hour oftthe dfBvflrait.
J. C. ALLEN f Co.
Jan '19, Cor. Centre ar ED

T HE Subscribeis have on hand and offer for
1 sale on liberal terms-
SUGA-R-10 hhds and 50 bbis N. Orleans;
10 boxes Woolseys & Stuart's loaf;
FLOUR '-100 bbis superfine St'Louis and'Ohio;
COFFEE--50 sacks Rio and Maracaibo;
MOLASSES-10 bbls new crop ;
WHISKEY-50 bbls and half bbls;
LARD-5 bb ;1a111 10 Keg.:; ,
SOAP-80 bjxes pale, yellow afid white;
STARCH-'0 boxes Colgate's;
PORK-20 .b'-s rn.-s .and prime;
'B3EF --b20 bbis prime:;
TO BACCO-50 bxs and hf bxs favorite'bralrff.1;
BACON-5 casks sides and hams;
MACCARONI-5 boxes Italian;
CRANBERRIES-20 quarter bbis;
DOMES'FICS--25. bales sheetings and shirtings;
OSN A BURGS-10 bales Lowell and Georgia;
GLASS-2'0 bxs assorted sizes;
RAISINS-100 whole, hf and qr boxes";
BUCKWHEAT&--20 keg n ew';
ALMONDS--200 pounds;
BUTTER-25 kegs Goshen and Western;
CHEESE-20 bxs English dairy; .
BRANDY-3 hf pipes Otard, Depuy'f Marfel";
LEMONS-5 boxes Sicly:; ,
WINES-20 doz superior Maderia and SKerry;
A'LE--dozen pale;
Pickle.s, Sauces, Olives, Brandy Che-nes and
Candy, a full assortment.
/ C. A. GREEN & Co.
Dec 28 1 52 Water street.


hardware .Ship C1andiet'r de.
T[HE Subscribers have on hand forrsale-
JL LOCKS, as-orted, Butts, Scews, Hinges,
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crisscat .tod PlMame,
Compasses, Augers, Gi bl eV-Ji '-
and BittsRules, Bevel9.*Sq fBa oad*',
Ship do, Colli6V dly, A dze, Hit"et, Hei. ,-
metrs, Shutter Hangitgs,Blinrd dp.S lyatdx,
Counter Scales, Plaltorm ,doN, CBt(t,
Kitcnen Ware, Table kvfC;ry, Shovel'SlMW
Tongs, Fire Irotp, *c. .*"^
BLACKSMITH$'S14k Be-no44 ,^li Sledgeq
Hammers, Vices, &rewpifa'fes, Wt ;kl nd"
Dies, TongsF ',, ;
fiRONSw'ds En^ a "n_;hl ^*ed

Iron and N Ptq,, av. I
German Steel- '. ,.
LOT'GHS--Single and Double Corn.mhitlers,
Cornn:ills, Logf-hairns; Trace Hp Ox ...o,
Shovels and Spades, Weed!ig Hoes, Gaupn,
>La qeand.Grt-bbh:;gjifes, ..
i ,T' ,Eosjinp,;oal Tar, Bright Varniah, i-rad-
S^ PS lnk ,O T, &c. .. .. 'i,
CASTING8Z-8utyr ,Ee1(e 6ill Psrfd.il
drons, Bake~qenfr, SpresPC%9 tdiain-T
XeltlUs, Tea Wetltls, &c. ,
TINWARE-A full assortment. .
Wholeale 'or retail. "
Aa hi: .r. C, W ..C. ..ft .
Apala hipoa.Ja .^ .lS B ....... .o .

"1 Warrantted to Cure."
C OSTER & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic,
compounded from medicines of our own
forests, a perfect and lasting cure for fever and
ague, and for being the best Tonic in cases of
general debi-Sy 'de Weakness now known, for sale
by [April 27] H F ABELL.

Thompsou's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Napth A,
FOR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron-
chitis, a.t;thma. whooping coughi, palpitation
of the -heart, liver complaints, and affeactions of
the kidneys, for sale by
Ff- bo 10 C ALLEN & Co.

Blank Books and Statftnery.
LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Boooks for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks-
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H. F. ABELT,.

t -

T'I[IHE Sub~'ibers, take this iretbh-L rlnytn'
i.ng the citizens of Apalachicola i.d-
cinity, that they have now on hand -a very, npa![
and well selected Stock of GOODS,_ tritbi ill 1I*
sold low,, consisting.in part astlflw.- .
Cloths and Cassimeres, various sQips. % '
Fancy Prints, do" _- .' "
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figa'ed, "
Silkks, Frofde Ryne '. ,.
.df. Montella
Satin Stril,'d ~ '
P 'ncy ,.'C sh m ere 'ob 'eS :' "-
to. Me'rtn'o /'Q. o .. ,
do.. pelainie "do, :.
Mf.slins, India Book *,*" l
do. Swiss, Lnce andr,6Coltr^*- -. ,
Edgings, Lisle, Cai.a nd Tbread.. .,:
Shawls, Damask Silk
do. Marino, '* "
do. Plaid Wool .
Kid, Lace and Silk. Gloves .. x
1.'Uskan ,ipsey Bonnets, latest-fashlo'017 "
gibbons in all varieties '' *;*'* *
Shown Shir't'g', Ti-S4 -4 and 3-4-
jeafiih 'ianS. 7.'8,A 414-4- IUb-4nfl
alanket,,-; 4 and d -4 t'

B apetl ly* a, ^
Hats and Caps, a i style '- "b ,
Boots and Shoes "' -
Clbtking-.of allJRinds, -<; ,-''"
Also, a neat assortinientrof JEW.EL*V.1!gni
many other artices too-n.uxea bs x o %metibn. ,
.Call and.eamjrymeV~,. /,p,
c 2 :A.er n.: .e.2-.

OnTUNg-S f 'Ifolf; as86Yled'iAWii:"y'
, U&fikegs k Nails, ,.'. ,t -. *,-" -. ,
4 casks Weeding Hoe/r, assorted qualifti ,
20 Blackimithdsrel FiacldARnviRN," -'j"
20 V ngi sh ^lAfleiaBVi
^0 ( ,Bellows;
12dozen logaaesl anid Sho.Velsf-
16 al Collini' Ajcesi ^ ,. r,
10 bxs Cotton, and Woolen Gar ; ',...
i pase Rowlapd's C&Qt Steel Mil Sal ; .
1.00 0 IB.Casl and German Steel, forsl~e by ,
,. WMG..PORTU.Rl&-)..
Dec0 : -":'. ': 41 41 -

An Ordinance,
To amend an Ordinance, entitled an Ordinance
concerning Slaves," &m1
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by' the Mayor and Coun-
cil of the, City of Apalachicola, That from and
after& the first day of March next, if any owner
of any slave shall keep, oft.causelt0 e kept, any
slave in any house on any'lot in this city, With-
out having a White man residing on !he sa'rhe, 'or
shall suffer or permit any idave to'occupy a hiuse
oo any lotin this city, without having a white
man residing on said lot, -the person so offending
shall,'on conviction, be fined five dollars fur.each
and every day. that such slave shall be so kept,
suffered or permitted--one half to go to the per.
son informing; and it shall be the duty of the
Marshal to report to kr'e Mayor the names of all
"such slaves as may be found dccupying or living
on lots contrary to this ordinance. L I
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That in case'
the owne ot -ny slave found living on'or occult.
pying a lot contra-y to this ordinance,, shall be i'
non-resident of this city,, on lsuch fact being )re=-
-ported to the .Mayoi by said Marshal, oi" other'
person, he shalLiss'ue his p'lie'66pt to the Marshal,
commanding him forthwith to remove said slave
so found living or occupying as aforesaid; and th'e
said Marshal shall be allowed therefore the s9m
of three dollars, to be paid by the'owner of said
slave, and for which execution may issue on the
judgment of Mayor's Court; and any such slave
found offending against said ordinance a second
time, shall, on conviction, before. the Mayor's
Court, be liable to be' punished by whipping,
with not less than ten .nor more than thrty-bhnt
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That this ordi-
nance shall not be deemed or held top apply to
any slave living on any lot adjoining, or within,
one hundred yards of the residence of the :owner,
hiFer, or person actually employing said slave.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That it shall
not be lawful for any owner of any slaves to hire
or let to sduh slave his oa her time, and that any
such person so offendin't shall be liable to the
said city in the penalty oitone hundred dollars,
bnvf4brth of" *-*ie pefltay (when bultecttbI) to
go to the i dffloi.. "
Sec. 5. Be it tUrither ol'daineldi that ht" imas-
ters of all slaves tused.as public porters; laborers,"
laundresses, or for other pdblic uses, shall re-
ceiv.from the _-Clerk of the City a license for
such purpose, for which an -annual-, f .t 4 five
dollars shall be paid, four dollars of whcbh shall
go to the city and one dollai to the C&lef, aind
that itlshall he thd duity of the CJodrk issiingi uch
license, to give a badge having pointed the nml-
bet of thfl itlense granted for any or all o0 the
purposes herein named,-in legible characters,
and vhich is to be worn by the slave dpin a con-
spicuoius pari of" hi peirord-; :ad aif o~nerj'f aby
slave, offending against thedprovisiond of this slec-
tion, shaill be subject to a- penalty of ten dollars,
one-half (when collected) to go to the infprnier.
See. 6. Bejt further ordained, That alllotdi-
nanices heretofore passed,"tl,nflicting ,ith this
ordinance,'be-and the danriei ai'e hereby repealed,
Passed oby-C- d -neil, 3j (>h Ja ruary, t1,49.

Hydgoitatie ink- Founntain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks;
.Sand -Botea, Paper Folders, $tanps, Sals;
Paper Clasps, Weigh-t &c. for sale-by
Nov IS J C ALLEN & Co.

Chloroform !
WARRANTED pure, just received and for
s hv
Nov 18 J C ALLEN & Co.

Dry Goods.
DRILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Lirfseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweed-, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c. &c,
For vale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnt sts

Dry Goods, .
r]HE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
1, sonable stock o'" Dry Goods, consisting in
p.irt of-
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Bangups and Tweeds, .
Super plain black and fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths,
W rhitney lanktis, 10, 11 and 12qrs.
drffil Blanikeis, 8, 6 ana 0 qrs.
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 1i and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking, : .
.Liten. and Cotton Checks,'
Irish Linen; Shiirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, Frefich and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams;
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra Supeir Muslin de Laine,
English, Seotch and Amhetican dA.
Super Italian-black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee'Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madrag and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies Cotton H6se and Gents Hf-hose,
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Veistings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslihs,
Jaconet and Cambric Musliris, /
.Needles, Pins, Tape, &c,. &c.
AWhich, have been selected with great care in
New% York and Boston, from Importersand Agents
o4 Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now dffei'ed/at wholesale or retail on favorable
terms by_ WM. G. PORTER.& Co.
Dee. 30. 1847. ,1.1441, Water street.

Wood Ware, &c.
ARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Budkehs,
Brooms,'&c. &c. for sale by t
, Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.


. HHDS St, Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar; i
20 bb! St Croix "
i5 by S`ewart's LMaf "
10 bbIs ground. "
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java,
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do;;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
100 bags Shot; 59fkegs Powder;
100 lbs Lead; .
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale'by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Iron, Nallsg Steel, de.,
.. TONS Sweeds, American and- Englis
30 Iron, assorted sizes;"
30 dozen Braoe's Hoes;
- 20 dozen Crown do;
10 dozen Shovels and Spades;
100 kegs Nails, assorted sizes;
600 lbs Cast and German Steel;
20 doz Cotlln's Axes, Georgia and Kentuck
pattern ,
q boxes Cotton CardS '
4 .do dottee s ih;
10 kegs 5 and 6 inch Spikes; for sale by
C. A. GREEN & Co.
Dec 28 5:15 Waterstreet..



Wistars, a6rid Swayne's Balsam
of Wild Cherry,
TUST received and for sale by


Cotton Hooks,'
F"OR sa1e by .
Jan 11. C A GREEN & Co.

S: OTCH and Macoboy, just rec'd, for sale by
Jan 25 J. C. ALLEN & Co.


J thtq *Iii to.^a
stock, reontra k^ ttpr ml nwlr
and cojaplete. ]nglshF2plci, In hinch
American Dugs; 1Alfei PrtUy-~
and Druggists lRtaa way, ,&Cc'olB .-
to Physicians, Country
the most liberal te gS
pare and'ta~dtdtlrit. W "- .

Apalachicola, Nov, 2l 184. .,. ..

lbrog and la"Kiite* 7:
S.THE subscribm bam, 40& OM
^*ecoustaotly Wae, on band,*;)
awartoaMn of DU psi
TWE. ^ S, which, tbq a "win wmpt
a ureand oftbebesnlity. C

: J. SPIEWNVM ,.,,
HfSSecondiStory BaltzeIl's- BeilWf,
^^^^^^ (ntraibee on ChestuwI-alt \
H1. APrraCHwso",'A-
N B. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry vsfy"-
repaired. ,;, October 21,.1847.

%07*wlinig RUaonAnd^^H

Boots and Shol.nh -,-,., -;
T) QY'S and ,Men's. Russel Irogma ;..,d";*'. :
IJ Men's qew'd and peg'd Kip Bla* -,, ;
G ents fi ne C alf B rog ans ;" "- " '7 '
wm's peg'd and sew'd qhbbb" hA S:
Super Ladies' Kid'and Af^ e-
Super Ladies' coa-se na0 fiITe'Bllfto'6& "' "'" .
A large ana e-teniasotU .g rc~B
and for saf by'. ', WM.. IO', WK 0e- I
Dec W P... :, "4d.sl-- '
Herys WarnesI ,

_ ___~ ~_ L I _~_

iC2egal ~Qotftag.

__ __~_T_


- _r_ -1 -.' som '1'-Obow



5(\ BtL, Champagne, fr sa'le by
t0J Dec 30 B ELLISON '-. Co.
SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by. ti
bale and case, low for cash. by
Dec 9. Oor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Tanners' Oil,
FOR sale .y
Dec 30 B EitITSONT-& Co.

',A[N'., Plhiin Urons, single and dotible, Ham-
mert?, Dnw Knives, A-i,'jr., Altuer Bits,
Sfri'<'B~acs, "mTimner Scribes, Turn Screws,
Mirkint Gule-'. Moftics d(, Saw Sets, Wood
Rifles, Adzes, -Wn'inhes, Stw.4, Locks, Hooks
arAd "3tales, Butti, Screw.;, tines, Shutter Bolts,
Bradi, Tacks, Cf,;)?er Wire, Malting Ladles, Rat
Tr,-n, AAxe.i, Hitehet., C,'J,!e Mills, Sledge Ham-
(t'sr, S*ri'th T ng, Mill S]v.V., A ils, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLf-O; & Cm.
De,' 9. Cor. Water ani Chestnilt t.4.
n V f^"- tro-i, Scotch do, Wee~linsi and Garden
0 J,,,s, B1v-k- nithk Bollow',4,"Cotton and Wool
*Car hI, S des artI S ovel. Cauldron and Sug4ar
Pani,Plou hs, ,-. &c.. for s4ale hv
.' R' -LLIS')N & Co,
- D?c '} Cro. 'V ,i'r and Chestnut st..

BO.) FS, h.,e and Rrh.'.,n-5, by thecase;
Women's Shoes ani Biskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans; -
; ,,' *" fine sew'd Brogans;
'* Men's pegged Boots"
1 ," fiap. sewed Bodts;j.
Ruset Brogans. For sale by:
--'- B. ELLUSON & CO.,
Dec 0. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
B"t-gging and Rope.
)Or PCS.. uperinr Keutucky Ragging,
., \. -10 call'-s ,- .-', -." Ro pe-j
'Just received adfoi, r sqle l,wV for cash, of ap,
proved p rapiry-byi ;+'',' *:
.. ...... NqU.RE, STON,' &, Co.
Feb 1 ri rWter street.
Baagiig a wd Rope.
f- \ PC,. KeItolcl. ; -2.ibale.Iln(lia; 100 doitsA
Oljk] R.ipe, for sA'e by .
"I fan, I C A GREEN & do.
< ., Buckwheat.
-' [f. B AQ.9; 25 kegs new Buckwheat,, just re-,
:/ ,. ceived, and for .sale by
Jan I I C A GREEN& Co.

2.40 -, Sugar. r
O-nr S S" am Refined, for sale by
20U'0 0 D B WOOD.

For Sale.
1e '[RKIN-3 of !p.r,or Butter, of La,
< Dec2, NOURjE. STONE & Co.
r Osabargs.
.i'IEORGf A and L.vxeLl O.nabitrgp, always on
IT' hand, at the lowest rates by
Jan 11- C A GREEN & Co,
.. Georgia Osnaburgs,
D..e,2& -'.*, *' '..... 53 Water street.
-. 0o ffce. e
f]if1 SACKS RIO, landing and for sale by
.I0 J Nov [8 D B WOOD,-
, r "Brushes.
"tTAIR, Hat, Clothes, Teeth, Nail and Slhaving
S ..l. Brushes, fpr sale by ,..
6?b324 14 F. A CLI.,
,. ) resh, .Aerbs, .
?1GE, Thelhe, Summer Savory, Boneset, Hoar-
0. hound, Catnip, &cjust recdand for sale by
'Jan '35 J C ALLEN & Co.

NewDry Goods.
AUSTIN & LONG, successors to J -Stevenrpn
& Co*, are just opening at the old siandicor-
ner of Water and Chestnut streetsi an eniire new
stock 'of DRY GOODS, SHOES; HA TS, &t-. to
which they invite the attention of the former
customers of the old firm, and the public.
Apalachicola, Nov. It, 1848. .. 43-6m,
Note Paper.
'PERFORATE. adE,_4bPibcssed Note PapeW wfr,
5-" sa e .by :.
Dec 9 J C ALLEN & Co-,

J Nov 11 J.C. ALLEN &Co.







; ha














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mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated March 1, 1849
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mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
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mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: March 1, 1849
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
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System ID: UF00048473:00142

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Cc Z <41 '; I'I

.,' .
.. -
'1/1. '''''-.?" .. '- '


I A' '- ......f.......,. .,,,M"
. "
.... -
.. ; i"4

.;"' !)'.u .'!1.....'....

eminttcM U't t t' t ;f. ; : ', 1.

rT-i -: J .
.. '
< .... )
I .

-- ; -- --_ .. -.. .' "...' .,.;


._ ". u .. 5.

==- Holdcn'- Dollar Magazine I I The Leading Periodical In America 13tuintnu Dfrcctora! i I ijuriLntmi IDfrttt01J!?. -.1 I f fJctUantOtt1J. A NEW Rut FOR 'Snips.-Captain R.- B.

BEST! !! T _. }.Forbes of
LARGEST CHEAPEST !,! : Boston a gentleman who bu
GODET'S LADY'S BOOK A. & P. C. Kain Corns and Cotton. devoted much attention the
PAGES IN TilE VOLUME "Win. G. Porter & Co. W. ii- to improvement

T08 Splendid Wood Engrav; "For 18 O.dedicated DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION COMMISSION MERCHANTS I There nre two souices-( pain in. our of the model and the rigging of ships haareee'nlly

'B to 20 each Month !'! to the Ladies of the United States. MERCHANTS, No. 4 Columbus Block,. I country which by many are entirely overlooked published A pamphlet! on those and
jugs No. 41 Water street, but nevertheless kindred subjects which has
are a great affliction : attracted the
Edited SARAH J. HALE .
by Apalachicola.JCp :
Dec 30 Apalachicola, Fa. .
to those who favorable notice of the Boston
Magazine, universally GRACE GREENWOOD arc doomed to endure the press. Among
unrivalled Family made '
This ed by the'Pr**:* as the BEST AmericanSli and L. A. ODEY.A U. l'. Nouree, H.'B. Stone, H. W. Brooks. of{Cotton:: Liberal to their advances friends in Liverpool en consignments!, Glasgow, I evil-wo allucje( to corns and cott n. The other matters of interest brought to the notice -

' l published, offers at the commence- Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who con- Noursc, Stone & Co., New York and Philadelphia.Jan. I Yankee dandies and belles who pinch their : of ship builders is: the improved rig;

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WERICAX" PORTRAITS, Character.We COMMISSION and FORWARDINGMERCHANTS COMMISSION:: MERCHANTS, crops on hand, are well acquainted with' introduced t) Captain Forbes :
./UIERIC1.7'lLES, intend merely to give a notice of our inten- No.:52 Water street: the other. Without
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa. Both of these clases of sufferers reducing the surface of can
.1.AtERICwi.SKETCHES. tions for next year, leaving: to others long advertisements No. 53 Water street, the would feel vass necessarytm'fIopel! the he
from the Painting ofonrbstarlirts.incIndinpCole.Gisiious.Dnrana (Agents:: for LLOYDS ; also, Agents tor greally relieved if they could! ship has so
A ,erie of En2ravin' ; -" full of sound and fury, signifying nov21 Apalachicola, Fla InsuranceCo. I
: ".Etnaln&uranceCo/'the "Protection get rid of their excrescences. As an act of arranged it, that the top-sails and maintop
' 1 others, is in vij.'rou preparation, iiMhin/ Apreeablyto. the practice of'lKst yearthe publisher Ha 'ier & Holmes, C ." .and the "Hart rd Insurance Co." Hartford benevolence, therefore, we wish to call'tlfeirajientiorrtion gallant sail have tmly single rref in.uch.

hliSfftcile peacil of the inimitable DARLEV will issue as gooH a number each month as COMMISSION MERCHANTS, n.Ct.arles to a subject mentioned by the which, when once ID, the ship i U as snug aa

? now actively enzi: : >d in eiirirhmR- llnldenfatrtotof lie does in January. This, is a novel feature in also, Rogers .._ Eugene W. Rogers. London correspondent of the New York if under close reefs of the old rig ; and fhitf

wIth hi* the. Public Men of .:*-*- Magazine: publishing: During the whole of last Jlgenl* .for the Chas. Rogers & Co., {"Commercial Advertiser, which will convince is accomplished by having long lower mastheads

f1ca. year h gave more engravings and more reading; SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY COMMISSION: MERCHANTS I I them that better days are coming." That upon.which the first topsails' are sri.

The PORT-HUTS OK DISTINGUISH> .\MF.RI- matter thai any of his contemporaries, and will of the Cit!, of'ew York, Water street., writer says : His rig in fact, has Iwo lopsails upon each

c-iv Oivivrs i will be continue din eviryn abrl'I'IIJre I cm1 i tine! to do so next year. Those who subscribeto No. ;31 Water street, Dec 9' Apalachicola, 'Fa. ". There is a new patented material (lor topma t t. one .above and the other below the
with lif -li'ketrhe) < ot thdr lives GODEY'S LADY'SBOQKI may do so under tee 12 Apalachicola, Fa. N. J. Deblois. boots uid shoes, called the Pannas corium cap. The nautical H ;JJ"r will thereforeperceive
n.i.l. inni-trv. C: iri! N .V. T.VOOD. COMMISSION AND FORWARDING or leather; cloth, invented) by a person named that the upper topsail can alwaysbe
'TILES. roEir*, alone than sub-
lh ir in the Magazine by
: m.i'iey Wood V Ballon
MERCHANT Hall, which has with lo (he last because
SKi FCiIi i S, met a great share of moment simply -
RE VIE :r'\ scribint! other work. To this i is! added
I No. 44 Water-street! :! if be
public from the can taken in. and then
? patronage easily ,
W IY0..V. Royal family
TR I and iicl'i'l.'il; in ;the same S3, the LADY'S DOLLAR Olh'ee No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
TOPICS Or TIIE Mf\TH. I XEWSPAPER, which contains in one Jan )16 Aalacliicol.t[ F.ALVA !. Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa. down. The material is cotton, but has the without reefing at all. the ship i is at once

evervlhi,i .iinwinz! Iz.Irti'-: gloss i and) general of leafher equal to one of the oN rig. under double
a-tl! J will e-n'ir.fc iri' 'ith nearly, if not quite as:: much reading matter WYLIE. W1\I. A. McKENZIE. ;A.; N. McKAY. N C. ROBBIXS. CHAS. PRATT.A. appearance and
te-\ all I a -'tItl.' 11"1:1 tif'':-r."iuriow">rM. I as the other monthlies, making for $3, the receives a polish from ordinary blacking and reefs. His yards moo, are so arranged that,

\" ;t 1-'.& nil.' :;! i.nvi.u>, fie i* litor i< r-"r.fji"al I :an
.!ut i/1\' rivMlry r-in .tr--t.r; : .r.ip; witi. n le..":i-n its .: xnE vECOUARITIKSabout Godey's.La- COMMISSION MERCHANTS COMMISS ON MERCHANTS per part; of the boot or shoe, the sole, being and mainmalt are of ihe same dimensions

vili .:!d w 'r'ii' jrt.l tie t.tl.r" II ttlu? worl U<, dy's l B-II' tor the, ladies! >that no other Magazine No. 42 Water street\palachicola, No. Water-street, leather. It is said to be as:: durable as I leather au advantage! of no ordinary importance in

1 1-1 1 1'.'.e. cturj-t.T.: hlcrary in Til,-.rid illatiMtivvThe ; Pu4' i$4g5. There is a Mezzotint and Line En- Sept. 1, 1517. Dec 15 Apalachicola, Fa. nevTr cracks or splits, and possesses the the event of disaster aloft. The! rig has been
h..t'\h. ravriz in etch number-both by the best artists. S. & J. Sell iffel". -- -- --- tested in the
advantage; of not drawing the foot-a fully auxiliary steamship Massachusetts
llntlKl :3Iaiziiitt In a-l.liti'tu! to these, there are given monthly WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, J. C. ALLEN. JAMES I. GRIFFIN.J. great
V: 1MB NIX-'r-E\TT.l 1 :: CEN'TUUVI! wi: 'I nu other magazine gives-a Colored Fash- iO-!: P drticular attention paid to putting upfamily. C. Allen & Co. desideratum!! % for persons wilh tender ft: .- the bark Edith and lastly in the

N > tjr ilv: Iii the tn,1 ca'i! :ifl >nl! to be wil'mutU t tI inn Pl.itr with a full description! This feature steamboat: and ship stores. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in They yield to the action of the foot without fine bark Samosct int voyage round ihe

I aJ" i in! itscir-le ; fur vvli-T: *\1-: '., a p.n.ilicaln H ;peculiar to Godey. as no other work has them No. 49 Water street, DRUGS & MEDICINES, PAINTS, SPERM, the slightest; pressure. I speak from experience world. During the whole ol that long ,oy-

(- t b --Hi'itii'i'1'! "Iv ir 1..1' the trifl: of e.-iTV Ih'IIJh) and colored. Then there are Caps, Nov. 14 Apalachicola, Fla. WHALE AND LINSEED OILS ; having used them in my family." age-and the vessel often experienced heavy

OV8 JLL4ii !iri'iK; : Chemisettes, Equestrianism for La- H. Chemicals, Glue, Indigo, Glass and Putty ; Foreign That is the very thing ; and, although we weather-all hands were nrvr called io reef

fc'-j vttiil: : tl'l t wi'b tm !',. rib,!? h.-... with Engravings. The LadicI':: \Vork Ta- F. Abell RETAIL, and Domestic Drugs, White Lead:Varnish ;are not as badly corned as some of our topsails. The watch on deck handled the

Tir %' mt fil urr of Ilsl.Ien i.*, t lltt. tp'iite l hIp, with designs: for knitting, netting, crotchet, WHOLESALE DRUGS MEDICINES AND ,, PAINTS, Dye-Woods, Spirits Turpentine, neighbors, our feet feel better already.- vessel in weaihers.. Anti let il be remembered -

ft-i.'ijf p",.:1II iff..Iwricm in sentiment nii'l :t id ;dl nth r kinds of work. Patterns for DEALER IN OILS GLASS, fcc., &.c. Patent Medicines Congress Water How we shall shine iu our new leather that, though designed fur the freighting -
f't'iiiS, it iT'i/i'r.. a'lI el.},}.Jif'f nil Cir. b'.iutu >:no'I .;iu: Caps, Chair Cover, Window Cnrtain?, Also A general, assortment of Statinery. French Chemicals, &.c. &c. cloth boots The Commercial', in its ex- business, and consequently of a full mo-
..f /I" />' 'i'i. E ixWani.l-n-ricin; Peritislitt lO'l--! Purses Bags, &.c., &.c. Health and ALSO,
of Chestnut and Water streets, stacks; at this new If this del, she made an uncommonly quick
Cur. discovery
: voy
ic'iife :
and illustrative April 11 Apalachicola, Fa. BLANK BOOKS STATIONERY, &c., &c. should prove correct, a new source of consumption age. Capt. HoHis her commander went
. u'I'i?trtiJJ' it r I'M Kiiryflopr.Ha: thr (; iz'tl"r. ro'JOd |III 1 ins, other engravings: always !- ,
Ihr: Qnrtrt.
\etc tjt.ijHf, it, in,yt xcp'irntf! and >1i.1inrfrum. printi-d!! .>n tinted paper, which} may be taken out .COMMISSION :MERCHANT, Jan 18 Apalachicola, Fla. of mils almost. indefinite." Yes and we came back its ndmirer. Results like( these

'.7(/, ',:t1 77'J* ?**/in j rn.iu'h'pf( thi-ir Parian quzii : !- an.) b-.und.. Colored Modern Cottages and C.'ldredt..iI1sv.t. ; <:) No. -13Vater street-Up stairs, Commission and Auction Room, already see the astonishing change in business speak for themselves." _

: iitliaut: t.i eva nnl jfS'4to ri fry rtfi Icr.Til Pieces occasionally. These are all extra Dec. I, 1817. Apalachicola, Fla. EUFAULA, ALABAMA, that must follow this new turn in the
,- -,11'rt 4 if! t'\f E.lllllr I / haWn t.) .;jvo aTl i.-i (i'uL-v! an J to be found in no other Magazine. wheel.! Tanners and curriers of the long MODEST:! LITKRART R.: UST.One:

; ( : :v 'M.VH :\[ ,-'a-ilsE KHR INE TII'nr I Thesvre\ atl given last year, and will be con B. S. hawley, BYJ. -. tried stamp, will be numbered only with the : morning: said, Scuit 'I I ol' /ned M huge

Vui---_ aiH;\ a -iuticu: at nolI II'I will show I heX tinued. Inaddition, we shall havein every- No., FACTOR AND COMMISSION.MERCHANT, B. STARR & Co. things that "were," and the ihouSanris! of lump of dispart' !i. without looking; how. U
:.riLt: t-- 'iw, he ;only a k* ihe su'pnrt; | ( of t the in' of No. 25 Waterstieet, We having received a full share of the patronage old fashioned Cr spins must to the was addressed, never doubling that it had!
and return will give iu: >Mve- CHJ IF.'S SKETCHES OF AMERICAN Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa. last "go
tva i nlv, in! ; II CHARACTERISTICS[ from the Merchants of Apalachicob shades ; while a new race of cotton boot travelled under some omnipotent. : nk.li, ,o
11I"'lt.' : 4' ttv; ;\r. Jf1Uf1lte.t. will feel thankful fur the same in our line
the First Lonl of the
season, *
&f: Joifccs and shoe manufactures will AdmiraltyV: nhitnji| ,
:...JU' i-< ih. time to u'vcriV, as thosei \ nv,-t amusing series, now first given to the Avery of tr.e coming winter. spring up to
. III :irot'Ill ceve; tn! tiNt i'fI'lrl-i0'1:1 of I II4 AifccViiMii. : ; public. Tne&eiJ1 be illustrated in GROCERS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Eufaula business, Ala., Nov./14, 1S4S. 4tf: supply their places. But this is a world of and behold ihe contents pinvt-d lo he a MS.

( > C lrt\'I'I!". T'p. N fI'S C.ttl h.! flrli.h! : d fr'lfo., verv X.i by a Story from the powerful pen of T. No.4J Water street.Apalachicola Fa. changes, and we may as well! have a so.naer- play by,3 young lady of New York who

J'Ii\'. 1 J-|I'st;; if wic'ieJ by subscribers that ri.nnth! "; Arthur E."iJ.-:: .- Dec 5 --- -, Eufaula Auction and Commission set in hoots and shoes, as in an"IIJlng else kindly requested me to read and' rnrrect it,

'' 'lp tit" ( 'i'l,i thf ,iir,ivi!' u volimifi ', THE GRANGES} 6F FASHION,", BENJAMIN: ELLISON WILLIAM A. WOOD House, especially when it will ease our corns and equip it with a prologue and epilogue prp-:

i Dl'.l; ; FOR 1> IO":'-(1X( ADVANCE.) !1 lIu..lrated. by Fay Robinson, Esq This series B. Ellison & Co., BY consciences. cure for it a favorable: reception from I KB!

( 1,1\., :. ..Oie \ .ir..I! 0') will !v> very i interesting to I the lilies.: COMMISSION, MERCHANTS, mmnagersofDrury Lane, and make-Murray

:; c' till"; '; .. .. .". .'. .1 0'):) "THE APPLICABILITY. OF THE FINE AND OKALERS IN: D. ANFOStTH. .. --- or Constable Heed handsomely for ihe -

II I (".':Iie4. ... e.. . ee e. . . .1 15: uJ ARTS TO DOMESTIC USE";' DRY TIX GOODS WAKE, GROCERIES HOOTS I ShOES, HARDWARE::: HATS Thankful for the patronage hitherto received THERE[ WERE GIANTS INTJIOSE DAYS." / ; arid! inspecting the rover, ] found copyright that
P1KEUIU.1X: N no'h..rscrie of F.ng'raVing* now'in p'reparatinn from the Merchants of Apalachicola, he would -Professor! Sillimnn in one of his lectures
CAPS, CROCKERY; SHIP I had been charged five pounds' ) odd fur ihepostage.
, i* wt-TM.t"r.:, fir others? sifiithn.: '2 I nam1: .: tUft f ami will be published during: the year. CHANDLERY, fcc.CpT. respectfully solicit a continuance of their favors mentions I the discovery of an enormous animal .* This bad

.; ') .lnll.ir. ( i, will rive: \-11 l I II I ,'i!' lln\s: ?l iit- COTTAGE FURNITURE. Water and Chestnut sts.: Eutaula, Ala., Oct. 27, iSis.roftniioltaI 4\>-sW1L of! I the lizard ,tribe, measuring eighty was t'I\laugh-hut ihere

:'zi\hn.j4 u uncivil.)1: I ill n'ilii i: an.! :.;;ft I cJjeif.'S ; I'! ivii4 :given so many\ Model) Cottages,we intend D.*c 9 Apalachicola, Fa. --- feet in length! from which he infers that all was no help an I :zi loaned amid sithmilttd.-f-'

\ t'\r.,,.; (j, '.!-9$ .j.) 1"1':" tn commence 'the publication) of Cottage* CHAS._ P. GUSTAVE ROMAIX. : :Notitci!;. animals! ; have degenerated in size-and this A fortnight or after, another packet( of no
I'hrui1hie-a! necessity appendage to a l.'CALL'\L = less formidable bulk arrived and I
: .W. 1 lI.'J tDEX. % very } :; : fortified ; w.s absent
C41.\ltf.t IifCalla & Romain, --- ------ 'supposition is by a reference to the
1 :U \.i'ai-'re4( XV.. O ,na;'j. --- enough lo break\. its seal too. without exami
RELIGION AND HISTORY. COMMISSION: MERCHANTS, M D. history of giants in the olden time. It appears
SYDNEY GREEN nation. Conceive .
a'p' Pr.'ctII horror lien
p. c. r. "Iii.r" ( -.ii'i: Block. from the list furnished the my out
; ',i. 11'i. ., I ..tiri t Ihph.lzi'l: !: el'i.'i1r14t1v1 i O'ir ';u'M rior Artists, Walters, Tucker, Pease No.9 Columbus by Piofts- ., ihe identical the
a' t : a'I "! Fla.UUdC1VOO(1 May be found at his residence corner 01 jumped same irajjedy
I Oc?
Apalachicola that of the
: and \\Vicli now engaged upon a set plates Nov. 18 sor we present day are mere
| will h >!>titlfil to the s!corul: volume' are the Mansion b Cherokee Lovers,' uiili s-econd
3 1 Centre and High streets, opposite : : epistle
Turn Thumbs,
!11 l ,I H.,;is' \1 *z. !.iie !Is iui.i<'vjifly h.iuiul' in 1II\1, lia illustrative of these two subjects.OUfc & Caigli, House. Nov S.W. when compared with the from he authoress staling; that as the winds

II 1 ;.It- 'U-.I i 1. a'I id 1 in a J liti'1; a <;)l<'ii
  • original ,
    fur mostly ,
    I 'I i.r''i' I P.: I'nvi'i! !, o-i: tinteil (P tlbL'r, ,.1! I lI. riPiriv .Prcp'-trM: expressly G. M. Davis, the list-
    decide vessel entrusted with her former
    '; K: I>tor lit t tie: :':l'ylr'i' Trih'I'dr.ti.n aiitifiilly' printed has long commanded a BALTZELL'S BUILDING CHESTNUT-ST. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, The giant exhibited in Rouen in 1745 communication
    Rich.iu1h ; J1 vl pr-tVrence over that of any other Magazine. Fa. might have foundered! ; and there
    ira".uV hI)1Th.'I./. :an-l en raved by: : I Apalachicola, Offers hisservices to the public in either of the measured over eight feet.
    1 bii ,'. will hIS imiltf'! t-, <': 'h 'rs t It H a t failure in. The Book. fore, judged it prudent to forward a dupli
    ( < p-ip CHARACTER OF GODEY' (\0-All orders attended to with punctualityand above capacities.He Gorapius saw a girl who was ten feet '
    : ', ''"! ii.! I nii! 4f J \1m try, \vh" 'ii it will I h.> "i-y! I THE: LITERARY Jan. 2U Cal- high cate. .
    LADY BOOK. despatch. in Franklin
    ndver- will practice
    ; lin tie -
    II i t the r.*cet tinri I' of a patfr; ; c nt-ai i ; : -
    .''M'''!'J.'lt an.l.! n-.tire\ marked. Eilit"r! c.ipyinir \Viti! >ich writers as Miss, Leslie, Grace Green- ill. N. Scott & Brother., houn and JacksonCircuit Courts-and will, upon The body of Grestus was eleven feet anda A GAME OF POKER* IN CALIFORNIA.
    wn.1V.! G. Simms, Mrs. Ellet.T. S. Arthur, act Counsel, in Courtof half high !
    '"t'\ .. i'l fi-itiri'i tn'lIIthtv1U al<(>)> receive the :: a special retainer as : The Cincinnati: Chrouich- gets llu-"following -
    :: IN
    Mrs.! J. C. Neal, H. T. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Circuit. He will also, The Giant Calbani ;
    ', Mis E. Oakes Smith, the Middle or Western brought from Arabia
    t lt the com'rij \fjar.Wcsicrii from friend from New
    11.1'h cirh month : DRY GOODS CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES story : jllsl 'ul'
    H. W. Herbert &c., the author of at Tallahassee -
    -- -- TiiL-kpnnan! &c. argue cases in the Court Appeals to Rome, uuder Claudius Caesar, was near Orleans arid
    ---- HATS, we cannot doubt
    Produce. th) 4 Widow Bedott, Professor Frost, Bryant, Lon Cor. Water and Centre-streets, the sessions of which he will always be ten feet. presume
    il, as the information was obtained from
    sp[ f. MUS KL-ir n'.i-i. 4 I ls I.ad.Vh! :kr-y. fctln\o"n :!'ines-and a host of others-must al.- Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa.'ivi. present at, unless prevented by accident. Funnman, who lived in the time of Eu. u returued-from

    vi 2 i .r, ,-li i-c: ;itt ; rime. Mi.la<..<*.., l'"rk me't< I \\M\S take'the lead in literary merit.TERMS ... Apalachicola, September, IS iG. I'gene I II, measured eleven feet and a half. persons" recently California -
    WM. W. CHEEVKRSims ,
    f"r : %v. SIMS. :
    S'louMcrs !!
    1 '''( fI ', IJ.icoii.Haitis l II.*'Iel.-F.U.NON' : nti $;. Cn.'i. I For Three Dollars we will send the Lidy'sB A; Cheever, A. G. Scmiiies, The Chevalier Scorg, in his voynge to ihe It 1p'pear's that four person had sealed
    'I" s% .
    .. (Ir \\'a1'J and ('htii'it it" 1 .ik, containing more reading] than any other COMMISSION" MERCHANTS, ATTORNEY AT LAW.fyfice peata of Teneriffe, found in one of ihe themselves in the mines lo phy: a game of
    monthly, and the Lady's Dollar Newspaper pub- Office No. 36 Water street. eer "JVo. 2 Capt. Simmon's Building, caverns of that mountain the head of Gu- poker-ihe ante, as a substitute for ,

    .For Silt1 -'. ii..lied ,twice a month which contains as much dec23. Apalachicola,Fla. cor. Centre &. Commerce streets.Fla. ance which had eighty teeth, and it was being a handful of gold dusi. Th>money. continued -

    11 'iMTS\ : R II'I' : IO'U:i Ibs Twin, fcy re-id: :ing: .is any ot ,the $3 periodicals ot the day- no\5 Apalachicola, supposed that his body was not less than some lime without y either
    lUJi:) is O'i\.I':. TO\F.: A Cn. making: three publications in one month, or if the E. C. Roberts, Cranberries. fifteen feet long! playing
    .. HARDWARE 5t SHIP side winuing much. At length-one" of the
    - the following splendid engravings DEALER IN hf. and bbls. recived and for sale bv .
    subsrrib-r prefers just
    Oil Cl-jtJis: and Carpets.T : :to t the Lady's Dollar Newspaper, (althoughwe CHANDLERY, IRON, STEEL, NAILS, IN Jan 1J qr. C A GREEN & Co. The Giant Ferragus shIn by Arlando, 'party wlio bail! a good hand wem a handful

    l .*,' I I'CS Oil Cloth, t md 2 yards wide; :; would not advise it, as engravings cannot be SPIKES, AND CASTINGS, 'p nephew to Charlemagne, was eighteen feet better. hI 1 see thmiI>>; antI go a 'I)pint>> better

    'J 3 JKH "nj)'r I Ingrain Carpeting; sent through the mail without being crushed or Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop Yellow Potatoes. high ," cried ;,another who also had' a lroilg" -

    t Stair ., cre.i:ed.) we will send the beautiful plate containing per Warts. 100 BBLS. in fine order, for sale by In 1614, near St. Germain, was: found the hand. I see i lhat.:' responded1' the first,

    lu Tn'lei! fl'tz!t. t the portraits:: of Harriet Newell, Fanny Jan 24 Apalachicola Fa. Jan 11 C A GREEN. & Co.- tomb of the Giant Isoret, who was twenty and go a quart bein-r." "' Wel.| I see that
    orale by W sr. G. POUTER &. CO. Stewart Mrs. Ann H. Judson feet high! "
    Mrs. : fwd
    Forrester, '
    ( \ou a gallon better ponded the
    Cheese. go
    let :H' 41 I Water 'street.if.FTA Edward McCully,
    .!"" .. ) I and Mrs. E. B. Dwight: and the plate of Cbrist AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, BXS. Western and Northern, in fine order, In 1590 near Rouen, they found a skeleton first. This[ rather dist)iicerieil his adversary -

    \ r:f' LIKE: l1'l4I-S: AND PIKEXlX; l : Weeping over Jerusalem! The .Opening of the GROCER No. 2S Water street. p 30 for sale by whose skull Itfld a bushel of corn, and f 'r a 'rnornmi. ;H K versized hi* ;pile

    1>' niTTER: ?, just received and for sale by I Sepulchre, Deliverance c'f-St. ,Peter, and The Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fa. Jan 11 C A GREKN & Co. whose body must have been eighteen feet -but confident in thsuperior strength of
    Nov -,> ABELL Druit. Rebuke. If.preferred tot Newspaper or .plates,
    S II. F. I lon L.
    -- his hand he !
    -'we will bend Miss Leslie's Novel ot Amelia, ana ii. R. Taylor, Goshen Butter.KEGS collected logelher all ihe gold
    Plateru! saw at Lucerne the human bonesof
    IPeifuthcr>'. any three of Mrs. Grey's or Miss Pickering's popular COMMISSION MERCHANT Hamilton's Dairy, of a superior dust he had left and-puuing it aside cooly
    LARGE of Extracts, Cologne, 20 a subject nineteen feet long remarked one of liis ,
    A assortment novels. No. 22 Water street, quality, for sale by 'ompanioosUert".
    &.c;;. &.C. for sale by For Five Dollars we will send two copies of Dec 28. 48-6m Apalachicola, Fa. Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. The Giant Buart was twenty-two and a J ln. watch my pile till I go out aud dig
    Dec 9 J C ALLEN & Co the Lady's Book, and a set of the plates to each half feet high ; his bones were found in 1705, enough lo call /zn.: "
    subscriber. Henry Youngs, Smoked Tongues, near the banks of the river Moderi. ,

    Gold Pens Gold 1OF For Ten Dollars we will send five copies.ofihe.tac1v'&look1and WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, FOR sale by In 1613 near'castle in Dauphine tomb A GENTLEMAN: who has a "'arm side fora
    the latest t. and most approved st>le, just I toAne sending No.: 53 Water street, 11 C A GREEN &, Co.
    received, ana for sale by : a copy each.person Dec 2$ ApaUchicola, Fa. was found thirty feet long twelve wide and young l.idy. uas making fun,,.of] a .sac'which
    Nov 19 J C ALLEN Co. : the Club, and a set of plates to Vermifuge. eight high on which was cut on a grey she wore. YIIU. had b\.uer. keep

    ,*. For Twenty Dollars!, eleven copies of the Book J. F. FARRIOR. E. McCuLLV.. INER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by- stone the words "Keutolochus Rex. The quiet or I'll give jou the jacA-". replied! |he

    Saddler, &c.DDLE and a set of Plates to each subscriber, and a copyV Farrior &; UlcCully, W Feb 17 H F ABELL. skeleton was found 1 entire twenty-five and a lady archly. 1 should be most happy"
    Q \ !, ot t various! .patterns and qualities, :u> ha... Rnok.-?,... to._ the.... ueraon, ,_ sending! the Club. COMMISSION MERCHANTS ,
    half feet long, ten feet across the shoulders, I ihe "if
    Book - was gallant's would
    the ; response you
    o Bridle.curb and Snatfle bits', For Ohe-Dpllar, we will send Lady's bl Gravi street, Rio CoWee.'O .
    No. and five feel deep. from the breast-bone to give? it to me as it is, irilh yourself inside of
    arM 65 cents one
    Saddle Bags, 4 rno'nths, fpr any Dec 29 New Orleans. I SACLS prime green, new crop, jus'tre- .. .
    Martingales and,Whips, for sale by be paid ;on. all orders. ,. I I received, and for sale by the back. it! I
    Co. L. A. GODEY, Juo. S. Hutcliins'on, Co. Near Mazarine, in- Sicily in 1.516 was
    W:l. G. PORTER & Address, Jan 11 C A GREEN & HIt is the of woman"" likelier "ow'
    Dec 30 41 Water street.. 113 Chestnut street, Philada. AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, found the skeleton of a giant thirty feet High! part ,
    .__ With" any newspaper giving the above a few No. 2 Columbus Block, Tarrant's Compound Extract of His head was the size of a hogshead, and beautiful planet, to cheer both ihe.dawn-and';
    Havana Tobacco Seed Apalachicola, Fa. the darkness be both the
    will miirningandthe
    insertions exchange. .
    we Cubeb and Copaiva, each of his teeth weighed five ounces.
    Hale by Ocj-: Advances made on all consignments if re evening star ofa mats life. The
    received and forsale Near Palermo in
    by. in
    Sicily 1548 was
    !__ .. 1 H F ABELL. School Book* quired. Nov. 25, 18t9 JUST of her is.the first rise
    ., 25 J. C. ALLEN & Co. found the skeleton of a giant tbirty\ feel ong, eye to, and the lat to _

    City Lot*, FOR alp by D. B. WOODCOMMISSION and another thiirty-threefeet high, in 1550. set upon manhood's Jay of trial and lufler-.
    it >R Lease or Sale, for which warrantee deeds 17 H F ABELL. MERCHANT Paints, Oils, Ac. ing." Who. ,said this ? .

    will be given. Apply to Dysentary- I Cordial. 24 Water-it.:, LAMP and Linseed Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, -

    Aec 28 H. G. GUYON. D. WOODRUFFS Dysentary Cordial, just Nov 18 Apalachicola, Fa. Lamp Black, Red and Yellow WE WILL l\1ARRT.-A couple of young BEAUTIFUL 'EXTRACT.-The' following!

    ., .. Lemon SrrBv. P received and for sale by -THOS. H. AUSTIN. WM. H. LONG. Ochre, ground oil, Prussian Blue, ParisGreen ladies had buried their father, who was anold finely expressed sentiment we find astray! in!

    I": B RAY'S iftpeVidr Lemon a3'rupjist! received Dee 9 H F ABELL. Austin & Long, S Virdigris,just received per schr Palladium, and humorist, and had such an aversion to !the papers. Il will be read with genial 5a-
    for sale.by
    1- and tor sale bV L:' fcitroa', Currants, Raisins, Lent- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Jan 25 J ALLEN &, Co. matrimony, that he would not allow themto be terest :- ,.,
    Fefal? \l F ABELL.; marry, however_ advantageous might The man that doth no paper take, "
    on*, Arc. No. 45 Water-street, ,
    his character the
    the offers. Conversing on :
    Lard. order and for sale by I For Sale; Grudging two dollar. a year,
    received in fine ,
    'I t: KEGS sale fey JUST GREEN & Co.. Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fa. Ap- eldest remarked. He is dead at last, and Will nevera good husband make:, .
    ) 0 new leaf, lor 11 C A 2MAHOGANYCountingfcHouseDesks. !. Because bis wife neytr 1Yia1
    Well said the caq knqw
    /.", Jan 11 C A GREEN & Coi > J. II. Hull & Co., we will mdrry. youngest is going on in the world, and his children will
    Hemp and Cotton DoclC.A COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nov 25 Columbus Block. 1 am'fora' rich husband 'aud. Mr. C. -, very-
    & .gnorantappear.
    > WoodeD Ware. received from New FACTORS .. ** Hold sister 1 .
    FINE assortment just T shall be my man. ,,sa\d\ the
    jR\SS: bound Cedar Pails Painted Buckets No. 48 Wator street,
    |. ? o..z ir E-Jchet" *. Hickorj-andCrtrn, Pr>om., lniI : York, for sale by Furniture. .other, "don't let us be too hasty in ,the Well, Georg, when are you: off:? .":To
    Jan U C A GREEN fc Jan ZI. APALACHICOLA. 1 MARBLE Top Centre Table, .* .
    husbands let How *
    of those do
    Jan .13! GREEN &.. CEToraKc > ,.- -- choice our us marry morrow., ",, you go'? : Across _
    Cji -
    '- ..1. A J ren h-Bedstead and Bedding, whom the above' have destined for .the isthmus, to be "
    r4 --- Powder, for sale S. 31. IViclterson,. powers sure.' Why notjro<<
    Corop'siiion 1 Dressing Bureau, marble top, '
    TN\ J ALLEN li Co.N DEALER IN .CLOThING BOOTS. SHOES' us ; for our marriages are registered onHeaven's round ,the cape ?" ",Too daqgeroiu.t
    | to ue Proof Store Nr 24 Water strict: : hy : ( ] : 1 double marble top Wash Stand. "
    J' j<
    White ftcad. No. 1 Columbus Block, months, and will be sold low. Apply to replied the youngest for I am afraid father I perience in the line can have no apprehirB-, .
    "UOPZ ft NIA Medicines fw sale bv" 0. 1 Extra and Pnf,, just rec'd, for sale by '.J! 4 T'a. Jan 18 J. DAY & Co. wm tear out the leaf.. .l sion in doubling the !tam'!"
    r.b t J' C ALLEN kCo.. ,Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co. D .. !3 Api1ehicol ,


    .. ,'1'1'" ,. -.- -
    ;t (




    ., ,
    ", to.: .

    t .


    '-'\L.j \ ") 'c ,\\ \

    .. .

    \ .

    ._ .
    r. -. .-- -
    -- .
    ..IJ-1---- __- _-- : 1 ,1.LJ -

    letter from California. j From the Federal Union. UODIDI IMUllAL I ADVERTISER. From the Charleston Courier, 24th Feb. sham'plot i.t was. reported to the French For, the C mid Advertiser

    We have been favored with the perusal of The Introduction of Slaves Into Georgia BY TELEGRAPH.Arrival Ministry, and for a short Paris ,again Ma. EDITOR:.. ,: .
    ft letter dated on board the United States Prohibited by Law. of Br. Steamer Europa at Halifax .c.
    ship Ohio and written on her voyage from I OUGHT NOT THAT LAW TO UE ENFORCED APALACH1COLA THURSDAY MAEOH 1, 1849. FOURTEEN DAYS LATER FROM LIVER. assumed the appearance a beleaguered % was caled. 10 see Capt. Cromwell. ,.

    San Francisco to Macallan, and! mailed) on ?-The dangers which now environ the POOL. city. The streets were cupied by the ty-four hours before his death. I .

    the 8th of January. II WHS written on the South demand of the Judiciary and the (Z'j.. The following gentlemen are authorized A dispatch from our Baltimore correspondent military said Io be 80,000 in number, \ 4 \\i t three limes, and did all that: I
    the'Ohio having Vailed; (ron San Grand Juries (If Georgia .1 vi>ilrfnt exercise Agents for the COMMERCIAL eoa.Z
    voyate ) ADVEItTIsER,and will dated .Friday morning, at nine Gen. Changarnier gave out that the sufferer. He told me that be
    Francisco on the 25th' of'Dt"cemller."e ufi the trusts confided. them. By the Pen.d receive and .
    'n1a e the following extncta from it : t. Code of 1833: the introduction ol slaves from :- receipt subscriptions, or advertise"ments o'clock," announces the arrival of the Br. attempt 10 create a disturbance, or raise a i been baptised. I asked him did he *' k .

    You ask me what: I think ofyourcomH other States i is siridly prohibited, except W'I.V.: CnEEvEu,ES']., Albany, Ga. steamer Europa at Halifax the preceding barricade, should be the signal for a general be ?1 'He replied .No Sir." HB :

    g out hereI will gite you a phiu stair: *- ;''to residents., ctoinicilialcd anti to thnse movM ajor JACK HARDMAN.: Eulaula. Ala. morning. Her news was conveyed from slaughter without regard to the political had no objection to my services u Ii 1
    tucnt of matters: and!linct. You can (UI In ini into I the State with the view of becoming JAS. J. OLIVER Tallahassee, Fa. minister. I
    i thence to St. John's. New Brunswick, and opinions of those who resisted the govern copal After 1 had
    no idea uf the mate of linns in San Francisco : residents. The penally. is $500 for each elplaiae

    since the 'discovery of, the gold near slave illegally:; "unreduced and hard l labor in We return thanks for valuable public from that'poini it I reached us'By Telegraph.The ; ment. The malcontents, whether taken by qualifications for baptism, he ti

    'there. lt i hdcslined be :avery large city : ha Penitentiary for not, less than one nor documents franked by all the Florida Europa left Liverpool on the 10th surprise by the prompt movement of the not think himself qualfed. f

    *nd even now it is i difficult to buy property : over four ye.rs. The Code even prohibits, representatives inst., and fourteen days. authorities, or unprepared for action in the As I could not use the burial$
    of the under penally of S500 for each slave Congress, and also by Hon. brings'intelgence \
    'in the business (part town, except( ai ; a any I later than received. i face of the extensive the prayer book, I '
    military arrangementsthat
    previously suggested
    'the most extravagant: prices. I suppose I one (rum purchasing'hiring or receiving ave Th us. Batler King, of Georgia. t \"
    am in bounds: wbrn'I sav that from the size I, eIt: thus illegally; introduced. : Our correspondent has'given us the'Vncst: !, were made, did not move. Marshal requested me to bury him, to ask Mr.

    . of the place, more! business! : has been done I This law, i it, i is known to every one, for J. IRE.-Yesterday, shortly after noon, the ample and detailed accounts, which we proceed Beaugaud was dispatched to bring up a ant's services and in the event l

    'there for the last ,nix months than in any years past has ,been a dead letter upon the house of H. D. Darden, Eq. in the suburbs to communicate to our readers, and strong division of the army of the Alps ostensibly attend, I would hold :religious he-colL..
    ill the world. If conk) come Statute book. In the lice, of it hundreds
    other place you of the city, was burned to ihe mOi
    ground. Afresh will be read by many of our patrons, without to command Bruges, during the his remains. There was '
    out here wnh. 10, 15, or 20000.: or even of ,negroes have been brought/; into the State
    lest you must m.ike money, enter into what and I not a single prosecution under the Code. breeze was blowing at the time and itwas doubt, even before ihe vessel which convey lime iheState trials were in progress but suggesting Methodist. .burial l, _as

    business you would..' I IIn far an e can learn )IMS ever taken pl-ice. with much difficulty, and by the* most ed them reaches New York; her port of des- the true o'jictis. without doubt, to over- were Methodists, and as'I cod himi1

    .. A $large hotel (frame) ha been"' put uP'j I,. We know uoi what motive prompted) the active exertions'of the firemen"'and citizens, tination. awe the Red Repub1c ns'in 'Patis. The burial according to our order fo for Bdi

    The proprietor !h.. aheady. : rented rooms to enictiprnt! of this l.uv. but if hitherto it hasbCf'1I that t a small! of the .t : .
    portion house furniture '
    I Liverpool Markets, Feb. 0.o1'TnN'Thc capital, for a few days, appetred'o 'be on | rial) of ihe dead. I meant no
    ihe amount of (i.UOO doll.in. ;per ..1I111 fII. to deemed injudicious the neglect of rfeClolo
    ; .I, and the outbuildings were s.ived.; \Ve have demand for this article thievery of a Revolution, the issue of [ and I was actuated
    *.ay nolh Ij>z of lIe t.iblr. hart &c. Now j if it would seem to indicate I the time has: nuw verge anyone bj
    'yota have: any !i.la (,f {lnlil' nut brie, youhad i arrived which demonstrates its wisdom and heard nothing positive as to the origin of the his; continued to be extensive. during the which howe'ver. from (he prompt, action ofthe feelings' t towards his memory, his kiDQ

    bctu-r brine ;1 !htmic wit li "uti. I am I i demands' its ligid i observance. $Mie .tide ofI fire. Loss estimated ai. 82,5UO.ollisb.) fortnight thai has elapsed since the sailingof government, could hardly have beer 'relatives. and'with ah holy 'friead.aa.

    feriotis ; 01.*, 1 "(;ow. lk'e :nhc.i l ly been I j I abolition l ) which is rushing on from the North, ranee.FATAL. the Niagara and the sales have been toan I doubter) The differences between theGtiari :j here affirm, that the .language" i
    hmu'cl. '. will!I ere long: pi oml't 1aryIand.Tirginia, imputed
    .'ClctVs; \ ;d the moat' r\.r.nv.nt *,d ,. I I' Kentucky and l\Ji gll1li. all ftonlier; Staffs. ; ACCIDENT.-Yesterday, a man, 'tinu baly large ext rit. Mobile and the troops of the line, to me by .a Methodist Inqoirer'io rejarj

    tit'.. A c:4J'1I..iu'* d... 1. I lately, went' :'
    .n.l I receive SlHOO I () p. r aii:'. .*nd ln< hoard. I trl.ix their [-rinciptcs! in reference In it. If shaw :"Distlict t, S. C., aged 32 bales were sold. 31.500 of which were American. creased in intensity. After .'vote to'getri'd true' church or our Savior is an'impoitor; "
    .. years, was .
    it i 4 u'" derided "1'111'1' iji.it tlnnjswill : States 'farther South: as Georgia now does. .* of these doubtless
    prices [referring of the of the dissolution and all christms
    : dnVu-n overboard 'll question of the I not members of
    be fuoMblf I to ui.ikiri!! money H..I lieie :admit! their; sl-ives to be brought within their by I main sheet of I the the

    fur mmy yeir<*. I h"pe I haio: : sctutoi a boidt- for sale they hold'but ,inducements sloop J St. Vincent, a flaw of wind striking to American] experienced but little if French Assembly, which was def alei by a being "the' scc of the, .serpent.. ", I,.an Ofrr

    mere $nng during: the w.: r. ;'IIP now made I,. security and ultimately to becdme. instead; I it aft. The body IrIs 'no: : been 'reco descriptions being in very active request more tranquility; 'pr v31fEd. The struggle "ilie congregation." The'serinon'ws'sint.ten
    rich: hit.. I ;alii told% Pi.r-er Pi ice's Inn: of what they now are,"I the fiiends and :11Ii'sflf Jfi both for I j .
    vere'd.EVERT. cnrrsuihpiinn speculation, had I on the excitement created and! is still
    which eo.I him; abuli'. Si [00)(), art mm ttutlh I the South her opponents and revders..ith .- i consequent by preserved.Respt. .
    820.000. \\. all the political power she now has.he ,. 'MAN- ow-P: :advanced a half penny per pound. thai question passed off without personal ., 'V. I J'ZIMMER.Singular ] .

    .0 Now, you moll shiiiK; the pi.in I am ;going is in the minority. Is it not .madness' ins ": T AGENT.MUNN : .- Throughout" the week (following ending strife, though numerous arrests were madeIn

    in suage?.: to y l1 is :i wild?. rniluisi.oiic; then-n most miserable and suicided policy, & Co., publishers of the "ScitslificAmerican on the Qih inst., the market was firm and I the National Assembly on the 26th nIt Diplomatic! Affair.

    dream hut if I W.It' in ih Un
    would do this! if I h.llhc money, and) ]I where: i they l now are, idemifieii( in interest I containing I the Patent Laws of the amounted during < announced that 'writing *fr in Berlin on the 7th oft
    to 61,000( bales of which ;
    advine you I h v iII H! UK.IHB: lu doit! :t : =-15uy nr with those mUle removed at the .South ? United speculators he had been instructed by the President of ri 1 mrniiiins the Yollownjg; '
    I Stales together with' all the frirms "s'jn-g'brar: iIifiIiMniieaffair : !
    ch trlt"ra nuull: I v.*.*?..I. I invfst, all I I t the money s I Will any one sutier by the enforcement of took 12,500 and exporters 6.500.. of the Republic to present a bill for the Cp.1 l

    you coin rai-e. in those C'lrt"iS'I"1 ran I 1 the law, other than ihe negro trader 1 The. necessary for ;applying for a Patent, information I these 52.000 were Irom the United States.! pression of the clubs. Th Assembly baililreuty I the truth of which we very mlth

    get them with frn'lI'U in four run me for I i masses will be ht'nefllle.J-fllr: the value of; : i in regard io filing caveats! with remarks The official 'quotations weie as follows I: ; 'enacted bill I doubt for WP do not :think that; our min "rr

    from 3600) to SSC\O. apiece-luve them alt I I every slave; in the State- will he enhanced.- on ite uses, etc., amount of fee required fair Upland and Ajobile: 4&J fair Orleans 4i? view a imposing: pf'nallls. would. ; with
    ; a to Yxeesses. 'is-
    ready to put up. even bring" I the brick for i the I, There i i'.t another aspect in which ihe at .the Piilent Office prevent and die wiih the internal of
    and Austria.how-
    clmnnie and fire-plact.', and I uu CMI: :un i I ject) l can he viewed which demands: suh.1 every other middling Orleans 4| to 4 ; ordinary Orleans solve these alarming and da'nge'rous J assOci. alr.ir .

    they would make you as h in.lscime, a return I Georgia the introduction of slaves (fromabioad : information that 1 is necessary to instruct a I 32 to 4d. lions. Government ordered numbrr ever much he might avmpaihjse with the
    could In You could should he I Ii person in making his own of in cause. he did he Irljl
    AS any thins:!; you ing. proliihilcil.I is this.Ne.uly applications. BR\D STUFFS.-The trade In 'BreadStuffs j the clubs 10 be closed in the and 1 112a. I t
    either IU.IIh\ ; vessel! HI .1 great .-nfir., or put every slave impoited from Maryland Price 124 cents single, or 12 copies for Capital ; such. a repfr ss-be: : i rht'grii: } expect.Une .
    her into the trade! between Oregon and San: Virginia and Norih 'Carolina; is taken from one dollar of all c descriptions!, has been steady. the departments and. denounced the offelid-! day hut
    -sent by mail! to i of ihe month. Kussuih. the HUD.gnri .
    Francisco which i H a profitable one. I believe I the. wheat anti tobarco field and placed in United any pail since the first of February and whatever of ers, and declared 'it impossible; that; confidence .
    one lhou>and of these i collages, wouldfiud I ihe, cotton 'field. The Georgia nton-grow- States. Address MUNN: & Co., changes l I that have taken place since: that date could he restored, while the clubs ; n GeneralomnirnmniIin. I the Isurzn

    ; le. People .H- eis'; of distress i is ihf- New York. troops employed I a nht'cr ff/ed
    ready *< are llIillyufrr'r &great cause !' superabundance h have been cnniinm d : American
    The inaYkei to exist 'ihf
    ins (.tf a pl.ice win-re to sleep' cull t tents are : of ihe staple. Yet while he generally tjp\arcs. as Y :attempted to ('ItrZ.fl- nf Hnrsgary i in'proceed t ; to the '
    COUNTERFEIT however, a't'fhe latest; periud.as somewhat the Stale, and free : I 0. b f re.
    HALF govern "
    pitched in the very' town. knows and mourns OVrr the cauSe of his'embarrassmeiiH DOLLARS.-Counterfeiters no government rican 'Chnrge d'Aif-iirsai Vienna. Mr.

    *. All that I have; said depend, uf couri'e.1 he silently folds his arms nodeS I and' forgers of all descriptions( ;.re dull, and the demand for these articles rather could permit such an anomaly to exist I, i i a iwnh 'letter in the General ,

    ':Jp'lI1lhe cold, :md there i no doubt eunuch\ I i ,"r every year hundreds of new laborers. now becoming so numerous, I that too much 4 more languid than during the previous two without endangering its own existence. 11 comsna.sdirgthe ;
    'to keep thousand* uf people employed forThey ; brought into the Stale: 1 in viul.itiuu uf thelaw week American Western Au-lrian army in It unwary: ; anti ,solicit
    ':.Yrtr. )have already% taken it out by to enhance his misery. piecauiinn I cannot be I t.iken, in examining: FLOUR i is quoted 'FRO WASHINGTON.PkbcEEDiNus iri I the I name; of h'irhSanity.' a s'hspriisiun 'f

    'milliv,", arid have -cart-Hy gone below I ihe In conclusion. we re-pecifully: suggest; ; to 1 every piece of coin which may be offeied. I at 26 to 27 ; Orleans and Ohio at 27s. 7d.to ; OF CONGRESS YESTKRDAT.: hostilities; that an mighl f

    Surface of the e;>rih." the Judiciary of this State, to her Grand From the following notice, 1t1if: >u'frum the r t 8s. 6d. American and Canadian; white'. -In the Senate the bill S.rilade arrangement b
    r for
    the unfortunate
    .-'- Juries and I to nil I her people( to examine this Louisville! Courier il will I I he perceived t that Wheat 7s. 3:1: to 7s. 6,1; red 6s. to 7s. INDIAN lands rUlinJ bounty s"IIJ war.:
    The great Fancy Hall at the Kalian Opera matter in all its bearings. Self to substitutes serving in Mexico wasassed. Mr. Stilus accordingly wrr.teirfe Austrianperietal !
    Rouse. a large of CORN has declined. The .
    quantity spurious half dollars latterly)
    demands; of every State in the South that are 'present P The Civil List Bill came up-the ( ', and offered his intervention io.a'din
    As nearly all the papers; have given long; "he should f..ri ifvherself-ereci:. barriers anddefences -I in ciiculatioti, a portion of which may reach prices are 30"to 31 for wHile, and 3ls.6d. :amendment providing, for the
    ICCOllnlllna, descriptive l : scenes of .ilii ball wherever they promise to afford our city : : 10 32s. (fur yellow. temporary ncmmplishing; ibis. ,desirable. end, ant.
    we- iIi 'not afleihpt I in tmitc them. Xor 4 government of C.lifori.t. wasi debated l by sent his despatches to the Austrian; General
    her' succor. Ought not (he Judges in every We were shown AMERICAN: PRODUCTIONS.-Cured PRO-, ..
    yesteiday. several half
    should we iHCl'I\\thill it worth while I todescrihi M es4rs. Dayton, \\1151.and "iih. by this naturalised: Hungarian
    circuit this clause of the
    to bring Penal 'Fille. Am.rican.
    ,, which, dollar pieces of I the American coin i which I VISIO.NS. NAVAL STORES, and. oilier articles
    the a"O: eitblase at all. was { notice the out final result.
    to the of (Grand Juries 1- were cnunteifeits.: These are well lalcnla generally. of American any ._ Diving him courier passport.I l .
    rather a tame affVir, friln IH attempted' excluniveu'ess. productions, are in
    Ought not the Grand Juries in led to deceive In I the House[ ihe Post Office ,
    every countywithout even the most Thosewe appropriation This bearer of to
    Mjor,1 :No: *h sa>s I hat among fear favor wary. :.> demand; and bring I dfsp.lc.s prereednl. :
    or .) to prefer indictments, saw were dated 1843." and 1 18-15.: IOr remunerating bill came up, :and a slavery debate e'nsued. \" ? and 'tf'Jpatrhes
    the distinguished; pei>nn pre.sent weie iheVerysc I ngrhi'si: aM'otfenders ? and the entire I"itps.ih. Iht .'J r :n army cleltrt"tl Ins: -
    )lt .. Lori l Knows.who, unl 1 ihe Barren -; imprint anti stamp were ex.icj' Mr. M'Dowall made an eloquent : to the General.The .
    copies of the ori illal. The .the 'omlan.ll
    cuter smfaceof ,VF.\C'tR.'s.-Fror manufacturing -
    of Intellect' : and aumiii: sevwal sovereigns A CA'LIFORNIAN'S DKESS.: The dr'es, the coin is speech against Nurlh.r ;' ; and a General asked;1 him who 'he wn.,
    : undoubtedly silver, but the (districts the accounts Jrt'sson. .
    incognihi. ue noitced: Soveieigu; Stupidity are encouraging. ., i >
    of a Spaniard of tolerable: means consists) ol h body of I the piece i is composed of other number of other members addressed the when he that hr'e f >
    and uite in full fostiuni' At leaii 1 i some" Holders of rflp.1; wa* a Hungjrrn
    goods are firm in .. '
    a fine velvet or deer skin jrk.t; genciallyol substance ofa House. J s 'i'f
    half the n it iI..r! "ho *hnti!II;! 1 have been i : specific) gravity less i than silver t their and by ''Ir.h.. bi now a natlrllzf11; citizen M
    ( green color, with numerous rows ol and! thus l t the it prices: sanguine in their anticipations -
    by weight
    / I can: teadily: bedetected. GENERAL TATLOR.- The
    there were among 'the illis"11I2.: and some family of Gen. I ihe United States. The Austrian: General
    gold buttons
    it of
    or silver-plated upon with apair The counterfeits also a good Spring business.
    somewhitt -
    four or five hundred prople had all ihe fun Taylor arrived Washington
    of of velvet deer on Thursday then sililo htm
    pantaloons or skin, thicker: s than'tbe I s genuine, and do not ;MONETARY :
    to themselves.We I open from the knee down and with a 'row tile clear MATTERS.-Money continues evening. The General himself the .I k 'Ihe Austrian
    : possess : ririgirIL sound of silver.We was at 1 ,give \on te i day In leave
    do not pO'sHfss 'I the power ,of LeSage's i of f silver buttons on each -si ire of "the open.oiflnetl understand. I that pletrtrfnl I, and easily t lo'be obtained. The Relay Hous at 4 'o'clock 'f"i; t-" .
    i this after-
    Devil TWO Si'irks, or we would great quantities eslerday terrItories ; at the of; whic'" tnnf,
    upon ing:, c at the wai>t by a red silk '8ash.: spurious ma'rket "continued to improve "I t ,..
    are in (circulation and 3101.1 Eng \ -I ttt% "
    flauti. v
    let onr rei4ll..rl'lllJlo' the ferret of nil I: the cun- money we : oat) all was tthave entered Washington ilyotr are to be ;; within reach.ou
    Over is tlfroVtii my
    tfll 'the .
    :scrappo. a gaily- would the l Both cot
    thefr and
    put English American
    ersations ahout ihc B-tll. wtuch. occnrreilthe community on t guard. securil l last '
    colored blanket, all stripes and figures. with Let r them scrutinise the bVight half dollars ties th evening ai 7 o'clock with a large escort. shall have Sling home .for your future residence.
    the are on rise. United
    uhowere I six
    next d.iy; among; h-tpp1)-T; SItes: percents
    a hole "in 'the 'centre fo'r life 'head. This, ."
    they receive before them
    in aItctnIat8ce.Vt! .In.I hllwf'\'er. give when placed over the shoulders hangs: to il reir'idrs." they drop .into continue to be i i'b .emantl., and an advance NEW-YORK MARKETS.-Our B:ilnmore,
    ; This
    them a aample.Mr. I the ancle on either side. Under t the pantaloons of an eighth per cent has tak 'n'place, curesl'ontpn writing under date of"" FV-!; i immediately'
    (iripedollar called. ;it the wholesale: i 4 fen Austria and came to Berlin. Some
    l of wide day o'clock, that
    ale a pair very and loose and indicate states : despatch from
    establishment) of Mr.I T-illoufirkin his SNOW ;MOBILE. appearances they will command : : '
    IN: The Herald
    $ on &
    and lime alVer this the
    diawers Austrian
    them Tjnbune ,
    over I when riding, arevral'pf'd New York that the General 1 addressed -
    the a higher rale. Very says news by the steamer .. -.
    way down town alter morninj: of t the the bolas of the 17th nil. J& :-" A slclelf'n'chan large al0nniShave :et' 5
    \ ( pit'ces'of 'leather ays
    fete, and, the following ('uuer Wednesday night
    OrieduIr.VvII.; ) '1'a1IwfirLiri. uh.itdoyou g par* of the legs (rn'n cbnfing.protect They ride brought the the l sterling five per cents have been sold at figure attained ferlfic: 'recepliun of the Mr.' Stiles \lh) this,. laconic. reply :
    think sit.i the IMA! HI r.: k tai'night: t ? temperature during: day toa news by the There .Austr th. s7r; ;, never treats iiego'tTaucnwith
    very f.lsl. spurring their hun.es to madness low 75 to 78 :and 80 and an advance 84 is anticipated had been sales; ,1 h -
    poinr, : afternoon
    Ht wn teel. w..rn't it ? Go ess they of Thursday "
    gen rebels. Ball.
    to exhibit their liofse'iuanslrip and the ease ai t an advance, but a general -- Sun. .
    'could not do it up murk browner nt i ihe uith which 'was by all otlds the coldest weather we have by the sanguine. Penr8ytvaniaqnoled I I disposition was ---- fCABINET :' .
    retain their
    they ; seats, when the
    I APPI
    to hold bacK for letters 'INTME>TS-Ho.v. Jon <
    Court 'of S.,int JCI'IIiCti.1v: son, AII::UMUS, I this at 74 to 75. Consuls for selling and papers ;
    hoKe i is rearing ansi 1ic h trig and kicking is experienced season. About o'clock money
    -s"'I''Iu.; '! au' he tin. ;,:hi in knou, yoti !knou, really astonishing. The Mexican saddle a regular storm i at 92J, and closing at 92&. which.Were momentarily exp'ecled.An :M. CLAVTON: SECRETART OF STAT.-A.. "
    for he had the of the fu<; of snow came on, ;and next advance : telegraphic ;
    tntray rhoi| though awkward i in appearance; is muchsupeiinr of about one-e'ighth had taken despatch elsewhere,. .and. the
    morning we with others .
    forin' srffiefy; :llId"t to Victory's drawing to ours for riding. They have high were surprised *There i is trrqcestionably an error in this statement place in flour, while corn 'continuedstationary. following from the -Washington Globe of
    rooms when he w.x in London. peaks& before and behind the in see the streets, housetops and trees covered.This the proportion American must be much (
    1 : one 'Iron <: I Saturday niahf. would render it
    seem Io
    T..llu"li'in-Hu..r" '.' looked\ $ uriunirirtit: ; : ; j is so art Hd% : thai: an end of the lasso can untimely weather has destroyed all lars l fr than hr Mated.fVe .' .. .. \ '
    I and ifi'l .Mr I T. Arr doubt that this very certain thai the Hon. John )J. Clayton (
    HO antl. :iriieraeii.linj be attached Io h.\. no amount, like that Itoman .
    : it. after the bullock is snared. "hope of fruit in the city and The[ Catnolic "Statistics1, .
    ) that hi. Brire dc funiSc Gilbert was The The vicinity. above noted refers to imports, and not to sales. The of Delaware; his been tendered bv.
    FpuTs are most! and nnciviliy.eil Catholic
    the savage sweet orange has been blooming for several, Almanac, (says the S.d..nlific -
    the thing room. Arrimcinculiua
    1 m
    prettiest Political Gen. : the ,fr'ice
    looking" instruments)! that can well beininiiitd. Intelligence.ENGLAND. TI'lor, of Secretary of
    id the cross 01' tht' I legion of honor weeks, and promise of abundant t American) published in .
    8 < ) gave
    < an.
    about I two I inches lout. w'nh I small .-The British Parliament was Bahiiuirf Stale under ;-5i msadimnisiVaiion., The Globe's

    on his left of the tdionldt-r Crusade xhotved. heM trad jl.| t bells 'or pieces: of steel attached I which jinyle Yield hut now the culli'"valorswill not only opened by the Queen in person. The and which is generally recognized, as good article is as follows -
    : "fnrtlH'yall
    history woreem. at every step. The stirrups are made suffer the loss of the fruit, but in instances authority, represents no increase in the 'p..
    Ami die wasn't b,.d in that tableau, many speech which: was ir.ore lengthy tha'usual, ". SECRETARY OF STATE.Ve lint
    of wood, :generally of lignum vitts, and the also." Roman Catholic. dioceses It"'ar
    trees Baltimore. New
    was ihe. as the flower pirii 1 I told her the weighing from two to three pounds.-Lieut.Morrison's gave clear indication that it was the intention a telegraphic despatch Imp .Gell. Tajlor

    character: !' vtrv :ippmptjaic.! ; for if ;M 1 Journal. WEALTH l of the Government to adhere to the fre'trade Orleans. Louisville, Boston Philadelphia, .was received, in this city this evenms, tendering .

    hadn't been fur il)>iur and t>perriis.I she 1 r _ _ OF TilE Uyzos.-It is estimated; New York, Charleston, Mobile, Detroit, !.hf. office of Secretary of, State to

    wouldn't a been fi criing there in I lomie, MATERNAL: LoVE.: -A thrilling incidents t that the value of the crops in 1848 in the t system, and io carry out these principles Vincennes, Natchez, Piltsburg Mi waukiV: ,Hon. John M. Clayton of.Delaware aqa

    lace ll-ij! IM !-preily ;y'iod.! wasn't il i related III the Dayton ((0.) Journal. On I United Slates will exceed S640,000.006. Io final consummation. The Government Little Rock, Galveston tire reison for doing so is, ih'ai ihe Legislature
    Uripedtill-ir.-Capital. Hy tlH.1)', T..rt. .I : Value were decisive in reference Albany, and Buffalo l 1 Delaware' which is '
    S-ittjril.iy morning, I the house of Mr. Waddle : nf live stock on farms is slimared at equally) to white 'o miown session ;
    lowfirkn ilut war .. cl'u'cr j' dress o' )OU ru. in )< in
    What all you of bold ;?\1r.V.. and his wile. A little sums modification was io be introduced. l an actual loss of 5.000 (from the last days, may elect a Senator in place of Mr.

    1'1l1owfi"in-Jt"; Oh I w ..-siop. 1've daughter of four or five year!:, had been letirosli.sg manufactures for the same time amount to The year's computation of 30.000. The Clayton' if Be acceiis.'
    it & .hook\ I Hre I ii i 343,300,000. The Ministry had expressed their determination onlygre.cn *. The
    in porkri invested] Legislature
    got my the cradle: in which wns the babe. sums ; merchandise I spots in this will not meet againfor
    ,(Takes a riper out of Ifn w.iilei ) No. thiiint The little girl asily escaped; but the infant I amount to 8344.000.000 exclusiveof to pursue eveiy course of retrenchment I the wide-spread desert, says two years." .

    4l-that** an ill'uir..1' 131Cifl-t llj'u i is was! left in the burning house. Several persons $149,000,000' employed in the commission compatible will, tire complete efci..ncy t J'reeman.s Journal, are, the diocese of The National 'len 2eocrr of Saturda; 5
    rthe dokyment. Rvail for youiself. tried to to and it. but Cincinnati; where there has been addition -
    penetrate rescue I the various branches an
    of Civil \
    morning in rticfeon of
    business and foreign trade. The an : the subject
    .griptdoll.-rrallin( !)-.-Ah-:! see- were driven hack by Ihe excessiv'fe heal. aggregate l of 15,000 to the 50,000 of last ..
    Emperor Charley-m: uy. Costume. -iron But a Moman carrie rushing to the spot; / of the productions and business of Mil.ry Departments. This decision which Dubuque, where there : year ; General Taylor's 'Cabinet, says :

    crown, chain armor. and mo mded: sword.: (rum a neighbor's-she threw water over our country, thenamounts, to the enormous m lias ,given' general satisfaction, and (he liberal t the former is a gain of l'O on r .* W e behave we can' iy to sonic extent\

    'Well. llowfirkin. I'll tel! you what ymj her clothes and drew her wet apron hastily sum of more than 52.000, '00.'OUO. policy that has been determined- on, in Ust sum of 6,500 ; Nashville, wtfere I who will ..notf be of it :; arid as this feijfi'ri

    :4)Ut uie in mind tin-a m-tlelactur; hung in over her head, rushed in and returned in a reference to trade, will probably the year's 'number of Catholics has iifyjcuriosity, and be slated without 1 inI -

    jron$. He! he'! he! moment-the child in her arms ard safe JAIESV ATSUN' WEBB, Esq.. editor of tenure of office' of the prolong the doubled being now 3.00 'while ft was only !:I I vidiousness' we .areinduc' d to say that we
    Gripedollar% nunVd{ )-\Vrell. khall I tell It was the mother-of course ii was present Ministry far 1,500 a '. have reason 10 e that Mr.. Criltenden
    the Courier anti Enquirer was last week; beyond was :anticipated) year ago ; where 3,000
    previous to the
    [ when
    of has
    ,oii what.rihooght you you came: mother's heart will tell her that. have positively declined accepting any Ca8
    ;in drewed at a pedlar with a .park on your _ _ brought up before' one of the courts in New opening of Parliament. Sir HENAV LTT- been added to the 20 000 of last year, inel :appointment.,."

    back 1 CAN ONE NEGRO STEAL ANOTHER: NE- York city, at the suit of certain parties who: TON BULWER has received the appointment and Oregon, with the parts adjacent, whe'ie I .y .

    Oripedollar.... "What: 1 1 OROA western paper gives an amusing accuse him of having been guilty of fraud of Minister Plenipotentiary to the United 7,500 had grown up to 8.100," being a gain GOLD DOLL Rs.-The u. S. Mint has
    Tall(.*firkin-Why, 'ourulJll father Scu.lator account of the trial before Cherokee Judge of issued a specimen of gold dollars some of
    ; (under oath) in concealing l in the Slates. The cholera still 600-Indians and others. The Almanac.
    '. GrJpcdollnr: when be was starting on a of a negro for stealing a I"ve.rrhe counselfor property continues to prevail I I which have been exhibited in Washington:

    tramp, the negro made a very long and iYres>isti:. proceedings by which he obtained his discharge its progress being about thesame as at represents the total decrease Roman Ca. They are about the
    size of
    [Here a customer came in for a barrel I of ble speech of which we give that portion : in bankruptcy Under the U. S. last accounts. The California fever has considerably thirties ih the United States during the! year: : aiipences.ENTEi1RlsE

    .colt oap, and the interesting conversation which probably did. the business for the ac Bankrupt Law of 1842. The charge is that abated.) as being one hundred and nine thousand : is l BILE. theciliSe'datf

    .was: suspended.]-JV. T" Despatch.- .cu It ed.is:imp.oS8ible-flaid he-for one slave to he made a sham sale of ins newspaper esta I IRELAND.-CUARLES DUFFEE has been four hundred ; and the present number r Mobie have;.by an,_overwhelming. _h_. majority. .

    blishment.( brought before the denomination in this l resolved to levy a tax their real estate,
    A TEACHrn of penmanship in twelve! steal another; yes. gentlemen of tire jury. up the Court on a new bill, country as one t upn

    .- 4ruooc taught a lawyer 'reed! his own I say it is .imp- ssible for one negro to steal; and is to lake his trial l at the present term million, two hundred and seventy-six thousand I sufficient to authorize City A1h1adsulsenjbe

    writing.A another negro. Suppose! gentlemen of the SOLID IRON; FLOATIVG,-D. McCurdy!, under the Crown and Government tHree hundred.ADVERTISING. i to the sum of $ ,oOO to"an.
    _ _ Security II
    r jury. my horse should get nut of the lot and of Alabama, claims to have made a discovery P. Act. I the construction of'I the Mo'bile and !
    PJET.vT "RtDDLE.-1 will consent t toaJl run and the house of John A.BC'II. .-A
    away go by young man in New vole'
    through chemical Railroad. There
    ngenciea, to render FRANCE. ( were four
    JOu de.ire.. said a younc female! to her - ;Hover J *, on condition that you will give me would yoff hang my horse for stealing JohnA. an iron wedge buoyant in water He _has Assembly and the Prrsideot' of the Repub less tlian) two hours a icife. In I against: the proposition. This road i is ta-

    what you have not, you never can have, and Bell's horse ? N-o. gentlemen of the been lecturing iu Mobile on the subject i lic, the nature of which i is not statetl'is hJ in eghteen. rfmried.,men, tended to raven? the most fertile reg"l'5 1

    7.1 what you can give me." What did the jury you wouldn't do no such thing. The and says that the most important practical to have arisen which sent w6rdthat: he might have theirs j of Alabama and Tennessee, and! will, wl1r t
    JI.k f. 7 A huabtnd: excited fears that a Connubial bliss
    f Jury cleared the of in that village .1
    negro course uses can be made of the discovery. ; outbreak most at constructeddiien much trade to Mobile,
    general was in .
    A I Id discount .
    prospect. : rel 9. we think.
    I which
    S BOW finds its way to Nt,Orf. .J

    .... .

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    ...-- .
    ..... --- .

    ::::;;; _-LattA California Account I EXTENT OF THE UNITED STATTS.-Wt I -

    The Irwin arrif eJ at New
    easternmost town in the United States. East- Wholesale Clothing Warehouse
    and brougtitoverand$ nc- -
    mVeraCrur, Cotton Statement. I L I' 9-_ \.t, "7.-
    f port. Maine via the St. -: YO' q
    Lawrencpf/BurTalo, I PORT OF \
    those hjr j '
    from California confirming Cincinnati var LEWIS & IIAIVFOnD, :..1\"i rft'L
    coua tl St. Louis, and the South Pass : '
    of Mazatlan. a abort time "ioce... The of the Rocky Mourains, to Astoria in Ore- StocSfbn Received hand Sept.. 1, 18-18.1 .;.5>' 7: ArrIved Nos. 253 & 256 Pearl Street, .. :, rn .
    way past 3 .;....'.6161 '
    York Herald says that amongst other gon, Ihe., .islaDce by the travelled .route is *' previously.... ...943li Feb23-Schr Aurelia Hanson fm N Orleans. (Between Fulton-st and Burling Slip,)

    New letter mailed 10 Messrs. Talbot 4account ipile. vFrorn the. Madawaska, in TOlaJ.100419 60b3t Feb 24-Ship Masonic. Haihorn, fm-Liverpool JTEW YORK
    .IS a Maine the New Exponed.pst 3 days...... .. ..9363I Ship Ohio Sutton tm o.-lon.
    OJ'.phaot. & Co.. of that. city from. iVasJiin I liy Atlantic, ro. te. via York, I U previously..... ... 48033 Br bark Su an, Croak fm New York, to I M. I ITright. UAVC ON KAJ7D THE LARGEST AllOar..n701'CLOTIJING :
    .tpn! Orleans and.Qalvesjnn.to I Total.6'7396 ,
    of b' ship Hintreu. An. l.iie I 'Rio Grand.p 31616 Bark Lion Alexander fm Prnxidence
    apIaiD. Spring. I,I mouth of the 2.923. Fro in .
    flytJoplil 0fshe I letter : j|l New York to ihe head of Lake Superior On hand and on shipboard not cleared 43033 29217 Feb 26-Schr J Vail Jurnt y. fm New Yotk. INTHUNITED
    d .s I Schr .
    Monterey. Applebvfm New Orleans.chr
    Due I I I Iduplicale r via Detroit and Mackinac ST.ATES. BY WILLIAM D.
    .SA FiArc1SCO Nov. 61848. 1,656 miles. ; Knigold, Loomiil, fm Mobile MOSELEY
    8 nf itiis by the ,I hrnce (down .the. Mississippi, .to the Gulf Exports: of ottoD'from ApalVchlcola, Feb 27-Bark Edward. Knndaon.fm New York Adapted to tbe Southern and Southwestern Mar- Governor of Florida.

    1 sent JOU "hich saded r.Jr the q JMexico, i is 2,824 miles. From Eastpprt.Majne Commencing Sept. 1, Id-lS, and. iihe_tune in_1847. .Bark Alpha, Bennttt fm New York kets !!! WHEREAS, It required by law that In e1eo. V
    ,Iorra t.i) to the Bay of San Francisco. California Past U'revi-l- Feb 23-Ship Robert Parker, Weeks, fm Portsmouth In the artirleof in this Slate
    a sbort lime ginrfiI I I LH61 N H. '. :. on the first Mon.
    Uniteti. I Sttra he Huntress ,li rharge: rbj the I < on the Pacific via Portland, Phila WHITHER EXPORTED. ,3. day '.ou ly (TOTALf I season Bark'-Gardiner, Spies, fm New York. SHIRTS AND DR\WEBS, day in May next for a Register of Public Land,.

    got demand from five delphia. Pilishure. St. Louis, Sania; Fe Liverpool... ... .... .3733 1l91..L.64] ..b chr Chipola GriTson, fm New Orlenns. Vie keel) an endless to hold until the first Monday in October. 1850 :
    October Laborers Havre.... .... .... .. ... ..2114 I. variety. also, lor
    13,1, and ihe Colorado of the i is .2114 .... March 1-Schr Florence, Jordan, fm Mobile. Judges of Probate for the several Coun-
    seven dollars a lay, and some .Wi"t a I West 2.544 miles. NantzTrieste. ... .... ..'. .. ..... {Steamer Southerner, Shuw, from Columbus. I ALSO THE MOST EXTENSIVE MANCFACTCREns OF tics, to hold till Ihefirst Monday October
    10 hour. There is no chance 1 bfvrs.Mine Cin. Adal.I ...... .... ..... .. ..2724 Steamer Mngnoha: ,-Griffin" Columbus. OIL CLOTHING and for Justices of tie Peace for each District, 1831. _

    dollar.an crews for some lime to come ; I I Genoa .... ....... .. ...1310. .. ... Steamer Palmetto, McAbster, fm Columbus. the several Countie, to hold for two iu
    sets, Other ... ... .,. .1481 Steamer AND years, (all
    ports Fashion
    $180 Cadwallader. fin Columbus. of said officers
    .WVlemand lo continue
    that are wilting : ARRIVAL EXTIUORDINART.Quite an px'traordmary ,1" in office till their suc
    those Steamer BoMon Lea COVERED
    continues as abundant ill Total 1 to For. Ports. ...38221.16S17 2j .11562 Columbus. HATS cessors shall be elected aid qualified
    m0Ut Gold event occurred at our post-office, .Steamer Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee. :)
    per New York... .. .3388..5305 In the World IT u HEREBY ORDERED
    .869J .10911 TLat the said elec
    '!: yesterday evening after the arrival of (he Steamer Peytona, Morton, from Eulaula.Cleared. .
    eftr. Boston. .... .. .. I..J14460 tion be held
    .14460 .6314
    Plain and Fashionable throughout the Stte -
    bern a snow storm at the i northern mail. On Clothing of all lands .ccording to
    Th.re' has opening one of the large Providence .. .. .1719.11551 .13270 .1964 law, and the officers whose .
    I dipeins,' and rains at (the lower are ,br 5s.lork letter-bags in the distributing Philadelphia, .. ....... .. .. ;. LEWIS & HANFORD, elections will take mtice duly u to order Mid
    upper the crowd of clerks thrown into Baltimore.. .. .. ..371,..580..951.. .1180 "Feb 22"Bark Beaver, Edmonds, for Provide. nee f Nos. 252 & 256 Pearl st. Witness lierccf.
    getting in. were New Orleans. ... ..63.2020..2083; .685 by T L Mttchel. ; Dee. 29, 184"3. 48-3m my hand and the great lea1.?r, tie
    .. wany of the gnM dialers are returning a state of no little ,wonderment' by she Other ports....,. .. :1. ,. Ii Schr Gt'nV H Harrison Vmal l, for N Orkatis.Feb24 State given at Ihe Ctpifol.lhis20hdI1:
    from the mines sick and exhausted: mvmg ,prompt 'leaping therefrom of an apparition TotaVCoastwjse..554i.3i2I6.36757. .. Ship Aberdeen, Hubb. rd.fur Liverpool, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS. II [SEAL.] of January A. D. 1W!). an,] of' th$'Ii .

    their irregular' .mode* of living. Some ,i in the shape of a large loin cat-having 20054 by S Cit .in ;. 'dependence of the United State :b.
    ,o TOTATg-.eAus. ... .. . Herald for '
    Brig New York
    deprived of the ordinary comforts of life, ,come thus ensackeil all the way from AtiguMa .57396 .31616 ] Gray, by A NMcKay&Co. Albro, Hoyt & Co., 73d year. ., t-

    are while they make! use of ibrir hird! earnwg" i Ga. Whether The quadruped, may We are indebted, to Merer Brodie & Petli?, of Schr: Creole, Allen, for Baltimore. .. 72 John Street, : Attest t: W. D. MOSELEY. : ,.Governor.

    for iheir |1,1110w51 llonc P ln d-lll-.r rags of 1 JCI'turn out lo be h Herr Alpx ndfr." the St. Marks for the Schr Corah, Bradbury, for Pensacoln. \ ARE now receiving into Store from their Fac- A. E. MAXWELI.
    following of
    in each. borne le statement receipts Feb 26-Ship Sacsusa, Howard,for Providence Secretary. .
    at Elizabeth-Town
    King himself
    from one to ten pounds ,!i" Magician or Mephistopheles and export? of cotton from theports of St. Marks by Harper &> Holmes. J., a variety January 2j, J849: I

    in this way two died y trrday. and two lime will disclose.-Ala. State Gdz. ar.d Newport : Bark Weybossett, Harris, for Providence, by of new and criminal patterns. of '. .. > oJ- All papers in the State. insert two months.

    more 10".Y'Va. I T Mircnel. Ifeavy Floor Oil Cloths, .
    .. __ cln me a sale of hr4'e. spJ at The success of individuals,! in lire; in a Stetcment. .. :chr ainbow. Tuthill, for Key We:t. ,in widtJjs 19, 21 and 24 fret. They are als.irftrcivir : For Liverpool. '
    ST. MARKS .
    in cold dust at 816 to beR1PPIPd FA., Feb 20,1849lleceivedsince'lst Feb 27-Ship FairField, LoveUnd for N York, THE new and
    S40.000 from the lrJe-r.did! slip JESSE
    some ;, great measure owing to .their learn: early ly Nourse. Stone Ac Co Albany, Lansin<;buig, and ,
    ng : .
    I. :ept..1S 8. .. .. 24,000 Utica Factoiies .Capt. F. rd, will have
    I. in o'l quick f
    IIU"'I'C att'; sheets IS feet in width dispatch r
    Talbot for a
    t to depend upon their own resources. Money Exported mince 1-t Sept 18-18- Ship Georgia Liverpool, by J C the above Fcr
    ttsi. the latest.latr. .frnmSUI la-tee assortment, port. freight vr ,
    Act..nlm: to or the expectation of it by inhetitanc To New York .... .. .16.72S< MacUy.Schr their embracing many new patterrsof apply to J a.iJl31f1
    Fr-i.-i" llir 6th 'f Noremhrr.Our Anrelia. Hanson, for PenFacohi.
    i is
    ; ro: New Orleans. .. .
    t has ruit e'l more men than the want of it 1.153 Ftb 15 NOTRE. STONR
    Feb 23-Hark Baltic, for New York & Co.
    from Monterey] was uf the U Saunders. Medium Floor oil
    ) ta"l : e ver \li.. Teach the young m.n In rely 17,831 by.W A & P C Kam. Cloths,

    Ifiib) of I1)41! inunih. j upon their' .\n efforts, lo be frugal and infliistriiti Stock oh hand and on shipboard not crd..6.119 March 1-Schr Monterey Appleby, for New Also, from the l"t'wburAlbanv, Lanring- For Antwerp.THE .
    will brio* 200.00(1( ( nr Utica and 9p1tlld: PETER
    The Lf" inlon Orleans. burg Maine Farfories, variety | I.'lp| HAT-
    i have furnished them every
    <, .
    of ihc sold ( t and, you .r i .TRICK, Capt. Rwkwtll will
    S30U.Oni). ami perhap more t f.atfprns rnanufacturinK: by r them of their 4-4tb, have dispatch -
    with a productive) capital which no man nan COMPARATIVE KKCRIITS, ExroRT .AriD STOCKS OF Memoranda 5-4tb i 'for the abc .
    11ut"c C-4tli vp
    Sh I'-115)CC"' IIUW livt'r niunt"s COTTON I 7-4th, 8-4th at:d 12 'fret wide ptirt.Keb
    dusl. ever wrest t from them and one which! .they AT THE PORT up APALACHICOLA FR .M Boston February 19. : a r-OUR E. STONE & Co.Fos' .
    ;t ric a. t ilienioelveswill nut feel disposed lo ali ciate. THE FIRST OF SEPTEMBER TO DATE, IN THE FOLLOWiNG Light Floor Oil Cloths, .
    .-- -. YEARS: Ship Jenny Lind, from Apalachicola, with 18S5 Al--o, Mah<'gany.: Rosewood and figured Xew York.
    CHEAP POST'O.tI: ) the Unitr !.Stairs.. leu;!)!,. Exports. Stocks. bales cotton, for Boston went ashore jesterday, 4 5-4 and.G-4lh English, German and THE fast t sailing Sclonncr TIOGA
    ..... .. American
    1843 ....99972
    tl.rrr. ire 16.159 I'usrt Offices ; in 'iinre; I j h: Posta Tnt PRIEST.-The Rev. Faiher 1847 ... ... ...60255) .31616 57396 430S3 29217 A. M at' Cohd e-I. onE mile S. (If the Ghtdfs'Houe ; .Table. Oil Cloths.Also .. ,Collin master. i i. n w loadirg for the
    ; H IIalr\'. in his rnasls five feet water in Her hold. .1 'bove pr;rt, \vill! take a few bales dock
    i In one day a sermon 10 parish- 1346. .. .. .63443 27626 43504 gone ; The J. cn
    3562: ; m Grrai IJiilaiu.4.0r3.) out < (iiiniry j j flflfN. rpprated ihp trite qllol lio" thai all 1815 .. ... ...57P01 31154 26707 L. with her cargo./ully insured in Boston. a great variety pi"n w patterns of Omit). For freight ot which j-jdv; ; tn

    we havr 41.173.767 miles, of po t roads ; j I flesh i is ra4s." Thp season was Lent. ; and 1344.. ... .. ..89234 54115 351221H43 The Br ,ship.America, from New York for this Carriage Oil Cloths. A N Mr'KAY & CO. .
    ... .. ... .. :
    in Franc and (Jieai Britain., Hf tullrc''fOr} i in fw .l.iy l nftprxvanlshp encounled Ten nee 1842 .. .. .. .81447.7c955 54146 59427 27512 19523 port, was badly injured by the ice 17ih alt whileat All of which they ofier to the trade on liberal For IV'cw York. .

    tntirli lc,.. Tlf Fri'iieh mails tran-sjjnn; j janntullv I O'C'iHinwho appeared lo have something anchor off Quarantine, and was towed by a terms.Jan. THE fine lat smiling packet chr.
    2. 1549. jan25 52-3m ..PATRICK HENRY; (. hstruasttr
    on hH millCl.I Cotton Trade the .
    steamer to city to
    the Biilish repairs.
    ') J Ifiter-s
    115.u() O.Oon ; ,will have dis-atch for lie sbove
    I S. The inp 0' she mornin' to your river CoMrAKATIVE 1'lEW OF TilE FOREIGN EXPORT'S, Ship Constellation, Fiitiier, cleared fm York Seeds Seeds For dei-K ; pert.
    'm,1.: :300.000() ) ) out') ; 111' ni.j i' nfihf i Umif liF.CEIPTS AND STOCK OF COTTON OF THE U : freight, apph toW
    pn''' said Terpn ; flirl I understand S. for this port, Feb 19. JUST per brig Herald, an assortment Fet I 15 (;. PORTER Co.
    Stc'l' bin GUIOO.OOO.Vhitlt,) ( ) ( vavi ililTtrrnc I \fiur riverptire, to say, all flesh is grass,* THAR-* __ Schr Columbia, Knapp, ceared: fm New York : Seeds, for. sale by
    -- -------- FtbS J Eor lltiulfJ&'e.S
    ----- A ALLEN & Co.OEUJL1IZ : .
    list Suntlav ?
    Fn-nch Iran-
    Th ) annually .
    _YKAHS._ I IS4- 1S47-S 1846-7 KS45-6 for thi:port Feb 16.
    -Jii-l,. tli,' EII li..h mail S. Stir" I. did, replied the father; "do To ( Bark Ann Hood Collins cleared fm Savannahfor I and Soda Powders, jut received THE fast sailing schr CAROLINE
    port alm.fxt I iwic. luubt ii ** .' neat Britain .59 .51 .256(1 .23o)))54I0963S .411133 O and for.sale by ,H bb3rd, masicT. will have difpatrh fur
    you France ... 14152-( .173352 .I15h70() this Feh 22.
    j i Brig St Andrew, Farrow, hence fm this port, sa.t, to .
    ne.l in the sauir time in mir own mail anviliing} riverencp plazps. hiH I wish Tolnl Batt-s ...81.mJl2 jS6t12 \CON H
    your : : .tfjl 21 .56&S72v arrived at Baltimore Feb 12 -- B :ms, Sides and Shoulders, just received Feb 15 C. ROGERS & Co.ftTh1tll1CL1EXdll1FJ.
    STATISTICSWe lo k"orwhether in lis fjpnl lime 1 rould Rpc.irrs ... ... .1607241 12th.J6111179f.c.H) ) l1:577 and for sale by ,
    S'1\S OF TKMPKRtXCK: Slock1. B irk Cleocla, Bartlett; was up at New York, to ,
    ) : 55039( :59ij .Ji-CH5 Fi-N" I
    nnl'h. ,
    i i"ullnwinfiotfi ; :ifipr. having small piece of bafe byway i R ET LTC"O & Co.
    tillllmllll' \\ .!hiiifti lfllI eilie sail 24th Feh.
    fcf Salad .
    : Pain Killer. ,
    ,'xlllcl ilu- r'-porl lo ihe annualmTtifthe r ,- Exports. Schr Paladium. Post, was up at New Orleans
    LWEUPOOL-Perhmp Aberdeen-22S3 bales pERRY DAVIS'SVget.blePainKillerjust )L-.I1 THIS hc-u-ie hus Lcin thrrrughly
    21. to
    i ill Division i ill June. 1P49 :: EDITORIAL LIBEL UlTS.-Tit PhilaNIphia ci it I 0 II. : Ftb dispatch. 1. received and for sale by the paclcaseor dozen. it-filted fir the fasoir' ar.d the subscriber

    Nun.r, of Divisions in t I.U. 81 ts. 2.C31fiHuibcrs Times stales that Edward P. Fry. Per ship (Geo'gia; -1450 bales cotton. Schr Wm E Collins, Garvie was up at New Feb 1 B.. ELLI OX & Co. DtIM takes plea-lire inltrnTrjofj
    .. ; HAVANA-Per t'chr HHinbow-89 hales colon Orleans. Feb 21, to sail with di.-patch. ; the public that lie u. row in readiness .
    I initiated; during E-'q.. ih*' roiidiirinr' of the Italian Oppra. NEW YORK-Per brig Herald-362 bales cot- Sch N C. V., Wnsht, was up at New Orleans, Onions i. 'for.the reception of

    the 111,1 > far .. . S . OJ: '-iO"oWliciie has sued Jams Gordon Bpunpt for libel ton. Feb 21, to sail with dispitch. F; OR sale by and transient boank-re, at the "r."naJ rateHis permanent

    ; 1111.utn!; of mrMiber, . .149.'J t .iti-l laid his
    \\ h.If" aiii-iiKit fit r"cf'ip's' uf!.n'' .ftilhr-J. The p.r b.irR liallii -1197 h-tle cottnri.PKOV1DENCE fr depend all the '
    entisnerat's'ime upon having luxuries arid d ti&a-
    : -Per bark e'bossett--813 for this port, Feb 6, and sailed theTih. : -100 bbls. (planting) just receiv .
    nnluMte DIVKKIUS I in the J.. <1u2,'n allegpil lib'e'ls I P11hli"1I'd} ai various balf' collon. POTATOES sale by cies of the market servid up in EIje brsl 5 rlf.
    John .
    Ship Fielding, Strang cleared fm
    . . .. . .S373.037 37 Savannah The BAR is now ar.ri"IU at all times: .
    Sute.. .. times ill the Nrw York Hf rII.1.. Mr Fry Per bdik Braver-779 bales CClllr.n. Feb 1 B ELLISON & Co. be kt'| t
    Whole aniouui of brm-fits paid lia< employed asroiinsel Mes
    nut ., .. . .. . .. . .14O(3S( 39 ; O'Co'nner; and Sherman. BA I;TnlOH.J Per schr Crt'ole-311 bales Brig E L Walton, Ryder, was up nt New York H yS: Linament, for sale by Cigars. A crntir.nation rJ tile hhc rill custom
    ; cotton for this poll,, Feb 10, tosajl with di pitch. Fei 1 J C ALLEN & Co. heretofore be&trwcd. is re \\"It..I" .iin''ii iii' flf c.l"h! in iiaud. )6.GGG) G8 NEW ORL1ANS-PerchrGen Wll Harris : -

    i'uiiil.er uf tIt.i1,h... . . 772 \VH\T is LAW LIKE ?-Law is like a :in-59 b-iles cotton. Ship Monterey, Crosley, sailed from Liverpoolfor "IIO EIJLF'S D\sei.l." .try Cordisl.frrsalebv Docembor 9 JOHN PAR'lRIDGE.
    I'er schr this port, Dec 29. \ Feb 1 J C ALLEN & Co. 1519. :
    rnulI"rv dance; people; are 1f'lllIp and .dtunHI Monterey-63 }bale cotton ..' __
    \ NHVKL: .\rpLicATi' \.-A portion ofS ii till they are tired out. Law i is i like a Bark John Brower, Tolford] sailed fin Boston :Ii: TOODRUFF'S Worm S1ecifie, fir sale yV For Sale. :;&

    I I.% .ne nf -niuikj luis niside ?1p1ica.:; boitk of slI.rf"rJ-lht're ,are a great many To the ITI! aster of the Steamer for this port, Jan 31. V FeT:) 1 J ALLEN &Cn.WOODRUFr LOT 5, block 17on Brc'3c1strpI't\\"irft

    uon to the ;i-resriit session of the \rir illiil, -nililp rasas in it. \\ is like ,i1\; *ic loo. Magnolia, and to all persons Notce to-Mariners.THK 'S Anti-bilious Pill, for sale by lit f-v urlh'r:\Ycixlen Uuilitin, thticf.n For
    hat lake IIP! least of it rethp bp'f.l nrT. interested iu said Steamer her particulars inquire ol the subscriber
    L.iltiire! to be annexi:.IIC l that Stale.The hey LtvETtpoor. PILOTS Votice has been posted ,' J. C ALLEN. & Co. on the rrenises.
    it i like gpntleman. wf"IIIO Tackle Apparel Furniture -
    is homely vprv ,
    a the Custom March
    at House, that the greennnd white 1. VM. WORRIKEU.
    Albany Knirkerbockrr sa\s that j itw.iss.1 I fnlln.nd a scolding Wrf"'vp'ry; hut whenit and lUachiue.'y.W i Indian Elixir.WOODRUFF'S <,' ; ,_

    old! on$ Monday 1 that ii broke up :i I'dtlows us. Law i is like a new fashion; riEHEA.s, a Libel hath been duly filed on distinguUhing. r light hitherto. in use on board the : Indian Elixir! a certain. cure For Rent. p
    Ihe Liverpool boats at mouth of the Mersey, ha. fever frr sale bv THE Dwelling Hume
    people bewilrhed into it amid seventeenth day < February, 18-19, by lately tccupied
    ni-irrM tlrat was coining! off. the bride Are get ; Win. G. M. Davis, n ctor on behalf of Jeremiah been discontinued, a bright white light, and at intervals I Feb 1_J C ALLEN &/ Co.Snuff" .;;; hy I the under-iir.t-i. Terrp'arcpmmoJa -
    like bail: lhtr.-mClsl people are glad to -- '
    and Daniel J. merchants of fifteen minutes, flas-h light daling. Apply] to >
    pr iompa< ioii) l heinz fioy.en up.IMPORTATIO.N Day Day, and a having ;
    of it.ASIMNE.
    ; crt out' partner$:, doing business in the city of Apalachicola been substituted in ben thereof and Macabuy, in bottls and bhd- B. ?? hAWLEY .
    OF SLAVKS.-AII immediate under the of J. SCOTCH Nov 25 Columbus Blixrlc.
    s-tyle Day & Co., in the c received and fcr sale by :
    and extra scinn of ihe 2islatnre: of .. JODGK.-A young lawyer having count) Franklin and State ot r londd,and in the List of Vessels In" Porto Fell 17 .. H F ABELL. To Re .t. : ,

    Mi is demanded :t th,* citizens nf been a Ued by a judge whether in the Northern Dishict: of Florida' against the Steamer S SHIPS. 1:3: STORES No'. 'r) C"'lrtrrt>ti Bfock', and
    ni"<(ippi by iiausmicr lion of
    I Hancock c.mt.iy. in that .State fur; t til? |iurpoie turned into a horse or.an as< ?" against the Flint River Company and owners of Monument.ing-W.Trott A & PC Kain.for T;ui' subscriber has just received Irom vew .iliL N.V 11 1\01'R'E. STONE & (?*.,. _

    of marling* law< prohibilino, % ihe fnrtb An replied the aid Steamboal, and all persuns intervening fur B 49 tons, Liverpool, loading York, per brig Virginia, a Iuroe; and fresh '
    Os. quickly lawyer. their inteiest, in a ca-e of bottomry, civil andmarUinip slock of Drug ami Medicine, and all articles. Ilard\varc, Sli'ip C'liandiery, &c.T .
    <'r intrt'Os nf >lavc; from the burdrr Siite* i 'S Why !J" says the judge. and as Peter Hattnck, Rockwell,555 tons, for Antwerp u-uallv l Mi l.iline which j 'HE Subscribers lne nn Land; f r ah- "
    ; "her .in pursuance tlieieol' loading-Nourse, Stone ife Co. kept lo he vu>u]]i re- -
    of f the S.inili. In ihir pet ii iii ri to t ihe Goverixir. Bel .lIIse I have heard of an ass being a an attachment and tno-Jiion bath issued from Commodore, (Br ) Pik-hard. fiSG tons, for GIlls i. spectiully call the attention of his friends, and LOCKS, -rrted, EuiN, Screws, Hinges,

    lhy tint the Stat-< ofMarxian. indue but never a hor "." said Court to rue directed, returnable at the! '. gotv, IfadinV A & P C Kam the public generally.Nov Q Handsaws, Mill I lsa.\s. Crosscut; dn.J1aIiE't,
    represent ., 'c-s ; Clerk's oilice in the city of Apalachicola on the Ohio, ('lark.-138 tons for Europe, loading MWripht. J 4 H F ABELL. Ccanpassc4, Augers,Girr.bl>,Chisels,Brace

    .I. Vlf inia. Krniurky and 1 1i"C miti. 'twelfth day of March.text. ,, wherein: J, among .. and Bit ts,RU-I.! Hevt-I.! ]u'are?, Kroadaxe,
    Seeds Seeds Seeds
    ubrrr. : ; sLivcrv has ('t';'
    '. i I"Vr learner Pevtona-A McGpf'h".I"dv. child keep the said Steamer, her tackle, apparel arid I M Wright. GARDEN SeeJ-, just received and (for sale by ,Shutter llangine! *, Blind do.Steehardi,
    ( tlif; tinccriain uhtch! lavrs ; Ophir, Sylvester 4:58: tons for Europe r loading ti F .ABELL.
    tenure by I and t-Nvanl.l\Irs. Waring Miss Cameron, Miss Eh.lnllfl. ;.uniture, until the lurther orders ot the Court, S Cii8 in. Counter Scale: Platform rio, Cr lt/n do,

    are lirld ;;re nnw ihriiwins an iinmcnsc1t ; I'er MeamerMasnilia HJVrMe.imer Tmlnvige. and to give* due notice lo all persons interestedjn Clinton Fos-ter 350 tC\ns. for Boston, loading LJATSand Caps by t the ease t low for cash by Kitccen Ware, Table! 'Cutjciv, Sho\el. ar.d

    .ck: ;popuLiiion on ihe extreme Southern: : Southerner I'V V L Hopkins.IV the same; and, whereas', I have, in pursudlll'e' N J Deblois B. ELLISON & CO. Tones, Fire Ircr.*, &.r. :

    Stales 'is r ft-amer Fabhion Anderson Willcoxon, 'the said attachment, seized t the said Steamer Star Republic Norris, 305 tons for New York, Dec 9._Cor. Wafer and Chestnut st. BLACKS IITHS'( Bellox,s. Anvils' Slrdgw,
    which I. i destined! i to increase with sInhiiln Magnolia, hei tackle-, apparel, furniture and machinery loading-W A & P C KamMao"nic .Hammers, Vies, Scrcxxplafes, St. .eks. and

    '1IIfUt'U.e ralJ dil.,.. Per steamer Q/ftncy H VifTard lady and : Hathorn, 439 ions, fm Liverpool waiting Notice. DIP, Ton?", Fi1( Rasps, \r. '

    erv't' L Sutton and lady I IJickson fimily Hnd Now therefore, notice is hereby given to all S -MaMer THE Copartnership heretofore exntins under IRON-Swocd*, EDi! -ltand Anieiican.a'srrfi'd .

    .. i. wr\.tiit, Dr H Ely L Lou. Mr P"lhill.l\1i.che-lI. personconcerned of said Libel and seizure, Ohio Sutton, 297.. tons,. fm Boston, waiting- firm of J. D. ATKINS &Coisiisday --rtrnnd flat and square.nand,HH.jJ Shed arid
    flEVAcIIIG1I4. AM; LORD ERSKINE. P-r -learner nn ton-Messrs liosejj., Rico alort s.lill,3I'1d that to Master. dissolved by mutual con'ent. All persons indebted Boiler Iro]. Railroad Spike do, Horjieshre
    are required at
    -A voloniH Jen. \\rI..II I IVr fcleamer Quincy-Judge 1 Bronsim. M N appear Robert Parker Weekp, 599 tons, fm Portsmouth, to the late firm will make
    w"s presented in the Cleik's office the !' plea e paymentto Iron and saiLs, Cast!, English, blister and
    in city: Apalachicola, on N H waiting Master .
    II A Lewis A
    Brice .
    in:tnn. in 1797. by T llt"I1. Lord E rsl.i nf'. Dick"on.D Browning, the undersigned, who will continue the Grocery German Sreel.PLOFGHS I. .
    the of March
    I -relay, John A Brown, 't S A, Mr iadbury, MrGreen. ] twelfth day next, being ihe return BARQUES.
    on a bUnk p"ge of which Ji** wrote IIB| I il- day of said process, and the time and place assigned Covenanter (Br) Patterson 5I2 tons for Liverpo business on his own account at NI'. 53 WattAfreet. -Smkle. ard! Duible Corn helIt'rs.

    lowing mite cotitninui. : perhaps. .ill 1 ? hij- for I the hearing of said cause, and then |, loading-\V A & .p C' Kain HENRY YOUNGS. Cornrrill, j.. .hairh J. Trace do. Ox do,

    jn"st eulogium ol the many; VifW"S'b'srnw- .- from the Interior.Per .. and there interpose a claim, if any they have, Jesse, (Br.) Ford 573 tone, for Liverpool. load. Apalachicola, Dec. 14, 1849. Shovels! ami SI'2d"t'hlJg; Hoes,Garden

    ed upon that great and wlucl..rful man :- Receipts' or shew cause why the said Steamer, her tackle, in?-Xnurse, Stone & Co. Shad.A : Lane and Grubbing Hoe
    | su-ain-r 1'e>t.:r\a\ -87 bales cotton to Lock apparel furniture and machinery should not be Abbot Lord Joyce 537 tons, for Liverpool, loading h lf COROAGK Manilla and Hein|'ra .rt.-d. Pilch,
    t "Sir,-I have taken ihe. .liberty. lo intro hart. Yoims; 3 lo imsAc Cheever 2 to AuunAc -J Day & Co FEW bbls. tor sale by Tar Rosin.Coal 1 Tar, Bright; Varnish Handspikes
    sold to satisfy the demand of I the LibHants.
    duce your august and., immortal name in a : Lon?; 17 lo A N McKav & Co; 320 lo order ROBERT MYERS, U. S. Marshal Lion, 'Alexander, 337 tons, for Boston, loading- Jan 11 C A GREEN t Co. V Block*, Oar, &c.
    ebon sentence which is he found ihe i I Per sle"rnpr MtIoIi4-1bO bales Cotton to Wm N J Deblois An Ordinance
    tin } Kettles
    ar Mills end Cauldrons -
    1 H KinibrotiRh & Son 100 to Noarse, Stone & Co; Northern Ditnct of Florida. Rob't \Vm Br fm .
    b ; ( ) Johnpon 491 tons, Liverpool
    I send haVe To amend Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance
    .oor. )'on., j J a large acquaintance & Mc- Feb.24 184U. an Bakcovens, Spider, Pets, Enameled
    157 In A N McKay & Co; 111 to Wyiie Apalachicola ; ',-'waiting-hi 11,'D\wt.on & Co. repealing certain Ordinances &c. passed 12th ".
    among the rposi. Valuable and exalted Kemle; 18 to Win Poe. :: r. SIJan.' (Br ) Cm file, 537 tons,fin New York, waiting J4nuary, A D IStS, Kettle*, Tea Kellies! Jec. ,

    flasgff of men. I Ijut you %* the% qnTy human J)cr, steamer uth"rner-157 bale cotton m.Hairr Advances oil Cotton. ". -1 M \Vright. Sec. 1 Be if ordainea by the Mayor and Council TINWARE-A full assoitmervt.Wholesale .
    being for whom I evrr f-ft an siwlul reverence. : Holmes; 83 M Hill! Uawson Ac: Co; 70 tT7"Eare prepared to make liberal advances on !! Edward, Knudson, 355 tons, 1m New York waiting of the City of.\ Iahchicola, That the Clerk, or retail. ': .:
    .10 A N McKay & CoIi to Lotkbort Ac Young; VV -Master } E. C. .
    I ; Cotton, consigned to our friends in New I .ROBERTS.Apalaehieola ,
    ; ; and be allowed of five "
    and sincerely pray .ot.to. grant a long 31. to Wybe & McKenzie: 30 to J C Maclay. York Liverpool,. H ,nt', Antwerp and Rotter- Alpha, Bennett, 517 tone, fm New York, waiting- Treasurer Assessor a salary ] Jan. .z, 1S49. ..
    serene evening lo a Vil'c so gloriously i Per steamer Fd.hilln-91 bales cotton to Hill ,K8ler.Gardint'r. hundred dollars per :1nn m. '
    de,oted to the happiness of the world" Dawpon Ac Co; 64 to Sims & Cheever; 24 to C A darn. NOURSE, STONE & Co. Spies. 346 tons, fm New York. waiting Sec. 2. Be it further ordained That any thingin Noiicc.SX .' p.
    Green & Co; .20 to Lockharl & Youns; 17 to B Feb 1 4G Water street. -Master. the ordinance, to which this* inn amendment, we f ks after date I will apply to the HOIl.ud .

    S hawley; 167 to A N McKay SB Co; 34 to W A w .,' BRIGS. '' militating against thi ordinance, be and the : f' of Pri>bafe, f(r Calhoun county, Flor
    A GOLD SPECULATION, i is a'iil) .lhat a I I 1& PCJ ., Advances.. Toledo Glover 184 tons, for New York, loading same is hereby.'rE'pealt. d. ida, *iir I 1. tiers of administration on the estate of

    ;hs1in"ui"h f. hiona Bailor of this:city], :;: Per steamer Palmetto-151 bales cotton to Hill, THE subscriberswill make liberal cash ad. H-irpr .\: Holmes. Passed by Council, 12th January 1849. William G. Kelly, deceased, l late= of raid omnly.

    who I b-d an order lo make two suits ofJlolhf' DawFon Co: 333 to Lochart & Young; 129 toW {' on con ig'1'6"9' *rt Cotton to their J. S. HUTCHINSON, Mayor. MATILDA L. KEtLY.
    N Stone Ac Co 81 '
    A & P C Kan; 100 lo urse, ; New York
    friends or _
    Jn Liverpool December
    29,J 849. '
    ) (or General Taylor having comple- j;I to.Harper & Holmes; 70 to A N McKay Co. Dec 28 J CAY & Co.Advances. i '' Bird Seeds. War. VALLEAU, Clerk.Consignee --- : 4-6y3. .

    led his order and hinted it on ihp streets. I IJbere I I Per steamer incy-rl95 bales cotton to Lock- ., S J. 1 f\f\ LBS. Frsh Canary' ,Just received Wanted, .

    was a general rush of well dressed eart Ar- Yoon; 21 to.Wylie .V: McKenzie; 12 toW f. \\J\J from Havana, for sale by nine (9)) boxes pickles, marked G.H-re- J 0 KEG new leaf, lor sale &.v- .
    G 'Porh"rCo 72 to J Day Ac. Co; 5 lo AILiI FOR .
    ,eemlernpn into his .hoi; all carnftlxre.questing I,I tin \c Lone' 18 bbls; tat.toB Ellison -oi THE undersigned will make liberal advances March 1. J C ALLEN & Co. i I.t'r brig W. L. Jones from New York. -- Jan 11 C-A GREN & Co. *

    to be allowed to look at ihetsaid I,.i i Per 8teara; Boston-2J U.IH-B lottrtn Jo Hill, Colton consigned i :to hi, fiends Liverpool .. Notice. J'*,, ? .19J9. A. N. McKAY & Co. U'ooclen 'Vare.B r

    tJu'hea.' and particularly to examine trie. in- Ddwson Ac tU 1 lo WyhV ..McKenzie 60 to A N Ghsgow\ Hivre Boston or New %(rk. firm of Roberts Allen & Co.is dissolved. To Bent.TART R \SS bound Cedar PaiN, Painted Buckets,
    | of McKay C7 to Lockbar.1 Ac Y/.iuig, Nuv 18 D B WOOD. THE Deck Buckets,'Hickory and Corn Brooms lor
    the T.he ;
    } .pod) .t I' shrewd tailor Locknart will be made, and the business of'the" Fire-proof Store, No. 24 Water
    .Per steamer QuulcI-JOO.bale& cotton to sale by [Jan 11]. C A. GREEN & Co.I .
    flOWCyt .
    t suspecting$ ,ihe object of the gen 5c Young; 94 III< W O P'Tier. Co: 9Jo A N Insurance. continued by fi. ROBERTS.. I street Enquire of D B WOOD. -
    tlempn i, told them their 11'1..1 McttaV 32 tn >tder ; Apdachicph. J3, 1849: Nov 18 Storage ,
    .they might put : I & Co; 3 to J J34V A=.C ; subscjibeM, Agent* for The Etna In- ?
    'er$ Iqlo the pocket of the saW ...,iits. h'ull Per Jorari boj fm N le6a"'ity""l08 bales cot- THE Co.," *the Protection Insurance :- Boots and Shoes, N Fire! Proof Store No. 24 Water street, by ,

    ."'at .he. would require oT them S50 each, .., tor Per'to box Lo'ckliari'Old Pindar& Youn5 fm Fllot-9G,.** hales: cotton.'. '*-. to Co ,"and The Hartford. In'surahceCo.," of< Hartford FOR' SALE, by the. package by A LIKELY Negroes hands wanted IVantcd.Q for whom. liberal Nov o D. B. XVOOD-
    every letter placed in ihe breeches, S3Q .27U to t ke.Fjre, Inland 18 DB WOOD 91.IOMPSONIAN .
    Harper. Aa Holmes; 9 10 Sims& '' ; to Cynu-.ar.. prepared OJ will be paid. Apply' to Medicines for sale by ,.
    fonhoiepot, in the
    Tor those pockets. In I this Per barge Flal Sho-la fm Cbpoli\, 2D bale*col. good ..ffice. J DAY & Co. .
    put/n.t hp.veit. S SUPERIOR article just received and for Feb. 8- 4t A?*" I.of Screw Press. ColTee.
    !?". Ujt.thoDghl ,0 be Genera)J. wi1.6| ,\\enr I ton Orman.10.W'lit' & McKenzie; 17 to McCulIy. ; to Dec tiS. t8-1 A sale 6y Lumber. 200CK'- .RIO, landing and for..: ale by

    ,*' led' to fe'd. N) letter at .his leiure.ip I Perbdrgt' Live Oak-Ill bales cotton to Wm' G The Protection Insnrance Co. 01 Feb. 8 ? J ALLEN & Co. Pine, assorted sizes and qualities D B WOOD.
    tD'ir conirnts. and 1lace'a proper., Porter & C.o; 51 10 Lockhart. &,..Young;. 9 to Au- New Jersey. Clariflsd Sugar. YELLOW. V Brushes.H .
    tilt *
    tfte I I4Vo *' & '
    tTn Loir
    noon 'nf'ris'f ihe applicant Dla. :I Per 2 boxes Cm Albany! -970 bales cotton to THE ubsmb r being appointed by the above I 50 BBLS New Yo.- CL.tritit"djust received, Oak Plank Wheel- Arms and Bucket Plank, for fR.H.lt. Cloth, Teeth,Nail and Shaving

    : V. S V
    .\ -- r, pre V $aJ'tdto tllke.Fire'and Marine Risks Jan 11 '. C-j\ GREEN & Co. Feb 8 Commerce afreet. 34 H F ABELL. -
    .. ,
    i>ioie' wihich the unit i in nau2flra. .
    upon MITCHEL. -
    01"41 wasuLen Washington, is atm .', 'p -Imports.; ; VLIVJ1PO'OLPer f May 11. '1843THOS., L. P&rnacea.S Lemon Syrup.I Fresh Herbs. -

    preserved in New, York, and will be takeuirt. ship-. Macnie-99d. Backi,' '. ". Pomsli. WAIM fc.HOUCK'S. Panacea just receivedand I: B RAY'S IjUl erior Lemon syrup,just. reC;I\, ed S 'fl ES Thvmt"SammerSaYory.Boneset.H .
    ; \ .. t : ult ': just received and for.sale bj for sale by and for sale by : .hound Catnip, &ciust rgc'd.and (
    | tObC ngtd at the ean eacka<. ornI..bl
    ) .'chr Ringold-1800
    JchD.I-e : ? 2'If\OOLBS. HFABELIi.' Feb 11 P-ABELL.-; Fib 17 'H F ABELL : Jan 24
    t Tt t ; '. ? JCALLEN&CQ,
    TJ.''ot. Per rchr floren.iIX stacks 1Ilt.' .. ,
    .. .
    .. -.. .
    F .
    i-I- j'O '. ,

    4 1






    I .


    ., .
    ** t. .
    it";"'..:: -lIt-tlt"rB -- : 1 Egy._jmi. L -c IJBB -: matter whether the result of inhertDt cause'ofcauses I :iNotttL AH ,Ordinance, "

    Tax Collector's Sale. 1 produced by irregularity, illness.of acci ital For the Regulation' Quarantine, &c. .i ;A

    virtue of the authority in me vested by law, r' dent. can be more than its the ,
    BY Nothing surprising Carston Altars, ) SKC. 1. Be it ordained by Mayor
    will to sale, before the Court House PerSons '
    expose i invigorating effects on the human frme. .
    Door, in the City of Apalachicola, on Monday all weakness a.id lassitude, from taking it, vs. v Bill for Divorce. Council of the City o.palaclncola, ': ,

    the 12th day of March, 1849, between the hour once become robust and full of energy under Sat usann h Allars. 3 hereafter all vessels ar.. I' L f Il__

    of ten A. M. and four P. M. the following real I its influence. It immediately counteracts the THE Defendant not having plead, answered i in the port of Apalachicola, from any

    estate, situated in the City of Apalachicola, (assessed nervelessness of the female frame, which is'the demurred to complainant's bi,alter duenotice or place at which cholera, yellow h

    ss the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph 1 great cause of Barrenness. It will not be expected oNhe'fi1ng thereof, given publcaton.and small pox, or any contagious or | m
    of and ,
    'elafield, Trustees of the Apalachicola Land 'of us, iu cases of so delicate a nature, to therein stated complaint been taken'for mater disease, existed at the departure of !

    Company,) or so much thereof a'JViti pay the exhibit certificates of cures performed but we having vessel 'boat from such : .
    Taxes for iSiS, assessed thereon, for the State I the that hundreds of cases against said defendant : on motion of Solicitor or port'dr CI

    -of Florida and the County of Franklin, together 1] can have assure been aficted.us. Thousands of cases for complainant, it is ordered that said cause be which may have on board any person ;. a o

    'with the coat of advertisement aud sale, a'ld I where families have been withodt children,after set for hearing at the first Uayofthe next term flicted with such disease, shall be <

    which said real etateii: described' as follows, in J. using a (few bottles of this invaluable .medicine, of this Court, and that notice of such hearing the following quarantine re ulations, to : he'Wa

    'the Map of s.aid City> viz: miTownsend's have been blessed'with fine, healthy offspring.To be given to defendant by the publication of a Such Tressel or boat, on its arrival, !
    -Wharf Lota Nos 1,8, 9-100 feet each. Mothers and Married copy of this order, once a week for the space of ''come to Sn anchor at the first safe and ,

    Lots 6 :and 7 in Block 17.L'rts Sa I'SI pa I.illa. of has been.adles three months,prior to the first day of the nextterm.'in'the venient after crossing the *,
    This Extract Sarsaparilla expressly anchorage .tg
    2,3,4.3, 6, 7, S, 9, in Block fS. Wonder and Blessing I of the Age. prepared in reference tftfeinale'complaints. No ommeric Advertiser, a newspa- bar, where they shall remain for the < %
    'Lots 13 13: 16 17 18 in Bl-jck t E2.: World per' published of Apalachicola.A .
    4.7.'j.: 14, The most extraordinary Medicine in the
    female who has sbpposeshe approaching of Unfil the
    forty days
    in Block F2.jLot it is reasotto Copy. WM. VALLEAU, Clerk. or passengers -
    Lots 6,7,13,14, in Bottles : six
    This Extract i is put up Quart that The turn ?
    3 in Block D2. warranted perio ollie December 18, 184. 49-3m 'crew.shalJbe reported by the
    times cheaper, pleasanter, and superior }
    should neglect to as it is a -
    Lots .1, 7, Sill Block 1. I 10 any sold. It cures without i horrible healthy condition. a ai1
    ventative for any of the numerous and i Sheriff's Sale. .
    Lots 2,3,4, C.', S, V.\ in Block! M.Lots vomitinsjpuriingickeniiigordebilitating i I 'EC.-5. further 'ordained. That
    diseases to which females are subject at this time virtue pf a writ of fl.fa.to me directed
    4,3r i, 7/8 in Block S. the Patierit. of life. This period may lie delayed for several i I3Y* from the Circuit Court county, pilot or othe person piloting or ;

    Lots 1 to 10, in Block 19.! The great beauty and superiority! of this Sarsaparilla : years by usiitg'ffiia medicine. NcJr is it less valuable in favor of William Griswold O Frr1ln L. Gris any vessel 'or steamboat into the -a
    Lots 1,2, 3, 6,7,8, 9, 10, in Block 34 over all other medicines is, that while it board "
    Apalachicola, '
    I for those who approaching ivoftianhopd! wold executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the Cityof hiving any
    Lot 4, !5, 6, 7 S, 9, 10, in Block'26. the It I (
    eradicates the disease it invigorates body.
    : I as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickeningthe Apalachicola, I have levied upon, and will expose above contagious disease's, 'Shall Urn prte'i
    -Lots 3 G 1 in Block I:>.
    4,5, '
    is one: of the very best blood and invigorating system. Indeed, to sale to the highest bidder, at the CourtHouse vessel to anchor at the first safe
    Wi 3,4,1, G, 7. S, in Block! 40. SUMMER MEDICINES
    SPRING AND this medicine is invaluable all the delicate door in city of ApalacHicola on'the nient opwjjv
    the outer
    anchorage sing
    Lots 1 to in, in Block !j I. Ever known it not only purifies \hule'sY5' afercto
    ; : .
    I diseases which first ih March within the or
    women 1549,
    are subject.I Monday legal
    L.t.l. 2,3 f J, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block!. T teih.fenH "BtreugtluerT' the person, but it creates arid report the same the Mayor lipt
    If.toi 2 to 10. i ii Bl.>ck 31. new. pure and rich blood: a power possessed by braces the whole system renews permanently hcilifs of sale the following described property, delay ; and in default, said pilot 'or &.
    natural the 'to wit frame known the tt,,
    energies, by imp
    removing : one large building as
    !j/)4 (J, 7, S, l), ri, in Block 159. no other' medicine. And in this lies the grand li- person shall forfeit and pay to said city -
    ties of the not far to Council Chamber situated
    body, so stimulating as pro- City on
    14..ti"l to I'J.in/ BI'H'k J 1. secret of its wonderful It I has performed
    success. hundred
    : : dollars for such ne
    duce relaxation which i is the ofmost House and known every
    subsequent case Square; one Engine as
    Lt t I to 2 I, 1:1: Hlfvk LI.'Lts 1. within the last five years, z.tsre.'than: 100.0)0cUr ) E refusal with'tlie above
    medicines taken for female weakness and Boston No. 1 and one Engine and Engine to ,
    ; Hpu'se 'cotnpf
    : 7. t), in Block 9 f disease at least 15,000
    1. o. :s. :''I ot severe cases ,t> ; '
    disease. By using a few bottles of this medicine known as Franklin No. levied i on as the SEC. 3. brdained.
    WW :itk i of the p fUTtl"a
    :\\f.- \H J''IIt') }Jvnn m. ? n: were considered incurable. It has saved the live f Buildia
    :-\'uJthil..ta, !> iy Njrth :nJ. \Ve-t ni tiC City of of more than ;S'J'JO; : chl&ren! during the two past many severe and painful surgical operations lay properly of the city of Apalachicola. while said vessel lies in .

    A\.t liHiic.li a. r,. the Wtf-i.'rn I Imiidines, of se'a'soh .be prevented. JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff it shall not be lawful for any person, ,

    Hr*:iklii: Cti-nty ; als., St. Vucenfs 'Isluid.St.fce. ., 10,000 cases of Gcncrl' Debility threat: Blessing: to Mothers and By B. Lucxs, Deputy.January's the health officer, 'to Visit the same or I .

    .,q 'Miirl ann PX. I,,ltaJ' (exrliuiveottint and want JVcrrous Energy. : Children. !, IS4U.THE any communication "with (those on ; 21.tat. '

    jmrlioiMf 't. G<")r. .!'- J'I.f I I D g I Idl I i-i-l owned Dr. Town end'.s Sarsaparilla i invigorates the I is'the safest and most effectual medicine for Subscribers have. on hand and offer for nor shall it be lawful rfor ':ny --

    by the 17 S. G ,.crllfl..Ia) : aNall (Liid< lying whole system permanently. To those who have: purifying the system t and relieving the sufferings, Oi liberal terms- board to visit said city, orr for the

    Ei tt (iTlhe Kiyof .V iiliv'Iii-"l li an.l bordering lost their muscular energy by the ellects of med: attendant upon child-birth ever disco rrd. I SUGAR-10 hhdd and 50 bhls N. Orleans; owner or consignee thereof land, or
    St. Gj ,* mil I an nnni'i' : Eisi to the strengthens both flit mother and child prevents .
    on r s ,
    10 boxes \V ol & Stuart's, loaf
    icine or indiscretion!, committed in youth, or the eys ; to be landed of her
    in"uth ot N'j.v River from *!...a. c in a direct' line excessive indulgence of the passions. and brought pain and disease increases and enriches the food, FLOUR- -100 bbls( superfine SI Louis and Ohio ; any cargo or any

    to th ; C'uji.li; 1 Cut-itr' f.IJ.awlI. u Ii.' .Aubchi-; on a general physical prostration of the nervous those who have used it think it i is indispensable COFFEE-50 sacks Rio and Maracaibo; ce'f) :ru, unless by tvritt o perris I i ifrm Bt>-Unj

    c >la Riv.-r J ikV.i fit< tn-i'ith. inrt'idins; (Forbe's of It is highly useful both before ahd after confne. bbls new Mayor, given under the to
    system, want ambition flintingsen. MOLASSFS-I crop ; Dale
    Ish:1f: c.allI) IhJIHI c alIi.lint :bjOJO: ment as it diseases the health officer and of
    : ((00 ; sations premature decay and decline hastening prevents upon and half bbls; ; any person 'li n'
    acr-s nI!' third quality of Li tid: and 1UJJ! of 2d towards that fatal disease Consumption can be childbirth-in Costivericss1, Piles, Cramps, Swell. LARD-5 bb -i dud Keg t; either of the provi idn's of this or the i .? .

    quality. ? '. entirely resfored! by this pleasant remedy. This lug of the Feet, Despondency, Hearlbur Vomiting SOAP-SO bjxes ;) l, yellow white ; 3 Cidfl of this ordinance, 'sh.1 be ",
    BE.N'J. r..ucc:::, Tax .Aw and Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains ari : t ,
    Sarsaparilla: i is far superior to any STARCH- 0 boxes Colgate's ; said city in the penalty of fifty dollars Ipa
    C"Hector fIr Frisikliu County. IiiVigoraliug Cordial Hemorrhage in regulating the secretions, I PORK-20 b'Ms m.s and prime ; each and such offence, and hUi
    A thr li r 4.I. OtllJ"r! I 1"1"1. 3S.fln; ) the rirculjfion: it ha's ho equa'l l. .The every ) ?
    equalizing 'BEEF bbls
    itrcnetvs and invigorates the system, ivesactivity'lo f prime; dollars for each and every day the f'
    great beauty of this medicine i is, it always 'Cr .
    B.: Ellis: :).. iV Co., Co.Valcr and the limbs, and strength to the muscuLar and the most delicate use it most successfully sart, TOBACCO hf bxs favorite brar s; 'owner or cbnVrgnee of such vessel or ,
    BACON 5 casks sides and b..b
    in most .
    system a extraordinary degree.
    CiI stltlt shall fail orr Yefhse too into
    few other medicine in
    cases require ,
    very any M ACCARONI boxes Italian > 8BJ
    "' :IIP ca \DL"HY. Consumption Cured.Cleanse some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.Exercise VERMICELLI-5 do do ; herein required. ma(iiUkirr. (
    "\\l VILr4\ ,n-lllump Cord,,:!;<'! of all izes, i and Strengthen. Consumptioh can be ; '
    1\ the open air and ligr.t (food with this CRANBERRIES( SEC. 4. Be 'it further ordained, ,
    .'V IIi'nrdii: >, \Vormline, Mitline, Spnnviri'Ukun.S. cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Com quarter ;
    medicine, will always ensure a safe and con it shall be deemed fur -
    easy case
    .>-r n Oil I, Fsilldo, Whale do, Olive plaint, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs Asthma, Spit.ting finement. DOZ\IE'TICS25 bales sheetings and shirtings; l fc*
    <"lt 1. 'Ij-is-fd; ; .1 In, It-tw J.i, (n. S.urits Turpentme of Blood Soreness in the Chest, Hectic bales Lowel and Georgia; preservation of the health of said cliv V Aa1d.
    I I'II'f WinJo-.v tJhss. I'UIIV.Vlute Flush, Night Sweat, or Profuse Expectoration Notice to the Ladies. GLASS-iO bxs assorted ; the health officer, it shall be the duly

    1 h.ill t \: !. \ Ii.1 Y..III\\' Oc'inChrome Green.linriU & Pain in Difficul, &c., have been Those that imitate Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla I, RAISINS-tOO whole, hf and qr boxes"; master 01 any'vessel ,or .boat, lying in JO F
    li, lm..-rnU.>, C'lrn'n"4'110"' ', \rerdizri I and can be cured. have invariably called their stuff a great lcwl.l c BUCKWHEAT kegs new; antine to unload and :JU
    ,<, Lic'.i: 4T.iZC: iblnr! Hruht! Varnish, ,Cooald't for Female, &.c. &c., and have copied 5 pounds thoroughly :
    r.tr, ''It-Hi. 1'itKli: TlJr,)*nrint", Coal Paint I Spiting Blood. t and circulars which relates to the complaints of)r ALMONDS20 Goshen; and Western smoke and whitewash' .the, same inside l Ac.

    Hri'i', \rir.mi "!I'), T.rd-i., Scrub d,). Chmpdo i York, April 23, 1817. women, /vord for word-other men who put CHEESE kegs ; fore such. vessel, or' boat shall!1 be sat I,_
    up 1 20
    hi IJIick.CnPt' Whitins, Ku,;*ia Uuck. Eng Dr. TownsendIver'ily beli e'that Sarsaparilla English dairy ; *,

    11,1 your fo'sald and fling
    medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.Townsend's BRANDY [procteea city ; any person
    ti..', .1 t.., C .ltuii I 1, ll avy Iliven* do, Light do.'v has been t the means,through Providence, hf pipes Otard, Depuy&MarleV; : do, Plat.tj
    I .-l I 11 itiii NT lils, to Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to I LF.MONS-5boxes Sicily 4 4, .to comply with the provisions! of"t this\
    ut*. RI la *n .H. ;, Copcr; of saving my life. I have for several had a ; .
    ,)It, Tic'ts, S'nt: S.n'if (fl.i.it II!It", Hra
    f Screws; Anc'.i: >r#:, W.in'lVik', Captain last I raised large quantities of blood, had ly they did not.. A number of these Mixttre ALE-dozen- pale; fifty dollars for each and every such Erf..d. ; f
    !lar. 4 > .<: \nvelib Hanks, HandPin night Pill&c.are injurious to females, I *, .
    ir5, Blocks and as hey aggreVate Pickles Sauces, Olives, Brandy Chines an I SEC. 5. Be further ordained. ;
    .", I D'ck Uisk*, O *ihr I do, }) 'tk Brooms $sweats was greatly-debilitated and reduced: disease, and underminethe constitution. Candy full : ; ,
    a assortment.C. '
    :; )rn I. C I'alki1.IIt'f Sirvinz .1.l ., .Ax: *5Axr, and did not expect to live. .I have only used yoor Scrofula Cured. city physkian appointed by (he C"Ut'; fa
    41-c'...i, 11 i.tks-t'i! 1 T.irn'iHJX! Hooks: Bile: do, Sarsaparilla a short time, and 'thdrC has 'a wonderful This A. GREEN & Co. nually, shall'be considered the health Short ard
    ( in .1 G .tt.')', lOs Dm I,., .Fi-h do, Ciulkins change been wrought in me. I am now certificate conclusively proves that this Dec 25 52 Water street.Vu'l.an'tet whose duty it shall be to visit

    '1ft u. Mi'tri: ? IronsIirin; Spikes, Ship Scr.t. allp to walk all over the iy. I raise no blood, Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most obstinate I- \ to Cure." which to anchor al sioJgw,
    diseases of the Elocd. Three may come at .
    i. r4. I n L.14 D.'r. :;. C''I' !.i'iIis. 1"rm"nlor:", my cough has left me. can imagine personscured
    nlvi I I.r., C muses, :';.ail NfL-.lli's, S.iil Twine, that I am thankful: for these wel. in one hole i is unprecedented.Three O compounded& from Suther Tonic tine ground as a'o"reaid, ,aViJ,t ; Stuks. _wd
    _;.iIt. .J.I S-,,'i9 (',,1m. Kiin Leather, our own 'and :
    :? io : ; : passengers crew thereof for the '
    Your obedient servant, Chidl'el.Dr. forests, a pe'fect and lasting cure for fever and ,If
    1'n p,) 'J J J'I"'h, II iin'Ti: tr*. lluchfts. Chisel"iiri -*, Townsend : Dear I the pleasureto of ascertaining whether there t
    WM. RUSSELL 63 Catharine st. and 'for being the best Tonic in of I ; :
    ( h.
    Piri'i : !". HnJsiA's. rnnblets! (ll-indsaw aguE. el
    inform that three of children IJo
    have board of
    l II"', !U-it T Iii d'', Iron -l'l'lr < IIoV\H Ail Satls "' is only of than four thousandcases been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your excellent by April 27 the provisions of this ordinance lma: )
    i i5k ,1,1. ; Hiiv fS. Padlocks, one more [ ]_H J ABELL.riiompsou's 11
    ,V.vvl 1 Siw?, IVnltnt, If.ttlrdf: Rand Lines I of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla medicine. They were afflicted very sc-I' ther any case of such disease has 'cc' :it :

    nf> :SA -t'l, L'.).? do! Fi.rn
    :. 3.* I. >'';,-i no, t. Ir (1!>. Funnels, Linthorn, cases are eradicated by its extraordinary ; it took them away Tor which I m'se1 Tar and Wood Napth A, passa2t vtss'e1. >rielFfs
    'I t t1cIin! [ .<;, Pitch! P,.ts, 1'ftt Bonks, Cano do,. virtnes.Jamra. weeYt. under great obligation .the cure of consumption, chronic, bron- report to the MajorAnil: for 0.x ,if.,
    *'* .l hvinij ['In.<<. Til Wir., Crockery, clfieJ1fer'ttT'1 Yours FOR! rt'thma service he shall be entitled to Vec'efve !,CarJi.,
    Cummings, Esq., one of the assistants rEspectfuly. ltl whooping cough, palpitation% Co'.I
    III. .1;. Sa-npson Posts & c Vc.An.lin'ii the master of such vessel boat
    in the Lunatic Asylum, I land,is the 106 Wooster-st. of the heart, liver complaints, and affections ofthe or
    I oli. l>c :I. HI7. Back\c1 d, :
    gentleman spoken of in letter: Opinions of Physicians.Di. :kidnevs, for sale by ten dollars with expenses. I Pi'c,

    - Groceries and Ship Stores. I Bla k\ven's Island Sept. 11, IS 17. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders F"'1' >P")_ "J r ALLEN &Co. SEC. 6. Be further 'ordainect. i" >h, ,

    f> TO CJ'YEE, J.ivi: do, St. Doininsio! do,.i iV Dr.Townsend-Dear Sir : I have suffered ter- from Physicians in different parts of the Union. shall tie be duty of the health officer, tL

    - :Virthern Flvir We :terdo; N 0 5"a'r: rihly for nine years with the Rheumatism This i is: to certify that we, the undersigned, Blank Books and Statonel.Y. bor master and marshal 10 ?rd .t'auL

    *J|I. Croix .1.., Porto Ilico do, Youns Hy..on Tea, of the time I could not eat ; considerable Physicians of the City of Albany, !have innfttner- LEDGERS, Journals, Day Mayor and all report lo I ban.t.
    sleep or any violations of ibis
    !l"< :; liter, Clte-se: Lird, B .COII) II.uii* ?, Side.Z. Shout : utmost distressing pains and and believe it cribet one of the most valuable Cotton Memorandum Books ; ance.Passed
    lrs VI .1 U-s-en, Wiuskev M 1"1Ii :rnl' Prime Beef, my limbs were terribly swollen. I have nse5 in "the'market. preparations Ship and River Bills Lading; by the Council limb January ,
    vl **< ml Pn.ne Pork, M.iciierc!. :Snl! : Salmon four holte. of your Sarsaparilla, and they havedone : Boooks for Letter Press. DAVID G. RANEV 'H
    lI'rri?is, ';;'mils 4tH T insj'i.*s, Cod 1'i-h Tongues, more than one thousand dollars worth of H. P PULING' lJ I). Blank Bill of WILLIAM : .
    WILSOX M. Exchange and VALLEAU
    : Checks Clerk.
    P t.,' r, S.iict-s, C a15'J()s. IViVT Since, Olives, g ood. You are at liberty to use this 'for the benefit Just t Icceived and ,
    B. BR.IGGS. M. D. for sale
    wic" ', (Pickles, Sjii| :-I.trch, Tobacco Navy of the afflicted. by
    Bread, (Pilot d". Cr.t{ :iPr.*, Vin ;ar. Dried fruits Yours, respectfnllv, P. E ELMENCOIIF, M. D.) March I_ H. F. ABKIJ. An Ordinance
    B;ltnl! Silt: ,, ali..uI. M4caroni, .4'rn'nct'lli. Ar- Albany, APril 1..I817. "f in.rp
    JAMES Chloroform i
    riw li'toT.Corn, Od.:#, U ikwIiedtutarl.' Ilice. : CUDIXGS. Caution. To amend an Ordinance, entitled an ila
    Forsileby H 1 ELLISON' & CO Fever and Owing to the great success and immense sale WATIANTLD pure, just received and 1 for concerning Slaves" &c. very .rm

    Dec 9. Cor. Water aril Chestnnt fts.II Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is unequalled inca of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the and hid "In

    ;e! of the Chills and Fever and Ague. The who were formerly our Agents, have commenced Nov J8 J ALLEN &Pp.Dry cil of the.City "of Apalachicola lf'or ;

    aril\vire. [lowing letter i is only one of hundreds that we making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bittern, Extracts Goods. after the first day of March l.'I. ,
    D'.AIN 3, Phin (fr.).i", ..itdeaa.t..Jrmh'p.. 1m- h ," from the South and West of like of Yeliow Dock &c. next it any ."
    They generally put Tickings, Cotton of any slave shall or,cause to be .
    .L m-r !Or.\\' Knii'-s, Aiir, AI1upr Bit. c hat acter. i it t in the bottles and of DRI.14LING Osnaburgs keep kept
    up same shaped some : slave in house
    Kerseys Jeans Flannel lot in this
    Blank any ,
    Snr 'l; Bnce. Tiln.'r; S nhis, Turn Scrpw>1. Oswego Mich., Oct 22, 1S47. them have stole and advertisements
    !Mirki'i\ Onirc. M irtifc ,1-I Saw S its Wond Dr. To\nscld': Dear Sir.I purchased for my they are only copier our and should be, ts. Tweeds J Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks out having White man residing on the ., :
    s, Ginghams. Calicoes Delanes shall suffer
    c' or permit slave 1
    RileU2*. Vr.'I"heoi. '"nv<. 'Locks, Honks wife two bottles ,of Sarsaparilla) of your Agent, avoided. Hosiery, &c. & any to occupy a

    an J t,i ile l <. B-itt, S 'ro!-." <, !Urn Shutter Holts Mr. McNair, of a1mazoo. to try it for the Fever Principal Office, 120 ON Street Sun For ale by B. ELLISON & CO. on any lot in this city, vVifhout having a
    Dec 9. Cor. Water and rh. man residing on said lot, the
    FUt *itnr. *. .QtQ. person so
    Hri 11.1 T 1r.U.! C' .)i."rVire, MItinsr! Lidlr-s, Rat I and Ague. finished the first Building, N. Y.::; Redding ., 8 State street, ---- -- shall, on conviction, be fined five '

    Tms, \tP.oI.< M .tr'i't' C',.l-< :Mill', SletUe Ham- bottle.it appeared to warm the blood, and every Boston ; Dyott & Sons 132 North Second street, J Cider. and that such dollars for
    day slave
    'n?r*, >-nith T'9..4, :Mill Sm--j:; .Anvils, &.C. &,c. oilier (diy when the Chills and Fever appeared, Philadelphia; S. S. Hance Druggist, Baltimore; 50 BBL Champagne, foV sale by suffered every shal be so :

    For s ile by M ELLI'OV l : & C.... they were less violent ; and before she had finished P. M. Cohen Charleston ; Wright & Co., 151 I Dec :{f1)_B ELLISON ,': Co. son informing or permitted and it-one shall half go to the : ('.
    0* s 9. C 'r. \V, ter a'll 1 Chetnnt >KV0r i the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and Charters street, N. 0. 105 South Pearl ; the duty
    street ,
    ---------- shs much ; S' Shirtings and Prints, l by the Marshal to report to th'e Mayor the names
    Q :: Inn, Si-itch .!1.., \Vceliii, :? and Garden he took was the A better than she had been before Albany ; and by all the principal Druggists and case, low for cash by such slaves as may be found occupying or
    ue. A lady that had been
    V :1 ...<, Blicks-nitln! B.-HOAVJ, Cotton and Wool sick with very Merchants generally throughout the United States B. ELLISON & CO. on lots contrary to this ordinance.

    Car Ii,. Sides: : :nJ S i-n--h. Cauldron; and Sugar! them with the Chills and Fever, but had broke West Indies and the Canadas. Dec. 9._Oor. Water and Chestnut sts. Sec. 2. Be it further ordained That in l
    (Quinine, and Was left in -
    Pan: ;, Ploughs&c.! &.c. for "ile bv and distressing stale, and troubled a very I I For sale wholesale and retail by i Tanners' Oil the owner ot any slave found living on or : ;

    B ELLIS, ):X & Co. the exceedingly H. F. ABELL, "alf Iy pying a lot contrary' to this ordinance, shall : (
    Ague Cake seeing the effect that it'had FOR
    D 9 Cor. W and Chestnut sf \\ilh May 25: ISIS 19-ly non-resident
    c iter on my wife, she sent and procured a few bottles, Apalnchicola. (30_B ELLtSON& Co. of this city, on uch fact I

    OJTS: Shoe* and Bn an by the cases and it restored her in a few weeks to complete Dry Go ds. Wood Ware, &c. :__ ported to the ,Mayor by Said Marshal or : ;: and )1.1 t

    B Women's Shoes anti Bmkins ; I' hea'th. Your Sarsaparilla i is without doubt, unequalled I THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea L>ARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour person, he shall issue his precept to the !

    Men's, Boys and Y oul h'jI Brogan*; in diseases incident to the West, arid If. sto k of Dry Goods, consisting in -L> Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, commandin found him forthwith to remove said .

    u" u fincsew'd Brogans; you think that this communicaton be ot use rrof Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by I so living or occupying as aforesaid ;

    Men's reed: i Boots} you arc at liberty you chose. Negro Kerseys and Linseys, B. ELLISON & Co. said Marshal shall be allowed therefor \! \

    h fi ie !sewed Boots;! Yours, respectfully, White aDd Red Flannels, Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. of three dollars, to be paid by the owner of

    Ru.set roans. For salehy= CHARLES H. SWAIN. Bangups and Tweeds, :_ slave, and for which execution may issue

    ; n. ELLISON & Co.. Canker in the JVtouih. Super plain black and fancy Casaraercs, 5 HHDSSt. Croix Sugar; judgment of Mayor's Court ; and any such ( 14
    Super English and French Cloths, 15 do New Orleans Sugar found offending against said ordinance p
    Dec 9. Cor. Water anJ: Chestnut sK Below is an account of another child ; a
    Townsend's saved.Dr. Whiney Blankets\ '10, 1 and 12qrs. 20 hb St Croix tim shal" on conviction, before the meaivn
    Sarsaparilla has
    saved the lives '
    5 'iv Court\ liable to be
    Blankels.8 S'ewart's Loaf _
    BaJ"illl;;' and Rope. of thousands of children. The 9 an lOqrs. punished by t
    two :
    9 fIn pcs.tlj>eriI1r Kentucky Baling: certificates are selected from a following number Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 1 1 and 12 qrs, 1) hbls ground ** with not less than (ten nor more than : st.
    received -
    _'J 41 10) cil u Rope. this week. Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades, sacks Rio Cotee; 50 do Java lashes. -

    Just receive! and for !ala 1'for cash; or ap New York Brown Shirting and Sheeting, 40 bxs ; Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That this
    Apri 1, 1847. Cotton :50 do. nance shall not be deemed ,
    proved paper by Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir children Osnaburgs, Mnf'd ; or jheld to! sizts;
    NOUR'E STON & Co. wa sick with a Canker-in tHe mv Mouth Cotton Drilling and Ticking, 20 Sperm Candles; 50 bra brown So av;, any slave living on any lot adjoining, or
    very and I-
    Feb 1 41 W'tfer f'frep.t.BaaIug' Throat, attended with .Linen,and Cotton Checks, 10 bags Shot ; 50 kegs Powder; one Undre yards of the residence of the

    and Itojic.PCS. -I near dying. I obtained great debiity. excellentmedicine It came Irish Linen; Shirting and Sheeting. / lbs Lead ; hirer, person actually employing said l nnalinwj
    I some
    Cotton and 200 kegs White Lead Sec. 4. Be it further ;
    Beached Shirting Sheeting, No. 1,Extra and Pure. ordained, That it
    : coils and it cured it
    Keitu'-kv' ; JJ bale India; (100 I directly, for which 1 not be lawful
    50 French and .
    American yVM. G. of
    I feel lsh. Prints PORTER & CO. any owner any slaves
    R for assure
    '> sue by you grateful.
    Jan II C A GREEN: & Co. I Your, respectfully, super, plain and twilled Ginghams, Dec 30 41 Water street. or let to such slave his or her time, and

    IKLIZABETH Super Cashmere d'Ecosse, such pets n so offendin, shall be liable
    -- --- FOWLKH,27Deebrosses-st. Sugar.
    Buckwheat. I Extra sup ir Muslin de Laine, o said city in the penalty of one
    Fits Fits Fits English\ coth and American' do. 2000 'S am Refined, for sale bv bn-e-fourth of: which penalty hundre .
    BAGS .
    ; 25 keg! new -k\\"heatjut re- OQ (
    Dr Townsend D B olect Saw
    20 not having tested his WOOD to the ;
    ceived and for sue by ; Sarsaparilla Super Italian black and figured Silks, go informer.Sec. .
    Jan 11 C A GRICENfc Co.For $ in cases of Fits, of course never recommend, Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs Iron, Nails* Steel, &c. 5. Be it further ohiaine'cli that the by

    %- ed if, and was surprised to receive the following Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, 30 TONS Sweeds, American and English I tera of all slaves used as public porters; &CO.'

    : Sale. from an intelligent and respectable Farmer. in English and American Cotton Hkfs, Iron, assorted sizes; laundresses, or for other public uses, i f
    25 IRKIM> of superior Butter, of Lalin'Ddirv" Westchester county : S v Madras and Verona head Hkfs, 30 dozen Brade's Hoes; ceive from the Clerk of the City a
    Fordham, August 13, 1847. Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, 20 dozen Crown do ; such purpose, for which an annual fee

    Dec2 'cU1UE: STOVE &. Co. Dr. To\nsent: Dear Sir-I have a little girl I Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings, 1 dozen Shovel and Spa.1p dollars shall be paid, four of which ;;

    Osnnbtirgs. even years age, who has been several years I Cotton and Flax Thread, 10 kegs sizes; go to.the city and one dol3r the Clerk ;
    Atlcte with Fits; we almost everything Plain and 'd Swiss and Ibs Cast and German Steel that it shall be i
    and Lowell O naburg.*, always on.. but without trie checked Muslins, o ; the duty of the Cjerk issuing ; .
    GEORGIA the lowest rat .< by could find, ; at last,although we Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, doz Collin's Axes, Georgia and Kentucky license, to Il\e a badge having printed the ;
    no recommendation in our circulars for .Needles Pins pattern ber of the
    Jan ll' C A GREEN & Co. Tape, &c. &c. \ granted for any or L ._ ij
    L- cases like hers, we thought, as she,was in very JlWhich, have been ,elece with great care in 2 boxes Cotton Cards ; purpose's herein namea,,'in l legible al *j

    Georgia Osnaburgs, delicate health, we would give her some of your New York and Boston, Importersand Agents 4 .do Coffee Mills; and which is to.be woVn by the t r.

    F:; I OR sale by HENRY YOUNGS, Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did* for it not or Manufacturers, at the market rates, and 10 kes 5 and t inch Spikes ; for sale by spiciioUs part of hii person ; and slae an owner dpCn :

    Dec 23 53 Water street. only restored her,strength, but she has had no return are now offered at wholesale or retail on favorable C. A. GREEN & Co. slave.offending against the provisions of ,

    Coffee.S4.CKS of the Fits, to our great pleasure and surprise terms by. WM. G. PORTER. Co. Dec 28 ._52 Water street.t tion, shall be subject to a penalty of ten -
    She is fast becoming rugged and hearty, Dec. 30. 1847. 41 Water stteet.Wlstar's one-half (when to ..
    200 KIO landing and for sale by for which we feel New Dry Goods. coUPte go to the ?I

    Nov 18 D WOOD.. grateful.Yours ana Swayne's Balsam- AUSTIN & LONG, successors to J. Stevenson' I Sec._6. Beit ( That all _
    of Wild are opening at the old stand nances, heretofore passed, conflicting ,j1
    JOHN BUTLER Jr. just i ir- ih
    4 .- D ralites.IJ.AtR' lUST received and for Cherr ner of Water and Chestnut ordinance, be and the Same.afe hereby _I.
    Hat, Clothes, Teeth.Nail and Shaving Female medicine ,J Nov J. C. stock :of DRY GOODS, SHOES HATS an &fc.new PaSe by Codncil, 30th January, 1s-i*.' A
    ALLEN ,
    ., for' sale by Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla a sovereign and 1 & Co. which they invite the attention : to J-. S. HUTCHLSON, :
    IT F ABELL. speedy cure for Incipient Cotton Hooks of the former WM. J '.
    ... Prolapsus Uteria, or Consumpton, Barrenness Womb T"OR8a1AKy'.u; customers of the old firm, and tho public. Clerk. / SP!,JI

    Fresh ,Herbs Faln Apalachicola. 11, '43.6m .
    Costiveness, Piles, a. or Whites, ob- .u, Ian II C A GREEN Co. 184. __. ,HydrtRth AB
    SAGE,Thyme,Summer Savory,Boneset,Hoar- ctructed or difficult Menstruation. Incontinence & Note Paper. A FEW ialt Ei

    Catnip,'&c,just tec'd, and for tale by of Urine, or involuntary thereof. and .' PERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for, hydrostatic Pen ; .
    Jan 35 J ALLEN & Co. the general discharge ef CpOTCH and Macoboy, just rec'd for tale by X sale. by : : ,. '", .-. band:Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamp, \
    prostration the
    f system- no 0 Jan 2 Paper Clasps '. \
    : J. c. ALLEN &Co. DecO .. j : Weights, &c. for sale,by !
    Co le"f
    /CALLE& p.I -. Nov IS J C ALLEN &

    .' 1I